Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 20, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 20, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VUI.?So. 341*?W hole Ifo. 3304. NEW JERSEY RAILROALAND TRANSPORTATION COMPJ .\Y. NEW YORK ANDNEW?KK. rut rriiuiru in . v < From tnc lout cl Conrtlaadt ?treet, NewiOi j < Every day?Sunday a??r epteil.) LdlnNfw Yoi!- Leave; Newark At 9 A. W. At k M. Ai 7>? A. M. Al IK . M 11K do 4 do. 8 do. IK ut1 ! 4 W Jo. 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. It 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. I F.otn the loot ol CwurtUndt ureet. Leave New V((rk, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and IK t'. M. At IK P. M. and IB P. M. NEW vokV, elizabEth town, Leave N?w York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. IK A.M. 2K " tON A. M. t$P. M. IK M. 1 P. M. 9X " The trama for Weatfield, Ptaiufirld. Bouudbrook, Somerville, he., conuect with the 9 A M, 2 and 4j? P M traiua Irom New York, daily, SuniUya ?vce|ited. Karc between New York and Elizabeth Town 23 centa. Eire between do and Soinerville. 7S centa. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEY$ BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. F roin tlie foot of Liberty atreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawiek. At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. 2V P. M. ?K " tK " )2K " 9 P. ?1. Oo Sunday* the 5K and 7K A.M. tripa from New Brnnawiek andI 2K P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Kate between New York and New Brnnawiek, 75 centa Railway, 50 centa The fare in the 5K and 7K A. M. tfhiu from New Brunswick, and 2K and <K P. M. train from New York, haa been re dnced. New York and New Brnuawick, to 50 centa. " and Rahway to 37K " Paaaenttrra who procure their ticketa at the ticket office, re reive a Jerry ticket nana. Ticketa are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchased. Bull 3m* WINTER AlUty NGEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, dally, at 9 A -VI aid (X P M. Cue morning lyne proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by stelbiboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without chance of cars. I'asseugers will procure their tickets at the office font of Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness* witli najrvact crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartmeuls and dressing rooms expressly for thy Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the fnet of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and i o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. ?28 3m*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR KOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. ftgMfe JjHjfr By theTiousalonic Hail Road, running through from this City to Albany in Twelve Hours. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. , The subscribers have made arrnugements with the Housatoi.i Rail Road Compsnv, to rnn an Express Car (exclusively for our owu purpose) daily, over thsir road with tfie passenger train, ruuning through to Albany in twelve hours, aud are now prepared to receive aud forward at low rates, bpecie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Caars of Goods, tic., for any of tile abovr named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of hills, notes, drafts and arconuIs, and sach other business as may be entrusted to their care. dtr 1'OMEROY It CQ.8 Walls-reet. New York. FUL.LEN & COPP'S ^ NEW Will? ALiKF'iklfif A.vSSritEAL > EXPRESS. Mcun. Harndrn k Co, having disposed of their route from New York to Albany anil Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Hsrnden k Co's Northern 1 Enacts, from New York, will eontinne to run as heretofore, leartii.; New York, Albanr and Troy, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Eiprcss, aud will forward Specie, Bank Notes, i'ack-ges. Bundles,Cases of Goods, fce., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention wilt be ptid P> the collection of ti' las, ilralcs, acceptances, Sec , and prompt returns made for tka an in,. PULLEN it COrP. Offices? Pullen It Corp, 2K Wall street, N?w York. Thos. trough, IS Exchange, Aloany. , A G. Kilkms, 228 Hirer street, Troy. j S. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul st, Montreal. REFERENCES. , New Youk. Ai. Barry. X"OT- t Prime, Ward It Kin*. K. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, , Jacob Little, k Co.. Thos. Gungh. P. Wells, John T. Smith, k Co.. 8. K. Stow, ( Pepoau k Hoffman, C. S.Douglass, . Cwiienter fc Vermtlye, F.Leake J Hotrehton k Co. Drew, Robinson fc Co. n2t lmr NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Nouwich sun WoarrsiKH Kan.roads. Composed of tltt lollowing superior steamers runmug in connection with the Norwickk Worcester and Worcester k Boaton Bail KuaHs? : WORCESTER. Capt. J. H. Vanderbilt. ' NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Doatan. ? CLEOPATRA, Capt . > v/ii auu auri 'iimui;, i^(>r.ciii,uii> iiqc Will dc run iri*wpck* ly, leaving New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays ami Saturdays 1>. M. * From Peek Hip, fcaat River. k The new and splendid steamboat NKW HAVEN, Captain ? J. K. Dustan, will leave erery Tneeday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boaton will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the shove boata at Norwich, and will proceed with- j out chance of cart or burgage. J Kor fnrther information, enquire at the office of D. B. ALLEN, 39 Pi ca alip, np ataira. u All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of the ? above boata orownere. u2Jr ,| NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. . essea titti *33 bare to Harlem hedurrd to 12 l-t rents. WINTER AKRANNOFMENT.?On and after Monday, Drcembre l?'h. 1142, the ran will run daily aa followa :? Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem Leave Williams' Bridge Williams' Bridge, for City Hall. fer City Hall 7 ?o A. M. a jo A. M. > 30 A. M. 9 " 10 JO " It 30 " 11 W 1 It P. M. 12 JO P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 J 40 " 5 20 " J 00 Harlem only. 6 40 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh atreet Line will rnn asfo'- ,, Iowa:?From 7 10 A. M. every ten minntea throughout the . day till 7 P. M. aud on Sundays every twenty miutilea. Fare V Lcents. j, Passeosers for Weatclieater. Throe's Neck, Eaatcheeter, R New Roclielle, Mamaroneck, Horae ,N?ck, Netth Castle, Robbiua' Mills and White Plains, will take the t o'clock, T. M. trim from City Hall. Passengers for Yonkera will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, r. M. trains from City Hall, On 26th Dec aud 2d Jen the care will run between City Hall and Williams Budge every hoar from 7 A M to 6 PM. tiki lm*m K ' Ff)R LIVKRFOOL?Packet -f th. 7th January, ' Wyjflk 1043?The splendid new packet ship ASHBUXTON, ? JMMtkaCapt 11 Huttlesun, will sail at above, her regular day. > Ha-mg ,n ?t superb accommodations for e ,Inn, second cabin I and steerage iMssrugcrs. ? Persons withtll. to aiTihaak ihonld mate nrli'sm lirsrinnnn board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to u J(>9ErH MeMLRRAY, *| 100 Pine corner of South street. P 8?The above will be tucreeded by the packet ship Stepheti Whitney, and nail on the 13th of January, 1113. Per'ou' . wishing to aend for theirfrienda residing m the aid country can hare them bronxht ont bv eithei of lite above ships, or any of _ the regular packets, by applying ai above, if by letter post paid. dlt tojyTr FOR LONDON.?Regular packet of the 30th of H Hj]> December?The splendnlid fart sailing i ickrt ship 3 jBuflfaWEST.MINSTKIl, ( apt Moore, will rail punctually at above. w Hiving veryanpeiior acCommo lationa for cabin,second cabin L and atecrage passengers, periona wishing to embark should make earl7 application to JOSEPH McMl) it U A V. IM nue at., cor. South. P 8?The above will he succeeded by the |>4ckct ahip Saint James, Captain Sebor, and aail on the !?r Jantiary, isn. ' Peraora wi.hinir to aend for their frianda reiidius iu the ? old country, e"u have them brought out by the above thiie, or 5 any of the regular packets, by applying as above',; if by letter, poet paid. 31 r T roil LOSDfl.N?Paeaet ot Jtth Dec ?T*e ? wMWWanlendidfaat sailing packet ship WESTMINSTER JImMBL *'<P( Moore, will aail punctually a> above, her le reii nur day. . Has very anpenor accommodationa for cahin, aecond rabin ro and steerage passengers, who will be taken at reasonable rates m on application to pi W.fc J. T. TAP8COTT, it Trek dip, or jt? South street, corner Jones' lane. Persons wishing In send lor their friends can have them brought on t iu this ship or any of the line, on reasonable tenna, * iu<l drafts for am amount navahle on ileinmid without in all the principal 'owns of KoffUiid. Ireland, Scotland and Ik W*l??, ran at all tirnra br had on canon aa above. dl3r rd FOR LIVERPOOL?Regglsr Packet of the 17th ??' ?The splsndid, fast aailir>K packet ship t JUiBjLlNDEp?NUKNCk, Oapt Wye, will u.l as above he^egulsr day. For paissgr in cabin, second cabin. tu>d steerage, baring ln pirndin accommodations, apply on board, foot oI Maiden lane, ... or to JOSEPH Mc.WURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner of South street. P. 9.?The abore will bo secceeded by the packet sliid Vir k0 gn is, Aapf Allin, and sail on 13 Dec. Persona wishing to send for their friends, residing in the Old Country, rau have them brought out by this snip, or air ? of the regular packets, by applying as above, if letter post paid, pair n23r J, REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fc?., Ike.? H JWjJWTbe subscriber eontinnce to tr insmit money, in snms M fjifaBb -go "i amall to persons residing in any part of Ire- I, I lid, in the same ir.auuer u he, and hu predecessor in bnsi- pli r.tss. Iiavc done for the laet lurty years, and more; also, to auy tar part d KngDud or Scotland. TV Monty remitted be letter (iiostpaid) to the anhaenher, or wi ersooally deposited with him, with the oaine of the person or lei persons 'II Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to he lb sen', and nearest post town, will be nion< diaiely transmitted ce and paid accordingly, and a receipt to thai elfect gireii or for rei * warded to the tender. N< In like maimer money with or clainu oil persons in any pert ol Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the aobscri- J per, for iwrsons residing in any part of the United States, or Canada, and will be ,-aid to them accordingly. ] nil lm*r UKORUE McBHIDE, Jr., U C?<Ur si. J E NE NEW ENGLISH SCHOOL. ? HAVANA, ISLAND OK CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATKHLAND. P1UNCIPAL. I HIS Academy wu established two yean a*w, under the pa. tJonafe of the former lulcudeui tJeueral ottne island, and other disliuifuished individuals of the nobilitv ?*id merchants of this city. It i? conducted oti the plan of the fierman 'tfvinua?u; and the method of tuitiou it the " inter rotative." All the ichoUrs understand the Knglish language, and many of them i|*ak it hibitually and fluently The rriucioai hat th? ?u-"1- LV " , -.- -? u. i.iivkii iu rniurf, ufrnany. England, and the United States. His chief aun ta to n?e the youth entrusted to his care a practical knowledge of hose branch*! of a poliie education, which are required in all ictive careen, and are applicable to any. ^ The coune of study, therefore, comprehends the English, ranch, Herman and S|muiah lauguagea; Hiatory, Oeogr.. .'hies, jSturul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and aw ingaol varioua kinds. tab?'''*1"'" divera uationa and acqnirrmeuta reside in the esl>0?{)"i*nt; and all the claaaes receive, in rotation, instruction Su^ie director. Teral aucceta haa attended this plan of tuition, that aetwo fore"- l'ul'i 1?. under twelve yean oi ages. write and speak thoae of rV lu s perfectly intelligible manner, and The teat/?*1*' correctly aud eaanv. [ langnages JP0"* notoulyof the Spanish, but alao of other Uuited Stat)11" I'iaced within Hie reach of the youth of the . Iinnuiah the m.without ita being urceaaary for tfum 10 reucation The 1 advantages winch accrue from auEughsh rdyouths from the ?" of 1">? 1'riucipal in desiring to receive of the English acc*?? Stales, la to Uciliute llie acquirement would be doubly rei,f?f '"is Spanish pupils, which service , here the manly spinR *" by by the latter, and to introdme , xeiis of the L'uited StaV" English schools. 1 he young, citimate, the house being src,111 have nothing to fear from the cliaiKit, at a ahort dialance fivua and airy, situated in a healthful , limits,aliu- bath aud coui|the city; and containing withinlU of the pupils' health. Two ? gymnasium lor the preservation uy, have paaacd the anmmer ilP". '"ely. arrived from Ciermathe principal is n married m?U ?chooi in perfect health. As charge of the junior depaitinenttuu Wl'e and niter have age but tMat oi infancy.. \ildre* are received at any ? Every pupil enjoys his religious . 'J The terms are *4J)0 per auuum, |*'ops undisturbed, sance There are uo egiras eicept csB'c three months in ad- . References? .ViESSKS. CUAS. UlC?rud books. u ALEXANDER MORA**BROTHERS. a nil kSQ-. HM OUSE FURNISHING WARKHOL, ""."v." .. tl HAUUHWOUT, J61 Broadway, it and Commission Merchants, ha*e just recelurers, Agents ^ opening a ucw and splendid assortrneut of th?\[indl are now j wwing aril Silvered, Uilt and Bronze Ua Chandahers, 6 to Do Candle do 4 to lights.' Do Caudle Bracket!, I lo . " Do ??a Bracket!, I if 1 " , Do Uas Mantel Lights, 1 lo I ' , Do Uiranuole!, Ilg i ^ Canute bras, viol/ 1 s Astral Lamps, Hall i amp! and Lantern!. Heading Lu A new article ol Solar Lamp, a very superior article. X Alio , a uew article of Deflector lor improving the light 01 the old pattern of Astral Lamp. Also, a new ityle of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Together with every variety of Lamps and Chandelier!, for churches, hatli and public buildings. I'l.ATKI) WlKI. Baskets,Castors, Trayi.Toait Haclu, Candlesticks, Napkin Kiugs, Butter Tabs, butter and Fruit Knives, inulfers and Triys, Coffee and Tea Urns, Sir. Kmc Table Cutlery, insetuand dozens; Japanned *Xea Trays, in great ratity of patterns and forms; flue cut glasi Bawls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Ooblets, Decanters, Water Bottles, Sugars, &c. Itc. . W. tiH. beg respect lullV to inform their friends, (ntomers, and the public generaR y,that their arrangements witi the m/v-' nufacturarsare suciiti atlhey can sell all articles in'Jieir line at remaikably lowpri :rs; and respectfully invite thai to call and see their show ro nis which alone is sufficient Icomi/en sate for the tronble it 3in?r R E.VIOV A L . PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTALlSH MENT, Is removed from 145 Broadway to No. 1 Astor H>0 ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRLJS. Uarinents of a most Jeganl an.'. Kaslueuabie kind at a i?,8 0( I 60 per cent for ctuh. rr*HV'. -li. I -j- neyed system of giving a list of uominal prices, prfc..,. that the leugth of time he has been established, totielh^.J: the extensive patronage bestowed on him, will prove t cienl voucher for his capabilities. Posscssing,the advant, -r being eonnrrted with ah extensive cloth establishment in lvn- I* he confident! v .assets that he can lurMsh clothes which, oiLL_ Ce parisou, will he fouud lower than any other house makilf ro the best desenptious of geDtlemeu's dress. gli _?J0 3in 8. PHILLIPS. T As tor House. Braadwr ce LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RT, *' BER GOODS fo! WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, No. g Wall street. T\ jut subscriber has received and otters foi sale a large asso 6n< inept of uniKiried India Rubber Water Proof Hoods, viz: to . Coataand Capes, of superior Luna, Cashmere Lama, Persia! Merino and Cotton, of all colors and sizes. ? Cloth?India Robber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lama Per nan and Cotton, ore pared for tailors. T( India Rubber Webbings for suspenders, corsets, kc. frn*r CHAS. ABKAHAM3QN. THE ONLY PLACE f r V Vow Vnrk wksvs ? 1. L ... . , .l QI..I. .. I/.... HI X _ I L'u! 'XOH'N'M.1 D A VTES"X'j 7> NES ,Quo 100 William st, comer ul John st. Agent* for the Shaker's .Vlerriinac Co, N. H. Also?Close and npcn knit Drawers, tlauuel wrapper* ami I rawer*, ami the unrivalled Shakrr tlaiinel by the yuraor piece ?it is nrr fern hie to any ityle now in nae. nZ9 Itnr* C'L.ECTKO MAGNETIC PLATES for rheumatisms, nerDa m?i atrectiuui, See., prepared under llie direcUon of M. Lanaurous, aiiotheeary in Paris, general depot ia New York, 65 Ir'mnkliii ueet, at M. Niuuarii's. Price SI 00. Infallible cure for the most acute and inveterate pain, such ai icute and chrome rheumatisms, the uout, ueura'gy, sciatic, tic loh.reux, dause de Paint Guy, chills, megrim, croups in the Mil aud.shurlly.for all uerrous alfecuohs, chiefly diseases if women and young girls, as green sickness, amenorrhes, snpiresouus, vapors, nervous attacks^ Sim nit lm*r [?KENCH WINES.?The subsciiker offers for sale in lots to " suit purchaser*-? Champaigne?1500 Baskets snperior quality. Burgundy?lit) Cases very old Chablis and Chamberlin. Claret?20 casks superior MedocA Cement?8 Casks best If ranch Cement. J. B. TIMMKRMAN, dl< 2w*r 75 Broad street. TPW1NE8?200 bales Bridport manulactory, comprising a ' couipl* te assoitment of Seine. Herring and Gill Net I'wines, from i>a to 36 lb The above twiuea are all of reem importaticD, au<l treat care has been taken in the selecion of the material and in tin manufacture. For aale in lota t> auit purchasers, by EDW1). K. COLLINS it CO. d!4 r 56 South street SHIRTS. 3HIRTS mads after the lateat and moat armored French J pattern!. Costs, pantaloons, sesia, and all under airmenU, aaile to order at .short notice and in the moat fashionable style. Oeutlemeu'a ifurnulunx Store, (7 and 69 Maiden Lane, New roik. WM. COLLINS WEW IN VE.sTEU Oleaansous Coinixnind.?For feudcr ' itn; l?i ta and shoes perfectly water nroof?to be obtained f the aiibacriber at hit old established Leather and Finding llore, No. 4 Auu atreet. Price I2>? cents a boi. To aportslen and others, who would secure the advantage of dry feet, his compound is confidently recommended, d 13 Im'r H. BROWN IKITISH AMI NOKTH AMKltii AN KOVAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of I200:tons aud 140 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. <J. Lott, do ACADIA. A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boatou, via Halifax. fhom li v kh pool. r rom soitsts. ritannia, Hewitt, OA 4 Nov 1 aledouia, L?tl. Oct It Not IS .cadi*, Jtyne, Nov 4 Dec 1 dlnmhia, Miller, Not 19 Dec 16 ritannia, Hewiti, Dec 4 Jan I ' I'assige Money?From Boston to tLixerpool, $135? Boatnn i Halifax $20. Tlirae ships carry experienced surgeons. No Bertha secured ! ntil paid for. 1 Notic.?Merchandize and Specie (rtcept for perianal ex j ntei) shipped under the name of luggage will ba charged aa 1 eignt, and liable to Custom Home Regulations. Apply to oSy r D. BltlOtlAM. JR., No. J Wall-st. ,Mfl ^1 KALI AND WINTER ARKAMIEn MEN 1 ? 1 tie steamboat KocUland, will, a?JKLJEL- on anil after M miday, the 3l?t of October, mn follows: leaving Middletown Point (ti>U and weather per itung) at 9 o'clock, and Keyimrt at 10 o'clock, every Monday, fednrsday and Friday. Ramming, leave the foot of llohin n street, New York.rmry Tuesday, Thunday and Saturday 12 o'clock, noon, touching at Segnin's Dock each way. Stagea will be in readiness to convey luuurnaeri to any part ' the country. All baggage at the risk of the owneri. o23 2m*ec STATEN ISLAND FERRY Foot of Whitehall struct. Ouan^herDec. 3d, the atearner RTATF.N ISLANDER, ill run aa follows, until further notice FAVIL STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. IMA. M, 9 A.M. )0 HH 2P.M. 3V P. M, d3r 4% jXA Regular opposition to catb L. f2TW?jdsKlLL. and iuterinediale landing!, withont low KnJiC^BLbanrr!,?Hegrlar day! from ( atLakill, Mon iV?, Wednesday* and Fridays. F\om NewyYork, Tnesdayi, huridaya and Saturday!.?Fare to or from < attakill, 50 ccnti. Berth! 25 cents?Supper 25 cenla. The new and fist steamer WAVE, Captain Vanderbilr. will ,ve Robinson it. pier Thunday Nov. 17th, at fire o'clock. For fnrlhrr particnlan imittire of the cai tain on board. By nning ail the daya'above named, there will b? a daily com unicati'J between < ttikill and New York (and intermediate aces) fltl firf(hiand paling* at rednced prices. nOr " FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOATS. , , _ THE ohject of thia ineenhon iot iaaTc human life. ol pataeiUC rsind othrr nrrtoiu lay^d by laSfiitWrir b<nit> from wrn ki in >t?imi when the ordinary mU line iw imi r d ia orer ISO. The number of |WT?ona drownI for want of the Life Boat* at the burui K ami wrecking of amboata and other muel< it according to accounti | ubliahed e ratt month orer SVi. It? impoaaihle to awamn thia boar, he price rariet from $71 to lo $11111, a cording to the number .per'h'it they are repaired to carry, with the bottom atoyo in. Oic claaa of boat* for picking up men falling orerboard, are right a* lo require bat two men to haudle them, aud by the cr wapparatnt ran be aet in the the water in 70 aecondl, with at 10 men in her ready for the retcne. At the aafi ty ol vcatelt cr tea uepeudt mainly on the tervicea of the crew, thu claaa of 23 ata ia inleldeu for their preaeiyation. I'l Office of FRANCIS' Patent Life Boat 7 Wall at, 13 At Ad?a $ Co.H K.ii reai Office. at COUGHS ANII COLDS. IEMEMBEU, No 14 North Nialh ttreet, one door below w V Arch tlreet, Philadelphia, the mint certain ami b.>at Family ol edinue, for Conicht, Co Ida, Smiting Blood, Throat and re UK Diaeaar, a nam* aeiuatiou like choking tickling, or an- di aa&nt obatrucliona. For the alioye, Dr. SVvAVNE'S Com K and Sy rnp ol Wild Cherry will be- found the great remedy. >,| who hare aliuted tliemanlvea hy the uteol ardent apmu ol 11 flint hn'li their ttrenaih and retolntion murh improved hy t| iving off the apuila, ami taking a draught occaanmally of the ? uve reatoratire. All prestation* from thia raluahle tree, ei11 the abore,may be coualdereil tporioua or counterfeit. The w il aitiele may he had of the following Agent*, or at No. 14 >rth Siithatreet, Pluldelphia? AGENTS ot 5r. W H. MI L.N OR. Uruggiat, No. 191 Broadway. VIHS M HA YF.S. No. IJh Fulton at, Brooklyn. () SKNJ. OLDS. Newark. N. J. aIOHN MASON, PatteAou, N. J. d$2m*r ^g, W YC YORK, TUESDAY MOR ry-BI .>WS RIDINU SI HOOL, 408 Bowery.?W. J. J-r DAVIS, (from Kuro|>e) Professor. Kv.-miiir class for gentlemen will commence oil Mnnday creuuiK, I2lli instant, anil coutiiiue each Mouday ami Friday evruirui. duriiiir (lit season. Select parties of ladies aud gentlemen. call be accommodated witli instruction on Tuesday aud Thursday evenings of each week. A Military cliu for the instruction of gentlemen in military horaeuianshi|>. to commence on Wednesday evening, Mth 111stant, wmc Dtioii ^aeti WednasJny arennc dtuinu the sea . ..miu minim; to subscribe to rithrr of the shove classes, will please call at iheu earliest convenience. Daily instructional usual, for ladies, from 11 A. M. to 3 P.M.; for gentlemen, from 8 to 10 A. M. sud iSi to 9)% P. M. Kvcniug cliool to commence at 7 o'clock. nM 3m* re N/flLLS! MILLS ! !?A ucw invention, the Krruen Burr Concerle, Coffee .mil Spice Mills, manufactured by Kill* gerald k Maynard, New York, for sale by H. B. Rollins k Bcudder, No. 80 Nassau street, between Kultou mi l Joliu, New York. These Mills have been tested by competent [ 4m to lie far superior to any Mills bare town MmN hi res'oil to cost, dursb.l<ty. anil cineuar of shar|>eliini{. At a receut exhibition of these Mills, 4 las. of coffee were itroiiui) per ininule by means of ? hand crank, which ground with more rase than those of Knitluh Mills. Urorert. Coffee ami Spice iealeis, would do Well to call .tail examine this ereat improrcinent, as it will save the expense of one of these Mills iu iharpcmnc ill less than one year. H. B. ROLLINS k SCUDDLR, No. DO Nassau street. N. B.?Southern and western aeutlemeu liviuit remote from Vlill seats, would lis I it to their advantage to examine these VIills, as they are portable and adipted to grinding corn or train, mid can be pro|>ell(d by steam or horse iiower. P. S.?No expense of sharpening, as the material of which t hey are made, naturally becomes sharp by grinding. , d 16 end 6t?r . CTONOMY IN DHKSS?Extrusive assortment of itich, , * h'.ishi??able and Klesaut Goods, for winter wear. \VM. T. JKNNINOS, m Broadway. American Hotel, ( ffers for tile inspection of the public, an extensive nssortuii lit ! >f seasonable gauds, comprising Beaver and Milled Cloltis, for lonrtonts, S niks, h rocks, &c. " . ,.r i?? > v/vereoats (to much in voruc) afforded at fourteen \ .ollars, cut and trimmed in lirststyle will be found worthy lbs g 11 nuon of t tie economist. < Cassirneres ins treat variety of aty'es for Pantaloons. Kroin those who have found any difficulty in RellitiR suited in r liia article, a trial is solicited. g Rich Llrocade Silk and Satin VesliQKl.(eniire new styles) for alls, parties, See. Merinos, Velvets, plain Silks, Satins, and " assuneres, all of which will he made up to ordei under the H iperniteodeiice of as rjficient cutters as can be fouud in the e imutry, at prices to suit the times, tuvariably upon cash terms, dl lB*M PAMOLIKB GOING SOUTH, to Km West luuies or ? f Europe.?A respectable feinale, 24 years of ate, wishes to C Main a perinaiit lit situation as seamstress, iu a tented latin! y. w he would prefer (joint lo Europe, yet would accept ot i good >r ITer to to South or to ihe West Indies. The best ol relertces Riven. Address A. A. A. box 765, upper Post office, N. SI ork^ slOr t| SEGARS?SEGARS. (l hHE followint choice Scuar* are always on hand at HEN. RIl^UES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEOAR if ")RE, wholesale and retail, basement 51 William st. i. "londis, ill half aud quarter boxes Jkp. No. , half aud quarter boxes ttl pretax, in quarter aud eighth do dl Krjietalos, in quarter do "p ConiflL l'f a superior quality, in )?,'a and .l-10(h boxea TrabuM. 'D quarter boxes se ha Norn. Jo Jo W La Esner,. "O i.o ,n Trcs Aini|?>.J0 r?? l. l*c Loudon Rea'" cartona of 20 each La Pruela, inM' V cartons of 40 each til Miatan's siKitt^f.1?'bo,e* , bf Panelilla's '11 quarter boxes Ynteucndrtd, do- of superior quality Demoyas, "!0 Maleos, o? at Principcs, of the Reno f? . u ... . . . Tn Pnmaveraj, in quarter e < raz *u<1 SaM- aHZ"'-deb- 1 Alranxas w' Cousuutiaa, V an Bustamentas, Tl r.Mncro lletralias, do Poi Imperial do, iu.m?rie ote s goI*rior article. thf N. B.?Hotels andtfroceis reasonable terms. mf oM , > O AKDINO.?The original Walton H 32li |\Mrl street, _ ? Franklin Sjuarc?kept by Jus. * owleryrom Loudon. K.ngud, |*rmancnt boa'dere SJ.W per week, ti hoarders JO WO ntsperday. Families can lie accommod^j w,t>i private we otiuon reasonable terms. Wmea and3 cents rer vss?hoine bn w'd ale 4 ?tut* per pint?line W rarebits 4 nla each?cold cuts equally cheap. N. B, Hot Lwe(. 3 ceu? w,t r pint?stakes and mutton chopacan be hid at ail r.?tf- a.ltt I. F. particularly rciiuesta any one who is ill wauC f a comtable home to call and inspect hia eatablishm<.t| and . Ipt for the hum: 1 re a. Persons travel!'"" " Lo-donM^l'SuSl1- T&iP" b,in;Ton/.?i?'dt lasl ^wVoT?Cn<fo7/rrry '"*a"l,OIBte<i a*ei" he ?{? York '"<r?''< C"?^n- I'?r?rr. aten in. ?S Jm-r gin SSssr' i Lioicrick, Bambridge Clontnel, gaUymena,! ing Londonderry, lim.ntcwn; Wo Sligo, Oownpatick, .. Wexlord, Uavan, : . Br I Cut, JUrgin, intc Waterford, tw^' I'Htl tx' To'l.'r.iue, IWJm'I.HUIBOII, Kilkenny, DunwvVn, , " Ball ins, Mallow, 'Ierl Irafee, Money more, mer Yobghal. O'oetehill, P Knniakillen, KilruthJ Floi Monaghan, p w l Payable in every town in Great Britain. Pren Pin. ,\f?> Ewjuirei, Liveri>ool. red t PayabL0W "inh- . citiz \verylownin Lcotland n23 Imr mgn RSMITJrB FOHOE9.?The auh- Tur Com-klii,*"1* If1? ,0'e AgeuU for rlie Manafacturera of from call liie >nt Portable Forgo and Bellows, beg leave to feast have been*1? t'1e I'nhlic to the abova article. That they r>, United 8t^ e ',ntr,)<laced in nearly all parts of the utility and ' .we believe a sufficient evidence of their J * them far tbrfnlence' being |>ortable and compact, Rivet trom of every deCn^R^H ,'f r.9mm.u" ft"? Shit-pin* tug i famines all,OD, **" ?;'*??. Canals, Plantations. Mann ed. uaed. Tho. P?rl'?"'?l r!" which the ordinary Force i jrr jroQ laiwvurcw itr ui? u.o. navy arc vrronRn (risla . won,'V those wishing to purchase to some few who '? c' eau recomms m from personal as well as general know- rivei ledge, vu:? ^ o._ JISTly. Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Meaara. Kr vt/", {?* Philadelphia. Hon. Uovermer Krmble, giree Weat Pomt K, C#1J s -D< N y. M-sara. 8. B. Alt- lrft " uw *' ?'4-iuulway, N. *., and our city blacksmiths ... kenernllj. (JAY St TKBAtlLT, ?N> .?1 1"',r rarw, nf (11.1 tin, and W?i? at. an<l< UANCY ARlEH fok thk HOLYDAY8?The "a'| -fflff'.'i "f ii*ived by the latest arrivals, a very rich : ,q assortment or 1 ?Rnf.y Articles consisting of fancy work ., boaes, |>ap?r uo^ f )I( ril|e W{KKj boi,.,t embroidering walk frames with canauj cojij cotton, children's toys, per- Fp M,D*^*Sl,??P'>a0rt?<l qnalttioa. etc. etc. The publac is amot respectfully inn jj ^ eiaiuine the above stock, Adot previous to purcl,?,?whrrr V Al'?I d4 "?*r . y. FRANCIBCHI.gMK roadway. _n, (1m T:HKjrmaN surgeon. iron SOLOMON HINT q^ yn tyj H*nde street, New York. * Iii scrotal* anuLDje di aae? no r.htrgr marie till the Kro patient is satisfied %jne delivert-ti gratif. All persons de- fide formed, under twe?tfjyeari can have their bones straight- loutl ? U,'numerous pauents^have ^ ~.w. . |U MB U lowii COVIK crv humbutt e|,ry_,ome fri)m ,,R|0iiiy cry strnc . humhng?*?m.? fr'"?rr ignorance of the thing cry ham- Tl J0K.-, Relieve ^Tt.ry thing is gold that shines, nor Jo I bcliese that esery . wblc|, is hastily denounced is a atinn iumlmg. "' ii wjed '* frightened Dy a mere outciy. what Prore a thing and then b-r( I was led to the above X bv ? T,ry hie gentleman L. H. laying to me thfa<tnv, Hoarhnnnd dandy" was a alley lumhng. Now, I know . from actual experiment. I find .. * it one of the Iwst things f th | Snd voice, hoarseness, ^ indcotwh, which I hare e d L^t each try sod see for 1 uinsvlf. HU MAN BANOS, mitte I astorof tli jhodist Episcopal dhnrch, 5&00C New York. Dec. nth, Ign No- 10 Ko"Tth ? . Messrs. John Pease h Son, -,uioD H. "n^e j. PEASE ik SON'S coie, ,;<inHH)mid rurifird K? 1U;';; ,euce of Hoarh.mnd dandy, 1 j Division street, for the , ?Co ore of doughs, Colds, Hoarse ,)f t(? f br,)M. 1-r, I r, up Whoo,,,,,g Coogli. Ast, jlrtlon of lhr Helrl Also. J""domin . Night Sw'?t'?u|, or profll^ Kl,,rcto. 0f Cr ation, and all Diseases leading I ltump,imi and Death! and p This nlessant medicine is torn" , r;(mbjn,tion ()f fwrn. ?JvJ , y-fise d.ff.rrnt " ?redlents, ?l\ebrate<l for th? e?ri. of ?i? old.,dpug,. and I otmonary "j d b ,t, rombl. 1 h lation, if one of thr.r articles shot- , sarmrately and af- lh>' " ord no relief, ',{" Command Si f Hoarhoi.nd ihey are dtirrt o amalgamated, that the benefit of yhole is experienced in Reve, ne compound. _ The opinion ok th?vrovvvn nt7' The nndersigneil havs used J. Pea / ,,,n'A,iuiid Ex- ? rsctofHearhosind Candyanl fr.eieotnBun,| {fg, State ! !ll' if.'!-1! ..'il': r' I. *nd ('onsumpiiTs f<f ~mmu *. ?< ? icint") "j| curl, *ml Cor the Murk w'ofth* ?oice prof**?lonallr. nothni- n,| lt. We re- in* pi ormnenil it to our brethren thronghon" f jlk|on. kc., ? Kr Terr ml I. Lind.ey, recent (??tor chttreh, Second m,r|n "h're rend J Crawford, niutor of the v, M. f.. Chnrch, th* 'toVmnd Mr. Lncky, preiidiiiK ?H<q8W York Con- Km Brence. . ^ per C( Hereiend Mr. Whitaher, putor ot t yteiiMi Church, g. we ernrrofMr.l..on? produ Reyereml W. I . Hawley, chaplain at Cr^p,,*) , Ht rerend Mr. Oiffen, pMtor of M. L,urch, Bedford jJJ ? ReVerend Mr. Hut, recent peitor of B?lci,nrch, O.dd Board reet-retidene* Ml Pearl atreet. Aid S,,ld whole.ale and retell it 45 Dirmoj.ti fhafl, AgenU Rn.hlnn V A?pinw?ll, 10 / Ron.., 110 -milt "-"Klr-Wir-cr. Beree.. IW Zieher. No. 3 Ledger BnildttiMi >^elphi?. ?y Redding k Co, N'>. R State .treat, Bottom, ?ercn Oeiter, No. 37 Slate .trcel, Albany, N. *. witho Hildeman. LouierlHe, Ky. , A(? Tbompion It Co., t dnctnnaU. Ohio. Weed. A Water., Troy. An arent wnntrd at New Orleana. dltion COUNTRY MERCHANTS .ml other. .t,,,,, .pectf mleetioniry will find it to their, on lbe Jones barriber. before they purchase el.awhrre. I"'*' ...orted Col uifertioiiary put up in the following .!**.- viMj, 20lb, (.'omit lb. Mlb, 7Slb. inn doren, or tl)^' .'f* ?<<>" J v'n ?All kind. ?l?am " retail. Broken Candies at liid. per pound. |Kinnd 0{ w* ' ' the n A f'ARD.?As the Holyday tr wnii is now |() when lien families are preparing to receive their Iriei*, .l, ' , d Kinrlierlwrher style, Messrs. J. Peai>- it Hon ire . ' reive older* for lee Cream Jelly, Jelly Alnmmnike; ^i,,r , 1 Rnsae; plain and ornamental Cake; Kisses, VVckL,.. Hart t rench and American Mottoea; Pyramids, Templet, Lak ' in a CI Irs, and in lact, every thin* suitable for the em fc-Hi,?'] thole r a New Yeai's Table. In each department of thisbrn'0r t0 e](B irir business they have procured the beat of Vien.i,. . nderstandttiit their duties, and fearing no rival. ' All orders, either for the present or for Nr* Ykr's, when ill be promptly attended to aa heretofore. . ' ataten J. PKA8K Sctao. .iscert Ice Cream and Jelly, in forma, at sis <lu<hin t The c N. B. No Near Year'a Table ihonld he without I's?* ranee Cream Candy?It potaeasea the moat deliciona has,- ""?? ' iy Havana Orange?It is sold wholesale anil retail at V 11 uot,'* on at. dli'. Thl IRE I NING, DECEMBER 20. Unit! more. [ Comnxiudtuce of the Herald. J Hai.ti.moke, Dec. 17, ltH2 James G. Bennett, Esij.? Dear Sin:? The air is very chilly to-day, anil every thing wears the appearance of winter. Mr. Charles \V. Karthause, whose death 1 mentioned the other day* was interred this mnmino. on... r>_:_ nit rnfii(i8itiii fire Company, of which he was President, and the German Society attended his funeral. The loss of Mr. K. is very much regretted, as he was one of our most active and enterprising merchants. The past week has been rather a dull one as lar as regards commerce and business. Flour has de clined. Sales of city mills have been made at #4 18.?, and Howard s'reet at $4 12J; the best of pork is selling at $3 75 per hundred pounds; wheat,red, varies from 85 to 90 cents. The brokers are doing very little, and the only stock 1 observe any variation in is the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which has leclined per share. In our daily markets, provisions sell at very fair rates ; to day at the Centre Market turkeys sold from (>2^ ets. to $1 25; geese , rom 37i to <524; chickens 374 ets per pair, for good , >nes: ducks 37{ ets. per pair. At the Horse Mar- , tet I saw a mare sold t r ?6 70, and hard work to | ;et th it for her; however, the auctioneer swore he vould sell her, it he only got enough to pay for two [lasses of brandy toddy. The Horse Market here a generally a scene of considerable fun and merri- ' nent to those who are merely spectators, and are in ! io ways interested in the purchase or sale of the aimals. In the first place, the animala are *?n*r ny iiiuuuieu oy juvenile negroes, to tli-phiy teats of 1 questrianism, gratis. Then conies the auctioneer, 1 tending in a cart, with a bell in his hand, in place * f a hammer, on which he performs a running ac- v ompanintent to his speeches. "Now, gentlemen, I ' rill offer you that splendidblack mare,give me abid." s 'he audience look enquiringly at each other and ^ ly nothing, some smile and some wink, whereon ** te performer in the bill preludes a little, and then v ilales on the many good qualities of the inare in sl lestion, hereupon a facetious hack driver inquires 0 he purchases the mare (mayor) if it will exempt ri im from the city ordinances?this creates a laugh ? the expense of the gentleman in the cart, and 'l sing the double duty of bell ringer and auctioneer. * his gentleman catches the eye of some one he has d en before, and in very desperation shakes hands Rl ith him and asks him to stop until he has sold the are, and take something to drink?and so things p? > oil until some one, |>erhaps, with more money ec an brains, seizes the idea of keeping a herse, and ^ comes the purchaser. The Mermaid from llarnum's American Museum lb New York, is here attracting crowds to see her ce Peale's Museum. There is, also, a company of \\ dians here performing nt the Museum. They ilk the streets clouthed with a great many hells |U1 out their person, and attract universul attention. ley are stopping at Whitman's Kagle Hotel, opiim J - ~ ? i.'c.u in i-rnii street. Tins, by by, is a very good house, and the terms are very stt iderate?quite'.tn accordance with the times. rhe past week has been one of great imi>ortanco 18 the annals of tein|>erance. Mr. Jonathan Hamil, of New York, has been here during the ek lecturing nightly. The Washington Society 1 a lnrge meeting on Thanksgiving day, when ui>rds of sixty signed the pledge, and on the night j n they had a conceit?the proceeds of which arc ot, ?nded to buy clothing for the reclaimed. On ,|lt, : Tuesday Mr. A. liyain, one of our most zeal- uiC men in the cause, picked up a drunken loafer Me >ut one of the docks, talked to him and convinced on tofthe error of imbihing|the liquid poison,und sue- K"> ded in getting hun to sign the pledge?they then hlBl e him a suit of clothing, and he now looks like a '. feel men, as I hope he will prove himself to be. ? cause of teni|>eranee is onward like the rush- sus_ U Niagara?it is not to be stayed un il the good his rkcompleted. The young men require more y0u ntiou at present, than any class I know of?go T > a bar-room now and you will find most of its tern. rnna ^ ...? ,-?im men. ?>ur youth arena the wrong owi K?ihey must be looked after. oltU ? _ shoi u??u ur WT~ Monday, Dec. 10.?l'resent, ai- tlod nan Wotelhull, President, tu tho chair, anil all the and libera. exr rtiiiona Hrf:rr'l?From John McViolcar, to oroot a i iting Bethel for worship for seamen ; of Hose Com- was f No. 7, to change location ; of Kire Company 43, for bur; w engine ; of Samuel I'ackwood lor injuries done his t]1(, aisesby blasting ofrocka in opening J3<1 street, refer- -phc 0 committee on street* ; of a number ot firemen and eUjj ens, to restore Alon/.o Weed to his place as a fore, from which he has been expelled; from Richmond , ' npika Company, to establish a ferry on the west side , 1 lessees of property foot of Houston street, for re- "yj" 7tort t o f Committor*.?Of Street Committee, concur- Pfj with the other board in opening Nineteenth street, ^ i1 i Bloomiugdale road to Kifth avenue, nnd also for nav- * ind flagging a space four feet as a side walk?adopt- -J-he on Roads and Canals, in favor of applying to tho Le- i"!1! dure to alter the map of the city of New York. so as . lose lMth street from the lllth avenue to the Hudson * 1 r, Trinity Church having purchased ground in tho ,? ' e to construct a rural cemetery. Adopted, om Htri'fit in fovar rvf rnrrti0,*u ^ t from 8th to 10th avenuo. Adopted. wis ? >, to flag a space fonr feet wide on the northerly side . . th street, between University Place and Sth avenue, " >n the easterly side of avenue C, between ad and 10th ,n " t?. Adopted. J"ry so, to Hag a space (our feet wide, in front o( open lots !'an| th street, lietween 3d uud 4th avenues, and a lull Z"r t in front of the houses already erected *1" om same Committee, to pay Edward Donnelly the P ' int due him for enclosing open lots in the lath ward. s< >ted. om same Committee, to authorise trusteesof Third [rotational Associate Church in sth street, to place 6 1 rails and pedestals in front ol said church. Laid on /V able. y m same Committee,to flag pavements on the northerly i , ' of King street, between Greenwich and West, and ? " lerly side, between Washington and Greenwich sts. . ted. ' r?m Alil<?rmftn an.1 AflRictani nf,*Ll u/nr.l im f#?oe ?< ?i_ ag ferry company, foot of Cortlandt atreet, to ron- "i !c t a ferry homo at the loot of that atreet. Adopted.? m application to extend the pier, of| which the corpor- .Yj J ia part owner, was referred to the committee on vea, piera and ilipa. >m the Committee of Aaaeaareenta, compelling John """J1 MeCracken to pay aaaeaament on $73,000,which he 5??', ea K $13,000 too muck. Alderman PirnDr oppoaed * rnort, and Aldermen Lar. and UifDaawoOD advocated [."V 'he reaolntion waa finally adopted. From aamncome, to reduce the iisaeaament ol Wm. M. Tilotaon from "0,',>r l to $300?adopted. 'Mont.?Fiom engine company, to appoint a bell . r at the F.piacopal church in 10 th "treat. From Mr. ? r, to purchaae lot 40, Chatham atreet ' ninunicationi from jitpartmenl*.?From Comptrol'or advance ol moneyi on appropriation" for 1S43. 1 nmounto! expenditure* for 104.1. Quarterly return '.e", * oton Aqueduct Board?ordere<l to he laid on the table L. , ' rinted. The receipt* of money lor water rent* aince r ler lid, la $9.1176 00. Rf?,v' ? ,n.i ?i... r ?v. i? .j that 1 ppropriation* for 1943, in as follow* :? J 1 . mt expanditnTW, $160,000 sn? land* payable, 747,110 Jl*By at on stock anil bonds, Sic., 200,000 J " , n Aqueduct and water nipo, 100,000 "j"'.' mill tax, (payable In February,) 237,907 olutioni?From Aldermnn Taanr, to instruct the 0 et Committee to inquire into the expediency of rentlaces in the public markets, unoccupied, as stores, j"rn' nd also to report astothe propriety sf creating small ets?referred to Market Committee ' * m Alderman Bates, to remove the steam engine from mo" ervolr in 11th street to cor;>oration yard?referred. om, m Alderman Jorsr.s, to levy a tax of one-fourth of one , nt. upon all good* or merchandize sold in this city, II as sales of foreign exchange, and all mechanical ' ' c'iona. Also on all professional salaries over $169, ler to raise money to pay the tax for the introduction . '!' 1 Croton water? referred to the Croton Aqueduct I n mere erman Lkovard introduced a resolution to pur- burg' a painting, giring a view of the Creton dam, ref placed in thn tea-room of the Common Council. , 1 red to Committee on Arts and Science*. Alderman Woodhull, to appropriate a place in the ill markets for country produce sold by countrymen, m^"" lit Charge. Referred to Market Committee. o, to unite the dutiesol lamplighters and watchmen, ,ne'1j idling the latter to do the duties ot the former in ad- iJJ"'!1 to those already performed. It was referred to a j\, il committee consisting of Aldermen Woodhull, "ictor and Oedney. \^T' t Cnmmitteti' Report ?Alderman CaoLr*t, from the litlee of Police, presented the result of the investiga- ii*1? elative to the attempt to bribe Sheriff llart with the , V 100 notes. The committee have examined a number ( nesses, hut no new facts were elicited, except that 'm-i? lonev was delivered to Sheriff llart, at the house , . s he boarded, on the evening previous to the execu- ocloc iy a man who came in a cat). A boy named Robert nsell, who resides on thn same premises, called Vr. .. fi 0 the door, telling him that a uerson who hail come . Il" lb wished to speak to him, and on going to the door j Iter was delivered to him. He went into thn house , "' " mine its contents, and perceiving what it was re- r 1 to the door to find the person who gave it to him, , ',0I he had left. These facts are confirmed |by the ?? , lent of the tioy. but all efforts by the committee to L ain who the cab-driver was, has proved fruitless. ommittee, therefore, asked to tie discharged ; and in wn,t >n to the disposition of the money, they say they not taken that subject into consideration, as it was ferred to them. Cox i Board then adjourned to Tuesday next. 39. p IER A 1842. | lilt wry laUMit Pauwell Mrs. Holland.?l'ubli*hrd by Denn, 2 Ann street. A series of very interesting tales for children, by one of cur most charming iemale writers. The volume is very haudsamely printed and would make a very elegant and valuable present for the holidays. Jack Hinton, thk Guardsman.?By Lever. Complete in one volume. Publiahed by Carey <$ Hart, Philadelphia. This is the cheapest edition yet puh lished of this most amusing work. The sparkling wit and humor, and lively descriptions which characterize the writings of Dr. Lever are too well known and justly appreciated now to require commendation from us. Six Niuitra with thk Wasuinotoniajis.?By T. S. Arthur.? Published by Uodty 4" M'Michael, Philadelphia These excellent tales have had a most extensive circulation, and are uduiirably calculated to exercise a most salutary influence. Mr. Arthur has indeed been very successful in the attempt to engrail moral lesaonso u fictitious narratives. The interest ot these tales is well sustained, aud few can read them without receiving abiding impressions. We trust that they will continue to circulate in every direction, and be the means of iaving many from that rock round which the boats j1 millions have whitened?where tortuue, fume, lope, happiness and hie, perish. Temperance Tales.?Tins is another series of ales by Mr. Arthur, and issued by the same respective publishers. Tlieir scope aud tendency are the (uiue as those of the other volume, and Mr. Arthur ully sustains his reputation in the present work. Fables of La Fontaine?Translated by E. An mill', Jit.?Published by Tappan JJcnnet, Hasan ? La Fontaine is the most illustrious ot fabulists, le selected the most excellent of the apologues vhich he found alioat in the world, and. clmnimr tiem in liis own graceful style, wrought lliem into u ori of system or code ol morals. His success has ecu complete, lie teaches not only in all the eliools ol his own country, hut throughout the rorld, wherever the French language isan object ol tudy. In the accomplishment ot his task, his teliity of style, his judiciousness of selection and artngement, his delicacy and poiutedness ot satire, nd his hlaud, repuhlicaii view ot mankind, leave tile to be desired hut a faithful traustusion ot his rork into our veruueulur bnghsh. This has been one with great spirit and elegance by Mr. Wright, nd we cordially commend these handsome, umung, and instructive volumes to public attention und 1 itronage. The illustrations are numerous, welt ex:uted. The work is tor sale here by Dayton Ac ewinan. 1 Kenu. worth.?This novel hasjust been issued by ast, ot the bowery, at the low price ot twenty-live ills, at which rate lie is now publishing ull the 'overly novels. Thiers' French Revolution.?No. ti ot this vaible work has just been issued by Post, of the iwery. New Music.?" Governor bouck's Grand Quick p" hasjust been published by boardmau Ac Gray, m Albany, and is tor sale at AtwiU's, broadway. It composed und arranged tor the piano lorie by Mrs. n tsbaw. J General Sessions. c( before Hecordur Tall'iunlge nud J udge Lynch. ame? tt Whiting, District Attorney. >u )to. It).? Trial vf William I). Gray.?At the openisg cli he Court, thetnulnf this man, indicted lor burglary in c" third degree, was continued Ironi Kriday last, i'he in- " tmeut uhurgei him with entering the clothing store of ^ sirs. Wluleley x Uicharilsou.thcii ol No. 1J Ann sireet, th< tin- 19th hi March last, In company with William tin igaiuu anas aosepn .>1 ulli-tt and William Danvurd; and In iluig S>On<> worth of clothing. afl Mlicur tiiLUKii r I). Hays testified that he arrested Gruy, when Mr. W'hiteley saw him 111 his cell he identified clothing oil hiui as having been stolen Irom his premiWhen Whitely recognised the coat, Gray slapped Li hand on one of his legs, and said, " Yes, and these are r puntaloous " ' he deleuce, coadncted by George Wilson, Esip, con. !, led that the only evidence against accused w us Ins p i declarations, which were extorted lrom him by the jii :er, on a pledge that any expressions that he made A. aid not be used agaiust him, provided such lhlorma.W.f* ''Tt a<t a 'HPffl''K5\if-d lor the d.lence, I deposed that he hail held out inducements to Gray to J. ose his accomplices. , , , , v ho Court charged that the duty of the jury alone " IC0 decide whether they thought prisoner guilty of tho j, glary, as the confession of prisoner was u matter lor gri consideration of ihe Court ulone, ami not the jury.? ? jury, after a ihort absence, returned a verdict of tycimd Trial of Gray?The prisoner was then put on ? rial on an indictment for burglarv in the first degree, ' tempting to enter the store anil dwelling of Wm. ^0J' ttiughaiu, 339 Broadway, on the night oi the 6th of 11 last. W'm. Whittingham testified that the night in tion,hewas awakened by one of the city watchmen, jyl hud arrested the prisoner Gray in front of his house, ^or| e in the attempt to force opeu the Iront cellar doors. aui deposition ol Andrew Rogers, the watchman, as md n before the magistrate, and his cross-examination j't ll ounsel for prisoner, was submitted to the jury, in ' Hi) ill Rogers asserts positively that he saw Gray, with rn'(, others, attempting to force open the cellar doors, and q?,c n lie rushed lorwaid to make the arrest, the other two .mil |>ed. Gray was arrested and committed under the von ge. The defence odered no evidence, but George 'ass on, esij. summed up for prisoner, and endeavored to f"^1 Ty the jury, that the vision of watchman Rogers, was caul uch as to bring home the burglary to his client. The ,? * also rendered afverdict of guilty in this case. Gray was 'he arraigned for sentence, but begged so hard lor a inei I delay, that his sentence was |>ostponcd till Friday. a"1 :e are two other indictments against him forburglaUt it being in the power of the Court to sentence him jme twenty years on the two convictions, the other stri i I will not be tried. He has inlimntml Hint h.. is in I ssion of much valuable information relative to bures committed in this city, in which Bill Kingston, V_/ ard and others were concerned hy a itd for stealing a shirt?John VV. Brower, was tried Cos :onvicted of petit larceny, lor stealing a shirt from Evans, of 93 Bowery ,011 the 2Mh of last month, the ?J!y lc being found on his back. The Court sent him to by a 'enitentiary for six months, whe ial of William Sawtell?This man was tried on an f??it :tmeiit for grand larceny, for breaking open the trunk '">* ?hn Heath, in company with a man named Robert trml [ace, on the 16th ot September last, while boarding in louse of Mrs. Widmer, of 317 Water street, und steal- |,. , lothin gvalued at $81. It was proved by the eotifes- mnn of Sawtell, that ha went with Wallace to pnwn the >ud a at Hart's, in Pearl street, but that he did not know ,c?r' were stolen. It was also praved by prosecution that jj?j n was seen to come out of one of the rear windows of j ottse, with clothing in hi* possession, but there was oof that prisoner was the man. The cause was sub- npin d without any evidence for defence, and the jury re- "<>?' td a verdict of not guilty. Sawtell was than discharial for Burglary.?A thief-faced looking vagabond, ( )" m1 John Duzenberry, and atioy aged aliout seventeen, vyR( id John Erazer, wera tried for burglary in the third M, in entering the counting office ol James Tisdale. beid lealer, 413 Water street, on the Jflth November, ami the ? ng f l in small change, and a map. 'I'he prosecution ranio *1 by Daniel McDonegal, employed on tha premises, flJ le went to the yard at 13 o'clock on the night in rpirs ia,| ( lo feed his horses, when he found the prisoners |i ? lie counting room, and giving chase in com- toil with Charles Davison, they r.sught both leelt prisoners, and in possession of the boy they *' *: I the map stolen , and also that Dunenberry, i being pursued, threw some change from his (kick- ,j(.nl Davisou testified that one of the windows of the lain ting house was open, and also the rear door, but that kept waa no evidence of any forcible entrance. The de- ?" contended that there being no forcible entrance, jjj Could not be convicted of burglary ; and as the ,nr*i nt stolen w as under i3A, the only legal verdict ren- -ml, i could be guilty of petit larceny. tens e Court charged that the mere raising of the window, *? s it was wedged or fastened, would not place the '1" fe under the head of burglary, as defined in tha go e District Attorney contended in reply that for the ? venty years it had been decided by this court that the opening ol the iloor or raising ot the window was a 'lMJ ary, and it was only in the last lew months that such ? on hail been reversed by decisions in this court. 'iV lerthec'iargo of the Court, the jury returned a verfguilty of petit larceny only, and the Court sen- ,,r?e. d Fi tter to four months, and Dur.enbttry to six ally !lf, in the penitentiary. and I ahklr among I'aiiengtr liunneri.?Wm. Kvnns was Each lor assaulting and beating Edward Keesa- This was ' " il dog fight among emigrant passenger runners, in with ingtou street. Tne evidence, as ntiial, was contra- ceia y as language could make, it, and the Jury returned ol ?? lictof not guilty. Tt ai of rhnmai Lawi*.? l ni? man was next tried for 4*IIMI suit anil battery on Henry William* on the flth of J'*!1' n*t. Thj? wan another dog fight, anil F,vnn? awore g' lilank against Williams, and the jury returned a ver- *<(,* f guilty. ..(tie. s Court then adjourned to Tuesday morning at II v,irl k. jh l ? ?? X rt .i The Court*.?IJcc. 10. jjn; ItatciCibvoit Court?Before Judge Betti. OpenI adjourned tine die. ,?rt., Ititis District Court.?Before Judge Betts. Ad- |v ,,,, >d. iiond imo* Pi east -Before Judge lllshovfter. Adjourn- inedi. ieforn Judge laglis. Adjourned. vJ^J liar Court ? Nothing of interest. it gen erior Court?Before Judge Jones Nothing hut ,)t|^rr we have already reported, except a few motions, fcc. ,lin Court Calendar?Thla Hay. C?J imoA| ri.KAA.?Part 1.-81, 3?.8?. 37, ?, 31. :?3,07. 37. lo'"?' art 3.?38, 34, 30, 33, 34, W, 40, 43, 44. I. ? '? LD. Price Two Cent*. City IiitclllKcuce. Eiri.'liiom or Dr. Jtcnon.?The Medical Society mat in the Couit Room of the General Sessions yesterday afternoon for the purpose of inquiring into the charge that led to this conviction ol Dr. Jackson for producing abortion. The object of this is to ascertain whether there is sufficient evidence against him to have him arraigned before the County Court in order to produce his expulsion trom the Society in accordance with the law in such case made and provided. The sentence of I)r. Jackson to imprisonment in the Tombs for six months, expired a few days since. Another Chii.i> Bcrni d to Death.?The clothes of a little girl, named Ann Bedell, duughther ot Kiuabeth Bedell, of 184 Mott street, accidentally took lira on Sunday while she wus playing with a burnt pine stick, and before her mother could extinguish them she was so much in injured as to cause death yesterday morning. Sudden Death from Bronchetis?A woman named Bridget tilileu, a native of Ireland, who has resided in ddtli street, near the Ninth Avenue, died suddenly yesterday from the acute effects ol bronchetis. She had been sick lor sometime past, and had not been recently attended by a physician. The Coroner's inquest returned a verdict of death from ore throat and want of medical treatment. ........... .......i u(n. slate*.? Till* black rascal, now in prison on thej charge* of arson, sacrilege anil burglary, was yesterday recogniseil as the man w ho entered thestore No 169(iraud street, on the i9th of Oc ber, ami stole a roll o( carpeting which he afterwards sold to .Mrs. Williams,of Church street, fills complaint wa* tiled away, to be used agaiest him when he comes up for trial Malicious Rascality.?On Saturday evening a young man named William Valentine, in company with two others, engaged Francis McOuiro, driver of cab No. 1*1, to take them a short distance, but before arriving at the place of destination they opened the cab and jumped out without paying the cabman. Upon examining tne cab, McOuire louud that the cushions and curtains had been torn and cut to pieces and otherwise injured to the amount of about f. 1 ft. Valentine was arrested and committed? the other two have escaped. Fasten youh Windows.?It will lie seen by a decision in the Court ol Sessions yesterday, that the entering of a house or store for the pur|>ose of stealing, through a w indow uot fastened is not burglary according to the statute. The public will therefore see the necessity of keeping the windows to their houses not only shut up but fattened down. Bankrupt 1.1st. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK, A. J. Barne?, Cartnel, Putnam co , tinman jMi-uu vresierve.t, rs. York, inspector of Customs. George Youngs, 198 Spring st, N. York, carpenter. Lewis Wakeloy, .'9 Greenwich street, New York, nanui'acturer. Cornelius Hurling, Williamsburgh, clerk, and as one ilthe firm of 8. It J. S. Burling, New York. Benjamin W. Veck, us one of the late lirm ofB. \V. Vck and Co., New York, hoot and shoe dealer. Frederick Hurter. Thomas Torrey. Thomas N. Satterthwaite. Jno. Whurter Smith. Charles Johnson Knight. Jno. Freeman. Aaron Swarts. William N- Brooks. William W. Shirly. Klnu Thomas. PARK'S Llb'K PIGLS. rilK Moid,invigorating,.md life I roloiiL'i ns iwwrr of this mi1 raculou* medicine rightly named "Life Pills" and cm aelunl of ilieir peculiarly inilJ yet rlfective oiieratiuu ate belining rutr excellence the fsrorite family medicine. To per us 1'ullowinir a sedentary occupation ihey are of the greatest due, and iu preventing the liability to take cold, to which eh jiersous ate so much el|.osed at this season by frequent isnges fioin tiie eitreine heat of their rooms to ths esterasl Id air, thev rt more the congealed phlegm in the throat, Inch produces that unpleasant tickling seinatiou,which ranges ugh and destroys rest, and whirh will, il not immediately ecked, induce a train ofarils and derange trie whole system? ey are at ail limes of service to assist uaiure.but never forget it K is fir easier to preveut than cure. Iu no one instance s tins valuai le medicine tailed when duly i>ersetered in to orn relief, soothe the irritated state of the nerver, and bring B whole system into a sound and healthy condition, fitting the ud and body I'or the various duties of life, which will then performed with ease and satisfaction. The following are the etclusive agents for the safe of I'arr'a fe Pills'? a ? AsimiwAii, urmcjfiau and chemist*, 0G William *t 10 Broadwtv aud 10 As tor Home. iraliAin Sand* Co.druK^isU and chemiats,granite buildings, 73 Broadway, corner ofCbambrr ?t. Dickie. 413 Brondw.ty corner of LiApeunrd it. Dod?l, drujcfut, Broadwav, coruer Bleeckcr at. W B, Bowery Medicine Store, 2G() Bowery. ! " 5i* Ate i sow?^i?fW^?w ? raskltn it. t*. J. Coddiugtou, apothecaries, ZZT Hudson steed, corner of Sprint? i?. L. Cotlou, chewiat and apothecary. 383 Blceckec St., eoruer >I Jones at. tVeudov. r. druscut and apotln iry, HI Kitthth arrune. voklyu? VVm. Armstrong, seed, drug aud pau>ai medicine rareitottse. HHV Knlti.'ij ?t. And wholesale, at tiroprietors'office, T. HUBERTS It CO., Clarendon House, corner of Duane street end Broadway, mall Boies 26 cents. I.arge or Kamily Boies 60 cents, molts desirous ol? ohr.-iuimr an igenry for their sale in the lilry will please direct their letters, post paid, to T Roberts ii.. I.eriiT Bin 907 Ww York I'osl (Jtfce. n22 lm*r LiCJCTNA cordial. ~ AONIN'H LUCINA CORDIAL., for the sore and speedy curroriaripieut consumption, barrenness, itnpoleuey, luis: or whiles, gleet, obstructed, ditiruU or painful menatru ii, incontinence ot urine, or involuntary discharge thereof, for the general prostri'ion of the systimwo inatler whetlilie result of inherent causes, iwol causes produced bv irregttty,illness, or accident. he wide-spread celebrity of this wonderful and inestimable lial in both hemisi leres is a sutficirnt guarantee lor its :k and jiositive success in curing all the above alfectious complaints. Nothing can be more surprisuig than its invi iling effects on the uumau frame. Persons ell weakness and itu le before taking it, at once become robust and full of ry under its inffuece. It unmedialely counteracts the nerveurta or looseness of the female frame, which la the only le of barr< tinrss: and which, nriot to Dr VI??..i..?~.? .' is considered to be incurable. Aud it sjieedily removes impediments produced by physical prostration, which fre atly deter men from getting married. Liu^uitre, indeed, not do justice to the merits of the Lucina Cordial, which is rded by the heads of the faculty in nil parts of the world as ul the most important medical discoveries of any a#e. Price er bottle. Sold st 92 Nassau street, and No. '#) North Hiiih et, Philadelphia. nl9 lm*r COUGHS, COLDS, JNSUMPTIONB, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Spitting ol Blood, Biniichiita, ke.j i> cured Tor one shilling iscientific physician'* invention, culled?Professor Joue.' >gh Candy, or cntnponud < xtiact of tolu and Spanish mou, isised of 43 of the rarest herb, and plant, the vegetable etn |?>ssctr#. Read thi. plain, honr.t eiplanatioD to the public he principal material, in (hit randy were formerly preaenbed ? eminent pli>sian, in li>|Ui?i form. Surely it u superior u taken >11 the ahape of a beaniiful caDdy, pleaaaut to the elegant in form,and miraculous iu operation. It nerds but trial to convince all of it. merits. It is but one shilling lor a : who will use it I It is slirhtly purgaive,removing all hai from and purifying the blood. In fact, Irotn the hnudreda idy cured by thu, the proprietor feels warranted in offering e trims thai in case persons are not satisfied, to return the public must perceive this it fair dealing, plainly proves this is no putfetl nostrum. The proptineq nests one trial from all persona who have pulmonary rumits. He warrants there is no inereury in thia a? in some pufnediciuea of the day. It sold cheap that rich and |?oor may t. Sold only at I, 2 or 4 shillings a arge package. by T. a, sign of the American Kagle 82 Chatham at. N Y. Anted Agents?Zeilier, 'l'hird and Dock at, l'hil, 8 State at, on, 47 State ?t, Albany. 1 TO Kultou ?t, Lrooklyn, (diaries I, Charleston, 8 C, Zeiber, next la tiis American Hotel, thing ton, D (.. tt2l lm*ec IKIS I OO'l'H WASH?Prepared from the original re:ipeatNo,8 sjoldalreet, New Vrok?The Orris Too4.h h is isirelj a vegetable rn [ aration, possessing the propey a ivleaning the teslhsr I aiosth leitering the gams tot thy state, and preventing any unpleasant taste ot odourin noulh, whether amine from decayed teeth or from a da lo lw iK'd with * tooth brtuh, end mil be fouod l*iii tie the neee??ity ? ft i^Wiier ,kf?i tog the teeth clean . reyeiilxi/the we*nr.g nWriy of the g;iiA? Tr m We teeth, luvticolitif meful 111 eaeee of ?pun*y gum?, ie(Coring them Fiealthy elaie, end canting them to eeutrntt around the i. In |wiiiftil*ffrcti"U?"f the teeth anil grima, arming from Hire to colli. It Will be foiled highly beuetiaial. It m |?rarly aeryieeabte to tt?e the Orria Tooth Wmli atuight joat r reliniet to reat. Tliia method la reroinmeinlril by emidentiata, ?? by ao doing all partielra of food which accaitc daring the day are entirely reuioTed, and the month through the night iu a clean, aweel, anil healthy atate. anil teeth and white teetn are the moat \ nimble portion! >or humanity; but how aiany neglect the atteutioi, neiry for their irreaertanon, eren when anrroanded by all the ui needed. Ainioig thene *e know ol none more Ifertoel then the Ortia Tooth Wait -it cleenaea and whiIhe teeth, am ngthen, the |tm, jm flea the month, nnd tei.a the breath. We recomtn-nd it ate to all, young and -(Itoaton Mnriinia Toil le Orria Tooth Waali 1a the beat deterge tit we ever oi-ci oe namcl.?(Boeton Tranacaapt. r aale try tile prini M ! ilrot'i-iau in r. -nty at r PRrVATE CUR* ALL wlio arc Buffering from the effect* of aecret indulgence, and tir^irr * prompt nndiu rmanent nur, DLM rOK l)AN'8 8rKCIin<;COUR&E&*f?conftfetiiiAlly offered, u par'kv.'M are n" recent uoairmna, merely got up to aril? rodnclive only of diaAppointmmir?hot Have atood the test ren feanextrniiT? ami ancrraa'ul ntr No. I, ia eaprciieaiitiird for the treatm rK of GonorriMJfi ?n nil ira ataxee? Sfo. 2, ia guaranteed cure of Venereal Difcaac in every c iar. package contains every medicin** and reouiaite, adanVd f vaneq aymptom*, ami i* accompanied by iJnetor Jordan a te treatise, M The .Monitor," wherein ia full directions, a plain dearripti'"i of ihe nature, symptoms, conaequenod treatment of aeerect diauJdcra, and much information ineral infereat. , . ... . , . i?t price of each puckage ?a three dollara, including tho itor The Mniotor (^lone) ia 50 cenUj one dollar post will rr?Kre H ftee. ' '?? P??(n will be . -warded to .... Id only at Unu Stop- #0 I rince ?treet,corner of Marion. nliNiu rial of Nihlo'a l <leu. Prime entrance* anil ? for eonaulmtion #9H Marion,one dcor below drug itere. Mitml m a r umination ol Centee at. ntt lm*r Ilk WOULD inly knew hall t < laeaofveDe I dinene, cmed by the pliyncian at the Httntenan Diipeu.1 Divtan>11 itrcet, with the far famed and initlv celebrated er'? Hed Drop, there would not be any other remedy uard ; nedicine hit proved itielf twelve yean ago to be the only md harinleai cure on earth; thine afflicted are rnpee'fulited to call and examine the many private room* and read eda o! eertificatea of peraou* who have been cured by thia tine after all elie have failed. Price $L warranted in all . Peraoua in Allianv.Hocheiter, and Buffalo, N.V.. Boatou, and Chavlealon, 8.C., in wan'of thia medicine, can obtain nine, by remitting $l,with a deaeriptuni of the caae. In no manner can they be ?nre of getting the trne article. Im*m r PKR.?An aaaortment from U to 3d o* of very eura liiality, niannfaclitred from the beat are. and for aale in unit purchaser* by R. K. COLLINS !c CO., ; '? South atteet.

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