Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 24, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VUI,?!*o. 349.?Whole Ho. 3SOO. fOR NEW ORLEANS. _ LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE Of PACK El 8. For (lit- better accuiamodalmu or shipiwrs, It >* Jut?". "J despatch a ship Imiii tliis i>ort ou the 1st. ithj Hth^ssiu 2Jtli ol each mouth, com i ruciug the HHh October aud continuing until Mir, whe? regular days will be appointed far the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointment will be presented during the summer momha. The following ships wSl commence this arrangement t Ship YAZOO. CaitaiuConn-ll. Slop OCONEfe. CajHalnJaekaon. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. IT Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. tjSlup 8HAKSPEARE. Captain Miner. " 85 Si?S*S?|?S58-e* Ul.. . ... Mill IJ In P. I ai.r.n. f .avirl Sutp NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. * Hhui MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. i.-"'*1#!' LOUISA, Captain .Millford. i n, ? alup* were all built in the city of New York, express for |?ckuU, are of light draft of water, hare recently been i wly em>|*rr<l at"! put in splendid order,with accommodations lor passengers unequalled lor ootnforl. l'liey are cominsndrd by experienced masters, who will maka every exertion to give Smeral satisfaction. They will at ail time* be towed up and own the Mississippi by. sieamDosts. Neither (he nwuert os,c?ptaius of these ships will be responsr ble tor jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any Ictlera, parcel or package, sett ly e rpxt cn board of them, -tiiless regular kiL's sf .suing are taken for the same end the value the: eon expressed. Fsr freight or passage, spply E. K. COLLINS Ik CO..? Sooth St., or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wilj promptly forwsrd all goods to their sddress. The snipe of this line are warranted to sail punctually ss advertised, and great care will be taken to hare the goods correct ly^ measured. in< ? NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? nitfrom New York on the 25lh and Liverpool ou the 13th nf rack mmnlk. ijjSjtL ^bTeii NxwYohx^ t Ship GARRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th October, i' Shin ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 25th November, e* Ship BID DON B. Captain E.B. Cobb, 25th December. Bhip SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. D? jieyster, 25U. January. IT From UivKxrosL. prShip 8IDDON8, Captain I. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th Novem'r. t Ship OAKRICK, Captain Win. Skiiluy, 13lli December. Shi)> IIOSCIUS, Captain John Collius, 13th January. These ships are all ol tile first class, upwards of IMC tens, built la the city of New York, with such improvements a tcombine Cat speed with unusual comfoit for passengera. Every care been takrin in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hcuce is $100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These shi|U are commanded by experienced masters, whe will make every exertion to give general sausfac?. tinn Naither the captains or owners of the shir* will be responsible for at y letters, parcels or packages sent by the in, unless regular h 'Is of lading are sigueil therefor. For Ireight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., 56 Bonthst., New York, or to WM. k JAB. feHOWN k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12H cents per single sheet: k) cents per onncc. and newspapers 1 cent esch. o 1 ni n i inp t tvpnnnnr mot' t-Vc VUJ' U4i.iu Xii f UJVX WXi 1 AViiUXU. m. T^HE OLD LINK of PackeUlor Liverpoo^vnuiereafter be -I- despatched in the following order, excepting that when the d.iy of staling fall* on Snnday, the ships will eail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, {June 1 July 19 616 tons. , Oct 1 Nov 19 D. (1. Bailey, I1 Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, ' Oc: 19 Dec 7 B. L. Wnite. I1 Feb 19 April 7 Tlie OXFORD, (July I Aug 19 SOOtoue, 'Nov 1 Dec 19 J.Hathbone, I March 1 April 19 The EUROPE. ( July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, '.Not 19 Jan 7 E.G. Manhali Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, i Aug 1 Sept 19 SUtona. 'Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, ilAug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper, i'April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, \ Sept 1 Oct 17 850 tens, 'Jan 1 Feb 17 W.C Barstow.l May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, '.Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. (May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ever* description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE It CO.. 61 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, MBurliug-slin.N.Y. leaf lvh BAR1NO BROTHERS it CO.. Lspool. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 4S PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. M. M. Ml ML The subscribers beg to call the attention.of their friends [ and the public generally, to their ?i>erior arrangements for bringing out passengeis from, and remitting money to, any par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in me magnificent packet "hips. comprising the new Link of Liverpool packets,* viz.?? Ship IlOSClUS, Collins. Ship SIDDONS.CajitxinCobb. bhip SHr.HIDAN, Csptaiu Denayster. Ship OARBIfXIIsntiin New ?hin HOTTInqllkr, Captain Bttrsley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhoose. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice erery month; mil with the" UNITED LIVE," composed of aopenor first class Amtricaii ship*, sailing every ten a its, will make five ships in each month throoichout the year, (or one every six days) thereby picventing the potsi bility ol nnneeeasary detention. rerssns wishing to tend for their friends, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived liom selecting this line in preference to any ether, and they may rest assured that unusual carc will he taken to make -he passage agreeable, the ships being fitted up with an eye solely to the comi'ort of passengers. In all c-?es where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refund- d without any deductiou, as usual. A free passage liom the I annus seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can ailso be secured. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing ihesntn tliej- wish sent, Willi the name and address of the parties turret ire it, m.yrelyou a diaft for the amount being forwarded per fir?t picket, after the receipt lnereq( and an acknowledgement far the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any O'.Ip r charge, at the National and Provincial Binks of Irelat d and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Oreeuock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bait, Son It Co., Bsusera, London, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in < eery principal town of Great Britain and Irrland. Fnrther p trticulars made known ?n application, if by letter, poit* <15y r w. fc J. T. TAf SCOTT, 41 Peck Slip, N. York. Egg- A?g ^^nMRSEll^^^The undermentioned shins will be icgularly dispatched from hence and from Mar seilles on the 1st of each month during the y tar, thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA. Card-Brown. N.? 1. Jan 1 H'RV THOMPSON, Cap Bylrester, Dec I. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dugau. Jan 1. Marl TRESCOtT, Capl Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. May 1 CORI0LANU8, Cap Hsile, Apl 1. Jun t They are all eomieree and copper ftisteued.and hare excellent acoommodattona for passengersThe price of cabin paaaage will be $1M, exeluaive of wines aud liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD fc HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded fret of other hargea than these actually paid. For freight or passage apply to U. BROOM fc CO., or to ottr BOYD <i HiNCKtl?y, Agents. PACKET FOR MARSEILLES, lit JanSiT^h*?*yThe ship COURIER, Captain DuKgan. Apply to J?Mfe ? 8. BROOM It CO., dl7r or to BOYD fc HINCKKN, Agents. Mkjt KOK LIVERPOOL.?-Positively First Packet.? ll^WWThc splendid Tut sailing welt known nacket ship dlMEsSOL THEKNKK. Captain Palmer, will lail positirely ai abore, her regnlar day. The iliipa of this line are all 1000 tons burthen, and upwards, and their accommodations lor cahia, second cabin and steerage paesengrra, it is well known, are superior to any other line of packra.. For passage, early amdicatiun rhould he made to \V. St J. T. TAP8COTT. _ tj Peck Slip, cor. Soutn at. The SOUTHERNER learea Lieerpool on the Jth February, 1#43. Peri ins wishing to sand lor their friemia, to come out in the above splendid ship, or any of the regular line, can make the necessary arrange menu on reasouable terms; aud tho-r iviahtug to r mit money can have drills lor any amount, payable on th mand. in all the principal towns of Great Britain and Ireland, on application as above. tlKlr hf)R LJV EKFOoT.?Packet of the 7th January, 1843?The splendid new |?eketihip ASHBUKTON, ^MBAanCapt. Hetileeion, will sal a? above, her regular day. na-tog most superb accommodations for eabin, second cabin and steerage pssaragera. AtotSm"e e"'r ?PP|ic>lion on JOSErH McMURRAY, ? _ ms.-.s^. :n w- ,00 *'?? corner of South street. S j i ^7 the packet ship Stepheu Whitney, and sail on the I3ih of January, 1843. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the aid ronntrv can ' have them brought on. by ..the. of th.^ J., ? o" t 'd" P*"*1*. I?T applying aa above, if bf |?tte, post Jhjg. PACKIT yOR HAVRE, ftceo^arJjjk iH^ihin UTIOA, F Hewitt master, will JUObof January. BOV D ll HINCKEN, d'7r No. 9 Tontine Buildings. DRAKTR ON IRELAND, fte.?The subscribers tAjoPy eondune to give draits [ijrahlt on dsmand, without jyUfadiicnniil. or any charge whatsoever. IN IKr-LAND?The National Bank of Ireland, the Prorincinl Bank of Irtlaml, and their nranchea in every conntv. IN ENOLAND AND WALKS?Meaara. James Unit, Bon It Co.. bankers, London, trie Eichange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. and their branches throughout England and Wales. IN BCOTkAND?The Eastern Bank oi Scotland, the O-eeno* k Banking Company, and branchea in the principal loarna; Bir Wm. Forbes, Hunter ft Co. Persons in the country wishing to remit money to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by enclosing the amount they with to remit to the subscribers, with the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be sent. A dr ift for the amoaul will be forwarded the first packet after the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the same returned per first post. . dlr w.fti T. TAPBOOTT. 41 Peckslip, New York. FRANCIS* PATENT LIKE BOATS. llg- THE object of this intention is to sarr human life, (if)^ The nnmbrr of passenue rs and other persons saved by hese boats I'roui wrecks in storms when the ordinary post li e ?w?mi ed is over III. The number of |?rsons drown ed for want of the Life Boats at the hurni g and wrecking of si- amboets and other vessels is according to accounta i ubliahed the put mouth over itif-. It ia impotaible to swamp tins bom. The price varies from |7i to to $100, according to the number ol persons tiiey are required to carry, with the nullum atose in. T>e cla-sof boata for picking up men falling overboard, are so light aa to require bnt two men to handle them, and by the new appariina can be set in the the water in 30 seconds, with two men in her ready for the rescue. As the safety of vessels at sea .ependa mainly on the aervieee of the crow, this elaas of L boata ia lutendeu for their preservation. ' Office of KRANCIS' Patent Life Boat 7 Wall at, -? At Adaaas ft Ce.S Esprams Office. E NE NEW ARTIFICIAL TEETH! ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC M PRESSURE. LEVETT, Dentist, the introducer into this country in the year U-J, of inserting Teeth on the above ,cieniiAc principle, as prsctne'i by hiuuclf ALONE, courts the attention of the public (u hit great improvement. The established reputation of Dr. Levett hi* easv, well known, peculiar, aid cieutilic adaptation iu supplying the deficiencies of the Teeth, anil the unvaried astisfacuou given, which he fully guarantee* inallcase*. warrant* hi* inviting the attention of the ladies and gentlemen who have had artificial Teeth unskilfully set, or who may require new for those displaced by nature. M. LEVETT, Drulist,Itfii) Broadway, r r corner Warren street, opiwistt# the rark_. I copy hi scatter iroin ,?i. .*1. ;\oan, r.tq, to Dr. Lrrdt J Nrw Yona, May i!4th, Itti Dear Sir:?It it both a matter of duly ami phatuie 1'iUI', that th ?rI of artificial t?'K ou the |>huci|ile of atmospheric pressure which you made for a laily iu iny tamily, hai succeeded iu rvery respect, in apiwaianee, comfort, ami utility, and hat given entire satisfaction. I am. dear air. your obedient servant. [Signed] M. M. VoAH. Dr. Levrtt has Permission to reler to ao nf he elite of the ciliaam of New York. da im'r U. a. CITY DESPATCH POST. PI 1ST OFFICE, New York, 2Sth July, IM1. HOCK8 of Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at I ha U oer and Lower Poat Offices:? Lettera urnoaited before Hail < aat I o'clock, A Ml ,2 at i. J " P M Will be aent out for deAt all the Stations before lirery at A M, aad 1 7 > clock, A M and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " " I " P M Lettera to be aeut Free, muat nave "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otherwiae three ceota will be collected of the party to whom the letter it addreaae-i. No money muat be eucioaeu in lettera unleaa rev iatered at t le rriocipa) officea. I.lata ol the aiatioua ( it all of which "free stamps" my be purchased at S'-'.Vi |h-i 100 and every information may BeIMliyeraitapplication at the upper or lower Poat ( flices. Stamps laaued by the late City Despatch Poat will be received. It ia ludiaix-uaable that the number of the rviidence anottl 1 be atated in all letteri sent through thia Poat. The Poat Matter aolicita the eorlieat information ahonld any irregularities occur. JOHN LUHIMK I (JHAHAM antSlvec I'on M.ut<> GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. L*A DIES NEED NOT DESPAIR. DR. A. C. CASTLE haa a Paste for filling dee.ivrd hollow teeth. It can be putinto the moat Cruder teeth without any pain or inconvenience, and with whim it becomes imparted into ONE hard aolid body, 'hua lettering an preserving (hitherto painful and uaeleaa teeth) artificially sound. and perfert in all their rcapective ntea lor life?preventing IN ALL CASKS; the neceaaity of extraction. Ladies the moat diatmguiahed in aociety, oOer their testimonials in the moat vivid |Brtn, a to it- affiaaa.. Th. liM.ta. aU- ?la.- Da-. uyi ?" It 11 admirably adapted for lender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr. Castle operates on the teeth wi'ii great care and ability." lhe New York Aurora, aaya " It makes the teeth iu all resprcla perfect for life." The 8nn, says:? " Dr. Caatle haaob aiued much celebrity for hieeieellrnt mode of tilling the teeth." The moat emiaeut gentlemen of the Medical Faculty, hare personally tried ana recommend Dr. Castle's Paste for filling the teeth, 'ionth-aehe Pills, one of which put in the aching tooth, will effect a permanent cure. [From the Jonrnal of Commerce 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.-Dr. A. C. Caatle baa replaced by a moat ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of the up|ierand lower jaw bones, aliot away iu trie case of Lieut. 8 . of the U. H. N., who met with this terrible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indiana in Florida. We have seen letters Irom Lieut. S. confirmatory of thia extraordinary cure .and its entire success, that the loss of these important organs so skillfully replaced by Dr. Castle la now no more a sniuce ol regrei to the Lieutenant. Dr. C. inserts artificial on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric |iic*turr, which he first iulr?duced to the notice of the public i?. 18-a. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English Ambassadors, Mr. Btoughton the Spanish Consul, Hear Admiral Waldron, Lord Mo'pelli, Gen. McCartv, Dr. F. C. Johnson, President of the .Medical Society, 8. N. Y.; Mrs. tleu. Games, J. B. Beck, M. I)., Dr. J. A. Hmiih, Dr. E. Delsfield, Dr. Beadle, Dr. B >Tu. Dr. Bugrr, Dr. J. C. Cheesmsn, Dr. A. H. 8tevens, Dr. J. Torrey, Dr. Baylies, Dr. W.n. Oiay son. he lie. tee. d2 lm*r TO THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOR BLACK TEAf Howqua's Mixture?This extremely sad unparalleled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Euroiw, just imported. is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham at. New York?in Chinese packages. Price 50 cenU and $1. d? lm*r 13 LACK MARBLE?160 tons Irish Black Marble, for sale by -P i08r PER88E It BROOKS. No. 61 Liberty street. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham sheet. New York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ?pHE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for 1 sale new and fragrant Teas of every rariety and style. Their assortment specially includes the most delicious and powerful grades of Ureeu and Black Every package bcara the itampof neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from light and air that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their svstem of prosecuting business is perhaps scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights of he customer. especial I v wi h respect <o weight ana quality, and uurivailed cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to return any articles which tail to give them the fullest silisf-ction, which tlip monev ?rill h? oliU?.rfnllB anrl roAtrolsd try mcichantn, public establishments, beads of families, and shipmasters will fiud it a decided advantage to sapply themselves from this establuhinrut. Coffee r >asted every day. Orders from all parts of ths United States executed with promptitude and despatch. 117" The only warehouse in America far the sale of HonQua i celebrated Black Tea. d lu??t "TjAV'S FIRST PREMIUM OVER BHOEB FOITTA DIES are admitted to be tjie most r erfect article inadp of rubber ever brought out. Thw new style now Items got up st our factory, called the Quilted Bnslrios, will flud imitators, just as soouas we introduce them. But persons who prefer the genuine to the imitation will call at 43 Maiden Lane, and examine the largest varietv of ladies, gents and misses rubber shoes and over shoes, to be found in the United States in any one store. HORACE H. DAY. 43 Maiden Lane. u38 lm*r Buccensorto H xbury India Rubber Co. Jtart FOR SALE.?That valuable stand known *s the ! Long Island Hotel, situated in the town of Islip, in SufXj&folk county. L. I. The house is built in modern style, and ol the best materials and workmanship, wi h a front ol eighty feet, kitchen included, two stories nigh, with au attie ; and is calcnlatedto accommodate 4# hoarders,besides the family and necess ry attendants, and is surrounded with all ihe necessary out-buildings, trait and ornarneutrnl trees, shrubbery. 4lt. Tl e location of the |iremises is uarivall'd, comin.'ii.ling a full view of the beach, the light house at Fire Island, and tne Atlantic O sail. An open tanr, in frotit of the bouse, and leading directly to the bay, furnishes s delightful ami pleasant walk of eight or ten minutes. The Long Island Hail Road passes wiihiu about fnut miles of the premises, aid affords an easy and convenient communication Willi the ciths ol New York and Brooklyn. No iiart of Long Island affords irrrater facilities for fowling, or bay or brook fnhmg, or the noble spoil of buck huntiag. Deer being very abundant in the vicinity, and are frequently found on the piemues. Therein about two hundred acres ol land, and meadow attached to the premises, and a good proportion of st-and or shore. The house and necessary not buildings, would be sold with the whole, or s i>art of ihe land, as may best suit the purchaser The terms will be liberal, and tne tit'e undisputed. For s more minute desenp'ion of the property, inquire of JAMES ROWE, 117 East Broadway, or ol D. K. HALL, 1SIH Chatham street, New York, or of the subscriber on the premises. WILLIAM HAWKINS. Dated, Islip, Nov. 1844. ill Im'ec wanTKU TO PURCha.8k?a country residence I 'I wuniu a innes ol I>ew HorlL oar with from } to 20 ZJ4L acres ?f land,near Long Islynd Sound, preferred. Adirrss with (nil particular*, bo* 7, oat Office, Potv hkeepaie, N Y. nj? tFOtt BALI!., the cheapest Karm id iheie parts, of 70 acres, goou buildings, plenty of frni!, wood and water. Do. Tor sale oreichtuge for good city pronert?, four I le farms and four houses and lots in and uigh Plainneld. Da. to trade for dry goods sad groceries, new boose and two ota. Do. ralnable lots in Jersey City. Crll on 8. VAIL, Saturdays, 41 Court landt street, from 14 to 2. Other days, Plainfield N.J., or at '74 Washington st. Ten small (arms lor sale low. 8. V n28 lsr*m r^T TO THE LADIES.?WM. k H. BEBEK, Kaahionag^mble Halters, 174 Broadway, under Howard's Hotel, hare on hand an eitensire assortment ol Ladies aud Misae* Bearer Hau, of their own manufacture, which are warranted su|<erior to any in the city, and at prices which cannot fail to suit: those in want are respectfully invited to call. Also, a general assortment of Gent's, Boys end Children's Far, Cloth and fancy VelrctCaps. dlO lm r LOOK AT THIS. ^aUENTLbMENS Cork Sole Boots, the best of 40^ quality, 86 0(1 do Water Proof Boots do 5 00 do Light French I alfsktn Boots, do 87 to 4 00 do Orer Shoes of sll the different kinds, 77c to 1 7) do Dancing Pumps, 1 7.7 do Dancing Gaiter, beautiful article, 1 50 | And all other kinds of Shoes and worked slippers in fashion; Isdies gaiter boots, buskins, slippers, ties, quilted shoes, pru- ' lirlla. white and black satin, anil button shoes; Iudia rubber 1 strao-furred, plain and ail other kloiN of mi r i hoei; clogs, ' nocasina, and the greatest assortment of boys boots and shoes, t misses and chihlrens, ol all kinds to be found in the world, all ol our own m isufactoring, and warranted t? he the best, and cheap as the cheapest, at J97 Broadway, corner of Franklin st, ami at 94 Canal street OHHO0KY at CAI1ILL, I il!5 lm*r 347 Broadway. 1 IK >TTI-;s FRA NCX'lSKS. 1 P- A. GEKDY. da Paris, h.u opened a store 147 ' Broadway, where he is pret sred to raceise and esa i cnta orders lor boots ot all descriptions. Although hit price J ! are lower by two dollars than those of any fatt.ionahle French 1 establishment in this city .his noots will be fonnd st least equal ] to any made here or elsewhere. He imports his lasts from Pa....lirtmnJ,!,.. >k.m .. f. Hi ... I.....I..I. 1 C... . Mi. Oeidy'a long rirenenee under Mr. Fori and other celebra- i trd makers in Paris enables him ft conduct hia hu?ine?* with J economy and [hereby to supply hi? customer* at the following f redaced price*? t Fine and aubitunlial Boot* t* i Cork aad doable aole di g j A proportionue reduction in the rtnoea other article! to be , found at 111 Broadway. dlJItr."- TBHMB CASH- ! FASHIONABLkTBtfOTS AND SHOK*.? b oaapB^V W a I.KKR rei|>eetfully invitee the atuntion of the Pnblie tohii large aaaortment of laikea' and gentlemen*' boot* and ihoei, cork aolraend water proof; French ?nd natire ealf, and fancy dress boots, dancing ganera and |>nmna, over ahoe?, ' rubber and water proof, roocceains, ladies, miaaea', and children** gaiter*, boot.*, ?hoe?, and buakina, of the choiceat se- t lection ; men'* boy*, aud childreu'a coarte and f ne boot* and ? shoes of the choiceat kind*, cheaper than c?er before offen d t in ihe eity. lit Broadway anil 80S Canal, nonhweat eorner of n Hudson atreer. dT lm*r e ' AD|KirBqoT8 AND HMOK H?LocjTwoooT I Jtl Broadway, keep* a line aaaortment of ladies' ai ] children* boeta and shoe*, of the latest American and Ku t ropean '??""" Orders received by the down from place* of 1 fashionable resort. ,jg |,n?, ^ OLlNTbN Cheap Boot and Shoe Market, Sot f?" cn wicli, corner o? Honng atreel, ia the only pla. e r It here cau be found Biota and Hhoea to suit the times A I f tho*e who wear bnou and ihoea will do well to iri re n r ill L di.-*' and miaaea'buskin, from J, I, i,?, 7 anf. .h!nin.a 7 , 1 pair; gentlemen*' bo >ts (mm 13 shillings to (| no, oair \otV boot*fromgahiiling* to |3M per tietr. All who wish to aavr " per cent will give a eall at the Clinton Cheap Boot and ihe* " Vlaiket.'(? llrernwirh comer Spring street .17 |m?, * WA1 KM^HOOF BOOTS?Onm-ltla#tie ?W,,' 4^P^ff<md Bouts and Hhoea of almost all the differ- " em kind* mtable lot winter wear. Alma large aaaoilment rf " line boot*, shoe*, gaiters and pump* lor gentlemen and boi ?i * ladtea, mian a and childrena boots, sheet, gaiter* and buskins <-r I the best ciuality, in great abundance. An the above articl. a ' and almost every thing in the boot and ahoe line, may be found at the store of A. KNOX It Co., known a* the Clinton Biort f A Shoe Market, 3M < anal at, north east eornar ol Hudson at, ' and at prices to rait any omaad every one. dl7lm*r ,W Y< YORK, SATURDAY MO "P)!?Bl-v?W'S RIDINO SCHOOL. 4#? Bowery.-W. J. DAVIS, (fiom K".uro;-r) Profeaanr. Firming claaa lor gentlemen will commence on Monday creuitif, itth inuani, and continue each Monday and Friday evening, during the araaou. 8 leel i>ariiea of ladies and gentlemen, can be accommodated with instruction onTueaday and Thuraday evouiuga ul each week. A Military cliiafor the luatrurnun of feullcmen in military tvvviniucucr I'll V* cUIiesllRy fYCUIQ^, ISM IUstaut. and continue each Wednesday evening clurinti the sea >n Gen'lemru wishing to subscribe in either of the shove cUim. will please call at ihcir earliest convenience. l)?ily instruction as usual, fi.r ladies. from II A. M. to 3 P. M.; for gentlemen, from 8 to 10 A. M aud 3>? to 9K P. M. Evcuiug school to commence at 7 o'clock. o? 3"i*rc MILLS! MILLS !'?A new luveutmn, the Kreueh Burr C niereie, Coffee anil Spies Mills, manufactured by Kitsgerahl It May curd, New York, for sale by H. B. Rollins kt Scuddcr, No. to Nsk.iu street, between Kultou and John, New York. These .Mills hare been tested by competent judges to be far superior to ouv Mills her tofore introduced in rrgaid to cost, durability, snifesiieuse af shariiening. At a recent eihihitiou of these Mills, i las. of coffee were itrs'iod iwr min tie by means ?f a hand crank, which ground with more rase than those of Ktiglish Mills. Grocers, Coffee and Spice dealers, would do well to call and eiamiue this great improv; incut, as it will save the expense of one of these Mills in sharpening in leas than one year. H. B. ROLLINS fc SCUDDKR, No. 10 Nassau street. N. B.?Southern and western gentlemen living re mete from Mill seats, would find it to their advantage to examine these Mills, ss lliev are portable and adapted to grinding corn or graiu, and canbe propelled by steam or horse power. F. 8.?No expense of sharpening, as the material of which thrv are made, us.nrally becomes sharp by grinding. dH eod ??r DANCV ARTICLES POM THE HOLY DA k S.?'l'lie D subscriber has received by the latest arrivals, a very rich assortment of Paris Fancy Articles, consisting of fancy work hoses, paper do, gain s in ro-c wood boxes, embroidering frames with canvass and col'd cotton, children's loys, perfumrrc, slid soup, of assorted ijualitirs, etc. etc. The public u respectfully invited to call and examine the above stsck, previous to purchasing elsewhere, at d? lm*r V. K. KIIANI'ISCHI. Broadway. MECHANICAL OK CAKCEL LAMPS 'pHE paolic it tuviti il to unm et ike entirely new itock of 1 tlu-ie uurivalled latniia, which havcjutl beeu opened by the inherit* r, enmptiiiug the rnott cxtentive and rich aaaoitoicnt llitt hv will receive tliis 'rutin, .mil the Unfit lot of goo da in the hit* that hat eier been teen in this country. An nrly n.un.nation of them 11 olicilcd while tlie ?;ock it complete, at .he entire received the earl/ part ofthe teuou were denoted ol immediately ; mttiy parttei were ditappoiuled in consequence. The k'oi1" jmt received romprite tome entirely new articlet of that exquinlv laite |>ri:iiliir to French manufacturers, auch at porcelain thadri 'or lamps, with landscapes of figures, tome colored; suspension itwdy lamps with |*srcefaiu shades for linreriet; brackets; lustres, bronze, "renaissance" and gilt, for two and three lam|xi, ricl. thadet and globes, colonted and cut, of beautiful new designs, kc.kc. Some iinimrtant lmprovemrntt have been made in th<- manufactnre of the lamps now ofTried to the public, rendering them unquestionably the m at beautiful at well at economical lamp extant. Thit fact is fully established, and any one at all scepttcal on thi subject can be convinced of it by calling at thit establishment. E. D. SAXTON, Depot of Mechanical Lami a, 20 John street. The ettimatiou in which thete lampt are held may be infered from the fact lhat the following public ettabliahmentt iu thit city ate lAhted with them, viz:? Astnr House, Ctrl ton Honte, N. V. Society Library, Mautinn Hnute, Park Place Houie, Clignor Fereio's. They are alio 10 be found in nianv other public buildings throughout t'e country, and in every instance giving perfect aatii faction. dl7lm*ec l/ClJN'OM V IN DHEMS?Sick aurtouN, the stale of over-Lh eoatt to much iu vogue, are afforded at $8, SIS. $11, $16 and $20, from drab, brown, black and blue btaver anil pilot clotht, are for tale,ready made, at 222 Broadway American Hotel. (HI i in * r WM. T. JENNINGS. ATTENTION! ATTENTION* "D EAD THIS, it may induce you to try your chauce.?TOM I*. BOLA. (To be rafflt d,) at 1B8H Fulton tueet, a magnfi cent Caahtnere Shawl, witli the boz that contains it?cotltug together $110 All I'urchaiera who will buy five dollar! worth in theitore, after the 15th imtant, (December, 1842,) will have the chance to gain $100 worth. Great exhibition and aale of Fancy Article! and Sugar Plumbt of all deeciiiaiout, tuitable for Chrittmat and New Year't Gift*, at 168>? Fulton at, near Broadway, opposite 8l. Paul't Church. Ladies and gentlemen ere respectfully invited to viat the raott beautiful collection of rich objects of New Yearh Pretentt, that can be teen, and which will be told at tery returnable prices. Most of thote rich article! came from the storea ?f Alphoune Oireux, of Parit, supplier to Hit Majetty the King of the French, the Queen ol England, and all the principal Cuurta ol Europe. The articlet in Sugar, Fancy Reticnlet, and Boxes, camv from the atorr of H. Henrion k Co. of Philadelphia, advantageoutly known for the last 25 yeart at being the beat Confectionera in the Uuiied States The llafBe will take place in the atore 1G8X Fulton It, on the 5th u( January, 1641, at 12 o'clock, M. A splendid K rrnch Cathmere Shawl thai con $80. In a mott beru-iful Box of rote-wood, encrutted with gold and ..l.? .i . ..i ?l:.L Each person purchasing (5 worth or article*, will reeeire a ticket (whaterer number they choose) and with this the person rosy have a chance for rhe Shawl and the Bos. A p-rson who will buy $10 worth, will be entitled to two tickets, anil so in progression. Persons receiving tickets, are requested to prescrr* them; lor, if mislaid, the loss will be theirs: and. on the 5th of Janua IT, IMS, at 12 o'clock, the ticket will he drawn pucliely before the holders; and on the lollowi ik day , the Heiald newspaper Will annotiiM i- Iii'- 11>11il11.,-! i.'iinh.-r ill? IP i?u.5*gfOflM M, DAVlEb ftt JONES inform their tricuus and " enstomers that lliey have received their winter liuhooat tu, Caje?* variety of new it pier for youth and children, ("lis Craeoftenne Turban now ao roach worn, is uwnafaetared by them. Also a near style of travelling cap, Tery convenient fo gentlemen travelling nth tm*r KM WILLIAM ST. H'O THK "UBLIC.?O. P. KESSLER be*, leara to in-? form his trieuds, and the MM* in general, that lie has taken that well known stand at the co-ner of Washington and Liberty at*, formerly kept by K. Chamberlin, since rrbuill with addition of room and comfort, for the accommodation of travellers and others. Persons wishing good board, and accommodations on reasonable terms, would do well to call. Punctual attendance. d21 Im'rc L* XC HANGED, in the committee room at the Apollo, on the Cs night of the Highlaud Guards' Ball, a hlu- cloth cloak. As it has been don- by mistake, the gentleman will roufor a very great favor on the advertiser by leaving it at $5 White, of Church stieet, and get Ins own. d22 3t*r CLOAK R A FFLE?Notice to sulwcribers and others? That the cloak that was to have be> n riffled off on Tuesday, jRtls inst., was, in c mteqaenrc of the storin on that evr niug, postponed until Saturday, 3tth, Christmas Eve, when it will posi-' tively take place, whether it hails, rains, blows or snows. A few more tickolsean be hail by applying it No. I Murray corner Broadwav, basement, where the cloak can be seen, or at St. John's Hall, 8 Frank fork street, from 6 to I o'clock, ou the evening of the raffle. Tick-t* only ane dollar, fort cloak woith ninety dollars. Come early, as delays are daugerous. d?2 3t*r NEWf^LAftD?5000 lbs | rime lard, for sale by i djyjt'r alxr. 8. taylor. Adamb * co.?8 new york and nkwark ex PRESS.?The public are respectfully informed that the subscribers have eatahlisned an Kgpr-as between New York and Newark, N. J., fot the transmission andaperdy drlivery of packages, bundles, money, he. fce.; the collection of notes and bills, and all other business appertaining to an Express.? Ordera for articles to be returned by the Exprisa will be drlirered free of charge. Olflre in New York at No. 7 Wall street, and in Nawarit, at 8 VilTH'A Newspaper Depot, No. J20 Broad tf. Leave New York at 1IX A. M. and tjf P. M. Leave Newark at 9 A. M. and IX P. M. dl9ee ADAMS fc CO. office of the auburn It rochester, rail road company Caisakoiou*, Dec 9, 1842. AM SEMI-ANNUAL dividend ol 5 per cent on the capital stock ef this Company will be paid on the third day of January nm sharaaofder* whose stock ii registered in the city transfer hooks of this Company will receive payment at the Bank of the State of New York in the city of New York, and those whose stock is uot registered in the city will be paid their dividend at this office. By order of the President and Director*. d!4tojv3r CHAB. SEYMOUR. Treasurer. I I A 1)1 Eh' Silkind Merino 11 ntie7\ff-nsfiw7aie~h* J JOHN M. DAVIES It JONES, i n-9 Irer? ten William enr of John sts. ] COAL I COAL! COAL!?The subscriber having takee I the yard sontnwest corner of King and Greenwich street, is now receiving a fall supply of Hchaylkill and Peach Orchard Coal, selected from the beat reins, which he offer* at the fol- | lewing reduced prices, via !? . From the yard, first quality, broken and screened, $5,50 per ton. * " Egg sire, " 5,50 - ? Stove. " " ? ? " Nat, " 5,90 T i "uZ'rcrnt0rCMlUM'- JAMKO DOWNEY- , COAL AFLOAT?Firtt qualify of Tench Orchard, broken , ana ee*. eelling for %i per ion. acrvewedon board of the , barque. in at Rood order a* id ?nv yard in the city, and will he Jellber-d freeofeaitaRr, writhed by a rpy w.iaher. Apply in board of the bartu Shark, foot of Market at, E R, to com ' nenre on Monday the 19th, and will continue until all ta aold. I d!7lw*r 4 PBRKKD UP-On the morain* of the I9'h, a yawl boat, abnot'ilteen f?**t iu l*-nfrh, lumifd ' H. Moore, Bridge- i ort. Inquire of Wm. McCoy, It Unrvr atreet, New York, j The owner cen haye it by ravine charRea. oil 3 re PHENI M BENEVOLENT SOf lE rY.-The men.hereo r " the KreiiC'i Benevolent ?o-iety, and lb" k rrueh le.iilenta r n Reneral, are requeued to attend the annual meeting ol the . Society, which will be held on Wednesday, the 29th mat , a' lalfpaet 9 P- M. preeiaely, at Meaara. Drlmonieo a. coiner of f Seaveraud William atreeta By ordar of the Committee. 1 dustr run rt ko M ? Ti m' iITiIt fi La afford every day new eridcncea of their infallible efficacy ( or cniin* all nervona diaeaaee, a? acnte and chronic rnenma- ^ lama, nenralocy. ihe Rent, meRrim.fte dolonrcn*. danae or j 'aint Ony, chilla, aci itic, crampe in the atomach, and pein. iroutht on by bruiaet, diajointii R? and fractnrca ; alto, the diaaaea of women and yoiin# Rirl?, pale colore, amenorrhea., lute Jt ireeaiona, aapora, uervoee attache, kr. Phev are very nae u n oo for trttera, acrolula, awellnwrv eiyeipelae, ranlyeie in thu eeinnlne, kc. Sold at the mqd'r'te price off) 50, by iftj im*r NINUAKD. <5 Franklin at. N. Y. p SPECIAL NOTICE. ? PIE TRIAL OF OUR H A VIO UR.?The public are re- " apectfelly informed that the aplendM nronpo tweng- P hree figure., ill .unary. the aire of Ufa, repreaentry dn al olemn and impreaaire acene. which haa be"1 S^iISt 3* P on by over aeventy thonaaud prrapn. durttiR the let an a ntha, and elicited a* much praiae from the prcaa. ia npW "" ihibiUon for a ahorttime, at the apac.ona hall. .n Oran.^ ^ InildiiiR, comer of Chambera atreet and Broadway, New fork, entrance on Chamber, at. ? .j.-i, . Opon every day from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M., ao.l on Snnday a nt rom II A. M. till 10 in the evenint. . . n Ad minion 25 centa, children under ll rrm of Of '??' m lea?oii tteket.fir idn't. 50 c nfa; do do for children ? cent.. jn Pupil, of Sunday and other tehoela wilt he admitted at the ite cnta erch.whrn theycome in a body of mIm*i " went--five in nnmbe*, .. dn 81 r ? f OST, ou morn...*, Dec. I2d, aSwSSdland doe, ? La ihre month, ol I, black, with brea.t, n P lbite. The finder will be librrUlf reward d on ret,,riuD* it Pi i I 0 Ilndaon at, or |? Front at, " ,n to lilt MILLfcH -5" I li-El) IIP.--A rclu'i'i;!, ,,l _Dnw- C? *1 Imi'a ?| ply to M.ller on the Second t.omniR ?,,< hnat n til Bit, by JmUh Litch," la for .ale at * I ark How. I h ' Ri nmhera, for 5< cent., will be (! io-morrow. d?2 3t r n v^oi-ss ^.i.iW?''rc"oLiw. fe: ' . M * Booth at. Bl m4 >rk : RNING, DECEMBER 2 Common Comnctl. Board ok Assistant Aldumkh, Dec. i3.?The Board nut according to thu call ot l'resideut Adams. I'reSeut, the I'reoidont and a quorum. The minutes ot thu last mi-eting were ruadand approved. Prumlation of Peliliom.?Of several hundred citizens, remonstrating against the proposed contract lor cluumug the streets. Referred. Rtyortt ef CommiUtti?Of the Committoe on Finance, rwauve to a communication ol tliu Controller, asking for certain lurther appropriations, amounting to $700,000. It, port accepted, and the ordinance adopted. Invitation to attend a ball by Fire Company 3d. Unfinished Business ?Document AO, or rather a substitute ior it, which had been prepared and printed on the Market laws,was then taken up?the meeting having been called hy the President tor that special purpose. The Board thei; proceeded to enact, aud did enact tho following ordiuauce, article by article. As there was very littleopiHisition or discussion, we publish the whole entire and together. AN OllDlNANCK to ams.kd xii or the rkvisxd oaDiailscsts, " or the public misksts ' Th? Mayor, Aldermro aud Commonalty of tlie City of New York, in Common Ct uncil convened, do ordiin as follows : ? i Section 1. till inter All of the Revised Ordinances, eaiuted " Of the Public M tikets." is lictrby amended, by ..ddiug thereto the following title mil sections Title IX. Of His Safe <\f Fresh Meats in places other than the Pcblic Markets t 1. The Mayor of the City ol New York shall, from time to time, issue licenses, under his hind ami seal, to so iniuy aud su< li persons a. shall lor that purpose b* recommended by the Market Committee, to ixeicise and carry on the lr idr aud ou.Hit ss of butchers, ami to sell Irrsli meat by tlx-joint, or in pieces or othernise, in kucli public in like it, and such other pi i es, aa .ball be designated iu such recoinuieudatiou ; ami all places to de.iguated, oilier lliau die present public iniikeis, shall be kuown as, aud called, Markets ; and n sl.a I uot l> necessary , io entitle my person to such license, iha. be sli ill have served au appreuiicesbip w ith a licensed butcher. i 2. No license shall be issued to ?us p< rsou unless he be au sciu 1 resident ot tin citv, a eiliien of tne Cuited States, of the iWul IWi-ulvmi. euro .,..1 ...,.|> ...... I.-. II edoi revoked nt t'ie piessure of IIim Market Committee; but ull ttr i>u> ricrivmg a license for a .Mukcl oilier llian those IH1.V known aa Hubjic .Vaiktts, shall pay to the Clerk of tin; Common Council, for the u?p of itie city, the sum ot $11) annually. >3 It ihtli not be lawful to kill or dr. si any freali meat of aii> description, iu auy -Market licensed a* aforc??id, occupied lor tire site of such moat, uuder liie penalty of liity dollais, to be itcovt red fiorn llie person so licensed; and the licenses of all pt'iannj violating thia aectiuu, oriutleiiug or permuting the same to be violated. ati.ilI be lortliwrlli auuulled try the Market Coinmiltee, after a lieartng ol the caae upou no ice t > the parly coinplaiued of. H- ? very ;>er?oii licensed to keep a Market as aforesaid shall ln*e and me his own scale-beam and weights, which snail be sus| ruttru ru louse conspicuous pUce iu Ins Miikel, md shall be se.led l*y one of lire Sealers of Weights, Measures aud B, ati.s,under tlm penally of twenty dull i s let escn orteucs; fa shill also cause a sign, with his name pawled thereon, to be | lace.I in frouiol h s .Market, under penally ul twenty Oot1 .rs I r each offence. 5. It shall be thr duty . f the clerk of the Common Council t.. in ,ke ,.tiil keep aa accurate list ol ail peisous liceusej as aforesaid, oinprising their names in full, the d ites of their several licenses, and their places of business as designated in sard licenses, and to furnish a copy ofsuc i list to the Alderman and Aisisin.1 Alderman of eacli ward, once in every six mouths, or olteiier if required so to do by said Alderman or Assistant Aide i mm. f ti The Aldennau and Assistant Aldeiman may, and the Bireet luspecto. oi Deputy Health Warden of eacti ward thill visit each day all the in i keta lor the sale ol auch men in shell ward, audit shall be tin ir special duly iu all cases to enforce the provisions of this title. f 7 1 he provisions of this ordiuince in relatiou to the sale, Oi ciposure ior sale, iu the public markets, ol blowu. plaited rsiseO, stuffed, impure, or unhealthy meals of any description, or the tlcshoi any animal dead by accident or disease,or known or sjjjH Cted to be diseased at the killing of live aaine, and all other ruleaaud provisions lor the government, regulations, and police of the public markets, and butchers ihcreiu, shall apply tO all uisetl salablislied for the sale of fresh uieats, aud to persons licensed under this title, so tar as the aaine are applicable, under the like penalties. S 8. Section 3lh of Title 1. of said Chapter XII. ia hut by ameuded so as lu read aa lollows: |1 The IInt ol ill stalls .111.1 standi in the public markets shall be payable daily, uuder condition of forfeiture; aud it shall be the duty of the Clerks of the respective markets to collect the same each day, aud pay over the amount thereof, together with a I other tees, to the City Chamberlain,on Monday iu every week. ) 'J The fourth section of Title IV. of said Chapter X11. i? lira by amended so a* to read as follows: 4. Tlis said Deputy Clerks shall faithfully collect lliu maiket fees mid reu s which shall become Cue in their reipectivc public m.iikels; ai.d shall, on Monday ill every week, lender '.lucaud laithlul account to the Comptroller of all inouies which they shall hare received, and shall theieiipou forth with pay over iheianic to the City Chamberlain. flu. Sic ion II of Title IV. f said Chapter XII is hereby amcuded so as to r.-ad as follows: |R The said Deputy cleikt slull have power to suspeud any pe-soii havins a staled stall or stand in any public inaiket, or occupying ?uy psrt of said marker or Hie sheets adjoining the same, from occupying or using any pait of such market, or the strtets adjacent rheiet >. wheiner such person be a licrnstd butcher or not, and the said clerk shall unmeili stely after such susjieiisiou report 10 the marker Committee ihc reasons of such suiiieusioii atrd the decision of said cuntiuiUee in all coses shall bt hu tl. i II. The seventh sectiou of Title VI. is hereby amended so as to reed astallows : I 7. No person other tlisn those lic< nsed so to do, snail cut up IU any til" tie." Msrliets of the city of New York, oriuauy other phce in the said city, any betf, pork,veal, mutton,or lainn.snd sell or t ?, ose the same for sale by ihe joint or in pieces, under the pewsliy of lifty dollars frrr each tfeuce. ^ 12. The 4th secuon of Title VIII. of said Chapter is hereby aioended so as u> read as f rllows : f 4. No person shall sell or expose for sale any fresh meat of any description in any street or ijlicr in this eily, other than iu the Markets, nnder the penalty of fifty dollars for each ofTeac ; but this sectiou sli ill not be comlruedto prevent the cuuiug up and ihe sale ol fresh pork by gWWO and packets, from the fiftlMtb diy ot October, in a*>y year, to and Uul the fifteenth diycf March iheu uext follow in*. t 13. Senirr s J sod t> o; li'.le VIII. of said Chapter ore hereby repealed. i II. Tille VIII. of sa d Chapter XII. is hereby amended blading thereto the followinit section : j36. No butrher or any otner person shall lisve or keep in any of the Public Markets; any refrigerator, ice box, or cask, containing n e or pickle, nulesa ike same lie placed within the limits of, and in rear of, his stall or stand, and he lined with lead, . I >.MM other Inrtalic Mibstxuce, so as ! In w Iter-Hslit. aud provided with a pipe of lead, ainc, or copper, leading thcre>roin to I he uearesr gutter, under penalty of twenty-live dollars for the violation of each and ,-veiy provision of this section. S 16. All rdinaneea or parts of ordinances loco .sistent with ll<e provisious i f this ordinance, arelureby repealed. Previous to taking the question on the whole ordinance as a whole. Alderman wateaman of the Bth ottered an article requiring the erection of public slaughterhouses on the North and East Rivera, at points to be designated by the Common Council, where all cattle lor the use of the city shall be slaughtered and inspected by persons appointed by tho Common Council lor that purpose.? Referred. Alderman Waterman also offered the following resolotion:?Before this ordinance shall take effect, the premiums heretofore paid by the butchers lor their stalls in the public markets, shall be refunded to them. Referred to the KinanceCommittee. Alter some discussion by Alderman Waterman and Alderman W. Dodge, the ordinance was adopted as a whole by a vote of 10 to 7. Alderman Scolks then moved to take up document No. 64 on the contract for cleaning the streets. Heversl remonstrances from tax paying citizens were read?the purport of them was in lavor of dividing the city into districts, and not giving the whole to one con tractor?of limiting the contract to one year?the contractors to give security for the performanceol the work ?and the contracts to be given, by advertisement, to the lowest bidder. Alderman Waterman moved to refer this document to the Committee on Cleaning the Streets, with reference to considering the above remonstrances. In a matter involving an expenditure of $60,000 par annum, and 300,000 in (lie live year* during which the contract is to run, hr thought it proper that the subject should be hilly considered, and these remonstrances reported upon We shall lose nothing by reference; we may lose much by hasty iction. The motion for relerence was lost. Alderman moved that this Board now concur with till Board of Aldermen in the adoption of tho reso iuiivu mm iuioi ui romraci, miu lac resolutions appended hereto. Alderman Bsowx objected to entering into any such .ontrsct for the whole term of (Ire year*. We know not what change* may take place In that time. Alderman Watkbma* would first enquire into the auhority of the Cor|>oration to enter into *uch contract? dodging the city reaource* for a term ol veara exceeding he current year. He citeil sections 18 and 19 of the intended charter, relative to the power ol the city to l>orow money, Dev. without the authority ol the Legislature, f we have authoritv to let out the contract lor flveyears, hen why not lor 10,60,100, or 600 year* 1 It ti needles* to lav the vote* on this contract question verenllof a paity character?8 democrat* voting agaiait t. and nine whig* in favor. There were a great many ihjection* raised and an?wered?in the four*.- of which nuch time eiapaed. At thi* present writing it want* 20 ninutrsof II o'clock, and the discussion ha* now caninnad about two hour*. Twenty minute* morn of di*nation ?II o'clock?motion* to adjourn?member from he 8th haa the floor?amendment*. Fifteen minutes past I o'clock ?one whig waked up to vote?the first four age* of the document or contract approved?another itlf page read?more objections by the democrats?moion to adjourn, lost? more di?c.u?*ion? the previou* que?lon threatened by the whig*?denounced a* an illiberal tireot by the democrat*??omc are looking for the aoft *ide f benohes?other* are reading the Herald?two member* *t gone home to their wive*. Hall past 11 o'clock? tetnber from the 9th ha* the floor? " Still holding out to tire each other down"? rivate proposition to have a prayer?more discussion? lotion to adjourn lost?two w hig* waked tip to vote? alf a page more of the contract approved-another half age read?more amendment* and discussion?no the iglitest alteration in the original document yet made? rivate proposition to have a song?all the Heralds read ? lember* get desperate and take to reading other newspaera?another half page approved?quarter to 12 o'clock, idnight- another halt page read?member from the 17th as the floor?two more members Just gone home?moiu nendmenta, but all lost?cigars calle>t lor privately? alf a page more approved?12 o'clock, midnight? embers are winding up their watches?Saturday morng?objection to sitting on Satirday?more of the conact read?the 17th haa the floor?inch by inch?great lemnity prevails about this time?J past I > o'clock?a itiff box is passed round, and seven whiga and five demo-ats leeze several times with gre ,t political propriety? -esident Adam* gives out, and invites Alderman Drown take the chair?4 past 12 o'clock?4 to ono o'clock?the infract two thn <1* finished?one o'clock?not an altera >n yet made in the document, nor a solitary advantage lined by the democrats (or the last five or six hour*, th irmsion having commenced immediately alter tea,about to 9 o'clock. Half past one o'clock. Alderman Wateran ha? the floor, ably advocating the principles set forth the remonstrances already alluded to. At two o'clock e document Ne. 64 wes finished end concurred inAldermen Williams then moved to take up the Police .11?LoM. Adjourned to next Tueedey evening. HERA 4, 1842. General Sessions. Before Recorder Tullmadge und Judge Lynch. ; Dec. 13 ? 7Yi?l of Kotrrt Griffith?Al the opening of the Court, the Recorder proceeded to Charge the Jury empaneled in the causa of this III a 11, indicted far conspiracy lor obtaining money under false pretence*. The testimony wus concluded on Thursday evening. Previous to the charge, Thuron ltudd, Esqr., counsel lor accused, presented several points of law lor thu consideration of the Court, which were reviewed by thu Recorder. The guilty; an.l during the morning the Court seuteuced him lu the Penitentiary for six mouths. The Caie of Hope The case of William Dingier, Oalii it I llattield, ana John Underbill, iudicted fur u tape on Aun Murphy, at the Broadway Cottage, wa* called up, but there being hut twenty oue juiers of the panel answering to their names, and it being staled by counsel tbut the trial would probably occupy several days, the District Attorney Consented that it should go oil lor the term; and it was therefore put down lor the lust Wellies lay in January. Senltnce of William D. Gray?Thia well know n burglar and former companion of Richard I*. Robinson, w ho waa tried for the murder ol J&llen Jewett, was then arraigned for sentence on two convictions for burglary, one in the third negree lor entering tue clothing atore of Whiteley and Co. in Annatreet, and another in the hrst degree lor attempting to enter the dwelling of William Wuitiiughain, 3M uioadway. Upon being asked why sentence should not bo passed upon him, he lose and delivered the following ape ch to the Court. During its progress the prisoner at times shed tears lreely, and created much leeling trout the manner in which he delivered cuitain passages ;? In the Court op Sessions, ) City or Mew Vohx. j To tiik Hon. Junius, Tii.i.miidu and Ltnch :? .My humble thanks ure due to the Court, lor tho privilege they have allowed me of preparing this communication, which 1 consider my duty to make to them and th public ut huge, prior to suuteiice being passed upon ineon tho charges on which 1 stand convicted. 1 am tally uware that my statement* will be viewed by some as iulsehoods, but be they stumped as they may, since it is my privilege and your honors nuve grunted ino a hearing, 1 shall proceed todischnigc what 1 conceive to lie iny boundeu duty, both toward my sell und others whose names will occur in these remarks. It 1 were to enter into a lull detail of the various causes that have tended to bring me where 1 now stund, 1 should but recapitulate the history ol many a thoughtless youth who has entered upon the world with Mtiiiiawi uuu^ am bjuiu", uuu uuuuuiiig geuuruim hearts. 1 think circumstances ui present will justily mu in referring to incident! that have lung since truiispired in Ihiscity, and ui-der any other circunieauoes than the pre sent, I stiould be unwilling to advert to them. 1 stand belure this Court tiranded with that indelible mark, "notorious!"?How this title happen* to lix upon me, 1 ahall briefly explain. liitha year 1S3;I 1 came to thil city from the State ol Ohio?the greater nember ol my relative! being citizen* or resident* of that State. Not a man with whom 1 had any acquaintance at home, (and it wan my good lortune then to enjoy the confidence of many of the first men in the State,) refused me ins introductory letter to his friend at New Vork; and I left my native Slate with every requisite to commence and complete what might have ended in a uselul career, had I not forgotten to heed that useful and wise admonition, "keep good company." My good character was maintained in this city with credit to mysell,until certain circ (instances 1 am about to narrate, occured, which swept from me my all?lor a clerk in this city without a character,is one of the must pitiable ohjuets that can be imagined. 1 am sure 1 am remembered (and perhaps with sorrow)by many that are now looking upon me. Uilburt K. Hays, at my request, to gratily my curiosity, in the month of July. 13-11, led me into one ol the storerooms belonging to the police department, and umolded to me the article, then almost consumed l>y moth, which, in connection with its owner, and circumstances connected with both, had the etlect of getting tor me the had liamo that 1 now hear in the public priuts. The article to whtou I reler is the cloak said to have been worn by the murderer ol the wretched girl Helen Jewett. 1 had peculiar sensatious as I looked upon the garment that once enveloped so much guilt, and I sadly thought, too, of the unfair shufilingoirol the consequences ol guilt or punishment that had been practised upou me. It is well known that my name, and also the names of very many others in good standing in this city at this day, were compelled to appear to the public, belore the trial oi the person charged with that most shameful of crimes was terminated, and many still have cause to regret it?but none more so, or half >u much. M4 lhf> iinlnrfiinatH nnnvirt thut now (iilflrHkfifB von Tin) pleasing manners ot Richard I*. Robinson wou my attoiuion; being a hoarder with him ill the same house, his apparent harmless, gay, and volatile, and Ins simplicity and corrsct moral traits,so tar us 1 knew,gained for him my res|n>ct and admiration. Thine circumstances, connected with his standing in society, at that time, led to un acquaintance and intimacy ou my part, precisely in the same way that others became bis friend*. He it is known, was apprehended and charged with a crime, that in my humble viewsot its atrocity , lar exceeds in enormity, any other that ever stained the ? !*ifltfWj in tliiI city, so fur as my limited miormation extendi. He was tried iorthis otfence and acquitted. The public uiin.t at that time was ill at ease, and still continues in some measure, so to be, in consequence of the result of this trial. In fact, public indignation ran so high in this mstter, that vengeance- was ready to satiate iteell; and 1 can add with truth did in some measure satia'e itself upon one whose weak, helpless, and unsupported shoulders, was little calculated to brave or withstand this mighty torrent. That individual, was the unworthy creature that now addresses you. During this excitement, I was taken from the Washington Hotel, in a state of stupor, (which, by the bye, I do not plead as an excuse) and after an examination and commitment, (on a charge that under any other circumstances would have been overlooked) I was ascertained to be an acquaintance ol Robinson's. This, connected with the discovery on my person, of tome notes, that had passed between us, while 1 was detained as a witness against him, soon had the effect ot gaining tor me the name of " Robinson's friend." I was tried, coulil not raise hinds enough to lee counsel,and was convicted, livery tiody knows how Robin, roil was disposed of, and it requires but half a glance from the dimmest perception, to perceive the wide difference, in those .lays in this city, between the rich murderer and the poor fool With reference to those times, I could justly exclaim in the words 1 have picked up somewlmrr, " Wealth makes the man?the want of it, the fellow." The Court at that time, in their wisdom, theught proper to visit upon me the estremest penalty they could inflict?and why 7 Because my name became associated with that of a rich, (and what I shall ever believe) a gull, ty murderer, whose gold, and powerful friends bore him through, and out, unwhipt of earthly justice?I was consigned to that " bourne trom whence no traveller returns," who is possessed of sensitive feelings, without Knowing in nil neart, that nil miirortunei hive drawn a liueof demarkation between him and hiifriendi, especially if thoie Iriendi are amongst the rich, and respected, that requires such moral courage to wipe out or efface, is 1 frankly acknowle ge 1 could not practice, without such tender sympathy, as in cases like my own, is seldom felt by the world, and I can add also by many that pretend to lilt themselves above the trifles of time. Where is the man that hears me, that can enter right into the feelings of one whose follies has so situated him that every tare that once met him with a smile, now frowns on him with contempt? Or where is the man, to be plain, that from the pure charity of his heart, would extend to me his hand, one year ago, and say thou art my brother, thou hast transgressed, hut I forgive yeu, and w ith me the pa>t is forgotten. I am the man that will assist you in build, ing up the wreck of your ruined hopes, and never hint at thecauseof your misfortunes. To illustrate in my feeble way, this point, I will relate an incident which occurred with mn in thu summer ot IBtl. After the expiratlou of my imprisonment, I was treated with uncommon tenderness by the Chaplain, at Sing Sing, the Rev. John Lucky, and the ageat, David L. Seymour, both being men that are what they profess to he, exemplary and philanthropic. Through their inteijosition, I wai brought in amongst many of my former friends. Ons of these friends, an estimable man, (a merchant of Pine stree') fully admitted me to the privileges of his counting room. Through his agency with some of the lawyers in Wall street, I obtained considerable employment as a copyist. I occupied one of the disks m h ? office, and began to flatter myself that the foundation ot my retrieve was laid. In a lewday s, another gentleman, (a stranger to me) who belonged to the concern, returned from the country He notircd a stranger seated at one of the desks, and inquired of his fiartner" who it was." He was told by him, that '* I was ormerly one of his clerks, thst T hail been unfortunate? . hut that by kind treatment, I might be restored, and thst he had determined to help me slong in carry ing out my good resolutions," and amongst other things, mentioned my nat?. 1 i This was enough. When it *u known to him who I was, he objected immediately to my occupying one of hi< desks, with the remark that " how should he feel, if he hail occasion to mention my name belore any of hi* friends, who knew my tme history V Theae circumstance* became known to me, and I am sure the Court anil all who hear me can to aome extent realize my aensatlons. This i< not related with any other motive than to convey if possible, a faint idea of what is to be undergone hy one that has " fallen bv the way," as I have?and who may be endeavoring to raise himself to an upright position. 1 have often in my own mind thought, that no enterprise in which the humane lovers of their fellow men could an- I gage is more deserving their consideration than to adopt oma effectual way to aid, assiat, and encourage those poor, uncared lor men that have come out of a prison with good resolutions, but alas, who after seeing how coldly the world in general look* upon them, fall back into suclt conditions as mske thair situations doubly deplorable. I believe there are few, hut I am sutn there are aome. so cruel naturally, aa to rejoice in the woea of their fallow men. An instance of thia, and I leave thii subject. A short time aince I was at Philadelphia i I dropped into a public house in that city called the " Head tduarteri"? I w is en- ' joying myself as well as others, when a man T did net 1 then know asked me to walk with him to a table close by, ' on w hich lay a daily Journal, which he opened, and turn- 0 ed to the date, July 17 or 1H, *36. Then he pointed to these words, recorded in writing?" William D Uray, the 11 companion of Richard P. Robinson, has been sentenced to the State Prison for the term of live years" and then finished his tender interview with me by telling me that " I was that man, and if I did not absent myself immediately, he would expose me to the company " ' left, not abruptly, however, with this consolation, thst gentlemen of his grade were but Tew in this my native land. In Justice to the following gentlemen, I have a few word* to aay, which shall consist of simple truths, and I hope may be received * ucl' hX *" Tb'T r" ofllceri Joseph Htanton, John M. Low, (I think is his name.) and Gilbert F. Hay*. Since my apprehenaion. 1 hav* learnt that complaints hava been preferred to the Mayor and Common Council, th* design of which was to injurs ths LD. Price Two Ctntt, aliove name I gentlemen , I be purport of which (if I am rightly informed) was that they and aome others who were immediately concerned in my huuncaa, ware the reelpiai is of a considerable amount of money, by meana of wnich I waa allowed laat spring to be admitted to bail, and con*e(|uently deleat the enda ol justice. Now, for the satisfaction of all whom it may concern, (and certainly if the above were I acta, all huneat men ahould be concerned! I do publicly and truly declare, that auch atatementa and fabricationa were originally got hp uy aome other then myaelf, who never witnessed anything else in theoe men in their otlicial capacity, than the moat strict adherence to honesty, coupled at the same time with all the kindneaa that could bo consistently shown,to any man arrested as I was, on a charge of felony. Another worthy and invaluable member ot the I'olice corps, 1 hare learnt stood in some degree implicated. This It Mr. Barnabaa W. Oeborne, the Clerk ol i'olice, whose shrewdness is satisfactorily kaown to me, but whose deviations from strict integ illy, ii ni' nun any, never came under my obseevaiion The Magistrate 'that committed me on the charge* of which I am now convicted, 1 am aure, conducted throughout, with a strict regard tojuslice, and with motive* perfectly pure, and unblamable. This wa* Magiitrate Btephcns,Mbn whom 1 wa* admitted to bail. There are few thut have had l etter opportunities than myiell of late tojudge oflhe efficiency of the police of New York, and in o lar a* my obiervatiou* have gone?their promptitude and vigilance i* only equalled by the preaent gentlemanly keep* r* of the City l'riaon?every member of the first, and all concerned with the latter, being viewed by me. a* men that know well how to Jischaige their dutiea, and a* faithfully perform the tame. I ahull, if the Court plea*e, make a few remark* in relation to the charge* on which I stand convicted. Aa re. Sirds that of Messrs. Wliiteley It Robertaon, (I think is e firm) I leave it with every honest citizen to decide in hi* own mind whether or not, that bill of charge* should ever have passed into the hand* of the Orand Inquest? whether it i* u principle of law, that a fitting Magistrate on hisrhairof office, and in his capacity, a* tn agent for the commonwealth, cun pass his word, added to which I remember I extorted from him his honor alio, (which ia said to be held sacred amongst thieves) whether lie can so obligate himself in tho presenoc of witnesses, and that word he void. 1 do not know, I confess, hut this truth I do know, that injustice, and I believe in the sight of heaven, a promise made to me under similar circumstances, to those 1 refer to,are as binding as though tiiey were made to your upon tbo Judicial bench. Thia ia for others, however, to determine. Tne other charge, that of Mr. Wittingham, is one upon which liny man, that had never appeared before your Honors previously, and at the same time bore a good character, would have been dismiaied. The verdict waa in accordance with the testimony, and this it at should be in the pyeof the law. I would not presume to intimate that Mr. Ilogers, the city watchman, deviated in his testimony from truth iu the least?hut a* my counsel, (ieorge Wilson, Esq , very justly remuiks upon my trial, "it 1* an im|>ossible thing lor any man to be identified, to a certainty, under the circumstances I waa said to be, on the night of the attempted burglary on tho premises of Mr. W. An attempt only w as it. Krom Mr. W's testimony, he loat no property, not the value Ola pin. I will just add here, and God and myself only know it to be a truth, that I never knew in my lite there was such a man in existence aa Mr. Whittlngham, neither did I know, to u certainty, there waa auch a houae aa 3HD Broadway, until I waa arreated by the watchman for an attempt cn hia premises. This quarrelling with ray fate is nonsense; and all I have to do is to submit quietly to the sentence your Honora shall see lit to lav upon mn. 1 would wish, however, to remind your Honors that I and tho "notorious Bill Gray," are separate, and distinct persona This la the name that public report has christened mn by?hut 1 know, and I believe there are many in thial'ourt room that think aa 1 do, that it is misapplied. I have been an unthinking, rash preci pitate man, but I think 1 can say with a clear conscience, that i never premeditated two hours, any offence, and was never concerned in any cool, calculating scheme of villainy in my life. I have learnt, from being made a child of misfortune, how to sympathise with those that are unfortunate. I believe I never met an otyect in my path in life, that seemed to need my sympathy, and money, but what they were fioured out to them?but the moat unfortunate thing with me is, and ever was, that my soul was much larger than my purse. I will now conclude by reminding this Court of what I am sure they are aware, that mercy as well aa justice is ?n attribute of Him before whom all of ua,Judges and criminals, will bu arraigned to receive the just deserts of our doings. WILLIAM D.OBAY. Tombs. 13<1 Dec. 1841. tin the conclusion of this address, the Recorder dwalt with much force and feeling upon the long continued course of crime of the prisoner, and concluded by sen fencing him to the State Prison for the term of ten years, on the conviction of burglary in the first degree, and two years and six months on that for the conviction in the third decree. Previous to the sentence, his counsel. George Wilson, Esq., stated that he was preparing a bill of exceptions to the recent trials, which he desired the court would ftive prisoner the benefit of before he waa tent to Sing sing. Sentence oj O. de AtUllit Santangtlo?Thil agad veteran, who wilt convicted on the 10th inst., ot publishing U u pamphlet alleged to Ins libellous, on the character of Senator Samuel McRoborta, of Illinois, was then called up for sentence. He addressed the court aa loUows :? Hon. Rccobdeb Talljsaook? Sib :? On the Bth instant, I was found guilty of libel. It Is not now my purpose to discuss what induced the Jury to return suon a verdict. It has become the duty of the Court to pass sentence upon me, and 1 would only beg leave to represent, in addition to my affidavit, submitted yesterday through my counsel, 1st, That my " Circular to the World" was neither wilful, nor malicious, but irresistibly piampted by atrocious offences to my, veracity and churacter, Irom a man whom I had never seen, and never saw until his appearance in thii Court. 3d. That my " Circular to the World" did net contain any false imputation, but merely a literal refutation of a highly intuiting lettrr, dated the 4th of June last, accompanied, it is true, with rash words and sarcasms, which, nowover, if impartially compared with the grave offencea previously inflicted ou me, cannot constitute a libel, properly so called. 3dly. That my " Circular to the World" was afterwards m ist wickedly and slanderously revenged by the very samu individual who had provoked it, through an " Andreas to the Public" of 10 pages, already submitted to this Hon. Court, printed and circulated in Washington in my absence from that city, and in which I was not merely insulted and delhmed by vague ignominious assertions, but lalaely accused of crimes, which, were they true, would have exposed me to infamous, and even capital punishments. 4th. That this private revenge, highly criminal, not having satisfied my persecutor, and apprehending at the same time a suit for libel in Washington, he suddenly and secretly retired to New York, where, after hsving surrepticioualy snatched from my hands a copy of my " Circular to th<- World" to hu sent out ol this State, where it had never been distributed before, had me arrested and subjected to an action for libel. 0th. That the consequences of this cruel and unexpected treatment have hitherto been, 1st, the loss of glfiMin the bargain from which my persecutor derived the pretext for his first provocations?Sndly, Four months of imprisonment from the -J8'h of August up to this day, undar a bail of $10,000?adly. Heavy expenses for my defence against the prosecution brought forward by the State of New York,the peace and dignity of which I had never the least design, intent or idea to trouble or offend in any way at all?4th. A total, distressing disorder^in my family matters, and in all my private business, attended with comparatively enormoua losses, whilst the accuser, first the provoker, then the revenger, and then again the witness for himself under the^arb of a witneaa for the State and people oi new *oris, ! piaciniy rnjoyin^ iuu impunity. This 1 Uuv? the honor to submit. Lot now thn justice and equity of the Court paaa aentence ; I am respactfully ready for iti execution. (Signed) ORAZIO DK AT TELLIS SANTANOELO, Citizen of the United States. New Yoaa,December,33, 1843. On concluding, the Recorder remarked, that however much reason the accused had to feel for injuries that ha had supposed were inflicted upon him, yet the law should have lieen hi. remedy, and not the publication o( the document for which he had been convicted. He then sentenced the old veteran to a fine of $flO, and imprisonment for five days. Mr. ftantaagelo replied, " I give you thanks for having used in your speech more filial affection than I had reason toeapect from a judicial officer.'' The fine was paid inotantcr, and the old gentleman la now occupying the same premises in which Col. Webb received his friends, and will he happy to tee company, and spend a merry Christmas with those of his old acquaintances 'vho may honor him with a visit during his five days of deprivation from public liberty. H rnry Newman, recently ou? of State Prison, and who was brought from Now Jersey a few days since on a requisition, charged with burglary in the third degree in entering the store of Emanuel B. Jones, JflOJ Qrano street, on the 4th of November, and stealing, hosiery, silks, he., valued at about $AO0, entered a plsa of guilty, and waa sentenced to the State Prison for four years and months, being tha full extent of the law. Henry Brooks, who had entered a plea of guilty t indictment for assault and battery on Benjamin Smith, sentencad to a Sne of S10. Thomas Lewis, one of the emigrant passenger runners, for an assault anil battery on Harry Williams, waa fined Frederick Landeman, John Orutzner, and Oeorga Bailor, convicted of riot and ssaault and battery vu Paul H. Oerrish, weredned each. Moaes BI?.kstock for a libel on George Eger, of Read* street, In writing a slanderous letter, was fined the snm of fQft. The sentence of Lafayette Green for telling lottery polirjos wns postponed till next term. Piarharged.?Peter Ward, charged with grand larceny, n picking thn pocket of Thilip Clark, containing in noney,not Iwlng indicted for want of witnaaaeato appear 'gainst him, and being in prison for three terms, waa diabarged by proclamation. James Conway, alao charged with grand larceny, waa iacharged for (he same reason. TheCourt thun adjournal for the term. Benkrnpt f 1st. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORE. Henry P. Coffin. Brooklyn, agent. Marmaduke Osborne, N. T., net manufacturer. John C. Robertson, N. Y? blacksmith. Achillls V. Hammond, N. Y., late merchant. John B. Snook, N. Y., carpenter. David Anderson, Brooklyn, Stonecutter. Wm. John Coggey, Yorkvllle, late grocar. John A. Manning, N. Y. John L. Burtaall, N. Y., lata stationer. Thoe. Andrews, N. Y-, merohant

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