Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1842 Page 3
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QQ- THE BEST DENTIFRICE IV THE WORLD IS Sherman's Orice Tooth Paste. Dr. Cattle the celebrated dentist 1?7 Broadway, Daniel M. Fryr. Esqr., clerk of the t'|i:ier Police; Dr. Elliot the Oculist, Rev. Dr. Eastmond, and many others of the highest respectability uie no nth"r preparatipn, knowing irom experience that it is a lcifivt and delicious com jiound. Whenever j o i notice a ') autifnl net of teeth, depend upon it Sherman's Orice Tooth Piste is rntitled to the ere lit. Like Uii Lozenges it hs? attained a very great reputation, aud mav be bad at the Doctor's warehouse, Intf Naaaau street, or ol the agents 4 Mauwix Hall, Albany; 9 State street, Boston, and S Ledg r Buddings. Philadelnhia. X/-THE TONIC MIXTURE AN UNEQUALLED re n?.lv in all dyiqieptic ca-.i. In large bottles $1, in caCta of half a dozen bottles $6 W. 8. RICH \RDSON, Agcat. 07 Nh??hii ?tre.'t nUNKV AIAKKKT. Friday, Nov, 'i-Wl P. M, There wa? a much better feeling at the Stock Board thin morning. Sale* were not large, but prices generally better. New fork State7'?, of 1849, rose J; fl's.of 1H61, J; Mohawk j; Kentucky fell i; Stonington J. A' the coming sessions of the several Stata Legislatures, it is of the greatest im|a>rtance, to prevent Irauls, that all outstanding charters of banks not in operation, s iouLI be immediately repealed. It has been long the practice with specu'ators to buy up the charter of some broken bank, i nd put its paper in circulation on an irresponsible basis,and when their object is attained, to allow it to explode. In this manner w as the 11 mk of Jacksonville, Florida, bought, and the public suffered largely There are now several broken banks in that territory, as well as other States, which are liable to be used in the same manner. A negotiation is now going on for one of those in Florida, in order to put its credits afloat, for the purchase of cotton, in the shape of drafts on responsible men in this city; but these drafts are not the liabilities of the men here. They rest only on the res|iotisible bank there. In our article of yesterday the judicious reader will have understood Butchers St Drovers' Bank, instead o( Dry Dock, which we were made to say, had some time since temporarily passed i'g dividend, in consequence of discoveicd frauds. There is but little hope that the Dry Dock will ever retume its dividends, and as little fear that the Butchers & Drovers' will again tail to pay one, uuder its present able management. Thp fnllnaintr is a list nf (Kn HKia tiara It a u>\iaca oKartne. dr rot expire next year, with their leading ieaturca, at the latest returns : ? Ohio Banks, 9fft 1812 Char. Cap'I, Loam. Spteie Circ. Dep. r rpri Lsftyette Bank, Cinci"(Mll, 1,090,000 875.073 53.428 32.930 39,242 IR5I Bit of X-nia 10(1,000 135,579 29.431 02 310 42,262 1850 Clinton Bk, CoI mb?", 3IMI.006 438,856 58,805 210,165 4 3,917 1851 Bk Circlrrille, 228,164 313,301 42,215 103,027 37,391 1855 * U-suka, >55 0 8 139 165 9 937 17.710 18 771 1814 " 51 a si'Ion, 20",000 217.396 35 1'7 170.786 37,391 11155 " Woostrr, 1118 980 400.522 62,05 ! 279,275 45,249 1850 " Norwslk, 171,214 189 129 41,97 1 21 655 90409 |R5n " ?a? U'kv, 100,(810 174,401 49,8.7 105,760 33,9.'0 1850 (torn Bt.fciir, 1 (100 0(10 ? ? ? ? 1841 Bk CU itlaud, 322,HO ? ? ? ? 1854 >3,8 9,859 2 9 9,433 38J.I26 1,116,058 388,674 This, then, will constitute all the bauking of Ohio next year, and in 1841 two other banks' charters expire, with a capital of >1,165,028, leaving but >2,674,331 of capital employed in banking in Ohio. This, compared with the state of affairs in Jan. 1837, presents the following results :? Capital, 9,217,296 2,671,83 ! 6,671,465 Loom, 18 178,699 2,780,433 15,398 266 Hcecia, 3 153,331 376.129 2,767,205 Circulation, 9 675,641 1,098,918 8.5 6,7<16 Del Otilra, 7,590,933 369,903 7,221,030 What a revolution doe* this present in that paper sys tem.the advocates of which were wont to argue could not be uprooted, because it had grown up with the inititutions of the country, was interwoven with its trade, and intertwined with all its commercial movements. In Ohio, a purely agricultural State, like Mississippi, it flourished to a very groat extent, and in the year of Its greatest vigor, New York imported its'wheat from Odessa and London lather than from Cleveland. Let the farmers ponder upon this fact, aBd when advocates of the protective ays. tem preach to them of the benefits of paper money, let them consider that the speci<> now flowing into them from foreign countries in exchange fo- their produce, is the best " protection" that they can have. Michigan, in 1937, bad a hank capital of $1,993 395, whose loans were $1,000, and she imported bread to eat; she has now but two small banks, and exports from 1 to $3,000,000 per annum, and is earning a sound spi^ie currency. This steady specie currency is the true and only means of protection for the manufacturers as well as for the farmers, whose object is to sell as much produce as possible to every body who will buy it, at^l out of the profits of their sales to buy as much necessaries or luxuries as they please or can aflord, where they can ' uy them cheapest. The farmers now sell to the British colonies near $8,000,000 per annum of agricultural produce, and receive in exchange specie lor the most part. Why m this 7 Bi?caiise of the American high duties? Not so. In 1840. when the United states'dut e< were nearly at the lowest, tho sales of United States' produce to the British colonies were $1,900,000, and the returns were $1,700,000 only of goods, the balance in cash. This result grew out of the absurd purblind, policy of England, which restricts American vessels from buying return cargoes in her ports, compelling them to sell their produce, take specie, and go elsewhere to buy what they wanted. Mie nu now uegan 10 set) urn inn course 11 encouraging American commerce, and destroying that of her own colonic*. That the way to make the trade of her colonies prosperous, is to encourage in every possible way their trade in buying and selling} by so doing only can the general welfare of the empire in this stsge of the world be pro moted. What would be thought of a farmer or amanufac urer, ore shopkeeper, who should impose upon every customer who came into his place of business, some vexatious restrictions and annoyance*, in order to prevent them iron buying of his rivals) W onld he not be considered insane? Yet so it is with those nations that attempt to drive Iron their ports foreign vessels which come to buy Itiat which they have for sale. Thi* policy England has hitherto pursued, and is now anxious to do away with it. The late tariff paased by Sir Robert Peel made a long and a bold stride towards it. In order to show the change of policy thus commenced,we annex the following:? Statemfrt or Import Duties or imported irto Great Britair prom the Urited States op America, showiro the Duties heretofore Patable?asd the Presert RaTCS of DuTT, as established bt the Cork Law aro Tariff of 1842; the latter bf.iro, ir all cases, eithe* RkDI'CTIORS thlm. Dirirs T atelt Rr.rr.Kl.uo. Fmiiet Duties. IVhtat and Flour. Duty varied according to The duty is (till calcuthc price of Wheat, upon lated according to the avethe a>eraee of si\ weeks, aa rage price of Wheat, but it published in the London now ranges only from Is. Mazette. Under the late to 20s. per qartur of Wheat, law, the duty ranged from and TJd. to lis. per barrel Is to 41s. 8d. per quarter of Flour. (8 Imperial bushels) of Wheat, and trom 25*. per barrel of Flour; and, according to the present ave- According to the present rage price, would hare scale,the duty is this week been this week (12th Aug) 8a. per quarter of Wheat, 22s 8d. per quarter ol and 4s. fljd, per barrel of Wheat, and 13s. 7Jd. per Flour, barrel of Flour Indian Com and Rarity. Duty varied from is. to The duty now ranges 37s 101. per quarter, and onlv from is. to lis. per would this week hare been quarter, and is this weekfls. lis. 4J. per quarter. per quarter. A. s. d. A'hes?Pot k pearl, prcwt.n c 0 Reduced to 8d. rer cwt. Paeon?Fere wt, 1 a n Red .eed to Us per cwt. B-*fl?percwt. o 12 0 HrHnced to At. pt-r cwt. BrMwm-The cwt 1 10 0 Kedncrd to 2*. per rwt Butter?PcrCWt. 1 0 0 No nlt?n*tii>i'. Cid"i?-Per tun, 21 10 t) Reduced to ?10 IOi. pr tun. Cables? Per cwt 0 10 9 R ducedtolU per cwt. Cordage? Per cwl, 0 10 9 Reduced to per cwt. CaiuUc*?Spermaceti, lb., 0 2 6 Reduced to f?d. per lb. " TAllow, the cwt. 3 3 4 Reduced to 10s. ner cwt M Was, tbe lb. 0 2 6 Reduced to 4d. Cottou Wool?The cwt. 0 2 II i\o alteration. Chee t?Per cwt. 0 10 6 No alteration. Clover Seed?The cwt. 1 0 0 ReducedU> 10s. per cwt. i Itciliicril to 3?.. 4a. 6il. and ' ipper Ore?Percwt. 0 12 0/ fta. |>er cwt. according to 3 cpulity. Copper?Old, fit only to J i h' maun lartu red, per> A 13 0 > Reduced to 7?. 8d. prcwt. "? ^ Reduced to |0a. yercwt. Flaaae. d?The quarter, 0 I 0 Itrdaced to I |>erqntrt?r. II <m ? I'ercwt. 1 II 0 Redueed to 14'. |>er r art. Hop?iVrewt. 8 It 0 llr tired to ? I 10.. or cwt. Iron?Oi>> the ton, n 5 0 Reduced to 2a. pet ton. " I'*, He ton, 0 III 0 Reduced tn 5a. per ton. " 3 iri. uuwrounht.ton I II) D Rrdor d lo ?1 er ton. Lad?Pit cwt, nan Kednred to2a percwt. L'- id?O e of, ihe ton, I 5 0 Krdnc- d to 10a. per ton. " Put,the on, 2 0 0 Reduce1'to ? I per ton. M ilinginy ?1< m U.S., ton, 5 0 0 Hertii ed to ? I per t..u. N'C initna Wood?Ton, 0 3 0 Rrdu?.dto2t p'r ton. Oil?1 rain and blub, ton, TO 12 0 Kd to ?8 pr tn > fm 5 h Ju" Sjiet in, 'he ten, 28 12 0 Hdli?l3 " t ly, 1813. '' ?L;: ;;i;d,u,,rp ""diw ? ?\ ?'ian ()ni"ii>?The biiahel, 0 J 0 Krdneed toSd. per hna'<el. 1' irk?Sailed, per cwt, 0 12 0 Reduced to 8.. percwt. PotatOea?The cwt. 0 2 0 Reduced to 2d, per cwt. P oil?The cwt, 0 0 10 Reduced to fid. per CW*. Hie,?IVrcwt. 0 15 0 Reduced to 8a. per cwt. " RourIi in the hnak ) ) or paddy, |ier bnah-) 0 2 6 >Rcd. to lOHd. |wrboahrl el, ' J Rann-T erwt. 0 4!) Redoc d ro 2a. per ewt. Hi,oe.?Per iloteii pair, I 4 0 He need to |4? py dot pair ? ic ,i it, n i e I Reduced to ? >1 pet cent ?<i 8oi rmaee i?F lie,the lb 0 16^ a.iootn. Dm el ? Th' w 0 10 0 R <'n<-cd to 10a. per cwt, I S .i? Tur,..?F r ?100 Tul. 50 0 li R. .me. d i 5a. |?er cw: Tonga ?I tie aya. o 3 0 Rein 4nM per ewt. Timb r?Oah ai d fl ier ) )R duced to ?t 10. ?im had oi lift) cubic) 2 13 0 > ?1 5? fmm I0t*i O to fee, . S S er, 1813 Tar?Prr 12 birrela, A 15 0 Reduced to 2a. 6J. pr 12 bla TMt7oTXCW,'i ? 4 | Kednci d to Id percwt. I ine?Th? cwt i 11 0 RtAicvd to 16 pt? cwt Yarn?Cable yarn, cwt, 0 10 9 Reduced to ? . per cwt. i Here it an important reduction in every article esported from the United States to Great Britain Simultaneoualy with the passage ofthit tariff, the United States passed oneim|>oting prohibitive duties on all articles imported from Great Britain, in payment for her purchases of those articles on which she has reduced the duty, Uuletv the high duty of the Uuited States it promptly reduced to meet the increasing liberality of the Ktiglish policy, the will return to her restrictive system immediately, to the injurs of her own citizen*, as well as those oi the United States. Msles nt the *tiM li Kxchniitfv *** N V. 7''. 10V 2. do Bli Com. sc ip slO 90 Z 1?S. i-o 40 do M k Hud, sit) MS Ifloa do 6 ?, 1802 91125 do casli 33 ? . * 7K 240 do Harlem s?0 Ht, 40sh.s D.lfcHuu 88 IjO do Sfoniog'on R slO IJ1., 0 do Bs Com, fu'l sC* 111 do Auii 81 Hocli 91 10 oo scrip im) Second Board. JO ?ha? Harlem. 1J*4 JO s'iss Harlem, ?30 1J State of Trade. 1 The following sale* were made by auction :? Honduras Mahogany and Cedai ? 43,000 feet Honduras mahogany and Cedar, per schooner Fairfield ? mahogany t>{ a ISc; cedar 7 a Hjc. ; JO IKK) It Honduras mahogany and cedar, per brig Annawan?mahogany 7J at^c, codarHj a 8Jc.?4 months credit. Corn Trade. The recent cold snap hts somewhat affected the market. Buyers till to-day purchased freely at $4.SO. Holders are now anxious to sell at that price. This is in cousequence of the more moderate weather. We learn that there are upwards of two hundred boats on the canal between Buffalo and Albany, all hound down. 1' meroy inlortns us that a letter from the Canal Collector at Utica, states that upwards of one hundred lioats are lay ing in the canal, in the immediate neighbor hood ol his office, ail hound for Albany. The general impression is th t they would not be able to proceed further. At Fultouville several boats were unloading and storing their cargoes. At 5 P.M. on Thursday no lioats had arrived at Albany. Between Utica and Albany there are JO.POO barrels of itour, on which advances have already been msde This quantity will undoubtedly reach tifltt U'flt?>r hut dr for the r<>mitinrW?r nnu- nn th?? wnv u'it cannot speak with any degree of certainty. Receipts herears now vi ry light, and the stock is not over one hundred thousand barrels. It is stated,however, that the boats near the Nose were slowly moving past that |toint, and probably reached Albany yesterday. It is in consequence of this that holders seemed more anxious to-day to sell at $4 bo. If the weather should become more moderate, or even remain as mil ns it has been to day, there is a probability that a very large quantity of breadstuff's will yet arrive, end give us a stock as large as we had last year at this time. If such should be the case, flour will remain as low as it is at present throughout the winter?a circumstance that would be unprecedented in the history oi the flour trade We believe that such will be the case, from the fact that the eastern demand is entirely cut oil' by the Western Railro,d supplying that section of the countrv. In connexion with this, and to show the increase already at tide water, we give the following account ol flsur and wheat arrived at tide water on the Krie Canal Fluur, bbla. Wheal, bushels. 1341, 1 436 624 .. 674,717 1842, 1,463,369 .. 857,906 31,736 183,088 Taking flour and wheat together, there iia total excess this year equal to 63,363 barrels ol flour. The Quincy Herald of the 3d inst. says a large quantity of wheat has recently been brought to that city by the farmers in the vicinity, and stored to wait for a rise in the river. The price at that date was'28 cents per bushel. The Chicago Democrat of the -2d inst. sat s that the wheat market in that city is completely glutted. The cash price of wheat here is 33 cents Advices from several of the towns and landings on the Illinois river speak of the large accumulation of produce, particularly wheat and flour. In some places the am iunt has accumulated to such an extent that there is not warehouse room for more, and yet the farmers have more ready for market. Provision market. We have altered the prices of nearly every article enumerated belaw. It is to be seen that they have decliued, and are now quite low. Oame of all kinds continues very abundant, and astonishingly cheap. Faicrs of raovmoiss. Apples, bbl-. -$l 00 a 2 00 Lamb, iter lb 0 a 10 Beef, per lb 4 a 0 Mutton " 4 a 6 Beef, per cwt---S4.50 a $0 Onions, |>er hush 40 a 50 Blacklish, " $ a 8 Pears, per bbl,. " * I 50 a S2 Beets, bunch ? a 3 Peppers, per lOO- 0 25 a ? oaiwrv <11 ?>fcn ? parsnips pernor. ,--37>4t? Cape Cod Lobsters- 5 a 6 Pheasants, i?ir .V) a 62)4 Cellery, bunch 6 a 12)4 Porter House Stakes 9 a 10 Crabs, dor 12441 ? Pork, per lb 4 a ? Chickens 37)4a 56)? Pork, per cwt St a Si Cabbages 2 a A Pigs-roasters ? a SI Clains, 100- 25 a 37)4 Pickle", WO-. 50 a 62)4 Ducks per nair 62)4a 75 Pigeons, dot. . ? a SI Dried Apples, bbl- a SIS Pot toes, bush 20 a 25 Kela 8 a 10 Potatoes, Swt.bskt- ? a 75 Kg* Plants ? a 6 Quails, each, 10 a 12 Ecu*, 9 for ? a 12)4 Sirloin, lb 12 a 13 Fresh Butter, lb 14 a 16 Striped Basa, lb. 6 a 7 Firkin " " >-ll a 13 Sea Bass 8 a 12 Fresh Cod 3 a 4 Sni|?-, perdoz ? a 75 Flounders" ? a 5 Sausages ? a 8 Fowls 32a37 Turnips, per bushel,-I8%a 20 G-ese 62 Sa 87)4 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Honey, lb ? a 18 Turkies 62 Sa 8754 Hickory Nutts ? a 5 Veal 4 a 6 Halibut, " ? a 6 Wiualcdck, pair ?a 37)4 Jowls 2 a 3 Venison, 10 a 13 HIarrled( At Greenville, (8 C ) on Wednesday morning, 9th inalby the Rev. C. C. Pinckney, Edmi'sd W. Kiscsu^d, ol New York, to Marcia A., daughter of Dr. John Crittenton, of the former place. Uteri, On Thursday afternoon, 34th inst, Sarah E., daughter of Win. R. Lowerre, in the 37th year of h-r age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend her fune-al, this altemoon at three o'clock, from 119Clinton street. Passengers Arrived. Lordok?Packet ship Montreal?O Baker, J Thompson, C E Robin,on. L'eut Garrison, B itish Army, and servint. Mrs , Gregor , G?o Ritchie, of Eueland; Rev Hen y Birber, New Vork; Mr Canlslo and lady, J W C.ntelo, New Jersey? 40 iu the steerazc London?Packet rhip St James?Thox Hieham, Mr and Mrs Lucas, Charleston; Mr Lamhert, Mr and Mrs Charles Bodemann, Mr and Mrs Gu?tavus Bodemann, Mr Eases, London; Mi and Mrs Lackey, Exeter; Mr Le Fe?re, Havaaa?67 in the steerage. Liverpool?Packet ship Stephen Whitney?Dr W R Northall, Knbert Cochran, T LCuil?r, Mr Feld, of New York; Mr and Mrs McNeil', Virginia; John Moriison, Ohio; John McNeill, Miss Nancv Miller, Miss Mary Miller, Ireland; Ja* Ch'inter, Scotland; Mr Worsdell, lady and five children, Francis Worsdell,.Miss Naic* Wondtll. ^iss Mary Anu Worad-ll, M?ss Elizabeth Worsdell?60 in the st'erage. Liverpool?Packet ship Sou hern r?Mr Losack, Miss Slight, Mr Tyler. J J Hutchinson?155 in ihe steerage. MaRSKVLLES? 9' ip Oecrgrs?H Pf- flVr. New Orleans?Ship Mar> Frances?Major R Hyde. Passengeri Sailed* Liverpool?Packet ship Roscius?Jeremiah Brock, Francis Tomes, Phil p Horner, of New York; Richard P Dana, Siduev Homer. Hoston; im n Oliver Colt, Paterton, NJ: Mr- C Goodis in, Alabama; Hon Thomas Thorneley. Csieb Onmshaw, Liver|M>ol; Captain J lines Bigge. British Army; Adam Murray, J- scp' Rhodes. Mancheste ; Henry T Widdsor and lady, London; Edw ?rd Foorshaw, Demerira; Francis B Gaiter*, Scotland; J*ms Patterson, Montreal; Isaac R God'ey, Ireland; Edward Wiigley, Harnsfield, Kng; Moses Bottomley, Saddleworth, Eng; George Di'son and lady, John Sanderson and 1 dy, England; Gorge G iyler. M in?field; Samuel C Shaw nd 1 idy, Junes Si"*eiisnn, York hire, Eng; Mrs Ca'harine Cockhurn. V! ?ster James Cockhurn, Miss Sarah E Cockhurn, Dublin; Frederick Dugan, Edinburgh. Foreign Importations* London?Ship Montreal?'It nkgs G B Morewood It co?100 hofks A Belmont?II5 l egs J Horsey?6 nkgs P A Memer?4 J D Wright?">5 B E Sraat*?2 J Weir?3 Bangs, Platt It co?3 W Vyse?2 Wiley It Putnam?2 E Bal win?2 Miss Telfair?5 Dodge, Cumming It co?3 8tnrg? s. Roe It ro??8 Gaillard It co ?2 Meyer v co?l Chapman?I R KimIiiiv- 1 W Ruddock?1 J Sheaf?I Ri' h & Sontrel?I EC Pratt? 1 H Andrew?I F M Sc?rlett?1 D H olden It s n?I Mr* Burnw? I J Collard?I J M Primrose?1 J S pence ?| 8 Piggot?I 0 E Robinson?13 cs 26 hales 311 bkls 30 chests 25 cks to order. London?Ship 8r James?51 pkgs Geo B Morewood It ro? 27 J?* Trevers?II GeoC Thorium?22 E Fiedler?50 8 Birsiow It co?23 A A Low?25 E Dnhlh?15 E K Collin*?50 Jos Honey?2 Bailey,W*rd It co?40 Clark It McComin*?11 Farr, Powers It co?13 Jas Riekett?2 Jos Tairliahu**?I Oe.-itnn It Main? I Mr Buchanan?I R Overton?I Morri? Wolf?I James L-n<i?? US to order. UitmrooL-Ship Stephen Whitney?100 tons c.aI 150 ilo salt R K iffllt?300 his t n |ila'r* O B More wood k ri>?280 ingots h as< Phel(is, James Si co?10 cs steel H Jesson?14 hills do T D irliiiK? I ion spelter K W IVmberton Ik co? 1350 liars iron Kearnev k Bin cker?13 nkgs Simd", Fill k Co?I H irncl-n St co?38 J U lion St en?7 Worrells, Wood it lloatri?3 Garner St co?1 Russell,Mattisnn St Taylor?5 J It J llm-iR St H llauhr ? 18 Smith, Thnrjta-fc co?2 J Comrosr?2 J Smart St co?I Burr k CO?1 Mr Johnson?J J VV Mitchell k co?I A W Spies k co?3 F Tomes St sons?3 Aliilland k co?| cases 3 bales 271J hart HK iron to ardor. LieiHfoOL?Ship Sontoerner?1919 sacks salt 70 foua coal 138 crstes I boi WooHhnll St Minturn?IS hhds John Mayer?74 C? Goo hue k m?9 Garnei k cr>?a cs 2 hhds I puncheon J Oaden ?20 cs steel H Jetsnp?I biles RC Blaclthuru?3 cks T Murrain k tons?3 hhds K CoMamore?3 James Hun'ei?I case T H int St co? 1 cask W W De Forest k co?I do Richards'n k Watson?4 bales A Slaie.?8 Neetns k C"? 3 do 1 ck J Connah ?I J N'-vill?40 cases J L Phipns k co?744 ba.s RR iron 4 cs 10 cks to order. v1*?sril.Lrs?Ship Qeor*et?I boi ,J R St Felii?4 cs tilk Go ilhue St co?7bales Fitch k CO?2t3 bis J Mitchell?70 bales It casks A Riietltaup'?6 i nks cream tsrtar J Rilliet?50 bale, almonds J Boiichau I?57 J K Krtienstiulch?27 r as- a madd r C Merle?V92 hales almonds 807 bolt s It mom S Broom?10 bales m.tse 225 his soap to o'der. Cviioot-Bnr T im O'Shant-r?311 bbla salt 267 |ics lignum en* 154 bjla goat skins 88 hides J Foulke k sons. IOom?atlc Importations. Nfctj' (Juliahs?Ship Msrv Franc s?210 sacks wheat Pfc H THO tjear?7UI Oil Hawet, Uodfrev k RoWmMi-ni M* > i"owrll-22? Kverettfc But.Mr?<6 bilea cotton fl'ii tlrin.KoOp k ro?10 Ca|>l H Ctowril?2i A Cliaim in fc c?i?19 Retiard k ro ?21 Ooodhue ken?14 J K Bnurr worth k ro?129 L Bokcr? IH do42l |?(a le d A Avrrill k co?'ft'Jt do B H Field?911 C H R"2-r? k co?2S5 bH. w< eat J fc D McGretor?97 do 41 bnli rtttur J Birr* fc co?151 hales cntinn ,0 i.bls cattor oil <3 aacka wheat to order. ChaRLKSTSR?Brig Edward?312 cka rice Smith, Mills k co ?146 tides cotton Victor k Duck?.tz?2ni H L Maitland?JO Fitch k co?2 hi. Cary k co?9 caaka 4 natei D F Petti ?I i>kn <nld I t> W inter?77 ck. 4 fie, to oidcr. \1 A R I T 1 M E 11 K R AM). To Ship Master* ami Agents. kV.- trull eateeoi it t tavor, if captains ol vessels will (i*. o Commodnn William Bo?tt, ol onr newi tieet. a rt>ort of the shippiu* left at the fort whence they tailed, ip - url? nxikeu on their imaaaie, a litf of thoir earco. end ?i, J I.' I. M-w?|..i|>cr? hoy 11/ hire He witi na?-f them im datelv < ? 'heir trr.vtl A zrnt? and correapondenta at mis* or abroad, will aim confer a favor by arndinf to tho .Ipse all the marine inttlliscnce they can obtain. Nautical oMrin aiou ol auy kind will lie thankfully received. PORT OF \K\V VOIIK, NOV. '40, IH4'4. air 7 IT I moon risei 12 34 .US 1ST*- 4 43 I HiflH watts 2 54 Cleared. Ships Alabama, Bunker, New Oilcans,Win Nelson; Clinton, Hartley, do, D W Lord; Tren'on, Bennett, do, John?on It I owdeti; South port, H.-rhest, Charleston ?Brigs luti", Dome, Porto Cabello and L* (iu ivra. Geo Whiiafcer: Buffalo. ( B') McB?rnie. Barhadoes, Wm TJawson; Peronie, Wilbur, Analarh c ?l.%, John Ojdeu.?Srhr Lockiel, Lufkiu, St Johus, PH. H B?u k \ rrlve-il. Packet ship Stephen Whit Dev. Thompson, from Liverpool, Nov. 2, with md.e, to H. Kemiit. Packet ship Montreal. Tinker, from London and Portsmouth, Nov. 2, with mdse, to John Griswnld 23 1 inst. la' 40, lou 72, ?i hn.ged signals with ship Heudrik Hudson, Stark, heuce for London. Picket fthtp Sr James. 8el>.? , from London for Portsmouth, Oct. jo. with rnd?e. to Grinned. Mnituin It Co. 18th iual 5 r M S.uth Sho*l??f Nantucket N. 18 miles, saw steamer Great Western?hard gales from W. Pack* t ship S??utii? rn? r, ( New Line) Palmer, froin Liverpool, Oct 29. with mdse. to WooiBull At Mintorn. 8'tip George*, C?ulter, fioin Marseilles, Oct. 10, with fruit, to* Broom. 8 tiled in co. with ship Lotus, B tlch, for Coast of SumMra, and brig Tuscany Prince, for Cetle .Left shi|?s John Fchrman, Turner,disc; barque Pilot, do; brigs Carr er, B?- char, do; Isaac Mead, 8iudlry, do, aud others before reported Ship Mary Frances, Smith, Irom N?*w Orleans, Nov. 8, with coit in, to master. 13th. spoke schr John, from Mobile for ProI>,l n.f-ii,... nr /1 ... v.... i :-i.? Ship 6aiiiviotf. Berry, 6 day* from Charleston, with cotton, to Geo. Sui ton. Barque Kunomns, Cooks<*v, from Realejo, Central America, Mo H. Piuaiti' June 3. and Val|iaraMo Auj;. in ballast, to J. T. Raich Left no American vessels at the two former i>orts.? A' Valparaiso, ships Emily Taylor, Tunpson, for Boston, in 30 day*; Adelaide, from Havana for Coquiuibo, to load for Eur?i>e; Victoria, Spr.inter, for Sandwich Islands, Aug. 9th; Hopewell, Engh , of Philade'nh a. for Callao, 8th; hrig Abigail. from Boston for 9 oidwich Nhndt, 9th. Spoke, 8? Pt 30. on the Biuks. w hrlr hric Sunl Thomas, of and fvom nOliBM OWD,0?l DOS. 100 bids spin; K?b. 2i off Mazatlan, ship Congress, liencc vi? Valparaiso, f?i Sandwich Island*. Ba'que Mary J nt\ Vanity. 17 day* from New Orients, with cotton, to Nesinith, Leeds Ik Co. Brig Tim 0'8ha??rer. Thomas, from Curncoa, Nov. 1. with salt, to J. Foulke & Sons. Left brig Michigan, Coleman, for N w York, 12davs?-the o- ly American. Schr Daty Chase, lor N? w York, sailed day before. B itish b'ic Elua, Siabb, 2.1 days rrotn Bsrbadoes, in ballast, to order. Left no American vessels British buy Amanda, Hurse, 23 days from Trinidad, in ballast, to G. 8t J Laurie. Left no Aim ric.ui vessels. Biroae Trinidad, f ?r New Haven, sailed day before; British brig Griffioi. for H lif x, do. Br?t sh brig Piinc ss. Nagle. 26 days from Harbor Grace, NF. in ballast, to Siffkin Ironsides. Brig Edward. Bulkley,5 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Dunham & Dimon. Schr Mam?. Phillips, from Washington, NC. with naval si?t"s. 10 *iucneii. Schr Anu Wyouo, Totten, from Washington, NC. with naval -fores. Schr C. Sloter, Davis, from Washington, NC. with uaval ton i. Schr Smith, Duran, 6 days from Washington, NC. with naval itom, Schr K'izabrth Williams, Halde, from Philadelphia, with coal, to m?*ter. Schr Elizabeth, Brewster, from Philadelphia, with coal, to ma te?. Schr Liberty, Brown, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr I!. Westcott, Vinal. from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Below. Brig Gardiner H Writ lit, from the West Indies. Also, 1 hart]ue Wind 8W. Mailed. Ships Rosrius, Collins, Liverpool; Alabama, Bunker, New Orleans, and others. General Record. Schr Two Marys.from New York bsund to Attakap&s, pnt into Mobile on the 15th inat. in distress, with loss of mainmast, fcc. Brio Forest.?'The Orray TaB, at Charleston from Provide!. ce, reports 'hiton the 13th ?nst. lat 34 32, Ion 75 30, saw ihe wreck of brig Forest, nf Portland, (before reported) abandon, d, lumber washing about tier decks, ruddei and all her spar* gone, except bowsprit. Whalemen. Arrat New Bedford 23d in*t. Frtnklin, Walker, from Pacific Ocelli, with 2200 bbls wli and 400 spm. Spoke March 17, lat 45 38 8. Ion 178 48 E, Vermont. Aliny, Pouvhkeepsie, 1100, 120 so. At Chatham Islands May 10. Rebecca Sims, Ray. NB. 23 mot out, 1900 sp?came in with loss ol rudder?-in a gale d"riug the night she purled one chain and dragged iuto shoal water, and knocked off part ?f fal-e keel?sld 3 weeks after for Sydney.? Sid fm C I, M ly 1, Bowena, Eo??, FR. 1500; in j?ort June 19, O or en. Gardner, FH. 29 tnos 2000 sp Sailed, E'iza L B Jenney, Chur. h, Pacific Ocean; Canton, Leary, do; America. Bellows, Atlantic Ocean. ./vim*i/i ami mr mnuapoiseit, passeu up me Day auernoon of Wd. At Ouheite Jaly 2, Herald, Nye, NB. 1500 bbls ?p, for home in a few days. Spoken, New Knglaud, Crocker, Boston lor Barbadoes, Nor 5, lat 22 30. lot .v> 30. Honduras, from New York for Darieu, G'. 5 days out, off Cape Hitler is Fore l^n Porta Hamilton, Bermuda, Nov ?Arr Ariel, Dunicomb, Liverpool, NS. with her New York cat go. MaTaRZA?, Nov 10?In port. Isidore, Sprinter, from Port1 rid, disg; Finland, Nason, of Boston, lepg; Sarah, Foster, fm do, disg; Swan, Blanchani, Liverjiool, d<>; Don Juan, Frankfort, d : Cardenas, Churchill, from and foi Portland, Idv; Ti os Cutt?. Perkins, from Saco.disir; Homer, Drinkwater, Porland, do; William, Machi** do; United, Harding, for NOrteans, Idg; Warsaw, from Newport for Mobile, disg. S'd Washingion, R ?bin*on, for Boston; Neptune, Foster, do: Hour e, Bradley, N? w Orleans. Emily, Perkins, for Philadelphia, sailed t days previous. llomc Ports* Bangor, Nov21?Arr Ori?na, Parker, Faval. Portland, Nov 22?Arr Freeman, K llman, Philadelphia for R;hton; Harriet, (eew) Pots, of and from North Yarmouth; Financier, Sargent, B dtimore. Boston. Nov 23?Arr F?lro, Buenos Ayr*?; Gen Brooks. St J go; Archelaus, Laguna; Fox, Havana; Palm, Philadelphia; Shamrobk, Currell, Fredericks'uig: Larkin, Churbtick, Phi I a d?-lph'a; Cohasset, Sear?, do; Win Young Lord, do; Hadastah, Know lion, do; E glr, Whire, Albany; Eliza Matilda. Crowell, do; Ornament. Kelly do; Lucy 8t Abigail Baker, do; Cornelia. Nichols, NYork; B'u- Rock, Bacon, do; Dresden. Stearns, do: Corvo. Crockett, do; Homer. K**nt, Victoria, Allen, do, Gloucester, Nov 21?Arr Abigail, Oott, Philadelphia foi s.drill. New Bedford, Nov 23?Arr Gen Warren, Philadelphia foi Portsmouth. N a?itui:xf.t, Nov 22?Arr G lilford, Albmv. Hyannis. Nov 22?In imrt, Mary Stan'on, Bear?e, Boston fo Baltimore; Treinont Chase, do for Charleston; Orleans, Mars ton, do for Savannah; Fancv. Chase, an 1 Marietta,Crow-1|, p V..rL f.\r R, .?r. v>. \L.?l,r.n I .....-II- II Curtis, Hallett; Vintage, B*-arse; Marv Janr, Crowell. am Envoy, Norn*. Albany for Boston. Sid Cambridge, Hall, au< Mail, Loring, Boston for O York. Kdoaitown, Nov 22? In po t, a brig a?ryesterday, aod aere rsl sc^rs. Schr Luanda Show. hiving been on the railway an< undergone repiirs, now Ites at the wharf. Part of her cargo o corn, damaged, his been sohl a( auction. Holmes Hole, Nov 21?In p it, Ocmua, Bourne, Charles ton for Boston; Plane', Philadelphia for Por'smouth; Marv. Tre fethan, Rirhmond for do; St Thonna, Philadelphia for New bury port; Dover. Norfo'k for Boston; St 1 ucar, New Yor? foi Portland; Jane Fish. Phil idelphi* lor Boston?and all remaine< at no?n. Arr 23d, Dover, Curtis, Norfolk for Boston; Albiou NYork for Bangor. Fall River, Nov 20? Arr Wankinco, Atkin*. Baltimore Pontile, Corey, Norfolk; 1 H Borden, NYork. Sid23J, Cool tersign. Hunt, Mobile. Providence. Nov 23?Arr El za Hand. Baker. Baltimore; F Rush. Nickerson, Philadelphia; F W Smith, Cong don, York Rivr; Hardscrahble, Davis, A'hanv; Helen, Gardiner, do; fid iioi. Dayton; Three Brothers, Heath, aud Rienzi, Durfee, Neva York. Hartford, Nov 23?Arr Eunice, Gaines. Philadelphia. Albany. Nov 23?Cld Spy, Scudder; James, H <11, and Zone Crowril. Boston; John Marling. Wilmington; John Kantolph, Philadelphia; R L Parker, Middle?own. Philadelphia, Nov 25? Arr Washington, Bishop, datanzas Elizabeth, R*rniinrioci, Havana; New H iuov-r, Cartv, Savannah; Po what tan, Clark, Troy; Mary Baker, Mauler, New Bed ford; Calcutta. St-elman. New London. Below, India, 8elb\ >iora; uov Itoomns, iveenr, e^siporr. s iu r.nzaoetn, wiIry, Sal-m; Richd Thompson, Buck; Themn, Mickle; Ange line, Jolia , and Nisgsra, Youair, N York; Elizabeth. Bourne V uirucket; Forrester, Hoggins, Boston. Arr in the Schuylkill Gen Lafayette, Jarvis, Troy; Samnel McDowell, Hi chings Theron, Rickets; Ni 'itira, Young; A'hs, Clifton; H Lemuel Cr mmer; Louisa, I.eed?; Lt-xuuton, Young; Dulcimer, Cavalier; Hevtrv Sp ineer, Wallers, and J R Marks, Studau, New Y??rk : Factor, Comm. Bridgeport. CffARLCtToff. Nov 19?Sid Catharine, Berry, NYork; Mar*aret. L'*eriool; Lues*. Boston; Marathon, Br. wn, Havre Kdward, 8ulkl**y. New York; E<>los, Havana. Cld Su'livan, Brown, New York. Sid 17th, Merch?nf, Leslie, Weit Indies Arr 2 Wt. Man to, Lane, Boston. Cld Thos Bennett, Halsey, Liverpool; Powhal an, Saunders, NOrleans. Arr 20th. Orrav Taft, Ahlers, Providence; Liurel, Bihb r, Portland. Af r 22?l, H Allen, Wilson, NYork; Cam ina. Sherwood, do; Spy, Born* r*. Richmond. Sid Moses, Loreiand, New York; Lcouidas, Kv*ns, Maranras. Satawpiah, Nov 20?Arr Griffon. Blake, Boston; 18rh, Flori da. De Vree*. N?w York; Albert, Keith, Dnnerara SldCelia. Thatcher, NYork; Vermont, Mayhew, Havre; T?"?wer, Wilson, West Indies; Chti'on, Lv?>n, New York; Woods ock, i nomud; S v?. nih, I* iizgerald, Havana. Apalach;cola, No? 7?Arr Metamora, Ashby, New York ; Hogarth, K> dinan, (Jo; Nile, Kenny, d*: SwaPow, HIiNimon, do; Plume, Dam, Stoirrnrton; 8fh. Liverpool, Hadley, Liverpool* Kiei zi, Clark, NYork; Telumah, Oliddon. do, and eld for New Orleans; Paragon, Bravton, Providence; 9th, Textor, Smi h, NYork; 10fh, Philip 1st, Farran, do: Floridian, O izelle, Glover. Charleston; 12th, Martha Washington. Tyler, NYork. Cld 9th, C E Plait, Rice, New York; 10th, Alabama, Wi'liams, do. Pi:*sa<:ola, Nov 19?Arr Republic. NYork. Mobile, Nov 19?Arr Alabama^ Stetson, Portland Cld Caucasian, Spratue, Philadelphia. Cld 15th, Loreua, Urouhart, Havre. Arr Lanark, (Br) Bainbiidae. Liverpool; Teazer, Ciockett, Charleston; Acion, Lambert, NYork; Staunch, Upton, do; Ann A Parker, Brightman. Havana. Ni vr l?Ri.r.Avs. Nov Ij-Arr Berwick. Harding, Philadelphia Telumah, (jrlidden, NYork via ApaUchicnta; Palestine, Li > t le lie Id, B 'Ston; Lilius, 8malley,Noifi>'k: Uztrd ?, Miller, Thomaston. Cld St Louis, Marks, Philadelphia; Louisa, Leaver, New York. Air 14th. Rappahannock, Drummond, Havre; T aglion i Kogrra. do; Y zoo. Trmk, NYork; Europe, B.rkrr, I?,; Orrirnn, (Jlindrn.rln ria I harlrntnn v<l Mobil.*; Orcro'a, rhlldi, N'WM'IIp. Mr; Ca?nian. P.tltn, Bath, Me; Conrrri, Gndinrr, North Kinvitnii, HI. dk 1 AA IlKWARD-Tto aatociltof. in cr i ?ing (to Ku.lnn )p J. V/' ' tr'.ny tiut?Ttuing, li?iwr?D 5 ami K o'clock, w n robhrii o' $.VX>, hy naving 111, i<ock',t b >ok cut from ><ia docket? containing? $.'>0 notr, on Mcclimica Btnk, N'? Bedford. nrw i.latr; 1 tW ilo on vcrchanta Bank of do <lo ; I do bank not ki">wn: ISWhvkof Nrw York. 1 nc nauKs ana nrouera 01 me cuy, are respecuuny rujuraieu to ae'ect and ?rrart ih?* namt*. for which the above reward had he paid. The Mine to b* left at SLATE,GARDENER i HOwELL, 114 aa.?l 115 South street. n2f> Iw*rc a. COLEMAN. of New Bedford. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, President of Beihtny College, Virginia, who debated with Walker^ ?VlcC*1la, Owen and Parcel), on the evidence* of revealed religi'in. th- early l?racti/*e4 of the Christian Church, and on primitive Christianity, will preach to-morrow (Sunday) morning, at haif-,>a*? 10, *'c|ock. and at 7 o'cock in the eveuiog, in Washington Hall, Broadway, corner of Reade at. ti>6 If r WILLIAM MILLER is expected to deliver a cours. r.| Lec ture? on the Hero d Coming of the L'?rd Je?us Ch*fat. in the Chun h corner of Catharine and Madiao"itr^eu?eominencngto-morrow, Baobath, aornimr, it half past It; ifiernfs nS, evening 7, a d every evening duriiu the week. Service comm nniu' 'I 7. ? *?,!>? e. i>25 if#rc fhLOTHS FOR) MA( T> fOHH COA i LININGS mul,V-' lor ii, in Endand hv th* m*nnl?rtiir*r, who .applies M icintovh, have ju t been received, embracing ,11 the ?Mlc? u present fashionable ahmad. G utlemeu who have Cor m to rr,'riv? hete cloth., are now inf rmrd that we are ready lo (ill their order. for Ma, of qua ity, far ?nperiortotho.e u<n.lly imported and mole up after the prevailing ^meric-ni fj.hion. for winter outer mrmmli. Alio, cai e? made without ream. and very full. Buyer. of Mrcintoth*. will plea.* remember that Diy'a Amrrican Macintoah n th* only real Macintoah mailt- iu thi. coun'ry. Mea.un taken. HORACE H. DAY, U M.iden line. Ii26 Imr Sincc.air to Ro.bury India Rubber Co. [K THE WORLD only knew h.lf the de>|crate ca?e? oI 1', ouied by the pny?ici?n aillie Hunteiiiu Di,i>en,a1 ry. 3 Division jtrret, wi h the fir famed anj in.lly c-bbrati <1 Itnnter'a Hi (I lliop, there wonra nut nr any other rein' dy tried; tliit mi ili> ine ha* i roved i'aelf twelve y. irs ago to be ihr only itt'r and harmlraa cure on earth; those a In c ted are resiee'full\ imireil 10 ra'l'ml rum lie the many |"i?ale room* and read hnnd cda ol rertific lea of persona who hare been cured by thin n edicine a'lei all elae have failed. Price Si. wrrnted in all tea. Pert' ua in A'han ;, Hochester. arid Buffalo. N. Y , and Chi la'ton 8.C.,mwan of this medicine, can obtain it genu ne, by remitting ft with a description of theriae. I,inn otlier mi nrrrai iney he anr- ol g* tting the trne article. I any perann pretenilr to have hit medicine on tale, th?|Uhlrc v nMainific 'he New Yortr 4 un can goon know whether it it I' uuine or not. This mruirin an ow be "bnined (enuiae in Boston ofDr H nry, No. 3 Pott Office Buildings, who liari V become acqu'inte.d andconviced of iisefficai , hat laid mil- prrjndice and introduced it in hit practice. and alto he one the sole a^-ne for Boston. He wi I he Ihiindy daily at hii iffice, on the ihird floor, entrance in the centre cf the building lh* i i?W" 1 id must na particular to And Dr. Henry I aa a counter/fir ol thia medicine taapread all over Boaton. n.Sli'r THE NATURE OFTHE RRANDRETH PILES BKN'JAMIN BRANDRCTH'S PILLH ?r? in th*<- nturt similar to the vegetable us?*d by m?u for food. They are subject to the tame digestion in passing 'rom the stomach to the iuie*tir???- Tl ey are pasted iuto *ha circulation which u? c-ivet from thein an impulse whereby the b'ood throws oip j its impurities into the bowels. They act u|m>n the whole ol the flaids pi the hod in such a manner thai their complete purification i* ??rely obtained. The Brandreih Pills, by perseverance iu their use, will, without doubt, remove, or ere ally relieve ever\ malady incident to the human ?ys?em This lias been proved in numberless iustoic* s, and is confirmed bv the evidwuce of thousand*. Etch ho* to be g- nnine mu-t have tix signatures upon it. Two u|>o ieach lab* I. One signature being Benjamin D an d re til, and the other B. Bi uxfrern, M D. Heceut cure ol Temblc Ulceration. No comment it required. 2d nouti: from IOth avbkuB. 28th street, >rw Vol It, Nov. 2, 1812 Df.aR Sih?Last January I was taken suddenly wi h pain in iii> left side in the night, and mv wife had to get up and s'eain it; but the pain got no better: I then sent f??r Dr. Adam*; he oidrrrd a poult?00 of bread and yeast, and theu a lump begau to foim about aix inches from my arm-pit. D<. Adaina gave me | pills which did m? no good, and the nam still became inoie severe. At this p< nod Dr. Adams brought another doctor with him, but I **ilI continued to get wuuf, and although several orner I'iimiliiih came t'? see inc. yet 1 continued to grow worse i<id wrtMf. Dr. Adtinsoptiod at oue time the abcess which first commenced under my arm, and which hid extended to my hip hone, and thence to the small of my back, and from thence to my shoulder blades. Being poor, I sent foi the dispensary doctors, and they attended mr, nut I conlimii d to get worse, and the ulcers were some of them, such as I cou'd see, were more tlmi half an inch deep. Th*? doctors, both dispensary and th ?lhers who visited me, only a few days b fore you called upon me, told me it was ten thousand to one whether r cowered i r no:?that I iP'ghi not live through the night. This, was in the early part of Feb nary. 1 hid not eeu out of bed J'Jf* the bi ginning of January, At (his rime, the latter part of h ebiuary, my wife went to see you. and beg you to com and see me. You dressed my ulcers lor me ihat night

?it towk a varu of linen to dres? lln-m once. You 'eft me two boxes of pil s. which I used as you directed me, and my wife dn s?ed me with your- Universal Stive, and nibbed the callous I Inc-s wi'h the Liniiiieiit. In two month* 1 w tlked to your office iu Broadway l. -mTwenty Kigruh s'reet.comer of Teinl. avenue. 1 came after that, seven or eight times for you to see liow my b-ck got on, aud to receive your further advice. I went on getting better every day, and my ulcers one after another got well, until the Utter part of July, when I went to hi V ih?L?^hI m Ina,I\ Wl1^ exception of having nearly however, gradually gets hotter and better from the use of your P?ll?. I send vou thu l? t'er thnt you may nublish it. and should any oil wim (o isqiire into tm Mmeuliri of ray titriordi nary cure, they c <n see m?- where I live, which it the second house froui the cornet of Tenth av-nue. in *8ih it. I remain, dear Sir, 1 Youit very respect fully, % PATRICK BtlALLEY. Doctor Benj. Rrandreth. 241 Broadway, New York. FALLING 8'CKNKHB CURED. Mr. JaMks Towet of No. 18 Orauire s?r?et. Ins a ton 12 years old who lor two year- haa been afflicted with Epileptic Fits: he has had two, and o'ten hcee fi t a day, and ne ver r< uld be le't alone with safely during the whole ol ti at periouFora long tim** tie has been pronounced incurable by the physicians. both Esculapiati an;1 Botanic. A few weeks since Brand ret It's Pills were administered, and he has since had NO KIT, aul Mr. Towey is ofop? ion that he is perfectly cured; he still cont> nues to take the Pills daily, in doses sufficient to cause two or three copious evacuations. CURE OF EPILEPSY OR FALLING SICKNESS OF T iREE YEARS STANDING?Mr. Macomb-r, of West Port, New BetHoid, for a period of 3 yea s was afflicted with this terrible He ha* had a* many a- 6 or 7 fit* in a day ?and f?r the tiirir* above stated, he was not able t ? attend to auy business. Every physician of smll in his sec'iou of the country was -pplied to; he even went a* far as Boston for help? hut no re ief wis capemneed, and at the time he heard of Brandreth's V'getaMe Univeisai Pills, he had taken uo medicines for a great whil-*, his frien Is thinking there was no cure. ?But as Brandreth's Pills were strongly lecominettdtd by Mr Suion, of Uuion street. New Bedford, wno, besides experiencing great b*nt fit from them him?etf, had seen their benefit ial power* on seveial other persons, some in his own was a?teed that a trial should bo made. Four month* h tve not yet pissed since he commenced wirh them; aud although Mr. M was haviug 6 and 7 fits a d ?y; yet since he began he has not had a fit. Everv one is a* to HI bed- aud considers it a mirarb. Mr M. coutinues daily to take the pills. It ?hotild he obier?ed, t1 at a'most fiom the first c?m mencetneut with them, he has been attending to his business. ULCER OF THE HAND CURED. Mrs. Clark, of Tilbury street, Brooklyn, (or fourteen years had au ulcer on her right wrist, which entirely prevented her from using that hand Ointment* of all sorts, tml many i n ifyiug medici'e* were mide me of, Vut were of no avail until lite Brandr'th Pills were used, which, in six months ma?(e a l>erfect cure. It is now nearly four \ears airce this cure was effected, and has never been advertised before, although 1 have hail liheitv t? do so. My agent in Broqklyn, Mrs Booth, of 5 Market st. knows Mrs. '-lark, and can sjwalc from her own kn' wledge of mauy similar cases, cu ed solely by the purifying powers < f these truly celebrated pills. COSTIVENESS, ERUPTION OF THE SKIN AND PILES CURED?Captain Erastus Fish, of New Loudon, Conn has been laboring under 'he above complaints upward* of six years, and has been so btd as to reduce him to skill and bone?ne has often not been able to attend to his duty as misrer of the ship Joan, during a whaling voyage, from which he has just returned, being obliged to leave every thing to his mate, sometimes for days together. lining seen numerous persons who had received benefit from Bratidrtth's Pi'ls he commenced with tb?**n *? m*?u hs baca?for *one time previous he only weighed 135 lbs, and now, the 10th ol March, his > weight is 157 lbs, and so much altered hi other respects for the better that his friends hardly know him. Althoughi perfectly Cured, he occasionally takes the Pills, and i? determined on no 1 consideration to be without them for the luture. He srro> gly recommends them to all, an I e*pe? ially to seafari* g men, and all th se w no go oh long vovages, as in? best mediciii* they emus*. Hi? general dose was from two to tw Ivepillsata rime, he having always remembered that it was the purging which was to cure. ERASTUb FISH, o* Niw Lond?u. WOWM^, PILES AND LIVER COMPLAINT CURED.?Read and reflect. Dr. B Brandreth?Sir: A^out two and a half yean since | accideu'ly came acios< an advertisement conceruiug your Ve. getab'e Pills. At first I treated them with contempt, on account of having bee.i so often imposed upon by new-paperM Puffs.1' I, however re*?l the nalipii In mw he h .?! In. r?nr?? llAa^n y-i-ara bv?o ? r d- licale state of heal h, and had used almost every popular medicine, aHd had the beat medic*! advice, without any |>ermai<etit rff?ct At her request I purcha ed a he* ol yo r a*- nl. and aire took them according to yo-ir ptictrd direc. lions? another box?and another?till site oad taken four or fivi t boars?(alir continued to feel the good effect* after she had la ^ ken the second hoi)?un'il th fift- boa tied nearly disappeared 4 when I 'dvisrd her to take m ven or eight pills, as si e had bee! ? going up from two to three, four, five, and was on tint dlv lai j uowitha vr.ux uisrnrssino nervous he<daclie, (acommni j occurrence) she took, I believe, seven pills?the nest in mill they oiiernied freely, hut whst was our surprise to behold tha she pas'td a la>irr knot ol hard fleshy substance, and as tnugl I as lode, about three and a lalfinches in circumference; she sau I she felt something patt or s> pa-are on its disrhtrge, and Itoir that tune she gain d ber health spidly, and continuco to tak> the Pills?st-seial large tape worms were alsos Tfo lled from her " and my infant child, one and a half years old, to whom we gav< " your I ills, and whose health was very ciitica', passed several ' large woims, from six to ten incites in li ng h ; the child is now in xcellent health, and mv wife has not enjoyid so good health (as shesays) for th* list eighteen years, as whst she now en ' joys from lalsiug your pills ; she was f r sever I years unable to do auy of h-r house work, hut now hss the sole care and at ' tendance of six or seven persons with ease. I must believe il was the sole cause of her restoration to health by taking youi ^ me-icine?and she continues to use it as occasion requires. In . effects have been surprising ou myself for the cure of I he Tines, having several times hid them ia th ir w-asT STIOCs, wl.m , one or iwo doses (of two or three pills at a dose) have entirel.v ar.Movap that hoirid disordor from me. I esteem your medicine above any other I hare ever used in the last thirty yean and have witnessed on others its most beneficial and rs km aVKVT cures. NO other pills are ever used in my Tamil,. Ml ' yours only. I have also seen the TEiminLK crrecrt of thr counterfeit pills sold by au aiKithrcary in this village ; one ol ' my neighbor* bought and used them, the consequence was ol > urh a nature as should have sent both the makei and seller to the treadmill lor life. I SAML. WOODHULL. Locltport, N. V. Oct. 16, 1880. ITT- ERYSIPELAS CURED. OK SEVEN YEARS' , STANDING, BY hRANDReTH'S PILLS.-A lady in ; Brooklyn, who, .or seven loug years, knew no comfort; whose , face anil neck wcrr one unseemly blotch; who was theobsertedofall and whose in iter v to h-raell was such as none hut those Of sensitive minds, similarly affected, can imagine. Thii nain and misery resulted from a dreadiul ERYSIPELAS in her face, which oft. uti-.lta extended over hrr neck and bosom ; Every physician of skill wax applied to, and remedy upon e, medy used, without affording more than oceasi >na' relief For seven y ears she was thus tormented, aud often prayed lot , death to finish her mise-^. A' thi- p'r'od, a lady who nad de rnoma, bur room, bowling alleye and billiard ealnone. The fuel ll<> r and baar nirnt, con i?t of two-tore'a d Brlltil, which lei loi S2.'iti0 iwr niiiioin. The whole establish! |ent it furnisher! throu*hoir ane w and will be a Id on modeiate terms, to any peraou with a small cash cap.tal. Tor farther nartimla t, ap Ply to . BENjAMIN WILSON, Ii26 3tit*r On he Pre mi tel. DR. FURGUSON'S CELEBRATED Oolden Vegetable Pillt for the rare of O , tileets, kc. kc The high importance attached to ihete pillt it from the fa t that they are entirely vegetable, on ainiiMt no i article of mercary or any oiher noaiou- ingredient; they impa'l no smell to the breath, and may lie taken without eicningthe leatt ta-iiieion Thete pillt ha?* fora long time been larorably kuown in Europe, where thouniaiidt of tw in are annually sold They Utnally perform a perfect care in t? ree or four dayt On* hot will be sufficient in moat catet. Puce A*enf?0. COLBY. 351 Pearl alreet corner of K rant fort. nifitdljL GUN8-OUNB?OUNH?At anction piicej?100 dr utile ha, rel ducking guna, made etptcatly for Booth Bide Long land. 210 Corking (June, ata irted, 1-6 to 3 4 boiea, aaa'rl lengtha. 3(0 Smele barrel emia, c <mm<into fine, i 3no Kiilea, fr..m (6 to (40 each. 31,Oil Pari* | isiola Oiniamitha and dealera in gnna will find a* thia denot ereiy rticle wanted by the maiinfactnrer or ap irtaman, in any inantily desired, at Irillowa?gnn locks, rifle locka, barre a, apunga I Conea, capa, warda, wnrmi, tipa, rtbt, triggers, furniture, kc. Alan, horn? aud powernaaka, from 1 to 10 ot: game baga .hot baga, primera, wrenches, kc. A. W. SPly, 8 k CO , nMlm'r III Paarl alreet. riven inucn Denent irom uranurt tit ? ram, in a niniur case, deiired that a trial might be made of their efficacv. When they had been used about three months, a per ec? cu'r was produc'l ?thus proving again, that purifying ?he body with these caleb'tied Tills pri.duces, wi'hotit donor, a perfectly hea'thy s?at? of the fluids, and c'?n*? queotly mutt cure Erysipelas, For thai unfortnnare ronit l-int a'together de|aet.ds upon the acrimoni nus state of the blood ; and therefore purifying the blood rtirei the disease, This Udv is since married. Reference is given to Mrs. Booth, Dr. Brandreth's agent ir Brooklyn, 5 Market street, who will refer to a highly resectable lady iu Johnson street, who will give all further particulars. The Brandi**th Pi Is are sold at 25 cents per hot with fu'l directions. at 241 Broadway; 274 Bowery; and 189 Huuton St., New York; 5 M arket street, Brooklyn?Mrs. B ?o'h, Agent ; Parker. Broad street, Newark; and by one agent in every town in the Union. I Dr. Brandrrth may be consulted this day, 26th November, gratis, at 241 Broad way. n26 It* UTATCHE9 LOWER THAN EVER.?In consequence * ^ of the reducfion of duties by the late tariff, the subscriber is selling his stock of Gold aid silver Levers, An-hor Escapement Le{ine, and other Watches, ot new aud splendid pitterns, and Jewelry, at reUil, at a considerable reduction from former prices, being much lower than they can be bought for at any other place in the citv. Gold W itches as low as 20 t?. 25 dollars each. Watches and Je wel? y exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep (food time or the money returned Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manur and warranted,et much less than the usu ? prices. w t# C. ALLFilN, Importer of W -true* a?<l Jewelry, i n2G lm*r Whnletab tnd Retail, 30 Wall *t., up stairs. OTOVE"C?Mr. Editor?Will lomnenoB point out wherein in the Novelty Stove, to called, diners from or *xcel the Hot air Siove of ittnext door neighbor. Both Stoves have flat tops?both have the same mode of feeding the fire through the front?Both have the draft over the * veil, down and front thr nigh tide flues on the back, and under the oven, and a mid I die flue hat k to the pipe. Both have the tame mode of matting m front. The Hot Air Stove hat an oven double the size of the Ifonlty. The Novelty excels the Hot Air, in having a fire place one. lh?rd larger than any other Stove in m irkrt. Tne Hot Air Stove hat been in U'e in thit city since 1839 The very novel Novelty, its next door neighbor, was invented in 1841. Surely the intelligent judges of the late Fair overlooked this fact, when they awarded a Diploma to the Novelty as a second rat.- Stove. i>36 8ty AN ENQUIRER THE KREMLIN (111 BROADWAY.)?For tale the 1 ase lurmture, fixture*. fcc., of the above establishment. The lea?e has rune years and live months, unexpired, from the Utnt Decembt r next. The house s'and* 40 feet fiont, on Bro ?dway and 140 left deep, front?i?: Trinity Church yard and Tnamestreet The building it three stories high and an attic. It ri capable of aco m-nndat tig thirty p-nont, betides th* dinint AMOTION SALES TM"Vif ? . Auctioneer. BY BELL h HOWAKO. f /V??a .? ? * >"*iton batuhoay. At 10 o'clock iu the *alea room Splendid furniture a?lr? V Urge mo.tuinit of eletfaul furui. ! : S||4 I itl Alio, the c ntire kren'rel furuitnre of a f.roily rcmoritif; a choice stock of new ciry made c biiit t furniture, beds, bedding m\ttruiica, blanket*, kc. MONDAY. At lO1^ o'clock *1 the sa'e room*. S i'?; of splendid n?w and second htiid mac wood and uithoK* ill i < 'oo (ortM. ?'v tba bcil ndttn in the world. Also, 50 Mif rh naiulimc* by old tnd in nJeru arti?rs, au invoice of looking ic'<t*sra, aouic elegant furniture, window *nd *? 'I com daft,! r..-. , J '..?Mi?.u:rui (nann rones. uv oiiht oi r<p- nu^rin, III* projierty ol an absentee; 1 do by orde r of the .Vlarsal, to \ ay a claim. TUE8D \Y. At 10H o'clock, in tb*? sates room. L*rge tale of elegant seasonable cl along, Loudon clotbaaud cassimrres, a fine stock of fancy a?.d uple dry foods, jt welry. cutlery, dre*siiif cases, watches, 1 splendid diamond i?in. kc. , Also. 8 Engloh silver watches; 2 do levcis; I spleuiid gold pate nt lever with guard chain, keys diamond plus, kc, depys ed as security for inoorv lent two years since, i Also, a large stock ol choice dry goods, hosiery, kc. by order of a receiver. BY R1KLL It AHCULAKiUtt, SATURDAY.. At 10^ o'clock, at the auction room, rianos. new and second bind fumitory carpecting, kc. Also one share in t^e New York Societ** Lib-ary. This is an ordinary libiary shaie nor commuted; dues paid. FRIDAY, At 10^ o'c ock a' their sales room, A good a* sort me ut of broadcloths, cassitneres, ready made cl along, &c. 8ATUKDAY EVENING, At half'psst 6 o'clock ar their sa es room, A collection ot oil paibtings, anci nt aim modern, many of which are worthy the attent on oi connoisseurs. MONDAY At I0>^ o'clock, in the sale rooms. Cloths, cassuneres, clothntr, kc?Toe stock of a merchant tailor, co?r inning bioad cloths, cassitneres, kc, if various col; on KM qoiutin. Also overcoats, cloaks aud a good assortment of reany made clothing. TUESDAY. At 10^ o'clock, ar the sales reoin, An assortment of liquors, segars, Sto. WEDNESDAY, At MX o'clock, att ic sales room, Pianos, Dew and second ti ml furni'nre.aloyes, carpeting,he. THURSDAY, Sheriff's Stic?At 10 o'clock, at 317 Pearl street, U'g? Mock of cabinet furniture, by catal gur, comprising a general assortment of articles in the inc. C italoeues on the morn oik of sale, AT PRIVATE SALE?I superb French GX octave t iaoo. mule by trie celehrited composer Henri Hera, of Paris, equal ill tone to ill III till lie t el er m|e)rtell, . R. H T1MPSON, Auctioneer TACOB S. PL ATT will sell, this fay at 10 o'clock, at 21 " Piatt s rest 300 casks, eases and I its oi hardware, cutlery, saddlery, brass goods, edge loO's, knives and forks, crssors, razors, pen and pocket knives joineis' tools, skates, Sheffield Bnt -unit ware. 200 sets po iahrd steel and brass Head lire sett wood 'crews. Sir. Aiso?at 2 o'clock, 12 casks iron chains, 73 bags wrought lose ami claao hi ad nails, horse and clout do., ou ter suua rivet do and Flemish tacks, 50 dor >n L<>n on bent English shovels and spades. Also?10 cases Whitteman's cotton c nds. ? Also?Swindell's sadirons. ? Iso?3 cases violins an I guitars Sale peremptory. u26 It r16 M. WARD, Amcilinear. UURNITURE. AND FURNISHING ARTICLES ? " A. C. HUMBERT St CO., wil sell this morning, at lilX o'clock, in their salet room, 149 Broadway comet Liberty at., X. 3la aud full French ma'ogaay chairs, softs, ottomans, ilrrst-ng an.i plain bureaus, French bedsteads,Sheffield plalea and lapnniied waiters, castors, and cand'eit cks, btlance handle table cutlery, white gianitedinner sets. France china lea sets, together with a variety of fancy articles, suitsble lor the season. Also, 10 Kegs Malaga O-ap-s. n?6 It"re pONCERT St BALL at the Aimllo, Monday, November * ' 28ili, 1812. The Concert and Ball given is in aid of a C*mii v Fuud, tor which tile gr.'tuitons services of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Horn, has been g-nerously rendered. PROGRa V1ME. Introduction?Piano Forte?iiraud Variations, Mr. Timm Hertz Duet'o?Mr aud Mrs Horn?Tnis Gloomy Cell, from the oiiern of the Maid of Satony C E Horn Ballad?Miss Dobson?The Flowers o( Eliersly- Kodwell Bong?1r Hnru?Touch u- g-U'ly Time O Loder Sceua?Mrs Horn?Fatal G.lffredo Donizetti Aria?Miss Dobson?Sweetly o'dr my tenses stealing Bishop Duetto?Mrs Horn aud Miss Dobsou?Gently, ah Geot'y A L-e Camilla?Mr Horn?Mad Tom of Bedlam H Purcetl Aria?Mrs Horn?The fanderer, with Flute Obli 11 W.V Duetro?Mr atid Mn Horn?La Honda Gabuaai Doort 01*11 at 7?Concert to begin at 8 o'clock. n26 rod it* TO NEWSBOVS-I vifOK PANT T'HE Ki'tl number of a ew and mtgniAcen tnree cent A weekly paper, called THt, KOuNTAIN, will be ready for il livery to Mew.hoys, at tnr utu ll ,>r ces, this evening at 4 o'c och, at No. 1.6 Knl'ou atrert, two doors fioui Broadway. The following ia a ior i"U of the table of contents:? Review of the Lawyers' Meeting in the caae of Colt. Review at Dicaeu . An Kditoi'- Braiua. Emigrants Returning Hoinr. Literary Review 01 the Week. Original Poetry The America 1 Preaa. An Aucient Novelty. Editors' Addreaa. Our Name. Case of Col. Webb. Btoiiea of Colt. Mary Rogers Caae. k vacation Dav i New York. The E'ghtera. End of World?Miller. The itric il Notices. > B shop Hughes. And a great number of editorial articles on all aorta of sub! iecls. ' THE FO"NTAIN ia entirely original, and coutains a greater amount of choice reading matter than any pa|>er ever pubJ li.ii. d III the citv of New York. ! The Kountaiu may also he had at Kelly's uewa rooms, J?7 Brooiw tv, and at Lott 81 Chapiu's Bookstore, 156 k'ultnu st. J 11 ?6 lt?rc ? PRIVATE CURE } 'T'O ALL who are suffering from the effect! of scret indul1 A geme, and desire a 1 rompt and oerntaneM cuie, DOCTOR 1 JORDAN'S SPECIFIC Ct)l' KSES-re rougdrntia'lv offered. ! These parkagea are no recent merely got np to sell? r and protlu' live only of diaappoiotmnut?bet have stood the teal [ of seven years eatenaive an I successful use No I ia especi' ailv designed for the tr-aitn lit of Oonorrhce in all ita stages? and No. 2. is guaranteed co ra of Venereal Unease iu every case. 1 Ea> h package tout lins every medicine and icouintr, adai.r 4 ta the tarird-ym toma, and accompanied hy Doctor Jurdan'a nrr,.l. "The " ..I... ? ... I. <-..11 .l..?.0..?. with * plain description of the nature, symptoms, consequence* and trial men t of aecrect disorders, and much information olgriieral interest. The price of each package ia three dollar*, including the Monitor The Monitor (alone) it 50 cent*; one dollar iu>*lpanl will e aurr ii free. The package* will be forwarded to order arcurrly packed. Hold only at Drug Store 60 1'rir.ce atreet, corner of Marion ajfew door* eaat of Nihlo'a tLyrden. Private entraucea and ofTicea for consultation 695; VI at ion, one d or below drnir n?re Hanaaattaat is a c iiiiiiuatinnnl Centre at. n26 hn*r NOT IC E?Frank liu Colli e House,16 and 88 VI aide n Lane and 15 Cedar at.,N. y.?J. P BKOW,\ respectfully inlotns hit frirnu* and the public that owing to the faeorab'e ttve of the marketa, he i* euabled to reduce hia price* frem 18% to 12H cent* per plate, for meat and fiah, and from 25 to 18X rent* Iter plate on poultry. , J. P. B. art urea country merchant* that they will And hia eatablinhmenl one of the mint convenient a* to location tu the tiiy. Single and double bedded room* by the night or week. Dinner and aupper partie* auppiird at abort notice. J.P. Brown haa atao a Temoerance Sdoou where, gentle mail will at all hour* ot the day find V a, c.flVe.chocola'e, plea, cik-s and oyater* of the very beat quality. 1 Wine* and Liquois for tale by redozen or gallon, of tupcrior quality Button A'e and London Brown Stout by the cank or dozen. ti26 3twy*r BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL McWfV Packet*.?The only Regular Packet thataai'a on the MmI?i *t ot Dec ?1The tnaanificeni jtacket ship EUROPE, I Captain Edw. O Furber, will aail positively on Tnuraday, the lat of Decemhe r her regular day. For term* of paaaage io cabin. 2d cabin and ateerage, alao to t arcnrr the beat beitha,apply on board.loot of Beekman atreet, or to the aubacribera, _ , ROCHE BROTHER* k CO., 35 Fulton ?t, m il door to the Fulton Bank. P. S The Europe will aail Irnm Liverpool on:he I9tn Jinuai ry, 1811?thoae tending for their Irteuda can have ihem brought out in her, or in any ol the Packet* of thia Line, which tail from thie poit on the 7th and 19th of every Month. Foriawage appljr at above. M 1000 tons htirrnen will Micceed the Eirope, and sail for Liverpool .in the I9th Dec., her rttfular d*y. n?6r tfg- OLD BLACK bALtrLINK OK 1PACKETS MHnVFOR LI VEHPOOL?Picket of the lat Decemlier. all|MTht Well known and favoiite packet ahip EUROPE, I apt. Kurbcr, will poailively aail on Thuraday, lat Dec, her regular day Thia aplrndid ahip haa nnanrpaaaed aerommodatinna for rabin. aecond cabin and a'terage paaaengera. Th.iae wiahing to areure bertha will require to make early application on board at foot of Beeltmati at, or to JOHN HERDMAN, CI South afreet N. 15. Pertona tending for their frienda reaiding in Great Britain and Ireland can have them brought out,aa uaual, by any of th? ahipa compoaing thia line; drafta for any amount c.n be furniahed, piyablr in all the puncipal towna throughout the I 'iimhI Kumil on, on application a? abort. nllr Aa KOK NEW OltLEA New Yo'k rfTryV Line? Keaular p.cket 10th November?The faat aail MUmSm'im packet ahip MEMPHIS, Capl. Ki>tyrht, will will filial ivelv aail aa above, her regular day. Kor Ireight or Ciaaagr, having bandaorne fornialiei accommodations, apply on Mrd, at Orleana whaif, foot of VVallat. or to E. K COLLINS A UO. M Sooth at Poaitively no itooda received after Tueaday eveninc, the 29th inal. Shippers may rely upon having their goods correctly measured. ana that the ahipa of thialine will sail punctually as advertiaerl. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be reijnired. Agenla in N Orleana. Hnllin k Woodruff, wno will promptly forward all gooda to tneir add reaa. The paeket ahip Ocmulgre, C eta in Peel, will ancceed the Memidiia, and aail the 10th Dec, her regular day. _ n23r 4 A*"- i'Atnr.1 runtiAvnti?second Lone?i ne amj nffrw BALTI MORE, Edward Kunck, Muter,will Mil on AHmkh the lit of December J'lVD * HINCKEN, III I No. * TolKllir BuildllMta. KK.T FOR MAr->.ll.l.KS-TI,eiH|.HK>i i THOMPHOiN, "iv'veatrr, miitri, will aail on A]iflBb'he l?t December For Ireiaht or p'aaairr app.y to ' BOYD* I INCKEN, Aeei.u, I i fir 9 To- tine Bmldinffa. FOR MOBILE?Packet o( aS'h No?.?The apleuI aSrvV'li'l '*? aail inn i arket thip NKW YORK, Captain AMUlhNevrii. will Mil a? above. I i.u ,nip it too well known to rrqaire comment. Pertom withina * |uitM(c in her thonlil not fail to mute early applica tion on board, loot of Dover at. or to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT, 4J Peck SIIp. ntlr or It South at. comer ol Jonea' lane. FOR LONDON?Regular parket o the Ut 01 December?The veiy auperioi faat Milina packet JuKaliip ONTARIO,Cart. Braduh. will poaitivelyaail -a above, her regular day. For pataafe in cabin, aecond cabin, and ateera?r. hiving aniieib accommodationa, apply on board foot of Maiden Lane, orto JOSEPH MeMU lilt A V. 100 Pine at., cor South. The above will be aocceeded by the packet ?hip TORONTO Cart (> itwo d, and Mil on the 7th December. IVr?ona wi hirnt to aend for their frienda can hive them brr.uaht out by either of the above ?hipa, or anv of the rrir"l*' packela, by applymu aa above ; if hy letier. poai paid e2>' FOR NKWOHI.EANH. MOBII.E.^SAVIN ifffVNAH AND CH \KLI?>t6.\?r-? ;h" SmSHmALA B A M A, Captain Bunker, w ll Mil ? Nov U.h, for N< w Oilcan. ? ... The racket abip NfcVV YORK, Capt. Nlveo. will rail foi 14 obi la on i be 2D h N> v . . ... .. Thepa kei i-tig AUOUSTA. Capt Sherwood, will aail ot th- 211th, for Savannah. .. . . .. . , The parket ahip WARSAW, Capt. Hawkina, will aail for Chatleiton onthe 2Sth Nov. . For puaage iynv if th. ^'siifiT^! O^eck alb. n?yi or M South at. aorner Jouaa lane. AMUSEMENTS. CHATHAM TIlKATKIt Pit Ilk ''nil. T"t ft fnw Pint Tm VI eenu THIS < "rvtvo & -:i' - I.UVE, FAITH AMI) FALSEHOOD. Af>?r which, HI'I i LIMtr Mill Afi'rnr. Af'rrwhrh. JOXHROf'K KhIIkwmI bv DE?I> Si.OT. onclmle with CAKvlVAL OP NAPLES. cr Doom will ojirn ?t tiH?'-nrteiu will tine ?t'jearter pen ' o'clock precisely. B?>? Ortice open dioly from 9 to i, where Ticket* n?*T be arehased sad places mf urrd. _ prARK TIIKt'lHK,, Bene' t of Mm S.giiin. THIS KVVMVf), No*. ?? - ^ i resented, BAHBEK Ol. SEVILLE. To conclude w'h , u LA . ... nru?|n i ftirmn, nnHTW Bute* 76-ld au?l Id Tier 60?Pit J7K ct??Gallery 26 o?ou. Door* <>i?eu 41 o'clock nud the prrforuituc* wiii commence *f 7 pr?ri*elv amHELL'8 OLYMPIC TUKATIU. 444 BrtMdW'iv. New Vorl. THIS KVKMMI. Nov. 16. w?M t>? I 'Wanted JOHN OK PARIS. AOrr which BOOTS AT THK SWAN. To conclude w??h GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. \\.f~ Th# Doora will he opened at halhpaat 6, and the P 'oriM<?'" e commence *r 7, every eventnf ANPHITHKATKK OK THK ASPCtfLIC: 37 Hinrfry N. A. UOWK8, Proprietor. THIS EVENING. the perform nre? will commence it.' i? !v t 7 o'cloci AIUIH OK THK DESKRT Wonderlul at. Ki l"ir?, .ml Herculean L?hora of \10\8. OUILL'iT, l." I IO\ HK.HO! Otto Motty hi i li n'vi In. p r'nimtncr of ihe Rital of Hercules The Brother, of Wirt iw will apimr in a novel display of Oioup'ini<. Kuni ioriuni., ami G vintiatlicr. Betid a t General Uin lay of HOKSE.V1 ANSHIH. fcBoies SO cenu?Private do for 6 peraona SI?tiecend Tier J7J< cent.?fit 25 crnis. Doors open at half-past 6. Overture by the Band aa a quart* hefo'e 7, Horaemaotliip to commeuee at 7 o'clock i>recta?lv KKANKLIN T r ATRE . CHATHAM BQUAltE. , ^ Alteration oTiicea?Dins Oircl-, Gentlemen SS centa. L"OV and Gcutle man only 25. Second Tier Bovea UK centa. Oallerv 12K Pit or Pa<auerte 6K THIS EVENING, will be pr a.nted some of the moct aalooitliiiiK feats ol Gj muaalics aud Conlortionr ever p eaented in (Ml c nntry. "V Mew*. Millar, Alestayer, ti.others or Warlaw, Richardson and Kugvle-. Bv Mr. C. D. J'likni.^i'juntu, Mi?i Ranaund, Anriol, Celeste. CrrKo, Augusta, Mul Henry, and mile's, will he introduced a grand combination of Songs. Duetts, Solo#, Glees, Yankee Eccentricitrs. Unites, kValtn, Hornpipes Elhnlems, Cachuchea, Single and Double Lnddiea, Scotch Fliugs, Luaiai Strathsi uys kr., Sc. By. Meian. K. W. Pelham, O. VV. rvilum, and Mr. Backna, the great Pagai itiny, will iiiitaiii (he Ethiunean Cheracteri. Flying Cord by the unequalled Mr. Kugg l*s. Programmes a' the Theatre. Dnmionen at 6 o'clock. i>erformance commeocea at T. N. B. The Naw York Brtua Band ia engaged. Mr. Noaher, Leader. nil |na ia*r AAIKRICAN THKATRR?WAIeNl)T-ST. PHIUDKI.PIIIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C. CU8HMAN. Mr Brongham's Benfir. k * ITH19 EVK-NI n tj. Nov 8, mil be enacted, LOVE"*' sacrifce. 2.1 act of LA BAYADERE. Conclude with, OMNIBUS E. A MARSHALL. Lea-ee. ADIKHICAN MtlMEVN, QOI1NEI1 of Broadway and Ann street, opposite St. Peal's P. T BARNUM, Manager. BEST ATTRACTIONS IV NEW YORK Day visitors admitted free in the evening. Entire new acenery, drop enrtaini, decorations and enlargement am! cusliioutnc of the Lrrture Room. MR. WINCH ELL, The mmt comic imitator iu America, ia eneaaed for a short period and will appear in hia eel- b ated delineation, of Iiieh, Dutch, French and Yankee Characters. Positively the last week of THE WONDARFUL MERMAID,. Taken near tin- Kej-e Iilandi. which has been visited by Aft-p thouaand persons in this city and Boston, and of the genuineuess of which ail uaturalista. and other |>eraona, aie couvincad upon beholding it, ia en aged, at any eslraordtuary ei|ienae, for o' e week only. Many scientific gentlemen of celebrity have staked their reputation that this extraordinary nymph of ths sea is all the is represented. MR. O'COVNF.LL, THE TATTOOED MAN, . Will ap|>rar in his celebrated Dances, and give an historical account of his sufferings for eleven years, while a prisoner in the h"ttd? of ha.harons savatre* in the Nortti Pacific Ocean. FALLS OF NIAGARA, ?ith real Cioton Water. THE LILLIPUTIAN FAMILY. . Consisting of ten performers: Mi?? Hood, the vocalist; Ce'eate, the danaeuse, the Albino Laoy. Matine Tel-scone fir illuminating the bottoms of rivers, lakes, Jtc? and 500.000 Curiosities, P rformancea every evening at half past 1 o'clock and ev? rv Wednesday and Salurrini atteruooi at 3 o'clock. Admission to all 25 eenta?Children half l-riee. nJO TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION' ' POWBUFUL NOVk LTlFS! UNPRE' EDEN TED PERrOMMANCE8-THE RKALFUD-OEE VIERMAID, NEW YORK NIHKlllll AND PIC'IUHE GALLERY, fh-r?rr/irvJt/. ' >>q?)Stfr llir City Hall, Nirvr. rr.nfunviMii IU ?L nt.E,.il IUN yi. SHILLING. The Manager truati he may with confidence assert tint >rh t Ktlii- of S in u the following hive seldom been aohmitt-'' to the pu'dic. Matter D. E Hughes, the admirable liarp player; Mwtti J. A. Hughes, tin niftul violiuial; vliaa Hurhea. the liU'e Lire; Mitt Clemeuce, the aceompliahed didseu-e; .Mitt Cecilia BUncharil th graceful iiigclereaa; Matter prank Diamond,the uuiivallrd Kfhiopean I aucer; Mr. Jenkins, the unequalled tamo player; Mitt Rosalie, th chinning songstress, aud Mr. Boyce. toe celehra'i d comic linger. On Turtdav and Tliurtday Mrt. Loomea will delivers Lecture on Phrennlog ,to commence at 3 o'clock. A day performance will take place on Weduetday and Batorday, at utual. Evening eulertainmeul to commence at hall paat teven. A Imift n to the whole ONE SHILLING o? lw? 'I'Hfc OHKATEBT n\Ti HAL CURIOSITY in the 1 world?Now eihihttinc at the corner of Chatham tueet aud Tryon Hot, op|miitr the Park, for a aliort time:? A Double Spanish Li'e Bu'l, taken Dear Bueooa Ayftt. on the Plat t, bv the Spautarda, in the year 1MB, and imported to New York m IM2. He it rooiideird bv uatnraliira to be the mott wonderful de fortuity to the known world. H- hat a double windpi|ie, don ble breatt, oonble |>aunrh, double riba, tig legs, donhie hips, and tome o'her nana double. He ia perfectly round and IB geod he lib. .inn tuppoted to Ire inue yeart old, aud weight near I 300 paru dt. Profeaaora of Natural History, Surgeons, and Anatomists woit d do well to visit and jttdg. for thrintelvea. A Three Legged Cow, now rhr-e yeart old. She Ia deficient of one fore leg. and was to from birth. A < oit"tnun"i. A Sea Dog, or Sea Leopard, uken alive ia the North River. The head teaemblra thatof a dog, and the akia is.spotted like that o< a leopard. Truly a wonderful curiosity. W. |f, Monkeys, kc. To he ae. o (rnm I o'clock A M till 10 P M. Admnsion 12 1-2 ceuta, chtldreu uuder 10 years of ace halfprice . Good Music, in attendance. *23 lm*m FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, <>< * ICE No. 7 WALL STREET. u? in MUSIC. QCHNEIDEK k REBHUN willalttnd private parties nd 0,oir-?? with a band of froui P'tee to twe> ty ir(MU. Apply No 27 Delaucy street Dear the Bowery, or No. 121 Norfolk at. nil aa*r A CARD?J. B aRDOTTE, Superintendent, beg. toTc.forfa hi< trends an- the public generally that be haa opened a Cafe and Hoarding H >uae for gentle -Til at No. 130 Broadway, which will be conducted upon the plan of the Celt brated Cafe Toitoni al Pant. There are about twenty furnished rooms a Itched to the Cs'c which will be let and meals fnruiaheil to any Dumber01 yi-ullt-mcn fnrmiuit a club, at inch hours aa they may select Madame B irdotte, Ioiik and he t'Uits lie^rtblv known aa t ha proprielesi of a select maisuD de peuaniD id thia city will anperIDfetid ihe house. ffeDilrtncn will be furnished with meals at any hour in tha coffee room. The cuisine arrangements will be f >nnd of the first order and the wines, liquors, lie., the best ihatcao be procured regardless ol espense. Ad inspection of the establishment is respectfully solicited. CAFE TORTONI, n732wis*r 130 Broadway, between Liberty It Cedar sts. Dissolution?Tbe natnarskip of saffarransr LEWIS, forrnad on the 7th June, i|41, has been this day niatolred by mutual consent, Fein Lewis basing diapoaed of his entire interest in the goods, nates, accounts, lands and all description! oi aasets belonging to said firm, to Daniel Saffarrant, ri tiring from the business in rnntcquen'e of imp*irad health. DANIEL SAFFARRAN8. FELIX LEWIS. DANIEL SAFKARRANS will still continue the hasinaaa as usual ai their old stand, at Doakritle and the Bogy Depot Chickasaw Nation, West. He,the said Saffarrana, it tally and alone authorized to collect all elaims duelhe firm, and la nun oounu to i>?y All legs' tuimi an ttie tir-". DANIEL HAEEARRAN 8. KELIX LICWIS. September, 13tH. 1112. n?St ia*M PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AN!) PHARMACY OF THE CITY OK NEW YORK HAVE prennred * number of " Prirate Medicine Cheata, each containing an appropriate quantity of the new French Medicines lor the cure of a peculiar claw of diaeaara. which have unfortunately in too many instances fallen under trie ireatinrnl of ittuorant quacks, in couaaqienee of the eitremedelicaey which iwtienta thus afflicted eanibit in applying lor medical idvire troin irapeclable physicians. In the mode now ai plained, howrrer.aafc and effectual treatment will be gained by such patients without the necessity of making any dtacloanre o) their caar. The " Medicine Cheat" contains aach aquanttity ol appropriate medicine aa 11 guaranteed to effect a peitect enm, and atnide directiona in a plain and familiar tlyle accompany each cheat. The remeiliea are applicable to all forma of the dieeaae. The Chests, containing remedies for ayphilitic diaaaaaa are aolil for li each?the cheata with remediee for gnaocrhoea and gleet f 3 each, may now he had of the Principal Agent ol the Col lea*. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office of the College IT Naaaaa at reel. N. B.?Canes forwarded to ail parta of the Union, tne Caaadae ...i tar.., t.i.? Prranna imrcluMing the Cheat* can.hy nddreaaing th? Collega. crnlmiiiualy obtain whatever additional advice they nut deaire daring the |>rogre?? of their caw. aMia*"" LADItT BOOTS AND SHOES-Loefcwood. 191 Broadway, k?9p> n fine assortment of ladies'and childrcns' Poets ami shoe*, of the latest American and European fashions. Orders received by the iIowd from |?lww o( 'Vslnotiable retort. nM Imf POH D1C eEUCHTWANGKH'S Priea Carra* of Cope? " via, Ci|*ules, Acids, Dypwomli, Luwric,D daaer reotyp?? Chemicals. Grroxn Silver, Ac. Ac. Ac. See fourth nve. oH UNCURRKNT MO.NEV ducounlad af low rstea by JA!VIr.S A f'O., nN lw?t II Wa?|ti>at n R<5KtN a Vk'S -S?ik "> . CoMmrrcwl Battai*, D L??ia Connty. am) all other donhifal and broken bank note a wanted, for which the higkea, price. will be paid by J JAMES k CO., D? |W*I t? Wgll afreet. MEDICAI. AND SUffOlCALI AID, No. I Berk man aireet near F*r* How, and genuine Medicines.?These medicines have sto <1 the test of thirty years in eradicating diseases oftne moaf rnalignanf and pnva'e nature, and are a sU> dard remedy '0 the principal Parisian and l.onroo hospitals of t^e present day. Ciiiccra enred wi hour cn't'ng; i"ns|i*D*nt ulcers, acofnoua, scorhuiic, cutaneous diseases, And rheumatic p%in? in the limbs and join's; nodes on >he shin hones. Ac. Remedies i ut ip to suit all class-a, at moderate char*? s, for "he cure of ceriin diseases, requiring no reafricion in an\ particular. Pat ie Ufa are treated bar gular id?y i:i*n of tHrtv ears'txpei'-nce, eh **-dipiom** ?r* eiMImcd to vie w ar his office, No. i B?ekm n *, estah ished fo tb? upprea?ion of Qnch;r? and ostium dioi k? ra, werv pro'easiotial ad??ce in all cmm is given le pit ehlwr |r lis b tM IUimIiM physician, hv and under *ho.e direr*ion all m*d.cioes are compounded and dispensed. Attendance Irom 9 o'clock until 1 and N to 9 in the even rig daily. ___ nil lwie#te POKTLOUE3E FEMALE PILE?. PHASE far-fame 1 and celebrated Pills, from PortugA'. I we parotide, to be obuiue* in this country. Seeadvif .se meet on tne lest eolnmu - * 'A ml *