Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1842 Page 4
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?? MM I Crackers and Cheese, Kahmixo is W icuxsim.-Wh tin 1 a statement i" 'he 8 lulhport ^W. T.) telegraph, of what csii I" Jon? "' 'h? way of farming in a single season, on the prairies of that promising region. Oeo. W. Tift?one ol our ritizens, and the lessee of the Krouiier Kleuring Mill at Black Hockpurchased in April last hog acre?s of land on the open prairie, about live from Southport. 400 acres of which he had broken up during the past summer, and 380 acres put into wheat this fall. The remaining 40 acies broken up will be sowed next spring. An idea of the profit of this operation may be obtained by a glance at the amount invested and the products. The 000 a*r??? of land east the Government price $1,46 an acre, making >U00 The cost ol breaking up 400 acres, at 60 an acre, 61000. f ar seed, sowing and liariowmg. $1 each acre, 6400, This makes the total uuioiiut invested including the title to the land, and improvements made thenon, 63000. An estimate of the returns to be expected from this in vestment is as follows : Allowing the wheat to yiell twen'j bushels to the acre, there will be SIX*) bilsheli, u hich at hOcents a bushel would be worth $4000 Deduct $10m (or the expenses of harvesting, getting it to market, an I o her contingencies, and there is lelt the clear amount ol $3,000, which will pay the whole cost ol the 500 acres, and the 400 acres improvements. This estimate, it is true i, predicated on a favorable eron. and a lolera hly fair market, but it approximates to what can bo reul17?d from thejudicious application of capital in improving the productive soil of the Wust. A Mtthod or Rcndiimxii Glass Lxss BniTrt-k?Tut the g is* j tr into a vessel of cold water, and gradually heat the water boiling hot?then allow it to rool gradually of itself, without taking out theglass. lilasses treat>d in this way muy, when cold, h? tilled with boiling Water, without risk of cracking. If the glasses are to be exposed to a higher temperature than tailing water, tail them in oil. The Mayor of Philadelphia ha. decided that a small dog si ting on the steps at his master's house, is " running at large." CoNvicion or Hannah Williams?This woman was tried last week in our court, and found guilty of fornication. She was sentenced to pay a fine of $25, and undergo an imprisonment ot one yeat in the county jail. Hannah is the leader of a society called tun " Battle Axes"?the chiet doctrine of which seems to be to do away with the institution ot marriage. Hannah refused to have counsel, saying she would'nt have any ol the devil's aid, aud that there was not an honest man 111 the court house. She would frequently, during the examination of the witness on the part ot the prosecution, give utterance to her feelings by exclaiming, ' Great Bahyloa's falling"?" Glory to God on high I Peace on earth and good will to m in St tic. She says this is ihe ninth time she has been prosecuted for exercising the " righ's ol conscience in worshipping God as she j lews," gui ran (red by the Constitution, Sic.?Jrfftraon Dem Reading, I'a. /ffk 1'OH SALK ? A Kinall fa.m situated in the Stale of [" W ' uinecricui, ab nit 30 miles from Ni ? V ik, 00 ibe J^Ji''o?i mill, coalman nig a fine view ol Long Island Sou.i.i, a- it ,-ontaini ig 1 a res ot'good cultivated I mil, embellished with a larg - iramner of fruit trees and fine shrubbery. On it a.e erected a good two story dwelling bouse wnha w ing on a ich tide, built in m ?l-rn style, and containiu; cislit fiui-lied rooms, good kitchen, cellar and attic. Also, a good barn, cirriage house and well. Terms in id easy. Application cau be ineile to Mr. Jaliu J Boy.I, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, N. Y. n 15 Iwrr jysk in LfiT i?From Dw present time to the first o< May. Y |8<3, a handsome, well finished, three story and baseJVicLmeiit house, with marble mantles, Sir., comp'ete situated iu Court b-twevu Baltic an-i Biulei streets. South Brooklyn. Rent very low Ar. lv to Anson Blake. Kso.. nearly on Viiiilr the premise*, or Id is W. Pern barton, 13 Put' at, New ork olfi im#r WA.N'l E u Tu PURCHASE?A country reiiileuce t v? within 2A unlet ol New York, one with From 5 to 20 2j|^ acres ol IliiJ,ueir Long I* laud Sound, preft rred. AdTret? will) lull i*rticuUrs, boi 7, Post Office, Pou- hkicpaie, N. Y n 14 OYSTERS?< >YSTEK.S?OYSTEK3 MILL POND OYSTERS.?The subscriber would respectfully iuiorrn hit numerous patrons, and the public m ucncra1, t'at he is d iily recemug a freih supply of hit unrivalled Mill Poud Oyster.', wtiich he keeps cousiautly on Innd a: No. Gl Whitehall street. w>?rre he would be happy to serve all who feel disposed to fivor him with a call, with article which, th ?ugh its name rnsy lie found on a s nail card, stuck in a split tick, aud conspicuously placed ou a ba ket of inferior oysters at aim >st every corner ol the street where th re happens to be rii oyster celiar, can only be htd (*enuitn) of the subscribe, or at the Cornucopia 28 Pirk Row. idau of misrepresents fi >11 has grown with rfie growrlt of tin reputation of the Mill Pond Oyster, and proves cone usivelv that the genuine is asu pei?or article, or it* name would not f> so f reely u*ed for base purposes, 'f^lie sub cnber, having keen exieu?ively riig.ged in me c Iti va'ion of these o\ stcrs, aud tl a'tering bunsslf as be irur a comment judge, has ai ways made it a sundin: r ile not to biiug b>s oysters to the citv unit fit* be could couscieutiou-l) recommend t em. a> is Well known to all who have been in the habit of usius them. Such oysters I hue now, and forfatnrss. ttns cuy. Let doubting epicures call mil try them, at 6 vVhitthall uraft, ?Mew York. JOHN L). CONKL1N. nIC 3l*in ______________ THE ONLY PL ACE IN New York where the celebrated Shaker Knit Shirt can be obtained is at JOHN M. DAVIKS & JONES. 106 W11 hum st, corner o! John st. Agents for the Shaker's Mem mac Co, N. H. Also?(-lose and open knit Drawers, flantn-1 wrap|**rs uud drawers, and the unrivalled Shaker flannel by the yard or piece ?it is i' terabit to uiy style now in use. o32 lm?in I SHAKE'S RESTORATION, Christ's Second Coming, * and the Millenium, will be lectured ou by Margaret Bishop and others iu Military Hill, Bowery, opposite Spring street, on Suudays. at three and seven o'clock, P M. Free Ad mis siou. A voluntary collection taken up. The public are respectfully invited. u4 imr* AlILLlNEKY GOODS YNARL KING?The well known and Cvlebratt d Millinery ^ and Ladies' Straw Hat Manufacturer to her Majesty the <4ueeu of England, respectfully begs leave to announce to the Indies, that he has on baud a most splendid variety ol rich, plain and Tarletou ainbre San us and VELVET HATS, of various colors, and the latest and most admired Parisian fushious, such as have never heretofore been exhibited at any similar establishment in the city. THE STRAW DEPARTMENT is conducted, as, by himself, with great attention, and the MILLINERY DKPARTMENT is under the supervision of the most ingenious American and Paiisiair young ladies. Mr. KING i? determined to keen up ins reputatiou for taste and fashion in Ins department, and will sell the best and most h|?hi<iuahlt- work lower than any house in the city. A call from his I t* will touviuce them ol this lacl. N. B.?His Pans Ribbons, Tall or Velvet and Flowers, are of the latest French style, aud can be purchased at either of his rsttolisinneuU, at wholesale or retail. jm vaiuu iucci| niai uiuauwn) , olO lm#r and 17 Division street. THE ANTI ANGULAR SYSTEM OF WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. TltOM TWELVE TO SII DOLl.AHt ! MR. BIUSTOW ol London, respectfully mformi the Ladiet anu Gentlemen ol Nr* York ami Brooklyn, that hit classes Day and Evening, have commenced /or the season, aud thai he liat reduced hit Teimt one half,?to Sit Dollars! Ai.aiiii.MV Mo. 236 Bhodawat, ten Park I'lai k. Oeulleineu of all met are positively taught iu twelve lettont, a bold, JVtt, txiiedihuus and lliiulied butiurti-like tlyle ol Writing, no mattri how bad, illegible stiff, or cramiad tlie writing may be. See siieciuiens at ll>e door, 236 Broadway. Ami the Ladies A neat and handtoinr, delicate< and lathionablr Running Hand Irr Tattvr East Lessons ! VISITORS in Mew York can t.ike a ceurse in Three Daytl?Mr. B. it to be teen from 9 to 1 A. .M., or from 4 to t P.M. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. Booa-Kcicrma Taugh on a superior method, by donble and tingle entry, cieutitical(y and practically. 1 | <N S I <N > 1 C 1 C 1 STENOGRAPHY. A new lyatem ol the Art of Wilting Short-hand, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, 1'rials at Law, ktc Sic., tnight |x-r fectly by Mr. Brittow in one course of lettont ! at 1136 Broadway. See a specimen. N. B.?A work of the author it presented to every pupil fto GENTLE.VftfNS LEFT OFF WARDROBE. LNTLKMKN or Families layiug aside articles ot wearing vJ api-arel, and wishing to dispose of the same lor cash, can obtain from the subscriber M percent more than from auy other person. To ladies and gentlemen about leaving the city being rncumbe red with a supertinon* Ward rob-, will tind it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, w ho will attrud them at their reaideuce by appointment. A line addressed to H ^ LKVKTT BOX 107 LOWKH POUT OPPfcK, will be punctually attended to. _ _ ol21ei*r Grand raffll ?l\kad;ttk hall, No. *95 Bro d Way .?To be ranted it the Lfttip Ui Hell, M the snbacilpliou It I ot 120 members being tilled. A magnifier lit Centre Table, i alio d at $250. This tabic is comioted of'five hundred s|ieciinens of the choicest woods kuowrn to exist, and has received the silver medal and diploma of the Mech lines' lust.cute, and the first premium of the Aim riran Institute. A ins^uilicent Ladies' Boudoir ' able, valued .it $150. This beailulu! table is considered one of the fiuest specimens o| workmanship ; rohiaiinug every article nec? ssary lor a ladies' boudoir A splendid Italian Tainting, by Urain, rleg.ui ly framed, valued at $10". A correct model of the United States frigate Congress,mounting 64 guns, in p*-rlcct order, and complete in all its arrangements, and made by Captain Bissell, Valued at $100. To be viewed between the hours ol f o'clock, A. M. and 6 >?-ioca, r. .vi. oauy, at me iunf 01 ror. wesiou, dsa Droaciway, ueit door to the UlAVtttr Hall. Ticket* to he had at the following places, where every in* foimatiou may be obtained : Mr. John Niblo, Broadway ; Mr. I'miiaui, Lafayette Hall . Mr. Woi ?u. Wa Broadway ; Mr. Bioadway : Mr. Florence, Park place; Mr. Keator, Park row ; Mr Gibm us, 47 Maiden lane ; Mr. Duicll, Bath House, Broadway ; Mr. Drew, Mu Knlton street ; Mr. Glbbin*, t2i Housiou street ; Meaara. Chambers a Jolly, Broad way ; Mr. Nuun. Broadway ; Mr Chamber*, American luaiitute , Air. Harrison, Northern Hotel; Mr. Coustock, corner 01 9tn street and Avenue U ; Mr. Joint, Be con Ward Hoiel. Nassau street Mr.Hortncc, >97 Broadway; Mr. Koutsmu, 134 Vlercer *tr* ei Ticket* five dollar The time of drawiug will be fellv ad vcrtrrd n? twr t ' UNB, Hi* Pls4 i'OLS, and a general asso?tineut ol vZ ; ardwarr, cutlery, ^ud lancy ^ooda, auvils. Vices hoes, trace mid log chsmi srtovels, am, locka, boiu, mill saws hlea,'able cutlery, p a:ki i knives , with a large assortment ol guns, rifles, muskets ui pistols, f??r sale at low prices by A A. W. BI'lLS *. CO., _ oJC lm*rW 2I? Pearl street. CHINA, GLAdd, AND EARTHEN WAKE, a AdTOR HuUdE. F'HENCH Porcelain Dinner Semen, ID j>i?. ?, |u on White Oramte. do do 111 do U Ou Krenchor Eimliah Porcelain Tea Seta. 32 do < on Dinner Plate*. Krruch Porcelain, per dozen, 1 >?, Do do Oranite, blue or white, do in, Soap, do French Porcelain, do 2 Oi Do do (irauite, bine or white, do I no Tea Cap* and Saucer*, (it piece*) French Porcelain, I m KggCap*, do do 7) Uuu. Cat Wine*, per dozen, from I > I Do Tumbler*, do do 2 (X urinvunuri, iinuuiru, an * * > ? . ? . ClITLKkT Of the fineat deecriptiona, inaete or doretia, atthe lowprice of til the ?et. Juet opened , * handeome aamrtment of Toilet Ware. , R. SIMPSON. N. B.?A*ent for the aale of Simpaon't Kar Cometa, foe the reliefotdeafpeaa. ol? Im* rn IOSf.PH McMUHK\Y, 100 Pm? ?trcn, N. w York, si*> * ' drafta in anrna to a?it apjdic. nu.anthe Provincial B oik o! Ireland, pa > a hie at Cm Is, Limerick, t lonmrl, loudondcrri , Mikn, . feaiord, Bollaet, Wateif .rd, Oalway, Armagh, A nl.iic, Cnleraiue, Kilkenny Ballim, T rice. I ougltall. Cmiiakilled, Unnagliai., Btabridgr, B ill > inena.P ira .iui .wo.U.iw ul at nek (Jo 1.1, Lara an, Oinakli, Dtmisami m, Bo.don, Knnt. Mallyalimiiou, .Mrabane, Dungarvan, Mallow, Moueymore. Cootahill, Kilruah. _ KNGLAND. hpooaer, Atwood It Co., Bank era, Loudon, payable in every town ia Great Bnuin. P. \V. Byrnea, K?i , Liverpool. City of Olaa*"w Ba ik. Payable in every town in Bcotlaud. pofI l?i BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IN pursuance of Uw, I, JOHN TYLLH. PreiiJeol of ihf * Uuited Sutrs of America, do hereby declare and make Wnowu. tnat public >*le* will he held <t the undermentioned Laud Offices in the State of Illinois, at the |*riods hereinafter designated, to W it : At thr Laud Office at D\X< S % commencing on MoadayAht sijtetnth Jay of January next, lor the disposal of the public lands within the Utelt r .;eiiti u? d towii*hi|w, ? ? as it : Sorth cf the base line, and Eawt of the fourth principal meridian. Towushipa twenty and twenty-one, of range four. Towtukii* twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, and twentyihiee, of iatiye life. Towushii a tweutv-seveu, twcuty eight, and twenty-nine, of raiife sis. Tow us nips tweuty-seseu. twenty eight, and twenty-nine, of range ?< veu. l<)wushi|>s i wenty-aeven and tw? nt y-nine, of range leu. Towush | s rwenty-two, twuit>-ihne, twenty lour, and | iWeuty-niue, of even. At iIn- Land ?>tfi ? at'*niniriii|#ii Moruiay. the thirtie h day of January nert, tor the di-posxl ??l the public I lids w It'.iu tie ud rim uuoucU t ?wu.hii>?, to wit: Sarin qf the base line, and East of the third princival meridian. I owuships th rty seven, thuty-eight, thirty-nine, foity, and lorty one. ol tauges four and jive. . tniity-sevrn, thirty-nine, forty, anJ forty-one, ol range six. 'P .... i.;... .1 .? r .... ,...1 A.rr. . tim nf ri' seven. Tuwiuhip thirty seven and forty ^on*, of rangr eight. Towuahips thi.ty-eight, Uutty miie, i'mrtytaud forty one, of ran-t nine Kracii'?iia| township thirty-eight, north of the old Indian boiiuuarv hut, and township* thirty uiut, forty, and loity-oue, ef rant? ten Krat iioiiil townships thirty-eight and thirty-ninr.north of the old Indian boundary line, and townships forty ami forty one, of raligr eleven. Land* appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, or other purpose*, will ne ? tcludr fr on the sale. The sales wili t ach b?- lo ot np*n for two weeks, (unless the UmL are sooner disposed of,) and no longer, and no # ntri's o? Lud in the townships *noffered, will be admitted until alter the ?ipiratiofi of the two weeks. Givrti under my lnuid, at the city of Washing ton, this twtnty-*,.Viuih day of September, Auuo Domini, 1812. JOHN TYLER. By the President : THO H BLAKE, CommiMsionrv of the Chntral Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE E MPT ION CLAIMANTS. Every [er?ou claiming the light of pre-emption to land in any of the townships dt sign ted in this pruclam ?tion, in virtue of the provisions of the act of 22d Jnue, lbU8, a* eitended and mod?lied by the act of l?t June, Ifi 10. or ol the provisions of the latter act, [where those laws still apply to such claims by reiHou of the absence of the plats at the llegisiti's other on 22d June, 184 ,] or by virtu* of the ?ct of the 4th September. 1811, each gr luting Cer aiu privileges to another and difffe ?lit class of settlers, is rt>|nested :o pr ?ve the same to the satisfaction ol the Register and Receiver of the p?op r Laud Office, and make ha in ml thert-lor a* soon as t tractir ib'e al ter seeimr rI,ia notice, and before the day ajj>oiuUd for the commencement or the public sale of trie laud as above designate d, otherv* ??c such claim* will be foifeiled Where the year sub-c<iuent to the filing of the plats shall expire previous to the day fixed for the commencement of the sal.- ab ?ve mention* d, claims under the acts of It 38 and 1810, above re fern d to, will be forfeited if not proven up and paid for prior to the expiiaiiou of such year THO. H. BLAKE. Commissioner of the General JaihH Office. o!3 ltawtjylr (2) i ENULISrt SCHOOL. HAVANA. ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND, PRINCIPAL. I TMHS Academy was established two years ago, under the pa- | I troaafe of th# formei latenoeai Utasril of tht UlstM^ tod oilier dutiincuished individuals of the nobility and merchants of 1 Uiis city. Iti* conducted on the plan of the Or*'man ' gManama;" and the method of tuition is the "interrogative." AH the scholars understand the English language, aud many of them speak it li tbitu illy and fluently The Principal has the experience of schools in Fiance, Germany, England, aud the United Stales, li s chief aim is to give (he youth entrusted to his care a pr- clica knowledge of thOie branches of a poli.e education, which are leqtlii* d iu a'I active careers, aud are applicable to any. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French, tiennau and Spamsii language^ History, Geographies, Naturul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, ami D. aw tug sol v irious kinds. r rofessors of divers nations andacquiie<nents risiue iu the es-tnbii&hineiil; aud all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of tui ion, that seI nu "I tOO I upiN, lllirr t ehe y* ar? Of ages, WHO andsp* ak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible maimer, and those of riper years, correctly and easily. 1 he acouisition. notonlvof the Spanish. but also of other languages, la lima placed within Hit- tearh of the youtli of I litI'unt il States, without us being necessary lor Un in 10 reliuqu' h liit* many advantages wloch acciue tioin an English duiaiiou. The object of the Principal in desiring to receive youths from the United Slates, is to facilitate the acquirement O! the acceut lor Ills Spanish pupils, wlucli service wrtuhl be doubly repaid them by ny the latter, and to introduce here the manly spiritoflhe English schools The youiu.ciltxens i f the L'uned States can have nothing tolear Iroin the climate. the house belug spacious and airy, situaietl in a liealthlul f|iot, at a shoit durance fioin tne ny; and com lining within its limits, a line batli and complete gymnasium lor toe preservation ot tin pupils' health. I vv o youths, l-tely arm ed Iroin Uer.uany, have p<s>ed the summer in the school in perfect lit altu. As tin principal is a married man, and Ins wile aud sister have clurge of lire junior depaitmeut: children are received at any ago but tiat ol infancy. Every pupil enjoys his religious opinions undisturbed. The terms are $100 per annum, payable three mouths iu advance There are uoex ras eicept clothes t.ud honks References?MESSRS. f HAS. DRAKE ?t BKUTHEKS. ALEXANDER MORALES, EsQ., nil Havana. ENCONOMV AND RETRENCHMENT. Cheapest .ash l'ailoriug Establishment ill the city at RUSSELL, PATRICK it. CO.'S Mu IVarl street. Krock and Dress Coats made to order, at from $11 to Slti, reaver Overeoats, iu rate style, $IU to $14; and every other article of clothing equal .y cheat. Gentlemen liudlug their owi cloth can have then clothes made Up, and a good lit warranted, at the loilowing prices (ev.i-y aruclc warranted): Dress and Krock Coats made and trimmed, from $4 30 to $1 Pants, " ' ' 1 23 to il Vests, " " " I 00 to g N 11?Naval and Military outlils cheap, and promptly executed^ olt lui'tr VIC LOU G1ROUD, TIT ATl'II VliUk'U r\_.. jglV. >L. .U? .rM ** York, who obtained several Hold aud silver nieuals of the American and Mechauic Institutes of New York, in the year a 1838, '?), Mo aud Ml; and also Letieis-pateut iur the invention of a Chronometer Lscapeineat and lor his Manic Chronometer, has tne houor to thank lite inhabitants of' this metropolis lor tiie confidence they have heretofore reused in hm, aud assures them tnathe will coutinue to meet their patronage, by appl>> inn' M the exertions, puuclualil) aud abilities of which fit ma> be |His^essed iu fus art, to die entire Satisfaction of hi* fiieuils auu customers. fir w ill coiitiuue to manufacture Duplex, Lrpiac and Patent Lever Kscapt .menu, and in general all kiuds ol j leces belong iiik' to the art ol Watch Making. He arsn repairs Chrunoinelors and eft ry sort of time-pie ces. He w ill also repair, put iu order and alter all kinds of me chanical Lamps, and w ill warrant his work,which will be made at moderate prices, to suit the limes. Mr. V O. having just retniued l oin a voyage to Europe, has brought wuli him a choice oi articles suitable to ilui market, which lie invites Ins friend* and patrons to examine, ami which he offers for sale at moderate prices. They consist principally in i locks or femJeluins, quite modern patterns. Mechanical Lampsfrom the btst patentee makers in Pans. Lamp Glass Globes, both ngrav. d and painted, a new style. fane) articles, suitable fyr presents. Hydropouuialic Apparatus for making coffee, now almost the oulv one generally adopted. Mr. V. G. having established a correspondence in France with the patentee of the best mechanicalLami?s manufactured in fails, will aiwa\s keepou hand a choice assortment of thisar* Uele. u20 end lin* r CARPEIINGS. pARPK TINGS, CAKPKTINOS?Cheaiier than ever?All those wlto art- in want of carpi units, notice thr billowing: AH wool Ingram Car|ieiine, only 3s per yard. " eitra " 4a " " super " 4a6d" " extra anp " 4a " double " is od " Tnree ply, auperior patterns and colon, 8a do do do extra quail*, Ida fcnglish Bruaaela, extra. Ida Royal Wilton and Velvet Carpeting, equally low. Together with a large assortment ol dru.gets, oilcloths, ruga, doormats, table .nid piano covers india mailing, atair rods, he., thr largest stock o! goods in the city. Purchasers would find it to their decided nitereit to call aud examine this slock before looking elsewhere. R. SMITH, JR., 448 Pearl at, Opposite William street. N.B?Heavy Jute Carpeting at the low price of Is id 1*1 yard. Remember, the numbs r is 448 Pearl street. o2l lm*r THOMAS JO.VfcS, accountant, I8J Broadway, rtapectlull) a aiiuoiincea that lie baa t oinnieticed lor thr season to give 1 vruiu. instruction in Book-keeping,Penmanship and Cummer cral Arithmetic. The many hundmia of is lorrner pnpils who are now holding situations uf the h.ghest resiarn.ihiliiy as clerks ami bookki epeis 111 ibis city, atloril the best possible test foi all) enquiry ,s 10 the merits of a system of in.[ruction wt.ich'liai grown outol many yeu*a ol exja-ii in e An adequate til lgeuce under the course here puisued will secmr to a sin dent the ability to discharge all the duties ol tile desk tu a mas teil> tvannjr, and gitelum a knowledge of accouu s such as is very rarely attained through years of experience. Certificates of qualification ara given when deserved. TO PARK NTS?Certains hours of the day are di voted to the lustiucliou of a I-w youug gt ulleuicu who desire a thorough pieimrstiou for nusines* Published and lor sale hy the au'hor, "Jones'a Principles and Pr ctice of dook kee, nig," 8?o. price 12s. This it the onl) American Work on ihe sutijec reprint- d in M gland. It is also adopted 111 the first Academic Institutions in Una city. ii9_lm r _ V * iv^cj ? n ucrtxi oauiuci Df rnncuntT, 01 ayraiiiMf, na? actiii .u the agtntof H. Bernln imer X Brothers, merchants in the ci'vof New Yoik, in tin collecting of debts at Syracuir, and in other bu.nntt, all persons aie hereby notified that lua |mih rr aa auch agent has been levoked, and all persons ait heieby Inrbiddeii totrausict any Imaineaa with him aa auch agon! ; and whereas Smiuel B< rulirimer and J .cob Bloch, cotistunting the lii m "I* S Beuiheiiner X Co.. of Syracuse, have tliia day assigned to H. B.ruhi unei X Brothers, of New York, all the g'Mids, debta and demanda ol eTery description; therelorr, all |>eraona are hereby forbidden t pay any rent- to aaul S. Berubeimer X Co. or either of aaid tirtn alter thia date?and all imymriita of said demanda may hereafter be made to Ilerrinan Bertiheimer.Kiiianuel Bemheimer or Simon Berubeimer. being the firm of H Beinhaimer X Brothera, one ol whom will be luund at Syraenae by any peraou wishing to make payments; and on whom all persona iud bted are rniueated to call nnm (lively ana settle their accoulata and notes. Dated Syracuse, N. Y? Nov, 2d, 1812. n'i |tn r H BEHNUKl.MK.H X HHDTtlKHH OKRIS TOOTH WASH?Prepared from Die onguui re cipeatNo.l slold street, New Yrok?The Orris Tooth Wiuh a* purely a vegetable preparation, possessing Uie prO|>erues o mieasing the teeth ana aiatth teatoring the gaina to a healtl.y aute, and preventing any unpleasant taste ji odour in the month, whether arising I rem decayed teeth or from a J? ranged state of the slomacn. It is designed to be used wiliia iooth brush, and Will be Ioulu Mi supersede the iseceasity e :? i?. w:er .*?e| it g tbt teeth clear nd preventing the wtani.i away ol U.s gjiut It .u the teeth. It it particularly aselnl in cases ol spungy gams, lettering then to a healthy tute, and canting them tn coulract around the reeth. Id painfulalfecuuusof the t?-?lh and ariiiuj from exposure 10 old, it will be foand highly briwficial. It is j>ar ncularly serviceable to use the Ofn? Tooth Waah alfiight jnsi tH-furr rrtirnw to rest. Thia method i> recommended by emi ueut dentists, as by so dmi? all particles ol lood which aecn ntalnte during the day are entirely removed, and the mouth Bent through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy state. Sound teeth and white teeth are the most Taluable |?rUOUi of poor humanity; but how many neglect the attention ne eessary for their preservation, eveu wlieu surrounded by all the means needed. Among these we know of none more pleaaaui I vnd effectual thin the Omi Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whiten* the teeth, strength em the gums, purifies the mouth, and ? athi dti *4i. We recommend it* u?e to all, youug au< \ B - )| .!!,? Po?i The Onu Tooth wiah ia the heat determent we ? ? ?ecd on n r Bo*'on Transcript, hi.r sale bv the principal drugKUta in the citT ml T HAYDLN'B STKfcL (QUILLS?The subscriber* nave I of nlfi Tomi rare nth ini proved noddle auom or theee fSMl* l? Hi III'! ? u! : The M Re a ay Writer" is unanimously voted the King of Pen* ?combining eminently tleiibility ami per-nai^nc r?. The" Dickens ' is considered the hast i>en for the price in th? invkrt. The " Union c*nuot 1 ul to ?uii every body, affording ai 'V- cent* 1 < ir-1 ( ? v\ ... srtit ) >!* !? 11. u ni v ms-iir* of l'? u.h The M New Vork" every merchant will h*vt lu hi* counting room who has tried them. Together with the famous Double I stent aud Combination "llm're' """ LADI*r MIS and ~ I oii la* J Ob William cor ol Johu su. FISK'S NOVELTY COOKING STOVES, Ac hare received no premium* iu any institute iicept the Amrrican iustiluc*, New Vork, because ih y l?a?e uoi betu tibib.itJ it any oiher, but they have received thai when carries vsritti ilia rr eater weigh', mil apeak* mo c effectually ol its good J !?tits, namely?the justly merited pr*i*e of Deiug superior li ail other 8loves, by hundreds who have used the Very Stove boast111* its premiums. t^uery ? VViiicti Stove will consume the least furl, providing .be draft is so that you cau regulate it at leisure, the oue so Constructed that? very dish bei <g cooked Ciu be brought neat the fire, or tr at *? Inch admit* of ouly pail of the cooking near the fire ! E* mine the Nov Ity Stove, 209 Water st. Is not that Stove which n ill admit of the greatest qu entity of cooking on the s natlcjl space, aud cook it well, with lh? least amount of 'uel, the best Stuff, b? it which it inay Look at the NoVtlty stove. A^aiu. le not two loaves of breid, baked without chatis'tig. n large tin r .1 ??i without moving the iMtti t > and corresponding amouui 01 railing done at the same tiui*? an l all o.'U? too, t.? , rilecii 'U, a better pruol of the me lis Oi a Stove thin <t hamlet you by ih ee men who havt It rely looked at it ami do u t uudeMlaud its principle* *r" .4* yo rstll? Ask thote who are using 111. Novelty. What better proof can y- u have of the su|?eiionty of a stove th u the utleinpl 01 < ll other otOie manufacturer* to * o^y alt-i it I Again, coin..are the NoVtltv withth- latest improve me tils. (Ho a ever, u.c principles of the Novell v c\. not be iul ringed upon, for the patent law protects that, although they may copy iheshtpe.) The above are 1 lain question*, the public have alie n!. answered them, by giving the Novelty Stove the prefer, nee ofer all othi'i Let a r uiiniftre o 1 three decide tlic V may at a Fair, wheie merit mus yield to influence. W * only ask 1 lair?i iiniuat ion ot the NoV'lty Stove?.0 please call at Kisk's St ive Kstabluliuieut, 209 Water st. your hdlU intl | licateJ in the uiiMt ecuuo lical uxiiuor, L*it*ase call at FIBK'9 STOVE ESTABLISHMENT. Uli tulf ___ a>K W? > STO V ES?o V E A 6 rPHE larifciC ai&orlmcul of Stovr? of any home In N?*? 1 York.?T n?ir newly invented Parlor Siovenuna but to b? I s?eu to be universally adopted. lu immense radi *tiug surla e exceeds that ol duv other btove now in use?exhibits more lire, with the consumption ol less luel, thdii auv former luvrutiou It-tlso disch ir^e* lis own ashes by h simple process, witliout soiling or lodghu: ?is dusi ou Uie lumituie ol the room 111 which it i? used. It will be louno the cbe ipest and most economical BBovo on brought bsliirs the public. Als , Cook hi jves, new, air light, ftic. in all varieties, from three dollars opwaidi hvery article warranted. KlLEY'S PATENT JIOlLEU AND IKON HKAKTH is au admirable article?th?-y can be la led to any stove now iu use, and ol unequalled value in broiling steaks, toasting bread, aud also in heating irouv lor uouing clothes. Kiley is the iuveulormd sole patentee. ?*21 lm*r KiLEY k. MYERS. 23 Bowry. NhW 8TUVh. SIIEPARD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. rPHE subscribers offer this day to the public, the office and J- parlor *ue ol ihi? new and aplcndid patent stove. We ask all in w ml ol' stoves to call and examine it. it is by fax, the most elficieul and economical stove otfered lor a number ol ytais, and lias the ol' vll who have seeu it, aud bids lair to lake Uie lead ol *11 others. Larger sites will be in readiness in the course al' a lew days. In the ineau time, thr priuicii le oi Uie stove, can be seen Hilly developed ui<he sue exhibited. SHEt'AHD kl CO. Nott's Stove Warehouse, No lit Water street. N. B.?A splendid assortuieul oi Noll's Radiator Stove, the only sLol e in the market suitable lor Wariniug dwellings, churches* hotels, public buildings, 6tc. A two story h tun c in be warmed with three tons ol coal, less than one grate will wrwit. Drums for parlors and kails, in style and variety unequalled IU U?C Cll). AIIU Lilt. WUvU twv? IIU'C v ??I UUCIsU. ?29 lin*ec L. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND llAEL STOVES. TH118 none of the moat valuable invention* ever offered to the public iu tlie alove Hue. and is tile most peijcct article extant, i'or tlie use of all kiuils, of coai or wood, i? heating apartments. It lias no less than four radiators aud two descend nig llues, so arranged that the radiators air placed beta ecu two ores,and cause all the Ileal generated le be distributed iuto tlie apartment t while IU otner stoves a large iioruou ol the beat is carried off 1 tfthe pipe. One (>eck f coal iu stove n ill yield more heat than bushel iu tne best stoie now before the laiblic ; while you hare the advantage of an opeu lire o. spleoaid grate at pleasure It is allowed by all who Issue examined it to be the most per lecl couibiuatiou ol utility aud oruauieul ever brought lorward, but to be luily appreciated, it needs oul) to be steu aud exauuueiL aud all iu waul of a superior article for neatiug parlors,halls others, nurseries, Su.. are invited to call, f. Prices are suited to the liuies. Also on hand a variety of other Stoitks, suitable for all purlaises, which will be soul very low. L. WOOD, 237 Water street, between o21 lm*r _ 1'eck slip and Beckinan street. FISK'S PATENT NOVELTY OUOL ou'VL. I'HIS Stove was piououuced last year, and is tins, by all who liuve it, to be uol ouly tlie best ever luveiitcd, but tnr only stove they ever had by which bainug, boiling, aud roastnig. could be done perfectly, aud at the same liuie. i lus year tlie iinpreVLmeul has beeu such, that doubL the auiuuutof cooking cau be done, (aud that too to perfection) tliau upon auy oilier Stove ol the same sixr ; for proof ol which, you have ouly to call at b isk's Store Establishment, lull Water street, where auy quantity of references will be given?and further, every Stove w trrauLed, or the mouey refunded. b isk's Heiulauug Premium Drum lor parlors, Hall Oiuuu.iuul hall, parlor, aud olhce stoves, aiud all the ordiuary cooking stoves, I' r sale cheap KISK'S Stove Establishment, 209 Water street. The above stove, aud also the regulating drum, eau uow be seen at the Kair ; but those desiring stoves, are requested 11 call at the establishment, where uey cau examine llicm to better advantage, 21*9 Water street. o!6 I in * e c I)EKUH.M-V OTTlTsTOV'E BILLS ?Economy ana uuiuy I AV being the order of tne day, ihe Mihscriber ho* determined to at-11 biov?s at tite lowest possible remunerating prices; his Columil Parlor;8tove, answering all tne puritoses of the grate, with half the trouble aud tipeiue, suitable I'or fitting rooms, o/tices, stores, or halls, is worthy the attention ot persons wishing to purchase. His issortiueiit of cooking Stores are not surpassed iu the city, lor cheapness <tii(l superior style ol coosrrucli??u, coiubimiik all the requisites lor kitchen use, aud a great saving ol fuel, which is an item many persons overlook iu selecting stoves. He solicits housekeeper and others to give him a call at the office oi the Warren Furnace Company, No. tt Fultou street, N. V., htlore purchasing elsewhere. A. this coin|uuy manufacture their stores, purchasers will uot be subjected to i tax by buying from atcuud hands, Their assortment consists of air-tight, cooking and parlor Stoves, Pumps, Iron burnaces, Codec Mills, Kettles, Tm and Sheet Iron Warn, Sic., wholesale and retail. Orders lor assume* soli cited. J. V. TlBBElTS, 0I6 lm*ec Z1 Fulton street. N. V ('LUVKs, VELVETS A NO SILKS HtS lORtl).O Lit. Feuclnwauger has constructed an apparatus lor restor nig dam ged or spoiled Itid gloves, silk velvets and silks to their oiiainal Condi lion, and ou very reasonable terms. Orders sod parcels punctually attended to by OK. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGEll, o31 ilaw Im'in I Wall sum vJEGAit DIVAN?3Ui>? Broadway ?James K. Del Veccluu O at Co., respectfully infirm their numerous friends and the public, I flat they have just (>|>eued the Stgar Uivau, JOSH Broadway , adjoining 1'iuteaux's Saloou, where will be louuda Iarxe assortiiieiilot ills best scgars in Ike nt,. All tegars sold at Urn eslablislimcut are warranted imported JAMES K. DEL VECCHIO. o34 Jmluwt* KOBEHT A. JUHNbO.v GUITARS. Vf ARTIN hCOUPA, Guitar Minufacturers, 185 Broadway, I'd up stairs, have constantly ou hand a large assortment ol titulars, of French, tieiman, and Spanish model. Al. M C. would call the alteutiuii of Solo players to their Terz Guitars, made after the model of Giuliani, which in onlliaucy and purity ol toue are superior, and very easy to the execution. The instruments are warranted perfect, and to siaud any change ol climate, and will be esciiauited at any time should they uot prove satislactory Strangers are invited to call and ctarmnc tnem. Prices from $16 to $1(10. Sold, wholesale and retail. S. B. Coupa continues to give Lessons ou the Guitar. si I 2in eod* ESPY'S PATENT C ONICAL VENTILATOR -PUIS cheap, simple aud efficient apparatus is adapte u to all 1 parposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, c nurchet, Hospitals, Prisous, Mines, Vaalts, tic. he. may b' its applica lion be kept free from ell loul air aud unwholest me effiuvia; it is also au effectual cure for Smoky Chimniet. The subscriber liaviug purchased the ri ght for the City and County ol New York, is prepared to sipply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Koo fling of all descriptions I urnished in any part of the country, Croton Water Pipes and riumoers'Work in geueral. Also, Galvanized Iron aud Tin Ware at wholesale. Stovepipes, batli tubs, coal hods, he at prices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an i orders by letter atten.ed to. P. SUMNER, s23 3m*m 130 Water street. (J. 8. CITY DESPATCH POST. ft tss-f ?ora, inn July, imz. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the Upper and Lower Pott OtSrest? Letter* deposited before Half-put ? o'clock, AM] " 12 " 3 " P M Will be sent ont for deAt nil the Station* before livery at 9 A M, and 1 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'rlock, P M. II " " 2 " T M Letter* to be ?ent Free, mutt have "Free Stamp" affiled to 'hem, otherwise three cents will be collected of the party to whom llw letter is addressed. No money mutt be enclosed in letters unlets re. isterrd at t ie principal offices. Lists ol the stations (at all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at 92,10 per 100, and every information may be oblaiue'1 on ate plication at the upper or lower post offices. Stamps issued by the late City Despatch Post will be received. It it inditpeutable that the nmnber of the rvstdruce aiiould be SUled in ail letUrs ter.l through-tins Post. The Post Muter solicits the earliest iiiiormatiou should any irreKularitiet occur. JOHN LOR1MEK URAHAM au28 ly ec Post Muter. HAILY EXPRESS LINUS FOR ALBANY, UTICA. Lr BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.-'1 he subscribers having been engaged for the lut twelve months running the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection witn Haruden It Co.'* New York and Albany Line, have recently extended their Express Lme from Buffalo to Albany, through to this city on their own accouut, will receive and forward oa\Lf, (Suudayt excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, Packages, Bundles, and Cases or Ooods, to and from tlie fol lovwiag places, vit,:? Albany, Troy, Utiea, Syracuse, Aabarn, Ithira. Oeueva, Csnandaigna, Rochester, Batavia, Lockpurt, Buffalo, Clevelan I, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. Also, Oswego, Sackelts Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments of bills, notes. .Iml't* and accounts, purchase and sale of goods and produce by sample, ami mrh oth.-r transnrnt business u may be hi ru i .1 to their en. Each Express will be acrompanied by a compefent messenger, logethrr Willi responsible agents in the principal towns ii|iou the route. Merchants and othera may be a?*urrd that returns will be in this manner received mote speedily than in any other possible way. N. B.?Special Expresses run to any part of the country at short notice, aud upon reasonable terms, tllr POM EltOY It CO. No. 2 Wall street jJQUSE FURNISHING WARtllOl'SB.-WOHA.M fc '1 ilAUUIIWOUi.MI Briitdvt), Manufacturers, Agent* urd Commission Merchant*, have jiut received and are now owning a uew aud splendid .issortmeul of the fallowing artl rlcs, ?it Silvered, Uilt and Bronte Ga Chandeliers, S to M lights. Do Candle do i to >4 " Do Candle Bracket*, I to 5 " Do Uu Bracket*. I fa I " Do Uas .Manccl Lights, I to 1 Do Ginuiuoiea, 11 r S " Cai.oirtrras, ?to i < " Astral Lamps, Hall J amps and Lanterns, Heading Limps kv* A new article ol Solar I,amp, a very snpenor article. Also , a new article of Deflector lor improving the light ol the old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also, a new style of Florentine Bronte, color immovable. Together w tth every variety of Lamp* and Chaadeneri, for chnrcnea, halls and pnblic molding*. ruTtn Waag. Baskets, Cutors, Trays,Toast Racks, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings, Butter Tuba, Bntter and Frnit Knives, SnnlTeis ane Trtys, Coffee and Tea Cms, kr. Fine Tahle Cutlery. in setuand dovena; Japanned Tea Trap in treat rarity of pattern* aud forms; fine rut glass B-wla Pitchers, Tumbler*. Ui?hes, Gohlets, Decanters, Water Bot tics. Sugars, lie. (kc. W. ft H. beg reaper;! <tilIv to inloim their friends, costomer* old rhe public grner.'d y .that their arriingrinents with the in.r lufactor. raare sucht, ettflry can sell afi articles in their lin it rrmaikahly low,in rs; and rtsprrlfull) invite them to cal slid see their show r J tea which alone is sufficient tu compel, sate for the trouble att lm*r UtNRV SCOTT, No.~JI7 Water sl, N.T ,heenacouauu 11 ly on band ageuus . (assortment of Pickles, Catsups, Sauces. M , Preserves, Jailiai, Braudy Fruits, lie., wholeaaie and ie ail. All orders lor Shipping aud Families punctually at ded to all lu*t iMEDICAL. ON STIUCTURK AND ITS CUltfipHK FOLLOWING REMAKES WILL PLACE BE A POKE the puhlir a few most deeply interfiling facts.? Fntt. That the disease called Si aicii ik., u aJ very freyuesit occurrence and often exists in ptrsons who are not in the least .wort of it: net! that a very erroneous station prevails re,pet tune Strielart. and thai ignorant advertising profit take i had uitiuutuge of this err onto us notion; then, that tktrt are hree Parhotslar circumstances by which a Stricture may be oca ay> known?and in the last place, that the curt Stric'ore ii certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a vsry Little time. Willi regard to the tint of these remarks-.? It is well known that Stricture is che result of a badly treated leu irrhea ll, for instance, that disease is suffered to couIOUC ou from mouth to mouth, it slides iuto a sleet. Now , i lu re it no pain or inconvenience in K'eet, aud therefere it la Itco suffered to feinaiu ludeliuilely. But it should be kuowu list (lest implies a chronic innaininatiou of the jmsltf r. which naturally terminates in thickaoiug, and this thickening at ou* ,arl or other of the nassage is stricture ; aud, further. that although stricture may thus re uaiu uuuoliced for a length of time, it . far from laying dormant, but is the hidden cause of inany serious maladies, not ouly of a sexual, but those also ot a ner"Ous ami J, jpeptie kind. but w hat especially leads the atteDtiou off from this disorder it the idea that stricture eaunnt exist so long as no imoeuimeut lo the now of nriue m observed, which is quite a inutike. A stricture oftuu eiists for years without pro&cing any very striking change in this respect ; UMIerd a diminished or iuler ipted stream of nrine belongs only lo the worst of cases, ami it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising iirople take of tins erroneous notion u very cruel. Kerry body knows low men of tilts diacriplioii swarm about this city, and that they will sell their nostrums as long as any one will bu> thru Vow, it is a fact, and one which every real physician will ininirdiately ackuo* ledge, that all the medicine in the world, done, can never Clare a stricture, in proof ol this, uothiug is more common tka, for the writer to be consulted by persous who have been ,ng all manner of things?as colored urops. and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many mourns together, dui whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he lias cured iu usiifany days. With a view of preventing these impositions, therelore, it levins dtsirsble to lay before the public a lew plain circumstances by which a bcricture may be known, which can be easily done : for although the symptoms of this disease axe numerous, there are three of especial import, and these three may be stated very briefly?they are the following : The first relates to The manner of urinating.?It has been already said the stream need not be much dimiuished or impeded. But observe attentively, after it is timshed and the clothes are readj us ted, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little? uothiug is more indicative of stricture. The ueit is The time a Gonorrhoea hat remained utuured.?ll is diffi cult to say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run and not produce u stricture, for oue is natural I y more disposed to tincture than another ; but, as a general rule, ifit should lie suffered to go on beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient ground, at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? The effect a stricture has upon the mind.?The effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits, and to lessen both bodily and mental activity. This also is one of its moat common effects. Vol, however, that it is seen alike iu every individual, but it la to common that the writer rarely aeea a case of stricture (and more or leu, tlial fie i? not so capable ofbusimss aa formerly. It is gratifying also to witness the uniform return ol spirits, and the disappearing ol ouier uinames as the cure progresses. With regard to the cure of Stricture, on this subject it is sufticlout to observe (and it is slated with coniidence and picamre) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very little time. Bo much as this could not hare Deen advanced some /ears ago ; but audi has been the id Piwvemrbt in this art, and such the practical eiperieuce of the writer, (hat he can now accomplish the cure of stricture to as many days as formerly it demanded months. The writer also begs to state, that for tliuee who wish to undertake the cure themselves, he has published a little relume, called " Tht Privale TYsoiise," in which not ouly stricture, bnt the cure of all those delicate diseases which require essoin! care and privacy, is directed in the plainest manner. It it advisable, however, that those who suspect a stricture, if possible, should cousult the author personal!). and nothing will surprise them more than the ease and certainty of his means of cure. Separate rooms, also, are arranged for those who may have to wait a little. It only now remains to say a wo.-d or two on tht ground ou which the public, and especial!) stringers coming to this city, may rely with coniidence on what las been advanced. With his view Dr. lialph begs to state tnat, beside his rank as graduate ei tdiuburgh. Ike. lie.?he has been engaged in the core of tnese diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more tnau thirty years, and has published two editions of a work expressly on them.?Also that lie has testimonial letters from the most eminent physicians in Knrope to the most eminent in America?as sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Molt, of New York, Dr. i'hysick.of Philadelphia, and others, and that he ia permit trd to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this Ur. Ralph iicoaiultcd at hia private roil deuce, No. 8t Greenwich street, towards the Battery, at any hour.?He may also he consulted by post Tnc little volume above referred to is one dollar o'6 1m*ec MEDICAL AID. DR. GRKGORY will attend and prescribe for a particular class nl ( aliruta, at lii. residence No. SI Mott street, ever; (lay in the week ,al all hours of day and eveuiug. Hia trea'oieiil inay be relied on aa being the best, and the plan pursued will be in accordance wiih the symptoms of the diaeaae, having referonce also to the accommodation of the iiatient and a perfect cure uf (lie malady. Ii ia worthy of note that a great number of patirutj after hav.UK been treated for the diaeaat. were discharged bv their phyai ciaua as brink cured, and |ierhapa would remain ao a week ur longer after tiialdiaeaac begins to make ita appearace again, and in tins -tige it ia generally couaidered worae to curt than in the lirat iiutauce. I' ia in casca like theae that Ur. O. lias at leuglh discovered a remedy, which aa yet u entirely unknown (o any older physician. It is an eeternal application, requiring to be continued ia some cases not more than thirty hours. Ithaa proved successful in every instance where ithaa been applied, and lias cured coses of from three to fifteen year- siaudiug. This announcement is not imdc from motives ol vanity or I rem t In vevif boosting, but simply to inlorot those in need of the remedy, where to obtain it. Those seeking the Doctor, will find him at his owu house (not a drug store) ,>o 34 Molt at, about liO yards off ironi Chatham Square, being nearly opposite the atoue cnurch?it is easily found at night. Dr. Gregory has published ?u improved ediiion (nuh engravings) oi a little bonk entitled the "Rubicou;" it treats exclusively on (lie complaints above alluded to. The remarks on stricture should be read by every oue.e^iecially those with a pro uacted case utf disease. It i. for sale by the author, at his office and by Messrs. Sands, 79 and 100 Fulton-street, and both Drug stores corner of Chambersst aud Broadway; also ir the Bowery at Nos. 63 aud 180; aud at the comer of East Broadway and Market-street. Application, by Mail, Boat paid, enclosure $l, wiU receive the book by returu of Mail, free of Poet4j?C, _________ olT lm*r r * MEDICAL. rpHE PRIVATK TRRATISK.?Tina ia a little volume on s certain disraaes, lu which tne insist convenient and |?ivatc means of cure are slated in the plainest |iossible manner- Aud uot only ire directions given for the more simple aud recent cases, eut those which hare faltcu into improper hands, and coutiuue on Irom mouth to mouth, are |iarlicularl> dwelt on.? vuGi ncrsoi s will tee iiMiueuiaicly We djlaculUei wluch in,.rde thru cure, whatever they may be, ae well a* lliepliuto Or pursued ill each particular cue. Il Is obtained only of the iulhot, D.. Ralph, 88 Greenwich st. Pri-e $1. Dr. Ralph also takes this opportuity of saying that he may be consulted ou the peculiar disease* above referred to, eights private residence, et my hoar. Awrare, however, of the deep and juat solicitude which many feel to consult a person of integrity as well as experience m these iieculiar complaints, the author deems it proper to give the tollowiug short ski|f|i of the opportunities he ' as had to fit himself for tins trust. And this he is th- more inclined to u many have assured him that, tor want ol iulormatiuu of this kiud , they have selected from a list of advertising people the oue who had boasiei most of wonderful cures?but not without the bitterest repentance. Ilo.therefore bens to state that, beside Ilia rank aa graduate of Edinburgh, lie. lie. lie. he hu beeu w itching these diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more than thirty years, and has published two editions of a work expreuly ou them. Also that he hu leatimouiul letters from the most eminent physicians of Europe, to the most eminent in America?as Sir Astley Coo|wi to Dr. Mott, of N. Y. nd Dr. Fhysick of Philadelphia, and ethers; ana further, that he has the privilate of referring to almost every phvsiciaa of eminence in this city. Nothing can be stated, he conceives, as belter ground of coufideuce to those who are straugers to him. i onaultalions may be made by poet, ami for auch he hu a little private chest, containing every thing necessary for a speedy and private cure. It is forwarded as may be directed. Price$18. o 16 lm?c HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with ruptures may rely u|>ou the best X instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the office, No. 4 Vesry street, or to either of the agents in the principal towns iu the United States. Be careful to examine the back pad of Hull's trasses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr Hull, in writing. None are genuiue, or to be relied upon as good, without nis signature. Many persons hare undertaken to Tend imitations of Hull's celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in coute<jurnce. These imitatious cannot be relied u|iou ; they are made by unskilfnl mechanics, and are no better than the ordi nary- trusses. Rooms hawe been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclnsirely for ladies, having a seiwrate entrance from the business department, where a female is in constant attendance to wait upon ft-male parients. nil Imr EXPERIENCE COR KOUH YEARS has fully tested the extraordinary virP tnes ol DR. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZENGES. Several million noxes have been sold.aud given perfect satisfaction to all who have used them. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, Law yers, Professors, rich and poor, high and low?in fact, nearly tlie whole American people, hare given them their sanctum, and they are now fast spreading their influences to every pai i of the kmiwu world. Drs. Hunter, Smith. Rogers, Vanderpool, Scott, and fonr hundred other physicians m New York city alone, recommend Sherman's Lozenges, daily, iu their practice. Sherman's Medicated Lozenges are never sold by the ounce, but always in boxes, Willi his name attached. The Doctor being aueducated and * xperieimed physician, and a member of the Medical Society of the city ol New York, gives a character to his |itreparatiot s that no others enjoy, COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Asthma. Tigtitnesx of the Chest, Whoop ng Cough, Cough attending Measles, and all affections of the Lungs, are immediately relieved by Sherman's Cough Lozenges. They entirely cure all recent cases in a few hours, and often tlie most alarming cases of Consumption yield, as if by inagic, to their happy influence, as in thecases of the Rev. Mr. Aulhouy, Lie Rev. in. a. ... ..a l I I. ..r ..a .... ..i ,i 1.-.I bees given up as incurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thonsanda, without their ever being snspeeted. Children anil adnlta often suffer much from them, when a boa of rtberinau'a Worm Lozenges would give them immediate relief.? Hundreds of instances hare come to our knowledge, where persons on the brink of the grave. fait wanting away, and the Physicians trying their skill in rain, and resorting, at last, as the only hope, to Sherman's Worm Lozenges, which hare restored them to health and happiness. How often hare moth era called at the Warehouse and poured forth their thanks anil blessings for the restoration of their dear belorrd offspring Nerer bfcfore has a perfect remedy been discorered for the entire eradication of all kinds of worms. HEADACHE, PALPITATION, Lownrss of Spirits, Fatigue, Fainting, Desi ondency, Nervous Diseases generally, and Sea Sickness, are all subject to the curative pro|*rties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. They cure severe headaches, (tc. in ten minutes. In fact, they operate like a charm, and no person should go totes without them, as they are infallible in sea sickness. Persons subject to fatigue, or attending crowded parties, will find them to relieve Ihein of all lassitude and oppression. Warehouse 186 Nassau street. Agents?Church's, 1M Bowery; Band's. 77 East Kroadway. and corner Cnambers and Broadway; Codiugtou. U1 Hudson; Haihtou aud Atpinwall'a three stores, and 139 pulton street. Brooklyn, I hute street. Boston, and 1 I.eritcr Building*. Iliil idelphis antSr Vff ADAME COBTELLO.?-Female Periodical Pill* guar krA anteed in every case where the monthly pciiods have become irregular from colds or other causes. Their certainty of action has long been acknowledged by the medical profession, aud hundreds that hire uselessly tried various boasted lemediei?indeed, so sure are these fills ill therr effects, tha I careis sometime a necessary u> their use; though they contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advise given gratis tl\ ftl! I hfltp whn lifts* llu> Plllft hv VI i/tiiwa r.nakallA I.IB penard at, where the PiUa are sold genuine. I*ric?j $1 tier bo*, ni lm*r [>TFFEKS6N INSl'RANCB COMPANY?No. 47 Wall J ttre et, coiner of Hannrcr ttreeL Thit Coi?>p?n? continun lo inure annum! limn or damage by Are on building!, goodi. warn, or merchandize Kriierallv; alto, on Yeteeleainl cargoe* again*! Ion or damage by inland nanfalion, on at larorable lermt at any o J?r other. DIRECTORS. Thmnat W Thome Kliaha Kikk* TIiiiiim* T Woodruff Aiuon Baker Benjamin R Hobtoo Martin lloflinao John H Dtfiaon Juaeph Allen John H Lee Ji?*|.h Urahe Krincit I' Sage Bamnel Ludeihlll Thornton Price, Jamee R Whiting Motet Tucker Job" ? Moore John I) Merritt Win K Thorn Caleb C Tuni* Jamet L Holme* THOMAS W. THORNS, Pre.,dent (JKO. 1. HOTE. Secretary. ?it ft aw MW r CHEMICALS. DRUGS, COPAIVA CAPSULES AND GERAM SILVER. Hit .rtUCHTWANGKR, No. I. W*11 street. offere Cbemi call, Drugs, DyestulTs, very chtip, end warrants all hu preparations of oeat ijaality and the mo.t genuine in market ni>-Luiiu caustic and silver crystals, from M ru. to $1 25 per ok ; v|ua lortisg cts per lb ; hydrocyanic acid Ph. u. a. 15 ets per ox; pare nitric acid lor jewellers and dull makers llJa cts pr lb; copaira capsules, beet jualily, $7, Sit, and |2U or gnu; nitrous acid 14 cts pr lb; labatra^urs chloride of soda, with Freuch libels $! 75 prdoz ; jodioe 15 cts pr or ; dcntisu goldtoil, of the most approved manufacture!, t)0 pr ot; diamond cement $1} pr gross ; spirits of hartshorn, from 7 to 20 cu pr lb ; end sweet spinu of nitre from I to 2U cts pr lb; jodines ol polar na, iron, sulphur, lead, mercury 5i cts pr ox; fweedish leeches (II) pr lU0;thlunde of jodioe 75 cts pr ox; brounue (1 pr ot; and hypohrli hide of sods $1 50 pr lb;comi>ouud chemical whale oil. toap and all his poisoDi warranted. Extract logwood and chips dyewoods, sold very cheap. Apply to DK. LEWIS FEUCHTWANUER. o!7 iin'rc No. I Will ,1. N. Y GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIES NEED NOT DESPAIR. | \K. A. C. CASTLE. Dentist, 2U7 Bioadway, N. Y., has s C fast* for Idling decayed hollow teeth, the efficacy of which lots satisfactorily stood the test ot public opinion for several fears. It is (Kit in the tooth while in a soft stale, and becomrs embodied with the tooth as a compact solid tooth, thus oreveottug, IN ALL CASES, the necessity of extraction?the most painful tooth can thereby be preserved. Ladles of the first stand nig in society gi?e their testimouialx in the most glowiug teims. The editor of the Evening Post, ?ld ult. saye? "It u admirably adapted lor teuder tevth, and nervous persons, and Dr. Castle operates with great care and ability." 1'oothache Pills, our ol which put in the painful tooth will -Heel a per inane ut cure. [From the Journal of f"ommercej DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A. C Castle has replaced, by a inoal lugeuioua piece ol Dental Mechanism, the lost portions of ihe api>er and lower jaw hours and iheir teetli, sliotaway. iu the case ol Lieut. S. ol t.,n U. 8. N., who uiel with this severe casually while |>ursuiug the luJiauslli Floiida. We have seen lelter. from the Lieut.confirm story ul lliu extraordinary cure and its entire success, which must be very gratifying to the Doctor. Di. C.also mscrts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric presaure Dr. A C. Cattle refer* to the Spanish, French ami Kugluh Ainoassadois; Air. Stoughtou, the Spanish Consul; Mrs. lieueral Games; General Mccarty, B. A., Lord Morpeth; Dr. K. U. Johnson, President of the .Yedical Society; Dr. J. Torrey, Dr. J. b. beck. Dr. J. A. Smith. Dr. Ih. Delalield, Dr. bergcr, Dr. hiiva.on. Dr. A. H. Stevens, Dr. J. C. Cheese man, Ac. Ac. DEAFNESS ? Dr*. Castle and Edwards. Aurisu,K97 br adway, attend to the cure of deafness, and all diaeasea pertaining to the ear* Aconstic Drop*, aure cure for incipient ilealuesa, auisc*. or collections of hard wax in the ear* 08 lm*c TO THE LaD1E?. DK. HULL'S UTlSKO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. TMUS new Instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri A or Kalliug ol the Womb, by external application, superseding the use ol the objections) Pessary, is couhdeully recommended to the afflicted a* the means of |>erfecl restoration to oealth, it never having failed of performing a cuie, eveu utidei the most aggravated circumstances. The Supi-orter has attained a very high character in Europe as w :ll a* in this country. It is adopted to the euiite disuse ol pessaries,and all other |iainful surgical expedients,in llw Lyiugiu-Hospiuds ol Loadou and Paris, and is uuivcrsally recommended in Europe by medical mcu of the highest rank In this country I lis sustained bv the leading members of the faculties ol'Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private practitioner*. Kooms hare been furnished exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 Veaey street, having a separate enlrauce Irom the business department, where a lady is in constant attendance, to apply i'russcs aud Supporters to lemale iiatienta. nl litir DR. <J O U K. E RETURNED FROM ENGLAND, AITTTH all the latest important information from Enrope, v v universally performing cures of the class of veuerereal disease in its most aggravated forms, with uupreccdeuied exped'liou and despatch, may again be consulted renOually as well as confidentially, at his office, No. 3 Norton stnet, Albany. N. Y. J he Lock Hospital, in America the only Philanthropic Institution established, under the benign auspices ol the celebrated Dr. Cooke, at No. 3 Norton st. Albany, S. Y., lor the relief aud convenience ol idle uulorluuale, is reputed as he best asylum extant lor the comfort aud certain recovery of the invalids. At tins Idhrinary patients have the very best medical attendance, including board and nursing, which very materially laci Unit. mutual apivubaUou; and <n> Dr.Cooke, Ui? humane louud er ol to desirable a retreat aud sacred security, resides uu the |?reinuss, the uiost lucreduious there may rejatsc their utinusl cuulideuce?feel at home?pursue their usual arocatiuus?aud nyo> the society ol |ierha|is the m si eminent physician aa well as the inos beneroleni mauot the age.?Kurcpean. IL?" Home tube., Dr. Cooke attends personally to his patnuls. uli PKlVA'l'L MEDICAL NOTICE! TO A PARTICULAR CLASS OP INVALIDS. rPHJ?KJ& is oue class of invalids who merit the warmest sym *> patny ol all who desire to alleviate the sufferings ol the al tticicd. That class consists of those who are laborin* under tne effects of those vicious indulgences into which erring aud tnoug lilies* youth are so olteu impelled by imssiou or the contagion of evil ciunple. What more pitiable sghtcai* there be, than thai for instance, of the father of a family, who ha* long since lepenled ol hu youthlul errors, but who bea.s about with him in ins system, and peihaps transiuils to bis innocent off spuug, the consequences ol lus lutuier indiscretions ! Delicacy P eVcuLs him Iroui -ppi>iug to a physician and he not unlre* q Uc nil > i ha Is iuio the iiaud* of uneducated pretenders, .viauy youug uien,again, arc Uelcrred from eutciiug into lualriiuouiai engagement* Ironi the lear or cousciousurss that disease is lurk itlg ill Ulfeir systLin. To ail such sufferers tile College of Medicine and Pharmacy ol (he city of New York, otter the means of security lroin secondary disease, aud foi the removal of it when nppa.eut, iu their new and celrbnuu "Parurtu Alteuuive Mixture," so extensively used by iVir. Hicohd iu the Venereal Hospital of Paris. This medicine is put up in cases containing hail a dozen bottles with copious diieciious foi use, aud labels winch canno* excite any unpleasant leiiiarks. These cases die guaranteed to con uiii a fcUificieiil quantity ol Hint atw remedy, to cure aii sypn.lilic impurities ol lne blood, cutaneous eruptions, affection* ol lile Uuoal uoic, nodes, ulcer*, pttius in Uie boiiei, fee. 1'urchasers can ?tl oil Units correspond Willi liie cou?uiuu? I'uystct?in ol' ihe College. Price ol the ca*c* pencil, rtaliiy loiw aided lo all parlso! tlie UniuU, Canada <iud lite ?Ve?l indies The cane* and medicine arc so put up thai no concealmcnl *? necessary. 11 y order, W. 8. RICHARDSON, A*eut. Principal office of the Collkuk, 97 Nassau atreet, New York. o29 iinw re coughs and colds. DEMEMBER, No. 44 North Sixth street, one door below XV Arch street, Philadelphia, the most ceruun and beat family Medicine, tor Coughs, Colda, Spilling Blood, Throat end Luu| Bumh, > mint leuxation like ctiokiux. trckliug, or unpleasant obstiUclioua. for trie above. Dr. SWAk Nh'd Coin pound Syrup ol Wild Cherry will be louud the ureal leniedy. 1'ei.uu* who have auuaed tlieuuelvee ny liie ue 01 ardent .puna will Uud both their sucualh and resuluuou much improved by leaving oil the .pirila, and taking a draught occasionally ol the above realoialive. All preparation, Irom thla valuable uee, except the above,may be coliaideied apnnoua or couulerleit The real article inav be lud ol tlie lolljwing Agents, 01 at No. 44 North Sixth atreet, I'uiidelplua? AUENTS Dr. W. H MILNOH, Druggist, No. 192 Broadway. MKS. M. HAkEs, No. 139 Kultou si, Brooklyn. BO J. OdDS, Newark, N.J. JUHN MA SUN, Patlenon, N. J. o21 lm*r female physician, 34 l1spenakd street. MAUAJHIi LUO 1 IiliLiU, P MOUC 1 U> lluau, 1UU CUUUUUI to ueu, with astonishing meets', all diseases peculiar to female'. Suppression, irregularity, obstruction.fcc, by whsterer cause produced, call be icinoved by Madame C. m a very sort time. Madame C.'s medical ettabliahineul having undergoue thorough repairs and alleraUutis lor llic belter accommodation of tier uuuieruur patienu, she isuow prepared to receive ladies on the point ol conliuemenl, or those who vruh to Im treated lor ob tructkou ol their mouthty period. Maduar (J. can be coiaulledat her residence Mo. H Lupeu ard st, at all times, and with the strictest repaid to secresy. All communications and letters must be post-paid u3 lm*t HOLT'S CANDY. SURPASSING ANY TH1NO OF THE KIND.?Let it k? stand upon its own merits?Coughs and Colds. HOLT'S CANDY nasguned lor itself a reputation, (solely by its own merits) far aoove the ordinary class of remedies lor the cuinplainu lor which it is used. L is recommended by thousands who have experienced its excellent elf ecu as a sovereign remedy for Cong hi. Colds, and all airectioiu ol the luuga. This it to certify thai 1 have, in my practice, prescribed Mr. P. Holt's Com|iotuid Cough Candy in mauv cases of concha, colds, and all alfecuons of the lungs, with the most beneficial efiecu?knowing the component paru of thu Candy, and bar iug u->edthem for many yearn in my own private practice, 1 can with safety recommend the a,ticle to all troubled with any ol the complaints abose mentioned. In my estimation tins Candy has the precedence of any now in use. DAVID CRANY, M. D. Hartford, Conn. Sept. 20, 1 ml. For sale by M. P. HOLT, *47 Main street; also, by the Principal Druggiau in Hartlord. A b it L>. Sands, 79 Fulton street; at Dr. Spine's Pharmacy, "J Bowery, corner ol Walker at. are AgeaU in Mew York. *JA Vm*r CURK OF CHRONIC DISEASKfe. Dn. r. i uuiPnu.niiiL, irom rani, aiscipie 01 trie illustrious Hahnemann, waoir science and doctrines hare ustomsiied all Europe, anil gallicred around him a crowd of eminent physicians, eager to receive hit instructions, aud to livolil by hit exuerience, announces to the public that he has selected New Yoik as the place of his labors, aud of his permanent residence. Lir. K P. has been professionally and intimately concerted in Krauce with men, whose namei are honored anil reveienced ui ibis cousitiy; and during ten years' practice, he has visited many parts ol the United States, and of the West ludies, with a view to elucidate several points in science, till then involved in much doubt and obscurity. He just mrives from Paris, where he has been to communicate'lie result of his observations to the Gallic Society, of which he is a in inhcr, aud uow returns nere to ditluse the flints of hi expeiience and the blessings of he.lth. In the course of los travels and practice,lie has performed,by the help of his method, founded ?u the lawsol Specifics, cures which luul re. istrd erery other mode ol treatment; moreover, lie wish s to be judged not Irom wutdi but Iroin woras Suffice it to say, that besides til maladies reputed incurable, there is no disease so dreadiul, so inveterate, such as Conitimpliou, diseases of the skin, ring worms, Cancer, Fistula of all kinds, S> rophula.t Dropsy, ?u>, that he cannot entirely extirpate.? By the same method.all diseases iscnteut to females and children arc promptly and radically cured. Dr. P may be consulted every day, from It A. M to S P M. at his office 71 Liuane street, nea> Broadway. Consultations given in the English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. nl 3m't THEliERMAN SURGEON. SOLOMON HINE, M. D., No. 57 Keade street, New/Fork. In scrofula and chronic dteasea no chsrge innde till the patient is satisfied?medicine delivered gratis. All persons delormed, under twenty-one years, can have their bones straightem d. References xiveu as to numerous patients who have urrucureu in mis cny. .. . H AIR OIL.?There u no oil in the woilil that can do good 11 or bad 10 the hair. Eveiy body knows that wlieu the hair >? burnt d it will grow ,<gaia as t.ood as evti. All Uiu powders lor >lving the hair ?re noining bui a mixture of lime aud litlir ge eii.l the luir is not dyrd, but literally burned . Ligtiidt for Jyiug th? hair .ire Cotiiposi'ioutof caustic ?nu spirit*.that oarus in ilir saine way as the powileis, and dont aye hair, and the liair willgrow uo matter how utiay limes it is burnt d; and every body knows also, that when the l.ead u lull ot daunrutl, the hair beams to lurn grey, and baldness follows. From an ei|ierieuce ol twenty years, bviag hsir cutter, and haying the oivnrtnnity of xaminiug a great many heads,[ami ulockheids] I fitvr in id, a.seli a great commaitaou known aa " Pastor's Hur Oil, or OomiKiund Essential Oil of Alraoads," for dea roying ilauUruN, taevt iitiug the hair Iroin comiug out and turning gray. This iu mutable Hair Oil will make the hair grow wi ll, no nutter how lanch dandruff or aoieo- aa is ou the head For aale, wholesale and A. I'ASTOR'8, Hair Cat ter, ISJ Oreeuwich street. New Aork. Price Ml ceuu a bottle. a7 lin*a DISKAI^KS OF the EYE R K. DIOSSY OPHTHALMIC SURGEON, No. 207 BROADWAY, .TrrSiw 'irrv maL?Lri'i.5v,0''E,1,te St- p*ul'? Church. ATTENDS TO DlSKASKS (JK THF KVI?* and AT I THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS Tn'kliEON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO 6 o'cisOCK. nUmf.f c.?,!?il!"rt' ' " iesaf i yeara^with l> II. ELLIOTT 5ioa* . is enabled to undertake ihr treatment of all diseases af leering the organs ol risiou. Terms moderate and graduated U 'At- nr.tnre ana extent of the duruc. Permission li given to refer to hu late instrnciot, aud also y aitne of the noil eminent Professors ol the Medical Kacuity it Sr? York. M B. The nor treated gratuitously and ONE PKIOfe OnSH STORhi. AT 14 Chatham street, where will be < mod clothing at the following low priestBearer and piloi ctmh eoata, from ii to til; aatinett junta from fl Ml to$j? a table and single Stalled east, from $ I M to lisa. The west siva ol Chatham hI*r UXNHY WUBWKLL, WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. wTlUKCK'H SOLUTION rOH THJC HAIR which will o change grey hair to iu anginal color in a few minutes. This solution u di ffereut from uyut offered, aodcauaol fail of su,>ercr<liug all oihar*. ll ia highly efficacious, and possesses (ha great advantage of beautifying the buir, without injaung ita growth. Thoae who doobt ita virtues are requested te hare their hair changed before paying their money. If hambaga woald take this method there would be no re aeon to complain. Oue trial will prove tlie fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and apniied, at No. ft Chatham atreel,opi>oaite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs. a? lm?r MEDICAL AID. ~~~ r\R. URKUORY, residing at 34 Mou atreet, haa long eince D favorably eatal>liah-d hie character and qualification aa a physician ; he has therefore no further need to adiciiiae except to aiipriee stiaugera that he still remains always at home and ready to administer to the allicied?to cure his patieuti as lieedilv as their individual welfare and the varied circumstances will permit. Too hasty cures in general are not desirable, inanity because they arc not permanent?it should be the object of ever? invalid to avoia having then disease tampered with, by which means possibly llie-case may become exceedingly painful or even dangerous, or may be disastrous. The way to avoid improper treatment and imperfect cures is to obtain a little book entitled i he nutucun." u gives a metory tu detail of tile dUraae, with the proper and true mode of treatment? by pcruaiuk it palicnti will be mole to understand their own case aud condition. It u written by a physician whose ample exin-nence was gained id the courae of an extensive p act ice among iietieuu oftint claai, embracing er? ry form and eariely [ ol tile disease, that it it poaaible to imagine. ... In reference to the inerita of the ItlUe book irself, the beat evidence of ita value it the constant and increasing oppiailion i it raee;s Willi from tltoee whose o-cu|iatiou it endangered by ita rapidly increasing tale. Price M ceuta. By Dr. O. at hta I reaidencc, Ji Motl atreet, nearly the church, about liO varda iroin Chatham ariutre, and alto at the drug aturea ol the Mraara. Sands. 79 and 100 Pulton at., and on both coruara of Broadway and Chambera ?t. Sr BicTun*.?Persons afflicted with xtrcture should call on Di. (i.eguiy and itninire into the merllaol hit |ilau 01 cure. Ha a at ail uuice ready and willing to prove that hit method ol curing a stricture u apeedieranJ more certain than the common mode of treatment. The tune requited tu cure by thii method ii from a quarter of an hour to about ten cava. Those wiahiug to make lurim r inquiry will not be charged except for aeratcas tendered and a moderate compensation uuil tlutl ia expected m any CM Application by maij, poet paid, enclosing t>, will recetve tha book Dy r turn of tnail, free of poalagr. ui im*r THE RATTLESNAKE GIVES WARNING BEFORE HE STRIKES. 'PHE moat diaaatiouv of all diseases to which man ia liable, J- because the moat aure and certain in Us results, ta CONSUMPTION! But, like the poisonona rattlesnake, it give* warning before ita liual approach, la not this true ? What are t.OUUHS AN1? COLDS in their iucipirn' state, but the tirat notices of an intended attack f Does not the individual who goea about the atreet coughing and coinpl lining?with his throat tore?hit voice hu,ky and scarcely heard above a whisper, in the first stages of consumption? Are not Ins LUNGS INFLAMED? Is he not warnee I He ia?a muiurut'a reflection will convince him ol the la-t. Then a reined- is at hau I. PEASE Ik SON'S CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF HOAKHOUND v,ANDY will arrest the complaint?sullen the lungs, and gradually recover the patient. But it inu-.t be taken IN TIME Here lies the grand secret?a secret which cannot be stated too often to to the afflicted. The common saying that this or that i ias ms > rvaiiiMaf rnoAV, r kv Pan ass tlielr Inlkur nr mulhar illad nf the afflicting complaint, CONSUMPTION, Irs its foundation in error.. They may be more liable, bnt let iheiu be more watchful of its approach?in tins lies THE OH AND SECRET. If they do not exiose themselves, unnecessarily expose them selves, ami guard every attack watchfully, they are at safe in this climate as elsewhere. Many people cannot attorn to go to a warmer climate and pass the wmter?they therefore require some protection here. At the first cold or soreness ot the lungs, USE PEASE'S HOAIIHOUND CANDY, and the complaint wilt be removed. Try it in tune. Sold wholesale anil retail, by J. PEASE It SON. 45 Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE. Nashville, Oct. 11,1143. Otitis I enclose yon a draft for $300: yon will please send me the amouul in your valuable Clarified Essence of Hoarhouud Candy. I with you to send me a certificate oi ageucy. I hare beeo aiked for it several times, not liaviug oue sent iu the first box 1 got ol'you 1 h ive omitted advertising, but as toon as 1 receive the amount 1 have ordered,! will insert the first advertisement you sent me; your Candy it of grest demand. I think I can tell about $3000 worth this year; many have used it and speak highly ol iL You will please send me as mauy of your large ahuw bills as you can irive for the above amouutof Candy. 1 sent your present to General Jackson, by hit Aid, Colonel Armstrong. There is do doubt but lie will recommend your valuable Hoarhouud to hit friends. Please acknowledge the receipt ol this, and oblige yours, ALPHEUS LYON. To Messrs. J. Pease It Son, 45 Division sL N. Y. I-.,... u.,11 ,i._ ??ni.? ... ?r a. . of Candy told in a year by the Mcurt. Pease. DONT FAIL TO READ THE FOLLOWING CERTICAi'E: N'bw York, Sept, 30, 1842. GKI*I?:? 1 aiu a machinist by trade, and the duties of my tride, require that 1 should at limes exert myself to such an extent that Uie system becomes eu irely relaxed, and the body eo overcome with heal that it is with great ditliculty 1 can avoid contracting severe coughs aud colds. 1 contracted a cold fiom tins cause about two mouths ago. 1 subsequently tell into the midst of some it my inac'iuery, which seriou ly injured my breast produced a severe hacking cough, and was, as 1 considered,fast approaching an untimely death. 1 was attended by two ph si ciaus, who considered m, case I opeless. 1 however determined, as a l.isl resort, to try some of your Clarified Essence of lioarhouud Candy; and, alter usiug a small quantity, I found almost immediate rclit-f,and am now euiirely restored to health. My physicians also attribute tne cause of my recovery to the use of your Hoarhuund Candy. JOHN P. MATHEWS. No. 1 Orchard street. To Messrs. Pease A Son, 43 Division st. N. B.?All who are sceptical will please call and see me in person, aud 1 will dispel tneir doubts, J. P. M. Agents Kushton It Aspinwall, Id As tor House, lid Broadway, and Sd William street ; Church's Dispensary, lid Bowery: J W broue, corner of Hudson and Montgomery at, Jersey City; Smith, 233 Greenwich st; Dewer, cor of Church aud Chambers su; fiadeau. 266 Bowery; Dr. Bun til, lid Chatham st. aud corner of Eldridge aud Graud streets; Kieslrd^t9 Broadway, bauds. 7V Fulton st, coruer of Chamber and Broadway, slid 77 East Broadway. Agents out of the cuy?Weed It Waters, Troy ; Zieber, IT Dock street, Philadelphia, l'a.| Mobiusen, No. 110 Baltimore st, Baltimore, Md; Baxter, 37 Slate si. Albany, N Y nlOr CAUTION TO FEMALES1VAADAME RE8TELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would f'f iuforin ladies who with a proiier deiicacy, have a repugnance u tlie treatment ot their complaints except by one of their own sex, that in all cases she atteuds lo them ;<ersooally,her expeiietice, practice aud kuowledge enables her to do to. She deems it necessary te state this, as she does not wish to be class, d with the pretenders continually appearing and disappear tug, advertising as "Female Physicians, who too ignorant and lucumpeteut themselves are obliged to get some acaicely lest ignorant quack lo exiwrimeut instead. Consulting turlnn anil resilience MS Oreeuwich street, between Court limit end Liberty streeu. Hours of utte nilance from I A. M-to 9 P. M. oil lm*r MADAME R. E S T E L L , PEMALL PHYSICIAN. Office and residence, MS ttrteu " wich street, between Conrtlandt ..nd Liberty streets, where she can be consulted Willi the strictest coubdenee en com plaints incident to the female frame. Madame Restel I'texperienca and knowledge in the treatment of obstinate cases of female irregularity, stoppage, suppression, lie., is such as to require bat a lew days to effect a perfect care. Ladies desiring proper medical attendance during confinement or other indisposition, will be accommodated during such time, with private and respectable board. " Preventive Powderi," for married ladies, whose da lieate or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of family, will be sent by mail to any part of the United 3tales. Price ti a package. All Letters (poet paid) addressed to ' boa ML New York. Boston Office. No.7 Essex street." N. B.?Madame RK8TKLL would inform ladies maiding oat of the city, whose health would not ad nut of travolliig.thM she would derote her personal attendance upon them us any part of the United States within leaaonable distance, ol lm"r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. t\W1NO to the celebrity, efficaev, and invariable success of O Madame Resieil's Kemale Monthly Pilli in all cases of irregularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of an lure upon which uie netim 01 every female depends, since ti eir .uuodnction into the United Sutee, now about foot yean, ceunteileit* and imitations are constantly attempted to be paimeP oil for the genuine. Che p common pills me purchased sttwelve cents a bos. iiut up in different botes, and called? "Female Monthly Pills,'' with theoblectof selling them, if possible, at one or two dollars a bos. Female* are therefore cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It it sufficient here to suit that all Female Monthly Pills ere connterfeits, escept those sold at Madame Restell's Principal 'Jibes MS Greenwich street, New York and 7kKsaei street, koaton. Price SI. Madame Restell's signature is written on tne caver of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or single, by following the directions unclosed inside of each box. Bold also by ap pointoient at 244 Grand street, corner of Allen, New York. ol lm*r TO MARRIED LADIES. ~ MADAME RESTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS, lvl?These invaluable Powdeiahave been universally adopud in Europe, bul Franca in particular, for upward* of Uurty year*, as well as by thousandsin thi* country, a* being the only mild, safe, and efficacious remedy lor ma mod ladies, whose health for mds a too rapid increase of family. Madame Restell, aa is well know n.wia for thirty year* Fa male Phyticfan in the two principal Female Hospital* in En rope?those of Vienna and Pnrw?where Uvorec P) her great ciperieuce and uworUiniUe*, she attained tnat celebrity in thoae great discoveries in medical science so specialty adajXed lo the lemalo frame, for which her medicines now stand nnn vailed, as well in this country as in Enrope. Her acquaintance with tne physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health of marries females, scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable causes which consign many a fend mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to ar ?# . LnAe.Ua* nl fhm nm/i*y? oenu. IV, 1- :?i: ? uoun?especially of married females?which, in IMC, led Co Ike dmcovery C her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Their adoption Ma been the menu of preserving not only the health, but even the life of many an affectionate wife and fend mother. The advertiser frelmfr the importance of this in eject, and et limatiuK the vast beneiita re mil nut t# thousands by their adoption, would most respectfully arouse attention of the mar ried, by all that they hold near and dear, to their conaideratieo. la it oot wise aud virtuous to prevent evils to which we are subject, by Simple aud healthy means within our control, fcvory dispassionate, virtuous, anil enlightened mind will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a package, accompanied with full aud particular direcaona. 'i'uey can be forwarded by mail te any part of the Uniltd States. All letters must be post paid, aud addressed to MADAMK HM TKLL. kemale Physician. Principal office, ltd Greenwich street. New Vork. Office hours from A.M. to o clock P.M. Boston office No. 7 kisses it. oil m*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. lovjturo anu rnaraauu nv M. DK BOUDKLOtlUK, M. D., LISBON, PORTUGAL I'HK Scientific combinauon of u?redieuu of which dies* Pills are composed, have made them the wouder and admi ration of the world. They are known all over Kurope to bo ?u,y picpiuuiiuu c?rr ujAcuorca uhu liu WTUIUll certain m producing the monthly tarns. Their certainty, in all esses, be nut such thst thev innst not be ased during pregnancy ISr though always inild, safe, and healthy, tUey art certain to produce miscarriage if used during tliat period. The directions art, translated into Kiutiish end are enveloped round with the seal ol the imiairter, ttamtied. ?tch box cue (tins the signature of M. de Boudrlouue, and the Kngltsh Ml rectious hare the signature of Dr. F. MttLVLAU, autnonsed agent for the continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United States. Letters directed to Dr. F. Meliean, bei *4, New Work, will meet with immediate attention. All letters mast be postpaid. Sold by appointment at 13* Cherry, near Catharine street. Price tl Half boxes tl. No hair boxes sent by mail. ot lm*r dfcw PlJULittllKD DALLY BY JAMICB bOHUON BBNHKTT, N. W. COKNKH, FULTON AND NASSAU STKKKTs The ,Niw Yoits HnaaLU?A daily paper, issued e?ery leormng ol the week?price two cents per copy. Country tut* eribi-rs furnished at the same rate, lor any sjieeinc tarriod, us a rsinitusier in advance. No paper sent, a*Jess paid in advance Thx Wcbklv every Saturday morning si nine o'clock?price rue and a gnerler emit par copy?tarnished to country subscribers at $3.34 per annua, in sdranee, or at the tame rate for any specified period. CoaaasrononirTS are requested to address their letters In vsau Usues Bmnnr^hsgMtet and Editor ondtllstt

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