Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1842, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1842 Page 5
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4 reikrra and Cb?e??. Ki?r at Ralaiuh, N 0?A b'ock ut building- 111 '* ' leigu, kuow ti as Look * Row , w as destroy ed by (< on Sa tuiday night last, supposed to be Hie work ofincmdiariea. AaaivAL kliTaAoaiMKAav.?Vndertbis head the Oswego Commercial tbeMnd instant, announces the arrival at tha place of the iron ?u-aiiitH>at Pioneer, CaptAdkina, iu ;>y days troin .New York The Pioneer, after | discharging tier biro, which oon-iate.1 ol tiity ton- ol uierch .ndi.e, obtained'a reiiirn freight lor New Vork, j and starred oa banse ward | rip. Mu ?d. h aku ^l'iltdi-?At St Louis, on the 14 h inst., a m <ii name I McIV.k, mix >1 laud&num witn some 1 quor, winch he nave hi? alio, causing her death in a lew horns. He also lira, k dome ol ihe same, aud died iu cons, queuce. 'i'hey were hoth very intemperate. R.jii,i.i ?Lkd week our ol ourcilix-ns was stopped in t h?- i oa i b> d gang ol high way, w ho demanded his "mou.y or ule. i'hcy obtained the money, and we are so: 11 to vat they got more titan tney deserved.? (rust n Ktjiubhcan. Lac ere hd Uritii ? We learn from the Newbern (N-C,.) spectator, that Joseph Sugg, ? ho w as Couvicte.l ol murder at the iarttriin oi the superior Couit Ol tireeu Coun y, in tuui Slate, uud sentenced to be hung leCenliy broke jail An luvtmmeut ot iron conveyed to him by his who, enableu him to make 111. escape by breaking the lock, and doors o tils prison The sherdf captured Him, however, in oie he Could leave the County. Nmepriso liars, u ho rs.ej ed iroin prisoti a lew day s before, returned to tin j nl ii the Istli in-t , having agreed dtilong them. Sell ev mat they WoUlo go back and serve then lime out. Muhdkm at Wk?t Taov?Wii learn from Po ?< toy's K v,<t t mat o.t W edin ??iay night, <1 null del w a* coinunit* J on (>o*id a canal boat, 1) iitg ai VV'tii I? on , li) a K enChUlaD. Quanta Unknown) on Ull Ink mm, (liaflle ui u UiiituoAii) Bolli ptr lei mre boat no n , enipio \ ed ou diltel i 111 huala uavig?li*.g Hie CUlidi. i ue qualieiaroSe ubo il he light oJ precedency ol in ir ho i .-; i scuiti : ensued bet w eou the pn tie* on the deck ol one o iho bout*, hi ? hlCu It dp pi: lis t ie >'rvn Chilian hud me hea* ut it, lor Ui-- liiahinau ran lioin I li deck to the caniu, * hither hwas luLluwed t?\ the Frenchman, and .stubbed in lite breast, l?y a cake khile, ho violent wa? the blow, thai the biaie ol me knilo a a* driven completely through the hiedbt done. I ne Kreuchmaii was at'resit d on the spot? Au in(|Ueki wan del i on the body ol the Irishman, who survived the blow but a lew hour*, and a verdict ol w lllul murder returned against the French.nun. who ha* been coin nutted to await hut trial. MKOli SALp.?The well kuowu public h?>u?e, Bowerv C'Jthge, Willi tut* buildnia* <uid Unexpired La*e ol said , re i>? a, * Inch ha* live ) ciii to . an flout i he 1*1 oi in it 1 . pit (Utars, with J u llCiotl* lUulltfeuietil, W hi ell ibie the puronuei to liv rout rre, i he pfra- ul "C upm: iifii; a'mut to reiirt into the country Will it u Upo s oil trliu* lu . r ij ounu c |-c juii b o. paiiivUid. >, i.tqun ol K. PAlx.Vl r L L, lJ . b , Bow try. yfvfr KOit SALK, the cheapest r aim iu li-eae pa. IS, id 70 p*? .Cir*, gud b iiiuuui, ph-ul) ol Iiu I, wood aud watei. I ^JJL IX) << i i > oreiCJUtt|i i -i good > i y pi nei h lour ia ? .o?c ItiUiiut a d lour h-?u?e? and lots iu and inuh i'iaiuUcid. u* to lor ui> good* an 1 groceites, nt w liouie and two ots. Lio. valu ib t. loU iu Jerst y City. Call ?<u 8. VAIL, S*;u.di)... 41 Couitluudt btrcrt iro.u lo to I. Oilier days, iiainheid IN J., r at 71 rvakliiu^iou at. I ru suiill lartm lor **ie low. S. V. ; L Q j n * m Uv L\ TJLu . i 5 i ' i? hA8K**A ( untn . : < . < < wilAifl B mhm ?>i N?n *<?rk, otw with iron }toM ' Uuid, near JL ug Island Bound, i . (tried* Ad nritu full | I ?;,! -!< ;ii.< , i on ... , \ \ li 14 [ H '* ILlI V.nI BKO VV N'ri ? h tp c ish * or? , l.b Cliftthni.i .ip|MK?iu li cVcil itrtet ? d wbiere, Silk aim bur | 41 ... O I, * *!, \ullvi, Oli'Ui 4M(i ^l,K VtlVt t Cd. 1. be?*.fi| >i - *v , .lit*la*. trimmed im u-dly (iuishcu. A I trge .l it ui I i luii, I, ux iriuii<iiii)(, spleuuid ly'ui mulls i*t. re ii ?waiud>wu aii oi which Wii! be sold, Wuo.l?i1* ?>r retail, ? i> low, .tip iUi?tc. ^Lbs i'ttlAN ACAU&M\lhe sUb*cn.>cj would it La ,,t iiluil) , ul>rui t,.e CSdie* a.i.l I oi \e?v iutk oua oi ii' ?Kl> (i, thai tu' U-i ','eiiej a a .icaot ,.i > , (>u thai laige and coiitiiiiuiou*, ?rin ii> Huowu ?u lite Lijueslijau iLlChaiigt oi Cook -> ( lie n?, ill? Bo * i>, on Vauxhdii Oaidtuj lor nit msliucii.m o i-niti'.> tin) teutleiilcu lu Ui-ti heal, hi ui auii liccei* ti> iCo)iu|iliAliiiteii(, ihi act oi honeuiduiiii^ in ill it,l/iauciici. i'iit ACd1 riu> i? iuruuheu w ila drtsAiti* all i silling root u?, auu evciy cwuvi uieuce I of the corneal oi pupil*, autl Jic Airtcie-t in ,o?l to rtspec'abilll) will oc adJieic.i to *i iiio iiiaiiv driitunt iiiviila with All. VV . J. L)a\u, out o lite o nextprolessors Iroui Cuiopc lu lake charge ol (lit adine, and llaiur* uiiudtil tuat lue cutefpriAC will un ci Willi uie d??pioboiiou aiitl t'uco urdgemeul ol a liberal public. i criii* aiiti particular* may be tutciU&iucU ou application as at.-i/v?. _ i be ouiuibu* auO r* pass every live minutes uuriug liie day oiJ iiu " re W L) U15 b KU ?V . i 11 i ti' lot rI^O the wido w of the soldieid dud sailor* o the re vuluiiouA iy war, vou were married -cioie the I*' ol JauUd>>, i?VI. dud wit * Can proie the service* of Uieir iiusb iiidii, aud Uie ie ga>uy ol lacir ..rrikgc, can, by a,plying al .N . t>j iklfltei Lit el, hear oi ?o%i< tin g fo their ad>dUlagc.? 1 ho He not ablt to pcjiiuce ill tenured ev dci.ce ne< d uot apoiy. 1'e ?oui re siumg a d dlttauoc, au-J Who Will address a* abuve, (p.>?< pi.d1 Will rt Ceive aileuliou. 1 wauling in > vertices will do well t.? apply belor UK ut ol Jdiiu iry , a.t 1 have other busi Head, wluc ? will C 11 uie lo W dshiugtou, dui lug Uie ofrdtui esatou ol Congress A K. CiilLild. ul7 lm#r IvUAl.^ o KLsi UltAilUA, Chuul aecoud Coming, uu luc ?lhicuiutu, wilt be lectured ou liy Margaret Bishop auti oiucr? m .vlunit> li ill. Bo weiy, opposite bmiug street, i u SuuUd> ?, at three aud aeveu o'cl?Cft, P. >1. iCet Adun??iou. A voluntary collection idkeu up. Tne public ai? re incmtlly muted. u4 imr* fcbrV'S PAl'ttNT CONICAL VttNTILATOH. 'Ptil'iclirdp, siuipicdu.i eiliciciil ap|MratUd is addfle ?: to all ^ purpotcd ol Veulnathhi. dhip.s, SteainOoaia, v. nurchei, HodPitaid, 1'risoiia, Alliifi, Vault , iec. Uc. may U it* di>i?licd Liou h? kepi I ret* iroui U loni an aud Uhwhoie*. uie etliuhn; it id Abu Au eilecltldi cure lo. binotty CllliUuieA. *l'ht >ubt? ribei hdviu* purcu?i*t.d liie u ^ht for the City auu Couuty ol New k ork, i? prepared lo dipply the public with Coned ou demaud. MemI HooftiuK ol all dearrii tioua lurnuhed in any part of tlie couulrv. Crown Water Pipfi ftiid 1'luinoeis' Work in geueral. Also, Oalv tuned lrt>u aud 1'iu W are at wholesale. blotc pipes, halu vau?, coal ho?t>, uc a i rices greatly reduced. All work WdriauleU,*o I order* by letlei* aliciued lo. V. nL'.h.NhU, 1 m . 120 Watei sirecc I I CdttfH M?-MilAR A V. ??u fimUbtl MlW Miiitvii J Urxlia in to iuiv a n he.* ta, ou the PROVINCIAL BANK UK IRELAND, Pay able ai? Cork, Bhubrhlg? Lnne ick, BtlJyineua, Clomiie I, Farsoutowo, L?>ndoiidt rry, Dowupathk, ( blllCO, U V i!), W v ord, Lurg.'ii, B luc, Unuuh. Wn er'o.d, L)ii lainon, Galaa ay, buidoh, A n aji'i, Eouia, A iiloiir, B illy-bannon, C I'crnQF, s rtbaiir, K Inc. D), Uutmarvin, B.ilina, Mallow, Traiev, Mourymore, YoukIm), Co iiciiill, i.i oi.kiltru, MoiiuIiM, ENOLANL. S|OOU?r, A'wood k Co. It .Ilkt ra. L .11 loll. P?> able in rvtiy lowu in Gnat Brilaiu. P W B,rnra. E-quirra. L ?cf|ioul. City <>l >1 i>(n? B tuk. Payable in rrt-ry 1 nvn in Lcotlaod n21 loir THE \NTI ANGULAR SYSTEM OF WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. LA R. BKISTOW ol London, rr>pr<-lfull> luforuia thr Ladirr ?1 ami Grntlrinrii of New York ami Bro .klyn, that hia claaara Day and Earning, liaar cmmrncrH lor thr ,<u,on, and tliai hr baa kkDICED hia Trim, our half,?lo bn Dollar*! AciDkMi .No 231 Bkouaway, nnak Parr Puaci. Gi nlUnn u ol ill acra artr positively taoybt iu iwrlvc Icaaoua, a bultl, frte, rxoci/i/iuua aud liuisbi-d buainraa-likr style ol Wriiiua, uo mailer now bad, illegible aiiff, or erani|H,1 llir writing may br. See siwcnnena at II.r door, 231 Broadway. Ami no Laoiki A ne?t and Handsome, ilrlirair and laaliiouablr Kunuink liaui G I n i E sai Laaaoiaa I ?3" VISITORS New York can lakr a caurar in Thrrr Days ?Mr B la lo br lent! from " lo I A. M., or from 4 to * P VI. Eveniua Claaset 'roe. 7 to 9. Roiii-Karrnii Tinyn ?u a auiwrior mrtnod. by donblr and aiunle entry r entniCallT utd practically. , I n i ^ ? 1 c 1 C ? 1 STENOGRAPHY. ,\ ut*w ?y*?f?rn of the \rf of Writing Short-baud, for Mkmt 't. Lfctun*. S?rtnoo$, l'riah at Law, lit fee., i*-i lerflv h. VI * Bristol id one . on rue of lesson*' at . 16 Br on. J " '} . See * specimen. ?V B.?A work of the otthor is presented to ever? ptipiHb " |^?rmaiirut Jioidf ^ I>22 11* r PARK'S LIKE PILLS. ' I" tiK klawd,invifiM',D^. ml liff prolonging power of thi mi* r tcii'" * medicine ruh y Life P I '?** tiiil :i conn' of iht l< ytrnlinlv rnitd yet ?licctne Operation ^ir h? ' I tf I mi ic?- f? II' e the I. Vi ?i tc family medicine. To p ihi oll 'Wiu# * *c l< ti>?y OCCtf|*??l II ihry srr Ol the r i! * v. ue,tnnl in preventing the liability to lake cold, to v? hirh u h pc miiu an- m> muck ? * oac I st ikis ae?*oii by I'requrni Changes fioin itie ci'<< in lie t of theif mortis li) the eileilial edit air. th*v rem vr *he eoogtaled phlrwiit in the thro t. v* h?c (irodtifei that unpleasant tickling srii-aiion,which caua. s uiik and I'Hr 'Vi r? ^i, and *h h will, ii uo in uedi teiy c>?? ikrd. i du aUaiu Ufavila and d range the whole ay*tei* ? they .ire at all limes .d'scirice to i?imi iunure,bui n n-r lohftl thai it is far cuier to pievtnt than cure. In uo one inalplice h?ts I it valuai le ?ned cine tailed when duly pers* \ cred in to 'ffoni relief", ?oo*ne the irritated state of the i.eiver, and bun* rhr who^e sy ifrm into a touti I and healthy condition, fitting t t?e unml "lid body lor the dutns of I fe, \*Inch will then be i*rlonoeu w th ea r 4U I aatM'aCtlo II The ' iiowr.iig arcfh ^iclbhi aieaufor th-*a of Pan's Li e Pi if? Kusi.i.?u i*. Aspiuwall, druggists and chemists, 86 William at Hit Bio?d??y and to Astor li now. Akrshtm Sands it < )o.druggists and cheiniau,granite buildings 17* Boiadwav, coruar ol 'jhamberst. i !? Br<?*dway .corner of Lu|>en<rd at. Jol?n B L)odd. druggist, Broad way, corner Bl eekerat. , \ bowery \l-diciisr Store, JbV Bow.ry John L. flirt, diugxMt, t48 (trand corner Norfolk at, oymes^.Vied^iu*- Store, 6i Bowery, corner ol Walker ?t. /%.. o i Miner, . ??rorr Fulton mid W.icr ?t. noi<w? *7 (tncnwuh ?t., neit the corner ol I* r?Mff tu ?t. J k J. C iidiuitfoa, apothecarie*. Jyy Hnd*i d *trerf, Comer of at>ring ?L t. L. C?r*<>0, tbaBiauil apoihecary, *1 Bl 'erkee *1., corner ol Jour* *1. J. Wt-uUoVrr, diuac i*l and tt^lhcuv, Ml Kislith ifrtiQr. Brooklyn?Wik. Arnitronn, teed, drug anil palest mediciur IKI.MH. ilty full' ll?. And whole**lc. *t |>ro| rictor*' office, rK rt,,BF.RT8 It CO., Cl'.rondon Hon?c, comer nl Uuaiir ttreet auil Uroadaay Small B >*? 2Jcenf? Large or Kamily B >*,? mi <*rui?. Pei.on* dnirou* of Obtaining ?ll agcucj tor lli? i r *a e in the roiiuin will |.lr?*e direct their letter*, poet paid, u, r Robert t , .r B?i Mi* V.ifK To,! llilicv i,? m"r "PO V H ! TOYS ! : TUTs I !?J?kl opened a n- w ,i?l i ,.,i A m,o ' ni**u11>1 cunimi * and flue l oj*( lUIUh r for thi 1, I lid*y>, at UA} Onlru *truet, ppponite CenW iM?rlirt, for tali , wholetalr a d mall, i heapt-r lhaue?er. Toy doatrr* are r perdully mVi'rd (oral* ai.d * nm ur I'm fht m?elrri l)..n' l-.rgi t .I?r uuiatwr? *33, l*u door* ab. Ve O.aud *trrrl nil itau u> Ml* tn osuUbKKhofVpii. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTISTS FA- AH 1'AULT k CO . iUH Kuiton *iretl, upi*oaite Si Paul** Church. retpcClfully lul.irm iherr friend* ***d tin puoltc, thai Che, harajuai received b> pkckctship Amu, au II* TOICe of 1000 Daguerreotype KrencV, Plate* A new *up|>lv ol the beat and ueweat palterut apparatus ISO ounce* bromine V) ounce* tiroonue of iodine SO I'ouud* 111 pro ulplmte of ?oda SO inmoe* ol chloride of gold 100 pound* of tripoli of r?in?e SO ounce* chloride of iodine And the new book containing the latent improvement* inti r p.igaerrrotvpc of, l-i ?r iiV rHE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. j IN p ; nuance of law, I.JOHN, President ol the ] *- baitoii^uiwsulAaacfica.d*' Hereby declare an make known, r thai a public ?<lf w ill In* held-it t .?* Laud Office at Kalamazoo. ; in the State of Michigan, commencing ou Monday, the second r day of Januaq ueit, lor th< ni>poa?J if the anappiopriated ftb * lie lands M'ltbiu the limits ol the secliou* and lownsniua hcreiu* | il'iei d ogii ited. which have heielofujv breu withheld from r ale, .in tli voi'ovt*a*4?e and Miles Indian res* rvations, to wit: South of the bate tint, and J fit if of the mrridiaii St ti u euhi. sc\>utet a, eiahie? n, inn tet u.twe tyf twen* < t,-u.nev thirty, Uuri\*oue, and liuity-twu, tu towu*hip luui, ol tan tit- lllue. >tX< MV/u, eifclii'tu, liuiwtMti, aad thirty one, J and the West halve* of section* ?fnlllW. weuty, tweii.y- . uine, at d Uiiri)-iwo, iu to aiuhip live, ol range nine. '1 ownstups four and live, of range leu. Siec ioua ou*, two, eh v?u, twelve, thirteen, f?ur( cu, tWen l\-thr?e, twcat>-lour, iweti^y-fire, twreniy-aix, tnirtv-live, and thirt)*?n, in towuship four, ol range eleven. SeCHwun one, two, eh Veil, twelve ih.rueli, fourteen, tweu- 1 ty.thr*-^ i weiii>-iour, wruty-live, tw* ulysix, liurtyiiv e, and Li11a t> -sf\, in tow ii-nhip live, of ranu* eh feu. r > citoual .'?an*hips t u n ..nd eig.a, south of St Joseph's ' riVer, ol r tugt a? veoteeii. b ractional tow ?op? ?*veu and eight, south of St Joseph's river, ol r-nge t l.hleeu. The ?mih fractioa oi section f wenty-four, in t iwuhipeight, ol range UUJeteeu. Land i| |?r priord by law for the u?e of schools, military*4 r ' other jiUfjiuirf, will be excluded troni sa'e. i ht alr will be kept . 4 en toi tw<> weeks, (unless tl;e lauds are sonn-r di?po*td of,) and no longer; and no private eutnes ^ i t.111 i ui me * ciii'ii* .tun lov* iisnit a so on reu win uc f tf u l?' alter the xpiratiou oI ihv tw.? *cek?. Giveu umler inir h *r.?l. nt ch?- city* ol vVa>hnicton, this twenty-..tvcoiri ua> . I jh i>u iiil>t i, A .no Domini. 18G. JOHN TYLKH. ! B> the I'm id* ut: l HO II rtLAKK, Corn inis*toner of the Gttieral Land Ojfice. NOII K TO fKK-K VP TION CLAIMANTS. 1 Kvery , ? r?ou . |.toning 'lit- rig .1 oi pr? uit>n >n to Un?l iu any of ihe l wii?lii|? d.signaled in ft i? roc lain at I on, iu virtue of ' the provi 'loua * tii?* i t ol 2i?I iuu , IH.C, a? extended sad ino- ' Uifted b\ fhi act of lit Juu?*, 18 u), ?toI the pmvuiou* ol tlie 1st 1 lrr *cl, (wi?? r? tlnoie law? tdi a, ply loaiicti ci<ti 'ab> teasouol 1 l ?-absence o tin** at the Kegulei's ottti on 221J au*-, 1841,) o , viriiir ? ! the act of tin -ltu Sent- mbcr 181 ia ? gi t. lnu < fti'U peivilegt * to .no'uei anil ditteieut clt-s ? I* || IS, la ? |,| ( d ( . pu>V the .tine til the silMltCtlOU I tlie I I lit, i. . ui litcciwr ol tin i loj-ei L ud OtllCf, and make ; |?u nient theielor .t? s on a-? pr tCfnable alter seeing thl notice, iii brf'Te trit- day i|*j>oliit*'d lor the commem t incut ol the lie gale of tht- land a* above dei.i||uiud otherwise sacii old i'its will be fori lV il. Where the yrir subsequent U) the tiling of the plats shall ex pire |?re\ on , to the day fixed lor the Com on lie* ineiil ol the ?ale above men loued, claims under the acts of I8JK aud 1810, above | rafmed to, will be fort*. iced ifuOa proveu up and la-.d lor prior to the expiraiiou of sucti year. THO. H. BLAKK, Commissioner qf the Genearl Lund Oj/ire. o 17 It iwtoJlr _____ (4) LONDOM AND ANCHEdTEU INDIA KUBISLK liOOoS 11/ l.OLr.SALii AM) KK 1'AIL, N... II W-.ll urcel. Th su'i?c11>iei li** tCtrlveJ and "Iters loi sale a large assort* ueut ol Unpolled India Kunbef Water I'rool Goods, viz: | Co.. U and Capes, ol superior Loua. Caslni eie Lama, Persian, ( Vleriiiu nid Ctitloii, ol *li coloi* aiiO sizes. Cloth? India Kuotoir, Water I'rool, super Lain.t. Lama I'er Man aud Cotton, i rtjiared lor t ilors. India liutihrr VV ebbing* lor susia-lidvia, cornels, lie. , sfttiui'r CHAS. ABKAHA.VISON 1 CHKAP pA.Mifu. iABLL TAILOK1NU, a. JU8 tiee^iu m street.? Where dots the money com* f?om that supjtorts the rx, enoVe Tailoring Kslabiish?u-uts scattered over the city Cm It Coin e I run I any place hut the pockets of their i ustoiners / | At t;,e above number u i* oehevrd geuiieinsn can uud ?n eat* ( blishineut conducted on toe suictesi principles of ecouoiny ,and 1 gurintuls made iu a style of tUguice and durability uiuurposs- , ed bv any liuuse in the city. Tue prices charged are? i For L)reas Coats, ol ti.e best West of Knglaud t lOthft. S.I t* 2! < Wool dyed West of Lnghrnd C.asiinere pants 5 to 8 t Vests ot cashmere, saliu, silk or cloth, to 'j J Superfine Beawi oVercuaia, $4U style, for 18 to 24 A Dress Coals made and in united, 7 to 9 t'diils aud Vests, i^| to 2 , JOHN MOFFAT. I nl ?in * r DHhiN'CH Aili 1Kb IAL FLOW LttS.a uialel l lor ii?/- 1 * ml#?oi?UI\LAKUalhKL at C-UU K 1, 1iu Williaui st., 'liccr iuri i>l bruin.i Hos.ik l'u !.??< JtUl U'CViteJ ll. I Havre Packets b'ahitm?rt and V die de Lyu , o large ussorim lit 1 Of io?liMuai>le flow tr?, ?>f Die latrst P.i isiau style. M uniing 4 H lower* a la Duchesne D'Orit an-*, kufus ud ly st i, aui ?i great v triety ui u? w lancy articles ol toilet lm paDiesmd bdU. I lie .No. 1 .0 Wl.llAUl Street u the true Slid oulv depot ol liluS iui*-riui articles !r?io their manufactory Rue de l racy, No. b a ram g Im'r &bGA.lt2>?&h UAiCo. j iMiK followito; choice SJcgar* are always ou h*ud atHKNRlQUfcSPB HAVANA AND PRINCIPE stUAll d i UKb, wholesale and retail, tuseuitul ol W iiliain tl. Ruiiidas, iu hall and quarter boxes i Do. No. halt' and quarter boxes Noiiegaa, lu quarter tud eighth do P?r* Rcgalos, iu qu liter do Regalia*, ol a <U|i?riui qualty, iu >4? X and l-10th boxes vfriyrirssg iu tpiirtti ooxes , Traumas, do do y La Notina, do do | La Espcranza, do do s Tre* Ainigos, iu cartons.of 20 each j London Regalia?, iu carton* ol 40 each j La Pruela, iu quailer boxes I iv* lagan's * foiled, iu quarter ooxes t Psnetilia's, do. of superior quality 3 Yngeueudad, do Dcuioyas, do i Mateos, do Priucipes, of the Keudou, Crux and ains, all out. to deb. Priuiaveras, iu quarter boxes j Alranza* do J Coiistaiitias, do Bustuuieutas, do C Ev.nero Regalias, do I Imperial do, inquarte oxes, a superior arti le. t N. 15.?Hotels and groceis idled ou rnuouable terms. I iM linb r Rko I AllHA NT KRANCAIS, No. 6 Nassau st. opt usite f the Custom House. J. BONNikKD &. P. DELAMUT- I( I'E have the huiior to infoim tlieir acquaintance-* and strangers generally , in it they ha* e enlarged their br* alii t*t aud Dunn*,and have besidt s at ranged collveuieut rooms tor private ' i>artieft, a id will pay particular attention to?rd? rs for Dinners f and Suppers in private nouses, which tliev will iuruish at verv mode rait* prices. They constantly have ou hand? L. Braudy Preserves of all kinds. * Liquor* in great variety. c W lues of II brands. Oil o! Olives .etlU*d. " Uruvste Cheese. 1 New Chile I Cheese. Truttlesaud Mush moms. * Fat Liv. r 1'irs, 6tc., fccc. <>Z7 lm' r DWILHKLMS, No. 234 Broadway offers for sale hw uew unjoi ted ?tock of goods, wholesale ;>ud retail. 1.?CM Kmbn.idt rie , coirtiii* need and fitJsJied pieces of various kinds; worsted, wool, stitching and knitting silk, beads, j, j*tterus, kc | 2.?In small and lace wares, all sorts of silk and worsted strings, borders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every* article in J this line, doiu in the ino*t fashionable taste. 3.?The most copious and splendid choice of artifici *1 flowers, done hi the neatest work and newest tasts, bouquets, diadems, kc. 1? Artichsof casr >ou of the most various descriptions, mauufai tnred in the Ho?a| Irou Koundarv at Berlin 5.?Kiquisite aud ntat hgu es iu bronze. 6 ?A hea> iilul assortuieut of *ui?er'iue bask- t wares. 7 ?A considerable and eh gam choice of pr? ssed an I painted ^ i?ai?er. sheet* of let er pa|**r viaitiug Cards, * afers kc. 8 ? Au elegant and gre u stme of the finest porcelain 9.?A splendid assortment of the fiuesl dressing articVs,cases . out i*?rf*ii>m?. ..29 Im'rr UJGINA COKDIAL. M AON IV8 LUCINA CORDIAL, for the sure amUpeed) r cure of lucipieut consumption, barrenness, impoteucy, lu orhae or whites, gleet, obstructed, dificult or painful meusirn ttiou, incontinence of ur me, or onoluuiary discharge thereof ' iud for the general prostft'iou of the syst> in, uo matter wheth er the result of'uhe re nl causes,or o I canst* produced bv irtegu rti.. imo n,oi mciAni. J Tm wide-spread celel rity of this wonderful and inesiimabh ; . ordial in both heinisi teres is a sufficient guarantee for ite juick aud positive success in curing ill the above affections ind complaiuts. Nothing can be more surprising than its in*i r[orating effects on the ntiuuu frame. Persons all wetkuess auu 1 assilude before taking it. a; once become robust and full of euery under its influece. It iiano di dely counteracts the nerve H lessness or looseness of the fe nale frame, winch is ihe only ' cause of barrenness; aud which, prior to Dr. .VI igimi'* discove ry was consideied u? be incurable And it sjieedily removes fie impediments produced by physical prostratiou, which fre 1 juent'y deter rneu from getting married. Language, indeed -innot do ia?tice to the merits of the Lucin.i Cordial, which is rffar?J"d by tli heads ofllu faculty iu -.11 pails ol the Woild <u one of the most importia' medical discover ien of auy age. I ric? 8f per bottle. 8oldal92 Nassau street, ami No. 9i) North 8i*tl 1 sTee*. Phil del^?h?a. nl9 itn*r THE GERMAN SURGEON. SOLOMON HI\K. M. D., No 57 Ke.ide.UMi, New York. k lii scrofula aud chionic deasc? uo charge made till the ,?atieut is satisfied? *iedicio* d? li\? red ga(n Alt |iersous deformed, under twenty-out yeais, can have their bones straightem d References given as to nuintirou* laments who have heaa cured in this city. 0*7 3m * MUKFS! V1UFF8! MUFF8 1 !?The sudden cliangvs in the weal*ier render it iiidisp^nsihly nec.-ssarv that the beauty ami fashion of our city should avail themselves of the real iimuo rneiit offered to guard against tlie approaching inclement *e won They are now enabled to eujoy a promenade luring the coldest weather ' V providing themselves with a inc \1mff at the store of BAllNKTr k SIMMONDS, 449 Broauway. \ II fescriptions of Furs cleaned and retired at reduced rates | rT> | m * m COUGHS, GULUS CONSUMPTIONS, H wseucs*, Sore Throat, Spitting 1 of Bio d, Bi.-tic 1 is, kc., i* cured fot one shiilug i v ;( s* H ' tii* . h \ tkiri u\ iiiveiiti.ii. r I l.-il? !'. I*. ?<?. 1 C u. h i' ?n v, <>r r m. ound ?it:act oftJutiiil Spanish ino?s ?'i?ii?l*wd ?'f 43 ??* th*'rnrt'M h**t'to? and i?|j%ut*? ihe vegetable em i ' ir |*<s?e*r . R- d this ,Vain, ho ,e^t esplanM ion to iht puWl c I ? I he principal hiut ii <l> i this candv wru form*ily preat>ibed i b\ -ii en in* lit ph>siaii, in liquid in m. Surel} i' i* tupero r | ?hfli hk?n lithe h ?pe of a he utilul rai d ,?lea mm o t' e teste, eley sut in form,ind miraculous in Opt ?ati?.u I in ed* but tie rial to con ince *M of its mrnu I' i* but one hillnu foi a trial: who will u?i* it? It is sluhtl> purga ire.removing all humors from ami purifying t? e Mood. In lacl. from :h? hundreds i ready ctiied by this, t >e proprietor feels warr*ute iu offering ih-ne terms th 1 in cnie persons are not satisfied to return the motit to them?the f uhiie irutt perrer e this is fair dealurg, ami plainly prove* ft# itbi* is no i tiffed uosmtrn Tne proptie tor ie?jw *rs one trial *r m a'l pers u. wh pul ino tsry c mtd oijts II wa>' there is no men ur> in thin . * in some pulf 1 I. .. - A .. ii ?. - .i?.i _ - "?i.f .. .> .1.1 m.i. I . I 11.11 mill (1...I III. y 111 II. 8 ti only ml 2 i? I i iga I urge p ekiar, b I . line*, linn of the American K igle 82 Cliatiiam at. N V. A, - i n tnten Aii-uii?2 iIk-i, Thiril null U ck it. Phil, It Suit ii, Bo.ton at 8 at. .t. A'btny. T> Fnll' U at, Brooklyn, Cl.ailea K iin, Ihirlnmii, ^ C, Znber, next to the An.r icau Hotel, W i.hit |T'mi. D ii>t Im'rc EX K AC1' iruin the loHowiug CMiiniitra1! Rtpoib-Ooir i nit. rum tleU il ( Wild'r's 8 lUmamaer Iron Sife) waa cbiu>ii it 111 Mil intense he.<t for a tieriod of cmht h. lira, while e.nli of ihe other* Were dealr y erf by the same less Inn , wo hours, We h .Ye no hesitation m saving th it we consider Wild. i > S t .inuiJei 8.ilr really iit-priml, ami affording per ecinity tn books BUil im era in ran* o' tiic. . < HA' LK8 H MAHSIIALL, BALDHI\ At CO , WADSWOTH V SMITH, i MINTUKN It CO. Wild-r'a Pa'ent Salamander birr- Proof 8afe emi onlc be h?d at thr 11on War.hntiae ol SILAS C. HKllKINO, li Water street. I N. B ?Second baud Stfea of niher m ikers. aecb at h ire 8" o taken tn peit piy mrtr for WMder't Sate, can be bad at Iras than one Mil oftne fi atcost. t.Slrlw | l? A I- V i.K-ll AKKLE-HArrkM. I 'll h. thiol laal (I. and Kalfle thia season?Tickets Oie 1 Dollar r ich.?To be r.<ffled for t Osillrel. on l utailay II ol { .a haiii'aiimr tapntiiali Circular <b nil. tnin'i < liiak, with r*|>r and si k Seleet collar anil tarings, arid Complete In 'cry oihrr respects For |iar icu an apply a' No. I .tiurray at eeein.ui, cor nit Bro dway, whrre thr cloak c ii hescru. 1 ickrta on y I dollar, which iriuai be paid lor when the nnm leraarruk.ii. Any aentl man wsntuia a cloak would don.II to ny in im., for at the ti-k ol oulv one dollar he may becoin. I1..1.U ol a cloak worth S90. 'lbe rattle will iiositnely tiBe place on,loa abuse named d .re, at St. John. Hall, Frankfoit at, ala o clock in the evening |.r*ri.el> . On Ci.natwma and New Vear*s tier# ia to he auow, I Wi I,out a elo-k Vou inuat not a a To aiait the la.ln a; Vi u know it*, in, joke. So lake tn> adaiee And come tor ihe cleak. iiM toll dc*ec li'lKK BHICK.?79M, Ooran patent. a very suucrior aiti le f For tale by PiftnHIt 4 BROOKS. It (1 Liberty street. Vt U.AZINf s rKUlODK ALS KOR NUVKMBKll A'tiat, iiodfy Ltdie *B<>>k, Oi*<um'? M^anut, LadieVdfld ?fKaahiOQ, Yoaua Peoplei' Book. Bottou and Beutley i kiiag|iUuv At Viiuill^v of the XlX CCUUffy.. ^fr ntn r a.'ravings ; Biblical Journal in<l Climtitu ramify tlagaaiur, rditrd b> lie Rev. H. U mm] ?*id D. iNt w? H i * ??> tcrauce aucI ociur AlinaiMCt : dae Haurhow awl Radicut, a ne w tumorous du.l witty, well calculated u) the ivrlr and gay. Alio I which will U; aold at wholesale aud etail, aud those who bay to acil <nfiin at a low?r raftf dm* an be ??bf iiue J die where. . N. B.?RVt> mjjciits w.iu?ed to circulate majfu*i'ie* ;?eriod ;aU. Sc. A. J. ttKXXON, N?. I! Bee km u, i?5 linr corner Ndtnaii. FlaK'lTNOV'Ki,! y COOKINU TOVfcd, lie have i received ni> preainains in auy lu.titme a-act-pc the A nitric Ail iu.iiiinr, New Vork, became ihty hare not been efhibited in uiy other, bui |k*T MTv lacnvxl ill it which rarnea v? 11i it i n .reater weich', nid -pcaka mo e If. dually nt iu good ?| allies, namely?ih-t ju.tly mriileii prai e of b rig sit verier t > ?ll >lhrr Store-, by huuJreu* who hare used tiie rt ry Store boasiu ' its pieiuiu ms. Query?Winch 8t -re will cou'umc the It- st fit l, prornlinK ill.- (ii-ilt is so thai you ran n nutate t at leisure, the one ?" nsliucted that irery dish bei <t cooked v-n be brought m . tin lire, or t at w Inch admits of only pin of tin- cooking ui ar tin- li' ! Ka in ii - tin N -v Ity S-ore, 20t Water-t Is bm UmI Store which rill ulmit of the ^iwatest qu'ntuy of cnokitnr ou the a ualleal it arc, uutl conk it avrll, ailli lha lea?t ainouut of Incl, tin heal Slur,, be it wlucli it in -y ' Look It ibe Nor.Ity llofe. a ,L.. k.b.n ?t,el.-meinn. i lar^e lurm y roasted v% itii>xal iiioviuh the roaster to and iro, Uid h corres;*oudiug amount ol' iniliui; (loue at the *a.~e Uin* illnil d?'tte too, t?? pCileCtl'hJ, d better proof oi' the ,nt' hs ol I 4tort t)i in a diploma haude I you by ihiee in*u who lure Bereljr looked at it and do uoi understand it* principle* as well yo m-ll ? Ask (huu who art using the Novelty. ^ hat lietter proof can y *n have o* he ?upeiiorit> of a itove th u the ilteinj t 01 II other Uo.c in ?? -Ittrcf* to roj y alt**! it ? Au * in, compare the Novelty with Ih * latent hjipi* ve r tnti. [H.i?v?ier, toe principle* ol tit. Noveltv cannot tie iiil .iugcd upon, for t te i? I uv ??,ot .la that, although tip y iniv copy he shape.) The -?l?ove are i Inn on* ?tlou-, inn the public have Mreauy lli**e edthein, by wivttif the NoVtltV Stove the prefer- iee ?vr all otr.e'a L? ' e in mi lice n f three decide w??at ihe^ I,.ay ai a Fuif, wht ie. merit muit yield 10 influence. V\ e c\.ly *sk I lit Lamination o^ the Novelty Stove? o ph <e call at Kt.-k* fikore Ksfablislu triii, 209 Water sr. 11 w i h iln Ol llQI y kind > | |( your h*lk? dp.?iois heated in the most eooao t ?cil inanin r. plt.oo call at FI9k'8 BTuVE ESTABLISHMENT, Ol - N Wa L W( >OD*S NEWLY INVENTED PARLOR AND HALL STOVES. 'PHIS it one of the DlObt valuable iiiveiilioui ever "tiered to ' the pub! c in the ?totr tiue, ?*uu is lite most perfect uticle uitau:, f??r tlie use of ail kinds of coat or wood, in Ipaiuut *t artmcito. It has UO less tin u four radiators an i iw dr .e^tid >n?* tlues, to arranged that the rad atom are placed hi rween t\v j nres, aud cause til the heat ip*ueratcd te be disiiibui d lot" 'l" Apartment ; while in otfie. stoves a large iioruonof the In ? is carried off in the pipe, 'hie peck f coal in this stove will yield more heat than bu.-diel iu the best, sto e now before tin public ; while you have the advantage of an cpeu hie ? ipleu* Mid a rate ttl pleasure ! is allowed by all who kate examined it to be the m.-st p* r feet coinhiiijfiuii ol utility ,ud vrnaiu^ni ?*ver brought ;orw.ird, hut tn he fully appreciated, it need* only to be ?. eu aud exam.lied. and all in want of a superior article for Itealiug par lors,halls /ffit es, nurseries, Me. are invited to call. Trices are suited to the tunes. Also ou hand a variety of* other Stoves, suitable for all pur poses, which will be so d very low. L. WOOL), 237 Water street, bet we eii o21 lrn#r Puck slip andiBeeki i1i street. p KKOllM YOUR STOVE BILLS.?Seouon. ...a utility ueill* ine oruir ui me uuy, me joimnon :i . or innii. w to sell Slov?s at the lowest possible reinunerstiiw prices; his Column Parlor Stove, answering all the purposes of the Kratr, with half the trouble and expense, suitable for silting rooms, jtfices, stores, or halls, it worthy the attention ol persons wi.hiug 10 purcliase. His assortmeut of cooking Stoves are not surpassed in the sity, for cheapness aud superior style ol coiisuuciieu, cotnbiriu* all the requisites for kilcheu use, and a ureal savin* ol ruiT, which is an item many persons overlook iu selection itnves. He solicits houselt up. s nd others to cive him a call at tin itfier of the Wan .11 Kurn ' e Company, No. 22 k'ulP u street, N. Y., helore purchasitiK elsewhere. As lniseonipiii> tuanul.icture tin ir stoves, purchasers will not be subjected to i?* b> buying fhim second hauds Theii isiortment consists ol, cooking ami puloi Stoics, Pumps, Iron Knruaces, Oolfee Mills, K. itles, Tiu ami Sheet lion W .re, Sic., wholesale and retail. Oidrrs lor r uu*i soli sited. J. V TlBBEiTS, olS lin*ec 22 t qhnn street. N. Y U. H. CITY UKHPA TVH POST. Pt 1ST OFFICE, New York, JJtli July, 1812. HOUllSof Delivery each day, (Sundays exc- pled) at lh? U i er and Lower Post Offices:? Lctli is < 1 osited before Hal 8 o'clock, A 13 " 3 " T M I Will be sent out foi deYt all the Statij is before } livery at 9 A M, and 1 7 .) clock, A M I and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " I 3 " P MJ Letters to ba sent Krc iiijsi hare "Free Stamp" affixed lo hem, otherwise tiirec ce its will be col.ectcd ol the party lo ?hum til" letter is adJresae i No money inu t lie enclosed iu eners unless re. islered at t ie J.isU ol ihe itatious (at all of which "tree stamps" may bi puichas. d at 12,jO |)cr 100, and every informal ion may be obUiuc1 ou a|>ilicallou at Hie upper or lower post t ifiers. Stamps issued by he lau City Desp itch Post will be te- ived. li is indispensable hat the number ol the ri ink nee alionl J be staled in ail letters em through-this Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest iniorinatioii should any regularities occur. JOlfN LOK1MK a GRAHAM au28 Iv ec l ost Master. rvAILY EXPRESS LINKS FOR ALDAN V, CT1CA. U BUKKALO. CHIC At iO AND CANADA.-1 he subbribers havin* been engaged lor tht last twelve inonl .s tuuiin* the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection wito darndeu It Co.'s New York and Albany Line, have recently extended Jieir Express Li?e Horn Buffalo to Albany, tliroa 11 o this city 011 their own account, will receive and for war 1 silt, (Sundays excepted,) Specie, Bank Notes, Parcels, ', Bundles,.and Cases of Goods, 10 and fioin tlie I'olnw in* places, vie. :? Albany, Trey, Utica, Syracuse, Auburn, llhica. Gences, 'anaudaipuu, Rochester, Baisvia, Lnckport, Buffalo, Cleveau I, Detroit, Chicucn, aud ihc intermediate places. Also, Oswego, Sac Letts Harbor, Kingston and Toronto, Canada. Will promptly attend to tlie collection and payments of bills, lotes, drafts and accounts, purcliase and sale ol goods and proluce by sample, aud snch other tianacient busiueas as may be intrusted to their care. Each Express will be accompanied by a competent mcssrn|er, together with rea|H>usiblt agi uts iu the principal towns limn llir route. .vievcriauia ano otners way I" u-Mi't Q tnai re [urns will be in till* manner received inoie speedily linsu in any other possible wny. N. B.?Hjienel Expresses rnn to any part of the country at hort notice, and U|<on reasonable terms. 1} r POMfc.KOV 4t CO. No. 2 Wall .tree! HOI SK Kl'KMSHINU WAKEHOl.'SE.-WOllAM k HAUGH WOl'T, Ml Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents aid Commission .Vlercliauts, lia*e just received and are now iraiiiiiM a uew and splendid assortment ol the following arti les.vic:? Silvered, Uilt and Bronte (ia Chaodaliera, 6 to 20 lights. Do Caudle do i to 24 " Do Candle Brackets, 1 to 5 " Do Gas Brackets, Its 7 11 Do tsas rvtautel IstgliW, I to t " Do Grranuoiea, 110 * " T anatthns, iwij " Astral Lamps, j at ipf and Lva'erus, Kcarling L .inpa aC. A tiew article ot "clar u,mr a cry superior artir !e. Also, a uew article of Deflecter lor improving the light of he olJ pattern of Astral Lam|i. Also i new style of Flore line Bronze, color immovable. Together w ith every v.iriety of Laui|M and Clinndetiera, for -Porches, halls and public building.. I'LATKD Wall*. Baskets, Cas.ots, Trays, Trast flicks. Candlesticks, Napkin touts, Uniier Tons, bnttei and Fruit Knives, Suutlers and rnya. Cnfft e anil Tea 1,'ru,, ire. Fine Talde Cutler) , Iti settssnd doseus; Japanued Tea Trays, n great ranty of I'dtt, rns an 1 torms; hue cut gl rs B->wL. 'ucbrrs, Tumble r?. If ohes, Goblets, Deraulers, Water Butles. Sugars, tic. ktc. W. It H. beg rrspcrB'irllv to infoim then friends, customers, tnd the public generad y ,that their arraugeraeuls with thr are suelit at tliey can sell all articles in thru lint, it remarkably low pri 'ear and resiwctfully invite tnern to call nid see the it show r > ins which aloue ia sufficient to conipen tale for the trouble ;22 3in*r REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed fripi UJ Broadway to No 7 Actor Hone ECO NO VIY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. liarmcuts oi a most .leganland ! .tsbiounhlc ft a savior of Vt per Cent for cash. THK advertiser dt ma it unnecessary to resort to the heck t ueyed ystem of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming hat the length < f time he has been established, together will ihs eiteusive patronage bestowt d on him, win prove a sum leut voucher lor hn capabilities. Possessing the advantage 01 wring connected with a a extensive cloth estnbh hmetu n, Kurr[* lie confidently i sets ihat he can furnish clothes winch, ou comirisoii, w ill be found lower th :n any other house making ur. the best descriptions of gentlemen's ilresr.. sin 3tn ^ rHlLLirs, i Astor House, Bre.ulwf.y TO h A.tlllslKS GOING SOU 1 li, to the West Indies or i fc 11 r., t... ? S r.iitf.r'I.M. C.. ,1.. -j , ... ... 1 obtain a permanent sit nation a* seamstress, iu a genteel family. She wnnid prcfergoing to Europe, yet would accept ol ? good ffer to go South or to the West Indu s The best ol referenns given. Address A. A. A. box ?6i, upper Post, V York. 1 \OCI OK mKAKh. for erlv ot 4*? Ann street, u?*y be consuited at .No. 7J Jtma street, ncsr VV tlli in street. Kor eight , ran i>aat his a"? utt :? l? beru d'voted in this nt\ to the treat* m? uf of chronic. or ling* ring dis- ases?d\ ?fvp*i i, dropsies.Jivri ind lung romp - iuts, &c. ANGINA I'ECTOH 19.?Its symptoms are an wni lcamni eih lien it the pit of tne -t< niui h, pain about the left side .ore) regi hi <>l the histt, est< ndnig ofleu r >th' shoulder blade and (h* ween the sh uld rs, and occasioning shortness of breath in l \ ilpir.oion of il.e heart. Doc or 8e*rs ha* h*d mueli ri< . ience in the treatment of this disease. nXfttuT ___ VOItlH IllVKH DlSrKNSAUV.INK Ku I ton street ueai ^ Greenwich.?Dr. Mopison, Aieiober of the Royal College ?f Snrgeous, Loudon, and formerly 8ur: # on in the British S;? vyt Continue* to be consulted dally on all d sense * o| n delicate MLiufc. and all those distressing symptom* couscqoenion ugu licioui UeaUncut, uul tin- imprudent use < l.juaea medicines )r. M. h*? had an experience of twenty C so yrajs 11. treating lelicate ihsudses tn ail sneir various a^dc implicated forms, am nes a mild, safe and iiUilibh substitute ifAercury, eisdicai ug the %fuereal virus with certniuly , yr rhout subivtiug tl?r utteiH to aii? risk t restricting him m p. usual diets 01 pur II* I"i..v IIT isrernui' liniMV'W] IIIVK. I ef r. .njeulobtlructiou* in the urrthm, >urh as strictures and en MMBMtof (In-*IaihJ, i iiipauit d with much trr tntrj anu dull I-III, ahosi lliese purl*, AM- * me of the Collar pit'iiees til m.d-trc anient Dr. A,. Utitallrifflm n t MKli.i.e. maimer. ommniiu* shsnri no of the thickened c.ijr.ii!?i ne morale ?imon? any pain. COSTITCTIONAI. DEBILITY.-Thcnsandsof roam or.u .in- (iiltTiiuf nuin i.n cous> .(nenret ol indulgence m a se?ret destructiTe Mhil,Aiiu whint neivf* are fiirt liertujii red froir. ihetueol nostrums.ii u pretended (M-cilirt, which> nil to iodnee (reaver depression. L'r. .M iiadmih (mmh purely pathological principles, md ueeer fails to esUhluhinp are?'in; ttnctrii hooor awl confidence u observed. L.ttrn post pnid, and containing a iniltblr fee, will entnrr ;'ie correspondent full advice, and nudum. to IM part of thf a, by h is gr. i mi history ? hbwwin mim. ?<>, h ,' n?:reel ,' tlreenwich. nil |w* t CA BOC'R, 3 rB(iM?W4v, li .ihin Hell.?A complete * sortuii ut ol mid rriuci|>? fte-aari it alwa, ? on hand u hi II as cho'Ci Ki tfil.s, of ail ihi i Plantation fh'K<rs ) -ml (,a Cabana, first qnality. i m herb rereiveil hi the Rapid. nl9 rods* *rc rT'IIE Sills oj the Monmouth Bank, N J., * ill he re ti i mri L .11 ti e Clinton B ink, tit.:?Trus and upwards par, fives and iinlrr I tw crut. nX Inter >1AK TIN'S CASH T a I L O li 1 N G K S T A B L I S H M K N T . 164 H'ilUatH Street, Corner *J .fan Street, [5* deculnlK tin i-hisiest in the city. There is Mways oi liatid a wlrct stock of seasonable goods, | n rrliaami for cash vhicli will be made np ui ..rder in the iyle ol make, til, trin nitbi, fcr., that has given such it nvi .1 setisi ictioa durum th ast lour years, and at a positive savum of 3(1 |wr cent, Oi nili ii ii are requested to cail and erauiiuc. Thoee wh "nruish cuVii own goods, can have them MADE ANU TRIMMED. Dtcss Coau, made and trimmed, > $" 00 ta As 60 Krock Co its, do do > 8 00 to 9 50 I'sntt and Vests, I 7i to 2 Ofl Oser Coats. 9 00 to 11 00 afiJ-';?u"*""'">n..iiAti. t. mai.TIN Ho..? Tf IvlKDK/AL. ON STRICTLTlit ANoTicTCURE. ' |"HK KOL wOWLNO REMARKS WILL I'LACK BL * KOKK thr public a few snoet deeply interesting facte.? first, Tluit the di irw CU lit J 9l kit) ru*K, it ef very /s equent occuiresur and often exists in persons who are not in (Ac Uaet two, e of it: next that a very erroneous nation prevails respachng Stricture, and that ignorant advertising people take bad-idiantage of Ihiternme-ius notion; then, that there are hree particular circumstances ha which a Stricture mint hi unays known?and in the lust place, that the cure if Stricture is certain, free from pain. and generally accomplished > ayerylistteiime. Wilh regard to the first of these remarks Ills well kuowu thai Stricture is the result of a badly [rented vjuu irrhen If, Cut msUuce, tliat disease is suffered to conluue ou from month to mouth, it slides into a gleet. Now. there is no pain or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it is dteu suffered U> indefinitely. But it should be known that gL et implies achronic intlainni tliou ofthe passage, wbicr. ..ltnrally ternuiuites in liiickeuiug, and this thickeuiug at on< tit ot other of tiie passage is stricture ; and. blither, that al' 1'iugh stnctnre may thus re n.iin uunoticed ihra length of time, it > far Iroin laying dormant, but is Uie mddeu cause ot inany ?ri us maladies, uot ouly of a sexual, but those also ot c iier "oas and dyspeptic kind. i>'? ?vnui especially it sua me mention oil Hum mil tic rat , ii tiie idea thai stricture cannot exist to long ai uu iinpcdinieii. < to the tiow ol urine is observed, which u quite a muukt. A \ stricture often exists fur years without producing auy eery -triking change m this rcsiiect; indeed a diminished or inter- , rajHt-ti stream of uriae belongs only to the worst of cases, anJ it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. I The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising la-opte ui this erroneous notion is very cruel. Kvery body knows f? Lie a of ihis discriptiou lw.u-in about this city, ami 'hat | 1 t ey i?r sell tneir n rttmais long as any one will buy thrin. Now, it it* a fact, and one which every real physician will nnmtlllalely acknowledge, ti, t oil t' medieuie m the world .lone, can ucte -re a stricture. 1? pioof ol this, nothing i. moie eoiiimou tlsa- for the writer to be coo -ullea by persons who b?-eu tal all manner if things? colored drops, and pi*Is, nd cordials, and the like, for many mourn* together, bnt whom, ou seeing the real ustore of the cose, he has eureJ ii ?s many days. With a view of pic eating tliei. laipotitious. therefore, i. seems 'billable to lay before the ouolic a h w pi nu circnr. stances by which a St;ictur? may be known, which can be easily <! rtiv : for tf though the symptomsnfth: disease are iiuinc. as, there are three of (Special impon, and these three may h. tinted very brielly?ttu y sie tlac lollowu., : The liist relates in fit usaiuuv uj ui i rui/tng.?I; has Iw.ualn niy said the stream oeed hot bt mucb limit,!*.! cd Or impeded, lint observe Htm ively, alii r it is tinisbrd and the clothes are re idjusled, wnelll era drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little?milling is mure indicauvc ul stricture. The nest is The tine a (fonuri/totu /Ms remained mu.ured.?It is ditii Celt to say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run ind nut produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture thou another ; rut, as a general rule, if it should tie suffered ' to go on beyono mx wueka, this alone would afford suiiicicnt gioumi,. le nt, for the suspicion of a stricture. The last is? i j 'ht 'jferi a stricture has upon the mind.?Tiie effect ol i Stricture is to depress the spirits, and to lessen both bodily and t mental activity. This also is one of its most common effects, t Not, however, mat it is seen alike nievery individual, but it is so common that the writer rarely sees a case ol stricture (am' oe sees aiaay every day ) in which the patiruldoesuol Complain 1 more or less, thai he is nut so capable o! business as lonuerly li i is gratifying also to witness lite uniform return ol spirits, and i the disappearing ol outer umiauies as tiie cure progresses. i With regard to the cure ol hincture, on this subject it is sol tit lent I o observe (and it is stated Willi confidence and plea- I sure) that this is ceiiain, free from pain, and generally accouiulislicd'u a very little tunc. So much as this could out have ' been advanced soup rears ago ; but such has been the mi | ,'twvemerit in this art, ind inch the practical experience of ihi writer, that lit can now accomplish the care of stricture to as many days as formerly it demanded mouths. Tne writer also begs to state, that lor Umse who wish to undertake me cure themselves, he 1ms published a little volume, ' called " Vvie i*rttu<e JVeatue," in which not only stiieture. out the cure of all those delicate diseases which require espe- r cUlture and privacy, is directed in the plainest manner, ll is ? ldvisable, however, that those who suspect a stricture, if possi- i ble, should consult the author personally. and nothing willsur- i /nil them more than the ease and certainty of his means ol cure. Separate rooms, alio, are arranged for those who may t have to wait a little. J It only now remains to say a word or two on the ground on -1 which the public, and especially strangers coming to this city, i tn.vy rely with continence on what been advanced. Witb j this view Ur. Halph begs to stale that, beside his rault as gr id- , ante el ridiutmrgh, 6lc. Itc.?he lias been eugiged in the cure I il* I use (iiit-nst-s. both in husniLal and eitv lirai-tirr*. for inure i u. <u thirty > earn, and has published two editions of n woik ox- , pressly on tncm.?Also that he has testimonial letters from the i most emiueut physicians in Kuropc to the most ennui-lit in t America? is Sir Astlev Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York, t Dr. Miysn:k,of Philadelphia, and others, and that he is permit ted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this At. Halph ixcousulled at his private residence. No. 81 Greenwich slieet, towards the Battery, at any honr.?He may also be consulted by post- Xne little volume above referred to is one dollar 016 lm?ec MEDICAL AID. DK GKKGORY will attend and prescribe for a (Articular ' 1 las*- ol patients, al his residence No. 34 Mott street, eiery j Jay in the wees,at all hours of day and evening. His trea-inenl \ nay be relied on as being the best, and the- plan pursued will lie . in accordance with the symptoms ol the disease, having re lernice al-o to the accommodation of the patient and a perfect 1 cure of the malady. ' It s worthy of note that a great iinmher of patients after hav- 1 ,uk been treated lor the disease were discharged b> their physi ciaiis as brink cured, and perhaps would remain so a week or leuker after mat disease begins to make its appearace again, and in this stage it is generally considered worse locuie than in tinfirst instance. It is in c.isc-s like these that Ur. U. has at length discovned a remedy, whieii as yet is entirely nnkuowu to any other physician. It is an external application, requiring to be continued in some cases not more than thirty hour*. It has proved tucctwiful in every instance where 11 has been applied, IMMCWN cases ol bom ilireeio Us*| y cat-, standing. This auuouucrmeut ia not made from motives 01 vanity or liwm t J love of boasting, but siuiplv to inform those in need of the re- 1 medy, where to oOuiu it. Those seeking the Doctor, will find him at his owu house (not a drug store) No 34 Mott st^about . 150 yards off Iroui Chatham Square, being nearly opposite the tone church?it is easily found al night. Dr. Gregory has published an improved edition (with engravings) of a little book entitled the "Rubicon:" it treats exclusively on the complaints above alluded to. The leuiarlu on stricture should he read by every one .especially those with .1 pro iracied case of disease. It is for sale by.the author, at hia office a and by Messrs. bauds. 79 and lOU Kultou-sireet, and both Drug stores corner ol Chambers at and Broadway; also ir the Bowery at Nos. 63 and 188.; and at the corner of blast Broadway and Market-street. Application., by Mail, Post paid, enclos tug ti> will receive the book by return ol Mail, free of Pott , age. o!7 lm*r 1 MEDICAL. rpHE PRIVATE TREATISE.?This is a little volume on I X certain diseases, in wnich tne noti convenient and private 1 means ol cure are tinted iu the plainest possible manner. And not only are directions liven for the more simple and recent ' cases, gut those which have I alien into i improper hands, and couiiuue on Irom mouth to mouth, are particularly dwelt on.? . Such persoLs will see immediately the difficulties which 1m- ' m ile their cure, whatever they may be, as well as the plan to ' be pursued in each particular case. It is obtained only ol the ' author, Ui. Ralph, K8 Greenwich sk Price SI. 1 Dr. Ralph also tabes ihis opportuity of saying that he may ' be consulted on the peculiar diseases above referred to, stilus J private residence, nt any hour. Aware, however, of tin deep and just solicitude which miny feel to consult a persou of integrity as well as ei|ierience iu these Peculiarcuuiplaiuts, the autnoi deems it pru|>er to give . the folluwin* short sketch of the opitortuuilies he , as had to lit ' himself for this trust. And this he is the inore inclined to as many have assured him that, for want of inhumation of this km J , they have selected from a list ol advertising people the one who had boaste 1 most of wonderful cures?but uot without the bitterest tepeutiuce. lit titer-fore begs tu stole that, beside his rank as graduate of Kdiuourgli, Sic Uc. kc. he his hveu w itching these diseases, both ill hospital and city practice, for more iliiii, , cars, auil has i u?i>.- bed two editions of a wo'k expressly on them. Also .lint he has testimonial letters i from .the mos( eminent physician* of Europe, to the most cini- i usmt in America?us bir Aslley Cooper to l)r Mutt.ofN.V. i and Dr. Ph(>ick ol Phi!tdelphi., and ethers; and farther, i that he has the privilege of 'Herring to almost every phv,iciiiu of einiucuce in this city. Nothing csu be state a, he eon- i it tves, as belter grooud ol confidence to those who are stiau- i g . to lorn. i nsufi-lions nay be made by post, ud lor .uch he lias a , little, mati chest, ronuimug ever thing necessary for a i Speedi ng private caie. it is forwarded as may be directed. Irice $ ,_h n nt Im-i- i ___ . ^ ________NO . CE TO RUPTURED PERSON!*. UKRSON8 r.\ ,,'ttd with ruptures may rely ui>onlhebesl , X instrumental id the world affords, on application at the office, No. 4 Vr.ey street, or to either of tne agents in the | principe! low in the United States. Be carelnl to eiauiine the , ' . L, ! of Hull's trasses, to see if they are eudorscd by Dr , Hull, in wiit.tig. None are geuainc, or to be relied upon as , good, without his signature. Many persons have undertaken to vend imitations of Hull's ] erlebrnted trasses, and thousands are imposed upon in couse- , guetice. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they are made by unskilful mechanics, and are no belter than the ordi ; nary trasses. Rooms have been fitted op at No. 4 Veaey street, exclusively [ for ladies, having a separate entrance Irom the business de|sut ineul, wheie a female is in const nl attendance to wait upon female patients. nil lini . EXPERIENCE i L'OH FOUR VKAKS has fully tested tlie extraordinary vir- * X tues ol DH. SHERMAN'S MEDICATED LOZk N- 1 (JES. Several milliuu boxes h?i e betu sold,and given perfect " saiuiacuou to an wnu nave usen mem. PHYSICIANS AND CCEKUYMKN, Lawyers, ' rofessors, rich and poor, Inch md low?in fact, nearly the whole Ameticau people, hare ifiveu thein their sanction, tuitl they are now hut spieadiu* their influences to every part of the known world. Dra. Huuler, Suiitli. doners, Y auderpool, Scott, and four hundred other phynciau* lu New York city alone, recommend SbeiuuuTt Lowimes, daily, lu then practice. Sherinau's Medicated I.onuses are uever aold by the ounce, but always in ' btMISB, with Mi name attached. The Doctor beiuit an educated ?ud taiierieuted physician, and a member of the Medical Societyol ilie city ol .sew York, aires a character to his preps ratioi s that uo others rnioy. ] COUGHS, COLDS, CONSUMPTION, Astnma, T'itntuess ol th< Ch?st, Whooping Cough, Conith at.11J ma Measles, and all affections of the Luucs, are uuinediI alet> relieved by Sherman's Couch Loxcnucs. They entirely I can all receul cases ma few hoars, aud often the moat alartni me caaes of Consumption yield, as if by magic, to their hapt > influence, as in Hie cases ol the Her. Mr. Anthony, tne H? r. Vlr. Slreeter, and hundreds of others, even where they had been given up as Micurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH ! To thousands, without their ever being snsimeted. Children I ; jiiid adult* often suffer much from them, when a boi ol Sher- i mm*! Wuitn Lozenges would give thetn immediate relief.? I Hundreds of instances hare com* to our knowledge, where t ms <io the briuk ol the grave, fait waiting away, and the I rTiystci.nus trying their skill m vain, and resorting, at list, as | too ouiy hope, lo Slu-iman's Worm Lozenges, which have rt- i si re.I the*, to health and happiuejs. Ilow often have moth I tie railed at the Warehouse afid poured loith their thanks io? I bli ssing lor the rastoiatiou ol their deal beloved offspring Never before lias a Perfect remedy beeu discovered for ine en- i lire eradication of all kiudsof worma HEADACHK, PALPITATION, , Lowucaa of Spirits, Katiguc, Kaiutftig, Dei| oudeucy, Nerioui i Diseases generally, Sea Sickness, er? all subject to tl? urative properties of Sherraau's Camphor Lozenges. Tl.e) I .uie severe hradaches, lac. in ten minutes. In fact, they oiw rate like a charm. and no person should go lo sea without t lie 111 jk they aie infallible in sea sickness. Persons subject to faague,or attending crowded parlies, will liud tiicin to relieve them ol all iassil h and oppression. Warehouse lot, Nassau street Agents?Church's, 188 Bow- 1 cry; Band's. 77 East Emtdway, and corner Cnam'hers aud Hi adway; I odiugton. O) Hudsou; Kushtou and Aspinwall't 1 three stores, aud iJ? Kuluiu street. Ilrooklyu, 8 State street. 1 Boston. '1(1 't Ledge' Boil hoi/S. I'hil idclphia Ullfcr t MADAME CCMTELLU.?Kt male Periodical Pill, guar- ! nnteed in every case where the mouthly periods have he- J coin? irregui tr i rum colds 0' other causes. Their certaiuty of , tciioii has long been ackunwleuged by the medical profession t aid hundreds thil IiiVi uselessly tiiid v inous boasted leinedies?uuh ed, so sure are these Tills in therr effects, that can ; i? S 'lnetmi s n> ceu.vy to their use; though the, coutaiu no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advise given grain , to all thole who use the Tills, hy .Madame ('ostello, 34 Lis | peuard st, when the Tills are sold genuine. Trice SI per bos. >i t Im'r | P_OlTl ABLE BI.ACliSMITt"TS~ KOKtlKH.?The see scribers, being the sole Agents for lite .Manufacturers Ol Coticklin's Tateut Tortablr Korge and Bellows, beu leave U rail the attention of the riitilic to the above article. That they nave been called lor and lulriiduced to nearly all parte of th< United States, is, we believe a sufficient evidence of then sasltty and convenience; being imrtable and compact, give, I ;hein lar the preference over the common Koige tor Bhippitit f every descriptiou. Rail Koaiia, I aaals, Plantstmne Mam, ictones and all purposes for which the ordinary Korge r ivcd. Those mauaJacuiied for llio U.S. Navy are Wrongh 1 lion. We would relet those wishing to purchase lo some few wh. , au recommend them Irani personal as well as general kuou 'edge,viz < Otninodore Crane, Navy Yard, Poruaouth, N. H.; Messrs c Carr, Kejm Ja Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. Ooveruier Keinbo i West Point Kouudry, Cnld Sjuuu, N. Y. Messrs. K. it. All liausft h (To. 4?i Broadway, If. I., aud our city blacksmith. i, auuerally. OAY k l'EBAUL'i I s?l *I*TU fnruei of Old slip and Water st, ' PRIVATE MEDICAL NOTICE! rO A PARTICULAR CLASS OF INVALIDS 1'HEKE is our das* of invalids who mem the warmest gym patflf of at! who dcanv to alleviate ttlr nnfrn^s or the af licked. That class coutisU of those who tieUbontiK under he effects oithoae vicious indulgences iuto which erriug out! fcoughtless vouth are so often impelled by passion or the couagion of evil example. What more pitiable fight can then- be, hao ihai for instance, of the father of a family, wno lu? loux inee repeutrd of his youthful error*, bni who beai* about with urn iu ius ayitcin, and peihapt trausmiu to his lunoceul on ipfiug, the consequeuce* of hut former indiscretions ! Delicacy "event* bim from . poly tug to a phytician and he not anfrrt?eutly fa.l* iute the haud? of uneducated pretenders. Many ouug mm, again, are detrred from entering iito raatriiaotujl ugagemenu from the fear or consciousness that disease it lurk ug iu llieir aya. lo all such sutferera the College of Medicine aad Pharmacy ol he city of Nrw Fork, offer the means of security iron secoa lary disrate, and for the removal of it when apparent, iu their lew and celebrated "Parisian Alterative Mixture," so tvtenively used by Mr. Ktcoao in the venereal Hutyital of Pari* 1 liu medicine is put up in cases containing halt a dozen bottle* villi copious diieclions to. use, and label* which caiiuo. excitt uy unpleasant remarks, Tncse cases are guaranteed to cou* -in a sufficient quauiity of this new remedy,.to cure all *yphi* iric im uiitiesof the blood, cutaneous eruptions, alfectiou* oi he throat a id nose, nodes, ulcers, pains iuttie holies, fitc. Purdiasers ran at .til tunes correspond with the consulting Physr :iau of the College, Price ot the cases $6 each. Haitiy torivarcied to ail j.aru of the Uuiou, Canada and the West iuihes. P ie cases and medicine are so put up that no conccaluieul is iccesaary. By order, W. S. RICHARDSON, Atent. 'lincipal office of the Collide, 97 NattAU tireel. New York. o/S 3inw re JHUEM KJ A I .JS.UK UGH, CUP A IVA cacoULES AND GERAM SILVER, f * It. FKU'-HT VVANOKR, No. 1. W.,11 .treet, offtrtChe^ mic.ilt, Dru^t. Uy e.mfTa, ?try cheap, aud wurritu t all hi> >re|orauoMa 01 i>e?! ju.ility .u.l the wo t geiiutoe m market, 'I*:?L.'tiu c tunic aad ailver eryttaJ., ir./m M cu. to (I it i-er >a ; toil.. t> cu last lb , h> <Ir.>c>duic ac.O Ph. U ?. ii rti ei oi : nure iiuur acid lor invrllrr. .old uiiL.ri Itk cu ?r lb; copuiva capsule* b*-st vjuality, $7, $14, and $2U ;?r *ro*s ; ittious arid M cfs pr tu ; labaJia>|Ura chloride of soda, *nth reuch 1 belt $2 lj pr dux ; joditie <6 cu pr ot; demist* gold* oil, oi il??- Qioat approved manufactuiei, $30 pr ox; diamond eineiit $12 pr gross ; spirit* ol tUilatuwu* from 7 to cV cu pr lb ; iu?i?wcd apinu 01 mire horn 8 to 3u cu pr lb; judines ol ih>u* id, lion, ?uii>!iur, lead, mercury 50 cu pr oi, ?iedid?l??cbt? lib pr 100; ciihoidc oi'4 dim- 75 ct? pr ??z; brouiilif $3 pr oz; .tod iypf?h? li tilde of soda $1 JO pr iDtCOoipoUiid chemical tali tic 011, ottp and all Ins poisons warranted. Extract logwood and clops lyt woods, aoiu very cheap. Apply to DK. LlCWis FEUCHTW ANGER, Pl7 3m*ec .No. I Wall at , N. V TO Tdb LAiilEd. DK. HULL'4 UTEKO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. I'HIS uew instrument lor the radical cure ol' Prolai?us Uteri or Falling ol the Womb, by external applicauou, superseding the use ol the objections! Pessary, is coutidenily rec?nnoanded to the aShcted ** tba means of perfect restoration to ( altli, it never haviug failed oiperforming a cure, cveu under he most aggravated circainslaace*. The Supp?niei has attained a very high character in Europe is w.-IJ a* iu ihu country 1ms adopted to the enure duuse ol notaries,and all oUiei painful suigicai expedicuU,iu Uie Lying* u-Hospllal* ol Loudon and Pans, and u universally iccuui neiidcd iu Europe by medical men ol the highest ran* In uus :ounlry 1 lis sustained by the leadtug uiciubers of the faculties >f Colleges and Hospitals, and by all the eminent private pracJ110 ucrs. Uooius have been furnished exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 Vesty street, haviug a separate entrance iroin the busiuess department, where a lady is in constant atteudance, to apply 1 ruas*? and t?upi*ortrr? to female patient*. D4 linr D li. COOKE RETU.-NED FROM ENGLAND, WPITH all the latest iuij? luioi natiou Iroin Europe, universally performing cures of toe woisl class of veuerct' tl disease in its most aggravated forms, with unprecedented 'Xiicdaiou and despatch, uiay again be consul td lersoutily as ivc-U as confidentially, at his office, No. J Norton street, Albai> 1 he Lock Hospital, in America the ouly Philanthropic Instiutiou established, under the benign auspices ol the celebrated [3r. Cooke, at No. 3 Norton st. Albany, N. Y., lor Uie relief uid tOtWIMsOl "I whe uniortuuaic, is reputed as h? bestasyuui exfaut lor Uie comfort and Certain recovery of the iu valid*. \l this luhrm.iry patients have the very best medical atteu* Uuce, incluaiiig board and nursing, which very materially laci14 lUtl iijutual appiobaliou, and US l)r.Cooke, the liuuidae l?>uud it ol so Desirable a retreat aud sucied security, lesides ou the . remises, the most inciedulous there may repose Uteir utmost :ulil?deuce?leei at home?pursue their usual avocations?and tyoy 1 he society oi pcriinp* the 111 si eriiueni physician as *eid d* the inos bene vokui man oi tne age.?European. tL/** Kemembc , Ui. Cooke attunes personally u> his patients. IS COUGHS AND COLDS UKUKMBKH, No 'A North Sixth sheet, one door below " Arch street, t'lulaiielptiM, the most certain aud best Kauuly tled.ciue, lor Cuuglis, Colds, 8|>iUi?i; Blood, Throat aud Lung Bi.e<ue, a rising sensation like chokiujj, tickling, or uu .ilcasaiil obsliuclious. rorlhe ilwvc, Ui. 9 ?V At rtb'3 tuin ,'Ouuu byrupol Mud Cherry will lie lound llie < remedy, reisoiu whu have abused themselves l>y the useut ardeut spoils will tuid both their slreualh aud resolution much iui|>iuved by ItuViiur oil llie spirits, aud taking a draught of the ibove restorative. All prcpdialious Iruiu tills valuable lice, ex:epl ti.. above,may be cutuideied spurious or counterfeit 1'he real arucle tnay be hau o: the toUoWiug Agents, 01 il No. 44 North Sixth ilreet, Piuidelplna? AOLNTS Dr. W. H. M1LNOR, Druggist, No. 192 Broadway. .Mils. M. HAYLS, No. UyKuitou al, ffroekiyn. BtlNJ. ULDa, Newark, N. J. JOHN MASON, I'dUerron, N.J. "21 lm*r Fh.VlALE PHYSICIAN, 3 4 L 1 S P ki iN A K D STREET. V/l AUA.Mt. UliaikLLO, K eiualc Physician, xlill continue] LvX lo ueat, with astonishing success, ail dlaeaaei peculiar to curates. Suppression, irregularity, obstruction, tac, by whatever cause iroduced, call be leuioveU by Mauaiue C. iu a very soil time, liadame C.'s medical eslablisluneul having undergone thorough epairs aud alterauous lor tile better accouuuouatiou ot her lumerour patieuu, she u.uow prepared lo receive ladies ou tlie ouil of couhncinenl, or uioae who wish to be treated lor obtruciiou ol their monthly period. Madame C. cau be cousalled at her resideuce No. 14 Dispell ad si, al all times, aud wilti the strictest regard to secresy. All couimuuicaiiousaud letters uuut be post-paid hi 1 iu* i HOLT'S CANOy. 3URPA8S1NU ANY TH1NU OK THt KIND.?Let it -J slaud upon lUuwu mtrtu?Couglia aud Colds. HOLT'S CANDY uas gamed lor itsella reputation, (soley by its own menu) far above the ordinary claaa of remedies or the complaiuu lor which it is used. It is recommended by thousands who have eaiiesieaecd iu ixcelleut effects as a sovereign remedy for Coughs, Colds, and Ul affections ol the lungs. This is to ceruly thai I have, in my practice, prescribed Mr. r. Holt's Compound Cough Candy iu many cases ol coughs, :olda, and all ailectioiia ol the luugs, with the most beiiehcial :ileeU?auowiug the component i>a.ts of this Caudy, aud tav lug u.rd them lor many years iu my own private practice, 1 vii with salcty recomuieud llie a,Ucle lo all troubled with auy iJ the complaiuu above meutioued. Iu my esliinauou tins Dandy has the precedence ot auy uo# iu use. , . , DAVID CftANY, M.D. Harltord, Coua. Sept. 211, 11112 Kor sale by M. P. HOL.T, 257 Main street; also, by the L rinciiwl Druggists iu Hartlonl. A D. Sands, 72 But ton street; at Dr. Sytne's Pharmacy, "2 Bowery, coruer ol Walkcrsi. are Ageau iu New Yora. S-l.llin-r CURE OF CHRONIC DISEASES. TAH. F. PHlU'HOMMt, from Paris, disciple of the illus .?louisiied all Luiope, ami ualh? red arouud inin a crowd of -uiiueot |ihysiciaua, eager to receive hit iiultuclious, aud to ,rroui b> ins experience, auuouuues to the puDlic lost he has elected Nr? I oik as Qlt place ol Ins labors, and ol" Ins |?rinaueut residence. Dr F P. lias beeu prufessi molly snd iDtnnately cnuue- ted u Frain.e vault men, whone names Sle liuuoled nud reveieuced u mis coimiiy; .lid i'd gears' prictlcc, he has risileil n in v I'arisi ftlie L ulled Stairs, and of the West Indies, with tvirw to elucidate seseral pu.uia in acleuce, till tlieu involved ill much doubt and obscurity. He just arrives Iruiu Pans, wheie he has beeu to eoiiiiuuniraie he result ol his observations to the Gallic Society, ol nhu h he la a lie i, and now returns ui re todilluse the mils of hi eX|*riruce and the blessings of lie lib In the coarse 01 Ins travels and practice,he has performed,by die helo oi his method, lounded ou the laws of Specifics, cares which had reel ted every other mode of irettmeut; moreover, he wish s to be jndged nut Iroin wihdv but Iroin works Suffice it to say, that besides til maladies reputed inearable, there is jo disease so dreadful, so inveterate, such as Consumption, of the skin, rum wertna, Cancer, f istula of all kinds, & ropbula, Dropsy, sic-, that lie cannot entirely extirpate.? By the s line method all diseases 1 scidenL to and children tre piomplly and radically cured. Dr P ina> he consulted every day, from 10 A M to 2P M it Ins office 7g Uiuuy street, ilea Broad nay. . ultalioua liven iu Uie haUgiisu, French, Germ ad Italian alia 11 aires ul fin*r LI AlH OIL.?There is no oil iu tin mat can do xood LI or bid to the hair. Lveiy body kn >vs thai ?lieu the hail a burned it will grow again ax good us cvti. All the powders or living the hair arc Homing but a mixture of lime aud lithr ge mil the hrir is not dyed, but literally burned. Liquids for dying lie hall are Coin|HJSUioni of canatic and smuts.that barns iu the ame way aa the powdcii, and dout uye hair, and the hun will grow no mailer how m uy times it la buriu d; aud every >od| Ituows alio, ilia, when the I,eail la lUli ol'dauuiutf, the hail resins to ium grey, and baldness lollows. From an experience I tucniv years, being hair cutter,and having the importunity if xamiiiiug a gieat many head,,[and ulocktieids] 1 have made nvsell a great c>imposition knowi aa " Pastor's flair Oil, or ^omiaiuud iusscunal Oil of Almonds," for destroying dandruff, eventing the hair trout coming out aud 'urmug grey. This in initable Hair Oil will make the hair grow well, no matter how iiuch dandruff or soreness is on the head. For tie, wholesale and retail, at A. PASTOR'S, Hair Cat s-r, iff Greenwich street, New Aork. Price V) cents a bottle. U7 lin*s ERUPTluNS AND Dli*fKJUR e.MENT6 OF THE FACE, AND DARK UR YELLOW ^KINS CUKED RY THE ITALiAN t HEMiCAL SOAP. kJAI.L RHEUM, Ireckles, scarry, pimples, erysipelas, J bio ches, innrphewiau, Isver, y?ts. biles ol invents, sualaetoes, Vc , to chauxe p<e color of dark, sunburnt, y-llow, or liscoloied skin. The Italian Chtmicil Soap t really the sunler of the age. Well might the Medical Society ol Parts cal I t a blessing, and ita inventor. M. Bespiine, a pnilauihroplsl. I s cui lug thousands all over .lie States and |>oase>sions. It enure,y eradicates every eruption or diatignreuicut of llie -kin, imparting to the lace, body, neck or aitriv, a beautiful lealthfut clearness. No lufepleien atinii ia efferet. One r-al will suffice to ree.,mtn*,',l ,f In all a , 1... -? ..... ?.k.. ia%e be ncnu'd by this, are t e following highly respect*!)!* *raous:TK*r. T. 9 Ltv?r, Newark, N.J . (you a e notified h;?t rh.? is noiuflrd tinstruit, but a pnysicun s mvinuon ) M. halincr, Br oklyu. 9uid by T. Joues, gn of the Aoieiican Eagle, 8J Chatham slieet, New Y..rk, Piice 60 c- uta. 1 hi# is infallible in curing chap or tiuuer lit ah, m ?ket th: tkin * moot h, toft ami winte. Ageuu?Ziebcr id *nd Dock streets, Phil 'delnht*, or next loor lo *he Ameiican Hotel, Washington, D. C ; I !$taie st, Host in; ?7 Siate at. Albanyj Mitchell, Norwich, Chenango, , virwnnu, f\i. k ?i? v/nanri'on, o. ^ ; A.fciiiu, narot r, J4UH1II, N. k.; and 139 Fultui at, Broowtyn "19 fm *r IONES' ('DUAL HAlll KKSTO.tA llVh, UK UiL Of COKAL CIKOASSIA. L) KADKK. U j misrepresentation i? here offered you; yn * > Mtrelv run nelirre a plain true statement, without pulling, fit > suppoitid bv the namesof rriivctahU cilice"*. II<?rr re iu rt it! <|ti ill lies: i will lorce ilir hair to trmt no ilia head are, body, or ory pirt where nature intended b ur io grow ilopil iblliuK off, make llie icslo healthy, ihrrt by cu u.g d 'Diiuff, and give I.ulit red or g ry hair a inn ilaik look, aud in line m ke itgiow naturally d.nk from iheroort. TtnseCiti it-Hi Imi e used it a?d ceilily the above a-e itfqua'i It a VVi n.uhl off-r a hand red more, bnt th> se stiff! t >otnorcn>ed >e said; its prtca w reasooahl-?only 3, 5. and * hd,in u bntle 8 Idb, ihesnle pr pr eloi, 'J. Jones, at the sign ol the vmeil' .in Eagle, W Chatham street, New Vor!:. llrmkr, give Ina ouly one lair trial and yon will be satisfied. Agents?Z ither. 3d and Dock a reel, J'liilaJeipbia, ard neit o liie Amerie hi Hotel, W .sl.iugton, ll.C ; 8 Hute at, Boston; JleteUnd, King at, ( liarleaion. 8. i7 Htale at, Alhiny: Mitchell, Noiwich, Chenango. N. \ Martin, barber, C itaml. N. Y.; and I 1" H itlinn ?r, Urnoklin. nl!? !m*rc A RTIST "IN HAIR. MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR. ^ OT leaa th hi iwi inches long, in one hundred different de signs? Necklace., Bracelria, Wateli gnarda, Kar-rings Flowers, Kings, Wigs and Sca'pa. A C HARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. 8till atand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light ..turner, and veulilatimc cliaractrr, their bring shaped eatwtll) a the hair grows; their elasticity iud tneir superior ina rial and workmanship, as well aa (hoir afylv o( finish and ar tiaugtuieut, all combine to form inch iwrlcct heads of hair, hat thry must lie seen to be fully appreciated, i's. lies having a aim of hair ol a living or deceased friend an gel it tormed by him iuto auy design the mind can conceive ii juoh sfnrm it will be a keepsake iuvaluable. . Gratuitous advice given on all dtaeatei connected with trn an, at the Hair CuttiiuJductns. IN BNOADWAT. eor of Litem stum*, jytfwm* Op?H?ir?. i{|n( jA CHALLENGE.?Tne leuuia. French Pill* ?umt qpcJ w w th, nuack nostrums 01 the age lor ike cure of a ce'tain disease. Tha flMUaKlU . kasa Oeaa arUanstsaiy awl tor in. last tan Trail. during which time more tlian fifty thousand prmons have tested their nnrivallcd virtaea. * l"t?7?t fl certain. iifi, and pleasant remedy, and never solvate even the must delicate stomach, and taking them all in ail, are the moil deniable remedy tor secret disease* ever discovered. The French Pills have been so universally successful, that ihr proprietor challenges any o?e to i.oduce a ease they will uot cure, uuder a forfeiture of live huudred dollars. Price one dollar per bos. Sold ouly at bit Nissan corner Fulton st. nl9 lin'r MEDICAL AEL Pill OHKOOKY, residual at 34 Molt street, has loni since 1c lav,,Hilly established his character and qualification as a iihyticun ; be has therelore uo further need to advertise eicept to appiise si lingers tliat he still remaius always at home and ready to aduiiuister to the afflicted?ro cure his patient as speedily as their individual welfare and the varied circumstances will permit, l'oo hasty curvt in general sre not desirable, mainly because they are nut peun men!?it should be the object ?l"cierv tuvalid to avoid having their disease tampered Miih, bv which me ins iiossibly the cave may become eicecdiagly p.uiilU: or t-veil daiiserous, or may be disastrous. The wsy to void impr, per treatment aud imperfect cures is to ubtaiu a little built entitled " The llubicou." it gives a history in d?uil oi the di'rdse, with the proper ami true mode ol trraimcui? by lariHiiu 11 patient, vvill be aule to understand their own case and eouditlon. It is written by a physician whose ample ripeiieuei was gained iu the course of an cxtenaive p, act ice am ing imtieuta of this class, rnibiaciug tv ry form aud variety ot t le dis, ase. that it is |K?sible to imagine. In Men lire to the menu of the little book itself, the best evidence of ita value is the constant and increasing opposition it meets viitli from those whose o-cupallou is rmlsiuered by its rapidly iiicreasitni sale. Price id cents. By Dr. O. si his r. in'*. H Moll street, m-ark* oimos.te tile eliurch. about IVl varii* iron* Chatham s.juirF, ami also at the drug stores ot the *auU?, 71) <tu?l IUO r ultou si., ami oa b^lh coruers of tfrotdway and Chambers &t. 8i ricti'rk.?1\ rtou* aiflicU'ti with stricture should call oa"1 > *ad Uktaire iato tbe merit*of biiptuol.Mr Hs is at all nmrs ready and witliug to prose that his method of curiug s tUiciuiw u seedieraad more certain tbaa the comuiou mode ot trt a. ineiit. The tiiue req iiied to tare by this m. thud is from a <|uart^ r of au hour to about teu cava. 1 hose wishing to make lurthtr imjuir> will not be chargtd eicept tor services 1 elide red and a moderate cotnpeiu?liou is all that isetpccted iu -uiy case. .Application b> mail, i*>st paid, t-ucloriug ?1, will receive the book o> r turo of mail, tree ol postage. u5 ia?#r THE liATTLE3NAK E GIVES WARNING BEFORE HE STRIKES. rPHE most diuiiiuu. ui .11 (Incur, to which man 11 uable, A bcuinc Uic must sure sud certain iu iu results, i. consumption! Out. like the poisonous rattlesnake, it give, wanting before it* thusl approach. I? not tin. tiue l What are i OUUIls AND COLDS in their incniiam atdie, but the tn.t notice, of a i intended itlack I Due. not l'-e individual who goes about the .tree, coughing and conipl.iuiug?witli hi. tnroatxirc?in. voice aud .csiccly heard above a whisper, in the first stages of consumption/ Are uol hi. LUNGS INFLAMED/ I, he not teamen / He i??. m .litem's rt tleclion will convince r.nn ol the la t. Thru a reined: i. at hau i. 1'EAiK 8t SON'S CCAIUMKU ESSENCE OF HOARHOUND v.ANDV will arrest the complaint?.ol leu the lung., and gradually recover the patieut. But n niu.t be taken IN 11-VIE Here lie* thr grand secret?a .ecret which caunot be stated too ultra to to the sfflictcJ. The common .aying that thu or that |ver.(in caunot recover, because llieir lather or mother (ilea of tiie afflicting complaint, CONSUMPTION, h . iu foundation in error. They iniy be more liable, but let them be more watchful ol it. approach?iu till. lie. THE OH AND SECRET. . 11 they do uol ripu.e tlieuuelve., umiicessniily expose them .elves, and guard every attack watchlully, they are a. safe in this climate a. elsewhere. .Many people cannot atforo to go to a warmer climate and pas. the wiuter?they therefore (cquirj some protection here. At the tint cold or ao.euess ol Ilia longs, -it USE PEASE'S HOARHOUND CANDY, aud the complaint will be removed. Try it in tunc. Sold wholesale aud retail, by J. PEASE tt SON. ti Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE. Nashville, Oct. 18, 1843. Gewi 1 euelo.c you a draft for $3oO: you will please .end me the amount iu your Valuable Clarnied Essence of lloarhound Candy. 1 wish you to .end me a eertincale in agency. 1 have oeeu asked lor it sevtra. times, not haviug one .cut tn the hr.t boa I got of you 1 omiltcu auvertitiug, but as soou as 1 receive the amount 1 have ordered,1 will iuseit the lirst advertisemeut you sent ulr; your Candy is ol gieat dcuiaud. 1 thiuk 1 can sellaboat fcdueu worth tins year; many have used n and .pea* highly ol it. You Will tdease send ine as inauy of your large allow bills as you cau gnu for the above ainouut of Cauuy. 1 sent your present to Gcueral Jacksou, by ins Ai., Colonel Armstrong. 1 heie is uo doubt but he will recouimeud your valuable Hoarhouud to his friends. Please acknowledge the receipt of this, aud oblige yours, ALPHEUS LYON. To Messrs. J. Tease (It Sou, ti Division si. N. Y. The ahove letter will give the public au idea of the amount of Candy sold in a year by the Messrs. Pease. DONT FAIL TO HEAD THE FOLLOWING CERTICAi E Naw York, Sept, M, 1843 Gehts:? 1 am a machinist by trade, and the duties of my tr de, ? quire that I should at times esert myself to such au exteul lint Ihc system becomes eu irely leiaitd. and the body so ovetcotne with heal that n is w iUi great dilliculty 1 cau avoid cou trading KVt-rt' c^uxIlm a?d culiti- i cou'ritcLcii a cold lioin 111: cause about two mouths ago. I subaetjucully tell tutu the midst of souie el uty ia?c< iurr>, aluth wnou ly injured my breast produced a severe hacking cough, aud was, as I cousidered.last approaching an untimely deatli. I was attended by two ph si ctaus, wlio considered nr. case i opelcss. 1 however determined, as a lost resort, to try some ol' your Ulariiied Easeuca of Hoarhouud Candy; aud, alter usiug a small quautity, 1 louud airnost immediate relief,aud am uow entirely restored to he alii. My physiciaus also attribute the cause of my recovery to lbs use o. you, Hoarhouud Caudy.^^ p MAxHEW8, No. 1 Orchard street. To Messri. Fease & Son, 4i Divisioc st. N. B.?All who are sceptical will please call aud see me a persou, aud 1 will dispel Uieir doubts, J. P. M. Agents Kushton k Aspiuwall, 10 Astor House, lb Broadway, aud DO William street; Church s Dispensary, Id Bowery; J W tkone, comer of Hudson and Montgomery st, Jersey City; Smith, *33 Greenwich st; Dewer, cor of Church and Chambers sis; Badsau. 300 Buwery; Dr. Bnriell, 310 Chat* haul st. aud coruei ol Eluridge sad errand streets, Kiested^iJO Broadway. Saudi, 73 hul'.ou st, corner of Chamber aud Broadway, aud 77 East Broadway. Agents uui ol the ciiy.? vVecd k Waters. Troy ; Zieber, 37 Dock street, Philadelphia, Pa.; tfobiuaeu, No. 110 Baltimore ?t, Baltimore, Md; Baiter, 37 Bute st. Albany, N V ulllr FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. f YW1NG to the celebrity, efficacy, aud invariable success af kiatiame llesteil's Kemaie Monthly Fills in all cssva ol irregularity, suppression, or sloi>page of those functions of na tntc upon which the health of every Iconale depeuds, siuct ti etr .utroductiou into th- United States, uow about four years, counterfeits and imitations are eonstautly attempted to b* palmed oil for the genuine. Che. p commonanils a r purchased at twelve cents a box, put up in different boles, aud called? "Kemaie Moutlily Fills," with the ohjec'of selling them, il possible, at oue or two dollars a boi. Kemaies are therefore ciulioued a.-aiutt these attempts to impose upon thein. it u ruificieut here to slate that all Keimle Monthly Fills are couuterleils, eicept those sold at Madame Kestcll'a rriucipal Office 143 Greenwich street. New York and 7, Eases street, Boston. Price Bl. Madame Reals 11'a signature is written on tue cevet of eaon boi. N. B.?Fhey can be used oy married or single, by following the directions enclosed inside ol each box. Sold also by ap pointment at 334 Grand street, corner of Alieu, New York, ol lm#r WM. SUTTON'S EXCHANGE OKKICE, LYNCHBURG, VA. VIX M. SUTTON h .vnig located himself at Lynchbusg, ten iers his services lo Broken mid others who m iy desire colltctiinis ,iad-, ui other buriuess iu Ins hue transacted rusuy part ol Virginia. REVERENCE. Col. Th-unu B. Bigger, 1 Messrs. Maurx k furcell, > Richmond, Vs. Mr. T. Fai.o. S Capt. Juo. M. Otex, 1 Mr. Alex. Tompkius, ! Lynchburg, Va. Megan. M.Corkle at M.Daniel} o29 6t wy'i TO MARRIED LADIES. ~ Y/TADAME KESTELL'B PREVENTIVE POWDER8 f'-l?Ttiein invaluable Powdershate beeu universally adopts*' in Ear, ye, but prauce id particular, for upwarik of thirtv go*** u well as by thousands in lhi< country, ** being the of i*le, oud efficacious remedy tor insmed ladies, whasL, forbid* * too rapid increase of family Midaine Kestell, a* i* well kuown.wu lorinutv year* be male Phy?ir:au in the two principal Female Hospital* in Eu rope?thoae of V ieuna aud Paris?where favorec l?y her grew iperiencc and jpiwriauiloes, the ouawed inat celebrity in hots great discovi rica in medical science so specially adatard to the female frame, for which her aaedicimw now suuid nun 'ailed, a* well in 0ns country ee in Europe. Her acquaintance with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married leinalc*. scarce in the mendian of life, and the consequent rapid and often apparently inexplicable ?a uses which consign many t fond mother to a premature grave?to their true source?to ar nee at a knowledge of the primary causes ol female inditpoci tiuns?especially of married females? which, in UOg, led Co the discovery c hei celebrated " Preventive Powders."' Their adoption has been the meaau of preserving not only the health, but ev*n the life of many an attectionata wife and fond mother. . The advertiser (eeltag the importance of this luhject, and a> timating flie vast hvneiils resulting tc thousands by their adop uon, would most restwccfnlly arouse ->e attention of the mat ned, by all that they hold uear and dear, to their consideration le it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils lo which we are sub iect, by eimple and healrtiy means within imr couxrol. Every lispauiouste, virtnous. and enlighlcued tmud will unhrsitat ingly answer in the affirmative. Price live dollars* package tccoinpamed with fnll and particular directum*. Tney au be forwarded by mail te any i*rl of the Uuiltd States. fU' letters moil be post paid, aud addressed lo MADAME UE8I'KLL. Female Physiciau. Principal office, MR (Jreeuwich ureet, New York. Office hours from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.M. Boston office No. T Essex St. oil m*r MADAME RE8TELL, ??EMAI.k'. PHYSICIAN. Ohioe and residence. Ml Oreeu " wich street, between Cotutlaull ad Liberty streets, where ?hr can be cunsnltfd witii the strictest couttdeoee on com plaint*incident to the female I r une, Mad una Rrslell'sexprneucaand knowledge m the treatuiem >fnbstiiiateei9esoffeinalei.-rtu.ul rity, stoppage suppression. te., is such as to require but a lew days to effect a perfect cure. Ladies desiring priqte-r medical * Ur is Ian re during coo inement or other iiiiiiiiosilion, will be accommodated duunu such time, wuh private and respectable board. " Preventive Powders," for married ladies, who#* d? ucate or precarious hi akh lorbnls a too rapid increase of family will be sent by mail to any part of the United Bute*. Price K a package. All Letters (post paid) addressed to ' box tit. ^lew York. Boston Office., No.t Essei street " N. B.?Madame RE8TELL woald inform ladies residing >nt of the city, whose health weald not MM of travel ling, that she would do* her personal attendance upon them in any part of the United Bute* within reasonable distance, ol lm*i PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. , ISTiC.ttKK AVD i'Ktir4tll?l) M* '2;.?? fpUpfcLO^UK, M. D., LISBON, BOKTUUAL PHK. Scientific corobiuauon of ingredient! ! which hum - nns are comimwo nave Ulnar mem the wouder nod adnii -auuu of Ikt world They are known nil over Lurope to M he only preparation ever discovered (hat hu proved invariably .ertnin in producuut the muuthly turns. Their certainty, in all - laea, be ins such thai thee most use be used daring pregnane* or though .<1 ways mild, MM. and healthy, they are certain M produce miscarriage if used dunug thai period. The directions are translated into K us hill piad are enveloped .ound with the seal of the importer, stamped. JLuch boa coip .aios tha signature of M. de Boadeloqae^ and the Kngliah di] ecuona have the sigoatara of i)r. K. MKLVICAU, authorised gent far the continent of Amenca. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the United Hates. Letter* directed to Dr. f. Meltenn, boa M, No# Fork, will meet with immediate attention. All letteta must oe poet paid. Hold by appointment at IM Cherry, near Oath a ne street. Frioe li. Half boaea St. No halt boiee seat by nail. or lm*r dkw PUBLI3IIF.D DALLY BY JA9IKN UOUilON BKNNKTT, M W. C'ORNRR, FULTON AND NASSAU STHLLTk The New Voa? Hrasi.n?A daily paper, issued evert unrnt ug of the work?price lion cmil per copy. Country suh ,critters furnislied at the same rate, Ibr anv specific |ieriod, 0a i remittance in ml reuse. No paper sent, it'.lets (slid in ndrauce. The Wceelt Hisalu?Issued every Silurdev tnoruiug el me o'clock?price rix un.f <1 v Hurler cents per copy?lurauhed r t iunuy subscribers at $J,?> per annum, in advance, or at the esoo raae for any apecitiod parted. aj^^TnU-v-V^ Thffgfl

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