Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 6, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 6, 1842 Page 1
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\ TH1 Vat. nil.?I*. M7 ?Wlula la. UN. To tike Public. THE NEW YORE HERALD?daily newepaper?published every day of the year except New Year"* day and Fourth of July. Price 3 centa per copj ?er |7 96 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY tiEKALD-publishedevery Saturday morning?price 0} cent* per copy, or $? 13 P*r annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circalotion of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaaiag feat. Il km* Ike Imrgttl circulmtio* of mny pmper m tki* city, cr the world, and ? therefore, tk* ke*t ckmnnol for burine.* men intk* city or country, rricee moderete-cavh in advance. NEW YORK LANCET, published weekly, price 12} centa per aingle copy?Scenta by the quantity. The price of thia valuable periodical baa hitherto been too cheap, in cotnpariaon to ita utility, intelligence, and workman# hi p. It baa, therefore,.been advanced to M per annum for one year? $3 lor a half year?or 12} centa per aingle copy?caah in advance, and poatagea paid. REVOLUTIONARY RELICS, or Lettebi addraaaed by diatinguiabed men to George Clinton, formerly Governor of New York, during the revelation, and ftrat publiibed by permiaaion of hia grandaon, Col. Bookman. A beautiful octavo edition in numbera?price 12} centa each. THE ATHENEUM, a New Monthly Journal or American and Foreign Literature, Science, and the Fine Art??Each number adorned with a beautiful en graving?price only 12} centa each. PRINTING of all kinda, eaecuted at the moat moderate pricea, and in the moat elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, r.or..?To. or 1HK n?ui> f North w??t cornet of Fulton and Niutu streets. To Advertisera. For theanfermationof buiinesa man and of the public generally, and as a guide in the selection of the best channel for advertising, we place leiore our readers the following facts :? Naw Yoaa Herald ) Sun Office, N. Y., ) Office, Nov.l, 184*. S Aug.39, IMS. j Messrs. Persse St Brooks : Mr. H. V. Butler f irentltmeh :? Sir.? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Other, Near York Office, N. Y., fir* hundred 750 reams per week of the reams of paper per week, for small sir.oil paper i3 X3J ? six months irom the 15th of for the Daily Herald. October, 1843, to be of this Also 60 reams per week of quality, size and weight, the the large sized 33 X40 for the same to be paid for in cash Wee'alv Herald,for one year every two weoka. irom tliis date, to beoi quale M. Y. BEACH, ty equal to this specimen? I accept the above order, Payments to be made each and agree to furnish the pawe*k in cash, in full for that per accordingly, week. H. V. SUTLER. YfJAMES O. BENNETT. Aug. SI, 1843 We accept the above or- Witness, M. S. Beach derand will deliver it as directed. rERS^E Sk BROOKS, No. 01 Liberty street. By these documents it will be perceived that the eircu Utivn of tke New Yoke Heesld, it ntmrly double that tj the New Yoke Sun, tuid that it is, consequently, so much the more an slig ible channel for all kinds of advertising and business notices. Not a further word is necessary to satisfy the public. JAMES O. BENNETT PROSPECTUS FOR THE CONGRESSIONAL d GLOBE AND APPENDIX.?These works hare such a wide cm nlstion, .aid h ve been so nuiversally approved and on<ht after by the public, that we deeui it necessary only lu rhis pros|ie.ctus to say lliat they will be coriinurd at the next session of Confess, and to state, succinctly their contents, the form in wli cli they will be printed, and the prices for thrni. The Congressional Globe it tnadr ur> of the daily proceedings of the two Hnnses of Congress. The speeches oi the members aie abridge d. or condensed, to bring them into a reasonable or lead ihle length. All the resolutions offered, or motions made, arc giWU It length, m the mover's own words; end the yeas and nays oil all the important questions, it is printed with small type?brevier and nonpareil, on a doublt-oyal sheet, in quarto form, aach number containing suteeu royal quarto lufti. It If printed M lul a* the buunea* done in Oour greaa furiiith. matter enough for a numbtr. The ftratfour ?rtk< of a a?aiion usually furoiah matter emuxb fjr one number a wrrfc: and the balance of the aeaviou enough for two or three nuuiDer* a week. The coming aeaaion of Coagreat will fkrnith matter enough, we auppoec, for twenty fire or thirty nana ben. The Append i ie made np of the President^ annual message. the report! of the principal offlcera ef the Government that accompany it, and all the long speeches of mem ben of Cocgreaa, written out or revised by themselves. It it printed in the fame form u the Coug restional.Globe,umnily make* about the tame number of i>eg a. There are not so many nnmbera published the first wrekm of a aeaiioo, as there am nnmbera ef trie Congressional Globe, becauae the metcbariara alow in writing out their apeechei. Bit towards the cloae ol a araaion, the iiumb* ra are published mire frequently than the Congressional Olobe. Each oftheaa works ia complete in itaelf; hut it iaaeceaaary for every anbacribtr who deairea a full knowledge of the pro crt dinva of Congresr, to hare both; becanse, then, if there sh< uld be any ansMguity in the aynonaia of the ?perch, or any d-n alof its correctness, aa published ia the Congressional Globe, the reader may tunta the Appendix to aee the apeech at length, corrected by the member himaelf. TERMft. For the Congressional Globe, ft] par copy. For the Appendix, ft I tier copy. Si. copies ol either of the above vrorha will be aent for fti; twelve eopiea forftlO; and aooain piopor.ion for a greater nam ber. Payments may he transmitted by mail, postage paid, at our riak. B a rule of the Poat Office D-partrosat, ixiumasttrs are P rmuted to fiauk lettera written by themtelvea, containing money lor aapacriptiona. The noiea of any bank, (arrant where a aubacriber reeidra. wall Kw rpppifpil htf iii ftt imp. To man re all the nemnurt, the subscription! should be in W >ihi?|ti? by the 10 h D*etnbrr ueit, at farthest. No attention will be paid to any Older uo'eaa tbe money accompanies ir. BLAlK h lUVfcS. Washington City, Oct. M, 1812. C7"Tbt papers with which wa esehange, will pleaaa copy the abt re I ri'tpe tut; and we will bold ourselves ready at all times to reciprocate the faror. B. It R. di tlr ?' pKAVCllTS PATENT LIFE BOAT" hat been text. " the paat four yeers in actual anaeicn, and by expertusem at followsManned and thrown from the deckot a ateaiiiooui while under way ; dropped endwise from the stern 01 t n loaded to the gunwale with iron and stones, with tne bottom store in ; turned by Inrce upside down and restating the eawn of 15 rueo to keep her so : upset by her pass enters and nm . itit tiirm again inside and treeing herself from water ; bout?? stove in by landing on a rocky shore and then rowed oat to sea . landing in a sort, when all oiher boats swamped ; taking crew and pusrngeri from a wreck in a storm at tea, with (ha bow stove in and plugs oat; b aiding a wreck with the bottom broken open ; leai ing a sinking wreck fall of passengers, with the tea breaking Irom end to end ; making way across a coral reef to a wreck and bringing off M passengers, 'earing the ordinary boa a swamped ; thrown from the deck of a ship endwise and saving n persons ; sides and bows broken through and bottom love lu Hoy roweu in oyep wtter, *c. aou rroauy diowd up oy i iubnidriac explcwio*, ami then again manned and lowed u before. JOBKPH b RANCI8, Office No. 7 Wall it, at Adams It <o * fcipress Office. at _ ^ P X) N8?(JUNS?tJU.N 8?At aactieo price#?106 doable bar " rel dacuug gnus, made etpreesly for Doith SiteLoafle lind. MM Cocking Gane, audited, Ut#W boxes, ass'rl length*, 300 Single barrel gens, common to fine. 30V Hides, from fd to >40 each. 300e Peru pistol* Gunsmiths and dealer! in guns will find a* this depot every article wanted by the manafacinrer or sp nrtaman, in any quantity desired, as follows?gaa locks, title lochs, barn* s, spnugs, cones, caps, ward*, worms, tipe, ribs, triggers ftuuitnrr, Ice. Also, liorm sud power-flasks, from 1 to 16 oil game bags, shot b.?*s, primers, wreat hes, fce. A. W. SPlrS k CO., nhl lin'r Jig Pearl street. U. 8. CITY DESPATCH POST. , P<?T OFriCtt. New York, OthJnly, litt. H "eppw4) ",uLetter* u> r oeited before Bnli^ sst^l o'clock, A MI a II l a ? w'e ' " WtU he sent oat for dm W.ajSV-41 I " P u Letten to he sent Free, mast hay* "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otherwise three cents will be collected oT the party la "s-xJics iSr'i stations (at all of which "Ira* sumps" may he purchased at $1,36 per IM, and euery informal too may be obtained oo application at ih<- upper or lower poet < ffiore. yam tit issued by the late Citypespatch Post will ha rac'ired. It ie indispensable lh*t I he number ofthwresidenc# ahoal J ha stated in nil letters v'T.t uvl. IliTl M The I' ni M-iwdFiEkleiiv the earlieat inrorroatimj ahonld any iyreg.iUrit.ea oeenr. JOHN LORIM K.t UKA.HAM unit It ve fox Viaeiet. FIAHDINU ?The Walton Hmnt, m f't-arl street, Franklin Square?kept by Jw. Fowlfv, from London Knf Un.i, permanent boa-derm W,* per week, tranaieut Nvarflrra Ji react per day Families can be I'lril with private rootni on rmnitbtri term*. Wines anal apirita, I tnii par glass?hnrar brew'd ale 4 cents per pin t?(irie Wrl?h ravabiu 4? ceara each? cold rata enmity cheap. N. B, Hot coffee S ceota pat lihw atthiit and mn'tnn chopacan he had at all hoora. J. F. particularly reqaeaU any one wh? ia in want of a aoaafcrtahle home to call and laepect kia aaubliahaieat, and jnthca law themselves. Persona travelling for England woald find it to their advantage to call. The home bains convenient to London and Liverpool ?hi?n, J F. being appointed agent, ha can give iivaaaanaten every information. New York and Old Conn try papert taken in. n} Im*r A^^mRIECLL PA P OON Aral) UNCONDITIONAL RKPHI fcVK for all dioee cooeetwed in the late riciona practice* and nnhallow.-o indulgences, far which they have to painfully and sorely an fried, will ha funnd awaiting th< fr ac ce, at the prfrale o(hoc of the Ooysiaor of Old Oalen'a Head, No It Peck Slip, nTt. A amt I fee only to defray contingent eicentra wiH be demanded, and it ia presumed that all those interested in thia humane iutvrpotiiion will speedily and chaerfn'ly avail them aelvra of it. merciful ronditi ? , and. firmly revolve to " giand tin no more." Old Pilru'. Henl, N". It reck Slip. (ft ft*r r> MtDIPAL~MP.N?Wanted, a partner in an old and wellestablished medical andenrgicvl dispensary Apply at It P?ck Slip. An aged or middle aged man wonld ha pre femd. dj tt? E NE1 NEl NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANST PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. _Sfi8S. CSSD Fare rcdMcd to 4.1 cents. Kioto tneloot of CoortLujdl meet, Now York. (Kvcry day?duoday ?ite( Lr??ei Now \ Ork N.waih u ? A. M At I P.M. At 7* A. M. At I# P. M l'K do. 4 do. t do. JK do. IX do. 9 do. ? do. |7 do. It U do. ON SUNDAYS. From die foot ol Coorllaadt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At A. M. and IK F. M. At IK P. M. and IS P. M. NEW YOKlC, ELIZABETH TOWN. Loavo New York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. ? P.M. IK A.M. 3S m " 1?K A. M. " The trains for WeetAeid. FtainfWM. Bouadbrook, SomerviUe, kc., connect with the 9 A M, I and IK P M trains from Now York, daily, Sundays excelled. Fare between New York and Elisabeth Town V cents. Fere between do and Somerville. 7S cents. YORK. RAHWAY AND NEVfr BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. I ram the foot of Liberty afreet, daily. Lost* New York. Leave New Brunswick. At ? A. M. At JK A. M. *' k* On Snndays the 5K end 7K A.M. rripe IVom New Brunswick utd?K P. M. train from New York, are >mitted. Fate between New York and New Brunawick, 7} cents. Railway, 50 eenta Tiie fare in the 5K and 7K A. M. train from New Bruuawick, and IK and <K P. M. train from New York, liaa been re New York and New Brunswick, to 5# cents. " and Railway to 37K " Passengers who procure their dekets at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchase A anil 3m* WTSTOT AHR7 WE MEVT. NEW YORK AND PHII.A&ELPHLA RAILROAD LINK DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown ami Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Is.? N,s V...L. ,i.. r...., ?r .i?... .. . i.;i? .. a A M *niit\ P"M.' "" """ The morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden, (oppoaite Philadelphia) without change of car*. Paaaetigcra will procure their ticket* at the office foot ol Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat wilt be in readiness*. with baggage crates on board. < Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to cilv, eithotit being opened by the way. Each train i* provided with a Ladie* Car, in which are apartment* and dressing room* eapreuly for thy Ltdies u*e. Itrturning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M .and 4 o'clock, P M. The Line* for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and i.P M, being^a continuation of the liue* from New York. DAILY PAOKAOK EXPRKSS ? Ak FOR ALBANY", TROY, A.\D BUFFALO. By iheTloaiiioiiic rtauitoad, musinghruugh from thi* City to Albany ia Hour*. Leave* at 7 o'clock in the morning. The >ab*cribars have made arrangements with the Honaatoni Rail Road Company, to ran an Einret* Car (exclusively for our own purpose) dailv, over their road with the naaseuger train, running through to Albany in twelvs hours,and are now prepared to receive and l< rward at low rate*. Specie, Bank Notes, Packages. Bales and Cases of Goods, lie , for any of the above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bill*, notes, drafts and accounts, and such other business as may be en'ratted to tneir care. dtr POMEROY ft CO 2 Wall s'reet, New York. new YbKk A.ab RJUL B.<3aD COuPany. WlAHRA^/uK MEanHl^imday. | Decembea} h. It it, the ears will run dtily ss follows s? Leave Ciiy Hall for Leave Harlem Leave William*' Bridge William*' Bridge, for City Hall. for City H til 6 JO A. M. t 20 A. M. 8 00 A. M. 9 " 10 - I 10 to " It 30 " 1 10 P. M. 12 30 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " 4 10 " 4 20 " 5 30 Harlem only. 0 30 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Line will ran atfo'lows:? Frim 7 30 A. M. every tea minutes throughout the day Utl 7 P. M. Pasaeoaeri for Westchester. Throe's Neck, Eaatehester. New Kor.hrlie, M.tmaroneck. H >rae Neck, North Castle, Ribhiii.' Mill* ? >.! PI .. . - .11 r.L. * nl.lut l> M tr<in from City Hill. I'assenucra for Yonkrra will take the 9 o'clock, A. M inJ 4 o'clock, P, M. traiot from City llill, oia Im'm PULLEN & COPP'S NEW "v^r-ALUANT iHTyr^VN^ffSritgAL EXPRESS. Meeiaa. Hvn^n It Co. hating diepoaed of I heir root* Irooi New York to Albany and Troy, At anbaeriben, ihe old condnetnra of Hirudin A Co'a Northern Eineeta, from New York, will continue to ran aa hcretofore-leaem* New York. Albany ami Troy, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobe' Montreal Eiprm. and will forward Specie, Bank Notra, Paekigea Bandlee.Caaea of Oooda. he., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada'a. Alao Eaat, from Troy and Albany to Boaroo.and Writ from Albany to BulTilo. All bwatoeaa entreated to their charge will be promptly attended tn. Panic alar attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafes, acceptancea, lie., and prompt retaraa made for the taiof. PULLEV It COPP. Oicti Pollen U Corp, Ih Wall atreet. New York. Tnoa. (inugh, 1J Exchange, Albany. A O. Ftlkina, *ti Rieer atreet. Troy. 8. Jacob1! Exchange Coert.St Pant at, Montreal. REFERENCES. New Yons. Aiuar. Taor. Prime, Ward It King, K. J. Humphrey, J no Payne, Jacob Little, It Co., Thoa. Gongh. P. W eil?, l.k. T u_..k a <1. a IT Pepoonk Hoffann, 0. 8. Douglass, CuvenWr k Vermilyt, F. Leake Houwhion It Co. Draw, Robinson ft Co. n!4 ln>' FARE ft&bUCtiD. PERSONS GOING SOUTH. O- F HRPuT?ffi""5i both ra-uTr^. iuiimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Bay, Porta oath, Weldoo, Wilmington, N.C., apd thearr to Charleston, to 8?, omkIs on the Bay boats included ; or era Washington city, Richmond, Paterabnnt, Weldou, Wilmington, IV. C.. and thence to Charleston, to |t>, meal* extra?asaknar the fare on both routes the same. Krary exertion is made to keep the Railroads and Steamboats connecting these lines in good order, and expedite travel, and make passengers as comfortable as possible. By this route yon may be ears of reaching New Orleans rom New York aeren or eight days sooner than any other line, at an expense not exceeding $71. E. B. DUDLEY, Hl7r President W. ft R. K. R. Co. NEW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROAD LINE. Via Noewich sou Woscxitxb Railroads. Composed of the following superior steamers running in connection with the Norwich It Worrester and Worcester ft Boston Rail Roads? WORCESTER, Cape J H. Vanderbih. NEW HAVEN. Cape J. K. Duatam. CLEOPATRA, Capt On and after Moad ly, Nov.list,tli-s line will be run tri-wcekIv. Irarin* New York. Tuesdays. Thnradavs and Matardavs only,.Mr M. ' ** 1 m "fWV"fWTr"^^r From Peck Hip, Eul River. tThe new and anlrndid ?teaiabo*t NEW HAVEN, Captain K. Dmlan, will leave every Toeaday, Thuraday and Satary afternoon, at 4 o'clock. PMacngera for Boalon will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of tha above boata at Norwich, and will prqgacd withoat chaage of can or baggage. For further information, eaqaire at the oflr oW the wharf, oa botrd the boata, or to D. >. ALLEN, ft reck alip, ap ataira. Ail peraoaa ana forbid treating aay one oa account of the above boata or ownera. n2V LOnDoN?Ke^Ur packet ! the I?|?K vwVVcrnibt r ?The rery atipvnor, faat Bailing packet vbip JUMbTOKONTO, Captain Onawold, will poaitTrely tail at aoovr, her rrgalar day. For paaamre, cabin, accond cabin, and ateerage, having eeperb aecommodationa, apply to <13ec JOHN Boath afreet xAJg- POM LI VERPOOL?Reaalar Packet ef the 37th i?Raa*g=fr-^^te.."!ar st?J!Z EJ MgSEv day. for no?i?e in cubii. wcond ?ihin. tnd it?pniff. hat in* IM Pine atreet. eomei of Boeth atreet. P. 8.?The above will be aacceeded by tha packet ?h?d V ir ginia, Atpt Allin and aail on II Dee. Pemona wiahing to tend lor their frienda, rending in tha Old Country, can have them b-ovght out by thie ?hip, or ?nr of tha regular packrta, hy applying aa above, if letter peet peid. nthr ntSv REtilJLAtt OPPOSITION TO CATS M=a=?p^riFKlLlL., JU<1 MleriMmaM lamunitt, vf ittHMu row ^ MESCtbAr^i-ii?H-ynlar dayi from Catlaktlf, Moil daya, Wadaaadaya and Kndayt. F\wn Now.York, Tn.-.Haya, ?Bk* " ***' **'art**1r*-?Kan* lo or from CatUkill, N cnU. lo<!? iKv ""m'^WAVK, opinio V?n<WMt. will w . E?!?*'* *; T? Thunday Not. 17th, at fire oVInch. JSSXl!^'"' J1 i"0?<r? of the c? ?i? oo board. By nl*. *" "a'ned. there will b i a daily com |j?f?TT ry?rvLT?**j U l1 *a<l Naw York (and intermediate [ L??Lf'T9*t ?H l*aao?a at reduced price. ?b eMA Jmxfjasnasai^t s3S$?j& of tie?eonwtry. All baoacTr an ?rn+*r STATJtN INLAND njUtY. ~ foot of Whitehall aireat ^?33|??l? Ou Tad after Dec. Jd, the aleaitjer STATKN I^LANDlS" will ran aa followa, woril farther notice :? ?? AVK STATEN ISLAND NEW YOKE. ?A.M, 9 A.M. VM 'lM P. M, tot * iff to YO V YORK. TUESDAY MOJ JCNOLISH SCHOOL. CH\RL?8^T/NN1; WATtHLAND?PM ?C!" AL. THIS Academy waa established two yean are, under the patrooafe of the former Inteodem Ornera) of the Island, and other distinguished individi-als of the nobility and merchants of thiaeity. Iti condactedon the planof the Of man ''|vm? sia;" and the method of tuition is the "iuterioaatire." All the scholars understand the English language, lad many of them it htbituslly and fluently The Principal has the rinentsee of schools in fium, Oerasany. England, and tip- United Stales. Hit chief tinUto give the yooth entrnat-ll to his can a practice knowledge of thorn branches of a pobe edaratioo, which are repaired is ail active caresra, and are applicable to any. The coarse of study, therefore, comprehends the English, Ifrench. German and speauli languages; History, Geogrs .aues. Natural Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Drawings of virions kinds. rrofsasors of divers nations and asqaiiaments reside in the establishment; and all tha claaaes receive, in rotation, instruction from tha director. Such signal success hat attended this plan of tni.ioa, that several of the petals, under t? aire years of ages, write and speak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible manner, ana those of nper years, correctly and easily. Tha acquisition, uot only of the Spanish, hat also of other lancuacoa, is thus placed within tha reach of the youth of the United Stales, without its being necessary for them UU? liuqu'.h the maav advantages which accrue from anEngHatn daeation. Tha obiect of the Principal iu desiring to reetiro youths from the United Slates, is to facilitate the acq aire meat of the Kuglwh accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would ho doubly repaid them by bv the tatter, and to introduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The young, eitssens of the United States can have nothing to fear from the climate, the house being spacioas and airy, situated in a healthful pot, at a short dis'ancs from the -ay; and containing withinita limits, a fine bath and complete gymnasium for the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrived from Germany, have [leased the summer in the school iu perfect health. As the principal is a married man, and his wi fa and sister have charge of the junior drpaitmenl: children are received at gay age but taut of infancy.. Every tin nil rninvi hie istisinsa nnininna niLjli.tiirlu,J The teruu ere $400 per annum, payable three month* in advance 1 here are uo txtm eiceiit rlothf? r nd bnoki Reference*?MESSRS. CHA9. DRAKK * BROTHERS. ALEXANDEn MORALES, ESQ.. "11 Havana. ftT OTIC K.?Whereas Samuel Beruheimrr, of Syracuse, hts * * acted as the agent of H. Bernheimer * Brothers, merchants in the citr of New York, in the eollectiujt of debts st Syracuse, sod iu other business, all persons are hereby notified thai his power as such agent has been revoked, aud all persons are hereby forbidden to transact any business with him. as sneh agent; aud whereas Samuel Bernheimer and Jacob Block, constituting thefumofS. Beiuheimerfc Co.. of Syracuse, have this day assigned to H. Bernheimer It Brothers, of New York, all the sooth, debts and demands of every description; thereto'*. *H persona are. hereby lorbiddeu to pay any ncbts to said S. Ui-ruheimer It Co. or cither of aaid firm after thu date?and all imnrali of said demands may hereafter be made to Herr" h Bernlieimer.Emannel Bernheimer or Simon Bernheimer. beiuy the firm of H Bornheimer It Brothers, one of whom will be round at Syracuse by any person wishing to make payments; aud on whom all persons ind-bted are requested to call immediately ana settle their accounts aud nolss. Dated Syracuse, N. Y., Nov, 3d, 1.41. _u4 im^r H. BERNHEIMER fc BROTHERS. U0U SO WAREHOUSE.?WORAM R j HAUQHWOOT, sift Broadway, Mauufaclursra, Agents aud Commission Merchants, have just received and are now opeuing a new and aplendid assortment oi the fallowing srti eles, vis Silvered, (Jilt and Bronze (is Chandeliers, to M lights. 1 Do Caudle do I to >4 " Do Candle Brackets, 1 to 6 " Do Gas Brackets, 1 ts 1 " Do uat .viaotel eights, 1 to 1 " Do Giraunoies, 1 to i " Canuleores, noli " Astiai Lamps, Hall 1 amps and Lanterns, Handing Li mps Mb A new article ot Solir Lamp, a very superior article. Also, s new article of Ui-tlcctet lor improving the light of the old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also, a new stylo of h'loreutine Bronze, color immovable. .oqelher with every variety of Lamps and Chandeliers, for chutcues. Iialla and Dublic ouildimrs. Plated Wiu. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Toast Hacks, Candlesticks, Napkin flags, Butter Tabs, batter and Km it Knifes, Snatfeis and nys, Coffee and Tea Urns, lie. Vine Table Cutlery, in setts sod doxens; Japanned Tea Trays, in great rauiy of patterns and forms; flue cat glass Bawls, Pitchers, Tamblers, Dishes, Uoblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, Icc. kc. W. ItH. beg respe^ Ipllv to iufoim their friends, csutoiners, and the public geaeral y that their arrangements wilh the minufactar.Tsare sitctit at they can sell all anicles iu their line at reinaikably low pri les; aud respectfully invite them to call and see their show ro ma which alone is sufficient la compen sate for the iron tile ?X2 ha* r REMOVA L~. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed from 14} Broadway to No. T Astor Hons* ECONOMY IN GENTLEVIEN'S DRESS. Uaruirutt of a most Jeganl and Kashienable aiod rt a saving of 63 per cant lor cash. rPHK advertiser d? su it unnecessary to rasort tj the hockA neyed system of gitirxalul of aomiaal prtcas, presuming that the lenrth of time he has been established, together with die estcnaive patronage bestowed on nun, win prove a sum ciant toucher for his capabilities. Posseaviny.-he advantage si being connected with an riteusive cloth establishment in Kuril* he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best description* of gentlemen's dress. slOJrn 8. PHILLIPS. ** Astor Hons?, Broadway TOSKPH McMUKRAY, KM Pine street. New Vork, gives " Drafts in sums i<> suit ai*i>lic.t* Is, on the PROVINCIAL BANK (iff IRELAND, Payable at? i;nrk. R t..,l,AUs Liimnck, Ballymm*, Clownel, Paraootowu, Londonderry, Dowapaliek, 911(0, Con, Wfilord, Lurgan, Bo I fiat, Omaji, Wa'arford, Dunaauuon, UaUway, Brneva, Armagh, '?nnii, Aihlone. B illythannen, Colerunr, K raoaue, Kilkenny, Duugarvin, Billina, Mallow, Tr|Tt>, Mooeymore, Ytftahal, Cootctnll, Ktimakilleu, Kilruah. Mooachaa, ENGLAND. 9 poo OCT, At wood ft Co. Bukon, London. Payable in crery town in Great Britain. P. W. Byrnaa, Eaouirea, Liverpool. City of Glaafow Bank. Payable in every town in Lcotlaod nSS low LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. i WaII street. Th " subscriber has referred ud oilers Tor sale a Urge assortment of imported India Rubber Water Proof Ooods, riu: Coats and Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Menuo and Cotton, of all colors and sizes. Cloth?India Robber, Water Proof, super 1 Lama Persian and Cotton, tire pared Cor t ilors. India Rubber Webbings lor suspenders, corsets, he. a2? ts'r CHAM. AERAHAMSON. MARTIN'S CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 1M William Street, Comer #/ Jinn Street, IS decidedly the eheaneet in the city. There is always on a hand a select stock of seasonable anode, purchased for eauh, which will be made up to order m the style of make, fit, trimming, he., that h.\s gireo such general satisfaction during the last Tour years, and at a positive earing of II per cent. Gentlemen are requested to call and transits. Thoea who farniah th sirewu goods, can hart them MADtf AND TRIMMED. Drees Coats, made and trimmed,*" 'ST M ta SI M frock Coats, do do I M to I M Pants and Vesta, 1 TS to IN Peer Coata. I M to II M Term*?Cash on dotiyery. ntaimOe Mir.MAKt. r MARTIN EQUESTRIAN ACADEMY.?The subscriber woeld re D apcciAally inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, that he hasopened an Academy, (in that large and commouious building formerly known aa the Equestrian Exchange or Cook'e Circus, 40k Bowery, on Vaaihall Garden) for the instruction of ladies Slid gentlemen in that healthful ana necessary accomplishment, the act of horsemanship in all its branches. The Acauemy ta furnished with dressing and sitting rooms, and erery convenience for the comfort of pupils, and the strictest regard to re?|iectability will be adhered to. Mr T; nus made arrangements with Mr. W. J. Davie, one of Mm oldest profeseors from Europe to take charge of the same, and llnMrshiawclf that the enterprise will meet with the approbation and enronuragemcul ef a liberal public. , Terms and particulars may ba ascertained on application as above. The omnibus and re paw every Ave minutes during the day. o?Sm>re W. 6. PIBBWOW, Proi.rieto77 ELECTRO MAGNETIC PLATED for rheumatisms, nerD eons affections, fee., prepared under the direction of M. L?inanrotii, apothecary in Paris, general uepot in New York, U Ersnhlin s reel, st ML Ninuarn's. Price SI M. 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Tay dealers are re speetfally Invited to call and examine foe theme* I yes. Don't forest the Mnkar-tl), two doors shuts Oread street. Vtl tfcsw to i a I * m van nomdtirs vrmtino and book-kekpino ? ACADKM* u now open, m Broadway, 2no tloor, lor the reception of papilt, where alt acquire Van Noiden'a baasrifal system of iwimmaathip in e eery short time, end writs to airs inatrnerion in Book

Keeping upon plans entire!, new at d strictly practical. Daring one month's in-tractio-- the papils etaally op*a. halanea and cloae, practically, from 9 to M act of books. Terms vary modeists. Honrs of instrnction from t A. M. till t P. M , and from I ti 10 in the cvauing. The Ladies meat daily all P.M. ? all lm?r piOAL! COAL! COAL!?The soEeenher having taken V/ lire yard snnti.wett corner of King and Oreonwidt street, it now receiving a fall snooty of *chnylkill and Psaeh Orchard Coal, sclrcied from the host reins, which ha offers at the folUwinit red seed prices, Tin >? From the ycid, nrttquality, broken and screened, $5.JO per ton. ; " Eat site, " " " " Not, " i.M ? From the boat, * Broken, " 5AJ ? Eci site. " iji " Bror*. ? 5,00 ? Not, ? t,75 ? Delivered frea of cartage. oi iw"rr wnwr*?ie |7ANUt"ZK1T0L?4 Wk rtiit hobtbAv*-ii" anhveriber lia? r. ft irrd by the la eat ameaia, * eery rich aasortm nt of ran* Fancy Articles rotuwiac ol fatter work Jcraa, paper do. gam i it roa wood bexaa, ambioaderinc fr?ma with fanraaa aid col'd cotton, ehildre n"? tojra, Mrnsaicrir.antl aoap, of kamrted qualitiea, fte. otc. Two pnihe is mptotNlty invited to call and er amine the a bora atoek, prertrmsto purehatinc elaewhare, at da Im*r V F. KHANC18CHI, IWM Broadway. RK H RNING, DECEMBER 6. 1 Pcnn Yann. [Correipondcncc of the Herald.] Pen* Varn, Nov. 30, 1842. Singular Saying* and Doing$ in Penn Yann? Escape of a Ycung Lady? Trrrible Work. Dear BENNK-rr The late session of the Circuit Court for the Seventh Circuit, h?a now adjourned, but the causes tried have been of aa exciting character The second cause of Keeler vs. Bowers, was particularly so.? The plaintiff, a young lady of about 22, of fine appearance, and resectable, though not wealthy connection*, attended in person, accompanied by a large number of her female acquaintance* as witnesses. The action was lor slander. The words were alledged to have been spoken by defendant's wife es coming from him. Plea, general issue. It appeared that the plaintiff was a milliner and mantua maker, in business here?that during the summer of IRll defendant,by a long course of attentions secured her affections ar.d an engagement to many him. This contract, though mutual, he took the liberty to break, and married another girl.? Coming to his house and being neglected by the neighbors, she ascertained the cause to be his desertion of the plaintiff. Full of spunk, she attacked him, and he, to screen himself, extracted a promise of secrecy, and then made the charges laid in the declaration Thinking this a sufficient justification for him, she published the secret confided to her, and the plaintiff an orphan, and relying upon her own exertions for a living, was thus compelled to defend her character or sink into infamy and disgrace. To sustain a notice of justification, one Alexander B Edsoo, of suspicious character, a large framed, whisker faced fellow, who spent the winter in Canada, but hud formerly resided here, was called to the stand and sworn. Up to this moment the name of the witness by whom the notice was to be sustained had been kept a profound secret. All eyes weie now turned on him, and an almost breathless audience listened for a moment to a description of an illicit intercourse of the plaintiff'and defendant stamped upon its lace with improbability. and upon his cross-examination, with imuossi bility. Here the suspense was relieved. Witnesses swore they would not believe him under oath. The jury rejected his testimony, and found a verdict tor plaintiff of #2<K). Attorney for plaintiff, W. C. Parsons; Counsel, James Taylor; Assistant Counsel, E. Hoogland. Attorney lor defendant, D. B. Proaaer andAlvin Winans; Counsel, E. Van Buren. A friend of relative of the young lady immediately presented the case to the grand jury, and Eds?n now stands indicted for perjury. It appears that defendant's first wife was a sister of the witness. It is understood that ten of the jury were for a heavy verdict, butt the other two contended (and were doubtless right) that she would then lose the whole; whereas, a small one might possibly be made available. The next case of note was au action against, "the Witch Doctoi" Walters, a description of which in my next. The imposition and credulity ex|K>sed in this case beat "Ola Times," all hollow. Florence, Ala. [Correspondence of the Herald.J Fi/irksci. A1h Nnv M 1RJ9 Deuription of Florence?Cotton Crop?Politic*? Clay? Calhoun. Dear Sir ? Ah you have no correspondent in North Alabama, I take the liberty of giving you some information respecting its character, towns, etc. that the world may learn ot the existence of such a country, through the columns of your widely circulated and valuable journal. Firet, then, of Florence, a town which in point of natural advantages, is not surpassed by any other village in the southwest, and which in all probability will become an important commercial point? the storehouse of a vast and fertile region of country, already filled up with an industrious and thriving population. It is situated about three-fourths of a mile from the Tennessee river, on a high point of land eb-valed at lea?t one hundred feet above the level of me river, and is surrounded by an undulating and fertile country, admirably adapted to the growth of upland cotton, wheat and corn. The former staple is cultivated extensively in the western part of this county, and is oar chief, indeed I may say, our only article of exportation. The crop this year is large?nearly equal, I think, to the great vietd of IS?? and should the prices equal those of last year, our planters will be aule to pav oH their indebtedness without resorting to the ruinous system heretofore prevalent in this country, of drawing on the next year's crop. Bat I must say something now of our town. We have a population of about 1200, and are progressing slowly though surely to a prominent station among the villages of the southwest. Our merchants and business men have seen the eflects of extravagant soe-, culation and overtrading, in the prostration of other towns in our vicinity, and are disposed to confine their operations within proper bounds. Tney have seen towns and cities built up as it were in a day, and fhey have witnessed as suddenly their fall,when the stimulus which gave them being was withdrawn. The fate of such places are unerring bea cods to guiae me Dusiness man in ins operations, and to carry him on to certain prosperity. The Tennessee river is crossed here by one of the finest bridges in America, and connects with nsTuscumbia, an important and flourishing town on the south side of the river, five miles distant, and the terminus of the Tuscumbia, Courtland and Decatur rail road. It is unnecessary for me to say anything of this road. TUe bonds which were issued by its officers some years since, sre, I believe, well known " on change" in Wall street, and have doubtless caused many a poor fellow who waa induced, by flattering promises, to purchase them, to curse the day that he became a dealer in southern stocks. The agitations in the political world are watched by our politicians with a great deal of care, and it is now generally conceded that Mr. Clay, should he consent to be a candidate, cannot be elected. The overwhelming majority in New York has thrown the whirs into a profound mesmeric sleep. They have loat all of their wonted energy and zeal in the cause of their great chief. Mr. Clay cannot get the support even of the whigs of this state, and so far as the democrats are concerned, he can expect no mercy from them. They detect his motives, and will battle against him manfully on all occasions.? Benjamin F. Porter, of this State, a man of distinction, and one who contrihnted greatly to the success of General Harrison in 1840, has recently written a letter to a Clav club committee, in which he intimates plainly his purpose to support Mr. Cslhoun, in preference to the author of the American system. A wsrd as to ths Herald, and T will 'close thin communication. Many of our citizens take it, and every man who can beg or borrow, reads it Indeed, it it lonkpH fn hv nil nnrfi^n fnr infnrmaiinn nn.i has, I believe, a larger number of subscribers here than any other foreign paper. LaT!7>*RT>AIJJ. 8tsekbrM|(, Mm*. tCormpondeae* of the Herald.] Stockbridob, Mass., Dee. t, 1842. Journey to Stockbridge?Cowntrq Amuttmenti? Sleighing?Mart in Van Bmrtn't MovemenU in a new quarter. Jamb* Gordou Bbbbbtt, Esq. Prar Sir? A moment's time, and an opportunity, enables me to redeem my promise to you when 11 as i saw you in New York, whieh was, that ?f any thing took place with me during my winter perignnations, to lay the same before vour readers, which I find in this sec tion to be quite numerous. I left your city on Tuesday last, and found myself in the city of Hudson on one oi the most dismal, nasty, gioomv morn inns I ever saw, which may be remembered by yonrself. The 30th day of November, lft 12, will long be remembered by every person who in the least experienced any of its severities. After having made a most glorious breakfast at the Hudson House, I took the cars about eight in the morning for this place. This railroad meets the Albany and Boston track at small place called ' Grots," and from there it is a branch to this place about ten or twelve miles in length. The pnssenger crs are neat and plain?not in the least extravagant. They are constructed much after the model of the Utica and Schenectady cars, without any of their unnecessary txpe nd it urea. This road aeerns to be well conduc ted, and, to my the least, thoae persons who have the charge of the ears and the road, pay a decent regard to the lives and limbs of their passengers. In this respect they set such nn example as if properly lollowed other companies would find it much to their interest. [EltAl 842. The sleighing here is beautiful indeed- There has just snow enough fallen to make "ca|>ilul slipping," as they express it here, and not so much asto prevent the people getting about and enjoying it to their heart's content. I see many ot those tray young men from your city whose countenances f recollect having seen in the mercantile houses in Pearl, Cedar, and William streets, and Lhev stem to enter into the verv stunt of the cuuse. f am informed that he in considered the finest fellow who can support or hire the l>e?l horse, sleigh and harness, and the greatest number of bells; the prize of the handsomest girl is sure to be his reward. One word in relation to those dear creatures I h ive met since my arrival. Such bevies of plump looking, bloominv, joyous, happy beings, never were seen in anv place other than a New England vill age. One cannot avoid being struck, and that forcibly too, with that prominent trait of all of our people, whether in the large cities or in the small country towns,which is manifested upon all occasions,whether of importance or otherwise; whether in relation to the convulsion of the world or the sticking ot a cane in N. P. Willis' toad. I mean that remarkable propensity of excitability upon the most frivolous points, as well as upon those requiring our moat serious attention. But yesterday society here seemed in much agitation in relation to that man Miller, and to-day, shall I speak it?will you believe it?will your readers credit it?when I sav that it is contidentially whispered in the circles of the tltic here that Murtin Van Buren has offered himself in marriage to a distinguished literarv lady! This I have from undoubted auihority, and from such a source that it is eifliiled to the utmost credence. "Veto," the writer in the Evening Post, who, by the way, is her brother, will have to give us another column or two on "removals." $<> you will see that Mr. Van Buren has two strings to his bow. It lie loses the democratic nomination, lie may succeed in a higher, a better, a purer, and happier object. subject of remitting the rents due for butcher*' stalls, and re-payment of premiums. The Comptroller states that the sum of $60,000 is now due the Sinking fund from the butcners of this city for the rent of stalls, which they refuse to pay on the ground that I certain rights have been invsued by certain other butchers in opening shops and selling meat in other places except the public markets. The comptroller states "that the butcher* hare not taken out their usual license# for four i years past, except where transfers have been made, and are therefore net lu e situation to claim the protection of the Common Council, besides tlieir relnsal to pay rent, puts them out of the pale of consideration of 'he city authoiities." He further say* that "the age has gone by I when a market monopoly will be tolerated in this community, and the sooner that part of the market law is re. periled the better, but thi* is not to release them from the payment ol ronton public property, which they hsve heretofore and are daily occupying. I would ask, is the profession of a Butcher the only ono in the community not subject to the fluctuation* of trade end the depression of business, and are they to escape the hardness of th* times, because they daily occupy and enjoy the puhlic property, and because many other persons are engaged in carrying on the same business, must they here their rent remitted 1 I hope not. I have yet to learn where they here any guarantee that no other persons shall sell meat than thams<lTes, except the ordinance which prohibits It, and which cannot be enforced, and which is not like the laws of the Medes and Persians, unalterable, if eircumstances require it; besides, this law is daily violated by licensed butchers, or rather butcheri who occupy stand* in puhlic markets, if not in their own person* by persons in their employ." He then ?ho ** that the rent* ot the hutchera per diem in many of the markets is less than that Charged to the hucksters,who hare paid their dues punctually .andhe then take* strong ground against the rcmissoinof any of the rentaalready accrued,asthat belong* to the sinking fund, which has l>e? n recognised time and again a* set apart for the purpose of paying the city debt. He then recommends that for the purpose of raising revenue from the markets that there should be charged a reasonable sum forerery bullock, calf, sheep and hog which is exposed on sale, and thad such amounts should be collected daily hs the rents ol the hucksters, Icc. are now collected. He eatimatea that there is sold in this city about 1000 head of cattle |>er week or M.000 per year which at OA cent* would yield (18,000, and 2A0,000 small stock which at 4 cent* would yield $10,000. making a sum of (33,000, which he oon'idera would yield to the sinking fond what is properly ita due. He contend* that the Common Council may remit rents to come from the butchers.but tbey cannot those already dua. He denies that the butchera have any right or title whatever to any stand except sttoh as they derived from the payment of premium money which is guaranteed only by a license from the Mayor to occupy said stall for a year. He denies in toto all power or authority of the Common Council to pay back the (60,000 claimed by the butcher* as premium money, and trusts that the citizen* will not allow themselves to bo taxed tor that purpose. In counexion with the report of the Comptroller is the opinion of David Oraham, fc?q. counselct the Board, in which he denies the power of tho Common Council to remit any moneys due or paid by the butchers for the rent ol stall*. He says that such an object can only be effected by the corporation paying into the sinking frind an amount eanal to such reduction, out of the treasury of the city, and oy obtaining the authority of the legislature to impose a tax for that purpose. He also state* that all premiums paid by the butchera forthe choice of stands were regarded as market rents, mid that therefore they fall within the same principle. He alao assert* that the Common Council have the power to permit and regulate the ?f ? ? * n? nla?AO ntkow ikon 4Ka ntiKlin nmrbiilt nrt/l uiv ui mciiai|/?<.a?.Uv. ...... , license persons to sell at inch place*, and takeJVes therefor, and also to prohibit the aale in all place! except auch aa are licauaed. The report of the Comptroller, u ith the opinion of the connael of the Board, waa ordered to be printed, and the whole auhject wa* made the order of the aay for Monday evening next, at 7} o'clock. Alderman Caoucs called up an ordinance increaaing the per of the city watchmen to centa per night in- I atead of $1, a* reduced by the whig majority when they cam? into power laat aprtng. Alderman Ptrarv said he waa happy to tee that the whig party had retracted from their former potiUon in relation to " retrenchment and reform," and he ahoaiid certainly vote for the resolution with pleasure. At Icrman Lac concurred with Alderman Pnrdy and moved to amend by increaaing the salary of the assistant clerk of the Board of Aldermen to the seme mm ft was 1 J? -J. I.., i|. .ilhir.. II mjiore u&e rcuqvuvh m??mo ran wpnu^t ?<v 4>w ^ howrver, anil Alderman Or.oritr moved to amend, by making the pay $1,9.1 per night trom the let of November to the let of May, and from that lima to the lit of November, at $1. Alderman C/.oi.iu? stated that from conversations with many of the watchmen, ha felt disposed to accept the amendment of tba Aldermen of the Bth. Alderman Bonnet.l, one of the comajttoa, said ha should vote (or tio amendment, as he was dispoaed to make the nay foil $1 26 the year round. Alderman Puaor sustained the original resolution Alderman Jons.s of the filth, said ha was not in tha practice ol demagoguing, but ha would voto for tha increase of the pay for seven months only. Alderman Ptiaer said be did not know how it was about tho gentleman'sdrmagogtting, but ha thought that the original voto of tho Alderman when tha pay of these men were reduced, bt cause as he then stated,that tha ps-opieof the city had been onerously taxed by tha legislative enactment imt osing a mdi tax, was quite equal to any demegogtieism that had ever beau seen or heard from on iheotber side of the houac. Alderman Sttwist said he was not only in ?J7 ! I fnereusaof pay but alao to pay them the amount mat had been deducted since Its decrease. ? . . The ordinance as amended gfrlagfl^? p** Jp(,m the |at of November last to tha 1st of May, snd $ I from that time to November, was then adop'ed. The Democratic Alderman and AWarman Stkwaut Luiumon i/ouien, Boahd or Aids, kmc-i, Monday, Doc. 5th?Alderman Woodhull, President, in the Chair, and all the other memben pruiont, except Alderman Leonard. A number of petitions were prevented recommending a disposal of the $1000 sent to the nheritf as a bribe, all of which were referred to the Committee raised on that subject. Alderman Crolius stated that the committee had met a number ol times and examined several witness relative to the burning of the cupola, ike., but owing to the absence of the Sheriff, they were not enabled to conclude their labors but would be ready to report at the next meeting of the hoard. Alderman Lee presented a resolution calling upon the Mayor to issue his proclamation to the citizens to observe Thursday us a day of Thanksgiving and prayorin accordance with the recommendation of the Governor. Resolutions and ordinances in fever of paving l-Jth street, between Bloomingdale road and 6th avenue, and pnving a walk four feet wide from 4th to 6th avenue ; as ulso regulating '13J street from 3d avenue to the 6th, were read and concurred in. The resolution authorizing the employment of counsel to defend the suit brougat against the Corporation by Hiram A. Norris, for a violation of his right to tap the water pipes of the city while under hydraulio pressure, which had previously passed this board and was vetoed by the Mayor, was called up by Alderman Davis for reconsideration. Alderman Lee opposed the re-consideration of the resolution on the ground that it allowed the counsel of the Board privilege to employ additional counsel, which he considered unnecessary, and ottered to amend, by striking out tuch power. Alderman Balis contended that no amendment could be received on u motion to reconsider; and altera debate of hall an hour, the proposition of Alderman Lee was negatived, and the motion to reconsider finally adopted by a vote of 11 to 6. A re|?rt and resolution from the Committee of Assessments ol the Board of Assistants to request the assessors to serve a special notice on all persons assessed on their person al estate, was read. Alderman Underwood advocated the measure on the ground that in almost every instance where persons had applied to tliw Common Council for correction of tax, they alleged that they had not received any notice. Aldermen Lee and Purdy took the same view of the case, and Alderman Oedney opposed i!; because, as he said, tnat the assessors already p' rformed such duty. It was finally adopted by a vote ol 14 to 2. The Committee of Asseaaments presented a report hi favor ol confirmiug an assessment to fence in vacant lots between 6th and 3th avenues in 21st street, which was adopted. A icport was received from the Comptroller in reply to a resolution ol the Board, asking for information on the LD. fllH Tw# Ccuti, were all in favor of giviug the watchmen the back pay from the time it wai reduced, and therefor* voted against the reaelutwn a* amended. Alderman Puanr then moved that the watchmen be paid the additional twenty-live cent* per night since the time it vat reducedAlderman Let moved for a recomideration for that parpen which wai loath) a vote of 10 to 6? Aldermen Martin, Smith, Bunnell, Pur!), liuttieldand Lee in the nrgutiva. The ievolution wai tin illy put and adopted by a vote ot I'd to 4. The negative voting agaiuat it on account of relu al ot the inaioiiiv to nnv tat eniv-Hve centa tier nlaht from the timu the ?ul ity bat I,ecu reduced U> $1. Alderman Pnauv moved to suspend ihe rules in order to take up a resolution to Hive toe watohmen 30 cents |>er night since thu reduction was made, wbioh was tie**, tived by u vote of 7 to ?Aldermen B ills, Woodhull, Underwood, Jones, Crolius, Uedney, Carman, Davies, and We si, in the negative. A resolution from the Board of Assistants discount* nancing the frauds ol public contractors upon their workmen, was adopted. Alderman Pusnr then introduced a n solution calling for the payment ol 24 cents each ii'ght to the city watcnmui since the reduction ot their salary. Ahlerman Gkdnev moved 10 lay it on the table. Aldermen Unoehwoou and Lie then had a cross fire ou thu suhject, in which they both expressed murb sjrops thy for the watchmee, but the lormer opiioaed lha reso lutlon. Alderman Puaov said, as the measure had been defeated by a strict party vote, hu had called it up in a new shape in order to test the matter fairly. Alderman Caomut said that the motive of the Alderman of the Tenth Ward w as seen by the members ot the Board as well as the audience. Alderman Puanv rose and called the gentlemen to order lor questioning hia motives. Alderman Crolius replied that he was as ready to meet or see that gentleman as that gentleman was to see him. Alderman Purdy replied, and the President called both gentlemen to order. The belligerent aspect of both parties having been thus i-"'"""/ ?"?)ruiur i|uchiuii ? uu?i.j |>ui >uu urei' ded iu the negative by u vole of It to 6?Alderman Martin, Smith, Purdy, Halflcld, Bunnell and Lee in the aftimaUve A resolution to pay Peter (Jttinn an extra allowance for work done in opening a trench in Broadway on account of quick sands interfering in the proaecutiou ofbia work, waa taken up and adopte I by a vote of 10 to 4?Aldermen Woodhull, Balm, Underwood, and Oedaey in the negative. The Board then adjourned to Wedaeaday evening at 6 o'clock, when tioth boarda meet in joint ballot. Boiau or Assistants.?Preacut, the President and a quorum. The minutea of the laat meeting were read and approved. Peliliont.? Of Fitzgerald, and one hundred other pcraonr, for the uae of the Croton water in South atreet. near Jamvs street, by cartmen, wagoners, and others. Helerred to thu Croton Water Committee. Of several persons, to be reinunera'ed for damages sustained by the bursting of thu water pipes in Canal street Referred. Of sundry persons, that it be prohibited by law that the Gas Light Works shall not throw their dregs and filth into the Last and North rivers, the same greatly injuring the fish and oysters, all the way from btaten Island to Harlem. Referred. Reports.?Of Committee on Asaessments, in relation to the petition of George Wheeler, respecting the Chaun'cay estate. Accepted. Of the Finance Committee, in favor of the sale to John Coger, Jr., of a lot of land on the east side of Pike slip, between Water and South streets, for $4000, one fourth part cash, the balance on bond and mortgage. Adopted. Of the Commiiteaon Ordinances, concurring with the Board of Aldermen in an ordinance recommended by the City Inspector. Adopted. Oi the Committee on Tolice, Watch and Prisons, in favor of establishing five extra watch poata near 8th Avenue and 83d street, or iu that neighborhood. Report accepted and the resolutions odopted. Of the Committee on Police, Watch and Prisons in favor of the paymeut of Dr. K. Stuart's Dill of services at the 3d district watch house, to the amount of $13, It waa moved to strike out $13 and insert $8, and carried. Adopted as amended. Ol' tame committee in farorof paying Dr. Uaac Oreen lor servicea to Peter S. Post, a city watchman, to the amount of $5 The original bill was $10. It was moved to strike out $4 and insert $1?lost. Of same committee in favor of purchasing a clock for the 4th distiict watch house?the clock not to exceed $4 cost. Resolution was adopted. Of same committee in lavor of paying Dr. D. R. Hib. bard's bill to the amount of $31. Concurred in. Of Committee on Laws, Ac. relative to the payment of certain costs in the case of Armstiong and Beard, in favor of Wm. Beard, to the amount of over $700. Resolution adopted. Of Committee on Roads and Canals on petition of certain owners of land, Ac. to open and grade lAOth street, and build a wharf at the foot of it. The committee reported in lavor of appropriating $1'JC0 to open the stre-t, and $M)0 to build a wharf. It was moved to lay the resolution onthetntile. Lost. The resolution was concurred in. Of Street Committee in favor of paving 19lli -treet, between Bloomingdile road and 6ih Avenue. Report accepted and the ordinance adopted. Ol same committee on petiiion of march ants of Catherine street, for the removal of certain incumbrances in the shape of stalls, stands, pedlar's baskets, Ac. A resolution in favor of petitioners was reported. It was sModed by adding that the Mayor be requested to detail as many police officers as may be necessary to effect the object to assist the street inspector. Washington Market and streets in the vicinity were also sdd> d. Laid on the table. It woa afterwards taken up, and carried. O htreet Commit ?e in lavor ol flagging the sidewalk in King street, 'ihe report was accepted and tha ordr. dance adopted. Resolution from the Bosrd of Aldermen requesting His Honor >he Mayor to issue a Proclamation for 1 hanksgrv ingon Thursday m.xt. Concurred in. Communication from the Comn'roller sskina further api ropriatiou, to wit?tor Boaid of health, $30"; Court*, $1000; Repair* and Hupplies, $1SU0; Fire department $1000} Police, $3000?total $8,300. The rraolution we* concurred iu. Report or the Committee on the New York and Albany Railroad, was referred to a ipecial committee?Brown, Mead and Brady,the committee. Report of the Committee on Police, Watch and Prisons, relative to increasing the pay of Watchmen to $1,33 per night. It wai taken t.p for final action. The queetlon wa* on concurring wiih the Board of Aldermen in their amendment. Concurred In. Reaolution, That the Comtrnller draw hi* warrant in favor of the ottlcer* employed at the poll* of the election in June aod Nov. lait, who have not yet been paid. Concurred in. Resolution to re-numher Waablngton Place and Univertity Place. Concurred in. Assessment to repair Canal itreet, from Broadway to Hudson ?t. Concunedin. Resolution directing the Counsel of the Corporation to defend the suits of Mr Norris against the Corporation together with the objection of the Mayor thereto Reconsidered and adopted notwithstanding those objections ?The guestiou being on taking ep the paper at Hi is meeting lor finaLeetion it wa* objected to, two thirds not voting in farai of susnendine the rule. Doc. 41. Relative to paying Samuel Steven*, Esq. $003 01, lor which he is to give hi* receipt in lull for salary up to thi* time. A resolution to that eflect waa concurred in. Seveial assessments were concurred in. The Board adjourned to next Wednesday at 6 P. M. V. S. Clrcalt Court. Before Judge Thompson. Dice. 0 ? James Wood vs. Wm. Jl. Underbill and Jittkal H. O row We have already given an outline of this caa*. It I* still ou. For plaintiff, Staples and Silliman. For defendant, . L.Jordan, and B. F. Butler. Packard vt. Wood.-In thi* ewe the Jury returned a sealed verdict, finding for plaintiff six cents damages and six cents costs; thus establishing his right to the patent. Taylor # Co. t>?. Swartwout?In this casethe Jury gave verdict for plaintiffof $14,714 31. Btanchard'i Gun Stock and Lail Turning Factory, vi, Sitae Davit The jury gave a verdict for plaintit! *1 $160 damages and six cent* costs. Bankrupt Hat. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Alfred M. Whitney, New York. John r. Hall, New York. Wm. H Bidden, cattle dealer. New York. Kdwin Sohenck, oil merchant, New York. Ilii-hard Witty, carpenter, New York. Edward P. Torrey. commlnaion metchant, Brooklyn Paul B. Macy, oil merchant, Brooklyn. Caltada*. U. 0. CiacvtT Corar No day Calendar. In ?eteion every day. Judge Thorn peon prrfkding. U. 0. Diithic* Court?Judge Betti preaiding ?Caeee in Admiralty, Monday, Tneaday and Wadnreday. Caaaa in BankntfWcr, Thnraday, Friday and Hatarday. Cnanraaf ?Denteiooa will be given on Tueeday, Dec. 13th, in the Room, City Hall. Acer.atea Cocar.?-Two Onnrta eltting. Calendar for Tueedav?No. 8, 14. M, TO, SI, ?, S3, ?4, 1*. W. 17, ?. SO, 114, SI, S3, lit, M. 14, 30, SO. Deciaione delivered on ?atnrday*. c .. .i t-A n k u..fnrc ,/ndre Inrraham - 111.117, 119. mi. IS. 1#,3?. M, M.?J?. "'? ?<1 Part ?Meet a at lOo'clock in the Circuit Court Room, twfora Jitd** UlahoefTer-140, 4, II, M, I*, #0, ?, <W, W, 100. Maui** Court.?Jury Cur*, Mondaya, Wedneadaya. and Fridaya. ... _ Board oi Suraanaoia meet thia day,, Dec. 0, at 4 o'clock P. M. Courtt Court meeta on Thuraday, th? IMh tnaf at 4 o'clock. f"9 WILLIAM BROWN'S cheap aaah mot*. IN Clmlian nppnaite Rejereh (treat.?Caitimerc, Silk And Fmt (lata, Oi.ri, tt?al. Nutria, Cloth And Silk Veleet Capa. 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