Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Kasım 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Kasım 1842 Page 4
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0(7- HENRY L. BACKENSTOBE, ESQ.. OF LOCKport. in the county of Niagara, and State of New York, being duly sworn, deposes and saya, that I was afflicted with Chronic Rheumatism for mora than a year, no much that I was unabla to exordia, and part of the timehelpl?ss~I go: omr-vhat relieve! exci'|it in the small of my ha'k. nor could I hnd anything that would give rase until I go'. Dalle) 'i Pain Kx'rsctor Salve, nor had I faith it could. A ter having it applied to my back five minutes only, I straightened up perfectly free from pain. I have als > 'en it applied to burnt and old tore*, and it ever has produced ..magic cure, ami further laid not. Sworn nnd subscribed belore me, this lf?tb dav of October. 134-2 HENRY L. BACKENSTOSE. , Jos. T. Billat, J. P. The above may be had at 71 Maiden lane, and all city ftntt. !<&- 8ARSAPAR1LLA, SASSAFRAS AND GENTIAN.?The virtue* of thete article* in purifying the (|loo l.removi pg vitiated lecretion*. and restoring the one of the system when debilitated by disease or mercury, are strongly insisted on by the best medical authorities The celebrated "Ex'ract" sold by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, is compounded ofthese meilicinal roots, and is therefore infinitely superior to the mixtures of spurious s?r? ,?^,ll. ...I i t iniinrin. to which mercury is added to strengthen them, which are sold under the name o1 "Extract of S irsapanlU." The "Extract" sold hy the College will soon superce le these useless an 1 and inert preparations. The immense sain ol ihi' article has giv?n the members of the College the grertest eneonragemen , and tiiey can now have no doubt that the sale of their genuine and skilfully com;>ounded medicines will toon put an end to the vending ol secret nostrums and deadly 'infallible remedies." The Extract of Sarsapv ilia is sol 1 at 7ft cents iter bottle- Six bottles in n case twelve do M. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal offi :e of the College 97 Nassau st. (jp- SORF, THROAT, COUGHS, CONSUMPTION, Pains in various pans of the bo \, and other unpleasant sj mptoms are the usual effects of catching cold. WRIGHT'? INDIAN' VEGETABLE PILLS are a delightful medicine for carrying off a cold, becuiise they purge from the body all morbid and corrupt hutr.ors in so easy and nutu al (> manner, ihut tin* holy is relieved of every hi.. I of if ring s il by magic From three to six of said In iian Vegetable 1'ills, taken every night on going to bed, will, hi a very short time, make a perfect cure of the mo*.t obstinate cold j at the same time the blond and other fluids will be purified, and the constitution so compie!ely invigorpt< d, tiia; the body will bo restored to even sounder health than before BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS?The public are respectfully informed, that the medicine'piirporting to be Indian Pills, sold by Mr. Richard Dennis, former Clerk in the olhce, are not the genuine Wright's Indian Vegetable Tills. The only security against imposition, is to purchase f*otn none except advertised agents ; ?r at the others devoted exclusively to their sale, 288 Grecnwhich street, New York ; 198 Tremont St., Boston, and 169 Race street, Philadelphia. Remember, no medicine it right except Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. (ftj- MR. J. MORRIS, AT THE LITTLE FRANKlin is reaping a fine harvest. About ttvelv or fifteen hun dred persons are on hand nightly to help him. This is the way to do it, an I shows plainly that people go where they can nee me greatest attraction lor tne least money, i nose who go to the Franklin are well paid for their time and money. MEDICINE chests, containing an adequate supply of the new remedies for the cure of gonorrx and gleet ate sold by the authority of the College of Medirinennd Pharmacy of the city of New York?price $3 These medicines are guaranteed to euro the worst and most protracted cases, without tainting the hreath or producing any injury to the system. The class of patients for whose use these chests lsave been prepared, are earnestly requested to avoid unprincipled and ignorant quacks, wtio generally produce by their mal t' eatment worse diseases than the original malady. The members of th? College are responsible persons, and desire to save theatflicted 7rom imposture. Orders for these chests to be addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON. Agent oi the College, 97 Nassau street {&- THE TONIC MIXTURE AN UNEQUALLED remedy in all dyspeptic cases. In large bottles $1, incaces of half a dozen bottles $f>. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. 97 Nassau street. Qg- RHEUMATISM.?The most efficacious remedy for rheumatic affections is found in the compound and highly concentrated. Extract of Sarsgparilla, prepared by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York. Many eases of the most distressing and inveterate character have been permanently cured by the use o! a few bottles of this popular medicine Dr. Brande's Dictionary oi the Materia Medica speaks of thi? preparation In the mo<t unqualified terms of approbation. It is also of infinite service in all scrofulous diseases, cutaneous eruptions, and those affections resulting from the abuse ol mercury. Sold in single bottles at 75 cents each ; cases of half a dozen bottles, $3 50 ; do one dozen, *e. W. S. RICHAROSON, Agent. Principal oflice of the College, 97 Nassru ft. W7- FF.VER AND AGUE CURED?For the benefit of the afflicted, I am induced to acknowledge the benefit I have experienced from the use of six doses of the Stainburn Extract Pills. My case was that of the first stage of fever and a^ne, and which came on every twenty-four hours. I tried almost every thing that was recommended ts break the chill, hut none proved effectual except the Stainburn Pills, which I toott about a half hour before the usual time for the chill to come on, ami I can confidently say that' hey broke it entirety. It is now three days since I Clllll , oujf ha,VC lint had llw??liefclusl ftrmiw Pills to seyera of mv inetiils, wb" ? ere afflicted similar, ly to myself, an I their testimonials in favor of the Pills are such as to induce me to send their cases accompanying this. WM L. JOHNSON. Builder, 4J 9th avenue. The cases alluded to by Mr. Johnson will be published in a few dim. The above medicine is for sale at 'J5 cents per box, at the office 328 Broad way. New York; Philadelphia, 3 Ledger Buildingt; Boston. 9 Court st. ii. L>.? x umc 11 iiuuiu ic iur '.ueir Miit* ai W41 nroaawuy ; therefore be careful where vou purchase, and beware of bate imita'.ori ond their filthy compounds. THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, has eflected acure even in cases where the bones of the none were exfoliated from the secondary effects of syphilis. Hundreds have been saved from the most swful consequences of these loathsome maladies by the use of this celebrated medicine, notv so extensively u?ed in the London and Taris Voneri ?1 Hospital. In all cases where d sense is suspected to be lurking in the system, this medicine should be used. Sold by the authority of the Collega of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York, in large bottles at $1 each. In cases ot hall a dozen bottles *5, W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal OIHce of the College 97 Nassau street. {jy- CAUTION.?The great demand for the Genuine Extract ot Saraaparilla, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy has induced c<rt-dn druggi>t-i of the city of New York, to vend a spurious article composedof the common extract of Saraaparilla and Liquoi ice, by counterfeiting the labels oi the College- The gen-iine extr act is composed oi sarsapariila, gentian and sassafras, and is four times a? strong as the spurious, and guaranteed tocure all eruptions of the Skin,tumors, nodes, ulcers, and nil impurities of the blood, brought on by an injudicious use of mercury, or any other cause. Sold in large bottles at 76 cents each, in cases of half a dozen $3 AO; in doldozen $6. Principal Ortice of the College97 Nassau st. CQt- THE LOCK HOSPITAL IN PARIS, UNDER the distinguished management of M. Ricord, is one of the best conducted establishments for vinereal patients in the world. All the new remedies for the cure ot these terrible Directions, have been introduced with great success. Encouraged by th- fortunate results of M. Ricord's modes of treatment, the s imi remedies have been prepared under the direction of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, and are to be had at their principal office. The " Parisian Alterative Mixture," for the cure of ill forms of syphilis, whether primary or secondary, is sold at $1 per bottle, and in cases of half-a-dozen liottles, $.V All patients can obtain the gratuitous advice ol the Consulting Physician of the College. \V. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 97 Nassau st., N. Y. {&- THE ONLY SAFE. SPEEDY, AND EFFF.Ctual remedy fur thecure of all discharges from the ure. thru, seminal weakness, Sic. Ac., is the "French Antiphlogistic Mixture," used so successfully in the London an! Paris Hospitals, and now sold in this country hy the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York. This medicine is quite palatable, requires no r strictions of diet or regimen, and does not give a disagreeable odour to the breath. Sold in single bottles at $1 and at 60 cents each Al<o in cases (guara iteed to cure) $3 i-ach, with full directioni to use \V. S. RICHARDSOV Airi-nt. Principal office of thq.Collcge 97 Nassau street. $?- "THE PEOPLE'S MEDICINE."?Such the Oenum Extract of Sar.-aparillii, prepared under the direction of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New Vork, may he emphatically denominated. This clcaant and efficacious preparation la compounded of the active principles of farsaparilla, Gentian, and the Laurua Sassafras?v. Rotable* whose value in purifying the blood an 1 strengthening the system, are ad mitt -d by all medi cal authority ?. This article docs not contain a particle of mineral medicine, and therefore differs essentially from the mixture sold under the name of Sarsnparilla, which tnay lie readily known to contain mercury or arsenic, from the sickness of the stomach produced by their use. ' Sold in single bottles at 7A cents each. In cases of half dozen bottles $3 .50, do one dozen W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal Office ofthe College 97 Nassan st. tiencral Printing?Hooks?PamphleUCards? III 1 la, die. To the ftaslness Public. Having now nearly completed one of the most splendid GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES, ever organized in this city, we are ready to print books, pamphlets, cards, bills, and .ill kinds of useful and elegant printing, on the most moderate terms, and for cash payments. This office wa lave fittod up at a great expense?in types, presses, and materials of all kind*. We have alrea dy executed work to the amount of several thousands ol dollars, i nd are still busy printing some of the most beau tilul articles ever issued from the preas. A Lady's Maga vine,called the "Artist," is printed in this office, and it is acknowledged to he the most beautifully printed magazine in'the country. The beautiful'yjiography of the Nsw Yoas Laxcet i* well known. All applications for printing will be made to Ma. Josr.rn Elliott, the Manager, at the ollt-o of the Herald?or np stairs in the jointing office, entrance at 97 Nassau street. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pnorau roa or thb IIksald Okni.ral Painnno Orricr, North West Corner of Fulton and Nassau street*. Nsw You, 30th Sept., 1843. on- THE HUMAN HATH CAN NOW BE RESTOKED by the' power of science. Hundred! can testily that by applying with alight friction to the acalp of the head a aaientilic i >Uy preparation called Jonea' Coral Hair Restorative, that t he hair is forced to grow wherever it i? applied, ami the it?U thereby atrengtheneil, which prevents the hair falliMg off; the acalp restored to a healthy condition, and all ac nrfor dandruff deatroyed, new lite and impetus is giveu to t he roots, they grow as in youth, aolt, ,lark and silky, (even >' ti e hair is light, red or gray.) ? The public need not take our statement or the inten'or's ; you must believe Wlees these persona give their namps a id certify the above .Ire the qualities of Jonea'Coral Hair Restotaliv*:? Mr. VV. Hopkins, 9-J King at. New York. Mr. Phillips, 49s Broome, corner of Wooster at. Judge Edwards. of Philadelphia. Mr. J Pearson, Navy Yard, Charleatowu. T. Pow er, grocery, Fulton st. Brooklyn. We could oiler fifty other names of persona who have found thia all it ia representee', but it the stove is not enough, nothing will convince except one trial. It is sold quite reasonable, indeed ch- ay, only 3, 5 or 8 shillings a bot'le, by Jones, sign of the Anaerican Eagle, 81 Chatham St.. N. V. Agents?87 D >rk, Philadelphia ; 9 State street, Boston ; Zeiber, Washington, D. C.,or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. naaaaaaaBBBMaB JIOS KV NAKKKT. Sunday, Nov 47?6 P. HI. The old Bank of Florida, chartered in lS33.ii about to be resuscitated by parties from thia city. The bank ii not, we understand, to issne billi payable to bearer directly, but acceptances of Arms in New York in the form and sty le of bank notes. These are to be paid out tor cotton to those who will take tl cm and the cotton to be sent for ward in time to meet them, at maturity. It is a contrivance, not a new one, and never yet successful, to substitute the credit of individuals for specie in paying the plan t-r lor his cotton. By this operation a speculator may get possession of any amount of cotton withuut one dollar of capital. lie pays out his promises, obtains the cotton an I sells it to take up his promises. 11 he. sell the cotton at a profit he pockets the difference. If lie sells at a loss the promises are not redeemed, if he has no capital. II he lias capital let him pay it for cotton directly, and not trade on the capital of the planter. Why should the planter run the risk of the operation without any chance of the profits! If instead *1 taking this paper he demands specie,the operation is closed, and he has no further risk in the matter. It is understood that Messrs. G. Giiswold and Shepard Knapp, have resigned from the Erie Railroad direction.? Thus four of the new direction have already resigned, leaving in charge a person who for two years has had control,without holding a share of stock in his own name. A statement of the affairs of the concern it now printing for circulation. The lollowing are the monthly receipts of the Western Railroad for 1344:? Jul, 28,300 April, 36,20(1 July, 13,800 Feb, 26,300 May, 11.900 Aug, 54,500 March 30,700 June, 42,800 Sept, 58,500 Oct, 58,000 Total $421,000 The meeting of Congress is rapidly approaching, and the various public measures that have been before the people, will probably be brought up. The finances of the government is the most important, because the most press, ing. Some means of providing for the exigencies of the government will immediately engage Congress. Ktiorts have been made, and will be made, to take advantage of the supposed necessity for some exchequer scheme, to mako it an instrument of relieving the distress of the government, through the issues of paper money, on the credit of the Treasury, inpayment of its debts. No scheme of this kind can or ought to succeed. It is one of the disgraceful experiments of small politicians. The ohly true method is for the government to confine its expenditures within its revenue. To do this it is necessary to give up nt once, and forever, all attempts to make one class of citi" zens rich at the expense of another, under the plea of "protection," and to levy its duties solely with a view to its own revenue. The expense of supporting the federal government should be considered by every citizen as necessary as a part of his house rent or other domestic expenses, and such to be regulated with economy, and paid cheerfully; but when upon that expense is engrafted a covert tax for the benefit of his becomes him to resist instantly and firmly. Another plea to introduce borrowing, lending, bankruptcy, and dishonor into the government finances,is "to regulate the currency and exchanges," as it is called. This is a gross and absurd delusion,which is rapidly passing away. It is now eight years since th* government directly cr indirectly has had any. thing to do wi'h regulating the exchanges. The result is, that during the past year, on all specie paying (>oints, exchange has been lower, more regular and easy to be obtained than ever before, even under the best days of the late National Bank. What is meant by "regulating the | cqprwqy^ij.iUttyyjM, s.'E&fe.WttWWl upon Congress the power to regulate the currency which it does recognise viz:?gold and silver, which currency is sadly ;n want oi regulation. A majority of the small coin now in circulation is Spanish, and depreciated 16 to 30 per cent, yet Congress bestows no thought u(<on it, but is Olinttunlltr (allrintf rtf tVia t.xnlror. -? -<* C ?... e > >uu u.vmiii |ituuw>uii ui irauu ill en I State banks, as if that was the only "currency" in the world. It is high time that the concerns of individuals, and the private business of citizens were left to their own skill and enterprise, and the talents of statesmen were directed to get the State out of the disgraceful position in which it stands. Among other objections to the existing laws which regulate commerce with other nations,it hus been urged that the want of sufficiently discriminating impositions ore the cause of great and disproportionate increase iu the employment of foreign vessels in the transportation ol American produce. We will examine this point. The following table will show the quantity of produce exported for the year 1S29, as compared with 19-10:? KxroaTf or Domestic Pbjducb rbom the U. States1819 1810 Tn .4m. vri'h Fiir'n .4m. t-et'fs For'n Maine. 720,106 ? 959.001 50.00' \ Himpsbiie 98,264 ? 10 676 1,005 Vermont, 808,079 ? 305,150 ? 'Hskachusetts, 3,896 376 53,375 5.504,111 763,717 RhUnd. 337,168 ? 201,006 ? Connecticut, 150,985 ? 518,066 HI N York, 11,185.777 010.781 17,329.071 5,317,538 N Jersey, 8.088 ? 14,883 ? Pennsylvania, 2,180,243 136,900 5,282,440 451,000 Delaware, 7 , 95 ? 37,i*H ? Maryland, 3,237 668 421,605 4,1)98 139 1,396,881 D of Cnlum'a, 891195 23,100 613 040 107,170 Virginia, 3,476,797 306 696 1,518.6:12 251,805 N Carolina, 528 59 4 35,911 313,981 43,503 8 Carolina, 5,781.789 2,369 887 7.750,546 2,230,070 Georgia, 4,054,235 926,407 3,979.912 2,883,047 Alabama, 1,014,969 634.4'6 10,481 691 2,371,000 l.nuUiaua, 7,992,349 2,905,831 27,182,807 5,815,252 Olio, 2,104 ? 864,161 127 , 90 Michigan, ? ? 152,229 ? | Florida, 20,448 17,715 1 829,191 21,518 40,974,554 8,725,639 92 030,898 21,864 736 Increase, 45,056,341 13,139,097 This gives a greater ratio of increase in foreign tonnage than in American, and mostly in theiouthern porta. Thia ia aacribed by the lawyeri who make the legislative reports, to the effect of lawa-, common commercial principlea point out, however, a very different one aa the true cauae. The article which give* the moat employment to ahipping, and which, therefore, regulatea the ratea of freight, ia cotton. The quantity exported in theae two yeara waa aa follows Ton* Fn- IT S rrg'trd reign. Inn gr. Cotton lhs rspoited I?2T?. 201.837,186 176 5',8 650,nno " " 1810, 743,9-11,061 495,960 89>,76l Increase 479,103,875 3I9,<02 219,764 All other freights, tobacco, rice, fcc., increased in value from $32,114,982 to $50,120,327 or60per cent, equivalent to 100,000 tona Here, then, w aa a steadily increased de. mand fur tonnage equal to 319 402 tona, while the American tonnage increased but 249,704 tons. Tho result of thia was a rise in freights, and that rise waa the true cauae of the increased foreign shipping in our porta, more especially as it was accompanied by so great an inflation of prices of labor ami material, as to prevent Aaaerican built ships from competing with foreigners even at the same rates. The number of registered tons built in the United Diaips, in eacn year, wis as 101IOW8 ' ? To*. Biili the U. Statu. 182 8 <5 716 1830 <0.644 182 9 28,876 1837 ?.3<3 1833 72.679 1838 ?',859 1831 32,622 1839 45.?? 1835 52,622 1810 56 121 Under the tariff of 182S, the ship building was almost destroyed. In 103.3, it again revived, and a* price* ro?o under the growing inflation, it lell off in 1836-7-8, to less than it wa? in 18-38. Hanco it ii evident,that the paper inflation and the high tariff, threw the business into the foreign bottom*, because under those circumstance* they could build and carry cheaper than American ve**el*. Thi* i* particularly true of the vessel* of the north of Europe, more especially the Hanse town*. In these lot ter, there are no duties of consequence, the highest being (percent. Partly in consequence of this absence el taxation, vessel* are built and sailod from those parts, much cheaper than from any other nation. In addition to this, a treaty wa* made vnder President J. Q Adams by Mr Clay, which allowed the extraordinary and unusual privilege, that all vessel* owned, as well as all ships bmlt in dominions of the Hanse towns, the privilege of the flag. A vessel, no matter to what nation she mny belong, may be cnturalizrd under that ling for a few hundred marks, and thus be entitled to all the privileges ol that strange treaty. The result of thia combination of facta, ia singn i lar. In looking over the Treasury tables, it appears that ( the only nation whose vessel* have an undue proportion oi American trade, ii the Hanse towns. The above table ( shows, that of exports of $113,899,634 domestice produce, $31,864,786 went in foreign bottoms?of thi* $3,887,988 ware in those of the Hanse town*. The following table will ihow the change which ha* taken place, in quantity, of domestic export* under the flag of the leading roun trie* :? ExroxTS raoM the U. STATn.DiiriNOUi'Hinii thi Flag. 182 1840 .in i etselt for. i <*. t fi. for. vet. Vorth of Europe, 741953 76.330 14(1.(TU 477,307 Duii.ii VV 1 1,450,410 13.281 rtt.31? 76 594 Hull mi! 2,282,454 116,927 2,544 181 800,783 I,.die*, 424,350 2.082 359,320 32,M,3 41 Bit tin, 18,638,005 6,649,115 43,231 708 10 960.163 4 >il>ralt~r, 1,040.084 915 595 307 48,037 B-. i olnaies, 3.15 1 98 1 360,8V. 7,041,612 2.236,915 H Die Town*, I.42I.II-. 272.855 980,130 2 387,531 Krtuce, tW'JUl 17,291.0.6 2,IOi,'.V> 8|m1ii, 178,271 1,903 319,271 136 950 Cuba, 1,1)97,891 S2.86J 1,6'6 5I7 711,921 Cliiii", 29(1 862 ? 169,196 ? Huti. 9102133 211,810 879.116 <,9.919 Meiien, 827,775 19,172 9?8 666 61,272 Brazil, , 1,189,721 I6,7<9 2,111.120 31,313 countries, 4,031,701 66 282 1 3*3,111 1,822.117 10,101,379 8,816.312 92,030.898 21.861 736 Thia table givt ? the fact, that the proportion of United States goods exported in Britiih vessels to Oreat Britain direct, declined Irom oue-third to oue-fourth, while the proportion carrie<l in the vessels of the Nortli of Europe, which are not subject to onerous taxation at home, has largely increased. The vessels of the lianse Towns carry now 200 per cent of that carried in American vessels, in stead of II percent, as in 1827. This is the only power which has the advantage of the United States in the inter national trade ; and it arises partly from the al>surd treaty we have mentioned, which admits vessels of all nations to sail under the Hanseatic tlag, but mostly Irom the fact, that in consequence of the absence of all taxation at home, those vessels can be built and sailed cheaper than those of the United States; and the increasingquan. ti y of cotton to be carried, creates a demand far tonnage, which they can supply cheaper than the American ship builder, whose government has imposed upon him a tax of $5 per ton,to protect the manufacturers of iron, cordage, St~. These common commercial principles have infinitely more to do with the increase or diminution of American trude, than do the dreams of small political lawyers, whose most subtle paper schemes are set at naught by trading ingenuity. Foreign Market*. Havana, Nov. 16, 1812 The supplies of new Coffee are more abundant than usual at this period of the season, and the quality of the crop promises to be good. Wo have an active demand for the better deicriptionii for Europe and anticipate no decline of the actual ratea, which we quote $7} a for good, and7 a 7$ for middling ; the lower rates are likely to go lower ; at present they range from 6 to $6J. Rice 104 a 11 rs. Sugars, 3 rs. for brown, 4J cents for yellow, and 8 a 9for white. Married. At Howard's Hotel, Nov. '27, by the Rev. Henry Chacc, William Walton, of this city, to Helen Mar, daughter of Nathaniel Earle, of Leicester, Mass. Sunday morning, Nov. 27th, by the Rev. Charles C. Pease, Mr. John Sweeky to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late John Baker of this city. Died. On Saturday evening, 26th inst. Mr. Alexander Mar' tin A.namoe, of Scotland, aged S3 years. His Iriends and those of his brother William, and his son David are respectfully requested to attend his funeral from his lat" residence No. 41 Willow street, Brooklyn. On thj 27th inst. Mart McKennae, in the 70th year of her age. The friends and acquaintance of her sons Charles Mc Kenna\ James McKenna:, and William McKennse, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral on Tuesday, the 29th inst. at 3 o'clock P. M-, from the residence of her son Jam- s, No. 30 Spruce street. Latest Advices RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa Sept. 6 Macao June 7 AuiCayes Oct. 12 Madras Aug. 6 Antigua July I Manilla Juue 20 Bombay Aug. 27 Montevideo Sept. 13 BaUvia July 30 Marauham Oct. 5 Bermuda Nov. 7 Matauzas Nov. 10 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguez 'Nov. 5 Buenos Ayres Oct. 10 Maracaibo Aug. 16 Balua Sept. 1 Matamoras Oct. 29 Belize. Hond. Oct. 15 Neuvitas July 31 Barbadoes Nov. 2 Nassau, N. P. Nov. II Boeota May I Oahu, 8. I. June 15 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Nov. 2 ( ape Haytien Sept. 24 Port an Prince Oct. 12 Curacoa Nov. 1 Pouce, P. R. Oct. 8 Clrnfuegos Nov. 2 Para Oct. M Carthagena Sept. 15 rernambuco Oct. II t May 17 lanama----. Feb 20 Clwtgres July 1 Hi? de Janeiro Oct. 5 'sllao May 29 Singapore July 16 < alcutta Aug. 13 Sydney, N. S. W.... Aug. 11 Demarara Nov. 5 St. Helena Sept. 30 baval Oct. II St. Thomas Nov. 4 Gibraltar Oct. 20 St. Barts Jan. 3 t.uavaouil Fpb. 13 St. Jago de Cuba OcL 28 Guayaraa, P. R. July 15 St. Johns, P. R. .... Oct. 27 I (Jonaivei Aug. t St. Croix Nov. 3 I Galveston Nov. 4 St. Martha Ainr li Havre Nov. 1 St. John, N. B. Nov. 17 itivana Nov. 16 Surinam Sept. 20 il.ilifai Nov. 19 Tainpico Sept. 25 leremie Oct. 17 Tobaaco Aug. 8 larmvl Oct. 28 Turk* lalaiul Nov. 4 London * Nov. } -Qtti 19 Liverpool Nov. 4 Valparaiso A"?. ? La (iuavra Nov. 2 Yucatan Oct. 21 Lima Aug. 6 Zanzibar July 14 Dome.tlc Importations SavayjrAH?SliipCatharine?(Reported in Saturday's Herald) ?56 bates cottou John T Fsrish?180 8mith It Mills?33 Post Jk Phillips?10 Sackrtt & Brothers?399 Boyd k. Hinckeu?52 Sprtene St Robinson?121 H Coit St co?7a tierces rice Oray It Crosby?39 do John Berney St son?100 tierces rice and sundries to order. mTritime herald" Sailing Days of the Steam Ship*. from england. from amfrica Acadia, Ryric Dec. 1 Columbia, Miller Nov. 19 Dec. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Dec. 4 Jan. 1 Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for livfrpool. Cambridge, Bartrow, Oct 19 Europe, Marshall, Dec. 1 Roscoe, Hutilesou, Oct. 25 lode prudence, Nye, Dec. 7 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Gladiator, Brition. No*. 10 Ontario, Bradish, Dec. 1 Mediator, Cbampl in, Nov. 20 Toronto. Oris wold, Dec. 10 from havre. Westminster, At wood, Dec. 20 Albany. Watson, Oct. 29 for Havre. Silvie or Grass**. Nov 1 Baltimore. Ftinck, Dec. I Loais Philippe, Ci?toff, Nov.8 Emerald, Howe, Dec.8 To Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem tt a favor, if captaius ol vessels will give 'o Commodore William A. Bassett, of onr news Beet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailrd, the i:w? apomeu on meir paaaage, a nut ol their canfo. mil auy "orrnm newspaper* they may nave. He wiii hoanf them immediately on their arrival. Agents and correipondrnii a. home or abroad, will aire confer a fiver by tending to tins office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. 98, 1849. tc* 7 19 I noon rue* 2 59 It.ov >ft? 4 41 I HIOH 5 14 Arrived. Packet ahip Cambridge, Btratow. from Liverpool, Oct. 21, C. H. Mar,hall, and Goodhue fit Co. The C. anchored on the Bar yeatrrdav morning, during the heavy NW gale. Schr Joaeph Hankey, Brigga, 3 daya from Baltimore, with mdae, to order. Schr Turk, Eldridge, 5 daya from Portamouth, with mdae, to E Lewia. Schr Saml A. Apple ton, Nickeraon,3 daya from Boaton, with mdae, to E. k J. Herrick. Below, One ahip, unknown. General Record. Foreioit Lr.TTr.a Office ?Letter baga of the following veaaela, to aail Thuraday, Dec 1, are at Gilpin'a Foreign Letter Office, in the Eachauge:?Sh'pa Europe, for Liverpool; Ontario, for London; Baltimore, for Havre; Emily, for Kingaton.Ja, St. Thnmta and 8t.Croiz; H. Thompaon, for Mara-illea; barqnea Chancellor, for Montevideo and Bueuoa Ayrra; Mi reliant, for Liabou; brig Kacalua, for Baliia and Rio Janeiro. The letter bag of ateatner Acndia, for Liverpool via Halifai, may also be found at the above office, and will cloae on Weducaday, Nov. 30, at half-paat 3 o'cloek. Sciin Mart Almt, Craft, from Albany, waa capsized in the East Hirer on Sunday afternoon, > uii. g a t<]nall. She waa lowed to the dock by one of the Fulton ferry boata. Sllip C'ltpf., from Havre for New Orleans, (ao reported) waa wrecked on the north aide of Cuba about the llth inatant. Veaael and carg > total luat. The captain, erew and twenty-five t<a?aengera, arrived at Havana ou the 13th mat. Sit if Hrvrt. Perae, from Liveri>ool, at Nrw Orleana on the IS h mat. W illi a large number of paiaenge.a. The chief mate and two of the pataengrra, were 11 the reqneatof the captain, arrratcd on a charge of mutiny. Hiaqt'i Fairfield, of Gardiner, auppoaed lo be wrecked at Table Biy, had an aaao-ted cargo, piinciptlly for Mozambique, on which there ia $14 OtO inaurame in Boalon. Schr Si -r, of Boalon, loal on Ahaeo, waa principally owned at Chatham, and it probable insured there oi at other oflirei on voit ' <-u. ? nrrc ? viiir #un numrii u|mu nrr in ootmn. Ship Haver burnt it Bonlriui, was owned by Mrnri TinCint-, of Baih. and Capt. M'Kowa. Mnm. T.'e half was in- t eured in Boston; t e captain's half at L?udon. Whalemen. Art at Maftapoieett till tnat. Annawan, Pool, Atlantic Ocan, with 200 hnla ap nil. 8|xikr Oct 3, lat 17 N, Ion 20 48 W, Liter, Davoll, Bristol, clean, bound toTriatan Islands; 5 li, off Isle of Sal, Juno, Banford, Vvestport, 100 bb'a, bound right whaling? 1 Sid from St Vincrnn Oct 12, 6\rou, Cook.Boalon, 140 iperm, bound S; If ft at do 13th. Juno, Spooner, NB. 230 ip, to If are in I a few daya for Hiver Pla'e. A letter from S R Bhcklar.U 8 Consul at Society la'anda, dated July 12. reporta arr at Tahiti preriona, Henry, Younit, SH. II inoa out, 100 aiim and 1J00 wh; Herald, Nye, NB. 1800; Neptune, Ludlow, SH. 12 moe, 30apm I960 Wh| Cadmus, Ml/ItaW, nL o rnoa, M; Lytlia, Clilwitti Nant. 22 inoa. 800; Triad, J I aae, Orrf npott, 12 mo?, 30 ap 1400 wh; the Lydia re|Kiited having spoken June 22, At I intic. Hoait, Nant. 21 moa, 1480 ap; Eric, Luce, FH. 18 moe, 530; Kianklin, Hay, Nant. 10 moa, 150; Poto- . mac, Huaaey. do, 7 moa, 300 ap. 1 Npoken. | Rome, of Salem, 47 daya from Bataria for Boaton, Sept 8, lat 36 S, Ion 20 33 E. , Rival, of Boaton, 2 daya out, steering 88W. Nor 17, lat 37 24, Foreign Porta. I Haltrti, Nm W?Arr Caledonia, (a) Lott, Boaton for Li? 1 t'oaLrr-aron, Nor 13?Arr Columbia, Cooper, Baltimore; ! Uevlon, Smith. Hsllnwell, Me. Havana, Nov 16?In port, Cnatoral Colon, Smith, from New 1 Voile, juat arr; Norm*, Barton, for do, in a lew daya; Vo k, Morrill, from Cadiz, wtgfrt; s Imi, from B nton, dtag; Volaire, choate, t'odo; Volga. Hayward, from Portland, waiting; 4 v be I, Edm >oiN, aiol F.aatern Star, Denniaon. lor Bo.ton, in a w daya; Hnyne. t harleatoti, do. . Bayaria, July 30?No An . rican veaiela in part. Unicorn, W illiami, from Manilla for Bmion, lent in her boat for anpiliet, C daya previoua, and tailed again. llom? Porta. iHoMaiTor, Nov 16?Arr Clare nout, Robinaon. New York; ( *4th, Oanfrs, Horn, do, for repairs; 23d, Nesia, Canny, Southern port. 8ld 17th, Echo, Robinson, ApAltchicolt; Saline, (urw) Fales, NOrleins; Geo ?e, halt*, Mobile. RaNOo*. Nov 24?Hid Whitt-?n, Curti?, P?rto Rico. Bath, Nov 22?Cld Bvron, Russell. NOrle*n?. P#?TUA5D. Nov 24?Arr Sarah Si Kliubvth, Crowley, Philadelphia fot Boston, with lots of imr* of d? rk load. Portsmouth Nov 26~C'ld Sh uuou, Pin*. London Salem. Nov 25?Cld Kssev. Rs- n, Richmond; John W T* lor. Burch, G-nrjefow", DC; 23d, E H Herrick, WPkins, ? NYork. Arr 22<l, Aiureretta Crowcll.aod Cr ?crtit, NVhou, NYork; 23d, North Carolina, Pratt, aud Plato, Press*)*,*h?hia. I Bostojv, Nov 24-A'r Marietta, Crowell. New York. Signal foi 1 ship, I brie. I" <1 Charlotte, Tripe, NVw O Uam; Nile. [ Shaw, Mayaenez, PR: Mary Rroughton, (of this nort la of < Marblehead) Chase, NOrleans; Ver? ua, llow??. Charleston; H-rb infer, Crocker Gibraltar and a market; Adelaide, Biker, \ Oemeraraand Trinidad; Senator. Pepper, St Anu's Bay, Jam; OrvsBtes, Tnfts, Charleston; Chatham. Davis. Baltimore: u. Uk ni I .-V: - .. ? . ? i.i Ki' umid .*\rr win, nrury r.wmiiK, ThiiJtl. B^avia; Wm IITurner, Rogers. Philadelphia; Vermont, Nickersnn. Albany; Fancy, Chase, NYork YaRM U'TH Nov 21?Arr Yarmouth, (new, 86 tons) Matthews, from Derby, Ct to run d? n ticket between the Cap* and Boston. Plymouth, Not 10?S!.! Nahanr, Pierce, St Thorn ?s. Fall Kivkr, Not 24?Arr Smithfield, Duff, Providence for Africa. Pbotidenck, Not 24?Arr J ho, Young, Mobile; Pnntiac, Corev, Norfolk; H'-rald, Soule, Baltimore; A Marshall. Park-r. Philadelphia; Cicero, Nickerson. NYork Sid Smithfield, Duff, Africa \ ia Fall River; China, Srutll. Stvauuah; John Ruggl'*, Dii, for B ni: r. Arr 26th, adtimr, Nichols, Albany. Sid Mouticello, L&wtou, Savannah; Time, Garrison, Suffolk. No*folk, Nov 21?Arr Purdy, Tingle, NYork. Old Casket. Held. Jamaica VV11. mi to it, NC. Nov 23?Arr Star. Prince, Bermuda; Liahun, Nichols, St Thomas; New York, Merrvman, Martin que; Coostellatiou, Soniers, St Johns. PR; Rubicon, Edwards NYork; Sterling,T?\lor, do Clu Aurora, Bane, St Johns, PR; John,|A*lams, Guulaloupe: Aldebiran, Comery. Havti; Mary Emilv, D?rr, einerara; Cochtco, M Crillis, and Richard, Htttes, Rarbadot s; Kbzt Jane, Corson, Berbice Ciiarlkstoit, N ?v It?Air Roger Shermau, Nichols, Livertool; Tv bee. Otf'Vu, NYork. I i the offing, Ann Louisa. (15r) Liverpool. Sid Thus Bennett, H ilsey, do. Arr 2tih, 8) liih, (Br) rruddrn. Birhador-s Cld Francis Stanton, Lelavonr, Liverpool; Dan) Webster. Parker. New Orleans. Sid Calhoun, Mvers, NYork; Mo?tn, Hives, do; Olivia Brickell, do; John C Calhoun, Buil?-i?( West Indies. GvonoKTOwrt, SC. Nov If? Arr Etna, Ames, NYork. Cld ??, Ymilig. West Indies: MaieRu Truf. N? wVarli: Faimv Coil, Baker, do: Wamp-mng Colson. j~rsey Citv. Savannah, Nov 2*1?Susan* ah Gumming, Salter, Liverwvil; Ch^rlfi ioaepli, Mini n, Bos'uti; Pinti, (, Arr Nicholu Biddle, Hiiidlr, Toutnan, NYork; Exact... Johnson,do; Cro?.l-r.(Br) Jot,Li..-,Hdfio<, G.W'rick, H?VAiia; 0?ac*-. W iUoit. Boftton. \?r 2I*t Tamerlane. Theo- 1 bald, Wis/'nuset: May Flowei, Weeks, NYork; Win I Walsou, 1 L* vy, PniUdelphi*. Jacksonville, EF. Nov jt? In port. Nimrod, Smith, from NYoik,arr4ih?encountered severe gales during the |ia*sage, carried awav main boom, and losf both anchors on 8t John's Bar; Virginia, Bethel, for Martinique, to sail in a few days St Marks, Nor 17?Arr Eme line .Fish, NYork. Cld N (J Bourne, Ptrrv, do* Mary Hammond, Norwoo *, Charleston. Mobile, Nov 18? Arr Abcrcromoir,(Bi) Louttel, Liverpool. Cld Canton, Ot*s, NOrleans; Thames, Prince, NYork. New Orlka.ns, Nov 10?Arr Lord Beaton, (Br) Fitzsimmons, Liverpool;Camera, Whitney, Boston: Birkenhead, (Br) Brown, 8t Anurews, NB; Johannes, ( Brem) Edrick, Bremen; J 9 Wain, Matthews. Havana; Plymouth, Thomas, do: Apthorp, Blake, New York via Mobile; Stafford, Brewer, do do; Clifford, Jones, Kingston. Ja; J.ffersou, Mills, Montego Biy, Ja; Clarissa, Walts, do; Georgians, McLelland, Thomaston.? Cld 18th, Tamenend, Lovett, Liverpool; G rard, Kionden, Trieste: Mercury, (Br) Dean. St Johns,'NF. Arr Abbott Lord, Patterson, Havre via Sydney, (JB; New York, (s) Wright, Galveston. Below, corning up, Const tution. Corsair, Favorite, and Edw Adam*; at Fort Jackson, Martha Washington. Schr Rio, of Newport, aground at the English Turn. A ROOM to let on the first Boor, for a single gentl man, 26 P-rk Piace. n?8 lt*ec Grand vocal and i^htrumental concert?Mr max bohrer res|?rct ully informs the public, that he will give his lourth and last Concert, (o-evious to his departure for the south) on Thursday evening, Dec 1st, at the Tabernacle. Particulars in future bills. n28 It r ; UA. o. of D ?The Br. the is of the Washington Lodg< No. I, of the uni e < aucieut order of Druids, are notified to meet at their new lodge room, No. 32 Duane, corner of Cent v street, on Wi dnesd ty evening, 30tn install', at eight o'clock. Bv order of the W. A WM. SHAVES. j. 1. Anton, Secretary n28 3l*ec O WHOM IT MAY CONCERN - If the author of a communication signed 11 E. J. 8." addressed to a lady, now residing on Long Islind.will call ii|?oa the legal guardian of the individual, or upon the gentleman to whose care the letter was addressed, he tn-v be successful in effecting the professed object of his communication E.J. S. is known, and his attention to tnii will render unnecessary a resort to measures, that may b?* mutually disagreeable. n28 1t*ec LECTURES ?JAMES (ILENN proposes to de ivt rlour Lectures on Philosophical Subjects, (if sufficient encouragement is given) embracing original and imi>ortant discoveries of great practical utility, that wi'l nltimately lead to the ccmplete remodelling of ?he systems of Natural Philosophy, Astronomy, and Chemistry. TKi. fir.1 brniri- will h.. f1*.li\'?* this *r#niniT iMn.wU.r 28th Nov. IR-12) at the Lecture Room of the Mechanics Institute, Oitv Hal , anil will embrace the foliowing subjects :? 1st.?Tin* < ha get that base taken |>l?i-e on tin; suriace of the Earth, the nature of formations anil decompositions 2d?A few remarks on th? nature of the Electric Fiuid, tending to illustrate and confirm atheorv ou the subject that the author has published in the form of a i|iiarto pamphlet tome time ago 3d.?The real nature of Light, a'd the real cause of light of a'l kinds,such as tint emitted by rotten wood, the diamond, phosphorescent lights, th-* light of fuel, ignis fatuua, Stc. 4te Tickets of admission 12^ cents to each lecture, to he had at the door. Lecture 10 commence at seven o'clock. n28 tt*ec PICKLED OfHTEKS.? I have prepared a su|ierior lot of Pickled Oisters for family use, and th?y may be had at my establishment 32b Fourth street, near Broadway. GEO. K. DOWNING. N. B.?Fresh Oysters for families at the cheapest rates,* u28 11 r COAL! COAL! COAL!?The subscriber having lakeu the yard souti,west corner of King and Greenwich street, is now receiving a full of Schuylkill and Peach Orchard Coal, selecied from ihe hest veins, which he offers at the following reduced juices, viz From the yard, hrslquality, broken and screened, $5,50 |ierton. ' " Egg size, " 5,50 " " " Stove. " i,s " " " r*ut, 5.00 " From the boat, " Biokeu, " 5,25 " Egg size, " 5,v5 " Stove, s? 5 on ? Nut, " 4,15 " Delivered free of cartage. 1128 lw?ec J AMES DO W NINO. MEDlt-AL.?DOCTOR GLOVER'S paciical experience, tvi and the r'ceti' discoveries of the French cnrmists. have broueht to his lid several new temedies, win l-aie seiy promi t and i ffiC'icintss in cu* ing those diseases to which he devotes his attention. Persons who have suffered f'o-n lie a'u?e of medi cine anu mai-treatmcnt of uneducated self-named D ctors, are invited to yivt* "ii in a < -ill. Dr. O i< 1 regular u ?l?i i'e in profession Sod If DOC classed among Uie host ?f t mjm ical pvt* It ndl rn md nos'rum \? ?nl-rs Strangers should be on their guard lest they fall into the nvdsof arliss ol sfiecia' pretender* who claim to be authors of little treat-sea upon sub. ects of which they are to ally iguor nt. Tliey ev?-n have the assurance to apeak of " new remedial agents.1'and boaat of a very extended Practice. Surely cautioH is fn** patent of safety in this city of boasting charlatans. Dr Glover1 offices are in building No. 2 Ann street, third and fourth door from the Museum. n2f 1t*ec CENTREVILLE TROTTING COURSE, L. 1. rI,HE Trot which waa to come off tha Hth ina'ant, i> post A |ion..l in runsrqti. ncs of the we-ther, until Monday. November 28<h. at lw<> o'clock. mile hrat?, be?t three io five in harueaa. The follown g are the rt.trie?:? C. Carll'a h m B-Uey B<ker. A. Conklin'r g m t.ady Clinton. L. Roger.' X i. Harlem Boy. Win. Woodruff's bk g < ato. C. Carman', t k John Anderson. Centrevill- Co-irsv, Nov. 2.y. IMt2. n28 lt*ec TJLKACHINli PO cask, of Boyd', .ulterior I' Bleaching Powder, per .hip Cambridge, from Liverpool, for .ale by 1128 3tr PKRB9K It BROOKS No.61 Liberty at pAPER ? Printing, Waaiin, and Wnpping Paper, of all | ii2l r ' PERUSE St BROOKS No. 61 Liberty street. RAQ3?Tne?.rSpEirS?rE. I'o' sale by n<8r PERSSE 8t BttOOKS, No. 61 Liberty street. /CONCERT V BALL at the Apollo, Monday, November 28th, 18(2. The Concert and Ball given, is in aid of a Charity Kund, for which the grctnitous services of Mr. and Mr?. C. E. Horn, hat been generously tendered. PROGRAMME. Introduction?Piano Korte?Grind Variations, Mr. ( Timm Hertz. , Dnetto?Mr and Mrs Horn?Tliii Gloomy Cell, from the opera of the M aid of Basony C E Horn ] Ballsd?Miss Dohson?The Flowers of Ellersly- Kodwell Song?Mr Horn?Tonrh u? getplv Time G Loder j Sceua?Mrt Horn?Fatal Ooffredo Donizetti , Ana?Mitt Dobton?Sweetly o'dr my leniei stealing Bishop j Duetto?Mri Horn and Miii Dobion?Genily, all Gently A L?e | Cantela?Mr Horn?Mid Tom of Bedlam H Purceil , Aria?Mri Hom?The Wanderer, with Klute Obli- , gato Lilie , Dnetto?Mran(Mri Horn?La Honda Gabuui , Doori ooen at 7?Concert to begin at 8 o'clock. t n20 eod 2t* , NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY-The " Board nt Manageis of this Society beg leave to announce s that their first i>erformance will take place at the Broadway t Tabernacle, on Monday evrniug nest, the 28th instant, and 1 will consist of the two first parti of Hinyn's Grand Oiatorio of * the Sr aaons. Spring and Summer, nrrer before performed in ) this city. The belt talent in the city will instain the principal ! part. ' As the Society has abandoned the sale of tickets, none but 1 members and intiicriheri will be admitted. Persona wiihing J to become subscriber!, will rail nn the Secretary, III Nassau ' street. J. A. SPARKS, Secretary. n27 21'r is *, 1 ? I no REWARD?The subscriber, in cr i tsing the Fiutori | >)f>eerry last evening, oetwevu 5 and 6 o'clock,wis rob- c bed of (560, by hiving hii pocket bmk cut from his docket? h containing 7 (30 no tea on Mechanics Dank, New Bedford, new o Clatc; 7 Cifl do on Merchants Bank of do do; 1 do bank not l nown; 1 $10 bank of New York. ,| The hanks and brokers of the city, are respectfully requested a to detect and Secure the same, for which the above reward a aha'l he paid. The same to b- left at SLATE,GARDENER y St HOWELL, 114 aud 115 South street. c n26 lw*r< _ A. COLKMAN^if New Bedford. n KOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana It New York tl IgJ^VLitie? Regular picket :0th November?The faat sail EMmmm'IW packet ship MEMPHIS, C apt. Knight, will will |iosilively sail as above,her tiRuhir day. For Weight or passage, having handsome fnmishe 0 accommodations, apply on 9 board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wallat. or to 'B R. K COLLINS Ik CO. 56 Booth at jPositively no Roods received after Tuesday evenioR, the 29th inst. .1 Shippers may rely opon h mng their goods correctly measor- ? ed. and that the ships of this line will sail punetnally as adver- u :ised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled y that may bs required. _ Agents in N Orleans, Hullin A Woodruff, who will prompt- t ly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Oemulgee, Certain Peet, will succeed .. .he Memphis, and sail the 10th Dec, her regular day. h A Jkg- OLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKETS iJWWKOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the tat December. h UfiTlie well known and favoritepacket ship EUROPE, 01 S|" Fuiher, will jioitlively tail on Thursday, 1st Dec. her u regular day. 01 This splendid ship has unsurpassed accommodations for if tabiu. second cabin and steerage passengers. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application on board it fool of Berkmau at, or to II JfiHN HERD MAN, H 61 South street. pi N. ft. Persona sending for their ftiendt residing in Great Bmain and In land can have them brought out, as usual, by any di of the vhipa composing this line; drafts for any amonnt Can N >e furoish-d, piyahle in all the principal towns throughout the Pi United Kingdom, on application asjsbovr. n2Sr in [?OR DH. KKUCHTWANOKH'S Price Cnrrent of fTopa " vi>, < ij,inlet. Acids, Dye woods, Lunar Canstir.D i.'ser wotype Chemieali. fltrmsn Stiver, Sc. fcc. ?e. Sea foutlh T tag" olT 1 AHfmoX SAT.ES THO%M? BKL' . Aiicrixucer. BY BKLL it HOWARD. I Htarti flat. r< .1-n am' biltm i(r* t ) MONDAY. At IOSi o'clock <ti th? ?n'e roomt. St'r of nleniiiil U--W cud croud html rosr?i>'>tl aud in 1 hostile im?U"> lortea. by the ltr?t mtkrra in thr wnrlii. JLbo.M aarwrfe iiaiutiii?. by oM mJ m "Irru artnta, an inroice of bxiki'is I'turi, aouie elegant furniture, win Jo* ?nd ii?-<l curtaiua, Str. lie AU.i. J m.i^iiinc?ut niano fortra. bv unit r al ni>- Sheriff. th? property ot an absentee; 1 Jo by order of the Marsal, to \ ay a claim. Also, 20 bukets champagne, fl demijohn* peach brandy, se <?/*, taucy goods, kc. TUESDAY. At 10^ o'clock, in the t.tlea room. Large sale of elegaut seasonable clothing, Loudon cloths and rassimeret, a fine stock of fancy and <liplf dry goods, jewelry cutlery, dressing cases, w itches, I splendid diamond pin. Ac. Also. 8 Engli?h silver watches; t do leveis; I splendid gold pat**ut lever with guard chain, keys diamond pins, kc, depys ed as secmitv for money lent two years since Also, a large stack ot choice dry goods, hosiery, lie. by order of a receiver. WEDNESDAY. At 10^ o'clock i* the sales room. Splendid Furniture ^ale?A large ansortmeut of elegant furuiMrc, br order of the sheriff A'so, the entire genteel furniture of a family removing, a choice stock ol u w city in id-* cibiuet furniture, beds, bedding, maitrasse*, blnkeu. kc. kc. a kmy\ .hM-.J-lillA,..! .H,I . l-.-kl- - "C netb houehoTd and kitchen furniture of all description! frotn Brooklyn. ?c BY kFeLL 8t AIKULAHIUlv ~~ KHIDAV. At lfli< o'c ock at their >a1ei room, A good a'lortlnelit of broad "lot ha, cuiimern, ready made clothing, lie. SATURDAY KVKNINQ, At balf-pnat 6o'clock at their 11 e? room, A collection of oil pai toiga, anci -tit and modem, many of which ate worthy the attenl on ot connoiueura. MONDAY At 103$ o'clock, in the tale *ootn?. f'lotha, caaiimerea, rloth ii", k<?Tne itock of a merchant tailor, CO" ntiiiug btoad clotha, caaaimeref, lie, t f various colore and tj'l tlltiel. AI?o>, cloaka and a good a?nrtmeut of realty tnade clothing. TUESDAY, At 10}$ o'clock, at the sales room, An aiiortment of linuora, legara. Stc WEDNESDAY, At lll}$ o'clock, at the >ale> room, I'iauoi, new and second h n<l furniture, iinyrs, carpeting,lie. THURSDAY, sheriff' Sale?At 10 o'clock, at 317 Tear) itreet, la'g? itock of cabinet furniture, by catal gue, compriting a general aaaortmrtit of article) in the 'inc. Catalogue* on the of >ale. AT PRIVATE SALE?1 superb French octave piano, inaje by tne celebrated composer Henri Hen, of Paris, equal inUMMto an* m?trumer?t ev. r mported, \A R. I1HAH A VI re-?p? cttu Iy iufoui> iiu- public that he will 1.H givi i Concert, Hriitid m hit son Chcnm at the Society Libra* y on Thursday, the 1st of December. Programme on a I'utun- d i\ . |?t5 I 00 Itr TI IE NATUR EOF THE BRANDRETH PILLS. BENJAMIN BRANDRKTH'S PILLS are in their nature to the Tefotkble ued by man for fbod. They *** subject to the same digestion in passing from the stomach to the intestines. TI ev are passed into 'he circulation which reenvoi Iron tbocn in impulse whereby ti?< blood throws oat its impurities into the bowels. They act upon the whole of the finds of the bodv in such a manner that their complete purification is surely obtained. The Brandreth Puis, by pcistisi inco in thoisnsc, will, without doubt, remove, or greatly relieve every malady incident to the human system This has been proved in numberless instances, and is confirmed bv the evidence of thousand*. Each box to be genuine must have six signatures upon it. Two upon each label. One signature being Benjamin Brandreth, and the other B. Biaudretn, M D. Recent cure ol Terrible Ulceration. No comment is required. 2d house from 10th avenue, 28th street, Now York, Nov. 2, 1842. Dear Sir.?Last January I was taken suddenly with pam in my loll side in tho nifht, tnd my wife had to get npena (team it; hut tlif p:\iu got no better; I then sent for Dr. Adams; he ordered a poultice of bread and yeast, and then a lump began to form about six inches from iny arm-pit. Dr. Adams gave me pills which did me no good, and the pain still became more severe. At this |x*riod Dr. Adams brought another doctor with him, hut 1 still continued to get worse, and although several orher physicians came to see me. yet 1 continued to grow worse ami worse. Dr. Adams opened at one time the sheets which first commenced under my arm, and which had extended to my hip bone, and thence to the small of my back, and from thence to my shoulder blades. Being poor, 1 sent for the dispensary doctors, and they attended me. but 1 continued to get worse, and the ulcers were some of them, such as 1 could see, were more than half an inch deep. The doctors, both dispensary JUkd tie itllMI who visited me, only a few days b lure you called upon me, told me it was ten thousand to one whether 1 recovered or not?that 1 might not live through the night. This was in the early part of February. 1 had not been out of bed since the beginning of January, At this time, the latter part of Febiuary, mywife went to see you. and beg you to com- and see me. Vou dressed my ulcers lor me that night ?it took a yard of linen to drest them once. You 'eft me two hoses of pills, which 1 used as you directed me, and my wife dressed me with your Universal Salve, and rubbed the callous I laces with the Liniment, fu two month* I walked to your oAm hi Bvoodw i) LomTwenty Eighth s* rent, corner or Tenth svenue. I came after that, seven or eight times for you to see how my biclc got on, and to receive your further advice. 1 went oil getting better every day, and my ulcers one after another got well, until the latter pert or July, when I went to work, being a sound man. with the exception of having nearlv lost the sight of my right eye, during my sickness, which, however, gradually gets better and better from the use of your Tills. 1 send vou this letter that yob may publish it. and should any oue wish to enquire into the particulars of myextraordi Mrj cue, tneycansee dm w^cvc I live, which is the ncoad no use iroin mc coniei 01 xenin av?uue, in 20m si. I remain, dear Sir, Youis vrry respectfully, PATRICK BKALLKY. To Doctor Brnj. Braudreth. 241 Broadway, New York. FALLING SICKNESS CURED. Mr. Jamjci Towkt of No. It Orange air-et, has a son 12 yearn old. who lor two yeara has been afflicted with Epileptic Kits: he has had two, and often 'Iiiee fin a day, and never pi uld hp hot ntour with safelY ilurinic the whole ot ti at periwu. For a lonit time lie has been pronounced incurable by the physicians. both Ksculapiau an-4 Botanic. A few weeks since Brandrtth's Pills were admiuislered. and he baa since had NO FIT, and Mr. Towey is of no" ion that he is perfectly cured; he still cont nues Intake the Pills daily, iu doses sufficient to cause two or three copious evacuations. CURF. OF EPILEPSY OR FALLING SICKNESS OF T I REE YEARS STANDING?Mr. Macomber, of Wett Port, New Bedford, for a periitd of J yea a waa afflicted w:th this terrible disease. He has had as many as 6 or 7 lita in a day ?aud for the lime above anted, he waa not able t attend to any business. Every pbyticiati of skill in his section of the c untrv was applied to; he even went as far as Boston lot help: hilt DO rcief was riiwrienced, and at the time he heard of Brandieth's V'getaMe Univetsal Pills, he had taken no medicine! for a great while, Ins frlen ls thinking there wasnoeure. ?But as Brandreth's Pills weir strongly recommended by Mr Sisson, of Union street. New Bedford, wno, besides exiieriencing great btm fit from them him sell, had aeen their beneficial powers on seveial other persons, tome in hia own was aareed that a trial should be made. Four months h ivr not vet pivsed since he commenced with them; aud although Mr. M was having 6 and 7 tils a d ly; yet since he began he has not had a fit. Every one is astoin bed. and considers it a miracle, Mr. M. continues daily to take the pilla. It should be observed, t> at a'inost fi?m th,- first commencement with them, he has been attending to bis business. ULCKR OF THE HAND CURED. Mrs. (dark, of Tilbury street, Brooklyn, for fourteen years had an ulcer on her right wrist, which entirely pievented her from using that hand. Ointments of all aorta, and many purify lair mrdicices were nude use of, Vut were of no avail until the Brandr-th Pills were used, which, in six months made a pi*ifeet care It if now nearly four tears since this cure was effected, and has never been advertised before, although I have had lihettv to do so. My agent ill Brooklyn, Mrs Booth, of 5 Market at, knows Mrs. ' lark, aud can speak from her own kn wledge of many similar eaai a. rued solely by the purifying powers if these truly celebrated pills. f'OSTIVENESS, ERUPTION OF THE SKIN AND PILES UURED?Captain Erastus Fish, of New London, Conn has been laboring under 'he above complaints upwards of sis years, slid has been so bad as to reduce him to skin and bone?lie lias ol>eii not been able to attend to Ills duty as mssrer of the ship Josn, during a whaling voyage, Irom which be hasjust leturned, b* nig obliged to leave every thing to hia mate, sometimes lor days together. Having Men numerous persons who had received benefit from Brandritli's Pills, lie commenced with them fi mon hs back?for tune presioua he only weighed 13.5 lbs, and now, the 10th 01 March, his weight is 157 lbs, and an much altered in olhur respects for the better that his friends hardly know him. Although perfectly cured, he occasionally takes the Pilla, and is determined on no consideration to be without them for the future. He strongly recommends them to all, and especially to seafaring men, ana all those who go on long voyages, as the best medicine they can use. His general dose wis from two to twrlve pills at a time, lie having always remembered that it was the pnrgiug which was to cure. ERASTL'S FISH. ofNiw Londan. WORMS. PILES. AND LIVER COMPLAINT CURED.?Read and reflect. Dr. B. Brandreth?Sir: About two and a half yeara since I sccidenlly came across an advertisement concerning your Vegetable Pills. At first I treated them with contempt, on account r>( having been to often imposed upon by nrwspaiier Pnffs." 1. however, rem) the notice to my wife?the hid for tome fifteen years been in delicate state of health, and had uted almost very popular medicine, and had the best medical advice, within! any |>ermatient effect At her request I purcha ed a bo* of ro-r ag?nt. and she took tharn accordinj to your printed direrions?another hoi?and another?(ill she oad taken four or live win-(the continued to feel the good effects after she had laten the second hm)?until tie- tiff boi had nearly disappe ired, a hen I ill ised her to lake se von or right pills, at sl.e had been row* up from two to three, four, five, and was on that day laid in with a vkkv ins rHEMinn nervous hetdache, (a common icrurrence) she took, I believe, seven pills?the nett miming bey 0|<eraied fieelv, bat what was oar surprise to behold that he |>as'ed a laige knot of hard llethy substance, and as tough is hide,about three and a halfiuches in circnmferance; she said he lelt something put or sepa-ate on its discharge, and from hit time she gain'd Uer health <apidly, and continum to take he I'ills?aeveial large ta|>e worms were alsot i|>elled from her, it"l rn> infant child, one and a half yean old, to whom we gave ronr Pills, and whose health was very critical, passed several irge worms, from sii to ten inches ui leng h ; the child is now n excellent health, and my wife lias not enjoyrd so good health as shesays) for the last eighteen yean, as whit she now enoys from taking your pills ; she was sever,I yean unable o do any of her housework, but now has the sole care and atendsnre of six or seven |>enoiis with ease. I mutt believe it vaa the sole cause of her restoration in health fcv iibme nenicitie?Ami >he conlinut t i use il aa occasion require*. lit Ifcclsliare been surpri.mgon mysrlf for the cnre of I he Pit r.a, taring several times li id thrtn is th-ir worst Irani:*, when lie or two doses (of two or lliree pill* at a dote) hare VIST IS Xr itMovin that horrid diiordor from me. 1 eateem your meicnie above any other I have rver used in ih# last thirty yeara, nd have witneaaed on othera ita moat beneficial and M IMiiejtt ciirea. No other pilla are ever need in my family, but our* only. I have alao ara.i* the tkrrirlc r.rvr.cTi of the onnterfeit pilla aold by an apothecary in thia village ; one of tv neighbors bought and naed th-m, the conaequence waa ol iich a nature aa aho ild have aent hoifi the maker and teller to be treadmill lor life. 8AML. WOODHULL. Lockporl, N. Y. Oct. 16,1889. JO- ERYSIPELAS CURED, OK SEVEN YEABS' ITANWNO, BY mKANDIU.TH'S PILL8.-A ladv in IraoUyn, who, .or aeveii long yeara, knew no comfort; whose ice and neck were one nnaeemly blotch; who waa the obaerrd of all. and whoae miaery to heraelf waa auch aa none b?l loae of aenei'ire minda, aimilarly affected, can Imagine. Thia ain and misery reaulled from a dreadful erysipelas in er face, which nftrntiuiea extended over her neck aud Ixiaom Irery physician of akill waa applied to, and remedy upon leirdy naed, without affording more than occaainnal relief 'or teren yeara the waa thua tormented, and often prayed lor eath to finiah her miaeiy. A thia period, a lady who had devrd mnch benefit from Brandrctli's Pilla, in a aimilar caae, dered thai a trial might be made of their efficacy When they ad bet n naed ahoot three montha, a perfect enre waa produced thus proving again, that purifying the body with these caleraled Pilla produces, withont douor, a perfectly healthy alate fthe fluids, and consequently muatcure Erraipelaa, for that iifortunate comid tint altogether depends upon the acrimnnii* aUte of the hlood ; and therefore purifying the blood carta it disease, Tina ladv ia aince married. Reference is given to Mrs. Booth, Dr. Brandreth'a agent in rooklyn, 5 Market atreet, who will refer to a highly re* ectable lady in Jnhnaon atreet, who will give all further irrictilara. The Braiidreth Pi'la are anlil at 2J eenta per box, with fu 1 reetiona, at 241 Broadway; J7f Bowery; and 1*9 Ruuaon at, ew York; 5 Market street, Brooklyn?Mrs. B mih, Agrnt : irker. Broad atreet, Newark; and by one agent in every town the Union. , . Dr. Brandrrth may be consulted this day, 26th November. "alB, at 2<l Broadway. P?6. _ ) L A Ok MARBLK-IM tons ln*h Black Marble, lor mI* by ', n2tr (PEKSSE It BROOKS. No. 81 Liberty street. AMUSEMENTS. UHATnAltl THKATHB. * Pit 1JW Upper Tier 74 MM. k'lrat Tier "A cull MONDAY YVrvrvo N?? M. wip oertormsT^ THE PRODIGAL SON Aftirwhich. HKRK ?L|VK. will appear. To couclude with THE BO TTLE IMr. Doota will open 4it>x?i;uuio will rue at maxier peit ' o'clock precisely. Bui Omcr opeu duly from 9 to 5, where Tickets m-iy be archiieeil and places secured PA UK THIffATIIIf. Kirat mitl't <>f Mr niid Mra. Brougham. THIS EVENINO Nov. ?r will t>? printed. LOVE'S 9AI HIEICE. St Lo, .Mr Br?u/h?i>. | Mtrgaret, Mr* Brougham To cone I ode with IRISM AMBASSADOR. Boies 74-2d ami :i.l Tier jo?Pit 37^ cts?Gallery IS cent*. Doora opeu at KH o'clock and the perlarmauee will commence at 7 precisely "11TI HKLL'S UL1KIPIC TilKATHK. <44 Broadway, New Tor*. MONDAY KVENJNO No?. jg, will b? p..formal A MILE THE REVOLT of THE POOR HOUSE. To roiirluHr woh .... rv GIOVANNI IN UOTHAM. I h? Doom will h* n|w-u<-<! at half-past (, and tha par '"""* '' ronmoin- at 7. ivory vvmiiui ANPUlTilKATHK OP THE HEPUSUci 37 Bowery Third 'iiifMPtnptit ' f th* w r.wirkiuv LION HERO OE PRANCE. r ir?t ipprirsncp this rpsioii of ? ., OTONNELL, the Tattn~d Man B-?ide? Otto MoUy, 8 B. Howp? ; Walter Avm?% the In? q"*?triv?f and Fnnalin, the l?reat Cwde Voltigaar. Mo'tv % i f utile Family appear ou Thursday. _ \'J'nia?ir>n?B ir?50 rents?S-mud Tier 37X?Pit *5 D28r FRANKLIN ATHK H^HKiffpat sMcreM ittaiMlinif the FKANKLIP haa induced the mar a iter to at g *ge thirty lady aud irentl*m**n perforujt'ra, ami fix the redur?-d prices of Press Circle 25 ca*>ta incluoiui; a l?dv ; Uppar B s'. 12* ? ?o s. (J Henr I2X. Pit 6M <"* ii'? f "i ' ? U oi.i\, Mr. KM M ET, the great Southern B ii'jo Melodist FK?NK BROW EH, the perfect re- resen tation of the Southern Negro character!, and Matter PIERCE the great lleelologlst, are rngtged; l ' i s being rheir lira' appearance in thi? city, they ire prepared to lavor the New Yorkers with an entire new collection of aouga, duetts, acrent dee, melodic*, Itr., and mint he teen Mr. J. 'E. t)*Connel, the tattooed ma* ; C. I). Je< kins, K. Diamond, Rusk1**, Mil ler, Westaver, Brothers ol Warsaw, Rirhardaon Matter Henry Miaa Auriol, Mi?i Rosamond, Augusta, Celeate. Cento, fcr. 4tc are among the list of uauies for thia week. Mr. Noshei's Braaa Band la alto rnrased Doors open at 8, performances commence at To,clock. Prograuinie at th- the-tre. nil )m is*ec AMEHICAN MUSEUM, J^JARBLE BUILDING, Broadway, opposite St. Panl'a Day Visi'ors admitted the same evening free. Tills lininei ae eatahliahment conaists of SIX SPACIOUS HAI-LS. each over <00 feet in length, and containing more wonderful works of nature and art than any five museums in America FOURTEEN UNEQUALLED PERFORMERS. Mr. WINCHF.LL, the laiight r provoking original namic drolleris'api ears in new eccentricities ; T. O. BOOl'nJnr best comic sing-r in America; LA PETITE CELESTE, the graceful daiiaeiise : Mi.s IlOOB, the admired songstcese. Signer VIVALDI'S kamily of Ten Performers; the Albino Ladv, Fancy G'ass Bloving, Grand Cosinorama,kc. Performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, at three o'clock, and every evening at hall past seven o'clock. Day visito.s admitted free in the evening. Admission to the whole E5 cents, children hall price. niffr SPLENDID NOVELTIES'! ENTIRE CHANGE OK PERFORMANCE'. I! SEW YOllK MUSEUM AND PICTURE UAlaLBRY, Broadway. Ojiwsite the City Hail, MR. H BENNETT, Ma ager, announ <s with pleasure, that he has effected a shor engagement with 8IGNOR BLITZ, the wonderful Magiciiu, Ventriloquist and Plate Dancer; Miss CLEMF.NCE will repeat her much admired dances; Miss BRUCE, the sweet songstress; Mr. O Z BROW ER. the celebrated comic singer, and Mr. DELAHUE, the inimitable mimic ; Museum, Merm >id, live Albin# Deer, half a million of Curionties, Glass Blowing, Pictum Gillery, and performanres to be seen for One Shilling. A day entertainment on Wednesday and Saturday, at three o'clock. oil lm cc THB GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY in the A world?Now the cornerof Chatham street and Tryon Row. opposite tlir Park, for a short timet? A Double 8|wni?h Lite Bull, taken near Bueuoa Ayres. on the Plai a, bv the Spaniards, in the year 1810, and unpolled to New York in 1842. He ia cooaidried bv naturaliata to be the moat wonderful de forinity iu the known world. H- haa a double windpipe, don ble hreaat, double paunch, double riba, ait left, double hipa, and aome other parts double. He ia perfectly round and in geod hr>lth. and auppoaed to be uiue yeara old, and weighs near 1.500 pou ids. Profraaora of Natural History, Burgeons, and Anatomists won d do well to visit and judg. for themselves. A Three Legged Cow, uow thr?e yeara old. 8he ia deficient of one fore let, and waa ao from birth. A Cotlimunei. A Bra Dot, or Sea Leopard, taken alive in the North River. The head leaemblra thatofa dot, and the akin ia'apotted like that of a leopard. Truly a wonderful curioeity. W, If, Moukeya, Ac. To be Been from 8 o'clock A M till 10 P M. Admiiainn 12 1-2 ceula, children under 10 yeara of ace hallprice . Good Muaic in attendance. n23 lm*m FRANCIS' PATH NT LIFE BOAT, OmCE No. 7 WALL STREET. a2 iar music. OCHNEIDEK A KKBHUN will attend private partita and fJiOireea with a band of from three to twenty artuta. Apply No. 27 Delancy atreet near the Bowery, or No. 124 Norfolk at nil 2M?r CARD?J BARDOTTE, Superintendent, begs to inform hit Irienda an i the public generally that he haa opened a Cafe aud Boarding House for gentlemen at No. 130 Broadway, which will be conducted upon the plan of the celebrated Cafe Toitoui at Paris. There are about twenty furniahed rooma a t ached to the Cafe wliich will be let and ineala furnished to any uumber ol gentlemen forming a club, at such hours as they may select Madame B irdntte, long and h" t'Uila lavorahly known as the proprieteas of a select maiaon de pension in this city will superintend ihe bouse. (leutlrmrn will be furnished with meals at any hour in thu coffee room. The cuisine arrangemrnta will he f mod of the first order.aad the wiDes, liijuora, Ar., the beat that can be procured regardleee ol eipener. Ad inspection of the establishment ia respectfully solicited. CAFE TOBTONI, u73 2wia*r 110 Broadway, between Liberty A Cedar sta. private medicine chests. THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK LTAVK pre oared a number of " Private Medicine Chests, I * each containing an aivropriatr quantity of the new Preach Medicine* for the cure of s |>ecu liar class of diseases, which lnn- unfortunately in too many instances fallen nnder the treatment of ignorant quacks, in co ireqnence of the extremrdelieacy whicli patients tlnn> afflicted exnibit in applying for ntadical idyice from ie?|iectable physicians. In the mode now ax plained, however,sale and effectual treatment will be earned by such patient* without the necessity of making any diacloaare of their case. The " Medicine Chest contains such a quanta I y of appropriate medicine as is guaranteed to effect a perfect enre, and ample directions in a plaiu and familiar style accompany each chest. The remedies are applicable to all forma of the diaease. The Cheats, containing remedies for syphilitic diseases are sold for each?the chrtts with remedies for *onurrhoex and gleet S3 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent of the College. TY. 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. Friuri|>al Office of the College 97 Naasaa street. N. B.?Cam . forwarded to ajl parts of die Union, tne Canadas and Weal Indira. Persona purchasing tlieChesta can,by addressing the College, gratuitously obtain whatever additional advice thvy mar desire ilnring the progress of their case. >M im PARTNER WANTED.?In a Chemical establishment, situatsd in ihr npper part of the ciiy, and engaged in the manufacture of article! yielding a laige profit, aud in constant deintud. But a small capital will h- renuued, aud the lucra. ive character oi the business will be fully shown to those detiroes to engage in it. A person unacquainted with the buai nest, can become master of it in a very short time. A line left at this office for L X. will recei' e prompt attention. n27 3t#r DR. FURGUSON'S /""rELEBRATED Oolden Vegetable Pilla for the cure of Ay O?-?, (fleets, fcc. he. The high importance attached to these pills is from the fa -t that they are entirely vegetable , onraining no | article of mereurv or any other noxious ingredient; they impart no smell to the nrrath, and may he taken without exciting the least suspicion. These pills have for a lone lime been tavorably known in Europe, where thounsands ofnogfa are annually to d They usually perform a perfect care in three or four days. One box will be sufficient in moat cases. Price >1 Agent?G. COLBY. 331 Pearl street corner of Frankfort. ti26 tdl*re PREMIUM ROflfc FOR ctuVToN WATER-Madc from canvass, covered With duek, being prepared in Ml >wn superior manner, with India Robber; is perfectly water tight nuder the great pressure; is clear, and (a the best India Rubber Hose rxtaat. Also for sale, ihe newly invented Hemp nose, on ncconnt 01 and at the mauulacturer'a IflWN'. prices, in quantities toauit. HORACE H. DAY, Successor to Roibury India Rubber Company, rlend *r 45 Maiden Lane, pLOTUS KOR MAC in POSH COATTlININOB made V |or in in Eniland by the manufacturer, who mppliei Macintosh, have ju?t been receirril, embracing all the atvlea at prevent fachionable abroad. O utlemen who hale waited for na to receive iheie clotln, are now inf irmed that we are ready to All their onleri for Maeintoahea of quality, far superiortothoie uiuilly imported MM Made opafter the prevailing American faabiona for winlrr outer garments. Also, canes made without teams and very full. Buyers of Maeintoahea will pleaae remeaher that Diy't American Macintosh lathe only real Macintosh made in this country. Measures taken. HORACE H. DAY, 45 Maiden lane, n2f> Imr Successor to Roibury India Rubber Co. Post Orrica, New York. Not. 26, IMS. UNOLISH MAIL.?Letter bans for England per Royal 1-s Mail Steamer Aradia, leaving Boeton on 1st Deeamnar nest, will close at the upper and lower poat offices in this city, cn Wednesday, the Mth instant, at 1$ minutes to 4 o'clock, P. M. By an arrangement with the contractors, the Steamboat will not leave the wharf until the Eipress Mail from this office is icceived on bosrd. n77 Jt r JOHN LOKIMER ORAHAM.P. M. ..... ...... .. T.?1. Omcn-New York, Not. *J, 1*42. ^A-AIL*i AKRANOfcMfcNT ?Th* mail matter for the 7, Mtwrn OMWifli ia Ohio aod Penmylnnii, rhe flute of MiohiK^n, the northern parts of Illinois mi l lnrfi?n*. and the JTemtories of Wi?ronsm and town, is forwarded bp ths way of Imhuelphm ami Pittihorih, (instead of Buffalo.) Mail* for which are closed at 3fc o'clock, P. M. daily, eic-pf flandars, on which diys a I mails ara made up, and tha omc- closed at IS o'clock, P. M. nZI 3t r JOHN LOKIMKR GRAHAM, P. M. (1UN8-UUNH? OUNR-At a?mti#n price^ re I ducking guus. made riprcaalr tot l?u " w?lIf laud. . ___ 200 Cocking (Inns, assorted, 14 to J4 I'osea, a?a rt lengths, *10 Single barrel Hunt, common u> (ine. 100 Hides, from f6 to M each. *)04 Paris pistol* ... . . .... . Gunsmiths so,I dealers in guru will find at this depot emry article wanted by ihe manufacture r of ap >rlsman, in any quantity desired, ?s follows?gun locks, ride locks, barre a, epilogs, cuaes, cajis, wards, worms, tips, ribs, triggers furniture, kc. Also, horni sud power-desks, from 1 to l*ot:came bags, shot bsgt, primers, wrenches, kc. A. W. SPte S k CO , nX lm*r 211 Petri street. '7'IIK KKKV1LIN (III BHOADWAY.)?Foranle .he i.jge, I lurni'ure, futures, fcc., of the above establishment. The lease has nine years and lite months, uneipired, from the 1st of Deremb.r neit. The house stands 40 feet front, on Brosd way, sml HO (eet deep, frontint Trinity t-hnrch yard and Thames street. The building; ia three stories high snd an attic. It ia ca(>ahle of accommodat ng thirty persons, besides the dining rooms, bsr room, bowling alley* and billiard saloons. Th# drat iloor and basrment, consist of two .tores a d cellars, which let lor ?2JO0 per annum, The whole establishment is furnished 'hronah'Mi' anew I will be s<dd on moderate terms, to any person with a small eaali rap.tal. For further particula a, ap ply to BENJAMIN WILSON, Ii26 3lis*r On the Premises. 1'OK.ftOUKSE FKMALK PILLo. rlK far-fame I and celebrated Pilla, from Porrtfjfl, wa tetcaiva, to ha obtain*) is this country fcathtfitf, agr.t on tna last solemn ** - ?t

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