Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 25, 1842 Page 1
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??? TH I. VLU.?Ho. 3M,?WlMU N?. MOT. fOK NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA ANu NEW FORK LINE OF V AC RE 18. mm Fi^^^^STter aceouinuK^^^^oT ' ir<in.'ch a aliiii froin tliii '>ort on the l?t. Mh, 10tb. lathi Udi ijI etch month, com toeing the luih October and continuing until May, whru regular day* will be PP?'"l*d 'or u?r recaiud.-r of the year, whereby great itaUira IM dwappoiutintmtt will be prevented during the iuminer maalha The follow ing thipa will commence Una arrangement S **?mp YAZOO 'Caiaahi Cornell. Ship OCONEfc. Captain J""**??: Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. " Ship LOUISVILLE. Cajmiu Hunt. MSIup SHAKSPK.ARE, Captain Mintr. 7 Uhin OASTON. Carnaln Latham. *2? Ship Hi: N T S Vt L LE, Captain Mem fori. , dhip OCMUI.OEE, Captain Leavitt. Snip NASHVILLE. Lapuiu Dickinson. MtShip MEMrillS. < <M*am Knight. Slap LOUISA, Cm?ouh Mulford. These sin 1*4 were all built id the city of New York, exprees'? for packets, arc l'<hl J raft of water, have recently I eeu ('wly coppered au*l put in ?plcu<lid uider-wilh accommodations lor pav?*ii)icis iirnri|?sllcil for comfort. They nir commanded by exjwrieDCe d masti-m, who will make tttry exertion to give satisfaction. They will at all time* be towed up and own tlie Miasiaaippi by iirainooau. Neither tlie owners *.. captains of these ship* will be rciporisible for jewelry, hulliou. precioas stones, silver ot plated ware, r for any Inters, parcel or package, seat ty rpxr on board of them, fiiileaa regvlcr bill* :f filing are taken for the saao ind tlie ralne the.eon eipresaed. Ver freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., S6 South at, or HULLIN Ik WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans. Who will promptly forward all good* to tlieir ad.lresa. The ships of thia lino are warranted to sail punctually as ndyerhsed, and great can will be taken to have the goods correct' ly measured. ml NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? ailfrom New York on the 26th and Liverpool on the 13th **/ tack naen/A. EM M M M nbwTSST Ship OARR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 26th October. K Shin ROSCIl.'S, Captaiu John Collins, 26th November. fcfShip KIDDONH. Cantaiu E. II. Ciibb, 26lh December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Drpeyiier, 26th January. Fbom LivcnroeL. fTShip SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 12th October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Deiwyster, nth Novem'r. [ Ship OARIIICK, Captain Wm. akiddy, 13th December. Ship ROSCIUS, Cvptaiu John Collins, 13th Janutry. These ships are all ol the first class, upwards ot IMuu. built in the city of New York, with irtcli improvements atcombine great s|*eed with nuuanal comfort for passenger*. Every care has been takeu in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of pesaage hence is $100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, wha will make every exertion to give general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for ai y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular h *1* of luditgure signed therefor. For freight in paBme, apply to E. K. COLLIiWf k CO., SO South St., New York, or to | WM. It JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. Latter* by the packets will be charged 12>i cents per single xheet; SO cents per onncc. and newspapers 1 cent each. ol OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M & M THK OLD LINE of Parketjlo: Liverpoo^viT^^reafUr be A deeratrhrd IB the following order, eieetxiug that when the day of ntliux rail* on Buuday, the ships will tail on the succeeding day. _ ?ot ^ For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, Jane 1 July 19 616 too*. Oct 1 No* It D.U. Bailey, I Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, I'Jnue 19 Aug 7 150 loo*. . Oct 19 Dec 7 B.L.Wailn. ('Feb ? April 7 The OXFORD, tJuly 1 Aug 19 BOO too*, < Not 1 Dec 19 J. Rathboue, I March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, July 19 8ipt 7 419 ton*. Not 19 Jan 7 E. G. Martha! i Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, ( Aug 1 Bept 19 619 ton*. Dec 1 Jau 19 A B. Lowbtr.i April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK. Aug 19 Oct 7 999 ton*. Dee 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.I April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ! 8epl I Oct 17 *J0'on?, Jan 1 Feb 17 w rm m.?, (?8u,,0W I'Mjlr 1 June 19 The COLUMBLS, i.Sept 19 Nov 9 700 too*. 1 Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. Mar 19 Ju|y 7 Pnuetnality, a* tesfarda the day of sailing, wiil be observed a* heretofore. J'he once of i>a**age out ward it now filed at One Hundred Dollar*, for which ample .tore* ofeverv description Will be provided, with the exception of wine* and liquors, w.iich Will be loniithed hy the aiewarda. GOODHUE k CO., CI South ?t., , c. H. >1AU?HALL 91, N. Y. jell ItIi BARING BROTHER? k CO.. LVkiI. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK BLIP, NEW YORK. m m M m The subscriber! h.-g to call the attention of their Irieud* nn the pub ic generally, to their m peri or trrauffmeuls [ for bnuxin? out p.usenan* from, and remitting money in, aay p*>r ol KiifftauH, Ifhind, Scotland or Walti, m tne maguinceut P ?cli. t hi, I he ' NEW Ll>? OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS,* VIZ.:? Ship ROAClUS, Capt ColliuN. Ship SIDDON'S, Captain Cobb. >> ip HtJ..Mi>AN,C*pcttN l>ep*ysu?r. Sh:|? GARRlC K, < Apfain Mkid Jy. New ship HOTJlVOUiR, Captain Brtraley. Ship SOUTHKR NKR. Captain Wood house, ui.t. nni'ifb ATirR PJ.? . Nf? >hlp LIVERPOOL, Captiin K'llndir. Bailing twice etery month; ind with ihr" UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class Amtngau ships. sailing trery la a day*, will fire ships in ra-h month throughout the year, (or oue erery ail days) thereby pievenung the poisi btiity of uDUfe sary detentn?n. Persons iwsLiug to tend for ih-ir friend*, will not fall to ire the ndv .nt ? ?to be dr ririd fiom -electing this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unnanal care will b -taken to make -he pauage agieeab'e, ihe ahi|? bting fit11J up witb an eye eolely t? the com'ortof paaaei g*rs. In all c?e? where the partiea ami for de-line Coming, the money will be refund d without any deduction, aa usual. A free paseage Com ih ranous seaport. of Ireland aud Scotland, can alao be secured. REMITTANCES. Persona in the country waiting 10 tend money to their friend* by rurloaing the aum they wish sent, with the name aud address of the parties t? receive ii, m. y rely on adiaft for the amouut be lug forwarded per fir't picket, after the receipt tnereuf, and an acknowledgement far the sauie returned per mail. Drafts at aighi, for any amount, are piyableon d-mand, without diseuuut or any o h r charge, at the National and Provincial IS -uks of Ireia d and brau< ho, Eaarern Bank of Seotlaud, Oreenock. and their branches, Messrs. Jauaes Rult, Son Ik Co., Bankets, Loudon, Exchange and Discount B ink, Lirerpool, and in eery pri' town of Great Bri sin and Irrland. Farther p.iticulars made known > u application, if by letter, po*l [raid, P> iliy r W. A J. T. TAPSPOTT. 41 Peck Slip, N. York. m m- M itit fTrTTlTS FO^^\RSElLLEt^f he nnderinr mioned ahina will be icgnlarly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on tho 1st of each month durum the year, that? I From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA,CaplBrown, N.tI. Jan I H'RYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylynater, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, '-apt Dugan, Jan 1. Mar 1 TREkCOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Cat* Adams, Marl. May 1 COKIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl 1, Jan I Th. y are all copparua md copper fasteued^nd hare excellent accommodations for piaaengertThe price uf cabin passage will be $tM, cxclnaire of wines andlujUors. Goods addressed to BOYD Ic HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other liaiges than tlioae actually paid. For freight or |iaa*age apply to G. BROOM k CO.. or to o2tr BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents. gdf- PACKET FOX MA HBEiLLErt, 1st JanuarywnNfV The ship COURIER, Capta u Uatrta Apply to MStiVL 8. BROOM k to, di7< I?r to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agent*. Ike- FOR LIVERPOOL.?Positively First Packet.? WrvaFVThe -jilendid fist sailing well known incket ship AmMbSOUTHEKNEU. Captain Palmer, will sail postUvrly as above, her regular day. It l'li? ships ..f this line arc all 1000 tons burthen, and npwards, a. d their wcmuoodatiini lor cabin, second cabin and steerage paamiecra, it i* well known, arc superior to any other line of pack***. For passage, early application should be mad* to W. It J. T.TAP8COPT, S3 Pee* Slip, cor. South at. The SOUTHERNER leaves Liverpool on the 5lh February, IMS- Pert >ns wtthin* to tend for their friends, to come out in theabove spletdid ship, or any of the re*nlar line, can make the necessary at, sngeuieuu on reasonable terms ; and iho e trial* in* to r mil money can haee dralts I >r any amount, payable on d.-mauil. in al. the prtueipal towns of Great Britain and Ireland, on application as above dtur kfih h'OR ?JVKRP05L?Paf hit i-l th? 7ih tana ry, |fyxV 1811?The splendid new packet lii,> ASH BURTON, JMHMnC*P'- HatUeaton, wills. M as . hove, her te*nlat day. Hi*' iii* u?'M I aaperk accommodations for, second cilia and ateeraar passengers. Persona wtshtnr to einbaak shonld mass early application on bo aid, foot of Maiden Lane, or in JOSEPH MeMURRAY, _ . 1* fine corner of Sontti street. | _ P S?The above will be succeeded by the racket ship Ste' rhen Whiiuey, aodeail mi the ll>h of Jtanary, IMS Person* wlsoin* to semi for their ir ends residin* in the eld conutry can (have 'hem brought out bv eithei of the above ship* or auy oi tl.e regular pickets, by applyin* as above, if by letter prst Pat I. * dj| to ,v7r TacIfETTfTiniXvnii, fcccocnLTiT-iriu kmSBWship UT1CA, V Hewitt roaster, will i,, flflftLof Jaunary. BOYD fc H1NCKKN, iltT^^^ No 9 Tonttue Bnildinn. cm- DKAKT8 ON IrtKLA vl), ke.?The aubacriheri JBtf^eoutii.ue togiva dralU parable on demand, without MyUk^di crniiit, or any rhar*e whatsoever. IN lllp-l.A.N I)?The National Bank of Ireland, the Provincial Bank of Ireland, and their oranchea in averv county. I IN ENGLAND AND WALES?Meaaia. James Bull. Son It t'o.. bankers, Leadoa, the Esc'.an** and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their branches throughout En*land and Wales. IN BCOTk AND?The Eastern Bank ot Scotland, the 0 eenock Banknu; Company, and bianchaa in the principal towns | Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter k Co. Peraoua ib >lie couutry wi-hui* to remit money to then friend* in any part of Kn*land, Ireland. Scotland, or Wales, hy encioain* the amount they wish to remit to ihe subscribers wit'. Urn name and address of the pirti-a to whom it lato be sent A <lr?rt for the ..mount will be lot w .riled ihe fi at packet ifler the receipt thereof, and acknowledgment of the asm returued per lira! post. b ,|| r W .v I T. TAI'Sf'OTT. <3 fVchslllv. New York. | ERA M IS' PATENT LIKE BOATS. 1JW- THE object of this invention is t > eare human life. J KyTCFV The h?" lt?t of pasvenneta .u.l other person* aaTeil by ? \ MMMHbb1 r*' beats from wrecks id storms when the ordinary i,.,,i I, i< -w mi ed is ovet IJu. Tn* number of persons d re* n en lite want of in* Lile Boats at the bnriil * and wiecLii.eof at eri>.."tv ?' ' oil . r vessels Iv are ndt . f to account* i uhli-lied (h pis month ttvar ttf. It u impossible to swamp tl.i*boat. The price v -o > Low *74 to in Stltu, a cortlrt* tn the nun bri 01 in'!., i.s th. are ru-|Uirid to carry, with tlta oottom store w. T e cl- ' of iH.-tti l .r picking up men I'alUnz on ruovnl, ,;n an Iht'il ,a'o p .juir.t hat two in n to hand It rhem, aed by the new pafsia* can be a< t in the the watar la 10 teconda, * ith two men in h*r it uly ler the rescue. As the safety of vessels * n ih i pe,.d.i meiniy en tlie services ol the crew, this class ol boat- is init udau lor then preservation. _ Olficu of FRANCIS' Patent Life Boat7 Wall at, at At AdameliCe."lEaptes. ORce. E NE NE1 NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. CSSS6 hmmSik Fmni u?e loot of Caurtlwdt meet, New York (Kvery day?Sunday taw ei?ed.) Leave* New (Oik Leave* Newark At t A. M. At i P. M. At Tft A. M. At 1ft P. M lift do. 4 do. I do. 3ft do. 4ft do. do. * do. ;T do. II U da ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol Ceurtlsndt ureal. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At ? A. M. and It* P. M. At IK P. M. and 1* P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. < P.M. IK A.:>' 2X " l?K A. M. <* P. M. IK ^L ?X " The trains for WeatfW Id, Plainfield. Bonudbrook, Somerville, kc., connect with the 9 A M, 2 una <X P M trains Irom New York, daily, Bandars evcepled. Fare bei weeu New York and Elizabeth Town 25 centa. Fare between do and Somerville, 75 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NE\* BRUNSWICK Fare reduced, f rem the foot of Liberty street, daily. Laate New York. Leavr New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 5X A. M. 2X P. M. 7K " <* " r. 9 P. M. On Sundays the 5K and 7X A.M. trips from New Brunswick and 2X P. M. train from New York, are imitled. Fare between New York and New Brnnswiek, 75 cents. Rah way, JO cents The fare in the 5K and 7X A. M. train from New Brunswick, and 2X and IX r. M. train from New York, has been re faced. New York and New Brnnswiek, to 50 cents. " and Railway te J7X " Passengers who procure their tickeca at the ticket oilier, re reive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor only ou the day when purchased. anil 3n>* WINTER AKR/ NUEMENT. NEW YORK AND Pml-ADl-lcPnlArRAlLROAD LlNE DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Bur4ington. THROUGH IN 8IX HOURS. Leave New York, Irom the loot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 AMsndtXPM. The morning i,>ne proceeds to Mordentown, Irom thence by stedVnboal to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change ofcara. Passengers will procure their rickets at the office foot ol Li oeny sirrer. wnere a commodious steatnoost win oe in reaainesas, with Murage entea <>Q board. Philadelphia baggage Cratea are conveyed from city to citv, without being opened by the way. E.ti li train la provided with a Ladiea Car, in which are a|<artmt ula and dressing roomi expressly for thy Ladiea oae. Kt'turuinc, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Clieatnut aireet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and S o'clock, P M. The Linea for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M. being a coutinnatioo of the linea from New York. aM?m*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR FOR ALBANY, TROY, AMD BUFFALO. By Citv to Albany ia 11 .ura. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the mnroinfp The aubacrinera have made ariaugrrnrnis with the H'.uaatoni Rail Road Company, to idd an Einrees <~sr (exclusively for our own pnrpoae) dailv, over the-r road with the passenger train, running through to Albany in twelve hours, and are now prepared to receive aud forward at low ratea, Specie. Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Goods, Ac , for any of the above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, uotea, dmlta and arconDU, and snch other bust nets as may be entrusted to tlieir care. _dlr POME ROY It CO. a Wall erect. New York. fUluLEN Ac COPP'tJ NEW V?k1TAL BA N y rk"v AN^STREAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Harnden ft Co, having disposed of their route from New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Hvnden & Co's Northern Express, from Mew York, will continue to run as heretofore .leaving Mew York, Albany and Troy, Daily .and connect at Trov with Jacobi' Montreal Esprcaa, and will for ward Specie, Bank .Notes,Pack\gr? Band Irs,Cases of Goods, he., to any place betaecn N?w York and Montreal, aud throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of in tea, drafts, acceptances, he., and prompt returns made for the same, PULLEN h COPP. Offices?Pollen It Copp, 2)^Wall street, New York. Ti.os, I tough. 15 Kschangi , Aluany. A G. Fllkius. 2Ui Kivcr street. Troy. S. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul at, Montreal. H&kk'KKNCEtf. New Yoax. Alsssv. Taor. Prime, Ward h King, E. J. Humphrey, J no Payne, J.icnh Little, it Co.. Thos. Gongh. P. Weils, John T. Smith, h Co.. 8. K. Stow, Pei>oon h Hoffman, C. S. Douglass, Cwpentei k Vermilye, F. Leake Houahton It Co. Diew, Robinson > Co. nit Imt NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Nobwich ano WoacxsTxa RaiLBuaos. Composed af the following snperinr sreamert running in connection * ith the Norwick k Worcester and Worcester h Loston Kail Koa'ta? wi mi i'.T. u f u w a?s.11. NtW~HAVEN] Cope J. if. Datum"1*" CLEOPATRA, C?pi . On and aftei Mnmhy, N?T.2l?>t linn will be ran tri-weekly, leaving New Vuik, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, at 4 P. JR. Eroui reck !??>, East River. The naw and splendid strantbrvt NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. riu*rnifrrs lor Boaion will be forwarded immediately on the lrrival ol the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without chance of can or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of D. H. Al.t.KN, 39 Peca slip, optfirs. All persons are forbid trusting any one oa account of the above boats or owners. ntVr NEW YORK A.vD HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. J0Q0 j83fe Fere to Harlein (reduced loit 1-1 Cents WINTER ARRANNOFMENT ? On and after Monday, Derembes I9*h, lt'3, the cars will ran daily as follows I? Leave City Hall for Leave Harlein Leave William*' Bridge Williams' Bridge, for City Hall. for City Hill 7 00 A. M. IMA. M. * 70 A. M. 9 " 10 10 " 19 30 " II 99 " I 14 P. M. U to P. M J P. M. 3 40 " I 20 " 4 " 1 46 " 5 30 " 6 00 Harlem only. ?0 " City Hall and Tweutv-eeventh street Line will ran as fo'lows:?From 7 30 A. M. every ten minutes throughout the day till 7 P. M. aud on Sundays every twenty minutes. Fare Ilia cen's. Passenaers for Westchester. Throe's Neck, F.aatchetier. New Rorhrlle, Maoiaroneck, Horse N-ck, North Castle, Robbins'Mills and White Plan a, will take the t o'clock, P. M. trim from City Hall. Paasemcfrs for Yankers will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'elo.-k, P. VI. trains from City Hall, On 26th Dec and 3d Jan the cars will rnu between City nail and Williams Bridge every honr from 7 A M to PM. uio im*m BRITISH AMI NORTH AMERICAN MOkAL MAIL STKAM SHIPS, Of 1200.tons and 440 hone powtr each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, ?. O. Loti. do ACADIA. A. Ryne do _ COLUMBIA. K. C. Millar, IN do Will tail from Bnaton, via Halifka. ri'.M u'urost. rnsM ooits.v. Rrilannm, Hewitt, OA 4 Nov I ' aledonia, L<>ti. Oct 19 Nov 10 Acacia, Ryne, Nov 4 Dee I Columbia, Miller, Nov 19 Dec 19 Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan I Passage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, $I3>? Boston ,? Hahfai 910. Thru ahipa carry experienced anrgeona. No Bertha aeenrod until pud frr. Note.?Merchandize and Spccjc (eicept foi pergonal 01 ,x.neea) ahinped ondcr the name of I negate will hi charge 1 ai reignt, and liable loCnatom liooae Hegniatione Ajndy i" ofir I). BniiiH.vJ JR.. No. 9 Wall-i KALL AND WINTKB ABRAVCK?-.x. - MKNT.?'1 tic alcainboat Rockland, will, Jh-jE_ on and after M I ndaj, the Hat of October, ran u fnllowa : tearing Middletown Point (tide and weather iwr mitring) at 9 o'clock, and KeypOrt at It o'clock, every M"ik(.it, Wedneeuay and Friday. Returning. Iraao the loot or Ro.un eon street, New York, every Tnoodar, Thuraday and Halm-lay at 11 o'clock, noon, touching at Seguina Dock each way. Stages will be in readineoa to convey passengers u> any part or the eoai,try. Ail baggage at tho riak of the owner oil 2m i r. . 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY. Knot of Whitehall atraot. On and after Dec. sd, the ateamer 9TATKNISLANDI. h. *J1 "Jo'low;, until farther notice Lk-AV? 8TATEN ISLAND. NKW YORK. J34A.M, 9 A.M. 19 i?U "* )|eM._ A^Q_^elfhl':OUi;AI1 OPPOSITION TO CATS KILL, .ind n>U?rr?t*?lMi* I irxliur*. withotif tow VL 4 (l*y* fro||l CituWill, Von Uyt. v*ed.n?Afi*y? siwl v rrtlyn. Fkotn N>t* vorL T?? ad iv* THuradnyt and to or from CE**,'ll. mi ct ots. ? B# rih? 25 H'tpper 2j ctnti. Tftr iww aim fwt itr ?mn WAVE, CAptai n VamUvhilr will lo re llobinaon at. pier Thurad.iy Not. 17th, ?f IWortUel F?r fnrthr r iiartirulara ingaire ol tiie ca lain on hoard. Dy enn rag oa> the daye'hbove named, there will t> ? daily com mnmcation be'.warn Catakill and New York (and intermedial* idac?a) lor freig't ind paaaage at r< dnce.i pricee. , r.r CHI NA h GLASS 01 rrcry dracrtnPon?the c hen peat in ihi, city, lor ( hiialmaa and New Year presents; be-niifiai cot tuinb'caa an ) lemonades, with rileer II.,wrra of different kinds; new di,lies, cologu bolt lea of different aiiea. The ahore ciiauot be had at any other place in 4ds comi'-y. Cat and plain glaaa of every dcaciiptioo, warranM t-> be Anniahed at 20 par can cheaper than any other mawblnctory, at wholesale and retail a to re, No. S) John a:., and at the Glass mannfactory Of STOUVKNtL fc CO. d!9 lm*( No- A Doid at. Naw Yoia. w r< N YORK, SUNDAY MOJ ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PHINCIPLE OK ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. MLEVETT, Dentist, the introducer into this country ia the yen ll'J, of inserting Teeth on the Above .ciou'ifte principle, as practise i bv himself ALONE, courts the attentiou of pie oubl c t? hit great improvrmrut. The established rapuf ioij of Dr Levett hi* Miy, Well kuowu, peculiar, and scientific adaptation in supplying the deficiencies of the Teeth, rid the unraiird satisfaction even, which he fully iru irautees mail cases aiiiuu hie in tig (he attrotion of the ladies ?ud gentlemen who have had artificial Teeth unskilfully act, Of who may require new fur ihoee bis-laced by nature. M. LEVETT. Drutiat.iM Broadway, corner Warren atreel opposite the rarh. [Copy ofaLetter from M. M. Noah. Eaq, to Dr. Levi tt ] Nrw Vm, May 14th, 1141 Dear SirIt is both a matter of duty and pleasure t> state, ihat th-set < ! artificial tee'h on the principle of atmospheric pressure which yon nude for a lid v in my family, has aecceeded in every reapert, iu appearance, comfort, and utility, and hat given entire satisfaction. I am, dear air, your obedient servant, [Signed] M. M. NOAH. ui. whii ins permission tureier'oao " He cute 01 tne cititemol New York. ill lin*r (J. S. CITY DESPATCH POST. ? POST OFFICE, New York, 25th July, 1142. LTOLRSof Delivery each day, (Sundays excepted) at tb? II U oar and Lower Post Offices:? Letter* ueuosited before Halt r aat I o'clock, AMI 11 " i " PM Will ba tent out for dwAt all the Station before lurry ?t 9 AM, and! 7 -?(.lock, AM and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " " 1 P M Letter* tola teut Free, mux nave "Free Stamp" affiled U> them, otherwite three cent* will be collected of tha party to whom the latter it adJrrtt* 1. No money max be enclosed in letter* nuleta ret ixrred at r a) irineipal office*. Lists ot the stations (at all of which "Iter stamps" may be purchased at $2,50 per 100, and every informs! Kin may be obtained on application at the upper or lower post ( ffices. Stamps issued by the late City Despatch I'nst will be rec.ived. It is ludispeusable that the number of tha residruc* annul I be staled in all latter* teiti through (his Post. The Post Master solicits the earliest imoi (nation thonld any irregularities occur. JOHN LOKlMEst GRAHAM au2S IV rr Poal Master ST7ib? To sOUNl) TGkTH" LAD I Kb NEK D NOT DESPAIR. HR A. C. CASTLE has a P.iste for filling decayed hollow LP teeth. It can be put into tnc mosl tinder leaUi without any pain or inconvenience, and with whicti it becomes imparted into ONE hard solid body, rhut restoring ami preserving (hitherto painful and useless terth) artificially sound, and perfect in all their resprctire uvea for life?pre renting IN ALL CASKS, the necessity of eitraetr n. Ladies the most dutiuguished in tocety, otter their testimonial* in the most vivid Urms, av to ita efficacy. The Editor of tha Evening Post, says " It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and uereoua persona, aud Dr. Castle oneratei on the teeth wi h great care and ability." 1 he New York Aurora, aaya " It makea the teeth in all respects perfect for life." The Son, says:? " Dr. Castle hasob annul much celebrity foi hiaeacellent mode of tilling the teeth." The moat emineut gentlemen of the Medicsr Faculty, have personally tried and recommend Dt. Castle's Pasts fur filling the teeth, 'l outlcache Pills, one of which pot in the aching tooth, will effect s permanent enre. [From the Jxiirn t) of Commerce 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL Ol E RATION'.?Dr. A. C. Cattle replaced by a most ingenious piece of He ill*.' mechanism, the lo?t portions of the upper tud iowerjaw boues, shot awny in toe case of Lient. S . of the U. 8. N., who met with this terrible xid severe casualty, while in pursuit of the Indisus iu Florida. We have seen letters ftora Lieut. 8. confirmatory of this extraordinary cure and its entire success, that the loss of these important organs so skillfully replaced by Dr. Castle is now no more a souice of regret to the Lirnt-n*nt_ Dr. C. insert* artificial on (he principle of adhesion by atmnepheric pressure, which lie first introduced to the notice of (he public IU 1828. Dr. A. C. Cottle refer* te the Spams', Freucli and English Ambassadors Mr. Stnujlilon the 8;>au?h Consul, Hear Admiral Wsldrou, Lord Morpeth. Q"u Met "arty, D' K. C. Johnson, Pioidcnt of the Medical SoC'tty, 8. N. Y.iMr*. (ten. (Junes, J. b. Beck, M. D., Dr. J. A. Smith. Dr. E.Delefield, Dr. Bead!*-, Dr. B -yd, Dr. Buger, Dr. J. C. Chreainsn, Dr A. H. Sltvens.Dr. 1. Torrey, Dr. Baylies, Dr. W.n. (J ay son. fc't Sr. Itr. dJ Irn'r tytO THE LOVE KB OK SUPERIOR BLACK TEA? * How.iua's Mixture?This extremely delict.n? aud unpa'nlleled Tea, so highly celebrated in China aud Europe, just imported. is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General Tea Establislimi nt, 121 Chatham st. New York?in Chineae packages. Price 30 cents and SL_ dli lin'r O LACK MARBLE?130 lius Irish Black Mathle, lor sale by FEH8BK V BROOKS. No. 61 Liberty street. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham street. New York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. tpHE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for a sale new and fragrant Teas of every variety and style Their aaaortrotut s|>eciallv includes the most delicious and powerful grades of Oreeii aud Black Every package bears the stair p of neatness aud elegance, and the Teas thereiu are so thoroughly seemed from light and air that their i|tialily and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting business is perhaps scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upon the utmost regard ro the rights of he customer, especially wi h leipect to weight sun ipiality, and unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers are ca|led upon to return any articles which lail to give them the fullest s* lisf.ction, whicli the inouey will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, and t.inmas'* rs will mid it a decided aJvantage to supply themselves from this establishment. CoiTee r oasted every day. Orders Irnin all parts of the United States executed with promptitude and de-parch. (T^ The only wsretiouse in America for the eale of Hoului'i eel, brat-d Black Tea. dli Im'r luvt Kuwr premium n>n i.a L* DIES are admitted Pi tie ih>: mo?i i-eztrci nrilcte msCe ,?t rubber ever bioueht out The new s'yie now being got up at our factory, called the Quilled Bnakins, *111 And imitators, just ?s soon as we introduce ihem But persons who prefer the genuine to the imitation will call at 43 Maiden Lane, aud etamiur the larg-st varietv of ladies, gents aud misses rubber shoes aud over shoes, to be found in t' e United Slat's in any oue store. HORACE H DAY. 43 Maid -a Lane. n28 lin*r Succrsaorto K xliuiy India Rubber Co. -eet FOR SALE.?That valuable stand known as th* Long Island Hotel.sirnatid iu the town of ltlip, in B|f XjyLfollt couuiy. L. I. The hous- is boilt iu modern style. ind ot itic best materials and workmanship, wi h a front of eighty kitchen iiiclndad, two ?rmi< high. with au attic ; and it ealculatrdtn accommodate It hoarders.besi'jcs the family and most ry attendants. and is inriouudrd with all the nrresaarv ont-hnildings. trait and nrriamentral tiros, shrubbery. tkr. The location otilie premie. s is unrivalled, commanding a InlTvirw of the beach, the light house at Kire Island, and the Atlantic O aaa. All oprn 'sue, in Trout of the house, and leading directly to the bay, furnishes a delightful and pleasant walk of eight or t> n minntes. The Long Island Rail Road lauies wiihin about f u miles of the pr mises, aid alTorda an easy aud cnnrcnieut coniinunieatioo with the cities ol hew York and Brooklyn. Mo part of Long Island affords greater facilities for fowling, or bay or brook, or the noble s|iOil of buck hunting. Deer being aery abundant in the vicinity, and are frequently found on the pi em lies. There is a hoot I w n bond red ac ics 01 lend, and meadow at* tached to the premises, and a good proportion of strand or ah-re. The hoase and necessary ont buildings, would be sold with the whole, or a iiart ol the land ss may best suit the purchaser The trrms will V liberal, and tne ti"e undisputed. Fo- s more minute description of the property, inquire of JA.MF.8 ROWE, 117 East Broadway, or of D. V HALL, IKIH Chatham street, New York, or of rhr subscriber on the ( remises. WILLIAM HAWKINS. Dated, Islip. Nov. Ilf>. d2 lrn*pe wu W AN 'It U TO PURCHASE?A country residence f > within 23 miles ol New York, one with from J tj M acres iil Und.near Long Isl jjd Hound, preferred. Adfreas witli full particulars, bosT, rat Office, Pou hkeepaie, N Y. nil AB FOst BALE, the cheapest Farm id these parts, ?l'70 nTB acres, goon buildings, pleutv of fruit, wood aod water. JUJL Do for sale oreiehange for good city (niperty, four valuable farms and four bouses and Iota in and nigh rlainneld. De. to trade for dry' goods and groceries, new hoase and two ota. Do. rinsbtr lots in Jersey City. Cell on 8. VAIL, Haturdays, ncorrtlandt street, from II to 2. Other days, Plaintield N. J., or at >71 Washington at. Ten small larms lor sale low. S. V n2> 3w*m r* TO THE LADIES.?WM. It H. BEBEE. FashionaJPhMn Hatirrs, >7g Bioadwiy, under II ward's Hotel, hare on hand an ettensive assortment ol Ladies and Misses Beaver Hats, of their own manufacture, which are warranted superior to any in the city, ecdat puces which cannot fail to snit: those in want are respectfully invited to call. Also, a general assortment ol Oval's, Boys and Children's Fur, Cloth and fancy Velvet Caps. dIOImr LOOK AT THIS. ^^^OENTLEMENS Cork Sole Boots, the beat of do Water Proof Boo is do M do Light French Calfakin Boots, do $3 to I no do Over Shoes of all the different kinds, 73e to 1 73 do Dauciug Tumps, I 23 do Dnrcrug Gaiter,beautiful article, I 30 And all other kinds of Short and worked slippers in faahioui IsdiesgsHer boots, buskins, slipnt rs, lies, qetlud shoes, prunella. wl ite and black satin, and button shoes; ln< is rubber strs'-luncd, plain and all other kinds of over shoes: clogs, mecasins, and tba greatest assortment of boys bo?i* ana shoes, misses and ehildreua, ol all kinds to be found ia the world, all ol our own manufacturing, and warranted to he the bear, and cheap as the cheapest, at M7 Brosdwav, comer of Franklin at, and at td C.nal street URHOOHY ? CAIIILI., d!3 lm*r *7 Broadwar, BOTTEfl FRANCAISES. Jki P- A. GK"1>V, de Pvii. hi* opened a store 117 Biijedw >, where be is pre) ared ro receiee end rye t?i? md?i Inr k ?)U ol til iltKriplioii Although hit prion are lower by two delists than those of any feilloeabie Fresch cttthli hno at in ihii city.his Oont* will br fonud at least ?<jnsl ro toy ("via horn ot elsewhere. He imports hit lasts Inno rant sud to n xiilr t hem a* to At an* irrr*ml?rl? thy ped foot. Mr.Oeid/'-. I ,nn rt|.eriencr ail tier Mr. Forr and other celebrated makers in Pane enables him t * con tact hit litiinc't mih economy tad thereby to supply hit cattomert at the following reduced prices? Fine and tuhttaatial Boota $S Cork and double sole do I A proportion tie redaction iu the various other artlclet to be found at III Broadway. du lm*r TERMB CABH. FA am ON ABLE BOOTS ANU aHUAh.* LKER respectfully invites the attention of the public to hit large assortment of I whet' and gentlemena* boot# and shoes, cork eoleaand water proof; French and native calf, and fancy dress hoots, dancing gaiters and punans, oyer shoes, indi i rubh r ?ud water proof, mocc-sius, ladies, inittet', and children's gaiicra, boota, thoet. and bnakint, of the choicest selection : men's, bore, and children's eoarae and Pile hoota and ahoea of the choicest kinds, cheaper than ever before offered in ihe city. 41* Breedway and Mb Canal, northwest come of Hndton aireet. d7 lm*r ^jK^TXAUIKk' BOOTH AND HHOEB-LOSW^^l I Broadway, keeps a flue assortment of ladiea'. nd rhildrrtu Inreta and tunes, of the latest American and Kit ro|?an fashions. Orders rcceiyed br the doien from plac < of hgW?nWo tenon. rif lm*r

CLIJf'I'ON Cheap Boot anif Mho Market. VW ewS^^yf Greenwich, corner o? Hprlng street, is Ihe only place khert can ho found Boots and Shoes to suit the limes. Ail those who wear boots end shoes will do well to aire a call. Ladies' and misses'buskins from 1, 4, i, <, 7 and I shillings [Mr i air; geuilsaient'bo >is Iroui It stulllugs (o t4 per pair; Dins' Pool# front t shillings lo Ml per i'lui. All who wisli to aaee X per cent will give a call at the Cliuton Cheap Bool and Mine Mtrker. '.on Onenssuh eswner kprteg street d7 lir*r WA I KkPHOOK bTToi'y?Gum-Uaeoc tth Je * "' Boots aiid Shoe# of almost all the dill'. rent eiud? sui'able lot winter wear. Alto a I rye assortment nf hn? boots, shoes, gaiters and puiane for geut'emeu and no si ladies, mists a and childirnt boots, sheet, gaiter* and buskins or the boat quality, in great ahundanca. All the above article* andalmoat srery thing in the boot and shoe line, may be found JJ JftV'W of A. KNOX A Co., known a* the Clinton Boot bet, Ms Canal *t, north eaat comer of Hadeou at, and at i nee* to suit any oneaad erery owe. d!7 lm*r )RK ] EINING, DECEMBER 25. D'^Bl JW'S R1UINO SCHOOL, 408 Bowery .-W. J. \J DAVI9, (from Eoro|w) Proleta^r. Ey-ninv dm lor geutleine'i will commerce on Monday etenioc, iltli inaitoi, nod emtinue each Mouliy and Friday eyenjug, during the itwD B lect parte* of In din* aud gentler.rc.r cnu be ictnma<idiMa <*nb m.traction on To*?<in> tud Thunday evenings of eh are,k. A Milling data for the inKrnd'OD of grntl men iu military Mnen.?iithip tor.imiii'iic -a Wrdnwliy evening, Itth in atani, and coutinne each Wednesday evening during the ?ea a m U'U'lemeii wishing to subeerivr m either of the above clasae. wnlj,lease call at ben etrlieat cooTeiurnee Duly antrum.,n??muni, f >r I.dies Irom II A. M. to 3 P. M.; fot pragteeaen, from I to 18 A. M and JH to 8X P. M. Evening school (n r >mm-nee at7 o'clorIt. <i27 3 *nVl'bLS! MILLS ! ?A uew luvenlon, the Krsnen Burr .V'nciete, Coffee aud Spice Mtlls, manufactured by Kt'lC.. Mtyinrd, New York, for sale by H. B. Rollins It udder. No. 80 Naainu itrrrt. h tureen Fulim. anJ New York. Thwe Mills have be?-ri by comprttui \ judg? > to be far superior to *uy MilU her to for* introduced in r*g*i(l to co*l, diirahil'ty amlnpeuae of ?har|teuitijf. At a recent eihlHition of their Milts, 4 lbs. of coflfee were ground per mitine by meius t>f i hand cank, whi<h ground with wort than those of ?ngli?h Mills. Groorrs. Coffee and 9)>ice dealers w mid do well to call and et umue tin* great nnjiroViinent, a* it wilt save toe ex, ol oue of these Mills in naoiH-uiiia in lesathan oue year. H. U. ROLLIN8* 8CUDDKR, No.HO Nassau street. aS. BSouthern and western tent! -in*u living rem- te from ?I1 sears, would tin i it to their advautag* to examine ttieae ills, as itiev A t portable and adapted to grinding corn or gram, and c<m be prnjteUed by steam or horse power. P. 8 ?No expetis * ofthirpmiiug. as the material of which tbaN * e, at until/ become anarp l?y grinding, dl-i cod H'r OANt. Y ARTICLE* KOK 1'Mf. H< >L t DA < H -l>r a subscriber ha* received by tha la est arrival., a vary rich assortmentof P.ri. fancy Artiela. cotwi.ling ol fancy work boxes, p?(>?r do, cm in ri e wood bmn, embroidering framta with canvas. aid col'd crrltn, children's toys,, ?nd snap, of assorted qualities, ale. ele. Tke public it resptcifully iQvit.d tu cull and examtue (he above stock, to purcliuiiur el.ewhere. at ?i? lm?r V. V KKANMSnm.mV, ^roadway. MECHANICAL OH CAKCEl. LAMI'h THr. public ? iaeitad ro bmoeet ike en'irrly uew .lock nf ' (In ?? ui.rrv lied lamps, wliicli havejual been npoued by the uVcribtr. c'lmpriamr the mot extensive aod rich assortment that lie will receive ihi. raiWD, and the Arrest lot of goods iu the lin-that has ever In en seen ,o this rouniry. An early examinH'ion of them it s.rlirited a bile the s'ock i. complete, a. , be entire invnj e? received the early pari of 'lie .ea.uu were d'apoaed ol immediately ; many panic, were disappointed in consequence The go*!. ju-it received eompri.eaome entirely new article, of tint exquisite taate pecuh lr tn Kreuch maiinf'Ctureri, inch as porr-lain shade j or larrps, with land.carei of figures, soue colored;.ei|ien.ioii nudy lamps with pureeI'iu .hade. forln>rarias; bracket-; lu.trea. hmox*, ' lenaia-aiieie" and gilt, for two and three lamp., riei. thadei and globes, colonied and cot, of bcantifnl new designs, lu Ac. Houic important improvement, have been mtde in tb - manufacture of ine lampa now offered to the public, rendering 'hem unquoiinnahl" the m at beant.ful a. w. tl .a economical lamp extant Thi. fact it luUy eatabli.h-d, and any one at all scepti..I ? .k u:? i J -e i v.. in cvDiiutm ui u oy caniUK at inia rr tnbuenincnt. E. D. 8AXTON. The estimation in which theae lamp* are held imy be it.l'er'J frrwi ihe Tec' that the following public eatabliahmeirta iu thia city ar- lighted with them, vix:? Ailor Hnu ie, Carlton Houie, N. Y. Society Library, Mention Houie, Paik Place Home. Signor FereioV Cafe Tortom. They are alto to be found in many other public buildinf a throu hout tte country, and in erery instance giving perfect ttiiefacti^n __ dI7 lm*?? t'C'J'iOMY IN DHESS.?Seek innouta, the atvlr of overX-? eocta to u>arh in Vogue. are afforded at tt, t't. $14, $16 and 9)0, from drab. b-own. black and blue beaver and pilot clothe, .tap for tale,ready midc, at Hi Broedwv , American Hotel. d22 Im*r WM. T JENNING8 ATTENTION! ATTENTION'BKAD THIS, it may induce you to tir your chance ?TOM BOI.A (To he raffled,) tt 148K r mum ti.oet, a mtunti cent Cashmere Shawl, with Ihe box that coutaint it?coating tone tiler $1IU All puix'.aaeat who will buy fire dollara worth in the atore, after the lltli inauut, (December, 184J,) will hate the chance tu gain $lhO worth." Great exhibition and sale of Fancy Articlea and Sugar Plumb* o all deeciipiiuna, auitable for Chriatmaa ai.d New Yeara Gifts,at 1C8X Fulton at, near Broadway, oppoaite St. Paul'a Church. Ladwa and gentleineu are reaoectfully invited to viat the moat beaatiful collection of rich ohiecta ot New Year'a Preaenra, ihat can be teen, and which will be eold at very reeaonabie prices. Moat of thnee rich articlea earec from the arorea ef Alphouae Oirnni, of Paria, supplier to Hia Majea'y the K mc of the French, the Queeu o E igland, and all the principal Cuurla ol Earope. 'i he articlea in Sugar, Fancy Re'icttlcs, and Boxaa. cama (roan the atore ol 3. Henrion It Co. ol Philadelphia adv uilagaoeelv known for the l<ut 25 yeara aa bcimt tho beat Confectionera in the l'ni<ed States Tin- Kdllle will tahe place in the atore 168H Fulton at, "n the 5th .,( Januars. 184). at I? o'clock. M. A spl*odid French Cashmere Shawl that cost $80. la a most be u-iful Box orrose-wnod, eucrnated with (old and silver, the price of which was $.10. E*eh peraou pun h.aing $5 worth of articles, will receive a ticket (what rcruumlKr ihey choose) ?nd with this the person msv have a chance for the Sluwl add the Bos. A person who will hop $10 worth, will be entitled to two tickets, an J so en in progression. Pe-si.ns receiving tickets, are requested to preserve them; lot, if misla'd, the loss will be their-: sin!, on I'm 5th ol Jamia ry. Idl'l. at 12 o'clochj the ticket will be drswn pncliclv before tl>? holders; and on tlve following day, the Herald tiewrpauer will aiinoener the f.otonste iinmber dl7 to isn5?ee . 1 oHS M.uaVIv'.w *. JonST*" tutonn Lire Ir IrienOs nliO [ w ,*nstom*rs they r.avw wrcivej their winter f'aehn-u* for Cups?a* vainly of new styles lor youth aud children. The Cmcvieiiae Tvrbuu nose so 'iin.di woru, is loauufactnred by them. Also .* new style (travelling cap, rery ooneemsnt Jo gentlemen travelling ova tm?r mo WILLIAM *T 'I'O THE pUBLIO ?O. T. KESSLER nets leave to in' form his 'lieudi, siiJ the pib'ic in general, thtt he has taken that well known stand at the Co uer of Wasnington and Lib-rty Stt, formerly kept hv K. Chamberltn, since rob-iilt wiih addition of room and comfort, for the accommodation of travellers u d oth-rt. Perseus wohiug good b "ard, sDd acrnmmo-lati-ns on reasonable terras, would do well to call. Punctual attendance. ddl Im're DAMS K < O.'S NEW VOKK AND NEWARK EX) PHESS ?Tlie jublic are respectfully informed that trie subscribers have es'ablis ed an Express between New York and Newark. N. J . for rhe t-snsmission and speedy delivery of twrkages, bolid es, money, kc. ke.; the collection of notes bills, and all other buainesa aupert .inra? 'o>u Exprc-s? Orders for artielea to be rt turned by the Expriss will be delivered free of eh i'ge. Office iii Vfw York at No. 7 Wa'l street and in Newark, at S wlTH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 3ttl Broad st. Lc<ve New Yo k at IIH A. M. and 4jf P. M. Leave Newark at 9 A. M. and l>4 P M. dl9cc ADAMS k CO. OFFICE OF THE AUBURN' k ROC'HEStkR, RAIL ROAD < OMI'ANY f'.aisaisDiotra, Dec 9. Ita2. A SEMI-ANNUAL dividend ol 5 i?r cent on the capital atock of this Coinimay will be paid on the third day of Jannary o-it Shareholder* whose slock is registered in the nty transfer hooka of this Company will receive payment at the Bnik ol'the Slate of New York in the city of Vr w York and those whose slock is not registered in the city will be paid thi ir dividend st (his office By order of the Pres-dentand Directors. dMtojylr CHAS Sb'.YMnUR, Treasurer. IADIES' Silk and Venoo 0 uurr Ve la lot >alr try -u JOHN M. DAVIESfc JONK8, nS tier* ttf(llis?? prr nf InKn stt. /"'OAL ! 4'UAL! COAL I?The subscriber having taken hv the yard soutnwest corner of King and Greenwich street, is new receiving s fall sapidy of Schuylkill and Peach Orchard Coal, selected from the best veins, which be offers tithe following 'educedprices, vii >? From ths yard, first quality, broken and screened, $5,50 per ton. *" " Egg tixe, " 5.50 " " " Stove, 5,25 " ? ? Nat. " 5.88 " Delivered free of cartrge. d12 Jm*ee JAMES DOWNEYC?RENCffMf^EVoLENT SOCIE I Y -The memberso " the Krc nch Benevolent Soriety, and ihe trench residents in general, ere rtqnetlrd to attend Ihe annual mening of the Society, eh rh wid be held on Weduraday, the 28th mat , at ha fp*e< 0 P. M i reeisely, at Messrs. Delmonico's, coinei of Beaver and William Ireela By order of the Commi"ee. d226tr E FORT, Secrrrary. T AMOUICOCX'STELECTRO-MAONE 11C PLA t Eg. -a-4 afford every day new evidences of their infallible efficacy 'or curing all nrrvcui disc-ses, a, aenrr end chronic rheumatisms, nenralogy, the g<nr, megrim, tic doloureux. danse de baint One, chills, aci-he, cramps in the stomach, and p-tus bronght on by bruises, diajo n'i gi and fractures ; also, the diseases mi women and young girl , pr le colo-s, amenorrhea*, iinpresiions, vapors, uervuus aturks, kc. They are veiy nse'til to . f.?r t-tlrr*. scro'nl-, swellings, erysipelas, par dyai* in the beginning, kc. Sold at the mod- r te pric of $1 51, by wj ? i .'inu/inu ojg raiiKim IT. n. X . PPECIAL NOTICE T?HE TRIAL OK OUR SAVIOUR.-The public are reA nee fully informed that the lyUniid group n' twrn'rthree figure., in statuary. the ? ?? of life, representing lhl< s.lrmti and impressi** scene. which Has been ? sited iu Boaton by over ?*?n>ty thoaaand peraoo. during 'he l*at ait m at and elicit- d < much praiae from the press, it now on eilnhiiioa for a short time, at the spaeinna hall, in Orani'e Building, corner of Chamoera atreet and Broadway, New York, entrance on Cham I-era at, 0?ott evrey day from A. M. to It P. M., and on Sunday'a from It A. till 10 in the evening. Adnir.ioi, J*, i-cnta, children ander It yean of an half price. Season tickets fir adult* M centa; dodo for children ? Cents. Poiiils of Sand >y and other achoal. will be admiit d at the rate ofsit c<nta etch,when they come ma body of not less thm twent -livein nomher. dMbOr IIT HEAT??Jtt bashels prune Illinois WKear Knr sale by VV lDWD. K COLLINS It CO., in ___ at B?>mh sr. BOS KDINO.? I'be original Walton House, itk Pearl street. Franklin Square?kept by Jaa. howler, from London, h n| land, permanent boa-den per week, transient '-oardera ia cents per day Kamiliea can be accommodated with prir-te rooms iia reasonable tartns. Wines and spirits, J eents per flare?h< me hrew'd ale t Crete par pint?flue Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold cata equally cheap. N. Bt Hot coffee t e. n-a per pint?etakea and utntino chops can be had at all hoars. J. F. partienlarly requests eny one who ia in want of e comfortable home to rail and inspect his establishment, -is-l judge for thamselres. Peraona tmvellinn for England wouid find it to theiradyantage to call. The hoeae being convenient to London and Liverpool ships, J F. beiost appointed (cent, he can five pasaaeneenevery information. New York end Old Country paper* takes in. ni Jm' r | OttEPH Mc.MURRAY, iM Pine street. New York, goes " Drafts in snma to suit applicant#. on the PROVINCIAL BANK 6? IRELAND, Payable at? Cork, Bainbridce Limeiick, Ballymena,' Cfonmel, rarsontownj Londonderry, Downpatiek, f'iiro, Cnvan, Weilord, l.nrgan, Belfast, Oinasrh, Waterford, l>nn:.iinou, Oalaway, B indon, Armagh, Kanis, Athlone, Bilty.haimon, Cnler-ine, h mliane, Kilkenny, Doii.wviu, BsIIiim, Mallow, T ruler, Money-more, Yovirhal. Cootrhill, F.nniskilieu, Kilnuh. Monaghan, ENGLAND. Spool Mir, Atwood A Co. Bankers, iMindon. Payable in every town ia Great Btfuin. ? ytr1- L,"nwo1 ' ity of Ibmb^ow nsnl. Payable in a vary town ia LootUad n? In r HERA 18452. HEVOLUTIONARY HELICS. BbINU THK PtlVATB AND CONFIDENTIAL LETTERS wrrrren to Oovkrnoe Clinton, by ai.l thk distinguished heroes and statesmen op thk Amkkican revolution?and now for thk first time published to thk world, by tub consent of Col Bekkman, op Long Island, tub grandson of Governor Clinton. Gbn. Washington to Gov. Clinton. Moid <A? rtliai* of Jothum Smith. Head Quabteei I'bacesksi, { Oct. 20, 1780. J hir:? I nave tne nonor to transmit vour Excellency tne proceedings of the Court Martial upon Joshua Smith; liy which you will perceive that out of tour charge* exhibited against him the jurisdiction oi theCouit wax only (ound competent to one, of which they hare acquitte i him for want of aulticient evidence. a> he wa* hreught out of your itate into thii lor trial, I have thought proper to lend him hack to Weat Point.?1 think it necwssarv to inform veu that he will he ahortly relented from confinement unless the civil authority should interpoaa to demand him. I have 'he honor to he with lha greatest respect, Your Excellency's moat obedient and humble servant, O. WASHINGTON. p. 8. When you have considered the Proceedings yon will please to return them. G. W. His Excellency Governor Clinton, or in his absence Lt. Governor Cortland. Gen. Putnam to Gov Clinton. In rtforonct :o the Qalliti Head Quaktlh*, Pefxssill, > June U, 1777. ] Desk SimTit of the utmost importance to have the Gallies immediately fitted for use; 1 beg you to attend to that business and give order for furnishing every thing necessary to put them in the beat State immediately. If men are wanting and cannot be supplied from your po*t, I will order them direotly on your application. ,1 am S'r y'r humble serv't, Israel putnam, m. o. Baron Stkubkn to Gov. Clinton | Rtfuial of Mofiiirol* to reenter two itolen Harm. New Windsor, 23d Nov. 1779. Sta :? I Having in consequence of a la'o law of this State made application to the Magistrates of this pUce for the recovery of two horses stelen Irom me, I was much > urprwed at their refusal to proceed in the ait nr without assigning anv other reason than that it was ihtiropinion, it did not oome within the meaning ot the act?they however say, th it if your Excellency will give it as your opiuioa they may proceed with safety, they arerea ly to do it. I navemeriuore iuu.ii me uoerty to request you will favor row with your sentiments on the matter?that it authorised, I may recover the value of the horses, I am, with great respect, Your Excellency'? Moat obedieut, and Very bumble servant, STEUBEN, Major General. Hie Excellency, Governor Clinton John Hancock m Gov. Clinton. Forlrttits of New York ? Promotion of duo. Clinton. 1'hil.adali-hia, March u6, 1777. Sir As it is of the utmost importance that the fortresses in the Highlands of New York should be effectually secured, and that for this purpose an active and vigilant officer should be appointed to take the command there, the Congress have thought proper to tlx upon you; being fully persuaded that you will exert yourself to render the forts and other works now erecting there fit for defence. They have likewise been pleased to promote you to the rank of Brigadier General in the army ol the United States. I do myself the pleasure to enclose your commission, and the honor to be, with respect, sir, Your most obd't and very humbleservt JOHN HANCOCK, ITesidT Osneral Clinton. You will please to acknowledge the receipt of this commission. By tk* Honor obi* Horatio Gat**, Rtif, Major Gtntral, and Commander-in-Chief of tkt Army o) the Uniltd Statu in th* Northern Department, <J-c. +c. <f-s. raoCLSMSTIAN. Whereas, divers nersons. inhabitants nf tha at at.. ?r v.. York, Compelled l>y fear, or detailed by specious promiics, have been ?o lost to all sense ol honor and duty as to re- j ceive protections from, and join the army under the com- | mand of Oeneral Burgovnc : And, whereas, humanity dictate! that a door should he opened for the return of those, who areconvincedof their errors aud arc desirous ef enjoying the advantages ot equal liberty. I do, thercfoie, by virtue of the powers ves <-d in me by the Honorable Council ofSafety, of the Statu of New York, hereby promise full pardon and security to all such per.ous, as alorernid, tvho -hall deliver themselves up to the Commaiider-inChief of the Northern Army lor the tune bring, or on- General Officer under his command, or to Colonel Morgan, commanding the advanced troops of this army, on er before the first ot October next: Provided, nevertheless, that such pirdon, and security, shall not be construed to extend to any person or persons, who shall refuse to take the oath of allegiance to the State of New York, as declared by the Constitution thereof. Given at Head-Quarters, at Still Water, in Ihe second year of the Independency of the United States, this tenth day of September, and in the year of Our Loid one thousand seven hundred aud seventy-seven HORATIO GATES. By the General's Command, Jaisr.s M. Hlghi s, A. D. Camp. Horatio Gate to F'ierpk Va.s Corti.andt. Dr. Polli and a Proclamation. Hkiu QutaTsKs or Tilt Ahhi or the I UlflTtD STATts, Stillwatib, llth Sept. 1777. j Sia Your lettera of the Sth or 6'h of this month, are now before me; in answer to the first, I have the honor to acquaint you, that I have ordered Doctor f'otts, Director General of the Hospital, to giva you every Satisfaction you have required in that Letter. Inclosed is a copy of one of the Proclamations. I have issued agreeable to the Hrquest of the Council of Salety ol the State of New York. I am not wrsed in the accuracies of law, but having as far as my capacity extends, en deavored to fulfil the intention of the Honorab.e The Council of Safety. I hope, sir, for their favorable Inter, pretat on of my Performance. I am, 81-, with Respect, Your most obedient, Humble Servant. HORATIO GATES. The Hon'ble Pitaaa Van Cortlaidt, Esq. n TT rt ai XII,. ITOWE TO UOV t_T.INTON Thin ing diifiition of low of the Militia. Low** Salkm, Sept. Mb, 1779. Ii> Principle* ?< Humanity ami the folicitation of many distressed People induce me to trouble your Excellency upon an Occasion, which, I persuade my wit, you will thinkhaa a claim to your Attention.. . . Many Inhabitant* compelled by Neceaaity to remain below our linea, where we cannot protect them, are reduced to extreme Poverty and Want by the Ravage* of a aett ol Men belonging both to the State* of N. York and Connecticut, who emtiody themaelveaa* Militia, without any order for doing an, and from no other motive than to go down and take from these unhappy people the little all they have to subsist upon. The Bed*. Clothe*, Cattle and every thing essential to the immediate support of life itself, i* taken from men, women and ch Idren?from fri? nd? and Roe* indiscriminately? and these horrid Acts are committed with Circumstance* of Insult and Cruelty .which greatly enhance their Turpitude and increase the D stress of the Sufferers. These spoils, obtained by a Breach of every moral Sanction, are Immediately sold at vendue,and the product divided among the Spoilers, who thus enrich themselves by th Ruin ol their Keilow Citi/.rns. Th* Set vice also has been greatly injured by these proceeding*, lor some ol the Sulferi ri are among those from whom we have derived Inti lligence capitally beneficial, and who in 'hat way hnva faithfully srved us, and consequently merit our protection and . Support. This Information I thought it my Duty to glvayour Excellency. The Character yon bear randars an Apology for having don*so unnecessary. 1 hav* the honour to he, With th* greatest Respect, Your Excellency's Moat obe<lt humble Berv't. ROBERT HOWE. P. ft. AVaptain Oreen of ,the Militia i* said to b? a capital offenifer in the way above mentioned. Oovrrnor Clint on'i answer to tko ohovt. Sib :? I wonlil have long before thi* have answered your Lettsrof the Ath nil., but I conceived the Interposition of the Legislature necesaery to prevent the Abuse* which jou have been ao kind aa to point out. They have at length entered into concurrent Reaolutiona empowering me to iaeue a proclamation, (of which I have the Honour of enclosing yon a Copy,) that may probably deter the offend ?m I com committing the like outrage* in future?lam much obliged by the particular Attention you have manifested to the auffcring Inhabitant* of this State, and Am, Ac. Col. Howi to Gov. Clinton. Capture of s Spy ? WAaf to do toitk A fa*. Noam Casti.s, Ath November, 1770. Sin i? Mr. Kinicnt ha* been taken by one of my petrobnr par tie*?he i* *uppo*ed by all whig*, (not in the seen") to be a Spy, Tory, and everything had?nu.lsr th? be baa been eaaenttallv serviceable, and haabei n the nine ao, aa he i* deeply In the confidence of the enemy?it I* but justice to him to say, I have had Capitai n from him, accident of taking him was onlucky- o liberate him so aa to prevent *u?|>ieion requires mnnii meat. I had thought* of letting him escape. but thiatn. k is become stale, and it ia risqueing too much to depend upon It?beside* this, the anan i* too sick at present to make it probable that ho coud escape | the enemy will I am psrtuadod solicit an eaeliange lor him. and lAst, I em of opinion will be the heat method of returning him, a >y other way might loss him tk''r conftdence, and connquently render him naslesa to us. Contain Hunter'* going Sown with a flag, would tacilitate this matter and answ er - "~?f LI). Mm Two CmU. other valuable purposes. My lending him down will not do, because it woud b# expected that 1 ibnud send an olhcar of the Line, he tells me a very plausible pretext may be found Tor your Excellency to rrnj him. 1 am much interested in his going down, and he waits on yen'or'hat purpose. I earnestly hope he may be sent immediately, which 1 am certain will contribu e to service. I need not mention to you how necessary it will be to destroy this Letter the moment it it read, that no accident may discover upon what footing either Captain Hunter or .Mr. Kinnicut sta d with ua I have the honor to be with the greatest respect, Your Excellency' Most ob H St., HOB 1'. NOWI. P. S. I hove no doubt but the enemy w ill send proposals to Exchmge Kinnicut by Captain Hunter?and 1 wish the offer to Originate with them for very obvious reason*. Governor Canton. Gen Washington to Gov. Clinton. Storming Savannah and the Rtpuha. Hun Qi'ntTimi, Win Point, Nov. ltttb, 1770. Daaa Si. I am now to inform you that the idea ol a co operation with Hn Excellency Count D'Eetaing inthii quarter ia entirely at an end. at lead for thia t ear. The advanced season of itself would liavu rendered the meaanre too precarioua and uncertain iutheissuo to be undertaken nuw ; but heaidea thia, 1 rtnu by advices received laat night, that an unfavorablechange in our attain at the Southward haa made it impracticable. It seems the atege of Savannah, where the enemy had aecurrd themaelrei by atruiig lorliQe-tions, required more time than wn expected, and there being no certainty ol reducing the place lay regular approaches in the course of n lew days, it w a. agr. ed 10 attempt to effect it by atorm. The attack waa accordingly made en the morning of the Oth tilt, by the allied troopa who iiiffered a repulae. I have not thv particular*, but thereaolution for an assault waa founded in the necessity it ieemathere waa for the Count'* returning immediately to the West Indie*. The allied troopa behaved with great firmness, and tho' defeated acquired great honor. Connt D'Evtaing himaelf waa wounded in the arm and leg. Gen. Pulatki J led ?omi daya after the action, of a wound lie received. Our weundeil and baggage were all hiought off. Your Excellency will be pleated to conaider thia more for your private information than for any other purpoae. Congre.s will probably publiih the affair. From tln< detail ol circumrtancea however?you will conclude with me?that the sooner the militia return to their bomaa tha better I will leave it outirely to your Ear.ellencv *a management?and add rex* to conduct the business with them ?requeuing only that you w ill ofler the ottic r? and men my warmest thanka lor their great activity and zeal in turning out?and that you yourself will accept my sincerest acknowle gmrnts for the aid k. support you hsve pleased to afford ine on this and every other occasion.? Vrtli will ttldi hw nLuCUiI tn nnlpr Ihoir ratrimanlol Paw Roll* to be made out immediately and pr< seated to the Deputy Pay master Gen. The looner it can be done -the better for reason* which will at once occur to you. Any Quarter mattei* Store* that may have been icceivrd? V'iu will be so obliging a* to ordur to be returned to Col Hay. I shall be very happy to see your Excellency,?if you csb make it convenient to lavor rue with a viait. 1 cannot on account of a variety of pressing business do myself the pleasure of waiting on you. I am Dear Sir With the most sincere esteem It respect, Your Excellency's most ohet servant G. WASHINGTON. His Excellency Geo Clinton Gen. prtnam to Gov. Clinton. Characteristic Lett it, Surpscted Ftrions. Prf.kskill, June i4, 1777. Diss Sib I have sent thirty four Sailors by Cnpt. Buchanan, whirh you'll please to dispose of a* >?u think proper, s! ould he very happy to sec the Gallics dou n here, but If there's no prospect of their romiing vary ?oon I should be Equeally as Happy to Hoar they where on Are. The Enemv Gallics are continually up the the River, taken of Cattle, sheep Hog* Jtc. and we have nothing to prevent them. Your Hum Servt. ISRAEL PUTNAM. NB You'll he very carefull of these leliows as 1 sur pect, their intentions are net good James Massy David Hady John Whelier Samuel Wilson Lewis Bakeman People suspected. Morris Selley Daniel Petty John Tumunder John More. J Literary Notice*. The Lilly of the Vallay?Published by Dunnu gun,157 Fid ton street?Avery interesting and instructive tale tor young persons? got up in splendid style. i he uksumne iviAViut.?nUKIMM Of Dunnigan, 157 Fulton street.?This devotional work is got up in the most elegant manner, and embellished with well executed engravings. It has already obtained most extensive circulation, nnd thould be in the hands of every member of ihe Catholic church. Tiik Florai. Cabinet?Edited by James Hogg? Publisyed by Dayton if Newman.?This is the title of a new periodical candidate for public favor, which isto be devoted to Floriculture, Ilorticul ure, and Botany. It has a very re-pec aide appearance, and is embellished with a well executed colored engraving ol that beautiful plant "Wave-lcaved Franciscea," which was originally brought from B enoa Ayrea by Mr. Edwards, the United Stales Consul there. "The Floral Cabinet" ought to succeed, but we greatly fear whe her there will be found a Millie out number ol the lovers ol Flora, to support it. However, it is worth while to make, the trial, and our good withes accompany the labors of Mr. Hogg, whose taste and aki'l are a sufficient guarantee that the duties of his department will fx- well discharged. Tiiockts on Immortai.ity?By Alpha hi a. New York?Published < y tVil'ium S. Dorr?A collection of vtrcea by " one who does not claim to be a poet," and who gives sufficient evidence ihat this modest negative of poetic talent is <piite justifiable The author i" evidently a well-meaning man, but he had better confine himself to humble prose. Bit anoks Cvct-or<EDiA? Pubbihed by Horner and Brothers?The second part of this inv du.itile Wortt has just been issued. This work should be in every library. yNIV1.r[lSAL pUAi?E OF THE BEST MAGAZINE OF THE SEASON. GODEY'S EAPY'S BO> >K, FOR JANUARY 1943. ALL the art'elee are from female writera??o e ? f them am among our moat ilittn cuhhed literary mri, Tli > mN?'liihmenta ate ?rry beautitnl iprcimeos of art. Dtml un, t imimtint figure o seers n arming worn n si p-S) er, ami probably the brm ngrsveil in >be country. Tlmi- i? * Km ibour itiii m -vann-? innhe?v-r i f the bind iia'iee .1 let rsrv prelrndera, who rai-eil from the gutter to the edi nml triond, >h Ilk lb m?< Ires I nil It d 10 libi I Mtrry OJU who dupulrs their arrogant preiemiont thst p'ea??? so o uch. We do not know s mure accept?ble pre-eut which any reejleti en can make to a ladv th?n Out <1 light ul peri# d cat. which embodies an much of the i reiy. ream*. i< trlligrnce and refinem nt of womanhood.? National J luroal The embrllishmeiita are vety heaun ut <i ccim nt o( art, vis: D ?' tioti, a ch tnnns m intuit, h> Horn hrr ? -.up-iiif we (h'tik to th* Cnqueue, tu (Irahao-1, iin'ic ! 'it idai . and I r h'tily 'h< heat ??r est raved in hi country ?Ni w?rk Dai1 ly Ad'er'i er I Th-L'dy'a B w>k, for Jasuiry, lb" nrat nomh-r cf t e sew t nlume, rhnwa 'h-1 Mr. I) Jey is deurininit maintain, reeardlta*'fall eeiena- ti. high e la-.rter wtich ih. n.agexinu I ha* ?c<|?ir-d with i ? fa r reader* ? I'hrotucle, I ittahnrgh, P?. The Jaiiutr. number i? lich suit >paiktin? thou.h'ut. and well raleul it'd'o aeat in the wife a, trad i.onil ruy ot >hi? 'iri 11'1'r >u> IKIIIW * .am.earn 1>? numb. rof hi* I'lMt e i ?ll?l f >r January u before u?, decked in its hi >t bul d?y tear. eccordiu* in hi- fashi >n of ihe season. The srticlis in tni. i a -ber are milieu eirloairsIv bv leinalf a. which re-di r* it m (act as wrll as in n?me a I. dv'i bonk.?B.ooklyn ttaule. Wf k?f' bf III f.iornl ?ilk H fldf No of (Mi;1! Lady's Boob loi Jtl.nsrv. and * bvi'liin. i' is la i- commem-ir c the icw vear in ihe mr??t dishing style of mat nine pnh'ication. The etnhell.stimeuis air tuHimt an'l .|t. mlid ?Iuqaireranil Courier. The lit re r contribution* of this month ars of* hi*h order and of a varied character?ihe grave, ihe the d> cor*'-d and amusing?all within the proper hounds?el ding to the ch nlment n( ihe wnth.?U. ft Gaseue. Lady* Book?This beauti'ul gi m, *m< W.' the p. nodical I leryture of the c? nutr rostinne* t.- ll' *P*'kliig light with iacre?*in? brilliance. We haec i-e'o e iu in adranee the number for J.nuary, and much ?? ?' h??e admired it. ore. decnaaors this bear* aasav the p.lie. ,?"'h f"r.' . h* 0,''.' ' engraving and the h-eh lone . r ee.-rlh sr - t?h"-h varies its literal y enntenu. The first r>- * L . fal m.imtini by W Httmn*"J' 'jj* ^ U?L ?''T graving we haeaee,, The engraving of Daei J Wilkin* celebrated picture of the Wind f iddler . . f the l it character, and well worth rwjr ihe price of the nniaber?State Journal. The pfit5^'mi Th" nniftber vr of nnu.ital el- nance?The first OH a me?eons', entnl.d Devotion, has all the heantr and is a's esr-rdingly fine.?N. I. Tnuoue. The r.?esent ouoiber is as sear perfretion St the highest twI , mo.'" prrior workmanship can it. No L*dy% bouncer ?* W aotwtJele without a copy of the work, as it rerfaii'll ' as the pnhli-her leims it. the favorite of the fur? (faxet'c Wilmington. Del. Oody'* Lady' Boo*?The aatrnmherof thia unique work j. brfore ns I' h??i?-t with all .oil* of rtealahin. Bin while Hie c- utitry I* flooded with Macaroni a and reeti I ady'r Books, yet thi. work .till stei 1)1 at the head of them aal' It is shore all p' ri.e, and ha. heoeme the atanoardof lileratnre of the clasa ro whirl) it belnnira lt_ rtrfin c m, litipn. and h is * cii'cniatiori wherever th<- Kngli-h fanenage w .ix li-n. The present umber h-> s| ten il emht I; tits. >lr. Ooday. the enterprising nulitlshrr. promise, rern to evrcil his past effort* to m.lte this solk ll o pile's of Au.-nc.n Irteri'nr.?Boston O Ire Br.t rh A . e-AsnascnpMnntethis IIM X -e (ben... 1J, in edvatp e) wouiU b? one of th.- loo-t r s in pr. tnU ?? u Ilvle soil enltlrated a on- ? m u c..n'd in lo a young I dy worthy of hia altrhtl I t -li-lkime In tvodey'a LadyB ok ihe r al V ?.* toaa sre tiven, colored meaaotint I'lat. a, aieai eifiavinrt, and r mtttei bv the ba.t authors of America. Price of sab ri rtion cr.i year in sd.ance; two eivaies om esrforSJdo. A ' I ? . ItHAhL POaT, 'II )i"t M Bow. ry, New Yorti \