Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 22, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?I?o. 343.?W hole Wo. MOI. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From fiw loot of Courtlaadt mart. New York. (Kvery day?Bandar ??<epted.) Leave. New York Leave. Newark At A M. At i P. M. At T* A. M. At IK P. M 11R do. 4 do. do. ?* do 4X do. ? da ? do. ;7 do. M U do. ON SUNDAYS. From the f-ot ot C-an land r street. Leave New York. ? At ? A. M. and 4)6 P. M. At IK T. M. and It P. M. NEW YOtOC, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A.M. 7 A. M. 3 P. M. IK A. V. 2V " 'OK A. M. 4? P. M. IK M. s r. M. 9X " The tTaiua for WestCrld, PlaiufieJd. Boandbrook, Somerrille, Ac., connect with the 9 A M, Sand i% P M trains Irocn New Yoik, daily. Sundays eicepted. Kare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. Kare between do and Somerville, 75 cents. HJfW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced. F rom the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leaie New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M. At 5K A. M. IK P. M. 7K " * " ? F. M. On Sundayi the 5K and 7K A.M. tripe from New Brunswick and 2JK P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Kare between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Railway, 50 cents The fare in the 5K and ?K A. M. train from New Brunswick. and IK and <K P. M. train from New Yoik, lias been re dncod. New York and New BrunswiA, to 50 tents. " and Rahway te J7K " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceive e ferry ticket grant. Tickets are received by the con doctor otily^on the day when purchased. ault 3m a WINTER ARB./ NOEMENT. NEw7^RKA^~nffirSjrcmT^R>rr3^t?riNE DIRECT Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. ? THROUGH IN BIX HOURS. V'?7e m t*le ,00t of Liberty street, dally, at* A M and <K P M. TM" morning t.-ue proceeds to Bordentown, Iroia thence by ttedrohoat to Philadelphia. jThc Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Passengers will procure tKeir tickets at the office foot oi Liberty street. where a commodious steamboat will be in readiduii. with bageage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are coareyed from city to citv. Without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments aad dressing rooms expressly for thc Ladies use. Keloming, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at o'clock A M.and 6 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, sod 4 P M. being a continuation of the lines from New York. I sM 3in*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. By theHousatonic Kail Uoad, running throagh from this City to Albany in Twelve Honrs. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Honsatoni Rail Road Company, to rnn an Express Car (exclusively for our owu purpose) daily, over their road with the passenger train, running throagh to Albany in tvaelve hoars, and are now prc|>ared to receive and lorwaril at low rates, Specie. Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Goods, Ac., for any of the above named or intermediate placet. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and such other business as may be entrusted to tneir care. dfr POMEROY h CO.* Walls reet, New York. PUL.LKN & COPP'S NEW EXPRESS. I Messrs. Harnden A Co. having dianomed of their route from New York to Albany and .Troy, the subseribera, the old couductora of Haroden It Co'a Northern Exorrsi, from New York, will continne to ran a* heretofore .leaving New York, Albany and Troy, Daily , and connect at Trov with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward specie, Bank Notes, Packages. Bundles.Cases of Goods, ke., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and Weat from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, lu., and prompt returns made for the same, ? PULLEN It COPP. Offices?Pullen It Copp, Wall street. New York. Tbos. dough, 15 Excliauge, Albany. A O. rllkuia. III Hirer street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court. St Paul at, Montreal. REFERENCES. New Yoaz. Albany. Taor. Prims, Ward It King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, It Co., Thoa. dough. P. Weils, John T. Smith, It Co.. 8. K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman, C. S. Douglass, Carpenter fa Vermilye, K. Leake Honehton fa Co. Drew, Robinson fa Co. n34 lmr NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via NoawicH siyd WoacasTEa RaiLaoans. Composed ef the lollowiogsuperior steamers running in connection with the Norwich fa Worcester and Worcester fa Bos buo nnc noai'i? WOKCE8TKH, Capt. J. H. Tanderbilt NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Doiun. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and after Monday, Nov.Jlat.thia line will be ran tri-wetkly, leaving New York, Tuesday a, Thoradaya and Saturdays only, atTr. M. vj-L aaai aHH The new and splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Das tan, will lease erary Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. raaseuqert Mr Boston will be forwarded immediately on the aims*! of tha above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For further information,!enquire ar the office of D. 1. ALLEN, 39 teem slip, np stairs. All persons are forbid basting any one on account of the above boats or owners. ntJr NEW YOKE AND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Fare to Harleuikedured to :21-2 cents WINTER ARRANNUFMENT.?Qn and after Monday. Deer mbes H'h. 1(12, the ran will run daily as follows s? Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem Leave William'' Bridge Williams'Bridge, for City Hall. for City Hall 7 00 A. M. 110 A.M. 3f A. M. 9 " 1# JO " 10 N " 11 31 " 1 10 P. M. 12 SO P. M. 2 p. M. lit " J20 " 4 " 5 40 " 5 20 " ( (0 Harlem only, fc 49 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Lint will run as follows :?Fr im 7 30 A. M. every ten minutes throughout the day till 7 P. M. and on Sundays every twenty minutes. Fare (M cenm. Passeaaen for Westchester. Throg's Neck, Eastchester, New Koehelle, Miuiaronrck, Horse N-ek, Nosth Castls, Rohbins' Mills and White Plan s, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. trsin from City Hall, Passengers for Youkem will take the t o'clock. A. M. sud 4 o'clock, r. M. trains from City Hall, On 126th Dec and 2d Jau the cart will run between City Hall and Williams Btidge every hour from 7 A M to 6 PM. bM Isi'ro BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200.tons and <40 hotse power each. 11 n.l? .... ?1. ,k. ...i. ;.r ,w. a J?l? BRITANNIA, J- Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, K. G. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will tail from Button, via Halifax. _ . mow LITKBFOOL. FROM lOITOK. Britannia, Hewiu, Odf 4 Nov 1 ' Caledonia, Lou. Oet U Nov IC Acadia, Rrne, Nov 4 Dee 1 . Colombia, Mill-,, Not IS Dee 14 Britannia ffewiu. D*t 4 Jan I lo Ha'l'ila't tin'T? Boaton to Liverpool, $115?Boaton j ont^'wd'f'T C,irTT eTp?n*D?,d ""Teont. No Bertha tecored 1 '"x:- uC-n?!ssS^t. ate , Jf'ANLTL WINTEH ARRANGEUKrtfQacv MIL Ml --l he ?U>R?4bo?t Hock land, will < ii -iiMjL od and after M "inlay, the Slat of Oetoh-r ran as follow. : leaving Middletowu rowt (rid. and we.ihT,'^ mitfina) at o'clock, and Kaypouu 19 o'clock, every MomCy I Wedacaioiy and Friday. Retnrnint. leave the (not of ltobab eon street, New York, every Tuesday. 1 liuraday and Ha tardea I at I? o'clock, noon, tonchinc at Herein'a Dock each way 8la?ea will be in r. adiaeae tooonrey j??n?er. to any part of ifie coontry. All barraxe at the nak of the ownera. ] aM ?m?ee STATEN ISLAND FERRY. 'O01 of Whitehall .treat. dS2S?j?L olTofdUfterBec. Jd, the ateamerSTATEJOHLANDlfr will run at follows, nii'il further notice s? LEAVE BTATfclN ISLAND. NEW YORK. IX A. M, SA.M. I 14 HX i IP. M. IX P. M. dj T ?* J fU?i 1 REGULAR OPPOSITIQN TO CATS 1 KILL, and intermedials landings, wnhuat tow , 8E3Z3E.b?aesr-ReBulir deya from Catwkill, Man days, Wedneedaya and YrtUaya. Ptom Newjjforb, Tuesdays. Thur?dara and Saturdays.?Fare to or from Catukill, 54 eenta. ?Bniha 15 eenta?Supper S3 centa. Th new and fiat ateamer WAVE, Captain Vanderbilt, will leave Rohinaon at. pier Thnraday Nov. 17th, at live oXInek. For farther particulars inquire at the cattaia on board. By rnm.inr on the daya'above named, there will b? e deily eom manieatioh between Cetakill and Now York (and intermediate pine a)Jor fteXht and iiasaare at reduced price.. ntr CHINA,kQLA?i Ot every deeetiption?the cheapest in 11lia city, for < hiialmaa and New Year nreaenUs briatUW cat tniahleaa and lemonadee, with diver flower, of different kinds; new diahea, color n bottle, of different aixea. Th? above cianot lie had at any other place in this cojtntnr. * Cut and plain rlaaanf every ilracnption, warranted to be flirniahed at 2n per cea. cheaper than any other manufactory, at wholesale aW retail store, No. ^ John and at the Glass mannfcctury of HTOUVtSEL. k CO. jij im*i No. 29 Gold at. New York. E NE NEW ni"Bl.JW>8 RIDING SCHOOL. Ml Bowury.-W. j. DAVI8. (from Kurop.) Professor. Krruin* class for gentlemen will commence on Monday evening, llth instant, and continue each Monday and Friday ercuing.daripg the season. Select parties of ladies and gentlemen, can be accommodated. with instruction on Tuesday and Thursday evenings of each week. A Military class for the iuitrnrtion of gentlemen in military commence < n Wednesday evening. 14th instant, and continue each Wednesday evening during the sea son Oentlcineu wishini; to subscribe to either of lbs above classes, will please call at ibeir earliest convenience. Daily instruction as usual, for Udies. from II A. M. to 3 P. M.; for reutlemen, from t to 10 A. M. and JX to 9X P- M. Evening school to commence at 7 o'clock. oti 1w*k ViflLLS! MILLS ! !?A new invention, the Frrnch Burr 4" Concrete, Coffee and Spice Mills, nisniifaciured by Film gerald It Maynard. New York, for sale by H. B. Rollins* Scudder, No. 00 Nassau street, between Fulton and John, New York. These Mills have been tested by competent judgus to be far superior to any Mills heretofore introduced in regard to cost, durability, ana expense of sharpening. At a recent eshihuion of these Mills, 4 lbs. of coffee were ground per minute by means of a hand cmuk, which ground with more ease than those of English Mills. Urocers, Coffee and Spiee dealers, would do well to call and examine this great improvement, as it will save the expense ol one of these Mills in sharpening in leas uian one year. H. B. ROLLINS It SCUDDER, No. ft Nassau street. N. B.?Southern and western gentlemen living remetc from Mill seats, would find it to their advantage to examine these Mills, as thev are portable and adapted to grinding corn or ' grain, and can be propelled by steam or horse power. P. S.?No expenst of sharpening, aa the material of which they are made, na:urally becomes sharp by grinding. d!5 cod *?t*r "C'CONOMT IN DRESS?Exteusive assortment of etich, Li Vashienablr and Eleraut Goods, for winter wear. WM. T. JENNINGS, 220 Broadway, American Hotel, offers for the inspec iou ?l the public, an extensive asterira, nt of seasonable goods, comprising Beaver and Milled Clotns, for Sourtonts, S rks, Frockv, (tc. The Sack Overcoats (so much in vogue) afforded at fourteen dollars, cut and trimmed in liratatyle will be found worthy lbs attention of the economist. Cassimeres in a great variety of styles for Pantaloons. From those who have found any uificnlty in getting suited in this snicle, a trial is solicited. Rich Brocade Silk md Satin Veilings, (entire new styles) for balls, parties, Ire. Merinos, Velvets, Main Silks, 8 itins, aud Crsstmeres, all of which will be made np to order nuder the superintendence of as cutteri as can be lound in the cuhuu y, u price* to suit trie times, lavariaoiy upon cun terms. dl im'ec <5"EASlfElEB GOING 80UTU, tothe Wext India* or A Europe ?A respectable female, 24 year* of age, wishes to obtains permanent litnationaa seamstress, in a genteel lamily. She wonld prefer going to Europe, yet would accept of ? good offer to go South or to the Weat Indies. The beat of referencragiTen. Addrcia A. A. A. box 164, upper Post office, N. York. if Or SEGAU8?SEGARS. rPHK following choice Hegara are alwaya on hand at HEN1 RIQUES'S HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEOAR STOKE, wholesale and retail, baarment 31 William at. Hiondas, in half and quarter Doiea Do. No. -, half and quarter boxes Noriegaa, in quarter and eighth do Para Kegaloa, iu quarter do Rcgali'ia, of a auperior quality, in X and ,1-ltth boxes Congresas, in quarter boxes Trabucas, do do La Norma, do do La Esneranza, do do Trea Ainigos, in cartoaa of to each London Regalias, ip carton* of at each La Prueta, in quarter boxea iviiagan'a allotted, in quarter boxea PanetillaV do. of auperior quality Yugenendad, do Demoyaa, do Mateoa, do Principea, of the Rend,in, Crux and Sana, alKaat- to deb. Primareraa, in quarter boxes Alntnzaa do Conatautias, do Boaumrntaa, do Earneie Regalias, do imperial do, in quarts oxes. a superior arti ie. N. B.?Hotels andgroceia plied on reasonable icrmx. oH "DOARD1NU.?The original Walton House, 33S Pearl street, D franklin Square?kept by Jaa. Kowler, from London. Finland, permanent boa'dera SI,30 per week, transient hoarders 30 cents per day. Families can be accommodated with private rooms on reasonable terms. Wines and spiritx^ 3 cents per Kiara?uoine orrw u are ? cents per pant?fine Welsh rarebits i ceuu each?cold cuts equally cheap. N. B. Hot coffee 3 cents per pint?stalces and mutton chopecan be had at all hoars. J. F. particularly request* any one whv is in want of a comfortable home to call and inspect his establishment, and judge tor themselves. Persons travelling for England would hnd it to their advantage to call. The house being convenient to Loudon and Liverpool ships, J K. being appointed agent, he can cive iuussengf rs every information. New Yoth and Old Country papers taken in. n5 lm*r | OSEPH McMURKAT, 100 Pine street, New York, fives " Oralis in sums to snit applicants, on the ? V1 PROVINCIAL BANK 6f IRELAND. Payable at? Cork,, Bain bridge Limerick, Bailymena.1 Clonmel, Parsontown.l Londonderry, Downpatick, flligo, Cavan, Wealord, Lurgnu, Belfast, Omagh, Waterford, Dungaimon, Galaway, Baudon, Armagh, Ennis, Athlon.. Ballyshannon, Coleraine, Buabane, Tgfct, Moneymore, Ennukiilen, KilrnVhi' Monacfaan, ^ , ? ENGLAND. Spooner, At wood fc Co. Bankera, London. > W ? ? Payable in every town in Great Britain. SitTifB?iwtt'-L,TCTP001_Payable in every town in Lcotland n23 Imr PORTABLE. BLACKSMITH'S FORGE8.-Th* anb* arriberi, being the sole Agent* for the Manufacturer* of Copckliu"* Patent Portable Forge and Bellow*, beg lea?e to tall the attention of the public to the above article. That they hare been called (or and introduced in nearly all part* of the Uuited State*, u, we believe a *affieient evidence of their utility and convenience; being portable and compact, give* them far the preference over the common Forge far Snipping of every description, Rail Road*, Canal*, Plantation. Mann factories and all pnrpoae* for which the ordimry Forge i need. Those manufactured far the U. 9. Navy a* W rough Iron. We would refer thoce wishing to purchase to some few who can recommend them from personal aa well aa cmeral knowledge, vis j? Commodore Crane, Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N. H.; Meaera. Carr, Ketm k Haines, Philadelphia. Hon. Govrmier Kemble, West Point Foundry, Cold Spring, N. Y. Mcrtre. 8. B. Althaue.c It Co. 443 Broadway, N.Y., and our eitr blacksmiths generally. GAY It TKBAULT, 91 Itti * rr rorpwr nf OM ?hr ?l??l WnfFT at Ij?ANCY ARTICLES FOR THE HOI*H)AYS.?The * Mtb?crib?r has received by the Iciest arrir?J?, a very rich aMortmrutof Pant Fancy Article*, consisting of fancy work boxes, pajwr do* tram t in ro>e wood boxes embroiderint framrg with Cannes aiid col'd cotton* chiMren^s toys, perfumery* and soap, of assorted qualitiea* etc. etc. The pubhc ie respectfully invited to call and examine the above stock, prenons to purchasing elsewhere, at d4 lm*r F. F. FRANCISCH1 2P* Broadway. THE GERMAN SURGEON. QOLOMON HINE, M. D., No. $7 Reade itreet, New York. u . In scrofula and chronic dieases no charge made till the patient is satisfied?medicine delivered grain. All persons demimed, nuder twenty-one years, can have their bone* straightened. Reference* given aa to numerous patient* who have a ?n cared la this city. on 3m*r HUMBUG. COME cry humbug out of tcvy-eont from jealomy cry h-r humbug?some from sheer ignorance of <he thing cry humbug. I do not believe that every thing i? gold that shines, nor do I believe that every thing which i* hastily denounced i* a humbug. Men ueed not be fqghtenrd OV a mere outcry. Prove a thing and then judge of it. 1 was led to the above remarks by a verv sensible rentlentia saping to me I his day, that " Prase's Hosihound Gaudy" was a humbug. Now, 1 know better from actual experiment. I And it our of the best things for the throat and voice, lioaiseneaa, and cough, which I have ever used. L-t each tryand tee for hi ins# If. hKMAV 0ANO8, Pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, No. 10 Forsyth it New York. D-e. 13th, IMJ. Messrs. John rest* A Son, 43 Division sC J. PEASE k SON'S Celebrated Compound Clarified Essence of Hoa/nound Candy, Depot 43 Division street, for the Cure of C?nghs. Colds, Hoarseness, ImMtion of th* Throat. Croup, Whooping Cough. Asthm^ Palpitation of the Heart, Liver Complaint. Night Sweets, Diffiealt or Preface Egpectoratioo, and all Diseaa-s leading to Consumption and Death! This pl-aaaut medicine it formed by a combination of twenty-life different ii gradients, all crlebrated for the cure of Colds, Cong.,a and Pulmonary Coined-inta; and by ita combi auiun, 11 tnw 01 uwk rnnciei known oe a?ta Hemriifif and al? lord no relief, in the Compound Extract of Hnarhound they are 10 amalgamated, that the benefit of the whole ia experienced in sue compound. THE OPINION OP THE CLEROYMEN. The undersign* d hire need J Pease k Son', Compound Extract of H-tarhonnd Candy, and freely leeommend it to ifllicted with Coughs, Cold., Hoartenesi, and Consumptive complaints, a? an excellent remedy in the,* cu.i, and Tor the use of the voice professionally, nothing can equal it. We rerommrad it ta oar brethren Uiroaghoai the Union. Reverend I. Lindiey, recent pulur of M. E Chnreh, Second itreet. Karerend J. Crawford, pnaior of the aeoond M. E. Chnreh, H?d?"n, N Y. ? Kevcrend Mr. Lncky, presiding elder, New York Conference. Hrveiend Mr. Whitaker, paifor of Preabyterian Chnreh, corner of Madiacn and Catharine .treela. Revert nd W. C. Hawley, chaplviu at City Hoapital. Re ee rend Mr. Oiffen, paatrr of M. E. Chnreh, Bodford itreet. Reverend Mr. Hart, recent paitor of Beptiat Chnreh, Oold 1 itreet?reiideneu Ml Pearl atreet. Sold wholeaale and retail at 45 D;viaion itreet. Agent#? Kuihton ft Aarmwall, 10 Aator Honae, lit Broadway, and M William street. Agent# ont of the City. Bengasi ft Zteber. No. 3 Ledger Bnildinga, Philadelphia. Heading It Co, No. I State atreet, Boaton. Dexter, No. 57 Stale atreet, Albany, N. Y. Haldemao. Loniarille, Ky. Thoeapaon k Co..Cincinnati, Ohio. Waadali Waters, Troy, An agent wanted at New Orleans. MERCHANTS and olheri wishing ateam atjlacjftonnry Will find it to their advantage to call on the tanacriben before they purchase elsewhere. Bnxet af aaaorted WI* iB * following tinea: vit-15lb. Wlb. 1Mb, Mllh.75fb. log dozen, or any nuantttvrequired, at very low N B?Allkina , PJ-A8E it SON, 45 ^ivieiou at. it re tail. P??,d a o.nn a , J. PEASE ft SON. "|!|'knb&'r Wk^aty!e VV/'*" J^r receive otd-r. for Ica^am Jelly jeUy*BlommoJgT ChaJlete le Busaejj>\I"" and ornam.nul take; Kieea?^,eV,J^* ft tench and Arnencin Mottoea; Pyramida, TampleaXadv ArL plea, and in lact, every thing ...table for the rmbilh.hmew r>f a New YoaX Table. In each department of ihia branch ol then business they hare procured the heat of man. fully understanding their duties, and fearing no rival. All ordiru, eiiher for the present or fay New Year's dan will ba promptly attanded to aa hare to fore , r. a,,.,, ***** * SON. fTT^ Ice Cream and Jelly, in forma, at tin ahilllnga pat inert, N.B. No New YiiA Table shonld be without Pease's Oranae Cream Candy?It pnateeeee the moat deltnnu t flavor of any Havana Orange?It is sold wholeaale and retail at 45 Divihod at. dU imr l -ee - W YC YORK, THURSDAY MO: i FRENCH'S"HOTEL. I rpHE llhu-nUr .k. ?ki. I A Hotel, No.?? Chatham street, and entirely refitted it in a uoeel and magnificent atyle, respectfully offert its altraclioua to iIn- public. The upper part of the establishment is fitted up with lodging ro<-ins, turn slird in the best insnuer ?nd replete with every ap poiutmuut calculated to ailil to the convruituce and comfort ol his customers. These rooms will be let for the day, wees, or momh. The principal floor contains a Picture Gallery, Library, He liah flalo-n and Bar, arnnttd iu a costly and unique style. Oysters, Welsh Karcbi's, Toachsd Eggs, and all other seasonable relishes will t>e reived in the best in tuner, and of the very best quality. H s liquors will be selected Irom the choicest stocks in the country. The Library is large, containing many valuable standard worka o* lefereoce ia science, the arts, litrrature and politics, The hiatoiical portion of it ia rich iu rare and curieua works, il luttraung the history end politics of this country, from iu tlis covery to the present time. The Gallery contains many fine paintings, by old masters, of pleasing and interesting sulqects, well worth the attention of the admiirrs of art. The subscriber has spared ne it Iter pains nor expense to render his establishment worthy of an extended pub'ie pilrouage. It is hit aim to supply his customers with a piace of resort of an intellectual and elrvtled character, and he iloea not hesitate to say that the matrri al he haa provided haa never been surpassed in any similar establishment, here or in Europe. He therefore confidently invite- the public tu come and tee the desirable aud ra i nai resort he basest blished, convinced that they will .nlmit his enterpiixe to be as deserving ol encouragement and sue- | cess, as it is unique and uorel. RICHARD FRENCH. N. B.?The Hotel will be c'.osed al 13 o'clock, P. M.. out lodgings can be obtained until t A M. dtt >m*i EAGLIBtl dUHOOh. I HAVANA. ISLAND OK CUBA. ilHtmyy nirvvr uriTym son onlurmsi THIS Academy was esUblistietl iwu yean ih", under ihe p?* tionage of the former Intcuduui Ueuer.d ot On island, and other distinguished individuals of the nubility tad ineieh.uits of this city, lei conducted ou the plan of -.he Or miui "gvmua?ia;H and the method of tuition is the "interrogative." All the scholars understand the Euthah Innguage, and many of them speak it hsbitunUy and fluently The Principal lias the experience of schools in Ktance, Germany, England, and life United Stales. His chief aim U to (ire the youth entrusted to his care a practical knowledge of those branches of a poli e education, which are required in all aclire careers, and are applicable to auy. The course of study, therefore, comprehends the English, {Trench, German and Spanish languages; History, Oeogra phies, Natnrul Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, and Drawings of rarious kinds. Professors of divers nations and acqniremenu reside iu the establishment; and all the classes receive, in rotation, lusuuction from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of rauion, that sees ral of the pupils, under t.reive yrars ol axes, write and tprak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible manner, and those of rqier years, correctly and easily. The acquisition, not only of the S|>anish, bnt also of other languages, is thus placed within the rr.ach of the youth of the United States, without its being necessary for them to relinquish the many advantatee which accrue Irom an English educitiou. The object of the Principal iu desiring to receive youth, from the United States, is to facilitate the acquirement of the accent for bis Spanish pupils, which service would be doubly re paid (hem by liv the latter, and to introduce here the inaaty spirit of the English schools. The young, eittxens of the United States can have uothing to fear Irom the climate, the house being spacious and airy, situated in a healthful spot, at * short distance from the tity; and couponing within its limits, a hue bath and complete gymnasium for the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrived from Germany , have pissed the summer in the school in perlect health. As the principal is a married man, and his wife and sister have cnarge oi Ule junior department: children axe received hi any age but tnat of infancy. Kvery pupil rnioys hia religion! opinions undisturbed. The terms are *400 per annum, payable three months in advance There are uoextras except clothe? and books. References? vlESSR8. CHAS. DRAKE ?t BROTHERS. ALEXANDER MORALES, ESQ., nil Havana. CERTAIN CORE FOR ALL DEaFNFSS. MONS. MAI.LAN-SOUND MAUNIEIERS-IXVISI BLE VOICE CONDUCTORS.?To euable persous instantly, at an advanced age, aud of forty and fi/ty years standing, of t xtreme ileafuess, and of those who are only slightly dull of hearing, tojoiu in general conversation aud to catch the sonnd ol a distant low speaker at a public assembly. They are tlu site of a very small gold seven shilling piece, and when iu toe cavity ol the ears they are not in the least perceptible, nor more uucomforiable thau haviog a small piece of hue wool in ils place. 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Proups of. persons were collected at the Exchange and other places, conversing on the subject, and all appeared to think Commander McKen/.ie had done }us duly on this most trying occasion, iu every sense of the word There, was a case of newspaper libel called up in our Mayor's Court yesterday. The parlies are a doctor, a man of standing and rcsjiectability, and Mr H J Hasting, editor of a small weekly here, , which rejoices under the appropriate cognomen o' The Switch ." The purport of the suit is to have ghe editor indic'ed for |>ublishingan article in which pe charges the Doctor w ith seducing and ruining a peauiiful girl, and for which she hud left her family and fled to your city. How true the charges, ! will le able to let you know, as the subject is going to lave a judicial investigation. I WIlV don't von slir nnllnels fJam on#t haou th? nail brought up sooner! It (here was no other l lode of conveyance, our citizens would not coinI am ; but we have the papers regularly from twelve II fifteen hours in advance ol the mail, by Poi icroy & Co. By the by, Ponieroy it Co. are fine fellows?real lapoleons in the express way?and if they were nlv permitted to carry the mail, it would be deliveri J here on an average fourteen hours sooner, and at vo thirds the present expense, as i am credibly inI irtned. The theatre has been open here for four or five i ;eeks, under the management of Mr. Riee, and Iks been better sustained than it ever was before.? Surest and Miss Clifton were here three weeks, and succeeded in drawing full houses almost every evedag. Our market is overflowed with provisions of all Arts. Prices this morning for flour $4 50, buck heat $1 to 1 25 per huudred ; Indian do do; Oats It cents t>er bushel; beef 1 to 3 cents per i>ound ; jork do do; mutton 1 to 2 cents per pound ; venison 4 to 9 cents per pound ; hams 9 cents per pound; turleys and fowls 4 to 6 cents per pound ; geese 18 to f) cents a piece; ducks 18 to 25 cents per pair; eggs nine for a shilling; game of all kinds cheap; natter in rolls 12 to 14 cents per pound, in firkins 9 tp 12 cents per pound, and other produce in propor|on. An Observer. The Romtn Tragedy. Fr. Editor,? 1 am sorry to perceive that you have, by the act ff transferring it to your columns, in a degree endorsed the said stuff that appeared in the " Courier ? Enquirer" yesterday in relation to the attempt at /mitiny, and the executions at the yard arm on board the U. S. brig Somers. I should not have believed that so flat, trashy and mischievous an attack could have received the countenance from you which is indicated by its introduction into your paper. In addressing you I Wave no intention of entering into a particular examination of the article in question, or the horrible aflair to which it relates. But, sir, I do trust that you will not be lound among those who. by a course of compliments, nraise, and fulsome adulation to the commander of the Somers, (vide the Courier statement) are attempting to make ud the iudffment of the nnhlle hetore the trans action receives judicial investigation. For ray part. I doubt not that Commander McKenzie is possessed of his full share of virtuous and Christian principles, hut I cannot admit that these qualities have any connection with the terrible proceedings adopted by him, or are what the slightest justification of them can be grounded upon. It would not be amiss, perhaps, to look into the subject a little further than the mere distinguishing ! <t<itiliii.'n cf Commander McKenzie are concerned. I The highest handed measure that has ever occurred in our naval service, or perhaps in any other, has I been adopted. Three persona, one an officer, have been deliberately executed as malefactors without having received the semblance of a trial. Had they been shot down in the act of mutinying, the affair would have assumed a more favorable aspect; but to have been formally and tgnominiously executed when there seemed to have been no movement to violenae?no overt act of mntiny?was indeed a tetrible measure, and a most dangerous precedent. If it can be justified, let it be so by the tribunals of justice, and not by such prosev, partial versions as appeared in the " Courier <ic Enquirer " What possible foundation bad you for suggesting that the statement was furnished by one of the officers of the Somens? For my part, I entertain too favorable on opinion of our navy officers, to suppose that one of them could be found to indite so foolish un article about himself and his commander. Yet it must be admitted that there is exhibited a spice ol selfishness (as well as impudence) in the following piissage referring to what should be the action of vuiigrrso uu mr uurwiun;? un rvcrv ojmccr ana seaman of the Somera who remaineti true to his flu* receivethe thanks of Congress, accompanied with promotion or a sword to the officers, and an appropriate medal to each of the petty officers and seamen." Such effrontery as this, Mr.Editor, should receive a prompt and severe rebuke. What! officers to be rewarded with promotion and swords, for not be- j traying their trusts, nnd becoming mutineers, pirates, and murderers? Our gallant tars to receive the thanks of their country, and signal rewards from her, for not villainously uniting with conspirators to rob her of her property, and rob and murder her citizens? Tfut as this is the most ridiculous part of the article, 1 will permit it to pass, with the mere additional comment, that I should sincerely regret to have our truly gallant and respectable navy injured by so injudicious nnd childish a production. I have been not a little surprised at the manner in which the officers are mentioned belonging to the Somers. We find one designated as being of such a town?two others sons, and nnother a nephew, of such and such persons. What possible occasion is there for such designations, or what possible interest does the public feel in thetn?* Now 1 am one of those, sir, who do not believe that there is the remotest chance for successful mutiny on hoard of a vewel of war, when she deserves the character of such, by being properly officered snd disciplined. I know nothing of the condition of the Pomers' crew; they may have been under healthful discipline, but then there was no success ful mutiny on board of her Bad, indeed, must be the discipline, and discordant the materials, to render possible a subjugation ot the Commander's authority by the crew. N.L. A friend at my elbow ugrevt* that fha writer of the Courier article Knew which side his bread was buttered. Literary Notice*. Haxdt Andt?By Samuel I .Ave, A'sy.?With 22 llustrations on steel, by the author. Published by U. sipyleton Co. This edition of Love's most musing work, complete in one volume, has been sotted by the Apple tons. It it* got up ia really els5?nt style. The price is only tan shillings. Thb Rollo Philosophy, Parts III and IV.?Pubished by Hogan Qr Thompton, Philadelphia. These ltile volumes are among the very beat of the mmeroua works issued for the especial benefit >1 the young and rising generation. They convey n the plainest and mosi entertaining manner, a rreat amount of information on acientific subjects, combining with great success amusement and intruciion. Macaulty'* Mitrellaniet.?Philadelphia, Carp fy '/act?Vol. V. The reputation ol Thomas Babington one of the most brilliant, erudite and 'lulodophic essayists of the day, haabeen long aince stabliahed. The collection of hia writings with vhich the public has been favored by Moaers. 'ary ft Hart, forms in itself a library of aound, natructive, and valuable literature. The present olunie contains hia eaaaya on the " Comic Dranatiats of the Restoration," " The late Lord lolland," " Warren Hastings," " Frederic tha ?rent," and the " Lays of Ancient Rome." Ohio Rivttr? At Wheeling, on Saturday, the liver had ten feet of water in the channel, and whi ailing. At Cincinnati, on the 16th instant, the < iver had from 2l) to 3t)feet of water in the channel. The river at Pittsburg, on the 17th inat. had six feet if water in the channel. Araxdonmknt or a Town ?The Natchitoches leporter says, that that town will, in all probability, oon be abandoned?a new channel has been formel in the nver, wluch threatens to leare the town ugh and dry. IER A !. 1842. CUy Intelligence. Midmuht Jlosstsr.?Ou the morning of Thursday th< 12th instant, about -J o'clock, Mr. Scllick B. Andrews, o 61 Walker street, was awakened by his wile with the or} of " thieref, thievea and robbers in the house 1" He im mediately sprung out of bed, and observed the bed rooir door closing, as though some one had just passed I torn tin [>cd room, nusaiug out, ne saw a man wnu uu ?ic ir his hand, endeavoring to escape. Ho immediately attack ed him, and was thrown down in thescuifle, when thi rogue got clear. On searching the house, a cap, pair o shoes, and a mitten supposed to hcloug to the burglar whie and it was alterwards ascertained that a sural quantity ot silver plate and other property,had been stolen together with about $.'>0 in money trout the pantaloom pocket ot Mr. Andrews, which were in his bed-room, am while he was asleep. On the same evening, a short tirai after, Watchmau Daniel Simoason heard the alarm oi " murder, robbery, Ac." coming Iroin the direction ol 01 Walker street, and he also met about the same time iwc men in Leonard street, near Church, talking together. Ot: accosting them, one was without a cap or hat, and appear ed to be drunk. Not having any charge against them, In allowed them to proceed about their business. Since then officers Stokely ud Kulyea arrested a man named James Nolton, of 319 Hudson street, who has been formerly engaged as a driver of a spring cart, and Watchman Simonson recognized him as the man he met in the street with his hat olt on the nigh above mentioned. Mr. Andrews also thinks he was the man he had the scuttle with in his house. A very lull examiaatiou was entered into, bat nothing was shown to satisfy the mind ol the police jus. tice, that he was not liable to -trong suspicion of being the burglar. He wus therelore bouiul over i.i the sum ot $1000, to auswer the charge at the General Sessions. Kxthaohdinarv Lonukvity-?There is now living at No. 6ti James street, a woman named Surah Nevill, a native of Ireland, aged 117 years next June. She has long been a resident ol this city, but I or the last several years has been in nearly a helpless condition, although she refuses to allow any person to extend such comiorts to her as her situation and age requires. Case or Sutton and Thetkokd.?In the Court of Sessions yesterday, James M Smith, Ksq. Counsel lor Robert Sutton and Wm.Thetford. indicted lor hurirlurv. moved that the trial be postponed till the May tenn, which was granted, and an order made to allow the examination ot certain witnesses on giving the defence ten days notice. Cawal Boat Sailors on a Criusk.?On the 18th instant Thomas Broom lull, of Mohawk, Herkimer county, iu this State, Captain of cmal boat Thomas B Cook, lelt his command to take an evening's cruise, and hnully cume to anchor in company with a companion, at a house ot questionable reputation, No. 7 Walnut street. Feeling himself in rather a suspicious location, he took his pocket wallet, containing $60 in gold coin, and placed it for salekeeping in ]>ossession ot his companion, who had turned in with one of the occupants of the premises, named Mary Weatervelt. They both slept their watch in separate apartments, and on sallying forth louud that two half eagles and two quarters were among the missiug from the wallet. The girl gave one 01 the hall eaglestothe landlord of the house, und the other half and two quarters to Henry Baker, the bar tender. On making application lor the lost money, the girl stated that she lound the money in the bed alter her companion in arms had left, and ulso acknowledged what the had done with the nioeey. The landlord gavo up the $5 piece he hud recuivcd.but Baker denied all knowledge of receiving the other halt and two quarter eagles. Under these circumstances the girl was used as a witness against Baker, who was held to t>8il in the sum of $500 to suiswer the charge of receiving the money, knowing it to be stolen. The girl was discharged. AYameek Captain in a Squall.?On Tuesday evening as Willium Averill,captain of sloop Morgiana.ol Bradlord, Connecticut, was on his return from Martin's grocery store, in Orange street, whither he had been to col lect a small sum ol money, he was accosted by two she griffins, who darted iroiQ an alley, and bounced upon liim, tooth and nail, with the usual endearments of, " How do you do, bub?" " Where are you going, my dear?" he. When he had freed himself from their grasp, he found that they had so tar insinuated themselves into his inexpressibles, as to abstract bis sheep skin, containing between five and eight dollars. Keeling a little repugn,int at such a reception, he turned upon his assailants, and demanded back his money, when oneofthe women drew oil, and lanced him over the eyes with her nails to such an extent, that he held her last, called the watch, and placed her in durance vile for the time being. She gave her name as Kosannali Riley, and was fully committed. Soon alter,another girl named Margaret Hall, was arrested as her associate, but Averill not being able to recognize her. he was discharged. A Pickpocket Drowned.?On Saturday evening list, as the steamboat Now Haven was on her passage to Noiwich, Patrick Catfrey, one of the waiters on hoard, w as detected in the act ol picking the pocket ol one of the passengers. When detecte.3, he banded over to the Captain the keys of hi" trunk, which was at hitboardiughouse in John street, in this city ; the supposition being that it might contain evidence ol previous dishonest practices. About 4 o'clock the following morning he came upon deck, and was seen It jump overboard. He rose once to the surface of the water, and then sunk into a watery grave. On examining his trunk yesterday, the Captain found nothing to corroborate the suspicion which led to the demand of hit keys. There is reason to suppose he was a novice in crime, and that this was his first offence. Youno Yr.Mi.LK Thieves.?Officer Barker yesterday arrested two girls named Mary Uilmore and Elien White, sged about 16 years, on the charge of stealing clothing from Susan Brady, of No. 6 Pell street. These girls have occupied premises No. 9 Tell street, and are a portion of the gang of street-walkers, who make it a business to prowl about stealing what they can find. Court of Common Pleas, Before Judge Inglis, Dec. 30.? Cornrliue B. Fare* vs. Catharine Sice This it a suit for damages in detaining Force's wife. Mrs. Sice is the mother of Force's wife. Sheriff Hart married one of Mr*. Sice's daughters, as also ox-Alderman Srott. There is another suit pending, in which Mrs. Sice is the plaintiff, aad Mr. Force the defendant, vice veria. In thi* latter suit Mrs. Sice is plaintiff for a bill of hoard of Mr. Force anil wile. Mr. Force refuses to pay this bill, alleging that hi* wife was detained against hi* will, snd now brings nut for damage* oi *uch detention. Mr. Force wan married in 1837, anJ shortly after, ha and hi* wife went to Buffalo, and (pent tome llmu there, transacting business for her lather. On hi* return they went to her mother'*, Mr*. Sire's, and remained there until February or March, 1841. In March, 1830, Mr. Force'* father bought his son a house, No- 33 H> nry street, which was ready for him on the l*t ol May, 1039, to move into. The house was splendully furnished throughout, from attic to basement. Mr. Force allege* that he waa anxious to move into the house with his wife, but asserts that the interference of his wife's mother prevented his wife irom going to live with bim ? Mrs. Bice would not consent that her daughter should leave her own house (No.9. Forsyth street), for fear she would not he well used She kept up this opposition lor nearly two years, during which timctne house stood empty, ready for them to take possession. The house could have been rented at any lime for over fbOO In this present action, therefore, if Mr. Force can estshlish the fact that his wile waa illegally detained during tha two years above named, he will set it up as his deience in tha etVr versa suit above named for hoard. On the part of the plaintiff thnevidenco further showed that Mra. Sice, although a christian of good standing in tha church, yet that she would occasionally give vent to some oaths like "damn,"ke. That Mr. Force always treated his wife with kindness and affection. He is some 3ft years old, and his wife about 33. They have had two children, on* of whom is dead. VFheu the plaintiff rested, Mr. Wn.*on said he should move for a non suit. He waa going on with his argume on this point, when Judge Inglit intei ruptad him and told him he did not intend to give the plaintiff a non-suit. In tha course of his remarks the Judge observed that the law recognitot the right of a hutband in bring an action acaintl any person who rntictt hit wift away from him. The husband has a right to direct the place where bis wile shall live?and even to order his wife to leave and go with him. fin tKo ru>r? ot IV.. i? .. .. 1 .I,-. -1_ t wm in the habit of Haying out late at night, and often coming home intoxicated. That Mm. Bice was a very kind and affectionatemother That Mr. Force neglected hi* wife, who was often in tear* in consequence of hii treatment. That he would preraracate in common conversation, and aometimee come home at night and " raise a spree." Such are all the leading features of this case, without detailing all thedomestic scandal. The case is still on. Before Judge Ingriham. John Htnry v?. David KiUrr.?Thts was an action for damages sustained by the defendant's running over the plaintiff with his horse and gig, in this city, on the day oi the race between Boston and Fashion. The plaintiff made out his case, and rested. The defence set lip was, that the injury sustained bv defendant was the result of accident, and induced by the negligence of the plaintiff The Jsdge charged the Jury, that the [ laintiff had made out a clear case, and was entitled to damages?that the defence of plaintiff's nagligence, and that the injury was the result of accident, was counteracted lrom the fact proven, that the defendant was driving at a rapid rate?to wit, ten miles an hour, contrary to the Corporation law*. Verdict for plaintiff. $66 nnd coats. W.Jay Haakett for plaintiff; W. Bears for defendant. deaaral Isaslons, Before Recorder Tallmadge and Judge Lynch. Jams* R. Whitiiso, Esq. District Attorney. Dec. JI .?RoUary in fit First Degree.?The trial of John Haya, charged with robbery in the flrat degree, in obtaining $17 in bank notes from a countryman named Aaron Waldron, on the 76th of November last, by threats and force, was rmramed. The defence called Warrem Gilbert, who depoaef) that he waa present at the time of the alleged robbery, and taw Waldron pay the money alleged to have bean obtained by force, and that he he.'ril no threats used to hitr, further than asking him for Ihs pay ment of the goods that he had purchased ?t suction. I hey also call d Bernard Da Witt, ol 18) Breedway j Henry L. Parscna, of 36 Chatham street, and John McMahon, of 106 Centre, who preved the pre\ ions rood character of Hava. The rase w at submitted to the Court at 4 o'clock, under the charge ef the Recorder, after along and tedious argument from the couns- I for defence, and a brief review of the evidence and Jaw hearing upon it hy tho District Attorney. The jury returned into ( ourt at 6 o'clock, and the foreman stated that it waa imimasiid* for them to agree?they standing six and six. They were therefore discharged, and the Court adjourned to eleven o'clock Thursday morning > I 111 LD. Price Two Ccnu. Naval.?Capt. David Connor is said to be dead * He entered the service in 180B. Captains Ballard 1 and Skinner are reported very ill. The U. States ship John Adams, sailed from Table Bay. Cain <>l flood Hoik-. 7th October, bound on a cruise to Madagascar, Mozambique, for , tlie protection of our whaling ships in the Indian Ocean. Her officers are:? , Thomas A. Canover, Esq., commander, Henry Moor, Oliver Tod, Edward M. Yard, Luther Stoddard, Henry C. 1 Klagg, Lieutenants; lleury L. Chipman, Acting Master; i Isaac B>lockerhoff. Surgeon, Hugh W. Greene, Pusaer; ' Moses B. Chain,Chaplain; J. Kraucis Tuckerman, Asi sistant Surgeon; Win Kljc. Professor of Mathematics; 1 Stephen DTavallette, Pate. Midshipman. A. J.Dallas, J. V. ' McCollem, J. L. Tilloison, E. A Selden, F. Roe, R. Stuart, ' J.B. Yates, Midshipmen, ('. Krancis, Captain's Clerk; J. ' C. Davis, Gunner; W. Clark, Boatswain; Krost, SailI maker; R, Bamicoat, Carpenter. \ Officers and crew?well. > Atlantic Steamers.?It is stated in the Halifax 1 papers that the Great Western Steamship Company contemplate running the Great Western between Bristol and (Quebec or St. Johns, its soon as the | Great Britain commences her trips between England i and New York. Boston Papers ?We are indebted to Adanu 6c Co. for Boston papers of Tuesday in advance of the mail. They were received at an early hour yeaterday morning. Bam. at JtRsiv City.?The second annual ball of the WHshincton Greys of Jersey City will h? given on Friday next at the City Hotel, Jersey city. It will be a splendid affair. U. S. Senator from South Carolina.?The Hon. Daniel E. Huger has been elected to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Mr. Calhoun.who retires after the 4th March next. Intrrkstino from Guadaloupk.?A gentleman who left the French West India Islands about two wteka ago, has communicated to uh the following particulars of the slate of things in Guadeloupe and Martinico :?The sugar cropot the present year v. as ver> deficient ; the same ihing may be said of coffee ; flour was high ; business generally dull. Th<yellow fever this year had proved very fata! to riners and strangers. The French Jud island administered the laws in a way it vexation to 6lave owners. TheBlaves, a views of the French government, on the (i" - -l? ?t emancipation, evim .1 disposition to in. -a their masters on alj oc us ; and tin- proprietors oi slaves on the sin n< nunciat ion of the latter, were often arrested a eld to answerfor the most trivial complaints.?A< 1 >r!t<in? Courier, Dec. 10 Naval?We understand that tht >?rtment has given orders to the Comn this station to prepare a place tor tin quantity of Navul Armament, which forwarded to this place.?Sackttt'i Uui crat. TiikFink.?We neglected to mention that)lie senate have apopted the resolution instructing our Senators in Congress to vole lor refunding the famous flue to General Jackson. It whs adopted by a parly vote 20 to 10.? Richmond Compiler. Bankrupt LUt. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Henry William Scott, Brooklyn, late dry good* merchant, now agent. William S. Wright, New York, late a broker. James Norton, junr., New York, iron rail raanalaoturer. James M. Kite, and as one of the late Arm of Keelfe and Kite, Brooklyn, commission merchant. Edward Hopkins, B6th street, nearBloomingdalc, New York, dealer in skins. JamesC. Evans, New York, merchant. EdwBrd Purdy, Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y ,clerk. Rowley Burdick, and as one of the late firms of Burdick, Kimberly aim Co., and Burdick and Kimberly, and Burdick and Miles, New York, commission merchant. Stephen B. Peel, "81 Greenwich street. New York. Henry M.Brittin, and as one of the late firm of Silvers and Brittin, 130 Amos St., New York, cabinet maker. Charles Boutun Merritt, and as one of the late firm of Pearson and Merritt, Portchester, Westchester Co., N.Y-, jailor. Ahram M. Bcuinger, New York, merchant. Andrew C. Tu'tle, and as one of the late firm of Tnttla and Hunter,New York, auctioneer. Edward B. Dean, and aa one of late firm of Brinckham and Dean, New York, merchant. Robert Webber, and as one of late firm of Louis and Webber, New York, clerk. James L. Crane, and as one of late firm of O. B. and J. L, Crane, merchants, Town of Sooth East Putnam Co., N. York. Curtia 8- Boughton, New York, laborer. (JO- IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.?THE COL LEOE OF MEDEC1NE AND PHARMACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK ? Have completed the organization of their institution, which now embraces perfect facilities for the treatment of all classes of disease. THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. In thia department gratuitous advice is given on all dia eases of the chest, derangements of the dig. stive organs, iheumatic affections, and all other diseases coming within 'he province of the physician. The consulting physicians are men of great experience and particularly skilled in the use of the stethoscope, and the treatment of diseases of the lungs and heart. PRIVATE CONSULTING ROOMS. These are devoted to the reception of pntienta differing limm venereal diseases. This department ia conducted by i gentleman who w na formerly connected with ona of the l>"Rt Loch Hospitals in Europe, and the College have the utmost confidence in hii abilities and skill in the treatment ol this most inm ortant class of maladies. SURGICAL DEPARTMENT. The Collkok have also engaged the services of one of the most distinguished operative Surgeons in New Vork, and are therefore prepared to receive and treat surgical cases. Squinting, cataract, and all diseases of the eye requiring an operation, -strictureof the urethra, - -calculi in the bladder,?clubfoot,?diseases ol tae joints, and ol the spine, will he particularly attended to. The lees will be extremely moderate. Patients who so desire will he visited at their own houses alter operations. PIIARMACUTICAL DEPARTMENT The depsrtment is under the immediate superintendence of Dr. M. O'Regan, member of the Hotal College of Sur geons. The medicines prescribed by the consulting phy irian, sre dispensed at the lowest rates, snd sre < i the best description, being imported Irom Paris snd London. THE CONSULTING ROOMS sre distinct from the Dispenssry, snd sre open from 10 A. M. till 9 P. M-, and from tf till 0 P. M Persons at a distance can on remitting the sum of ona dollar and a statement of their ease be furnished with a lull letter ot advice and one dollar's worth of appropriate medicine. By order of the College, W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal (and only) office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. 91 Nassau at. New York, MECHANICAL OK CANCEL LAMPS. riE public is invited to inspect the rn'irrly new stock of these in riv lied lamps, which h.iv<- jnsl been oi ened hr the Mth?cribrrt Comprising the most eitriisivr snd rich assort merit uni iH urn ircnra mi? uaauo, uno tne nneat lor ol yoorta in the hit" that hae ever been aeen 10 tint country. A early aiainina'ion of them ie tolieited while the atock i< complete, aa .he entire invoi'.re received the early inn ofihe leieon were <l;?i card ol immediately many pertiea were diaeppoiuted in toneegaenee The ko nit jaat received Cotnprtae aome entirely new ailielea ofthat eiqniette laate |eceliir to > rench nunnraetnrrre, each u porrtlainehadci or lampa, with laadaeanet of henrea. tone colored; aaapenaion at vdy l.impa with porrelaiu ahadee for linra iea; bracket*; leatrea. bronae, "re*aia?aae. " aid fit, for two anil three lampa. riei. ahadea and ilobee, coloaied and eat, of li. atitirul new draifna, kr Ac. Home imirortaat impr-iiemrnta have been made in th tnann* lartare of the lamte now olferrd to the pablie. rendt rma thrm aiiqaetiionaUlv the m at beaat.fal aa weal aa economical lamp it wt. Thia fact it tally catabliahrd. and any one at all acepiic I on th aahjeet can he canrmced of It by ra'ling at thia aatabha.mrat. E. D. SATTO*. Depot of Mechanical Lami a, 20 John afreet. The estimation in which theae lampa are held may be iuferad fn.m the fact that the following pablie eatabliahmerta in thia city ate lJkhtcd with t .em, fir Aator Hon?e, Carlton Hone*, M. T. Society Library, .M*n?ion Hoaae, m ij;. ? a -.. They lire aleo to be found in <" my other i obiit buildings rhrnnrnnat t'e country, and in erery Irutaue# *irin* perfect atiafaetmn dIT lm*ee pHKAP FtJRNISHKD ttO()\fS--7>>i>(le a-ndewaw anu v obtain * comfortable, well fnrtii?'ie<1 room, wi'h 'tore in it, ricluaively to him" If. for ' <W wrweek. A'to, a front room to let tor $1 V>. or TJ ct nn each if occupied hv two fn f'emen. Break ft t mil tea if deairrd. Apply ilHWui Broadway tilt lt*r GOlNHTciOiNGj-WHO BIDS? rIF. attention of ati h of onreiUlrna aa intend making their mail cat la on .New V eatY ta requeued to a large and mried ??ortm*nf oforer rnala, mint n, cloaka, aacki and other '.'irmetif which the anhaeriher haa determined to acll at a reiluerit price to nchi- cell immediately, at the well known do, Ot of fhahion *12 Broadway, where they can he auited to their ,.?te. m? warier how The anpenor.ty of the elotha (or dnr<hility, hncneaa of t afore, lie., eannoi he mriiaauiid in the ci'y, and at nrcea to low aa to aat.miah rohiMri. t Vmta, veata and pantaloon-, Itr , cut and made np in th moat faahionthle atyle, at ihort nonce KDWD. F OX, Illy Ca*h Tailoring Karanliahment, dJItcjl^m _____ MS B o.dway. DA\'? FlRnf PRKMIUM o'VKK -HtltH 'FOK"LA DIKS ?r* admitti <1 to he th' Ino.t i erfref trick mide of inhbereaer brought out The tie* a'*'# now heieg tot np at m fictory, called the Qnd'rd Biokina. mill Unil imitator*, mat aa aoon ?a w imrodtieo the-i But peraona who j reft r th* nuine to the mitaiioo will call at O Vaidan Lane, and atamine the larf ?t ririete of l?di-?, acuta and tniatea rubber liora and naer ahoea, to bo ( und to t'-r United Stan a in any me store HOHACK H DAY. <1 Maiden Lane. n2ti ltn*r Buvct-aaor to R ixbnty India Kubbyt L'y.

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