Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1842 Page 3
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BY THE "SOUTHERN MAIL Philadelphia. [Co!re*p?rulrnee of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Nov. 29, ld-12. Gem James Gordon Bennett? Dear SirAs usual, onr politicians, statesmen, merchants, mechanics and exchange brokers, obtained ths first detailed account of the great Cass movement, at Harriaburg, through the columns of the Herald. In a day or two our own papers will follow, and then ih- matter will be discussed openly in the streets The Cass movement rather damps the ardor ol Mr Buchanan's friends in the city?they stop, and pause, and look for further developments. \ an Huron, too, is shaking in the wind. It is confidently expected tlmt one of the first measures of the Legislature, in January next, will have for its object tiie redemption and destruction ol the relief notes. This is absolutely necessary to enable the banks in the interior of the State, and nearly all banks in ihe city, to resume. These relief notes"form the only currency in the interior, though they are at a considerable discount in the city They muT be entirely got rid of, or ill y will forever check the healthy circulation of the State There is no use in the State receiving them in dues and giving them out again in its own payments. In this m inner the trash is kept afloat, injuring the credit of the Slate, and preventing the revival of buniiMM e .>r me reuemption na destruction ??t tie* relief note.*, it is not necessary tliat the State should assess more taxes; those assessed, ii all the con in sin th- State were to collect them, would he sufficient for that purpose But instead of assessing taxes 011 individuals and indfrvidml property, it would be well to assess the County Commissioners, who might distribute the resnectivs sums in a manner more acceptable to the county. People are v illing to pay county taxes when they are loathe to pay a state tax, and prefer paying state taxes to paying a direct tax For the support uftne General Government. This is a political idi ?syncracv which our political quacks seldom take intosufficiynt consideration. Although it is as old as the revolution, and has been most ably dwelt upon by our own Benjamin Franklin, as agent for the colonics, before the bar of the British House of Commons. Tile-counties gene rally,and Philadelphia county especially, are diminishing theirdebts every year The sinking fund of the different corporations of Philadelphia county will enable ihem to pay a large amount of their debt. Governor Porter's firmness and consistency with regard to the obligations of the State,both as regards our foreign and domestic creditors, is duly appreciated, and entitles him to the thanks of honest men at home and abroad. Let the taxes be assessed as I have just stated, and there cannot be a doubt but that, with the revenues from our public works and other sources, and with proper economy, Pennsylva1 nia will redeem its character and its credit. I can assure you the letters of Mr. Biddle have done some good; though certain influential gentlemen have set the fashion in abusing him. But they cried, " stop thief" too long, and are beginning to be found out The United States Bank has descended from a banking house to a rookery, where a peculiar set ol old fellows meet, no one records for what purpose. The question asked in the streets by business men is, " what is done with the money collected by these menl" Mr. Herman Cope receives the snug sum of $4000 per annum for settling up the affairs of the hitnk nnH na YtP ia n PllfP nnnkpr irwn. tleman, it is generally thought by the knowing ones, who have a nice appreciation of his character, that as long as lie draws such a salary, the bank will never be closed. It will run considerably into the next century. The trial of Alexander has created considerable excitement, especially as such men as Gov. Pone of Kentucky, George M. Dallas, Phillips and W. R. Keade are engaged as his counsel; and the opinion is gaining ground that he will not be convicted. If a man is to be excused for the most horrid murder ?n account of the cinickness of his tongue and his " wurm southern blood," we shall soon have pistol shooting, stabbing, and all sorts of gentlemanly amusements to disturb our more sedate quaker ha bits. Nothing is wanting now but that you should send our prisoners indicted for murder, manslaughter, or intent to kill, some of the " rejected cigars." fiackett is drawing good houses at the Walnut street thea're (the only one where you do not see empty boxes), and is perhaps the bp.-t American Falsteff we ever had. He is a correct reader, and ha- too much taste to over act. The (Jhesnut theatre is to come out as an opera, with un entirely new' ptrxmaU. Well, give us some music. Tern pernnce concerts are becoming quite fashionable, and so verv particular are the audi nee that they will not allow a single hnrn in the orchestra. Sale* ok Stock*?30 shas Philad. Wilmington A Bait. It, 7, 10 do Kentucky B<nk, 41; $J46 State fl's, 1843. 50; $ 2100 s'ate 6's, lStd, 40; SlOtO State fl'*, 1847,40; $1640 Chesapeake & Del. Canal #'s, 1805, 19 A Looker On. SHIP NEWS. Philadelphia. Nov W?Arr Black Diamond, Dale, Albany; Middlesex. Sleight. NYorlt. Cld Hauler, Flilner, B irbailoea; Ca'olne, Bowen. Deitterara. Baltimore. Nov 28?Arr I.oa'ss, Martin, Malariaa; Sparta, Brown, Lnircc; Julia, Pilli ton. Portland; Thi>? Hooper, P< rciv?l. Sew B dford; Milliirnt, Cole, NYork; H roiim, Coatea, I <1 >. Bitow. Helen McLeod, Norris, from duetioi Ayrei; off 8-ndy Point, rominv up. a lar*~ ship with painted ports. Old Cl <ri?n, Pettiuirill, Kingston, Ja. Richmond, Not 27?Sid Eagle, Boston'. Oladiator, New York. Spoken. Nevarirja, from Rio Grande for Pliiladelphia, Nov 18, lot 31 IB, Ion 67 13. IB?- AiNSWORTH'S NEW NOVEL-This day pub. li?hcd iu an Extra Double Brother Jonathan, the first complete American Edition (from the London Book Edition, revised by the author) of the MISER'S DAUGHTER, By W. Harrison Ainsworth, Esq Author of "J.?o.k Shephard," "Guv Fawkes," "Tower of London," "Valentine Vox,"-'Windsor Castle," &c. This is a Romance of thrilling interest, end is not inferior to the mo?t popular works ofits gifted author. The principal characters are strongly drawn, and the plot has more reality and less ofthe melo-dramatic than some of the author's previous elibrts. This edition may be sent hy mail for newspaper postage only. Price 124 cents, or ten copies lor one dollar WILSON A COMPANY, Publishers, 109 Nassau street. MYSTERIOUS.?A gentleman belonging to one of the most nncient and wealthy families of this city, who must be wall known to numerous friends, having since the year 1918 up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for several year* confined to his bed, has been restored to good health?has regained his natural erect position? and has quitted his carriage, and naw walks with ease '.? We believe this is the gentleman's own description as near as ;iossible, and there is no exaggeration in it. We will giveinquirers his address, and doubt not his humane feelings will excuse the liberty; so that any one doubting, may know these facts?though he requests his name may not appear in print. Among other similar instances, Mr. Jas. O Reynolds, 144 Chrystie street, has been restored, and will give personal assurances of the facts of his case, Both were rheumatism, and contracted cords and sinews. How has this been done ? Answer?By the Indian Vegetable Elixer internally; and Hewes' Nerve and Bone Liniment externally. They may be fouud only at 71 Maiden lane. 0t7- RALLY'S PAIN EXTRACTOR?This is tindoubtedly the most singular as well as the best salve that can he made. It seems to act on all sores, swellings, r ain in sue unit:, puna anu nurna wun aimom musical fII''III, curing them all alter every thing else has tailed. The proprietor, Mr. Dal ley has left some remarkable certificates of cures performed when the patients were entirely given up bv the faculty, that may be seen by calling at 71 Maiden lane, where the article is for sale wholesale and retail. Also at other city agencies. 3(7-DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT has ?u>oil the test of tim-, and the sale of it is unparalled in any country at this time, notwithstanding the great efforts mad to sell candies, eliaeis, syrups, fce. this remedy has fully sustained its well earned reputation for about ten years, and has proved itself the only one on w hich the consumptive and asthmatic, in every stage of these direful diseases can with confidence rely for relief. Numerous certificates have been given, and large numbers have been published, for the curing of coughs, coble pain in chest and aide, spitting of blood, thoriness of breath, and all other evila consequent on diseases of the lungs, lb ver and throat, such as bronchitis, fcc. Buy only at the old office, 375 Bowery, as there are two vile counterfeiters of this valuable medicine. Dr. Leeds, druggist, 137 Maiden lane, is appointed wholesale agent down town for the accommodation of merchants. {K7- WE HAVE BEFORE PUBLISHED THE TE8timonial of ex President Jackson, in which he states hit opinion of the merits of the Hoarhound Candy made by J. Pease & Son, 4.0 Division sti eet. He is now using it with great success fora cough, with which he has been long afflicted. Also in the family of his son-in-law it has been u?e.l in cases of whooping cough with great success.? Hear still further. I consider it a valuable medicine for the lungs, What higher evidence can he brought forward to show you th" value of this wonderful article. In an. cient timet those who followed medicine adopted new plans by which mankind were able to preserve life to a greater extent. They were considered the benefactors of the human race, and ever after wards were looked up to as worthy of respect. The compound extract of hoarhound is an extraction from twenty-five ol the most valuable cough remedies which have ever been before the public from the remotest period. Thia combination has received the support of thousands who have been cured by jts application, whilst thousands remain yet to be cured. To ail those, then, who are afflicted with the simple warning el coughs mi 1 colds. Agent*, Redding & Co., H State ?ir"Ct. Boston; Burgess !k Zieber, 3 Ledger Buildings, rhiladel phia. (Kf- JONATHAN HOWARTH, ESQ, THE CELEbraie 1 Lecturer on Temperauce, says Sherman's Cough Lozenges have saved his life. They cured him of a consumptive rough of several months stand ng, they aliased the cough, promoted expectoration, and enabled him to , sleep nights, which he bad not done for months. He is recommending Sherman's Lozenges to all of hi* acquaintances. No vessel gsea to sea now without a supply for sea sickness, and all other complaints. Dr. Sherman's Lo zengea have liren long and extensively known ; hi* warehon e is 100 Nassau street, one door above Ann. ^I Q&- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?'The Col lege of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for the Suppression of Quackery, beg to inform all |>er?oni desirous of obtaining medical advice, that ou remitting the sum of one dollar, with a statement of their case, tbey will be iupplied with one dollar's v.-orth of appropriate medicine, and a letter or advice containing lull directions aa to diet regimen, Ac. All letter* must be post paid. Addiese Principal oihce of the College of .Medicine and Pharmacy, *7 Nassau *treet, N. Y. The Coissultiiio Physician ia daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of the coilrge. Houra from 10 ill 2 o'clock Ruaoicti. Cases.?The College havo also engaged the service* ol one of the moat distinguished operative Murgeon* in New York, and are therefore pre pared to receive and treat surgical cases. Squinting, ca .fact, and all disease* of the ey e requiring an operation, -stricture of the uiethra,?calculi ir. the bladder,?clubloot,?diseases of the joints, and of the spine, will be particularly attended to. The fees will be extremely mode rate, Patients who so desire will be visited at their ,own houses after operation. By order of the College, W. 8 RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) oihce of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 97 Nassau st. New York, C<t> RILEY'S PATENT BOILER?Extract of a letter dated Acoi'sta, Me., Oct. 31, 1812. Do not fail to procure for me Riley's paten*, boiler and iron heater. Mrs. Howson ha* got one, which she says she bought of Riley and Myers, somewhere in th.- Uowery It is an excellent contrivance, very simple in its construction, and a very great saver of labor. 1 have lately borrowed Mrs Howson's w hen I have been ironing, and now posivrlv cannot do without it. Enclosed 1 have sent you two dollars to pay for it. If it comes to more I will tend it in my next letter; but do not fail on any account to send it immediately. Riley's patent Broilers are constantly on sale at Riley St Myrs, 23 Bowery?price varies according to siie. Maybe fitted to any stove now in use. OP-COLD FEET ARE ALWAYS AX EVIDENCE that the blood is encumbered with morbid humor*, which not only render the circulation sluggish and unequal, but prevents a prop-r rupply o' the vital fluid to the extrnmeties. Hence coldness of the hands and feet, accompanied with headache, giddiness, and many other unpleasant complaints. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are one of the best preventives in the world against Cold Fee', because tnev not only cleanse the blood from those impurities which are the cause, but they impart an energy to the eircula tion, which carries it with vigor to every part of the system : consequently the extreraetles being properly supplied with the vital fluid, receive their due proportion of animal heat ; and coldness of the feet, headache, giddiness, palpitation of the heart, and every other aymptom of a disordered circulation, will be rapidly driven from the body. btvisc of CotntTF.arxits.?The public are respectfully informed, 'hat the medicine purporting to be Indian Pills, sold by Mr. Richard Dpnnis, former clerk in the othce, are not the genuine Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills The only security against imposition is, to purchase from none except advertised agents; or at the offices devoted exclusively to their sale, 298 Greenwich street, New York ; 19S Tremont street, Boston ; and 1(19 Race street, Philadelphia. Remember, no medicine is right except Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills. 0a- THE LOCK HOSPITAL IN PARIS, UNDER thediitinguished management of M. Ricrd, is one of the best conducted establishments for vinereal patients in the world. All the new remedies for the cure of these terrible affections, have been introduced with great success. Encouraged by the fortunate results of M. Ricord's modes of treatment, the same remedies have been prepared under the direction of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, and are to be had at their principal office. The " Parisian Alterative Mixture," for the cure of all forms of syphilis, whether primary or secondary, is sold at $1 per bottle, and in cases of half-a-dozen bottles, $5. All patients can obtain the gratuitous advice oi the Consulting Physician of the College. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Priucipal office of the College, 97 Nassau St., N. Y. 0(J- CHAPTER ON SECRETS?The world is full of secrets. Politicians have their secrets, the Odd Fellows have their secrets, and the Ladies have their secrets, though they seldom keep them. It is no secret, however, th st Peters'Lozenges lor the cure ot low spirits, head aches, coughs, colds, and sea.sickness, go ahead of all other mudicincs for those complaints, and are the wonder iniu tinigiu 01 ill." .iK.-, JIUI rum. MIS iiwuilun aim cnmling Strengthening Plaster beautify the dental organs and strengthen the bark", breasts, Sec. of all who use them. Peters' Vegetable Shilling Strengthening Piaster is not only the cheapest, but the best, neatest, and most comfortable plaster in existence, and is prepared on a plan different altogether from anv plaster now before the public. Prineipal office 115 Fulton corner of Nassau St. ft?- O GRAVE WHERE~IS THY VICTORY7? Is't o'er such fools, who catch a desperate cold And tell their troubles o'er a hundred fold? When for a shilling, Jones'famed Cough Candy Would dear their voice, and cure their colds so handy ; Stop their sad coughs, and drive con'ii-nption hence, Frighting old asthma, into p ntii: ice. We'll say no more to recommend this, read, these are its qualities. It will almost instantly relieve, and often cure coughs, colds, hoarseness, asthma, spitting of blood ; and it is very slightly cathartic, removing all humors from the bodv, and purifying the blood ? it clears the voioo, cuts the phlegm rrom the chest, and is sold at the low price of one shilling a large package. Sold at the sign of tho American Eagle, 8-2 Chatham street, Netv York. Agents, )39 Fulton street. Brooklyn; corner of Third and Dock street, Philadelphia; or next to the American Hotel, Washington, D.C ; 8 State street, Boston. In Albany an agent is wanted, also in Baltimore and Buffalo. HITMAN HAIR No kind of pomatum ever yet invented has been oflener tried, or with more beneficial ef fects, than Orandjean's celebrated composition for the hair. Its certain efficacy will ere long admit of no ques. lion, as the general use which is already made of it will speedily establish its celebrity. In recommending it to the public, it may not however be improper to state, that to securo its good results in promoting the growth of the hair, strist attention must he paid to the mode of using it, for which reason carefully written directions in Spanish, French and English, envelope each jar of the composition. Whenever necessary, this c imposition may, with the most perfect safety, he applied daily to the heads of very old persons,or even to infants. The true " essence of hair," as it has frequently been styled by the most celebrated physicians, who have themselves personally used it, and universally recommended it as a sovereign specific, may justly he compared, in its effects, to the germinating activity which in spring pervades vegetable plants. After long study, and many scientific experiments, Mr. Orandjean has at length discovered the mode of promoting the circulation of the r.ap in the capillary tubes, as well ns the causes by which it is checked. Advice given upon all dlseises of the scalp, mode of eradicating dandruff, fading of the color of the hair, its loosening, kc. No. 1 Barclay street, N.Y. Q&- THE ONLY SAFE, SPEEDY, AND EFFECtual remedy for the cure of all discharges from the ure. thra, seminal weakness, Sic.. &.C., is the " French Antiphlogistic Mixture," used so successfully in the London anil Paris Hospitals, anil now sold in this country by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city of New York. This medicine is quite p..latable, requires no restrictions of diet or regimen, and does not give a disagreeable odour to the breath. Sold in single botHos at $1 and at 60 cents CAch Also in cases (guaranteed to cure) S3 each, with full directions to use W. 9. RICHARDSO V, Agent. Principal office of the College 97 Nassau street. (67" RHEUMATISM.?-The most efficacious remedy for rheumatic affections is found in the compound and highly concentrated Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of me cuv 01 new iurn. many eoiea ui me moil uiairesKing and inveterate character have been permanently cured by the use of a few bottle* ot this popular medicine Dr. Brande'i Dictionary of the Materia Medica speaks of this preparation in the most unqualified terms of approbation. It is also of infinite service in all scrofulous diseases, cutaneous eruptions, and those affections resulting from the abuse of mercury. Sold in single bottles at 75 cents each ; cases of half a dozen bottles. $3 50 ; do one dozen, $0. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 97 Nassrii St. MONKV 1HAHKKT. Tuesday, tov. *9?fi P. M. A fair business was done at the Board to-day, and State stocks were generally better. New York State 7'a, 1949, rose J; Ohio fl'a, J. Sales of bills on New Orleana, 101. The Union Bank does not loan money on stocks. Why? ! Because when there are stock loans to be had, the directors Katch-'em. It is stated at New Orleans, that the Union, the City, Commercial, and State Banks, resumed on the -.list inst. A decree of forfeiture has been issued against the Consolidated Bank, which will, in consequence, go into liquidation. One of the most nefarious modes adopted by corporate companies to carry on their works at the expense of other people, is to issue printed liabilities, in the form of bank notes, in paymcnt to workmen and other*. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company firat commenced this system. The Housatonic Railroad imitated it, and constructed a railroad in Connecticut at the expense of the citizens of New York, by putting afloat their paper money in this State, and then refjsing to pay it. The Pennsylvania Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company are now carrying out this disgiacuful policy, they issueing paper oi the following description:? QOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO<>oooo))()o0000000000000000000(10 1 5 5 i I No. 6751. ( S 9This certifies ihst there lis due from lh? Lr.HioMt 5 s ii l >Co?l. awn Navioatiow< naan x ? S CnMnsr, FIVB DOI-? 1 ? of the > LARS, pavable tnhetrrr^ of f 1/lvc Vfflis after dale. wuh l gcoMrAisv.V luti-r. st payable annually ? washiw<itow? ) st the rate of six per . m, { jiewAeev at the Co-npsnyx Off! u | at Mauch Chui??. This cartiflcate will he re- | 5 reived at any lime in payment for Tolls, ot Coal 5 5 deliverable at Manth Chnnlt, and debts due the | I Company ronlr actetl at that place. 3 Witness the Corporate Seal of aiid Company, at 9 8 Pliiladi-lphi i, the Is day of lltii month, 18(2 | K. Wsltox, Seeretsry. J. Coz, President. | o a oooooooooooooooooooooooonoooooooooooooooooooooooo This vile stuff is palmed upon the poor laborers and small creditor* ol the Company, in its vicinity, to an enormous extent. At Mauch Chunk it i? at a discount of thirty per cent for specie, and is atilf continued to ba issued to the latioreis, who are thus swindled out of their hard earolnge. The bank at Mauch Chunk ia an agent in thia matter, and pays out these thinga for it* own liabilitiea. We have aeen a poor laborer, who had made a deposite of < >0, good money, in the Mauch Chunk Bunk, and received theae Coal Company promises in payment, trying to aell them in Wall afreet, utterly without aucceaa, and they were hia only resource- Why doea the Pennsylvania Legislature permit its citizens to be made the victims of these fraudulent corporations 1 When ou the occasion of the repudiation by Boorrnan, Johnston 3c Co. of their debt to Jacob Little 3c Co., and the approval of that course by the President of the Bank of America, we augured serious consequences to the reputation of the country as well as the city, we did not expect so soon to have to record a similar instance of attempted repudiation on the part of a New York hanking institution. Such, however, is the case. It will bo remembered that a short time since we published a list of assignments by the American Life and Trust Company to secure its creditors. Amoug those assignments was one made to Morrison & Sons, of London, of the bonds of the New York D-v Dock Company, amounting to ? 17,SOO or $-3td,000. A ill has now been filed in chancery by the New York Dry Dock Company, to show cause why the bonds issued to the American Life and Trust should not be paid. The plea is usury, on the ground that the real estate of the Dry Dock Bank was ma !? over to the American Life and Trust Company for its bonis a put, with the interest, but that the Dry Dock Bank sold tho?e bonds for lesa than their face. On this slight giound, has a New Yoik banking institution, whose very existence depend* upon an untarnished credit and unshaken public confidence, attempted to repudiate a debt which it acknowledges to be just. Such is the rapid progress ef that repudiation set on foot by Boorman fc Johnston, and countenanced by tho Bank of America. Support, e l by those proceedings, the directors of tho Dry Dock Bank have unhluihingiy attempted to invalidate a jus debt. We believe this is the first instance upon record whore a Bank in the United States has set up a plea of usury to avoid its liabilities. The capital of the Dry Dock Bank is, we think, $120,000, and the stock is, after paving its debts, worth perhaps 6 or 10 per cent. This liability to the Trust Company amounts to GO per cent of the capital, and if it could be repudiated, the property of the directors, who take this course, would be in so much benefitted. Now who are those directors ? Dues Russel Stebbins, Esq. the worthy President of the company, assent to this proceeding 7 Does Mr. Cteorge Law, an influential director of tho Bank, President of the Harlem Railroad Company, and contractor for the high bridge over the Harlem river, sign this precious Chancery bill 7 The pub lie must know who are the repudiators. The bearing of this case unon the renutation of the country U obvious. Through all the disastrous panics which have taken place since 1836-7, the high character of American merchants has hitherto been sustained. They have discharged commercial debts with a promptitude and alacrity, under the disadvantages of a decaying paper sj stem, that won the admiration of the world. The failure of banking institutions showing a willingness to pay was overlooked as misfortunes. Dishonor, indeed, at tached to those sovereign States which did not pay, be cause inability is not so clearly established in their case. The reputation of our commercial men remained sound, until Boorman, Johnston k Co., a leading house of the city of New York, repudiated a debt, for the alledged inability ol their creditor to collect it legally. That transaction has been before the public. The present one is still more glaring, but the same iu principle. The house of Morrison & Sons, bankers in London, loaned a largu sum of money to the American Life and Trust Company, on its bonds, through the agency ol its President, John Ducr, Esq. Having thus obtained the money, the company is app'ied to by the Dry Dock Bank for a loan of part of it on th< ir real estate, and they obtained it, as they allege in their bill, through the influence of John Duer. Esq. for a consideration. That money is then lent out by the Dry Dock company to many speculators, who lose it, and the Bank fails. The American Trust Company also fails. The Morrisons apply to the American Life and Trust Co. for their money. The Trust Company turns them over to the Dry Dock Bank. The Dry Dock Bank say it is a Just debt and they have the means of paying, but will not pay, pleading the usury lawsof the State of New York, and the alledged misconduct of the olticcrs of the Tniit Company, as well at the example of Boorman, Johnston fc Co. and the couotehance of Oeo. New bold and Daniel Lord, jr. Can merchants, bankers, or )>oliticians, in the face of "uch transactions, pretend to talk of a restoration of American credit 7 Sales at the Stor k Krrhanct, $">000 NY87'i 18-19 102?4 25 " Mohawk 33.S IOOO " 6's 1862 <* ISO Patersou 18 5000 Ohio 6's 1860 71 x 25 " b60 <8'4 2000 Kvh'ds 6's 1871 77 300 Harlem 16 1000 76T< 100 " tlO 16 1000 " " " 765t IW " sflO 15V 5000 in I bond " 75 100 " s60 15)4 60 ths Bk Com full 82)4 50 " t>3 IS 20 ' " 82)4 Second Board. tj sh Mohawk R R i>30 3'iJ4 25 Mohawk 33J4 State of Trade. The markets present nothing of interest. Produce, particularly flour, in consequence of ths closing o< the canals, hat been advancing. Kltur is quoted at $4 ?7 a $5. jf Pots were taken at $.5 37J and Pearls at $6 75. Rice?Sales at $i 69 a $3 12J per 100 lbs. Sugari?Are dull?sales ot Porto Rico at 5] a flfc. lb. Silt?A cargo of Cadiz sold at about 20c. Coal? Sales of New Castle, fine, at $4 50 ch?some Liverpool at $6 75. Coffee?Sales of Brazil are making at 7 a 9c; of Lafuayra at 7) a 8c; St. Domingo at 6c, cash. Married. On Monday evening. Nov- 28, by tho Rev. Mr. Balcb, Robert 8. Hore, loEuit K., daughter of Charle* H. Russell, Esq. Oled, On Monday, 27th inat, Frsvcii Hex, a native of France, who accidentally fell from the scadold of the new church in Eighth street, Saturday last. Hisfriend* and acquaintance are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at 2 o'clock precisely, from his .ate residence No. 7 Leonard street. Yesterday morning, 20th instant, altera severe illness, Harriett, wife of John Mills, Junr, and daughter of Col. Andrew Sitchcr. Funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from Sixty-second street, on the Third Avenue. On Monday morning after a long and severe illness, Miria E Ooocis, wife of Israel I'ost, aged 40 years. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral on Wednesday afternoon, the30th inat. at 3 o'clock, from her mother's residence, 160 Hester st. At Jersey City, on Tuesday, Nov. 20th, Marv M., daughter of L. K. Pollock, aged 16 months. The friends of the family are requested to attend her funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Weekly Report of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 19th day of Nov. to the 26th day ol Nov.. 1842. 23 Men ; 28 Wemen ; 32 Boys ; 24 Girls. Total, 107. DISEASES. Abscess 1; Aneurism I, Apo-lexy, I; Asthma, 0; Atrophy 0; Bleeding, 0: Bjreding from lungs, 0; Burned or scalded, I; Cachesia, 0; Child bed, 0; Casualties, 1: Cholera Infantum, 1; Consumption. 20; Concussion of hrnn.O; Convulsions, 8; Congestion, 0: Croup or Hives, I; Congestion of brain, I: Congestion of lungs, 1; Cancer,!; Colic, 0: Congestion of bowels, 0; Delinum Tremens, 0: Diarrhoea, #; Dmiay, 0: do in the head, 3; do in chest, 0: do in the abdomen.O; Drowned, 2; Dysentery, 0; Debility, 1; Epilepsy, 0: Executed I: Enlargement of the heart, 0; Exhaustion, 0; Fever, 1; do Pure reel, 1; up Bilious, 0 ; do intermittent, I; do Scarlet, 7; do Typhoid, 3; ilo remittent, 3: Gangrene of Lungs, 0; Hooping Cough, 1; Inflammation,!); of Brain. 1 ; do of Bowels, 2; do of heart, 0: do of Lungs, 8; do of Stomach, 1; do of Throat 0 ; of Womb. 0; do of Liver, 0; do of cheat, 0; do do of Bladder, 0; Insanity, 0; Killed or murdered 0; Jaundice, 0; Lues Venerea, f; Lockjaw, 1; .Marasmus, J; Malformation 0; Heart, #; Measles, 2: Mortification, 0; Old Age J; Organic disease of heart 2; Palsy, 2: Premature Birth, 2; Rheumatism. 0 ; Phlegmatic Dolens, 0; Small Pot,]; Scirrhns, 0; Spinal Disease, 0 : Bprue 0; Scroffnla, 3 ; Suieide, 2: Softening of the brain, I; Tumor, 0; Teething I; Ulceration of Intestines 0; Ulceration of the I ladder, 0; Ulceration of Brain. 0; Unknown, 0;. Worms, 0; Use of laudannm, 0; Varioloid, 0?Total, 107. sag. Under 1 year, 20; I to 3 years, 10; 2 to 5, 16; 5 to 10, 3; 10 to 20. A; 20 to 30, 14 . 30 to 10, 8; 40 to 60, 8: 60 to AO, 6; 60 to 70, 7, 70 to 80, 3; 80 to 90 I, 100 and upwards, 2 ; unknown, 1. places or ISA rivirr United States,76; Ireland, 18; England, 2; Scotland, 0; Germany, 7; France, I; Switcerland. 0; Spun, 0; Poland, 0; British Possessions in North America, 0t West Indies, 8. Wales I: Russian; NorwayO; at sea, 0; Madeira 0; Cape de Vrrd Islands. 0; Belgium, 0; Unknown. I. Of the above, there were from the Almshouse, Brllevue. 2 ; Hospital, Belle Vile,2; Penitentiary Hospital at do, I: Black well's Island, I, Small Pox, do, 0; City Prison, 0 ; City Hospital, 4; New Jersey, I; Long Island, 1; Westchester I; Lunatic Asy lam I; Governor's Island, 0; Rockland county, 0; Staten 111and. II; Long Island Hospital, 3; Long Iiland I; Bedlow's Island, 0: Orphan Asylum, Prinee street, 0. Colored Persons 8 JNO. H GRISCOM, M. D. City Inspector. Cilv Inspector's Office. Nov. 28. 1812. Pauengera Nalletl, Liverpool?Ship Chester?Mr Drlorea, of New York; J Samuel, New Orleans; G A Cox, Dundee; John Barke, Liverpool; Miss Hayes, do?71 in the steerage. M A R I TIM E H E R AM). To Ship Maaters and Agentg. We shall esteem it a favor, if eaptainx of vessels will gi?e ;o Commodore William A. Basset!, of our news licet a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, thr essela spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign uewt;iapcrs they may nave. He wpl honrrf them immediately on their arrival. Agents and correspondents at homo or abroad, will also confer a favor by tending to thia office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OP NEW YORK, NOV. 30, 1*?. 17" 7 28 I noon rises 6 27 179 4 10 I HIOH WlTIS 7 18 Cleared. Ships Bowditch, Crowall, Nsw Orleans; Memphis, Knight, do, E IC Collins It Co: Tallahassee. Oabora. Savannah, Taylor V Morrill; nation, Galloway, Chtilas'ou, O Suttnu ?Barunr La Orange, Porter, Sawuuah, John Oyurn.?Bug Vaiulilia. Wall, New Orleans, J.ilm HI well k Co.?S. hr Factor, Carry, Philada'pnii, A B Cooley k Co.?Sloop Ocean, Roberta. Mobile, Henry Roberta. Arrived. Schr Tnacarora, Bmack, from Richmood.with tlour, to Allen k Parian Srhr Nassau, Davis, from Richmond, with tlour, ts Alien k Paison. Below, One brig, auknown. Wind NW. Mailed. Ship F.lisha Denison, Doane, 8t Marks; banjue Ohio; aloop Ocean, Roberta, Mobile, where aha ia to serve aa a lighter. Oeneral lleeortl. Bsatinr Hi Kwi ink, at Boitou, spoke Sept 10. Ut 26 S, Inn 5 2! K, w, worth, of dial for Loudon, Irotn hinuaiiore, which reported sailinr Iroin Aujier in ro. with the Win Mitchell, from Sincaieue for An'werp. with the canto of alii,i New Orleans. Oct 12, lat 2 20 S, In , 28 W, Chalcedony, of and 19 dava from Salem for Montevideo. 26th, lat 17 N, Ion <3 20 W, Boaer.of aud from Halrtn for Mnranham;nme time, was in eo. with an American ship supposed the Home Brown, from Batavia for Boston. Si MR Cltrr St Hps**, Shepard, from Caatine for Boatou, rrrnrned to C. 22d lost, having been rati into night of the 20i h, oft Ororgea Island, by a schr unknown carried away mainmaat aud rigging attached, and tore sails b oily. IHulIre In IHnrliier*. Thv Ami-i iscomt Ro. gi?North East of the A/ores.?" Ou the 13th of iv. I sailed irom Pannbueaf for t^uehec, w itlt the wind at NK. We n i.l a 'ine run to Ion 19 44 W. On the 23 I of May. fat noon, in lat 41 31 N by two good observations, and Ion 24 3 W) at 7h 20in. r m. I pi??e.l a r.ick within two shit a' length. When 1 firs' aaw i', K w is a little before the larboard he nti, and appeared like a ship's mchor buoy. When it came on the quartat i s w the aea wi ' site plain tyoa it, aa dw alao tha watel on ilerk. Another |wrt of the rock we law under water, about g or 10 feat from die pick we aaw ahsire water; at intervals it waa covered and uncover.d We had not inucn swell onnt the time; fine pleasant weather. At the'ime of passing the tock, the ship w s 111 I t I ! .1 N. and loll 24 15 W. The rock was seen a considerable time alter we pissed it Wind at the time WNW?shin's head North, going 3 and 3^ knots per hour."? The anile*, d ace..ant of the ame locks, appears ill Purity's Atlantic Memoir;?' I , M. Bellin's Mamoir, of 1712, a danger is mentioncrl in lat 12 30, and Ion 24 5. which was seen in 1735 In M. Gaichirili, conun<m)< r of tlit- shin Dauphin, of Nantes. It has two point* of rocks, sen 1 rated, ana 30 f?*?jt above water. He ascertained tks height with n \ b a^ue of the ilanOer. which appears to he the same as th*t called La B^sse d'Atnplimont, stated to he nearly in the same I aitmh. and longitude. We have given if the position originally assigned by the Memoir. Some F.uglishineu h ive called it by the t ame of Kdmund Knowle's Rock, by whom if is supposed to have been seen" These rocks, appearing like the two masts of a brig, and nearly in the position assigned, were seen by Captain Mills, in the Tamer, ' cany in 1829. Whalemen, Anrfit New Bedford 26th imt. China. Potter, New Zealand with 1400 bbls sp and 1300 wh;?7lh, Herald, Nye,Pacific Ocean, Tahiti July 29, IVruambur i Oct 17. with 1400 sp; Wm Rotch, Tohey, Pacific Ocean, last from C..ilao, with 1200 ap. Ax St Thomas 12th inst. Kmclitie, Wood, 16 mos out, with 3 bbls oil, was to sail nt*t d*y a cruise. Spoken* Condor, 8 d ?ys from N York for Porto Rico, Nov 14, lat 27 30, knttNi Independence, Binney, of New York, from Rio de Janeiro for Madagascar, June 2, off Cape of Good Hope. Foreign Porte. Qrkhkc, Nov 23?Cld Indian Chief, Sumpton, Liverpool; Bell ona, SymoRds, Bideford. StThomai, Nov 17?In port, D liaWalker. Condry, for N Oleans, in 2 or 3 weeks; Ohio, Roger*, from Philadelphia for Montevideo, in di.tiesa, leakv; Cora, Warner, for Marsanaibo, in 7 days; J W Cater, Divii, for do, nnc; Canada, Bishop. for Baltimore, next day; Hudson, Martin, for St Domitigo.msg; Peaansylvauia, Seely, f ir Porto Rico, in 2 or 3 days; Pearl, Pearce, line; Codorua, Clark, for Maracaibo, iu 4 daya; Sarah Lonisa, Tillett, for Newberra, NC. 2. Bonais, Nor 10? Iu port, Pandora, for Baltimore, the only American n *?el. Valparaiso, Aug 29?In |K>rt, F.mily Taylor, Simpsou, di?g; Roftcnia, Millet, from Boatnn, do; N .tchez, Waterman, do; Orj?heu?, Hill, for NVnrk, few day,; California, Fairfonl, for Boston. next day. Gloucester, Fasterbrook, for 9i? inara, aid 20rh Lady Ada,na, M'LelUn, for Coiiuimbu aud Baltimore, aid 23th. Manilla, Jiinc li? In iioit. Panther, Martin, from Providence for Canton, soon. Sid 9th, Lowell, Pierce, from Boston for Canton. Home Porta. Kastport, Vov 21?Arr Matilda. Spates, P iladrlphia; Texan, Leighton, N'Vnrk; 22d, Siroc, Os'mru, Alexandria; Teazer, Greenlaw, NVork; 20th, Oeu Stark, Boston. Sid 19th, Eliza, (new) Graves, do. FnanKKORr. Nor 19? Arr George, Wardwtll, Boston: 23d. Margaret, Smith, do, to load for Maihiizu. Sid 16th, Abigail Richmond, Leightrn, Martinico. Bucriport Nov 21?Cld St Thomas, Brewster, St Thomas. Sid 19th, Granite, Charleston. Bsnoor, Nov ?i-Cld Orchill i, Harding, and Rupert, Rankin. Wra' Indies; 2Cth, Declaration, Lowder, Key West. Bath. Nov 21?Ait Caspian, Ryan, NYork. Port laud, INov ?Arr Catharine, H'rmon, Biltimore.? CM Plat", Da?i?. Hv?ana: Accommodation, Creech, Mobile; Lucy, Mean*. NYork. Sid Iti-miitonce, lino C*luto. PobthMouTH, No* 21?Arr Atlantic, Nirker.oii, Philadelphia: ?3d, Kr tikliu, Matthew*, NYork. CM 25th, Shannon, Pik-. London.>, No* 25?Arr 9'ati'?tnan, NYork. NcwBUHVroitT. Nov 25? Atr Hope, Arey, Baltimore; M*gnolii. Seaman, Philadelphia?lo*t deck load, *to*e bulwark*, and aplil tail* in the Bay, during the gale on Thiinday morning, and narrowly cspcaped going on there. Salf.m, Not 26?Cld Drojio, Pickering, Cayenne and Surinam. Arr 26th,ihip , (ti*w) Ks?ex, in tow ol steamer Huotreat, Bf.verlt, No* 28?Sid Kaiex, Richmond. BotTot*. No* 28?Below, Co-ioimbo, Knowlea, Valparaiso; Lawrence, Raltimore; Ha?re, Savannah. Signal for I brig.? CM Oallio, Tildcn, Port au Prince; Hindoo, Porter, NOrlrans; Baltimore, Kldridge. Philadelphia. Arr 27th. Severn Cheever, Liverpool: Aeorn, Ho wet; Eliot, Baker; Nile, Caah. and Aurora,wood bory, Philadelphia: Preference, Howe*, Huilion NY; Vi?*cher, Bearse; Montano. Croweil. and Elisabeth. B'ker, A'bany; E I) Petora, Holme*, and John B, Oorham. NYork.? Cid 'J6th, Heber, (of Oloncejter. late of Newbnrvport) Swift, B ihi**nd a irkt; Bnij Franklin. Klinu, Philadelphia; Ida, Taylor Bangor, to load for West ladies; A M Hale, Be arte, and Wolcutt, Rvder, N Vork. Oi.ol'ch?tkh. No* 2t?Arr Sarah Ann, Herrick, S irinam. Plvmolth, No* 10??|0 Herald, Vtrgiuia; Ciiaa Wiawell, N Carotin>; Pit, Hope, Mary-lend. Mm m?. H lk, Nov ? >? \rr Monaco, Wordina. Bonair for Bosto "; John Huggles, NYork for Bath; II)ward, Baltimore u Beokspovt Kdoartowrt, Nov 21?Art Richard Taylor, Robinson, Richmond for Boston; R;siugSuu. Piummer, NYork for Addison; pioneer, Knight, d ?lorDrtr Ulc; 8c Tfiomo, Walker, do for Newbaryport: Mary Jane. Nickersou, and Chas Evertson.Fish, do for Barnstable; 2fd, Balance, Knowltou,do for Beverly; Median), Rogers, do for Nantucket. Sid .Mary Jane, and Charles Evertson?the reat remain 24th, together with many others, bound K. Providence, Nov 26?Arr Commodore. Wilcm. Norfolk; J 8c W F.rricksoD, Smith. Philadelphia; Albany, Gtbbs, Albany; Portsinonth, AH^n; Champion, Appleby; Yankee. Chase, ana MidAs, Dennis, NYork. Sid Chesapeake, Post. Baltimore; ' Snuthport. Ktu*gi?. NYork. Arr 27*h, Prudence, Wells, New York. Sid Tf. Fenn r. Nirkerson, and Eleanor, Jones, Bal- j more; Seraph, Gardner, NYork. ^ ihii.apii rHii, rsov zo? Arr * oster. Lancaster, JNewport.? Cld ( hunplain, K11?-in?ii, Boston; Pilot. Poland, do; Lesington, Young, Newark, NJ. Arr in the Schuylkill, R Williams, Stubhs, New Haven; Oregon, Corzon, Cat-skill; Sol Rose re It, Benjamin, NYork; Vesta, Ludlam, do. Oeoboetown, DC. Nov 26?Arr Post Boy, Gray, Salem; Saunders, Portland. Cld Openango, Vose, NYork. Charleston, Not 26?Arr Anson, Barkmsn, NYork; Perry, Thompson, do; Brazilian. Hickhnin, Onayama. Cld Matador, Ballarr, Bremen; Linen, Hoff-es, NOrleans; Lawrence, Curtis, Mobile; Northumberland, Mason, Baltimore; Tli mn, Asworthy, Hivana. Sid George, Hull, New York. Arr25th, Standard. St Thomas;, Georgetown. Cld Brighton, Cooper, Boston; Auii, Towns, Baltimore. Shi Francis St nron, Letavour, Liverpool, Daniel Webster, Parker, New Orleans. Savannah, Nov 2J?Arr Newark, Merwin,New York. Old Granada, H unmond, Liverpool. Sid Susannah Camming, Halter,do; Julia, Bennett, Prortd'nce; Sterling. Hamilton, New York ; Madison, Bulkley, i!o; Pin a. Olfen, Boiton. Sid 2tth. Cbas Joseph, Mauran, do; Driver, Taylor, Providence: Adii,n, Pitts, NYork. Art 21d 1 r- nton. Snow, Boston; Dalhousie, (Br) McKeller. Trinidad: Ceres. Bltnchard, Portland. St Auoustine, FIs. Nov 19?Arr Diadem, Ciscomh, New York. Apalacnicola, Nov 19?Arr 11th, Mobile, Williams, New York; Urh, llerford, (Br) Reahurn, Jamaica; 14th, Hcrn.Jones, NYork; 16th, L'ou, Clt f, do; 17th, Windsor. Brewer, Havana. In port?Hhipi Solon, Bucknam; Helen, Edwards; Rtenzi, 'lark; Nile, Ketiney; H'garth, Redman; Philip 1st. Farran; Floridian, Pratt, and MArtlia Washington, Tyler from NYork: Liverponl, (Br) Hadley, Liverrool; n.aroae O Inert, Oi/en, N York; brigs Ann Klizt, Williams; vVmTaylor, Hoey; Ariirne, McClintock; Florida, Crocker, and Manhattan. Diane, New York; Paragon, Bray ton, Providence; Gazelle, Glover, Charleston; schr Tester, Smith, NYotk; sloop Plume, Dani, Stonington, and other? as above. New Orleans, Nov I*)?Cld John Holland. Henderion. Glasgow; North Carolina, Druinmond, Havre: Nestor, Moses, do; Clara, PenhaHow, Liverpool; Bengal, Gornam, do: Z Ring, Rose, NYork; Mary, Myricfc, Baltimore; Olive Brancn, Wa:u, do; Kmpressario, Collins; Uticaa. Thompson. and Presedenle, (Sp) Ruiz, Havana. Arr Constitution, Peabody, Bvston; Corzair, [Br] Daly, Kingston, Jam; Favorite, [Bremen] Ariaans, Bremen. "IITANTED?A Journeyman Barber. A sober, attentive and " competent person, to take charge of a shop. Apply at I Astor House, nrzt door to A. Granojesn's Hsir Composition office. n30 lt*r BOARDING.?A handsome large room in the sacond story, with grate, |iaiitrv, lie., also one or two additional bed ro ims, can be had with board on very moderate terms to snit the times A gentleman and his wite, and several single gentlemen ean he well accommodated Apply at No. 14 Wooster B30 It^rc URENCH~B0ARDIN0 HOOSE.?Furnished rooms, with " hoard in the French style, can be h?<i at ihe " Cafe Tortoni," 130 Broadway, nearly opposite the City Hotel. n30 TAMMANY HALL?Mr. J. PARKER haa the honor to L announce to his scholar!, subscribers and the public, that hit Fine Intone will i u.- ptara oa Tundn evening next, December lit. Dancing te commence at eight o'clock, and to te continued until twelve o'clock. Gentlemen are requeated to wait OB their ladies paat the door keeper. Mr P aaaurea th? pahlic, that the atricteat order will be Kept, ao aa to iniure the comfortnl those who may be pleaaed to patrnnite him. Tickets of admission 50 centa. The publics will take place every other Thursday ev-ning. School days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The days of tuition at the ichnol in Eighth street, between Broadway and the B iwery, 're Mondays and Thursdays. N. B ? Mr. P. intends to give a grand Ball on Thank 'living night. n30 2t*m P Passengers by this shin, will please be on hoard the Steamboat Hercules, at Whitehall, thisdiy at 2 P. M . at which nmc the .ship will sail. u30 ttr V?NrsON-frKANK7.1N COFFEE HOUSE, 86 Maiden V lane, and li Cedar street.?Some fine saddles of Venison will be dresaed this day, and served up with currant jelly, at 3l>4cetttaper plate. Ready at 12 o'clock. JOHN P BROWN. N B.?V enison will be served up every Wednesday during the remainder of the seaso-i. n30 lt*r J|L TAVERN AND CHOP HOUSE TO BE 1)18!"; POSED OF.?One of the most ret|ieetable husitiesses ,'^aJL 1 this ci'y, has been established upwards of four years. To any one wishing to enter intothia business, a better "tiening could not be?all that ia asked is a Valuation of effects Bear in mind, thla it a very lucrative concern, and where by judicious n nnagemei t, a fortune ia t? be reilir. d. For further particulars, apply to W. Bll,LINOS, Grocer, n30 It*re. corner of Barclay and Greenwich atreuta. 'TO DENTISTS.?I am now prepared to fill orders to any amount, wuh assorted colors, and to match all samples that may be sent. Molan, Bicuspids, Ate. equal to any manufactnred, will be sold at the rate of $6 00 per hundred. ELLIS MIDDLETON. Surgeon Dentist, and Mannfactiirer of Porcelain Teeth. Retnored to Arch st, three do irs below Seventh. ti2U 3l*x Y ADIK8' Silk and Merino Under Vets for sale by L JOHN M. DA VIES k JONES, n'q tmr ins William eor of John its IOHN M, DAVlES k JONES inform their mends and ? customers tkat they have received their winter faahioua for Caps?a vanrtv of new style.a for yonth and children. The Crac ivu nne Turban now so much worn, is manufactured by them. Also a new style ol travelling cap, very convenient fo gentlemen travelling ?;q tmr _ lot WILLIAM ST. THE ONLY PL AC L IN New York where the celebrated Shaker Knit Shirt can be I obtained it at JOHN M DAVlES k JONES, IAS William >t, corner of John at. Agents for the Shaker's Mammae Co, N.H. Also?Close and open knit Drawers, flannel wrappers and Irnaven, and the unrivalled Shaker flannel hy the yam or piece ?it it preferable to any style now in nse. nM Imr H~I.jr.ACm NO POWDER.?100 cask* of 8oy<Ps supeno7 Bleaching Powder, per ship Cambridge, from Liverpool, for tale by nil 3tt I ER88E <1 BROOKS, No.?l Liberty R ArcT1 (>\T sArKs BKLI . Auctioneer. BY BKLL V MOW A lil). iXttrtt Net. li jinn aw 116 hulton s'rssf.) WKDMfSDAV. At 10l< o'clock its the sales mom. Splendid Fiirui'ltre Salt?A laige assortment of elegant fUrHit'ire, hv order of the sheriff A'?o, the entire genteel furniture of a family removing, * choice stock of nw city mule cabinet furniture, beds, bedding. inaitrasses, bl -ukets, Ac. Sic. Also, a large additional and very valuable aaaortment of annetb household and kitchen furniture of all descriptions from Brooklyn. cc THURSDAY. At 10Ve o'clock at the au'e rooma. Sale ol Fancy Ooodi, W ?rc , Cut Gl??s, China. Ac. Alap an entire IttTOtCC "I hall, mantel and aatial lamps, girandoles, chandelirra, a it lit urea, ruruina ami oruarnenta, four French bedsteads, In da, maltraaara, blankets, table cutlery, jewelry. Ac. Alio, 20 baskets champagne; 20 deinijobna brandy, Ac At II o'clock. Stoves?A number ef valuable new and actond hand atovet, variout it\ lea and patent*. Alan, Noll's h>ll atuvea. Alio, at lltg o'clock, precisely, oue piano forte, and two billiard tablet, by order of the sheriff. Alto, another aplvn lid I iauo Forte, nearly new, and it: fine order. Sold positively under |v miliar circumstancea. FRIDAY. At le^chick in the aalra room Sale of Paintingi, Fn'rivings. Books, Looking Olai'vu, Furniture, St :., by catalogue and without reaerv.? DUvaliiahle a cientaud modern (miniinia, aoinc line cUKravinita. books and workiof an, 2 splendid baroiuters, a vnety of arliclea of furniture, win. chain, b idsleads, looking glaiaea, Ac. At ll>a o cljck, 2 luperb Piano Fortea, equal to any in the city. BY RIELL A ARCULAfUUS "wit d\V.s uTVr At lOii o'clock, attlie sales room, I'ianoi, new and aeennd h nd furniture,(lores, carpeting, Ac. Piano?One elegant rosewood French grand action piano, will be told without reterve Stoves?A variety of beat patterna hall, parlor and cooking stovca. A ?o, 2)0 pieces French rote blankets, large size. TJ1UR8DAY, At 10 1-2 o'clock at 18 Maiden Lane, Sheriff's Salt?Contents of a Drv O >od and Fancy Stori ? Consisting of silks, laces, ribins, gloves, hosiery, mtlleuery, and faucv articles, Ac., Ac. Sheriff's Sale?At 10 o'clock, at 217 Pearl atrcel, la.'g" stock of i hairs and cabinet furniture, by catal 'guc, comprising a general assortment of articles ill tile line. Catalogues on the morning of sale, SATURDAY. At 10>^ o'clock at the s ales room. A good assortment of new and second band furniture, ball, AT PHtVATK SALfe-l.u perb French 6H octave liano. made by tnc celebrated composer Henri Hen, of Pari?, equal in tone to any inurnment ever imported, THOMAS BELL. Auctioneer. A UCTIOX NOTICE.?LARGE BALE OF SPLENDID O- FURNITURE, of all descrip'iuus ?This day as 10 * o'clock, in the rooms 32 Ann and 1 ii Fulton sireet, as usual, without reserve. The sale will He found deserving particular attention. See auction head of B-11 &. Howird. n30r GEO. B. ROLLINS, Auctioneer. Household furniturb-Bv order of the Admiuistrators, will b- sold by WlLKINS A ROLLINS, on Wednesday, Nov. 30th, at II o'clock, at No. 13 Morton street, the furniture contained in said house, consisting of mahogany chairs, sofa, dining and tea tabh-s, marble top sideboard, window shades, warble top pier tables, bronzed girn doles, candlebras, mantel clock, marble ton rccretary, pie' glass, carpets French China dinner, tea an?l coffee setts, knives and forks choice fnm"d engTa\ing*. silver t'a ami coffee setts, svoous 8cc; tire irons, hall lamn, Nott's hall stove, oil cloth, stair car tet ami rods, eitra sized French m <ho4any bedsteads, two larg< 'reuch mahogany wardrobes, fancy chtir?, kr.; I upright piano 1 horizontal piano forte, made by Dubois k Stoddart, which has been only three or four months in use. Also, the kitchen furniture, with whicn the sale will commence Bfitdf+r R. BRAH AM"* CONCERT.?Mr. BRA HAM has thi honor to announce that he will give a Concert on Thursday evening, Dec. 1st, ar ihe Society Library, assisted by hii sou, Mr. CHARLES BR AH AM. PROGRAMME. PAHT I. Duett?'1 The Mil ute Gun at Sea,"?Mr. Braham and Mr C Br*ha*n Hong?" William Tell"?Mr Braham Braham Song from the Opera of " Amile"?" My Boy. hood's Home'? Mr C Braham Song?"A Man's a Man for a' tha"?Mr Braham Roug?" The Anchor's WeighM"?Mr C Braham Brahanr B-uce's Address to his Army?" Scots wha hae"? Mr Braham r**T " .. . Hong?"The Old English G. ntUin*n ?Mr Braham Bong?*'The light oi other dava'?" Mr C Braham* Balft Duett?" Gallop on gaily"?Mi Braham and Mr C Braham Brahau Lover's Irish Love Song?" Molly Bawn?Mr Braham Song?" The Lads ol the Village"? Mr C Braham Dibdit Song? The B ay of Biscay"?Mr Braham... Tickets Our Dollar each.Ch'loren h If price, tube had a Atwell's and Hewetl's Music Stores. Concert to rommrni'i' at eight o'clock. n30 2t r T?OURTH AND LAST CONCERT.?Mr. MAS " ROHRER, Concert M iter and first Violoncellist to thi Kiux of Wirtemhurit, respectfully informs his fiiei ds and th< public, that he will gise li>s fourth and last Concert; (prevwui to his departure fer the South) on Thunday evening, Dec. 1st ?t th- Tabernacle, on which occasion he will perform, for th< first time. thr. e of his latest compositions. He will be assisted by Mrs. E. Loilc, and Mr. Titnm, wh< will preside at the Piino Eorte. PR JQRAMME. PAST I. 1?Grand Fantasia, for the Violincello, on Russian National Airs?Mr Bolirer Bohre 2?Grand Ana?" Ciel Piefoso"?Mrs ELodsr---- Kosain 3?Romance and Variations o.i an Autrichieu NaSon*?VI, B-hirr Bohre 4?New MS. D all id* ' * Biid of my heart," written by Paik Benjamin, E?q ?Mrs E Loder C E Hor paht it 1?Andante Grariosa, for the Violoncello?Mr Bohrer Romber 2?Uraiel A la?"P.titoma tu ben mio** ? Mis Kd ward Loder Mon 3?Introduction and Grand Polacca alia bnvura, for the Violoncello?Mr Boiirer Bohri 4?Son*?" If a youth should meet a Maiden," fiom " Der k'rcischut7."?Mrs Loder Web Tickets One Dollar, to he had at toe principal Music Storei at hit residence St. George's Hotel, and at the doer on th ereinu* of the Concert. Doors open at 7. Concert to commence|at 8 o'clock on cisely. o?Jtr ENGLISH MAIL. PER ACADIA FROM BOSTON 1st December ?The letter Ings will be made up and foi wardi d f-om HARNDKN It CO. Express Office, for the abov stestner on Weiineadsy, 30th Bus close at a quartet to 4 P. M. Thev Will also make in lug for the uverlnid mail to India via Marseilles, to be foi wardeil with the utmost despatch. n?2i r HAR.NDEN *r CO. 3 Wall street. ROCKWELL'S PATENT VAULT LIGHTS.?So us< ful to eichid-wot, do it, and 'rost, and at the saine tim admit lull', greatlv improved for strragth and dur bilitv. Fo sale at No. ;> Aatot House, entranee in Barclay si. ii29 6t*r NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY ?&st?2 WI NTritTrifA^S^Tl^y^^SRoiulai D-cimb'?5th, 1812, lie cars will run daily aj i". Lows :? Leave City Hall for Lease Harlem Leave William^'Brid* Williama'Bridge, for City Hall. furCitvHill G 30 A. M. 8 20 A. M. 8 00 A. M. 9 " 10 0 " 10 20 " II 30 " 1 10 P. M. I? 50 P. M 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " 5 10 " 5 20 " 5 30 Ha.lemonly. 0 30 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Line will run asfo lows:?FramT 30 A. M. every ten miuutes thronghout th day till 7 P. M. Passrnaers for Westchester. Thro*'* -Neck, Kastcheste New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Horse N?ck,Nosth Castle, Ril bins'Mills and White Plains, will take the 2 o'clock, P. IV trim from City Hall. Passengers for Ynnkrrs will take the o'clock, A. M. and I o'clock, P. M. trains from City Hal', _u30 J m*m ^ eWn jggk FOR ALBANY, TROY, and Interned ^?r-7s,m ste Places, (if ice permils.j?The solrndi W MLJL.Iow pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Cap A. McLean, will leave the foot of Cortlaudt st, on Wednrsila Afternoon, Nov. 30, at 5 o'clock. iO~ The above is a substantial Boat, fitted up with eleiras State Rooms, and for accommodation is unrivalled on th- Hull son. n30 r .Mn jgU PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY. **? 1 J* Landing at Intermediate Places.?Thr ucv SCosjBLjKwvnd commodious steamboat HO"HBaTEB Caps iii A. P. S: John, will leave (he Steamboat Pier lw twecnihe foot of Cou-rlandt and Liberty streets, on Tuesda afiernoou, Nov. 29, at five o'clock. kor passage or I eight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8HULTJ I the office on the wharf. N, B?All kinds of property taken only at the risk of th own rs t he reof. u'<9r .Mf) sof FALL AND WINTER ARRANGE flr?MENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will SK^nJHai^E. on and after M onda), the 31st of October, rn as follows : leaving Middlelown Point (tide and weather net mining) at 9 o'clock, and Keyport at 10 o'clock, every Monday Wednesday and Friday. Returning, Icav* the foot of Robin son street, New York,es?ry Tuesday, Thursday and Saturd*' at II o'clock, noon, touching at Seguin a Dock each way. Stages will be in readiness to convey passengers to any par of the country. All baggage at the risk of the owners. o23 2m*ec tiffin OA NEWARK AND NEW YORK.?Far B?eR?Mj> Quiv I2X cents.?The splendid and cemmodi SE-_K_Z_niis steamer PASSAIC, Capt. John Gaffy being completely and elegantly relitled. commenced her regu ar tripe for the season on Thursday, flarch lit? leasing as fol lows ? Knot of Btrcley at. New York, at 10)< o'clock,A.M., and j, o'clock, P. M. Centre wharf. Newark, at 9 o'clock, A. . M. and I o'clock P.M., Sundays incladed. O*" Freight ol erery description carried at redneed prices. ol Irn"r . ???- BLACK BAI.L, or Old Line LIVKKPOOI Packets.?The only Regular Packet that sails on th JUllL'it ol Dec ?The magnificent packet ship EUROPE Captain Edw. G. Knrber, will sail poaitieely on Thursday, th 1st of December, her rejtularday. For terms of passage iu cshin. Id cabin and steerage, also ti aecure the beat bet the, apply OB board,foot of Brekman street or to the subscriber*, ROCHE BROTHERS k CO., 9} Fulton at, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S The Enrope will sail from Liverpool on :he 19tn Janui ry, ISO?those sending foi their Irienda can ha?e ibem broegh out in her, or in any of the Packets ol thia Line, which tail fron that port on Ike 7th and 19th of every Month. For i asaage ap ply as shore. N. B. The New and Splendid Packet Shin New Y"rk, o lOnn tons burtnen will succeed the Europe, and sail for Lirei pool on the 19th Dec., her regular day, nIOr a**- OLD BLA< K BAI.L LTSkT(5F~F AC K E T! rfflVFOR LIVEKPOOL-Paeket of the 1st Decembei dfiafl^The well known and fsvorilrpacket ship EUROPE t apt. Kuiber, will positively sail on Thursday, 1st Dec, lit regular day. This splrndul ship has unsurpassed accommodations fr cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. Those within to secure berths will require to make early application on boat at foot of Beekman at, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, 91 South street. N. B. Peraona tending for their friends residing in Orel Britain and Ireland can hare them brought out, a* nanal. by ar of the ships composing this line; drafts for any amount c* be furnished, payable in all the principal town* throughout th United Kingdom, on application as above. n30i A#* FOIl NEW <) RLE A N H?Louisiana k New VoIffXlV Dine?Positively 1st regular par krl?to receive I rrigli jVfHfatill 1 o'clock, aud tail at 2 P. M Tins Day. The f? sailing picket ahtp MEMPH1 H, Capt. Knight, will positive!' sail as above, her regular (ivy. For frr iglu or pBWag*> rial ing handsome furnialied accommodations, apply on board, a OHean* wharf, foot of Wallst or to . . E. K COLLINS * CO. * 9 * . Shippers will pleaae send in their bills lading early this day. Passengers wil please lie on board the steamboat Hereules a Whitehall to-morrow the 30lh inat., at I r. M., at which tuns Shippers may rely upon having iheir goods correctly measur ed. and that the ship, of thi. line lfi>l tiwd. Any gminiiitoe to thiatFflwct will h? fivet) ?nd fulnllei '^Agentji in N*'(Weana. Hnllin k Woodruff, who will prompt |y forward all goods to their addree.. The packet ship Ocmulgee, Captain Peet, will succeei the Memphis, and sail th* 19th Dec, her regular day. f -1 oltr AMUSEMENTS.'"' CHATHAM THKATHIC. fit WV *(nu Um?r Tier 15 crnli. Fir?t Tier 56 cent* THlS EVKMNO. No,. '0. will o* perlormet EUOENK ARAM. After W hich H-LL ON karth: Conclude with CHILDREN IN 1'HE WOOD. tIT' Dour* will open at6)k?Cnrtiun will riee el qnArter p*i( 1 oclock preci?ely. . . . D", Office open daily from 9 to 5, where Ticket* n*T be norchMed and p'ace* *erured. |?ahk tueatrc THIS eve VIno, Not. 30 will be pretested. love's sacrifice. St Lo, mi Br<iii h,ifc | Mtncerrt. Mr* Brougham highland EIiuk bv Mim Welter* To e itirinde with THE IRISHMAN'S FORTUNE. Do*!-, TV-til and M Tirr jo--l*it J7X cla?U illrry 25 cent*. Door* oi>eii *t t>H o'clock Mid lh? p*rl*nn*nce will commence *t i preewely niTCHELL'M ULI1HPIC THKATRE. 144 Broadway. New Tom. THIS EVENING. Nor. 30 will t>e performed JOHN OF TVRIS. After winch GIOVANNI IN GOTHAM. To conclude with CURIOSITIES OF LITERATURE. ,[ f Tlir Door* will be opened it h?!i-pa*t b, anil the per fo-in**??e rnmmi do at 7. every evening A.nPHllUEAHlK (IK TIIK K .PHUUC. 'Xl Bowtrjf Third eniriurrmenf of the wonder-working LION Hr.HO OF FRANCE. Fir?t appearance tin* it ' on of O'CONNELL, the Tatto-ed Man. Betide* Otto Moity. 8. B. Ilowe*; Walter Acinar, the Infantile Eijueniriaa. ami Franklin, the Great Corde Voltigeur. MoltyN I fiiitile Fain.Iy appear on Thurtdav. Adiniaainn?B >*e* .> i ru; ?Second Tier 37)4? Pit tS. attr KKANRMli TrtlliATRE. rPHK great Miccea* attending the FRANKLIN ha* induced A the manager to ei e?*e thirty lady and .-entltmen performer*, and fn the : die d price* of Drean t'ircle 25 cent* inclirlitig a lady ; up| . B *' I2S ecu a Gillery 12)4, Pit 654 . r ii'*. For tin. Week only, Mr. EMM k.T, th" great Southern Uitgo Melodut. ? K NK dKOvv r:ii, th? perfect refreMn tttion of the Southern Ne^ro rharacterj, andMtsterPIERCE the gre^t tleelologiit, are engaged ; t^is being their fir*' apiear?ce in thi* city, they an- I?rej?ared to faror the New Yorkers wuh iu entire new collection of tonga, duetti. tereli tdes, tn'ilodiea, lu\, huiI unitt he teen. Mr. J. F U'(/Owtl, tin- tattoos <1 in.i" ; C. I). Jenkins, F. Diamond, Huggles, Mil ler, M?stn>er, Brother* of W?rw?, Richardson. Muter Henry, Mi?i Auriol, Mi a Rosamond, Augusta, Celeste, Cerito, Ike. Ac,. are nm'>ii( ths list of name* for this week. Mr. Noslier's Brass Band is also ensued DoortO|>eii at #, performances commence atTo,clock. Programme at th- theatre. nl I 1m i?*ec AMUHICAII Tl'lKATKK-WALUUT4T, PHILADKLPHIA, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS C, CUBHMAN. Mr H?c*rtt's third night. THI9 EVENING Nov 3". ?II be enacted, KINO HENHY IV. Falstaff, 'MrHackett Conclude with THE KAIL ROAD STATION. E. A MAKSHA L.L. Leasee. ANEHICAN MUSEUM, i ]yjARRLK BUILDINO, Broadway, opposite St. Paul's , Day Visi ors admitted the same evening free. This Home se establishment consists of SIX SPACIOUS IIM.UH, eacn over '00 let t in length, and cmr i nmg mou woudrrrul works of nature and art than any five museums in , America. FOURTEEN UNEQUALLED PERFORMERS. Mr. WINCHELL, the laught r provoking original comic p drol'rris' appears in new eccentricities ; T. ti. BOOTH .the ; hest comic singer in America: LA Pa'TlTE CELESTE, i the graceful Hsiieemr : Mi.s HOOB, the admired songstress, Signor VIVALDI'S k imily of Ten Performers; the Albino I.adv, Fancy O'aas Blueing, Orand ( osmoruma, Ac. f'erforinaticea Weduesday and Si'urday afternoons, at three ; o'clock, and evrrv evening at half put seven o'clock. Day visitn a admitted free in the eveuiug. Admission to the whole | 25 cents, children half price. n>Tr SPLENDID NOVFLTIFS'I ENTIRE CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE!'.! IKW YORK MUSEUM AND PICTURE GALLERY, , Broadway. Otipotitt the City Hail, MH. H BENNETT, Ma ager, announ <s with pleasure, "J. that he hu effected a ahnr engagement with SIONOK BLITZ, the wonderful M igici-tn. Ventriloquist and Plate i Dancer; Min CLE MF.NCE will re|ieat her much a.'mired dances ; Miss BltUCE, the sweet songstress Mr. G. Z. BK< >W ER, the celeh ated comic singer, and Mr DELA HUE, the inimitable mimic ; Muaeum. Merin>id, lire Albino D er, half a mil'ion of Curionties, Gl iss Blowing, Picture B Gillrry, mid performances to be aern for One Shilling. A day entertainment on Weduesday and Saturday, at three , o'clock. cj| lm ec THB GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY in the ! A world?Now exhibiting at the corner of Chatham street and Tryon How, opimsite the Psrk, for a short time:? , A Double Spanish Live Bull, taken near Buenos Ayres, on the Plai a, bv the Spaniards, ill the year 1840, and imported to New York in 1842. He is considered bv naturalist'! to be the most wonderful de f trinity in the known world. H- hu a double windpipe, dou s tile breast. Double paunch, double riba, six legs, double hi pa, ' and some other parts double. He is perfectly sound and in > good health, anil supposed to be nine years old, and weigh < near 1.300 pou.ida. : Professors of Natural History, Surgeons, and Anatomist won d do well to visit and judge for themselves. ) A Three Legged Cow, now three years old. She is deficient of one fore leg, and w is so from birth. A Coatimnnoi. A Sea Dog, or Sea I.'opard, taken alive in the North River. The head rescmbb s tha'of a dog, and the skin is] spotted like ' that o fa leopard. Truly a wonderful curiosity. i W. If, Monkeys, lie. To be le u Irom 8 o'clock A M till 10 P M. r Admission 12 1-2 ceuo, children under 10 yean of aire half price. n Good Muiic in attendance. ?23 lm*m g FRANCIS' PATKNT LIFE BOAT, OFFICE No 7 WALL STREET. Bl iar rt ' MUSIC. ,t OCHNEIDKR It REBHUN will attend private parties and Csoirees with a band of Inun three to twenty artist*. Apply er No. 27 Delaucy street near the Bowery, or No. 124 Norfolk at i; nil 1*1 ie A CaUD?X~B.\RDOTFTlS78uperinten<lent, begs to islbm al hi* friends nun the public generally that he has opened ?- Cafe and Roarding House for grutlemen at No. ISO Broadway, which will he conducted upon the plan of the celebrated Car# ~ Tortoni at Psris. ; There are about twenty furnished rooms attached te the e Cife which will be let and meali famished to any number of gentlemen forming a club, at such hour* as they may select. a Madame B.trdotte, long and h? tiuit* f ivorably knowu as the I ropriete.v of a select maisoude pension in this city will superintend I be house. Gentlemen will be furnished with tncals at auy hour in the Coffee room. The cuisine arrangements will be f mod ofthe first order-and e the wines, liquors, he., the best that can be procured regardless r of expense. An inspection of the establishment is respectfully solicited. ; CAFE TORTONI, n232wis*r 170 Broad way, between Liberty It Cedar sts. dij 1 flfl REWARD?The subscriber, in en same the Fulton 'IP a v/vf Ferry last evening, between i sndO o'clock.wns robbed of (.'iSO, by hiving bit i*>cket book cut from his uocset? ' containing? $50 nolea on Mechanics Bank, New Bedford, new date; 1 KM) do on vierchant* Bang of do do ; 1 do bank not r known; 1 $10 bank of New York. The hanks and hrok"rs of the city, are r> spectfully requested to detect end secure the tame, for which the abore reward sha'l be paid. Tn- r?m? to b - left at SLATE,GARDENER Ik HOWELL, 114 and 115 South street. u26 Iw*rc A. COLEMAN, of New Bedford. BLACK MA RB1.E?I'd) tons I- ?! Black Marble, lor sale by n28r PKKSSE !k BROOKS No. 61 Librrtv street. e Post OrriCK, New York. Nov.28, 1842. "ENGLISH MAIL.?Letter Bags for Eugland i?r Royal '. Pi Mail Steamei Acadia, leaving Boston on 1st December J" next, will close at the uiqier and lower post offices in this city, " on Wednesday, the 'Kith instant, at 15 minutes to 4 o'clock, 9 P.M. By an arrangement with the contractors, the Steamboat will _ noi leave the wharf until the Express Mail fr?m this office is i. received oil bosrd. !d n?7 It r JOHN LOKIMER GRAHAM, P. M. ' Post Orrica^New York, Nov. 25. 1842. V A/TAIL ARRANGEMENT-The mail matter for the ivi Northern counties in Ohio and Peniuylvsnia, the State of Mulligan, thenorthero parts rif Illinois an I I lid i tua, and the ' Territories of Wisconsin and Iowa, is forwarded by the way of I'liilailelphia and Pittsburgh, (instead of Buffalo.) Mails for _ which are clo<ed at 1W o'clock, P. M. dai! except Snndayx. v on which diys a I mails are made up, and the office closed at i 1M o'clock, P. M. ,' U27 3tr JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM. P. M. ^ f UNB?GUNS?GUN S? Al auction nrices?100 double bar j " rel ducking gam, made eipressly for South Side Long Islaud. 200 Cocking Guns, aasorted, 1-6 to 3-4 hole*, asa'rt length*, 300 Single barrel gum, common to fine. 300 Ritles, from it to $40 each. 3000 Tarn pistols I Gnusrnithi ai.d dealer* in (fun* will find a", thi* depot every q article wanted by the manufacturer or ?p rtiman, in any qnanr lily deaired, a* follow*?can lock*, lifle locks, barre s, springs, cone*, cap*, ward*, worm-, tip*, no*, trigger*. furniture, fce. Also, horn* and power-flasks, from I to I* ox; came b*(a. ? shot hags, primers. Wrenches, kc. A. W. SPIES It CO., iiKlm'r 318 Peart street. t TTNCURRENT MONEV discounted at l<>w rate* by U JAMES k CO., n^B lw?r _ JSO Wall street. e a Toe* OK EARTHEN W A HE. CHINA AND GLASS, i hJ kor Sa|e, and Store to Let.? The present occupant being , about learini for the south, the entire stock of new and elegant uood* now in the Store 344 Bowery, will be sold on reaI tunable trrm*. To auy person wishing to embark in the Earthen W rr batines*. a good oppoitunity u now offered, a The store is well fitted up, and i* ?n e*e> llent stand forbsiainesc. Aiiply ou the premise*, or to JOHN C JACKSON,111 Waterstreet, up s'airs. nW lw*re UA. O. OK D ?TbaTBrotliers of the Washington Lodge No. I, of the unre* ancient order of Dsuids, are notified to meet at their new lodge room. No. 33 Duane, corner of Centre street, on Wednesday erening, 30th instant, at eight o'clock. - By order of the W. A. WM. SHAVES. e J. I. Aurora Secretary p38 3t*ec e f eOI'I'Elt.?IN Caaes rery snperior English Copper from II ' ot to 32,)7., for sale in lots to suit purchasers by o E. K. COLLINS k CO.. t, n30r 83 Sloth street. Lj?OB UK. FKUOHTWANOItH'S Price Cswrent ofCopa " via, Capsules, Acidi, Dy*woods, Lunar Canstic.D '. reotype Chemicals. Oermnn Silver, Ac. Se? foorth I- p?, ?rr n r|,0 PRINTERS AND PUBI.ISHERBVa yoe* nun A ? practical printei. who ii thoroughly acquainted with hie business in every department *nil branch, ? d who nas Neo f employed in the rapacity of reiwrter and ssb-edoor 00 ."'yj highly reapeciable jonrnaia, it desirons of oh-amirg ? situation in the country, to take charge of. and manage ? ""'''""J' I paver concerna. A wnnnerstiiw t ilery * dl oe'> >** r Addrees, by letter, (postpaid) .V V. tl? Heiald oflce. lletperi.-hle rclm i:ca giwii an I rrqnii'd. III" jgb ' private medicinechests. THE COLIJSOE OF * medicine and pharmacy 5 m r' 5^ lt/je city of new york. ryiyy prenered ? number of " Prirete Medicine Chests, rl".ch containing tn appropriate quantity oft he new French Medicines for the cure of t peculiar clans of diseases,which II bare unfortunately in too many instances fallen under the treatiy mrnl ,,r ignorant quarks, in consequence of the extremrdrliea0 ey wiiich petienU thus afflicted exhibit in applying for medical ' id v ice from irspectable physic inns. In the node now ex plumed, howeeer,a?fe end effectual treatment will be gained by it inch patients without tli- necessity of making *U> discloeure oi it theircuse. The "Mrilicme Chest11 contains such aqnanitily of It ipi'ropnate medicine ee it ituaranteed to efftct a peifcct cure, r and ample directions in a plain and familiar style accompany esch chest. The remedies are applicable to all forme ol the dti1 ease. The Chests, containinc remedies for syphilitic diseases sre sold for ti each?the chests with remedies for gonorrhoea and fleet $1 each, may now be had of the Principal Agent ol the College. t XV 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. ? Principal O'hee of the Collefe 97 > ansa* WMal. N. B.?Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union, ttae cVftadas end West Indies. _ ? Persona lutrchasing thef .heats adilressinf the Ceyel*, f srstnin ttsly obtain whatever sdditienal advice they mavMmre during the prof re as of their case. a IS lie A ce iTVutLuuese female pills. d rPlif.r*K. far fame I and celebrated Pills, from Portnrf. 1 we perceive, to beob?|WM in this eountrr. Soeadva?>s?| ant mIMM seiame as I if .

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