Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1842 Page 1
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THJ Vtl. VIII.?Mo. 310 --Wbmla Mo. 3171. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newiptper?published every day of the year except New Year'* day and Kourth of July. Prica *J cents per copy?or %1 23 per annum?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY herald-published every Saturday morning?price flj cents per copy, or $9 19 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. Il Ka* Ik* Urgeit circulation of any paper in tki* city, or tie world, and is therefore, the lest channel for lusiaess men in the city er country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. NEW YORK LANCET, published weekly, prico 13} cants per single copy?8 cents by the quantity. The price of this valuable periodical has hitherto been too cheap, in comparison to its utility, intelligence, and workmanship. It has, therefore,.been advance 1 to $9 per annum for qpe year? ?3 lor a half year?or 12} cents per single copy?cash in advance, and postages paid. REVOLUTIONARY RELICS,or Lettkss addressed Dy diatiuguunea men lo Uoorge Clinton, formerly Governor of New York, during the revelation, and first pub. liihed by per mixtion of hi* grandson, Col. Beekman. A beautiful octavo edition in number*?price 13| cent* each. THE ATHF.N'EUM, a New Moxthiv Joubnal or America* avd Foaciox Literature, Science, awd thi Fine Aat?-Each number adorned with a beautiful en graving?price only li? cent* each. PRINTING of all kind*, uxecutedat the mo*t moderate price*, and in the moil elegant ityle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraicToa or ihc Herald Establishment, North weit cornet of Fulton and Nauau (treat*. To Advertisers. For the information of buiinei* man and of the public generally, and as a guide in the (election of the best channel lor advertising, we place before our reader* the following fact*;:? New Yohb Herald' ) Sew Orricc, N. Y., \ Orrice. Nov. 1, IM3. S Aug.39,1843. ) Miiiki PiiutkBaoou: Mr. H.V Butler:? Oentlrme* :? fin Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Office, New York Ottlce, N. Y., five hundred I 740 ream* per week of the rtamt of paper ptr wtrk, for mall nired piper 33 X33? six month* from the 16tii ol for >h' 1) lily Herald. October, 1S43, to be of thi* AI*o 60 ream? par week of quality, ?ixe and weight, the the large sixed 31 X4? for the lame to be paid for in caah Weekly Herald,for one year every two week* from tbi* dale, to beor quali- M. Y- BEACH. ty equal to tbii specimen? I accept the above order, Payments to be made toch and agree to furniih the paweek in cash, in full for that per accordingly, week. H V. bUTLER. t- JAMES O BENNETT. Ang. 31,184-J * We accept the above or- Witness, M. 8. Beach der and will deliver it as directed. PERS'E & BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street fcEVfES.,. |?? By these documents it will be percaivad that the cirtu lotion of the New York Herald, it nearly double that oj tkt New York Sua, and that it is,consequently, ao much the more an eligible channel for all kinds of advertising and business notices. Not a further word is necessary to satisfy the public. JAMES O. BENNETT Patber Miller's (ireat Camp Meeting la now published in a splendid EXTRA HERALD, in Jhe quarto form, being a fnll account of each day's proceedings, for ten days, of the Second Ad. vent believers, in Newark, including their sermons, songs, prayers, Ac., tog' ther with the sayings of the Rev. Mr. Brownlee against them ; illustrated with three beautiful engravings, a portrait of the Prophet, and several scenes on the camp ground. Price 6| cents pei copy?or 4 cents by wholesale. Newsboys look out This brochure exhibits human nature in a new, racy and original shape, far superior to all the flimsy fictloni of Bos. It is fact, more wonderful than fancy. AfUSTARD FACTORY.?J COGSWELL has removed I'l fiom IN Allen to 1ST Roosevslt street, second story ol stole occupied by Mr. W. Prentiss, coffee and spice dealer, wlwie he is prepared to famish the article at short notice and liberal credit, pot up in any style. Hotels tnd Uiailies supplied with an elegant article. Also, eoamryjnuata^d. "4* lm* r Vf AOAZINES k PERIODICALS FOR NOVEMBER, i'l Aunt, Uodcy's LadicsBook, Uraiiam's Magazine, Ladies World ef Kail mod. Young Peoples' Book, Bostoo and BeaUry's Miscellany, lie \ Farm House of the XIX century, with more than 2000 entraviDgs ; Biolical Jonroal and Christian Family Magazine, edited by he Rev. H. Rood and D. Newell ; Temperance and other Almanacs : the Rainbow and Kedirnt, a new humorous and witty journal, well calculated to pleaae the live-It aad say. All of which will be sold at wholesale and retail, and those who bay to sell again St s lower rate than can be obuint-J elsewhere. N. B.?Kilty agents wanted to circulate magazines, periodi eals. lie. A. J. SEXTON, Ns. II Beekman, ni Imr corner Naaaau. WELLING TON A. CARTER. Wine and Commiesioo Mrrc'iant, No. i New street, one door from Wail street, has ran kinrl sasirl is rfiallt' rsssiVIM cKnif-o avrlplas a ml nffaru them at moderate prices, for ea.& or city acceptance*. He offers for aale 1M hi ids and smaller package* of Lomelinc Madeira Win* 10 casks Malmsey Viutage, of tilt, 26 auk* Port, pare jnice, the best in the mirket, 47 cask* Brown, (Jold and other superior i4*<erriei, sreoka Henessey, beigaette and Otard Brandy from London D cks, 10 i*iprs Holland Oin, pail flwan brand. Kr fired Loaf, Lamp, aud Crashed Sngus, from the best Aefineiir*, fur which W. A. Carter is arent. 150 baskets Champagne, Vnchor, aud other choice brand*. W A. Carter is also general agent for the ancient kesir ol Lnpri.ltQ*. ofMadeira, and takes orders for their celebrated Wine-, ol -Ti n -ge or quality required. MAKBLK TICKS. STEEL PEPPER, CLOVES, fcc. 3000 Italrau Marble Tiles, whi e and bine. 9u bagi Bnmatra Pep ter. 16 iMg* real Boar x?< Cloees. 50 ki gs iinoorird White Lw'd in Oil. * 35 hoses Milan Hterlie small birs AUoau aaaortraeut ?f Top**, Aqua Marine, and other precion. Stone* for lewcllrr*. n94 Im't OROUXl) SPICES AND COFFEE AT THE HOPE MILLS, M Merfcetfield street, hetwres Broad aud Whitehall, late 367 Elisabeth street. New York Office 130 k'routit Constantly on Hand, at the lowest market prices and m rhc usual ririrtv of uarfcatea iPV* T'O EAMlLIEb SOU i n, to the West Indies oi P.i. r ipe ?A resnectable female, 31 years of age, wishes to obtain s |M-rmau? nt situational seamstress, in a genteel t.tmtly. 8 .e would pretr going to Euro|ie, yet woold accept o< - good offer to go Son l!> or to the West Indies. The best oi references given. Adrlrcse A. A. A. boa TS5, nppar Poet office, N. Y ork. sitr Tj"HL EnTKIAN ACADEMY.?The subscriber would ~r^ L spectfully inf>rm me L? ties and Gentlemen of New York and Uro-.kltn, that lie has opened an Academy, (in that large ad comm iuions bunding formerly known as the Equeetritn tschaiige or Cook's Ciicus, 406 Bowery, on Vnnihall Garden) rthe instruction of ladies aud grotlemeuin that heslthlul and necessary accomplishment. the act of horsemanship in all its branches. The Aeaoemy it furnished with dressing on * sitting rooou, and every caiiveweuce for the tomfort ol pupils, and the striftekt r* raid to re*|ieci*bilitv will be adhere4 to. at' i> r?a? made arrangeitieuta with Mr. W. J. Davis, one ol ffte o'de-t prolessora from Euroiie to take charge of the same, nud darters dims- If that trie euterprise will meet with the *|e peob itiot, and euro urageinent of a liberal public. Ti rma and particulars may be aacerlaiued on application as bov a. The ninnibns and cars poos every five minutes daring the dsy. oks Jrn're W D DI3BROW. Proprietor. "F&ANCI*'* PA PEN f LIKE BOAT* hat b-eu tested J ,lh<? P*11 ,our y _r* ?n actual ( vice, *nd by ei|?rim?ot M lollo** : ?MauuciI Ai d ihrjwn front the deck o a atenmb-iat wtiile uiitU r wa> ; drm?|*d endwise fro n lb* s cm ol a 74 loaded t? I he auiiw*I~ w*h iron end Binnet, with the but' sin voer in ; tnrued by tore* ?|md? down end retuliuf u?c ffyriof 14 rntu koep her ao ; u.eet by her i?%?Aeugert Aud 'A ceiv - ?- ?>inii ii "?ur ( notion aloee id by 1 uul'iir no ft rnckv >h >ra and then rowrd oat to sc landing hi a suit. when all i> her boats <e.,inl?.d ; taking ere* nn p*aaeit.i-ra Iroin a vcr ck id a storm at tea, with mi? how tore in and plugs out ; b arding a wnck wiu< tli* bo t an tin hen open ; lea?tmr a "liking wreck full of passeuge a w th th? ira breaking Irons end to end ; making way aeroaa a coral re. to a ?t' ck ami bringing off s6 l>*a.en?en. loaon* the nrdiuan bos a awon. t <1. thrown from ih* dark al a ship endwise anil aivina 22 |?rsjDs ; aidei and bo we bmkeu thre?ah and button ato?c in and rowel m deep water. Itc. and Anally blown u hi a luban ihne rsplosioti, and then aa.ia man'ed and ruWed a before. ? ? JOaitPH KKANU8. Office No. 7 Wall at., at Adauta A Co.'a Liiww Off**. at loir DOCTOR ELLIOTT. OCULIST AND OFTliALMIC SURGEON, Confine* hil Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Ofice XI Broadway, corner ol Wirrrn Itrect. n2lmr important"dis< ovfcUY m Cainphiae and Ahcimca 1 Oil Lainpa, w irrauted to burn at one hall the expanse 01 eiihei oil. r gas.?The difficulty which haa heretofore existed it trimin ng Ciini+nne L'lnpsi* now eutin ly obei.ited. by mram of a Moreable Can and other important improecmenta which upon in?pectiou, will aatiafy the public thattlicy can now obtaiu 1 Lamp superior to any now in uae?will b'.rn without amoke 01 ainrlf?inoiluce an ninal ami ataady Intht in all diiec ions, and regulated by a aiugle acrsw imieemrnt. Also, au Improved Tallin's 1.11 mti. Camphioe. Chemical Oil, and spirits, maun factor*d opOli ?n iinproerd xyatem, wholesale and retail, de iieered to any pert of the city, from the Old Established tium M UtOROK MICHKLC, n'S lai*m Catherine ?ir?et. Van NOHDLN 8 WRlTloO A>U BOUK-kRRt-lNi V is now Oian, >11 Broadway, ami tlonr. la the iccr. tiou nl 1 npilr, where all arqanr Van NoidenH bean tifnl ayatern i f ^euuiaaaahip in a eery short time, and write with c.-v e, grace ai d elegance. ... M V it N rdcii la now rirrpar- d to glea inatrnction in Boat K > p t.g ?po? pl*n* rntirel, new aid strictly (raeti. ai Dn r I'y n . month's in.tructlo the pamla 'finally opea, hhxn an I rinse, maetically, from M to Matt of boots. 'I'er ae eery modnata. Hoar* of iiiairuoiiuu Irom 9 AM. till I P. M. , lad Pom ti 1A in the eventug The Ladies maet daily at t P. M. nIS |m*r E NE1 NEW FOURTEEN*LjXYS LATER FROM ENGLAND. ARRIVAL OF THE STEAMSHIP ACADIA. He vaialon In the Corn Trade?Improvement In Cotton?State e# Trade?Keeling la Belglam towards America?Kaliurss?The Slave Trade, die. die. The Acadia steamship. Captain Byrie, arrived at Boston on Thursday morning at 2 o'clock. She brines our full tiles to Nnvemher 4th. The Acadia brought fifty passengers from Liverpool to Boston, and left eieht at Halifax, where she took on board four for Boat on. The news does not appear of much interest There have been very serious revulsions in the Corn Trade. Several eminent corn houses have failed, chiefly connected with the Mediterranean trade. The Anti-Corn Law League still continue their agitation. Colonial markets are very dull, and the despondency among the commercial classes has increased. The British Queen arrived out Nov. 3d. She put into Payal and remained there five days for coals. The Cotton Market has much improved and a brLk demand sprung up, at an advance of an Jib. The Money Market is without change. There is not any probability that Parliament will be assembled before February. The King of France talks of abdicating iu favor of the Dukede Nemours. Lord Lvndhurst retires, on account of ill health, and Sir William Follett is to be Chanceilor. Prince Salitzin and Sergeant Spankie are dead; so is poor Crace Darling at last. She died at Bramburgh, Oct. 20th aged 25 years. There is no news from India. Nothing can exceed the dreadful dullness in every department of business. Manchester goods never were so low as they are now. The past fortnight has been a dull one, and there is little of novelty to communicate, whether as regards domestic, foreign or commercial intelligence. The state of the Corn Market continues to be the principal topic of conversation in the mercantile and monied circles. The revulsion in the Corn trade, by overwhelming so many houses at home and abroad, has spread difficulty and alarm on every side. Another extensive house, that of Hunter 6c Coventry, has failed in LondonNumerous other heavy failures have occurred and the distrust with which the "Corn paper" is now regarded by the Bankers and the discount houses, with the consequent difficulty of its negotiation, has had the effect of bringing to the ground a num* f firms who for a long series ol years have ma. ed an influential position. Among those who have been compelled to pend payments we must notice Erasmus M. Fos Helmsley Brothers 6c Evans, Foster 6c Langton, London, with many of equal importance in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Stockport, while on the continent we must not omit J. H. Wickman ' of Stettin ; Archias 6c Co., Rtty Brothers, A. Guizot 6c Co., and six other firms at Marseilles ; together with others in Paris, Amsterdam, Nantes, and Schiedam. American salted pork is become a staple article i of provision in Bath, and is now selling at most of our bacon factors at the rate of 4| per pound. Ame' rican beef has also been introduced. Hamburg beef r at 4|d per pound is likewise exhibited by some of j our grocers. The Queen is in excellent health, and also in the family way. The Paris papers of Friday are still chiefly occu| pied with the question of the right of search, the treaties nt 1831 and 1KB and nt the *20th of Decern ber, 1841 ; Lord Aberdeen's letter, dec. Our private letter repeats that the French government has officially and formally communicated to Great Britain that the treaty of the 20th of December, 1841. will not be ratified. Intelligence has been received at Constantinople, according to the Augsburg Gazette, that the Schah of Persia had accepted the mediation of Great Britain to arrange the differences between him and the Ottoman Porte. Accaan* from Madrid of the 25th uit., state that the reports of a conspiracy, having for its object to advance to retard the period of the Queen's ma' jority, had almost entirely cased. All apprehension of a change, or even a modification of the Ministry had ceased. The greater portion of the town of Zechanow, in Russia, has been destroyed by fire, and three hundred families reduced to destitution. A letter from Birmingham, dated Wednesday, says a good deal af anxiety was experienced amongst our manufacturers this morning by the ru, mor of the failure of tlar house of Goddard 6c Hill, American merchants and factors, which unfortunately turns out to be true. The Siecle mentions n serious quarrel as having taken place at Roicie, between the Secretary of State, Cardinal Lan<eruschini and M. Krizoff, of the Russian embassy. By an arrival fro?n the Cape of Good Hope, we have papers to the 6th of Aug. which bring news of the termination <#f the insurrection at Port Natal, and ihp return nl'na.r nf nnAmr l.iailt. Col. Clote, after be had completed the pacification of the Colony. The Belv,aa government haa determined tomakt reprisal* r/B ihe American trade in conaeqtieace ol the government of the United States having levied tonnage aiKj other duties, not paid by favored na ho as, on the steamer British Queen in her last voy 'agefrom Antwerp to New York. A new work by Bos (Dickens) is announced t< "? commence in January next, and to be continued ti monthly parts, at one shilling each, i The cabinet of the Tnilleries has proposed ti th? ? British government the abrogation of ftie treaities o ' IK11 and 1833, by which the muiual ri^ht of searcf for the prevention of the slave trade was established | and the adoption, instead of it, of the system agreei 1 upon between England and America, that eacf f country should maintain an equal navaP force or " the west coast of Africa as a check on.maJ|>rmcticei under its own fiig. As an inducement to this, M Cuiaoteaprefaes his perfect willingness at once u enter on the. discussion of a commercial treaty be tween Fre.noe and England. Lord Aberdeen hai evaded ?jny definite answer to the first proposal, hi - . . .. . __.j_ .u. mki?7 maung that no changr ran De maat- i? ???< f existin g relations aa lo the right of search I'll th? i expiry,, of the period for which French lrt>ers o ; marque were granted to English cruisers. Thi | wil'^be next year. With respect to the trr*'y i commerce h i lord ship is anxious to meet the Frentl government half way. 1 The "Prease" of Sunday contains a long articl relative to the decisio<n taken by theBeigian fcovern ment to make reprisals' on the commerce of the 11 Statea of America, for the additional chargeb latel levied on the British Q ucen steamer in the port c New York. It showsih.nt as French veaaels canac hy treaty be made subject in Belgium to any otbe duty than that payable on coming Irom Fradca, n matter from what foreign port or with what carg< these vessels may arrtvgt, a ^onsegaencc ot Una quat IV YO YORK. SATURDAY MO ret will be that French bottom* muni Im-vni* tt>? camera between the Tinted Matea and Antwerp It contenda that though no doubt th* American merchant* wMI endeavor in introduce tUnr nonunndi* tie* into Belgium by Dunkirk or Rotterdam, th# advantage will ?u'l rrault for iniportat>?ua made direct, a* the tranaport troiu the above porta to Ant werp or Oatend will be au additional charge on the coinniod'ty. The "freaae" conclude* by enlof*aing tho Mpuit ahown by the Belgian govrrnnieat a thta atfeir. So great has been the incrraae ol banditti ta ea riou* parta of Spain, that the government mink uf active ni'-HMurea tor ihe aii|>) reaaion id theae predntorv bands. The writing* of Charlea Ikekenahad been tranaUted into the Turkiah language The frauds ui?on the revruue continue iu m t the attention of the BrilirillWWMMM and Ik* Ikv tish press The ? xtent <>t m. .. Irauds aia'an hitherto to have been hut nni?erfectly und? ratoo.1 A paragraph on the interesting and delo-aie subject of Iter Majesty's health ami i?-r?o?al nadiliKi has gone the round ol the pa|iers. U'e, bowrvef, refrained from copying it last week, and havr iw? reason to regret our reserve We feel we may n<>? state that the ini|>ortant and dehrate event an nounced by our cotempi>rartra has not been un a tioned in those circles most likely to be well m formed upon what so intimately concerns their beloved Sovereign. The Journal de Houen of the SHh ult states, that the operatives employed at the manufactories ot Drucourt, near Beruay. asw niblrd on the ;fMn ult in considerable numbers (aome say Hill), others 2000) and demanded of the tub |ftlrct ?n uicreanr of wages. Finally, it is stated that their remonstrances became so violent that the pr^ct wan obliged to order the gendarinenc to i barge the people, in which ojieraiion several were w ounded A Dki.icate Affair in Hum Lific ?A good deal of interest has been excited for some dava past, by the publication of rumors of a " drlicnle affair" in high life. The rumor is, that a uoble Priuce haa long been attached to the eldest daughter ol a noble Duke, whose family, on one side, claims certain consanguinity with that of ihe JSoverngn. Tne re ult of the mu ual passion existing on the i<art of the Prince and the lady, rend?r? au atauemrnt by marriage now absolutely necessary. Her ladyship's situation is, of course now unable to be any longer concealed ; and her t uner haa communicated with the Prince's lather upon the subject. His Koval Highness immediately assented to the necessity of a union between his son and the Noble Lidy ; and the Prince himself is anxtoua >o make the repara ion which lies in his ;>ower. Hut according to the 'erms of the Royal marriage act, no member of the Royal family can espouse any one without th- previously obtained consent of the Sovereign. Were the Prince and the lady in question to be united without such consent, tne marriage wooU be illegal, and the offspring thereof illegitimate The Queen has, therefore, been applied to, but nil attempts to induce her to alter her decision are vain Nor la this all?the consent of the Privy Council must also be obtained after a year's notice, formally given. Her vtsjesty tor ni?r rnvi- i/ounnij antu?** thus:?" Ii is possible my children nuy dir ; then cornea ih>- King of Hanover, who is very old ; after him, Fnnc Oeorg--, of Hanover, who is very sickly ; next, ihe Duke of Sussex, end then the f'uke Cuinbri N w, it nl ih-sc evenu were to hap," i, the Pi nice alluded to would stan I an exI. cellenlcli.uice of msuming the rceptre h1?<i In this case, n -object becomes the Queen of England, should the Prince at ( resent espouse the lady, and such u contingency, however reuiot and improbable it may appear, must not be allowed to exist. So, we hear, teasons the Queen; and we should suppose her decision is also back'd by the advice of at least some of her Ministers and advisers ; we say "some," because we can slate upon authority, that the Duke of Wellington is in favor of the union On Wednesday, the greatest excitement prevailed amongst the authorities of the countv of Stratford, Eng., and the persons in charge of the gaol, in consequence of the deep-laid and well-concocted plan ot the chartist rioters confined in it to effect their escape. At an early hour, a letter, said to he written t>y a prisoner named I t'Neill, who is under sentence, was put into the governor's han^a. This letter disclosed the plan of the prisoners, and informed the governor of the time when the plan was to be carried into execution. Total Abandonment or rwx Niger Expedition ?Intelligence has been received from Western Africa to the 2d August. It announces the return to Fernando Po of the Queen's sieamer Wilberlorce, from the ascent ol the Niger to the Model farm of the African Civilization Society, and the bringing away of all the people and property leit there by the Niger expedition. The accounts from the coast relative to the effects of the dreadful storm which raged during Sa;urday and Sunday, are ol a moat distressing description. The loss of life and property has been immense, and it is feared many vessels foundered that never will be heard of, the nnha|>py crews perishing with them. A storm at Rome has thrown down Tasno's Oak and the Colonna Pine. 7 he Bordeaux Journals give un account of the total destruction by fire of the American ship Havre, _r .on r?-_. W 1i? linl UI 401/ lUIIH, vai'iaiu uunni, taivir umtvu i? ??.??? port from New Orleans, and intending to return immedia'ely in ballast. A lire bad occurred at Glasgow which destroyed the large bonding warehouse ol Oliver Wingate, full of goods, and several other buildings. 1 Thk femat.k Chartists.?We, in yesterday's Star, a 1 idr-d tothecrowdtd an<| puited meeting of " Female Chartista" held at the National Charter Hall, Old Bailey, on Tuesday evening, Mr. Balls in ' the chatr,and intimated that we would in this day's I number return to the subject, and give an abstract of the very excellent lecture delivered to the meeting by Miss Susanna Inge, on " Political Liberty," and the " Rights of Woman." Miss Inge was received with marked applause, and commenced her discourse by addressing the meeting in a most emphatic manner, as her " bro ther and sister slaves:" she then entered into an explanation why she addressed the people of England by that appellation ; and added that she stood before ifi? meeting not to off -nd or flitter, but to i speak the truth. &he entered deeply an I feelingly into ihe sufferings of the people, and with an unerring hand laid bare the causes of those sullen rigs, , tracing them to the ins (liable avarice of the aristocracy, and the kindred, fostering and co-plun| dering mi rule of a vile, unprinc pled, unjust, and tyrannical oligarchy. She pointed out in a graphic manner, the mockery of telling the people, u der > such circumstances, that they lived in a tree counr try, and with .1 powerful sarcasm, added that (hey were tree!?To what1? she woulJ ask Why, to ' starve ! and their rulers to seize upon, cast them in to prison, load ihem with chain*, and hang th'm as traitors and rebels, for complaining, even under force ol the pangs of hunger, of the freedom thus allowed them But this stale of things, she show > ed, was fast tottering to its f ill,tor the working penl pie, in the majesty of giowiug lntrllig-nce, were fast rising in the power of a mighty nation ; and most assuredly they would wrest their rights, privileges and liberties trorn ih blood started handsol th? ir f worse tlian Egyptian iu em. She severely ca-ti1 gated " the Right Reverend Fathers in God" and their "legion ot pampered and mercenary parsons" ' for iheir Janus faced policy, in wickedly wink' int at ihe robbery of ihe poor, and sharing in ihe 1 booty on the one hand, and in hy,aiciitically preaching '* jiatience" to the people whom they see plundered, and aid in the " fl ecing" of, nu the " other. She alluded, in a soul-stirring manner, 10 ?L * -I -?..?J " ?!"? r*i??ri .11 j u<*hl?'V?1 men I ill wnui mir irrincu mv kiw....a3 ...... ... , American independence,"and glo ied in the ?ct, the principle* which led to it, and the brave British desi-endenl.i who, against all tlie odJs, means, and * alliances of indomitable tyranny. and peculating t knavery, accoinpli-hed it She snowed th it " Li, berty" in " the inherent righ' of man"?a Kilt interwoven with hi* existence, bv the unsullied hand of ! nature, one of whose brightest laws it cons itutea ; f aud that tyrant man, in Netting himselt U|> against B it, is " traitor" and " rebel" to Nature'a God, at whose dread bar (it is some consolation to the " trampled and injured spirits to know) he must one b day stand for hn base delinquency and high and during oflending. > " Trulli, she showed, must eventually set Us gilded heel on tr e brazen front of the hydra-headed monster, " falsehood," by which tlie Sovereign and people 01 thiscounlry are governed. She set before the meeting, and wiili every u variety of aluide, the hollt.wneas and Protean form i of "the wily" and " Meaven-b.irn minister," Sir ' Robert Peel, whose only remedy, like that of "ihen ll reverence"?tbe bishops," for the sufferings of the t people, ta " patience," and, we would add, " watei o gtuel. She illustrated the futility of the worsi 0 efforts of " Tory" per<ecution, and Scarlett" perversion of law, truth, and justice, to put down r" " C bantam," by an anecdote of the sard Right Rev RK H RNING. NOVEMBKR 1!>. )V< ?>?,< , h'lr berl < ?" Print I >.? ? ..I n, r.a. hm^r*." whrn Cation ] hrw iatrud?r?d M la lk? ronainr, a*J coaWuiir.j, * Hi-. ? bararH, a wry abir lectui*, th* i ??ah aierr ?)U a w,,. | wrri> cheer* from thr I mr?, i>Un(i<ia. ' < ?>?*, ( " Hmr, hetr," and iter waViM o4 haaJhrrrbieia bjr the Udie*. a lar*aiwtw <4 at??><a hied ihr beacaea Mirr?an>iin< thr pM"?? Xt ir?. WHl loadt* <? i" l a.liiH-owJ <Ir<ni tli?* ef leetaat a r.. 'in ,-unl, t<? wturh aha h? brm blia '* "* """ w-v-mue^, *1TT IM> ?iVfirMlP IS HIT (H*tt ?fcf declined >|eahiat M.m Faa< M' i fiMinf' (<? ?f pretxtaaraairg n'afiwf, WlWffw It* or iturr ana twenty yeo*B of age (wbojg waa wintered m the HaU, to the Wfritod " Mr??i|f?n" of mk* rthel! " tbo Cham*. afcm by iW aatdwry i? 'hoer n???t at Nrt^ti', winch Wd loth"* " Whig " trt?t?wn?tuoi ..| Fr?* William*. and Joner.) hra rnwr, owl adoreaaed the meeting >he arentrd deept* #fi cted. tod ttowrri her addreaa by a?lo.) ag lb# .aauiia 'haI had horn re??-nthr heaped aft>o the " Female Chart ?ta" by aaadtrrar j*** A lu?.oo bad been made. do mhI, to (ha ''domritM- hearth." and >finaau?na throw n out 'hat t?iatn, ih* **. moment " d M, ought la canhar hot* I to h. nod to the dale* n "hoo;" bm where, ah* wonld *mk. ?*(? (It* <-oinforta ut " the dnmeatic bear-h *" and how ran id that be ieg urded aa " haw- " ir?w which erery comfort had bran banwhed. b* that had ?valem and alaie of anciaty which compelled man to a hard a ad unremitting oil ut lonncf 01 Mar* 'M?art a day tor a nranty *?tiataiearr, deptiving him id iha power i.| being la wamaa tha " protection " which nature tad < rrumntancea intended him to be t (Apf ",Ular ? *he had if i, ?ha lanterned la ?<y. murb in her i???r ; bar the <>od ?d Wiadnni and id (roadneon had fiten her a heart to lee! lor the poor; ami *V, in if??t heart, behoved, ihal 'h> pomutg ot "The Chamr" waa the oaly remedy and mean* by which an u.l could he |*it t.> their -"urt'-nm. (Hear, beat, hear, aaid applanar ) -he waa hertelt a t hartuu m heart ; tad < had bera rter anwr the bad heard o? the rrnehy and ihi?'toa ta " Front. Wtfiiama, and Jonr?," a* I a ChiilliM dbe would Cnutiaue to 'be .r?d ot her lifc (Ol'trr > % bed. hevade*, i on verted mm* ta Oharnam (Hear, hear) Thai ihe lr, d.-,t?r id "|vt?rm?rii p- rw-c'itioa," aud " artatocraltc tyranny," nould uliimaulj gam the charter, the had no more doubt ihan die hud of her aw e?m fence ; but it woild not be Irom the ** jaatice," but Imm the " ban," *1 tbrir >nawr>our* that they wou'd obtain it [Cheera from the >Men, and rrien of " hear, hear, hear," from the ladiet ] Mi?a Milet then aliaded, in a rery cvun.dtuieni ry manner, to V|r Frarfua O'C.maar, whnae aufteria.a ia he public cauw eboud never, the affirmed. he lor(ot(en. To -uch a man, die added, t<a> much devotion rood not be c*. r-med (Hear, hear, and cherra J Hhe the ureter red the ul'euMoa ?t her a<tdlenre to the Bnuh ?-l - < "u I, wherein .her w -aid find a deac i|<tion of 'King-;" and fiirrned, ih ?i all king*. tr<"in " !* ill," down lo i|?e pr-*r >t day, were " tyrant* " (I. a gut-r ] **be hid aaid. ?he cotirlmleri, nmrr th-a ?h lin* d? d, having com la " hear," and not to"?|? ah but h r fe- 'ma- were mi moved by what *he bad heard, ibat ?he coo d aot rental addie eiiig ibr uieeii ig (..aihuetvtM applaiiae, miiidet w hich Mi? Mil-aad down ] Mr. Coot sr., iii iii rl<n le vl a'ral i, then ad fre*#. li tiio inu.-i >i, > . i l < r vaii . . n i ho i ?ili ram tam \4 i aa Elizabeth Pickup. coodedbv Mrs Frasert Wy?u, thank* were voted 10 Miss .-u-4iiai la?r, wh >, for a rou-idrruble time, >rlu?d lo ht y id itiem, stating, 'hat she made a full (* ?? nl i>i rh-m l? thTimes lor ilie service it?aiurke<>n ili? " Female Ch irusi*' Association" hail remitted in the nu-e of ChtrtMil, whose mciither* wee *u. p >*ed hy some "good people" lo b?* d>-ad, unul me T rti a come In their all! and prove.I the n In lie altar [Lriii<hter and applause | The meeting then ?ep?. rated. France. The obsequies of M le t nmpte IVnirdr took place at P.irta on the 23 I alt Toe dereanrd, ta ad dnion to other writing*, was author id he " Pictare que ami Historical Vnyal n rS**"' " " one of the first to send in hi* rcMgnai on on the foemnti'in ol the Poliguac ministry Addr -?-e# writ pronounced on th- ore a a tow ol M k Coint"** not and tfenrral Kumigav. .lowjili lltinapaTle la aaid to have removed the mlficuilies which lay in the way ol the leatan entary gills of hia uncle, the Cardinal Freeh, regarding hie legacies to Corsica, by preaeniing donation* equivalent to form, lo bin native t >wn Among ibrui ia a statue ol the First Consul : and ol ihr numerous pictures ot the rich gallery (>ci|ucHibrd to Inm I v the Cardinal, lie has given ItIO lo Maslia, /VI lo i/w village of Corte, where lie was borne, and 1/Vlto dliferent coiiiiituneas of the department The Council-General ol-Corsica hare forwarded an address to the Prench government, praying for a grant of public money to complete a monument to that country to the Emiwror Napoleon The " National." in advertiug to the affair* of Canada, says?" There never waa a better o^wrtanity than the present for the French Canadians to assert their independence, and eepaiatr themselves forever from the English " The vines at Beauiolais answer their culture in so prolific a manner, that they are likely to attract more labor than the manufactures of the place Several Belgian engineers are said to have been named Chevaliers of the legion of Honour, on the occasion of the approaching inauguration of the railroad ofQuievrain to Valenciennes. The proposed Belgian treaty continues lo be discussed witli great warmth, by its advocates and opponents The " Courrier Francais" of Wednesday I !_ i: i .i._. .1 i ,.e I LH cxccruillttiy tlllgljr UIUI ill* mtiliuiiurn <n i.nmui lent their sanction to the meeting of the mannfactnring interests, which was h -1 i in that town h lew days since, to petition against the treaty. Severalof the Paris pap-rare new their accusations against he illegal acts of the British cruisers engaged in the suppression of the slave trade. Spain. Latest accounts from Barcelona represent the portion of the country near the Pyrenees ssstili unquiet The unfortunate |<easants, convicted of having shrl tered in their houses severalof the " I atroaccioasoa," who infested the neighborhood of Vich, were stmt at Geronn, by order of General Zurbano A reprieve had been at first obtained by their families, nut the General having lie.ird tli-t the Cabeciila Planademunt had reappeared in the Proviece, and that a proprietor had been seized and carried away on the Irontier of the principality, directed those two unfortunate men to be instantly executed. Kight others, gnilty of similar offences, were swaiting their fate in the prison of Gerona. General Ziirhuno had ordered the arrest of the Constitutional Alcalde of Llers, ol the Secreiary ol the Municipality and another individual, who were conducted prisoners to the Casile of San Fernando. Some disturbances had taken place at Barcelona, in c<>nse quence of the manufacture ofcigas being closed hv I an order from Madrid, by which upwards of 700 women were thrown out of bread I Portugal. Accounts from Lisbon siate that Ix>rd Howard <!e WaUlen had hid interview- wuh llie l>nke of Palmella and Senhor Gomez dt ("astro up n the taiiff question, a id ano'her meeting wasezp cled io take place between tli- commission rs. the lira, -n yb'llson tlie Deciiua were exis-ctrd -horilv to coine out; they were to bedrawn f- r a ire, a d hear interest at 7 1-2 per cent per aonuin Tii i ?u J to be under the chaige of the Board ol Punlir Credo. Great complaint were made of ih- nrocer i gof VI Cap teem ,as tending 'o excite s<h-m ami < is otvriirnee to th- cn stuationai m-n , a ana c Tgy We have Listuin new? to the 24'h of Oolnoer. Th>* tariff convention h tH been brought to a conclu -ion, the final prop fition on the iNttt Port'tgai hiving been communicated <>n the 221 to the British envoy It rein lined with our government to accept i?r reject these term*. Some turttier red net ion bet tonn inconMderabb extent, wefe *dinited bv PnrtngHl on woollen and |>rtiited Cotton goods Nn new general <-U--e* of goods wgre 10clu led, but reductions were here and there a tmitted iii particular item'I'here was the ip|?arance of further ettne esion, without the reali'y of sub -latilial batement. PortU'tal had rejected as inadtmmible the several proiioeition* thai 3a ftd. t>er ini|ietial gallon should he fixed as the duty upon her wines until her extort duty of 12 mtlreis per |U|ie nu port wtne is done sway with ; tost an additional ad valorem duty of 20 i#r rent should be retained betides the 3a. ; and that die -ysterti of specific duties should he abandoned bv Portugal, and one of ad valorem du its substituted, with regard to our f manufactured ^produce. For a reduction of 45 5-11 per rent on the import duty on her wines, the staple of Po'tiig-tl, Kngland obtains in return ? reduction of 2d |>er cent noon one class, and 40 |?rr cent inon another class, of her manufactured goods, there b- ing several articles on which no reduction is admitted Hut umqnal as the proposed reduction was, the commercial trebly r being Mined, it would be impolitic to reject it. t The Prttise de Joinville and the Ituke d'Aumale had reached Lisbon with a cquadron of three vesi sela. The former was proceeding to Brazil, the latter to Algiers. Sir Charles Napier was also at | ERAJ 1842. ,lht>on. and iv^rn hnanirithU dninaa nf the I 'alace Naccoaidades! T he finance Minister wan making very sstiafacorv progress in his new measure of naming treasury nlk on the ii,rinwi. A If I era. Lateat accouotslrom Algiers represent the French is morr succeiulul hi their attempts to occupy the ntertor portions ot the country. Geijeral Bugeaud vas'juirtly advancing, and hud destroyed on hie ray, a lort belonging to the Lx-Kalifttt Ben Salem, mil discovered near a vilage a number ol silos lull >t wheat, birley, and mlt. Several tritica had made heir submission to the Governor General, who cached on the 6th inn. the Oued Sonfllah, near louj rl-Garroubi. On the 5th the rear-guard ol the il?'dition wa? harabM-d by aoin. horaeinen and Vabylea,under ih orders of lieu Salem,but a charge oon routed them In tins affair the French had one soldier killed and II wounded Col. Ixrblond, ol the 48th Regiment, *>? feid tr- in behind a bush by aKabyle, * hi 1st r* committing the ground in advance of uis egiment. HuhII, A letter front Stockholm, Oct. 11, in the " Augs urg Gazette," states that the Russian government i ts notitied to the Sweondi cabinet, by the medium I its ambassador, that lor the future Swedish and Sorwegian vessels are to enjoy in Russian ports the sine privileges as Rumian versels, and are to be luh^eetrd to no higher duties. The letter iidds that i new commercial town i* being lou'ded in the torth o| Angermanland, which is to henr the name ?! t > rii?koehl<lovik All |*r>ot a are to be allowed 0 Hade there without being obliged to submit to be regulations in force in other towns. In a Vrter lr< m Sr Petersburg, 't i* said important li mgr- arc about to be made in the ditlereni miuisne? An embawy is talked ol lor Prince Tcheini'o If, ilo minister o| war, who is to be replaced by l*r nice \|eiiii hikoff, and the charge of the marine is pais tnto tfii hands of General Petrownky. Count Kir iniHihel is advancing w ith rapid stri its to the iirigul ot power?he lias taken the seat ol Count Toll at the board ol works. gyrla. Sell ani.tlier collision had taken place between tto* Marooitss and the Druwt, and the l'asna luid v en obbged to ti tTtere. The atV.iirn of Syria ap i?'?r t? I* ii*l?r from adjustment as ever. According to one account, u camp ot 23,000 men was to tn- tornied near Malatia tor the puipose of ecuiing peace between the iwlligerents. Theatricals, Music, Ate. The theatres have not been well patronized for the last two or three weeks. Macready, Charles Mutihrw?, Veuins, Helen Faucit, and others, are at 1 bur* Lane Mips A. Keinb.V, coilliliues to attract i" 'tn* Kogb-h version of Rusaint's U(*ra ol e-rinirumde but k-i one is a Uvoiite at die Hay market. I end as a e<t(.* ol bis spert It delivered last Wed LiMii ?<u -Tbt virm and generous ? '?? n.iiwr thn >wu b??e tbia rva mug givuu me, hei hern n m ? | iti ) inj ?k>ui?nft , (tint 0 >*euce baa Hut ?-n .r-i? tunnknl me fium ) our uemoi ?? , umt tbuugh in K- U"1 Mate* I i.avn awrl m It I* ?? r> kinJlta-va, uucpa tat > ? ta lie Mr I In ?li au I all the u c. a> that I Co> Id P?p-,->. ?rt tlit ' graihat ana man ttrr I ai patting i It Ik taat frgnr ti in |al*a?-aiil|t leaarnrit It) this net van rum my oM t eni|e i Liuilou Many ih<i'|i li?t> I* 4 m wjnh cr aaiug the A'iannc to aw, r. k liaee m I have thoa^hl r worth while cn a lug he A Imi'ic t he.r uurt moiea benit) Lii|luh laugh I ha*c k-ar I it 'bit era01114, niwl ar tb ie igii j an i, 111 ri tari, U'i -m aw I ae.iti- men I alar<r>l) lio,.e tint )tu bat ni^tycd au I >ua> t lag n J a) ,tbe b<-?t uf health a a ^ig>l* it) , tal . aim bo etber are ia Mitral r lit man) merry utufe a* tb# liitte brat re iu tbr Ha) market " Cnuti'M "MairiiMimo" lias la> ru |ut into re iM'trii al I' *ml 'nr l u The I ree innalf ,iarT* *1 I If p iler ut-d by MiaW KrUable, Mua Kaintorih, n<i Mt?. AiImi! Stiaw Mr V| aii.iix b ?? enaagrd ao'rt ' principal dancrry, al*o a ' <7>? it b I'M, 111 Paris, lor the lbenl?e in Oi ford air ei, which w II Ire opened on thr IBih 1 eci-mber, with au opera Ml Lngliah The principal singera altcady engaged are dadarue Manuel (tama, Mr Templet o#, and M H urdiui. The fir.1 of ? aenea ol Cosoertr to he given al ihe St Jam**' Theatre by netrral luflurnMal nieiiihera ol Ihe Uiuatcal lifolen inn, Will lake |>laCe on \Vrdit lay, "if it il maun Si,t|i.ii Ma!, r v ul i?e t?r lormeii by an orches ra of one hundred and tori) VIII al a d inairtiiueir al petforiueia ; tic anon and Concerted |nn en Wi'i he eui H by Miia lliri h, Ml 1 bill try, Mr lliibba, aud Mr Pllilll|W lite aeCont ( art will ruua'ti 01 a selection I10111 tin* works o claantral awibora Mr and Mra t'harlea K?-an a|fx ared on Mond ijr t Worcester; the pircsa W re the "Iron (a heal* and " Much A do About Noth ?g," the taller 00111 yarraned inin ilin r acta. Mr Kean played Si Kd w?ril Mori inter, .ml il'.nrai.ii n? neuici u> m< ileal rice of Mri Kran The hoit-r, u)i> fhr W?r wrrthiif Chronicle, wu* crowded lo 'h<- celling. Mr Henry llrtiy ?ae been |?er1ormirig with bit 'tonal nirrrnl U'orcealer ; he pla>eij | hot* (Athenian Captive,) Claude MelnoUr, aitd -Macbeth The oner vrrv inqajlar vocaliat, Zoning, now the Cnunirai Koue, la about to rcviait llrrlin, whrrr abe waa formerly ao great a favorite, in a tie w < bar acter, her Uuabaiid having hern ai pointed SsutJinmn aiiiliaanador lo the I'rueaian Court Id-Item Itoui Italy atatc that Kuwioi, baa blared in the lianda o| a notary at llolng..e a oraled packet, which ui only to be open- d alter hia death. Thin packet iaa*l<lirwd to Millie. t tlympp I* , and la. it in n^ra, winch ilit mnttlro lea tea, with all hia toruiie.lo thia l-idy, who baa been for a<>mr** |m?i Ina companion itomani taftl year* of age, having hern born Keb. 21, I7H2 Kaalitnns far Navtabrr. The material* to 1-e worn itniin r the winter aeaaan am of a vary rich drvrrip*loti 1 adotaa d'ltalie, Kiula da. wotrrwl, char hod and Wiped vith*. pafeina ui every varivdy, with vatVMt, earhemirta, inouvaet.n.v d*- lame, and ra heuuro dama-kv, and l.rei alad ailka. air Iboar prim ipally in demand. The moat general ru? onm at thia ia a of alrtped |~ hin. <t ith ramail of eeleet. and aa tin capote. rrdmgi.t <>l * I**'t. ?. ?*i pot.i. of II n ei|?rlei that ak-evvw a la LoinaXIV. and a la Richelieu will Ho worn, a |'retl* al erati.H. on the tight vieeve n made by giving a little lailnoae at the tall of the about.tor The at'ewly t-."g Vk.rta threat* > to I* ee*n longer and ( liter, they wilt be ornamented three rt.wa ol oil. ftounrea, iul.-tv, and la a, alternately with ', k.C-t the waiet will remain at i |? In.gib. the poiaia are frequently rwand, and wat ror-agev irade high ate * ith folda at the ahouldrr only ; grey n a far ante rolor ia ?ilk No! w.that and. ng vt'louv noveltiev in manleaua. Ibe velevd ramail will he moet la faewr; thoao o? rvaf or violet vaivvd will he trimmed lew ad wMb ermine, and have equarr erminecolla.a Mb a rord -ahove ihearmine la a rn-h gimp trimming , . amalia en'irwly ol ermine or martin fur a lit aim* be la-n*. a .Mr saw 6i*pat are with vie. vev lllaiaioara /oo lllov d'elrpbauf. and an rnaide runner ia pnipoaml ra atta* h it more rluariv to the lo.m Thiv iv for tb*> C itpln llree, tb* ( mapm < Iwrbr .a with Cellrt pelerine all ol velvet, a bb arm bolra, Awewaiyle ef 1*1.tot or rloak i" entirely no btaa. 'bey ere atmle ut Velvet, worked a Ith toi'd e? the a*em* , they err wet eerv long, end ate M) led pebaae Vt.o.f pra?irr < aid ia murk met I., oni m nt dteaa* a aa oil a? aetewea Capv are earn eery *ma I, wdh ranee lappet*. ead of riband, hu.rheu of g a.rv a. |..vt leave , m>tv lin rap* ar generally a la p?f*anne with a aa*raw p?ptlnav rhap.e a r*a)der tee ./ahetel rihei.', the pout I .out brerne.v .. a k . <i ? round ra I of '?' . In >b? rewire of a hii h Iv # I or ><| t*U wf A .were with la(.,?da falling on the II.tual l e.W>a are mad*' m taree ?ba-taa Olp n ea.l fr Vet, Intel m.v*d alPi g -Id >wit> a >*W'?, th> <ip*> rap ie a pretti in.e lt> , tnq-ie", dr.?a ns ul. vlonip. "?! r, A..iw * An rvrb*, a<? g> > and rka,-e.i? rerdl.i *1. ?r i.lp*ya ma e *be w .We ar-ewe t "if ...v ol h*ir a e erTv n ?. hot d a gw ?ra ly I' gt '. * *d a I .ei < r k.l IV |.-**e 1 lev* h-ek r.l O ih bvA I. am lew.I are >*ry m .g, the be t.end i?a?v I be it we-| 'rrm e' baed le ( motr*e? e t- , tetkee r lia. Il>. t a I., I..? ? ?. " V'.J .... Iln era ii.ii In, tml ri ft| I ur itiaa I (??>' lj at# ' Hganau i M Irl'liril, I )?'** nt i #, ? ltd 4> ill 'fin iwit-t* id Ian tula tha ? ' ('i?a (a a with alula- a> .1 Iko ?'il? a I ??.??, It.' li.fna at qilwiif 'ith f-+u > :? ? I. Mwd a M >k> did rf uiiiivM d *1 I ! i<M <* I -Mmm r?.i. | ? mi hit. Mra'ddh i? kl( ( a(?ta- ad ti|?d a if .??? ol lh? una ( In. ?rr prattt, ik? k. r?? ' ? .? >, Iiladrit il? hf Ml ilamiiiai aa- fa k a-ia l? V IM, '!"? |?. fir, and m aoa tha atarah mmm I ' ? (* twaw *| ?aa and i wai I a* M* ia*a?t ?*u a* ornani'iiU It# I>? "> 'ami. la, 'han alu a aii I a latr ? /,??<?? add /*a? ? /.ad.aa Wafaaiaa a/ faihaa Na< krla. Loaa ?t *la? i Mniit. >ti ? ka t.anoal Marha ha- nui twn a. Aim iMa a a-f a 4?waaaal or baa am. na*. In otkar wuid-. tar iaaa-lia*r r aar I a a an monk I par cant. ma?>. than fat I ka a**' -a* In g <?| W? ij iot? tha latt. r at ??f aid 'k> lariaar at v?| i T ka li i hrohora hOti(kt 4rfl laal at?rk lar tha * B*.k- -a ? mumnl. T liia Bikri a art marl; ImMi wa l ha u*i rcuunlml o laii Tk?|.?ith.?a ?ri?ia? <aal. aad Tha olj Ct, mi itouht. it Ik. tnkania a? at f arraa, a- i thut filial ? in c Ikn r?naat|i'*-al r lur-aiati af a. If'I of inlaratl upon'ha Thraa an.Ua H til <llr> l I ha pat t of which thia m mi g i? liwtj | ml ik- N 'ta * n 01J | Ktrkn|iiir RitU at* aft. 41 vrvaw" ? ; t? >? R m u *0|. la Ma. piratium , and Bank W l.ujtaa J *? k IM to l?7 Tha Foratjrn Vo^k F.crha*(a haa ataaaiad ratk-t awa? Clint) to-dav ; t-tiantaaa hat inj ha-an i a*oor"4 hi amral of tha Bond*. Mi mrau B'o. k haa i*an at ?ij M ' malan ara Arm at IT l?| Tha B-m '- ? I 'f* art for aoina food arrouittt from la. Bau-a' ?- ' " "* carealy hopn thai any raoiiltatica* a ill ha a a ?. ?' ,? for a ima'l dirl !aod. for a ton* na?a t at Rpanttli ar flat aa lT| f. ?ar Ik# atMaO ttaafc Thira htva hoaa no triak hUotJttant at lha ia? ihin p? i I ccnla uji'Iii thia Bout- Dtnnk dak ui(i"'.i I al 4tattji Ll>. Pile* Twt Cent a. Oiitrh Ave per cenU " ? loty , Port ngueM- converted it M H Brazilian at d.1 , and Bueuoa A) m at -ti. That the p>-o|{re<>e of tho commercial internma agxniai Orat B'ain i* tnenifezt iu the lollowing Uat at taritti paaavd a ill,in one year:? We kh ill enumerate the hoa fie tantin th ?' have b*eo paa*e-l, nn their revpectirr dale*, and a id 'h- hrielvet pontile explanation of their bearing on fciu^liati con* nerve. 1. The Knaaian Tarilf, iaatied in November. 1*41. by which the.lot) on wonted or woollen gonda aiul mined lb. to onr silver rouble unci *6 copecks, ('hat is, I rum 3. A 1 to At 3d |mt lt>. English ,) the now duty is from MS to SOU per cent od valorem : printed (foods are prohibited. Tt?* King of Prussia, during hi* laic visit to St Petersburg, in duced the En>|ieror to issue a more lavorable ukase for the products ol Prussia. 3 The Portuguese Taritt, bearing date the 13th of December. 1AII, b\ which the duties on English woollens were raise t irom WU rets pt r Ih. to 6oO reis per Ih. The Inter is et|Ual to an ltd valorem dntv ol 41 per rent on the average qaalitietol cloth sent to Por'ngal. Before I-17 (in which > ar the taritl w as raised) the duties w. re only almut 111 per cent ail valorem (though nominally 16 per cent) A favorable taiiff is now in course ol negocialion. 3. The Trench Tarid hearing date the 96th June 1943 ; hy which the dutiea on English linen yarns and lln-ns were doubled, and made almost entirely prohibitory?this being by far onr largest branch of export to France. 4. The Belgian I arilf, issued in July, 1942 ; by which theduty on English linens and linen yarns was isited to the same prohibitory rate us the French duty, in obedience to the dictation of France, and with a view of preventing the smuggling ol English linens and yarns into that coun try through Belgium 6' The United States Tariff, bearing date August, ISA3 j by which the duty on woollens was igised fiom 30 to 40 percent ad valorem,on worsted goods from 90 to SO p r cent, and on cotton gonds ihe duty wa? made nominally 10 per cent, hut on aonie kinds of goods It i< in reality Irom 100 to 900 per cent ad valorem, and on many kinds of Cotton*, woollens, and other gooJ?, the duty will b# prohibitory . 6. The Oerman League Tariff, passed September, 1843 ; by which the duty on one ol the latgest branches ol our expoiti, namely, wo'sted goods, figured or printed, if raiswd from thirty dollars to tilty dollars i er cwt., so as to be in many ca-es prohibitoiy . and by which theduty on quincaillerie or hardware is increased probably fllty dot* larspercwt Ai d it is not improbable that next month the Brazilian Tariff may he iaised very greatly , the Brazilian government having given notice to that effect; but we hope this aevere Idow will be averted by the concessions which Mr. Ellis, the special minister lste y tent out to Brazil, ia emnowered to makeon the >ugar<iutli a. Thus within a lew mniitha a great part of the civ.lhed world haa declared remtpercial w ar against us! Russia, Portugal, France, Belgium, the United States, and the U< eat U rrnan l.cague, inc iuaing rru.aia, cava is, raxony, Wsitimbnrg, and several tmaller Mates! And it ia not certain that Biaxil may not toon be added to the num ber. It will he aeen at the firat glance that theae, in many reap, eta, prohibitory ?ti'iei, are imposed by the gove n. menta concerned, not nuri I* Inr the take ol revenue, bu to i ncouraga home maiiuiartuiea. Thk Ciia.v Taxor?The tiade in wheat aeema at length aliout -o take a turn ; indication* of an impruv, d He man I have manifetted thcm-elves at ?evetal ol the I cud in. provincial matkrtaheld during the werit, and ? me degteeol eonfi lence aeema about to le re tortd. It ia now very g. in rally acknowledged, that no real ground tkiitl lor anticipating a fuither I eduction, and It T? even main'aim d (in which opinion we fully coincide) that tha depiea ion in pi ice* hat already gone below the point w ananted by circnuialBncaa. Tlw virgin of the panic w a? iiinloubteilh the extraoidinury fine w eatber e*j ei|. ei.ced duimg the gna'erpait ol the aummer.canting ao gieal an impiov ement in th giow irig crop- at o lead to anticipation- of a good haivot, where ti. lore a n.o-i mi triable crop wa? rxpecied. t he alt ra'ioii pmduced dur iog June. J .ilr , and Au*u?t, w ai md. d ? ondei uI ; a d no'hing lint lhi? tould hnV- raved tie country from t ha gn atett divtie-a. Eulv in the spring, the w bee' on the aiotind wore a matt in.iii'rrent aspect, being ituj where d flciFut in )dant ; ai d we are mil di?po>ed tothink, nutw iibv'Hii ina 'l.e admirable matin i in which the bulk of ' lie ciop w at rerined,'ha*, in (toint of tpianti'y tne original dele I wat never wholly recovered, and that the y i id yer acre has been a good leal exaggeratv d. Another canto ul the rapid and Continued tail in prieea w at the ma,mm.da of ihe importations and the reb ate ol to large a quantity ol foieigu wheat out of bond abou' the tame timethai ?up? pile, ol new of our own growth w ere beginning to make tinir appearance Evei on ihia point a little explantii n may nol be amiaa , lor large aa the receipta from abroad have been, they hav. not ao greatly eicrtded tkoteot formet y cart aa 'O atToril a sufficient reason for the extra rdi nary fall which has taken place in the value of the arti c e 1 be woalhi r hat, tinre our latt. been very lav ore hie or w beat-tow mg and other out door latio' ; ih- run Inch fell ia the e irl) p irt of the w ek l avi g tupplied the toil ?itn t'ie nervt-ary dvgr e ol ne-ittu . ; in mtra II).('i. t ut cum have tieen brought lorwaid n; mo?' of " tlieto > n* in the di-li ct*. No m <t. r *1 imI i.iov. m-m -rem*, how*, r, ?? j ft t>> h.ivr taki u pin. e to t thf il. in* d; and. ut om>' of tin- If dit>K mHik.u i <hu mi iImu.I cuUulie-, tmine ol u Qnt ha* i n- <1 to en.I*. In many part! ofthe conntij , the r |.|?iave > liem vfaii ling for aome tune for ? ant if wa'er : himlilticu t) h. probably, in tome degree. in*, n removed In (lie lieuvy ihuwmioii Tueiday ; Bud, ao noon a> noil ran - ? generally re-commenced, the inquiry lor whe?l may lia i m-orted to augment?Mark I jam Erprnt. I.ohduiv Makkcti, Nov. 8.?Money continue! i xtremrI v abundant, durount being obtainable at 2 per cent; hut, I though pricea of molt article* of produce are low, no dia|M>aiiion i* ahown to purrhaae on apeculation, and with acarcrly an exception, conaumen and exporter* have tieen the only buver*. The aoclt <>f Canada Aihe* i* reduced to 897 barrel* Pot and W-J Pearl; the maiket i* dull at 77* SI and 77a per cwt. We have no United State*' here, hut Prarl would probably tie worth 36a 6d to 37*. in *mall quantie*. Vfy little doing in Cochineal , weqaote Mexican *11. vera 8? 61 to 4*. and Honduraa 3* ad to ft*, while hlack* are ? ortli from A* to A* 4d tor the former, and 4* 3d to 6a for the latter 8'ock, 2,183 bag*. Sheathing Coppe may be ha4 at 10.1 per lb. Mote bu>ine** wa* done in Cotton latt week, at *otrewhat did. r uricei, but (ince the receipt of the advice* per Columbia, the maiket baa become quieter, and ra'her mere inclination to aell haa been manifested. Price* of Tant are with a fair dt-m jid, but good* continua much neglected. The Corn market ha* ihewn little algn* of improvamen> , indeed, prirea of w heat are again rather lower.? The duty haaadvanc d to 19* perqi. Oood red wbeata are aellint trom 4;* to 45? per qr. In Flour nothing doing : it i* quoted from 3*1 to 37* per barrel, duty paid, and iOi to 33* in bond. Hide* in fair demand. ' Ml. i nnat.urg clean llrmn ?81 10*. The iblpmenl* from Ht Petnaburg to tho United State* to 28ih Sept. (O 1 * I were 1418 ton*, ot all ?ort* (ol which #80 clean,! sftinvt l*?o Ia.t year (?l which, 100* clean ) Manilla ?34. 1 Ruaiil. Ia?n An 1 al CK I Ha ?.l M.r l..n At fLvlk-nhaiaw I.ui. .... . .. M. V. r. ,v.. ... : nothing whatever aioing. Ammcan Lead it wtnied, and good quality, would readily ?Ting Mat 43t. duty paid 1**4 K.nglith it offering at ?17 par ton, and Mitaourl it tint .It-able at the moment; *t quota it relatively ?l4 ItH Kntore prtree will depend on (he dema d tor Ruaeia, India, and China In Kroner, ?ha ttarcka are large. Oil Lintrad Oil M? S.I. |>tt cwt., and vety little mak t*>g k'or wpetm thrrrtja no enquiry at pretent, aa the Re* inert hold olf untilthe evpee *-at rupplira arrive ; the lmt t.le of Holy Oil wet at ?79 p< r tnn. and H*adat?-A, P<im Oil In rood rrqnett at III to ?11 lot per tnn. Lard Oil, tf ot bright claai, aualit) , woul.l be warth ?19 to ?44 per ton. lor g prme , the littty it W |ier rent. ad. Vialori m. Prtni'imi Ameriran Beef it diltirnlt to aril nt 41a to , er l.trrel , w hi<l we hate teen ia objected to, being to iInn H e qnatrgOnd batrel Pork 41a to 60. per I arrel twib to-ing ? per cwt abd 6 p< r cent. I here it no tale lor Hamt ei Bacon hare, ani unly tha trot1 qadrtr otiid *Boid o par ibr duty of lit pet cwt, ' Pic hi. i Pttih ? well rn-tay nndd let anal Ma?would nigaaa.i#M- p-rrwt. Duty paid ift< per cwt. ami I per rant f .n.ltaa Rn r , B ngal aalla alow ly, at Ba II to 14- < (eifyaht in lair da atai.d at Ma a J?t #1. Block 1MB Mate V ni l We 'nil at 14 w Prardti| Y ' rtl'te dcelj M in |l on the apot e a** I. t|.t? a e.ieetr . ?tncfc, dtiil caaka. Nouh A . ta ta ttnlil n? li) bmgl?-4' I i, ' b i e b. ei no pit. i |a a of Tea, and hrtiirhl ' an - |'ita( ; "e I I ' ma an', fa MH WO lot a a n-t M II awti the atta Ia4 Mat* 14. I tie aa It ill 1 a .< ? e n b Id at Sfa, while Strain , w i ia eh. it It aw tA- ia i J. | e rial Iik I in.n, * be* been 'an g in Tobacco alnce our la win. ii m |iinfttaiiii In price* A lew Sue rip* of | na t "i h tt. b. en *al i' 6| I ? ?,| fi i K* n tt'kt , and Oil I 4; 1 V a it at ith a lew hbd* VitfiM Leat it 4 I I Ire. nt *o h. I*'Si hbd- Vi'iinii and K at, aawd \?4 Mar. I.wd r ..jt.e't*? Ii eii.w It M ft i? it # i p r cw t. Tba 1 la>* a bar he* w ane-iIt to the dtaeett. Lata e atcit I tiki. So* f ?kl'liotteh the war* I I' b?* aw . an|*r.'ltelt qn|e? during the paat nt'nth, I a id tat) ' w ii.B avti.l t ai ec? hate i*en In in t*' to pttr! rt. .? tb- .1*., tetetti pir*, aanittt 11 f*' hbd-- ft 0 t .v. |r . tf.i I#' et,wr*a??e. t?d 4. oi homa fade rb? at ?*t id rrr ,1.1 le-cttp ia? I' Iwmg nil, i I 'ft k?l lk? . tmr> ml pr*r <?l lirffKM, re ,-' t#r MnawrifiOO ??m??l)il|.ill soil ' ? ar> > p- >.? ttrn < arena *1 (wf Ik thc*??f la I ymmr w,i r" " ? epprarI k* t A-im in?w?'?i>i ibr >r .t~ j a b?-r bei an-l tb? ir lmme.liat? I 1? n ' R ,..rl. mm If u# > I" of the |>rama nt 1 "Op tariff ??r> end reeo?-l aroonots have Imon I o ( itr*?i on I ?>' oaMUrallel. Iho* ? o lB'lorc.1 lo at. ? ' m * he?? ii nella d- no ? lo lb a rmff all) circular..! at tbie |mr|. ?> Tk ? *> afehiit 11,414 ai 'hia I -a I. ' )?" \ '? a,|re n-rt epaaar of 440 I f *' t" >4 l I Hi iif, fompoaeat of na-r ?' I <i ->aaf|. ao tatnpa, a fata h lgabrada for i *> at 'h. r?-M for th bnnaa ?n? I . Th- market, ? . ' mar '? t a'bw moia ftn K?-it, k bifi ealr ka>a hw takoo bar rai?.netlnn, < tae 'or on ra r k ta 'cr ,?* -arpella errir al lj<1 a 4| *? hare kail an ,i?a|.r?.?.-d .1. mm I lo mat an<l < aa4?-arf laalo a an lao l-4lM< It knfiliro'a |i ika ?r'aai tR <k> at? <lar<ai tbr maai.ih a? ore a,o..ia'i ?< M?raa L? f 4 a < km- aoaa baa horn >?? mi r. >| a I bfrnar a > i> wt'h aae/ert mea io> ? b rr .1 ? ># ha-a ? haat r>pir i|aalilaa llaaalta I l(> k-Ttia Vaail baa >a>a aro aa*ala (o> rapaaa dear ipriorta ?H I *lt-la> la auo and foel?y, and arafkl -air- bar. bp n ??. 1 for kail MI atari? maraeram at a raataactwa on |W>f?aa |?lcaa, i *aia|, m |rrM oiamn, to aar praarot boa*) Mock,

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