Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 13, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 13, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?lo. U34 ?WnoU No. U9S. FOR :sEW~OHLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKE1 8. My itffy tfftv JE^t jffl* F^^m^Stter *ccommo4i^S^r.hip|*r*, '' despatch a ahip from this |>oit on the l?t, 5th, Idth, IJ?h. iOth, and 2501 ol rach mouth, comimucin* the 10th October auJ e in* until May, when regular day. will tie i|?poi"ted _ ? *T~ mainder of the year, wliereby great delay* ami .J?,'"] will h? prevented during the ^moe' OBnH* *? HMlOWllIf hip* will commence rhii ami nice meat * 8iui> Y A Z p Q ,C 'a inaiti Corne 11., OCONF.fe. Captarn . sUtj, MISSlSSll'PI, Captain HilllwrdStilp LOUISVILLE, CafrfalU Hunt. Shi, SHAKSl'KARE, Captain Mi tier. Ship OASTON. Caotaii. Lithain. Ship HUNTSVIlI.K. Cai<aiu Mi.tnfjrd Ship OCMULOEK. Capuiu Leaviti. Snip NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Ca|*Mli Mulfoid. Th?*e thuis were .ill built iu (he city of New York, cipteft*i c.r IUiol...ta ars of lit/hi draft of water, have recent I v heen wly coppered and put in splendid ordcr,with accommodations l0r |??..iif>ri unequalled for comfort. Tliry arc commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertieu to itirc Srneral saUsfacrion. They will at all timet be towed up and own the Mississippi by .itramDoaU. Neither the owuen oiicaptaius of theae ahipa will he res|>oiuible fpr jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcel or uacluge, lent ty ? tpjtt on board of then,nulvsa regular bills cf.ading are taken for the same xnd die value theteon expressed. Yer freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., 46 South at., or HULL1N Hi WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great ears will be taken to hare the goods correctly measured- m4 NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Tn ailfrotn New Vork on ll?e 25th aud Liverpool on the ljth tif each muni 11. dftv rife M tflfr *T7?5 Nnw^SkT Slop OARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th October. Shin ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 25th November. Ship SIDDON'S. Cantain E. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. De|>eytter, 25lh January. Khom LtvKRroei.. Ship 8IDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyiter, 13th Novem'r. Ship UARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship IIOSCIUS. Captain John Collins, 13th January. These ships are all ol the first claaa, upwards of IMt sens, built in the city of New York, with such improvements a (combine great speed with unusual comfort for jiassengeri. Every care has been taken in the arrangement ot their accommodations. Tire puce of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, whe w. 'make every exertion to give general satisfaction , V Neither the cap, >ns or owners of the ship* will be responsible for at y Utters, ,>arcels or packages lent by them, unless regular b: 'la of lading are signed therefor. Fortreightoi passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO.. 56 South at., New York, or to W.M. it JAS. BROWN fc CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12>? cents per single aheet; 50 centa per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. ol NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. M STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrangements for tire year 1842, appears hefope his friends with sentiments of sincere respect for the able support he has received for many years (vast.? He likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to send for their frieuda residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated by this liue, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, aa well as by all the well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to aud from Liverpool on the Ut, Tth, 13th, lVlh aud 25 th of each mouth throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subscricer to have the emigrants shown ct< ility, and despatched without delay, and a how who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attenliou will be given by the Liverpool agents to those aenl well as all who may embark with them, anil should any ol those whose passage hu been paid not cmjarb, the inouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscriber feel* a pleasure in making known the different (liiM by which his passenger* came out during th* last year, which has givon general satisfaction, and that lie has consiuerauly extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1M2? The following is a list of ships :? Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Faiifield, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. Tyrone, Speare. Russell Glover, Howes. Wales, Watts. Hiberuia^ Wilson. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, theever. Osceola, Child*. I'lifton, Ingersotl. St. ( loud Emerson. Louistille, Allen. New York, Niveu. Sobirskie, Emerson. Warsaw Griffiths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey, N. Hampshire, Harding. Perinea, Goodmanaon. Robert Isaacs. Truetaan. Virginia, Eaton. Europe, Balcheldor. S. Jenkins, Seymour. A free passage from the different ports of Ireland and Scot and, can also be secured, and drafts furnished for any amount, payable at the National and Provincial Bruks of Ireland and their respective branches, and also on Mcrsrs. J. It W. Robinson, Liverpool, which are paid free any charge, throughout he United Kingdom. For further particular* ?pplv , JQH ? HERD MAN 81 South street. or J. at W* JKf7tSIIN?U^, 16 Uoree nazzat,ai.?l aw 16 yo. 1 Ngptap? ?t? Waterloo Dork LiteriKwI. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m. m m. rpHE OLDUNE orPKketTivLinnioXnlnirnaftnbt I despatched ia the following order, excepting that when the dny oft.uling fall* on Sunday, the thipe will tail on lb* succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 Jnly 19 tit ton*, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D.O.Bailey, ( Feb 1 Mar 19 Tlio ENGLAND, [Jane It Aug 7 7St ton*, Oct 19 Dec 7 B. ll.Waiu. I1 Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 *09 ton*. Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Halhbone, I March 1 April It The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 ?10 ton*. .Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall i Mar II May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, l, Aug 1 Sept II til ton*. ' i Dec 1 Jan II A.B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, I Aug II Oct 7 MO torn. Dec II Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.) April II Jane 7 The CAMBRIDGE, [Sept 1 Oct 17 tie too*, < Jan ] Feb 17 ? W. C Bantow.l May 1 Jane II Tho COLUMBUS, I. Sept II Nov I 709 ton*, ' Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, a* regard* the day of aailiag, will be obeenred a* heretofore. The price of naaaage out ward i* now fixed at One Hundred Dollar*. or which ample atore* of ever* description I will be provided, uith the exception of wine* and liquors, which Will be furnished hy the stewards. GOODIIUE h CO.. 61 Booth St., C. H. MARSHALL, 31 Burling-slip.N.Y. j?n Ivh BAKING BROTHERS It CO.. L'iiooI. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. Ok jfflk ilk. The subscribers bej to rail the attrnt'on of their friends and the taiblic fenrrally, to thi ir *u;cii<ir arrangement* for bringing out lanaenxei* from, and remitting money to, aay par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tn* magnificent packet *hipe, eomi risiiar the ~ NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:Sliip ROSClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.CaptainCobb. Ship SHfcRIDAN, Captain Depayster. Ship OAK RIl'K,' aptain Skidly. New ihin HOTTINGUKR, Captain Bnnley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. * Ship ROCHt1'8TF.R.Captain Palm'T. I new snip l>i r r.nruuL.oi|inin r.mrt uge. Sailing tflicf every month; ind *i|h the" UNITED LINK," composed of sMjienor fir?t class Amsncan ships. sailing every ten days, will im-ke fire ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby ptevenUog the possi kslity o( unueerisary deteimuii. Persons wishing ussend for thii- friend*, will not fall to are ihe advent, gee to be derirtd Uom selecting this line iu preferenee to any ether, and they may real asimcd that unnanal care will b- uken to make .he passage agrreabV, the ahipa being fifed up with an eye aolely to the comfort of paaee i.grra. In all eaaee where the patties sent for decline Cuming, the money will be refnud d teithonl any deduction, aa naual. A free paaaage Imm the earioni aeaport< of Ireland and Scotland, j can also be eecared. REMITTANCF.8. Persons in the country wishing to aeud money to their friend* by enclosing the anm tliey wiah rent, with the name and addnae of the nryrtse* M receive ft, m.y relyon a draft foi The .iinmiiit Ireing forwa-drti |>er firu pecker, after the receipt tn< ninf. and an acknowledgement far the aame returned per mail. Drafts at right, for any amount, are pvyable on demand, without discount or any o.h, r charge, at the National and Provincial Binka of I-etai d and hranrh-s, Eastern Bank ol Scotland, Oreeaock and their branches, Merer*. Jwnra Bn'l. Souk Co., Banker*, Londou, Exchange and Discount Hank, Lt*erpool, and in tre.y PR*?|al town of fJreat Briiain and Ireland. Farther pirticnlara made known on application, if by letter, postpaid,*' diyr W, kj. T. TAP8CQTT. 41 Peck Slip, n. York. J&je M. Mh_ FO^MAR8EIU^^?IIHI uixicnatiniHiiied thira will bf teiruUrly chtiwtrlird from ht-nce and from Mat piIIm on Um l?l of each month (taring th? vaar, thai? _ From N?w York. M*r*?itW mmmssv. iat COURIER. Cant Duxan, Jan 1. Mar I TREBCOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb I. Arl 1 HELLESPONT. Cap* Adama, Marl. May I COHIOLANUS, Cap Haila, Apl 1. Jun I They are ail eopperra and copper faateued.and hare excellent accommodations lor passengersThe pneaof cabin paaaage will be $100, rxclnaire of wine* and Iniuora. (heals addressed to BOYD k HINCKEN, the a rents. will be forwaided free of other chaiges than these actually paid. For freight or passage apply to O. BROOM k CO.. or to nttr _ BOYD k HINCKK.V. Agent* ~BLaCB ball, or Old Line liverpool wr JrjV Packet#.?The only Regular Packet that sad* on ihr JpMMKw 9*-h ol Dec ?The new and elegant packet ahip new YOltK, burthen IlKIO ton*, Captain Thomas B. Cmp|>er, will sail positively i>u Mouilay, Die JOili of December,her regular day. I'he eoaommodationa of this well known favorite line of packets, (or cah'a, id cabin and steerage passengersarr iin?nrpaa-ed by any other line or ship loading for the above port. Peraona abut to embark for the old conniry will find it to tin ir eoiiiiOTt and adran'age to rhouse this conveyance in pr. ference to a y other. For terms of passage, and to secure the best beitil*.apply on board, loot or Beekmau street, or to the subscriber*, ROCHE BROTHERS k CO., 36 Fulton st, next door to the Fulton Bsuk. P. 8. The New York will sail Irom l.irrrponl on the Tin February, l(t t?those sending for their relatifes can hare ihem brought out in her, or instiy of the Packets of this Line, which eail frera thai poil on the 7th and 19th of every Month. For I assise enply ** abuse. N.B, The Packet Ship Cemhridge will 'ncceed the New York, aud sail for Liverpool <m the lit of January, her rrguardey. d#r htsuimIIy deposited witn him, with the utme or the peraou or /ersons >u Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sen', and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that elfecl mecu or lor warded to the sender. In like m.inuer money with or claims on in-raons in any parto! Ireland, Knit laud or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber, Tor person* residing in any part of the United States, or Canada, and will be paiu to them accordingly. nil 1m*r (JK.OHIJK McBKIDK. Jr.. WCedar su XA3P- DRAFTS ON MELA *D, Ike.?The subscriber* aJrTJfy.continue to give drafts paysble on demand, without AUhiIm'Ii.i'<>uii!, or any charge wlialxoevtr. IN lltr.LAND?The Natl B ink of Ireland, the Prorincial Bank of Ireland, and their "rauches in every county. IN ENOLANL) AND WALES?Meaars. Jainea Malt, Son It Co., bankers, Loudon, the Escnange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their br<nche< throughout England and Wales. IN SCOTLAND?The Eva'eru Bauk oi Scotland, the Geenoek Banking Company, and branches in the priucipal towns; Sir Wrn. Forbes, Hunter St Co. Persona in ihe country wishing to remit money to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wale*, by enclosing the ainuuut they wish to remit to ihr subscribers, with tile name aud address of the parlies to whom it is to be seut. A draft for the amount will be forwarded the fi st packet after the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the same returned per first post. da r W >1 J T. TAT'SCQTT. 11 Peek .lip. New York. Sjfrie FOR MOBILE?City Line?First P ekei?'1 he Mgjtffyelrgaiir, fast sailing packetship MARV FRANCES, jSwfllbal apiam Hubbaid, will sail as above. L an accommodate cabin, second cabin and steeraga passengers at moderate rates, if early application is made os hoard The ship, or to JOH N Hl-.RD.V1AN.6I South st. <12 ec BitlllStt and NOttl H AiVIKtllCAN ko*ac ;v1a1d STEAM SHIPS, Of liOO.tous and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. U., do ACADIA, A. Kyrie jo COLUMBIA, E. 0. .Miller, R N do Will tail from Boston, via Halifax. BUM LIVERPOOL. rilOM BOSTON. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov I Caledonia, Lott. Oct 19 Nov 18 Acadia, Kyne, Nov 4 Dee 1 Columbia, Miller, Nov 19 Dec IT Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan I I',usage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, $139? Boston to Halifax $20. Tlieae ships carry experienced surgeons. No Berths secured until paid frr. Note.?Merchandize and Specie (except for personal ex penses) shipped under the name of luggage will be charged as freignt, and liable to Custom House Regulations. Apply to oiyr D. BRIOHAM, JR.. No. 3 Wall-st. FOR HALH^P^NIM^fcKrOOL. The Royal Mail Steam Slim COLUMBIA, E.C.Miller, K. N., Commander, will leave Bos.ou lor the ibove purts on Friday, Dec Ifith. Passage to Liverpool $'35. " Halifax $28. App'y to D. BRIQILAM, Jr., Agent, 'is 3 r 3 Wall street. FALL AND WINTER AKllANOE hj* MENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, ^ on and after M onday, the 31st of October, run u follows : h aving Middletou n Point (tide and weather per milling) at 9 o'clock, and Keyimrt at 10 e'clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Rsturniug. leave the loot of ltobin son street. New York, every Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday at 13 o'clock, noon, touching at Seguin's Dock each way. Stages wtll be in readiness to convey passengers to any part of the country. All baggage at the risk of the owucs. oX3 2in * ec _ STATEN ISLAND FEJK.H.Y. ^|!3*^nuj|jr Foot of Whitehall street, On and after Dec. 3d, the steamer STATEN ISLANDER, will run aa follows, until further notiee :? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. IKA.M, 9 A.M. 10 is* SP.M. Jk P. M, d3 r :Mei RfcOl/LAR OPPOSITION to CATS CI T*... J?mLL.ui<l intermediale landing*, without tow .X,iaaBaJKidE?bariir?f?Regular days from Cattakill, Moti day*, Wedue?day* and Kridaya. Fiom New .York, Tueadaya, Thursday* and Saturday*.?Kara to or from Catuail), 60 cent*. ?Berth* 26 cenu?Supper 25 cent*. The new and fiat ?teamer WAVE. Capuin Vanderbilt, will l#?ve Kobinaon *t. pier Thursday Nov. 17th, at live oVlnck. For furlhe r particular* inquire oi the ca tain on board. By running an the daya'ab 'Ve named, there will b> daily com inuniration between Catakill and New York (and intermediate pi an. s) for freight and passage at reduced price*. n(r IOSKPH Mu.VlUKKAY, ion 1'iue atreet. New Vork, give* " Draft* in ?um* to ?uit applicant*, on the PROVINCIAL BANK 1>F IRELAND. Payable at? Cork, _ Bainbridge Limeiick, Ballymena, Clonmel, Paraootown, Londonderry, Downpatiek, Stigo, Cavan, We*tord, Lurgan, Belfast, Omagb, Wa'erford, Duurannon, Oalaway, Bandou, Armagh, Enni*, Athloue. Ballyihannon, Coleraine, H rabaue, Kilkenny, Dungarvin, Billiua, Mallow, Tralee, Moueymore, Ydughal. CoutchilL Ennukilleu, Kilrnah. Monaghan, ENGLAND. Spooner, Atwood h Co. Banker*, London. Parable in every town in Gieat Britain. P. W. Byrnes, Esquires, Liverpool. City of Glasgow Bank. Payable in every lown in Ccotland n25 1 mr "FLECTKO MAGNETIC PLATES lot rheumatism*, uer-L* vou* affections, lie., prepared under the direction of M. Lamauroux, a|>othecary in Pari*, uepot in New York, 65 k'ranklius M. Ninuard'*. Price $1 50. Infallible core for the mou acme and inveterate pain, inch a* acute and chronic rhenm*ti*ms, the goat, nrura'gy, "rlatic, tic doloreug, danae de saint Guy, chill*, megrim, crunpe in the sumach, and.shorily.for all nervou* affection*, chiefly diseases ol women and young girl*, a* green aickneaa, amenorrhea, *npprc?*ion?. vapor*, ner.ou* attack*, fcc. nl6 im*r COUGHS AND COLDS T}EMEMBEH,No 54 North Siilh street, one door below Arch street, Philadelphia, the most certain and best Knmily Medicine, for Coughs, Colds, Smiting Blood, Throat and Lung Disease, a rising sensation like choking, tickling, or unpleasant obstructions. For the above, Dr. SWAYNt'S Com Pound Syrup of Wild Cherry will be fonnd the great remedy, rraonawho have aooaed 'hemaelvea by the naeol ardent spirits will find both their atretnrth and reaolnlion mneh improved bv leaving off the apirita. and taking a dranghr occasionally of the above reatorniive. All preparations from thia valuable trea-eicept the above,may he eonaidered apuriona or counterfeit The real article may be had of the following Agents, or at No. 54 North Siathatreet, Ptuldelphia? AGENTS | Dr. W. H. MILNOR. Drngvist, No. 192 Broadway. MRS. M. HAVES, No. 13!) Kulton at, Brooklyn. BENJ. OLDS. Newark_N. J. JOHN MASON. Patte^on, N.J. dg2m*r PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHA MENT, Eiehange Buitding, Noa. 2S and J?.?Sidgle Portraita taken, from breaaipin sixe to I intkea in diameter. Family gronpa of from two tol i persona on one plate. Time of aittn? 10 aeconda. Constantly on hand, and for aale, Instr-t renta of the aame kind as used in the establishment ; a'ao platea and all other BtenaiU._ _ W k F. LANOENHKIM nltlm'r VAN NOKUKN'S WRITING AND BOOK-KEEI'INO * ACADEMY is now open. Ml Broadway, luo floor, lor the reception of pnpilt, where nil aeqnire Van Norden'a beanliful ayatera ofpenomanaliip in a very short time, and write with ease, grace and elegance. Mr. Van Norden if now prepared to give instruction in Book Keep'iig upon plans entire!, new and ntrictly practical. During one mouth's instruction the pupils sctuslly opea. balance and clone, practically, from 10 to JO set of books. Terms very modeiate. Honrs of instruction from 9 A. M. till 4 P. M., and from 6 ti 10 in the evening. The Ladies meet daily at 3 P. M. DlS lm?r THE ONLY PLACE IN New York whera llie crlrbi ited Shaker Knit Shirt can be obtained is at JOHN M. DA VIES It JONES, 100 William ft, earner of John ft. Agents for (he Shaker's Merrimac Cs?, N. H. Alao?I'lose and opan knit Drawers, flannel wrappers and drawers, and the unrivalled Shaker flannel by the yard or piece ?itis nr. femhle to any style now in use. ntt Imr* n "VmbTRT ABOUT OVERSHOES! , ?the dealers in India Rubber Oeersnoes, who have been deterred from purchasing their supplies of Sheet Rubber S toes from us,by threats of prosecution from S.C Smith,for in-T tV" r,,P*<-lf?>Lv informed, that the suit recently rfe '".r"' .Sm?h. "a. ,ni, day te.mina'ed hy a vrdict m our lavor, thereby making null and loid the humbug preiendrd patent for n eking of Sheet Rubber Shoes. In the Cii'lTenr.rM,"it Ih" JZlJZ?" T!?""P-on remark. -'' A? II events, Mr. was not the original inventor < f m-kina shoes in the manner deseiibed in his patent, because if the are to be believr.1, several JwSTT ' the eame thing before." We unhesitatingly aaserr that we believe Mr. Smith learned the art of leather soles to lubber from workmen, who learned all thev knew of the business at New Brunswick. One thing is crr'sln Mr White, .he foreman ot Smith, worked in our fkctory h-fore worked for Smith, and went into Smith's employ before the dste of his patent. Oi the fl?e principal clsaaes of manufactured rubber shoes sad overshoes mide al our factory, bul one elsas hasever been produced at the store of Smith, and those ean he made by the aid of baud-power machinery. We trust buyers will no longor be humbugged. HORACE H. D?V. dlMwdge Successor to Roihurv I R Co. 45 Maiden Lane DRAFTS on Philadelphia and Boston for tale at . S. J. SYLVESTER'S, dlO 22 Wall street and IN Broadway, , E NE NEW ???; FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular WHyMrt ol tstf December. The Splendid Packet MblfiiShip 8IDDON8, Captain E.B.Cobb, of itoo toiu. will poaitively aail at above, her regular Jar. For freight or paaaage, having accommodation! unequalled for spleuaor or comfort, apply ou board, at OrUana wharf, fool of Wall alreet, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. it South atreet. Price ol paaaage. $100. The Packet Ship Sheridan, Capt F. A. De Peyater, ol 1000 toua, will aucceed the Siddom, and aail the 20th January, her regular day. L ttera for the alii|? of this will only be received at Qilpin'a and Hale*? Newt Room. Paaaeugen may rely ou the aliipa ol this line tailing punctualIf IV -ill r rl laell. d> C fcffS- KOK LI VEKPOOL? Regular Packet ol' the 21th KFjRfVDr*r*'mbt'r?Thr sileouid, ii?t ailing packet ship jyjItlNDKrKNDKNCK, Capt Wye, will sail a* above her rt tfular day. For p*?a%ge IB cahiii, second cabin, and steerage, having ple'uliu accournodaliona, apply on board, toot of Maiden lane, oriu JOSEPH McMUKRAV, 100 Piue street, coruei of Mouth street. P. 8.?The shore will be succeeded by the packet shpl Vir Kiui., Aapl Allan, and sail on 13 Dec. Peraoua w uhuut to tend lor their friends, residing iu the Old Couulry. can have litem brought oot by this snip, or any of the regular packets, by applying as above, if letter post paid. n3V _ nitSr REMITTANCES TO 1HKLAND, he., ?cc.kfXxVThe subscriber cooliunrs to transmit money, in sums JOInB&larite or smallto persons residing iu any part of Irelaud, in thr same mauuer is ha, and his predecessor iu business. have done for the last hirty years, and more; also, to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or W YC ! YORK, TUESDAY MOi english school. havana, island ok cuba. charles dunntf waterland, principal rPHlS Aradpmy ww established two year* ago, und?-r (lie | trnnage of the former lntendeni General of ihs Inland, and other distinguish* d iudividi. iL el' th~ tiohiln >' iiutint rchauU of this city. Itl conducted ou the pint of the He-man ''gvmnHsi*;" and the method of tottion is the "iuterrogative." All the scholars understand the English language, and many of ihein speak it hibitnslly and rlueutly The Principal has the eipeiTc-uce of schools in France, Germany, England, and tip* united States. His chief aim Is to jive the youth entrusted to his care a practical knowledge of those branches of a |K>ii c education, which are required in a/I active careers, and are applicable to any. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, French. German and Sjuiiush languages; History,Oeogrs ,?hies. Nam ml Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Draw 1 tuts of v annua kinds. Professors of divers ualiotu and acquiiemeuts reside iu the establishment; ?ud all the classes receive, in roUtiou, iustrucliou Groin the director. Such signal success has atteuded this plau of tuiiiou, that several of die pupils, uuder twelve years of aces, write and speak two foreign langu iges, in a perfectly intelligible manner, and those of riperyeors, correctly and etsitv. The acijuuitiou, not only of the Spanish, but also of other language*, is thus placed within the reach of the youth of the Uuited States, withont its being necessary for thi m to rclinqu' h the many advantages which accrue from auKnglish education. The object of the Principal in desiring to rective youths froin the United States, is to facilitate the acquirement of the Engl .th accent for his Spanish puiuls, which service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introduce here the manly spirit of the English schools. The young, cit?xeus of the Uuited States cau have nothing to fear from the climate, the house being spacious aud airy, situated in a healthful pot, it .1 abar! db bom from t ??? ^ity; and cout lining within its limits, a tine bath^ud complete gymnasiam for the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrived from Genna- 1 ny, have passed the summer iu the school in perfect health. As the principal is a married man, and his wife aud sister have charge of the junior di|>aitfncnt: children are received at any age but tnnt of infancy. Every pupil enioys his religious opinioos undisturbed. The terms are SUM) per r.otium, payable three months iu adranec Thcrs in noaitrasexcept clothes ml book* References?.VIESSRS. ( HAS DKAKF U BROTHERS. AL&XANDEit MORALES, ESQ., nil Havana. House furnishing warehouse.?woiiam a HAUGHVVOUT, $61 Broadway, Manufacturers, Agents and Commission Merehapts, ha**- just ramnved aod bow opining a new and splendid assortment of the following arti clet, via Silvered, (.hit and Bronze Us Chaudaliera, 6 to 20 light*. Da Ctcdle do 4 to 24 " Do Caudle Bracket*, 1 to 5 " Do (Id Br.caet*. It] I " Do uas Mantel Lights, 1 to 1 " Do Guanuuies, 1 to I " Ciunuebru, iwu " Astral Damp*, Hall J ami* and Lanterns, Heading Liunp* Sic. A new article ol Holer Lamp, a very superior article. Also, a new article of Deflector lor improving the light of the old pattern of Astral LampAlso. a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamps and Chandelier*, for churcnes, halls and public buildings. Plated Win. Baskets, Castors, Trays,Toast Racks, Candlestick*. Napkin Riugs, Butter Tubs, butter and Fruit Knivai, SuuilVrs and Tr i, Coffee and Tea Urns, Utc. Fine Table Cutlery. in setts and dozen*; Japanned Tea Tray*, in creat rarity of pattern* anil forms; fine cut glass Bawls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Uoblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, Sic. Stc. W. St H. beg rrapoct lully to infoim their frieuda, customers, and the public geaerrd y, that their arrangement* with the e.ianufactur.-rsare sucnt' at they can sell all articles in their line at remarkably lowpri lea; and respectfully invite them to call and see their show ro res which alone is sufficient to compen sate for the trouble .22 3in*r R K JIOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, l* removed from MS Broadway to No. 7 Aator House ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .Icganl an.', Kaahiouahte kind rt a saving of 60 per cent for cash. THK advertiser di vns tl unnecessary to resort tj the hack1 ueyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, pressuring that the length of time he has .been c?ubluln;d. together with the estrnsive patronage bestowed on him, will prov* a sum eient voucher for his capabilities. Possrssiuc.the advantage el being connected with an eiteuaive cloth establishment in Kuripe he confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house-making up the best descriptions of geullenieu's drew. _s 10 3m S. PITILLIP8, T Aator House. Broadway LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS TXTHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. I Wall street. Th ?v subscriber has received and olfers for sale a large assortment ol imtmrled India Rubber Water Proof Uoods, viz: Coat* and C?i>r?, ofsuiierior Lama,' ashtner* Lama, Persian, Merino and Cotton, of all colors and sizes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, ?uper Lama, Laina Peesian and Cotton, pre pared for I ilora. India Rubber Webbings for susi-euders, corsets, See. *?ff 6>n*r CHAS ABKAHAMaON. GROUND SPICES AND COFFEE AT THK HOPE MILLS, H Markethelil alrect, between Broad and Whitehall, late 267 Elizabeth si ret. New York. Office 120 FroutsL Constantly ou hand, at the luwett market nriees and in rhc ???ial vsrierv of nerkaves. ?27'm* 'po PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS.?A yooug man ^ t practical pritfTei, who is thoroughly ac-ju.unfed with his business iu every department anil branch, *"d wr*v Was been employed iu the chanty of rejumer and ??W4icoi ?u severs* highly respectable yoaruals, is desirous of obuaoim ? situation in the country, to take chant - ol, and mauve**, S new .,..wv A r.........ratil.u a*lur.. 11*. II I..- iwr-l.-rl Add ie*a, by letter, (pott paid) X V. Z., at toe Herald office. Reapectable reJIercDCoa given and reqiiiinl nIT igb HEALTH! THE POOR MAN'S RICHES. AND THE RICH MAN'S BLISS. fT'HK season of the year ia now at hand, when those fata a diieasea which foster and prepare the constitution for early departure from lif-, auch ?a COLDS, COUHS, ASIHMA. AND COMPLAINTS OK THIS LUNGS, are moat liah'e to attack th- human system. " The chilla of autumn strike the frame And fit it for d aeaae. Au hour of care would end the aame, And all ita rage ap|iease Alas ! the inomiut pastes hy, Ncit cornea the hour when we muat die." There ia not only truth bat poetry in the above composition. We let (he moment raus when that moment, if wn used the time properly would tie the moat valuable of our eaiatrnce, for it i? tnu small apeck in eternity which rnda our own career by negligence. BE CAUTiOUB! la a aeuteuce that ahould n-ver he l.iritutten by any one. LOOK OUT FOR CONSUMPTION, ia another. Here in ear vawablc climate, when aiekneaa atalka in every autumn breete, and the Lituga are at every moment liable to he affected, let u< be careful. The firat moment when a cold icta in, remember that PEASE it SON'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OK HOARflOUND CANDY, will era icate and completely diatrov every veatute at COUGHS and COLDS. Ilia only by delay and negligence, that at auih timea, peoale let a few daya p aa which tew daya determine the duration of their Uvea. All rhoae who wiah 'o he relieved from the firat paint and afflictions of te- ere cold in thia autumnal aeasou, mnat uae the HOARHOUND EXTRACT, which it compounded of twenty-five of the inont tafe and talnlary cough mgrdiruls. Sold by J. Pea?e It Sou, proprietora, 4} Division atreet; 10 Attor Houae, and 110 Broadway, READ THE KOLLOWINO CERTIFICATE ! New Vobe, Dec. 3. 1812. Gentlemen?My wife haa been for the laal three yarn afflicted with a weakliest of the luuga, and a severe cough My daughter ha* rIio been subject to the aame disease of the lunga, which was so severe m both cases thil I waa in fearleat my wife and daughter ahonld boih become victima of conaumption. We tried the medicines usually uaed and recoinmeudrd in auch eaeea without auccma. As a last retort, we concluded to try your Hoarhound Csody, th? result of which triala w?a so successful, that (lie Cough and irrilationof the Lungs Were entirely healed Toev have now cenieijuently better health than they have had before f"r the laat tliree yeara. I am yours. truly, WILLIiM BOND, 11 Llapenardat. To Meaara. J. Pease It Son, 4j Divisi n at. OH. NOBLE POWER! THY REIGN IS HERE ! N?w York, Jure- 5th, 1812. Gcnti >-My wife has been for the laat two or three years tro ihled with a art ere |>eri.idical cough, accomi>anied with Rreat |*in and bleeding at the lutiga ; the Cough haa been (O revere at times. Mill daring the paroavsma of coaghtng the blond would fly from her m uth and i rw rila at the >Hme time ; thta rough would comtnence in the fail and laat through the winter. Nothing that haa been tried would relieve her until warm weather, when it would abate a little, until thia laat winter, when-ahe mtde nae of Peaae'a Hoarhon d Candy. and the reaulu Were rnch aa to leave a happy impreaainn upon her tnitid of in efficacy and virtnea. It performed a radical cure when all other atfempta failed. DAVID W. PIERCY.48 Delancy atreet, and No. 9 Spruce atreet. To Meaara. J. Prase k Son,45 Divisional. P. 8.?If the.-e ta cue that doubta the efficacy of Peaae'a Iloaihouud Candy, 1 ahould be very happy to aee them p. w. r. Agcntg Ruahton It Aapinwall, 19 Aator Hottae, IIP Broadway, and K William aueet. Agenta out of the City. Bergna * Zieber. No. 3 Ledger Uti'lditigr. Philadelphia. Krddinglt Co, No 8 State atreet, Doaton. Dealer, No. 57 State atreet, Albany, N. V. Haldeman. Lantaville, Ky. Thompson* Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Weeds It Watera, Troy. An agent wanted at New Orleana. fI7"ttarh en?elo|ie ol the genuine Hoarhonnd Candy ia signed J. PEASE It SON. 43 Diviaton atreet, of whom it can be obtained wholeaalr and retail. Partiea anpplied with Ice Cream and all kinda of Confectionary, at pricee to auit the eiigenciea of the times. J PEASE It SON, 45 Division atreet. N It ?All kinda of Steain Confvctionarv ariAeenta a pound. at retail. <16 trrr OKOAR DIVATCIm^ BroatUay.-JAS. H. DLL VKr. 1 ? OHIO k CO, have ronatautiy on han't Degara of the chmceal brand , ?it La Normac. La Cot.etancia, IVemn Regalia, Oanonea,! C-iiadora, Cnmptnieroa. Star, M mills Cheroota, Small Yara, Steamboat Pnncipea. De la Crux Principea, Light Kabana, Cigaritna, kc. SegirCasea, Hnuff Roves, Mstrliea, Roman I .ighta, Sn tT. Chewing Tobanco. nnd the Hmyrniana Hmnkmg Tobacco. The exquisite and peculiar mild Ilavor of this Tobacco, cannot fa I to aire great notoriety among smokers. The public are ie?|irrlfuTlv infnrm-d that all aegara sold at thia eaiahliihin'nt are warrante ' imported. A Srnokit g Room in the rear anpplieil with the American ami Kngliah papers. J R D. V * Co. return aincere thanka to their fri'udi and the public for the liberal pa-rnnage extendid toward, them. J A vJKS H. DEL VECLHIO oJt Jtawtm'r ROBERT A. JOMNSOn TEKFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY?No. <7 Wall ? street, coiner of Hanover street. Thia Company Con tinsel to inaiire agdlnat loaaor damage by fire on buildings, gsods, warei, or merchandise generally; also, on rraaela ana cargoes againat loaa 01 damage by inland navigation, on at favorable lerma aa any other office. DIRECTORS Thorn aa W Thome Kliaha Higgs Thomas T Woodruff Anson Baker Denislum R Robaon Martin HoflTman John K Davison Joseph Allen John H Lee Joaeph Drake Ktancia P Sage Samuel Uiiderhlll Thonwon Price, Jamea R Whiting Moses Tucker John P Moore JohnC Merritr WnKTbota Caleb C Tenia Jamea E Holmet ? .. THOMAS W: THORNY, President. I UtO. T. HOPE, Deer alary. sMIlaw MM ? i v IRE I INIJNG. DECEMBER 13. 1 Curious Development* under the Bankrupt Law. A Rtport of Arthur Tap/tan, Eiy., a Potitionerr in bankruptcy, anniented from kit Schedule), . tiled in the Umitd Stale? Unlrict Court of New York. Luiiuitim. 1. To Mrs. H. A. Thomas, (wife of Heitry Thomw) Norwich, Coon., ia the sum of $10,606 6H to wit, on two bonds nude by mo and Dcniel Pomeroy, jam , to Cnarles llayt, dated April 1, 1636, conditional lor the payment ol $5 33 34 each, secured by Dauiel I'oineroy, junr.'a mortgage on property iu ttic 6th wurd ol Brooklyn, bought by hunof said Hoyt. The said bond hating becu assigned by said Hoyt to said Tnomas. 'J. To suudry niercliuuts and insurance companies, on tbiiluen other bonds, made by A. Tappau and L>. I'omo roy, junr., uloresaid, to Charles Hoyt, altyresaid, and others, all reading much like No. 1 preceding, amounting in the aggregate to $61,677 00 [I'onieroy and hull were the tirst importers of the pure juico of the grape tor the communion table.] 3. Two promissory no'es, aggregate $1623 00 4. A note to the order of l'omeroy 9c Bull, and by them endowed, $4001 69 6. My endorsement of Pomeroy and 11 uII'a note for $7AO 00 0. Koui promissory note* of mine to sundry Individ uls and banks?aggregate $1763 70 Sundry Subscription*. 7. To Law Theological Seminary, tor the education of young men lor the Christian ministry. Interest paid to June 1,1639, $.>0,000 00 9. Illinois College, for the education of youth, tor the purpose ot saving sinners, $1900 00 9. Oneida Institute, also a place of education for the instruction of ministers to save the souls of sinlul men, $7AO 00 10. Auburn Theological Seminary, for tho instruction of ministers ot the puro Presbyterian stamp, to aavo the world, $1000 00 11. Western Reserve College in promissory notes?aggregate, i $7,800 00 19. To the State Bank of Illinois, at Springfield, on promissory notes to the order ot Daaiel Poineroy, jr., and by hiui endorsed, said notes in the hands of Nevins, Town, send It Co , agents ol said Bank, aggregate, !J9,399 Bti 13. Win. B. Le*is, clergy man, Brooklyn, on the dowry of my daughter, Charlotte L. wile ot said Lewis, given to her on her marriage, 6,270 31 14. Lewis Tappau, account current, 630 90 13. Alfred Edwards, account current, 3,397 90 16. Ketchum 9c Fessendeu, lawy ers, tor professional services, 401 99 17. Eli Blake, dentist, for professional services, 3bJ 00 19. lleirs ol 11. B. Pierpont, bond and mortgage, 12i,000 00 Assets ok Petitioher. 1. Krom notes held by me, aggregate, $3,939 62 -J. A dwelling house in Brooklyn, deeded in 1 933, and mortgaged to 11. B Pierpont for 12,000 00 3. Certain bouds and mortgages held by mo, 220 17 4. Sundry claims, aggregate 230 00 3. Two hundred shares in Manufacturers' Barjc at Bell ville, N. J., worthless. 6. A claim ou the Spring street church for money loaned to make repairs, 200 00 They wish me to give it up, but under prcs eut circumstances I do not feel that I can do it conscientiously. 7. A slip or pew in the 1st Presbyterian church at Brooklyn, not carried out, but probably worth to any siuner, 30,000 00 9. Ten shares in Clinton Hall, not carrhbd out, but probably worth to bear the lectures on the .new philosophy anil mute.ialism,23,000 00 9. A claim on Z. Hosmer, worth aome 60 cents on a dollar, 1,606 67 1U. A turther claim on the aame person, the amount unknown. 11. Aclaim on S. W. Benedict, printer, with collateral securities in some 16 notes of about $100 each, drawn by aliolitionisls and others. [This wus money paid to help to build the ottice that Moses V. Beach occupies, which he bought ot Benedict.] 1,760 84 14. Two sharus in the Society Library, amount not set down. 13. Next arc twenty-eight judgments, claims, Stc., on sundry individuals in various parts ot the country, west, south, &c.,one of which is a claim ol Tomeroy St Bull for their indebtedness to A.|Tuppun, ot $1,868 04, the most ol them of very doubtful value. The aggregate ol the twenty-eight is $49,346 64 14. A claim against ltulph Pomeroy, Belleville, N.J., for sundry csfch payments made by me lor him, of little value, 14,661 71 16 A crrtihcate of dejiosit in the Mississippi and Alabam i Railroad foiutmity, of little value, 1,671 47 16. 34 Lots in Virgimu, containing 9637 acres, conveyed by Oenitt Smith to the trustees ol the Oberliu institute in 1819 ; value not known. 17. 63 Lots In the 6th Ward of the city of Brooklyn, conveyed by Daniel Tomeroy, jr. and mortgaged to the amount of $9,663. 16. 4 Lots in Brooklyn, and conveyed as above, and mortgaged for $1,830. 19. 14 Lots as above, mortgaged for $6000, 40. AO Lots do do do 37,866 68. 31- 137 Lots in the 8th Ward, Brooklyn, as above and mortgage d lor $39,000. 41. 4 Lots in 8th Ward, Itc., and mortgaged for $476. 43 Also an interest in several other lots ; value not known. 304 Lots in all?mortgaged for $94,406 69. 41 A Library of 109 volumes now at the residence of John W. Poinicr, Morriatowo, N. J , where my family is now boarding?full of bibles anil holy books. 46. The following articles of tiirniture at the above place? [particulars omitted out of respect for Mr Tappan] ?? ? a,.,?u HIIUIVUE, a\ n? ttoovu?(i arucuinr* omitted out ol respect lor Mr. Tappan.] 37. My own wardrobe. 38. Deposited with my attorneys to pay th? necessary fees in bankruptcy, $138 00 39. Deposited in advance, in the band* ol Mr. Poinier, for board of my family - balance Nov. 34, (88 31. Louisville, Ky. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Louisville, Ky., Dec. 6, 1842. Exchequer Meeting?Sin g\Jar Denouement ? Medical fsrture*?Behaviour of the Stttdentt. Jamks Gordon Bennett, Esq.? In pursuance of a notice in the late Gazette, a meeting was held at the Washington Hall to discuss the Exchequer. The great Texian hero and universal democratic chairman was appointed president, being well suited to be rated among a certain class whose character has been too faithfully l>ourtrayed by the immortal bard of Avon. " A sort of men whose visages Do cream and mantle like a standing pond; And do a wilful stillness entertain, With purpose to be dress'd in an opinion Of wisdom, gravity, profound conceit; As who should say, " I am Sir Oracle; Aad when I ope my lips, let no dog hark!" I Some difficulty was experienced in appointing a 1 secretary; but finally, after some little delay and confusion, this embarrassment was overcome; ihe meeting was then opened for the discussion of the Exchequer. Mr. Speed arose and said, that if there was any gentleman present who winhed to urge anything in favor of the Exchequer, he hoped he would do it, " otherwise," said S., "there is some probability that resolutions of rather a contrary character will he submitted." No proposition being made, Mr. Johnson offered a series of anti-Exchequer and anti-Tyler resolutions, which were di-cussed by that gentleman, Rr nald nnd Speed, b -fore the question was taken nn them. The editor of the late Gazette arose and spoke f or a long t ime in favor of the Exchequer; to use the speaker's own words, we are unable te say how successful Ins effort was in disjieliing error, or inducing investigation and a proper understanding of the subject. He spoke truth (unintentionally, however) when he said " he did an'icipatr very sudden convictions." We doubt whether he over induced unu tn ppfl.ipt iinnn fli*> rnEffor unrlor rluonco.on >? of what he even said, for never was more foolish arguments offered, or trasby sophistry used, hy any speaker, and yet he appeared so affected, and took ' such great pains to enforce upon the company what ' he said, as would make one well believe it had ' been well studied. " How his word* are suited, The fool hath planted on his memory An army of good words; and I do know As many fools, that stand in better place, Garnished line him, that for a tricksy word Defy the matter." t We would advise all good and true men not to put their trust in such as him. When a candidate J for legislation,in a late election, he declared himself a whig, a true whig, and no Tylerite. He de- ' nounced the charge of hia being a Tyler man with ' disdain, and pronounced it a false aspersion upon J his character and honor; and in the neat election , of President, he declared that he would be found in I the right place. Now what he considers the right place, would be hard to define. ' What rrscksr is this ssmo, that deafs our ears 'With this abundance of superfluous breath T" Mr. Speed rsnlied to the editor of the late Gazette, and literally used him up, to the exceeding delight of the audience. The etarnal Amos then rose to pour forth his eloouence. He spoke for some time, and might have been speaking yet, had he not been ordered to his seat. "Hespoksan infinite deal of nothing, more thin any man in the whole house. His reasons and arguments were as two grains of wheat hid in two bushels of chaff; you l IERA 842. shall 9eek all day ere you find them, and when you have them they are not worth theBearch." The question on the resolution was again ahout to be put, when the great Texian warrior rose from his chair, lay ing his hand impressively on his heart, uttered the following "a/< imo jttrinrr?"Gentlemen, can I, consistently wiih my views, consistently with mv well known principles, consistently with my dignity, consistently with tlie ledums ot my heart, (here he placed both hand*upon the seat ol his tender passions,) I sty. gentlemen, can I, consistently with all these tin nits, pin such resolutions to the meeting 1 No, 1 cannot. J must withdraw from the chair." The oracle thus having spoke, took his leave.? rionie little rmbarrasment was experienced to obtain anotherchairman. Aftersome difficulty, Mr. ripeed took the seat The question on Mr. Johnson's resolutions was then taken and passed, by a majonty of tour to one. My leper does not aHbrd room for the resolutions, or else they should be sent. When will the editor of the late Gazette get up another Tyler exchequer meeting 1 lu attending the introductory lecture delivered by the Professor of the Medical College, I could not help observing the unmannerly conduct of the students in general. Should one judge from their behavior on that occasion, he must come to the conclusi >n that they were totally devoid of refinement or decorous bearing, rk'nt should become them for the station tor which are intended ihey are both uncouth and rude in their carriage und manners. At the lecture of Dr. Y , delivered in the chemistry room,(being a lecture upon organic chemistrv,) lie students occupied, prii cipally. the two wings of the arena, Some sat on the back of the pew and extended their dirty boots over the back of the o|>positeseat?others would seal themselves lengthwise with the railing, and lean against the wall, supporting their lazy heads with a Cane, by putting it under their proboscis?quite a great number would retain uieir nuts upon uieir crumu ins, some cocked 10 one side, giving the wearer quite a quizzical or knowing look; others again would draw them close down upon their brows, assuming a grave look ol determination, such as blacklegs put on whilst playing puker at a bit ante. This should be In ked to, and the abuse corrected, as a large number of ladies are in the habit of attending, ?nd it must appear very disgusting to them ; besides, strangers would be apt to form bad opinions of the medical class, and not wiihout good reason. The weather h*B again moderated, being as warm and genial as the months of spring and summer.? Not a vest ge of ice can be seen in the river or creeks, which, but two or three days ago, were lull of large cakes ol Homing ice. Navigation has again o|>ened between this place and Pittsburgh, ihe impediment hitherto offered being removed. Little or 110 revival has taken place 111 business since niy last. Tue new theatre is still progressing, but will not be completed before spring. Yours A:c., Hawkeye. Philadelphia. [ Comxpoudeoce of the Herald.] Philadelphia, Dec. 10, 1842. James (Jorden Bknnktt, Esq:? Dear Sir:? Our goodly city has, at present, the peculiar happiness of containing several extraordinary lions, which, if they do nothing else, have the effect of keeping the mouths of the citizens extended with wonder, and their ears erect with astonishment.? There are the Seguins and Shrival at the The aire, and Milton J. Alexander at the Court-house?equal objects of attraction, and they draw equally crowded houses; the latter is the subject of operation during the day, while the former operate upon their subjects during the night?thus occupying between them both, the attention of our sober city, for about twelve, out of the twenty four h<?urs. It is a singular fact that the Seguins draw more crowded houses now than ever, and yet they are not so much admired as they formerly were. When I say that they are not so much admired, I do not speak of them individually, but as a rorpt, as which, of course, they include Mr. Shrival, who is not looked upon as equal to either Wood or Manvers. Another gap in the carp*, is the substitution ot Miss Coad (who is well enough lor an untutored child ol sixteen) for little Miss Poole, or Mrs. Daily, who were great favorites with us. The Manager is the only one who rears any advantage from this deficiency, for he is under lee* expense, and is in the receipt ol increased profits. The trial of Alexander for the murder of Lottfee. is drawing fast towards its close ; the senior counsel for the defendant, the Hon. Geo. M. Dallas concluded his most able and eloquent address to the jury this afternoon at 6 o'clock, and at 4 o'clock Ovid ! '. Johnson, Esq. (the Attorney General) commenced his lemarks on behalf of the commonwealth This gentleman is not so much distinguished for the brilliancy of his speeches as for the common sense view he takes of any subject, antl the forcible manner in which he explains and brings it home to the nttnd of every one of his hearers; he is seldom long in making his remarks, but he is always iKjwerful and explicit. He spoke until seven o'clock, when he concluded. He told the jury that in the conscientious discharge of his duty he whs compelled to ask at their hands, Hgainst the defendant a verdict of murder in the lirst degree. If the jury perform their duty, they will grant the request of the Attorney General, but that they will is very doubtful. , i On Monday morning Judge Barton in to churge the jury, and it is probable that on that day, or on Tuesday the prisoner's fate will be determined. The subject which has excited most asfoni.-hment ' amongst us, and which will be more than a nine 1 days wonder, is the rumored appointment (nnd I 1 have ascertained by authority only next to the Go- 1 vernor's, that the rumor is true) of the Governor's son, William A. Porter to the office of Sheriff of the county of Philadelphia, in the place of Henry Morris, lately deceased. This appointment has come like a thunderbolt amongst us, and astonish- | ed hoth parties, as well whigs as democrats; many aged an 'lioaiits. who thought thev ha J some richt to I ! expect the office, were disappointed ; and the whole community has been struck with the Corruption,and utter disregard of the public interest, and the public will, which has characterized the action of their chief executive officer. We have all witnessed with regret, the predeliction which Governor Porter has had to foist his relatives into lucrative offices, to perform the duties ol which they are entirely incompetent; he appointed his brother to a judgeship, which the latter resigned, lie apfiointed his nephew (a young man of about three and twenty,) prosecuting officer of Lan^a-ter county, and the present sheriff, (God save the murk) as soon as he attained the age of twenty-one, (which was not more than four months ago) was made deputy attorney general of this countv, and his talents were by no means equal to this office; vet, notwithstanding'his universally admitted fact, the Governor, ori the first opportunity elevates him to the important office of Sheriff, and puts him in possession of a salary, estimated at $10,000 per annum. This is certainly against every principle of delicacy and propriety, with a vengeance, and it makes the unsophisticated iliink that Porter is rather worse than hard cider ! thorns wise citizens propose us a remedy to this up [ ointment, to veto the further growth of any of the citizens of the community ; for they say if we are to have hoys for our chief officers, society in generaj should r.e composed only of children, f^ince this appointment hasbeen spoken of, and it has been ositively asserted that if Governor has no male relative, who can be appointed to the vacant judgeship of the court of General Sessions, it is his intention to send his wife to this city, and we shall be lonored by Mrs. Porter, assuming the mantle of our Prt sidpnt Judge ; land we have no doubt she would lo her duty belter and honester than many of the old women in breeches who now fill such situations.?Ed. H*r ] pirslinoua. Lake Navigation ?Advices from the West an jounce the safe arrival of the Ill-nom at Chicago, and Missouri at IJetroit, nfte? unparalleled difficul en. it is thougnt in at rxitn Doats wm winter nt heir refi|teclive porta. The Preble and M.Oliver ? Ai-re seen entering lake St. Clair, and mav lie by ' his lime lying safe in the vicinity of Detroit. The ? chr. C. Walker is yet to be heard from; alao the <ol. Jnnenu, and n schr. called the Herald, of Mai- ' len. It is known that there are three veaaela beach, d on the west side of F.oni? Point, from which no 1 ntelligence has yet been obtained, unleaa they have 1 ieen visited by the Revenue Cutter. The achr. ' leindeer, and aloop Cotrwtn, left port this morning ' or the wreck of the Florida, near Point Abino, with t view to obtain such [>ortioneof the cargo na can ( ?e got ni.?Buffalo Cam. Adr . fl Bankrapt List. a SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK " Richard F. Ledwith, Brooklyn, merchant. j Wm. B. We.tefTelt, Harentraw, clerk. Henry Lewi* King, New York, carpenter. Wm. H. BUnemeta, N. Y., tailor. H. O. Norton, N. Y , dry gooda dealer. u I'almerCleveland, Wilfiamihtirg. ? Albert Ooodlrr, N.Y., merchast ts Caleb llyatt, N. Y., rareentee " Israel A. Cromwell, N. * , clerk LD. i" t'lHl Two Uiiti, altlmon. [Correspondence of the Herald.J Baltimore, Dec. 10, 1842 Mr. Jamer G. Bennett, Esq. Dkar Sir :? I |>erceive by your paper of the 9th, that you hare stationed, or intend to station, Mr. W. H. Attree ?t Washington. This, 1 think, will give general satisfaction to the readers of the Herald. Washington, during the sea-ion of Congress, is the scene ( many ot the most amusing and entertaining affairs. as well un matters pertaining to state, that transpire anywhere in the Union; and 1 think it is highly proper that you should have there a letter writer capable of reporting matters and things, in that graphic, philosophical, racy, original, and conuc style, lor which the " Herald" stands pre-eminent. The past week has been one of considerable incident in Baltimore. Signor Nagel has given two concerts, and gives a third one to night. Last night there was a mass lempcrancv meeting at Washington H ll,andagreat many signed the pledge. Oa Wednesday night the Independent Fire Com|>any had a grand hall at Washington Hall, which was numerously attended. Mr. Woodbury lectured on Thursday n ght before the Murray Institute; and Brother Moffit, who is still here, had a lot of line women to hear him last nigh' hi the Wesley Chapel. So you perceive there is some little stir here, tint we want a grand smash?something to write about. It is easy enough to write about nothing, but folks get tired of it. Business continues very flat here; several sales of flour have been m de through the week at $4 37J ; Guy Mills and Howard st. at #4 l'2J; the inspection for the last week amounts to 11,600 barrels, and 960 hall barrels. Next Wednesday is set apBrt for a day of thanksgiving; the morning is to be appropriated to praying, the middle of the day to eating, and the afternoon and evening according t? iltc fancy ot different persons. There will be a ball iu the evening, at which I tiuve no doubt " your most obedient" will be lound. If anv of your New York friends would like to come on and participate in any of the festivities on next Wednesday .pack them up and consign iliem to Jt-OMPOLINO. [From the Philadelphia Times.] Love and El.ortME.NT ?We mentioned, a week or two ago, the romantic elo|>ement of 'he wile of Capl. Thomas Blackstone, of this city, with a young artist named James Morton M'lJowell, the parties taking wnh them in iheir flight considerable properftr lioUiouiun lti*s Kov. u..^/l k M'Dowell is on exceedingly handsome man, of small figure and neat proportions. He dices like and much resembles the celebrated " Box," and cultivates an extensive und irresistible goattt. Though young, lie is married, und has a wile living up in Spring < iarden?the daughter of a highly res|<ectatile citizen, Charles Pearson, late of thePenn Township Bank. Mrs. Blackstone, every body knows is a splendid looking woman, voluptuous in fmure, form, taste and inclinations. Her husband is not quite the loveliest being, nor the youngest in the human creation. Mrs. B. has lour children, and was never suspected of being one of the Vestales. The lady and her husband discovered that their habits were uncongenial, nnd the two recently " agreed to disagree," and make a separation. The proi>erty was equally divided between them, but the iadv, taking a notion to el"pe with Mr. M'Dowell, with whom she had first picked up an acquaintance in the streets, nnd who had thus been made intimate with all the tumily, not only carried off her own share, but appropriated the larger |>orticn of her husband's. Mrs B. seems, indeed, to have been the principal offender throughont the whole matter. She acted with hold recklessness She not only made her mantua-maker, a Mrs. Porter, in Chester street, her lull confidante, hut bribed all her servants to secrecy, and thus practised the most flagrant improprieties with Mr. M'Dowell constantly in the very lace of day. She had the means to do this. Mr- Mc imwen was (wiiniless. rue was eomtorianiy ncn. Her mother, the celebrated Mrs. Yc?he, left ai her $1500 a y**^T? $>500 a year to Mrs B. in her right, and $1000 a year to Mr. ttnd Mrs. B conjointly. This $500 a year Mrs. B. lavished on McDowell, and paid out in various ways to conceal her liaiton. She even got money from her hunhand to buy linen, then took that linen and paid Mrs. Porter to make it up into shirts for McDowell! The guilty couple left this city together in the latterpart of last October- The day before, Mr. McDowell hi'ed a furniture car had it backed up in front of Mrs. Blacks'one's nouse, No. 168 north Eleventh street, (or rather he had it backed up against the adjoining house,) and had put in it five packages of clothing, bedding and linen tied up in sheets, which the carman removed from the garret. Mrs. IV superintending the whole mancnuvre. All this time her husband, Captain B., was absent from the city. A trunk containing jewelry, plate, female apparel, fcc.., wasalsonut in the car The servan'a of Captain B. stood looking on. Mi Dowell gave the carman orders to drive rapidly down to the corner of Eighth and Walnut street?the lady looking very excited. At the corner alluded to, McDowell overtook the carman, and directed the things to be taken to his office in Eighth street, a few doors below Walnut. The same day McDowell sold out all his office furniture to the kee|>er of a second hand store at Sixth and Race street. The next day the loving couple eloped, carrying all the goods with them, leaving this city early in the morning for Baltimore. Thence they proceeded to Cincinnati, where they arrived, and took board within two squares of the Mayor's office. As soon as Captain R. returned and discovered his less, he had warrants issued for the arrest of McDowell. Officers Woodruff' and Russell soon got on the track of the fugitives, and compelled them to flv from Cincinnati, where they were ex;>nsed, and turned out of their boarding house. They represented that they were going to Louisville, int m fact returned to this city, by way of Ualtirnore. The cause of this detour, was the receipt of a ctter by Mrs. B. from her confidnnte. the Mrs Por or. It sfcms, the Intrer had confided the whole ecret to a girl that had served her time with her, ind still worked for her. This girl, while working n the family of A. De Kalb Tarr, Esq , betrayed the ecret to Mrs. Tarr The latter told her husband; re told Oa|?'ain Blackstone,and apian was arranged o entrap the runaways. It succeeded, and they returned to this city. When the fugitives arrived at Chester, on their way herr from Baltimore, suspecting mischief, they nit up at Price's hotel, under the names of Mr. and Mrs ,T A. Smith, and Mrs. B. started alone forthia ity to reconnoitre. When arrived, she went to he office of her husband's attorney, B. H. Brews, er, Esq , to afcertam if there was a process out igainst her lover, but ostensibly to get the deed of reparation between her and her husband. Mr. Ir'-w-trr, having an eye to business, directed her to turn next evening, and in the interim communi ated with the captain The next evening she died, and was confronted by her husband Here he represented that she had abandoned Mr Mcdowell at Cincinnati. The Captain pretended infifference, and assured her that he should give litnself no further trouble m the premises, &c dec. She had taken board at Mrs. Emma Nugent's, Mo. 165 Race street, as Mrs. J. Smith. She sent word to Mr. McDowell that all was right, and he :ame up last Wednesday. When they met in the wrlorsnch a scene of hugging and kissing! "My lear husband!" and " My dear wife'" as well as ;very other term of endearment, were used s<> pro'usely as to excite suspicion. Folks really united ire rarely so affectionate I They employed a notorious person named Wright o go to Chester for their baggage. The order for it was signed by McDowell. Wbenhegol there, officer Fisher, who had been dodging the parties from laltimore, was on the spot, and discovered the bagMge by the ladies' full length portrait. He arrested IVright, took lutn before Squire Barfram. who offered him commuted in default of $1500 bail.? Wright gTew alarmed, confeawd all, and agreed to nd hi the arrest of McDowell. They returned to tins city, and at an eurly hour in Saturday morning, went to Mre. Nugent V and up to the chamber door of the parties Wright knocked, and assured them that all was safe. The -four was opened, officer Fisher pushed his way in, Mrs H rushed out of the rooin almost in pnrunnaurahbu* Hnd ran shrieking up the garret stairs. HcDowell was airested in bed. He dressed, went iver to Dohnert's, swallowed a tumbler of brandy, nd accomiwnied the constable to the police office, t here in default of #4000 bail, (#1600 on a charge f adultery, and #2600 to answer to the bill of inictment found against him for larceny,} he was ommitted to prison. Stephen E. Rice, Eaq. is his ounsel, and as the gay Lmthario enveloped in a lagnificent cloak, retired in prospect of Moyamening, he exclaimed, with that pathos which those 'ho have never heard him can begin to imagine, God Mpun

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