Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 30, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 30, 1842 Page 1
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F . T H 1 Vol. V1XI.?Mo. Ml.?Whole Wo. MIA. To tlu Public. In congratulating our reader*, patron*, advertiser* and the public in ganaral, on the gloriout advent of the birth day of our Lord and Savior, we sincerely assure them of | the feeling* of gratitude that we teel for the unexampled lupport and patronage extended towards the Hrrald, not onlv during the lost year, but ever since it* establishment in May, 1*34. ' In the space of time that has elapsed since the organizeg tion of this establishment, no newspaper ever passed \ through such a fiery trial of attacks, abuse, libels, and mirociouft ctuummua, u? wo i?iiu iu? midst of mch misrepresentation, we have prospered to our * heart'* content, and overcome every obstacle made to our progress. Wa have at thi* moment, (Ar taifeit, (Ac btit, and Ike moit reepeetokle circulation of any newepaper in \ If aw York?and our advertising patronage ia to great, that we have difficulty to lind room fer the tavor* of our generou* patron*. In proof oi thi* we annex the following document*, which ipeak to the mind at once New Yoax Hkeald ) Ben Omn, N. Y.( ) l Osricr, Nov. 1, 19*0. { Aug. 09, 1940. $ Messes- Pebu* hBrooms : Mr. H. V. Bur lee :? Gentlemen :? Bib .? 1 Pleaae to deliver at the Plemte deliver at the Sun Jlerald Office, New York Office, N. Y., five hundred Seven hundred and fifty roami of paper per week, for reamt per week of the email *ix month* from the 15th of ized paper 03 X32? for the October, 1840, to he of thi* Daily Herald. quality, size and weight, the Also 80 ream* per week of *ame to be paid for in caih the large sized 30 X4tt for the every two weeks. Weekly Herald,for one year M. Y. BEACH, from thi* date, to be of quali- I accept the above order, ty equal to thi* specimen? and agree to furnish the paPayments to be made each per accordingly. week in cash, in full for that a V. BUTLER, week. Aug. 31,1940 XJ/AMES O. BENNETT. Witneaa, M. 8. Beach We accent the above or derand will deliver it a* directed. PER89E k BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street iSS?KS.., It has been well known that the Sua newspaper, In consequence of ita cheapness, had for several years the largest circulation in New York. This circulation, from obvious causes, has diminished very much of late, and is now hardly half of what it has been in former years. Asana^ tural consequence, its advertising patronage ha* diminished in a like ratio, a* may be seen by looking at its columns. The evidence of the decline in its circulation is exhibited in the contract with Mr. Butler, published by Mr. Beach himsoll, as contrasted with our contract made withFersse k Brooks. Now, Mr. Butler, like Persse & Brooks, is a highly respectable man, and a good paper manufacturer? although the paper he furnishes to the Sun is of a cheaper, and ol course a worse quality than what we have invariably used forthe Heiald. It is evident from these contracts, that we consume about one-third more paper per week than Mr. Beach of the Sun, and accordingly aur circulation is, ' in the same ratio, more extensive. The nature of this circulation is al&o different. The Sun circulates among the poor principally?but ours among the higher and more educated classes?particularly the clerical, financial, literary, and commercial. Our advertising patronage has also increased much?as it must naturally do among a business and intelligent people, capable of seeing their best and truest Interests. By inspecting the Sun, it will be seen that whole columns r consist of old advertisements, stuck into fill up space? while other columns contain silly love stories, instead oi the important news of tho day, which they seldom publish till the day after. These are the facts?but we do not blame Mr. Beach for this decay. Necessity compels him?and necessity has no law. He has neglected his newspaper entirely for the t last two years?and has turned his attention, probably to what he thought abetter business. His place has been changed into a broker's office, for shaving Jacksonville notes, Ulster notes, and Malone notes, all known under the name of" Beach leaves." He has also united with the P business ofa " money changer," that of a small shop far the sale of tha cheap literature of tha day. Probably he has run into these two kinds of business in anticipation of the setting of the Sun, which has suffered awfully of Late from the combined energy of the other penny and two.penny press, in collecting early news. These facts present the true state of the case to the public. There can be no mistake in tho documents of Mr. Butler and Messrs. Persse It Brooks?and henceforth tha public will know thecauae why the Herald has become the principal organ for the caah business advertising in New York. We leave all the credit business to the Wall street press. Tor the favor* we hare received we return our thanks, and hope by our industry and independence to merit a continuance hereafter of the like kindnesses, always with the cash in advance. A merry Christmas to all. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. 51'K~tNG~A RRAN Gi?ME N T FUR l&tt. .m M M OLuESTABLISHET? EJkuCftANT PASSA&E OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and front Great Britain and Ireland by the re1 gular lise of pickets, oa the 1st. 7th, IJth, 19th and J6lh of tech month. _ ... The old Black Ball line of packets are as followsr? Skip NEW YOHK. Captain Cropper, K r'.sussiiiiir r,nOin R>nU? " COLUMBUS, CapuunCole, " EUROPE. Captain Furber, " SOUTH AMfcHIC\, explain Bailey. " NORTH AM h.RICA. Captain Lowber, " E ^GLAND, Captain Waite, ** OXFORD. Ca. tain Hmhbona. NEW LINE, tix i hip bobcius, Certain Cullina, ' SIDDONH, Captain C?bb, " SHERIDAN, Captain Depeyster, - OArtRICK C?iiuin Bkiddy, " SOU I*HKHNER, Captain Palmer, " HO /H KSTKH, Certain Wondhonee, " HOTTINOU iH.Captain Buraley, " LIVERPOOL, (new) Captain Eldriilga. The Commercial Lin* la composed of lorty superior, fast sailing ships, all commsnled by men of great eiperience. First el tss ah'ps will al>o he'ched Irom Liverpool to Bo-ton, New Orleans and Mobile, three times per month; to Ralii more, Charte?ron and Savannah, twice a month; to the differ* ?Dt porta in British Ninth Ameiica weekly. Abe subscriber, in making known his Rrrangamerts fer the year IIO, begs to 'all the attention of those persons residing in the United States and Canada, woo wish to send lor their friends to come Iron Envland, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. that they can alwava be acc immtda'rd by tne line of picket ahips sailing aa abate; and in order to give mora fee lity and qniek despatch to the emigrant, prat class wcl'-koown American ships, comprising the Commercial Line will, in addition to the packets. be despatched by hit Liverpool agents, every three or four days dunnc the season, thereby avoiding any detention. Those lending for their friends may rail assured that every thing connected w th his bnsiness will be eiecut-d witn his nanal promptness. With these airangementa the subscriber hopes to command a preference for this line, and a continuation of tha public patronage which has been so liberally bestowed for many years past; and mall esses when parties decline coming the money is relnndrd, as castowtary: a free passage ran alao be secared by iteamhoats Irom the different porta in Inland and S otlsnd to Liverpool. Hemiuancra and Ural s?With regard to hia arrangements for the | ay meat of his drefu, they arc such as ta warrant every On, end are paid at sll the banking honaes on d? luand, ntOieai Biitainan'l Ireland, those persons, iheretighaut the United Ptate, who with to remit money t? irv uds lea ding in any pert of the United Kingdom, will [iea on th. receipt ol he amoanl here, with name and an f the p>rty to leceive it. a draft for the arnonnt at ike ;a tier poaud merlinr, will be forwmded per steam ships o> I P'M<t thin, and a receip' or iloplicala of sama re,i rpt rough Ike post office. Foi (nitbar particulars apply, <J, tar post paid) <<, H?,ptL*U?HDMAN.?l South street, or ffiPBINhON.fltMW Piatiaa, _ , ""fjbana at^iratfiloo Dock, Liverpool. k Co.,Ole*ow. J?K^\i iris I Mr Wm ft?*' Win; Menu. Joseph r. * ^ 4 Vfm. ^ims,i.ol^oll4crry. \ \jur. Jzj . - ii ml f a sb.* jje from GREa i itttlTAIN ANTnHT?\n in* f " . <. I from Liverpool on the Tih and IPth of ereiy aiottli 1 ! . a wMiiiut 10 iiM t" the Old Country for their Tnenoi .* i the eeceevery arrangements with the aubacnbers, ud / , ,f income oat io thia superior L.ine of Packets, catling r. 4 remool i unctaally oo the Tlh and 1Mb of every month. . II alao have a drat rate cleat of American trading *hipe, aai'i < very ail da ye,thereby affording weekly communication Irona that port. One of the firm ( Mr. Jaaaea D. Roche) ia there, to tee that they ahall be forwarded with care and deepatch. Should the partiee agreed for not coma oot. the money will be returned to thaee who paid it hare, without any rednc tiou. Tne Black Ball, or Old Lina of Liverpool Packed, compriae the following inaguilicent Ships, rii The OXFORD. tfhe NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE. BOUTH AMERICA, ENOLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With auch aniierioraad unequalled anangemcats, the aubacribera confidently look forward for a continuance of tlialanpport a hich laa been extended to them an many > can, for which they are (I ilefnl. Thote proceeding, or remitting money to their relativra, can nt all times obtain Drafts at nitlil for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, *le? on Mesaie. PKEBCOTT, UHOTE, AMES k CO. I B inkers, London. Much will be paid on demand at any of the Bmks, or their ,tranche*, ia all the principal lowna throughout England, Ireand, Hcotland and Wales. Apply,oraddraaa, (if by 1'tter. poet paid.) amM a ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. ii Fulton itrect, New York, t ntvt door to the Fulton Bank. W. Br?The Old Line of Liverpool Packed tail Irom thia oat (to Liverpool on the lat and 19th of aach month. Parties iMmlag to tne old coantry will had it to thair comfort and vjdtata to aeleet thia fkronte Line for thair conveyance, in to My other. (127 I E NE NE\ KOK NKW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE Of PACKETS. fffc- rlftv M Mb jfk Kortneberter accommodatiof^T shipper!^! i^nu^Hlpd ts leipatch a ahip from thia nort on the lal, aih, l#th, 15th. Hth, and :5th of each month, com i ructng the 10th October and cobtiunnH until Ma;*, when reghlar days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and disappointment* ill be prevented during the lumnirr monilia. The following ihips will commence this arrangement : Snip YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Caplaiu Jackson. Shit, MISSISSIPPI. Certain Hilliard. Binp LOUISVILLE. C<uitaiii Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARft, Captain Miner. hip GASTON. Cm>tain Latham. hip HUNTSV1LLE. Captain Mumford. Ship OC.MULGKE, UapUiu Leavitt. Snip NASHVILLft, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Slep LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Them? slops were all built in the city of New York, expreufor iwckels, are of light draft of water, hare reeeutlv been wly cnpt>ered an J put in splendid order,with accommodations lor paawigrra une.|aailnd lor comfort. They are commanded jy experienced masters, who will inaka every exerti.n to give ai-ueral satisfaction. They will at all timet be towad np and down the Mississippi by, sleamnnats. Neither the owuen o^caplaina of these ships will be response ole fpr jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, >r for anv It tiers, parcel or package, seat t y e ijrsit on beanl ol them, nnlraa regular bills sf .adiug are takeu for the same .and the value theieon expreaeed. b ar freutht or passage, apply ft. K. COLLINS & CO..M South it.,or HULLIN It WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wilj promptly forward all gooda to their address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. iu4 NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r" etlfrom New York on the itblli and Liverpool ou the lltli i\f tack seen/A. M M jr Frum Nkw Ship GARRICK, Captain Win. Skidd j-. 15th October. Ship R09CIUS, Captain John Colliua, iitli November. Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 3Jth December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 2St,\ January, From Livcrpori.. Ship SI DDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship OARItICK, Captain Win. akiduy 13th December. Ship IIOSCILS. Captain John Collins, 13th January. These shins are all ol the first class, upw ards ol KM ten*, built iu the city of New York, with snch improvements aseombine (rest speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care sat been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, whe will make every exertion to give general aatisfactiou Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responaiale for at y Utters, parcels or packages sent by them, unlets regular b Us of lading are signed therefor. For ireight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS fc llh Vi Snnlh.f New York or to WM. U JAS. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged I2K cruts persiugle sheet: 50 cents pgr ounce. and newspapers I cent each. ol OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 1 despatched iu the tallowing order, excepting that when the lay ol'sailiug falls oil Suuday, the ships will sail outhe succeedug Jay. For New York. For Li?erpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, t June 1 July 19 616 toos, < Oct 1 Xpv 19 D. U. Bsiiey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, I Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waits, f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, ' Nor 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, I March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, i.July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, ' Nor 19 Jau 7 E.G. Mnthalr Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B.Cropper.|'April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, liSept 1 Oct 17 850 tons, 'Jan ] Feb 17 W. C Barstow. I May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, i Sept 19 Nor 9 700 (<m?, J.iu 19 Mar 9 Q. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as icgards the day of sailing, wiil beobscrred as heretofore. The price of imssage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars. Tor which ample storea of ever* description wi 1.1 be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be tarnished hy the stewards. GOODHUE Ik CO., 01 Sonth at, C. H. MARSHALL. 38 Burlingilip, N. Y. jc2< lvh BARING BROTIllhHS 8t CO.. L>ool. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE -OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. m. m. m The subscribers beg to call 'the attention of their friends cud the public generally, to their superior airaugeinenls for bringing out passengers from, and remitting money to, any par* of England, Iieland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the new Line (if Liverpool packets," viz.:Ship KQSClUB, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDON W, Captain Cobb. P Ship SHr,I; IDAN, Caplaiu Depeyster. . Ship GAKUK K, Captain rm New shin HOTt INOUKR, Captain Buraley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodboose. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. ' New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Kldredge. Sailing twice every month; ind with the" UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class Amtrican ships, sailing every teD days, will make five ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby pievcuung the possi bfhty of unnecessary deten??n. Passages direct from Loudon, Bristol and Green'ck to New Yob Alsofom Livirp olto New Orle<n<, Mobile, Sara" n h, Charleston. Phi'adelphis, Boston and B iltimore, and the vario s por a in Briu li Ncrth Aincricr, can at all times i>c engsesd on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fall to aee the advent. ges to be derived liom selecting this line in preference to any ether, and they may rest assured that unusual carc will be taken to make -lie passage agreeable, the shipe being fitted up with an eye solely to the cnm'urt of ptssergrrs. In all eases where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be rvfundtd without auy deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaport, of Ireland and Scetland, can alao be secured. The regular par he's for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, vjr. To and from Lrtidonon the 1st, iOth, and <0 h of eac'.. sininr. To and from Liverpool On the lar. i3th. S h, and 2Sth of each month New Orients, Mobile, Savinueh, an . Chailciton, w< ekly throughout the season. Kb Mil TANCE8. Persons in the eonntrv wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, m- y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per fir't packet, after the receipt tnereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returued per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any o h. rcharse, at the National and Provinrial Banks of Irelai d and branches, Esi'crn Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. Jsmea Bait, Son It Co., Bankers, London, Eschange and Dtsconut Bsnk, Liverpool, and in eery principal town of Great Brt sain and Ireland. Farther pirticulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid.t" diy r W. It J. T TAPSCOTT. 41 Peck Slip. N. York. m ^ f^CKETfl FO^^o^RSEl?LL^^The onderineutioued iliins will be tegularly dispatched trotd hence and Irom Marie tiles on the lat of each month daring the year, thus? From New York. Ma.seilles. MINERVA, Cspt Brown, Sri. Jan 1 H'KYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylreatar, Dec 1. Feb 1 COURIER, Capt Dttgau Jan 1. Marl TRESCOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl I HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. May 1 CORIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl I. Jnn I They are all copprree aud copper fastened,and hare eicellent tecum modations for paaaeogersThe price of cebin passage will be $1M, exclusire of wines tndliouors. Goods addressed to BOYD It HINCKEN, the e gents, will be lorwarded free of other hatges then these actually paid. For freight or passage apply to G. BROOM k CO.. or to QilT BOYD k HINCKEN. Agents Id* FOR LIVERPOOL.? Positively First Packet.? IfflVThe pleiHlid fast sailing well known neckei ship JU??s1SOUTH?RNK.K. Captain Palmer, will sail poettivelv as shove, her regular day. The ships of this line are all 1000 tons burthen, and upwards, and their accommodations lor cabin, second cabin aud steerage passengers, it is well known, are interior to any other line of packer,. For peseege, early application should he made to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck Slip, cor. Sooth at. The SOUTHERNER leaves Liverpool on the ilk February, IJ43 Pets >ns wishing to send for 'heir friends, to come out in the above splendid ship, or any of'he regular line, can make the necessary arrangements on reasonable terms; and tho e wishing to r. mil money can hare dralta It any amount, pi)able on di-m*nd. in all the principal towns of Great Britain and Ireland, on application as afiove. HJttr KOH LIVhRrGOC-Pteket of th* 7th Jauttary, ifjMrk. 1(43?The splendid new peeketship ASH BURTON, JWUIbCap'. Hattleston, will sat at above, her regular day. H?-log m.Mt superb accommodations for cabin, tecoad cabin and steerage passengers. Persons wtshtnr to em bask should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 1(0 Pise enmer of South street. P 8?The above will bo succeeded by the packet ship Stephen Whitney, and sail on the Kth of January, 1141. Persons wishing to send for their Ineeds residing in the eld country can have ihem brought out by eilhn of the above ships, or sny ol the regular pickets, by applying as above, if by letter noet paid. <l|| to jy7r (?r ITKATTS f).N IRELAND, he.?-The subscribers MHMPW continue to give dralte payable on demand, without *M|Li1|'count, or any charge whatsoever. . '\IRcLAN D?The National Bank of Ireland, the Provin1V, V!" Of Ireland, end their nranchos in every connty. IN E Ntu luii tun tv 11 i 4 \t...... Hni, a... k Co.. banker*. Leurton, the ElCIUUIfe and Uitcount $ank, Liverpool and thru brach." throughout England and Wale" IV S< ^Tk AND?The Eastern B*ok ol Scotland, the O'cenoi k Baakia* Comiinv, and branch in the principal towns j Sir Win. Fork.., "Hunter KCo. . Persona in ihe country w,?hing to remit money to their fri. nda in any part of Kn?un,| Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by enclosing the amount ih.-y Wl,f, t0 remit to ihc anbaenbera with the name and address of the ,,-trtiet to whom it into be eat. A draft for the amoant will be forwarded the fi at packet after the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the iimt returned per firet poat. da r w. Is J T. TA P8COTT. at Pock alip. New York. FRANCIS' PATENT Uffc aoATsT iff THE ohjcct of thu inventionUto aavc human life. wf My The number of passengers and other persons saved by JUAfiitbefe boat" from wrecks in atorma wU* ordinary uoau have swsmi ed la over IJD. The naeibrrof persons drown ed for want oI rhe Life Boau at tha barm g and wrecking ol steamboats knd other vessels is acconlnie to accounts published liir put montn oaer J.Vi. It la impossible to swamp thi. bo,, The price aeries from $71 to to (400, according to the numbri ol persona they are required to cany, with the bottom stove in The class of boats lor picking up men falling overboard, are ao liftiT to require but tWO men to httMit tlmnri, mil by th? new apparaina can be aat in the the water in 3D seconds, with two men in her ready fer the rrscne. As the safety of vessels at Ma cepeuds mainly on the services of the crew, this class of boau i? intend?> for their preaetvation. Office of FRANCIS' Patent Life Boat 7 Wall ,t. Bl At Adams k Ce S Express Office. ^ iW Y( V YORK, FRIDAY MORI SEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. QsggSQs sassfc AmI g*^? r ai'? rtdurcu to *45 ccittJ. Krom Uie lowt of Courtl rnlt meet, New York. (Kvery day?Suuday i.->tepted.) Leaves New York Leaves Ni walk it 9 A. M. At 1 P. M. At T* A. M. At !H P- M. 1)>S do. 4 do. t do. 3>fc do. 4X do. 9 do. 6 do. 1 A*. i i ? J ON SUNDAYS. From the foot ol C..urtUuot street. Lfiw New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. anil 4? P. M. At 1W P. M. and II P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York. Leave Elixabrth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A.M. I P. M. aw A. M. IX " l?k A. M. P. M. IX M. J P.M. 9V " The trainsfor Weslfirld, Rainfleld. Bonudbrook,Somerviile, Sic., connect with the 9 A M, }enu 4X P M txaine Irom New Voik, daily, Sundaya eice|>ted. Fare beiween New York end Elisabeth Towu25 cents. Fare between do and Somerville, 75 centa. NFW YORK. RAILWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. F rom the Foot of Liberty afreet, daily. Leare New York. Leave New Bntuawick. At 9 A. St. At 5X A. M. 2X P. M. 7$ " *X " 12* " 9 P. M. On Snndayi the 5* and 7* A.M. tripe from New Brunswick ind 2\ P. M. train from New York, are >mitied. Kate between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cents. Rah way, 00 cents The fare in the 5* and 7* A. M. train from New Brunswick. and 2\ end tJi ? M. train from New York, has been ra ducea. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to 97* " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re ceivr a terry ticket gratis. Tickets .n? received by the cou Jsctoroulv on the (lay when purcliaaed. nil 3n>* WINTER ARR/ NGEMKNT. NEW YORK AN0 NIll. A OI'LPHIALIATEROAETINE DIRECT. Via Newsrk, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, frotn the loot of Liberty alreet, dally, at 9 A M and P M. The morning tnne proceeds to Bordentown, Irom thence by stesVnbont to Philadelphia. The Evening Line i<roceeda direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Liberty street. where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are eonrtyed from city to cirv, without being opened by the way. Ench traiu la provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut atreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.and 5 o'clock, P M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 F M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. ?2? ?.m?r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS TAR FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. By theTi.iusatoiiir It.. miming 'hruHgh fro in this City to Albany in Twelve Honrs. . Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers hare made arrangements with the Housatoni Rail Road Company, to run an Express Car (exclusively for our owu purpose) daifu, over their road with the passenger train ninninv ihrnnrh In AlKnnv in ruelvn hAuri nil >r# nnw Prepared lo receive aud forward at low ratea, Specie, Bank Notea, Packages, Balea and Ceaee of Goods, he., for any of the above named or intermediate placea. Will attend promptly to the colleotion and payment of billi, botea, dral'ta and accounts, and audi otlier buaiueaa aa may be entrusted to tneir care. _d?r POMEROY h CO. 8 Wall a-rect. New York. PULiLLN <fc COPP'a N e vv? ,. b A jS-^ fcAL Mesara. Harndrn It Co, having diapoaed of iheir route from New York to Albany aud Tiny, the eubscribera, the old conductora of Harnden h Co'a Northern Exnresa, from New York, will continue to run aa heretofore.Ir.avin;; New York, Albany and Troy, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jaeoha* Montreal Ei press, and will forward Specie, flank Notes, Packages. Bntidlea.Casea of Goods, he., to nny place between N?w York and Montreal, and tlirouithont the Canada'a. Alao Eaat, from Troy and Albany to Boaton, and Weal from Albany lo Buffalo. All buaineas emmited to their charge will be promptly _att?nded to. Particular attention will be ptiJ to the collection of notea, dralcs, acceptancea, he., and prompt retorua made far the a ime, PULLEN h COPP. Offices?Pullen h Copp, JW Wall atreet, New York. Tnoa. (rough, 15 Exchange, Albany. A G. Filkins, 228 River atreet, Troy. 8. Jacub'a Exchange Conrt, St Paul at, Montreal. Heferencim. New York. Albany. Tbot. Prisne,Ward h King, E. J. Humphrey, Jao. Puyae, Jacob Little, h Co., Thoa. Oough. PTvvei'a, John T. Smith, h Co.. 8. K. 8tow, Pepoen h Hoffman, C. 8. Douglaaa, Cavpenter h Vermuye, F. Leake Honvhron h Co. Drew. Kobinaon h Co. n24 NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Nobwich aud Wnanutia Railboads. Compoaed of the lollowing ani?riot ateamera running in connection with the Norwich h Woreeater aud Worceater h Boaton Kail R.iaoa? WORCESTER, Capt. J H. Yanderbilt NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Dustnn. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and aftet Monday, Nov.2lat.tkia line will be ran tri-weekly, leaving New York, Tucadaya, Thuradaya and Saturdays only, at If. M. ThenexPand splendid steanatxv'l NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Duatan, will leave every Tueaday, Thuraiiay aail Saturday afleraoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boaton will be forwarded immediately on the arrival or the above boata at Norwich, and will proceed without change of caraor baggage. For farther information, enquire at the office of D. H. ALLEN, 39 Peca alip, np ataii*. All persona are forbid trusting any one on account of the above boata or owners. ?25r NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Fare ui Harlem taedueed to 12 1-1 teatr^ WINTER ARRANNUF.MENT.-gD and after Monday. Decernb- a 19'h, 1112, the ears will run daily a* follows I? LeaveCkly Hall for Leave Harlem Leave William ' Bridge Williams'Bridge, for City Hall. for City Hall 7 00 A M. 8 58 A. M. 8 70 A. M. t " 10 50 " 10 30 " 1! 30 " I ID P. M. IS an P M. a P. M. j o " i io " 4 " i 49 " 1 20 " ( 00 Harlem only. t> <0 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh meat Lin* will ran as fo ' InwiFnm 7 30 A M. every ten minutes rhrauKoout rh? Uy till 7 P. M. aud on Sundays every twenty minutes. Kara tJi cen's. rasseoarrt for Wettchratrr. Throe's Neck, Eaatchester. .New Hothelle, Mamaronrck, Horse N'ck, North Caalle, Hobbins'Mills and White Plai i, will take the 2 o'clock, !'. M. iron from City Hall, t'assrnarrs for Yonkers will take thai o'clock, A. M and 4 o'clo. k. P. Vt. trains from City Hall, On 26<h Dec and 2d Jau the cart will run between City Hall and Williams Brid(e every honr from 7 A M to 6 PM. n30 Im'm BRITISH AMI NOKTH AMERICAN KOYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200.tana aud 441 horse power each. Uuder contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. eaweBBMBHUw BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander CALK DON I A, E. <i. Lott. do ACADIA, A. Hyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boston, vis Halifax. raois ?"sroe. reosi Livisroei. Britannia, Hewitt, Jan I Caledonia, Lott, K> b 1 Jan 4 Acadia, Rjne> Mar 1 Feb 4 Columbia, Miller, Ap'l I Mar 4 I'asaare Money?From Button to Liverpool, (Uj? ilctlou to Halifav ?70. Thcaa shipa carry eiperienced snrreont. No Dertha secured nntil paid for. Notb.?Merchandise and Specie (eieapt for peraenal ei Knses) shipped under the asme of Iraynsr will be charted a* sirnt, aaa liable to Custom House Regulations. Apply to oiy r Jb BRIUHA.M JR.. No. 3 Wall-at. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. dSAfl* Foot of Whitehall street On and after t)c*. jil, the steamer BTATEN fSLANDtth, will run as follows, entil fnrthsr actie* LEAVE STATEN (BLAND. NEW YORK. XA.M, 1A.M. 11 13* IP. M. 3J2 P. M, d3r 4_V -MS *04 REOULAn opposition to cats *nd intermedials landings, without row 3Era*JMQIbhentes ? R-gnlar days mom Cattskill, Mod daya, Wednesdays and Fridays. Fiom New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.?Pare to or from Cattskill. 10 cents. ?Berths 21 cents?flnpper 21 ceuis. The new and fast steamer WAVE. Captain Vanderbilt. will leare Robinson at. pier Thursday Nov. I7lh, at live o'clock. For fhrlhrr particulars innaire of the caitais on board. By it *n ihe deys'above named, there will bi a daily com munication between Cstskill and New York (and intermediate placet) lor frciyhi and i-asaage at reduced prices. n<r _ 0m MAIL LINE PGR ALBANY, aud In" intermediate Places, (or as far as the Ice will jKsHwjHCiwKLpermit)?In counection with the Albauy St tires?Stair* and Boas far* At. celebrated ire host I/TICA leaeea the fbot of Courtandt at/eel, Kitty Afternoon at i o'clock. For paaaage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SHI'LTZ, at the office on the wnarf. N. B.?Hood roadi anil anperb ilei.hmg to Albany. <114 r FUlt NK.W OKI.EA N8?Fir?t P.ck77 RtiTr^ aTJWVThe iplendid faar tailing new packet ahip UNION, JlliNKnCap'ain Hum II, will be deepatchcd in a lew daya for I he above port?can haudaomely accommodate a few more cabin ami ilet-rage iiaaaenae-ia, if early epidiration ia made on ooerJ the alup at Murray'a wharf, foot of Wall atreel, or to <121 re JOHN HERDMAN. ?l Smfhet. IK FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTKH?Tbe anpertor

MaWWfaatatrium ahip OEOHGE HALL,K IT, Howea, MIHHwmaater, of '01,tone burthen, now lying at Barling ?lin. Apply to E. K. COLLIN* it CO., ! M South treat. { )RK ] VING, DECEMBER 30. 1 tFOR valuable atand known u the Long Itland Hotel. aitualed tu the town of in Suffolk county. L. I. The hnu?e is built iu modern atyle, the beet material! and workman! lop, wi.h a front of eighty leet. kit lien lucludad, two atnr.t a high, with an attic ; and 11 ralculatedto accommodate 40 boartlera.beti lea the family ami neceaa ry attendant!, and la auriouuded Willi all the neoeaa.irv out-bud imga, liuit and oriiameutral tirea, ahrubbery. Ike. The locating of the premiaea ia unrivalled, c unrounding a full view of the beach, the light hooae at Kire Ulaud, nud the Atlantic O am. An open 'ane,in frout of the houae, and leading directly to the hay, furunhea a lelluhtlul and plraaunt walk ol right or ten iniiiut-a. The Long Island Rail Road peiira wi'hin about f'u milea of the premiaea, and afford* an f**y and i >uvruieut communication with the ciun ol New York and Brooklyn. No part of Long laUnd alforda greater iacilitie* for fowling, or bay or brook, or lite noble spoit of buck hunting. Deer Wing very abundant iu the viciuity, and ar* frequently ftHlllJ OH flic III UltcaBM 'J here is about two hundred acres of laud, and meadow attached to the premises, aud a good pioporlion of sr.uid or shue. The house sudnecessary out buildings, would bo sold with the whole, or part of the land, <u may beat rait the purchaser 'l'he terms still be libeial, aud tha tit'e undisputed. K >? a more minute description ol the property, inquire of JAMES HOWIC, )I7 Kajt Broadway, or ol D. ^K. HALL, IMS Chatham street, New York, or of the aubscriber on the premiaes. .WILLIAM HAWKINS. Dated, Itlip, Nor, 1812. d2 lin'ef rfuI WANTKu TO PURCHASE?A country residence PtW within 25 milts of New York, one with from 5 to M ,*mk eeresof laud,near Look lal-uid Sound, preferred. Adirets with lull pnrtieulars, boa 7, oat Office, Pou. hkeepaie, N V. nl? TOTHK LADIK8.-WM. !t H. BKBEK. Fashion* JMnH '.ti rs, 178 Brotdwiy, under Howard's Hotel, have on hand an cgtrusive assortment ol Ladies and Misses Bearer Hats, of their own inaitufactuie, which are warranted superior to any in I'-weitv, sod at prices which cannot fail to suit: those in want are res|iectlully invited to call. Also, a Keueral aaaorlinrnt of Gent's, Boy* and Cliildrru's Kur, CI of h i ml fancy Vsfvet Cape. dlOlmr LOOK AT THIS. * L I^? ii 'T*-'TI I 'l|-"'1 Cork Sole Boots, tlic best of 4Niwv qualify, $6 00 do W iter Prool Boot* do 5 CO ?|o Liitht French Calfskin Boots,do 87 to 1 00 do t/ver Shoes of all the different kinds, 7ie to 1 7a do Dancing Pumps, 1 ?5 do Dmciug Outer,beautiful aiticle, l 46 And all other kinds of Shoes and worked slippers in fashion; ladles gaiter boots buskins, slippi rs, ties, quilted shoes, prunella, white and black satin, and burton shoes; In-lla rubber slrao-fuiied, plain and all other kinds of overshoes: clogs, mocasios. and the greatest assortment of boys boots aou shoes, misses and children*, ol all kinds to be found in the woild, all ol our ow n in laufactnrioy, and warranted In be the best, and cheap nt the die 'pest, et 367 Broadwav corner of Franklin at, and at 9t C.nal street GREGORY ?t CAIULL, d!5 I in * r 367 Broadwav. bottes francaises. P. A. GKKDY. de o[>enrd a store 117 -?i?!s8P^^a Btoadwsy, wneie ne is pre) ared to receive aud exe cute orders tor b mis ?l all descriptions. Although his prices are lower by two dollait than those of any fasl"louable Ficuch rstabllihoM nt in this city.Ins ooots will be found at least equal to any made here or cliew'here. He imports hi* tula from Pari* and so modifies ihem u to litany irregularly thiped foot. Ml. Ge.dy'sl >ng rxt erience under Mr. Forr aul other celebrated makers in P.,ris enables him t conduct his busuie** with acouomy and thereby to supply his customers at the following reduced price*? Fine and suhstsintial Boots $6 Corn si,d double sole do a... 3 A propo- t-.iitc reduction in th* various other article* to be fo'iud at i*i Biuauwv/. dtf lir.*.- TERMS CASH. ' FASHIONABLE BOOTS AND SHUEC.? maKSPFSr W 4 LKER respectfully invites the attention of the public liiTii' large assortment of l.nliea' aud gentlemen*' boots and shoes, sol >s end water proof; French *ud Dative calf, and fancy dress boots, dancing t uleia aud pumin, over shoes. India rubber and w iter proof, uiocc sins, ladies , misses', and children's gaiters, boots, shoes, and buskins, of the choicest selection i men's, boys, and children's coarse and cue boot* and shoe* ot too choicest kinds, cite iprr than ever before offered imhecity. 419 Breadwsy and209 Canal, northwest corner of Hudson street. d7 lm*r CLINTON Cheap Boot and Shoe Market. 509 Greenwich, corner ol Spring street, is the only place b here cjiu be found Boots and Shoes to suit the limes. All die*' and misses' buskin* from S, 4, i, 6, 7 and 8 shillings per pair; gentlemen*'bo >ts from 12 shillings to $4 per pair; Dor*' boota froingshtlliugs to $2M per pair. All who Wish to aatre 2C per cent will give a call at the Cliulori Cheap Boot aud bhoe Marker. VUt tfreeiiwtrh eomer Bpring street. d7 tm*r WATEttPKOOF BOOTS?Qum-KIa*tic Shoes .''n! Boots and Shoes of almost all the different >. nuls suitable for winter wear. Alto a large aaaortment of fine boot*, shoe*, gaiter* and pumiw for gentlemen and bo < at ladle*, inisae* and childiens boots, shoes, gutters and buskins of the best quality, in great abundance. All the above article* and almost every thing in the boot and shoe line, may be found at thrttore *>f A. KNUX k Co., known as the Clinton Boot & Shoe Market, 701 Canal *t, north east comer of Hudaon at anil er prires rn aitir snv one and every one. *117 lm*v ATTENTION! ATTENTION' TJ K AD THIS, it may induce yon to try your chance.?TOM XV BOCA. (To be raffled,) at 168)$ button ?l*t?t, a mairuli cent Caahmere Shawl, with the box that contain* it?co?tiug togetiier $110 All purchasers who will buy five dollar* worth in the (tore, after the 13th i-. taut, (December, 1848,) will have the chance to gain $IOn worth. Great exhibition ami aaU cf Fancy Articles and Sugar Plumb* of all deecupiion*, suitable for Christma* and New Year's Oiftas at I68X Fulton ?t, near Broadway, oppoiite St. Paul's Church. Ladies and gentlemen ere respectfully invited to vist the most beautiful collection of rich obiecti ol New Year'* Presents, that can be seen, and which will be sold it very reasonable price*. Moat of dioae nch article* came from the atores ?f Alphonae Girwnx, of Pari*, supplier to Hi* Majesty the King of the , Frrneh, the tfiren ol ring la nil, aud all the principal Courts of Europe. 1 he article* in Bmgar, Fancy Reticule*, and Boxes, cams from the store of S. HenrtOD Ik Co. ol PhtfauJelphit, lorsBUct* onalv known for the last 25 years a* being the best Confectioners in the Uniied State* The Katlle will take place in the store 168)$ Fulton it, on the Slhuf January, 1843t*t 12 o'clock, M. A sph-udid brench Cashmere Shawl thai cost $80. In a moat beantifnl Box of rose-wood, encrusted with gold and liver, the price of which wa? 830 Each person purchasing $3 worth of art'eles, will receive a ticket (whatever number they thoo**) slid with this the pcisoo may have a chance for the Shawl and the Bov. A prion who will buy $10 worth, will be eutitled to two tickets, and so en iu progression. Pe*sons receiving tickers, are requested to preserve them; for, if mislsid, the loss will be theirs; and, on the 5th ol Janua it. 1841. at 12 o'clock, the ticket will be drawn pnclicly before thu holders; and on the following day, the llerald newspaper will announce rl*e fo-ninaie nnmb*-r dl7 to jsnS'ec MECHANICAL OR CAKCEL LAMPS. 'PHE pnolic is invited to inspect the en'trely uew stock of V these unrivalled lamps, which have jnst been opened by the subscribe^, comprising the Inost extensive and rich assortment that he will receive *hi-s reison, and the finest lot of goods in the line that hi* ever been seen in this country. An early examination of them is solicited while the stock is complete, as he rutire iuvoies received the early part of the season were d'spoued of immediately ; many parties were disappointed in consequence. The goods just received comprise some entirely new articles of that exquisite taste peculiar to French manufacturers, snch as noret lain shades 'or lamps, with landscapes of figures, some colored; suspension study lamps with purcelniu shades for linraries; bracket*.; lustres, hronxe, "renaissance" and gilt, for two and three lamps, rici. shades and globes, colonred and cut, of beantiful new designs, lie kc. Koine imi*.riant improvements have been made in the manufacture of the lamtw now offered to the public, rendering them nnqnesiionthK the. m at beaur.ful as well as economical lamp extant. This fact is (ally established, aud any one at all sceptical on th subject can be convinced of it by calling at ihia establishment. E. D. SAXTON, Depot of Mechanical Lam>ai, SO John street. The estimation in which these lamps are held inay be iu fared from (he feet that the following public establishments in thia firv aff I to-Kmi with r inn vi? ? Aatnr Tiouir, Carlton Home, N. Y. Hatn ly Library, Man .ion llouae. Park Place Home Signor Fereio's. Cafe Tortoni. They are alio to be tound iu many other public huildinrt ihrouiihoul Us country, aud in erery instance giving perfect satisfaction d17 Im'tC 'PO THE "UBLIC.?JOHN KE.SSLEll hega leave to in' form hit 'riends, an 1 in,- public in general, that he haa taken that well known Hand at the co-ner of Washington and Lib rty <t>, formerly kept by K. Chamberlin, aince rebuilt with addition of room and comfort, for the accommodation of travellers and others. Persons wishing food board, and accommodations on reasonable terms, would do well to call. Punctual attendance. ddl Im * re DA MS k t'O.'3 NEW YORK AN'J NKVVARK EX PHE8S ?The pnblic are respectfully informed that the subscribers have established an K*pr?ss between New York aud Newark. N. J., for the transmission aud speedy delivery of packages, bnnd'ea, money. Ac. he.; the eollection of notes and bills, and nil other business aiipert linmiMo an Kspr?is ? Ordeis for articles to be re turned by the Eapress will be delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wa'l afreet, and in Newark, at SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. JtO Broad >t. Laive New Yok at It* A. M. ami tV P. M. Leave Newark at 9 A. M. and l)< P. M. dlbrc ADAMS It CO. OKKIClt or THE AUBURN h ROCHESTER, RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Catvaianitsra, Dec ?, 1*41. A SEMI-ANNUAL dividend ol 5 per cent on the capital stock of this Company will be peid on the third Jay of January n*it. Shareholders whose stack is registered in the city tranafsr hooka ?f this Company wilt rrreiee payment et the Bank of the Slate of New Yo:k in the city of New York, and those whose stock is not registered in the city n ill be paid their dividend at this office. By order of the President end Directors, d 14 to Jy J r CHAR SEYMOUR. Treasurer. JOHN M. DAVItS h JONES' inlorm their ini tio* and " customers tkat they baye received their winter fashions for Caps?a rariet* of new styles for yonth aud children. The Cracoyieone Tnrben now so much worn, is mannfactnred by them. Also e new style of travellieg cap, very convenient fo gentlemen tie veil imr n* tvn?r Id* WILLIAM ST HEAT?2.W* buahelajrime Illinois Wheat. Eur sale by v? KDWD K COLLINS A CO., 420 * South at. TpOR LARGE. PaWYIES ? pirnnid rhaudeliers, eandela " braa, brackets, eirandnlea, aeapending and other lamps, ent {lass ware, white end white and gold china, plated tnys, besets, castors, candlestick, A*., knives, forks, spoons, ladlea, tea trays,end ail kinds of mods reuuired to ?ui,piy the largest parties, can he had at WORA M It HAUGH Wl)UT'?, agent for manofactsrera ang rornmission meichanta, No. 161 Broadway, nearly opp not Niblo'a Oaulen. d>4 lw?,c nl^BOWH Rfi)f NO-SCHOOL, 4H* Bowery.-W. J. J J DAVIS, (from Europe) Professor. Evening cites for gentlemen will commence on Monday evening, '2th instant, and continue each Monday and Friday evening, during the season. S l.-rt paries of ladies and gentlemen, can be aceoirmod* ten wan injunction on i uen.ay ana innrtUay erentngs of each'week. A Military class for the instruction of gentlemen in military hnrseaiatiship. to commence on Wednesday evening, 14th instant, and continue each Wednesday eretiing during the tea >n Uentlemeu wishing to subscribe to either of the above claaaea, will please Call at iheir earliest etmsenienre. Daily instructionaa usual, for Isdieg. from II A. M. to J P. M.; for gentlemen, from I to 10 A. M. and 3X to ?X P M. Ereuiug school to comriK uce at 7 o'clock. r.2i 3o a,r PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS. T1TARRANTBD to keep any length of time In any climate, *? rn ; lohaters, halibut, ahad, aalm<>n, orate re, and claim, hetf, mutton, real, duck, cliickena, turkey, beef aonp, mutton broth, chicken soup, oi tail soup, mock and green lartle aonp, vegetable soup, green peas, rnusnrooma, carrola, turnipa, par snipa, romatos. milk, Ac. Ac.; manufactured ana sold wholesale bT . WILLIAM MULLANK, 1?1 Nnnnu sunct. HERA 842. Lord Morpeth'* Letter on Abolition. fatter of ls>rd Mor/peth,from the " Liberty Bell," an Annual puhlitluil at the Ant i-Slavery Fair, hehl in Boil on, Dec. 1812. Cattle Howard, Oct 28,1842. My Dear Mrs. Chapman Your note had tollowen me across the Atlantic, reminding me that when you once asked me " for the causes'a sake," to write a nr twn tf?r wnnr annual niihlinaf ion nt the "Liber'y Bell," 1 promised thut " I would think of it." 1 now write to tell you that I have thought of it, and the result of my ripe reflection is a con viction, that lor the "cause's sake," it would be better for me to decline the honor ol being one of your contributors I sav emphatically, " lor the cause's sake " Since I hud the pleasure ol meeting you, all my personal observation of slavery haa been made, and it lias spread over a large surface. I have been present at debates on the subject in Congress ; I have witnessed the working and effects of the institutions of the South and Southwest ol your republic, and in the Island of Cuba ; 1 have conversed with its friends, its enemies, and with neutrals, for such there are ; I have met among planters and their families, with i persons not only of the most agreeable and refined intercourse, but of high honor, of real humanity, of deep and unaffected piety. Yet, so far from my views of the system having become modified, I should not feel myse.f precluded by any sentiments of delicacy, or even of gratitude towards them, from giving the fullest and most public vent to my opinions, or of my feelings, if I could think that "the cause" would thence derive the slightest benefit. The same grounds would induce me to concur in any use to which it might please you to put what I now address to you, even wiih the purpose of proving that I should he out of place among the regular ringers of the Liberty Bell. Not, moat assuredly, is it from want of sympathy that I should abstain from being enrolled in that good fellowship. While slavery docs not strip all its advocates and agents of mnny high qualities and exalted virtues, so will not a zeul tor the abolition of slavery ensure an exemption from faults and inconsistencies, errors in judgment and blunders in conduct. But I have learned to look upon yon, and those with whom you are associated, formally or virtually throughout the wide Union, with n respect nnd interest scarcely to be inspired for any other ".xnso'i IT .1 I c VH.,UV ?nanv, va luv pisiisc:. U()UU U1C SU1I "I VUUT own continent, ubounding and abiding indeed are the stores of pleasant and instructive retrosjiect which I liave garnered up for myself from delightful acquaintanceship: Irom a face ol nature, rich, vaiious; in some at least of i's features, unparalleled; Irom subjects and undertakings which in their developcinent ot progress, must |>owerfully interest everyone who is alive to the advancin" destinies of hissnecies. Among these, the purpose which has h.indedyou together, appears to me to assume the pluce of the highest dignity; it muy be of the greatest difficulty. I know not, in these latter days, of any oth- r enterprise which combines en much of the spirit of lofty chivalry with so much of the sobriety of genuine piety, which relies so closely on the logic of the most statistical calculations, and appeals so largely to the impulses of the most fervent humanity: which looks for such fruits on earth, and has such root in heaven. From a contact like this, why can 1 even seem to shrink! It is plain that the conduct of all wellwishere to the cause ought to be resolved to one simple issue?the good ol the cause itself. Now I am inclined to believe that the admitted difficulties by which it is beset, would only be aggravated by the intervention of foreign co-operation; sufficient jealously is on the alert among the tobacco, rice, cutton and sugar growing States, against the proceedings of Massachusetts and Ohio ; I see no occasion lor having it whetted anew against the grasping and perfidious Albion, who reeling, as we are often told, irom the effect produced by her act ol emancipation upon herown doomed dependencies, now unceasingly strives to level ull the balmy domains of slavery in one common ruin. Desperate as may be the obtuseness ol conscience which I thus evince. 1 must plainly state, that it there is a topic on whicn I can hear with the most unmoved equanimity any amount of reprobation, whether lavished from the Tribune at Paris or from the floor of the Capitol, it is on the motives which inspired the part taken by my country in the emancipation ol her slave population.? Within all the corners of her territories, upon the free billows of the common ocean, I should be the last to bid her shrink from any right or effort which her Municipal law, or the legitimate claim of general humanity may exact or counsel. But, inside the precincts of your own Republic, amid the complicated relations of your several States, beneath the obligations of their federal constitution, it would appear to me that all foreign interference whatsoever, probably at the best ill adapted and ill instructed to meet the special niceties of the question, wonld only tend to irritate the elements of strife, give a fresh point to the aims of prejudice, and clothe the insinuations of self interest with the dignified garb of wounded national honor. I am conscious that I may seem to you to magnify any possible effect that might proceed from some probably very pointless scrap of composition : but in all these matters it should be more a question of principle than of degree. I have seen before now, that the susceptibility of nations can stoop very low, as well as soar very high. If a foreign chime should be detected in the peal ot the Liberty Bel), I know not what startling echoes it might not awaken in the deepest recesses ot Accomac. There is a line which we happen to have often heard quoted among ourselves: know yo not Who would b? free, themselves must strike the blow." Now, strong aa my opinion would be upon the supposition of a possible |>erformance of the present system, I should think hirn a bold man who could con template without shuddering the issue of a negro in- I surrection. Th* true application of the line in your I Case is this: Who would make free, themselves must strike the 1 blow. and. moreover, if the peculiar difficulties of the struggle seem to point exclusively to American efforts for their solution, so for American brows ought to he reserved the undivided laurel of the triumph. Though I may have chanced to use the metaphors of war, vet it is plain, from the nature of the contest, from tne relative numb r of the partisans, from the temper of the w-apons employed, that it victory is to crown your exertions, it must be, as was the case in our own analagous, though less arduous achievement, a victory of argument, of reason, of patience, of conscience, of religion.? Though I have forbade to myself the meanest place in your ranks, I shall remain no indifferent spectator of the continuing conflict. The more obvious marks of public attention, on either side of the sea. may be diverted to other fields of action ; you will dispute about Presidents, and we shall wrangle over tariffs. I am not underrating the importance winch attaches to such consideratiens, but after having trod the confines of slavery, after having traced our dark colored brethren in every condition, from the hoy with the crescent mark oi native royalty on his brov, just sold into eternal servitude upon the shore of Cuba, to the erect and disciplined recruit, who firmly treads the anil of Canada, I feel that henceforth the main portion of my interest, and aspirations as to the couise ot public events in the world around me, must be directed to the onward march of human freedom Tn that imposing cause the friends ofthe slave in the U. States of Norih America. appear to me to hold the most forward and critical position. May all your armory be worthy ol the service in which it must be wielded?the gentleness that subdues,the discretion that guides, without keeping hack the zeal that never cools, but never inflames. To say all, may you do the work of heaven with the spirit of heaven, accompanied by the sympathies, the hopes and the prayers of the Christian people ef all nations; but relying alone on the Everlasting Arms beneath you. and vour own good use of the means entrusted to your disposal. Believe me, my dear Mrs. Chapman, with the moat sincere esteem and good wiehra, your moat faithful servant, Monrrr*. Court of Common Plena, Before Judge Inglla, Dec. M.?Jokn Gibboni ra. Cbarlee Wo hay, it all.?It ia an action agaiDit Captain Wolaay for an aiaanlt and battery, alleged to hare been committed on plaintiff on hoard the steamboat Narraganiett, on her way from Pro>nli ncn lo Nrw York la?t June, he being a paaaenger. The defence u aathat there wu an Iriah riot on board the ? ?> . and all Captain Wolaay did wax to aeparatc the partiea, who were all Iriah deck paaaenger*. T. S. Henry, nnd N. B. Blunt, tor plaintiff. Mr. Everta for defendant. force va. Sire ?Tt>e Jury in this caae brought in * rerdict for plaintiff1 of six cent* damage*, and aix centa coat*. . lb'cmau ra. Pucker.?The Jury in thiacaaa brought in a verdict lor plaintiff ot fvtdamagca. Bankrupt Lint. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW TORK. 'J'homaa Ritch, Wawaraing, Ulater county, N. V., carpenter. Bradford Linroln, city of N. Y., merchant. Philemon Caoffeld, city of N. V., builder Oeorge W. Stilwell, Brooklyn, L-1., iron railing, grate i and fender manufacturer Oeorge Adiard, N. V , agent. Edward Crommeiin, N. ? * LD. PrlM Two Cent*. In Bankraptcfi ThI pltitiok Of JiMKt Gasoo WlLSOR [OD6 of the pub lishen of tlia Brother Jonathan Weekly Newspaper], filed Nov. 33, 1SU3. LlASlLITltt. 1. To Henry W. Sherman, in a promiMory note, dated Nov. 1, 1813, for paper sold and money lent for 1,747 13 3. To Geo. Mather, iuk manufacturer, 135 Green street, Now York, on a note Aug. S, 1340, for ink, 300 00 3. To Abraham Rtggs, type founder, Brooklyn, on a note Sept 3, 1*41, for type, 000 00 4. To R. and E. Watson, New Hartford, Ct., paper manufacturers, on promissory note, April 17, 1IM0, for paper, 130 00 6. To Joseph Toney, merchant, V. York, af security lor Mrs. Fitzgerald, for reut of house No. 33 City Hall place, New York 304 40 6. To Henry Worrall and Noah Worrall, New York, machinists, on a Judgment in the Court of Common Pleas, March 4th, 1841, for 006 03 7. To W. H. and Robt. E. Hudson, New York, editors, on a judgment in Superior Court, July 30,1840, for the sum of >90 73 8. To Peter Wilton, New York.. Attorney and Counsel lor-at-law, for professional serv ices as my lawyer, 17ft 31 9. To O. Barrett, of Harrisburgh, l'enn., editor, for advertising, 31 3ft 10. To Thos. Ritchie, of Richmond, Vs., editor, for advertising, 31 7ft II- To Gideon Wells, of Hartford, Ct., editor, for advertising, about 40 00 13. To Edward B. Green, Hartford, Ct., proprietor of Hartford Review, for advertising, about 30 00 13. To Prui.ticc and Wassinger, of Louisville, Kentucky, publish) rs, for advertising, about 40 00 1 i. To John Thomas, printer, New York, on a note Nov. 1840, nn<l for work,labor, and services, 800 00 lft. To the late tirni of Head, '1 homas, A Hull, ol New York, priuters, on a promissory note, June 30, 1838, for a printing press and steam engine, 1093 00 16. R. Hon A Co, New York, machinists, on a note claimed to be paid?suit pending?31st March, 1840, for 500 00 17. To Benjamin H. Day, publisher, New York, forcssh drawn by me over and atiove my share of the profits from the hiisiiit ss of nuhlishinr the Brother Jonathan and thn Dollar Magazine, published by aaid Day and myself, 640 80 18. To Stephen Vail, Pleinfield.New Jersey, gentleman, on a note, Nov. lat, 1836, lor land (old to me, 200 00 10. I li nt Stephen Vail aloreaaid, three note* in 1642, August 2d and 26ih, and October 8th, for hia accommodation, no consideration being received, 1. 826 00 2, 206 00 8. 260 00 Assets. 1. \ly household furniture in hous? No. 24 Barclay street, as follows 6 mahogany chairs, 2 looking-glasses, 3 portraits, (self and wife); I mahogany box of wax fruit, 1 landscape oil painting, 1 small compass, 3 trunks, 1 po. ker, 1 pair tongs, 16 silver spoons, 1 Boston rocking chair, 1 ingrain carpet, 1 dressing case, 1 mahogany dressing table, 1 small mahogany toilet glasi, 2 glass lamps, 1 wooden chest, 2 inkstands, 1 shosel, I iron coalakuttle. 2. My wearing apparel.? [Omitted.] [ 8. One ton Liverpool coal. 4. Booka or Library at said bouae?8 hymn booka ; 1 Testament; 2 Bibles; Doddrigo'sRise and Progress; Romein on Faith: Triumph of Fait.ij Christian Experience; Pure Geld: Fountain ot Lite; Pilgrim'sProgress; Jefferson's Correspondence, and some other booka about 40 volumaa in all. On the 2nd September, 1842,1 assigned slimy property to Christian S. Sloan, New York, by order of the Court of Chancery. At the time of making said ataignment there ware due to me the following book debts, Ac , to wit 1. By J. T. Bobbins on sale of paper, 4 60 2. By J. D. Novell, druggist, for advertising, 66 00 8. By Mr. Maunder, for advertising, 26 00 4. By C. H. Little, do, 30 00 6. By William Evans, Loudon. Eng., Phyaician, for same, 24 12 6. By Mr*. Prescott, New Vork, for advertising her school, 10 00 7. By C. S. Fisk, for advertising auction for him 17 00 6. By Isaac Sturgess, Albany, for papers, 27 18 0. By Van Bureu h King, New Yoik, lor advertising, 60 00 10. By Mr. Love, for do. 31 60 U. By H. N. Griswold, Whitehall, New York, for pa. pers sold to him. 12 60 12. By A. W. Coil, for newspapers, 82 46 13. Benjamin Balch, New York, for advertising lands lor him, 47 00 14. Peter Arbuckle, Hartford, Connecticut, for newspapers, 4 00 16. John A. French, Boston, for newspapers sold him from July, ISS9,to March 19, 1840, 193 87 16. J. Hnyden, Phila , for newspapers, 66 46 17. John Farwell, Baltimore, for newspapers, 97 69 18. Peter Crook, Albany, for newspapers, 34 00 19. Elijah Cludel, New York, lor money lent him by me, 10 00 - 20. James Reea, New York,for money lent by me 10 00 At the time of making the above named assignment, I was, and am still Interested with Benjamin H. Day, in the publishing of the Brother Jonathan, and the Dollar Weekly. I own no part of the capital or materials invested in either ef them, but receive one half of the nett profits thereof for my service* in such business, which ia the only interest I have there. I have received more than the full amount of my share of the profits in such business, and of all iny interest therein of every name, and nature, and Kind whatsoever up to the present time; and am now indebted to aaid Day in the sum of $640 86, being the amount drawn by me from such business over and ebova my share of the profits, and of all my intere(t in suck buaiI ness up to the present time. Jewelry or personal ornaments ol myself and family, consisting of one silver watch, and two gold (plain) finger ring*. V. B. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Dec. 29?Poople of the Stat* of Ntw York vs. Pissis Bank.?This is commonly called the great Phanix Bank case. A quo warranto has been filed on the part of the State of New York to revoke the charter of the Phoenix Banlr, on account of exacting usurous rate* of interest in several cases. There are some sixty-two issues in the pleadiaga, and nine distinct oaaea of usury in the charge. The Attorney General opened the case for the prosecntion in a very clear and able manner. The esse will probably occupy the attention of the Court for soma days We shall endeavor to give the strong points, and any thing of special interest. Geo. P. Barker, Attorney Oenaral of the State of Now York, snd Samnal A. Foot, for plaintiffs. Daniel Lord, Prescott Hall, and Mr. Cutting, for defendants. IMPROVE!) MINKRVA SHOITI.nKU HB1PP WITH (loodyear'a Patent InatlubleRahbeiSprings.-The object ol litis article it by bracing the shouldera, to expand the client, give Tree action 10 the lungs, anil improve the form Parrots and guardians are p?iticnlarly requiated to examine tins article, aa it may b? depended on lor the purpose for which it ia recommended, and will be foand of ?aat utility and benrlir to children of nth-.r aex and all |?tiona wro have acquired the habit of stooping, thia brace can be worn with perfect eaae, end will be found no impediment to the tree mo of the arma. They are mamif?ctn-cd under the immediate inspection of Mr. Parm?lla, who hea for the laat anteen years betn eusagtd in the msnufscrnrc of s variety of braces, hnt none that could be recommended aa possessing ao many requisite qualities a a the improved braes now offered to the public. Tho subscribers would narticnlaily recommend their Improved Russia Riding Belt; the improvement cosrsiats in the introduction of a patent spring, which adapts the belt to the wishes of the wearer, combining all tnr benefits of suppoit, Ac. derived from tha belt manufactured after'he old patients, at the same time giving ease by their elasticity, and beauufyiug the form ol the wearer Hold wholesale ana retail at the old esta blishment of Paraells Ik Agate, Ml Broadway, between Park place and Murray street. dH Im'r ri* THK WORLD only knew half the Heaperatacaaes of vene real iliaeaaa, cured by the physician st the Huntarian Dispensary, ] Division street, wi h the far famed and lusilr celebrated Hunter's Red Drop, there wontd not be any other remedy need this medicine has proved itself twelve years ago to be the only sate ?hi harmless cure on ami; those afflicted are respec'fully united to call and etarnne the many private rooms and read 'luii'l'vla ol < ertific-tes of persons who have been cored by thia medicine alter all else have failed. Price (I. warranted in all rases. Pert' ua in Albav.pHochcstrr, SDtl Buffalo, N.Y. Boston, Mass and Charleston. B.C., in wan'of this medicine, can obtain it genuine, by remitting 11, with a description of the esse lo other ma .ner can they be attre of getting the true article. d!6 Im'pi I AVIOURUl'X'B KLLCTRO-MAONE TIC PLA1 fc8, Lj afford rvery dey new evidences of their infallible eflktcy lor enring all nervous discuses, aa scats and chronic rheumatisms, neuralogy, the goat, megrim, tic doloureux, danse de Paint Ony, chills, sciatic, cramps in the stomach, and prins briiuaht on by bruises, diajointu.gaand fractnros . also, the diseases ol women and young gills, nals coloia. amennirhna. sure preatinnt, t?|Kir?, i.crvoua attack*, Ik. Thvy are very nmfal loo Kir inter*, acro'ela, awellinga, eryaipelaa, |*rily-i* in the beginning, ke. Sold at the moder-te price of $1 M, by d23 lm*r NINUaRD, V, Franklin *t. N. Y. FRENCH'S HOTEL. THE anbtcriber having completed I be enlargement of hi* A Hotel, No. ti Chatham *u?at. and entirely rafitted it in a novel and magnificent. atyle, reapeei/nlly offer a it* attract) oua to the public. The anper part of the eetablwhmeoc ' fitted ur with lodging rooma, in tha hew "?*> replete with every ap noinlmant ealcalated to add to the convenience and comfort of hia cnatomer*. Theae room* will be let for the day, week, or "^The principal floor contain* * Pictare Oallery, Library, R, liah Saloon and Bar. arranged in a coatly and aniqae atyle. Oyetera Wei-'' Rarebira, Poached Egg*, and all other aeaaon able reliahea will be -erred ia the beat nianoer, and of the very beat qualify* liquor* will be aelected Irom the choiceat atocka in the conntry. t The Library la large, conUinang many valuable at-ndard wofia of reference in acience. the arta, literatnre and politica, The hiitoneal iionion of it ia pch in rare and carien* avorha, it /uatmting the hiatory and politica of thi* country, from it* dia covery to the preaent time. The Gallery coutain* many fine paintinga, by old maatera, of pleating and intereatiag aubfecU, well worth the attention of the edmiieit of art. The aiihacriber ha* -pared neither paint nor rgrenae to render hia eatabliahment worthy of aa attended public patronage. It ia hia aim to aupply hia cuatomer* with a place of reaort of an intelteeriiaf and elvvated character, and h# doea not heaitat# to aay that (he material he haa provided hat n-ver been anrpaaaed in any atmilar e-tabliahment, herv or in Europe. He therefore confidently invite- the public toeome and ae# the deairablr and ra i'-nal rvaort he ha* aatabliahad, convinced that they will admit hia tnrtrpriie to be aa dvavrvmg of aucouragament and auc ceaa, aa it it unique and novel. RICHARD FRENCH N. b.?The Hotel will be cloeed at II o'clock, F. M.. out < lodginaa caa be obtained amtil 1A.M. da* lm*r UNCUKRlfJT "MONEY of ?JT kimla, purcha-a I at the lowest market rate*, by B. J. SYLVESTER'S, <Ut a Wall tugtland 1* Broadway i