Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1842 Page 1
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TH Wol. VI1J.?Mo. KU ?Wtaol* Mo. MM, To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD? daily newipaper?published every dty of the year exo?pt New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 2 cent* per copy?or $7 20 per *?nutn?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY herald?published every Saturday morniag?price tij cent* per copy, or $3 12 per annum? postage* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are iuformed that the circulation of the Herald is ov.-r THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasisg fast. It hat tie largett circulation oj any paper in Mis city, or the world, and it therefore, the beet channel for bueineet men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. NEW YORK LANCET, published weekly, price 13J eonts per single copy?Scents by the quantity. The price ef this valuable periodical has hitherto been too cheap, in comparison to its utility, intelligence, and workmanship. It has, therefore, been advance i to $3 per annum lor one yuar?$3 lor a half year?or 12J cents per single copy?cash in advance, and postages paid. REVOLUTIONARY RELICS, or Lkttkss addressed by distinguished men to lleorge Clinton, formerly Oovt-miir of New York, d urine the revolution, and first nnb. lished by permission of hii grandson, Col. Bookman. A beautiful octavo edition in a umber*? price 12$ cant* each. THE ATHENEUM, a New Monthly Journal or Am erltan and foreign literature, science, and the I Fine Art?? Each number adorned with a beautiful en graving?price only 10$ cent* each. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaaraiETOB or the Herald Establishment, Northwest cernei of Fulton and Nassau streets. To AUTertlMra. For the information of business men and of the public generally, and as a guide in the selection of the best channel for advertising, we place before our readers the feiinv.'iMt iacts :? New Yes* Herald ) Sun Okkice, N. Y., ) OvriCE, Nov. 1, 1842. S Aug. 29, U42. J M sssns. Terssk Si Brooes : Mr. II V Butler:? Gentlemen :? Hih .? PI, .se to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Office,Near York Oltice, N. Y., fire hundred 7ol) reams per week of the icsi'ii of paper per week, for small aitoJ paper 23 X33? six months from the loth of for thst Dally Herald. October, 1812, to be of this Also 00 ii'tmsper week of quality, si/.e and weight, tho the Urge sized 32 X4# for the same to be paiJ for in cash Weekly Herald,for one year every two weeks, from this date, to be of quali- M. Y. BEACH, ty equal to this specimen? I accept the atiove order, Payments to be made each and agree to furnish the pats e'ek in cash, in full for that per accordingly. wtn)t. H. V. dUTLER. 2?JA1IES O. BENNETT. Aug. 31,1842 We accept the above or- Witness, M. S. Beach derand will deliver it as directed. ' ? TERS-E It BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street. By these documents it will be perceived that the cirou lotion of the. New Yore Herald, is nearly double that oj the New Your Sun, and that it is, consequently, so much the more an eligible channel for all kinds of advertising and business notices. Not a further word is necessary to aa'isfy the public. JAMES Q. BENNETT. r"OR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS MjSK. M. M For rtie l-eiter aecimunodatiou of shippers, it is intended to desnalch a ship from this port on the lit, Jlli, 10th, 13th 20th, and fcith ul eitrl, month, corr.mi uciiiit the Iflth October aim coutiuning iiniil May, when regular days w ill be appointed fsr the reDi?in.le! of rhe ye-r, whereby great delays and disappointments will hi prevented during the ^uiuuier uion'hs. The following ships Will cumtneQce this arraugeineut : Snip Y AZOO.Capumi Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, CajiMin Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Cmsain Miner. Ship !lUNTiSVlLL^^A^amMumford Ship OCMULGEE, Captain LeaviU. Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Nhilibrd. Thesr ships ware all biult in lira city of New York, eipreasI for packets, are of light draft of water, have recentlv been wly coppered and |rtir in splendid order,with accommodations lor passengers uneqiralled lor oomforL They are commanded by esp; ruced masters, who will uiaka every eiertian to give I Seiieral tsri?l'?ctiAin. Triey will at all times be towed up and owu the Missi?sipi?i by.sieainooats. N'e'tiier die owners OAtcapLuus of these ship* will be resi>onsi ble lor jewelry, bultiott. precious stones, silver or piotru ware, or for any letters, parcel or package mat t y J trxf in board of toe ta, unless regular feills >r.aiiing are taken for the suue ,xnd (lie value thc.enn eipreased. fe ar freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS k CO..* South at., or HCLLIN St WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orlfani, who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir addrett. The ships of this line are warranted to Mil punctually a> adroit teed, aud great care will be taken to hare the goods correctly measured. m4 NEW LINE OF LIVEfiTfOOL PACKETS. T? a'ifrem New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the ltlh nf each mantk. M. M. ^Taew NgwThk?. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wta. Skiddy, 25th October. Shin KOSC1U8, Captain Jehu Collins, 25th November. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th December. rflirp SHERIDAN, Captaiu F. A. Depeyster, 25th JanuaryFunis LirvarnaL. Ship SI I) DONS, Captain E. B. Cobb. 13th October. Ship SIIERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship tiARUICK, Captain Win. Skiddy. 13th December. S'lip 1IOSCIU8. Captain John Collins, 13th January. Theft ships ,t? .ill (it the fimt class, upwards ill lfti ,;ns, bnilt ir. the e.ty ef New Yerk, with each ittiprnvemiuirs aicombine gn at ed w ith unusual comfort for passengers. Erery care h o Imen taken in the arrangement of tlieir accommodations. The pfire of passage Uence if >100, for which ample stores w ill he provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masteti, whe will make every eiertiou to give general satisfaction Neither tiie sejiUfni or owners of the ships will be responsible fer ai y letters, iwrrels or packages sent by them, unless regular b. Is of lading ere turned therefor. For Ireight oi passage, apply So E. K. EOLLINS ta CO., .* Sonth st., New York, or to WM. It J AS. ilHOWN h CO.. Liverpool. Letter* by the packets will be charged 12% cents (ier single sheet: il o ma |ier uiince, and m-wnwiiers I cent each. ol NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Bailing Pi and from Livenmol, Weekly. m. m m m, OLlTTsTABLlSnEDi ABSAOETjFFICE, 61 soTjTh OTUL'P'H The tabecriber in announcing hi* arrangement* for tlte year 1*42. i|:).etn Itlo| >? hii friend* with sentiment* o( sincere respect (or the able *u]?i-ort he has merited for many year* past.? He likewise wialit* to call the atteiition of those intending to tend fni their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they cau at all time* be accommodated bv tlii* line, lie workly opportunities from Liverpool, aa well a* by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and I mm Liverpool ou the 1st, 7th, 13tli, Mill and 2ath of aach month throughout the year. t It ha? always been ?he stndy of the snbscricer to haee the I migrant*shown ?i?ility1 and despatched without delay, and shone who send for tin ir Irisrids uiay rent satisfied that every i, .1 nd rlili.'elit attention will lie given by the Livrr|>ool aveiita to those setit Kir,a* well aa all who mar embark with them, and aboard arty uf those whose p'saace has been [arid uol emaerk, the mousy will be refunded without any charts". The anhiorth"! feels a pleasure in making known the different shiu* hy which his im-sr-wrrscarne out during the last year, which has (i**n grnrral satistaetion, and that he has considrrai.ljr ealraJed and concluded MaarreujeinenU for the year IK2, The following la a list of ship* Slum 8<"?'!?nd, Robinson. Ships Alahemian, ksinjeld, Wile~n. I'miticr, Hopkins. Frankfort. Raseell, Tyrone, Spears. I swell (Rover, Hsww. Wales, Watu. Hrheruia. Wilson. Westchester. Ferris. ATJVed, C hewer. Osceola, Chili. ( lilton, InaarMill. St. Cloud. Kinvweoa. Louisaille, Allan. New York, Ni?en. Sohiwakle, Emsrtcm. Wariaw, Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Will.ard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hamiwhiro, H-'ding. Pantliea, Ooodmanssu. Robert Isaacs, Trueman! Viiyinia, Eaton. Europe, Batcheldor. ft. Jenkins, Seymonr. A free | ma save from the different porta of Ireland and Scot and, cau also lie secured, and draft* furnished lot any amount, payable at the National and Provincial B'nks of Ireland anil thsir lespartive branehna, and alao on M. rats. J. la W. Robinson, LivaruooL which are |?id free e* any charge, throughout In- United Kingdom. For furthor particulars vPl 'd' to JO,'lN HKRDMAV 61 South stiest or J. It W. ROBINSON, 16 Ooree Piaxzat,ai.d a[,|r, No. I Neptune St.. W 'tcrloo Dock Livfllwiol. PACKETS h^U^ATVRSEII. CCo? 1 he undeunt nttoued ships W III In- irgnlarly ihsiriiti hell trom hence and Inim Map seilles on the 1st of each tnunlh dnrtng the tear, that? From Nrw York. Ma'teillcs. WINERY A. I'aijLBrown, Noel. Jan 1 H'KYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylsmtar, Dec I. Feb I COUKI K. I'apt Duaan. Jan 1. Mar I TKKmCOTT, Capl Lawrence, Feb I. Apl I HELLESPONT, Cap! Adams, Marl. Mayl C< liilUL ANUS, Cap Hailr, Apl I. Juu I They are all coppere* and copper fastened,and haee excellent an mmodstions for paste uxarsTlit price "f cabin paaaage will be $166, exclaaiea of wmsta Hod litiUort. Oocnia addressed to BOYD k HINCKF.N, the a Rents, will be forwarded free of other chaiges than thisse actually paid. For frei-ht or passage apply to O BROOM It CO., or to o?h Bo YD It HINCKEN, Agent* A, *'>*- For MOnlLfc-Cltv Lint? F"sl P ckrt?'f he J WfE eltfanr, fast tailing packet ship MARY FRANCES, <mWw' Sp ain JHubPatd, will sail a* "bove. w i truinmndale asbtu, second rebln ?nd sreerage paarsic v is nt moderate rat". ,i ?,.r|y application is tnade o? board iha ship, or to JOHN UEllD M AN, 61 Bo tub at d2 au E NE NEW OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. .. M m. 1 HE < >Ll) LINK, of Plcket^or LiTerpoo^nlHiereKfter be det[<*ichrd iu the following order, excepting that wheu the loy ol Milium lull* ou Sunday,the ilii|u will ?.11 oa the mcceedi K day. Kor New York. For L'?erpool. The 80CTH AMERICA, C June 1 July 19 516 tou?, < Oct 1 Not 19 D. y. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mm 19 Ihe ENGLAND, (Juno 19 Auk 7 7i0 ton*. { Oct 19 Dec 7 L- Wait?. (Feb 19 Aiiril 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 HOC tou*. < Nor 1 Dec 19 J. Kaihbons, r Much 1 Ai>nl IS Tke EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 bio tuns, < No* IS J*n 7 E. U. Marshal ( Mir It May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 Gig ton*. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, ( Auk 19 Oct 7 900 ton*. I Dee 19 Keb 7 T. B. Cropper. (April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, (Sept I Oct 17 860 tr.ns, < Juu I Keb 17 W. C Barslow.f May 1 June 19 TI.e COLUMBUS, (Sept 19 Not 9 700 ton*, < Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. ( May 19 July 7 Punctuality, a* legard* the day of aailioK, will be ohaerred as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, tor which ample stores of ever* desrri|>tion will tie provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which Will be lurniahed hv the stewards. GOODHUE Ik CO., 61 Sooth St., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Builiug-slip, N. Y. je24 lvh BARINO BROTHERS Ik CO., L>>ol. TAl'SCuTTS GfcNfJltAL. PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. tAESv dfjv The subscribers beg to call the a'teution of their friends mnl the public generally, to their superior a.rangements for bringing out pissen ei* from, and remitting money to, any pir' of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, iu tun magnificent packet rlups, comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets," viz.:Ship ROSClUS.Capt. Collin*. Ship S1DDONS,CaptainCobb. hbi|? SH r. it1 OA N, Capctiu Drpsyster. Sh'p GAftRlC K, < aptaiu Skid Jy. Ship HOTTI NGUER, C.iptaiu B'trslry. Ship bOUTHl* KNKK, Captain Woodhouae. Ship KOCHKSTFU. Captain Palm r. Ship LIVERPOOL, Capttiu Eldred**. Sailing twice every month; md with the" UNITED LINE," composed nf superior Arst class American ship*. mailing every ten Jays, will hi ke five ships >n ea- h momli throughout the year, (or one every six diss) thereby pievouiiug the possi bihty of oune<v>?-sary detention. Persons wishing to send lor ih i* friend?, will not f?il to see ih>* hiIv ir.t. g?-s to be di rivi d >10111 &e|? ding this line iu preference to any other, and they nny re>t assured that uuusuai carc will b take 11 to m ?ke he passage nxree?b e, the ships being fit'ed up with an eye solelv to the com ort of nasscegers. Iu all c?ses where the pariics nt for decline c? mi-g, the money will he refund d without auy deduction, as usuil. A free passage bom rh- vsnoui seaports of Ireland and Scotland, cau also be secured. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing 10 scud money to their friends by * n closing the sum they ^ ish sent, with th? name and address of the pirtJes to receive it, m y rely on a draft for ihe amount being forwarded per fir t picket, after the receipt Inereof, and an acknowledgement fjr the same returned per mail. Drafts nt sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any o h r rbarge, at the National and Provincial B inks of Irela d and hrtuih-s, Extern Bank of Sci tUud, Greenock, and their briuch s, Mrs r?. J mes Su'-t, S >11 6c Co., iianUeis, London, Etctnnge and Discount B ?nW, Loerpool, and in 1 veiy | ri ci|ml town of Grt-ai Bii aio and Inland. Fnrlherp iticulars nude koowu <?n application, if by letter, post paid.t? d5y r W, 6c J. T. TAPSCOTT. 4? Peck Slip. N. York. ???" FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular Packet ol 25tf D. ceinber. The Spleudid Packet iMMlfaShip SIDDONS. Captain E B Cobb of 1000 ton*, will positively tail as above, her regular ilav. F"r freight or liaaaayi', having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, *1 Orleans wliarf, foot of Wall street, or to E. k. COLLINS it CO. 56 South street. Price of passage, $100. The Packrl Ship Slieridin, C.i| t F. A. Dr Piyster, ol 1000 tons, will succeed the Sidibms, and sail the 20th January, her regular day. L ttcr* for the ships of this will ouly be received at Gilpin's and Hale's News Room. Passengers inay rely on the ships of this line sailing punctually as advertised. it c BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL kMnkV^-" bets.?The only Regular Packet thatsar-s on the JwllMllfii'O'.h ol Dec ?The new and elegant packet ship NEW Yl>KK, burthen 1000 tons, Captain Thomas B. Cropper, will seiI positively on Mouday, the 19th ol' December, her regular day. 1 he a??ommo<iuioii* of this well kuovru favorite line of I pHckel , for cabin, 2d cabin and sleerigc i?asxc tiger.-. are unoirjuvcii by any other line or ship loading for the above port. Persons at oat to embark for the old couniry will Find it to their comfort and advantage to choose this conveyance i ? it fere..ce to a,iy other. For terms of passage, and to secure the best be it lis .apply on board, foot ol Bee kman street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE BROTHERS k CO., 35 Fulton si. nrit door to th*- Fulton Bank. T. o. 1 rip New i ork will sail from Liverpool on :he 7tn r ebruary, 1811? tlung smiling foi their relatives can hare ihein brought nut in her, or iu any of the Tacitus of this Line, which sail from thai poit on the 7lh anil 19th of evert Monih Vnr 1 i voir* *?>,dy ?se Abov . N. B. The Packet Ship Cambridge will inccred the New T< rk. and sail for Liverpool on the 1st of January, her r< guar diy. <|6r FOR LONDON?Regular iwcket oi the lOih DehfwtjrVci mb> r?The very superior, fast sailing packet ship ^yUkb TOHO^TO, Captaiu UriawoM, will positively sail a? noose, her regular day. For passage, cabm, second cabin, and steerage, having superb accommodations, apply to <18 r JOHN IIERDMAN.6'South street gyfe- FOR LONDON.?Regular packet ol the 10;h ol aANMjV Decrmher? The very superior fist sailing p icket JhufBrnvhip TORONTO. Capt. O.iawoid. will positively sail vs anove, her regular day. For passage iu c.biii, second cabin, and steerage, haying supcib accommodations, apply to JOSKPH McMUKRAY, 1G0 Piue st., cor. South. The abore will be succeeded by the packet snip Westminster, Capt Moore, and sail on the 20th December. persons wi hug to send for their friends can have them brought out by either of the above ships, or sny of the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter, post iwid. dl c fflg- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet of ihe ?;th mHMvDecember? The splsuoid, fist sailing packet ship jSUKmlN'DEI'ENDENCk, Capt Wye, will sail as sbove her regular day. For passage in cabin, second csbin. end steerage, having apleudio accommodations, apply on hoard, foot of Maulen laue, orlo JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. P. 8.?The above will be succeeded by the packet shid Vir giuia, Aai t Allin. and sail ou 13 Dec. Perious wishing to send for their friends, residing in the Old Country, can have them brought out Oy this ship, or ?ny of the regular packets, by applying as above, if letter post paid. n2"ir u25r 4*ec ~REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, lie., *c.? WMgJPWThe subscriber continues to transmit inoucy, iu sums ioMrnKwI'irge or small to persons residing in sny part of Ireland, iu the same maimer as he, and his predecess*r in business have done for (he last hirty years, and more; also, to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or ersooally deposited witn him, with the name of the persou or persons n Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sen', and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and iwid accordingly, and a receipt to that etfeel given or lor warded to the sender. In like manner money with or claims on persons in any pert ol Ireland, England or Scotland, can he collected by the subscriber, for person* residing in any part of the United States, or Can ida. mid will be paid to them accordingly. t>? ? /iicniiiis M. nitinv i, fgfr DRAFTS ON IllELA sD, lie?The subscribers HTjwfyr'M'tuiur to give drain payable on demand, without jZSBKadi'COuiit, <>r any rharg- whatsoever. IN IKe.LAN I)?The National Bank of Ireland, the I'rovincial Bank of Ireland, and ilieir '>ratiche? in every county. IN ENOLANI) AND WALES?Vlraan. Jimra Bait, Son A Co., baukera, London, the Etc >an(e and Diarount Bank, Liverpool, and their br ?ch"? throughout England and Walea. IS SCOTLAND?The Eaj'ern Batik 01 Hrntlaud, the Oeeno.k Banknm C m, any, and branchea in the principal towns; S.r Wm. Forbea, Hunter A Co. Persons in ,he country wi-hiu* to remit money to their frienda in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Walea, by ruelining the amount th y wish to remit 10 the aubacrihtra with the name and addreii of the parti a to whom it uto be sent. A draft for the amount will be forwarded the fi at packet after the rare ipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the urn. returned tier lint poit. 61 r W ?i I T, TArSrtlTT. 41 Perk.lip. New York. BBIilSII A1NI> Nl>i> I H A >l r.till .AN IllU AL, MAt) STEAM SHIPS, Of 1201) tens and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lorda of the Admiralty. smacSHnHKaes RHITANNlA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, C. O. Lott, da ACADIA. A. Kyria do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, * N do Will tail from Boston, via Haltnir. rioM Livgnroer.. rr.eM solvate. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov l Caledonia, Lott, Oct 19 Nov 18 Acaiiia, Kyrto, Nov 4 Dee I Columbia, Millar, Nav 19 Dee 17 Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan t Pissaae Money?Krom Boston to Liverpool, $1JV? Boston to llalifa* t'M. These sh<|ts tarry eiperitneed snrgsona. No Berths secured until paid frr. Nors ? Merrhandtae and Specie (egeert for personal el proses) shinned nnder the name of Inggact will be charged as rreignt, aarl liable to Cos torn Honse Regulations. Apply to oi^j I) [HI tUfl A Vl JR.. No. 1 Walhst. Tj. fWSSSV? SdiXSWfcc. Msitt, K.N., Commander, will leave Bos.on lor the, ibove p rts on PitJay, Dee is,h. Passage to Liverpool $> 37. . Halifna go. A.1T'Pw D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, <63 r 9 \V?I| street. ifrisW' u iNL> ^'flTKK AKHAXiCVF^wPV MF.NT.?1 hj Steamboat Hoed land, will, . I. I V. the 3'st of Ortober, run aa. follows : leaving Mtddletown Point (tide and weather per milling) at 9 o'clock, and Keyi'Tt at 10 o'clock, every Monday, and * riday. Returning, leave the loot of Rohm son street, New \ ork, every I uesiUv. Thursday and Saturday at II o'clock, noon, touching at Kegntns Dock each way. Stages will be in readinraa to convey passengers to any part of the country. All baggage at the risk of the owners. n?J ?m**c statEn island ferry. Knot of Whitehall street. OrnitiJiilitrDfc. M, the stesmer 8TATRN ItsLA.VDKK w II rtin aa :olloWs, nu i| further notice LbAVK BTATKN ISLAND. NKW VORK. 31 A. M, ?A.M. IP 19 Hk 9f M 'U P M. <il? Ok w vc r YORK. MONDAY MOR SEW .11 :KSHY RAILROAD AND TRANS1'OitTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK ^ i i.,V . :> . i i . L > i . i)i Krom toe loot of Courtljndt street, New York. ( Every day?Sunday ??M e|>trd.) Leaves New \"it Leaves Newark \t S A. il. At i P. M. At 7S? A. M. At IK P. M 1'K do. 4 do. a do. 3k do. 4k do. 9 do 6 do. i7 tki. 11 la do. ON SUNDAYS. Krom the foot ol Cwurtlandt street. Levve New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and Ik P. M. At Ik P. M. and 1# P. M. NEW VOKK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave Ntw York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. SkA.M. 2% " 10k A. M. 4k P. M. Ik M. J P. M. 9k " The trains for Weal field. Hainfield. Boundbrook, Sotnerville, fcr., connect with the 9 A M, 2 anil tk P M trains trom New York, daily, Sundays eicented. Kare between New Yoik and k"l|T.*beth Town 25 cents, h i re between di> auil Snnierville, 75 ceuts. S*"V YOUK. RAIIWAY AND NEW BKUNSWICK Ksre reduced. I rom the foot of Liberty street, daily. Letir New York. Leive New Bruuswick. At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. 2* P. M. 7>? " " 9 P. M. On Xnmlav* the 5*< and 7% A.M. rripa ftwm New Brunswick Uul 2)k' P- M. train from New York, are unified. Kare between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cents. mMo, 50 Cent! The fare in the 5>? and 7% A. M. train from New Brunswick. Rud i\ and tJt r. M. Irani from New York, ha* been re raced. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " ami Hah way to 37X " Passeiujer* who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceire a ferry ticket iratu. Tickets are receised by the con incror only on die 'fiv when purchased. null 3m* W 1N T LH "A K R7~NTJ E M>r\ I! NEW YORK ANi) PHI LADELPHIA.RAILROAD LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Treutou, Bordea town .uul BuiJington. THROUGH l\T SIX HOURS. Leave New York, troui the foot of Liberty street, dally, at 9 A M mid ?K P M 1 ur morning tiioe proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by j steainooat to Philadelphia. The K.venimt Liue proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without ensure of can. Pstsneiliters will procure tneir tickets at the otfice fool ot Liberty street. where a commodious steamboat will be in readi- ' i:? ?-i, .mIi t?rtK_'A^f cr-itr? nil hoard. Philadelphia banner crates are conveyed from city to citv, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, iu which are apartment* and dressing roomi expressly for the Lilies n-e. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the fo?t of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M,and 5 o'clock , P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, sud i P M, being a coin i Dilation of the lines from New York. s28 3m*r DAILYTaTK \fK.XPKH 88 < Alt FOR ALBANY, T1KIY, A.\D BUFFALO. Byth. II Mb o .' - . II .1 111? brotiKli I'm in fits City to Albany in H ?urs. Leaves .?i 7 o'clock in the morning. TKh mhirrimrs li..H ?r,s,.u.??. ... - .Is- U.S..? torn Kail Rout C??ni|>aav, to ?uu au Kinre?< Car (exctusivfly for our owu purpose) dailv, orer th?rr road with the iMsteuger tram, running through to Alb my in twelve hoar*, and are now prepared to receive and f- rward at low rnfrs, Specie. Bank Note*, I'.iukacea, Bales and C-.*rs of Goods, kc , for coy of the above nam*d or intermedi ite places. Will attend proniplly to the collection and payment of hills, notes, drafts and arcoun.s, and such other business as may be entrusted to t ?ir care. d2r POM It'ROY k CO 2 Wall a reft. New Y<?rk. NEW YORK A ?D HAUL KM RAIL ROA D CO viPAN V. wixr^ ~i: \ \ s^~?-vk'^'fr,, liy, Decemb* s5'h, I8t2, the oars will run duly a? ^ l ows Leave City M-tll for L uv- Hn'en Lea*? Wdli m*' Bridge Williams' Bridge, for City Hall. for fit H 11 6 30 A. M. 3 20 A. Al. 8 00 A. M. 9 11 10 0 14 10 20 It 30 * 1 10 P. M. 12 6<i P. M. 2 P. M. 3 10 " 3 20 " 4 M 5 40 M 6 20 M 5 30 Harlem only, b :io City Hi'l and Twenty-seventh street Line will run as fo lows Fr >ir? 7 30 A. M. every ten minutes throughout the dav ti'l 7 P.M. Passenaers for Westchester. Throe's Neck, Ras'chea'er, New Roche He. M tma/oneck, H > *?- N ck. Castle, R bins' Mills and White Pla- s, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. tron from City Hall. Pass* iicers for Yoaken will t*k* the 9 o'clock, A M. and 4 o'clock, P, VI. iraius from City Hall, iiM lm*in ^ PULLEtJTc coFP-S ISSS). ?3253 ?S& j&jQi NKW^TOKITACUA iiiTTv"ASTDMCTntkeal EXPRESS. Mi'uri. Hamdr-n k Co. having disposed of their rou e (rom New Yoik to Albany and Tiny, the subscribers, ihe old conductors of Hoiidrn & Co's Northern Knircn, from New York, will Contpni to run as heretofore, l? ivinj New York, Albauv and Troy, Daily , and connect at Trov niili Jscohs' Montreal K.spr as. and will forward St eele, Baik Notes, Pack iges Bundles.Gases of (foods kc., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Alb my to Boston, and West from Albany to BulTilo. All bnsiness entrusted to their chvrge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention widbepiid to the collection of n tes, drafts, acceptances, kc . and prompt returns made for the satne, PULLEN k COPP. Ofljces?Pullen k Copp, 2K Wall street. New York. Trurs. (Sough, 15 Eschauge, Albany. A O. Filktns, 228 River street, Troy. 9. Jacob's Eschange Conn, St Paul at, Montreal. REFERENCES. Niw Yore. Albsisy. Trot. Prime, Ward k King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno Payne, Jacob Little, k Co.. Thos. (rough. P. Weils, John T. Smith, k Co.. 8. K. Stow, Penoou k llofTiasn, C. K. Douglass, Carpenter k Vermilye, V. Leake lioushtoii k Co. Drew, Robinson fc Co. n?4 Imr NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Norwich arro Worciitvr Ksilrosus. Composed of the following superior steamers running in connection with the Norwickk Woreesterand Worcester k Boston Rail Roar's ? WORCESTER, Capt.J H. Yanderbllt NEW HAVEN, Capt.J. K. Duslsa. CLEOPATRA, Capi On and after Monday, Nov 21st,ib's line will be run tri-weekly, leasing New Vork, Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Saturdays only, at 4 P.M. From Peek slip, East River. Tlie new and splendid *teambo,t NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at (o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the abore boats at Norwich, aud will proceed without change of cars or b iggage. For further information, euoiiire at the olbce of D. B. ALLEN, J9 Peca slip, upstaira. All jiersons are forbid trusting any one or account of liie above boats or owners. r>25r REGULAR OPPOSITION TO CA I ? & * iZI'"_r KILL, 4,l<' intern ediale landless, without tow Ku^flCljC.bargesr-^Rr gular days fiom Caiukill, Mon lava, Wedneadays and Fridays. Ftom New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.?Ear* to or from Catlakill, 50 cents. ?B?rth? 25 cents?S'lpoer 25 ecu's. The new auu f,?t sterner WAVE, Captain Vanderbilt, will le-?e Robinson st. pier Thursday Nov. 17th, at live o'clock. For furihr r particulars inouire ol the ca tain on board. By running RU the uays'ab -Ve named, there will h> a daily com iriauication kctween C*t?kill and New York (and intermediate placi s) for freight and igusage at reduced prices. n6r JOSEPH McMUHHAY, i80 Pine street, New York, gives " Drafts iu sums to suit auntie*"'*, on the PROVINCIAL BANK IRELAND, r?*y?blo *t? Cork. Rainbridffe f.imeick, Billytnrna, Clmimrl, PaT?ontown, Londondern*, Downpatiek, Hligo, Cavan, ATeaiord, Lnryan, B'lfeat, Oinavh, WVerford, Dnnvannon, 0?l??i7, Bunion, Armagh, Emit*, Athloot. Ballvaliannon, Celaraiue, H rafiane, Ri'keriy, Dnngarvia, Btllma, Mallow, Trgtae, Mouevmore, Yttkghal. Cnotenill, F.aniakiiien, Eilroah. Moaaghan, ENSLANB. Bpocarr, A'weed k Co, Banker*, London. Payable iu rrery town (neat Britain, r W. B ?rorn, F*. ?nmre?, Liverpool. City ol 'IIofnw Bank. Payable in every lowa in Leotland nid Imr ci.M;fH(i MAorCr.Tu "pu'tm lV>i rheti.natum*. nertons afFeciiona, fcc.t ptrparH nnder ih*? dir#clirwi of \f l,?manroai, a|vo(hac*rr in fans, kto?r<iI wcoot m New York, 65 franklin n*t, at M. Ninnara's. Pricf $1 '?*. lulaJlik'* enrr for the mnai ac'ire *n<l inveterate piin, inch as 4cnte and chronic rhnnmati?m?, the gout, nenra gy, < latir, rfc dolortui, danae de namt <>uy, chills, megrim, crimps ia tl?? ?' itnidl, laMhortl^lor ill MTfovt tilitHHM,rhirfly <lis?ajsa j of women *n<l young girts, as gfpen simnesa, amrnorrhfs. supl>re*tioU4, SBjMir a, IM r (mi stUcks, lie. nH l?*T I'OIH.HM AND COLDS RKMEMBKK.No M North Suth atreet, one door helow Arrli atreet, Ptiil*delphi<, the uioateartain and heat h'amil) Mediene, lor Coogha, Colda. Spitting Blood, Throat and Biaeaae, * riaiug tenaation like choking, tirkl ng, or onpleasant ohttiuctiona. Kortlie above. Dr. SWAVNk.'S Com <010(1 Syrup ol Wild Cherry will be found the great remedy Peraonawho hare atiuaed themaeleea by thenaeol ardent spirit" will find both their atrencrh and reaolufion mneh improved b\ leaving off the spirits, and raking a drinuhr necaaionally of the above restorative. All prepnratioi a from thia valuable tree, rvct pl thr above.may be rnnaidered aimriona or eoimt-rfeit Tin real article mav he had of the following Agent*, or at No. 54 North Siithatreet, PliildeMoa? ^ Dr. W. H. MILNOK, Druggist, No. 1?2 Broadway. MRS M. HAYES. No. IW Fulton rt, Brooklyn. BBNJ. OLDS, Newark N. J. JOHN MASON. Piit< ,< n. N. I d* 2m*t UHIL A DELI IDA DAOL EKREi'l'v 'K r ? I AULlSHr MENT, Btcoai ge Buii ling Nos. 26 ah I 27.?Smgl Poo 'rah* taken, fiom br aa'pio >.iu to I inch** in diameter. Yam ilv gcupaof lr.,m two tclJ pe'sonson one pit'*. TimaufsitUuf 10 aacoiola. Constantly on hand, and aale, loatm entaof tha nine kind aa naed in the astaMwhmr nt ; g'ao p'-'u and *11 other OKirailr. w. St r. LAflGENHEIM nit lm*r IRK 1 NLNG, DECEMBER 12. : IGNULIftH SCHOOL. _ t HAVANA. ISLAND OK CUBA. CHARLKS DUNNE WATKRLAND. P1UNC1?AL Arm! my w** .sHhlialied two y?ais r, >, Ulld*r in* l>n1

[ion?;e of the firmer InUuJeni G?-ii?;ril o?V?s? isltril, and other distinguished individuals of the uobifit/ <n?J merchant*of this <ilV. 1: i conducted nu the pi in of the Oe man si*;* and the m rh'?d or tuition is the "ioterroirative." All the scholars under uii I thr KokIhIi language, mid many of them ir hibiru ?!ly mid fluently Thu Principal It .* ilw eipftirnce of sell ?o'i in Fiance. Ger I" m n . Hi* chief lim it to the youth e ;) to his rare a prtctica knowledge of cha< branches of t judi e educuiou, which ate required in a'l careers, slid ^re Applicable to any . xw conrnr of study, thrtsfore, comprehends tbe English, FA?ch. German and Spanish languages; History,Oeogn?.diiea. Natural Philosophy, the practical i?artof Mathematics, and Dntwioirsof v irions kinds. fTOfessors of direra nations and acquitments reside in the earab'Lhmi ut; and all the classes receive, in rotatiou, instruction from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan oftnivion, that several of the pupils, under twelve y* ars of ages. write audspealt two foreign faogu tge?, in a perfectly intelligible maimer, and those of riper years, correctly and easily. The acquisition. uoi^nlvof the Spanish, but also of other UviUKtj. ?? thus placed within the reach of the youth of the UuiteJ States, without its being necessary for lh? ui to ielinqu' h th? many adventures winch accrue from anEnglish ed cation. The ohi~ct of the Princi|ial in desiring to roetivo youth* from the United to facilitate the acquirement of"the Engl sh accen' for hu Spanish pupils, whicn service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, end to introduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The young, citizens of the United States cm have nothing to fear from the climate, 'lie house being spacious anil airy, situated iu a healthful spot, at a short di? auce fioin the -ity ; and containing within its limits, a fine bath and complete gymnasium for the preservation oftlM pttpi . \ outns, lately irrireifrom Otroiiny, hive pasted the summer in the school in perfect health. As I the principal is a married man, ami his wife and sitter have c)urg> of the junior department: children are received at any age but teat of infancy. Every pupil enjoy* his religious opinions undisturbed. , The tenns are ?iu(i per nmum, payable three months iu advanct There are no ?'*'rss except clothes rud book* References-MESSRS. < HAS. DRAKE fit BROTHERS. ALEX ANDEu MORALES, ESQ., ! nil Havana, NO riU'E.?Whereis Samuel Beruheiiner, of Syrui use, hai acted as ih?* agent of 11. Berulieiuier 3*. Brothers, merchants in dm City of New York, in the collecting of debts el Syrr ? cii*c, and in other business, ill persons ere hereby notified (bu hu fv*ri i.i Hurl . ? iked, and all pemous ait hereby forbidden to transact any busiueea with htm. IB cmH agent ; and whereas S.unuel B? rnlo imer and Jacob Bloch, cou stunting thcfumofS Beiuheiiner fit Co.. of Syracuse, have this day assigned to ?I B tin i an fit Brothers* of New York) all the eoods, debts and demand* of every description; there lore, all peraous ar- hereby forbidden to pay any oebts to saic S. Beruheiiner fit Co. or either of said firm after this date?an< a'f payments of said demands may hereafter be made to lierr man Beruhciuier.Einantiel Bernheiiner or Simon Bertiheimer being the finn of H Betnheiiner fit Brothers, one of whom wil be found at Syracuse. ov any penou wisning to mane f?ay u erits: and on wnoin all persons ittu Dieu are reque ltd to cal immediately aim settle tneir acco'in?* and notes. Dated Syracuse, N. Y., Nov, 2d, L 42. H2lia*r H BERNHKlMMt fit BROTH V. US JfOL *E KURNI8HINO WAREHOUSE.?WORAM fl HAUGHVVOUT, S6I Broadway, Manufacturer.*, Agent iud Cominissiou Vl? chants, ha*e Just received and are uov openiug a new aud splcudid assortment ol the fallowing arti elm. Via 1 Siivr*rd, Oift and B'ouze Oa Chandaliors, 6 to 20 ligh's. J be Ctfcdll Jo 4 to 24 Do Cu.die Bnrkels, J to 5 11 Do br.ctiU, 1 ?0 I 11 Do ti is lviauiri Lights, 1 to 1 ** D?> Gummi ?et* i to 1 " t^duuirbrai, a so 1/ M ivsrroj Lamps, Hall J amps and Lanterns, Reading Li.inps new article of Molar Lamp, a very superior article. Also . a uew article of R? fleeter lor improving the light o the old putte ru f Astral Lami Together with every variety of Lamp* aud Ch&utleliers, fo chnrcne?, halls arid public nuildinv:*. Plaikd Wars. Basket*, Castors, Tray*, Toast R*cks, Candlesticks. Napkii HiQgs, B'liter Tab*, butter ami Kniit Knives, Buutleis au< Tnys, Coffee and Tea Urns, Ike. Kine Table Cutlery, in setts and dozens; Japanned Tea Trayi in greal ranty of i?Uunu and forms; fine cat glass B*>wla Pitcher*, Tumblers, LH*hes, Goblets, Decanters, Water Bol ties, Sugars, Ike. iic. W. k l|. beg rtspoct lully to iufoim their friends, customen and the public genera I y that their arrange ments with the nan uufaetur rsare suctil st they cau sell all articles iu then till at reiuail ably lowpri : es; and respectfully invite thcin to cal and see their show r > m? which alone is sufficient to compel: H(f forlar tmnhla sSS m * REMOVAL. PHTIaLlPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT, la removed fnm JO Broadway to No. 7 Asfnr H<m?s ECONO AY IS GEN FLE MEN'S DRESS. Garments ol a most .Itganl and Kashiouable kind #t a saving c 60 per cent for cash. T'HE advertiser d? ms it unnecessary to resort to the heel ueyrd system ol giving a list of nominal prices, presamin hat the length of time he hus been e?Ubli*hed. together wit he eitooii ve patronage bestowed on him, will prove a surr sient voucher for his capabilities. Posaesiint ,'he advanlag t o h? tu Coin.. < ted w ith aw extensive cloth establishment in Kurip he c ?nlide. tlv assets that he can furnish clothes which, on cow, w II be found lower than my other house making u the best d icriptions of gentlemen's dress, s 10 Jin S. PHILLIPS. 7 A*tor Houwe. Braadway LONIKV AND V4 4MOHESTE11 INDIA RUT BER GOODS \X7 HOLES ALE AND HE PAIL, No. 8 Wall street. Tt * * sob*? nher has eceived and offers for sale a large assoi mi nt of imported Indi Rai k*i Watai P K>f Goods, visg '\mU tin) (/i(vs, ofsnnerior Lam*, Cash nr.ere Lama, Persia Merino Mid Cotton. of all colors aud sizes. Cloth?*India Rubber, W t^r Proof, super Lama, Lama Pe sisii rtiid Cousft, prepared for t ilors. India Rubber Webbings for suspenders, corsets, lie. CHAR. AffRAHAMSON. COr PER.?1 to 32 ot of ytry extra quality, inaiiufaciure fit on t! e be>t . re. and with curat care b ?>r sale hi lou t suir i ufch'i?t-rj by K. K. COLLI NS ac CO., ?'8r 66 **< utn sfr*t t. rPU 1*411 .x i*lulls A ND fUHl.lJJHKKs.-A y??mu in a I i Iractical pnn'e . who is ih iroughly acquainted with hi basio??s in trerv department and branch, a d who has bee en ployed iu the rapacity of reporter and sub-editor on severs highly respectaMejoarua'?, is desirous or obtaining i *?tn*rio in the country, to take charge< j|, au l iupiw. aMii-ill new* I at* r concerns. A fmoneruitni s-lary will only he eii>ectH \miress, by letter, (po?t paid) X Y. Z., at lite Herald office Kespeclebfe references gir> u and required is>7 jib VAN NOIIUKN'S WIIITIXJ A M) BOOK-KKKl l\< * ACAUKM y is now open, 24?t Broadway, 2no rtoor. In the reception oi pupils, where all acquire Vau Norden's beat tiful system of ,ieun<Q'iiiship in a very short time, and writ with esse, grace and elegance. Mr. Van Nortlen is now prepared to give instruction in Boo lNp?|l1 MpllB mivsl| NW aid trtctfjF . rietnal. Df ring month's instruction the pupils actually ope a, balaua and close, practically, from 20 to 30 set of books. Terms very inndeiate. Hour* of instruction from 9 A. M. till 4 P. M., and from 6 10 in the ! t in The Ladies meet daily at 3 P. M. nts 1m*r PANCV ARTICLES KOR 1'MB HOLY DA* S.? 1 u r mhacfihfr hu rrorivfd hy the I a fit arrivals * very tie aiwirtm lit of Pan, Kaney Article" coni-tiii* ol laucy wor biici, |?pfr do. tain * iu r> e wood bo?c?, cinbiuidcriu IV,m- a witb canvava aid col'd eottin, childrcu', icy?, pei fuiner,, aud (nap, of aaaortcd qualllr?, etc. clc. The public i ic?p- ciiuliy invited t? call and ciuniue the above stocli previou, in puruhuinic cl'cwHerr. a' ill Im'r K V. KIIAN' ' IS*"HI. Broadway. HEALTH! THE POOR MAN'S RICHES, AND THE RICI MAN'S BLISS. rPHE miasm rf tlic year i, now at hind, wh"ti'h??e fat 1 iliwufi which (V'.ter ai d prepare the coiutiuuion for carl dfi'irM'i frun 'if-. ?uch ?, COLDS, COUliS. AS'i'HMA. AND COMPLAINT flf THk' I If Ml IS are most liih'e to attack th- hum in nvsiftn. The chills of 'iiluinu strike the frsmo Arid fit it for <1 sense. An h? ur of care would ei.d the simc, A ml >11 its rage appease A'as! the moment passes by, Next comes lb** hour when we must die." There is not only tiuth I uf poetry irt tlie above compositior We let fhe tuomi-Di pna?, when that moment, if we Used th tinie ureperlv would r>e the most valuable of our existence, fo it i > tins small speck in eternity which t uds our o* n career b negligence. BE OAUTiOUS! la a sentence lhat shonld n-ver be fervor ten by any one. LOOK OUT FOR CONSUMPTION, is another. Here in our v*'table rli-nate. when si< kness stalk in wery autumn breeze, and the Luiitr* are at every momen liable to be iftrcfed, let u? be c ireful. The first moment whel a Cold ets iu, rejitcuber that PEASE lc SON'S TOMP MIND EXTRACT OK HOAR HOUND CANDY w?ll era t? ate and completely distrov every restive o COUGHS and COLDS. Ir is only by delay and negligence that ai such times, p**0| la let a f? w days n ss which h. w Hayi determine the duration of their live All ih"*e who wish m bf relieved from the first pains and pfllu lions of ? ere cold it ibis autumnalt season, must use the HOARHOUND EX TRACT, which u comiwiuuded of twenty-five of the mos safe and salutary uorwh ingr dients. Sold by J. Pea?e St Son proprietors, 45 Division street ; 10 Astor House, and 110 Br.,ad niT' READ THE FOLLOWINO CERTIFICATE ! >BW 1 ?>< a Dec. 2. 1*12. tfonfleme n?My wif. lit. been forth, list tore# year. < id with, w,ahn,n of th, long.. and a aer,re cough M| ^Wlhtrr h-? ?I.O byen iub)?i 10 ihe tame di.ra., of thi lunf?, which w*? to ?e ?err mi both raaet th -t 1 w.i j f,.r I my wif, a 10 dan.htaf ahonld both become ficlim. of eon.iimii tton. W? itM Ike mIioih Mtwllv and iiobbwwi in ?ueh i a?.? without in'i-Ki. A. i tut r,?orr. we conclude, to try your Ho irltntind < :?udv, th, r,.u't of which trial, w.i o >ncrr.?fi?i, that ihe Ooaigh and irritation of th, Long. w,r entir, ly Ileal,<1 Tn,y hiv, now c?'iir'|iim'ly belief healll than they hat, had before f r the I no tnree ve?r?. I am p oar.. tcly WILLIAM BOND, II Li.penatd at. To Meaara. J P?ne A Ron, 43 T>i?i.i n at. OH . NOBLE roWEtt! THY HEION 18 HE HE ! ,>tw Voan, Juim Jlh, 1812. GrnttMy wife ha. been for th, la*t two or thrr? tro'.hl.d with a autre pmiodical cough, accompanied will tri al pain an I Meeclii p at the lung. ; ihe cough hi. bet n to ., ?er-attime? that riuiina tin- |?MSVaap of coughing lb h!o?d would llr from her in uih and i o. ril. at the tame lime line cough would commence in ihe Tall inn la.t through thi wiu'er. Nothing thai h it beet. tti,d would rrlie.e lerunli warm wca'her, wh> n H would abate a little, until tbia I at win ta r, wh,n->he m .d, uae of I'ea.e*. Iloarhou <1 Candy, and ilv rnnlta w.r, >?rh .a to t,i?e a h.pp> impreaaion upon h, mind of it. ,ffl cv ai d lirtne.. It p.ronm'd a radical cur when all other i?. "M ta fole.l. DAVID W I IEHC V, 48 Delar cy afreet, and No. 9 tlpiuce atrcet. To Mcaara. J. It Ron,45 Diridnt .t. P 8.?H th r- it on thai doubt, th, efficacy of Peaae' H sihound Caudy, I .hould be ?,ry happy to tee them D. W. P. Agenta? RuOitori *( A.rinwall, 10 A.tor Hone., 11 Broadway, ami M William .tieet, Ajren't oat of the Oily. B -g' -a r> Zieh r. No. 1 L.iiger tjiuldiu,., Pitiladelphia. Ketldin* St lie, No * bt'ft atr??t, Button. D> at- r. No 57 St it, etnet, Albany, N. Y. Ma ileman I. ntavillc, Ky. Th mimi' It IX,' mt 'iiuatt, Ohio. W. ,<U A tVa'crt, Troy An attetit w>med at N> w Or'ean. E rn , i,' e ft th, c nuina Hoarhoun-I Candy ii .ii a d J I'LaSKi SO ?. .5 birieMi .tr, t,ot alien it cai be obtained who'e.a!> atnj[ fetiil. P net to pilled wi h ! . Cream and !! hind, of Confo. I'm , at pticr. to .tit the tiigeaci'> r f the t mn. I Pf Alfi A SON, ,5 niit.inn etreer. N U ?All kmla < t Steam Co,,fection?iT j? 25ceni.t a pr.untl at retail. bnr 3 E It A 1842. Curious Disclosure* In Bankruptcy. Anthony Dry, a Bankrupt in the U. S. lJutrict Cuuit. Ail nciurate lit port of his J.labilities ami At sit it, condcnstd from 76 pages ._/ Jooiscap in his Del it tun. Liabilities. 1. To Benjamin \V. Bouncy, N- Vork, lawycr, endorser 0 three promissory note*, discount, d iu the tiank ol .New V'ork, and vletciiaiiis' dank.lor tue accomutonaiiou ot youi petitioner, uud paid by said llouuey, amounting, in all, to j.i.'joo ou 2. Jacob C. Dey, Brooklyn, Orocer, endor?er on jiioiiii*ory note, to me unJ lor iny accommodation, lor olio 00 3. Henry it. Richards, 1'oughkeepsie, lawyer,the bolder 01 A. llolil)*' note lor 639 lU piofsted lor uou payment, on which 1 am endorser. Ho u also too holder ol A. Dry 'a iioiu given to Audio*, Harnett 3i Co. lor luinher, 304 06 4. Libert LeilerU, Brooklyn, lawyer, a* tnutee ol Lavlnia A. Hoy, moneys whicn came to iny hand*, amountlug to ' 1 330 on o. Catharine A Willium*, wife of 8. P. William*, ol .New Vork, merciiuut, formerly C A. Hey, the umouui ol A. Liuy's note or due bill, given to her tor money* received b. lore her marriage lor ner, interest due, 'JeU IKi 6. dainutl I'. \\iilliaiu?. .New Vork, Merchant, my note ol iOtii April, 1830, lor a.ooO 00 Joseph Rowland Bill, Newark, N. J., merchant, my note, loth April. 18..4, lor 4,.?>ii oO J. li. Bill married my daughter. The above sum was Iter marriage portion. Not paid. 8. Alalia i.aidiie Axtcll, widow of Rev- D. C. A., Geneva, balance due heron my bond lor money a borrowed liom, 1,000 00 a claim of l,4oo cO being tialaucu due on her marriage portion, to make her wiih her other married si?iera. U. llenry Clianiiing Deals, New York, merchant, hia account lor money * lent, and good* Hold, uatuialed at about IM 00 10. Authony P. Hulsey, New York, Cashier of the hank ol New York, lor money lent, 140 00 i Also the luriher bum of lie 00 11. Youngs, smith at Co., Now York, meichautsjui hoirowed luoiny, 400 00 Id. Rev. Jainea Richard* Jr. renn Yan, N. Y , balance i due hnn lor board ol my grandsou, A. It. Dey, and lor money ? paid by him, estimated, laO cO > Id Uavid Seidell, .Newhaven, Ct., merchant, a tiuiauee > on uuselth-d account, lor money* received and service# j ieud? led, estimated at OJO 00 I To the lullowibg named perton* in New Y'ork, vn : ? 14. Ueury St Sou, tailors, hold my note lor bo 4b . fur piolensibUdl service*, he. Also, on account for like INI ices. estimated. 88 N | 1*. Ueury Anstice, tor atauonarv, sou 1(1. (.ha*. L. Booth, livery stable keeper, account lor cai iMg* hue, 100 On 17. W. W. Chester & Co., merchant*, account fui car" peting, 104 48 | Is. Mercer st. Church, lor rent on pew* No*. 18.> and 188, 17o 4u 10. Cornell Athousa St Co., blackaoiith*, for their work, 1U oO 'JU. William Cslgatu h Co., soap and tallow chandlers, for soap, 13 bo 01. William Dodge St Son*, coal merchant*, for coal, 144 4J 44. Oracle St Co., merchant*, for groceries, 30 3s 43. J. lit W. Ueury, grocers, lor tea*, sugar, Dec , 161 77 44. William Bruce, lor grucurie*, about lb no 4b. 8 St L. lloime*, merchant*, account for merchuwdue f *otd and delivered, about 43 UU 46. Mrs. Alarttiu L- Mitchell, school miilresi, account for icacuing children, 341 77 ' 47. Pnylu St Brothers, upholsterer*, for their wotk. about 11) UU , 48 Richard*, Ba**ett St Aboru, merchant*, for meri ch usdike, 143 uu 44. M C. St. John, hatter, for hat*, he., 40 bu "0. University Grammar School, lor tuition, kc-, ol my on, 36 04 31. Oeorge C. Thorburn, an account forceed*, Sic.?part of it in disput?estiniaied 40 uu i- 34. Campbell St bloody, lumber merchant*, fur three ?j given them lor lumber, say 4oU, bit) and 1000?in ail 1 . 4bbo no ' 33. Willtuin Shot well, jr., on note given by me lo Win. Wagststf, for rent, about 137 bU 31. M.cliael buudl-rd. merchant, note given lor ? hart agt', 260 00 36 A.lam Hall, blacksmith, note given for repair* to steamboat Pioviuenee, 215 63 liow. 11 St C> lb-??Hie like, 271 04 30. Atn am G. 4 hotnpsoii, merch.nt. He holds my Bote for 1600 an J tor 1U0O? 2600 OU Those were on usurious considerations. Mi. Thompson bad a niurigagc given to him by Jacob C. Dey on tire steanitioai Providence as collateial security lorih pay merit of Ihu same. Aliurwurd* the vessel ? ? libelled, or about to be so, for wages, ami a conveyance wb? maile to Mr. Thompson of he boat, tic. lie soul tin b.iat tne Inst time at auction lor $5000; alierwards lor i smaller sum, and again, at I have uudeistood, lor $5000 How the account iigutlully nanus, or should stand, 1 an uv>bl. ** 37 Maria Mooney, widow ; there is due to her on bin tor borrowed money , secured by mortgage, (oil whiih i ' a decree tor loreciosui e,) $3,000 oi 31. The Corporation ol New York City hold by assign n, mint, lioiu the Globe Insurance Company, my bom lor $l*,0?i 0 * Secured by mortgage on the premises at the nortneasierij corneroi .Nassau and Cedaratieet". Allerward* A. Day borrowed lroin Jtobt. McKini, of B iltimore, $10,000, ant ? $6 000 secured as above; and afterwards he gave lo Or F <1 Vuuderbu r, now ol Hhiuvbeck, unuihei buwl and mort ? gage tor $30J0 on same premises Alterwuuls the equity of redempiioii w as released to Dr. Vuiuh-i Iwig, on condition that lie should pay toe previous mortgager. " 30. llobt. M'Kim, of Baltimore, ineic.liuiit; the debt on * bond and mortgage above mentioned. I do not a innt his [I right to recover the same. n 40. Goo Webb, New York, carpenter, three note* for >- carpenter's woik: 1st $ilb 41 3d 417 18 ' 3d 667 73 . The last was renewed when it became due on usurious lr consideration. i. 41. Orsamua Bushnell, lawyer, for borrowed money so M 43. David B. Ogden, lawyer, borrowed money, 36 I 0 43. Abel S. Smith, meat merchant, 5 00 '* 44. MerchanU' Bank, N. Y. city, lor money had and received, 13 30 46. Doct. B. B. Coit, family physician, for professional ti services, m i n 46. Doct. Jag. E. Washington, for like services, 60(g) ? 47 Henry Andrews, carpet merchant, for a Carpet ?obl " to me, 49 17 [| 48 John Gardner, laborer, for services in taking care ol g my offices, 35 00 r. 40. N. L. ScG. Oriswold, merchants, tor sundry mo. is nevs lent and advanced at different times, 3605 0; ' 50. Elias Fountain, merchant, for goods, 3 .'8 51 H. W. Nevius, merchant, lor goods, 17 Of ? 63. P. Webber, butcher, lor meat, 81 l( 63. Mitchell V. Tilford, grocers, for groceries, 38 3J i 64. Sally Kearney, my lamily cook, balance ot wagm due her, about 18 0(1 The proprietors of the following newspapers In N. Y. ? Ci'y, for printing, advertisements, Slc. Ac.:? 65. The N. Y. Com Advertiser, $13 60; annual subscript 9 tion $10? 3.1 69. 56. The S. Y. Evening Star?the like, 19 13 67. The N. Y. American, for advertising, II 76 59. The N. Y. Observer, (S. E. Morse V Co.) for sub scription, 0 00 til H...1 VI U-: knnl t^r I.,?......., I "" """J" ??, ugni ..ic.s........ ney, 9 00 60. Christopher Dick, scavenger, for work, 10 on jj 61. Jacob Zeider, the like, 14 00 r 0.'. VVm. M. Ayres, shoemaker, for shoes, 6 07 y 6.1. Taut S. Biown, baker, lur bread, cake, lie. sold and delivered, 3 06 61. Geo. W. McCready, balance due for camphine, I 33 A">. Joshua Maggs, cabinet maker, for work, 3 0.1 66. (Stephens V Berk man, carpentets, for the like, 3 Oil [ 67. T. II Clerk, merchant, for goods, 31 00 a 6H Gideon Freeborn, merchant, tor the like, 78 44 69. Oil01 an k Conover, grocers, aect. for horse-feed, Ac. 31 aa 1 70. Lyon ii Stone, tailors, for clothing, 36 AO 71. Harvey Wilkins, blacksmith, lor horse-shoeing, ' M 43 > 73. VVm. S. Miller, merchant, New York, on my bono ;i executed 3d May, 1S40, to Humphrey Biasi-ll, cendxloned " to pay 3,333 33 ' It was accompanied by a mortgage on property in .North ' Carolina to secure the payment; assigned, as 1 believe, try Bissell to Miller. Bissell resides in N. C. 73 Joshua Coit. lawyer, for professional servient, 6 31 74. H. B Blair Ii Co. grooera, for sugar, B HI ' 7A. I'at. Colpoys, sho. maker, for repairing boots, 'r unknown. I 76. T. Tompkins It Co. painters, fur work, labor, Ac, amount unknown. J 77. Ilenry Holdri lge, my note In exchange for his,w hich ' he 'out me, and which he has peid for, Km no ^ 74 Ahm Richards merehan.,tor borrowed money .100 00 ^ 79. Chas. F Grim, lawyer, profess'l services, unknown HO. Geo. st.jeley, my note for merchant tailor's bill, and for cash, * 100 00 HI. Loper, Oriflin Ii Co. fishmongers in Fulton Msrket. fjt salt shad, 11 CO 83. Israel Russell, merchant,for borrowed money, I66 00 83 Ai red Elmendorf,tailor, or Thos. Wilson, merchant , tailor, account for work, labor, and services, fcc for my son, J as. Rich'd Day, the amount not known, balng Ii? quidated, i 44, Mrs. Andrews (wife of Judge Andrews, so sailed) I for butter, balance due, 13 00 HA, Jacob Acker, late Sheriff, tor feet due him, about e 40 on r 86. Monmouth B. Hart, sheriff, for fees, 14 74 87. Hugh Ca sidy, printer, for work- 300 no 88. C. f . PeifTer, mnnulecturer, woi k. 9 00 To I'rrious out of thr City. 80. Dr K Vmlerberg, late of this city, now of Rhine. beck, holds a note for physicians' bill, fMM 00 Hu also has a lurther claim lor like service#, amount unknown. 90 Mi-s Sellii k, Newark, schoolmistress,for educating a grand daughter, 13 16 91. E. J. (smith, Bergrn, N. J., shoemaker, account tor boots, s|ii>es, and w ork, done by order, estimated at 100 no ?1. Israel Van Wagenen, lumber merchant, for lot" her sold and delivered, 7 3i 93. The Estate of Dr. Rami Haves, deceased, latent Newaik, for medicine and professional aervices in my i Tamils lor II 37 o 94. Christopher Van Emberg, of N**aik, has a o t given by m? tor building a wharf at Lodi, " 9.V Isaac N Baldwin, Newark, eerpenter note given to him lor work, Ac. 174 91 I, Al'o an aeronnt for 1U? 37^60 ^ 14 LI). f*rtc? Two Cento. 99. Richard Dey, farmer, Fayette, Beueca county, N. V haa a demand agaiuat me foraunJry money f loaned and advanced, Rc. W 00 97 Jaa R. Beach and Joa N. Tuttle, ndminiatiaiora, Newark, tor money borrowed, 100 00 99 The riecoud l'rcalty terian Church at Newark, for rent of pew, 19 90 99 Neheiniah knapp, Jeraey City, boat builder, o.i account lor work, Re. any 17 0J llki J the pit tl.iaer, tLoohlyn, hold# my check on ?lerchauta' Bauk, given in lieu of my check given to Lemuel ft e, II, lot luou.y had received, and ptyaliie 11th April '41, ?ti fld 101. llrayton R Durant, bakera, Jeraey City, hold my Check oil vlerchanU' Bank, given lor bairela, p?y.>ble lllh April,'41, 19 00 101 J. VV X J. Morgan, Jrim-y City, coal nierchuit", hold my check on Merchmnta' Bank, puyati e 1 Ith April, '11 , given to Neheauah Knapp lor work and labor done, 19 14 103. Sam'l McLaughlin, livery atuble keeper, Jeraty City, accouut tor horae and wagon hire, balance due I I 00 104. W. R. Todd, boatman, Jeraey City, for freight 17 00 So aO To person* in Pou(,hketptia. 100. David Arnold, lumber merchant, note given lor lumber, 0.1 no 107. Boone A Trowbridge, merchuuts, lor merchan ue, as on 10S. B iker & shryver. grocer*, for groceries, 0 109. Jan. W. Bogarduv, h.rueia maker, lor hi* work, 17 31 110. Chu*. Bartlett, teacher, for board and tuition of son, 30 95 111. Francis Denee, laborer, for work uud labor, unknown 113. D iland, Gregory Si Co., Iron Foundry, ac< ount for agricultural impliunlit*, II 61 111. Koiter V.ueent, Si t o , lumber merchants, account for lunibt-r noi l and delivered, 33 44 114. Solomon W. Front, nn rchunl, account lor merctmndlM, 8 a7 113. Gregory Si Hunt, Ireight merchant*, for freight fco unknown. 110. Hall Si Dutton, iron monger*, for merchandize, 30 11 117. John Hogadon, shoe dealer, f r tlioe*, 10 35 116. Estate ol Jo*. iUi n*, deceased, miller, for platter of Paris, sold and delivered, 33 33 110. Johnson,Vail Si Co., freight merchant*, account lor freight and grain, 36 13$ 130. Jucktou Si schram, printer*, account for advtrua irr * ?. I 141 n. B Johnson *t Co., ireigm nierciiauus. < ? Ireight and merchumlizw, i? ? 131. Henry Palmer, blacksmith, lor worn, iv ei 133. Lewi* K. Strett, wagon maker, account for rennir" to agricultural implement*, 10 PU 1:4. Storm k Uhle, hardware merchant*, account lov ' merchandize, <" "r 135. Phuma* Sweet, farmer, for |iotatoes, Itc., 44 04 130. Elias Trivett, druggist, lor paints, oils, Ac. 51 36 137. J.i*. Week*, crockery mi rcnnnt*. for good*, 13 3j 136. Benjamin L Wood, carpenter, lor woik, labor, Sic. unknown. 139. Caleb Morgan, grocer, for grocerie*. 100 00 To pertont tul of New York 130. Elizabeth AliXcun, Auburn, balance of wage* duo her as nurse and chamber maid in my family, about, 19 00 Proprietor* of the following new (paper*,for publication in tiller several papei *, viz :? I'll M m i. r a lladi Anveimer A Sentinel 1A !) 133. J B. CiOw ell, Newat k, proprietor cl the Newark Eagle, 36 00 133 The Long Inland Star, Biooklyu, 3* tifl 134. I'oughkeepsie Journal, S 60 136. Joseph Bieek St Co. or Bolton, proprietor of the New Eimland Fai tni r, loi subsci iplion to that paper, 0 00 136. Albany Cultivator, lubiciiption and uuvertne men I a, 0 00 137 Mathiaa Dodd, harnee* maker, Newark, N. J , ac count lor w ork, labor, and uiateiiali found, 9 01 133 H. B. Willi ami, merchant, of Charlotte, in the couuty at' Mecklenburg, v. C., surviving partner of the fumoi Smith St Willtaini, claims payment ul a drill tor ahuut (3.16.1, drawn by j, H B>??ell, agent, anil due 4th June, 1.^34, and accepted by A Day, at S. crrta' y ol the Mecklenburg liol.I .Mining Company, which 1 do not admit my keif liable lot. 139. Win. It Drayton, of Jeraey City, butcher, for meat, 100 73 14(1. Nicholas Rytrson, drover, Vernon, N. J., mr a note given him by me lor sheep. t-0 00 141 James Kn.ipp, Jersey City, tioat builder, or W. B. Jt nkiim, lor my acceptance of a draft, 1(8 17 On oi about the 1 st ol February or 1st of March, 1340, the billowing Holes drawn by me, audindoisad by Edniund Klmeiiioif, Jr., weie given to Win. C. lloily,Naw 1 Yoi It, broker, to raise money lor my accommodation on 1 the beat terms ue could, via :? 1st note, dated Keb. 1, 1340, payable sixty days after 1 date, lor (6(11 03 3d note, same dale, payable ninety daya altar dsie, tor I 1,031 03 * 3.1 note, dated .d March, 1340, payable ninety day s a t>r ' date, tor AM) 63 '* 4th note, same date and payment, 610 61 II Finding that an impropi r Use ? as being made with ihe " three i?st named notes, I recalbd them, and required ' ihem to be re-delivered to me. The fourth note lot (610 61, w a? rutnrred uml canceli. rl; the olheia weie not, huiI ' are held by the following named peisons, to w hom tiiere is an appoent liability, us lolluws:? 113 Dniiel McLaien, N - w York, I lie first note aa abov e, and now in suit lor }6 ill 03. but w bu b | do not admit to be justly due and o? lug by ma to the holder 601 03 113 AIIihou I'ost, New York, druggist, the nota ... .,i. .... i..., .. i. ,.i. i .1.. i,.. i,. i.... ,. >... .i... & ., ' i.oii na 114 The Union White Lead?Company, of Brook ij n, or W. B. Hjrt, New Yoik, broker, or John K. Okie), w' ich i vi rof them may hohl it, the third note for $./iti 42, > hut which I do not admit to l>? justly due hi al?i ?s aid to tliy nt the above nam- d parties. The only amount in m >ney, end the only consideration I ever received Irom William C Holly, on xrcouni ol the second and third note* lor (1.021 n3 and (tin 62, wan H e i sum of (100 For the first note I received a draft or Phii ladelphia. drawn b\ W. B Jes?up, and rndorird by D W. Ives for (900, which was pro este fornon pay int nt. In the month ol April. 1440, th>* following notes drawn hy me anil endorsed hy Edmund Elmendorf, jr , ware givvn to Charles T. Catlin, then ol New Yoik, now ol Poughi keepsie, brukt r, to iai?e money on fir my accommo 'uuon on the best terms he could, namely :? 1st Note dated 17tb January, 40, payable six months alter date. I'or 1,110 00 I 2 I Note, Maine date, and time of payment, 6o0 00 i 3 I Note, date and time not remembered, 4(11 Oo 4th Note, the like, 401 60 i Mh Note, dated l.lih April,'40. and payable four ) months after date, lor 304 00 I The only rnnaideration I ever received from Charles T. ) f'atlin lor said notes was the mm oi $100, which he l?lt I with E. Elmt nd irl, jr. in the nftire during my absence, i San Ifnnl St Vsss recovered a jn tgment on ihe hi st note; I Charles C'andert of Eliiahetbtown, got the "ecoml note discounted in the hunk at that place, but paid nothing to Catlin ; nod 1 do not admit that there is any thing due to him thereon. 'I he third note passed through various hands, hut I dn not admit any thing due on it. Honory Olezzanski sued me on the fouith note, and the verdict ot thejtiry was in my favor. 144. The New York Chemical Manufacturing Company in New Y'ork. Charles T. Cat lib had the hlih note lor (364, discounted in the Chemical Bank, and never gava ma any paitolit; w hen the note became dti' I was snad on said note by said Company, and judgment recovered. On th' 3d day of May, 1440. Ihe (ullow ing notes were delivered by Anthony Dry to John W Latson of New York, broker,ti raise monet U|K>n for my accommodation, at fha rate agreed upon ol 2J per c< nt per month. The notes were drawn by me, and made payable to ami endorsed by SMr....r..l L- I mAii.tfiV-r . V i? . I?t Note, del <1 l?t March, 1340, payable tlx montha after date, lor $ 1,1 lit Thi? note ? ?i returned, and cancelled, and at Mr l.ataon'a rrqueat wna divhed into two othera drawn and endoraedwa ulorraaid, aa follow a :? 3il Note, dated i?t Ajiril, 194:2, payable tlx mo'a after date, for *30 ?0 S<l Note, dated May 8, 1410, 00 daya, for AM 60 '1 ho only money received by me on theae notea, wu two tttma, oneon 4th May, 1840, for f>200 On acc't of the flrat note,"and on the 6th May, 1840, a further turn of ICO $800 ' f believe the three notea bava been negotiated, and ara | held aa follow a .-?the fliat, f r $1.110, by vclntyre fc ] Smith, hut which I do not admit to bejuatlj due endowing by me to the hollar*. 1 he arcoud by Robert Lurkey, who baa recovered a judgment on it. The third by John C. De reran*, |r. and Lauren* Hull, Jr. ? ho recovered a judgment on it. I he c(aim againat W. C. Holly, ( hat lea T. Catlin and John W. I.ataon, whatever raay be Jtiatly due from all or either of them, la due to my aaatgneea, Henry ('banning Brill, (dim it ml C. Richarda and Jacob C- Dry, under the alignment to them made by me, bearing date 30th June, 1840. The following jndgmenta have been recovered againat me in the aeveral routti named :? 144 In the Supreme Court, by |. W. Bonney.lf S. Rich, arda and JactbC. Dey, 80th May, 1840, for W Conditioned to pay $18 700 and coata, $|S 93. On the ?xerutlon iaitted in thia cauae. there waa r? allaed on th# aale of my furniture, over and above the execution ia?ued on a prior judgment not by W. W. Cheater k Co. $201 71. 147. By W. H Van Wa?nor, in Supreme Court, bidgmenf entered Sd September, 1640, for 00 lb 148. By Thotnai Pawning, New York,'20th June, 1840, In Superior Court, __ .. ? " 140. By Wh b Lane and W. D. Mangum, New York, mer, hai.ta, -27th l ily. " "">* r,or ' our*, lor 199 48 15". Bv J*<- P- I' ummood, N. Y. merch in , in Superb r Con t. Ilib July, 1810 l?r 170 80 151 Bt f fundi. r I and A. H. \ aaa, merchant". N. Y. in auperln' Court, 53.1 Nov 1840, 1,20.1 82 162 Br (> " vVetib, N. Y. Carpi ntar, judgment entered 54 h Aug 1810, In the Superior Court, for 1 8a8 62 |M. By Wm Mealer and J. Weatervelt, poal merchanta, V in Court Common Pleaa, -23 I June, 1610, for 373 72 161. B> J ?a. B. Nic.holaon, N. Y. grocer, 10th July, I840, In t on11 Common Pleaa, for 93 48 186. By John A. Weeka, N- Y. cooper, In Court Common Pit aa, 9id June, 1840 tor W? 07 |krt By Dudley Seldt n, lawyer, in Court Common P|, a, 8 h J 111 t , 1810 (now claimed h\ 6'. Pell of >-Y ) far 110 32 157. By It. L. Crooka J. hn Fuwka- k Horatio Fnw h. a, N- T. irrocar*. in Court Common Pitas, 0.h Jul) , lK4", tog It I U 159. By Wn. k John McLatn, N Y lumbar march anta. in Cnutt Common Pi?aa, 96th June, '40, for 1,714 89 169 By Robart F Fraacr, af N. Y. Crama makar, in