Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1842, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1842 Page 5
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Mxiico aid Tiiii?We lay before our readers, at the request of th? Mexican Consul, the following olticial documents iu relation to the receul incur won ol the Mexican i into Texas and capture of 8au Antonio The Texan accounts ol these transactions have been published here, lolore ? y. O lite Consulate of the Republic of Mexico, ) Niw Oslios, Nov. 9, 1541. ) Messrs. Editors of the Bee .-?Trusting to your impartiality, 1 request you to republish an account ol the late successes oi the Mexican army at nan Antoinio de Bejar, which 1 have extracted from official documents received per schooners Kmbh-m and Creole, and dated Matamuras, 30th October. "On the 11th of Sept mber, early in the morning, General Woll, with a force ol six hundred cavalry and lour hundred luiantry, took possession of San Antoinio de Bejar. One hundred aud fitly Texaus entrenched themselves within the hou?es ol the public square ; but, upon learning that a part ol the Mexican army was inarciung upon them, seventy -eight of their number made their escape, auJ seventy-two surrendered at discretion, alter hall an hour's truitless resistance. Those a ho tied will probably escape, as they were favored by a dense log. " Ou the lsih, thr e hundred Texans approached S n Antonio. Oeu. tVolihft the town w ith a part of his forces to give them battle, when the Texaus commen la retreat. Alter retiiuur ubiat three un l n hall lea being overtaken by the Mexican troops, they formed behind an unpenetrable Copse upon the Arroyo Salado, an I prepared to defend themselves. General Woll engaged them, aud during the action perceived that a hundred and rtity Texan* had attacked hi* rear. He immediately despatched Colonel* Muutero, Kangel, and Carrasso, tu o squadrons ot the tegiments of cavalry ot Santa Anna, and a small held piece, who, al'.er a quarter of an hour'* action, killed one hundred and twenty Texan*, took til- , teen prisoners, aud wounded five. i Those who were upou the Arroyo Salado, utter liav- i ing kUltered great loss, retreated, aud were not purtutd, us night intervened, and the Mexican* required rest, hav- ' ing eaten nothing during the whole day. " lit th<-8e short campaigns the Texan* have lost their arms, ammunition, horses, and more than six hundred men, killed, wounded, and prisoners- the latter being Well treated.'' I remain, Messrs. Editors, yours, very respectfully, K. DE AKKANGOIZ, Mexican Consul. BurrsLO.?The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser ot the 1 did instant, says 1 Such an abrupt end unexpected termination of the ca- ! nal commerce as is likely to take place, must be attended with great loss and perplexity loour forwarders. Ot one i hundred and lilty boa s ufnch have left this city with < heavy uargoes during the past Week, scarcely one quarter 1 of them Mill beenauiedto reach tucir places ol uestmu- J tion, so great are th>' impediments upon the canal. We , have ha j no advices bey oud Lockport, bill between this city and that place the ice it so formida 1c us to check na. i vigation entirely. ? Dui ing the first two weeks of November, a greater | amount of business was transacted at the caual otlice in this cay, than Mas ever before di*po>ed ol. Du mg the three folloMiug days, via: the 17tb, 18th an 1 lOtn, the shipments m ere correspondingly large. One hundred and forty.six boats cleared eastward, uie tolls I from which amounted to $I3,3U3. from that time to the present, toere has been scarcely any business transacted, 1 in consequence of the closing of tbe canal. The total of tolls received here, up to thecloseof the lsih instant, for " 1841 and 1841, were? j 1341. 1841. Gain. $947,913 (974,386 $17,034 a Had the trade continued to the usual period, 3dth November, the excess of tolls this season over 1341, would have UIUUUU'UIO pou,uuu. / Mutiny.?T e tirst mate and two passengers of the ship f Henry , at New Oi leans,Irom Liveri>ool, have been arrest ( ed lor mutiny - J IIIMM? | || I " II Mi II !! ! ! HI I ! J&L tUki L'.- iH wc'i kuowii |>uoiie hous?, Bowery t i; C tUge, wun in- building mid u tcvpired It-.ue of said | ' iSdh re u?*. % Inch five yens to tin from ?he Ut of tu xt A in >. ?, w I II ju iciou* man .ge uieut, will eutble lite V purchaser io liv rem ree \ i'lie pret n uptu ocing about to retm iuto the country jj will sell U|K) * od .ciui* to <t r< Sj*ou?lO r pe on ^ Ho. pailKular*, luquut ol K. TAKM*LE, T 11 ' | Bowery, apn KOit SALK, the cheft|>e*t Farm id these pails, of 70 f^W acres, goo buildings, plenty of fruit, woo<i and water. i XJJL lurn e oi txcnu^e lor good city property, four X Va.u .ole (Alius And lour H our* aud lot* iu and until Tlaiuheld. iX Us. to trade for ur> good* aud groceries, Ucw Mouse aud two h ott. W| Do. valmb'e lots iu Jersey City. Call < n S. VAIL, Sour- j, days, 41 Cou. tlaudl >trcrt Iroin Id to 2. Oiher days, i iainficld i,l N,Jhwrit *74 wuhioitoo it* n Teu sin ?ll iarmj tor sale low. S. V. M i.2o 5 w m ft ffqL W A.N 1 Ko TO I'lihCHASt?A country resideoce f^W within 26 units ol New York, out- w nh from i cj 20 _ ^jULacresol laud, uear Loug Island Hound, preferred. Ad ?it *> with lull particulars, bo* 7, Post Otfece, i'ou. bkeepsie, N. J Y. nl4_ b WILLIAM BHOWN'H cIp*ap cash store, 126 Chatham opposite Ho?evelt street.?oasiiinere. Silk aud Kui 11 .t?, (). ? i , teal, N uiri i, ClOl!) and Si Ik Velvet (..a;'*, ."t vcral new patterns,richly trimmed auu neatiy liuishcu. A large assortment of I'uicy furs, 1, u* trimming, splendid lyu* mulls, and me real *wau*J*wu mm mm*, all of wnich will be sold, wholesale or retail, very low. ulG lm#ec. Aj SKLLI.Nl> OKHA'l W A l.K KK'S.-ji 0 it I adk B French gaiters, Kreuch aud satin shpi>ers and buskins, itHi pr tine calf stitched tools, S3 to $3 60 per pair, 300 pr call and fine pegged boots, from $2 to 2 26 and $2 60 i?er pair, 200 pr ol boy's coarse aud tint boots, irom $1 to $2 and $> 60 p-r pair, 630 pair children's do Iroin 3s to 6i i*t pair, 600 pr ladies an- misses boots, shoes aud buskius, from 4* to 6s and $ I per pr, tit m of (tuts wsisr proof boots, moccasins, India rapbsn in abuml tuce, ityeh's coarse and line boots of all sorts aud sizes, iroui$l 76 to $2, all warranted. All the above goods 60 |>er ct. the curapest iu the city. Call aud see for yourselves. Canal st, comer ol Broadway, at oS4 lm*ec J. 8. WALKERS. a i LIN TON i HKAP IJ.-ot unl Mmr M4iktr,6un Ureauwich, corner Spring st, is the only place Where can be l'ouud oools aud shoes to suit the limes. All those who wear boots and >hoe? will do well to give % c til. Ladies' aud m'sses buskius Iroin 3, 4, 6, 6, 7 aud Q shillings per C pair; ^l utleineu*' bo ?ui Irom 12 shillings lo 41 per pair; boys" ? boots from 8 dulling* to $2 ill i>?r pan. All who wuu to save 21) T pet ctut will give a e.all at the t'Luton Cheap Bool and r?h?e k? Maikel, 609 Gteenw nil Comer Spiiug sir* ' oh liii'r ^ 11^. > wv/VAO rtHW OnUCiC-liOCKWOOO. A1 Bmadwav, keep*a tmt> assortment of lauies'nna u eiitiUffiu boots ami shoes, of the latest American ami European lash ions. Orders received by the dozen trorn places of fashionable resort. u| |mr MILLENARY ARTICLES, CLOAKS. \ ?V I TOKINK \ CO-, from Paris, respectfully luforui the I adies of this city, that they will open on the 9th lust., Broad way, betweeu White and Walker streets, a splendid assortment of lists, Capuies, C oaks, Pelerines^ Cam ails, fancy ami street presses, .Scarfs, Shawls, Veils, Feathers, Marabouts, &c., oI the laiest "aria lashiou. Just received per ship Ville de Lyon T Iroui Havre. Dress and Cloak making promptly eiecuted. us lM*r 01 CO GRANITE.?The Staten Island Granite Quarry being now in full oj?er ition, will supply Gr.iuite of any dimensions, either cut or rough. Building stones either for block of rouble th work, ashler, sills, and lintels, steps and platforms, will te de* livered at shortest notice, u? Keiitle lge for ships, and shingle ballast or smaller stones k will be delivered ou board auy vessel in N*wYork harbor at tne lowest rates, in Vessels cau load with great dispatch at the wharf on Staten bland, whira 14 mi wpn ol watav i* had. Th? railroad being in good order, the cars are laden and brought abreast of the shipping. No dauger from ice during the winter months. pi For furlhar information apply to LEWIS GIBSON, Agent, At the Granite Wharf, Staten Island^ ai r to the Office of the Company, ioo Pine st.eor of South,up stairs ^ oM r S E GLOVER. President. j; FLUTE AND GUITAR. ? MR. PHILIPE ERNST, Professor of the Flute, Guitar, an ^ patent Concertina lu gs to announce to his friends aud pub- y lie that he haj just published his new " Rondo Militaire" for the 5<, which WUl be found well worthy the attention of the learner oi amateur, Irom its heiug well adapted to that instrument aud calculated not only to please but to afford instruction. This Rondo, with several other pleasing pieces of his composition "for the guitar" are to be found at Mr. Ernst's residence 68 Canal street, where he continues to give lessons ou tr.e above R instruments sl'<m*r ESPY'S PATENT CONICAL VENTILATOR. rPHI^cheap, simple an I efficient apparatus is adaplc u to all c -i- purposes of Ventilation. Ships, Steamboats, ^ nurches, 1 Pri?nn? \1uira Va-lfv An htr .??? h- if. tion bt kept free from ell foul air and uuwholesi me effluvia; it r u also an effertnal core for Smoky Chimnics. ' 'he subscriber havmg purchased the ri glit for the City and [ ConulyofNew York, ii prepared to sipply the public with v Cone* on demand. e Meul Rootfiug of all deacriptioni t uraiahel iu any part of the b con ntrT. Ctoton Water Pipes and Plumoert'Work in general. Alao, h Galvanized Iron and Tin Ware at wholesale. Store pipes, t, bath tuba, coal hoda, Itc at rncea greatly reduced. p All work warranted, an i orders by letter attriiot d to. > P. SUMMER, i a2j Stn m 120 Watei street. TOSEPH McMURRAY, lOO Pine street. New York, gieea w Drafts in au'ns to suit anrlica* fa, on the PROVINCIAL BANK 6K IRELAND, Payable at? Cork, Bainbriilge Limeick, Ballyinena, Clonmel, P ar.oiilow n, Londonderry, Dnwnpatirk, Sligo, Ca?an, ' WeS'Ord, Lnrgan, B-ilcat, Oinagh, < Wa'erford, Duiigaunon, c Gateway, Bandou, Arn ago, Enini, ? Aihlone. B illvthannon, ? Coleraine, S rabane, ' K'lkrnnr, Dnngervin, ? B illina. Mallow, ? Tratee, Mooejrmore, Ynughal, Contchill, ' K.nnirkilleu, Kilrnah. Mooachan, ENOLAMD. I Spooner, Atwood k Co. Btnkera, London. F Payable iu erery town in Great Britain. P W. Byrnes. E?ouirea, Liverpool. Ci*v ol Glasgow Bink. * Payable in every lawn in Lcotland u23 lmr * THE MfTl-ANGl LAR SYSTEM OF WRITING c GREAT REDUCTION. raow twaLta to bis !>oi.i.aas ! " MR. BRISTOW of London, respectfully informs the Ladies and < fentleinvn of New York and Brooklyn, that his claaaea ^ Day and Keening, have mmeienied /?r fke reason, and that he has atoocgo his Teima .me naif,?to Sn Dollars ' c Ai a "t rar No Bioi>?w*y ana I'aaa l'i.?. ? v. GeollJ^" of all ages ara poailirely tauitln in main lessons % bold, dittou.\ uuj tim?to-<I hiisiiKHs-likf style o< Writing, ^%L?n^iter ww bad, tllemM* ttifl, or CMmjwdlhe writing mwwo?. 8ee aueciineat At U.e d??or, 235 Broadway. ami tm? l ai>i? ? h \ -it A hid kllidiont. delicate iud huhmniibte Kuuuing Hani Iff Twillvi Ka ? Uiioina ! tr^ VISITORS i. New York can take cenrte in Three Dun Mr B i? to he teen from 9 to I A M., or from 4 to 9 P. M. ^ s Kvrmiiit (iistes Irom 7 to . Hooa-Krrnno ? Tuigh ou a aniwrior method, by double aud nugle entry, ' ?.euuiicaiiy aud practically. 1 I ?N \ I ?N ^ 1 C 1 C 1 ST EN OO K/V PHY. A u? ill tii? An of Writing Short-hand, for (.king down Lecture., S?rmnn>. Trial, at Law, kc. lie., taught per fectly bv Mr. Briatow in on. <uuiae o< leaaoua ! at iJ4 Broadway. Bee a apeeitnen. N. B.?a work of the author ia preaented to erery pupil fbt their permanent <m<le. n2l lna*r TO KAAllLlES OOINO SO': I'll, to the Weat luoiea 01 Europe ?A reapectablr female, 2| yeara of age, wiahea to obiaiu a permanent aitnatien aa aeamalreaa, in a geutecl family. She wonld prefer going to Europe, yet would nccrpt ol good offer to go Sonth or to the Weat Indiea. The beat ni leler ' encea gieen. Addreaa A. A. A. boi TtS, upper Pott office, N. 1 York. _?i#r ( /"lOPPEH ? IOO Caaea rcry auperior Engliah Copper from II I ' oi to Horn, for aaia in lota to auil tmichaaera by C. K. COLLINS k CO., i at* N Methane li t BY~THE PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED STATES. IN pnnu?n,f of law, |, JOHN TYLRR, President ol the I I idled Statra ol' An erica. do hereby declare and inake known. that a public sale will be held at the Laud oilier at IjHKK.N BA V iu the Territory of Wiakouaan, cotmneucrliig ou Mond.y, the lUUeiith day < f Jjuuary Hell, for the di?ol itir | ublic land* wtthiu u?r I inn* of the uudcrmentioued CoWuahii"*aud f ictton*! town-hipa. to %% it; Xorth of the butt line and eiat of the meridian. ! raclroinii lowuaiiipa elghteeu and uiueieeu, ol range nineLeeu, and tr.ii.Uon tl U*wu?Iiiimi eighteen aud uiueireu, ol rauge twenty. 1? ractioual township tweuty five, lying norm and rait of the line ol the dOO 000 acre tract, and towuahlpa tweiit>-Jt*, twentyte*eU,aud tWeut)-eight, of range twenty. r (actional township* twenty-live twenty lis, ami tweuty-seken, ho deriu^ ou lire, n Bay, and towiuhips iweritv-eight, llirly-one, and tinrt>-lwo, *ud Iraciional townships thirty-three Mid thirlv-f nr. lying aouth and we*t of Menomnie river, of range lwent\-ont-. Fractional township* tw?*uty-aeven, twenty-eight, and twenty lilue, horde-Ill* <|| (irvt'il BiV. thirtv and traction il townships thirty.ouo, thiity-two. thirtv-three, aud thirtylour, ly 114 o > tin* soutn and wt?t side ol Meuouiime river, of range t w entv?two. f ractional township t wenty-niue, bordering on Green Bay, lownahip ttiir<y, and fnutioual township* thirty-one, thirt>threr, and thirty-lour, lying south aud west of Meuomiuie riTer of range twenty-three. Fractional lowushms twenty-nine and thirty, bordering on Green Bay and south of Mruounnie river, ol rvuge tweutylour. Green lslaud, designated as sections nineteen and twenty, iu towanhipth ?ij. <>t r tuge twen y-live. Two small isUiidt, iu Fox Lake ia township thirteen, of ranpe thirteen. b ractional sections fourteen, twenty-three, and twenty-four, iu to wn.hip thirty-lour, of range twenty nine. Lauds appropriated by law l??r the use of schools, military, or Other purposes, w ill Lie i xcluded fro in sale. The sale will be Kept opeu for two weeks, (unless the Iain's are soouer disposed of ) and no longer, aud no private entries of land in the township so offered will be aduiiited Until alter the expiration of the two weeks. Give.i uudvr my hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-seventh day ol September, Auuo Domini. 1812. JOHN TYLER. By the President: THO. H BLAKE, Commission?) of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person claiming the rigtit of pre-emption to land in any of the tow riships designated in this proclamation, iu viitue of the piovisiotis of the act of 22d June, 1838, as extruded and mollified by the act o< 1st June, 1810, or of the provisions of the latter act, ( where those Uws still apply to such claims by reason of the absence of the plats at the Register's office on the .'id June, 1811,) or by virtue of the act ol the 4 th September, 1811, each granting certain privileges to another and different :l.ns of requested to prove the same to the satifaclioii if the Register and Receiver of the pioper Land Olhce, aud nake payment therefor as soon as practicable alter seeing this jolice. and before the d ly appointed foi the coniiiieuciuneut of In public sale of the laud as above designated, otherwise such lain* will Ih orfi iu d ; Where the year subsequent to the tiling of the plats shall exure previous to the dry used for the commencement of the sale ibove mention* d, claims under the act* of 1838 and 184<>, above r lei red to, will tie lot leited if not proveu up aud paid Lor prior o the expiration of such vear. THO. 11 BLAKE, i Commissioner oj the General I Mini Office. qI8 ltaw J r (:>) .O.N 1X)M AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS [XT HOLKSALK AND Kh'.'i'All. oVV.II . 'in. >v crtberha* eevivid ind ulfors for m!? * ;ir*? aasoct* ueut ol nmtoried 1 nilta Rubber Water Proof lioo?L, viz: 1 Coals and Capet, ol superior L una, Caalui.crt- Lama, Persian, dennoand Cottou, ol ail colors *ud anas* Cloth? ludia Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama I'w* I Illd 1 Ottl Qt , :? pAM d lOI t llors. India Rutiber Webbings lor suspenders, corsets, fcc. *28 6in*r CHAS. ABKAHAMSON. ^UfcAP f AStill) tABLK TA1LOK1NU, at 108 bream ui ^ street.?Where dors the money come from that supports the *i?eliiive Tailoring Kstabli?hiii*uts scattered over the city ? ',in it couie Horn any place bui the pockets of their customers? Vi t'.e above number it is oelieved gentiemeu can find an est i ilishuieui conduct* d ou Ine tuiciest principles ol ecououiy,aud ;aruieuts made in a style of* leg tnCc and uurability u us ur passed by any house lu the cuy. I ue prices charged are? for Dre?s Coats, of the best West of Lugland Cloths. $14 te 2? VooJ dyed West of Kugland Cassimere pants b to 8 'est* ol caslunrre, satiu, silk or cloth, to b ujK-rliiM btaivi i/i?noau, $40 style, for 18 to 24 I rest Coalsuiade ami trimmed, 7 to 9 ants aud Vests, lh? to 2 JOHN MOFFAT. u 1 | ui * r fiiluNCH AlillKlClAL FLOW KUb,a inaten ?1 lor lio lists?Bui NLAUOSILRK &t COURT, 1.6 William St., ic*.e??ors i I bruiila Kosiere At Co have just received by ll?lavre Packets Baltimore aud Villede Lyou, a large assortment I fashionable dower*, ol the latest Pa isiau style. Mourning lowers a I * liuchesse D'Urleau*, Corns and iVse.s, and a real variety ol new talicy d/tlcUsol toilet lor pa i ties and balls, 'lie No. lit Wnliam sutel is the hue sud only depot ol thus, tperior articles iron their manufactory Rue de Tiacy, No. 0 Paiia. u2 lm*r bhUAKo- dkOAKd. tMiK lollowiug choice be?*r? an* always on hand at HKNRR*UL*'? HAVANA AND PKINC1PK SLOAK t TURK, wholesale and retail, basement bl William st. c Kiondos, lu hall and quarter bones a Do. No. , half aud quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter and eighth do Para Regains, in quarter do Rt, ol a superior quality, in ?*, ^ and 1-lOth boxes p Cougresas, iu quarter boxes Trabucas, do do La Norma, do do .. La Lspeiauza, do do p 'l'res Amigos. iu cartons of 20 each Loodou Itigulius, 10 carious of 10 each 111 La Pruela, iu quarter boxes fl iVIisgau's t|>otled, iu quarter boxes 1 rsueiilla's, do. of superior quality Yugcueudad, do di" Ueinoyas, do *{" Maieos, do j Priucipes, of the Keudou, (.'rut and Sins, all cut. to deb. , Prnnaveras, in quarter boxes ''' do - Conshuitias, do a Bust ime, do Kstnero Keg alias, do Imperial do, uiqnarte oxes, a superior arti.le. N'. b.?Hotel* aud groceis idled ou reasonable terins. " oil luib _ IKOYAt KAN I KKANCAlS.No. 1 Nassau St. opt esite ( the Custom House. J. Ou.sNaKU lit t'. UKLA-itilT* E. have llie honor to luforin their acquaintances and strung.!* riierulty, in si they tia*e eut&rued iticu breakfast aud Uiuiuit a' .,.lis,alio tiave besidi s an united couvenieul rooms tor private I trues, aud will |>ay paiticutar attculiou to orders lor limners * ud Suppers in piitalc nouses, which they will lurnisli at very L loderate prices. 1 Itcy constantly have ou hand? biuiuiy Preserves of all kinds. Liquors in great variety. A Wines of sit brands. Uil ol Olivesletined. (iruvere Cheese. New Chatcl Cheese. Truffles and Musliroonu. til Fat Lifer Pies, Etc., he. o27 lm'r_ w N WILHKL.MS, No. 231 Broadway offers lor sale his new '' ' impoi led slock of goods, wholesale aud retail. _ 1.?Ul Linbroulerie., commenced and finished pieces of van- *j is kinds; worsted, wool. stitching aud kuitliug silk, beads, |'. m, i mi ius, <kc. [ 2.?In small anil lace wares, all sorts of silk and worsted u rings, borders, trimmings, tassels, fringes, and every article in >c as line, dout in the must fashionable taste. 3.?The most copious and splendid choice of artificial llowers, me in the neatest work and newest taste, bouquets, diadems, c- ... I 1.?Articles of cast .run of the most varions descriptions, 1 anufaetured in the Koya| Iron Kouitdary at Berlin sc S.?Kxquisitr and neat figures in bronze. ni li ?A beautiful assortmnit of superfine basket wares. H 7.?A considerable and elegant choice of pressed and painted e: pier, sheets of letter paper, visiting cards, wafers, Jtc. t< k ? An elegaul and great store of the finest porcelain. z> 9.?A splendid assortment of the finest dressing articles,cases P id perfumes. o2ll lm'rc lc j"X KACT Irom the following Committer's llepoit:?Con- q s side ring that it ( Wild, r's Salamander Iron 8 ife) was exisril to all intense heat for a period ol right hciirs, while sch of the others were destr yen by the same i,. less ilian (_ ski hours, we have no hesilaiiou in sayiug th it we causider Vildrr's ?>lamandei Safe really fire-prouf, and affording per n irurity to books and pa.rrs in rise of lire. .i <;?A?LKS H. MARSHALL, , BALDWINS. CO, WAUSWOTH k SMITH, ? MI.NTURN U CO. 5 Wil<W'? Pa'ftit SaUm.iuder Kirr Proof Ssfo rai, nnlv be bad ,, t tbe Iron Wart ii utr ol SILAS C. HERRING, o 139 Water itrrrt. N. B ?Second band Safes of other makers, such as base s *eo taken ill part pt> mrnl for Wilder's Sate, can be had at less ban one half of the li st COIL n2trlw RAFFLE?RAFKLE-RAKFLE. ~ J IMIR thiol a id lasr Giand Katfle this season?Tickets One a Dollar each.?To b* rafHed for rositivelv on Tuesday 13 of c )ec. iifif.n handsome Spanish Circular Gentleman's Cloak, c nth cape and siik velvet collar aud facings, and complete in very other resiwct*. For |mr icuiars applv ar No. 1 Murray st, asemeut, corner Broadway, where the cloak cin be seen. Tickets only 1 dollar, which inust be paid for when the nttm r* .rr i it. Any g?nil< m vn wanting v chnk would do tn II ) try in this, for at the n*k of only one dollar lie may become ossed of a cloak w orth $90. The ralfle will positively take lace on the abore named dvte, at St. Johns Hall, 8 Frankfort t, at 8 o'clock in the evening precisely. J On Christmas and New Year's There is to be snow, Wi'hont a cloik t You must not go To visit the ladies; Yi u know it's no joke, c So take tny advice And come (or the cloak. n24to1Sdc*ec 1 THOMAS JO.NfcS, accountant, 183 Broadway, resprclfully J A announces lh?t he has commenced lor the season to give (renin instruction iu Book-keeping.Penmanshipand Cominer* ial Arithmt ir. TIWIUO) hiindn -Is of it lormi r pupil g w ho ire now holding situations of the highest resiHiiuibilily as clerks 1 aid bookk-rpert in this city, afford the best possible test for my enquiry as to tlie merits of a system of instruction J vhich has grown out of many years of experi nee An adequate lilisenre wilder the course lu re pmsucd will secure to astu- ,J lent the ability to discharge all the dunes ol the desk in a mas- n erly nann.'r, and give him < knowledge of accorn s such as is 8 ery rarely attained through years of experience. < rrtitica'es of qualification are givrn wiien deserved. i TO PaRIC.nTH?Cert aim hours of the day are dr voted to he instru tion o< a few young gentlemen who desire a thorough reianiion for business. Published and for sale by the author, M Jones's Principles and 'nctice of Book keeping," 8?o. price I2?. This is the only ( American win k on ihe suUiec renruited in iLrirlaiid. Il i? ?U dopird in tlir first Academic fustitutious in thi* city. > n9 lin'r S II I R T S . JHIHT9 mad* .itter the latest nod most approved French 1 ' patterns. CoctJ. i antalooDS, vests, and all under varments, J lade to order at short notice and in the most fashionable style. ' Gentlemen's k tiruiihicji Ftore.CT and 69 Maiden Laiie, New ' roik. ' WM rOf.f.lN* I jtltONo, ,M( jffBfel.N A llttlJ Jfc. ?B. aver Street, offer 5 lor s ilr? | 6'? Palt * superior h"M V Black W.vlditig. 5<mi* lb Sui?mot Cap Filling. No?. :0 i ?10. 30t?0 lb rrior Vara T?ui,No?. 2a to *i2. A lull fuftoriuieut of colored Bilefias and Bleached Bheetinga ' n i Bhirfingpi 1 V( K fci B will receive ordt r? forfhe Wnihiiigfon Bltach- | c * I \ nig tlUkillhlW, forHkiohthey arr s?de amenta. * n23 2w#r l JIUAH 1)1 VA?N? Broadway ?James K. l)?*l Vtcchio t ' -V. ( <> , rrij^cifully inform their numerous friends and the uhlu , that they hive just <>|Hi??d me Divan, 3(toH Iroadwty, adjoining PinteauCi S tloou, where will be round a *r??* a*?ortiueut of the best seg ir* in the city. All scgars sold 1 it this esiablistimeiil axe Wairanted imi?orted JAMFS K. DKL VFCCHIO )m?nwiti KOBKHT A JOllNSQ^. . ~ ROUND .spiCLri AND COFFEE . A n ''Ik. HOPe', MILLS, If Markettield street, between I f\ Dro.l2 "J"1 Whitehall, late *7 fclitabrth street. New York i timer iw fr?nt st. t .instantly on hand, at the low est market r prices, ann in the n*n *1 e ?nrrv of iMrlraffes j FENCING SA LOON ? SHOOTING GALLERY. , KM KB. 8, 41.1 Broadway, entrance in LlS|>euaid street, . second door, lately I, Kuro,?., Professor of the art oj Fencing, *ivr. inetructioiii ,, k use of the .traivht jcrookeihaud I nrkish sword, hauling knife, maske) snd bayonet, Stan, and every sper.irsol weapons. Gentlemen, lovsrs of this art, military officers of the army oavy, (sc. are respectfully invited to csll and witness an exhibition of his skill in this uselul and important art. A spacious double Shootiua Gallery, illuminated in the evening, will alao be found with eupenor Iwiee nstols-whoot in? at a distance of 110 yards sltfe -i Magazines at periodicals for nov Ailist, GodeyN Ladies Book, Graham Magaui World el> ashiou, Youiut Peoples' Book. Soatng and Lu Miscellany. 9kc.\ Farm Route of the XlX century, wu . ?; than rung enjtraviugs ; Bi.dical Journal ami Christian Family Magaaiue, edited by -he Rev. H. Rood and D. Newell ; Terniterance and other Aluiausc* ; the Rainbow andRulnut, anew huinorotu and witty journal, well calculated to please the livrlv aud gay. All of which will be told at wholesale aud retail, and those who bu> to sell again at a lower rate tliau cau be obt tine 1 elsewhere. .V B.?Kilty agents w anted t > circulate magazines, periodi cals, tec. A. J. SEXTON, No. II Beekm m, pj lmr corner Nassau. CMsK'S NOVELTY COOKING BTdVEs, ku * reived no premiums in an) institute except the American Institute, New York, because they have uot been ethibited m any other, but they have received that which carries with it far ereater weight, ?nd speaks ino c effectually ol its good ?i alllies, namely?the justly merited praise of being superior to all other Stover, by hundreds who have used the Very Stove boastiu. its I'reoiiuiAs. Query?VVnich Strive will cousuine the leiat fuel, providing the drill is si that yo?? cau regulate it at leisure, the one so construct'd tii it?very dish being cooked c m be brought near th? lire, or i at w Inch admits of ouly part of the cooking uear the tin ! Fx mine the Novelty Stove, 209 Water si Is not that Stove which will admit of the greatest quantity of cooking ou the smallest space, and cook it well, with the least amount of iuel, the best Stove, be it which it tnay 1 Look at the Novelty stove. j A ...? ? .?i? r 1 J 1 ?.?. .v uniiru wirnmit chauxiMK. a urge turkey rustled without moving the roaster to and Iro, ami a roriespomling amount ol bailing doue at the tame turn , and all done too, to perlecli ni, a better prool of the ine'itt of a 8tov?* than a diploma handed you by three men who have merely looked at it and do u <t understand it* principle* at w* II a* yo irtell ? A?k tiioie who are using ihc Novelty. What belter proof can y u have of the *U]M)iiority ol ^ stove th?n tlie atleinit ol 11 other stove inmuUct unr? to copy alt* r ill Again, compare the Noveltv witiith' latest improvement*. (However, the principles of the Novelty cannot be infringed upon, for i e patent law protects that, although they may copy (he shape.) Tlie above are j lain question-, an I the public have already answered tip-in, by giving the Nov* Ity 9love the preference ovr all rise's Let a committee o f three decide w<.al the} may at a Fair, wheie merit mus! yield lo influence. We ouly ask t lair elimination ol the Nov- Ity Stove??o please call at Fink's Stove Ktublishmeul, 209 Water st. If you wuh the ordinary kinds of Stovea cheap, or have your lialU and parlors heated in the most ecouo tical manner, please call at FISK'S STOVE ESTABLISHMENT, ul5 lmr* __ 209 Water street. RKFOK.M YOUK STOVE BILLS -Kcou. niiy and utility I briu;; tin.' order of lite day, the subscriber has determined to sell Scvas at the lowest possible remunerating price.; In. Column I'arlor Stove, answering all the purpoaet of the urate, with half the trouble and expense, suitable for aittiug rooms,, stores, or halls, is worthy Hie attention ol persons wishing to purchase. Ilia assortment of cooking Stoves are not surpiused in the city, for cheapness aud superior style ol consrructiaii, combining all the requisites for kitchen use, and a great saving of fuel, which is an item uiauy persona overlook in selecting stoves. tie solicits housekeeper and others to |(ive him a call at the office of the W.ur*u Furnace Company, No. 22 Fulton street. N. Y., before purchasing elsewhere. As this company inanufaciure their stoves, purchasers will not be subjected to t tat by buying from second hands. Their assortment consists of air-tight, cooknnt aud parlor Stoves, Tumps, Iron Furnaces, Coffee Mills, Kettles, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, kc., wholesale aud retail. Orders for castings soli cited. J. V. TlllBKl'l S, old lin'ec 22 Fulton street, N. Y fc.NGLISrl SCHOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLKS DUN.NK YVA TKtlLAND, PRINCIPAL. rPHIS Acadrni) was i stahlislied two years ago, under tlie |ia-1 liniiaife of the former Iuteudeni Orlirral of the Island, ?ud ither distinguished iudividuals ol the nobility and merchants of I his city. Ill conducted ou the plan of the Oe man "uwnnaua;" and the method of tuition is the "interrogative." All the 1 irholars understand the Knglish luii?'uage, aud many ol them I ipt ak it h .bitually and fluently The Principal h is the experience of schools ill Fiance, Oerjiany, Lowland, and the United Stales. His chief aim is to five the youth entrustiTl to his care a practica knowledge of ( bote branches of a poll r education, are requind in all , ictive careers, and are applicable lo auy. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the Km;li?h, | French. Urrin in aud S|iauish lanjtuanes; History,Grugr. . lues. ( Nat'irul Tliilosopliy, tlie practical put of Mathematics, aud , Drawing* ol various kinds. Professors of divers nations and acqniiemeut* reside in the es- j ablishmeut; ?nd all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction , nun the director. . j Such signal success h is attended this plau of tui.ion, that sertral of the pupils, under tr elve year* of ages, write andsptak ( wo foreign Uugu ?ges, in a perfectly. intelligible manner, and | hose of riper years, correctly and easily. The acqui?iti*u, not only of the Si?auisli, but also of other ( nu;cu<i?etf, is thus placed within the leach of the youth n| the \ Jiiiu-d Slates, without its being necessary lor tin in to re- \ uiqu' h the many advantages which accrue Irom auLuglish id- ? cation. The object of the Principal in desiring to receive outhifironthe United States,is to facilitate the acquirement I the acceut for his Spanish pupils, which scmce rould be doubly repaid them by by tlie tatter, and to introduce * ere the manly spn it of the English schools. The youiu, emeus of the United States can have nothing to fear troin the cli- < late, the house bruits spacious and airy, situated iu a healilitul c l>ot, at a short dis auce fiom the iiy; and containing within its s inits, a fine bath and coinplr te gymnasium lor the preservation > I the pupils1 health. Two youths, lately arrived Irom Genua- * y, have p*sstd the suinintr 111 the school iu perfect health. As ( ie priuci|ml is a married man, aud his wile and sister have c Imrge of the juniordt paitmeut: children are received at any v l* hut tnat of'infancy. .... t Every pupil eqjoys his religious opinions uudisturbed. c The terms are $100 per annum, payable three mouths in ad- t luce There are noex'ras eicept clothes ;.ud books t .efereuces? V.KS8KS CHAS. DRAKE 6c BROTHERS. \ ALhXANDEu MORALES, ESQ., ? ull Havana. t JOTICE.?Whereas Samuel Bernheiiner, of Syracuse, has ? ^ acted as the agent of 11. Bernheiiner fit Brothers, merchants I i the city of New York, in the collecting of debu at Syra* I3C, and iu other business, all persons are hereby notified that 1 .s power as sucli agent has been revolted, aud all |iersous arc 1 sieby lorbiddeu to transact any busiuess with him. as such [e: tit ; aud w here as Samuel Bernheiiner and Jacob Bloch, cuu* ^ iiutiiig the dim of h. Be ml it i m v r 6c Co.. of Syracuse, have is day assigned to ii. Beruhtimer 6c Brothers, of New York, I 1 ilie goods, debts aud dt mauds ol every description; there- J re, all persons ur?; hereby lorbiddeu to pay auy nobly to said / Bernheiiner 6c Co. or either of said firm after this datt ?and J l p.iv men la of said dem ?nd> may hereafter be made to llerr- ? an lSernm uner,Emaiiuel bernheiiner or Simon Bernheiiner. / lug the firm ot ii Beiuheiiner 6t Brothers, oue ol whom will 1 found at Syracuse by any person wishing to uiake pa>t*iils;aud on whoinali persons uid bled are requested to call J un? uiaielv ana ?huU their accounts and notes. U-ted Syracuse. .N. Y., N??, 3d. 1.4$. h u't iu*"r H BEU.>iHs>IMi??R 6c UUOIHKUH^ j (J. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. ~ B POST OFFIO16, New York, 2bth July, 1842. TOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the 1. U oei aud Lower Post Offices:? -etters Ik-fore Hal. asi 8 o'clock, AMI 3 P M | Will be scut out for de- c it ail the Statio n brfore > iivcry ?t 9 A M. aaJ i a 7 ? clock. A M I ami 4 o'clock. P M. 11 J " P MJ I Letters to be sent Free, muii have "h ree Stamp" affixed to 1 icm, otherwise three ceils will be collected of the party to " bum the le'.ter is addresse i. No money must be enclosed iu uers unless re. isiered at t re I rinctpal offices. Lists ol the " nlious (at all of whicli "tree stamps" may be purchased at d 1,JO per 100, and every ion may he obtained oa ap- I icallon at lite upper or lower post i Ihces. Stamps issued hy ' te late City Despatch Post will be rec .ived. It is indispensable 11 lat the number of the residence about i be stated in ail lelte rs ui through this I'osl. t The Post Master solicits the earliest iniormation should any > regularities occur. JOHN LOKlMK.i GRAHAM ? aii2S Iv ec Post Master. AAILY EXPRESS LINES KOR ALBAM , UTICA. " J BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND CANADA.? 1 ne sentribers having oeeu engaged for the last twelve moot .% run- , ing the Albany and Buffalo Express, in connection witn larndeii tt Co.'s New York and Albany Line, have recei sly ? xtended their Express Line from Buffalo to Albany, throu 1. c > this city on their own account, will receive ami for war ail-T, (Sundays excepted,) Sjiecie, Bank Notes, Parcels, ackages, Bundles, and Cases of Goods, to aud from the fol- ? iwiug places, viz.:? J Albany, Troy, Utica, Syracuse, Anhnrn, Ithica. Geneva, anamlaigua, Rochester, Batavta, Lnckport, Buffalo, Cleve- t nil, Detroit, Chicago, and the intermediate places. ( Also, Oswego, Sackr-its Harbor, Kingston aud Toronto, r ansils. Will promptly attend to the collection and payments of bills, I otes, drafts and accounts, purchase and sale of goods and prouce by sample, aud such other transcient business as may be * utrusted to their care. 1 Each Express will be accompanied by a competent messen- " ?-r, together with responsible anenti in the principal towns lion the route. Merchant* anil other* may be assured that re- * urn* will be in thi* manner received more speedily than in any [ ther possible way. N. B.?S|>ecial Ezpresses run to any part of the country at hort nonce, and upon reasonable terms. > *15 r POM EKOY lit CO. No. 2 Wall meet dOl SK KDHNISHINW WAREHOUSE.?W ORAM te 1 HAUOHWOUT, 5G1 Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents ' nd Commission Merchants, ha?e just received and are now awning a uew and splendid assortment ot the fallowing arti les, via :? Slivered, (lilt and Bronxe Ga Cbaudaliers, 6 to 20 lights. Do Candle do 4 to 24 " Do Caudle Brackets, 1 to S " Do Gas Brackets, 1 ta t " Do una iM&niei Lights, 1 to 1 " Do Ginmuoies, 1 ta S " CaiMitebras, tui |i " Asirai Camps, Hall J amps and Lanterns, Heading Lumps lie. A new article ol Solar Lamp, a very snpenor article. Also, s uew article of Detlecler lor improving the light of he old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also, a new style of Kloreuline Bronte, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamps and Chandeliers, for hnrcoes, halls and public buildings. Platkd Ware. Baskets, Castors, Trays,Toast Hacks, Candlesticks, Napkin tings. Butter Tabs, butter and Kruil Knives, Snutfers sud Trips, Coffee and Tea Urns, itc. Kuie Table Cutlery, Hi setts and dozeus; Jaianned Tea Trays, ii great rarity of pat urns aud forms; fine cat glass B.wls, hlchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Dotlev, Sugars, Jrc. Stc. W. Si H. beg respect iully to uifoiia their friends, customers, nd the public genera I j lust their arrangement* with the malufactur.-rv are sucht at they can sell all articles in their line trrmaikably lowpri :es; and respectfully invite thrin to call .ud see their show ro ins which alone is su/ficieut to oompeu are for the trouble *22 7m r Ii h M OVAL. ~ PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH i MKMT Is removed from !45 Broadway to No. T Astor llmis* ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S L)HESS. iarmems of a most .Intint and KashisuaWe kind ft a sarin!: of #0 per cent for cash. , rIK advertiser di ins it unnecessary to resoit tJ the hack ueyrd system of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming hat the lenirth of time he lias been established, tone the r with he eilrnsive patronage bestowed on him, wilt |>roee a sum n ut voucher Tor UsesfaNilM. rouaasaliaf the sgiau~ugs ?l icing connected with ae cstensive cloth establishment in Lursps >e confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, ou comarisen, will be found lower than any other house making ui he best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. sin3m s. |'HI 1,1,1 i s,2 Astor House, Broadway [ HHAEL'S Hti rOKA I'lON, Christ's decoud Coming, I and the ,ylill?iSitan>,Wi11 be lectured on by Margaret Bishop uid others in Military H ill, Bowery, opposite Spring street, u Sundays, at three and seven o'clock, P M. Free Adunslou. A voluntary collection takeu up. Tne public are repeetfnlly invited. nt Imr* A, BOCK, 3 i Broadway, Uwhtc Hall.?A complete asl-/ Bortuieot ol llav na aud I'riucipc Began is always on hand is well a< choice lC gains, of all sizes. Plantation St g*i? (Vegni ro-) and La Cabana, first quality, ins been teceived l>\ Hir Rapid. n >9 eodkw re PIIK II111 a it the Moniiinuh Hank, N J, w ill be < m. d A at u e Clinton Bank, viz:?Teas and upwards par, lives and inder I |>c' cent. n24 I me" "sVl A K T IN'8 ti A S 11 i A 1 L O K 1 N G ESTABLISHMENT. lr>4 William Street, Corner oj ./Inn Street, [S decidedly the cheajwst in the city, 'l'hrre is "Iwayt on 1 hand a select slock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, ahich will be made up to order tu the style of make, hi, trim ning, (kc., that has given such general satisfaction during ih? asl four years, and at a positive saying of 30 par Cent. lieotlt Tienare truncated to call anil eramine. Those whi arnishlh mown goods, can have thein MADE AND 1 HIM MED. Dress Coats, made and trimmed, -$7 00 ts * 59 Kroek Coats, do do I 00 to 9 59 fanta and Vests, 74 to 2 00 Ovsr Costs. 9 99 10 11 fO (T^ Terms?Cash oj? delivery. Im'e MICHAEL K. MAHTIN 1 PALM ,

MEDICAL. HULL'S TRUSSES NO 4 CK TO RUPTURED PERSON*. pKHHON'8 - ! icted will) rapture* may rely upon tnc best * instrumental aid the world affords, uu application at iht ortice, No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of the ageuts in th? towin iu the Uuiled 8tales. careful to etaunue Uie back pad of Hull's Ummi, to aee if they art endorsed by Di Hull, 10 writing. Noue are genuine, or to be relied upon o good, without hissignature Many i>er*ou* have undertakeu to vtud Imitations ol Hull's celebrated trusses, aud thousands die imposed upon in cousejucuct*. The?e iuiititiou* cannot be relied upon ; they are made by unskilful mechanics, and are v.o better ih-ui the ordi oarv trusses. Hooins have been fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for ladies, having a stpa; tte entrance from the business dri?\rl meut, where a female is ia roust mt attendance to wait upon tt inale pmieuts. nil linr t; X P fci K II K N C E , CH)K h OUR YEARS h.u fully tested the extraordinary sir\ tucs ol DH. SHERMAN *8 MEDICATED LOZENGES. Several million boxes h*\?- been sold,and g.veii perfect satisfaction to all who have used tiiexn. PHYSICIANS AND CLERGYMEN, Lawyers, * rofessors, rich and i-oor, high and low?iu fact, aearly the whole Aineticau people, have g.veu the in their sanction, and they are now fast spreading their mliueuces to every pari of the known world. Drs. Hunter, Smith. Rogers, Vauderpool, Scott, and I'oui tiundred other physicians in New York city alone, recommend Sherman's Lozenges, daily, iu their practice. Sherman's Medicated Lozenges are never sold by the ounce, but always in botes, w ith hie name attached. The Doctor beiug an educated aud e xperieuted physicisu, and a member of the Medical Society of the city ol New York, gives a character to hit preparation thai no othun < nioy. COUGHS, COLDS. CONSUMPTION. Asthma. Tightness ol the Chest, Whooping Cough, Cougn attending Measles, mid all affection* uf the Lung*, are immediately relieved by Shi rinaii'* Cou?h Lozenges. They eunrely cure .ill recent cases iur few hour*, mill often the must alarmwg rase* of Consumption yield, a* il by magic, to their liapi y luflueuce. u iu Ihe oases of the Key. Mr. Auihoiiy, uie ltev. Mr. Strueter, and hundred* of other*, even where they had bum given up is incurable. WORMS CAUSE DEATH To thousands, without their ever being auipccted. Ciuldrru auil adult* ofleu suffer much from thein, when a bo* ol Sherman's Worm Lozeuges would give thcin iiniiiedi.,te relief.? Htiudred* of iuslances hare come to our knowledge, where m-raous ou the brink of the grave, fist wasting away, mid the physician* trying their skill in Vain, and resorting, at last, a* the only bojnj, to Snci man's Worm Lozenges, winch have restored them to health and happiness. Mow ofleu have mothers called at the Warehouse and poured fmth their thanks and blessings for the reslorstiou of Iheir dear beloved offspring. Never before has a perfect remedy been discovered for the entire eradication of all kinds of worms. riEADACHH, PALPITATION, Lowuess of Spin!*, Katiguc, Fainting, Dcaioudrney, Nervous Diseases generally, aud Sea Sickness, are all subject to the curative properties of Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. TI.ey ' lire severe headaches, tec. in ten minutes. In fact, they operate like a charm, aud no person should go to sea without them, as they are iul'allible in sea sickness. Persons subject to fatigue, or attending crowded imrties, will tind them to relieve them ol all lassitude and oppression. Warehouse 106 Nassau street. Agents?Church's, 188 Bowery; Sand's, 77 East Kcoadway, and corner C'nambcrs and Broadway; Codington. 227 Hudson; Kushtou aud Aspiuwall's three stores, and 139 r'ullou street. Brooklyn, 8 Slate street, Boston, and 3 Ledger Buildings. I'liiladelphia. aul6r VI ADAME CfJSTELLO.?F? male Periodical Pills guarf"i. auterd iu every case win re the moulhly periods have become irregular from colds or other causrs. Their cerlaiuty of action has long been acknowleugtd by the medical profession, aud hundreds that hive uselessly tiled various boasted lemeilles?ludt ed, so sure are these Pills in iherr effects, lhatcare is sometimt s necessary to their use; though thev contain uo medicine to the constitution. Advise given gratis to all those who use (he Pills, by Madame Cosletlo, 34 Lis penard st, where the Pills are sold genuine. Price SI per bo*. u:l lm*r PORTABLE. BLACKSMITH'S FOKUES.?The subf scribers, being the sole Agents for the Manufacturers of 17oucklin's Pateut Portable Forge and Bellows, beg leave to tall llie atlentiou of the i unlic to the above article, i'hal they lave been caller1 for awl introduced in nearly all parts of Ihe L'uited Stales, is, we believe a inlficieut evidence of their utility aud convenience; being imruble and compact, gives hem lar the preference over tin1 common Forge lor Shipping 1 if every description, Kail Hoods, Canals, Plantations. Monu 1 aclones nud all pur|H>ses for whicli Ihe ordinary Forge i tsed. Those manufactur ed fur the U. S. Navy are Wrough 1 run. | We would refer those wishing to purchase to some few who ran recommend them Irom personal as well as general knowedge, viz:? Commodore Crane, Nayy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Messrs. 2arr, Keim te Haines, Puiladelplna. Hon. Uoveruier Kembie, West Point Foundry, Cold Spring, N. Y. Messrs. S. B. Alt uu?<- it <Ji>. US Urondway, N. V., m<! our city blacksmith, [encrally. GAV k TEBAULT. .11 t.r. ?.. rnn.?r ol t ll.I .lip ami Wafer .1 PARK'S LIKE PiL.LS. ' jMIK Idand,invigorating,and life prolomtini power of tliis mi- i ncultius medicine nghily named "Life P? i Is" and oh ac- 1 :nuut of their peculiarly mild yet effective operation aie be- i oiniug nar eiceleu?e the favorite family medicine. To p?r- ' on? followtug a sedentary occupation they are ol the neatest 1 slur, aud iu preventing the liability to take cold, to which 1 u< h |>e**ons are so tnuclt exposed at this season by frequent ihanges fioin the extreme heat of their rooms to the external 1 mid air, Jhey remove the congealed phlegm in the throat, a Inch produces tliat uuplfasaut uckling sensation,which causes rough and destroy* rest, and who li will, it not immediately rhecked, i. .duce a traiu of evils and derange trie whole system? hey are at all times of service to assist ua;ure,bui never forget * hat it is far easier to prevent than cure. In no one lustmce las tois valval le medicine failed when duly persetered in to iffora relief, soothe the irritated state of the neryer, and bring j he whole system into a sound and healthy condition, fitting itie mud and body lor the various duties ol life, which will then >e i**rformed with ease aud satisfaction. e The loilow nig are the exclusive agents for the sa'c of Parr's * site Pills'? tushtoo k Aspinwall, druggists and chemists, 86 William st. ' 110 Broadway tnd It AetorHoaee. ... c kbrahain Sands & Co.druggists aud cht mists,grauite buildings, e 273 Broadway, comer ol 1 lumber st. * '. Dickie, 413 Broadway, comer of Lispenard st. c ohn B. Dodd, druggist, Broadway, corner Blocker st. u L. W. Bide ix. Bowery Medicine Store, 2t>0 Bowtry. I ohn C. liar;, druggist, 348 Grand comer Norfolk st, iymes' Medicine Store, 63 Bowerv. coiner of Walker st. L. B. Tnpler, corner RlkltOB and \\ .iter st. lorace Kverett, druggist, 367 Urecuwichst., next the corner of * Franklin st. it J. C n.dingron, apothecaries, 227 Huds< n steeet, corner of ttnritgfst. i. L. Carton, chemist and apothecary, 263 Blceckec at., corucjr ^V^'.WrtxVT.antggiat and apothearv, 141 Eighth avenue. 1 iruoklyu?Wrn. iwiuauong, seed, drug and palest medicine J waiehcuse. 184K Fultcn st. And wholc*ale, at proj rietors' office, T. HOBKRT8 k CO., Clarendon House, corner of Du&ne street aud Broadway. Small Boxes 25 cents. Large or Family Boxes 50 ceuts. Persons desirous of obtaining an agvuey lor their^sale in the ouniry will please direct their letters, post paid, to T. Roberts i Co., Letter Bos D-'7 New York Post Office. n22 lm#r ini iwiriw PKIIXI Vf ORTH RIVER DISPENSA R V. 2111K Kullon street near * Greenwich.?-Dr. Morrison, Member of the Royal College f Surgeons, Loudon, and formerly hurgtou id the British Naj y, HHaMM to be cousultcd daily ou all diseases M? delicate atore, and all those dist.eM| symptoms consequent ou mju iciuus Irr.-tmrut, and the imprudent nse < (quaes medicines. )r. M. has had an experience of twenty c wo yeais n treating elicate diseases in all ' 'lieir various audi: implicated l>iins,ani1 ises a mild. Mil and infallible substitute 14 r MNUT, MM ug the veucredl virus with certainty, w ithout subjecting the alieut to auy risk or restricting him iu I isusual diets or imriiils while his medicines are agreeable in taste and smell. Pcrnaueut obstructions in llie uretnra. such as strictures and enirssaentof the prostrate gland, aocr miiauied with much irriMion suii null paiu about tnese juris, arc some of the cousearnees ol inal-treatment. Dr. hi. treats strictures iu a selenitic manner, promoting absorf no of the thickened circular aemorane wirnrnit auy ptun. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thousands of young in.n are sutiering Irom tile consmpieures of indulgence in a torn n-struetivr of whose lieivf-s are further injured from l.eureot d pretended specifics, which stimulate lily to induce greet-.- r depression. Dr. Al. treats such cases on 'urely pathological principles, and nevetjails in cstablishiug nre?the strictest Donor and confidence is observed. Letters post paid, and containing a suitable fee, will ensure he correspond' ut lull advice, and medicine to any part of the Jnion, by his giving a history of his case iu detail. 204>i Ful>n street near Greenwich. nil 1 in * r PtOCTOR SEAKa.lot erly 01 4 H Ann street, may bo con Le suited at No. 7J Joss s'-cef, near William street, wot night ears past his attention has beeu devoied iu tins city to the trestneut of chronic or lingering diseases?dyspepsia, dropsies liver lid lunir comjdain's, tic. ANGINA PECTOKIS.?Its symptoms are an unpleasant eusation at the pitol the stomach, pain about the left side and egion of the heart, est* tiding often to the shoulder blade and l letweeu the shoulders, and occasioning shortness of breath ml | al juration of the heart. Doctor Sears has htd much ex- I icrience in the treatment of this disease nicO I in* r LUCINA CORDIAL. i V/TAGNIN'S LUCINA CORDIAL, for the sure nnd speedy cure of incipient consumption, barrenness, imiHitency, Inorhie or whites, gleet, obstructed, dificult or jiainfnl menstru rion, incontinence of or me, or involuutary discharge thereof, nd for the general prostrt'lon of the syst>m,uo matter whether the result of inherent causes,or of causes produced bv irieguarity,illness, or accidiul. The wide-spread celefrity of this wonderful and inestimable :ordial in both hemis) teres is a sufficient guarantee lor its iuick and positive success in curing all the above affections ml complaints. Nothing can be more surpusiug than its invi ;oret I air effects on the numan frame, Persons all weakness and assilu le before taking it, at once become robust and lull of inery under its lutlnece. It iinmedialely counteracts the nervee sness or looseness of the fe nale frame, which is the only :auic of barrenness; and which, prior to Dr. Maguin's discovey was considered to be incurable. And it s|>ecdily remotes he impediments produced by physical prostration, which fie lucuiif ucici Civil mini rtiuuk mviiiru. liangu 'k''*i inurcu, j anuot Ho instice to the merits of the Lucina Cordial, which ii j egard-d by the head* of the faculty iu all pa r Is ol the world ai ilie ul ihr ninet important medical discoveries of any age. I'rice , 11 per bottle. Sold at 93 Naasan street,anJ No. 90 North Siith r.rrct, Philadelphia. THE GERMAN SURGEON. IJOLOMON Ii I N'K. M. D., No. S7 ltrade .treet, New York. k7 In scrofula aud chronic dieasea no chance made till the nitient if antialird?medicine delivered g'atis. All iwrioni deformed, under tweuty-oue yean, can have their bones straight ned. References at Ten as to numerous patients who hare jeeucured iu this city. nV7 3in*r coughs, colDBJ " i OONSUMPTIONS, Hoarseness, So>e Throat, Spitting i ol Blood, Branch! is, lie., is c ured for one shilling I by a scientific physici -n's invention, c died?Profe?sor J met i Cough Candy, or compound utiact of tola and Spatinh moss, i composed of 43 of the rarest herbs and plants the ngrtablecm- I 1 ire lawsesea. Reol this plain, honest fiplananon to the puhl.c ? 1 he principal materials iuthis candyweie forinnly i rcsoibrd c bv an einiuenl physian, in liqnid to tn. Surely it is sn)icricr I wheti t<ken iu che ship' of a In willful candy,pleasant to the I taste, elegant iu lotm.ind miraculous in ope'atp.u It in ids but one trial to coil-nice all of its ments. It i> but one shilling for a I trial: who will use ii? It is slightly purga ire.removing all humors (rom awl purify ing It e nlood. Iu tact, Irom lh? hundreds I a ready cured by this, t ie propiistor leels warraute i inoffeimg i these terms ih-1 in case person* are not satistied, to return the money to theui?th?|tililic must pereeiie thia is (sir dealing, I snd plaiuly pron a tb t this is no putfrd nostrum The prophetor rcijti' st* one trial tr >m all persons w h i hav? pulmonary c mpl tints. He wa'rsuts there u no mercury in this as in some pulf d medicine* of the day It is sold clu ap that lieh slid |ginr in ty us it. Sold only at I, f oi I sliding* a arge package. by T. Jones, sign of the American tigle 82 Cbatnam st. N Y. Apn nnteo Agents?Zilber, Third and L) rk st. Phil, 8 State st, Boston, if State st, Albiny, >39 Fulton st, Brooklyn, Charles King, Charleston, S C, Zc.bcr, ueit to the Ame.icau Hotel, VP irid.r? l' UHit 18 TOOTH WASH?-i'reiared from the original re I cipeaiNo.i >)old street, New Yrok?The Orrn Tooth </f ash L# purely a vegetable preparation, iwimini the properie> o irieaaing the teeth ana restoring the gums toe eillhy etete, aurt preventing any unpleasant taste or odonr it he mouth, whether arming Iroro decayed teeth or from * de ranged itete of the aloiaacli. It is designed tobe need wnhatooth brneh, ud will be lonnd m rupereede thr necessity ? (i i tw:'er .keeping ?*!? teeth cleeo >nd preventing the wearing away of the t.iui li .n the teeth. It 1.1 partn olarly neeful >n cases of spungy gums, lestnring '.hem 0 a healthy state, and earning them to contract around the teeth. Ill painful affections of the teeth and gums, arming faun ipoaure to cold. It will be Innnd lurch)y beneficial. It la par ticularly serviceable to uac the Orris Tooth Wnah at night joal hefiue retiring to real. This tn-tliod la reeoinmended by cmi .rut denliita, as by so doing all particles of foo?l w'''c" *cell nulate dnring the day are entirely reinoied, and the month sent llimtigh die mghl in a clean, sweet, and healthy state. Sound teeth and while teetn are the moat valuable portioni if poor hnminity; but how many neglect the attention ne wastry for their preservation, even when surrounded by all the neans needed. Among these we know ol nooe more pleasant tod eflrrtnal than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whi tens the teeth, strengthens the gams, pnnBee the month, and 1 wee tern Die ireath. We recommend its nae to all, youny and | ' The ^^V^thSy^Od thf beet detergent we ever isedog , T?2ffCWXJ3iaUa II 1 PRIVATE MEDICAL NOTICE! TO A PARTICULAR CLASS OF INVALIDS. rPH&Iltt it oar class of invalids who merit the warmest syin A pathy of ail who den re to alleviatn the sulFeriuga of the af dieted. That class consists of those who aie laboring under the effects oftho?e vicious indulgences iuto which erriutf and tnoughtiesa youth are so olleu nwi?elled by |4i?ion or the contagion of evil example. What more pitiable sight can there be, than dial for instance, of the father of a I wnily. who has loug once repented of hu youthful errors, but who beais about with hirn in hu system, and peihaps transmits to his innocent off spring, the consequences of his former indiscretions ! Delicacy P>eveuis him from pplyiug to a physician au<l he not uufrcjtiriitl y I Si Is lute the hand* of uueducaltd prcteud^rt. Many youug men, agaiu, are deterred fru.u entering info uia&rifBCMiial engagement* Iroin the fear or consciousness thai duease is lurk ing in the ir system. To all such sufferers the College of Medicine aad Pharmacy ol the city ol New York, oiler the means of security from secondary duease, and for the removal of it when apparent, in their ierl.-br !etl "I'-tnn in Ahrrative Mixture,v a' i Item lively used by .Mr. Kicoiid in the Hospital of Paris. This medicine it i ul up iu cases containing half a dozen bottles with copious diirctions loi use, and labels which cauno. excite tuy unpleasant remarks. Tnese c\*es are guaraut*. ed to couuin a sufficient quantity of (his new remedy, to cure all syphilitic luipUiities of the blood, cutaneous eruptions, alfections ol he tliroat and uose, nodes, ulcers, pains iu the bouet, Ate. Purchasers can at all times corie?)>ond with the consulting Physician of the College. Price of the cases each. Salt I y lor* w arded to all Darts of the Union. Canada auJ the Weal Indies The cuti iLid medicine ire so pal up that uo concealment i* ueceiurr. liv order. W. 3. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the Cot.LS.tig, 97 Nuuu street, New York. o39 3m w rc CHEMICALS. DRUGS, GORA1VA CAESULES AND GEKAM SILVER. I ill. KEUCHTWANUER, No. I, WUI street, offer. Chemical., Diugs, 13> muffs, very cheap, aud warrants all hi. preparations of beat jn<il:iy and the mo.t genuine iu market, via:?Luuy cauitic and silver crystals, from M cu. to $1 per uz ; aijua turns B era per lb ; liy drocyauic acid Ph. U. is. 21 eta |wr oz ; pure uuiic acid tor jeweller, and chair maker. IB 'a Cla pr III; copaiva ctpsulrs best quality, $7, $11, aud (20 pr .rnu ; unroll. acid 'I cr. pr lb; labairai|Ue. chloride ol .odd, -"itli French I beli (2 71 pr doz ; joduie 21 cl. pr ot; deuiisU goldfoil, of tile moat approved uiaiiufactuiea, (30 pr oz; diamond cemeut (12 pr gross ; spirits of haiUhoru, from 7 to 20 cu pr lb ; anuaweel .pint, of Uilre from 8 to 20 cla pr lb; Jodiucs of potaa I., iron, sulphur, lead, mercury 10 CU |u uz; . wcedish Iruehea (10 pr 100; i blonde of jodioe 71 cu pr 02; bromine (3 pr oz; and hyiKihciphide of soda (110 pr lb; compound clieuucaj w hale oil, soup and all his )>cisoiis warranted. Extract logwood and chip, dyewooda, aula very cheap. Apply to dr. Lewis feuchtwanuer. 017 3tn*ec No. I Wall at.. N. Y TO THE LADIES. UK. HULL'S UTEHO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. rPHlSuew inatruuieut for the radical cure 0l Uteri A or Falling of the Womb, by ezterual application, aui>eraeding the uae of the ohjectioual Peaaary, ia confidently recommended to the utilicied aa Hie tueaua of perfect realoration to lioallh, it uever having failed of perfonniug a cure, even under the moat aggravated circumalaucea. The Supporter lua attained a very high cnaracler in Europe aa w.ll na in this couucry. It-13 adopted to the entire di.uae of peateries,and all other painful surgical expedient.,iu the Lying u-Hoapitala of Loudon aud Porta, and 1. uuiveraally recommended in Euro|>e by medical meu of the higheat rank In thu country 111. sustained by the leading mctubera of the facultiea of College, end Hospital., and by all tile eminent privato practitioner!. Room, have been furnuhed exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 Veaey street, haviug a separate eutrauce lrom the business department, where a lady u in constant attendance, to apply I rut.ei aud Supporters to Iconic i-mcnU. uf Iiiii I) R CIIIIK E RETURNED FROM ENGLAND, WITH all the lateat iinpoiuuit information from Europe, universally performing cures ef tne worst class of venerereal disease in its most aggie.Yaied forms, Willi unprecedented eil>ediiiou and despatch, inay again be consulted i ertouaily as well as confidentially, at his olhce, No. J Norton street, Albauy, N. Y. The Lock Hospital, in America the only Philanthropic Institution established, under the benign auspices ol the celebrated Dr. ( ookc, at No. i Norton st. Albany, N. Y., lor the relief and convenience ot the uulortuuate, is reputed as lis best asylum eitaut lor tne comfort and certain recovery of the iuvalids. At this Idlirrnarv patient* have the vcYy best medical attendanet? including boiud and awibn. which very tnattrialhr facilitates mutual approbation; and a* Dr.Cooke, the humane louiid rr Ol sodssiltble a retreat and s icied security, resides on the premise*, the most iucredulous theie may repose their utmost confidence?feel at home?pursue their usual a vocations?and : the society ol perhaps the m st eminent physician as well as tne AMI MM volfii. MB ol the age.?EuruVtaii. Kemeinbe., Di. Cooke attends personally to Ins imtients. mi FEMALE PHYSICIAN, 34 LlSPENAliD STREET. VI AUA.Mt COS'1'h.LLO, Keia.le riiysiciau, Hill coiiticucs L'-i- to treat, Willi dMouisiiing iucc?<, nil diseases peculiar to Females. Suppression,luegulamy, obstruction, Ike, by winterer cause tut'duccd, c.iu be leuioveu by ,Hadume C. iu a very sort tune. Sdadaine C.'s medical establishment having uudtrgouc tliorou.h epairs dull alteration* lor tlie lietier dceouiiuoUitiou ol' tier iuiuerour patients, slic is now prepared to recelTc ladles on tlie unit ol couliuemeul, or lliusu who wish to be Healed lor obibruciiouoi UmUI monthly period. .Vladauie C. c.u be coiuulied ?t her rcsideuce No. 31 Lispeu ird st, at all liuics, aud with the strictest repaid tosecresy. All couiuiu^ituilioiisaud leneis must be |x)*i-p.ud _u3 ImM HOLT'S CANDY. 5JURPASSINU AN V THING UK THK KIND.?Let it J stand upou its owu merits?Couchs aud Colds. HOLT'S CAN'DV hasgouedlor itsella reputation, (soley by its owu menu) lar aoove the "rdmary class ol remedies or the complaiuts lor which it is used. Ii is recommended by thousands who hare eiperieuctd its icelleut e Meets as a sovereign remedy for Coughs, Colds, aud II nlleclious ol the lungs. This is lo certilv 1 lisvt. in mv nracticc. i,r.-arnh,.h Mr Hull's Compound Cough Candy in inauy casts ol coughs, utda, and all atlrcuous of the lungs, with the most beiiehcial Meets?kuowiug the component fans oh tills Candy, and hav HI! used them lor many yeaisiu iny own private practice, I an Willi salety recoiunieuil the di title to all troubled with aay I the complaints above mentioned, lu my estimation tills laudy has the precedeuce of any uosr in use. u r , ? i)AV ID CKANY, M. 1). Hartford, Conu. Sept. 20, I 812 b or sale by M. P. I1ULT, 5157 .Main street; also, by the nucipal Druggists in Uartlord. A b. U D. bauds, 7'J Kultou street; at Dr. Syine's rhuiiuncy, 'i boweiy, for nor ol Waiver si. are Agists iu .New York. th 3m . ? pvK. F. l'lll-I D'HUMdYiC, frum ('aria, disciple of the illus0 trious lialineinaiiu, whose scieucc aud doctrines have slouistied alt tnurope, aud H sine red around him a crowd of iiiuieul idiysicians, eager to receive his luslructioiu, aud to irout by ins experience, announces to the puolie mat lie lias elected New Vutk as the place ol his labors, aud of his per* lunent residence. Or. K. P. has been professionally aud intimstely couueetcd n Frauce with ineu, whose uarnes are houored aud reveicuced u this country; and during t?.u years' practice, he has visited n.ury parts of the Unite d btaies, and of the West Indies, with 1 view to elucidate several poiuis m scieuce, till tlieu involved li much doubt aud obscurity. He lust airives from I'aris, where he has been to coinmuui:aie he result ol'liis observations to the Gallic Society, of a Inch he is a member, aud uow returns nere lu dittuse the ruils ol hi. expeiiruce and the olessiugs of lie-lth. lu the course oi his travels and practice,he has performed,by he h' If Ol his method, tounded ou the laws of Specifics, cutis which had resisted every oilier mode of treaiuieut; moreover, le wish a to be judged uol irom woidi but Irom works Suffice t to say, thai besides ill maladies reputed incurable, there is io disease so dreadful, so inveterate, such as Consnmpliou, lisaases of llie skin, riuii warms, Cancer, Fistula of ail kinds, crophula," Dropsy, Sic-, tli.n he cauuul entirely extir|?te.? By the same mt thod.all disc.isesiscideut to females aud children IM ptaqspUy aud radically cured. Dr. 1' may he con-uited every day, from 10 A. M to 2 P M. it his office 71 Uuauf street, near Broadway. Consultations liien in the Cngiisu, French, German, Spanish and Italian angiinges. nl 3m#r_ LI AIR OIL.?There is no oil in the woild that can do good G or bad to the hair. Lveiy bony knows that when the hair s burned it will grow ugaiu as good as eVei. All the powders 'or dyiug I lie hair are nothing bui a mixture of aud lithrge ind the lirir is not d> rd, ben literally burned. Liquids for dying lit hair are cont|Nisi'lons ol caustic anil spirits.that nurus ill the i.ame way us the |K)udeis, and dunl dye ban, aud the hau willgrow no matter how inauy timn it u burutd;aud every rod) knows also, thai when the head is full of daudrulf, the hair tenius to turn grey, aud baldness follows. Kroin an experience j|" twenty years, beiag hair cutter, and having the opportuuity )f xainining a great uiauy heads,[aud ulockheads] 1 li tve made nvscll a great comfosiliou known as " Pastor's Hair Oil. or Compound fmsrutial Oil of Alinouds," for desiroyiug daudrulf, iieVMiting the hair Irom eoining out aud turning grey. This in much dandruff or soreness is oil the head. For sale, wholesale and retail, at A. PASTOR'S, Hair Cut er, 161 Greenwich atreet, New Aork. Price 14 cents a bottle. n7 lm*? _ ERUPTIONS AND DISFIGUREMENTS OF THE FACE, AND DARK OR YELLOW SKINS CURED BY THE ITALiAN t;HEMICAL SOAP. SALL HIIKUM, ftnMil| scurry, pinplei, erysipelas, blotches, mornhewian, f?\er, spots, biter ol insects, mosjuetoes.tsc , to change the color of dirk, sunburnt, yellow, <>r liicolored skin. The Itilian Chemical Soap t really the wonier of the age. Well might the .Medical society ol Paris 1 it a blessioK, and iu inventor. M. Brspiiue, a pnifanthro|iisl. I: is cmnig thousands all over .lie States aod Bnt.sli posse-nous. It eutimy eradicates esery eruption or disfigurement of the ikiii, imparting to the lace, body, neck or arms, a beauti'ui lealthful clearness. No iiiisrepiesni ation is ctferec. One rial will sulfice to recommend it to all. Amone 'lie m >uy who ia?e be, n cared bv I his, are t. e following highly respectable rersons:?Rev. T.9. Lever, Newark, N.J , (you a.e notified hit this is no puffed nostrum, bin a physician s invention.) .VI. l almer, Brooklyn. Sold by T. Joues, s gn of the Ameiican Lisle, 82 Chatham stieet, New York, Price 10 cents. This is infallible in curing chap or tender tlesh, makes the skin smooth, soft and white. Agents?Zieber Jtl and Dock streets, Philadelphia, or next loor to <he Ameiican Hotel, Washington, D. C.; 8 Slate st, hostou; 17 State st. Albany: Mitchell, Norwich, Chensugo, N. Y.; Clevel Old, Ko g st, Charleston, 8. C.i .llailin, barbel, L'atskill, N. Y.; anil I I'l Kulton st, Brooglyn. nit) Im'r JONES' CORAL HAIR RESTORATIVE, OR Oils OF CORAL CIKCASSIA. KbAL'Eiit, n.i ini.renrnruuiion n here onerca von; yo? surely, ill believe ? |>l.uu. tiua s'ati un ut, without puffing if it it ?ui>port?<! by the imne, of rr*i>cct?ble citizen. Here 're it* real i|tt ililiei: it will lorcc the hair to grow on the head ra<-e, body, or my part where uature intenocd hair to grow itopit lilting off, make the seal,, healthy, ih-rrby eu in* danHuff, and give lutlil red or Riey hair a line dirk look, and in lin.em ke it (trow naturally dark from theroota. Tlitaeeiri ten* ha'e tiaed it and certify the above are in*. We could offer a himdri d inore, but thrae aulfi e. No more need Ite aaid; it* priee i* reasonable?only 3, 5. and H ihtllin a a bottle. 8 .Id by the jole pr prielor, T. .lone*, arlheiign of the amen-iii Laglr, R! Chatham atieet. New V or!:, Header, *t?e Una only one lair trial ami yo'i will be satisfied. Atrao-Z -ibev, 3d and Dock ? reet, I'ltila tel|ihia. and neat to Ui< American Hotel,, U.C ; ?t.*te at, B latou; Cleveland, King at, Charleston. 8. C.| 47 State at, Albjoy: Mitchell, Noiwich, Chetmwo, N. Y.; Martin, barber, C iukill, N. V.; ami 1J9 Fulton at, Bntoklin. nit 1m ec ~ A R TIST IN HAlll . MANUFACTURED FROM ladies' and gentlemen's hair. "TcliiWwIiis and scALrs. Still stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peculiar light, goaaanter, and ventilating character, their being aha|>ed eaaetly aa the natural hair growa; their elaatictty and their aupenor ma[ rial and work mans hip, *a well as their style pi finish and ararrangement, all combine to form such perfect heads of hair, Lhattriey must be seen to be fully appreciated. Patties having a piece of hairol a living or deceased Iriend, can cet it formed by him into any design tlie mind can ceuceivf. In such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice rivcu on ail diseases connected with the hair, at the Hair Cutting Knoins, 146 DKOADWAY, cor of Libetty stici-f, lylHw* I i DR. AUOUHTIN L>E BI KOOS, SurffeotTDeutist, bef* l~s leave respectfully to atqiitini the \ nblic und his trie uos, that he intends to reside in litis city, where he will be happy to relie ve those persons that may be really destitute of mean*, grati'.from 10 > M. until I P. M. at his office, *No. 215 Willi am street, in all that regards the auatoi ic*l part, only charging the cost of teeth, gold plates, 810,610., Dr. A. B fli ters bnn<e|t, that a'l those that will apply to him will be perfectly an.A* a. It*, t. , K....V iw.luo ..M.M ..v ...aotio.. rvf 1.1* . wr.r*. ion, c in prranit the hut ami moat aatufactory document* and relertnrea. lit? I w * r 'POV 8 ! ToYli ! I TOY? !! I?Jual opened n ntW and lira! A ajionrn-nt of common ami line Toy*, auilah for the holiday*, at 2.13 Centre atreet, oppoaite Centre Market, foraalr, rholcaale and retail, cheaper thanrrer. Toy dealera arc re peetfully invited to call and eiaminr. for thcmaelrta. Dob'i foifet the number??33, two doora above Oread treat. U1 Maw to jal*w t2*KAA CHALLENGE.?Ths genuine Freach Pills ipivt ,11 Om, quack nostrums ui the age, lor the cure of a certain disease. The French Pills hare been extensively need for the last ten Veers, during which nine more than fifty thousand persons have tested their unrivalled virtues '11?7ire a certain, safe, and pleasant remedy, and never aauseatr even the moat delicate stomach, aud takiug them all iu all, are the mutt desirable remedy tor secret diseases ever discovered. Tlie Fiench Pills have been so universally successful, that ihe proprietor challenges any o?e to ptoduce a case they will I not cure, under a forfeiture of live hundred dollars. Price u> e dollar i>cr boi. Sold only at tt Nassau comer Fulton st. nl9 1ui*r MEDICAL AID. P\R. Gt'.EUORY, residing st 34 Molt street, has lung siuce L? favutdy rstahlishi'd his character aud qualification as a physician ; lie Ins therefore no further need to adveuise except to appiue siiaugera thit lie still remains always at home and read) to administer to the afflicted?to cure his paueutt as speedily as their individual welfare aud the varied circumstances will |*-ruut. I'oo hasty euros in general are not desirable, mainly because they are not |ierinvurul?it should be the object ofeverv invalid to avoid h iving their disease tampered with, by which means possibly the case may become exceedingly paiulu. or even dangerous, or may be disavvrous. The way to avoid nnpr, per treatment and im|ierfeet cures is to obtain a little book entitled " The Rubicon." it givean history in detail of the disease, with the proper and true mode of treatment? by |?rusuu it patieult will be sole to understand their own case aud conditi on It is wrilteu by a physicuu whosu ample experience was gamed iu the course of an extensive piaclica among patients of this eUs>, einb.aciug ev ry I'orin and variety ol tile disease, that it is possible to iiuarciur. la r*lercurr to the merits ul the little btwk itself, the belt evidruce of in value it the coualaut aud lucrrating opposition It inee't with frout those wliotc o-cup*ttlon it endainrried by lit rapidly increasing tale. I'rice ji cents. By Ur. O. it hit residence. II Mott street, m arly opi>os.te the church, about lid varrts trura Chatham ? |U ire, tad alto at the drug tlorei of the Mt-uri. Saudi, 79 aud luu rul'ou at., aud on b .lit corueri of Broadway aud Cliainbert at. 81 kk'Tukf..? i'ertout articled with tlr'cture ahuuld call on Di. (i.egury aud inquire into the meiiuof hit plau ol cure. Hi it at all iiiih a ready aud willing to prove thai hit method ul curiug a stricture it iperdir rntid more cert-iu lhau the cotuinou mode of treaiment. i'ne time requited to cure By tint method la I rum .1 qua. I, r ol ,,u hour to .iiiuut leu ca, a. i'liusc wishing to mike lurtt-er inquiry will riot be charged except lor serf icei leuiierrd aud a moderate compensation it alt Uial la expected ID uty case. Application by mail, poit paid, enclosing <1, will receive the book try r turn of mail, free of pottage. Hi lin*r THE RATTLESNAKE GIVES WARNING BEFORE HL STRIKES. '"pHK inoat ditaslioua of all diseases to which man it liable, f became the most tare and certain iu ita results, 11 CONSC M I'TiO.N! But. like the poisonous rattlesnake, it gives warning before iti liual approach, la not tlua tiutf What are t OLUH8 AND COLDS iu their iucipien' atate, hut the tint nuticei of an intruded attack I Don not the individual w ho goes about the atreet coughing aud complaining?with hit tluoat tore?hit voice hu.Hy and tcarcely heard above a whupcr, iu the lirst ataget of consumption! Are not 11 * LL'NOS INFL.AMKD 1 It he not warned He it?a momcni'a reflection will convince raut of the fart. Then a reined" 11 at han 1. PKAwK *l ?tl.\'S Cl.AfHk'IKD fclwSENCR PV hoarhouInUcamTy will ineil the complaint?sullen the lungs, andgradually recorcr the patient. But it mu .t In- taken IN TIME Here lira the grand secret?a secret which cannot be stated too often to to the alQicleit. The common saying that tins or lhar l>er*ori cannot recovt r, because their lather or mother died of the alllictiug coui.oaint, CONSUMPTION, li's its foundation in error. They may be more liable, bat let them be more watchful ol its a|<i>roacn?ill this lies THE OH AND SECRET. 11 they do not ex|>o*e themselves, unnecessarily expose them selves, aud guard every aliuck w.tlchlully, they are as safe iu this climate as elsewhere. .Many people cannot aiforn to go to a warmer climate and pass the winter?they therefore require some protection here. At the tirsl cold or so,eness ol the lungs, I'd "A USE I'EASE'S HOARHOUND CANDY, and the complaint will be removed. Try it in time. Bold wholesale and retail, by J. TEASE St SON. <lb Division street. A VOICE FROM TENNESSEE. Nashville, Oct. 18,181). Genis :? 1 euelose yon a draft for $3J0; you will please send me the amount in your valuable Clarified Essence of Hoarliouud Candy. 1 wish you to send me a ceitilicale ol agency. 1 have beeu asked for it severa1 tunes, not having one sent in the lirst box 1 got of you 1 hive omitted advertising, but as soou as 1 receive the amouut 1 have ordered,! will iuseil tne lirst advtrtiaeuieut you sent lot; your Candy is ol great demand. 1 think 1 can sell about $svmi worth this year; inauy have used ii and speaa highly ol iL You will please ?;ud me as many of your large show bills as you can gite lot the above amouut of CauJy. 1 scut your present to General Jacssou, by his Al., Colonel Armstrong. 1 hen- is no doubt but lie will recoiuuirud your valuable Hoarliouud to lus Irhuos. 1'iease acknowledge the receipt ol this, aud oblige yours, ALPHEUS LYON. To Messrs. J. Pease At Bon, i5 Division si. JN. Y. The ahove letter will give the public an idea of the amount of Candy sold in a year by the Messrs. Pease. DONT FAIL TO HEAD 'THE FOLLOWING CERTJCATE: New York, Sept, 30, 1811. OgNTi:? 1 am a machinist by trade, and the duties ol my trtde, require that 1 should at limes exert myself to such au extent that the system becomes euurely relaxed, and the body so overcome with beat that it is with great dtlhculty 1 can avoid contracting severe coughs aud colds. 1 contracted a cold hoin tins cause about two mouths ago. 1 subsequently tell tutu the undst of some !' my machinery, winch seriou ly injured my breast I'iuu'iccu a kicic iiaeaiuk euugn, auu was, as i cousiuereu.laac approaching ui untimely deatli. 1 was attended by two pti si Clans, who conquered cose I opelisr. 1 lioweter determined, a> a last resort, to try some of your L'larilied Essence ol' lloarhouud Candy ; aud, alter using a small ijuautity, 1 louud almost iuiinediate reiisf.and am uow eunrely restored to health. My pliysicirus also attribute the cause of my recovery to the use oi your iioarhouud Caudy. JOHN P. MATHEWB, No. 1 Orchard street. To Messrs. Pease it Son, 46 Division st. N. B.?All who are sceptical will please call and see uie in person, and 1 will dispel lueir doubts, J. P. M. Aaeuts Kuelwoii Ik. Aspiuwall, 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway, .aid Mi William street ; Church's Dispensary, 188 Bowery; J W Stone, corner of Hudson and Mouuo'iicry st, Iraui sl.^autl' corner streets; Kiested Broadway, Sands, 70 Kultou st, coruer ol Chamber and Bioadway , aud 77 East Broadway. Agents oui ol the city.?Weed k Waters, Troy ; Zieber, (7 Dock street, Philadelphia,Pa.1 Hobiusoit, No. llu Baltimore st, Bllliiwre, lid; Baiter, 67 to? ?t, Albany, N ?' nlOr FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. /"JW1NO to the celebrity, ettieacy, aud luvanaols success of O yiadtmr Health's Female Monthly Pills lu all cases ol irregularity, suppss-sstou, <u stoppage ol those I unctions ol'us tare up- u winch Uie Health oi eiery lernalc dc,?euda, s.noe 11 eir .mioducUJii into the United blrtca, now about lour years, couuteileits and mutations are constantly altemptel to be palmed oil lor the genuine. Cite, p commou tolls a r purc'aeaed at twelve ceuts a bos, put up iu dilteieut buses, and (ailed? "Female Moutlily Pilla," with the object ol selling thorn, if possible, at one or two dollars a bos. Fc males ne tlierelore caulioued against these attempts to impose Upon nictn. Ills sulhciebl here to state that all .vtoulhly Pills are coautcrteits, except those sold at Madame Kestell's 'Jlfice 142 Cireenwtch street, New York and 7 Essei street, Boston. Price SI. Madame Kestell's snruataie is written on Uie cavei of e ach boi. N. B.?They can be used by married or siugtc, by fullowint th? directious enclosed luside ol each box. bold also by ap poimnunl ct284 Urand street, corner of Allen, New York. ol lm*r WM. SUTTON'S EXCHANGE OFFICE, LYMCHBURO, VA. WM. SUTTON having located himself at Lynchburg, ten cis his services to Uioke'sand others who mry desire collections a rile, oi other Lu mess iu his line transacted in say part ol Virgin.a. REFERENCE. Col. Thomas D. Uigger. i Messrs. Maun St I urcrll, > Kicluneud, V?. Mr. T. Pano. S Gapt. Juo. M. Otez, } Mr. Alei. Tompkins. > Lynchburg, V?. Mriirs. M.Corklc H M Daniel J o?9 6t wy-r TO MARRIED LADIES. MADAME KEBTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS ? These invaluable Powders have been universally adopted in Europe, but Krance in iwrttcular, for up iv arda ol' thirty year*, ai well as by thousands in ibis country, as being the only mild, safe, and efficacious lemedy tor married ladies, whose health forbids a loo raisd inrrease of huffily . Madame Kestell, as is well known, wu tor ihirly years Ve male Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals in Europe?those of Vienna and Paris?where Csvorea by her greet eiperieuce aud opportunities, she attained mat celebrity in those great discoveries in medical science so specially adapted to tho female frame, for which her medicines now stand unri vailed, as well iu this country at in Europe. Her aciiuaiiiiance with Uie physiology and anatomy of the lemale frame, enabled her?by tracing the decline and ill health of married leinalri. scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid sua often apparently inexplicable causes which consign many a loud mother to a premature arm?to their true sonrce?to ar rive at a knowledge of the primary causes ol lemale iudisimsilions?especially of married females?which, in 18M, led to the discovery c her celebrated " Preventive Powders. Their adoption nas been the incuts of preserving not only the health, but emu the life of many an affectionate wife an--1 fond mother. The advertiser leeluig Iks importance ol tins subject, and es timating the vast beneuta resulting to thousands by their adoption, would most respectfully arouse me attention of the mar ried, by all that they hold near and dear, to their consideration, la it not wise and virtuons :o prevent evils u> which we are subject, by simple and healthy means within our cotKrul. Every dispassionate, virtuous, ana enlightened inind will unhesitat i tig I y answer in the affirmative. Price five dollars a peckags. accompanied with full aud particular diiectious. Tney can be forwarded by mail t? ary part ol thcUuiltd Hwtes. Ah letters muai be post p ml, and addressed to MADAME HESTELL, Female Phyaiciau. Principal office, lag Greenwich street, New York. Office hours from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock I'.M Boston office No. T Kscc-a SI. nil in*r MADAME RESTELL, DKMALK PHYSICIAN. Office and residence, He (tree.. P wich street, between Conrtlandt -nd Liberty streets, w.-.ere she can be consulted with the strictest couhdente on com nln, ins incident to the female tram,-. Madame Heswll'aeiperi.'neaand hnowlad?* tn the treatment of ebetinate cases of female i rre, : !i n;y. jto; page. suppression, ke., i* '"Hi " 10 require bat a e vr Jays to etlect a perfect care- Ladies desiring proper mod i' si surnilAiiee daring coa finemeul or other indisposition, will lie accommodated ilunnv rich time, wifli prinii odxifNttUt bam. " PreYOLtire Powder*," for married ladies, whose de or prec.tiioas health lorbnU <i toorapid ntcreSMaf family, will be sent by mail u> auy part of tli* United Slates. 1'nce 1') i pack yc. All Letter* (port paid) addrrssed 10 ' bo* New York. Ecston Office, No.i Lssrx street. " N. B.?Madame RK8T&LL would inform ladiea teenling out of the city, whose health would not admit of irjvellrng.lhal he Would de' ate her personal attendance ii)>on them tn auy part of the United States within reasouabie distance, cl tmar PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS l.trr-niKn awu mtiiacn n* M. 1>L bOUULLOqUK, M. D., LISBON, PuKTl'OAL rpHK Scicnlilic combination of ingredients ol which thesg 1 Pills are composed, hare made them the wnuiier aud admi r<tiou of the world. They are kuowu all orer Knropo to be the only preparation ever discovered that has pru.ed uirariablr certain in producn* the monthly tunui. Their certainty, iu ail cases, beitut such thai thev must not be used during pregnane? fbr though .ilwayi mild, safe, and healthy, tk?y are certain in produce miscarriage if nsed during that period. T tie directions are translated into h ugliah .a.t.t arc enveloped round witti the tea! of the minuter, stampeil. K ich boa cm,* anus the'IKnature of Bondelooue, and the K'igiish oi recttona have the signature of Dr. If.MELVJCAII, au'horm d audit for the cootineut of Amr:ic.l. They can be traiismirtcd by mail lu any part of the l/in led States. Letter* directed to Dr. K. Melreau, l>o* M, New York, will meet with immediate attention. All letters moat be poetpuid. Sold hy arinnnnneut at 120 Cherry, uear Cathsline street. Price 15 Half boaes t) No half hoTss sent by mail ?* lin?r dhw FUBLISflKfi I) a it.a hv J.litt KS .j> OK >?<>.* LI Hi JV IV ITT, y. w.cornkr, itulton and Nassau strkk.; w. Ihk New Yorr Hkralij?A duly p*p?r. inoed etaiy noriMUK ot the week?price two crnlt per cepy. ^oniitry ?ui.? krilwri fnriiuheii at the s.irn? rat*, for an? ?ik?cii!c j'*riod, 6b \ rfillitunc- ID ndv.inrr >n )ni|>rr ?*nt, n'.leee |wiJ m e'lvnnre Thk Wihl, H'Rai.d?huned ?rury bnnriU7 morun?i Rt uin? o'clock?price tix and a y-jorfer m'l per ropy?lunjunr-O to country in been be ri <u *J,2J per lumuin, is ?lrniic*, or >.t tbe erne rate for any ?pecit'ed period. CoeaaeroeDiBTf an reoneeted to addnoe ibeu leHota u juaa. gawi Irowt, mdMMtm lolallen