Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1842 Page 1
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T H ?i. VIII.?Mo. 331 ?Wh?l? Mo. SJ93 To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published every day of the year except New Year'* day and fourth of July. Price 9 centa per cop> ?or $7 JO per annum?poitg t paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD-publiihedevery Saturday morning?price centa |>er copy, or >3 19 per annum? poitigei paid?ca?h in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ii over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increaiiag fait. It hat the largtit circulation oj any paper in thii city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for butineit men in the city or country. Pricei moderate?cash in advance. NEW YORK LANCET, publiihed weekly, price 12} centi per tingle copy?9 centi by the quantity. The price ef thii valuable periodical hai hitherto been too cheap, in companion to its utility, intelligence, and workmamhip. It haa, therefore, been advance i to $a per annum lor one year?jm igr a uau year?or iz) cents per aiagle copy?cash in advance, and postage* paid. REVOLUTIONARY RELICS, or Letters addressed by distinguished men to George Clinton, formerly Governor of New York, during the revelation, and first published by permission of his grandson, Col. Beekman. A beautiful octavo edition in numbers? price 12J cents , each. THE ATHENEUM, a New Monthly Journal of American and Foreion Literature, 8cience, and the Fine Arts?Each number adorned with a beautiful en graving?price only 12$ cents each. FK1NTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Phofrietor or ihe Herald Establishment, Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nassau street*. To Advertisers. For the infennation of business men and of the public generally, and as a guide in the selection of the best channel for advertising, we place before our readers the following facts :? New Yoke Herald > Sun Office, N. Y., J Office, Nov.l, 184-J. J Aug. 29, 1*42. ) Vessrs. Pkrssk tii. Broors : Mr. H - V Butler :? Gentlemen :? Hir .? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Hersld Oitice, New York Office, N. Y., fire hundred 760 reams p er week of tho t earns of paper per week, for sinail sized paper 23 *<32? six months from the 16th of forihe Daily Herald. October, 1842, to Ire of this Also 60 reams per week of quality, size and weight, the the large sized 32 X46 for the same to be paid lor in cash Weekly Herald.forone year every two week* from this date, to beoi quali- M. Y. BEACH, ty equal to this specimen? I accept the above order, Payments to be made each and ngree to furnish the pawetk in cash, in full for that per accordingly, week. H. V. bUTLER. 7'JAMES G. BENNETT. Aug. 81,1942 We accept the above or- Witness, M. S. Bbach derand will deliver it as directed. PER98E Jt BROOKS, No 61 Liberty street. James Itowt, , Witnesses. Samuel Bcman, S By these documents it will be perceived that the ct'rcu lotion of (Ac New Yore Herald, is nearly double that oj the New Yore Sun. and that it is. consenuentlv. so much the more an Eligible channel lor all kinds of adrertiiing and business notices. Not a further word is necessary to satisfy the public. JAMES Q. BENNETT. rim NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OE PACKETS. m MFo^m^better accotnmoaaltoi^if shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship fmm this jort on the 1st, 5th, Kith, 15th, 20th, and 25th ol each month, commencing the lOtli October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remaiud -rof the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will lie prevented daring the tyitnmrr months. The following ships will commence this arrangement : * Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. ViJ Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship .MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hitliard ' t ' OliIKY't '.E, Captain Hunt, e Whip SHAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship oAsTOV, Captain Latham. Whip HUNTSV1LLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Cnptaiu Dickinson. <p Mhvp MEM PHIS. Captain Knight. Sliip LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These shii? were all Imilt in th? city of New York, eipreaa1 for packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently been . wly naiH-redand |>ut in splendid order,with accommodations ,? iitie.iualleil for ivimfort. Thev are commanded by ri| wrienced m?tfn, who will malts every eierttan tn give Sc octal satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by.steamboats. Neither the owners otica plants of these ihips will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for ant It iters, parcel or trackage, sect t j j ipttt on board oI J then, unless regular biL's rf.suiug are taken for tlie same uid ttie value tke'.eon el pressed. For freight or passage, spplv F.. K. COLLINS 9t CO., 54 Sooth at., or HULI.IN St WOODRUFF, Agent in New OrV?iis. who will promptly forward all gootls to tlieir addtess. Tlie ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. m< NEW LCNiTo? LIVLlU'OOTnr\cRWs: fo a-lfrotn New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the lJlh if each mtm/i. m M. Mm KR?M NewT Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skidily, 25th October. Shin ROSCIUS, Captain Jehu Collins, 25th November. Ship 8IOD0NS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 2ilh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 25th January. From Liri.Rrosi.. "nip SIUDONS, Captain F.. B. Cobb, ISth October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, ISth Novem'r. binp (rARltlCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship ROSCIUS, Cujitaiti John Collins, ISth January. These ships are ail ol the first class, upwsnls ol IMf tens, built in the city of New York, with improvements a rcombine ..J ed Willi unusual comloit for passengers. Every care has born .aken in the arraugeinent ol ihcir accomtnod itinns. IV pnee of twssage hence is $100, for which ample stores ? ill be provided. These ships are commanded by eiperienced masters, who will make every esertion to give general satisfaction Naither thr captains or owner* of the ship* will be responsible for at y letters, parcels or pscksges sent by them, unless regular I) 'la of lading are signed therel'or. Forlreight or puwue. apply to . _ . E K. COLLINS * CO., 5? South St., New York, or to WM. It JAS. &ROWN It CO., Liverpool. Lettsri by the packets will lie cl arged Icent* per single (Kr.r: '*> reus per oanrr. and newspapers I cent each. ol NEW VOKK AND UVEHf'OOI. REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OK PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. && M. M OLI^5TABLlsH?nn,ASflAnTr7yni,ICE, #1 soOTH STREET. The sabucriher in announcing hi* arrangements for the year 1?U. appear* befepu hi* friend* with *entimenU of sincere respect lor tha able support he ha* received for many year* past.? He likewise wi*he* to call the attention of those intending to pend for their friend* residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*; that they can at all time* be accommodated by thi* line, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, a* well a* by all the well kaown different line* of packet ship*, tailing to and In im Liverpool on the 1st, 7lh, 13th, 19th and 2Mb of each month throughout the year. It has always been ihe study of the snbscricer to have the eai'gmnts shewn *!< illty, and despatched without delay, and ahose who send for their friends may re?t satisfied that every dar and diligent attention will he given by the Liverpool agent* to those sent (hr,a* well m all who may embark with them, and shontd any nf tlioee whose passage has been paid not emjark. im aaoaey will In- nftnilw without any charge. The subscribe! feel* a pleasure in miking known the differ flit shin by which his passengers came out during tha last year, which ha* gie-'ng.-aeral satisfaction, and that he ha* ronsiderauly erti Miled and concluded hi* armigernenl* for the year 1842, The following i* a list of ships Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ph*pa Alabamian, Lane. Kai'fteld, Wilson Prinnca, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrorw, Spesre. jtusaell Olover, Howua. Wales, Wait*. Htlieniia, Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, ( haerer. Oaeeola, Childa. C lifton, Ingrrsoll. St. Cloud. Emerson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Sntneskie, Emerson. Wanaw, Griffith*. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire. Harding. Pinthea, Ooodmaneon. Robert Isaacs. TruPrnan. Virainia, Eatou. Europe, Batcneldor. S. Jenkins, Seymoar. A free r?***ae from the different ports of Ireland and Scot and, can also ha secured, and ilralts furnished far any amount, payable at the National and Provincial Brnks of Ireland and their respective branches, and also on Mersr*. J. 8t W. Robin- I ton, Liverpool, which are paid free o* any charge, throughout he United Kingdom. For further particulars vpjdy to __ JOHN HF.HDMAN 61 Houlh street. or J. It W. ROBINSON, IS (Joree hM No. I Neirtane su. Waterloo Pock. Liverpool. Ml ^rd^^Hf.TS b'W^^MARSF.ll'^^^^Tfhe nndermcnuoped sl ip- e ill be legularly dispalrhed from hence and froin Martei'ies on tho 1st of each month during the year, thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA.Cat>t Brown, Nov 1. 1 H'HV THO.VU'SON, Cap Sylvester, Dec I. Feb I COURIER, Capt Dugan. Jan I. Marl 'i REhi'OTT, ('apt Lawrence, Feb I. A pi I HELLESPONT, Cart Adams, Marl. Mayl I t iRIOL ANUS, Cap Haile, Apt I. Jan I They are all corperea and copper fastened,and have ficelle nt accoiiunodations lor passengersThe price of cabin passage will be SUM, etclnaiva of w.nes " (J(i>dV!i'idrf?seil to BOYD fc HINCKF.N, the a gent*, will be forwarded free of other 'huge* than those actually paid. For fraii tit or pai' Sge apply to G. HRllOM k CO., or to oJ2r BUYU k HINCKEN, Agents a MJe Kt'iR ~ \rOHl].K?0il Lint? F"?l P ckn? I'Ke If UytoWeUgini, fast sailing packet ship MARY h RANCE8, JHBwBfis' apiain lluhbsrd. will sol a* above. t .su accommodate cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers at moderate rata*, if early application ia made oa hoard the ship, or to JOHN HeRDMAN.81 South at. d? ac !E NE NE^ OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. .. M... ^ M f HE OLD LTNK ofPackH^or Li??-n>oo^wilU>rrei?ft*r b? 1 despair he <1 in the follownut order, excepting that whru tha Jay ol xnling fall* ou Sunday, the slii|? will sail on the aucceedfng day. For New Yoilt. For L'*?ipo?l. The SotlTH AMERICA, (June I July 1? (16 tmn. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. (J. Bailey, f Fob 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, I June 19 Aug T 710 toaa, < Oct 19 Dec T B. L. Wane (Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, -Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Ktthbone, March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, iljuly 19 Sept 7 610 tuna, '.Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall I Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 619 tons. '.Dec 1 Jau 19 A H. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 toils, '.Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. | April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ([Sept I Oct 17 KM) toua, vjaii I Felt 17 W. C Barstow.f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, ([Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, '.Jau 19 Mar 9 O.A.Cole. (May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as legards the day of sailing, will be observed as Heretofore. The price of passage out ward is now liied at Oue Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ever* description wi^l l.e provided, with the exception of wines and liqeorx, which will be furnixhed by the stewards. GOODIIUF. St CO., 61 South xt., C. H. MARSHALL. 38 Burling-slip, N. Y. jejt lvh BARINU BROTHERS ?t CO.. I/pool. TAPSCOTT'S GhNERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. rffly i&!ly Jfly The subscribers b<-g to call the aneuiion of their friends and the public generally, to their sU|ieriiir airaugeinenu fur bringing out passenve.s from, aud remitting money to, any pir' of England, lielaud, Scotland or Wales, in lot magnificent packet 'hips, comprising ihe ' NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS,* VIZ.:Khip ROSCllJS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS, Captain Cobb, ship SH i*. KID AN, Captain Depayalcr. Ship OARRK.K,' apiain Skidly. Ship HOTTI NOUER, Captain B'trsley. Slop SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captaiu Palnv r. Ship LIVERPOuL, Capt'in ElHredt'. Sailing twice erery mouth; mil with llie" UNITED LINE," composed of sujiertor tir?i class American ships, sailing every ten (lavs, will m?Ke nvc slops <11 el-h month throughout the year, (or one every an data) (hereby pieveuliug the possibility of uiinerevsary detention. Persons wishing to aend for ih< i friends will not fail to are the advdiit. (tea to he dtri?( d 'iom selecting this liue in preferenre to any other, and they msy rest asvuied in it unusual care will b-taken to m >ke -lie |min(r asieeab e, ihe ships bein( flt'ed up w iill an eye solelv to the com or! of ptssri it'll. In all cases where th~ parties amt for decline c< tiling, the money will be refund d without any dt duction, aa usucl. A free passage fmm ih ; various seaports of Iieland and Scotland, can also be secured. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing 10 send money to their friends by enclosing ihe sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the pirtlea to receive it, in y rely on a draft for the amouut being forwarded par fird picket, afier the receipt trrereof, and an acknowledgement lor the same relumed per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amouut, are piyahle on d?mand, without discount or any o li r charge, at the National and Provincial Bulks of lrela< d and hrinches, E?'ern B ink of Scct'and, Greenock and their branch's, Mea-ru J mcs Bu't, SnnkCo., bankers, London, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and iu i very pri cipal town of Great iiii ain and Ireland. Fnrtlierp uticulars m-de known . n application, if by letter, post pa id, to .by r W, h J. T. TAPSCOTT, 41 Peck Slip, N. York. FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular mMMvV Packet ol 25tf December. The Splendid Packet MkMKwtfhip SIDDONS. Captain E fl. Cobb, of lOoO tons, will positively sail as above, her regular dav. F?r fieiglu or paasage, having tiecommodatinni unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orlaans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO. 56 South street. Price ol passage, $IOn. The Packet Ship Slieridvn, Capt F. A. De Peyster, ol 1000 tons, will succeed the Siddous, and sail the 25lh January, her regular uay. L ttrrs for the ships of this will only be received at Gilpiu's ami Hale's Newi Room. Passengers may rely on the shit* of thii line jailing pnnetu.illv as advertised. dl C BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL hA jMfvPackeU.?The only Regular Packet that sacs on the JvlanilBB'fKh ol Dec?The new anil elegant packet ihip NEW Y(IKK, burthcu 1000 ton*, Captain Thomas B. Cropper, will >ail |K?itirely ou .Monday, the 19th of December, her regular day. The accommodations of this well known farorite line of packet', lor cabin, yd cabin and steerage passenger-.are nnsurpitied by any other line or ship loading for the above port. Persons about to ernbtrk fur the old country will find it to their comfort and advan'sge to choose this conveyance i > pr. fereuce toaeyoiher. For terms of passage, atul to secure the best berths.apply ou board, foot of Beekintustreet, or to the sule scribert, ROCHE BROTHERS St CO., 33 Fulton tt, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S. The New York will sail Irom Liverpool on the 7ln February, 1841?those sending for their relatives can have them brought out in Iter, or in any ol the Packets of this Line, which sail from thai port ou Ike 7th and 19th of every Mouth. For 1 ass ise imply as above. N.B. The Packet .Ship Cambridge will succeed the New York, and sail for Liverpool on the 1st of January, her re guar diy. dgr Idgt FOR LONDON?Regular racket o| the 10th DekXdMr Wcrmbrr?The very suiwrior, fast aailing packet ship MHwiUKONTtl, Captain Uriswold, will |K?itively sail a< a note, her regular day. For passage, cabin, second ctbin, and steerage, having superb accommodations, apply to its r JOHN HERDMAN, 81 South street FOR LONDON.?Regular packet ol the 10'hol' December?The very sii|ierior fist sailing packet ?kJa?e>hip TORONTO, Cspt. G.iswold, will positively sail -s above, her regular day. mpt-ib accommo'laliotu, apply to JOSEPH McMUKHA V, 1U0 Piue at, cor. South. The above will be iuccee<le<l by the packet anip Weatmiuaier, Ca?t Moote, and aail on the 20tn December. Peraoua wi-lui ft to acini for their friemla can hive them brought oat bj either of the above ahijia, or anv of the regular packela, by applying a* abovt^; if try letter. |wiat paid- Jl c xdPP- " FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of the 11th kjHMfVDeeeiribei?The eplannid, fiat aailuuc packet ahip JfiULlNDEtENDENCE, Capt Wye, will aail aa above tier rt gular day. For paaaaxe in cabin, aecond cabin, and ateerage, having aplendiu accommodations, apply on board, loot ol Maiden lane, orto JOSEPH McMURRAV, 100 Pine afreet, corner of South atreet. P. 8.?The above will be aueceeded by the packet ahid Vit ginia, Aapt Alliu. and aail on 13 Dec. Peraoua wishing to aend (or their frienda, residing in the Old Country, can have them brought out by this snip, or any of the regular packet*, by applying aa above, if letter poet paid, nifir nltr EMITJ ANCES TO IftELAND, kc,, ?tc_ fSJigfttlarKe or rmn!l toperiont rriiding id any i<art of lr<laud, iu ihe tame manuer u ha, aud hia predeceater in buainaaa have door for (he I ut hirty yeaia, and *iore;alao, to any part ot England or Scotland. Money resitted bv letter (poatpaid) to the anbaenber, or *raonaily detxiaited with bitn, wifh the name of the perviu or ,xrgont m Ireland, EogWnd or Scotland, to whom it la to be am', aud nrareat poet town, will be immediately tiananiitted and mid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for warded to the aender. In like manner mooey with or claima on peraona in any part ol 'reland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the rnbecrio?r, for peraona iraidina in any pirtof the United Statea, or i iii ola. ami will hi ,-ai<l 'o il.rm accordingly, aiIN lm*r IIKOHfJK McBRIOE. Jr.. HI Cedar el. ~ DRAFTS O.N I IIELA iD, fcg.?The aubecribei* nfffycontinue togive drafta payable on dttnand, without jjXBBfaditcount, or any charge whataoerer. IN IKr.LANL)?The National Bank of Ireland, the Provincial Bank of Ireland, and their nranchea in ererv county. IN EM4LAND AND WALES-Meeara. Jamea Bult, Son It Co.. bankrra. London, the Evoange and Diacount Bank, Liverpool, and their br.echet throogbont England tnd Walet. IS SCOTLAND?The Eat'em Bank ot Scotland, the O eenork Banking Cotnrany, and biauchca in the principal towna; Sir Wm. Forhra, Hunter k Co. Peraoua iu ihe couorry wiahing to remit money ro thair frit-nda in any part of England, Ireland, Scntlaid, or Walea, by encloaiiig the amonut th y wiah to lennt to ihe aubacribera with the name aud addreaa of the ptrti-a to whom it la to be ent. A draft for the am< unl will be forwarded the fi at packet after the receipt thereof, aud acknowledgement ol the gain.- returned per firat put. dt r W h I r TArsen t'T. 4V Peekrlip. New York. BitlllSH AN U NOW 1 M Aillf.ltlt.Ai> ItillAl, >1 All. STEAM SHIPS, Of IMO.tana and 440 hone power each. Under contract with the Lord* of tho Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott. do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. M-tlc, R N do Will aail from Boaton, via Halifax. raoM LiTuupoat.. prom aoiTnie. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nor I Caledonia, Lott, Oct 1} Not It Acadia, Ryne, Not 4 Dee I Colnmhit, Miller, No* It Dec 17 Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan I I'aaaaze Money?From Boaton to Ltrcrpool, 1137? Boaton to Haliiai $30. 1'heae ahipa carry experienced aurgeofia. No Bertha aeenred until |wid f. r. i Note.?Merchandize and Specie (except for perianal ex Cnaea) thinned nnder the uame of luggage will be charged at "got, and liable loCnttoin Houte Hegnlatinna. Apply to Qjj r (). B K It HI AM. JR.. No. 3 Wall-at. T, ? FP^?ALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. w>i uTS*?0'*1 M?" Sham Ship COLUMBIA, E.C.Miller, . R. N., < omnwnHpr, will lear* Boa od lor tht ibo?e porta on FriJAy, Dec Itih. Paaaage :o Liverpool $137. Halifax | 20 APf T to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, "* ' 3 Wall tireet. >*3. JAW' o ? ARHANWE- j j 7 m ,V*n,bo*t Rockland, will, I T * r ?n ViV?" M 'he 3>at of October, ran At fnllowa: leaving Middletown Point (tide and weather per mitring) at ? o'clock and Keyport at t? o'clock, every Monday WedncaU.?v and Friday. Returning, leave ihe foot of Rohan ton atreet, New Y ork, e very TBeedav, Thurvday and Saturday at I t o'clock, nooa, touching at Segnin'a Dock each way. Slag eg will be in readineaa to convey uiaaenuera ta any part of the country. All baggage at the riak of the owaera. ?n 3m-ec ri'lATKN laitAND FEKHY^ Knot of Whitehall atreet. (Tl^IiItUilterfire. 3d, the ateemer STATEN ISLANDEK, will run at followt, antil further notice :? LI AVE 8TATE.N ISLAND NEW YORK. A.M. I A.M. 1 " I'M IP. M ik P. M, dlr 41? W YC N YORK, SUNDAY MOK SEW" J ERSE Y RAl LROAD AND TRANSPOllTATION COMPANY. NEW YOlUv AND NEWAlOv^ Kroiu toe loot of Conrtlandt itreei, New York. (Lvery day?Sunday ue.< opted.) Leavea New York Leavea Newark It 9 A. M. At 1 P.M. At 7A A. M. At IX P. M 1 'H do. 4 do. tt do. 3* do. do. 9 do. 6 do. ,7 do. 11 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Kiom the foot ol ConitUadt atroet. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and IKP. M. At 1H P- M. and Ifl P. M. NLVV YORK, KL1ZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Loave Kliiabclh Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. IKA..M. 2S " ion A.M. 4j? P. M. IX M. 3 P. M. 9* " The traiua for WeaUield. Plain field. Boundbrook. Somereille, itc., connect with the 9 A M, 2 and 4jk P M traiua Irom New Yoik, daily, Sundays eacepted. k'.f. Ii,i?. M..i? V.,,1, ??.l ei...k.iVT.? ??.. Fare beiweeu do anil Somerviile,75 cents. NXW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEvfr BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. I rom the foot of Liberty street, daily. LexieNew York. Leave New Biuuswick. At 9 A M. At 5K A. M. 2* P. M. ' 4!$ " I2X " 9 P. M. On Sunday* the 55< and \ M. 'rip* from N"W Brunswick and 2V '* M. train from New York, are milled. Face between New York and New Hrumwick, 75 cent*. Kahway, 50 cent* The fare in the 5J? nud 7)^ A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 2\ and t\ P. M. train from New York, ha* beou re duceii. Near York and New Brunswick, to 50 cent*. " and Railway to 37X " Passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re cei?e a ferry ticket gratis. Ticket* are received by the con Inetor onlv on the day when purchased. anil 3n.? w rs TER"AKR7NTJEME N n NEW YORK AND hTTl.ADk'xPHlARAILROAD LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick Priuceton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlimtton. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, Irotn the foot of Libeity street, daily, at 9 A M and P M. The morning Line proceed* to Bordemowu, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Eveuiug Line oroceeda direct to Canuleu, (opposite Philadelphia) without change i if ears. Pasaeinter* will procure their ticket* at the office foot ol Liberty ?trert where a commodious steamboit will be in readiness*. with bagvage crates on board. Philadelphia bajgage crates are conveyed ftom city to citv, eithout being opened by the way. Ench train is proviiled with a Ladies Car, iu which are apartments and dievsiiie rooms expressly for the Ladies nse. _ Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestuut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.aud 5 o'clock, P .51. The Lines for B illimore, leave Philadelphia ?t 7 A M, and 4 P M, being a continuation of the line* from New York. *28 3in?r DAILY PACRA(TE EXPRK 88 < AU FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. By the Hiiuvutooic f( oi to i u n.ina >plough fioin mis Citv to Alh'iiv in H ur?. Leaves at 7 o'clock in th* rnnruin?. The subscribers have rnaile arrainteint nts with the Housatorn Hail Rond Company, to run ?u Eiorew Car (exclusively for our own purpose) daily, over thcr road with the i?nsaeiik(er train, running through to Albany in twelve hour*, and are now prepared io receive and forward at low rates, Specie. Bauk Notes, Paukages, Biles nnd Cases of Goods, Ike , for auy of the above uamrd or iutwrrnedi ite places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and such other business as inay be entrusted to treir care. d2r POMfcHOY k CO 2 Wall srert, New York. NEW YORK A >D HAHLEM KAIL ROAD CO.vlPANY. i |"^^^^^Tiadjy, I DecembesS'h. IBI2, 'he c ars w ill run tl.iIy ??follow* LesveCity Hull for Leave Harlem Leave Willi on-' Bridge William,'Bridge, for City Hall. for Citv Hdl 6 30 A. 51. 8 2(1 A. >1. 8 00 A. M. 9 " 10 n " 10 20 " II 30 " 1 10 P. M. 12 50 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 4 0 3 20 " 4 " 5 IB " 4 20 " 5 30 Harlem only, t> 30 " City Hall nnd Tweuiy seventh street Line will run M fo lows:?Foni7 30 A M. every leu miuute* thriiugnout the day till 7 P. M. Passennirs for We?lch>?ter. Throg'a Neck, Ea*(ch"ster. V.. Un.V.11. 0.1 1, tr ST .1. ST . .1 t-_ -i " , bins' Mill? mid White Plai ?, will lake ihe 2 nVlork, I". M. trsin from City Hsll. PuifM' n for Yonkers will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P, M. trains from City Hall, tilo I in* in injlaLKN <te COPP'S NEWYTrKKi ALBAN v* TROV An5 MONTREAL EXPRESS. Menu. Harnd'n St Co. haviuic disposed of their route Irom New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribere, ihe old conductor* of Harnden St Co's Northern Exnresa, from New York, will continue to run a? heretofore, leaving New York, Albany an I Troy, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacob*' Moutieal Express, and will foe ward Specie, Bank Vote*, Pack me* Bundlra.Cases of Ueodi. Sir., to any place betaeen New York a?d Montreal, arm liirouithoot the Can iJa'*. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West Irom Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, Sic., and prompt returns made for the MUDe, PULLEN It COrP. Oflicea?Pullen St Copp, 2WI Wall street. New York. Tnos. (ioitith, IS Eichange, Albauy. A G. Kilkms, 221 Riser street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court, 8t I'aul st, Montreal. REFERENCES. Nrw York. Allans. Trot. Prime, Ward Si King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Cittle, Si Co., Thos. Gough. P.Weils, John T. Smith, ll Co., 8. K. Stow, PepoonSi Holfman, C. 8. Douglass, Carpenter St Vermilye, F. Leake floushinn St Co. Drew. Rohinsou It Co. _ nH lmr urur vnus avis soktom o?ii sirsan i mi. Via Norwich and Worckstkr Railroada. Contpoaed of the following auperior aleamera ninmiiK iu connection with the Norwieklc Worreater aud Worceater k Bomton Kail H..a"a? WORCESTER, Capf.J H. Yandetbilt. NEW HAVKN, Cape J. K. DuaUd. CLEOPATRA, C*pt . On and Altai Monday, Nov 2lAt,th>A line will ba run tri-weekly, leaving Naw Yoik, TueAdaya, ThnrAdayA aud Saturdaya only, at 4 P. M. _ From Park a ll|i, Ea?l Hi Tar. Tha n?w and aplrudid ateaiabn<t NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Duatan, will have every Tueaday, Thuraday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Paaaengera lor Boaion will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boata at Norwich, and will proceed without change nfcaraor baggage. For farther information, eiuinire at the office of D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peru alip, np ataira. All iwraona are fotbid tnuting any one on account of the above boata orownera. n2Jr aMQ 0M REGULAR OPPOSITION TO CATS & iZf KILL, and intermediate landinga, without low 3C^m?3Lbaniaar?Regnlar daya from Caitakill, Mon daya, Wednesday and Friday". Fiom New York, Tnaadaya, Thuradaya and Butnrdaya.?Fare to or from Cattahill, 30 centa. ?Bertha 23 centa?Supper S crnit. The new and fist ateamer WAVE, Captain Vanderbilt. will le?ve Robinvon at. pier Thnraday Nov. 17th, at five o'clock. For far her paiticulara inoaire of the ea lain on hoard. By mnning en the oaja'ab ve named, there will bt a daily com mnnication eelween Catakill and New York (and intermediate placet) for freight and ivuaage at rrdueeil pricaa. nCr I OSEPII McMURRAY, >00 Pine aueetT New York, gives ' Drafts in sums to anit anntiea-ls, on the PROVINCIAL BANK 6F IRELAND. Payable at? Covk, Bambtidge I.lma'irk, Ballymana, j ClopBirl, Parvootown, Londonderry, Dnwnpaurk, Sligo, Cavan, Waitord, Lnrgan, ' Bel&ai, Omagh, Wa'arford, Dnngannon, Otilnway, Bindnu, Armagh, Ennii, Aihlone, Ballyihannor, Coterainp, S raoai.e, Ht'keuny, Dnngarvin, Ratline, Mallow, Trnfee, Moncymom, Ytmrhal, Cootchill, F.D-mkilfeii, Kilruah. Monaghaa, ENGLAND. Spoouer, Atwood k Co. Dinkera, Loudon. Payable in every (own Gieat Britain. P. w. Byrnea, Raotiirea, Liverpool. City of (flaagow Hank. Payable in every lown in Leodand nM Imf PH'CTHO STAoNe.TIC PLATE* for rheamauam*, aarront affection*, Jir , pieiwrrH under lh? dlreciion of M. L?wanrntii, apothecary in Paria, general ueieit la New Voik, RJ Erankhno reel, at M. NinnanTa. Price $1 SO. Infallible cure for the moat acii't and inveterate pain, inch at 1 icuie ?nd chruuic rhenmatiaina, the (out, ncurt gy, arlalic, tic I lolorent, danae He .oaiut Guy, chilli, megrim, crampa in lh> it imnrh, and ahnrtly.fnr all nrrvntit alfectiona, rhlell, Hiaeaaas if women <nd young giria, .<? green aicaueaa, amenorrhea, an( lirea.imu, vapor a, ner oni ntacka. kc nlfi lin*r COUGHS AMI) COLDS , DKMEMlER.No M North Sulh ilreet. one iloor below | Pv Arch atreet, Philadelphia, the moat certain anil heat Family i Medicine, for Cnugha, Coldt. Smiling Blood, Throat and Unng Biaeaae, a riaing aenaarion like choking, tickling, or nnl>leaaani obatiucliona. For liio above. Dr. SVVAYNE'S Com connil Syrup of Wild Cherry will he fonnd the great remedy, renona who have annaed themaelvea the nae ol ardent apirita

will liml both their atrength and reanlntion much imptovail by leaving off the apirita, and taking a dnuight occaaionally of the above rratorntive. All preparanoua from thiavaluable tree, eacepl the above,may lie conaidered apurinna or counterfeit. The real article mav he luu! of the following Agenu, or at No. M North Siith atreet, Phildelnhia? AGENTS Dr. W. H. MILNOH. Draagviat, No. IM Broadway. MRS M. HAYES, N?. I? K-iltok at, Brooklyn. BKNJ. OLDS. Newark, N.J. JOHN MASON, Pattcraon, N. J. ditm'r PHILADELPHIA DAGUEHRE??TVPE KSTABLISIIME,NT, Etcliauge Bunding. Noa. W and 71.?tiitflr Por- , traita taken, from br- aatpin -ire to I incbea in diameter Fam | Hy g'oupeof from two to \% pertona on one plate. Tuna of anting 10 aeconda. , t onaiantly on hand, and for aale, Inatru-anti of ihe aame aindaanaed in the eaiablaahment : a1 to platea and all other itenaila W. k r. LAiNofcNHEIM. nil 1m*l | IRK I NING, DECEMBER 11. 18 ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA. ISLAND OF CUBA. v CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND, PRINCIPAL : THIS Academy was established two years an?. uipLt me pa- 11 nonage oft he former Iuteudetii General ot? 1 iOind.iDd C other distinguished individuals of the nobility u ?J merchants of (J tluscitv. If i conducted on th? plan of 5 Ge awn **Mt WDl1 I it;*1'and the m-tlud id'tuition i* the "interrogative." All the p scholars understand the English language, and many of them ^ speak t hibitu lly and llnrutlf 3 i In Priucip.vl hai ihv t'xot-ri uce of schools in Fiance, Ger- H many. Ei ^laud, and Op* United Stales, liis cliiel aim U to A 5ive 'he youth entrasteU to his care a practical knowledge of h lote braochas ofa jM>li c education, which are required iu all ? actnre careers, aud are applicable to auy. ii The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French. German and Spanish languages; History,Geogrs .dues. * Nattrul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and B Drawings of various kinds. Professors of divers nations and acquirements reside iu the es- > tablishrneiit; tnd all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction L from the director. F Such signal success lias attended this plan of tuLiou, that se- ^ vt ral of the pupils, under t - elte years of Ages, write and speak two foreign Uu/uagm in a perfectly inteiliginle manner, and ~ those of ri|ier years, correctly and easily. b 1 he acquisition, nototilvof the Spanish, but also of other A language*, u thus placed within the reach of the youth of the A U lilted S'jtHi. U'lflnni it. ?U. rm linqu'th the many ailvautares which accrue from auEnglish cd- 1 ur&tlou The object of the Piiucipal in desiring to rective 1' youths from the United States, is to facilitate the acquirement jj of the Engl *h accent for hi* Sp.inuh pupils, which service . would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introduce ? here the manly spirit of the English schools. The young, citi- * icus of the United States can have nothing to fear from the cli- T mate, the hou .e being spacious aud airy, situated in a healthful T spot, at a short divauce from the Mty; and couuining within ita ^ limit*, fin-- bath una completegymmsittm fofths iumwilion ot the papils' he ilth. Two mtoi, lately arrived (ton Oormo* uy, have passed the summer iu the school in perfect health. As the principal is a married man, and his wife ami sister have charge of the tantordrpaitment: children are received at any age but tnat of infancy. Every pupil enioy* his religious opinions nndisturbed. The levins are $inO per uiuuui, |?ayablc three months in ad- b vnnce There are uoet'ras except clothes r.ud hooks References?MESSRS. CHA8. DRAKE St BROTHERS. r ALEXANDER MORALES, ESQ., nil Havana. VTOTICE.?Whereis Samuel Beruheuner, of Syracuse, has L the agent of II. Be Brothers, merchants in the cit v of New York, in the collecting of debts at Syracuse, and in other busiuess, all person* are hereby notified that his power as such agent hat been revoked, and all persons aic hereby forbidden lpuhmi tnj bneioeae with him. as such agent ; and whereas S .min i B? ruheirner and Jacob Bloch, constituting the firm of S Beiuheiuier A Co.. of Syracuse, have thttdiy assigned to H. B riih* oner k Brothers, of New York, all the goods, debts and demands ot every description; therefore, all persons ar- hereby forbidden to pay auy nebts to said 9. Bernheitner it Co. or either of said firm after this date?aud j all payments of said demands may hereafter be inade to Herrmui Bcranrimer.Einauuel Bernheimer or Simon Bertiheimer. beiu? the linn of If B-niheimer k Brothers, oue ol whom will be found at Syracuse by any person wLhiug to mak? payments. aud ou whom alt persons iud hted arc requested to call immediately ami settle their accounts and uotes. Dated Syracuse, N. Y., Nov, 2d, 1,42. H BERNHEIMER k BROTHERS aOUSE FURNISHING WAREHOUSE.?WORAM k HAuGHWOUT, 561 Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents and Commission MerohauU, ha?e just received and are now opening a uew aud splendid assortment of the following arti CtMk vis :? Silvered, Gilt and B'onze Ga Chaud.iliers, 6 to go lights.) Do Oidle do 4 to 21 " Do Candle Brackets, 1 to 5 11 Do Gna Br^cacis, 1 to J *l Do ti.u Mautel iiigiitl, 1 to 2 " Do Girauuoics, 1 to 5 M Canuiebras. iw 1' ** ash a i Lamps, Hail I amps and Lanterns. Heading Lunps kc. A new article ol Solar Lamp, a very superior article. Also, a new article of Deflector lor tusproriug the light of the old patlei uol kstral Lamp. Alto, a new style ol Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamps aud Chandeliers, for churcnes, halls aud public nuilding*. fuTro Warn*. Baskets, Castors, Trays, Toast Racks, (Candlesticks, Napkin Riags, Butter Tabs, burter aud Fruit Knives, Snuffers and Triys, Coffee and Tea Urns, kc. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts and dozens; J atoned Tea Trays, in great ranty of patterns and forms; fine cut glass B.*wls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, kc. kc. W. U H. beg respect lullv to infoim their friends, customers, and the public genera.1 y tnat their arrange menu with the manufacturers are sucnt atthey cau sell all articles in their line at retnaikahly low pri :es; and respectfully invite them to call urn tee meirinowro ids wincti alone is unicient to comuen sate for thr trouble s22 Jni*r REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, la removed from 145 Broadway to No. ^ Astnr House ECONOV1Y IN GENTLE MEN'S IIRESS. Garments of 11 moat .legant fc'ashlouabte kind ft a sarnie of 60 |ier Slit for caih. 'PHK advertiser U? ms it unnecessary to resoil to the hack' nryed ayatnn of ginugaliat of aomiual pnees, presuming th* Ifutrth of timr he lias becu established, together with the extensive |?:mtiage bestowed ou mm, will prove a sum cieot voU'.'hi r lor his capabilities. Possessing,'he advantage at being eoinierted wi iU esteuaive cloth establishment m Kur . |-e he e*nAdently - *sets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up llie brat description* of gentlemen's dreaa. it03m K I'lIILLIfW, 7 Aator Houae. Broadway I LONDON ANii MANCHESTER INDIA RUB HER GOODS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. g Wall atiret. Th awbacribvi h?a received and ottera foi aale a Urge aaaortmriit of nniMirled India Rubber Water Proof I rood*, viz: Coals and < i|ei, ol superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Menuo awd I'otton, of all colora and aizea. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama Persian and Cotton, prepared for t ilora. I loll 1 Rubber Webbings for suspenders, corsets, lie. *28 fni' r I HAH. A BltAHAMHON. COkPER.?2'to U oz of very eztra quality, iiiauulactured fiom H i heat "re, and with great car- I* or sale iU lots to auir purchaser* by E. K. COLLINS it CO., d8r 56 .'aouth street. 'IMJ IIUVIKKS AND I'D BLISH ERA.?A young uiau -I- a practical prmtei, who is thoroughly acquainted with hia business in every department and branch, a"d who has been employed lu the capacity of reporter aud sub-editor on several highly rrapectablejouruals, is desirous ol obtaining a aitualion in the country, to take charge of, and manage, a tinall newspaper concerns. A re mo tie rati tig salary will only he expected. Audrras, hv letter, (post paid) X. V. at the Herald office. Reain-ctabie rrlerei ce? viv- n and reqnir. d nl7 )gb VAN NORUK.N'S WRITING AND BOOK-KK.KI'INO " ACADHMV M now Open, 281 Broadway, 2uo floor, lor the reception of pupils, where all acquire Van Nordeti'a beautiful system of pennmaiialiip in a very short time, and write with ease, grace aud elegance. Mr. Van Norden is now prepared to give instruction in Book Keeping 0|>on plan* entire!, new and strictly practical. During one month's interaction the pupils ?c'u illy open, balance and close, practically, from 20 to 30 set of books. Terms very moderate. Hours of instruction from 9 A. M.till 4 P. M., and from 6 ti 10 in Uie evening. The Ladies meet daily at 3 P. M. n!5 lm?r T7ANCY ARTICLES FOR THE HOLV DA * The * subscriber ha* received by the la.est nrrivali, a very rich assorim-nt of I'uris pancy Articles .consisting o( l?ucy work b"xrs, paper do. iram in ro e wood boxes, emhioidenug fi.nw with canvass aid col'd cotton, children's toya, perfumery, end soap, of assorted ijualitira, etc. etc. The public reiptctlully invited to call and examiue the above atock, previous to purchasing elsewhere, at _dl lin*r K. K. KH ANt'lSrHI, Broadway. HEALTH! THE POOR MAN'S RICHES, AND THE RICH MAN'S BLISS. THE ipaaon cf the year if now at hand, when those fata diseases which footer anil prepare the constitution for early denarture from i>f?. auch as COLDS, COUH8, ASTHMA. AND COMPLAINTS OK THK LUNGS, are moat liah'e to attack th- human system. " The chilla of autumn strike the frame And fit it for d scaae. An hour of care would end the same. And a|| its rake appease A'as! the moment peases by, Neat eomef the hour when we mnat die." There is not only tiuth hut poetry in the above composition. We let the moment paa?, when that moment, if we used tha time properly would ne the most raluahle of our existence, for it i? this small speck in eternity which ends our own career by negligence. BE CAUTiOUS! If a tentenre that shnul.l n-ver he (onrotten hy any one. LOOK OUT FOR CONSUMPTION, is another. Here in our ta lable climate. when ?i< kness stalks inesrrv autumn bnrze, and the Lungs are at tvrry inomeut liable to be -fleeted, In u. he careful. The first moment when j a Cold ieta in, remember that I PEASE fc SON'S 1 COVP IUND EXTHACT OK HOAKHOUND CANDV. wtii rr< pare ?n i completely <j. srrov every vestige rI C.OUltHS and COLDS It i? only by delay and negligence, that *< snili lint**, |?H| U let a few days n >1 which It w days determine the duration of their lives. All ih"se who wish'O h? relieved from the tirst piina and afflictions of ore rold in ihi? autumnal season, must use the HOARHOIJND EXTK ACT. which it compounded of twrnty-five of the not! safe and salntary cough ingr dirnts. dol l by J. Pi-a<e k Sou, proprietors, ii Division street; 10 Astor Home, and 110 broad way. READ THE EOLLOWINO CERTIFICATE ! Mew Yore, Dec.2, 18)2. (Jentlemrn? My wife has been for the list three years ufflict'dwitha wrakneis of the Iniigs, and t severe cough My daughter has alio Iwen subjeii to the same disease of the I ii r'?s, which waa ao se vere in both cases thu I was i o fear Irst my wife and d inshter should hoth become victima of consnmption. We tried the mrdicim s usually nsed and recommeuded in snch ea?e? without success. As a Inst rraort, we concluded to try your Hoirhoond Caudv, the result of which trials Was so ?nrre?sl\t', thai the Cough and irritation of the Lungs wers entirely healed Tneyhare now censeqnently better health than they hav? had before f <t the lut three yeara. I am tones, truly, WILLI <M BOND, II Li.rcoardst, To Messrs. J. Pesae k Son, ti Di?i?i n at. OH. NOBLE POWER! THY REION IS HERE! Mr.w Yore, June sth, 1942. OcntsMy wife has been for the la-t Cwo or three years troubled wilh a aetere prii .dical cough, arcomi?inied with treat |*in an I bleedi'g at the lungs ; the cough has he. n ao severe at timea 'hat danng the I irot'sma of coughing ihe blond would fly from her m uili and i n. riL at t'uesainc lime ; Lhs cough would commeuce in the fall and liut through the winter. Nothing that h ii hern tried would relieve her until warm wea'lier, wh< n K would shale a little, ui til this last, winter, when sh? m .ile nse of Pease's lloaihou <1 Candy, and the results Were sueh aa to leave a happy impression upou her mind of its efAcacy and virtnea. It performed a rsdical enrv when all other attempts ftiled. DAVID W. riEHCY, to Delancy street, and No. 9 Mpmce atieet. To Meaars. J. Pease k Hon. 41 Division st. I*. 8.?-If ihefr is one that doubts the efficacy of Pease's Hoarhound Candy, I should be Ttry happy to tee them d. w. r Agent* Hushton k Aspinwall, 19 Aalor House, 110 Broadway, and 80 William atreet. Agents out of the City. Bergesa * Zieb?r. No. 1 Ledger buildings, Philadelphia. Redding k Co. No. I State street, Boston. Dviter, No 17 Htsle street, Albany, N. Y. I's deman L tnsville, Ky. Th mia ui k C"., I ineiniiati, Ohio. lie Wi ede k Waters, Tioy >s Ao ageut wanted at Ni w Orleans. (Ct Etcn ensehii e ot the genuine Hoarhoond Candy is 'SI lign d J. I'EASEk SO.*. al Division street, of whom it can le obtained wholesale anil retail. f Parties aapplied wnh Ice Cream and at! kinds of Confec- ?t niuary, at prieaa to suit the exigencies of the times. ot* J PEASE fc SON, 41 Division atreet. N. B ?All kinda of Mteaui Confectionary at 15 cents pound, it retail. Jo lmr tot lb i.i-j grt[ERA 42. Weep Not for the Put. Veep not for the past,?lis a dream that ha* (led. s sunshine has vanished, its garlands are dead , (ee. , deep 111 its shadow* bright hopes are laid los v, IU ! call them not hark to the land whence they go. 'hey came a* the light that may gleam fronton ) ligh, rom the wing of some spirit that passes us by, 0 gently?we deemed that the fetters of earth [ail falluii away for a holier birth , .nd they paused? but a voice lingers yet 011 the ear 1 ueoents that fall from some sunnier sphere j Weep not, child of sorrow, for hopes that thine, nblest are the gifts of an unhallowed shrine. 'hy idol was earthly?thy life-star ha* set, right slurs are in Heaven that beam Cor thee yet Peep not for the past, though it hold in its gloom, oved forms that have sunk to their rest in the tomb oud voices that rung in the laugh of the song, nd faces that smiled as thcv fli'.led along , Ii, cull thein not back 1 lor they went ia their mirth, re their heart* haj tieen chilled hy one Iroat ol this earth ud 'til sweet to lie down with the song yet uniting, nd wake ill firit notes in a heavenly tongue 1 'hen yield not to sorrow, life has not a day 'bat gives not aome sunbeam to lighten our way, ut cull from the |>aat, trom each blessing that dies, . gem to illumine the frown lor the skies, he future is o'er us the preaent is ours, 'o shroud it in sadness, cS gild it with flowers, 'osiuk on life's ocean, or Hud on its wave . halo that wakes e'en th ? gloom of the grave Lines on a Bleeping Child. low beautiful is childhood, on its couch of tranquil rest, yiien lightly ou the tragi'*) form the hand of sleep bath passed ; Ire one dark thought to sin or care, the young, pure n\ind hath given, Irlost amid a guilty worlJ, the beauteous stamp of Hee ven. 'he pale and sc ulptured marble of the temple's hallowed shrine, air child ! hath not a seraph form more beantifal than thine ; lore perlect than the lovelinm of lip, and check, and brow Ixpusmg in the soltened light of sunset's last red glow. Lnd, oh like gem of priceless worth, in precious casket shrined, is sinless should thy spirit be, as spotless he thy mind, Vbose dim, brief-past, is but the linkef childhood's fairy fairy hours, rhy future? au untrodden world /.light, aud song, and (lowers. 'eaee to thy slumbers ! Who would lift the darkling veil of years ! Vould cast o'er thy young form tht'shade of human hopes aud f. ai s ? rVheuduy by day, the hand of time, has youth's soft bloom be* uiled, Vho then may have, in manhood's form, the fair and sleeping child. 'hough in the world atlection guide, and prayer may shield thy way, low many, bright and pure as thou, that world hath led astray ? low many a bright and burning star is quenched in rayless uigty I I low often r>u Spring's iairast flower* will fall the bummer's blight 1 < . Dfc Btumuvi, gl-llbAC uuo-?mc ITIiUVUCi WVUI^ UDl wake )ne chord, that from the page of life a gloomy tone must lake ; lut trust that Merer, o'er thy pain, the guiding star way be, Ind weave a wreath?a happy wreath?of Hope and Love for thee ! The Parrot. The deep affection* of the breast, i That Heaven to living thing* impart*, I Are not exclusively posses* ,1 By huwan hearts. , A parrot from the Spanish Mam, Full young and early caged, came o'er With bright wings, to the black domain | Of Mulla's share. The spicy groves where he had won His plumage of resplendent hue, His native fruits, and skies, and sun,' He hade adieu ! I For these he chunged the smoke of turf? A healthy land and misty sky, And turned on rocks and raging lurt His golden eye. But petted in our climate cold, He lived and chatter'd many a day ; ' Until with age, from green and gold, His wings grew gray. At last when blind and seeming dumbHe scolded, laughed, and spoke no more j A (Spanish stranget chanced to comej To Mulla's shore. He hai'd the bird in Spanish speech ; The bird in Spanish speech replied ; * layp'rt round lusrage with joyous screech. Diopp'd down and died. My Sister. Sudny and golden be , The lot in store lor thee ; Teace smile upon thy path where'er thou goest; Health frcshni on thy cheek? Its vrrmil to bespeak How fullaud rich to thee each joy thou knowast. Blest, sister, be thy love? Blest here, and blest above !| Oh ! be thy warm affections not in vain ; But deep and pure, and true, Yield pleasures young and new, To glad thy breast, like angel's free from stain. Thine, sister, be for aye That hope which springs on high , Thine he the task to guard its hallowed light, With vestal's holy care ; Thy faith, this duay rare, Wilt prove, ane proving, turn to-day all night! Cong of the Red Indian. Oh '. why should the w hite man hang on my path, Like the hound on the tiger's track 1 Dors the flesh or my dark cheek waken his wrath 7 Does he covet the bow- at my back ? Ho has rivers and seas, whore tho billow and breeze n. nr ,...|...a In. kin. nlnnn . And the ioiii o( the wood never plunge in the flood i Thot the white man calli hie own. { Then why should he covet the ftroami where none f But the red-?kin dare to awim ? f Oh ! why should he wrong the hunter one t Who never did harm to him ? t The Father above thought lit to give To the white man corn and wine , There are golden fleldf where he mry live, 8 But the lorett wild* are mine. The eagle has its place of rest, p The wild boree where to dwell, And the spirit who gave the bird Ita reet " Made me a home as well. r n Then back, go back, from the red skin's track, v For the hunter's eye grows dim n To find that the white man wrongs the one Who never did harm to him. n Irish Hong, Good-night, good night my thelah dear ! (j Ay why should lovers part I We meet in smiles, but soon the tear , Dispels the sunshine of the heart, And joy is swift of flightYet hope awakes her doric shell, II When lovers sigh r sad iarcwoll, y Shelah dear, good night. u Good night ! good.night! tht warning akimv, V It tells me, Shelah, I must go ; O could we bind the wings oi Time, We'd gaily wreathe hia locki of mow J L With flowers of roseate light ; b But ah ' those can ever bo, f( When Timi! and Ctlpid shall agree, (j Bo, She.ah dear, good-night! -j Ucod-night, good night, and golden dreams 01 Employ thy silent hours of sleep ! If. And w hen the sun, with aosy beams, Steals o'er Killarney's mountains steep. To crown the isles with light, 0 then let memory wake in thee j* Sweet thoughts ol love, sweet thoughts ?f me " So, Bhelah dear, good night ! nn s?nK. o< Farewell, farewell, I do lesign ol All hope ol love - all earthly claim ; m 1 only ask that I may pine Upon the memory of thy name. pi Alas ' I linger ere I go, th So drow-ning wretches grasp the wave ; |( I cannot quite endureto throw y The last cold earth on young Love's grave. n No more, anotner word would be j, A prayer to keep me still thine own, So long my heart has beat lor thee, How can it heat at once alone 1 Farew ell, it is the henrt'a farewell,? c, My summer shine of love past o'er, Onlv the pang of death can tell Thai of the words?we meet no more Bl da C*KoaaAP>iiCAT, Posmo* of Enocaisd ?In a Chi- 'rf r geographical treatise England is dearribed as The kingdom of Ymgkeihlr, a de|>endant or Inbu- >j, y eatate of Holan " [Holland.] na Thf Potomac Ones?The Georgetown Advocate ba the fiih mat, aayaThp Potomac is now entirely [V rn tor navigation, and lha stenmboata hsve, since sil turday morning, been running between Washing- m< 11 and Alexandria. Wl LD. J*rlc? Tw# C?au. Ithaca. (Currrtoudrncr of thr Hrritlil.] I ihaca, Nov 28th, 1842 Ithaca?Trade ? Law?Religion?Politic* ?Fathio* ? Sixiety. Dear Bennett? I think this place has been too long neglected.? Through the medium of your valuable and extensively circulated paper, the beauties and attractions o! almost every village in the United States have been published ,o the world. Ithaca possesses attractions to the traveller and capitalist that very few towns in the Union can uoasl of. It has a population ot about six thousand It is regularly laid nut. the streets crors.tig each other at right angles, and lined and beautified by rows of maple trees on both sides, which in the| summer impart t j the place a cool and refreshing appearance, and make delightful shades to walk in. We have a very beautiful Park nearly as large as yours in New York, ft is not yet ornamented with a fountain, although it ie in contemplation to construct one. On the north side of the Park the Presbyterirn church (llev. Mr Wisner) and the Court House lire situated, and on the west the Hupttst church, a large and elegant brick edifice. Our town is unfortunately situated a little south of the greet western thoroughfare; consequently tew persons visit us exi ept on business. But I can assure any person travelling for pleasure, that when at Auburn they can, by taking stage for only eight inilcs, go uhoard the s'eambout Simeon L)e Witt, (which by the way is 11 " floating palace," excelled by none in i's arrangements and acpointmeuts, and it is command'-il bv a gentleman who has the respect of all who know htm), and after a delightful two hours over the smooth and placid surface of Cayuga Lake, lie arrives 111 the charming village of Ithaca, where, be he ev< r ?o dainty, or ever so well versed in the mysteries of the epicurean art, he can have the cravings of a well sharpened appetite fully satisfied by the gentlemanly hosts of either of our tluee_ public houses, of which the Clinton house is, perhaps justly, the most celebrated. It is a very large and elegmt house, under the management of Mr. Hall, 11 gentleman well known asa hotel keeper. The Hotel 1? well kent by Mr. fhompson, formerly of New York His table is always well supplied with a 1 the delicacies of the season. To the romantic traveller Ithaca presents greet attractions. In its immediate vicinity there are no less than three very extensive water falls. Fall Creek, falls two bundled and fifty feet in three quarters of a mile; one fall is one hundred feet perpendicular, presenting to the beholder from the bridge below, a solid sheet of water about fifty feet in width, which lias truly a grand and lmuosinif niwuranpi* "SI?11*? V-.ll.. n. milk Fall* will well repay a visit?both fall front great heights, and are aurrounded by very grand and picturesque scenery, Ooodwin's lalls, s x miles distant, cannot be equalled lor grandeur and sublimity by any other thnn the great cataract. We have an academy very beautifully situated in the centre of the village, which is in a very flourishing condition. There is a large amount of transportation business done here. All the merchandise sent, from New York to Tioga, Tompkins, and apartoi Chemung counties, is shipped to this place, from whence it is lorwarded to Owego by railroad, and to other places by teams. Lumber, butter and cheese are the principal articles of export. We have three banks, all solvent, with an aggregate capital of five hundred thousand dollars. We have twenty-five stores, some of which sell eighty thousand dollars worth of goods per annum. Lawyers we have in great abundance, and very few towns can boast an abler bar ; some of the most prominent are Ex-Sneaker Humphrey, lion. Amasa Uatia and Ben Johnson, Esq , who is one of the first chancery lawyers in the Sta'e. Our society is lirst rate; quite as much refinement, and full as much fashion and pride, as cities can boast. The ladies are celebrated lor their beauty and talent-', and the young men, for their hospitality, which is always extended to strangers. There is a great deal o( taste displayed by our citizens in ornamenting their yards ana gardens. Dwelling houses ure most generally situated some tour or five rods from the street, making large yards in front, which are tastefully ornamented with various kinds of shrubbery, which, when in full foliage and bloom, make a house look like a fairy palace placed in the midst of a large bouquet; We have a woolen factory, where line clothes are manufactured in large quantities The factory has been built this year, by a stock company; the stock, one hundred thousand dollars, being taken principally by the farmers of the country, in shares of fifty dollarseach. I'is under the management of a Mr. Palmer from Lowell. Our fashionable season will open soon, when I tliall make some observations, and perhaps occasionilly drop you a line, giving you some account of the movements of our heilesand beaux, which will astonish the fa?hionab>s of New York. Spectator. Horrors of a Shipwreck ?The preservation of the life of the sailor Fosdick, was most wonderful. The following additional particulars have bven obtained from young Fosdick. Capt. Knnball rescued Foadick from the wreck. It appears from his state ment that be remained -If) days on the wreck, with ittle or no food. A little flour was swashed up from he hold, which they collected, wet with salt water, ind dried ia the sun, and ute. It was known that here was a canis'er of salmon preserved in oil in the :abin. Fosdick dove down, several times, andsusjeeded in obtaining six, on which they lived for mme time, after that nothing remained to support ife. Of the seven that remained, (two being Irowned in the forecastle when the Naiad upset) it is remarkable that the most fleshy, and apparently the strongest, died first. Fverv thin whs done hv Fosdick to keep up the spirits of his companions.but hev failed one after another, and as soon as hope led, they yielded and died. When the weather wag ?t all rough they were obliged to take the foretop, ind lash themselves, there to remain till it became :alm. They had now all perished but two?Fosdick ind a companion, who were in the top, one dark tight, when it began to rain. Fosdick reached over o where his companion lay, to rouse him to obtain a ew drops of water as it fell, but tound hitn dead. In he morning, he cut him loose, and he fell into the ea. He then remained alone 6 days before he was aken off by Capt Kimball. Great credit is due to )aj>t Kimbal for the medical skill he displayed in aving his life, for he whs a mere skeleton, unable to tand or even speak. He took him immediately to lia cabin, put warm dry clothing u|>on him, fed him moderately with warm rice water and gruel^ by rhich meanti he was gradually restored to consciousess. Had he given him solid food, it would have een fatal. By his great caution and good management, he has saved a fellow being from a most horid death?that of starvat.r,n. He is now in commrtable quarters at the Seaman's Home in North quare, where those interested in his sad story can e him. He was entirely destitute, when Captain Mtrney made his case known in State street, and in te Insurance Offices yesterday, a purse of ?S0 was m n few minutes mane up for him. Fosdick is 23 ears of age,and belongs to the city of New York, here he has a father and mother living.?Boston yanscript, Dec. 8. To me lYnTtrt? Ssnmel R Trevelt r?< >n the 29th nil., was tried in that city, an action rought by him against I'erkins Boynton, a atahler, >r #5000 damages, alleged to have been sustained y htm nnder the following circumstances:?Mr. ..on Sunday, iMay 15th, hired a horse and chaise I Boynton, and in driving down Washington street ic "breech band" broke in two, and the horse brume restive. The plaintiff wan frightened, and in imping out got entangled in the reins, was thrown ( ore the wheel, nnd hurt in the knee pan and forer id In hit writ he alleges that lie has been p* rlanently injured, and lays h a damages at #5000. i a supplementary count he alleges, that by reason the injuries he reeeiv> d, including thediefigurment I hisfront, he haa be<*n prevented trom fulfilling a latrimonial engagement into which he had en ered line time previous I.ifTally this is the unkindest lit of all And lor all ibis catalogue of grievances, ie jury, unfeeling and unsympathetic creatures, re i??'d to award him a verdict for a single cent. /hat a catalogue of infelicities ' First, disappoint[1 in n Sundny ride to Lynn by the breaking ol the rceohing; second, a broken knee-pan; th'rd, a ratclied'forehead; fourth, a marriage cont'act jown to the winds; and fifthly, a suit for $5000 images terminating in a defeat and heavy bill of >sts. Obituary.?We learn that the Hon. Francis A. oodgood, of Ithica, died at that place on Tneu y. He was for eight years a Senator of this State >m the old Western district North Carolina Sknator ?The Legislature of >rth Carolina had two unsuccessful ballots for Setor on Saturday, and one on Monday. The last Hot the vote stood ;?Graham, [W.] 68; Brown, ' B. L.]56; Saunders. [Cal. L.l 37 From some tns. it seemed probable, according to the Hiehond Whig, that ths Calhoun men and Whigs Duld unite and elect Saunderu, J