Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1842 Page 1
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T H ] ftl. TOUU?Mo. US -Wh?l? Mo. 3187. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily ntwepaper?published every day of the year except New Year'e day aud Fourth of July. Price 9 ctnte per copy ?or 97 iS per aa iiuiu ? puhbgea j??u?tmu 1u hcitiuuc. HTHE WEEKLY^HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 8} cents per copy, or $3 19 per annum posUges paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasisg fast. It ha, (As large,t circulation of any paper in thie city, or (As world, and io therefore, the beet channel for buoineee men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. NEW YORK LANCET, published weekly, price 13} cents per single copy?8 cents by the quantity. The price of this valuable periodical has hitherto been too cheap, in comparison to its utility, intelligence, and workmanship. It has, therefore,.been advanced to $5 per annum for one year?)3 ior a half year?or ltj cents per single copy?cash in advance, and postages paid. REVOLUTIONARY RELICS, or Lettms addressed by distinguished men to Ueorge Clinton, formerly Governor of New York, during the revolution, and first pub. lished by permission of his grandson, Col. Beekman. A beautiful octavo edition in numbers?price 13} cents each. THE ATHENEUM, a New Monthlt Journal or American aivd Foreion Litebature, Science, and the Finc ABTk-> nnmhnr nilnriit?<f with a Iwatitifnl #?n Craving?price only 12J centa each. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the mo*t moderate price*, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, ^ PaoraixToa or the He bald Establishment, , Northwest cornet of Fulton aad Nassau streets. To Advertisers. Eor the information of business men and of the public generally, and as a guide in the selection of the best channel for advertising, we place before our reader* the following facts New Yoax Hebald ) ' Sex Orricx, N. Y., > Orrice, Nov.l, IrttU. ) Aug. 29, 1?2. ] Messbs. Pehssb A Bboobi : Mr. H. V. Bu ileb :? u Gertleme!* :? Hib .? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Olfice, New York Office, N. V.,five hundred 760 reams per week of tb a ream of paper per week, for small sized paper 231*3:1? six mouths I rom the 16tu of for the Daily Herald. October, 1842, to be of this Also 60 reams per week of quality, size and weight, the the large sized 32 K46 for the same to be paid for in cash Weekly Herald,for one year every two weeks, from this date, to be of quali- M. Y. BEACH, eniml to this sueciuien? I accent the above order, Kayments to be made cocA and agree to furnish the pavrtk in caib, in full far that per accordingly. Week. H. V. tiUTLER. UJAMtS O. BENNET f. Aug. SI, 1842 We accept the above or- Witness, M. S. Beach derand will deliver it as directed. PER8!?E It BROOKS, No. CI Liberty street. James Rowc, / Witnesses Samuel Bemais, { w"08"84By these documents it will be peroeived that the strew Imtionof (Ac New Yobk Hebald, is nearly Sou tic that uj (Ac New Yobe Sue, and that it is, consequently, so much the more an eligible channel for all kinds of advertising and business notices. Not a further word is necessary to satisfy .the public. JAMES O. BENNETT. <<C<RANC1S'8 PATENT LIKE BOAT'' has been tested " the past four years in actual service, and by eijwrueem as follows Manned and thrown from the deck o: a steauioost while nndsr way ; dr->|>|>ed endwise from the stem ot s i\ loaded to the gunwale with iroD aud stones, with tne sutua stove in ; turned by loree upside down and resitting in* of It men to keep ner so : upset by her paueugeia antl itm. tng them agaiu inside ana Ireeiug herself from water ; bottom stove in by landing on a rocky sh ire and then rowed out to sen . landing in a surf, when all oiher boats swamped ; taking crew and passengers from a wreck in a storm at sea, with the bow stove in ana (tings out; b -aiding a wreck with the bottom broken open ; leaving a sinking wreck full of passengers, with the sea breaking from end to end ; making way across a coral reef to a wreck and bringing off 26 passengers, leaving the ordinary boa st tramped; thrown from the deck of a ship endwise and saving 22 persons (sides and bows broken through aud bottom stove in arid rowed in deep water, Ac. and finally blown up by a submarine esploaiou, and then again manued and rowed as before. JOSEPH k KANC18. Office No. 7 Wall St., at Adams A Cm "? k.sprees Office. nl jj^.UN8?GUN8?GUN8?At auctiep prices?106 doable bar rtl dUCKIUf glUi n?B?c expreniy iut ????? ?iw mvh? ?r! laud. 3M Cocking Gaas, assorted, 1 ( to 3-4 koin, nas'rl lengtKa, 300 Single barrel nana, common to Aoe. 300 Rifles, from $0 to $40 each. 3000 Paris pistols Gunsmiths and dealers in guns will And a*, this depot erery article wanted by the maanfaetarer or sp irtsman, ia any quantity desired, as follows?(an lochs, rifle locks, barre s, apitogs, coses, caps, wards, worm, tips, nas, triggers, farnitare, lie. Also, horns and power-flasks, from 1 to 10 ox: game bags, shot bags, primers, wrenches, dtc. A. W. SPIe.8 It CO., nil !m*r 111 Pearl street. STOCK OF EARTHEN WARE, CHINA AND GLASS, For Sa|e, and Store to Let.? 1'he present occnpant being aboet leaving for the south, the enure stock of new and elegant goods now in the Store 344 Bowery, wiU be sold on res sonable terms. To any parson wishing to embark in die Ka then W re bustaess. a good opportnnity is now ottered The store ia well fitted np, and ia an net llent stand for bus, nese. Apply on the premises, or to JOHN C JACKSON, Ml Waterstrett, up stairs. n29 lw*a FOR SALE A SPLENDID OYSTER SALOON, with bar, boxes and tables, two entrances, being on (he corner, one door in each street, oyer each door illuminated with beautiful signs. The location ia unsurpassed by any in the city, and doing a rer ' good sod genteel business. The nropiieturs have Cited op the above Saloon at great ex peuse. being in their Ikie of business, and now haying it completed and established, offer it for sale. Cash rtquired Irom $13-HI to $isOT lor the whole concern. For further particulars, address a note to SALOON, this office, with real name, and where an interview may be had. ill 3t*gc U. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. PH9T OFFICE, New York, 2Sth July. 1143. HOURS of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at the U oer and Lower Poet Offices:? Lett*re u? Dosued before Hali t aat I o'clock, A M] " 13 " " 3 " P M Will be aent oat for doAt all the Stations before livery at 6 A M, and I 7 o clock, AM and 4 o'clock, P M. II " " I " F M Letterr tobeient Free, roaa: have "Free Stamp" affiled to them, otherwise three cents will be collected of the party to whom the letter ia addreaae I. No money most be encioaed in lenera nnleaa mistered at t m i rinci|>al offices. Lista ol the atatinna (at all of which "Iree atampa" may be purchaard at tt& per 100. and every informal ion may be obtained on application at the upper or lower poet t fficet. ?8tampa iaaned by the late CityDeipntch Poat will be rec.ived. It ia indispensable th#t the number of the rcaidence ahoul 1 be stated ia all letters Mbi through this Pott* The Post Master solicits the earliest inlortnation should any irrernlarities occur. JOHN LORIMK.I GRAHAM anil It re Post Visiter. A RAFFLE FOR POULTRY,?GEORGE FARLEY. sVNe. 166 Cherry street, co ner ofMaiket street, respectfully int mates to his Piends ana the public, that he intends to raffle Poultry every Wednesday and Saturday evening, dl 3l* BO VRDING.?The original Walton House, 316 Pearl street, Franklin Square?kept by Jas. Fowler, from London. England, permanent boa'ders per week, transient hoarders 36 cents per day Families can be accommodated with private rooms on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents per glass?home brew'd ale t crnts per pint?fine Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold cuts equally cheap. N. B, Hot colfee 3 cents per pmt?sukrs end mutton chops can be had at all hours. r. iwiwcHMUiy rnjuriu any uue wiiu ?? in wnm wi <* for tab home lo call and inspect his establishment, and judge lor ihconelTca. Ponona tr*Tellmg for Kngltnd would ttndit to their .deaiinge to call. Thehonae brine convenient to London and Liverpool ahipa, J F being appointed agent, he can give tMaeaengrra every information. New 1 ork and Old Country paper a tab as in. ^ >m*r t FOR BALK.?-That valuable stand known as the ] Long Island Hotel,tifuared in the town ol Islip, in Suf* county, L. I. The bonne la built in modern style, mmi 01 the best materials and Workmanship, wi.h a front of eighty leet, kir ben includad, two stoma high, with an attic ; and ia ralculatedto accommodate 49 boarders,best Jet the family and neccta ry attendants, and is snriounded with all the necessary out-buildings. fruit and omamentral trees, ahrnbbery. Ac. The location of the premises is unrivalled, commanding a fall view of the beach, the light hoase at Fire Island, and the Atlantic 0"ean. An open lane, in front of the hoaae, and landing directly to the bay, famishes a delightful sad pleasant wudk of eight cf tan minatra. The Long Island Rail Road passe* within about f m miles of the premises, and affords an amy and convenient communication with the eiu? s ol New Tone and Brooklyn. ? . , . ? No part ef Long island affords greater facilities for fowling, Sbsv orbrooa fiahiUg, or the noble spoil of buck hunting, eer being very sbuudant in the viciuity, and are frequently found on the premises. ... There is about two handred acres ol land, and meadow attached the premises, and a good propomion of st'and or The hoa?e and necessary ool-bnildin(s, would be sold with the whole, or a part or the land, aa may brat anit the purchaser. The terms will V liberal, and (he title undisputed. for a more inmate description o( lha property, inoarre of JAMES HOWE, 117 East IS roadway, or ot D. K. 11ALL, MI4 Chatham street, New York, or of the subscriber on the premise.. WILLIAM HAWKINS. Dutrd, lalip. Now. III}. rit lm*ec \1 AliAZINKS It l'EKIODlLALS KOH NOVEMBER. Aitiat, Uodcy'a LadiraBooh, (iraham'a Magaiii Ladira World ef Fashion,Voaiw Peoples' Book. Boa ton ana Beutfty'a Mtacellany, Sir ; farm Hoaee of the XIX rrotory, wiu. u?-.< than MM raarariuaa ; Biblical Journal and Christian family Macaaiue, edited by 'he Her. II. Rood and D. Newel) ; Temrrrance anil other ^Imanaca . the Rainbow and Radietit, a new nrmrrnna ami witty journal, well calculated to pleaae the luelr and (ay. All or which will be sold at wholeaale and retail, aiul thoae who bny to aril a|aia at a lower rate than can be obtained elsewhere. N. B.?fifty scents wanted to circulate marakinea, pcriodi sale. he. A. J. SKXTOB, Ma. II Beekman, at Imr corner Naaann. jk "D HOKEN BaNKS ?Bank of Lyons. Commercial Bultaie, Xr Lewis Coonty, and all other donbifnl and broken bank notes wanted, for which the hi?beet prices will be paid by JAMES (tOO, die* 60 Wall street. E NE1 NE1 LOUISIANA ANDREW VVltK^UNK OA PAPEETE. im mm For the better *ccoinmoaatioi^>r shipi* rs, it i^tnteuurd to tesparch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th. !0th, 15th. 2tth, aud Q0i of each mouth, commtnciux the 10th October and continun* until .May, when regular days will be appointed lor tlie re n*,l,?t*r ot the year, whereby great delays and disappointment* will he prevented during the ^uimner months. The following ihtps wri!! commence this arraiiermeul ? Ship YAZOO,Captain Cornell. Slop OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUlSVILLfe, Captain Hunt. Slup BllAKSl'EAKE, Captain Muter. Ship GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILlE, Captain Mnmfoid. Ship OCMULUKE. Caput* Lea/iu. Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship ME>ITHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain .Mulforil. These ihipe were Ml built iu the city of New York, expiewfor packets, ate of light draft of water, hare recently been , wly rial* red and put in splendid order,with accommodations tor passenger* utqwn^l for eomfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make ercry exertion to gire leneral sarisfactinu. P'ley will at all times be lowed up and town the Mississippi by.steamooats. Neither the owners oi|captains of these ships will be responsisl* for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, ir for any It Iters, pared or package, aent ty ? :p*t cn board ol Aera, unless regular bills if .adiug are taken for the same and die value theieon expressed. Fer freight or passage, spply E. K. COLLINS it OOmM South St., or HULLIN Ik WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as *drertised, and great care will be taken to liare the goods correctly measured. in4 NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r" etlfroin New York on the 25th and Liver|>ool on tlic ISlh i>f each muntk. Fsom Nxw'Tokk. ? Sliip OARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy. 25th October. Shin IIOSC1US, Captain Johu Collins, I5tli November. Ship 31DUONS. Cantain E. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Drpeyster, 25lb January. From Luxaroat.. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeysier, 13lli Novem'r. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skidny, 13th December. Ship KOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, !3lh January These ships arc all ol the lust class, upwards ot liKKl tons, built in the city of New York, with sacli improvements as combine treat speed with unusual comfotl for iwsseugers. Every care hu t a Wen in llif arraiiirwmpnr <i Y liiwir kmimmofUtioiil. The puce of passage hence is $100, for which ample stoles w ill be provided. These ships are qunmaruled by experienced masters, whe will make every exertion to give general sausfaction Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsisle for at y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular b lis of lading are signed therefor. For Ireight 01 passage, apply to Id. K. COLLINS Si CO., 56 South st., New York, or to WM. Si JAS. flROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the |>ackrts will be cl arged 12>4 cents per single sheet: 50 cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. ol NEW YOKK AND_LTVEIU'OOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. _ Barling to and from Liverpool, Weekly. m. m. && ul^^RTABL^^^ul'ASSA^^^fftlCE, 61 STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrangements for the year 1842, ap|>ears befope his friends with sentiments of sincere resKict lor the able sup|>ort he has received for many years |>ast.? e likewise wishes to call llie attention of those intending to send for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated by this line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and I ruin Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, JBlh and 25lh of each mouth throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to hare the emigrauts shown cimlity, and despatched without delay, and shose wlro send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attention will lie given by the Li verpool agents to tliose sent for,as well as all who may embark with them, at 1 should any of those whose jiassage has been paid not emjark, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscriber feels a pleasure in making known the differ ent shins by which his passengers came out during the last year, which has givao general -atisfaction, and that he has considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1642, The following is a list of ships :? Ships Bcotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamisn, Lane. FantWIil, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Fiaukfort. Hu.ucll. Tyrone. Bimirs. Russell Glover, Howes. Wales. Watts. Hiberuia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Childs. ( liflon, Inicersoll. 8t. Cloud, Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niten. Sobieskie, Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Osweso, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Pant Ilea, Goodmanson. Robert Isaacs, Trut*man. Virginia, Raton. Europe. Batcneldor. . 8. Jeukius, Seymour. A free passage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot and, can also Be secured, and drafts furnished lor any amount, payable at the National and Provincial Brt:k? of Ireland and their respective branches, and also on Messrs. J. Ik W. Robinson, Liveriarol, which are paid Iree any chame, throughout he United Kingdom. For further particulars epply to JOHN HERDMAN 61 South street. or J. It W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Ihatvar,ai d aul6 No. 1 Neptune St., Waterloo Dock. Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS THeI^Ts' J of Livrrpoi^^^^^reaftvr b< A despatched in the following order, excepting that when th< ?vy of soiling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeed o? day. For New York. For Liverpool The BOUTH AMERICA, ( June 1 July 1! lb Lolls, < WCt 1 IN ot IS D. ?. Bailey, t Feb 1 Mar IS The ENGLAND, (June IS Aug 7 760 ton?, _ < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waits. ( Feb is April 1 The OXFORD, ( July 1 Aug IS #00 tous, ' Not 1 Dec IS J. Rathbone, ('March 1 April IS The EUROPE, (July IS Sept 1 610 tons, '.Not IS Jan 7 E.G. Marshall I Mar IS May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept IS 61S tons. Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK. (Aug IS Oct 7 900 tons, .Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.) April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, [Sept 1 Oct 17 SJ0 tons, .Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barium, i May 1 June IS The COLUMBUS, [Sept IS Not s 700 ions, Jan 11 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 Jo|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, wiil be observed aa heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at Ont Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ever" description w?y be provided, with the esception of wines and liquors, which Will be furnished hy the stewards. GOODHUE ?t CO..61 Sooth st., C. H. MARSHALL, MBurling-slip.N.Y. jet! lvh BARING BROTHERS It CO.. tfpool. M~ M ii M lACKETB FOi^oMRSEILLei^^W undermentioned hiiw * ill be tejtularly dispatched from hence and from Marseillei ou the 1st of each month Junior the vear, thna? From New York. Marseilles MINERVA. Cant Brown. Noel. Jan 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec I. Feb 1 COURIER, Oapt Dairan, Jan 1. Marl TREHCOTT, Capl Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adami, Marl. Mayl CORIOLANU8, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jun I They are all copperes and copper futened.and hare eicellenl accommodations for pasaeugersThe price of cabin i*asage will be $108, exclusive of Winei and liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD k 11INCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other chaigrs than thuie actually paia. For freight or iiasaage apply to O. BROOM fc CO., or to ottr BOYD A H1NCKEN, Agents. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN KOkAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1300.tons and 448 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J.Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lou, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boston, via Halifax. moss LivKKrooL. most nosrers. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov 1 Caledonia, Lott. Oct IS Nov IS Acadia, Ryrie, Nov 4 Dec 1 Colombia, Miller, Nov 19 Dee 17 Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan 1 Passage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, S135? Boston to Halifax $20. These ships carry eaperienced sniyeons. No Bertha secured until paid frr. Note.?Merchandise and Specie (ercept for personal ei priiari) hipped under the name of Inggajre will be charged si freignl, aad liable toCaatom Honae llecnlationa. Apply to o5yr _ D. BUIUHAM. JR.. No. 3 Wallet. diSfr FOR LONDON.?Rrfiller packet o| the lOihol mHHV December? The raiy superior faat aniline packet j??ftL.hip TORONTO, Cart. Qiiswold. will Foaititely tail *a above, her regular day. For passage in cabin, aecond cabin, aad atecrnge, hiring inpeib accommodations, apply to JOSEPH McMUHMAY, 100 Tine at., cor. Sonlh. The above will he succeeded by the packetanip Weitminater, i Cant Moote, and aatl on the 20rn December. Persona wishing to send for their friends can hare them brought ont by ettJier of the above ehips, or any of the regular Packets, by applying as above ; if bv letter, poat paid. dl c FORlfAVRE?To sail on or before the (in met.? wJSVXhe superior, coppered and copper faatened ahip SA HlbRAII It ARsiLIA, Fletcher, master, for ireight or p usage, apply to .... BOYD fc HINCKEN. ''i*1 ' No. 9 Tontine Uuilmngi. jMSSt POR UblILE-?ily Line?First h rket-The WQVelegant, fast ,?|,ng packet ship MARY FRANCES, JHMbCaptain ilubbard. will tail at abore. 8. m.' . Cik",n' econd cabin and alecraga pasaenu\uafV?ynC''ll<!,tion '* ?? ho,rd 11 ?e ship, or to JOHN He.Rb.MAN.6l South it. dJ ec 1 8 ON litEI.A rI). Jtc?The aubucrilx r* ij *' oralis payable on dnnand, withuul i?|Mftbc| jurnunc, or any charts whatsoever. IN lllr.LAN D?The National Bauk of Ireland, the Proyin' cial Bank of Ireland, and their hranrhea in ercry county. IN ENGLAND AND WALES? Mcaara. James Bolt, Sol k Co., bankcia, London, the Eichante and Viscount Bank Liverpool, and their hr tnehea thronthont England and Walea IN SCOTLAND?The Eastern Bank 01 Scotland, thr O eenock Bankint Company, and branches iu the priaicipa towns; Sir Win. Korbes, Hunter It Co. reraons in iha country wishing to remit monevto than frienda in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Walea, by enclosing the amount th?y with to remit 10 the subscribers with tile nam" and addreat of the parties to whom it is to hi .ent A dr -ii for the amrnnt will be forwarded the fl tt | ackei after the receipt thereof, ana acknowledgement of the i*m. re ""dt'rdrwfi,k 'l"*T. TArBfOTT. 43 Peek slip. New York. DANR OP fiENNlNOTPN NU1 E8 bought lor a 7ew tt day., at IS cenu on the fc CQ <t fV YO W YORR, MONDAY MOB MEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPOKTATION COMPANY. NEW YOltK AND NEWARK. 'rum bi? loot ol CmirtUutli ttreel, New York. (JCvtr^d.iy?Sunday n?.< epted.^ iarw s"ia L,elira .ifWnrl kt 9 A. M. At i P. M. At 7* A. M. At IX P. M 11.X Jo- t do. 8 do. JX do. do- 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. II 19 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the Toot ol Courtlandt street.' New York, Leave Newark. At A. M. arid IX P. M. At IS P. M. and 18 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A.M. 7 A.M. 2 P. M. US A. M. 2V " 1?S A. M. IX P.M. IS M. 3 P. M. 9X " The trains Tor WealAeld. PlsiuArld. Bound brook, Somrrville, fee., counect with the 9 A M, 3 and <X P M trains liom New York, daily, Sundays eacepleil. Fare betwern New York and Elisabeth Tow u 25 cents. Fare between do and Somerville.TS rents. N*W YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEW BKUN8W1CIL Fare reduced. I rora the Toot of Liberty street, daily. Leaie New York. Leave New Druuswick. At 9 A. M. At 5X A. M. as r. m. 7)2 ;; ?X " ia.X " 9 P. M. On Suudavs the SX and 7X A.M. trips from New Brunswick and 2X P- M. train from New York, are rmitted. Fare between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Railway, 50 cents 1 lie III> ill wir 37% aim 17% n. train iroin new Drniswirk. and 2\ anil !\ f. M. train from New York, )iaa been re duceil. New York ami New Bruuiwick, (o 50 etuti. " ami Rahway to 37X " Passengers who procure their ticket! at the ticket office, re seive a ferry ticket gratia. Tickets are receired by the con doctor only uu the day when purchased. lull 3u>* WINTER ARRy NUEMENTl NEW YURK AND PH1I.ADEL*IA RAILUOAD LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and <X P M. The morning Line proceeds to Berdentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without chauge of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot ol Liberty street. where a commodious steamboit will be in readincsss, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed ftom city to cite, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expirsslv for the Ladies use. Reluming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the font of Chestnut street by railroad from Camdeu, at 9 o'clock A M.and 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Phil idelohia at 7 A M, snd 4 P M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. s28 3in*r DAILY^PaTTTaOE EXPRkSH m Villi At HA NV TROY."AND BUFFALO. By ll.rHou.4toi.ic Ivan ttoad, through fiom this City lo Albany in T*.;if Hours, la.'f. at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscriber* have made arrangement. with the llousatoni Rail Road Company, to mil an Kxpreus Carfeaclu.ively for our own purpose) daily, oyer the'r road with the nanrnter train, running through to Albany ... twelre hour*, and are now prepared lo receive and l< rward at low rate*, specie. Bank Note., Paukages, Bale, and Cue. of Goods, Jtc , for any of the above named or iulcrmedi .<e placet. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bill., note., draft, and account., and such other business a. may be entrusted to tnr.r care. d?r POM K.ROY k CO 2 Wall.-reet. New York. 1 NKw YORK A.nD HAllLtSM HAIL ROAD COMPANY. WI.N'Tr K A It It A N N'l'iK M ty, Decembe.Jth, I8'2, ilie ear. will tun <1 aity a. follow. Leave Ci'y Hall lor Leav<-Il.rlena Leare William--' Bridge Williams'Bridge. Cor City Hall. for Citv Hilt 6 30 A. M. HOA. M. 8 00 A. M. 9 " 10 0 " 10 to " It 30 " I 10 P. M. 12 30 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " J 40 " 3 20 " 5 30 Harlem only. t> 30 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Lin* will run atfo'low.From 7 30 A. M. every ten tniuutc. throughout the | day till 7 P. M. Paueuaer. for We.tch'.ter. Tl.tou's Neck. Kattchester. New Koi-helte. Mamaroneck, H >rse N-ck, North Castle, R*?hbins'Mill*and White ('Id* ?, will take (he 2 o'clock, P .M. iron from City Hall. Passenaers for Yonkers will take tHe 9 o'clock, A. M. slid 4 o'clo-k, P. M. trains from City Hall, nW Im'in PULLEN & COPP'S feQ NE EAL EXPRESS. Messrs. H*rnd?n A Co. baring disposed of their root# Irom New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Htrnden A Co's Northern Kinross, from New York, will contiuse to run as heretofore-leaving New York, Albany and Troy, Daily .and connect at Trov with Jicobs* Montreal Eiprcas. and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Pack iges Bundles,Cases of (loods. tic., to any place between Nsw York and Montreal, and throuiihoot the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attentioo will be paid to the collection of uotes, drafts, acceptances, Ac , and prompt retains made for ihe same, PULLEN A COPP. Offices?Pnllen A Coop, IX Wall street, New York. Tnos. I sough, 15 Kicliangr, Aioaiiy. A O. Filknu, 228 Hirer street, Troy. S. Jacob's Eichange Const. St Paul st, Montreal. REFERENCE^. Niw Yoen. _ At-e*irr. Tsor. limit*, rffliu ? iviuk, r?. j. iiuinpiirry, jdu. iirne, Jacob Little, ft Co., Tho*. Gough. P. Weil*, John T. Smith, k Co.. 8. K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman, C. S. Douglaxi, Cariwuter k Vermilye, F. Leake (louvhton k Co. Drew, Robinann fc Co. n!4 Imr FARE REDUCED. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. _ C7" F"AllI? kKDl <'KD on both the route, from Balimore to Charlevton, by the Cnesapeake Bay, Portamoutli, Weldon, Wilmington, N.C.. and theuce to Charleston, | to $23 meal* on the Bay boat, included ; or eia Washington city, Richmond, Petersburg, Weluon, Wilmington, N. and thence to Chailciton, to $22, meals extra?makinu the fare on both route* the Mine. Every exertion i* made to keep the Railroad* and Steamboat* connection tlieae line* in good older, ana expedite travel, ami mane paaaeugera u comiortauie u poa lihls. By this root* yon may be inre of reaching New Orleans rom New York seven or eight days sooner than any other line, at an expense not exceeding $72. E. B. DUDLEY, t n!7r President W k R. H. R. Co. NEWlORK AND BOSTON KAIL MOAD LINE. I Via Noswich ano WNOH1H KaiLitoans. Composed of the following superior steamers running in eonI nection with the Norwich It Worrester and Worgester St Boaton Rail R.>aot? WORCESTER. Capt. J H. Vanderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Cape J. K. Dustan. CLEOPATRA. Capt . On and after Monday, Nov.21st,this line will be ran tri-weekty, leaving New Yoik, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, at 4 r. M. 0SB _6S0j?l3i From Peek Hip, East River. The new and splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will he forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information, etvmire at the ofbr on the wharf. ob bo# rd iht beau, or to D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, op sUira. All pence* are forbiJ lmatin* any one ob accoont of the bore boats or owner*. nttr FOR LONDON?llcgnlsr packet 01 the 10th ivWjWVcember?The rery superior, fast sailing packet ship MifaTOKONTl), Captain (Jnswold, will positively sail a* anoTr. her regular day. For passare, cabin, second cabin, and steerage, harinrt soperb accommodations, apply 10 d!ec JOHN South street FOH LIVERPOOL?Kesalar Packet of the trth InJIWPfembei?The splenoid, fast sailing packet ship JBUKsIVDEpKNDENCE, Capt Wye, will sail as above her regular day. For passage in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, having spleudiu accommodations,spply on board, fo. t ol Maiden lane, or to JOSEPlI McMURRAT, lb# Pine street, corner of South street. P. S.?The above will be sncceeded by the packet shid Vir ginia, Aapt Allin and sail on 13 Dec, Persona wishing to send lor (heir friends, residing in the Old Country, can hare them brought out by this snip, or mv of the regular packeu, by applying as above, if letter post paid, nltr nl.'.r aMQ 0gk "REGULAR 0PT08ITION TO CATS&?JsKILL. and intern.filiate landings, without low jfc-? L.JE-har*e?r?R-gnlar days from CatUkill, Mon days, Wednesdays and Fridays. Fiosa New Jfork, Tuesdays, Thursday* and Ra'.ordavs.? Fare to or from (latukill. V) rem#. ?Bertha J5 eenta?8U[wer 2} c?nu. The new and fvat ateamet WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt. will le??e Robiuaon at. pier Thnraday Not. 17lh, at live oYlock. For fariher particnlara inquire of the ea. tain ou board. By running an I he da>a'abore named, there will bi a daily coin municatioo between Catakill and New York (and intermediate placea) for freight and paaaage at reduced pricea. "fir jtdTt /arl ^i-i' A N f) WINTMI AKIIAXIKMtNT.-'lhe aleamboat Hochland, will, 3LaaaJBL>9Ew on and after M < inlay, the 31at of October, ran a followa : leaving Middletown Point (ride and weather tier miteniae) at S o'clock, and Keyporl at 10 o'clock, faery Monday, Wedni adoy and Friday. Returning, leave the loot of Hobin > ?on atreet, New Yoik, every Tneadav. Thuraday and Balnrday at I'! o'clock, noon, touching at Heguin'a Dock each way. Stagee will be in readineaa to convey jpaaaengera to any part | of the country. All baggage at the riak of the owne>a. I o23 Jm*ee r ~ 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY . Foot of Whitehall atreet. l Ou and after Dec. 3d, the aleamer fiTATKN IdLANDEh, will rnn aa lollowi, nn-il further notice Lit AVK 8TATM.N IB1.AND NttW YORW. * A.M. 9 A.M. 10 ItH ? *P.M. P. M, die ? ?V RK H LNING, DECEMBER 5. 1? ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA. ISLAND OK CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND, PRINCIPAL. 'T'HIS Academy wa? eiUbliihrd ?wo yrarm atfo, under the iu?-a. tx ounce of the former Inieudeoi (kn?ril of the Island, and other distinguished individual* of the nobility and merchants of this city. It i conducted <m the plan of the tie-man ' gvimia?i*;" and the method of tuition U the "inte^roKHtire.,, All ihe scholars uudmfami the Ktmlish language, and many of them 11 h^hituTlly and fluently The rriuci;,M| h>is the exnenrnee of schools in Fitnrt. Oer uiany.E'gland, and th* United buns. His chief aim U to dive the youth entrmteQ to hia care a practice' knowledge of those branches ofs poll e education, which are required in a'l active careers, anil are applicable to any. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, (Trench. Herman and Spanish languages; History,CJeogra .dues. Natnrul Pliilosopliy, the t>ractical part of Matht tnalics, and Draw i tuts of various kinds. Professors of divers nitious and acquifemcnta reside in the establishment; ,r|| t|lc c. uses receive, in rotattou, iiistructiou from the director. Such signal success has attended this plau of tui.ion, that several of the pnpils, uu ler t* else years ol ages, write .andspeak two foreign langu t|ei, in a perfectly intelligible wanner, and those of nper years, correctly and easily. The acquisition, uotonlyof the S|>aiiiah, but also of oilier languages, is thus placed within the reach of the youth of the United States, without its bciug necessary for ihtm to relusiju - h tlie mauv advantages which accrue from anKuglish education. The object of the Principal in desiring to rective youths from the United Stales, is to facilitate the acquirement of tli# accent for his Siiauisli pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to iuuoduce here the manly spirit of Uw English schools. The yontu.citjecus of the Uuitrd St tea can nave uothiug to fear from the climate, the house being spacious and airy, situated iu a healthful spot, at a short dis ancc from the ity; and routaining within its limits, .1 line h<th and couiplete gymnasium lor the preservation ol the impils' health. Two youths, Iately arrived from Hennanv. have pissed the summer in the school in perled health. As the principal is a married man, and hia wife and sister have chjrgr of the junior di paitment: children are received at any age tju tnat of infancy . Kvr ry pupil t moys hit religious opinions undisturbed. The terms are $ KM) per annum, payable three months in advance There are no ei'r*s escetit clothes sud hooks References?VKSSIIS. ('HAS DRAKE it BROTHERS. ALEXAVDEit .MORALES, ESQ., nil Havana. NOTICE.?Whereas Samuel Bovoheimer, of Syracuse, lias acted aa the agent of H. Be inhenner Sc Brothers, merchants in the cityof New York, in the collecting of debts at Syracuse, and in other husitirss. all per-ons ate hereby notified th it hi* powrr.? such a*'i-ut hu been revoked, and n.11 ix-r-otia art heiehy I .rhiddeu toiruuicl any liaMne** with luin. <u such aceut ; and wherea* Samuel ll rnlo nner and Jacob Bloeh, constituting the firm of H Bciuheitner St Co.. of Syracuae, hare thi* day aaai|(iird to H. U. ruin itaer Si Brother*, of New York, all the iroods, debt* and drmandi ol every detcriimoo; therelore, all |>era<iua are hereby forbidden w pay auy iiebu lo aaid 1 8. Bernheiraer IK Co. or either of raid lirm after thli datt?and all payment* of aaid demand* may liereaf or be made to Herrman BernDeimrr.Kuiauuel Beruheiiner or Simon Bcruheimrr. being the linn of H Beinheimer V Brother*, oue of whom will be found at Syracuse by any person wishing to make |>ayu.euu; aud on whom illt |ieraona lud bled are requeued to call imin' diarely ana .settle their accounta and notea. Dated Syracuje, N- Y., Nov, 2d. I 12. DS lin?r II BKKVHKIMKH St HUftTHK.KH. HOUSK FURNISHING WAREHOUSE.?WORAM St HAUOHWOU T, 361 Broadway, Manufacturer*, Agenta and Commission Merchaula, ha*e juat received and are now ooeniujt a new and splendid assortment of the fallowing am elea, viz Silvered, I lilt and Bronze Ua Chandaliers, (I to 211 lights. I Be Candle do 4 to 21 " o Caudle Bracket*! I to 5 " Do Gai Bracket*, III I " Do Uts ftiautel eights, 1 to X " Do Giranuoict, I to I " Canute tirai, Vtotr Ailrll l.imo Its II I imr.l mot l.snfertls MiOi.loiur I ., .no. fcc. A new article ot MoUr Lame. a very superior article. Also, a new article of Uellecler tor improving the light of the old pattern of Aitral Lamp. Also, a new style of Florentine Bronr,e, color immovable. Toffelliei with every variety nf Lamps and Chandeliers, for chnrcnes, halls and public uuildings. Platkd wih. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Toast Hicks, Candlesticks, Naj>kin Rings, Butter Tabs, butter and Frail Knives, Snuneis and Triya, Coffee aud Tea Urns, (sc. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts and dozens; Japanned Tea Trays, iu great rarity of patterns and lorins; fine cut glass Bawls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Unties, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, He. St e. W. 4l II. lieg respoCt lully to infoirn their friends, customers, and the public genera l y. that llieir arrangements with the manufacturers are .ucht altliey can sell ell articles in their line at remnkably lowpri :es; and respectfully iuvitu tbem to call aud see their show r > ms which alone is sufficient to coinneu sate for thr trouble s22 3m*r REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, la removed from 143 Broadway to No. T Astor Hons* ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .Irganlaud Fashionable kind el a saving of 60 per ceut for cash. 'I'HK advertiser ds sns it unnecessary to resort U the hackI neyrd system of giving a list of nominal prices, prrsnmiuv that the length of time lie Has been established, together with the estensive patron ige bestowed on him, will prove a sum eient voucher for bis capabilities. Possessing,'he advantage of being connected with aa extensive cloth establishment in Furope he confidently assets Lliat hr can furnish clothes which, on com parison, will be found lower than any other boose making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. _st03in B. PHILLIPS. T Astor House. Bread way IOBEPH McMURllAY. 100 Pine Uri el. New York, gives J Drift* in sams to suit auulicvla. on iWn PROVINCIAL BANK 6v IRELAND, Ftiablt at? Cork, Barnbridge Lnneick, BilliuKU,1 Clonmil, Par.outown, Lrnlruiltrry, Downpalick, Mligo, Ciru, WetiorU, Lurgan, Brltul, Oma^h, WVurford, Duiigauoon, OtU*ay, Haudon, Armagh, 'Enuis, Athlono. Ballvthannon, Colrrtine, 8 rtibaiie, Ktlkeuny, Duncarvin, Billiua, Mallow, Tralee, Moneymore, Y.rug Ira'. Cootcnill, Lnniskilleu, Kilrtuh. Mouaghan, ENOLAND. Spooner, Atwood k Co. Banker*, London. ratable 10 every town in Great Britain. P. IV. Bymea, Eauuirea, Liver|iool. City of Glasgow Bank. Payable in everyV'wnin Leotland nlk Imr LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBRER GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. I Wall street. Ill ?* subscriber has received and offers fur sale a large assortment o( imported India Robber Water Proof Goods, viz: Coats and Capet, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Merino and Cotton, of all colon and sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama Persian and Cotton, pre pared for t ilors. India Rubber Webbings for suspenders, corsets, lie. sMlm*i (HAH. ABRAHAMSON. MARTIN'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 154 William Street, Corner of Jinn Street, 18 decidedly (he cheapest in the city. There is *lwayt on 1 hand a select stock of seasonable goods, purchased for cash, which ivifl be m -de up to order lu ihe styla of make, fit, trimming, he., that has siren such gcneial satisfaction duriuu the last tour years, and at a positive taring ol"30 \?r cent. Gentle mea are reipiested to call and eramine. Those who tarnish in eir own goods, eau bare them MADE AND TRIMMED. Dress Coats, made and trimmed, * -(7 00 ta (4 50 Frock Costs, do do 1 00 to 9 JO Pants and Veata, 1 75 to 2 00 OrrrCoata. 9 00 to 11 00 (T^- Terms?Cash oji delivery. old lm* c MICHAEL E. MARTIN UQCESTRIAN ACADEMY.?The subscriber would re e-e speclfnlly inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that he hu opened ?u Academy, (in that lame and cemtnouious building formerly known as the Equestrian Exchange or Cook'a Citcua, 108 Bowery, on Vauihall Harden) for the instruction of ladies and gentlemen in that healthful and necessary accomplishment, the act of horsemanship in all its branches. The Academy is furnished with dressing and sitting rooms, and every convenience for the comfort of pupils, and the sincere* reeard to respccrsbility will be adhered to. Mt. has made arrangements with Mr. W. J. Davis, one of the o'dest professors from Europe to take charge of the same, and Matters himself that the enterprise will meet with the approbation and eneoonragement of a liberal public. Terms and particulars tnay be ascertained on application as above. The omnibus and rs pass every five minutes daring the day. oK 3m*re W 6 DISBKOW, Proprietor. PLECTKO MAGNETIC PLATES for rheumatisms nerfj sous affections, fcc., prepared ondcr the direction of M.Lsmaurnui, apothecary in Paris, general uenot ia New York, U Franklin a reet, at M. Ninuara'a. Price II 50. acute and chronic rheumatisms, thr gnat, neura'gy, sciatic, tic dolorens, danse rte naint Guy, clnll-, mrgrim, IMM th; sumach, nil.ihortly.for all perrons affections, chirtly diirrwi of women ?na young girls, at green sicancu, amenorrhea, suppressions, tapon, ncr?ous attacks, Itc. nig lm*r . PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLIAH' ME.NT, Eichanffe Bunding. Nos. 20 and 37.?Sidglr Por(ralta taken, from breastpin site to ( inches ia diameter. Earn ily grospaof from two to 13 persona on ona plats. Tim* of sitting 10 seconds. Connantijr on hand, and for sale, Iastru<-?n'.s of the same kind as nsed in the es ablishment : a'to plates and all other ate rails. W. It K. LANOKIMHKIM. n1? 1m r Premium hose for croton water-m^ from canrasa, entered with diick, being r>renared in oai own snirerior manner, with India Hubhsr; is poifeclly wstet tight under ths gn at pressure; is clear, and is the best ludui Rubber Hose eitaat. Also lor sale, ihe newly interned Hemp Hose, on aceonnt of and at the manufacturer's lawest prices, in quantities to suit. horace h. day. Successor to Roibury India Rnhher Company, eg end *r 43 Maiden Lane fiOAL ! COAL! COAL!?The subscriber hating taken yJ tlie yard tout;, west corner of King and Greenwich si reel. i? dow receiving aiuii rapidy ol nctmyiaiii and reach urchird Coiil, selected from ihf best veius, nhich he offers at (he following redoeed nricei, viz *? From the yard, urstqnality, broken and screened, $5.50 per ton. k " Km lite, " 5,40 " " " Store, " 4.24 " " Net, " 5,00 " From the boet, " Broken, " 5,25 " Km lite, " 5,25 " 8tore, " 5,00 " Nat, " 4,15 " Delivered free of cartage. 01 lw*ec JAMES DOWNEY. rr IS MYSTERIOUS?Who wonlil suffer for year, wrli that dreadful diiraac the I'llet, when ihey maybe .eired for the paltry mm of 50 centi. Orer five hnndred certificate! can he ieen at the itore to certify to the fact, thil Bowyei'i Spikenard Ointment will eertiiiily effect a cure Gentle men that are troubled with -emler faera when aharing, by nunc thii ooeaponml, will find immediate rel ef; alto, for chapped hands and iron tiri-u 'eet. A liberal discount made to these (hit With td retail Bold at No. 511 Pearl street, near Kim. d13t?r CANCY ARTICLES FOR THE H'lLYDA VS ? The r anhacriber hat received by the la fit arrival., a very rich aitoitm-nt of Pant Fancy Article" ron*i,fi'ig o( fancy work bcxei, paper do. gam a h m e wood bete., erah-oidermg i\.m-s with ctrivais and enl'd cntt m, entldren'a toys, per- i funiery, And map, of aiaorted qnalities, etc. etc. The pgblfc is respectlnhy invited to call and eiunine the above slock, previom to purchasing e lie where, at d4 lm*r V. F. KRANCI8CHI. M?K Broadway. ERA] 542. St. Load, Bio. [Correapoudeuce ol'tlic Herald.) St. Louis, Mo. Nov. 23,1842 Bust>itnt and Trade of St. Louu? Carrtiuy? Ltgitlature?Ladiet, fc. MK. UlLNMKri ? i am a subscriber lo your interesting paper, and as a daily reader of it, I have been both amuaed and informed bv vour letter-writers from the di tic rent cities and towns throughout the country, and huve often wondered why you have not a correspondent in our growing and flourishing city. In u late number oi your paper, 1 notice some one has attempted to give you and your readers a description of St. Louis, its " Currency, Trade, Aco." Upon one or two subjects, he writes in a spirit of hostility, and has allowed himself to be carried aw.iy by his prejudice, possibly losses, and by so doing, has given an erroneous uccount of the insulation of our city, its currency, Ate. , Two years ago our city charter was altered- Toe city now extends in length live miles, parallel with the Mississippi river, running back (the width) two and one hilt miles, und containing a population of over lit),0U0 people, and is rapidly increasing.? Uroadway has recently been Macadamised the whole length, which extends the whole length ot (he city, and when worn smooth, will present as line an avenue us your Third; several streets running back from the river have also been Macadamized, whicli bad to be done ere the property, beyond the old limits, was subject to taxation. About a year ago, our wiseacres?the Common Council? determined upon makiiig the improvement imposed upon them by the Legislature, before they could legislate beyond the said limits. The sequel will show iheir narrow contracted views, headlong and malicious legislation. The city was in debt, j and no means to accomplish (he required improve lllt'iit. uar r diners causeu warrants iu uc i.vuru ol the denomination ol 1,2, 3, 5 and 10, upon beauliiuliy engraved paper, resembling bank notes, wlucti presented a tine appearance, and were paid to contractors tor tlie amount ttie tace called lor. The members composing the two board* were considered by themselves Hie wise men " oftlie West." I'he 's whole lime was occupied in affixing his signature to the warrauts; every tiling went on -wuniiiiugly?smiling laces were worn by them all; the members pocketed their two dollars tor each meeting, and leturued to iheir homes,dreaming,no doubt, their names would be handed down to posterity and a monument erected to their memory when the/would "shuffle otf their mortal coil." .-mon their fancied money began to depreciate. At a meeting, one of the members suggested the brokers were me cause ol its depreciation, and they ought to be punished for so doing. A bill was ottered mat tbey be taxed $ 1000 per year, which is per day, and which amouut several ot them are payiug, and pissed by a large majority, and became au ordinance by tne approval ol the Mayor. The scrip continued to depreciate until it weul down to liity cents on the dollar?it is now selling at 70. Saudi is .he sequ-1 of the legislation of our wouid-be wise men. IJad they read and studied your ably written commercial articles, they would have been told toe consequences of their unwise legislation. Nuw it does seem to me men belittle themselves when they are chosen to legislate and enact laws lor their constituents to exhibit towards any one class a malicious spirit. The brokerage business, it an evil, is a necessary one, uud is brought into existence by il>? n.,n.o.. nis in,vini* banks, and cities, counties and Slates issuing scrip witnout auy thing 111 tue treasury to redeem such issues, iu my business, as a merchant, 1 necessarily have business with thein, us my means would not allow me, were 1 disposed, to send each bill to the place ot issue. Fur-redemption. 1 can always dispose of my uncurreiii tunds on much better terms to them than i can to merchants. Your correspondent says, "we are cursed with the worst curreucy in the Stales, we have nothing but city scrip at iromten to fifty percent discount. The ii.iuk of Missouri, specie paying, is little belter than no bank at all. 1 have never seen one of its bills, it issues nothing less than ten, and few oi them." The above quotation proves conclusively to me that your correspondent knows but very Utile about the commercial business of our city. City scrip haa never been the curreucy in our cuv. That wlucti the Hank receives in payment for debts due it am. on deposit, is considered by us business men us lh< curreucy, which is its own bills, gold and silver. 1 threw out State Hank ot Illinois pai>er in 1839, am had it adhered to its determination, we should nev tiave met with the losses we have been compelled tt submit to by the depreciation of Illinois paper anc our own city scrip. Some few months ago, the Roard ?f Directors determined to have nothing to do with the issues of the banks in the other Slates, and if they will adhere rigidly to that determination,and pursue the course which they are now following, which is a legitimate banking business, buying all good exchange on the Fastern cities that is offered, ihey will soon furnish our State and the adjoining Siait s. with a currency based uiwin specie, and ready at uny moment to protect their isspes. Kentucky, Indiana and Virginia paper passes in out door siransactions. Our rivers have been very lowthi9 fall, which has injured business very much. Navigation is drawing near to a close; the upper rivers usually close about the 1st Dec. In the course of a few days our Legislature will be in session. What will be done lor the advancement of our prosperous Slate, time alone will determine. I would advise each member to procure a copy of the " Herald," and if they will peruse the commercial articles, they will be prepared to vote and consign to the "tombs of the Capnlets" the bill which is te be proposed by Ex Governor Boggs for the relief of the people of Missouri. The Mechanics' fair has just closed, and was well attended?one evening it was a perfect jam; the beauty and fashion were stowed ami packed away like so many herring ?their dear little faces bedewed with perspiration their rosy cheeks?painted, lost their color , theii ruby lips did from their color fly ; their eyes, whose bend doth charm the world, did lose their lustre, still the " observed of all observers." Miss J looked beautiful, she was the star for each one'e gaze. It fully convinced me " that beauty unadorned's, adorned the most." Quite a laughable incident occurred during the evening to Miss W. which I dare not name, as she has partially promised me to abandon the article, if I will never mention it. The season is approaching when we will be summoned to attend the winter parlies. Our ladies anticipate much pleasure in attending them. Who will betne " Belle 1 as Miss C. has left us. 1 have extended this much longer than was anticipated, .but will only say that if this meets your a[>probation and finds a place in your entertaining and interesting paper, you may hear from me again, when any thing new offers. Roderick. Harrfabnrg. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Harrisritro, Dec. 2,1842. IVintrr in Harrinburg?Sleigh Hide??Cotillions? Partite?"Orciden/al*"?Beauty and InfanticideFires?Pol it in?The Caen Movement?Governor Porter?Mr. Buchanan, and Mr. Van Burr i, tfc. Mv Dear Bknnktt ? This pretty town, though cursed with hard times, and the hardest sort of shinplaster currency, is as merry as a New York Christmas day, at this moment. There is nearly a foot of snow carpeting the earth, and every body that can afford it?old and young, manhood and beauty?that can aflord an expenditure of one (round Pennsylvania Relief, at no discount, is enjoying the happy moment of " first snow," in rides, dances, and deer killing. The sen on of gaiety and life has commenced?cotillons are all in vogue among the fashionables, and waltzes are whirled off nightly in |*iblic and pnvate parties Our good citizens have, of late, introduced anew kind of social parties, which are not expensive, and, atthcaame time, very pleasant and agreeable. A number of young people agree to get up an " occidental," and drop in on a certain evening, to visit a certain lady, who is taken all by surprize?though previously informed of the affair? and of course she is put to no expense in preparing an entertainment. All are, of course, perfectly " at home," having taken entire possession of the house? and the evening is passed in dancing, singing, and playing at cards. The Circuit Court, now in session here, disposed of a very extraordinary case of infanticide last week, which had excited the court-loungers for a number of days, and created quite a sensation in community A preity, modest looking country girl was under arrest for killing her own natural child, but a few weeks old, by throwing it into the i'axton creek, a few roda above the suburbs of the town, where it was found, without even a teni-enny tunic to cover its delicate proportions. She was perfectly cool while on trial, and occasionally looked around at the young bachelors and newly married men of the jury, with such lovely liquid eyes, that that sensible body of the aforementioned young bachelors LD. f*rtc? Two Cent*. and newly married men, returned a verdict of not guilty, on Sunday morning. It a|yeured that the poor girt had overlaid and smothered her offspring during some visions of the night, and having nothing to enable her to bury it, laid it in the water near the margin of the brook. A lraine book-bindery, belonging to a Mr. Sprig man, wax destroyed by tire on ruesuay, ana conscleral) e loss was sustained. There was a composition for rockets in the garret, and it is supposed it took tire from spontaneous combustion. Harrisburglt is now the theatre ot one of the greatest political movements that was ever known in the old Keystone. In every place of public resort nothing is heard hut debates and speculations in regard to the all-absorbing question of the Presidency. The late meeting of the friends of General Cass has commenced a new era in politics, and the general favor with which his nomination is received by the people, is astonishing. There appears to be a magic in the very uaine of that brave, talented, and honest man, and all look upon him as the only man living who can raise the country trom its present difficulties, and the nation from its disgrace. There is a determination among the jieople to break loone from tli yokes of pocket parttzans, and, by a united popular movement, to raise up a man to the chief magistracy who is above tne narrow political schemes of the day, and who, looking to the honor and fame of the country, and the good of ike maae. will re-tore us again to our former greatness and prosperity. The paltry schemes of designing politicians, to trade ott' with each other, and for their own personal aggrandizement,the votes ofthe people of the States, inust be stopped, and that speedily. We have no security against the dishonest and intriguing detna- , gogues of the country until it is done; and we hn lieve the only course left the people, is to rise in their majesty, and shake of!' these lepers front the body politic. The tuna has gone by when a few prominent men can control the votes or opinions of the mass, mid the sooner the people throw oH ihese demagogues the belter. We want at the head of the uation a man of tried honesty and courage?a man of high moral and political character, wno, like Rome s last tribune, will raise the character of the nation, and the staiiuiog and houor of the |>eople?the Atlas who can lift the Union ujion his strong shoulders, and place it again belore the world?a beacon tor the oppressed ot all nations, and the giory ot Republican ins itulions. Thai man is Gen. Lewis Cass, and the nnghty voice of th<* yeomanry have already said it shall be bo! Tbe uppcarauce ot the New York Herald, con tauiiug Hit-proceedings ol me tiarrisutirg lyoiiveiiiion, was hailed wall enthusiastic demons!radons ot pleasure here. Five hundred copies could have been sold in un hour, ii the agent could have procured them. As it was, every copy wus immediately snatched up, at any price. The publication ol the proceedings in New York, New Jersey, and several of ihe eastern States, is hailed as a sign ol the tunes that cunuot be mistaken. Already have more than a dozen newspapers in Pennsylvania published them, and numerous others promise them. Three or lour have given notice that they will raise the Cass (lag. Sio goes the great Cass movement, and so it will go, uutd the whole Union echoes the voice of Pennsylvania There is an incident connected with the Cass meeting here which deserves notice. The resolution recommending Mr. Uuchanan for the Senate was ottered by one ot that gentleman's own paiticular friends, who intruded liiniselt upon the convention to offer it. This may be considered as virtually dropping him for the Presidency. He probably thinks half a loaf better than none, and, no doubt, this matter was undrrstooi betore the resolution was ottered. If it was not, well may he txclaim, " save me from my tnends!" Great credit is awarded to Governor Parter for the high stand he ha- taken in not interfering with the presidential question. It is a rare matter in this corrupt age to find a tnan possessed ol the influence and popularity ot David R Porter, who has ihe k ?,n/l .nounantmitu In clunil ulnnf fmm til** political movements ot tlie people ; and he who does is entitled to the wishes of the democracy, and he will receive them. Mr. Buchanan, finding that he will no be sustained in hia plan to Wave delegates elected at the 8lh of January convention?called by his dictation? has ordered it to be changed to a mass meeting, merely to recommend htm for the presidency. This i matter, however, is rather late, tor in several couni ties meetings hate been held and delegates appointI cd, and they have gone so tar they won't hack out. ; The Van Uuren meeting lately held in Phdadelt pbia, has killed him?it he was not alreudy dead? j in Pennsylvania. No man of any inHuence had r anything lodo with it, and there was no response in , the country. There is no doubt but that Gen. Csss I is the choice of Pennsylvania, and of the Union; and he will be nominated and elected by the same potent power that placed in the presidential chair GenJackson and Gen Harrison. Thine particularly, Bgyro. Baltimore. fCorrespomlence of the Herald.] Bai.ti.mors, Dec. 2, 1842. Dear Bennett The streets of Baltimore are at present musical with the jingling of sleigh bells. For the last two days we have had very excellent sleighing, arid our citizens appear determined to enjoy it. Last night. Bob Ramsay, of Govanstown, gave a ball and supper. Govanstown is a small village about lour miles from Baltimore,on the York road, and a great resort while there is any snow on the ground. Bob opened rich last night; his room warm and well lighted; his music was pretty fair; his company was select; the whifclcpv nnnrh wur hot* thp tnrkipM wcrp fpniJpr the ducks juicy; and Bob himself polite in the exi treme, living an old bachelor. On entering the I room I was rather taken aback by the presence of ; so many lovely women, bnt after swallowing a glaa or two of hot whiskey punch, I felt like going to work and tripping it on the light fantastic toe in good earnest. I had the plensure of dancing with the i prettiest lass in the room, the lovely Mies Maria M , of Eautaw street, i nlso enjoyed the company of a handsome lady of Fells Point, in the Spanish dance. Fells Point is celebrated for pretty girls, and ihey all delight indancing. The ball broke up about one o'clock, and the fun in coming to Baltimore surpassed the ball Several sleighs,freighted wiih nature's most beautiful plants, were capai/.ed in the snow; it was quite a sin to look at the pretty ones shake the snow off them, and langh, bnt they looked so irresistibly comic, I could not help it A lady and child, in walking in Baltimore street this morning, came very near being buried by an immense body of snow falling from the roof of a I _ II. ; . J L. J WHrenouee inr muvrnwn cnuuiR, nuu iinnrncu with the child to get out of the way, and had she walked slower, the injury to her and the child would have been considerable. Aa it waa, a handsome bonnet suffered mogt. ? Gen. ficott passed through Baltimore yesterday, on Ilia way to Washington; he dined at Mrs. Brndshaw>, opposite the railroad depot. This is the house where Daniel Weha er always takea his meal when he |>asses through. The Preaident'e message begins to excite a good deal of conversation. Next week we shall see and judge for ourselves. Until then, Zitii, xlttl, riano, plans. Signor John Nagrl is here, and intends to give a concert next week; he will be a.auoted by Mona. Neurit, a celebrated French tenor singer, and a pianist, with a very hard name, which I cannot recollect. Fioxeixo. T M9TLE RAM,.?The Maaegrra of the Thttlle B-neroIrnt Aaacctation, respectfully announce th?f toeir ti'?' Ball for thia tea on, will take plan at Tammany Hall, no Fu.lay evening. Dee. 9'h, Hit. The Board f Manager* deem it ?ui>?irtaesa to mate aay letmliencrl -ripral to thoee who hare airherro rs;ronlreg the Ball of the Thulle Brnerolen' AewCMtlon, nor ifcM nrreaiary torrpral thai ihe proceed, ar* whntlv appropriated to ehantah'e imrixtara, and iudiaerimiintely diridrd aao lil worthy ot>|-eta ' f die rear. The M .n .earn flatter iheMadWeai Thar (he .ame free rone avmpathy which haa heen hithertoeatsnded will sot in- ? minor on tin, >rratios, and 5?V pledge trJ no raenion ahalj he nmiif? d on I'"" l*" lo 'eDoerinr 1 " ? ' * Bull, in tvrry rr?p?ef, wormy of the name and thcotgact for wnieh it in intended. ,, The order of d .ncin* according toprogramme. Mr. J. Parker, ha?? maul, aenrroaaly aolaalrrred hii raluable earyicea in diiec'ioe the floer . Mr Wallace'a eieellHl Bind haa been engaged for the oo, c"'.^rno gn-pi^f will promenade the room, slaving Nation* Am. imor?M the commencement and daring the intermit | ?ion of dancing Dooraopr-n ?i 7. Dincing will commence preneely at o'clock. Thetermin tlonof the Ball will hi known by tha Band playing " Guid night, and joy be wi' yon a." 11.a?u Si. I admit a Gentlemen and two Ladiea?to be had of >hr Bond of Managera, ?>* JuiMiCarr, IM Had onatrael, Heary krrr MS Broadway. Preiident. Wm Biehird-ou. cor. Perry J??. Harriann, 79 Court'and at. and Oreenw rh. Vice Preaident William < arr, 197 T'oy at. John Patt. n, ITS Cedar at, Mnnml Mai cock, 119 WilTrnaaniey. Inmai. William McLaughlin. Ill Eli- Wilier Lrggatt, 81 Hadaoa r,ahertiar. arreal. Chacaa aattWerpWj ^ ^ Memhera eaa hare then licketa on application ta the Beera | y d1ltfe*r

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