Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Kasım 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Kasım 1842 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. [Correepondence of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Nov. 21, 1812. Dear Bennett? There is but little stirring in our city, but I hav endeavored to transmit the most important itenr within the reach of a rej>orter, which follow. The brig Orion, Wheeler, arrived this mornin from Laguayra, having left November let, with cargo of coflee, consigned to Dallett Ac Brothe This of course increases the already large supply < that article in our market, and will have an add tional tendency to le-sen the price of the same. Quite a large amount of s(iecie left the vaults ( the Bank of North America this afternoon?destint tion New Orleans. Milton J. Alexander, the yonng Kentuckiar | charged with the murder of Lougee, the broker, i set down lor Monday next. He has secured emi nent counsel, in the persons of Geo. M. Dallas Win B Reed, Henry M Phillips, Esq*., and th Hon. John M. Pope, of Keuiucky. As usual, on a Sunday afternoon, a disgracefu fight occured between two of our fire companies, ii the upper part of the city. There are great af Tactions at the several place of amusement' to-night. Welch, the most generou and deserving manager that ever presented Ins n Mm the public, tikes his first benefit at thebeautilu Olympic. His bill is a strong one, and will unques tiou.;hly draw a crowded house. Indeed, Gen-ra Welts'deserves much at the hands of the Philadel phia pus.1'0* from the fact ol his having presentei them a pl<S"e eo delightful resort free from all im moral cont ?.'Tnna,lon> which too frequently charac Jerize our thea.,re9. At i'!?e Wain. "Theatre the enterprisinj ex-rtinna of Mt Joarsha" are again evident. Mr and Mrs. Brougham, Mad. and Mons. Lecom|>te with several other equ'H"y attractive stars appear The Love Chase and Rt'bert Le Diable constituti the evening's entertainme.''1- Miss C. Cushman the charming directress, ha9 won the universal ap plnuse of the whol-* play-going _ community, and in sober reality, n? one deserves .'t stronger than doei this sweet, active, and enthusia','ic woman. Miss Ayres, a very nretty acti\'ps? takes a benefi to-night at the Chesnut, where i'he has many ad miring friends. At the Arch, Mossop is the great a.,trac,i?nBl he third, and last, of the desper. "e gang wh< committeii the outragp on the person o. 'Judge Jone: has been arrested, and the whole three . afe. now ?e cure in prison The Judge was able to v ls" the city to-day. The " Spirit of the Times" is out to daj' >tt ano ther severe, but just, article concerning the in.'anioui course of the "Lumber" Mbyamensing Bank. Dt Salle has pictured in vivid colors the many sta) f'ing acts of fraud and insolence which characterii/ec this swindling shop and its officers, one of whom ha'! I>ui i~u<rimy rriurueu iruni nit- ivrw inuies, wiitc he had been for the pood of his health. The " Times" is, beyond question, in tins city, just what the Herald is in New York, (save circulation,) (Inmost bold, manly, and indej endenl sheet in existence An affidavit has been made by Samuel Dolby, now awaiting sentence for perjury, which, should it ever be made public, will disclose some startling facts, and place several hitherto "respectable" gentlemen in no very enviable light. The young necro, Wm Conlin, died on Sunday from the effects of the stab received at the hands ol James Brister, a few evenings since. The murderei is stjll at large. It is proposed in one of the morning papers, to lease the United States Bank, for the puroose ol containing the menagerie of Mr. Raymond, now exhibiting at the corner of 13th and Spruce streets The President's room to be set apart for the hyenas, whilst that of the Directors will contain the various monkeys. A pretty good joke this. Mucn bustle was apparent at the different banking houses in this city daring the day, it bein? set apart for the election of directors for the ensuing vear. It isgenerally believed that an entire change would take place in the management of the future affairs ol some of our b inks, and that a new set ol directors would consequently be elected. It is really time, gentlemen, that a little change should comr over your uffairs, as the ,>eople are tired of deception ajid fraud, they having, to their heart's sorrow, experienced enough of it during the past year. Very little business occurred at the regular Board ol Broken today. The following are the sales : ? Firsi Board?$1000 Cincinnati Bonds, 6'?, 1965, 7i. Seconc Board?$700 State 6's, 1965 44$; 60 shares Wilmington R Road, B. 3 ft, 7J; 27 do Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank 19); 1 do Pennsylvania do, 54. Steamboat Collision.?The steamboat Farme came in collision with the Scioto Valley, on Mon day which the former was sunk. The acci dent occurred at three o'clock in the morning, ahou twenty miles below Louisville. Although it couh not be ascertained nccnrAtclv it wbk sunoosed thrpi or four deck passengers were drowned. Bout an< cargo probably a total loss The Farmer was fron L.jiiisville bound for New Orleans. SrEAMBOAT Sunk.?The Fair Play was snaggei mil sunk, in five feet water, on Wednesday just above Cincinnati. limp NEWS PHli.ADri.rHtA, Nov 21?Arr Orion, Wilkins. L* Gnayra Choet?w, F liner, Malaira. Below, Cinciunalus, Whiimort Irom Bo.Ion, tin N in'urkel. Baltimore, Nov 20?Arr Jnsrnh Balrh, Davi?, Bniton United Statu, Kr?i?r. Portland; Queen, Arnold Previa, nee Black H mk, Searcy, Portsmouth. Old 10th, Tnrner,'Wooi1 fury, Portland; Rochester, Wiie, NYork. 8'd Fellowship (Ur) Armstrong, St Andn wl NB; Boston, Tavlor, Boiton Carn?rine, Hirmaii Pmtland; Edwin, Hinckley, Antigua. Ai riinniA Nov 18? SIil Doip, NYnik. Richmond, Nor 13?Arr Evelina, PoMstnoulb; Foreign Porta. La GrATnA, Nor I?In port, Ann Eliza L, Peddle, disg?th onlv Am rican. Despatch, Tilden, f ,>r NYork, via Porto Ci b llo, .ai'ed tT'h. (KJ-THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE pr- pared under the direction of the College of .Medicin ma 1 Pharmacy, of the city of^Jew York, is unequaile* iu the treatment of allsyphilBc diseases. Ca9es of th most inveterate character havMoi.n cuied by the use o a few bottles. Sold in large bottles at $1 each, atul it cases ol half adozen bottles $6. Forwarded to all part of the world. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office of the College 97 Nassau street. {?- THE GENUINE 8ARSAPARILLA, PREPAREI by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city o New York, does not contains particle of mineral raedi cinr.andis totally diff. reut from the injurious or iner mixtures, sold hy certain druggist* under that name This medicine is composed of the active principles of Bar saparilla, Gentian and Sassafras, at d is of great elficacj in all scrofulous diseases, cutaneous eruptions, salt rheum, derangement ol the digestive organs, and tha shattered condi'ion of the system which results ftom at injudicious use of mercury. Sold iu single bottles, (largi size) 79 cents each. Half dozen (in case) $3 60?Doset (in caae) $6 00. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 97 Naasau it. ClT-LOZENOE MELODY.?Am? The Bard's Legacy When w ith sorrow your heart is breaking, Or stomach or head is oppressed with pain, A Peters' Lozenge te after taking, And you'll be sound as a bell again. And, oh! if with worms your children are wastingWith worms the most terrible under the sun ? Those Lozenges mighty will give them a basting i hat soon shall came them to cut and run. When you've a cough or cold that'* hacking, Of Peter*' Lozang. a take a few, Which soon the rascal* will *e:.d a packing, And make you Icel just as good a* new. And it your lancies you'd wish to make supple, Because with the olues you are oppressed, Of Peters' Lozenges take a couple? And, O, you'll think you're among the blest. lly the way, the above was written under the inspiratioi of oiteol Peters'Cordial Lozenges. When we wish to b brilliant we take a couple. Editors, and all perssns wh live by their wits, do you hear that 1 Principal office 1J Fulton, eornerof Nassau street, New York. ft*. COPY OF LETTER FROM OUR AOF.NT A' BALTIMORE, Md. Nov. 19, I84J Gents Enclosed I send you a draft on New York, fo ISO dollars, which is the amount of your account agaim me. 1 have h ard o( a number ol cures performed h your Candy in this vicinity. In the neat letter I wit) er close you a certificate, which I received Irom one of on cituens ; who experienced relief Irom the use of the art, cle. You will therefore please ship me as soon as convi nient, two boxes containing one hundred and fifty dollar* worth each, and I will forward you the amount of the bil on receipt ol the boxes. You will oblige me by sending without delay, as I have now got but fs worth of the Ion shilling packages on hand. It is impoasihle to tellcxactl the size packages I shall wnnt, but you will have an a> rortment put in these two lioxes. And as I can alway get a fresh supply in four days time il you attend to ni; order, 1 run no risk of being out of the article. Yours,Jcc. JOS. ROBINSON. To Messrs. J. Pease & Son, 43 Division st. {gy- JAYNE'S EXPEC TORAN P.?We esteem it pleasure to he able to recommend this medicine, as th best calculated for the purpose of curing coughs, colds fore throat, asthma, and all altections of the lungs. Fror a long personal anpi dntaucc with Dr. Jayne, we knot that he is no quack, and his medicines are not nostrums c the modern cry up, but are the result of his long expi r fence as a practising physician, and the expense oi gres labor.?[Hartlord (Conn ) Review Jsvaa's Eif?oTo**xT?The virtues of this efflcaciou and cheap medicine lor the cure of consumption and othe diseases, cannot be too well known. Very many live have been saved by it.?[N. Y. Morning Ati s. Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne,No JO South Third stree Philadelphia. (gy- UNPLEASAN I" DISCHARGES FROM Till Urethra iirespeedily and permanently cured by the use i the celebrated "French Antiphlyistic Mixture" The in menseial? of this medicine is one proof of its astonishin efficacy. Soi l in bottles at $1 and at M) cents each. I cases fig each. W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent. Prineipal offic* of ths College97 Nassau st. ft?- NEW TEMPERANCE NOVEL.?To-morrow moraitvg will b? issued in an Extra New World, an origi. = ual and beautifully written Novel, by a popular American author, entitled " Franklin Evana, orfhe Inebriate, a Tale of the Timw," dedicated to the triendi of Temiierance in thi? city and throughout t is Union. It was w ritten with a view to aid the great work of reform, and reacue you up men from the Demon of Intemperance. Thu incident* ot the plot are wrought out w ith great ettect, and the excel' l.-nce of the moral, and the beneficial influence it Will IS have, should interest the friends of the Temperance Reformotion iu giving this tale the widest possible circulation. S Sinarle r.opiea Id} cents- per hundred. For talc at a the office of the New World, 30 Ann atreet, and by its agents in every city and village in America. r AI*o for aale, Cooper's New Novel " Wing and Wing," >| at 30 Ann atreet, and 46? Bioadway, corner ot Grand ?t, where may b? ha I all the cheap hooka in Extraa, at 13} to i3 centa each. it J. WINCHESTER, Publisher. >f ft?" ADVICE TO ALL.?Every family, particularly those who live at a distance in the country, should alw ays 1 be provided with a supply of the STAIN BURN I. VEGETABLE EX t R*CT PILLS, s Which by being timely administered, will prevent the progress of many fatal diseases, aa the following respectable persons, who having used them in their families, now star.d ready to testify to the excellent health-pi eserving e qualities of these Pills:? .wuni .Tiuriii, ;no. imvireenwicnii. ncaroanui. I Francis P st, bti Vandam st. 1 Wiu. $. Frisby,369 Hudson st. Hmry S Thorm, -216 Division stg E-M Anderson, 382 Spring st. * A W Lester, 182 Sullivan st. ^ Office lor the sale of the above valuable Pills is No. 33 Broadway , next door to the Tabernacle. Price 25 cents ' |>?r box. PHILADELPHIA OFFICE, 3 Ledger Building. I BOS ION OFFICE, 9 Court st. I (SO- SEA SICKNESS POSITIVELY CURED BY SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZENGES? They have been tried by hundreds and never failed They are the only sure remedy ever discovered. Many know them as , a sovereign cure for headache, palpi'a'ion, and all nervous diseases. Like all of Dr. Sherman's Medica' ed Lozenges, they are the very best medicine in use Dr. Slieri man's warehouse is at 106 Nassau st. Agents?4 Stauwix Hall, Albany, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. ClT- TO LADIES, AND HEADS OF FAMILIES, it will be particularly interesting to learn that they will i find at Mr. Bloomer's large hat establishment the mo-t sphndid?as well as the most chean?Hats and Bonnetts, suitable to the season, t Mr. Bloomer's magnificent " Victoria Casaimere" is now the fashionable article: and his Children's Hats (most beautifully trimmed with velvet) are " all the go." Mr. Bloomur'4store is 179 Broadway, immediately opposite Howard's Hotel. ) * &7- THE HUMAN HAIR CAN NOW BE RESTORE!) ?By the power of science, hundreds can testify that f by applying with slight frictiou to the scalp of the head a scientific oily preparation called Jones' Coral Hair Re. storative, the hair is forced to grow wherever it is applied, g and the roots thereby strengthened, which prevents the , heir falling off, the scalp being restored to anealthy con, dition, and all scurf or dandruff destroyed, new life anil j impetus is given to the roots, they grow as in youth, soft, dark, and silky, (even if the hair is light, red, or gray ) ? * The public need not take orur statement or the inventor's, you mu?t believe when these p-rsons give their names and certify the above are the qualities of Jones'Coral Hair' Restorative. Mr W. Hopkins, 92 K ing street, New York. Mr. Phillips, 498 Broome, corner of Wooster st. The Hon. Judge Edwards, of Philadelphia. Mr. J. Pearson, Navy Yard, Charlestown. T. Power, grocery, Fu.'ion street, Brooklyn. Wo could offer fifty other names of persons who have fotAnd this all it is represented, hut if the ahove is not enough, nothing will convince except one trial; it is sold quite reasonable, indeed cheap, only 3, 6, or 8 shillings a bottle, by Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 82 Cha ham r street, N Y. Agents?87 Dook street, Philadelphia ; 9 9tate street, Boston ; Zeiber, Washington, D. C., or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. HONEY MARKET. Monday, Nov. 21?8 P. M. The stock market was heavy to-day, with the excep i tion of New York State 6's, which improved J. All New ' York stocks are 4 to 6 per cent-higher now than before the late election, just before the dividends, when they I bore a much larger accumulation of interest than now. Kentucky 6's fell J; Mohawk, 1 percent. Thii company ha? recently reduced their (are. They now run (rom Albany .to Schenectady at 25 cents. Harlem fell J. Saul Alley, Esq., has resigned from the Erie Railroad direction. The last Detroit Advertiser says:?"that an injunction > from the Court of Chancery has been served on the Oakf latnd County Bank." t The Lancaiter County Bank, at Lancaster, Pa, has 1 suspended payment. All persons holding the new issue of the Lebanon Bank, Ohio, are required by the receivers to present them before jhe first of January. r A writ from the United States District Co-urt for the district of Illinois, for $'235,000, at the suit of Mr. John I Stickney, of New York, for the use of the Bank of Mri j souri and Eastern creditors, was served on the 11th inst, upon the officers of the Banks of Illinois and Shawnee ' town. 1 The question of adopting some scheme of finance for the Federal Government, has been for years before the i public mind ; and alter having at one time been settled by ? the adoption of the Sub-Treasury scheme, again became the subject of anxiety and mischievous discussion, on the repeal of that law, before any new system had been pro" i; vided. There is in the community a class of politicians ' who carry in their train all that host of speculators and ij desperate men, who grew up with th's paper bubbles of j) late years, and perished in their explosion. Added to >, these, are some few business men, who honestly imagine '' a National Bank to be necessary to the transaction of business. The party thus formed, have been eager for the establishment of some institution, no matter by what e name it is called, capable of emitting la>ge amounts of l* paper money, based on credit, by which the currency and prices may be susceptible of great inflation. The politicians see in this the means of riding into power, during e the excitement which its stimulating power would un* doubtedly produce. Trusting to fortune, after having f arrived at power, to weather the storm which will inevi. a tably overtake it, sooner or later, according to the breadth * of its foundation. Based ou the credit of the Federal Government, with its resources pledged for the issues, a bubble could be raised, which would last 8 to 10 years, or j through two or three Presidential terms. But the more I deep-rooted and wide spread the fabr ic is, the more fatal to the country would be its overthrow. It would serve the 1 ends of the politicians, however, and their ambition would meet its reward. f The speculators having been taught, from the experience of the past few years, and, being fully inocculated , with the gambling fever, inherent in the bank paper syst tern, hone to retrieve their broken fortunes at the expense 1 of the industrious, during the inflation, promissing themselves, with the gambler's infatuation, that they will realize and retire with what they can get, before the storm overtakes the country. Here is a community of interests that strive actively to perfect the plan,which is to be the instrument oftheir aggrandizement. From these emanate the thousand and one schemes and different modes by which paper is to be put afloat, and palmed upon the people for the proceeds of their toil. The large majority of the merchant* ami the industrious classes, depend for the reward of their skill and labor, upon the steadiness or the currency As long a* that obeys the laws of trade, th? calculations of the farmer and the enterprises of the mer. chant are formed upon a sure basis, and seldom fail of success. When, hewevor, the currency obeys not thp law of tiade, but only the whims and caprices of certain men, who, with a few sweeps of a pen can multiply or diminish the volume of the currency, the rates of exchange e and the prices of goods, at pleasure?all prudence, all o skill, and all the calculation* of indus'ry are baffled, and 4 the wisest and most prudent are thrown entirely into the power of grasping speculators, who, watching the jugr gling tricks of the paper machine, by its means,have the welfare of the country at their disposal. r All the plans ef finance presented to Congress last sesy slon, containe 1 the features here marked out, in a greater ' or less degree-that of the Secretary of the Treasury, by * far to the greatest extent. As that bill is again to be . discussed, with, however, but very little hope of its >' adoption, we may take a brief review of it. Its I' general features were a principal board at Washing. ton, with branches in all the States that would allow it, y and with authority to employ a bank at an agent wherever deemed expedient, as, for instance, the Bank of Commerce y in New York. This board and branches to receive and pay out the public monies, receive individual deposites, draw, purcbatt, and accept hills of exchange at two per cent, and to issue, to government creditors, paper money, a based on the credit of the government, limited only that it e ?hall not exceed three times the specie on hand; and, u. Jj addition, to issue certificates of depasite for *11 specie dea posited, at a charge of one-half per cent No distinction >1 is made between the specie constituting the basis of th< paper money and that for which certificate* are issued. These certificate* would circulate as money for exchangi ? purposes,and for every $10,000,000 so deposited,$30,000,000 * of paper money, and $10,000,000 of certificates,msking$40, 000,000 of money would be thrown upon the market. The \ government paper to b- issued in payment of its debts, and hediacountof Mil* of exchange, to bo drawn on anothet f- dl ate at a place five hundred mile* Irom the place of pui ' bate. That ia to aay, if an individual at Waihingtoi e wanted an accommodation note dtioounted, he i*to dra* t< it in the form of a billon hi* correapondent in New York Thia he will get diacounted, and receive government paper therefor. When the bill falla^due inaNew|York, hit correspondent draw) another on him, which, i* discount' d at the New York office. Let u? suppose that thu plan should no into operation, with public confidence in it, on the first January next, all 'he offices being organized. Its business would com mence in New York by r< reiving, during the ftvst month, from the public dues, say $1,000,000 of specie, at id in other offices $600,000, making $1,600,000. At the same time, as specie is moving from New York and the saaports all over the interior, at an expense of say three per cent, probably $6,000,000 would find the government vaults, and certificates would issue at tw o per Cent. At the close ot the first month, then, there would be on hand say $6,500,. 000 specie, lor which there are outstanding $6 000.000 certificates. In addition, the government has a right to issue $19,500,000 of paper money. By that time the government will owe $40,000,000. It now owes $35,000,000, and of cours the paper will immediately issue. In thirty days, therefore there weutd he i-M Ml nnn ?r , ? " II thrown upon the market. It woul 1 intercept the specie ? now finding iti way into the channels of circulation, and (ill all the current! of trade with this paper, driving back ' the ipecie to the Atlantic horder and accelerating its flow e into the Exchequer, whence itt amount would issue quadrupled in the form of paper money. As soon at the go- 1 vernment debt shall have assumed this new form, for not " a dollar of the actual indebtedness of the government f would bediminished by the operation, would commence C the exchange of government credits fsr tho'e of individ- y uals, to keep the channel by which the paper money is to be thrown into circulation. The amount outstanding, by these means, would, in a very ihorttime, reach $100,000, . 000. Who is there, at all acquainted with the operations ( of paper money, that would not contemplate with fear j the results of such an addition, so based, to the currency j of the country ? Speculation would start, price A rjie an(j | the glutted markets ot Europe, now bouad tast hy our J steady currency, would hurst upon us in wA avalanche? ? their enormous stocks af goods, that, 1!>K0 (he swelling tide of the ocean, would roll ever the jontinent from one end to the other, and, receding, cr>rry jn jti (atai f0jj, ] not only the specie, but the hon >,j-i national faith, peace, t and perhaps the liberties of th<_, country. Sales at the ',toek Eirhange. $1000 N V State 6's, 1962 02 in thai Mohiwk 32% ? 1000 do 7'92% 25 d? b46 32% I 1000 K<ntsrc*>6'i, 1871 76^ 180 d > Lou* Hsud, 47% 1 11 shas City Ba-.k loo 100 do rstermn s30 4 8% c 5 do Utic* Sc Schan. lis 50 do Hsrlrm 14 ' 7 > do Mobawk 33 50 do 13% , 25 >60 33 50 do 13% 75 do b60 32% p Second Board. 100 shss Lomt Idsod, 47% 25 that Mohawk, >2 32% 0 State of Trade. ^ A steady moderate business is doing in the market, and h the anticip .tions geneially arc of an improved trade with the coming spring. Oils?Whale sold for export at 36J a 36 cents, and the / trade at 37}; crude sperm sold at 60a63 cents; strained sperms at 76 cents per gal; linseed 86 a 90 cents, cash. ? Provitiont? Beef, new mess, at $6 a 6,50; prime at $3 a 3,26; Ohio lard 6] a 7; new northern do, 7$ a 9c; new hams8a8Jc; smokml beef 7c; heel hams in pickle, 4c. Good dairy butter 12 a 13; middling qualities 8a 10; Oo- J slien 13 a 16: Ohio 6 a6j; cheese is in lair request at 6 a n 6jc. h Sugar ?The stock of hhds. is quite small, and of boxes <1 only some 5000 boxes. There are small sales of Porto Ri- | co at 6 a 6Jc; Cuba Muscovado at 6 a 8c; boxes brown at ' 6 a 7c. Cat tic .Market, ? All was fair in the market to-day. Cattle were plenty * enough, and demand brisk enough. We cannot, however, J ay that prices were low enough. Some beeves went as high as $5,75, many at about $4,75, and more than a hundred below that pr.'ce. Several poor ones much below $4 60 a hundred weight. We no'e no change in cow s and calves. They ranged from $-20 .$39. Sheen and lambs varied from $1 to $5, and several a little higner. These J were sold by the head. f Married. At 'dorton, on the 16th inst. by the Rev. N. Adams, Mr. Samukl. Swift, of this city, to Mast,of Boston. , Uletl. | At Brooklyn, during a temporary visit, on Sunday, the h 20th inst. of apoplexy, Mr. Jou.v Mass, aged 39 years, of bluddersfield, Yotkshire, England " , As his remains will be iuterred in Brooklyn, the funeral t will take place from the residence of his brother-in-law, ? Mr.Charles Robinson, No. 3 Squire's Buildings, South Kerry, Brooklyn, this afternoon, at 31 o'clock. His ' friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend. ( F Weekly Report of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 12th day of Nov. to the !9th day ot Nov., 1842. . 35 Men ; 30 Women ; 33 Boys ; 31 Oirls. Total, 129. Dtsaairs. Ahsceas 0; Ano-dexy, 2; Asthma, 0; Asphyxy. I; Atrophy II; BIceilinic, 0: Bleeding from Inngs, I; Burned or scalded, 0; Cachexia, 0; ChiM bed, 0; Casualties, t; Cholera Infantum. 1; J Consumption. 27; Cok.ctt**inu of brain,0;* Convulsions, 13; f Conaesliou, 1; Croup or Hives, 0; Congestion of brain, 2; , Congestion of lungs, 3; Cancer, 1; Colic, 1; Congestion of I bowels,0; Delinum Tremens, 2: Diarrhoea, 4;Dro|?y, 2; do t in the head, 7; do in chest, I; do in the abdomeo,I: Drowned, 1; I Dysentery, 2; Dehib'y, I; Epilepsy, 0: Executed 9; Enlargrin lit of the heart, 0; Exhaustion, 0; Krver, 2; do Pui>erael, ' 0; ?o Biliqua, 1 ; do intermittent, 0; do Scarlet, I; do Typhoid, 3 ; do remittent. 4: Oanirrene of Lungs, 0; Hoop. c nig Cough, 1; Inflammation, 0; of Brain. I ; do of Bowels, 2; c do of heart, 0; do of Lungs, 8; do of Stomach, 1; do of Throat a I ; of Womb, 0; do of Liver, 2; do of ch- si, 2; do do of Blad- v iler, 0; Insanity, 0; Killed or mnrdered 0; Jaundice, 0; Lues s Venerea, 0; Lockjaw, 0; Marasmus, 6: Malformation 0; c Heart, 0; Measles. I; Mortification,#; O'd Axe, 4; Organic c disease of heart 2; Palsy, IPremature Birth. : Ki.etimatism. v 0; Phlegmatic Dolens, 0; Small Pox, 2 ; Scirrhns, 0; Spinal c Disease, 0; Sprue 0; Scroffula. 2 ; Suicide, 1. So toning of c the brain, 0; Tumor, 0; Teething 0; Ulceration ol furestiiieft l! I; Ulceration of the bladder, I; Ulceration of Bdie. e; Un? tl known.0;iWorms, 0;.Ute ot laudanum, 0; Varioloid, 1?To- h tal, 129. a AGE. tl Under I year, 37; I to 2 vears, 15; 2 to 5, 9; 5 to in, 2; It to n 20, 3; 20 to 30, 12; 30 to 40, 22: 40 to 50, 10; 50 to B0, 8; BO to 70, b 3, 70 to 80,6; 80 to 90 2. 100 and upwards, 0 ; unknown, 0. rLACes or tsa rtviTV 1 United States,95; Ireland. 29; England, 5: Scotland,1 ; Her- B many, 2; France, 3; Switzerland, 1; Spain, 0: Poland, 0; British Possessions in North America, 0; West Indies, 0: WaIcs / 0; RussiaO: NorwayO; at sea, 0; MadeiraO; Cajie de Verd Islands. 0; Belgium, 0; Uuknown. 2. P Of the above, there were from the Almshouse, Bellevue. 2 ; J Hospital, Belleiue, 5; Penitentiary Hospital, BlackwellS / Island. 1, Sinall^Pox, do^ lsjUity Prison, (I ; City|HnspUal; 1; J him 2; Governor'* LUml, 0; Hock land county, 0; Stolen LI- j\ and, 0: Long Island Hospital. 2; Long I I ana F urns, 1; Bed- jj low's> tslaud, 9: Orphan Asylum, Priu^e street, 0. Colored Person* 9- J J NO. H GR18COM. M. D. City Inspector. Citv Inapecior's Office. Nov. 21. 1142. fr Puirngtri Arrived. g Mobile?Brig Sarah Brown?J Y Stnrges, Capl C Pott. Paw?ngrra Sailed. New Orleans?P?ckt t ih p Huntsnlle?George Onion, Alphonso Marcus, E Durand.lady. two childn n and seivant, B"iij mm 1 h?ma?and lady, T L IItrmsn, lady, three ch Itlren f and serv.tit, G. urge W Read and lady, Mrs Peters, Ml Si Sophia Miller, Kit hard D ivid \V E Lawrence, of New Oi. a te ;n>; Miss Caiolire Clack, Mi? Ophelia Hall, John J Adam., l' Mia. Catharine Van Allen, New Yoik. (, foreign fuipurl atlon*. 9t Thomas?SchrOnly Daujhter?$300 ipecie 8 W Lewis lo ?10 cerooni indigo to order. |j u Domestic Importation!. ia Mobile?Brig 8arah Brown?32 hales co'ton 8turges k Clesar- l! man?2S W Barnwell?7? D VV.ght?32 J PkC Noma?10 Spear i k Patton?II do 6 pkg mdse Per?se k Brooks?292 hide. W P ... Hohbins?I boi J Br-wste-?I hhl W 8 Puvsll ,| MARITIME HERALD a To Ship Master* and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor. if eaptaina 0/ rcascla will gi?e I! to Commodore William A. Bassett, of onr news licet. a re- i port of the shipping left at the |K>rt whence they sailed, the rL resarla s|>oken on their passage. a list of their cargo, end any .u nreigu tiewi|?ipert they may have He wili -oarcC them im- J, mediately on their arrival Agents and enrrrsoondf nts at home or abroad, will alro confer a favor by sending to this J., One* all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information ot any kind will he thankfully received. PORT OF HEW YORK, NOV. 99, 1849. " _ m .pis rises 7 14 I mo0is rises 9 0 R? ttw 4 46 1 Ht?H 1118 ju Cleared. b Banine Ererton, Mayo, St Marys, Oa. Nesmiih, Leeds k ?j Co.?Brigs Hsvnnah, Hswley Mobile, Sturges fc Clearman; a. J D Noyes, Athby. Port Leon, via Key West and Cedar Ke>s, u K D Hurlhut k Co; Etcel, Sherwood, Savannah, Bturges k ^ Clearman; Perry, Thompson. Charleston, Dunham k Dimou; Detioit, Aaderson, Georgetown, 8C . Arrived. 1 Swedish hanjne Occidenten, Petersen, HI days from Cadit, o< wiih 150 lull salt tJ Mr. Oiion. ha B in Sarah Brown, Norton, II days from Mobile, with cotton, l, i to Stnun It Clearman. |0I Schr Only Daughter, Hutchinson, It days from St. Tliomaa, p with indigo to S W. Lewis Vessels left not recollei rd. ,, Schr OVide, J mes, 6 uays from Havre de Grace, with eoru by and coal, to master _\j Schr Samuel C. Abbott, Baker, frcm Philadelphia, with coal, to mirier. ? Scnr John C. Pemarest, Smith, fiom Norfolk, wi:h shingles, jy to jOMter, Schr T. B. Odell, Smith, from Brandywine, with flonr, to Allen It Patraon. sn Schi Fspress,, 3 daya from Philadelphia, with coal, to thl m-liter. n< 9< hr Atlantic, Robinson, from Havre tie Grace, with eoal, to *r| matter. Srhr Achtali D, Tuttill, from Philadelphia, with coal, to " master. Sclir Ttias, Cross, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to Schr Brandywine, Tnwnaend, from Philadelphia, with coal, TV to master. _ IJ Below, Thtee brigs. WiadW. Hailed. fri Ships Hendrik Hndson, Stark, London; Kensington, Shum- he way, Mobile; brig Fairfield, Port au Piince, and others. cu General Kerord, 1 if* U.S. ship luimrruorucr. was yesterday towrd from the set Nor.h Hirer to her anchorage in Buttermilk chtnnel, by the wr learners Simson and Hercules. wi Baaqci Gasrr.e ?This vess-1 was insured in this city for r J p Baio Mar ion.?We learn from Norfolk, that this vessel and ' erca go are totally loot. One of the crew was drowned on <oing a hore in the boat, and auother ol the crew, who had * ' '* 11 siek, .tied soo aft-r reaching the beach. .Gnnav Orsrai eTiots or VvsatLi, ke ?During the severe North K.ast storm on Fridu,, the 4th lost, betw. eu twsntynnd ' w*rf driven aslnoe on the, between nanny llook and Bartiegat?mmt of which were schooners snd sloops rke Wife ol thrcapuinof one vessel was washed overboard i ILi V"! h,<l 'ruck the beacn, and was drowned They had but a few deye previous beea united in the solemn bonds of 1 matrimony. The captain and crew all reached the shore safe Another ycaael, after having struck the beach, immediately went to pieces, and four of the crew were drowned?-the fifth, fortunately got ashore in the > awl, and the siith and last. got inoo a piece of the wreck and was washed ashore upon it and lared. Brio Gro M Bople. (Br) Mann, arrived at h*Kfai rbout iflth lilt from Newfoundland, and supposed proceed* dto Wmdtor, NS. wh re fhe lul-iti-a. Kt-ars **re entertained for the afety of this ves?e! by thoae concerned. t Korelirn Mnet*. MoKTlflo Biv Jtm Vn\ Iu |*>rt, Cluiu?, Watt., aud IcHVrton, Milli, fmni, Home Port*. i Phiiaoeiphh. Nor 21?,\rr Paul T Jonn Ir-land, CKiiImou; Anni-r I'rlt'o. Tl o,ri|]..i|i, N York: lrn'?id.?, M.r?hnun 1 l.rMor.l; PhiUd.Ipl..,, t)r H >r' \rw York. < M Infaola, 1- l?to-v, St John. \|); A coin, H'<*n, Bo. ion; EUinc, Bk.r. ( I Elliabetli, BMion, Nn, Voik; A \1 tralnll. Parkvr, Prorilr nee. Norfolk. No* 18?Arr P.rS',(B') Smith. M-ntego Bav, I'm; Jo'*'1 ?nl, Th.inralori; L.oni.a, Nantnckrl Sl.l i Jrnleii, Harmon Wm lu.lj,,; W B V1rr.h, Brown, NYork.? f.*?Y0afw,V, '>0."?d *< **cU from below hive gone to se*? v * inn W, anu blowing frtth. Lucilla, fVscud, fro n City Point I or Antwerp, camt down the river and auchored in the Roads rv-My. Richard Auderson, Beum-it,from Citv Point for Liver?o?, came down J?uu? river to-dav, in tow of a steam-tug, and ncnored in Itainpron R*?ds. l\T ANTKD-Bv ayoung W'l man,a situ oiou as cb inbrrmaid children'* imr-e nr ctok in a amall ftmilv. The beat of ity reference can bv given ai to respectability iic. Apply at 1 MY?mtriart. u2i 2i*? c i Li" R.MAX |Sf)liUKUS Third and Last Concert will t-ke ,, . I*c* o* FridvV E vening, Nov. 2Sih, particular* of which nil be ilnlv announced. n'2 It rc J IAIM'TAHY' PKKSEVTA fTTis" AND rONi ERT ? J he Y una Lv'ip* ll>i?e Society will present to the 7th * OW ,*\iy of National Oni ds a pair or* leudid color*, and al- j > /?ye a C'?nr?-ri 01 Miscellaneous mn*?c thi* evening, at T ' fishiugtott H*II crruerof Btoadwav and Readeat. , Ticket* One Shilling, to be hail a' the door. The Iri nd* 01 Temperance and the Militirv are rtapeeffnlly T nvitnl n2' lt#r n THE WRSTKRN HI SiNESS DTKECTOUTT CONTAINING 'he nun'* of 11 persons in business iu t^e following twenty-one cities and towna klbany, Geneva, Oswego, Schenectady, Vuhiiru, Hudson, Palmyra, Syracuse, b latavia, Lock port, Poughkeepaie, Trpy, n Buffalo, Lyons, Rochester. Utica, and ^araiidaigua, Newburgh. Sense* Kail*. # Waterloo, n the State of V^w York, toee her with Springfield Ma-*., ccompanied with M*n of three of?heGreat Route* of Travel. ? PRICE ONE SHILLING Publish* d aud for sale by J DOGGE^T, JR r n22 ?*3>#r 79 Nhs?h trcet. VJOTICK?THI?TlK BALL.?The tirmi Annurl Ball <>f x the Th'.l'e Benrvo'enl AtsoeUiioD for this ?e*?on will \ .kephceat Tammany Hall, on Friday rveuimi, Dt. 9th, IH2 ' n22 3t*r ? TMVOLI 9ALOON-ORAND EVACUATIOIV BALL, f A A r?pleedid Invitation Miliary and Civic Ball will he b iven ai the Ti?*oli Saloon on Friday Evening, N ?v 2Hh, in r iouor of th- Evaru'tion of the British fr*?m this city iu the ear 1783* D<xfwurth'? Celebrated Bud U for ^Mi oc* h rsion. and no pain* or eineuse will be spared to make thi* one e f the mo?t splendid Balls ever giveu iu i he city, as no nerion h vili he admitted wi hoti*aladv without paying one dollar, ex- j| cot military or naval officers. p Militarv gentlemen are solicited to call at the Saloon and / tecgyi Ticket*. Tickets tt> be had at the Saloon or "t Mr. Wm. Pine's, comer r t Pine and N?s*Rue streets. n22 i*3t#r f EECHES?LEECHES?'0 oOft Sm>ru* Leeches f uit re- a La ceivcd?larg* and exc? edingly healthy, and hive had a very R

hort passage. Buyers woaldjdo well to call and examine thenn ? efore purchasing elsewhere. For sale very low to suit purcht- t< er?bv G- COLtfY, Druggist, s n22 'm*r 3^1 Pe^rl sf, corner of h 'ankfnrt v MK'.W NiMV/u-i ?M.:? ^ J St ^in.; or, L? Feu Foliet, a Tale by J Feniaiorc Coon r r, Kit]., the Anchor of the Pilot, Red Roverj Two Admirals, * Aomeward Bound, lie, Icc. For tale wkohs?ie and retail by ISRAEL POST, 1 n72 2tis#r 8i Bowrrv. J r\I8SOLUTION?T"t nauieithi,. of SAFFARHANSlt ? L-f LEWIS formud on ihe 7th J"ne, 181', ha? been chit dav 1 i solved by mutuil content. Fell* low It having disrostd of ii entire interest in the goods, netes, aecouiiti, limit and all *. escriptious oi aatett belonging to laid firm, to Dini-1 Saffar- " ins, r< tiring from the liutinesi in -r>ii<<qiieii'-r of >mii?i-ed 1 eallh. DANIEL SAFFAKRaNS. 0 FELlX LEWI9. " DANIEL SAFFARRAN9 will still continne the business 1 s usual at their g'd stand, at DoakviMe and the Bogy Depot hickattw Nation, Wrst. He,the said Saffa'tans, is fully aud i lone authciiztd to collect all claims due the fitui, and is ] Lo bound to |>ay all legal claims ag-in?t ihe firm. _ DANIEL 9AFFARRAN8, 1 FELIX LEWIS. 1 September, 13th, 1842. n223t is-rc OFFICE TO LET. ] A SUPERIOR Double Chambered Front Office to let, 192 4, tX Bmad way corner lohn street. Enquire of E. H. Hl'U- , ION, Esq., or A. JONES, in said huilding n22r e THE ANTI-ANGULAR SYSTEM OF c WRITING. ' GREAT REDUCTION. s rtlOM TWELVE TO SIX DOLI.altt ! IJR. BRI8T0W of London, respectfully informs the Ladies J 'A and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that his classes ? )ay and Evening, hate commenced for tht season, aud that . ie has nsotiCF-n his Trims our half,?to Sis Dollars! J Al'adkmv No. 235 Brodawav, sun Pari Place. . t lent of all ayes are imsilivrly taught in twelve lessons. bold, frtt, ernrifi'touj and finished business-like style ol 1 Vritiug, 110 matter now bad, illegible stiir, or cramps d the rritiug may be. See siiecimrus at the door, 235 Broadway. . Awd T11 K LADIKS 1 I neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand Irs Twilvi: East Lessons ! 1 Of VISITORS in New York cau take a course in Three \ )ave??Mr. B. is to he seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to I '. M. : Evening Classes from 7 to 9. , Booe-Kekpii?] * Taugh on a superior method, by double aud single entry, irntihcal|y and practically. : 1 C?i ' STENOGRAPHY. ' A dpw system of the Art of Writing Short-hand, for taking * lowu Lectures, Sermons, Trial* at Law, file, fitc., taught per- . ectly by Mr. Bristow in one course of letsous at 235 Broadway. See a specimen. N. B.?A work of the author is presented to every pupil for heir permanent guide. n2l' n??r PARR'S LIFE PILLS. THE bland,inviacratiug,.nd life prolonging |>owrr of this miraculous medicine righily named ' Lift P'lls" and oh aeon nt of their peculiarly mild yet effective operation ate beoming par excellence Ihe favorite (family medicine. To p. r- I ons following a sedentary occupation they are of the greatest I .lue, and in preventing the liability 10 take cold, to which I III h lie-son. are .n mneb r* nmm,I .r it... ....... I" r * I nangc* fiom the estreme heat of their rooms to the estcrnal , old air. they remove the congealed phlegm in tlie throat, I Gnch produces that unpleasant tinkling sensation,which causes . ough auJ destroys rest, and which will, if no' immediately hecked, i du-ea train ofevils and derange the whule sySteve? ley are at all times nf service to avsisi uaiirc.bui n vrr lorget 'rat it is far easier to present than cure. In no one lustsiice * as tins valuatle mrd'cine failed when duly persevered in to . fforn relief, soothe the irritated state of the reiser, and bring he who's sys'em into a sound and healthy condition, fitting trie rind and body for the various duties ol life, which will then e performed with ease and satisfaction. The following are the exclusive agents for the safe of Pan's .ife Pi'lf? fashion k Atpinwill, drnggists and chemists, K William at. 110 Broadway and 10 Astor House. ibrah im Sands k Co.druggitts and chemists,granite buildings, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers!. . Dickie, 411 Broadway, corner of Lispenard at ohn B. Dodd. druggist, Broadway, coruer Bl-ecker St. l. W Badrax, Bowery Medicine Store, 260 Bowery ohn C. Hart, druggist, 148 (fraud corner Norfolk at, ymes' Medicine Store, S3 Bowery, coiner of Walker st. i. B. Tripler, corner Fultou and Water at. / lorace Everett, druggist, 367 Greenwich St., next the corner of Franklin st. . k J. Codding ton, apothecaries, 227 Hadsi n steeet, comer of ' Spring st. 1. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary, 2S3 Bleeckee St., comer of Jones st. . Wendover. drnggist and apotheary, 141 Eighth tsenne. rooklyn?Wm. Armstrong, seed, drug and patent medicine warehouse, 184 V Kulton st. And wholesale, at proprietors' office, , T. ROBERTS k CO., _ Clarendon House, romerof Duane street and Broadway. , Small B 'les 25ceriis. Large Or Kamily Boies '0 cents. Persons desirous of obtaining an agency for their stir in the ruiitry will please irert their letters, lawt paid, to T Hoherta I Co., Letter Bos 9.17 New Vork Prist Office. n22 Imr I AEDICAL AND SURGICAL AID, No 1 Beekmanstreet 'J- neai Pars Row, and genuine Vledtcines.? I hesc rued c lies ?ve stoad the lest of thirty ye?rs in eradicating di>ea<es ol'tne tost inaligiiant and priva'r natnrv, and arc a sta dard remedy ' i the nrnicipal Piritian and London hospitalsof the present , ty. C Ulcers cored wi.hnut ru t'ng; mal<gnant ulrers, sc ofuus, scorbutic, cutaneous diseases, .ml rheumatic paint in the mhs and joints; nodes on i he shin hones, Ike. Remedies | at pto suit all classes, at moderate charges, for the cure of crrM diseases, requiring no restriction in anv particular. Pa- J cuts are rrrsted by a regularity i :i*n ol thirty \ ears' expe- J ence, whose diplomas sre exhibited to view ar his office, No. ? Berkmsn sstab iahed fn'the snppression of Qusckcrv and P rrstrnm motigers, were professional advice in all cases is gives r e pu rhaser gratis b> the attending physician, by and under 0 hose direction all m-d.cines are compnonded aud dispensed. Aitendance Irom 9 o'clock until I and f om 4 to9 in the evenig daily. "22 iwis*ie ti JUSIH* PILLS 6f HEALTH.?Ev ry day famishes eoa " i viueing testimont of the acknowlv dgej efficacy of this ex- ^ ilient Vsmily Pill. The numeront disorders of the stomachid bowels, the renersl s) mntoms of which are coslivt lie a. |, us of sr-pere, and sick leidachr, are aperdily and effectually neved ky a medicine that remove' every disorginir.aiion of ie funetioiiso. ihe frame?by pro u-inga healthy a. t on of the J vrr, anil e .n'eriug sirengfhjac'iviiy and renewed health, m> re J iriirnlarlv ? hen ike directions which accompany each In x sre * refnllv observed. P The Heal h fills ol Dr Rush, be ng s pleasant, easy and safe terierif, teqni e n > restiam of iliet, or confnnrmcnt during eirnse 1 o ihe infant and adult thi y are equally efficaeiou,; til io elder y people thev wiil be found the most comfortable ' edicineinuae To Kern .lea? Dr. Rush's Pills in removing distressing hrsd- rl hrs ami nervous affections, and in conferring a healthy and " vrnile bloom io the complexion, they are equally successful. " Sold wholesale and retail bv H. O D - gets, 30 Ann st, and , Wad'eigh.459 Broadway; Kelly, 267 B oailway; Ax'otd.168 '1 iwny; Green, 19*4 Fnllon si, Brooklyn; Smuh, 321) Broad st ewsra; R-dding k fo, Bo-ton; Z-cker arid Banress, Phila- " Ipoia; Gutnrie. 4 Stariwix Hall, Albany; 9. II Peas', New aven; J. W Judd, Harford; Air. Heed, corner of Gay and i' ga sis, Baltimore. n Price 25 cents a hoi. n?2f I ^FORMATION XVaVTK^"of Mr Goto.., of le Wrb.te', Mass., who left his residence on the 19 h nl last ttober, for the purpose of purchasing clolh rn this i ity, and A 1 not since been heard ol hy his family. Had on when he ft a hlur-hlack over, silk velvet vest, and tlrah pants- vi ins. He was about 29 years old, dark complexion. Any rsen wm c n give any information as to where he was last en will cooler an everlasting favor upon his br reaved family, addrr.slng a letter In Mrs. Charlotte 11. Gorton, Welister, h ass , or L D G >rton, to h? left at thia office. 1 New Vork, ,N v. 21. 1812. 021 2fd 1w?ec * f USIC.?C. S. THAFFULLA, 33 B-yaid s'teel. New |H 2 York, ann -oners to the Leaders ol Cotillion, Bias., or <lr ilitary Bands of New York, he has on hand, and will ol range at the shortest notice, for any number ol instrumenu, f latest and most nopular Oi>era pr ices, Qnadri It s, Po>a- ~ ises. Quicksteps,, and Gallop,, original, and by the J fa'cst authors. ff N B ? C. S. Graffiilla will alto arrange Mirehes, Quck (is, ke. for ennntry bands at the shortea' notice, for any nnm- w r ol in'sromenta. by directing a lew lines to h m at 11 Bay- tj{ I street. Music taught, tod lessons in thomnvh bast. n2l Iw'tn ( ROADWAY MARKET, one door below Canal street, ~ ' east tide, J No. 414. fl IACOB SOMER1NDYKE hershy gives all his nuinernnends in the city aud county ol New York to understand th t ( has opened n etrablitbmenl for ihe sale of all ihat an epir ' heart could desire or his '(other place need for fulfilment. eth, full, fowl, and all sorts of game arralwayann the lit,as u el I as vegetables olevery ..eserrption in and out ol itnn. He merely avka 'hose who love toe good things ol this { irld, to give him a e ill, as all that .hey feel disposed to order fq II be immedialelv sent home without any i v ra charge. JM )2ft ?te _ " tO'II OH BKAK*>.l0f rrlv ol 4 W Aim street, mas be con- i ' stilted at No. 73 J hit st-eet, near Williern street. for ri*hr ClK are past ln? attention has hecn (ftottJ in this city u> the treat- | ut of chronic <W meeting diseases?dfepepsia, dropsies liter il Itinc cotnp'sinte, _ . k, *N()I*A PF.CTOKIB.?Iu symptoms are an nnpleaaant i isition St the pit ol the stomach, pain about the left side and (it tion of the heart, ettendtng often to the shoulder Made and i i ween the shoulders, and occasioning shortness of breath Or il l alpitation of the heart. Doctor Sears has hid much ethanes in tha treatment of this diseasa. nW lm"r , AUCTION SALES Tf?nV4? %v.\ .? . Auctioneer. BY BELL A HOWARD. Alflf </.-??.?. 1*1 I* huiim rtrftf.) tuk?dTv" At t0^ oVlifk, iii the rwm Lnec **lr of ele*attf f*?hiotiable rl tliinf.Lond'Hi eloihiuid 'aaiitncres, a fin#* atock of fancy a d t?|?lr orv good*,j? wrl?y utlery. dwiiui I ?i?l?ttdid ?ii tmoud \ in, Ac. WEDNESDAY, Ac I0H o'clock iu the * ?!* room*. Splendid an-1 rtteuaiy# aale of superb lecoud hand and neat umiture of all descriptionsAl o, the cuti'r furniture of a family, removed from Br >okyti f?>r coiivrnienee of ?ale. Alio, a splendid consignment of superb Sht I fit Id and silvei date, china and cut ktlas* t?b'e r hrv.'ec. THURSDAY At 10*4 o'clock it thr tale room* Sa'e of inleudtd n w and lecond htnd rote wood and mihogtfiv piano forte*, by ti n bt at maker* in the world. Alao, 50 ?unern paint imcs by old and modern art isrs .an in..... . i ? - "' w " k ? ??-?, ?un?r negnut furniture, wuniow rd led curtains, &c. lie. BY UlKLLTTlU ClAHlJ^ TUESDAY. A <o<xl Miortmrut of I in" on ,?*v,r? kc. WEDNESDAY. At 10 o'clock, in thr salea mom. E'egant Fuiuitu e, Pi tuns. Ac.?Second hand household furnture, a large assortment ofk tchfi fun ilure, lamps, kc c the iroperty of a Tamil} giving up housekeeping. A UCTION NOT|f'E-B\ ( AKTKH k < <> . at the s o , lY No. \09 Broadwfivt bet rcfn t'iue and W.Vl streets, this lay at 10 o'clock.? "urintu'c. Car ets. Cl-iua, Pi-*no Fortes and fancy Goods. 12 r*ry elegant mahngauv sofa*, cush'oiied lifted and spring seat; ? handsome centre tables with wh'te and ilack marh'e and mahogany t.?na; bre ikta*t, d?i?in and tea t? lea, very supr French and sua bedsteads; H and nil and i'r* nch mahogany chairs; small rnaghngany tables; plain and nahngany dressing bureaus; rarlor rockipgr chairs; a second and mahogany sideboard, solid frootr and office iltskt of vanih sizes. AUo, an el* gant piano forte of superior tone and fi ish A small invoice ofiukr in car(>ets, oilcloth, tufted rugs, ven fair carpet U*t stair rods ami window blind-*. Also, verv rich French china tea ami coffee sets, handsome lite dinner seta, and 25 pitchers and batins. A superior Creiiona violin. Two splendid va?es of wax flowers, cost $80 Twenty loaewood fancy work boxes and portable desks. Twenty-five canursters black and green tea iu 21b aud 13 Id *ch. Sale positive aud the attention of housekeepers is particularly quested. n22 lt*gc A UCTION NOTICE.?Splendid English Engravings at ? Auction.?A. LEVY will sell on Monday, Tuesday a-d vednesday evenings, the 21st. 22nd aud 2'?rd i?sta., at 6% 'clock, at No. 15' Broadway, just received from L'>nd n, the jost extensive and choice collection of L?ne ami M**zxotint - 'gravin.s that has at any time been offered at auction May e x imilled with catalogue on the days of sale. n2l 3t*m PO PRINTEK8 AND fUBLlBH4lUI.-?A young man, A a practical prin'et, who is thoroughly acquainted with his usiuess in ? verv department ami branch, a?d who has been it-ployed in the capacity of reporter ami sub-editor on several ighlv respectablejouniaU, is desirons of obtaining a situation a the country, to take charge of, ami manage, a unall news- < aoer concerns. A remunerating salary will only he exnerted. Iddress, hv letter, (post paid) X. Y. Z.. at the Herald office. 1 trspeelMdc references giv? n and requir* ?1. nIT jgb rO the widows of the soldiers and *ailors~o ilic revolutionary war, who were married helore the 1*' of January, 1791, nd who can prove the services of their husband*, aud in* le ' ality of their marriage, can, by applying at No, 65 Mercer J tieet, hear of soMethi?g'o'heir ad autvge. Thos** not able o produce thu requ red evidence need uot apply. Persons re iding ai a distance, and who will address as aoove, (post n*.d* vill receive attention. 1 hose wanting my services will do *ell to apply bHor- tb 1st of January, as 1 have other busi ies?, which will c*ll me to Washington, during the present ess'oti of Congress. A. F. CHlLDS. n17 lm*r PiikCTKO MAGNr.TIC PLATED for rheumatisms oerLa vnus affections, tkc., prepared under the direction of M.Lananroux, a|>otbecarv in Paris, general ueoot m New York, 65 franklins reet, at M. Ninuarcl's. Price it 50. Infallible cure for the most acu'e aud iuveterate pain, such as icufe and chronic iheumati-*ms, tfu* gout, neura'gy, sciatic, tic loloreox, danse de saint Guy, (mills, megrim, cramps in th? t mach, aud.shortly,for all uervi us affections,chiefl> diseases if women *nd young gins, as green sicaness, amenorrhea, supresvions, vapor*, ner ous attack*. kc. nlft lm*r ().>MOUTH BANK, N. J.?The notes of the above rank bough for a few days by n!8 J AM EH k CO. 60 Wall st. [LL1N0I6 BANK notes wanted, at improved rateB by L n.8 r JAMES k CO., 60 Wal1 st. J^ROKEN BA"nKATrie liik'hest piice will be paid for all -? uioB?n ?nu uiiunuui Dunn nor.. ov nISr JAMK9 fc CO..SO W?I1 it. V/TIS9 A OIWARD'S roNCERT ? Mi?? A. Oir.rd, i young Polish Lady, only 15 years old, respectfully lnmrtns ?er friends and the public, that sne will perform on the Violiu, X her First Concer*. which will rake place ou Wednesday vening, Nov.23, 1842, at Niblo's Saloon, under the direction if Mr. Chatel, her teacher. Besides, Miss A. Giraid will bejsitted bv the following talent Madame Orto, Mr H. TSorbrc'-e, Mr. Timm, who will preid. at the piano fore, and Mr. Hill, leader of the quintette. Admission $1;children ha'f price. Tickets to be had at Miss V.. G 78 I'hirieeuth s'reet, at the friiiaipal music stores, and X the doors of the Cone "it. nl4to23*r SITUATION WANTED?By a competent per on mana^ sa'esman in a wholeside or r nil establishment of Watches lewtlryfcc. Also understands book keeping and watch re* mring Has beeu in business for tiiinself ten yean and speaks 7 ranch. For particulars and references address Box No. 782 Lower 'ost Office. ___ Gentlemen's H rses tak? n ca e of during the winter ?l a very easonahle rate. Apidv at 58 Maiden Lane. n9 lm*r BOARDING ?A few resectable young men can t>e accom modat d with good boara -nd ideasant rooms ar 42 Dey st. IVrins moderate. Also a few day boarders can be accc.minodaed.Apply as above ??8 lm*rc DO ^RDING ?The original W*hon House, 326 IVarl street, D Franklin Square?kept byJ.w. Fowler, from London. Kng and, permanent boarders S2,^0 per week, transient hoarders 50 jentsperday Families cau be accommodated with private ooon on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents i?er class?home brew'd ale 4 ten's ner pint?fine Welsh rarebits 4 NQtt tach?c.old cuts equilly cheap. N B. H 't coffee 3 cents l>er pint?stakes and mu ton chops can be had at all hours. J. F. particularlv requests any oue wh > is in want of a com* Portable bom t?> c\ll rad inspect his establishment, and judge for themselves. Persons travelling for England would find i' to their advantage to call. The house being convenient to London and Liverpool shins, J F. heiugappointed agent, he can give n<ssseiig"rs every information. New yorh and Old Country p*per? taken in. n5 3m*r DQARD?Finibaa or lingle fgntlaissa can be eccoaiswodc* D ted wi'h board and pleasant rooms at 50 Beekuian treet. ? Terms moderate. _ n 6 Jm*r RK-OI'K NI \G of GoM smith's Writing Academy? Mr.G ?Idsmith respeerfally informs th? cit'tens of New York, that ie will open a Writing Academy next Monday, 21st inst. a? 51 Broidway. oimosile the City Hall, entrance at the door of he New York Museum. Terns, for the course of instruction, five dollars, including tafionerv. Geutlemen will meet dming the day and evening t such hours as will best suit their convenience. Ladies' las?es will meet daily from II to t ?'r|ock. u20 4t is#r A PURSE of thirty dollars will come nf al the Red House on Tuesday, Nov. 2*d, fr*e for II trotting horses, carrying >nai mey please, entries to he mule the <1?v previous, at the ted Houie. The hormei will atait precisely ?t Imlf i?st two 'clack. Beat three in Tire, under the saddle. The above trot it cloaed with the following entriea, vit C. Caimau'a g a John Andeiaou, C. Carles' br m Betsey Bt^er. A Conkliu's g m Lady Clinton, Wm. Woodru <f ' hk g Cato, L. Rogers' g g H <riem Boy. N B.?The aims horaea wi I go in harneaa on Thursday- neat, n the Centre ville Course, brat three in fire mil heats. for a .M'nrae. n19 2lSfcT*r tPACK ET KOK HAVKE?Second Liur?The ahip (qSyjfy BALTIMORE, Edward Kunck, Master,will aail ou uUKMfa the lat of December. BOYD k H INC KEN, nil ______ No. n Toii:me Bmldinga. nSyjWRY THOMPSON. Sylvester, master, will aail on W&mKm'.l.r lat Deccwber. Ko? freight or Message app.y to BOYD kHINCKEN, Agent., n6r 9 Tontine Bmldinga. xJFf- KOK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-.Regular kVWfV Picket of 2AtI November. The Splendid Packet MMMgaShip ROSCIUS, Capt. John Collin., of lino tons, nlTpoaitiveiy aail aa above, her regular dav. Kor freight or aa.age, having aecommodaliona unequalled for splendor or omfort, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall alrerl, r to E. k. COLLINS k CO. 56 South atreet. Price o( passage, tlOO. The Packet Ship Siddnna, Captain Edw. B. Cobh, ol 1000 >na, will anceeed the Koaciua, and aail the 25th December, her gular day. L ttera lor the ahipa of thia will only be received at Oilpin'a i lewa Room. Pa.. ngera may rely on the ahipa of thia line sailing punctnal, a. advertised. ul9r Adk3P- KOK NEW ORLEANS? Louisiana k New York AvVVLine?Regular picket loth November?The fast sail dUh2|inK packet ship MEMfllls, Capt. Knight, will 'ill |mmi ivelv aail as ahoVe,her regular day. Kor freight or usage, having handsome furnished aci ommodations, apply on >ard, at Orleaus whaif, foot of Wall at. or to K. K COLLINS n i t). 56 Southat Shippers will please senu in their Billa of Lading eariy this 1 p, Shippers may rely upon hiving their goods correctly meaauri. and that the ships of thialine will sail punctually aa adver- ' ard. Any gnarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled lat may be reqnired. Agents in N. Orleans, Hnllin fc Woodruff, wno will prompt- | r forward a|! goods to their address. The luckrt ship Oemulgee, Cartain Pert, will anrceed in Meinphia, and sail the 10th Dec, her regular day. n22r ffff KOH NEW OKLEANg, MOBIL*. k SAVANI U^NAIJ?Toe paekro ahip ALABAMA, ( aju Bui H4SEW' r. will axil on Friday the 2S'h [Not, foiNr* Oran., iii r regular day. (weather permittina) or pa??a(? Iree. f The packet brut EaCEL, Capt. Sherwood, will tall on , londay No*. 2lat, her regular day. j Kor paaa-KC in any of the abore tperior packcU, which ia t ery low, apply to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 41 Peck Slip, or nlgr W Son'h nn-ft, cor lone*' lane I AX- y OK VlOBlLE? K. suiar racket of the Kith i.l e irllf^Nov. The iplrudid picket .hip ALABA.\lIAN, i w B l.anr. will tail a. abo?e. 1 I in> ,i ip'a arnomn mlinona cabin. 2d cabin and aferaee r l?.r:nfrr? are eery tu|*mir, anil brrtlia can be acrnrrd on mo ? rale icrma if early application ia made on board. we>t aide ' H'irlit g alip, or to JOSEPH MrMURkAY, 7 nil r 100 Pine street, corner of SuOiH ?jff?- KOR MOBlLT ? Packet of tl'h.Niir,? l'he aideu* I HM^kdid faat lailiim packet ahip NEW YORK, Captain EllBfeNeveii, will aril aaabove. Tbit .hip i< tiMi well known to require comment. IVraona ialiiiiK a pa<a i(i in b<-r thould not fail to make early applicain on board, loot of Do'er at. or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 41 Peck Blio, 1 n2lr or Si! South at. corner of Jone.' lane. J |dir FOR MOBILE?To tail on Ttmradav 24th inat I reJW?The well known copper fiatened ar.d ropi rre l Ihil I UK< AHAVVBA. Captain Collin, will Ire ileapal ched aa r me her remi ar day r ian handaomi ly accommodate a few cabin aecond cabin and r rare |iaaaeii(era if early application ia made on hoard pier J E. R. or to JOHN HKRDMAN, >21 r fil S ?n b a'r**ef 4 HHAfTS ON iThtLA -D, r Nt.l.A >u, ?' SCOl LAND AND WALKB -Pman. MMhai " MlBBmonrv to their frienda in the old country, can h.y iftjfor an* amount, payable on demand, without diaroont to. following nl a r|. vie? N IRr.l.AND?The National B mk of Ireland, the ProT.DI Bank of In land, and all then r.ranches N KVOLANU-Wiam. Hull. Hon It < o.. banker. , >ndofi, Kic mn^ and Discount Bank, Liverpool, an?l then f] rhe? throng hoot k>rfand arid We'm. (>| \ BCOTI AND-The Kaa'crn Bank of Acotlaiid, the pr eenock Bankinic Company, and all their branches. \U of which dra'U are psicf in ?n? ot the principal j^wna in at Britain or Ireland. Af 1 ,17 t cor iMIkHrttlS iK AMUSEM ENT8. CHATHAM THIATRK. "" thw"" ****?*?? . . CABPKNTi R OK ROUBV. .rh, Ht'M ( MV? w'l.rpur . Lw. 'r hi"v "M.'HKKB of crime. U f will .h?-' 4 0'ia<u wiIIum a( qmariav p** 7 o'clock I?rff?r!y ^ Bui OiK<-r 01 *u diiily from ? to s, whrr* 1'iekau m4y b? nrrli4a?n w i*hfri ?rourr?l. ! * S '{ K TIIK.AfRl. TH1BEVEMVO. will hr,r<-?rnu4. ACI? A GAl ATFA. -^c,,i 8hri*?l | I'nl' phrrruv. Ik'Pll GaUita, Mr* ^vKBin | I'ml. nt V'i B'i'ty frjfiou. t..?|,ic , I'll ?ns |. COVE fi OA IN. Ailvr Whi-h. MEET VE BY MOONLIGHT. uoK*? $ i?| u vi i-tv?<*hIIi r\ 26 cnu. Pi'iirv OIWB ftt hk iVlork unit Ihr i rrlNUMiivr will mm. rnrnre 7 prfri?clv nriViiKi.i/N oiTv di pic thkaiu*.. BriMiiw^y, NVw Tor*. THIS KVEMNfl N?v 72 ?"H oe preseuted JOHN OK PtRIS. After ?shl*h GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. I'ii conctndc wth .. HOUSC OK LADIES. < r ' '? Doora will Iw opened at half-past t, tad ths par loeiii.-.. e tominnif. at 7, every evening. KIC WKI.IN TilC ATRIET CHA1 HAM sgiTAMK. Alteration or Prices?Ureas I'ircl , ()niil.n>in 13 cents. L-dr and Ur-utl' vnanon'y 2V. Sreond Tier Bores lik cents. OafI.*rv |7ta l*i* or Pa (jtirttf 6 V. THIS KVEN'Nrt, wi'l hr pr a-oteil ??m* of the moat astonishing (Vara o' G\ "mastics anil Contortion- ftn patent- A in thisc nn'ry hv Mrasrs. Miller, Meaiayrr, B oth<ra of War ow Klrli rd*"n *lol Hurt la* . R\ Mr C. D. l-nkm ''.-ii-ni.-, Mias K'>iori',n(l, Aar nl, t elestr Cento, Auitneu. M iti ll-nrv, ?nd <> hes, wait he inI'; duced -V grand <,f S nigs Duetts, Solos. Oleua, V anker Eccrhlririira. Diuaea, Wallg-, H.mopes EHvleroa, l irliucliaa, Single ami Double Laddiea Scutch Fliuxa, Laaaiea Sfrallm uyi tie , Sir. By. Moan. It W. Prlh m, G W P.-lham. and Mr Backtu, ill*- meat Pay a- inoy, w ill >u t - in the Kthinoean Characters. Flying Cord by 'ne unequalled Mr. Hugglua. Programme a- ihr- T- ratrr. Doors mwn al ti o'clock iieiformanrr commences al 7. N. B. The New York Braaa Band ia rugagtd. Mr. Noah^r, Leader. nil lm i?*r AAtMUTHKATHK OK THE BEPVHUC, !I7 Ret rrry N. A. HOWK.S, Proprietor. THIS EVENING, the iwrlorm ncet will commence prrriec |v > t 7 o'clock. CHALLENGE TO THE WORl D Wondrriul K are, * aol-ita, and Herculean l.-boreof MONS. OUILLOT. LV. I.ION HERO! Al the Am hiihratrc tbiaevening. MONS. oUILLOT Hereby challenge! a Contra! of I'tiyaical Strength with any man living. for a w-grr of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Betid a a General Dianlay of HORSEMANSHIP, fcc. Boxes AO centa? Private do for 6 iiereona $1?Second Tier JTX tents?Pit iti centa. Doorao|ieii at half-paat 6. Overture by the Band aa a ijuarte before 7. lloraemanahi|i lo commence at 7 o'clock |ireciaelv. AMERICAN TIIEATRK-WAlaN CT-HT*. IMIII.ADKUPIII A. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C CU8HMAN. tnd night of Mad mc Lerompti?Hth night of Mr. and Mre. Brougham. THIS EVENING Nov 7|L will be enacted, WONDER. Aft- r which, ROBERT LK DlABLE. E. A. M A ItsHALL. Leatee. AMERICAN MlliElim, /"^ORN'ERof Broadway and Ann atreet, oppoaite St. Panl'a v Church. T. T BARVUM, Manager BEST ATTRACTIONS IN NEW YORK Day viaitora admitted free in the evening. Entire new scenery, drop rurtaini, decorationa and enlargement and cnahioiiing of the Leetnre Room. MR. WINCH* LL, The rnoat comic imitator in Ain-rira, it engaged for a abort period and will anpaar in hit eel-hated di Uneaten- of Iriah, Dutch, French and Yankee Charactere. Positively the laat v eek of THV WOND'RFUL MERMAID,. Taken near tne Fejee lilanda, which haa been viaited by fifty [houi-nd iM-ra viis in this city and Boaton, and of the griiuineneas of winch ail oeturaliata. aud oiher iirreoua, aie convinced u|N>n beholding it. ia en aged, at any extraordiua/y ri|ienae, for 0' e week only. Many acieniific gentlemen of ce'ehrity have staked llieir reputation tlmt this eilraordiuery nymph of the sea ia all the ia represented. MR. O'CONNELL, THE TATTOOED MAN, Will appear in hit celebrated Daucea, and give an historical acconut of hit sufferings for eleven years. while a prisoner ia the hand" of ba-haroiit savages in the Noith Pacific Ocean. FALLS OF NIAGARA, with real Cioton Water. THE LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY, . Consisting of tun performers; Mr-* Hiod. the vocalist; Ct'eitfi ihr ilaiisruap, (lie Albino Lady. Manor Tel.arop. f->r illuminuiiiK the botioma of riven, l.krs, Sir., and 500,000 Curiosities. P rformancra every evening at half i?nai 1 a clock and ev. rv Wedue.dav and tint Urdu attrrnooi at 3 o'clock. Admission to all >3 renta?Children half uric*. dM TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION' POWRHKUL NOVh L'I'lES! UNPRECEDENTED PKK'OHMANCES?THE REAL KUD-OEE VIERMAID. NKW YORK nilsKHIH AND PICTlJRIfi OALLRRV, PrtKiihriiv. tjmonte the City Hull, ^"INE PERFORMERS TO BE SEEN FOR ONE L^l SHILLING. The Manage* trast* he inay with confidence assert ihu such agxLiv of Stare as the following have seldom been submitt*"' ?o the public. Master D. E Hashes, the admirable harp player; Master J. A. Hushes, tht infant violinist; Miss Hushes, the little Lvra; Miss "lemence, the accomplished dadseire; Miss Cecilia Blaoehard thr |rtocrtl iugcleress; MasUnr Frank Diamond,the uuiivalled Ethiopian I aocer; Mr. Jenkins, the unequalled nanjo pla>er; Miss Rosalie, th chaimins songstress, and Mr. B<wce. t??e relrhra'ed comic singer. Oij Tuesday and Thursday Mrs. Loom** will delivera Lecture on Phrmolog* ,to commence at 3 o'clock. A day performance will take place on Wednesday and Saturday, as usual. Evening entertainment to commence at halfpast seven. Almistt ?n to the whrlc ONE SHILLING. o30 lm* FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, O"10B No. 7 W \LL STREET. at i?r SKQAK8?9EUAR8?H. OARS/?HENRIQUE , No.3", Wi 11 a in a'reet, l/a-.mrni, olf.ra f..r sale the following choice brand, ol'Sevan, whic1 ne invites the lores of the w??d to call and eramine for urmir ve-; 'hey were selected by one considered lo he ? judge Thote f ?iid of a real Havana, will do well to call and ret iheir supply of ttie genuine article. 2''.00't I.a Norma, aaa' rtrd rolora, 25 no Noneaaa. in half, quarter, and ne eighth bore* t Yugemidad, Uo do, 10 000 Bronda, lat and 2d quality, 25 OOil De Flor a, 15 000 Norma Keg" lias, 80 Oil" Naral Principea, Talma brand, I" Oofl ' aha lero?, 10.00 Girrini Regalias, 30.001 low pi ice teg ra, of rariona band..' Omcera and hotel keepera supplied on r- aao able terms. All orders promptly alien ed to by addressing "Henriqaie, 51 William itrte'. nasem nt " N. B?The above invoice ol terara hare arrived par berqae Rqilrt. fr mHinm. 1,19 'wee KEMl'f 1 ANCE8 IU I ikLANU, ke.,fcc ? It.e aub^riber continues to transmit money, in ?u?ns large or *ma)|, o persons rfsidiug in any i?art of Ireland iu the same aatiusr 's he, and his prtdeccsser in business have done tor the last :hirty yean, and more; also, to anv part of England or Scotand. Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or ^ersoually deposited witn ham. with the name of the person or persons n Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is 10 be rep', and nearest post town, will be immedituly tiaasmitled and paid accordingly, and a receipt to thai effect given or forwarded to the sender. In like mat tier money or claims on persons in any pert of t ra-1 .a twl ! * nr w.w Ka. A.all.?f..l k? .U- ?U?1_ mi, for iwnoiu inidini in nay put of the United Stuet, or Canada. and will be paid to t' em accordingly. n!8 Im'r OEHKOb MrBRlOE, Ji., H(u<lu ik LEECHES!LEECHES!LEECHES! 09 nnn LARGE HEALTHY SWEDISH LEECHEA ? Ju?i received imrhaik 8ir laaa- Newton, from Hamburg, for sale in anv quantity, at very moderate p'ieea by O. A A H. WITTE, Importer* ad Leechea, oil lm*ee lit WRliam alreet, INSTITUTE FOR THE PREVENTION AND CURE OF BALDNESS AND OREY HAIR. AND THE ENTIRE REMOVAL OF SCURF AND DANDRIFF. PRC FESBOR CLIRKHUUH ..ffrrs to ladiee and gentlemen h'a gratupona advice in all the variona dueaaea connected with the health and ttrowthof the tinman hair, that they maybe protected *Kainat the many cmpyrical an I injonoai nostrums of the da which now flood the cuy, pnrplei the ludainent and, if uaed, will Hi atroy the haii. Thousands are now snff-rinft und> r the loss of t leir hair from the use of those vile pre|iarations. Many of the first medical amity in the conntry can testify to the almost 1 uc rail 1 !>! cures performed bv the use of the Tneoherons, or Patent Medicated Compound: and the profrasional character of Cl'rehugh will be deemeo sufficient (uarantrs against even thing like quackery and hu?.bug. Principal office JOS Broadway , up stairs. Pi ivste entrance far ladies suil families, first door in Folton street. nl6 6tis*r WELLINGTON A. CARTER, Wine and Commission Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door from Wall strnet, lias on hand, and is daily receiving, choice arncles, and offers thet.i at moderate prices, for cam or city acceptances. Ha offers for sale too hhds and smaller package! nf Lomelinc Madeira Wins 10 caska Malmiry Vintage, of 1812, 26 casks Port, pure mice, the best in the market, 17 casks Brown, Gold and other anpenor (Sherries, 21 casks Hcnesacy, heiguett* and Otard Biandy from Loalon D tcks, 10 1 ipes Holland Gin, part Hwan hsand. It< fund Loaf, Lump, and Crushed Sugars, from the bast Refineries, for which W. A. Carter is sgrnl. ISO baskets Champagne, Anchor, and other choice brands. W. A. Carter la also general agent for the ancient hoaae of l.omeline. of Madeira, and takes orders for their celebrated Wines, of everv age or quality required. MARBLE TILES. STEEL, PEPPER, CLOVES, te. 3000 Italian Marble Tiles, whu e and blue. 20 bags Sumatra Pepper. IS bags real Bourbon Cloves. SO ktgs imported White Lead in Oil. 2S botes Milan Hteel id small bars. Alsoan assortment of Tupas, Aqua Marine, and other pre:ioU" Atones for iewellrrt. nS4 lm*r V t 11ST A M l> FACTORY.-J COOSWltLTTwTemored 'k from lit Allen to 127 Roosevelt street, second story of lore occupied by Mr. W. Pcntlss. coffee and spitr dealer, vheie he it prepared to furnish the article at short notice and ibeial credit, pnt up in any style. Hotels and families supplied with an elegant article. Also, slard ofk I re r TOR DR. FECCHTWaHOeiVB Pnce I'tritH ofCopa i via, Capaulea, Acids, Dyewooils, Lunar Cant.ic.D aguer eotype Chemicals. German Silver, Ac. Ac. Ac. Bee fourth age. o" JUCTUK ELLIOTT, 00 UL 1ST, AND OPTHALMIC St/RUEON, Confines his Prscuee to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office Ml Broadwav. corner of Warren street. nt Imr Lfyi fcSTKIAN At ADKMV - I li. aub.rnber would re Ha aprclfully inform ihr Ledtee and tiriitlemen of New York md Brooklyn, th.r ha hunrw-J ? Ac?drmy, (m that Ursa nd commmiinai bmidina formerly known aa the fcquretrian .arhanire or Cook'a Ciieua, 4011 Bowery, on Vanthall (harden) or the inatrnction of ladiea and (rnilrniri, in tnat haalthinl and leeeaaary arrompliahmetrt, the act of horarmanahip in all ila iranchrt. The Araoemy it furmahed with drains and aittnw noma, and every cenvemenre for the roafort ol pupila, and learrtrrra' rward to riapeciatnluy will be adhered to. aa T; ia? made arraiigr in.uta with Mr. W. J Davia, one of ie o'deai pmfrsaorv from Kuroiw. to take eharfe of the aame, id flaacra in mar If that tne etrterpriae will meet with the apohatron and rrirooarartrinrtit of a liberal public. Terma and partieulara may be aacertainrd on application as ore. The omnihna and ran naaa every Ave minntra durins the day. f>W Jm*rr W D OIJ*BROw Pnii ri^tnr. <TR0t) N D >FiclJ5 a^UUPPEE , T THIC HOI K MILL*, H Marketfteld .treaty between ^ Broa I ind Wlniehall. lair *1 K:i?aheih atreet. New York. Gee I2n Krout at ( onalantly on hand, at the loweat market iera and in the iiailil 1'ri-rr of erekitoa aT? Tw??n> POK A LOUfcSb fbMALh i'lLiLaO. 'HK(?? far-fame I and celebrated Pills, from I'nrTnfal. are we pereaira, to be obtained in Uua country (Ue a a Tertian, mt on the laat aolaiae " ' * mt it