Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Ocak 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Ocak 1843 Page 1
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^ jii i" M :r$l TT JHL V Vai. IX.-?Aw. *.? .V^oli H?. 3?1?. To tb? Public. a congratulating our readers, patroni, advertisers and public in general, on the glorioua advent of the birth of our Lard and Savior, we sincerely aaauro them ol ^B .eelinga of gratitude that we teel*for the unexampled H port and patronage extended towarda the Herald, not ; during the laat year, but ever aince ita eatabliahment day, 1836. i the spcce of time that has elapsed since the organizea of this eatabliahment, no newapaper ever paaaed tough auch a fiery trial of attacka, abuse, libels, and ^^b acioua calumnies, aa we have experienced. Yet in the jst of auob misrepresentation, we have prospered to our ^B~wt's content, and overoome every obstacle made to our grass. We have at this moment, (Ae largest, (Aa beil, l the most resectable circulation of any newspaper in H m York?and our advertising patronage is so great, H t we have difficulty to find room for the favors of our H eroua patrons. H ? proof oi thia we annex the following documents, ich apeak to the mind at once H li? You Hiuld | Sun Orries, N. Y., ) ^B .Ivricx, Nov. i, 1843. J Aug.'19, 1843. \ ^B isrs. Pehssk & Brooks : Mr.^H-V. Bu illr ^B Oentlcmbn Six ^ i ease to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Id Office, New York Office, N. Y., five hundred ^B, en hundred and fifty reams of paper per week, for ^B' ; per week of the small six months from the 16th of paper 33 X32? for the October, 1843, to be of thia ^B' Herald. quality, size and weight, the ^B -o 80 reams per week of same to be paid for in cash ^B ?rge sized 32 M46 for the every two weeks. -ikly Herald, for one year M. Y. BEACH. kUi- I onnnnt 4ha ohnva nr/lnr ial to this specimen? and agree to furnish the pa>enti to be made tack per accordingly, in cash, in full for that H. V. BUTLER. <. Aug. 31,1843.MES O. BENNETT. WitneM, M. B. Beach e accept the above or!id will deliver it aa dial. -1RSSE k BROOKS, No.fll Liberty atreet ixBemah, (Witnesses. ,aa been well known that the Bun newapaper, in conce of ita cheapneaa, had for aeveral yean the largeat iion in New York. Thia circulation, from obvioua ?, haa diminished very much of late, and ia now y half of what it haa been in former yeara. As a na. consequence, its advertising patronage hasdiminisha like ratio, as may be seen by looking at ita columna. >e evidence of the decline in ita circulation ia exhibited e contract with Mr. Butler, publiahed by Mr. Beach aa contrasted with our contract made with Fersae Its. Now, Mr. Butler, like Peruse k Brooks, ia a y, espectable man, and a good paper manufacturer? 'gh the paper he furnishes to the Sun ia of a cheaper, t course a worse quality than what we have invariant for the Hei aid. It is evident from these contracts, j? consume about one-third more paper per week than ick of the Sun, and accordingly eur circulation ia, - same ratio, more extensive. The nature of thia ciron ia also diftirent. Sun circulates among the poor principally?but .-nong the higher and more educated classes?particu the clerical, financial, literary, and commercial. Ivertising patronage has also increased much?aa it .aturally do among a business and intelligent peo.pableof seeing their best and truest interests. By ,.tiqg the Sun, it will be seen that whole columns stofold advertisements, stuck into fill up space? s other columns contain silly love stories, instead oi ip rtant news of the day, which they seldom publish day after. se are the facts ?but we do net blame Mr. Beach fo iiiNeceiiity compels him?and necessity has ,hai neglected his newspaper entirely for the s?and has turned bis attention, probably to ught abetter business. His placo has been 0 a broker's office, for shaving Jacksonville notes, and Malone notes, all known under ' Beach leaves." He has alse united with the " money chager," that of a small shop for he cheap literature of the day. Probably he these two kinds of business in anticipation of of the Sun, which has suffered awfully of a combined energy of the other penny and ress, in collecting early news. These facts true state of the case to the public. There listake in the documents oi Mr. Butler and le It Brooks?and henceforth the public will use why the Herald has become the principal le cash business advertising in New York the credit business to the Wall street press, rort we have received we return our thanks, our industry and independence to merit a conreader of the like kindneesee, always with dvance. A merry Christmas to all. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. ?& d?jy ablisheH eotgra&t paSSa&e OFFICE. 0. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. to and from Great Britain and Ireland by the reof packets, sailing on the 1st, 7th, lSth, 19th and aonlh. aek Ball line of packets are as folio wet EW YORK. Captain Cropper, kMBHlDGE, Captain Barstow, 3LUMBUS, Captain Cole. L/'ROMC. Captain Fnrber, >UTH AMERICA, Captain Bailey, ORTH AMERICA. Capuiu Lowber, >GLAND. Captain Waite, If FORD. Captain Rathbone. NEW LINE, vis: 0SCIU8, Captain Collins, DDON8, Captain Cobb, 1EH1I VN, Captain Depeyster, ?nRltK. Captain Skiddy, 7U TH .RNLB. Captain Palmer, OoHE- TER, Captain Wood house, JTTrj. .WiR.Csptain Berslev. iVHRP'JOT.. (new) Captain Eldridge. euaal Line it composed of lorty superior, fast alf-comi anded by men of great esperienee. First II ahb tit despatched Irom Liverpool to Boston, 1 and Mobile, three limes per uienth; to Balti.ton and Savannah, twiee a month; to the differritish North America weekly, 't he subscriber, >wn his arrangements fer the year ,1143, begs to ition of those persons residing in the United nada. who with to sand lor their friends to come 1, Ireland, Scotland and Walea, that they can almmodated by tne line of packet ahipeaailing aa order to give more facility and qniek despatch to tint class well-known American ships, eomprisnercial Lina will, in addition to the pickets, be r his Liverpool agents, every three or fonr days iasont thereby avoiding any detention. Those cir friends may real assured ihat every thing conhis bnsiness will be executed with his usoal With these airangements the subscriber hopes to reference for this line, and a continuation of the lage which hu been so liberally bestowed for sat; and in all easea when parties decline eomiug refunded, as customary: a free passage can also ' steamboats from the different porta in Ireland to Liverpool. i and Drafts?With regard to his arrangements nt of his drafts, they are such as to warrant every ud are paid at all the hanking houses on demand, rent Burain and Ireland. Those persons, there- | SJailed State, who wuh to remit money to in nay pen of the Uaited Kingdom, will eceipt of the umonnt here, with name and 0 receive It, a draft for the amount at i fce rerling, will be forwarded per steam ahipa p. and a receipt or duplicate of tame re- ( wet office. For further partienlara apply, Aw HN HFRDMAN.9I South street, or t W. RUBINf ON. Ooree Piazzas, Weptnnr at, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool, ra Daniel Wright It Co., Glasgow. 1 Peleny, Esq., Bnblin; Messrs. Joseph t Mr. Wm. Cairns, Londonderry ; A. Mar d?3ec i M M 4 ^EaWSIVAIN AND 1KU!AND loty on the 7th and 19th of every month.] i tend to the Old Country for their friends iu) arrangement* with the subscribers, and [1. this superior i_jnr of rackets, sailing itually on the 7 th and |((h of every month, a litat rate class or AneiiMn trading ships, S.thereby affording Waakly cornmnnicaOne of the him ( Vlr. James D. Roche) is ey shall be lorwarded win care and aeei agreed for not come out, the money will e who paid it here, wuhoafany yeduer Old Lille of Liverpool Packcta, comprise ificent Ships, via s? the NEW YORK, E. COLUMBUS. SOUTH AMERICA, NORTH AMERICA, or and unequalled anangemeats, the sublook forward for a continuance of that sup,encoded to them so many yean, for which [, or remitting money to their relatives, can 'rafts at sight for any nmonnt, diawn direct of Ireland, Dublin, also on EBCOTT, OHO I E, AMES It CO. Binksrs, London, 1 on demand at any of the Banks, or their principal town* throughout England, lre,(lf bVoCHI^fi"oVHEllS It CO ?4 Fnlioii strvr r, New York, nen dour to ihe Fulton Bank. Line of Liverpool Packets sail irom this in the let and 19th of each month. Parties d conutry Will And it to their comfort and this favorite Line for their conveyance, in ther. (lr r E NE NI LOUISIANA AM)'INK\V*IV.HK'|*\? <>| VM1< m, m KoMh^etlrr in iimm.iill^^ leapatch a ahi|i from thin nort na thr l at, tela. lath, I*h. 1Mb o( each mouth, com > rurine the lath Or* ? # f*a?a UK nodi May, when regaiai day* will ha MMa faa ?wu aar ubilrt of the year, whrrrby great delay* mi will h? prrvruird during thr aammn aaaiWi. Tn# lilwan hip* will comitienre (hu arrang* ma : Blip YAZOO.CaiitaMi Cornell. Ship pCONBC. I aptam Jack eon 9hi|. MiKHISSllTI, Captain HiTliuid. Ship LOUI8VILLfc.Cti.iain Hu-t. hip SHAKsrKAKt. Captain M-aa? lh!p HUNTSVlL,LII*t"*/*?ITM.?hard lll'p NASHVlLtif. CmSLU Di'hfcaa Ship MI'.MPHIB, Captain Knight. Slap LOUISA, ?Wu Mulfu.d Thra* ilupa men all built in lh? rity of N?w I .tfc, aapiaaa for |?t:keu, are of MM draft of water. h*?* raaath Waa wlvcuptierrdandptif in aplrndid oMln will lor |<aa*riiKer* uurtjaallad for comfort. Thry air roauawwded by experienced maatera, who will mak* at ry rtrruaa la ?i*? Srneral aalialactiou. Thry will at alt Haca ba tow?d ap aad own the Miaaiaaippi by, airaniooau. Neither the owiirr* or captain* of thaae ahipa will ha rani ow ole for jewelry, bullion, preciooa aionea, ailaar or plated warn, or for any letter*, parcel or jwekage, aunt ly a IM ra haaaaaf them, nnleaa regular bill* !l .adiug are taken for ik# aaaa tad the value theieon expreaaed. Ver freight or paaaagr, apply ETk7cOLL1N8 A co., M South at., ee HULLIN kWOODRUM, Agent in New (lrUana whft will nrnmnllv fnrtirartl all SiVitU fx) (lirir addlfll. The hit* of thia line are warranted to aail lwnriually aa ad rertiard, and great care will be taken to hare the gnoda eorrrety measured. ?' NEW LINK OF~E IVERpGOlTTAC K k. '1 r?. ailfrom New York on the JJlh and Liverpool ou the lith if each month. m. m FROM NMIYOHI. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, lith October. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, lith November. Ship SIDDONS. Canlain E. B. Cobb, lith December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Drpcyaicr, Ulli January. From Livmroei.. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, Hth October. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Drpryster, Oth Novem'r. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. skiddy, 13th December. Ship ROSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 13th January. Theae ships are all ot the tint class, upwaidaol IMltni. built in the city of New York, with such improvements a scorn bine rreat speed with unusual comfort for jwsaengers. Every care naa been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores w ill be provided. These shipe are commanded by experienced masters, whe will make every exertion to give general sauslactiou Neither the captains or ownen of the ehipe will be responsible for ai y letters, tiercels or packages sent by them, unless regular b' lit of lading are signed therefor. For freight ox passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS St CO., 54 South at., New York, or to WM. St JAS. BROWN St CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged ll)k cents per single sheet; 50 centa per ounce, and newspapen I cent each. ol OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. E of Liverpo^^^f^cafter bo t despatched in the following order, excepting that when the Jay of soiling falls on Snnday, the ships will aail on the succeeding day. For New Yoik. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 Jnly 11 616 tons, '.Oct 1 Nov 19 D.U.Bailey, I Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND. June 19 Aug 7 7JO tons, , Oct 10 Dec 7 B.L. WaiU. I1 Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 tOO tons, '. Nov 1 Dec 19 J.Rathbone, I'March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, l July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Nov 19 Jas 7 E. O. Marshal! I Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, ( Aug l Sept 19 611 tons. -Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowbcr.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, - (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tous, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper, i April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ; Sept 1 Oct 17 8J0 tons, '.Jan 1 Feb 17 W.CBarstow.l May 1 June 19 The COLUMBL8, l. Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, . Jan 19 Mar 9 O. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as tegarda the day of sailing, wiil be obacrved as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample atorea ofever" description will he provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards. goodhue St co., 61 South st., c. h. marshall, 38 Burling-slip.n.y. jell lvh baring brothers fc co.. lVooI. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 4$ peck slip, new york. m. m m The subscribers beg to call "the attention of their Irienda and the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passengers from, and remitting money to, any paf of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent ^wter^BPOOL PACKETS,"* V1Z.:Ship ROSC1 US, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS, Captain Cobb. Ship SHr.RIOAN, Captain Densyaler. Ship OARRICK, Captain SkidJy. . New shin HOTT1NOUKR, Captain Bnrsley. Ship'SOUTHEKNEH, Caput in Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ship LIVF.RPOOL. Captain Eldredge. Bailing twice every month; ind with the UNITED LINE, composed of superior first class American ships, sailing every ten days, will make five ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every six days) thtreby pieveottng the possi bility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New Yoik Also Torn Livt-rpoofto New Orleans, Mobile, Sava* n l. rk^r painn Philnd^lnhi*. Roiioit ?nd Baltimore. and the port in Brili>h North Aineric i, cau ac aO limes be eugaerd on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see he advantages to be derived Itom selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual carc will be taken to make .he passage agreeable, the ship# being fitted up with an eye sole I v to the comfort of passengers. In all esses where the parries sent for decline coming, the money will be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage from the various seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. The regulsr pai Icels for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, viz *?To and from Loudon on the 1st, 10th. and 20th of each motor. To and from Liverpool os the 1st, 7ih, I3ih, 19'h, aud tJih of each month New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, an j Chaileston, weekly throughout the seaaon. REMITTANCES. Persona in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they with sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, m. y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first picket, after the receipt tnereof, and an acknowledgement fur the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any o:hi r charge, at the National and Provincial Binka of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bull, Son It Co., Bankers, London, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, aud in every principal town of Great Britain and Ireland. Fnrtherpirticulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to diyr W, it J. T- TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip. N. York. M M M M PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES?The undermentioned ships will be icgnlarly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on the 1st of each month daring the year, thus? From New York. Marseilles. MINERVA,CantBrown. N .v I. Jan 1 H'KYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec I. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRE8COTT. Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. Mayl COH10LANUH, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jun I They are all coppered and copper fastened.and have excellent accommodations for passengersThe price of cabin passage will be $100, exclnsive of wines and liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD It HINCKEN, the t gents, will be forwarded free of other barges than those actually paid. For freight or paasage apply to G. BROOM fc CO.. or to o?r BOYD It HINCKEN. Agents KUK 1,1 VEHPOOL.?Positively First Packet.? Kr J^VThc splendid fast sailing well known nacket ship flhMKaSOUTHKKNER, Captain Palmer, will sail poailively as above, her regular day. The ships of this line are all 1000 tons burthen, and upwards, and their accommodations lor cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, it is well known, are sunerior lo any other line of packet**. For passage, early application should br made to W. ?t J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Blip. cor. South st. The SOUTHERNER leaves Liverpool on tne 5lh February, 1043. Persons wishing to send for their friends, to come out in the above splendid ship, or any of the regular line, can make the necessary arrangements on reasonable terms ; and those wishing to r> mit money can have drafts lor any amount, usyahle on demand, in all the principal towns of Great Britain and Ireland, on application aa above. d20r FOR LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 7lh January, WlvW 1143?The splendid new packet ship A9HBUKTON, JNMkfcCapt. Hatlleston, will sail a? above, her regnlar day. Ha-ing mn?t superb accommodations for cabin, second eabia and steerage passengers. Persons wishinv to embaak should make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, _ 190 Pine corner of Sooth street. P 8?The above will be tucceeneu nv ine pecan imp aiepheu Whitney, and sail on the 13th of Jennary, 1141. Persons wishing to send for their friends residing in the aid country can have Ihem brought out bv eilhei of the above ships, or any of (he regular packets, by applying as above, if by letter post paid. d>l ro jy7r ta- DKAFTS ON fifEI.A.siP, *c.-lV subscribe rs continue to give dralts payable on demand, without jSgBBfiadiscouiit, or any charge whauoover. IN IRELAND?The National Bank of Ireland, the Provincial Bank of In land, and their branches iu every county. IN EN4JLAN1) AND WALKS? Messrs. James Bull, Son A Co., bankers, Loudon, the Kichange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their bnuchra throughout England and Wales. IN SCOTLAND?The Eastern Bank of Scotland, the Oreenock Banking Company, and branches in the principal lowua } Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter A Co. i Persons in the country wishing to remit money to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, orWales, by enclosing the amouut they wish to remit to the subscribers, with the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be Vit. A drnft lor the amunnt will he forwarded the fi'St packet *'??r the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the tam? reper Brat |ioit. W A J T. TATSCOTT. 43 slip. New York. . FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE BOATS. ?THE object of this invention is t > save hnman life. KT7JV'he anrr.ber of paaaengersaiid other persona saved by JMiifcmeee "oats from wrecks in storms when the ordinary uoai. h?ve swami?d js over 150. The nuaiberof |iersona drown ed for want of the Life Boots at the burni g and wieckingof steamboats and other vessels is according to accounts published the past month over 5M. |t js impoasihle to swamp this boat. 1 he pnee varies I mm ?7J to to S400, according to the number oR"*0."" ?? "e ,?'|U,rr{ 'O Carry, with the bottom stove in. l bs cla s of bin's lor picking up men falling ovrrboard, are so light as to requite but two men to handle them, and by the new apparatus can he set m the the water ia 10 seconda, with two meu in her ready lor ilia rescue. As the safety ol vestals at sea napauda mainly on the teiviceg of tha craw, thia class of boats is intended lor their presets,v inn, Ofllce of KKANf'18' PatentLife Boat 7 Wall it of At Adams A Ce.*? Eipraaa Office, i w r< JW YORK, MONDAY M? vkw jkk9ey railroad and transportation company new york and newark ft* ir. turn at < aaitlaMt rraat, Saw V?*t. Ot'ars 4ar?<*? ?|,r MkirH l I.. .?r. New \ f>,fc L*?iri>' ?vk u ,',*?* " i V* * M 15 v !* t ,! z ?' OS HUNPATI. r<am tSa 'MM at ( wan I taut traai Leate New Y"efc, LM<? " U*. , al M t?w L??> N?? V?A L???a Towb. v* m Sr.M js^, ?R _ _ TV. MMI h'f Waatia 14. fliwHiK. Bo* adkraofc. Roaarrtlla. fcr., eaoaee I with Mm A M, I i?i <S TM IrsiiM Iron New Yark, Mr, *BBkayt M.|M T?i? N.? Voil M IIimWIV Tma t> MM. tr* YoSJ, ramWay"VniT nkw iir>?wICK. m M>M. I 'i* tlaa f ataf l.iberlj Mfwet. Aailf kun New V>?rk L.??. New IrawvMk. a:sTT " :aa" 5 " f rj. On BeaAera lVe)HM *N A N. retya fram New Rtwaewtek tad f\ P M. traiu freee New V ?rk. ?r? "BMWrd Ktie ketweea New Yoek aart New Breaewiek. ee?t. RaSwtr, ? * eaeu Tim l?r? la Mm JH ui Tin A- M. naie f>o? New kraa* ryek, ?t>4 tr aad <r f Mtrtia (tnaa New Io?S7 Km haea le New York and \r? Bmnaweck. to M conn. " and Rahwa. to TtH Pturnitn who proeere thru ticketa M the ticket offfee, re ceiee * ferry ticket gratia TtckrU in received ?r the coo donor oolv <?o the day when purchaaed. til k?* WINTER ARR/ MtiKMKVT 5^25 flHft Jpfc jljl NEW Yof? ffio rffl.TcTiTmTA I fAll.TToTflTINK Via Newark, New Brunawiek Pnaareutn, Treoloo, Bordea town and Bmiiugt.rti THROl Oil IN SIX HOURS. Laave New York, from the foot of Liberty atraet dolly, at a A MoidtHr W The momma t.-ae nroeeeda to Bordeutown. frnai the nee k. atedVnooat to rmiwtelphia. Tire Evening Line oroeeeda direct la C em Jen, ((jpyonu Philadelphia) withoot change of can Paaaengen will proenrr their tirkrW at the office foot of Liberty (tree!, where a commodious Moambott will be la readrtieaet. with baggage crater na board. Philadelphia baggage cratca are aoaveyed from city to cite, without being opened by the wty. Each train la provided with a Ladica, in which are apartuuikU and dreaalug rooma caprraalv for the Ladiea eae. Returning, the linea leare Philadelphia from the font of Cheatnut atrrct by rrdlror.d from < amdeu, at ? o'cl ? k A N nd J o'clock, P M. The Lioea for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at T A M, aad i P M, beiojr a continuation of the lioea from New York. a2t 3m* r DAILY PACKAUE EXI'HiA* 'Alt FOKATTXNy. TROY, AND Bl'FEALO. By iheTSu^SlJcTIlff^Sj^umm^irTii^^^^S^ite City to Albany ia Twelre Hours Leaver at T o'clock in the mommy. The suharribi ri hare iniJr ariiniarmroti oilh the Hoeaatoni Hail Road Company, In niu au Kn>rea? l er (en leaircly for our own purpoae) dailv, m r th. n road with ihe i ?a?< tin i train, running throuith to Albany in twelve hours, and are uow prepared to receive and forward at low rater, ffiwcir Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of tiooda, kc , for any ol tile above named or intermediate placet. Will attend pro.optly to the colleotioo and pa) men! of bit la. notea, drafu and nrcounta. and auch other bnameaa aa may be emruated to tneir care. d2r POMt HOY kl'niw .11 .-reel. \ew York PUlLEN ft OOPP'M NEW "^ThlT AL"uT>y TKWr^Nl^!^1 kK.AL EXPRESS. Meaara. Hamdeu k C'-o. hating <lia|>naed of their route from New York to Albany and Tioy, the aubseribera, the old couductora of Hamdeu k Co'a Northern Express, from New York, will continue to run aa heretofore, leat in^ \i w York, Albany a" Tim 11 o .! connect at Troy wiih Jacobs' Montreal Btpmaa, ai..l will I ' ward Specie, Rank Notea, Pack age* Buodhs.Ca'i of liuoda kc, to any place hitmen N'??t Y..rk and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Alto Eaat, from Troy and Albant U. Boatou, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All buaineaa rnlruated to their charge will be promptly at tended to. Particular attention will be paid to the coliacti.ra of notes, draffi, acce pinnies, Iw.. and prompt rrturna made for the lamr, PIJLLKN k COPP. Offices? Pnllen It Copp. IK Wall itrrei. New York. 1 no*, nuuni, 13 A G. Fllkim, 221 River itivet, Troy. 8. Jacob'* E a r h ?i n^Co u r| ,^N i Paul Montreal Nt? Yore. Al?*uv. Taoy. Prime, Ward k King, K J. Humphrey, Jno Payne, Jacob Little, k Co., Thos.Oough. P.Weils, John T. Co.. H.K *i .?, IVnoou k Hoffman, V. 8 DoagUta, Carpenter k Vermilye, " Leake Honihron k Co. Drew, Robinson It Co. JH NEW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROAD LINE Via Norwich sud WoictlTI* Hanauaus. Composed of the following aniwnor tteamrri running i* ronnecrion with the Norwich It Woreealer and Worcester k Booton Rail Koadi? WORCESTER, Capt. J H. TaoderbilL NEW HAVEN, Cai*. J. K. Duatan. CLEOPATRA, Capt . On and after Monday, Nov.2lat,thia line will be ran tn-weekly, leaving New York, Tneadaya, Thnradaya and Saturdays only, at Ir. 1H. From Peck flip, Ea>t River. and aniendid (teamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Duatan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passenger* (or Boaton will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boata at Norwich, and will proceed without change of car* or baggage. For further information, enquire at the offiee of I). B. ALLEN, 39 Peea slip, up stein. All neriona are forbid trailing any one oa account of the a bore boata orowuera. (Br NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAIL ROAD COMPANY. es*si ^pir'ypi' Fare to Harlem tveduced to 12 l-t eeuta. WINTER ARRANNOFMENT.-On and after Monday, December 19'h, 1812, the ran will run daily aafoliowa I? LeaveCity Hall for Leave Harlem Leave William"'Bridge WiIliama' Bridge, for City Hall. for City Hall 7 00 A. M. I M A. M. (38 A. M. 9 " 10 iO " 18 30 " II 30 " 1 10 P. M. 12 30 P. M. 2 P. M. 3 10 " 3 20 M 4 " 5 40 " 8 20 " 6 00 Harlem only. S 40 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Line will ran asfo'lowa:?From 7 30 A. M. every ten miuute* throughout the lay till 7 P. M. and on Sundays every twenty minulea. Fare (V cents. Paucnaera for Weatcheater. Throe's Nrek. F.aatcheater. New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Hone Neck, North Castle, Rnbbina'Mills and White Plains, will take the 2 o'rlock, P. M. trrin from City Hall. Passcngen for Yonken will take iha 9 o'clock, A. M. anil 4 o'clock, P. M. trains from City Hall, On 2?lh Dec and 2d Jan the can will run between City Hall and Williams Bridge every hoar from 7 A M to 8 P M. n30 lm*m _ BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of I200.t*ns end 440 hone power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do ACADIA. A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Boston, via Halifa*. raoat suvoie. raoM LivgapooL. Britannia, Hrwitl, Jan 1 Caledonia, Lotr. Feb I Jin 4 * Acadia, Kvrie, Mar 1 Feb 4 Columbia, Miller, Ap'l I Mar 4 Passage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, $I3Y? Boston o Helita* fW. Tliese ships carry evperienccd surgeons. No Berths seemed until paid for. Note.?Merchsndiv.e and Spetue (eicept for personal eg penses) shipped under the name of luggage will be charged as treignt, and liable lo Custom Home Kianlstionv Apidy to oflyr D. BKIUH A.M. JR., No. 3 Walj-et. STATEN ISLAND KbKKY. Feet of Whitehall afreet ^OrTan^fterBee. 3d, the ateemer BTATENIhTj^^JeS! will ran na follows. until further notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. ?X A. M, 9 A.M. It 12K 2T.M. JV P. M, ?? - ? _ tV KIl.L, and' intermediate landings, without 'ow 3EMMGK?bar(es.?Regular days fitim Caiiakill, Mon dayi, Weduredaya and Fridays. Flom New.York, Turadaya, Thursdays and Saturdays.?Fare to or from Catukill, 50 emu. ?Bertha 23 cenu?Supper 25 cania. The new and fiat stonmer WAVE, Capuin Vanderhilt. will leeve ltohimon at. pier Thursday No*. 17th, at lire o'clock. For further partienlari inquire of the ca,tain on board. By running all the daya'abore named, there will bt adailyrotn inunteation fer two n I itskill and New York (and intermedial# places) for freight and paaaaita at reduced prices. n?r .Mfi jsctk MAIL LINE FOR ALBANY, and in ?SH,*,^U|eimediate Placet, (or aa far aa the Ire will jBL?>dHLwJC-i>etmit)?In roiinectiou with tha Albany di.iges?Stag* and Boat lare *5. the celebrated ico boat U'l'ICA learea the fbot ol Courttudi street, Every Afternoon at 3 o'clock. For passago or freight, apply on board, or to P.C. SHULTZ, it the office on the vrnnrf. N. B.?Hood roads and snperb sleuthing to Albany. did f IJBP- PACKET FOR MAHBEILLES, lat January? eWjMfV.The ahipCOUKIEK, Captain tiuirvan. Apply to SMmL 8. BROOM A CO.. ,1,7. or to IIOVI) A ill vt KEN. Am nts idji- pAS8A(5e FOR NEW (. HLEANM.-Ouiy rawJjWV littUr line.?The sp'rndtd last sailing packet ship iSlMBCaOASTON, Capt. Eldridge. will tail pniPisely on

tu n December, her reaular day. Toe ships of this line sail every dee days or passage fiae. The Oaatou has a moat comfortable home on deck calen ht. ll to hold a limited number of sleetage paasangeri?Those wishing to secure berths should net fail to make early applies, lion on mvard, or to W. A J. T. TAPSCOTT, ilTr 43 feck Blip cor Bonlh it. )RK ORNING, JANUARY 2, FOR SALK.-T'iit valuable stand knowu a* tli frTW Long Island Hotel,:l'uated iu the town of Islip, in Sir "IB/""* '1 ' ' The house n built in modern atyli Hid <?f the best materials anil workmanship, wiih a front < eighty feet, kit hen inclntlad, two ator.ea high, with an attic and is calculateilto accommodate 40 boarders,besides the Tamil toil nee. tsiry attendant*, and is surrounded With all the necei mv nut-buildings, fruit and ornameutral tree*, shrubbery. 8u The location of the premise* is unrivalled, commanding full view of the beach, the light house at Fire Island, and tn All uitic O etn. An open lane, in front of the house, an leading directly to the bay, furnishes a delightful and pleasni walk of eight Or tan minutes. The Long Island Rail Roe puses within about four miles of the premises, and affords a easy and convrnieut communication with the citirs ol Net York and Brooklyn. No part of Loog lalaml affotds greater facilities for fowlini orbs > or brook Itshiuu, or the noble sport of buck huutiui Drer brill* very abundant in the vicinity, and are frequent! found on tne ptemises. There is about two hundred acres ol land, and meadow a tee bed to the premises, snd a good proportiou of st-and c share. ri.. k .r .......i.i ...i.1 ...; 'whole, or a part of (lie land, a* may best suit the purchase I'll, terms will be liberal, and the title undisputed. fo? i more minute description of the property, inquire ( J AM KB ItOWE, 117 Kast Broadway, or ol D. K.. HALI l*lS Chatham street, New York, or of the subscriber on th premises. WILLIAM HAWKINS. I) Islip, Nov. ISt d2 lm*ec am WANTfcU TO PUKCHASk?A country resident r M within Z3 miles ol New York, one with from 3 to I i if e rrs of land, near Lorn; Island Sound, preferred. Ai . ?? with lull narticnlars, box7, JSt Office, Pou<hkeepsie, P V nl4_ fl TOTHK LADIK8.-WM. fc H. BKBKK, Kashtout i^^ble It,iters, ITS Broadway, under Howard'a Hotel, hav on Ikii I an eiteiuire assortment ol Ladies and Missi s Beavt Hits, ,.f tie ir .wu msiiuf.ict iir?. which are warranted superit in any in the city, sod at prices which cannot fail to suit: thoi in want srr regretfully invited to call. _ Also ,t general assort me ut of Uent's, Boys and Children 1 i loth and fancy VMvriCaps. din Itn r LOOK AT Tills: " ~~ ~ ^^^^UKNTLKMKNS Cork Sole Boots, the beat of WMlWI^W quality, $6 I do Water Proof Boots do 3 1 do I.IXIII Kretich Calfskin Boots, do S3 to 4 ( lo Over Shoes of alt the different kinds, 73c to 1 1 do Dam 11 I 1'uinpt, 1 i do U.itiruiK (iaiter,beautiful article, 1 I And all other kiudtof Shoes and worked flippers in fashioi r.lies saiter boots, bnakius, sltpprri, ties, quilted shoes, prt O'lta, wt,ite and black satin, and hultnu shoes; India rubtx atraifuned, plain and all other kinds of overshoes; clou mocstins. and (tie greatest assortment of boys boots and shoei misses and chil'lreua, ot all kinds to be found in the world, a ol owr own in isufar tunny, and warranted to be the best, an ch.-ap sa the chr sprit, at 7t>7 Broadwav, corner of franklin si ami ,t 11 C ,ual street (JKHOOliY-k CAH1LL, 3(7 Broadway. IK >TTKS FRANCA1SES. P. A. (4KKDY. de Paris, has opened a store II B'ot.lwa;, wiieiehe it pret sred to receive and ext > lor b mks of all descriptions. Although his prict are low* I I.\ two del tars lays those of any fast, louahle Ktenc establish o, i t in itn, cuy.his ooojs will be foaiiil at least equi I ani mails en w ?hove, lie im|Hirls his lasts Irotn P us asiil so ino.lilirs litem as to lit any up-tuUrlv shaped fou M ti. <li Ioiix < xt erieuer under Mr. Foir an I other celebri led makers in I' iris enables htm t con ou t Ins business wu rc.suous) sod thereby to supply his customers at the tollowiu reduced price*? h ue and sabstantial Boots S6 I'ork aed double sole do ? ... 8 A proporttoaaSe reuecuoa iu the vsnoct other articles to I foisnil at ill Broadway. dIS Iti - - I'Kit MA CASH. lAxHlttNABLK BOOTS AND BHOfcf*. 40PVW*I.KKIl rx *i*rcifully luviiet (he attention of tftfShUr loliii Urgr iMortim M lldli' ami ( BUtMinft1 boo khH ihnri, roik miUi i u I wntff |?roof; Frrnrn sud native cal ?u?t i?i'\ dim IM^ tMciif K?j(?r? Md pvaot, OTfr shot n??1 i I lo.if. mucositis, ladles , misses', ai col ir.n't x?i., ct, boots, shoes, and buskiva, of the choicest a 1-ctina , nv n's. l ys, and ohildtvu't coarse slid tins boots at short ot the choicest kinds. Chester than ever before olfen in she city. 41k Breedwav sud MS Castsl, north west corner . Hudson street. dT lm*r CLINTON Cheap Boot and Shoe Market,3 Hreeuwirh, corner .-I Miring ttrrcl, it the only | la. ? . o. ' . found Bonis and Hh.ies to suit the limes. A I oae who wear hoots sad shoes will do well lo aire a call. L dies' and Kisses'huskius from I, 4, 3, t, 7 and shillings p Cur; ariiflruirnt' bo its from It shillings to $4 per pairiboy KKsfroml shilling! to $3 M wr 1.411. All who wish to save ; per cent will lire a r ail at the Clinton Cheap Boot and Mh? Mattel ".e* Orrrna i. h eesnsv ktwisi tenet i!7 lm*r WA I Kit PL DO I" BOOTM-tlum KlastTr P?TT.., 4P^id.I Boots and Hlwtea of almost all the diffe eui ? luui >'mania lor winter ???. audi i ,nce luorimint t hue ,ta, .!...? a. g .tilera Jr.I (.ciini? t..| genl'rinen au.l b l. i ladira, no ear vn.l rhildrtuaa hoota, inori, iiilrn ?nJ buaklna i the I . ?i ,u ,1m . ixrfal nbuduicf. All the above article ltd almost avrry ihiiig hi lb* boot and ?h(a linn, may be foim ?' il.riiorr A KN'OX k Co., known * the Clinton B<x k Nhm Matkri. 2*4 ttwl al, northern! corartol Hndi >ti * anl al price* lo auii anv onr and atarr nam ill? Im*r Nl I* VLA It- i VI I. i Main, n Lane ? I ieutlt mm j remind'd Ihat the Mir lajuat at baud, and nulraa their fn art protected with a |iaii of our incomparable Aral |t? iiiiu al. nl or rl. h Ru -her ovk'.m MIllF.R, daring thy praam w aio.m Ihr lal a. ! d mat fiuJ ilirm cotiMed " to homo Ttnai nail, hiadawr, light, t tat walking Onnr HI, oca, cr I' mat on and off in au itMtant?tnd if grntiemen do not com dcr i' loo Hill, h of a Ul on thnr iwt.l* orea, Ikf? May nnvti mama bandaom* eariwla natal at , . . N. >\ bcara'Day.' writing ihear a.ay abutting Otar Hlioat, to Intra off in If hall. d nrt* al mail, from Ifc. lo |l 46 Maiden Lane. Krri pair warranted, and oil,art will ba girm if anlta loosen HIIH4I It M. DAY, u? - aaWIT ffWfiry In.l.a H-I.h.. Co. ri mm > tii?. i aim y ? _ \i it kuk k iiistkr t. ka n., lo Inform It II frian.'t , .1 ihr |?:.| c. thai I hear foii'imi ilmir Cml nt. Al 1 anal alrnrl. coinar of Vanck TK y al?o rial.- an ik t oii?)rtuioty lo rainna iKair aincm thauki for rttr liberal aaptmrt they racairad during lhair la year'* residence in tint ml , il.n ihr p'r isa.e ;lir y fan I a thn atli.ft. noil lb ir In. n it and i ntlnmara ha'r uui' nnaall y ai I tna*i d at lb. quality and t <tia of ilirir go.'da; at mucb lanoi an treat eij ente lhr| h.?r dumvcied a mailiod of ilroaiag ill air w' ich impart* to it a Immtt'ul lich liialra and duribilii that will ch.l ruga coin ? ido , h, cinch m*ana thn curl wil last for mm yen, and ara r uthlral that no |uud* ahall be apare to item re their tnlarc latunur Thr ir Mock la lat(r ami aplendi I, consisting of flit* and olhc C'nila, Iraida. KrisrUra, wire I nria, K uglcti, Hrad Drerrei and nal ('ant, ahall ami other Com ye, with ntkar article* ap|-. i tailing to the btitinrei. OIJ Cnrla draraad in the ftrat at t ic for t6 oral, made lo lool Ilka o<w. M LA Kl'tt k SISrKK. dji lm*r m Canal meant, earner of Varack. |>ILLS OF KICHAN'JR. payable at tijtiit on all part* o '' Luglaud, Ireland and Scotland, iu *um? of ?6. ?14, A16 an ?? lo any aiaonut, for aalc by R. J. HILVK8TKR. i|V If? Wl'l atvaal -nd I'lC Headway PH.I.ADKl.l'HIA BOTANNH OARUK.N, KNOW! As .Vt'A KA NNK.?Ti Pmpnetar id?emars lor a Pan Mr with a Mill capital ta aaaiwi M mm alMianuaa and in prorrmrotr in the Otrd> n. which would grrillt enhance tha n c?i|>ii ii ilia entrant Tne eantar i i.a lot of Orwnad, whir it lour acrwa, will give a lca*a (or fire or mi yvora at a mode air ran-. Any gcntlrmau thai wultra to cmbara a* partner i carrying on lite amntcmania ; thoaa th?t ham a knowladigi i I hu.inaaa wouid be preferred. The Uarden, wall rooduc rd. will make a proAtahi^nrcatrnant. Kaary information thi la raquiaita to hit aanuffuiMin, will br hirer to anv ircutlcma iii auch huainaaa. LettH* fri.m Naw Yoik, Boaimi, Hallimorr an Hhiladeli hia, will ba imnctually alt.aAad to by the Proprialo Thoaa who with to become a partner in ttaa Harden, wi pieaac o|? n early infortnauon to JOHN M'ARANN. N B ?The hot roller lion of Ciotic and Indiemona Ham in the Union, u to ha foamd in thia agdemtid Oardrn, met o ,. ,i, m na hundred aiut Ian y? IU old, nan hated fror I r het| , oil. rtiooa thai were in AMk MMMkffttn ahratrd M- tan Rokalt Mrnni, William Hamilton of th W todltnda , Hrnrv Pralt. Lawit Claptnr, i'.ao with aarara nhar gentlrinan. daoaaaed. All tel., d to the Hot aud Oreai llouaar, II a apleudii Miiarum of Natural Cnnoeilie* : rich ii Hirda. Beailt. .Vino rala. ahellr and intent, with Anriei Scul|.taru ctrrad mireo l.und et yrara a.-o , Amiant Coin* wph * of other Curioaiiier too ladiour to menlloa which cannot ha foaml in any other Pahlw ttardan in Kamp o, America, it baiuc |orl|-iwo yaara ta col lac line with ear and aaiduity, aud at a erral erpauac. and la wa'l worth th public aiiruii'in fo a atew u> ihia rpl- ndid Public Oardan Oi tlia place I* ? hindioMe Theat'a. The location ligai, an. autrrpiii' irntht make it to the Phila. elphiaaa what Nihlo'a i to New York. dm Iw MR LKOl'OLU DK JANON be?? lo lulorm tut I rv. and the |>ublic, that ha routmuea wirnuc leatona in ihi hrcnchand Spa.nah LaofUicca, aiao oa tit* guitar and thr tin I iii, at hi* rcaidrnre, 4M Hunatna ureal, or at I bote of hia Pu pile. BvniacMi Rev. Juliu P .wer, D D. Mr. MarlnaceUi, Conaul of H-v. I .e. Pile, D. D. Nanlaa. He i Wiinw light, D. 0. l)r. K. A moult. Rev T Hiiddan, Mr. H 0 da Rham,* R. T Jrnki, Teacher. Mr H. OnaneM. Mr da la Koirai, Onaul el fiaaM. ii l*i*i R| L. KIRTMIliCR, II Bart-lay. Miaer Si Piter1* Place rcapecilully in?Hc ?ia fnanda aud the pnh*K geaeiilly. ti i a'l andeiami a hia choice auuunwl of Wluaa. Taaa, I or I dial*. Kniita, Spici a and (*T.>cen?a uf the hoc at ,a?lrto a, whirl I he offara at (uicca that canwoi fail to aati.i ,i ..... The attention of connoaaeura ta pamcularli lafltwd lo ihe I Wine* and Lutnora, which are M thu rhoacaat nnlagaa. and aw cOereiJ a? ih* owwl nam. r print. A 'try toi-twr attiel* ol Httptrrrj and Ckarrr B turfy nifihtr r.,? tlx- hnlid rt. _____ ** ,,<l FRENCH'H HOTEL. 'T'HK iihtnlrft l-asiaa c ia| I mi tit* ealanrtmeat of Ml 1 Hotel, No. ? CKti'nti Nmi. w4 fiiirtlr rekited it i aoeal and mtfaifewnt ' U. retp*r,f,,||y till! It* altr?< uou lo the indite Tb? ! ?*' port ?f tke idiMuHotti it fitted ap witk i ><i?ti.| r, ntrn tn. d la ih* kii ?nd replete with ntrf ap " inrmaal aaleaUled add in ike rooteoiear* tod i?af?i ? hitrnHnattrt There m iat mil k Iti (? tKt day. tffi ? mnth The prtaeipal rtone contains a Pa-tor* Oallery, Library, Ba Ink Hal-no aad Bar. arrsoaed la a coolly and ttiqai tiyla Ovatara, Wtlik KutMn, P..wrk?d Bgga. aad all otkat aoaaoa able relishes will k* tetrad la Ika ataatr. aad of Ik* *#ry Ix-at nastily. Hit Ixyanra will ka Mttwd Imaa rtta chotc*? 'neha in lk? maatry Th* Library n iar*e. r..cumin* ntaa* talaahl# M-aJirt hi .1' ' ...!?tea, th* ana, hMHn awl wdtiwa I he kiaiiM wal i?icnim of II w nek la ray tad cartaat worts, il in tut una Ik* hiatoiy ?ad palkfe* of ikia c.otaur. rmwi wa dia corny in the piyattl n?i. Tk* Utileiy conttiot many Bar pointia*t. by ' Id mtetera. a p'eatin* tad lalcreiliti itthferta, wall worth the uitauca a ih* tdiiniet* of art. The ttihacribrr hat i pa red nrwher paint ant rlrnwt la rtalr Ilia riUlil'thment Worthy of aarttoidrd pa hit,- p'trm***. I it hit aim loaaii'lv hu eattnia*rt Will, a piae* of n v rl rf ai I'ltellectatl and rLraied rharaetri.tad h* Uowa O-t kealltle u lay thtl the rntleri tl h* hat proud* I hat aetwr kr*a tarpoaar, '0 a|V titular eitaklukmaut. Sera or ia ILnrop*. It* tk*r*fo?i confidently H.tita- th* pribltr totooie aad are tk* rtuablr aaa rt ! twl retort he haa eat'bltshed, eoo tared thai they will ad mil hit rati rpritc to ha aa de-erring M raroarageaeut tad *?< ?eaa, as it it tannine aad aottl RH HARD FMKNCII N. B.?The Hotel will k* doted at It oVoeb. P M.. aa l ifatingt can be okunied aaul t A M d? m'r orncic ofithl auiubm r ruchutitb, rah ROAD COM PA NT. __ _ f 'antnniuua. D*r I, IMJ SRMI-AMNUAL dividend ,>1 J par eeai oa ih* e*p?* lock of ihia Cotni-aay will ha paid ao the thud dsy? J'Iintry n> it BHtrehildert whoa* at <*k it regn'ered ,n ihe city triutfer hookt of tint Ca*iai>r will rereirta* the Bank of the Hut* of New York in tk* nty of .No w Tort and thoae whoa* itnck ia not r*(itl*iad in tk* *"T tiiair dit idead at thit office By order of the Pres.drat and Hirer*?'* did to jy 1 r f HAH_fcjCVMQl R, Treaaorer Nkw iwk ,tkh u'riti. irnt bocta aad hoet perfectly wa'ar okrained of th* subscriber at hi i old ealiblithed LeaUwr sad rtndia* ftlOM, No. 4 Ana tfraet. Pnea l?H ??< koi T> N?"' men an?l others, who wonld athe ihia compound ia roiUMrntlf recommended. dIJ ! *> H-SHOWN HERA 1843. ' [From the Baltimore Clipper.] J" _ The Harford County Elopement?Arrest on ,1 Charge of Kidnapping.?Some publications have ; already appeared in reference to the elopement in ? the early part of this week or a young lady from Harc. ford county with a gentleman; the arrest of the genii tleman on the night of the elopement, upon a charge J5 of stealing; his subsequent release; and the arrival ? of the parties in this city. We have received from id an authentic source, the full particulars of this ? whoje aflair, which we will endeavor to narrate as succinctly as possible; and which exhibit clearly r, the interposition of that unseen and mysterious, but all-powerful hand, which rules our destinies, tor the y preservation from ruin of a young and unexperienced, t- but at the suine time, thoughtless and misguided )r female. 1, The young lady alluded to?we shall for the sake r of herself and family, all of whom are highly ref spectablc, suppress the name?is scarcely seventeen ? years of age. Some short time since she accidentals' ly became acquainted with an individual named Heck, or Heick, a German, who was in the employ - of a German cooper in the neighborhood. Heck ? went once to her father's to visit her, and was for1 bidden the house by her friends. He, consequently, ' visited her no more, but managed, unknown to the - family, to keep up a correspondence with her. i- Every necessary arrangement was made for an elope,5 ment; and some time last week Heck came to Balir timore in a wagon which belonged to the young c lady's father, and in which he had solicited and ob,g tained permission to come down, with the intention, as he alleged, of going to Germany. Arrived hpre, however, he proceeded to prepare for a return to Harford in a guise little expected by a majority ?f J? those who were aware of his having left. [J Gn the night of Sunday (Christmas) some young n gentlemen who hud been visiting in the neighborhood of the lady's residence, while on their way J; home, it being then near midnight, discovered a car i. riage in me vicinny, ana enquired ol the driver " where he was going, when the party acting in that [ capacity replied that he was on his way to Peach if Bottom, had lost his way, and his companion had d gone to the house?(the residence ot the lady's pa' rents)?to make enquiry as to the road. One of the party remarked " that was a lie, lor the horses heads were turned in a contrary direction." and the young 17 men passed on?hut, suspecting all was not right, ' they hid themselves near by to await the result. In j* a short time, they observed some persons to apii proach with a bed and some other articles which ?- were pushed into the carriage. The young men, ? under the impression that the parties had been cotnh mitting a robbery, waited until they got into the g carriage and started, when they followed on until they arrived in the vicinity of the sheriff's residence, when they stopped the carriage, arrested the iwrties, * who proved to be, in addition to the driver, trie German, Heck, a young lady, and a black woman and - child?and handed (ham oyer to the custody of the [7 sheriff, communicating their suspicions of the theft, u Upon examination the lady stated that the articles ' were all her property, and the parties were released, J| and proceeded on tneir way to this city, where they ?- arrived sometime during the day of Monday. "| The distress of the parents upon finding, on Mon'0f day morning, that their daughter had absconded, can be better imagined than described. The news 09 soon spread, and a great deal of excitement was e?j created?the whole neighborhood was up in arms at " whet was considered an outrage upon the family?a ei consideration that will not appear singular when we s' add that the German cooner with whom Heck * worked said, it was out ot the question that the young lady could think of marrying him, " as he had ~ a wite in Germany." No definite plan of action r- could be determined upon, however, in the distress>f ed Condition of the youna lady's parents, and so the J} matter rested until Tuesday, in the course of which i? day, an express arrived with information that the |d pigitives were in this city?and were not yet marJ1 ried. This intelligence was forwarded by a friend ' of the family who resides in Bel-Air, and who had - been obliged to corne here on business, after the ^ news ol the elopement had reached that place. in Upon the receipt of this intelligence, it was de'i terminedto despatch a me.-senger instanter in pur suit. The lady's broiher being confined by sickness, u- a friend of (he family volunteered his services?and 1,1 witli instructions from the parents to see if the ? panics were married, and if not, to call upon the 7 Mayor, who they felt satisfied would "do all he could lo save their ohilil," au(l abide liis advice ?lie left the scene of distress late on Tuesday night and arrived here on Wednesday morning * early. About two o'clock, p. m , of that day, he called * upon his honor Solomon Ilillen, Mayor of this city, " and communicated to him the facts that we have l- nnrrn!ed, adding that the colored woman ami child A w ho had been brought along were not the property ol the lady at all, but of her parents. The Mayor I expressed his willingness to do all he'could to aid 4 him in endeavoring to rescue the young lady and , th'-property from the hands of Heck. There was i. only one way to proceed, and that was to find out ' the whereabouts of the |>arties, and have Heck ark rested for k idnapping, to which charge, if the slaves were not the property of the young lady, he wns amenable, and then endeavor to prevail upon the ,1 lady to return to her parents. J lfefore calling on the Mayor, the friend of the parents hud managed to trace out the location of the parties; and in this part of the matter, particu larly, the overruling hand of Providence was most t. distinctly visible. Passing through the street, he i- unexpectedly encountered Heck, to whom he spoke ? hi a |m-culiar strain, of the exploit of the latter, and J! asked, with affected carelessness, after the lady, n Heck said she was in Howard street, where he had ?f a suite of apartments, splendidly furnished, and that Jj she was perfectly happy. After leaving him, the friend called upon it lady with whom ne was ac>? quainted, and, while in conversation with her about II the elopement, was astonished to hear from her that she had the night previous seen the young lady of | whom he was in search, conversed with her, and n endeavored, though unsuccessf ully, to persuade her i to return home. It appears that tne parties were to have been married on Tuesday?on the morning of ? that day, the colored woman, before alluded to, D called upon the ladv who now gave the information,' ? with a request that she would loan her young mis' / tress, naming her, if dress to be married in. The J servant had been shown the way to the house by r Heck, and he was to have called to show her the J way home He did not came, however, and being i unable to find the way back, she remained the ? stealer part of the day at the house where he had r left her. and while there, communicated to the lady the (act of her mistress' absconding, and where ' she then waa. Struck by her description of the place, the lady, who knew well the misguided girl, determined to <eek her out, and, in compony with the colored woman, left home, and, guided by the impeded direction of the latter, after considerable difficulty, MeaeM in finding the object of her search, in a tied in Fell's street, at the lower end of , Fell's Point, occupied as a t Wman hoarding house, , and i which it i presumed from fifteen to twenty Herman families, at least, must reside. In the in- , J ten lew, she, as has before been stated, endeavored \ o persuade the h|tbn to return home, but the | i iter declined to do - > This information at once ' enabled the gentleman to detect the falsehood of , Heck, ? bile it furnished him with a knowledge of , the lady's true residence, which knowledge he com- I municated to the Mayor. , Knowing that no time w a to be lost, his honor, ( i accompanied bv the gentleman, the lady of whom we Uave already made mention, and another lady, , proceeded in a carriage to the Point. On the way town the Mayor Mopped at the office of Justice t .ii<? and (ire. led polirp officer McDonnell to tol' low on -and meeting .police officer Ruley in the vicinity of the houce, he called upon him also to ac, , iniuRU him Whan fltaou hu a carriage at the door, and the firat pernon they i m?-t in the door-way proved to he Heck himself.?I , As soon ?? hrwu uude aware of the fact, the May- I <>r aceowed hint, told him the ol>irrt of their errant/, I tnd insisted upon sreing the lady, at the snmefime directing the ladies who went with him to noon mi r -tair?, whither he dirertlv followed. accompanied I hy He'-h and offtc-r llnley. Heck, on entering ie room, went to tin young Jady and anid acmettnng to her which waa not heard?the Mayor then asked it ihey wi re in.rned, to which they at firat i re, |ied "no." hut, immediately alter, aaid "yea."? ' Acting U|H.? Ike drat answer hi. honor forbade all t farther attempts "I"1" the part of Heck to aiieak to th> Udy . and ordered hun into the custody of officer Kuley. ii < " the charge of kidnapping, fie waa rrordiagly "treated and taken to the office of Jua1 ,,ce J<?ne?, whtther hia honor afao repaired, having first, w I the aid of the ladiea in company, auc- I reedsd m persuading the young lady to return with 1 I lie in to town, and ^een herlnirlv started from tha i miserable quarters to which ahe had been conveyed ; by Heck. r,a?n rumination before the magistrate, Heck ( waa committed to jail lor further examination, to f 1 g,v> time for the arrival of the neceaeary witneaaea i from Harford. _ . After leaving her "splendid auite of apartment*," ? consisting of one room, whmh ahe occupied with i the colored woman and child, furnished with an old, lc>w-| oat liedatead, whereon reated the bed ahe > took from home with her; awl which, with all that I surrounded it, betokened squalid poverty, the young LD. 1 MM Tw* ? <?. lady .said that they married; and yester daymorning started, with the utmost wilhngneio, back to the (' mtwrtablr home *ht had ao foolishly left, where h<-r re-api<earaace ha*, ere thi?, gladdenrd the heart* which lor *ome d*ya have been tortured with unguieh by her indiscretion?we call it by no handier nmue?for ahe i* young, and acted, douhtlea*. without aertoua reflection?riper ye*ra will bring wiedom?in the menntime her beat safeguard i* the protection of her parent* Great credit 1a due to Hia Honor, the Mayor, tor the deep interest he took iu thi* matter, and hia active tad prompt inh rfmm wkwk under Providence, i* mainly owing the re-cue id (he lady from a connexion every way unworthy ot her, and her restoration to her friends? he haa lullv proved that the confidence they telt and eipreaaed that he would do all he could to aave their child was not miaplared ?nor will the gratitude of all interested tor the la dy be withheld from the gentleman who so kmdlv and nohly volunteered and rendered hi* aid in riainK post haste to thin city, and then, with untirtqi zeal, laboring in the cauae he had undertaken, until his efforts were crowned with success Heck, we learn, wa? released yesterday morning, upon security lor his apiwarancc at a future day, lor further examination. Kentucky. [Correspondence of the Hersld.) Louisvimjc, Dec. &Kh, IH4J. Western Fashion*? Splendid Sotrte w J^ouisrxiU , State of Society ?n Kentucky?Beauty and Brilliancy. " All the worldt a Mage, And all the men and women merely players, They have their exile and their entrances, And one man in hie time playe many part*." " On with the dance ! let ioy he nnronflned , No eleep till morn, where youth and pleasure meet, To chace the glowing hearts with flying feet " On Thursday, the 15th inst., the grand fete ol Mrs came off,., with great eclat, surpassing all athers ever given in the city, not even excepting that of the Palais <TOr. Every necessity which taste could devise, or wealth could procure, was put into requisition by Mrs. , to render this fete one ol the most distinguished of its kind. Nothing was omitted which could afford amusement or gratification, either to the eyes or palates of the guests; while Nature, who so often evinces her caprices or ill humor on such occasions, was kind enough to withhold her accompaniment of rain. Smiling faces and laughing eyes might be seen in all directions, and it appeared as if every individual of the party had shaken off their sorrows [and chagrin for the night. One often wonders that the railers against thu expenses and luxury of the rich and great never recur to the good which these expenses and luxuries produce. Where would be tne poor artisan 1 where the laboring mechanic 1 where tne thouaanda with no vocation whatever, and who get their bread by servitude 1 without the luxury which the cynic and radical would term " wicked and useless?"? What a common observation is it among thia class of persons to exclaim, "Shame upon the rich, who are rioting in the luxuries of profusion; who revel in feasts and bask in the sunshine of pleasure, while the poor are starving!" What is so likely to give bread to those who want it, as the luxuries which produce employment 1 Is it not evident that the superfluities of the rich provide for the necessities of the poor ? For my part, I never see the shining satins and waving ribbons moving through a quadrille, without casting a thought upon the sums which their distinction keeps in action: never sit down to a magnificent dinner, or splendid supper, without thinking of the variety of pastry cooks, bakers.butchers,grocers, poulterers,wine merchants, and fifty other tradesmen, with their numerous servants and dependants, who are put in requisition upon the occasion. I consider luxury and expeuae, therefore, among the duties entailed upon greatness and wealth. By this means riches are distributed through all the ramifications of society, from the highest to the lowest?from a duke who, with silk clad legs, speed upon carpets of Turkey, slices his pineapple or sugars bin orange at night, to the uoundo of Mozart or Rossini, to a dustman who cleans away the peels and pearings in the street to the stentorian " Ihist ho!" and the astounding tintimabulum of the licensed scavenger It is these indulgences which enable the tradesman tenant to pay his rent, and thus the perpetuation is preserved and continued, flowing from its source ana gradually returning from whence it came ; but like a generous rain, having watered and refreshed thousands in its progress. Your pardon for this digression, which may be deemed abstract. But I earnestly recommend a due consideration of the preceding remarks, to those who, from mistaken notions, are apt to consider the luxuries of the great a useless prodigality. The room exhibited a moat extensive motly group. The illumination was not only splendid, but profuse, in all parts of the house ; the band of music, all in full sound, And the roont displayed a most brilliant assemblage of company. Indeed, it was an imposing scene altogether, however familiar the eye might be with amusements of this kind. The activity, life, fun, frolic, gaiety, mirth and good humor which presented itself, gave it that peculiar sort of interest which renders description imperfeet to a pereon who never witnessed such a scene. But look, what stately form is that, that moves along with so majestic a stride, encased in black armor, with helmet, spear and shield?who is he! was a question asked by many. Who 1 Why, Li Woir Faineant, who alons " Stood forth distinguish'd from the circling crowd." But see that little laughing flower girl, whose clear and ringing tones and bewitching costume made her the admired of all admirers. Who is this of the celestial empire, enrobed in a dress of showy richness and gorgeous beauty, and whose high ennobling mien and rich attire, gave grace and motion to each step! " She alone, shone fairest of the night, With matchless pearls and jewels light." Ah? there glides the sweet little Tyrolese peasant girl, whose jetty curls and blue eyes shone peerless 'midst the dazzling constellations. There steps with queen-like air and noble gait, the Eastern Princess, bedazzled with gems and pearls of priceless value. " What winning grace! what majestic mien She moves a goddess and she looks a queen!" See, who is this that approaches, with so com manding agaitf It's Helen Campbell, "Rob's wife," as Nicol Jarvie would say, and there will be broken hearts among us ere its lang, and on her arm leans the fair Jeanie Deans, her rich waving ringlets of brown hair confined by a blue snood of silk, shading a laughing Hebe countenance, which seemed the picture of health, pleasure ana contentment. And lo! the gallant Highland chieftain* daughter! Scarce an eye.could behold this lively piclure of health and beauty without pausing on it with pleasure. " Her air, her manner, all who saw admired; Courteous, though coy, and gentle, though retired, The Joy of youth and health ner eyes display'd, And east of heart her very look convey'd." Hark! whose jovial voice is that which sound# so meriy I See how that knot of admirers encircling Die Vernon convulse themselves with ter at the wit and smart repartee of fair Die. There yon haughty Turk strides on with some gentle fair one leaning on his arm, and looking in his face imploringly, as if beseeching her lover's life: and the more fair Selim, decked in coetlv robes, but unattended by his Zuleika, who doubtless was bewailing her sad late, imprisoned in haughty Jaffier's tower. " i;n wiui mo iimiuc . ivijuj u? uuv/uuuaru, No slenp till mora, where youth and pi earn re moot," vm the reoponae of each gay heart on that joyful light. Three o'clock arrived, and the gay throng ' luctantly began to diaperae, with visions light, to heir enchanted slumbers. pLIJMBF.'S DAOUKRRIAN OAl.LKKIKH.UIK Broadly way, corner of Murray street, New York; 75 Court ?ud 11J Vaahington street, Boaton; 173 Cheanat street (oproeite the tale House) Philadelphia, and Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 'intituling the oldes and moat extensive establishment ol the ind in the world, anil containing nearly a thousand pictures.? Omittance frer. . PLUM BE'8 Patent Colored Photographs taken every day, IV a process confined exclusively to the above esubhshmcnt, ud seen red bv lettars patent, dated Oct. f, IWJj . fin nbe's Patent Daguerreotype Apparatus and instructions r the production of colored likenesses, and I Inmbe a Patent i'ectro Uinliag Apparatus, and instructions for gilding and dating met illic artic ra of rverv description, supplied to order. 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