Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?-No. 340.?Whol. No. 3*01. fOK NKW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. M. Ml , PoMh^Ttler acco1,.ui.HlTrrT7 ht|<|>rr?, it i? ""r"!1''' 'jj deiiatch a alii|i from il ia port ou the lat, ilh, 10th, liui, ' 2Stli ol each eoiuiurucnw the lOtli October ?iw coaitlDO ,| i?.. i.? ,1.7.. ,. .11 k. .iMxiititr.l Par the re tnaind.-r of tin- pear, whereby greit delays and '$K*l?lRPne- a will In pretriiird (luting the summer ineu'hs. 1 ne toilowing ships w> ! commence ilits arrangement: Snip V AZOO, Captam CorweU. Slop OCONEE, Captain JacksonShip MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Shut LOUISVILLE, CaptainHunt Ship SHAKSPEARE, Captain Minor. Snip (JASTt I.N, Captain LathamShip HI NTSVlLLE. Captain Momford. Ship Of MULUEE, Captain Lravitl. Snip NASHVILLE. Captaii'Dickiuum. slap MEMPHIS. Captwu Kuigbl. Ship LOUISA. Captain MulfcwL Thru nlii|? writ- all huilt in th* city of Now York, exprese} for packets, arc of light draft of water, hare recently been wly r<ilia-red and | tit in spleudid order,with accommodation! lot passengers unn|?*l!rd tor comfort. They are commanded by Ri|<rri-Iirrd inaateis, who will rnaka every eaertiau to give sMufaclion. 1 hey will at all uinca be lowed up and owu the Mississippi by.etcamuoat*. Neither li e own. 11 oweaptaino of thraeihipa will be responsible loi jewtlry, bolllou. precious stones, silver or plated ware, or foe any letters, parcel or package. lout tjr j :pat en board ol ihcin, tuli-ss regvlar kills rf .adtng are taken for the same ,ind die value Uirieou expressed, n ar freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS it CO., 16 Southst.,or HULL IN St WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, a lid treat tare will be taken to have trie goods correctly mea?ortd. mi NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To ailfroai New York on the 2ith and Liverpool on the lJth uf tack mmitk. jiffy fef&y &?$* Knott Nrw Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Hhii> ROSCI US. Captain Juhu Collins, 15th November. Ship MIDDON8. Captain K. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain V. A. Depeyster, 25ti. January. Kbom LivrnroeL. Ship STDOONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, tlth October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain E. A. Depeyster, tsth Novem'r. Ship GAitRIl'K, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th December. Ship ItO:}|ClLH. C-y.tain John Collins, 13lh January. Then ihi^i me allofthe tint claw, upwards id I Ml its. built i? the city of New York, with inch improvements at combine Car speed with unusual comfort for jiasseugera. Every care been taken in the armnitemeiit of their accommodation*. The pace of pa.,sage hence it> $100, for which ample store* will be provided. These ?hip* are commanded by experienced master*, whe will make every exertiou to Ijive general satuifaction Neither the captains or owner* of the ships will be responsible for ai y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re(ultr b 'Is of lading are signed therefor. For freight or nasaiige, apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO.. 56 South st? New York, or to WM. k IAS. BROWN k CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be cl anted 12^ cents per single l' eQ: Ml eenm per ounce. and tiewspriiens 1 cent each. ol NEW YORK .WD LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MERCIAL LINE OK PACKETS. Sailing to and frotn Liverpool, Weekly. .M&: Jfcfc Ofc: May gsay OLD T. 5 T A B L nTfCi)!'A S S A G F. OFVICE, 61&GTTTH 8TJEUSKT. The subscriber in antmuiiciux liii arruncements for the year 1(12. appears hrfope his friends with sentiments of sincere respect for the rble support he has r?ceived for many year* past.? He likewise wishes to call the atteuti>u of those intending to enil for tlieii friends residing in Fncland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they call at all times be accommodated by this ine, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all t he well know u different lines of packet ships, sailiuu to and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, I9lb and 25lh of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the subsrricer to have the emigrants shown cr ility, ami despatched without d* lay, and shose ? ho send for their friends may rest satisfied that every due and diligent attention will beeiven by tlie Lit erpool acents to those sent fbr, as well as all who may embark with them, and should any of those whose passage has been |>aid not emjark, the mouey will he refunded without any charge. The sulise.ritn i feels a pleasure iu making known the differ snt ship by which his pa-wnnerioaine out during the last year, which lias itiv->n ,'rueml satisfaction, and tliat lie has considertrulv eilemlr I and concluded his arrangements for the year 1M2 Tlie follow! lit" is a list of ships ? Ships Scot land, Robinson. Bhips Alabamian, Lane. K ill held, Wilson. Printice, Hopkins. Frankfort. Knssi II. Tyrone, S|>e.ire. Jlussell <jho er, llowes. Wales, Watts. Hiberuia, Wilson. Westchester. Ferris. Alfred, Glieever. Osceola, Clnlds. L Itlion, Ii:k< -raoll. St. Cloud, r.m.-ruoH. LnuuvtUe, Allen. New York, Niven. 8'/l''eiki?, Emerson. Wmmw, Griffiths. OiwefSTwuod. Ocean, Willard. Tallxil, Storey. N. Hurtling. IVutbea, ti n ilinanson. Robert Isaacs. Tiut-uian. Virrllk, Eaton. Europe, Batcncldor. S. Jenkins. Seymour. A free |i.i5M .r from the different porta of Ireland and Scot * and can aim la* secured, and ilralu furnished for any amount, payable at the National and Provincial Bruits of Ircbuid and tbeir rrt|?ective binuclies, ami also on Marin. J. fit W. Robin on, Livernuid, which are paid free any charge, lliruugbout lie Unite.I tLii'Uiloin. For furiiicx bnrliculan *ptl> to JOHN HERD VAN ai SouJh street, or J-. * W. ROBINSON, It, Oorre Piazza*, and aolfi 'Netaone sr.. tVsie.loo Dock Liverpool. OLD LINE UVEK POOL PACKETS. *?$& tT"IIE til,IJ LINE of Paokct^or Liverpoo^TnniereaAer be J- despatched in tlie followiur order, excepting that when the dry of sailing fdlls on Sunday, tike ahipa will aail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. Tha ?OUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 19 ale tuna. < Oct 1 Nov 19 1). (J. Baiiey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, t June 19 Aug 7 7i0 tout, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. f Feb 19 April 7 TheOAFORH, i-luly 1 Aug 19 900 tout. < Nov 1 Dec 19' J. Rathbona, ( March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, t Joly 19 Sept 7 *JV LUUJ, _ \ Y V* 19 I h.O.MjribaBr Mir 19 May 7 Tbt NOHTH AMEBTlCA, An* 1 8ept 19 Clltou*. Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowbrr. i April 1 May 19 ThoNEW YORK, (Any 19 Ocl 7 900 tone, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.I April 19 June 7 Tho CAMBRIDGE, Sept 1 Oct 17 ?*):<>?, <Jan 1 Feb 17 W. C Barstow.f May 1 June 19 Th? COLUMBbS, i Sept 19 No* 9 700 tons, < J>tu 19 Mar 9 (J. A. Cole. ( May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the <!ay of sailing, will be observed aa hcMioforr. I'll* price <>l iwisaHge outward ia now filed at One HuuOred Dollars, fir whicn ample stores of ever* description w ^1 he r.mvidea, with the exempting of wince and liquors, wUoti Will be furnished hy the stewards. GOODIIUK *CO ,91 Sooth St., C. 11. MARSHALL, 39 llurlinit-slip, N.Y. J#14 l*h DARING BROTHERS ACQ.. Upool. TAPSCOTT'S GFNERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SUP, NEW YORK. M M. M. Ta-- subscribers bog to call the a tentinn of their fueuda ml tlw public generally, to their anterior airangemeuU fur brmiitut out |i.i?aenjei? from, anil remitting moory to, aay ' par' of LngUad, lie) >n<l, Scotland or Walea, tu tne magnificent packet rhi,i,comiirieingthe LINK OK LfVEHPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:Slup ROSClliH, C?irt. Collim. Ship 81DDONS, CaptainCobb. fc?-i|) SHERIDAN, Captain Depayatar. Ship UAIIRI' K, i e.r.uin Skid ty. New .Kin HllT'inOUKR, Captain Sanity. Ship SOUTHK.RNEU, Captain Woodhouae. Ship RUCHKSTKR.Capti.iu Palm r. N'W ihl|i LIVEKrOUL.UptMH Eldtedge. Sailinc .?ice erery in *th; iud with the" UNITED LINE," eorn|>o?-.1 ut'.upeno'fir.t cUa. Am.iiean ahiju. tailing erery ten d-ya, P ill uirir fire thipa n i-a-h aiomh throughout the year, j.,r u? r.ur ?i* " t?)'heri-bv pieeotillug the po??i bility ot atiurr. marr at tention. Prrrwoi ? i.hing to ?eud lor ihri friend', will not fell lo ace ibr advent gr? to be d- rt?. <1 'iom >rl> ctiu* Il.n hue iu prefercure to an\ oilier, and they may rc>t aa.urt-1 ttiat unuaual care will lv- take.! to m ke .ho |a<aa*r atiee.b e, the ahipa heme fired lip with an eye aolrlr to the c m'ortof paaaei grrs. In ail a"rm where th- pani?a a< Pt for decline curing, the moiity will be refund d without any di iluction, aa nan il. A free i t orn ih laaua i arapoiU of Ireland aud Scotland | caa also be aerared. REMITTANCES, rrrsona in tb* cnontir w;?hir a o .end money to their frienda by inel.-aia* it - <un they wIan aont, with tho name aud addriaa ol Die autira l?r?teiee it, m.y ralvon a draft for 'he anient., heia* ft.rwa-drd per firo paiket, after the receipt . .. ?*i<^iTicwllcuU |l me wire rriurura i?r mail. Drafts Attiftht, for any unmnji, ar* payable on demand, with* 0?td,.?.v..t /a.y o;|> r f bar**, at the National and Profiarial B .nka of Inla- d aad br*m hr?, K <?r*ru of 9cctlauri, Greenock. .',.1 th. i - branches, Mwr>, J .met Ro't, Son fcCo., it.nten, Louden. Exchaac* and Diaemuit Bulk, Liverpool, audinseery pn eipal lowu of Great Bri ain and Ireland. furtl ftp lOftlar* Biidr kn??wa on aniiiicAiinn. if by letter, POM 1NHd,V> a lUvr vr. T TAfSrOTT. 41 Peck Blip, N. York. M Mi M t FOT^^ARBEILLESThe underineuii?ued aim* w ill be laanlu'ly ihspati hed Iroai hence and Iron Marseilles on the l,t nl tarn month duriaa the year, thnn? Cram New York. Marseilles MINERVA. CnujJBrown, Not i. Janl H'U Y THOMi'twm., Cap Sylvester, Dee l. Feb l COURIER, ("ait Da?*u, Jan I. Marl TRESCOTT, I lpt, Feb I. Aid 1 HkCLKSHINT, Ca|t Arlamt. Marl. Marl CoKIOLANll*. Cap Haile, Apl I. Jtin t Tliry air all ennparea and ropier fastened,and hare excellent accommodations tor pnaaauirerv The prion "I cabin i wi?? will be $109. exclusive of wmet and li'.oort, Goc?n addressed to BOYD St HINCKEN, the a SCO's, will be forwait'ed fit* of other rhnyri than those actually paid. For frtiabt or paaaata apply to (J. BROOM Si CO., or to _o2Jr BOYD St HINCKEN, Aaenta BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVKHPoOL McPVy Packet*.?The only li.gulrr Packet that sads on 'he amsmhe "Rh oi Dec ?The new and elegant picket shn NEW YORK, burthen 10(H) toni, Captain Thomas B. Cropper, Will sail positiicip on Monday, the I9lh of Decembt r, hor regular day. Ik. accommodations of this well known farorite line ol packet-, far ral.mi, ?l cabin and steerage paatengera are nnanr (rawed by any other line or ship loarllnK lor the above port. Per son. si.'. I lo embark lor the old country will find it 10 their con,'oil an I advax ** to cho>?e ihis couTevauer i i pr Terence In y o her. For terms of pans tee, and to sec ore the heat brillia. apply on board, foot oi bee k man street, or to ike subscriber!, ROCHE BROTHERS It CO., 36 Fulton .1, n, n door to the Fulton Bank. P. S. The New N ork will nail I mm Liveiutel on :he 7tn Febma y, lftl W-iliom s-ndibH for their reta'ites csu i.avt then, br .iiyli'. out in In r, or iu any olthe Packets ol this Line, which sail freio thai |mit on ike 7lh aud 19th of ercry Mouth. For I senate cp,.'t as abo?*. *r,N. B The IVicket Ship Csmbiidge will mceeed the New lock, and sail lor Liverpool on the 1st of January, her re|u ar day. d!7r E NE NEW NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. Kara rcdnieil to 45 cents. i Tom air I owl of Ceartlantft irreel, New York. ( Every day?Sunday ttarepted.) Leavea New York Leaver Newark 4t A. M. At i M. At 7A? A. M. At 1)4 P. M 11J4 Jo 4 do. I do. 3vJ do. do. 9 do. ( do. ,7 do. 11 1* do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Ceurtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At A. M. and 04 P. M. At 1* P. M. and II P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Towa. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. J P.M. IK A.M. i\ " 10K A. M. tx r. M IX M. S P. M. '* " . The Iran 11 for West Arid. FiaiuAeld. Bouudbrook, Somerville, kc., counsel with the 9 A M, Sana iX^MtruiultoutNev York, daily, Sundays eieeptea. Fare between New Turk and Elizabeth Towu 25 cent*. Fare between do aud Somerville, 75 centa. SKY YOKK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced, f rum the foot of Liberty afreet, daily. Leare New York. Leave New Brunawiek. At 9 a. m. At 5X A. M. ;r ?R: a 9 p. M. On Hmtdava the 5X aad 7X A.M. trips from New Brunawiek rnd 2\ P. M. train from New York, are 'milled. Fare between New York aud New Brunawiek, 75 centa. Rahway, 50 centa The fare in the 5X and 7J? A. M. train frotn New Brnua?iek, and 2\ and r- M. train from New York, haa been re daced. Nuw York and New Brunawiek, to 50 centa. " and Rahway to S7X " Passenger* who procure their ticketa at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketa are received by the con Inctor only on the day when purchased. aull 3ir>* winter arr/ nuement: awn mm AMfin jflBKuBi *n NEW YORK AND PHILADELTOIA RAILROAD IINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick Princeton, Trenton, Bordeatown and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Lenve New York, Irom the foot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and <H P M. rn- unirinug t.-ne proceeds to Jfordentowu, irom thence by steatniiont to rmiwlelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without ch/tuge of cars Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*. with baggage crates ou board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, ithont being ope jeu hy the way. Eiteli train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments sad dressing rooms expressly for thy Ladies nse. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the font of Chestuui street by railroad Irom Camdeu, at 9 o'clock A M.aud 5 o'clock, P M. The Liues for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, being a continuation of the liuea from New York. s2i tm?r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRl- S* < AH FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. By I he Houa'atouu- ?i n it.i ,i, nw.i.ii!. i.wn this City to Albany in H 'urs. Leavea at 7 o'clock in (he morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Honsatom Rail Road Company, to tun au Etnreas Car (exclusively for our owu purpose) daifv, over the'r road with the passenger trai?, miming through to Alb my in twelve hours, ana are now prepared to receive and ( rward at low rates, Specie. Bank iiiiirn, i bcxi.ti, nm auu c-nsrs 01 oooas, ?c , tor any 01 the shore named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to (he coi ieotioo and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and sncli other business as may be entrusted to tteir care. d<r POME HOY It CO ? Wall srect, New York. 1'UL.Lt.N <Sc UOPJP'a NE\EAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Harnd?n & Co. having disposed of their rou e I from New York to Albauy and Trov, the subscribers, the old conductors of Haruden It Go's Northern Express, from N? w York, will continue to run a? heretofore, leasing New York, Alhunr and Troy, Daily ,?nd count ct at Trov with Jacobs' Moutrral Express, .ud will forward Specie, Sank Notes, Pack up s Bundles.Casrs of Goods Ac., to any place lot a ten New Yoik and Mourn al, and throughout the Canada's Also Ea-t, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to BufTilo. All business entrusted to their chance will be promptly attended to. Particular attention wi l be ptid to the collection of n tea, drafts, acceplantes, Ac , and prompt returns made for the same, PULLEV A COPP. Offices?Pollen A ropp, 2>f Wall street, New York. Thos. (inngb, 1J Exchange, Albany. A O. Eitkms, 223 Hirer street. Troy. S. Jacob'* KichaiiKe Court, St Paul at, Montreal. REFERENCES. Nrw Vor?. Jmrn. Trot Prime, Wild & Kin*. F.. J. Humphrey. Jno Payne, Jacob Little, fc Co., Thoa. liongh. P. Weils, John T. Smith, fc Co.. 8. K Stow, Prpoon fc Hoffman, 43. 8. Douglass, Carpenter k Vermilye, F. Leake Houghton k Co. Drew, Robinaon fc Co. Irnr^ ~Nfc~\V~YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Norwich sud Worcestkr Rrilroaps. Compiled of the following superior steamers running in connection with the Norwich k Worcester and Worcester k Boston Kail KorCs? WORCESTER. Capt. J H. Yanderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Cape J. K. Dastaa. CLEOPATRA. Capt . On aud alrei M< -udvy, Not.21st,this line will be ran tri-weekly, leasing New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Saturdays From Peek blip. East Hirer. The new ana splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dnstan, will leave erery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Bostou will be forwarded immediately on the arrival ol tire above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without chanfte of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of I). 0. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, upstairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one oa account of the above boats or owners. n2Jr NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. g*mffTfrd3Ji rare in Harlrrn Kf<iuc?*ri 10 12 1-2 c?*uts. WINTER AhRANNO F M E NT.?On end afterMonday, December !9'h. 1812, ihe cars will run diiily as follows Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem Leare Williams' Bridge Williams'Bridge, for City Hall. for City Hall 7 00 A. M. 8 50 A. M. B so A. M. 9 " 10 JO " in 30 " 11 JO " 1 10 P. M. 12 JO P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " J 40 " 5 20 " J 00 Harlem only, b 40 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Line will run asfo'lows:? Fnm 7 30 A >1. every ten initiate* throughout the lay till 7 P. M. aud ou Suudaysevery twenty minutes. Fare CMcen's. Passeoarrs for Westchester. Throg's Neck, Eastchrster. New Rochrlle, M vm.vrou-ck. Horse N'ck, North Caaile, Robbins' Mills and White Plains, will take the 3 o'clock, P. M. train fr.itn City Hall. Passengers for Yankers will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. aud 4 o'clock, P. M. trains from City Hall, On 26'h Dec and 2d Jan the cars will ran between City Hall and Willi una Bridge every hour from 7 A M to 6 PM. il k' I in* in rim bi v r.m'WL-l'ic?( I of ih? "ih January, MMMrV IH3?The splendid new packet "hip ASHBUR'l ON, jjUHBv-mpt H Huttleton, will mail a* above, her regular day. Ha-ing nnvt tnpcrh accoinmod itions for cibin, second cabin and steerage passenger*. Perron* within?to ernbaak rhould make early ap; liralion on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or rn JOHKPH McMUllRAY, 100 fine corner of South street. P 8?The above will be succeeded bv th? iwcket ship Stephen Wl.iiwv, and tail on the I3h of Jnair) , III) P' r.on? wishing to send fir their Irene's rrsrdinit in 'hr aid country can hare them brought out bv eilhel of the strove ?hips, or any o< the regular pickets, by applying as above, if by letter mat paid. tojy7r tfijv ToR LON DON ? Regular packet of the ZOlh of nW\ D?eenhr?? The aplepdidid fast sailing packet ship fit JfcaWK.ST.MINSTKlt, ( apt Vooie, will tall pnnci slI) as above Having very tupctior accommodations for cabin,aeennd cabin and steerage pasaeueert, penoov wishing to rmb'rk houhl make early application to JOOK.Pli McMUivHAV. to* Pine si., cor. South. PS?The above will ha tnceeedad by the packet ship Saint James, Captain Sebor, sad sail on the 1st Jaeaary, 1(43. Persons wishing to send for their friends rrsidiog in the sldernnrry, can nave them brought out by the above ahipa, or anv of '.he regular packets, by applyiag as shorn; if by letter, post paid; " r , POJV LONDON?Pue if 't " 'o t jft I h x j)r <* "? T* P I I?. mi 111< yr r.B IJIINM KB jMIKj Capt Moore, will Mil punctually m above, her regular nay. He eery >ap?rior aeceinmodatlone for cabin, aeeond cabin and utrPMKa i>aa?en(eri, who will he bken at reamnable ratea on application to >v WH J. T. TAP8C0TT, 42 Perk alip, ot jJ 8nnth atrert, comer Jonee' I me. Peraona to MM lor their frienda cm hare them hr >aihr iini in (hia ahip or any of the line, t n iraemuble temia. end drafta f?r any amount payable on demand without diacount ij'all thi iaiaci|iil loana ot* England. Ireland, Scotland and Walet. ran at all timea he had on application ?a atmvc. riljf _ KOM Li IV K KPOOE?Hoy u In Packet ol the 27th IffCTyprjcmber?The aol'ii iJ, I at aa'lmg packet aim JKNKJ \DErKND?N(JK, Uapl Wye, will ml aa aboer her tegular day. h or paraaue in cabin, eecond rabin. and ateerage, haeinr aidrndiu accoanmodatuma,apply on board, tint ol Maiden lane, ?"K? JOHErri McMUKRA?, _ ? . .'M Pine airei-t, cornet of tlouth atreer. P. 8 ?The ahore will he aarceeded by the packet ahtd Vit gmiA, A^j.t AIIiii autl tail on 13 D?*c. IVraoua wiahing to aead for their frienda, maiding in the Old Conalry, can hare tt,ein b-onght out by thia ahip, or "i> ofih- tegular packcta, by applying aa above, il letter poat [M'd llfc r KE.MIT i A.NLhH J O lit E. LAND Ac fccjJplWyTI.e aaharriher continaea Ur r > i mnoey, i'p aamt j9CMfin-l ante ?i amall to peraona reaiiling in any pert of Irreud.iti the aainr manner w he. and hia prcdrceaamr in trailin aa have done lor the laat hirty yeaia, and more; alao, to ant p>rt ot Encl md or HcoiUnd. Money re mired bv letter ([mat paid) to the aubecriber, or veraonafl; d?|ieaited> wirn h m, with the name of the pereon 01 t* reona n Irt land, England or Scotland, to whom it it to h, on', and ueareal |ioat town, will be immediately tranamitterl and paid accoruingly, and a receipt to that ellect givan or for warded to the aender. In like manner money with or elaima on peraona in any pert ol Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the aubecrijer, for peraona reaiding in any part of the United Sutea, or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. nil lm*r UKOHUt MdBHIDE, Jr., S3 Cedar n. W YC r YORK, MONDAY MOR ENGLISH SCHOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND. PRINCIPAL. THIS Academy was established two years ago, under itie patiou.t^c of the former Inteudem General o: to- i?ltnd, and other distinguished ia4ividulioftM aobilitr iad m?rfha*Uof thiscit Ir i MftdMUdtH the |4aol the Ge?mui ''iiiii *i l" tod tlM BttllM ntuition It the " i .11? | rOg Uti I r.M All tlM scholar* understand thr English Uuguoge, al-1 uiauy of ihcui speak it )i tbicually and tlaruily I Priii pal mi tfi] n net of MinoliiiiPiiaMiOtr BtO|.Liij(laud, and ilu United Stairs. His duel iBilstO five UM youth entrusted tohiscaie a practica knowledge of those braiu'tiw of a j-oli e eduntiou, which are required iu a'l MtjjVI aii?J are applicable to auy. Thetotri n itadr, ihmfow, coflwdnadi the EiriUhi fwwhj (haMO Bad opiuuih luruifta; Riiiory(Qtofn pwn. Nat'irul Philosophy, the practical part 01 Mathematics, md Drawings of v unons kinds. ProfsutOfS of divers nations and MffiMMMti reside II the esUbHlhtlBlt| and ail the classesrbcbitt,iu rotation, lustiuctiou from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of tuiaon, that sort ral^ of the pupils, under twelve years ol ages, write and speak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible manner, and those of riper years, correctly and easily. The acquisition, not only of the Sotinish. but also of other languages, it thus flared within ttie r**ach of the youth of the United ButM, without its bciug necessary for th? m to reIukju' h the many advantages which accrue from anEnglish ?tl cumnl The oMuei of the Principal in desiring to reetite youth- from the LuKed 9tates, isto l.cihr at- t !? - iMIlilfftf of the English accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introduce h nth Mttly tplritorihsKicliihsehoou. The young,?*>" sons of dm Uoltsd States eio hen Dodtisf to fear from the clt* mate, the noviao beingspeeiousandsiry, situated in a hssltblbl at 4 short dis'aucc fvooi the ?:y, and containing with in, its limits, a fine bath and complete gyiiuiasiuin lor the* preservation ot the pops Is' health. Two youths, lately arrived utw Gk re i u>, have passtd tlie summer iutlie school iu perfect health. As the principal is a married man, and his wife aud sister have charge of the juniordepailineut: children are received at any age but tnat o! infancy. Every pupil enjoys his religious opinions undisturbed. The terms are SUM) per tuiuum, payable three mouths in advance Tlie re art no citrus eice.-t clothes nd books References? MESS(18. C1IAS DRAKE R BROTHERS. ALEXANDER MORALES. ESQ., nil Havaua. , House kurnishiSio wahehousk.-woka>i & | HAIiUHWOL T, Ml Broadway, Manufacturer., Ageuta ; and Commiuiou Merchant!, ha?e juat rtmul and arc now opening a uew and aplewlid aaaorlinsut ol the following aiu ele?, Til Siirered, (Jilt and B'ouze Oa Chaudalien, S to 30 lighta. Do Candle do 4 to U " Do Caudle Bracket!, I to 5 " , Do fou. Ur.caeu, I ta I " Do Uu luamel Lighta, I to I " Do Uirabuoiet, 1 to i " hauuiebnu. * ? " M asim Lamp*, Hall J amp* and Lanterns, Heading Lump* Sic. A new article of Solar Lamp, a Tery superior article. Alio , a new article of Orfleeter tor improving tlte light of i the old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also, a new style of Florentine Bronx*, color immorabl*. Together with every variety of Lamps and Chaitdelieri, for churches, halls ami public buildings. Puatkd \V a UK. Baskets,Castors, Trays, Toast Kicks, Candlesticks, Napkin Kings, Butter Tabs, butter and Fruit Kaires, Suutfois and Ttjys, Coflfee and Tea Urns, Sir. Fine Table Cutlery, in setts and dorens; Japanned Tea Trays, in great rarity of patterns and forms; line cut glass Bawls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, (sublets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars,Sic. tie. W. St H. beg respect lull) to iufoito their friends, customers, and the public geeerH y . that their nrranseisents with the mauufactur.rsare sticni at they can sell all articles in their line at reinsi Uably low pri res; and retiarclfully invite them to call and see their sliow ro ins which alone is sufficient te coinnen sate for the trouble s22 3m*r R EMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH WENT, Is removed (Vnm Hi Broadway to No. T Astor Mors* ECONOMY IN GENTLEVIEN'8 DRESS. Garments of a most J eg ant and Fashionable kind rt a saving of Co per cent for cash. ^PHE advertiser di ins it unnecessary to resort tJ the hackx ueyed system of giving a list of nominal prices, presuming hat the length of time he nils been established, together with di* extensive patronage bestowed on mm, wiu prove a sum view voucher lor his capabilities. Possessing,the advantage el i* mg connected with aw ?x:eustve cloth establishment in Fur-spt he oulideiitlv assets thru he can furatsh clothes which, no c*mparison, will V found lower than any other houae making tlr the best descriptions ofeeutlemen's dres*. vl<>Sin S PHILLH'3 7 Astor House. Braadway LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RGBHE II GOODS tlTHOI rai i if a vn hit >ii nj ? ??r- i. "? ^ nbenlmliti received ud nlfeii foi sale 1 large &&sortnistol iouiorte I India Rubber Water Ft i Ooodifvt*i Coats and Capes, otmmrior trinity Caehaer* L imn, reman, Mcnno iud Gotten, of *!i c dora and sires. Cloth?India Robber, Water Proof, rape! Lama, Loina Rm* iau and Cotton, nrtjured lor f ilort. India Rubber VVebbiusrs lor suspenders, comets. Atc. *28 fim*r (HAS A UTAH , MSON rPWlNK>?iOO bales Budioit ruanui 'dory, comprisine a J- Corn. !*-te nssoitmeiit of Seine, H'-rriug and (iill Net Twines, from 5H to 36 lb The abov- (wines are all of recti! in j i. 11 ?! i ..and cre-tlca:c ha* t il .:i in tI,i- s"!e<:tion of the material and in tin man ufacterei. b<>r tale m Ion tosmt;nrcfl - i,by aDWl). K. COLUNA h CO? dU r South street NEW lNVK^TED dleagiao a Compound ? For tendering bo t? and iioea perfertir wa er nreof?tobe obtained of the aubeeri erathi old etuniishcd Leather and Findings State, No. 4 Ann street* Piice 12)% cents a boi. To *i?oriv Men tad othere, who would secure 'in- advantage of drj In . tin . <' ??i us conftdnntfts r?coMtnended. <13 in * r H.PIIOWN FKfcNCH WIN&S?The subsciiber offers lor s tie in lots to sua i u.chssers*? Champa'Kiie?1500 Baskets superior quality. Buncundv?ijfl Cases verv old Chablu ana Chambcrtin. I CUret?20 catks ?uperi r Medec. Cement?8 Casks best French Cement. 1 J. B. TIVMEHMAN, did 2w*r 15 Broad street. P~~ ORTABLK BLACKSMITH'S-EOHUKsT-lhr mt>* cribers, being the sol> \gr,it? fur the Manufacturers of Conckltb's Patent Portable forge nail Bellows, belt leave to call tlie attention of the public to thr above article. Thai they have been railed lor and iutrdduecd ia nearly all parta of *Jie United States, is, we believe a ntfieirnt evidence of their Utility aid convenience; being portable nud compact, givei them larthe preference oyer trie common forge for Shipping of every description. Rail Roads, Canals, Plantations, Mauu factories snd all purposes for which the ordinary forge i used. Those raannf'aclared fur the U.S. Navy ars Wrongh Iron. We would refer those wishing to parohaan to some few who can recommend them from personal as well as general knowledge, vie Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.?, Messrs. Carr, Keim At Haiues, Philadelphia. Hon. (Jovernier Kembls, West Point foundry, Cold Spring, N. Y. Messrs. 8. B. Althouse At Co. 443 Broadway, N. \ ., and oar city blacksmiths generally. GAY At TEBAULT, ?J' t*n#re corner of Old slip and Wanr it LAND? Wanted to hire a lew acres of laud, suitable *59|foragar en and pasturing, within five miles of this city. ,?mhw.A line addressed to D. G. D and It ft at the Herald Office will be attended to, by stating where .m interview may t>e hid. di I w*rc BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN lit)VAC MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200 tons and 410 hone power each. Under contract with the Lorda of the Admiralty, BRITANNIA, Command*. CALEDONIA, E. G. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLU MBIA. E. C. Millar, ft N do Will sail from Bolton, via Halifax. _ . **<> LITEBfOOL. noM aotTan. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov 1 Caledonia, Lott. Oct 19 Nov 16 Acadia, Kyrie, Nov 4 Dec 1 Colombia, Millar, Nov 19 Dec 16 Britannia, Iiewiu, Dec 4 Jan I Faaaace Money?Krom Boston to 'Liverpool, $1}^?Boston to H Uifai $20. The* ships carry experienced surgeons. No Berths secured nntil pfiiu for. Nor r .?-Merchandize and SpetJe (except for peraenaf ex jttujes) ah roped under the mine of luggage will be charged u ireigut, and liable to Custom Honse Regulations. Apply to D BRIGHT %f. JR.. No. 3 W*1l-?t. .f ALL A.ND WiNTKIl AKKAiNURMfcNT.?The steamboat Kocklaud, will, on and after M ondav, the 31 it of October, run is follows : Uaeiufl Middletovro Point (tide and weathej per mining) at 9 o'clock, and Key port at 10 o'clock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Refuruing. Irar? the feot of Robin on street, New York, every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at 11 o'clock, noon, touching at Seguin-s Dock each way. Stages will be in readiness to couvey passengers to any part Of the country. All haggsgc ? the risk of the owners. o23 fm*ec rtlATEN ISisAMO b'EKRV Foot of Whitehall street, On lud alter Dee. Jd, the stesmer STATENlSLANDEh, w II run as lollowv, until furtlivr aetics Lfc-AYK BTATKN ISLAND. NEW YORK. MA. M, 9 A.M. ?r. m. IM r. M. _d *T *g kIlL, and iutermediale landing*, without low jK__XEwS_t>arue*,? R. golar day* from Cattaktll, Mon day*, Waduuaday* and Krrtlay*. Fiom Now York, Turadaya, Tburtday* and FatordaTa.?Far* to or from Catlakill, JO centa. ? B.rih* M caau?Snptwr St caoia. The or* and fiat *te*n??r WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt. will la -ae Robinaoa at. pid Thuriday Mot. 17th, at fiaa o'clock. For fhrilur partianlar* imiaire of lha <a tain on board. By an ua) a'abor* named. there will b- a daily com maui-arioti Uetwaen CaWklll and Naw York (and intermedial* iilar>-i) lor frrlght "in! parang* at reduced price*. idr tftC- ^OK LIVERPOOL.?Paekat 20th December ? *#TwVTh- jdeudtd faat wall kn .wn cckei ahio Hfa'OI.ITntKI'fkl. ( apiain Pailmrr, will rail poailiv 11> an above, hri rrgolrrilar Tli* ahipa , f ihia in* ara all loot tonn bvrhaa, and upward*, and thair acaomioodationa lor cabin, aecoud cabin and aterrage paaiaiiger*. it i* wall known, arc an erior to any ether line of l*ekaa?. For paaaagc. aaily acidic li n -n< nM he made to W. V I. T TAP8COI T, 43 Pee* S in, cor. Soatn at. Tha BOUTHr.BNER leiiTaa Liverpool ,.n ihe Jib K? brnary, 1141 Paiajoi wiahing to ?and f >r tin if frirnna, to coin* out in * he a bo i e ?plai.dnl amp, or any of 'he rrBnlar line, can make the n?"i t- jry arrangcrnciil* on reasonable term* ; and tho * with K to r mil money can liava d all* I r any am, nut. p yable on drinaod. in al, the pri cipal lowua of Great Britain anil Ireland, mi application a* alwivc. i|i4r FRANCIS' PATrNT I.IPK HiiiT* iJtT THE ubjeci of this inanition it t > Mir human life. Jryyy Tin- nun b?r of paaaengeraand other neraoiii aav^d by flMMBatheae* from wrack* in ?lorm* when the ordinary 111 .1 .r *w?tni >d ia over ISO. The numbered |*r*onadrown< il fin want of 'lie Lit* Boala a'the barni g anil wieckiug of it' ambnata and other vaaaclt ia arcoidiou to accounta | uhlirhi d I hi put month over JiB. It la inipoetib'e to aw a trip thin bott. i'ne Iitice i?riea from #11 to 10 tiOO, ? cording to in* number ol periona they are renuir. d to rarry, wi'ti the oottnan t'ov* in. 'I ?: cU-tof hour* lor locking up men I tiling overboard, are ao ligm * to require hut two moo to handle them, and lay the u-w appor0lit can he ail it, the the water tu 30 aiconda, wjtb two men ia her ready lor the reacne Aa tha aaf- t? o| veaaela at act . e|i?uda mttuly i n the tervirea ol th* crew, thia elaaa ol boat* ia intend*. lor Iheir pre<eiTttfOa. OAcu of mA.NC'IH' Patent l.ife Boat 7 Wall at, n* _ A' Adama k Co.'* E*it?*? OHIc*. I AJ)la,M' Bilk and Mgtuio Uimei Ve?ia I'oti*alajbv " JOHN M DAVICB k JONR8, n? liar* mil William cor of John ata. IRK I NING, DECEMBER 19. 1 DI'BI.jws riding school. 4?l Bowery.-W. J. da\ is, (11<>m Kuruin') Professor. Kv< mux class for (niilrme i will commerce on Monday | exeuiuic,'Zlii instant, mid eoniiuue each Monday and Friday creuinx. diiritu the season. S Irrl iwr i. ? olla lira and xeutleuienj can lie accom moda I iea wun in iruciiou on Tuesday and Thursday evenings or I each Wfrk. A Military chssforthe lustrnct on of gentlemen in military horsemanship to commence r?n Wrdnesday evening, 14th instant, r >nfiuuo eat h Wednesday evening during the sea ?n O- n'lt meu wishiug t ? subscribe to either of the "Hove claates, will pleaae call at heir eirliest convenience. D*ily instruction iisual, f >r I nlie* from II A. M. to 3 P. M.; for gentlemen, from S to 10 A. M and 3)4 to vM P M. Evening school to commence ai 7 o'clock. *re MILLS ! MILLS ! !?A new invention, the Kmicn Burr C mcctte, Coffee .iud Since Mil's. ill iauf*Ctured by Fi zI gerald k Mayuard, New York, for s*le by H. B. Rolling & j Scudder, No. no street, b'tween Fulton and John, Ntw York. I h i..: * hit baia t tod by competent judg?? to be far superior to any Mills her tofo e introduced in regaid to coal, durahil iy and ei'?n*r of shariwniug. At a recent evbihition of these Mills, 4 las. of coffee were ground per miuiite by ine^ns of a haud caok, which ground with more ease than those of English Mills. Grocers, Coffee and Spice dealers, w *uld do well to call anil eaamine this great improve! ment, iu it will save the expeuse of one of these Mills in sharpening in less than one year. H. B. ROLLINSk SCUDDEH, No. R0 Nassau s-rretI N. B.?Southern and western gentlemen livtrg rem?te from Mill scats, would Gel it to their advantage to eismine these I Mills, as they a c portable and adapted to grinding corn or griiu. and can be propelled by steam or horse power. | P*B?wo ipena* of sharpamtog. aa the nine nil of which j thev are nude, in urally becomes sliarp by grinding, j ?ll? - ! ' i I pep NO \TY~Tn 7>flEB8?IKitenntve sssornnei t of Rich, .*-* >> Ami El. <4iit < food-| for wiulrr weir. WM. T. JKV.NlsUS, 219 D "*dw*y. American Hotel, offer* for the in,pre ion ot the public, au eitennre a?*orlinr ut of ?ea.ou.<bl>' , .<?ci*, comprising Denver and Milled Chilli*, lor Souiioii's, S ck*. brock*, &c. Thn Sack Ort tuitti (*o ii.ncli in Togm) afforded at fourteen doll.rr<, cut and trnni., .1 in uut?tylo will be found worthy the attention of tin eior.i'miit. Caatirm re* in a great variety of tty'es for Pantaloon*. Krotn thoie who have found any uitriculty in getting *niterl in till* H'.li'e, t tri I I* s I 'Cited. Rich U ocarle fSitw >nd Satin Vesting*, (entire new atylea) for Mir, partie*, Ste. Merino*. Velvets, plain Si k*. 8itin?, and Ce**imcre?, ad of which will be made up to ordei under the uper.utrjdence of a* tjflcitnt eulteri ?* can be lomid in the countT >t piicei to suit the t:m?, invariably upon cash term*. dt tu'ec TO FAMILIES WOINU SOU I'M. to the We.I Inrtie* or 1 Kurope ?A respectable female, U yeara of age, wuhea to obtain a pertnaneut*ituattau a* seamslreaa, in a genteel lamtly. She wonld prelergoing to Kurnpr, yet would accept ol * good offer to go South or to the West Iodic*. The be?t ol relerencca given. Address A. A. A. boa 765, upper Poat office, .V York. ?lt>v FISH'S NOVELTY COOHINO STOVES, kc have received no prcnnuins iu any institute except the American lustitu'e, New Vork, because thay have not been exhibited tu any other, bat they have received that whieh oatntt with it far areater weiifip, \ud *pe iks more effectually ol its ifood R ealities, namely?the justly merited pTUKI ol D9Utg Btarioi' to ill other 3u>v. ;, by hundreds who have used the Very Stove boastin^ its premium*. r\.. IL-. ..t- * :i? -L_ ? - ? ? ",c" "" nTC W,M cun?um?n mr le^si tuei, providing llw 04 ftii so thai yon jti rMalm it at leisure, tHa on* 10 constrac'ed that every di*h being cooked c a be brought near fl?< tfre, or that which id m its of only part of the cooking near the lire ! Ek mine the Novelty Stove, 80$ Water st. Is not th vt Stove which will admit of the greatest quantity of eookina on the i ni I it iDtei, aha cook it veil, with the least amount if i? I, the he t Kit I, ba it which it way 7 Look at the Novelty tot*. Agaiu, ie wot two loaves of bread, bah d without chaoxiug, a large torkey roasted wkhott moving me roaster to ana (Vot and a corresponding amount of hailing done at the same time, '..1.1 .ill iloii i.i er feet i?>n, a be tier proof of tot Mills Ol i StOVc than a diploma handed vou by th-re men who have KMireljr looked at it and do not understand Us principle* as well as yo TStll 7 Ask thoat who art- OSlligtbe Novelty. What better proof uiv ?u have <>' the superiority of aitove th a the glteOIBt ol all Other Stove manufacturers to copy ait?i it 7 Agiiu, compare the Novelty with th- latest improvements. H we ver, principles of the Novelty ciuuot be iufringed up . for the patent Uw protects that, although they in ay copy thetnspe.) The above are plain questions. and the public have already answered them, by giving the Novrjlv Stove the preference ovr allof?ers Let a committee o f tliree decide wnat they may at a Fair, wheie merit must yield to inllucnce. We ouly asfc t fair *i imitutinu of the Novelty Stove?-o ideate call at Fisk't Stove Establishment, 209 Water st. If you wi>li the ordinary kinds of Stoves cheap, or have your nail* and (tailors heated in the most econo sical manner, pleme call .\t FISK'S STOVE ESTABLISHMENT, nl^linr* 20$ Water street. 3EGARS? SEOARS. HHHE following choice Began are always on hand st HEN1 RIQUKS'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8EGAR STORE, wholesale and retail, basement M WiiJiaci st. Hi i>hd<u,!ii liali aiitl .juiuter ooxe. Do. No. , hall' and quarter boxc* Norircu, in qnxrwr ind eighth do Ilrg ali is. of a superior quality, in X, X and l-10lh boxes Cougrtsaa, iu quailer botes Trabucas, do do La .Norma, do do La Esiieranta, do do Trrs Ainigot, in cartons of 20 each Loudon Hejtalias, iji cartnna of 40 each La i'ruria, iu quarter botes vtiagan's spotted, in quarter ooaea Panetiun's, do. of supenor quality Ymjeueudad, do Peipoyas, do Mateoa, do Vrtucipea, of the Hrndnu, Cruz and Sana, all cut. to dab. Pmnavurzj, in quarter boxea A1 rat.iou do CoutiAiitiaa, do Bu.r rtientas, do Eoaero lieralias, do Imperial do, iu quarto otea, a superior article. N. B.?Hotels and grocers plied on reasonable (eras. oil I lib DO\RDINU ?The ontnnal Walton House, 126 Pearl street, IJ Erenkliu Square?kept by las. howler, froin London. Kngland, permanenl boa'ders M.^0 per week, transient hoarders }( cennperday Kamilies cau be accommodated with priest# rooms on reasonable n uns. Wines and spirits, J cents per glass?home brvw'd ale 4 cents per pint?line Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold cuts equslly cneep. N. B. Hot coffee J cents per pint?italics .old mmtou rho|iscaii be had at all houis. J. K. particnlarly requests any one who is iu want of a comfort tble home to call and inspect his eitshliihinrnt, and lodge lor themselves. Persons travelling lor England won Id liuifit to theiradvaulage to call. The house bring convenient to Loadon aud Liverpool ships, J b . being appointed agent, he can give pisstrugera every mf irmatiou. New York ano Old Conotrv p?pera takes in. ni Jm*r JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Piue street. New York, gives J Drafts in sums to suit applicants, on the PROVINCIAL BANK Of IRELAND. Payable at? Cork, Bainbridge Limriick, Ballymena,! Clunmel, Parsontown.l Londonderry, Downpelick, Sligo, Cavan, Wratord, Lurgan, Belfast, Omagh, Wsterford, Dtingannoa, Oalaway, Bandou, a - l. r ?; - A'hloue, Billyshannen, Colervine, 8'vabaiie, Kilkenny, Dungarvin, IStllin.i, .Mallow, Trafee, Moneymore, Youfhsl. Cootehill, F.uni>kitlen, KilrnshJ Monagham, ENGLAND. Spooner, Atwood k Co. Bankers, London. Payable in every town in Giant Britain. P. W. Bvrnea, Esuuirea, Liverpool. City of Ohsfow Hunk. Psysble in every lowu in Lcotlar.d nil Imv "PLKCTRO MAONhTIC PLATE9 for rheumatisms, nerCs Vous sITec'ioiis, tkc., prepared under the direction of M.L?mauroui, apothecary iu Paris, aeneral uenot in New York, (3 Franklins M. Ninnara's. Price fI 3#. Infallible cure for the most acute and inveterate pain, snch as acme and chronic rheumatisms, the iroot, neura'gy, sciatic, tie dolorcni, danse dr rtnint Gny, chills, megnm, cramps in the stomach, and.shortly.for all nervous affections,chiefly diseases of women >nd young girls, as yreeu sickness, amenorrhea, suppressions, vapors, ner,out ?t'acka, fcr. nl> lm*r COUGHS AND COLDS. DKMKUBKH. No H North Sisth street, one door below I 11 Arch itrr.L, PlnUdelphi i, the moat certain aod heat Family Medicine, fur (' ouyha. Colda, Snittiuy Bh>od. Throat and Lung Biaeaae, a rising sensation liae chokiny, tickling. or anpic team nlntiuctioiu. for the above, Dr. SWAYNfb'S Com lamod Syrnp of Wild Cherry will bo found the great remedy. Persons who have abused themaelrei by the uaeol ardent spirits will find both their and resolution murh im)in>red hy leaving off the spirits, and taking a draught occasionally of the above restorative. All prepn'snons from thiavaluable tres^eeeept the above,mar be coaaidered pnrioav or ronnterfeit The real article may he had of the following Agents, or at No. 5f North Silthstseet, Phildelphia? AOENTS Dr. W. II. MILNOR. Druyirist, No. lft Brusdwty. MRS M. HAYKS. No. i:m Sultou it, Brooklyn. BEN J. OLDS. Newark. N.J. JOHN MA SI) N. Pane son. N.J. da 8m *t YTAN NOKDEN 9 WRITINQ AND BOOK-KKEPINO " ACADEMY ia now open, ill Broadway, inn floor, lor the rerr; tion or papils, where all aei|air? Yen Novden'a brantifel ayateui of ,-ennmanship ia a very ahort time, and write with eaae, erase and i legsuce. Mr. Van Norden it now prepared to give inetraetion in Book Kaep'ag npoa plane entire!, new and strirtlv paaetieal. Dunag oae aron'h'a inatractlon the papils -einally opt a, balance aadeloee, pre'neatly, from ZO to 10 eat of bonks. Tar us very madeiate. Bogie ef iaatreatioa from J A. M. till I P. .M , and from I ti II in the evening. The l.adiea meet daily at 3 P. M. nli lm*r o. * ?k 9ylte9tek uraham'm quarterly JOURNAL, on the I'hito ophy of Hacreo History, e i>h pa'tp alar raferanee to the authority of ih? Bible, for man's i army flr?a driakiay wine, ike Snbae'itics, and those who vtiah to etamitie I ha work, will call on Dr. Jo>'D Burdell, Dentist, in Chambers street, corner Broadway, where they will Ilea the tirat end .ecnad on hers. dn> 't*r TH E ONLY PLACE f N New York where the celebrated Shaker Kuit Shirt can be obtained ia at JOHN M. DA VIKS h JONES, 106 William at, corner of John ?t. Agents for the Shaker's Merrimac Co, N.H. Alto?t'loee and ojian kuit Drawers, flannel wrappers and barters, and 'he unrivalled Shaker flannel by the yard or piece ?if it I'wferaMe roanv style now in nea. ii'O Imr* I lyTTllHiMI'V I'liUflNV-S. n iar.ii " atreet, comer of Hanover atreet. Thi* Coiopanv con tinnaa to manre etrainal loa* or damare by fire on bnildirnf* mod*, ware i, of merchandize generally; alao, on reaaela and ' into** again*' loaa or damage by iulaiid navigation, on aa favorable terma aa any other office _ _ DIKlit/J'ORS. Thome* W Thome Mi ah* Hntea Thome* 1? Woodruff Anann Baker Beniainiti R Robeoa Martin Hoffman John K Daviaon Joaeyh Allen Jehn II Lee Joaerh Drake Krancia P Sage Samuel Underbill Tlioiuaon Price, Jamr* R Whiting Moaea Tucker John P Moore John 0 MerritC WmK Thorn CalcD C Tnnia J?me? K Holme# THOMAS W. THOHNt. Preaident. OF.O. 1". HOPK. Secretary iM Jr aw M%V r SHIRT T OHIRTS madr. after the latent and moat approved Ftenab iwtte ?*. t 'oata, i autalooDa, reata, end all nndet uarut* nia, made to ordar et abort notice *Dd in the moat faahionaole a'yle. Oentiemen'a k'nrntahing Store, 17 and M Maiden Lane, New Vork. ?? ? ? WM COLLI.SB. IERA 1842. Louisville. (Correspondence ol the Herald.] Louisville, Dec. 10, 1842 "ATtuntl I ahake thee from me, care,' The gay, the thoughtful and the fuir, From "lodge," and "courtand "houae," aad "hall," Are hurrying to the ball ."?Etonian. "Come and trip it aa you go, On the light, fantastic toe."? Milton On Wednesday night a grand firemen's ball was given at the Washington Hall. Notwithstanding the card published in the papera by the head* of the department, there has been quite a round of amusements during this fall?among the first of which this should be classed. Should I desire here to give all the names of the assembled guests, room would forbid?suffice it to say that sixty and u|>wards "fair women and brave men" composed the company, than which, a gayer never entered a ball room. At nbout 8 o'clock the carriages began to arrive?they continued setting down, without intermission, till past ten o'clock, and then what a glorious assemblage of belles and beaux was collected together! The house was magnificent beyond description, and illuminated in the most brilliant style. "I've seen some bulla and revels in my time, And itny'd them over for some silly reason; And then I look'd (I hope it was no crime) To see what lady best stood out the season." Cotillons were soon formed?everything was so well arranged ihat none wanted partners?all were assembled,and the dancing was about to commence, the bund struck up one of its lively tunes, and all was life ana animation. "ChtMez quarter?cavalier sue), Pastourelle?balancer?grancle roiide." The. siri^htly Mrs. W. lost nothing by being put in competition with her accomplished friend?she was ail nature and life, her dress became her particularly: it was the lianpy result of good choice and unstudied simplicity?her graceful figure required nothing to improve it, and her luxuriant hair, tailing in natural ringlets over her face, adorned it niore than any art could have done. There was a gaiety in her sparkling eyes and a sweetness in her pretty smile, which could scarely fail to captivate the most irresistible. "No sense had ?he of ills to come, No care beyond to day." Miss S. looked as usual, the perfect gentlewoman ?well dressed, without pretens on, and easy without affectation. "Of auch charming, graceful mlrn, That to he loved, need but to be seen." Mrs. O was dressed in great simplicity, a figured skirt with a black velvet bodice perfectly plain. She looked well. When she raised her long, dark eyelashes, and displayed the tine expression of tier eloquent eyes, lie must have been cold indeed, who was not struck wilh her countenance?with that silent speaking charm so ruperior to all others. Bu'when not conversing, she wanted the dash of tashion or that nondescript possession, called tournure; yet they were well supplied by a smile of perlect good-nature, which bsspoke a constant wish to oblige every body. "What ? inning graces ! what majestic mein ! She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen !" Then appeared the smart and flippant MissH?? wilh a knot of admirers, to each of whom she appeared to have something uiHutiquc or sfurituelle to say; (or every petit mot produced a burst ol laughter. She was plump and lair, and very pretty; she could be sad or courteous, distant or intimate, as occasion required. Next followed Miss F?.radiant in beauty; her dress was plain in ilia extreme,and displayed her charms to full perfection. She looked well, but her mod- at, dowu-cust air seemed to shun general observation. "With manner, graceful and refined, A fit costume, and richly stored mind; Can u oman fail, whoever she will, to please, Quick as her voice he hears, or form he se< s. My paper will notadmitof any further description it the light ryes, angelic lorrns, and brilliant beauties of the night. The sumptuous repast that was prepared was of the most luxurious and expensive kind; every thing gave universal saiisf-iciian?all were pleased and happy, and all no doubt regretted that it could not lasitoiever. "The morning now wn? on the point of breaking; A term of time, at which t woulil admire Ladies who have been dnncirg, To make their pieparationslor lorsnking The hall-room, as the tun begins to rise " By dozens the company began to depart; at about four o'clock, A. M. the hall was quite deserted. Hawkxyk. JeflVraon City, Mo. [Cormimndeuce of the ili-nlil.] Jefferson City, Mo., Dec. 14,1842. Mittouri River? Sttagt ami Sand Eart?Miuouri Planter*?Gov. Reynold* and Cabinet?'Ihe Capitol?Mineral*?Society?Clergy?Agriculture, 4*c. of Mistouri. General Dennett:? Sir:? Allow an old subscriber to address you from this youthful city, situate some one hundred and fifty miles west of St. Louis, upon the Missouri river. Upon this river are several excellent steamboatsrapid?good fare?and conducted by able and skilful captains. Twenty miles above St. Louis you turn into the angry, turbid river of rivers; an awe creeps over you?the bristling snags meeting your view on every 1- ?L _ a 1 _l i _j . 1 i . . , siu<?mc irrtiLiirrtius rooai itnn sand oars streicninglar up the river before you?and the inexperiencedeye seeks with embarrassment the outlet of what seems a vast bayou?the mountain sands are rolled up in eddies and cast down in immense whirlpools?as unquiet and restless herr, two thousand miles from the eternal snow-capped spinal ridge of old earth, as when poured impetuous through her rent side?around you are lowering rocky bluffs? beneath you a restless mass of decaying vegetable matter, clay and impalpable sand held in mechanical suspension?opposite the bluff is the low bottom, covered with the deep forest from whence the Indian contemplated his happy hunting ground, vainly supposing the restless white man could never disturb hirn here?but the wave of emigration has rolled beyond the Mississippi?and where the wild deer hid himself from the noonday sun, now stands the pioneer's cottage?and where the Buffalo roamed upon the rolling prairie, waives the harvest field. As we pass along our kind Captain point9 out Lewis Jc Clark's rock, commonly called "tavern rock." Ahove towers the hlufl two hundred feet?to the right and left the Missouri lares its base?beneath its hospitable shelter is a fine snud shore fronting upon the rivir, and near its level inaccessible except in front; manv have left a record of their visit riy ueepiy ciimng ineir names in ine win lime rocK which forms its sides and root. The river abounds in scenery of the finest order. Much adjoining land is yet uncu'tivuied, though not rarely you we the , snug dwelling, the well tilled hemp, maize and tobacco field, and the troop of negro operatives, notifying you wealth is there. The river bottoms are favorite locations for plantations, and a view of the river desirable to a residence many are so situated that the view up and down the river is the most enchanting I ever saw. The soil of ihese plantations is of exhaustless and surprising fertility, of unknown depth, and I was shown fields which hsve borne corn for twenty years, and yet without perceptible exhaustion ot soil. About one hundred and forty miles from St. Louis the Osage becomes tributary. This river, by some slight improvements, will be navigable lor several hundred miles, opening one ol the finest regions o( the State. There are already several splendid plantations, among which I may mention that of Oen 13 , and the observer cannot but feel the highest satisfaction at the energy and nkill displayed by this truly hospitable gentleman in conducting ita various duties. Above the mouth of the Osage you observe two plantations, one upon either side of the river, which for beauty of location, fertility, and an air ol unostentatious wealth, are seldom equalled. From this point,though s>*ven miles distant, you see the noble Capitol, built upon a bluff or knob, somewhat projecting to the river,of aiinilarplan (but of smaller dimensions.) to that at Washington. The interior, and grounds about the building, are vet incomplete, A small sum will however accomplish this, and exhibit one of the finest specimens of architecture in th' Union. Jefferson City is built upon several knobs or hills, rising from one hundred to two hundred feet above i the river, and when built up will he one of the most | heullhy and pleasant cities of my acquaintance. The Penitentiary is located at the lower part of the I city?the number ol convicts are now about 110? i and, to the credit of the sex, among whom there is not one female They api?ear orderly, and it is hoped have profited by the faithful moral and reli- ' gtoua instruction regularly administered by the aa- ' / LD. Price Two Cent*. veral clergymen rending at, and \isiting, this place, among ihe moat faithful ot whom 1 may mention the liev. Mr. H.. an Eptecopa clergyman, a young man bidding fair fir great influence and uaetulneae. Education within the last year has received a new and lasting impulse; we have two excellent female aemtuaries, and one for young men, all well conduct eu, ana receiving a well deserved and liberal support. Near die site of the old Stale House is the res'dence of Gov. Reynolds. At this place also reside A torney General Bay, and Gen. Miner, Secretary of State. The unostentatious, energetic and faithful manner in which these gentlemen perform the du'ies ot their respective offices, testify in their favor a higher note ot praise than any flattering commendations of my feehle pen. The political stamp of this State is democratic, as the world knows. The master mind of her favorite representative moulded her youtldul character, and the bankbought coon skin demagogues of the Atlantic States can never breathe in her atmosphere. In the neighborhood of this city are several excellent plantu lions, among which I may mention that of Mrs. G.. and ihe Met-sra. Smiths, exhibiting great neatness, profitable culture, and the great good judgment of their proprietors I might mention many more, hut the limits of one sheet will not premit. Missouri, to the emigrant, presents more inducements than tiny other new State ; her soil can nowhere be excelled, producing in great abundance all the sta| les ot the latitude Her hemp cannot he excelled, and when the system of wafer-rotting shall be generally introduced, will command ti price equal to the brat Russian. It is believed u great improvement may be made even upon ihat, by excluding the light while undergoing combustion ; and I am prepared to satisfy nay candid mind upon that subject by the result oi facts and experiments ; but I huve not room upon a single sher t, and it given would probably be uninteresting to the common reader. Her tobacco is generally acknowledged unequalled in the U. 8., and lor some purposes, in the world. To those suffering by the influence of the interminable winleia of the north, the cfmate of this State holda out health and restoration. Many can now testify to the accuracy of the above by individual happy experience. The face of the country is delightfully undulating, abruimling in springs of pure water, for pleasantness unequalled. Iter river affords the finest drinking water 111 lie world. (Tell W.ishingtoniaoH of this.) Winter seldom exceeds live or mix weeks, and mostly clear weather, when her chain is broken, and the genial sun ot spting revives the face oi nature in a day. The character of society is made by those, of all, bist calculated fo impress U|x>n its plastic state a pure, bright, and noble stamp, for here are found w hole neighborhoods of men of leisure, wealth, literature?branches and pnncipuls of the best families of the Old Dominion and Kentucky, who have sought Missouri tor belter soil and more room Missouri may literally be called a mine of wealth?lead, iron ol finest quality, copper, amimopy, zinc, and many oilier valuable minerals are found dispersed through a large tract of country in great, and, 1 might say ot some, exhauetiesa profusion. By a laie accession to thisstate,she is now the largest in the Union, truly the Empire State?democratic, out of debt, ot sane mind and sound body She is many years abend of any other new stale, and thank iod her body politic is not scarred and disfigured by those unsightly sores, in ihe shape of broken down party leeches, (you call them "old clo," folks,) ?but they are enough to give any state the milk sickness, and if the noble state oi New York don't shake them oil, she's swamped. Our legislature is now in erision, composed of men able, efficient, and worthy. Our people gut>|?ose a limn able to manage auccessfully his own affairs, honorably and nobly, can best do theirs. Some I cuti name, suppose a man too dishonest to maintain his credit in his private businets, or too indolent to successfully prosecute any thing, a bankrunl or swindler, the only fit man for office, no tna'terfiow responsible, liut my sheet is lull, and I must conclude with a promise of more hereafter, it agreeable to you. Phoenix. Philadelphia. [Corre?i*>oderice of ihe Herald.] Philadelphia, Dec. 17, 1843. James Gordon Bennett, Esq:? Dear Sir:? There u just now the strangest tow among our politicians, which affords infinite amusement to the honest and disinterested spectators. The Van Buren men, who have been fighting off Buchanan, Johnson, Tyler, Calhoun, and the Lord knows whom else, are in perfect despair about the arrival of Gen. Cass. He was last night at the Circus, and the demonstration of enthusiasm was truly wonderful.? He is a nice man, to say the least of him. ti.u?. i 1 o , I j.kv ouuia micuici uui nmiu^oiTie ivecorcicr has any committing power under the new Constitui tion stands adjourned till next week. Every one hopes he may come out the small end of the horn, as he did at the last election. The loafers in the street are roaring against the appointment of Wm.H. Porter, the son ot the Governor, to the Sheriffalty of the city and county. We huve about half a dozen democratic factions here, each of which would been stratified, of course, to have its commander in chief pocket #20,000 per annum, and distribute the patronage ot his office among Ins gang of followers; but inasmuch as the Governor knew that he could only oblige one, and certainly set all the rest swearing and cursing, he acted wisely by appointing a man who he was well assured possessed all the necessary qualifications lor the office, and who, belonging to no faction, was sure in the end to give less offence, and I.v his tudicious conduct to reconcile all parties. That the whig* should grumble about the appmntmeut, is not surprising. Thgy lose an office, which thev held lor the last ten years, and, of course, their underlings will all be kirkea ou< next week to the infinite satisfaction of every honest democrat. The new Sheriff will most favorablv compare with his predecessors, the Morrises, Fillers,and Watmougns, all of which, if distilled over in a retort would not yield as much spirit as Young Porter in his twenty second year! We have a sufficient number of old superanuated fools among us, and it is quite refreshing now and then to meet a man who is neither worn out as a party hack, nor decrepid Irom over straining his faculties. The worst crime that Mr Porter ever committed is accepting an office worth $20,000 a year; but I trust he is not to be d d on that account. The Italian Opera is doing well; but of late is not so well attended. If we had a nice corpi dt bnl/et here, it might do ; but since the introduction of Temperance Concerts, music has become so cheap, and is to be hud at every corner, that men will not travel a square out of their way to hear it. Mr. Bancroft lectured last night to 'he Mercantils Library Association Hisaubject was the American Revolution. You know he is quite au fait in it. I don't like his delivery so much as hia style. The weather continues fine, but the regular season for balls and routs Iims not yet commenced. The women look charming as usual. Yates County Rath?The notes of the Yate? County Bank will be redeemed hereafter at the Mechanics' und Farmers' Bar-k of Albany We have the best authority for saying that the Yatea County Bank, though it has struggled in common with other Institutions, with embarrassments Irotn which hut few have been exempted, is neverthelesa entirely sound ; and that, fortified aa it is by recent accession* of capitalists among its stockholders, all us engagements will be promptly met. The public may rely with confidence that its notes will be readily redeemed si its counter and by its agent, T.W. Olcolt, Esq.?Albany Evening Journal. The alleged outrage at Ch*sr, in Clinton county?the burning of "two or three hundred Proteftant bibles," by the I atholics of that place?is the subject of a long communication in the Rochester Democrat of the 14th, under the signature of the Rev. RernnrdO'Keiily. uaator of St Patrick's church. He discredits the story in toto, snd gives good reasons lor regatding u as a humbug got up with unister designs against Catholics mid their r> ligion. He states .1 . .L I I - 1 t'l 1 in*" v>ninnnc popiiMnon "i v>i""-y ,n ?V">>?-?>IT-I?Ible, and the number of Protestant bible# said to have been burnt is greater than the number in the hand# of ah the Catholic in wesicrn New York?and "hat it is incredible that such an outrage would have been qn ctly tolerated by the Protestant population of Cha/.v, if'he Catholics had the disposition, (which he dfirma.from hi-? knnwl-dge of them they had not) to commit an net not only impolitic, but of no possible benefit to themselves and peculiarly offensive to the religious feelingsof theirfellowcitizeos. CarrrAn.?It was proposed in the New Hampshire Legislature to license |a?rsons who deliver lectures on mesmerism, as juggler#, itinerant actors and pupa-t showmen were licensed. The doctor# in th# House strongly advocated the proposition, and by ong and prosy speeches actually put th# s|iceiaior# .n the galleries to sleep It was rejected Colo Kaotrnir ?The Belfast Signal #ay#r-?" Th# thermometer in this town on Tuesday morning Ian stood at 10 deg below 0."

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