Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1842 Page 1
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TH Tal.TUI.~lo.331 ?Wttolt No. 3194. FOR NKff ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Jjfc t&S- rfSK^M^^eBer accommo?^S^o?shipiwrs, it t^uwnped 1to despatch a ship from thia port on the )?t, 5th, 10th, 15th. 10th, J5th ol each month, commencing the lOtii October and ??'' ' ing until May, when regular day* will be appointed " mainder of the year, whereby grent delays and d ill be prevented during tlie Rummer months. 1" following Mil', will commence this arrangementt C Bhip YAZOO, Caiaam Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Certain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain. Hunt. Slop SHAKSPEARE. Captain Miner. Bhip OA8TON. Cantain Latham. Ship HUNTSV1LLK, Ca|ttain Mumford. Ship OCMIJLOEE, Cai>uiii Leaeitt. Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Sim. MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all huilt in the city of New York, expressJ1 for jackets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been ' stiil out in solcndiil order,with accommodations lor iwasriigers u?e<l*allesl "" comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters.??ho will make every exertien to give Srneral satisfaction. 'r#y will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi bjiatexniDoati. ,Naith?r tire oavuur* oa|BapCuna of these ahipa will be res)>ousibie for jewelry', bullion, precious atonei, silver or platrd ware, or Tor any Utter*, parcel or pecltai;-. teat ty ? tpxt en board 01 them, 'iiiless regular bills ?f .suing are taken for the lime u>d the value theieon expressed, x Fer freight or passage, apply K. K. COLLINS fc CO;.* South at., or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wil} promptly forward all goods to their address. The shi|a of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have tne goods correctly measured. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ mi To ailfrotn New Vork on the 25th and Liverpool on the 13th of each men/A. $$>> Fhom New York. Ship OARHICK, Captain Wrn. Skiddy. 25th October. Ship ROSC1U8, Captaiu John Collins, 25th November. Ship 8IDDON8. Cnntaiu K. B. Cobb, 25lh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain b. A. Deiieyster, Zitti January. Fkom LirstnrneL. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Deiieyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship (IARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship RuSCIU 8, Captain Jolm Collins, 13th January. V These shins are all of the ftsst class, upwards of 1(108 tons, built as in tile city of New York, with such improvements as combine Kat speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every carc been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100. for which ample stores will be provided. These shi|? are commanded by ex|>eri(-nced masters, wh? will malae every exertion to give general satisfacBon - Neither the captains or owners of the thi|* will be responsible for at y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular b '.Is of lading are signed therefor. Forlreieht or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS & CO.. M South at., New York, or to WM. * JA8. BROWN At CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the isickeu will lie charged !2>? cents per single ?heet: 50 cenw |mr ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. 01 NEW YORK AND LIVERrodlT ltE(JUI.AK COM"MERC1AL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. m. M. M. M. uC^eStablishe^'assagf^jfVice, 6l"soUTH STREET. The subscriber in annonncing his arrUiigemrnts for the year 1832. apt ears befope his friends with sentiments ol sincere resK-et lor the able sup)>ort he has received for many years past.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to a?>,,l f.,r iliMir fr,*.n,la ra*idinLr in Voufl.lnd Ireland Scotland and Wales; tliat they can at all times Ik- accommodated bv this line, by weekly opportunities from I,iverpool? as well as by all Ihe well known different lines of packet ships, sail ins to and Imm Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13lh. 19th and 26th of each tnonth throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to hare the emigrants shown civility, and despatched without dtlay, and those who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every doe and diligent attention will be given by the Liverpool agents to those sent for, as well as all who may embark with lliem, and should any of those wliose passage lias been paid not emjaik, the mouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscribei feels a pleasure ill making known the differ* ent ships by which his passengers came out during the last year, which has givan general satisfaction, and that he has considerauly eitcnded and concluded hisarraugemenu for the year 1812, Tne following is a list of ships :? Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Faiifield, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone. Sjieare. Russell Olover, Howes. Wales, Watts. Hi hernia. Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Cherver. Osceola, Childs. Clifton, Ingersolt. St. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Alleu. New York, Niven. Sobieskie, Emerson. Warsaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Pauthea, OooJmanson. Hubert Isaacs, TniTman. Virginia, Estou. Euro|>e, Batcheldor. 8. Jenkins, Seymour. A free passage from the different porta of Ireland and Scot and, can alto be secured, and drafts furnished for any amount, payable at the National and Provincial Bruks of Ireland and their respective branches, and also on Mersrs. J. Ik W. Robinson, Liverimol, which are paid free o* any charge, tbroughont he United Kingdom. For further particulars vpply to JOHN HERDMAN 61 Soulh street. or J. it W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piaizar.aLiI IBS No. 1 Neptune St.. Waterloo Dock Lircrttnol. oCITLINE liverpool paoh.fc.Ts. M- M. M 'PHE of PaHS^m?Liverpo<^[^^wre*fter be 1 iloittafpKixl in f f, y| I, t w i nis <ir<Ur ? ?/*? til mir tK .t Wlien tK* d iy ol' sailing fall* oo Sunday, the ahipa will anil on the succecd(4 day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, CJuue 1 Jnly 19 616 toua, < Oct 1 Not 19 D. G. Bailey, (Feb l Mar 19 The ENGLAND, {June 19 An* 7 750 toua, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. f Feb It April 7 The OXFORD. I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, < Not 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, {July 19 Sept 7 610 tone, < Not it Jan 7 E. U. Marahal r Mar It May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, {Aug 1 Sept 19 618 toua. '.Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, .Dec It Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. I April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, i.Sept 1 Oct 17 850 tons, '.Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Baratow. May 1 June 19 The COLUMBL8, fSept 19 Not 9 700 toua, '. Jau 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May It Ju|y 7 Punctuality, aa regards the day of sailing, will be obaerved aa heretofore. The price of tiasaage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for whicn ample stores of ever* description wi^1 lie provided, with the eiception of wines and liquors, Which Will be furnished hy the stewards. GOODHUE A CO., 61 South St., C. H. marshall, 38 Burling-slin, N. Y. je2l lvh BARING brothers A co., l\wv>I. ^ ^ ^PA^kIcTB ITO^^nARSElfj^S^The undermentioned ships will be legularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the 1st of each month during the year, thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINF.RVA. Capt Brown. Not 1. Jan 1 H'RYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COUR1EH, CaptDugan, Jan 1. Marl TRESCOtT, Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. Mayl CORIOLANUS, CapHailr, Apl 1. Jun 1 They are all eopperea and copper fastened.and have excellent accommodation"! for passengersThe price of cabin passage will be $100, exclusive of wines and liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD A HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other charges than these actually j>aid. For freight or passage apiily to O. BROOM A CO., or to o2Jr BOYD A HINCKEN, Anita tapss7>tt's general passage office, 63 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. ijsx 1AP- iciRN ^ ifm **?*? The mbacrilwri Ikk to call the a 1 trillion of their friends awl the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passenger* from, and rem it tin It money to, aiy liar- of England, Ireland, Scotland or Walca, in tns magnificent packet rhips, comprising the . " nkw Link <Sf Liverpool packets," viz.:Ship RQSClUB, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.CaptainCohb. Ship SHr.KIDAN, Capt-iiu Depayiler. Ship UAHHK K.< aptain SUidly. Ship HO'I'TI NOUER, Captain B traley. Ship SOUTHERNER, CapUin Woodliousc. Ship ROCHESTER. Captain Palmer. Ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredge. Sailing taaice esery month: and with ihe "UNITED LINE," cmaiioseri of superior firat class Amsricau ships, sailing eyarjr trii days, will make five ships in eaeh mouth throughout the V?ar, (or one e?ery six dava) thereby pieventing the |>oasioility of unnecessary detention. Persona wishing to send (or ilieir friends, will not fail to aee he adrantsgea to be derirrd <rom selecting this line in preference to any utlier, and they may test assured that unusual care, will b- taken to make .he passage agreeabv, ihe ships being fifed up with an eye solely to the enm'ort of passengers. In all eases where the parries sent for deeliaa coming, the rnonry will be refund d without any deduction, aa usual. A fret passage liom ihe rations teaporia of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing 10 send money to their friends byinrloaiog the sum lhay wish sent, with the name and address of the pirties twreceive it, m.y rely on a draft fur ihe amount being I'orwardrd per firn picket, after the receipt tnereof, and an acknowledgement fur the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amonnt, are payable on d?mand, without discount or any o h. r charge, at the National and Provii?. rial B oks of Irela'd and hrim h a, Eastern Hank ol Scotland, Greenock .oil itiei-brsuehes, Mea-rr. J tmea Bu't, Son It Co., bankets, London, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liser|iool, and in > Tr y pri ripul town of Great Bii ain and Ireland. Fnrlherp iticnlars mide known -n application, if by letter, ^bvVd' *W, fit J. T T A PSC OTT. 41 Peck Slip.N. York. 6/S& UiaAFTS ON IH.ELA *D, kc.?The subscriber* sfjrjMfy eoiitnnie to give dralta payable on demand, witnout jnLfiRbu count, or any charge whatsoever. IN iKr LAND?Thr National Bink of Ireland, the Provincial Bank of Inland and iheir oranches in even county. IN E vOLAN D AND WALES? Vlesars. James bull, Son h Co. bankers, Loudon, the Eicange and Discount Bank, Li erpooi, and their hr ?ch?a throughout England and Wales. I - SCOTl AND?The Eaa'em Bank 01 Seotlaud, the O eanoi k Banking Company, and brauchea in the principal towns; 8 r W m. Forbes, Hunter fc Co. Persons in the country wishing to remit moncv to their friends in sny part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by tm losing the ainouut thi y wish to remit lo ihe subscriber* with the nsine and address of the parties to whom it is to he lent A drift for the ami nnt will he forwarded the fi st packet after the r?erip< thereof, slid acknowledgement of the sain re^"v1 Tr TAWQTT, 41 P- Ck alio. New York laf Fl?R \i6BILE?Cit, Lii.i?First P egei?'| he blfflP^elrgini, fast sailing packet ship MARY FRANCES, ,vBmB?b' apiain Huiibaid, will sail as above. I .si, acrommodnte cabin, seeond cabin and steerage passen f gera at moderate rates, il early application iu made oa hoard die ship, or to JliliN HeRDMAN.CI South at. dl ec :e ne NEW NEW JERSEY RAJLKOAI) AND TRANS. PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK h wre rtriurti] to 'i3 rents. Krjn. we loot of Ceurtlandt ttreel, New York. (Every day?Sunday nut ei>led.) Leavea New \ ore S'rwark Vt 9 A.M. Af. P.M. At 7** A. M. At IK P. M l'H do. 4 do. 8 do. 3% do. ?X do. 8 do. 6 do. .7 do. II 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Krotu the foot of Courtl <ndt stre et. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and ?W P. M. At IK P. M. and 10 P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. 8KA.M. 2*4 " ' loJ< A. M. 4gr. M. IX M. 3 P. M. 9\ " The traina for Wealfield, Raitifield. Bonndhrook, Somerville, Ike., connect with the 9 A M, I and A\ P M irtiua Irom New Yoik, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Towu 23 ceuta. Fan between do and Somerville, 7S centi. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. f rem the foot of Liberty atreet, daily. Leaie New York. Leave New Brnnawiek. At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. iv I* \i ' n'S ? " 9 P. M. On !4niid*ys the 5K snd A.M. trip* from New Brunswick \nd 2\ P. M. train from New York, up imittcd. Karr between Now York and Now Wrouswick, 7J cenu. Rah way, 50 centa The far* in the 5W and 75< A. M. tram from New Brunswick, and 2*4 and t. train front New York, has been re 'luceu. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to 27 X " Passengers who procure the it tickets at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets arc received by tin* con lienor only on the uay when purchased. anil 3m* VVTNTEK ARR/ .NOrTHEST: sSS-W-WiiS, NKW YORK AND THII. APE L PHIA HaTTR (">T ft LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown and Burlington. through in six hours. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and 4^ P M. The immune Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office fool of Liberty street, where a commodious steamboit will be in readinesss, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Cnr, in which are a|n?rtmciils and dressing rooms for the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia froui the foot of Chestnut street by railroad front Camden, at 9 o'clock A .M.aud 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, sod 4 P M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. >28 3m r daiLV package express car for albany, TROY, AND BUFFALO. By llie 'it1'miu 'hrongli from tl.i* City to Albany in H mrs. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The sitbscriners have made arrangeinent? with the Housatoni Rail Road Company, to iun au E in rets Car (exclusively for our o?r? purpose) dailv, over the'r road with the passeuiccr train, running through to Albany in twelve hours, and are now prepared to receive and f< rward .it low rates, Specie. Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Goods, flic , for any of the above named or intermediate placet. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts aud accounts, and such other business as may be entrusted to treir care. d2r POMEROY li CO 2 Wall s'reet, New York. NEW YORKA.vD HARLEM RAIL ROAFCOMPXNY. jtis? WINTER AhRANNOFMEN I'-On and alter Monday, Decembes5'li, 1812,ihe ran will ruu daily aa follows Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem Leave Williams'Bridge Williams'Bridge. for Chy Hall. ferCitvHsll 6 30 A. M. 8 20 A. M. 8 00 A. M. 9 " 10 0 " 10 20 " II 30 " 1 10 P. M. 12 SO P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " S 40 " 5 20 " 5 30 Harlem only. 6 30 " _ i City Hall and Tweuty seTenth glrert Liue will run aa fo'lowa:?From 7 30 A. M. every ten minntet throughout tlie dav tiM 7 P. M. i I'assenairs for Westchrstrr. Throg's Neck. Eaatchrster. New Kochclle, Mamaroncek, H?se N-ck. Noilh Ciutle, H"l? bins'Mills end White Pla> a, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. train from City Hall. Passengers for Ynnkers will rage the 9 o'clock, A. M and 4 o'clock, P, M. trains from City Hall, lTO I m * m PULLKN & COPP'S 1 n .jmmmM a E AL EXPRESS. Meurt. Hnrnd'i? k. Co. having dinpoted of their route from New York to Albany and Troy, the ?b?eriber?, the old conductors of Harnden k Co*? Northern Kmrris, from New York, will continue to run a* heretofore .leaving New York, Albauy and Troy, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobs* Montreal Express, and will for- I ward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages. Bundles.Cases of Goods, | Ac., to any place bttwern N?w York and Montreal, and I i throughout the Canada's. Alan East, Irani Troy and Albany to I Boitnn, and West from Albany to Bits ago. All business rutruited to their charge will be promptly at- I tended to. Particular attention wi'l be paid to the collection I of n> tea, drafts, acceptances, tic . and prompt returns made for < the satne, I PULLEN It COPP. Offices?Pollen It Conp, 2)^ Wall street. New York. Tnoa. ( tough, 13 Kiclnnge, Albany. A O. Filkins, 228 Hirer slreet, Troy. B. Jacob's Excbangr Cou't, St Paul at, Montreal. REFERENCES. New York. Albarv. Trot. Prime, Ward St King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno Payne, Jacob I.ittle, It Co., Thos. (dough. P.Weils, Johu T. Smith, St Co., 8. K. Stow, Prpoan It Hoffman, S. Douglass, Carpenter ti Vt rmilye, E. Leake Houghton It Co. Drew, Unbutton It Co. u24 Ime i NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL JiOAD LINE. J Via Norwich aro Worckstkr Kaii.roadi. i Compoted uf the lollowing superior steamers running in connection with the Norwick It Worcester and Worcester It Boston Kail U?a<<i? WORCESTER. (.'apt. J H. Tanderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J K. DusUn. CLEOPATRA, Capt . 1 On and altei Monday, Nov.21st,this line will be run tri-wrekly, lea ting New York, Tuesday*, Thursdays and Saturday! only, at 4 r. M. ( qs^a. cap raga : The new and splendid steamboit NEW HAVEN, Captaiu J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tueaday, Thursday and Satur- I day afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boat* at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peca slip, np stairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of the above boats orownera. n23r 2tr&g- FOR LIVERPOOL? Regular'packet of the 21th knSpjiVDerernbep?The splsn lid, I sat sailing packet ship JHLMsINDEPENUENCk, Capt Wye, will fail as above her regular day. For passage in cahtn, second cabin, and ste?rage. having splendiu accommodations,apply on hoard, loot ol Maiden lane, , orto JOSEPH McMUKRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. ' P. 8.?The above will be succeeded by the packet thi'l Vir j ginia, Aapt Allin. and sail on 13 Dec. Persons wishing to send (or their friends, residing in the Old Country, can hive thetn brought ont by this ship, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if letter post paid. _ ti2V n23r | f I REGULAR OPPOSITION TO CATS | d*l KILL, and intermediate landings. without tow I r r 3fc^3L.h',riirsl?K-gular days from Lattskill, Mon I days, Wednesdays and Kridayt. Fiom Ne w vY'irh, Ttnailays, Thursdays and Saturday*.?Kara to or from Catuhill, 50 cents. ?Berths 25 ceuu?Supper 25 cents. The nrwand fiat itrnrarr WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt. will leare Robinson at. pier Thuraday Not. 17th, at fire oVIock. For further lurticulars inquire of the cat tain on board. By running an the days'aboye named, there will bi a daily com munication between Catakill and New York (and intermediate ldact a) for freight and paaaage at reduced pricea. nSr ] -WH, a* FALL AND Wl.NTKK ARRANGE- f MENT.?The ateemboat Rockland, will, oil and after Monday, the ]<at of October, run aa follows : tearing Middlelown Toint (tide and weather oer mitring) at 9 o'clock, and Keyi>ort at 10 o'clock, rrery Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Returning, leare the loot of Itobin aon atreet. New York, e?ery Tuesday. Thiirailay and Saturday , at 12 o'clock, noon, touching at Seynni a Dock each way. j Sugeawillbe in readiness to conaoy nnsaengera to any part J of lite country. Ail baggage at the riak ol the ownca. o23 2m * ec R STATEN ISLAND FERKY. Foot of Whttelutll atreet. i On and alter Dec. 2d, the ateamer S rATEI^hUj^Dfch, wdl run aa lollowa. unril further notice J? LEAVE STATkN ISLAND. NEW VOHK. ? 9 A.M. I 10 12)4 0 2P.m. IMP. M. til' _ t( 4R- For london It. v > - i imh ol ? tWWVDecember?The rery auperior fait aailtng packet JBfcuflBwihip toronto, CapL Giiawold. will iiositively a sail ?a ahoye, her regular day. Cor passage in esbin, aecond cabin, and aleerage, hiring p aupeib accommndaiiona, apply to JOSEPH McMUHKAY. inn Pineal., cor South. a The a boar will he aneeeeded by the packet amp Weatminater, J Cart Moore, and aail on the Kth December. \ Teraona wi hug tosand lot their fneuda can hare them ai brought out by either of the abnre .hipa, or any of the regular d parketJ, by apply inic?s above : If by letter. poit piid. ol c tffi- RKMITTaNCEA TO IkkLaND. kc.. Ac.- P The subscriber continues to transmit money, inanma 1' JtieUeLl iiXe or amall to (wraona rending in any part of Ire- ? Uud, IU the same manner wha, and hia predeeeaaer in bus.- <" oeaa hare done lor the last hirty years, and more: alao to aav " part of tunc)and or Hcoiland. b Money re Bitted bv letter (poet paid) to the (ubecnbtir, or ? -ersonallv deposited with turn, with the name of the person or persons n Irel and, England or Scotland, to whom it is to ke ten', and ncarrat |<oat town, wnl be immediately t,animitted and paid aeeormngly, and a receipt to that rtlect given or for r waidad to the sender. | In like manner money with or claims on persons in any portot a Ireland, England or Scotland, can lie collected by the suhaeri- I oer, for persona residing in any partol the United States, or Canada, and will he paid to them accordingly. 1 nlllm'r KJEOROt McBHIDfc, Jr.. ttCedar at. I W Yd YORK. SATURDAY MO OT^HCLM* method of tkachino ringing Mis* LKMON. (rrriittctied pupil of Mr. John HulUh) and Mr. F. VV Rosier, beg to announce their intention shortly to open tiniruiir classes on the method pursued so successfully in L union and Paris. Further particulars will be dulv anuoU'k** d ill Iw+r THt: IRVINQ CIKCULATI >U LIBRARY- Jd.ov# -I- volumes. TERMS TO SUBSCRIBE,RSi One vear (two setts of books) $*> 00 Sigmonths. (one ?e(t of books) 3 0(1 Three mouitu, " ' 2 (HI One montn, " " I oj NON-SUB*CRIBERS. For reading a duodecimo volume, one week, S cents. " an octave, ' " 12 cents. " " a guar o, " " 2i cents. Families resi'linu in the coun'rv can have four setts of books. UKO. F. H. YOUNOS. No. 129 N'aat.u street, d8 Iw r ^ CI nton Hall. New Ymk. GRAND TfcVll'KKA.NCE FAlll?There will l>ea bair held at the Tnniirrsuce fl ill, corner of Day and Washington itree' commencing on the IJth ins-ant, to continue for four nays Dontiiuns in fancy aiticles, refre-hmeiita, See., will he thankfulJv received and Hnlv ..i'ki...wle.l'1'il he .. ml. in* the in to the following Managers:? Miss Colli-t*, 229 Washington* treet. Miss Willroi, tf7 !I?nry street. Mrs. Cohen, h o Warreu street. Mrs. SWPStli, 101 Warren street. Mr*. Hobiiisou, 1 Carl sir street. Mrs. J?nes. 46 Greenwich street. Miss Von Evely 421 Gr euwich street. Mrs. Nald, t>0 Kobmson street. Mrs. Kldredge, 220 Washington street. <18 1t*r Mrs. McC*rtv 28' Washington street, pAND1K8 1 C\ NI)IKS ! CANDIKH~T ?f 12* ceiHs~~pTr ^ }b.?T. G. HODGK1NS. 49 CoartlairU street, is no* selling Confectiouary, at retail, at the following piices Sugar Plums and IYp|>ermiut Drops, 25c. per lb. Love Drops. _ : 2^c. do Candies of all kind, : i 20r. do Biokeu Candy, ; : 1 .'He. do Molasses Candy, : ' 8c. do A J urcevmaii Waited. Also, a respectable young g'rl, not orsr n years of age, to dojight work^ at !t*sc T BROWN; Stone Seal EogxtTr.r, haa removed to 3 Broadway, op]M)si(c the Park. Coats of Arms, C?ests, Cyphers,he. engraved on stone. Ladies Seals, Pencil Cases. Signet Hiugs, Ike. engraved with coats of arms. Names, or any device, coats of arms, 1' and and painted. Books of Heraldry kept with upwads of 100,0(0 names. drt 3l#r ECONOMY IN DRESS?Extensive assortment of ciich, ash'enable and El* rant for winter we?r. WM. T. JENNINGS, 229 B oadway, American Hotel, offers for the inspec ion ?t the public, au extensive asaerlm* nt of seasonable geodsj comprising Beawr and Milled Cloths, for Sour ton's, S cks, k rocks, he. The Sack Overcoats (so much in vogue) afforded at fourteen dollars, cut and trimmed in first style will b found worthy the attention of the economist. Casiiineres in a great variety of styles for Pantaloons. From those who have found any difficulty in getting suited in this anie'e, a tri-?I is ? liciud. Rich fl ocade Silk 4ml Satin Vesting?, (entir?. new styles) for balls, parties, lie. Merinos, VelvaU, moid Si ka. Sitms.aiid Cassimere?, all of which will be made up to order under the superintendence of a* efficient cutters us cube found inilie country, at piices to suit the times, invariably Upon cash terms. d8 'tn#e<: IMPROVED SOL\RTAMPSTGIRON DOL -.S, CAN1 DKLaBRAS, Chandaliers C tudlo Brackets, kc. In:.? WORAM & HAUtiHWOUT, 561 Broadway, agentslfor ma1'Utaciurers, are now <ti ening a splendid assortment of eiuire new patterns, of the follow tog articles : Silvered and Ormolu Cnaudaliers, t? to 24 lights Do do Girondoles, 1 to 5 do II ) do Candelabra?. 1 ro 15 do D > do Brackets, 1 to 5 do Hall Lanterns, Irom 5 to $>5 8u?? endi ur Solar Lamps, for churches and public buildings At . & H. would invite particular attention to some new and beautiful part* rns of improved Parlor Sol ir Lunps, Wi.ich lor brilliancy and ecouornv c .nn >r be surpassed. Also a very valuable article of dt-fleet r, l?>r impioviog the light of the ??r?liii ?ry astral lamp. A'so, a full assortment of fine C ut Glass Ware, of most u;H-rior color *nd latest patterns?ill at a reduction of 25 to 30 per cent bc'ow the us al prices ; together with a full assortment of plated Ware, Jap-?:in d Ware, Ike? Tea and Coffee Urns, Castors. Bvskets, Candles icks, corM Dihhes, Toast Hacks, Liquor Frames, Bottle Sta? ds, ovd and rouou Waiters, line Table Cutlery, iu sets and in dozens true Jap*mied Tea Prays in sets aud single ones; Duou's Ut Hannia Tea and Coffee Sets; bronze and Paper Ink Trays, Card Kicks and Baskets, and every variety of House Furnishing Goods. P. 8.?Lamps, Chandiliers. Candelabra*, Cut G a**, China and all oliicrgoous, kepi ou hand esgeciaily f ?r loaning to parties d8?w?r FOR BALLS, PARTIES, Ac?Rich brocade Silk and Satin VestiiiK*, entire in w style, just received, ana will be made up to order atusu I modem e prices, for ready money. W. T. JENNINGS, 28) Broadway, _d8^3t#ec American Hotel. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. MLEVETT,Dentist, the inrroducer into this couutry in the year "8 5, of inserting Teeth on the above ?cieu ific principle, aspracti-e i by himself ALONE, courts the attention of the rubl c to his gr^al improvement. The established re puts'ion of Dr. Lcvett hi* easy, w? II kuowu, peculiar, and icien'ific adaptation in supplying the ilefivicuciei of the Teeth, id rii? MVtrird vttiafatjtioa ^ v* n, I ich |u (it lygu wtttoi i ina'lcases warrants his in iting th?* '.ttenfiun of the Ldiei and gentlenren w ho have had artificial T*? th unskilfully set, or who liny require uew f r ihos- di? lact d by iiAtUir. M. LEVETT, Dentist, V60 Broadway, Cv.rucr Warren street opposite the P.irk. [Copy of a Letter from M. M. Noah, F. q, to D L-v tf ] New Yost, May 21;I., 184! Dear Sir It is both a matter of duty aud pleiuu<e t slate, thatth set of artificial tee'h on the principle of atmospheric pressure which yon made fora lady in my family, has succeeded iu every respect, iu appeitaucr, Comfort, an 1 utility, and has given entire satisfaction. I din. d*ar sir vour obedient servant, [Signed] M. M. NOAH. Dr. Leveit has PermLsiou t? refer to some af the elit* ol the citizen ol New Y?>'k. d8 Im* r COUGHS AND colds REMEMBER. No 54 North Sixth street, one door below Arch street, Philadelphia, the most certain and best Family Medicine, lor Coughs, Colds. Spitting Blood, Throat and Lung Disease, a rising sensation like choking, tickling, or unpleasant ohstiuctions. For the above. Dr. SWAVNfc'SCorn nound Syrup ol Wild Cherry will be found the great remedy. Persons who have atmsed themselves by the useot ardent spirits will find both their strength and resolution much improved b\ leaving off the spirits, ami taking a dr-uighr oreaxniually of the ibove restorative. All preparations from this valuable tree, exsept the above,inay be considered spurious or counterfeit The real article may be had of the following Agents, or at No. 54 North Sixth street, Plnldelphia? AGENTS Dr. W. H. MILNOR. Druggist, No. 192 Broadway. MRS. M. HAYES, No. 119Fulton st, Brooklyn. BEVJ. OLDS, Newark, N.J. JOHN MASON, Patterson. N. J. d* 2m?r T AD1ES* Silk aud Merino Under Ve ts for sale by Li JOHN M. DAVIKS k JONES, n'9 1n?i* W Willium cor of John afs BOARD?Families or single gentlemen can be accommodated with board and pleasant rooms at 50 Beekinan street.Perm* moderate. nift lm*r pURMshKD RooaIs To LfcT^ Kor iioKl? g.ntirm.ti. I " with bit aktaat mil tea, or without, in aieiy pl.annr ami etired fit of the ei'y- Aiudy W P.rh Place. i)< lw-.c GROUND SPICKS AND OOPPfct AT THE HOPE MILLS, 14 Marketiield atreet, between Broad and Whitehall, late 2C Elizabeth atreel. New York. fHIIce 120 Vrnr.tat. Con.tantly on hand, at the market Jri.e?. and in rh. n.nnl van.rr nf ...bae.a- .37 -m-m umunuturniA uAUUbiuib'u i r e, l MENT, Exchange Bunding. No?. 26 and 27.?Sidgle Por? raits takeu, from breastpin size to I inches in diameter. Fainly itroupsol" from two tolS persons on one plate. Time of siting 10 seconds. Constantly on band, and for sale, Instrum ents of the same tind as used in tiie establishment ; a'so plates and all other iteuails. W & K. LANOKNHEIM. nlO Im'r dUlilSlt AND ftUK'l'H A VI e. Mil ^ AM till k AL MAIL, STEAM SHIPS, Of IttO.taus and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA. A. Kyrie Ho COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, K N do Will sail from Bostou. via Halifaz. hum LivKarooL. raoM vosrerr. iritannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov I 'aledonia, Lott, Oct 19 Nov 16 Acadia, Kyrie, Nov 4 Dee 1 Columbia, Miller, Nor 19 Dec 17 Iritannia, Hewiti, Dec 4 Jan t Passage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, $137?Boalen o Halifax $20. These shi|>s carry eiperienced surgeons. No Bertha secnred intil paid for. NoTr.?Merchandize ?Dd Specie (except for personal ex eases) shipped under the name of luggage will be charged as reignt, and liable in Custom House Regulations. Apply to niyr _ ft Bit It >H A VI. JR.. No. .7 Wall-st. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. , The Royal Mail Sti am Shin COLUMBIA, F.C.Miller, | I. N., Comt.isiider,'.rill leave Bos.on lor the lbore pnr's o:i priJay, Dec iBth. Pa-sage to Liverpool $'7V I " Halifas $ 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent. <1)1 3; r * 3 Wall street. 14^ FOR LONDON?Regular pacaet ot tiie lOih DeWlryVcrrnber ? The ?erv a?|>?rior, fast sailing imckrt ?hip m4? rOH ON TO, Captaiu Uriswold, will positively sail a auovt, her regular lUjr. For paaaere, cabin, a-condcabin, ai.d steerage, havtug superb I ccommodations, apply to : d9r JOHN IIERDM AN. ' S??rh ?.r.of J AMIfc FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?.Regular ! Packet ol 2'rtl December.?The Splendid Packet IhShip 8IDDON8, Captain E B.Cobb, of 1000 torn, rill ixHnrirrly tail a? above, her regular dae. For freight or aaa.ige, having acrotrmodatioiis nnt.juallrd for splendor or omfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atreel, r to K. K. COLLINS It CO. M South atreet. Trice of lanue, $100. The Packet Ship Mheridin, Cap! F. A. De Peyater, of MOO ma, will tncceed the Hiddona, ana aai) the 25th January, her rgulnr day. L ttera lor the ahipa of thia will only be received at Qilpiu'a nd Hale^s Newt Room. Pnaarnitera may rely ou the ahipa of thia line aailing punctual . .? 'd* ? rt lacil ,|. r I gdftg- BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVF.KroOL I <?lr|Py Pa. kets.?The only Rrgnlir Packet that aai a on 'h. r MMBa'ilth ol Dec ?The new and elegant packet ship NEW ( IIHK, burthen 1000 tona, Capraiu Thomas B Cropper, will ail positively on Monday, the I9'.h of Decetnbi r, her regular ay. Tha acrommodaliom of Lhis well known favorite line of acketa, for cabin, 2<1 cabin and steerage |ias*engeraire untor- I *s?cd by any other line or ship loading for the above port. Per- < nna aho <t to embark for the old country will find it to their I oinloit and advantage to choose this conveyance in pr i ia-y other. For terms of passage, and to aecure the heat t eitha,apply on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the sole i cribeta, ROCHE BROTHERS k CO., J5 Fnlton ?t, m at door to the Fulton Ban't P. 8 The New York will aail Irom Liverpool oo the 7in Febuai) , lgll? tl.oae a-li.ileg for their relattira ceu t are ,l ei rrougbt ?ut in her, fir in t y ol the Packets of this Line, which , ail from thai [writ on the 7th and Iftih of every Month. For ( assise apply as above. N.B. The Packet Ship Cambridge will rnceeed the New 'ork. and mil for Liverpool on the 1st of January, hrrregu- I ur day. dSr IRK I RNING, DECEMBER 10. KNGLI8H SCHOOL. ? HAVANA. ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLK8 DUNNE WATERLAND, PRINCIPAL. Academy wm established two years ago. under the paX tiouagc of the former lulrndeoi General of the Island, and other distill wished individuals of the nobility ami merchants of this citv. It i conducted ou the plan of the Ge man "gvmnasia;"atid the method of tuition is the "interrogative." All the scholar* under tand tht Kuulish language, and many of them speak it habitually *nd numtly The Principal has the einertcnce of sch'-oN in F'ance, Germany .fc>gl?ud, snd tip- United Stales. His chief dim is to give the youth cotrustee! to his rare a p-tctica knowledge of tho?e branches of a poll e education, which are iequired in a^l active careers, and are Applicable to auy. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French, Gennm aud Spanish languages; History,Geogra .'hies. Natnrul Philosophy, the prececal part of Mathematics, and Drawings of virions kinds. Professors of divers nations and acquitments reside in the establishment ; and tJi the classes receive, in rotation, iusttucliou from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of tui ion, that several of/lie pupils, under twelve years of ages, write audspeak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible manner, aud those of riper years, correctly aud easily. The acquibition, not only of the Spanish, but also of other langUHges, is thus placed within the reach of the youth of the United S'dtes, without its being necessary for tin in to reHnqu* h the mauv advanrares which accrue irom anKuglish education. The object of the Principal in desiriug to receive youths from the United States, is to facilitate the acquirement of the Kngl.fch acceur for his Spanuh pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by bv the latter, and to iutroduce here the manly spirit of the Knglian schools. The young, citisens of the United States can have uolhing to fear (rom the climate, the house being spacious and airy, situated in a healthful spot, at a short dis a nee from the rity; and couuiniug within its limits, a fine bath aud complete gymnasium for the preservation of the pupils* health. Two vouins, lately arrived from Germany, have passed the summer in the school iu perfect health. As the principal is a married vnati, and his wife and sister have charge of the iuuiordrpaitineut: children are received at auy mi I r.\cry pupil nuny* hM religious opinion* undisturbed. The term* we $400 per annum, paynble throw months in advance There are no extras except clothe* Rtid hooks References?MESSRS. CHAS. DKAKF St BROTHERS. ALEXANDER MORALES, ESQ., Bll Ha Tana. NOTICE.?Whereas Samuel Beruhc inter, of Syracuse, ha? acted as the agent of H. Bcrnheimer U Brothers, merchants in the ciev of New York, in the collection of debts at Syracuse, and in other btuiuess, all persons are hereby notified that his power as such agent ha* beeu revoked, and ill persons arc hereby forbidden to trans act auy business with hun. as such agent; ami whereas Samuel B? ruheimcr and Jacob Bloch, constituting the lirm of 8. Beiuhenoer Ik Co.. of Syracuse, have this day assigned to II. B-ruheimer St Brothers, of New York, all the troods, debts aud demand* ol every description; therefore, all persou* ar* hereby forbidden to pay any oebte to said S. Beruheinter ^ Co. or either of said ftrtn after tilts d*l< ?and all payment* of said demands may hereafter be made to Ilerrman Beruneimer.Kmsniiel Bernheitner or Simon Beritheiiner. being the finn of H Betnheimer Ut Brothers, one of whom will be found at Syracuse by any persou wishing to uiakv payments; and on whom all person* ind- bted are requested to call immediately ana settle their accounts and notes. Dated Syracuse, n. Y., Nov, 'id, 1.42. B*Im?r H BEKNHKIMKK la BROTHERS. House furnishing warehouse.?woram * BAUQH WOUT, 561 Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents and Coimnissiou Merchants, lu?e just received and are now oi>euinit a new and splendid assortment of the following arti eies. vi7. Silvered, I hit and Bronze Ue ChvuUliers, 6 to 2n lights.1! Do Candle do s fo 21 " Do Caudle Brackets, 1 to 6 '* Do Giu brackets, 1 to 1 " Do Uas oiauul tiigbts, 1 to 2 Do (Jir<?uuotc?, 1 to 5 *' Canute bras, tiuj/ '* Astral Damps, Hail i uuips aud Dauterna, Heading Lunpe 2kc. A new article ol Solar Damp, a very superior article. AJso, a new article of Dc fleeter lor improving the light of the old pattern of Astral Dainp. AUo a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamps and Chandeliers, for churcnes, halls and public ouildings. Plated Ware. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Toast Hicks, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings, Butter Tubs, butter and Fruit Knives, Suuifeis and Trtys, Coffee and Tea Urns, &c. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts and dozens; Japanned Tea Travs, in great rarity of pattern* iiud forms; fine cut glass B ?wls, 1'itchers, Tumblers, Wishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, tic. Itc. W. U H. beg respect lullv to iiifoim their friends, customers, and the public genera. I y.tnat their arrange menu with the manufacturjr* are suentt at they can sell all articles in their line at remmkatdy lowpri 'es; and respectfully invite them to call aud see their show ro ins which alone is sufficient to comnen sate for th? tronlde a22!hn*r REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, U rcmoT.d ft.>m MS Broad wav to No. 7 Aator Hodm ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S IJRESS. Garment, of 1 mint Jeirant anil H'rt.lnouali!. kind . L . uTin. nf 40 per cent for pHKadvi-rtiserdt mi it unuecctMry to reioii tJ the hackA neyt-i) tyitcm o( smug a list of nominal pricei, presamion 'hM the lentrrh of rirnr he hai M?en e?Lihli?h?l, together wioi the etteimve |?trnn*Ke heitowio on mm, will prove i ?utti airnt voucher for his c lpnbilitiet. PoMetMiic.'hr ?<iv ol briuK connected with mi extemive cloth eitabli.hmeut in Eur ?pe he confidently ninct* that lie cut furunh clothei which, on comwimn, will he found lower th ui ?uy <.th~r houtc m tkintt up the ban deicrirtioni of eentlrinrii's ilnu. 103i" 8 PHILLITB. i Astor Houie. Braadway [OSEPH MeMUHHW, i(Ml Pino etreet. New York, gi?e? J Orafu in iumi in suit ini.lirv Is, on the PROVINCIAL BANK OK lit ELAND, Payable at? Cork, Bainbriilge Limeiick, Bcllyineim, Clonmvl, ffarmtotown, Londonderry, Downpaiirk, Sliito, Ci"?u, Wenord, Lurgan,, Oina<h, Wa'erford, Duoiiuoon, ( ale way, Binduu, Armagh, Knnii, Athlone, B illvshanuon, (lo'eraine, ft rioane, Kilkenny, Dniutarvin, Billina, Mallow, 'J'ratee, Moueymore, Xoufh?!l ootcnill, p'.nniikilleu, Kilrnsh. Mouaghan, ENGLAND. Spooner, Atwood k Co. Bcnkrri, London. Payable in every' town in Oieat Britain. P. W. Byrnes, Esouirea, Liverpool. City of Olugow Bank. Payable iu every lown in Lcotland nto lit LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. I Wall atreet. Th subscriber h*s received and offers for sale a large assortment ol imported India Rubber Water Proof Goods, ?ii: Clltland Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Mennoand Cotton, of all colors and sizes. .Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Laina Persian and Cotton, Prepared for t ilors. India Rubber Webbings lor susi>ruders, corsets, Itr. i2S6rn*r CHA8. ABRAHAMSQN. <<C?RANCIS'8 PATENT LIKE BOAT" has been tua?*? " the past four years in ACTUAL IIIVMBi anil by tlpUIISSi is follows MaoifeM aM thrown fioin r he tleck o h IfSSWIHan while utkLr way ; dropped endwise from the stern of a rt loaded to the gunwale with iron and stones, with tne uouua. store in ; fumed }>> tore' B| sid?- doWO and me the ,, of 15 men to keep her so ; upset by her passengers and reeling them again inside and fieciug herself from water ; hoi tout stove in by landing on a rockv shore and then rowed out to sen fc landing in a surf, when all o?(ter boats swamped ; taking crew and passengers from a wreck ill a storm at sea. with tM DOW stove in and plugs out; h arding a wreck with the bottom broken open, leaving a sinking wreck full of passengers, with the sea breaking Irnm end to end ; m iking way across a coral reef to a wreck and bringing off 26 passengers, leaving the ordinary boa * aw tmi.e-d : thrown froin th* *?f a thin MiuiwiuR aiid saving 22 jifrtoiH ; sides and bows broken through and bottom Cove in and rowed in deep water, Ate. mid finally blown up by a submarine exploeiou, and then again manned and ruwtd as before. JOSEPH h KAN CI 8, Office No. 7 Wall St., at Adams St Co N Express Office, nl KLKGTKO MAGNETIC PLATE? for rheumatisms, nervous affections, Ate., prepared under the direction of M. Lamauroux, a|K>tbecary in Paris, general uepot in New York, 66 Erankhu s .met, at \1. Ninuards. Price $1 60. Infallible cure for the most acute and inveterate pain, such as acate and chronic rheumatisms, the gout, neura'gy, sciatic, tic doloreox, danse de ?aim Guy, chills, int grim, crimps in the t rmach, lodjliortly,for illMrvoM avecooas, chiefly diseases of women ?uu young girts, as green sickness, amenorrhea, suppressions, vapors, ner?ons attacks. Sic nig lrn*r fNOf PER.?27to 32 oi of very extra quality, ii?anulacured V-/ from tte best ore, and with great care |? or sale >u lota to suir purchasers by E. K. COLLINS k CO., t'flr 66 South street. TOYS ! TOYS ! ! TUYt> !!!?Just opened a new and Iresh assortment of common and fine Toys, suitable for the holidays, at 2J3 Centre street, opposite Centre Market, for sale, wholesale and retail, cheaper than ever,. Toy dealers are re njwerfully invifed to call and examine tor themselves. Don't forget the number-?233, two doora above Orand shrect. n?l Sfa w to i*l*m Van norocn's writing and"book-keeping Y ACADEMY is now open, 221 Broadway, inu floor, for the i cepuonp pupils, fl re II at airs Via N( idtoY beaaLifnl system of pennmanship in a very ihort tine, and write with case, grace and elegance. Mr. Van Nordeii is now prepared to give instruction in Book Keeping upon plans entire I. new and strictly practical. Dup i i.? ..... it,*, in.rpnrf^n fl.M nnn.1. .ofM.IItt or, a hit.n,.. tnif close, practically, from 20 to W set of books. Try ns very inodeiate. Hours of instruction from OA. M. till ( F. M-, and from 6 ti 10 in the evening. Tlic Ladies meet daily at 3 P. M. nli lm?r PtOAL ! COAL! COAL!?The subscriber having taken Ld the yard soul..west corner of King ami Oreenwirh street, a now receiving a full sup, ly of Rchuylkill and Peach Orchard Coal, scire led liom the hrsl veins, which he offers at the fol wing reduced prices, vie From the yard, nrstquality, broken and screened, $3,.VI per ton. * " Kg* sice. " J.J0 " " " Store, " 3,24 " " " Nat, " 5,nn " From the boat, " Broken, " 3,2i n Ka* site, " 'j.Ji " Store, " 5,00 " Nat, " t.ij " Delivered free of cartage. d< lw?ee MVR? DOWVKV. UANCY ARTICLES FOR f Hr. H< 'u, * DA > I m a subscriher has rtceirrd by ihe la.rst arrival., a rerv rich issoitm-nt of Pans kmcy Article' consisting ol fancy work >rlcs, paper do. gam s in ro e wood boie?, ernhuide ring 'r.m-s with canvass aid eol'd cott>n, children's toys, per umer>, i nd soap of assorted qualities, etc. etc. The public is esp. c'tiilly invited to call ami ci'iniue the above stock, irevions to purchasing elsewhere, at Is Im'r F. F kK A VS'IUCHT. W>H roadway PO PRINTERS AND PL BL1SHEKS.-A young man a practical prin'ei, who is thoroughly acquainted with his rusiness in every department arid branch, a*d who has been III.ployed ID the Capacity of reporter and sob-editor on several n*hly mapectatrlejouinals, is desirous of obtaining asituation u the country, to take charge of, and manage, s small newsis iicr eoncenis. A remunerating salary will only he e spec ted. Address, by letter, (post |N>iilf X. Y. Z., at the Herald office. Itesfieeteble relerenct-? S'vep and required. nl7jgh I SHAKE'S RESTORATION, Chri-t's Second Coming. .nd the Millenium,will be leeinrrd on by vlargaret Bishoi Dd others in Military Hill. Bowery, opposite Soring street. >o Sunday*, at these and sevei o'clock, P M yrra Adinls uon. A voluntary r.ollectioa taken op. The public aw reirectfullv invited nt Imr* TEACHER OP THE FLUTE. TMON7ANT.M Thompson street, gives instrnettnM M * the k'lute, Termg tli per quarter .? ! ( k. I ERA 1842. Song. TO CHARLES RKltHM, Eig. Here take my heart, twill be safe in thy keeping, While 1 go wand'ring by land and by sea ; Smiling or sorrowing, waking or sleeping, What need I care so my heart is with thee J If in the race we are destined to run, love, Those who have light hearts the happiest be, Happier far must he those w ho have none, love? That will be iny case when mine is with thee. No matter now where I may be a lover, No matter how many bright eye* I sen ; Should Venus herself now ask me to love her, I'd tell her 1 couldn't?my heart is with thee. There let it lie. growing fonder and fonder, And should Dame Fortune turn truant to me, Why, let hrr go, I've a treasure beyond her. So long as my heart's in keeping with thee. hltrrary Notice*. Sakoeant's New Monthly Magazine. ?This is .l.. c . i i m,.r "t IIIC IIIPl llUUllirr Ul ?l Iltv> \J I lilK iniun , Fashion, and ihe Fine Arts," edited by Mr. Epes 8argeant. It wuspreceeded by a tremendous flourish of trumpets, but we never met with such a disappointment. The literary urticles are ol the most flimsy and slip shod character, containing apparently the mental fragments or rubbish of the contributors?a dish of perfect literary "cold witials." The printing, and embellishments, are very poor. The type seem to be second-hand, the paper so thin that the ink looks through, and the engravings the worst i that we have seen in any fashionable magazine. We are sorry lor Mr. Epes Sargeant?he is an amiable man, of some talent, were it properly directed? but he makes a poor first appearance. Under our tuition, we could make him twice the genius and 1 man of talent he is. He has the raw material, hut he does not know how to work it up. ( LlVKSOFTHKPnKSIDB?tsokthe UniTKIJ states.? By Robert W. Lincoln, New York?Published by E. Kearney,.% Holt!xt.?Thij is a large handsomely bound octavo, ot 578 pages. In addition to the lives of the Presidents, it contains biographical notices of the signers of the Declaration of Independence; sketches of the most remarkable events in the history of the country ; portraits of each of the Presidents, and 45 other engravings. This is a volume of great value to every American citizen, and especially to the American youth. It is an invaluable work for every library, uni Particularly those in country towns and villages, where rarer and more voluminous works are not easily acces ible. It appears to be written and compiled with great impartiality, and much good judgment. At the close of the vol ume is a valuable chronological list of the officers? the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and the heads of departments of the government. We take great , pleasure in recommending this as a volume to which every American citizaa should have access. lit vr's Merchants' Magazine.?The December t mi her of this valuable work, completing the 7th 1 volume, fully sustains the high reputation enjoyed ' by the work Iroin its start. The leading article is ! on the commercial decline of Spain, and contains a j review of those political causes which have con- j tributed to its commercial ruin, and developes the disaitrous consequences of "protection," i or government interference, with individual affairs, i There are many other articles ol merit, with some 1 elaborate or radier tancjrful remarks on the progress ' oi imputation and wealth in the U. States- The usual quantity of statistics are of a valuable character, j An Encycrokkdia ok Science, Literature, and Altr, illustrated by engravings on WoOD? Edited by W. T. Hrande, F.R.S.L. tfc E , assisted ' by various distinguished writers.?New York. Harper fy Brother*.?This is one of the most valuable ' works of its class which have been issued from the press. A great proportion of the mutter is original, and has been carefully prepared. It embraces a good deal which is not to be found in similar work-, undit is not encumbered, as many of them are, with ( matter which can he of very little, if any, value to i any class of readers. The typography, paper, en- t cravings, and entire mechanical execution, are < really lieautilul, and reflect the highsst credit on the I well-known publishers, to whom we liuve much ' pleasure in according that merit which they so eini- 1 nently deserve in placing a work of such unequivocal value within the teach of all classes. The wotk will be completed in twelve semi-monthly |>arts, at the low price of twenty-live cents each. Robinson Crusoe, kob the Young.?Revised with rcial reference to moral tendency, and adapted to capacity of the young, with numerous illustrations. For sale by M. A. L* Blanc.377 Broadway.? This is beyond comparison the most interesting story for chi'dreu which was ever written, or probably ever will be written. This is another of the thousand and one different editions of it which have ' been published; and although we always prefer to ! seethe immortal Daniel De Foe in his full costume, , without abridgement, yet this present edition is got , up with much taste, and will prove highly accepts- i ble to the young folks,now that the holidays are approaching. < History of the Loco Foco Party, or the Equal 1 Rights Party? its movements, conventions and proceedings, with short characteristic sketches of its prominent men. By F Byrdsall.?Clement Hf Pcick- < tira, ich; I'cari ?.?vuinis wora 11 is enough lor us to announce its title, its author, that it is a duodecimo of 192 pages, and its price 75 cents. Nhshitt's Diamond Diarv for 1813?For sale at , the principal stationers.?This is a very beautiful and complete |iocket memorandum, and no business man, especially merchants, and lawyers, should be without it. From Saml. Co/mon,Broadway,we have received the five following beautiful little bijou* for Christmas presents. Tliey are bound witli elegance and exquisite n-atness, and will prove very bewitching to the little folks, "about these times." Thiers' French REvor.imoN, No. 1?25 cents? complete in 18 weekly numbers?Price of the whole $4. By I. P?*t, 88 Botwry. i Thk Magnet, vol. 1, No. 7.?December, 1842?By j La Ray Sunderland. Devoted to several 'ologies, ] 'oenomies, and 'isms. The medtcar. Sti dent's Gtmde.?Being a com- 1 pendious view of the Collegiate and Clinical Medi- ) cal Schools, Arc. of Philadelphia. By Heber Chase, M D. \ Poetry, a Satire, by Park Benjamin, .?0*7 ?This > is the Poem pronounce! bv the author before the < Mercantile Library Association, at its 22nd Anni- \ versary. Mr. Benjamin has inscribed it to his Honor the Mayor. ' The Miller itks, or rather Jothua V. Hints* has , sent us a pretty extensive lot of their Millerism t | rjooKS una uocumrniH, liejng ine ^ccnna Advent ' Library." We intend to rend them just before the < final conflagrntt <n, and have no doubt we shall then ' be converted to the faith. ' 1. The Little Gift, comprising selections from The Child's (Jem, second series. Kdited bv a lady, i Embellished with numerous wood cuts. t 2. Useful Little Stories.?Aunt Mary's Libra- | ry for Children, vol. I- Illustrated with pretty cuts. ' 3. Poems foh Lrrri k Fot.ks ?Aunt Mary's Libra- ' ry for Children, vol. II Hoth of these volumes are " very pretty. \ 4. The Little Keepsake -Selected in part from r the writings of the celebrated J C. Lavater, by an ? American Parent. This is n very neat little book, t but not at nil adapted to children. It istoo old. 9 5 Sketches kcir Mv Children?By a Mother? I ""bet sketches are from real life, and appear well 1 adapted for children. (l The three following bijmtn have been sent tons ti by/. H. Carter, Boston. They are, earh of them, r superb little Chri-tmHS presents lor children, very " neatly bound, and embellished with pretty cuts. 1. The Youth's Keepsake for 1843?This is n quite a volume ot stories, about 26 in number, and c trom their titles and a hasty glance at them, we tl have no doubt that they will prove v-ry highly at- o tractive to the Christmas hoys and girls. ? 2. The ANNUALErra?A Christmas and New Year's Gift for children. This is somewhat similar !' to the last named book. It contains some twenty or thirtv storiep, charades, 4*c., all very nice for good ti children. 3. The St. Nicholas Annual.?A Christmas and '' New Year's Gift?made expressly under the direction of Saint Nicholas, for all good little girls and !, boys. This is both interesting and instructive and J useful for children. Heart of Mid 1 aithian?26 cents?being No. 6 of ' the Waver'ey Novels. By /. P<*t, 88 Botrrrv? j Complete in 26 weekly numbers? $li dollars for the whole. ,, The Knk eetmrerr, tor Dec.?A pretty <?i' number of this light and agreeable monthly Th- ' Editor complains in quite s touching manner of th< JJj delinquencies ol subscribers. Dicetnson Collsgk Register, foe 1842-8 ? This highly respectable institution appears to be in vi a very proaperous condition. *v LD FrlM Two Cents. Letters ok Mary, Qi ken >>k Srws, and Documents connected witii hbr Personal History, by Agnes Strickland Complete from the London edition? Winchester, 30 Ann street?One of the most interesting collections of records illustrative of the life hnd character of the lovely and ill fated Queen ol Scots, which have ever been presented to the world. Much of the correspondence is entirely new to the public, and that which is not absolutely no, is now, lor the first time, presented in a collective form, and in language comprehensible to the general reader. No one can rend these letters without the deepest interest in their amiable and unfortunate author; and their perusal will greatly facilitate the acquirement of an accurate acquaintance with the history of the important period in which Mary lived. Strauss' Life of Jesus ? Hi-published by O. G. Vale, -44 Roosevelt street.?T his is a work which has excited a great deal of attention. Its tone and character is widely different Ironi the works of Paine and others of the sume principles who attempted to controvert the commonly received doctrines of i hriMiHtniy during the lust century. Strauss writes with calmiiesn, and does not deal in the language of abuse and vituperation. His work, at least, denerves examination. Tub Young Peoplis' Hook for December.? hrarl Post, 88 Bowery.?Thin is n very meritorious publication, and merits the good wishes ol all who desire the improvement and entertainment ot the interesting eluss to whose advancement it is devoted. The New York Leoat. Gberver ?The number for to-day (December Id) has come to hand. It is a work of great value to the legal profession, and scarcely less so to the merchant. This number contains some important decisions in bankruptcy, and reports ot other important cases. By S.Owen, 12 Ann street. Santanoelo'b Trial for Liuei. against Senator McRokbkts.?A Inter personal pamphlet of no earthly interest to any one but tlie belligerents. Enuijsii Notes for Extensive Circulation, by Dickens, E-q.?An attempt at burlesque on Dickens' * Notes," and a miserable attempt in all conscience. 'J here are a very few sentences happily imitative of Bo/.'s style, but the whole thing is in bad taste, and must already be in oblivion. Southern Literary Messenger, fob Dec ?The present number sustains the high character of thin periodical. The essays on the " French and.Greek Dramatists" are wtiiten with much spiiit and accuracy. There is also a very ably written article on the character and works of Bolingbrnke. Altoge therirus number 01 tin- "messenger" will amply r?pay perusal. Nkw Music.?Firth ii Hall have published the billowing :?" My Arab Maid"?by Mr. Horn,? " Oh ! I've not forgotten thee !" by the same composer. " The Evergreen Gallop"?" Daylight is on the .Sea," by Alexander Lee?" You know"? and " Coine, come to nie love " Huperlor Court. Before bis honor the Chief Justice. D n I) ? Victor Craaaui ve- Jae. M. Mcjimety et alt ? The jury brought in n sealed verdict in this case, already reported, for all the defendants. Pat Roaney ami 7Ym O'Brien vs. Pat Riley ?The de "endant distrnined on 4lh Mnrch last lor $ luO rent due rrom the plaintiffs for premises 04 Bavard street. The offl:er sold the goods under distress on the 14th March, 1843, lor less than the umount of the rent, at public auction.? Plaintiffs brought an action on the case for damages, on the ground that that sale was premature, the statute limiting that ten days shall elapse alter the distress before sale. The Judge ruled that a 8ule on the 14th wasonedsy too early, and the plaintiffs were technically entitled to re rover. But as the statute limits the recovery in such a rase " to he special damage" sustained by the tenant, and io such damages had been shown, the verdict should be 'or a nominal amount?6d. J. W. Blydensburgh for plaintiffV?-Brady and Maurice or defendant. Eil. IV- Powen r?. Nathan Brewer and John Tracy.? This was an action of replevin to recover back two artities ot furniture. A mere ijuestion of fact for the Jury, a ho found a verdict for the plaintiff', and assets the value if thepropeity at $70?$1 damages, and 6 cents costs. N. Wilson for plaintiff?U. D Kiench lor defendants. V. 8. Circuit Court. Before Judge Thompson. Dkc.9.?Stephen C Smith ve^Horece H- Day.?This was in action for ailedged inlringement of a patent for making iheet india rubber shoe*?damage laid at $?000. The plainilf is a well known dealer in india rubber shoes, at No. 00 Chatham street. The deiendant, Mr. H. H. Day, ii the proprietor of the extensive ituiia rubber factory connect ad with the Roxhury india rubber establishment 46 Maiden iane. It appeared in evidence that tho manufacture of india rubber shoes, by the mode of cementing the parts with dissolved india rubber, as descritied in the plaintiff's patent, had been in use lor many years prior tothedate of the plaintiff's patent. The plaintiff claimed to be the first who used sheet india rubber, and on that subject it was testified that shoe* had been made of sheet rubber before the plaintiffs patent.} The Judge charged decidly in favor of the defendantami the veidict of the jury was for the defendant. O. K. J. Bowdoin uud G. .Sullivan for plaintiff?Geo. Wood for deiendant. I I'm Martin and Che. Jl. Cot rs. Edward Curie.? This was an action to recover back the duties paid in the imiiortation of an article alleged to be gunny cloth. .. .... .1..?i - .... ....vm>Rn<ii|juiiii a> luuvn iwgi;inr. By he law of lP33,a duty of 34 cent* per square y ir<l,wu laid >n "cotton bagging." Since which an article ha* been imx>rted, made oi jute hemp, and used for packing cotton rhe article wa? not known at the time of the law. The lueition raided wa*, w hether it ii iubject to the duty imjoaed on cotton bagging. Common Plena, Dac. 9.?No buiinea* done. The Court adjourned to Monday. Marine Court. Dac. 9.?No business of any ipecial intereat or imporance waa tranaacted in thia Court, which adjourned at an jarly hour. (ieneral Heaslons. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. JtMra R. WiiiTiiao, E?n Diatrict Attoincy. Dec. 7 Sentenced ? Michael Kelly, the young man who entered u plea of guilty to d charge of forgery in the 3d degree, in aigning the name of Edward J. Mann to a hill ol Exchange for J.'I60 iterling, with the intent tadefraud Jouas Centre, waa sentenced to the State prison for two year*. Trial for IJhel ?The trial of Oravio de Attellia Hantan geio, loi a libel upon Samuel Mr Roberts, United State* Senator, from Illinois, waa commenced at the opening of the court. The libel charged is contained in a pamphlet >1 some thirty pages, published by Santangeloon ihe 36th if July last, in which the epithets of " consummate jackias," " knave," " miserable paltmon," " onrnng outang," ' slave of money.'' tic. are applied to McKnberta, and also mi ?.i wc ?ioti- ui rvrrjf uimg mat n mean, dirty, Mia, vulgar, villainous,covetous, sordid and cowardly." This attack appears to have originated in some difficulty hat arose between the parties Irom a loan of money made ty MrRohertn to Santangrlo on Mexican certificate of itock as security. It appeared in evidence that on the 6th >f April last Mr Robert- loaned Santangelo (AO on a oerific.ate issued under the Mexican Convention, dated March 7fith, 1847, signed by T. L. Smith lor (700. This loitificato was to be returned if the (AO w as repaid in two nonths with interest at the rate of six per cent per annum. \n advance of (176 w as made on another certificate on he 10th of April, lor (AOO, which was to be returned on he repayment of the money with six per cent interest In the 73d he advanced (753 AO on a certificate for (1000, in similar terms, and on the 75th, (I 75 on a certificate lor HAlin Ths receipts given by McRoberts were drawn as hough the certificates had been purchased out and out ? I'he money thus advanced was to be returned on the 6th il June,according to agreement when the certificates were 0 be returned. Santangelo could not meet his engagenent, and asked for iron time to raise the money, which dr Roberts refused boon afthrhe came to this city and inhiished 300 copies of the pampfftWh which forms the basis if the prosecution. This pamphlet was addressed, "A eirulsr to the World,'' with an additional head of "lathe lonorable Samuel McRoberts, more honorable than the tonorable Mitchell?" The puhiics'ion ol the pamphlet vas proved by Mr. T irney the printer, who stated that he manuscript w'ss furnished him by Santangelo On the th of August it appeared that Mr Roberts published a mrriphb t in irply to .Santangelo, in which he appliea epihets quite as severe as those used by his opponent. Santangelo, it app?sr?, was compelled to leave the kingom of the two Sicilies in 1871. after the fafl of the centtiutional sys'em, for political offences, but was allowed to eturn in 1?9fi by a royal decree. Since then he resl.led ii Mexico and edited a paper tbore called the " Corrao At natico,'' tint was compelled to leave on accouDt of his inerferrnco in the political affairs of the country. The lixed board ot commissioners apjiointed to settle the lsims against Mexico awarded Santangelo *50,000 ineerideates against the Mexican Government. At the time 1 this award he resided in New Orleans in tha capacity of teacher. While Senator McRoberts was on the stand in the cvenig,under cross-examination. Mr. Trice one of the crunst 1 ir defence, remarded that if he would be as communlcaiveto him as he was to the District Attorney, he would >e able to get along much better. Senator McRoessrs replied that he thought the remark ^U^Tsier retorted, and wor's passed between them that n ail probability would havo either terminated in a fiat Ight or a duel,hid not the Court promptly interfered tc reloucile the gentlemen. The prosecution proved by Robert Beall, one of the ati-ndantsof theUnited States' Senate Chamber, that McRo,-rt.s sent him to the house of Santangelo on the Ath of uly with the Mexican scrip that had been given him aa surity, with a request that the money advanced might be lid when the scrip would be returned. The defence proved the good character of Santangelo, id the testimony closed atfio'clock, when Mr. Price c.menced summing up lor the de ence. District Attorney fhiting followed, and the case wea submitted totnejury nder thechargeof the Recorder The Jury, after an absence of about an hour, returned a rrdlct of guilty, and the Court adjourned to meet on londay morning at 11 o'olock.

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