Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1842 Page 1
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T H1 voi. vi?i.?* >. an ?wimu *>, THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except Now Year's Jb)" and Kourthof July. Price ? cents per cop>?or >7 36 per annum?postages paid?r??li iu advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD-published erery Saturday morni.'.gt? price 6J cent* per copy, or $'* 13 I""" annumpost ges pai i?cash in aJvuace. ADVERTISERS are inform-d that t'ue circulation of the Herald i? over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last. It hat the circulation of u-.y jtaper in tint city. or the leor/d, and it I here'ore, the betl channel for buiinetr _ _ .--.I. Prirwl ?h in u.l vauce. NEVV VOHK LANCET, published uetkly, price 1JJ ceuU per tingle copy?S cents by the quantity. The price of thit valuable periodical haa hitherto been too cheap, in comparison to it* Utility, intelligence, and workmanship. It has, therefore, been advance 1 to per annum for one year?lor a half year?or I'd J cent* per tingle copy?cash in advance, and postages paid. REVULU riONARV RELlCs, or Letters addressed by distinguished men to George Clinton, formeriy Go* vernor of New York, during the revolution, and lirtt pub. lished by p'rmission of his grandson, Col. Beekman. A beauulul octavo edition in Humbert?price 1-JJ cents each. THE ATHENEUM, a New Monthly Journal or American and Fohkion Literature, Science, ano the Fine Arts?Each nemher adorned with a beautiful en graving?price only lij cents each. PRIN TING of all kiuds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoFRiETon or the Herald Establishment, Northwest cornel of Fulton and Nassau streets. To Art vert Isers, For the information of business man and of the public generally, and aa a guide in the selection of the best channel for a lvertising, we place before our readers the following facts',:? New Yore Herald' ) SuK Orricr, N. Y., \ Or tick, Nov. 1, KM*. \ Aug. 39, 1843 ) Messrs. Perssk Ik Brooks : Mr. H V Butler:? Gentlemen:? Ma.? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Oltice, No* York Office, N Y., Jii e hundred i 7 .it) reama per week of the name of paper per week, lor email fixed paper -23 >133? fix mouth* from the lStii of forthe. D iily Herald. Octobur, 1342, to ke of thia Also 60 reama per week of quality, aire and weight, the the Urge fixed 32 X46 for the same to be paid for in cash Weelxly Herald,forone year every two weeks from this date, to be of quali- M. Y. BEACH, ty equal to this specimen? I accept the alxive order, Payments to be made each and agree to furnish the pawerk in cash, in full for that per accordingly, week. H. V. UTLER. If JAMES G BENNETT. Aug. 31,1812 - We accept the above or- Witness, ,\1. S. Bf.ach derand will deliver it as directed. PERS-E & BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street. /amis Rows, < Witnesses. Samufl Bemax, ) By these documents it will be perceived that the circu lation of the New York Herald, is nearly double that oj the New York Sun, and that it is, consequently, so much the more an eligible channel for all kinds of advertising onrl hiicinoan nntir.Afl. Not a further word is necessary to satisfy the public. JAMES O. BENNETT Father Miller's Great Camp Meeting Is now published in a splendid EXTRA HERALD, in the quarto form, being a full account of each day's proceedings, for ten days, of the Second Advent believers, in Newark, including their sermons, songs, prayers, 8tc., tog'ther with the sayings of the Rev. Mr. Brownlee against them ; illustrated with three beautiful engravings, a portrait of the Prophet, and several scenes on the camp ground. Trico cents pur copy?or 4 Cunts by wholesale. Newsboys look out. This brochuri exhibits human nature in a new, racy and original shape, far superior to all the flimsy fictions ol'Boz It is fact, more wonderful than fancy. MUSTARD FACTORY.?J. COGSWELL haa removed from lit All" u to 127 Roosevelt s?n 't, second story of store occupied bv Mr. W. Pr> uti>s. coffee v d spice dealer, wheiehe is preitared to fu.niilt lite article it sh.trr notice ai d liberal credit, i ui up in any style. H Iris itrd families supplied with ail elegant article. Also, country mustard. q29 I in* r Magazines & periodicals for November. A Godey'? LadietB ?>k, <i aitam't Magaziu*-, Ladies W 'rid el" Fashion, Yrui.u Peoples' Book, Boston aud B> alley's Miscel'suy. Hlc \ Farm House of the XIX century, Willi more than 2MH) rouras'nks ; Biblical Journal aud Christian Family Magazine, rilitrd by he Re*. H. R 'od arid D. Newell ; Temperance and other Almanac* : the IC.inbow and Radient, a ne w humorous and witty journal, well calculated to pleaae the live-1y and gay. All of which will be sold at wholesale and retail, and rfiner who buy to sell agaiu at a lower rate than can be obt lined elsewhere. N. B.?Kilty agents wanted to circulate magazines, period) cals, Uc. A. J. SEXTON, N?. II Beekman, nA Imr corner Naaaan. WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Wine oud Comnusaion Merchant, No. i New street, one door front Wall street, has on hind. aud is daily receiving, choice arncles, and offers them st moderate prices, lor ca,n or city acceptances, tie offers for sale lot) hhds and smaller package* of Lomeline Madeira Wine 10 casks M Jmsey Vintage, of III ltd, 25 casks Port, pure juice, thn beat in the m >rftet, 47 caska Browu, Gold aud other sop* nor Sherries, 21 cwks Heneney, beiguette and Otard Biandy from London D icks, 10 pipe* Holland Gin, part Swan brand. Hi lined Loaf, Lump, anil Crashed Sir-art, from the beat Re line ties, for which \v. A. Carter is a.-cnl. 1)0 baskets Champagne, Anchor, aud other choice brands. W. A. Cart.-r u also gem-mi agent for the Wi-h-ui house of Lomeline. of Madeira, uud takes orders for their celebrated Wines, of cverv ?ge or unality reuiiirrd. VA&BLE TILES. STEEL, PEPPER, CLOVES, fcc. 300U Italian M .rble Tiles, whi. e aud bine. 2U bagi Sumatra Pepper, 11 hags real Bourbon Closes. 30 k< gs imported White Le-d in Oil. 2) biles Milan Ste* I in small birs. * Altoaa <uMortment of Tojmu, Aqua Marine, aud Other precious Stoues for lewellrrt. o?4 lm*> GROUND SPICES AND COFFEE AT THE HOPS MILLS, l< Markelfield street,, between Broad and Wbilehall, late 367 Elizabeth street, New York. Office 130 Froul at Conaiantly on hand, at the lowest market prices and in rbe n?i?l vsriecr of i .achates. mTf tm*m TO FAMILIES OOINU SOL 1'H, to the Welt Inuiea 01 Kur.)|*-?A re>i*ctab!c female, 34 yearn of age, withes to obtain a perinantntsiluitionas seamstress, in a genteel lamily. She wonld prrtergoiug to Europe, yet would accept ol ' good offer to go south or to rhe West Indies. The best ol relerenres given. Address A. A. A. boa 764, nppnr Tost office, N. York. slOr UGLIEST MAN ACADEMY.?The subscriber would re-Cs sprclfully infirm iheLsJiesaud Ueiitlemen of New York and tiro .klyn, that he hasoiienrd an Academy, (in that large ?"H comm.minus building formerly known as the Ka|uestriau ll.icli.uige or Cook's CiiCus, 408 Bowery, on Vauxluill U irdrn) for the instruction ol ladies and gentlemen in that healthful and uecrt*.,ry accomplishment, the act of horn mau?hi,. in all its branches. The Acaueiny is lurniihed with dressing and sitting rooms, and every convenience lor the comfort ol pupils, aud the strirtiwi r? 'aril 10 rcsjatcahility will he adhered to. w d nas arrangements with Mr. \V. J. Davis, one of Ihc o'dcvt professors from Europe to take cliarge of the same, and llawers mmaelf that the enterprise will meet with the approbation and eucu-'uragemrnt of a liberil rublic. Terms anil particulars may be ascertained on application as abovr. The omnibus and cars pass rvery five minutes during the day. o31 Iro re ^ W D DISBROW, Proprietor. ?4r?KANC18'B PATENT LIKE BOAT" has been tested A the past four years in acTuaL SKkvicg, and by espcrimen! as follows Manned and thrown from the deck o a steatnhoat while under way ; dropped endwise from the stern ol a 71 ; loaded to the gunwale Willi iron and stones, with the bottom | stovs in ; turned by loree upside down and resisting the eff.irts of 11 men to keep her so : Upset bv her passengers and r> ceiviug them again inside and treeing herself from waier : bottom stove in bv I sliding on a rock v shore and then rowed oat to sea; lauding ill a surl, when all o.liei boats swnm|>rd ; taking crew' and piasciwers from a wr> ck in a storm st sea, with the Imjw rtovr ill Slid plugs out ; b ardtng a wreck witn the bo-t xn broken open ; leaving a sinking wreck full of passengers, With the sea breaking irom end to end ; making way across s coral res I to a wrick slid bringing off Hi iHtssrngtrs, leaving the ordinary boa sswami*d , thrown from rite deek of a ship endwise aud ivinv tl persons ; sides and bows broken through and bot'.mi stove in aud rowed in deep water, Jtc. aud finally blown up by ssubmsriiM esploeion, ami then agsin mam rd and rowed as before. JOSEPH FRANCIS, Office No. 7 Wall St., at Adams It Co.'s Kspress Office. >1 lair . DOCTOR ELLIOTT, O C ULIST* AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, Confines hi* Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office Ml Bn?dw*i. corner of W,>rren tlreet. n? linr IMPORTANT DISCOVERY in Camphinc and tli>uic?i 1 Oil Lamia, warranted (o hum at onr hall the etprtur of either nil r go*.?The difficulty which ha* hrrntofdar eiiaied in trtmmng Camphine Lemptis now entirely obviated, by meant of a Moveable Cap and other important improvement* which my! intpection, will (aii*f> the pnhlir that they call now obtain * Camp tuperior ro any now in n*e?will bum without *muke oi mell?prodace an ritual and ttetdy light in all direction*, and regnlatrd by a tingle acrew movement. Al*?>. an Improved Tuloi'* Lamp. Camphioe, Chemical CHI, and H|*riu, maim factored upon an improved syaiein, wholesale and retail, de livered to any part of the city, from the Old Ertahlithsd Stand of OKORUK MICHELL, o'9 1m*tn i Catherine tireel V7AN NORDfcN 8 WRITIMJ AND BOOK-KEEPING V ACAUK.VI V i* now o, en, til llroidway, ?no floor. lot th' lice, tinn oi puplle, wheie ail aiquoe Van Noidrn'* beancifiil e,*tetn i ( rtHimaimlMp iu very thort liint, and write witli * **, grace a d tlegance. M Van No den I* now prepared In give instruction in Rook K cp ha "pon pi n eniiiel, lew a d vin.ilv tract! al Uu ling ine mouth's invirofllfoo th* popila'emally open, balance and clt ae, maclicaili, from 2ti to 30 sit of hooka l". r n* very mo-'eiate. Honrs oi instruction I torn 9 A. M. till 4 P. M., and fiom ( ti 10 in the evening. The Ladies mm daily al 3 P. M. nUlm*r I E N E1 NEV Afnw.uA ?8* orleans! LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKET8. Mk. ??h }t?&. Ml Mt Por fhc j t c?>iiiiri??(Tiii. u oi ship, ? i... it ii n?i*reh n ?lup frotii thu port on l?i?- 1u, 5ihf Uih. *h i, and >t.< >>t racri txtoitfh, comiimucui* the i.n'i October aiiu c ntiun ?* 'li ii \Uyt win :; r? ^u!-i Jv. s will ' # ljipothled for the i< :.Ai(<Ur*r ,)f thf year, urht-reoy krr.U iKUyi ainl tlittppoiiirratnu T.1 auriiif tho ^uw?r aoBriM, Tm Mtoviiu ?tap? w?il com hit-ucc (hi* arr.iu^tiiu .il ? Skip \ V^OO. tin Cornell. ;? (M ONCE < i-t tin l ick " MISSISSIPPI. Ci|tUiu Hillwrd >?np LOUISV ILL&, Captain Huur. Ski, SiiAivSPfcAUE, 1 di'Mni M lit: Slit]- OAST ON. Capiiiu Latlnun Ship HUNTSVlLLK. Cuptaiii Muint'ord Skip OCMULoEK, C-ipuiii Lf-virt Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Snip ME Mr HIS. Captain Knight. Shv^> LOUISA, Captain Mullori. 1 hv** wrrr all built in Hie city 01 .Nrw Yor*, i'\j u'w for i>ackfU, an? of light draft of water, have recrutlv bven t wly jK-rt'd itrd put in ^ilendid order.with accommoiktiou* or pftftfteajter* uiH*<]t**l!rd lor comfort. They art* commanded '))' ckrrriruccd iiimu^ib. who will make cfery exertion to gift /riierai iiiialiictioo. They will at all times be towed up and lOwn the Mississippi byatrmnboHts. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsilt for jewelry* bullion, precious stones, silver or plated Wart r for .iuy It tiers, parcel 01 jiackage, scut by 01 put ou hoard oi Jit in, units* regular bills of lading arc taken for the same, and he value theieuu expressed. # < '?! freight or p.u>^gv, awdy fc. K. COLLIN'S At CO., South St.. or ULTLLIN Ik WOOD HUFF, Agent in New . int. who will i mmptly forward all goods to their add ess. The snips of this lute art warranted to sari ounctuall) as ad/erlised, <0111 great cart will be U?kcn h> have tfie goods cirreciV measured. m? OLD LINE LIVEKPOOL PACKETS. 'UK OtuUNK of Packets mi Liverpool will Hereafter bi despatched iu the follow mc order, excepting that when til' i.ty of soiling UU oil Sunday, tne ships will . til oulhe succeed in; day. Km New York. For Liverpool The SOUTH AMKlllCA, I June I July IS 616 tou.. < Oct 1 No* 19 D. ( . Bailey, ( Feb 1 Mat 19 The ENGLAND, I June 19 Aui; 7 750 tons. < Oct 19 Dec 7 U. L. Waite ( Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 AuS 19 800 Urn., < Nor 1 Dec 19 J. llathbone. ( March I April 19 I'he EUROPE, (July 19 Sepl 7 610 ion.,, < Not 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshal f Mar 19 M ly 7 The NORTH AMERICA, C Aug 1 Sept 19 613 tons. < Dec 1 J .in 19 A B. Lowbrr.r April 1 May 19 Hie NEW YORK, (Au? 19 Oct 7 900 ton , ( Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropiwr.r April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, i Sept 1 Oct 17 850, (Jill 1 Feb 17 W. C Bsrstow.f M-y 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, I Sept 19 No* 9 700 ion., < J,in 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. (May 19 Ju|y 7 Puuetu tlily, is tegards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage on! ward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars. lor which ample stores of everv description w11,1 be provided, tilth the exception of wiucx and ihjuors, winch will be tumished l>\ the siewaids. GOODHUE U CO , 61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Bui ling-slip, N. Y. je2j_lyh_ BARING 11 RQTHERa U CO., L'pool. NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. 8ailing to .tud from Liverjiool, Weekly. ULu tnaTABLIs!l!!5l^'ASSA(>t. UP FICE, 6ISuffilH STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrengementx for the year 1642, ap|iears be lope his friends with sentiments ol sincere respect lor the able aup|airl lie has iwceived for many years past.? He likew ise wishes to call [he attention of those intending to send lor their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that the) can at all times be accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool^ as well as t>> ail I (lie well know n illiferent lines of packet shi[is, sailing to and Irom Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, I3tli, 19th aud 25lh ot each month throughout tile year. It has always beeu the atmiy of the ubscncer to have the emigrants shown civility, and desi>atcht*d without dt lay, and those w ho send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attention will begivun by the Liverjtool agents to those sent lor, as well as all w ho may embark with them, and shouid any of those w hose passage has been paid not cm* >ark, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscribe! feels a pleasure in making known the differ t in sines by which his passengers came out during the last year, which has giv?*n general saris!action, and that he lias considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1612 The following is a list ol ships ? Shij* Scotland, Robinson. Shi|m Alabamian, L?ne. Kan held, Wilson. i'riutice, Hopkins. Kiaiikfort, Russell. Tyrone, S|?e ire. Russell Glover, Howes. Wales. Watts. Hiberuia, WiLon. Westchester. Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Chdds. Cliltnn, liiKersoll. St. Cloud, Emerson. Loui die, Allen. New York, Nivrn. SobiesUie, Kuierson. Warsaw, Oiiffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding, raiiiliea, Goodmauson. Robert Tsaacs. True man. Virginia, Inst on. Europe, Baleheldor. S. JeukiLu, Seymour. A free passage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot and, can also he secured, and dralts furnished for any ainouut, payable at ike National and Provincial Bn ki of Ireland and their res|>eclive branches, and also on Messrs. J. Jk W. liobiti* sou, Liverpool, which are paid free o'm any charge, throughout hi- United Kingdom. For further iiaiticnlars vi?j?|y to JOliN HERDMAN, 61 Soulh street, or J. Hi W. ROBINSON, 16 Goree Piazzas,and sul6 No. 1 Neptoue su, Waterloo Hock. Liter|x>ol. i^""" ^ lifepacivETS HJu j>iARSElLl>?.a? x lie unde llii, UIIUU.U I him o ill b.' H^ul.irly i)i?|i?l< h> il irutn lu-uce an I troin Marleillr, ?u (be ltiofeacli niunlli duriin,- the texr, Lhu*? From Ni ? Yoik. >1* it ill.;,. MINKRVA. Tapt Brown, Not i. Jtn 1 H'KY THOMSON, Cap Sylvctt r, Dec I. Keb 1, Caul Dux.u, J ?u I. .Mar I TRESCO TT, Capt Liwrence, Feb I. A,li HUULESt't >.NT, Ca|.t. Adam,, M*r 1. May 1 COKlOCANUs, Cay ildilr, Juu I Thi-y a if ml c ip|>. rr? *u<t copper fa,trued,and have excellent accornuimtauons lur p .aaenxer. Tin price u| cthin pMsme will be $100, exclusive of w net toil tlt,u<m. (Raid, addrced to BOYD St HINCKKN, the a gent,, will be forwaideii free if other thi.Ke, .hau tliu.e actu illy paid. For freight or jutaraKe uppiy t > O. OKI HI VI 8C l/U.| or 10 o22r BoVO & HINi.KK.N, Agents NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. n? uilfrom New York ou the 25lli and Liverpool ou the lJtli <1/ each m?nlh. affiS tiify KhoM \rW \ t)KK. Sh'p GARIUCK, Captain VVm. Sktddy, 25th October. Shin R08CIU8, Captain Juhu Collins, 25th November. 8hi|. MIDDONS L'iiuui K. B. Cobb. *>lh l? eeniher. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyatri, UUi January. Know I.IVV.KPOOI.. Ship BIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, ISlh October. Ship SHKitlDAN, Captain K. A. D< peysier, IJtii Novem'r. Ship OAllltICK, Captain Wm. Skiitdy, 13th December. Slop ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, lilh January These ships are all ol the first class, upwards ol luiiOtoiu. bmlt n the city of New York, with sach imiirovements as combine (real speed with unusual comfort for isuseugeri. Every carr vat been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations The price of paaMge hence is S10U, for which ample stores will je provided. These shi|>s are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every esertiou to five general satiafuemn Neither lite captaina or owners of the shipa will be rrsponaiale for at y letters, parcels or iiackanes sent by thcin, unlesa regular b 'is of lading are signed therefor. For Height 01 passage, apply to K. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South St., New York, or to WM. k JAS. BROWN it CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets w ill be cl srged 12% ci-nrs per tingle Serf; SO cents per onnee, and newspnpers I eent each. o) FOR LONDON?heart oi 20. h N v -The kjrw*>Vndi I fati sai'tug pact et ship HE viDttlCH HUuJUMKi^O.a Caot Morgan, will sail punctually us anove, her m guiur day, and having acc-mmndations lor-cauiu, aveotid cabin and stremge passengers, supe 10' u> snv other |>acker those wishing 10 secure births should m<keeiriy application to W.k J. T. TAPSCOTT, t? Perk slip, or j2 Sooth street, comer Jones' I inc. Personv wishing to send Mr their frirnds can h ve them hr night out in this ship or au> of the line, on rrasniiable u in, and drafts for any amount t>a> able ou demand witiioi ' discount cvn a|so he ohi? n- d on application ss ahovc 11 2 *Aar ~BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL fq yjlV Packets.?The only Regular L mer that gars on ihr JtMMHfaw'9 h Nov.?The remsrkanlr fast sailing fivoiite packet ship iSOKTH AMERICA, Captain Alfred B. Imwbrr, will sill positively on Saturday, the l!'th of November, her regular day. The accommodations ni this line fiir cabin, 2d cabin and strtrage iwssengi rs, are niuurp ssed by any olhet line or ship loading tor the above pOit. Korftrinsof psnv;e and toseenre the l>est beiths. early applicvtion should be made on board, foot of Berk-nun street, or to the subscribets, ROCHE BROTHER* it CO., 18 r 55 Kul'on -f, nest door to th- Fulton Bank. PACKET FOR HAYMF?* ec'iiid Line?The r.hip wnW BALTIMORE, Edward Funek. Master,will sail on ISbafa ihe 1st of December. BOYD h IIIMKEN, n2 1 No. 9 Tomiiir buildings. KK.T KOR MAft*KiLI.K?The 1.1|. UK nf?TjfVltV THOMPSON. Sv I Tealer, mulrl, will tail on MMBfathe lat December K..r f'e i*ht or naiaajm app.y to BOYD a HINCKEN, Agent*, I gr 9'I'o linr B uMinrt. win I tlNnON?P. kn I-Hflth Not.?TheallienFlMffaVriid. f?? railing, iiacliei >h |i HKNUKICK HI DMMMltosON, Ca. lain Morgan, will tail | uuclually Hal) >fr Iter tegular day^ and baa eery su|ietior accommodationi for cabin, to, ond cabin, and steerage uasaCBgera at rtatonablc ratea, if early application I r mule to or 52 South at, cot Jour*' Lane, Peranna within* to aen,| ftir their frieui't, r?u have them brought oat in tin* thip, or any of the regular liue.on raaaona Mr Dr<if(> lor any imnuut payabl' on d' iiiaim , with* out discount, on all loin ol England, Ireland. Scotland and '.Vairs, can aire be nbtaiuedon appll* ation a* above. ulfir ?jfcS" .. rt)R I.OSOlIN ?Regular packet ol the 21 th of fail Billing packet aliio MrjilfaHh.NUKIl K HUDSON, Captain Morgtu, will tail akuva, her rrgular day. Kor oaaaacr iu cabin, aerond cabin, and steerage, hating apUndid accooimodationa, apply to Joseph Mcmuhkav. . .... . ,. , 1,0 P'ti??t., cor South. The above will be aiiceveiird by the packet amp ONTARIO, Capt. Bradith. winch will aail on the lat December. P> ranna to send for thi it frirnda residing in the old country I an h Ite them brought ottt by either of the above ?hlpa, or any ol the rtgnlar packets, by applying ?* above ; if by letter, poat paid. nl5 ae Premium Host rob crotSN wXYER-madr IVniii rtni-na, cuv red With duck, bring p rp red in oui wn ?U|iertor manner, w itli I di.i Kubhei; ia prii'ec.tly water igi I u ,der th gr< at preatu e; ia clear, and ia the beat India Huhbvr H ?e ettanr, Alan t^rsalr, ihe urwly invented Hemp Itoae, ou account of aud at tiia inaoulacturt r'? low eat piicea, n lualililica to auit. HORACE H. DAY, Hnrcetanrtn Rotbttry India Hnhber Company, rleod *r 45 Maiden Lane. U V o V YORK. SUNDAY MOR> SEW JERSEY I?AILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK ANl) NEWARK. frSSB) s3?S '.ire reciut i ci In 43 it ills. Ffomtnr nl CwiitUndt rtrect, Nrw V- rk. (Kverr day?Sunday via: L. avr? Nu? Yoi* Lf4Vr? Nawuk v 9 V M. All I'.M. AtTUA. M. At IX P. M I S 'fa. 4 do. S do. 3*% do. 4* do. 9 do 0 ? .. 7 do. 1 10 do ON SUNDAY f? K oat the I'xit ol Oouitlauot Lr Of .\|-W Yuri, 1.1 .t r .V w.HK. At 9 A. M. iiid tl, e. M. At l?> p. M. and lo P. M. NtCW Y'OtlK, fcUZAUtini TOWN. Lean-New Voru. Leave LliuU-tli Towu. 9 A.M. 7 At. i P.M. |? A.M. I}j " l?k A. M. P. M. ISi M. 3 P. M. 9'< " Tiic tr.tms for WVstfl'ld Plainfleld. Bomidbrook, Somerrille, Sc., eonnt-cr w<th the 9 A M, 3 .MM iHf I' M Irom N?w Vi'ifc, daily, Sundays eic.-jin !. h in br we.-n N. w 3 . ik iinl K-ni iin i?t Tmni .J ... uls. K.trr be wt-eu do .mil Mitiiirrville, 71 nrub. ' Jfivr YORK. RAHWAV AND NEW IIKL'NSWIOK Kan- reduced. Kioto tlie fool of Ldwrty street, daily. Lean New York. L> iv. New U'umwiek. A- 9 A M. 9t 1* A. M. 1*4 I'. M. 7>, 4ft " 12" 9 P. M. On Mondays "be IS' and 7ft A M 'r>|w .nun New Unumw ich nd 2ft P. M.truu ircin New York, are milled, ba c otiwt .il New York .ml s.-v. Uriiuwicli 'J ceu Railway, 10 cents 1" e fare in the 5ft anl 7ft A. M. tntiu from New Oru aarick, and 2ft *ud 'V M. train from New been r. ' uoeil. New York and New Brunswick, to Id cents " Mid llaliway to 37ft " Passengers who im.eure ttieir tickets at tin ticket oilier, re ci?e a terry ticket grai ?. Ticket* are recti scd by tin cot. loci t only On the cay wtieii purchased. null Jn.* WINTER ARR/ NUK ML N'T. NEW YORK AND I'HII.ADEL. ~l ARAILTUAD t.TNE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brnn.wick, ''riiiceion, Trent<>n, Borden town and BuiJinat'?n THROUGH IN SLY HOURS. Leave New York, 110.41 the foot of Libeity street, daily, at 9 A. M and P M. The morning Line proceeds 10 Bordeutown, from theuce by ttea-iiboat to Phil ulelphia. The Kveniim Line proceeds direct to Cundeu, (opposite Philadelphia) without cnatiff* of c irs. P.-usemp-r* will procure their tickets at fh oifice foot ot Liberty street. where a commodious steamboat will be mrtadiuesss. with n-ijf.a^c crUes uu board. PhiUdeii hia ba^aite crates are couveyed from city to cit*, vithout heniK <)j?e jed by the wiy. I&nrh train is provided with t Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dre*siuK rnoins espres-dv for the L*dies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of I Chestnut street by railroad irotn Camden, at 9 oh lock A M.amJ j ) o'clock, I' M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, si*l 4 P M, beitu a con inuatioj of the lines from Now York. 3in r K"A1 7 AND FREKTHT RRDUCRD Bi)V'l 1 ST0S1 v ^ N I) -NVI Wl'OR T ^! iwsed ?f tin' following supeiur sti ninets, running in connection With Utf tilotlinglou ami IV Videncr, anil Boston sod Providence ltailrosil .? MASSAi;HlJ8ETTH, Captain Comsio.-'n. KlIODK ISLAND. Captain IWtr. N AliRAlJANSE'l T, Captain Woobey. MOMKUAN, C ipiain VamlrroilL One of which will !-* e \i * Vnrh daily, (Sundays * ? eepted) from I'ii r No. I, Ncil'i llivct, Battery Dace, at four o'clock, I'. V.. ahhaiwrmf nts The RHODE ISLAND, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for stouniKton. The MASsACiri'SETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, tor S:,m iigtou. Pa?ai-!i;,er> on the arrival of the steamer* at Stoniuglou, may take tin- Railroad Can and inmceed immediately to I'rori -tell.:-- and Ilmniu. Fri iitht fatten -t the following much reduced rate* To Voitiiu, on tiv ib weighing forty puttud* or upward* to he cubic loot, at S j .? y-er ton, ' ' en measurement goods 7 rrita per feet. To Providence, ou hum ircment aoodai cento pit colic out, and specific nr'icles as ivr larif to h nhtained at office SS B iwrtwsv oy It tj n*i NtW YOl?K~AND OuSTUN HAIL UOAU LINE. Via Norwich and Wobcestkr Hailr- ads. v t,'rfPro in ht*r No. I North Auver, B utery J Then# wand splendid stearubod NK W IlriVKN, Captain I J. K. Dustan, will I ave every Tuesday, Thursday and SaturIM MNI .MMi If | h < lt. Passengers for Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of tha above boats at Norwich, and w ill tuoceed without change of car* or baggage. For further information, enquire at the ofli 3D tlie wharf, ou boi rd the boats, or to D. B. ALLKN, 39 Peca slip, upstairs. All person* are forbid trastilMf HQ) OM OlMCOUK 0i UN vbove ootiu oraWiieri. ?I im? FAKE REDUCED. PERSONS (iOLN'O SOUTH. U. /" F.Va?& nLOtbhl) <?n b'ith toe routes from Bslimore to Charleston, by the Cnesapeake Bay, Purtamouti), Weldon, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to < harle?ton, to $23, ine?la on the Bay ooau included , or vii Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weldon, Wil ? mgroit, N. f , ami tlirnct to ( hai Inton, to $.''7, mcnlj extra?in ikmx the fare nu holh routes the same Lveiy rxertiou in m.ijr 1,1 keepthe Railroida and Steamboats Connecting these lines in good o.der, III'I expedite liavd, and make passengers as c nnf >. table as pits sihle. By this nniie yon m?y he xurr of r-a-hinx New OrWns rum New York inni or e whi d ?>' sooner than oiv other line, it an expense unt deciding ?72. E. B DUDLEY, n!7r President W 4t K K. R. Co. BillilSH AM) NOR I'M AviEKILA.b UiltAL HAIL STEAM SHII'S. Of lawo tuna and 110 lionr iiower each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, .1. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O Lott, do ACADIA. A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail froin Boston, via Halifax. FROM t.l V KB pool.. PROM BOSTOIX. { Britannia, Hewnt, Oct 4 Nov I Caledonia, Lort, Oct I*) Nop 16 ( Ac*'ia, lit rie, Nov 4 Dec I I I o'nnibirt, Miller, Nov 19 Dec 17 Britannia, Hewin, D. < I Jan I Passage Money?Kroin Boston to Liverpool, $l.!i? Boston to Halilax ?2f). , These ah>p? carry experienced surgeons. No Bertha aecured , until paid f r. Nor*.?Merchandize and S|>crie (except for personal ex iiense?) shipped under the none of luggage will In. charted as tYeigot, and liable loCustom (louse He rniations. Apply to o5t r 1). B11i?JH A VI JIL. No. :i Wilhst. atd FALL AND WliSTEla A It R A M t E7rI. i ji* MENT.? '1 lie steamboat Itoc viand, will, * "" v* ou and after M tula) , the 3 at ol October, run | is lollowa : leaving Middletnw 11 Point (tide and weather ncr million) at 9 o'clock, ami heyie'ri at 10 o'clock, every Mouthy, Wednesday and Fridty. Rvtu ruing. leave the foot of Rohtu >011 street, New' York, every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at I> o'clock, noon, touching at Sexuiu's Dock earh way Slaves will be in r- nlinvaa to rouvey ivissi ngrrs to any part of the country. All hagcme at the risk of the owne a . V\ Jm'ec STAVEN ISLAND KERR\ 1 b'ont of Whitehall sneel. I ] The ateam boats STATEN ISLANDER mil SA.VSON will leave New York and Statin Island S fellows'? NEW YORK. STATEN ISLAND. 9 *1* I II 10 J V3 1? ' M 4 3 a All ffaodt ?lii['|>?il nre reqdircd to be particularly marked, wil mi a' '>- nrh of the otntn heteof. o5 r ] -***?> ?<t >"K?V ARK~ANT5T .^TEvV V 011K?Knee ?* Oiilv 12.'i tenia?The ?|d< "did and rnmmidi ' jCinJLJL'i'i' at?am?r PASSAIC, Coi Mw Oii.Ty, ' briDK eomplefely and elegantly relillnl, commenced lisr resti- r >t trip" lor the season fin l liaradav, ylareS 10?lr.irir< as fol- t low* ? I Koot of B:rclrr Mow York, at I0}? o'clock,A.M., and 31, I o'clock, r. >1. I Centre wharf, Newark, at S o'clock, A. M. and 1 o'clock, P.M., 9nniU)iiuchdcd. O*" Knight ol erery description carried at rcrinccd prices. ' ol 2m r /"aT FOR ALBANY,' TROYanil Interned.- ' Or?? Jparc I'lacea?The splendid low presmre fleam- .. Tr iHf y hoar HWaI.LOW, t!?| t in a. Mclean, ,| will leave ihe toot of Corilandt ?t, on bouJsy Afternoon, r Nor 20, at 5 o'clock. !T7" Tin- chore is a anhntmthl B ut, fitted op with elecaet ? Plate Boom*, arid for accommod* ion i? nnriralled on the limb J son. _ nl? r , s^Wl *M REGULAR OPPOSITION TO CATS ? g? -n*?|r'r-^s KILL,and inter i ediaJe Lmlinca, wrhout >o? V i Z_bnme*.?R-?nlsr day* from Calltkill, Mon > il.iy?, Wednesdays and k'rldty*. Emm New Jfork, Tneiday*, Thtiradays and Sa'nrdiy*.? Bare to or from Catlskill, 50 criiu. ? Rrriht 26 cenu? Snpner 25 cen'a. I Thr low and flit ate oner WAVE, Captain Vapil rhi'r, will . If ve lloiiiiiMin at i i r Thilradav Nov. I7lh. at five oYInrlt For fiinlH r pertieulara inqaire of the c? tain on hoaid. By r ruiii.iriK on ihe ?a>a'ah i?r named, there will bi daily coin mm,nation between Ctl-kill and New York ( md intermediate placea) for freight >nd|iaaaage >i redoe.ll price*. nSr HENRY SCOTT So. 217 WaterS.7N. V..keeua inhalant ly on bend aiteon . naiort mint of IVklea, Catanpa, Baacca, Vc , Preaervet, Jclli?,, Brandy Fnnta, fcc., wholeaale and re ail. All order! lor AhipyH'ii an I Familiei pnuctnaliy at drd to II ?m?r J " SHIRTS. SHIRTS m?de after the lateet and moit approred Freneb tl intteuui. Co?U, i antaloona, veau, and all nndrr garments, made to-order at ahort notite and in the moat faahiooanlr alylc. Gentlemen's kurniihina Store, t7 and *'l Maiden Lane, New c York. .J1m?r WM rOI.I.INH UHIL ADKLTHIA UAUi VlfrtE-'Tt rE KrTi aBLIt H - \ r MENT, M? aige Uuifliiw Nna. Wi an I 17.?Snliel> Pnr- 1 trtita ukm, from br h*I|>??? *1** to 8 inch in rinrm t> r Fsm l\ ic on|mi of fi .m two to 15 ihm nt on m? | late. Timt of tit- '] Miig 10 *? coud< Con* ant-v on Kami, and f >r **!p, Intro enu of the ?am* 11 rn?#l * usea in the e* abli hnvM ; * to f?Cfr? "ml ,11 other q'n??iU. VV 8i K LA NOt.N U M M tilO lm*r 41 OTHAW WRAPPING PAPeS?2 OU reams a-nw_ paper, ? foraaly hy PF.KHAE It BBOOKA, tl Liberty atreet. . RK fi jlng, November 20. 0M9KM* N0\ VY < OOKINO STOVK0, ke haft * " ?-Vited u ? pre.mams i i 4-y mvti u txc?i>l the American lusiitu ? , New . IviMU >c Mi y have not Ik en exhibited mi any other, but they httve rrccived thit winch carries with itfti re iter weigv, .n?l .,?? ?ks mo ? ft*, dually <?i iu gimd q ...In u .,i * nrly?rii ju-r!> m? riled |>rai e of h iiifiu ?nor to all other S nv by!Mrvui who have u>t d ill'? Vi ry fcti-ve boajiin iu premium-. ^ leiy?Wi.lca S'nvc y%tit consume the le?st fut 1, providing the dralt ii s ? L' -41 > c ,iu regulate t At leisure, l'?t? cue ao eons'rui;* U thai < vrrydiah bri -g cooked c n he brought uear tin- fin*, or t at wh-n admits ?.f only put of th* cooking near the ti r ! Ex m !)- rv v.v Jry Siova, 209 Wa'er *t Is not tint Stove which ^ill * I.mi of the erratest qo ?n'ity ol coo-tin* oa th. i ailrMt h wt , j11<? cook u wi it, with the I-a>?. amount of I, Mit- k?i S:>\ , b it which it may ? L?mk at ihe N v it, a Vc. A,tiu, iv uot t?.o l??av**a of bretJ, baked wih?ut changing, a large tor i y r aut l without moving th" roarer t . a..u ir >, au?t acorietiHiud ug amvuut oi Veiling done u th? ia.< ttno', Hid all dune too, to perfect! iu, A belli r prool of the me.Its o! a Stove ih in a diploma liandc' ><?u h, thee in. ii who have merely looked at -t ami do u t uudt r laud it* principle* us wi 11 ai jo rscll / Ask U?o<e who are utiug tlw Novelty. Whit better proof cau y ti hate o the iiin-iiority of a sbm th nihe liteii?| t oi . II other *to? e tn ?nuta lurm to ro,iy alt**i it f Afilti, com <'- th \ ?vc 11 ?11 ii th latest inn prove mrou. (lioweier, toe print-1, hs of tho Novelti Ci not be lulling*-U upon, for i e puirni law piotecU loal, although (U. y uia> Copy be m? jm ) Tne abort* are i lain qu stion*. nn y th* \ nhlic have ahead am a ered tlieui, by ?i?i g m, No* Itv S'ow th-.* pre IViviice ov r all?t% ? L t a c imnittec ?? I three deride w at ty ay ril 4 Kiir, Wheie uieiif :nu* yield.O mllu nee. We only a*k i loir xtuu 14' mi ?l the N v liy Stuv ? o pi<?o?e t ali at Kisk' Stove lLi?i.tbli?.iiiieui, <109 \V iter it. If vou wi Ii the or inaiy kino* ot M.vcs ch? ap, or have yourhtlU old parlor* huediu lire mo* coono real manner, please cull at KlSK/s UToVfi tsTABLISHMklNT, ub 1 t.r? gQ? Wa tt street. *TOV BS?OVENtt. I'HK Urgvit usortineu oi Stoves of auy house iu New V'ork.?1'neii o? wty mveii -. u Parlor r?.<>. e . etos Uul to bt seen to Or umver* oly oiop eti. It-* iui-'u u>t radiating s?irIn ? exceeds lhal oi tu\ oliivi Mo o uovv i u c? xiuuiti more lire with the 'ousunipti'Hi oi let* luel, man any tor uer luveution It also discharges its own n o i?y a s inpie pioc* sa, withoui ,.>i|iiig o? lodging iu Uus. oo uic iuinituic oi tlu iooui iu which it i> used 1 will be iouiio the ?:li? ?pe*' and id st eCAuoiinca HtOfv vwi brought be! . thi | ? die. AlsCook At ves, uew,?ir igii . x.c. iu all varieties, I rum three doiUrs upw uda kvery ?uici? w m.tilled. iULKi ? PA X'fclNT BtilLhli AND IUON HfcAKTH a an Admirable article?"they c-aii 0e lilted to any at??vc uow in use, oid oi UU' qaai * u value in Lhoiiiug steaks, loa rmg bread, ui i also iu h> stmt' iron I r iioutug clollies, iiney is the invtutor ml <>ole p< utt-e. ti21 lui*r KiLKV Ik VtVKH-^. t3B"Wrr>. NbvV .SlUVtw. SHI?IJARD'a 1'aTtlN I' UfclVCKUEKATOlt. 'jhifc. subsciibe.s *?ile? thiA <JU> t# the public, the o flice and pirlor*i/. of ihi?n' w tud *pl udiJ i?at*-ut s ove. We ask ii in w u' of sloveA to Call .tad exaiAihe It. Ii is by tar, liit most eilicieut utiU too Oinh si sluvc uttered loi a ua.uber o? yen,#, n 4* the approval ol all who have s- en it, and bid* tan to lake the lend ii al' otiins. L .rgei >nes Will b< u rt-adiiK'as iu the course ul a hs d.tjH, lathe mouii lime, th* in luiCli ic Ol lite Aio.r, Can he nee u I ul I >' de v e loo d iu Hie aoZt ibihited. fc, . t.f SliK Alil)> CO. nou s srove warenousv, .v- vv ue? street. N. B.?A splendid a?vitinfoul ol NoU's H uii.itoi 3?u\ c, thouly stove io ilie uiiiivtl utuUic lot w nniu^ uwtihu?? churcncs, hotels, public building*, tic. A two ?tury h >use cai - e wanned with three lous oi coil, less than one grate will coiiHiiiiie. Drum* lor i irlort auU halls, iu style and va?iety unequalled iu lite city. Also the wood cook stove ever oilen.d. 29 hn*ec ___ L. VV OOD'6 NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR A NO HAUL STOVES. rPHIS is out of the most vitu tbio inventions e'er offered fi I- the pool c iri tin1 stove line. <uij i? the uioar perfect article extaiil, for the use ol all k*ud? ol co.i or wood, iu heating aiai line its. it lis* ?u> less limn lour radiators auu two descend o? < tlues, sour r.iigtd t it ihe r '.. turd air placed between iwj nr\?, and cause all the heat u u-nted te be d.smbuted lino tiie apartment ; while mot in- stoves a large jsjrtioii ol the heat is can icd oif i n the pipe. One pecli 1 coal in tins stove will yield more h-at than bushel hi tne best sto? e now before the public ; w hile you have u.r advautage of an open lire oi aple.islid itrata at pleasure It is alio r.. d by all who !*a?c examined it to be the most per feet combination if utility and ornament ever brought forward, out to be luliy appreciated, it uaedi onl> to be and examined, and all in Waal ol u superior article lor Healing par jors,hails itlacti, nurseries, Ate. are mv.ted to call, i'rices are suited io llie times. Also on band a Vailet, ol other S tutks, suilab'a for all |>ur ikiscs, which will be su.d very low. L. WOOD, 237 Water street, between t.21 lm*r 1\ clr slip ami b koiao FiSli'S PA'fKNI NOVLl'I'V GOO a bluVTT 1HIS Stove was piououuced hut year, and is this, by all who have it? to u. not o.ily the best ever inv. nt. d, hut the only move tlwy ever had by which baJuutf, boiliu?(, and roastmc;, could he douo pence.-j, and ?t the saiue time. Thw yvar t)?e impru\ tuieul hi. been such, that doubL tin. amount of coon in,; cm .?o done, land that too to perlcciiouy than upon any other Stove of the same sir* ; for proof ol which, you h ive only to cal? at KuU's Stove E?ubli?iHtitui, 2U9 Water street, where auy quantity of references will be ven?and lurthei, efery Ikove warranted, or the money irf uiuied. Kisk's R< tuUUuf tJreu?m?n Dru.u for parlors, Hall L/ruin*, tiid hall, p jrl??r, and oflice stoves, and all the ordinary cooking ktovis, 1 r sale cheap b ISK'S stove ib iah neiit, 209 Water street. The abofe stove, and also the nxulaiiujc drum, can now Ik seen at the Kali ^ hut those dvS.ilug stoves, die requested t< tail it tii t staolishineut, where tuvy can examine them to hi ttar 4dvauT4?C'i 2C9 Water street. olfi I in ec DEFORM YOOll HTOVt ?Economy and utility being the order of the day, the subscriber bos determine* to sell bt-.v?s at the lowest po?*itdc reuiuueraliua prices; Im Column XVxlor Stove, answinun all Uie purposes of the urate wiUihaif the in no If and xpeiue, auit.ib'e lor silting rooms offices, stores, or fialU, u wormy 'be aiLmiliou ol person; wishing to purchose. Hu Moiliovui of cookiug Store* arc not surpassed in tin city, fjr chi-a|'Oc?i oid superior ?t> le ?>t cojfrrucii?u, combining all the requisites tor kitchen one, ami a great saving ol fuel, * Inch -a an item many persou* overlook in selecting iuivci. lie solicits houackeepe ?ud ot era to give hnn a c ill at th? office of th Warrvii Furnace Louipauy, No. 22 Fulton street, N. V., before purcliialug t la* wlieie. A.-, Urn company iiiuiiui .ciurc their stoves, purchasers will not be auujecud to lax by buying Iroin icoiu bonis, Then fu?ortni? lit consult ol air-tight. coohiiik and parlor Stove#, PuinjM. Iron l* urnace*, Codec Mill*, Rallies, 1 in ami Stunt Iron VVaie, tie., Wholesale and retail Older* lor callings soli Cited. J. V. libBfclTS o!f> !m*ec 22 Fulton street, S.Y LuVICn, VfcL Ve/i'8 AND slLKS A~?*TOil?D.? Or. Feuilitwaogi r li ts con ,tincte?i an apparuus lor rcstor pig d un ged or s,.ott< d kid gloves, ?i.k velvet* and ?ilk? to their iHUiiisi c.'iftuiou, and on very ir-tsoiiablu term*. Orders tud parccjt pu.kiu .ll> attended to by UK. LKWiS feuchtwangkr, o3l 2awlm*m I Wall sire. SKGAH DIVA.N?3tbV$ Broadway ?Jamet K. Del Vtcenin M. Co., ffSp-cfully llllorin fin ir nuinvrott* file lids tud the nubile, linit till y JliVe put 0|*iu?-d Hie ijrgai U.v hi, tiro dway. adjoining P-means'* S doon, win re will be louud a Urge assortment ol tip beat s< g rs in the city Ail si gar told it this establishment are wair inted iin,anted J A W Ea tv. DHL VECCHIO. iit4 lm3'awr* KOBKIIT A. JOH xhO v EbPY'd PAi ENT < OMbAL V &NT1LA 1'UK rpHI^ cheap, simplc m I efficient apparatus i* tdai-lc i to all piirjm*?-s of Ventilation. Slops, Steonboais, i nurches, Hospitals, Prisons, Muies, Fault-, tic- tic may b its applies* Lion be kept free from II foul -or ?nd unwholes* iwe ellluvia; it is also an effectual cure f ?r Smoky Ciuiiiuir* The subscribe i having purchased the rt gh! for the City and (Jounfy of New Vnrk, i?? pr? |>*rrd to sipply the public wail* f/oues on demand. Meul Km tiling of all description* ' nruiihe I in any part of ths nuntrv. f-roton Water Pipes and Ptumoers' Work in general. Alto. LialvsitiT.ed Iron and Tin W sre ai wholesale. Stove pipes, at'i tubs. Coal hod* Slc i i rices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an 1 order* by 1,-tter arten .ed to. P. SUM A Ml, H . vi'rn l?n IV o t C. S. CU V A'OJSA. r? '?T OFFICH, New York, 24th July, 18(2. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Suudiyt excepted) at the Upper and Lower Post OHi' Letter* deposited before liall-pajt 8 o'clock, AMI 3 11 P M I Will be sent out for deAt all the Stations before > livery ?t 'J A M, and I i A \i i A n\ l.wh P V ]l " P M] Letters tob?* tent Free, mu?r hive "Fr*** Stamp** afliied t?? :h*m, otherwise three cents will be col.ecied of the party to whoin tli Inter it adilretttd. No mmey inu-t he euclotc'] in le'teit nulett re iiirrfd 4t t ?c pritici;?il office*. Liult o! ihi rtati ?nt (it *1! of which "free stampe*1 mi? br pnrchasfd at per 100, and every iiilornutiou may be obtained on njlica'lou at lire u|>|?r or lower i<ott offices. Stamp* ittued by he lah CityDetpttch Post will b? received It it inditpentabltbar riie number of the r? aid* rice should be staled in ail lett* rt ieui through Pott. The Poet Milter lollriu the earlier' iniormntion should any rrejtul.irit e? occur. JOHN LOKlMGR GRAHAM 38 ty ec Pott Vfneotr. Daily express links for albXnyTTFtica'. BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CAN ADA.?'J he tancribert having been en a tged for the laat twelve months runlitiV the Albany and Rul??lo Express, in counection wit*. I.imden A CO.'* New York and Albany Line, have recently ;vt? ndrd their Ftp res* Line I mm Buffalo to Albany, through o thi* itv on their uwn .irromit. will receive an.i isilt, (Sundays excepted,) Sjetcie, Bank Notes, I'.ucels, 'acksRes, Bundles, ami Cases of Goods, toandfioin the folnwing places, viz. Albany, Troy, Clics, Syracuse, Aahnrn, Ithica, Oeurvi, 'maitilaigna, Rochester, Balavia, Lockport, Buffalo, Clevean I, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. Also, Oswego, Barkens Harbor, Kiujtiton and Toronto, 'anada. Will promptly attend to the collection and payfhenu of bills, intes, draft* and accounts, purchase and sale orgood* and I' r < >uee by sample, and surli other transcienl business as may be tltruslod to their care. Each Kiprcss will b? accompanied by a comprtent meastner, together with responsible agents in the principal towns l?u the route. Merchants and others may he assured that reUIIIS Mill he ia thasBMttWluoalIed well speed. I. I , Ml i"i I||| tiler possible way. N. B ?W(iecial Eapreseci ran to any part of the country at hort notice, and upon reasonable terms. ?1S r POMEROV k GO. No.'Wall street JOUSK FURNISHING WAREHOUSSC-VVORAM ik 1 HAUOHWOUT, 561 Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents nd Commiseiuu Merchants, ha?e just received and sre now pening a new and splendid assortment of the fallowing arti les, via Silvered, Gilt and Bronze Ga Chandeliers, 1 to 20 lights. Do Candle do 1 to 21 " Do Candle Brackets, I to 5 " Do Gas Brackets, I') J " Do Uas i>iaui?l Lights, I to T Do Girauuuiet, 111 " lama. tins. null " Asrrai Lamps, Hall I amps and Lanterns, Heading Lean pa tc. A new article ol Solar Lamp, a very supenor article. Alan, a new article of Deflecler lor improving the light of he old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also a new atyle of Florentine Bronte, color immovable. Together wi h every variety of Lamps and Chandeliers, for hurcnea, hulls and jinblic buildings. Pt-aTrn Wane. Basset*,Castors, Trays,Toast Rocks, Candlesticks, Nspkin lings, Butter Tabs, buttei and Frmt Knives, Snuffeie and Priya, Coffee and Tea Ifnis, Itc. Fine Table Cutlery, in sella siel dozen*! Japanned Tea Traya i (real rarity of pat rn? and forms; Hue cut gl ees B-wls. Etchers, Tumblers, Uiahoa, Goblets, Decanters, Waler B.itlea Sugars, Itc. Itc. W It II beg resp-gj Hilly to irfoim their friends, customers, ml the public genera l ^ .that their arrangements with the manfactur rsare -ucht #! they ran sell all articles in their line tremsihahly Inwpri tea; Mid respectfully invite them to call nd seetheii "how ra ms which alone ji riiffiricnt M comnen lie for the troubis s32 3m*r I "ggBBSS I I gg [EI* A ] 1842. London. [Correvpoudence of the Herald.] London, Oct II, lHt^ Third Outbrt tk of t Pin at Liverpool?'J'h< Hoy Jones again?7V G>< Western steamer put up an./ bought in?Opening at the States (enteral of I/oHnnd?Progress vf Pus* yum. My djau Sib :? Although a lew days only have ? !.!!?-? <! since the de.-patch of my last missive, 1 cannot permit a voe-el o Mil without dropping you ilr# linos. Al It ugh the short interval of four days does not furnish much of importance to advise you of, yet there are a lew general mutters which may interest your readers. There wus a third outbreak of the tire at Liverpool on the evening of the 18th, although three week* have elapsed since the great lire. A good deal of the salvug" property which had b#en preserved in a store or sh"d, was consumed. Two other fires hr ke uiitabout lite same time as the above, in other parts ot the town', but they were both speedily subdued. The boy Jones, whose naim is familiar to the public as having made so many intrusive visits to the. palaci, made his appearance again in London a tew days ago, lint soou hud the police on his track, and was lodged ill limbo, li appears, instead ot t.iki g a voyage to Australia, as IihiI tieeu enrrenil r-(?oried, tie ha.' entered on boa d the War. spiti- trig ate, and on li -r return to I'hrt.-mmith from view York, he ahs< Oi'ided without leave, and walked up to London tf. see Ins fre-nds. Information ol liia desertion .-oou got wind, and '-more many hours bail elap-eri, lie was on bis way back io hi- ship, i i rnte cu.-'ody, an I alter undergoing a due quantum ol II igelUtio.'!, lie is now on bis way to (4 tiraltar. under I lie a host I v care and s'lperinten dencc of trie Kwbt Itevereud prelate of that see, and hi.-, chanl tins,who will droibll -s,b- fore the vov ige iaended, by their homilies and counsel, ti uch hi ill better manners. 'I li packe1 which arrived from Brazil a tew days igo, brings home the articles ol a iieatv ot com nerch Iimi.n-fii ibis coun'r and Montevideo. hi, I an atlachl to ilif 3rt zihian _?ti.bssrj, l ij.rire ih?' ratification ot the irrntyol in image hriwe? n the liin.x-ror ot Brazil an I one ot the Neapolitan princesses flu- Rill!? of II mover opened the session of the Stvea t J -neral at the Hague, on die 17th instant. His .Vla|e*ty ulludes in his speech in tne uiHiri .ge , ul lus daughter, the Princess 5*ot?hiu ot Orange, with the hereditary Grand Duke of Saxe Weimar Eisen1 ach, and then passes on to the general affaire of the l Kingdom. An alteration in tlie hours of ntfendancs on 'Change, which has been freely discussed for some time past, was carried into effect on the afternoon ot the 18th. The hour of business is now three to tour, instead ol four to five, as usual. Ihe enquiry into the extensive custom house frauds stilt continues. Mr. Dowding nnd Mi i'enuiug, Surveyois General of the customs, have been suspended, and several clerks discharged, and the treasury have now taken the investigation into their own hands. A toreigoer was robbed of diamonds at Covent Gard- n Tneatre on the 5th inst , of the value, it is said, ot ?9000 A reward of ?1000 has been ottered lor ttietr recovery. | The Bishop ol London has just published an authorized uud revised copy ot Ins rec^ul cuolge, troiii which it is quite evident mat tits imiushtp nus given in tils adherence to the ituCtatlaua, so mat the proposed union ol tue Protestant una Ktluau Caluotic churches goes bravely on, and we may aiioilty expect the term Catuottc to he uppueu in lis gtueiui sense, to the whine umveisai CnUictl. li seems (n.a with less apparelit personal leaning luWulus tne 1>aforti divines than wa, shown oy me liiatiops ot Uxlord, Lxeter uud Salisbury, uic i^isuop ot Luuuuu lias joined those prelates, in giving his otnciai yuog inent in tavor ol tlieir teaching u,.ou cveiy luuUani jioiiit ot (locirute, aim upon tne gtcai majority ot practical questions wnicu have taleiy oven urough into counovcrsy. l>r. Toiiiliusou, tne Lord Bishop of Gibraltar, accompanied hy Ills two cnaplaliis, Uic IteV.P. >iuies, M. A., ot Kxeter College, uud iiie,ltev. J. Lnnsuaie, -U. A . of Baillol Coll. ke. Oxlurd. has eiubarncu on boa id tue Wurbptlc, at Portsmouth, 111 winch vessel the new Governor, S?ir ilooett Wibuu, proJ ceeds to Gibraltar. From id ad tid we learn that preparations were ac lively in progress lor tne approacnmg session ol lue * Cortes, which promises 10 oe till laiciesUtiK one. The activity in iue Fi each marine department 19 in no reaped relaxed. Further mcasuresioratreiigtiieuiug (he naval undjrilliltary lorce ol Fiance lit the Went ludiea, are also in prowlers. Bucksioue made ins liisi appearance on Wednesday night at die Haymarkei, tiuce ma return lroin America, in his own piece ol " Married Lite." He was welcomed by Itie auuience wim tne most enthusiastic shouts, and at tile end ol the piece called lorward unanimously. By an arrival ai Liverpool yesterday, New York dates ol the ' iieratd," were received lo the HOtii ult. Joseph Hall, recently returned from America, chargeuwuh stealing a large sum of money in ' United ftiute? was examined before the local bench of in igiairams at Warrington, L incashtre, on the 19 It Hist. The charge ag oust the prisoner was th i ol h iving stolen a hag oi gold, containing between 12U0aud 1300 dollars, 71) doubloons, and some eagles ot the (Jn ted States coinage, the property ol Mr. Thomas Monlorl, an Lugln-U enogrant, sojourning at the .South Boston Hotel, Boston. The P Loner was remanded for a lortnirht, t > give Forrester, the active police officer, lime to prove the ch .rge l?v further evidence. The IV-Igi.ii) papers complain ol the heavy tonnage dntv to which the Brtti-h Queen was subjected at New York, besides the import duty on coals The Qn en It is summoned a privy council to be held at Windsor on We mesday next, the Hi li inst The tollowiug deaths hive occurred withtii the las'lew days: the Hon. Louisa Clifford, youngest -ieter of Lord Clifford : L ent Gen. S r James Lv on. K. C B , Colonel ot the 2-1'h m intent ; and (tie Hon arid Itev. G. k. Bowies, brother ot L <rd Nnrthwick. Tne Key. H Newland, I). D , lots been appointed to'be deanery of f ern", Ireland. Lord Bunsany has been gazetted Lord Lieutenant ol Meat It, iri the 1 room of the late Marquis of Welbsley Box's new work, American Notes for General Circul tfion" is out?Ht least a few early copies have got among the Press for notice and extract. Iflasbesth'* American Press unmercifully, and there is strong reason to believe he is the author of n very ccusiic and severe article in the last number ot the Foreign Quarterly Review,on the newspaper literature of the United States. I'm |Hi lit l?ti<-<l Correspondence lie I ween Lord I Aaliburion and Dir. .Webster, on llit Hoiin- > <t*ry Qstent Ion. , [From the London Punch J , I.ITTHH |. ( Lord Jlihhurton to Mr. IVebiler. tia?I am ft very oM man, and I have come ont to the U ii I tad states for the aako of peace andqii etneaa bat went ' Kngland and America My privnte opinion about the ' bound ry question ia, that there ia a considerable quantity I ol gammon on both aide-ft, to any nothing of the enormous t amount of apinnagc that haa been the reault of the yarns i which former negociatora have lieen apinning. Diplomacy i ia all my eye, and perhaps,sir, if I added Elir. tbeth Martin", , I should not be going too far in my descilption of it. I think, air, it would he almost aa pertinent on my part to inquire of you whether your mother knows yon are out, as to aak whe her thn mother country is to he done. I out of a large portion of territory, which ia fit for nothing at all hut to grow thistles; ami ,aa auch I willingly give it ? up to produce food for the American citir.ens. In my conference with yon, I believe I distinctly atated ,, that I cameout lor tho aakeof peace; and though I am in* structrd to stick up for the rigM of fishing f.>r oysters in ' the 8f. John's river, \ do not my I in ay not make n court asion on tl l? point, il' the comfort of the natives in an object ' with your government. I must, however, distinctly do- Ji clare that I cannot rvtign the right ot looking at the mile- i stone on the boundary road ; and thia jvomt I ,im the more 1 resolute u|>oii, became I think you tol I me it win to you a ( matterol indifference. If I was mistaken, pray let mo know, and I w ill reoonaider the matter; but if I under ' atand you rightly, and y ou do not ot J-ct to the concession, then, air, let me tell you emphatically *hat the honor an t " dignity ofthe great nation I represent mint be maintained; t audi ahall adhere reaolutely to the right of viaiting the f mile a one alluded to. f I'ermit me to lepeat, air, that I am a very old man, and f am deteimined on |>eace; lor it would ill become me, at | my time of life, to awniit iu promoting warlare. With assurances of my distinguished consideration, I am, air, your obedient aerrant, ASHBUHfON. ' LKTTKR II. From Mr. Wtttler to Lord Jlthhurlon. a The uuderaigned, in the name of the American Government, acredea to all that Lord Aahburton expresses hla V? readiness to give up, while the undersigned conscnta to * nothing that Lord Aahburton requires (Higned) DANIEL WE89TER re LrTT?.a III. l.ord Jhhhut ton to tfr H'rit'rr ('(i Rta?Your note la ao sb''SI?i -ory that it agrees to my ^ conc< asions on the part ol England, and y our obliging intimation that you eonaent to nothing, I am extremehr grateful for. If, air, you will only let ma know the heada ur of a treaty, it shall be drawn up ; lor 1 am an old man, and imece. as ] said before, is my object If I misunderstood L I). frlco Two Coin*. you w ould concede on thequeation of the milestone, be no /'jo.I u? to net mo right. Ami believe me, with re urwed aMurancsa of rather more din ingni<hed ronsideration to..11 1 expres.ed in mv U?t letter, join nliedieut servant. ASHBuRTOV. I.rrTKh IV. Hi. H'rbstrr to Lord slthhurtoa The undersigned will consider any tr> Rty dmwn up hy Lord Ashhurtoit on the basis abrade understood between the underrigneil mid Lord A?ht urton. (Mgned) DAM IE L WEBSTER. l.i-TrxR V L"'d tlihbui too to Mr. U'tbttor. Sir?Thetieat) i? now resd) for signature, and though I mmt insist uf on the extreme Justice ot all I ask, > et aa I 8,...^.omn nu no iimnrr ground lor dillureuce- I thall renin (o my own country with the full conviction that I have .lorn1 nothing incontinent w ith w hat, at my timuol' lite, could have been exported ; and ax I came out with a determination to maintain peace I hart tully accomplithed tlie object 01 my mixtion. I havexevcral twioks of arguments, proving the juxtice of ill the Kngli-'h d *mandx. but as tlio?e-lemauds are now relinquished, it would be uti le a to troutile you with any of the in I remain Sir, w ith accumulated assurances ot my moit distinguished coniidaration, your very liumtde and obliged tctvant, ASHBL'll 1 ON. Korrlg i Itoma. STEAM NAVIflATION l.NVFNTKI) HY rllE S |'-y NIAR n1-, ?A lei'er Imin M.dn I, published in Ute ' l minetce," Frelicll paper, contains all Hi'C'nint of llie discovery iri Hie Koyal archives of Salamanca, of authentic documents, proving w liat has herrtoiore rested on v ig e trudi ion. The following rx<r<tct is from u regi-ior kept In ill** Minister ol the Marine: "In 1512. L)nn H! is : >de G-.rray captain n the et.vv, (i' ir vne d V. t-t "1111,1 ?-ij mitre'! ?. the e.x.'tninnion ol ih- I jupi ror c hnrlc \'.u machine moved hv the "teniii ol lioilitt:' wnier, hy w Inch ships.Iioweverlatg*, cMthl proceed on a enlni i, wi hont oars or sails. The Linip'ror ordered thai a trial sliou'd he made, which took place m t!ir Uoadaof Barcelona, on the 17th of Jnrie, Ii54.i and succeeded perlectly. Th a expi was tri* d with h p-el "I '2(1(1 ions burden, n uiieil Smtis-iiri i Trinidad, commanded by Cap .tin Don P-hode D-arga, who liutl airived ni Unreel-hi a with a earmold wheut The ' i.ip* rot fh irles V and his -on, ulterw rd* I1 i ipll , Don Ivirique de Toledo, the G>.v?r:icr D"ii l'? U de Cnr.lonu, the Grind Tre.i.-ur r Rivkk i, th V ? ChHiicelior Don Fraoci co Grulla, n greet ntitn"er ot other 11 g iishe i p-r.-i o.< o| ( a tile slid Cu'aioniii. and iiiiuibei o< naval oflic* ra, oioe on shore nod some on board tlie Veisei, M ere present 111 the attempt The I'.mper t. die Princess, and the other illustrious personages, were astonished hi seeing the ease with which the machine moved the vessel; but tlie Garni Treasurer Kavago thought it right to advise that the invention should not be itdopttd in the vessels of the Stale, because acc rdiug to hut opinion, the machine was too complicated, and would be too expensive, and there would he reason to fear an explosion of the boiler." " The s|>ecial conmiis-ion ordered to report on the exiieiinient. con Hoed them-elves to staling that a v*sel moved by steam bad first completed three leagues in two hours, and then a leaeue in xn hour Hnd thai it could be made to move tw ice ns swililv as a coinmoil row iug galley. Tiie Lmperor i I not pay any more attention to the invention of D o Ula-code Garray, but e presented him wuh 7o0 00(1 o nraver)is, and promised to raise him successively to the highest rnt.k tn the Spanish navy. The late .VI haynouard, ol the Aciidetnie Franchise, has leit - u-ong his paper* a ballad in honor ol Garriv. which w. s sung ia the streets of lJuice ona in 1S42 " It is 8tnted on good commercial authority, that theMirquixde Lavalettr, the nobleman who recently married Madame Welles, the widow ol the opu ent American banker and merchant, at Parte, is coiiiioR to England, partly on an excursion of pleasure, but more particularly on a mission of tonic kind Irorn M. (juizot?probably to conduct a negotiation on the right ot search question, just now so much b> lore the public. Kadiks f-ot in hi,v in Pakijamen r?Giirtion, in bis " Antiquities of Parliament," says, " The lailiea ot btrtlt and quality sa in council with the s,,xon Wita's." '* The Abbess Hilda, (savs Ifede.) presided in an ecclesiasieal synod " " In Wighbed's great council at lteconcrld, A. D, 691,1 he abbe ses snt and deliberated, and five n! hem signed the decrees of that council along with the king, bishops, and nobles " ''King Edgar's charter to t ie Abbey ol Crow-land, A 1) 961. waswithtbe consei t of the nobles and .ibbesses, who subscribed the charter." '' In Henry the Thud's and Ed ward the F rst's tinn foil.- abbesses wete summon ed to parliament, vig : ol Shaftesbury, Perking. ->r Alary ol Wiru'he?ter,and Wilton." In the 85ihot Edward IH., were summoned by writ to Parliament to appear there by their p oxies, viz :?Mary Countess of Norfolk. : Alienor Countess of Orm?rid; Anna iVsp o?er, Philippe Counters of " arch: Johanna Fit/ Water; Ague la, Couutessol Pembroke; Marv de St Paul, Countess of Pembroke; Margaret de lloos ; Maul la. Countess of Oxford ; Callieiine, Countess ol Atliol. '1 hose Ihdl'SWrre culled ad colloquium el tractatiim by th> tr proxies, a priviI ge peculiar to the |>eeruRe to a|>|>ear and act by P <>xy Continental Railroads ?A Berlin letter of Oct. 24h. in t he Frankfort Journal, says:?"In ihe cond part of the royal memorial, laid before the committees of the Stairs, it is said that there are already six railroads formed within Prussia?namely, from R'-rlin to .steitin, from Berlin to Franklnrton ihe-Oder. from Magdeburg to Halberetadt, from I Ailoa ne to Bonn, from Brealaii to Friburg, and Irnm Breslaii lo 0|>|ie|ii. In addition to these it is desirable to establish five more, from Vtinilen. on the frontiers of Hanover, to Cologne ; from Halle, across.Tliiiringniy towards the Khine ; from Berlin to Kmiigsherg, wiili n lateral branch to Datitxie, which may he carried on, it I nnd desirable, to the Russian frontier; from Frankfort to Br?sl?u and Ostein, and thence to the Austrian frontier; and, lastly, one tine will on one hand | in th" town o| Poseii on one side lo lite |irnvince ot Prussia, ?nd on the other to Silesia. The lengths of ihese diflerenl linea are neaily ah follows :?From the \\ rser IO ihe Rhine 35 tferni 11 miles; from Halle .,cro-i Thiiriiixoi, 15 miles ; from Per in to the Russian frontier, 8d miles; from Franklorf on-1 Ire (?der to Uresisii 35 miles ; from 0,i ielu to th Austrian fruuii>T, 15 ifii'.'s, and ill it which w. u!d join Posen lo Silesi i 40 miles. These make a total ot 21) mile? Tiie ap.noximale ex|s-nse^ per mile of the lines already lornjed, including ihe means of conveyance, tnd interest on the capital during ilieir construction, ti ive been? tirst. for the section tifwern Berlin nnd Potsdam, It)' 000 crowns; secondlv, for that beween Mugd-burg and L-lpXiC, 215 000 crowns; 'hirdlv, between Berlin and Anhu'.t, 220.000 crowns; ou-ihly, between Dtisseldorl and EUteri-ld, 600 000 Towns ; and, fifthly, for that to the Rh ie,fi0i) 0li0 Towns. For the lines now in CI rstruction, llie coat i?r mi'e. will be?between Berlin and Frankf' rt, )60 000 crowns ; between Berlin nrid Stettin, 170,MM crown-; bi twe. n Bre-lau and Oppeln. 160,000 :rown.?; between Cologne an ' Bonn 220 000 crowns, md between Magdeburg and Hnlberstadt, 220.000 :r?wns These make upou the average an expense ?f 290,000 crowns per mile The three questions lubmiited to the committees are? 1. Will the execution ol rulroads lo the extent propo-ed be rufii.ien for 'he full wants of the conntrv 1?2 Is it tnirig and nt oesaury that the state should r m oorage hi- great undertaking bv gnarantee nir interest ipon the cnpitail?8. On the , o nttu tees co c-ive In' .-ui It e gag-menfs, if entered in'o by th- state, m l .. meet winch it iimv be ii-ccssary to increase igun tin* pfcc ol salt, which it lias been iTopoeed o reduce, will he according to the general wishe- o) he country V tin. Editor i t .1 -I. .1? i: r . ...iumi, luc mi'imitn ot yonr paper to r.itire whether it is proper and becoming that those arsons who lire bankrupt, anil sre ps-sin j through he process of wiping out all their debts bv tne bankrupt Act, should continue, wh |c known is tankrtt is, to remain as direcnrs in our banks or romance companies, or other monied institutions * have been surprised to find that there are instances one at least within my own observation) where a erson who for man? months nasi hss b-en insolvent, nd is now a petitioner in bankruptcy, contiiue* lot only to take his seat in the board ?l directors of meol these institutions, but in f tci to exercise a unrolling influence there, as though nothing bad tappened This seems to me to be one < f those ;ro?s imprnpriries to which the attenion <>l et,.cklolders at least stionkl be directed If such a pracice should prevail or be tolerated, th" character of >ur monied ins'irutions for responsibility, tt appears o me, will -oon be destroyed. A Stocxhoi.usr. *^00 ^LLKNGR -The icnninf KrrncH Pi 'la *wn rwt M|| ihv t]UMk Mo?irumi 01 the Age, tor the cure of a fa?n '-i i'he Fr* t?ch Pi'l* h^ve b*en etten iv^Iv Ufd 'or the U?t fen rl, miring which 11 in- mora th n fifty thooaand pcrao .? ha' ? * ' li ir nt>r> \. Mad T rim a I li-v -ua a certain, ?a r aid plaa?ant r? medy and namr iiaaat a>atiih>- mn-f dallonle tomarh, and taltlini th m all all, are the moil deairable ram- d> lor srerat dlaeaa-a e?ei rove-ad. The F each Pilla haee baen ao nnierreally auceanfal, that e |>rop?i< tor challrnj'a any ce to i?oduca a caaathay will < cure. tindar a fnrtaitura of five hundred do 11 an Price ana d'dlvnar hot. Hold only at M -Saaaiu comer Fulton at- at* t?i*r

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