Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1842 Page 1
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|| TH Vol. VIII.?Ho. 330 -Wbdi Ho. 3101 To tike Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubishrd every day of the year except New Yeer's day and fourth of J uly. Price 3 cunts per copy ?or $7 H per aamm?postage, paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday norning?price #} routs per copy, or $3 12 per annum? .ostiges paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS aro informed that the circulation of he Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasirg kst. It bat the target! circulation oj any paper in (Ait city, r the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for butineti ten in the city or country. Prices moderute cash in adance. NEW YORK LANCET, published weekly, price 13} ante per single copy?Scents by the (juautity. The irice ef this valuable periodical has hitherto been too heap, in comparison to its utility, intelligence, and vorkmanship. It has, therefore, been advance 1 to $6 per nnum for one year?$3 (or a half year?or 12} cents per ingle copy?cash in advance, and postages paid. REVOLUTIONARY RELICS, or Lcttebs addressed iy distinguished men to Oeorga Clinton, formerly Goernor of New Yoik, during the revolution, and first pnb Illishe.l by permission of his grandson, Col. Bookman. A bcau-ilul tOHM edi'?ou in numbers?price 13$ cents each. THE ATHKNEUM, i Niw Monthly Jousnal or Ameaican ikd Kobeiun Litebatube, Science, and the IFinb Abts? Each number adorned with a beautiful en graving? pi ice only 13$ cents each. I'HIN'TINO ol all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnnraiEToa or ihk Herald Establishmfnt, > > Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nassau streets. to, - * To Advertisers. For the information of business man and of the public generally, and as a guide in the selection of the best channel for advertising, we place tiefore onr readers the following lacls New Yobe Hksiui ) Sen Orrtcr, N. Y., ) Orricx, Nov. 1, 18*3. \ Aug. 39, 1843 J Messes. Pr.ssia X Baoois : Mr. H.V Bciler:? Gentlemen :? sir .? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Other, Ne m York OHioe, N. Y., five hundred 750 teams ;nr ?'?* of the reams of paper per week, for small sized paper 33 >433? six months lront the 15th of for the ll jily Herald. October, 1843, to be of this Also 60 teams per week of quality, size and weight, the the iRtge sized 33 rH'i lor the same to be paid for in cash Weekly Herald,for one year every two weeks from this data, to boot quali* M. Y. BEACH, ty equal to this specimen? 1 accept the above order, Payments to be made each and agree to furnish the passer ic in cash, in full for that per accordingly, week. H. V. bUTLER. 2JJAMES G. BENNETT. Aug. 31,1843 We accept the above or- Witneas, M. s. Beach derail J will deliver it as di rncttsd. ??, PEK8SE & BROOKS, |No.61 Liberty street. James Rowe^ , Witnesses. Samuel Beman, S By these documents it will be perceived that the eircu lotion of the New Yore Herald, is nearly double that oj the New Yore Sue, and that it is, consequently, ao much the more an eligible channel for all kinds of advertising and business notices. Not a further word is necessary to satisfy the public. JAMES O. BENNETT. "jEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY-No! 47 Wall w street, coinsr of Hauover street. This Company con tinnes to insure against loss or damage by fire on buildings, goods, ware 1, or merchsudize generally; also, on vessels ana cargoes against loss or damage by inland navigation, on as favorable terms as any o her office. DIRECTORS t.v Thomas W Thome E'isha Kiggs Thomas T Woodruff Anson Baker Benjamin RHobson Martin Hoffman John H Davison Joseph Allen L. John H Lee Joseph Drake Francis P Sage Samuel Underbill Thomson Price, James K Whiting Miss Tucker John P Moore John C Merrict WmKThorn Caleb CTanis James E Holme* THOMAS W; THORNE, PresideoL GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. s28 It aw MU' r Rockwexl'ststte^t vault Lights.?So ueefnl to eiclude wet, dust, and trost, and at the same time admit liah', greatly improved for strength snd durability. For sale at No. ? Astir House, entrance in BtreUy s'. u>9 0t*r ri'He. NEW YORK LEGAL OBSERVER is pnbliihed A every Saturdiy, snd corn dins all the lesding esses in Bankjuptcv, reportsol' in tb? Court of the Assistant Vice Chancellor' f the ftr.t cir,nit, in tlie Superior Court, and in the Court of Common Picas. Select cases from the Erejith Courts, Practical Points, Biographical NoticcsJKevieW of New Public itiooa, Anecdotes of the Ben h and tne Bar, he. he. Tern s, one shilling per copy, or $>rer annum iu advance. Office 42 Ann st eet N?w Vork. bAM'L. OWEN, Edubr and Prorneto-. The reporis are not to be found elsewhere, and are puhli hed under i he sanction of the Judges. d8 3t*r BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tuna and 410 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BKITANNlA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E- C?. Low. do ACAl) 1 A. A. Kyne do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, RN do Will eail from Boston, via Halifax. FBOM LITKBrOOL. FROM BOITOIf. Britannia, Hewitt, Or*i 4 Nor l Caledonia, L<ui. Oct 19 Not IS Acadia, ilyrie, Not 4 Dee 1 Cotembia, Miller, Nor 19 Dec 17 Britannia, Hewitt, Den 4 Jan 1 |'.i??a*e Mrney?From Boston to Lirerpool, $13)?Boatrn to Halifax $20. These h>ps carry exptrienced snrgcona. No Bertha accnred until paid r r. Nor k.?Merchaudiie and Bpeeie (except for perianal ex penaer) shipped miller the name of Inggage will be charged at Irei.-nt, ajd liable i*,Custom Hons* Regulations. Apply to rviy r I) BHIMHAM. JR., No. 3 Wall-at. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail bp am bhio COLUMBIA, E.C.Millar, R. N., Commander, will leave Boa.on lor the xbo re ports on Ftilay, Dee isih. Passage to Liverpool $'3S. " Halifax $20. App'y to D. BKIOHAM, Jr., Agent, no 3 r 3 Wall afreet. tfg- FOR LON DON.?Regular parket ol theltihof kMMV.Deeemter?The vciy auperior fa at sailing packet ?hwNEwahip TORONTO, Capt. Oiiarrold. will poailirely aail . niKivr. her regalur day. For pannage in cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage, hiring anprib accommodations, apply to juutrii mcnunBAi, KM) Pine at., C"r. South. The ahove will be succeeded by the packet hip Westminster, Caul, ju<l Mil oD the SOtn December. Persons wt-hii.g to ?euJ for their frirnds can hire them brought out by eoherof the above ?hi|>?, or any of the regnlar packets, by applying as above ; if by letter, post paid. Jl c AffSjT FOR LONDON?Resular racse! o| the Iflth Defcf iMjf> cerili- r? The very superior, fast tailing packet ?hi|> JHHbi rOKOVTO, Captain (jriswold, will positively sail a- souse, lit i iruuicr day. For pass re, cabin, second cabin, and steerage, having superb accommodations, applv 'o d*r JOHN HF.ROMAN,#' Sooth street FOR LIVICHPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular Packet n( 2Sll Drcemlier. The Splendid Packyt JBaMKeShip 8IDDOXS, Caputa E. B.Cobb of ltAO tons, will intaiuvely sail as above, her regular dav. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comforv, apply on Orleans wharf. foot of Wall street, M" . ?E * COLLINS It (iO.M Snath atreet. Price of passage, $100. The Pneket Ship Slwridtn, Cart F. A. De Peysfer, of 1DM tons, will succeed the Biddosis, and sail the 330, January, her regular day. L tiers for tha skips of this will only ba received at Oiipia's and Hale's News Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctual|y as ?du-i"'?ert. ___________ dl e BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL Mr4cVy PackeU.?The ouly Regular Packet thst uMa on ihe Aitafisipth 01 Dec ?The new and eleaaatpecket ship NEW YORK, bur than 1000 tons, Captain Thomas B. Cropper, will sail positively on Monday, tha iPth of December, her regalar day. I'lte accommodations of thia well knewn favorite line of packets, lor cabin. 2d cabin and steer <ge passengers are uoaurpaa-ed by any other line or ship loading for the above port. Persons aim .t to embark for the old country will find it to their comfort aud ad van age to choose this conveyance is t r. fereuce to a y other. For Itrma of paaaaae, and to secure the best be 11 his, apply on board, foot of Beekinan street, or to the sub cribers, ROCHE BROTHERS k CO., 33 Fulton at, nest door to lh<- Fulton Bank. P. 8. The New York will sail irom Lirerpool on the 7tn February, 1141?those sending for their relatives can have ihein brou.h oui in h. r, or iu any of the Packets of thia Line, which sail from thai |mil on the 7lh and 19th of every Month. For patsitt- apply as above. N.B. The Packet Ship Cambridge will succeed the New York. and sa.I fur Liverpool on the 1st of Jinuary, her rrgu. ' RtMif 1-aNCM l-o iKfc-LANb, be., kAHnFWThe aabscriber continues to Iranamit money, in sums j^BaBb-large or small to persona reaidiug in any part of Ire. laud, in tlx' same manuer sa he, and his predecessor in business have done for the last hirty years, and more; also, to any pari of England or Scotland. Money re nittrd by latter (poet paid) to tha subscriber, or -erson.illy deposited wita him, with the name of the person or poisons 'ii Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, to whom it is to be sen', and nearest poet town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that elftct given or forwaidati to tha sender. In like >inner 'Dotey with or claims on |-ersons in any part ol ' ** Ireland. England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber, for person, residue in any psrt of the United Stales, or Canada, and will be,-aid to rhem sceoidingly. all lm*r UKOKUR McBHIDE, Jr., MLtdarsl. E NE NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS- 1 PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. V >"m b<r foot of Caurtlandt rtTeet, Nrw Yorlt. j (Every day? Sunday wutepted.) v Leaves Nrw York Leaves Newark t| U V M- At 1 p- K. At 7* A. M. At I* P. M J! !'N Jo 4 do. ? do. s? do. ?V do. 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. II !? do. ON SUNDAYS. Krom the foot ol C?nrtl indt street Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A M. and r. M. A! IK P. M. and It P. M. NEW YOKK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New Yoik. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A.M. 7 A.M. i P.M. SN A. M. 2V " lok A. M. i$ r. M. ik M. J P. M. 9\ " I The trams for Westfield. Plaiufleld. Bonndbrook, Soraerville, V wc., connect wun me 9 A ivi, 1 inu I*r 51 trains irorn .'New ,, Yotk, daily, Sundays excepted. fi Fare be'ween New York aud Klixabeth Town 25 cents. v Fare beiweeu do and Somerville, 7S cents. ii VKW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK Fare reduced, f rom the foot of Liberty street, daily. Letie New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M. At 5)4 A. M. 2V P. M. 7>J " " 12* " 9 P. M. On Sundays rhe 5*4 and 7)4 A.M. 'rips from New Brnnswick and 2)4 P. M. train I'rem New York, are .mined. Fare between New York aud New Brunswick. 75 cents. . Rabway, 50 ccnrs f The Ore in the 5)4 and 7)4 A. M. train from New Uruiswirk. and 2*4 and 1)4 f. M. train from New York, has been re 1 heed, New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to 37)4 " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re eive a feny ticket gratis. Tickets are received hy the eon inetor only on the day when purchased. an 11 3m* n WINTER ARRTTKJRMENY. r j NEW YORK AND PHlf. Afl V. L HllAR A lilt 6 A CTIN K DIRECT. * Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden 7 town aud RuiJineteu J THHOUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, Iroin the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 o A M and i\ P M. o The morning Line proceeds to Bordentowu, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camdan, (opposite < Philadelphia) without change of cars Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot o( Liberty atreet. where a commodious steamboit will be in readiness!. with baggage crates on boa rd. Philadeli hia baggage crates are couveyed from city to citv, f ithout beinp opened by the way. Eiirh train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are aiurtmenu and (MM rooms Slpiaganr for the Ladies use. Hi-turning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the fo-1 of Ciiestnut street by railroad from t'smdeu. at 9 o'clock A M.and 5 o'clock, P M. l The Linei for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, iwl 4 P | M, being a continuation of the line* from Slew York. s2ii Sm*r , DAILY PACKAGE K.XTR KSs~rrATr~FOR ALBANY, ? TROY, A.ND BUFFALO. J&Tfea "H By the Hoasstonic Kmi Hone, 'nnriiij through from this City to Albany in II ura. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangement* with the Honsa- I toui Rail Roid Company, to tun an Express Car [exclusively t for our own purpose) daily, over thu'r road with trie passenger | train, running through to Albany in twelve hours, and are now i prrpared to receive and ( rward at low rites, Specie. Bank \ Notes, Tankages, Bales and Cases of Goods, lie , for any of <! the above named or intermediate places. t Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, ' notes, drafts aud accounts, and soch other business as may be I entrusted to tneir care. r d2r POMKROY fc CO 2 Wall ?'reet, New York. J NEW YORK A.\D HAHLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. ' : WINT! R ArsUANNUKM ENT -On <u~ ~r Monday, t Decembrs5ih. 1812, the cars will run drily as folmws i Le?veCiry Hall for LravrHiHem Lease William"'Bridge J Williams'Bridge, for City H ill. for Citv Hill t 6 30 A. M. a 20 A. M. 8 no A. M. 9 " 10 0 " 10 211 " II 30 " 1 1(1 P. M. 12 50 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 3 20 " 4 " 5 40 " 5 20 " 5 30 Harlem only. 6 70 " City Hall and Tweiiiy-aevrnth ilreet Line will run as fo'- | lows:?Fr-im7 30 A. M. every ten minutes throughout the ! day till 7 P. M. |i Passenatrs for Westell'stf r. Thing's Neck, Eastrliester. I New Kochtlle, Mamarouerk, Horae N?ck, Noah Castle, R"h- r bins'Mills and White Pla' s, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. t Irrin from City Hall. Pasirucrra for Yonkers will rake the 9 a o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P, VI. truna from City Hall, i Id Im'm a PUdLLEN Jc COPP'S jftSiS NEW VuitK, ALBAn V, I'ROV aND MuM'itEAL t . EXPRESS. i Messrs. Hamdeu ft Co, having disiaraed of their ron'e i from New York to Albany and Troy, the suhscri bers, ihe old conductors of Harnden k Co'a Northern Express, from New York, will contione to run as heretofore .leaving New York, Albany arnl Troy, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, aud will for- c ward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages Bundles,Cases of Goods, (sc., to any place brtavcen N?w York and Montreal, anil I throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffilo. All business rutrustrd to their charge will be promptly at- j, tended to. Particular attention wid he paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, kc.. and prompt returna made for , the aatne, . PULLEN k COPP. * Offices?Pullen k Copp, Wall street. New York. _ Ti o?. (rough, 15 Eichaugr, Albany. A G. Filkms, 228 River street, Troy. S. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul st, Montreal. . REFERENCES. ' Nrw Yoax. Albanv. Tnor. Prime, Ward k King, E J. Humphrey, J no Payne, . Jacob Little, 81 Co., Thoa. Gongh. P. Weils, John T. Smith, k Co.. 8. K. Stow, repoon at Hcftcmn, V. S Duunlui, Carpenter k Vcrmilye, F. Leake Hou?ht?n Ik Co. Drew, Robinson h Co. n2l lmf | FARE REDUCED. 1 PERSONS GOING SOUTH. j (I f~ FAKE REDUCED no b >th Hie route* from Balimore to Charleston, by the Chesapeake Bay, Portamouth, Weldon, Wilmington, N.C., and theuce to ( hath "ton, ' to S23, meet* on the Bay ooats included: or via Washington 1 city, Richmond, Petersburg, Wcljou, Wilmington, N. < .,UM P thenee to Chaileston, to $22, meal* extra?m alt lug the fare on ? both route* the ?ame. Every exertion i* made to keep the ' Railroad* aud Steamboat* connecting theae line* in good order, .v and expedite travel, and make posseugere a* comfortable a* po* ' ible. By thi* route you may be *ure of reaching New Orlean* c rom New York seven or eight day* sooner than any other line, * at an expense not exceeding J72. E. P DUDLEY, nl7r president W k R. K. R. Co. " NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL HOAD LINE. Via Norwich inn Worn sitv h H*ii.r?*u*. Composrd of the following superior steamers running in connection with the Notwick It Worcester aud Worcester It Boston Rat' Koacs? I WORCESTER, Capt. J H. Tanderbilt. 1 NEW HAVEN, Capt J K.. Dustan. CLEOPATRA, Capt . ] Ou and aftei Monday, Nov's tine will be run tri-wrek- | ly, leaving New York, Tuesday*, Thursday* *ud Saturdays -j only, at 4 F. M. esjAsmsmaSk ? From Perk Mip, E*?t River. n The new anJ splendid arearahn.t NE W HAVEN, Captain , J. K. Dustan, will l?tve every Tuesday, Thursday asid Satur- | day afternoon. at 4 o'clock. a o Pasrengerx lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the | arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed with- out change of cars or baggage. j For further information, enquire at th* olfir on the wharf, on bo? id ll.e boats, or to " D. B. ALT.EN, 39 Peck slip, up stain. v. All perion* are forbid trusting any oue on account of the k above boats or owners. p2V g?3- FOR LI VEKPOOL?llekTiar Packet ol th. nJkxVD> ermber?The splen iid, I *1 sailing packet ship f J*fcjELlM)Ei ENDKNCE, ? art Wye, will sail as abovr V her regular day. si Fur passage in eal>in, second cabin, and steerage, hating plrnd'o accommodations,apply on hoard, font ol Maiden lane, -f or to JOStPlI Mc.MURRAY, " 100 Pine street, corner of South street. P. 8.?The above will be succeeded by the packet shtd Vir gima, Aapt Allin and sad on II Dec. k Persons wishing to send lor their In ends, rending in the Old 1 Country, ran have them bra iglit oat by this tnip, or rnv of the regular packcla, by applying aa above, if latter post paid, nfir ____________________ n?r " _mn~i MA reoular opposition to la ra -^SusS* KILL,and inlrritietiMle landiugs, without tow R. gnlar dtys from Cattakill. Mon da vs. VVednesdays and Fridays. Fiom New Jfork, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Batordayx.?Fare to or from Cattakill, M cent*. ?B'rths 36 cents?Hnpner 15 rani*. The new and fast sterner WAVE, Captaiu Vaoderhilt. will le*ye Robinson St. pier Thorsdty Noy. 17th, at lire o'clock. For furihr r particulars imiuirr of the ca tain on hoaid. By running ap the days'ab?ve named, ttiere will hi s daily com munication between CaUkill and New York (and intermediate I'laOfp) (or frrlght p'nl , lARAiff r?ilu 0M FA I.I. AND WINTER ARKANUE- < ill JT WENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, te and after Mi inlay, the 31st of October, run y> u. follows: leaving Middletown Point (tide and weather per bi milling) at 9 o clock, and Key port at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wedneauay and Friday. Returning, leave the loot of Rohm ih on street. New York.ea.ry Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday er at I? o'clock, noon, touching at Hegum'a Dock each way. w Sugra will be in readiness to convey paaaengrrs to any part fit of the country. All baggage at the riak .?/ the owuera. oJ3 2in*ee m STATEN ISLAND FERRY. ci Foot of Whitehall street, On and after Dec. 3d, the steamer STATEJ^SL/UVDKK di will run as follows, nnnl further notice :? ' *i LEAVE BTATliN ISLAND. NEW VORK. IX A. M, 9A.M. ir I* lJ't *P M. sC P. M, oi dl r _ 4k ,, GROUND SPICES AND COFFEE ? AT THE HOPE MILLS, 14 MarketAeld street, between Broad and Whitehall, late *7 Elisabeth street. New York. Office 139 Fronl St. <>n*taiidy on hand, at the lowest markei ,? wises, aud in the usual raidarr of package*. *27 1to?m W YC IV YORK. FRIDAY MOU VILHPfLM'R METHOD OF TEACHING SINGING'? Mi<? LEMON ( frtihc iird |'U| il of Mr John Hullah) n.l Mr. F. VV Hotwr, beg to announce tneii intention alio 'lv > open niging clashes on the ui.-thod ,ur?ur-d an ?ucceasfullv i L ad mi and 1'ina. Fuithtr particulars will b.- <lul r *nMUM* d* dl lw r n>\< K iT'o's SATI It I i \ \ NIGHT ?"M .( I14HUI Bit All \M hju the honor to a'ltiouu e to his friend *ud lie public, that he will ta*?- hit tirj.1 benefit Coureri on ?tlurit evening, December loth, it the S iciety Lib try, when he rill with hit fitiier, imrodu ? several new so *g* l**or far* her parlicul \rs art- future Advertisement*, <18 2( ec TMIK. IRVING CIHCULATI >G LIBRARY IJ.M* 1 roluuift. TERMS TO SUBSCRIBERS! One year (iwn ?ett? of b >ol?) 00 S sra?ulha. (oue wit of booka) 3 ail Throe raouilu, " " 2 00 One inoutn, " " 1 00 NON-SUQSCHlBEKd. Far reading a du (Jacinto volume, oue week, 1 Ceiita. " " an octavo, ' " 10 cent*. " " a <iuar o, " " 23 rents Families residinir in the cuurrv can have four ?etta of boohs. GEO. F. H. YOUNGS. No. 120 Naaa.u atr-?t, d8 Iw r CI utou Hall, New Yoik. 'HAND TEMPERANCE FAIR.?Thrr- will bra kair o held at the Titniierance Hall, corner of Dey and Washigton stier commencing on the 19 h ius ant, to continue for iur days DUMiioin in fancy aitirlrs, refre-ltmenta, Itc., rill be thankfully received and dn'y acknowledged, by arming them to the lollowing Mamgera Mm Colli ?,229 Washing! rn'treet. Mm Willroi, 217 H'liiy street. Mr?. Cohen, 1 0 Wmru sliert. Mrs Smith, '01 Warreu str-et. Mrs. Robinson. I Carls'e street. Mrs. J mes, 46 Greenwich strict. Mm Vn Evelv 421 Gr euwtch street. >ln. N i'U, ?ti Koli limn ?ln ft. Mrs. El dredge, 220 W ishiugtsm street. d8 3?#r Mra. McC r; '.8 \Vuh'nitt'il rtrret. "^ANUliS! '"\>DIES! CANDIES! at I2<y cell's i>fr J >o.? f (J IDLajKInS ?9 Courtlan 't steer, if noi riling C u'eeiiouarv. at r i* I, at thf 1<1II<1W11<K p, ll'es : ? Sugar Puns anil l'rpiKimiul Drops, M . par b. Love Drops. : : 2 c. do Candiesor II kind, : : 20". do Broken Candy, : : I sc. do Molasses Candy, : : 8 . do A J ururwmu IVa red. Alio, 1 rrspectgble vouiik k rl, not t?f M ymi ?f m, to do light ?.uk . 1 t*>c rPlloW.V, Stone Seal Engraver, hit removed to 133 Uio.nlw-y, opposil. ihe Paik. Coals of Anns, C ?ti, 'yplina, 8tc. euKaved on an tie. Lidi s Seals, P< u il Curt. Iiltnet ItiiiKs, &.C. engraved wi'h coat* of arms. Names, or cry dene , Coats of Mini, f tmd and |ui*ltd. Rinks of lent dry kept witli U|>wa <l? of Ion.Ik0 names dJ3t*r ECONOMY IN PRcSS? Ealenive assort melt ol h I ell, Ca. u .ishi*n?ble and El< e <nt < Jn"d-, for wruti r we r. W.M. T. JEN.sI slJS, 229 11 oadtvsy. Amencan H >tel, iffeis f< r ir.e in<t>i'C iou ?l the pumic, an ntrmar 1.1*1110 nl >1 s?a ouiible goods, comprising B:t<?r and Milled Ctutlia, for,ton's, S cka. b rock., tie. T'e SickOiercOst (111 n.urh in voicnr) affo ded at fourtevu nllars, cut a id trimmer in tiratatyle will b found wor.h> lire tietiiton of the economist. Casnmcres inaitreat variety of sty'rs for Pa ita'.nnus. From those w ho have found any olfliiu.ty in gulling suited iu h>a a .ic e, a tri I is > licit, J. Kich B 1 cade Silk -ml Satin Veilings. (rntirv new styles) for ill's, partn s, Sic. M- rim a, Velvets, pla n Si ks, S tins, and y'ftSlinrre', all of w hich will be lisriOc up 10 O'dci under the ui*r nteodence of as rfficient cutttri as c ru be lo-iinl iu ill 1 iu ,1 y, at juices to suit trie nine*, luiar.ably u,< >u cash trims. (18 in*ec rVPROVFD SOLAR LAMPS," (IIKOMIOL-S,?CANI UKLABRAS, Chandeliers Cindlo lire We a, tW . it.. iVORAM it llAUuIlUllNT, J01 B.oadai .y. amenta for inaufacnuers, are now i<i niti| a splendid ss itiueut of en.ire rew patterns, of the followuig articles : Silvered aud Ormolu Chaudaliera, 6 to 21 lights Ho do (lir udoles, I to 3 do I) 1 do C nidelabras I o 13 do D > do Uraclietii, 1 to i do 11 ol L inter 11s, I mm 6 1 $VS Church Lamps and Chauoalirri.of all kinds Sus, < udiog Solar Lain ?. for cli nches and puh'ie buildings Nl . &. 11 would invite prrticulsr att< utiou to some new ami leaulilul patt' ins 1 f improved Parlor S< Isr Lvnips, w ieli lor uilliaucy and economy c 1111 it be surprised. Al-u a very vanablearticle of dellertir, lor iuipiosiuit the light of the ordi1 try astral lamp. Also, a full assortment of line Cut Glass >Vare, of most upcrior color and la rat paiterus?<11 at a reluclionof 2i to 30 per cent below the as al prices ; tone her snh a full assortment of pitted Ware, Jsp?un d Ware, Ike ? Lea and Cotlee Cms, Castors, B'.ikets, Candles 1 ks, cor'd lishe.. Toast Kicks, Liquor Frames, Bottle Stands, oral aud onuU Waiters, line Tabiu Cutlery, in sets an 1 in dozens. ti,.e la|>anned Tea Pray- In sets and single ones; Dizoii's B l .auna Tea and Coffee Sets; J>rouze aud Paper Ink Trays, CarJ licks aud basket*, aud every variety ol House Furu shrug iondl. P. S.?Lamps, ChaniUlirra. Candelabra, Cut G ass, China nd all other goods, kept on hind elites i illy for loaiiimt 10 p lei c8 2w?r FOR BALLS, PARTIES, Ac.?Uich brocade Silk and e Satin Vcstings, entire u?-sv style, jnst rec ived, anu w ill be nade up to order at usn I moiler <tr 1 rices, ior ready money. W.T. JENNl.NtsS, 22!l Broadway, d?3t*ec American Hjtel. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. t/f LEVtTT,Dentist, the in'roducer into this country in tiie year .8 5, of inserting Teeth on the aliove -cieli ilic irinciide, as practise I by himself ALONE, c uiti the atmiion of the t ub! ctii his great improvement. The rstahlishrd epuU'iou of Dr. Lesctt his easy, wi ll liLOwn, peculiar, and cienlific adaptation in supplying the deficiencies ot the Teeth, u<t the unvaried >ntiifactiou given, which he fu ly guiranlt is uallcasrs, warrants his inciting the attention of ihe I..dies ud gentlemen w ho have had artiliciat Teeth uuskillully sat, or vho may require new for those disdaced by uature. ,M. LEVP.TT. Dentist,,60 Broadway, C,roer Warren sin el optMlsl'e the Park. (Copy ofaLetter Irom M. M. Noah, Esq, to J New VORR, May 2t h, 1841 Dear SirIt it both a matter of duty anil pitasu e t sutr, hac th-set of artificial teeth oil ihe principle of atmospheric iressurc which >on made fora lady in my family, hss suc ceeded never) respect, in eppetiancr, comfort, and utility, and has liven entire satisfaction. I am, dear sir your obedient servant, [Signed] M. M. NOAH. Or. Levett has Prnnissiuu t > refer to some of the elite ol the iuaeii of New Yo'k. d8 im*t hC(wVKEWARU.?OKOS8' SrECIKIfTMlXTUK^ptJv/O (or the Cure of (iounorihiBa, Isletta, Strictures ano ualsiyons coinplaiLta o I the oigan so (generation. Oi est H-medies yet discovered for tla- tbove complaints, this llf MWI Wltll h mates a spvt v and permaueut cure, withoutt he least re Criclion to di drink exposure, or change in application to b'l iursa. We give no long qoackisl: recomtnendatioui to rleresve the oiblic. If the meuicsne does not l e t speak for itself, no one h.all spesk for it. Our object is to until/ vv nrre it can be, ud the proprietor challenges a single cats (I recent Oonnorhusa to be Drought, in which the mixture will not elfect a rapid are, under a forfeiture of tWO. Una u a diseasethai unlortunately p< rtades all r inks of ao iety?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. Thvy re here presented with a remedy by which they can cure themelves without the leaat ciposure >n the sliurleat time |ios*tble. Further, the diaeaae cannot be contracted it" a dose of the mature i> taken at night on going to bed when expoaed. It ia put up in boltiea with lull direction* accompanying it, at II a bottle- One bottle laata a week, which generally cures? aauy are cured in two days. For aale only at Win, H. Viktor's, 191 Broadway, corner of lohn atreet, opposite Franklin House, New York; J Jones, oruerof Chestnut and bevrulh atreeta, Philadelphia: and at J >1. Smith's 111 Washington itreet Boston. d8 lm*r COUGHS AND COLDS DEMEMBEK No M North Sulh itreet, one door below la- Arch street. Philadelphia, the most certain sud best Family >1tdicme, for Coughs, Colds. Spitting Blood, Throat and .nng Disease, a rising sensation 'ike clinking, ticki ng, or on* leasant ohsliuctious. For the shore, Dr. SWAYNK'8 Com ound Syrup ol Wild Cherry will he fonnd the great remedy, 'cr .oos who hare annsed themselves ky [he naeol ardent apirila rill find both their strength and resolution much improred hy raving ofT the spirits. and taking a draught occasionally of the bore restorative. All pceparaiioi.t from this valuable tree, exept the abore.maybe considered spurious or conuterfeit The ral artiele mav he had of the foil- wing Ag-nls, or at No. 54 forth Sixth street, Phildelphia? AGENTS * Dr. W. H. M1LVOR. Druggist, No. 191 Broadway. MRS M H9VES. No. W Fulton st, Brooklyn. BF.NJ. OI.DS, Newark, N J. JOHN MASi?N. Paiiersnn, N.J. d?lm*r | AUfr.8' Silk and M en no I'udtr Vf r? for *ale by L# JOHN M. DAVIE* & JONES, nf9 "V WilHrnn em nf.Jnhn i'i I 3OAK I)?Families or tingle gentlemen can be ?i'Corn<noUa I ted with board nod ile&awit room* at 50 Beekman .trerf.? 1 >rm? ni6 lm*r rhClUTRCTURAL, MECHANICAL, DfiA^INO fc MYTHIC MATH ^Tiie rabicHotr mpretfiiily iafema who arc d^nnui ol improving themaelvea, or who have ihera under their chirge whom thry deaire be instructed in ic above branches of learning, rhat he it prepared to give iui ruction in the Humes to individual* or classes, during the day nd evening, on rewanti??bl? terms. For nartienlare enquire ol the subscriber, No. 30 Downing at r, in the afternoon, .it Uie Mechanics' lust if me. do 3 WM. A DAVIS. ?URMkHKD RO IMS l'i m . K I' - H ?r *ingU g n'leinen. _ with b" ablaut ami tea, or without, i-i t?e?y ph-Tsnii* and ; rtirtd part of ihe ciry. Apply vf I' rk ''I r?. dj l | 1 TOl'I'K.i) -Sl! t?. !? ... - ? am K....U 1 5 tlrras Co?t, witfi o*n"i Tt-xn- uud r the roll.'. Aplyto J. M.nTSJN * CO, r,.?rr, Tinker., <17 T m Mf'.ba'ham atiect. >0' PER.?1' to 32 or i f very ettra <iti*lity, nmnu far. tired J fiom the brat- re, and with g;eM car- Kor tale in Iota tit ii-1 mrhuiri by E. R, COLL! NB St CO.. dlr 36 w ots at ret t. 'APSCOTT'.i OuNEHAL PASjTai 1 E "OFFICE," 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. My Jtfy Sty dfty The anbacribera be* to call the a'tent ion or their friend, id the public generally, to their iniieitor iirangemeuta r bringing-otit penenrai* fmm, ami remitting moot y to, aay ir* of England, lirland. Scotland or Walea, in tna magnificent ivhet hi,,a, comnriii' i' the new Line of livekpool packets,* viz .? Ship nQSOjUS, Capt Collin.. Ship 81DDONS Captain Cobb. I?hl|i SHOaRIOAN, Captaiu I)e|>?ygter. Ship OARRR K,' uptain Ski.l ly Ship HOTTl b UUKR, C.puia b it.ley. Ship SOUTHERN EM, Captain WoodnouaO. Ship ROCHESTER.Ca|?ain P Im r. Ship LIVERPOOL, Capt.iii Eb'r.dg". liling twice erery month; md with the" UNI TED LINE," unpiaid of superior fir.t rlaaa American abijo. .ailing tre.y n d.tya, will m ke fire .hip. in ea h ainti h throughout the >ar, (or one erery am d-.ia) ihari by pie. rut wg the potaility of iintiercraary detention. Peiaon. wi.hing to aend forih i' friend., will not fail to tee ie adr int. ge. to be derie. d 'rom .electing tin. line in p-'fi rire to anv other, end they miy re?t a.inied that onn.nal ill b 'taken to m ike he paaaagu agieeab a, ihe gMpe bring ed np with an e>e anlelv to the com ort of naaaei a- r?. Iu all Ceaea where the partita ami fir derliae Coming. the oney will be refund d without aay deduction, aa naual. A re paaaage Irom ih i rarioui aeaparta of Ireland and Scotland, in alao be secured. REMITTANCES. Peraonain the country wiahii.g ,o aend money to their friend, ymrloaiog ihe anm they w i.h .eut, with the name and adre?? of the pirtir. tnrvceire it, m. y rely on a draft for ihe nount being forwarded per fir't picket, after the melyl lereof, and en arku )wledgviti nt far the Mine returned par mil. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are p-yah'e on tl mend, withat daiconut "tatty oh n hatg*, at the N.ti mat and Proein I B inka of Irela d and brim h a, Eneni U ink of, iter a ck and thel' brim h ?, M*a r . J mn Ka't, 8 uati.o., ankara, London, Eicnange and D'Htrnat Bink. Li.etpool, idiotreiypri ripal towuof Or<-at Bti rain and Ireland. Further pirticul.ra made known on application, if by letter, >at paid, to dJy r W, hJ. t. TAP8C0TT, ?? Peck Slip, N. York. IRK F INfNG. DECEMBER 9. 18ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA. ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND. PRINCIPAL. n^HIS Academy wm established two yean ago, uuder the peA tioii age of 'he former Inteiidem (rtueral Of the Lland, and other distiuicuiihed individuals of the nobility and imrc hauls of this city. It i couducted on the pi in of the Oe man ''uvrnM* sia;"and the method of tuition is the "interrogative." All the scholar* understand tht English language, and many of them spe ik it hibiro*lly and fluently The Principal has th* experience of schools in Fiance, Oermany, England, and th." United States. Hn chief aim Is to give trie youth eu trusted to his care a practica knowledge of ? those branches of a poll e education, which aic required in a'l active careers, and are applicable ?o auy. The course of study, :h retort, comprehends the Engliih, French, German Mid Spanish lantuarfrs; History. Oeogrs.ihies. Vstnrul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, auu Drawings of v trinus kinds. Pr-?feasors of d< vers unions and acqnitveuU reside in the establishment; ud all the classes receive, in roUtiou, instructiou from the director. Such signal su< cess Ins attended this plan of tui inn, that sovera I of the pupils, uuder t elv?* vara of aires, write and speak two I* r*'ij?U Ihku ttCts. iii * perfectly lulnligiole mauiltr, and those of nperyears, correctly Mid easily. The acquisition, not only of flic Spanish, but also of other languages, is thus placed vvuhiu the reach of the youth of the United Spates, without its being necessary for thi m to reliuqui h the many ad van rases which accrue I row anEoglish education. The object of the Triucipal in desiriug to rective youths from the United States, is to facilitate the umuirement of the EugLsh accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, nod to introduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The younx, citj- 1 zens of the United States cau have nothing to fear Irom the climate. the house being ipiCMMMCM oiy, situated iu a heal'hful ipot, at a short dis ance from the -iiy; and coul -ining withiu tU limit*, a floe bath and complete gym nasi u in lor the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, I t? ly arrived from (Jer nanv, have pissed the suinrii i in the school iu perfect health. As j the principal is a m-mnd man, aud his wife and sister have charge of the juniordt iiaitincut: childrt u are received at any but t*at of infancy. Every pupil enioys his religious opinioui undisturbed. j The term* are ;MrtO per annum, payable three mouths in adaauce There are one* ms etcc t cloth- ? nd b.>ok* K<*fcrt?nc??-V.F>Sll* ? IIA- DRAKE A BROTHERS. ALt.XANDKu MORALES. E->Q.. Oil ll.'H'lrt. | V OTICE ? W he rats 8 kuel Befwheiraer, oi 3yra ?? . luui acted th>* ageiif of H Uernheiiner 9c Brothers, merchants j in the ci'vof >f?w Vorlt, iu the collecting of debt? at Syracuse, ami in other bn-imji, <ill persons a ?- hereby notified that 1 his power as ?uch agent ha* been revoked, and ill persons ait j hereby forbidden totruisact any busineaa with him. as such ' agvnt ; and whereas Siniuel B-rulit imrr aud Jacob Blocli, cou- ' sntuting thefuinofH Bciuheinn r & Co.. of Syracuse, hive 1 this day asft'gued to H. B'-rtiht irner St Brothers, of New York, j .11 (he g ?ods, debts sud demands of every description; there- < fore, ill persous ar* hereby forbidden t-? pay any ? ebts to said S. Brruheimer A Co. or either of said firm after this date? and all pay incut* of said dermoids may hereafter be made to Herr- j man Beruiienner.Einatiuel Bemheimer or Simon B*-rnbeimer. ' being the firm of H Beinheiirier Ik Brothers, one of whom will | be found at Syracuse by any person wishing to make |?a\n euts: aud on whom ah persons iiid hted are requested to call inim- du ely aua settle their account* and notes. Dated Syracuse, N- Y , Sl-vv, 3d. I 12. n5 liu?r H BKKVUKIM Ml P-HOTHKIIM FOITSE FURNISHING WAREHOUSE.?WOK \.\l * . ll KAiruHWOUi.ibl Broadway, .Xlaiiufucturers, Agent* ( and Commission Merclmiits, ha?e just received and are now opening a uew and splendid uuortmenlof the following aiii j cfea.vrz:? Silvered, Gift and B'ou/.e (Ja Cliandalicrs, 6 to 2fi lights.] Do Cr t die do 4 to 24 Do Candle Briefer is, 1 to 5 " Do br.caets, Jri 7 " Do Oai Maxi.el Lights, i to 7 11 Do Ooauuoies, 1 tn 5 M OuMiiatras, sioi# /vstrai Lamps, ilail J amps and Lanterns, Heading Lumps ate. A new article of Solar Lamm a very superior article. Also, a new article of D? fleeter fur improving the light of the old pattern of Astral Limp. Al&o a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamps and Chandeliers, for churtiies, hulls and public nuildnuM. i Platfd \V*Rg. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Tout Kicks, Candlesticks, Napkin | Kings, Butter Tubs, butter aud Fruit Knives, Snuffers and , Triys, Coffee and Tea Urns, Ac. Fine Table Cutlery, iu setts aud dozens; Japanned Tea Trays, in great rarity of pat terns and forms; fine cut glass BawIs, Pitchers, Tumblers, Divhcs, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, Ac. Ac. W. A H. beg respect lullv to infoina their friends, customers, and the public gesera.i ). that (heir arrangements with the Manufacturer* are sucnt at they can sell all articles in their line at rctnaikably lowpri rs; and respectfully invite thcin to call aud aee their shown tut which alone is suffici'tit to cotnpcn ate for the Im s22 lm*r R KVOVAh. l-iP.* 'AH L01H NG EOTAiiLJSH Mb NT, if removed if tu Hj i*h> to No. 7 \|for ECONOvlY IN GEN TLEVIliN'S DRESS. | urnts ol A moat Je;(fuitaud K isiiieuable kuidetasavity; of 60 per cent for cash. * advertiser dt sns it unnecessary to resort u the hocki yrd system of tiriue n !i?t of nominal prices, prcsamntn 'tint rhe leuirlb of time lie has been establmhed. together with the evtensive patronage b< .lowed on him, win prove a turn cient voucher for hie capabilities. Pout-mint,'he advance ol being contorted with aa eTtetiaive cloth establishment iu tur <|? he eonhdeurlc oiru that he can Turkish clothes which, on com parisou, will oe found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions ofgeutli men's ilrrss. iltJm ^ 3. PHILLIPS, t Astor House. Bread war JOSEPH McMlfRKAY, lOO Pine street. Now York, gives ? Drafts iu sums to suit aimlica ts, on the PROVINCIAL BANK OK IRELAND, Payable at? ' . . Ba'nbridga Limeiick, Bally mens, Clonmcl, Par?outown, Londonderry, Downpatiek, Slie'o, Cavau, Weslord, Lnrgau, ?el&wt, Oniseh, ti'fiFOra, Duri/anoon, Gateway, H-odou, Armagh, Kiiois, A' 'done, Btllyshannon, Colertine, S rsbane, Kilkenny, Dumtaivin, Biilin.i, Mallow, 'J'laiee, Moueymora, Y ought!, Cooretiill, rmiiskilieu, Kdrush. Mouaxhan, ENGLAND. Payable iu every town la Great Britain. P. W. Byrnes, Ksnuirrs. Liverpool. City of < Jl tsgow B'tilr. Payable in every mm in Lcotlatxl n!5 Imr LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBRER GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. Wall street. Th ** subscriber his'eceived and offers for sale a large assortment ol imnoned India Rubber Water Proof Goods, via: Coals ana Capes, nfsuoerior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Mennnand Cotton, of all colors and sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Prool, super Lama, Lama Persian and Cotton, pre pared for t ilors. India Rubber Webbings lor suspenders, corsets, fcc. s?Hin-r CHAS. ABKAHAMSQN MARTIN'S CASH TAILORING ' ESTABLISHMENT. 154 William Slrrrl, Corner oj Jinn Slrret, IB decidedly the in the city There is -Iways on , hand a select stock of seasonable gnoils, purchased for rash, I which will be made np to order in the style of maVe, fit, trim minu, Itr., that h is iriv. u such gcnrnl sstiifuetinu during the , last fonr years, and it a positive saving of 30 (wr cent (ssntlctWIMs requested to carl and eramine. Ttioss whi famish tli eirown uteris, can Lave them MADE A NO TRIMMED. Dress Coats, made and trimmed, * -f tin te $* ',0 Kroca Coats, do do 8 00 to <t it Pints and Vesrs, I H to 1 00 Over Coats. 9 00 to 11 00 OTP" Terms?Cash ou delivery. , om Itn* r MICHAEL K. MARTIN ] DIIUEHTKIAN ACADEMY.?The subscriber would re 1 Ca siiectfullv inform u.a Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and Brooklyn, thai he hasopeued an Academy, (in that large and cotmn'Miious building formerly kuowu as the Equestrian bii-haiute or Conk's Ciicna, 108 Bowery, on Vausball Garden) for the iustrnclion nl ladies and grullemeu in tnat hetlihlul and necesa>ry acenmpliebmeiii, the act of borarmauihip in all its branches. The Acauemy is furnished with dressing and sitting rooms, and every cenvenience for the roinfort ol pnpils, and , the strir'.eet re/ard to respectability will be adhered to nas made arrangements with Mr. W. J. Davia, one of t sod tlaui-rs himself thai the enterprise will meet with the ?i>- ^ probation and enco"ar*geinrnt nf a liberal public. i Terrna and particalara may be aareriained on application aa ( aboae. _ _ * The oinnibnaatid r? pass ererv five minutes dnring the day. no-re W 0 DISBKOW. Proprietor. " TTLKCTKU M \(JN - .TIC PLATK((N dNMMMMb ' Ca anna affections, ac , piepared under the direction of* M. L maeroui, atiothee iry in Paris, general uepo! im New York, 61 k'rmk'ina M. Nihuaru'a. Price SI M. i lufallible cure for the moat acn e and inTetrrale pain, ?nch aa ' I acme tndchrmie rheuinati'ina, the gout, nrura gy. sciatic, tic j' dot.nenx, dnuae do naiiit (iuy, chiila, imgriin, prampa in ih i ma. Ii, and,shortly,for all nera -us affections,ehietl, diseases " of women mi young cirn, s? green sickness, amenorrhea, an,e prca loot, aapora, oer.ona attacks. Stc nlii im?r i rllL ADF.LPHTA DAOI k'.HKtriTYPB B8TABLHH- ' VIC NT, Kaeiiange Uoiiiling. Noa. 25 an I 17.?Sidgl- Pun r traits taken, from breastpin aixe to 6 inches in diameter. Fain t ily g'onpaol from two to 11 pcraoaaon one plate. Timaol'aitfruit I" ae'eooda. Coni'tnt'y on hand, and for aale, fnrtrn '(m* of the aame kind aa esed in the ra abluhment ; a'ao platea and all other nteuaila. W ,V F. LA NO B.N HKIM. nil lm*r "T^OYS ! TOYS ! ! TOYt !!!?Juat opened a new and Ireah I assortment of commo-i and fine I'oys, aoitab'e for the ho- t lidiya, CI tit Centre atreet, opposite Centre Market, for aale, I wholesale and retail, cheaper than eaer. Toy dealers are re a apeeifollv intiied tocall and riamine mr themaclrea Don't b Ibnti't in* number?213, two doora aboae (fraud atroet. t nil |taw In ial?m V VAN XOKDCN'S WKITINO AND BOOK-KKCPINU " ACApKMl M now oiarn, mi Broadway, tea lour, lor th? reception of pupils, where all acquire Van NOlden'a hean- n til'nl ayatem of .eimoiaiuliip in a aery abort time, anil write v with eese, grace and rli gaiM. Mr. Van Norden is now nrcpar.-d to giar inatrnction in Book Keep-ng o|nrn plana entirnl, new ai d stricria praetieal. Daring one mouili's inilructio-i the pupils *c'uslly opea, balance auil eloae, practically, from 20 to JO aet of hooka. i Terna aera mo letate. Honrs of instruction from OA. M.till 4 P. M., and from 6 ti 10 in the eveuing. n The Ladies ineet daily at 1 P M. nil |m?r COAL I COAL! COAL!?The subscriber baaing lakes ll* yard aunt West corner oi King and Orrenwich at'eet. ia now recei?uig a full an ply of ffcnav'kill and Peach Oieh oil Coal, aeli-cn d from the heat veins, taliich he offers at the folI-Willg 'educed Juices, ait !? From the yard, nrstquality, broken and acreened, $5,10 per ton '* " Kgtaite, " 1,M ? " " Ptoae, " 5,21 " " " Nut, " 5,on " ai From the boat, * Broken, " 5,21 " hi Kg* ?i*e, " lei " Store, " 1.00 " ti Nat, 4,71 ? Deliaered free of cartage. 04 lw*re JAMF.d DOWNF.V. ai f? ANtJY^XRTICLEA FOB 1'HB H<?LY07A > q -ih | " anbacribei hasr-Ceised Iy the I* eat arna?l. a aery rich I aasortm ut i f Paris Fancy Article' eoo'iaiiug of faorj- work hi b. lea, pnp-r do. gam a in ro wi.od hariea, enah.ordering ei frames with car.raaa ard eol'd colt m, children'# toy*, per- Si fumerr, anil soap, of assorted qualities, etc. etc. The pnhlfe la in reap,citnily mailed te call and examine the elioae stock, H previous to purchasing elsewhere, at A d4 lm*r V F KRANCI8CHI, m* Broadway. |k I E R A 42. "P 'I8TLC B \LL ?The Ma?a?er.Tf cl>? Thi.tle B'liero1 lent Aaaoctatioii. reapertlully a mouitcr th?t loeir fun B ?ll i or thi? tra'i u. will lake i la;e at Tammany 11 ill, ou Fnday venine Dec. 9ih, lg|J. I1 The Board if Sltutirn deem it auiierlluoui to maV auy | entile m J "rpaal to tinea who kin mmiM paiVMMC DM j tail of the Thi'tl* Brorvolcu' AmocuIioo, nor i< it nrcMary . trrrjioal that theproceed* an* wholly appropriated to charitable II ittrnoaea, *t:d iuducritniuItaly dmded aino ic t worthy ob)?cu ] f dls'rrsi. The M 'in .era (litter ilniiu-lvcl thai the aatne [eaarooa aymjnthy which liaa been hitharto extended will not ie wantini; no thia uccaaiou. ami they pledicii tltemaelvea that 0 io neiiioii uliall he omi'led on their part to render the Thi? le o Jail, in t *. ry rnp-e\ worthy of this uatne and tluobject lor c vnieh it h niltonli d ft,. ..i.l. .1 .,r.<.r>min,. I> Mr. J Parker, hs- m musl, generou?ly voluuti ered his *atuv I< ile *t ivico m <!irt ci'iic the | M<- \V tlhct\tfSCcllcLt B<uid hit beeo eiigsged for the oc :a?ion. Two Br.'pii eri will pr >m? uade the room | l-t\iug Niliooi I Airs, previ u> to th - commeuc* meot and during lh? intern is inn of dsncing , Doors oj?-u at 7. Dinciug will roitim-nce prm i?e&y at v k'clock. The tenniti tionof thr Bsll will b- known by the I, J iut! playing ' Gmd uight, and joy tw wi' voo a." |i 1 i *li**ts Si, t ? adm't a Gentlemen and two Ladies?to be had I* he B ? ud of Mangers, vi* * I " Cnrr, 18U Hud oil street, Heury Kerr 565 Brosd wav. ? r -idtni. Wm, Kk-Iihidon. cor. Perry v Ia< Harrison, 79 Courl'audit and Green w rli. t Vice President. Willism t'urr, 107 Trov st. John Pati# u, lg8 Cedar st, sUinurl Mas cock, 319 Wil- ? Treuuier. litm ?t. \ iVillinm McLaughlin, Waller Leggatt, 61 Hudson ztherhsr. street Chec&s not transferable. * A CAMEHOV, Hecretarv, 252 Hudson st. r Members cau lure their .ickets ou application to l ? ereV dl H 9 3" r i^'KANUVS I'AIENI' LltK BdAT" li? D-ni w.?. j " the past Jour ye rs in actual st itvicii, and hy eiiernwriii 1 is fol low a Manticd md thr iwu from the deck o a sreHiinn><*t H while uu Ur w.iv ; dropped ?-lidwi?c Iro n the s eru <>i a - * t oadt d t? ?h* kiinWth with iiou and stones, wi'h tne ifove it? ; turned by force upside down ind r**i??liii2 # ?,,, >f 15 meu to keep her so uoset bv her passengers md r? ? C nu th*-in nirtfu iiisid -And freeing herself from water ; botiou* I ituve in by landing on a rocky shore ami then rowed out to sr.sliding iu n snrl, wh? n all oilier boats swainjted ; laving crew ind passengers Ironi a wreck in a storm at sea. with (he bow r itote in and plug* our ; b arding a wr* ck witti the bo'tmi bio- j len open ; leaving a sinking wrec k lull of passengers, with the ^ wa bi? akmg from end to end ; ni cking way across a coral ret I 0 A wreck cud bringing off 26 passengers, leaving the ordinal y M K).a ? swamped ; thrown Irom the deck of a ship eudwise and uvim, 22 persons ; sides aud bows broken through and botroin r ito?< in ind rowed ia deep water, lie. mid fiuail, blowa Qu by 1 subuiarin?e explosion, and then again manned and rowed as t jefore. JOSEPH b RANCI8. P Office No, 7 Wall st., at Ad.tma Ik < -o *? Li press Office. i 118 u P* US'S?OUNS?GUN8?At auction prices?luo nouoie bar ? L* rel duckiug guus, made eipreasly for South Side Long Is- * md. rt ?in Cocking Guns, assorted, I 6 to 3 4 boxes, ass'rl lengths, w IkiO Single barrel auus, coinmou to line. 300 Rifles, fr.'in $6 to $10 each. c. 3O0i) Pa raft pistols ti Guusmitht ai.d dealers in guns will find a* thii dewo* every irlicit want' d by the manufacturer y sp rtsman, iu any c^uau ' it v desired, \.i fidlows?gnu locks, rille locks, barrr s, sptiiigs, Pi-ees, caps, ward*, worin?, tips, libs, triggt rs tiuuiture, Ike. U. Alio, horns .hj<! jv^wer-nasks, from l to 16 ox* gitne bogs, tj ilioi b tgs, pnn> rt, wrenches, kic. A. W. bPIr S St CO, IP 6 Im r 218 Pe rl street. V (J. A. CUV HEX FA 1CH fOfi T. fft 'ST OFKrCK, N.w Vork, ttthJuly, mrj " LI OURS of Delivery each flay, (Sundays excepted) at the ri H U ?>erHiid Lower Post Office*>? ti Letters .tbosited before Hal- ' ait 8 o'clock, A M\ S u .... l h 3 " P ftl I Will be tent out for deAt ill the before > lirerv >.t II A M. uJ I ,, Tulork, A Ml and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 II 2 " P M) Letter, to be eent Free, mu.t liaee "Free Stamp" afllxeil to u rlmin nrht'l-u I ih 111 re. rn ,fa wilt he- nil t-rl. I nf the* itarrv tn r whom the If iter is address* i. No money mu?t be enclosed it) (] letters unless re isiered at t ie i rinci|ial offices. Lists o| rhf it ItatlODt (at til of which "free *Um|u" m iv be pur' lias.d |( u (2,50 per 100. ami every information may be obtained on uj* plication at the upper or lower nost i fficcs. 9um|n issued by 1 the late CityDesp ttch Post will be ren .ived. It is iitJtspeutable e that the mttuher of the residence ahooi 1 be stated in ait lett, r* lent through this Poet. The Post Master solicits the earliest iniotination should any r irreguUri ties occur. JOHN LOHIMK * OKA HAM * at?28 Iv ec Post VIaster. f BO IKDI NO ?The original Walton House, 326 Pearl street, 1 Franklin Square?kept by J as. Fowler, from London. H land, permanent boarders ^8,SO per week, transient hoarders SO n cents per day Families etti b?* accommodated with private ^ rooms on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents per gl>*s?tlprne brew'd ale 4 crn'a per pint?fine Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold cuts eqntlly cheap. N. B. H it coffee 3 cent* v |H*r pini?stakes and mu1 ton chops can he had at all hours. s J. F. particular! v requests any one wh . is in want of a com- f, ortih'c home to call -ind inspect his establishment, an.) n ludvc lor themseIves. Persons travelling for EnuUud would i lilid it to their advantage to call. The house beiuu convenient . to Loudon ind Liverpool shins, J F. hen,,; appointed dfcvnt, lie can give insssenu rs every information. ? 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AS ' HVTA. AND ,COMPLAINTS I. OK THK LUNOa, q ue mm liah'r ro arrack th system. (j " Tlie chill, of cutuino strike the frame Ami fit it for il scase. An hour of care would end the same, " Ami all lit rage appi-ate I A an ! the moment p-itaea by, a Shut comes the It >ur when we most die." There in not only tmth I nt poetry in iIi??Ik>?? cmp-aitinn. We let the moment lms", when that moment, if we utrd the (. Itine nre|ierly wonlutie the tnott raluaMcnf onr rsiitenre, for it ii tine small apeck in eternity which rnda our own career by " uugligeaee. BECAUTIOUS! [a a aeutence that should n-ver be b-rirotten hv any one. LOOK OUT FOR CONSUMPTION. a a another. Here in nor variable climate, when ai< kneaa atalk* n every autumn hreexe, and the Litnira are at every moment w table to Ite iffecfed, let ui be carefnl. The first moment when p I cold .eta in, rejjeuiber that PEASE A SON'S E "OMP AUND EXTRACT OF HOARHOUND CANDY, ? ?'ll t ra ii ate ?n I eomplelely diatrov every- vratiire rl OlIliHS and COLDS It it only hv delay and nc*l.gcncc, I" hat at auih lim'-a, peoida let a few tUya p ta which it w d.y? Ci letermine the duration of their liv?a All th-ae who with *o w >f relieved from the firat patna and afflictions of ae ere eol.t in , hia ait(nm?al trnaon. tnnit uae the HOARHOUND EX- " rKACT, which ii cotn|?.utuled of twenty-five of the moat ai afe and salutary cotrth ingf dienta. Sol I hy J. Pca?r A Son, iroprieton, 15 Division street; 10 At'or Home, and 110 Br..advay, v RF.AD THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATE 1 Ns.wVong Dec. 2 I8t2. w Oentlemrit?My wife has been for the hiat tnr- e j errs nifl cd v ith a weaknera of the Inntta. and a severe ennah Mi larghter h-- ihn baen sub|e. r to the aame diaeaae of the ting-, which waa ao ae vere ? lv th cater th t I ao i fear I- at ay w ife and d idshler should both In-come victima of emsnrnii inn. We tried the medicines nan >llv naed anil rerummemii d |n II tur.h e-aeea without Micre-a. Aa a last nrort. w e concluded |j( otry yottr Ho rhound Candy, th" re?n't of which tri als w,.? o 'uccei-lu'. Ilia' the Cninjli and irritstionof the ya we a V tilirrly healed Tney have now centequ-n'l; htttar haaltti in ban lh"ty have had before f rthe last ttiree ve>ra. 0) I am \ onv?. " ty, _ WILLIAM BOND, II Liapenard at. c< To Merara. J Peate A Son, 45 Divi-t u it. II ' OH: NOBLE POWER! THY REION IS HERE! p? .Nrw Vorr. Jun - 5th, IM2. ml Ocnti -51 v wife haa been for the la?t two or three >?ar? molded with a severe P" I dical cettgh, accompanied with reat pain all I bleeding at the lunfa ; the cough haa he, u ao ae- n] er at t'met that during the ptroitsma of c..nalt ur the th iloml would fly from her m nth and t o? rilv ar the tame tin 0 ; . h-f cough would commence in the fall and laat through the riis'er. Nothing that hu been tried would retiree ler until #< aim wea'.ht r, ?h. n it w?uH abate a little, unit this laat win- ot ' r, wh" II she in ide n?e "f Prase's Hoarhoii d Candy, and the etnlia Wore -neb at to le??e a happ> impression npoti her , rind of it'iff - <cy and virtues. It performed a ndical ear: u' then all other atf* ? pta filled. DAVID W I ItCRCY, ? D. Isrey utre'.t, and No. 0 Ppinee street. To Vle?r*. J. Pea?e St, Hon,?4 DieiaiiM at Itl P S.?If there ta one that doubta the rflicaey of Tease'a fit 1 .ailtouud Cendy, I should be eery h tppy to see them , D. W. T. Atrenta Ro-hfnn Jt Aspnwnll, 10 Aator Hoe as, no w Iroadway, and ?6 William street. n< Agrn't oat of |he City. Be (teas * Zrber. No. 3 Ledger toil.tin a, Philadelphia. Hrtalmr It t,a, h'o 8 Stifeatreet, Boattr' 'M Dedtrr, No S7 Htate stri et, Albany, N. Y. ip Da deman Lon:arille, Ky. w Th inpa u la Co.,< jneitinali, Ohio. Wied? Si Water. Troy. fit An agent wanted at New Orleans. |j] jy Kirn er.rel..,^ ol the ? nuine Hotrhmind Candy is Itii d J. PKABKIt SON. a5 Dl?i?ton street,of whom it can p obtained wholesale snd retail. 81 Parties supplied with lee Cream and >11 kinds of Confeeonary, at prices to s?>it the exigrnri" of the t:m. *. J. PKAHKIi BON, 4J Division street. N. B ?All kinds of S'eam Onfectionaiy at (Scents a ponnd. p. retail. ,? Imr no" f'HTV fKH* AND l I BI.ISH^.H.a-A you*"n I a I radical (rriu'e,. who ia thoT' tialily sciiaiin'ed w.rh hi- "" tineas in i ei rr department and branch, a- d wlMihas been aoi I.ployed in loe capacity of retainer and sob-edit.>r on aeeera zp| igbly respectable joumalt, is desirous of obtaining asimalion f th# country, to take charge of, and manage a mail arw?lie r conesrns. A remunerating salary will only he e*l*rteit, Wt ddreaa, by letter, (postpaid) X. Y. at Uw Hetaid omce. ]ft{ esiiectable relertnces gteea and ragmrs" L D. Prtc? Two Ccuta. Trim, <>k Miss Uambun ?The trial ofCharlotto limbl'n for ihe murder of h<-r husband has taken lace in Mobile. The following juror# were sworoi . MWilson, H A- Barclay, Win. Mngoe, J. Sand#, ohn H. Elliott, Stephen L Murrell. Augustus Metier, S. B liowe, W. G. Ellis, J M. Ddhuey, Jaa. lagan, Win. I*. Carter. hcBiiK.r W. Hkcki.e, introduced aa a witness ai the part ol th" Slate, states that on the night f the twenty filtli of M trch, 1842. after the rat act of the comedy of the ' Old Woman" had een informed at the Mobile theatre, he wes initio t-d by a boy in attendance that the deceased, ?wing. wh' ted Inn., nod upon descending the tairs thdt led to the d'c.-eiiiR rooms, he met Miss lntiiblin at ihe lout of the stiirs, hoi ling in her and a weapon of some sort She exclaimed, " My iod ! what hive 1 tin is' why did he strike met" Tpou proceeding furttier, wi ness found deceased pug acr sa the threehhold of ihe dressing ro. ni, i-eechless, with two wounds in his right arm. diss II. and deceased were reputed to be man and vite; her dressing room was separated from hia by lie whole width of ihe house; witness knew of no ijierca'isn on that dav, although Ewing had left lis wife on that day, nnd turd lie would not go bark, mil had heard of no previous threat by Mi so H. igainst d ceased; but saw a note Irom prisoner to eceased, requesting the return of certain ariiclea, tnd threatening lino ihM l>? u>,,?l.l ? t = - - me >11 irgreiu f lie did not return them. Witness lurther stated, (lilt when he first mw .Miss H niter the occurrence, he had iii her hands what he took tn he a dagger? tnd that in the |>art ol a page, which she performed tint night, a dagger was not an essential part of tostame. Witness had known deceased for two or hree seasons; Ins health was excellent; excepting light attacks ol sore throat, Arc His run of chaOClers required git* it physical exertion; and witless never ob-erved that lie snllered from these exrtions. Deceased played frequently in the play nd after-piece, and always without luconvcuienee; eceased occupied the same chamber with witness or a week alter parting with Ins w;fe; then retimed for a short time to his wile, and then returnd to his former lodgings a day or two before bis eaili. His general health was then good, a witness had an opportunity of observing, le had palpitatron about the region of the abdomen, s witness could see from frequently witnessing him rith hi* clothes oil, and appeared to have no diffiuhy of breathing alter coti.-tderable muscular exerioii, such as he often put forth. Witness states that rtsoner had been in the habit of going to the d result; room ol the deceased, hut had not been there for week or tea days previous to his death. Her resstug room was separated from his by the entire ridth of the house, and access to his aimrtment ould only be had by gomg in a roundabout direc on. Wntifss saw ut first two wounds upon the^ ight arm ot deceased? hut upon lurther examina* ion discovered another wound on the left side?de eased was not dead when witness first reached im, but shortly alic, perhaps ten minutes, died in witness's urtna. l'nsouer and deceased were not ogether more dun ten minutes t at whole evenrig Crota Ex ?Witness went to hurry Ewing to hw art -did no1 see Miss hatrblin going to the room i| the deceased, but met her on the staiicase, spearing quite distressed, and asking forgiveness of ter husband for what she had dune. Ho one was n the firewHiiifr rtuim ut ?!?*? ?-U? ?: ? -- ...V uvvkiutu nuru OI IUB ntered. Mi.Joiki saw Ewing that night before the play comnencad?he waa qnitei xcited t>y liquor. He?|iokeof hia vift>. an I used very abusive laiutiage towarila her, some ew minutes before trie curtain ro?e. Witness played in he same piece that night wnh prisoner and ilectatrd ? * nd excepting tho language previously mentioned, wit. leaied no display of ill will on tliu part of either towarda lie o her, on the stage or oil He heard no threat by prioner towards ducea-ed, ami knows nothing of their pre* iou< separation?in fact nothing of the terms ol their ocial intercourse. She was very secretive as to her irmly matters?hut witness thought herould see Irom toe tanner ot bath that they ware unfriendly. Ewing and latolirt'o used the same dressing room, and witness was in lis own chamber when he heard a voice from the room f deceased crying out, "My tfod! what have 1 done!" Limit a wo.-k before the death of Earing witness saw diss H.iniblin in his (deceased's) dressing-room, but do?e iut know il sne was in the habit ot visiting it. MadsmkTiiili si in was in her die-sing room, and heard oud talking, ami then a scream from the direction of Swing's room. Witness went to her door, and U|>on look rig out saw Ewing up in his own threshold in the act of illing?a few steps utf she discovered Miss Ilainblin holdng something in her hand, who exclaimed, "He struck tie siid called me hard names." Prisoner endeavor, d everal times to go to the body, but was hindered by those irouiid. bhe appeared frantic and eutirely beside herself, ir.d frequently called to witness as if to her husband? 'Andrew, why did you strike met* Hhe would then goto ihemirror to arrange her dress, and announce her readiness to go througri with her part Prisoner wore the dress of g page, and hail u dagger w ith a white handle in he|? belt when the performance began. fra- iiEVKKT examined the lardy, and at first thought that he wounds were the cause of the rlea'h. Upon opening he abdomen, he discovered much blood?but traeing the otir-oof the knife lie saw no blood vessels cut. On gong further, he found the remains of on aneurism in the bduminsl aorta, which had b-en ruptured?which rupnre ill Hie i ntlv accounting for the dent i of Ewing, witess proceeded no further in bis examination. There re cases on record of the existence of aneurisms without he alien Ian. e ol serious sy inptoms manifesting their ha. rie. in inn instance the aintirum wm very large, and lienuated to such a degree that witness wondered how he party had lived so long?a* any slight ca se, such as blow, or even a sneeze, might have cau-ed its ruptura, nd so have induced death. The most probable causes of upturn would he anger, a blow, or great muscular eierion. Aneumm is a disease ot the arteries, in the progress f which the inner coats bring the most tinder, are tha rst destroyed, while the outer being quite tough, last inch longer. Wounds of the stomach are always danemus?death does not usually, however, aupeivene iralediately ti|>on a slight puncture of that organ, hut is the i-sult ol subsequent uidammation In this case it ia paw ihlethat Ewn-g might have died of the wounds alooa, i it bout the presence of the aneurism?hut not tmntedite.l v?and only after ioflamation had taaen placo- Witess had before treated a caseol wounded stomach, where re injury 'o that orgnn was greater than in this instance, nd the patient recovered. Alter flnding a probable cauae rr the death of Ewiug, wit- ess ceased hu examination 'he Unite entered the opi-oiite aide to the aneurism, and Id not reach it. It was ruptured by other agencies?and here was sufficient chum: ill the excitement under which eoeased tailored,induced bv the liquor he bad taken, and heGtol anger into which he was suddenly thrown, to ccount for his death. The case excited an intense interest?and the ourt room was literally crowded, from the cointencement until the conclusion of the trial. There was some difficulty in empannelling a jury -hut it was finally effected, after challenging about hundred persons. The evidence was examined with great care, and 'as closed about dark; alter which the solicitor, ercy Walker, and Messrs Chandler, Childers ana tinn, addressed the jury. Judge Bragg then brn fly nd clearly summed up the (mints of" the case?im* resaing the jury with tiie fact that the merits of the sse depended entirely on Dr. Levert's testimony? hich went to show that the aneurism of which it ia llegeil Mr Ewi;-g died, might have been caused by riv extraordinary excitement. The jury then re'ir-d for h moment, and returned 'ith the verdict of not guilty. As soon as this was announced, ihe defendant, ho was latuued by remaining in court all day, tmledirttely fai..ted. ->4/?/?rtmft Paper. A SttRotCAb OprRvTiot of some interest was rformed last week upon a voting woman of the .iii 11 v ill \1 r nenru r l.l.?l ou ... f - . ... ...? ... waiwiii v " niirll 0 ) in this ^fate, who had h'-en suffering distreaai?ly with the ston" lor a year part. At the instance 1 her physician, Dr. 9outhard of Belvidere, and me mined hy the most excruciating pain, she eublitted to tiir oi*T?iion <>f Lithotomy, which ap ars, hv a report in the Journal, to have been moat icc?e.ful. On Tuesday tast Dr. Stout, of Bethlehem, aasisted 1 Dr Green, ol Belvidere, and by Dr. Southard, e physician in attenBance upon the patient, perrraea in a masterly manner the operation lor the one ; when a calculus was taken from the woman the following dimensions:? Largest circumference 6} inches; smallest do H >; largest diameter 1| do; smallest do I# do Hut one i f the most surprising features oi the ease as that n n out darning needle was firmly imbedded the calculus, the sharp point of which projected te-eiglnh? of ati inch feont the smaller end ol 'he sue. The weight of the whole, niter hems dried as six hundred and ten grain*. The patient has recollection of it needle having al anv lima been troduced into her body It roust prohahly have 'en swallowed in childhood ; and having pawed to the bladder there fornvd a nucleus around hich the calculus deposited itself The patient,we e informed, is now convalescent and comlortae. The calculus is in the possession ol Dra. Green id Southard of Belvidere ?JVewirfc Adwrtim51lk ansSsoass ?We learn from the Natchez pp Trader that at the IsteWashington Fair (Mi.?s.) ,rP exhibited some samples of ve'y fine silk and n^in cottons rai ed by I>r L v> lace, of Wilkmn county. Peter Kucker exhibited several rtons of very finely flavored segars, made from torco raised ttotn the Cuba seed It is said they 're folly as good as the medium Habanhas, and iked <>n'y a*e to render them equal to the beat

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