Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1842 Page 1
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F tit Toi. Vin,?No. 847.?Whole No. 3*0?. i"OK NEW OKLEANH. LOUISIANA AND NKW VORK LINK OS" PA^KTS. KoMh^tj^Trr aceomniodacio^or U i i t * rm, W l>'iiitr?flrli* dn tafrh ihiji from thu ?ort on the lit, .th, 10th, lUli, Hoi.*" 2ith .it r n il month, coin . noun tin 10th October and in* until May. when regular <Ly? will be <i|>T>eiuled 'V "*? JT ?r ouo-r of the, whereby great delayi m?1 dIKV',Kr' will be j>ri veu'ed during the auminrr month*, rib? lonowmg ahi;>i witl commence tlna arrangement : v Hhij> VAZOO^Ca^taHi Coruel). BPup 1)1 UNEb, ? Jackson. Ship M1SS11M1PPI. CaptaiH Ililliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. ^ Slop SHAKHl'EAKE, Captain MimiShip GASTON. Captain Litliam. Blup HUNTSVILLE. Captain MumfctC Shin OCMUI.OKC Captain Le?*??. Siiip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. ShH> MEMPHIS. Cup'.aiii Knight. Slap LOUISA. Captaiu Mullbrd. These ?>iipa were all built in tlw city of New York, express,# for packet*, are of light draft of water, have rece ntly keen wl> cvi?i?'reil ami put iu ipleudiii order,with accommodaiinns t?r pa*?< i.crra um-'iaalled lor comfort. . They are commanded y ci|h riniced inasteia, who will make every en-man to give Ieai-ral iiiifacrion. They will at all time* be to wad up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owner* fovea plain* df tiieae *hi|>s will be responsible Ipr jewelry, bullion, prceiout atouea, ailver or plated ware, or for any Utter*, parcel or uaeluge, lent ty o rpttt cn beard of them, tiuiea* regular bill* af mding are taken for the same the value theteoti expressed. Ver freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It CO., 54 South it., or HULL IN k WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans. who will promptly forward all good* to their addrett. The alnp* of thia line ore warranted to ?ail punctually a* adyertiied, and great care will be taken to have the good* oorrectIv measured. mi NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, fn aiiirum New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the 13th of each manIk. M. Mk & From Nkw Yore. Ship OAIUUCK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25th October. Ship ROSCJUS, Captain Jehu Collins, 25th November. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captaiu F. A. Depeyster, 25 ti, January. From UivrHroen. Ship 81DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship S11ERJDAN, Captaiu F. A. Depeyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship GAliKICK, Captaiu Wrn. skiddy, 13th December. Ship ltOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 13th January. These ships art,' all ol the first class, upwards ol lMt tens, built in lie city ol New York, with such improvements atcoiubine great speed with unusval comfort for passengers. Every care has beru taken iu the arwngement of their accommodatioua. The price of passage hence is $100, foi which ample stores will be rovided. These nliips are commanded by experienced inro.tera, whe w -.11 make every exertion to give general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for at y Utters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular b Ms of" lading are signed therefor. For lreight oi passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South at., New York, or to WM. k JA8. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Lett*:* by the packets will be cl arged 12>4 cents pel single sheet; 5u cents per ounce, and newtiwper* 1 cent each. ol 1 OLD LtNE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m. M. cpHE OLD LINE of Packet^or Liverpoo^vnUiereafter be * despatched iu the following order, excepting that when the tins- o< swung falls ou Sunday, the shipa will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June I July 19 616 tous. ( Oct 1 Nor 19 D. (J. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 tons. ( Oct 19 Dec 7 B.L. Waits. (Feb 19 April 7 Tha OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, (Nor 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbona, ( March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 (10 torn, (Nov 19 Jan 7 E.G. Marshall Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. ( Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.r April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 ton*, (Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, I Sept 1 Oct 17 850 lens, (Jan I Feb 17 W.C Barstow.r May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, \ Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, (Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. (May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as legards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Himdred Dollars, for wliicn ample stores ofeverv description wiU be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which Will be furnished by tbe stewards. X GOODHUE A CO., 61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slip, N. Y. jet! Irh BARING BROTHERS A CO.. LViol. tapscotts general passage office, 48 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. Mk M. M. M. The avbscribers beg 10 call the attention of their frienda and the pub1 ic generally, to their superior arrangemei ts for bringiii!; out passengers from, and remitting money to, any par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, iu tne magnificent packet -hips, comprising the " new Link of Liverpool rackets.* viz..-Hhip UUsClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS,Captain Cobb. Ship Bile Hi DAN, Capfiiu Depeyster. Ship G VIlltlCK, Captain Skidly. New .hip MOTTIVOUEll, Captain Bttrsley. Ship southerner, Captain Woodhouse. hiiip ROCHESTER.CapUin Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice every mouthj md willi the " UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will meke five ships in each monili throughout the year, (orono every six davs) llisreby pteveuting the possi biiity of ?mi?eeks.iry fleteuuon. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fall to see the silv-iiit. ges to he derived tiom velecting thia line iu preference ' > auy other, and tliry may rest aaaured that unuwml care will b- taken to make .lie pa sage agreeab'e, the ships being fifed up w ivh an eye solely to the ermrort of passengers. In all et ?e, where the parties Sent for deeliae coming, the money will be refund d without any deduction, as usual. A free passage I'om the various seaport- of Ireland and Scotland, ?au also be secured. REMITTANCES. Persons in the couutrv wishing to send money to their friends hy enclosing thesuin tliey wish seut, with the name and addrees of the pirtiea t?receive it, m.y raly on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt triereof, and an acknowledgement for the sun* leturued per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable oa d-mand. without disc um or auy o-li r charge, at the National and Provincial B ml.1 of Irela'd and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, fire, nock, and their branches, Messrs. J -mes Buk, Sou ACo., Bankeiu, London, Exchange aud Discount Bank, Liverpool, and iu very principal Uiwu of Great Britain and Ireland. Further p .iticulan made knowu on application, if by letter, post paid, to djy r W. A J. T TAP3COTT. ft Peek Slip, N. York. tik Mi m PACK ET8 FOR MARSEILLES?The undermentioned ahiiis Mill be legularly dispatched from hence end from Mar cilUi on the let of each month dnnng the year, that? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA, CaptBrown, N.v1. Jan I H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylyeeter, Dec 1. Febl C <>URI ER. Cant Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRE800TT, Capt Lawrence, Peb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adama, Marl. Mayl CORIOLANUB, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jun 1 They are all copperea and copper faatened.and have eicellent accommodations tor passengers. The price of cabin passage will be $1M, eiclneiye of winee andliguort. Oooda addreeied to BOYD k HINCKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free or other harrei than there actually paia. For freight or paaeage apply to O. BROOM fc CO.. or to _o?r BOYD h HINCKEN, Agent. it? I'ACItET FOR MARSEILLES, Ll January? tip COURIER, Captain Duggan. Apply to Vi ;r? 8. BROOM & CO.. or to BOYD h HINCKEN. Agents. FOR LIVERPOOL.?Positively Firat Packet.? hf f-J?V1'li? .p'etidid fast sailing well known nacket ship AiJfcJw^OL'TnKRN'KU. Captain Palmer, will tail positively a. shove, her regohr day. The shi|>? f line are all 1000 ton. burthen, and npwarda, and their accommodations lor cabin, aecnml cabin and steerage pease intern, it is well known, art aunerior to any other line of packsh*. For passage, early applic <ii >u should he made to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. 43 Pcca Slip. cor. South at. The SOUTHERNER leayt. Liycrpool on ine 51 h Kidiroary, IMS Peia n? wiahnnt to aend lor their frienda, to coine out in the above spier,did ahip, or any of ihe regular line, can make the necessary arrangements mi reasonable terma ; and tho.e wishing to r mn m tney can hare dralu lor any amount, p-yable on demand, in al: tin principal town, of Great Britain and Ireland, on application aa above. dtOr FOR llVERrOOL?Packet of the 7ih January, bjjryJfV IHJ?The aplrudid uew packet ship A9HBUHTON, JMiUkbCapt. Halllraton, will asll aa above, her regnlar day. lla ii g m itt superb accommodations for cabin, aecond eabin and steerage psasengars. Pera. ns wishin. to embaak should ...I- I.n> boud, fioi?f Miidn 1<im, tiio McMURRAY, _ 0 "fj? cofnei of Bouth itreet. P 8-Th? bo succeeded br the pecket.hip8tejdien Whitney, and sail on the Uth of Jsnaary, itfl Person' wishing to srud for their friends residing in the eld country can have ihem brought out bv eithei of the above ships, or any of the tegular [Mcketa, by applying aa above, il by Utter post Paid. dj| to jv7r PXOkfcT FOE HXVHE. 8ccoL<rLi7,7^-Th^ Vt*jrt?'i|'c UtICA, t Hewitt master, will tir JuliAfeol January. BOYD It H1NCKEN, il i7r No 9 Tontine Buildings. DMAKTB ON IRELAND, Ac.?The subscribers nrjl'jlrWcontinue to sire drafts payable on demand, without jkUHBsBiliicount, or any chance wbatsoeycr. INlRfcLAND--1The National Bank of Ireland, the Provincial Bask of Ireland, and their oranches in every connty. I N ENGLAND AND WALES?Meeers. James Bull, Bon It Co.. bankers. Leudon, the Kichange and Discouut Bank, LiveriMioi. and their br-nchei throughout England and Wales. IN BC'OTI AND?The Eastern Bank ol Scotland, the G o enock banking Company, and branches in the principal towns; SirWm. forbes,Hunter It Co. Tenons ia ihe country wishing to remit money to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by enclosing ths amount they wish to remit to the subscribers, with tin. name and addreis of the parlies to whom it is to be sent. A draft for the amount will lie forwarded the fi'st isckct after the receipt thereof, nud acknowledgement of the sam* retained per lirst post. * da r WAIT. TAP8COTT. 41 Peek slip. New York. h hancis* patent lIFe boats. TME object of this invention is t > save hamau life, krtjV JV The number of passrngersand other persons saved l,y , jlykMMt'.cse ho si from wrecks in storms when the ordinary boti. Ii te sW?mt ed is over ISO. The number of persons drown ed for want ol the Life Boats at the burni g and wieckiugof at' air.' o ts jiiiI other wssi 1s is scenidinn to accounts i uhlishril th, p at mou ti over at. Il is impossible to swsmii this boat. The price varies from $1S to io tlOO, a cording to the unmber of tiersona they are ic |MUi d to carry, with the bottom stove in. 2' e clt.aof mat* lor picking up men falling overboard, are , so iiiriiiua to reguire but two incu to handle them, and by the new apparatus c..u tie set in the the water in 30 seconds, with two men in her ready fer the rescue. As the safety of vessels at tea ..spends mainly on the services of the crew, this class of boots iaintendeu for their rreteivation. Offioe of YRANCIS' Patent Life BoatT Wall at, n? At Ada** k Co.b Iiptw 0?c?. j1 I a' ! ? E NE NEV new jersey railroad and transportation company new york and newark. SBSi from trie lout of CuurtUadl itruet, New York. (Every day?Sunday uwt epted.) Leave* New V oik Learn Newark At * A. M. At % P. M. At 7* A. M. At IN P. M 1IN do. 4 do. 8 do. 3N do. 4\ do. 8 do. 6 do. .7 do. II U do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of C.nrtlandt m?L Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 8 A. M. and tW T. M. At iN P. M. and 10 P. M. NKW YOItK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leste New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. J P.M. SN A.M. Jx " luN A. M. 4$ P. M. IN M. 3 P. M. 9\ " The train* for Wettfield, Plaiufteld. Beuudbrook.Somrrvitle, fcc..connect with the 9 A M, 2 and Of P M train* from New York, daily, Sunday* etcepted. Fare between New York and Elisabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare between do and Soinerville. 75 cent*. NTV YORK. RAHWAY AND NE\V BRUNSWICK Fare reduced. F rom the foot of Liberty (treet, daily. Leave Nrw York. Leave New Bruuiwick. At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. 3N P. M. 7X " <* " 9 P. M. On Snnday* the 5N and 7N A.M. trip* from New Bmnawick and 2N P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Fare between New York aad New Brun*wick, 7} cent*. Rahway, 50 cent* The fare in the 5N and 7% A. M. train from New Brunswick. and 2X and Of r. M. train from New York, ha* been re duced. New York and New Brnnawick, to 50 cent*. " and Rahway to 37N " Puiencer* who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re ceive a ferry ticket crati*. Ticket* are received by the con doctor only on the Jay when purchased. Bull 3m* WINTER ARRANGEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHlL^LL^iA UAlTTfOAT)IlNE Via Newark, New BrunswirU, Princeton, Trenton, Bordea town ami Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the loot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 AM and 4* P.M. The inorinna t.>ne proceeds to Hordentown, Iroa thence by teionooat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without chance of cars. rassetigera will pcocnre their ticket* ?t the office foot ol Liberty street. where a commodiou* steamboat will be m readiness*. with baggage crate* onboard. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city, without beiii|r opened by the way. Each train * provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms eapre*tlv for the Lsdie* use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foet of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A \1, and 4 P M, being a continnation of the lines from New York. s23 3in*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR FOR ALBANY. TROY, AND BUFFALO. MM? Mfa? ^3 By theTiousatObic Rait Road, ruuniug through from this City to Albany is Twelve Honrs. _ Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Honsctoni Rail Road Company, to run an Express Car (exclusively for our owu psrpose) daily, over their road with the passenger train, rnnninc through to Albany in twelve hours, ana are now prepared to receive and forward at low rales, Specie. Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Uoods, lie., for any of the above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and snch other business as may be entrusted to tneir care. d?r rOMEROY It CO. 2 Wall s'reet. New York. FUL.LEN & COPP'S essa @029 NEW YORK, ALBXNY, TROY AND MON'I'REAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Hamden It Co, having disposed of their ronte from New York to Albany and Troy, the subscribers, the old conductors of Harnden It Co's Northern Express, from New York, will continue to run as heretofore,leavinj[ New York, Albany and Troy, Daily .and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Moutnal Express, and will forward Specie, Bank Notes, Packages. Buudles,Cases of (foods. Re., to any p'ace between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Boston, ai'd West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of mtes, drafts, acceptances, lie., and prompt rctnrns made for the same, PULLEN A COPP. Offices?Pulleii A Copp, 2H Wall street. New York. Tnos. Hough, 15 Exchange, Albany. A O. Filknis, 228 River street, Troy. S. Jacob's Exchange Conrt, St Paul st, Montreal. REFERENCES. New Yoke. Ar-uarvr. Trot. Prime, Ward A King, E- J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, A Co., Thus. Cough. P. Weils, Johu T. Smith, A Lo.. 8. K. Stow, Peooeu A Hoffman, C. S. Douglass, Carpenter A Vermilye, F. Leake Boaehton A Co. rew, Robinson A Co. n24 lmr NEW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROAD LINE. Via Norwich sivo Worcester Railroads. Composed of the following superior steamers running iu connection ?ith the Norwick A Worcester and Worcester A Boston Kail Hoads? WORCESTER. Capt-J H. Yandcrbilt. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. D us tan. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and aftei Monday, Nov.21st,this line will bernn tri-weekly, leaving Naw York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, at 4 P.M. The new and splendid steamlxL'i NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without change of cars or baggage. For farther information, enquire at the office of D. B. ALLEN. 39 Pec* Slip, udstairs. All persons are forbU trusting any one ca account of the above boats or owner*. n25r NEW YORKAND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. jWfe Aijl|| Fare to Harlerntveduced to12 1-2 cruli. WINTER AHRANNOFMENT.-On end after Monday, Decrmbes J9'h. 18)2, the car* will ran daily a* follow* t? Leave City Hall for Leave Harlem Leave Willi im?' Bridge William*' Bridge, for City Hall. far City Hall 7 00 A. M. 8 40 A. M. I 30 A. M. 9 " 10 60 " 19 30 " II 30 " 1 10 P. M. 12 60 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 *0 " 3 20 " 4 " 5 40 " S 20 " 6 00 Harlem oaly. 6 *0 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh *tr?et Line will run asfo'low*:?From 7 30 A. M. every ten minutes throughout the day till 7 P. M. aud on Bnnday* every twenty minntea. Fare 8)a cen'i. Paaeenaere for Westchester. Throg's Neck, Eastcheater. New K or belle, Mamaroneck, Hone N' ck, Noilh Ca*tle, Rnbbiu*' Mill* and White Plans, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. trim from ('ity H<11. Passengers for Yonkers will take the 9 o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P. M. trains from City Hall, On 26th Dec and 2d Jau the car* will run between City Hall and William* Bridge every hour from 7 A M to 8 P M. uW Im'm BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200.ton* and HO horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA. E. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA, F.. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Button, via Haliftui. From LiTgarooL. r?im citoii. Britannia, Hewitt, Oct 4 Nov l Caledonia, Lott. Oct 19 Nov 18 Acadia, Ryrte, Nov 4 Dee I Columbia, Miller, Nov II Dec II Britannia, Hewitt, Dec 4 Jan t Passage Money?From loeton to Liverpool, 1136? Boston to Halila* $20. These ships carry eiperieaead surgeon*. No Berths seemed until paid fcr. Noti.?Verehandite and Specie (except for personal ea Kotes) shinned under the rime of luggage will be charged as ugnt, aad liable to Custom House Regulnlions. Apply to oTy r D. BRHIHA.Vf. JR., No. 3 Wall-et. -WW jgat FALL AND WINTER ARKANUEC??j? ME.NT.?The steamboat Rockland, will, on and after M ondey, the 31st of OetoU^ ran a* lollows : leaving Middletown Point (tide and weaiha* per milling) at 9 o'clock, and Keyport at 10 e'elock, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Returning, leave the fee I of Kohin son street. New York, evgry" Tuesday, Thursday Saturday at 12o'clock, uooo, touchiftgat Seguin s Dock each way. Stages will be in readiness te convey tmaseuKers to any part of the country. All baccvfe at the riak of the owned. _ og 2m*ec . STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall itreet. ^^n^lo^Dee. Id. the steamer STATEN ISLANDER, 71) /VWJiS.L?^TL nn,il further notice :? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. IMA. M, 9 A.M. 1* 1214 j, e?n OPPOSITION TO CATS Sm. JL-arwaP KILL, and intermediate landino. wiihont low ? !, ?- bare e?? Re a n I ardaya from CatUkill, Mon day a, Wedueadaya and E nUaya. Ki om New York, Tneadaya, Tburadaya and Saturdays.?rare to or from Cattakii) 50 cenU. ? Brriha 25 cents?Hopper 25 eenia. The Dow and fvat steamer WAVE, Captain Vandrrbik will le*ve Robinson at. pier Thursday Nov. 17th, at five o'clock For furilu r particulars inquire of the raitain on board By ram.tnz on the days'abnve named, there will b< a daily Voir municalion b> twer n Catakill and New York (and intermedial* plae. a) for freight and passage at reduced mieea. oa, pHINA ktll.ASS oi every description?<be cheapest In a-r thh city, for ( h'ialiiiai and New Year presents; beautiful rill tuirbleaa and lemonades, with liifer llowera ol different kinds-, new diahea, coloan bottles of different aiiea. The above c iauot be had at any other place in ikfa eounryr. Cut and plain glass of every description, warraiyMd to be far nnhed at 20 a> i cent cheaper than any other mmralartnry et wholesale and retail (tore, No. 15 John at., and at the tilaaa manufactory 6f 8TOUVENEL k CO. dlS lm*r No. m Ooldat. New York. W V < 7 YORK, MONDAY MOR ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. MLEVKTT.Deiitut.ilie introducer into ihu country tu tlie year ll'i, of inserting Teeth on the above cientillc liriociple, as practised by himself ALONE, coutU the *liention of the i ubl c to his greet improvement. The established re pats'ion of Dr. Levett hii easy, well known, peculiar, end scientific adaptation iu supply lug lite deficiencies of the Teeth, and the uuearird satisfaction given, which he fully guarantees in all cases, warrants his inviting 'lie atu-ulion of the ladles Mgentler ru who have had Te> th uuskillully set, or who may require new for iluwe disolaced by nature. M. LEVETT, Dentist,<160 Broadway, corner Warren street, opposite the P.>rk. [Copy of a Letter Irom M. M. Noah, Esq, to Dr. Levett] r*rw ion, >iayZ4th, 18H Dear Sir:?It is both a matter of duty aud plr.isu'e liMMf, rliat th ' set id artificial trrh ou the principle of atmospheric pressure which you made fort lady iu my lannly, haasucceeded iu every rc?i?ri, m ?| i>eaitnc?., comfort, and utility, and hai giveu entire satisfaction. 1 am. dear air. your obedieut servant, [Signed] M. M. VOAH. Dr. Levett haa Permission tirelerioso en be elite of the citjten of New York. d8 ltn*r U.S. CITY DESPATCH POST. POST OFFICE, .NVw York. 25th July, 1812. HOURS of Deliver; each day, (Sundays excepted)at the U o?r and Lower Pott Office*:? Letters ue posited before Ilaia taat 8 o'clock, A M\ " II " " 1 1 " P M I Will be sent ont for deAt all the Stations before > lirery at 9 AM, and I 7 o clock, A M I and 4 o'clock, P M. 11 " I " P M) Letters to be sent Free, inuat have "Free Stamp" affixed to them, otherwise three cents will be collected of the party to whom the letter is addresse 1. No money must be enclosed in leilera unlets re. iatered at t at principal offices. Lists ot the stations (at all of which "Iree stamps" sua; be purchased at $2,50 per 100. aud every informal iod may be obtained on application at the upper or lower post < dices. Stamps issued by the late City Despatch Post will be rec.ived. it it iudis|>rnauble that the number of the residence anoul 1 be stated in ail letters seat through this Pott. The Post Master solicits the earliest intoimation should any irregularities occur. JOHN LOKlMK.t GRAHAM sti28 Iv ee Post Master GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIEs NEED NOT DESPAIR. DH. A. C. CASTLE has a Paste for tilling decayed hollow teeth. It can be imt into the moat tender teeth without any psin or inconvenience, and with whim it becomea impacted into ONE bard solid body, 'hat testariiig Uli preserving (hitherto painful and nseleas teeth) artificially aonnd. and perfect m all their respective nset for life?preventing IN ALL CASES, the necessity of eitracti"n. Ladies the moat distinguished in society, otter their testimonials in the most vivid urrai, as to Ps efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Post, says ?" It is admirably adapted for lender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr. Castle operates on the teeth wi'h great care aud ability." Ihe New York Aurora, says " It makes the teeth iu all respects perfect for life." The Sun, says:? " Dr. Castle hasob aiued much celebrity for hisexcellent mode of tilling the teeth." The most eminent gentlemen of the Medical Faculty, have personally tried ana recommend Dr. Castle's Paste for tilling the teeth. '*ooth-ache Pills, one o( which pat in the aching tooth, will effect a permanent cure. IFrom ine Journal of Commerce 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A. C. Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of dental mechanism, the lost portions of the upper and lower iaw bones. hot away in tne caae of Litut. 8 . of the U. S. N., who met with thix terrible and severe casualty, while in |iursuit of the Indians in Florida. We have aeeu letters from Lient. 8. confirmatory of this extraordinary core and its entire success, that the loss of these important organs so skillful I v replaced by Dr. Caslie is now no more a souice ol regret to the Lieutenant. Dr. C. inserts artificial on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure, which he first introduced to the notice of the public in 1821. Dr. A C. Castle refers to the Spanish, French and English Ambassadors, Mr. Stoughton the Kpauish Consul, Hear Admiral Waldron.Lord Mor|>elh, Urn McUarty, Dr. F. C. Johnson, President of the Medical Soc'ety, 9. N. Y.; Mrs. < Jen. Uaines, J. B. Beck, M. D., Dr. J. A. Sunth. Dr. E. Delafielil. Dr. Beadle, Dr. Bayil, Dr. Buger, Dr. J. C. Cheesinsn, Dr. A. H. Stevens, Dr. J. Torrey, Dr. Baylies, Dr. Wat. O ay on. Si r Ike. Sic. d2 lm*r TO THE LOVE 119 OF SUPERIOR BLACK TEAHowijua's Mixture?This extremely delicious and unparalleled Tea, so highly celebrated in Ciena and Europe, just importedj is now for sale at the Canton Tea Company's General Tea Establishment, 121 Chaihninst. New York?in Chinese lockages. Price 50 cents and $L d6 lm*r 0 LACK MX RBL E? 1.0 Irish Black Marble, lor sale by -P nttr PKH89E & BROOKS. No. 61 Liberty street. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 121, late 129 Chatham itreet, New York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 'T'HE CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for J- sale new and frngraut Teas of every variety and style Their assortment specially includes the most delicious and powerful grades of (jreen and Black K"cry package beara the atarsp of nertuess and elegance, and the Teas therein are so thoroughly secured from light and air that their quality aud power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their svatcm of prosecuting business is perhaps scarcely to be excelled. It it founded upon the ntmoat regard to the rights of he customer, especial I y wi'b inspect to weight and quality, aud unrivalled cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to return any articles which I til to give them the fullest siuif.ction, which the money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishments, heads of families, aud shipmasters will tind it a decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. Coffee masted every day. Orders Irom all parts of the United States executed with promptitude and det patch. Qy The only warehouse in America Ibr the tale of Houqua's celebrated Black Tea. dfi lm*t TNAV'S FIRST PREMIUM OVER SHOES FOR LA" 1DIES are auimtied to lie the most i erl'ecl article in ide of lubber ever brought out The uru ?iy]e now being got up at 1 nr factory, called the Quilted Buskins, ?ill f'uu imil iims, just as soou as we introduce them But persons who prefer the genuine to the imnaiioii will call at 45 Maiden Lane, and examine the largest r.arielv of ladies, gents and misses rubber shoes aud over shoes, to be found in re United S'at-s in any ou? store. HORACE H DAY. 4) .Maiden Lsne. nJ6 lm*r Successor to Kixbury India Rubber Co. JM FOR SALE.?That valuabla sbtud known as the peW Long Island Hotel, situated in the town ot Islip, in SufXJ&follc county, L. I. The house ix built in modem style, aud ol the best materials aud workmanship, wi.h a front of eighty leet, kit-hen included, two stories hgh, with an attic ; and is calculatndto accommodate 40 boarders,besides the family and necess ry attendanta, and is surrounded with all the neceaaarv ont-buildings, liuir and urnameutral uees, shrubbery, be. Ti e location of ihe premises is unrivalled, commanding a full view of the beach, the lighthouse at Fire Island, r.nd tne I Atlantic O van. An open lane, in front of the house, aud leading directly to the bay, furumhesa delightful and pleasant walk of eight or ten minutes. The Long Island Rail Road passu wrhin about f ur miles of the premises, ai d affords an easy and convenient CHininunicaljou with the cities ol New York and Brooklyn. No part of Long Island affords greater facilities for fowling, or bav or brook, or the noble spoit of buck hunting. Deer being very abundant in the vicinity, aud are frequently found on the piemtaes. There is about two hundred acres of laud, and meadow attached to the premises, aud a good proportion of sl-and or shore. The house aud necessary ont bnildings, would he sold with the whole, nr a part ol the land, aa may best suit (he purchaser The terms will be liberal, aud the title undisputed. For more minute description of the property, inquire of JAMES ROWE, 117 East Broadway, or of D. R. HALL, IRIS Chatham street. New York, or of the subscriber on the premises. WILLIAM HAWKINS. Dat?d, Islip, Nov. lit?. d2 lm?ee WANTED TO PURCHASE?A country residence f!B within 35 miles of New York, one with from 3 to 20 ?jJL acres of land, near Long Island Sound, preferred. AdJress with full particulars, box 7, oat Office, Pou. hkeepaia, N r. nil tFOlt SALE, the cheapest Farm 10 thrae paits, of 70 acres, room buildings, plenty of Trait, wood and water. Do for sale or exchange for good city property, four le farms and lour houses and lots in and nigh rlainheld. Da. to trade Tor dry goods and groceries, new noose and two ots. Do. vsslnable lots in Jersey City. Cell on 8. VAIL. Saturdays, 41 Courtlandt street, from It to 2. Other days, Plainfisld N. J., or at <71 washington st. Ten small terms lor sale low. S. V nW6w*m f* TO~THE LADIES.?W.M. It H. BKBKK. Faahionajmwi'd,, Hatters, 178 Broadway, Under Howard's Hotel, hare on hand an extensive assortment ol Ladies and Missi s Bearer Hals, of their own manufacture, which are warranted superior to any tu the city, and at prices which cannot fail to snit: those in want are respectfully invited, to call. Alio, a general assortment of (icnl's, Boys and Children's For, Cloth and fancy Velvet Caps. dIO Im r LOOK AT THIS. _^|AUENTLEMKN8Corli Sole Boots, the best of quality, $6 00 do Water Proof Boots do i 00 do Light French Calfskin Boots, do S3 to 4 00 do Over Shoes of all the different kinds, 76c to I 70 do Dauciug Pomps, 1 26 do Daucuig (Jaiter, beautiful article, I 60 And all other kinds..f Shoes and worked slippers in fashion; Isdies gaiter boots, buskins, slippers, ties, quilted .hoes, prunella, white and black satin, and button sliotjs; India rubber stran-fuited, plain and all other kinds of over shoes: clogs, moeasins. and the greatest assortment of boys boots and shoes, misses and childrens, ol all to he found in lha world, all of onr own manufacturing, ana warranted to be the best, and cheap as the ehepest, at 307 Broadwar. corner of Franklin at, and at 94 C?nsl street OKHCJOHY It C AII ILL, d 15 Im'r _ 387 Broadway. BOTTE9 FRANCAISES. P A. (JEKDY, de Paris, has opened a atom lf7 Broadway, where he is prsi arad to receive and ege cm* orders lor b iota of all descriptione. Although his prices are lower by two dollaia than those of any fasMonable Preach establishment in this city,his boots will be found at least equal to any made here or elsewhere. He imports his lasts fiom Paris and so modifies ihem as to fit any itrvularly shiped foot. Mi. (Judy's long rifenence under Mr. port and other celebrated makers ia Pans enables him t v conduct Ins basinets with economy and (heraby to supply his eustomsrs at the following reduced prices? Fine and subasurlial Boots f>

Cork and double sole do * 8 A proportionate reduction in the various other articles to be found at 18/ Broadway. .Ill 1 . TVDV1S risn frASttlO.NABLK flOOTs AND HHOKH.? 410V W ? LKCK respectfully invites ihe attention of lite pahlic to hit largs assortment of laihes' tnd gentlemens' boots and shoes, cork soles e nd water proof; French and native calf, and fsucv dress boots, dancing gaiters and pumns, o7er shoes, india rahb-r and watPT proof, moecaaina, ladies', misses', and children's "gaiters, boots, shoes and buskins, of ths choicest selection ; men's, hoys. and children's coarse and one boots tnd shoes of the choicest kinds, cheaper than ever before offered in ihe city. 419 Bread way and 2tM Canal, northwest corner of Hndson etreeh d7 lm"r CAD I US' BOOTH AND SHOES?Lockwoost, 301 Broad war, keeps a fine assortment of Indies'and shihjrens boats and shoes, of the latest American and Ku ropesn fashions. Orders received by the doien from placet of fhaliiotMMe resort. sM Im'r CLlNTO?TCheap Boot and Hhoe Market. 509 Oreen w ieh. corner of Spring street, is the only place stierecan be fosnd Doom and Shoes to suit the tiaara. All tb<?e who weir boots and shoes will do well to give a call. Ladie>' and misses'buskins from J, 4, i, 6, 7 and I shillings per pair; ^entlemens' bo its from 12 shillings to $4 per pair; Doys' boots from 9 <htllinga to 82 M r>er ruasr. All who wisli to tare it iiet cent will give a call at tire Clinton Cheap Boot and shee Ndsibet. MS ftreetiwir-h comer Spring street il7 lin*r WATJtlO'ltOOK BOOTS?Oum-Elastic '(id Boots *:id Shoes of slmort all ilie differeut >inds suitable for winter wear. Also a l-rge assortment of tins boots, shoes, gaiters and pumps lor grultemen sad boi si ladies, misses and childtens boou, shoes, gaiters and hosklna or the best quality, in gTeat abundance. All tha abort articles and almost arery tiling in tlie boot and shoe lino, may be found at the store of KNOX It Co., known as tha Clinton Boot Shoe Market, 204 Canal st, north eaat comer ol Hadaon at, and at prtegg lo suit nny one and e v?ry one- 4J7 Un*? >RK ] NING, DECEMBER 26. DI!?LiW RIDING SCHOOL. 40? Bow#ry.-W. J. DAVIS, (from Kuropt) Professor. Kvuinu class for geulleme i will commence ou Monday evening, '2th iii?t mt. ami coutuiuo each Monday and Friday evening, during the srssnn. S lect paries of la lies and gentlemen, can be accommodated with instruction on Tuesday and Thursday evenings of each week. A Military cl iss for the iustrnrron of gentlemen in military horsemanship to commence on Wednesday evening, Hill instant, aud con'mue each Wednesday evening during the sea >11) wmi iruiru WHIilh( io itiHcrigc In eitnrr 1>I tile Ml??f classes, will please rail at ilieir euliest convenience. D uly instruction** usual, f rlsdies from !! A. M. to 3 P.M.; for gentlemen, from 8 to 10 A. M old 3H to 9)4 P. M. Evening school to CND'-ieuce at 7 o'clock. 025 1"' re Fancy articles"Foil ihe hplydais- ihe abttiiber has received by the la rti arrivals, a very rich assortment of Pans Fancy Article! consisting of fancy work boxes, |*?)>-r do, - on ? in ro.e wood boxes, rrnlnoidering fr?m*-s with ciuvut aud cof'd cotton, children's toys. perfUinery,spd soap, of assorted qualities, etc. etc. The public is resp c'fully invited tv rail and examine the aboee stick, preyinns to ptlrchaaiug elsewhere, at dt lrn*r K k FKANfTSCHI. o-?K Broadway. MECHANK AL (YR CARCBL. LAMPb " 'PHE puniic is invited to inaiiect ike en'trcly uew stock of I these aortv Jled lamps, which hare jn>t been opened by the aubicriber. comprising the most extensive and rich assortment that lie will refeive this reason, and the finest lot of goods in the line that has ever been men in thia country. An early examiner ion -lf itseui is solicited while liie slock is complete, ae .he entire iuvniree received the early part of the season were d'siioaed of immediately ; urauy parties were disappointed in consequence. _ The goods just received comprise some entirely new articles of that exquisite taste peculiar to Kteiicli mannfhctnrers, such as porcelain shade J or lamps, with landac i|ies of figures, some colored; sue|>eution study lamps with porcelain shades for limatiea; brackets; Issues. brnuze, "renaissance" and gilt, for two and three lamps, rici. shades and globes, coloured and cut, of beaulifhl new designs, Icc kc. Home important improvements have been made in th- manufacture of the lamiw now offered to the public, rendering iheea unquesiioiiaht" the m et beautiful as well as eoonomicm lamp extant. This fact is tally established, and any one at all sceptical on the subject can be convinced of it by calliug at this establishment. e. d. saxton, Depot of Mechan-cal Lames, 7t? John street. The estimation in which these lamps are held may be infercd from the f*ct that the following public establishments m this city era wM with tnein, viz.? Astor Home. Carlton House, N. Y. Society Library, Mamion House, Park Place Houir. Signor Fereio's. Cafe Tortoni. They are also to be luisnd in many other public buildings throughout ti e country, aud m every instance giving perfect satisfaction. dl7 lm*cc_ UCONOTlY IN DRESS.?Sack surtouts, Uie stvle o feverXa coats so much in vogue, are afforded at $8, $12. Hi, $16 and $20, from dtaU, brown, black and blue beaver and pilot cloths, are frtr sale, ready mule, at 223 Broadway, American Hotel. d2t 1m*f WM T. JENNINGS. ' "attention! ATTENTION' RE. ad THIS, it may induce yott to try your ehauce.?TOM BOLA (To be nitfled,) at Ib8i$ Hultonsueut, a magnli cent Ceehmore Shawl, with the box that couiaina ip?costing together $110 All purchasers who will buy five dollars worth in the store, after the Hth instant, (December, 1812,) will have the chance to g'llli ?l?u worm. Great exhibition and sals or Fiucv Articles and Sugar Plumb* oi' ail deaciipiions, suitable for Christmas aud New Year'* (lifts, at 1G8}* Fulton *t, near Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church. Ladies anil gentlemen are respectfully invited to vist the most beautiful collection of rich objects ol New Year's Presents, that can be seen, and which will be sold at very reasonable prices. Most of those rich articles came from the stores of Alphonse Oircux, of Paris, supplier to His Majesty the Kin* of the French, the Queen of England, and all the principal Courts ol Europe. The articles in Sugar, Fancy Reiiculea, and Boies, cams from the store of S. Heurion Hi Co. ol Philadelphia, advautageooslv known lor the last 23 years as being the best Confectioners iu the United States The Raffle will take place in the store I68X Fulton st, on else 5th of January, 1843, at 12 o'clock, M. A splendid h rench Cashmere Shawl that coat $80. In a most beautiful Boa of rose-wood, encrusted with gold and silver, the price of which was $30 Each person purchasing $5 worth of articles, will receive a ticket (whatevernumber they chooae) aud with this the person may* have a chance for the Shawl and the. Box. A person who will buy $10 worth, will be entitled to two tickets, and so en in progression. Persons receiving tickers, are requested to preserve them; lor, if mislaid, the lots will be theirs*, and. on the 5th ol Janua ry, 1243. at 12 o'clock, the ticket will be drawn pnclicly before the holders; and ou llie following day, the Herald new-paper will announee the fortunate number. dIT to janO'ec [OflN M, DA V IKS tk JONES inform their triend* aud " customers that they have received their winter fashions for Caps?? varirtv of new styies for yonth and children. The Crxc ivieuue Turban now so mnch worn, is manufactured by them. Also a new style of travelling cep, very convenient fo gentlemen travelling nlllt Im'r 104! WILLIAM ST. rpO THE "UBLIC.-U. P. KESSLER bega leave to inf form hie 'rieuds, an ) the public in general, that he has taken thst well known stand at ilie comer of Washington and Lib-rty sta, formerly kept by E. (ihamberlin, since rebuilt with addition of room and comfort, for the accommodation of traveller! and other?. Persons wishing good board, and accommodations on reasonable terms, would do well to call. Punct i I attendance. dJI 1m re A~~DAMS St CO.?S NEW YOHK AND NEWARK EXi PRESS.?The | ublic are respectfully informed that the sjohsciiber* have esublisn d an Fxpr-ss between New Yoik and Newark. N. J., for the transmission and speedy- delivery of iiackagrs, hundlrs, money, 8lc. 4k.-.; the collection of notes end bill*, and all other business appertaining Jo an Express.? Order* for articles to be returned by the Express will be delivered free of charge, _ hf'*;'! New York at No. 7 Wall street, and in Newark, '.at PVlITH S Newspaper Depot, No. 3S0 Broad st. Leave New Yo.k at U>4 A. M and 4K P. M. i Leave Newark at 9 A. M. and l)f P. M. dl9cc ADAMS ft CO. SFFluk OF THE AiJBUkn A RdCHtSTi'K, HAIL ROAD COMPANY Canandious, Dec 9, 1142. A SEMI-ANNUAL dividend ol 5 per cent on the capital stock of thia Company will be paid on the third day of January n-it Shareholder* whose stock is registered in the eity transfer hooks of this (Jo npany will receive payment at the Bank of the State of New Yo-k in the city of Nr .* York, tud those whose stock is not registered in the city will be paid their dividend at this office. By order of the President and Direc'nrs. d 14 to jy 3 r 4JHAB SEYM'>11R. Treasurer. T ADIES' Silk and Merino I'noer Ve-ts tor sale by Li JOHN M. DAVIES & JONES. n? lisrl ins William enr of John at*. ClOAL ! D4IAL! COAL l?Tlie subscriber having taken N-' the yard soutriwi st corner of King aud Greenwich street. Is now receiving a full supply of Schuylkill aud Peach Orchard Coal, selected from the best veins, which he offers at the folIswing reduced prices, vix From tiie yard, nrstnuality, broken and screened, $5,50 per ton. " Egg sixe, " 4,50 " * " Store, " 4,24 " " " Nat, " 4,0# " Delivered free of carttge. d 12 3ni*ee JAMES DOWNEYFBENCH ' BEVEVOLKNT SOCIE i Y ?The members o the Ereuc i Bunevol-nt Society, and the breach residents in general, are requested to attend the annual meeting ol the Society, which will be held on Wednesday, the 2#th mat , at haif p?ji 6 P- M preciiely, at Meun. Delmontco'a, coiner of Braver and William streets By order of the Cotnmi'tee. d22 6tr E KORT, Secretary. T AAIOUROUJFB ELECTRO-MAGNEIIO PLA " E8, -a-a affoid every day new evideticea of their infallible efficacy for curing all nervous disrates, a, acnte and chronic rheumatisms, neurology, the gout, megrim, tie dolonrrua, danae de Saint Guy, chills, aci * tic, cramya in the atomach, and pains brought on by bruises, diajoin'i -ga and fractnrea ; alao, the diseaaea ot women and young girlr, pile colo>a, amenorrheas, au:e prereioni. vaiwra, uervoua attacks, Ac. They are very uaeful too for t'ttera, acro'ula, swellings, erysipelas, rarilyaia in the beginning, Sic. Sold at the mod r te pric of tl 40, by d231m*r NlNUARD 65Franklin at. N. Y. SPECIAL NOTICE <T>HE TRIAL OK OUR SAVIOUR.-The public are rel apectfully informed that the aplennid group o' twen'ythree fuurea, in statusrv. the of life, repreaenting this solemn and impressive scene, which has been v sited in Boston by over seventy thousand persons during the last six m -utlia, and elicitrd te much pratae from the prraa, it now on eihihiti'in for a short time, at the apaciona hall, in Granite Building, corner of Chambers street and Broadway, New Ynrlr, entrance on Chambers at. Opon every day from 9 A. M. to 10 P. M., apd on Sunday's from 10 A. V. till 10 ill the evening. Ad mission 25 rents, children under 14 years of age half price. Seasoh tickets for adults 40 crnta; dodo for children 24 cents. Pupils of Sunday and other schools will he adinitt d at the rate of?ir c-nta etch,when they come tna body of not lets than twentt -five in number. <123 9t*r WHEAT?2400 bnsh'ls crime Illinois Wheat. Eur tale by EDWD. K. COLLINS ft CO.. d20 56 South at. BO VRDlNO.?The original Walton House, 326 I'earl street, Franklin Sijuari?kept by Jaa. Kow|er, from London. England, ptnamW bovdera <2,50 per wrek, transient hoarder! 40 rentaperday. Families can be accommodated with private rooms on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, I cents pet glass?home brew'il ale < crnta per pint?fine Welsh rarebits 4 cents each?cold cuts equally cheap. N. B. Hot coffee I cents per pint?stakes and motion chops can be had at all hoars. J. F. particulate requests any one who it in want of a comfortable home to call and ineptct his eelabliihmrul, aud judge for themselves. Persons travelling for England wonld lindit to their advantage to call. The house being convenient to London and Liverpool shipe, J F. being appointed agent, he can give ptasaengrn every information. New York and Old Country papers taken in. n4 Jm*r i nuL i ij \s. vi i r ii it < v ./w. aii_ v?l. J S V . * TT 1 ,BC ivri,|if?i Drain in mm* to salt anpliCAntj. on th* PROVINCIAL BANK 6r IRELAND, Payable at? Cork, Bainhridge Limeiiek, Ballymena,! Clbnmel, Par?ontown,t Lnndonitrry, Dowopatick, Cavan, \Tavtord, Lorfan, Belfast, Omagh, waterford, Dtinrannon, Oalaway, Bamlon, Armagh, Knnii, Athlrme, lallyahannon, Oolemma, S'raDane, Kilkenny, Dnmtarvin, Ballina, Mallow, Trafee. Money-more, Yonghat. Cootchill, F.nmikillen, Kilraah. Monachal), KNQLAND. npoonar, Atwood k Co. Banker*, London. Payable in every town in Grant Britain. P. Mr. Byrnea, Eaqnirea, Liverpool. City of Olaagow Bank. Payable in every town in Leotland n25 lmr Rfrsfwrir; PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, la removed from 145 Broad wiyr to No. 7 Aator Fiona* ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Oar menu of a moat decant end KaahiotiaWe kind eta aavtng of M per cant for caah. THE advertiaardi mi it iinneceaaary to reaoit to the hacki. neyad avitem of firing a liat of nominal prieea, preenmiDc that the length of time ha haa baan aatnbltahed, together with tot extensive patronage bestowed on him, win prova a turn eiaot eouahar for hit aapahilitiaa. Poeeeanioa the advantage af heuif oonuected v. ith av^xteuuva cloth eitaliliinnirnt in Kuril < he avnndentlr aitetj thai he can lurnith c.othei which, on coml aiiacn, will be found lower than any other bouse makinf up the bret deacriptione of gantlaraan'a dre?a. n 10 lm 8. PHILLIPS. 7jAetor Houaa, Broadway DKEM'.ii CHINA? Dinner lam, o, regon, T>-i do do. and " all the articlaa toi dinner and tea aatta. by raia only. For aala by A. DALESME, 4H 1jb*i BouOi William ah No. 4. np tuuut (( EtERA 1842. United States Court. (IN BANKRUPTCY. Cask ok James Wirson Win, X. Y., Editob, 47 Mvsbat 8ti?t.?The following ia a fair and impartial abatrart of Webb's petition in Bankruptcy, on which he has received a certificate, in due proceaa of law:? Liabilitiii. 1. To George and Edward Curtis, lawyers, New York, the amount of two promissory notes, one dated lath Oct. 1939, of 910,OU 44 The other Nov. 1,1339, ,11,944 83 $22,600 00 for money loaned on 'JJ share* of the stock of the New lirigli'ou Aisormtion, which at thie time are of little or no value. 3t To the Ameiican Life Insurance and Trust Company of Baltimore, the sum of 17,03d 50 being the amo jut due on my bond and mortgage on a farm on Long Island, which mortgage was foieclosed, and the property sold at public auction in March 1011,leaving the above balance unpaid, for which said company have the bond of Messrs. Wobb and Averill, of Troy, lor $5,000, and Messrs. Edward and George Curtis for the remainder. 3. To Thomas E. l)avis, gentleman, N. Y., for cash lent, 11,-Ml 63 for which he holds as security my mote for $750, dated 33d May, 1839, and 100 shares of the North American Trust and Banking Company, of little or no value. 4. To George Bruce, type founder, New York, $3,933 57 being lor two notes for type, (no date given,) when 1 was proprietor of the Courier k Enquirer. I. To the Bank ol the United States of Pennsylvania, 30,843 73 being the balance remaining unpaid on my bond and mortgage on the Oth of January, 1843, the mortgage having been loreclosed, and the property, upwards ol 35,000 acres ol land in this State, bought by the bank at a nominal sum. 0. To the Bank of the United States of Pennsylvania aloresaid, 3,090 00 with interest from the 30th July, 1839, to wit, my njte dated 33d May, 1839, for said amount drawn to the order of Morris Hebinsou, New York, payable 80 day* alter date, and discounted by said Bank, on a deposit ol 100 shares of the stock ol the George's Creek Iron Company. 7. To whoever may be the holder of two promissory notes of $3,590 each, 0,000 00 for money lent by Win. Uibbs McNeil on the 10th and 13th days of May, 1837. 8. To ti-oi ge and Edgar Bartow, New York, $9,120 46 Aug. 3d, 1639, being for paper furnished the Courier Ji Cuquirer, when 1 was proprietor, viz., my note to the order of Webb & Averill, and Thomai Suowden, for 4,034 06 dated lit May, 1839 One same .date and character, for 3,372 02 Onenotedo do 1,119 29 . 40' 9. To Henry L. Webb, of Illinois, 4,000 00 balance due on settlement of accouut, for which 1 gave my bond in 1836, conditioned that any sum paid by me for aid Webb after that date should be deducted therefrom. A lule of part of my household furniture on sherili's execution, Jan. 4, 1912, paid a debtol said Webb's, lor which I hod accepted his ilralt amounting to $2,161 03, and $160 of costs. 10.?To John Knox, Jus. Boggs, and Jos. A. Knox, ol Philadelphia, the sum of 1,623 06 with interest from 12th May, '41, they having obtained Judgment and issued execution on u bill oi exchange drawn by Henry L. Webb, of Illinois, and accepted by me, and which was protested lor non-payment in *37. 11. To Koswell L.Colt, ol Patterson, N. J., 3,712 00 with interest, being lor two promissory notes drawn by m&?one on 16th March, '36, and the other the same, given on the settlement of accounts. 12- To the North American Trust and Banking Company, i.i,(kmj oo to wit?my bond and mortgage dated 8th of April, 1929, on property in the Stale ol Illinois, and 46 shares ol the stock ol the New Washington Land Company in Texas, lor $10,00J, lor which 1 received 100 snares of the capital stock, of the Trust Company alorusaid in April, 1939, and my note lor $3000, dated 6th day of No\ ember, lo39, at 6 months, drawn to the order of Thos. Suowden. for which I received the certificates of depotile ol said company payable in 6 months, or thereabouts, and sold the same in the market. 13. To the estate of the late Alex. L. Stowart, the sum 0f 16,963 20 being the balance of account claimed to be due said estate by me. 14. To the Bank of the State of New York the sum of 4,260 00 en my note discounted, dated eth Dec. '41. 15. To the National Bank, N. Y-, 6,000 00 on my note 20th November, '41, drawn (like the last) to the order of Thomas Snowden and Webb and Averill. 16. To M. P. Prout of N. Y., the sum of 679 SO 3d July, '37, on my note tor printing ink, furnished the Courier and Enquirer when I was proprietor. 17. An execution in favor of Turnbull for 1,000 00 being for services rendered the Courier and Enquirer as a correspondent in Paris. 19. An execution in favor of Thos. Vermilyc, lor the sum of being for n note given to Sam'l. L. Gouverneur. Mr. Gouvernuiir conveyed to me a certain piece ol property on Long Island, containing about seven acress,) o ne part of a farm on which there was a mortgage for $20,000. I gave in payment the note referred to and a mortgage en the piece purchased. The w hole will be swept away by the first mortgage. 19. To Justice Butter field, a note for 760 00 dated May, 1836, being in part payment for certain lots in the town of Kankakee, State of Illinois. 30. Jas. B. Campbell, a nota of 300 00 being tor a balance due on his interest in the said lots in Kankakee aforesaid. 21. -7 unit for 1.600 00 five n to Sam'U Rinfoldin 1036, for the pure hate of a blooded mare and two colli. 33. To Buydam It Jackaon, $3,600 00 being my half of a joint promissory note drawn by John Garland and myaelf-Aug. 19, 1836, at 13 monthi. 33. To John Jacob Aator and hit aaaociatea, whatever may be due him and them growing nut of a contract attached to this schedule and marked C. [The subataneeof thia achedule, aa nearly aa wa can make it out ia briefly, that J. J. Aator, Ramsay Crooka, and Robert Stuart, are proprietor* of certain landa at Green Bay, lay aliout 3800 acrca. They agree to aell and do sell to Col. Jamea Wataon Webb one aixty-fourth part of the aaid lands, in consideration of (7,830 00 to be paid by said Webb, one tenth part haa barn paid the balance in nine equal instalments?int at 7 per cent. Tha agreement ia dated 14th April, 1836. and signed by John Jacob Aator, Ram. Crooks, Robert Stuart, Jas. Wat. Webb, and [Interested in the lands] Jas. Ouane Doty.] 34. To R.Forsyth, Albany, to my liability, if any, in signing a certain joint bond for 30,000 00 in the purchase of certain property in Watertown; my share was sold a tew days after the purchase. 36. My liability, whatever it may be, on a contract with AbnerK. Meynard, dated, New York, Aug. IS, 1836, lor the purchase of ten acres of land in what was to be Van Burcn Harbor, on Lake Erie, which contract ia annexed and marked D. The land waa purchased at $900 per acra. $100 haa been paid. 36. My liability, whatever it may be, on a certain bond and mortgage, and promissory notes to Abm Buydam, of New Brunswick, In connexion with Jas Lorimt-r Oreham and others, on part of which a suit waa commenced, and possibly judgment obtained. The whole explained by deed and map hereunto annexed aad marked fc. [This property was about 4. 0 acres, valued at $360,000, allotted in 60 shares, each shaieestimated at $6000, Webb paid down $600on the day ofthe agreement, 36th Jan. '36. Webb also gave lour promissory notes of $600 each, and bond to secure them from the payment of the sum 3,600.1 37. To Lansing, Monroe li King $411 96 Being balance of account, fcc. 29. To Clement Haggertv, New York, whatever mas be bis claim growing out of the sale to him in Jan. 18*7, of 110 acres of land in Fltishibg, L. I. which I gave ray bond in the sum of $10.o00 to re-purchase witnin two years for the sum of $30,000, and as collateral to aaid bond, conveyed to him, certain property in the city of Utica. 30. To Baml. Leggett, of Flushing, L. I. whatever may be due him, arising from loss on $3000 of stock in steamboat Sun, whicn he held for me under eertain conditions. 31. To Webb fc Averill, merchant*, Troy, whatever may be ultimately owing them. They have an aceount against me of about 7,600 00 have paid the estate of A. L. Stuart al>out 13,000 00 are endorser) to the National Bank, Bank of the State of New York, and the Meaara. Bartowa, all herein described. [Some further details here follow of the state of securities, fcc.] 33. R. M. Blatchford, and James Bowen, of New York, any balance which may be due them on two promissory notes of $760 each. I son no doted 4th January, 1040, for money lent me. 33. A claim of Mr. Cephas Mills, in relation to a brig I called the (Jeorga Washington, owned by Henry L. Webb, then of New Orleans, but settled in 1344. The claim U not equitable. .11. A cl-tim, when last heard from said to be the protw itv of a bank in Albany, being for a note of 0,400 dated in 1316, procured from me by one D. K. Minor and Lyndsr, and upon which a suit was commenced against mn in Kngland, on the affidavits of one>John Van 0urrn. 36. Samuel P. Lyman, of Utica, 4,000 0?l being on Ilea promissory notes $1000 each, May 16th, 1010. given for the purchase of Hinsdale Bto at, a poitiou of which was given to said Lyman, in part payment of his claim. M. ITenry Lynch, of New York, a claim for difference an stock operations, said to be about l'J,800 00 87. Nertnsand Townsend, New York, brokers, ? or 600 dollars, M0 00 and interest from 1838, being for my endorsement on $ ?E?=g= ? .1, I lMr LD. Price Two Cents. check drawn by the Secretary of State of 111.,'on a bank In same State?the drawer bait >o fundi. 38. Joaeph Blunt, New York, lawyer, whatever may be the balance, on a note drawn by me for si,'340, due October iUnd, "37, (riven on a settlement ol account*. 38. Joaeph Hoxie, or to the holder, of my note for 408 00 due Jan. 3, 1837, given for the purchase of real eftate in Detroit, Michigan Assert. 1 state to the court that I have not made out any schedule of property, became 1 have no real estate whatever, except what it described in schedule A and which ia en. rumbi-ied lar beyond iu value. 80 al*o with regard to tha vrrtonal estate, 1 have literally noue. Under the last execution issued against me, and surrendered to the 8bt>rittfo' the city ot New Yoik, the feiv articles of bouaebold furniture winch I hail at my lodgings at 47 Murray street, the hooks, bed and WdJina, <t ctitra, winch h.?d been set olfto me by the Sheriff nl queen's county, under the law* of New York, and the few articles of jewelry of my wife, including my own watch. 1 state, th, leiore, that I iiavo no property, either real or personal, except one table? one carpet?four chairs?a few napkins, shuts, fcc., and the necessary wearing apparel lor myself and family ; that 1 have lived on a weekly salary since my failure in 1H37, and that schedule A includes loan) made to me since my tailure, by personal friend*, for the purpose of aiding me in the supiam of my family. (Signed) JA8. WATSON WEBB. Baltimore. [Correspondence ol the Herald.] Baltimore, Dec 23<1, 1842. Grand. Military Soirit. James Gordon Bennett, Esq.:? Dear Sir :? The hall of the Maryland Cadets took place last evening, and very far suriiassed any thing in the way ot a military ball we have had for many years. The cadets styled the affuir a Military Stnrit, because the amusements were not confined to the terpsichorean art?singing of songs and glees were introduced, and the cadets went through their light infantry drill to the tap of the drum; the whole affair was got up in the very best style, and passed off to the satisfaction of every one present. At about nine o'clock the company began to assemble, und shortly efter the cadets went through 1 their drill, after that came a grand promenade by the entire company, which on being concluded, quadrilles were formed, and the ladies and gents went to work and "tripped it on the light fantastic toe" in pretty good earnest,entering into the spirit of I the thing with as much zest as the tult-s of fashion I urnulfi normit* na Ini mi/Knlf T mnat nnnfpM that in dancing I like to go at it with heart and soul?and I fear that my exertions, thougli generally admired by my friends, do not smack very strongly ofCharraud's or Almack V Alter the company had danced several quadrilles the glee club sang several glees, and Mise Lucy Long also umused the company with an account of her trip last summer to Boston ; (laying metaphor uside,) there is in the company a young man who delights in composing and singing Lucy Long, and takes hold of every local event and introduces it into his song. Miss Lucy's efforts were crowned with the plaudits of the company, that is the smiles ot the ladies and stamping of feet of the gentlemen. The room containing the refreshments next came in for a share of my attention, and alter taking a snack and taking a turn in the ball room, I retired early, as the lady who honored me with her company is of a delicate constitution and has to restrict herself to early hours. A word touching the ladies?never have I seen congregated in one room a more brilliant array of beauty?the Baltimoreana are celebsated lor beauty ?but I think, on the present occasion, the palm must be awarded to several Irom the country. Annapolis was represented by several of the fair sex and Baltimore county gloriously so. The lair ones appeared to enjoy themselves to their hearts' content, and the smiles that were awarded to the cadets on the occasion, would amply reward them for the trouble of getting up a dozen balls. The ceremonies were under the direction of Mr. Wm. H. Griffith, formerly of New York, and now a teacher of dancing here; lo those who are acquainted with Mr. G. professionally, the mere announcement of his name as master of the ceremonies, is a sufficient guarantee that the direction of the ball would be regulated by the strictest rules of etiquette. There was Beveral military visiters from Philadelphia, also Mr. M , of Sat. Louis, (however, I'll wipe that off',) all of whom appeared to eniov themselves. 7 he company dispersed about 3 o'clock, every one very well pleased. Now for a little touch at other matters. The weather hhs been very cold to day; the thermometer has ranged below the freezing point all day. Great preparations are making here for Christmas, this morning there was 9000 turkeys in the market, and to morrow, being our greatest market day, there will probably be ten thousand. We will have better eating here on Christmas than on thanksgiving day. The Baltimoreans glorify Christmas, a pretty woman,and a glass of egg-nogg. We have a sacred concert this evening at St. Paul's Church. They style it an oratorio in the bills. We want Signor G. P Henrico Loder here to regulate the musical currency. City Intelligence. Ntw Coo!?Tr?rr.iT.?A new counterfeit, of the denomination ol $10, on the State Hank of Newartfy^wrs put out on Saturday evening, by one of the ganga of 'V.nter? feiteri that reside la and near our city. A woman, who say a her name i* Juli t Williams, offered one at the grocery store of Henry Vanstuden, corner of Broad and Stona mi c?.., nuu ? n. iinicu uj uuc V' IJIO lilj. nwainil lodged in prison. The one in her possession was dated Not. IS, 1342, letter A, and signed by J. D. Vermilye, cashier, and Elias Van Arsdale, president. Underneath the president's name is the letters " Jones, 8c. N. Y." The paper of the note is very thin, and the general appearance had. There is no doubt that other portions of the gang passed similar notes in other parts of the city, as the concerted plan of these rogues is always to select Saturday night to "shove " off" the boodle," as the/ call the main package, and 'women are .nearly always used to accom. plish the object. They never carry but one nots at a time, and if arrested declare t>oth ignorance and innocence of any attempt to deceive. Persons having received similar notes should give immediate notice to the police. Common Council.?The Board of Aldermen will meet to-morrow, Tuesday, evening at 6 o'clock, when ths market ordinance, as passed through the Board of Asaistants, will come up for action. Killed bt an Enoivv..?Yesterday afternoon, while eagine M was proceeding down Spring street, between MoDougal and Varrick, to an alarm of fire, a boy named Theodore Malkey, who was running with the apparatus, fell and was run over by both wheels of the engine. He was so severely injured that he expired before reaching the Hospital, whither he was taken by some of the mem. bers of the company. His body was removed last evening te the residence of his family, 202 Varick street, where aa Inquest will be held this morning. Another Accident.? During the alarm of fire last night, a youDg man belonging to Engine Company No. I 19, was run over near our office, in Nassau street. One of his legs and handi were bruised considerably, bnt we I are happy to sav not dangerourly. | Unrnown dead Bodies.?The body of a white man, very poorly clad, and to all ap|>earancet a martvr to the distillery, was found in the street on HaturJay night, and taken to the dead house, where the Coroner held an iuquest yesterday Also, the body of a colored woman, whoa* death had been produced from the same cause. Disposed of in the same manner. Rowdtiim amono Firemen?Yestaeday (Banday) afterneon, a fight took place between a number of firemen in Centre street, near Howard St., while they were returning from a lalse alarm. Justice Matsell, who was passing at the time, endeavored to prevent further disturbance, when one of the rioters struck him, and upon calling for assistance, one of the persons who st< pped forward to aid him was bent knocked down, and kicked inashameftil manner. If this ia a forerunner of New Year's eve, the Mayor should look to it forthwith. Trial or an Enoinb.?Protection Engine, No. 22, will be tested this morning In Wall street. She is one of the largest of her class, of New York manufacture, and has been recently improved In her apparatus. Fiat The alarm yesterday morning was caused by tho burning of a small frmne dwelling, in Hammer-tier treat, part oi wnicn wm camm, Btobk Door Tmir.?a boy, who aaya hi* name ia Jatnee o'Connor, waa caught on Saturday evening, by two gentlemen who worn palling the clothing atora of Henry D- Breerort, 1OT Fulton-atreet, when the young rognei'ired * roat hanging at the door, and waa making ?-,.y with it. A new r.irpnt hag, of ?mall lizc, waa foun t in hie "Mtaieaaion, which he obtained at the police office. The raacnl wai committed. mTICK IB HEKEBY OIVBN?That aaeaolieeiion w.l 1 e midetoihc l.erialalure of the State of New York, at iti neat aeaiion, to he honleo at ihe eapitol, in the cily o( Albany on the tiial Tueioay of Jdimiry neat, by the Wuhnii tin Prneprct T'mperanc- Beneficial Society, of the city of New V ore, foi en Aet of Incorporation; and inel the laid So jiety may be incorporated and hereafter known by the name tad title of "The Waehinatna Prntpeet Temperance Bene ftcial Society," of ihe city olNew York Dated Dee. tl, IMt. A. C. FLANAGAN, "I IdAiC COVERT. I rammirta EDWARD D. CONNERY, f commute ('.A. MERKIO I <Ui lawlu