Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1842 Page 4
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jwi KOlt SALK, the chrapctt Karm io three parts, of7D acres, goon buildings, plruty of fruit, wood and waier. -MJA. Do for sale oretchsage for good city property, lour y ilulblr far ins and tour fcwm and lots in and ntgh rtainlleld. Da. to trade for dry goods end groceries, new li urn- urd two UU. Do. vtln-lile lots in Jersey City. Call i n 8. VAIL. Sourd.y?, 41 Courrt mil t treat, from IB to ?. Other day*. Plaiultvld N.J.,orat'7t iVaahiugtou at. Tin in II larra.: tor aaie low. s- ? t.20 jw*in ?* H ANTK w ft) rritCHAdK?A country residence | f witliin 2j tuilta ot V ? York, one with from 3 tv 20 4L " res of land, oral L Island Souud, preferred. Adr. ? with lull lasrticuiars bo? ?. iOffice, f'ou hkcrpeie, N. Y lilt WILLIAM Bill HV VS ' I'- at1 cash atore, 126 Oldham .ip|Kis,i.. 1( Mr11It slrrrt.?(Jassiinere, Silk aud Kur fiats, Oto r, Sr .1. Nutria, L'lolti aud Silk Velvet Cat*. Several new inn. at. ru My trimmed aad neatly finished. A Urge aaiiirtinrui ol'l l'ur?. I, uv Irinuninicv splendid Ivna mulls, and the real nt uisJewn (rimming, all ol which will be aold, wholesale or r-i iil, very low. nlB lui?ec. CX BO K I Broadwav, U *hic Hall.?A eoapletf ?s. h irt'iif' f "i Harna and Pnncipe Segar* is alway on hand as M' !l i> ' "Ce Regalia, of."ill size*. Pliut amu S.-gir* jVecm-ro*) and La Cabana, first quality, ha* he? II rer? md bv the It ?]jid._ n!9 eod>W*rc 1 ADJLS Silk and Nfenno Vmivr V.-fs lor sale by l-i JOH n M. da viks fit JONK9. . ?m* u? William i't f of John ?f I SHALL'S HKS roll \ I IO N, Chnst'i Second Cmiuug, I .nd the Mill-nium will Iw icdnred on by Margaret Bit hop ;. ! others in M its II iM, B >wery, opposite Spring street, ? n Sundays, atthrt > indsi-sei1 o'clock, I* M. Kree Adtnis* tion. A V coin lit iry collection taken up. Tad public are repectfully invited Ii4 luu* uiC moIOOSOST XTOKTH HIVEH D1SPKNSA11Y.204M If uI ton street near Gr* tch.?Dr. Morrison, Yieuiber of the College 1 burii an in th< Biiti s. i vy. conJni> to be consulted daily ou ail disease* ol? delicate, a. i .'I those diet*oaa&Ag symptoms consequent on uijudiv loua tr- Jin* ut, and the itnprndetil nit* t Iquac-i medicines. i\. M. In? had ineiLK ience of iwentx wo yean i? treating delieite diseases in .ill vheir various andc implicated i onus, end m?? mild, sale opd infallible substitute I r mercury, eradicating the venereal virus with certainty, w ithout sub)e< tiu< the patieut to any risk or restricting nun ml isusuU diets or tnir uita w i' nil medkittsi tie uprMibK tttaitiJind smeU. l'eriaau*ut obstructions in the urethra, such as strictures and eultryi aunt of the proapatc eland, a-,c< mp.uiied with much irritatiou vud dull pain about these par ls, are some of the consequructs ol mal-treatment. Dr. Ai. t;eats stricturt s iu a scieutilic manner, |ddtnotiutf absort no of the thickened circular membrane without any pain. CONSTITL TION AL D1LBILITY.?'Thousands of young men ire sutfaiuu from tile cons, que in es of indulgence in a secret destructive nihil, and whose ntivts are further injured from the use ol d pretended snecihca, which stimulate only to iudufce grot' i depression. Dr. M treats such cases on purely pathological principles, and never/ails in establishing core?the strictest honor and confidence is observed. Letters p< ?t paid, ud containing a suitable fee, will ensure the con'?*iM>iidt' ut full dvice, and uirdicim to any part of the Union, by his giving < history of his cue iu detail. 204)* Kulousfreel .':?-ar Greenwich. nl2 1tn*r PENKHAL BKNNKTT'S MOKAtOAl DlM;LO?UrttS " ?The subscriber* will publish iu jhe course of the eusuiuu w??-k, v i or in Mi imii Exposed; or, i History of Joe Smith and i. <ur Bay 8 nt G i ' B n t." Thi se highly inter* .tin. mu astounuiug disi suresetliilNtiii Iheii tms colors the . rofli icj .in l wickedmss ??, iho Mormou UldlM. li will be usut-d in g?od style, l?? a lJuio. volume of upw rils of 389pagcs. Orders 'especttullv solicited. LKLAM) k VVHI'l INU. m?r BKADBUK Y, SODEN k Go. 127 Nassau st. I OMfcPH Mc .nTOHRXY, 100 Piih S 5 York, gives ' drafts in sums to hiiii applic ?nts, on the Provioci il Bank of Ireland, pi able at Cork, Limerick, Clonniel, Londonderry, Mign, NVnford, IMlut, WateifunJ, Gslway, Armagh^ A in- J lone, Coleraine, Kilkenny. 15 ill in?, T'alee, rough*!!, Funisk11 leu. Ahtuas;Inn, Bitibrnlue, Ball) invtia,Pdrsonalown,Down* pitrick, Cavail, Liiryan, O.naji, Buii^anuon, Baiuloti, Kiiiiis, Bally nh an no ii. Mrabdiie, Duug.irvou, Mallow, Moueyuiure, Cootehill, Kil/ush. ENGLAND. Spooner, At wood k < Jo., B inkers, London, payable in every town in Great Britain. P. W. Byrnes, Es<j , Liverpool. City ot Glasgow Bank, Payable iu every town in Scotland. '??? m iinr 0 ."v i U \ ' li \Ll F.NGF. ?Tii' geiitmu Kri--ncli P?;ls igainst UP*'\J\J ,|| ||?. (juack nostrums ot the am*, for the cure o! a certaiii disease. The K: iu i Pills h ?\e been exteuiiyely used for tin- last ten Vrais. during which time more than littv thousand persons have tested (ht ir unrivalled virtues .... . certain, sale, and pleasant remedy, aud never uiu-' ui eve* the most dolittti stomach, tad laking them all in all, are the most desirable remedy for secret diseases ever discovered. The French Pills have been so universally successful, that the proprietor challenges any o??e to p odnce a care they will not cure, under a fotieiiure of live hundred dollars. Price ufe dollar per box. ,1. at'*2 Nassau corner Fulton at. nlf) lm?r 1 MPOKTAST DI8< OV EKY ill Camphiue and Chemical 1 Oil L nips, warranted to burn at one half the ex pi-use of either oil (r ??as.?The difficulty which has heretofore existed iu trimming < amphin Lamp* is now can: ., obi i ted, by means of a Moveable Cap and other important improvements which, upon ins|n ction.will satisfy the public that they can uow obtain a Lamp superior to any now in use?will born without smoke or .unt il?produce an equal and steady light iu all directions, aud regulated by a tingle screw movement. Also, an Improved Tailor's Lamp. Carnphinc. Chemical Oil, and Spirits, manufactured upon an improved system, wholesale and retail, delivered to any part of the city, from the Old Established Stand oi GEORGE MICHELL, o'9 lrn*in ft Catherine street. THfc. ANTI-ANGULAR SYSTEM ~UF Wit ITFN'O. GRISAT It INDUCTION. rill'M T WKLVK TO SI* DOLLARS ! MK. BRI8TOW of London, respectfully informs rhe I.adier anil (ientleiueu of New Vurk anil Brooklyn, that his classes D,y nil Kvcnnu, lisv. commence <f Jor thr season, uud liiat In' h is heduoeo ms Turns out: hilf,?to 8it Dollars! A. ai)kMt No. 235 Brodawav, weak I'akk Plate. (i, iiliuiitu of all a^es are positively tiunht io twelve lessons, a '-iill, free, etptdittoui and finished business-like style oi Wriliu*, no iniilor how bad, illegible stiff, or cramped the wriliUE may be. See specimens at the door, 235 Broadway. Ami the Ladies A ue it and handsome, deltcate aud fashionable Running Hand !n Twelve East Lessons ! IT5** VISITORS i. New York ctu take a course in Three Pays*?Mr. B is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to 8 Evening druse. from 7 to 9. liooK-KEcrinn Tvuch ou a saj>i?riot method, l?y double and .ingle entry, cicutiiical|y and practically. n i ^ \ i ?n ? i c i r??[ 8TENOOKAPHY. A new system of the Art of Writing flhort-hind, for taking down Lectures, Sermons, Trials at Law, fco. Jstc., i-.ught i>erfectly by Mr. Bristow iu one coarse of lessons 1 at 135 Broadway . See a specimen. N. B.?A work of Lite author is presented to everypupil far titeir i>ermanrtif guide. n22 It?*r r:SPY'S jWITEM! I.'O.VJCAL VENTILATOR. ^THlSchon), simple mud sficiiot ippajatus i* adapt r uroall purpose* of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, Lbiirchei, jHosj im's, Prisons, Mines, vault>, see. Ate. may b* its ijiplic* ti,.a bt kept free from ell loul air and uuwbolest ine effluvia; it i* also ari flVrtual cure foi Smoky Chiinuic*. The subscriber hating pare based the n \Jit lor the City and t' unity o:\Vrw York, is prepared to sjpply the public with Cones oil demand. Metal Kootfuig of all descriptions turnishrd iu any part of the 1 country. Crotou Water Pipes and I'lumoers' Work in geueral. Also, Galraniied Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Stovepipes, bath tubs, coal hods, kc at prices are a tly reduced. All work warrauft d, vu J orders by letter atteu .ed to. , r. SUMNER, s253m*n _ 120 Water street. "PQl ESI MAN V< AJ)KMY/*TIm gnbacribfi would re L* needfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that he has opened an Academy, (in that large and commodious building formerly known as the Equestrian fjichange or Cook's Ciicus, 408 Bowery, on Vaushall Gardenj II )f ladies ?'i I y nil.'no :*i tn if In alt hi u I and necessary accomplishment, the act of horsemanship iu all its branches. The Academy is furnished with dressing and sitting rooms, and every cenvemeuce for the comfort of pupils, and thestneteel regard ro resj?ectability will he adhered to. M'. \) nas made arrange mvntj witli Mr. W. J. Davis, one of the o'dest professors from Europe. to take charge of the same, ami flaHers himself chat the enterprise will meet with the aje probation aud encoourageinent of a liberal public. Terms aud particulars may be ascertained on application as above. The omnibus and rt pass every five minutes during the day. W.I) DI8BR O W. Pnvri etor. rPO the widows of the soldiers and sailors ?> the ravolutiond pry war, who were married he fore the 1st of January, 1791, and who can prove the services of their husbands, and tne legality of their mirrUge, cau, by applylug at No. to Mercer street, hear of onairthieg to rtielr sdustixc. Those not able to produce th requ red evidence need not apply. Pexou* restdiug a t distance, and who will address is above, (post in ?|* will receive at tentioa. 1 hrse wmiim, my :erviees will do well to apply befur* tbt 1st of January, as I hive other bustness, which will fill me to Washington, during tne pr-sent essoin of Coogress. A. K. CHlLDS. ul7 lm-r [Oli.N M, DA VIES A*. JUNbb inform their trienus huu ' customers that they nave received their winter fashions for Caps?a vaneiv <?T uew styles for youth aud children. The Crac ivienut Turban now so much worn, is manufactured by thein. AUo a new style ol travelling cap, very cou'ruieut lo gentlemen travelling OSS I m lit '" > V?|UI.|\V SI' r NCONSmY AND RETRENCHMENT Cheapest Cs Cuh Tailoring Establishment in the city at RUSSELL, PATRICK Si CO.'8 396 Pearl street. Frock and Dress Coals !' order, at from SM lo $16, Beaver Overcoats, in first rate style, $!0 to $14; and rvvty other article of clothing equal ly cheat. Gentlemen finding their ?*i cloth rau have their clothe* made up, and a good lit warranted, at the following prices (evi-ry article warranted): Ilreas and Frock Uoati made and trim mid, from $4 50 to $7 Panta, " 1 25 to 2 Vests, ' I 00 to 2 N B?Naval and Military outfits cheap, and promptly eiecntrd. olS Im'f MUFFS! MUFFS'. MUKKS'!?The sudden changes in the weather rendc it todfipcntiMy. necessary that the beanty and fashion of our city should avail themselvrs of the >i< it indue, meut offered to guird .urainsl the ap|iroachuig inclement season They are now eu.iblcil to enjoy a promenade i'ii ins the coldest weather ty providing theino l. es with a hue Mo flat the store cf BARNBTT k SIMMONDS, 111 Broadway. Ml descriptions of Fnrs cleaned and repaired at rt duced rates e2i lm*m __ Park's fE pills. ' , rpHV. t'oid, invigorating,ind life prolonging i-iwer of this mi- I ' i" in dicine righily named "Life Pills" and on ae- i conn' ' i 'heir peculiarly mild vi" effective operation aie be- i rscetlenei the favorite family medicine. To pir- I sons following a sedentary occupation lliey are of the greatest I aalui. tudin preventing the liability to take cold, to which ' ucli |s -1 as are in mm H el, <> ! st this senson by frequent I elianges fi nn t'n eatreme heat of their rooms to the csternal < cold eii reeled phlegm in the throat. I which pr aluccs that unpleasaot tickling sensation,-which cansrs ? c nigh end destroys rest, and which will, if not nmnediitely chs iktd. I educe .i tiain ol ei ils md derange the whole system? j they are at all limes ofarrvici to ksisi nature,hilt never lorget that It l? far easier to it. v, than cure. In no one instance 1 11 1? tins valnsilem. ill. . when duly i>eis< i ered in to 1 ifforo relief, soothe the irritated state of the nervee, and bring ' the whole system m'.n a souud aud healthy condition, tilting ilie I mind and body for the various duties ol life, which will then be performed With ea-S and satisfaction. I I,. ..'lowing are iheeiciuiHe igentsfor the is e of Parr's , Life Pills-? ^ lln i. , Si Aapmwall, druggists and chemists w, William st. . ! ill Br. adwey and 10 Astur House. j Abraham Sands k Co-drogg"" chemists.granue buildings. 271 llroadway, corner olChainbrr st. P. Dickie,?Ii Broadway, corner of Lispenard st. ' John II Dodrl. druggist, Broadway, roruer BUecker si. A W Bole n, Bowery Medicine .Store, 260 Bnwvry John H Ut,diuggist, 311 Grand corner Norfolk st, b, ines' Medicine store, <3 Bowerv, comer ot Walker at. A B Triplar, corner Fulton ami Water st. Horace Eiereit, druggist, *7 Greenwich at., neit the corner of Fraaklin st. J. k J. C n.dingtou, apothecaries, 227 Hndscn stcect, comer of Soring it. E. L. Cotton, chemist and apothecary. M3 BLeckce at., comet ol Jonea st. J. W?ndover drugciat and apntheary, lit Eighth avenue. Brooklyn?Wm. Armstrong, seed, drug and patent medicine wsrehonse. my Fultrnst. And wholesale, at proi netors' office . ? ,T ROBERTS k CO., t I>.r?ndon Hoase, mm?raf Duane street and Broadway. Small Boies 25 cents. Large or Family Bones *0 Ceil'i. Persons desirous of obtaining no agency for their ssl, in the conmry will pi, aae direct their letters, post paid, to f. Roberts k Co., Letter Boi 9*7 New Tovfc_Posi Office. nil |m*r OKOIIND sFT<5E? ANL COFFEE A T THE HOPE MILLS, I* Marketfield street, between Ji Broad aud Whitehall, late W7 Elisabeth street, New York. Oilice 120 Froutst. Constantly ou hand, at the lowest aiatket prices, and m the usual vgntry of peekeges- a*7 2m*m 8V THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I N i unumt of Uw, I, JOHN TVLKK. Pi?iMi?ul of lii? * United States of America, do hereby declare and make known, that public **les will he held *1 the undermentioned Laud Olfh'cs in the St*te of Itliuois, at the jwriods hereinafter designated, to w t: Vt tin lauJ Otlic<* at DIX' N, comme/uing on M<>odayJhe Hslrtnih day of January next, for the disposal of the public End- 1rhin rto undermentioned t??wn?hi|?s, to wit : Sorth nf the ba*e line. and Eatt of the fourth principal mevidian. Towiuhij* tweuty .i/it twrut> -one, of r\four. Towti>hii>* twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, and twentythree, of range life. Townships twenty-seven, twenty eight, and twenty-nine, of range hi. '1 owuthips twenty-seven, twenty eight, and twenty-nine, of range ft v^u. 1 ownshipi twenty-seven and twenty-nine, of range ten. Townships twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty four, and inmii'UIIir, Ul MDgV CICTfO. Ai the Land Office at CHICAGO, commencing on Monday, the thirtieth day of January next, for the disposal of the public lands withiu the undermentioned townships, to wit: North of the base line, and East of the third principal meridian. Townshii* thirty-seren. thirty-eight, thirtynine, forty, and forty one. of ranges four and five. Townships thirty-seven, thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one, of range six. Townships thirty-seven, thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one, of range seven. 1 ownship thirty seven and forty-one, of range eight. Townships thiity-cight, thirty nine, forty, and forty one, of range nine. Kractioual township thirty-eight, north <f the old Iudian bououary line, and townships thirty nine, forty, and forty-one, of range ten. Fiac'ional townships thirty-eight and thirty-nine,north of the old ludi in boundary line, and townships forty and forty one, of range eleven. Lauds appropriated by law for the use of schools, military, or other purpose i, will he excluded from the sale. The sales will each be kept opeu for two weeks, (unless the lauds are sooner disposed of,) and no longer, and no private entries of land in (he townships fo offered, will be admitted until after the i zpii iti f the tifo wpnlts. Given under my baud, it the city of Washing ton. this twenty-seventh day of September, Anno Domini, 1842. JOHN TYLER. By the President : THO II. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General Land Q/Jice. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every persou claiming the right of pre- *roi>tion to land in any of the to wiishijw designated in this proclamation, in virtue j of the provisions of the act of 22d June, 1838, as extended and ' modified by the act of 1st June, IC10, or ol the provisions of the latter act, [where those laws still apn!y to such claims by reason of the absence of the plats at the Register's office on 22d Juue, 1841,] or by virtue of tne act of the 4tn September. 1841, each granting certain privileges to another and diflfeient class of j settlers, is n iieitedtopvonthi same to the satisfaction of the 1 Register and Receiver of the proper Land Office, and make l>.i\ m iil therefor u soon as practicable after seeing this notice, I and before the day appoint* d ioi the comuienceinent or the . public sale of the laud as above designated, otherwise such | claims will be forfeited. Where the yen subsequent to the filing of the plats shall expile previous to the dav fixed for the commencement of tlie I sate above mentio n d. claims under the acts of 1838 and 1810. above referred to, will be forfeited if not proven up and paid for prior to the eipiialiou of such year THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General JmikI Office(2) U NDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. a Wail street. Th subscriber ha* received and offers for sale a large assortment of imiioi ted India Rubber Water Proof Goods, viz: t oats ami Capts, ot superior Lama, Csiiucea Lama, Persian, Mriino and Cotton, of all colors ami sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, suj>er Lama, Lama Persian and Cot ton, pre pared for t ilors. India Rubber Webbings tor suspenders, cornets, fir. sag 61111 r CHA8. A BRAH AMSON. CHEAP F ASHIONABLE TAILORING, at 108 Beehinau street.?Where does the money corns from tiiat supports the expensive Tailoring Establishments scattered over the city? Can it come from any place but the pockets of their customers? At the above number it is o* lo ved Kent lemon can find an esta blishmt nt conducted ou tne stiictesi principles of economy,and K irtneuu made in a style of elegance and durability unsurpassed by any house in the eiiy. Tne prices charged arc? For Dress Coats, of the best West of England Cloths. $14 t? 2? WooId>*ed West of England C.usimere paiits 5 to 8 Vests pi cashmere, satin, silk or cloth, 2% to 6 Superfine Beaver overcoats, $10 style, for 18 to 24 Dress Coats inaile and trimmed, 7 to 9 Pants and Vests, |W to 2 JOHN MOFFAT. ul im*r , VHENCH AUTiKiUlAlTKLOWKRB.s material for noF ri.u-BliL'NLAROSlEKE Si COUll'l', 116 William ?t.. succe?snrs of Brunla Rotiere&Co have just received by I Havre Packets Bait?mo it and Ville dc Lyon, a large assortment of frushioiiable flowers, of the latest Paiisiau style. Mourning Flowers a la Uuchesse Durban*, Cords and Ta?sels, and a | great variety ot new fancy articles of toilet for parties and balls. I The No. 116 William street is the true snd onlv depot of those superior articles Jrorn their manufactory Rue de Tracy, No. 6 ! a Paris. n2 lm*r SEGA RS?SEGARS. T*HK following choice 8cgars arc always on hand at HENRIQUES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGAR STORE, wholesale and retail, basement 61 William st. Kionuos, in hall and quarter boxes Do. No. ', half and quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter and eighth do Para Regains, in quarter b do Regalias, of a superior quality, in X. S nd J-IOtii boxes Cougrcsas, in quarter boxes Trabucas, do do La Norma, do do La Esper&nza, do do Trcs Ainigos. iu cartons of 20 eacli London Regalias, iu cartons of 40 each La Pruela, iu quarter boxes (Vlisgan's spotted, in quarter boxes Panel ilia's, do. of superior quality Vugeneiidad, do Demoyas, do Mateos, do Principes, of the Rendou, Cruz and Bans, all cut. to deb. Primaveras, in quarter boxes Almnzas do Constantias, do Bust imciitas, do r.nnero tteganas, do Imperial do, luquarte oies, a superior article. N. 11.?Hotels andgroceis plied on reasonable terms. oil lmb REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed from MS Broadway to No. 7 Astor Hoot* ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .legant and Kishisnnble kind rt a saving of 00 per cent for cash. 'TMIE advertiser dt tns it unnecessary to resort tJ the hack-I neyed system of giiiugalist of nominal prices, presuming that the length of time he has .been established, together with the extensiv e patronage bestowed on nun, will prove a sum cieiit voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advantage of being connected with ax sstensive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently assets that he can famish clothes which, on comparison, will lie found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemru's dress. sl03tn 8. PHILLIPS. T_Ast?r^House, Broadway REBT A UK ANT ERANCA1S, No. i N.tasan si, opposite the Custom House. J. BONNaRD U P. DELAMOTTK have the honor to inform their acquaintances and strangers reuutmlly, that they have enlarged thetr Breakfast and Dining Saloons,and h ive besides arranged convenient rooms for private parties, aud w ill pay particular attention to orders for Dinners and Suppers in prirate honsrs, which they will furnish at very moderate prices. They constantly have on handBrandy Preserves of all kinds. Liquors in great variety. Wines of *11 brands. Oil of Olives refined. (iruvere Cheese. New Ckatel Cheese. TrulBcs and Mushrooms. Vat Liver Pies, he., Ac. o37 Im'r TO T11K AMATEURS OF THE ACCORDION! SIONOR L. MARTINI begs to inform the public that he has just published his Accordion instruction, which is divided in two parts?the first for the Accordious without semiton, s?ihe second lor those with semi-tones, both ?f which are amply furnished with selected music, and exercises pro gresaively written, in nrderthat the amateur can easily have entire command over the instrument. SIONOR MARTINI begs also to state that lie has a large collection of MBS. music lor the Atcardion, which lie intends to publish shoitly, aud lie arranges for that instrumeut any sort ol music he should be required. The Siguor will be thankful to all those who will favor lum at his residence,9# Canal street, where lie continues to give his lessons. aul93m*r No. m Broadway offers for sal* hn new imj>oiled stock of goods, wholesale and retail. 1.?O' Embroideries, commenced aud finished liieers of vari mis kinds; worsted, wool, stitching and knitting silk, beads, canvas, i-atlrrus, Ac. J.?Ill small and lace wares, all sorts of silk and worsted strings, borders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every article in this fine, dour in the most fashionable taste. J.?Tin- luoal copious and splendid choice of artificial flowers, done iu tlie neatest work and uevresl taste, bouquets, diadems, he. 4.?Articles of rast iron of the most various descriptions, manufactured in the Koya| Iron boundary at Berlin i.?Kiquisite and neat figures in bronze. 6 ?A beautiful assortment of tunerliue basket wares. 7.?A considerable and elegant choice of pressed and painted paper, sheets of letter paper, visiting cards, wafers, he. 8.?An elegant and great store >>l the finest porcelain. 9.?A splendid assortment of the tinest dressing articles,cases and perfumes. o2g|m*rc LUCINA CORDIAL. VfAONIV'S LUCINA CORDIAL, for the sure and speedy Of cureot incipient consumption, barrenness, impotency, In corhae 'r whites, gleet, obstructed, difficult or punfnl M nstru ation, iucouliiience ol urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, and for the general prostra'iou of the syst. matter whether llie result ofinherent rauses.wof cailsts produced bv iriegularity,illness, or accident. The widespread celeinty of this wonderful and inestimable cordial i i both hctnis; teres is a sufficient guarantee lor its quick ami positive success in curing all the above affections and complaints. Nothing ran be more surprising than its invi goriluig effects on the ntimau frame. Tenons ell weakness aud lassitude before taking it, at once become robust and lull of eucry under its mliuece. It unmednlely counteracts tlic uervelesaiieis or looseness of the fenale fmnie, which Is the ouly cause of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. .Vlagnin's discovery was considered to be incurable. Ami it s|ieedily removes Live un|iedi rue tits produced by physical prostration, which fre latently deter men from getting married. Language, uideed, . anuot do lustice to the merits of the Lucina Cordial, which is egaid-tl by the heads of the faculty in all parts of the world as >t.r ol the mast important medic .1 discoveries of anv age. I'rire l> per nouie tsoiuatus .a.sssau street, and >o.90 north Sulb itrert. Hill idelphia. nil lin*r n U.N8, RIFLES. PISTOLS, and ? general assortment o( iJ tardware, cutlery, ami fancy poods; .noils. Tiers, hoea. rice aud It>sc chaiui. shovels. spades. airs, locks, bolu, mill ?ws files,table cutlery, P cat! knives, with a large sssortntnt of gnus, nlles, masketa ml piatnls, for sale at low prices ,y A. W. SPIES It CO., a20 lm*rrr 210 Pearl street. Tin; i' I; Iv MAN tSUROEON. ^OLOMON HI N E, M. D., No. 57 llearfe street, New York. J Id scrotals and chronir iliesses no charge marie till the wtierit is a.uisiierl?medicine delivered gratis. 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For eight j ) ears past his attention Ins been drroted in this city to the treatment of chronic or lingering distases?dyspepsia, dropsies, liver , and Inntr comp'sints, ftc. ANCIINA PECTORIS.?lu symptoms are an nnplrassnt ' rensation at the pit ol the stomach, paiu about the left side and region of the heait, eurending ofteD to the shoo'dcr blide and between the shoaldrrs, and occasioning shortness of breath , and i at illation of the heart. Doctor Scars lias li ad ranch eiperirner in the treatment of this disease ii2niin#r MARTTS7! (TAI HTA ILOR1NG ESTABLISHMENT. 104 William Street, Corner of jinn St reel, I S decidedly the chea: est in the city. There is *lw*ys on J I hand a select stock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, . which will be made up 10 order in the style of make M, trimming, he., that has gisen such general satisfaction during the ; lost four years, and at a positive saving of 30 p*r cent. Gentle"urn are requested 10 cnll aud erainin*. Thoee whr , furnish th i ii own goods, can have them MADE AND TRIMMED. Dre?# Coats, made and trimmed, -$7 no to SO 50 ' Frock Coats, do do 1 M to 9 M Pants and V*sf*,-?. I 71 to 2 ?t ( Over Coats, 90* to 11(1 ITT" Terms?Cash on delivery . !,l( |m?c MICHAEL E. MARTIN UALM LEAF?10 bales Uudiug, end for sale by i BOYD k HINCReN, 9 Todud* Buildings. 4 nrr MEDICAL. "on stricture and its cure. 1 PIE KOL .OWING REMARKS WILL PLACE BE- , KOHK thepublic afrw most deeply interesting facts( First, 7\at the disease called Si bictvbic, is of very frequent , occurrence and aftesi exists in persons who are no* in the least \ iiva re of it; next that a very erroneous notion prevails re- i specting Stricture, and that ignorant advertising people take n had advantage of this erroneous notion; then, that there are | three particular circumstances by which a Stricture may be , am ays known?and in the last place, that the curt of Stric- | tart is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished < . in a very liltie time. ! With regard to the first of these remarks'.? It is well kiiowu that Stricture is the result of a bauly treated j Gonorrhea If, for iusunce, that disease is suffered to conI uuue on from mouth to month, it slides into a sleet. Now, | there is no pain or inconvenience iu gleet, and therefore it is often sniferrd to rvraaiu indefinitely. But it should be known i that gleet implies a chronic inflammation ofthe jossafet which i aatui illy terminates in thickening, and this thickening at one pari or oinrr ol me riutajc i> tincture ; and. lumirr, inai although stricture may tnua re uaiuunnoticed lirr a length of liinir, it is far from laying dormant, but ia the hidden cruise of uuuiy i serious maladies, not only of a sexual, hut those alas of a nervous and dyspeptic kind. But what especially l-adx the attention off from ihis disorder , is tlie idea that stricture cannot exist so long aa no impediment i to the (low of urine ia observed, which ia quite a mistake. A stricture oftru exists for years without producing any very striking change in this lespecl; tudeed a diminished or inter- i ruptrd stream of urine brlougs only to the worst of cast s, ami it is to prevent this very state that these remarks ire published. The advantage, however, which ignorant advcrtiaing m-oplc lake of this erroueous notion is very cruel. Ki rry body knows now men of this discription swarm about tins city, and that they will sell their nostrums aa long as any oue will buy them. Nosy, it ia a fact, and one which every real physician will immediately ackuuw ledge, that all the medicine in the world, alone, can never csre a stricture. In proof ui this, uotlnug is more common tha for ihe writer to be eou-iultcd by persons who have been tat .ng all manner of thing-.? as en Jrcd oropt, J and pills, and cordials, and th- like, for many monuis together. | but whom, on seeing the real nature of the cast, he haa cured | in asmauy days. t With a view of pievcnliug these imjxMitiuns. therclorc, it rem* disirabje to lay before thr public a lew Plain circum- | stances by which a Stricture may be known, which can Oe c isi- , ly done : foi g. though the symptoms of this disease are uuiner- i ous, there are three of especial imjxirt, and these three may be , slated very briefly?lliey are the following : The lirsl relates to | The manner 0/urinalmg.?I: haa becualready said the stream | need uot be much diminished or impeded. But observe attru- 1 lively, after it is finished and tbc clothes are readjusted, w he til- , era drop or two will ever ileal away, ao aa to wet a little? nolhimr is mure judicative of stricture, i'he next ia The tine a Qonori hnea hat remained unc tired.?It is dilfi cull to say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run and not produce a stricture, for oue is naturally more disposed to stricture tlmi another; but, as a general rule, if it should lie suffered 1 to go on beyond si: weeks, this alone would afford sufficient ground, at least, for the suspicion of n stricture. The l ut it? i The ejfect a iMffWl hai upon the mind.?The effect of 1 Stricture is to depress the spirits, and to h tm u both bodily aud I mental activity. This also is one of its most common effects, t Not, however, that it 11 teen alike in every individual, but it ia ao common that the writer rarely sees a case of stricture (and 1 he sees many every day) lis which the palii uldoesuotcnirplain | more or less, that he u uot so capable ofbusiuris aa formeily. It 1 is gratifying also to witness toe uniform return ol spirits, and 1 the disappearing ol otner manures as tlie cure progresses. 1 With regard to tlie cure oi Stricture, on this subject it issuf- 1 licieut to observe (and it ia atated with coiuideut-e and plea- I sure) that this ia certain, free from j>aiu, and generally accomplished in a very little time. 80 much as litis could uot have been advanced soon rears ago ; but such lias been the itn 1 prerement in this art, aud such the practical experience of the writer, that he can now accomplish the cure of stricture to aa many days as formerly it demanded months. The writer also hegs to state, that for those who wish to undertake the enre themselves, he Iras published a little volume, called " The Private Tieatue," ill which uot only stricture. bul the cure of all those delic?te dist.ises which require espe- i eial car* and privacy, is directed iu the plainest manner. It ii i advisable, hnwever, that those whosuspect a stricture, it nossi- 1 ble, should consult the author personally, and nothing willsur- i prise them more than the ease and certainty of his means of cure. Separate rooms, also, are arranged for those who may I hare to wait a little. 1 It oulv now remains to say a word or two on the ground on i which the public, aud especially strangers coming to this city, I may rely with confidence on what las been advanced. With , this view Dr. Italph begs to st lie that, beside his rank as < uate el Kdtnburgh. Sic. Sic.?he has been engaged in the cure I of tnese diseases. Doth in hospital and city practice, for more . tnan thirty years, ami has published two editions of a work el- | prrs?I v on thetn.?Also that he hie It iwmonisl letters from the i most eminent physicians in kiuropc to the most eminent in i America?as Sir Aslley Cooper to Ur. Molt, of New York, i Dr. rhysirk, of Philadelphia, and others, aud that he is permit ted to vefcr to almost every Physician of eminence iu this city. Dr. Ralph is consulted at his private residence. No. M Greenwich street, towards the Battery, at any hoar.?He may also be cousulted by post Tne little volume above referred to is one dollar- 016 lin^ec MEDICAL AID. ) DR. URKUOKY will alteud and prescribe for a ' i lass ol patients, at his residence No. 31 Motl street, every j day in the week,at all hours of day and evening. His treatment may be relied on as being the best,aud the plan pursued will be ] in accoruance wiiii the syuiploius of the disease, having refereuce al?o to the accommodation of the patient and a perfect 1 cure of the malady. ' It is worthy of note that a great number of patients after liar- *, iug been treated for the disease were discharged by their physi ' cians as being cured, and |>erh*ps would remain so a week or longer after that disease begins to make its appcarace again, and in this stage it is generally considered worse to cure thau in the first instance. It is in cases like these that Dr. G. has at length discovered a remedy, whitli as yet is run rely unknown to any other physician. It is an external application, requiring to be continued iu some cases not more than thirty hours. It has proved successful iu every instance where it has been applied, aud has cured cases ol' from three to lilteeu years standing. This 1 announcement is not mule from motives ol vanity or limn t 1 love ofhoasliug, but simply to inform those iu need of the re- f mcdy, where to obtain it. Those seeking Ihe Doctor, will lind him at his owu house (not a drug store) No 34 Molt st, about j ISO yards off Irom Chatham S jane, being nearly opposite t!u stone church?it is easily found at night. ? Dr. Gregory has published an improved edition (r.itlien- u jjianugs) of a little book entitled the "Rubicon;" it treats ex- , cluaively ou Ihe complaints above alluded to. Tlie remarks on ? itrictureshould be read by every one.especialiy those with a pro iracted case of disease. It is for sale by the author, at his office a md by Messrs. Hands, 79 and 100 Ku I ton-street, aud both Drug stores comer of Chambers st and Broadway; also i? the Bowery at Nos.63 and 188; and at the corner of East Bioadway uid Market-street. Applications by Mail, Post paid, euclosug $1, will receive the book by return of Mall, free of Post- ? MEDICAL. iniE PRIVATE TREATISE.?Thi. is a little volume ou b A certain diseases, in wnicli die most convenient and private nean* of cure are mated in the plainest iKjesible manner. And lot only are directions given for the more simple and recent * cases, but those which have iallen into improper hauda, and loutiuue on from mouth to mouth, are particularly dwelton.? p Such persons will see immediately the difficulties which im- ' rwde Uieir curt, whatever they may be, as well as the plan to be porsned in each particular cane, it is obtained only of the 1 rumor, Di. Ralph, 88 Greenwich it. Price $1. " Dr. Ralph alsotakei this oimurtuity of saying that he may c be cousultcd an the |ieculiar diseases above referred to, at.his j' !>rivate residence, el any hour. 1 Aware, however, of the drep and juat solicitude which many reel to consult a person of integrity as well as evperieuce in ihese peculiar complaints, the author deems it proper to Rive .1 Lhe following short sketch of the opportunities he as had to lit r limself for this trust. And this he is tb* mire inclined loss ^ many have assured him that, for want of information of this kind , thry have selected Irom a list of advertising people the me who had boasie 1 most of wonderful cures?but not without the bitten si re|>eiilauce. lit therefore begs to state , lide his r.uik as graduate of Edinburgh, be. be. be. he has j been w itching these diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for moie than thiily years, and has published two editious of a * work expressly on them. Also that be has testimoninl letter* ? from the most eminent physician* of Europe, to the most enu- '' lent in Amenca?as Sir Aitley Ooojiei to Dr. Molt, of N. V. *' >nd Dr. Ph/sick of I'lulidelphia, and sthera; and further, n :hat he Ins the privilege of referring to almost every phvsi :iuii of eminence in this city. Nothing can be slated, he con- j ;eives, aa better ground of confidence to those who are stran- J| iers to hi^g. - " Commit iti.ina may be made by post, and for snch he has a j* ittle private chest, continuing every thing necessary for s itwedy and private cure. It is foiwsrded as may be directed. Price $10, "16 Im'c * HULL'S TRUSSES f NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONA. DERSON8 afflicted with ruptures inay rely npouthebest tl a instnuneutal aid the world affords, on application at the v iffiee, No. 4 Vesey afreet, or to either of the agents in the h iriacipnl tow lis in the United States. Be careful to examine the " lack pad of Hull'a trasses, to see if they are endorsed by Dr u Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon as d food, without his signature. h Many persons have undertaken to vend Imitations of Hall's B celebrated trusses, and thousand* are im|<o*ed upon in come- a luence. These imitations canuut be relied upon ; they are nade by unskilful mecliamcs, and are uo belter tlian the ordi- a larv trusses. |C Rooms have beta fitted up at No. A Vesey street, exclusively ' for lndipi. Iisvinif a ipunrafp Aiilrniuii< from l_hi? huiinota iloturt. - Bent, where a femaleis in constant attendance to wait upon J email? patients. nil Imr j? EXPERIENCE J Li* OK KOUK YEARS hu fully le?:?d the extraordinary vir- t| f tuex ol DR. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZEN- u .JES. Beveial milliou boxe-* h?ve been ?old,.iud given perfect ? latisfscticu to all who have used them. 1., rHYSIClANH AND CLERGYMEN, b, Lawyer*, I'rofeaxori, rich and poor, high and low?in fact, o! learly the whole Ameticaii people, have given them their ol auction, and thev are uow fast spreading their influence* to m |V? V I' ll 1 of tbt (mown world. 0 Drs. Hunter, Smith. Hover*, Vanuerpool, Scott, and four pi inndred other phydciatM in New York oily alone, recommend u, Hherm.ui* Lozenge*, daily, in their practice. Sherman'* Me- m licated Lozenge* are never aold by the ounce, hut alwaya in >o*e?, with hi* uaine atlaehtJ. The Dor tor beiins au educated te ind txpe-neiitrd physician, and a member of the Medical tto:iety of the city ol New York, give* a character to In* prepaaliof * that no other* enioy. L COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, tathma. Tightnen ol the Cheat, Whooping Congh, Cough at.euding Meaale*. and all affection* if the Lung*, are iminrdiitely relieved b/ Sherman's Congh Lozenge*. They entirely _ sure all rerrnt rase* in a few hour*, and often the most alarm- S tig eases of Consumption yield, as if by magic, to their happy uRueure, a* in inerases of the lire. Mr. Anthony, tne lie*. *}' Mr. StreeUr, and hundreds of others, even where they had leeu fiseu up as Incurable. . * WORMS CAU8K DEATH I, t o thousands, without their ever being susperted. Children It in d adult* often sutler much from them, when a box ol Sher- ?k nan's Worm LlW?M would gltothem immediate relief.? hr hundreds of manure* hare cmne to our knowledge, where tri lersou* on the brink of the grave. fa?t waiting away, and the in liysieian* trying their skill in vain, and resorting, at laat, as pe he only hope, to Sherman'* Worm Lozeugei, which have re- lh itored them to health and happiuess. How often have moth- h It* called at the Warehon?e and |ioured foith their thank* ind E llessiwrs for the restoration ol their dear beloved offspring, Mever before ha* a iwrferi remedy been discovered for tne ca- *k ire eradication of all kind* of worm*. HKADACHH, PALPITATION, d< Lowueu of Spirit*, Katigne, Kaiuting, De*|ondency, Nervous If diseases generally, and Sea Sickne**, aru .ill subject to the N turative properties of Sherman'* Cauipbor Lozenge*. They Ci lire severe headaches, lie. in ten minutes. lu fai l. ih?v nn?. v. ate like a charm, mid no |*non should go to sea without them, 11 they are infallible 111 sea sickness. I'eraoui subject to faitur.or attending crowded parties, will find them to relieve C hem of all laisiltida aud oppression i Waiehonae IOC Naisao itrert. Agents?Chnrrh's, 188 Bow- "f rv: Saud's, 77 K.ast, in.) cornet f'naitfbrri and m Jrnadway; Codington, 227 Hudson; Koshton anil Aipinwall'a fa hree stores, and 130 r niton street. Brooklyn, I Bute itieet, lostnn, and V Ledger BniMinga. Hnladelphis siitKr dt \d ADAM P. CUSTELL.O,?Kemale Periodic^ Tilis guar- ",! auteed na every caie where ih?* monthly periods have be- r'( :omc irregular from colds or other cause*. Their certainty of long been ackuuwleogetl by the medical profession, t?, tud hundreds ihit hive uselessly trit d various boasted teme* \ lies?indt ed, so sure are these Pills in therr elfrcti, tharriti s someiimts necessary to tlu iruse; though they contain no nt Jiciue detrimental to the constitution. Advise given nr.i?u lo o all tho'e who use the Pills, by;une Costello, 34 Lis f| >enard st, where the Pills are sold genuine. Price $t per bo*. \j ui lm*r |ii DOKTABLfc Ml.At KSMITH'S KOKtlKS.-The sui- " s tcriltert, being the sole Agents for the Manufacturer! of >>nrkliii'i Patent Portable Forge aad Bellows, beg leave to .ill the alttatinu of the public to the above article. That they tavo been called for and introduced in nearly all pert, of the p 'Jutted Stales, ti, we believe a auflicient evidence of their _ ttililyand convrniriice; being portable and compact, givss * hem lar the |ireferenee over the common Forge for Shipping if every description, Kail Roads, Canali, Plantations. Mann si ketones and all purposes for which the ordinary rorge I gr ised. Those manufactured for the IJ. 8. Nary are Wrongn is ron. , . k We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few Wno ir an leconimeud them from personal as wvll a* geueml nnow- th edge, viat v, ? ,, I ommodere Crane, Navy Yard. Portsmouth, N. H.; Meaari. 01 Jarr, Kenn k Haines, Philadelphia. f'?J- "iKHHlTe R Ah' ' West point Foundry, (*ld Spring, N. V. Mese?. H. B. Air ;^:;*lTCo * GAY k T AAVLT "" t2i Jin#rc onnnfOMilVliiWuifit j PRIVATE MEDICAL NOTICE! TO A PARTICULAR CLASS OE INVALIDS. rPHkilk; |? OM ctaee of invalids ?lu ia?'U the wsriusslsyin pathy of all who desire W alleviate the suffering, or the af " ted. That claaa consists of those who are laboring under the effects of those riciuua indulgences into which erring and thoughtless youth are so often impelled by passion or the contagion of evil e simple. What more pitiable sight can there tie, hari that for uuuucc, ol tlie father of a family, who has long inee repented of his youthful errors, but who bears about with urn in his system, and perhaps transmits to his innocent off v e?h?e>|mencts of his former indiscretions Delicacy iswfuf i from replying to a physician and he not uiilrethe baud, of uneducated pretenders. Many y ung men, again, are deterred from eutertng into matrimonial ,10 T,TrU 'm the har or conaciouauras that disease is lurk ug in uieir system. the SlS5^'?%r,Jh'?-US?- of Medicine and Pfiarmacy of iiro ,l,i^!,.J ^)7i? means of secnrily from aecoo[2 i T'h *1 n re.moT*f ?f U when apparent, in their new and celebrated Pannan Alteiatire Migture," so tttenjit?'1 u1t ^ Mr. uicobd in the Venereal Hospital of l'aria. 1 Ins medicine is j ut up in cases containing half a dozen bottles with copious directions lot c.e, and l.beU which cannot escite .uy unpleayaut remarks. These cases are guaranteed to consul a sufficient 'identity of tins new remedy, to cure all typhiItic iini-it11tics of the blood, cutaneous eruptions, affections of he throat and nose, nodes, ulcers, pains in the bone*, lie. Purchasers can at all times correspond with the consult ins Physician of the College. Price of the cases $6 each. Halt Iv i?ranr-arrls..! >., all ..rar.arsf fh.i IT.aLs.. d'.rs.rl, m.s.l el... rJ .* . ... .... ,,? ntu imnei. 1 ne rwi and im-uictue are to put up that no concealment it necessary. by order. W. b. RICHARDSON, Ageut Principal office of (lie Uollkge, 97 Nassau meet, New York o89 3inw rc DHEM1GALS, DRUGS, COFAlVAOAp6UL.ES AND GERAM SILVER. DR. FEUCHTWANGER, No. l, Wall street, Oifert Chemicals, Dings, UyrstufTi, rerv cheap, aud warrants all hit i reparations ol best quality and the mo.t genuine in market, ni:?Linigi cauitic and silver crystals, from 50 cts. to $1 85 per gz ; aqua lord. Sets per lb; hydrocyanic aciJ I'll. U. b. 25 cts per <>z ; pure nitric acid ior jewellers and chair makers 18)4 cts pr lb; co|uiva capsules, best quality, $7, $11, aud $80 prgross ; mtious acid '1 cts pr lb; labairaques chloride ol sous, with French I bels $8 7j pr dot; jodine 85 cts pr ot; dent ists goldfoil, of the most approved mar.ufaCluiei, $30prnz; diamond i-rineut $18 pr gross ; spirits of hartshorn, from 7 to 80 cts pr lb ; indsweet spirits of uitre front 8 to 80 cts pr lb; Jodjues ol (iotas lia, iron, sulphur, lead, mercury 5# cu proz; .- weedish leaches 110 pr 100; < n) LJ ride of jodine 75 cu pr oz; bromine $3 pr oz; and liypolielphulc of soda $1 50 pr lb; couii>ouud chemical whale oil, urap and all his pcisout warranted, Extract logwood and chips dvewoods, sold very cheap. Apply to DK. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER. 017 3in*rc No. I Wall St., N. V TO THE LADIES?. DK. HULL'S UTEKO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. . IMIIS new Instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Uteri or Falling of the Womb, by external application, superseding the use ol the objecliuual Pessary, is coulideully recommended to the afflicted u Um ""? ? of perfect rtstnration u> icaltli, it never haviug failed of tierforming a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstances. The bup}h,rter his attained a very high character hi Europe is w.ll is in this country. It-is adopted to the entire disuse ol pessaries,and all oilier paiuful surgical cspedieuu.iu the Lyiugiii-Hospiuls of Lundou and Paris, aud is universally recom'rieiided in Europe by medical men ol'the highest tank In this .'OOulry i lis sustained by the leading members of the faculties nf Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private practitioners. Rooms have uceu furnished exclusirely for ladies, at No. 4 Vesey street, having a separate entrance Irom the business deoaitiiu ut, wnere a lady is m constant attendance, to apply I'russci aud Supporters to female patients. nl lint D R. C O U K E RETURNED FROM ENGLAND, WITH all the latest iinpoitaul information Irom Europe, universally performing cures of the wo. si class of venerereal disease .? its most aggravated forms, with unprecedented xpediuon and despatch, may agaiu he consulted I emoually as well as confidentially, at his olhce, No. i Norton street, Albany. N.Y. ihc Lock Hos|iital, in America the only Philanthropic lnstiutiou established, under Lhe benign auspices of the celebrated Dr. Cooke, st No. 3 .Norton ?t. Albany, N. Y., lor the relief ind convenience ol the unfortunate, u refuted as lie best asyuiu extant In toe comfort ainl certain recovery of the invalids. Vt tins IdflsniT patients luve M very best medical atteiil.ucv, including board and nursing, which very inalenally lacilUlcs mutual approbation; .uid as Dr.Cooke, the humaue found r of so desirable a retreat and sacred security, resides on the , remises, the most iucrcdulous there may repose their utmost :oniidciice?feel at home?pursue their usual avocations?and ujoy the society ol perhaps the in si tciiuent physician as well as the mos. hcueioleui iu?i of Die age.?Kuroiean. [L/~* lteuMinbci, Ut. Cooke attends personally tolas patients, n 13 COUGHS AND COLDS DKMKMBKK, No A North Sixth street, one door below " Arcli street, Philadelphia, the most certain and best Kamily Medicine, lor Coughs, Colds, Spitting Blood, Throat arid Lung Disease, a rising sensation like choking, tickling, or unpleasant obstiuctions. Kor the above, Dr. 8W AYNL'S Corn round Syrup ol Wild Cherry will be found the great remedy, i'ersona who have aouscd themselves by the useol ardent spirits mil liud both their strength and resolution much improved by eaving olf the spirits, and taking a draught occasionally of the ibove restorative. All preparations from this valuable tree, cx:ept the above,may be considered spurious or counterfeit The eal article may be hail of the following Agents, or at No. A North SixUi street, Pht'lUtlplna? AGfcNTS Dr. W. H. M1LNOR, Druggist, No. 193 Broadway. MRS. M. HAYKS, No. 139 Kulton st, Brooklyn. BfcNJ. OLDS, Newark, N.J. JOHN MASON, i'atterrou, N.J. o2l lm*r FEMALE PHYSICIAN, 34 LISPENARD STREET. Of ADAM L COSXLLLO, Female Physician, still continues A to treat, with astouulnng success, all diseases peculiar to eulait s. liappirssion.megulaiity, obstruction. Ike, by whatever cause i-dated, c.ui be lemoved by Madame C. in a very sort time. ,1- ' uric C.'s medical establishment having undergone thorough epsira aud alterations lor Die better accommodation of her umerour patients, she prepared to receive ladies on the o'll ol conhueineut, or those wlio wish u> tie treated tor obo'ucuou ol their monthly jieriod. Madame C. can be consulted at her residence No. 34 Lispeu rd si, at all times, and with the strictest regard to secrcsy. Ali couitnuirichliousend letters mm t be post-paid n3 lin*r HOLT'S CANDY. SURPASSING ANY THING OF THE KIND.?Let it J stand upon its own nu rits?Coughs end Colds. HOLT'S CANDY Dasguuedfor itself a reputation, (soler bv its own menu) far above the ordinary class of remedies >r the complaints lor which it is used. L is recutainended by thousand* who have experienced its icellent etfecu as a sovereign remedy for Couglu, Colds, ?*"* 11 atlection* ol the lungs. This is to certify that I have, in my practice, prescribed Mr. Holt's Compound Cough Candy in many cases of coughs, olds, and all a flee uons of the luugs, with the most beneficial fleets?knowing Die comiioneul paru of this Candy, and hav ugu.edlhrm for many years in iny own private pracUce, I nn with safety recommend Die aiticle to all troubled with any 1 the complaints above mentioned. In my estimation Uus iandy has the precedence of any now in use. ? , , , DAVID CRANY, M.D. Hartford, Coun. Sept. 20, 1842. For sale by M. P. 1RJLT, 237 Main street; also, by Die tuicipal Druggists id Hartford. A D. Sands, 79 Fulton street; at Dr. Byrne's Pharmacy, 3 Bowery, corner of Walkersu are AgcaUm New York. t23 2in*> (117HE OK CHRONIC, DISEASE* "\1L F. I'KUD'HOMMK, from Paris, disciple of the iliustrioui Hahnemann, whoee science and doctrines have alouished all Eurojie, and gathered aroand him a crowd of roiiicut 1 Jiysiciaus, eager u> receive hi> instructions, aid to rotit by hia experience, annouucea to the public that he haa elected New York as the place of his labors, and of his perlauent NMM D.r. F. P. haa been professionally end intimately connected a France with men, whose names are honored and reverenced a this couotry; and during uu years' practice, he lias visited any parts of the United stales, and of the West Indies, with new to elucidate several points in acieuce, till theu involved a much doubt and obscurity. He iust arrives from Paris, where he has been to eoininuniatc'he result of his observations to the Gallic Society, of i Inch he is a member, and now retains nerc to diffuse the rails of hit ex|ierience and the blessings of hetlthln the course of his travels and practice.lie haa performed,by he helu of his method, louuded on tlie laws of Specifics, cures rhich had retisted every other mode of treatment; moreover, e wishes to be judged not from weft ill but Iron works. Suffice l to say, that besides Ul maladies reputed incurable, there is e disease so dreadful, so inveterate, such as Consumption, iseascs of the skin, ring warms, Cancer, Fistula of all kinds, krnphulu.l Dronsy, Sir., that he cannot flitirely extirpate.? ly the same method .all diseases incident to females and children re promptly aud radically cured. l)r. P. in iy be con<uileu every day, from 10 A. M to J P M. t Ins office 78 Ouaiie street, near Broadway. Consultations lien inUie Engrain, Flench, German, Spanish and Italiau mgnages. ul 3m*r _J AIR OIL.?There is no oil iu the woiid that can do good 1 or bad to the hair. Every body knows that when the hair i burned it will grow again as good as ever. All tha powders >r living the hair are nothing but a mixture of lime and lithr'ge ad the lirir is not il> ed, but literally burned. Liquids for dying le hair are compositions of caustic and sjiirits.that burns in the nne way av the powders, aud dont dye hair, and the hair ill grow no matter how many times it is burned; aud every udy knows also, that when the head is full nf dandruff, the hair cams to lurn grev, and baldness follows. From an experience f twenty years, being lisir cutter, and having the opportunity r.x limning a great many heads,[and blockhe ids] I nave made iysell a ureal composition kuowo as " Pastor's Hair Oil. or oraiiound Ksscutial Oil of Almonds," fur destroying dandruff, <M tiling the hair from mining out aud turning grey. This in unable Hair Oil will m ike the hair grow well, no matter iiow ncli dandruff or soiem ss is ou the head. For sale, wholesale and retail, at A. PASTOR'S, HairCut r, u>6 Greenwich street. New Aork. Price VI cents a bottle. 7 lin#s RUPTIONS ANL) DltiFl1 il'R.EMENTs5 OF THK FACE, AND DARK OR YELLOW SKINS CURED BY TIIE ITALiAN v;HEMICAL SOAP. [ALL RHEUM, freckles, scurvy, pimples, erysipelas, ' blotches, moridiewinn, lever, spots, bites of insects, mosletoes, fcc , to clang' the color of dark, sunburnt, yellow, or scolnred kiu. The Itilinn ('hemicil Soup t< really the wontr of the age. Well might the Medical Society ot Paris call a blessing, and its inventor. M. Besprine, a philanthropist. I: curing tnoosands all over ine States and |io?scssiotw. entirely eradicates every eruption or disfigurement of (Iff in, nii|iarting to the lace, body, neck or nrms.n hesiililiti >aitbful clearness. No uuarepirsau'ation l? clfervt. Old si will suffice to r-ecommend t to all. Amone 'he m >ny who ire bern cured by this, are h e following highly respectable Tson?:?llev. T, 8. Lever, Newark, N. J . (Vuu a:e notified at this is no i i'lf"l inisti n ,n, luii i physici n,' t no union.) .VI. dmer, Brooklyn. H.wd by T. Jones, i gn of the American sglr, S3 Chatham slieet. New Yovk, Price St Cents. This is infallible in curing chap or tender I'esh, makes the in smooth, soft and white. Agents?Zteber, Id and Dock streets, Tbilrdclphia, or next ior to the Ameiiean Hotel, Washington,!). C.; (I Slate at, Mton: .17 Stale at. Albany; Mitchell, Norwich, Chennugo, . Y; Cleveland, Rug st, Charleston, S. C.; JlMtinj JJJ* 'T' DNES' COR AL H A lit K kAtok aTIVK, OK OIL OF CORAL CIRCASSIA. JEADEK, ii i miarenrrienution is here offered you; you 7 "irely can believe a plain, tree arateroent, without puffing, it 11 supported bv the mines of respectable cilirena. Here e Us rral <|ti ilitiea : it will h?rce the hair to grow on the head e,boUv, or any part where nature intended hair to grow. >pit tailing off, make the acalp healthy, thereby en ing dannff, and give light red or giey hair a fine dark look, and iu ne?n?ke it grow naturally dark from the root a. Thrseciti n* hare used it and certify the above ve ICS <|ua'i;ics. W? uld ff-r a hundred more, but these suffice. No more need t said; its prica is reasonable?only 3, ft, and I? rlullin a a bot5. 8wid by the sole proprietor, '1 Jones, at the sign of the mm<*an ffaglp, si Chatham street. New Yorfc. Header, give ia only one lair trial and yon will he satisfied. Agents?Z obex. 3d and l)o? It street. Philadelphia, and n*xt American Hotel, Washington, I). C ; 8 Htatr at, Tl jitonI. seliud, Kit* st, Charleston. S. C.; ft/ State at, Albmy; iu;iiell, Norwich, Chenango, N. V.; Martin, barber. Ciuli, N. V.; an<lJ39 Kiilton ,f, |ir< kl,?. i.IQ lm?rr a rti8 t i n h a i k MANUFACTURED FROM t '^IDIES' AND OKNTLEWEN'8 HAIR. J?T V! ,L,,tw" 'artv' lo.n*t iu unn hucirr.l HiH rent d?. 1 aien.?Necklace. Bracelet.. Waul, annrda. |u?r " m lower*. Kins;*, Wigs aud Sculp*. A C. HAH K Y'S WIGS AND SCALPS. till atnad pre-eminent above all other*. Their peculiar light, i**nmer, atd ventilating character, their being ?na|>ed ci.irtly the natural hair (row*; their elasticity and their ?uperior marial and workin rn?liip, a* well a* their atyla ol finub and arr.ingeim lit, all combine to lorm ?uch perfect head* of hair, at tney most tie aeeuto be folly >ypreciated. Panic* having n meco of hair of a living or deecated friend, n get it formed ', y him into any draign the mind cau conceive such a fonn it will be a keepsake invaluable. (iratuitniis advice given on all diseaae* connected with the iir,at the HairCnttiug Hnumi, 1M BROADWAY, cor of Liberty street, jyllSm* up Stair*. i WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. qTRlKKR'B SOLUTION KOK THE HAIR, which will O change ktcv Iisii to iu original color in lew miuutea. This solution 11 tli fferent from any Yet offered, and cannot fail of m* parcelling all other*. It Inghl y eAcacpms, and | ea.<-n-'i lha great advantage of beautify wig lb* bur, without injur it* its growth. Ttujae who doubt lU r.itoea arc tequetird to hate thair hair changed before puyiug their money. II' l.timbuca woulo take thia ineuvmi tlicre would be uo reason to complain. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail, and applied, at No. 5 Chatham street, opposite the Hall of Records, New York, up stsirt. + -% lw*r M EDlCA L A ILL ~ DR. GREGORY, residing at 34 Mott street, has long since lav. i>Uly established his character and qualification as a physician , he has therefore no further need to advertise except to apprise strangers that he still remaius always at home and ie.iuy to administer to the alNicted?to cure his patienti as s|>eedily as their individual welfare and the varied Circumstances will permit. Too lusty cams in geueral are not desirable, nvunly because they are not permvurnt?it should be the object of every invalid to ai oid hiving iheir disease tampered wiih, by winch meant possibly the caie may become exceedingly jvuuful or even daugrrous, or may be disastrous. The wav to avoid improper treatment and imperfect cures is to obtaiu a liule b.K)k entitled " The Rubicon.'' it gives a history in detail of the disease, with tb?* pmperatid true mode of treatment? by jierutiiivi II patient i w ill t>a suie to understand their own case and oonditl ui. It is written by a physici.u whose ample experience was gamed lullie course of au extensive p actice among palieuls of ilns clas., embiacing t ? ry form and variety of the disease, that it is possible to imagine. In referruee to the merits of the little book ifself, the best evideuce of its value is the consuut and increasing opposition it meets with from those whose o-cuiwtion is endangered by its middle ?I- P co Kelt. 1'J .1 I... retMrgce, 31 .VloU street, nearly opoos.te the ctiurch, about 150 voids irom Chatham s.|Uir", aud also at the drug Stores of the Messrs. Sands, 79 aud nxi Fulton ?t., and on b ill corner* of Bro.ulway au'i Chambers vr. Stricture.?Frreoiis afflicted with tricture should call <n? Di. Gregory aud inquire iuto (he menu of his pi tn of cur**. He is at all unit s ready-iud willing to prove iliaL hi* inrthod ol curius a stricture is sutu ilier J more certain th-?u die coiniuou mode ol trtaunetit. The tim?- requited to cure by this method is Iroin a quarter ol an hour lo about ten cava. Those wishing to make further inquiry will n >t be chared except for services lemlert'd and a moOeraie comix: usation is all that is expected in any case. Application by mail, post paid, enclosing $1, will receive the book Dy r turn of mail, free ol' postage. n5 lm#r THE OTTTEMAltE LGIVES WARNING BEFORE ItE STRIKES. '"PHE mo?l disastmui of all diseases to which man is liable, J- because the most sure and certain in its rrsulu. is CONSUMPTION! But, like the poisonous rattlesnake, it aires warning before its liual approach. Is not this true? What are t-OCUHS AND COLDS | in their incipien stau\ but the first uotices of a i intruded attack? Dots uol the individual who goes about the sireei coughing and couiplsiuiug?with his throat sore?his roice hu iky and scarcely heard ihove a whis|ier, in the first stages of consumption! Are not his LUNGS INFLAMED?. It he not waruen ! licit?a moment's rctlection will convince ram of the fact. Then a reined;- is at hau I. PEASE * SON'S CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF HOARHOUND CANDY will arrest the complaiut?tolten tile lungs, and gradually recover the patient. But it must be takeu IN TIME Here lies the grand secret?a secret which cannot be stated loo often to to the afflicted. Tin common saying that this or ihtt person cannot recover, because their father or mother died of the afflicting complaint, CONSUMPTION, h t its foundation in error. They may be more liable, but let tliem be more watchful of its approach?in this lies THE GRAND SECRET. . I .'they do not expose themselves, unnecessarily expose them selves, and guard every attack watchfully, they are as safe in tiiia climate as elsewhere. Many people c inuot alforu to a warmer climate and pass the wiuter?they therefore require some protection here. At the lirst cold or soicuesa ol the lungs, USE PEASE'S HOARHOUND CANDY, and the complaiut will be removed. Try it to time. Sold wholesale and retail, by J. l'EASE Ik SON. 45 Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE. Nashville, Oct. 18,1842. Gkwis:? 1 en*lose you a draft for S'JjO: you will please send me the amount in yonr valuable Clarified Essence of lioarhouiid Candy. 1 wish you to send me u certificate of agency. 1 have beou asked lor it severa1 times, not liariug one scut in the tirst box I got of you 1 have omitted advertising, but at soou as I receive the amount I have ordered,I^wili insert the first advertisement you teut m?; your Candy is'of great demand. I think 1 can sell about $2000 worth this year; many have used il and speak highly of it. You will please send me as inauy of your larg* show bills as you cau give for the above ainouutof Candy. 1 srut your present lo Oeueral Jacktou, by hit Ai.1, Colonel Armstrong. There is no doubt but lie will itcouimeud your vaiuctDie noamouiiu 10 aid iriruuj. i'leaae acknowledge lllu receipt ol this, and oblige yours, ALPHEUS LYON. To Messrs. J. Peiueh Son, 45 Division it. N. Y. The all on- letter will give the public an idea of the amount of Candy (old in a year by the Meurs. Pease. DONT FAIL TO HEAD TTIE FOLLOWING CERTICATE New York, Sept, 30, 1141. Gkrts:? I am a machinist by, trade, and the dutiei ol iny tide, require that 1 should at limes exert myself to euch an extent that the system becomes eunrely relaxed, aud the body so overcome with heat that it is with ureal ditiiculty 1 can avoid contracting severe coughs and colds. 1 contracted a cold fioin this cause about two mouths ago. 1 subsequently fell into the midst of some ef my machinery, which senou ly injured my breast produced a severe hacking cough, aud was, as 1 considered,fate approaching xuuntimely death. 1 was attended by two Clans, who considered m cast. ipcitxt. 1 however determined, as a last resort, to try souie of your (L'Umied Essence of Hoar hound Candy; and, alter using a s.nail quantity, 1 louud almost immediate reiief.and am now entirely restored to health. My physicians also attribute the cause of my recovery to the use ol your iloarhonud Candy. JOHN P MATHEW3, No. 1 Urcnud street. To Messrs. Pease It Son, 45 Divisional. N. B.?All who are sceptical will pleaio call .nd see inc in person, ami i will dispel their doubts, J. P. M. Agents?Rushtoit It Aspinwall, 10 Aster House, 110 Broadway, and 116 William street * Church s Uufeussry, ISO Bowery; J W Stoue, corner of iluds-ni sod Montgomery st, Jersey City; Smith. 332 Greenwich st; Dewer, cr oi Churcb aud Chambers sts; Badeau, 360 Bowery; Dr. Bui id!, 310 Chatham st. sud cornet of Eldridgs and orand streets; Ki*strd,539 Broadway, Swuds, ruliou as, comer of Chambei and Bluddway, aud 77 Eaat Broadway. Agents onr of the cily.?Weed It Waters, Troy : Zieber, 17 Dockstreel, Philadelphia,Pa.) Uobinscn, No. 110 Baltimore st, Baltimore, .Vld; Baxter, 37 State st, Albany, N Y. mur CAUTION TO FEMALES. TtyTADAME RESTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would ATJ- inform ladies wbo witli a proper deiicacy, have a repugnance ts the treatment of their complaints except by one of their own sex, that iu all cases she attends to Itieui personally,her exrerience, practice and knowledge enables tier to do so. She deems it necessary t? state this, as she does not wish to be classed with the pretender! continually appearing and disappear in*, advertising as "Female Physicians," who too ignoraut and incomiietent themselves are obliged to get some scarcely less ignorant quack to experiineul instead. Consulting parlors and residence 143 Greenwich street, bctweeu and Liberty streets. Hoursof attendance from I A.!) P. 41. oil lrn'r MADAME 11 K S T E L L i F'EMALE l'HVSICIAN. Office and residence, HI Green wich street, between Courtluidt .ud Libert/ streets, where she can be consulted with the strictest couirdenee on com idaints incident to the female frame. Madame Rcstel I'aexpenenca and knowledge in the treatment of obstinate cases of female irregularity. stoppage, soppression, kc., is such as to reqnitu bat a few days to effect a perfect euro. Ladies desirinjt proper medical attendance during confinement or other indisposition, will be accommodated during each time, with private and respectable board. " Preventive Powdera," for married ladies, whose d? lieste or precarious health Inrbids a too rapid increase of family, will bo seat by mail to any part of the United States. Prioe to a pack life. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' box Ml. New York. Boston Office, No.? Ease* street." N. B.?Madame RESTELL would inform ladiea rosidii* ont of the city, whose health would notadink of lraveliinc,thai she would devote her personal attendance upon them m any part of die United States within reasonable disranee. ol lm*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. f"iWINU to the celebrity, efficacy, and invanabla tnccess of ' ' Madame Kestell's Keinale Monthly Pills in allcssiwol irregularity, suptisessiou, or steppage of those functions of na 'ore upon which the health of every female ileyeuds, since tl eir .ntrodnctiou into the United States, now about lour years, cuubterlcils and imitations are constantly attempted to be palmed off for the genuine. (Jlie. p coimnon pills s>r purclwsed at twelve cents a box. put np in differeut boxes, and called? "Female Monthly Pins." with theohiectof sell soy msm, if possible, ar one or two dollars a box. Females are therefore cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It is sufficient here to state that all Female Monthly Pills are cnun lerfeits, except those sold at Madame Rest'll's Principal Office 148 Greenwich street, New York and street, Lostoo. Price tl. Madame Rcstel I's signature ia written on the cevei of each box. N. B.?They ean be nsed by married or single, by following the directions enclosed insole of each box. Bold also by ap pointinent at 234 Grand street, eorner of Allen, New York, ol tm*r TO M AllltlEU LADIES. VI ADAMfc RKSTELL'8 PREVENTIVE POWDERS. iYl?Xhese invaluable Powdersliavc been universally adoptee in Europe, but France in |>arflcnlar, for upwarda of thirty years, as well as by thousands iu this country, ss being the only mild, safe, and efficacious remedy for msmeil ladiea, whose health forbids a too rapid increase of family. Madame Restell.a* is well know n,w*s for thirty years Ke male Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals iu Europe?tlioae of Vienna and Paris? where favorrc I"/ lier great experience and opportunities, she attained that celebrity in those great discoveries in mydicsl science so specially adapted to thelemale frame, for which her medicine*now stand nnn vailed, aa well in this country as in Enron*. Her acqnointancr witli the physiology and anatomy of the female Irame, enabled her?by tricing the decline and ill health ol married lemsles scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apiwrtnlly inexplicable tauses which cousin mauy a fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to ar nvc at .1 knowledge of the primary causes ol female induposi tions?especially of married females?which, in 1808, led to the discovery c her celebrated Preventive Powdera.'1 Their adoption has been the means of preserving not only the health, but even the life of manT an affectionate wife and food no the t* The advertiser feeling the tmportai ?e of this sohjeet, and as t,Bating the vast beneuts faulting to thousands by their adoption, would most res per.t111 11 y aronse ?ie aiteiilion of the mar ried, by all that they hold near arid dear, to their consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to wludh we are sab. ject. by simple end hralthv means within nnr control. Every dispassionate, virtuous, and enlightened inind will untiesitat ingly answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a package, accompanied with full and paiticnlar directions. Tney can be forwarded by mail iv any iurt of the Unilsd States. All letters nuut be post pud, and addressed to MADAME RESTELL, Female Physician. Principal office, 148 Greenwich street. New York. Office hours from 9 A.M. to o clock H.M pn?u>nomct TNo.7 K.??e* ?t. oil m*r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. l.nmii aitd i Kt.rinmi nr M. DSC SOU libCOyljK, M. LI., LIUiJUN, fOHiLML 'I'HH Scientific combination of ingredieuta ul which diet* L ruu are compoM J, Hare made them the woioler >ud admi ration of the world. They are known all over hlurope to be the ouly |.re|tarntiuii ever ifiiCorered that line proied invariant) certain in producing the monthly turns. Their certainty, in all cares, bciii* such that lliev mart not r? need during pregnane* for though alwaye mild, ?afi , and healthy, to-y ire eertain to produce diierarnagn if used during tint period. The direction* are translated tuto Kialnh eul are enveloped round with the eeal of the ini|>ortrr, (tamped. fi,cli boi eel,t ine the aigbature of >1. rle Boiideliviui t ami the k'.rgluh rti? tectioua hate llic signature of Dr. K. M&LVEAI' authoriM* igent far the continent of Atneiica. They can he transmitted by mail to a / part ol the t inted Stiuvi. Letter* directed to l>r. K. .Velrwj, bo* ,yt, id Vnrk, will meet with immediate attention. A" letter* inert he poet paid. Sold by apnoiuintent at lio Cherry. nur ta^s rine etrcet. I'liea |C>. Half bore* W5. No I j!t Poiea ecu* of mail otlui*rtl(tw NTBLItWlM) I? \'' 'i iiV J A M h- ? (lOKt)OI liSNIkiTT, "J. W. CORNKR, KULTON AND NASSAU STHr.KU. Thk Nkw Yout H***un?A daily paper, imobJ ev?i? .nvtiKtig ol the week?price true cents per copy. Country ad cribera fnrbislied iit the ?im* rate, lor any pecitie: period. >* i reinituuicn in advanct. N? taper acnt, n?.lea? |Md in t Trie \Vkeklt HbRalo? Hatred every Saturday morning at o'Tie o'clock?price n.t end n quarter rent* per copy?tannine* ii country raIwcriben at W.25 per uina. in adranee, or at the latae rate lor any specified period. _ CoaaaironagT* are rernested to eddryeyir .rvaer* u imu 0guM limn, fnwinw ? * ?*' dallerr

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