Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1842 Page 3
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I (XT- THE. ONI V HIKE. ?r? KT)Y AND EKEE.r I tualrewdy liir Ibtfcmv ol all discharge* from the tire. I thra, seminal weakness, lie. he , is the " Kruucb Antiphlogistic Mixture," u?ed io succi-sslully in the Loudon and ('aria Hospitals, and now sold in thia country by the authority of the College of Medicine anil Pharmacy, of tho city of New York. Thia medicine i? quite palatable, require* no reatrictionf of diet or regimen, and doc* not giro a disagreeable odour to the breath. Sold In single bottles at f-1 ami at 60 cents each Also in cases (guaranteed to cure) J>3 each, with full directions to use. \V. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal ottice ol the College W7 Nassau streetQ& THK LOCK HOSPITAL IN PARIS. UNDER the distinguished management of M. Rioord, is one of the best conducted establishment* for vinercal patient* in the world. All the new remedies for the cure ot these terrible affections, have been introduced with great auccess. Encouraged by the fortunate results of M. Ricord's mode* ol treatment, the same remedies have been prepared under the direction of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, end are to be had at their principal ortlce. The " Parisian Alterative Mixture/' for Iht^cure ^ oi mi lorma 01 sypnius, wnet&er primary or cvuuuary, * old at $1 per little, anil in eaiei of half-a-dozen tattle*, $5. All patient* can obtain the gratuitous advice of the Consulting Physician of the College. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, rincipal office of the College. ?7 Nassau St., N. V. 0(7- MEDICINE CHKST8, containing an adequate supply of thn new remedies for the cure of gonorra- and gleet, are sold by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of thn ctty of New York?price *3. These medicines are guaranteed to cure the worst and most protracted cases, without tainting the breath or producing any injury to the system. The class of patients for whose use these chests have been prepared, are earnestly requested to avoid unprincipled and ignorant quacks, who generally produce by their mal-tieatment worse diseases than the original malady. The members of the College are responsible persons, and desire to save the atflit ted Trom imposture. Orders for these chests to be addressed to W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent o( the College, 07 Nassau street (W-THE FRENCH ANTI PHLOGISTIC MIXTURE for the cure of all discharges from the urethra?sold in I Kittles, at $1, and at AO cents each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, 07 Nassau street (XT' RHEUMATISM.?-The most efficacious remedy for rheumatic affection* is found in the compound and highly concentrated Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York. Many cases of the most distressing and inveterate character have been permanently cured l>y the rise of a few bottles of this popular medicine Dr. Brande'f Dictionary of the Materia Medics speaks of this preparation in the most unqualified terms of approbation. It is also of infinite service in all scrofulous diseases, cutaneous ernntiniiu. nml those affections rnsiiltinfr from the abuse ot mercury. So 1.1 in single bottles at 75 cents each ; coses of half a dozen bottles, 50 ; do one dozen, Die. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 97 Nassru st. (& SARSAPARILLA, SASSAFRAS AND GENTIAN.?The virtues of these articles in purifying the (flood,removing vitiated secretions, and restoring the one of the system when debilitated by disease or mercury, aru strongly insisted on by the best medical authorities. The celebrated "Extract" sold by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, is compounded of these medicinal roots, and is therefore infinitely superior to the mixtures o( spurious Harsaparilla and Liquorice, to which mercury is added to strengthen them, wnich are sold under the name of "Ex tract ol Sarsaparilla." The "Extract" sold by the College will soon supercede these useless and and inert preparations. The immense sale ol this article has givon the memliers of the College the grertest encouragemen', and they can now have no doubt that the sole of their genuine and skilfully compounded medicines will soon put an end to the vending of secret nostrums and deadly "infallible remedies." The Extract of Sarsaparilla is sold at 7ft cents |>er bottle. Six tKittles in a case $3,a0, t waive do $(i. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office ol the College 07 Nassau st. Oeneral Printing?Books?Pamphlets? . Cards?Bills, <Vc. To the Business Public, Having now nearly completed one of the most splendid GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES, ever organized in this city, we ara ready to print books, pamphlets, cards, bills, and all kinds of useful and elegant printing, on the most moderate terms, and for cash payments. This office we have fitted up at a great expense?in tvn<?8- nrCMM anil mutariols r\f all b \I7rx dy executed work to tlie amount of several thousand* of dollars, end are still busy printing some of the most beautiful articles ever issued from the press. A Lady's Maga line,called the "Aktist," is printed in this otlice, ami it is acknowledged to he the most beautifully printed magazine in the country. The beautiful typography of the New Yoaa Lancet is well known. All applications for printing will be made to Ma. Joseph Elliott, the Manager, at the ottice of the Herald?or up stairs in the printing ottice, entranco at 97 Nassau street. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Propsietor op the: Hf.iald General Prixtino Office, North West Corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. New Yorji, 30th Sept., 1843 1UUNEV MARKHT. Saturday, Dfc. 3?1} P. N. Sales at the Stock Board wore to a lair extunt, and pri ces were generally better,with the exception of Ohio State 6's, which fell | ; New York State 6's of ISfll rose 1 per cent; Mohawk Railroad, J. Bills on Mobile, 13 per cent; New Orleans, 3 prom. The following is a statement of the revenues of the Republic of Texas, for the quarter ending October 31st, 1943:? Revenues of Texas. Amount subject to spec ill-. duties. $16,768 Do do AdvAlnr*>m A3 *,nl Total amount subject to duties, $50,269 Amount free, G7I 671 Total amount of importations, 59,941 Amount of duties during the quarter, $17,395 $1,196 57 rereived in Eiehe<|Uers at 50 ceuts, 2.095 7,686 15 do do 60 cents, 4,611 918 94 do do 100 cents, 918 do at par, 3,450 4,075 Secured in store, 6,259 6.259 $12,795 06, $17,335 $17,335 The exchanges at the South having keen tomporarily supported by the movement of specie, are again giving way. The-rates were ns follows at the latest dates :? Mubilr 25. AT. Orleans 24. Sarannah 21 St-rhpg, I8il9prem. 3 .i3X i'ri 'n. 4.S04X prem. Francs, f'4 9<l 5 52 a5.57 dis. ? N. York Sight, 15 il5)? l>is2'4'li?. X?X Specie, 15tl6 par. |ar. The quantities of produce received and exported Irom New Orleans show a constantly increasing excess ove" the receipts of any former year. Notwithstanding the low prices and the absence of " banking facilities," produce comes forward to market with a freedom never before equalled. The following is a table of receipts of leading articles at New Orleans up to the 24th ult., as compared with last year Rkceipts or Pboouck at Nr.* Oni rin most 1 to [Nov. 24, mi a NO 1812. 1811. 1812 Inc. li.tgRimr, pieces. 13,567 I7.8T7 1,27(1 Buttev, krg? anil firkiui, 1,876 3,837 1,838 Cotton, hales, 173,787 212.812 .38.01.3 Floor, barrels 62.242 102,068 38,123 Lead, pigs, 88.83(1 117,138 28,347 Mollusc*, barrels, 3,194 5,316 2,022 OaH, " 18,211 21,526 3 285 Potatoes, " 6,720 15,517 8,787 Sugar, holt the nil, 3,805 5,017 1,112 Tooaeen, H 788 2,136 ^ 1,619 Whivkev, barrel*, 6,388 9,082 2,991 \Vhrat, ha-rels and sack*, 27,323 30,898 3,376 Thia ahowa an immense increase ih receipt*,an,i the exports from New Orleans show a corresponding increase. The exports of Flour alone last year were 27,223 barrel" and this year 59,962 barrels, of which .30,004)barrels were to the ports ef New York and Boston. At the same time the imports of foreign articles were follows 1812. 1811. Inc. Iter. Coffee, Cuba, Ike., bigs, 12,070 712 11,358 ? Coffer, Hio, bast. 4,461 33,111 ? 28 9110 Sugar, Havana. hoses, 1011 2,231 ? 2,131 H>tr, Liverpool, sarks, 23,928 23,012 916 ? Salt, Turk* IslM.lkc , bruh, 20,490 29,342 ? 9,0.32 This ahows the cause of the continued fall of the exchanges at that paint, and indicates the process of business in all parti of the country. Thi* export of produce tor specie returns will doubtless he accelerated as the activity of specie increases. Males at lliektnck (exchange. *700 N Y Slate 7's, 1818 IMS' 1* do NJ-nw v RK 65 1200 do 1848 IMS 541 do Mohawk |7W 2000 do 534's, 1861 06.S 75 do IS9I 333* IXUII I'MO l> I, IS5S '! ? ^11 ilil rt'j 3000 <lo 18110 70,', M ?|.> lUrli-m KK ?1 15V 10000 il<) s60 70 23 lib IjC T, that Pel k llud, nw 80 Ion do nf,o 15 lit NRi'. i Bk nr, lor .1., t*<n Ir, 50 do Atlantic ln? Co 100 75 do Stoniiucton *80 15k 10 do Mutual Ins Co m 25 do l?Kl 13 that Ul k Srhi-u 113 130 do 1, Island in1, Secoiid lloiard. % 1000 Ohio 0's, 1830 s] 70 50 shas Harlem R 11 15 }( State of Trade. There hi no material change in the markets. r ?Pots ore at $.5 37J. Pearl* hare advanced 13Jc: i, ill OS at $5 87 Ja$.5 91, The stock of Tola ii 3-381 bbls ; and of P.-srls, 1369. lUerwax.?Sole* of Southern Yellow at -39 conto, rath. Mnlattta*? New crop New Orleono has been sold at -34 cento. Naval Sioret.?Spirits Turpentine, sale* at 43 cints, 4 months. Oils ?Whnle it held at 38 cento ; Linseed at 3Jafl rents per gallon lower; English at 83| cento, ami beol Amrriaan at 80. Pravitiont. -Prime I'ork continues firm at $3 7.5 Beef steady sales of Mess at ft 36 a $0 60 , Prime f3 37j. New Lard sells at 8 a 8Jc. Phlladelohla Cattle Market. Beef Cattle?There were810head at market; sales weri male at from 3 to4r, and 100 head left over; 170 of the above were from Virginia and Ohio. 317 Cow s and Calves sains from $17 a 30, extra $33; Springers $11 a 10 ; Dry Cows $6 a 10. Hogs? 130 at market, 340 from Ohio, 61 from New Jersey, and 130 from Pennsylvania; sales al 51 a 4c; 10 left over. 1070 sheep; sales 90c a $ I 374; eitrs *3 631 UrrM, At St. Bartholomew . s hurch. on the morning of the l?t nut bythfRcv. Mr. Bak-h, Wis. J. Ron, to litm Law latici, daughter of the late Benj. Clark. Died. On Saturday, Sd inst. Wm. P Niiito?, age.l eight years, ion of Wm K. and Rachel Ann Newton. The friend* and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of his father, .vt Lewis street, this ^Hunday) tori noon, at 10 o'clock. On Friday, 'Jd instant, Wsltkh Cuai, in the JOth year of his age. The triemls and relatives of the family,and those of his brother, Thomas I'lark, are respectfully invited to attend his Itinera!, this morning at 9$ o'clock, from the residenco of his mother, 176 Orchard st. .Mail Arraafcmats, Urest South Mail closes daily at 7>? o'clock, s. m. An Katra South Mail is closed daily (cacrpt Sunday) at o'clock, p. M (on Sunday at ltj o'cloca, p. w.) This Mail sU|>|diea Philadelphia, Bsltunorc and Washington l ily offices, and conveys matter for Michigan, the Territories of Wuc unu and Iowa, and those Northern Counties in Ohio and PemuylvaMa; also, the Northern nan of Indiana and Illinois. The South Way-Mail, which supplies the offices tu New Jersey, is closed dally at 7 O'ClOCK, a. m (tlCCpl HlMliyi fAn Hxii i W i\ M til, which wppUaa (he principalofllcc ionIim of tin Klilioad l?<(Weill this II-I Philadelphia, is closed daily f :'i o\ I' U. p.M, The Great North Mail, including all matter in this State, North ind Wj t of Albany -Am pert ol tbi State i Vtrnonll 1\ ing on the West side ol the Green Mountain?and ill ( Hilda, is closed dail> during steam navigation, at 4 o'clock, p. M. rrivts C totes The Way-Mail t-> Albany, inda&nc) i a.m. all the orinciiKil towns on the Hudson >G a. m. ^ River S 3>a p. m. The Great Eastern Mail, via Stonington, Providence and Boston, including New Hampshire, Maine, part of Massachusetts, |?art of Vermont, the Eastern British Provinces, daily, except Sundays*- 7am p. m The Mail by steamboat to New Haven, and hv railroad from thence to Hartford, including those offices adjacent thereto, daily, except Sundays # 2 p. m. 6 a. m The Mail by the^Voi walk and Bridgeport Sr. unboets, < otmected \nith Hons itoiric Railroad, supplying offices in that section of Conm cticnt adjacent to (he Iim . daily $ p. m. The Mail via Yonkers and Sing Sing to Pe*kakiUt daily, except Sunday 2 p. m. '? k. m. The Mail \ IJ E ' I In ti : White PI nils, and Bedlord, to Daubury, Ct. daily, ex.. pt Sunday 6 r. m. 6 a. m. c k a m 7 a m Tin Mail for Brooklyn, twice % day y & & f 1 P. M. 1>? p. M. The Mail for T<>mpkm \ ille,daily, except Sunday 9 a.m. The Way-Mail supplying offices on the East Hide of the Hudson River, between this and Albany, Monday, Wednesday, ami Fiiday ft a.m. Tl?e Wiy-M :il on tin Weit tide 1 il tbe Hudson River, to Albany, Monday, Weduesda> , and Friday 1 P. M. The Mails on Long Island are closed as follows?? On th< North side, Tuesday ind Friday a.m. On thi 8outh side, Monday, Wednesday tnd Friday a.m. ( >n the Middle r? >u 11 , Tin .di\ uidFiid-i> ? * M Jamaica, daily, except Sunday ? a.m. Flushing, daily, except Sunday- 7 a. m. Fort Hamilton. Flalhush.fcr. daily, except Sunday I v. sf* The Great Eastern Mail, via Stoning ton. 8te. is closed on Saturday < venings at 9 o'clock, and forwarded u 1 o'clock Sunday morning by land. Time of arrival Suuday evening, 9 o'clock. Latest Atlvlces RECEIVED AT TIIB NEW YORK HERALD OPPICK Africa Sept. ft Macao June 7 AuxCayca Nov. 5 Madias Aug. 6 Antigua Nov. ;9 Manilla* June 20 Bombay Aug. 27 Montevideo Sept. 29 Batavia July 30 Maranham Oct. 9 Bermuda Nov. 7 Malanzas Not. 10 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguei Nov. 5 Buenos Ayrui Oct. 10 Maracaibo Aug. lti Bahia Sept. I Mainmorts Oct. 29 Belize. Hond. Oct. IS Neuvit.ta July 31 B irbadoes Nov. 2 Nassau. N. P. Nov. II Bogota- May 1 Oahu.S. I. June 15 Berbice - - * Feb. 20 Paris Nov. 2 C ape Hay lien Sept. 21 Port an Prince Nov. II Ciiracoa Nov. 1 Ponce, P. R. Nov. 5 1'ieiifuegos . Nov. 2 Para Oct. 14 Carthageua Sept. 15 Peruarnbiico Oct. 17 Caraccas May 17 1 .mama* Feb 20 Chagres July 1 Hi > tie Janeiro Oct. 5 Callao May 29 Singapore July 16 Calcutta Aug. 13 Sydney, N. S.W.- Aug 11 Ueinarara Nov. 5 St. Helena Sept. 30 Fayal Oct. II St. Thomas Nov. 12 Gibraltar Oct. 20 St. Barts Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. J ago de Cuba* Nov. 2 Guayaina, P. R. July 15 St. JoTins, P. R. Oct. 27 Gouaives Aug. 1 St. Croix Nov. 3 Galveston Nov. 16 St. Martha Aug. 11 Havre Nov. 1 St. John, N. B. Nov. 19 Havana Nov. 16 Surinam Sept. 29 Halifax Nov. 22 Tampico Sept. 25 Jeremie Oct. 17 Tobasco Aug, 8 J acme I Oct. 28 Turks Island Nov. 8 Kingston, Ja. Nov. 5 Trinidad de Cuba* Oct. 12 London Nov. 3 Vera Crux Nov. 8 Liverpool Nov. 4 Valparaiso Aug. 211 La Guayra Nov. 2 Yucatan Nov. 2 Lima Aug. 6 Zanzibar July 14 Passenger? Arrived. Litphpool?Packet ship Cambridge?Wm A Dawson and lady, of Charleston; Mn Hancock awl child, lilnglaud; Colin Mcilar, Scotland; lluitli Kennady, New Orleana; Z Leaf C rosier. British Army; N Arrowsmith, Preston, Log?140 in the steerage. Maissaisilla?Brig Buenos Ayrea?Beruio C nam, Jose Fernando A V lit re. Nitw Ori.kavi?Ship Lonisa?Miss Caroline Peck, Miss M L Green, Frederick Bushnell?II in the steerage. Port Lf.oh?Brig Slatira?J Golden. Paaaengers Sailed. i (.|v km pool.?Steam ship Acadia, from Boston?Hon C R Ogden. A Burns, ('lias K. Levey, John Smith, U Waiuwright, A T Gilt. Mrs Fenwick ami child, of Canada; Robert Pow, Knglaml; W H Boardtnaii, K G Roberts, Boston, C Dela|<oase, Secretaiy of the French Legation, and servant; ?A B Strange, New York; Lieut J M Uillis, U 8 Navy; H Carleton, New Orleans; L Chandler, Detroit; B Uambert. Florida; Mr Woodmancy. Lit Halifai?Lieut J Inglu, British Aruty; John Grant, Halifax. foreign Importations. Liverpool?Ship Cambridge?100 casks bleaching powders Perase A Brooks? 111 nkga Sands, Fox A co?12 W Whitewright ?I F. Collamore?2 Rosewell A Steel?I A Van Neat?I McGowan A Hayes?1 John W Tacet?2 8 Stuart?66 Hicks A co J Ingalls A Scott?S R Kiltlewell?19 Smith, Tnurgar A co?I Tisaale A Borden?I Biooklyn White Lead Co?2 9 Tomes A sons?2 Hall Brothers?II Julin Oihon A co?4 Thos Hunt A co ?I Worrall, Wood A Coites?J J R Worrall A sons?I W (J Stuart?2 Doff A Jones?16 Joseph Rhode,?2 Richardson A Watson?1 O W Coit? I D H idden A sons?1 J Campbell?100 tons coal 2600 tacks saltC H Marshall?1610 bars RK iron I cask 8 bales 2 cases to order. Maivssnilla?Brig Buenos Ayrer?160 pes mahogany 188 do c?dar 98 lances wood 39 sticks Hayti wood 68,000 segars 18 bales tobacco 11 ions fustic I0K do tilla wood 66 hags sugar 300 rstears palm leaf 160 crroona 2 bhla honey Nicholas Curtis. Domestic Importatlona. ChaRi.kstoiv?Brig Georgi?85 tcs rice 60 bales cotton Geo Bulklev?100 do Smith, Mills A co?100 K Ptdrick?67 Buck A co?71 do I cks mdse Victor A Duckwitx?2 tea J 9 A B Post?I box K Casey A son?I bbl M it?3 pkgs to order. Port Lion? Brig Statira?182 hales cotton Cent' r A co?37 K C Rohbins A co?30 II Waring A co?2 hxs 2 Ida Holbrook, Nelson A co?20 hales to order. MARITIME HERALD. Sailing I)*)* of the Steam Ships. from rmri.sfau. from america t'olmnbia, Miller Not. 19 Dee. 17 Britannia, Hewitt Dec. 4 Jan. I Packets to Arrive. Packeta to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Columbus-Cole, Nov. 7 lnde|ieii<lrnre Nye, Dec 7 ftlieridan, be lYyster, Nor. 12 Virginian, Allen, Dec. 17 from Portsmouth. New York, Cropper, Dec. 19 Gladiator, Britton, Nov. 10 for Portsmouth. Mediator, 4 bainplin, Nov. 20 Toronto. Oriswold, Dec. 10 from Havre. Westminitcr, Atwood, Dec.20 Albany. Watson, Oct. 29 for hivre. Hilvie ile 4Jrasse. Nov. 1 Emerald, Howe, Dec. 8 Louis Philippe, 4)a?tnlf, Nov.8 Rhone, Johnston, Dec.510 To Ship Masters and Agents. Wr aluil eate-m it s favor, if captains of vcaaclt will give to Commodore Hobf.rt Silvlt, of onr newv fleet, a repot ir ds ihiptHRS left till |Mjrt win nee they sailed, the vessels apoken on their passage, a liat of their cargo and any fnieijpt itewsimpers they may have. He wiii iio.irif them iminediatt'lv on their arrival Agents and correspondents at home or abroad, will alvo confer a favor by sending to thia office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nantiral information of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF \K.VV YORK, DRO, 4, 184a. tun I'.iAKt 7 23 I Moon sets fi 98 < a t 37 I nhih HiTtl ' 10 2j Cleared. Slops Samsrang, Bearse, Hull, Kng Howei, Oodfrey It Robinson; New York, Niven, Mobile, James Lee k I'o.?Hanpits Merchant, Boss, Lisbon. D II Robertson: Jean Key, (Belgian) Ue I'.inu. Antwerp, O K lb-riling; 4'h irles William. Kating, New 4)rle?n?, Neiiairb, I.rrds k Co.?Brigs Gardiner II Wright, Calta, Ht KnU, Thomson k Adtimt; Britannia, (Br) Ilaiiu, do, in Yarmouth, NS. J II Braim ; Amartntn. (Br) lloer., Newfoundland, () It J Laurie.; Sullivan, Brown, ClnHciUn, CJ?o llulklcy.?Selirt Zemth, Park, MiUmoiu, J K.I welt Ik I/O; Otfll Seott, Donghty, Norfolk ami City I'oiiit, A B Coolty It To; I. L Sturrei Brown, Alraandria, Sturgea fc Cleunwi; Anu I), Bedell. Norfolk, <lo do; Fltirt, Terrv, Petersburg, Jot Hnnter; John Clark, Collingt, I'hil tdelphia, A B Cnoley lit Co; Complianrr, Biwrrow, Boston; J Conley Ik Co, Eldridge, ilo. ktTlTfll, Paekrl *hi|> Cambridge, Bantow, from Liverpool, Oct. 19, willi unite, Co C. II. Marshall, ami tfoodhue k Co. Oct. 27, Itl ' It 21, Inn 21 V*. <" I'in- 'd signals with tti atner Brititli Unci n, In ner for Antwerp. The C. h <t hail nothing hnt wetterly gales from lit n, Ion JO?lort ttilt, kc.; have to off the lloolc on ! Wednesday last, weather thick, ami blowing a gale. Bliip Louisa l.eavitt, 26 dayn from New Oilcans, with colton, kc. to E.K. Collint WCo, i Brig Uuennt Ayret, l.vkc. 2t days (roin Mansamtla, with locwood, kc. to Hpeffonl. Tilestou k Co. Bailed in co. with i with brig Nereus, of and for Botton. Brig (Itnrnr, Hull, G day t from Charleiton, with cotton anil rice, to Oeo. Bnlkley. I Brig Statin, Babbidgr, It days from I'ort Leon, FL. with cotton, to Center k Co. Left brigs Camilla, Sonther, and Biltor NVotk, toon. Brig eannv Coit, Baker, t dtyt from (leorgetown, SC.with cotton, to A Averill k Co I uritialt achr Cnntunc.r. Carr. ttdavi fro? Antigua,?i? I Kitli, 111 Irillatt, i.I A. IIiiMmi.I. Left .it 8t. k. Britith tclir F.llen Hrbhnrd, for NYork, in I daya . Srlir llnrd, Rogers, 10 dayt from Iticlimoml, with coal and prrwdrr, to J. A. Hoyt. I Srlir Ain In, Terry, 1 iUyi from (horgrtnwu, St Willi tier and cotton, to maitrr. Sailed in on. with brig Wampanoig.foi I NVorlc. Brig M-Jestir, for do.tailed j daya before. Schr Tioga, Tylor, frtnn Wilmington, NC with cotton, ko to John Ogib n. Sailed in eo. with ichra William, ami Balti ' inorr, for NYork. Schr Angrliiie, Lillet, 3 daya from riiilaalrlphia, with coal, U Srlir Frank, Britton, from Alrtandria, with Hoar, to Stargc) Schr Aga wan, Rogrra, from Philadelphia,with corn and floor to R* C. Raid. Schr Henry Springer, Walton, from Philadelphia, with coal '"s'rhr Jnliette, Woglam, from Pctcnbnr*. with cotton, to J 1 ^s'hVMiria, Smith, 3 daya from Philadelphia, with mdae, tr mHcbr Niagara, Young, 3 daya from Philadelphia, Willi coal, ! I inaater. - - . . Schr Kd ward J. Ballard, l.awaon, from Virgimi, with nyt ten, to matter. 1 Srlir Am mill, Hndton, 3 daya from Philadelphia, with coal to maater. General Record. Amoie?Coptoin Iiimml oC (Im BMnabeML a New Orleona, rtpovfo fllM OB ftloth N'?>\ i barque was i??u uu shore \Mf. i with follow sides oai Mlitll jK)ris. She was supposed to have |QM ashore thftl '>>>.' < IB '!> were seen strippliitf her sails. The B. hoisted colors, but rereived no answer. A Spanish Hag, however, was hoisted on ii, baaek Foreign Porto. Livrnrooi . NS. uo date?Arr Quadruple. Swan, NYork, and ?|d 8(h ult. for Deuit rar.i. HiLirn, Not If?Arr OhnrloCti . Jauvrio, Alexandria; 8?f \ Dnphtu liinh uu, Work; Lore, Nickersou, Fredericksbunt Wm F D Tavloi Alexandria EM, Lrooe, Lkwell, N \ ok; Siilli, Mot,-. I'rol \<!; (, PittOlQIi, Alexin . Home Porto. Fucambt, N ill I Id Bi lioABft] si.on*I.. Wiloiiglnii \< sm StirNoo, Bivmnoh K oio ( ook, momlc. fiARiroiTi Nip NHAfi /.?i'iiv r. Cvoefcatt. NYork; ttlki Pallas Kilburu, BaJtimore Cld 88th, ( lapion* Arcr, Now V ..k Bath. N? \ 20? SI.I Henr. M'M .n Won..oonco, Lowell, Apalochicolo; Wn Pnrrtnoton, Hiftlni, Dado , Gaze Ih I oh noon, t hatleoion, old 88th, Kiopiro. Swnsef, i horiooton; Halcyon. (now) Patten, aud Byron, no* oil, for N.w t > i! to-, 1..^; o i. Win. In II. Cnht; I' iliCetOD, Hon oh too. Mobih . Magnet, Gape, 11?> usa; Show not, B illord, dot Porto iin ...Gray, WoolIndsOB . I 00Ti.4lfD, Nov 30?Arr Hudson. (new, 342 ton*) Uucknam, North Yemoath, to load foi II won*., Nov 30?Arr Retrieve, M**ns, Philadelphia. Boston, Dec 1?Arr Reeside. Laiurley, NYork?came iuto the Roads on tat niuit of tha polo, and lot in oontaot with a .dir. knkn landed, imm iium, oi.i loot ion i ut and Ion lOimail yard, and nart of her runriim. The uuknown schr was at ! anchor, ami it b.-mg very dark, she was uol seen. Her bowsprit was isrntjiww, and her foremast was cm away yestcrdiy in the heavy N W blow, to prevent her going withstanding which, she last night drove on to a reef of rocks west of of the Kamsford island. Below, a brig with hay and wood.? Cld K title. Stevens, Gibraltar;(Jen Scott, Littlcjohu. Portland; Victor, lialletr, NYoik. Sid Biuucy. Thomas, I'liarlestou. Plymouth. Nov 27?Arr Lituiett, Bartlrtt, Philadelphia. Mid Flora, Jenkins, do. Providence, Dec 1?No arrival. Below, a square riitKed vessel, unkuown. Sid John Jay, Baker. Philadelphia. Cleveland, Nov 26?Arr Pe uiuylvania, Kstes, Buffalo; K Ward (darksou, do; Hudson, Seymour, Detroit; Great Western, Wilson, Pt Huron, (lid Mariner, Wyld, Detroit; Tippccanoe. Fellows. Buffalo; (J Watson, Htrrington, Mtnmee. I'Hii.auELrHia, Dec 3?Arr Two Brotlicrs, May. NHaven. (.'Id Oregnu, Corson, NewYork. Arr in the Schuylkill, Flash, Providence; John Rndicott, Rndicott, NYork; (Jco Wheaton, Casion, do. Wii.minoton, NC. Nov 23?Arr Lisbon. St Thomas; Star, Bermuda; New York, Martinique; Constellation, St Johns, PR. Cld Aurora, do; Aldebarau, Hayti; Joliu, (Ju idalouiar; Mary Emily, Detncrara; Cocheco, Barbadoes. Charleston. Nov 28?Arr Marcella, Hagar, NYork; N (1 Bourne, Perry, Pott Leon. In the offing. 3 ships. Arr 27th, Somerset, (Br) Williams, Demcrara. (Id Garrow, Corner, Liver|H>ol; Ptkiu, (Bi) Harvey, Antwerp. Sid Brighton, Cooper, Boston; Northumberland, Nason, Baltimore; Ann, Towne. do; Matador, (Bri m) Ball.,er, Bremen; Lancet, Holses, NOrleans; Thames, Axworthy, Cuba. Georoetown, SC. Nov 22?Cld New World, Yours, West Indus. Arr 23d, Potomac, Dunkin. NYork; Ann, Po|>e, Portlaud. Cld 23th. Watchman, Barbauoes. Sav.s*n*ii, Nov 2v>?Arr America, Burr, Newport, HI. Mobile, Nov 22?Are American, Burgess, Savannah. Cld AlalauLa, llart, NYork; Augusta, Post, Havana. Furnished rooms to let?for single leadsmen. with breakfast and tea, or without, in a veiy pleasant and rented pait of rit city. Apply SI P,r? Plana. d 1 I w*ec DANt V AHTH l.KS~"F()K THE HOLY] > AVS.?Tlio " subscriber has received by the latest arrivals, a very rich assortment of Pans Fancy Articles, consisting ol fancy work ousts, paper uu, nam s in roie wood nox^s, cinoroiuermg fraims with (miivm# aud col'd cot toil, childreu't toy?, perfumery, and soap, of assorted qualities, etc. etc. The public la respectfully invited to call and cx inline the above stock, previnn r-. pan htiiiu eluwht re, .it dt lm*r JV. F. KKANC18(HI. 2??>n On Midway. T 1VERPOOL COAL of the best quality, for sale at the ?J lowest market price, iu lots to suit purchasers. Apply at the yard, 34 Gold street, or to JOHN HEKDMAN.OI South street N. B.?His also in yaid, 160 tons of broken aud stone size Iiogt r& Cd.'s best lied Ash. Peach Orchard Coal, which will be solil at the lowest price. Appl> as .ibove. dlec MU lilt AH AM his the nouor to announce thtt he will give a Concert on Tuesday c veiling .Dec. 6th, at the Soct* ty Library, oil which occasion, Mr. Brahain will sing '* MacOregor's Gathering," and.Miss Augusta Browne's new sour *4 The Family Meeting," aud Mr. C. Br.ihain 4t The Transient Hour," and Morris's song of ** My Bark is out Uj?on the 8* a." Concert to con im nee at 11 o'clock. Tickets $1?Children half price. d3'Jtr ? INFORMATION WANTLD-Of Mist MARJE ANNE A Me IL VAIN, who lived when last heard from with thef?mi Ivol Mr Morse, in St. Martinsville, Attakapas, in July last. Any one able to give information of her residence now, will confer a great fav-r upon the advertiser, as well as service Co her, at something favorable will be here communicated. I'lvasu ?iddrf ss'a few lines to F. O. LEWIS, New York |H*st office. dSll*i COAL'.COAL! COAL !?The subscriber having taken Uie yard southwest corner of King and Orsanwitk Mint, it now receiving a full supply of Schuylkill aud Peach Orchard Coal, selected from the best veins, which he offers at the following reduced j?rices, viz From the yard, tirstqnality, broken and screeued, $6,60 per ton. # *" " Egg size, " 5,60 " ? n Stove, ? 6,26 " " " Nnt, " 6,00 From the boat, " Broken, " 6,26 " Egg size, * 6,26 " Stove, " 6.00 " Nut, " 4,76 n Delivered free of cartage. dl Iw*ec JAMES DOWNEY. BANK Oh BENNINGTON" NOTKS bought lor a few day., at 15 cent, on the dollar, by d3 ec JAMBS It CO. 60 Wall at. 1\.?IH1RI V ruui.Tuiu nl) w vII r vv.uiu U I'HKSKN?.? A splendid tooed. ei|(ht tilrer keyed Flute, necouJ Imul, a mre instrument will be sold at half its value by T. P. M ON/AN I, 55 Thomson street. <13 |m>r IT IS MYSTERIOUS*?Who would suffer for years with * that dreadful disc.Uie rlw PiIim, wbrti tin may be ? ured for the paltry sum of VI rents. Over live hundred certificates can be seen at the store to certify to the fact, that Bowyer's Spikenard Ointment will certainly effect a cure Gentlemen that are troubled with tender faces when shaving, by using this compooxid, will tind iwmsdiits relief; also, for chipty <l !?uuli and frost bitten feet. A liberal discount made to these (hit Sold ;it No. Ml IV irl s: icrf, near Elm. <1'5 'It * 1 washiv ;Ti >n house. No.223 CHKSNUT STREET, ABOVE SEVENTH, ADJOINING THK MASONIC HAl.!*, PHILADELPHIA. I. in complete order, mid ready for the reception of Gentlemen and Families. .Illm..?r jl. I. HART WELL. Over Shoes, warranted 'water neunf, and really worth aa innch aa mauy Shoes that sell for $j.?DAV, ti Maiden Line, (don't mistake the nurnlier) has of his own Mnhctm, IRM different kinds aud styles of Itnhh. r Sl.oc? and Over Shoes, and received all the lint premiums at the recent Fair. If the soles separate from the Uppers, the shoes will be taken back without grumbling, and the money refunded. Every customer shall he satisfied, il it cost o? the value of alt he buys. We are oppostdto imposition in every shatie. and particularly caution buyers not to purchase any shoes for oar make oat of any store, uuless our name is pasted inside. Many shoes are sold for onr make, that we never saw until they came to be examined- HORACE H. DAY, nan 'm* < ? Maiden lane. TMSTLE BALI. ?The Maunprs of the Thistle B.lleVOIrnt Association, respectfully announce thar their first Ball for this sca<on, will t ike | la:e at Tammany Hall, on Friday eveuinx, Dec. 9th, 181?. The Board < f Matioict rs deem it superfluous to make any Iructliened appeal to those who have hitherto iw'ronixed the n .11 .if ii... 'i'i...ii, n. v., A. ....... .... Ih repeat thai the proceeds arc avholly appropriated to charitable purposes, ami imliscriminitely divider! amongst worthy object* of distress. The VI Misgers flatter themselves that the same geucrons sympathy which hai b*> 11 hitherto rt tended will mil be wanting on thi? occtuion, ami they pledge themselves that III) eieition shall be omitted on llirir part to render the Thistle Ball, in every ret|iect. worthy of the name ami llitohjcct for i which it is intended. The order of d Hiring according to programme. Mr. J. Parker,lias OS usual, item-roatly volunteered hit valuable services ill directing the tloor. Mr Wallace's escellent Band liai been engaged for the occasion. Two Bijtpipcrs will tiromenade the room, | laying National Airs, previous to the commenceineiit and during the intcrinission of dancing Doors open at 7. Dancing will commence precisely at 8 o'clock. The t> munition el the Ball will lie known by tieBand playing " Otiid night, and joy be wi'yon a." Tickets SI, t i admit a Gentlemen and two Ladies?to be had of the Board of Managers, vir. I JaniesCurr. 18(1 Hud on street, Henry Kerr, 56S Broadway. President. Win. Richardson. co^. Perry Jos. Harrison, 79 Court'and st- and Greenwich. Vice President. William Cnrr, 107 Troy st. John Patten, 128 Cedar st, Sainnel Maycocb, ll'l WilTreasnrr r. lism st. William McLaughlin, 11'? Kli- Walter Leggatt, 61 Hudson vabethst. street. Checks liat transferrable. A CAM KKON, Secretary, 2.'i2 Hudson st. Members can have their tickets on application to the Secretaor. _ dl I 3t* r OTKAUSB' Llli.F OK JKsUs, translated by a German k ' Jew, from a London edition, re-|>ublishLd in unmix rs, by G. Vale, at the Beacon o(5c?, 91 Roosevelt street. New Vork. Where maybe had the Life and Works of Thomas Paine, those ?f the Kev. Kobt. Taylor, Volney, Wright and Owen, Voltaire's Dictionary, fcc. All the works published by Geo Kvsns, and those recently published by the Messrs. Mat sell, N. B.?Alio a variety of liberal trac.a, RKCOMMKN RATIONS. (Copied from a Loudon paper.) Mrr tiilt' (.iTp of Jpilik I r iitkI f*>H Kit a flormmti I..wi uaI. ume 1. This work incrmti in fame throughout the Cnnlin?m, and is beginning to make ji strong sensation in America ? Weekly Dilpitch. Dr. Divid Kredcrir Strauss' Jesn" went through ihirr edition* in an iueredibls abort apace of time The French translation circulated equally rapid; and certiiuly no work eve- c-eat-d the eicitrmrut that this has don'- npon the Conti nest?Ledrange. Di. Strauaa' work on ihe scriptures got for him a professor's chair. In this country it would have mane him the victim of common law, and an bj re ted him to our, two, or three yrara' im'-riaomncnt in a jail.?Publieola. The learned Dr. Stranaa, in hia"l<ife of Jeans,'' certainly (toes eve ii beyond onr instlr celebrated Mr. Paine ?Ibid. Dr. David Frederic wtransa i>iildiihed in HIT) hit Idle nl Jcsu?, (Ilea l.obrn Jean,) arowedly with the oiteet of overturning all eveuls of, or connected with, our Saviour's biafory, which cannot he reconciled t*. or esplaiued by the ordinary coarse of natural operation?I,sing. d1eodlt?r I'll IV ATi. KSTAIIMSIIMK.VT FOR THE TREATMENT OK VENEREAL MS EASES IN CONNEXION WITH THE C<ILLEGE < >F IVTEDKJINK AND I'lIAItMACY OK THE CITY OF NKW YOU K. rpilE College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New I V.I k, hare n|iened in rnnneikwi with their Medical and bsiyieil < oiiuIiIm Rooms, an establishment lbs tic esclnaive reception of pniienta snHcritig from venereal iliaeaara. No class of human maladies requires fhr their safe and astxraafiil treatmrut S Itreatcr decree of matnred experience and practised ak.II. than do those which vice entails on her votaries ; hut alas : as thousands mnst bitterly acknowledge, no other claaa has been to much snhjccted to the maltreatment of heartless anil uneducated prelendera?men withont charaeter?without medical knowltkge?without exiwiienee?without res|>ontihi. lity. The members ol the Cat lege are fully conv inced that were veneresl diseases uniformly subjected to the treatment of proper!. qn ililh d phy i*eiins, i > id hsosMof human suffering would Oi ureveutcd, l?d 11? iMMMII saved from the consequences in which they are now too often involved with the gniliv. In order therefore to suppress, as far as possible, this ruinous qnarkerv, th'- CoDlfl hftlk Oy?w4 (hi* WUbUlhwiBI. and placed it nu<Ji*r the management of two eminent gentlemen of great i-i|K iienc,-, am) ?oun?l jndgmeht -men for whose respectability anil talent the high character ol the Col lege itself IS pledged. Patients of both seie* will be admitted and receive advice graiw'ttmilti and the recessary medicine* will he dispensed to , them at le?? than the nsual rates. Mo feea whatever will be required. The College cheriah the hope that thi* liberal arI rangeineut will ?oou put a atop to the imi>oaiirr to which this class of |>atienta han been subjected, and all thna affected will, it la hoped, see the wisdom of availing themselves Ol the op|M>rtisrut\ now afforded. w RlC^ARDSON. Agent, Office and Consulting Ho, ma of the College, da In, 97 Nassau street, New York, MILITARY BALL?Tin- New York Highland Uuard, will give their first Bill on Mondiy evening, D, e. 12th, HM2, at the Apollo Saloon. Tickets may be had at lite following places:? Hewitt k Co. corner Broadway o?d Park Place. Firth k 11,11. Franklin Square. aptain J. Ctatg, Ml Pearl strcr f. Dr. <Jeo. Morion, corner tirand and Klin streets, d I 9t?ec J. O. cLKMbNT, Secretary. LET THE AFFLICTED READ.?The principle of dise*s< .like Umi of the principle of life, is alike incom -.f-hcMibl.- lo mankind We only a>e shle toi?>int nuiwki! (till weaken the on.or ((ive strength to the other The value of Die Braudreth f ills dejieud u(k>u 'heir wouderful (totter in streiigtheiiimt the prinripte of life, etui weakening the |>rmoi|ile of disease, and finally espellini; it from the body. Let us enulidtt the subject rirt I'tllv ; would disease altect ut if our blood weie pure 1 Then in (>ro|torltoh that Braudreth's Pills purify the bio id they tend to restore health. The very action u(ton the system whieh Urandreth's Pills possess, convinces all who use llieui that they remote only the nn' ure humeri For if they took any of the healthy fluids from the Imdy it would be weakened. But the contrary u the ease. The body txcomes stronger svery ilsy froin the use of the Brandreth Pills, ta is kliowti by the > i|a'Hetiee of teiu of thousands of our citizens. Where is the man of sense whose iniud is unior judired, who. from the infectious smell after death, would not say would this body hate been berelt of life had putrefaction breu preVeultd f Are men born but to he sick I Shall the lower auitnals live their fullesteut, and inan only (irematurely perish 1 Let us follow nature?let us cleanse the blood from impurities, and we shall live to the full eitent of the oil in onr lamp of life. But continued purging will wear nut the body ; some otherwise sensible |*onle iffirm, that it is like wearing out the kettle by diut of rubbing. Does then rust preserve metallic It would be admitting that impurities in the bloftd preserve it iu a healthy couditlOD. We kuow better. We know that the result of au impure state of the blood is to occasiou salt rheum, erysii*?l&*. weakness, general debility, pam* iu the breast, bark ami side ; also liu, palsy, dyspepsia, in fact

wherever the impunt> luul.-, a weak portion of the body, their it settles, and there it produces pain and disease. I hive known mauy |>ersous purged 20 and 10 ihyi in succession, au?l the result was always satisfactory ; iu every instance, the most remarkable impvp?nwit took place. I remember one per-Non who I kin.vv hid wornn, from his peril I i ir s\ nip* loos s w persevered foi fort) days; everyday for the in days DO.appearance of worms was seen, but after that time he voided great numbei , iom< of ei*nordttiiryiiis, who , ifect would have resulted fr on three of four noses of cathaitics?what would have becomt of imn if ha hud not baau purged!" I r-H? il-iu- ' If would be lUI|Hi*?|ble o ft ho W I he benefit to be derived from i prnpui perseverance with tha Brand re th Pills iu these limits. They must be used to be sufficiently appreciated. Get the Oeuuinr Brandrttli .Pills ; be sun of that and yon will soon with th'ir .ud ind \mir own persev* -mire obtain a cure. B- not di in d with medicines lecinmmandid in advertise mi nta stoh u I m n e. ! Remember. BUANDRKTH'S PILLS are ouly the really nntvarsal mtdkitu (II others in ui?-r?-iv nnitatwus. THE NATURE OFTIIK RIIANDRETH PILLS. BKNJAMIN BRANDRF.TH'8 PILLS *rr in th.uuMore similar to tin vegetable used by man for fbod. They are subject to the aam di| stlon in naeefins from tin* stomach to the intestines i p?odlotoTne euenlnton wbsch ra? ceives from tin iii an impulse whereby the blood throws out SmnnpitMa ...... tl... 'in * . _i i tin- li iiil> ni tin Unsiv in such n manner tint their complete purification it hir?u obtained. The BrandreiW'ills, by larseverance iu their une, will, without ilouht, n move, or greatly relieve every malady incident,to tin bum in n so-ill. Tin. bis been proved 111 numberless iulitallCea, mill IS Confirmed ll? the evidence III"thousands. K-icli tins to lie ic liii iii- must h <ve six signatures U|hiii if. Two upon eaeli label. One signaiiiie being Beujainiu Brandreth, and the otht r B. Uiamlreth, M D. Recent cure ol Tertible Ulceration No cotnmeut is required. 2d iiovsi: krom 10th avkisuk, 28th stukkt. New York, Nov. 2, 1842. Ukah Sir,?Last Jniusry I wis taken suddenly wi'h imin in my left side in the ntghr, and inv wife had to get up .sisal steatn it; but the paiti i(nt no hi tter; I then sent A>r Dr. Adams; he ordered a poultice of bread auil yeast, anil then a I inn |i begun to form about six inches from my arm-pit. Dr. Adams gave ine pills which did me no good, and the pain still became more severe.. At this Iierioil Dr. Adams brought another doctor with him, hut I still continued to get worse, and althouich several orher physicians came to see me. yet 1 continued to grow worse anil worse. Dr. Adams ope net! at one time the abcets which first commenced under myarin.and which hud exteuded to my hip boor, uttil thence to the small of my back, and from thence to tny shoulder blades. Being |ioor, I sent for the ilis|iensury doctors, and they attended me. but I continued to get worse, aud the ulcers win- some ol them, such as I could see, were more than half an inch deep. The doctors, both dispensary and the ethers who visited inc. only a few days In fore you called upon me, told mc it was leu thousand to one whether I recovered or no;?that I might not live through the night. This was in the early part of Kehruiry. I had not been out of bed since the beginning <>f January, At this time, the latter part of Kebtnary, my wife went to see you. and licg you income and see me. Yon dressed my nlcers lor me that night ?it touk a ^'uril of linen to dress thein once. IN left ine two itu&i-* m i'm*, mm it i Hit-ii t.v vimi uirecieu me, aim iny wur dressed mi- with your Universal Salve, and rulilM'd the callous placet with the Liniment. In two months I walked to your office in Broadway (.nmTweiity Eighth street, corner of Tenth avenue. I came after that, leven or entlit times for you to tee how my back yot on, and to receive your further advice. I went oil Kettiiot better every day, and my nicer* one alter another got well, until the latter part of July, when I went to work, being a sound man, with the exception of haviuit nearly lost the sight of my right eye, during my sickness, which, however, gradually geU better and better from the use of yonr I'll Is. I send you tins It-tier that you may publish it. and should any one wish to enquire into the particulars of my extraordinary cure. they can see m- where I live, w hich is live Second house from the comer of Tenth avenue, in 28th st. I remain, dear Sir, Yours very rrsiu-ctfully, PATRICK BRALLEY. To Doctor Bettj. Brandrctli, 241 Broadway. New York. FALLING SICKNESS CURED. Mr. JaMes Towr.v, of No. 18 Orange street, hasason |2 years old. who lor two year* has lieeu afflicted with E|iile|itic Fits; he has had two, and often three fits a day,and never could be led alotie with safety durinst the whole of that perioa. For a loin ritn< tie hut been |irououuced iucurahlc by the physicians. both Escnlapiau an<* Botanic. A few weeks since Braudrcth's Pills were administered, and he has since had NO FIT, and Mr. Towey is of opii ion that he is perfectly cured; he still continues to take the Tills daily, iu doses sufficient to cause two or three copious evacuatious. CUKE OK EPILEPSY OR FALLING SICKNESS OF THREE YEARS STANDING?Mr. Macomber. of West Port, New Bedford,for a |?ri?el of 3 yea s was afflicted with this terrible disease. He has had as many as 6 or 7 lit* in a day ?and for the time above stated, he was not able t > attend to any business. Every phyiician of skill in his sectiou of the country was applied to; lie even went as far as Boston lor help: bat no relief was experienced, and at the tune lie heard at Brandreth'i Vriteuhle Universal Pills, he had takrn iio meJL cines for a great ? ml-. Ins friends thinking there was no cure. ?But as Brandreth's Pills were strongly recommended by Mr. Hisson, of Union street. New Bedford, who, besides experiencing gnat bnnl from thein himself, had seen their bene to ial powers on severnl other persons, some in his own family,it was agri-cil in.11 a trial snouni d?* inaile. pour montlis Imvc not ynt pi?J liner he commenced wuli tin-in, kimI ulllmuuli Mr. M w.u having 6 ami 7 Ills i day; yrt liner hi- Iwgan lie hat not hail a fit. Every on* ia astnni-hed, and consolers it a miracle. Mr. M. continues daily to tak* the pills. It ihoulil be observed, that almost from the first commencement with them, he luu been attending to his business. ULCER OK THE HAND CURED. Mrs. Clark, of Tilbury' street, Brooklyn^ for fourteen years had an ulcer on her right wrist, which entirely presented her from usiuK tliat hand. Ointments of all sorts, anil many purifying medicines were m ide me of, but were o.~ no avail until the Brandruth 1'ills were used, which, in sis mouths made a peifecl cure. It is now nearly four years since this cure was effected, and has never been advertised before, although I banhad liberty to do so. My aaeiil in Brooklyn, Mrs Booth, of 1 Market at, kaows Mrs. Clark, aud can speak from her own kn w ledge of mauy simil ir cases, cured solely by tlie purifying powers of these truly celebrated pills. WORMS, PILES, AND LIVER COMPLAINT CVKED.?Read aud reflect. Dr. B. Braudreth?Sir: About two and a lialf years since I accideiitly came aciosi an adsertisemeiit concerning your Vegetable Pills. At first I treated thein with contempt, on account of haviug beers 10often imposed upou by no wspajwr "Puffs." 1, however, read the notice to my wife?she had for some lifted; years been ill a delicate state of health, .tod had used almost every impular medicine, aud had the beat medical advice, without any permanent effect At her request I purcha-ed a box ol your agcnl. and she took thetn according to your printed dimetions?another bos?aud another?till she nail taken four or five hoses?(she continued to feel the good effects after she had taken the second bos)?until the liftn bos had nearly disappeared, when I advised her to lake seven or eight pills, as she had been gottig up from two to three, four, five, and was on that dsy laid m> with a VIST iiurintismti nervous headache, (a common occurrence) she took, I believe, seven pills?the nest morning they operated freely, hut what w.u our surprise to behold thai ?hc passed a large knot of hard ffi-shy substance, and as tough as hide, about three and a half inches in circntnferance; the said the felt something part or separate on its discharge, ami from that time the gained her health t apidly, and continued to tak> the Pills?several large tape worms were also t spelled from her and mi iiifnit child, one uol a half years old, to whom wi gave your rills, and whose health w.u very critical, |uuted tetsrai large Worms, from sis to ten inches iu length ; the child is now in excellent health, and my wife has not enjoytd so good he.altl (as she says) for the last eighteen years, as what she now eu joys from taking your pills ; she was for sever il years unable to do any of her housework, but now luu the sole care aud at tendance of six or seven persons with ease. I mutt lielievc n was the sole cause of her restoration to health by taking you mediciue?and she continues to use it as occasion requires, lb effects line been surprising on myself for the cure oft lie P lists having several tunes had them in their worst itaoks, whn one or two dotes (of two or three pills at a dose) have rtstins: i t rkmovxd that horrid disordor from me. I esteem your me dicine above any other I have ever Used in the last thirty years aud have wituessed on others its most beneficial and pkem.s yours only. I kaTtalio seen the terrible effects of th< Count. iiYit pills *ol<l by an apothecary in tliii Tillage ; one ol nay neighbor* bought and used tlicm, the consequence was ol such a nature a* should hare sent both the tnakrr anil teller tu die treadmill lor life. 9AML. WOODHULL. Lnckpnrt, N. Y. Oct. 16, I8A9. ITT*" ERYSIPELAS CURED. OK SEVEN YEAH8 STANDING, BY KANDRETH'S PILL8.-A lady in Brookly u, who, .or ?e?en Ionic years, knew no comfort; wnote face and neck were one unseemly blotch; who waa the obturated of all, and whose misery to herself was such as none hut those of setisitire minds, similarly affected, can Imagine. This mill and misery resulted from a dreadful ERYSIPELAS in li?r face, which oftentimes attended over her neck and bosom Every physician of skill was applied to, and remedy U|ion remedy used, without affordiiut more uian occasional relief. Ko> seven years she was thus tormented, and often prayed foi death to (Iriish her misery. At this |ieriod, a lady who had derived much benefit from Brandreth's Pills, in a similar case, desired that a trial ininht he made of their efficacy. When they h id bc< n used about three inontlis, a prr'eet cure was |iroducs<l ?thus proving wlin, that tairilvnur the body with these calcinated Pills produces, without iloiint, a |ierfrct!y healthy slat' of the fluids, and consequently must cure Krysi|?-lvs, unfortunate i omi-lsiut .iMogetlu , de|H-nd< ution the aCrimoninits state of the blood ; and therefore pnrifyiiut the blood CUM the disease, This lailv is since married. Refer, nee is given in Mrs. Booth, Dr. Brandreth's agent in Brooklyn. J Market streei, who will refer to a hitthly respei fable lady in Johnson street, who will irive all farther particulars. The Brandretli Pills are sold at I'l cents per hot, with ftlll directions,at 211 Broadway; J7< Bowery; and Ifrl llnusoust. New York; 5 Market street, Brooklyn?Mrs. B->oth, Agent ; Parker, Broad street, Newark; and by one agent in every town in the Union. n26 IM rod* SHIP ON FIRE! NEW MUSIC. The storm n't r the ocean flew furious and fast, And the wares rose in foam at the voice of the blast; And heavily lahoHd the gale beaten ship, Like a stont-heartrd swimmer, the spray at his lip. And dark was the sky nVr ti e manner's path. Ktre|it when tlie ligutuiug illum'd it in wrath. A young mother knelt in the cabin below. And press'd her fond bade to her b-.som of stow ; She pray'd to her God, 'midst the hurricane wild. " Oh, i atlier, have mercy, look down on my child !" rPHIS Scene is t? depict the feelings of passe tigers ' who had to contend with the terrors ol i^.-mpi st that burst returning to (hair native hud, buoyant with hoi*, mil incited by the anticipated d. -light of being welcomed by fri<nda, from whom they had born long separated. AOer the ceasing of thr norm, thr ship is discovered to be in tlanp-i, an J the cry of fire awakens the moat agonizing fears in every hoaom. They are loat to hope. hut at length, in the eery miiiat of their despair, a aail ..imears in eight, and they are aarrd. ATvVILL, 201 Broadwav, haa pnblialied moat of all the celebrated annua aa compoerd and snug by Mr Henry Rnaaell. the distinguished ancaliar. Among the laat, ia the above named aong, aorrl brated throughont Kngland and tlita country, entitled I'll Ship on Fiie," written hy C Mac hay, Itiui The music composed by Hemy Rnsst-11 Alan, Wimbter's Wife? The Mother who hath a child at Sen?Oh.thia Love?Will nobody marry me??Not Married Yet?Brave Old Oak?Home love to rotm?We hare been friends together, Ac. Ar., together with many uew and pouelar songs, duetts, marcbea, walli-i, lie. ic. He, A TWILL'S, Ml Broadway. d2 3tia r _ near Hl Paul's. rV S ! ToYI! TOYs ! ! '?Jut opened a imw and I'reah assortment of common and fine Toys, suitable for the holidays, at 233 Centre street, opposite Centre Market, for sale, wholesale and retail, chea|ier thaucrer. Toy dealers aw riapectfnllv invued In c ill and ei,inline for themselves Don't forget the number?133, two doors above Arand street. . >i Itaw In I 11 ? in UNCURRENT money diaconnted at Hew rates by JAM KB A CO., dl ?c ? Wall street I AT'77H()tsj SAT.K^ THOM\S BKLL, Anctioueer. BY BKLL k HOWAHI) ! *: ~rti \ dun and lis FSil'if rjri/c ) ' MONDAY. Al UWo'rl.ick, iu the sale* fooa. Kitensive tn<l splendid sale of cleaant clothing of *11 descriptions, Ixxli London mil city made ; second hand and bovs do. rirrciuu, cloalu, hosiery, tlurta, drvg"*ds. muslin, calico. silks, satins, superb West ol' KiikIaiiU i loihs, cassino u s .mil Testings in Iota to suit; guns, watches, jewelry, diamonds, Ike. TUKSDAY. Lance sale of 1'iaim Porta*?At 1?X o'clock, in tin* rooin, lirst floor, No. 14 John street, uear Broaeway, ou which occasion. 14 splendid instruments by the beat makers kuown, will lie sold without reserve to the login at bidder. Such an o|i|??is utnitv seldom occurs, for m-rsou> wishintt a line rtsno, to supply themselves. Most of ihrin are warrant* d. t insisting of rntrwnad and tnahopauy double ami single scroll hollow and ttothic corner, inetaltc plates, harp, tiedal, extra keys, I'rtineh and other improved itruid action suu as beautil ul m exterior, as ipleadid touch ana tone n< aiy insno fort rs ever offered to the public, who are lufortned the sale will be oue without restriction. The room will be o|ien on Monday for examination, aud Mr. Rocket will be in attendance. THURSDAY. Splendid I' lllltlUUS At Auction?At lot. o'clock at Mo- u John street, near Broadway?dlis store havimj beam taken on purpose? will be sold a superb collection oI Original raintiiiys, some of which are extremely valuable and by the best mauler.. Will Ire arranged oil Wednesday. Particulars lo-mnnow. BY RIKLL A ARCULAKIU*. Monday" At I0S o'clock at their sales room. Broad I lolha, Caasiinerea. Gloves. Hoalery, Ac. Ike. tuesday, At lOly o'clock at the aale rooina. Liquors, Seyars, tltc. Ac, wednesday, At 10H o'clock in the aale rooma. Pianos, new and second hand Furniture, bird cages, Itc. AT PRIVATE SALE?I suprrb French 6)% octave piano made by the celebrated couipoaer Henri Hera, of Paris, equal in touc to ally iiiatrumeiit ever imported, riARI) AND AUCTION NOTICE.?Messrs. BELL Ik ^ HOWARD (Thomas Bell ami Robert Howard) liive notice to their frieuda and the public, that the Auction and Com. mission business in all ita benches, and will be continued and carried on aa usual, and on the aamr honorable trrma, at rhe old stand, No. 33 Ann and 116 Fulton strerta. Liberal advances on uoods consigned for silr. Certain sales and prompt returns; a warrantee can b depended on. The reyular sale of Furniture, of all deacriptiona, takes place every Wedin-adav and Saturday. Dry yoods, clothiux, fancy articles, Tuesdays aud Fridays. Out door sales ol groceries, furriiture, and all deaeriptioua of property, attended to. BELL Ik HOWARD, d'J linfec TIIOS. BELL, Auctioneer, RUCTION NOTICE.?The sales as uuder, will take place MONDAY?At 10H o'clock, iu the site rooms.?Dry Goods, Clothing, Uu U.* TUESDAY? Sale of Snlcndid Piano Fortes, *bv the btst mak?*r?. at \0% o'clock, at No. ?4 John street, near Broadway. WKDN ESI) A Y?Valuable Furniture at the sale* rooms. Till' Ksda \ ?8 ile of V aituble PiintUfii >i it John street* FRIDAY?Furniture of the best quality. at 11 John street. Tin? in *nu I act tire of Win. Alexander, Robert and James Young. Mfalkei, Slutf.-r, Irving, and others. SATURDAY?F.xtcnsivc Male of* Splendid Furniture, of all descriptions, iu the sale rooms. BELL & HOWARD, d4 lw?ec THQ8. BKLL^ Auctioneer. AT AUCTION.?Positive Sale of Massachusetts Stocks, by orner of the Directors ol the Wost.c.*u Rail Km id. Bv I'. P F. DEURANDOm SATURDAY. December 10, 1812. At 12 o'clock, at the ofllce of the Conjuration, under the Merchants Bank, in BOSTON. C100,000 Sterling, equivalent to $-180,000 Massachusetts Five Per Cent Stock. This Stock is payable iu Loudon, on the 1st day of April. I 1871 It i? payable to hearer with interest semi-annually, and has interest-warrants attached. It ia ill certificates of Jt'200 each. Each certificate will be accoinjuniefl by a guarantee of flu? Western R. U Cor|>oration, giving the bearer the right to r?eeiro i??\ meat, if m j "ufei. it, in Boston, of principal and interest at the rate of $4,80 the pound sterling. Tims making ush(*ertiaoits ol ?900 -t< rltnequiiilsnl to $%o, produ< ins $21 interest every 0 months. This Stork will be sold at so much per cent on the $%0. It will be put up from one Certificate to the whole, payable 20 nerce t cash, and the balance in 6 months with interest, the Stock .is collate ral - the purcluser having the option of payii g his note, at any time lie pleases before the etpiratiou of the f> mouths, thus stopping the interest. For further particulars, apply to JOSIAH OUINCY, JR . il3td*r Treasurer of the W. H. R. Cor|>or.ui m. NOTICE.?The subsetibers hive this day formed aco-partucrship, miller the lirin of Oeoige Laugdou &l Co. in New York, mid John George &. Co. in Pnil olelphia, for the mitiu- I far.tun and sale of H ur Seating* and Curled Hair in each ?jly? Their business will be conducted as heretofore, at No. 82 Nassau street, New York, and No. M) Dock street. Philadelphia. a GE'MIGK LANODON, New York. (Signed) johN GEORGE, Philadelphia. New York, Dec. lit, 181 < dl 3 7 10 4t?I BOAKDINU.?A few rrs|>ectahle youiitf men can be accom il with (mod board anil pleasant rooms at 42 l)ey st. Terms moderate. Also a few day hoarders can be accominodatcd. Apply as above ng lin'rc PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS. Xlf ARRANTED to keep any length of time in uy climate, viz: lobsters, halibut, shad, salmon, oysters, and clams, brtf, nmtton, veal, dnck, chickens, turkey, beef soup, mutton broth, elncken soup, ox tail soup, mock and green turtle soup, vegetab'e soup, ifreeu peas, muslirooins, carrots, turnips, par snips, tomatos, ini'k, Stc. See : manufacturvd and sold wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANK, d3 lm*r 82>k Nassau street. THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED KOK THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, HAS met with the most unprecedented success siuce its com mi ncement, particularly from the unfortunate yictims ol unprincipled pretenders, who are uow daily gaiumg strength and rigor under the judicious treatment of the Collage. she following preparations have already obtained a celebrity unparalelled tu the auuala of medicine. EXTRACT OK SARSAPAR1LLA. > This article has been prepared at great expense, according to the new process of the Parisian pharmaceutists, and is confidently denominated the anly really valuable preparation of Harsaporilla now offered for sale in this country. Together with the active principle of the Smilax officivaht?the best species ol the root?the College have incorporated that nuculiar modification of sugar, which has im'cii tei mod glycyrrhi'sin. Iu the "Extracts" of the nes trnm.vender* nnil certain drilirirists. the common evtrael ol liquorice is tho chief ingredient, and can readily be dc tected. But. it is proper to state that in molt case* this extract of liquorice la adulterated, and contain* copper de rived from the pan* in which the decoction of the root is eva|iorated. The College wish thus particularly to guard the public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures, containing large quantities ol this poisoned liquorice. The " Extract," prdperod by the College, contains also an appropriate quantity ot the peculiar crvstallizable principle, ontaineU Irom that valuuhle vegetable bitter. Gentian, (no oaltedlrom Uentius, King of Ulyria, who first discovered its great virtues.) A small portion of the active constituents ol the Lawus Sassafras, another vegetable, whose etficacy as an alterative and nurilier of the blood is well known, has likewise been added. These several articles have been incorporated, and their peculiar principle* compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the result has been the production of a vegetable alterative and touic, unequalled for power and etfic^y. The College merely add the following extract from the edition just published of Brande's "Practical Dictionary of the Materia Medica? " This article has t>een prescribed in chronic rheusaa tism- in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ulcers?in glandular altections?in disease* of the bones, attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting of the flesh?and id ha* prorata valuable remedy, and hai sometimes effected a cure where other alterative? have been !?ni> adminiitered in vain, and when the diseased state of the system hat hern of many yeart duration. In (he a) ter treatment of syphilis, and in roses where mercury ha* iniw riously affected the system, if possesses power* not hitherto observed in any other at tide of the Materia Medico-" Hold in siisni.e Bottles, at 76 cents each. " In Cases op halp-a-doxeis Bottles, $3 SO. " " " one dozen " 6 00. Cases forwarded to all parts af the Union. N. B.?Jt very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. THE UNRIVALLTKD TONIC MIXTURE. A certain cure for all forms of dys)a-|?io, low spirits, loss ol apiwtite, lassitude, cataneous emptious, general debility, predisposition to consumiitiou, and all complaints arising trorn a disarrangement of the nerrions system. It may be also used with great unrceas in cans of fever and agne, and as a pre Tentative la yellow inn, aoiu in oocura ir mi ana eacii. THE ANODYNE L1NIMEN*. Kor the care til" rheumatic pains, colic, bruises, sprains, spi ' n il disease, lie rvon* headache, panu in the joint*, anil immediate and permanent relief guaranteed. Hold in bottles, 75 ct? *"hTHE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. Kor the cure of all cases of a delicate disease, or for paius in the bones, eru|>tioin, sore throat, or auy other distressing symptoms, produced by an injudicious use of mercury, or bv quackery. Hold in bottles at SI and $V each. THE AMERICAN ANTIBILOUH CATHARTIC PILL Kor the cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying tha blooil, eicitintt the whole alimentary canal to healthy action, and giving new vigor to the vital powers. This medicine is entirely superceding the drastic purgatives of the uosliuni venders. THE FEMALE RESTORATIVE PILL. Kor the rure of those complaints peculiar to the female scs ami to restore and preserve tin- regular action of Mir female organs, with loll directions and cautions .as to use, Slid sold in hoses si $1, 'jt cents, and ft cents each. SIR AHTLKY COOPER'S PILL. Kor llie enve of entsneons eruptions, goat, ehronie rheum lism, and 10 improve the tone of the aWrstive organs. tftr. KKENril ANTIPHLO<lfVrfC MIXTURE Ouaraiiteeil to rure gni.orrlnr i, gleet, and all mocopairuleni discharges from the nr? ihra. Hold in bottles at VI rents and ?l rsrV I Tire above orepiv lions mar also be had of the following stlh-.agrnta in this r tlyy? (ACTION! The only |dacc? in ihrrityof New Yorh where die medicines of the College are sold are? THE PRINCIPAL Nassau street. BASSETT'M MEDICINE STORE, Ml Broadway. 01^ " W A. BICIIAUDSON. Agent Gloves, velvets and hilk* restored.Dr. niclilwnfei h-,* eonalracted an apfietMBe for restor i'lK dam iged or spotted kid gl"?te, ailk relcct* and ?ilk? to their original condition, and on Terr reasonable term*. Ordtrs and iMircrU puneinylly attended to by 1 DR. LEWIS KEUUHTWANOKH. oil 1 Wall air, AM* KOR LI VERPOOL?Reanlar Packet of i|?- 27th i December? Thr aidtndid, (art sailing packet ahip JMHtlNDEPENDttNCk-., Capt Wye, will tail aa abore tier regnlar day. I k'or passage in calnn, aecnad cabin, and alrrrwt. hating (plridiii arcommodationa,apply on board, loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH MrMURRAY, ' 1(10 Pine atreet, cornet of Snath afreet. P. 8.?The abore will be ancceeded by the packet ahtd Vir mia, Aapt Allin. and aail on 13 Dec . Peraona wiahimr to aend lor their frienda. residing in the Old Coon try, can have thorn brought not by thia ahip, or any of the regnlar packeta, by aiydyina aa abore, if letter port paid. n*V ______ n2Jr_ AM* DRAFTS ON IRELAND, Sc.?The aabacribrrt JrWJWcoutinar to sire dralta payable on demand, wit) oat AUMfcdiecouut. or any chance whataoerer. INTHiTIiAND-Tlir National Bank of Ireland, the Proemcial Bank of Ireland, and their tranehra in carry entityIN ENGLAND AND WALES?Merer*. Jamee Molt. Son It Co., baukera, London, the Etchange and Diacodnt Ban*. Lirerpnot, and their hnerbea ihronahonl England and water. IN SCOTLAND?The Eastern Bank ol liodsnd. the Uceewoek Banking Company, and braoehes in the principal townsi Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter It Co. . Persons in the country wiahina to remit mow tin llnm frienda in any part of England, Irch ml. Scotland, or Wales, by enclosing the amount they wish to remit to ihe aahaenberr. with the name and addrria of the parties to whom it is to he . tent. A draft for the *<*?' will be forwarded theArt i a. kef after th.- r?cei|it thereof, and acknowledgement of lb. umr re'"dST11 Wfl,h ft. TAP8COTT, II Peekrltp, New York. VT CHATHAM TiitUTHR. 1 Pit 1IH MOW. Upper Tier ? cent*. Kirmt Tier M rent* NJSNDA, K#Pnjn Norman linlir, J l< Scot! | Uoeakie Romanic, Mr* W Hoekin T? conclude with BUT HOWKVKK. Bote* 1i?td and U Tier *V?Pit TTH eta?Gallery V> ecu*. Door* open *( 6K o'clock and (he performance will com menre at t preciaejv iiTCHCU'a oltnpic thbathk. 444 Broadway, New Tor*. MONDAY EVENING. Dec. S. will he performed NO BONO NO ftUPPRK. After which, MEET ME BY MOONLIGHT, After which. CURIOSITIES OK LITERATURE. To conclude with neuiui 7>HE GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY in the A world?Now eihibiting at the corner of Chatham street and Tryon Row, ommsite the I'trk, for a ahort time:? A Double Spanish Live Bull, taken near Buenua Ayres. ou lite I'Lina, by the Hjuuiiurds, in the year 1840, and imported to New York in 1842. He is eonsidered hv naturalists to be the most wonderful de fnrmity in the known world. He has a double windpipe, dou ble breast, double paunch, double ribs, ait legs,double hi|?i, and some other juris double. He is |>erfectly sound ami iu good health, and supjmsed to be nine years old, and weigh I,MO pounds. I'rolessors of Natural History, Burgeons, and Anatomist would do well to visit and judge for themselves. A Three Legged Cow, now three years old. She is deficient of oue fore leg, aud was so from birth. A Costiinundi. A Sea Dog, or Sea Leojiard. taken alive in the North River. The head resembles that of a dog, and the skin ia>pottud liku that ofa leopard. Truly a wonderful curiosity. Wolf, Monkeys, lie. To be seen from 8 o'clock A M till 10 P M. Admission 131-2 cents, children uuder 10 years of age hall l>ricc. Good Music in attendance. u23 lm*m FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, OR VICE No. 7 WALL STREET. ktisr MUSIC. OCHNK1DBR k KEBHUN will attend private parties aud hJsoireet with a band of from three to twenty artists. Amply No. 27 Delancy street uear the Bowery, or No. 124 Norfolk st _ nil 2m*r A CARD?J. BAllDOTTE, Superintendent, begs to inform his Irieuds and the j.ublic generally that he has opened a Cafe aud Boarding House for gentleineu at No. ISO Broadway, which will he couducted u|?ou the |>lau of the celebrated Cafe Tortoni at Paris. There are about tweutv furnished roomi attached to the Cafe which will be let and inealt furnished ta any number ot gentlemen forming a club, at such hours as they may select. Madame Bardotte, long and lie truUs favorably known as the projirielesi of a select tnaitou de | tension in this city will superintend the house. Uenlleineu will be furnished Willi meals at any hour in the coffee room. The cuisine .arrangements will be fiund of the first order.and the wines, lii|uors, kc., the best that can be iirocured regardless of eipeuse. An inspection of the establishment is respectfully solicited. CAKE TORTONI, <rr- The Door* will Iw oprued it half-|otst 6, and Che per Iwiimwcommence at 7. e?erv ereniiig AH1P1UTI1KATKK OF THK ttKFl'HLlC. 87 Rtnrtry Third enaaarmeut of the wonde r-workma LION HKRO OF FRANCE. First aptaarance thi* season of O'CONNF.LL, the Tattooed Man. Besides Otto Molty, h. B Howe*; Waller Arinar, the In fanlile K<|nestrian, and Franklin, the (ire at Cortle Yoltiteur. MottyS I faulile Family ?|>|>?-ar ou Thursday. V-lii>>asi<>ii?Bote* in rents?Bemud Tier I7W?Pit it. "2t? FKANKIsIN TliKATfilr^ rPHE icreat success attending the FRANKLIN has induced * the manager to ernaite thirty lady and re nil. men performer*, and fix the reduced prices of Dress Circle 2i rents ineludings lady ; Upper Boxes Its, rents. Oallery llli. Pit rrnti. For this week only, Mr. F.MMKT, the great southern Baitio Melodist. Fit * NK BKOWF.K.lhe iierfect reoresen tatiou of the Southern Negro characters, aud Master riKRt'K the sirat llrelojogist, are t na*aed ; this beina tlieir first a|e neartnre in thi* city, they are prrimred to (aror the New Yorkers with an entire new collection of soua*, duetts, serenades, uislodies, he., and must he seen. Mr. J. 'F. Ol-onnel, the tattooed man ; C. I). Jenkins, F. Diamond, Kugglcs, Mil Icr, Mestayer, Br>>thers of Warsaw, Richardson, Master Henry, Miss Auriol, Miss Rosamond, Augusta. Celeste, Cento, *... a.- -> - . .. . a,r me list 01 names lor this wreck. Mr. No? Br?i Baud ii also engaged Doors open at 6, ii rforniaucui commence at 7 o,clock. Programme hi th" theatre. nil im ig*ec AMEHICAN MUSEUM, ' A/TAKBLK BUILDING, Broadway, op|*>site St. Paul's I" Church. Day Visitors admitted the isme evening free. Thu immense establishment consists of SIX SPACIOUS HAULS, eacli over 100 feet in length, and containing more wonderful works of nature and art than any five museums m America. Positively the LAST WEEK ol the eomic and inimitable YANKEE WINC.HELL! who will appear in Dutch, Krench, Irish, Yankee, ami other characters, in his uui'iue play of OLD AND YOU NO NICK; |Or, LOVE AND PHYSIC! in which he sustains every cliaraeter. The mysterious UIPSEY OIKI, is re-engaged , she can be privately consulted i>n all iuh|ii.u, ami pledges herself particularly to aaliafy all iierioua of the falsitc of Miller's prediction of I he DESTRUCTION of the WOULD in 1M3 She will show hy irresistible He rlptnre evidence and argu menu, that his reading id th* prophets is perfectly ridiculous, ami that this world will coutiuuc 1000 years hunter. T. G. BOOTH, the best comic simtei in America : CELESTE, the dinieuae , Miss HOOD, the snugetresa : Albino Lady. (kc. Fancy Glass VVorkiiiit, Grand Cosmnrama. ftr J l)av performance! every Wednesday ami Saturday at three o'clock. In active preparation, and will probably he ready neit week, one of I lie moat surprising. stti|>*-ndon? and miraculous uovelties, which has ever astonished tin world. Admission to all 26 eeula?Children half price. dtec POWERFUL ATTHACTIONS ! I HKW YOHK NUSKIIM AND PIUTUKK UALLKHY, Rromlwav, Ofrf>otitt tht City Hall. Mr. H BENNETT, Manager. Ke-cug lgcmeiit of SIGNOR BLITZ, one week longer : (00 Illusions. Vcutrillouuisin, Dinre of sevun Dinner Plates ; Miss THERES A CLEMENCE, the graceful dauseuse ; Mr. DELAHUK, tin* unrivalled mimic ; Mermaid, Museum, live Albino Deer, Picture Gallery, and iierforraances all to be sreu fur ONE SHILLING Performance on Wedm-iday and Saturday at three o'clock. Great preparations making for THANKSGIVING DAY dl lm*ec nniwil'l 13# Broadway, between Liberty > Cedar itt. BLACK MARBLE?150 tons Iruli Black Marble, for aale by uttr PKKHHK It BROOKS. No. > Liberty etreet. t?PR DR. FKUTrHTWANUKHW Price Carre at ofCopa " via, Cajwales, Acid*. Dye woods, Lunar Canstic.D sgoer reotype Clieinical*. Herman Silver, be. he. he. Bee fourth pane. olT pO PRINTERS AND PUBLISH ICRS.?A young man L a practical priutei, wlioia thoroughly acquainted with hit business in every department and branch, and who haa been employed in the capacity of reporter and tab-editor on aeveral highly respectablejonrnalt, it detiroua or obtaining a situation iu the country, to take charge of, and manage, a tmall newsinner coucarni. A remitter iiing salary will only be eipected. Add re II, by letter. (fMMM) X Y. Z., at the He rata oAee. Reapectable references given and requited. nIT jgb f ADltCS' Silk and Merino Under Veata for aale by 1-t JOHN M. DAVIES k JONES, n'9 Imr* IW> William enr of John Ma. R~OCKWELL'S PATENT VAULT.LIGHTS.?So ateful to exclude wot, doit, and irott, and at the tame lime admit light, greatly improved for strength and dur bility. For aale,It Nil. ) Ail or Home, entrance in Birclav at. n? tt*r THE ONLY PLACE IN New York where the celebrated Shaker Knit Shirt can be obtained II at JOHN M. DAVIES h JONES. IM William at, corner of John at. Agents for the Shaker*! Merrimac Co, N.H. Alio?l.loae anil open knit Drawers, flannel wrappers and drawers, ami the nnrivalled Shaker flannel by the yara;or piece ?itis preferable many Mvle now in use. nM Imr* I FRENCH BOARDING HOUSE.?Famished rooms, with board in the French style, can be had at the " Cafe Tor tooi,'" rjn Broadway, nearly oppoaite the City Hotel. nil) Imn'in SITUATION WANTED?By *competent penon ioiciii h' aalcsinan to a whole** le or retail eaUbliahment or Watrhe* Jewelry he. AUo understand* book keeping ml watch repairing. Hu been in bunoest for himself tea year* ami *i?*k* French. For particular* and referrncee addreta Bo* No. 711 Lower Pint (MM*. Uentlemrn'i Horse* taken c?-e of dnrinit the wintrrat a eery reasonable rate. Apply at 68 Maiden Lane. nt lm*r VAN NOKDENS WRITING AND BOOK-KEEl'INU " ACAOKMV i? now o|>en, 281 Broulwiy, 2nd floor, lot tin; rrcrpliou of pupil?, where all acipiim Van Nordcn'a hcan lil'ul syatein of ,ieuinn uisliip in i Trry abort lime, and write with rue, grace auil elegance. Mr. Van Norden n now prepared to give inatrnction in Book Keeping upon plana cutirelf new ami strictly practical. During one moulh'a instruction I lie papila aetaally open, balance andcloae, practically, from 20 to M art of booka. Terms eery roodeiate. Hoara of inatrnction from 9 A. M. till I T M , and from ti 10 in the evening. The Ladies meet d-nly at 11'. M. nl6 In'r STATIJN ISLAND KKKRY. CSHsbiSr Fool of Whitehall alreet. dS3jSi IEZZjMOL. SQUL On and after Dee. Jd. the ateamer STATEN ISLANDER, will run aa followa, nnnl farther notice LEAVE STATIN ISLAND. NEW YORK. IMA M, 9A.M. 10 UK IP. M. IK P. M. dJ r * i\ FOR NEW OHLEANS?Loslaiina A New York Line? Poeitively fiirat regular Picket?To aail loth The fast" aailing packet ahip OfMULGKE. Capt. reet.will poaitieelv tail la*'above, tier regular day. For freight or passage, having haudaomr funnelled aceommndn tiona, apply on board, at I Irleana wharf, foot of Wall at. or to E. K COLLINS fc CO. M Sonth at. Poaitively no good* received after Friday evening, 9th inat. Hkip|>era may rely upon having their goods correctly meaanrrd, and thai the ehipe of thia hne will aail pnnclaally aa adverUaed. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required. Agenu in N. Orleana, llnllin k Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all gooda to theit address. The packet ahip Oconee, Captain Jackaon, will aaeeeed the Ocnmnlgee, and aail the Wth Dee, her regular day. df e run uvnuv?ii-iw*niiir piicifi "I "??" ?r fcfJt^Vrrm^r ?Th^ ffry HUfttrior, fiut miIiiik packet hip MMbTOHONTO. Captain Oriawold. will pnaitieely ?" * abure, her ie(tUi day. Kor imaMxe, cabin, aecnnd cabin, and ateera*#, harnut au|>erb accommodation*. apply to ? . dS ec JOHN HERDMAN.6I South atreet AMT- rOR LIVERPOOL-?NEW tINE?Hci*!" JgK Packet of *50 December?Tlw,?|dcndidPaek? JAflfaRbin BIDDONH, Captain E BhCobh^ of IMtom, Tun*>3m?ry sail *? *bo?i?, h^r r*f?l*r ?}*T. *?t freight or twrint M?omniodMOM IWf??' ?* comfort, apidv on b, < 0. 56 Sooth atreet. T^PackeTllhii* Sheridan, Cant E.A.De Peyater, ot I BOO I0M will aucceed the Siddona, and aall the 15th January, h?f r L*\"nVor the ahipa ..f thia will only be receive* at Oilpia'a id HaleS Newa Room. Paaaenifco may rely on the ahipa ol thia line aniline punctual, ji adeerlieed- tl c --? REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Re., Re.? JJ^^The anbacriber rnntiuaea to trauamit money, in auma qBpUarve ot small to person* reaidinit in any part of Ircud, in the tame manner u he, and hu predecessor in bosin hare douc for the laat hirty yean, and more; alao, to any irt of England or Scotland. Money remitted !>v letter (poet paid) ro the subscriber, or c rsonally deposited witn him, with the name of the person or * raona in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be n', and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted nd paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect risen or for ardrd to the tender. In like manner money with or claims on persons in any part of eland, England or Scotland, can he collected by the aabac rs>er, for persona residing in any part of the United States, or 1 anada, and will he paid to them accordingly. nil In'i OKOHOk. MrBRIDK, Jr., nCedar si. H>KTbO?JESl2 FEMALE PUXsT rllK.r'E &r fame I and celebrated Pills, from ftnu_ -1, we peretire, to be ohtginoa in thisoonntry. Bosadts. ,mM ? testate >*>? " - * ? ml ?