Newspaper of The New York Herald, 16 Aralık 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 16 Aralık 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII. Wo. 337.?Whole Wo. 3198 rOK MW OHLKANS. L ?M de?i>a:ch iliip from thiii port ou the lit, JchlltA, l*hj "j"* ttlli ol rich mouth, comm. ucju* the IM October endi eowunoinj until May, when ngaler d?yi will be appointed far the re? iSmd.-r of the yew. wheieDT freet deUyi ??d !?'!??* Will Iw p-eiculrd ilurinif the luuworr motPUi. 1 ho lollowiB* ?hip? wi!! cninim-uce thli errancrmeBt Snip VA/.tXl, Cuiaarti Cornell. Slip OCONEE, t'lprun Jackioa. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. I.OUI -VILLF. Captain Hn it. Slop HHAKSPKARt. Ciptiin Ship OAS TON, Captain Calh"tn. Ship HL .NTs vIl.l.K. Capiat" Stamford. M. ; Ol. ;i l.l' I. K, t.i|??? Lr.vm Ship MKMrtll8, Capcua Knight. Ship LOUISA, laprain Multoish Three snipe writ- .ill btnic in the city of New York, expreas1 for i*cki r?, ne of liirhl draft of water, hare recently been wl> ena-rnl snd put ill spleudut order,with accommodations lor pMseu&era une<Jfc?Med lor comfort. They arr commanded by experienced masters, who will make erery eaertion to (ire gmrral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by ,iir.iniDoata. Nntlirr the owner* owcaptaiiu of tlieae ships will be responsiblr for jewelry, bullion. precious atouea, ailver or plated ware, or for auy lattrra, parcel or package, tent ty rpct en board of thea,*i. lr?a regular Vil.'a tf .ading ore taken for the un( .and (lie value llieieou eipreaaed. V?r freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO.,* 8<mthat,or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orients, who will promptly forward all gooda to their address. The ships of tliia line ere warranted to tall pnuctnally as advert laed, and great care will be taken lo have the goods ooireetly measured. nit NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. I*" eilfrom New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the ljth ?/ rach month. mk jttfc Kaon Nkw Yoaa. Ship OARRICK, Captain Win. Bkiddy, 25th October. Ship KOSClUft, Captiiu Jehu Collins, 25th November. S.hi|i 8IDDONS. Captaii. E. II. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depsyster, lit, January. Kbom Ltvr.apoet. .Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeystrr, Pith Novem'r. Ojtup UARltICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 1.3th December, nihil' UOSClU8, CijiLain John Colliua, 13th January. Tne?' dries are ail ot the first class, upwards olTHd tins, built in urn city of New York, with sacli improvemeaita a scombine great speed with unusual comfort Or jKUscngers. Every care har bent taken m the arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of icuiagr hence is $100, for which ample stores will be .orided. These ships are commanded by experienced -asters, whn will make every exertion to give general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners ol the ships will be responsible tor at y letters, parcels ..r packages sent by them, nnloss regular h N Of lading are signed therefor. For treight oi passage, amity to E. K. COLLINS is CO., 56 South St., New York, or to WM. it IAS. BROWN A CO., Li'erpool. Letters by the packet- will be charged 12J< cents per single sheet: '.fl rents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. ol NEW YORK A\'D LIVERPOOL REGULAR COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. Sit ifilb j$$|y OLD E.vrABLl"lED ^S8AGKOFFICE, 61 SOUTH STREET. The snbscribrr in announcing his arrsugemrnts for the year 1842, appear* befope his friends with sentiments of sincere respect tor the. able support he has received for mauy years past.? He likewise wishes to call the attention of those intruding to seutl for their friends residing in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times lie accommodated by this I ine, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool^ as well as Dy all t he well known nitlrrnil lint's 01 |>acket ships, sailing to and I rum Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13lh, 19th and 23th ofeach mouth throughout the Tear. ft hai always oetu the stod)' of the snbscricer to have the emigrants shown cmlity, and despatched without delay, and those who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attention will be givan by the Liverpool agents to those sent Ibr, as well aa all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage has been paid not em jark, the inouey will be refunded without any charge. The subscribe! feels s pleasure in making known the differ ent shies by which his passengers came out during the last year, which lias givan general satisfaction, and that he has consiuermuly extended and concluded his arrangements for the year 1842 T lie following it a list of ships >? Slops Scotland, llobinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Foil field, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort, Russell. TVrone, Si**are. / Russell Glover, Howes. Wales, Watts. Hiberuia, Wilson. Westohestrr, Ferris. Alfred, Cheever. Osceola, Childs. Clifton, Ingersoll. St. Cloud, Emerson. Lou is i die. Alien. New York, Niven. Soliieskie, Emerson. Warsaw, On (lit hs. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. a TallK.t, Storey. N. Hampshire, Herding. Pontiles, (foodmanson. Robert Isaacs. True man. Virginia, K.-.ton. Europe, liatcneldor. S. Jenkins, Seymour. A free im*?s,-e from the different ports of Ireland and Scot and, can also be_ secured, and drafts furnished for any amouut. pstable at tke National and Provincial Brnki of Ireland and their letpcclive branrliea, and also on Morsrs. J. St W. Robinsou, Liverim-d, which are paid free el any charge, throughout p he Uuite ! Kiu'tdom. For further i uticulnrs *vnly to iOrlo HERD MAN 61 South street. OBINSJON, 15 Ooree Piazzas, u.d ti ap 14 No. 1 Neptune St.. Waterloo Dock Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. nffifr nlfiL fpHE OLIwriSlE of Packet^Sr Liverpoo^wiiniereafter be 1 despatched ill the following order, excepting that when the dny of soiling falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding do y. For New York. For Liverpool. Ths SOUTH AMERICA, i June 1 July 19 ti!6 tons, \ Oct 1 Nor 19 D. G. Bailey, f Keb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, f Jnne 19 Auk 7 7501 on*. a Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Wait*, f Keb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 Hon ion*. < Not 1 Dec 19 J. Ralhbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, SJu,7 " 7 613 ton*, < No* 19 Jan 7 K. O. Marshal ( Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, I Aug 1 Sept 19 618 ton*. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowbrr. f April 1 May 19 Th?ifeW YORK, Aug 19 Oct 7 f 903 tom, ' Dec It Keb 7 T. B. Cropper. | April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE. Sept I Oct 17 150 ton*, '.Jan 1 Keb 17 W. CBarolow.l 1 Mr.y I June 19 The COLUMBUS, I Sept It No* 9 TOO turn, .Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Col*. May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, e* le^airfa the day ol" sailing, will be observed a* h--? The i rice of passage outward i* now died at One Hundred Dollar*, for which ample stores ofever* description will he provided, with the exception of wine* and liquor*, which Will be furnished by the steward*. GOODHUE h CO., 61 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, 31 tfurling-*Iip, N. T. jsJtJrh B A RING BROTHERS It CO.. lWITAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. ii; ^ iflit Tlie subscribers beg to call the attention of their friends ami ihe pub'ic generally, to their su|ierior arrangement* for bringing ont pisseiure.' from, and remitting money to, any par* ol E ngland, In land, Scotland or Wales, in tne magmhcent pack -t * hips, comprising the ' NEW UNK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.? Ship K08C1U8, (J.ajit. Collins. Ship 8! DDON'd,Captain Cobb. Ei'ip SHr. IMDAN, Captain Dep*yster. Ship GAHRK K, < i.iptain Skid ly. New ihiu HOTTI NGUeR, Captain Bursley. Ship SOU THV.RNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship koCHEBTKR.Ca|g?in Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captain K'dredjte. Sailing twice evtry mouth; <ud with the" UNITED LINE," composed of aupenor first class American ships, sailing e*ery U-n days, will ni ike fi*s ships in each month throughout the year, (crone e*ery six days) thereby preventing the possi in) t* ot unnece-sery detent ion. Persons wishing to send forihei' friends, will not fail u> see he advantages to be derived <rom selecting this line in preference to an* ether, end they may rest assured that unusual care will be taken to Uckr die passage agreeab e, the ships being fit c,! up with an eye soIeK to the eorn'ortof patsergers. I i ail cases where the patties sent for declia* coming, the mtun y will bs refund d without any d tluction, at usual A fro . taisge Irom ih : tiimous seaports of Ireland and Scotland, ' RKMITTANCEg Persons iu Ihe country wishing in irnd money to their friend* by ?n-'in * Iheinm tlirv n ish sent, with the name anil address of the psrtiei le receive it, m. y rely on a draft for the mount bong t'nwarded per ftr<; picket, after 1'ie receipt toercof, sud an aoitnowledgonmnl for the raise returned per math l>nfU at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, withont diic..uut ?r any o.h r charge, at the National and froviit* I it 11 ni.sof|re'a d and brin, lie,, Kait.rn Bank of Scotland, Greenock. and their brauch?e, Mee-r?. James Bait, Son It Co., l?inkei(, Loudon, and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and iu . ee.y principal town of Great Brim. and Ireland. Further p uticnUrs made known application, if by letter, pO.t 1 o(l,?" .by r W. k J. T. TAPBCQTT. ? Peck Blip, N. York. M~ jjh I At K IcTB rOR MAKHEinr^Th. ond.'SSI^TTed ahit-s villi We regularly dispell hed from hence aad from Marseille! on the latofeaeh month during the year, thu.? From Sew York. Ma-aeilloa. MINKHV A,t>;itJrnwn, N?rl. Jan I H'KY TIIOM I'sflnt, Cop Sylvester, Dee 1. Feb I COL HI h.K. Caid Logan, Jan 1. Marl TREMCOTT, Caid Lewreueo, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adami. Mirl. May I t uKIOLANUa.Cnp Halle, Apl 1. Jan 1 Tliey are all eonperee and topper fastened,and liaye rirellent accommodations for presenters. The price of rabtu passage will bo $100, eieluaive of wiaoa and I i jUors. Goods .o!'1 to BOYD k HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwtrden free of other charges than those actually paid. For freight or paaaago apply to O. BROOM k CO., or to oMr BOYD k HINCKKN, Ago?. li-t llT-ALK "BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL oVdWV Pickett ?The only Regular Packet that sip I on the JMigldrgo TTb ot Dec ?The new and elrgantpacket ship NEW Y tlliK, burthen 1000 tons, Captain Thomas B. Cropper, will Sill poeitirely ou Monday, the ISui of December, her regular day. l'he sccommodations of tins well known favoiite lino of , rati.i.,ad I .hill and steerige passr nger< ate unsnrjmv eil by .".iy ot er line or ihip loading for the above port. Persons to embark for the old country will find it to their comlort and ad t mirage to chooae ihia conveyance i i pr. fereuce toa yolu r. For trrtns of passage, anil to secure the best he.rl.v |.| !y ou board, foolol Berkmsnstreet, or to the snhHOCHE BROTHERS k CO., 3i Enlton sc, nest door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8. Tha New York will aail from Liverpool on :ho Ttn Februn V. IMJ? ih.oe sending for ineir relatnes rsn hsre ihem in her, or in any of the PaeJttb of this Line, which v*'1/'*" 'hst pott oa the 7th and 19th of every Month. For \. 1 "irt. ?l!eT|i" bet Tsiiip Cambridge wlU succeed tho New Vorlu and asul for Liverpool on the let of January, her regw E NE NEV NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ?*5B?? Pare redaead to 49 cents. Krom (ne toot of Courtlaadt (treat, N?w York. (Kverv day?Sunday aiat opted.) Loaves New York Leaver Newark M A. M. At i P.M. At 7>t A. M. At IK P- M "K do 4 do. t do. 3>? do. <X do. 9 do 6 do. ,7 do. It II do. ON SUNDAY*. Fiom the foot oi Cuurtiandt street. L<-i vr New York, Leave Newark. At A. M. auii 4K P. M. At 1W P. M. and K P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Laare Nan York. Leave Elisabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. i P.M. MA..-J. IX " I9k A. M. tSr.M. ,*M. 9* " The trains for Weatfield, FtainAeld. Boundbrook, Somerville, he., connect with tiie 9 A M, land 4JK P M trains Irona New Yotk, daily, Sunday a excepted. Fare between New York and Elixabeth Town IS cents. Kara between do and Somerville, 75 cents. VFW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. F rom the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At A. M. At JX A. M. 8" $ 'i 9 P. M. On ttandays the JK and 7H A.M. trips from New Brunswick and P. M. train from New York, are unitted. Fare between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cents, tlaliway, SO cents The fare in the 5>f and 7|? A. M. train from New Brunswick, and IJa and t\ M. from New York, has been te doceu. New York and New Brunswick, to 54 cents. " ind Rahway to V% " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re reive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickers are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchased. anil 3n>* WINTER ABB/ NOEMENT. NEW YORK AND Pmi. V.C*lA^ILR01T!J LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leare New York, from the loot of Liberty atreet, dally, at 9 AM and 4X1' M. The morning cone proceeds to Bordentown, lrom thence by rcJmnoat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (oppoaite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot o( Liberty atreet. where a commodious steam bo It will be in readinesaa. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conreyed from city to citar, without being opened by the way. Each train ia provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing room* expressly for thp Laches use. Reluming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foet ol Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, snd 4 P M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. ?28 3m*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS r\R FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. By lhc"1ii>us.itonic It n It, ml, ilirongli I'.om tins City to Albany in Twelve H >urs. Leaves si 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Honsatoni Rail Road Company, to run an Express Car (exclusively for our owa purpose) daily, over their road with the passenger train, running through to Albauy in twelve hours, and arc now prepared to receive and forward at low rates. Specie. Bank Notes, Packages, Bales snd Cases of Goods, Ac., for any of the above named or int-rmediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and auc.h other business as maybe entrusted to tiiiyrcare. ( <12r fU.MEKOY A CO 2 Wall s'reet, New York. NEW YORKAND HARLEM HAIL KOAD COMPANY. Decern bes 5th, 1843, the car* will ruu daily as follows pLeave City Hall for Leave Harlem Leave William'' Bridge Williama' Bridge, for City Hall. far City Hall 6 30 A. M. 8 W A. M. 8 00 A. M. 9 " 10 '0 " 10 20 " 11 30 1 10 P. M. 12 50 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " 5 40 " 5 23 " 5 30 Harlrra only. 6 30 " City Ht'l and Twenty-seventh street Line will rnn as fn'lows:?Fr-m 7 30 A. -V1. every ten mioutei throughout the day till 7 P. M. Paueriaera for Westchestrr. Throe's Neck, Eastchester, New Kochelle, Mamaroneck, Horse N'ck.Noith Caallr, Rohbins' Milla and White Plai s, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. triin from City Hall. Peaaenvera for Yonkerm will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, F, M. tr.vina from City Hall. nVI liri'm PUL.LEN & COPP'S NEW \okW, AL*Ty7. 1'kutf ASriSSTkEAL EXPRESS. Mcaara. Harndrn It Co. having disposed of their ronte tram New York to Albany and Troy, the subseribera, the old conductors of Hvrnden A Co'a Northern Express, from New 'York, will eontiune to ran aa heretofore-leavin^ New York, Albany and Troy, Daily , and connects! Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Ei press, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Pack iges Bundlea.Cases of Oooda. Ac., to any place between N?w York and Montreal, ana I throughout the Canada'*. Alao East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention Will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, lie., and prompt returns made for the same. pullex fc corr. Offices? Pullen It Corp, IH Wall street, Now York. Tnos. (tough, 15 Eichange, Aloany. A G. Filkiua, 223 River street.Troy. 8. Jacob'* Exchange Court, St Paul it. Montreal. REFERENCES. Ngw Yong. Albany. Tboy. Prime, Ward It King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co., Thus. Oongh. P. W eifa, John T. Smith, k Co., 8. K. Stow, Penoen k Hoffman, C. 8. Douglass, Carpenter b Vermilye, F. Leake Ilouvhron k Co. Drew, Robinson k Co. n24 lmr NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Nobwich >bd Worcester Railroads. Composed of the following anperior steamer* running in connec'ion with the Norwich k Wore eater and Worcester k Boeton Rail Ho*'1*? WORCESTER, Cape. J. H. Vanderbilt NEW HAVEN, Capt J. K. D us tan. CLEOPATRA, fcapt . On and aftei Monday, Nov.2lst,this line will be nan tri-weekly.leaving New York, Tneadaya, Thnrsdaya and Saturday a only, at 4 P. M. ***& caafia CgBP The new and splendid steambwt NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Doatan, wifl leaveerery Tuesday, Thursday sen! Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwdVded immediately on the arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peca slip, np stair*. All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of the above boats or owners. n2Sr I dfip FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of th? ?th January, RjfjfW 1813?Th- splendid new packet ship ASHBURTON, Mlu -spt H lluttleson, will sail a* above, her regular day. ] Ha-tug molt superb accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passenger*. Persons wishinv to embaak should mage early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine corner of South street P 8?The above will b" succeeded by the packet ship Ste- ( pheu Whitney, and sail on the 13th of January, 1043. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in 'he old country can < have them hroneht not bv eilhei of ih? ' the regular pickets, by applying aa above, if oy I'etlrr noat paid. _dI4 10 jy7r fiffg- FOR LONDON.?Regular pocket ol Ihr 20th ol ' sclriididid fiat auling packet ahip fiCudfcWEHTMINSTEIl, Capt Moore, will aail punctual- J ly as above. Having eery aupeiiov accommodations lor eabin.aeeond cabin 1 and steerage paaaengers, person* wishing to embirk ahoald make early application to JOSK.CH MrMlrtttAf, 100 Pine at., cor. Sooth. P S?The above will be succeeded by the packet ahip Saint , Jamea, Captain Sebor, and aail on the lat Jannary, 1843. Peraona wt>hia( to aend for thek (rirndf rending in the : oldccnntry, can bare them brcaght ont by the above ahipe, or any of the r rattier packeta, by applying aa above;; if by letter, poet paid. 31 r JJKP- roR LONDO.M-Pacaet ot 3*h Dee.-The JW^^eplendidfait iwclet eliip WESTMINSTER. JKMbCapt Moore, will eeil pnncloally aa above, her i rrftilar day. 3 lita very- anperior aeeemmodaliona for cabin.'eecoud cabin f and ateeraae peeeeogers, "ho will ba taken at reasonable ratea r on application to 4 1 W.kJ. T. TAP8COTT. 41 Peck flip, or jt Sooth atreet, coruer Jooea' Una. Pereona to aend lor their fnenda can have them t bvonnhtoot in thiaahip or any of the line, on reasonable ttini. r and drnto for any amount twyable on demand witboat diaeount i?all the ptineipal towna of England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, can at all timra be had on application aa above, dllr ^ FOR LIVERPOOL.?Packet 30th December.? JffjWyTIi rdentlid faat aailing well known oacket ahip JflftaCwHOrTIIKHNKK. I aptain Palmer, will aail poai- i ureTyiaaSov,, her regular tlay. J 1 he ahip. cf thia line are all 1000 tone burthen, and opwarda, h and their accommodations lor cabin, aecond rabin and tteerage passengers, it is well known, are antierior to any other line of packeta. r or passage. early application rhonld be made to o W. fc J.T.TAP9COTT The SOUTHERNER leave. l"??oIoMr&Wv. g 1143. Peianni wi.hing to aend f.r iheiVfHenda, to come ont in the above aplepdid ahip, or any of -he regular line, can make the ( peccary arrangement, on reasonable term. ; and tho e wiah- c ing to r mil money can have d.alt. I"r any amount, p.yable on d mand. in al. the on -c.ipel town, of Great Britain .nd Ireland, on application aa above di4r KftMITl AN* BS TO'IRELAND fce. k^~ wfJJVTbe aubacribar continues to transmit money, In auma AWtthriargs or amall to peraona residing in any pan of Ire- i I mil. Hi flie aame ir.anner \a ha, and hia predaeeaaar in bnaineaa have done for the. laat hirty yeara, and more; also, to any < part ol England or Scotl ind. , Money remitted bv letter (postpaid) to the anbaenber, or t -ersonafly deposited witn him, with the name of the tenon or peraona hi Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom It la to be < sent, and nearett noat town, will ba immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for warded to the tender t In like manner money with or elaima on peraona in any pert ol I Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the eabacri aer, for persons residing in any part of the United States, or ' * Woi#?*^SSftl!.r jr.. ? Coda, at. w rc 7 YORK, FRIDAY MORI ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA. ISLAND Of CUBA. CHARLES DUNNli WATERLAND. PRINCIPAL. rriIIS Academy waa established two years t^u, under the pw A tionage of the former lulendeoi General olthe island, and other duliucniahed individual! of tile uobility tad intrrhutt of tins city. It i conducted on the planof the Oe mm "ttmnv i?;" uul the method of tnition ia tha "uiterrofetive." All the scholars understand the English lancnate, and many of them apeak it htbitaally and tiuenlly The Principal has the einortruce of achoola in Fianco, Germany, England, and the United Statee. Hia chief aim la to tiie the youth eutruated to Hia care a practice knowledge of those brauchee of a poli e edur iiion, which are required in all active careera, and are applicable to any. The courae of atndy, t'nrefore, rooiprrhenda the Knglieh, French. German and Spanish latuuatea; Htatory,Geotra .dues, Natmil Phlloaopliy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Draw I una of variona k tuda. lYolrsaon of div ra asthma and acquirements reside in the eatabliabineut; .ud all the claaacarcceiTO, in rotation, instruction uoin the director. u?^k 1 i~ s . .. . i;r.? nu alU'Unt'U im? plan OI tUlitOtl, mat VTt ral of the pupils, under teelre van o'ages, write and speak two foreign liu.g^o, m a perfectly intelligible manner, and those of nper years, correctly sod easily. The acqntsiuoa, nut only of tiie Spanish, bat alio of other languages, is thus placed within Die reach of the youth of the United Su.tei, withnat ita bring nrrruarr for them to relinquish the many ad ran'area Mhtcliaecrnr trom anKnglish education. The iinject of the fnncipal in deairiug to reetire you tin from the United Btdei, to facilitate the acquirement i of the Engl.?li accent for tm Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introduce here the manly ipintof the English achooli. The young, citi- I sens of the United States can hare uotluug to fear trom the eli- I mate. Die houae brine apacmua and airy, anuated in a healthful pot, at a short die'once from the city; and couuining wilhinits limits,afine bath and complete gymnasium for the preservation of the pupili'health. Two youths, lately arriTed from Germany, hare pasted the summer in the school in perlect health. As the principal u a married man, and his wife and sister hare charge of the joniordepartinent: children are receired at any age hu; tnat of nuiucy. Every pupil enjoya hit leligiuus opinions undisturbed. The terius arc tUX) pier auunm, payable three months in adyance There are no eitris except clothea ind books. Refer.ncea?.MESSRS. CI1AS. DRAKE fc BROTHERS. ALEXANDEtt MORALES, ESQ., nil Ha eons. HMOUSE KUKN1SHIXU WAREHOUSE.?WORAM St HAUUHWOUT.ibl Broadway, Manufaclarera, Agents | and Comrnisaion Mcrchaiiu, ha?e just received and are now opening a new and splendid assortment ot the fallowing arli clcs. vu Silvered, Hilt and Brume Oa Chandtliers, 6 to 20 lights. 1 Do Candle do * to U " Do Caudle Brockets, 1 to i " Do Uws BraCgcU, 1 tt I " Do uas Mantel Eights, I to 1 " Do Qirauaoies, IMS " C&wueoros, stoli " Astral Lamps, Hall ) amps and Lanterns, Reading Lunps i Ike. A new article ot Solar Camp, a rery superior article. I juhi , a uew article of Uetlecter lor improving the light of the old pattern ol' Astral Lamp. Also, a Dew style of kloreutine Bronte, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamps and Chsudeflert, for churr.nei, balls and public Buildings. Plated Wim. Baskets, Castors, Trays,Toast Kicks, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings, Butter Tabs, butter and krait Kaives, Suuffeis and Tnys, Coffee and Tea Urns, fee. kmc Table Cutlery, in setts and dozens; Japanned Tea Trays, in great rmnty of patterns and forms; flue cat gloss Bawls, Pitchers, Tumblers, IIn,hes, GobletJ, Decanters, Water Bottles, S uKars, fee. fee. W. fe H. beg respect 'ully to infoim their friends, customers, and the public gcitera.1 y,that their arrangement* with the manufacture are such i at they can sell all articles in their line at remaiksbly lowpri :es: and respectfully invite them to call and see their show ro ins which alone is sufficient te coinpcn sate I'or the trouble s22 3ui*r REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH IAIL0R1NG ESTABLISH ML NTIs ran .ived from Mi Broadway^o No. * Aator Morse ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garment* of a inost Jcgant suit kashiauable kind at a saving of 60 per cant for cash. rpHK advertiser di tns it unnecessary to resort to the hackf neyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, premuniiig that the leugth of time he has , been established, together will' rtis etteusive patronage bestowed on turn, will prove a sum rieul voucher for bis capabilities. Possessiiiir.'he advantage *1 being connected with an etteusive cloth establi. iimant in Kurupe he culidentlv- assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of geutlrmen's dress. slOSui 8. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House. Broadway LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUBBER GOODS TlfHOLICSALK AND RETAIL, No. I Wall street. Th *? subscriber ha* received and offers for sale a large assortment of imported India Robber Water Proof Goods, viz: Coats ana Capes, of superior Lama, Cashmere Lama, Persian, Menno and Cotton, of all colors and sixes. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Pi oof, super Lama, Liuna lY-rsiau sad Cottou, prepared for t ilor*. India Rubber Webbings lor suspenders, corsets, lie. ?sr..* . vytl/to. ftdtvftnai*l3uni. GliOTlXD SPICES AND COFFEE AT THE HOl'E .MILLS, 14 Markettirld street. between I!road ?nd Whitehall, Ule KT Eiizabetn street, New York. Office 12? Yrontat. Constantly ou hand, at the lowest market oricr* and in the nnnsl rarierv of rraclrwes. *X7 Sro m rPU PRINTERS AND 1 U BLISHEKa.?A youmt ma n I A * practi ml priutet. who u thoroughly acrjii tinted with hie business in nr. re de|<artnient and brain h, an wV? has h-.n employed in the capacity of reporter anil sub-editor on several hiKhly respectable journal*, is desirous of obtaining a situation in the country, to loku charier of, ami manage, a imill new*- 1 paper concerns. A remunerating salary will only be expected. Address, by letter, (post paid) X. Y. Z., at the HeraJd office. Respectable relerencea given and ttgairra. nIT jab BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL 8TKAM SHIPS, Of 1 Me.ten* and HI hone power each. Coder contract with the Lorda of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. (i. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will tail from Boston, via Halifax. KRoM LIVKJtrOOL. PROM ROSTOI4. Britannia, Hewitt, OA 4 Nor 1 Caledonia, Lott. Oct 19 Nor 16 Acacia, Rrrie, Nor 4 Dec I Columbia, Miller, Nor 19 Dec 16 Britannia, Hewiti, Dec 4 Jan I Passage .Money?Krom Boston to Liverpool, $131?llxton to Halifax (20. These shiia cany experienced surgeons. No Berths secured until paid fr r. Notr.?Merchandise and Specie (except for personal ex Dense*) ihipped under the name of luggage will be chanted a* freignt, aid liable toCuatoin Home Regulations. Apply to oiyr D. BHIOHAM, JR., No. i Wall-xt. TOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Strain Shin COLUMBIA, E.C. Millar, R. N., Commander, will leave Boa.on lor the above porta on Friday, Dec 16ih. Paaaage to Liverpool BUS. " Halifax $ 2fl. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, - 3 Wall afreet. jMS ax FALL AND WINTER AHHANUECL~ tHp.j* MENT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, KbJLL ou and after Monday, the 31st of October, run u followsTTeavina Middletown Point (tide and weather per mitiii'x) at 0 o'clock, and Keyport at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Returning, leave the loot of Rohm ion street, New York, every Tnesdav, Thursday and Saturday it It o'clock, noon, lonchiuitat Seguin's Dock each way. Stages will be in readiness to convey passengers to any part of the country. AU baggage at the risk of the owners. o23 2m*ec ___ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. On and after Dec. 3d, the steamer STATEN ISLANDER, will run as follows, until further notice LEAVE STATIN ISLAND. NEW YORK. IMA. M, 9 A.M. 10 12* tP. M. JK P. M. d3_r 4 V_ REGULAR OPPOSITION TO CATS if* KILL, and intermediate landings, wiihoui 'ow SEmhHCSKL,barnear^-Regular days from Cattskill, Man lava.^Wednesdavs and Fridays. Fiom New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Barordaya.?Fare to or from Cattakill, 00 cents. -Benin 1} cent?S'ipner 2J eenia. The new and fist steamer WAVE, Captaix Vanderbill. will e?re Robinson at. pier Thuraday Not. 17th, at lire oVIock. For furiht r particulars inqnire of the ca. tain on board. By an the dajs'aboye named, there will bi a daily com nanieatinn between Catakill and New York (and intermediate daces) for freight and passage it reduced pricee. nSr iCT- FOR LONDON?Packet of the 20th Dec., the suM*MFW|ieriur fast aadiou packet ship WESTMINSTER, Mmmtrn' 'Pt Atwood, will sail la above, her regular day. I as '?. > > i* tier accommodations lor calna, second cabin and teeragr passengcrs, who will bo taken at reuonahlr ratee ou mmediata application to JOHN HEHDMAN, jllir II Soothafreet. , FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINK?.Regular Packet o( JJtl December.?The Splendid Packet JHKaShip SIDDOfc'S, Captain E fl. Cobb, of 1M0 tona, Till |x>aiti?cly eail ae aboee, her regular dae. For freight or lasaaga, hart of accommodations anetiualled for splendor or omfort, a|>?ly on Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreel, r to E. k. COLLINS It CO. M South atreet. , Price of paawa, $IM. The racket Ship Sheridan, Cant F. A. Da Pcyster, ol 1001 ous. will auscaud the Stddons, and aail the 25th January, her t ranlar day. | L ttera IW the ships of this will only be received at Gilpin'a nd HalaS N'ewe Room. Passengers may rely on the ehipa of thie line sailing pnnctn tlr > adrertiaed. d 4 c MS; FOR LIVERPOOL? Recelar Packet of the 77th I0VW. Deremher? The apleutlid, laat aailina packet ahip HKlNDirENDENCb, Capt Wye, will .ail a. .bore i er regular day. For passage la cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage. hiring plaodw aceoainindationa, apply on board, foot oi Maiden lane, r to JOSEFfi McMURRAY, j 100 Pine atreet, corner of South atreet. ( P. 8.?The abore will bo .accorded by the packet thai Vir , inia, Aapt Allin. and aail op 11 Dec. Peraone wtailing to a?nd lor their friends, residing in the Old j Country, can have them bro tylit out by thia ahip, or any , if the regular packet., by applying as abore, if latter peat paid. J ji?V ti2*>r FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOATS. ' lit- THE object of tliia inrantloniat aarc human life. ' Jf?Mfy.The number of paaaengers and other persona aared by yUggpthrae boata from wrecks in alorma when the ordinary ' kmU lute awami ed la o?cr IJ?. The rniniherof peraona droe-n- J d for want ol the Life Boata a? the burni g aud wrecking of ' ileamhnali and other vvaaela ia according to acconnti | ubliahed ha past mouth orer 5J?. It as impoaaible to iwimn thia boat. 1 1 he price rariea from $7S to to SIM, a cording to the number ' >1 peraona they are requirrd to carry, with the bottom store in. [ The class of boata for locking np men falling orrrhoard, are *> light an to require hnt two men to handle them, and by the ' ??w apparatus can he aat it the the water tu 30 aeconda, with wo men in her ready for the rescue. Aa the safety of remain d aoa oependa mainly on the service! of tba craw, thia clam of ha IRK ] VING, DECEMBER 16. 1 nl?ll.jW'8 RIDINO SCHOOL, 4?l Bowary.?W. J. ^ DAVIB. (Irom Kuroiw) Profane or. E?'?iiu etui for gentleman will commence on Mxtdif evening, 12th iu?uut, and couuaae each Monday and Friday evening, during the a'aeon 8 flee! i?ir*iea of ladiea and gentlemen, can be accommodated with iuitrnition on Tueaday and Thntaday eveninga of each week. A Military clu? for the inatruction of gentlemen in military horeeu>anahi|> to commence on Wrdneeday evruing, 14th inataut, and r ntiuue rath Wedueeday evening during the aea a n Oen'lrmen wiilon^ to aubacrifee to either of the above cUasea, will I>leaae oil at 'heir e irlieat convenience. Daily intraction ia ninal, f r Iidiei. fro? n A. M. to 3 P. M.; for gentlemen, Iroin 8 to to A. M. and 3X to 9X P. ? Kit-mug achooltocouiiui .11 7 o'clock. o2S Sn*re Vf ILLS I MILLS I l-A Lie* invent,ou, the Ffuch Burr 1*0. t, mcrrie, Colfee and Spico Milta, manufactured by Ftixgerald at Miymrd, New York, for Bale by II. B. Hotline It (acnddei.No. go Naaiuti atrert, between Fulton and Joliu, New Yor'-,. These .Vlilla have been levted by com|ietent judge to be tar superior to arty Milla her lofo e introduced lu regaid to < ,?i, durabd ty. and ti| of shar|>t-innir. At a recent cahibition of tbeae Milla, 4 lua. of colfee were uround |>er miuata by laeiua of a htud c .ok, which ground wuh more raae than those of r.tighth .\ Urocele. Colfee aud Since dealers, * 'H I ! > wsi! <o ctil and examine this great improvement, *1 It will Mre the siienscol one of these Milli in sharpening iu less lhau one year. 11. B. ROLLINS it 8CUDDER, No. 80 Nuuu meet. N. B.? Southern and western gentlemen living re met r from Mill MM, would lie I it to their advantage to examine three Mill*, a* iliev i t portable and ad?t>ted to xrinding coin or gram, and can be propelled by steam or horse power. I'. B ? No expense of sharpening, as the material of which they are made, na urally becomes sharp hy grinding. dig gtklS veal fit#r tftOhOMY IS Ulte.88?Extensive assorlineui of Klch, -Es h'aehiei?abh- and Elegant (Joosls, for winter weir. WM. T. JKN.NlNGS, 229 Bioadway. American Hotel, offers for the iut|<ec iou i the public, an extensive assortment of seasonable ic-ikIi, compriuag Beaver and Milled Cloths, for Sonrbnrs, S cks, Frocks, ike. The Sack Orercoati (so much in vogue) afforded at fourteen dollars, cut and trillion' I in liratatyle will be found worthy lb* airentiou of the economist. Cssiimcres variety of styles for Panta'oona. Kroin thote who havefouod any aithculty iu getting suited in this article, t tritl is solicited. Rich B ocide Silk ?nd Satin Vesting!, (entire new styles) for balls, parties, itc._ Meriucs, Velvets, plaiu Silks, S ttius, and Ci tsiinrret, ail <>f which will Ire ma le up to ordei under the superintendence of as ejlcienl cuttcrt a* can be louud in the country, si piices to suit the prut t, invariably upon cash terms, dt m#ec rI,0 KAMlLIKG OOLNiiTsOUTSTto the West 1 notes oi A Europe?A respectable female, 21 years of age, wishes to obtaiu a permanent situation as seamstress, in a genteol lamily. Sit* Would iireler going to Europe, yet would accept ol good offer to go South or to the West Indies. The beat ol references given. Address A. A. A. box "SJ, upper Post office, N. Vork. slor . VIBlCB NOVELTY COOK IN O STOVES, he. have r*" est sen no premiums in aoy institute except the American Institn'e, New Vork, because they have not been exhibited in any other, but they have received that which carries with it far greater weight, and speaks mo e effectually of iu good qualities, namely?the justly merited prune of tr. tag superior to all oilier Stoves, by hundreds who hare used the vr y Stove boosting iu premiums. tiuery?Wineii Stove will consume the leest fhel, providing the draft it so thhl yon can regulate it at leisure, the one so coua'rect-d that every dull being conked c in be brought near the lire, or that whicii admits of only part of the cooking near the lire ! Ex inuie the Novelty Stove, 209 Water sc. Is not that Stove which will admit of lbs greatest quantity of cooking on the smallest space, nml cook it well, with the least amount of lucl, the best Stave, be it which it may 1 Look at the Novelty stove. Again, re not two loaves of bread, baked without changing, a large turkey roasted without moviug the roaster to aim fro, and it <-orte*i?mdiug ameunt of bailing douo at the same time, and all none too, to perfection, a better proof of the merits of a Stove than a diploma handed yon by three men who have merely looked at it and do not understand its principles as well as yo. rati I I Ask those who are using the Novelty. What better proof cau you have o' the superiority of a stove th-n the attempt ol all other stove manufacturers to copy alter it 1 Aghin, compare the Novelty with the latest improvements. H wevrr, toe principles of the Novelty cannot be infringed np . for me pateut law protects that, although they may copy thesnape.) The above are plain questions, and the pnblie hare already answered them, by giving the Novelty Stove the preference over alt Ol .e's Let a committee o f tlire* decide wnat they may at a Fair, wheie merit must yield to influence. We ouly ask s fair examination of the Novelty Stove??o please call at Kisk^t Stove Establishment, 209 Water it. 11 1UK mill 11*1 viuiuni ? iiuui ui PUJTCI cncap, or IIAT6 your nulls aud parlors heated in the most econo eical manner, ileise call at FISH'S STOVE ESTABLISHMENT, nli Inr* 309 Water street. SEGAllS?SEGAItS. T'HE following choir? Si tars are always on hand at HEN1 RJfcUES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEOAK STORf;. wholesale and retail, hur.seuI si William at. Kiotidas, in half and quarter Doses Do. No. hall and -manor boxes Noriegas, in quarter ind t >*hih do Para Kegulos, in quarter _ do Regalias, of a supc-por quality, in X, X and l-10lh boxes Cr.iucrrsus, in qaarter boxes Trehncax, do do ill Noimn, do do La K : eranrj,_do do Tres Ainigo'., in cartons of 29 each | London Rop-diai, iji cartons of so each La Prni la, in quarter botes "Mj^Hii't spotted, in qa.qner ooxra P'-ieti'U'a, do. of superior quality V'Ti?Pnendnd, de ^rinrta, do MarVoa, do priii.ipea, of the Uendon, Crux and Sana, all eat. to dtb. Pniwa'cras, in qnart-r botes Airst-ras do Couttanuas, do Boiramaiitas, do Eenwro Regalias, do Imperial do, inqnarte oxes, a superior article. N. B.?Hotels awl grocers plied on reasonable I erst. _ o1< Imb TDO aTIDING.?The original Walton House, 39S Pearl street, L> Frank I :i Square?kept by Jas. Kowler, from London. England, pen nine lit bo Wert >2^ tier week, transient r-oaruers iO cents per day. Families can be accommodated with |>rirate rooms on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 crnls per glu-at?home brew'd ale I cents per Pint?line Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold outs equally cheap. N. B. Hut cotTra.3 cents per pint?stakes auii muttonchopscan be had at all hours. J. K. |iarticularly requests any oue ttliv is in want of a comfortable home to call tnd inspect his establishment, and ju'l^i lor themselves. Persons travelling for England would liudit to their advantage to call. The house being conseuient to Loadou and Liverpool ships, J K. bring apjiointed agent, he can give yissseug' rs every iiiformatlou. New \ ark and Old Country papers taken in. ul 3m*r I OSKPII McMUKKAY, iOU Plue street, Now York, give* " Drafts in stuns to suit applira'U, on the PROVINCIAL BANK 6f HIELAND, Payable at? Cork, . Bambridge Liineiiek, Ballyineua,' Clontnel, Parsoutown, Lnndvndeiry, Dowupetick, Sligo, Cavan, We r lord, Largan, B-I fist, Omi.'h, Wa'erford, Duniannoo, Galaway, Bandoi, Armagh, Ennis, Athlone. Bal'yshannon, Coleriine, Straoane, Kilkenny, Dunicamn, Btllina, Mallow, Trgf'ce, Moneymore, Yonghal. Cootchill, Enniskillen, Kilrnsli.J Monaghaa, ENGLAND. Spooner, Atwood 9t Co. Bankers, London. Payable in every town in (neat Britain. P W. Byrnes, E squires, Liverpool. City of Glasgow Bank. Payable in every lown in Lcotland n>i Imr PUF.CTHO MAGNETIC PLATES for rheumatisms, uerL vous affections, tic., prepared under the direction of M. La* manroui, apothecary in Paris, general ueiiot in Naw York, 65 Franklin a reet, at M. NinurriPs. Price SI 30. Infallible core for the most acute and Inveterate pain, snch as acute and chruuic rheumatisms, the goat, oears'gy, sciatic, tic dolorenx, dense de saint Guy, chills, megrim, cramps in the stimach, and,shortly,for all nervons affections, chiefly diseases of women nd young girls, as green sickness, amenorthea, suppressions, vapors, uersoua attacks, lie. nig )m*r COUGHS AND COLDS. DEMEMBER, No H North Bisth street, one door below Ev Areh street, Philadelphia, the most certain and West Family Medicine, for Cougha, Colds, Bpitling Blood, Throat and Lang Bisense, a rising sensation like choking, tickling, or unpleasant obstructions. For the shore, Dr. SWAYNE'S Com Biund Syrup of Wild Cherry will be found the great remedy. TMina who have aoused themselyes by the use ol ardent spirits will find b-Hh their strength and resolution much improved by leaving off the spirits, and taking a draught occasionally of the above restorativa. All preparations from this valuable tree.eseept the above,may he coaaidered spurious or counterfeit. The real article may be had of the fouuwing Agents, or at No. 54 North Biith street. Phi Idel phis? AGENTS Dr. W. H. M1LNOR. Druggist. No. 191 Broadway. MRS M HAWS Ve ral',lo?a nm.w:,.r. BKNj.OI.DSj NeWk. N*. J. ' JOHN MASON. Pattcjaon. N..I. dHJm'r V/AN NOHDKN'9 WRITING AND BOOK-KEEPING ? ACADKMV it now open, Ml Broadway, 2u<i floor. lor the reception of pnpiL, where all acquire Vao Notdrn's beautiful system of prunmanaliip in a Terr abort time, and write with ease, grace aud nlegance. Mr. Tan Nnrdeu ia now prepared to fire inatrnetion in Book Kerp'ng upon plans entire!, new ami strictly practical. Daring our month's injunction the pnpila ectaally open, balance rmt clone, rraclionlly, from 30 to M aet ofbooka. Terms aery mm'-iate. Moan ef inatrnetion from 9 A. M. til] 1 P. M., and from6 ti 10 in the craning. The l.adiee meet daily at 1 P. M. nil lm*r mq. -> iir bvLTehtek graham's quarterly * ? journal, en the Philosophy of Sacred Hiatory, with particular referaaee to the anthonty of the Bible, for man's rating Area. drinklnj wine, lie. Subscribers, and thoee who wiah to etaraine the work, will call on Dr. John Burdell, Dentist. in Chambere atrent, cruer Broadway, where they will loathe Ant and second on -libera. dm Kt*r THE ON la* PL, A Life. [ N New Tork where the celebrated Shaker Knit Shirt can be I obtained k at JOHN M. DAVIES k JONES, 103 William at, corner of John at. Agents for the Shaker's Merrimac Co, N. H. Also?flore and open knit Drawers, flannel wrappera and Irawera, and the nnnealled Shaker flannel by the yarn or piece -itia nrrferahle to any etyle now in eee. n*9 Imr* O MORE HUMBUG ABOUT OVERSHOES! ?The dealers in Indie Rubber Orerenoes, who hare >een deterred from purchasing their supplies of Sheet Rubber * iota from threats of prosecution from S.C Smith,for inringemen', are respectfully informed, that the anit recently lending I. tv -en us and Smith, waa thia day terminated hy a rrrdiet in our Uror, thereby making null and ?oid the hnmbng pretended patent for making of Sheet Rubber Shoes. In the tonrae of charging the jniy, Jfldxc Thompson remarks'?" At II erenta, Mr. Smith waa not the original inrentortf m king hoes in the manner deactibed in his patent, heranse, if use a-itaeitcs am to be beliered, aereral other iwraona hid done he nitir thing helort." We nuh>aitaiingly assert, that we leliere Mr Sml h leefkcd ihe art Of attach ng leather soles to ubbei a.., a from workmen, who learned all they knew of >r business st N w Rrnnsnick. One thing ia eerain, Mr. IVhite, ihe for' m<n oi Smith, worked in onr factory before he sorksd for Smith, and went into Smith's employ before the lete o| his pvent. 0 the fire principel classes of macnfectmed libber ahora sad oreiahoes made at onr factory, bnl oee class as errr been produced at the store of Smith, and those can be nade by the aid of hand-power machinery. We trait bnrera longer be humbugged. ^ dlA-lw*gc Sueeeaaor to Roihuiy I U Co, 4j Maiden Lane. D*Arf? - FMtadMpk* Am, dl? Wall street aWl30 Broadway. iERA 842. Parisian Life.?A Litter from an American in Paris.?We have received from a friend in Boaton, to whom we return many thanks, a letter written to him from Paris, received by the last arrival, which for esprit, piquancy, and tavoir vivre, surpasses any we have seen recently in print. Mr Ro bert Walsh, who writes letters for the National Intelligencer, is highly praised for his talents, spirit and variety, but how dull even Walsh appears when con pared with the sprightly letter annexed f This letter refreshens the opinion we formed ot the resemblance of New York to Paris, during our visit to the latter city. Every year brings the two cities nearer in tashion, manners, spirit, literature, and intellectual activity. Can our frieud send us more sAch letters! Can he give us a copy of Jules Janin's new work 1 Fanny Elssler used to say that we were the Jules Janin of New York. Was it a sarcasm or a compliment J I hardly know. Here is the epistle: ? Paris, Nov. 13, 1842. " Les (tranters s'etrangent, Monsieur," stud my bootmaker to uie (coining a word), by which, i suppose, he meant, that strangers maue themselves very strange, or very scarce in Pans just now. And the same complaint 1 have heard reiterated in a hundred ditrerent purases from a hundred difi'ereut artistes? the tailor?the glover?the perruquier? the landlord ot the cale, liave all been murmuring at the unusual deturbation (it 1 toe may com a word) of the Boulevards and the Rue Riv? li. The sharpest remark I have heard was iroin the lair keeper of the chocolate shop by the Bourse, where tiuiubers of grave and threadbare tipaiuurds muy daily be seen taking their lrugal breaklast. " Parte is very dull," said 1. " Ifes, it is all owing to la deflueme dies Anglau." " vVhat!" 1 replied?" the absence of so many rich diminishes the custom of your shopkeepers." " No, Monsieur," quoth she, " but the Germans and the Lnglish are gone, and we poor Parisians have nothing to laugh at. Within the last four or five days, however, the aspect ot the metropolis has lost every shade ol trislcsse, from what reason 1 know not, but there has been atierrific swelling of the crowds, both in tne : streets and ut the spectacles; the holeu are teeming once more, and the shops are beset by foreigners. Wherever I go, 1 hear " Anglish, German, and Amancau spacken here," as the announcement has it in the money changer's window, Passage Panoramas. 1 have ulways noticed this in Paris, that whatever is done, or happens, whatever new phase or turn the city undergoes, it always occurs on a sudden, aud en masse. Kvery movement is universal and seemingly unpremeditated. Like the instinct which every April, however raw the day, leads all Paris, from the chiff onier to tne Countess, to throng towards the Champs Llysees to sec tne fashious of Longohainps. in tne same manner, 1 say, ui this city, everything seems to happen, as n were, epidemically Csomctunes the wnuii will seize tlie people to be plodding and anxious?sighs are heard at the ballet?wrinkled brows are seeu in the Palais Royal?the newspapers catch the complaint?" Le Temps" is dolorous?" Le Coiistitutionnel" is diy?" Le Journal des Debats" is drowsier than ever. Anon everv bodv is on the arm: grimacing is the mania now?the Palais Royal is merrier?the Boulevard crammed with chatterers --eyes gleam more brightly at the Louvre?tun infects the air?the papers grow jocose, and the caf6s ring with laughter ; nobody knows the reuson, nobody asks why; but all are jolly by instinct. At another time every body is rushing to town, aud then aguui all the world is on the wing?some to Rome and Naples?many to Berlin, many more to Peteraburgh?a choice lot for London, and a "consid'able squad" lor Yankee land. Nothing has struck me more sensibly during the three years that I have been residing in Pans thuii the increase in the numbers of our own countrymen. You will have read in the newspapers about the i>ariing dinner given to our minister, Gen. Cass, by the American residents here. Upwards of a hundred sal down, and the entertainment passed without a single incident or word 10 mar the flavor of the finest wines I ever wet iny fancy with. Gen. Gas* has countless friends in Paris, aud it will take a long time for any successor to earn such popularity. -1 "les Janin, by the way, has just sent lorth a new wnru unt'ltla/l .IT * T* 1* 1 I " ??? ciiiiuru uxiuiciiuaiii m x'ariB, wiucn iot beauty and finish of illustration, surpasses, in my mind, the very finest of the English Annuals. Eugene Laurie, I am told, is the name of the designer, but the engravers are all Englishmen. You can have no idea of the sale of this book. Success in Paris is success indeed. While I was purchasing mine in the booksellers in Rue Vivienne, I counted eleven persons, who, in the space of fifteen minutes, had come in upon the same errand. The Russians are perhaps the most liberal patrons of everything splendid in art. The number of wealthy Muscovites who have lately trooped hither from the bleak banks of the Neva, with their families, furniture, and servants, is | rodigious. It is to these ice-nabobs that the bookseller, the bijoutier, the milliner, and the artist look for the most ready patronage. I saw at a warehouse in Rue Richelieu, I think, a magnificent brace o| canielebra, beautiful beyond description, and adorned with gems, which had been made at a cost of thirty thousand francs tor a certain Madame de K uamoftski (if I spell the name right), who has a suite of apartments which I wouldf back against any palace of any beloved Sultana in the royal domains of Shinaz or Stamboul. Strangers are admitted to a weekly levee (as the Washington word is) where not only gorgeous books and furniture, and the loveliest ladies are assembled, but where one may also enjoy wit and talent?the choicest fruit of conversation, served up with the richest cream of politeness. Paris small talk, it must be confessed, is a few touches above the drawing-room babble o( New York and Boston; as to Philadelphia, I say nothing, for I see that Charley Dickens has demolished its reputationdu union for ever, by hinting in his late hnnlr at " ^Halr in?ars on/1 tho miiai/?el trloimoa " M Thiers is one of the uncaged lions 9!" Paris who does not disdain to make himself visible now and then by the Light of social candles. It was but the other evening that I saw this remarkable man chatting most oracularly with a countryman of ours, who has himself dabbled in politics. It was amusing to contrast the complacently profound air ol the French statesman with the ducking demeanor of the tickled republican. Speaking of our countrymen, one of them, let me tell you, though I dare say the news has reached America by this time, has recently received from the Emperor of Russia, the honors of knighhood.? This is a Mr. Brewster?a fine fellow, I believe, who has long been established in Paris as a surgeon dentist. The captain ol one of the New York packets, whom I happened to meet, repeated a joke which I rather guess came from some Yankee, who had paid double lees for the loss of a molar. En<|tiinng of what order of knighthood said artist had been created a member?"Wal," says the captain, in allusion to his extrnvagaht charges, "somebody told me that h<> rather guessed it was the order of the Golden Fleece." In truth he does charge most enormously. I saw one of his bills in the New York Herald some time since, which was an exact counterpart of one which I received. However, he has skill, and the Russians are rich, for a friend tells' me that he has quitted Paris tn route for Petersburg. There is another excellent dentist here, also an American, and a man of better education, talents, and manners than Brewster. He is Dr. Parson", late j of New York or Boston, I forget which, but I am informed verv eminent in his profession, and tar more reasonable in his fees. His establishment is a superb one, in Place Vendome, right opiioeite "Boney's bram post," an I heard a Yankee call the brenze column This is doing the thing in style, , but nothing can be done in Paris without display.? i I have no doubt the Doctor finds his account in his i marble staircase and damask curtains. I am told that many Americans frequent his rooms to read the New York journals, for he always has them fresher , than Galignani, and even in Pars there is no living without tne New York Herald. 80 ysu see that 1 even here you come across plenty of transatlantics. ' In fact, us 1 stroll up and down the Boulevard Italienne of a fine afternoon, or lounge in that warm bath of life and sunshine, the gardens of the Palais Royale, I ever hear such phrases as " I guess," and " I calc'late," fall as often as I catch the " damnation" of the Englishman, or the soft "rigurtf* of the Florentine. There is a new comedian at one of the low theatres in Paris, by the name of Rirot, who, by mere grimace and grinning, possesses more power of awakening mirth than Listen himself, or all the best actors whom I ever saw. Placide is a dull bilious clergyman compared with him, and Finn, poor Finn, were as grave as an owl. Paddy Power was funny , very funny, but this fellow excels all human 1 beings that were ever born, in the art of exciting burst after burst of roaring laughter, merely by a ] look. I had heard of him. but always fancied him b overrated. To see a fellow come on and stand grinning at ua without saying a word, would, I 1 thought, be much like seeing a man grin through a 1 horae collar at a fair in England. But I went, and I am aatiafled. I aaw him in three piece#, is each of 1 gggggSESgggg**, 1 - ' LD. Price Two Cento. =========== X which he had a very poor i>art, with little to My, and no wit in the dialogue. I had a headache at the time, and did not expect to be tickled?but the moment that great monaterof mirth, that groaa Caliban ot comedy brought forward Ins broad, ugly, queer, absurd, unaccountable, indiscribable and preposterous phiz, 1 fell into such a spasmodic fit of laughter that even in writing about it 1 find that 1 am involuntarily sniggering. It was not what he said, it was neither his voice nor his gesticulation, but his angular, outlandish, squinting eyes, his miraculous nose, his uaeaual cheeks, ana his great knobby chin, which looked like a huge lump ot fun, clap|ieil on by the hand ot Momus, formed so overwhelming a combina 1011 ot the ridiculous and the prodigious, that to look serious at hnn would have posed even that most solemn of animals, a Boston man. Oh, that nose?it is before me now. Bull must stop, for fear Ins nose may prove too long tor me to finish what I have to say. A great many Americans have lately been to Germany, lsuwalroopol six boys from Philadelphia and Charleston, with ilieir moustaches and oui irum iviruricen tor Heidelberg, in their own conveyance, a lumbering bastard oi a stage coach and an omnibus. Longfellow, the great poet and profeseor in Cambridge, has also been loafing about the Rhine, and is now returned to Harvard again. I am informed that he has been soaking, and dipping, and drenching his clay?not in Palerman or Cnian juice?no. temperance forbid? but in the tubs and puddles of Vincent Prieaawitz, the great hydropathist and humbug of tiratienburg in Silesia. Cold water, however, is far less in vogue here thau in New England. It is neither a sin to drink eau Uc vie with dinner, nor a virtue to drain all the water jugs on the table. To refrain frotu claret is not lorbidden, nor is the drinking ol it a sure sign ot bad morals. This is the great blessing of l'aris, that personal freedom is tiere absolute and uncontrolled. A man may smoke or not smoke?he may wear his visage bare or hairy?he muy go in hoots or slices?only let him keep on the right side of the gentle god, etiquette. General Sessions. Before Recorder Tallniadge end Judge Lynch. Janet H. Whitiso. Esq., Diatrict Attorney. Use. 16.? Trial of Mruham liuiut?The trial of Huh man, indicted for grand larceny, in connection with Jacob tlunat, Ilia brother, and Mortz Hilver, hie brother-in-law, lor ttualing two piecca of thread luce, worth $30, from (hi atoro ol McNameo 8t Boweu, of 16 William afreet, on the 13d of August taut, wan continued from yesterday, at the opening ot the court. He wai tiled at the laat term, and the jury were discharged, not being able to agree. The prosecution proved by Andrew D. Letson, a clerk in the storeof Messrs. MeN'amee & Bo wen, that the three came to the store together on the day above m< utioued. and while the accused was pricing goods, Mortz Silver whs seen to put some lace under his coat, and one of the others' aonte in hiahat. This being communicated to Mr. .McNamee, ho went towards the inea, and charged Jacob with having some lace in his hat; und when In- took it oil', two pieces charged a* stolen were found therein. On being urrusted anil examined before the police they relused to answer any question.,alleging us a reason thut they could not apeak tbe English language so us to be understood. At the time of their urreat the house that they resided in was searched and remnants and piteni of dry goods and lacea amounting in value to several hundred dollars w ere found, but the privato marks of the persons irom whoa they were purchased were found to have been removed in almnd ovwrv intlonno TKn * ed at the previous trial, we unnecessary to republish it. The case was summed up for defence, who proved previous good character for accused, by James M. Smith, Jr., and by the District Attorney for prosecution. The jury were charged by Judge Lynch, and after an absence oi about an hour returned into court. When asked by the Clerk if they had agreed, the Foreman answered, that "they had not agreed, nor was 'here any likelihood that i they would." The Court stated that they had hardly been out long enough to lorm an opinion, and sent them back for further consideration. At the hour of adjournment, 4 o'clock, they were sent for by the Court, and not being able to agree were discharged. They stood seven for conviction and five for acquittal. Trial of John Parkt for passing a (100 counterfeit n ite. ?The triui of this inan, indicted lor passing a counterfeit (100 note, of the Greenwich Bank of this city,on Helah Lee, master of the sloop Cabot, oi Madison, Connecticut, on the 16th of October last, was then commenced. Six ah Lee, captain of the l>oat, testified that accused called upon him, und purchased one hundred bushels of potatoes, and tendered the (100 bill in payment, *nd re. ceived (70 60 in change. The accused left bis plaee of residence ou a piece ol paper, containing the words, "Mr. E. Walker, Madison near Roosevelt," and ordered tbe potatoes to be tent there. As witness was about inquiring as to the character olthe note, the accused slipped out ol the way and gave him the dodge. Witness had cat agreed to take, the note, hut was on the way to enquire before he decided, when the accused cut his stiek. Witness stated that the note was passed upon him between the hours of 13 and 3, and he recognized (he accused as the man who ! passed the note. John E Lie, son of the capthin, testified to his recog. nition of the prisoner, Parks. Officer Stoielv testified that he found accused in Ihe Police Office, where he had been brought on a charge of picking pockets at Castle Garden, and afterward* went to the Washington Hotel with accused, where Captain Let; and his son recognized him as the man who passed the note. Thft AuCcx\n<? fallal r1??* ? n? ?-1-4 ' *' ........ Kuvaimcu mil P.irki came to Tammany Hall cn tho 30th of August last. Miss Joanna Brow* was next called, who stated that Parks was at No. 33 Manhattan place on the day after the C'roton celebration?that he came there at 10 in the morn, tag, anil staid till 3 in the afternoon, when he went away after bidding Mary Snow good day. pros -txamtntd? I met him in the street about six weeks before this, tutd he went home with me?he asked me to look at the clock in the alternoon when he went away? he generally stopped with me when he came to the house, but the Friday night before, he did not remain, as I was otherwise engaged. Witness saw him hare a $30 bill on the previous Friday night. Jdlia Htoiic, who also resides at 33 Manhattan Place, deposed that she saw Parks at that house on the Saturday in question, between the hours of 10 and 3 o'clock. CroBi-ex*mintd by PaoscctrrioN?I saw farks there on Friday night, but he did not stay long. M*ar Snow, also one of the lair residentsof Mrs. Williams's seraglio, was next called, and deposed that she saw Parks come to the house on the Saturday in question,about breakfast time, and saw him go away after three o'clock. Jonathan D. deposed that he saw Parks in prison, who recognised witness as being of tha Merchants' Hotel, and endeavored to satisfy him that he was at that hotel on the Friday night In questionAboalus W. Stasks, one of the Aldermen of the city of Albany, who keeps the New England Hotel in Albany, deposed that Parks came to his house on the 13th, and remained until the 11th ot October, and while there he changed a $30 hill of the New Haven Dank. The prosecution called a colored woman named Ancline I'cTcas, who deposed that she was a servant at 33 Manhattan Place, and that Parks came there on Saturday morning al>oitt II o'clock, lighted a cigar in the kitchen, and was let out ofthe door soon afterwards by Miss Brown. The defence called Miss Joanna Baowv again, who testified most uositively that she did not let Mr. John Tarks out af the door that morning. The evidence here closed, and the hour of four o'clock having arrived, the court adjourned to 11 o'clock Friday morning, when the connsel for delence will sum up the case. Bankrupt Mat. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK. Ju.Van Valkentmrgh, Jr., Robt. McNeil, Wm. A. Keeler, I.rwia A. Ho.lrea, Ruilolnhtu Bogert, Stephen Crocker, Ale*. C. M"Donald, Creditor* o< Tho*. P. Nash, Lewis B. Cone. N EW V EAR'S OIKT ?The filarim* IWrt.*. i? l.^.l by R. MA RTIN Ii Co.. ia intended a* *0 Annual for IMJ. I' it mod beautifully printed and embellished Willi n highly finithed angravilua, by tiir moat eminent London artiat*, colored mi|>, and Ann etchiug by Cnaickahauk anal ,U|urbly bound in morocco. Tlii? ber * * standard work, rge will not depreciate it* value, nd therefoie *a a new yaar'a present will ba more acceptable. Price $7. R, MARTIN It CO, dliJn'r X John atreel REWARD?A aold watch, key arid aeaT loat aeafiTiii-.afternoon from Walker el to Spring, in Broadway, aud from lint onihe lelt bend aid.' yon* down Sprin* atrert to Laur< uce. The above re ward w ill be *iyen to any perann who will leave ii at No 85^\Va]*er alrrer. dl5 3t*r TWINE^MM bale* Bndport imaaniaetory, competent* a I- complete aaaortaent ol Seine, Herring and (Jill Net Twine*. from to M lb The above twine* are nil of re ent imporuiicii, and treat care haa bean taken in iheaeleciou of the matenal and in th? mannfactnre. Kor aale in low .oaait imrchaaera, by KDWD. K. COLLINS A CO. d14 r M Sooth eireet New iNVfc.vftB Olea*iao-i* Compound ?Kor renderin* bo 1 la and - hue* perfectly wan proof?to be obtained if the anhecriber at hi 1 old established Leather and r mdtn* , Store, .No. 1 Ann afreet. Price I1H rent* a hoi. To sportsmen and others, who would teennr the edveutageof dry feet, hie eompoand ta confidently recommended. dl3 lm?r " BROWNUHKM'H WINES.?The eubeeriker offera for aale in lots to " eult pn rchaeera*? . Champa ignr?I.W1 Baakela *,?Pe?"r oaal'tr. Bnrgnndv?IJ? Caeca rerr old Chablu and < hambertm. Claret?? caake superior MedoeN Cement?? Caek* beat Krrnch Cem< nt. a^emeni? j TIM MERMAN, dlt Iw*r Ti Broad atrect. ~ ? 1 isn?Wanted to hire a few actea of land amiable Krlmfor a rar en end pasturing. within ftru milee of t' ia city, line .idilreaaed to D. O. D and Irft at the Herald OStce ill he attended tn, by statin* where an interview m ty tie had. ,1 4 iw'ic HOC BATON IC Rairoad Company Note a, wanted at the lowest market ratei, by ii in 1 * r JAMES A CO. Ml Wall attest. 'Nil HMEVr MONEY ..1 all t, pn.. ..-el " the U loweat market rate*, by *. J. SYLVESTER'S, din ? Wall atrretend l? Broadway. II.EACHINC P(T\VDRff?19* casks Bovii'e Bleaching J Powder, sap* rim to any in airlrett ,inl'l l!SK%!y!P Camridge, and for aale by PICK88E A BROOKS, dlft ee No 81 Liberty street^ OILL8 0(f"inrrirANOE. peyabl# at sight on alT parta of ' England, Ireland and Scotland, in sum* of ii, fit, ?14 and itttoany .mown, for ml* by % y SILVESTER, fill a Wall stntt gad lit Srwfiway. . ^:. * jMI

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