Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1842 Page 3
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BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL Philadelphia. [Carratpondeae* <>l the Herald.] Philadelphia, Nov. 22, 1842. The weather continues cold and clear, with but little animation along our wharves, or in our business thoroughfares. As for news, the Colt excitement absorbs every thing else, and occupies the public mind with vague conjectures and idle reports. In our Courts, hut little is going on. A case of riot w? before the Sessions to-day, arising from u conflict betweer. some members ot our fire depart ment. Several fires occurred this morning, but none o' them were of very destructive character A small boy was knocked down, and somewhat injured by a hose carriage. The trial of young Alexander, which I referred to yesterday, will b- an interesting one, from the tad of its attracting so much attention from the ladiei-, a large number of whom have already applied for seats upon the occasion. Wonderful curiosity ! The elections of hank directors took place, as previously aaverusca, ni inc ^*nai ?**'"8es in the county of Philadelphia, but contrary to expecta'ion, very little, if any, change occurred This i-i much to be regretted for various reasons, all of which the public at large are most sadly aware of. The following are the names of those who head the list of each board, from which the communi'y can form a correct estimate of the future management of the institutions over which tliev preside .? Commercial Bink. James Dumbta: Farmers' and Mechanics', Joe. Tagert; Philadelphia, Samuel F. Smith; Bank of Northern Liberties, Robt L Pitfield; Kensington Bank, Jonathan Wainwrigbt; Mechanics' Jos. B. Mitchell; Western, Jos. Patt~rs<>n; Moyamensing,(swindlingaffair,) Jos.Solms, of notorious bad memory; Bank of Penn Township, (broke,) Elijah Dallett; Schuylkill, (of Levis nolo riety.) John Price Wetherill. It is needless to add one word of comtne ,t upon the ab've. Mrs. Eliza Shaw, a poor woman, residing in Marriott's Lane, Southwark, accidentally Ml into the fire yesterday morning, in a fit, and was burned to death. Several more cloth c?ses, of considerable importance to the pockets of Uncle Sam were determin ed vesterday, in the United States District Court, in favor of the G meral Government. The sale of State stocks, which will take place to-rp.orrow, seems to attract but very little attention Gov Porter, and the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Judge Parsons, (that is to be) are now b th iu the city. What the object of the former's visit can be, no one doubts, as having some interest in connection with the abov? sale. The latter is here to inspect the public schools?and 1 suppose to take a peep at hi-, new seat upon the bench! They are the onlv " lions" at present sojourning among us, if we except those exhibiting at the corner of 13th and Spruce streets, and Welch's buffaloes ! The jurv in the case ol Brown, Brothers Ar Co., and Fletcher, Alexander^ Co., against the funds found in the possession of Co' Monroe Edwards, and now deposited in the North America Bank, have assessed the formers' damages at #27,962, and th? latters' at #27,690 The amount taken from Edwards was #43.000. Action has been instituted against Recorder Vaux for the recovery of tbesame. The Olympic Circus, last night, was one of the most crowded houses I ever witnessed. The evening's entertainments were for the benefit of Mr Rufus Welch, the generous and gentlemanly prorietor. The Walnut Street Theatre was but slimly attend _a _? _ ii l .l ? _? ?: ru, uwiuif, in ail pruuciuiiiiy, iu iiir grctu aiirauiiun at the "Olympic." Miss Ayres' benefit at the Chesnut, was not so well attended as the meritorious recipient deserved To-morrow evening Mr. Wood takes a benefit. The following sale* occurred at the Stock Board to-day. They evince a larger amount than ha* taken place for several days : ?$2000 City Loan, 6'a, 1864, 9-2; $100 City Gas, ?'?, 1961, 104; 900 do do6's, 1869, 104J; 2000 State 5's, 1870, 44: 1300 do do, 1866, 44; 11 shares Mechanics' Bank, 12]; 16 do do 12}; 23 do Schuylkill Navigation, 26; 10 do Philad. Ic Trenton R Road, 60. B. _ From Mexico.?Accounts from the Mexican frontier to the 29th ult have been received at New Orleans Gen. Wool, in his bulletins, published in the Matamoras papers, writes that he attacked 8000 Texians, strongly posted in a wood, killed 120, and took 15 prisoners, when the remainder fled, leaving their killed on the ground! , Ccy The President has recognized Johann Daniel Klkitdgen as Consul General of Brunswick and Luneburg for the United States, to reside at New York. __ SHIP NEWS Baltimore.. Nov tl?Arr A S Johnson, Albany; Exchange. N'Wi?>rt; William, Biker, Boston. CI I Victoria, (Br) Huds >n, Ntasau; Jo? Huikey, Grifli h, NewYork. Sid Lawrence, Boa'on. Alexandria, Not 19? Sid St Helena, Ruh. Charleston, Nor 19?Cld Catharine, Berry, NYork; Sullivan, Brown do. Sid Ma-athon, Brown, Havre; Edward,Bulklev. do; Emus, Booney, Havana. Savannah, N?v 17?Arr Adrian, Pitta, NewYork. Cld Vermont, Mhew, Liverpool; Saratoga, Bedell, Tamp* Bav. Sid A poll". Winda^r. Mobile; Havre. Carpenter. Boston. Ar 16th, Andromeda, (Br) M-rriwearher. FAyal; Androscoggin,Churchill, Savau a la Mo, Ja. Cld Cal-donia, Alexander, Liveriiool. Arr 15th, L Baldwin. Bn'k'ey, N. w York Cld Hhode Island, Chureh, Liverpool. Sid IT S sehr Flirt, Powtll, Key Weat. Mobile, N 'v 13?At Wiverly. Sn iw, New York; Moun' Varnon, vie M .pu?, d"; Ann. Godfrey, Bo?ton; D "liuhe, Cluk, Camdru; KeunebeC, Smith, B-?th; North Bend, Spaiks, Philad Iphia; Shamro. k Smith, P; Lightf'oot, L'lmer, Thomaatnn. Cld Wm Ooddard, Potter, Liverpool. New i irleans, Nov n?Arr Aubam. Dnrfey, NYoik; Manchester. Botworth, do; Peninylvania. Gross, Ro ti rdam: Lochinva-. Weseoti. Ciatitie; Medford, Wilbor, Liverpoo1; Meridian. Williams. Bremen; Ta.quin, Hosmer, Camden; Natchez, Lindaey. Boatou; G oiges, Elliott, do; Uncas, Sahute, Havana; Oceana,Pl>illi|.s, Thomaaton; Men nry^ Deean, K'Dgatou, Jam; Hui.tret", Ikinr, <1 AHMnn. duuoii, wm*-n; w in rcn... orBeliie, Hon. Cld Walter, Boyd, Liverpo d; Toronto, f.tlra. Providence; Brila d?l Mar, Havana. Arr 9tn, Fairfield, Wilaon, New York; "hvkspeare. Miurr,do; M tt.?ka- tt, Taylor, Alnania, Crowed. B aton; Pons, Graham, La Gnay ra; Chaml>lain. Miller, Philadelphia. Cld Lucy, Little, Liverpool; QO- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT?The Collegeof Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Suppression of Quackery, beg to inform all persons desirous of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum ol one dollar, with a statement of their case, they will be supplied with one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine, and a letter of advice containing lull directions as to diet, regimen, tic. All letters must be post paid. Addiess Principal ottlceofthe College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 7 Nassau street, N. Y. The Consultino Physician is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of the college. Hours from 10 tills o'clock SuaoiciL Casks.?The College have also engager) of one of the most distinguished operative Surgeons in New York, and are therefore prepared to receive and treat surgical cases. Squinting, cataract, and all diseases of the eye requiring an operation, ? strictureol the uiethra,?calculi in the bladder,?clubloot,?diseases of the joints, and of the spine, will be particularly attended to. The fees will be extremely moderate. Patients who so desire will be visited at their own houses alter operation. By oruer of the College, W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 117 Nassau st. New York, (ft?- COLD FEET ARE ALWAYS AN EVIDENCE that the hlood is encumbered with morbid humors, which not only render the circulation sluggish and unequal, but prevents a proper supplv of the vital fluid to the extremities. Hence coldness of the haads And feet, accompanied with headaches, giddiness, and many other unpleasant complaints. W right's Indian Vegetable Pills are one of the best pre. ventives in the world against cold leet, because they not only cleanse the hlood from those impurit es which ara the cause, bu> they Impart an e ergy to the circulation which carries it with vigor to every part of the system; conse. quently the extremities being properly supplied with the vital fluid, receive their due proportion ol animal heat; and coldnessofthe feet, headache, giddiness, palpitation of the heart, and every other symptom of a disordered circulation will be rapidly criven lrom the body. Beware or Counterfeits.?The public are respectfully informed that medicine purporting to be Indian Pills, sold by Mr. Richard D nnis former clerk in the office, are not the genuine Wright's Vegetable Pills. The only se curity against imposition is to purchase from none except advertised agents ; or at the offiaes devoted eiolusively to their sales, 388 Greenwich street, New York; 198 l'remont street, Boston; and 189 Race street, Philadelphia Remembei. no medicine is rightl except Wrights Indian Vegetable Pills. QCJ' MORE PROOFS OF THE EFFICACY OF THE Btaisburu Vegetable Extract Pills?Fever and Ague Cured. " For the benefit ol ths afflicted, 1 am induced to acknowledge the benefit I have experienced from the use of six doses of the Stainhurn Estract Pills. My case was that 01 lor nrn ?l?ge 01 rem mm mm miih.ii came Oil eve_y M bour*. I trird almott everything that was recommendrd to break the chill, but none proved effectual except the SUinburn Pills, which I took about a half hour before the usual time for the chill to come on, and I can confidently tay 'hat they broke it entirely. It ia now three dayiaince I took the Inst dose, and I have not had the slightest symptoms of the chilli returning. I have recommended the Tills to several of my friends, who were afllicted similarly to myself, and their testimonials in favor of the rills are such as to induce me to send their cases accompanying this. WM. T? JOHNSON, Builder, 42 9th avenue." These Tills may beliad at 25 cents per box at the following 338 Broadway, New York ; 3 Ledger Buildings, Thiladelphia , 9 Court Street, Boston. (j(f- NEW TEMPERANCE NOVEL?To-morrow morning will be issued in an Extra New World, an origi. nal and beautifully written Novel, by a popular American author, entitled " Franklin Evans, or the Inebriate, a Tale of the Times," dedicated to the !i-lends of Temperance in this city and throughout t ie Union. It wai w ritten with a view to aid the great work of reform, and rescue young men from the Demon of Intemperance. The incidents ol the plot are wrought out with great eflect, end the excel lence of the moral, and the beneficial influence it w.ll have, should interest the Irtendsof the Temperance Re. formotion in giving this tale the widest possible circulation. Single copies 12) cents- fi9 |ier hundred. For sale at the office of the New World, 30 Ann street, and by Its agents in every city and village in Am?ricn. Also for sale, Cooper's New Novel " Wing and Wing,'' at 30 Ann street, snd 453 Broadw ay, corner of Grand ?t, ivhere may bu had all the cheap l>ooks in Extras, at 12) to M cents sash it J. WINCHESTER, Publisher. Cty "THE TONIC MIXTURE."?This celebrated remedy is composed of five ingredients, the setive principles of which are highly concentrated. It ii now used very extensively and with greet success by the medical faculty, for the cure of debility, (from whatever cause,) dyspepsia, nervoas complaints. Sold by the authority ol the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York. Price ft per bottle Half dozen (in cases) $.%. W. 8 RICH AR RSON, Agent. Principal office of the College 97 Nassau it Ot^THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, prepared under the direction ol the College of Medicine a,id Pharmacy, of the city of New York, is unequalled in the treatment of *11 syphilitic diseases. Ca-es of the most inveterate character have !>een cured by the use of a few tKjttles Sold in large bottles at $1 each, and in cases ol half a dozen buttles $5. Forwarded to all parts of the world. w. S. RH'JIAH DSON, Agent, Principal Office of the College 97 Nassau street. 0(7- THE GENUINE SARSAPARILLA, PREPARED by the College of Medicine and Pnarmacv of the city ol New Yora, does not contain a particle of mineral medicint, and is totally different from the injurious or inert mixtures, sold by certain druggists under that name This medicine is composed of the active principles of Sarsaparilla. Gentian and Sassafras, and is of great efficacy in all acrofulous diseases, cutaneous eruptions, saltrheum, derangement ot the digestive organs, and that shattered condition of the system which results ftom an injudicious use of mercury. Sold in single bottles, (large size) 75 cents each. Half dozeD (in case) $3 50?Dnsen (in case) $0 00. W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent. Principal office of the College, 97 Nassau st. Or?-RUSH'S PILLS OF HEALTH ?Every day fur nishes convincing testimony o the acknowledged efficacy of thi* excellent Family Pill. The numerous disorder* of hi'stomach anil liowels, the general symptoms of which are costiveness, losa of appetite, ami aick headache, are speedily and effectually relieved hy a medicine that removes every disorganize! ion of the functions of the frame, hy producing a healthy action ofthe liver, and conferring strength, activity, and renewed health, more particularly when <hedirections which accompany each box are carefully observed. The Health Pills of Dr. Ruth being a pleasant, easy and safe aperient, require no restraint ol diet, or confinement during their use. To the infant and adult, they a'-e equally efficacious? and to elderly people, they will be found the moat comfortable medicine in use. To females, Dr. Ruth's Pills, in removing distressing headaches and nervous affections, and in conferring a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion, they are equally successful. Sold, wholesale and retail, by H. O. DAGGERS, 30 Ann street ; and by Wadleigh, 466 Broadway ; Kelly, 267 Broadway ; Axford, 168 Bowery ; Green, Fulton St., Brooklyn ; Smith, MO Broad street, Newark ; Redding k Co., Boston : Zeihor k Burgess, Philadelphia ; Guthrie. 4 stanwix Hall, Albany ; T. H. Pease, Newhaven ; J. W. J odd, Hartford; Reed, corner of .Gay and Saratoga sts. Balti ore. Price 36 cents a box. ft?- A HACKING COUGH MAY BE IMMEDTATEly relieved by Sherman's Cough Lozenges?they cure the most obstinate cases in a little time, and we know of several casesol consumption, where they have performed all but miraculsus cures. In fact, Dr. Sherman's Lozenges have done more good than all the other medicines put together. When headaches are cured in a few mimites hy the Camphor Lozenges, so celebrated as the only cure or preventive of sea sickness, and other diseases removed with such unerring certainty, by the appropriate lozenges, none can hesitate to acknowledge them the very best medicine in the world. 106 Nassau st, is Dr. Sherman's warehouse. Agents?4 Stanwix Hall, Albany, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia ft?-IN YESTERDAY'S HERALD, WE CALT ED attention to the beautiful specimens of Lady's and Children's Hats, exhibihited at Bloomer's large and fashionable store, No. 179 Broadway?and more especially to his "Victoria Cassimere" Bonnets, which are now all the rage in England ; from which country, at a great expense, he has (exclusively) imported both his materials and his |>atterns. Since'the publication ofthe paragraph to which we refer, we hane been informed that Mr. Bloomer has received numerous orders for the same description of articles from se veral of the hout ton of this and the neighboring cities,and he bas, we are gied to learn, every prospect of neing well compensated for his enterprise. We may, for information of our gentlemen friends,very properly take this opportunity of adding that hi* Nutria, Moleskin, and BerverHats, are very superior to any that can be procured elsewhere?both as regards sty lu and qua. lity, and that Mr Bloomer's prices are as percent less than those of any other manufacturer. " Oh grave, where is thy victory, Oh death, where is thy sting f' Q&- FELLOW CITIZENS :-In ottering you an infallible and never-failin: remedy for nil pulmonary complaints, you will not, I hope, set this down as one of the numerous impositions of the day. Be assured this is prepared by a scientific, physician, a believer of the gospel, and a member of a church, who is so far a christian as to boast of having a conscience, and that he would not de ceiveyou willingly Professor Jones's Medicated Cough Candy and Compound Extract of Tolu and Spanish Mosi, is only one shilling a package. It is composed of 43 of the rarest herbs and plants the vegetable kingdom possesses, and is a positive remedy for coughs, colds, spitting of blood, tsthma, whooping cough, &c. he. Sold by T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 83 Chatham street, N. Y. Agents?Zieber, 3d and Dock street, Philadelphia, or next to the American Hoiel, Washington, D. C., 8 State street, Boston, or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. 0(3- HEAR WHAT THE PKEACHER 8AITH ! ^IsnnovriFLn, N. J., Feb. If, 1839. Da. D. J*V8k?Sir,?I take great pleasure in informing you tljat the bottle of Hair Tonic which I obtained ot you last October, has proved most satisfactory and successful. My hair had for a long time been exceedingly thin. But for two or throe years past it had so fallen out that my head hail become almost entirely bald. I was under the necessity of concealing the baldness by combing the hair on the side over it. But now, after using about half a bottle of the Tonic, 1 have as luxuriant a growth ot ha.r aslevrrhad. C. C.Park. Prepared and sold by Dr. D. Jayne, 20 South Third st, Philadelphia. Sold in New York by A. B k D Sands, 79 and 100 Fulton street; by A. B. Sands & Co. 273 Broadway, corner Chamber street: and by D. Sands and Co., T7 East Broadway, corner Market street. Price $1. 07- IT 18 NOT OFTEN, IN THE STRIFE OF business, that on* article ?o far outstrips all other* as to render them abrolutely of no account. This however may b? fearlessly asserted ol the Lozenges, Pills and other medicinal preparations of Dr. Peters. For the cure of coughs, colds, sick headaches, dizziness, pulmonary complaints, and all diseases which attect the lungs, and thus threaten life, his cough and cordial Lozedge* are undoubted cures, while hi* Pills most effectually remedy all dis. orders of the stomach, and restore the system to a sound, healthful and pleasant action. Office 135 Fulton street corner of Nassau. MONEY MARKET. Tuesday, Nov. 'Z'4?O P. M. The transactions at the Board to-day, were small in the sound stocks, with little change in prices. The fancy ttacks fell heavily, particularly the Railroads?Long Island }, Harlem J percent. The great fall is bringing out the stock rapidly. Those who sell first, lose least. The reduction in fsreson the Mohawk has knocked the stock down 1J per cent. The unpopularity of that road has been so great, that it has been heretofore unable to contend against the stage line. The opening of th* Troy road will probably destroy its travel altogether. The holders of bank stocks in this city, are getting anxious to realize something from their capita), which has been so long lying dead. The following is a list of the non-dividend paying stocks:? Paying Slocks. Capital. Prices of Slock. Phcu'X Built. 1,'110,0110 71 a 73 iVtechsui .'Bits Association, r,in.n n 57 a 59 Or rnwieh Bmk, 200,00<l 34 a 10 Manha.ta B?uk, 2,050.000 61 a 62 Dry OC'Binlt, ?n ono 10 a '0 Butchers' sn > Drovers', 500,000 85 s 90 Mechanics'Bank, 2,000,100 57 a 58 $7,000 000 Here is 7,000,000of capital, which yields nothing to its owners, and which they cannot realize but at a heavy loss. They are therefore making efforts to reduce the respective capitals to the amount ol the estimated losses, in order to obtain an income on the remainder. A very judicious movement. The Globe, fro it Rio de Janeiro, brought $10,000 in specie. Stephen Allen, F.sq. has published a card, declining a seat in the direction of the Erie Railroad, alongside of the late President and Vice Presideut. Others have also declined, and unless those two personages resign instanter, the company will be left without legal managers, and hecome a total wreck. Messrs. Bowen and Pierson were elected upon the express condition that they would forthwith resign, if the gentlemen on the ticket would not serve with them. Theonlyreiort left to the creditor* and stockholder* is immediate application to the Chancellor for an injunction, to take the affair* out of the handa of the preaent assignee* Sufficient evidence can he adduced before the Chancellor by examining the books, to warrant thia procedure. Ifthia ii not done, all ia loat to the creditor*. We ahall give aome facta in a day or two which will enlighten the creditor*, and ahow the importance of thia movement; and thia ianow the more neceaaary, since it ia apparent that the Prcaident and Vice Preaident are holding on either to prevent an inveatigation ol the Company'* affaiis or to compel the Legislature to sell the road, to that " the fa mily" may get poaaeaaion of theeaatern division at a amall colt. Do George Oriawold, Charlea A. Davia and Shcppard Knapp and Freeman Campbell, Esq. conaont to the u*c of their name* aa director* ot the F.rie Railroad ? "We only a*k for information." What of that letter from the Lieutenant Governor elect aid to have been received heie on the morning of the Erie Railroad election, requesting that the late President might be kept in as a director, and which request waa generously granted by the itockholdcr* ' Did Mr. Dickin son write it 1 Can John I. Mumford tell ? Some three yeara since, a ahinplaatcr bank, called the Farmer*' and Mechanics' Bank of Seneca County, wa started under auspicious circumstance*, J. G. Fanton Prei sident. That person came to this city to make prapaia tiom to circulate hia pott note*, an arrangement which thil paper promptly exposed, for which a quantity of ferocious abuse was heaped on us by the Courier, " for des rnying public confidence." That judicious print also took occasion to give Fenton and his notes a putt. Time ivoreon, and theconcrm went to the devil, of course, an did several others, with which Fenton was concerned. The receiver of tbisonehas now advertised i^^Jhssets for sale, the choicest of which are as follows N P. Lee's note, endorsed William M. Lee and II. D. Dodge, for $15,000. No'eof s^me parties for $10,500. R. D Dodge and N. P. Lee's reeeipts tor drafts, $23 000. Six notes of N. P Lee, endorsed by Wnt. M.Lee and R. D . Dodge, for $10,000 each. Sarruel Cameron's note for $20,000. R. I). Dodge, accentanccs tor $24,000. A. H. Knapp's note, endorsed by J. J Fenton, (or $80. W. 8. Bishop's note, endorsed by Joseph Strong, for $100. C. M. Conk ling, and EWni'irr Conkling's note for $160 8. H Grant's noli- for $300. Henrv Look wo -d's nolo for $403 46. J.J Feeton's note for $3,000. Joseph Vinton's note, endorsed by Adam Hiescods, for $306 34 Lyman W. Oilbert'a note, endorsed by D. E. Emery and L.Dodge, for $4 000. A. McMath Si Co.'anote, endorsed by H. L. Stewart and J. W. Stevens, for $600. James Swarthout's note, endorsed by J. H. Swarthout ami E Scbooley, for $400. 8. Cameron, bond and mortgage, $36,000. Do do 76,000. Franklin Kendall, do 2.660. Asahel Wight. do 4.280. El j<h Kendall, do 1,900. K. D. Dodge, overdraft, $100. DaviJ Yoder, do 100. W. McCarty, Jr. do 100. John Wyckotf do 744 64. J hn Wyekoir, President, $6,000. 'J J Kenton, over draft, $613 01. J Van Vleet, do 160 Ethan Watson, do 26 00 A Gregory, do 10 00 J. 8. A G. W. 5 06 Oscar Packard, $76 00. Erastns Andrews, bond and mortgage far $800. One sixth part of a bond and mortgage of $4,000, ed t>v David Yoder, and now heid by G W. Htidblon, $666 66. ^ H. H. Hull's receipts for certificates of deposit, $7,000. Dodge and Wyckoff were the beauties who broke\the Newburyport Bank. The position of the trade between the United States and the British colonies, has, of late, been a matter of much discussion, from its alleged disadvantages to the United States. Last winter, a large book was compiled under the direction of the Secretary of State, wherein it is alleged that the United States have greatly suffered by reason of the proclamation of the President of the United States, of Oct. 6th, 1330, opening the ports of the United States to colonial vessels, and that the B'itish government has evaded the conditions on which that proclamation was issued, by opening only certain inconvenient ports to American vessels, by which they are unable to compete fairly with those of the colonies The only instance mentioned to show the truth of this allegation, is, that gypsum, or plaster of Paris, is brought almost entirely from the Bay of Fundy in British vessels, which are allowed to go directly to the quarries, while American vosselk are denied that privilege. Several memorials from Boston and Maine, all tending to the same object, give this gypsum trade as a reason for disturbing the existing state of things. A report of the Hon. Caleb Cushing, making a volume of 31? pages, is full of declamation on the ruin attending American commerce, the whole being based on this atrocious gypsum. A recent convention at Boston, headed by the Hon. Abbott Lawrence, alleges this wonderful gypsum to be the cause of the destruction of American commerce. The prohibitive tariff is by them considered a measure of saving grace ; but to import gypsum in foreign vessels, what nation can stand it 1 All these memorials, reports, chairmen and secretaries, hold up gypsum as the great staple of trade between the two countries. Let us turn to the public documents, and Investigate its comparative importance in the trade between the United States and the colonies. Value or OrrsvM iMroRTCD iisto the UniTED States rsoM th- British Colonics, aid AooarOATr. Imports ann Exports for a Series or Years Imports from Domestic F.xvorts Br Am. Colonies, to Br Am Colonies. Gypsum. In Am ret. For n res. Am res Foreign. '811, 171817 1,103,956 tit.777 2,187,1.* 1,110.2* 18 15, 87 351 89?,?53 515 015 2.77', 5't 1,129 001 1836, 120,081 2,t27,57l 1,578 679 1 9 1.756 1837, 111,819 2,359.263 1.568.511 2.071 069 92',105 1838, 110,233 1,205,968 319 fi02 I 706,028 778.959 1839, 127,518 1,626,<>35 529 111 2,251,57 1.167,211 1810, 129 101 1 131,261 576,503 1,121,157 1 771,809 Hete is the result of this magical gypsum trade, which has fallen of! 36 per cent since 1S34, while the exports of domestic produce in American vessels have increased 100 per cent, and in foreign vessels 00 per cent. The imports of colonial goods in American vessels has increased 30 per cent, and in the same ratio in foreign vessels. Now Mr. Gushing, in full view of this vast trade, grown so .ivaniageousiy to the United States, in consequence or the pro lamation of October, 1930, hesitates not to recommend that this trade should be destroyed, because " gypsum comes in foreign bottoms." Let us now compile from official documents the quantities of American agricultu ral produce sent to the British American colonies and West Indies for a series of years Exports ranje thf. United States to British Colonies. Ft n nr. Rice. ttrrf. Pmk. Tohareo. hhlt tci. hhlt. hhlt. hhdi 1828, 86.710 1,239 707 3.983 ? ISM, 91.088 1.08' 818 10.IIS ? 1830, 119 9SS 2 "52 1*1 6.035 ? 1831, 231 187 5.132 6,877 II 754 ? 1832 , 237.807 7.955 II SOI 12 901 ? 1833, 268 181 8,102 13 . 07 7I.S7I ? 1811, 230.791 8,113 7.SI* 11.510 916 I8'5, 193.713 6.513 6.505 >5.851 1.001 1836, 112.605 1.596 9.131 5 401 017 1817, 91 639 16.310 1 611 I 710 2 l?V 1838, 101 1 '5 7,118 7 012 t.>M 065 1839. 288,717 6.713 1.199 10 669 685 1810 , 661.685 6,003 1,031 18.137 l.M. The proclamation opening the ports was made October , 1830. What a deal of mischief that measure has wrought to the farmers, by increasing the sale of the leading articles of their produce 600 to 1,000 percent', and four-fifths of it carried in American vessels! We may now look at the general state of trade at different periods :? Value .or Exports from the United States to the British Colonies, at Different Periods ; Also, the whole Export of the same articles from the United States. 1829. 1831. 1810. Candles, 1,816 6.517 10 793 l.umn?r, 175 410 526.191 147,292 Naval .lores, 15 950 18.423 37,032 Beef.ltc 91,117 n.117 311 900 P.irk, he. 213,593 01I.9M 661.876 II rses.fcc. 9.120 179.216 201.765 Hour, 585.782 1,174,156 3,371.102 ' oro, 008 016 100 568 161.M0 Rye and Indian meil, 139.591 373,706 OOfl^fc Bread, 13.709 116,118 280 *0 Apple, and potatoes, 3,316 9,300 31,060 Hice 52,522 139 198 120.028 Other articles, 1,311,255 1,021 617 2.033.193 Total export, ?2 725, 67 5,009,809 *8.803.550 In American vessels, 2,656.293 3,360,24 1 6.6 5. 21 I foreign vessels, 69,271 1,119,36! 2,118,326 To' I e*pnrt. from the United 8iate?, U.599.2'8 20,010,880 19,559,718 This table clearly presents the fsct that opening of the porta of the United Sta'ea to colonial vessels in 1830, has increased the sales of the produce of the Weetern Ststes, up to 1940, $.5,000,000, during which time the exports of those articles to the British colonies have increased $6,100,000 ; of which increase $4,000,000 was in American bottoms. Let us now recur to the import tables, in order to see what was got in change :? Imports from the British Colonies into the United States. 18 9. 1831. mo. Plasrer of rtriP, 61,307 172,831 129 101 Wood, 8?0 88.291 87.761 8|*ei-, 320 727 1.6*3 0M 1,327.726 I'xiwnio, 38 596 103 295 120,223 W ol, ? 5,070 ?.?06 Spirit*. 16.363 53.236 57 938 V1..l*?e*. 1.538 153 895 3,117 "tia-ir, 28 325 117 6.57 32.J70 loo, 2,100 29 601 13,958 Halt, 99.123 116 303 135 3(5 3 Inal, 2J 806 82.553 157 333 Salmon, 15 7tJ *?,5i3 76 775 Other article*, 203 776 71X^793 908.687 Total, 817,7*8 2,7.2,232 3,085,932 lo Am-riean vessels, 750691 2,012 181 2,135,816 In f ireum vessel*, 67,072 700.06 1 919,116 So it appear* that nearly one hall of the return* are pecie, and that the tale* of produce to the colonieo exceeded the purchaie* from them in 1840, $5,770,346. Thi* amount wa* paid, $1,327,798 in (pecie, and the balanae in bill* on England. Thi* va?t and profitable trade to the United State*, ha* all (frown up aince the proclamation of October, IS30. During all thi* improvement ol the colonial market for the *ale of weitern produce, being In hreaditufTnalone a ri?e from $848,198, in 1899, to $4,616,611 in 18MI the r llnnial sales of thf* identical rvoium have not increa*ed,at all! clearly ahowing that the rcatrictiom impoied by Great Britain on tfa> mean* of obtaining that'commodity, have injured, none bat her own itifejecU, tht owneriof the qitarriei. An imitation of that abaurd conduct on the part of the United State*, would injure none but the weitern farmer*, who would lo*e v moat aluable market for their produce which they * command. At the *ame time it would greatly benefit the Canadian farrnem.whowould thereby be relieved from a *erioii* competition. Thi* i? *o clear to any on* who impact* the mate ol the trnde, that an attempt to restrict the com merce t?et ween the Unite<l State* and the Britith colonic*, lia* the appearance of a direct and w anton attack upon the farmer*' pocket*. it i* not a little a*to???hing that Caleb Cuahing, E?q., Abbott Lawrence, E?q and other influential men, iheuld attempt so far to practice upon the credulity of the people a* to complain of the import of l'W.000 worth of gypaum in BritUh American vea*el* in 1S40, when hi the ?ame year American reaael* carried to tho?e identical colonic* l 4,134,167 of United Statea produce. The only object Mini to bo to destroy the foreign market for wootem produce altogether, became the effort of the late tariff, if continued, will be to came a large import of foreign manufacture* in return through the Britiah province*, in evasion of the duties. By restricting the intercourae three people aeem to expect to hem in the(armera, anil eompi 1 them to buy all their good* in Lowell, at pricea dictated by the manufacturers, and to ieare their produce to rot in their bam?, rather than to fell it abroad. There ia no trade in wh'ch the United State* are engayrd which ia o( greater importance to the farmers then thia with the British colonies ; and aa it is now regulated, th" United States have nearly nil its advantages. Snlrs nt the Stock RtchHngs, $l?nO Kan'urkv 6V IR7I 7SCJ 5 alio Mohawk 31 lOOdtK M< chcnica' Bk, 57'i ISO do New Jeraay 24 do 5n d* Harlem b60 13W I do |kc( Amt 77 IA0 do ' t'l a; do i-M'hrr .viii ?k rv ino d? n JO do Bk of Coin, full * >; ioo do ?60 I9*< to do xvZ 100 do boo iiv* JO do L I U'dKK, 47', |j0 do Stonincton ?to 10 JO do Mohawk >10 3".: jo do cauli 16 2i do b60 31V 24 do >10 16 , Second Koard I 100 shas Harlem ?30 13 100 ahaa Mohawk b3 31 JO do ,3 13V ii do 31 ( State of Trade. The receipt! ol weatem produce are large, and the Suantity on the way unprecedented. In price*, however, >ere ia no material change. i Tobacco? Kentucky at 3 a lc; St. Domingo 14c. price or- 1 dinary. Talloec?A ateady sa e at 8 a 8j cent*. 1 Tool?By auction, Smyrna, in the grease, at 8Ja9cts.: , grcv at 8 centa; white at'o centa, 8 moi. i Liquort?K. Seignette brandy 148c per gallon; whiskey 99c. Melalt?F.ngli?h bar iron at $49,60, with little demand; ' pig lead i? 3 jc lb. cash; old copper at 15jc; Miaaotiri pig lor manulacturing at 16c. , Foreign Markets. Havana, Nov. 8.?During the course of the laat month aome apoculative purchase* of auger were made at 3 ra for browna, 4$ to 4 ra for yellowa, and 8 to 9 ra for white* We quoti inferior browna 9| to3j r*; fine browna to ordinary yellow* 31 to 4, middling to beat yellowa 4} to 6l; white* 7 to 9. The stock does not comprise much of the hotter grade*. Coffee?'The aapplie* are larger than usual at tnia early stageof the crop, which on the whole promises to be of good quuality, and to yield considerably more than laat year. The current rates are $6 to $6$ for thirds; $6J to I $7 for second quality ?33* 4d to 40s 6d per cwt. free on boerd. The market is bare of the finer sorts. Exchange?On New York and Boston 1 a 9 per cent , premium. JImerican Produce?Beef, prime and mess, $7 a 9; do jerked, 7 a 10; butter, 19 a 94; candles, mould, 131 a 16; do sperm, qtl 34 a 36; cheese 19 a 14; candlewick, lb. 9 a 91 rs; codfish ql $if a 3; flour 14 a 14$; hams 9 a 11; lard IIJ n 19$; onion* 100 bunches $4 a 4$; pork, hbl. 10 a 16; potatoes, bhl, 1$ a 9; rice, ql, 5; soap, yellow, 6 a 8; tar.hrl 4 a 4$; spirit* turp. ntine, ql, 8 a 8$; lumber. W P, 18 a 96; do TP, 99 a 96; hhd sliooks with heading, each, 6$ a 7$ rs; hoops, 1000, $3.' a 34. Married. At Jackson, Washington county, N. Y., on the 17th in?t. James B. Jr.rmai?, F.?q. of Newburg, to Miss Catherine A. Rice, daughter of the late Col. Clark Rice, of the for- I mer place. Died. On Monday morning, 2laf init. of consumption, in tbe 28th yearot her age, Mrs. Emeliive C. Graham, relict of James M Orahsm. Her r?maint were taken to Poughkeeptin (0r interment. Passengrrs Arrived. Matahxas?Brig Warsaw?D A D Brrgos. Passengrrs Hailed. Loifnnjv?P?cket ship H ndrik Hudson?R C Leslie, Mr Edwards, Thoi Falconer. Win Johnson, of l.nndon; Thooiss E Knox, Lieut S5th Rent BA; Wheamn, Mr Walker, New York;Count NartKinne, Paris; Mr Palrv, Liverpool: Mr Harnett, Birmingham; Capt Smith, British Army; Henry John Robert, Iowa. Forsl(n Importations. Rio de Janeiro? Barque Globe?in,ooo Spanish dollars John D*vere ux, Philadelphia?*86 bags coffee James Boorman?301 W R k C Hitchcock?6(mi Andrew Foster It sou?251 J L Phipps & eo?500 W Picketsgill (it c?I box I hf bbl vanilla beans W D Cuthberlson?177 toes rosewood to order. hatawa?Ship Hellespont?115 bxs sugar 45 tierces honey 128 baas coffee Bpnfford, Tilestou IV co? 32 bales wax M Taylor? 49,000 oranges acker St Ackerly?40,000 segars 8 B 8t J Cha|e l>ell?20,04M B F Slark. M ataivxas? Brig Warsaw?4io0 bis sugar M Taylor?30 lihds D Curlis?75,000 oranges 2000 coeoa ruts lo order. MAR IT I ME HERU Eh Sailing Days of the Steam Shlpw. from england. from america Acadia, Ryrie Dec. I Columbia, Miller Not. 19 Dec. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Dec 4 Jan. 1 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. , for liverpool. CRmbridgp, Barsiow, Oct 19 Rotcins, ('nil us Nov. 25 Koscor, Hiilileson, Oct. 25 tsiOfl, Marshall, Dec. 1 from portsmouth. fob portsmouth. Bt. James, ttehor, Oet. 90 Ontario, Biadish, Dec. I Montreal, Tinker, Not. 1 Toronto. Oriswold, Dec. 10 Gladiator, Brition, Nov. 10 Westminster, Atwood, Dec. 20 from hatre. for hsvre. Albany. Watson, Oct. 2<? Burgundy, Wotten, Nov. 24 Hilvie de Grasse, Nov 1 Baltimore, Funck, Dec. 1 Louis Philippe, Castoff, Nov. 8 Emerald, Howe, Dec. 8 To Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if captarsa of vessels will gite to Commodore William A. Bassett, of our news lleet. a report of the shipping left st the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ou their passage, a list of their cargo, and auy foreign newspapers they may have. He will board tftrm immediately no thei? arrival. Agents and correspondents at home or abroad, will airn confer a favor by sending to tins office all the mariue intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of auy kind will be thankfully received. run a u r nun i v/ivn., nuv, ?.i, IDA MSB! 7 IS | MOOIt BISKf - 10 II n? sits- 4 45 I nioh with 12 2 Cleared* Ship Talbot. Storey. Philadelphia, Rami W hlocum ?Brigs Corsair, (Br) Dnrroan, Oporto em Norfolk, O S Coil; Judson, Bvron, Demerara, Cartwris III & Harr son; Madrid, H (Toer, Pniladelphia. Howland k A-piuwsll.?Schrs Urania, Roberts, San Jaan, Tyson 8t Jurian; Wm Allen, Spaulding, Si Domingo, H Underwood; Cod Hook, C.lay, Baraeoa. Neimith, Leeds it Co; Leontine, Knapp, Richmond, Allen Ik Pauou. Arrived. Ship Hellespont. Ellis, from Havana, Nov. 10, with sngsr, fcc. to Spofford, Tilesion Ik Co. Lett >hins Norma, Barton, for N Yoik, 3 davs; Voik, Moirill, from Csdiz, wig frt: Talma, Windsor, from B utton, just arr; barques Chief dodo; Windsor, Brewer, do, wtg frt; brigs Alfred Htmmond. rnlger. for New York, soon; schr Virginian, from Newporc, wtg Ireinit. U. S. steam frigate Misaouri sa.led 8th inst. for Vera Cruz, a'l well. Brig Florida Blanea, Eldridge, fram New York for Honduras, sailed same day. Brigs Danlap. (Jordan, for Boston, and Lancet, for Charleston, tailed in riimetM. Barque Globe, Ksling, (of I'himdelphia) from Rio de Janeiro, Sept. 2l, with c ffee and ejie-ie, to O. K. Darby, Sailed in en. with Danish brig Carawane, for NOrleau?, anil spoke her 29th, lat 20 49 S.lon 35 W. Left ship Lvdia, Fearing, from Montevideo for Coast of Africa, 5 or 6 davs; barques Maid of Orleans, Wizzle, from Boston, arr 20th; Louisa, Hobson, of and for Baltimore, from Bremen, disg; Rosalbs. Lamb, from Coast of Africa for N York, une; brig* Sl aw mm. Kimball, Irom Bos'un, diss; Roibury, McDon.ld.of Baltimore, from Africa, for sale; Curtis, Abbott, from Montevideo for Enrope, soon. Also, U 8. ship Delaware, just arr'il from the River; and schr Enterprise, a|< well, Jd nit. lat 16 :i0 8, Ion IS 20 W, spoke barque Xumes. of Duihnry, from Vatp raiso for Ballimnr , out 51 da s, all well. Leit at Pernamhiirrs9lth ult. brig Junes, Nicholson, fin New York, disg: tchrs ' Degare ' (perhaps Ligaro, Marschalk, henee via 4,ape de Verds) arr Mli; Alicia, Dokehart, fiom Baltimore for R o d- Janeiro, 3 days; Koaano, Taylor, for Montevideo, soon, llih imt. lat 33 12 N, Ion 70, spoke whale brig Annawan, of and for Matrapo'set^ Mth, lat II 53, Ion 71 53. spoke brig Neptune, of and from Bristol, Rt. for Malaazas, out 4 Java. Brig Warsaw, Koopman, 15 days from Matanzas, with sngar, to M Taylor. Ssil.d in eo. with barqoe Hebron, Hood, for Boston. Left baiqnes Finland, Nason, oi' Boston, lepg; Susan Foster, from do, |ust arr: brigs Emily, renins, fot Philadel, Ina, 8th inst; Washinaion. Bishop, for do, Idg; Washington, Robinson, for Boston, mh; Bouase, nnc; Neptune, Foster, for Boston; schr United, Hardy, for NOrleans, nnc. British schr Mary, Anderson, 18 days from Cumberland, NS. with pota'oes, Itc. to M. F. WoM. flklow. to Geo. Sutton. Herald Marine Correapondence. Orrica or the Hhode Isi-avpfe, > Newport, Nor SI, 1812. ) Arr 17th, Talent, Bates, Albany for Bo ton; Guilford, Coleman, do for Nantucket; Translation, Wells, Pioridence for N York. Arr jnih. Mat flower. Thompson, of and for New Haven, fm Trnidad, PS. 2d inst. Foster, Lane <?ler, Providener for rhiladeiplii ; Mary waftar. of Ffcllaaalphia, Dtris, 27 dart frr m Matagorda, Trsaa, for NYork, in distress?ei|>erienced heavy weather lh? whole passage, loat mainsail, fori rail gafls, and damaged in rigging and hull, and leaks badly?Kr|>t one pump conatantlr going lor the laat ten day a?on Friday, loat an anchor ard partol a rhain near MonUok Point?not in for repairs.? Alto arr, John C.ark, Collina; Ocean, Hntchina, and C H Hoojier, Tyler, Providenra for NYoik; Arioo, Mason, dodo: Susanna, Lawson. do ior Fredericksburg; Rienxi, Durfee and Three Brothers, Heath, Naw York for Providence. Hid Mary, Boston. Cld 19th, Translation, Wells, NYork. Disaster ? Sloop Enphriiea. from Providence for Harwich, was totally lost on Heconnet Poiut, on Thursday night last? crew sartdt cargo beef, pork, lie. t General Merror d. Schr Luct#ba Snow, Trundyr, from NYork for riymonth and Boston, struck while going into Edgsrtonn on Saiuiday last, and will hare to go on the rail way to repair. Brno Rrar, Robinson, of and for Ma hiaa from New York, put into Kdgartown 19 h irat. with loat of fote topsail and topgallant sail, and leaking badly. Brio Tarrsnooi.r?The New Haven brig lost at Bermnda, provea to be the Ta pannnly, ("apt. G lodttch. LauiscHEn?At Portland on Saturday, a barque of abont 200 tons Si ' ' Foreign Porta. 8t Johu, NB. Nov is?Arr Woodlands, Johnston, Philadelphia; Ellen Brysnn, Dunn, Savannah: Prudence, Baron, Londonderry; Sophia. Draper, Hal fas; Martha Brae. Robbins.r'o. Cld llth, Industry, Strrens, Dublin; Jamea Clark, Berk, Bosmn; Mabel, Npholaon, Ayr; 13th, Halcyon, Dean, Nassan, N P. Quebec, Not It?("Id Albion, Howell, Cork; Endymion, Sinclair, London; Hymen, Dnnn. do; Thamea, Clarkaon, do; Crusader, Wheatlv, do; Mersey. Hamilton, Liverpool; Falcon, Day, Bhilge?arer; Favorite, Oreenhnrn, Glasgow; Itlh.Wm Harrington. Storey, London; Enterfeige, Dawson, Liverpool; Arsrat.Kommerson, do. VIofSTkEaL. Nov 19?<;id Retrenrh. Waterston, Glasgow. Baa amors. Oct 23?In port, OenCokb, Hammond, N Tr'hiida'd. PS. No* 2?In port, Magnolia, Orannis, for New Haven sia S' Kitts, t? aaij r>n he Jth. Mont.omerv, Daiis, 17 days from NYork, arr 2d, and aid same day for a mkt. Horn* Porta. F-asTroR'B, Nor 12?Ait Olive, Jones, Philadelphia! ltth, Chief Sachem. Matthews, NYork. Machia* Poet. Nov 12?Arr MsPha Ann. Whutemore, Boston. Sid 18th, M U Breft, (new) Arery, NYork. BpcgsroET, Nor 18?Arr Casilda, (new) Ooodale, Damansj^RAiraroET, Nor 12?Arr Rio Gnnde, Cousins, Boston, to loud for MftUOtftfWiioaiiit. No? !?- Cld Kotaio, Cook, Mobil#. Poitlawd. Nor !<>?Arr Terumaeh. Bcala. Philadolnhia for Bos to*; President, A*rfeni, PhilMelpm*; Little MarV. Kimb*!l, v?*w York. CM Moeumcnt, Viniug, Huriuatn; Lynu, IUmjt* H ?vm Poutsmoi'th vov IV?'Id fortifudi*. NOHr?o?. Arr 16'h. L?*o, F*rwrl|, NY*?rk for R?nfor, and a lanr<* nunlMf of coaat* rv IRth, 10 a in?Th' "hm, r#m,iin in lurh r w rh a lirh? h*T*a br:t; < rr la?t nitiM* **|M'0??-d bound Kaat. Wiud BE vers fre?h. Salfm. Nor in?Rid IVpmaik, from Boston, for Bath; 19 b. H orv M?io*rr?v BVfimor*. Boston Nor 21 ? Arr Promrr. HiMeft, Baltimore; Brnjimir Bueiow Barter, Nrw York; Trio, Ntckerson. do; D'?o Joan, P* pi er, do- Victor, H*MeIt, d. ?<Mmt* - tit r,f Hvinnit vmItda in en vNHi 8|t rndid, anal 1* and, from NYork*?B frorr New Bedford, and tvr%i other hrs, ill f u B ?>t ? w 'In* Vineyard lit** t of at>ooi 40 Mil astern, commit over ih Shod, ii I saw maliv of them iii the R n 1a?l iiinl i hii it?l fi?r Cld L*d?. p-.r^. r1^ Afri.^ ffomllettu ; TeHut,Taylor, Mobile Avr2fttii, Condor, H'?d?re?. \lhany?** ?* been bflow ainf Friday, and prevented fr"ir? coming uphy the iron*; w^alcriv wii <1 CM 19'h, Richmond Atwlroa. NOr|i?Mi*; Silenn*. HuMv, Capr HatiWd; Governor, Goodrich. Charleston; Cambridge H?ll, Nvorfc. OtoucfiTm Nov 16? Arr S C Phillip*, NYorV; 17?h. Susan, P?ttis, NYork for Calais; Teian, Lt*>ifhron. d?. lor Kaatport. KdoaRTOwji. Nov Id?In port, Ruby, Rohin*on, NY<?k for M?c^'ai, wiih damair* ; Cardinal. Ward, ?*o for S?l*rn; r.nlnm. hi* . ('urrier Ph Had? I phi* for Newburvporl: Vul'Ure, 8m?l|, NY^rk fordo; Lurinda Snow. Trundy. Norfolk for Plymouth and Boston, and about 30 sail liouud K. Sid 18lv>, Veto. Bangor WtimMoii, Portland. PinviDEUCE, Nov 19-?An-James Lanpheer. Kenny* NYork; Mote* K?iily, Rlivm. do. Cld Smt'hlltld. Duff. Co?stof Africa. Hid Voltaire. Sleeper, Thomiaton; Rusanuah, Butler, Frerterckshtirg; C H Hooper, Tyler, and Ocean, Hudirens. Norfolk; J Krelrr. Olover; John Clark, Collins. and Oen Braiuard, Porter, New York. Arr 20rh, Rhode N'and, Hull, an'* Attollo, H Hock, NYork. Below, Commerce, Reed, from Charleston. Shi Foster. L <ii"nster, Philadelphia; 'I homas Ireland, Somen, Jo; Flashy Lake, do; Star, Kir win. and Union, Hopkins, Baltimore, Anon. Rvder. NYork At bawy. Nov 91?Arr Saml R Smith, Kr l?ev, and Tantivy, Chapman. New Haven: Caledonia, Baker, and HuDtrew Wescott. North Kinvsfon; 0<m, Di*h'ow, Providence. C'd Harriet, Ames; Co'uit, Nickerson, and Transport, Nickerson. Boston; Trv?ll, Oihbs, and Here, Spelman, Providence. Philadelphia, Nov 22?''Id AILghsnv, Amea, NOrlears; Florence, Howland, Barhadoes; H Wesfcntt, V^rce, Jersey I'ify; Palestine, Stephenson, New York- Martha. Robeson, do; Star. Wilson. do. Arr in the Schuylkill, Maria & Hannah Broadwater, NYork. XI'CTItiN SA I,KS T)tr?Via? BK(,' . Auctioneer BY BELL k HOWARD. ' S &r$? Nog. Ti jinn in*/ Wilton ftrttf.) WEDNE9DAY, o'clock in the lale room*. Splendid ami Arfemive sole of .uperb second baud a ad new furniture of all dcirriptionaAlio, the cuti'c furniture of a family, removed from Br >oklyii for convenience of iale. Alio, a iplendid convignmriit o( mperh Sheffield and ailver [date, china and cut ulaii. i?b'e 'lerv, t?c. THURSDAY. At 10\< o'clock at the tale roomi. Sa'e of inlendid n*w and aeroud hand roar wood and mahogany l>iano forte,. by the heat makera in the world. Alio, 50 mnerb painting, by old and modern artia'i, an invoice of looking glaaiei, aome elegant fnmiturr, window ?nd bed curtaim. Ike. lie. BY" RI ELL k ARlUJLAKIUb. ~WED\ESD A YT At 10 o'clock, in the aalearoom, F.'egant Knniitu e. Piano,, lie.?Second hand homehold furniture, a large aa>orrme?t of k tchea fur iiure, lamp,, lie., the ui a i<tmiiy kiviuv up -eepiug. SATURDAY. At MK o'clock, ?t 'he auction room. Pianos, new and second hand Piirnifur*t carp^cting, Ac. Also one share in the New York Society Lib-ary. This is an ordinary libiary *h*?e not commn^d; dnes paid. SATURDAY EVENING, At half-past 6 o'clock a' their sa c s room, A collection of oil pair titles, anci nt ami modern, many of which are worthy the attention ot connoisseurs. MONDAY. Ai \0% o'clock, in the sale 'ooms. Cloths, csssimeres, cloth:ne, Ac?Toe stock of a merchant tailor, rot prising bioad cloths, cassimerrs. Ac, i f various colors arid qualities. AI*o overcoats, cloaks aud a good assortment of reany made clothing. AUCTION NOTICE.?Splendid English Engravings at Ancr.on.? \ LEVY will se'l on Mondav, Tuesday a?d Wednesday evenings, the 21st, 22ud and 2*?rd iosts.. at o'clock, at No. 15' Bro dway. just received from Lond n, the most c*ien*ive and choice collection of Lne and Mezzotint E'<gravin*s that has at ?nv time heen offr-red at auction. May he zamin-d with catalogue on the days of sale. n2l 3t*m WANTED?\ re i?"ct-hie German woman, of good learning and who understands a little English. wants a situation in a private farnifr as seamstress and to t?ke care of children. Tne best of city references will be given if required. Apply st No. 109 Woostcr s'reet, in the rear, upstairs. n*3 It*r WANTED?Bv a young woman,asituatiou as chsmbcrmaid children's nur e or cook in a small ft mily. The best of city reference can be given as to respectaoility Ac. Apply at 211 Varrick ?trcet. n21 2t*ec LORT?Ye*t? rday, somewhere between John and^errv sts, in Pearl or Be ktnau.Cilff o r A? n sts, or from Ann st 'o the Howard Hotel in Broadw ay, a parcel wrapt in a newspaper contiii<iug a parchment document, referring to some English property. Whoever has fraud the same and will bring ?t to241 Peatl street, will be suitably rewarded. It can be of no use but to the owner, n23 2t*r MRTWAX BOHRKR'~ThitH Conc.rt, ?t thr T?b<-rnaolr. Mr Ma* Bohrer ie?pectfrl|y inform* the public thai he will gue his third Concert on Friday newt, 25 Nov. assisted by Mrs Loderand Mr. Timm, who will conduct. Ticker* each, to he had a' tne principal Music Stores, St. George's Ho*el, and ?t the door. Concert to commence si 8 o'clock. n'l 3tr PKOFKS- R WRi(JHT'9~LKCTURM <>N THK ENGLISH LANGUAGE?On Friday evening. 25th inst at half-pa* t 7 o'clock, Professor W , author of Philosophical English Grammar will deliver at Washington Tem? erance (l .11 .a..... a...i p....? .1? c. . -f- a c u .. ?, mid Popular Lectures ou the Structure of the English Lsnguage. In these lectures,. twelve in number.he will anfo'd C"t*in prevalent iieculiaritie* in speech; by which, even in Courts of Justice, the most pap&ble perjuries may be |>erpelrated; and, even, under the esnr tied use, and liter,1 acceptation of words ,nc unknowingly received. not ouly as sterling truths, but, as legitim rte answers to commonly prac' ited modes of inquiry; and yet, be incanable of detection, unless by those conve-saip with Vr.W.'s theoiynf the Kngli-h verb Tickets 25 cents each, or 12 the series, to be had at 12 Spruce stree'.orat the doorof the Lecture Room. Days of delivery, Wednesdays and Fridays. n23 2t#r ILLICKIH vl-E\D OF THE WORLD, I?I3-A Leeinre will he siren at Military Hall,192 Bowery, on Thursday err nine, Nov. 2-lrh to refute the above theory. To commence at half-past 7. The public are resiiectfullr invited. N. B ?There will be a sinking among the dry bones of Millerism n2t If r A CARD?J B \RDOTTE begs to inform hi < Irienda anu the public generally that he has opened a Cafe and Boarding House for gentlemen at No. 130 Broadway, which will be eononoted npou the plan of the celt hrated Cafe Toiloni at Taris. Theru are ahont twenty furnished rooms a taehed to the Csh'which will be let and meals furnished to any number ol gentlemen forming aelub, at such hours aa thry may select. Madame Birdotte, long and be tru its favorably known as ihe proprietvss of a select maiaon de pension in this city will superintend the honse. Gentlemen will bu furnished with meals at any honr i n the coffee room. The cnisine arrangements will be f mod of the first order and the wines, liquors, he., Ihe best that can be procured regardless of e*i erise. An inspection of the establishment is revpeetfullv solicited. CAFF. TOHTONI, n732wis*r 130 Broadway, between L'berty Ol Cedar its. VENISON?Franklin Coffee |io?st, 8n Maiden Lane ami 15 Cedar.?Some fine saddles of Venison will be dressed this day and served up as usual with currant jelly, ai 3Hi cents a plate. Ready at 12 o'clock. n23 It*m JNO. P. BROWN A RAFFLE for Poultry at Atibe y'a House, No. !3Pa'k Row, evury Wednesday and Saturday evening'.. The pmprii tor has made arrangements and will receive twice a week a large supply of Canvass Back Ducks, and will be happy to snpnlv dealers and others on reasonable terms. _n?3Jt WicS'r NOTICE?The Franklin Coffee House, OR Miiden Laoe and 15 Cedar street.?J. P BROWN has the pleasure to infom his frienns and custom-is that owing to the favorable state of the markets, he is enabled to reduce his dinner charges fram cents to 12X cen's iter plate, on fish and m-nt, ami from 25 to IR2? eents per plate on poultry. A corresponding reduction also for Breakfast and Tea. n23 3f ism CHALLENGE. WRITING TAUGHT FOR ONE DOLLAR. MR. HOWARD. 520 Br-tedway, will write with any man living to show the public who is best! These I yiug puffs of queclts and imis store are a disgrace to the citv and the lie wipapert! What: call A B or C, the best writeri 2 Out opou tne barrf-ci'd li !! No man in New York dares to write or leach a hti'iness htud with J K. Onward. A. M., of A nheist Col eg-, "The Father of Bmom ?s Writing.'1 n>3 It'm STRONG, McKIBBIN It BKUZW. 43 Beaver street, offer forssle? Rtl "all s superior h-avy B'ack Wadding. 500" lb Superior Cap Filling. Nos. 30 to 10. Jfloo lb Sir erior Yarn Twin,Nos. 2s in 32. A full assortment of colored Silesias and Bleached Sheetings ann Shirtings. 8. VcK k B will receive orders for the Washington Bleaching k Dying Establishment, for which they are sole agents. n22 2w? r PACKET SHli*ItbsCIUS for Liverpool?P ascngeva by rHi. ship will pit asc be ok board the steamboat Hercules at Whitehall, nil Friday, 25th last, at 12 o'clock* which time the ship will sail. Letter bags will close at Gilpin's News Room, at half-past II A M. a' watch place only letters will be received. a23 COPPER?II# Cases very superior English Copper from 18 oi to 32it, for sa e in lots to suit purchasers by E. K COLLINS k CO., .a B1..I. ....... CENTRKVI LutjRV^SF.?TROTTING. A PURSE will r?mAWBP' 1 the ahoTe rnnrae on Tharadav Not. 2llh, at t o'dWk precisely, mile heats, brat 3 in },in hamni. The nbofe trot ncloaed with the following entriea:? C. t'arle.' br rn Betsey Baker. A. Conklin'a g m Lady Clinton, L. Koirera' II Hirlem Boy. Wm. Woo.lriift V nk r C?io, C. Carman's g ? John Andeiton. Centrerille l orrir, Not. 23 is 2. n23 2t*r Medical and SURoiCTAL afp, No i Brrkman iirr-eT nt'fii Park R iw, ffrnuine Medicines.?These medicines hate sto <1 rlie ietf >?f thirty years in of tne moat malignant private nature, *1111 are a ?? mrn remedy in the principal Parisian snd l>mi"M hospitals of the present day. C inreri rured wi hour cn'.ting; malignant ulcers, ac-ofuloot, tcorholic, cutaneous diseases, ?nd rheumatic |oim in the limha and joiuts; nodes on the shin bones, fcc. Remedirt |n: opto tint all classes,at moderate charges, for the enre of certain diaeaaea, requiring no reatriction in any particular. Patients nre treated by a regular nhy.i ;ian ol thirty i eara' eiperience, white diplomat are exhibited toview at hit office, No I Beekman ?t, atuh ithed fo the suppression of Quackera and notttnm monger*, were professional advice in all caaea it given the pu-chater gratis bi the attending physician. by and undei whose direction all medicinet are eompounded and diapentej. Altendanee from 9 o'clock until I and 1 lo9 in the eyening daily. _ ___ _ n? I wis* re IkAURIC.?C. H. TRAFFULLA, S3 Bayard street, Neia a'-l- York, ann inncea to the Leaders of Cotillion, Braaa, o Military Binds of New York, that he hat on hand, and will arrange at the shortest nonce, for any number ol inannmeuu. the latest and moat nopultr Oiieia trices Q iadri b a, Pn'a niiaet. Qu katepa, Wa tees, and Gallop,, original, and by thgreatest uth >rs. N B ?C. S OralTulla will alto arrange Mirehe-, Qn'c'* steps, kr. for ronniry binds at the shorteti notice, for ant em her ol in arnmerita bv directing a few lines to h m at 11 B?i rd street. Music tanght, and leaaona in thoionvh hast nil I we in rtOOPK.R'H NK.W Novy,L?Price"3TCents'-Tne Win, V-> k Win.; or, La Fen Kollet, a Tale hy J Fenunore Con.. er,,Ktq., the Author of tile Pilot, Red Rover, Two Admirals, Homeward Bound, kr. kr For tale ntl 3t is't .? Bowery amuskmrnts. t-HATHAM THKATRt. " Pit !?? "itia Urnc Tirr M frtU. Kirat Tiar 'A ranw THIS rvKvivn Mo?, < -ri??n. LA'T nAVs OP POMPFII AT'trwHrh, HK? ( Ll^li Will i||*it. Afur which, BLUE J CKETH <y l>. on will , . vfH?< un.?r> willrtar at 'luatct pu T o'clock iwiwly. . t . . (t,., OfSr.. , . t. .Inly ft'im * to 5, whirr 1 teaoti rn>y b? nrr'nti" ! ?ttil |il?fi'<i?iti'l. iMHk riipjiffif.. Briir'tt (if Mr Sh iral. THIS EVEN I NO Mi.v. li "til he preacntad, LA SON NA v Bl'LA. . ' .mir mimn|nn?i Hivif | p-vvtno, Shri*al Ainiu.v, M?? Sreiiin I Lit < Mn Bulcr Toe-re ltd. with EAMIY J A KB. Bnim $1?Pit W eta?Gall. ry 25 cents. Dinin 01 ru i" i\% o'clock nnrt the perf.rmanee will commence el 7 nreri?rfv _ (ttl'r?;llKIel7M OLYMPIC tukathk. <44 Broadway, New Tort THIS KVKMNO No*n will tie presented JOHN OF PARIS. Afier which BOOTS AT THE SWAN. To colic I lute w?fh GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. ; s~~ The Door? will be o|>eueil it l.all-twst I, and the per tuoiino.e commence at 7, every evening FKWKCIN T^ ATEff: ' CHATHAM SQI'AHK. Alteration or Pi ice*? Dress Circle. Gmtlemsn 26 cents. L*dr and G^uileman only IV Becnnd Tier Boxes crDU. Gcllerv Pif or Pa?qt?efte 6)4. THIS KVK.rUNO, will be pr sauted some of the most astooishintr frats o'Gymnastic* and Contortion* cxer p*esent??d in this c nn'ry . by Mrsar*. Miller, Mestayer, B othr rs of Warsaw . Rirh*rtl?on nu| Hurulf . Bv Mr. C. p# J^nW as, ^' nenfer, Miss Rosamond, Anrol, Cele?te. Cer?to, Aiitf" u, Mast Henry, end o he's, wilt He in* trndufed \ Brand cotnhi -vioii ? f Bines. Duetts, Glcss, V tnWfr Krcei tririrs. D*~r*. Walt*-, Flh? Iff-s, t 'arlmrlist, Hi 1.1cI#* ana DouG* Lsddu i hcol* h Flings, Lassies 8frn?h?i u\ s li?- , lie. By. Messrs. R W. IVih m. r. w Pelham, and Mr. Backus, the areat P*g?> insy, will su-teiu iir Krhiopean Characters. Flying Cord by the unequalled Nat. KuwgU*. Programmes a th?* Tr est re. Doors n pan at 6 o'clock, performance >ommt-nces at 7. N. B. The New York Brass Band is tngagtd. Mr.Nosh-r, Leader. nl 1 lm ?s#r AnPHirilKATKK OK THE HEPlBLlt. S7 Brnrrry N. A. HOWES, Proprietor. THIS EVENING, the perform nces will coamnct precisely t 7 o'clock CHALLENGE TO THE WORL'J Wonderful H - afs, Exploits, and Herculean Labors ok MONS. GUILLOT, L* I.ION HERO I At the Am' hitheatre t><i. cveniLg iMONS. oUILLOT Ilrreby challemtrs a Contest of Physical Strength with soy insn living. for a w?ger of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! a General Display of HORSEMANSHIP, kc. Boies 50 cents?Private do for 6 petaona $3?Seccnd Tiat JTX cent.?Pit 25 cents. Door*open at half-twit 6. Overture by the Band aa a quart. r. n?r?rmnn?n?p K) cnmmynCf ?t 7 OTIOCK prfClflV4MKHICAII NCHKlin, CORNER of Broadway and Ann street, opposite St. Taul'a Church. P. T BARNUM, Mwipr. BEST ATTRACTIONS IN \KW YORK Day visitors admitted free in the arming. Entire new scenery, drop curtains, decoratioDs and enlargement and cushioning of the Lecture Hootn. MR. WINCHk LL, The mo?t eotnit*imitator in America, is engaged for a short period aud will topaar in hia eel- h at?d delineations of Irish, Du'eh, French and Yankee Character!. Positively the last w eek of TH*. WONDERFUL MERMAID, Taken near tne F?jee Islands, which has been visited by fifty thousand |tersoria in thia city and Boston, and of the genuineness of which ail naturalists, and other |tersons, ate convinced U|toti henolding it, is en aged, at any extraordinary expense, fox ore week only. Many scientific gentlemen of ce'ebrtty have staked their reputation that this extraordinary nymph of the sea is all she is represented. MK. O'CONNELL, THE TATTOOED MAN, Will appear in his celebrated Dances, and give an historical account of his tuTriings for eleven years, while a prisoner in the hands of hmharons *avav*a in the North I'arific Ocean. FALLS OF NIAQAHA, ssjth real Ctoton Water. THE LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY, Consisting ol ten ivrfmmrra: Mi-? Hi od. the vocalist; (Vests, the danseuar, the Alhino Lady, Matine Tel. aron? f #r illuminating the bottoms of rivers, I kes, Jtr.. and 300.000 Curiosities. P rfortnauces every evening at half past 1 o'clock and evrrv Wednesday and Batnidsv afirtuoo' at 3 o'clock. Admission to all ?S cents?Children half price. nIO TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION ' POWBMFUL NOVFLTlFH! UNPRECEDENTED PKRe ORMANCES?THE REAL KUD-UEK MERMAID. NEW YORK MUSEUM AND P1C1VRB GALLERY, Rr(miiwnv. Oftvonlt the City Halt. VflNF. PERFORMERS TO BE SEEN FOR ONE LN SHILLING. The Manager trusts he may with confidence assert tint ? ich a galaxs of H ara as the following have seldom been submitted to the public. Master D. E Hughes, the admirable harp player; Mastar J. A. Hughes, iht infant violinist; Miss Hughes, the little Lyra; Miss ciemmre, the accomplished dadseire: Miaa Cecilia Blanchard ih graceful lugalerras; Master Frank Diamond,the umivalled Ethiopcan I alien; Mr. Jenkins, the unequalled aaiijo player; Miss Hosalie th rliaimiuu aougstreaa, and Mr. Biiyce. tne celebraied comic smxer. On Tneadav and Thurailay Mra. Loomea will delivers Lecture on Phrenolog , to commence at 3 o'rloek. A day performance will tike place on Wednesday and Saturday. as usual. Evening entertainment to commence at half past seven. A 'mia.i n to the whcle ONE SHILLING nia lm* H'Hfc OKEATE8T NATcHAL CURIOSITY in thn I world?Now exhibiting at the cororrnl Chatham strsat and Trynu Knw, opimaitc the Pvrk, for a short time:? A Double Spanish Live Bu*l, taken near Boenos Arms ou the Plat a, bv the H|>aniards, in the year IMS, and imported to New York in Itig. He ia considered bv neutralists to be the most wonderful deformity " l'"' known world. H- has a double windpipe, double breast, ooublc pauach, double ribs, an legs, double hips, and some other parts double. He ia perleetly sound and tu goodhclth. anil auimoaeii to lie nine veers old and weieha iu*r 1 500 |m>u dm. Prnfcaaora of Natural Hiatory, Sorgeont, and Anatomiata won d do well to vtait and judg- lor themaelvea. A Tl.r-e Legged Cow, now thr'e veara old. She iideficient of one lore led, and warn mo fiom birth. A I.oitimundj. A Sea Doe, or Sea Leopard, taken alive in the North River. The head letemblrm that of a dog, and the akin iajapotted like that ola leopard. Tiuly a wonderful curioaily. W, If, Monkey., fcc To he mren (mm S o'clock A M till 10 P M. Admiiaiou 121-2 cruti, children under 10 yearv of ace halfprice . flood Muate in attendance. at) lm*m francis' patent life boat, OFFICE No. 7 WALL STREET. et ier music. ' QCHNEIOER It REBHUN will attend private jartiee end t3,oireea with a band of from three to twe-ty artiata. Apply No. 27 Delauey atreet near the Bowery, or No. lit Norfolk at. nit *m"r pb-OMtNtN it ol Gol-'amiih'a Writing Academy?Mr Oifd* ft ?ni'th re?|>eetfal|y iuformm the citne-a of New York, that h<-will open a Writing Academy neat Monday, liar inat. at 751 B ro id way. oi iineile the City Hall, entrance at the door of the New York Muaeutn. Te ma, for :he c urae of inatmctinn. five dollara, ineladinc ttationery. Gentlemen will meet dining the day and evening at anch n->ur? at will beat auit their c nveoieoee. Ladire* claa?ea will ineei Ml from II M I -'e|oek. aHI 41 ia*r " THE WESTERN BUSINESS DIMtCToR*. pONTAININO -he nam a of II pertona in haain- am in th? Av following twenty-one citiea and fowna :? Albany, Geneva, Oiwrgn, Schenectady, Auburn, Hndiou, Palmyra, Syracuse, Baiavia, Lockport, Poughkeepaia, T'Oy, Buffalo, Lynna. Rocheater. Utica, tad Canandaigua, Newburgh, Srnaca Faila. Waterloo, In the State of New York, toee'her with Springfield Mai., accompauied with Man of three ofrheGreat Rnntea of Tiavel. PRICE ONE SHILLING. Pnbliah'd and foraale by J. DOOOE^T, JR. n22 ia3t*r _____ 79 Naaa?n treat. Tmvoci salgon-gkano evacuation hall. A Splendid Invitation Military and Civic Ball will ba given at the Tivoli Saloon on Friday Evening, Nov. 25th, in Honor of th- Evarmtion of the Britiah from this city in the year I7S1. D idworth'a Celebrated Band ia encaged for the oecaaion. and no paina it rxreuae will be apared to make thia one of the moat aplendid Balla ever given ia rhe city, aa no neraon will be admitted wi hou' a ladv w illiont |>aying one dollar, except military or naval olfirera. Military geutlrnieu are aolicited to tall at the Saloon and proeuie Tieketa. Ticketa to be had at the Saloon or ?t Mr. Wm. Pine'a, comer O' Pine and Naaaane atreet?. nil itH'r DISSOLUTION?The i-atticahip of SAFFARRANSfc LF.WlS, formed on thr 7th June, lit t, haa been thia day itaaolved hy mutual conaent, Fein Lcwia having diaroaed of hi< entire interrat in the gooda, natea, accounta, l-uida and all deacriptioua oi aaaeta belongiug to amid firm, to Daniel Saffartana, r?tiring from the buaineaa in eontruneuce of impei-wd health. DANIEL SAFFARRAN8. FELIX LEWIS. DANIEL SAFFARRANS will atill continue the buaineaa aa nanal at their o'd aland, at Doakvi'le and the Bogy Depot Chickaaaw Nation. Weat. He,the maid Saffa-rana, it lolly and alone anthoriird tn collect all claima due the Arm, and ia alao bound to pay all legal cldpa^ij-t ha FFARRANS, FELIX LEWIS. Septe" tier, Hth. litl. kMltli'lt .naam ?w FOR ALBANY, TROY, and Intermedin ?TyL'.j^i ate 'rhe^aylv-riAid low prraanre afram rill leave the loot of Cortlandt at, on Wednea?y Afternoon, Nor 23-ati o'clock. ft/*" Tin- aborr it a aubatantial Boat, fitted op with eleaeat Stair Kooma.aod (or accommodaiiaa i? onrivalled oo the Hadton. ?B r FOR LONDON.?Reaolar i-arhrt ol thelatof InWrlrV Drrrinhrr?The my uprrior faal aailinc racket Jtulb*liip ONTARIO,Cart. Bradiah. will poeilively tail aa above, her regular day. For paaaage in cabin, aeeond cabin, and ateerage, hiriaf ani>eib accommodationa, apply on board foot of Ma-den Laaa, or to JOSKrH McMUKKAV. IOO Pine at., enr Sooth. The above will be ancceeded by the packet ahip TORONTO Caat ()> tawolil, and aail on ihr 7th December. Prraona willing IO rend (or thnr Irienda can hare them hrouabt ont by either of the above ?hina, or any of the retnlar packru, by apply irnt aa above ; if by letter, poet paid. n!3r AdKP- PASSAOK FOR LIVERPOOL?Cleere on FnarrfVdo neat, and aaila on Saturdev.lhe IB'h of November. MMn-Tb>- well known, faal aai'inR ahip CHESTER, t apuiu John D >yle, will clear oa Fttday neit, and rail oo Satarday. the 26 h mat. Harinir hin-leime atr.te room arrnmmndafiona for It cabin l??envrre, and h-rtt~?rsfe will hi fend (o onsu'Wfd by iiny *hii? now londinv for the ahovr port. ThoMpwf''?11* to ihr OldCovDtiy, will And il to ihrir inirn??t *nd c<m nrt to elect this conv* yance in pre fere nre to any other Fur trrme of ptaaage. which ccnr , 3i Kirlton it, neit door to the Fulton Bank. ! VfV n'^'.^h, on chc Royal BankV?'*?'? Measra, Wrote, <?'.? ' ?. ...T!?? are paid free pfdiaconnt or anyrharee In erery town thro.ghoat England, litl.nd, Scotland ana Walea, at all tinea for .ale aa above. ?** i-ou LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE? .Regnlar MlSu. Packet ol till Noremher.?'The Splendid Packet jfElX I4h,? HOSC'lt'S. rapt. John Collide of I'M tone, JflREEtWely .ail a. a bo re. her regular da* for freight or ', ' r Hnvin( arrommodmioni uur?|ualUd for splendor or OZLfnrt. 4Pi?lvr on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, eonf-rt. *" > K COLLINS * (!o. M Sonlh atreet. Price of raiure^ SIOO. The Packet Ship Siddona, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, ol IM, o?i?, will .neeeed the Rnariu., and .ail the 1Mb December, bar eentar day. _ , , I. ntr? for the ahipa of iltia will only be reeetred at U' pin a \i?i lloom. ... mi raacngrra may rely on the ahipa of thia line tailing i?n<tul? at adre rtiaed. n"r FOH vTnBILI?Packet ofiJ'h^The a.lenJflrSwdid faat tailing i acket ahi|> NEW YORK, Captain MlllbNrrrn, will tail aaabore. I hi. .hip it too well known to reqture conneit. Peraona wtahing a pataaar in her ahonld not fail to mil early applica .ion on board^t jf ff'^oTT, 41 Pack Btin. nllr or M Bonth at. aoraer ol Jonaa' Una.

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