Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1842 Page 3
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THE '.COMPLAINT OF J VMt* II I'KRRY against me et the Lowai Police ortice un charge of stealin* lit>y dollar*, was dismiMed by the magistrate who investigated it, as utterly without foundation, and I desire to let the public know that I intend prosecuting him for hiring preferred this complaint. ANN SEAMAN November IS, itt-j. GGKniK. PAKISTAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE U ut > th-oted acure evru iu canes where the bones oi the uose were expiated Irom the secondary effects ol H iitdre ls have been saved from the most nwIuI oonse piertces if tlie.,. 1 uthtomc maUdie; by the utt" of this cr I u- di - l ie, :i in SI. . ivelv u -< 1 l.i th L ot aial P.iris Veoarial Hospital. In nil ruses whore <1 sense is suspcetu-J to be lurkiug in the system, this medicim sho'ii.t ite useil. Hold by the anthority ol the College ol Medicine Phann cy, of the city of New Vork, in large bottles at fcl each. In cases ol half a doten lioltles *3. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Otliceofihe C.olbnre ?7 Nassau *reet. 0IT- BHOTHER JONATHAN -TO MORROW?The I.ri .cipal feature of Saturday '? Jonathan, w ill be a thriliiig isle from B'sckwood, entitled i IIP D'j niruil I'yR heinir the s.ulllis torv of Emma Harrington, related by herself?illustrated with four engravings. JACK IIINTON, the Guardsman, lour new chapter* LETTER FROM UNDER A BRIDGE, by N. P. Willi*. THE BOLD FENCING MASTER, from Blackwood for November, with various other miscellaneous paper*, lWry, Literary Notice*, New* of the Week. Money and Trade, 8tc. Sic. Single copies six cent*. Office, 162 Nassail street JUST PUBLISHED AS ABOVE, in an F.x'ra Double Brother Jonathan, which may be sent by mail for iiewsr aner |Mistair<? THE CAREER OF PUFFER HOPKINS, by Cornelius Matthews, E?q author gf the Motley Book. lie. kc. Thistul-was originally commenced in periodical number*, auil is now lirsl published complete. It will he found, lioth in sc. ne aud character, to be entirely American, and therefore the netter *uitvd to the medium by which it is now presented to the Ameriran reading public. Price l'JJ cent*, or ten copie* for ouc dollar. Qfr- RHF^UMATISM?-The most efficacious remedy for iheum.tic alfection* is found in the compound and highly concentrated Extractof Sarsaparilla, prepared by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 01 the city of New York. Many cases of the most distressing anil inveterate character have been permanently cured by the use of a few bo tles of this |H>piiiar medicine Dr. Brando's Dictionary of the Materia Medica speaks ol this preparation in the most unqualified terms of approbation. It is also of infinite service in all scrofulous diseases, cutaneous eruptions, and those affections resulting Irntn the abuse ot mercury. Bold iti single bottles at 7d cents each ; cases of half a dozen bottles, ?.1 60 ; do one dozen, 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. rrinctpitomce 01 tne college, 97 rsassrust. ft7- BLOTMER'3 SPLENDID BEAVER, MOLESKIN, ami real Nutria Hats, are now generally admitted to be, in this city (a? well as every other place where they have been introduced,) the most neat nnd fashionable, as well as the cheapest, articles manufactured on this continent. Mr. Bloom?r having reduced*his prices, for his very heat hats, to a standard far below that ol any other manufacturer in New York, is, deservedly, reaping th? ample fruitsof his rnterprize, by obtaining the p dronage of the most respectable and fashionable of-ur citizens. Mr Bloomer's store (it will be recollected) is No. 179 Broadway. 3f7-THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE cures all cases of gonorrhoea, gleet, seminal weakness, and debility of the generative system. A cure is guaranteed in all cases. Sold by authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York. In large bottles, price $1 ; in small do, 30 cents ; in cases, f :\ W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal office of the College, 97 Nassau street. {t* THE FRENCH ANTI-PHLOQI9TIC MIXTURE for the cure of all discharges from the urethra?sold in bottles, at $1, and at SO cents each. W. S. RICH.ARDSON, Agent, 97 Nassau street* fft7- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?The Collegeof Medicine and Pharmacv, established for the Suppression of t^uackury, beg to inform all persons desirous of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the sum ol one dollar, with a statement of their case, they will be supplied with one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine, ami a letter ol advice containing lull directions as to diet, regimen, 8ic. All letters must be postpaid. Addtesr Principal office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street, N. Y. The Cossoi-tiso Physician is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms ol the college. Honrs from 10 till 3 o'clock Sl'roic<l Cases.?The Colcf.ok have also engaged the services of one of the most distinguished open*tive Surgeons in New York, and ure therefore prepared to receive and treat surgical cases. Squinting, cataract, and all diseases of the eye requiring an operation. -strictureot the urethra,?calculi ir. the bladder,?clubfoot,?diseases of tlie joint*, and of the spine, will he particu'arly attended to. The fees will be extremely moderate. Patients who so desire will he visited at theitl.own houses after operation. By oruer of the College, W. 8. 1UCHAKDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) office of the College of Medicine and Tharmacy. 97 Nassau st. New York, (fij- CAPT. WELD, <fF THE SHIP LAVINIA, says he never goes to sea without a full supply of Sherman's Lozenges. They take the place of the medicine ch- st, and are far more useful. H-- always cures his pasi-iigvs of sea sickness and headache with Sherman's Camphor Lo7.rng.-s, and coutjhs, colds, 4i; , wi1 h Sher man's Cough Lozenare*. Then the Cathartic Lozenges cured one of his crew of small pox on a recent passage to South America. Whoever has used theae lozenges once is Hire ever alet wards to look to them alone 'or relief. 106 Nassau street is the Doctor's warehouse Agents 4V> Broadway, corner Grand street, 527 Hudson street-, 184 Bowery," 77 East Broadway, and 139 Kultou street, Brooklyn. CONVINCING ?The following facts are published to show that the. utility and high reputation of the Metallic Tablet They are extensively used and approved of in all the cntlerv establishments in Europe ; in America certificated by the most scientific eentlemun, an I received first premiums at the fairs of the American Institute every time they have been exhibited for competition; last, though not least, is the only article ol the kind, for the last twenty three years, that has been deemed worthy of imitation, and that to such an extent that almost every store in the city have articles for Bale alike only in outside appearance, for it it well known that no other has the power of producing a smooth and thin edge to a razor B--careful when buying, to see the namo of G 9AUN i-t un uiu laun, uicuuginui mteUkUi auu luuuuiac* turer, 16J Broadway. {H7- ST0VE9 ?M?. Editar?Will tome penton point out wherein the Novelty Stove, so called, ditlera from or excels ih- Hot A'r Stove of its next door neighbor. Both stoves have Hat tops, both h <ve the same mode of feeding the fire through the front, both have the dratt over the oven, down and front through side flues on the back and under the oven, and a middle flue hack to the pipe. Both have the same mode of roasting in front. The Hot Air Stove has an oven double the size of the Novelty. The Novelty excels the Hot Air in having a fire place one lh rd larger than any other stove in thu market. The Hot Air Stove has been in use in thiscity since 1933. The very novel Novelty, its next door neighbor, was invented in 1841 Surely the intelligent judges o the la* Fair overlooked this fact, when they awarded a diptomato the Noveltv as a second rate stove! " AN ENQUIRER Oty- TO ALL OUR SUBSCRIBERS?We csll the attention of those who would jiossess a clear healthy com pl-xion, tree trotn eruption or disfigurement, or a good heal of hair, to two advertisements in another column, headed "Eruptions and Disfigurements," and "Jones' Coral Hair Restorative." The public know these 'wo ar. tides well, that they are excellent. The Italian f'henii. cal Soap cures ail eruptions, pimples, freckles, &< .; the other certainly forces the hair to grow, stops iit tailing, Cures the scurf or dandrutT, and makes light red, or grey hair grow dark from the roots. We know from using these articles that they really possess these qualities, and are tne most excellent things ever form -d by science Their price is rea-onahle, in lact, cheap, that all should u<? tnem, each sex, and poor or rich We forgoi to name that the soap cures chaps or tender flesh. Sold by T. Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 82 Chatham st , N. Y.. an 1 by bis agents. Sue advertisements in another column. P3P- A OLOKIOUS !--ine Sew World for to-morrow, November i6, will contain the first part of a splendid an I deeply interesting work by Thomas Bahington Vlarauley, re-eived by the Acadia, entitled ''The Lavs ol Ancient Homo," giving the noble ball id of " Horatins," a lay made about the year 360. It is a capital produntior. 1 i addition to this, will be given eight chapters. Mac the ewclulooOf " The Miser's Daughter," a novel j that has been more eagerly read than any that has appeared thia season. Also, a continuation of the interesting " Jouital of a Polish Lady," and an immense number ol choioo articles, editorial, musical theatrical and literary notices, faieign and domestic news, lie. lie. Just published. " Franklin Kvans, or the Inebriate," an original novel, It)} rents. All the " Books for'he People,"for sale at 30 Ann street, and at the Branch Office, 469 Broadway, where the public nrc inviteu in call and examine I lit- lint. Aim, for Kali-, Cooper'* Tiaw novel, " Win* ami Wing,"price 00 cent*. SUFFICIENT CREDIT CAN SCARCELY BE Hi vim even in a series ol newspaper articles to sucli spirit ami nnlerprize n? have been tnani e-ted by Mr. Bloomer, the ceiehrntod hatter, in reducing the prices 01 Ins very stiio-iior, and most choice manufactures to the level ol even the veriest botch in the trailo. It is well known to a gre it nn other of the p lople of this city that Mr Bloomer is not only the oldest, hut most skilful artisan in this branch of mechanics, in this city; and when Wi state 'liat tie famishes Nti'ria ami Mole skin Hats at f3, and f3 M) e.ich, we can scarcely doubt that he will have the patronage of every person wishing a truly fashionable, stylish, ami durable chapc-an. {ft?- THE DULNES3 OF THE TIMES AND OTH^R can-el have produced great depression of spirits among t lousands of our fellow citizens ?an evil that, we are most happy to say, can lie immediately dissipated by a few of Peters' Cordial Lozenges, w hich relieve the mind from all morbid impressions, anil render it playful, active, and happy- They also cure a lies laolie in a lew mi .tiles, and impart animation to the countenance, and hrilliancj to the eye. Authors or e lltors should never be withoti' a supply of Peters' Cordial Lozenges, fir they oorre. -i wearines- of >he brain, diversify the fancies, and beget lew id.-HS. It need scarcely ?? remarked that Peteis' Lo /.e ge-. f.r worms, coughs, sea sickness, dyspepsia, lc are th h st rerne i s x'.in- for these disease". Itwaitt.* r.-uiirk of to e n n it physician in this city, th .1 health now porval. s the nati >11 in tlie form ol Peters' Lozeng.Principal oth -,e corner ol Fulton and .Nassau streets Of/-THE TONIC MIXTURE AN UNEQUALLED remedy in all dyvpeptic cases. In large bottle* $1, in cares of half a dozen bottles fr>. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agcat. 07 Nassau street. w?^fSSSSSSSS MONEY MARKET. Tbnrid>7, Nor. ill # P. HI. The soles of State stock were large to-day, generally at , belter prices. Now York State 6's of 1862 iniprovi d J ; 7V of li> 19fell i ; Ohio 6's of I860 improved} ; Mohawk $ . , Mobile funds are dull at 18} a 20 discount. , A chancery sule of real estate, which took place to-day, under tho direction of T. A Ernmetf, Esq., gives n marked instance of the change which hai taken place in the value of real estate sinca 18N6. Tho property conristedof the stote nnd lot ol ground, I3A P nrl street, minting through to Hrt Beaver street. It w as sold in 18*d for fio,. I 000, and was to-day purchased by Messrs. Robert L smith and Henderson, a dry goods house, lor $22,100. This transaction indicates the degree of falling off in the t>usiness of the city, which business, under the present tariff, is not very licelv to be speedily restored. T'li, .1.. ..{ > - 1 :-- ? --v. I. v. . i uicv siuri, pumnani 10 law, iook plan- yesterday. A large company was assembled, the 1 | tioveruor and Secretary of State being present. The auctioneer, T. W. L Freeman, Esq, read the < terms of aale, i. e.:? The stock will be offered in shares not exceeding ten, at each time a quantity is otTered lor sale. A credit will be given to purchasers to pay for the stoek they may buy, until the 94th Deoetnbor next, on their < living approved security to comp'y with the terms of , sale, and oil the payment of the price bid, the stock will be legally trans erred to the highest bidder, or such pursons esthey may direct. State Stook certificates of indebtedness entered upon I the book* of the Auditor General, relief notes, or the notes of specre paying banks will be received in payment. Those stock* which 4>eid dividends in 1841, and w hich cost *9,994 799, were not to be sold under a sum fixed pre 1 viously. The Ex ecutive reserved the right to buy in the ( stocks on behalf o.rtlie State Of 3750 shares of Pennsylvania Bank stock, ten were put up at $50, and not told. 10 1 shares out of 5933 Philadelphia Bank were then put up at 1 (6a, aud not sold. Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank Stack 4 nnd Schuv Ikill Navigation Company also passed without 1 bids. Pennsy lvunia and Ohio Canai Company, 90 shares 1 in nine lots bid up to (40, (59, (60, (09, 473 and (73, w hen the sale was stopped. 10 shares of Columbia Bridge was f bid in at (SI per share. An unsuccessful attempt w as t then made to sell some of the " no dividend Stocks." For J the Union Canal, no sale. 90 shares of the Chesapeake I and Delaware Canal were bid in by the Secretary of the { Commonwealth at (90. ""here being little disposition j manifested by the audience to make investments in the | above stocks on the terms prescribed, the auctioneer j was instructed to read the following notice :? 1 " In cons, qtience of the embarrassments that arc at* J tendantupon the sale of the Stocks owned by the State j in the Companies from which the Common wea\th reci iv eJ dividends in 1841, and the unequal competition with 1 which bidders enter the market, (Irom the restrictions in 1 the law) this sale is ordered to be aljourned unti', 1 the 1st day af March next, atone o'clock, P.M. at t>iis 1 place." Thus end'd the imposing and novel ceremony of the Executive of a sovereign State putting up its property to 1 sell lor the means of paying its debts. On Tuesday, we remarked on the amonnt of br.nk capital in this city which yields no return to its proprietors.? We included the Dry Dock Bank capital in tifie amount* hut should have remarked that the passing of its dividend was temporary only, and was in consequen ce of frauds then discovered, and may it not be classed among the per. manently non-dividend-paying banks. Thf; capital of the rhoenix Bank was reduced last year soma 90 per cent, yet its stock commands but 71 in the ma rket The Me. chanici' Bank is perhaps better able to pay a dividend than some that do pay it; but rigidly setting aside its bud and doubtful debts, leaves a deficiency in the capital, , which causes the dividends to cease 6 >r the present. The j capital will probably be reduced by this amount, and al | low of dividends on the remainder. The stockholders will I thereby meet the first loss promptly, and their remaining ' stock will become available. If, then, anything is ultimately realized from' the debts, it will incraase the dividends. The capital employed in banking in New York ( has, of late, been largely reduc>ad ; but is still greater than t the aspect of business under the present prospects of the 1 city, as connected with the wl.iole trade of the Union, will warrant. InJanuary last the chartered bank capital in the ' cily was $90,361,300. This is reduced by failures and aspirations of chartur, $3,000 000, leaving $18,361,300, of which about $6,000,000 yi-Ids no dividend!. The Free , Dank capital is $5,008,100, of which $633,000 yields nodivi- ' dend. This dead capital should be reduced 35 per cent. 1 This would leave an active banking capital, free and char J tered, of $31,611,600, ngainst a capital ol $30,361,3:10, Jan 1837. Under the prment tariff, and during the absence of winter communication with the interior,the business of , N. York in 1843 is not likely to be ha fwhat it was in 1S36 i and that half,uuder the cash system, willnot yield thesame proportion of paper for the employment of the banks. A large portion oi the Western trade, which before gave emp'oyment to New York capital, now s eks Boston, pro- ' bibly to the extent of $30,000,000. The imports of foreign goods have been reduced near $60,000,000 sinco 1936- all of which is directly cut out of the business of the banks of New York. This changing of the currents of business, will work a great revolution in banking operations and in exchanges. A large propoilion Western produce which formerly went down the Western rivers to New Orleans, and thenca came by ship to Boston, will now, in \ all probability,come across direct to Boston Tli* follow* 1 ing produce was shipped from New Orleans to Boston in 1842 :? Value. ' Flour, obis. 74,715 $173,575 Pork " 71,844 570 03J 1 Bscon, hhds. 1 6 7 25.000 Lard, kegs, 94,870 500,000 ' Br. 4, bbls. 1,762 15,300 ' Lead, eigs, 115,921 350,0< 0 Whiskey, bbls. 757 5.007 C?rn, sacks. 154,860 17o 000 * a $2,013,909 ! This forms the basis for a 1 irge demand of specie, which is now gsing forward so freely to that point. If this pro- * duce takes the direction of the Lakes and Railroad, the ? exchanges, instead of being in favor of the east and against the west, and in favor of the west against the south, leaving a balance due the south from the north, the whole 11 operation would be more dire t, and the balance would be more directly settled between the east and west. With ( in the last few weeks, the movement of specie in the settlement of balances and to fill the channels of circulation, has become active. New Orleans, the great point at which is collected and export ed the agricultural wealth '* of the country, has had the exchanges heavi'y in its favor f against thenorth, a circumstance which never occurred C luring the administration of the late Na'ional Bank The 'I foil >wing is a table of the highest and lowest of bills on 11 New Orleans at New York, from 1825 to 1839 :? Highest axi> Lowest Rates or Bills at New York ox '' Ns.wttRLr.AXs, raosf 1815 to 1838. , 1815, * a 2H dis. 1832, 1 a IW dis. 1826, 1 a 3 " 1833, I a IK " 1*27, ka3 " 1*31, 1 a IK " " 1828, X * 3 " 1835, Hal " 41 1889, 1 s 2H " 1836, H 4 " * 1810, 1 a Ik " 1831, 3 alO " " 1831, X * IH " 1838, 2 a!2 " During all thli*period, axehange was never in favor of i, New Orleans. This year, since the resumption ol a specie " currency, it fell from 5 a 9 per cent discount ; June 24, to n< par a J pet cent premium ; August first, the premium *(| gradually rose to 1) a 2 per cent, and is now ?> falling hack to its natural level tinder the large export of p specie to that point All the old fictitious banking opi- w ration is now done away with ; the produce goes for- ,,1 ward?the natural current of business and the bills " tliMwn flifainat it. xi-ith nn Hpmon<l keep..the prices above thn co?t of bringing back the specie q for it?the specie comes in the natural course oi business, m ami the channel! of trade are filled with a sound cur g rency. If a National Bank had now a branch in New Or- " lean*, it would purchase all the billi olferin : in eichange ? foritsown promts?'!, which would circulate to the exclu- *'? ion of specie, and the exchanges would present an artificial state of affairs. As soon now as the balances between J.' the different sections of the country are settled, the ex h changes will be undisturbed. The demand for bills fiom ,n importers of goods will, very generally, he equal to tne D supply of those bills drawn against produce actually sent jl forward. Any attempt on the part of the government to >1* Interfere with the operations of trade will inevitably pro- ,,, duce derangement. ' 'w Males at the Stock RxrhHiige. IB,,< I3?hss Bh Com, fa'I S?V ? 22? ' 'J? 2) do Mo. It Mud, sIMl , io/.o ? 21 " '< 32 ,0''" .. ? ?, IRs2 0, 2S (|(? T>U 4100 V?. ]?&* 2? 5* !o I?<0<1 O on#'*, IIKO 70 Vi so do Afninfton RK *30 IS 2IIM K -iitncky 6 ?, 7?>l2 130 do J III* Co 105't ,l 2fli!i*> Phoi.ii Bk 70>< M <lo K??t Kiver lot 46)f Second Board 50 ?I?M Lonj *30 i7?f 125 *hu Htonington i30 If. 17 Ho U.Rrnwith Bk, 35 vl hf Slate of Trade. .It There i? very litlle change id the market*. rt .J.ftet?Pot* have been taken at ftf.2ft; pearl* Cotton?Sale* amall, at former rate*. ,, Flour I'll 'market dull. Canal i* held at $4,50; Mi- H chi^an at $4 44. A '(-a aaletook p are with the following rc?nlt??term* " iote* at fix m .nth*, payable in the city ol New York, t<. e ma le cat ialae'orj to th *eller?. Hymn ? -JO doilbl. half rhestx, fineat $1,2.4; 123 ch?-?t J 2) .1 SI ( 1 ta; 49 belt do 47J; 200 13th boxe* 69J a 54, 9.M ^ lo 52J a fttl , r??"? Hymn?45 double half rheata an a 100 ft*, 179 h' l to M a HO; NO do 3ft a 40, 920 do 3ft a 47; 1031 do 3ft a 45$: 995 boxei 20 a 49. ' V Huron Skin?ftfl cheat* at 45 Cl? per lb: ftO do 44$; 11 do 13$, 36 do 42; 2A do 3H; 14 do 37$; 20do 33J; IftS do 32$, f? 121 hall do 32; 139 cheat* SI J; iftOdoSl. 0 Tvmkay?196 half cheat* 36; 110 do do 331, 300 do do ' 33. ^ .. . ? (Mimpowdtr?i cheat* $1.03 |**r lb; 15 do 1,01, 6 ilO 67 1 -to; 10 hall do64: 30 do 35}, 31 do do 64; 47 do do 61; 48 , to do 61. 6 cheat* 60; 8 do 1*0; 60 half do 39}; 'II do do 38}; I'll do do 38, 160 do do 30, 300 half cheat* <* ill.drawn; 300 voxe- each 13ib at 11}, 16 .10 each I 111) 64; -16 do do 66; 6tl 'j la do 63. S'O 6 b 60. 1 imperial?13 chests <HICPII,? per lb; *28 halt chesti 81; 19 ( 'k> do 62; 7 do do 69; 9 do do 5fl; 6 do do 57; 30 do do 55; 44 1 In O 64; 11 do do 51; 15 do do 40; 100 do do 3^; 50 do i'o J 34; 00 ttoxrs each 13 lhat 14, 60 canes each 12 cauuutvni 211" each 6'2; 67 do 50 61 j; 3001 uxei each 8lli 40. P,Miction*?10 half cheat* 43; -.'0 do do 42; 70 do do 40. i 60 do do 34; 43do do 33; 40 do do 321; 40 do do 32; 31 do 1 do 25. '1 Suucha": ? 10 half client* 66; 30 do do 60 , 30 do do 59; J 16 do do 32); 240 lodo 30$, 41 do do 26; 160 do do 26, 093 half chests withtrawn. 500 mall 20$; 6000 do 20; 600 do 19}. Brighton Cattle Market. Nov.'21 ?At market 1400 beef eattle, 800 store*, 3000 b ihecp, and 1700 swine. r Price*? Herf Cuttle?We <;uote to correspond with la?t week. A yoke or two at 1,5'). Firai quality 4 a 4 26, ?e- J .'.Olid quality 53,25 a 3,76; third quality 2,50 a 3. Barrelling Cattle?Mesa 3 12$; No. 1,2,50 4 Stores?Two year old at 57 a 12; three year old 14 a 20. ? Sheep ? Lot* were sold from 75 to 1,75. Wethers lrom i : 2.75. \ Swine?Lota to peddle from 2] to 3c for tow*, and 3] a -J I lor barrows. A' retail from 4 to 5c. m^memmm^mmeme?^?m^?^^^^mammmaemmmmm Married. ' On Wednesday evening, 23d in*t. by the Rev. Dr. t spring. Avavrve J Gi llktt, to Alctts, daughter of luhu West, all of this city. ^ Uled. | On Thursday morning, 94th intt Jotrt H A. B?vna'*, iged 29 y ear*. , His friend* are invited to attend hit f'tneral, Saturday iftemoon at J$ o'clock, without further invitation. 0 On Wednesday, 23d inat- afterasbort and painful ill- 3 li t*, Kli.soh Lloyd, coiiaort of Thomas Lloy il, late wi- * low ol Bernano Gill, in the 34th yvar of her age. At Auburn, on the92d intt, of scarlet fever, S*?sh M. Jc-iisn, only daughter of Joh'.i A. and Adulia Tuttle, ; 1 ittcd 14 montht. ! - | g l,*tes'c A<1 vice a I 11 RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK IIERAt.D OFFICE v Africa Sept. 6 Macao Jane 7 v CuCayc* ("let. 12 Madras An*. 6 Intigua July i Manilla; May J , I.nullay Au*. 27 Montevideo Pep'- 13 f litavia Juur 14 Maranlmin Oct. .7 . lerinuda Sri*. 20 Malanzaa voT. 6 Jlonairo ... . Ai'ril 9 Mayaguei Oct. 26 " luciios Ayre J Sept. 15 Maracaibo Au*. It l I tin a * Sept. I M itamiuaa Oct. 29 J lelize. He,ml. Oct. 15 N'cuvitaa July 31 p Jarbadoe Oct. 21 Nassau, N. P. Nov. 11 iogota May 1 Oahu, 8. I. June 15 Jcrbice Feb. 20 Paria Not. 2 ap* Hayticn S-pt. 21 Port au Prince Oct. 12 * ;i> racoa .Oct. 1 Ponce, P. K. Oct. 8 ' ieiifue*o( Sept. 20 Para Oct. 14 ? L'artlia*vna Sept. 15 Pernambuco Oct. 4 I'araccaa May 17 I anama Feb 20 l 'ba*re? July 1 Ki t de Janeiro Sent. 19 I'atlao May 29 Singapore July 16 I'alruita Au*. IS Sydney, N. 8. W. Au* II IVmarara Sept. 8 8l. Helena Sept. 30 Faval Oct. II St. Thomas Ntv. 4 liibrnltar Oct 20 8i. Barta Jan. 3 liuavaouil Feb. 13 St. Jago de Cuba Nov. 19 l.uavaina, P. R. July 1.6 St. Jolina, P. R. Oct. 27 Itonaivea Au*. 1 St. Croix Not- 3 lialveaton Nov. 4 St. Martini Au*. II Havre Nor. 1 St. John, N. B. Oct. 21 Havana Nov. 8 Surinam Sept. 29 Halifax Nov. 12 Tatnpico Sept. 25 leremie May 19 Tobaaco Au*. 8 lacmel Oct. 28 Turk* Ul&nd Nov. 1 Kingston, Ja. Oct. 2fi Trinidad ile Cuba Oct. 12 London Nov. 3 Vera Cnir Oct. 19 Liverpool Nov. 4 Valparaiso July 23 8 La Guavra Nov. 2 Yucatan Oct. 21 Lima Au*. 6 Zanzibar July 14 P Fautaeiiffer* Arrived. Nlw Orleans?Ship Augusta?J Burns. ? l PMitngeri Sailed. B Havre?Packet ?hip Burgundy?Couut A de Cnlr.biano, late w sinlin au Minister at W< li uglon. and servant; H Mnuasard, a [I Jercpir], Eugene Le Gal, Mr Betlirr,nf New York; M H .? M trtin Tastin, A Martin Tatain, Felii Tardy de Montravel, R , Hairis France; Mr PIcsms, Mexico; M'*? Batil aud serv>ut, r' lira Capdiee ZickwoHT, Mr? VVilhe'tniua Netlelrnde Zick.volff, Miat Anne NelteLodr Zickwolff. OitKNAOa?Bri* Laily lluuiiiigiou?Mri George O McLeod. Foreign 4 injiorfatlont. La Oitayra?Brig Dispatch?4C00 hide* Avmar Ic co?158 'jj tr*i coffee J Durand?31 do 500 hole* Mason 8t Thomson?5 w xanlanta II M .rley?6 cerooua indigo Murray 8t I.'Oman?8) lo 175 b is eoffer 1461 hides J C De C istor, Philadelphia?2 bg* :offee W Cu'nmiiwa, do?1100 orange* 10 master. w BerMI'O*?Brig Princess R .yal?280 hide* 300 sheep skins 16 rl ks ia.low 2 do horua W A F Davr n|?irt. ,, Domestic Importations. *? Nrw Orleaw??Ship AuKunta?7f>7 bales cotton Kenmrri h *c o?t8 8 A|?i?l*by?86 Piflot * L? B?rber?1972 ?**oU? corn W '11 V Johnson Sc co?I b * AUoi> Jk Cnannrey? 50 bales cotton P* JooHhn" & co?51 C H D?rbv? 3 NewlmWSi f'ruft. 1,1 mBSBBHMBIBBBBBSHBSHHBiHBBmi VI AR I T 1MB HERALD. To Ship Mailen and Agents. II We iliill nurn it n furor, if captain* of vessels will give \ o Commodore William A. Bnaaett, of onr news tleet a retort of the ahippiiiit left at the port whence they tailed, the ti e.taela spoken on their postage, a lit" of their cargo. and any 1 t'1 "tr-iim newspapers they may hove He will ^oard them im- A nediatel* ?n the!* -.-?!? ,! Agents and corrraimndenla at vme or abroad, will *1 r> confer a favt-r ty tending to this TI iffiee all the ma'.iie intelliqrnre they cau obtain. Nautical 1 formation of any kind will be thankfully received. gi PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. UN, 1849. G PI* IMSEJ 7 tfj | taoon hue* 12 o H *w 44 H'OM w it* I 51 J f'learetl. T Barque Linn. H?nrr, Mobile, Ni smith, L-eda It Co.?Briga ~ loan J de Cart (tena. If- liar, II m-hi at, Brett & Vnaes Alvord, " h|a*on. St Marvs. (It. Nraeoth, ! c -da It. lie; B lie, Myera, a* Wi'minvton, NC-?Schr* Topic, Smith, St D iiningo Metlatl 'latt; Bergen, L?tonr- tie, Petersburg. Jaa Hunter; Rreaidr, D ^liittley, Boaton. Artivert. ea Ship Anrista. Haley, 23 ilaya from New Orleana,with cotton, I oKitchil'o. The A. ha? had a pilot on boa'd i day*. D Bririali briit OreaPdea, Hutching*, 17 day* from Kingston, Ja. w n ht'l??t. 'o Stoke* It Anthony. Vesaeli left not recollected ra Brig Ditpatrh, Ttlilrn, (of Philadelphia) from La Ouavra, ba nil ID din from Porro Cabello, with coffer. Ac. to H AD. lolhral. Left at Li Gusyra, brigs Orion, for Philadelphia, in |? dava; Ann Elin L, Peddle, from do, juatarr; ?chr Emily El- to icntt, Landermin, fir Billimere, 3d mat No American tea- pn el* at Porto Cabello; achr Victortne, from St. Kitta, touched ph n,I railed 26th tilt f -r Maracaiho. *t, Brig Antarctic. Thompson, (of New Haven) 18 day* from )rtrter?ra, in hallaat, to W. W Pratt. Britiah brig Piince** Ro< *l. Havward, 18 day* from Bermuda, rith hide*. Ac. fo W. A. F Davenport. Schr George Krankliu, Nelaou, 3 day* from Cherrvatone, rith corn, to maater. Schr Mail, Loring, 4 day* from Boaton, with mdae.tothr tamer. Schr Pentiaylvania, Crowell, 4 day* from Marblrhead, with i ah, to inaa'er. ye Halow, Q Ship Man' Francia, Smith, (of Boaton) 18 day* from New ^y )rlean?, with cotton, to maater. Britiah bug Amanda, 23 day* from Trinidad. Al.o, 1 *hi(>, I barque, 2 brig*, unknown. Wind WNW. j General Ucrnrtl. Packkt *Htr Roicrva, for Liver|>ool, will sail to-day. Her ^ !tt? r bag* are at Gilpin's. 1 Brno ALPitg > Tvlk*.?Some unetajnea* having hern mani- , at d h\ those who have friends on hoatd the Alfred Tybr, ; apt Kiioi, which cleared at this jort last April for Richmond, ; r take in a cargo for Pernarnbiico. w? si ?le tor their informs* r on tint the Alfred Tyler arriveit ar Pemamharo, diacht'ged ; er cargo, anil sailed on the llih of July lor Bahia, where ?he rrived on the 29th; where, we presume ?he took in a cargo of J i?*r fir some port ill Europe. Siu e that time we hive loit ' i track of her. L? Bkig Tappawoolt, Goodrich, from New Haven for Bsrba- . i rws, (before reported) with cattle, out 8 days, ran on the reef* in^ > the northward of Bermuda, on ti.e 18th ult. while scndding J iahea*ygle. Immediately after striking, she began to labor j id thnmp nea-ily, and findi- g the rudder and a portion of the J ern pott had been torn away, the captain cat away the mainiaat Part of the canto waa removed. Night coming on, the M< tj tain and rrrw left ihe brig ?o j.rrterve th ir lieea. On Wed- ' -a^ay, the brie waa cleared from the rocka,and towed into ri?e I ubor. where *ne waa laid alongside the wharf. The caitle I > ? Ian 'ed aud ?'a?>h-d. I Scut Brkkxc, from Halifax for Bermuda, anchored on the ** >rih mile, at the Inrter port, on the 30th air. During the night, Wi heavy tf<tle came on, and to save the c ew and vessel, ahe wa< ^ in into a small cove jnat below the Admiralty House, aud bv onnded. Boat* were employed to get out 'be cargo. 1 8c HR ElfTPltP ixk.?Capf. Winflow, of the Peujsjswock, at 1 angor from Boston, repoita having seen on rhe I9'h mat. the I'til reck ot achr Ki.terprixe, of S?jrm, abonl eight or t?n N K o IJ f louliegan. Malta and bowsprit gone.decka ripped up, two n ink* ff her starboard aid*. On** man on hoard?tried to get m ofT, hot could not sneered, it blowing a gale of wind at the ^ me?got no inf rmation concerning the fate of the rest of the ew. . Rn ic. Nr.w Zf*l.*d, Coimhs, frim Thomaafon for New I # r'rans, atiurk n a reef nt (Jreeo Tnrtl? K y, J<l insl. beat V' . rer, and proceeded on her voyage, leaking baoly. Si.Ha Him, Kemlrick, of Bo-t?n, v <a wrecked on Spiniah ey, Ah .en, 4th init. ( rrwMvd. Vei.el * total lo???c.rgo . red in * damaged atate. ' , Gait st B*th, Mg.?At Bs h the gale of Saturday i <it wa* " ry severe. Hchr Consul, of H illowrll, Heath, Irorn Boston, rgo ridir, valued at $1",000, with probably rery little in?n- /*** nee. as ent ashore at Intliin Point, near ParkM'* Mind, and ' lien. Schr Olive Branch, Herd, of 11 d fin Bill), fmm B r n, wen' asnor, at Singe |?la'd, >nil ho i mil to pit-era. Brig ," pylon, Tro-t, of and for Ba'h, from Bm'nn, went ashore at u nevrell'i Beach?will probably get off without much daMniir. or th? In a gale at Owl'a Head, u'h inst. schv ]?' It Kaeler partad a chat* MO got fowl of hvif AHjall Heir l'h fi't. wkkM il-irngr of cOOarqMMa. Hchr Argoi.anl, of liiinsmn, parted hri chain and dioVe upon the fl at a, without '[ rnage. l.ati.vcHro?At .Viirth Yarm- nth, Maaa. Iirlg Henry, of very 'n'1 |>er or nf>d-l and rvorkm linhip, 232 tona?11 he en rnaiided !10 Capf. R chard H. Means Alao, aahip rrllid the Hudson, I) tons, to be coininaudrd hv Cspt. Samuel Bookman, Jr. H|iiihen, |/ Peter Hattrick, from New Yoik for Mobile, Nov 10, lat 31 40, n 71 20, enc Chss Carroll, from Boi'on for New Orleans, Nor 14, lat 31 40, wi n 09 30 W, A bsique steering 9, allowing a checked Bag, red and white, ,ec the ini/en peak, Nov i3. Foreign Prirta. Nasser, NP. No? II?In port, Jamca Power, King, for Bal nor*, n?*i oav. \ IlKXtxtt No* 3?Arr Adrian*, Hunt, Baltimore. Sid nt t etamoia, Fianklin, Rhndt Island, In nor'. Coquette, Taii , from Baltimore; Juarina, Shepherd, do; Fanny, Patteraon, |S > Arr Oct 2?, C*7.riin*e. Dearborn, Al? aandria. he. MoiTFvmro, Sr|* 13?In nort. Conolaniia, Klwll, from | oat m. dim; A'Cir. -rnark, Rio, do: Eaprras, Rvr, Citlix, do; errulea. Sba'ia. Pluladelidiia, art 3d; Delight. Wooten, from W i, tlisg: Sam' fc John, H le, wailing freight; 8 ratogi, Smith, in, diair. "la Tahiti, Jnlf l?'n port, O C Raymond, Denniaon, of Sag '"J arbor, unc (repotted June Id for Manilla. 'Ml Home Port*. ,V,, Bath. No*'<>?Arr Co;."elia ion. Simpaon, Tranani. Cld ?r b, l'< (new) it mgiiton. Mohtl-; Haionel, Syleeater, Jk utiiiNpie; Shavamnl.ln n ( Ballerd, Ha?a, a; lt<h, Km,lire. JT - *?,Cha-leat-n, l#lh, I.?ar n*-, M mrhell, H,v.ien*h; W * rriiicion. Hienina, Burbaitora; Levant, Ale*ander, Cuba, 1 AO* k'Afll roBTLanD, No* ??ArrtJen Seoir, Li'tlejohn. Ma an/aavia iilfcoa Hole, lot Boston I Id 2I*t, Ca'iatn, Blinrhard, Cuba. 1 d American, Wenburg, Mobile, Obl'i HltD, No* 17?Arr John Croahjr, Wheeler, Hampder IPI r Martinique; Atnaail Richmond, L*ifhtnn, Bangor for do; " B Heeler, Emery, Thomaaton for NOrreana. l#th, Lincoln. I Irmftt. NYork Ibr Thomaiton. Passed through. 5 bngt uade Iom reefed topsails, a?>d ibout 15 achrs bound up the bay? vind SW. Pobtssiouth, Not 21?Arr Atlantic, Nickerron, PhiUdel >hi i. Sal fx Not 21?Arr Abigail, Grant, Philadelphia. Bosto*. Not 23? Arr Amis, Core t, Porto Cab- Mo; Colurn G*>nc. l)l\ W in Pu. Bike% Philad-lph 4 A'in \I Rogers, Dill. d? ; VUn t r. Kidder. d??; Siar, CI ucy; M ry Cl?rk, Sivetr, Nasi. u. Sr; Pilgrim, D *dge jjruiK'ioaiii DC; Kmrtild. Hnow, Kre eiirksborg; <i>ri'r?, B*lumor? ; Hida?tnh, KiohI?oii. Philidclphia; Eagle kVhiu*. Albany; Kliz-t Mn.lda, C'rovrrll, do; M ndUti, Rice siYorU;, liu't*, do Telegraph'd, Token, ' <>\ oid, Biltimore. 8i? for I brim. Cld S?* * Eagle, S r ?h ' irt an Prince; Mo Uudrr, Encr, Charleston; U a Ho tter Ph"i? ??., Wil't n? i , ,\( J m. s Kmiieu. l'ii ? Wih.. RrMv. .NYork. An 22 , Ve?i*er, H1' kins W IVni? I'. v lor, and <'11lit'mi, H -.niinir, Phil id? Iphia ; Mystic, Churchill sJYoik; Virion*. A len, do Nkw Bt-DFoRDj N v 21?At Wm Prim, N York. Na^iucikt No* vo?Air Ksnct, Barnard, ami Mariner, Ad nia, Baltimore; Senator, NYork Htar*'S Nov 21?In port, Tr* inont, Boston for Charleston ^ mrocl Hy Curtis, Mvudirin, Viuige. Marv Jane, Sagauaw J r?get,T'g?ess, and Taleut, I' f'oir Albany for Boston; Cam iridgr ami Mail. Boston tor NYoik. PaortDKfccK, Nov t2?Arr * hrsapeakc, Post, Baltimore} Be anh. Ga'dner, Rrtidout; vVilUrtl, Millrr, NYork. Bristol, Nov 20?An Prospect. Roat rs, Providence for N f ?rk; 21st, Commodore, Wilcoi, Norfolk; VolaLt, Willislou 4 York. Ar.BAWT.Nov ft?CM Amanda, Nirkerton: Florence, Lot IttKUiU. Nlcker*on, and Marl, Crowell, B >iton; Moselle Itaiinard, Newll-rvm; M iry Ehnbeth, Hartford. Philadelphia, Nov 22?Arr America. Monroe, Bur not fr%. CId Lodi, Baiter, Boston; Maria, Wilbur, Providence WainWright,, N York; Frances A Seward, Curtis klhtny. AlkiawdbiX* DC Nov 20?Arr Victory, Penfleld, NYork.? lid Robert Watt J >hnson, Cork; St Heleua, Hnlow, Bangor d on soon, Carlton Boston. Frkdciickhbuiu, NovM-CId Abstract, Boston; Volun eer, t -rden, ilo. Kdkivtoiv NC. Nov A?r Virginia Hodges, Rollins, Neas fork. Hid H H Booth, Partridge, W?*t Indies. r OST between rh? i.'j ,nd TOth of November, a hi ck Fog Irtish Grav H mod tusw?-ra ro the name of l*?*| no?Who ver will returu said Dog to No. 23 Reuwica si. siiall be suit bly ?rwsrded. WANTED?A im til Gi l about 12 years of age, to take cam f children. Apply as ah -v?. n26 It PARTNER W A .NTED?Wanted % partu- r with a capital L of B'.VO to be emplovd in a profitable business. A note addressed to E. M. and left at this office will meet due t swot* rH If r "JUROL.ARY A >J I) "ROBBERY.?The alio,, ol J.i.n VI, 3 Dollan. 33fi Broadway, was broken into last nitht, and a uautiry of clothing takeu therefrom, consisting of all descripions

of men's winter tpparel. Pawnbrokers, and other* d-alig in second hand articles, ar?* requested to give notice to rhe ovrrmer on t e premise should any goods he offered them rhich cann <t he satisfactorily accounted tor. A liberal rew?rd rill be paid for the recovery of the goods, or any part .hereof. Dts If gc id It. BRAHA vl resnectfu ly inform the pu >!ic that he will VI gjve a Concert, assisted by h?? son Charles at the Society libra*y ou Thursday, the 1st of December. Programme ou a iiture day. ? eod 3tr r RT I ER HAG of Packet *hip R ? cius, f r L verpool, will close at Gil} iu's Foreign Lettsr Office this day, at hall aat 11 o'clock. No letters wj'l he received froin the Pos' office. n25 ltr f05EPH McMUKKAY, .00 PTiTTstreet. New York, gives ' Draft* in su?n* ro suir *ot lica* ts, on fh?? PROVINCIAL BANK OF IRELAND, ay-able at? Cork, Bainbridge Lime ick, Ballyinena, Clonmel, Parsontnwn, Loudoudtrry, Downpatirk, Hligo, Civan, Wrt'ord, Lurg*n, B-I fist, Ornagh, Wa rrford, Duu*aiition, (ial*?ay, Bunion, Armauli, Enni?, A'lihui". B illy.haunon, Coleninr, l, mbaiia, Kilki'i'Dy, Dunitarviu, Billina, Mallow, Tralif, Monrymore, Ynufhal. Cnotrhill,, Kilru.h. Mouaghau, KNULAND. noonrr, Atwood V Co. Buikrrt, London. P.V.hl. in ...wn .. ra-... - W. B pnei. Requires. Liverpool, i'y o| Olugow Btnk. Payable in every lowu in Lcotland n25 lmr "TO THE PUBLIC. 'EVEN yean ago the newspapers were filled with taunting * ad'erti?em nt* aimed at me because I ssseited'hst the RANDHE fH PILLS would cure all diseases by purifying ie blond. The tables are now turned, and the verv tnen wh-re the moar prominent in condemning, now STEAL my DVERT18E V1ET9, to advocate the same principle of cuiig all disease by purifying the blood. Th "re i? danger to he preheoded frun the u?e rfnew medicines, m tde chemically , i' no such medicines cau purify the biro '.and, what is worse, tch medicine mu*t leave evil effects behind them. I know ist Or arly all the medicines advertised as universal remedies ivc not the confidence of their p opnetors, who use my Pills hen iheyare sick themselves. T"is is a fa t which those acquainted with mv Wis will tdily h**lieve The B?-and eth Pills are made of VEG ETALK EXTRACTS ONLY, and those extract* are nbuined ithout boi'mg or anv a-?plic t'toti of heat, and no cheicaf eans are employed. The extractiv* matter is 0"f*i erf in its ire state, , iust a* it is in the L VI\G VEGETABLE. If it ere obtained otherwise, it would not be safe, because "* eriice br s sh-wii that those medicines whic- an* chemical! v o?v med, whefner from Vegetables or minerals, have A - TER FKECTS often danger* u . in their nature, always unpleasant their action on ihenund system.?In a f?-w days I wil> d?rihe the apiMtrans which I u*e, a model of whu h will he pubEly exhibited 1 may sav that I am now offered fiv- dolUis r ounc*" for all of one VEGETABELR EXTRACT I can ike, hw that | CMKlf lake i r, for the wry rtMOO that I cau> make mo-e than sufficient for my own wants in the uiauu cmre of the Brandreth Pills. The Brandreth rills, ih ? original VEGETABLE EXTRACT PILL8 e sold at 2'> cenU ner box, at ill Broadway, 274 Bowery, and 9 Hudson s rcef. B-ware of Imitations. r2>1'*rc V ANTED? A re i?ect<ble German woman, of good kafu?ng ?nd who understands a Sitile English, wants a situaun in "private fainilv as seamstress and to lake care of chiIren. The best of city references will be given if requited, .pply at No 109 Wooster street, iu the rear, up stsirj. JH. .MAX BOHREIt's Third Conctrt, it t)if Titwrnaclr, Vtr Mai Bohrer respecrfV'lly informs the public thai he will ive hu third Concert ou Friday ncit, 25 Not. assisted by Mn odcr and Mr. Tianm, who will conduct. Tickets t1 rach, to be had at trie principal Music Stores, St. corse's Hotel, and it the door. Concert to coininsncc at 8 o'clock. n">S Jrr PHE Bills of the Monmonrh Rank, N J., ?ill be re Jr. met ' ai the Clinton Bank, viz:?Tens and upwards par, tires and rder I per cent. n24 lmei JA'.KE r 8'III* ROSCIUS for Live qiool.?Pasts ugrrs by this a lip will please be on boad the steamboat Hercules, at fniiehill, this morntnic at 12 o'clock, at which time the shin ill *ail. 1, tier baga will close at Gilpin's and Hale's News Room, at H A M, at which plrce only letters will he reenved. n25 It HAFh'LE-RAFFLE-RAFFLK. "'HE fhi d aid last (Jiand Raffle this season?Tickets One Dollar each.?To b? raffled for rositivel" on Tuesday 13 of ec. next, a handsome Spanish Circular Gentleman's Cloak, nh rap-and si k vrleet collar and facings, and SUBplSts in erv other rrspects For par icutars apply a' No. I Murray at, aernrnt, corner Broadway, where the cloak c in be seen. Tickets only I dollar, which must be paid for when the num ri are taken. Any gentleman wsntinit a cloak would do well try in this, for at the risk of only one dollar he may become ssed ofa cloak worth (90. The raffle will positively take ace on the above named date, at St. Johns Hall, 8 Frankfort at 8 o'clock in the evening precisely. On Christmas and New Tear's There is to be snow, Wrhouta clork Yon must not go To sisit the ladies; You know ith no joke. So take my adviee And come for the cleak. ra24 tol3dc#ec ;RAIIAM'8 MAGAZINE?Office ?8 Bowery.?Graham's Ladies and Gentlemen a Magazine?J Fenimore Cooper, m C Bryant, Hen'y .M Longfellow, Riclurd H Dana, and nieroui other eminent <u liors, regular coniributois. Contenrs ol the December Number, Vol 21 :? Kiehard Dsle; a biography, by J Fenimore Coo|>er. The Serenade, a sonnet. The Widow of Newhnrg, a Tale of the Olden Times, by J Vlanem. 'on- Sonnets, by Miss Elizabeth B Birrctt. The Dream, a sonnet, bv Mrs rseha Smith Malms Gray, a rale, ns Mrs Ann 8 Stephens. boon, from sn Unpnhlishe I l'oem, by Win I'litlen Bryant. Trssth i tile, by Mrs Frances Ssrgent Oasood. I'rue Affection, an illustration of a picture. The Persecutor's Daughter, a story of the Covenantees, by C 'etersntt. V Rice for a Sweetheart, by the author of Jack Downiiig's ten. The Far-well. If:. dairy C*?" di?h, the last chapter, by the author of Cruizing ihe Last Wat The Holy Nights,a Henry Morford. The Ladies Lih.ary by W A Jones. I'he Pistnr' Visit illtistrstiou of a picture. rne Hasty .Marriage, a Sketch from IReal Life, by Robert irria. In the Night Wind in Autnm, by Qeo H Colton. Iditur's Table. Editor's Book Table. Embellishments? l"me Affection, a splendid Uteri engraving, byfKawdon, light. Hatch and Simile. Grail ma ihe Husbands Retnin i fine Mrizonteat, engraved H S Sadd. Phe Potor's Visit, an elegant ateel plate, by AS Dicke. Prrma $1 per annum in advance, or 25 cell's a single number, llishe.' in' nthlv, delivered in any imrofthia c ty and Brook, and aent by mall 10 any pair of Pie U' i"d 8 ales. Si Stance ISRAEL PO-T, ?8 Bowery. COUGHS, CuLDS, ONSUMPTIONS, H Iirsenesa, Sine Throat, Spi'ting ol 3lo id, Bmncbi it, k., is cured for one shilling a scientific pht aici n't invention, c died ?Professor J met' nvh On lv, or cemi'onnd rzt act ofti.ln and Spanish moss, ntmsedof 13 ofthe rarest herbs snd plants the vegetable em - posaesaa. Rv id this plain^hooest r aplana'ion ro the publ.c The prmci|>al rn itr rials in this randy ware formerly i n teiibeil an eminent physian, in liquid to'm. Survly i' is supeticr en taken 'n the shape of a beautiful rands, pleasant to ti e e, elegant in form,and miraculous in ope-atn.n It nerds but > trial to con> ince all of its merits It is bnt one shilling for a il: who will iiae It 1 It is slightly purga ive.removing all hurs Irons and purifying the blood. In fact. Irom ihe hundreds ady cured by this, tie propris tor (eels warrante I in offering ae terms th'l in case persona are not satisfied, to return tin net In them?Ike name n.nif l his ia fsir ds.slinir I plainly pro*** thtthu is no puffed nostrum The prophe rfqUMti om trial from all |?r?nin wh ? bar- fmlmonary c rnint*. He WtKiuU there is no mercury iu this as in omr pul">r 1 fthedu If i* v.ld rlt# .t|? fhM i' 11 a fi'l | r in \ it. Aolil only at I. 2 oil shilonr* a arge package, by T. let, ?i*n of the American Eagle 92 Chatham ft. N V. Apnteo Agents? Z* iber, Thin? ami Dock ?t Phil, I State tt, ton .>7 Srate *t, A 'bany. 130 Fnl'on it, Brooklyn, CMilrn ig, Charleston, H C, Zeiber, next to the Ame>icati Hotel, iibir g'on. D C ii2> Im'fr X HACT from the (o'hming (Join r it tee*? Rrpo t;?Con a'drrine that it ( Wild* r's A tlamander Iron A<fe) was fled io >4ii immftiae line a nr-ri-xl ol riwhf h'lira whil> It of I he othera it err deefr y ed by the Mirr le at in tree hin i hnnriL*f h tve no h-e>Utinn in eaying that ?r caneider ld?r'a 8 lamandei Safe really tlie-proef, anil affording per uiity to hooka anil pa era in Mags' lira. CHA?LF.S H. MARSHALL, BALDWI V A CO, WA0SWOTH k SMITH, MI.NTURN k ( O. Viblrr'a Pa'nm Salamander Fire Proof Safe ran only be bad he Iron War.honae of 8ILA8 C. HKKKINN* 13a Waieratreet. I. B?Second baud Safea of o'h?r m iken. inch aa hare n taken in imrt p la ment for the WilderN Safe, can be had eta than of the that coat. n2tr ( ? I'll t- l'hr I inkiin I 'off, r H' me, ff, \1 i.b- n I,nil, am 13 Crdar ilreet.?J. P BROWN haa the pb-aaiire to infn-m frienot and cuatam -ra that owing to the fatorab'e atate of mirketa, he la enabled to reduce bit dinner chargea fr*m i eetita to 12K ocn'B (icr tdate, on flab and m -at, and from to 8?i'inra|H' |ilite on poultry. A eorteapooding reitncnon . lor Bre-klait and T, a nW 1'*itm eOR VIOBiLE? M. gnlar lacktl ttie toth ol WW Vi?, The aplrndirt picket ahip ALA B AM IAN, JUkia' api. W. B l.ane, willaail aa abore. in> a, ip'a itromn odallona lor cabin, 2d cabin and ateerage aengera arr v> r> aupciior, and bertha can be aecnred oH inn ite irrma. if early application it made on board, weat aide Jnrlirg alip, or to JOSEPH McMURhAY, 21 r 100 Pine atreet, corner of S,,ath RE BRICK.?7000, (Joean pafnt, a vary anterior article. Foraale by PERSSE k BROOKS, r II Liberty atraat. : ~ \! (VTH>\ SALKS _ , BKL' . Auctioneer. BY BfcLL k HOWARD. 'Mircf /V#?r ?... ?*. ? > v.'rrsJ) SATurTJav t At IH^nVliwh in thr -lies rmtOk ^ Splendid furiiit ire sile?A U *e isoitmcin of elegant furr?i y ttt'fl hv orati of i he Hh< i If Ali??, ih? lUiie cruieel ftrnitnr? of * family rrmoviue; * ehoicn stock of new city made cabinet furniture, b*da, bedd.Uk mattraaacf, blankets, Sec. MONDAY. At I0S o'clock at the sale rooms. Sib* of epic fid n III-w i iwl second htnd rosewood and m Huh: rdv pi 11 tortm. "v f' ?- bcii at k< "?iiUm warid. AUo, M tinwrb lunuiugs bv old ami in >l*?rB artwf?, an invoice of l-u.kin* g utei,some elegant furniture, window r? ^ bed curtains, Vr an* Als ?, 3 ma?t inceut piano fortes, bv order of tq* 8h-riff, th? property ol an absentee; 1 do by order of the Alarsal, to ? ay a claim. . _ By RlfcLL k AWl LAKIL^T SATURDAY. At 10)^ o'clock, at ihe auction room. Pianos, new ?uid second Hand furnitur^ oarpectiug, Ac. I Also one share in the New York Socief Lib'ary This is , ail ordiLaiy library shaie not commuted; dues imid. FRIDAY, At 10^ o'c ock at their sales room, , A good assortment of broadcloths, cassiineres, ready made ciothiof, Ac. i SATURDAY EVENING, I, ; At half-|>asi 6 o'clock a' their * is room, a , A collection of oil pai t?ug*, auci nt and modern, many of which are worthy the attent ?>n n< connoisseurs. MONDAY ; A' 10^ o'clock, m the sale ?oomi. (i Cloths, cassimeres, cloth iif, Ac?T*e stock of a ine'chan' tailor, coo ptising bio&d cloths, cassuneres, Ac, i f vauous colon hiiiI qualities. f Aho overcoats, cloaks and a good assortment of reany m id< clothing. i TUESDAY. At 10,^ o'clock, a' the salts reom, An assortment of liquors, segars. Ac. VVKDNKSDAY, At 10^ o'clock, att e sales room, Pianos, new anditcondh nd furniture,stoves, carpeting,Ac. ' THURSDAY, Sheriff's Svle?At 10 o'clock, at 317 Pearl street, la' stork j of cabinet furniture, by catal gut, comprising a geueral assoit- ci ment of articles in the ine. , C ttalncu** on the morn ng of sale, hi AT PRIVATE HALE?I superb French 6>^ octave t iano. nude by toe celebrated composer Henri Herz, of Paris, equal in lone to am intimnc't ever mported, ^ A" UCTION NOTICE ?By CARTER A CO . at the so* No. 102 Broadway, bet *een Pine and Wall streets, this day at 10 o'clock ? furniture. Car. et?. China, Piano Fortes and T Fancv Goods. 14 very elegant mahogany sofas, cushioned is I tufted and spring sear; handsome cuire tables with white and tli black marble and maho any tops; breakfast, dining and tea t?- sa Idea,\ery supr French and sofa bedsteads; % V and mil and French mating my cbaim; small maghogany table*; plain and C mahogany diessing bureaus: parlor rocking chairs: a second tr hand inahogauy sideboard, solid frontr aud office tiesitt of van- Y cut Ci Also, verv rich French china tea and coffee sets, handsome Hi blue dinner sets, aud 25 pitchers and basins. A superior Cremona violin. th . - < tiuin, nil ICU rugs, I c II stair c*r|x*t flat ulair roda *nil window blind. A'ao, 3 -pi'ml ill va.ts of mi fl iwn, cost $80. Also several tosewood fancy work|b<ixes aud portable desks. Alan, an ?:! i;anl |.i in-4 forir of superior tone anil li ish 1" Twenty-five csnuesters black anil (rcra tti lu lib anil 12 lb eh. Sale positive anil the attention of iiouaelc eprra ia particularly requested Il2 It" " AUCTION NO PiCK? Large Sale of valuable Kiira. SI igh R >bet, 8c r. (pustpon il on account of the weather) ?Tina day, at 10 o'clock at 123 Kultou at, bv order of the A * i;im i a. a verv large and valu tble stock of Ku's, being the entire atock of a ilea'er?consisting of 1' na, chi' chilli, snbb , ? Iteuet, ami c ney uiutfi ; trinimiiiita of different kind*, racoon, wolf, fox and genet sleigh Robes. many of the rohea are very f cnatly?the original coat $1} each. They will be aold without V. re*, i ve-ml will li" found worthy the attention of thoae in want. Livery stable keepers will do well_to alt ltd aa auch an opportunity leldom occura to rnrcha?e aleivh robea. nli It" S. P. INOKAHAvi, Auctioneer. NKW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL HOAD LINE. ?? Via Nouwich atan Wo?rr.itc? RatLHoaua. , j,, Cotnpoaed of the tnllowimt antierior (teamen runiiiuK in connection w ith the Norwich & Woreeater and Worceater tk Bos- _ii ton Hai1 H >aea?- t :i WOKCKuTh R, Capt. J H Vanderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J K Duauu. ?.i CLEOPATHA, Capt On and aftei Monday, Nov 2lat,th:a line will be run tri-weekly, leaving New Vork, Tueadaya, Thnradaya and Saturday! only, at 4 P.M. The n?w and splendid steam bo, t Nit W Hi^VEN,' Captain ' J. K. Duatan, will Lave every Tuesday, Thuraday and Saturday afteriioon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of tha above boats at Norwich, and will proceed with- jn out chance of cars or baggage. (->, For further information, enquire at the offir on the wharf. I(M on boi rd the boats, or to D. B ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, upstairs. All persons are forb.J trusting any one oa account of tlu ,.| above boats or owners. t 2V FOR AHL^^^^^^^F.RPOOL. The Royal Mail St. ?rn Ship AC AD1 A, A. Rvrie Eaq , Comm.ndei, will leave Boa.on (or the above p >rta on Thurs " day, Dec 1st. II Passage to Liverpool S'33. -aJ " Halifax $20. App'yto D. BKIGHAM. Jr.. Agent, n2lr 3 Wall street. PULLtN & COPP'S liTJaSpl NEW VOKK, ALbA.V, I'Kt i V AND MONT REAL F.XPRESS. Messrs. Harttdeu St Co. having dia]in?ed of their ron'e ... Irom New York to Albany and Ttov, tt.e subscribers, the old conductors of Heruden Ik Co'a Northern Exoreaa, from New Vork, will continue to run a* heretoforeJeaving New York. Alhanv and Troy, Daily.and conns ct at Trov with Jacobs' Montreal Kspress and will forward Specie, Ba><k Notes, Pack tgea Btimllea,Cases of (foods Ike., to any place b?r*een Nn* Vork and Monrreal, and I K throughout the CnwmJ.iV Alto Kant, from Troy and Albany to I i. Ba?fon, and Weit from Albany to Buffalo. I ? All bnsiness entrusted to their dMl will be promptly at- btendrd to. Particular attention wi I he p<id to the collection of 11 tea, drafts, acceptances, lie , and prompt returns made for A. the same, \i PULLEN k COrP. Bl Offices?Ptillen k ' or p, J)fJ Wall street New York. hi, Tons, ttougli, 1} Kichange, Albany. ,, A O. Filkoia, 2211 Kiver alreet, Troy. g, S. Jacob's Kacbsngr Court, St Paul st, Montreal. I REFERENCES. tu Nrw York. At.raw. Trot. Prime, Wnd It King, E J. Humphrey, Jno Patne, da Jacob l.iltle, k Co., Thos. (tough. P. Welt, John T. Smith, k Co., 8 K Slow, Penoon k H'ff.uan, C. S Douglass, ^r Carpenter k Vermilye, F.Leake I Iloua loon k Co. Drew. Rohunou k I'o. n24 lm' ,n aMQ /aa KOK ALBANY, TROY, and lotermTdi ,v,' Om adkale Placet?The splendid low pretsnre steam- v, 3fc^iC3Lhoai SWALLOW. A. McLean will lease the loot of Cortlandt at, on Saturday Afternoon, f,? Nov 26,at 5o'clock. (,1, (C7" The above ia a substantial Boat, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, and lor accommodaiiea w unrivalled on the Mud ?on. i)2.'i r Dr tfg- FOR UVERPOOl NEW LINE?.Regular I Packet of 2*>lI November. The Splendid Packet *' SpM^Shin HOSt. I US. Capt. John Collins, of poo tons, < will |K>sitivp|y sail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or of passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. k. COLLINS k (3o. 56 South street. T Price of pasaagr, flflO. th The Packet Slop Siddons, Captain Kdw. B. Cobb, ol toon Ions, will succeed the Koactus, and sail the 24th December, her regular day. L tters for the ships of thia will only he received at Gilpin's P' and Hale's News Room. Passenger* inay rely on the ships of thia line sailing pnncraal- ? ly aa advertised. n25 r NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS- _ wwyk Pack-1 of th 2Jth N-j ?The splendid, well known kPflHawoackec ship HO^t'lOUS, ( 1100 tons burthen) ("apt. ~ Joh" Colnns, will sail punctuallv as above, her regular da>, V Tile shi|a ol this line are all 1000 tons baithen and upwards, jT1 add their aecommodations tor cohiii, second cabin and steerage ' liasaengeis, it is well known c?nnm bt surpassed. Persons wishing to secure berths should make immediate rP application on board, foo, cf Wa'l at., or to 1 W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck slip, giv or 52 Sooth st. cor. Jonea lane. Ho Th? Rosciona tails from Liverpool again on ilie |) |i January yer persons therefore who wishro ?rnd for their friends can have cas them brought out in her or any of the line, on reasonable terms. of 1 n2tr wil fcffg- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of th- ~2rth rcl mHWPW D-eember?The apl nvtd, I 'st sailing packet ship ENDENCt, Capt Wye, will nail aa above pr'. her regular day. (i Kor oaaaage in cabin, second cabin, and ate-rage. having ? snler.di,, accommodations, apidy on hoard, foot of Ms'den lane, A orto JOSEPll McML'RRAV, -t* 100 Pint* ?tre?:t, Curn? i of Hnuth utrpFf. Cat P. R.?TH* above will b* inrc^cdrd b> the packet ?hi<l Vir wh Riiiia, A-i| t Allin and sa'l on 13 Dec. To . V, ?? nriK. MM innr inenui, rcHliriK in Ifie Ulrt I Country run thern b-o;?*ht out by fhi* ?ni|?t or ov C?' ofih*? refful%r paefcets, b ippl iog ac above, if UtUr pM para. v?H ntv niSr * "a? PA^AOK Ki/R LIV&KPOOL?P'cket Di 'hf J'"' fc*TJ^2ith No'.? The aplmdid parkpt ship ROSCIOUS, r* MkEEEmCrpt. Collins, will !>.- despatched as above, her lesa- ri|^ Ilj3?5 -r For iHuaur. having unsnrpaued crnmmodatinnv, ippl7 to ,h_ JOHN HKhD V1AN, <1 South street. i N. B -r?up Iron O10I Britain and Ireland. via Liverpool, nil a* uiual be engaged at 'hp lowaar rales, and Drafts for- . niahed for any amonnt, inyable without discount throughout I the United Kingdom Apply aa above. _ _ _ n?< r -p? PASSAOK FOR LIVERPOOL?Cl?are on hri- ' rtrTSrVdiv urit. and aai's 00 Satnrdav.lh* 26th of November I !** nLfAT ... wr? afaat aai'ing ahip CHESTER. h" < apt* 1.1 John D >5 le, will cltar on F'nday ueit, and a til on Satarday. the 2ft h inat. Having handnnme slate room accommodations for II cabin paavneers, and her st"er?ge will be foand in bp a nau-passed k> any ahip now lo-ding tor Ihe above port, Those proreed'O* lo ihp Old < oanfry. ?ill And it lo ihrir imcreat and ci mrou to " .eleci this 1 n.ivi yanee in preference lo any other F .r trrma " ofiiaaiagr, which 1a very low, apply to the "b.rrahers MOCHE BROTHERS It CO., " 3t Kulton 11, neatdoor to lot Fulton Bank Cah n Passage f V>. N B Drafts at sight on the Royal Rank ?f I-eland and On ? Mr lira Preacd't. (Jrotr, Amnlt < o, Bankpia, Lndoi.. whici arc paid free of discount or any r harv in eveiy to an thresh VI oat England, Lrl.nd, Scolltiul ana Wslos, at all times for -ah 1*1 UaboVI 1 21r bar 1? KOIt an- k New V-wk ,n" wffV Lint?Rpaolar picket :tOth Novanibvr?The faat sail ',n 1 jBHaHaa'ng parkei ahip MIn >1 PHI A, < a,.1. Knight, will >'*V will i?iai ivelv anil aa above, hpr regular day. For freight 01 l"? passage, havinghandaome furniilirn aerommodationa, apply on board, at Orleaas wharf, foot of Wallat. or to "P K. K COLLINS Ik CO. 58 Booth at Poaitively 00 goods received after Taasday evening, the 20th tl*1 inat. nfl Shippers may rely apon having thpir goods correctly mesaar- 1 ed. ana that the ahip* of tin a line will aail punctually aa ad> ei tiaed. Any guarantee to that effect will b? given aud fnltillei' , that may be required. "JP Asenu in N. Orleans. Hullin It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods In their add 1 em. The packet ahip Ocmulgee, C ptain Peet, will aneeepd Vf the Mempllia, and tail the 10th Dec, httr regular day. " nfjr VI 11 to fro* NEWORLEANS.MMBILE, SaV~VN- '"< rflfy NaH AND CH aRLE?-T6.V f e para.t aha, " .4ML.ALABAMA, apiain Bunker, w II a il tula H. " .Nov.16 n, for Nrw Oilcan. . ? 1 a. \ The pack vt alnp NEW YORK. Catt. Nlven. will sail Itn f* Mobile on the 28 h N' v . .. .. 1 The pa he' brig AUGUSTA. Uapt Sherwood, will aail on 1 th? 28th, for Savam ah. ... . The parhet ahip WARSAW, Capt. Hawkina, will sail f?.r Uharleiton on the 28th Nov. For pam^a man. of the ^VpSC^lT ?? ,'in. T' |B?j, of 22 South at. oornar Jonaa lane. acn AMUSE M E NTS. ' IMTHADI TUmR. " " '* ' <"?nu. Ufiirt Tirr 19 rmta Eir?t Tior U ...... THIS KVKNIv<j \n, f> -i" n, RKT?rRUTIOJ*. ift.r w irh, III- it , mm,.. ?ril| um, LP. r ?h rl,t won MAN'S Ht'T ifl*r?hicV', COBBLMt IN TLRKtV. if* U,, r? will opr.. at 61.?curiaui wuIim >1 ibvmi iw oNloch pr?-r'?rly. B<"? Offirv Oi*u rfnil) fnia 9 10 5, whoro Tiekru m?y b? I f?A~RK T?? K ATR fc, Mn Re jiiin. I HIS K V KMN(I Nov. A?II K.. pr^a' i red, ISI'.AKLM KS IN KU\ PT. Mr P??uii* | PliAfhoh, Mr Archer Amnio,,hi., Mr Hbn*al "o r .[|f lu.l, wr*> BARBTK Ok BkVlLLE. WTi.r Jo?P.t rH . i?-Oallr ry M rnu. ~ ..w?.iwtb *uu inr t>rnitruitiic* wur ? ??nlence at v precue I v IMC U K l.l.'O OL * m Hlc rHKA i Hiv " 441 RhkiIh iv. New Tor*. THIS EVENING. N. v r, w.n o? preaanted JOHN OK PARIS. ADer whieh TURNED HEAD. To coiiclllfle Will .. GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM, u 7~ The Doxim will b? opened at hall-paat.C, lad the Mr i r i n? f eftmmeiire *t 7. pvnv fi^ninf t MPtltTHIC ATKK OK TIIE KftPCrfLIC. IT7 Ritircrv N. A HOWES Proprietor IKAND CRLVBRATIO N OK T 'K. EVACUATION OK TH- i ITY OF NEW YORK. THIS EVENING, the irerinrm urea will cxminearc iw ii K I 7 O'CIOTK ARABi OK THE DESERT Wonlrr'nl h ar. Ii I if. md Hereulf-.ti L*hr>redt MONS Gull. LOT, LK I.IOn HK.KO Olio Molly wi I .Ii 11I iv li.i |>. rim m tncr of ihe Rival o' O'-rrulr. Tin- Brother* of Wimw wilt ^|>|w r in a novel display of Grouping', Eqoi iorium-, kuiI G> mmulic*. Boid . General Dm lay of HOHHK. V1ANSHIF, ?.< Bneea 50 crnta?I'rivalr do for 6 |<iwu $7?Second Tier T?)? rnt??Pit ii renta. Donrvo|wti at half-paal I. O.errnre by the Band u aijoaria i*foM* 7, llorvfmanabip in rnmmencr at 7oVIoch precia*lv. KKANKTTNT, ATtttt CHATHAM SQUARE. Ifr rut ion orPiicei?Dress f'ircl' . Oeoftcnen 25 cents. L*dy ami Gentleman only 25. Heeond Tier Bmci 1cenu. Unllerv 11\i> Pit or Pa "que He 65% 'INS EVENING, hi!I be pr i^nted some of the moat astonhimr frati of Gvmnattirs and Contortions ever p*esented in lite un? Messrs. Miller, Mestayer, B.othtrs of Wnriw, Rich*rd*on aud Rugulr-. By Mr. C. D. Jenkins,*'arnentev, Mist Rosamond, Aariol, elesu*. Cento, Augusta, Mail Henry, and oth?'i, will he inoduced a grand combination of Sung*. Duetu, Solos.Glees, aiihee Eccentrirites. Dantes, Waltz?, Hornpipes El boleros, tchuchas, Single and Double Laddies, Scotch Flings, Lassies trathnr uyi tee., 8ce. By. M? osrs. R. W. Pelh-ra, O. W. Pel ham, and Mr. Backos. e great Pagai inviy, will the Kthioneau Characters. Flying Cord by the une?|ualled Mr. Rugglss. Programmes a the T"eatre. Doors open at 6 o'clock, performance commences at 7. N B. The New York Bran Bind is engaged. Mr. Nosher, ad-r nil Im i%#r AMKIUtTirf H KATHK-W ALkL'lHBT. PHIL ADKLHUI A. NDF.R THE DIRECTION OF MISS C. CU8HMAN* THIS RVEV|\'(J, Nov. ?5, will Kr enacted, LONDON ASSURANCE. Conclude with RORY O'MOKE. E. A. MARSHALL. L*a?ee. adirricaii ntiEtn, CORNER of Broadway ami Ann atreet, oppoaite St. fauPa J Church. r. T. BARNUM. Manager. GLORIOUS ANNIVERSARY! VAC'UATIO . DAY. KIIIDAV V,.. 9V ? a ? - Six Sple <li|> Eutrrtaiumriiti by 1} Perfumers. This immense building with iliiir* and itemise balconies d nearly nor huudntl windows, frnnltug un Broadway and ; I'aiV. "fi r an unequalled opportunity for viewing ihe SPLENDID MILITARY COMPANIES1 of which pass the Museum On Ihia occasion will bo ex kited THE IDENTICAL ELAO rich was raised o? the Flax Staff on th- Battery by order of urral Wat hi niton, at the Evacuation of this city by Ihe Bri h, the 2Sih dav ol'No*., 17#t, being the first American Flag ist d ill the city after the Derlaratiou of li de|* ndeuce. It u'preserved hy the Corpora'ion of New Y'irk.antil Illy, >en it was presented by a rote of the Common Council to lira nericau Mniruin. A Transparency of the Immortal Washington will be placed he nut ide of the Miuram, and the whole building - rorail with ll tKs, banners ano transparencies wor hy of the ocearn. The first performance will take place at 11 o'clock, A M.and repeated at interrala -hroi-ghiitit the dav and eveuing Among e iwrformirc engaged are Mr Winchell, rhe great c mic ilUtis' T O Booth, the c 'mic singer, Mi?? Hood. La Pi uta leste, O^CoddcII the tattooed man, the Lilliputim bamily of ?li-rf irmns, lie AI ?o exSioiting Niagaia Falls with real iter; and positive1! the I'.t'av hut one THE HEAL MEKMAlD, ren rear the Feeie I lends. Admission to all '/i rents?Children half pcire. ntO OLOH I')U8~A ND lilt AND EVACUATION DAY! KLAUS FLV|VO! musi F'.AYiNo:: BALLOoNS AsCENTI?n ; :! Kl "EWOPKS EL * PHI VO ! ! !! i. V. IITHEU 11 A PICTURE GALLERY, ROADWaY, opnosite the City Hill. Ktpealed Pariorm1 slices during the d?v md evrioit*. ADMISSION ONE SHILLING. The following nersous will appear? Master D E. Hughes, Master J A. Hughes, Miss M Hiuhes, Miss Clemenca, Miss Blanchard, Miaa Rosalie, Mast Diamnnd Mr. Jmkina, n2ir Mr.Boyeas HEA1ENDOHS ATTRACTION ' ' PSWRMFUL NOVb LTlES! UNPRF.f EDEN TF.D PKH-OHMAV CE8?1THE RKALFUD-OKE VIEHMAID. NKW VOUK NUSKUM AND PICTURE GALLERY, Prititiinav. 'ifHMUe the City Halt, TINE PERFORMERS TO BE SEEN FOR ONE * SHILLING. ThrManagretruttshemaywithenBfidei.ce tert th X tach a r-tUn of S ara aa the following hire seldom rn submitted ?o th#? public. Mailer D, E. Huulwi,, th?- admirable harp player; .Master J. Miu'ti'-s, th- i if mi v toll nit ij viiss HhiImi. the hi|i> Lyra; in ' leippBce, the accomplished dadnea e: M?w Cecilia rinchaiNl th aracr-ful iugcleresa; M '??rr Krank Diamond,the rivalled Klhiopfin I ancer; IVlr. Jenkins, the unequalled nj<? pl*\er; Mirr Rosalie th chaimiuu songstress, sad Mr. ?yce. the celebrm'vd com?c singer. On Tuesday and Thursday Mri. Loonies will deliver a Lecre on Phrenolog , to commence at J o'clock. K day performance will tike place on Wednesday and Satnrv. as mual. Eveuiitg entertainment to commence at half *t seven. K *mis?i ?n to fhr whrle OVF *HILLt^O o3* 1m* 'Hi UKKAiEST V\T.|RAL CURIOSITY in the ?*orld?Now tshihitine at the corner ?| Ch (ham street d Tryon Row, oppoot** ih* Pnk, for a>hor? time ? \ Doable Spanish Live BuM, ink* u near Burno* Ayr s on - riai ?, bv th- Spaniard*, in the year 1840, and imported to ?w York ?n 1842. He is considered bv naturalist to be the most wonderful de rmity in the known world. H has a doable windpipe, do a s breast, oouble paunch, double ribs, sn legs.double hips, d some other parts double, lie is iicr'ectly sonnd and in od he Ith. and supposed to be uiue years old, and weighs *r 1 500 pou ds. PrOffABOri of Matnral Hitlnrv Slim-Ana ?'! A aataaaub. >n d do well to visit and judg. for themselves. A Three Legged Cow, now thr>e years old. She iidaficiant nnr fore 'eg, and ?< ao fiom birth. A Coatimunni. A Sea Dog, or Bra Leopard, taken alive id the North Rivar. he head leaemblra tint of a doe, and the akin is) spotted like at of a leopard. Tinly a wonderful curiority. W. |f, Monkey., fcc. To he ae> n from 8 o'clock A M till 10 P M. Admi-ainn 121-8 centa, children uuder 10 yean of aire halfice. (JikxI Music in attendance. a21 lm*m ~ FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, OS> I<;K No. 7 Mf ALL STREET. Hkr MUSIC. CHNKIDKR k RKBHUN will attend private parties and oir?ea with a hand of fro.n three lo twe< ty artiste. Apply i 27 Delancy street near the Bowery, or No. 128 Norfolk at. nil Ma * r IVOLI SALOOV-UliAMD EVACUATION BALT7 A hp<e .lid li.vitaiion Mili ary and Civic Ball will be en ai the Tiroli Baloon on Friday Evening, Nov 2Sth. in nor of th- Evacuation of the British fpun thia city in the ir 178 J. D rdworth's Ct lehrated Rand ii en rated for the ocion. and no paina or erneuae will be epared to make thia one lie mo?t aplendid Ball, ever fiven in i he city, aa no oervon II he admitted wi hnu' a ladv wilhont paying one dollar,exit military or naval offnera. ? dililarv gentlemen are solicited to call at the Saloon and cure Ticket!. "icketa to be had at the Saloon or?l Mr. Wm. Pine'a, corner fine and Nassau streets. n<4 2t*vc f AKl>?J. B vRDOTTIC, Superintendent, beg to inform hii friends sn the pnblir een-ially that he haa opened a rt'| and Rnardmif House for gentlemen at No. 130 Broadway ich will he rouuneted upon the plan of the celebrated Cafe rtoni at Paris. "here are abont twenty furnished rooms a taehed to the ?' which will he let and meals furnished to any number ol ill men forming aclub, at such hourf aa they may select fadame B irdntte, long snil he tmits favorably known aa I he prirlrt' of a select maison dr fiension in thia city will aupernd ihe house. h nth men will be furnished with meals at any hoar i the fee room. 'he cmstne arrangements will be f mnd of the firvt order.and wines, lienors, kc., the best that out be procured regaidless iptoue. .is inspection of the establishment is respectfully solicited. CAFE TORTONI. H2wis*r 110 Broudway, between Liberty k Cedar at*. 18HOLinTuN?Th* patuarahin of SAFFARRANA k LEWIS, formed on the Tih Jone, 1041. has been this day olved hy mutual consent, Felit Lewis having ditroaed of entire interest in the goods, notas, srcounts, lands and all eriplinua ot assets belonging to said Arm, to Daniel Saffari, n linui froin the business in rnnarnnene* of imtwi-ed III). DANIEL HAFFARRANS. FELiX LEWIS. ANIKL SAKFARFANS will still eontinns the business iswul as their o'd stand, at DoaliSilla and the Bo?y Depot rkasiw Nation, Wtsl. He,the said Saltarrina la tally and te SuOtOfis?d Id collect all Claims oue the firm, and ta , bound to ,*V all luaa! s.-tn.t -he HRA v8. FELIX LEWIS, epteher, IJth. '812 t?WM is rc y Hit Al. AND AL Ml'. N<? ( Beekmanstreet neat Parh Row, andgenuo.r ?ledicines.-Thea? medicines e Mr d the .eat of thirty years in eradicating di.euses 0f tns St malignant slid prisa'e natnr. and are a ?ta ilard remedy he principal Parisian and London hospital, of t -e present . C nice,, cured wi hoot rating; ulcers, ac-ofua scorbutic, cutaneous md rheumatic pains iu the hs.wd joteu; wodes on .h. sbm booea. kc. Remedie. , ut to .nit all classes, at moderate charges, for the cure of eeri diseases, requiring no restriction in any particular. Pasts are treated lot regular tmy.t;ianol thiitv i ears'e*rwuhoae diplomas are rshiburd to vie w ar his offlre, No. rrk'm.n sstab ished fo the suiqiression of Quaekrrv and riinn mongers, were professional advice in all caaes is given chaaer gratia hi the attending physician, by and under Ke direction all medicines are compounded and dispensed, nendance from t o'clock until I and font a tot in the trends ily._ i.22 wi.'ic URIC.?C. 8. ORAFFULLA, SI B yard a-renl, New v.ol snn SI,.,. ... It... I - . I. r. ,.l (toiillion. H as. or i?r> BmhIi ol X? w York, ti at h* hi. ?u hanrf, and will IK* a' lh? ahnr an n i'ir*. for any rniThrr ?> inatu-. mta, lil*al and ino?t ooital ir Ot**'a i*ie*? (J tadri It a, Poa - Qn that.,*, Wa II*., and (Jallop . oriaina', and b> lha Vat .?lt> r. B ?0. S tlnfTiiUa ?itl alan nrrin?? M trch* , Q .>V?, It*. for country binda at lb* abortt-a notice. for any i'|tmil In arnrnmir*. br d.icctin* a f*<* In ra to h m at II Bayitrrrt. Muaic tanabt, a..d leaaona in thoionvh baaa. ________________ all la'? VuKTiyOUfcat FE5T/LLE FIULA. Ilti1^ fv fame I and calabrat*.) Pilla, from Fortotai. wa parcytrt, to ba obUiina in tbia aonatr? Baa ilr( H I on tka laat aolnrna ml a