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January 3, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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I *+l A BY TfTT Pnr^fDFVT (>F THE UNfTE!> STATES. 1 N i?nr*uA*c<? of law, 1, JO||\ TYLKK, Pr?nden( of tl * S bv tltclar*- iimI known tlmt public *?lr* wiUkl* K-ld at the oiHlrrmeullOll* ) M l? '> !?!??. \ \ >H Mr d+M. tht ninth <1<iy nf Jannni fj next, far tl?? di*iH>?dl ?if V ? public lands within the umJei m? uUone<i #owi uhi#*, to wit! North <\f the has* lint, and II est of the fifth principal met i dian. Townshii* siity-one, ii*ty-;wo, and si*ty-thre?, of ran: e twenty. Ami the East half of wctiou nine, in towuihip forty-five, f range thirteen." At the Land Office at LEXINGTON, commencing i"t Monday, the tmi n.'y-third day of January next, for the ilisp > sal of the pnhtir lands w ithin On undrrtnt ntiotied tow nslni , to wit : Sarth if Iht bate lint, and H'etl of the fifth principal meridian. Township* forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, and forty-four, of range thirty-one. Township* forty-one, forty-two, and forty-four, of range thirty-two. Township* forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, and forty-lour, of range thirty-three. At the Laud Office at SPRINGFIELD, commencing err Monday, the sixth day of February next, Cor the disposal of the public lauds wittitu the undermentioned townships, 'O wit: North of the base line, and Wist t\f the fifth principal men dian. Townships twenty-five to thirty-four, inclusive, except tl e North half of section one in the latter, of range twenty-eight. Townships twenty-si*, twentv-eight, twenty-nine, thirtyone, thirty-two, thirty-three, and thirty-four, of range twentynine. Townships twenty five, twenty-si*, thirty-one, tntrty-thro* and thirtv-tour, of range thirty-one. Township* twenty-live and twenty-six, ot range thirty-two. Lands appropriated hy law, for the use of schools, military or other purposes, w ill be excluded from sale. The sales will he kept 0|ieii for two Weeks, (unless the lands are sooner di?i>oied of,)aud no longer; anil no private entries of land in the townships so offered will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under inv hand, at the city of Washington, this twen ty-seventh day of September, Anno Domini, 1812. JOH^ TYLER. in tor i rt siurui l HO. M. BLAKE, Commisttonei- of the General I And Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Etstj parson claiming the right of pw amptsoa to lsad in any of the townships designated in this proclamation, in virtue 'if the ieo\isions of the act of 22d June, 1838, as extended ami modified by the sot of 1st June. 1810, or of the provisions of the latter act [where those 1 iws still apply to such claims hy rrason of tire absence of the plats at the Register's ofties on 22d June, 181 t.J or by virtue of the act of the 4th September. 1811, cai h granting certain privileges to another and different class of st tUers. is requested to prove the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the proper Land Office, and make payment therefor as soon as practicable after seeing this notice, and before the day appointed for the commence metit of the public sale of the land as above design" vd, olhn wise such cUiins will be forfeited. Where the year subsequent to the filing of the p l.t shall ? xpire previous to the day lived for the commencement of the sale above mentioned, cl. ims under the acts of 1838 and 1840. above referred to,_ will be forfeited if uot proven up and pa d for prior to lite expiration of such year. THO. H. BLAKE. Commissioner of the General Land Office. 013 ltawtjylr (I) BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IN pursuance of law, I, JOHN TYLER, President ol the J Lulled States of America, do hereby declare and make known, that a public sale will be held at the Land office at 44REEN BAY. in the Territory of Wisknusau, commenceing on Monday, the sivteeuth day of January next, for the disposal ofthe public lands within the limits of the undermentioned townships and fractional townships, to wit: Aforth of the base line and east ofthe meridian. Fractional townships eighteen aud nineteen, of range nineteen, and fractional townships eighteen aud nineteen, of range twenty. Fractional township twenty-five, lying nortn and east of the line of the KHT.OOO acre tract, aud townships twenty-six, twentyseven, and twenty-eight, of range twenty. Fractional townships twenty-five twenty six, aud twenty-seven, boidering on Green Bay, and townships twenty-eight, hirty-one, and thirty-two, and fractional townships thirty-three and tbirty-frur, lying south and west of Menomime river, of range twenty-one. Fractional townships twenty-seven, twenty-eight, and twenty-uine, bordering on Greeu Bay, township thirty,aud fraction al townships thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, and thirtyfour, lying on the south and west side of Menominie river, of range twenty-two. Fractional township twenty-nine, bordering on Green Bay, tciwusliip thirty, and fractional townships thirty-one, thimthree, and thirty -four, lying south and west of Menominie river of range twenty-three. Fractional townships twenty-nine and thirty, bordering on G.een Bay and south of Meuominie nver, of range twentyfour. Green island, designated as sections nineteen aud twenty, in township thirty, of range twenty-five. Two small islands, in Fox Lake ia township thirteen, of range thirteen. Fractional sections fourteen, twenty-three, and twenty-four, iu town-hip thirty-four, of range twenty nine. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military,' r other purposes, w ill be excluded trom sale. The sale will be kept 0|>en for two weeks, (unless the lam's are sooner ditposed of.) aud no longer, and no private entries of land in the tow nship so offered will be admitted until afu-r the expiration of the two weeks. Given under mv hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-seventh day of September, Anno Domini. 1842. JOHN TYLER. By the President: THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every )>ersou el aiming the right of pre-emption to land in any of the townships designated in this proclamation, in virtue of the provisions of the act of 22d June, 1838, as extended anil modified by the act of 1st June, 1810, or of the provisions of the latter act, (where those laws still apply to sucn claims by reason of lh, abieuce of rhe plats At the Register's cfflce S tltlie 22d June. 184!,) or by virtue af the get o Itneltn Svptemlx-r, 1811, earh granting certain privileges to another and different class of settlers,is requested to prove the same to the satifaction of the Register and Receiver "1 the proper Land Office, and make payment therefor as soon as practicable alter seeing this notice. and before the day api*)inteu for the coniinencnment of the public sale of rhe land as abure designated, otherwise sue h claims will be forfeited. Where the year subsequent to the filing of the plats shall expire i rev ions to the day tixed for the commencement of the sale above mentioned, claims under the acts uf 1838 and 1810, above rep lied to, will be forfeited if uot proven up and paid Cor prior to the expiration of such year. THO. H BLAKE, Commissioner oj the General Land Office. o!8 ltaw J r (1) RY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IN pursuance of law, 1, JOHN TYLER, President of tlie A United States of America, do hereby declare and make known, ttiat public tales will be held at the undermentioned Land Offices in the State of Illinois, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the Land Office at DIXON, commencing on Monday,the sixteenth day of January next, for the disposal of the public Imidis wi'hin the undermentioned townships, to wit: North of the hate line, and East of the fourth principal meridian. Townships twenty and tweutj-one, of range four. Townshi|>s twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, and tweutythree.eif range fiee. Townships twentT-seven, twenty eight, and twenty-nine, of range six. Towns ops tw enty-seven, twenty eight, and twenty-nine, of range *<v.-u. Townships twenty-seven and twentv-uine, of range ten. Townships twenty-two, twenty-Urne, twenty four, and twenty-nine, of range eleven. At tii- Land Office at CHICAGO, e ommencing im Monday, the thirtieth day of January next, for the disposal of the pule lie land- within the undermentioned townships, to wit: North if the bate line, and East of the thira principal meridian. Tow nships thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, forty, and forty one. ol ranges four and five. Townships thirty-seven, thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one, of range six. Townships thirty-seven, thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one, of ?eyen. Township thirty-seven and forty-one, of range eight. Townships thirty-eight, thirty nine, forty, and forty one, of rauge nine. Fractional township thirty-eight, north ?f the old Indian bounuary line, and townships thirty nine, forty, and forty-one, of range -en. Fractional townships thirty-eight and thirty-nine north of the old Indi n boundary line, ana townships forty and forty one, of range eleven. Lands appropriated hy law for the use of schools, military", or other purposes, will be exclude'! from the sale. The sales will each be kept open fox two weeks, (unless the lands ire sooner dis|iosed of,) and no longer, and no private entries of laud in the townships so offered, w ill be admitted until lifter the expiration of the two weeks. (iiven under my hand, al the city of Washington, this twen tv-ievihth day of Seiitember, Anno Dotniui, 1842. JOHN TYLER. By the President" THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person claiming the right of pre-emption to land in in ol the townships design ited in this proclamation, in virtur f Use provisions of iheactof 22d June, 1838, as extended and modified by tin act ?f 1st June, 18-10, or of the provisions of Ule I-Iter act, [where those laws still apply to such claims by reason of the absence of the plats at the Register's office on 22d June, 1841,] or by virtue of tint act of the 4ln September. 1841, ?ai h granting certain privileges to another and different class of settlers, is requested to prove the same to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the pro|ier Laud OAir e, and make pa cm lit therefor as soon as practicable after seeing this uotire, and before the day apjMiinttii for the commencement or die public sale of the laud as above designated, otherw ise snch claims will be forfeited. Where the year subsequent to the filing of the plats shall expire (irevions to the day fixed for the commencement of the rnentsoued. claims under the acts of 1838 and I8in, ale >se referred to, w ill be forfeited if not proven up audpaid | iui limn i'> in** espiiaiion ni men year. THO. H. BLAKE, Commifionrrofthr (wenrral Ijini Offlcr. 013 ltawtjylr (2) ECONOMY in DREHH?kitcunc assortment <>l Mien, I. ashianable and El, cant Goods, for winter wear, WM. T. JENNINGS, 22? Broadway, American Hotel, offers for the inspection ?f the public, an rsteustve assortment of seasonable gsoils, comprising Benvnr and Milled Cloth*, for SouiUmts, Hick*. h rocks, tic. The Sack Overcoat* (so nineh in vogue) afforded at fourteen dollar*, cut and trimmed in first style will be found worthy tl>? alt' Mi"n of the economist. I lo moM in a creat variety of ?tyle? for Pantaloon*. Krom tlioae who have found any difficult) in gelling suited in Ui>> anicle, * trial i* solicited. Kieh b oc?de Ailk uid Batin Vesting*,(< ntirv new itylc*) for halt*, parties, kc. Merino*, Velvet*, plaiu Hilks, S.itins, ar.d I' uimerr*. all of wInch will be made up to ordei under tl > ii ennle.ideuee of a* efficient cutlert a* can be found in the n uotry, at price* to suilithe times, invariably upotio.ah term,. IS ?U*e. I)lL'.MBt4i 1)AGUEKHIAK GALLERIES. 241* Broad' ' or',,, oruer of Murray ?trei t. New Vork; 77 Coui t Mid I'. 3 Washington sire, t, Boston; 173 Clie*nat street (apposite the Stale Hooa, ) Philadelphia, and Broadway, Saratoga Spring ., cniiMiniuug lie olde* and m steiteiuive establishment of the kind in the world, and containing nearly a thousand pictuie*.? Adinittauee free. PLUM BE'S Pat ;iit Colored Photographs taken every day, hv ? procssa confined i il lusively to the above establishment, and secured by letters patent, dated Oct. 2y, IM2 Pluiobe's Patent Daguerreotype Apparatus anil instructions ( t the prodiii lion of culou d likiueiset, and Plumbe's Patcl.t E'i t", Gilding Al l aratus, aud msliactious for gilding and pitting met - llie artir'es of every desrriptina, supplied to ordi r. I'drill Gilding and Silvering done to order in s style next elioe seen in New Ynrk. Ir~w- Prompt stlention to all post paid letters, il27 l?i*r /SHI N A Is GLA SS ol elery description?tin cheapest ,n ? ' hi. if) . foi I hrislm.i- anil New V ear presents. b. iiitlf l ill fnmhl- ? onl li'inonailis, Willi silver flowers of different hiiuis; new dishes, colngu Imltles of different sires. 'I' d, i|,.,)e i mu d lie Ii ol at an) other plaee in this < . uut' . I lit and plain glass of every description, warranted to he fu nolo d St Si per ceni rheaper than my ih.-r manufactory t wh.ilesili and retail store, No. 3. John si., and at the GJai s in . .1 I.. . - sTOUYENEI. Jk I (). d'S iin i No 21 Gold*L New York I ' M I It HE V| MIINhV i nil k.i its, i ii re I iseil at It e ' ' low? si ... * J - V I. V b - I EK'M, dlt 27 Well afreet and l]fl Broadway I 'l l If h 1.0\ V it,-- nf- Si M i h HI III. At K I EA I M woo VIisiun I ' > no i , deln . us and imp*';. d Ts ? gill) releh: c. d in Chin i Hiel Europe, jus' in J...H if, is si.* t in a: i '.I I .intoI, l'e.1 I innpau) ? Gem -I J', s Establish?. in wt New York?in Chuifv I I'rift W nud $1. <\* lm*r ATTENTION! ATTENTION' R ' AD T HIS, it may induce you to try your chance.?TO BOLA (To be raffled,) at 168)* Fulton street, a msghi cent Cashmere Shawl, with the bot that contains it?costii together HC AH purchasers who will buy five dollar* worth in the?t' r . after tne instant, (December, 1M2,) will hare the dune to train $loo worth. (Irrat exhibition and *ale of F iwv Articles ..nd Sue r 'iumbs of all ilese, q nous, suilible lor Christmas and N",>' Year's Gifts,at 768% Ktmon it, near Broadway, op|>o?ite . Paul's Churcn. . , Ladies ami trentleinen ate respectfully invited to visi tt ' most beautiful collectiou of rich objects ol New Year s 1.-' senu, that can be seen, and which will be sold at very reason Me prices. Most of those rich articles raine from the stores ?f Aiphonr. < lireux, of Paris, supplier to 11 is Majesty the Kiug of to French, the Queen ol England, and all the principal Courts Tjl Europe. The articles in Sugar, Fancy Heticnles, and Boxes, cam . Iroiu the store ol S. Henrion It Go. ol Pluladelpbi , atlvsnUgt ouslv kuowu (or the last 2.') years as being the best Confectioners iti the United States The Raffle will take place in the store 168% Fulton it, on th 4th u( January, 18(3, at 12 o'clock, M. A splendid French Cashmere Shawl that cost SIM. In a most brautiful Box of rose-wood, encrusted with gold at I silver, the price of which was $30. Each person purchasing $4 worth of articles, will receive ? ticket (whatever nutubor they choose) and with this the perse i may have achauce for the Shawl and the Bos. A person who will buy (III worth, will be entitled to tw > tickets, ami so an in progression. Persons receiving tickets, are requested to preserve them; lor, if mislaid, the loss wilt be theirs: sud. on the 4th ol January, 18(3 at 12 o'clock, the ticket will be drawn purlicly before the bidders; and on the lollowt'jg day, the Herald uewsoapi r will announce the fortunate mi timer d!7 to ian4*ei "PKENCH WINKS.?The subscriber offers for sale in lots t h suit purchasers-? Chsmpuigne?1400 Baskets sti|>erior quality. Burgundy?CO Cases very old Ch&blli and Charabertin Claret?20 casks superior Mr doc Cement?8 Cask* best French Cement. j. b. ttmmkrman. dU2w*r 74 Broad street. PANCY ARTICLES FOR THE iHOLYDAYS ?Tin ? subsciiber has received by the laiest arrivals, a very rie'i assortment of Paris Fancy Articles consisting ol fancy work boxes, paper do, gam s in rose wood boxes, embioidering frames with canvas- aud col'd cotton, children's toys, perfumery, and soap, of assorted qualities, etc. etr. The public s respectfully invited to call and examine the above s ack, previous to purchasing elsewhere, at dt lrn*r F. K Fit A N< ISCHI. 200% Broad way /vOAL I COAL! COAL I?The subscriber having taki a ' the yard soutnwesl corner of King and Greenwich stree:, is now receiemc a Till I suoply of Schuylkill and IVscli Orchod Coal, selectsd from the heat veins, which he offers at the IIlewing reduced prices, vir. From the yard, lost quality, broken and screened, $4,40 per ton. '" " Egg size, " 4,40 " " " Stove, - 4,24 " " " Nut, " 4,00 " Delivered free of cartage. d!2 3ra*ec JAMF.S DOWNEY OKGAR DIVAN, 304% Broadway.-JAS. R.DEL VK<> CJ CHIO St CO, have constantly on hand Segari of the choicest brands, viz La Norinat, La Constancia, P.ilamo It I- < Cazadora, Companieros. Star. Manilla Cheroots, Sm ill Yara, Steamboat Principes, De la Cruz Principes, Light Habaua, Cigaritos, Ike. Segar Cases, Snuff Boxei, Matches, Roman Lights, Snuff, Chewing Tobacco, anil the Smyruiana Smoking Tobacco. The exquisite aud peculiar milil flavor of this Tobacco, cannot fa I 10give great notoriety among smokers. The public are respectfully informed that all segars sold at this establishment are warranted imported. A Smoking Room in the rear supplied with the American and English pajiers. J. R. D. V. St Co. return sincere thanks to their friends and the public for the liberal pa-rouage extended towards them. JAMES R. DEL VECCHIO 024 3taw3m*r ROBERT A. JOHNSON. TWINES?200 bales Bridport manufactory, comprising a comjilete assortment of Seine, Herring and Gill Net Twines, from 5to 36 lb. The above twines are nil of recent inipottatirD, and great care has been taken in the selection of the material and in the manufacture. For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by EDWD. K. COLLINS St CO. dl4 r 66 South street O ALT?2760sacks Ashton's Salt, factory filled now lauding hA from ship Sheridan, and for sale by d26 r K. K. COLLINS St CO. 66 South st. TF THE WORLD only knew half the desperate cases of vene J- real disease, cured by the physician at the Hnnterian Dispell sary, 3Division strert, with the far famed and lustlv celebrated Hunter's Red Drop, there would not be any other remedy used tins medicine has proved itself twelve years ago to be the only sure and harmless cure on earth; those afflicted are respec'fully in* tied to call and examine the many private rooms and read hundreds of certificates of persons who have been cured by this medicine after all else hare failed. Price $1, warranted in all cases. Persous in Albany^Kochester, anil Buffalo, N.Y.,Boston, Mass and Charleston. 8.0., in wau' of this medicine, can obtain it genuine, by remitting SI,with a description of the case. In n other maimer can they be sure of getting the trne article. d!6 tin*m OKAMILIESOOINO SOUTH, to the West lucuex or Europe ?A respectable female, 24 years of age wishes to cbtain a permanrntsituatien as seamstress, in agen._el lamily. She would preler going to Europe, yet would accept o( a good offer to go South, or to the West Indies. The best of references given. Address A. A. A. box 166, upper Post office, N. York. sIOt . NEW YEAR'S OIKT.?The Pilgrim's Progress, published by R. M A KTIN it CO., is intended as an Annual for 1843. It is most bea tifully'printed and embellished with 23 highly finished engravings, by the most eminent Loudon artists, a colored map, and a line elchiug.tby Crutckshauk and supurbly bound in a oroccu. Tint belt g a standard work, age will not depreciate its value, and thetefore as a new year's present will be more acceptable. Price $7. R, MARTIN St CO., dl6 3w*r 26 John streer. Bouquets foh the HOLiDAYs.-Bouqueu for bridal and other parties, composed of the most choice flowers, viz : camellias and roses in varieties, passion flowers, daphnes, hlliwwwii steviat, mignonette, Sic. Ike.; hut up in the ut etest style and on as reasonable terms as at any similar establishment. Gentleinen will confer a fivor by leaving their orders one or two days in advauce, all of wi ich will be thankfully received and promptly executed. d2?2w*r N1BLO Si DUNLAP, 576 Broadway. UCONOMY I N URKSH.?Sack surtouts, the stvle of over Ps coats so much in vogue, are afforded at $8 , SI2, SI 1, S16 and <20, from drab, brown, blark and blue beaver and pilot cloths, are for sale, ready made, at 22J Broadway, American Hotel. d22 Im'r WM. T JENNINGS. TO PARENTS AND I'HINiJIPALS OK SCHOOLS.A gentleman, who is capable to teach the Latin, Greek and German languages (besides the rudiments of the French), and music npou the Pianoforte, t irgan and other instruments, wishes to obtaiu a situation as instructor ; the advertiser has had ample experience in teaching the above branrhes, and would accept nl an offer from any part of the United States, or the West Indies ; satisfactory r< h rnices given. A letter addressed to P. It. P. at this office, will be duly attended to. a 30 lw*rc fATCHES LOWER THAN E"VER.?In consequence of the IS faction ' duties by the late tariff, the subscriber is telling his stock of Gold and Silvet Levers, Anchor Escape-mew Lepine, and other Watches, ol new and splendid patterns, and Jewelry, et retail, at a considerable reduction from former prices, being much lower than they can be bought for at any other place in the city. Gold Watches as low as 70 to 25 dolurs each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches warranted to keep good lime or the money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manner and warranted,at much less than the usual prices. G. C. ALLEN. Importer of Watr lies and Jewelry, d27 lmr Wholesale and Retail, 30 Wall St.. upstairs. M A If T IN ' 3 CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. I&4 If iiliam Street, Corner of ?9nn Street, IS decidedly the cheapest in the city. There is always on hand a sele r (stock of seasonable goods, purchased for caih, which will he made un to order in the style of make, fit, trimming, Sir., to . ihi.* yivi ii such general satisfaction durins the last foor yea: r.and at a positive saving of30 jier cent. Gentle'neri ?ip requested lo call and er,inline. Those who famish th cir< wn goods, can have them MADK AND TBIMMBD. Dress C iats, msd< and trimmed,.- - -$7 00 to S8 50 Krock Coat*. do do 8 00 to 9 50 l'ants and Vests, 1 75 to 2 00 OverCoats,- 9 00 to II to E7" Terras?Cash on delivery. ol6 1m*e MfRHAEL K. MAHTIN T AAIol ROt'X'S iCLECTKO-\1 AGNETIC PLAIES, Lj afford very diy tie w evidences of their infallible efficacy for curing all u?-rvoUd diseases, a* acute and chronic rheu marum*, rjeuralogv, the gGttt, nSfrin^tk doloureu*, danse de Saint Guy, chills, sciatic, cramps in the stomach, and pains brought on by bruises, disjointing* and fractures ; also, the dis* eases of women and young girls, pale colors, amenorrheas, suppressions, vapors, oervous attacks, fctc. They are very useful loo for tetters, scrofula, swellings, erysi)?elas, paralysis in tho beginning, Ike. Sold at the moderate price of $1 50, by d21 1 in* r N1NUARI), 65 Franklin st. N. Y. DISBI.jW'8 RIDING SCHOOL, 408 Bowery.?W. J. DAVIS, (from Europe) Professor. Evening class for gentlemen will commence on Monday evening, 12th instant, and continue each Monday and Friday evening, during the season. Belt ct parties of ladies and gentlemen, can be accommodated with instruction on Tuesday and Ihursday evenings of each week. A Military class for the instruction of gentlemen in military horsemanship, to commence on Wednesday evening, 14th instant, and continue each Wednesday evening during the sea son. Gentlemen wishing to subscribe to either of the above classes, will please call at their earliest convenience. Daily instruction as usual, for ladies, frojn II A. M . to 1 P. M.; for gentlemen, from 8 to 10 A; M. and 3}+ to 9% P. M. Evening school to commence it 7 o'clock# _____ ot5 tm^re PATENT PRESERVED PORTABLE MEATS AND SOUPS. WAHK\NTKD to keep an' leuaii of time in any climate, viz: luhiicr., lutlihui. shad, salmon, oysters, and rlam.i. be, f, mot toll, veal, duck, chickens, turkey, beef .ou|i, mutton broth, chirk, n Map, ox tail soup, inock and ereeu turtle soap, rep--table aoup, ^reen peas, mushrooms, carrots, turnips, par snip*, tomato., inilk, 4ie.JVc.; manufactured ami aolJ wholesale by WILLIAM MULLANK, d m- Nmiii street. MKCHANII Al. ()T(TAk( EL LAMPS. 'PHB public la invited to inspect the entirely new stock of ? these unrivalled lamps, which ha*-' just been opened by the subscribed comprising I lie most eilensive aud rich assoitmeiil that liv will receive tnis reason, aud the finest lot of goods in the line that has ever been seen in this country. An early examination of (hem is solicited while the stock is complete, as lie entire invoices received the early part oftb?e season were disposed of immediately : many partieswere i?i s.appointedin consequence. TI.e itoorls just received comprise some eutire'y new articles of thai etqtiisiie taste peculiar to Krruch manufacturers, such as porcr lain shades lor lamps, wiili landscapes of figures, some conned; sus|>eusion study lamps with fmrcelaiu shaoes forlinran?s; bracket.; lustre., broiise, "renaissance* and uilt, for two and three lamp., rich shades and globes, colouied nd cut, of beautiful new designs, fkr kc. Home mil".rum Improvements have been made in tin- inunufacture of the lamps now offered to the public, renderiUK ihein un<iursii"aablv the m si beautiful as well as economical lamp extant. This fact is I ally esta III i shed, aud any one at all scejitical on the subject c,u be convinced of it by calling at Ibis e .lablisnmem. K. D. HA*TON, Depot of Mechanical Lamps, 20 John street, j he estimation in which these lamps ,re held may be iiifcred from the japt that the following public establishments in this city ate lighted withl'iem, viz;? aft J"""4' Carltou House, p l pi iiy 1-ibrary, Mansion House, .... iiohic. ^ oiuuor *ureio's. Gill Tortoni. They are alio to he found in many other public buildmn throughout the country, and iu cveiy instance giving perfei t * i I w tn n UNITED STATES T KA KMPORiUM. 121, Uitf 12M Chatham tbrrl, Nrvo Yarn WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. 'I'HK CANTON TEA COMPANY com r to offer f< r sale new .nid fragrant Ten ol every variety and styli Their aasortmi lit spi < mlly includes the inn?l delicious il l powerls! |r?d?i of liiren and Black E?ert package bears tli Itamp of lieatlisivs ind elegance, Slid the Teas therein are ? thoroughly seemed from light and air thai their >|iinlity and power will remain unimpaired "IV climate. Their svstcii of prosecuting Irstineia is parha,it scarcely to be e,celled. It I is foondcd uikiii the ntinost regard to the rights of hrruston er especially wnli respect 'o weight ina piality, and onr ralleif elu i| ne,s. All |airch isrrs an ca|l? d "poll to return no irtp les who h fall to givi thetn the fnlh at misf ction.whic i C? mi .a will'' rloerftill1 - od | r irnptlv refuiaf Com l', nil ' n1 I" 'fahllahl n's, acids of families, 'II'1 hipaMHteri will Awl ,t i sesideH rfristici to Mtjsy ihew. selves from tin* . stahfiihmi nt. i .t|. . I 'nsic'l every da; Orders from ill |iarts of thu United Hlittei event tail w.l > promptitude and despatch. _/ i'hs oul, warehouse iu America for the isle of HogHUt'i cell bested Hiss* Tss. d? UB*( PY THE PRESIDENT OF THK UNIT ED STATES. IN pnrsuance of law, (.JOHN TYLER, President ol tlv J 1T niled Slat esol A inerica ,do hereby drrlan an i make known, that h public stj?\v ill h? In-1,1 at the Laud O'lice it Kalamazoo, in the Stale of Michigan, commencing on Monday, the second day of January neat, lor the disposal of i lit unappropriated public lauda within the limits ol the sections anil townships here.i after designated, w hich hare heietofore been withheld fro,-, sale, as the Nottowasnp, and Niles Indian reservations, to wit: South of the base line, anil West of the meridian. Secli,mi eight, seventeen, eighteen, ninetreu.twe ity, twenty-nine, thirty, tnirlv-one, and thirty-two, in township lour, o ' range nine. Sections five, six, seven, eighteen, nineteen, and thirty-on,, and the West halves of sections seventeen, iwepty, twentynine, and thirty-two, in township live, ojrange nine. Townships logr and five, of range feu. Sections one,two, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, ihirtv-five, and thirty-six, in township four, of range eleven. Sections one, two, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, twenty.threiy twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, thirty-five, and thirtv-six. in township five, of raiure eleven. Fractional township* seven uud eight, south of St Joseph's river, of range seventeen. Fractional townships seven and eight, south of St Joseph's river, of range eighteen. The small fracliou of section t weaty-four, in township eight, of range nineteen. Lauds appropriated by law for the use of schools, military c i other purposes. will be excluded from sale. The sale will hi' kept o|ien for two weeks, (unless the lands are soouer disposed of,) and no longer ; and no private eutrie:. of land in the sections and townships so offired will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. (liven under my hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-seventh day of September, Anno Domini. 1842. JOHN TYLER. By the President: THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person claiming the right of pre-emption to land in anv I of '"t>townships designated in this proclamation, in virtue of 1 i rie prpsision.x of the act of22d June, 1(138, as extended and mi" life J is tile act of 1st June, 18-10, or of the provisions of the lat , "e- ac t, (where those laws still apply to such claims by reason of toe av'since of the iilau at the Register's office on22d June, !.'< .) or by virtue or the act of the 4 th Seulemlier, 1841, each gr j certain privileges to another and different class of Belli ?, is requested to prove the same to the satisfaction of the t . istrrand Receiver of the proper Laud Office, and make u loi lit therefor a* soon as practicable after seeing this notice, ill nefnre the day aptxiinted for the commencement of thpi 'itcsale of the lanu as above designated, ollu rwise such 1 i in s will be forfeited. * \ here the year subsequent to the filing of the plats shall ex >i reprevions to the day fixed for the commencement of the sale ir inem loneil, < hums under the acts of 1838 and MM, iboi I i? rred to, will he forfeited if not proven up and paid for prio. i the cxpirat ion of such year. THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner of the General I Mini Ojfice. ol ItawtoJlr (4) SEGAJiS?SEGARS. nTHE fid lo wing i lioice Hegars are always on hand atHKN1 HIOUES'S HAVANA ANI) PRINCIPE SEGAL STORE, wholesale and retail, basement 51 William it. Kiondts, in half and quarter boxes Do. No. half and quarter boxes Noriegas, in quarter and eighth do Para Regains, in quarter do Regalias, of a superior quality, in )?, >*' and i I- 10th bores Cougresas, in quarter boxes Trabucas, do do La Norma, do do La Esncranza, do do Tres Amigos, in cartons of 20 each Loudon Regalias, ip carious of 40 each La Pruela, in quarter boxes tviisgan's spotted, in quarter boxes Pauetilla's, do. of superior quality Vugenendad, do D< mnyas, do Mateos, do Priucipes, of the Reudou, Cruz and Sans, all-eat. to deb. Primavcras, in quarter boxes AI rat. /.as do Coustautias, do Bustamentas, do Extnero Regalias, do Imperial do, inqnarte oxet, a superior article. N. B.?Hotels and grocers plied on reasonable terms. 014 BOARDING.?The original Walton House, 326 Pearl street, Franklin Square?kept by Jas. bowler, from London. England, permanent boarders S2.50 per week, transient boarders 5l) cents tier day. Families can be accommodated with nrivati rooms ou reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents per glass?home brew'd ale 4 ceDts per pint?line Welsh rarebits I cents each?cold cuts equally cliear- N. B. Hot coffee 3 cent-, per pint?stakes and mutton chops can be had at all hours. J. K. particularly requests any one ?li? is in want of a com fortable home to call and inspect h>* estsbllshment, an, judge for themselves. Persons trai ellmg for England would lind it to their advantage to call. The house being convenient to Loudon and Liver|<ool ships, J K. beingap|K>inted agent, ha can give pasisengers every information. New York and Old Country pa|>ers taken in. n5 3m*r JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY?No. 47 Wall " street, comer of Hanover street. This^ Company cou tinues to insure against loss or damage by lire on buildings goods, wares, or merchandize generally; also, on vessels an l cargoes against loss or damage by inland navigation, ou ai favorable terms as any oiher office. DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Elisha Kiggs Thomas T Woodruff Anson Bauer Benjamin R Robsou Martin Hoffman John K Davison Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph Drake Kiancis 1' Sa_ge Samuel Underhill - Thomson Price, Jatnes R Whiting (Moses Tucker John P Moore John CMcrritt Win K Thorn Caleb C Tunis James K Holmes THOMAS W THORNE, President. OEO. T. HOTE, Secretary. *28 2t aw MkP r improved Minerva shoud*.-^ brace, WITH Good year's Patent InstInbleRuhberSpriue -?'be object ol this article is by bracing the shoulder,, to expauil the chest, give free action to the Ituiga, and improve the torn Parents aud guardians are particularly requested to claims tliis article as it may l>- depended ou lor the purpose fb? which It is recommended, and will be found of "astutilit aud benefit to children of either sei and all persons who ha? acquired the habit of stooping, this brace can be worn with |ierfect cane, and will be found no impediment to the Iree n? of the nrtn?. They are nisuiifactured under the immediate in (paction of Mr. Pane Us, who has for (be laafsivteen yaars been engaged iu the manufacture of a variety of braces, liu npae thatcotudbe ri commended ss poawanac aomaaj reuui site qualities as the improved brace now offered to the pnblii The subseribeis would particularly rreoinuirud their Improve) Russia Riding Belt; ttie improvement consists iu the introduction of a patent spring, which adapts the belt to the wishes of the wearer, Combining all the benefits of supiioit, (kr. derived from the belt manufactured after the old pat:rrtis,at thi same time giving ease by their elasticity, and beautifying the form ol the wearer. Sold wholes ilr anil retail at the old esta blishtnent of Parsrlls it Agate, 241 Broadway, between Pari place aud Murray stieet. <113 lm*r TO tHE ' L'BLit .?JOHN KESSLER begs leave to mJ form his friends, and the public in general, that he ha taken that well known stand at the comer of Washington am' Liberty its, formerly kept by K. Chamberlin, since rebuilt with addition of room and comfort, for the accommodation oi trav idlers and others. Persons wishing good board, and accommodations on rt.'L,on ihle terms, would do well tocall. Punctual attendance. <121 lm*rc STRABISMUS: COMMONLY CALLED SQUINTING. /"NUKED in a few seconds by Guerm's celebrated plan, See* which is free Irom pain or danger. Cataracts removed by any of the oix-rations practised here o r in Europe. DR. WHEELER. Occulist, 33 Greenwich street. New York, N. B.?References can be given In 263 Patients. Office hoars, from 8 A. M. to I P. M. <!6 Str njMIE HUMAN HAIR can positively be restored?itJ growth caused?falling off stayed?and dandruff cured hi a scientific remedy. Before speaking of this article, let me refer the public to the following person'. who having used Jcmes' oral Hair Restorative, i i rtily that tin v believe it is all n .represented?tnat by applying it with slight friction to thi scalp, the hair is absolutely forced to grow, to effect which, oi course, we must strengthen and make healthy the isiots or bulb, and (In scalp . tin- I tl-eted. all scurf or dandruff is destroyed These respectable persons certify these arc the pro|>erties ol Junes'Coral Hair Restorative :? Tin- Hon. Judge Ed wards, of Philadelphia. ? rhiliipa. Esq., 198 Broome-street, corner of Wooster, New York. Mr. W. Hopkins, 92 King-street, New York. J. Puwer, grocery, Fulton-strret, New York. J. Pearson, Esq., Navy Yard, Charlestown. M r. James Odher, Houston-street, New York, |cw<.Her. We could give 300 ether names of persons who use this, but thesc must satisfy all people of common sense. Giveitoni trial, and you w ill be Perfectly satisfied. It gives the hair a delicious, soft, dark, silky appearance and feeling. It is sold ar the low price of 3, 5 or 8 shillings a hottl". by T Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 1)2 Chatham-street, New York; and by these agents:?Zeiber, Third and Dnckwtreer, i'h^nili-lphia and next *o the American Hotel, Washington, D.C.; 8 State street, Boston; 57 -ilate-street.Alb-ny; 207 King-strcet,Oharleitown, 8. L. F. Bailey, Morristowti, N. J.; E. C. Ferre, .Main-street, Middh town, Ct.; or 139 H ulton-street, Brooklyn. d31 lin*ec THE GERMAN SURGEON. QOLOMON HINE, M. D.. No. 57 Reade street. New York. IN Iu scrofula and clirouic dieases no charge made till the patient is satisfied?medieine delivered gratis All persons difortned, under twenty-one years, ean have their bones straightenrd. References giveD as tn name rolls patients who has?en cured in this city. 017310*1 ~~ MULL'S TRUSSED NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS - dieted with ruptures mav rely upon the best instrumental aid the world atffirds, on aprilirariou at tli office, No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of the agents in th Erincipal towns in the United Slates. Be careful to examine th- 1 ark pad of Hull's trusses, to see if they are endorsed by Ur Mull i. < Is' rif i lie Von, .re . ... In I I... . I good, without liia intrant 11 re Many persona have nuderUkeii to vend Imitations of Hull's celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in rnnsr >,uetice. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they unmade by timkilful mechanics, atid are no better than the ortb carv tmates. Rooms hive hecn fitted np at No. 4 Vesey street, exclnsis el< for ladies, having a separate entrance from the business depart ment, where a female is in constant attendance to wait opoi emale patients. nil Imr PRIVATE ESTABLISH ME VI FOR THK TREATMENT OF VENEREAL DIS EASES IN CONNEXION WITH THE COLLEGE <>F MEDICINE AND PHAK MACY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. rPHE College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New a Yo, k^ have opened in cotinesion with their Medical am Surgical Consulting Hoom?, an estanlishinvnt finite cxclusiv? reception of patients suffering from venereal disc ises. ,\. class of human maladies requires for their sab and successful treatment a itreater deijri e of matured experience and practised sk.II. than do those which vice entails on her votaries ; hit' alas I as thousands innst bitterly hi kuowh due, no other class Has been so muck subjected to the maltreatment of heartiest und uneducated pretenders?men without character?without medical kuowtckg.?wilhout experience?without response.i lity, Tlie members of the ( ..liege are fully convinced that were venereal diseases uniformly subjected to the treatment ot properly otialilied physicians, a vast amount ot human suflViiiu would tie cievrired, and tin innocent saved from ihe rouse que-icet in which they are now too alien involved willi tin guilty. .n outer therefore to suppress, ss far as |Hissihlr, tin ruinous quackery-, the College have opened this establishment, and placed it under the management of two eminent medirs gentlemen ol great egperience, ami sound jiidgmeiit?men lot whose frijieetabilitj' and talent the high character ol the Col lege itself is pledged Patients of both seses villi he adiititted and receive advice gratuitously, and the necessary medicines will he dispensed ti tin m at less than tho usaal rales. No fees whatever will he reipmrd. The College cherish the hop* that this liberal arrangement will soon put a stop to the mi|iost ire to which this class of patterns have been subjected, and all thus affected will, it it hoja .l, see ihe wisdom ol availing themselves 01 the up portuuily now afforded. By o iler, W. H. RICHAKrsON, Agent, Office and Consulting Rooms of the f eliege, d2 Im 07 \ sail street. New York ESPY '? PATENT CONICAL VCNTILATOH "IIIN cheap, simple and < tfii it lit apparatus it idai te ilto all A purposes M Ventilation rtiuiis, Steamboats, 1 hurelies, Hospitals, Prisons, Mines, Vantta, h> he inay h' its applies lion be kept free from all air uid nnwholesr tap effluvii; it it also sn effectnal cure for Sm dry Chimniea. Ths subscriber having ncd the ri u'hf for the City and County of New V'ork, is pr-iie . .1 to sipply the public wit! f ailles ot]I dein W?L letal H ' brig oi -P de* int. i ' - ishe 1 i,. - (1 y part of fh# eo'ibtfy. t .ion P/erer Pipe nid I'lnmcerr Work in ""iieral Ylsn lialvsni/. 'l Iron o l Tin W ar at wholesale Stove piprs bith 'ribs,coal hods, he a' | rices grrnfly reduced. Ai vvotlt v " t;tert. oi J orders I bher alienaed to. T. dUMNJCK,

M6ta*n IM Waur iu??i i / ? ? MEDICAL. ORRIS TOOT!! \V '.Ml Irom t're ..riyitiii rr etpeitNo.8 ttold street, >'etv Yrok?The Orris Toe' '5 purely <t eegrtt hie nrrpa ration, possessing the i ro8> -' Cleaning the leelhlUM SVJSth rrsteripg the gums to Tecltliy state, and preventing any unpleasant taste >n odouri Ae month, whether ari?:n? front deccyrd teeth or (Votti a ranged state of the stomach. It it designed tohe used with a tooth orush. and will be fouun lr. supersede the necessity e fs r: w Jer .keel ing the teeth clean 4n<t jTrveutuie the wrarii.v away oi the kuim It .n Uie teeth It is particularly useful in cases of mangy gums, restoring thei to a healthy state, ud causiug them to contract around th* teeth. In painful affections of the teeth and gums, arising froi evposure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is (>a> iirularlv serviceable to rse the Orris Tooth Wash at night jiir before retiring to Mst. This tin thod is recommended nyemi nent dentists, as by so doing all particles of food which seen nulate durinj the day are entuely removed. and the ntont sent through tl:.- niylit i' t clean, sweet, and healthy state Sound teeth and white teetn are the most valuable portion* of poor humanity; but how many neglect the attention n< cessary for their preservation, even wheu surrounded by all th> means ueedeiL Among tluse we know of none more pleasai *>,.1 i* IT* ii a I ibnn ih* Orris Tooth Wash -it cleanses and win tens the teeth, strengthens the guins, p<i firs the month, em sweet* ns the hrealh. Wr recommend it u?e to all, vouug mi Id ?[Boston Morning Post. The Orris Tooth Wash it the. heat detergent we eve> nasi' our enamel.?{ Beaton Transcript. For sale by the priucipal druggists ill t m< i ARTIST 1 N H A 1 IT! MANUFACTURED FROM LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR. NOT lesa than two inchea long, iu one hundred different designs? Necklaces, Bracelet*, Watch guards, Ear-rings, Flower*, Kings, Witt* and Scalps. A. C. BARRY'S WlGS ANT) SCALPS Still atauil pre-eminent above all other*. Their peculiar light gossamer, and ventilating character, their being ahaped exactly as thetiatnral hair grows; their elasticity and their superior inn lerial and workmanship, as well aa their style of finish ami ar arrangement, all combine to form such perfect heads of hail that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. Parties having a piece of hair of a living or deceased friend oaugvl it formed by him iutoany design the mindcau eoncei?e In such a form it will be a keepsake invaluable. Gratuitous advice riven on all diseases connected with lhhair, at the Hair Cutting Rooms, MS BROADWAY, eor of Liberty street, iyl28m* I'll Stairs. GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. L'A DIES NEED NOT DE8PAIK. Dll. A. . f 'ASTLF, has a Paste for filling decayed hollow teeth. Il cm, be put into tile most tender teeth without any prill or inc'.'.ve.deuce, and with which it becomes impacted into ONE hard solid body, thus icstoritig an i preserving (hitherto painful and useless teeth) artificially sound, and per lv ill their respective uses for life?preventing IN ALI CASKS, the necessity of extract) n. Ladies the most distinguished in society, otter their testimonials iu the most vivi i?rins, a? to i's efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Post, says " It is admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervous persons, and Dr. Castle operates on the teeth wi'li great rare and ability." The New York Aurora, says " It make the teeth iu all respects perfect for life." The 8nn, says:? " Dr. Castle hnsob allied much celebrity for hisexcellrnt mode of tilling the teeth." The most eminent gentlemen of tie Medical Faculty, have personally tried auu recommend Di Castle's Paste for filling the teeth. Tooth-ache Pills, one ol w hich put iu the aching tooth, will effect a permanent cure. [From tne Journal of Commerce 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION.?Dr. A. C. Castle has replaced by a most ingenious piece of dentn mechanism, the lost portions of the upper ami lower jaw bones shot away in the case of Lieut. S . of the U. S. N,, wh, met with this terrible and severe casualty, while in pursuit o the Indians iu Florida. We have teen letters Irom Lieut. 8 confirmatory of this extraordinary cure and its entire success that the loss of these important organs so skillfully replaced by Dr. Castle is now no more a sou Ce of regret lo the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts artificial on the principle of adhesion by atmospheric pressure, which he first introduced to the notice of tlu public in 1828. Dr. A. C. Castle refers to the Spanish, Freucl. and English Ambassadors, Mr. Stimghton the Spanish Consul Rear Admiral Walton, Lord'Morpeth, Gen. MeOarty, Dr. F. U. Johnson, President of the (Medical Society, S. N. Y.; Mrs. Gen. Gaines, J. B. Beck, M. D. Dr. J. A. Smith, Dr. E. Dels field, Dr. Beadle, Dr. Boyd, Dr. Buger, Dr. J. C. Cheesmsn Dr. A. H. Stevens. Dr. J Torrey. Dr. Baylies, Dr. Wji. G ay son. Ike ke.. &c. Office 297 Broad way. <13 lin*r HUMBUG. COME cry humbug ont of envy?some from jealousy cry humbug?some from sheer ignorance of the thing cry hum bug. I do not believe that everything is gold that shines, ue Ho I believe rhat every tiling which is hastily denounced is a humbug. Men need not be frightened Dy a mere outcry. Prove a thing and then judge of it. I was led to the above remarks by a very sensible gentleinai saying to me tlusday,that " Pease's Hoarnouud Candy" was . humbug. Now, I know better from actual experiment. I find it one of the best things for the throat and voice, hoarseness, anil cough, which 1 have ever used. Let each try and see for himself. HUMAN BANGS. J ABloroi tne metnoinsi mpiscnpai i.nurrn, No. JO Forsyth st. New York, Drc. 13th, 1R42. .Messrs. John Pease Si Son, 45 Division tt. J. PEASE & SON'S Celebrated Compound Clarified Essence of Hoarhound Candy, Deimt 13 Division street, for (he Cure of Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Irritation of the Throat. Croup, Whooping Cough, Asthma, Palpitation of the Heart, Liver Complain;, Night Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration, and all Diseases leading to Consumption and Death! This pleasant medicine is formed by a combination of twenty-five different iigrcdients, all celebrated for the cure ol Colds, and Pulmonary Complaints; and by its combination, if one ol these articles should be used separately and afford no relief, ill the Compound Extract of Hoarnouiid they are so amalgamated, that the benefit of the whole is experienced in one compound. THE OPINION OF THE CLERGYMEN. The undersigned have used J Pease 8t Son's Compound Extract of Hearhouud Candy, and freely recommend it to these afflicted with Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and Consumptive complaints, as an excellent remedy in these cases, and for the use of the voice professionally, nothing can equal it. We recommend it to our brethren throughout the Union. Re verend I. Lindsey, recent pastor of M. E Church, Second street. Revert ud J. Crawford, pastor of the second M. E. Church, Hudson, N. Y. Reverend Mr. Lucky, presiding elJer, New York Cou ference. Keveieml Mr. Whitaker, pastor of Presbyterian Church, corner of Madison and Cnthariue streets. Reverend W. C- Hawley, chaplain at City Hospital. Reverend Mr. Giffen, pastor of M. E. arch, Bedford Street. Reverend Mr. Hart, recent pastor of Baptist Church, Gold street?residence 521 Pear! street. Sold wholesale and retail at 45 Division street. Agents Rnshton & Aspitiwall, 10 Aster House, lit Broadway, and KC William street. Agents out of the City. Bergest St Ember. No. 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Redding St Co, No. R State street, Boston. Dexter, No. 57 State street, Albany, N. Y. Huldeman. Louisville, Ky. Thomiwon tt Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Weeds A Waters, Troy. An agent wanted at New Orleans. COUNTRY MERCHANTS and ethers wishing steam confectionary wilt find it to their advantage to call on tin subscribers before they purchase elsewhere. Boxes cf "ssortrd confectionary put up in the following sizes: viz?I5lb, 20lb, 251b, 50lb, 751b, 100 dozen, or any quantity-required, at very low prices. J PEASE fc SON, 45 Division st. N. B.?AH kinds steam confectionary at 25 cents per pound at retail. Broken Candies at 16d. per pound. J. PEASE & SON. A CARD.?As the Holyday season is now rinse at hand, when families are preparing to receive their friends in the old Knickerbocker style, Messrs. J. Pease & Son are ready to receive orders for Ire Cream Jelly. Jelly rtlommouge; Charleti de Rinse; plain and ornamental Cake; Kisses, Mackeronies; French and American Mottoes; Pyramids, Temples,Lady Apples, am) in fact, every thing suitable for the embellishment of a New Year's Table. In each department of this branch ol th<ir business they haie procured the best, of men, fully understanding their duties, and feating no rival. All orders, ente r for the present or for New Year's day will be promptly attended to as heretofore. J. PEASE St SON. O" Ice Cream and Jelly, in forms, at six shillings per quart. N.B. No New Year's Table should he without Pease's Orange Cream Candy?It possesses the most delicious 11 ivor ol any Havana Orange?It is told wholesale and retail at 45 Division st. dlR Imr ARTIFICIAL TEETH. ON THE PRINCIPLE OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE. MLEVETT, Dentist, the introducer into this country in the year IR15, of inserting Teeth on the above scientific principle, as practised by himself ALONE, courts the attention of the public to his great improvement. The established reputation of Dr. Levelt. his easy, well known, peculiar, anil scientific adaptation in supplying the da ficiciicn s of the Teeth, lid the unvaried satisfaction given, which he fully gu rratilees in all cases, warrants Ins inviting the attention of the ladies and gentlemen who have had artificial Teeth unskilfully set, or who may require new for those displaced by nature, M. LEVETT, Dentist,260 Broadway, corner Warren street, opposite the Park. [Copy of a Letter Irora M. M. Noah. Esq, to Dr. Levitt J ... Nkw VoriK, May 24th, 1842 Dear SirIt is both a matter of duty and pleasure to state, that til-set of artificial teeth on the principle of" atmospheric pressure which yon made fora lady in my family, has succeeded in every respect, in appearance, comfoit, and utility, anil has given entire satisfaction. I am, dear sir, your obedient servant, [Signed] M. M. NOAH. Dr. Levett has Permission to refer toso '( he elite of the citizens ol New York. dR 1 in*r COUGHS AND COLDS. 13 EMEMBKR.No 54 North Sixth street, one door below '* Arw street, Philadelphia, the mostcerrain and best Family Medicine, for Coughs, Cold Spitting Blood, Throat and Lung Disease, a rising sensati n like choking, tickling, or unpleasant obstructions. Ko. the above. Dr. SWAYNK'S Com pound Syrup oi Wild Cln rry will be fonud the great remedy Persons who have unused themselves by the useot ardent spiritr will find both their strength apd resolution much unproved by ! -ving off the spirits, and lulling i draught occasionally of the n ve restorative. All prepaianons from this valuable tree, ex< ept tlm above,may he considered spurious or counterfeit Th< re d article may be had of ibe following Agents, or at No. 54 North Sislh street, Plnldelplii ? AGENTS Dr. W. H. M1LNOU, Druggist, No. 192 Broadway. MUS. M. HAVES, No. IW Fulton st, Brooklyn. BEN J. OLDS, Newark. N J. JOHN MASON, Patte von. N. J. d? 2m?r VI ^ 'Ck M K ( < ISTELLO.? I' eni.ib I'cnodic tl Pill,guar antved in every case where the monthly periods have heroine irregular from colils or other causes. Their certainty ol action hi. long been aeknowleuged by the medical profession, and hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted ti medies?mdi eil, so sure are these Pills in therr effects, that care is sometimes necessary to their use; though they contain m medicine detrimental to the ooiistitution. Advise given gratis to all those who use the Pills, by Madame Costelln, 34 Lis pemrd st, wheie the Tills are sold genuine. Price $1 i>er bos <116 lm*r RHEl MAT ISM ! RHEUMATISM'! RHEUMATISM"! A tnfere baffled the skill of the most celebrate d physician , is cured by S J. Tobias' Hhumttic Lincrnent. It is slso efficacious iu the speedy cure of sprains, stiffness in the li bs. sort throats,kc.,uid a remedy which no family ought to I?e without Korsnle oolv nt 42 Maiden Line, up ^tors d!3 lin*r FASH I ON ABLE ST( )CKS OTAKKS?< HAVATS?GLOVKN. kc. kc.?Old Establishment ? PAKnKLLH k AGATE. established '8JH.? In addition to their extensive assortment or Fashionable Goods, the subscribers arc receiving by every arrival from London anil P iris, a new supply of fashionable Mca'fs and Cravats Their assortment of fashionable Stocks, flcar/s, Cravats, ready made Linen, (foi which thej ecaivedtht I st premium itmi lati Fa if or tin American Institute,) Gloves, Su-j>enders, Hosiery, Silk, Merino Lambswooland Buckskin Shuts and Dnwers; Mel ii rticlt i iniof to i tsotl m u' wardiobe( >" rich and varied. Gentlemen calling at the old establishment, | may d< peod on being furtiuhe I with a superior article, of f Kit latest fashion, at fair -oi l moderate nrices. PAKSELLS at AGATE, 211 Bro&dw 1 , Iietw in Park Place ami Murray trebt P. k A . continue the manufacture of tlu ir celebrated Braces ami gentlemen** (tuftsin Hi dint/ Bells. dl3 l*n*r jf E M c) V A L. f UILLII'y CASH TAILORING K.iTABUsH MliNT, Is removed |r?,m I4.'j Broad wu >o No. T Astro tloqjw ECONOMY IN OENTEEMEN'S IJKEffl. Gn uncut* of a most ?I<ftiitf and H '(mutable kind nta saving of till per ct;lit for cash. 'I* H K advertiser dt trns it unnecessary to resort t.) che IwckI nc yed system of giving a list - : mm in I prices, prasamiiui oat the length of time he hn* been established, together with , (< est* ivi i it bestowed on mm, wWl pfovi a WIS i . * ' aasinirtbc arlv mUof a, mi- t dwitii ? viemivr cloth establishment in Eur??|t / M'ti b'! '., *? ' il. 11 he< a f'urttisl C.otfu ? winch, on com. .iteii. ?,v ll be ftuind lowr r than tny other house making up ? ? br i' . riptu ni of KMitleWu S drefi. f| \?for I use Brendwai ijuxH i CHEMICALS. DRUGS. OOPAIVA CAPSULE* AND UERAM SILVER, rvn. kkuchtwanokk, n<?. i, waii street, offerscbr ' micals, Drugs, Dyeituff*. very cheap, and warrant* all In rrei>ariti"!i* ol best <joali'y and ihe mo t genuine in marbii vixi?Litnir cniutic ami rilvcr crystals, from M ct? 'o $1 25 p.ox ; ai|ua forti?8ct* per lb ; hyurocyiuu- acid Pit. 0- S. 25 ct perot ; pure none arid f?, jewellers and chair rn ikvrs I8\ el pr lb; copuva capsules be?t .jnality, $7, ill. ami $20 or Bros* nitrous acid 14 el* pr lb; lahAJraques chloride of ?oua, with F re rich I -beli $2 75 pr do* ; jodine 25 ct* pr or ; dentist* (fold foil, of the most approved manufactures, $70 pro*; diamouc cement $12 pr )fros* ; spirit* of hartshorn, froin 7 to 20 ct* pr lb and sweat spirits of nitre from 8 to 20 cU pr lb; jodines of potas sin, iron, sulphur lead, mercury 50 cts pro*; weedish lecche $10 pr 100; chloride of jodine 75 ct* |m o*; bromine $2 pr oi; and hypohtlphide of sodn $1 50 pr lb; compound chemical whale oil soap and all bis iniisous warranted. Extract logwood and chip' dyewoods, sold very cheap. Apply to 1)11- lews keuchtw anger, 0l7Sm*ec No. I Wall ?t., N. V TO THE LADIES. Dh. HULL'8 UTEHO ABUOM1NAL SUPPORTER. T^HIS uew iuiutumt fot the radical cure of Prolapsus Uter A or Falling of the Womb, by external application, *u|>ersed ill* the use of the objectional Pessary, is confidently recom mended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration t< health, it never linviuir failed of |i?rformiUR a cure, evcunndri the most aggravated circumstances. _ , The Supporter has attained a very high character in Kuropr as w.-ll as in this country. It-is adopted to the enurei disuse ol pessaries,*nd all other painful siirifical expedients,in the Lyme Hi-Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally recom mended in Europe by medicnl mcu of the highestrank In the couutry i lis sustained by the leading members of the facnltiei of f^ollrgcs and Hospital*, and by nil the emiueut private prac lit inner* Kooins have beeu famished delusively for ladies, at No. t Vesty street, having a separate entrance from the business department, where a laiy is in constant attendance, to appr Trusses aud Supporters to female psrieuta. Ti4 Imr* PRIVATE MEDICAL NOTICE! TM A IJA DTtniTt l 1J Itl fIB' IIMVAl.ll).' rPHKllK i? one class of invalids who merit the warmest ?> u> * pathy of all who desire to alleviate the sufferings of the al litcied. That class consists of those who are laboring uudei the effects of those virtousiudulgeiices into which erring am thi nghtless youth are so often impelled by passion or the con Iakioii of evil example. What more pitiable sight cau there be than that for iustiuice, of the father of a family, who hat lout siuce repented of his youthful errors, but who bears about wm him in his system, and iierhaps transmits to his innoceut on spting, the consul]uences of his forme' indiscretions ! Delicact prevents hiin from ..polying to a ]ihysician and he not unfre qnently falls into the hands of uneducated pretenders. Man) young men,again, are deterred from entering into matrimonia engagements from the fear or consciousness that disease is lurk ittg in lh< ir system. To all such suff'ererslhe College of Medicine end Pharmacy o the city of New Vork, offer the means of security from secou dory disease, and for tin rcin ivd of it whengp* vent, inlliei new and celebrated "Parisian Alterative Mixture," so exten sively used by Mr. Kicoru is the Venereal Hospital of Paris This medicine is put up in cases containing half a dozen buttle with copious diieclions (01 use, and labels which cannot exeit any unpleasant remarks. These cases arc guaranteed to eon tain a sufficient quantity of this new remedy, to cure *11 syplii litic impurities of the blood, cutaneous eruptions, affections u the throat and nose, nodes, ulcers, pains in the boues, 4tc. Put chasers can at aJI times correspond with the consulting fhyn ciau of the College. Price of the cases S5 each. Salely let warded to all parts of the Union, Canada and the West Indies The cases and medicine are so put up that no concealment i necessary. By order, W. S. RICHAPDSON, Agent. Principal office of tho Coi-t.Kiig. 97 Nassau street, New York oWwwie CURE I if CHRONIC DISEASES. DR. V. PRUD'HOMMK, front Parn, disci pie of the illua trious Hahnemann, whose science anil doctrines havi astonished all Knropc, and gathered around him a crowd o eminent physicians, eager to receive his instructions, and t profit uy Ins experience, announces to the public that he ha selected New York as the place of Ins tabors, and of his pet manent residence. Dr. K. P. has been professionally and intimately connected in Krauce with men, whose names are honored and reverence in this country; and during ten years' practice, he has visiie many parts of the United Stales, and of the West Indies, witl a view to elucidate several points in science, till then involvei in much doubt and obscurity. He just arrives from Paris, where he has been to commtitii catcfie result of his observations to the Gallic Society, o which he is a member, and now returns tine to diffuse th fruits of his experience and the blessings of he&lth. In the course oi bis travels and practice,he lias performed,b] the help of bis method, founded on the laws of Specifics, cure which nad resisted every other mode of treatment; tnoreovet he wishes to be judged not from words but from works Suffici it to say, that besides ?!l maladies reputed incurable, there i ue disease so dreadftil, so inveterate, such as Consumption diseases of the skin, ring worms, Cancer, Kistula of all kinds Scrophula," Dropsy, Ac-, that he cannot euttrely uxtirpate.By the same m.'thud,all diseases iscident to females and childret arc promptly and radically cured. Dr. I* inay be consulted every day, from 10 A. M to . I IV1 at his office 78 Duaite stseet, near Broadway. Consultation! friven in the gugiisit, Krunch. German, Spanish and Italiat angiiaires. nl 3m*r I DOCTOR ELLIOTT. OCULIST AND OPTHALMIC SURGEON, Confines his Practice to DISEASES OF THE EYE Office 261 Broadwav. corner of Warren street. n2 Imr DR. MORRISON. N ORTH RIVKR DI8PBN8AKY.294>< Kultou street nea Greeuwich.?l)r. Morrison, Member of tlte Koval Collcgi of Snrgeous, Loudon, and formerly Surgeon in the British Na vy, cuctiaues to be tousulted daily on all disease- t.l a delicati nature, Mid all those distressing symptoms consequent on inju dicinus treatment, and the imprndeut use t tquact medicines Dr. M. has had an experience of twenty t wo yeats it treatini delicate diseases iu all tlieir various antic implicated (arms,am use ; a mild, safe and infallible substitute I or mercury, eradical ing the venereal virus with certaiuty, w ithout subjecting thi palirnt to any risk or restricting him iu I tsusual diets or pur suits while his medicines are agreeable in taste and smell. Per mauent obstructions iu the urethra, such as strictures and en Ivgemeutof the prostate gland, accr inoauied with tnuch irri laticu and dull imin about these parts, are some of the conse qrenccsol mnl-lreatmeiit. Dr. , Ueatsstrictures in a scten U?p manner. promoting absorption oT the thickened utrula mcmnrine without .my paiu. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thousands of yoeui mru are suftenui.' from tile coiiseiiueufei of indulgence in a se cret destructive habit,;unl whole urrves are further injured fron the Mo of uiutnuTM .-.I d ,-reu ..drd specifics, wuch atlmnnti wily to induce greaii r depression. Dr. M. treats such cases 01 purely pathological principles,and never fails iu establishing i cure?the strictest honor and confidence are observed. Letters |*)st ,-ai-h and containing a suitable fee, will eusan tic correspondent full advice, and medicine to any i?rt of tin Union, by his giwng a hixco.y of his casein detat). 201>% Kul on street pear Greeown li. d7 lm*r il|C(j|) REWARD.?CROSS' SPECIFIC MI^TUllK.iptJaXvi ! or the Cure of Oomiorrhora, Gleets, Strictures an' ftuaJoyous complaints o fthc organ so (generation. Oi en remedies yet diaeoyered for tie* above complaiuls, llii is tne most certain It males a spec dv and permanent cure, withontt he least re stricliuu toJi dtitiK exposure, or change in application to ba iness. We give no long ipnackish recommendations to deceive th' ft '.ic. If the medicine does not not speak for itself, no on shall speag rit Uur object is to until, where il can he had and the proprietor coanecges a single case id recent Uonmrr rhoea to be Drought, in which the mixture will not effect a rapn cure, under a forfeiture of SiflO. This is a disease that nnfortuuately pervades all rooks of to cieey?high, low, rich and poor, matriinonial and single. The; are here presented with a remedy by wlhch they can cure them selves without the leant exposure in the shortest tune possible Further, the disease canuot be contracted if ariose 01 th mixture is taken at night on going to bed wlieu ex|Kj?ed. It is put up in botrlea with full directions accom|?iiymg it, a $1 a bottle- One bottJe lasts a week, which generally curesmany are cured in two days. For sale only at Wm. H. Mitoor's, 192 Broadway, corner o John street, opiarsite Franklin House, New York; J .Jones corner of Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadelphia: and at J M. Smith's 131 Washington street Boston. 08 lm*r FEMALE PHYSICIAN, 34 LISPKNARD STREET. lV/TAJJAME COSTELLO, Female Physician, still ctmiinne to treat, with sitoniabing success, ill diseases pcctilinr b females. Stipp'etsion.irregulnritv, abstraction, &c, by whatever cans produced, cau na tsnsves by Madame y. in a very sort ttnt Madame C.'s medical estahlisooicut having undergone thorougl repairs and alterations for the better accommodation of he uumerour patients, she is now prepared to receive ladies on th point of confinement, or those who with to be treated for ol slrnction of their monthly neriod. Madame 'I. can be consulted "t her residence No. St Ltspan srd st, at all times aud with the strictest regard to secrecy. All eonilttntiiestinnsand letters must he post-paid dir. 1m dygewv'*r the sultan of Mi ScaT HAH had Sherman's Lozengrs and is delighted with them, a every one iu this country?so toey aro used by crowne heads as well as he humble citizen. Jouathan Howarth, Esq . the well known temperance lec tnrer, took a severe cold lastJaunary by sleeping in dam sheets, that seemed to have settled in a consumption. II raised a great deal of bloody matter, and cough was so bai rassing and MOMMUt that he could get no lest by day or h night. Aflertiying various remedies without relief, lie though that death a'one would relieve him of his misery. But hy ill advice of a lady ha purchased a box of Sherman's Cough Lo xewges; they gave him great relief, and to his surprise allayei his cough, made him raise easy, and enabled him to sleep sonic all liight; three days'use ol their made a in w man of hint, n he is recommending Sherman's Lozenges to all his acquain tancei. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENOKS Are the only infallible worm destroying medicme ever disco vereil. 1.1(10,00(1 hoses lisve been sold, and not a failure ha ever been known. They destroy all kinds of woru s,and can not injure where there are none. DISTRESSING HEADACHES Are rnred m live to ten minutes, by Sherman's Camphor Lo zenges, so eelehiateil as die ouly specific for sea sickness, pal pitation, lowuess of spirit, .ml the lassitude aud fatigue ol boot or iniud atiHudiug traveling or crowded parties WEAK BACKS, PaiD or weakness in - ny part of the bodv, rheumatism and lum bago, cured by Sherman's Poor vlao's Plaster, which cost only 12 > cents, anj warranted better lhau all others. SHERMAN'S ORRIS T??OTH PASTE Is recommended hy the many who have used it as the best pre paratton for cleaustng and beautifying the teeth that ever wa known SORE NIPl LES Positively cured by Sherman's Papillary Oil. Warehouse, I<X> TXa?sm srrect, ,>cw inra. Agenvs? Sand's, 77 East 3 roadway, 273 Broadway cnriie Chambers at, and 2(7 Hudson st; Rusnton and Aspinwall's fl William, III) Broad w av, and Hi Astor House; Church's, IK Bowery; and Mm. Hay'j 111 KhIIoii street, Brooklyn; S Htan street, Boston; ('. Dyer, Jr., I'ro.videsiee; A. Gutli'ie, I Bun wix Hall, A! baiiv ; :t Ledger Buildings, rhiladelphis; Ilred c rncr (Jav and Hirntng* sis, Biltimor' ; and Robeson, Hal ri.rburg, I'a : -tjl Broadway, Corner llrinil at. '121 K UK r MAT IS,VI ! RHEUMATISM ! 1}EKHO N S afflicted with Rli< iimatisin an- now beginning t 1 be aware that if they Continue to suffer any longe r the: ran hlninr no o> e but themselves, Dr. Henry's Vcgeiabh Mlitamaije Syrup now stands above all doubt in the cure a Hlirni'iaiiam. To art whom it may concern?Tliia ccrtifiea that last sprint I waa taken with a violent rlieomatiam in all my limba. Hi ureal waa the pain that I waa unable to turn over in my be, without help; and at one time the pain was no severe that I ill not sleep for nearly a werk. I employed an or i iglit physician who ci til" not relieve me m the least, when heart! k of Di Henry's Svrtip I procured a bottla oil Tiiuisday morning, am on Saturday following I walked nearly two iniles. I kep steadily imp ovinit, ano in two weeks I was perfectly cuied and am now able to bear any fatigue and esposnre. HENIIY MARSALL, 261 Houston si, opposite Ludlow. Thus we g<i. Not a week passes but dotans of persona nr calling at the office to tell bow rapidly they li lve been iclievci by this medicine. Forsale at 2M> Bowery, corner of Honshu street. dj5 lm*r CERTAIN CURE K< >R AM. DEAKN'I: HifONR. MAI.LAN-HOUND M AtlNIKIKRH?IN VISI fVl BLK VOICE CONDUCTORs.-To enable person, instantly, at an advanced age, and of forty and fifty years standlug, of i xtrrme deafness, and of those who are only slightly dull of hearing, to join in grueral conversation and to eatch tin sound ol a dist.,lit low speaker at a public ass, inbly. Tliey an the ai/.c of a very small gold sen n shilling piece, and when ii tlie cavity o( the earalhevan not in tin |c ,-i; pi-recplible, uoi more uncomfortable than having; a small piece of tine Wool it its place. And although they are so extremely sirfull, yet lh< y enable those afflicted with extreme deafness to bear, ui ever; resjs-ct, npial to those of ntosl ,iri urate bearing. To be had of Moas Mil Ian.h Tson, Burgeon Dentists, soli agents for the patentee, No. '72 Broadway. next tn the Ciliot Club. I be above invention has been tn ns? hi Europe lor somi ye ms mil is strongly .eeomm' ti'li d. being one of tltt greatest dm ov#-ri , oi tVe ,g.-. I no re-.d.-i.fa in New Votlr C??V, on the r-ntft-,tie. of (in, I III li ,ve a t I[ tin Willi li by post to any put. il2t| tin * i ( tOLLECTKLN'M Oil all parts of liie United States mads Or w the most favorable terms by 2. J. SYLVESTER, d* M.Wsll susstantl lib ? road wiy. 0 ON STKiCTURi; aWU US CURE. Fie nor. .owing remarks will place beH'OI! E thr public a few "foot deeply interesting facts.? First, That thr disease called Siuictuhk, is of very freyuent occurrr i r ami often roa sts in persons who are not in thr least awors of it; rat that a reryi erroneous notion prrcails respecting Stricture, and Ihat ignorant advertising profile take a bad advantage of this erroneous notion; then, that there are thrervarlicul n m c. assistances by which a Stricture miry 'ie unsays known? and in thr last place, that the cure of Stricture is certain, free from pain, und generally accosnpnshed I in a vary little lime. With regard rothe first of these remarks:? it is well known Strittore is the result jf a badIv treated Gonorrhea If, for instance, that disease is suffered to coutiuur on from mouili to month, M slides into a sleet. Now, there is no pain or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it is often suifried lo remain Indefinitely. But it should be known that gleet implies achronic inflammation oftlie passage, which naturally termiuates in thickening, and this thickening at one part or other of the passage is stricture ; and. fur'ner, that al though stricture may thus re nain unnoticed fbr a length of time, it is far from laying dormant, but is the hidden cause of many serious maladies, uot only of a sexual, but those also of a tiereons and dyspeptic kind. But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder is thr idea thai stricture c inunt exist so long as no imp.r Jimeut to the How of urine is observed, which is quite a mistake. A stricture often exists for years without producing any .very striking change in this respect; indeed a diminished or interrupted stream of urine belougs only to the worst of cases, and it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. The advauutge, however, which ignorant advertising people take ofthia erroneous notion is very cruel. Every bedy knows how men of this discription swarm about this city, and that , they will sell their uostrums as loug as any one will buy.them. Now, it is a fact, and oue which every real physician will immediately ackuow ledge, that all the medicine ip thr world, I alone, can never cure a stricture, lu proof ol this, nothing is more common lhav for the writer to be consulted by persons who have been tat ,ng all manner of things?as colored <P ps, aud pills, and cordials, and the like, for many montns together, but whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he r..s cured ill nsniHiiy uays. With a view of preventing theae impositions. therefore, il seems dtsirable t? lay before the public a lew plain eirciun by wh?ch a Stricture may be known, which can be easily done : for a though the svim lonu of this disease are numerous, there are three ol especial import, ami these tnree may uo stated very brietly?they are the following : The lirst relates to Themanner of urinatmn.?It has beenalready said the stream need not be much diminished or iui|*ded. But observe atlen' tivelv, after it is finished and the clothes are readjusted, wheth? era drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little? nothiuk is more indicative of stricture. The ueit is The time a Gonorrhoea has remained uncureri.?U is diffi! cult to say how longa (iouorrhma or Gleet may run and not produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disimsed to stric' turethau another: but, as a neutral rule, if it should be suffered to (to ou beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient grouud, at least, for the suspicion of a stricture. 1 he last is? 1 The efeci a stricture has uj>on the mtnd.?The effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits, and rolewcn both bodily and mental activity. This also is one of its most common effects. Not, however, that it is seen alike in every individual, hut it is so common that the writer rarely sees a case of stricture (and he sees many every day) in winch the patient does not complain 1 more or less, that he is not so capable ofbusiness as formerly. It is gratifying alio to wituess the uniform return ol spirits, and the disappearing' ol other maladies as the cure progresses, ' Willi regard to the enre ol Stricture, ou this subject it "sufficient to obsei ve (aud it is stated with couhdeuce and idea- f sure) that this is "crtain, free from pain, and generally accoin- J nlishedln a vrrv lit*'e time. So mudli as this could uol have 1 Ee'u advanceT.ome 'car. ago ; but such ha. been the m f ' provement in this art anJ such thepracucal experience of llie wnlel^ that he can no'w aCi. nmi |* , 'l "' ,,,,CtU'e * " raTlTetee?aUo"be? to state ,h" who wish to uu?iirtdk'ltTAeCiiwtaVe^^.t?hi but the cure of all those delicate disev .i^nest manner It is f ctal care and privacy, is directed in they , .trietnre ifnossi,/ advisable, hovvevet, that those who suspect. nnihiiie'willstir? bie, should consult the author personally, and . -|,',m^n,0f piise tiiein inure than the case aud certainty oi ? who mr.y cure. Separate rooms, also, a?e arranged for tho, hare to wait a little, nnd ?n j It only now remains to say a word or two on the gre. ?jtT ,1 which trie public, and especially strangers coming to (bis. ,(J ,1 may rely with confidence on what I as been advanced. Wi I, this view Dr. Ralph begs to state that, beside his rank as gradj uate ?f Kdinhurgn. die. 8tc.?he has been engaged in the cura of these diseases, lioth in hospital and citv practice, for mora than thirty ye.irt, and has published two editions of a work ex( pressly ou them.?Also that he has testimonial letters from the , most eminent physicians ia to the most eminent in America?is Sir Astley Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York, , Dr. fhysick. of Philadelphia, and others, and that he is permit ted to refer to almost every t'hyaieian of stUitieuce in this l5r. Kslph isoons nltrd at his private reiideuee. No. Grecn? wich st-eet, towards the Battery, at any hoar.?He may JM?o ba consulted by post. The little volume above referred to is one 1 dollar. j I trn*c - 'Pur, M<1 V A i'C. i Rf.A 1' 1st.?This is a little volume on a I certain diseases, in which the most convenient and private means of cure are slated in the plainest possible manner. And not only are directions given for the more simple and receut i cases, aut those which have fallen into improper hands, aud i continue ou froin month to month, are iwriicularly dwelt on.? Such persons will see immediately the difficulties which impede their euro, whatever they may be, as well as the plan to ,e pursued in each particular case. It is obtained only of the author, I)r. Ralph. ?8 Greenwich st. Price SI. Dr. Ralph also takes this opportuity of saying that he mar be consulted on the peculiar diseases above referred to, ar|his private residence, rt any hour. Aware, however, of the deep and just solicitude which many feel to consult a person of integrity as well as experience in these pi ,Miliar complaints, tile author deems it pru, er to give < the following short sketch of the opportunities heTas adtolit ' himself tor this trust. And this he is tli- more inclinen to as many have assured him that, for want of information ol this kkid , they haw selected from a list of advertising people the one who had ho.asiel most of wonderful cures?but not without the bitterest re|ieutance. He therefore begs to state that, beside hit rank as graduate of Kdinhurgh, the. Uc. kc. he h is been watching these diseases, both in hospital and city practice, lor more than thirty years, aud has published two editions of a work expressly oil them. Also that lie has testimonial letters from the most cinmeut physicians ol Kurope, to the most eminent in America?as Sic Astley Coo|>er to Dr. Mott, of N.Y. and Dr. Phvsick of Philadelphia, and ethers: and further. chat he has the privilege of refrrriuc Co almost every phvsieiau of eminence in this city. Nothing can be stated, he conceives, a> betlrr ground of confidence to tiiosc wlio are atraugrrsiolnm. Consultation* may he mailt- by post, and for such he has a little J rival* chest, coutaiuin* every thin* nece.sary for a speeily iid private cure. It is forwarded as may be directed. Price SI),_ jl l"'t FUNDING SALOON cV. SHOOTING GALLEK V. 1 KMKKS, 413 Broadway, rnlraiice in Lispenard street, second door,lately from Enrojie, Professor of the an of Fencing, gives instructions in Fencing ; also in the <>f the straight crooked, and Turkish sword, liiiulniu knife, inmket and bnyonet, stuff, and every species ol Weapon*. flnpMNt,iotm of this 'rt, miliMry officers ol theai.n,, naty.kc. are respect fully- invited to rail and witness an villibition of his skill in this list I'ul an I important art. A spacious doable Shooting Gallery, illumiiiated in tlie evening, will also be found with superior Swiss pistols?shoot ing at a oist io- e cf ?lfi i ,rd, rlSln *r OAIJTION TO FEMALES MAUAMr. UESTELL, FEMALF. rilYSICIAN, would inform ladles who with a pro|ter dciiracy, have a rentnrr n 'lice ts the trt atment of tle'ir complaints eirept hy one ol tneir , own set, that In ail cases she attends to them ;iersoually,lier n perietice, practice and knowledge enables lu r to do so She tl<t-in. it necessary to state this, as the does not wish to he f classed with the pretenders continually nPi>rariui{ and disappear nilt, advertising at "Female Physicians, who too ignorant and incompetent themselves are obliged to get soine scircely less ignorant ijnack to ei|>erimeiil instead. Consulting parlors and rrsiJence 14fi Greenwich street, between Conrtlaodt and l.i . bcrty streets. Honrs of ,<!iriidanee from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. t nlO lm*r ^ , _ FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. ' /AWING to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success <f " Madame Kestell's Female Monthly Pills in all eases t>:' ,i irregularity, suppsession, or stoppage ol those function. of ua i tnre upon w hich the health of . very fosnaie depends, liner l' tl eir .nuodQCtiou into the t inted St't. ?, now about lour j i in conntftltils and imitations are constantly attempted t. ! filmed olf for the genuine Ch". p common pills a r pu:. -? J at twelve cents a box, put up in different boxes, and calle i "Female Month! >' rill*." with the object of selling thosi ' possible, rt one or two dollars a but. Females are then lore ' cautioned against thes? attempts to impose upon tirin It's r sulficieu'here to stntt that all Feonlr Vlouthlv Pill* are cooptrrlcits, rto pt those sold at Madame Kt t. II * Principal Office ' 148 Greetiv, icV-jtrr-i, New Yor and 7,klsses street, boston Pncr'tl. ' IS U tell", -iT.nitnre is written o'l fir c?> " ' of each box ' N. II ?They can be used t>jr married or single, by following p the directions enclosed inside of each box. Sold a'so Sv ' pointment at a?s Grand strn; t, cortirr f Allen, New York nl lm*r TO MARRrED LAWKS. VffAOAMK HKSTriLI.'S I'RKV iNl'IVK POWDER 1's-?These invaluable "owdershare been mo ersally idoja wj in lanys, but F raivcc IS larticnlar, for upwards of thirty y. i f| s as well is by thousands in this country, is >eiiu: the only mild, i sal", and fBcaciona rt > tdy for married 1 dies, whose heali 4 forbids b too rapid increase of family, J Madame Hestell, as is wi i! known, was for thiity j.-m > ? " I male Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals in K I rope? those of Vi.-nua Bid Paris?where favorei. p; her gif t expeririice sod opportunities, the at'aiued tliat ccletinty j those great discoveries in medic d science so specially adapted I to the female frame, lor which her medicines sow staud uun i railed, at well in this country as in Europe. Her acquaiutauca 5 with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, euubied il her?hy tracing the decline and ill heslthnl married females, i! scarce in the meridian of life, and the consequent rapid ana i! often apparently inexplicable causes which consign n ?nys i fond mother to*a premature grave?to their true source?io,aw rive nt n know iedge of the ptunary cause* ol female iiidispcxtions?r.spoctally of married females?which, in IK08, led n the discovery e her celebrated " Prevcuttve Powders, t Their adoption aas u<-eii ihc means of preserving n oinf the health, but even the liferf many ao affectionate wife and fond mother. The advertiser feeling the importaui e of this subject, an . , tinintiui: thu vast bvneUUrrsuHing t" liiousands by their ado i tion. would mos' resiwctfally artiusi .oe atteulion ol the ins f ried, by all that they hold near ami dear, Ii. their considers!'.." Is it not wiie and virtuousto prevent evils i > winch we arc su ject, hy simple aud healthy means within otir coulrol. Xver, i- dispassionate, virtuous, and rulightened mind will onhi ?ita s nnily answer in the affirmative. Price live dollar. . pack'.' accompanied with full .tad particular di/ecuoii*. Tin can he forwarded by mail to any part of the U 111 I ml htales. A' letters must be post paid, and ajdn ssed to MADAME 1th. ~ s TF.LLtFem*le Physiciau. Principal office, 148 Wreenwn irptfi, i^ew iote. yracc itonrs rroi/i 9 A.M. t<? 9 o clock f.' BotOP tmP*Np 7 K?mi it. u'8 lin"- f A A I) AM fcl R K S f E L L. * J7KMALI1 PHYSICIAN. Other uin leaidtuce, 1, ( 1 ' wich ureal, between Cuurtlmidt nd Liberty ttrer . y < 5 W t Iki eu ''< ooMitiud with the Mrieto coi ol t plamtg incident to Pia female (nine. e Madame H--?te' 1*?t and know led; c in metre at. fl of WKiMW onset of female irregml.tnty, itoppaKr, tuppret) lie., :> such M to require bat 11 lew days to 1 vl| core. 1-idif" dentine nw ir I aitrn.l nice. during r I Meatmt or other iuaisi itition, e II Ih unvylirrH 01/ii ' 1 men time, with private ndrrtpeetab! 'J "Fnwitin Powder*,'1 lui married pnliet, whiwn M lieate or precarious tie* It lorbitU 1toonnulincreasenffamily, J- will be >ent by mail to in part if ... United Stall . Pun 1 li a |Mc!ia.;e. A ll Letters . ?l (Hi I) iddresvd 111 ' Kn? W I New York. Buttun Office, No. r iMi itrnl- . I , N. H.?.Madame HKSTKL1. would inform ladies rrsnlr g I j ont ofthe city, whoio heal 11 > aldnotcdwttof travelling,that I I she would ile'ntv heri , .? ii' otciidaiic iijioii tlnon ui an? # pert of the I'l.ucd a within trimwahl' distance 11IO Im* POH.TU?.i|ffcS"li FEMALE PILLS. 1 . invK.eTKD sao rHicraaco i*t M. I)fc BOUUKuUtJIrK. M. U.. LIMnON , r ? H U'lrAJ, '|?.|K Scieni'fic combination of mgri . o Bit ol whirl hr.# I Pills ire i onikiii d. hai r mm! tin in '!r* m'o i* i <?! < : J JM ration of tk.- world. Th.-y an- known uf on r Kun>p? to I e -( the only nrcpiiranoo ever durum oof ih ! it pn,v il ini.i.i- iiiy I I c-rtaiii ill producing 'he rimilhiy tun.*, 'fro . n rtanpv, in ell I e i?oi being such that thi v muil not In- u?t il during prrgrjupi I ' (br though always tni d healthy, the) are tertei a el nrndni mieeemage if need dnrunt that period. I IV directions are trau.i.m-d into K.ngluli .and m-r m-lm g I round with the seal of the itnportrr, stamped. In,r con I uluthe ncnetare of M de Bonoelonae, end the Kit lnh il.l rertinns have die sign nun ..( Ol i- 4KLVBA* riseii |^| tgrnt fur tho continent of America. They can be tr.iminilti (I by uu il to any pari ?i tie (lititrd Hlito. I,efter? d ti Or. K. Miltcau, In V, New York, w.II inert wiih immediate nltoutioii All ly'lpt mini ' be p,'*tuaiil. v'nld bv ip no'iceut it 120 "berry, m 11 Catlnrine?;r'' i'riie J. ' *'' lw)T>? tt No half hmue <"nt be mail Im" 'ilfkw PUDL.IIMIBT) DAiAiV BV lAHHI (iflKium BRRIIon 1 N. tV., k'l I.TON AND .NASSAU ST|.-.r. , Thi; Nr.w Yopk daily paper, itwld erery "ie . 'i - I ro . p, . np . I - . : H I I IB '."uM '.i n it H./i per > f i tt. i <vt* lor anr tpeci. ed renod. ? itiiroatim ata rrrpiptied p. art y i*d#l ? ???? . fl", p/'-daDeff *' JM I i eriea hti!*? i?bi' mwipa-e

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