Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 8, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 8, 1842 Page 3
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Common Council. Dec.7.?Bosan or Almsmen?All the member! prelent except Alderman Leonard an?l Bunnell. A communication wai receive.) from the Mayor in reply to a resolution introduced bv Alderman Lee, calling upon him to Inane hia proclamation to the citizens ol the citv to keen Thursday aa n dav of Thanksgiving, in accord ancn with th- ri rommend ition of the Governor of tinState. The Mayor declines to isoue liii proclamation on thp ground that that of tho Ourernor ia sufficient for nil the parpMi s required. Alderman Pvanv move<l thatthe renlv of the Mayor be nnhli?hed in the Corporation paper, which w as negatived by a voteo| 9 to 3, and th'"i l?id on thetable. Th't Finance Commi tec reported in favor ot authorizing tho Comptroller to draw hia warrant in favor of Luke Moore, for $340 SO. being n porlion of the money accruing from the estate of William Hindprton or Anderton. Alderman Cibmsn moved that the vote rela'ive to the communication of the Mayor on TliaukagiviDg be reconsidered. Alderman Lee said ho wondered at tho fickle mindedneas of the gentleman. Alderman n.... called for the gentleman's reaaons for hischangeof opinion. Along debate here ensiled relative to taking the papers from the file, in which Aldermen Italia. Davies and L'nderweod took part, when all the parliamentary usages since the Java of our ^axon forefather! were introduced to ahow that a paper on Hie could be called for and rea l without a rote for reconsideration. The vote wu finally taken, and decided in a refuial to reconsider, by a vote of 8 o 7. The Clerk's decision was challenged, when it tvas found that th" vote stood the reverse?8 in favor of re-consideration and 7 against it. The nie;?agi> was then read a second time, and ordered to be published in the corporation papers, hy a vote of 9 to 7. Allermcn Balis, Underwood, Gedney, Jones, Stewart. West a,,d Lee, voting in the negative. A resolution waa introduced from the Board of Ass ?tan's 'o re J uce the silarv of the clerks of the ward courts to $1000, it now being $1200. A motion to refer to Committ" on Salaries was lost hy a vote of 1J to 3. /i Herman Lee said he was in favor of the reduction. Alderman Pranv opposed it Al lerman Gednkt moved for a concurrence with the other hoard. Alderman Lke stated that the expenses of these Courts as now eonstitutei), was over $6000 per annum above the -proceeds, and therefore a reduction was called for. The vote to concur was passed hy yeas 12, nays 3?Alderman Purdy, Martin and Stewart. A resolution to obtain a full ength portrait of Governor Sewnrd to be placed in the Governor's room, according to previous custom, was presented hy Alderman Purdy and referred to the Committee on Arts and Sciences?with power. An ordinance to make the salary of Register of Rents $8'0 per annum instead of $1000, to take date from December, 1842. A resolution to tnkn down the cupola on the Halls of Justice wa> presented hy Alderman Crolius. Alderman Balis opposed it on the ground that it was necessary as an appendage to the Fire Department, and moved to refer it to the Fire and Water Committee. Alderman Carman was in favor of taking it down, as well as Alderman Hatfield, of the Fire and Water Com mi'tee. Ablet-men Crolr-s accepted the amendment, as he understand that the Chiar Engineer contemplated recommencing aome plan, whereby it conlil be used in ita pre?ent shape. Alderman Balk withdrew hie resolution, and Alderman CaoLir* then moved, that it be referred to the Committee on Public Otfirea and Repairs. Alderman Stkwart said, that all the members of the Comroitteaon Fire and Water were in favor of its being taken down. After several other motions, the original resolution, an. thorising the cupola to be taken down under the charge of the Committee of Repairs, was adopted. Joist B allot.?The members of both Boards being assembled, they proceeded to hold a joint meeting. The report of the Chiel Engineer was read, and the resignation of Harrison Re lfleld and Wm. McCledlan, were referred to Committee on Fire and Water, by motion of Alderman Gednev. PThe Fire a d Water Committee, to whom were referrel violations of the ordinance relative to engines and hose companies running upon the side walks, reported for sus. pending the foremen of engines Nob. 10, 1H, and 26, and the foremanof Hose Company 36. and assistant foreman of 22, for three months, for violations of said ordinance. "Alderman Pi-bdy voted in the negative. George W. Phyfe, first clerk in the Street Commissioner's office, tendered his resignation, and John B. Hall was appointed in his placeWilliam Callender was reappointed one of the clerks of the Lower Police, fo" four years, from the 19th of November last, when his term of office expired. Robert Tavlor, the present clerk ofthe Mayor, was then re-nomitinted a* Police Justice, in place ot James ralmer, whose term of office has expired. Alderman Lt.f. moved that the resolution he laid on the table, nnd stated that to Justice Palmer was the city prin. cipally indebted foe the introduction of the Croton water, and also that he ha l renden-d essential service to the city as an alderman, and in other capacities. Aid. Pranr sustsinod the motion, and hoped that the appointment might be delayed, as Justice Palmer was a poor man, and had, when he was appointed the last time, received the unanimous vote of the Board. The motion to lay on the table was lost by a vote of 19 to 19. Alderman Pordy nominated Jamea Palmer for re-appointment. On balloting the result was, for Robert Taylor 19 James Palmer 11 B'ank 1 Robert Taylor was therefore declared elected Police Justice for th? ensuing lour years. Horace Luflborough was then nominated bs First Clerk to the Mayor in place of Robert Taylor, appointed Police Justice. Alderman Puiidt nominated Enoch E Camp for the same office. The ballot stood for? Horace Luff borough 17 Enock E.Camp 19 J. Wiederho'dt. . 9 The la?ter gentleman received two whig votes. Mr. Luffborough was then declared elected first Clerk to the Mayor. James M. Murray was then nominated for Clerk of the 6th, 8th and 14th wards, in place of Teter Lee. Alderman Lee nominated Isaac Labagh. The ballot stood for? James M. Murray 19 Isaac Labagh 11 Blank 1 Jamea M. Murray was. therefore, declared to be elected Clerk. The resignation of Charles H. Roach, Register of Water Rents, was received and accepted. Alonio B.Bigelow waa then nominated to fill the vacancy. Alderman Lee nominated James Palmer. The ballot stood for? B. Bi??low 90 J unes Palmer 10 Blank 1 Alonco B. Bigelow wai therefore appointed Register of Rents. Peter Masterton was nominated as measurer of Bituminous Coal, iii place of Wm. Guest. John H. Kipp was appointed weigher of Anthracite Coal. James R. Scott was appointed Inspector of Firewood, at Manhattanville. Amos L Lounsburr was appointed Weigher of Hay at Manhattanville, in place of Elliott Cohne, deceased. James H. Kellnm was removed from the situation of day Police officer of the first ward. The Common Council then adjourned to Monday evening next, at b o'clock. Botao or Assistsxts.?Present, the President, and a quorum. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Petitions -none. Reports of Qonmitteei. Of Special Committee, to whom was referred the Report and Resolution from thn Board o( Aldermen,relative to the New York and Albany Railroad. The Report was adopted, and the Resolutions concurred in. Resolution, That the salaries of the Clerks of the Assistant Justices be fixed at $1000. Adopted. Moved to take up Document No. 67 of the Beard of Aldermen. A rosolution to re-consider the resolution to defend the suit instituted by Hiram A Norris, against the Water Commisstoners, Stevens, Ward, Ring he Birdsall, for the infringement of hu patent lor boring the water It trill bo recollected that the Mayor returned the re?o. lution authorizing the above named defence, with hia objestlons?the point of which wa?, that the tuit against these Water Commissioners was against them i*i their individual capacities, and not against the Corporation of the city. Also, that Mr. Norris nad a just right to protection in the un I sturbed use of his patent. His Honor avers that the Coriioration can not tie ma.le to respond to a tort. it a tort should be committed by them it must be by them ns individuals and not as a corporation ; and they must be h Id responsible as individuals. If, thereiore, the Water Commissioners have been guilty of a tort, they must respond to it iu their own individual capacity. These Commissioners were bu the agents of the Corporation. In the course of discussion on this subject, the following statements were made by Assistant Alderman DodgeO i the 91 June, 1842, Norris obtained his patent, which he continued to use down to the time that Allen's machine came into use. On the 2d or lore part of August, Mr. Allen's came into use. On the 2Mb August Norris commenced his suit for infringement ot his patent. On the 11th August, Norris filed new specifications, embracing parts of Allen's machine. [This Norris denies, end asserts there was nothing new in them, for thu law does not allow new parts to be added ] In Norris' first patent hi- only claimed the close chamber, the lid, and the valve. Allen's had no chamber, no lid, and no valve f which last Noiris denies, alleging that it has a valve.] Norris'new specifications em) race boring, tapping, and reaming, and alao imy analogous contrivance? phis Nor* ri? denies, alleging thus ? a stock used hy him toraiiHerting the faucet combination of valve with drill and fernlet stock or any analogous contrivance?meaning analogous to the ferulet atock.j The reaolution was adopted t Assistant Alderman Nmhitt then offered a reeoultion to defend the above named auit notwithstanding the objections of the Mayor?Adopted. The Doard then took a recees for joint ballot. Aftc recess the Board met again and adjourned to next Tuesday, ft P. M. {t(f- It will be a grand day at the New York Museum. The manager has at an immense ex]>enaa procured from Europe the dresses in which Queen Vietoria and the Dutchess of Kent appeared on the days of Her Majesty's coronation and marriage. They are made of the moat costly fabrics of exquisite workmanship, richly embroidered with velvet, gold and other expensive materials. They are truly superb and magnificent. We imagiue that the ^ lair sex will he eager to gratify their longing eyes with a sight of what the Queen ol England is in the habit ol wearing. Signor Blitz, the magician, ventriloquiat and plates dancer will snrpaas himself by performing some al most incredible feats; Miss Clemence the graceful dan sense, kc and a host of other attractions, all for one shilling. Repeated pertormmices during the afternoon and evening, General SeMlone. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. Joseph W. Strang. Esq, Acting District Attorney. Ore. 7 At the opening of the Court the name of Tlioa Callin, formerly mate of the snip \azoo, that sailed he. ween this |><>rt aud New Orleans, was called, he having le-en indicted for grand larceny, in stealing ftyo worth f je-.velrv Iron B thlwin at , of New ark, N. I., on the l?t of Mtrch las', while the ship laid at New Orleans \t the time this man was arrested, July 4th, one of th" gold watches that had been stolen was lotindinhis possession, and he then confessed the crime, and rrstored a "mail portion of the property. He had also sold a sapphire breastpin, that had Keen stolen with theother articles, to Frederick Levy,of 78 Bowery, an 1 when examined before the police he said, "I had rather not say any thing uhout it at present." Notwithstanding all three proofs of guilt, and th'1 addition >1 fact that this man was an otliceron board th r vessel in which the goods were shipped at the time they were stolen, Richard Voorhecs w as taken as hail for his appearance, and the rogue not being present, the rec gnizance was declared forfeited. How much longer will these things be allowed by our courts of jus. tier? Diicharged.?Allen E. Simons, indicted for keeping a ten pin alley in Broad street, was discharged, a nolle prmrtjui having been entered by the District Attorney, with the consent of the original complainant, Alien .MeDOHpr.ll. Ann Fuller, of 100 Chnpel street, charged with grand larceny, in stealing a $50 note from James McCtirley, on thell'Uof Oot her last, while in a bed-room with hint, was discharged, therebeing no bill of indictment found against her, owing to the absence of complainant. John Moran, indicted lor grand larceny, in stealing $7*2 61, from John McCormick of OOCourtlan It street, on the 20th of September last, wus discharge, the complainant having gone to sea. Jeremiuli Rowland indicted for beating Elisabeth rage, of 56 Forsyth street, on the -26th of August, was discharged by nolle proret/ui. .Irtaull and llaitery.?\ man named John Friel, was convicted of assaulting and beating Jane Covleon the '29!h of A" gnat last, while she was at hia house demunding the payment of some money duo her. Trial of Thomor Thorn at?This recently imported bur glnr was put upon hi? trial for burglary in the third depreo in entering the hardware atore of "Spies St Co -21S IVorl ttr.,.,1 r.l?- ni.,kl dnnlnrnhnr lO-li und .* <>?!. ing knives, Sic. of fine finish, valued at about $1700. It was proved that the store was opened by false keys and that the prisoner offered, incompany with George Morton, to sella quantity of the knives stolen, to Jackson, pawnbroker, of the Bowery, who gave information to the police who then arrested him. Ha sta'ed to Jackson that he could soon make him a fortune by the sale as he "had a first rate worker in the business.'' The defence called George Morton, who w as confined in prison on the same offence, to prove that he received the goods from a man named Thomas Bothwich, and that he also was told by Thomas that he had smuggled the goods when he came from England. The defence proved entirely unavailing, as the jury without learingtheir swats returned a verdict of guilty. The court then called him up for sentence, when he said he was a cabinet maker by trade, and had been in the country but six we"ks when he committed the crime. He was then sentenced to the state prison for four years and ten months. As Thomas was being remanded to prison Morton was brought out a second time for trial and as he approached him on the corridor outside the court room, the former drew olf and struck Morton a thumping Mow on th?* left cheekbone giving himablaek eye as a mark tor the manner in which he gave his testimony. Trial of Francis Thomat This burglar, the brother of Thomas Thomas convicted, was then put on his trial for the same ofTence Officer Welch testified that about three weeks after Thomas Thomas was arrested, in company with several other officers of police, he entered a house in the upper part of Madison street and found prisoner, George Morton and Thomas Stephens in the basement, and forty-three dozen of the stolen kuives in the back part of the room on a table. Officer Tompkins testified that from information received he went to the house in company with Mr.Osbom, clerk of the Police, lor the purpose of watching the premis>s. He nw r rancis Thomas, the prisoner, enter the basement, with a bundle and when arrpsted he said he had brought the knives there and that they were given to him for that purpose. The defence called Mih-Gheoosy, the sister of prisoner, who residesat 101 Rivington st-eet, who stated that he was a looking glass maker by trade, and had a wife and several children. She also stated that she saw two men come to his workshop in the basement at S o'clock in the morning and bring a bundle which prisoner afterwards opened and showed her that it contained knives on carls, which bundle he took out of the house the same evening. She also stated that prisoner and Thomas Thomas came to this country together last aummer. Johh Wild, was also called for defence He stated that he was a crockery dealer by trade and that he had known prisoner for 18 years in England, and he had al ways a good character before this transaction. The prosecution called Mrs. Jink Bkckft, who stated that she lived in Madison street at the house where the knives were found, and on the nignt above mentioned she thinks she saw prisoner there in company with Morton and Stevens. The case was then submitted to the jury under the charge ofthe Court,who immedia'ely returned a verdict of guilty. He was then sentenced to the 8tate prison for two years and ten months. Cate of Robert Griffith and David Sieson?The case of these men, indicted for obtaining money under false pretences, by the custom of advertising to provide situations for clerks, Sic., on their advancing a certain amount of money, was again put oft for another day. Griffith, who has been in prison for the past three months, was then discharged on his own recognivnnce. Case of Eliza Severance?The trial'of this woman for ' passing counterfeit money, was also hustled over to another day. The court then adjourned to Friday morning, Thursday being Thanksgiving day. Naval..?The U. S. Brig' Oregon, Lieut. L. M. Powell commander, sailed on Tuesday with a north west wind, for the survey of the Gulf of Mexico, via Charleston. The following are her officers :? Lieut. James H. Strong; Passed Midshipmen W. A. Bartlett, J. C. Williamson, J. 8. Neville ; Master's Mate, F.C. Ward. The IT. S Brig Jefferson, Capt. Norris, from Norfolk for Havana, has been spoken in lat. 25.40, Ion. 78.17?no date given. Bstnkrnpt List. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. Louis Decape,69 Murray street, met chant. John A. Moore, Broadway, merchant. Chauncoy A. Waterhury, 17 Courtlandt St., clerk. George Wade, Brooklyn, Commission merchant. Ar.or S. Marvin, Brooklyn, commission merchant. Redwood Fisher, Postmaster, Wall street ollice, New York,cierk. Edwin IV Yale,U.S. Hotel, N. Y., late hotel keeper. Wlliiam A.Beecher, Broadway, merchant. WiUiam Winterton, New York, late merchant, late coal dealer. Chatham Theatre.?The great variety and style of performances constantly offered at this^fashionable place of amusement, have very properly placed the Chatham at the head of the theatrical profession in this city. New and excellent melo-dramas are produced here with a rapidity truly astonishing, and in a style irresistably grand and magnificent. Tonight, two powerful and highly wrought plays are annonnced, which must secure to the worthy manager that unfailing testimonial of popular esteem?a full house. Q!J- Tnit is Thanksgiving Day, and Bamum of the American Museum, has nobly redeemed hisfpromise to exhibit the most wonderful living curiosity that thajworld ever beheld. It is no less than a fine little gentleman of tome ten or twelve yean of age, lively, talkative and well proportioned, led than two feet in height and weighing only fifteen pounds, the weight of an ordinary infant ?? We believe he arrived in the steam ship Columbia, from F.urope, but be that as it may, he ii by far the malleit pattern of a man in all creation, and scarcely a man, woman or child in the city will fail to viait him. It will be aeen by the advertiaement that many other noveltiea at a engaged for to-day. Performances take place throughout the afternoon and evening, by Wincbell, Booth, Mias Hood, Cclcato, the Mechanical Figures, Oipaey Oirl, fcc. Thavksou tao Night will be made agreeable to tha old as well as the young at the Bowery Amphitheatre thia evening. Besides the superior riding of LeTort, Stone and Howea, a highly amusiirg pcrfomance will be given in other respects. The Amphitheatre in every respect now ranks Arst amongst public amusements. Little Walter Ay mar is to ride this evening also. (ffj- METALIC TABLET STROP, WITH FOUR ides, invented by G. Saunders, for keeping razors in order. It azors can be ?et on these in a tenth part of the time required on a hone, without the use of oil or water. Ne other article el the kind has evi r been so universally known atid approved of, having for the last twenty live years ween in constant ON in nearly an ctiltlery establishments ol Europe, and th?re acknowledged to have no qtial. In New York, where it was invented it received flrtt premiums at the fair* of the American Inatitute every time it lias heen exhibited for competition, and gradually (withoutthe aid of puffing) eatabliihed a reputation in ail parta of America of being the only article that will krcp raxors always in perfect order. It ii the name aire ol an ordinary one and aa simple in iti use. Certiflcatea are in tho possession of the inventor from the most scientific gentlemen of both countries, speaking highly ol its superiority. When taking in consideration that those gentlemen havrj no interest in the sales of the article, and gavetheir testimony without solicitation, speaks volumes in its favor. An article like this, with so much to recommend it, when once established, is sure to he imitated. If the number of imitations be another proof of its goodness, it may well bo said to be the lust Baxnr Strop that ever was invented, for it is the only one known that is imitated. and that to an almost incredible extent. That it may be more satisfactory to tho public the following name9 are published of those gentlemen who have given certificates as to the merits of the strop. Osneral James Tallmadgc, President of the Amarican Institute; Or. John (friscom, Dr. Valentine Mott, and Mr. Millikin, cutler, to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand. O. SAUNDERS inventor, 1B3 Broadway. i$7- TERPSICHORE SOCIETY.?The managers of his Society give their second Soiree Ball this evening at me Apollo Rooms, Broadway. From the preparation! thai bar*boon made within the last few weeka liv the elilr of our city, we have no doubt that thia will he one of the most fashionable balls given this season. Mr. Alker, thweil known proprietor, has spared neither pains nor axpente in getting up a supper befitting the occasion. BY TRFi SOTTTHERN'MXIL. Philadelphia. (Corretromltnee ol the Herald] Pmr^DKLPHiA, Dee. 7, 1842. The non-arrival of tin- President's Message lest evening, crested no little diaap|>ointment in tbis city, reiiecitdly among our uewspaper publisb'-rs, who h d made arrangements to hare it " set up" in ess than no time, by employing a large number of " subs Some, too, were obliged to withdraw their " ex|>ensive" and " enterprising" expresses, stationed at 'tray's Ferry, to run into the city, a distance of about four miles ! However, these nub |ic-epirited gentlemen will have an opportunity (hid evening, of bringing into requisition their " vast" and " unparalleled" energies ! The weather of to-day is of the most unpleasant character, suspending all out-door business, which at the best of times, is now very limited. But little is doing in foreign produce,whilst flour has declined since Monday last 12^ cents upon the barrel; but grain maintains its price as quoted last week. The brig Esjieleta, Ames, arrived yesterday from St. Jago de Cutia, having left Nov 11th. The captain states, that for ten years past he has never experienced stchbad weather; having had continual heavy blows, hard gales, ,Ve. The brig's dec't was continually covered with water, and ehe sustained considerable damage in her sails There was quite a Aire up in Market street yeaterday, in consequence of the discovery of some pretty extensive swindling operations, on the part of a mercantile firm, styling it-eli " Elijah (ileason. jr. A: Co.," located at No. 2711. The discovery, however, seems to have been too late,as the gentlemanly rogues had first filled iheir pockets out of the proceeds of their transactions, and then " sloned to parts unknown," leaving nothing but empty boxes, liquor casks filled with water, a new set of books, and sundry other invaluable items, by no means pleasing for their numerous creditors to look upon. Messrs. " Gleason, jr., Ac Co." are said to be Englishmen, and but recently frotn Boston There are several attachments out against another firm, to whom they were in the custom sf referring. Recently I have had the painful task of recording several 6udden and painful deaths, but none more so than that which falls to rnv lot upon the present occasion. The kind and amiable consort of the able assistant of Joseph R. Chandler, Esq., in the management of the United States Gazette, Mr. Hart, alter an illness of only about one week, departed this life at an early hour this morning, universally regretted by all who ,knew her. Most sincerely do 1 sympathize at the irreparable bereavement a kind and generous husband has met with, and trust hislossmay be her gain. None knew but to respect the deceased. Peace to her soul?joy to her spirit. It is now more generally credited that the successful applicant for 'h- office of High Sheriff of the city and county of Philadelphia will prove none oth er than Mr. N. \V. Bridges, the gentlemanly host of the Merchant's Hotel, where Gov. Porter usually sojourns during his visits to our city. The friends of Hutchinson, however, are loud in their claims, but with w hat success remains yet to be seen. It is also p-ettv generally conceded tliatGen. George Keini of Heading, will ne nominal- d to and cor firmed by the Senate, as Collector of this port at an early day, Smith being requested to resign. I trust this latter may prove correct as Gen. Keim is iust the man for the poet, and would give unbounded satisfaction to men of all parties. Besides, the character of his appointments it is believed would be of a more respectable and honest nature, und agreeable to the community at large. The case of Alexander will not, it is feared, be finally terminated for several days. The deputy Attorney Porter, finished his remarks between 11 and 12 o'clock this morning, when he was followed by Win. B. Iteed, E-q., for the prisoner.inn most powerful and eloquent speech, which was listened to with the most intense d-gree of feeling. Mr. Reed had not concluded at 2 o'clock, when the Court adjourned until 4 P. M. It seems almost impossible for a respectable or decent citizen to obtain admittance within the Court house until he be familiar with some pettifogging lawyer or drunken tipsiafi*. Yesterday the able and gentlemanly reporter of the " Times,'' Mr. Blackburn?decidedly the best in the city?was most villainously Insulted by one of the many notorious officers connected with this equally notorious Court, he being so drunk at the time, Mr. Blackbufn s?ys, as not to know what he was about! A pretty state of things, tiuly! Among the distinguished arrivals worthy of note, in our city yesterday, was ihe talented assistant of the "New York Herald," Wm H. Attree. Esq., vho is now registered at the famous " Franklin House." Mr. H. is, lam told, on his road to the capital, where, it is presumed, Ins able and uprightly pen will be industriously brought tn'o requisition, instructing and enlightening the numerous readers of the Herald with the acts and doings of the congregated wisdom and folly of the representatives of the American people. May he enjoy a peaceful and h ij>py sojourn. Mr. Attree never looked better, both in health and spirits. Thej news brought by the Columbia, at Boston, seems to create quite a stir in our streets?at least among the news boys. Otherwise, I believe it excites no very important interest. I ob-ervea the notorious Henry Kline out of prison this morning,strutting our streets as bold as ever! Where's the fault 1 The Hon. John C. Colhoun has resigned his seat in the Senate. With the los* of Webster, Clay. Preston, Calhoun, Southard, the nation has indeed sustained a great deficiency of intellect in that body of American representatives, the U. S Senate, which, it is feared, will not soon be replaced Mr. McDufiie will supply the place, no doubt, of one of the late distinguished statesmen from South Carolina. Max Bohrer's concert takes place to-morrow evening at the Musical Fund Hall. He will be assisted by Mr. Hakemann. A rich treat is expected. The Walnut street Theatre remains closed until Saturday evening, when a n"\v and splendid melodrama will be produced. tne upera, 'inns tar, nas been quite successful at the Chesnut. Tlie houses have been very well attended. The following amount of business, which you perceive is unusually large, took place to-day in the sales of Stocks, viz $3200 State 6's, 1848, 4-2; $1140 Wilmington 6'?. 1858, 5f>; $210 Lehigh 6's, (345, 20; $l60do do, 1844, 20: $330 dodo, 1849, 20; $1(00 do do, 1853, 19; 55 shares Western Bank. 23}; 20 .do United States Bank, 1. State Sixe* have advanced a trifle; but he poor " monster" has dwindled down to absolutely the mean pittance of $1 per share!! Alas ! Alas! Baltimore. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, Dec. 6, 1842. Dear Bennett :? At my present writing it is raining, although the day commenced beautifully. Baltimore street, our principal thoroughfare, was crowded today to see the riders who convey tne message irorn the outer depot to the principal newspaper offices. Your agent, Mr. William Taylorf with his force of news boys, were at the outer depot, intending to sell their messages in the vicinity of the depot, and consequently be the first to circulate the President's Message in the city. Last evening attended the concert of Signor Nagle. He had a pretty full house, and must have realised some money. The Signor performed many of his favorite pieces in admirable style, and appeared to please his audience much. Ilis jierformance on one siring appeared to give the greatest satisfai tion?the tone that he drew from that was fine, and his excuion precise, distinct and rapid. Mour N'ourit was advertised in the programme, but did not appear. The Cadet's Mee Club were substitute^ and appeared to give great satisfaction Mr. Thornbeck, a pianist of considerable eminence, contributed greatly to the entertainments of the evening; his execution is g.-.od and his taste and ex' presaion is in keeping with it. The Concert was principally patronized by the exclusives and profer i'ors of music. A gentleman glorying in the name of Monster Paul, is at Front street Theatre, performing f-oits of Htreng'h and will attract ihe wonder loving (of .. u: ,i. i ? r i ... i_: wiin ii wc iiuvc nut n icw uric; iu set* ilim. Mr. and Mrs. Heild were here last week, and have gone to Washington, to open the National Theatre. I saw Master Diamond and one Mr Williams, a sable vocalist, promenading Baltimore st., to-day. They played here last week. Old Holliday street Theatre, is shut up and has been unoccupied all the it ason; it some clever actor could get tins house at a moderate rent, open on the cheap principle, and get up thingB in good style, he would make money. Whenever it is opened it is with a poor comi?any, at very high prices, consequently no one. goes near it. Fiknkli-o. The Kentucky Senators arrived here yesterday, as Mr. Speaker White, of the same State, did the day belore, alter encountering very severe trials if not hair-breadth escapes. They were on board a steamboat bound up the Onio, and were frozen hard in by the ice. Anxious to reach their destination, they landed, the Senators on the Ohio side, iiid the .Speaker on ihe eastern side of the river.nnd is one sort of vehicle or other, and considerable i>art of the distance on foot, found their way over hazardous roads, and on this side the river over almost no road at all, Until they reached beaten hatha and more frequented road*.?Nat. Intdtigrncar, Dec. 7. 0Q- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?The Collegeof Medicine and Pharmacy, eatabliahed tor the Suppression of Quackery, b*n to inform ail persons desirous of obtaining medical advice, that on remitting the ?ttm of one dollar, w ith a statement of their case, they will be supplied with ena dollar's w orth of appropriate medicine, and a letter of advice containing full directions as to diet, regimen, Sec AH letters must he nost paid. Addiess Principal oltice of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 7 Naasati street, N. Y. The ConauLTijio Physician is daily in attendance at the private consulting rooms of the college. Hours from 10 ilia o'clock HuboiCai. Casks.?The COLlkok have also engaged the services of one of the most distinguished operalive Surgeons in New York, and are therefore ptel?ared to receive and treat surgical cases. Squinting, cataract, ami all diseases of the eye requiring an operation, -stricture of the urethra,?calculi in the bladder,?clubloot,?diseases of tne joints, and of the spine, will be par ticularly attended to. The fees will be extremely mode rate. Patient* who so desire will be visited at their own home* alter operation. By order of the College, W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) ottice of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy . 97 Nassau at. New York, Ql7" THANKSGIVING.?We have urged the appointment of a thanksgiving day repeatedly, because we think we have good reason to tie thankful?we should be thankful for the mrav favors bestowed qn us individually and collectively ; the healthy should be thankful for the enjoyment of so great a blessing. But the invalid suffering with cough, cold, asthma, whooping cough, Ac. should he particularly thankful that they have such an invaluable remedy as Shermun's Cough Lozenges. Warehouse 10<J Nnsssu st. Agents, 4 Stnnwix Hull Albany; 8 State street, Boston; and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Gt?- SIR: ?I'M D18GU8TKD WITH YOU AND all your family. Vou are rich, and your children amiable; but look at their faces covered with eruptions and freckles, and their tine shaped necks "yellow as a guinea," and yon have the supreme folly to tell mo that your hands are chajiped, whv, zounds! one sincle enice of the truly wonderful Italian Chem-eal Soap would ri I you of all your complaints, make your children's necks as smooth and white as monumental alabaster, cure all their eruptions, be they pimple',blotches, salt rheum,erysipelas; it could cure your chapped hands too, and make them smooth,suple,and white, and almost make your old frizzled face young attain. Hold! hold! where shall 1 get ill Why, at Mr. Jones's, sign of the American Eagle, 93 Chatham street, New York; also, Jone' Coral Hair Restorative, to make the hair grow and stop it falling. His agents live at the corner of Third And Dock street, Philadelphia, and next to the American Hotel, Washington, D C., and 9 State street, Boston; 67 State street, Albany; 139 Kulton st. Brooklyn. 1UONKY IHAItKKT, Wednesday, Dec. T?O P. M. We have by the Columbia Liverpool dates of the 19th nit. There was hut little change in the state of commercial affairs generally. Money continued plenty and stocks improving; but the indications were of a contraction of the currency on the part of tho Bank ol England, whose returns were as follows B\KK OK Etkjlahd. Orf. (I A'lir. i. Inc. Deer. Circulation, 20.00-1.000 19.901000 ? 1(11,000 Drposifes, " 9 360.000 9.0ft (MO ? 290 000 Securities, 22,'flood 2l.9N.000 ? 639,000 Bullion. 9 633 000 9 799 000 1* 0(10 ? This gives a further decreosn in the lecuritici of the bank, and a corresponding diminution in thearaountof currency furnished by the institution; the foreign exchange* had, however, suffered a decline to some extent. There was a great demand for hills, of which the supply was small, as usual at this season of the year. Thii reaction came on rather suddenly; but was checked by the large importation oi silvpr by her Majesty's ship Curacoa which arrived from Rio Janeiro with $1,700,000. The rates of exchange at the leading cities, were aa follows Rates or Lxciiaisok at tmk Lsidiso Cities. Hamburg, Nov. 15, 1812. Amsterdam, 2m 30.10 stivers for 2 p. Paris cents " In. Loudon 13.8?i msrcs fc s. banco- " If. stg. Oenna, 3m 192 cuts " 1 p. Leghorn 222 lire " Pari*, Nat. 15. Amsterdam, 3m 2IIRW cents for 1 florin. Hamburg lKft cents " 1 p. London 25.1(1 . fnnc* and cents- " I/, stg. Oenoa 98?i cents " lliranuova. Leghorn 83)J cents " 1 lire. Amsterdam, Nov. 15 Paris. 2m 56% grotes for 3 franca. Hamburg 35 11-16 do " I p. London 12.3 florins It stivers- " 11. stg. Ucnoa 17 centaoi norma- I liranouva. Leghorn 40){ Jo " 1 lire. London, Hov. 18. Amsterdam, 3m 12.3 ) Rotterdam 12.5J? > florins Jisth era for If. stg. Anlwerji 12.4X7 Hamburg 13.I0X marca Ic a banco " l Ho "aria 25.8 JS francs and cents " 1 do Lisbon, SOdg 52X iience ?tg " I utilrea Genoa, 3m 25 97>a lire ne. k cents- " 1 ?tg. Leghorn ; 3(1.55 lire " lL atg. Bullion per ?z. Gold atandard 77 8 Silver 'do ll>i B. A. dollara 4 9*0 L.B. do 8"XHdouhloo'nV-!!. V> 1000 weighing about 866 ox. Bogota kMei. ilo 1 Popayan do J , The decrease in the aecuritiea of the bank during the month may be accounted for by the diminution of commercial paper under diaoount. It i* not to be supposed that, in the existing itate of the money market, when for week* past firs' class commercial securities have been readily discounted at from two to a small fraction above two nor itont tko Rinlr'nT IT.nirlanil ran enntinno (n PAmmonil basinets,whilst they support the standard at foui per cent. The changes under the other heads of the return are not of material importance. A London paper, the Standard, remarks as follows :? "It is remarkedlwith evident satisfaction in the accounts from Antwerp, that one or two bargains were effected last week on the Amsterdam Bourse, in Belgian Stock, being the fl-st ever recorded, and from which it is inferred that the credit of the country stands very high, and is likely to be still further improved, considering the ability of the Dutch capitalists to deal largely where any investment becomes in favor with them. At Amsterdam on Friday, Spanish Stock was better, closing at IS] to 9 11-16, or J per cent advance. Dutch 2) per cents left oil at Ad} to 62 7-16; United States stocks nre represented to have come into more demand at Amsterdam within the last week or two, and the consequence has been rather a considerable improvement in prices, the A per cents being quoted 47J, though we are not told of what state these bonds are The bank shares were done on Friday at SJ." This reported improvement in United States Stocks on the continent amidst all the virtuperation to which they are exposed in the London papers, is certainly flattering, if it may be depended upon,hat the paper betray* a grossness of ignorance of American affairs above that which is apparent in the othe English papers. There was some improve, ment in the London demand for American securities. A large sale of New York State 5 per cent, (say about $130, 000) hat been made at from 74 to 7# per cent; at this latter prirethere is still a buyer. Home New York City 5*1 are offered at 70. Some demand for Pennsylvania at 40 per cent, and for Indiana at 31, and Illinois at 30 per cut. Sel lers of Virginia ?'s and Ohio 6's at 70 per cent. The anxiety abont the financial state of Louisiana, has caused a great depression in the stocks of this State?some of the Bonds in favor of the LTnion Bank have been sold as low as 40 percent, and there is now a seller at 43. Buyers of U. 8. Bank Shares at 10s. The late United States tariff", as well as those of the continent, were still matter of much debate. A protocol has been signed by all the representatives of the German Customs Union, declaring that the augmentations of duties upon French goods, were solely in consequence of the disposition recently manifested by France, to adopt the proicciiTO system inn siep wn? apparrnuy preparatory to * mutual understanding between the power* of the continent, m the dutiea imposed are declared revocable whenever a mutual understanding can ba arrived at between the powers. This will open the door to that spirit of commeicial conciliation, without which nation* cannot prosper. Th"re was apparently some improvement in business in the manufactuiing districts. A fair business was done at the New York Stock Board this morning with a much better feeling in regard to Prices?New York State 7'a rose J ; Ohio O'a, f. To morrow being Thanksgiving Day, the huaines* of the Board is suspended, as well n* that ol the Banks. The Colombia steamer at Boston, brings $400,000 in specie, of which $90,000 is for the Merchsnts' Bsnk. The Calilornis, from Valparaiso, brought about $.11,000 in specie. Two hundred and twenty-flve thousand pounds sterling oftheO percent bonds of the Commercial Bank of Natchez were told at auction at Philadelphia yeaterdav. The bonda were in aunn of9000 pounds each, principal and in terest payable in London?interest to accrue from the 1st of March, 1840. The bonds were hypothecated by the ITnHlvl main. Rank /> U?. U 1 ?- /* J ' . ? ?<?* ? mvnwvH K^fjurrm l,on. ilon, for money loaned that Institution, and wero bought by Mr. Fisher, agent for the London Houie, at 40 per cent on the dollar. No other bidder. There waa received at New Orleani daring the week, ending Nov. 'J8, $316,000 in specie. The (following table give* the increase of specie in the vanlts of the New Or. leans Banks, from Oct. I to Nov. 10 Srrci* iv rite Banasor Nrw Obi.?.aim. Oct. I. Nor. 19. inrr. Deert. Specie. Bank of Louisiana, 1,311.092 131,tag ? i'anal, r.5 57i a,mil ? 21.770 C.arrollton, 11656 II.4TT ? 113 Unite is, 43,300 3* Jit ? 3.964 t'ify, 119617 290.97# 1*1,332 ? Commerrial, 63,419 101.401 60,953 ? Conaolidved, 101510 2.165 ? 99 m l.oiiii?nn Stats, 310.531 259,791 ? 60.730 Mechanits', 129 115 1,075,601 916,156 ? Union, 190.411 336,114 118,103 ? $3,465,027 Krrrived ihn Wfck, 315,000 Total, 1,514,4411 3,400.037 2,265,506 I luxe Baoks marked thus ( ) pay specie. * From this it appear* that about *1,000,000 of apoci* hai gone into circulation, and the balance of the import* gone into the Bank*. It appears that the banks which par apecie, with the exception of the Sta?e Bank, hare largely increased their specie, while th broken hanks are rapidly losing theirs. The recetit marine losses at the eastward hare been enumerated as follows :? Ship (farm tnjr?insured for $$S,000?vi*. 7S00 at United Statesottice, 0200 at Neptune, 8000 at Euuiiable Safety, Boston, and 5000 at Mutual Safety, New York. Bark Gasper, $20,000? 5000 each at Neptune, Boston, American, an J Franklin offices. Ship Joseph Starbuck, $J<,000?8000 each at Boston, Mercantile Marine and Franklin Bark Isidore, $22,000 at Merchants' Insurance Otftce, Boston. Bark Fairfield, $21,000?S000 at Tremont?0000 at New England Mutual, #100 at Warren Mutual, and 2100 at Neptune. Ship Havre?(8000. Brig Douglas, *14,400? 8004) at Equitable Safety and 8000 at New England Mutual, and 2oOU at Neptune ollices. Bark Km?$4000 at Mrrchanti' and 4000 at Neptune? latt'T policy expired day previona to the loss. Theke vessels have taken from the Boston offices upwardi of (140,000, ami it i* probable that the partial losses and the losses on small vessel*, which have not been particularly noted, have taken from them an equal amount during the same time. The leading features of the Ocmulgse Bank recentlyexploded were as follows :? OcMVLorx Oct 3, IM42. \oa. 24. Incr. Deer. Loans, 394,433 2.3,870 00 ? 151,861 (HI Specie, 4.401 Utl 68 ? 4,400 It Circulation, 7,'44 47,704 00 40,440 ? Drpnsitcs, 26,448 16.963 00 ? 9,489 0<t This is a sample ot pretty expert gutting. Sales at the Stork Kirlinnge, $7000 NY 7's. 1849 102V 13shas Ut fc Schcn II.4'., I6000 Ohio6'?, I860 71W 44 do Mohawk 31'., 44100 do 130 71>? 24 do b30 33H 4400 Illinois 6's 18 24 do b6l? J'lV. 7000 do 1844 24 do Harlein 14 6000 I od'ana 2012 100 do Loi gI.I and l>7 48 6 thus Bk ol Coin, full 82?* 40 do filouiualon 160 14 103 do scrip 91N 300 do s30 14 40 do do 9I>4 100 do 14? J 20 do NR Ins Co, 102 40 do '60 14S 10 do Howard Ins Co 94 Second Board, $1000 Stair 7'4, 1849 101 140 sh is Mohawk blO 33.S 24 shas Mohawk s30 33'* State of Trade, The news from abroad has produced no material change in the markets. Coffee?There is a steady demand, without change in prices. Sales Brazil at 8 a 8| cents, Laguy ara 7} a 8|, Cuba 7); Java 12), 4 mos; and St. Domingo A| a 8 cents, cash. Copper Now sheathing Bells at 22 a 22) cents, six months. Cotton?The market has continued inactive- vet the sales in some instances have been at a tiiAing reduction. The transactions include 1000 bales Upland and Florida at 6J a 7] cents; loo Vlobile 0} a 8; and 660 New Orleans 0 a rt?together 16')0 bales. Married. On Monday, 6th inst. at St. Stephens' Church, by the Rev. Mr. Price, Mr Thomas Smith, to Miss Sarah Anise, eldest daughter of Robert Cochran. Esq. On Wednesday,7th inst. by the Rev. H. Finch, Captain John Edward Allaibk, of steamer Osio, to Makirah W. daughter of John A. Taylor, Est), of Middletown, New Jersey. Died. On Wednesday morning, Sth inst. of consumption, Josephine 8., daughter of Thomas Snowden, aged nineteen years. Her friends and those of the family; are respectfully insited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at half-past S o'clock, from the residence of het father, No. 30 Howard street. On Wednesday, 6th inat. aged two years, Alice, daughter of Roht. anil Ann Shaw. The friends and acquaintances of the lamily are desired to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from 7 Fourth street. On Wedneaday afternoon, of a lingering illness, Mrs. Psiscilis Lakxtrk, in the 87th year of her age. Her relations and friends, and those of her son Benja min. are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, from her late residence, 107 Essex street, this afternoon nt half past three o'clock. On Tueadav afternoon, tlth inst. in the 22d year of his age, Francis Nf.ilson, late of Preston, England. His friends and those of his brother, Mr. Jno. Neilson. and also those of Mr. James France, are respectfully invited to a'tend the funeral, from the house of the latter, 2# Commerce street, this day, 8th inst., at I o'clock. Passenger* Arrived. Liverpool, and Halifax?S'eamer Columhia, at Boston? For Halifax: Capt 8t Ler'a*r Alcocka, Major Henderson, Cspt Wellish, Lient lipp. T Thompson. Mr Hatl, Mr and Mrs Nelson and c?uld. For Boston: Mr and Mrx D?vid?on, child ami servant. Oen Cass. Mr Phillip", J L Thierman, Mr Montitoiner>\ Mr Hasan, Mr Caaa, John Kently, H O Thompson, Graham, W Stevens, ( ha? Hock, Mr Carrolf and Mis Butler's Parse ? From Halifax to Bos'ou; Miss J Hill, Capt Cnmmins Captain B?k?r, Messrs M O'Barrv, W ster, Bonnell, and W Held. Hsvsv.?Packet ship nilvie de Orasse.?Madame f. Lohae and t?o children, Nevr York: Madame I.anibert and daughter, France; Mr. Thomas H. Fariah.Viririnia; Mr. Georre Plunnetl, E"*tind; Mr F. Kum, France; Madame Maroncelli. N. Yoik ?i it;,, ,i........... K-?r?l(r? import at lon*( _ Hathf.?Skip SiUif dr Graaae?1 pkg J C H?w & cn?IT C Farr & co?I Felix B oul <r < Si ro? l A V *if??n 8c co? I K M Diris?I O Van Bo.n-2 W B Dr??i-t 8 Hiaki"?< E Fariyu." ?* A M"tm?5 Tilf'nr, Younr A Kllii?12 Foley Si co? I TA Br ft?I W D Cutliherraon?I PiUnt, ?,e Barbler It CO?I Lakin?1 HowUnd ft A ninwill?I Le Cher Martnrolli Sico?[ Mar'ink M anion?I C H Schneider?I A M?mr-I A B'?nJon St co?1 J C .Muller? I Encl'r A Foley?1 H Kacher?I J H Rogera?1 J MorfimerScco?1 War J, Sill and Roberto? I 9outhcyrvi, Permit A co?1 T H'nnier?I N Lennie?1 Beringrr A co? 1 R Si H H linht Si co?9 H Biker?A H D irnancourt? l'E Bruce?5 J R 81 Felix?1 (Jinall?1 Lanoy, Sen do?a A co?3 Lambert St Bute W?rd 81 co?I H Bah id?I Moron Si I?e'in?2 J Manion?2 W II Hartxinan?1 A Doleamr?25 liolo wine Raahon .V McGreiior?I Bolton, h'ox * Livingston?IS B'nstlein, Koon & c ?' F Color'?I Yooni, Smith Si er?1 Benko'd A Hntton?1 Helbreiih 81 Sohuleo?I Wnrbnr* 81 Dammey? I R Artanlil?1 De.hum 81 Moore?9 Renood A Co?12 Raffer?2 Morton It Bernard?3 Laxarc, Arnold A Co?I C Schwo tz?1 Lour A s?ndford?2 Spin, Christ I' Co?2 E Ba??n*e?2 1'ion- A Livermcro?I E Potterxou?9 E Ball?I J B \lautell?1 Brun de Is Roasierr?I F Melly A Co?2 F Cottrnet A Co?1 CJ H'saenbnni A Co?2 Lorachigk A Wrarn onck?I JH Hike?SO buketa wine Moitlnnd A Co?IS pkgs to order. Valpabaiso?Barqne California?(Reported ves'erdiy)?2ISt qtls wood 3lS do morberof pearl ahella $21,377 Olusow, Harriion A Boyd. 8t Lon'a?$2851 .1 Boyd A ron. Boston?SIOOO C B dton, F< x A Li< ingalon?SS8SS Rowland A Aapiowall?I box minerals 28 bees wi'nuia to maatrr. Domestic Importation*. New oblf.Aars?B'ie Tom Peine?(Reported yea'erday)?13 lihds xugar Howland A Aap'iiwal1?89? sicka corn R Bncbe?142 balca cotton Meyer A Stnrltee?13 bda tobacco Boormin, Johnston A co?11; bdls hides ion libla I H irper. M A D T T I M f U U D AT Tk itjl DL iv 1 j. 1 1*j 111 11 III iv xi 1 o i ' . To Mhlp Nuteri and Agents. We ahall eateem it a favor, if captaini ol vetiel* will aire to Commodore Robert Silvet, of our neva fleet, a report of the chipping left at the port whence they tailed, the vettela apoken on their p.iaaaae, a liar of their caivo, and auj fotripi newapnpera they may hare. He wiii boartC them imm Iktanr r"i thei- hm*al AitcnU and correapnndent* at home or abroad, will alro confer a farcr by tending to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, DEC. 8, 1849. trs 7 211 Moon iet? II 7 tt'R 4 3J I HIOH WITH 1J JJ Cleared. Ship* Independence, Nye, Liverpool. Grinnell, Minturn it Co; r.merald, Howe, H irre, Wm Whitlock, Jr: Catharine, Berry. Charleatoti. Geo Button ?Briga Tarn O'Hhanier, Thoma?, Curacoa, J Fonlit it So-a; Kmily, Sherwood, Charlcaton, Dunham It Dimon?Sehrt Lodi, Sproal, Franklin, La. Br'tr it Voae; Klixaheth, BraKdon, do, John r.l well St Co: Rrgiilua, Hawkina, Wilmin?lon, NC. K 8 Powell; Barbara, 8 tjaire, Bal- I limore, A B Cootey fc Co; Kmma, John* >n, do; Vance, Philadelphia. Arrived. Pecket?hip Si'rie de O^'ar, Th>mp?on, from H '*re, No*. 1, withmd?e to I' Bolton, Fox St Liv<mralon. The S. imiw her pissagc to *ab|e Island in 16 d?ys and h been 18 days this side of Sable Island. Tl Silvieile Oratse has 'oat one lint of sa Is in g>lra of wiihI, and bar bern off tit' Hook 2 days. But Majestic, J d lys from Harrington, Me. witlt lumber, to mast' r. British three m*sted achr Hea Bird, Orant, 31 dayi fiotn Kin* ton Jam. via Long Island floand, with pimento, kr. to Diiuscomh St Berkwith. Hchr Sterling, Taylor, from Wilmington, NC. with naval aforri, to J, Powell. 8ehr Wolcott, Ryder, 6 daya from Boatou, with mdse, to J. Stevens. Hrhr A. M. Hale, Chase, S dtys fmm Boston, with mdw, to O. Atkins. Herald fflnrlne Correspondence, Or no* or tmk Rhode liitints,) Newport, Dec. 8. UML ( Arr Jd, Sylph. Nirkers'n, Bo?ton foi Philad'lphia; AnUrrs Taylor, do > o; Brnj Franklin, Flinn.dodo; Majestic, True, 9 dn from Oeorg'town, SC for NV'ork?has been 8 days north of Cn|>e Hattersa. with tontinn'd gales of wind Iront NW to NNK; Flora, Niekerson, Ply month for Baltimore; Candarr Brown, Albany for Fall Ri<rr; Wolcott, Kvder, Boston for N York. A'r 4th. F.lira F.llen, of Poitlaod, before reported aaliore near Point Jwdith, having b'en got off wlthoal damage, with the assistanee of revenue cotter J ickson and smack A rrt; her cargo as all been landed in good order, mnitly on the heich, whi tire it will he freighted to this rort. Also arr, Moses Kddt, Bliven, Provnl'tice for NYork. Arr Stli, Massasoi'. Brown, Albany for Fall River; Yannc, Stenait. NYo'k for do. 8ld6ih, Hualro, Rio Janeiro; Sylph, Antares, Ben) Franklin, .Majestic: Kmperor, Philadelphia; John Jay, do; Waukineo,snd Flora, Baltimore; Albion, Richmond, Wolcott. NYork; Franklin litem, Havana. Patriot, Kates, from Bingnr for NYork, (before reported spokan laitl, loss of male! area at flrilmaa II. 1. in L',- .,.,1 ... ported Iota of deck loid in the gale of the With alt, orf Block Orricr. or thi Rrocitkb, ) Bale*. Dec, 5. 1812. \ Arr, Boiler, Para, 6th? Rirc 6th all. Left Rocket, Thontieon, for Bo?tot?, wig orde'i; Draco, Bear., from do. arr Oct M, di?g; Waihin'ton'. Barge, Apple ton, from New York, tu Maranhatr, err Not 1 do. At MaranheJn. Oct ?, Mohican, Lee. from New York, arr about J7th, only American ?e? ei. Spoke Not K, lot 36, Ion 70 whaling berk Lreo'e, of C^uincy, Cook, for, wiih 350 bbli ipm oil, II mootha nut. The Depofit pe.ted Bermuda in l( daya, and hue aire caperienced very aeTtre weather. General Ilerord. Fonnow LtTTE* Orricr.?Packet ahipa Independeree, for Lirerpool, and Emerald, for Hirre, will tail to-dat*. Their letter pig. aieat Oilpin'i, in the Etrhange. I.oil or the sch*. Lrci-roui?Ertreet of a letter:? Schr L-cargn., of \V:,iren. Me, from 9t. Domingo, ituti a carro df m.hoeahy, hidei, honey, ke , went a.hore en W 30ih Not. about 20 mile. Soetn of Chintoteegne, and will probably he a total loet, lying 7 feet in the .and and full of water. The eorgo will be moeily lered- All the erew in one man were lick The crew were eared by hauling from through the .nrfhy a life- . . , ? Bootra A.Hoag?Wo lenrn that on the M Hat,'hi hodte. of two men (one colored t were wa?hed aahere on Brigantin' | Beach, Atlantic county, NJ- iuppo?ed to be part of the crew . Ml ? ortheschr Fac tor, of New York,* stranded ob amd^Yeerh on the 39th ult. The white man ib supposed to b? EH Carey, or Cavy. The bodies of both were brought to Hmi'hville in said county, and derenflv buried* in the Kn?i>d's Burying Ground- It it understood that Mr C has left & wif?aad?evei M children in th" city of PhilsufcV h?a to mmmi U? W>*?. Sena Maav Arnt'STa. at Salem, from G#orenT>wu, DC. cn Hat"i*d.iy ' rat, f. It m vvit*? the l>iisr Henry McNUwi, of HrtitMwiek fr*m b?'h for >f\t*iixi?, had lo?t d ck load,*** . i.. i - , part of her a il* ? hi I hmhmbi brnWv. Took olft-.c ' i|?tiiu and gfew, saved a few sails, and brought ibsm into port. Notice to Mariners. LlflHTHOt'tft at VlOO.?The following hashecu received at Lloyd's:?"A iniralty, Nor. hi?Sir. I am commanded hy my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint von for the information of th commixes inanegii g the affairs at Lloyd a, that a communication l?*a b*tn leeeived from He* Majesty's Milliliter at M dnd. reporting riie intention of the Spanish Government to eiect a lighthouse at the port of Vigo. No particulars have vet betn rn.#ived respggtiag th a new lirhhoose. 1 am. air, \our moat obedient servant, Johw b 4 Blow. " To Mr. W. Dobson, Secretary at Lloyd's." Liohthouss: it Fslsterbo ?The following h.ia been rec ivrd at Lloyd's:?' The Swedish and .Norwegian G?neral I\.k.. V? . ?a:- t . communication ?r the lllrh Juki-. I hi'e now the honor to t anarnit t? you the lollow-nt tianalation of en ordinance iaaued at Stockholm on the tth of October 'The Royal Navy Board Ik rcby makva known, /or the enidatcr and information of marinera, I It it an (he contemplated Centille I.irhl at Falatrrho cannot be riiaed thia vnr. but the rr-ceetion ofth?Tow?rU now completed, the former open coal lipht placed at th? amine heitt hi"? In tin rto, will be rvhibited tlurmc trie dark aeapon, or from the commencement of tbe month of October in the pre ent, imtil the middle of tbe m nth of April in the euatiin* year, iratead of the Ptoriai'-nal Light wh;cb haa been emhibi* tr?l ilurirs the annimer; after which the illnmiuation, by mean* of a I-nfe lantern, will o? mimuined, until inch lime aa tbe Li-nttlle Light can be erected.' I am, he " Chahlici Tottis" To William Debaon, Ksq , Secretary, Llovd'i " Whaleman, Arr it New Bedford, I) c 5, Mobile. Gilford, Indian Ocean, with 13'(I bb'a ai m oil, iiic'nd nic too hb|? a<ut home. I'aaaeu I5ihu',t, I .- 35 13 N, Ion TP 46 W, the wreck of a vra'cl r iilly of 150 tont, bottom u,i, with tbeathed ho tom painted K -en?. iild not .vc-tt-in h r n-ni- or' the bel'tiyed? ajipea d In ha ie I ecu ,on-r time i th it aitu -rion. Arr D-'i* t, I'arifi , Webb, New Zealand, via S* Catherines Sept till, with 1900 hbU we oil. Htiok otV New '/. "ilind l<?th Aptil. Weahinoton, O born, Suttiarbcr, 10 m"-, 1750 bli'-t at C'nrti lal -ml, M?y 14. Win-low, Peane, N B 20 mm, 30U bb'a wli and 3 Oaem, bound to Re|ee lal itiita to crnier; at Itaia onita, Jtun- 15, lotbi ll-, NeVher, Kiirnarrn, 7 monlh", 60 torn, boutn1 to Kiua'a Mill (ronpt June 15, THomaa Oickaaon, Materia, Sa thiroor, 10 mm, 2000 b' I*, bound to Sidney; June 2lat, Henrv, Yoantta, do, I5O0 wh and 100 ?prn, bonnd to Bay of lalenda to cooper; on Abrolhoa Bank" Oct 7, Oregon, Clark. N H, 3 mui, 20 bhla on board bonnd aru h; Inica, Co worth. W ate him 100; the I report* Oct 3d, bark Maaaacoi', of Bath, II mo-, 230 ap; Jaa Mnnroe, Strirklaad, Plymouth, ch-aa. Spoken?Nov 13, no lac, he. Alhalia, of and for Edgartown, wrIt 1(H) hbla oil. O'l IS. lat 9, loe 21 W, Juno, NB. 100 hbla, all well; earn* time. Emivr ?,(, of Briato*. Nov 12, Mi 37, Ion 31, Warerly,of and from New Bedford for South Pacific. fipoken. Date, Farley, from Liverpool for NrwOrlearu, Nor 3, lit 10, Inn 32. Cnurteii.iT. Turner, from Liverpool for Apalaehicola, Nor T, I at SO. Ion 7. I'antliea, from New Ilaren for Barbadoea, Dec 3, off Montank. Uahella, from New London, Conn, for St Croii, Dec 1, off Montauk. Anrcra.from Wilmington for St John, NB. Dee 1, off Block IiMnd. Ob aiier, from Button for Frederioktburg, Drc 2, off Montauk Point. Counu rvign, from Newport, III. for Baltimore, Dee t, off N .nlnal -r Mary Smith, from Portland for NOrleana, Dec 4, off Block Itlaiill. Bunker Hill, frum New Haven for Norfolk, Dec 4, off Block I?l mil. Post Boy, from Georgetown, DC. for Salem, Dec 4, off En Harbor. flienii, rom Georgetown, DC. for Boaton, Dec 6, off Barnrcat. Queen, from B iltimore for Proeidi nee, Dec 4, off Bamegar. (? i7.'-l!c, 34 daya from Boaton for China, Oct 21, lat 9 44 N, Ion 24 14. M -.ryland, from AUiaudria DC. for Rotterdam, Nor 6, lat 44, Ion 13 Glide, from Mobile for Liverpool, Oct 24, lat 46 30, Ion 26. Hindoo, from Virginia for Stockholm, Nov 7, lat 44, Ion 14. Kaiclr, from the Clvdr for Mobile, Nov II, lat 40, Ion II. Britannia, for Mobile, Nov 4, lat 40, Ion 11. Gclxvia. July 30, lat 20 N, Ion 114. Kalinoulh, from Bath, Me. for New Orleatu, no data, off Tortusaa. Caroline E Piatt, Rice, hence for Apalachicola, no date, off Charleston. Cayuga, Biaarl, of New York, from China, (tearing in lor Valparaiso, Auk 31. Foreign Ports. I Livr.arooL, Nov 8?Arr United Slates, Bri'ton, New York; | llth^Scotland,Rnhiuaon_do; 12th, England, Waite,do; Vartda I im, Vf>-?ton. fUilHuiu; Hi i iniiulnm. ChurlHon; lllli, Howard, Milla, Savann ah;, Britannia, (a) Hewitt, Bo*ton; 18th, Girrirk, Skiddy, NYork. Sailed 8th, Eutaw, Thompaon, New York; IJth, Co'-imbna, C' le, <lo; 14th, Ernne;a, Weacort. 8av*no?fi; Thomaa P Cope, Mierekcn. Philadelphia: IJth, Belmont, Brown. New Orleani; Sheridan. Do Pet at-r, New York; Tarolinta, Smltii, Boaton; <Vro, Child*, do; Loid Maidstone, Taylor, NOrleaut; 17th, Shak oeare, New Odeatia ; Eliza, Saeaniwh; 3d, Hector, do; Piuntleai, Kouera, Charlralou; t'h.JaiiM, Polta. do; Jeaaie, Birker, and Britannia Blaekler, Mobile; Tlienii*. Brown, N Orleans; Glengarry, Hill, flayaen?li: Conrten.iy, Turner, Apahchicola; Queen of Ihe Ocean, Tilley, Mobile; Bouuy Dee, B "wu. NQrleana; Nth, Aeadia, McKenrie, Mobile. Ent for Ida 10 h, Richmond, Cheln y, Ch<rleaton; Laurel, Savannah; I2tli, Geo WiahingMn, NYork; Thetia, Clnrleaurg; Swatant, Philadelphia; Nth, Uleeratnne. NOrleaua; IJth, Rochester, NYork; 16th, Madiaon, Wood, City Point; Olaagow, Dnuglaaa, NOrleana; 17th, Ann, Jeffrey, do; Pearl, Drake, do; Helen, Hunter, Mobile; United Statea. Britton, NYork. LottDon, Nor II?Ent inward*, Wellington, Ctiadwick, N York. Hull, Nov 17?Arr Rniaia, Donaldaon, Peterabnrg; Nera. Sinite-oti, do. K.MDr.ta, Oct 31?Arr Hortenaia, Laipbeit, Baltimore. Deal, Nov 14?Arr Northumberland, Jcnei Savannah; 16th. Lotua. Steele, Hull, and aid lor Charleston; Waahangton, London for Amerira. Off |M>rt, Alfred Tyler, Knox, Bahia for LomiIod?rthil i* the veajel for whose safety lome concern *u j m uiil?'*leu by mosr iiiirrerte,1.} Sid Lorlilibo, Taylor. 8aVsrimh; United Kingdom, Chul'itou. fJnavr.aviin. Nov 17?SI.1 Mediator, Chad wick, London. PiiHT?V"I'th, Nov 11?Arr Owcu K.vaua, Kvana, Boaton; t4th, Jane. Taylot. NYorh; Ih'li. Quebec. Wtllia"i??, do; Geo Steven. Orolin, Richmond. H.I lOili, Qladiator, Button, N York; Mlh, Niagara, 8cutMer, il'iston. Ac tlie Mother Bank? The Jvinrv Gray, Carter, from the raatward for Newport, W? loat overboard, while coming up. Lawrence Brown, of Maaaaehiiaetta. atred 17. DaBTMot'Ttl. Nov 14?The .lanelin. Potti, from Havana for Rotterdam, lost bulwarks and jibhonm, and waa abort ol proviaiona; one man lovt rverboaril, and two of the crew aick; exptrivnced very aevere weather. YliLVoan. Nov ll? Sid Liverpool, Rwinford, NOrleaaa. Falmouth, Nor 15?Arr Louia Philippe, Caatoff, Havre for NYork. Cowica, Nov 11?Arr Loniaa, Snow, Virginia, lor ordera; Chenango, Snow, Rio de Janeiro for Hamburg. Sid 17th, Goo Ryan, Stacy, from Sumatra for Boaton. Orr thv. WinHT, Nov #?Unnut, from Bremen for Charleatnn; 17th, Louise, Steenkeu, Bremen for Baltimore. Truuv, Nov 10? Pat in, Alpha, Lohb, from Charleatoa for Liverpool, Willi 1< ti < f main boom, bnlwarka, atanchtonv, mils, and boat atove. Bniatot, Nov 15?Sid Connteaa of London, Hntehinaon, Mobil-. 14th?The Apollo, Hunt, from Boaton for Rotterdam, hn liern forced into our channel by atreaa of weather, and hna an. bored in King's Roi.l, Nkwmbt, Nov 12?Sid Wellington, Scott, Philadelphia. BicLraaT, No* 9?Sl.l Margaret Balfour, Clark, Norfolk. Cobb, Nov I?Sid Mirion, Milla, NOrlrana. C'lvok. Nov 9?Arr Ohio, Daviea, Virginia; Kagle, Bryson, Mobile. Sid 5th, PatiKloon, Morr ton, do. Leitii. Nov 7?Hd Globe, Himmona. Boaton. f'notvaTAPT, Nov 2?Sl.l Angelo. ClarkaoB, Boaton. KagPEBicaTAOT, no date?Arr St Helene, Chriatianton, B -t oi. ? _ ui'TTFv?iH(i,non-Arr am, .nuro, D>?ti>n; ucl SI, C'H, Jo'ian, do. KumMonr., N>>* E?CM Chandler Price. Donleey, Crooatadl for New York; TiO-.-s, Simmon*, do for Boatou; 8th, Anfli, Ciarkton, do do. Arr 4th. America, StrTenTon, Rig* for Boril<. n*; Cnarina, Guv, and Caroline It Mury, Cole, Cronatadl for Rnatni. Onnuwr.miiattn, Oct II?Arr Poeaho^taa, Higgina, Baltimore; No* 1'4, Scotia, Welch, do. Bhkmk!*, Not 9? Arr AiaUnm, Oreeo, NYork: IJth, Nahell-i, Aadn-?aen. ilo; Philadelphia, Ore** Philadelphia; 14th, Commotion. Thormeu, Virginia. hid Sd, Agora, Boaae, New Orleani; Met*, Mi-yer,N York. Hawaiian, No* II?Sid Hr*j>h.*ni, Elor, NYork. AtTTWEkP, No* 4?Arr Brinah Queen. (Br) Eyckholt, New IIatbk. Not H?Arr Sully, Burrow*, New York. Bid lOtk, Louie Philippe,Caatoff, do. Rnarr.?t-x, Not 9?Arr Areihuea, Baiter, Begna; Siberia, Bartlnt Charieaton. Sid lit. Franklin, Beatard, NYork; Ligoni*. Weterhiwee, NOrleani; Oct SO, Kolaiie, Thorn*. do. prcTiooa to No* I?Arr Proponlia, Silrer, Surra I r*. Opobto. Not 4?Arr Effort, Knopman, NYork. Uraaai.raB, Oct >1?Arr Amaton, Wedge, Baltimore, end aid for Alicante: 22d, Washington, Thompson, Philadelphia; 24lh, Aiethnaa, Baiter, Senegal, and aid for Bordeaui; No* 4, K i/.an, l.eckie, Boiton. and aid for Smyrna; 5th, Cum her laud. All on*. Philadrlohia: Oct W. Rrenlua. Thomnaon. NOrlranai Courier, Driuvan, Malaga, and *l<1 for VYork; nth, Mary Penatll. Sknllield, Leghorn,and alii for NOrleana. A Licanr, Oct 17?An Aanwn, Wedge, NOrl?\na. LrrJItonisiOct 28?Arr Jitno, Dirks, Amsterdam. (Ja.jroa, Nov 3?Arr Frs WhiUir V. Lord, Sumatra. Bid Id to 5th. Mandarin, Colley, V Stares. Mai ta, Nov 2?Air Ohio, gangster, and aid Ith for Alexandria; Orl 19. Canao-, (a) Dunn, Oibrallar. Sid Nov 5, W Alrimdrr, tlowrs, Me?stna. M> aaiva. Oct 17?Arr John A Robb, Walker, Trieste; 16th, Hellesrainl, Adams, do. N, (>rt ift?Arr Aromino, Costa, NYork. Thikstk, Ort 25?Arr Tertian. Rnhbina NOrleana. Midi ma, Oct ii? Arr M?r> Kinxal-nd, Weare, |!ivr*;29 h, Otho, Hardy. Newfoundland. Bid 12th, Belvidera, Ch<rleslon. Nov a?It hat h'own a gale her- to-day, and among other veaaela, the Americin hiie Creole avaa driven aahore, and became a total avreca?crew aafed. Arr 'Jet II, Hardy, Thomreon, tJ >rd am, and aid It'b for the Canaries. St Hii.tna. Bet* ??Bid Warsaw, Rhodes, from Sumatra for tJ noa. Cava, or Oooo HofX, Rept??The Fairfield it almost dry, snd la dlsg her una, Crew all saved. Salon*. Ae|tt ?#? Sid New Je'Sey, Brown, Boston. Cat-citTTa, Sept J?An Msssasoit, We jo, Boston; Mt, Parwll, f.eeraw, do. Bavaria, June 29? Sid Cuba Watson. Boston. ArrMth.H Eobank, 'I hratel, Gibraltar, and sld July Id for Boston. Hiuiti or Buwda, July 2!h-Art Wm Mitchell, Harvey, Sinxai-ore for Antwtrp; Aug t. Cay Ion, Leal is, Manilla for t awe*. ' Sinaaenig, July J7?Arr Salem, Milfnrd, Bombay; lAag I*. Ooenla, Swift, China; ltd, Akb-r, Dnmarero Madras Hrr>***, NSW. May 2J?Sid Gen Scott, Cunningham, Ma ills. Crtisa, Jul* 7?Arr Probua, Sumner. NYork; ll?th, Nantaeket. It'.*rr?, Bombay. Sid 19th. Lowell, Peree, Amor: W>, Oneida, Swift, Singapore; June 2ft, Hautreas Loeett, NYork; tlat, Ch*rofcee, .Mackella. Chuaan; Uth, Lawrence. Potter, Sydney. Arr Jnly 22, Canada, F.dgar, Siugaimrc. Br Jomus, NF. No* 22?The Brothera, Comioga, of and from ftoaton lor Heruamhucv waa lotr during a ?iol- lit gale on me tiat, in lal to, Ion M. The captain and crew were taken oil and bronght tothu (vi t hy the L<dy Mtreey, after being n ne daya on tlie wreck. Left the B in a ainkuig condition, ana being abb- to ?a?e a few tail* <>uly. _ . ... lltLirai, No* I7-Arr Gordon. Leavitt. krederickehnrg ? C'd ttih. Van Idler, Berry, Philadelphia* Dec 2, Salla, Bang*. I'htlmh li>hia. . . . ,, ? St .Iomi*, NB. No* M-Arr Me, Norwood, New York. Cld Ktk, Month Kelt. Wieharl, CoA; ?th. Matilda. Bp.tea, taatEirt; 2d h Hi,nig Sun, Faulkner, do; Sophia, Draper, London; t Andrew. Mel nv. f)eaa-raia lor Andrew*. (i,., arc \or 24?Cld Tnobnrn, Wataon, London,It'h, Olenora, Potter.' F*?er htm Bid Nentnne. 1 he Men v ia ready for asa; the Magnet will be ready to-night; the Tlioborn and Olenora are alao r. ady, St Jaon or t'ra*. Nor 11?-In port. New World, You rig, fm Bo-toil, IB oear; Albertioa, Jones, for do, Idg; Henry Leeda, Hnmplmy, for Philadelphia,diasj Helleapost, Randall, for N Yoik, do; Lion. Brookflrld. of rhilsdalphia. from Turka laiand, with wrecked goods, to return toTI; steaie. Faruham, from Bonton, jnat arr. Sid llth, Lycoming, Grarea, Gibraltar. t.'oaaT or Aratca?Paatr I Cape Palmaa S'pt 27, Herald, Howard, lor F.lmira, all well. At the Caiw, Atlantic, Brows, lor Philadelphia, soon, all well. Home Porte. lat.R. No*at?A-rCcharine, Marshall, NYork. Fsangr.igT, D. e I?A*i Howard, Eldri-'ge, Baltimore. Bid A.m Mirta, I'irker, M.rumour, DrcUrstion, Lowdcr, New Orteatia. \V'i4ca***.T. D c J?Cld Selmi, Pray, Mafnin. Po?Ti.?!*i>. D e i?Arr MeHina, Staple*, B*ngor for NYork; Decl-r itioi., Low dry. do for NOrleana; Franklin, Keller, rind Challenge, K- Her, Thomaatott, for New York CldJd, Ho*cr, Jordan, Apal ichicola. . Nr.w?i;a*roaT, Dec b? Arr S**oy, Moore, NYork; Kl*lra, Knight, Baltimore. Sat.iw, Dec b? Art Granite, Urton, Cayenne. Boar on, l)e<-t?A't Colombia, (a) Miller, Lteerpool. Tele ranhed. < olambtM. CoRo. NOrlenaa; Lacaa, fcldndge, Cha'*

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