Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1842 Page 3
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at the weed, and the result mav send some p or kind 1 riend supnerleas to bed hereafter, for the Virginians I are full of gratitude and |>ay well for good suppers The joke of it too is that it was given by a man who I had just received hia discharge under the bankrupt act. Well, so the world wags. That's all. I JtraiDtcus. I J ."(J. Bennkt, HSU I 1)KAR SIR? Notwithstanding all the abuse heaped upon you lately, the public look to you, row, in the present momentary crisis, as the only editor of the press in I lie city of New York wh > has the tnoial courage, Yne energy and the ptrtevrranff necessary to lerret out and give a tull exi>o*ilion of the horrid and dia bolical attempt, which occurred in this city yesterday, to subvert the ends ol justice, law and order 'I he community, I repeat, look to you to go to the very bottom of this matter, and expect to receive from you a full and calm account ol the whole machinery which has been evidently put in motion to rescue from the law a cold blooded murderer, uet the thing be done without fear, favor or affection, tor any human being. Let jtisime be done, it the heavna fall. The community demand it, and you alone, I repeat, have the independence to accomplish it. Is any oncweak enough to suppose (h it the public can be gulled into the belief that the tire in the cupola of the prison, occurring at the very moment that Colt was to be hung, was accidental 1 Is it expected that a Sheriff who h-ie, to viy the trust neglected his duty, is to be tolerated and continued in office ? Does anv one su|>pose for a moment that the Sheriff was not aware, during all the <ime Colt was left alone, perfectly aware that he intended to feojtnnutsiticlde 1 Was it not perf-ctly and distinctly understood by every one of the spectators inside of the walls of the city prison, that Colt would not be hung 1 Is this thing any longer to l?e tolerated 1 Is t ?ere to be no propitiatory sacrifice on the ahar ol public sa'ety 1 Are our lives and those of our families no longer safe in the community? Ar-- all tlie murderer: who have indulged their diabolical propensities in this city for the last ten or twelve venrs. in ?-<? w?ni 1 If so, better uboli.-li all law?let every man arm himself for the protection of his life and that of t tose deur to hint. Let us know then the truth," the whole truth, and nohing but the truth, and rely upon it the coinmuuity will rally round you as one man. Justice. BV THE wSOUTHEKN MAIL. The Eastern Mail, due yesterday morning, had.aot .arrived when onr paperwent to press. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Nov 19, 1842. The news, per steamboat Acadia, has had no apparent effect in the business community. Indeed, I have not heard it spoken of by a solitary individual in a commercial point of view. The intended execution of Colt, his extraordinary suicide, fire of the Tombs, singular marriage, together with the other startling and interesting matter connected -*jih this wretched being, seem to have taken up the public mind with one universal theme of conversation. Nothing else is talked of, and never were newspapers in greater demand, especially the Herald, than at this moment. This case of Colt's is one ?fthe ou>3t exciting character, without a paralell in the ann als of criminal historyThere are many persons to be found who will not, despite the statements of the different papers, give credence to the suicide of Colt! They assert that he made his eeeflt>e~fFoni prison, and that everything else to the contrary is a mere hoax. Our m artwts during the past week, have been Marc??lv worth noticing. The supply of coffee and cotton nas considerably increased, the consequence o f which caused a dro ming of price s In flour and grain the Hemand ha- be -n quite limited, at prices same as week. Sag T, tea. fruit, with several other articles, are m b t trifling demand, with ptices remaining firm. O tr Canals will cease ope ration, it is teared, in th course of the ensuing week, should the presei to ttreme cold weathercon tinue lhe jury in the recent cats of Vanvleit have been discharged, the Judge i ve ring they were honest, jipright, and independent men. The futile attempts t,? .unpeach the praiseworthy conduct of Mr. Scheever u*Ve ^us signally failed. A youna ''tian named Snedaker, who was walking with a femait- lust evening, in the western part of the city, wns stabbed by a person named Jordancause jealousy Samuel Dofh y, a " straw bail" man, plead guilty to a charge of peijury a few davs since, and was brought up to r eceive sentence thw morning, when he " blowed" .on several others, whom he charges w ith like offent :es. The Court promised him one aronlv! The Evening Journal, of this city, is now being hawked about tf.?e streets, containing, as the newsboys say, " Colt's Confession!" The f [lowing are the sales of stocks:? $1000 County fl's, 1870, 94 ; 35 shares Mechanics'Bank, 13; 7 do Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad, 48; 30 do Harrishurg do, 6J._ Military Movkxient.?A letter dated at Fort Townson, Oct. 16, t ays:?" A company of the 6th Infantry (C) and a cc-mpany of the 2d Dragoons (1) left this post to-day for Camp Washita, whi re they ate to comm nee the erection of permanent barracks, Jcc. Major Fauntleroy, 2d Dragoons, in command. One comp.tnv of dragoons have been ther.*. since April last."?Nat. Int. Nov. 19. Coal.?Over 468 466 tons of coal have been brought down from the ScUnyNtiil regions during the past season. Rather u larger amount than during the preceding year. Domestic Market*. Philadelphia, Nov. 19.?In leading articles little change has oocurred this week. The coal trade is without any change this week for the better ; the shipments fram the mines are gradually falling oft, and will close theend ofthls month. During this week the Flour market has been rather quiet; the receipt* and stocks continue limited. The current rate ot standard Penn'ahaands is $4 134 for hbl. The receipts of wheat are to a fair extent, and the sales this week have been considerable at 83 ?*.3 per bushel. SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia, Nov 19?Arr Ironside*, Marshman. Hartford; Phil.tdel .his, De H?rt, New Vork. Cld Infanta, Drlanry, St John, B. Baltimore. Nov 18?Cld Fellowship, 'Br) Armstrong, S' Andrews, NB; Rowin, Hinckley, Antiifua; C.uhsrine, Hai irm'i, rorimn'i. nm r?-ru, dviw, r>w imns. AlcxaSDM*. D'- N>>? 17?SM Pi-merr, (lr?hsm. New Orlesu?; Kimid, (Br) E*tou, Halifax; Ellis Jt William, 8toniiitfton. Suffolk, Nov IT?Arr F.mpire, Powi-ll, New York: Hetty M ri?, Bro.iki. do; Ueci Thorn**, R?drr, T' omiiinn for Foil rirksburg. Below, bound up, r>Kirv, (B-) Smi'h Montexo Bay, Jam. In Hamilton Roads, Joseph Batch, Davis, Boston lor B Itimore. A lame number ol coasters nre at the several aiiehoraxea below, wisd bound. Bid Pallas, Envoy, and Casilda, West Indies. Ready to bc Cooked ?Those of our numerous readers fond of the good things of this world, either raw or cooked, are requested to take a glance at the advertisements headed " Broadway Market," and " Shakspeare," in another column. The Lion Hero, Mons. Guillot, is engaged to a| pear at the Amphitheatre in the Bowery. Otto Motty, Paul, and young Franklin, we understand, are to dispute his superiority of physical strength. We shall see the result in a day or two. (Xf- The march if onward with Barniim, of the Amencau.Mqfpum; with him,every week brings something new N > manager in America produce! luch a hoit of novelties as he doea. How he manage! to pick them all up ii a puzzler to ua, and ho w he can afford auch a great variety of valuable attraction! lor the low price charged for admisaian, ia (till more wonderful. It will be acen that the attraction* thia week far emcend in iplendor and variety all former effort* of the liberal and enterprizing manager. JdT- The manager of the New York Mnaeum evince* an energy and determination that muit ensure succeaa. He has erected a hundred seats, 10 as to accommodate his numerous visiters, and he will have occasion for as many more thii week with the attraction* he present*. Nine performer* are engaged, all of a high order of talent. The Hughe* lamily^ the eminent Harp player*?Mis* Clemcnce, the Mi*a Blanchird in her Grecian eaercises?Master Frank Diamonil, Jenkins on the Banjo. Rosalie and Boye. Museum performance*. Picture Gallery, lie., all for one shilling. The real FW-g* Mermaid remain* another week?attraction* powerful beyond all precedent. Arrival*. Astob?C Morrison, England ; W L ilobson, Valpa rai?o de Chili ; T Leonard, Mass :W W Woodworth, llyde Park j Wm Henry Brune, Bait; R E Clements, Washington ; F. R Buckle, Oswego ; J L Vanschoonboven, Troy ; W O Day Edmonds, Albany ; A Whitney, N York ; R A Young, Quebec ; 1 Raphael, Louisville , Gen Ward, Westchester :E Q Booth, Va ; C Ginsales, Pensacola ; Mr Bartlett, Bait.; W Paterson, N J. 0(7- WE REFER OUR READERS TO THE ADvertisement of Mr. Goldsmith, the well known writing master. 09* CHANGES IN THE WEATHER ARE THE caiKeol much sickness Thousands will have coughs some headaches, Ac. Nothing like Sherman'* Lozenges to euro either. Nearly flvo ye irs'extensive use of thesi Lozenge* ha* placed 'hem nigh in the confidence of thi .public. Th-y ore used by high and low, rich and poor, eld and young, with never tailing success. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is st 106 Nassau street. Ageuts?Sands, 77 East Broadway and -173 Broadway, 18H Bowery, 3H Hudson street, and Rushton A Aspinwall, in ail their stores. " {W-STAR OAZINO.- On Friday number of persons might be seen at every corner looking "P at the ?ky, and (minting in seme particular direction to one another, at an object which proved to be a star, and which they appeared to be very anxious about. Now if they could be induced to beetow a little of their anxiety and attention to a more im|iortant object, vix . the head and hair, they might possibly derive aoine advantages. They are not aware of, by i"-iiig the genuine Balm ol Columbia, from 71 Maiden lane, which will restore the hair, or prevent in from tailing otf. fSjp. A CHILD OK A WIDOW WOMAN, LIVING near the Manhattan Water Works, had dwindled for a month, till near a skeleton, with great dryn-ss of the mouth and itching of the nose. A humane lady, who r.a1 led to provide for the family, sent immediately foi K dmstock's Vermifuge, which brought away great quantities of worms, lor two or three days, and the child grew better at once, and regained its full strength in leas 'han a month. 8oid only at 71 Maiden Lane, for 26 cents per bottle ' Of/" NOTICE. ?The Large Chapel of the New York University, Washington Square, w i 1. be opened lor Divine Service, according to the usages of the Protestant Episcopal Church, (D. V.,) on the first Sunday in December next, morning an I evening, under the ministr itioni ol the Rev. Mr. Shimeall. Scats free. N.B?The evenines will he exclusively appropriated to the elucidation of the unfulfilled prophecies of Scripture, designed as an antidote to the various delusions and false theories of the day. 3t ft?- I.N EVERY CIVILIZED COUNTRY THROUGHout the world, the human hair is alwavs found to lien subject of peculiar attention. Of the numerous compounds professing to promote or reproduce the hnir, fewhare survived?even in name, whilst Rowurm, Mien as Oil, with a reputation already unparalleled, is still on the increase in public estimation ; which fact, together with innumerable testimonials (for perusal at the proprietors') is sufficient to satisfy the most incredulous as to its sovereign virtues so repeatedly shown in restoring, preserving and beautify ing the human hair. In dressing the hair, nothing can equal the effects of " Rowland's Macassar Oil,* on either natural or artificial hair, rendering it so admirably soft, that it will lie in any direction ; it produces beautiful flowing curls, and, the transcendent lustre it imparts, renders the head dress truly enchanting. It preserves the coiffure in the heated atmosphere of the ball room, and neutralizes the effects of a damp atmosphere, or violent exercise. See advertisement. 15 20 24 General Printing?Books?Pamphlets? Cards?Bills, Ac. To tbe Business Public. Having now nearly completed one of the most splendid GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES, ever organized in this city, we are ready to print books, pamphlets, cards, bills, and all kinds of useful and elegant printing, on the most moderate terms, and lor cash pay ments. This office we have fitted up at a great expense?in types, presses, and matorials of all kinds. We have aires dy executed work to the ami >unt of several thousands of dollars, end are still busy printing some of the most beautiful articles ever issued from the press. A Lady's Maga zinc,called the "Ahtist," is p tinted in this office, and it is acknowledged to be the most I leautifully printed magazine in the country. The beauti/ul typography of the New York Lancet is well known. All applications for printin g will be made to Ma. JoirrH Elliott, the Manager, at tUe office of the Herald?or up stairs in the printing office, entrance at 97 Nassau street. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor op the Heia.ld General Printing Office, North West Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. New York, 20th Sept.. 1942. MONEY MARKET. Saturday, Nov. 19?B P. M. The Stock Board to-day ^exhibited no new features. Sales of State Stock were to a fair extent at fair pi ices; fancy stocks wet e down. Delaware Ik Hudson fell 1 per cent ; Mohawk, j ; Harlem, Mobile funds are quoted 17J a 20 per cent, discount. i ne trie luuiroau election resulted in the rclui n of the following individual! :? Samuel Barret, Chautauqua John B. Booth, Orange co. county. Thomas E. Blanch, RockBenjamin Chamberlain,Cat- land county. teraugus county. George Oris wold, city N. Y. Jesse Angel, Alleghauy Saul Alley, " county. Charles A. Davis, '< Renben Rohie, Steuben co. Sheperd Knapp; " William Maxwell,Chemung Freeman Campbell. " county. Henry L. Pierson, " Jonathan Piatt, Tioga co. James Bowen, " Tho. G. Waterman, Brooim county. The accounts from England yesterday gave evidence of a most extraordinary abundance of money, good bills having been discounted at the extreme low rate of 1] per cent. Nine months since money could with difficulty be procured on the best names at 6 per cent. Such violent fluctuations in the value of money, especially when the Bank which issues that money and makes it plenty or scarce at pleasure, is a political machine of the government, are sy inptons of a serious disease in the State, which portends coming calamities. The movements of the Bank within the year have been as follows ;? Bass or Eisoland. Rate of Securit'i Bullion. Circula'n Deposit- money Dec. 1841, 2?,7i8 000 4 486,(KK> 16,972.000 7,3o9 "OO 5 icrcl. I ui. 1812 , 22.880.IHN) 4.779.00" 10,632,000 7.918.000 Rib " F?b, ' 2? 680 100 5,2T\n<0 16,670 000 8.5 6 0*0 4)4 " Vlsr. " 23 699 000 5 687.000 16.769.000 8,954.000 4 April " 21 898 000 6 590,000 17.235.000 8.281 000 St< " May " 21.366 000 7,032,000 17,536.000 8.013 000 3)4 " June " 21.083 000 7,120.00(1 17,795,000 8,061.000 3 " July " 21 713,000 t,8IB 001 18,279 ( 00 8.363.000 2V " /\at. ' 21,523,000 8,496 000 18,952,000 9.330 (NN) 24? " Sept. " 23.139,"00 9.177 0041 19,714,04)9 9 813 000 2)4 " Oct. 11. 22,373,0(81 9,633 4)00 2",004,000 9,368,000 2 ' 15, ? 9,801,600 19543.0(10 ? " Here was an increase of the bills of the of Bank of England which are a legal tender, and form the basis of the iisucs of the other banks, which keep no gold on hand, of 23 percent in a few months. This has produced the resu't of causing an expansion of the country banks of 10 per cent, and of near ?1,000,000 in four weeks, according to the returns received yesterday. This extraordinary increase of money has had two political objects ; one temporarily to relive the distresses of the people,by applying an artificial atimulmia to hminntii nnJ th? ntkor fn raliuvu the goverament,by enabling it to reduce the interest on it? debt. This i? to be dono by conrcrting the 3J per cents into 3 p t cent stocks, by which operation the annual interest of ?1,000,000 will be saved, equal at three per cent to capital of ?33,000,000, which to all intents and purposes is repudiation, because the rise in stocks or the fall in the value of money is not the natural business by an artiflcial event brought about by the ac ion of the government, expressly to effect this object. Sir Robert Peel, in bis speech last winter, declared the inability of England any longer to pay the interest on her debt, and he there: fore proposed and levied an income tax of sevenpence in the pound, which was deducted from the iddividual dividends in the public stock, effecting a saving of about ?1,008,000 per annum, equivalent at 3 per cent to a capital in the debt of ?33,000,000. Since that time the artificial abundance of money has sunk the rate of interest so much that the Chancellor of the Exchequer may find himself in a situation to carry out a conveision of the Reduced Three and-a-Half per Cent Annuities, amounting to ?66,373,320 ; and of the New Three-and-a Half percent Annuities, amounting to ?146,339,661, toge ther ?113,603,003, into a Three per cent Stock ; thus reducing the charge of interest for the public debt by the sum of one million sterling annually, equivalent to a capital of ?33,000,000, by these two operations ; the actual capital of the debt will be reduced ?70,000,000 or $300,000,000 by repudiation'; that is to say, although the ca, ital may be nominally higher, yet the rate of interest being reduced, the charge will be lessened to the Stste equivalent to that amount. This sama operation has taken place on four different occasions since the war, to the extent of ?1,333,846 per annum, as seen in the following table :? KkSVLTS or CoiSTKMIOPt. Capital Inlerttl. Old. New. OH. N,w. 16(2. ? ? ? ? Navy 5 per Cts, (less psid off, dissentients, ?2,791 318) 149,417,223 ? 7.481,331 ? Into new 4 |*r > .ents, (with a boi us of 5 ^ ^ i?ti crm, Airioi|j5j, iji,iw7?*io '8.'6. Old 4 perCrnts, less ruts, ?6,149,iV?'Ll 70,107.403 ? 2,004,*16 ? I^c3errCenUre" - 70,105,403 - 2,453 0.9 1830. New 4 per Cents, less paid 'IT di-aenti- __ eats, ?2,019,360. 151,021,728 ? 6,04 0,809 ? Into new JU nr Cu, ? 150,344,051 4 ? Inio new Tire per > 5.285.759 Cents, ? 474,374 3 ? 1834 Knur per Ontt, 1826, 10,622.911 ? 421,916 ? In'0,New Three and a htlf per Cants, ? 10 622,911 ? 371,000 381,377,867 38fl.6>5 157 16,75', 192 14,395 5 6 Increase of capital, _ 7,278 090 ? ? Decrease of intereei, ? ? ? 2 355,816 The navy five per cents were thus converted into a lour percent stock in 1809; the old 4 per cents into 3J per cents reduced in 18241 ; the new four per cents into new 3J per cents, and five percenta in 1830 ; and the tour per cent* iato new 3J per cents in 1834, creating an increase of ?7,* 278,000 lo the capital debt, but diminishing the annual charge ?3,363,94# If the prica ol 3J per cents reduced were to rise to 103| (they are now lOOf,) and Consols to rise in the satne ratio, Mr Oonlhurn,taking advantage of the state of the money market, woul 1 say to the holders of "reluced"in conformity with the contract,"! shall pay you off it par, or give you a 3 per cent stock in your option with a bonus. It is not likely that the "di?sentients"would be very large, seeing that if they took bank notes In place of stock they could not lend them at more than 2 percent., while the latter would carry 3 percent, interest. In 1823, it will he seen by the above tablo, that the dissentients were ?3,794,318, and the bonus amounted to ?7,441,393, on a capital to convert of ?149,437,836. Suppoaing that i the conversion of the 9} per Cent*.'Reduced and New SJ perCenti. wa? now carried through on a capital of ?dl'J,o05,00-J, there would no doubt be an increase to the capital of the national debt of several millions, with a saving of ?1,000,000 in round numbers on the annual charge. This is undisguised repudiation. Notwithstanding that the government has an undoubted right, the stock being redeemable at pleasure, to pay it off whenever it is actually able to do so, if in a long course of prosperity, capital in the ordinary way of business had accumulated so as to permanently reduce the rate ofintei est to a point which would carry through the convenience, it might be done without reflecting upon the good faith of the government. But when the government, operating through its paper machine, takiag advantage o' the exclusion of foreign stocks from its mnrket, the abscence of all demand for money for mercantile purposes, floods the country with paper money for the express purpose of reducing the rate of interest, it is t>old-faced and unprincipled repudiation, more gross and more wicked than any which has taken place in this couutry. The reduction of 3 per cent from the dividends under Sir Robert Peel's bill, was a necessary measure, based upon the plea of poverty. The reduction is oiio of the juggling, swindling tricks of the uaner svs tern. Sales at the Stock Exthaitfe. $3000 NY Stale 1962 M li sha. Auburn It Rocli 95 loon K-ntii''ky G'?. 1871 76V 2i <lo B">t V Pruv 85V 60?0 ll'iooisCs. IPO 17 V 115 do Mohawk 33V 25 nhaa Bk of America, 76V IM* >lo 1)60 335k 30 do of Com 1-rip 90 150 do Harlnn 14V 20 do Del It Hudson 86 100 do Ot. 14 10 do 87 154 do Long Island 47 V 11 do U ica 4c Schen 115 25 do binning ton b90 16 V Second Board 50 shas Mohawk, i60 33 State of Trade. The general 'character of the markets remains the same; prices hare still a downward tendency. fnlhin ? Prices are in favor ol the buyer, and were further reduced J of a cent per lb. Sales of 1,8(81 bales Upland and Florida at 6 a 8 cents; 600 Mobile, 8j a 8); and 500 New Orleans, 8 a 8]?making a total for the week of 6,400 bales. Tobacco.?Kentucky continues dull. Sales by auction?40 hhds at 3j a 5j cent*. Malansn ? Sales Porto Rico, 30 cents, 36 brls New Orleans. 30, 4 mos. Niral Sloret-?North County Turpcntino for export at (3 75; Wilmington at $3; North County at $3 76, both for distilling, taken at the North Carolina Inspections; sales Spirits Tuipentine at 40 cants. Philadelphia Cattle Marhet. Beef Cattle?647 head at market: sales were made at 3} a lie; extra 5c. Cowa and Calves?$8 a $11 for dry cowl; $11 a $16 for springers; $30 a $33 for milch cows; extra $35 a $38. Sheep $1 a $3; extra $3 Married, On Thursday, 17th inst. by the very Rev. John Power, Mr. Wm. McKkkba, to Miss Mart E. O'.Mr. ira, all of this city. Died, On Friday, the 18th instant, of erysipelas, Mart Abb, wife of David Stcutenburgh. in the 31st year of her sge. The relatives and friends are respect ti fully- invited to attend hcrfuneral, this afternoon at 1 o'clock, from 36 Madison streei. batest Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa S*pt. 6 Macao June 7 AusCayes Oct. 12 Madras Aug. 6 Antigua July I Manilla May 5 Bombay Aug. 27 Montevideo Aug. 23 Batavia June 14 Maranham Oct. 5 Bermuda.* ...... Sept. 20 Matauzas Nov. 6 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguez Oct. 26 Buenos Ayres Sept. 1 Maracaibo Aug. ]6 ("" a nr|n, I 9SSDI. X7 Belize, Hand. Oct. ti Neuvitas July 31 Barbauoes Oct. 21 Nhm.hi, N. P. Oct. 22 Bogota May 1 Oahu, 8. I. Jane 15 Berbice--- KcD. 20 Paris Not. 2 Cape Haytien S-pl. 21 Port au Prince Oct. 12 Curacoa Oct. 1 Ponce, P. R. Oct. S Ci.-ufuegoa Sept. 20 Para Oct. 11 Cartliageua Sept 15 Pernambuco Oct. 1 Caraccas May 17 Panama--*- Feb 20 ('Ingres July I Hi > lie Janeiro Sept. 12 Callao ---May 29 Singa|>ore July 16 Calcutta Aug. 13 Sydney, N. 8. W.- Aug. 11 IVmarara Sept. 8 St. Helena Sept. 10 Fayal Oct. 11 St. Thomas Oct. 29 (rinraltar Oct 20 St. Barts Jan. 3 (iuayaouil Feb. 13 St. Jago de Cuba- Oc'. 12 (iuayama, P. R. July 15 St. Johns, T. R. Oct. 27 (iouaiees Aug. 1 St. Croix July 30 linlreslou Nov. 1 St. Martha Aug. 11 Havre Nov. 1 St. John, N. B. Oct. 21 Havana Nov. 1 Surinam Sept. 29 Halifax Nor. 12 Tampico Sept. 25 Jeiemie May 19 Tobasco Aug. ( Jacmel Oct. 28 Turks Island Nov. 1 Kingston, Ja. Oct. 20 Trinidad de Cuba- Oct. 12 London Nov. 3 Vera Crux Oct. 19 Liverpool Nov. 1 Valparaiso July 23 La (Juavra Oct. 15 Yucatan Oct. 21 Lima Aug. 6 Zanzibar July II Passenger* Hailed. Liverpool?Packet ship North America?CapUin Richard A 'ami, of New York; Dr Richard Jones, B A. Hunter HI ir, Thomas Pool, James Hissock, John St- veuson, A Schleup, of Ca iatla; James Richards, Montrea'; A Slarer, Yorkshire- Miss E Rait, Scotland; Gilbert L> Canada, Glasgow; J imrs Henderson, Brazil. Foreign I an port at 1 o n s Liverpool?8' ip Adirondack?(Reported yeaterdav)?200 tons coal 2000 sacks sali M Brown?1158 bxa tin 1 caak Phelps, Dodge A co?2 bales White A Sh-lli -Id?21 eratct Adams A Brothers?286 bin iron Piersnn A co?!$ crates B A .Mouuiford ?17 J W H* ris?3 bales A 8'ater?5 Tooker, Mead A cn?1 8 Thompson?3 J Coiin?h?525 bxs tin Cuniiinirhrtn A Buchanan ?300 do 3121 bars 60 bdle iron U Had'!*"II k son?I rsk R L Mailland?20 ia B James?50 kegs Elliot A B hcock?I bos Nathan A Broiliers?45 ens W Chauucry?1 pkg Richardson A Wauon ?IS bdls sterl J Ellison?I bale to outer. St Juais?Brig Henry Lee?3905 hides G3ceroona indigo i ble de-r skins 12 pkgs turtle shell 2 do gold I bsg cochineal lea old copper I loi Brazil wood 8 bales aarsapariils HAD Cotheal? 7rt(i hides 1 bale indigo J H Howl ind?I bales indigo I box B Bl mco. Domestic Importation*. Ch ??lrito!f?Brig Sullivan?570 hales cotton Boyd AHinck en?10 ?prsgue k K binson?50 J F Feuch?13 'ca 20 hf do rice 8 W Benn< tt?80 do 20 hf do Kincktnrath A Van Damme?91 tr* O Bulkley?I hox J O Oracie A co?I W Boyd?5 baga 81 W H L-vv?3 Mils.I A ( ..ko. M C n *?s IJ w Wslsb? 41 tea rice to O'der. Gcoar.r.Tnww, SC?Br g Juno?119 bale* cotton Po?t k Phillips? lit Smiih, Mill* kco?321 H Coit k co?61 A Arerill k co?15 Spofford k Tileston MAR IT I ME H E RALD~ To Ship Masteri and Agents. We ihall esteem it a favor, if captain* ol' vessels will gise to Commodore William A. RaMrtt, of onr nrwi rleet. a report of the shipping left at the port whence they failed, Ihr rC'sels apoken on their passage, a lift of their cargo. and *uy foreign newspapers they may nave. He wiii ixvard toem imme-liatelv on rhei' srrtvsl Agents and corrrapondenl* at home or abroad, will aire confer a favor by sending to thi* office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfnlly received. PORT OP NEW YORK, NOV. 90, IMS~ en aisss 7 12 t noon 6 14 irw sirs 4 48 I hion eitil*" 9 57 Cleared. Ship* Hendrik Hudson, Stark, London, John Griswold; Huntarille, Muinf.nd, New Orleans, K K Collins k Co; Saml ] Hick*. Banker, do, llickf k Co; Emllein, Talbot, Apalachico- I la, E O Hurl bin k 4,o; Anaon, Bark man, 1 "ha leaton, Iho Sut- I ton.?B rques Engrm i, Biacoe, Vera Crux. Har-out Brother* i k Co; Adeline k Eliia, Hopkins, Havana, S W Dewev.?Brigs I Falifi-ld, Smith, Port an Pnncv, Skelding k Ferns; Blenheim, I (Br) Walsh, Placints, NF Dunscomb k Beckwi'h; Condor, (B ) Hammond, Yarmouth, NS. J H Braine; Yeoman, Webster, Apalsrhicol i. Post k Philips ?Sc^rs Pacfic, Sinilh, Kingtion. Jam. J Peters k Co; J W Kimpion. Osbore, Norfolk, Slu'gei k Clesrman; Huds n, Cooli y, Baltimore, do da; H>- i mine, Coates, do, Johuaon k Lowden; A L Ackerman, Half, Havana, J B fc J Chapprll; Jonas Smith, Mills, Wilmington, i NC; Premium, Jarvis, do, A B Cooley k Co; A B Coolev, , Camp, Philadelphia, A B Coolev k Co; A Lawrence, Faulk- i and, Boaioii; Homer, Kent, do; Fancy, (^hvse, do. i Hamburg ship Howard, Paulsen, for Hsmbnnr; barque Isabel- , lla, VlrKee, St Crois via New London, and Vmeiiiliau schr , Aim Eliia, Proralera, for Boston, cleared on the 17th. I Arrived. ?hip Emily, Crane, 14 days from St. Croix, West End, in J bajlast, to C. Morgan. Left no American vessels. ' Bsiqii" Roman. Hopoor, (of Boston) from Hamburg, via 1 Norih Shields Oct. 7. with roal, kc. to 0 P. Mills. Banjo- Oherlin, Knspp. from Stne'ds, Oct. 5, with 420 tons 1 cosl to O. B Mo re wood k Co. Brig Warssw Koopmau, 14 days from Matanxas, with sngir, kc. to Moses Taylor. Brig He?ry Lee, Cowen, 29 day* from St. Juan. Spanish Main, with hides, kc. to H. k D Cotheal. Left no American vessels. Bill Crusoe, Van Duzrr, from Jacksonville, EF. with hides, 1 to E. M. Atwster. Left brig Nimrod, hence,jost srr. I Brig Sullivan, Brown, 4 days from Charleston, with cotton, c to O. Bulkier. Bng Juno, Lewis, I days from Georgetown, SC. with cotton, to A. A vrril. k Co. Brig Glide, Pray. 4 days from Havre de Grace, with 200 ton* 7 coal toliaswell fc Eaton. Sehr Charles E. Thorne. Smith. II dsvs Irnm Wilminaton i NC with mnl stores, to John Ogdcn. 12th inst. off I Lookont, spokeachr Mars Hill, 17 days from Newlmryport for a Georgetown. 1 Wallow, c One ship, two brigs. Wind W. freah. Sailed. Packet ship North America, Lowber, Liverpool, end other* f Oeneral Keeord. Packet ?hip Hkedrie Huoaon, lor London, will sad to- ' morrow at 12 o'clock. The letter hag* will be taken from the a Exchange at II o'clock. Smr Adisotdacs, from Liverpool, encountered a acre re , gale fiom N K. o. Nw. . nthe Jth Bermuda?atore bulwarks, ai.d sustained other fSt tMrr'i Waoia?With ait all stores: To Europe, per v month, (12; Mt diterratican, 10: West tudica and New Orleans, |, 12; Co t.tine, 12; East Irdiea, 10; Sooth America, 10 Brio Hcnnv Let. ?The pilot boat VirKinia, while lying at an. horoutstd- the Honk on the night ol Itth inst. waa 'run into bv the brig Henry Lee, carrying awaty the fo.-e shronds, plankthear, ttc. Shit La Duchessk n'Oni-eana.?The Havre Courier of 0 Oct. 30,atatea that aa the packet ship La l)ueh< aae tl'Orleana waa entering the harbtTT; ahe cime in contact with the French , schr Augusta, coming ont. The schr waa totally dumaated? | tl e ship probably receiving no damage. Brio Mook, at Chtrl?ston, reporta?Saturday, itth, at 4 p m, saw a large brig on shore about 10 milea south of Oeracoek, head to the north, had all a .ils furled earept foieaatl, which waa * (lying. She had a white top houaa, and white streak round?no ' painted porta. t BaaqitK G??pee.?The cargo of the Oar,we, (loat on her o voyage iroin Orona'aill fot Bwlon) comiatedof 2193 poods sheet 't iron, 6078 do clean hemp, 101 do ontahot do. 2760 do cordage f61 pn res tail duck. Ill do raveua do, 171 >olla bagging, 13,600 ar sheens diapers. 102.000 do erash, 40,1100 <|tiillt. Sloop V1p,*ch?*t ?Guilford. Cl Nov. II ?Sloop Merchant, Cramp1 on, ! ailed lor NTork, ly ng outside the b r, laat nithi, tliagg d her anchors and went ashor about 9 o'clock, on (iuil lord Point, w here she bilgid. She will probably w got off without math ainage. Aanivai.s at Queekc.?Comparative statement of arrivals, tonnag" and pasaengera, at the |iort of Quebec, in the yeais 1841 nil ||42, to the llth Nov:? Vessel*. Tonnage. Paaaengen, 184 1 1261 423,141 20,279 1842 862 307,172 44,399 i Difference 309 116,980 10.UO Spoken. Katharine Jackton, Myert, Rotterdam for Baltimore, Oct IT, lal 49, Ion ?. Haac AHertoo, liom New Orieana for Liverpool, no dare, lal 32 9. Ion 77. Mary, Liverpool for Mobile, 8r|.t 99. lat ii. Ion 17. Foreign Porte. PiAL, Oct 24?Pttttd, Albert, Eitrr, from Bremen for New York. (>rr Plymouth, Oct 21?Jolianu Oeont, Qeerken, from New York for Breinru VllLFoao. Oct 2'?Arr Sir Charlea Napier, (Inlfiii, 8t Andre* a for Li*? rpnol, with lota of lib and with 7 I'eet ol water in h? rbold ?aid again 29th?(inaurrd in Boaioii.) on Bkachv IIkid, Oct 31? Kmilie, Woltt, from New York for Bremen ('owes. O I 30?Arr G?o Ryan. Slacey, Sumatra. Niwroar Oct 19? Sid Henry, Battl< w, Harana. Lkith. Oct 18?Arr Globe, himiooii, Jann a River. ( ao.vaTABT Oct 13?In i ort, Tioaa, .-iinmoua, for Boatou, aoon;4'omm rce, Dul na. NYork, do. StocbHoi.m. Get I??Air Bnaijtopp, Romare, NYork. Bai.MKV, Oc' 18?Sid Knaaell, LaujiHar. NOrleaua?haa been reuoitad tailed twice '?? n A1L Ei'- r. and EverOard.'Hsake, do" TrxRL, Oot 18?AtrAudacta, Valley, NYork; 20th, So|ihie, Bi etiksii, Baltimore, lltbtoi T Oct 14?Arr Utile, Hanson, Junes River. HoTTBknaM. Oct 31?In poit, Wallace, Heraey, for Boston, Id ; Maria k Adrians, (Dutch) Bolten, for NYork, to sail iu a few d tys. Antwerp, Oct 25?Air Maria Louisa, Vatiderateene, New York. Bordeaux. Oct 25?In |<ort, Uulnare, Cashing, and supposed to have soiled that day. Cadiz, Oct 15? SI.I Wm Badger, Langdnu, Portsmouth. Gibraltar Oct 17?Sid Martha Elizabeth, Walter, from Madeira, lor Malaga, to load for Baltimore. Arr ISlh, Alhatnbra, Wtliou. a rteite. t, O't IT?Iu port, Texidor, Lockwood, for St Thomas, taLeu upfor $700; Na-hna, Perry, doing n ulling; William D >*?s, do do. both es|>ected to teinrri to the United States iu billast; Henrietta, Kartell, frcm Gibraltar, to load for Philadelphia. Genoa, Oct 17?Sid Mary Pnillipg, Pratt, port in the Mediterranean. Messina. Oct IS?In port, Wm Tell, for NewOrleana, about Not 15; 7. D, NYork, few days. Palermo. Oct p>?In imri. Mohawk, Pierce, for NYoik, abt Nov 10; Cam r, Witiship, for do, alic 15th SMratra. Oct 9?In i*-rt. Suaau J me, Fletcher, for Boston, 10th; E'nnii Isadora, Halien, do, in a few days; Ottoman, L.glee, do do. St Jean d'Acre. Sept 8?In port, Vent'osa, Divis, for Hull, Kng. touching ar Jaffa, next day 'I he Vrntrosa is the first m tcli rutin in beating the United States Bag that ever entered this port. Quebec. No-; II?Arr Alderman Thompson, Holines, Lou dou. <ild 9th, bileii'li-1in. McD ungh, G eenock; Marchioness ol Queensbury, M' Galium, L'Venmol; ll-ioinr, Wa ker, L''tidou; Geo Katn.ay, Cheveri, do: Sarah, .McLean, Glasgow; lOtf, Mati|iiis of Hip tlev, Wright, Ilochfort; I llh, Richibuclo, Meredith, Loudon; Acadia, Younger, Liverpool; New Volunteer, Wills, Swansea; Standard, Monigomery, Bi ll ist; 12th, John It Mary. Wtigl t, Dublin; Neptune. Law, London; Carena, H yden, Brtdgewater; Chailntte, Ferrier, Beaumaris; Coamaiioli'e, Webber, Plymouth; Matgaret, Pnt'ham, Jamaica; Lady Milton, S nnott, Lirenmol; Aberueen, Duffy, do. Montreal, Nov 10?( Id Magnet, Morton, Liverpool. Home Porta. Philadelphia^ Nov 19?rid Germ, Lincoln, Boston; J 5t W Krricksoo, Smith, North River; J K Crouch, Tomlin, Jetaev City. Arr Ch itnpUni Kiusnian, Portland; Henry Pratt, Cnrtis, do: H Wes'cotr. Vance, NYork. Georoktown, "C. Nov 12?Arr Ohio, Veaey, Martinique; Georgians, Tr-dwell, NYork. StMarrs Fla. Nov I?Arr Souther, Baker, Boston; Billow, Bern, NYork; H?nry Clay, do; H irp, si Thoma. Old KW Brown. K'lly. NYork. dbC REW \RD?Loat. in Broadway, be'wreii Dey street and ajpt-' Chambers, a sm all Cameo Pin It wou d be of very little vaHt? to any pe son but the owner. If the person who finds it will plsce it in tne han is of ihe book-kee|ier at the Franklin House, they will receive the shove reward. si2" 2f in RE-OPENINOof Gol 'smith's Wilting AcaUeiny? Mr O ddsnitlh respectfully informs ths cit re is ofNew York thai he will open a Writing Academy licit Monday, 21st mat. at 254 Broadway, oinoaite the City Hall, eutrance at the door of tile New York Museum. Te-ms, for the course of instruction, fire dollars, including stationery. Gentlemen will meet duiiug the day and evening at snch hours as will best suit their convenience. Ladies' classes will meet daily from II to I o'clock. n20 4t ia*r BROADWAY MARKET, one door below Canal street, east aide, No. 414. JACOB SOMERINDYKE hereby gives all his numerous friends in the city and county nl New York to understand thu he has opened'n establishment for the sale of all that an epicur ' heart cnnld desire or his 'tother place need for fulfilment. Flesh, fish, fowl, and all aorta of game are al ways on the stalls, as avell as vtg- tables of erery -escriplton in and out of season. He merely asks those who love the good things of this world, to gire him a c *11, si all thst they leel disposed to order ni-p " iHiiutuMpn) icui nuuir w111iuui flnyci ra ciMiKe. ti2fl 3"Sll AKKtfHKAKE, or John Smith, hu said that modesty ?? a virtue. There a lime when " inn 'est merit" coulil he let alone. No a, we, the under<lgn> d, do -'t care about being let alone, aa there two of ua, and each big ennuith to lake care of himself. We hare, however, a special rega-U for an unfortunate race of beings cele oated for til ir lo>es?poor creatures extremely scar t in the list of mortality, v-lipt, " Mill Pond Ov?tcrs." We hart no notion tha' Mr. John U.Con*lin. of CI Whiu hall street. shall be poking his fun and his "split sticks" at our " Mill I* lud," with impunity, as he has done in the Herald, of the I6th inst. We hare hev.-d daily the open mouthed plead, and momentarily, even for mouth* of the poor " Mill Pond" in their hrhalf. '1 hey shall plead no lunger in rain, and for them we challenge the Universe, Broadway. Broad street, and Park Row, to meet the party aggrieved, ami he or they ga away complaining that we have not shelled out a"belly full." Having spoken for our friends, now a wo-d for ourselves. We feel for the race of-Jeer, bear, canvass backs, the beeves, mnttons and stsiiic, yet as every body does so, why should not arc commit slaughter and consumption, on the very best of each class as well as o'hers 7 We'll trust the justice of our cause to a court and jury of a thousand men per day. Trusting in the Justice and compassion of the whole rub'ic, we shall close our appeal with subscribing ourselves your v rv obedient servants, LU9C0MB It BANDBORN, _n2l_St Cornucopia, ?8 Park itow. SHIP UTICA, FKUM HAVRE?Consignees will ple*se send tin ir permits on b >ard at pier No 4 North Rivet. All g .ods not permitted by lite 13d inst will be seal to the I uhlic s'ore. n20r PACKET SHIP HUNT8VILLE for New Orleans.?P-s?:st ra hv 'his ship will please be on board Use steamboat Hercules, at Whi'ehail, this day at 12 o'clock, at which time the thip ssil' tall. n2l Itec JjFOit SALE, the cheapest Farm in these paits, of 70 !"; acres, goo bnitdings, plenty of fru't, wood and water. Do for sale orexchsnge for good city property, foor vatu ible farms and four hauaea and lots in and nigh Plainfteld. De. to trade for dry goods and groceiiea, new house and two lots Do. valusb'e lota in Jersey City. Call rn 8. VAIL. Saturdays, 41 CourtUndt street, from lu to 2. Other days, I'lainfirld N . J., i r at <74 Washington tt. Ten small (arms tor sale low. 8. V. 1.20 6 A* " TNO'TTOH SEARa, lor erlv of 4K Ann slieet, may be conA-e suited at No. 73 J.thu at-eet, near William street ror eight y ears past hit attention has been ds voted in this city to the treatment of chronic or lingering diseases?dvspepau, dropsies,liver and long complaints, lie. Angina F'ertoiii.? Its symptoma are u> unpleasant sensation et the pit ot tne stomach, pain about the left aide and region of the heart, ettruding often to the shoutder blade and between the should* ra, and occasioning shortness of btealh and jalpitation of the heart. Doctor Sears haa hid tnnch experience in ,he treatmeut of this disease. rilOJm ?t NANKEEN COTTON? bal?a Nankeen Cotton, for sa o hy PERSfvE It BROOKS, nt9 ec 61 Liberty street. DLAt.K OXIDE OF MANGANESE?English, of supeD rior quality, and American. Fur sale, in Tou to suit par chasers, by PKR8SE lit BROOKS, nl9tc 61 Liberty street. for thp: hair. rowland's macassar oil. T^HE extraordinary efficacy, and happy amalgamation of its A purely vegetable iugrrdienls, hare enabled it triumphantly to pass through every medical and physiological test, until it ha* now become jitst'.y renowned throughput the world for iu remarkable virtues in nourishing, preserving, and beautifying the human hair. To enter here into anything like a full detail of its several transcendant properties, would be an act of supererogation of the proprietors, who have already more fully treated on toe subject ilia little pamphlet which accompanies each bottle of their Macassar Oil, ana whereingussfa I hints and advice will be found ou the subjects of baldness, grey bair, and on the early culture ol children's hair, Ac. Ac. At present, it will be merely sufficient to briefly notice some of its principal virtues, as a mild stimulative, corrective, and preservative agen to the hair. It is the only article that produces and restores hair; also whiskers, mustachios, and eye brows; prevents hair from falling off, or turning grey to the latest period of life; changes grey Isatr to its original color?frees it from aeurf. and makes it beautifu'ly soft, curly and glossy. In dressing hair, it keeps it firm in the curl, uniniured by damp weather, crowded assemblies, '.he dance, or in the exercise of riding. To children it is invaluable, as it lays a foundation fo< a beautiful head of hair. TESTIMONIAL. To Messrs. Rowland A Son, 20 Hat ton Garden, London. 21 Mason st. Old Kent Road, London. Gentlemen?About August, 1839, my hair began to fall off. ?nd in so rapid a mariner, that in the space of a month my head was almost divested of hair 1 tried several preparations for Its recovery without the slightest benefit, when one day your cir ( -ular, in "Collins' Memoranda,"caught my eye; I ventured in , he purchase of a small bottle of "Rowland's Macassar Oil;" iftcr using which I found my hair was beginning to re amiear, ind accordingly I purchased a largcrbottlr, which, when fini?h- ] d I (<lt satisfied that I had proved iu my own |>rrson all you , irofess at to iti restorative qualities: in short, after two months iteady perseverance in its use I had got as good a head of hair ( is at any time in my life, for which permit me to offer my c hanks I have d* laved writing to you for six months (from | he time of leaving off the Oil) wishing to test the permanence if its restoration. I And it continues as tirm and thick as before | t began to fall off, with every prospect of its continuance. I am, gentlemen, ( Y our's obediently, JOHN F09TER. cautIon. j On purchasing (bevulire of counterfeits!) aee that a small la f iel is affixed to each bottle, hearing the names ot the sithscrireru, thus, " MESSRS. DODOE, CUM Ml.NO A CO.. Ac., , inly agents, New York," without which none are geuuine. je 16 Itawgtdr , VICTOR GIROUD, IIT ATCH MAKER, No. 25 Cent re street, in the city of New 1 * v York, who obtained aevervl gold and silver medals of the tmerican aud Mechanic Institutes of New York, in the years 831, '39, '30 and '01; and also Letters-patent for the invention of i Chronometer Escaiwmekt and for hta Magic Chronometer, \ ... ,... i? L .v. .?k.k.? *. ..r ,k;. i - c-_ oufidence they ham heretofore reposed in him, and assures > hem that he will coatinue to meet their patronage, by apply- a nit al< the exertions, punctuality and abilities of which he nay be poataasrd in his art, to ihe entire satislaction of his tiend* ana rnsiomers. He will continue to manufacture Duplex, Lenin* and Patent , ..ever Escapements. and in general all Itiiias of pieces belong- ? ng to the art of Watch Making. He also re|*iri Chronom.tnrs " ml every sort of time-pieces. * He will also rep tir, i at in order and alter all lunda of mehanical Campa, and will warrant his work,which will be made c t moderate prices, osuii the liin". . Mr. V O naying just returned bom a'nyage to Europe, has i ironght with him a choice of articles suitable to this maiket, hich lie invites hit friends and iwlroua to rumine, and which . ic offers for sale at mo lerate prices. They consist principally ri Clocks or Pendelumt, quite modern patterns. , Mechanical Camps from the best patentee makers in Paris. Camp Ulaaa Globes, both cugraei d and painted, a new style, dancy articles, suitable fyr presents. Hydropnumatir Appara'us fur making coffee, now almost the I nly one generally adopted. ~ Mr. V. O. having etteblished a corretpondencr in K ranee ' rith the pat-ntee ofthe best mechanical Cam|is msnnfsctnrrd in C 'arit, will always beep on hand s choice assortment of thissr- H iele. oMr?dlin*r <' [EKKEHHON INSURANCE COMPANY?No. 47 will ' street, coiner of Hsnover street. This Company eoninnes to insure against Inst or damage by fire on buildings nods, wsrei, or merchandize generally; also, on vessels and h argues against loss or damage by inland navigation, on as ? svorable terms as any o her office. DIRECTORS. ?? Thomas W Thome Eltsha Higgs Thomas T Woodruff Anson Baker ; Beiijsinin R Robton Martin Hoffman John K Davison Joseph Allen r| John H Lee Joseph Drake ' Kraiicis I' Sage Samuel Underhlll si Thomson Price, James R Whiting gi Moac Tucker John P Moore tt John 0 Merritt Wm K Thorn t< Caleb C Tunis James E Holmes n THOMAS W. THORNK, President. w GEO. T. HOPE. Herreiarr. iff it sw MAE r e ^EWBVRVTOItT Bank Nt)t^s'j.iweh?e.Ka^^hj"_Vs~l rates ^ nit r IS Wall street and 1M Broadway. AUCTION SALES THn\iA? BKLI . Auctioneer. BY BfclLL k HOWARD. (8!ee?? Not. it vfnn un> f>nnrt% r(rtti) MONDAY. At I0H o'clock, at the 4001100 room. Stoves?100 first rote cooking and other stoves of nil descrip tions. thr U?t of the stock. This sale will also include parlor, tfice, coluicq and Olmstead patents, all tn complete order Also. 2 steam tables, suitable lor te fee torts; a superb royal printing press, snd a valuable copperplate do. Also, .it excellent billiard tabic ami apparatus, oofat. Chairs, French Bedsteads, ke.?Also, the entire stock of a tofa and tmhog?uy chair m an u I * ctn re r, coin i?ris tug 3b sofas |ual ..?11 v in the citv; sofa beds, parlor and roekioi chairs couches, divans, ottomans, St". Aiso, 12 sujierior pol shed French bedsteads, work tables, ca d aud dinlu, do, and various other articles?elegant furni ture. Also, 1 splendid rosewood premium piino forte. Tl/KSDW. At I0H o'clock, in the sales room. Large sale of elegant fashionable rl thing. London cloths and cassimeres, a fine stock of I'aucy a d t*ple dry goods, jewelry cutlery, drvsiny cases, watches, I splendid diamond piu, kc. BY iULLL k AKiULAKiCo. MONDAY. At 10H o'clock, iu the aale 'oonu. A larKf assortment of broadcloths, Ciuiuicrea, Kioto, hosiery kc. TUESDAY. A <ood assortment of I ti'mrr tears. he. WEDNESDAY. At 10 o'clock, i u the Bale* room. Elegant Fuiuitu e, Piaum. kc.? Second hatul household furniture, a large assortment of k tchru fun iuite, lamps, he., the property ol'a family (IvitiK up housekeeping. Mil MAX BOHRKU'S SECOND CONCERT, on Moti day evening, Nov. Ill'?Mr. Mai Bohrer rcai>ecllul y in forma hit friends and the public, tha his accond concert taill ' take place ou the above date, at the Apollo, assisted by aeveral eminent artfata. Tickru SI each, tobe had at the principal mntic atorea, and at hia re-idencr, Sr. Oe irge'a Hotel, ;aud at the door. Concert to com i rnr? at H o'clock. nl'J Jtr WRlTl NO -TH ACTTENOi* taavhc for on* dolI r, by Mr. GOVVARD, the Great Trailer, BrOjd- I wav. Mr. Go*?id will write or teach a bu itiett Imiid with any man in show the public who is best. He wil <lo it < f??r nothii g but the honor, aj the l**t twelve ye<n. iu New i York city. he h<t> con*rautly rliAlbimd lor $>000 and less, but I no one ha* eter <l*re<l to accept. B?W4roof preiniutn, forgtd, i ml travelling wrting quack* and impost* r? utO 3i*r CA BOCK, 3 4 U lO.ow , ci nhn- Hall.?A complete as- I . s. Hint nl ol Havana and Principe Segar* ia alwa> a on hand aa vv- II a. cho re Regalia, of all sixes. Plantation Segue (Vegnero.) ^nd La Cabana, firai quality, . has bet n [i cei (rd l>. I lie- It | >i,l. n HI e- < ><l2 ?v rr r<0\m.|\lENTAHY BALI.-The f.tcd. of w 1 ^ bar ler, desirous of public y testifying the high reapect ihey entertain for hit character, have determined to give him a Jomuliineiitary- Ball, to take place at tlie Hhakspeare Hotel, on Monday evening, Nov. Slat. Tickets $1, to be had at the Sh(kt|>eaie Hotel, and at ihe door on the evening of .he ball. "18 It GEO. W. EVANS, Sec'y. MISS A UlRARD'S CONCERT.?Mi<i A. Girabd, a . young Polish Lady, only li ycan old, res|iectfully imorina ( her friends and the public, that ane will perform on 'l<e Violin, at he' Firat Concrr', which will take place on Wednesday evening, Nov.13, 1142, at Niblo'a Saloon, under the dirertion of Mr.Chatel, her learher. Betnlet, Misa A. Oiraid will beassisted bv the following ralent Mad'Uie Otto, Mr. H. TSorbec^e, Mr. Timm, who will pre- n side at the piano forte, and Mr. Hill, l-ader of the quintette. _ Ailmiiaion $1; children ha'f price. Tickets to be had at Mitt 1 A O't, 72 Thirleeuln street, at (he .rinci|ial music stores, and at the doors of the Concrt. nl4to23*r SITUATION WANTED?By a competent per ouinaetat sa'esmdu in a wholes de or r tail establishment of W,itches Jewelry lie. Also nudera'anua book keeping and watch repairing Ho been in business lor iiimaeif ten yea-s aiiu speaks French For ptrticulara anil references addr-sa Box No. 782 Lower Pott Office. Gentlemen's H net taken ca e of during the winter at a very re..on:.M. a.., I. .1 sc \1.;.l? I -? " "n~r \ BAR MAID WANTED?A genteel, respectable young t woman, well recominriide J, it wauled to attend a saloon, t' ai a f.ishimiaule place of amuemrLt. Add re u is. A. R., through the pott once nl8 DOARDINO?A Tew respectable yonmt meu can be accom Jj D modat d with good boara nd pleasant rooms a' 42 Oey at. " Terms moderate. Also a few day boarders can be acccmmoda- " ted. Apidy at above i.Q lm*rc " BO VRDING.?The original Walton House, 328 Pearl street, ' Franklin Square?kept by Jas. Fowler, from London, Knit- land, permanent boarders S2,''0 per week, transient hoarders JO 1 cents jar day Families can b? accommodated with private moms on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents per glass?home brew'd ale 4 cents per pint?line Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold cuts equilly cheap. N. B. Hot coffee 3 cents per pint?stakes and mu'tou chops can be had at all hours. J. F. particularly requests any oue wh? it in want of a com- . fortabte home to call and inspect his establishment, and I judge lor themselves. Persons travelling for England would find it to their advantage to call. The house being convenient ? to Loudon and Liverpool shins, J F. being api>ointcd agent, lie can give passteog- rt every information. . New York and Old Country p-pera taken in. nJJm*r , BOAK D?Families or single gentlemen can be aecornmoda- I ted wi h board and pleasant rooms at in Beektnau treet. ? u Terms moderate. n6lm*r s ?n_ FOR SALE.?A pair of dark grey horses, short ' -Laminatail, about tifteen and a half hands high, rising sev n years old, gentle in harness .perfect in all pacts, goou 1 ste pert,and peifec'iy souud. Also, a droska barouche, built by Laurence It Collit.only u?ed lour months. The above be ? long to a gentleman levviur for Ku-op- and will be sold tin- P der then value. Apply to Mr. WALKE. harness make', No. 24 Broadway, it 19 2ie id*r " ELtCTKO MAONe-TIC PLATES for rheumatisms, nervous affections, Stc., prepared under the direction of M. L?mauroui, apothecary in Paria, general uepot iu New York, 66 Franklin a reet. at M. Ninuard'a. Price fl 66. Infallible cure for the moat acute and inveterate pain, inch as ' acute and chrooic rhrumati'ms, the gout, neura'gy, sciatic, tic dolorrnx, danae de saint Guy, chilli, megrim, cramps in ihe si much, and.shortly.for all nervous affections, chiefly diseases of women 'nd young girls, as green sicaness, amenorrhea, suppression*. vapors, ner-ous attacks, ke. nIA tm'r GENTLEMENS LEFT OFF WXRDROBE , GENTLEMEN or Families laying aside articles ol wearing ' apparel, and wishing to dispose of the same for cash, can < obtain from the subscriber 20 per cent more thau from any other I person. Ts ladies sod gentlemen about leaving the city being encumbered with a superfluous ward rob., will find it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend them at their residence by appointment. A line addressed to H. LEVETT. BOX 107 LOWER POST OFFICE. will be punctually attended to. oil lm?r MO.sMOUTH BANK, ,V. J.?The note* of the above ! rank bought fur a few days ny 1 nl8 JAMES fc CO.. 60 Wall at. ILLINOIS BANK notes wanted, at improved rates by , n.8 r JAMES fc CO.,60 Wall at. , BROKEN BANKS?Tne highest price will be paid for all ? broken and donblfnl bank nor>> bv I nl8r _ JAMES fc CO., 60 Wall sC * "OLEACHINU POWDER, of Aoyds'makc. for -le by J L) PEH88E fc BROOKS, nil Itr 61 Liberty slreet. . DIRB BRICK.?7000, Oovan pat> nt. a very superior *rU"le. J T For sale by PERS8E fc BROOKS. j mSr CI Liberty atreet. K rpRHdSTtr?7C58-8 V FTWTVTTW H*8 brind#7~For f A sale m lots to sur trim c atrrs, by s nlOr PERS8K fc BROOKS. 01 Liberty st. d J^AGS?*0,000 lbs couDtiy miger^rajrs^ for sale^hy^ _ ? rbnggb ouuiias, _nl9 ec 61 Ltbeity street. f MHW Packet of 25lf November.^?The Splendid Packet / jSkUMM^Ship ROSCIU8, Ca|it. John Collins of IMOtons, t will positively ?ail a* above, her regular dav. For freight or paaaage, having accommodation* unequalled for splenuor or comfort, apply on board, at Orlean* wharf, foot of Wall atreet, I or to E. k. COLLINS It CO. 56 South atreet. > Price of passage, $100. j. The Tacket Slop Siddona, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, ol 1000 ton*, will aucceed the Kotciua, aud aail the 26th December, her r regular day. L tier* for the ahip* of ihi* will only be received at Gilpin'* N-w* Koom. P**?r rigera may rely on the ahi|* of thia line aailing punctually a* advertiaed. til9r t tfg- OLD BLACK BAI.L LINK OK PACKETS i kf*JVK()K LI V EltPOOL?Packer of the .9th November. 1 jMa*L-The very faat tailing packet thtp NORTH ) AMERICA, Capt. Lowher, will be di*|iatched for Liverpool j! a* ah >va, her regular day 'I hit firtt claa* picket ahip ha* auperior accommodation* for cabin, iccond cabin and areerage pataenger*. Th-.te deairoua i of arcuriug berth* will reqnire to make early application to . JOHN FIERDMAN, ft SI Mouth atreet. . N. !>. Peraona lending for their friend* residing in Great |u Rrirain and Ireland can, aa uanal, aecure their paatagea (tia. jt Liverpool,) by any of the line of packet*; and drafts for any p rnioiiut c ,n also be purcb-aed. payable throughout the United v Kingdom, on application >? above. niTr FOR VEW OKLEANH? Louisiana It N"ew VorS li wMMPW Line?Firat Regular f'a-ket of t) h Nov, mber?The D4ialaa'"a*t sailing packetahip HUNTSVILLE, Capt O. R. d< VTumlbiil, will poaiiivelv sail aa above, her regular day. For B reight or paaaage, having handsome furnished accommodations, N ipply on board, at Orleant wharf, font of Wall at. or to C E. K COLLINS k CO 56 South at c Patiengera by ihi? ah p will p e?ae he on board the steamboat ? Heicu n at Whitehall, on Monday at 12 M., at which time a he ship will sail. . Shi, .per* may rely upon haying their gooda correctly measnr- ' 'd. and thai the ship* of thia lane w ill tail punctually .1* ad>er- j' iaed. Any guarantee to that effect will be given aud fulfilled hat may be required. AgeuU in N. Orleans, Hnllin k Woodruff, who will prompty forward *1! goods to ineir aibheas. The |>*ckei ahip MEMPHIS, CapL. Knight, will succeed he lluuUville, aud aail the 30th Nov, bur regular day. n 19 2t r fffj- FOR NEW ORLEANS. MOBIL*, k SAVANMWWpVNAH-Tne packet >hip ALABAMA, Cajg B >ngMlllfalirr, will sail on Friday the 25 h r*ov, for New Orvana, tier regular day.f weaih rpermiPiiig) or |?a?aage Iree. The packet ahip KENSINGTON, CaptShumway, will sail or 'or M- bile to-morrow lis The packet brig EXCEL, CapL Sherwood, will aail on Monday Nov. 21st, her regular day. R For passage id any of the above a iperior peckets, which is t 'ery low, apply to f W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. 43 Peck Slip, or o niftr 62 Hoi??h arreer, cor Jones' lane ,, voitniW orleans?Packet of thejist in* * gfyVWThe aafierinr faatt'iling ahipQUF.EN VICTORIA, 11 UHlfaCaptaiii Mallet, will positively tail aa above, and can II I . cc.rmmodate a few more second cabin and atreiagr par engera if etr.y application i? made lo f* nl9r JOHN HERDMAN, CI South at. ' 9JL kN^LANII, w" KTJMTV sit,u i u *,iu wi?L.g,o ?persons tending fctjKffe-nnntv U> their friends in the old eniintrr, rau t? imu i?i ?n< amount, payable on demeud, without diacouut, jt to . following ldv"?e, ? . Ci IN IRr,LAND?The National Btnk of Ireland, the Prnvm- , lal Biuk ?f r. land. snd all Ihrir tranche'. ? IN K V'tJLAND? Mfuri. J an But, Hon A Co., banker*, .onilfin, Etc ange ?i.<l Discount B-,nW, Liverpool, and their O r ?ck?? throughout England and Wales I* Ht'OTI AND?The Eu'rm Bank of Scotland, the H; J rmork Banking Com,any . and all thrir branches. All nf which dra'te arc paid in an' ol the principal town* in i ircai Britiin or Ireland. Apply (if w I-Per po?t paid) to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, 43, ? nl7 r cor Soulh itirrl. | [OHN M, DAVIES It JOtiKI inform their I r icons and ' customer* Ikat they have received their winter faahioua for A lip?a varirlr of new atvle* for yonth and children. The Iramvirnm. Turban now an mncli worn, la mannfactnred by r hem. Alio a oewatyleof travailing cap, eery convenient fo r entlrmen travelling oW lm*m IM WII.I.1AM ST. IV) PRINTERS AM) I I BUHHERH-A yonii man. Z I a practical printei, who is thoroughly acquainted with hia ,11 aaineaa in every department and branch, gad who haa been no 01 ployed in theraparity of reporter and tub-editor on aeveral ail igMv respectable jou mala, it detiront of obtaining a titnation I i the conatry, to take charge nf, and manage, armall new I- th< ?per cones ma. A remunerating salary will only he exoected. ph ddreta, by letter, (poat paid) X Y. Z.. at the Herald idle#. ch aspect* hie relerei.cea giy. n and regain d. nl7 jab .g CO the widows of the soldiers and tailora o ihc revolution1 rv war, who were m imed fefore the la' of January, 1791, I id who ran prove the aervicea of their haabandt, and the le atr 1'ity of tneir remagu, can, by a, plying at No. U IVIerect M ieet, hear of aoaiethi g'o tneir ad aniage. Those not abb " i produce th requ red evdeare need not apply. Pe sons re re ding a a diatance, and who will adureaa aa above, (pott P* d* I im 'ill receive attention. 'J hoee wanting ray aervicet will dn _ 'ell to apply before tb. let of January, aa I have other ban ret, which will call me to Washington, danog tne preeent i rseion of Congress A F. CHlLDS. I n!7 lm*r amusements? CHATHAM THKATUK. ^ "" Pit IJH eenu. Untwr Tier t4 rr-i,. T Mr.. Thorue'. Benefit. r*'*?*? MONDAY WVW.sfvn N"? ji, .? _ LA?T DAYS OY POMPEII. ' non?e'' After Which H-LL ON KAKTI1: ll, Lh'or* will n|ieu '6>??Curtain willn*e at 'launrnut ' o'clock i>rt< i?ely. 1 Bo? Office men daily from ? to 5, where Ticket, any fca orchaicu and place* wrrtirpil. Ml rt HKI.I. > OhVMPIC THEATRE. ill Bro ul*<v, New York. MONDAY EVY.nintj V?v ji will be (irceuted JOHN OY l'*KI8. Aivor whifh OIOVANM IN GOTHAM. To conclude W'fh HOUSel OK LADIES. !:.7- The Doors will for oprueri at half-post 6, tuid the per lormw. e cowmrBcr at 7, every evening. ______ AMPIllTHKATHK O F THfc KEPDBUO. 37 Bowery V A IIOWE8, Proprietor. MONDAY EVENING, the perforin nces will comm.iK. prrcisel/at 7 o'clock, with en alle, oricailillostrelion mtitVil GRAND WALTZ AND OALLOPADE. Mister James Mown mil gne a display of hie single horse ni <uehti> Hull Vaulting by tin whole Company. Otto M.itty wi I Ji mo hit o-rfo-ui inc- of the o {COURIER OK 8T. PETERSBURG, i lie Kour Brothers of VVaisaw will appe.r in a novel dlaplay of (Iroupittg , Equilibrium*. and Oi tnnaslics. After p-e intermission the DOUBLE TRAMPOLINE. Mr. Gardner will ap|n-ar at the American Tar. The evening') entertainment, to conclude with THE GLOBE. Boxes 30 cent)?Private do for 6 persons S3?Second Tier ecu.)? lit 23 cents. ILiors open at half-past 6. Overture by the Band aa aquaria before 7. Horseiiian.hip to commence at 7 o'clock preciaely. FRANKLIN T.?- ATRE. W CHATHAM SOU ARE. ILL o|ieti on Monday night November Nth, af>er having gone through thoioug repairs fiom p t to dome?witli a itries ol 'iitert.inmeMi on an entire ne* plan, by J MO It H 18' CONCERT k OLIO COMPANY, if more than Twrnty Ladi.a and Oetitlemeu, with an admialion of only I2S cent) to all |>ait> of tlie the .tie No gentletneu, inwevcr, will Be admitted tu the first 'ier of hoses st any price inless i< companird with a lady. D-Mirs open at t o'clock, tierformance commences at 7. Kor programme, are small hills. nil Im is*r AMERICAN THKATRIUWALAVT-ST. PHILADELPHIA. TNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C CU8HMAN. first night of Mad me Lecotnplr?7lh night of Mr. and Mrs. Brougham MONDAY EVENING Nov 31, will b* enacted. THE LOVE CHASE. After whieh, ROBERT LE DIABLE. E. A. MARSHALL. Leasee. AMftttlCAN nilSEUM, CORNER ol Broadway and Ann street, op|iosit? St. Paal'? > Church. P. T. BARNUM, Manager. BEST ATTRACTIONS IN NEW YORK Day visitors admitted free in the evening. Entire new scenery, drop curtains, decorations and enlarge lent and cuahiouiug of the Lecture Room. MR. WINCHKLL, [he most comic imitator in America, is engaged for a short peon) and will Hiipear in bis eeh b at*d ih lineati. n< of Irish, lurch, French and Yankee Characters. Positively the last leek of TH* WOND < RKUL MERMAID, Taken near toe Knee Idands, which baa been visited by fifty hous.nd persons in this city and B >ston, and of lh- genumeics. of which ail naturalists, and other iiersons, a.e convinced i|Min hei olding it, is ru aged, at anv estraotdniary rspense, for ,. r w,rg only. Many scientific gmtlrmrn of ce'ehnty have taked their reputation that this extraordinary nymph of the ea is nil she is lepresented. MR. O'CONNELL, THE TATTOOED MAN, Vill appear in his celebrated Dances, and rive an historical ccountof his .altering, for eleven years, while a prisoner in he h-nd, of ha.haious savages in the Noith Pacific Ocean. FALLS OF NI AGARA, with real Ctoton Water. THE LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY, Consisting ot ten performers: Mi.? Hood, the vocalist; Celeste, he dansruse, I lie Albino Lady. Marine Teh scope for illumis'iug the bottoms of rivers, l-kes, Ac., and 300,000 Curiosiirs. P rformauces every evening at half past 7 o'clock and vi rv Wedur.dav and Saturday alteruooi at J o'clock. Admission to all 33 cents?(Children half nrire. ntt TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION' ' POWERFUL NOVELTIES' UNPREcf.DENTKD PKKvORMANCE8?THE REAL KUD-GEE MERMAID. NEW YORK MllnKOM AND PlC'lVKJfi GALLERY, British nay. tlir City Hall, VTINK PERFORMERS TO BE SEEN FOR ONE SHILLING. The Manager trusts he may with confidence ssert lh >t s ich a galaxv of S arm as the following have seldom iren submit!."1 to the public. .vlasurD E. Hughes, the admirable harp player; Ma?terJ. I. Hughes, thy Infint violinist; Miss Hit,lies, the lilt's Li ra; diss Clemence, the icompliahed dadaeu e; Miss Cecilia lUnchar.l lh graceful jugcleress; M.ster Frank Dismnud.the iinivalltd Ethtotiean I ancrt; Mr. Jenkins, the unequalled ivnjo player; Miss Rosalie, th charming songstress, and Mr. Inyce. toe relebra'crt com>c singer. On Tuesday ami Thursday Mn. Loom's will delivers L'Cute ou Phrenolog , m eminence at 3 o'clock. A (lay performance will take place ou Wednesday and Salurav, as ntual. Erenimt eulenaiumrul to commence at hallad seven. Admission to the whcle ONE SHILLING. oJO Lm* FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, QffHUE No.7 WALL STREET. nlier TEACHER OF THB FLUTErMONZANI.M Thompson street, gives instroetiom* on the Klnte Terms f IS ner aissl'r il|m*r luoTpm. cordial. LfAGNIN'S LUriNA roaniAl Co, the anre and si?>?? ' ? cure or incipient consnmpriou, baireuucm, i...i??teDcy, In:orhc or white*, fleet, obstructed, difficult or painfnl menslni ition, incontinence of nrinr, or involuntary discharge thereof, ind for the general prostr .lion of the syatr m, no matter whether the result of inherent causes,or of causes produced be inegunrity, illness, or sccident. Tne wide-spread celef rity of this wonderful and inestimabla cordial in both hemisi teres is a sufficient guarantee lor its quick and positive success in curing all the above affections and complaints. Nothing can be more surprising than its invi gnraling effects on the human frame. Persona all weakness and lassitude before t iking it, at once become robust and full of euery uuderits intluece. It immedialrly counteracts the oerveletsness or looseness of the fe nale frame, which is the only cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Or. Magnin'a discovery was considered to be incurable And it speedily remove* :fie impediments produced by physical prostration, which fre luently deter men from getting married. Language, indeed, -annot do instice to the merits of the Lurina Cordial, which is eirard-d by the headj of the faculty in all parts of the world ss me of the most importan' medical discoveries of anv age. Price I I per bottle. Sold at U Nassau street,and No. 80 Nonh (tilth 'reel, Philadelphia. nl9 lm*r Tines' coif A L HAIR H ESTOi? AT1VE, OR OIL OF COKAL CIKCiSSIA. DEADER, n misreiarseut-tiuo is here offered yM; rf |A surely can believe a plain true statement, without puffing, fit is supportid bv the names of resivctable citizens. Here rr its real qu iHUSS : it will lorce the hair to grow on the head *'C, body, or any pari where usture intended hair lo grow, topit tailing off, make the scalp healthy, thereby en ing d?nlutr, and give light red or giey hair a tine dark look, sad in nnem-ke it grow naturally dark from the roots. These citi ens have used it and certify the above a-e its qua'i. it a. We ould offer a hundred more, but theae suffi e. No more need e said; its price is reasonable?only 3, 5. and S thillin :s a botle. 8 ,Id by the sole pr pnetor, T. Jones, at the sign of the I merman Eagle, 82 Chatham street. New Yorh. Reader, give mi only one fair trial and you will be satisfied. Agenr??Zfiber, 3d anil Dock s-reef, Philadelphia, and next i the Amrr'can Hotel. W sl.ingmn, 1). C : 1 Stale at, B Mton: 'Icveland, Kirnt at, Cnarleaton. S. C.; 57 State at, Alb.ny; lltclirll, Norwich. Cheningo, N V.; Martin, barber, C ua111. N. Y ; and 139 Fulton at, Brooklin. nib lm*ee JRUPTIONS AND DISFIGUREMENTS OF THE FACE. AND DARK OR YELLOW SKINS CURED BY THE ITALiAN CHEMICAL SOAP. iAI.L RHEUM, frerklra, acurav, pimples, eryiipelaa, ~ b'oiches, mortihewian, fwer, ajroia, bitea of inaecta, moeioe'oe?, lie . to change t'>e color of dark, aunburnt, yellow, or li .colored akin. The Italian Ch.micil Soap t really the eonerofiheage. Well might the Medical bocie'y o' Parie call I a blessing. and iia inventor. M. Beapiine, a philanthropist. It > eating thoueande all over he gtilti and Brit.ah poaaeae'one. t entirety eradicates every eruption or disfigurement of the kin, imparting to the lace, body, neck or arm*, a beautirui eallhfnl clearneaa. No mi-'epiearn atinn ia < Beret. One ,al will suffice to recommetd il io all. Amone the m <ny who ave be-n cii'ed bvthia, are t e following highly rvspectabl* ersons:?Rev. T 8 Lever, Newark, N.J , (yon a<e notified pit thia ia no i nlTed noairntn, bui a physician's invention \ M. aimer, Brooklyn. Sold by T. Jonea, gn of the Amencaa tele, 82 Chaiham alie*t. New York, Price 50 centa. Thia ia infallible in curing chap or Under Bash, makes the lin amoolh. aoft anil white. Agenta?Zieber 3d and Dock atreeta, Philadelphia, or next Kir to 'he American Hotel, Waahington, D. C ; 8 State at. o?tin;5T Siate at Albany, Mitchell, Norwieh, Chenango. . Y ; Cleveland, King at, Chatleaton, 8. C ; .Maitin. barber, atafcill, N. y.; and 130 Fulton at. Brooalyn _ nl9 Im'r ?EfJAR9-9K<iARS-Sr (JAKS -HV.NHIUUK , N?.5i, ' Wi 11am a'reet, baat mrni. offers fur aale tne following loice b.-andi ol aegara, whic" he invitea the love<a of the weed call and examine for tnemse-res; ihey were selected by onn intillered to be a judge Those f.nd of a real Havana, will > well to call and get llieir npp|y of the genuine article. 2C00-I I.a Norma,att> rteil colors, 25 00 Nonecaa. in half, quarter, and .ne eighth boxea 50,00.1 Vngemioad, no do, 10 000 Brnmla. 1st and 2d quality, 25 oon Or Flor a, IVO00 Nonna Kegaliaa, HO OO-i Naval Principra, Palma brand, in 000''aba lero?, O ireini Regaliaa, 30.00,1 low pi ice aeg- ri, of vtrions bands.' Omcers and hotel keepers supplied on rcaso able 'arms. All dert promptly atten -ed to by add resting "Henriquia, 51 Wil* im itrref. basement." N. B ?The above invoice ol aegars have arrived par barque ipid. from Havana. nl9 twee > EMIT 1 ANCE8 IO IHELAND, fce., us.?'The anbacrtI bar continue* to tranamit money, in tame large or small, Crsons residing in any i*rt of Ireland, in the ? t man tier , and his predecessor in bnameaa have down for the last irty years, and more; also, to any part of England or Scotid. Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or (tonally deposited witn h.m, with the name of the person or rtooe in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to hg n*, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted d paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for tided to (he sender. In like ma Iner money or claims on persona in any pert of rlaod, England or Scotland, can be collected by the aabsciV r, for persona leaning in any pirtof the United States, or made. and will be paid to them acenrdii gly. ,lt i?l. flvnunii U - D O I nlv ? -el - J > > ? \?n"nun *l'OAIl/Ei, JT., Hi ' /FOIir <1. LEECHES! LEEChES! LEECHES ! 2nnn LAROK HEALTHY SWEDISH LEECHEh UUW ?Ju?l ircntMt iwrbaik Sir law Newton, faom unliO'i, for ulr inauy iinaiiiny, *1 aery anwlwiu p ita by <J. A kH. Wl TTE. Important* Leeches, nil lm*re 111 * nliam street, INSTITUTE IFOR THE PREVENTION AND CURE OF BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR. ND THE ENTIRE REMOVAL OF SCURF AND DANDR1FF. >R< FK8SOR CLIREHUUH off.ra to ladiee m4 pubmm h>? gmiui'om uliici in *11 the ririou diseases cow rtnl with thr health and crowth of the haawim hair, that they ay be proaeelrd against the mai.y rnpyiical aa I injaraoaa itrama of thr da- which now flood the ei.y, perplet the lament. ?nd, if aaed, will dcitroy the haii. Thousands are w .off riny nnairr the loaa of t leir hair from the aaeof thoea Ir preparation. Many of aha Aral medical 'ncnlty in the country can testify to almost incredible caret peafamaed by the aea of the Tncoeroaa, or Falrnt Medicated Composed: end the profeeeional araeter of Cl'rehech will be aleemed o'Acieut (aaramre ainat evert t^in* like qeaekery and hu<a.t>oic. Piii.cipal office Mi Br.ndway, opatain. P. irate entaanre ler Indies anal lamaliet, A rat door in Vol ton ret. UR Dll. FRIla HTWANOr.tfd Price Carman oi CopT ria, Cnfatnles, Acuta, Dyawooda, Lunar adder ntype Chrmirala. Herman SilTsr, lie. Ac. Ae. Sea Poarth ?e. ol7 t PORTUGUESE HiMALK PILLS. "hkrt fkr-fama I and celebrated Ptlli, from Porte ami, are . we pares ree, to ha oktatnea in thda niffry. See adVartmai at en itie laaa aalm ? ml A

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