Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 8, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 8, 1843 Page 1
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BY 11 TH 1 = ' Vol. IX.?No. I.?Whole Wo. SDSl. the - r e r'UK MOW ORLEANS. . LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. F^^^fter accommodifio^or ahipiwrs. it i^uEended to J.......i. . 3? iv,,.n this nort on the lit. 5th. 10th, 15th, 20th, and 2Mb of each moulh, com > cueing the lUlh October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed fur the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointment* will bt prevented during the lummer months. The following hips will commence this arrangement : * Snip VAZOO. Caiiuin Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Capuin Jackson. Shin MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. ' Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. / Hi Ship SHAK8PEARE, Capuin Miner. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE. Capuin Mumford. the iuip OCMULfJKK, Captain Leavitt. . a Ship NASHVILLE, Capuin Dickinson. ' Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. t Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These alii|i* were all built in the city of New York, expressfor packeta, are of light draft of water, have recently been t wly MMMM and put in splendid < ?i tier, with accommodation* lor paMengera unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced muter*, who will make every exertion to give Seueral satisfaction. They will at all timet be towed up and own the Misaiuippi aieamboata. Neither the owuer* oa^captain* of these ahipa will bo reaponaible fpr jewelry, bullion, preciooa atones, silver or plated ware, or fdr any letters, parcel or package, rent by o rpat on board of nnlaag r?milor Ht1?? sf i?/liii0 j?t* tAk**n for ths turns u>4 the value theieon expressed. ~~ ?>r freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS It COj. 5< South St., or HULLlN It WOODRUFF, AgeM in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tKeir address. The ini|M of tliia line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taJieu to hare the goods correctly measured. u>< NEW LINE Ob1 LlVLUPOOL PACKETS. To silfrom New York on the 25th and Liverpool ou the lJth Hf each menIk. m m. M. tit "^JGias! New^^HKT Ship OARHICK, Captain Wm. SUiddy, 25th October. EHb5hii> ROSC1U8, Captain Jehu Collins, 25th November. tasSlup 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Dejieyster, 25Ui January. From LivKHpoan. r Ship SlDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship 8IIKRIDAN, Captaiu F. A. Depeyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship GAKRICK, Captain Wm. skiddy. 13tli December. Snip KOSC1UH, Captain John Collins, 13th January. v. f These ships are all ol the first class, upwards of IWt tens, built in the city of New York, with sach improvements ascombine treat sj>eed with unusual comfoit for passengers. Every care has beru taken in the arrange me nt or their accommodations. The price of passage hence is (100, for which ample stores will be provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for ai y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular b' 'Is of ladiug are signed therefor. J For freight or passage, apply to i E. K. COLLINS it CO., 56 Sonth St., New York, or to "??? c. i i a n rvtrrnr s. V A T : _?1 W iVI. A JAO. OAUVT11 at UV>i Letter* by the packets will be charged 12)4 cents per single eheet: 50 cent* per ouuce, and newspaper* 1 cent eech. ol OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. THE of Peu^H^^LiTerpoc^^P^eafter be A de?p*'.ch?d in the following order, excepting that when the day of staling fella on Sunday, the shipe will tail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (Jane 1 Jnly 19 616 tons. < Oct 1 Not 19 D.G.Bailey,, f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND. (Jane 19 Aug 7 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Wail*, f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 too ton*. < Not 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE. (Jnly 19 Sept 7 <10 ton*. {No* 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshal f Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 <18 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 onn I Dec 19 Feb 7 T. b.Cropper./April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE. Sept 1 Oct 17 850 tons, '.Jan I Feb 17 W. GBarstow.r May 1 Jane 19 The COLUMBUS, i Sept 19 No* 9 700 tun*, Jau 19 Mar 9 O.A.Cole. (May 19 July 7 Puuetuality, u regards the day of sailing, will be observed aa heretofore. The price of passage outward ia now filed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of ever* description wi[l lie provided, with the exception of wine* and liquors, which will be luruished by the stewards. GOODHUE* CO.. ?f South at., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burlios-slip, N. Y. jeJ4 lvh BARING BROTHERS h CO., LVool. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. iUfy The subscriber* beg to call the attention of their friends and the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing out passenger* from, and remitting money to, any |W of EiigleuJ, li.l.r.d, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnifier lit pack't sluits, comprising the NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:Ship ROsClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain Cobb. Ship 8Hr.RID.VN, C.iptiiu Depeyster. Ship GAKRlCK. Captain SkidJy. Nrw ihip HOTT1NOUER, Captain Bnrsley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhonse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice erery month; and with the " UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class Ainsriean shi|is, sailing ewety ten daya, will make Rye ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every sia daya) thereby preventing the possi bility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New Ymk Alio font Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Savin u<h, Charleston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the vario s por* in BriUrh North America, can at all times be engaged on liberal terms. - ii ? ~.i r?,l.i. u..j. _:n ?. r-.i o, ... re mom w isoing i<> ?cnu ,v>, ..... ......u., "... ..... .... ... the ulvdiit gc? to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may real auured that unuaual care Hill b; taken to mike -he passage agreeable, the ihipa being litted ni> with an eye aolelvto the mm'art of passengers. lu all Csea where the partiea sent lor decline Coming, the money will be refund d without any deduction, aa usual. A free passage from the rartona seaport, of Ireland and Scotland, can alao be a.cured. !Tl.e regular pa< keta for which the aubaeriberi are agent*, aail aa ollowa, viz To and from London on the lat, jOlli. and 20.h of each mon't. To and from Liverpool oa the lat, Tlh, 13th, )9'h,and tit h of each mouth New Orleana, Mobile, Savannah, ana Charleston, weekly throughout the aeaaon. REMITTANCES. Peraona in the country wiahing to tend money to their friendi bv enrloaiiig the sum they w ish sent, with the name and addreaa of the partiea te receive it, m.y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per firat picket, after the receipt tnereof, and an acknowledgement far the same returned per '. mail. (J Drafts at aight, for any amount, are payable on demand, withuit discount >>r any r charge, at the National and Provia,l ial Binka of Irelai d and branrhes, Eotern Sank of Scotland, ipjrreuock, and their brancliea, Meaara. Jamei Bult, Son k Co., XjSankera, London,, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, f.uil iu (Very principal towuof Ureat Bti'ain and Ireland. Fnrtherpirticulara made known ?u application, if by letter, ,1 .at paid, to ' ^ day r W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip. N. York. iflgy jm> ryCWllTB Fol^M^RBElLLE^xhe undermentioned hiiis vsill be legularly dispatched from hence and from Marvilles on the lat of each month during the year, thus? From New Yoik. Marseillea. 'INERVA.CantJrnwn, N >v 1. Jan 1 I'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Feb 1 'OURIER, Cant Dugan, Jan 1. Marl .'RESCOTT. Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Aid 1 'KLLE9PONT, Capt Adams, Marl. Mayl diKIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jan l They are all copperea and copper fastened,and have excellent ccoinrnodatiotis Tor passengersThe price of cabin passage will lie $104, exclnaive of winea 't r!>o,la addressed to BOYD It HINCKEN, the a tenia, will e forwarded free of other harges than these actually paid. >'or fraight or passage apply to _ G. BROOM fc CO.. or to ottr BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents. OLD ESTABLISHED" EMTOHANT PAS fJ#V8AOE OFF I IE, 6: Booth street, New York?RegB-WMeular Line of Parkers?The subsenber continues to ring ' nt pet sons font any part of Ureal Britain aud Ireland, .. ho may be engaged t>y their friends herr, hy the regular line seket ships, asiling every six days 'mm Liverpool. Pcrt. as inlii.g (or their irien is, msv rely that just care will be . 1 u to hatethem deapnleh-d without delay in Lieerpool.and "V always >ndeavor to merit a CTOUr'ia ce of the publi, of t msmu si Inert <>,* &?o liberally bestowed for many years re*- ho*e -emitting money can have drafts payable at all r II inks and branches ihronthout the United Kingdom. IKWUr farther particulars, ap Jy [tfhy letter, post paid) to vi* John heiu>man, 41 s. uih at. I|>4r8f- FOR LONDON.?Regular packet ol the lOthof ovJV Jannarv IgsJ ?The splendid fast sailing packet ship OvasJfcMONTREAL, Ctrtain Tinker, will sail punctually O#1 Terysnpeiior accommodations for cabin,teeond cabin "" retlgl paaaengeri, persons wishing to embark should Orel V spplicstion on board, foot of Maiden lane. A__J JOSEPH McMUHRAY. . i,, . 104 Pine at. cor. South, reel The slytve will he aneeeeded by the packet ship Ulalil'nr, sud sail on the Kith .fannarr, 1M3. J'srsons wi-hiig to send for their friends residing in the tjI country, eau have them brought ont hy the above ships, or Ry of the regular packets, by applying as sbove ; if by letter, st paid. 12r gs~wra>nriic-*hc subscriber. MJW continue to give oralis paysble on dsmand, without ( QUhfsdiseoiitit. or any rharge whatsoever. UN IRaLAND-The Nstmnal Bank of Inland, the Prorin?,l Bank of Ireland, and their branches in every county. *N ENGLAND AND WALES-Mesara. Jamas Bait Son Co.. bankers, Loudon, the Exchange ana Discount Bank, ( verpooi. and their branches throughout England and Wales. IN SCOT I AND?The Eaa'em Bank oi Scotland, the J eenoek Banking Comi>any, and branches in the principal i ana ; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter k Co. Persons in ihe country wishing to remit money to their I lends in any part ol tMielanri, Ireland, WoUtiiJ, or w ?im, ny oclnamg the nmnniil they wi?h to remit to ihe nlncriberi. ith thr name and addrraa of the pnrlina to whom It latobe it. A draft for the amomt will be forwarderl the fi'it packet \n the receipt thereof, end acknowledgement of the aami retard per flret poet. .. . ilt i W fcj T. TAPBCOTT. 41 Peek .lip. New York. | ~ rRAfCI^PXTENT^ClKfilOA^IB I MR object of rtiie inreniion ie t > ee?t human lile. Py^WT'u- Dumber of paaeeiigrraand other pereone eered hy MMb'^ex' boar? from wrrcka in iinrme when the ordinary . ,t- n ic ewami ed ia over 150. The nuuiberof pereone drewtr for want <>( the Life Boate at the bnrm g anal wrecking of amhoata end other eeeerle ie accotdi'iit to aecounta publieheil i pact mon'h ovrr 550. ft in impossible to swomp tliie boet. ie pi ice variea from S7t to to RaM, a -cording to the number i-rreone they are required to eerry, with tlie bottom atove in I be rls a ,f r>o ita for picking up inen falliaa overboard, are light '? to rt ijnire but two inrn lo handle them, and by the or apparitor c-n bar eat ie the the water na 30 eemiida, with f< iue iu her ready fet the rescue Ae the eafrty ol eeeeele I* .a pe da mainly on the ?ervieee of the crew, thie elaee ol iiga ia int-ndou for tiieir preservation. ? Office uf KRANCIH' I'atancJLife Boat 7 Wallet, TV At Ailaeae a Co S Repress Office M, raM^sMSI^ , r E NE NE ~NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS- I PORTATION COMPANY I NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From tne lout of Ceu rtlaadt itreet, New York. (Everyday?Sunday itnfepted.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark It ? A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7K A. M. At IK P. M 1'K do. 4 do. 8 do. 3K do. 4W do. 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. It 1# do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Cenrtlandt ?erect. Leave New York, 1ieaTe Newark. At 9 A. M. and t?P. M. At IK P; M. and in P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWti, Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P.M. IK A.M. 2K " I OK A. M. <2 P. M. llTM^ 9K " The train* for We*tfield, Plainfteld. Boundbrook, Somerville, be., connect with the 9 A M, 2 end tK P M train* Irom New York, daily, Bniidays etcepted. Fare between New York and Elisabeth Town 15 cents. Fare between do and Somerville, 75 cents. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced, f rom the foot of X.iberty street, daily, teste New York. Leave New Brunswick. At ? A. M. At 5K A. M. 2* P. M. 7>2 ? <3 " UK. " 9 P. M. On Bnndaya the Ski and 7>{ A.M. trips from New Brunswick ind 2X P. M. train from New York, are omitted. Fare between New York and New Brunswick, 75 cento. Rnhway, 50 ceut* The fare in the 5X and 7J? A. M. train from New Bruuser ick. and 2?? and IX P. M. train from New York, has been re dnceu. New York and New Brnnswick, to 50 cents. " and Rahway to 37X " Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, re aeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchased. nil 3m* WINTER ARR/ NTIESTRTSPT NEW YORK AND PITTLADF.LPIIIA llAILROAD LINE DIRECT. Vic Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leave New York, from the loot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and 4K P M. 'X'he morning O'ue proceeds to Bordentown, (rom thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change of can. Passengers will piocnre their ticket* at the office foot of Liberty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness*. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without being opeueu by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for tlip Ladies use. Keturning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.aml 5 o'clock, P M. The Line* for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, and 4 P M, being a continuation of the lines from New York. *24 3m* r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS < AH FOR ALBANY", TROY, AMD BUFFALO. By the Housatomc Hail Koad, running through from this City to Albany in Twelve Hours. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the morning. The subscribers have made arrangements with the Housaloni Rail Head Company, to run an Express Car (exclusively for ossr own purpose) dailv, over their road with the passenger train, running through to Albany in twelve hours, and are now prepared to receive and forward at low rates. Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Ooods, (ic., for any of the above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, drafts and accounts, and such other business as may be entrusted to their care. d3t POMEROY It CO. 2 Wall s'reet. New York. PUL.LEN & COPP'S NEW WuF ALBTm 7 ThJWANSStIieal fcAftlK3?. Meun. Hamdrn k Co. having disposed of their ronte Irom New York to Albany and Troy, the subscriber#, the old conductors of Harndrn k Go's Northern Express, from New York, will continue to ran at heretofore,leaving New York, Albany and Troy, Daily , and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Express, and will forward Specie, fiank Notes, Packages. Bundles,Cases of Goods, tie., to any place between New York and Montreal, and throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Bosron, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection of notes, drafts, acceptances, tic., and prompt retnras made for the same, PULLEN It COrP. O^iees?Pullen It Conp, 2K Wall street. New York. Thos. (rough, 15 Exchange, Albany. A O. Ftlkins, 228 Hirer street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul st, Montreal. REFERENCES. New Yorm. At.b*rnr. Trot. Prime, Ward It King, E.J.Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, k Co., Thus. Uough. P. Weils, John T. Smith, It Co.. S. K. Stow, Pepoon k Hoffman, C. 8. Douglass, Carpenter fc Vcrmilye, F. Leake Hons hi ou It Co. 'Drew, Robinson k Co. n24 NEW YORK AND BOSTON RAIL ROAD LINE. Via Norwich skd Worcester Rsilrosds. Composed ef the following superior steamers running in connection with the Norwick & Worcester and Worcester k Boston Rail Roads? WORCESTER, Capt. J H. Yanderbilt. NEW HAVEN, Cant, J. K. Dustan. CLEOPATRA, Capt- . On and after Monday, Nov.21st,this line will be run tri-weekly. learing New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satnrdays only, iw 4 P. m. The new and splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K. Dustan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passenger* lor Bostou will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without^ change of ears or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of it. B. allmi, w reca mp, op min. All permona ar# forbid trusting any one o account of tha abort boat* or owner*. n2Jr NICw YORKAND HARLEM KAIL ROAD COMPANY. Faro (o Harlem tvedueed to II1-1 cent*. WINTER AhRANNOF.MENT.-On and after Monday, Decrmbe* )9'h. 18)2, the cars will run daily aa follows >? Leave Ciry Hall for Leave Harlem Leave Williams'Bridie Williams'Bridie, for City Hall. for City Hall 7 00 A. M. 8 50 A. M. 8 30 A. M. 9 " 10 JO " 10 30 " It 30 " 1 10 P. M. 13 JO P. M. 2 P. M. 3 40 " 3 20 " 4 " J 40 M J 20 " ( 00 Harlem only. 6 40 " City Hall and Twenty-seventh street Line will run as follows From 7 30 A. M. every ten minntes throughout the lay till 7 P. M. and on Sundays every twenty minntes. Fare 6li cents. rassenaers for Westchester. Throe's Neck. Eaatchaater. New Hochelle, Mamaronrck, Horse Neck, North Castle, Robbin*'Mills and White Plains, will take the 2 o'clock, P. M. train from City Hall. Passengers for Vonkers will take that o'clock, A. M. and 4 o'clock, P. M. (rains from City Hall, On 26th Dec and 2d Jan the car* will run between City Hall and Williams Bridge every hour from 7 A M to 6 PM. nIO Im'in BKlllSH AND NORTH AMERICAN HOY AL MAIL STEAM HHIP8, Of I20f).t?na and 440 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the Admiralty* BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, Commander. CALEDONIA, K. O. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, B. C. Miller, K N do Will jail from Boston, via Halifax. rnoM ansTon. rno*l i.ivxreoni.. Britannia, Hewiti, Jan 1 Caledonia, Lou, Feb 1 Jan 4 Acadia, Hyrie, Mar 1 Feb 4 Colombia, Miller, Ap'l 1 Mir 1 Passage Money?From Boston to Liverpool, f IIS?Beaton 10 Halifax $20. There ships carry experienced rnrreona. No Berth* aeenred until paid O r. Note.?Merchandize and Specie (except for peraonal cx penses) shinned nnder the name ol luggnre trill ba charged aa freignt, aid liable loCnatom House Regulations. Apply to oSy r D. BR1UHAM. JK.. No. 3 Wall-at. STATKN Irtl^AJNlJ KJbltKY. Foot of Whitehall xtreet On -lid after Dec. 3d, the ateamer STATENtSLA^DMT, wll ran aa followa, nutil farther notice :? LKAVK 8TATEN ISLAND. NKW YORK. ?M A. M, iA.M. 1? 12K 2P.M. JV P. M, dlr <V RfcotfLAlfUTrOllTlON TO CAtS 'i Jp KILL.-ind intermediate landings, withonl tow SmwiwHUEaban.-ea ?Rignlar daya fmm Cailakill, Mon days, Wednesdays and Fridays. Fioin New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.?Far* to or from Cntlskill, SO cent*. ?Berths 23 centa?Supper 23 cam*. The net* and fast ate?m*r WAVE, Captain Vanderbilt. will l**?e Robinson st. pier Thursday Not. 17th, at live o'clock. For further nnrf inilart iimair* of th* c*. raits on hoard Rr running un the day t'aboye named. there will b a daily com maturation between Catakill and New York (and intermediate placet) for freight and imatage at reduced pricea. nfir IIKVITTANCES TO KNOLAND. IKKLAND WrJCTy SCOT LAM) AND W ALES ? Pertnnr prucei d" JMaUKa ng or remitting monev to any part ot the old c untry, rto at an ttmra obtaiu rom the tubtcribert dralta at tight, for ?uy amount on the Royal Dank of Ireland and on \lentrt. r>evert, Orote, Amat It <;o, Bankett, London which are paid free of ditcount or any charge whalaoertr, in all the principal townaol the United Kingdom. For terma, apply or addreat, if by letter, hoet haid, to . "OCHE BROTHERS k CO.. _ _ ?. . 55 knlton tt, neitdoor te the Fulton Bank. P. S.?The tubtcribert will aa heretofore hare a regular attc ceaatoo of nrtt c an Ameri an thip? tailing weekly Irom Liv I tool, i tiring the eonitag year |g|y. For outrage, apply at ?bo?e 'It" r iftA "?>!' I'" : V" onil-VM,0' die 10th Jan-The aif?y,,Tri,.1 %\?v \M?>. I fUM. ( pt,lu 1,1, . ,lln, Myyfefi?d?tpt(rhrit Of Above her regular day. For pattnge ip JOHN HRRDMAN.BISonthat. N. B.?Tallage from London or Livernool ran at all timet be engigedhy the regular parketa, and dralta furnithed for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom, by applying at a horn. line I W YO :w YORK, SUNDAY MC H A V ANAL| S LAND* O V B A. CHARLES DIINNeJ WATERLAND, PRINCIPAL. TlHIB Academy was established two years as;*. snder Ibe pa^ tioiiage oi *v<ie former Iutcndeni General ot ih? island, and other unto individuals of tlie nobility i?i?l merchants of this city, iti ei?c.J?jcied <uj the plan of the Geiman ,*gvmnasia; and the metooc of tuition is the "interrogative." All the scholars understand ??t Knulish language, and inauy of them I*** it hibitually and tineniiy * En^eipaihas the experience of schools in France, Germany .Log land, and t^e United Stales. His chief aim is to *itc iric youtn euirusleu to his care practical knowleage 01 those brauchesofa polite education, which are required in a) 1 active career*, and are applicable to any. The count) of study, th'-afore, comprehend* the English, French. German and Spanish Iswcuogus; History, Geogr* .dues. Nat'irul Philosophy, the practical port oi? Mathematics, and Drewiugs of various kind*. Professors of divers uations and acquirements reside in the establishment; and all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of toil ion, that sevtml of trie pupila, under twelve years o< ares, write and speak two foreign languages, in a perfectly intelligible manner, and thoke of riperyears. correctly and easily. _ The acquisition, not only of the Spanish, reut also of other language*, is thus placed within the reach of the youth of the United Stales, without its being necessary for them to relinquish the many advantaaes which accrue from auEngliah education. The object of the Principal in desiring to reetire youths from the United Slates, is to facilitate the acquirement ol the English accent for his Spanish pupils, which service would be donbly repaid them by ny the latter, and to introduce here the manly apintof the English schools. The younr,citizens of the United Spites can hnve nothing to fear from tnr climate, the house being spacious and airy, situated in a healthful spo , at a short dis'ancu fiom the city; and containing within its limits, s fine bath and complete gymnasium for the preservation of the pupils' health. Two youths, lately arrived from Germany, have passed the summer in the school in perfect health. As the principal is a married man, and hii wife and sister have ch irge of the junior department: children aro received at lay age but mat ol infancy. livery pupil enjoys his religious opinion* undisturbed. 'X lie terms are $<UI0 per auuurn, payable three month* in advance There are uo extras except clothes aud books References?MESSRS. CHA8. DRAKE Ik BROTHERS. ALEXANDEtt MORALES, ESQ., "I' Havana. TO BARBERS? Kor sale, the old established *ho_p p;] No. V Brekmau street, [Lovrjoy'a Hotel.J The shop is JX^&doiug a filtrate business, ami its location is the best in the city for transient custom. The proprietor is roinpelltd, through severe iudi'po* tion, to icturii to his native couutry (Itgli ) in the hope of regaining his health. Itlijuire on the premises, of GEOROE BALIA, orof j6 3t?r KRAN'13 S. BOYLE, 78 Chatham street. Oi. WANTtU TO PUilCXIASE?A country residence nB within 2} miles of New York, one with from 3 Co 20 ?J|L acres olland, near Long islmd Souud, preferred. AdIreSs with lull particulars, box7, Jst Office, Pou, hkeepsie, N Y. nil rm TO THE LADIES.?WM. St H. BEBEE, KashionnJ^^hle Hatters, 178 Broadway, under Howard's Hotel, have on hand au extensive assortment ol Ladies and Misses Beaver Hals, of their own manufacture, which are warrauted superior to any in the city, and at prices which cannot fail to suit: those in waut are respectfully invited to call. Alto, a general assortment of (jenl's, Boys and Children's c / M ...I. i r o.i-^.o .tin' LOOK AT THIS. * .AfciOENTLEMENS Cork Hole Boou, thebeit or quality, ffi 0(1 do Water Proof Boots do 5 00 do Light French Calfskin Boon, do S3 to I 00 do Over Shoes ol'all the different kinds, 75c to 1 75 do Dancing Tumps, 1 15 do Daucmg Gaiter, beautiful article, 1 50 And all other kiudsof Shoes and worked slippers in fashion; ladigs gaiter boots, buskins, slippers, tics, quilled shoes, prunellg. white and black satin, and button shoes; India rusber straP-furicd, plain and all other kinds of overshoes; clogs, inocksins. and the greatest assortment of boys boots and shoes, misses and childreus, ol all kinds to be found in the world, all ol ogr own manufacturing, and warranted to be the best, and cheap as the cheapest, at 367 Broadwav, coruer of Franklin st, and at 9d C*nal street GKHUOKY U CAiULL, dlft lm?r 3b7 Broad w?y. bOTTES FRANCAIS^S. P. A. GEKDY, de Paris, has opened a store 117 Broadway, where he is prei ared to receive and exe cutr?orders lor boou ol all descriptions. Although his prices are tower by two dollars man those of any fashionable Krcach establishment in this city .his ooots will be found at leaat equal to ajgy made here or elsewhere. He imports his lasts from Paris ahd so modities them as to fit any irregularly shaped foot. Mi.Oeidy'slong experience under Mr. Forr and other celebrated makers iu Paris enables Imn tv conduct his busiue<s with ecoqoiny and theteby to supply his customers at tht following reduced pricesFine and substantial Boots $6 Cork and double sole do S A proportionate reduction iu the various other articles to be found at 181 Broadway, dip lm*r TERMS CASH. " FASHIONABLE BOOTS AMD SHOES*.? a I If IT II ;nu;>M .u.. : c public to Iiis Urge assortment of ladle*' and gcntlemeus' bout* and shoes, cork soles end water proof; French and native calf, and fancy-drtss boots, danctug gaiters and pumps, over shoes, indis rubber and water proof, mocosins, ladies', misses', aud children's trailers, boots, shoes, and buskias, of the choicest selection ; men's, boys, and children's coarse and tine boots and shot* ot the choicest kinds, cheaper than ever before offered in ihc city. 419 Breadway and206 Canal, northwest corner of Hudson street. d7 lm*r afel CLINTON Cheap Boot and 8hoe Market.409 Uri euwich, corner of Spring street, is the only place there can be found Boots and Shoes to suit the times. All those who wear hoots nnd shoes will do well to aire g call. Ladier* and wit*a' bush Imm 3, 4, 6, ? and 8 shillings per pair; gentlemens'boats from 13 shillings to t4 per pair; noys' boots from 3 shillings to $3 SO per iwir. All who wish to save 2C per orut will give a call at the Clinton Cheap Boot and 8hee Mmket. 509 flreenwirh. comer Spring street. d7 lm'r WA'IKKPHOOF BOOTS?Gum-Elistie Shoes and Boots and Shoes of almost all the differ ent Minds suitable lor winter wear. Alto a large assortment of fine boots, shoes, gaiters and pumps lor gentlemeu and bi>>s: ladies, misses and childreus boots, shoes, gaiters and huslrtws of the best quality, iu great abundance. All the above articles and almost every thing in the hoot and shoe line, may be found at the store of A. KNOX k Co., known a< the Clinton Boot h Shoe Market, 204 Canal st, north east coruer ot Hudson st, and St priers to tint snv one and everyone dp lm*r rP0 THE LADIE8.-M. LA RUE h 819TKH take leave A to inform ill ir friends and the public, that they continue their Curl Estanlishmeut, 162 Canal street, corner of Varick.? Th- v also embrace this op;>ortunity to return their sincere thanks for the liberal support they received during their ten year's residence in that street ; also the pleasure they feel at the tutisfactiou their friends anil customers ha?e universally express d at the quality and tute of their goods; at much lahoi and great exjwnse, they have discovered a method of dresaiaz the hair winch imparls to it a beautiful rich lustre and durability that will chal'enge competition, by which means the curl will last for one year, and ?re confident that no paint shall be spared to deserve iheir future patTonage. Their stock is large and splendid, consisting of fine and other Cu>lt, Braids, Friiettet, wire t.urls, Ringlets, Head Dresses, and net Caps, shell anil other Combs, with other articles appertaining to the business. Old Curls dressed in the first stvle for 35 cent, made to look like hew. M. LA HUE It SISTER, d3<l lm*T 162 Canal street, comer of Varick RL. SORYM8ER, 24 Barclay, corner St. Peter's Place, respectfully invite ait friends and the public genrrilly, to ra'l and examine his choice assortment of Wines, Teas, Cordials, Fruiu, Spices and Orocerirs of the finest iiuahties, which iii- offers at prices that cannot fail to satisfy purchasers. The attention of connoiseurs is particularly,iuvitrd to the Wine* and Liquors, which arc of the choicest vintages, and are offered at the most moderate prices. A very superior article of Kaspberry aud Charry Biandy, nniutnic ror inr nona -y?. duo 2WT gourauu's poudre subtile, FOR COMPLETELY AND PERMANENTLY ERADICATING superfluous hair. rP HE nntrertil i?>rul?uty of this justly celebrated Chemical A IV|, , t>... destruction of thestrongest sail toughest Hair, from the soft down on Inn ties tipper lip sod arms to the stubborn beard of m u. needs not a word of comment in its prais*. It is sufficient to ?<y that it is to be found in thi> city only at the old and original office <7 Walker at, one door from Broad*at? $1 prr bottle. Beware of deleterious imitations. Where also may be Pail OOURAUD* kau i) e b k a u t e . nnrirsiled for niram tint Tan, runplet. Blotches, Hallow was. Wan s tad all retaaseotss nsi tious, and elicit u( a healthy j it. mtr Moosai % wMll. G ? wsd* eseiatde Ltquid Rouge,?a snperb article, and stents per bottle. it ?"._2a It .or pXspsgne, an escellent preparation lor img?sataa a t?r?, tile like *l.'tenrsa to th" completion. free as ysnnsi ties generally entering iBttteostMBS* n . ariesee. rtti no in rl? nut b-iiea at H cents each, -is-Ness York?Alhon , Guthrie, 4 Maiden Lace; I -eil < Ir a> : I'tic t. Wade, druggist; Hamilton. M.I o i sr. as h Gr oils; Loiuarille, Louts Co.; W. A. Chase; 0 ?Sen, Elliott C?iin.. ers, Chipel st. New Haren; W. fit Iner, Norwich; Wells It Humphreys, Hiriford; Charl . s Dyer. J ., rroytdence; Thomas, Newport; Clowes, hairdreaaer, Hpringbeld; Orrene It t ,o., Worci ster; Burt, Li'tie frMIs; Coggesnali, H< nth Herond at, New Bedford; Jordan, 2 Mi'k slreat. Button; Lowell. Carlelon It Co.; Halem, Ires; Nesebssry|>ort. Ilntssi Purnsmsiti! Proi mi Poilltnit, t ailisr, Kgchatige tt; Oangot, Guild; Hallowrll. Bcsininoa. New Terscy?Newark, l iippc; Princeton, Dr. Pesbrook. Pa., Phila, "k t heannt slree,. Lane later, HetiiU?sh, drurgiti; HanitbttrghHobiason periodical agent; Pittabu-gn, Ttr'tlr; Cincinnati, Thomas 8t Co., Main street; Va , Richmond, Mra. Frayaer; D. C. Washington, Srlby Parker; Alexandria. C. C. Berry, Md.. Baltimme 8. 8. llaticr, ke. Jkc. Applications fortgeii. I ciea mnat be |>oet paid (none othrtr are taken ftom the pott-ol lice) and arc >mpanicd with a N. Y. city refcrrnce, uoejceptionable. Within a few yeara thra rrmarkablr aud uarfnl ?hemiral invention tor completely eradicating MtiM-iflnoue hair, baa attained the hi.he-t pitch of celebrity, and consequently eicited the cupidity of a neat of hue eonnteifeitan, wh > at t?inpt I" anaieh from the mrentor the jnat recompeiiaa for hia labor. Pnrchaaera ahotihl therefore be on their guild and are that eveiy ho'tle of the Potidre Hnbtilc la eqtiare, and K Felii O.mrand, Pondi# Subtile, N. V., eaat in each bottle, and the Doctor'* fac aimilr enqraved on the outride wrapper. Directiona, French and Englph, aecompauv each bottle. Remember the only office in N. Y. for the above celebrated CoametiC, it 117 Walker atrrat, < " door from Broadway. jf Imr p-|m PRQOE SAFE W I F ? G lainande'r B?fe ana the only one which atood the 'eat at t' e trial of aafea, manufac'nred by Delano, Oaylor k 9cott, before the lollowlnit reapect-ble committee (and hundreds of other merchanta and citiaenalt? (Msni.ra H. Maaanaut., I MnvTuaiv k Co , I Bi.adwih k to' [ Committee. WanawoaTH kaiiua, j The cimmitlee'a report, and a fee ao tried ran he aeen at the atore of the anbacrihcr, where Wilder'* Salamander Safe can only be had ia thie citT. SILAS C. HERRING, l? Water at. Si n AoKitTt. J. W. S.anton k Co., New E.C. Snliabnry, Troy. David Scovill, Rochrater. John Poltroons. Ilatfllo dll ledvklwwo DL. hAK.NAM.2t9 Water atreet, New V ork, maunlac turer of every ?pecie? of Hydraulic apparatna. Fire fcnmuee, of every eize, for citiee, villagea, factories, plantation*, he. Qtidrti Kill'inn, Fire Hooka, r ire Rneknta and Fire Cape. Hemp Hoar, Leather Hoar,of any aire reqatred. Suction Hoar, Curling Screw*, ike. Life and Force t'umpa to lift and force water any dtntance, from 10 to MM) it illnna a minute. Wind Milla, Hone Power*, Water Wheel*, he., for work i?w pumpt Ship ami Steamboat Pumpafor filling boilrra, he., to be uard in caae of fire. Air Pump* for vaeunm or condenaation, of any required nae. Lead and Irou Pipe, Braaa Cocke, he. Caat Iron Fountaina, of varioua figure* and ilevicea. N. ?The pumpa of my manufacture are double action, of great etirnfth. and very almnle in their eonatruetioiL bain* pir- j tieularly well ealrnlated (W the Southern and Weat India I marketa dll 9m* re. It K I RNING, JANUARY 8, 18 BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. TN punninee of law, I, JOHN TYLER, President ol the 1- United States of America, do hereby declare and make known, that public idles will be held at the undermentioned land offices in the Territory of Iowa, at the periods hereinafter nemigiiated, to wit: At the Land Office at FAIRFIELD (late Burlington) commenceinit on Monday, the tilth day of February nrx.t for the disposal of the public lands within the limila ol the undermen tioaed towushipt, to wit: North of the baie line, and Weft of the fifth principal meridian. Township seventy-set en, of range six. Townships seventy-six and seventy-seven, of range seven. Townships seventy-lour,seventy-five, seventy-six and seventy seven.ofrange eight. Towniliiin seventy two,seventy-three, seventy-four, seventy-five and seventy-sevta of rauge nine. Townships seventy, seventy-one, seventy-two, tod seventythree, <tf range ten. Townships sixty-nine of range eleven. Also, at tne same time and place, lor the dieposal of the following detacht-d tracts, viz North of the base line, and Ea>t el'the fifth principal meridian. The Northeast quarter and West half of tne Southwest quarter of section eight, in township seventy-seven, ef range three. North of the base litni,sua West of the fifth principal inendian Northeast quarter of section thirty two, in township seveuty, of range two. Southeast quarter of section twenty-two, in township sixtynine, of range three. ter ol' section thirty -five, in township sereaty-tour of range three. b,.<st half of Northeast quarter in section twenty-nine, in township sixty-nine, of range four. Lots one auil two in section thirty-four, in township seventytwo of range seven. 1 At the Laud OfTioc at DU BITQUK, commencing on Monday the twentieth day of February neit, lor the di iposai of the public lauds within the limits of the undermentioned towuships' vir. North of the base line, and West of the fifth principal me- 1 ridian. Townships eighty, eigty-one, eighty-two, and eighty-three, of range five. Townships seventy-eight, eighty, eighty-one, eigety-two, eigmty-thrre, eigh'y lour, and eighiy-five, of range sis. Townshi|is seventy-eight to eighty seveu, inclusive, of range seven. Also, at the same place, commencing on Monday, the sixth day of March nest, for the di?)>o.sal of tne public lands within the liinils ofthe umlermenUoned townshi|>s, vir.North of the base line, alifl West of the fifth principal meridian. Townships seventy eight to eighty-nine, inclusive of range eiukt. . Townships eighty-eight, eighty nine, ninety, and ninety-one, of range nine. Sections two, three, four, nine, eleven, fourteen and fifteen, near Iowa city, iu township seventy nine of range sis. Lands apptopiiaied by lave for the use o f schools, miiitsry, or other purposes, will be escluded from sale. The sal les will each be kept 0|>cu fortwo weeks, (unless the I trie* of land in the townships so offered, will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. (Jivrn under my hand,at the city of Washinten, this twentyseventh day of September, Anno Domini, >842. j6hn tyler. By the President: THO H. BLAKE, Cammisnonet nf the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Er fry person Claiming the riitht of pre-emption to land in any of the iowushi|>s designated in this proclamation, in virtue of the provisions of the act of 22d June, 1838, as extended and modified by the act of 1st Juue, 1810,or of the provisions of the latter act,(where those laws still apply to such claims by reason of the absence ofthe plats at the Register's office on 22d June, 1811] or by virtue of the act ofthe 4lh September, 1841. each granting certain privileges to another and different class of settlers, is requested to prove the same to the satisfaction of the Registe; ami Receiver of the proper Laud Office, and make payment therefor as soon as practicable after seeing this notice, and before the dav appointed for the commencement nf the public sale ofthe laud as above designated, otherwise such claims will be forfeited. Where the year subsequent to the filing of the plats shall expire previoiii to the day fixed lor the commencement of the sale above mentioned, claims under the acts of 1838 and 1810, above r> ferred to, will be forfeited if not proven up and paid lor prior to the expiration o( such year. THO. H. BLAKE. Committioner <\f the General Land Offlee. olD Raw mlr J6] BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. tn pursuance of law, I, JOHN TYLER, President ol the J- United States of America, do hereby dec'ar* and make known, that public sales will be held at the undermentioned Land Offices in the State of Michigan, at the periods hereinafter designated, to wit: At the Land Office at GENE88EE. commencing on Mon (lay, me nintn uavoi January next, lorme uisposai 01 me puolie lands within the limits of the uudermetitioued townships, and fractional townships, to wit: North qf the bast lint, and East qf the meridian. Townships thirty-four, thirty-five, ihiriv-six, and thirty-seven, and fractional township thirty-eight, of range one. Townships thirtv-fonr, thirty-five, and thirty sii, and fractional townships thirty-seven and thirty-eight, bordering on Lake Huron, of range two. Townships thirt -four and thirty five, and fractional townahips thirty-six and thirty-seven, bordering on Lake Huron, of rente three. Townships thirty one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-four, and diirtv-five, and fractional township thirty-six, bordering on Lake Huron, of range four. Townships thirty-one, thirty-two. thirty three, and thirtyfour,and fiactional townships thirty-five and thirty-six, bordering On Lake Huron, of range five. Also, at the same place, commencing on Monday, the thirtieth day op January next, for the dit|s?sal of the public lauds within the limits of the undermentioned townships and fractional townships, to wit: I North qf the hose line, and East of the meridian. Townrhips thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-thiee, and thirtyfour, and fractional township thirty-live, bordering on Lake Huron, of range six. Townships thirty-one, thirty-two, and thirty three, and fractional township thirty-four, bordering on Lake Hurou, of range seveg. Fractional townships thirty-one. thirty-two .thirty-three, and thirty four, bordering on Lake Huron and Thunder Bay, of' range sightKrsctioual townships thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, tnd thirty four, bordering on Lake Huron and Thunder Bay, of range eight. Fractional townships thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, and thir- S ty three, bordering on L. ike Huron, ol range nine. [ Fractional lowuihip thirty, of rente ten. ] North of the halt lint, and IVest of the meridian. Township thirty-five, and fractional townahipe thirty-six. thirty-seven, and thirty-eight, bordering on Lake Hutou and Mullet's Bay, of rente one. Townships thirty-five, thirty sit, and thirty-seven, and fractional townships thirty-eight and thirty-nine, bordering on Lake Huron, of range I wo. At the Laud Office at IONIA, commencing on Monday, the aisih day of February nasi, for the disposal of the public lands within the limits of the undermentioned townshi)is and fractional townships, to wit: North of the base line,and ffest of the meridian. 1 ownahips thirty-three to thirty-eight, inclusive, and fractional township thirty-nine, bordering on Lake Huron, of range three. Townships thirty-three to thirty eight, inelnsire, and tractions! township thirty-nine, bordering on the Htraits of Mackinaw, of range four. Fractional townships thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-five, townships thirty-six and thhr'y seven, and factional townships thirty-eight and thirty-nine, bordering on the Straits of Mackinaw and Lake Michigan, of range five. Alio, at the tame place, commencing on Mond 1 tl etwen ty-sevenlh day of February uext, for tne disposal , f the public lands within ihr limits of the undermentioned townships and fractional townships, to wir: North ttfthe hate line, and IFeiI of the meridian. Fractional townships thirty-three to thirty-nine, inclusive, bordering on Lake Michigan and Walloon Lake, of range sig. Fractional townships thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-six, and thirty-seven, bordering on Long Lake and Lake Michigan, of range seven. Fractional townships thirty thres and thirty-four, bordering on Laku Michigan,of range eight. Fractional township thirty-three, bordering on LakeMichi fan, of range nine. Lsnda appropriated by law for the nse of schools, military, or other purposes, will be excluded from sale. The sale# will asch he kepi open for two weeks, (unl ess the lands are sooner disposed of.) and no longer, and mb private entries of laud in the townships so offered, will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Given under iny hand, at the city of Washington, this twenty-sevanth day of September, Anne Domini, 1942. JOHN TYLER. By the President: THO. H. BLAKE, Commissioner >\f the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMAMT8. Every person claiming the right of pre emption to land in anv of (he townships designitrd is this proclamation, in virtue or the provisions of the set of 2?il June, IBM, as extended slid modified hv the act of 1st June, 18*0, or of the provisions of the litter art, f where those laws still apply to such claims byres mi hi inv luirnrr m inr |nau ni ine ncRiiitr i nmrf on wt June, 1141,] or by virtue of the act of the 4th September, It4l, etch granting certain privili gea to another and different claai of ettlera, ii reqnratrd to prove the aame to the aaliafaction of the Hef later and Hereiver of the proner Laud Office, and m ike pal menl ihrrclor aa aoon aa pvpetleahleafterseeing il,i? Mha, ami lirfore the day appointed lor the commencement of the public aale nf the land aa above ileaipnated, othervriae auch claima will he forfeited. Where the year snbaeqnent to the filing of the plata ahall empire previona to the day filed for the commencement of the sale a hove mentioned, claima nnder the acta of 1831 and 1840 above refened to, will be forfeited if not proven up and paid for rrier to the *rpt ration of auch year. THO. H BLAKB, f'onmtitioner ofth* General fstnd Office. OlS lawtlf (3) PKIVA'lt-. MEDICAL NOTICE! TO A PAUTICULAK. CLASS OF INVALIDS. rPHtRK ia one rlaaa of in*a.ida who merit the warmeal aym A pathy of all who draire to alleviate the anfTerinfra of the af dieted. That claaa conaiata of thoae who are laboring undei the effects of tlioae vicietia indnlgeueea into which erring ?nd thonghtleaa youth are an often imtielled oy passion or the contagion of evil etample. What more pitlaue sight can there be, than that for instance, of the father of a family, who has louv liner repenled nl'hia youthful errora, but who bean nhont with him in hit ayatetn, and perhnpa tranamita to hia innocent off piing, the cottsrquenrea of hia former indiaerelione ! Delicacy preverta him from i.untying to a |ihyaician and he not unl're quantfy fmta into the hands of aDrdnrated preteudrra. Nlany yonn- men,again, are deterred from entering into matrimonial rngagrmeuta from the fear or eonanniuneaa that diaeaae ia lurk ing in their system. a To all anch sufferers tha College of Medicine and Pharmacy of a the city of New York, offer the tneana of aeenrity from areon lary diaeaae, and for the removal of it when up- went, in theii p new and celebrated "Panaaan Alterative Miltnre," ao eaten- ti lively nai-d by Mr. Hicona m the Venereal Hoepital of Paria. .i This medicine ia pet ap in enaea containing half a doaen bottlea with onpioua direction* loi me, and labeli which eanaot etcitr H vny unph aaant remarka. Theac caaea are guaranteed to con- g tain a sufficient quantity of thia new remedy, to cure all ayphi- rt litic impurities of the blood,cutanenna eruptions, afTvctiom of he throat and nose, nodes, nicer*, pains ia tne bones, kc. Puri-liairra ran at ill liniM M,...,nnnl >??!. in,,-,.- \1 ciaa nf the College. Pnce oi the cases $.'> each. HsUly far ^ warded to *11 parts of the Uuioa, Canada and the West /utiles The caa#*s ana medicine are so par up that no concealment is ft' ueceaaary. By order. W . w. ft. UlCHAPPKON. Agent. r. Principal office of the Collkoi, ?7 Nassau street. New York . nM Itti w rr MkTlk.oFolD DK JANON Off. in info hi. friend* anil the i ublic, that he continue ?ivin* lr?.on? in the A Krenrh "nil S|>t..t?h Inntu tri, alto ou the unit .r .ad the Tinin, at hti retitlenre, 4301|.,uiton (treat, or ?t tho*c of hu IV l ilk Rtrnncti. r lit*. John J'nwer, I) D. Mr. Mertn.celli, of ll??. Q. C. Pl.?, I). D. N.pln, in l<ov.yMnwritht, U. D. Dr. K. An.oulf, hi ttfX&VU*.,. la Forest, Const* 1 of r ranee. dt) 1?*r til Lm (ERA 43. The Old Church Clock. lark ! the Old Church Clock, with IU bell and it* chime L,ovea to mark how ?wift travel the feet of time! t counteth the minutes, it telleth the hour*, Is spring marks its season bv blossoms and flower*, 3, dear, are the chimes of that Old Clock to me ! rhey float like toft music o'er memory's sea ! i knew not a pain, shed in sorrow no tear, iVhen those chimes flrst in melody smote on minn ear. 3y that Old Clock I've counted how years passed on, How youth lost its brightness,bow friendships ha ve gone. iy its chimes I have measured how life's ioyt flai v. I'hat Time brush'd away as the sun slips dew, 3 ! they bounded along like an atom at play IViththo young Hummer-wind that is fanningtk ie day, Like a dream ot the morning they've faded?the y're gone; 9tit the chimes of that Old Clook play merrily on. "tarn : me Den iirmei uib huo m aiuia s mark'J by the merriest peal of the chime t is sweet in the moment of joy to hear, Sutitmocketh?it mocketh the mourner's ear. ftie chimes have mock'd mine, but I love them still, Let them make merry with woe as they will. For they shed o'er the mind of the watcher a.' ray Df joy, as they welcome the newborn day 5 Night. Night, beautiful Night! Begem'd like a bride with thy Jewels a 1' light!? flovu thee, I love thee, fair, beautifr il Night! Like an infant thou wakest with soft sighs and tears, Which give way to a smile when the first star appears, And thou laughest in glee o'er the welcor ning earth When thy sister, the moon, is just beamin g in birth. 1 love thee?thou bring'st to the wearied repose, As gentle as dew drops that fall ou the re >se ; Thou com'st like a suitor who trombletb. when near The one that he loveth and longeth to o heer. Night, beautiful Night! Thy breezes aro balmy, thy airs ml'Id and light? I love thee, I love thee, fair, beautiful Night! To the lover thou otferest a dawning of joy, And the stars speak to him of his "lads u love's" eye ; To the mourner that watcheth the sufferer's bed, Who is waiting the call to be Joined with the dead, rnou nnngest a leenng 01 quiet,?acaim That fall* on the spirits an suit aa the balm The Samaritan dront on the traveller's brow. Night, beautiful Night, to me pleasant art thou ! Night, beautiful Night! Tho' thou dawnost in shadows, thy fullness is bright. 1 love thee, 1 love thee, lair bea utiful Night! Thougivcst a moral to man. In hia morn All sunshine and brightness, he teels not the thorn That in after years pierceth his soul bu, when eve Spreads its shadows upon him it biddeth him grieve, Then lie leels thathisjeys must depart with the light, And he shrinks at the gradual coming of night, Such a lesson thou giveat to man ;?would he read, Fair Night, thould'st be to him friendly indeed ! Tlic Unrecorded Grave, Who resteth here ? Manhood?that gloried in its pride and might? Beauty?with cheek of love and eye of light? Age ?with its furrows and its look of care? Youth?with its open smile and sunny hair ? Genius?with liery glance and haughty brow, Compelled nstore a mightier one to bow ? Who resteth here ? Is manhood stricken in its heurof pride? Hath manhood fallen in the battle tide-When banners streamed along the golden sky? When rushed the war-horse in his majesty? When arm met arm? whea life was waged with life? When foe sought foe, and quailed not at the strife 1 Rests manhood hers 7 Who resteth here ? Beauty with pleasant glance and lip of bloom, With voice of music?breath of sweet perfume ? Borne gentle heart that beamed from eyes of mirth, Ana sneu lis radiance, rounu mo nappy ueami Some youthlullurn that may no longer stand To greet with smiles of love her fellow band 1 Keats beauty here 1 Who resteth hero 7 Genius?with saddened face and laurel crown, Withered before the world's haughty frown 7 Some child of song,whose name shall yet bestirrad? Where music's tones and beauty's lay are heard? Resteth he hero 7 Oh ! let him still sleep on, Happier than though a world's applause were won ! Who resteth here? Whoso race is run ? whose pilgrimage is o'er 7 Whose voice is gone that may be heard no more 7 I know not?yet methioks soma mark should be To tell the world whose resting place we see ; That, passing by, we may rejoice or fear, Smile in bright hope, or shed the sorrowing tear ! Death of an Infant. )eath found strange beauty on that cherub brow, Ind dashed it out. There was a tint of rose Dn cheek and lip he touched the veins with ice, Ind the rose faded. Forth from those blue eyes rhere spake a wishful tenderness,?a doubt Vhethcr to grieve or sleep, which innocence Llone can wear. With ruthless haste, he bound fhe silken iringes of their curtained lids i"orevcr. There had been a murmuring sound, Vith which the babe would claim its mothei's ear, /harming her even to tears. The spoiler set lis seal of silence. But there beamed a smile to Axed and holy from that marble brow ;? )eath gazed, and left it there he dared not steal rhe signet-ring of Heaven. The Skater's Sang. Away, away, our Ares stream bright, And their arrowy sparkles of brilliant light, On the foreit branches quiver. Away, away, for the stars are forth, And on the pure snows of the valley, In a giddy trance the moonbeams danco? Come, let us our comrades rally. Away, away, o'er the sheeted ice, Away, away we go ; On our steel bound feet we move as fleet, As the deer o'er Lapland snow, What though the sharp north winds are out, The skater heeds them not ; 'Midst the laugh and shout of the joyous rout, Gay winter ia forgot. Tis a pleasing sight, the joyous throng, In the light of the reddening flame, While with many a wheel on the ringing steel They wage their riotous game ; And though the night air cutteth keen, And the white moon shineth coldly, Their home hath been on the hills I ween, They should breast the strong blast boldly. Let others choose more gentle sports, By tha side of the winter's hearth, Ortho ball, or festival, Seek for their share of mirth ; But as for me, away, away, Where the merry skaters be, Where the fresh wind blows,and the smooth ice glows, There is the place for me. A Northern Legend, There aits a lovely maiden Tho ocean murmuring nigh, Ahe throws the hook and watches The fishes pass it by., A ring, with a red jewel, I* sparkling on her hand ; Upon the hook she binds it, And (linge it fromthv land. Uprise* from the water A hand like ivory fair, What gleam* ujion it* finger ' Ttio golden ring ia there. Uprise* from the bottom A young and handsome Knight; In ggl i. it scales he rises, Taet glitter in the light. The maid is pale with terror? "Nay, Knight of Ocean, nay, It was not thee I wanted ; Let go the ring I pray 7" '* Ah, maiden, not to flahes The bait of gold is thrown ; The ring shall never leave me, And thou must be my own." The Child In the Crsulle. Within that narrow bed, glad babe, to thee A boundless world is spread ! Unto thy aoul, the boundless world shall be, When man, a narrow bed Anoskkao Kama Briiwk?The work of building bridge directly over the falls of the Merrimack at imoskfHg i? completed, and ia now open to the ublic. The bridae ia a matter of great importance j Amoskeag and Manchester, connecting aa it oea, the two villages by a straight level street, and Irnoat making one village of the two. It ia also a rest public convenience, affording an rnay and diet thoroughfare into Manchester from the north, id avoiding the hard hills aver the old bridge.? , lanv teamstersprefer going through Manchester to mia those hills It is built dirertlv over the fulls. ul commands a most magnificent view of that ild spot. It is so constructed, that if desirable, a J lilroad track may be laid on the lower cord of the ? "idgir, (the travel being on the upper cord) for the f mveyance of freight to the mills at Amoskeag.? <o?hnn, iV. H, TrItgraph. F.not.ann's Nhtt "Movk" ?It is implied in'a late ngliph paper, that the British forces tu China, havg nothing to do since that country has been ought to terms, are to be amused with an attack i Japan, the inhabitants of that island having hierto obstinately refused all intercourse with Rriih vessels. I LD. Pile* Two Cmti, Relations with Haiwaia and C?tiu. The Speaker laid before the House the following meaeaxe from the President of the United State* t? To the Houtt oj llepreeentolivee of the United Htmlee ? ? I communicate herewith te Oongrex* copies of a correspondence, which hat recently taken place between eartain agent* of the Government of the Haiwaian, or HandWich Islands, and the Secretary of State. The condition of those Islands has excited a good deal of interest, which is increasing by every successive proof that their in habitant* are making progrnaa in civilization, and becoming more and more competent to maintain regular and orderly civil government. They lie in the Pacillc ocean, much nearer to thi? continent than the other, and have become an important placo for the refitment and provisioning of American and European veaaela. Owing to their locality, and to the course of the winda which prevail in this quarter of the world, the Sandwich Islands are the stopping place far almost all vessels passing trom continent to continent across the Pacific ocean. They are especially resorted to by the great numbers of vessels of the United States which are engaged in the whale fishery in those seas. The number ol vessels of all sorts and the amount of property owned by citizens of the United States which are found in those Islands in the course of a year, are stated, probably with sufficient accuracy, in tho letter of the agents. Just emerging from a state of barbarism, ths Government of the Islands is as yet feeble; hut its dispositions appear to be just and pacific, and it seems anxious to improve the condition of its people by the introduction of knowledge, of religious and moral institutions, means of education, and the arts ofcivilized life. It cannot tint be in conformity with the interest and the wishes of the Government and the People of the United States, that this community, thus existing in the midst ef avast expanse of ocean, should be respected, and all its rights strictly and conscientiously regarded. And this must also bo the true interest of all other commercial Htates. Far remote from the dominions of European Powers, its growth and prosperity as an Independent state may yet bo in a high degree useful to all, whose trade is extended to those regions; while its nearer approach to this continent, and the intercourse which American vessels have with it?such vessels constituting five-sixths of all which annually visit it?could not but create dissatisfaction on the part of the United States at any attempt, by another Power, should such attempt be threatened or ii'arnu, to take possession ot the islands, colonize them, and subvert the native Government. Considering, thereTore, that the United States possesses so very large a share of the intercourse with those Islands, it is deemed not unfit to make the declaration, that their Government seeks, nevertheless, no peculiar advantages, no exclusive control over the Halwaian Government, but it is content with its independent existence, and anxiously wishes for its security and prosperity. Its forbearance in this respect under the circumstances of the very large intercourse of their citizens with the Islands, would justify this Government, should events hereafter arise to require it, in making a decided remonstrance against the adoption of an opposite policy by any other Tower. Under the circumstances, I recommend to Congress to provide for a moderate allowance to be made out of the Treasury to the Con. sul residing there, that, in a Government so new and a country so remote, American citizens may have respectable authority to which to apply for redress in case of in jury to their persons and property; and to whom the Government of the country may also make known any acts committed by American citizens of which it may think it has a right to complain. Events of considerable importance have recently transpired in China. The military operations carried on against that Empire by the English Government have been terminated by a treaty, according to the terms of which fear important ports, hitherto shut against foreign commerce, are to be open to British merchants, viz: Amoy, Foo-choofoo, Ningpo, and Chinghaj. It cannot but be interesting to the mercantile interest of the United States, whose intercourse with China at the single port of Canton has already become so considerable, to ascertain whether these other ports now open to British commerce, are to remain shot, nevertheless, against the commerce of the United States. The treaty between the Chinese Government and the British Commissioner provides neither for the admission nor the exclusion of the ships of other nations. It would seem, therefore, that it remains with every other nation, having commercial intercourse with China, to seek to make proper arrangement! Tor itself with the Government of that Empire in this respect. The importations into the United States from China, are known to be large, having amounted in some years, as will be seen by the annexed tables, to nine millions of dollars. The exports, too, from the United States to Chins, constitute an interesting and growing part of the commerce of thecountry. It appears that in the year 1941, in the direct trade between the two countries, the value of the exports from the United States amounted to seven hnndrod and fifteen thousand dollars in domestic produce, and four hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars in foreign merchandise. But the whole amount of American produce which finally reaches China, and is there consumed, in ! not comprised in these tables, which show only the direct trade. Many vessels, with American products on on board, sail with a primary destination to other countries, but ultimately dispose of more or less of their cargoes in the port of Canton. The peculiarities of the Chinese Government and the Chinese character are well known. An Empire, supposed to contain three hundred millions of subjects, fertile in various rich products of the earth, not without the knowledge of letters and of many arts, and with large and expensive accommodation lor internal intercourse and traffic, has for ages sought to exclude the visits of strangers and foreigners from its dominion*, and has assumed for itself a superiority over ail other nation*. Events appear likely to break down and soltrn this spirit of non-intarcourse.and to bring China ere long into tne relations which usually subiiat between civilized States. She'haa agreed ill the treaty with England that correspondence between the agents of the two Governments shall be on equal terms?a concession which, it is hardly probable, will hereafter be withheld from other nations. It ia true that the cheapness ol labor among the Chinese, their inaenuitv In its nnnlir.Atlnn anil the llfel i?liBrarl? nl their habit* and pursuits, may discourage the hope of the opening of any great and tudden demand for the fabrics of other countries. But experience prow* that the production* of western nation* find a market, to some estent among the Chinese ; that that market, so far a* respects the productions of the United Ststes, although it nas considerably varied in successive seasons, has, on the whole, morothan doubled within the last ten years: and itcan hardly be doubted that the opening of several new and im|>?rtant ports connected with part* of the Empire heretofore seldom visited by Europeans or Americana, would exercise a favorable influence upon the demand for such productions. It is not understood that the immediate establiahment of the correspondent embassies and missions, or the permanent residence of diplomatic functionaries, with full powers of each country, at the Court of the other, is contemplated between England and China; although as has been already observed, It has been stipulated that intercourse between the two counttiea shall hereafter be on equal terms. An ambassador, or envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary, can only be accredited, according to the uenges of western nations, to the head, or aovereiga of the state. And it may be doubtful whether the Court of re kin is vet prepared to conform to these usages, so far as to receive a minister plenipotentiary to reside near It. Being of opinion, however, that the commereial interest* of the United States connected with Chios, require, at the present moment, a great degree of attention end vigilance, such as there is no agent ot this Government on the spot to bestow, I recommend to Congress to make ap. propriation for the compensation of a commisaionar, to reside in China, to exercise a watchful care over the concern* of American citizens, and for the protection of their persona and property, empowered to hold intercourse with the local authorities, and ready, under instructions from his Government, should such instructions become necessary and proper hereafter, to address himsell to the high fiinr>tuirinri?sfl nf tV>o Rmnirn ap IkpAiiah iWasw Ia ?h? Tm peror himself. It will not eacapo tke observation of Congruas, that, in order to aacnre th? important objects of any such measure, a citizen of much intelligence and weight of character should be employed on sucn agency , and that, to secure the services ol such an individual, a compensation should be made corresponding with the magnitude and importance of the mission. JOHN TYLER. WaimivaTotv, December:*), 1843. QOAHDINO.?The original Walton Hons#, JM Pearl street, aJ Franklin Square?ke|>t by Jar. Fowler, fVnm London. Englaod, permanent boailers f2,40 per week, transient boarders M rente fr day. Families can be accommodated With pnvato rooms on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, J cents per ulass?home brew'd ale 4 tents per pint?fine Vveieh rarebits 4 rents each?cold ents eqnslly cheap. N. ff. Hot coffee ] cents per pint?stakes ami morion rhopeean be had at all Isoura. J. F. particularly rtoaesU any one who is in waat of a comfortable home to rail snd inspect hit establishment, and jndgsfor thsmselret. Persons travellina for England would limfit to theiradrantage to call. The home beiiur conrenient to Loudon and Liverpool shipa, J F. being appointed agent, ho ran give itasaaengers every information. New York and Old Coontry papers taken in. nS Jm*r DAY'S FIRST PREMIUM SHEET AND CLOTH RUBBER OFKRSHOE8. EXCELLED?and (Jreat Redortion.?Having recently made still farther improvements in onr fashionable Rubber Overshoes lor ladies, w? h?v? rrdnred the price from II and 15 o It and 13 ahillimca, without changing the quality, eerept to improee. Day's Sheet Robber, leather sole, .sunk heel oTershoes, for gentlemen, for which we have for the last two years received ihe fir-t Premium, are reduced from 14 and2n shillings to 12 and It shilling*, al retail. With our fashionable lady customers, the nsw quilted oeerihoes, of onr recent in? ntion, will meet great favor for their ' artful appearance, while they completely remedy the obiec:ion of wraung too io?se. The quilting is done on btacu silk sr worsted, and i? riceedinitly unlike any thing ever before * ached to a shoe. All our Hneet Rubber Shoes are stayed at ine toe, and never break out as we see many ol the oilier mauu 'ictnrr. Observe that every pair of Day's shoes have his name inside, lud are warranted Dot to loo-eu in the soles Warehouse of [foibnry India Rubber Est >blisement, 45 Maiden Lane. Remember, 45, between Nass.u and William sta. HORACE H. DAY, dJO Im r Successor to Rnybury India Rubber Co. f KfVKRffON iNsURANcIt COMPANY-No. 47 Wall ' street, corner of Hanover street. This Company eon innes to msnre against loss or damage by fire on buildings, nods, warei. or merchandise generally, also, on vessels and nruoea lo?? o? dinittr br inland tun*?tion, on ae trorahle term* a* any oiher office DIRECTORS. Thoma* W Thome K.lieha Kin* Tbomaa r Woodruff Aiwmi Baker nroj.iunn R Kobeon Martin Hoffman John R Dariaon Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph Drake Francis P Knee S.unml T'nderhlU Thomson Price, James R Whitmc Mpset Tucker John P Moore John C Merrill VVm K Thorn Caleb C Tunie J tinea E Holmea THOMAS W THORN*, President. OCO. T. HOPE, leeretnrT a* * aw M*V r

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