Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1842 Page 4
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' i ^ !*! r) PRINTBHS AND PUBL1AHKRS.?A youn? m.n. * practical prtn'ei. who la thoroughly acnmunted with hli butinrat hi every departtnowr mud branch, nM wIikIim been employed iu the capacity of reporter and aabwnii'or on aeveral highly re<|iertahle ioiutuli, it deairona of obtaining airuation in the country, to take chant* of, an<t manat*, a amnll itewt)1*| r eoU'-enii. A .euinucrutuK salarv will oafy hoeanerted. AM. h\ letter, (tan.t paidl A V / '? iln ?!d officn. tint'Mr reference* giv nand.. jnio d. .. . _ . "t* t-fc'? i'ho \1 AONr Til PLAJ-eiiii cimalnin*, i,c7. i i, ,ifeofloua, ire , toi'|.lie.I n.Ier ihr uirvo. ion . ! M L'" i?. apothecary iii P.m.. .'ii. ' ,?it >? New Yolk, 46 fmihliu > reet, at M. Niuuard'a. Price $1 60. Infallible cure for the nioti e ami inveterate pain, auch aa ' I. iu.1 i hioim rlieTnu o ii. " . cut, lieura'vy, >. I itic, tic doloreui, dauae de s.uut Hue, chiila. megrim, cr impa in the at mmrh. and.ahortly.f " llluerroue affacllotia, chiefly diaeaau* of wom.-ii and i I... .ni.. at. en xickneaa, aincuorrhea, ?u;e prea*. , . i 'ttaehn, fct. iiI6 lm*i MISS A tlllt ' ICi'S ' 0\CKUT ?Mi?t A lliliau, , . ii,. I' ll. only 16 yeuiold. reapectfoliy inloriua her fru ' n I ('" i labile,_ that she will perform on the Violin, at he ( which will take place ou Wrdnead.y en V?. I, IM2, at Ninlo'a Saloon, under the direction of Mi 1 I, h.r leather. Beaiilea, >1iaa A. Guard will bea,?i.t?d h the follow my Ml. nt M. mie Otto, Mr. II. TSoihecire, Mr. Timm, who will preaid <i t ie piano forte, and M_. Ilill, leader of the quintette. I A i-tion 41; children half price. Ticket* to be had at Mia* A i J 7k Thirteenth atieet, .itthe principal muaic atorea, and i ihe d.xira of the Cone ft. nltto2]*r SITUATION WANTED?By acompetent per tin ioactai k 1 > i'?Mtnij iii ' wh I .? or r tail establishtneul ol W atches Jewelry kc. Also noderstoiidi book kiiitiK and watch repurine. H ii reen in bu&iucu for nnnself Un years an d speaks F r?r nch. F?>r particulars and references addrews Box No. 782 Lower Pixt Dlflcv. . Gentle men's H rse? taken ca e of durum the winterat a vi ry re !. < ?!: ible* rate. Apply at 5ft Maiden Lane. u?i lin*/ BOARDING.?A Tew respectable you on inen can be aocoin mod at d will) good bourn end pleasant rooms at 42 Dey st. | T? k moderate. Also a lew da> boarders can be arcwfinnodatecl Apply as ub??ve u6 lm>rc B<? \ ItDl N( i ?Tfie final W too Home, 366 re ?"I it i?, Fmkliu Square?kept*. Fowler, fVom/ioudon. England, ;?erinaiiejit boarders %2,'<0 per week, transient hoarders 50 cents par day PiamM can be accommodated with private room* on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits^ 3 cents per nUis?home brew'd ale 4 cr nts i>er piuf?fijle Welsh rare bits 4 cents each?cold cnts equally cheap. N- B. Hot coffee 3 cents l>er pint?st ?kes and inuiton chopscan be had at all hours. J F. particularly requests any one who is in want of a corafortabli home to call and his establishment, and jink- lor th rnselves. Persons uf telling for England would itiid it to their ad vintage to c alt The house being convenient t Loudon a lid Liverpool sbiuf. J F. being appointed agent, he can give i>tssaeng*?rs every jdirrmation. N? w York and Old Country papers taken in. u't 3m*r IE ECHKS?LkkfJ/tfliS? 16.000 Smyrna Leeches ust reu ived?! :ik- uoicsct edumiy healthy, and have had a very iho gi Bujfn woald}d> wsll to call and examine them / ewhrrc. I- oi tie i i . Ion to suit i veil i ers by G. COLBY, Druggist, u23 lm*r 151 Pearl st, corner of b rankfort OF KICK TO LKT. \ sri^UlOU Double Chambered Front Office to let, 192 \ |^?vov.ty, r i ')* r lohni street. Enquire of E. H.Hl'DSON. Kmj.. or A. JONKS, in said building. n22r vol fi K.- i i 11 > r i. K BALL.?The first Annual Bull f th? Th'sile Benevolent Association for this season will t^krplsceat Tammany Hall, ou Friday evening, Dec. f)th, i 1842- __ d23 3f r MlftMOi ?H B\.\K, N. J.?The notes of the above nank bought for a few days by nl8 JAN1KS A CO.. 60 Wall st. T I. LI NO 19 BANK notes wanted, at improved rates by 1 1AMK8 fk < o , 60 Wall st. DROKeTI BANKS?Tut htghevt price will be paid ror all b.okenand doubtful bank nor?s bv JAMKS * CO., 60 WullsL BOARD?Families or sipgl gentlemen qui 65 accoamodu ted wi'h board and pleasant rooms at 5?i JBeekuian street.? Terimn moder itc. 6 im ' i r \.t ?iEiUAi\a.? nc. ^niv^uFi , ji, street, basement. offers Per sale tne followioir choir b;?itids ot seg*m, whicu tie invites the lover# of the weed to call aiiJ cx irmrii for cV.einaetves; they were selected by one c nsnlrr>-d to he * judge Those f-?nd of a real Havana, will do \v< It r . < ?11 and get their supply of the genuine article. 2i.OO ? l-'i Noma,assorted colors, 25 ??? Nones i?. in hd!'.i|a&rti-r, and . ne eighth boxes 5u.(M? Yngetniii id, <Jo d<>, 10 U00 Bronda, 1st and 2d quality, w Tdio l)e Flor s, 15.000 Norma Regalias, o?". no? N Priutipes, Pal ma brand, tMO rHtba lero?, lo.tio.i G rciui Regalias, 20.'Hi?low piies seg r<, of various hands.' Ornceis and hotel keepers supplied on reasonable terms. All orders promptly atten led toby addressing "Heuriquis, 51 William *tr? ef. basement-w N. U ?The above invoice of segars hive arrived par barque Rapid, from Havana. n!9 Swec HKMIT I ANCE8 TO 1 KELAND, Ac., tec.?The subschber continues to transmit money, in sums large or small, o persons residing in any part of Ireland, iu the same rnauuer is lie, and his predecessor in business have done for the last hirty years, and more; also, to uny part of England or Scot* and. Money re nutted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or Trsnually deposited witn him, with the name of the |>ersoii or /arsons ?ii Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is lo be sen*,.!!!*! nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly* and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber, for person* residing in any pirtof the United States, or 1 anada. and will be paid In them accuraliugly. 1.13 !m*r GEORGE Mr BRIDE, Jr., 82(Jedar?t. LEECHES ! LEECHES ! LEECHES! 00 ()(M) LARUE HEALTHY SWEDISH LEECHES OA*y\J\J\J ? Ju?t received iwrbaik Sir ltaar Newton, from Hamburg, for s*le in any quantity, at very moderate prices by (J. A. U H. VV1TTE, lni|Hirtersdf Leeches, oil lin*ee 131 Wlhnm ptreet, UWELLINGTON A; CARTER, Win* and Commission Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door from Wall street, has on hand, and is daily receiving, choice arricles, and offers thi m at moderate prices, for caih or city acceptances. He Offers for sale loo hhiis and smaller packages of Lomelme Madeira Wine 10 casks Malmsey Vintage, of 1812, 26 t asks Fort, pure juice, the beat iu the market, 47 casks Brown, Gold and other superior Sherries, 21 casks Hetiessey, Seignette and Otard Biaudy from Lon don Docks, 10 pipes Holland Gin, part Swan brand. Refined Loaf, Lump, and Crushed Sugars, from the best K* n rn *, for wliick XV. A. Glftar IS .?i!eut. 160 baskets Champagne, Anchor, and other choice brands. \V. A. Cartrr is also general agent for the ancient house of Lonn line, of Madeira, and takes orders for tneir celebrated Wines, ofeverv age or quality required. MARBLE TILES, STEEL. PEPPER, CLOVES, &c. 3000 Italian Marble Tiles, wlii e and blue. 20 bags Sumatra Pepper. 16 bags re ii Bourbon Cloves. 6'? kr-gs imported White Lead in Oil. 26 boxes Milan Steel in no.ill btrs. A Un 111 assortment of Topas, Aqua Marine, and other pre:.<r eweI!crs o24 lm*r Ml - F \ 1< I > I- V i OK V ?J < (XtSWELL hts .einoT^ fiom 111 Alieuto 127 Roosevelt street, second- story of store occupied bv Mr. W. Prentiss, coffee and spice dealer, where he 1* prepared to furnish the article at short notice and liberal credit, put up in any stvle. H< tela and families supplied with an elegant article. Also, 1 niiir\ Slitd. o29 1m* r UOH UK. K K CCHT WAIUIiK'l Price Current of Cop* " ru, Capsinlrs, AchIs, Dyewood*, Lnuar Cnuuic.Dauuer r.i>tyi? Chemical*. German Silrer, Ac. &e. kc. See fourth I < olT DOCTOR ELLIOTT. OCULIST. AND OPTHALMIO SURGEON, Confine* hit Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE. Office Ml Broadway, coraer of Warren alreet. nt lmr ~ VICTOR GIKOUD, WATf'll MAKER, No. 35 Centre ttreet, in the city of New York, who obtained several itold and tilver medal] of the American and Mechanic Iustiluteaof New York, in the yean 1H18. '39, '111 and '11; and alto Letters-patent lor.the invention of a Chrououieter Escapement and for hit Magic Chronometer, has toe honor to thank the inhabitant! oflhit metropolis for the confidence they have heretofore rented in him, and aature* litem that he will continue to meet thrir patronage, by applying all the etertiona, punctuality and abilities of which he may he pot mused in hit art, to the entire latialactiou of his fneiidt aim cui'omert. He will continue to mannfactnre Duplet, Lemur and Patent L> Ver Ksrtpeinentt, and in general all kutum of piece* belonging to liie art of Watch Making. He alto repairs Chronomelort and every tort of time-piece*. He will alto repor, put in order and alter all kiudt of mechanical Lamm, and will w arrant hit work,which will be made at moderate price*, rotnit the timet. Mr. V G. having juit returned from a ?oyage to Europe, hat brought with him a choice of article* suitable to this market, which he invite* hit frieudt and |>alront to examine, and which he nfTrrt for tale at moderate prices. Th'ey cotititl principally tu Clocksor Pemlelums, quite modem i*auert>t. Mechanical Lamps from the bett patenter maker* in Parti. L imp Glut* Globes, both engraved and painted, a new ttyle. Aancy article*, suitable fyr presents. ydropiiumatic Api<aratut for making coffee, now almost the only one grnrrally adopted. Mr. V. G. having established a correspondence in Krauce with the patentee ofthe bett mechaniralLawpt manufactured in Parit, will always keep on hand a choice assortment of thitartiole. o30eodlm*r "POV8! TOYS!! TOtYb !!!?Just opened a new and Iteth A assortment of common and line Toys, suitable for the holidays, at JiJ Centre street, opposite Centre Market, for tale, wliolrsale and retail, cheaper than ever. Toy dealers are retpeetfully invited tocall and examine for themselves. Don't forget the uttmber?333, two doort above Orand street. u3l 3taw tojal'm IOHN M, DA VIES ti JONES inforin their Irieipi* and J cutfomer* tkat they nave received their winter fashions for Caps?a vanftv ?f new stylet lor youth and children. The Crac'vtennc Turban now so much worn, is manufactured by them Also a new ttyle of travelling rap, very convenient to gentle mm travelling oT2 I in" in ltd WILLI A M ST KOK NEW ORLEANS?Lonitiana k New York PtTtV Cine?Regular packet rttlth November?The fur satlJMslfia'ng packet ship MEMPHIS, Cgpt. Knight, will will | ,i ivelvtiilas above,her ngular day. Kor freight or K.sge. having handsome fn-ni?lic u accommodations, apply on rd, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wallst. or to E. K COLLINS St CO. 58 Sonth st. Shippers will please tenu in their Bills of Lading eany this dav, Shipper* may rely upon hiving their goods correctly measnred, uid tlm the shi|>t of this line will sail punctually as advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may he required. Agents in N. Orleans Ilnllip k Woodmff, wno will promptly forward all *,,<*1, to tW add ream. .k. xi-Ji'.lriU *'u.r Ocmulgse, C.ptain Peet, will succeed the Memphis, and sail the 10th Dec, her regular day. _ _ n?r JiftC ORLEANS. MOBIL*, fc 8AVAN! AU~,T'"'. I'Whet ship ALABAMA, Cant BunMAiltttker. will sail ?? Kr.alay tho 24th Nov. for New OrVif "* r/S? , ? permitting) or passage tree. M nl.'w si I' i E,L' ^ Sherwood, will mi on Monday Nov. 21st, her regular day, tor puaage in auy of the above tipenor packets, which is very low, apply to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck Slip, or ' ' ' s ' or Jooes' Iam, P Oil MOBlLEj-*egulai i icket of the 14th of "i" W. B Lane, wi 11 Mil nt above, l.a nffomn odations tor cabin, 2d rubtii and tteeraffe \ *??' !? rv art v? ry superior, and berth* can b* te< ured oa mo d? r*fe term*, if eany application tt made on board. *? ! mi* of Burling slip, or to JOSEPH .MeMURRAY, nH r 100 Pine ttrc< t, corrn I s Joth sAi. PACKET~y0R HAV Hk<?Second Line?The ship ffjlV BALTIMORE, Edward Kunck. Master,will sail on aj**li the lat of December 3 VD k HINCKEN, . No. 9 Tontine Bmldinga. J A . JEM A ^ KTCLE S?The Shi.. Ht NrI w n ' rater, master, will sail on Kthc 1st to L 9 Towix Building*. f&fe ' u Th?r??Uv 21th inat ?T xV ' n.mi, S?n>J.r a lid coppered ?hip ?* i' AHAWBA, Capum Coffin.*, ,| fcVpatchaJ* at day. < tu handtomely accommodate a few cabin i ?>u 1 . >l?? aud *tT r".V ['antngrf if early application ? mat), git t, 11E. R. or to JOHN HERDMAn nil 1 ^ {jipHTjFK^iif^i.K ** ^OI1? rPHKMK far-fame I and celebrated Pille, from Porio;*t, i * we i*rceira, to be obtained in thia eouot'r Seear, * >. ut ov toe laat aolmma A ? a w, ( tfOK BALK, the cheapest Karm id these parts, of 70 acres, goon buildings, plruty of fruit, wood and water. Do for sale oreichunre for rood rttr pronern four la hums and lour houses and lots ui anil Utah 1 Uinneld. Da. to (ride Tor dry K?oda ami grnreiiea, new none aud two ots. D?. valuable Iom in Jersey City. CaDrn 9 VAIL. Satu;days, 41 (' uidt street, I'roni 10 to I. Other d?y?, 1'lniutield N. J., or at >7< Washington at. 'lVn - mall (arni? tor tali- low. 8. V. r.;?5w#tn I'O L r. l'?Krom the pirn-lit tluie to the first ol May, |1 IM3, a itaadanuie, well buiihed, three story and baaeXJJLi outhouse, with marble mantles, Sic., complete situated in ( ourl between Baltic ami Bullei alteru. South Brookivn. llrul very low. Apply to Anson Blake, Eeo., nearly i>i>[ osite tire i remise?, or to fc. W. IVmbrrtou, 13 Piau at, New i ork. o!8 lm*r ,-jlX WANTED TO IT KCHASE?A country resideuce I ' within 'ii nitlta <>l .New Vork, one with from "t to 20 acresof land,near Look Island 8<>unJ, preferred. Adn ? with full IwrtieuUra, b-.i 7, i'oat Odlee, Pou;takcepeie, N. Y uM PI WILLI AM BKOWN'S cheap caahstore. 126 Chatham oPiHHite R.serrlt street.?Latsimere, Silk and Fur Bala, Ot r. Si J, nutria, Clothand Silk Velvet (Ja|w. Several new patterns,richly minuted and neatly (iuisheu. A large ixortinrut of liu< > furi, I,m trimming, splendid Ivnl uiufls, and the real awiusdawn irimunug, all ol which will be sold, \\ I .ol esvle . j r l-il. very low olf, lm*ec. ( > A. HDi K, I t Btrivtw?v,(Jithic Hall.?A complete *? a? uftiiit-Dt ol Havana and Principe Scgars isalwajaou hand (u w?Ji ?v choice Kigali i, of all sizes. I'UnUtion 8. i: .r? ( Vegueroi) and La Cabana, lint quality, hliaatn received K .pid. n!9 t"J2w*rc IAOlfc.8'8i!k ! iitio U nib i Veil* for sale by a JOHN M. DAVIKS It JONKS, fetus* IM William nn> nf Jonn ati I sK\KL'a HliH CO It A DON, Chri-.t's He rood CoiniUK, 1 ami the Vli Ileumm,will he lectured on by M urgsrc t Bit h"P andolhera iu Military Hill, B iwery, opposite Soling street, on Sundays, at and setco o'clock, P.M. Kree Admission. A voluntary collection taken op. The poblic are respectfully intited. nt lmr* UK. MOKRlbOM. NORTH UIVKK DISPKNSA11Y.2(MK Kultouslraeineai Greenwich.?Dr. Morrisou, Member of the lineal College of Surgeons, Loudon, and formerly l-mrceou ill the British Na ?y, couliuues to be cuujullcd daily on all diseases ol a delicate nature, and all those distressing symptoms consequent on injudicious treatment, and the imprudent use ( Iqu.ica medicines. Dr. M. had an experience of twenty : wo yeais n treating delicate diseases in all Vheir various audc implicated kuins, and uses .1 mild, sale apd lulalliL'lc substitute I nr mercury, nodicaliug the venereal virus with certainty, w ithout subjecting the pane ill to any lisk or restricting bun ill I isusual diets or MP suits while (us medicines are agreeable in taste and smell, l'erin-ajent obstructions in the urethra, such as strictures and en1 ugemeiit of the prostrate gl iud, a.or inpanied with much irriuniou and dull pain uboui these par is, ore some of the coneequ< uces ol Dr. At. tieatastricturei in a scientific manner, promoting ahsorr no of llie thickened circular ?i uibraiu without any pain. C 0 N 8TITUTI ON A L DKBILIT Y .-Thonaand" of young tn? ii are suffering from tlic consequences of indulgence iu n secret destructive habit,and whose ueiv fs are further injured from tiie use of d pretended specifics, which stimulate only to greater depression. Dr. M treats such casts ou purely patholoKiral principles, and nevecjnils in establishing cure?the strictest nouor and confidence is observed. Letters post |?id, auu containing a suitable fee, will eusnre the coircs|Miudciit lull advice, and medicine to auyi>anof the Union, by his giving a history of his case iu detail. 201X b'ulonstroet near Greenwich. olJ lm*r fjtVKKAL BKNNK;fT5T>10KM0N DlbCLUSUHKS 1 * ?The subscribers will publish in ihe course of the rusuiu^ ' week, " Mormouism ?ipostd; or, a History of Joe Smith anu the Latter Day Saints, by Gun. J. C. Bennett." These highly interesting and astounding disclosures exhibit in their true colors the profligacy ami wickedness of the Mormon leaders, it I will be issued hi g*od style, In a 12ino. volume of apw rcls of i J20 pages. Orders eapectlully solicited. I LKLANI) 5c WHITING. - ?16 lm*r JBKADBUHY, SOD K.N 6c Co. 177 Naasan st. I I |?, i \i V. v 1 l-li ll i V inn r . 1>. I .... 1. , i lut iinci, new l?i?. kim drills 111 sums to suit applic mis, ?n the Troviuciil 1) ink of In land, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clnumrl, Loudoudeiry, Sligo, Wexford, IV lfast, Wateiford, Galway, Armagh, A'hlone, < oleraiue, Kilkenny. Bvlliua, Tralee, Vouglull, Kuiiiskillrn, M oiiaghau, Biiibridge, Bill> ineiia,P?rsnustown,DoMruPatrick, Cavan, Lorgan, Ornagh, Dungatrnoti, Btndon, Emus, Ballyshaunon, Mtrabine, Duugarvan, Mallow, Money mo re, Cootelnll, Kilrush. ENGLAND. Spoouer, Atwood A Co., B inkers, Condon, payable ill every towu iii Great Britain. P. W. Byrnes, Esq , Liverpool. City ot Ul.urow Bank, Parable in every towu in Scotland. Sk'"y( l( I ALLENGE.?Tne genuine French I'illi attainat ?]p?J VU a|| the <|uack nostrums 01 the age, lor the cure of a ceMain "isruse. The French Pills have been extensively used for the last ten years, during which time inore than fifty thousand persons have tested iht ir uinmilled virtues. 3 certain, safe, and pleasant remedy, and never auicali even the must delicate stomach, and taking them all in all, IN the most desiiable remedy lor secret diseases over discovered. The Pills have been so universally successful, that the proprietor challenges any o"e to pioduce a case they will not cure, under a forleiture of five hundred dollars. Price une dollar per bos. Sold onlv .It *'2 Nassau corner Kulton sH lit!) lm?r T MI'OKTANT DISCOVERY in Cainphine and Chemical 1 Oil Lain|>s, warranted to burn at one hall thy espeuse of either oil or gas.?The dilficully which has heretofore esisted in trimming Cainphiue Lsinpsis uow entirely obviated, by means of a Moveable Cap and other important improvements which, poll inspection, will satisfy'the public they can now ohtaiua Lamp superior to any now in use?will horn without sinoke or smell?produce an equal and steady light in all directions, and regulated by a single screw movement. Also, an Improved Tailor's Lamp. Camphiue. Chemical Oil, and Spirits, manufactured upon au improved system, wholesale ami retail, delivered to any part el'the city, from the Old Established Stand ol GEORGE MICHELL, oil tin?iu H Caiheruie street. THE ANT1-ANGULAR SYSTEAf 7)F WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM twelve to six dollars ! MU. B HI STOW of Loudon, respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that his classes Day aud Evening, have commtncrd tor Iht senton, and that he has Rvm i r.i) his Terms one half,?to Sis Dollars ! Academy .No. 2h Bhodawav, skis Parr Place. Gentlemen of all ages are positively taught in twelve lessons, a bold, frrr, txpedilioxu and finished business-like style ol Writing, no mallei how bad, illegible stiff, or cramped the writing may be. See specimens at the door, 236 Broadway. Ami the Ladies A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Runnimi Hand In Twelve East Lessors ! lOJf VISITORS in New York can take a cenrse in Three Day*?Mr. B. is to be seeu from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to 2 P.M. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. BooE-KEEnno Tauyh on a superior method, by double and single entry, cieutiticslly aud practically. CI C 1 STENOGRAPHY A new system of the Art of" Writinic Short-hand, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, Re. Re., taught perfectly In Mr. Bristow in one course of lessons ! at 235 Broadway. See a specimen. N. B.?A work of itie anthor is presented to every pupil ft>r tlreir permanent guide . n22 lia*r 1CSPY'S"!PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR. THIS,:':, p., an I <flit II ut apparatus is udipte i' to all i purposes of Ventilation. Slops, Steamboats, v-Iinrches, Hosp.uIs, Prisons, Mines, Vaults, he. he. may b< its applies lion bt kept free from e II foul air and unwlioleat ise effluvia; it is also an effectual cure for Smoky Chimmes. The subscriber having purchased the ri ght for the City and County of New York, is prepared to supply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Rootling of all descriptions I urnisheJ in any part of lite country. Crosou Water Pipea and Plnmoeta' Work iu general. Also, Galvanized Iron and Tin W are at wholesale. Stova pipes, bath tuba, coal hods, he at prices greatly reduced. All work warranted, an 1 orders Iry letter atten .ed to, P. SUMNER, s25 3m*m 130 Water street. <<FRANCIS'S PATENT LIKE BOAT" has been tested " titer past four years in acTUSl. service, and by experiment as follows Manned and thrown from the deck ot a steamboat while undar way ; dropi-ed endwise from the stern of a 74 ; In uled to the gunwale with iron and stones, with the bottom stove in ; turned by loree upside down and resisting the efforts of 15 men to keep her so : U|?et by her passengers and receiving them again inside and freeing herself from water ; bottom stove in by landing on a rocky sh ire ami then rowed ontto sea; lauding in a surl, when all other boats swamped ; taking crew and passengers from a wreck iu a storm at sea. with the how stove instill plugs out ; b anting a wreck with the bottom broken open ; leaving a sinking wreck full of passengers, with the sea breaking trom end to end ; making way across a coral reef to a wreck and bringing off 2fi passengers, leaving the ordinary boa s swamped ; thrown from the deck of a ship endwise aud Ssviug 22 |>ersons ; sides and hows broken through and bottom stove in and rowed in deep water, Re. and finally blown up by a submarine explosion, sud'then agtin manned and rowed as before. JOSEPH FRANCIS. Office No. 7 Wall St., at Adams kl'o'i Express Office. n8 _ FQUESTR1AN ACADEMY.?The subscriber would re Ta spectfnlly inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that he has opened an Academy, (in that large aud commooious building formerly known aa the Equestrian R.vrliange or Look's Ciicns, 408 Bowery, on Vatuhall Garden for the instruction of ladies and gentlemen in tnat healthful ana necessary accomplishment, the set of horsemanship in all iu btanchea. The Acaurmy it furnished with dressing and sitting rooms, and errry convenience for the comfort of pupils, ana lliestrtyteet rw.-.ud to respectability will be adhered to. M- 7) n'as made arrangi meuta with Mr. W. J. Davis, one of Ihc oldest professors from Europe, to take charge of the tame, and tlaners himself that the enterprise will meet with the approbation and encoouragemenl sf a liberal public. Terms ami particulars may be ascertained on application as trove. The omnibus and n pott every five minutes daring the day. nVilm'rc VV. 0 DISBROW. Proprietor. TH) the widows ol 1 he soldiers end sailors oi the revolution ry war, who were married before the let of January, 1791, and who can prove the tervieea of their huihnnda, and the legality of tneir marriage, can, by applying at No. 65 Mercer alieet, hear of something ro their ad tillage. Thoae not able to produce th required evideuee need not apply. Pe>aona reaiding a a distance, and who will address aa above, (|>ost pa.ill will receive attention. Thoae wanting my services will do well to apply hefor' the IstofJanuuy, aa I have other business, whirl) will call nie to Washington, during tne present session of Congress. A. K. CHILDS. n!7 Im'r PARR'S LIFE PILLS. THK bland,invig, rating,and life prolonging power of this miraculous medicine rightly named " I.ife Pills" and on ar 'Win of their peculiarly mild yet effective operation air becoming iwr eice Hence the favorite family medicine. To p? rsons lollowmg a sedentary nccaimtion they are of the greatest ?slue, and in preventing the liability to take cold, to which such persona are so much egposed at this seaaou by frequent changes from the eatreme heat of their rooms to the eiterual cold air, (hey remove the congealed phlegm in the throat, which produces that uuplvasant nckliug sensation,which causes cough and destroys rest, and which will, if nol immediately checked, induces train ofevila and derange the whole system? they ire at all umea of service to aaaisl nature,but never lorget that it is far easier to prevent than cure. In no one instance has tnis valuarle medicine failed when duly |>ersetered in to afforn relief, soothe the irritated state of the nerver, and bring the whole system in'o a sound and healthy condition, fitting t'ie mind ud May for the various dutirs ol life, which will then ne prnormea vrun rwc Ana MtisiAcnou. 1 he following ar? the exclame agi-nts for the it'c of TArr'f Life Pilla ? , . ltuahlon U Aapinwall, drnKipata and chi-mi?U, 86 William ?t. 110 Broadway and 10 Aator Honae. Abraham Manila Sc Co-druggiata aud chemiata.gremle building*. 271 Broadway, corner ofChamberat. P.pirkir, 411 Broadway.romer of Liapenard at. John B. Dodd. druggiat, Broadway, corner Blrecker at. AW. Badeax, Bowery Medicine store, 2fi0 Bowery John C. Hart, druggiat, 348 Grand comer Norfolk at, Hymea' Medicine store, 61 Bowery, corner of Walker at. A B Triplet, corner Fulton and Water at. Horace Everett, druggiat, 267 Greenwich at., neat the corner of Fnaklin at. J. It J foddington, apothecariea, 227 Hndat n ateeet, corner of Spring at. E. L. Cotton, chemiat and apothecary, Bleeckec at., corner ol Jonea at. J. Wendover, dmggi.t and apotheary, HI Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?Wei. Amiatrong, ?eed. drug ana patent medicine warehouae 184 V Kolton at. And whol?a*!e, at proprietora' office, , ? T KOBF.RTS Ik CO.. ( larendon llonae, comer of Dnane atreet and Broadway. Small Boiea 23crnta. Large or Family Boiea 541 rent*. IVrvona deairona of obtaining an agency for their aale in the country will pteaae direct their latiera, poet paid, to T. Roberta (? Co , Letter Bof 907 New York Poat Office. n?2 Irar GROUND SPfCES" ANT) CuFFfifc " AT THE HOPE MILLS, 14 Markatheld atreet, between Broad and Whitehall, late *7 Klixabeth atreet, New York. Office 1M Front at. Conalantly on hand, at the loweat market pneee, and in the aanal variery of IMofcagte. aT 2ua*m BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED 8TATE8. TN )>uisuanc? of L vv, 1, JOHN TYLKH, Piaeuieut of I I tnted Slates of America, Jo hereby declare and make { kimei?. that public *alet will be held at the undermentioned Land Otficfi m the St uc of Missouri, at ike |>eriod* here ma.- . ter ?lf?isnated. to wit: At the Land Office at FAYETTE, commencing on Man'lay the ninth itay aj Jan mcy next, ier the disposal of the Sunlic !and>? v* ithiu the undermentioned township, to wit: iotih c tj the ha at tine, and Weit oj the fifth piimctpol mtri dian. Township* sixty-one, iiity-iwo, and silt/-three, of rantfe l went v . . And the Kant half of section nine, in lowushiu forty-fire. o! rang* thirteen. At the Land Office at LEXINGTON, commencing on Morulay, the twenty-third day of January next, lor the disposal hi tne public lauds within the undermentioned township*. Ninth ?/ the bait l,nt. and IV, J of thr fifth principal rneridian. . Townihi|M forty-one, forty-two, fotty-three, *nd forty font, of range thiity-ono. , Tow nihil* forty-one, forty-two, and forty-four, of range tinrTownship* f.irty-one, forty-two, forty-three, and forty-lour, i'.wd Office at SPRINGFIELD. commencing on Monday, the sixth day if February next, lor the disposal of the public lands within the uuderiueutioued townships, to North if the bate lint, and Weit of the fifth pr?Mf'Pa' mrn dian, _ i n . Towuslipr twenty-five to thirty-four, inclusive, ei?'1';- V| North half of section one ill the latter, of range IweliC ,! Townahipa twenty-all, twenty-tight, twenty-nine, one, thirty-.wo, thirty-three, and thirty-four, of range tw, n line. a: Townships twenty five, twenty-six, thirty-oue, thirty ?ree and thirty-lour, of range thirty-one. Townahi|ia twenty-tin mil iweutv-six, of range thirty-two. Laml* appropriated by law, fin the use ol schools, military or other purposes, will be excluded from sale. The sales will he kept open for two Weeks, (unless the lands are sooner disposed of,) and no longer: and no private eutries of land in the townships so offered will tie admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twcti ty-*evcuth day of September, Anno Domini, 1812. JOHN TYLER. By the Prt sident MO. ti. BLAKE, Commissioner of Iht Griural Lund Office NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every parson claiming the right of pre-emption to laud in any of the township* designated in this proclamation, in mm* of the prot isious of the act of I2d June, 1838, as extended uid i modified by the ai t of 1st June. 1810, or of the provisions of the i latter act (where those laws still apply; to such claims by reason of the absence of the pi its at the Register's office on 211 June. 181J or by virtue of the act of the ttli September. 1811, each granting cettain privileges to another and different cla ss of setilerSj is requested to | love the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the proin-r Land Office, and make liaymeut therefor as soon as practicable after serin; Ibis I notice, and before the dry appointed for the commence me lit of the public isle of the laud at above designated, otherwise such claims will be forfeited Whoie the year subsequent to the filing of the plats shall cx- I pire previous to the day fixed forthe commencement of the sale above mentioned, cl.uns under the acts of I8J8 ami ICIO, above referred to, will be lorlvilod if not proven up and paid for prior to the expiration of such year. THO. H. BLAKE. Commissioner of the General Land Office, 1 ol3 Itawtjy Ir (I) LiUsN'LKJN AND MANCHESTER. INDIA RUDDER GOODS TyHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. g Wail ?t/eel. Th ?v subscriber has received and offer* for tale a large assort! me ut of imported India Rubber Water Proof Goods, vir: | Coats anil Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, I'cisian, I Meiinoaud Cotton, of all colors and sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water I'rool, su|>er Lama, Lama Persian and Cotton, prepared lor I ilora. < India Robber Webbings lor suspenders, corsets, lie. ( *28 fiin* r CHAK. AB RAH A MSON 1 CHEAP b ASllIU.iABLE TAILOUINti, at IN Ureainaii ' street,?Where does the money coin* from that support* the : expensive Tailoring Kstablishiu-uts scattered over the city? Can it come from any place but the pockets of their customers 1 At the above number it is Delieved gentlemen can find au est? blishment conducted on tnesnidest principles of economy,and garments made in a style of clcgauoe and durability unsurpassed by any house in the city. Tne prices charged arc? Kor Dress Coats, of the best West of England Cloths. $14 t? 21 Wool dyed West of England Cassimere pants 5 to 8 * Vests of cashutere, satin, silk or cloth, 2X to t> * Superfine Beaver overcoats, $10 atyle, for 18 to 24 > Dress Coats made and trimmed, 7 to 9 1 Pants and Vests, )> to 2 ' JOHN MOFFAT. 1 nl lm*r 1 TARENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOW ICRS, a material for no- ! T lists?BnUNLAROSlERE It COUllT, 1i6 William it., successors of Brunla Uosiere 4k Co have just received by tie f Havre Packets Baltimore and Ville Ue Lyon, a large assortment i ol fashionable flowers, of the latest Pai isiau style. Mourning , Flowers a la Duchesse D'Orleans, Cords and Tassels, and a ( great variety ol new tancy articles of toilet for parties and balls. The No. 116 William street is the true sud only depot of ihosv superior articles from their manufactory Hue de Tracy, No. 6 r a Paris. p2 Im'r tiEGAHS?tjEGAKiS. rPHE following choice Segara are always on hand at HEN- I 1 UIOUES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEOAR r STORE, wholesale and retail, basement SI William si. Kiouuas, iu half and quarter hoses e Do. No. -, half and quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter apd eighth do 1'ara Kegalos, in quarter do ? Regains, of a superior quality, in X, >?' sud 1-I0th boaea i Cougreaas, iu quarter boxes , Trabticas, do do j La Norma, do do ? La Esperanza, do do t Tree Amigos. iu carious of 20 each ] Loudon Kegalias, in cartons of 40 each c La I'ruela, in quarter boxes Misgaii's spotted, in quarter boxes Panetilln's, do. of snprrior quality , Yugeuendad, do ( JDemoyaa, do t Mateos, do I'riucipea, of the Kcndou, Cruz and Sans, all eat. to deb. Priinaveras, in quarter boxes , Alranzaa do , Coustautias, do ^ Busiamentaa, _ do Esmero Regalias, do ? Iiniierial uo, inquarte oxes, a superior article. 1>. D ? Hotels andgroceit plied on reasonable trim*. 014 laib j REMOVAL. ' PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ' MENT, Is removed from 145 Brood war to No. v Astor Homo i ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'^ DRESS. Garments of o moil .legant mid Fashionable Wind 11 a saving ol 60 per cent for cash. r 'T'HK advertiaer dt ins it unnecessary to resort tJ the hack- j -L ueyed system of giving o list of nominal prices, presuming ' that the lenrrth of time he has .been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, will prove a stun cient voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage si being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Ktirope lie confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on com- a parisou, w ill De found lower than any other house making up ] the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. i sl03ni 8. PHILLIPS. 7 Astor Housa, Broadway T) KSTAURANT FRANCAIS.No. 5 N assau st. opposite I XV the Custom House. J. BONNaRD k P. DELAMOTTK have the honor to inform their acqnaintances and strangers { generally, that they have enlarged their Breakfast and Dining Saloons,and have besides arrauged convenient rooms for private parties, aud will i>ay particular attention to orders for Dinners and Suppers in private houses, which they will furnish at very moderate pricea. t They constantly have on hand*- v Brandy Preserves of all kinds. I Liquors in great variety. t Wines of ill brands. | Oil of Oliws refined. I Oruyere Cmeese. t New Chalel Cheeae. I Truffles and Mushrooms. t Fat Liver Pies, Sic., kc. o87 lmf r TO THE AMATEURS OF THE ' ACCORDION! i SIUNOR L. MARTINI begs to infohn the public that he J has just published his Acconliou instruction, which is di vided in two parts?the first for the Accordions without semi- t touts?the aecoud for those with scini-tours. botli of which | are amply furnished with seledR^music, and exercise* pro ? gressiiely written, in orderthat^MVamateur can tamly have t entire command over the instrument. - t SIONOR MARTINI begs also to state that he has a large I collection of ,M88. music lor the Accordion, which he iutends I to publish shortly, and he arranges for that instrument any sort ol music he should he required. The Signor will be thankful ( to all those who will favor him at his residence, 90 Canal street,*- 1 where he continues to give his lessons. knl>3tn*r 1^) WILHKLMS, No. 234 Broadway offers for tale Ins uew * -k-'r iinpoiied stockof goods, wholesale and retail. 1.?'Of Embroideries, commenced kndiiui^Ked pieces of vart- 1 out kinds; worsted, wool, stitching and knitting silk, beads, d canvas, patterns, kc. , t? 1.?In small and lace wares, all sorts of silk aud worsted strings, borders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every article in I this line, done in the most fashionable taste. ^ 3.?The most copions-and splendid choice of artificialtlowers, 1 done in the neatest work aud nevgp^taist*, bouquets, diadems, t 4.?Article! of cast iron of the most various descriptions, manufactured in the Roya| Iron Foucdary at Berlin ** T 5.?Exquisite and neat figures in.brouzr. . : 6.?A beautiful assortment of superfine basket wares, , ' I 7.?A considerable and elegant choice of pressed yij) (minted paper, sheets of letter paper, rutting c uOt^MfduyJic. 8 ?An elegant aud great store of the fingst^tlrr^pn * r 9.?A splendid assortment of lha fipqstilrcssiiii^rpirles,cases ' and perfumes. >( , . ,gal 1 m?rc EUC1NA OCfn^AL. TV/TAONIN'S LUCINA CORDIACTfor the sore aud speedy A'A cure of incipient consumption, wxrrenness, impotency. In corhie or whites, gleet, obstructed, dificult or painful mrnstru stion, incontinence of urine, or in^Muuury discharge thereof, and for the general prostrttion of the syst? in, no matter wheth- j cr the result of inherent causes,or of causes pnuluced bv irtegularity, illness, or accident. The wide-spread fcelelrity of this wonderful and inestimable ,i cordial in both hetniai teres is a sufflwient guarantee lor its quick and positive success in curing all the above affections and complaints. *Nnthing can be more surprising than its invi f;oratingrffetls Up the Human frame. Persons all weakness and aliunde before taking it, al once become robust and full of enery nnder Its influece. It immediately counteracts the nerve- x lessnes* or looseness of the female frame, wlurli is the only q cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Magnin's disc (TV a-' ry ? as considered to be incurable. And rt speedily removes the impediments produced by physical prostritlon. which fre p queutlydetft men from getting nfarried. Language,-indeed, ,i aunot do justice to (he merits of the Lncina Cordial, which it regarded by the heads ofthe faculty iu all parts ol the worlil as one ol the moat important medical discoveries of any age. Trice ? SI per bottle. Sold at 92 Nassau street, aud No. 90 North riixlb ,, street, Philadelphia. n!9 lin'r J I u.m.mrbbn, riBiULS.tiid i general assortment of a* I ardware, cutlery, aud fancy goods. aii'ils, vices,* hoes. r trsee and log chaini, shovels. shades. >iu, locks, holu, milt J saws files.latile cu'liry, pidntUlii, Willi ? liud assort- " mrot of gun*, rifles, muskets rnd pistols for sal,- ?nH? price* S by *A. W SPIES fc CO., o ?2fl lin?rt<- * (I* Pearl street ' 01 TH E MAN &URUE6N. ~ OOLOMON HINE, M. D., No 57 Heade .ireet, New-York. 1 lu scrofula and chronic iHeasra no charge made Ml the Dabantis satislUti niMiiis 4*lir*M imk All penon?do- I lormed, under twenty-one wars, t-JI bav* their bone* itraight- " enod. Kolerenco* given a* to numerous patients who have " be? ouio'l in this city. ' ? oV 2t*)Qr THE ON LY~P LACE IN New York where thr relebnited Shaker Knit Shirt can be 1 obtained n at JOHN >1. DAVIKS Si JONES. *' 106 William ?t, corner of John ?t, i! Agents for the Shaker'* Merrimac Co, N. H. Also?Close and open knit Drawers, itaunrl wrapper* uid drawer*, and the unrivalled Shaker flannel by the yard or pitfc# ?itis nrifeiable to any style now in n*^ o22 lm?^it \/AN"^lti>~E.VS WHITING AND ID HIK k EHwi.No I * ACADEMY I* now open, 281 Broadway, 2nd floor. li>r w the reeeption of pupil*, where all aeijinre Van Norden'* MBtilal ayit, m ofpenninanslnp in a very ahort time, and wftlm |, with ease, grace and elegance. * Mr. Van Nnrdrn is now prepared to give insrrnei.nn iisSWtmh I Keeping npon dIim ent?r*l, new ard strictly practical. Dii- 11 r,nJ ?.ne ln?n'h instruction the pupils ?ciually orw*. fraJaficc and clote. practically, from 20 lo 30 ?rt of book* . * Ter n* eery modeiate. .o"X^^t on from 9 A M-,in 4 * M fro??" The Udiea meet dtilf at 3 P M. ?lj ]m?r r? VP TUB FLUTE. 1 i. ,,t" "tsss r MAGAZINES k PERIODICALS FOR NOVEMBER. Miattollauy. Ac t Fun House of thr XIX cnitury, with moft 'As" 2000 ?-u!/raviuic? ; Biblical Journal and Christian Family M?**?inc, edited by he Her. H. Rood an<l D. Newell : Temperance auti other Almanacs : Uie Rainbow auil Radt.ut, a lie w humorous anil witty journal, well cakn'.ated to ilease the lively and yay. All of which will b. void at wholesale and retail, ami those who buy to sell a*uu at a lower rate thiii fao be obtained elsewhere. N. B.?Fifty .utruts wanted to circulate mattarines. |>eriodi *": A. J. SEXTON, Ne. 11 BeoXman, lib lmr corner Nassau. PIdK O V tlFFY COOKl.NO SYoVES.fcc have m , no prctoianu ia tujr iiuli(u.? eicrpt the American hunture, New Vork, because fhoy have not been exhibited in tuy other, but they have received thu which carries with it far greater weight, and speaks mo e effectually ol its good ties, namely?the justly merited nraue of being superior to all other HUlVfk- Uv haudrasatw ul.? I. .... .....I JTrv HfnV.- htiAkN iuv iti premiums. flurry?Which Store will consume the least furl, providing tin* draft is so that yon can regulate it at leisure, the one so oustt acted that every dish being cooked c-in he brought near the lire, or that which admits of ogly part of the cookrug uear the lire ! Ex mine the Novelty Stove, 209 Water at. Is u<>t that Stove which will admit of the greatest quantity of cooking on the smallest s,*ce, and cook it well, with the leai.t amount of fuel, the best Stove, be it which it may ? Look a: the Novelty stove. Again, 're not two loaves of bread, baked without changing, a large turkey roasted without moving the roaster to aud tro, anil a correaiaiudiiig ameunl of tniliog done at the same time, and all done too, to perfection, a better |?roof of the merits ot ? Stove thru a diploma handed you by three men who have Uerely look. d at >t and do not understand its principles as well as yourself? Ask those who are using the Novelty. What better proof rau y >u have si' tlie aupetiorily of a stove th-u the attempt ol ..II oilier stove in auu lecturers to copy alter it ? Again, compare the Noveltv with th? latest improvements. (However, the principles of the Novelty cannot be infringed ti|ion. for the patent law protects that, although they may copy the slia|ie.) The ahove are | lain questious. and the public have already answered thi m, by giriog the Novelty Stove the preference over all Ot'ie's Let a committee o f lliree decide what they may at a Kair, whete. merit must yield to iullueure. We only ask s fair exriniuation of the Novelty Stove?so please call at Kisk's Stove Establishment, 209 Water st. If von wish the ordinary kinds of Stoves cheap, or have your halls and parlors heated iu the most econo cical manner, please call st FISK'S STOVE ESTABLISHMENT. nli linr* 209 Water street. ~ STOVES-OVENS. THE largest assortment of Stoves of any house iu New York.?'Their newly invented l'arlor Stove net da but to be ireu to be universally adopted. Its immense radiating surfa'e exceeds that of any other Stove now in u ,e?exhibits more lire, with the consumption ol less fuel, than any former invention. II also discharges iu own uhei hy a simple process, without soiling or lodging iu dim on lite furuiluit of the loom in which u ia mid. It will be luuno the ciieipest aud moat economical Stove ever brought before the public. Ala , Cook St iVei. uew, airtight. lie. in all varieties, from three dollar* lipwaids Every aiticlv w <rranted. RILEY'S PATENT BOILER AND IRON HEARTH I* an admirable article?they can be lilted t* any atove now in use, and of nutajualled value in broiling steaks, touting bread, and also in heating irons f. r irouuiK clothes. Riley la the idrentorand sole patentee. o2l lm*r RiLEY k MYERS. 21 Bowery. NEW STOVE. SHEPAKD'S PATENT REVERBERATOR. TMIE subscribers offer this day to the public, the office and parloraiae of thia new and splendid patent stove. We ask all iu want of stoves to call and examine it. It is by far, the moat efficient and economical stove offered for a number of rears, and has the approval of all who have seen it, and bids 'air to take the lead of all otliers. Larger sixes will be in eadlnciui in the course af a few days. In the mean time, the irinicii le of the stove, can be seen fully devrloiied in the size ixlnhited. SHEPARD St CO. Nott's Stove Warehouse, No 2t2 Water street. N. B.?A splendid assortment of Nott's Radiator Stove, the >uly stove in the market suitable for warming dwellings, thuiches, hotels, public buildings, he. A two story house can >'e warmed with three tona of coal, less than one grate will tonauine. Drums for parlors and halls, in style and variety unequalled n the city. Also the best wood cook stove ever offered. s29 lm*ec ' la. WOOD'S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HALL STOVES. T'HIS is one of the most valnable inventions ever offered to the pubhc in the stove line, and is the most perfect article ixtaut, f>r the use of all kinds of coa; or wood, in heatiug ipartments. It has no less thd n four radiators anil two descend ng dues, so arranged that the radiators are placed between two ires, and cause all the heat geueratid te be distributed iuto the iiwrtuient; while in other stoves a large igmion of the heat is tarried off in the pi)>e. One peck iff coal in this stove will held more heat than bushel in the best store now before the mblic ; while you have the advantage of an open lire or splealnl grate at pleasure. It is allowed by all who have examined it to be the most per ect combination of utility and ornament ever brought lorward; jut to he fully appreciated, it needs only to be seen and examiu ii, and all in waul of a superior article for heating parlors, halls ifncrs, uurseries, Re. are muted to call. Trices are suited to the times. Also on hand a variety of other Stovbs, suitable for all purloses, which will be sold very low. L. WOOD, 237 Water street, betweeu o21 lm*r Peek slip aud Berkman street. DISK'S PATENT NOVELTY COOK STOVE. "PHIS Stove was pronounced last year, aud is this, by all 1- w ho have it, to be not only the best ever inveuted, but tlia ,,.l, ? . ,k..,-... ... i. ,.l j,.-.. (..-i. i? t-: ? i? i:. ?i ?. uk, could be done perfectly, and at the tame time. 1 his yea/ the improvement hat been such, that donbL, tlie mount of cooking can be done, (and that too to perfection) ban upou any other Store of the same size ; for proof of vlurli, you have only to call at Fish's Stove Establishment, Mb Water street, where any quantity of references will be ;iveu?and further, every Stove warranted, or the inoueTreundrd. Fish's Regulating l'reuiiuin Drum for |>arlors, Hall drums, and hall, parlor, and office stoves, and all the ordinary looking stoves, fur sale cheap F1SICS Stove Establishment, 209 Water street. The above stove, ami also the regulating drum, cau now be eenattlie Fair ; but those desiring stoves, are requested to all at the establishment, where they cau examine them to letter advantage, 209 Water street. o!6 lm*ec DINFORM YOLK STOVE BITTLS.?Economy aud utility V being the order of the day, the subscriber tpis determined o sell Stoves at the lowest )>ossihlr remunerating prices; his Column Parlor Stove, answering all the purposes of the grate, vithhalf the trouble aud expense, suitable for sitting rooms, iffices, stores, or lialls, is worthy the alteutiou of |?rsons vishiug to purchase. His assortment of cooking Stoves are not surpassed in the :ity, for iffieapness and superior style ol construction, combiliug all the requisites for kitchen use, aud s grest saving of uel, which it an item inauy persons overlook in selecting itoves. He solicits housekeeper and others to i^ive him a call at the ifficr of the Warrvii Furnace Company, No. 22 Fulton street, V. Y., before purchasing elsewhere. As Iliiscompany manufacture their stoves, purchasers will lot be subjected to a tax by buying from second hands. Their ssomnrtit consists of airtight, cooking and parlor Stoves, 'uraps, iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet ron Ware, (lie., wholesale and retail. Orders for castings soli ited. J. V. TlbBETTS, olS lm*ec 22 Fultou street. N. Y U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. POST OFFICE, New York, 25th July, 1842. JOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the A Upper and Lower Post Offices:? elters deposited before Half-past 8 o'clock, A M' 12 3 " P M Will be tent out for deft all the Stations before livery at 9 A M, and 1 7 o'clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " " 2 " P M Letters to be tent Free, must have "Free Stamp" affiled to hem, otherwise tliree cents will be collected of the party to akom the letter it addressed. No money must be enclosed in encra unless registered at t le principal offices. Lists ol the rations (it all of which "free stamps" may be purchased at 12,90 per 100. and every information may be obtained on apilication at the upper or lower iKiet offices. Stamps issued by he late City Despatch Post will be received. It is indispensable hgl the number of the residence should be listed in ail letters em through-this Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest information should any /regularities occur. JOHN LOHIMER GRAHAM au28 lv ec Tost Master. l^AILY EXPRESS LINES FOR ALBANY. iPFlCA. Lv BUFFALO. CHICAGO AND CANADA.-The tuocribers having been rngigcd for the last twelve months runling the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection witn larnded fc Co.'s New York and Albany Line, have recently 'Xtended ilieir F.xpress Line Irom Buffalo to Albany, through 0 this city on their own account, will receive and forward >SILT, (Sundays efceptul.) 8i>ccie, Bank Notes, Parcels, 'ack.iges, Bundles, audUXsesof Goods, to slid from the folouiugflares, viz. AlbffhV. Troy, Utice.'Syrseuse, Auhpm, Ithica. Oenevs, 'aiMffikigoa. Rochestess Bslayia, Lockiioit "Buffalo, Cleveajii.^Btroil, Chicago, and the intermVlate'pLces. XllMptwrgo, Sackclta Harbor, Kingston And Toronto, will promptly attend to the collection and payments of bills, lotrs. drafts and a. counts, purchase and sale of goods atul proluce Vy sample, and such other transeient business as may be ntrusted to their care. Each Express will be accompanied by a competent messen:er, together with responsible agents in the principal towns ipnn the route. Merchants and others may be assured that reurns will be in this manner received more speedily than in any itlierpossible way. N. B.?Special Expresses run to any part of the country at hurt notice, and upon reasonable terms. ^15 r POM EROY fc CO. 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A. boi 761, upper Poat office, N. orli. alftr \t)( :TOH HKAllM, tor erlv offtBSAnii atrect, may he con J tutted at >o. 71 John at'eet,tmairWilliam atieet. For eight eara paffhia attention has been dr voted m thia city to the treatirnt of chronic or lingering diseases?dyspepsia, dropsies.liver ml lung complaint}, are. ^'a ANGINA PECTORI9P*!la aymptoma are an unpleaaant tiaition at the pit ol the Stomach, pain about the left tide and giou of the heart, eit< nduig often to the ahoulder blade and rtwren the ahnuliW ra, and occasioning shortness of breath id i alpitntion i>r the heart. Doctor Sears haa hid much esprit nee in ij^e treatment of thia disease nitfl lm*r MARTIN'S OA S H TAILORING f STAKLISHMENT. IMWiUimii Street, Corner of Jinn Street, 8 decidedly the cheapest in the city. . There ta always on hand a select stock of seasonable goods,. purchased for cash, 'Inch will he made np to order in the style of make, n|, turnling, fee., that iiaa given such general sarisfaelioa during the isl four years, and at a positive sating ofM per cent. Oontlcnenare requested to call and eraoiine. Those whr rnishlh cir own goods, can have them MADE AND TRIMMED. Diets ( oats, made and trimmed, - -$7 0# te ll 51 Krocll CoaU, do do ..o- INto IS Pants and Vesta, P- 1 75 to 200 Over ( oats, SIO to II P0 STue'f? """"^mcMASi. a MARTIN an Iff MEDICAL. ON STKJCTURE AND ITS CURE. I'HK KOL .OWINU REMARKS WILL PLACE BK1 KOKE the public a few mail deeply inlereiting facte.? Firt/j That Ike distant called Si BILTltBK. it <\f vrryfreyucnt occurrence and often cxirts inptriom who are not in Ih* leatt tncart of it; next that a very erroneous notion prevailt retpectutr Stricture, and that ignorant advertising people take i had advantage of thit erroneout notion; then, that thote are 'hreeparticular cxrcumttaneei by which a Stricture may he mo.ayi known?and in the latt place, that the cure of Slric- ' tart w certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a otry little lime. With rru.uJ to the first of these rtmtiki 1 ll well known th : Stricture is the result of a badly treated J (lonirrhca ll, for i as Lance, that disease issutfcred to con- ( tiuue on from inoulli to mouth, il slides into aaleet. Now, J ih.i, is no naiii or iucotiveuience iu L'lrit, and therefore ills , jften suffered lo remain indefinitely. Bui il should be known J that glcst implies achrontc inflammation of the passage, which c naturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening at one ? l>art or other of the passage is stricture ; and. fuuher, that al- 0 though atricture may Uin? re naiu unnoticed il>r a length of time, fc it is far from iayiug dormant^ but ia the hidden cauae of many tenons maladies, not only of a teiual, but those also of a ner- a out and dyspeptic kind. I But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder t IS the idea that stricture cannot exist so loug as no imiwdiment to the llow of urine is obstnred, which is guile a mistake. A c stricture often exi:ts for years without producing any eery e striking change in this respect; indeed a diminished or inter- a rupted stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and u it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. Tlie adv-nuge, however, which ignorant advertising people e take of this erroneous uotuiu is very cruel. Every body knows j how men of this discription swarm about this city, and that y they will s? II tlien nostrums as long as any one will buythe in. r Now, it is a fact, and one which evety real physician will im- v mediately ackuosv ledge, that all the medicine in the world, j alone, can never enrt-a stricture. In proof ol this, nothing is | more common tha for the writer to be consulted by persons who have been tnl .ug all manner of things?as colored drops, J and pills, and cord.als, and the like, for many uioulns together, i, but whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he his cured c iu asmkiiy days. ri With a view of preventing these uupus.irons. therefore, it u seen.s desirable to lay before the public a lew ppuu circuin- t stances by which a Stricture may l>e known, which can be casi- i ly done : for Ethough the symptoms of this disease are uumer- a ou?, there are three of especial import, and these three may be stated very briefly?they are the following : The first relates to t The manner of iinnatmg.?It has beeuaTresdy said the stream need not be much diminished or impeded. But observe attentively, after it u> finished and the clothe: are readjusted, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little? r nothing is more indicative of stricture. The next is The time a (i-morrhoea has remained unrtrred.?It is di? cult to say now long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run and not | produces stricture, for one is natuially inure disposed to stric- f ture than another ; but, as a general rule, ifit should Uc suffered to go ou beyomf six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient i ground, at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? i The effect a stricture has upon the mind.?The effect of i Strictiiie is lo depress the spirits, and to lessen both hodilv and * mental activity. This also is one of iu most commou effects, a Not, however, that it is seen alike iuevery individual, but it is so common that the writer rarely stcs a case of stricture (and 1 be sees m tay every day) in which the patient does not complain j more or less, that he is not so capable of business as formerly. It is gratifying also to witness hie uniform return ot spinu, and the disappearing ol otrier ma:utiles as the cure progresses." i With regard to the cure of Stricture, on this subject it is suf- \ ncient to onaerve (and it Is .stated with coulidence and pleasure) that tins is certain, free from pain, and generally accom- ] pushed in a very little time. So much as this could not have < " J <** ? ???n Wilt annk lama Ksiait ika I in r prevemcrit in this art , and such the practical experience of the t writer, lhat he can now accomplish the cure cf stricture to as many days u formerly it demanded mouth*. I The writer also beg* to stale, that for thuae who with to ud- t derlake the cure themselves, he hu published a little volume, called " The Private Treatisein which not only itricture, but the cure of all thoae delicate diseases which require eipe- i eial care and privacy, u directed in the plainest manner. It is t adviaable, however, lhat thoae who suspect a stricture, ifpooii- i ble, should consult the author personally, and nothing willaur- ? prise them more than the ease and certainty of his means of 1 cure. Separate rooms, also, are c.trauged for those who may have !o wait a little. I It only-now remains to say a word or two on the ground on i winch trie public, and especially strutters coming to this city, may rely with confidence on what has been advanced. With this view Dr. Ralph begs to state that, besich his rank as graduate el Edinburgh. Htc. Sir.?he has been engaged in the cure of tnese diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more tnan thirty- years, and has published two editions of a work ex- ( pressly on them.?Also that he has testimonial letters from the raostemiueut physicians iu Europe to the most eminent in f America?as Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York, < Dr. fhysick, of Philadelphia, and others, and that he is permit. a ted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this i city. t Dr. Ralph is consulted at his private residence. No. M Oreen- i wich street, towards the Battery, at any hour.?He may also be consulted by post. Tnt little volume above referred to is one I dollar. 0I6 lm*ec I MEDICAL AID. ' DR. GREGORY will attend and prescribe for a particular , class of patients, at liia residence No. SI Mott atreet, every . day in the all hours of day and evening. His treatment may be relied on aa being the beat, and the plan pursued will be ' in accordance with the symptoms of the disease, having reference also to the accommodation of the |*lieul and a perfect ( enre of the malady. It is worthy of note that a great number of patients after hav- j ing been treated for the disease were discharged by their physi cians as being cured, and perhaps would remain so a week or longer after thatdiseaae begins to make its appearace again, and t in this stage it is generally considered worse to core than in the first instance. It. is iu cases like these that Dr. G. has at length c discovered a remedy, which ns yet is entirely uukiiowu Co any , other physician. It is an external application, requiring to be ( continued iu some cases not more than thirty hours. It has t proved successful iu every instance where it has been applied, ( and hat cured cases of from three to fifteen years standing. This ( announcement is not made from motives ol vanity or train i , love of boasting, but simply to inform those in need of the re- J medy, where to obtain it. Those seekiugthr Doctor, will find , him at his own house (not a drug store) No 34 Mott st, about . 150 yards off Irom Chatham Square, being nearly opposite the i stone church?it is easily found at night. ? Dr. Gregory has published an improved editiou (with en- j gravings) of a little book entitled the "Rubicon:" it treats ex- t clusively on the complaints above alluded to. The remarks on stricture should be read by every one,especially those with a pro tractcd case of disease. It is for sale by the author, at his office c and by Messrs. Sands. 79 and 100 Fulton-street, and both Drag stores comer of Chambersst and Broadway; also IP the . Bowery at Nos. 63 and 168; and at the corner of East Broadway and Market-street. Applications by Mail, foil paid, enclosing $l, will receive the book by return ol Mai!, free of Tost j age. o!7 lm*r j "medical. J nr?HE PRIVATE TREATISE.?This is a little volume on * A certain diseases, in wnich tne most convenient and private V means of cure are stated in the plainest i>ossible manner. And * not only are directions given for the mure simple and recent * cases, liut those which have lalieu into improper hands, and . continue on from mouth to month, are particularly dwelt on.? V Such peraora will see immediately the dj/liciiltiea winch imi*de llieir cure, whatever they may be, as well aa the plan to be pursued iu each particular case. It u obtained only of the authoi. Dr. Ralph, 81 Greenwich st. Price $1. T Dr. Ralph also takes this opportuity ot? saying that lie may 1 be cutuulteid on the peculiar diseases above reterredto, ai.lus n private residence, M any hour. o Aware, however, of the deep and just solicitude whieh many p feel to consult a person of integrity as well as experience iu d these peculiar complaints, the author deems it proper to give c the following short sketch of the opportunities he i as had to fit ii himself for this trust. And this lie is ths more inclined to as ii many hare assured him that, lor want ol information of this i| kind , tliey have selected from a list of advertising people the rr one who had boasie 1 moat of wondeiful cores?but not without b the bitterest repentance, lie therefore beKi to state that, beside his rank as graduate of Edinburgh, lie. itc. lie. he has been w itching these diseases, both iu hospital and city practice, for inoie than thirty years, and has published two editions of a ^ work expressly on them. Also that he has testimonial letters J from the most eminent physicians of Europe, to the most emi- i nent iu America?as Sir Astiey Cooper to Dr. Mott, of N. Y. * sad Dr. Ph/sick of Philadelphia, and ethers; and furtlier, r that he has the piivilegc of referring to almost every physician of eminence in this city. Nothing can be atated, he con- J ceives, as belter ground of confidence to those who are stran- " gerstohira. .( onsultations inay be made .by post, and for sack he has ' little private chest, containing every thing necessary for a speedy and private cure. It is forwarded as may be directed. i Price $10, O 16 lm*c , HULL'S TRUSSES. I NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. J PERSONS afflicted with ruptures may rely upon the best instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the 0 office, No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of tne agents iu the principal towns iu the United Stales. Be cercfnl to examine the I> back pad of Hull's trusses, to see if ihey are eudorsed by Dr Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied npon a good, without nis signatnre. / Many ]>ersuns have undertaken to vend Imitations of Hall's * celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in couse- ii quince. These imitations cannot be relied npou ; they are t made by unskilfnl mecliauics, and are no belter than the ordi- t nary trusses. e Rooms have been lilted np at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively p for ladies, having a separate entrance from the business depart- a ment, whcie a female it iu constant attendance to wait npon " lemale patieun. nil linr p KXPEIUENGE i I70R FOUR YEARS has fully tested the extraordinary vir- ,. A1 tues ol DR. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZKNOES. Several million boxes have been sold.and given perfect p satisfaction to all who have ntrd them. .. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, Lawyer*, Professors, rich and poor, high and low?iu fact, tl nearly the whole Ameticau people, nave given them their p sanction, and tlicy are now fast spreading tlieir intiut-nces to every part of the Known world. Drs. Hunter, Smith. Rogers, Vanderpool, Scott, and fonr hundred other physicians in New York city alone, recommend a Sherman's Lounges, daily, in their practice. Shermau's Mc- T dicated Lozeuges are never sold by the ounce, but always iu ,, boxes, with his name attached. The Doctor being an educated ^ and experienced physician, and a member of the Medical So- w eiety of the city ol New York, gives a character to his prepa- p, raliot t that no others enjoy. COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, a Asthma, Tightness ol the Chest, Whooping Congh, Cough at- K tending Measles, and all affections of the Lungs, are immedialely relieved by 8heiman's Congh Loxenges. They entirely ? cnie all recent cases ina few hours, and often tiie most alarm- t< ing cases of Consumption yield, as if by magic, to their happy mliuence, as in tnecases of the Rev. Mr. Anthony, tne Rev. Mr. Streetev, and hundreds of others, even where they had hl been given np ns incurable. < WORMS CAUSE DEATH ft To thousands, without rheir i*er being impacted. Children n -...1 -I. ...ff.. U C .1--' I t 11 nun nuuiia mr u iiuiri IllUCtl IHM1I U1TJI, WIICII il UOl Ul n n " r* Ll man's Worm Lor.t-ngcs would give llirin laiMiltl relief.? ! Hundreds of instnnoel have come (o our knowledge, whrra '1 Mrwiu on ihe brink of the gruvc. fast wasting away, and the tl Physicians trying their ikill in Tain, and rrr.ortiug, at laat, u f( the ouly hope, to Bheimau'a Worm Loxeni?c-s, winch have re torrd them to li?alrh and happiness. How often have moth- ti era called at the Warrhonae and poured fmth their thank> and ti' blessings for the realoration of their dear beloved offspring, ri Never before ha* a perfect remedy been discovrrrd for the en- li lire eradication of nil kinds of worms. Je riEADACHH, PALPITATION, di Lowneas ofSpirits, F'aligue, Fainting, Det| ondency, Nervous id Diseases generally, aud Sea Sickness, are all sahject to the < curative properties of Sherman's Camphor Loycnges. It.ej c? cure severe headaches, Ac. in ten minutes. In fact, they ope- le rate like a charm, and no |*rson should go to sea without them, r aa they are infallible in sc.i sickness, l'ersons iuhje? to ?' tigne, or attending crowded parties, will find them to relieve ' their ol all lassitude aud oppression. , _ Ware lie use 106 N'aasan street. Agra's?Church s, 108 Bo*fry; Band's, 77 East E roadway, aud a II "n. u Broadway; Codington, W? Hodwssi, ?' * three .tores, and 133 Kultou s'.reel. aThl ' U ..l',!? ' I Bo.ton.and1 Ledge.t Bmld.ngs, Philadelphia. 1 \M ADA VIE CO dTKLLO.?Female Periodical Pills guarM. antecd in every esse where the monthly.periods have be- ? come irregular from colds or other causes. 1 heir Certainty 0f caction has long been acknuwleugtd by the medical profession, X? and hundreds that have uselessly liiid various boasted feme- ' die*? indeed, so sure are these Pills m therr effects, that care pT it sometimes necessary to their use; llmuuh they coutain no inetlicine Jetrimeuulto the couttiiuuou. Advise given gratis J? to all those who nae the Pills, by Madame Costello, 34 Lit ;* oeoard at, where the Palls are told genuine. Frice $1 per Ooi. m n t 1 m r ** PORTABLE BLAt'KSMITHS KO HUES.?The ?ud- ft L tcribert, be in* the sole Avcut* for the Manufacturers of ?i Goncliliii't Patent Poitable Forge and Bellows, Lek leave to he eall-the attention of the public to the above article. That they ru hivt l?<'''ii callf f1 (or ana inUodttO#d in DC rlV all parts of the mi Uuited States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of then ... utility ami < :-1? ? , limine , mt iM" .mil roinpart, sivft them lar the preference oyer the common Forge for Snipping of every description, Hail Roads, L \nals, Plantations. Maim factories and all purposes for which the ordinary Forge i ty used. Those manufactured far the U.S. Navv are Wrouah D- mi We wonld ref? r tlinar wnliinu to i<ar(<h:u? to lome few who ,ei can recommend them Iroin peraonal at well na yeaeiol lur iw- > Ud?e, tii Commodore Crane, Nary Vard, PorUmouth, N. H.; Meun. ?ii ? ?"' ,,1m S Haniea, Philadelphia. Hon. Oovermer Keuiblc, to Weat rAt Foundry, Cold Hnrina, N. Y. Maun. 8. B. Alt- ?, hmw k Co. 443 Broadway, N. Y-, and onr city blackaniitha | ransiv. a WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. oluucu is different from any yet offered, and cannot fail of w ercrtiing alt otkcra. Ir ii lu|n]y cflruiixu, ud |aurwi (he reat advantage of beautifying the ban, without mjuiiuu iu rowtn. Thoar who doubt its virtues are requested te have their hail hautted before paying their money. If huiabugs would like hi* m. tliod Lliijr would be uo reason to coinidain. One trial will wove the fact. Sold wholesale aud retail, and applied, at No. i Chatham tree I, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, op stairs. <* lis*r MEDICAL AID. ' [NR. GHEGORY, residing St 34 Molt street, has long since Lf far. ritdy mtablisli-d Ins rharaetrr and qualification us a hysicUn ; he has thsrelore uo further need to adieiuae eacept o amawe stianyers that he still remains always at home aud eauy to administer to the alHiClrd?to cure his patiruti as peedily as their individual welfare and tlie varied circumti w es will permit. 1 o<> hasty cnr?s in genera! m< not dc.uabh nainJy became they are not |>?rmauent?it should be the object ifeverv iuv.rlitl to avoia Having their disease tarapt red with ly which mean* |x?*ibly the case may become exceedingly taiuful or eveu dangirous, or may be disastrous. The way to void nnprqier treatment and imperfect rurrs is to obtain a ittle book entitled " The Kubicoii." it gives a hiatory in daail of the di?ene, with the properaud true mode of treatment ly perusing it patiauli will be aole to understand their own aae and condition. It is written by a physlciin whose ample xperience Wat gained iu tlie cuorir of an ritrnaive p artire uiong patients of this clan, embracing i v ry form and variety if the disease, that it i? possible to iinmiu*'. In reference to the menu of the little book i'aelf, the beat vidence of ita value ia the conalaut and increasing oppoiitiou t meets with from those whoie o-cu|iation is e ndangered by la rapidly increasing sale. I'rice M ceuta. By Dr. G. at hi* rsidcuce, 31 Mott street, nearly opposite the church, about 130 turds Irom Chatham si|utrr, aud also at llie thug stores of the vleasrs. Sands, 79 am! Itw pulton St., and ou b .til corners of {roadway and Chambers ?t. Si mictuke.?Persons afflicted with stricture should call on )i. Gregory and inquire into the merits of his plan of cure. He s at all tunes ready and williug to prove that his method ol uriug a stricture is tpcedivranu more certain than the cuininon node of treatment. The time required to cure hi' this method 11 rom a quarter of an hoar to about ten cays. Those wishing i> make furtner inquiry will not be charged except for services cmlered and a moderate compensation u ail that is expected iu uy else. Application by mail, poat paid, enclosing $1, will receive the look by r turn of mail, free of postage. u3 lm*r the rattlEsNaRe gives warning BEFORE HE strikes. IM1E moat disaslious of all diseases to which man ia liable, because the most sure aud certain in it* remits, is CONSUMPTION! Jut, like the poisonous rattlesnake, it gives warning before its iual approach. Is not this tint? What are t.OUGHS AND COLDS u their incipient staiev but the first notices of an intended alack? Does not the individual w ho goes about the street cougliug and complaining?with his throat sore^-his voice husky mil scarcely heard abuve a whisper, in the first stages of couumption? Are not his LUNGS INFLAMED? s lie not warnet,? He is?a moment's retleclion will convince rim of the fa-t. Then a remed" is at han I. PEASE lit SON'S CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF HOAUHOUND CANDY will arrest the complaint?soften the li.ugi, and gradually reenter the patient. But it must be takeu IN TIME iiere lies the grand secret?a secret which cannnt be stated too iften to to the afflicted. The common saying that this or th't >erson cannot recover, because their father or mother died of he afflicting complaint, CONSUMPTION, i's iu foundation in error. _ They may be more liable, bat let hem be inore watchful of its approach?in this lies THE UHAND SECRET. . 1 ,'tiiey do not exi>ose themselves, unnecessarily expose them lelves, and guard every attack watchfully, they are as safe in his climate as elsewhere. Many people cannot allure to go to i warmer climate and pass the winter?they therefore require lome protection here. At the first cold or io,euesa ol the nugs, USE TEASE'S HOAIIHOUND CANDY. mil (he cosnplaiut will be removed. Try it iu time. 8o!d eholes&le and ret ill, by J. FKA8E & SON, 45 Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE. Nashville, Oct. II, 1142. 3k(T1I 1 enclose you a draft for $3JO: you will please tend me the imouiit in your valuable Clarified Essence of Hoarhound Canly. 1 with you to tend me a certificate ol agency. I hare been uked for it several tunes. not haviiut one tent iu Che first boi I Kit of you 1 have omitted advertising, but as soou as I receive e amount I have ordered,! will insert the first advertisement irou sent me; your Candy is of great demand. I think I can icll about $3000 worth this year; many have used it and speak sighty ol iu You will please send me as many of your large ihow bills as you can give for the above a mount of Candy. 1 lent your present to General Jackson, by Ins Aid, Colonel Armstrong. There is no doubt but he will recommend your ratuable Hoarhound to Ins friends, riease acknowledge the eceipt of this, and oblige yours. ALPHEUS LYON. I'll Messrs. J. Pease & Son, 45 Division st. N. Y. The above letter will give the public au idea of the amount if Candy sold in a year by the Messrs. Pease. DONT FAIL TO READ THE FOLLOWING CERT1CATJfc New Yoke, Sept, 31, 1842. J* NTs:? 1 am s machinist by trade, and the dnties o! my tr de, reluire that 1 should at limes esert myself to snch an extent that he system becomes entirely relaxed, and the body so overtome with heat that it is with great difficulty I can avoid conractiug severe coughs and colds. 1 contracted a cold from this tause about two mouths ago. I subsequently fell into the midst >f some af my machinery, which seriou ,ly injured my breast irodncrd a severe hacking cough, and was, as 1 considered,fasc ipproaching an untimely death. 1 was atteuded by two ph si turns, who considered m esse i opeless. I however determiu:d, as a last resort, to try some of your Clarified Essence of doarhuund Candy; aud, after using a small quantity, I found J most immediate relief,aud am now entirely restored to health. Hy physicians also attribute the cause of my recovery to the ue of your Hoarhound Candy. JOHN P. MATHEWS, No. X Orchard street. Po Messrs. Pease Ik Son, 45 Division st. N. B.?All who are sceptical will please call and see me iu crsou, and 1 will dispel their douhU, J. P. M. Agtuta?Ruslifon k Aspinwall, 10 As tor House, 110 iroadway. and 86 William street: Church's Dispensary, 188 towery; JW Stone, comer of Hudson and Montgomery at, ersey City; Smith, 232 Greenwich st; Drwer, cor of Church nd Chambers sta; Badeau, 268 Bowery; Dr. Bnriell, 210 Cbatism st. and corner of Eldridge and Uraud streets; Kieslcd J>29 Iroadway. Sands, 73 Fulton st, comer of Cliainbei and Broad vay, anu/( r-ast uroanway. Agents out of the ciiy.?Weed It Watsn, Troy : Zieber, 87 )ock street, Philadelphia, Pa. \ Hobiusnu, No. 1)0 Baltimore ?t, Mltin*"?, Mil; Burner. *7 BlaU A|o?'n ,.N V nlQr CAUTION TO FEMALES. Lf ADAME RESTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would *L inform ladies wlio with a |>ro|ier deiicacy, have a repug* ance la the treatment of their complainu except by one of their wn sex, that in all coae* ahe attends to Uiem ;erioiially,her exeriruce, practice anil knowledge enables her to do so. She tenia it necessary te state this, as she does not wish to be lasai-d with the pretenders continually appearing and disappear lit, advertising as "Female Physicians," who loo ignorant and competent themselves are obliged to get some scaicely less tnomut quack to experiment instead. Consulting pirlors and esideuce 148 Greenwich street, between Courtlaudt and Lierty streets. Hours of attendance from 9 A. Moo 9 P. M. ol8 lm"r MADAME RESTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN. Office and residence, 141 Green - wich street, between Conrtlandt -ud Liberty streets, where be can be consulted with the strictest couMenee on com lainu incident to the female Irame. Madame Result'sexperienca and knowledge in the treatment f obstinate caaes of female irregularity, stoppage, suppression, mi., is such as to require bnt a few days to effect a perfect ure. Ladies desiring proper medical atundanre daring conneinent or other indisposition, will be accommodated auiio? ach time, with private and respectable board. Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whose da ieau or precarious health forbids a too rapid increase of family, rill be sent by mail to any part of the United Slates. Price ii a package. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' box 8W, lew York. Boston Office, No.7 Essex street-" N. B.?Madame RESTELL would inform ladies residing ut of the city, whose health would not aiimii of travelling,that he would deru'.e her personal attendance upon them in any art of the United ckat-s within reasonable distance, cl lin'i FEMALE MONTHLY FILLS. "hWING lo the celebrity, efficacy, and luraritbls success o' J Madame HesUll's Female Monthly Pilla in all cases o( * regularity, suppression, or stoppage of those functions of na are upon which the health of every female depends, since eir .ntsodnetion into the United States, now about four years, onuterleits and imitations arc constantly attempted to be aimed off for the genuine. Che. pcommon pub a e mUMMM t twelve cenU a box. put up in different boxes, anil called? Female Monthly Pills.'' with the object of selling them, if ossible, at one or two dollars a box. Females are therefore autioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It is nfficieut here to slate that ait Female MoulhlyPills are cnuusrfeits, except those sold at Madame Result's Principal 'JJfice II Greenwich street, New York Mid 7J?aaex street, fcostou. rice gl. Madame Result's signature is writun on Ihe csvt. f each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or single, by following is directions enclosed inside of each bos. Sold also by ap ointment at 284 Grand street, corner of Allen, New York, ol fm"r TO MARRIED LADIES, i/f ADAMF. RESTELLS PREVENTIVE POWDERS ?J.?These iuralnablo Powder*have been universally adopted I Europe, but France iu particular, for upwards of thirty year*, i well lie by thousands in this country, as being (hp only mild, tfe, and efficacious remedy I'or married ladies, whore hea'tn irbida a too rapid lucreaae of family. Madame Keatrll,aj if well know n, was lor thirty year* Ke lale Physic an in the two principal female Hospital* in Eu ipe?thoie of Vienna and Paris?where favorec ej lier gre it iperieiiee and opportnnitief, fhe attained that celebrity in io>e (treat ducort net in medical science to specially ad ipted i the female frame, for which ber medicine# mow stand unri allrd, at well in this country aa in Europe. Her scijuaintancs 'itli tlie phyjioliwy and anatomy of the female frame, enable) tr?by tracing the decline anu ill health ol married leinalea utree in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid auc ften apparently inctplienble raurca which consign mauy ? >nd mother to a premature grave?to then trite source?to ir re at a knowledge of the primary cause* of female mdiaposi oti??especially of married femaJet? which, in 110?, led u, te diseorsrv c her celebrated " rreientiye Powders." 'heir adoption na? been the means of preserving not only IS health, but even the life of miuiv an alfcctionafe wife anr md mollier. The advertiser leeliug the importance of this rubjert, and es mating the vast kvneuts resulting te thousands by their adep on, would most respectfully arouse me attention of the mar ed, by ail that they liold near and dear, to their consideration, lit not wise and vutuonsto prercnt evils to winch we are sab ct, by simple and healthy means within onr cnuirel. Evcrr passionate, virtuous, and enlightened mind will uaheaitat gly answer in the affirmative. Price live dollars a package, lenniiwuied with fall and particular directions. Tocy ui be forwarded by mail te auy imrt of the Uuitsd St ites. Al tiers must be post yusisi, ami addressed to MADAME RES ELL, Female Physician. Principal office, 141 Greenwich reet, New York. Office honr* from 9 A.M. to y ? clock P. VI o'ton office No. T Esse* st. oil m*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS^ invgrttKO isc PHKrauKP nv ,. DE BOUDELOQL'E, M D.. LlSliUN, PORTUGAL, 'lib Scientific combination of ingredients of wlucli these Pills are composed, have made them the wonder and adtri Iron of the world. They are known all over Europe to t.e only nrenftraliou ever ifiar.iverel ihn h.. a .... wi rt-in in producing the monthly turni. Their cert intv'.'i'n'.-Yl ea, being such that thev must not be used during prcguai.rT r thongh ilwaya mild, safe, and healthy, limy are certain to oduee miscarriage if used during that period. The direction! ir? transitu d into Kugliah and are en?elo|ed and with the leal of thu importrr, tamped. K-io'i boi i y urn the signature of M. de Boudelouua, and the Knalith 11] etioni have the signature of Dr. F. MELVKAIT. authorial i ent for the continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part ol the United ate!. Letren directed to l)r. K. Melrin, boa 24, Nt ? ark, will meet with immediate attention. AH letter! tncsl poet paid. Sold by aiiooimmeul at IM Cherry, noar Cathtte street. Priee $4. Hair boiea $1. No hair boiee lent hy ul odlm'rdlcw PUBLISHED HAILV BV JAMKM nOltdON U K If IV H TT , W.COKNKR, FULTON AND NASSAU BTRKK'I a. Thi New Yore Hr.raLD? A daily peper, issued evny truing of the week?price /too centt per copy. .' Jouiiiry au. ribcra furuislied at the tains rat , for any apocihc period, ct ernittaoce in advance. Mo paper tent, u?.le?? pm J in mh e. The WrrsLT Mrnat.n?l<su?d every BatnnHy moruny n je o'clock?1price rii ami a ymrr/ev rettfi per copy? lurmsned country snliseribcra it <3,?-'> per anonm, in advance, o? a' ths m? rate for any specified period. CoiuironiiTi an reoaeeted M eddreys their ItMc M em m* ht? mucuck

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