Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1842, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1842 Page 8
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? ?^gggss Males mt ttieMtock Kil l T.WO N Y State 7's, 1*41, 102 25 Del is'HilJayi} iHm 9? iuuo Jo w, IM, ?T ? ilo 20 too do sT m?: r\. S Jo ?* do 1*52, 25 I# Jo ' MP Ohio ?>?, I WO, 71'. ? HiHrm |l*? H"00 Jo .lo 71 ii Mohawk ll IWUt Indiana Bondsl * To Jo k30d? ll h alia Bonk Com lull ' J5 <jo OM 2(1 '1 > aciij' 'JO4 25 Jo b'iO 1' \ 32 IV! * Hudson *> lT Slouingtnn IJl? Second KonrJ 1000 Kentucky C'i, ?3 da 77 State of Trail*. Tl r mirketa exhibit 110 material chnuge to-day? Kt (hi'?l*o Liverpool are low er for Cotton, the late'inrn'a have becu mad,-at S-lflJa |rt per lb. To tanJon and llavie w> have no change to 110 notice. Totwo. co- American Leaf is very dull ; St. Domngo ?old at 14 centi j by auction more: an'able K-n'uck) o3 lihdsoll ctop void ?t 2J a I cetilt, averag , and 45 do new crop *2^ a ojc. average M,h4, cash. Whalebone?Theie ia ag in "?rj little oliaiing. Sugar*?k'or Muacovadnea price* aie uf a in one tj 11 a iter of a cent per ib lower , 1'urto QitA ut Kl U til e.o.V p..t - m .. tt " : -* -? .. oi "j ? "] * , v>?ii?? a ? u \ .10 rn. uniix o a pj , Whi'f Brazil 7f; h-own Havana A] a 7, all 4 m >a. Bv utic lion :'.ri Cuba sol.I at 3 a 3J cents, 3 mot ; and 91 do damaged Porto Rico, 6| u6J, 3 and 4 mot. Cotton Tratlr, This market continues fairly active, without change in rates. At the south ti e markets continoe to give wSv. The pi ices at the latest dates were as follows :? prills or CnTTOK. Chai Irtlun, Soonnah, Hnhite, .V. Orleaftn, . , Yet . 11 Yiie It. ,Vm . 9. .Voi . 9 1 ?ferior, 5aS>< ? 4 kawt*^ 'Vdintiy, i?asrt 5",Mi ? ,Vhl4 Middling, tl i,^' 6.16*4 6t4.7 6 " fair, ?'4?7 7*-7K ?X?7 Fair, 7'4i?X 7.7*4 8<?H Good fair, SiS1^ 7kga7Ja ? 8>a .8\ The transactions at these ports have been as follows for the ?i i k ptecedmg date Slock. Sulci. Priors. Remarket. Charleston, Nor. 12, ? 7,780 itSH duel, 'aafs K.n amiah, " 12, 21.979 3,638 5 7'i " .'???? Mobile " 9, 17,706 2,900 6V4* dpcliuiBK. N Orleans, " 7, 73.B29 16.00S tin .9*, lair. The Alahuma rivers are so low as to check the receipts in some degree, notwithstanding which, however, the stock is accumulating and will he very large. Corn Trade. We hare no change to notice in this market. Supply, demand, and prices remain as helore. In several of the other markets, however, there has been a decline, asthe lollowing table shows :? PaicEs or kLei a a Barrel. N. York, Nov. 17, *? 31 lhilad?l,.hid, Nov. 1&, *4,23 Mobile, " 9, 3.62 Savannah, " 11, 3,(17 Cleveland, "II, 9 3,00 Cincinnati, " 12, 2,39 ( We learn from Al'on, Illinois, that wheat has been < brought into that market in larger quantities. The price I paid lias been lor prime qualit) , 37J cent* ; for inferior, " irom.33 to 35 cents There are -ever il purchaser* in the , market for loreign account, besides the two mills, both of ( which are in successful operation. The wheat trade alone gives quite an animated appearance to the business I of that city. i Account of dour and wheat arrived at tide water on the J Krie canal to Nov?mber7lh :? Flour, hbls. Wheat, lush. 1 1942 1,400,040 827,0141, J 1841 1,304,611 644,616 1 Increase in 1942 35,527 192,499 | Taking flour and wheat together, the excess in 194.: is equal to 72,02# bbls flour. As an evidence <4 the magnitude of the operations in th Ilutfalo grain mark it, we would mention the lact.tlift | ni he immense amount ol wheat received within the three ( da> s ending 1 Ith inst., not over 40,000 remained unsold. 1 'I hi-, lor tbeoperati nsoftwo days, in the most unfavor- '. able weather, will probably challenge competition with the grain market of any other city in the Union, and per / haps in the world. F This indicates that America will soon be the granery of the world. If it were not for turiti's we could no w supply ' Europe with at least five millions barrels of flour, worth twenty-five millions of dollars?one hundred and fifty per }| cent more than we ever exported. Will our farmers think ( of this ? Let them ponder well on protective tariffs. Ilrlgtiton Cattle Market. Mom pa v, Nov. 14.?At market, 2900 rattle, ahout 2006 of 1 which were lieel, and 800 stores, 4500 sheep, and 1526 swine. 1 Prices?Beef Cattle?We reduce our quotations. A few extra at 4 60. First quality $4 a $4,25 ; second quality, $3,25 a 3,75; third quality $2,50 a 3. ' Handling Cattle?Prices reduced. Mess at 3.12J ; No. 1. 2,37<. Stares? Few sales only. Two year old at$7to$12; three year old $14 to $20*. , Sheep?Dull. Lots were sold from 62 to $1,75. Wethers e from $1,75 to 2,75. c Swine?Lots to peddle 3 cents lor sows, and 4 for bar- n row s. At retail 4 a 5c. Married, At Havers!row Iturlil.,,.! .v- fi 16'h instant, by the Rev. Mr. Hildretli, the Rev. Edward j, Horet it, of Greenville, to Miss Maroaiiktta Wheeler, Ulcst daughter ot Epenetus Wheeler, Esq., formerly ol thi?ri<>\ At Baltimore, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Col- " K?n, Darikl Gilmartir, merchant ol this city, to Miss Catherine Fitzgerald, ot the former place. * (1| Died, On Wednesday afternoon, the lfilh in?t. Johv J. infant ? son o ( Daniel and Mary Ann Walker, Rgod eighteen c' months. The relatives and friends of the family ar I respectfully c invited to atten 1 the funeral this (Friday) afternoon, at i t o'clock, from 44 Weat Fourteenth street. * Suddenly on Wednesday afternoon, 16th iustant, Jour Rr.nriKLD, in the 58th year ol his age Hi? friends and acquaintance, nd those of the family, > are invited to attend the funeral this (Friday) afternoon, i at 3 o'clock, from H5 Second street. * Psstrngi-rs Arrived. Havre?Picket ship t'tica?Mrs Ma'yof the Aturrl*, Mrs Csoih?, Mrs Bull'ou, Miss Amine, of France; Mrs Mary of Keimratimi, Mrs St Louis de Oonxaaa Italy; Mrs St Joseph, M st'r iche, Ireland; Mrs St MarceTlus, Savoy; Mrs Hardy, * W Vslen'ine M l>, New York; Moore Robinson, M D, Philadelphia; O W Collet, St Louis; J P Suhr, consul to Saco from Denmark._ r Malaga?Brig Mores?K.lijah Cornell. PsssniRers Mailed. Lis ERrooL?Steam ship Western?Mr Rice anil ladv, nurse and four children, Mr Scjnire. W Van Rensselaer, Mr s Oakey, J.?rph E Rolpti, Tnomas Hill, Joseph Fisher, A H J Fiulav, Hector Mor ison, of New Yoik; L Smith, Boston; J Horsley Palme' and servant, London; James Buckley, E H Bradbury. Enultnd; Manning Kennard, Philadelphia; William ? Harllev. Valparaiso. LivvarooL avn Hsi irst?Steam ship Caledonia, frore Boss toil? for Liverpool: Mont Galline and lady, Mmis Helper, Mad'lie Celette and female friend, John Counten. Mr Sherrard, n Mr Hntehin?*?8 For Halifax: Hon Mr Hoby, lady and ter* ant; Ch *11 Dele van, Consul to Nova Scotia; Mr Newnen, > and lady, Mr* Redmont. K G Wii ' cn- 1 * Foreign imponatiuna. t< Hat*!?Ship Ut?c??1 pkg Ba?ley A Ketchem?i Tiffany, * Young A Ellis?2 W B Draj* r?-6 D (I k D Hunhnd?1 Fabrenuette t File? I T Haudorf?$ T MailHrd??2 J R **t Felix?2 ^ Lamoy St Sonrde*ut?1 H Bahad?i (' W Thomas?3 E gler St ^ Kolej ?1 F Thorwnerk* n?1 H Doocker?I A Mithey?2 F J Cottenet?2 F I o Hard?1 C P yen A co?I A MrPey?5 S P Ij ^hnmnf? 1 Boiscan St Ru?cb?I A Hurt?100 Mnitlsnd 8t co I ?3 K B?w nikur?2 C F 8c iiriderk co?1042 K * h.baud? I W Th mho on?1 L?nnev Foard?2 E Hfii?fii H Daflot?II Oav. > l.iO'Sc k No?l?I A >1 jor?2 E Fie der?I A Belmont?I V B ?*< hap?1 Malriirux, i i???id ?t c???l A 8 Perrott?I Lane, r Lan^on It c ?1 Opp-nh ini St co? I K BUnrhod?' M Didier ?2 Wile\ St Pi?r.,ao ? i F??? St ' ?I F Cotienet?I F ?4chmi?U St r ?| \V rd. Si'l St Co?I SHAH Maider?I A J Silewart?I * WS S PMp|?* . en? i % O Carnrs. ? Malacia?Bnt 8-iV) hx 6*0 hf fOfl qr do raisin* Fiffh 1 A co?41*30 ''x 200 hf 126 t|r do N3 cks raitiu* l'?0 keg* graphs i' * Sta'kei?2100 bo* * raisins P H ' monv?200 do 50 ken* grapes 12 I drums tig- Cornell Bro he's?1967 bx 860 hi 20 qr do raisins PA de Ai'iire?5 bx* book* Geo B Ch ever?19? I ???es raisins EI) > Hur but A e?v?If qr bx, do 6 kegs gr?p? s J M H cks. Bklizf., Hond?Brit Aimaw u>?9 bxs old copper E Coffin? tlOoo specie 33 logs mahogany 20 do cedar 11 tons logwood 131 hid* to captain. Domestic Importations* * Nrw Orlk.a?o?Brig Canton?193 bMs wheat 1 bo* indse c Strar ham A Scuti?1?32 sacks corn G T Trimble?90 bMs castor I oil 2 hx* 2 cks E Fi? ?llei? 61 bales cotf-n Amun , Cnapiu A co ?2 bbls oil 1 hn* mdse Brnstlein. Konp A co?491 pigs Had C H Rogers A co?14 bale* cotton C B Fosdick?300 pigs lead Jamr* Le-A co?13 bbl* pork Dunham A Dimon?69) sacks 19 bbls wheat A /% verill A to? 72 bbls flour to order. Port Lko*?Brig Bamson?279 bales cotton J Mel?62 Center A co?30 do l do mn*s Smith, Wiiyht A co?4 do cotton I) m cii? * nn!ony?,pri?on ?c. ?IJ i -tiUMt? j 14 V*ii Ar?da?r, Coawvll l( co?60 hi??c? 8 W Ash by?3 cas*-s tobacco TV* kins, Hopkins At White?6 boxes mrn hunlis** A ? ' Mickey. 1 1 HABLKfTOlt?Briff Emilv?I bf cask 200 catk* rice Boyce k Adafo?? W) do !T71 bale* cotton Smith. Mill* & co?50 do Poitrr Kreres?tfi H S Levcri'h?22 K L Maihnd k en?51 beer *b!? John H Tivlrr?I bic gold SjiHMi John G Wintei?I ease Thot Is Lynch?2 MctVroTy. AMrichJk Spencer? I Pr E G Lu ilow ? I I'Rt; Piilotlk L? Birbicr?I Tliomai l)r? Arts? i bbl I hf do , M A R I TIM | II E R A LD. ! To Ship Master* and Agent*. We ihall esteem tt a faror, if captains of resarls will give ' to Lommodore William A. B i*sett, of our newa fleet. a re- ' port of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the ' vessels spoken ou their penalise, a li?f of their eai-gio. end any * In trial! newipapers thry may have. He wiii hoard tneia im- ' metlmtrL* on their arrival Agent* and correspondent* at hone or abroad, will also confer a favrr by srnding to thi? I office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical ' information of ?ny kind will be thankfnlly received. t PORT or NEW YORK, NOV, IS, 184a7~ f| It * 7loi rt't.t. moo* lo Jl p a-w sere- ? ? I aina _ j ?| p Cleared. a Ship Newark, Mervin, Savannah. Dunham k Dimon-Barque * India, Sflby, PhtladeMw John Ofden.?Brig. Porpoise, Lib I t U-ft iIh I aiwiKi () H KfibrUcn TvK... 11..J /*i . I " . Arrlvril. ?. U. S. frigate Independence. Commander Slriiighttn, 3 dart frr.ri Bo n. The I. anchored if the S?> ^pit 1 ist ?>\ i Packet thiii U he a. Hewitt, Irom Havre. Oct. IS with mdte. 1 U? B ?\d k Ilinc?eu No date, lit 41 ' L Ion 50 38, exchanged ?r als With a More packet bound Kast. . Brig Moir 4, Ldgai .from Malaga, and 40 days from Gibraltar, | with fruit, k< . to K. D. Hurt but k Co. Vewfli lelt before ieported. 1 Bng AuiMWan, r?4tmu. from Beliie. Hoodttraa. and Tort Royal, Jamaica, Oct. 21. with logwood, kc. to 8. W Lewis.? Lei' B* life Sept. it, lor Port Royal, with the officers and crew of H B M. nentnrr Spitftr*, lint ou the Coast of liondnras MMh Rapt. Hatted Mom Port Roy?| in co. with brig Han tress, of Philadelphia, Ktag. for New Ovlt-ans. Lelt at Kingston, brigs E?pelet*. Atnes. of Philadelphia, to sail about 2*1 Oct. for M. . J.go de Oabt; Oond Hope, ,,*? arrived from Newport, HI Bfitiab bug Br Han i?i%, 1 inn It day from St Kitts, with IIO0 . iih?? salt to J. II Biaine. Left brig Harp of *nd for St. John. N B. n on. Brig Samson, Sawyer, 1? days from Port Leon, via Key West 10 days, w nh cotton, kc to fc. D. Ilurlbui ml J. Norton. Jr ? ] Sailed to en. Lorn Kef West with brig Tuscawitla Mom II, j for New York. Lelt bnga fcsirline, and Republic, hence, just , arrived i Bng Canton, Pr t' ir gill, (of franklin) IS d*>s from N? w Or'eans, with cotton, kc. to Nesmi b, Leeds k I o. Bog Kmily, Sherwood, 7 days frcin t harleMon, nilh com n ,| and rice, to Dunham k Ditnoa. , Bchr Kleanor. Cole, 5 days fr Baltimore, Willi mdae, to the , maater I Senr Krrtidr, Laugley, 3 day* from Boiton, with mdu, to J. SlrveUt. Schr John H, nam, S daya from Boaton. with flah, lie. to m rater. R? Ti'aarrD?Barqne India, which tailed for Philadelphia, end authored in lite North lliver. Brlovr. 1 wo atiina, rrportrd to helhe Cambridge, Barttow, and Adirondack, Hack-tatf, from Liverpool. Alto, our al ip, two bnita, unknown. Wind KS?. Mai l<-(1. Strain thip Great Wejt'rn, Hoaken, Liverpool. Grricral Itranrtl. LauJCCHFD?The iliipt ourirr, UK) (nut, owned by Andrew roller A Sunt, of NVw York, waa I lonchrd at Newburyport oi Wednesday . Tliia head built iu the ahort titter of ninety day * I rom the day 'f contrail, and it, probably, the thar|ieatthin ever built iu the Stale. Kroin all ^noeat.inert the c*unot fail 'u( it credit both to tile owutrt and build, rs. U'haltmrn, Solid from \rw B Ifo-d 15th intt. Ni in rod,(new) rhrriniu, I irific Oceau and SW t'oaat. A'l.omhock Julv il, Huiiirrtt. T <ber, of N B. II mot out, V(I lihlt nil, tjfl tp; I' trip n Parke', She. rnun, do, 7 mot, 100 tp. In leave mat at. O ta>'ia, Rowland, \B. left 2 mot prtviout, with 6541 wh and 125 to Pasted July !5, l it 21 H, foil 62 K, J&Jizsbcrth, probibly of N B. steering W. Hpokeni Or?ce Drown, from Baltimore for Savanuih, Nov 12, off Georgetown. Foreign Ports. St John, NB Nov 10-Arr Amethyst, Monrs, Windsor; Pi<jui?, Lmdrv, PEI land. Cld New ZrnUnd, Bawutrman, Newiy; Portland, Robinson, Liverpool; Pioviucialist, William*, I oudondvrrv; Romulus, Beard, Greenock. Havana. Nov 1?In port, Retrieve, of Newburvnovt, from Mobile, iust ariived; Norma, Barton, from and for New York, due ha rum*; Emporium, Rogers, lor Boston, finished renal;*, ro *ail soon; York, Morrill, waiting freight: Hellespont, Ellis, for New York. 7 days; Jacob S Wain, Matthews, from Boston, tischirgi'ig; Wiudsor, Brewer, from Boston, waiting freight; Volts, H 11 wood, from do* uncertain; Motto, Wiuslow, for for Portland, din,; Eastern Sur, DcurpROti, f?*? do, do; Char'es. S\ do; IWvaiii, Gilpatrick, from NYork, do; Alfred Hammond Ki Iger, f orn Span sh Main lo NYork, its 2 weeks; Row**, Allen, from Providence, diag; Plymouth, Thomai.for Boston, soon; C\'hele, Edmunds, for B*th, dixg; Mississippi, Cutting, do do; Elizabeth, Remington, from and for Pnil d? I phia, dise. Matanzas, Nov 6? In porr, Neptune, Foster, for Boston, 3 or 4 ila s. I'alkrmo. Oct 9?In port, Mohawk, Pierce, for NewYork, to i commence hlg iu a few d*>a; Lion. Peterson, for Ivica, in a i few days. Batavia, Jun^ 14?In port, Cubi, Bibson, for Montevideo, in 10 days. Ilomr Ports. Ban'iior, Nov 12?At Declaration, Lowder, NYork. Portland. n v 14?Arrt'h i.* Thomas, Dougniy, Wilmington, NC: Heli spoor, Carle, St Piene, Mart, for Boston. Cld Independence, S mdnaiit, St '^oiningo. Owl's Hkad, Nov 11?Arr She re r, Boston; Watchinan, do. sm ijjth, Urion, Spear, do. Boston. Nov lb?Arr Rosabella, Howe, Palermo; Ziidr, Houdlette, Savannah; New England, Ba'ea, Nicberie; Ceylod, Trori, Havana. Telegraphed, Kmi iew. and Alexander. S?gial for a brig. Cld Caledonia,js) Lotr, Liverpool; Alhn, Allan* ion, Cancoi; Brrliti, (new, ?f (his port, 613 Ions) Crocker, N [)r'e !i?: Ocean, Kldridge, Baltimore: Compliance* 8furrow, nid Mail. Lonng, NYork. Arr 15th, Hun, Ryder, Btliimore Niw Bkhford. Nov 15?Arr E?in, Burt, NYork; DividCof in, Tobey, Phil idelphia; Tijrer, Nye,A.bauy. 91d Southerntr. Sixsnu N Or loans. Nantuceft, Nov ii?Hid Elizabeth, Bourne, Philadelphia; 'hiladrlpi.ia, Barnard, d ?. Arr Pith, Chapru II, Sawyer, Wilnitiglori, NC; 14rh. Leader, Fitzgeralo, N York; 15'h, Chamlion, Drew, do; Cleooaira. Washington, NC. Sid 11th, Cin: nnalug, Whitmore, Philadelphia. Kduartown, Nov 12?In port. Ruby, NYork for Machins; ^eto. Providence for Bangor; Me idian, Rose, New York for 3oatoii; Gov Arnold, Salem, NJ. for do; Caidiual, Bridgeport or do. Hyasnii, Nov 14?Iii |?orl, Prompt, Baltimore for Bot*on; Nlariha,do do; B. nj Bigelow, Vict r, Anaconda, and Win T King, N Y?>rk for do. Providence, Nov 10?Arr Voltaire, Savannah. Sid llighaudrr, May berry, NOrleans; Harriet, Vinson, Apalachicola; lirand Turk, Loud. New|>or\ to go on the railway. Philadelphia. No/ 17?Below, Oak. Rvd? r, from Boston; ,jO*ii Baxter, do; Eiiz befh, and Philadelphia, Na*?tucket.? 'Id Delaware, Fisher, Boston; Gleaner, E?rou. do; Delaware, iVaite, do; Brand1, wine, Townsend, NYork; Indiana, Corson, o. Arr iu the Schuylkill, Andrew Ring, Thnrlow, Luhec; ' rtridge, ana Km? Iuu I)? law re side. Frkdehick^bpiio, Nov ii?Arr Gleaner, Eldridge, Boston; lbsiracr, do; Argo, New York ^ Volunteer, Condou, do. Cltl 'alestine, Stnrdi vant, Halifax; Emerald, Snow, Boston. Charleston, Nov 14?Arr Calhoun, Myers. NYork; WilUin, Baron, Portland, and cld for A|Mlachico1a. In the effing, illaod, tVi.m Boston Air I <th, I tie/, Long, B dtimr r* ; Hiberia. Bunting, New York; Hercules, Madigan. Boston; Brontes. (Urtit, do; JuIm, ( Brenun) Dauuamaii, Bremen Bid Francis adv, Smith, St Tliomai. Savanhjh, N?v 13?Arr W.llncr, (Br) Main, Liverpool.? 'rincii Drnau, Forbm, do; Hat re, C*r|ieuter, Boston. Sid Vilnon Fuller, Col.b, NYork. AUCTK >N -sALEiS_ THnMAR BKM . Auctioneer. BY BELL & HOWARD. iVtfi. ^ an'/ il'j hulivii ttrctl.} FRIDAY. At 10>? o'clock iu the sales room Large sale of softs, parlor, rocking and cottage chairs ; the tuck of an upholsterer, a superb consignment of piinlinGs, an n i re invoice just received from Paris of silk and satin damask, hair, sofa, lounge, music and divan seat covers ; gilt ornatents, Sic. Also, 5 superb rosewood pi ?no fortes, Ike, nJ4r SATURDAY. At lO^i.o'clock in the sale rooms. Splendid and extensive sale of superb second hand and new irniture of all descriptions. Also, the entire furniture of a family, removed from Br >okii for convenience of sale. MONDAY. At 1P>? o'clock, at the auction room, Stoves?100 first rate cooking and other stoves of all descrip* out. the la*t of the stock. This sale will also include parlor, [fice, colirvu and OI instead pAtents, all tn complete order Alio, 2 steam tables, suitable lor tefectories; a superb royal rioting press, and a valuable copper idate do. Also, t n excellent billiard table aim apparatus, oofas. Chairs, French Bedsteads, Sic.?Also, the entire stock fa sofa and mahogany chair manu I acttirer, comprising 26 sofa:, iiual to any in the city; sot'* beds, parlor and rocking chairs, ouches, divnm, ottomans. Sic. Aiso, 12 superior polshed French bedsteads, work tables, ard and dinlu^ do, and \ariout clhsr articles?elegant furniure. Also, 1 splendid rosewood premium pimo forte. TUKBDAY. At IPX o'clock, in the sales room. Large sale of elegant fashionable cl thing. London cloths and ttssimerea, a fine stock of fancy aid t ?ple drv goods, jewelry, 'utlcry, dressing cas> s, watches, 1 splendid diamond pin, Sic. BY WELL Si ARCULARIU*. SATURDAY, Nov. ID. At 10Lj o'c ock at their sales rooin. Furniture, Pianos, Sic. Oil Paintings?A collection of about twenty oil paintings. MONDAY. At 10>? o'clock, ui the sale ?ooins. ^ ^ y fcc. TUESDAY. A good assortment of liquors. levari, fcc. H. H.TIMPSON, Aucrinneer. fJARDWARE, CUTLERY, fcc.-JACOB 8. PLATT i will atll ihis day, at U o'clock, at lie tore. No. *1 Piatt rreer 'IOO pockagrs and lota of Birmingham, Sheffield, Ger an, French ana American hardware and cutlery, heavy anil lie 11 v ods. O rmaii siUei ware, iapanry, fancy goods, fcc , (insisting of a general assert merit, well worthy tne atlent on I the trde, and particularly the citv dealer*. Catalogues are tady, and the goods can be examined to the huur of tale. _n 18 It*r ___ A CCOUNTANT ?The subscriber, for many yen's a ptac *- tical book-kee|>er tu this city proposes to adjust, wrile np, r hal'nce, any setofbooks of account that may be entrusted > him ny merchants, assignees, executors, fcc.. uiioti reasonhie terms. N. 8. LlU'LUM, Bl3 6t*m No. 66 Ve?ev st. situation wanted?By a competent |*r uu to utii I ^ sa'esman in a wholes ile or r tail establishment of W arches ewelry fcc. Also understands book keeping and watch relUring Has been ill business for nimself leu yea's and sneaks French For particulars and references addr as Box No. 782 Lower ihsst Office. Oentlemen's H rses tak- n ea - ol riurinv the winter st a very eisonable rale. An |v at .18 Maiden Lane. n9 lm*r 7 PAHK~ER'd DANCING ACADEMY?Tammany H.ll. d ?Mr P. has the honor to auMounce to the public that his nenins B ill will take place on Friday cvmnig next the 18th if Nov. rr.her. Dancing to coman nee -t 8 o'clock. Tickets of Urmlerm u are r> que* d to wsit on their ladi t ast the do T-keeper. as in lady will be admit, ed without a entlemiu Mr Brown's bind is r'gsgcd for tne season. Famli's snd pup's' astrmblir s will take i lace once - f .rtriight. school days Wedne-days and Saturdays. The establishment las b en u-wly tainted and titled up with every comfort n 6 3tr pAKK Ti.KATHE? CARD? MRS. BAILEY respectful ' ly informs her friends and the public, that her benefit will ake pi re on Saturday evening, November 19th, on which octasinu the aacred drama of the Israelites in Egy gt will be per ormed fur ihe last time. Seata may be sccmtd by wpplyititr it the box office, u 18 2t* r B,vll MAIL) WANTED?A punt, respectable yonnst woman, well recomincnde J, i? wanted to attend a saloon, r a f.uhionaole place of ammement. Address n. A. R., hrough the poat office nil) ( ?OMT'LIVI ENT A It Y BAL.L-Th.; f,,ei,di~J?f ~Thomai Lv Far rer, desirous of public y testifying, the nigh res|iect ihey entertain for his character, have de rermineo to aire htm a Complimentary Ball, to Lake place at the Shakspeare Hotel, on Monday eveiiitm. Nov 21st. Tickets $l, to he had at the Sh'ks)ieaie Hot-1, and at ihe door on the evening of .he ball. nl? I' GEO W EVANS. Sec'y. WtlR.VlAN'8 RAMBLES IN YUCATAN.?J. A H. O. L ' l.ANGLEY have the pleasure to announce, that thr above mport-lit and brautilui Work ou the stupen.Ions rid roagnifi-etit llnitis of Yucatan, Clii-Clu n Kabah, Zavi .u d Urmal, is iow published, embellished wito numerous illustrations, nr. utrd in a novel and effective style. The whole forming one iandsome and elegantly printed octavo volume. u!8 ltr T'HE CONDITION AND FATE OF ENGLAND?By ' K. E. Letter, author nl the "Glory and Hhaine rsi'Engand," forming two elegantly printed volumes, embellished by >t pirsiie illustrative designs after Chapman, thia day publish, d. This new and extraordinary work willh? foaarl of intense mil (ariliug interest. Early applications are requested by the uh ishers. J k H U LANGLFit. nl8 lir 97 < batlnm -tre-i N, * York. kF-MiTl AN? F.s ro IRXLAND, As., Ac.?ThasaWcribar eontiunel to transmit money, inanms large or small, o persons residing in any part of Ireland, in the same ir.anuer she. and Ins predecesssr in nnsmrss have done for ihe last birty yrara, and rnort; alio, to any part of F.ngl mil or Scotand. Money remitted by letter (poatp"id) 10 the snhaeriber, or erionafty denoaited witn h in, wiih the name of the |ierton or ersons n Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it n to he rn'.Kiid nearest post town, will be immediately tianamittrd nil paid aceorningly, and a ri c< ipt to that effect given or forraided to the lender. In like ma tuer money o, elaiina on persona in any part of rrltnd, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subverter, for persons reatdiia many pirtof the United States, or 'arisda. and will be paid to t) em accordingly. nM I in r GEORGE Mr Bill DE, Jr., 83 Cedar at. id (1.1 MOUTH BANK N. J.?The notes of Ihe above *1 tauk bough fur s few days ny II JAME8 fc CO., 60 Well st. LLINOIS BANK n'>te? Wauled, at improved rstes by ndr JAMES k R0 Wal1 at. IJIIOKEN BANKS?Tm highest price will be paid for all b.okrn and d nniful bank notes by JAVIESk CO.. SB Wall n. DLEAI H1NO l OWDER. of Bovda' makT fiw ile by . ,, PEH8SE k BROOKS, ' ' _ 61_L iberty . I reel. L IKr, BR If K.?7000, Goran patent, a very siuwrior ariTh-. 'OfMleby I'V.KsSE at BROOKS, * L. mm u - -. (I Liberty street PRIEStE lUuS-A f F, IT K, ( K II S brands. V. r A mile in lot# to ttitjmif -??, by JEUcsk v BROOKS, ?| Liberty sr. PbtCTHO .MAiiN in I l,A l h.i I'm ibeiitnalMOM. narks rotas affect lOHa.fcc , Prepnied ander the direction of M I, nsnrotii, a|*>theeanr inj'ans, acneral ?cpr,t ? Yorli. t.S frtnklin reef, At M. ^lUQ&rat. rue* $t ',0. Infallible enre for the most aen'e and inveterate ptin, sneh as iritte and chrome ihcumatiina, the gout, nrnra'gy, ". lane, tie Mnrem, danse de eatnt Ouy, rliil's, megrim, erajops in il> n marh, and,shortly,for all nervons alfeeiions,chiefly diaesa. ? f women and yottng girla, as green sicklies-, amenorrhes, sup.ireasrona, vapors, nervous attarki, k< nit lm*r AMUSEMENTS. (HATHAI* THKAIItt,. Pit t>H mm IJ|'P?" Tier t5 c?nt?. First Tier M etuttTllIS EV K.NINO, Nor. Id. will ne re'iormt't THE SLAVE OUEKN. After which H?EL ON EAKTH! Tn tonc'udr wiih THE FIELD OK FORTY FOOTSTEPS. l)'K?n will open ?I#X?11 nrtilB will rise s. jusiter pai 7 o'clock precisely. , Bus Olnce opeu daily from i to S, whe n Tickets m t r' purchased and places secured. ________ I * A It Iv lltEAlltK. THIS EVENING, No*. 18. will he pre nted, (17th lime ii America,) the drama of the IS RAELI PES IN EcJlTP. Moie?, Mr ^ei^uiu | PhiJdoh, M' rC* r Amenophis, Mr Shi lie I Ori/ides, Mr Boulard I Israelite, Mr Hoafc u Anal. Mr* ""i-ciiin I Elizeur, Mr* Bailey Buses $1?Pit 50 els?Gttlit ry JS tents. Doors opeu *1 6>< o'clock anu llie |<arform)lier Wiil con mence at * |ireci*-clv _ '1IT( IIKI.1/S ()LV >1 fit; TllKATits*.. ttt Broadway, New Yora. THIS EVENING No., in ?.li he ,,r. .eulcd AMILIK. After uhieh GIOVANM IN GOTHAM. To couclud** with _ GEMINI. fT. r- The Doors will he ojrcuctl at half-past 6. and "?e I'1'1 I.trriM'" e commence at 7, ever} . n rn'tig. AMPIIITHKATKK OK Tl 11. K Kl'l XI Bowery N. A. HOWKS, Proprietor. FRIDAY EVENING. the perform nee* will eotnmenc prtci.el/at 7 o'clock, with annlltr. orieo.ilill??*ration * united (iRAND WALTZ AND GALLOPADK. Master J aines Howc-s will gi?? a display of his single hors* m?n?ht;> Still Vaulting by the whole Company. Otto Moffy wi I iJi-i?l iir In* pop''?rm tin' of the COURIER OF ST. PETERSBURG. The Four Brothrr? of Warsaw will apprer ,u d novel display of Grouping*, Rqui;iofiam\ and G>mnastic<. Ahtr p e intermission the DOUBLE TRAMPOLINE. ^ Mr. Omlner win appear as tin- American T*r. The evening's enieruiomenta to conclude with THE GLOBE. Bove# yo rents? Private do for 6 i>eisons $3?Seccml Tier 37% cents?Pit cents. D<>ors open at half-past 6. Overture by th?* B uid as a^uartc befp'e 7. Hor?einau?>?ip to commence at 7 o'clock precisely. FRANKLIN T ATUK. Chatham square. , . WILL open on Mundny tiigrit Jvovember ltth. aft<r h.vrri gone through rhornug, from i> c to dom-:?with a at riea of ?Dt*rtaiinn*oli on an entire ire w lilan, by J MOKHIS' CONCERT k OLIO < OMPANY, of mora than Twmty Ladiei and Gentlemen, with an mltnis ion of ogty \'!K rents to all |>aita of the the n rr No grullemen, however, w ill be admitted to the firat 'ier of boaea at auy price unlaaa u eompanied with a lady. Doors open at 6 o'clock, performance commences at 7. For programme! see amall billa. nil Ini i?*r ANKKICAIM THKATHK?WAhUIT'-MI. PHILADELPHIA, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C CUSHMAN lle-i tiL'agrtneul of H. Placirlr. THIS hVKMMi, Nor. 18. will he enacted, J LONDON ASSURANCE. A liar which, 8HARRATAH. E. A. MARSHALL. I.e.... ADIEKICAN nusklitl, QORNERof Broadway and Ann street, opposite St. Paul's ' ' T. T. BARNUM, Manager NEW AND EXTRA ATTRACTIONS. Day visitors admitted free ill the evening. Entire new scenery, drop cnrlains, decorations and enlargemeut and cushioning of thp Lecture Room TH< WOND 'altKUL MERMAID. Taken near Uie Fejee Islands, which has but u visited by fifty thousand persons in this city and Boston, and of the genuineness of which ail naturalists, and other persons, aie couvinced upon her nidi tig it. is en aged, at any extraordinary expense, for o? r week oiily. Many scientific geutlemen of ce'ebnty have staked their reputation that this extraordinary nymph of the sea is Ml she is represented. MR. (VOONNFsLL, THE TATTOOED MAN, Will appear in his celebrated Dances, anl give an historical account of his sufferings for eleven years, while a prisoner in the hands of baibaious savages in the North Pacific Ocean.1. T. <). BOOTH, The comic sincr and Ethiopian cxtrvacanzist. THE LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY, Consisting ol ten i?erfoimers; Miss Hood, the vocalist: Celt ste. the dauseuse. he. fHE NORTH RlVEK ON EIRE ! A new invention by which the bottom* of riven, l.kes.Str.. may he illuminated. This is the most curious, beautiful, and valuable invention ofthe aye. Da> p*rformauceaev?ry Wednesday and Saturday afternoon Admission to all 25 crnla?Children half price. n!3 UNPRECEDENTED COMBINATION. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION !'.i SPLENDID PERFORMANCES. NKW VOKK MUSRUN AND I'lCTUllK QALIJERY, Ojtjmitt the City Hall, Rrutdieay, ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. MR. H. BENNETT. Manager, lugs leave lo stale that in accordance wi'h his announcement of lastwedt.he has manufactured a FUD-GEE .MERMAID, which he willingly lea?e? to the public to pronounce whether it is not iulinilely superior to the one at pr sent exhibiting. It is formed of the head of a monkey and the tail of a fish, so skillfully couneeted and admirably united as to elude the elo<est scrutiny of the most experienced eye, and set iliscorrry at defiance. Aa a managi r ofa place of amusement, lie consider! lie is bound to procure the passing novelties ol the day. The current of public opinion setting in favorably towards M imaid , the maua Eer concclvea it to be a su|iertlu?us piec of Qun uism on nis part to attempt to stop it, but he thinks he may, at a trilling etpense, direct it into a proper channel. If the public are .lupoid to be deceived he wilt humor them to the top of their bent, 01, in plain lenns, should they desire to be hoaxed, he will accomplish it in a su|>erior style, and charge only half price. A aerioua consideration these hard times. The manager announces with pleasure that he haa engaged THE HUGHES FAMILY, The wonderful Welch Harpista'. Consisting of the-two Master Hughes and the vaster. Phese children possess a precocity of talent unparalleled?the ai.nala of mnsic never before presenting so singular no instance. They execute svith a style and fioiah not interior to the most eminent performers. Also, Frank Diamond, Ethiooi mi Dance.; Mr B. Boyce, the celebrated Comic Siuger-, Miss Rosalie, the chariniug Songstress. Fancy and miuiatnie glass blow ing, by Mr Owens. There will he a day performance on Wednesday and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. Evening [.erforuiance to commence at hall past seven. A llium m to the Muaeuin, Picture Galley, and Performance ONE SHILLING. n3t) tin* BANKRUPTS ?To such of this class of individuals aa wish toavail themselves of the bankrupt act, which is almost sure to be rert |>ealed at the next session of Congress, valu hie information wil' be afforded, free of charge, on addressing B, box 1246 B P. office, st mug where an interview can be had. UACKfcT 81111' 3IDDONS FROM LiVKKHOOL ? 1 Consignees will please tend their permits ou board, at OrIrani whaif, loot of vVall street, AH good* not permitlrd in live dayi will br sent to tbr public store 17r FARE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING- SOUTH. . ft r~ FAttE ItKDubED on both the routri from Baltimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Bay, Portsmonth, Weldon, Wilmington, N.C.. and thence to Charleston, to S?3, meals on the Bay boats included ; or via Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weldoti, Wilnnngton, N. f... atol thence to Chaileston, to S22, meals extra?making the fare on both routes the same. Every exertion is made to keep the Railroads aud Steamboats connecting these lines in good order, and expedite travsl, and make passengers as comfortable aa pot sihle. By this route you may be sure of reaching New Orle-im rom New York seven or eight days sooner than any other line at an expense not exceeding $72. K. B. DUDLEY, _n!7r _____ President W kK.H.K. Co. aMQ art REGULAR opposition to cats V7 ii JT rc * *-inter.-nediale landings, without tow 3^__flL__Z_l>ar^t-i,?R. gnlar days from Cattskill. Mon ilai s, Wednesdays and Fridays. El om New York, Tuesdays Thursdays and Ba'ordays.? Hare to or from Cattskill, M cents. ? Brrihs 2i cent.?Supner ii cell's. The new ana stc-mer WAVE, Cat tain Vsndrrhiltj will le- ve Robinson st. pi- r Thursday Nov. 17th, at live o'clock. For fnr'hi r particulars inquire of the ca tain on board. By running on the day s'alr >ve named, there will b< a daily rom Inuuication herwern ( itskill and New York (and intermediate places) for freight and passage at reduced prices. nfir FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regulat WfJtflrV Packet of 2itl November. The Splendid Packet rtNpWms^h'.l' ROSCIUS. Capt. John Collins, of 1100 tons. will positively snil as alxirg, her regular ila v. K?r fit-iulit 01 |WU(r, limine aecommodalions unequalled for splendor in comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. k. COLLINS it CO. 56 South atreet. Prior of passage, $100. The Pacliet Ship Siddons, Captain Kdw. B. Cobb, of I0C( tons, will succeed the Koscins, and tail the 25th December,hei regular day. Passengers may rely on the ship* of this line sailing punctual ly as advertised. n!7r 'PO I'RINTKKS AND rUBLISH".Aa.-A young man J- a practical pnu'ei, who is thoroughly acquainted with hit buainess in every department and branch, a-d who lias been einployt d in the eaparily of reporier anil aub-ediior on several highly rea|>eriaSlf jonrtia's, ia desirous of obtaining a titualiot in the country, to take charge of, and manage, armall news laiier concerns. A remunerating salary will only bersnerted Andreas, hv letter, ((Met paid) X Y. at the Herald OOCu Hespeet h'e r. ten n , . . 11 - r. .mil reipun d nl7 jgh A( OCRHK ol ser a lectures on Oratory will h- deliwref in llm Society Library, Broadway, by I'rojrsso- Calvert A. M., the fir>t of which will take place on Friday evening, the 18th November; its luhjects?Tne use aQil import lice ui the Art, sod ita first element. I'rouuneiatioii, Knchlecltirr will commence at 8 o'clock, Tichtt for tin course $.1 Family ticket, admitting three, $5 Single fickel 50 rents. To be hid it Atwill's music store, and st the Ladies i owi anion office, 109 Fulton st. ?17 2t*r bp O the widow s of the soldiers aud sailors o the involution' i sry wsr, who were matrted before the lit of January, 1791 and who ran prove the services of their husbands, and the le ga'ity of their marriage, can, by a, plying at No. 65 Mercei stieet, hear ofsoaiethi g'o their ail not ?ge. Those not abb to p'oduce III eqn rr d ev deuce peed ho' apply. Prisons nsiding i a distance. and who w;ll idoresi n h or, (p is* pa d' wil I rrc-i*r attention. 1 hose wanting my .errices will do wi II to apply In fi.r tt lunf Jsnntry, n I have oils*r bun ueir, whicn will e .11 tor to YVa.iiin.'t in, duii g riiepreaenl seaautn of C uigrrsa. A K. CHlLDS. I kff ?*r . . NK.w VOHK SACKED MUSIC SOCIKTY.-fhii 8c cioty. m conformity with the rent Innre in it<h law is io? i\ I'ny Amstotrr Assnciaii mi, and the sale of tickets at all its performsnces prnttlhitru. I he ii. ml iiiimh-r of pu I in performances will bo airm during tl>r 'iiiu'nc season. mid very eieruou will ho made I y iho Board of M lingers and the lemons oftba 8 iciety, to produce ihem in ihr moatbril.iut' an I err. i tne manner. The firat public performance w ll take place at the Broad' way Tabernr.ele, on Monday e veiling, ttth mat..ami will cm.sist of Haydn's celibate desert (Hire oratorio ol the 'Sea ?ona," bcint the first lime in this country. Terms of mbscriptiou %i. entiili g the subscriber to three tickers of admission to each public performance during tie year. . Snhsrriptioni re oiicd at the music ato'ea of Firth Ii Ha'l, I Krinklin square; J. L Hewitt & Co., I?t) Broadway; 9. C. Jollie. tRi Broadway; Dyer St Hill, 1RU C.niai street; and at the office of Jtmra A. Sparks, Secretary, III Nassau at.cet. n!7 3i* _ __ HOARDING ?A few respectable young men can he accom nioiUl H with good boarn <nd pleasant roomaa' 42 Dry Terms mndrrite. A'ai a few day boarders cau be accctnmod,.ted. Apply at above i 8 Itn'tt HO 4 KDINO.?The original Walton Mou?e, 12# Pearl atrci t, Kianknn Square?kept by Jas. Fowler, from London. Kr^ land, iwnnanent boa'drra H.30 per week, tranaiei't Nianlers .' 0 crntaperday Families can be accommodated with private naiini on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, J centap-i gins?home hrew'd ale 4 crnts per pint?fine Welsh rarebits I seme i adrwH ruts rqsilly eneap. N B. Hot coffee 3 cen l>rr pint?at >kes and ma'ton ctiopa can be hail at all hours. J. K. particularly renuesta any one wh.. is in want of a cm t'orubie home to call ind inspect hit establishment, sc I iinllte lor Ihemaelees. Persons travelling for England would 'unlit to their advantage to call. The liouae he me ennveniei i to London and Liverpool ships, J F. bring appointed agent, I * can Kite iKaaseiigers every information. New Vmk ana Old Country pipers taken in. ni 3m?r ROA HD?Families or single gentlemen can be arcnmmix ? ' led with board and pleasant rooma at M Beekinan street ? Terms moderate nl6lm*r MEDICAL. ON STRICTURE AM) ITS CURE. PIK KOLwOwINQ REMARKS WILL I'LACE BEKOHK rhepuhlie a few motI deeply interfiling facte.? Firtt, That the diteatt called SiaicTl'aa. ie if very frequent occurrence and often exult in perronj who are not in the leael aware of it; next that a very erroneous notion prevail! rerpectmg Stricture, and that ignorant advertising people tare a had advantage of thiierrone-'ue notion; then, that there are three Particular ctrcumtlancet hy which a Stricture may he r ainaye known?and in the laet place, that the curt of Strictare it certain, free from pain, and generally accomplithed in a very Uitle time. Willi regard to the 6rtt of these re marks :? Jt is well known that Stricture it the remit of a badly treat* ' OnmImj |f. for pun, that disease iaiuffereu to con uiiuc 1)11 irum inouui to rnuutn, It slides into a gleet. .vp?. there is ou pain or iucouveuieuce in l.trl, and therefore It u often suifeied to if mam indefinitely. Bui it ahuuld be know 11 ' iliat jflret implies a chronic inflammation offlie tkuaayr. which naturally terminate* in thickening, and this thickening at uin I'irt or other ol' the ptiasage is stricture ; and, timber, tbat although stricture may thus re uaiu unnoticed lor a length of lime, it is far from laying dormant, but ia the Hidden cause of inau, serious mal idles, uot only of a sexual, but those also ol a tier ous and dyspeptic kind.

B'lt what es|>ecially leads the attention off fiom this disorder is the idea that stricture cannot exist so long as no impediment to tlie flow of urine ti observed, which ia i|Uite a mistake. A stricture oftcm exists for years without producing any very striking change in this respect; indeed a diminished or intei ruptrd stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people take of tins erroneous uotinu is very cruel. Kerry body knows 1 how uien of this disrriptioii swarm abool this city, and that they will sell their nostrums as loug as any one will buy .them. Now, it is a fact, and cue which every real physiriau will immediately aeknou ledge, that all the medicine in the world, alone, can never cere a stricture. In proof ol this, nothing is more common (Jm for the writer to be consul leu bv persons who have been tal ng all manner of tilings?as colored drops, and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many mouths together, hut whom, ou seeing the real nature of the case, be has cured in as many days. With a view of preventing these im|>o?itiot?. therefore, it seems dtstrable to lay before the public a lew plain circumstances by which s Stricture may be kuowu, which can bo easily done : for although the symptoms of this disease are numerous, there are three of especial import, and theae three u.ay be stated very briefly?they are the following : The first relates to Thr munnrr of urinatmt.?It has been already said the stream ucrd not be much diminished or impeded. Bui observe attentively, after it is hnialieil and the clothes are readjusted, whether a drop or two will erer ileal away, so as to wet a littlenothing ut more indicative of stricture. The next is The lime a Gonorrhoea hat remained uncurttL?It is dilh nil to say how long a Gouorrhma or Gleet may run and m t produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture than another ; but, aaaaeueral rule, ifit should oe suffered to go ou beyond sis weeks, this alone would afford sufficient grouud, at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? The ejfect a stricture has upon the mind.?The effect of Strictuie is to depress the spirits, and to lessen both bodily and meni il activity. This also is oue of its moat common effects. Not, however, that it is seen alike in every individual, but it is so common that the writer rarely sees a case of stricture (au<l he sees many every day) in which the patient does not complain more or less, that he is uotao capable of business as formerly. It is gratifying also to witness ilie uniform return ol spirits, aud the disappearing ol otner inaiauies as tne cure progresses. With regard to the cure of Stricture, on this subject it is sufficient to observe (and it is stated with confidence and plea- , sure) thai this is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very little time. So much aa this could not have been advanced som> rears ago; but inch has been the im prevrmrat in this art, and such the practical eiperience of the writer, that he can now accomplish the cure of stricture to as many days as lormerly it demanded months. Tne writer also begs to state, that for those who wish to undertake the cure themselves, he has published a little volume, called The Private Treatise," iu which not only stricture, bul lbs cure of all those delicate diseases which require es|acial care and privacy, is directed in the plainest manner. It is advisable, however, that those whoanapecta stricture, if possible, should consult the author personally, aud nothing willsurprise them more than the ease and certainty of his means of cure. Separate rooms, also, are nrranged for those who may ] have to wait a little. It only now remains to say a word or two on the ground ou , which the public, and especially stringers coming I > this city, may rely with confidence ou las been advanced. With this view l)r. Ralph begs to slate thai, beside his rank as graduate at iCdiubiirgn, Ike. he.?he lias been engaged in the cure of tnrse diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more tnan thirty years, aud has published two editions of a work expressly on them.?Also that he has testimonial letters from the most eminent physicians in Kuropc to the most eminent iu America?as sir Astley Cooper to Dr.-Mott, of New Yore, Dr. t'hynck, of Philadelphia, ami others, and that he is permit ted 10 refer to almost every Physician of eminence in tikis city. Dr. Ralph is consulted at his private residence. No. M Greenwich street, towards the Battery, at any hoar.?lie may also be consulted by post Tne little volume above referred to is one dollar o'6 lin*ec MEDICAL AID. DR. GRLUORY will attend and prescribe for a particnlar class of |>atients, at his residence No. 3d Mott street, every day in the week,at all hours of day and eveniug. His treatment may be relied on as being the best, slid the plan pursued will be in accordance with the symptoms of the disease, having reference also to the accommodation of the iialieut and a perfect cure of the malady. It is worthy of note that a great number of patients after having been treated for trie disease were discharged by their ph> si cians as being cured, and perhaps would remain so a week or ( longer after that disease begins to maku its appearacc again, arid iu this stage it is generally considered worse to cart thau in the first instance. It is in cases like these that Dr. O. has at leuglh discovered a remedy, which as yet is entirely unknown to any other physician. It is an external application, requiring to be Continued in some cases not more thau thirty hours. It has proved successful in every instauce where it has been applied, and has cured cases of from three to fifteen year- standing. This announcement is not intde (run motives ol vanity or Item t love of boasting, but simply to iuforin those iu need of the remedy, where to obtain it. Thost seeking the Doctor, will find him at his own hoinie (not a drug store) No 34 Mott st,about 150 yards off Irnin Chatham Square, heiug nearly opposite the Or. Gregory lias iiubfisheti an improved edition (with en- , gratings) of a little book entitled the "Rubicon:" it treats exclusively ou the complaints above alluded to. The re warlu on stricture should be read by every oue.e^iecially those w;th a pro tracted case ad disease. It u for sale by the author, at his office . and by Messrs. Sands. 7!' and 100 Fniton-street, and both Drug stores comer of Chambers st and Broadway; also i? the Bowery at Nos. 63 and 180; and at the corner of East Broadway and Market-street. Applications by Marl, Cost paid, enclos ing St, will receive live book by return ol Mail, free of Post aire. o!7 lm*r M E U ! C A L . THE PRIVATE TREATISE.?This is a little volume on I a. certain diseases, in wnich tne urns' convenient and private I cneaus of cure are slated in the pi illicit possible manner. And uot only aie directions giveu for the more simple and recent , cases, nut those which hare lallen into improi>er hands, ami ' continue ou from month to mouth, are particularly dwelt on.? ' Such persot a will see immediately the difficulties which nn- ' Cde their cure, whatever they may be, as well as the plan to { pursued iu each particular case. It is obtained only of the ' turhor, Di. Ralph, tut Greenwich st. Price (1. Dr. Ralph also lakes this opporiuity of saying that he may be consulted ou the |ieculiar diseases above referred to, at,lus private reside nee, at any boor. Aware, however, of the deep and just solicitude which many feel to consult a person of integrity as well as experience in these iieculiar complaints, the author deems it protier to give the following short sketch of tlie opportunities he . as had to lit himself for this trust. And this lie is th - mare inclined to as many have assured him that, lor want ol mfoimatieu of this J kind , tbey have selected from a list of advertising |ieople the I oue who had boasie 1 most of wonderful cures?but not without the bitterest repentance, lie therefore begs to state . side his rarik as graduate of Edinburgh, he. he. he. he has ] beeu w etching these diseases, both in hospital and city practice, , for more than thirty years, and has published two editions of a , work esprcssly on Uitm. Alio that he hu tesumouiul letters | from the mo?t eminent: physicians of Europe, to trie most inn- , Dentin America?as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Molt, of N. Y. ?ud Dr. Physick of Phil tdefphia, and etiieri; and farther, , that he lias the privilege of referring to almost every phvsician of eminence in this city. Nothing can be itateo, he con* CCITI'I, a* belter ground of confidence to those who arc strangers to him. C onsultations may be made by post, and for such he has a little private ch-st, containing every thing necessary for a iieedy and private cuie. His forwarded as may be directed. Price $10. o H lm?c HULL'S TRUSSES. 1 NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with raptures may rely ni>oii the best I instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the office, No. 4 Y'esey street, or to either of the agents in the principal towns m the United States. Be careful to examine the back pad of Hull's trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon us , good, without his signature Many persons have undertaken to vend Imitations of Hull's celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in couse| quetice. These imitations cannot be relied npon ; they are made by unskilful inecti&uics, and are no better than the ordi nary trusses. Rooms have bccu fitted op at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for ladies, having a srparate entrance from the business department, where a female is in cnustant attendance to wait npon lem lie patients. nil line EXPERIENCE IJ'OR KOUR YEARS has fully tested the extraordinary tir tue. ol t>H. HHEUMAN'S MEDICATED LOZKNOES. Several million boxes h?ve been sold.snd given |>erfect satisfaction to all who have used them. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, t Lawyers, ''rofessors, rich and poor, high and low?in fact, . nearly the whole American people, have given them their sanction, and they are now fait spreading their influences to fkvcrv itarr nf iinvin world. Dri. Hunter, Smith. Rouen, Vanderpool, Scott, and four huudred other physician* in New York city alone, receinmetid Sherman's Lozenges, daily, ill their practice. Sherman'* Medicated Lozenge* are never told by the ounce, hut always in botes, with his name attached. The Doctor beimt an educatrd and experienced phyaiciau, and a member of the "ledical Society of the city ol New York, gives a character t- hit preparaliot a that no othen enjoy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Aalhma. Tigtuuess of the Cheat, Whooping Cough, Cough attending Measles, and all affections of th* Lung;, are imrnedi1 ately rrliered by Sheruiau't Cough Lozenge*. They entirely cure all recent cases ina few hours, and often the most alarming case* of Consumption yield, as if by magic, to their hapt y influence. as in the cases of the Ker. Mr. Anthony, tne Key. Mr. Street**, aud hundredi of others, even where they had been given up aa incurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thousands, wiliiout their ever being suspected. Children and adult* often suffer much from them, when a bos ol Sherman's Worm Lozenges would give tlietn immediate relief.? Hundreds of instauoes have come to our knowledge, where person* on the brink of the grave, fast wasting away, and the Phyaici ins trying their skill in rain, and resorting, at Isst, as the only hope, to Sherman's Worm Lozenges, which hare restored them to health and happiueta. How often have mollr eis called at the Warehouse and poured foith their thanks lud blessings for the restoration of their dear beloved offspring, Neverbeforwhas a perfect remedy been discovered for the entire eradicatioa of all kirida of worms. MEADACHH, PALPITATION, Lowneas of Spirits, Fatigue, Fainting, Desj ondi ricyr, Nervous Diseases generally, ind Sr.i Sickness, are all subject to th euratir* properties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. Tl.ey cure severe headaches, Ac. in ten minutes. In fact, they ojv , rate tike a charm, and 110 person should go tl> sea without them as they are infallible inawa sickness. Persona subject to ftligur, or attending crowded iwrties, will find them to relievthem ol all lassitude and oppression. Warehouse !?6 Nassau street. Agenis?Church's, 183 Bow ery; Hand's, 77 F.asl E roadway, and eonirr Cnambers an.l Broadway; Codington, it!7 Hudson; Kuslitoii and Aspinwall's three stores, and IJ9 Fulton street. Hrooklyu, I State street, Boston. and I I., dget Buildings. t'hil ulelpliie aulKr MADAME GOSTELLO.?Female Periodical Pills guarantied in every ease where the monthly period* have become irregular from colds or other causes. Their certainty of action lias long been seknowlrugid by the medical |>rofession. ami hundred* that have uselessly tried various boasted teine (I?e?? innppo, io ?ar? on: i ma m i.nrrr cnrcn, inni carf it aomelimet neceatary to their ute; though thev contain to medicine detrimental to the cnniliuiliou. Aileiae given gratia to all lhote who iitr the Pillt, by Mulatto Cottello, 34 Lit prnard tt, where the Tillt are tolil genuine. Prict il iei b?i n I lm*r TfcFKKKsON IN8UHA.NCt COMPAN Y-.vT.T7 Wail " ttrret, comer of Hanover street. Thit Coioptnv contlnnrt to iiitiiir against lott or damage by Hre on buildiug*. goods, warei, or merchandise generally; alto, on reaarlt an I cargoes againat lott 01 damage by inland navigation, on tt favorable terms at any oiler office. DIRECTORS. Thomtt W Thome Eliaha Rigga Thomas T WimdnilT Anton Bag? r Benjamin II Itobaon Martin Hoffman John H Damon Joseph Allen John II Lee Joteidi Drake Francis r Atge Samuel l/nileililll Thomton Price, Jamrt B Whiting Motet Tnrker John I' iloore John!' Mrrritt \Vm K Thorn I I ih n < ; Tnmt .Itmet K llolmet I a , ? .U THOMAS W. THORN*, Pretidwl i UEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. til it aw MfcK r Clii^MlUALS. DRUGS. COPAIVA CAPSULES AND GERAM SILVER. DA FKUCHTWANGKR, No. 1, Wall street, offers Ohr inicai*, Drug*, Dyt-slutfs, very cheep, mud warrants all preparations of beat quality and the mo.t genuine iu market, vix:?Luny caustic and silver crystals, from 50 cts. to $1 n|ir ox ; aqua fortrs 8 cts |>er lb ; hydrocyanic aciJ Ph. U. is. 26 cts per ox ; pare nitric-acid lor jewellers and chaii makers 183% cts pr lb ; copfura capsules. best quality, $7, $14, and f20 i?r gross ; nitrous acid M eta pr Id ; labaJraques chloride of soda, with French I tbels $2 75 pr dox ; jodine 25 cts pr ox ; dentists gold foil, of the most approved mauufactuies, $30 pr ox; diamond ceuient $12 pr jfross ; spirits of hartshorn, from 7 to 20 Cts pr lb ; mdswest spirits of nitre from 8 to 20 cts pr lb; jodiues of pota* *ia, lion, sulphur, lead, mercury 50 cts pr ox; " weedish leeches $10 pr 100; chloride of iodine 75 cts pr ox; bromiue $i pr ox; and hyiMihtli'hidr of soda ft 50 pr lb; coinixHind chemical whale oil, soap and all his puuons warranted. Extract log wood and chi^s dye woods, sold very cheap. Apply to DR. LEWIS* FEUCHTWANUKR. _0l7 3m#ec No. l Wall st, N. Y GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIES NEED NOT DESPAIR. DK. A U. CASTLt. Deutist. -en Btoulwey, N. Y., lit* a Paste fur tilling decayed hollow te-lh, the efficacy of which has lalul'actoiily stood the teat ot public opiuiou for several 1 ears. It ispui in the tooth while m a soft stair, aud becomes embodied with the tooth as a compact solid tooth, thus iiruveutmg, IN ALL CASKS, the ueceasity of exuactiou?the most painful tooth can thereby be preserved. Ladies of the trsl uuiliug iu society give their tesiimonials ill the most glowing terms. The editor of the Evening Tost, JJd uluiays?"It is admirably adapted lor (eudri teeth, and nervous persons, aud Dr. Castle operates with great care and ability." Toothache Pills, one of which put iu the painful tootb will effect a permanent cure. I Krom the Journal of Commerce.] DKLICATr. AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A. C. Castle has replaced, by a most ingenious piece of Deutal Mechanism, the loat |rortions of tlte upper and lower jaw hones aud their teeth, shut away, iu the case of Lieut. S. of (tie U. S. N., who inet with tliu severe casualty while pursuing the Indians iu Florida. We have s?eu letters from the Lieut, coulirm atory of this extraordinary cure aud its entire success, which mutt be very ?ratityiug to the Doctor. Dr. C. also inserts artificial teeth on the principle of adhesiou by atmospheric pressure Dr. A C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English Auinasaaduia; Mr. Sloughton, the Spanish Consul; Mrs. General Uanies; General Mccarty, B. A., Lord Moriwlh; Dr. F. L. Johnson, 1'resideut of the > edical Society; Dr. J. '1 orrey, Dr. J. B. Beck, Dr. J. A. Smith Dr. K. Delaticld, Dr. Berger, Dr. Rissam, Dr. A. H. Stevens, Dr. J. C. Cheese man, Ac. Ac. LEAK NESS.?Drs. Castle and Edwaril*. Aurisu, K97 Ate au way, attend to the cure of deafness, aud all diseases perV-iuing to the ears. Acoustic Drops, aura cure for incipient d.-atneu noises, or collect.ous of hard wax ID the ears o9 lm?e TO THE LA LUES. DK. HULL'S UTEKO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. rPHI8 uew luairumeut for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri A or Falling of the Womb, by external application, superseding the use of the obiectioual Pessary, is confidently recommended to (lie afflicted as Uie means of perfect restoration to health, it uever having failed of performing a cure, even undei the moil aggravateu circumstances. The Supporter has attained a very high character in Europe as w;ll a* m thiacountry- it la adopted to the entire disuse ul pessaries,and alt other panful surgical expedients,in liie Lyiugiu-Hnsnitals of Lnndou anil Paria, anil is universally recommended in Euri|ie hy medical men of the higheat rank In this country i lia auatamed by the leading members of the facultiea of Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private practitioner!. Rooms have been flirnnhed exclusively for ladiea, at No, 4 Veaey atreet, having a aeparate entrance Irom the buaineaa department, where a lady lain couatant attendance, to ap|>l> f maira and 8u|i|iortera to female patients. n< Imr D R. COOKE RETUi NEU FROM ENGLAND, WITH all the lateat important information from Europe, uuiveraally performing curea of the wo,st class of venerereal diveaae in ita moat aggravated forma, with unprecedented expedition and despatch, uiay again be conaui'td penoually aa well aa confidentially, at !ua oflice, No. j Norton atMel, Albany, N. Y. The Lock Hospital, in America the only Philanthropic Institution established, under the benign auspices of the celebrated Dr. Cooke, at No. 3 Norton at. Albany, N. Y., lor llie reliel and convenience ol the unfortunate, is reputed as he best asylum extaut lor the comfort and certaiu recovery of the invalids. At this Idtirmary patients have the very best medical atteiidaucs, including board and nursing, which very materially facilitate! mutual approbation; and as Dr.Cooke, the humane found er ol" so desirable a retreat and sacred security, resides on the premises, the moat incredulous there may re|H>ae their utmost confidence?feel at home?pursue their usual avocations;?awl eiyoy the society of jierhaps the m tt eminent physician as well xs tlie most benevolent man of the age.?European. XT"* Uemeuibe,, Dr.Cooke attends personally loins patients. UIJ private medical notice! to a particular class of invalids. npmuuc is one class of invalids who merit the wannest sym J- pa thy of ail who desire to alleviate the sufferings of the af dieted. That class consist* of llio.e who are laboring uuder the effects of those vicious indulgeuces iuto which erring ami thoughtless youth are to ofteu impelled by passion or the contagion of evil exam|ile. What more pitiable sight cat there b?, than that for mstauce, of the father of a family, who nas long luce repented of his youthful errors, but who bears about witli him lu hit system, aud perhaps transmits to his innocent off spiing, the cousei|uences ol Ins former indiscretions ! Delicacy p,events hiin from applying to a physician and he not nnfreijueiilly la.Is iuto tire hands of uneducated pretenders. Many young meu, again, are deterred fro.n entering into matrimonial engagements Irom Die fear or consciousness Ural disease is lurk ing in tluir system. To all such sufferers the College of Medicine aad Pharmacy of the city of New York, oiler the meaut of security frotn secondary disease, and for the removal of it wheu apparent, iu their new aud celebrated "Parisian A Item live Mixture," so txtenlively used by Mr. Kicohd iu the Venereal Hospital of Parts. This medicine is put up iu cases containing half a dozen bottles with copious directions lot use, aud labels which canuo. excite ruy unpleasant remarks. Tnese cases are guaranteed to cuu:aiu a sufficient quantity of this new remedy, to cure ail syptuitic Humilities of the blood, cutaneous rruptious, affection* ul he tlirost and nose, nodes, ulcers, pains in the bones, See. Purthasers can at all limes corirspoud wiOi the consulting Pnysi lau of ihe College. Pnce of the cases $6 each. Solely lorwarded to all parts of the Union, Canada aud the West Indies. Tne cases and medicine are so put up that no concealment is lecessary. 13 y order, W. 8. klCHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the Collkge, U7 Nassau street, New York. oX law re coughs and colds. DKMLMBEK, No M North Sixth street, one door below Iv Arch street, Philadelphia, the most certain and best family Medicine, fur Coughs, (Mollis, Spittiug Blood, Throat end Lull* Disease, a rising sensation like choking, tickling, or uuplea?aul obstructions. for the above, Dr. SVVAVNL'S C oin I iiouuu Syrup of Wild Cherry will be Ibuud the great remedy. Prison* who have abused themselves by the uaeul ardent spirits will hud both liinr stiength and resolutiou much unproved by leaviiiK oil the spirits, and uikiu,; a drauaht occasionally of the ibove restorative. All preparations from this valuable tree, ex:ept the above,may be cousideied spurious or couulerfeit. The t nl article may be Inn of the following Agents, or at No. ii North Sixth street, Ph'.dt lolna? AOliNTB Dr. W. H. M1LNOH, Druggist, No. 192 Broadway. MRS. M. HAVKS, No. 133 pulton st, Brooklyn. BKNJ. OLDS, Newark, N.J. JOHN MASON, I'atterrou, N. J. n21 lm*r FEMALE PHYSICIAN, 34 LISPENARD STHEET. At ADAML COSTKLLO, female Physician, still cuuuuoea V'A to treat, with astonishing success, all diseases peculiar to enisles. Suppression,irregularity, obstruction, lie, by whatever cause reduced, cau be icmoved by Madame C. iu a very sort time. Madame C.'s medical establishment haviug undergone thurougk repairs and dUcralioua lor the better accommodation of her rumerour iiauents, the is .now preiured to receive ladies on the pouit of confinement, or \lioae who wisn to be treated lor obItruction ot (heir moutlily period. Maibune C. can be consulted at her residence No. H Lupcn >rd st, at all times, aud with the strictest regard to aecresy. All communicauouaaiid letters must be pott-twid ns im~r HOLT'S CANDY. OURPA9SING ANY THING OF THIS KIND.?Let it U stand upon lU own merits?Coughs and Colds. HOLT'S CANDY hasgunedfor itsell a reputation, (?olely by 111 own merit*) Car aoove the ordinary claaa of reinedie* for the Cwniplaiuls lor which it ia uaed. U i* recommt *ded by thouaand* who have experienced it* excellent effects a* a sovereign remedy for Coughs, Colds, and all affections ol the lungs. This is to certify that I have, in iny practice, prescribed Mr. P. Holt's Compound Cough Candy in manv cose* of coughs, colds, and all afferuotis of the lungs, with the most benencial effect*?knowing the component paru of this Caudy, and kav ipg u.edtlum fur many years in my own private practice, I can with safety recommend the a. tide to all troubled wiikaoy ol the complaints above mentioned. In my estimation this Caudy has the precedeucc of any now in use. DAVID CHANY, M.D. Hartford, Conn. Sept. 20, 1812. For sale by M. P. HOLT, 257 Main street; also, by the rriucipai Llruggisls id Hartioro. A B.fc D. bUnds, 79 Fulton street; at Dr. Byrne1* Pharmacy, "3 Bowery, corner nl Walker at. are Age*t* iu New Vutk. 13 *m * ? CUKE OF CHRONIC DISEASES. DK. F. PKUD'HUM.ME, from Paris, disciple of the illuatriooi Hahnemann, whose science and doctrines have astonished all fe-nrope, and gathered aroand him a crowd of eminent physicians, eager to receive his instructions, and to prolit by nis experience, announces to the public thai he has selected New Vork as the place of his labors, and of his ]*imaneut residence. Dr. F. P. has been profesai jaally and intimately connected in France with men, whose names are honored aua reverenced in this country; and ilnrinc U n years'practice, he hat visited mauy parts oh the United States, and of the West Indies, with a view to elucidate several points in science, till then involved in much doubt and obscurity. He just arrives from Paris, where he has been to communicate he result of his observations to the Gallic Society , of which he is a m. ir.ber, and uow returns nrre to diffuse the traits of hi - experience and the blessings of heilth. In the course oi Ins travels and practice,he has performed,by the help of his method, rounded on the laws of Specifics, currs which had muted every other mode of treatment; moreover, he wish.-s to be judged not Irom wordi but Iroin works Suffice it to say, that besides ill maladies reputed ilia arable, there is us disease so dreadlul, so inveterate, such aa Consumption, diseases of the skin, ring worms, Cancer, Fistula of all kinds, 8< rophula,* Dropsy, ate., thai he cannot entirely extirpate.? By the same method.all diseases lacideut to females and children are promptly and radically cured. Dr. P. insy be consulted every day, from 10 A. M to IP M. at his office 71 Limine street, near Broadway. Consultations given intlie tu.liso, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. nl 3m*r THE GERMAN SURGEON. UOLOMON HINK, M. D., No 47 Ileade street, New York. kJ In serolnla and enrouie dieasea no charge made till the palieul is satisfied?nediciue delivered gratis. All person* delormed, under twcniy-oue years, can have llveir bone* straightened. References given as to numerous patients who have tveencured in this city. oT 3m* r HAIR OIL?there is no oil in the worldthat can do good or bad to the hair. Kveiy body know? thai when the hair is bnrm d it will grow again aa wood ft erei. All th? powdcra for dying the hair are limning but a mialira of lima auu lithr gc find the nrir ia not djed, but literally burned . Liquid* for dying the hair are Compositions of canstic and smrita.ihat burns in the lame way an the powders, and dont dye hair, and the hair will grow no Batter how ?? ? tliwss it u buriM-d; and every bod> kuowa lie), thai whfii the bead is full ol danurutt, the hair beuina to mrn grey, anu baldness follows. V ro?n ail ciperience ?f twenty years, being hair cutter, and having the opportunity i,l . v .iniimiu niAiiv heads.fand oloc.ktie idal 1 have mddr mlarli a xient com,amnion ku.iwu as " Pastor's Hur Oil. or Compound I* Oil of Almonds," for desiroyuiK dandruff, pievr nt nnj ilit* hair Irom coining out and turning grey. Thit iu unliable Hair Oil will tmkethe liairirrow well, no matter how much dandruff or aorrni m i> ou lln* head. Kor sale, wholesale and retail, at A. PASTOR'S, Hair Cot tor, Ihi Greenwich street, New Aork. Price VI cents a bottle. 0 lm*s DISEASES OF THE EYE K K. UJOdSY OPHTHALMIC BURGEON, No. d<)7 BROADWAY, Entrance in Kulton Siruet, opposite St. Paul's Church. ATTENDS TO DISEASES OK THE EYE, AND ALL THE NECESSARY OPERATIONS THEREON. OFFICE HOURS FROM 9 TO W o'CCOCK. Having conrdetM his studies af S years with uK. ELLIOTT Oeulisi, and he**>i snhaei|ueotly eiut tgrd as his assistant, H. K Oioasy is er.ablr*d to undertake the treatment of all diseases af 'feting the 'm|[ ma of vision. Terms moderara and fmdnated n he nature and ettentol the diaeaae. Permission it given to refer to his late niilrucio.. and also t. .trail* of the most eminrut Professors of the Medical Faculty n New York. N.B. Tlie oor (reared craiuitonely *"_< o\K PRICK irtSH STORE. AT 84 Chatham street, where will be . itmd clothing at: th* bellowing low price.:?Beaver and pilot cloih co?u, Iroin 5 to tl^; satinett junta from t< >0 to $il " tuble and siugl* ireasie'd vest, from St VI to $2 W The west su.e ol Chalhan "7? lm?r HENRY COGSWELL. WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. ^ STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, which will hJ chaise grey hair to iU anginal color in a few niiuur-s. Tina solution is different from any vet offered, andcaunot tail ofau- l perce ding ail other*. It is highly tflmcHM, and i?urun the I great advantage of beautifying the bair, without mjuting its -Jfc. growth. . <> Those who doubt its virtue* are requested te have their hair chauged before payiug their money. If humbugs would lake this method there would be uo reason to complain. One trial will iiruve the fact. Sold who'eiale and retail, and applied, at No. i Chatham stret t,opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stairs. ott Im'i MEDICAL All), nil. OREUORY, residing at 34 Mutt street, h?s long since C favorably established Ins character and qualification as a I physician ; he has therefore no further need to advertise except to apprise stiangrrt that he still remains always at home and ready to adnuuistrr to the afflicted?to cure his patienti as speedily as their individual welfare and the varied circumstances will i>ermit. i'oo lusty cures in grueial are uol desirable, ' mainly because they are not |>rrm incut?it should t>? the object ofeverv luvdlnl tu avoin having their disease tampered with, by which me ins possibly the case may become esreediinily liaiufui or even dangerous, or may be disastrous. The way to avoid Iinprt pet treatment and imperfect cures is to obtain a little b.xik entitled " Tlw Rubicon." it gives a history in detail of (die disease, vi ill) the proper and true mode of treatment? k, ir i?i. will le siile to understand their nwn case aud comliii.hi. It is written by a physician whom ample experience Wis gained tu the course of an extensive p actice among patiebts of (his clasi, embracing t v ry form and variety of liic disease, that it is possible to imagine. In reference to the merits of the little book i'self, the best evidence of its value is the couslsut and increasing opposition it men* with front those whose orcupatiou is endangered by its rajiidly increasing sale. Price 50 cents. Br Dr. Q. at his residence, 34 Molt street, nearly opposite t^e ?hureh, about 150 vards irom Chatham squire, aud also at the drug stores of the Messrs. Hauds, 79 ami 100 Kulton St., and on both corners of Broidway and Chambers sr. 8teicturk ? Persons afflicted with strcture should call on Dr. (iregoiy and inquire into the ineriuof his plan of curr. He is at all mnt s ready and willing to prove that his method of . curing a stricture is speedier auu more certain lhau (he common mode of rrcaiment. The lime requited to cure by this mi (hod is from a quarter of an hour to about ten cavs. Those wishiug to make further inquiry will not be charged except for services rendered and a moderate compensation is ali that is expected in any case. Application by mail, post paid, enclo?iug $1, will receive the book oy r turn of mail, free of posragr. n5 im*r THE RATTTESNXKE GIVES WARNING BEFORE HE STRIKES. THE moat disaslion* of all diseases to which man ii liable, because the mint ture aud certain in ita result*, i* CONSl Ml'TiON! But, like the poisonous rattlesnake, it (ires warning before ita ' final approach. Uuot thi* t>ue? What are i.OUOHS AND COLDS in their iucipien state, but the lint notice* of au intended attack? Dor* not the individual who got-* about the *treet coughiug aud coinplaiuiug?with hi* throatsore?hit voice hu.Ity aud scarcrly heard above a whisper, in the firat stages of con- j sumption? Are uot Ins LUNGS INFLAMED? Is he not warneu f He i*?a moment'* rrlleclion will convince Inm of the fa t. Thru a reined" is at han I. PEASE & SON'S CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF HOARHOUND CANDY will arrest the complaint?soften the lungs, and gradually recovf r thr intifiit. Rut ir in ii a t he tnkfti IN TIME Here lie* the grand secret?a ?ecret which cannot be stated too often to to the afflicted. The common saying that this or that jiertou cannot recover, because their fdlhcr or mother died of the afflicting complaint, CONSUMPTION, h s its foundation in error. They in iy be more liable, but let them be more watchful of its approach?in this lies THE OH *NU SECRET. If they do not expose themselves, unnecessarily expose them selves, and guard every algick watchlully, they are us safe iu this climate as elsewhere. Many people cannot atforn to go to i warmer climate and pass the winter?they therefore reuuire some protection here. At the first cold or so.encss of the lungs, USE PEASE'S HOARHOUND CANDY, and the complaint will be removed. Try it in time. Sold wholesale and retail, by J. PEASE k SON. 43 Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE. Nashville, Oct. ii, 1842. Gf.nti I euelose you a draft for $300: you will please send me the amount in your valuable Clarified Essence of HoarhoUud Candy. I wish you to send me a certificate ol agency. I have beeu asked for it severa1 times, not h iving one sent in toe first box I got of you I have omitted advertising, but as soou as I receive the amount 1 have ordered,! will iusertt .u first advertisement you sent me; your Candy is of great demand. 1 think 1 can ell about $31100 worth thtsyear; many have used it aud speak highly ol it. You will ulease send uie as many of your large show bills as you can give for the above amount of Candy. I sent your present to General Jackson, by Ins Ala, Colouel Armstrong. There is no doubt but he will recommend your i valuable Hoarhound to Ins friends. Please acknowledge the receipt ol this, aud oblige yours, ALPHEUS LYON. To Messrs. J. Pease lit Son, 4J Division st. N. Y. The ahove letter will give the public an idea of the amount of Candy told in a year by the Messrs. Pease. uum r Ail. iu m.AU int. njiiLUwinu i/tnnC A !'?' New York, Sept, 30, 1842. ukists:? 1 din a machinist by trade, and the duliei of my tr de, require that 1 should at limea exert myself to such an extent that Uie system becomes emirely relaxed, and the body so overcome with heat that i< is with Kreat difficulty 1 can avoid coutraciiuit seat re cough* aud colda. 1 contracted a cold f.oin tins cause about two mouths ago. 1 subsequently lell into the midst of some el niy niac'iuery, which seriou ly injured my breast piodncod a severe liackiug cough, aud was, as 1 considered,fast approaching an untimely death. Iwas attended by two ph si ciaus, who considered "> case i opeless. 1 however determined, a< a I ist icsort, to try some of your Clarified EweuCiOf. Hoarhouud Candy; aud, alter using a small quantity, 1 luuudf almost immediate relief,and aut now entirely restored to health., My physicians aiao attribute Uie cause of my recovery to the 1 use of your Hoarhouud Candy. JOHN P. MATHEWS, No. 1 Orchard street. To Messrs. Pease 8t Son, 43 Division at. N. S.?All who are sceptical will please c ill aud see me iu person, and I will dispel tneir doubts, J. P. M. A?ents?Kushton It Aspiuwill, 1* Astor House, 110 Broadway, ami 80 William street: Church a Dispensary, 188 Bowery; J W Stone, corner of Hudson and Montgomery st, Jersey City; Smith, 232 Oreeiiwicti at; Dewer, cor of Church and Chambers sis; Badean. 26# Bowery; D>. Bum II. 210 Clialhain st. aud coiuei of Eldiidge and ornud streets; Kirsi. d,029 Broadway. Sauds, 79 Kultou st, coruer of Chatnbei aud Broadway, and 77 East fin.adway. Ageuu ou' of the cily ? Weed k Waters. Troy ; Either, 87 Dock street, Philadelphia. Pa.; Mobiusou, No. 110 Baltimoie >t, Baltimore, MS; Baxter, 37 Slate Alburn, N Y nlilr CAUTION TO FEMALES. [LfADAME KE3TELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would a'J. iulorm ladies who with a pro|>er de.iracy, have a repugnance is the treatment of their complaints except by on* of tneir own sex, that in all cases she anemia to them ; ersoually .her exliericuce, practice and knowledge enables her to do so. Shu deems it necessaiy t* state this, as she does not wish to be class, d with the pretenders continually appearing and disappear iiiK, advertising as "Female Physicians, who loo ignorant and iucoin|ietent themselves are obliged to get some scarcely less ignorant quack to experiment instead. Consuhiug parlors and residence 148 Greenwich street, between Courtlaudt aud Liberty streets, Honrs of attendance from OA. M. to 9 P. M. ol8 lm*r MADAME R. E 3 T E L L., TJEMALE PHYSICIAN. Office and residence, HI (iw " wieli street, between Conrtlandt nd Liberty streets. w.ere he can be coti-ialted with the stricw.i couhdenee on cow plaints incideut Co the fcinaie I Mine. Madame Hostel I'sesperienca and knowledge in the treatment of obstinate cases ol female irregularity, stoppage, suppression, lie., is such as Ui reunite bnt a lew days to effect a perfect core. Ladies desiring proper medical sue. ndanre dunne cou finement or other indisposition, will b< accominodatod iluiuu soch lime, with private and respectable board. "Preventive Powders,'' (or (named ladies, Wboet da iicate or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of family, will be seal by mail to any part of the United States. Price S3 a package. All Letters (post peul) addressed to ' bos fii, New York. Boston Office. No.? bases street." N. B.?Madame RESTELL would inform ladiee residing out of the city, whose health weald not admit of trevellrag.ihal she would devote her personal allcudauce upon them in any part of the United States within leasonable distance, cl Im'r FEMALE MONTHLY P1LL3. fYWINU to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success o' C Madame llestril's Krmale Monthly Pills ail esses ol irregularity, snppsession, or stoppage of those functions of na turi upon which the health ol every female depends, since ti eir .tiicndonlioii into tin United St.- i, no-.v about four years, counterfeits and imitations are en u n-tly attempted to he palmed ottTor the genuine. Che- pills a e purchased at twelve cents a hot, tint op in different < ses, and called? "Keinale Monthly I ills." With the obfect of selling them, if possible, at uiie or two dollars a boi. Females are thereto."* cannoned acainsl these attempts to impose upon them. It is sufficient here toalstr that all remain Monthly Pills are counterfeits, etcept those sold at Madame Restell's Principal 'Jfffre HI Greenwich street, New York and 1JLases street, Loston. Price $1. Madame Restell's siruetnre if written on me cever of each bos. N. 6.?They cau be used by married or single, by fallowing the directions enclosed inside of eaeh bos. Sold also by ap pointmcut at 2M Ur-aud street, cornet of Allen, New York. ol lm*r to married ladies. VfADAME RKSTELL'8 PREVENTIVE POWDERS ivA?These invaluable Powders have been universally adopt-J in Europe, but Prance in parficalar, for upwards of thirty years, as well u In thousand!in thia country. ? beiug the only mild, safe, aud efficacious remedy for inarmed l-adt-a, wlioae eaitb forbids a too rapid increata of family iVl tdame Rested, aa it well kuow n, wis lor thirty years Ke male Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals in Enrope?those ofVienna ood Tans? where favorer. l>> her gre.,4 eaperience and opportunities, she attained mat celebrity in those great diacovi nea in medical icience so t|ieciaily adapted to the female frame, for which her medicines how stand unri railed, aa well in this country as in Europe. Her acquaintance with the physiology anil anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married tetanies, scarce in the meridian of life, and the consc |uent rapid alio often apparently inexplicable lausca which coiuicu many a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to arrive at a knowledge of the primary causes ol female indispose tions?especially of married fcmilei?which, in 1808, led to the disco eery r her celebrated " Preventive Powders."' Their adoption been the mcTju ol* ;iresrrving not only the health, but even the life of manv an affectionate wife and fond mother. The advertiser tee I my the importance of this subject, and cj limiting the vast tuneiils resullinit ta thousands by their adojv tion, would most respectfully arouse .ne attention of tlir m*.ried. By nil that they hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy menu* within onr control. Every dispassionate, yirtuons, auu enlightened mind will unhesitatingly aaswer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a package, accompanied with full and pnrticnlnr directions. Tory can be forwarded by mail ts any part of the United Stares. Al letters mast be post paid, aud addn used to MADAME HESTELL, Female Physicisu. Prim:i|vtl olfics, 148 tjrcenwic'i street. New \fork. Office hours from II A.M. to t n clock P.M. Boston office No. 7 Essex st. oil m'" portuguese female pills iv vwrTsto imi riti.r.s itg|> m m. de BOUDELlRiUE, i. p. lisbon. portugal rphe Scientific combination ol iniitedietils of w .ich ihett A Pills are composed, have made tin m liic wonder and ad.-ii ration of the world. They are known ill over Europe to be the only preparation ever discovered that has pio.ed tuvirut iy certain in producinit tlie montbly turns. Then certainty, to e cases, being snch that thev mu?t not be used during pregnane V fbr though always mild, safe, and healthy, they are certain to produce miscarriage if used during that period. The direction! are translated into English .asnt are enveloped ronnd with the seal of the irapnrttrr, stamped. Each bos coo tains the stgnalnrc of M. de Boudeloqne, aud the Etiglith ill rectiona have the signature of Dr. K. MELVEAU. luihorucd agent fee the continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part ol tlx lit.tied ?rates. Letter* directed to l)r. K. Mrlveau, bos Zt, New ork, will meet with immediate attention. All letters must be post paid. Sold by apo> i .itnem at I'D Cherry, ucat f'ath*rine street. Price %?. Halftones JS. No ha't boast scro by mail ollru'idhw - - ? ~3 |"IJBLI3HKD DAILY BV J. A ai K H MOUIION 1IKH u: i T , N. w. cohnkh, Ip'ULTON AND nafthau sthkr i ? Tmk Na? Yon* Hkmi.d?a d?'lv i ii-tr, mi . >1 ^r) morion* ?f the week?price /em cen/? per copy. fcio.ur. tcribert fnrnitltrd at the Mine r?tr, for any ?p< r.nie pinm;, tj a remittance in advance. No paper ?rnt, c le-i paidn,dt, Tint Wrrat.y llr.aai.D?l-word etery .- .l :;dav morn/n,: i nine o'clock?price m and * i/rtitrIrr crnli jc .inny?Pin to conntrjr tulifiil'tn of h,2j per ?p-iuib, .11 jr.; r.. , , tame rate for any tpeci.'ieil period CoaaatrooDaoTt art reqoef.eO 10 tdtl- ea in?t, ire,.,., JtMllStttor Iltrriir. Proof... >H . tere n we??<i ore -? *