Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1842 Page 3
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p-THK PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, eflected a cure even in casen where the bones ot the e were exlidiated Irom the secondary elfecta ol ?y philis. ndreds have been saved from the moat awlulcousencaa oftliese loath Home maladtei by the use of this ceriteil medicine, now so extensively used in the London Paris Venerlal Hospital. In all cases where d sense uspected to be lurking in the system, this medicine ild tie used. Sold bjr the authority ot'the College of Jioiue Pharm icy, of the city'of New York, in fe bottles at $1 each. In ca?es ol half a dozen bottler W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Olticeofthe College 97 Nassau street. J- DR. TAYLOR'S BAL8ATl~OV LIVERWORT lie only remedy to be reliel on for the cure ol Coniptiou, Asthma. Spi ting ol lit.Hid Coughs. Colds, and tne train of evils which are certain to lollow all who ieclto so-^k relief in time from this truly valuable melie, which in ten years has la-en tested by over 3<3,UOO viduals in tne United Sta es, and as it is a scientific ree, it must continue to increase in reputation and de nil in a ?ti 11 larger ratio, which is already uiiprece ti'(l in a y Country, and will be in general u?e when dys, ay rups. and the like are forgotten. Ira. Sarah Eo ?\th, who live* 1V.1 Broome street, wa* en up by Dr. Wood, a distinguished phyaiciau, a'>out a ! .rsiiiCe?-he ha 1 seated consumption, and resorted to Taylor's Balsam from 375 Bowery; she took, she nays, > bottle* only, and called at the ottiee to say that she s attending to her ordinary business, aud that she atluted her present health, as a means, entirely to the sain of Lirerwcrt from 376 Bo wery, where she would it earnestly recommend the utHicted to purchase, as it be only genuine, and no other can bo relied on. Dr. ids, Druggist, 1J7 Maiden Lane, is the sole wholesale nt. 07- COMMON SENSE AsKS^WHY ARE THE inborn Pills superior to all others. Because, in the first ce, they are co hposed entirely of twenty seven vege le ingredients, ami nothing but the extracts from those re,hauls are used ; the grosser particles, or those ich irritate the sy stem, without doing good, ate not ered to enter into their composition, n the second place they mis with our daily lood, and ile they open the bowels give tone and strength to the estive organs. 'hirlly, because they excite to action the stomach and vels, the great purilieri of the system, and carry olf iry injurious excess of matter there deposited, whether inp op r food or biliary secreiious, and 'ourtbly, because they require no extraordinary care iliet, or clothing, the body being less susceptible of d when under their influence, than at any other tinie 'rice i!6 cents per box. New York Office 339 Broadway. Philadelphia 3 Le Iger Buildings. Boston 9 Court it. IJtT" RHEUMATISM The most efficacious remedy iheumitic affections is found in the compound and ;hly concentrated Extractor Saraaparilla, prepared by j i authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of i city of New York. Many cases of the most distresir and inveterate character have hern i,remanent lv red by th? un of a few bottles olthis jtoixilar medicine . Brandt-'* Dictionary of the Materia Medica speaks of ? preparation in the most unqualified terms of approhan It is also of infinite service in all scrofulous diseases, taneous eruptions, and those affections resulting from ! abuse of mercury. Sold in single bottles at 75 cents !'h ; cases of half a dozen bottles, $3 50 ; do one dozen, W. 9. RICHARDSON. Agent. Principal office of theCollege,97 Nassru st. K^CLIKEHUGH'S NEW 8TYXE OK HAIR CUTNG, in design and execution, tliffers entirely from the ual practice adopted here, and since the introduction of ; fashions for the winter, crowds are changing countence under the magic of his hand. From arrangements ide, Clirehtlgh will bo found always " at home" by ise who wish to be operated onhybimsell. Principal ice for the celebrated Tricopherous, Grand Gallery of shion,205 Broadway, up stairs. ft?- READ YE THAT"!HAVE~EYE8 -Gents?Un r the blessing o Providence, your iuvaluable Com|iouud [tract of Horehouud Candy has done wonders I have ' the last three or four years been indicted with sickness, y symptoms were severe pains, shooting through tue i of try shoulders, pains and fainting at the pit of my much ; dry ind hacking cough, gieat distress in my ck, much spitting of matter, streaked with considerable iod. lightness of the chest, loss of appetite, respiration en very difficult, in short my physician pronounced my se decided con^imption. I continued in this way (or out two years, suffering at times the most excruciating onies. I give you this certificate, as I consider it a debt gratitude which 1 owe to the virtues of your incomparau remedy. Yourgrateful friend, ANN GODWIN. 419 Cherry street. To Messrs. J. Pease it Son, 45 Division st. 111 inure is nny mat uouiit tue emcacy 01 reases More>und Candy, let ttiem call on me and I will try to dispel eir doubt.' A. G. Agents, Burgess & Zeibcr, 3 Ledger Building, Philadclda; Robinson, 110 Baltimore Street, Baltimore. (K7" PROCLAMATION.?Whereas,on the seventeenth iy of November, in tfcs year of onr Lord, 1342, in professor T. Jones, has concocted or caused to i concocted, lor the low price of Is. lor a large ickage Protessor Jones' Medicated Cough Candy or commnd extrac' of Tolu and Spanish Moss, to the dire contration of many ol my liege subjects, who have hitherto pplied us w ith victims. Our said subj -cts were by trade ndy makers' qu icks. This is to give notice to the said ofessor, that unless he takes some of the good qualities am his candy ; cares less of cough^ colds, spitting of nod, sstrna and the first stages of consumption, we shall oceed against hiin with the utmost rigor, aided by our ving subj cts, the said candy makers, uc. This is sold r one shilling a package, by T. Jones, sign of the Amccan eagle, 02 Cha ham street, N. Y.,or 130 Fulton street, rooklyn; 3 Dock street, Philadelphia; 0 State street, Bos' (Signed) KING CONSUMPTION. t&- AN APOLOGY MAY BE DUE TO OUR DEocratic readers lor the praise we yesterday bestowed [>on Henry Clay. We are prefectly willing to say, then, >at we have as high opiniou of the ability and patriotism Van Buren or Calhoun as of Henry Clay. They are 1 men, and it is too much to say of any one that he euperiorto all the rest. But as to the re?t of what we iid, we stick to it; and will still maintain to the last day Tonr life, that Dr. Peters' Medicated Preparations are sejnd to none in the universe. For the cure of coughs, jlds. asthmas, heartburns,fevers, agues,dyspepsia, rheulatism, lumbago, and all the diseases to which the human ame is subject, they are unrivalled i y any thing in the rorld. The Doctor bIIows no rival near the throne. His lusters, his pills, his lozenges, and his tooth paste, are beond all comparison the best in the world. Principal of Icp I Jo Fulton co-ner of Nassau ?t. BLESSED BE THfc PEACE MAKERS, AND lrssed are those who do goo 1 ;and, therefore, our neighor Dr. Sherman must be Meat, for with hia Lozengeshe oes incalculable good. Many of our acquaintances have sod them, and all unite in saying they are the greatest pmedies they over tried for coughs, colds, whooping ough, asthma, headache, palpitation, sea sickness and rorms. Dr. S is one of our most skill til physicians, and rell qualified to put ou' such lozenges ; many others avc iried to com|>ete with him, but without success, [is warehouse is at 106 Nassau street, one door above inn MONKY MARKET. Wednesday, Nov. 33?0 P. M. A (air business has been dune at the Stock Board with ttle change in prices, Ohio fell 11 per cent. Sales oi irkansas bonds were made at 30 ; Mohawk improved 1 ; tonington J. The canal has been prematurely closed by the late cold reather, and a large amount of produce is arrested on its ray to market. Flour has in consequence slightly imroved, and is held at $4.38. For the week preceding our latest dates an avalanche f specie poured into New Orlcns. The following mounts were receivi d :? "rou? New York, |>er ship Metnks, 123.180 " " " f?hak?peare, 231.(Ml Faiifield, 128.680 " ' " Orleans 16",0f'0 " " Auburn, 163,035 Total New York, $811,836 loston, per Waknna, 31000 " Ganges, 26 OOfl " WinUsur Castle, 20.600 T'ul Brtai, 77f6"n from Philadelphia, per Oaio, 70,000 .iserpool, pe Goodwill, 10,000 " " Medfod, 24,0(0 Total L'verpoot, 61.000 1 ivre , per Hiid'On, 46.000 " " C luinbian, 40,000 To'al Hivr?, 86 000 lavina and West Indies, 141,179 Tola! import from 10'hto 14th inMant, $1,250 9 i krrised at Mnhile, Jler C >oaa, Iroin Philid., 60 "00 Hector, from New York, 10,000 $71,000 This flood of specie nt New Orleans caused a rapid rise n the exchanges. Sterling was quoted at 3 a 3| prem. hecks on New York 1 din. At Mobile siuht on v? IlYork Mood at 10 prem.; specie 19 a 19} prem.; Sterling bills at 19 prom. The six suspended hanks of New Orleaas are required by law to reaume specie payments on the first Monday of December, and in obedience to the law they will probably do so, and perhaps successfully. The quantity of the precious metals rolling upon them af lords thorn now no excuse for their dishonest course. The "Courier k Enquirer" of Tuesday morning,objects to the exchequer plan because it asserts that no one can get the bills but those who have something to giveforthem. This, it alleges, is not at all the object of an " enlightened policy." That which is wanted, is an institution, no matter by what name it shall he called, which will lend its hills to those who have got nothing, as the late United States Bank did. As the Courier remarks, those who are rich do not want loans. It is only the poor speculators, the broken gamble-i, the needy politicians and mercenary editors, that deserve the supjiort of a National Bank. They form the great and useful class, who drink French wines, lead the fashions, and circulate the National Bank issues for "the relief oi the people"?or, in the words ol the Courier:? In short, yoti cannot hy nny m?ans, without " the objectionable feature," get the Exchequer Bills into use. This is really a matter of fact view to take of the measure, but the Courier proposes to make it still more use!ill :? A shower of rain, which is enough to cover the com parativnly small surface ol the British Islands, and destrov the hopes of the husbandman, is now made to revert in ail its, upon us, and we have no conservative power within our?e|\ es to meet It, nomennsof resilience. Thus it appears that among o her miraclaaof a National Bank, it will aniwer the purposes of an umbrtlU! and protect the fair weather birds of paper money from the storm of debt paying. Unfortunately, however, it is only the select few, whose namei appear upon the assets o( every paper bubble which explodes, trom the United States B ink down to John Duer's Trust Company, who can get shelter under this admirable contrivance. We will to-day propound some plain ijuestions on mat' ters that attracted the curiosity of the creditors, for those who have managed' the uitairsof the New Vork and trie Railroad Did or did not Mr. Bowen and his two fiiends, Messrs fjutruior i an" unpw, promisem i winter to resign tluii offices, if certain Senators won IJ vote for Mr. Faulkner's bill? and did those gentlemen, especially the President, | keep their word ? Did Mr. Boweu, on the defeat of that bill, say he was | "glad ol it?" Did Mr. Bo wen use his best exertions to procure the passage of an act, exteuding the charter of the Koad? or did j he endeavor to defeat it ? Was it the President of the Company (Mr. B.) who said that if "that Loco foco Legislature could only be induced to kill the Road entirely, then w e can carry the State next tall to a certainty"? Did Mr. Lord, while President of the Company, get *20,000 for "stone for the pier"? How much since? *50,000? Did a contractor on the Eastern Division complete work on his contract to the amount of *1000 only, and the resident engineer on that division certify to work on that eontract to the amount ol over *'10,000? Did that said contractor threaten exposure and prosecution, and alter a sham re'ereuce, did he receive from the Managers ol the Road the Company's obligations to the amouut of *7,000 in the form of a judgement? Did an otticer ever compel his inferior in office to give him *?000 worth of stock, because his brother-in-law was injured while at work on the road? Did the Assignees of the Company cause a judgment to be given to, or obtained by one of the contractors (Mr. Stranahau ii Co.) for *-2-2,000, after such assignment was made to them for the benefit of all the creditors? And did they cause the execution to be put into the hands of the Sheriff with a list of the property upon which he was to levy, with an injunction of secrecy ? And was this schedule of the property made out by the engineer on the eastern division, Mr. Seymour, who is one of the assignees? The prosecution of the Erie Railroad as a work expected to support ijself out of income to be derived from the trade passing over it, is oneof the wildest,perhaps.ever undertaken. The construction of a road through the southern tier of counties, would undoubtedly be ol benefit to them and of utility to the public at large, if it could l>e done at any thing like a reaiouable expense. All the business which the road can do must grow out ol counties through which it passes. That business which comes from the Western States it must divide with the Erie Canal and the River St- Laurence. The former has heretofore enjoyed the whole ofit. Tiie railroad from Boston to Albany, 199 miles long, was built at an expense of near $8,000,000. It receives a large business from the Erie Canal, runs the entire length of Massachusetts, through populous and wealthy counties, and delivers its freights to the wharves of the English steamers. It thus forms a dir*ct channel of communication from the lakes, into which all the avenues ol western trade empty themselves, through the Erie Canal, running through the most wealthy counties of tho Union, with the foreign markets , and returning carries from the New England manufactories the supplies for all that western region. Notwithstanding all these advantages, that road costing but $7,(100.000, cannot raise its 30,000 shares of stock higher than 50 per cent. What now is the Erie Railroad project I It is to build a road of near 500 miles, at an expense of at least $20,000,000, through counties not so rich as those of Massachusetts, and instead of opening upon the whole trade of the Erie Canal and the counties through which it runs, supported by tho volume of western grodoce, it goes through thinly populated and comparatively poor counties, in orderto compete with the Erie Canal and divide its business com' ing from the western States. To illustrate this we have compiled the following table, showing from the census the productions of the southern tier of counties?those on the liue of the canal, the actual business of the canal in 1841, and the productions of the Massachusetts counties through which the railroad runs :? Productions ok^ the Lines or_ Public Works, and Sonlhern Line of Carried on Line of Tier. the the Western ? . Canal. Canal. 1841. Railroad. FT,8 5,112 2 053 1,180,003 30 Lumber, $ 1,727,986 756,176 4,093,213 2I0.30B A-lir. t,, ., 1,421 2,7.56 9.121 6 P.ik, bis. 231,815 632.137 133,263 7 8 539 R."r?'.*i 18 0.100 2,51,121 2,970,758 1,412,216 Wo > , lh?, 1.311,993 3.39i,?95 3,617 075 660 688 Flour, Ms, 69,500 1,291,157 1.617,492 C 2JC Wheat, bn'l, 1,376,366 7,070,129 781.055 111,312 live, " 513,510 114,856 8,070 362.741 Corn, ' 1,189.656 3,770 446 113,762 68 642 Bailey, " 85 166 1,452.277 171,010 88 013 Oiti, Uc. ' 2 823,956 6 260,557 1,109 388 873,868 Potaora, " 4,412.818 8,773,073 32,397 3,249 316 Cottou, lbs. ? ? 196,842 ? Tobacco, lba. ? 580 850,732 54,355 Seeds, " ? ? 3,571,:i34 ? H im, lb?. 19,815 196,138 298,096 1 31,789 Spirit*, xal*. 278,229 3,9>3.538 2,012.770 608,912 L-alher, 6 415,683 1,815,829 1,856.900 3,572,102 Furniture, lb. ? ? 1,538 727 Lead, lb. 100,000 ? 259,172 ? Iron, lb. 6,080,000 7,862,000 4,037,123 8,360,000 Ir-iuwire.S, 66.115 116.000 40.039 199,460, $ 541 650 1,271,800 4 88 531 3 679 C tin lis, $ 35,000 271,000 410,106 11,577,790 Salt, bush. ? 2,867,880 18.197 ? 8' tie, S. 25,427 781,870 25,726 355,720 Gypsam, 8 ? ? 302 ? Coal, lea, ? ? 16,089,871 ? Sundries, 8, ? ? 1,278,805 ? Capital in trade. 3.551,317 10,876 720 ? 3,422,645 Populition, 308,589 704,049 ? 311,932 The value of all these article* transported upon the canal in 1811, was $33,925,294, of which amount $9 70ft,927 came from other State*, making a value of $23,218,370 of the property ofthe counties on the line of the canal aent to market. Thii wai delivered at Albany and part went down the Hudaon and the remainder, which, with the produce from the countiei on the lino of the railroad, forma the business of the Weatern road. Now it appears that, althi gh those countiei produce a value nearly equal to the southern tier of New York counties,that busi. ness with the whole outlet of the Erie Cr.nal is insufficient to support the work. The value of the whole business of the Brie Canal in 1841, was $92,202 927 Of this amount the descending value was 27,226,322 Of which sum came from other States, 14,409,518 The merchandise ascending was 50,134,320 Of which sum went to other States, 15,000,000 It thus appears that the counties through which the canal passes, furnished a business worth $62,000,000, and with atout 836,000,000 belonging to this State yielded a revenue nf 4-1 13X1 889 whirh la In nav all the Slate evnen ses and carry a debt of $-24,01)0,000, besides the $3,000,000 already spent on the Erie Railroad. Now it appears that the population of the southern tiers is half that of the canal counties, and the wealth about one third, consequently they may yield a business equal to $-20,000,000 ; and if the road takes half the trade of the western States it will have a trade equal to $35,000,000, from which to raise an annual sum equal to $2,000,000, with which to pay interest on construction, wear ?nd tear, and all incidental expenses. The Massachusetts counties, it appears, are about equal in wealth and population to the New York southern tier, and may yield about the same business, say $20,000, 000, which, :>4ded to half the canal trade, gives a business of $66,000,000 or double that which can be derived from the Erie Railroad, and its cost is less than half of tha work. The proportion of its business to its cost and expenses arc 400 per cent greater than that of the Erie Rail road, yet its sioox is at svpcrceni umsniii. rsow u ap pcara from these figures, which are official, that the only result of building the Erie Railroad will be to divert to much trade from the Erie Canal as to make an additional direct tax neceasary to pay the State debt, and the profits of the trade so diverted will be sunk in the expenses of the Erie Railroad, which can never pay, at least for an age to come. Hnlea at the Stock Kxthanifa, 500 NY 5 s, 1858 81)$ 58 shas Harlem s30 I3X ViO Obi.isr,0 70 50 do New Jersey 65 10000 Arksru.i* S's 29 50 do 60<1? 65 12 shai Ain Esr Ilk, 58 50 do 6lK ,J 3? J/snktta Bk, Cin 48 50 no 64 * 71 do Meren Ins Co 75 25 do Paterson ICO 481* j vi , . T3 250 do ? 91 do Voliswk 3,,!^ Ion t30 48 ~ }" 31 25 do Stoningtm, 16)$ P do b00 3* 25 do 16 do boo 31W jo do 130 16 25 do h60 31)J Second Board. 50 alias Mohawk ,3 State of Trade, The closing of the canal by froet will check further receipts of pro.luce. It may again be opened, ao aa to allow the passage of boats now ice-bound, but doubtful. Malaises?New Orleans brought 2(1 rente, 4' months. 35 hints. New Orleans at 19}, 4 months. Naval SI ores?North County turpentine at $9,76: spirits turpentine ot 40 cents,4 months. Oils?Whale is scarce. 200 bbla. 10Id at 86c. cash; En glish Linseed, afloat, at 67} cents, cash. Crude aperm brought A3 cents. Safari?Sales Porto Rico at 6} a 8}; St. Croix 6J; Cubs 5] a 5}; white Brazil 7f; white Havana Sj; brown do 6} a a (ij, all 4 months. Died. On TueeHay evening, 23d inst. MasvJaxf, daughter of John V. and Ellen Tracy,aged two years and twenty-five days. > the friends and relatives, and those of his fathrr-in-law Robert Charhw, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 3} o'clock, from N ). I'JO Orange street. At Staten Inland, on the 13th init. Mr. Abraham Caochrrox, in the 79th year of hit age, an old and respectable citizen. Mall Arrangement*. Sooth Mail is el ?n| dolv (? -xcepi Sunday) at. 3)4 o'clock, p. M (on Sunday at 1^ o'clock. r. w ) Tina M ?il supplies Piula?l?rIpliia, Baltimore ami VV.* ?inu < i?y ITi? * . %iuJ convt -.$ matter lor Michigan, the Tenitorteji of Wise inio and Iowa, 4>id ihnae Northern Counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania; ako, the Northern part of ludiam and IIIhioh. Tin South W.v,-M ol, w hii'h .supplier the office# in New ) i |*il loca, a. if- (ci S lays.)? in Extra Wa Mail wbi< ip| ?the , m- i|. i < iFi .. the R ilro o between this ind Philadelphia, is ( ustd dailj it ttt o'clock, r m. The (treat North Mail, including all matter in thin State, North and W? st of AI bam-?tint part ?f tin State of Vermont King on the West aide of die Green Mountains?aid .ill ( .tiiaUa, la closed dally during sleam navigation, ?t 4 o'clock, r m. Arrive* Closes* The W iy-M nl to Albany, including) 6 a. m all the principal towns ou the Hudson >6 a. m. it Rin S 3^? r. m. The Great Eastern Mail, via Stnuington, Providence and Boston, including New Hampshire, Maine, part of Massachusetts, part i)l Vermont, the Eastern British Provinces, daily, except Sundays* 7 a. m. 3S r. m The Mail by steamboat to New Haven, and by railroad from thence to Hartford, incluuiug those offices adjacent thereto, daily, except Sundays 2 p. M. 6 a. m The Mail by the Norwalk and Bridge |>ort Steamboats, connected with Houaatouic RaiIroid, supplying office* ill that secri.w? nf I I.r.? ?h* Ii daily- 5 p. M. The Mail via Yon ken and Sine Sine to IN lukill. -1 ill? \ ci * Sand. . t p. M. "t a. m. The Mail via Eut Chester, White (Mains, and Bedlord, to Danbury, Ct. daily, except Sunday 6 r. M. 6 a. m. c 8 a. m. 7 a. m. The Mail for Brooklyn, twirr & day < & h. I 1 p. M. \X p. m. The Mail for Tompki i?ville, daily, eicept Sunday....... . 9 a. m. The Wav-Mail supp injt offices on the Kast side of the Hut .on Hiver, between this and Albany, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6 A. M. The Way-Mail on the West sid* of the Hudson River, to Albany, Monday, j Wednesday , and Fruity 1 p. M. ( The Mai .<in Long Island arc closed at follows:? On the North side, Tuesday and Friday 6 a. n. On the South side, Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6 a. M. On the Middle mule. Tuesday and Friday fi *. M. Jamaica, daily, eicept Sunday 6 a. Si. Flushing, daily, except Sunday 7 a si. Fort Hamilton, Flatlmsh, Sir. daily, except Sunday 1 A. M. F. latent Mail, > la Stnuington. dec. is closed on Saturday evenings at 9 o'clock, and forwarded at I o'clock Sunday morning by land. Time of arrival Sunday eveuiug, 9 o'clock. PauetiKeri Arrived. Chari.e?to!v?Ship Sutton?Mr Kingtland And lady. Mis: Chiterden. Passengers Sailed. Mobile?Brig Sa\annah?Mr. Henry Homer and lady, Miss Mary Homer. Domestic Importations New Orleans?Ship Arno?50 hales cotton Brown Brothers St co?2R0 L Biker?215 Misters, Mark >e St co?71 A Averill & co?57 O McBride? 3 G.iodhne St Co?100 R L Maitlsnd?32 L Dr.pei?t do lOhhds tobacco H Butterwotth. Charleston?Ship Sutton?BO tcs rice Smith, Mills 8t co? flfi 11 P Leverich?682 bales cotton Viecor St Duckwiiz?10 pkgs to order. MAR I T I ME HE R A LP. To Bltlp Masters and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains ol vessels will gis? to Commodore William A. Baasott. of onr newt fleet, a renort of the ahimiinir left it the nssrt wIiptipp lh?i' msL.1 iK.< tetsels spoken on their passage, a lis' or tlieir cargo, end any foreign newspapers they may have. He wi'li 'mart) them immediately on thei. arrival Agent* and correspondents at home or abroad, wilt alro confer a favor by lending to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. 44, 1844. aim tun 7 15 I moon 11 27 sow arTs- 45 mioh 12 55 Cleared. Ship* Roiciui, Collins. Liverpool. ? K Collin* & Co; Bur gundy. Wotten. Havre, 0 Bolton, ho* tic Lirin aton; Elizt Ann, Very, East Indie* J Henry William.; Sir l*?ac Newton, (Hamburg) Weinholt. Hamburg, 8. bmidi tic Balchrn; Clifton, lugeraoll, New Orleans, J Mary It Son; Alfred, Bearar. A|i.?Ischicola. Wm Whitl >ck, Jr; George, ( Br) Hanler, City Point, Schmidt & Balchen?Brigs Chaires, (Mi pman, Santa Martha ami Carthag-na; Lady Wa.hingtoa, (Br) Stowe, Grenada via Yarmouth, NS. Wm M Godet.?Schr* Caroline. Colin g*, M iUmora*, H Sonlhmayo gc Son; Oror.imho, Manaanilla. Neaiiiith, Letd* He Co; John Fairfield, Leland, Plymouth, NC. do; Wave, Crowell, Philadelphia, A B Cooley k Cot Aleiandiia, Lew is, Aleanidria, Stiirges k Clearman; Denmark, Davis, Fred.ricksburg, A B Coolev k Co; Oregon, Hubbard, Richmond, do do. Arrived. Ship Sutton, Galloway, 8 day. from Charleston, with cotton ami rice, to Geo. Sutton. The S. has been off the Hook for aeveral day.. Ship Aruo, Diiey, from New Orleans, Nov. I. with corton, to ma.ter S.ili d in co. with ba-ques Mary k Jane, for New York; Nimrod, Boston. 15th nst. passed a ship with a black cross in her topsail, stetrii g S. Below, One ship, two brigs. Wind NE with rain. General Record. Ship ViiTiiL* was tak?n on the Screw Dork laat Tuesday, with her entire c*rgo, 55.000 lbs cotton, 1(10 tons hillaat. kc. as | flie came in from ?ra. She will * st'ippcd, caulked, re-coopered, kr. The Vistula was from New Orleans bound to Hull, -ml put iu here in distress, with loss of rudder, nod leaking bully. She will be ready for sea agtin lu a few days, without disturbing her ergo. Ship Scotland, Merriman, after repairing at Savannah, left that on I lie 18th, lor Liverpool. Schr Coral, Wellsby, ol and for Thomastnn, from Ah *sndria, with corn and flour, went ashore a lew milea above Wiscasset, 11th in?t.; cargo mostly saved in a damaged state. The cargo waa insured at Thomuton for $2300. Schr Victort, before re iwrted ashore uearCape Poge, was got off ISih, and anchored below Edgartown. Brio Massachusetts, lately ashore below Newburyport, has been got off. Brio Huntress, at New Orleans, reports having seen on the 3d inst. a htiqae ashore on the Colorado Shoals, west end of Coba, with her topsails loose, made uo signal?a scar to windward si Aniline tnwsrd* her. Sunk.?Oh the 4th inst. off Double Headed Shot Keys, the topgallant mut head of a sunken vesael ?u seen about 8 feet abovg wafer. flaio OaoNTis?The following singular affair is mentioned by the Jamaica Standard of the 15th ultOn Monday, a man named Robertson, the mate of the American brig Orontra, now in the harbor,wa* Drought before ihe sitting magistrates.cha rgtd with using violsnt language to the captain, and threatening to boot him and the steward The only extenuation offered by the mate was. that he had met his brother, whom he had not seen for seseuteen years; that they got a " little merry" together, and that he only took the pistols up " in fun," and not intending to carry his threats into execution. The magistrates, how-rer, rcry properly treated the matter more serioudi?told Robertson that his beiug drunk was no extenuation, and s-nteuced htm to ten '*avs imprisonment ill the county gaol, and at the expiration of that period to - ntrr into security to keep the peace, 8ic. Launch ? Barque r Uira, of about 200 tons, was launched at Calais, Me. on the 2d tut. SoUcc to Marlnrrx. Custom Housk, i Newburyport, Ma-s., Nov. 21, 1842. J The lights in the Light Houses on Plum Island, will be extinguished from this date, for the purpose of fitti' g new lanterns. When the work is completed, due notice will he given. Ht.asr W. Kinsman, Collector. Whalemen. Arr at Holmes Hole 19th inst. Ontario, Oibhs. from Pacific Ocean, Otaheita July 7, of and for Nantucket, with 2?.'>0 bbls snm oil. Spoke and heard from on Off Shore Oronnd Keb 21, Ohio, Smith. Nant. 7 mos, 200; Monticello, Coggeshal', do, 6 moa. 108; March9, Parachute, Wtlccx, NB. 16 mos, 2100; 21st, Foster, Cnngdon, Nant. 7 mos, 120; April 1, Sarah Frances. Daggett, FH. 28 mos, 1300 ; 3 1. fciassachusetu, Brrnad, NB. 18 mos, 750; May I, Columbus, Pease, do, 21 mos, 606; 2d, Arushnet. Pease, FH. 16 mos, 700; June 1, Walter Scott. Bunker, Nant. 18 mos, too; 3d, Cyrus, Emmons, d 1, 18 mos, 750; 15th, L C Richmond, Luce, NB 12 mos. 780; Jefferson, Cash, Nant. 2l mos, 2100; 16th. Win Penn. Lincoln. Falmouth.6 inns, 30; Wm Lee, Otfford, New port. 21 mos, 500; P'h, Eagle, Coffin, NB. t mos, 1200 ; 26th. Columbia, Joy, Nant. 8 mos, 200; 30th, Nile, Cook, NB. 12 mos, 920; heard from in June, Atlantic, Hoag, Nant. 1400; Spartan, 4'...ffin, do, 31 mos, 1800; at Newkahma Jan 29, Favorite, Young. FH. 14^ mos. 850; Feb 24, Pacific, Taher, NB. 18 mos. 1100; M rch 5, Alex Coffin, W\er, Nant. IB mos, 1900; 19th, Ceres, Avres, Wilmington, 7 mos, 100; 26th, Aurlley Clark, llriswold, Newport, 16 mos, 800; 27th, Rodman, Whitten, NB. I9hs mos, 154)0; May 2, tsoscoe, McCleave do, 24 mos, 2050 ; 24th, Timoleon, Bavlies. do, 29 mos, 1400; 29th, Phenix. Hksmh'in, Nant. 23 mo*. 1400; J<fr 20, Pop,mac, Hnssey, do, 8 mos, 350; heard f.nm, Franklin, Ray, Nant. to mos. 154): at Otaheit-Jnly 1, Neptune Ludlow, SH 2f00. I30sp; 21, O I- Raymond, Deiintsoti, do; Herald, Nve, N B. 43 mos, 1500, to sail In a few da\ s; Aug 7, 8app ire, Cartwriglu, Salem, 1200 wh 8(10 sp; 10th, Rowi na, Estes, FR. 12 mos, 1400 wh 300 tp; Triad, Case, (Jreenport, 12 toi, 1400 sp; Lvdia, Cat heart, Nant. 22 mot, 850; Navy, Brock, Newburyport, 25 mos, 800 wh 600 sp; spike Sept 21, Iat2l 30 8, Ion 26 W, Meteor, Burrows, Orotou,60 days out, clean. Heard from June 15, Almira, Tobey, Edgartown, wanting I whale to fill, bound home. Also arr, Xenophon, J. ties, New Z'alind, with 2200 bbls wh sod 100 sp oil, for Saghatbor?put in short of provisions. Spoken?Oct 3, 1st 16 20 8, Ion 35 W. Lancaster, Bttker, 85 da* from New Bedford, all well?had laaded 93 bbls at the Axores. Spoken. Tamer, from Baltimore for Portland, Nov 20, off Montauk. Fellowship, from Baltimore for St Andrews, Nov 19, off Block Island. dosuiii. iruvn Diiumure lor Dotimi, ^ot iy, on D'ock isi.inu. J11 n d'Ulloa,from Havana for Ha'lfax, Nov 15, ofT Block Island. L"di, from Boston for Philadelphia, Nov 16. off Fire Island. ann, from Baltimore for Boston, Nov 18, off Fire Island Ileury Clay, from New .Orleans for Halifax, Nov 18, off Montaak. Homer, from Eastport for Wilmington, Del. Nov 10, off Barnegat. Luzon, from Portland for Mobile Nov 20, off Montank. L N Perkins, from Bangor for West Indies, Nov 21, off Cape Mav. Orandee, from Gloucester for Philadelphia, Nov 21, off Egg Harbor. Cervantes, from Charleston for Boston, Nov 21, off Cape May. Hieln Batter, from Salem for Baltimore, Nov 22, off Block I itand t ediurn. from Plymouth, Mass. for Norfolk, Nov 21, off Montaak. China, from Savannah for Portsmouth, NH. Nov 21, tiff Montank. Aurora, 7 days from Boston for Ooree, Not 10, lat 32 N, Ion OR 10 \V. Florida, from New York for Savannah, No* Charletlon Bit. Forrlgn Porta. Brrwoi Atr*?, Sept 15? Inrport, Henry KneeUml, Locke, urn ; Smynv, D ry. from New York, err 2 Ij F.lco, Carter, for do.ton, 2 or 3 daya; Helen McLeoil, Nnrtia, lor Baltimore, 1#; MtlWi Freemen, tor NYnrk, Idg; Vigilant, Union, of and for Sd< m, nnc. err B'ii; Africe. Lemont, for Patagonia, do, err ihenre and Montevideo Ifltn. Americe, Mnnroe, .ailed llth (or Philadelphia; King Philip, for Rio Janeiro 13th. Home Porta. HaLt.owftL.4j No* 15?Slrl Shawmot, Ballard, Cnha. I'tinian. Nov 20?Arr Ontario, Hart, Uoatou; Signal, Wal Inn, Baltimore; Tecnmaeh, Brala, Philadelphia for Boaton.? CldtUi, American, Wenburg. Mobile; I9ih, Monament, Vining, Surinam; Lvdta, Haley, Havana . PoaTamouTH, No* 21?Arr Atlantic, Nickeraon, Phileilelidii i. Sai.FtM, No* 19?Slil H-nry, M'tervey. Baltimore. BoaToia, No* 22?A'rM'ilin. Goodhue, Bnenoa Ayret; De I a were, K.her; William Pmn, Tay lor; Delaware, Wait*, and Kelipae, Wheiden. Philadelphia; Washington, Divm Waah'"K'on, NO, Friend, Lovcll, and Oreanleaf, Sleepe', NYoik.? Signal for a barque ?nd 3 briga. Cld Dromo, Devereaut, Matinr.aa; Thracian. Brown, Mobile; (iapet. Hoilge. Siinnam; Paedorr, Tillingtieet, Savannah; Litchfield. Denton, Richmond Arr 2l.t, Mnrert, Rey nold., Alc*?!l!jrl*i Dover, IVrcival, BalBmore; Splendid, fTroweiY.TS Willirm T King, Crowell. NYork Nrw BgDroao, Nov 19?Arr Cortielis Rickctton, NYork, 20th, Jane, Read, Philadelphia: Ooeco, Batet, do; Republic, Sou Iff, fry of*; Guilford, Coleman, Albany Sid Tboa Hoopor. Pernval, Baltimore. RpuaRTOW*. Nov 19?Iti port, Huby, R<>bin?ou, NYork for Machias, with dtmiff j Cardinal Ward, do for Salem; Columbia.Currirr Philadelphia for Nt*wburvi>ort; Vulturr, 8mill, NYork fordo; Locinda Snow. Trundy, Norfolk for Plymouth and Boatoo?atruck whila coming up the harbor, Iraka ba Iy, and will ico oil the railway to rej>air; Kiiterprise, A len. NYork for Harrington, aud about so Mil of v? s?eD, bit tiy bnuud PloviDKRcr, Nov tl?Arr t'oinmcn'v, Herd, Chul***'0?; HI anor. Joues, Baltimore; ^ally, Giaddinc, Albany: TilUf*. Oik*. NYork; Providelice, Hr avu, do; Win Hcur;, B^; Ju'irt, F"rnhier, do. Sid C arh>t>ii Packet, Crowcll, Plitttdel oh ii; SqUrv* it Brother*. ate elm an, do Ai him, N '? 21?Cid 0 ii . Fuller; Uocas, Lovell, and Two Brothers, Goodspt-ed, Ronton. I'mii.aoki fin a, Nov 23?(Id Kdward, Stvel, Rivt i la Plate: J Petertou, Green, B*rbad?j?\,; Grandee, Gilcniut, Boston; S R Pa ruler, Holland, Noi W'ch; P*IU?, Tragae, Newburypon; Shark, Strveneou, New York. Arr in the Schuvlkillt Oceana, Anderson,'NYork. Norfolk. Nov 19?Arr Gen Scott, Dowdy, NYork. lvirnd An .r.nn ., lie t I i)r I. V. . .,.,1 I....II, fnr A nlWrrii and Ark, Flanders. for Portsmouth, Eng. weut to walnnnihr , IliMtla to-day. Cld Jdfenon, Dyer, Barb adocs; Rose, Kelly, Ani*guv \V11.min<;to, NC. Nov li? \rr Science, Harding, Boitou; HoUiid, Adttn?, Guadeloupe. Franklin, Patten, do; Tiojan, j B ?ckm??n, Portland; Btr ine, Batter, Pro* ileuce; Delaware, Wlntliev. Turk* Island; 8a"m l N Gott, Given, Guada) upe; Tiovi, Tvler, New York; Win Hart, Gaudy, do. Cld Albert Perkins, Clark. Martinique; Aurora. Phur, do; Betieji, Bumham, New Bedford; Echo, Mruer. Hivaui; Auaapti. Swcsry, Matanu*; Osceola, Williams. Washington, DC, C E Thorn, Smith; Julia, Shoemaker, aud Kt-gulus, Hawkins, NYoik; lu* create. Warren, Antigua Washinoton, NC. Nov II?Arr Merchant. Bentlev, Thomattou; I6'h, Anaconda, Pugh, New York. Cld 11 Ji, Charles, Dodge, Philadelphia; 13 h, Perfect, Rich Boston; 16th, Marcia, Phillip*, New York ; St r, Williams, do: 17th. Adeline, (new) Pugh. do; Billow. Anderson, B >?ton. To sail 18th. Mary Caroline, Nichols, NYork, before reported as returned to repair d oiMg-s sustained on the Swash. Charlk.sto*, Nov 16?Arr E>li?ton, (Br) Samjison. Nassau, MP. 1 M M. rchaot, Leslie, Mitai-r. ?s. Shi Moselle, H'Ut, Ha* re. William. B *con. Apalachirola Arr 17lh. Lt Unit, K- ndrick, B 'Ston; Mersey, Tucker, NY rk, Powha tan, Marshall, do; L liCet, Kruae, Havana; Jo? phine, H? dge. B ?lnii' bernard D?>uuell, Bath, M-. Arr I6ih. G orge, H ?1I, Nior ? Cld Lucas, Eldridge, Boston; Margaret Forbes, Prescolt, Liverp ?ol. GkoRUKTOWIV, SC. No* Arr Atlantic, Strvens, Barnstablc; Planet, Terry, N\ oik; Mary, R chardsou, do. Savannah, Nov 16?Sid Lanr talnre. Lyon, Liverpool. Arr I7lh, Gen Parkhiil, Hoyt, New York; Phd'tra. Doane, do. Sid Caledonia, Aleiander, L'rer|>ool; Scotland, Mtrryman, do; Saratoga, Be 'ell. Tain a Bay. St M arks. Fla. Nov 11?Arr Souther, Baker,Boston; Billow, Berr*, New York; Hmrv Clay. Tucker, do; H rp, C.iinr, at Thomas; 10th, Eun line, New York. Cld R W Browu, Kelly. NYork. Mob'LC, Nov 13?Arr Jessie Miller, (Br) Crowdrr, Liverpool. In port 10th?Shins Octorara, Smith, Liker|H?ol; B utuw?ck, McMhihis, d.?; Win Goddard, Potter, do; Lorena, Uniuhuri. Havre; Tuskina, Spencer. w York; Atalanta, Hart, uo; Aleitud-r, Andrews; Rockingham, Penhallow; Milton. Diioo; Kalamazoo, McCerreti; Active, Beard; Canton, Otin; Bomingham, Robinson, all for freight; Laac Newton, S|*aldmg; Rob Roy, Arnold; E Dennison, Post, and Washington, (Br) *Vilkins, disg; b?rquvs Southerner, Hall ft, Boston; Olof Wvk, Crrasay, do; Thames, Prince, NYork; Elizs, Talbot; Zeoobia, Remington; Quinnebaug, Fulton; Popiu, Gay, and Superb, (6r) SlcSl llau, freight; Strabo, Shoof, diss; brigs Caucasian, Sprague, Philadelphia: Virginu, Ta'bot, NYork; Ef'fringe, Leavift, fitvana; Caroline, Gilkev, di*g: Wetumpka, Fowler, do. Cld I2ih, Oregon, Ghddon, NewOrleans. Arr Clarendon, S'oddard, Boston; Plymouth, Fuller, do: Allioth. Simpson, do; Ranger, M'lliken, do; Shrlton, Burwell, do; Olga, Thaiter. do; New Hunpshire, Chase, Portsmouth; Hector, SjH-ncer, N York; Weskeag, Spanldiug, dv>; Reform, Til* ou, do; Due d'? Orlnoi, d??: OiCfoU. Child, Newcastle, Me; Sus hi E Howell, Btiley. Baltimore; Herrnui, AHen,do; John Cadmat, Blanch rdt Portland; Coos*, Moore, Philadelphia; Nicholas Brown, Read. Providence; Manco, Niehols. Clnrleston; R Mill*, Darling, NVork; larmion, Smith, Hartford. New Om.r afii? ^ov 13?-Arr Hudson, Pave, Havre. Below, coming uo, Lilltui, from Noifolk; Telurnah, Gliddeti, ApalachicoL; Uzardo, Miller, Thomaston?^boot 25 others, mo tly square rucked vessels, between the English Turn aud the Bali ze. Cld lllh, Echo, Bill, Havre; Peruvian, Spear, do; Torn P*iue, Anderson, NYork; Eneigy, Sellew, Apulachicola. Arr Wakona, Borland Boston; Viola, Jameson, do vi? Mobile; Mrtoka, McLaren, New York; European, McLellau, do; Mrdori, Lunt. do; Tiger, Lovett. Antwerp; Alrmra, '1 hayer, Portland; G Midwiu, Divis, Liv rpool; Sidney. Cowan, do; OcUvius, Colburn, Wilmington, DtI; Edwin, Robinson, Warren; Bostoniau, Em.nson, Thomas ton; Kpervier, Perrin, do; Catherine, Ves|?er, mi; Chattahoochie, Ooaue, Kingston, Jam; Sab-op, BUckiugton, Thomastou. B< low, mining up, Mediord, Willine, Liver|Niol; Sheffield Poster, Bath Me; Strtbo, Shoof, Mobile; Palestine, Apthorp, Ganges. Win Penn, and others.? Cld 10th, Howard. Hill, Live<p?sol; Hero Guiding HtVana.? Arr Constantine. Wads worth, Boston; Liverpool, Agry, New York;Orleans, Sear , do;Isabella. Bnggt, d&lrim re via Ch-'ston aad Mobile; Ohio, Hitch. Phil'defiulia; Rockall, Higgins. I iv?rpool; Btalesmtu, Gilchrist, Thomas'on; Auiha-sador, N York; Orleans,, Richmond, Va; Chapman, Thompson, Charleston; J H Adatn?.(Bre ? ) Rothfoss, Bremen; Neriad, (Br) Grant, Bermuda. B~low, corn tig up, Lord Beaton, (Br) Fiizsimmnus, Liverpool; Goodwin, Davis, do; Tib r, do; Edwin, Robin-oil, Boston; C'tharine. Arr 9th, Fairfield, Wil son. New York; wh*k?|?eare. Miner, do; M -tuke- s tt, '1 aylor, Albania, Crowell. B ston; Pont, Grahain. La Ouayra; Champlain, Miller, Philadelphia; President'-, Ruis, Havana; Caledon a, Massieotl, Baltimore; Am /.on, Barhelder, Bath, Mr.? Cld Lucy, Little, Liverpool; Oneco, Drew, do Below, coming up. Europe, Barker, New York; Delaware, Patten, and Caspian, Patten, Bath tfok sale?The well known public house, Bower. Cottage, with th?* building* and uuetpired lease of said premises, fthich has five years to run from the 1st of next premises, with judicious management, will enable the purchaser to liv-relit ireej The present occupant being about to retire into the country, will sell upo-' g^od terms to a rcajionsiblr person. For paiticuiars, inquire of E. PARMELE, tflltty 298 Bowerv. XHE Bills of the M onmouth Bank, N )., will be redeemed 1 at the Clinton Bauk, viz:?Tens aud upwards par, lives and under I jiercent. n24 lmec Napoleon bonaparte win he i prominent topic oi the S cond Advent Lecture, at the corner of Catherine 8c Madison streets, where Jo?iah Lt'rh will illustrate the lllh and i2ih chapters of Daniel, this, Thurdav, and <o-moirow, Friday ev mugs, at 7 o'clock. The Midnight Cry, No. 788 published to-day and to-morrow?will show the ? zact fii'filrnent of prophecy in the departure of M?homedon supremacy *t Constantinople in 18 tl Office 36 Park R ?w. d2I lfec PACKET SHIP ROSCIUS for Liverpool.-Passcncna by this s tip will please be on hoad ihe steamboat Hercules, at Wnitehill to-mor?ow, 25lti iust, at 12o'clock, at which time th* ship will ?si!. Letter kigt will close at (fil pin's NVvi* Room, at 1'5? A M, at which pi*ce flulv letters will he received. n21 2ter RAFVLE?RAFFLE?R A FFLE. T^HE thiol .?'id last Giand Raffle this season-1Tickets On? Dollar each.?To hu r?tff>-.l for i osI'ivhIv 011 I'm ?>lav I t nl Dec. uexr.a handsome Spanish Circular Genllt mail'* Cloak with caj?e and sl.k velvet collar and facings, and complete ii every other respecfa. For pari cm art apply a' No. 1 Murray it basement, corner Bro?dw*y, where thv cloak c tn be ?eeu. Tickets only J dollar, which mu?r. be paid for when the nam her* are taken. Any genrlemau wsntinu a cloak would do wel to try iu this, for at the nrk of only one dollar he may become possed of a cloak w orth $90. The raffle will no?iti?ely take place on the above named date, at At. Joluu Hall, 8 r rankforl st, at 8 o'clock in the evening precisely. On Christmas and New Year's There is to be snow, Without a cloik You must not go To visit the ladies; Yru know it's no joke, So take my adviee And coine for the cleak. n24 tol3dc*ec GRAHAM'S M AGAZINE?Ofli ;e 88 Bowery.?Or tham'i Lides and Gentlemen,s Magazine?J[Fen i mo re Cooper, Wm r Bry-uil, Her:.iy >1 Loin. IVI i.. w, Kirhard H Dana, \ijii numerous other eminent au hors, regular conrnhutois. Contents of the December Number, Vol 21:? Richard Dale; a biography, by J Fenimore Cooper. The Serenade, a sonnet. The Widow of Newburg, a Tale of the Olden Times, by J H Mane n. Fou- Sonnets, by Miss KDzabetn B Barrett. The Dream, a sonnet, by Mrs Weba Smith Malina Gray, a tale, by Mr* Ann 8 Stephens. Noon, from an Unpnblisho I l'oem, by Wm Cullen Bryant. Truth * tsle. by Mrs Frances Sargeut Osrood. T rue Affection, an illustration of a picture. The Persecutor's Daughter, a story of the Covenantees, by C J Peterson. A R*ce for a Sweetheart, by the Author of Jack Dowtiing's Le ters, The Far- well, Ike. Harry Cave-dish, the last chapter, by the? author of Cruizing in 'he Last War The Holy Nights,a poem .by Henry Morford. The Ladies Library, by W A Jones. The Pastor', Visit, illustration of a picture. Tne Hasty Marriage, a Sketch from IReal L;f% by Robert Monis. To the Night Wind in Autum, by Geo H Colton. Bditor's Table. Editor's Book Table. Embellishments? True Affection, a splendid Steel engraving. byfRawdon, I Wiight, Hatch and Smilie. A waiting the Husbands Return a fine Mezzonteat, engraved by H S Sadd. The Pa?tor's Visit, an elegant steel plate, by A S Dicke. Terms $3 |?er annum in advance, or 25 cents a single number, published monthly, delivered in any* past of this c ty and Brooklyn, and sent by mail to any part of the Ui-i"?l 8 ates, bv n2t 2t*ec ISRAEL PO*T, 88 Bowery. COUGH8,. Colds. Consumption, H irrseuess, So e Throat, Spirting ol Blood, Bronchi is, 8t?\, is cured for one shilling by a scientific phytici-n's invention, criled?Professor Jones' Cough Candv, or comi*>ond extract of t??lu and Spanish moss, composed of 43 of the rarest herbs and plants the vegetable empire i>ossese*. Read this ,Vain, honest explana ion to the public ?The principal materials in this candy were formerly orescribed bv an eminent physian, in liquid fo/m. Sorely ir i* superior when taken tn tne shape of a beautiful candv, pleasant lo ti e taste, elegant in ions,and mil lettlone in operation ft seeds bet one trial to convince all of its merits. It i* bnt one shilling for a trial: who will use it ? It is slightly pnrga ive.removing all humor* from and purifying the blood. In fact, from the hundreds a ready cured by this, the propria tor feel* warrante I in offering th"?e terms th <1 in case persons are not satisfied, to return the money to them?the public must perceive this i.a fsir dealing, J -i i? .? . <r i *ni .. inn I'lliIIIX ,?r"T-? i ru'ii?n ? ? |iu ?in> ijcvrru m * tor reqn^fs one trial ?rom all person* wh ?hav pulmonary c mphiuu. He wa'rauU there is uo mercury in this as in some puf: 'I im lidseiortl d%i It ft sold cheap that rich ind poor nui iji if. Sold only It I, 2 or 4 ihltiisn O arite p rkaire hv T. Jones, si<ii of the American K*gle 82 Chatham at. N Y. Appointeu A*?nts?Z? ib?r, Thiol anil D.ick sr. Phil, 4 State st, B'Mton 57 State kt, Alh?ny 130 Foliotist, Brooklyn, O-ai les K'iik, Charleston, 8 C, Zeiber, next to the American Hotel, Wa?hii.Kton. D C. n2l 1m*ec KXt KACT from the foMowimc Com'riltre'a Hrpoit:?Con stderiuif that it ( Wild; r's Salamander Iron Stfr) was e?. posed to an immense heat for * period ol emht h<uri, while each of the others *ftr destr "> ee by the same treat in less halt two hours. we have no heiiuiiou in tayimr that ?e consider Wililrr'i 8 lam.andei Safe reallv fiie-pronf, and afTorilinic per security to hooks find im ers in case o* tire. CHA?LK.S H. MARSHALL, B ALDWI S St CO. WAUSWOTH fc SMITH, MInTCKN St t o. Wilder's I'atant Salamander Kirc Proof 8are can only he liar) at the Iron YVan house of SILAS C, HKRKINN' 131 Water street. N. B?Second hand Safes of olh'r m,lter?. such as hire been taken ill part payment for th" Wilder's Safe, can he had at lo ihtn of the ihstcnit. n2lr A CARD? j II iKDOT'i'K. !). ? i n> in I irin In trie nils an , the public kener&llv that he has opened a Cahi aud Board inirHo use; for gentlemen at No. 130 Broadway which will he conducted Upou the plan of llie Ci-lt brated Lafu Toitoni at "ana. There are about twenty furnished rooms aticlied to the Cs'e which will lie let and meals furnished t9 arty number 01 gentlemen forming a club, at audi hou-s aa they may aelect. Madame B tribute, long and he t?uits favorably known aa i lie prophetess of a aelect maiaou de pension in this city will superintend the house. gentlemen will be furnished with meals at any hoar in the coffee room. The cuisine arrangement* will be f >uud of the first orde- and the wines, liquors, Sir., the best that can be procured regaiutea* ol eipense. An Inspection of the establishment is r? speetfnllr solicited. CAKE TOBTONI, n932wis?r lit) Broadway, between Liberty k f>dar sts. A BAFFLE for I'ooTtry at Aube.-y's House, No. 11 Ps'k Row, eveiy Wednesday and Saturday evening'.'. The ptoprislor has made arrantremen's and will receive twice a week a I ante supply rf (Canvass Bark Ducks, and will be happy to siipn|v dealers and others on reasonable terms. f llwfci*! NOTl( K?The KratikTin' offre House, 16 M iden List sud IS Cedar street.?J. P BltOVVN lias llie pleasure to tnfo-tn his fftenns and ru*(?m-ia that owing to the favorable state of the markets, he is enabled to reJuce his dinner charges from l*J< cents to 13)y ren'a |>er plate, on fish sod or-at, and from J.1 to eenfa per plate on poultry. A corresponding rrdnctiou also for Bryakfait and Tea. n?1 P * ism pOrrBK ? IM l.asrs very superior English Copper from in ^ n% to "Sot. for isle in lots to suit purchasers by E K. COLLINS k CO., uMr X Siuth strset AUCTION SALES TH?MA? Bt-'.LI . Auctioneer. BY BELL fc HOWARD. ! 3l-rti fV ui tt.tmi ??<? <\'j Moron ilrnl I THURSDAY. At 10o'clock hi thr ?*'? room*. 8%le of 11 w tad Mead b lid rot* WO*d and m ibOf* hoV 1 (it 110 (nrtn, by thr b? ?t mikMi in thr world. \ St erb ptiuiiai ? uid m m!< ra utiiti. ti in>kin? ton'.r r'? i int furniture, window mj?I bc-?l?'mrr *itw. Sc. ' BY rTTLl * A lit I t.Ahll b BIT I un11 At 1?K o'rWk* mVIv'TucVioo ro >m. Pianos, new tudstrt.iid' tud furuitn r**, <\u pecting, k t Also oil'- share in t1 * N"i \v V r*? S . n * Lib iry. This in an ordii.aiy library share not commuted: dues pud. FRIDAY, At 10o'c ock a? their sales room, A good a?-iortmeut of bro.d lolhs, mimrrrs, icad> made clothing. SATU R D A Y EV E N1 NO, At half-past 6o'clock a' their sa en room, A collection ?>i oil paii mi, uei et tad Modem, Many <>i which are worthy the attent??? ol connoisseurs. MONDAY. At 10^ o'clock, hi the tile room*. Cloth*, otMimeres, cloth'ii'', fcc?Tne stock of a merchant tailor, comprising, broad cloths, cassiunres. Ike, t f vaiiout colors and qualities* Also overcoat's, cloaks aud a good assortment of reauy made clothing. , M. WARD, Auctioneer. TM PORTE. D WINKS, Liquors, Hi.gars, &c?A C HUM1 BKRT k Co. w I si ll this momiugat 10 o'clock, in their salts room. wirhoip escrve? 7% Dem i'd as5 galleu < ognac, Champ'g k Otard Br'dy. MO do do Swan Gin. 30 do do Madeira Wine. 5 do do do very fine. 40 do do Sherry Wine, tine. 21 do do Port Wine. 1.0,000 11 n ana, Li Norma Ik Principe S gars. 20 B i?kets Cham. agne. quirts. 15 do <1 t pints. 5 K as .M il ura O ap?s for family use, A'.iO. 75 b \-h v.irdn ?. I c ?*# bandy cl e -* e. 5 bags Java cott? e 5 !? s c tveudibh tobac.'o, 25 qmr er box? s Muscat raisins, k>A'so, I h rrel Mnuouha'ga * huky. __A.lso, I ba trel * I h ach B audi. ti241** c \ r< riON NOTICE.?tipl id p, o .. Fort*. wehTHe painting* ol ill descriptions, byorderof the sheriff, M'. Kanne^y,, and a receiver in chancery, this dav at halfpast 10 o'clock, in the lurg rooms. 12 An" and t s F?ltou st. THUS RELL k HOWAKD. bM f Auctioneers, WAN TED?A re-i>ect<ble Qerman woman, of good learniug and who understands a little English, wants a situation ill a priv He family as o .amstresa and to take care of children. The best of city ref.retires will he given if required. Apply at No. 103 Woosier s'.rret, in the rear, up stsirs. j? /3 It * r Mil. MAX BOHRER' .s Third Concert, at the Tabernacle. Mr.Mas Bohrer icspertfully informs the public thai he will give his third Concert oi, Friday next, 25 Nov. assisted by Mrs Loderand Mr. Timm, who will conduct. Tickets *' each, to b? had at the principal Music Stores, St . George's Hotel, and U the door. Concert to commnn ce at 8 o'clock. n'1 3tr pKOFES- ?R WRIGHT'S LECTURES UN THE A ENGLISH LANGUAGE?Oil Friday evening. 25th inst nt h?Mf-past 7 o'clock, Professor W., author of Philosophical English Gramme r, will deliver at Washington Tenu era nee Hail, corner White and Centre, the first of a rt ries of Practical and Popular Lectures on the Struc'ure of the English Language. In these lectures, twelve in number, he will uufojd ce?t*i!f prevalent peculiarities in speech; by which, even in Court* ol Justice, t?ie most pipahle perjuries may be perpetrated; and, ev^n, nmbr the eipr -seed use, aud literd acceptation of words , h e unknowingly receivel, not only as sterling tiu'hs, but, as !r gitim ite nuswers to commonly prac ised modes of inquiry; an d. yet, be incapable of detection, uuless by those conversant wi th Mr. W.*s theory of the English verb Tickets 25 cents each, or $2 the series, to be had at 11 Spruce street, or at the door of the Lecture Room. Days of delivery, Wednesday s and Fridays. n23 2t*r KOK AHLIFAX AND LI POOL. The Royal Mail r*t. ?in Ship ACADIA, A. Rvria Esq, CooimMidri, will leave Bos.on lor the tbove porta on Thursday, Dec lat. Passage to Liverpool t'35. " H tufa* t 20 App'yto D. BH1GHAV1, Jr., Ag?nt, n2lr 3 Wvll street. PULrLhN & COPP'ti S3? "t JtwIj " -vtycr*' wyg* NEW VtjttK, ALoA M ? . I'Kt>V AND MONTREAL EXPRESS. Measrs. Hamd-n 8t Co. having dispnsrd of their rocte (rom New York to Albany anil Tiov, the subscriIters, I he old conductors of Hirudin It Co's Northern Express, from New York, will continue to run as i heretofore, leaving New York, Albany ami Troy, Daily, and connect at Trov with Jacobs' Montreal Esprru. and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packtitea Buudlrs.Caart of Hoods, 8tr., to auy place hitaecn NOW York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also Last, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and Wes'. from Albany to Buffalo. All bnainess entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention wol he piid to the collection ot to tea, draf'cs, acceptances, tic . and prompt returns made for the aatne, PULLEN fit COPP. REFERENCES. Offices-* Pollen & ropl>, 2 X Wall street, New York. Thoa. 15 Exchange, Albany. A O. Filkius, 228 River street, Troy. J. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul at, Montreal. Nkw York At.??^v. Trot. Prime, Waid fk King, E. H Humphrey, Jno I'aiue, Jacob Little, <h (Jo., Thoa. (Joujfh. P. VVe la, ' John T. Smith, & Co., 8. K Stow, Pepoou it Hi IT u in, C. S Douglass, Carpenter &. Vernnlye, F. Leake. IIou-hion k Co. D.ew, Robinson ft Co. otl lm*r *?&- NEW LINE OF I.IVKKI'MOI. PACKETSWriMFV Pack* t of th 2f?th N- v?The splendid, writ Uiiowh wrTiknLi i li i *hii? KIWIOU8 (' KMi iou% burthen) Capt. CloT ids, will aril punctually above, her regular da>. The ships ofthis line are all 1000 tons bin then and upwards, add their lerormnodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage patiencei?, it it wall known cannot b MratHMi Persons willing to secure berths should make immediate ? application on board, foot r f WaU sU. or to 1 W. k J. T. TAP9COTT, 43 Peck slip, or 32 Houth st. cor. Jones lane. The Riscious sails from Liverpool attain on the lS<h January j l?er*.0ijs therefore who wishro ?eiid for their friends can have ' th'.wn brought out in her or any of tbe line, on reaaonable terms. ; n2? r X?- PASaAOE FOR LIVSRPOOL-P^cket of the I I W3ftV2'th Nov.-The splendid packet ship ROSCIOUS, I Collins, will btw despatched as above, her reirn- I la' May Forp&aaage, hai in* unanrpaaacd accommodation!, apply to JOHN HElcDMAN, 61 Rouihitrert. N. B ?Paaiace from Oieat Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, can a! mual be >igngcd at the lowe.c ratra, and Drafti furmahed for anv ainnn it, payable without diacount throughout the United Kinttdi i. Apply a! above n.'< r , FOR ALBANY. TROY, and lutermedi^?"** - m*ale Pl.trea?The sidendid low preiaure ateam| SWALLOW, ( a l'in A. McLean, will leave the 'not of (.'nrtlaudt it, on Wednraday Afternoon, Nov 23, at 5 o'clock. C7" The above ia a auhalantial B >at, fitted up with elegant St ite Km inn, aud for accominodaiioH i, unrivalled on the Hudf ?Q". n2J r FOR LONDON?Regular packet nl the l-tof IKHV December?The ve.y auperior fiat aailing packet ^htaalfa?tii|> ON I'AKIO, Capt. Bradith, will imailively ml aa ahove, her regular day. For paai.ige in cabin, lecond cabin, and ateerage, having aupeib accominodalioua, apply on board foot of Maiden Lane, orto JOSEPH McMUiaKAE. 100 Pine at., eor South. Thei above will be aucceeded by the iiackel vnip TORONTO Oat>l G iawo'd, mid aail on the 7th December. Persona wi lling to aend lor their Irienda can have them drought out by either of the above ?hipa, or anv of the regular VaeLeta, by applying aa above ; if by letter, poet paid n23r PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL?Oleara on Fnt^TS^.iliv neat, and aai'a on Saturdav,the 26 th of Movemher jMMHfiii?The well known, fail Bailing ahip CHESTER, Captain John D tyle, will clear on Kliday neit, and aail on Saturday, the 28 h inat. Hiving htndaome alate room aecommodationa for M cabin paieugera, and heral-erage will bp found to be nnau-paaaed by any ?hip now loading for the above por'. Thoae proceeding to the Old Country, will fiad it to their iniereat and comfort to aeleci thia convtyauce lu preference ro any other K?r terma ofpamigc. which la very low, apply 'o the mbo-ribera ROCHE BROTHERS Ik CO., 3) ho I ton at, neat door to the Kultou Bank. Cabm Passage $V>. N B. DraOa at light on the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Meaars Preacott, lirole, Aniei & i^o, Bankeia, L"inlnn. whieli are paid free of diacount or any i harge in rvny town lhro"ghout England, Iiel.ud, Scotland ana Wales, at .all timea for-ale aa above. i'23r jt?g- FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular Packet of 25th November.?-The Splendid Packet jnMHtoShip KOSCIUS, Capt. John Collin*, of I ?00 ton*, will positively * a 11 a* above,her regular dav. For freight or puas;ige, having accommodation* unequal led for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, m to E. K. COLLINS It CO. 56 South street. Price of passage, $100. The Paclcef Ship Hiddons, Captain Edw. B. Cobb, of 1000 tons, will succeed the Roscius, aud sail the 25th December, her regular day. L tters for the ships of this will only be received at Gilpin's News Room. Pass# ngern may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctually aa advertised. n2J r FOR MOBILE?Packet of 25'h Nor.?The sideu4919V did fast sailing packet ship NEW YORK, Captain jjUUBMNeven, will axil as above. I hu Whip i? too well known to require continent. Persons wishing a passage in h**r should not fail to m*ae early applica tion ou hoard, loot of Dover at. or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Perk Slin. o21r or 3' Smith st corner of Jones' lane. kJjp. FOR NEW OKLKA Nh?Lnui.i.u- It N?? Yn'k sfryV Line?Regular pick- ? 30th November?The fast sail JlMMEas'og packet ahip MEMPHIS, Capt. Kmght, will will iNisi'ivelv sail aa above.her r? uav. For freight or Ciagr, having lianrlinm, furniali - > tc< omniodationa, ipply on rd, at Ortrana whaif, f... I of Wall at. or to K. K GOl.LI.N8 k Ul ss South ( Shipper* will pleaar a. u.j in their Bills ol Lading eariy thia dar. Shipper* may rely upon having (heir (oail correctly mraanri'd.and thai the alnp* nS (hit line will aail punctually a? advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be reijnired. Agi no in N. Orleans. Hnllin k Woodruff, wno will promptly forward til good*to tneir addieaa. The packet ahip Ocinnlg. e, G otain Pert, will incceed the Memphit, and aail the 10th Dec, her regular day. _ n?3r Alffg- Foil NKVV OKLKANH. MOBIL*, it 8AVAN; I^chet ahip ALABAMA, Cat* BuiJWMKal>er, will aail on Friday the 2}ih Nov, for New OrIcaOa. lur regular day, ( weather permitting) or paaaag. Iree. The parget biig KXCKu, G*i>t. Sherwood, will aail on Monday /?. 2lit, her rrgular day. Kor pata'gr in any of the a bore a iperior packeta, which ia very low, apply to it. h J. i. l AratUT'i", 43 feck Slip, or n'6f ^ South iin-rf, ror Jmi't'Unr 4*^ (*OS MOBILE?Rtolir racket ?l the 4.'ith ?l Mfyl^eNoT.- Th? apleiidid packet ship ALABA.VlIAN, jUUb< >l". w B I.sue, will .ml aa above. I no aoip's arconin Dilations lor cabin. Id cabin and ateertke piaartk*t. arc n ry aupeiior, and bertha ran be arcarrd on moderate rcrma, if early application ia made on b><ard, weateide of B irlim .lip, or to JOSEPH McMUHHAY, nil r 100 Pine atreet, corner of ftonth MA* * rACICETTOfTH A V Kki? Si, mid I,no? 1 In- ahii "SfjJrV BALTIMORE, P ward Kunck, Master,will sail on Utlh the lat of Uecein r A 'VD ?t HINCKRN, "3 r ________ No. 0 'I'niimi Baildinre. 4*4* I'Af KK.T i'OH VA r -K.iLl.F'.S?The aniii HE" THOMPSON. Sv'venter, maater, will .aiTon JHmWI11! la' December. Kor I reiirht or pa.sare app.y to lll'YDk I INCRKN, Afriiti, | P*r > To tine B-'iblinr?_ HHt MO H11, K? 1 ii tail , ii t '' 1 " I ' he well known copper fmteaed ar.d coppered ship BLLMJl AHAWBAi Captain Coffin, will be de.patehe.l a. above her reeu'ar day. . , Can handsomely accommodate a few cabin ?c#ond cabin mmi ateerace passengers if early application ia made on oo?rd pi?r I1E.R. ortn IOH.V HKRDMAA , nil r II Son tint T?et , AMUSEMENTS PARK THKATHK, " Lu' Oiera but our THIS K.VKMVII Nov. 24 -ill he preaenud. LA SONNAMBl'LA. Count Rod'lpho, Dtfvir | luioo, Shrir*! Annua, Mm Snruiii I Lilt, Mia BaiUy Tnconrlpflv wirh MEET ME BV MOONLIGHT. Bniea 7}?2J ?B'I 3d Tier on?Pit 37H ct??Gailc ry 2J c??u. Dour* open at 6>J o'clock nod the terror runic* win commence ar 7 preciaelv (JUA HAJI I 41 r Allif Pit t?< rem*. Upiwr To-r 74 r?nli Kn?? 'I Mr 'M cauia THIS EVENING N... ??, will t? pertonw MAC HI- TH. After which, HK'< 1 LINK, will appear. After which, oakN lev. I r U-wra will open a o>4?curiam willrne a' ;niU> pa* 7 o'clock nreritrly. Bo* other 0|?u daily (rum * to 5, where 'I ic?eti m T ba | nrehaaed and place* secured. mm iiku.'k oi.vnpic theathk. 144 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING No*. 14 will ue pruaentad JOHN OK PARIS. After which BOOTS AT THE SWAN. To conclude with OIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. C /" The Duon will be oi>eurd at half-paat t, and tha pa* l irni?' ,e eommrucr at 7, every evening AMKRK A% Til K ATKK-W ALB CTHBT I'll IL A I)KLI'll I A. under the DIRECTION OK Miss C cu8hman. SIX DEGREES OK CRIME. Alt?r which, PRETTV GIHLS OK ST1LBURO. Conclude with I FALSE COLORS. E A MARSHALL. Le.-ea. FRAXKMN To ATRB. " ( HA I HAM SQUARE. I Alr?*r*vion or Piicr?? Drf?? "ircl . Cl?*tif I* ?** ?? 25 cpntt. L?dv | awl U- ut'? in ^noi.'y 2'i rond Tier Botes lift cents. Gaflerv | >U Pi? r>r P? ?iucft? fi1*' J THIS EVENING, hiM be g?r Died some of ilir won utoo* ifthing fraU o( Gymnastics >,iid Contortion* rrrr p eif iit?*H in j this c ntitry. hv Messrs Miller, Mrs'ayer, B Oth? r? of War' mw , Rich rdsnn mil HuiiwU* . Bv Mr. C. D. J"iiUi?i?, Min K??nm' i?'l, .Virol, Celeste. Cento, Auw:?*t?. Mm Heitvy, *??d ?? hc-i, w?li hr iutrod need \ u rind combination of Bonus Duetts. S i'?*s. Ulees, Yankee Ecc*ntriciie?. Diotca, Wain , H->rnui|*e? Flholer***, Cachuchas, Single and Double Laddies. hcotch Flings, Lassies Stmihsi 11 \ a Ur , lie. By. Mnari. H. W. Pelh-m, O W. Pelham. and Mr Backus, the area? Pagai tuny, will su t*iu tb* Ethiopean Character*. Flying Cord by ?ne unequalled Mr. Ku.gles. Program met a the T eat re. Doors ntien at 8 o'clock. iwrformauce commences at 7 N B. The Nr? York Bras* Bind is rugagid. Mr. Nosh*r. Leader. v nil la l?*r AMPUITI1 K A T KK O K T ll?"H KPIUUC. :n flowery N. A. HOWKS. Proprietor. THIS EVENING, the perform nces will commence pre* i?? l\ ?t 7 o'clock CHALLENGE TO THE WOHLU Wondenul K. a'*, V x l??its, and HercuL oi Labor* of MO.NS. Gl/lLL^T. L*- I ion MEKO I At the Am hitl.eritre t1 is veliu g MONS ol'ILLOT Hereby challenges a < out# st of Inysinl Strength with any man living for ? ** g? r of FIVE THOi SAND DOI L VHS ! Be-id s a f ieiirr.ll l?.*. hi . (?1 HOKHF.AIANMUH. A.. Bo*e*50cents?Private do lord peisons $3?Second TierTf% cents?*"it cents. Doors open at half-past 6. Overture by the Band aa a quart* before 7. Horsemanship to commence at 7 o'clock prectaelv. A f*l Kill CAN "WISFIJM, CORNER of Broadway and Ann street, opposite Bt. Paul'* Church. P. T BARNUM, Manager. BEST ATTRACTIONS IN NEW YORK Day viaitors admitted free in the eveiling. Entire new scenery, drop curtains, decoration* and enlargement aud cushioning of the Lecture Room. MR. WJNCHFLL, The most comic imitator in America, is encaged for a short period and will appear in his eel* b at*d delineation* of Irish, Dutch, French and Yankee Characters. Positively the last TH* WONDERFUL MERMAID. Taken near toe F*j*e LUnd*. which has been visited by fifty thousand persons in this city and B ?stou. and of thM genuineness of which ail iM'UMlists and other |>ersons, a.e convinced U|ioii bet nlding en aged, at anv ntr*"rd nary ripens*, for o- e week ouly. Many scien'ific g? ntlemeu n| ce'et'iuy have staked their reputation that this extraordinary nymph of the sea is ?ll she is rentes* nted. MR. O" ONNKLL, T^E TATTOOED MAN. Will appear in Ids celebrated Deuces, an*' give an historical account of his >u'Tctmi?* Tor eleven > far*, while % nri?ott?r in tile h mi<N ofha hsiou* mhivo in the Noitn Pacific Ocean. FALLS OF NIAGARA, * ith real Cioiou 1A iter. THE LILU'UTIAN EASILY, Consisting ol trn performers: Mi-? H< oil. ihe voeali.i; Ce'este, the daaaense, the Albino Lady. Maiine Tel- scoi*- f >r illumin? iiiic th<-bottom, of riven, lakes, See., ami 500.000 Curioaitie*. P rformancea i vary evening at half past 1 o clock and cvrrv w?due.dav and Saturday allernoo' at o'> ek. Admission to all 75 rent.?CMMren half tirica. ntO TREM BNDOUS Afr ACTION ' POWBuri/L NOVELTIES! UNPI n-'STED KrOHbAV CtS-THK Kt -t.KK w.KMdID. RKW YORK All > M AM) PlC'llIKB OA .1(1, Brtmiirav. "/ It Ihr City Hall, Nink perkormeri ? be seen kor one SHILLING. The Man i?t? he may with confidence aaaert tint S'tch a galaxv of 8 the following hate acldom hern anbaiitted to the public. Maatrr D. E Hukhej, the admirable harp player; M.'terJ. A. Huehei, thi infant violiniat; Vliaa Huahea. the littie Lyra; Miaa iJemrure, the accompliahed e; Miss Cecilia Blmchard th graceful jugsleress; Muter Krank Diamond,the unrivalled Ethionean I aucrr; Mr. Jenkins, the unequalled avrtjo player; Miaa Roaalie th chaimiui: aoug.treaa, and Mr. Biiyce. t"e relehra'rd comic linger. On Tue.dav ami Thuraday Mrv Loome. will dalivara L*C- . ture on PhrrnMog , to cimi'm e at J o'clock. A day performance will tike place on Wednesday and 8atur? day. aa utual. Evening entertairimeul to commence at hall pa.l seven. A 'mint n to the Whole ONE SHILLING ojn tin* '1'Hfc GREATEST NATuRAL CURIOSITY in tlm I .itrltl ? Now ealiihttiuu at the corner ol C'i*tham street and Tryoii How, oppoote do Pirh.for a .hon timet? A Double Spiui.ti Live Bu'l, tak* n near Bueno. Ayr* a. ou ibe Plai a, bv the Spaniards, in the year IM0, and imported to New York in 1842. He is eonaideted bv natnraltar. to he the most wouderful da Mkity id the known world. H- his a double windpipe, dou ble breast, oouble paunch, double ribs, an legs, double hips, and some other parts double. He is perfectly sound and in geodhe-lth. ami supposed to be nine yean old, and weigh* near I 500 pnu ols. Profruors of Natural History, Surgeons, and Analomiata wou d do well to visit Slid judge for themselves. I A Three Legged Cow, now thrre yean old. She Is deficient of one fore leg. and was ao fiom birth. A Coitimundi. A Sea Dog, or Sea Leopsrd, taken alive in the North River. The head irsemblea that ofa dog, and the akin ia" spotted like that ofa lenrard. Truly a wonderful curiosity. w.lf, Monkey a, fcc. To be teen Iron, 8 o'clock A M till 10 P M. Adtni-iu.n 12 1-8 cents, children under 10 year* of ace halfprice . Good Music in attendance. .11 tasUae FRANCIS' "PATENT LIFE BOAT, ==a* OfV'KT, No.) W\LL 8TRKET. al irt MUSIC. SCHNEIDER fc RKBHUN wilUttend private parties tad ?oir-'? with a h.?n<t of from three to tm?ty artists. Apply No 27 Delaocy street near the Bowery, or No 124 Norfolk at. ~TflfHVgsTERN bimnebs DIH?CTOR"T /"NONTAINIMJ 'he mm a of II oeraena in buain-aa ia tko following lwe?tv-one ciciea and 'o?u :? A'hany, Ot-ot-va, Oswego, Schenectady, Auburn, Hudson, Palmyra, Syracuse, Bviavia, Loik|iort, Pnugnfeepeie, T'oy, Buffalo, Lyon?, Rochester, U'ica, and Uanandatgua, Newburtrh. Bcueca Falls, Waterloo, In the State of Ve<? York, towe'her with Sioingfleld Ma.a , accumu mitd with ' M ?p of three of'heOieat Routea of Tiarel. PRICE ONE SHILLING rab<iah.d and for talc by J. DOGOp.'rT, JR n22'aji*r 79 Nass?u ireet. TiVoul saToon-ukanTj evacuation Ball. A Splendid Invitation Military and Civic Ball will be given ai the Tivoli Saloon on Krirlay Evemug, N..v 2Mh. in Honor of th Evacu.tiou of the (Lilian from thia city iu the year 1783. Dodwurth'a Celebrated Band la enraged for the occaaion. and no paina or eirenae will lie spared to make thia one of the moat aiilenilul Balla ever given in he city, a? no nersoa will be admitted wi hoti a laiiv withont paying one dollar, eg* rent military or naval ortieers. Vlilit?rv gentlemen are aolicittd to tell at the Saloon and procure Tirketn. Tickets to be had at the Sa'ooo or't Mr. Win. Pine's, comer o' Pine and Naaaao st-v-ets. n74 2t*'c DISSOLUTION?Tn. ii.itiie.ahi,i oi - x KhTiIRaNS k LEWIS formad on th" 7th J oiv, '8! h.n been this day niasolveil by mutnal consent. Velia Lewi> having disposed of hit entire intereat in the goods, note uuta, I tnda and all descriptions oi asie's belonging to sai l linn, ?.a Daniel Saffartan?, r?tiring from the bumu'S* in > n- qurn'e of impaired health. DANIEL SAFFARRANS. FtLiX LEWIS. DANIEL SAFFARHANS will still continue the bnsitieee aa nanal nt their o'd aland, at Doakville and the Bogy Depot Chickasaw Nation, West. He,the said Saffarrans, is Inlly nod alone authorized to collect all rlaima dae the firm, and ia also bound to pay all legal claimi against the firm. DANIEL SAFFARRANS, FELIX LEWIS. September, Hth. IH2. nMM ie*r? < ( (Vl HSF_TR()TTINO. A PURSE will oae e(foeer the *ho?e r?uri? on Thnrdnv Not. 2ilh, tt 2 o'clock precisely, mil* herns, hsst 3 in A,us hiraru. The shore troc i< clo?ed with the following entriss:? C. r?rle?' or m Brtwi Bt^er. A. Cooklm'i m Lsdy Ulioum, L. Rosen'>|H'I'm Boy. Wm. Wooilraif'? nk Cuo, C. Ctrmtu'i K d J >hn Audrison. Uenlrerille t'onne, Mm. 22 1(2. ntltt*r MICDlOAL AND SURUICAL AID. No t Beehmsn.init nem P?ri? Row, so t genuine Medieines.?These medicine* hare ?to tl th?* ir?l of thirty v?*r? in eradicating di?e??c? of trie ?no?t malignant ind private natur#, and arc. a *u dard rrmrdy in the principal Pariaiio and l.orc'on hoapitaUof t'?? pr^tent dty. C iucpm currd wi hoot cutting; malignant ulcer?, acrofo'out, ?corbmic, r.ufdnpoa* HiMufi, nnd rhfum^(ic pain? nf tne limbs and joints; nodes on ?hr thin bones, he. Kemedies rut opto auit all claas<*s, at motterate charges, for the cure of certain disc aacs, requiring no restriction in any particular, rati* nta are treated b/a regular j?hy<i'ian of thirty t esrs^fijfce I B'eWman ??, stub ishcd fo tb* nop|?*v??i'?n of Q itck/rv tad nosh um moiifcrt, w*re profottrotisl m??m in ?ll cmm is kivci tl;s i-n rhnn KMtu b* tn# sltcndimf pHjrnclll, by and ander who*? direction til m^d.cine# trr c??rnp'?snd*-d tnd dispensed. Artefidsticc Iron 9 o'clock annl I snd * to 9 in Ihe ptrninir daily. _____ . n? ?wtt?ic A/Tll SIC.-C. n. uHaFkOTETl l3~B.)*id eireet. New 1*1 York, ann > a nr ft lo I he Leader* ol Cotillion, Bru., or Military B?nd? of New Vnrk, that he h? on hand, end will irrniire M Ihe ahorieaf notice, for any number ot iiutiumenU, the late.t and moat nnpelar Opera price*. Qiadrillra, Pomnaiaea, Qnirketepe, waltr.ea, anil Wallop., original, and by the "'vB?( . 1 Oraffulla will alto arrange Marcher, Qtrrkire!*, kr. for country banila at the ihortec notice, for any nemher ol in urnment* bv directing a few In ra to h m at It Bayrd ?rr'?t. Muaic, a>,d lesaniia in ihoiom-h baae. n2l lw-m 'i it' i IV :' . WMlVr.l.rice Jtt Cent*?-Toe Wing 1 ' H. 'riii.; or, L? Yen Kotlet, a Tale by J FVnnnore Coopir, Ba,]., the Anther of the Pilot, Red RoTer, Two Admirala, fnmeward Bound, kc.fcc. Kor ante wSil'i'n and retail by ISRAItL POST, n?t Jn?r? M Bowery. PulVTLUUESb FEMALE PILLo. "Pitt.!4ft tn fame I and calibrated Pille, from Portugfl, 1 we patofiya, t? be id (bit conMry. 8*etlr?r.ef lent on ihe Leet eoleout ^ at ?

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