Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1842 Page 3
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f (&- A RK VO'.I.'TIONARV HERO, AGED ? ? years.?Mr. Leonard Rogers, 203 Tenth street, Tompkins square, wos given up by his physician as past relief. He was so low that be could not expectorate, and his family expected every hour wonl l be his last. He took some of Sherman's Cough Lozenges, and they cured him , and benow believes they have saved his life. There is no exaggeration about it?any oue doubling can easily be satisfied Ivy calling on Mr. Rogers. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at lufl Nassau doorabove Ann. Agents?110 aud 449 Broadway ; 227 Hudson street ; 188 Bowery ; 77 East Broadway; and 139 button street, Brooklyn. GO-PROFESSOR JONES' COUGH CANDY?Is being sold atone shilling a large package. On these terms, all persons who believe after using it, that it is not all re. presented, the money will lie returned to them willingly. From these out of 37 certificates in three weeks, this must indeed be infallible in curing! cough*, colds, hoarseness, asthma, 'ouchltis, sore throat, and the first stages ol consumption. Read these:? I certify that 1 bad a dreadful pain in my chest, shortness of breath and coughing. I have used one snili! , , . a has relieved me img nantage ui jonee ton^n ? . - ? wonderfully. I doubt not but another package will quite curt;. Hiram Anents, 113 William st., or 388 Washington St., New York, Nov. 27. 1842. Here'* another also? Mr. Robert Cross, of 144 Delancy it., was troubled with a hacking cough anil ihortneiti of breath :one shilling pack ago cured him. Sold at the lign of the American Ksgle, 82 Chatham it. N V. Price 1, -J, or 4 shillings a package. Agents Zeiber, 3d and Dock st., or 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; and next doorto the American Hotel, Washington, D. C-; 8 State st. Boston. Agents wanted in Baltimore, Charleston, Albany and Buffalo. QtJ- "THE TONIC MIXTURE."?This celebrated remedy is composed of five ingredients, the active principles of which are highly concentrated. It is now used very extensively unil with great success by the medical faculty, for the cure of dehilitv, (from -."hatever cause,) dyspepsia, nervous complaints. Soli by the authority of the Coll- ge of Medicine and Phermacy of the city of New York. Price $1 per bottle Half dozen (in ca?es) $3. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College 97 Nassau st HORSY MABKST. Mini tiny, December 4 ?? P. N. The Massachusetts Western Railroad have advertised for sale ?100,090 of Massachusetts State stocks, bearing live per cent interest, payable semi-annually, and redeemable in London in 1871. The certificates are in the form of bond), coupons attached. The Western Rail, road has cost $7,500,000 already, of which $3,000,000 was individual subscriptions, and $4,500,000 the proceeds of State stocks, similar to that now otfere 1 for sale, which forms the balance of the whole loan of $5,000,000 of State credit, and will raise the cost of the rail road to $8,000,000. It was supposed that thi? $500,000 wu reserved for the purchase of new cars, locomotives, Htc , when the increased business of the road should warrant it. That period may already have arrived, or the sale may be to assist the road in its pay ments already incurred. At all events, the sale on the part of the company is very injudicious, and discovers bail management. The increased business of the road should be made of itself, to furnish the means for increased facilities of travel. There does not appear to be any call far the company to incur this new charge of $-15,000 per annum, and the loss attending the sale. The road is already in successful operation, and it does not appear that a further expense of $500,000 can be laid out upon it to advantage. Its stack is already at 50 per cent, and the best use which can be made ot the remaining State stack, is to return it to tho State and cancel it. We presume that the citizens of New York will not be very anxious to invest in it, in preference to their own State works. We mentioned a few days since, that the New York Dry uock company nna maue a uoiu piea 01 usury, 10 avow the payment of a debt due by it to the American Life and Trust Company. This is so strange an occurrence, and so illustrative of the laxity of morals, and the singular conception, which of late has characterized the movements of monied institutions, that on application at the proper source, we have obtained some extracts from the Chancery bill filed by the NewYork Dry Dock Company, which we shall proceed to lay before our readers. The bill sets forth, that during the suspension of specie payments in 1837, the Dry Dock Company,in order to enable it to rsume specie payments in 1838, opened a negotiation for a loan of money on their real estate, with the American Life and Trust Company, through John Duer, Esq.,its vice president. Through these means, a loan was agreed upon as follows :? The Dry Dock Company to issue its bonds to the Trust Company, as follows ?10 000 payable 1843 10,000 " 18-13 10,000 ?' 1844 30,000 " 1845 ?50,000 at $6 the ?, equal to $350,000. These bonds were issued to the order of John Duer, vice president, bearing six per cent per annum, payable half yearly in London. Instead of the Dry Dock Company paying their bonds, and the interest upon them itself, in London, it was agreed that tho company should nav their bonds in New York, to the American Life and Trmst, at $0 tha ?, and icren par cant intereat, and each payment to be made 40 days before it fell due in Landan. This was simply an agreement of the Dry Dock Company to give its bonds to the American Life and Trust Company in New York, for $-160,000, at seven pet cant per annum. For those bonds, so issued, the Dry Dock Company received from the American Life and Trust, mot money, but its trust certificates, amounting to ?24,000, bearing five per cent interest, payable in London in Oct. 1339; and ?-24,000, five percent interest,payable in London in 1340, amounting to ?43,000 or $-240,000 The market value oi these certificates was 90 percent, and they would not realize more than $2-23,000. Thii loan was secured upon the real estate of the Dry Dock Company, situated between Avenue D and Tompkini street, on 8th, 7th, 8th,9th, 10th and 11th streets, valued al $300,000. The resmlt of all this was, that the Dry Dock Bank gave its liabilities for $-230,000, at seven per cent pay able in four, Ave, six and seven years, and received foi it the credits of the Trust Company, for which it realized $238,000. Now, it further appears, that this loan wai not obtained from the Americen Life and Trust, like thai of Daniel Webster, by making speeches to the board o directors, nor liko that ol Governor Seward, on pledge o patriotism and " the welfare of the southern tier of conn ties,"but by pipe laying withJohn Duer,Esq. It was agrees by the Dry Dock Company, that for the procurement 01 the loan, there was to be deducted one per cent, or $2,800 which, as expressed in the bill, " was to inure to the pri vato benefit of the said John Duer." It also appears, thai this loan was to assist the Dry Dock Bank in resuming specie payments, an event which would doubtless im prove the value of its stocks among the " Hats." Thii fact, John Duer, Esq. intended should also " inure to hi) private benefit;" consequently he stipulated that in con sideration for his services, the Dry Dock Company should guarantee to him, the purchase of 1000 shares of the stock at 70 per cent that is, to secure him against the probabli rise, which so large a purchase of the stock would occasion in the market. This the bill states " might produce a loss to the company of $$,000 and a profit to the said John Duer of $10,000." These sums being deducted from the $238,000, left to $220, 000, as the proceeds ol the $340,000, for which the Dry Dock Bank is liable. The bill then states that "in ordei more securely to avoid the appearance of usury," it was agreed that instead of giving a mortgage on the real estate of the company as collateral security, they should exe. cute a deed of trust to John Duer, Morris Robinson, and Aur.inam which was accordingly ilone, anil the Ury Dock Bank "did grant, bargain, (ell, alien, release, con vey anil confirm to the said parties" 'all thi ir real catate in trnst.for the purpose of paying the bills of credit issuer by the Dry Dock Bank. All this was a fair and voluntary bargain. The Dry Dock Bank failed, and in pursuance o this deed of trust Messrs. Duer, Robinson It Crist cnterci upon possession of the property in April last. The Dry Dock Bank now petition the Chancellor, in the words o the bill:? "To charge them to desist from interfering with you oralornprtmitts aforesaid, and claim the right, and insis that the said Trustees are entitled to require the tenant of yourorator toattorn to them,all which actings anl do ings arc contrary to oquity, and good conscience, and tern to manifest wrong and injury of your orator in the pre mises." This is evidence of the manner in which robbery i done under the sanction of usury laws. The Dry Docl Bonk voluntarily bargained with the Trust Company t obtain money on the best terms which<could be dona. Thi Dry Dock Company gave their promises lor $20,000,whlcl they have never paid, and received $'228,000 el the com pony. The private bargain which they made with Johi Duer, Esq. was nothing to the Trust Company; althougl an officer of the American Life k. Trust Co., which loane the money, he was the suborned agent of tho Dry Docl Company, which borrowed it. The real estate of Ihe Dr Hoes company would probaMy now not toll lor the 1W J3000 which they have haii and spent. They now pleai their own voluntary unprincipled traniactiona with coi rupt men, as constituting usury, which should releas them Irom paying a just debt. Because thay defraude their own stockholders out of $7,1)00, given to John Daci Kjrp, they make that a plea why they should defraud th Trust Company out of $'208,000, or whatever the red estate will sell for. The transaction was completed whil Obtdiah Holmes was President of the Dry Dock Company This present plea of usury is made by other parties, w h have come into the control of the hank. In the latter part o( IBtO the Fund Commissioner of th State of Indiana, as appears by his report, entrusted Ml M. B Sherwood with a 1. 'e amount of the bonds of ths State. Mr. Sherwood duposed of th. bonds, and used the proceed*in purchasingup thestockof theDryDock Bank, with the view of controlling .the election. ThU was clone, and he was elected President, putting in a new direction, among whom S. Sherwood and K. S. Kinney,bit relatives, .till remain, anisigj the Chancery bill,a* counsel for the bank. Subsequently the State ol Indiana brought suits for the payment of the bonds obtained by Sherwood?this produced a change in the hank management. The value ot the bank stock was then 65, and the State of Indiana brought suits lor the recovery of 5 or 6,000 shares,alledged to have been bought with the proceeds of the Indiana bonds. That suit is now pending, and has not been pressed,because of the comparative worthlcsaness of the stock. The parties in the possession of that stock control the management, and are they who now enter this shameless plea of usury. The stockholders, and some of the officers and directors of the bank, although ashamed to be known a* parties to this concern, aru very wilting to enjoy the advantage* of success, without enduring the odium of countenancing the mean* employed. Not ao with the public. The credit of the city, State and country, the landing of our bank* and merchants are all affected by this outrageous proceeding. Who are the influential men of the Board of Directors that have pursued this course? Is the I'resident concerned in it? Is Mr. George Law, President of the Harlem Railroad Company concerned in the litigated stock? The movement smells ol the proceedings of the Harlem Company, iu the case of the debt due by it to John Ward it Co. Who are the people that plead past corruptionin excuse tor future ruscality? There is no qualification in this cose of repudiation; therefore, even Mississippi always expressed desire to pay back as much money as she actually received. The Dry Dock Bank will pay nothing. They dip the s|>onge of repudiation in the foul usury law which disgraces our statutes, and wipe cut their responsibilities with an unblushing front, and a callous disregard of moral consequo ices. Died, On Friday evening, 2d instant, Mr. Dwight It. Fostkr, aged 3t> years, Funeral this aftsmoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, 51 Olid street. Relatives and friends are invited to attend without further notice. On Saturday, tho 4th instant, of indammation of the bowels, Robkrt C. Clinch, infant son of George and Sarah Maria Clinch, aged 4 months and 20 days. On Sunday, the 5th instant, of dropsy on the brain, Sophia W., daughter of William and Sophia Lockwood. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this f Mondavi ntternnnn at .1 nVlnrtr precisely, from 19 Thames street. With sparkling eyes and lisping tongue, Engaging notions, manners mild? With all that's pleasing in the young. Were sweetly joinedin this dear child. * i'Miengers Arrived. Havana?Ship Norma?Joseph Pis, Capt S Biker, Edward Smith. Charleston?Brig Moon?Mrs B Hayes, J Graves,L While, H Borkley? 2 in the steerage. Foreign Importations. Amsterdam?Banjue Pomona?102 pines irin 9 casks mdse 200 slabs tin 15 hanipen potatoes Sehnchardt, Favre St ci?'PI) slabs tin NoltenlusSt Pareustedt?100 CMkH Muring?I pkg John Dnrand?I J C Zimmerman?I R Oilmonr St son?1 A H IVikker?2 J J SoUanou?3 do 12 hampers potatoes B H rl r St co?15 do 55 boxes herr tig* John Edwards. Havana?Ship Norma?119 bis sugar M Taylor?32 Ik's do Howland St Aspinwall?1 case segars Alaop & Chauncej? I de Puga?1 W H Thomas?1 A A Bantaeourt?1 Mason St Thompson?300 bis do A Ook?100 PA 11 Renauld?C!) E IJ Moon?100 F Karch?I G F Thompson?1*K Lalao?313 J M-thews Ik Co?9 bales mdse Hargous Brothers?2 bis do B Frerenois St Co?30 ca?e* sweetmeats P Beauville?2 cases mdse Nanning, Hotter St Co?HO,000 oranges Ackerl" St Acker. Belize. Hond?Brig Giraffe?28>? tons Brazil wood 36^ do logwood 150 halea snrs iparilla 1300 cocoa nuts 3 bis specie $2000 J J Labonisse?$1500 Francis Eschart?1 boi 1 bdl turtle shell Francis Alexander Domestic Importations. 8t Marks?Brig Souther?304 balnea cotton Holbrook,Nelson 01 co?za is P lagg?nu a fallen?JO U J lloin|)?40 H L. Maitland ?31 to onl'r. Krv West?Brig Russell?25 bxs sugar and lot old copper K D Hurl hut dt co?17 coils row J im'1 W CofTiu?lot old copper Oliver H Jones?I bbl 1 bot W A Whitehead?140 bales cotton 6000 ttaves 21 bxs mdse 17 rolls leather, lot of sails, rigging, tic. to order. Port Leon?Brig Billow?248 halei cotton J Mell?15 R S Maittaud?15 do Center it co?16 Parmlre. Kilbourn St Rogers ?13 do Holbrook, Nelson St co?53 do Bolton, Fox it Livingston. Savannah?Brig M?diion?54 bales cotton Bogart & Kneeland?20 Smith, Mills 8t co?II W B Woodbury?24 U Coit St co?110 H W it S Hilts?12 C Bolton, Fox St Livingston?46 A G Miller?32 (leo Collins?82 J N Prtscott?79 G McBride?60 cks rice A G Miller?'0 Hill Oowdry? 1 box Robinson, Prstt it CO?I J 9 Lathroi>?17 bales to order. Cham r.sTOjt?Brig Moon?100 casks rice H S LeTericli?178 Smith it Bovnton?22 J A Lent?59 bales cotton Smith, Mills it co?225 Duuliam St Dimon?93 R Maitland?30 Boyd it Hincken ? 0 okgs tndse to order. M A R IJ IM E HERALD. To Ship Maxteri anil Agents, We shall esteem it a favor, if captaius of vessels will give to Commodore Robert Silvxt, of our news licet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and auv foreign newspapers they may have. He wiii board them immediately on 'heir arrival. Agents and correspondents at [ home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending lo this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF SEW YORK, DEC. 5, 18491. ?rw Hiiri 7 23 I Moott svts 8 3 urn 4 37 I h?oh m tt? 11 6 Arrive*!. i Ship Norma, Barton, from Havana, Nov. 22, with sugar, Itc. to M. Taylor Sai'ed In co. with brig Angora, Means. for N. i Oile&ne. Left U. S. Wrist cf war Jefferaon Capt. Nnrris, arrM 2lat, all well; ahipa Criatora! Colon, Smith, iliac; York, Mor' rell, w'g freight; Bohemia, Nasnu, 18 daya from Kenrehuuk; I barquea Velaaco, L'hoate. anil Chief. Means, wtg freightjAhhy Baker, Pratt, diaft; briita Wildea P. Walker, do; Elba, Purkia, for Savannah, neat day; Howae, Allen, fer Newport,'saine day; Alfred Hammond, Folger, wt.g frt; Delaware, Ross, for Cha'ston, aoon; Exchange, of Portland, just arr from Mobile; Howell, I Morria, from Charleat'n, air 20lh; Cybele, for Boston, unc; achra Bella del Mar. from NOrleans, just arr; Choctaw, Loomi?. Mobile, do. I Ship Celia, Thatcher, 12 daya from Savannah, with cotton to Scott It Morrell. Barque Prudent, Finney, from Trieste, 7th of Sent , passed Gibraltar 10th October, to Lawrence Sr. Chamberlain, with 22 casks black lead J Laurie; 412 bales rags to order. Vessels left i before reported. Nov. 17th, lat 35 45, Ion 09, spoke hriir ??. from Salem. I days out, for Bermuda; 21st, at 38 61, Ion 09. spoke English brig Lord of the Isles, of St Andrews, N. B. ' The P. has ea|ierienred heavy westerly giles lor the list 30 , days, and hai been driven to the south of the O ill' five imes. Barque Pomo-a, Edwards, 48 days from Amsterdam, with I rndse, to Schuchardl, Favrc It Co. r Brig Spy, G-rard, from Chsgres, via Kingston. Js, 22 days, put in to latter to (ers and specie, slid togetacr w, f with 4200 hides 3"MI drer skins > hales sarsaperill l./, i all Co. On the 24'h O 't. Tims. Wilhnrn, ofMliw, died ' f fever it Chagrea, an 1 on the 25th. Charles Wilton, of Irelirnl, I died of do, ar do?27th Alvin aVilson. jdacv of birth unknown, r died 't sea; Edward Haley, seaman, died at sea 2d inst. Left ' at Kingaton, 9th nit. harks Orb, W*tt?, for B?'timo?e; Ellen, ( Copclarid,'from New Ynrk: Backua, Stote'bnry, from Philadel|>hia: briga Leonora, Cnlliua, raking in ballas' for Mobile: Dell i, do do for New Orleam; Cyrus, Currier, from Boa-on; t Horlenae, from Baltimore; three masted aelira Hannah,Taylor, from Georgetown; Sea Bird, ro aril Not. I for New York.? ' Sailed, Nov.2J. Joseph Coperth waite, Trinidad, Cuba?7th, brut Georgians. Daaia, St. Marks. Brig Owaffe, Killey, 22 daya from Belize, Hord. with, fc<-.loonier. No dale, off Gatie Florida. saw brig Alabama. , Brig Russell, Matthews, 13 daya from Key West, with cotton, kc. to maater. Brig Moon, Hayes, 8 daya from Charleaton, wi'h cotton and I rice, to Dnnh un 8t Dimon. Brig New Jersey, Brown, 9 days from Darien, Oa. with 50(1 ; balea cotton to H. Coil Brig Trojan, Backman. 7 dara from Wilmington, NC. with ' naval atorea, to De Peyater It Whitmarah. | Brig Adeline, Push, 8 daya from Washington, NC. with naval atorea, to Mitchell 8c Co. I Brig Soother, Baker, 12 daya from St Marks, with cotton to Holhrook 81 Nelson. ' Bng Billow, Berry, 13 daya from Port Leon, with Cotton to I Nesmith He Leeda. Lat 37 Ion 72 50, spoke schr Driver, from Boston for Philadelphia. Schr Harp sailed 2 days before for N York. Brig Madison. Bnlkley, 8 daya from Savannah, with cotton, to Stitrgea !c Clearmaii. Brig Wainpanosg. Colaon, 8 daya from Georgetown, SC.with I cotton, to Badger it Peck. Schr Lynchburg, Matthias, 3 days from Richmond, with : mdae, to Allen It Paa.son. Schr Empire, Poweil, 3 daya from Norfolk, with tndae, to . Stuigea it Cleainiaii, ' Schr Mery Caroline. Nichol. 9 days from Wilmington, NC, r wilh naval storetj to Mitchell k Co^ r _ ntiir csnurrw onnru, ujipv, / aayi irom nwsnsDOro, IXC with naval .stores, to Ruggles ? Co. Hchr Banner, Himonsoa, 2 d?y? from Virginia, with oysters, to master. Sehr Perseverance, Hnlbnrn, from New London, with mdse, to mister. Below. One ship, unknown. Herald Marine Correspondence. OFFICE OF THE RHODE,> Newport, Dec. 3, 1812. 1 f Arr 1st, W .nkinco, Atkins, Fall Rirer for Baltimore; Proviilrnor, Brown, Providence for NYurk; Lexington, of Boston, and I other fore and aft and 2 topsail schrs arrived last n;ght; r also, serrral sloopa, liming them the Republic, Sonle, and Co^ rinthian, Shepherd, from New Bedford for NYork: New De, light, Kelly, do for do; Alb on. Bray. Boston for Richmond? pat in leaking in her tippet works, so that when it sea it is ne|r crssiiy to keep one ruimiconstantly going?will caulk her and d proceed: Gov Arnold, Baker, Boston for Salem, NJ; Yankee, - Chace, Fill River for NYork. Arr 2d, Kmperor, Hathaway, Tannton for Pliiladelphia; John JiT, Biker, F rovid "U01 for do Alto arr, 8 n m, amuck Alert. * Brown, with 125 litis tlonr from the Kliza ICIIen, Buckman, of lc and for Portland,from Richmond, which went nshore evening of the 30th, about one mile west of Point Judith Light. Cipt Brown reporti the K. ?. till t, but she lies on a stony shore, n pn which a heavy tea breaks in a southwardly blow. Cayt B. intends to go to her again to-night, and, if the weather continues La,""ble. Will get out 300 bbls more Hour, {which has to br r brought in boat about a quarter of a mile) wmn. ilia expected, she may be hove off at high water, but if it blows from the "?25^ M ^ wrecked, h , New Delight, Got Arnold, Providence, Republic, Corinthian, and others, d 3d?Wind SW, fresh-bad for ihe Kliza Ellen. t General Hm adI. y Muni holt Warcaa ?for particulari, tee newt uolumna Baitqrr. Mallobt. tfrhwn, fiom Lag nut, lately aahore al j L' ng Btnnch, waa got off yeaterday morning at 9 o'clock, and towed up by aUamer Oiiria. Her cargo waa all landed on th< beach. The M. haa received bat very little damage. e ScHg raqooT, Kelly, of and from Boaton for New York d left Hratrau on th- morning of the Wih nit.; anme eeeniiiij, n theaale, atnick on Hreonnet outer rocka, carried away mail | boom, he. Alker remaining about half an hour, let foptaila am e drove her over, the an; waking a complete br?.ich over lier.The gale continuing violent, ahc waa run on aliore on the I part of Rlw e (aland, near Newport, with tii fret water in he e nolil. H-r decka were completely awept of thi cambooae, he uid her bulwarka carried away. The P haa a cen. ial Cargo o merchandiae, which will be awed iu a damaged atate. Thi 0 veaael It but partly inaured, and it ia doubtful whether ahe wil he tared. Lao* CM.?A new brig of about I JO tona wi4 recently launch ed at Lineolnrille. Hhe ia owned by Capt Holiert I'atieraon, ol Belfaat, and will be commanded by Capt Wm Barna. ' Whalemen, it Letlcra liave been received at Nantucket, re|H>rtmg the loaa ol the Jefferson, Cash, of that port, at Sandwich Islands in Au- tif. Theibin w? lying off aud on the island, awaitin* the return of two boats, w liich had hern sent on shore for snpplies. In attempting to tack, the ship mis?ts>rd and went ashcre. She hid ItOO hbls sperm oil 0:1 board, 1700 bbla of which had hem saved. She ih insured at the Mechanics' Office, New Bedford, for IIO.i'p,! and it the Merchants' Office. Nuituoket, for Sin .nun. A letter from the favorite. A Inni, Kairliaven, report! her at Oaloi, Auit 14, last from N W Coast. with 1200 bbU oil, 400 wh ?put awav frotn NW Own June 12, on account of lost of borts and sennas iojnry ?u?taiaed bv the captain m a heavv ??le.? Had supplied hrrsrll with boats, sails. Ike. from the wreck of the Jetfr raon, of Nantucket, aud would sail in a few days ou a cruise. S <iled from New Bedford Id iust. Minerva, Macomber, NW Coast. N (token. Air e Revnolds, from Boston for I'hiladclphia, 30 miles 8K of Sandv Hook?by pilot boat Jacob Bell. Patriot, K it,s. fr in M.ichiasfor New York, Nov 29, 2 p in, off N .ntucltet?hail Inst the mate overboard the iiiyht previous. Henry, from Bath for Matsn/.u, Dec 2, off Cai? Cod?had io?i ci? ck load, head of row topmast, and other spars and tailswas putting back for B >slon. Foreign Ports* Saw Dieiso, California, \ug 28? Iii port. Alert, Phelps, for Boston, early n- it year. Barnstable, Hatch, from Bostou, had arrived on the Coast some tiuie previously, and is as at a North em j?ort. Home Ports. Belfast, Nov 29?Art Monaco, Wording, Turks Island.? 8i"' AWano, Pace, Charleston Fsa.ikport, Nov 30?Air St Pierre. Bryant, St Peters, Miq; Albion, Moore, New York. Sid Orchitis, Harden, Martinico; Malvina, Staples, N York. Portland, Dee 1?Arr Alcenus, 8kolfield. Brunswick, to load lumber for Havana. Old Samuel, Tolforu, Cuba. Sid 2d, a fleet of roasters. Noarriv.l. Portsmouth. Nov 28?Sid Arabella, Rice, New Orleans; Dec 2, Marion, Weeks, ApaUchicola. Nkwrurytort, Dec2?Schr Columbia, Dennis, which sailed | hence on Wednesday for Philadelphia, was iu Cape Ann har! b or that eveninir, witn both masts cutaway. Haum DIM -811 i notl - M Boston, D< ? 1-Arr Partridge. Merry man, Philadelphia ? Signal fir I ship and 1 brig. Cld Kinpress, Scott, London; Ariu . ' rowell am i ehi ud i mkt; o ! Nickersoo, Savaanaji;Palm, Howes ! :.i! <i Iphia; Kienai Fewnd n w vaniiah; Harriet, Bites, Fredericksburg; Btuj Bigelow, Baxter, N York. Hyannis, Dec 1?In port. A M Hah . Boston for New York; Grecian, Oscar, and Page, N York for Bdston. Sid 30th, Mary Stanton, B .ltimore; Orleam, Savannah; Pequot, N York (see General Record;) and others. Providence, l)rc 2? Arr Trytll, Gibbs, Albany. Sid Hano trr, Drown, atomic; s.ommerce, mru, i 'iari>-sion: mmiu, Soulr, Baltimore; ttaralt Brewster, Bet by, %'York The square risked vessel repotted at anchor off Couuirniritl, yesterday,was the barque i'antheou, Boideu, fiom Fall River for Pacific, which saihd from Newport 30th, aud put back same evening? he sailed miiii ibis norni&K. Richmond, Nov 30?Arr Oregon, Hnhhard, New York. Sid Lytic'Lure. Matthias, do. Arr Dec 1, Abraham Brown, Hickaids, New York. At Ferry, bound up, brig Benjamin, with plaster. St Josephs, Fla. Nov 16?lu port, Tasso, Alnty, for Darien, same day. I (). OF O. F.?The members of Hancock Lodite No. 49, 1 I. O. of O. F., are requested to be punctual in their attend nice on Wednesday next, 7ih instant, as business of much importance will be brought before th- Lodge. PETER POULIN, N.U. G. C. R. Pooler, Secretary. di3*r Ttf ANTED.?An owner lor four Pitch Forks, by the name * ' on the handle, which the owner c ut have by proving propetty and paying charges. Apply at 416 Water street, in junk shop, to he advertised on Mondav, Vlt Dec. il5 lt*ec MEW EXCHANGE COFFE E AND DINING ROOM si in tliv Rotunda of the Merchants' Etchauire.-?'The public arc respectiullv informed, that inconsequence of the present cheapness ol the market*, Poultry of all kinds will be served ui> daily at (his establishment, at the low pri e of 12^ cents per plate. Also, Stewed Oysters at 6l4 cents iter plat*' Refresh minis "I all Kimli, (June, Stc. THUS. UUTTEH. di lt*r FKANK1.1N THEATRE?Deutsche VarsbeTTum; Das Publicum wird lueinir hesinilers, aufmrrksum darniitf gi inacht, da* am Dieustag d 6 December, 1812, di 2t * re V A D \ LK & LIEBE, Anfgefulirt wird. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY.?The first Concert will |>o* silively take place at the Apollo Rooms, on Wednesday, "!h Dec. Doorso|ien ct 8o'clock?the Concert to commence 8 precisely. '1 here sre vacancies hut for few more subscribers, who alone are admi sible. Terms may be known by application to the principal mu^ic stores, or to V. w. ROSIER. Secretary, ilj It" re 261 Pearl street. r(HPt;CTtJS FOR THE CONGRESSIONAL GLOBE AND APPENDIX.?These works have such a wide ci.. .latio'i, Mid li ive been so universally approved and sought after by the public, tint we deem it necessary only in this prosr< etna to say that they will be continued at the next session i f Congress, aud to state, succinctly, their contents, the form in which they will be printed, and the prices for them. The Congressional Globe is made unof the daily proceedings of the two Houses of Congress. The MMM the members are abridged, or condensed, to bring them into a reasonable or readable length. All the resolutions offered, or motions made, are given at length, in the mover's own words; end the yeas and nays on all the imp irtant questions. It is printed with small type?brevier and nonpareil, on a double-roysl sheet, in i|uarto form, each number containing siiteeu royal quarto paces. It is printed as fast a? the business done in Congress furnishes matter enough for a number. The first four weeks of a session usually furuish matter enough far one number a week: and the balance of the session enough for two or (hrre numbers a week. The coming session of Congress will furuish matter enough, we suppose, for twenty five or thirty numbers. The A pre ml ix is made up of the President's annual message. the reports of the principal officers of the Government that ac company it, and all the long speeches of members of Congress, written out or revised by themselves. It is printed in the same form as the Cougres?ional',Globe,usually makes about the same number of pag-s. There are not so many numbers published the first weeks of a session, as there are numbers ef tlie Congressional Globe, because the members are slow in writing apt their speeches. Bat towards the close of a session, the iiuim hers are published mere frequently than the Congressional Globe. Each ofthese works is complete in itself; hut it isnecessary for ev? ry subscriber who desires a fnll knowledge of the pro ceedincs of Congress, to have both; because, then, if there should he any ambiguity in the synopsis of the speech, or any d -ton! of its correctness, as published in the Congressional Globe, the reader may turn to the Appendix to see the speed at length, corrected by the member himself. TERMB. For the Congressional Globe. (1 per copy. For the Appendix, $1 per copy. Si v copies of either of the above works will be tent for $6 twelve copies for (10; and soon in proportion for a greater nam ber. Payments may he transmitted by mail, postage paid, at ou risk. B a rule of the Post Office De|iartmenr, postmasters sri permitted to frank letters written by themielves, containiui money for supscriptions. The notes of any bank, enrrent where a subscriber resides will be received by us at To insnre all the numbers, the subscriptions should be ii \V shiugton by the ldtb D"Cr mber uest, at farthest. No attention will be paid to any order iin'ess the money ac comjianies it. BLAIR Ik HIVKS. Washington City, Oct. 20, 1842. 1^7s"The papers with which we exchange, will please eopi the above Prospectus; and we will hold ourselves ready at al times to reciprocate the favor. B. it R. il52tr PKOM THE REPUBLICAN?Mr. Bowles-Bines rrTFfirs treated eighteen confirmed stutterer*, of various ages, from 1: to Id years In e?ery instance I have succeeded in lulling tlx Organs of 8|ieech under the dominion of the will, giving to thi Stammerer power over sounds, letters and their rombiustioi into words, st all times and under all circumstances, with in struetioiw, which if observed and obeyed, can lot fail to effec a perfect and permanent core of the infirmity. Many of thi above cases, and some that were considered the worst, wen uader treatment less than ten days I take occasion to onservr here that in tny plan of treatment I resort to t o surgical opera tion. I have in my possession satisfactory testimonials of thi success r f mv plans of treating this mortifying infirmity, anr to the incredulous I can offer iva voce evidence. Von will please insert this in your piper, in answer to in qutries frequ< utlf made of m?, to which it is not always con vt nieut for me to reply. And oblige, JOSEPH H FLINT. Springfield, Nov.7, mil. d7 ItdStltw^r EDICAL AID.?DR. GREGORY. 34 Mott street, ha long been accustomed 11 prescribe lor one particular clas of aiioruert. H< has a very estrnded practise iu i his pa licula branch of the profession?practice certainly affords opportunity for a medical inan to investigate ant study " disease as it is.' Under these cirenmstsners Dr. O. has introduced several nev remedial'gents wi h which he it enabled to Contend tu< cess fu.iv against the disease, whe'her local or constitutional. Pa tieuU should bear in mi d that remarkably speedy curea do no rake place often except ill a very early stags of the malady and surely this Tact alone proses the necessity or oh'ainibi Kc oil advice while the case is yetsinip'e. d5 l?*r TCi i.x PAKDOSTAND UNCONDITIONAL RE I'HIKVK for all those concerned in the late vicious prac tices and uuhalloweo indulgences, far which they hare si painfully and sorely suffered, will he found awaiting their ar , ce ptance, at the pri'ate office of the Governor of Old Galea' Head, No. 12 Peek Slip, N. Y. A ima I lee only to defray contingent expenses will be de mandrd, and it is presumed that all those interested in this hu mane interposition will speedily and cheerfully avail them selves of its merciful conditions, and firmly resolve to " no am sin no more." Old Galen's Head, No. 12 reck Slip. di 2t* "PO MKDICAI7~MEN-?Wanted, a partner in an old am -a well established medical and surgical dispensary Appl; at 12 Teok Slip. An axed or middle aged man would be pre ferrud. _______ d3 2t* ^ devotea Ins enure tiers nal attention to th re'iehof tae af tlicted anil unl rtunate, to th* effectual aud apeedy cure of al delicate ani. i tivair diseases, at hit old esablished and wel known Teok Slip Dispensary, No. 4 Peck Slip, near Pearl at Dr. CARPENTER begs leae to apprise those to whon he is unknow n, that he U a rerulaly educated physician am surgeon, a irraduite of Union College, and a licentiate jf i hi New York State Medical Society, and obtained his diplom in this city in the year 1813. But what is most important n the patient to know is the fact that he spe*dily and effec tuall) cuiss his patients, as thousands might and many will testify. (1 5 2t*r NSISTARK'S Evchange Office, 13 Wall street. For sali t9nnn ft aIIto nf I'nifinl Hfafr-i NlnfM 3000 Illinois Canal and Interna! Improvement Scrip. 2100 Southern Life Insurance and Trust Co, Florida. jn.Kl Union Bank Florida, li no Illinois State Bank Note*. WOA-Alabama Fnnds. N. B.?Planters and Merchants Bank, Mobile, wanted at im proved d'> 31*r efi FOR SALK.?A good pair of matched Horses , _a2f^jiist arrived from a journey of eight hundred miles f ' ? A warranted free from lameness and all diseases, am I,inn ii i ness, and good travellers. I not ire 61 Greene street but Ween the honrs of 11 and II o'clock, A. M. di I ft MU Bit All AM has the nonor to announce that he will fin a C mcert ou Tuesday evening, Dec. 6th. at the Societ] Librsry, oi which occasion, Mr. Brtham will sing " Mac Oregor's Gathering,"and Miss Augusta Browne's new sooi " The Familr Meeting," and Mr. C. Braham " The Transien Hour,"and Morris's song of " My Bark is out upon the Sea.' Conceit to commence at 6 o clock. Tieketa ft?Childrri half price. d3 3t r MILITARY BALL?ThiTNew York Highland Uuard t*l. will give their first Bill on Monday evening, Dec. 12th 1(112, at the Apollo Salonn. t Tickets may be hid ^t the following plac??:? Hewitt It Co. corner Broadway an I Park Place. Firth It Hall, Franklin Sonare. I nptain J. Craig, 541 Pearl atrret. Dr. Geo. Morton, comer Grand and K.lm streets. d!9t*ec J. G. CLKMKNT. Secretary. BOARDING.?A few respectable young men can be aeeom modat d with good bnarq snd pleasant rooms at 42 Dry at Terma moderate. Alio * few day hoarders can be accommoda ted. Apply as above nl Im're I T Ml 11 . V AIN wh" I v? "i will-II he li.1 Ir.nil With the m i I of Mr Morae, in St. Martina*ille, Aitakapaa, in July last Any one ati'e to give information of her residence now, wil I i gnat faV' r upon the tdrrrtiser, aa well as service (i , , as something favorable will be here communicated. Plana addrissafew lines to F. O. LEWIS, New York post office. I d4m J D Pltb SENT ?Asplendiii toned, eight silver keyed bJute , ice mil hand, a rsre inurnment will be sold at half its vain r hy 'I' l' MiinZANI, SS Thompson street. il3|m*r Il(> IMS TO I I. I'-Vnr single g., ? I 1 with ho akfast in I tea, or without, in aiety pleaatnt an retired [.art of the city Apply 'A Park PI ice. _ dtlw*pe 1 f IVeRW5UE I l>AL til the best daalitv, for sale at th, lowest market in e, in lots to suit lairchasrrs. Apply a r the yard, 34 Gold street, or to 1 JOHN HERD.MAN,61 Sooth street " ">?Hu also in yard, 1J0 tonsof broken and stone sis Co.'s best lied Ash, I'esch Orchard Coal, which wil f be sold at the loweet price. Apply as above. . dtec LET THE AFELR'TED READ.?The principle of the principle of life, ie alike iucompr?hen?ible to mankind. We only a-e able to point out whet will weaken the m e or give strength to the other. The velue of the Braudrr'h f tile <le|>enil tioou 'heir wonderful i>ower in strengthening the principle of life, and Weakening the principle of diet eee, end finally eipelling it from the body. Let ue consider the subject cerefully ; would disease sflect it* if our blooil were t uo ? Then in proportion thy. Brendreth'e I'ille purify the bio Ml they iend to reerore health. The very le'iojl ution the yetrm which BrandtsIth'l PUb pOCOiM, conviuees all who uee thetn that they remove only the iin lire humir*. Kor if they took any of the healthy lluid. from the body it would be weakened. Rut the contrary ie the caae. The bodv become! stronger every day from the use of the Brandieth Pilla, ii is known hy the . iperieuce >1 lent of thousand* of our cit'iena. Where is the mtn of sense whose miud is unprejudiced, who. f om the infections smell after death, wou'd not say would this body have been lirrett of life had putrefaetioii hern prevented T Ait' men born hut to be sick I Shall the lower auitnah live their full rtient, and inan onlv prematurely perish I Let us follow usluri?let us eleanse the blood from impurities, and we shall live to the full extent of the oil in our limp ol life. But continued purging will wear out the body ; some otherwise sensible people affirm, that it is like wearing out the kettle by dint of rubbing. Does then rust preserve metallic substances ? It would be admitting that impurities in the bloud preserve it lis a healthy conditiou. We know better. W e know that the reault of an impure state of the blood is to occasion salt rlieuin, erysinelas, weakness, general debility^ iwiua ill the breast, back and side ; also tits, iwlsy, dyspepsia, iu fact wherever the imparity finds a portion of the Body,there fit "rM ii prouuces pain ami unease. I Ii tve known many persons purged 2(1 anil HI tliyi in succession, aud the mult Wasalways satisfactory : in every instance, the roost remarkable improvement look place. 1 remember one person who I know hail wnrmv, from his peculiar si mitons: he perseveieil for lorty days; every iliy for the 40 ilsvi uo appearauco 0f wonns was seen, but after that time he voiileil great numb*r?, some of ei'rnordinary si/.e. What elfect would have result-d fr >ro three of four doses of cathartics?what would lave become of him if he load not been purged to a radi at cure I It would be imiwssible to show ihe benefit to he derived from a proper persevfrauce with the Brandrelli Pills in these limits. They must be used to be sufficiently appreciated. Oct the Oi iiuinc Diaudreth Pills ; be sure of that aud you will soon with their aid .and your owu |ierseverance obtain a cure. Be not deceived with medicines recommended in advertisements s'olen from me. Krmemher. BHAMIKETH'9 PILLS are ouly the really universal medicine All others are merely imitations

THE NATURE OF THE RRANDRETH PILLS. BENJAMIN BKANDRETH'S PILLS are ill their nature similar to the vegetable used by man for food. They are subject to the same digestion in passing (rom the stomach to the intestines. The pare |<assed into tha circulation which receives from them an impulse whereby the blood throws out its impurities into the bowels. They act U|ion the whole ol the Raids of the bode in such a manner that their complete purification is surely obtained. The nraudreth Pills, hy perseverance in their use, will, without doubt, remove, or greatly relieve every malady incident to tne numau >ystem i his nas oeen proved in numneriesi instances, and is confirmed bv the evidvuce of t housands. Each b<>* to be genuine most have six signatures upon it. Two upon each label. One signature being Benjamin Braudreih, and the other B. Biatidreth, M D, He cent cure of Terrible Ulceration. No comment is required. 2l> iiou9k from 10th avb1vvk, 28th strkf.t, New York, Nov. 2, 1842. Dkar Sih ? Lftat January I was tikesndasily with psm in my left tide in the night, and mv wife had to get up and steatn if; but the nain got no better: I then sent for Dr. Auams; he ordered a poultice of bread ami veast, and then a lump began to for in abovt Hi inches flron mj inMik Dr*AdttM|iTtBM pills which did me no good, and the pain still became more severe. At this jwriod Dr. Adams brought another doctor with him, but I still continued to get worse, and although several orher phvsicians came to see ine. yet I continued to grow worse and worse. Dr. Adams ojh tied at one time the abcets which first commenced under my arm, and which had extended to my hip bone, and thence to the small of my back, and from thence to iny shoulder blades. Being poor, 1 sent for the dispemwydoctors, um the) itttndtd m. '><1! I continued to get worse, and the ulcers were some ol tnem, such as 1 could see, were more thin half an inch deep. The doctors, both dispensary and the others who visited tne, only a few days b- fore you called up<ni me, told me it was ten thousand to one whether I recovered rr not?that 1 might not live through the nighty This was in the early part of February. I had not been out of bed since the beginning <>f January, At this time, the latter part of Febiuary, my wife went to see you, and beg you to com* and see me. You dressed my ulcers lor me that night ?it took a yard of linen to dress them once. Yon left me two boxes of pills, w hich 1 used as you directed me, and my wife dressed me writli TOOTUsifeTllI Stive, and rubbed the callous places with the Liniment. lu two months 1 walked to your office in Broadway f.omTwenty Eighth street,corner of Tenth avenue. I came after that, seven or eight times for you to see how my back got on, and to receive your further advice. I wenton getting better every day, and my ulcers one after another got well, until the latter part of July, when I went to work, being a sound man, with tlie exception of having nearly lost tne sight of my right eye, during iny sickness, which, iinwfTfr utaiIiiaIIv i?hI> h.lf??r .tml hefLer from the use of vour Pills. I send you this letter that you may publish it. and should any oue wish to enquire into the particulars of myeitraordinary cure, thry can see mr where I lire, which is the second house from the comer of Tenth avenue, in 28th st. I remain, dear Sir, Youis very respectfully, PATRICK BRALLEY. To Doctor Bern. Brandreth. 241 Broadway, New York. FALLING SICKNESS CURED. Mr. James Towet, of No. 13 Orange strict, has a son 12 years old, who for two years has beeu afflicted with Epileptic Fits; he has had two, and often three fits a day, and never could lie left alone with safety during the whole of periou. For a long time he has been prouounced incurable by the phytieians. both Esculapiau and Botanic. A few weeks since Brandreth's Pills were administered, and he has siuce had NO FIT, an! Mr. Towey it ofopj ion that lie is perfectly cured; he still continues Intake the Pills daily, in doses sufneieut to cause two or three copious evacuatious. CURE OF EPILEPSY OR FALLING SICKNESS OF THREE YEARS STANDING?Mr. Macomber, of West Port, New Bedford, for a period of 3 yea s was afflicted with I this terrible disease. He hat had as many as 6 or 7 fits ill a day ?and for the time above stated, he was not able to attend to any business. Every phyticiau of skill in his section of the country was applied to; he even went at far as Boston for help: but no relief was experienced, and at the time he heard of Brandreth's VsgelaMe Universal Pills, he had taken no medicines for a great whil-, Ins friends thinking there was no cure. ?But at Brandreth's Pills were strongly recommended by Mr Sisson, of Union street. New Bedford, wno, besides eiperiencine great bent fit from them himself, trad seen their beneficial I |Miwcrs on seveial Other MISOM, some in Ins own family,it wai i agreed that a trial should b? made. Four months have not yel pused since he commenced with them; and although Mr. M was having 6 and 7 lilt a day; yet since he he^an he has not hai a fit. Every one is asloui hed, and considers it a miracle. Mr M. continues daily to take the pills. It should be observed I.I .U,.ir??lh. r.r.i i.nm*.,,e?,will, ll.e.n ?.?ha been attending to hi* business. w OF THE HAND CURED. Mrs. Clark, of Tilbury street, Brooklyn, lor fourteen year liatl an ulcer on her right wriat, which euUrely prevented he I from tiling that hand. Ointment! of all aorta, and many puri fvioK medicine! were mide n* of, but were of no arail unti the fir.indreth Ptlla were uaed, which, in ail montha made t perfect cure. It i* now nearly four years since this cure war 1 effected, and has never been advertised before, although I havi had liberty to do to. My agent in Brooklyn, Mrs Booth, of 5 Market st, know Mrs. Clark, and can >|>eak from Iter own ku wledge of man) similar cases, cured solely by the purifying powers of theat truly celebrated pills. { WORMS, PILES, AND LIVER COMPLAINT CUR ED.?Read and reflect. Dr. B Brandretli?Sir: About two and a half years since accidriiil) cameaciosa an advertisement concerning your Ve 1 gelable Pills. At first I treated them with contempt, on accoun " ol having been tooflen imposed upon by newsiiaper "Puffs." I ' however, read the notice to my wife?she had lor some lifted c years been in a delicate state of health, and had used almos B every popular medicine, and had the best medical advice, with a onl ibi' permanent effect At her reoilest I rutrchi rd a bo* o yoor ageut. and she took them according to your printed direc 1 liana?another bos?and another?till ?he nad taken four or fin r botes?(she continued to feel the good cffi-ct* after ahe had ta ' ken the aecond boa)?until the lift'> hot hud nearly disappeared " when I sd vised her to lake aeTeu or eight pilla, a? ti e had beei going up from two to three, four, fire, and was on that day Ian J nn with a vkrt Disrnr.itinn nervous headache, (arnmmni ' occurrence) sh'took, I believe, seven pills?the neit marniui tbey oiieratedfreely, but what was our surprise to behold tha she pasted a large knot ol hard fleshy substance, and as tougl as hide, about three and a halfinches in circumference; she sau she lelt something part or separate on its discharge, and fron that time the gain"d her health rapidly, and continued to Ink the Puis?st vrral large tape worms were also i (pel It il from her aid my infant child, one mid a half years old, to whom we gap your Pills, and whose health waa very critical, |*sscd severs large worms, from sil to ten incite* in leng h ; the child is nov in eicellent health, US my wfn has not enjoy id so good healtl (as she says) for the last eighteen years, as what she now en joys from taking your pills ; she was for sevenl years unabli to do any of her housework, hut now has the aole care and at teudance of six or seven (tenons with ease. I must believe i was the sole cause of her restoration to health by taking you medicine?and she continues to use it as occasion requires. It effects have been surprising on myself for the cure ol the Piles having several times bad them ii their worst staoes, whe one or two doses (of two or three pi Hi at a dose) have kktiri lv removed that horrid disordor from ine. 1 esteem yoRr tnt dicine above any other 1 hare ever used ill the last thirty yean and have witnessed ouothen its most beneficial and rrlMi went cures. No other pills are ever used in mv family, hu yonrs only. I have alto MMHMfct IIWIW MWCTI Of counterfeit pills told by an apothecary in this village ; one n my neighbors bought and used thcrn, the consequence was o such a nature at should hare tent both the maker and teller t< the treadmill lor life. 1 SAML. WOODHULL. ' Lock port, N. V. Oct. 16,1689. 1 0- ERYSIPELAS CURED, OK SEVEN YEARS r STANDING, BY BRANDRETH'S PILLS.-A lady it Brooklyn, who, .or teren long years, knew no comfort; whosi face and neck were one unseemly blotch; who was the obterr ", edof all, and whose misery to heftglf was such as none bu those 01 teutrire minus, similarly anecteu, con imwne. s in I pain wnl misery resulted from a dreadful Kill 8ITELA8 ii I her face, which oftentimes eitended orer her neck and bosom Every physician of skill was applied to, and remedy upon re i mcdy used, without affording more Lhsu occasional relief I For seven yean she was thus tormented, and often prayed fo deathto finish her mise-y. At this period, lady who bad de i rived much benefit from Brandreth's Tills, in a similar case, de > sired that atrial mixht be made of their efficacy. When the' r had been used about three months, a pcrlect cure was produce' ?thus proving ay sin, that lairifrtng the body with these csle braled Tills produces, without doubt, a perfectly health}' stat of the flaidj, and consenneotlv must cure Erysipelas, For tha unfortunate complaint altogether depends upon the acrimoni out state of the blood ; and therefore purifying the blood cure the disease, This ladv is since married. Reference it siren to Mrs. Booth, Dr. Brandreth's agent i Brooklyn, J Market street, who will refer to a highly re spectabir lady in Johnson street, who will aire all furthe particulars. The Brindrrth Tills are sold at 21 cents per box, with ful directions,at 241 Broadway; 274 Bowery; and 1(9 Hudson st. . New York; 1 Market street, Brooklyn?Mrs. Broth, Aifent i Tarker, Broad street, Newark; and by one agent in evrry towi in the Uniou. u(6 fit eod* ; WASHINGTON HOUSE, r No. 223 CHE9NUT STREET, ABOVE SEVENTH, tarnrvrNo rur uisorrr iiat.t. t PHILADELPHIA." t It in complete order, and ready for the reception of Gemleme a and Families. 1 <11 rm ia*r H. I. HART WELL. [EFFEHSON INSURANCE COMPANY-No. (47 Wal J street, coiner of Hanover street. This Company cor tinnrs to insure against lost or damage by fire on building! goods, warn, or merchandize generally; alto, on vetselt an cargoes against lost or damage hy inland navigation, on a favorable terms as any o.her office. DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Elisha Higgs ThomasT Woodruff Anson Baker Benjamin R Rohsou Martin Hoffman John K Davison ? Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph Drake Francis P Sage Samuel Underhill Thomson Price, Jamet R Whiting s Moses Tucker John P Moore " John C Merritt Wm K Thorn Caleb C Tnnis James K Holmes THOMAS W. THORNE, President. GEO- T- HOPE. Secretary. .28 It aw VIkK r c ^OTICE? The tnhseribers have this day formed a eo-par a* nerthin, under the firm of Uemgr Langdon k Co. in Net York, anil John George k Co. in Phil del|4iia, for the mtnu g faclnra and sale ot Hair Healings and Curled Hair in each city Their bonne t will he conducted at heretofore, at Nr. 82 Nai >au street, New York, and No. W Dork itreel, Philadelphia. (IE1 RUE LANGDON, New York. (Signed) JOHN oboROK, Philadelphia. Jj New York, Peg, lat, 1?4?. dl 3 7 in 4t*r nNCURRENT MONEY discounted at low ratea by I U JAMES k CO.. it d3ee 80 Wall street. VOKTLOITESK FEMALE FILL.-?. "" a TWIK.SE fiir ftme I and calebrated Pilla, from Portugal, II I we pr rceivs, to ha ohtamco ia (h't couo'ry SaeadVtrM "*! nani >u ins list eolniP* ? ? a "Titctton sales THOMAH BKL? . Auctioneer. BY BKLL k HOWAHDT (Hot. 22 Jinn and IIS fVi'ttnsfVMf ) MONDAY. At I0^o'ch>ck. iu the ulel room. Kit?usive and aplendi 1 tale of elegant clothing of all descriptions, both London and city made ; sec >ud hand and hovs do, ever coats, cloak*, hosiery, shirts, drvgo?ds. muslin, >i'hn. UtiM, IQMTO Wi ' Ol KuJui'l cloUM, meres and veatiugt in lots to salt; funs, watches, jewelry, liainonds, Ike. TUK8DAY. Lance sale of 1'iauo Fortes?At 10^ o'clock, iu the room, first floor, No. 14 John street, near Broaeway, which occasion, 14 spit udid instrument* W the best makers known, will he sold without reserve to the highest bidder. Hueh an opportunity seldom occurs for oersous wishuuc a fine Piano, to supply themselves. Most of them are warranted. Consisting of rosewoad ami mahogany doable and single scroll hollow and gothic corner, inetalic plates, harp, Dedal, extra keys, French and other improved grind action and as beautiful in exterior, as sp'eiidid touch and toue as auy piauo fortes ever i?ffered to the public, who are informed the sale will be oil* without restriction. The room wily*- o|>eii on Monday for examiuUiOu, ami Mr. Rocket will be in attend Mire. WEDNESDAY. At 10* o'clock, at the tales rooin, Splendid Furniture Sale?A large assortuieut of elegant furniture, bv order of the Sheriff. Alto, the entire genteel furniture of a family removing ; a choice stock of new city made cabinet faruiture, beds, bedding, inalt asses, blankets, lie. Alto, a large additional and very valuable assortment of superb household and kitchen furniture of all descripteoui, from Brooklyn. Alsi, the following articles by eiecution?40 feath?r pillow?, 42 sheets, 37 toilet covert, and other bedroom furniture. Stoves?Alto, Mott's cooking ?hd Nott's hall stoves S?ine time, a variety of second hand furniture, the property of a gentleman going to th?* 8?iing* mi Sunday. THURSDAY. Splendid Paintings at Auction?At lf?S o'clock at No. 14 Johu street, near Broadway?this store havirg been laki nou pn rp>' r?w ill 11 .obi .1 Miiprib C'dlertirii of Original Paintings, some of which are egrreniely valuable and by the best masters. Will be arranged oil Weduesdav This collection will comprise gems by the best old aud modern a*lists, castle and battle piece*, landscapes, sea views, uchitMUral am othsrii^Ntii aiay inKonlsome frames. Also, some valuable framed eugravingx, i>ort folios, books. Sic. Catalogue, Wednesday morning. The mom* will be lighted in the evening till 9 o'clock. BY RIKLL A ARCULARIUS, MONDAY. At 10^ o'clock at their sales room. Rrnnd Cloths. (!:tsaim?*r?*u Hotierv. Sic. Sic. TUESDAY, At in^ o'clock at the sale rooms. Liquors, Segars, Sic. (kc. WEDNESDAY, At 10)$ o'clock in tlie aule rooms. I'unos. new and second hand Furniture, bird ciffi, Sic. AT PRIVATE SALE?1 superb French >$ octave piano, made by tne celebrated composer Henri Her/., of Paru, equal in tone to anv inatrument ever imported, rUBD AM) AUCTION NOTICE.?Measrs. BELL k HOWARD IThomas Bell aud Robert Howard) give me lice to their friends ?ud tie- public, that the Auction and Com. mission business in all its b' nchea, and will be continued and carried on ai nasal, and on the lame honorable terms, at the old atand, No. 32 Ann and 115 Fulton atrerla. Liberal advancea on goods consigned for a tl*. Certain aalea aud prompt returns; a warrantee can b depended on. The regular aaleof Futuitiire, of all descriptions, takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. Dry goodi, clothiue, fancy articles, Tuenlava and Frida>a. Out door aalea of groceries, furniture, and all description! of property, attended to. HELL !t HOWARD, d3 lm*ec THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. AUCTION NOTICE.?The ialca as under, will take place rain or shine. MONDAY?At 10)$ o'clock, in live aile rooms.?Dry Goods, Clothing, itu til-. TUESDAY?Sale of Splendid Piano Fortes, bv the beat m?k-r?. at I0K o'clock, at No. '4 John atreet, near Broadway. WEDNESDAY?Valuable Furniture at the sales rooms. THURSDAY?Sale of Valuable Painting*,at 14 John street. FRID A Y?Furniture of the heat quality, at 14 John a'reet. The manufacture ot Win. Alexander, Robert aud James Younir. Stalker, Slislf'r, Irvine, aud others. 8ATURDAY?F.itensive Sale of Splendid Furniture, of all descriptions, in the sale rooms. BELLA HOWARD, dI 1 w*ec THUS. BELL, Auctioneer. AT AUCTION.?Positive Sale of M issa'huseits Stocks, byoruer of the Directors of the W cste.-n Rail Road. Bv P. P F. DEOKAND. Ou SATURDAY, December 10, 1842. At 12 o'clock, at the office of the Corporation, under the Merchants Bank, in BOSTON. ?100,000 Sterling, equivalent to (180,000 Masaachusetta Five rer Cent Stock. This Stock is payable in London, on the 1st day of April. 1871. It i* payable to bearer with interest semi-annually, and has interest-warrants attached. It is in certificates of ?200 each. Each certificate wi11 be accompanied by a guarantee of the Western R. R Corporation, giviug the bearer the right to receive payment, if he i refers it, in Bostun. of principal sud interest at the rate ol (4,80 the pound sterling. Thus making each Certificate of ?200 sterling, equivalent to (960, producing (24 interest evere 6 months. I hu Slock will Do sold a'so mucii per cent on me s-jt>u. n will be putnp from on? Ceitificate to the whole, pty.ihle 20 Si*r oc t cash, and the balance in 6 months with interest, the lock as collattral - the purchaser having the option of payii g his note, at any time he pleases before the eapiratlon of the 6 Months, thus stopping the interest. For further particulars, apply to JOSIAH OUHVCY.JR., (I3ul9 Treasurer of the W. R. R. Corporate u. PRINTERS AND t'UBLISHEKS.?A young map A a practical printei, who is thoroughly acquainted with his busiuesa in every department and branch, and who has been employed in the capacity of repbrter and sub-editor on several highly respectable journals, is desirous of obtaining a situation in the couutry, to take charge of, airl manage, a small newspaper concerns. A remunerating salary will only be expected. Address, by letter, (post paid) X. V. Z., at the Herald office. Respectable references given and required. nIT jgb T AD1KS' Silk and ^ieriuo (Jnder Vests forsale by Lj JOHN M. DAVIE8 It JONES. n*9 lrur* IfM William ror of John sts. ' THE NEW YORK ! COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND l PHARMACY. ESTABLISHED FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY, T_I AS met with the most unprecedented success since its coin ft inencement, particularly from the uufortuuate yiaims o unprincipled pretenders, who are now daily gaming streugll and rigor under the judicious treatment of the College. The r following preparations hare already obtained a celebrity un paralelled in the annate of medicine. I vvTiiicT nv siiiaivinii.i.i 1 This article has been prepared at great expense, accord' | ing to the new procees of the Parisian pharmaceutists, and is Confidently denominated the ?nly really valuable yrepa ration of Sarsaparilla now offered for sale in this country, r Together with the active principle of the Smilax offici> vain?the best species of the root?the College have incorporated that peculiar modification of sugar, which has neen termed glycurrhiiin. In the "Extracts" of the nts . trum-venders and certain druggists, the common extract [ ol liquorice is the chief ingredient, anil can readily be de t tected. But it is proper to state that in most cases this extract of liquorice is adulterated, and contains capper de 1 rived from the nans in w hich the decoction of the root is t evaporated. Tne College wish thus particularly to guard J. the public against the pernicious tendency of mixtures, ' containing large quantities of this [>oisoned liquorice. The , " Extract," prepared hv the College, contains also an ap pmpnate quantity of the peculiar crvstallizable principle, , ootainen from that valuable vegetable bitter, Oenlian, (so t oauedtrom Uentius, King of Illyria, who first disraverod its great virtues.) A small portion of the active constitu( ents ol the Lawut Saetafrai, another vegetable, whose t efficacy as an auerative and nurilier of the blood is well i known, has likewise been added. These several articles 1 have been incorporated, and their peculiar principles ' compounded in a highly concentrated form, and the re5 suit has been tho production of a vegetable alterative j and tonic, tinequ^led for power and eftic *ty. I The College merely add the following extract from the > edition just published of Brando's " Practical Dictionary 1 of tho Materia Medica f? " Thi? article hai Deen prescribed in chronic rheu<*?a \ tiam?in obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indole* r t ulcers?in glandular aitections?in diseases of the liones r attended by dull aching pains, tumors and nodes?wasting > Of the flesh?and ii hat proved a valuable remedy, and hat ' tomrtimet effected a cure where other alterative? have bee* " long adminitiered in vain, and when the diteated Hate o) l! the tytlen hat hern of many years duration. In Che after i, treatment ?/ typhi lit, and in catet where mercury hat injurioutly affected the tyttem, it potsetiet powert not hitherto t obterved in any other at ticle of the Materia Medica." r. Bold in single Bottles, at 7.* rents each. ! " lis Casks or HALr-A-nosan Bottles, 60. <i < a . < h on Cases forwarded to all parti if the Union. N. B?Ji vera liberal ditcounl to wholeialr purckatm. THE UNR1VALLTEI) TONIC MIXTURE. > A certain cnre for all forma of dyspepsia, low (pint*, Ion ol , appetite, lassitude, cutaneous eruptions, mml debility, pre f dis|>o*ition to consumption, and all complaint* arising Irom disarrangement of the nervioua ayatem. It may M also user! t with great ancceaa in eases of fever aud ague, and aa a pre 1 Tentative t* yellow fnvrr. Bold ill bottlea at it aud (2 each. i THE ANODVNE LINIMEN% For the core of rheumatic pains, colic, bruiaef, apratna, api Dal disease, nervoua headache, paina in the joiota, aud imne diateaod permanent relief guaranteed. Bold in bottlea. Tiro r each. ' THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. For the enre of all caaoa ot a delicate diaeaae, or lor |?nna ir f the bouca, erniitiona, aore throat, or auy other distressing aymp J toina, produced by an iujudlcioua uau 6C mercury, or b> nuacltery. Sold in Pottles at >1 and $2 each. ? THE \MKRICAN ANTIB1LOUS CATHARTIC PILL I Forth# cure of all derangements of the liver, purifying .tht blood, netting the whole alimentary canal to healthy ar.'iou ( aud giving new vigor to the vital power*. Tliia medicine i. entirely auperceding the drastic purgativea of the uoalrun vender*. ? THE FEMALE RE8TORA1'VE PILL. For the cure of tho*e complaints |>eculiar to the fainale tea r and to reatore and preacrve the regular action of die lemilr organ*, with lull directiona and cantiona aa to use, aud aold ir I bove* at $1, SO cent*, and ? cents each. Bin A8TI.K7 COOPER'S PILL. ' Enr 'he core of cutaneous emotions, gout, chronic th*urr< a' nam, and to improve the tone of the digestive organ*. tfHE KMENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE. - Guaranteed to cure gonorrhoea gleet, and all mucopurulen discharges from the urethra. Bold in bottlea at SO centa m< I eaeV. The above preparations may also be had of tha followim aub-ageiita in this c ity:? CAUTION! n The only places in theeityof New Vorlt where the medicine of the College are aold are? THE PRINCIPAL OFFICE.!27 Naasan street. BASSE I l'.s MEDICINE STORK, cat Broadway. By order. | o' W. S. RICHARDSON. Agem J TOK_N.JTW-OTiLKA.NH?Louisiana k New Yor * hTZV Line?Positively Airst regnlar Packet?To tail lot JMR|hlnel. The Cut sailing packet ahip OCMULOICK Capt. Pert,will positively sail as above, her regular day. Kc frnitht or pMsagr, having handsome faraialird accommodi tiona, apply oo board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. or t K. K COLLINS It CO. % Month at. Positively no goods received after Friday evening, 9th inai. Mkipiiera may rely upon hiving their goods correctly meaan ed, and that the ahipe of tliia Kne will aail panetnally aa adve tiaed. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfill.' that may be repaired. Agent* in S. Orleana. Hellin It Woodruff, who will promp ly forward all goodato their addveaa. The packet ahip Oconee, Captain Jacluou, will auccae the Ocutnnlgre, and aail the 20th Dec, her reguldi day. ' .It c v RKMiTTANCM TO IHKLAND. ?* ' i" ffnyTlie subscriber continnee to transmit money, id sum GHMblarge or amallto persona reaiding in any part of Ire land, in the same manner u he, and hta predecesaer in hnai new. have done for the last hirty yeara, and more; alao, to ani part nl Kngl ind or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (postpaid) to the aobtcriher, 01 Personally deposited with him, with the name of the person 01 persona <n Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom It la to he sent, and neareat post town, will he immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effeel given or forwarded to the sender. - Inlike manner money withorclaima on penona inauy pert o Ireland, England or Scotland, ean be colfected by the anbacn jert for persona reaidiD* ? uiy p*rt United Atntra, o ' ,;?';.:rd w,n * SKoWdcSiKl'filt.'j,., AMUSEMENTS. CHATHAM THKATUR. Pit im nou. UPH" Tiff Y> Centl. Kiral Tier it canu MONDAY EVENING. Deo. i. will NOKMA1* LEHUR Norman Leslie, J K | Una! in Homme, Mrc W Hiwkin T<i (iHidqilr with BUT HOWEVER. Botes 7^?3d aud 3d Tier SC?Pit 37l? rt??Gallery 34 ceoti Doortoiwu at 6V? o'clock and the performance win coin rnenre at 7 precisely MITCH KITE'S Ol/VMPIC TIIEATHt,! 444 Broidway, New Tort. MONDAY ICVKNIN'U D?r i will be performed NO AOMI NO HUPPER. After wlucli, MEET MK BY MOONLIGHT. After which, CURIOSITIES OP LITERATURE. To Conclude with GEMINI !7 The Doors will be opened at hlK-[w\lt.I, Hi. per 'onnaxie commence at 7. every evening PAKK THKATAK] " UP-REDUCED PRICE S.V I1 III Older to meet the rjine'ieie. ol ihc times, the Manager haa hern induced to reduce the price, of ndinittiou to U /.r., ,?I rrun ; i u, u ccnu ; uin ry, !?>1 C*tUJ. *?_J\ At l'i?- Mine time.he big* to aaaure the fricnda mid patrons of the Diama, that hit exertion will be increased to merit their patron ige and aopport. THIS EVK.MNo7~Dec. 5. will be presented, ALMA MATKR. After which, THIC IRISHMAN'S FORTUNE To conclude with BOOTS AT THE SWAN. II *" Doors will open at6X?Curtain will rue at quarter paat 7 o'clock precisely. Box Office open daily from a to 6, where Tieketa may be mrchaaed ajjd placea aecured. CIRCUS. AnPHITHNATHK OK THE REPUBLIC. 37 Rinifry, KQUESTI IANISM EXTRAAORDI.NARY. MONDAY, December 5lh, 1812. Engagement of MON8. LETORT, The celebrated Pariaian tioneman, Iroin Franconi'a. Engagement of OSCAR STONE The great American Indian Act Rider. The fainiuj two Hour Rider, betide* a boat of othwr rquettriau talent' The per I'nrmance*, varying the extraordinary feataof the now itroiutett company in the Union, will be continued through the week THE SALOONS OF THE A.MPHITHFATRH OF THE REPUBLIC. Areketit by JOH N TRYON. In the lobby of the lower or drett circle, will be fonnd a I'reth aatoilmen! of Fruit, Paativ, Confectiouarv, and Lemtmade, with which tuirtiea may be aniiidied in their placet, by giving notice to the boya in attendance. In the great " Olympoa Saloon" of the tccoud tier, lare to be had the following tieceararira of life, vix ? Champagne and Oyatera. ( A No. 1.0 Poetrv-iusiiiriug Scotch and Irian Whiakey Pnnch ; Otard, Schiedam, and other immortal Spiriu .' Together with auy amount of Lemonade and Princinrs ; Untiles the hiudaome.t collection of Pieturea iu the known world. Saloon open in the day time as well as evening. Entrance No- V% Bowerv. dSr ? KKAitKiinrrn KATRC. ri'HE great success attending the FRANKLIN ha* induced A the manager to engage thirty lady aud gentlemen performers, and fix the reduced price* of Dress Circle 25 cent* in eluding a lady ; Upper Boxes 12SJ cents, <1 tilery 12S, fit ecu's. For thi* wn lc only, Mr. F.MMET, the great Southern Banjo Melodist. FH?Nk BKOWER, the perfect renresen tatiou of the Southern Negro character*, aud Master PIEHCE the great Heelologist. are engaged; tHs being their fir?r appoartnee in thi* city, they are prepared to lasor the New Yorkers with an entire new collection of songs, duett*. *ereliades, meh.dies, be., and must he seen. Mr. J. K. Ul/Oiittrl, the tattooed ma* ; C. I). Jenkins, F. Diamond, Ruggles, Mil let, Mestaver, Brothers of Warsaw, Kit hardson, Master Henry. Miss Auriol, Miss Rosamond, Augusta, Celeste, Cerito, lie. itr. are among the list of names for this week. Mr. Nosher's Brass Band is also engaged Doors open at 6, performances commence at 7 o,olock. Programme at th? theatre. nil lm is'ec AMERICAN MUSKUM, jy^ARBI.F. BUILDING, Broadway, oppoaite St. Paul's Day Visitors admitted the same evening free. This immense establishment consists of SIX SPACIOUS HALLS, each over 100 feet in length, and containing more ~ ?? 1,1 uaiuic mm ait m.n any lire museum. Amentia.' Positively ttii-LAST WEEK of the comic and inimitable YANKEE W1NCHELL! who will appear in Dutch, Krcnch, Irish, Yankee, and other characters, in his unique play of OLD AND YOUNO NICK; Or, LOVE AND PHYSIC! in which he sustains every character. The mysterious OIP9EY OIHL is re-engaged ; she can he privately consulted on all subjects, and pledges herself particularly to satisfy all persons of the falsit'- of Miller's prediction of the DESTRUCTION ol the WORLD in 1M1 She will show by irresistible Scripture evidence and argu incuts, that his rend inn ul the prophets is perfectly ridiculous and that this world will continue 4000 years longer T. O. BOOTH, the best comic singer iu America : CELESTE, the d mseuse s Miss HOOD, the sougetress : Albino Lady, Itc. Fancy Glass Working, Grand Cosmorama, Itc. Day performances every Wednesday and Saturday at three o'clock. In active prejiaration, and will probably be ready next week, one of the most surprising, stupendous and miraculous novel ties, which has ever astonished the world. Admission to all 25 cents?Children half price. dtec POWERFUL ATTRACTIONS ' IRKW YORK MUSKUltl AND PICTURB GALLERY, Broadway, Onporitt the City Hail. Mr. H BENNETT, Mauser. Re-engagement of SIilNOR BLIiZ, one week longer: ISO Illusions. Ventrillnouism. Dance of seven Diuner Plates; Miss THERESA CLEMENCE, the graceful danseusr ; Mr. DKLARUE, the unrivalled mimic ; Mermaid, Museum, live Albino Deer, Picture Gallery, and performances all to be seen for ONE SHILLING. Performance ou Wednesday and Saturday at three o'clock. Great pre|>aratious making for THANKSGIVING DAY. <U lm*ec pHE GRk7aTEST NATURAL CURIOSITY in the A world*?Now exhibiting *t the corner of Chatham street and Tryon Kow, opposite the Pirk, for a short time:? A Doable Spanish Live Bull, taken near Baenos Ay res. on tltss PI a i hu iKn Hn.tiiiar4a in t Iim iinar IfliA ami t iva luirtnn tA 1 ne nrrnmnoii u i ii<a leaves me i?ui 01 lyounanat street, This Afternoon at lire o'clock. Monday, Dec. 5th. For postage or freight, apply on board, or to r. C. 9HULTZ, ' at the office on the whan. d5r TAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. dfe ^ ifflv The subscribers bey to call the attention of their friend* and the public generally,- to their superior arrangements 1 for bringing out pnssengeia from, and remittipit money to, any 1 par' of England, Ireland, Scotland or Walea, in tne magnificent iiacket ships, comprising the ' NEW UNE OF LIVERPOOL RACKETS," VIZ.:Ship RQSCI US, Capt. Collin* ! Ship SIDOONS.CaptainCobb. 1 ship SHERIDAN, Captain Depeyuter. Shi|. OARRICK, Captain, Ship HOTTINOUER, Captain Barsley. Ship SOUTHERNER. Captain Palmer. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Woodhousc, Ship NEW SHIP, Captain Eldridjre. J Sailing ttaice every month; ind with the" UNITED LINE," composed of aupenor fltat i.lass American ships, aailing erery ten dava, will make fire ihips in each month throughout the ' year, (or one erery in dava) thereby preventing the poaai bilily of unneceaaary detention. Teraona wishing to aend for their fttenda, will not tail to tee the advantages to be deriyed from aelecting tliia line in pre Terence to any oilier, and they may real aaanred that unutuaJ care will be taken to make the paaaage agreeable, the ahipa being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all caaea wheie the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refunded without any dednc'iorn aa usual. A U free paaaage ftom the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, h c in also be secured. I. REMITTANCES. .? tntichirii? to ml money to their fnerxU I I by * 11" i*> lit "hi* %-im' tAey wi.h .ml, with the name ajvl ad o 1 dreaa of the pari if i to rrff i?f it, may rely on a attfl for the I amount being forwarded per nut packet after the receipt tnerrof, and an acknowledgement lorthe tame re la rued per t- '"iJraftj at light, for any amount, are nayable on demand, withd oni diieount or any other eha*e, at the National and Provinrial Bmkaol Ireland and brapcnea, Kaatern Bank Of Scotland, t- Oreeoock Banking Co., Bit Wm. Forbei, Hunter It Co., Oreenock, and their oranchea, Mraara. Jamea Bait, Bon It Co., d Bankeri, London, Kiehange and Diac unt Bank, Liverpool, and in every pi in ipal town of Great Britain and Ir, 'end. Further particular) made known on application ?if oy letter, poet i>aid) to ; dJ y r W. k J. T. TAPBCOTT, 43 Peek hop. N. Tork. sJS*> FOR LIVERPOOL?NKVT LINK?.Regular iJMVPacket ol lit! December,?The Splendid Packet ' jMNBfaShip 8IDDONS. Captain K B. Coble of IM0 tone, will |H..iti?eIy aail aa above, her regular dav. For freight or r i>uaage, having aecnmmodatinna oiieinaMed for aplendor or comfort, appli on board, at Orlvana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, >rto K. k. COLLINS* CO. M Booth .treat. Price of pa.aajri, $100. The Packer ship Sheridan, (.act F. A. De Pevater, of I0M " will auecred the Biddona. and aail the 2Mb January, her .-%'nKr fiay. ... L ttrri for the ?bir? ofthia will only be received at Oilpin'a r tnd Hale'a N?w? Room. Pewentirri may rely on the >hi|? of thu line aniline penctnai ly u adverUaed. dl c New York in 1WL , ... Hr is considered bv naturalista to lie the malt wonderful de fnrmity io the known woild. H- Inn .1 double windpipe, dou ' ble breast, aouble paunch, doable rib*, six left, double hips. end toine other iiartt double. He it perfectly toanditnd in ; geod health, and tappoted to be nine yenrt old, and weigh near 1.300 poll ide. Professors of Natural History, Surgeons, and Analoaitt woo H do well to tiiit aud judge for theinteleet. A Three Legged Cow, now three vean old. She deficient of one fore leg, and was so from birth. A Coatimnndi. A Sea Dog, or Sea Leopard, taken alive in the North River. The head reiemhlra that of a dog, and the akin is'spotted like that of a leopard. Truly a wonderful cnrioaity. Wolf, Monkeya, lie. To be teen from t o'clock A M till 10 P M. _ Admission 131-2 cents, children under 10 yean of ace half price. Uood Music in attendance. aX3 lm*m FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOAT, OFFICE No.7 WALL STREET. alisr MUSIC" QCHNE1DKK k KEBHUN will attend private parties end Oaoireea with a hand of from three to twenty artists. Apply No. V Delancy street uear the Bowery, or No. 114 Norfolk et nil Xm*r CARD?J. BATlDOfTE, Superintendent, begs to inform hi i Irienda and the public generally that he has opened a Cafe and Hoarding House for gentlemen at No. IM Broadway, which will he conducted upon the plan of the celebrated Cam Toitoni at Paris. There are about twenty furnished rooms attached to the Cafe which will be let and meala furnished te any number ot geutlrmen forming a club, at such hours as they may select. Madame Btrdotte, long and he traits favorably knowu as the proprieleii of a aelcct maisou de pension in this citywill super intend the house. Oentlemeu will be furnished with meals at any hoar in the I coffee room. i ne cmsiue nrntugeinrun win r>e i jnou 01 tne rtrat onurjaa the wine*, lienors, he., the he*t that can be proeared regardless of e*iien?e. , An tuspection of the establishment i* retpectfallv solicited. 1 CAFE TOHTONI, i nn2wi?*r IIP Broadway. between Liberty h Cedar ?U. ' DLACK MAKBLK?IM ton* lri*h Block Marble, for sale by 1 O ?a?r PERSrJE h BROOKS. No. (I Liberty street. ! C*UH DR. KEUCHTWANOEK'B Price Cerreat ofCopa " via, Ca|i*nles, Acid*, Dye woods, Lunar CaastK.D setter reotype Chemicals. Oerman Silrsr, he. he. he. Bee fourth pare o!7 ROCKWELL'S l'ATEVT VAULT LIGHTS.?80 asefal to etclode wet, dust, and trust, and at the same Liase admit light, xreatlv iinproreil for stremrth and daribility. For sale at No. 9 Astor House, entrance in Barclay at. D?*t*r tPRENCH BOARDING HOUSE.-Fnrnished rooms, with " board in the French style, can be had at the " Cafe Tortoni," 130 B'oadway, nearly opposite the City Hotel. n30 lmis*m 1 TSvh m* PEOPLE'S LINE FOR A LB ANY 7*3 ^L~ r**?w^?the Inteimedia'e Places, (ores far as the lee 3Ehww1|^3ILwiI1 permit.)?The UT1CA is celebrated for I her str-nxth, which enables her to enroonter with crest see. eras the ice wnich so seriously obstructs the river at tnis period. Fare $J?Berths Jbcjnta.^ _ _ M n