Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1842 Page 1
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TH1 Tot, VIII.? ?. 910 Wnnl? Mo. 3177. NEW JERSEY HAILKOAD AND TRANS POHTATION COMPANY. N'RW YORK AND NEWARK^ Inn tnr Ivtl or Ctuitlstdl iOnI, New York. (Kviry <!?y?Sunday kta' opted.) L?a*e? Now \ i'rk . o Al i A. M. At i P M. At TJ* A. M. At IK P. M 11R do. 4 do. ? d?- W do. t V do. 9 <lo. 6 do. 7 do. II U do ON SUNDAYS. Krori the loot ol Coartlanrtt (tree!. Leivr New York, Lea?e Newark. At 9 A. M. and 04 P. M. At 04 P. M. and Id P. M NKW YOKX. tLlZABETH TOWN. I.ior New York. Lore Elizabeth Towj 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 1 P.M. IH A.M. IJ4 " 1#R A. M. ?V P. M. IX M. I P. M. ov > The tram* for Westfield, Piainfield. Bouudbruok, Somerville, fcc., connect with the 9 A M, 2 .'.oil 4\ P M tr.tius Irom New Yoik, daily, Sundays excepted. Knre he;ween New York and Elixabeth Town 24 cents. Karr between do and Somerville, 75 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEYfr BRUN9WICE Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty atreet, daily. Leave Now York. Lease New Bruuawick. At 9 A. M. At IK A. M. ?X P. M. 7$? " " iwD " 9 P. M. On Sotvdaya the AX and 7X A.M. tripe from New Bruuawick and 29E P- M. train from New York, are omitted. Kaie betwetn New York and New Bruuawick, 75 cents. Kihsvay, 40 cents The fare in the AX and 7)f A. M. tram from New Brunswick, and IX aud f- M. train from New York, has been re duceii. New York and New Brunswick, to 40 ceuts. " and Railway to 37X " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re Ceive a ferry ticket aratis. Tickets are receired by the con doctor only ou the day when purchased. aull in.? WINTER ARIL/ NUEMKNT. DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown aud BurJinaton THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, Irotn the foot of Libeiiy street, daily, at 9 A M and *\ P M. The uioruiuK Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Eveiiiiix Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without cnauice of cars. Passenifsrs will procure their tickets at the office foot oi Liberty street where a commodious steamboat will be in reidiDessa. with bagi-axe crates on board. Philadelphia bsitiraye crates are conveyed from city to citv, sithont benut opened by the way. Eneh train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartmenta ami dressinr rooms expressly for tilje Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the font o( Ciiestuui strret by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and 4 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, beiut a con inuatio.i of the lines from New York. s2? 3m*r f Allii AND FKLIGHT REDUCED BOSTON, via STUMnUTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superior strainers, running in connection with the Stoninxton and I'rr videncr, and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer. NARRAUANSEl'T, Captain Woolsey. MOHKGAN, Captain Vanderoiit. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at four 'dock, r. iu. Arbarqemerts. The RHODE ISLAND, ob Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for rttoniiiaton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, for Stomugton. Pa. .sc tigers on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi deuce aud Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to he cubic foot, at (5 50 per ton, and on measure mem goods 7 Cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods Scents per cubic foot, and sj>ecil)C articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 23 Broadwav. my31 6m*r FAKE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. . vy FA lit ItEDtTUED on both the routes from Balimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Bay, Portsmrnini, Ityclilon, Wilmington, N.C., and thence to Charleston, to (13, meals on the Bay boats included ; or via Washington city, Hyenmood. Petersburg, Wehton, Wilmington, n. f., and thence to Cbatleston, to (23, meals extra?making the fare on both routes the same. Every exertion is made to keep the Railrotds and Steam hosts connecting these lines in good erder, and exjicdite travel, and make passengers as comfortable as pos stMe. By this route you may be sure of reaching New Orleans rem New York seven or eight days sooner than any other line, at an expense not exceeding (72. E. B. DUDLEY, nl7r President W. fc R. K. R. Co. regular opposition to cats Cf ^7* jjeKILL.snd intermediate landings, without tow 3EsMJbZ.bir?ts^Rr|Dlir days from Cattsktll, Mon nays, Weiiiiesiiays and Fridays. Fiona New Jfork, Tuesdays, T'>ur?diiys aud Sa'urdays.?hare to or from Catukill, SO cents. ?B-rtln 25 cent;?S'lpper 25 cents. The new and feet ste-incr WAVE, Captain Vanderbilt, will le^ve Robinson sL pier Thursday Nov. 17th, at live o'clock. For fun ht r particulars inquire of the ca. tain on board. By running on the days'akove named, there will bi daily com muuication between Catskill and New York (and intermediate places) for freight and passage at reduced prices. n?r MFOtt SALE, the cheapest Farm in these puts, of 70 acres, goo.i buildings, plenty of fruit, wood and waler. Do. for ss'e orexchtnge for good city property , four vain >ule farms aud lour houses and lots in and uigh Plaiuneld. De. to trade for dry goods an J groceries, new hoase and two Otle Do. valuable lots in Jersey City. Call on 8. VAIL, Saturdays, 41 CoartUndl street, from 10 to 2. Other days, flainlield N. J., or at >74 Washington st. Ten small farms lor sale low. S. V. ?i20 Jw*m *sea WAN'Pfcu TO PURCHASE?A country residence l it within 25 miles of New York, nue with from 5 to 2# LJmm acre* of land,near Long Island Bound. preferred. AdJrc*? with full particulars, boi 7, Poet Office, i'ou. hkeepaie, N. T. nl? re WILLIAM BROWN'S ch?ap euh itore. 126 Chatham J^h opposite Riaenll street.?Caasinirre, Silk aad Far Flits, Ot er, Seal, Nutria, Cloth aud Silk Velvet Cars. Several lit-w patterns,richly trimmed and neatly fiuitheu. A lame assortment of fiury furr, 1, ur trimming, splendid lyn* muffs, aud the real swansdewn irimmiug, all oi which will be sold, wholesale or retail, very low. i 16 lm*tc. p"mjKSTKIAN ACADEMY.?'The subscriber would re" Xb specllully inform the Ladles and (ientiemen of New York and Brooklyn, that he has opened an Academy, (in that large axl commouious building formerly known as the Equestrian r.sclianiie or Cook'a Ciic:ta, <01 Bowery, on Vauahall Uarden) for the instruction of ladies ami gentlemen in that healthful ana necessary accomplishment, the act of liorsemanship in all ita branches. The Acauemy is furnished with dressing and sitting rooms, and every convenience for the comfort of pupils, ana the ?tr{f let reward to respectability will be adhered to. hit J naa made arrangrmeuta with Mr. W. J. Davia, one of #ie oldest professors from Europe, to take charge of the same, and tUsters nimself that the euterprise will meet with the approbation and encoonragemeul ef a liberal public. Terms and particulars may be ascertained on application aa above. The omnibus and ra paaa every five minutes during the day. ottSm^p W. D. DIHBROW, 'ronrielor. I rpO the widows of The soldiers and sailori o the revoluiiouX sry war, who were married before the 1st of January, 17*. and who can prove the services of their husbands, aud the legality of tneir marriage, can, by applying at No. 61 Mercer etiect, hear ol soairlhi g to tneir ad anlage. Those not able to produce ill4 tequ red rvideuee need not apply. Pe ions resiuiug a a distance, and who will adaress as above, (post will receive attention, those wauling my icrtices will do well to bef..r the lit of January, as I have other bust pes", winch will c.ll me to YVa.hmgtou, during tne present s is'on of Congtess. A. F. CillLDb. n 17 lw*r | fsttAr.u'o KKS 1 OKA I lO.h, Christ's Svcoud Comma, j A and the ivlitleuinm.will he lectnred on by Margaret Bishop and others iu Military Mill, Bowery, opposite Bluing street, cu Baud a;, s, at three ami st4 reo o'clock, P.M. Free Admiasieu. A voluntary collection taken up. The public are respectfully invited. n4 Imr* y ncoNom v" and rtlsTftfcNCfimNt ? ^hc*i>e?t I ilorinu Establishment in the city at RUB8ELL. PATRICK A CO.'S 396 feiirl street. Frock and Dress Coats made t<* order, at from $11 to $16; Bearer Oreo oats, in rata style, $10 to $14; and tveiy other article of clothing equally cneuf. G-ntleineu finding their ow.i cloth cau have their clothes made up. and a good warranted, H the following pncea (e*?ry article warranted): Drees and Frock Coots made and trimmed, from $4 50 to $7 ? \\ I 25 to 2 VFkU. 1 00 to 2 N B? Naval and Military outfits cheap, and prompUy eieWT o|, fa's,.. I UMe-Pil .McMURHAY, H>0 Pius street, New York aires w drafts in sums to suit apulic -nl?, en tlie Provincial Baafc of Ireland, p?>able at Cork, Limenck, Clonmel, Londoudr-rv Bligo, Weeford, Belfast, Walerford. Gatway, Armagh Alfc loo". Colersine, Kilkenny. Ballina, fralee, Viugh.ll, ?nn'? ftullen, Monaghau, B*n bridge, Ball) rneoa,Parsnnsiown,DownPatrick, 0*van, Lurgau, Omagh, Duugtnnori, Bandon, fcnnis B*tly?li*nnon, ntrabane, PuugaiYan, Mallow, Money more' KNOLAND. Hpooner, Afwood ft Co., Bankers, Condon, payable in every town hi Orenl Britain. I', w. Byrne*, Kkj , Liver|iool. City o| oluiiow Bank, 1'avable in every town iu Scotland. ?>v t, irnr VAN NOKDKN'S WRITING AND BOOK-KEEI'INO * ACAUKMIf I* now Of en, 2(1 Broadway, 2na floor, lor the isreption 01 pupils, where *11 arqaire V*n Noiden's beautiful ay stem of penumanship in * very *hort time, and write with etae, grace and elegance. Mr. Van Nordcu ia now prepared to give inatrnction in Book Keeping npon plana entire!, new ard strictly Daring one momli'a inatrnction the pnpila 'dually open, balance and cloae, practically, from 20 to M art of book*. Ter us very tnodeiate. Hours of inatrnction from 9 A. M. till 4 f. M , and from C ti 10 iu the evauing. The Ladies meet daily at 3 P. M. tili Im'r fcSeH'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR. rPHI? cheap. Simple and efficient apparatus is adapte n to all A purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, v. nnrchea, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vsnlta, lie. kc. may b? it? apidica ttou bs kept free from ell lonl air and nnwholesi me effluvia; it is alto an elTertnal cure for Smoky Chimnu ?. The tuhsrriber having purchased the ri uht for the City and County ol New Voik, is prepared to sipply the public with Cones on demand. Metal Knotting of all descriptions furnished in sny part of the country. Cioton Water Pipes and Plumpers' Work in general. Alao, (J,lit muted Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Stove pipes, but , inbt. eosl hods, kc at r"C?? greatly reduced. All work warranted, an I orders tiy Irtter^sttMsed^. UAlm*a I* Water street. I E NEl NE\ SELLING OKI* AT WALKEK'8.?34 0 prladtra French yaittfrv. French and satin alippera and bnakiiu, 100 ?.r liu? cilf ?utched koou, $3 lo $3 30 i>er |*ir, 100 r?r calf and fine pegged b? K>;a, fro in $2 to 2 U a ad $2 30 i?er pair, p??f v a 4?-irae and fine boots, ironi SI to %2 and %l 30 p*r l*ir, 330 pair children's do Iroiu 3. to 3a per i?a?r. 300 pr ladiea ao?J misses boot*, shots aud busWius, from 4* to 6* lud % I i*?r |?r, 800 pv of fMKi VMM proof b ?ofs, moccasin*, Isdil runbt-r* in UOMttee, m< ii'? COftfM and lilt* boot* of all tori* aud sizes, from $1 75 to $2, all warranted. All the above gOOdf 50 p#f ct. >, . c.ty. Call and Ml foryowNiVM, CamI t, cornernf Broadway, at 024 . J. 8. WALKKRS. C LINTON CliLAP Boot autl bhoc Ala/act. 509 Greenwich, corner Spring at, is the only place where can bo found boots iu I shoes to suit the times. All those who wear boots a?il ?hoe? will do w II to *i ?e a c til. Ladies' and Mi sses buskins from S, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 shtlliumi |irr pair; Me ml erne its' bo *u Com 12 sliiKmt;* to S4 |>er pair; boys' boots Ir on 8 hillings to $250 per pnii. All who wish to save 20 in will i all ?! t'niioi! Clifdji Bout m) .*?hee Maiket, 5U9 Gieenwich corner Spiiug street. o25 lw*r LADIKS' BOOTS aSIU SHufcS? CockwoodT 3"J1 ti[i?i]war, keep" a tine assortment of ladies'and childr? noets and shoes, of the latcat American and Kuru|>eau fashions. Order* received by lire doaen from place* ot fashionable resort. ol<eod*r FENCING SALOON it SHOOTING GALLERY. KMKK8, 413 Broadway, entrance in Liapeuard street. second door, lately from Kurope, Professor of the art oi Kencing, five* instructions iu k'enctng ; also in the ate of the slraighi crooked, and Turkish sword, hunting kuifr, musket and oaVunet, staff, and every species of weapons. Gtutlrineu, lovers of this art, military olficers oi the army, navy, Ac. are respectfully invited to call and wiluesa an exhibition of his skill in this useful aud important art. A spacious douMe Shooting Gallery, illuminated in the evening, will also be found With superior Swiss pistnls-yehoot lug at a distance of 210 yards. sli p *r IV/flLLlNARY AHI'lCLKS, t.LOAKS, kc.-vfr TO i-" HINii Jk CO., from I'aris, reipeclltilly inform flie tdies of this city, that the, will open on the Dili m.t-, J9> Broal way, between White aud Walker streets, a splendid assortm lit ol Hals, C.ipotea, C oaks, Pelerines, t_amaili, fancy aud street Ureases, Scarfs, Shawls, Veils, heathers, Marabouts, 4tv , ol I lie latest "arts lashion. Just rec ived per ship Ville de L > on from Havre. Die?s and Cloak making promptly executed. n"> I in* r GKAMl'E.?The Stateu Island Granite Quarry being now in full oper.uon, will supply Granite of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Buildiug s ones either for block of rouble woik, ashler, sills, aud liu'cls,step* Ind platforms, will be delivered at shiniest notice, Keullr !Be for slops, and shingle billast or smaller atones will be ill fivered on board any ves.el iu N'wYnrk hsibor at toe lowest tales. Vessels can load with great diipatch at the wharf on Staten Island, where 14 feet depth of water is had. The railroad being in good order, the cars are laden and brought sb/essl of the shipping. No danger from ice daring the winter ironths. For iurtli.r information apply to LEWIS GIBSON, Agent, At the Granite Wlixrf, Stateu Island, or to the Office of the Company,1U0 Pine si,cor of South,upstairs oM r K K GI.OVKK. President FLUTE AND GUITAR, MR. PHlLIPfc ERNST, Professor ol the flute, Guitar, an uuteut Concertina bpui to announce tu hm friends and i?uh- I lie that he has jusl published his tie w " Mnudo Militaire" for the guitar, which will be found well worthy the alleuuou ol the | learner ot amateur, from its being well adapted to that iustrumrai and calculated not only to please but to alford instruction. This Hondo, with several other pleasiug pieces of his cntnposition "Tor the guitar" are to be I'ouud at Mr. Ernst's resilience 68 Canal street, where he contiaues to Rive I essous on tr.e above iisf mine lira si 3ni* r ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLES DUNNli WAl'KRLA.ND, PRINCIPAL. '"PUIS Academy was established two years ago, under llie |?d tionage ol'ilie former Inleudriii General of the Island, aud other distinguished individuals ol the nobility and merchants of this city. It t couducied on the plan of the Or man ''gvmiiasia;"aud the method of tuition is the "interrogative." All the scholars understand the Kuglish language, and many of them speak it hsbituslly and fluently The Principal has the experience of schools in Fiance, Germany, England, and the United Stales. His chief aim Is to give the youth entrusted to his care a practice knowledge of those branches of a poli e education, which are required in all active careers, aud are applicable to any. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French. German anil Spanish languages; History, Geographies. Naptnil Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Drawings of various kinds. Professors of divers nations and acquirements reside in the establishment; ..ud all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of tni.ion, that several of the pupils, under tr elve years ol ages, write and speak two foreign languages, in a perfectly, intelligible manner, and those of riper years, correctly Mid easily. The acquisition, not only of the Spanish, but also of other languages, is thus placed within the leach of the youth of the United Suites, without its being necessary for thi m lo relinqui h the many advantages winch accrue Irom antugliih education. The object of the Princi|>al in desiring to receive youths from the United States, la to facilitate the acquirement ol the Euglnli accuut for Ins Spanish pupils, which service would lie doubly repaid them by by the tatter, and to introduce here tin manly spuitoflhe English schools. The young.cilizens of the United States can have nothing to lear Irom the climate, llic house being spacious and airy, situated in a healthful spot, at a short dis ance fiom the <:ity; and containing within its limits, a fine bath and complete gymnasium lor the preservation ol the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrived from Germany, have passed the summer tu the school in perlect health. Aa the principal ta a married man, aud his wife and sister have chirge of the juniordepaitmrnf: children are received at aary I age but tnat of infancy. Every pupil enjoy a his religious opinions undisturbed. The icons art SiUO per annum, payable three months in advance There are no extras except clothes - nd books References? MESSRS. C HAS. DRAKE ft BROTHERS. ALEXANDERS MORALES, ESQ., nil Havana. 'M'OTIUE.?Whereas Samuel Beniheimer, of Syracuse, has 3. v acted aa the ngent of H. Beruheitner u Brothers, merchants in the ci'y of New York, in the collecting of debts at Syracuse, and in other business, all persons aie hereby notified that his power as each agent has been revoked, aud all persons are hereby forbidden to transact any business with hun, as such agent; and whereas Simuel Bi rnheimer and Jacob Bloth, constituting the linn of S Beiulieimer k Co.. of Syracuse, have this day assigned to H. Ueruhtimer It brothers, of New York, all the goods, debts and demands ol every description; therefore, all persona are hereby lurbidden to pay auy i.ebtr lo said 8. Beniheimer It Co. or either of asid firm after this date?and all payments of said demands may hereafter be made to Henman Bernheimer.Kinauuel lierulieiiner or Sitnoa Bernheimer, being the linn of 11 Bet nhaimer It Brothers, one of whom will be fouud at Syracuse by any person wishing lo tnakv payments; and on whom all persons indebted are requested to call immediately and settle their accounts and notes. Dated Syracuse, N. Y., Nov, 3d, 1,42. ni Isi'r H BEKNHEIMKK h BROTHERS. OR III 8 TOOTH WASH?Prepared from the original recipe at No. I Gold street, New Yrok?The Orris Tooth Wash lb purely a vegetable preparation, possessing the properties o Icieaaing the teeth and mouth tesioriug the gams tot ikuui; >u>ict aim [ticTtuuuii ?u> uupicataus uiic ox oaonriD the month, whether arising lrom decayed teeth 01 from a da ranged state of the stomach. It is designed to be used with a tooth brash, and will be found to supersede the necessity t It (< wder .keeping tbs teeth clean and presenting the wearing away ol the go Lea Ir-.n the teeth. It isparticulary osefnlin cases of spongy gums, restoring them to a healthy stale, and causing them to coulract around the teeth. In painful affection* of the teeth and gums, arising from eiposure to cold, it will be fonnd highly beucficial. It is par ticnlarly serviceable to use the Urns Tooth Wash at night juat before retiring to rest. This method is recommended by eminent dentists, ss by so doing all particles of food which accumulate daring tire day are entirely removed, and the month kept through the night iu a clean, sweet, and healthy slate. Bound teeth and while teeth are the most Valuable portions of poor humanity; but how many neglect the attention necessary for their preservation, even when snrronnded by all the means needed. Anrouu these we liuow ol none mora pleasant and effectual ti 111 the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whitens the teeth, strengthens tlis gains, purities the month, and iweetens the breath. We recommend its rue to all, young and Id.?[Boston Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash is the best detergent we ever Med on enr enamel.?( Boston Transcript. Kor sale by the principal druggists in the city U14 r CAK.PK TING3. ptARPETINQB, CAKPKTINQ8?Cheeper than erer-AI v those who are in want of carpt'lings, notrcs the following: All wool Ingram Carpeting, only 3s par yard. " extra " u '* " super " 4s td" " extra sap " Js " " double " Js6d" Three ply, superior petterne and colors, ts do do do ritnquaJty, Its English Brussels, evtra, Ids Reysl Wilion and Velvet Carpeting, equally low. Together with a large assortment of drnggets, oilcloths, rags, doormats, table and piano covers indta mailing, stair rods, tie., the largest stock ol goods in (he city. Purcnasers would liud it to their decided interest to call and examine tliis stock before looking elsewhere. R. SMITH, JR., 441 Pearl at, Opposite William street. >. B ? Heavy Jnte Carpeting at the low piice of Is td jwt ynrd. Remember, the number is 444 Peail street. oil Im'r rpHOMAS accountant, IBJ Broadway, reapvctlully A announces thel he has commenced lor the season to give rveniuj kMiMloi in Book-keeping,Penmanship and Commercial Arithmetic. The many hundreds of . is former pupils wlto are u< w holding situations of the highest res|>on.ihilit> as clerks and bookk- ei>ers in this city, afford the best possible test for any enquiry as to the merits of a system of instruction which hasgrown out ol many yes's ofexperi nee An adequate diligence ander the course here imisued will secure to a student the ability to discharge til the duties of the desk In n masterly rnann-ir, and give lnm a knowledge of accouo is such ss is veiy rarely attained through years of experience. Certificates of qualification art given when deserved. TO PARfcihTB?Certains hours of the dav are drvoted to the inatructioa ol a few young gentlumen who desire a thorough lirei-arstion for business. Published and for sale by rise anthor, "Jones's Principles and Prictice of Book keeping/' ?>o. price Iks. This it the only American wmk on ihe suhjec- reprinted in England. It is also adopted in the first Academic Institution* in this eity. at lm?r pLuVfcs, VELVETS AND BILKS KESTORED.II Dr. Feuchtwaiiger hit constructed an apparatnt for restor ing dam<ged or tpotudkid gloves, silk vrlveu and silka to their ongiual condition, and on very reasonable terms. Orders and parcels punctually attended to by 1 1)11. I.KWISITEUbllTWAMIKH olltawlm'm ~ _ 1 Wall atrer SHIRTS. CHIRT8 mad-, after the laleat and moat approved French patterns. Coats, i autaloona, testa, and all under garments, made to order at aliort notice and in the moat fashionable style. Gentlemen's Varnishing Store, (T and 69 Maiden Lane, New York. allm*r WM. COLLINS. QTll6So, McKIBBI.N It liKUJK. 4? Btaaer avreel, otter U for salt? ? an per tor h??y Black Wa.ldinir. MO" b Superior Cap Filling, Noa. ?0 to 40. 3000 lb hni enor Yam Twist.Nos. 2a to 32. A loll assortment of coloird Sileaiaa and Bleached Hhcrtings ana Hhirtinffs. H. McK. k fl. will netiw orders for the Wuhin?ron BUachir k k li> *e?Ubh?hmrnt, for which they arc sole agenta n 23 2v>* r S"l0/*K U,VAPt^"301}> Broadway?Jamea It. Del Vtcchio U 8t Co., reapecirully inform their nnmtrona frienda and the Snbllc, that Ihey hare jnat opened the Segar Diran 30JX Iroadway. adjoining Pinteaai'e Saloon, where will be found a large aaaortinent ot the beat aegrtra in the city. All acgan sold at tilts eatabliatiment are warranted imported JAMKS H. DKL VKCCIIIO nil dmjrawr* KIIBbnT A, JOHNHO.n. GROUND SPICES AND COFFEE AT THK HOPC MILLS, 14 MarketfielJ street, between Broad and Whitehall, late 2?7 Kiiaabeth atreet, New York. (Hltec IM Kreut at Constantly on hand, at the lowest market prices and .? the nana! eartere of saehaeea. tfT 1m*ni XFiAGHM'tiP THIS FLUTIS. i|t YIONZANI,}, Thompson atreet, giaaa inatiuetieaa ou I. the I'leis Terms tls per garner. s9tee*r IV v o V YORK. FRIDAY MORN 'po PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS?A young man, * t pnc11 . i" a-. . ?\h . ia ui m i|)il) a. iu!.ir -i with Ma business in r rery department And b auch, a d who has been employed in the capacity of retainer and sub-ediior on several highly riipicahUjaiiaiii, is desirous oi obouain a siiuai Im la n COU >. r i , to take , <ra?* oI. ami in i . . a >111*11 <?U W?tw*T caneirm. A r*aauevatiii|salary will oaly *?* ? *period. Address, by letter, (post paid) X Y. Z., at the Herald office. Respect*bfc references nirrn and regnir* d. Pl7 jgb L*LV.CTKO MAUNc.TlC PLAlES for rheumatism", ?ertout affections, tic , meparsd under the direction of M.L*manroux, ?i>othecary in Paris, ?eneMl ucpot ia New York, 65 Franklins reef, at M. Ninuards. Puce $1 50. Infallible cure for the most arii'c aud luveterate psin. such as acute ind < In ?pic rheiun giuu, tUe goat, bsbm^iTi HwUBi Qc doloreux, danse de saint Guy, chills, mijgrim, cramps iu th? si ina* it, and,shortly .f or .ill nervou-, affections,? hieti > diseases of worn u *uti youn* girls, as retu si canes.,, ainenorrhcs, lapDrtlilDIU ftimn i^r.nm aiiaok. ?'? OITUATION WANTED?By a competent per on no art at k-' salesman lu a whole* ile or r tail establishment of Watchea Jewelry kc. Alto understands book keeping and witch repairing. Hi* beeu in buaincaa for nimaeif ten year* eud speaks French. For particular! and reference! addrt aa Boa No. 782 Lower Post Office. Gentlemen's Horses taken ca e of duriuit the winter at a eery rraamiable rate. Apply atM Maiden Lane. Ml lm*r DOARDINO ?A few respectable young inen can be aceom L? modal d with good boaru end pleasant rooms a'. 42 i)?y at. Terms moderate. 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No.i", Wi ham street, basement, offers for sale me following choice brauds ol segars, which ne invites the love-s of the weed to call ?nd exsminr for t. emse ves; they were selected by oue considered to be a judge 'J hose find of a real Havana, will do well to call and get their supply of Hie genuine article. 2 i,00 ' I.S Norma, assorted Col its, 2') no Nonesaa, in half, quarter, and .ne eighth boxea 50.00 i ViigemiJad, u? do, 10 000 Bromla, 1st and 2d quality, kj COll De Flor a, IVnflO Norma Regalia*, 51.0.11 Naval Principe*, Palm* brand, i udfl 'abs h-roi, 10,00s O mini Uegaliaa, 30.001 low piic* seg r?, of various bauds. Grocers and hotel ki ep? r* supplied on reaso able terms. All orderr promptly a'leii >d to by addressing "Heniiqnis, it William stri e'. Iia.elll III " iv. d ? x nr aicve invoice 01 se?ars nxve arrived pvr barque Rapid, from Havana. M9?wec REMITTANCES TO 1 ItELAND.fcc-.ftc- The lubich- I b?r continues to transmit money, in sums Isrite or small, o persons residing in any part of Ireland, in tlie >?mr maimer ts he, and his prcdeces?-r in Dusiness have done lor the l ist hirty years, and more; also, to juy part oi England or Scotand. Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to toe subscriber, or ersonally deposited witn U:m, with the name of the person or persons ti Ireland, Enitland or Scotland, to whom it is 10 be sen', and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a rt ceipt to that elfect given or forwarded to the seudrr. In like ma iner money or claims on persons in any part of 'reland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber, for persons residing m any p irt ol the United States, or Canada, and will be pail to tl em accordingly. n!8 lm*r OKOKOE M BRIDE, Jr.. 82 Cedar st. LEECHES!LEECHES!LEECHES! 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Lamps manufactured in Paris, will always keep on hand a choice assortment of th<s article. oft)e*Mllm*r " L'KA.NCIS'S PAi'K.Nr LlbE BOAT" has been tested 8- the past four years in acTiiat. stRvicK, and by ex|?rii?eut as follows Manned and thrown from the deck o* a steamboat while undvr way ; dropped endwise fro.n the s'eru ot a 74 ; loaded ti the gunwale with iron and sIodcs, with the bottom stove in ; turned by loice upside down and resisting the efforts : of IS men to keep her so : upset by her passengers and nceiving ihem again inside and freeing nerielf from water : bottom 1 tore in by Uniting nu ? rocky ahore and thrn rowed onl to act; 1 landing in a anrl, when all o ner boata swamped ; taking crew and piaacngrrt from a wreck in a atorm at sea. with the bow stove in ?mJ pll|. out | h irding a wreck with the bolt an broken open ; lotint a nuking wreck fnll of passengers, with the aea breaking lmm cud to rnd ; making way acroaa a coral ret I to a wrick aud bringing off <6 iMsiengrrs, leaving the ordinary boa sswamiwd ; thrown from the deck of a ahip endwiae and iirini n iirra.ina ; aidea and bowa broken through and bottom atoveln and rowed in deep water, ttc. and finally blown up by aankmirine riploeion, and then again manned and rowed aa before. JOSEPH FRANCIS, Office No. T Wall at., at Adama It Co 'a k.ipreaa Office. ? I IOHN M, DAVIF.S A JONES inform their Irirnoa and 1 w cnatomera it at they hare received their winter faahioua for i Cape?a vanrtr of new styles lor ynnth and children. Tha Craciviennt Turban now ?o mnch worn, ia manafactnrad by 1 them. Also a new at) le of travailing cap, very convenient lo gentlemen travelling of? Im*m 1M Wlt.t.MM ST. pKICMIUM H08K FOR CROTON WATER-Made C from canvaaa, coverrd with duck, being pri-nernl in oai own anperior manner, with India Habber; ia perfectly water tight under tha grrat praaanie; ia clear, and la the beat India Mlibber Hoaa eiliat, Alan lor sale, ilia newly invented Hemp Hose, on acconnt of and at the mannfartarer'a lowest prices, in quantities to suit. unn i /t m nit/ nvnAUb n. ISA I, SnccMaorto Rot bury India Rubber Company, , nSeod *t 43 Maiden Lane J PHILADELPHIA DAOUERRE'>T Y ft KSIAftLlftH- I I MENT, Excnange Buu.lim No*. 28 and 27.?Sidgle Portrait* taken, from brraatptn aixe to I inchea in diameter. Fam- 1 il v 8 on[ * of from two to 13 peraon* on on* plate. Time of litttiiK lOaecond* Oona'antv on hand, and for aale, Irtalru'ent* of the tamo kind at uaedin the etahliahmeiil : a'ao ii'ate? and all other n'enaila. W. fc F. I.ANOKN HKIM. n!9 lm*r | f'E.NEKAL BENNETT'S MORMON DlfcCLOSUltEB , '1 TlM anbacrlbera will imbliah in IM conne of the enauin* week, " Mormoniam Eipoeed; or, a Hietory of Joe Smith and I the Latter Dae Haiuta, by (Jen. J. 0. Bennett." Theae highly iuteri atitm ana aalouudiiig diacloeure* exhibit in their true coIota the profligacy and wtckedneaa of the Mormon leader*. It , will be iianed in good atyle. In a I2m0. rolnme of npw rd* of J2tl ragea. Onleta -eapec'tolly rolicited. , LKLAND h Will i |NO. olS lr .- r BIIADBI'MY, SODEN It Co. 127 Nnaae^et. S'PRaW WRAPPING PAPliR?2<00 reaina atr-w nipe ' for aale by PEKSSE It BROOKS, l nto-c 81 Liberty atreet , CA. BOOK, 3 < Broadwav, (J dhie Hall.?A eomplete aa- ] aoitmr tit ol [taenia and Principe Segara ia alwa> a an hand . aa well at choice Hi galia, of all aixea. Plantation Segart (Veenerot) and La 0 ilmni, Aral quality, I haa been rewired by the Rapid. nil aodtw're T ADlitB'Sllk and Merino lTnder Vcat* for aale by RE H [ING, NOVEMBER 25. 1! Tfewarlc, Ohio. [CorM*poi]ileuceof the Herald.] Nkwar*, (Ohio,) Nov. 21, 1S42. " Batik Reform" and the Currency?Rtmocalof tin Scat of Government to Newark?The Clou of N?e. vigation on the Ohio Canal?Grand Celebration oj the Inauguration of hie Excellency Gov. Shannon, . 4-r. Very few matters ot interest have transpired since my la-t letter, aside from the great question wliich every one is continually askin;, "what legislative action will be had wuh regard to the currency1?"? The opinion is general that something will be attempted in the way of "reform," a word which never quits the lips of the many, but the difficulties attending which, the few only understand. That simple word possesses a potent sway, and has been a watchword in many a political contest, and the turning point of n. any a political victory, liremains to be seen whetlrer the General Assembly of Ohio at its approaching session will venture to disturb the great landmarks laid down by several preceding legislatures relative to banking and the currency. l'ar belter is it to adopt soine permanent system, which, though sui ceplible of improvement, issulutury in its features g< lierally, than 10 be listening with delereuce always to Hie cry ot "change ! change!" which the seif-interested din into our alarmed ears Let Ohio adhere then 10 the great features ot her banking lawi?let them be a neucieus around which to gathersuch improvements und. modifications as exjierieucc imperatively demands,and such only. 1 have 110 doubt tnat a great majority ot the democratic parly ot OLuo is in tavor ot some system ot banking. Declaratio-ns to ihat etiect were made belore the election and will be acted on in iuiiii, tiv^uiuuig iv UIC *vuvi auu turui II1CICof;" but mis good tauti will nut be manifested by re-chart ring me present banking institutions of the State under the same restr ctinns that are njw contained in their charters. It will be shown, however, by ottering them charters containing all the restrictions wlucti recent experience demands, and particularly the individual Liability of all the stockholders. A |>ortion ol the democratic press sets its tace against all banks, but by tar tlie greater number ot aetnocratic journals declare themselves lor a paper currency redeemable tn specie on demand.? Oolite ol the latter tluuK the number ot banks, the charters ot which do not expire on the 1st ot January next, will be sufficient tor all useful purposes, without chattering more for the present Such is also the opinion ol the Old School Kcpublicaii, the organ of the Tyler party iu Ohio. A discussion is going on in the newspapers relative to the propriety of removing the seat ot the State government from Columbus to our beautilul city ot Newark, and without doubt a strong ellort will be made (his winter 10 effect that object. ] urn informed by a member of the Legislatu.e, that the delegations from tilieen counties have been instructed to vote for a removal, Ironi Columbus to some otner place, ot the seat ot government. 1 am of opiuion, However, that an absolute majority will be unable to agree on a place to which to remove, ahliougO tliey might be glad to quit Columbus. It is only in tnis way, mat Columbus may escape the injury threatened tier. Newark will be the choice of a majority ot those me tube ra of the Legislature,who wish to lea ve Columbus, but Mount Vern ?i, Delaware, and Lancaster, will each be the choice ot a few. li is barely possible, that a compromise may be eti'ecled, so as to unite all on Newark.. Ttie canal at this place was frozen so completely yesterday, as to close die navigation. It has been excessively cold lora few days past, but we anticipate some lew warm days, betore the winter sets in with all the rigor predicted by peoj>le esteemed weather-wise. The inauguration of Governor Shannon will, u is said, be celebrated with unwonted splendor at. Columbus. The taithful are expected to tlock from all parts ol Ohio to the seat ot government, to lend their aid in paying due honor to au occasion, so interesting and important; and it is sad that the festivities of the day will be closed by a grand Inauguration Bail, to be graced by the presence ot rare beauty and accomplishments. It is supposed that ths Hon. James J. fa ran, will be re-elected Speaker ol the Senate without opposition; and that tne Speakership of the House, will be between Col.' C. J. McNulty and the Hon. John Chaney, formerly M. C. L'Occidkjitk. Baltimore. TCorrespondence of the Herald.] Bai.timokk. Nov. 22. 1842. Touching Thing t in General. Dkar Bknnett:? The city of monuments and fountains is, at present in particular, rather dull. The only thing we have here, in any sort of style, is those everlasting lectures; opera, none ; good comedy, none ; civilized concert, none?nothing but lectures. To-night Eames blows his second blast before the Mercantile Library Association, a continuation of the same subject he worked on the other night. The place will be crowded to a dead certainty. Business is very dull in all its branches, commercial, jobbing and retail. Stocks of all kinds are flat ?the only stock that is in demand, is the Firemens' insurance stock, and that is far below par value, although it pays 12k per cent annually. One great cause that tends to depress this stock is, they have a great quantity of iheir capital vested in State of Ma ryland stock, which is very frosty. Virginia money is at from 1 to 1^ per cent discount. This is pretty fat?a railroad connecting the two states, ana botn paying specie. Ratherasingularcircumstance transpired on Fell's Point last Saturday, setting forth the remarkable credence that some persons attach to dreams. An old man named Samuel Hill, who formerly belonged to the city watch, dreamed last week thit there was buried on a common adjoining St. Patrick'schapel, a large quantity of money in gold; so, on last Saturday morning he furnished himself with a mattock and spade, and repaired to the particularspot designated in his dream. After digging a while,he drew quite a crowd around him. all eager, to know what was in the wind. The old man found nothing, bnt supplied the inquisitive with a hole to look into and talk about. The mansion of the late Col. Tennant was put up at auction on the 21st. It was sold for $13,000. The cost of the building was #45,000. So we go. The house is old, but in a remarkable state of preservation. Col. Page, formerly postmaster of Philadelphia, passed through Baltimore Inst Friday, on his way to Washington. Is there anything out! The ladies attached to tne Orphan Assvlum of Vincent de Paul, are getting up a fair. Yesterday a party called on the merchants of Smith's wharf, a lot of voting bachelors. The young fellows tried to get oif, but it was no go: the fair ones smiled so sweetly, and talked so harmoniously, that there was do resisting them?so tne tin was forked out and mutters made agreeable. There has nothing come otl in the fashionable world worthy of nole since my last A great many of our fashionables would like to give noirftt, but times are so very hard, that they have to content themselves with tea parties. How is George Tx>der,the primo contra basso of the i\i t ii... u..i,-o iv...?,io ......1.11? ?i vyiyiu^iiy I iimi;oiiiui''iv iiiv iiuo ttuuiu ut fti y ftluu if he would return to them and resume the directorship of the Baltimore Musical Association, which by the by, since his secession; has (tone to the dogs. George is a great a little man, with a big soul. " MtUtum in parvo." Spoows. Philadelphia. [Correipondmee of th? Herald.] Piiii.AnEt.rtHA, Nov. 22, 1842. Gen. James Gordon Bennett Dear Sir :? i Agreeable to my promise, I commence a series of ' letters on the taste, fushisn, religion, morals and po litics of our good city of Brotherly ve, in which ' the enemies of Quaker modesty snd neetness, have ! most unjustly bestowed the epithet of a " white j washed sepulchre " Cur city, after ail the losses it t has sustained, and after seeing its hanking capital j reduced from 00 to about 3& millions of dollars, looks r still ?? anminpfnkla no if uirnr rlirl nlir marlral la n a m well stocked with provisions as it ever was, and although people are obliged to live within their in- ? come, no real want or poverty, such as you meet " with in other cities, is ex|>enenced among us. There , will be as many balls and routa this winter aa during ( any of the preceding seasons, and aa many pretty roung ladies to grace them as ever made men's f riearts flutter. 1 ehall, of course, keep the run of 1 them, and your readers informed of every fashion- ' able movement. Y?u know the rivalry between the ladies of Philadelphia and those of New York, and , you will, no doubt, permit me through your columns, t to become the champion of the former. They are i u era] *42. | |K>8se88?*d of the most endearing .|ualitios ; there are | mail* ciruieiiui 01 romance nere asm any pari ?n the world ; but it takes a man of parts to discover thein. There is so much Rood breeding among us, thai we keep those things to ourselves. S ill,as you arc the great instrument of moral reform in this country,you must be made acquainted with them, aud it | shall not be my tault if you are not. Our theatres are going on lingering, and, as 1 believe, dying a slow death There are performances in all ot them.hut no audiences to listeni o or pay lor the same. 'J he circus performances, though L>y far the most frequented, seem to have received a new and vuluahfe addition in the shape of horned cattle. They are now representing butialo hunts; but the admirers of rquestnan exercises see in ii nothing but bulfalo droves, the animals being as tame as sheep A much gr eater interest is excited by the large managery, wljicb is just exciting public attention, and winch is indeed one of tlie best we ever had in this country. J shall write more about it to-morrow. Th e suicide ol Colt has excited some Hstonishment in city ; but it has passed away, or rather it has been drowned by the grand political movements wl iich have since develo|>ed themselves. The friends ol Mr. Van Buren, led by Henry Horn, the old de'Jiocra'ic champion of our city, have convened a great " Democratic Republican Meeting for Martin Van Buren, and the Independent Treasury," tor next Thursday evening, and the call is signed by. a great number ol the old friends ol the little 111 cian. The crisis is at hand, and we shall soon see as glorious aud luniiy a Kilkenny light as ever came oil m this vicinity. The Tyler men stand united and firm?a little Spartan hand between the red hot Cluy wings and the old party hacks of Mr. Van Buren. Whatever rumor there inay, have been of a "grand row" among them, it proceeded all lrom a few disappointed office seekers, backed very imprudently,and in shocking had taste,by the official organ in Washington. With the war that will presently be waged against the President by the ultra democratic party, the " Tyler men," so called, may not expect any mercy from either extreme wing of faction. They require, therefore, to be men of great iiiiiiiK.-n <uiu luieiTdBi, ttiiu tuuu mrii urtr mil upi iu brook reproach. The Corporal's Guard must cover the President's retreat; if it be cut oft", he might be obliged to surrender at discretion. More to-morrow. A Looker-on. Philadelphia. [Corrctpuudeiice of the Herilii.j Philadelphia, Nov. 23, 18-12. The priuts of the city are once more filled with a publication of Mr. Biddle, in behalf rf the honor and respectability of the State. Mr. Ji. intends in a series of articles, to show that the good faith and credit of the Slate of Pennsylvania, are pledged to the fulfillment of her engagements with both foreign and domestic creditors, and that the v.ry worst of all doctrines is that of repudiation. He very correctly states, that the honor and reputation of the whole country are compromised by such an abominable doctrine being preached in any one of the States, and more especially by its gaining ground in Pennaylvania, whose internal resources are greater (in proportion to her debt and the means ol dis charging it) than those of any other Slate whose bonus are known on any Christiun or Jewish Exchange. He says, and with great justice too, that the foreigner who lent the money, had nothing to do with the manner in which it was spent; and that, if the doctrine be held that the Stale has no right to borrow tor the sake of making internal improvements, it behooves the Stale first to pay what they have borrowed?and then, when their obligations are fulfilled, and they stand clear ot the world, to preach their new-langled theory us a guard on foreign money lenders, and a check on the corruption of their own legislators. He is ulso correct 111 stating that the money advanced by foreigners to the States, came principally Irom men placing great reliance 111 republican institutions, and that the failure of the States to redeem their promises, will lurnish the enemies of freedom with the most lcrttle theme tor invectives, i he question may arise in the mindsof some men, whether Mr. is., consistent with propriety, can constitute himself the advocate of the honesty of the State. On this subject, it does not become me to venture an opinion; but 1 tun quite satisfied, that he possesses all the necessary acquirements for that putpoBe, and that he will accomplish his task with gteat credit to himself and the country. Let him do it! H is Excellency Ciov. Porter, was present last night at the Ghesnut Street Circus, and witnessed the great horned cattle show, announced as " a but falo hunt," with infinite delight. He has been used to that kind of thing for some time. At the Walnut Street Theatre, "Robert the Devil" by Meyerbeer, came off pretty well, last night; the" internal ballet" being under the immediate management of Madame Lecomte, who acquitted herself accordingly. The nuns in the play, you know, are not intended to represent vestals. The Ghesnut Street Theatre is not doing quite so well, but considers itself still the most iasluouable. Booth was u great attraction?and it must be admitted the stock company itself is a good one; perhaps too good lor the times. The Arch Street Theatre is the great place forboyo, and the pieces lately brought out, are rather apt to inflame youthful imaginations. The so bernartof our community, however, prefer attending lectures, of which there is a goodly quantity delivered every evening to crowded audiences. The young Quaker ladies especially, like to frequent them in lieu of all other amusements, which brings them in contact with their fellow-creatures. Whethergentlemen go thither to become wise, or lor the sake of beholding and admiring them, I know not; but will endeavor to inlorm myself, and report to you in a future epistle. In |po!itics, a great deal is doing in a quiet way. If to-morrow's Van Buren meeting is not a crowded one, it will not be for want of secret instigators, who as yet, may be afraid of showing their hands They think it best for a little while longer " to keep dark but in the mean time, to keep the elements in motion. They want offices?not for themselves, but for their retainers, so us to enable them, when the time comes, to move with greater force, and to be more sure of ultimate success. Such men as Henry D- Gilpin, John M. Reed, John K. Kane, will never be any thing else bul Van Buren men, nntil the decision of the National Convention will bring them into the ranks. A Looker On. County Court. Trial or Mils Parker?Cost ikvid. Nov. 34 ?The Court met according to adjournment? linlvA Illahofffur nreiidiriff. PrAiAitt Jiiricr*?a Imrroham lnglia, the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, the accused and connael on both aidea. Richard Vooanira awo'n. By Bradt?I am a lawyer : I have been in the habit of visiting the police office ; I have known of thediacharge of vagranta by the magiatratea j that haa frequently occurred on my own application : in anch caaca the diachargea have been sometimes filled out by myaelf and sometimes by the clerka ; I have filled up Rome ten or (ilteen myaelf. I recollect of no diachargea being made without inquiry respecting them by the maglatratea ; I have applied within lira than aix months for diachargea ; I have within that time undoubtedly tilled out diachargea ; I have been in the habit of applying for diachargea for aoma acven ypara paat. My impreaaion ia, that 1 did apply sometime in the month of April laat. [Some diachargea ahown him by O'Connor.] I observe a number of theae are without feea. 0'Connan?You never interfere where there are no feea 1 WiTiaaaa? No. (Laughter.) I know nothing about any of theae. Justice Matscll.?By Mr. Bradt?1 amoneofthe Spe- e rial Justices : I know of no consDiracv. understanding ' combination, arrangement, or concert, among the polict 1 magiatratea orotheri between the 90th March and the 11th April lut, to diacharga vagrants. I know of no diachar- r gea being issued in blank to b? used at the election or oth- C erwlae. Cross-examined by O'Coeeoa.?I have been in office n since the 7th Augtut, 1940. '1 here are chargta againit h me in thia court, the same as against Parker. I was nt the h Islaid about the flth April last ; was there as often as every other day ; was there for my health : I staid all day. 0 [A discharge, signed by witness is shown nim.snd several piestions asked respecting the witness' knowledge of peisin, place, ke ] I do not recollect any thing about It. (Other list barges are shown him.w tb similar quest ions by O'Conlor. Since I have been a magistrate there have been com- 7' pitted some SOCO vagrants by all the magistrates. It is Im- 7 lossilde for me to recollectanything about these particular -asea; I have no knowledge of the handwriting, other han that the date and signature of this one are in my landwriting. At these times, when I was up at the pent- ? entiary last spring, I used to go about among tha prison. , >ra, hut talked with them very little if any at nil. f think ,| was not there on the 11th April, hut was at the Mayor's p iffice, making arrangements for the election. It was < hortly alter the election that I aaw an affidavit in the ? rribunc, making charges against certain magistrates: it r lid not particularly excite my attention, as I was not, and p im not, in the hahitof paying much attention to what is ? aid against me in the papers. (Mr. O'Conner here re. m narked that witnesa had become ' case hardened" to these . hings, for which Mr. Lord called him to account, and the J yourtdeoidod that such remarks were improper J 1| O'Coppos.?Have you any recollection at all, either p aint or strong, that Ruckles brought you a list of names nn hat he wanted dischargad with a view to their voting at he elec'ion 7 (This question, O'Connor pressed very teaously In a variety or forma.) Wivaaai.?I have a faint recollsction of aomethlng of ha kind i It might hava heen so , but I cannot speak pot!ivelr tboot it. [Mvaral discharges are ahown to wit. test.) I know nothing about tham. LD. Piln Tm By Hum I have di?chatged vagrantaon the favorable recommendation of the keepers at the Island ; that they had behaved well,lie. I know of uo entry rpou the booka at the oltice being made of vagrant a discharged at the laland ; il it is donu by one of my associates, 1 are not aware ol it. Aldermtin STtwur by O'Cowtsoa?I never told Justice Stevens that he must in future receive his application for dischatges direct irom the keepers instead of h.mself. Mr. Stevens must have been mis'ekon about the matter. It was correct, however, that the penitentiary was ovai flowI iuk tit the time. Mr. Ba.u>v here said they had no other witness In Court. biTMucH llu.i., (nearly or qaite blind,) celled by O'Connor. 1 w us in the peniteuuary last April , 1 was discharged in the afternoon ot the llih April, end voted m ? ?.. ~>??' u?y i ma nui appi) ior my cuochit|jti, 1 was (cut lor by ibe ruuuer o> the othce. Cro^s-exammed by Brady. 1 am a ciuzeu?born and brought U|i in the tub v. aid. Justice 1'sti.ok lecalled by O'Connor. [A paper shown him.] 1 have crammed the keeper's book irom tha commencement in Jan , 18J8, to 1st May, 1S4J. [The question was as to discharges on Sundays.] It appears that Mattsell discharged 0 on Sunday, and Timson b on Sunday just before the election. End or the Testimony. i at counsel un dosii aides here said they were through with their evidence. Mr. Lord again uttered to submit the case to the decision ot the Couit without argument on either tide. Mr. O'Connor wet willing to go lorward in the usual way in the discharge ol hit duly. Mr. Lord waa willii g and detiruua that the Court thould lay w bother they withrd to heur argument or not. At the sugges. tion of Judge Inglit, the court waa cleared ot all suauger*. After'JO nnnutei private discus-ion, the court adjourned till next Thursday, at 4 o'clock P. M. itia underMood lhat the lour counsel, two upon each tide, will then be respectively heard in argument. Circuit Court. Be ore Judge Kent Nov. 24?Thomas Marling et alt. VS. E4. W. Tryon it all-?This it an action ot assumpsit tor gooda told and delivered to defendants, at the tiim of f ry on, Derby A Co., in London, the plaintiffs rending in London, the amount of the bill being Alb 111. '1 he only queMiou being at what rate the pound sterling should be computed, the delendanta paying inloCuoit the amount at $4 44, and contending that to be the rate at which the pound sterling should be computed?and the plaintitU contending the rate to lie $4 bi>, or the rate established by act of I ongress, June 28, 1*34, as establishing the rate or value ol the sovereign aa the standard ot the r.ngliah pound sterling. This case waa not submitted to the jury, but the Court ruled that the pound sterling w as $4 bft. The case will be carried to the *u promo Court. 11. Nicoil, counsel, and P. W. Thomas attorney for plaintilts ? Kdw ard sandionl counsel, and M. Potter attorney for defendants. William Hrown versus Jamti Hall an4 Samuel Roberts.? Tnis was an action of assumjsit, brought lor the recovery ol $160 against delendanta as principals, tliey having paid it previously to their agent. It appeared on the trial tbat the plaintil!' resides in Jersey City, and keeps a marble and stone yard there. The delendanta own some houses and lots jointly in Jersey City, and employed a mau named Hope to attend to them lor them. It was proved on the part ot the plaintiff that this Hope acted lor the defendants as agent lor some years back, letting their houses and collecting their rents, Ac.; sometime in Nov. Ib41, one of the defendants, hoberu. contracted with Hope to do some work on the premises In Jersey City, and Hope employed the plaintiff to do tha work. The work waadone, and Hope paid in full by tha delendants, but the plainiitf was not paid by Hope, and this suit was to recover iroin the principals. 'The agency of Hope was shown, but his authority to contract in tha name of his principals was not. Verdict for defendant*. For plaintiff", T L. Danaher j tor defendant, E. H. bee ley. Pahrt nf Pais**?*??*? ??1 <>aa Before Judge ULshoetier. Nor. 34.?Jomrt Martin ft. Michail McKton and Mai* thew McKton?Thi? ww an action lor malicioua piosecutiou, damages (3,000. The defendant keep* a arocery store at the corner of Bleecker and Grove atreels. The plaintiff win his clerk. Some time in June, 1841, tke dalendaut accused him of atealing a three dollar hill. Tha plaintiir was tried an the charge at the Court of Seiaiona, on the 14th of Oct. 1841, and waa acquitted. He now hringa thia action, as above stated, lor damages. Tha law requires that the plaintiff shall nut only show malica, but swam ol probable cause. The case was brought on on W ednesday the '131 inst. and when the Court anjournej, he Judge seemed inclined to grant a nou-auit,bui on, tha opening of the couit the next morning, some sew evidence had been obtained, and the ca?e went on. A nonsuit,however, waa eventually granted, and the Court adjourned. James T. Brady for plaintiff?Wm. H. Clancy and Petar Wilson for defendant. Before Judge Inglis. Nov.'J4 ?/fsnry Kufcinton und William McJirthur VS. John Wat ton and Htnry 8. Ilouet ?This is an action of assumpsit to recover ut ihe defendants, us partners, lor a bill ot goods sold to John Watsou alone. Watson, at the ilmeof the purchaseof the goods, was doing business in his own name only, and How es was not known publicly, nor held out to the plaintiffto be apartner. But plaintiffs claim he was a secret partner, and the main question is, whether he was in fact a partner. The amount of the claim was (39! 03. Verdict for plaintiff (39! 03, with costs. Charles Oenroche, for plaintiffs; Oeorga Bowman, for defendants. General Neaalona. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. Nov. 31.? Trial for Burglary?James Mclntyre was tried lor burglary in the ihiid degree, being charged with having, on the 30th of July last, broken into the stable of Robert Carroll, No. 36 City Hail Place, and stealing soma old haruers worth (8,30, which he afterward* sold for (I to Thomas Farrell. The tule of the harness by the prisoner was lullv proved, but there was no direct evidence ihat be *os concerned in the burglary, and he proved good character The jury acquitted him ol the charge. The Mike Wall!i Liheli.?The Coutt ordered a nolle proeetjui to he entered en two indirtmecta for libel lound against Herrick 4c Ropes, of the Aurora newspaper, and Michael Walsh, their former reporter, on Edwaid T. Backhouse and Chrisiopher Hempstead, on the payment of the coataof Court, the complainants having rated that they did not believe the libela were published malicioualy, and they wished to withdraw the charge*. Trial for Forgery?William Boggs, a destitute looking chap, without a coat, wa* tried ior lorgery in the tecoad degree, in offering to pais a $10 spurious bill on the Seventh Wird Bank.which had been altered from tl ' rokea Tenth Ward Bank, on the 9th of October, on john Mckinley, of hi dowery, in payment for a coat, of whicn he was much in need. On the prisoner'* arrest, $110 of the above named ipurious stuff w as found on him. He made a speech to the Court, in which he acknowledged that he offered to pass the bill, he believing that it was good, having but just stolen it from a negro with whom he lived, named Boone. The jury found him guilty, and the Court sentenced him to the State prison for five y vers. Dieorderly Houtekerper.?Kebecca I'oweil, a losciou* looking woman of about thirty, wa* then put upon her trial for a misdemeanor, in keeping a disorderly house at No. 179 Walker street, near Elizabeth, the resort of fe males of the pave and their chance lover*. On the part of mu iiiuwxuiiou, n numuci 01 mprcuiiiti wnnenn wrri examined, whose testimony went to show that this bouse was one of bad character, nut had been kept eery orderly and peaceably, except on one the month of lust August, when a lellow named Joe Nutt waa refused admittance, and raised a great row about the house, attempted to beat down the door, and finally got In and mashed considerable glass and crockery, and collected a mob about the premises. For the defence, a married laughter of the accused testified that h< r mother, husband two colored female servants and herself were the only inmate* of the house, and that the only persons who visited It were relatives and friends. It was alio shown by other nvidencn that the house was as qoiet and orderly at any of Its neighbors, and the only disturbance that has taken place there since the accused has occupied it was the row raised by Nutt. The jury, oiler an absence of ten minutes, rendered a verdict of acquittal. Steamlioat ThitJ ? Stephen Cook waa tried for a grand larceny, in stealing a tnink of clothing worth 9174, the property of Willet Seaman, of 30 Beckman street, from in hoard the steamboat " Avis," lying at the foot of Fulton itreet, on the 16th of October lest. The prisoner had fornerly been a hand on Ixiard the boat, and a lew daya after he robbery he brought it to Duryea's grocery, corner of Catherine and Water streets, and asked permits on to eave it for a few moments. When he went out, an adverisnment containing a full account of the robbery waa hown to Mr. Duryea, and on the return of Cook he was rreated and brought to the nolice. where one of the atol n ihirti was found on hii back. The Jury found the prioner guilty, end he was sentenced to tli* State prison lor bree years and tii months. Jury Pitchargi.?The petit Jury was discharged for the emainder of the term, with the usual compliments of the ionrt. United Cant ? The Court will proceed this (Friday) Mining, at its opening, to sentence all such persons sa ave hecn convicted and are out on bail, and they are ereby required to attend thereto. The Court adjourned until Friday morning at eleven 'clock. Court Calendar?Thle Day. Commos PliU.?Past 1 Nos. S3, (14, #7, 73, 7ft, 77, 0, HI, H4. Pear a ? Nos. 49. 4ft, 4ft, 40, flft, 49, 81, 70, 72, 4. Arrivals. AsTon's ?C M Walcotf. Philadelphia; J O Reading, dty I Phippe. lo; W Osborn, Baltimore; H Toler. Newark; R t Dements C 9 Raj moud,Albany; Mr and Mrs E Corning, lo- flen ('ooper and Lady, All any; Mr Barhelder,Cam,ridge: Dr Rose. Philadelphia; l.ieut Wainwright, U 8 N; ol It E Hood, Vai Jas Duncan and lady, Ohio; O Odime, jr, Boston; Thos L Green, Albany, J B Hart, Troy; ' p Ires and lady, Lansingbmgh; Mr Stewart, do: 1 L ok, do; W W Oilmer anil lady, Baltimore; J Hendrick n, Albany ; Mr. Cornell and family. a FOR 9AI.E?Tlie well known public house, Bowery Cnttsfe, with the building' srd iiurspircil lease of said preirisrs, ahich has bee yesia to tan from the 1st of nut hrsr premises, with judicious mansireaient, will entble the r chaser to liee rent tree; . , The present occupsnt bein< shont to retire into the country's ill sell IIJKII I .nil terms In s responsible pe'*"''. . For particuisrs, inquire of E- PARMFLt, nit ftt"r _ ? Bowery. tOFPER?lis Caaet erry superioTlnflislTCopper frewTfc ' os lo ?->?, for sa'r in lots to suit purchasers by E. It. t.OliLIM It CO., nttr Sft Stathesre

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