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December 21, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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. * * TH Vol. VIII.?No. 3I9i.?Wh?U No. 3*03. r OK NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. KrcMnoooTio^}! ihipiTrt^t re inleriili'dr? drunrch * ahip firim this nort ou tit* lat, iih, NKli, litli. *u?. aa?* ttlli ut each mouth, com ruciug thr lOtli October aiul co"< UU until May, whru rrymar dftyt will be appointed '' maiuJi-rof the > ear, whereby great ilelayi and will bi ^.rcTi-ufeil dttrinf the summer meurha. The following alii|>i wti) commence ihu arrangement ' Ship \ A /AX), Cantaiu Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Cm-tain Jaduou. Slap MISSISSIPPI. Captain Billiard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt Ship SHAKSPEAllfe, Cajrtatu MinerShip (JASTON. Cantaiti Latham. Ship HUN TSVIL I.E. Captain Mumford Ship OCMl'l.t.KE Captain L ??itt. s,.ip N vsllVILLK. Captain Dichinaon. Ship Mk.MPHIS, Captain Kaphl. TH**r -.'mi* w??re ill built ?'ciry of Nrw York, eipre** 1 fot par!tr?%, nrt of litfl ' draft pi wau?r, hare recently been wly 04yfi?<J md j"?i in *^'??iMlid ord?*r,with &cc?>mmodft!i >n* lor |>?Me libera it ueq xid ird far cow fort. They* are coin in*nde<j by ?**f -erieucvd masteis, who will make cvrry exert ien to give Senna) satisfaction. They will at all mat> be towed up and own the Mississippi hp, ?ie.nnt?oeU. Neither the owners nmcaptaint of three ship* will be response bla 0>r jewelry, bullion, precioua stones, silver or plated ware, or for auy letters, parcel or package, scat by s ipat en board of the tn,-inlets regular kills rf .ailing are taken for the sun# .and the value theieou expressed, fc'er freutlit or passage, spply F. K. COLLINS & CO., 46 South St.. or HL LLIN It WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans^ who will promptly forward all coot la to llieir address. The ships of tins line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. in4 NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? S'lfrom New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the 13th uj each men//1. as I* *om New York. Ship GARRICK, Cai.taiu Wm. Skidtly, 25th October. Ship ROSCU1S, Captain John Collins, 25th Novembrr. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25tli December. Ship SiiEKIDAN, Captaiu F. A. Depeyster, 25U, January. Kko.m Livkrpool. Ship 8IDDON8, Captaiu K. B. Cobb, 13th October. Shin 8KEIUD AN, Captain F. A. Drpeysler, 13th Novem'r. Ship GARRICK, Captain Win. Skiduy, IJlli December. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collitia, 13Ui January These il.ins are all ol the Put class, apwaids of 1 MS icns, built in the city of New Vprk, with snch improvements a srombine Rrcat speed with anusual con fort for passengers. Every care at been taken iu the arrangement of their aecominodatious. The price of pasiage heuce is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced matters, wlm will wake every exertion to give general satisfaction Neither the cxptaius or owners of the ahiiw will be responsible for ai y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular b 'is of lading are signed therefor. For Height passjge, apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South st? New York, or to VVM. In JAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be cl trged 12^ cents per single ' ??ol : 'lO ii*n tier OH lit* v wild ne m. uiiwt it-rt I r#?nl Hwrlt. nl NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL REGULAR COM MEKCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. Sailing to and from Liverpool, Weekly. m m m m CftlTsTABLLsKEDTASSAIiIl Wt'lCE, 61 SUT7TH STREET. The subscriber in announcing his arrBngententj for the year 1812, ap|iear* befojie hit friends with sent orient* of sincere resBict loi the able support lie has received lor many years past.? e likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending to semi for their friends losidiug in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales; that they can at all times be accommodated b, this ine, by weekly opportunities from Liverpool, as well as by all t he well known different lines of packet ships, sailing to and I rum Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13lh, 19th and 29 th of each month throughout the year. It has always been the study of the aubapricrr to have the emigrants shown civility, and desiwlched without delay, and abuse who send for their friends may rest satisfied that every dnr and diligent attention will be given by the Liverpool agents to those sent (br, as well as all who may embark with them, and shuuid any of those whose passage has been |iaid not emjsrk, the mousy will be refunded without any charge. The subscribei feels a pleasure iu making known the different sliiin by which his passengers came out during the last year, which liaa giv?n general satisfaction, and that he has cousiderauly r steaded and concluded his arrangements for the year 1812. The following is a list ol ships :? Ships Scotland, Robinson. Ships Alabamian, Lane. Fniifirtd, Wilson. I'rititice, Hopkins. Frankfort. Russell. Tyrone, S[**are. Russelli Oloysr, Howes. Wales Watts. Hiberuia^ Wilsaii. Westchester, Ferris. Alfred, Chetrer. Osceola, Clitlds. Cliftou, tngersoll. St. Cloud. Eim-rson. Louisville, Allen. New York, Niven. Hobieakir, Emerson. Warsaw, (irilhths. Oswego, Wood. Ocean, Willard. Talbot, Storey. N. Hampshire, Harding. Pauthea, Oooinnanson. Robert Isaacs. Trueinan. Virginia, E.itou. Europe, b.Hcheldor. S. Jenkins, Ssrmour. A free passage from the different |*>rts of Ireland and Scot so l, can also oe secured, and drills furni .hid for any amount, p y ihle at the National and I'roriueial B-uka of Ireland and thsi rei|>ective brauches, and also on Messrs. J. & W. Robin on, Liv?*riM><>L wiiichare i?oiil ire? om aujr charge, throughout hr Iill r.e?t Kvuirdutn. For farther imriiculam tprif to _ JOHNHKRDMAN 51 South ttreet. or J. Ic W. K OB IN SON, 16 Gore? riaztat.,nul lalfi No. 1 Nepfune ?L. WMrrtoo Pork Liyertmol. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. && m m. rPHE OCdTTnE of Packet* lor Liverpo<^v^^hr5rafter be ' deipatrhid iu ihe following order, excepting that wtlTn the day oi'unliug fkHk on Sunday, the ahiye will i&il on the auccoedOi. day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, f June I July l: *16 rou!, .Oct 1 Not 18 D.U.Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, i Juno 19 Auk 7 7i0 tona, ' Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, i.July 1 Aug 19 809 tona. v.V'or 1 Dec 19 J. Italhbone, (March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, 4 July 19 Sept 7 &10 tpoa, .Not 19 Jan 7 E. (J. M >riliall Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMEfftCA, Aug 1 Sept 19 818 inns. .Dec 1 Jan 19 A 15. Lowber. ( April I May 19 The NEW YORK, Aug 19 Oct 7 900 ton*. Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ilSept 1 Oct 17 AM tout, ' Jan 1 Fell 17 W.C Birstow.f May 1 Jnue 19 The COLUMBL8, < Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tona, < Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. (May 19 Ju|y 7 PenetnaJity, aa tegards the day of aaiiiug, wiil he obaerred aa heretofore. The price ot passage out ward ia now fixed at One Hundred Dollars. Tor which ample storea of ever* deacription w.y he provided, n itli the exception of wiuea and liquors, Which will be turuiahed by the stewards. GOODHUE A CO . 01 South at.. C. H MARSHALL, J8 tfurIiiiw-alip. N. Y. t??4 Irh BAR)NO BHOTHEUS It CO.. L'pnol. TAPSCOTTS Gi NERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 4S PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. lflS- Mb- Mh Tin* lubicrihers W| to call the amotion.of their frirndi , and ihe public generally, lo their tu|ieiinr airn grmetiU for bringing out iw?e< 11 :ei? from, anil remitliug money to, aay per nt Eug'nnd, IreLnil, Scotland or Walea, iu toe magnificent nee In t ihina, compriiiiu' ihe " NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:hinp HOSClL'S, C.nA. Cnlline. Ship SIDDONS,CaptainCobb. t>' ip SHr<RIDAN, Captain Dcpayater. Ship OAllKit K.i aptein SkidJy. V ? ahip IIOTTI - till H R, i cp'vn B rrtley. Ship SOUTHr-HSKH, Captain Woodhouae. Ship HOCHt STKH.Caiaain Palm't. Niw ship LIVERPOOL. Captain K.idredge. Sailing twicu etery m mill; ind Willi the" UNITED LINE," COini"oeil m| luprrirv firsi cliaa Am?riaan thipa, tailing oeiy ten Java, will in k, five eliipa inea'li moriili thronghoul the C">r, (ori nn every an dm) thereby pieroniing the poasi lity ol oiineeea?ary deirnnrrn. IVreans wialiinit to aeud lor'b i' friend', will not fall to are ihe adviut. ge? to be di nerd 'torn eh cling tine line in preference to au> nther. and they m?y reit aeiorcd that unuiual care ew ill b, 'taken to nuke lie paiaage ngtee.-b e, the ahipa bring fit eil up with an eye aolelvto the com ortof paaiengera. In all c aea where the par"in sent lor decline Coming, the money will be refund dw ithont nuy d-durlioii, aa A free l tinge from th- rareone aeaporu of Iielaud and Scotland, can alao be accurerl. REMITTANCES. Perania in ihe coun'rv wiahu.g in aeud money to their friendt by riiclmii.g ihe turn the, u i.h lent, with the nam'- and addrria vf the partiea loreceire it, m.y rely on a draft for ihe amvitnt being for warded per fir-t picket, afler the receipt toeienf, and an acknowledgement fur the name returned per mail. Drafts 11 light, f(,r ,\ny nmount, arr payable on drimnd. without diiconui "f *ny o.h r charge, at the National and 1'rorinciil Brnka of Ircla d mid brim lira, En ern Biuk ot Sci tland, Oir? m ck, *o,| their brinch. a, j,m? Bu't, Sod It Co., bin .en, London. and Dncouui B ink, Liverpool, autl ru iti) | n cipil to wit of (irr at Bti'ain aurl Ireland. r "rinrr p umviar* innu? taown u .ipjilie ilun, if by letter, 1 pott pa id, t?? by r VT.kJ. T TATSCOTT, ei Peek Blip, X. York. ?fr?y &*> life. unilciiiirijLiuneil hit'. will h<- legularly diapsUched Irnin hencv snit Iroin Maraeillea on the 1st of each lauiih during the year, thus? From New York. Maraeillea. MINKRV A.Capt frown, N.vl. Jm l H'R Y' THOM'sON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 COL'HI Ml. Capt Duaan, Jan 1. Mar 1 TRF.SCOI T, C*|? Lawrence, Feb 1. A|>I 1 HELLESPONT, C?pt AHame, Marl. Mayl COHIOLANUS, CapHaile, Aj.l 1. Jail I Tin i <" all ropjx rea nid copper fastened,and hare eicellenl accoinmmUiione for p taat tigera* The price of cabin paaaake will he $IM, evolutive of wines ano i iouora. (foods ildr-caed to BOYD It HINCKF.N, the a genu, will be forwarded free of nthei Inuges than Loose actually paiu. For freight or paaaage apply to G. BROOM A CO.. or to nttr BOYD A HINCKK.n, Agenta xJRg- BLACK BALL, or Old Line LIVERPOOL tfwfv''" beta ?The only Regular P.irkt t that aarla on ilie JMlMb 'Kh lit D< r ?The new and rlegaut packet sh i> \KW YOKK, liuithru 10110 tuna, < np'ain Thomas B. Crop|ier, will aaii positively on Monday, the 19.h ol Dtcemhtr, her rrgular day. 1 at accommodations r.f thia Well known favorite line ol I Si ! I, (or rah n, J.I calm and aleer .ve passenger,are utioir pa ?.] by any Other lint or ship load,ug lor tl.e above port. IVr s.eit. ifo ' lo cui!.ark for the o'<l country will find it in their Coin irt 'ii 1 silvan age to choose thia conveyance I i pr It reuct to a yuihor. For termt of iiasantc, anil to aerure the beat III itht,apply on board, liKit III Beekman street, otto the tabROCHE BROTHER* A CO., 3S Fallon at, urxt door to ihi Fulton Bank. P. *. Thi New York will am Irowi LirerpeJ ou ilia 7tn Februa.v, 181J? iho.e si i.ding lor thcr relatives can hare them bron hi ut in her, or in iiy of the rackets of this Line, which * sail from that port on the 7lh and 19th of tiery Month. For I as sage apply as above. N. B. The lb. kit Ship Cambridge will succeed the New York, and anil for Liverpool on the let of January, herri gu lai d!7r E NE NEW 1 ? KNULI9H SCHOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OF CUBA. DUNNK WA 1'KKLAN D. PKINC1PAL. \ MIS Academy was established two rears a**, nnder the pau rt' former Iutuodem Cirnural of the J?l*r <1, and other diiUuxuisiied moividn its of the nobility uid men* haul* of 'nis city. It i conducted on the pi tu of the (forman ' jrvmov sia; and the Qt thod of tuition u tim "luterrugativc." All the ftcbo'ar* uudeiataudthi bullish language, and many of them tpe lk it htbitaally and fluently The Principal has the ciwrtcnce of schools in France, (ieruuuy. L'itland, and the United Stales. His chief aim Is to Cl?t- the youth entrusted ro his care a praetic* knowledge of those bnnchvs of a j oil e edueitiou, winch are required iu all active carerrs, and ire applicable to any. The course of sludv, there'ore, comprehend* tli* English, French, (form o and Spanish language*; History,Oe?igrs. hies. Vatnrni Philosophy, the {-art of .Mathematics, ind L)rawing*of v irons kinds. Profi'iion of dtvi ra unions and acjciiif menu reside iu the establishment; md ail the cla*ses receive, iu rotation, instroctiou from the director. Such sunal succes* has attended this plan <?f mi.ion, that sere r&loi the pupils, under t ?!%?. year* ol ye* write atid speak Riiiiii^iwri.iui |'fi.Tu> niieoigipie manner, ,uu thOM of liperycam, correctly and rasi'v. 1 he aojunitioa, uutoulyoi the Hpanish, bat alio of othc UaflMrt, it Lb OS r seed wMi ;u the r?acb >f die youth of the United Mutes, without it* twing necessary for tin in to reliiH)U>ih the many odvanla-es which accrue from an English educatiou. Tli* onjeet of the Principal in desiring to recuse youths from the Uurred States,it to facilitate the acquirement of the Engl tali accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly repaid them by by the latter, and to introduce here the manly sptiitoflhe English schools. The yonua,citizens uf the United States ran haee nothing to fear trom the climate, the house beingtpacioat and airy, sitnated in a healthful s|iot, at t short dit ance fiom the -ity; and com lining within its limits, a fine bath nnd complete gyuuiasiuio for the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrived from Germany, have passed the summer in the school in perlcct health. As the priuci|w\l is a married man, and Ins wife aud sister have i h tr.ii n the nniordeportment; children are received at any gt hut teat "I I'tfun y. Kerry pupil enp yt hit religious opinions niidistnrhrd. The terms are Sum per <, payable llrree months in .advance There are no. itr's escept rlothea ud books References? > ESSKM. CHAM. DRAKE A BROTHERS. ALEXANDER MORALES, E?Q., nil Havana. ..JOUSK FURNISHING WAREHOUSK.-WOKAM fc " HAUGHNVOL'T, 561 Broadway, Manufactnreni, Agents and Commiasion Merchants, ha?e just received and are now opening a new aud splendid .asortmeut ol the fallowing arti eles. nz:? Silvered, Gilt and Bronze Ga Cbandalicrs, b to 20 lights. Do Gaulle do <to2l " Do Candle Brackets, 1 to i " Do G?a Bracg. tz, I TP I " Do Gas mantel Lifhcs, 1 to I " Do Giranuoies, 1 In J " Cauuiebras, stoli " Astral Lamps. Hall j amps aird Lanterns, Reading Lamps Is, A new article ot Solar Lamp, a vciy superior article. Also, a new article of Deflccter lor improving tlie light of the old pattern of Astral Lainp. Also a new style of Florentine Bronze, color immovable. Together writh every variety of Lamps aud ChandeRen, for chttrcnes, halls and public iiuildingt. Platid Wang. Baskets, Castors, Trays,Toast Ricks, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings, Butrer Tubs, butter and Frmt Knives, Hnutfers aud Tnvs. Coflee alid Tea Urns Sri Kmc Table Cuilrry, in teIts ami dotetu; Japanned Tea Trays, in great ranty of (aUerns and form*; fine cut glean Bawls, Pitchers, Tumblers, Dishes, Goblets, Decaulers, Water Bottles, Sugars, Sic. fkc. W.iiH. be* respect iully to iufonn tbeir friends, customers, aud the public grariaM j that their arrangements with the manufacturers are such t. at they can sell all articles iu their line at rcinaik.ibly low pri :es; and respectfully luvite them to call and see their show ro ti.s w hicli alone is sufficient t? couipcn sale lor the trouble i22 jm* r R E M O VAIi. "HILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT, la removed from 143 Broadway to No. 7 Astir Honse ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most .It gam am! Kashiencble kind at a saving of 60 per cent for cash. 'pHK advertiser dt ras it unnecessary to resort to the (leek's ueyed system of giving a lift of nominal prices, presiHBinu that the length of time he nits becu established, together with die extensive patronage bestowed ou turn, will piove a stun r.ient voucher for his capabilities. Pusses sine/he advantage ef being connected with no extensive cloth establishment iu Kurspe he csnlidenlly issets tha't he can furaish clothes which, on cera uis.-ii. will be found lower thau any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. IU3in S. PHILLIPS. T Aster House, Broadway LONDON AND MANCHESTER INDIA RUB BEII GOODS \ITHOLE9ALE AND RETAIL, No.l Wall street. Th '* subscriber has received anil oilers lor sale a Inrje assortment o( imported India Rubber Water I'roof (binds, via: Coats ana Capet, of superior Lama, Cashmere Laina, Partian, Merino and Cottou, of all colora and sines. Cloth?India Rubber, Water Proof, super Lama, Lauia Pertian and Cotton, prepared for t ilort. Iudia Rubber Webbings for suspender*, corsets, lie. ?2l,Cm?r < HAS ABRAHA.MSON. T H E UNL V P L A C h I N New Yoik where the celebrated till Iter Kmt Hi.irt can be I obtained is at JOHN M. DA VIES St JONES, lra, William it. corner of Joli at. Agents for the btrkerf* Merrintac Co, N.H Alao?("lose and opsu knit Dnwers, tlannel wrappers and drawers, and the unriralled Snalrer riannel by the yard or piece ?ill or, ferable to any style uow iu n?r. n"9 Inir* FHENCH WINES ?The subsenber off rrs for tale in Iota to suit iUrchatertt? t'hampi'Kiie?ISW) Banket* tuoe inr quality. Burguuds ? lie Cmci rerv old Chabiu anu Chainbrrtin. Claret?20 casks superi r Medic. Cainent?8 Cetlu best French Cement. J. B. TIM.MERMAN, die 2w*r 74 Broad street. fpWINES?M bale* bridport man til dory, comprising a A complete u?ijTtn?ent of Scinr, Hcrriue and (Jill Net Twines, from i)i to 38 lb The abor,- twines are .til of recent iinportstii-u, and treat care lia* been taken in the selection of the materiel aud in tin manufacture. For tale in loU to *nit purchasers, by EDWU. K. CULLIN'S Ik CO. ill* r 46 Smith st-eet SHIRTS. SHIRTS made after the latest and uott approved French ,<atieui*. C' stt, t antaloon*, vest.. arid all niuh-r g rmcut* m le to ord?r at abort notice and til trie most fashionable style. (JeDtlemen's kamishmg Slots, 67 nodt > Maiden Lane, New Votk. tl?m*r WM. COLLINS X] EW INVE.aTED Oleaginous Cotnimuud?Eor render* n* ii,j- bo t-.rud lines perfectly wa or oroof? to be obtained ,i _ 111 u!i?i'ri r -a t l,i r.lil wsfsnliaVtoiJ l.isaik?s ><! Store, No. 4 Ann street. Price 12>k cents a but. To ?|M>rumrg nud others, who would secure the advantage of dry feet, thij compound it confidently recommended. ?!13 Im'r H. BROWN BKIT13I1 AND NOK1 H AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1300 tons and I to horse power ea*h. Under contract with the Loidtof the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA. A. Kyrie Ho COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will tail from Boston, via Halifax. rtiih Liverpool. rnoH aotTtn. Britannia, Hewitt, Oi*l 4 Nov I Caledonia, Lott. Oct 19 Nov Id Acadia, Kvrie, Nor 4 Dec 1 Columbia, .Miller, Nov 19 Dec 16 Britauuia, Hewili, Dec 4 Jan I Passage Money? From Botton to Liverpool, S135? Boston to Halifax $20. These carry experienced surgeons. No Berthi tecured until paid f# r. Note.?Merchandixc and Specie (except for perianal ex pen:e?) thinned under the name of luggage will bi charged at Ureignt, aatl liable loCustom Houte Regulations. Apply to <.5V r D. BKIOHA.vf. JR., No. 3 Walltt. M* FALL AND WINTER ARHANUfcfa MENT.?The iteamboat Rockland, will, * ? and alter Monday, the 31 at of October, rttu as follow*t leaving Miildletown Point (tide and wratlier per mitring) at 9 o'clock, and Keyi#ort at 111 o'clock, erery Monday, Wednesday and Kriday. Rviurnmg, leave the loot of Robin ton street, New York.eivry Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday at I I o'clock, noon, touching at Si-guui'i Dock each way. Sl.iges will be in readiness to convey passengers to auy part of the conntry. All baggage at the risk of the owue't. o23 ht'tc STATEN INLAND FEKK. Foot of Whitehall street. On and after Dec. 3d, the steamer 9TATEN ISLANDER*, wdl run as follows, until further notice :? LEAVE STATES ISLAND. NEW VORK. ax A.M. 9 A.M. 10 lax IP.M. iU P.M. H3 e ^^REfitTLAirOFRJSlTltfN To"CATs &?, .N-ey KILL,and intermediate landings, wi'bout low i tT il" 1 - - " n-'-ir days from Cattskill, Mon days, Wednesdays and Fridays. Eiom New .York, Tuesdays, Thursdays aud Ri'urdtya.?t are to or from Cattskill, M cents. ?Berths lb ceupi?Supper lb cvnis. The us w and fist steamer WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt, will leeve Robinson st.pi-r Thursday Nov. 17th, at live o'clock. For for her oaftirulfcrs innnir.. ..f #ke ea ois nn h.?*r.l It running ?p the dayi'abeve named, there will b i a daily rom menu atioii trmn 11 Cut.kill and New Turk ( md intermediate < plltra) Tor fitlfht toi pump ?t reduced pricea. nflr FRANCIS' TATKNT LIFE BOATS. jjfg- TllK object ol" tlii? inventioni*f IMT? human life. I OTT^VThe nuinbar of |?u< ntrriiiiil othar iiersoni luvifd by JIMMnlheie bom fmin wreck* in itorrni when the ordinary ' i?c twami rd la otci IX) The nuaiberof iwraona drown ed for want ol the Life Soata at the bnrni g and wteckinrof at. amboati and other wiaela 11 according to aecnuiiti | nbliahed the pan month over J36. It la impossible to awamp thia bo it, Tht- price varies from f 5 to to $100, according to the number l ol persons they are reunited to ratty, with the bottom |tove in Tt # rh.t of hoi'a for pirkttiK up men falUna overboard, are ao hitht aa to require but two men to handle them, and ky the ' new apparatna can he ait in the the water m 30 aacnnda, with two met, in her ready fer the rearne, Aa the iafetv of vaaaeli at eea .epeude mainly on the aetvicee ol the crew, thu elaae ol boats ta intends*. for their preset a ation. Office of FRANCIS' Patent l.iO Bo.lt7 Wall at. n* At Ad em a li Co 'a F.ipreaa QlRce. coughs~and colds. I) KMKMBK.R No M North Stilh itreet, one door below Arab street, Philadelphia, the moatcertaiu and heal Family t vlediciffe, for Conghi, Colds. Spitting Blood, Throat and a Long Biaeaee, a rising aenaation like choking, tickling, oion- c pie uMit obeunciiona. For the above, Dr. SWAYNK'S Com S pound Syrup ol Wild Cherry will be founi| ,he ureal remedy. I S^aThW* *l,,Ued theinaelfea hy the oaeol ardent apiriU will find both Uieiratrenvth and reaolotion mneh improved b-, I Irevint off the spirits, and taking a draneht occaaionally of tht above reiterative. All prepaimot.a from rhia valuable tree, eirapt the above,may be considered apuhotis or counterfeit The , real ar'iole inay he had of the following Agent*. or at No. it North Sixth street, Phildelphin? AOENT8 Dr. W. II MILrNOR. Drageiar, No. 192 Broadway MRS. M. HAVES, No. If) Fulton it, Broeklyn. BKNJ. OLDS, Newark. N.J. JOHN M ASON, Pattc ton, N. J. di 2m*r ! CHINA fc OLASH oi every description?the clie-peat* In i thia city, for Christmas ami New Year preaenti; beantifnl cat ton bleai and lemonades, with ailver flowers of different < kin-ta; new dtlhei, colon buttles of different sites. The above nannt be had at any other place iu thia ronni-y. 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What could have induced the mutineer* luuiuptsuch a ra hand thoughtless uiude ol proceeding u a mutter ol surprise, tor had they tuccueued tu destroying human lue, an I po? e- :ng un nisi lv?-s ul the vessel, n a ould liave hern iiuposkiiile In. ihe .1 loug to have retained possession 01 it. It is aiQiuk'. impossible, however, mat we snould nnnwnv oiui a coin 01 statement ol he luc.s ul UM case until they have flrst uihciuliy made to tlw Niv) llfiurtiimi!, H \V lub.nglou, ami from thence proinuig* cd. in tue nil an utile \s u can only speculate upon tue statements ul the shocking ulfair aa we have them. That there was a muiiu) ou hoard the brig there is little doubt; but whether the mutineer* were " strung up," aa reported, ami in such a summary manner, ia not Certain. Kur the sake ut Lieut. McKeurtu and lua brother olticera, we ho|>e auch was not the caee. There are cer. tain iatva in existence lor the government ot such casea, w hich have beeu violated in more reapecta than one, 11 the lac la published are literally or substantially true. By a law ol Hie United St ilea, mutineers, an then ui la and abettors, ou board a United Stales vessel, ure punished with death ?but tliey must lirst be regularly convicted ol the crime by a properly uigauited Court Martial, and in tue case 01 a wairaut or couimiasioued otticer, the l'reaident of the United States must approve the aeuteuceol the court belore it can be legally carried into execution. The Thirteenth article ol tho Act 01 Congr. sa ol IpOO, lor tne better government of the Navy ol the U tilted, states, declares that? "l! any person ii the Navy shall make, or uttempt to make, uuy mm.nous asaem iy, he shall, 011 conviction thereof by a Court Martial, sutler death, aud i! any person, as store aid, shall ut er uay seditious or mutinous words, or all.ill couc. al or connive ? any mutinous or seditious practices, or shall treat with contempt lua superior, being in the execution ul his office; or, being u lUn-sa to any mutiny or sedition, shall not do ma utmost to suppress it, he shall be punished ut tUc diacrctiou of a Court Marti hi." Seeing that death ia the puuishment prescribed by law for the crima of mutiny, it becomes necessary to inquire what *re i he necessary pri liuiinariea to us infliction.? Under the laws at hasnlssnls iSs?a?. ?i "? the first degree i?,m like manner punishable with ileaih, but no matter how openly, and unuer what shocking and brutal circuuisianees the act is coiiiunued, a trial, conviction, an J sentence, alw ays precedes tile vinaicatiuu ot the law. So, too, m ofl'auces against the lawa ol the Navy ? and, in this instance, iu the case ol mutiny upon he high teal, a trial, conviction, and sentence by a Court, propeily organized, must precede the tnlUctiou ol the penalty 01 the law-. Were the necessary and legal steps taken, by the otli corset the homers, teiore the luutiiit urs ware'strung up" to the yard armf We think not. 1 he thirty -filth section ot' the Act 01 lsut), atiove relcirud to, proscribes inc. manner in which ail Courts Martial lor the trial of against the laws ol the Navy shall be organized. General Courts Martial may be convened as olten i.s the President ol tae United State-., the Secretary of the Navy, or the Comnunder-iQ Chiel ol the fleet, or Commander of a squadron, while acting out of the United Slates, shall deem it necessary. 1'iovided, l'hat no general Court Ma.tial shall con> >st of more than thirteen, nor less than five members; ami as many othcers shall be summoned on every such court as can be convened without injury to the service, so as not to exceed thirteen, and the sumor otficer shall alw ays preside, the others ranking agreeably to the date ol their commissions, and in no case where it can be avoided without injury to the service, shall more than one half the members, exclusive ot Ihe president, be junior to theoflicer to be tiied. The first question to be settled under this article is? whether Lieut. McKt-nzie, not being either " Commun der-in-Cuiel of a fleet," or " Commmander ot a squadron," had a right to convene a court marital bv virtue of the law. llui even if we pass over this difficulty, there is another still stronger in the way. The organization of, and proceedings before the court, does not appear to hare beeu iu keeping with the demands of the act. The requisite number ut commissioned officers being present, rach uieuinerol tiie Court must take an uatk, to he administered by the Judge Advocate, or person officiating as such, to truly try the cu*e before the Court, without preju. dice or p uiiality, not to divulge or disclose the sentence of the Court, uulil it shall have been approved by the proper authority, nor at anytime to disclose the vote or opinion ol any particular member of the Court, unless tequired so to do beiore a Court ol Justice " All charges, on which an application for a general court martial is lounded, shall be exhibited in writing to the proper officer, and the person demanding the court shall take care that the pei ?on accused be lurnished with a true copy orthu charges, with the tpeciftcations, at the lime he is put under arrest, nor sh >11 any other charge or charges than those so exhibited, be urged against the person to t>? tried before the court, unless it appear to the court that I intelligence of such charge had not reached the person demanding the court when the person so to be tried Was put uoder arrest,or that some witness material to the support of such charge, who was at that time absent, can tie produced; in which case reasonable time shall he given to the person to be tried, to make his defence against such new charge. Tha witness beioro the court shall be examined upon oath. Now it would seem from the statement in possession otthe public, that a somewhat different court lrom that n quirt d was held?that it w n* a "drum head" court martial. Such a tribunal has no legal existence in tha Navy ol the Uni ted Stales, and th? proceedings of any court martial convened and conducted differently lrom what the luw has prescribed, are illegal. If it be decided that the Lieutenant Commanding of a btta ll.IS authority to amalls court mnrfinl and the court in the present case was properly organi-ed, and tli* proceeding before it in Weeping with the requisitions ol the Inw, then the punishment inflicted upon the petty officers and seamen were legal and proper, lint that of Midahipmun Spencer vt at illegal under all the circumstancee. t he forty .1'ii'kt article ot ttm act of Congress of ISOO, provide* that? " Ail sentences ot c*urt* martial, which shall extend to the lossot life, shall require theconcurrenceoftwo third* of the member* present; and no such sentence shall he carried into execution until confirmed by the President of the United State* ; or if the trial take plact out of the United States, until it be coufirmed by the Commander ol the fleet or squadron. All other sentences may be determined by a msjority of votes, and carried into execution on confirmation ol the commander of the fleet, or officer ordering the Court, except such as go to the dismission of a commissioned or warrant officer, which are first to be ap proved by the President of the United S'ates." Midshipman Spencer w as a warrant officer, at t- | quently romes within the scope oi the above ai one whose sentence must he approved by the I ent of the United States before it could be legally enorced. So that no matter it there had been no informality in any ol the previous proceedings against him, this last was an act which Lieut McKenxie and his officers has no more right to do, than bo would have to hang an innocen' mem bcrof his crew for amusement. But it may be said that the officers of the brig acted ulion the law of soil preservation, which transcends all statutory enactment*, and that the exigencies of the rase, therefore, will justify them. This argument will not hold water. The law of sell preservation only comes in when all other* fail, and the fact fd' the officer* organiz ing themselves into a court, and having the power toovei come and secure the mutineers, at once dispels the idea of their being compelle I to i esort to the extremities suggested hy self presarvstion. A discussion of thisquestion, however, we must reserve for the future, only remarking, that hsd the mutineers actually mad* an attack upon the officers and crew, then every man of them might legally he shot down without mercy, but until the necessit of the case demanded such proceeding, it cannot he justified. We have thus hastily run over the prominent features of this appalling case, and compared them with the law governing mutiny and court martial Our readers can judge for themselves of the reas nsbleness ofottr deductions It is but just to say that pnhlio opinion is ' trongiy wi'lt mubh ?fM w, ? mnii Mnii wimu have pursued pretty much the tamo courtv in n aimilar amcrgtncjr. If we remember right, Commodore Joma onceaerved in the fame manner ?ome of hi* men who mil tlnied in the Pacific Ocean. The court martial in that M", h?we- ' [ . w i?? .1 teg ilar one in "-very respect. Ohio Rivkr.?This stream was falling at Cincinnati on the 15th inat. Conrt of Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. Dr.o. 90.? Ruektn II. Towner ft. hooaaif and Chublt? Thif wax an action of trover, preciaely oimilar to the one recently reported in the Superior Court a short time ainco, in which R. H. Towner was againat tho Sheriff. Bankrupt 1.1st. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. William Eagleaon, 144 Eait Broadway, New York, marble cutter Boville Shumway, and at one of the late firms of R?tchurn end Shumway, and Camp Shumway, of Marahall, Michigan, 73 Amoa et, New York, clerk. Thomaa J. Dankin, 131 Trinoe atreet, New York, gentleman. John fJ. Slack, ai one of the late firm of Chace Jc Slack, city of Brooklyn, jeweller. Duman llantoon, 07 Suffolk atrcet, New York, late a baker. Thomai Cole, 193 East Broadway, New York, late ihoe dealer. George 11. Ham, Ne. 70 Sixth avenue, clerk. Johnson S. Lee, H0 First ?treet, New Turk, merchant. James Montgomery, junr., 39 Hammond itrect, city of New York, broker. Ohadiah Holmes, Poughkeepije, Ducheai Co. N. York, late merchant. Edward Smith, 390 Elizabeth atreet, New York, aaah maker. Samuel Bromherg, Laurent street, New York, broker. Otla sVyman, New York, elerk. Albert Hanlord. George H. Ilill. Theo'lore L- Harding. laaac R St. John. John L. Moffatt. John H. Hopper. Horatio Humnhrayt. John C. Clark. IER A 1. 1842. Common Council. Boxed or AmoTi.iTi, Dec. 30 Present, the President and a quorum. The minutes of the last meeting wert read and approved. Petitions?Of 116 tax-paying citizens opposed to the cleaning of streets l>y contract. Referred. Report! of CammiUttt?Oi committee ou police watch and priHoiiS relative to tliu burning ot the cupola on tin 13th uit. T''e committee report that thejr have had irequeut meetings, und ma r many liiveaugati ui. They have found it uitliculi to procure unbiassed witnesses. Tin ke? per* 01 the prison weie all uiore or lr?s intrusted. In relation to the innan* liy which Colt killed hintsrll, tin evidence is th it the km c was convey ud to hint on the day of the suicide, but they do not know u Lo conveyed it U him Ay to the lire it occurred n few minute* before four O* clock. That Coll killed himself theie eai l>e no doubt a* also that ine kaile wait the causa of his death. Hi" di was attested to by many witnesses, among V hum were Mengrs. Waul, Tierce, Cattish, KnimeM,, Oft en,, Rogers, Dodge, Atwoll, an 1 olhfr?. Thai the lireoerunv l about tnree-lourths ol an hour alter tin death of Colt, That the wind w as very high, lit re lotlowed a minute description ol the cupou, its censti uctiuu the manner in w hioh the stove was fixed up, 6tc. lac. Th< committee are ol opiuiuu that thu lire w as the result of uc cideut. They statu that the cujiola was then in charge ol John 11. Atkins, who was this lelt by James Shaw, and they recommend that these two individuals !>e discharg ed lor culpable ueglig nee. The committee also state that great efforts were made, but without success, to bribe officers Tierce, Jenkins and Vultee. No turlher inipoitant iuformatiou has been elicited. The rejKirl was adopted. Papers from thi Hoard of .'lidermen. ?lie port in refer eucti to cleaning the streets by contract?Laid on the tu ble. Communications?From A. W. Bradford, the Attorney of the Corpui alion. Whole number ol complaints reporte<l is 1139. The nature of the complaints as follows ,? For encumbering the streets aud sidewalks, IfProjecting signs, Sfl K-iatlve to paving streets and walks, II f or violation ol ouunauces relative to hackt and cabs, -4< " " " Stages, 1 Weighing anthracite coal, " " " Weigh masters, 1 ' " " Public health, 2 " 2' " Junk shops, lie. 2 " " ' Intelligence olhces, " " " Selling liquor without licema, 4 " " " " " on Sunday, , 7 " " " Inspection of chtircoal, " " " Throwing gurhage into street!, W n i? ii it Ashes " 22 " '* " Dogs, in " " " Sinks, lie. 44 " " " Carts, S.i i. ii n Porters, " " " llorsts, " " " Measuring lumber, " " " Interments, " " *' Vaults and areas, " " " Murkcts, 14 " " " Miscellaneous, S The whole number of suits brought is 437, of which 32 have been commited. Krum the Controller, iu relation to approprijtions for 1943 : ? Current Expenditures, $190,000 Keveuue llouds payable, 714,110 I merest un Stocks, Bonds, kc. 200,000 Croton Aqiie iuct Water Pipes, lie. 100,000 State .Mill Tax, 237,*07 X OIH1, 7*1 ,4J1 ,V17 On this communication there was much discussion.? The adoption ol it was opposed by the Democratic members. Finally referred to the Fiuaixte Committee. Unfinitktd Butinctt?Document No. 60, on the Market Laws taken up, and read. Alderman I. P. Bhowx, of the 8th, who is well known to be a strong, substantial, and fearless friend of licensing the meat shops, moved an amendment of the first section to that eflect, and accompanied his motion with able and appropriate remarks. Alderman Bcolei, of the 14th, moved to lay the whole ordinance upon the table, and offered a resolution that the whole subject tie distinctly submitted to the people at the next chaiter election, aud two diUerent kinds (1 tickets be prepared lor the people?"public markets, and no meat shops,"?"private markets, or meat shops." lie was opposed to licensing tuo meat shot s. Alderman W. Doom: was altogether opposed to any such laying of the s ubject upon the table. The people have aire i ty expressed their opinions relative to the meat shops, an 1 tin v could do no more at the next election. Alderman It now v again advocated immediate action u|Hin this subject, lie said he was ready to act now upon ir. and was content to have his conduct to be pronounced usa by m j aito ular party, but by the public at large, lie would on this subject discard all party leeltng, and go with whit he considered public sentiment. The question u as taken on laying the subject on the ta b o, and lost by a vote of f, to 9. Messrs. Wostervelt,; Nesbeit, VV. Dodge, Williams, Waterman, Ksquiroi Mcoles. and Mead, voting in the attirmative, am the other members, to wit, Messrs. Adams, Atwell, Nash Brown, Ward, C.J.Dodge, Allerton, Brad), and I'eili Then followed a variety of amendment*, propoied b; different member* of the Board. All the amendment* o theop'ionents of the meat shopa, seemed intended to em barras* and entangle the subject, and keep the main quea ti< i constantly in abej anre. A'd. W. Donor, of the 31 Ward, ablv advocated prompt and decided action, and no more evasion on the subject, Let gentlemen evince their opposition by h i ir votes, an,I not by entangling the main question by amendments, This was meant particularly for Alderman Waterman, ol the 9th, who introduced a provision to refund the premium* paid by the butchers before the ordinance tak s effect. On this provision there wa a vn?t deal of discus, sion. Aid. W. Donor ollered as Hit amendment to this pro vision?" or such amount as may seem to the corporator jist and equitable." 'l'he question being taken on this amendment and lost. 6 to II. The question was then taken on Aid. Wittmis'i provision, and lost, 6 to 11. The question was then taken on the first section as amendml, an,I carried by a voteol 111 to7?those members voting the aft: native as follows, viz :?Aid. Westurvelt, Ncabin", W. Dodge, Adams, Atwill, Nash, Browne, Ward, E-qui rol, and Brady?10 members. The other 1, Me*rrs. Wil. bams. Waterman,(C. J. Dodge, Allerton, Scole*, Mead, and Pettigrew, voting in the negative. Thi* was the great te*t question, and show* how the Board of Assistants stand* in relation to licensing thu meat shops. The first section above named is a* follows TITLF IX. Or thi; Sauk or flriH Vif.ats in OTiirn this thi I colic Mahkits. j 1. Tiie Mavuraf Hie Li'v ol New York shall from time to time i?ue lie nsei, under his hand and seal, to so inauv at d sich persons as xh-dl for that purpose he reroininr-nded by the darket Commiuee, to exercise arid carry oil tlie tisdr and bumess of bun hart, and to sell liesh meat by the joint, or in leces, or oth. ra ise, in such pub ic markets, and such nthei I laces ai shall be deiignat-d in such recommendation; and all pi <res so designated, other than the present public markets, shall also be known and railed maike'i: and it shall not be nr. ,-esfry, to entitle aay person to su"h license, that tie shall have served an apprenticeship wi h a licensed hinrhcr. s 2. No license shall be issued to any person, oul> ss he he an aciu.d resident of the city. a citizen of the United States, of ihe alio of twtlity-nne years; an,I stirh bo lisos may he am ulled or revoked, al the plta?u e of the Mirket Committee; bu; all persons recieving a lie* use for markets other than those now known as public markets, si.ail pay to (lie clerk of the Common Council, for the use of the city, the sum of $10 annually. Some little further business wa* done, when the Board adjourned. Comity Court, Titccdav, 4 P. M.. Drc. 30?Thi* body met this afternoon, pursuant to adjournment, to hear the speeches of the two concluding counsel, Messrs. Lord in the defence, and O'Connor tor the prosecution. Mr. Lord commenced hi* argument at twenty-live minute* past lour o'clock.? It wa* an admirable ipecimcn of loremic eloquence?utile, clear, logical and sound. It waa baaed first upon the righta of ailcitizena to vote?aecond, that vagrancy ianot a criminal offence, bui a misfortune, and that the imprisonment i? not punitive, hut charitable. Hence the duty of the magistrate to relea e the, in order that he mov exercise his political rights A* a whole, his speech was listened to with intense interest, and produced evident iffeCt. Mr. O'Connor made a very able speech, but appeared to labor through it as an up hill work. He concluded at t quarter before ten o'clock, when tha court wa* cleared lor private deliberation. The court then concluded to adjourn till Weduead.ay week. Superior Court, Before Chief Justice Jones. Dec. 20.? Henry Wendell i t. William B. Oarlock.? It seein* Carlock, having occasion for the u?e of a certain amount of money, in hit business, had deposited with William B. Jet up, a broker of this city, note* amounting to tome f I.MtO, and received thereon *ome $3000, upon the undemanding that they ihould not la- put into the market. The*n note* were handed to E. M. Morgan, oi the late firm of Morgan, Ketchum ft Co., who, it waa alledged, in violation of tbla agreement, had trantferred them to different pertona, amongat the rett to the plaintiff, who now sought to recover upon 1ho?e hold hy him. For the defence, it was shown that the plaintiff ptlechaaed these note*, and gave his chlSft lor them to MorgdVi, who Iran*, ferred these last to Henry D wight, of thin city. The evidence went to prove that Je?up, Morgan, P wight, and the plaintiff were 10 connected in this traniaction, that they were chargeable in law with knowledge o( the state of the original account*between the plaintiff and Je*up. The iury found a verdict for the defendant. Mr Noyea for plaintiff?C.C. and D. Egan for defendant. Die. 20?Decisions.?Jose Marina Lemar vs. .Qtlnntic Marine Insurance Co., \ Y.?Motion granted. Matilda Nichol vs. Hiram Walworth $ Co?Judgment for plaintiff. John dtint v* A'. C. P/a'f.?New trial granted?cost* to abide the r vent. .femes R Hitchcock vs. Iff. C. *1'toell, et alt.?Judgment for the plaintiff, with liberty to plea.l de novo, on payment of costs in ten days after notireof this rule. CJeneral Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmndge and Judge Lynch. Jasii.s It Whitivo, Esij District Attorney. Dsc . 20.? Old Clo' Thief.? Mary Louisa Di*on, blsrk, impleaded w ith Maria Johnson, was tried tor grand larceny, In stealing $60 worth of clothing from Antonio Bagiole, 42-J Broome street, on tho 13th of luly. The jury convicted har, and the court sentenced her to the State prison for two years and ten monthsricking Pockela Alfred Holms* wta tried on a charge for grand larceny, in having, in conneaioa with others unknown, picked the pocket of Thomas Marquis, of 26 l'cck slip, an the 10th of September, while standing on the LD. Price Two C?nu. Battery. It was proved that accuied vol caught with t one of his hands in the pocket ot Marquis, and aiao that , the (>octvt t book o( the latter, containing four Ave pound sterling note* was stolen at the time. None of the article# , stolen were found in possession of prisoner, and he proved by Mr. Kelt, for whom he had worked as a stationer, that , he ? umber nn t industrious man. The evideace being sirong against him the jury returned .1 verdict ot guilty, and the court sentenced him to the State pnton lor lour years and ten months. He was tried at tha last term for a , similar otlence under the name of John Long, and acquit[ ted. , SA.qi I.ifling.?K Mark woman named .Mary Skinner, was uied on a charge of grand larceny, tor stealing apiece , of silk valued at $46 from the store oi Messrs. Donnelly, .' 7 Grand street, on the lltth October. There being no session, thejurv returned ii lenlktol larceny on\y. Stealing a Watch. A tailor nan > .1 AroaziMh B'ickburn waslrnvtfor gi?:u) larceny, in stealing usilver watch wo tlif lO from (l?v>rge Shenff, Miner tit'i tvemie and i I tli Street. He offered to p* *n th< wa'cbut 811. pr oil's, when it # ?? stopped. The jury convicted him, and tha court sentenced hnu to the State prison lor two yean. Burglary in the Firil Ltgrte.? A black boy, named Win. ltonry hIimh Anderson, wan tried for hiiiglary in tha first degree, in entering the store of John F.C. Ilollini, lit C Greene street, on the 18th of November, and stealing two I muskets and leviTal decanters. It w as proved that the prisoner had offered a musket for sale, but as it was not identified by evidence as one of the muskets stolen, the jury acquitted him. Thero was another charge against him?lie was remanded to prison. Rohbtry in the Fin! Orgrrt.?John Hays was then put upon his 111111 lor robbery in the first degree, is. having on the 36lh of November lust obtain d $17 in hank notes from a country man named Aaron Waldron, of Albany county, in an auction store, at lo.'i Chatham street. The affidavit ol Waldron was read to the Court, in w hich he stated that he purchased 11 lot o! articles at auction, which he supposed were bid off at $6,Ml, hut attei warils was presented with a bill for $100, which he wus requested to pay, and 1 refusing, the sum of $17 w as obtained from him, as he alleges, by threats. '1 he case w as opened lor defence, and the Court then adjourned to this morning, at 11 o'clock. I.lccntlou* French Novel#?Paul de Koek, ike, A*, Mk. Hknnett:? Sin? I was much gratified with your remarks in,yea* terday's Herald, in reference to the demoralizing effect the cneup literuture of the day, particularly the French translations of licentious authors, must 1 inevitably have ti|ain the rising generation. I re1 joice that you have had the boldness and indepen* ' dence to take hold ol this euhject, lor btringent inea sures have become actually necessary to check lb* ' demoralizing effect of these profane and indecent ! publications. Hut 1 can assure you, sir, the reading , of tins kind of literature, is not confined to tho i youth alone. Older and more eiperienced heads, i appear to delight in making the originals of there l particular kind of works, their exclusive study under the pleu of instruction in (tie French language. There are several families, which 1 huve lately visited, where I have found the ladies not remarkuble tor youth, either pouring over these libidinous pub, itcutiona with a zeal and apparent satisfaction, which no imre mind surely would evince. Much has been said of late, about filthy and licentious prints, calculated to excite the passions and corrupt the mind. Hut a real gentleman or lady, would as soon see one of them on a centre table, us a French edition of Paul de Kock, Uustavus, or the works of Madam George Sands. Beside destroying the purity of the mind, the eflect is pernicious in other respects. Much, very much ot the dirty scandal of the day, originates with the lovers of this kind of literuture ; i and you will generally find those who are in the habit of making these works their constant or even occasional study, have reputations for tcundalizing. ' tale-bearing, and in fact complete walking (ana generally lying) chronicles of the day. With such persons origina e stories of improper interviews and indelicate positions of some gentleman and lady, whom they wish,and of course possess a heart stir liciently corrupt to injure. It would, therelore, be right to warn every person against the society of si IP I t t Ii->4 mul*>a ul'Iwi urt* brwi\JL*n f?* hs? in the habit of reading sucfi bane publications. I trust, dear sir, you will follow up the good work you have so well commenced, until the terrible evil it rooted out ol tints community. C. Another Sctimtok.?Poon after Hiram Power* left us, Clevinger arose to till hU place. Cleviuger i also is gone; and in the very land of Art, the two kindred epiritH are now filling their souls and fashioning their minds irom the Behutilul and the True of other davs, and working, ns we trust, for tmnior taility. Clevinger is pressing upon powers with a manly ambition, though with a hope, it is no slight to say, that hardly can be realized. But while the honored two are thus engaged beneath the genial r sky of Italy, still another is rising here in the backf woods?now kindred in genius with them, and scon - to be gl idly hailed by them as a brother- We refer ao Mr. Thomas P. Jones, who has recently modeled a hu-t of one of ourolizens, (Mr. John H. Coleman, ' proprietor of the stone-cutter's yard on the corner of Seventh and Bare streets,) which is I ull of most cx' celleut points. As n likenesr it is very striking?and f in i s mechanical execution it seem' to us to be almost faultless. Its anatomy, so ft rns we are capable ol judging, is quite accurate, and its whole look lifebk". The p ration given to the hcrtd is extremely hold, and the finish of the hair and drapery evinces .. I,..rwl ~,... V.I? ..f.o- : | ?? iiriuu ?-a|?lUir Ol C*ri;ui|||^ HIT* IHfrM C tt ||f f* |M 1C) III* ' of (Ik* poul by which it is moulded. This is faying a good deal, lor it is the tirst effort; hut not inoielhan .VIr .lone- deserves,anil nothing but what lie w ill bear without injury,nor so much ash will muke good by future efforts, livery one of our cite/ens who takes any interest in works of art, remembers fhe small shanty on the south-east corner of Ilace and t-eventh streets, where he beheld the earliest modelings, and ihe first rude chiseling* of the liHnd of Clevinger. Mere, in the same humble apartment, Mr. Jones inay be found giving his days, like Clevinger, to iha working of grave-stone.s.and his leisure hours, like his predecessor again, to fixing in clay and in stone the conceptions ol his imagination. We have called ths i model of which we have spoken, Mr. J.'s first ef1 fort. This, we believe, is not quite correct. He hid previously cut figures, in his regular e.mployi ment, and had executed a bust of General Harrison in stone, from one of the plaster casts from the bust of Clevinger. lie has since thrown that aside, on account of its obvious defects, and begun another, with such improvements in the likeness as have been suggested to him by the best |>ainlings of the General. This is now wholly Mocked out, and the Iowt part ol the face finished To say that it is suP? rior to the original bust by Clevinger, would not do justice to it; it is verv much superior, not only as h likeness, but in mechanical execution. The bust of Mr. Coleman, however, is Mr. Jones's first ellbrt at modeling from lite ; and it is not too mnch to say of tt, that it is the best first effort that has yet been made by any of our artists.?Cinctnntili. Gozill FKKNCH'S HdTKL. efsffK tubtenber t??niK completed ih* foUrx'-mcn* of hi* * Hotel, No. ?' Chaiham street, arwl entirely refitted it in a novel and m ituifireut ityle, respectfully offers iu aitracuob* t) the public. The 0|*prr n*rt of the cv?ah|f?hmeni fitted op with lodfiDf ro. m*, f'urii ahed in tl?f belt man ier nd replete with every up* i-oiii'm-iit r ttct?'"t-'.i t?' add 10 the convenience and comfort of mefi. Thn? rcoma Mill be Ut for the day, ween, ct m ji'h. . _ _ _ I n* pinctpnl n-'Or contains a ricmr? Ua'lrry, Lilna-y, He* 'i>h Sa'o a? and B >r. err iw< d in * co.ty end uniqtit sfyle. Ovtlcr>, Welih Itirebi'e, Poached Ecus, ai.d all nth, r seasonable re'iibe* m I I r -cued in t:i* beat manner, and of Hip very *<< 1 quality. H ? liqiora will be selected from the Choicest stocks in the c >uiitry. The Libr.i'V la Urge, containing ininy valuable standard , wnrga o'reference in science, th<- ill", literature ind i olr.ira, The historical poftioo o* it II rich in pre iiid cunont wurlii, illoatrating the hiituiyend |M>iiiice of this country, from it* die covety to 'lie i>r< aent iiibp. The O illi ry contain* tnmy fine painting*, by old mviiri, of pleasing ind interesting nibji-cti, well worth the mention of ih? ndmireis of ?rt. The subscriber hue spared neither p.nn* nor enense to render hie eataldishment worthy of in egtt nded imhtie patronage. It hu aim to ?\l|ily hu cmtomera with a piace ol reaort of in intellectual and rl, vated character, arid he dope not heaitato to any that thr metrrol hp hai provided baa never been surpassed in any similar eilahliahmenl, here or in Europe. He th- rrfore confidently invite- theprihlic income slid aee the deairabir and ra n>nal reaort he hu e*l bliahed, convinced that they will idmithie en'vrprire to be aa deserving od eneonragemrnt endiow cos*, ae It ie ?m<ina and novel. EDWARD FRENCH N B.-The Hotel will be closed at If oVIoce. P. M.. but lod/iti^s c-tn be obr4iDp<t until SAM. rf2Q Im r CiiKTAlN CURK FOR ALL"OjiAFNhSS. MONS. MAI.LAN?SOUND M AONIHERS-INVISI BLE VOICE CONDUCToH9-Tr. eueWe persons instantly, ftt *n ?dyinced mre, e?iidorr?>rlv d n^iy year? ?tanjiIt g. of utretne deaidru, ?nd of th.<ie who are only slightly dull of hearing. tojoio in eeeer.l '? ft** eonndol e distant low epeeljerat a ryh^c assembly.^1 hey am lire site of a very .mell gold eeven *h toe cavity of the esr* tn.r ire not in the lent perrepunle, nor mnr. iinpnmfnrTihlr lhanhan.iga small piece of firm Wool in ill i'Iice? And although rhey ire so estremely small, yet they enable those afflicted with extreme deafness to hear, Ik nvnr? reineet roo-tl to tboie of most aeenmte hearing. To be I'd of Mom Mallan A tvon, Snrgerm Dei tun, sole agent* for the patent#-. No. V7 Broadway, ne*t to the Union Ifll ^ l he ah 'VP invert! h has been in nae in Europe lor arms veai* *n-l is *tr>ngly recommended, being one of the greatest dieeoveneioi the age. Pewma, non-re udenti in New York city, on the remittance oft 0. ciii h ve a pair forwarded by post to auy part. 010 lm*r _ _____ " Let na Dance in Honor o7~Theiia.'' ANNUAL BALL OK THE THALIAN ABHOCIAf* TION wid be given on Wed.ienlay evening. Dee. tl, 'Mf. at Tammany Hall. Tichili oue dollar, to admit a gecileu auand his laairs, ro be had at the following place* Mr W. D. Benson, F-6 Broadway ; Mr. K. 8t>ry, corner of Grand itrrel and thr B i?ery; of Mi-airs. Grogan and Kienmn. No. t Hhsriff at, and of the member* of the Aaioruti tn. Tickets a I .he d ior on the evening of Urn ML Q BIgHop WM AYRES. Becretary. N. B. Mr. W. Wallace'* B tad it engaged for the Ball, d 19 Jt*t A

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