Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 19, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 19, 1843 Page 3
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CttATttAM TMR.vrRE.-W. H. WtM.lAJi'? Bkneeit. ?1,-t nil who w;s!i id 1'itjciy .111 evening's subft inli-il k umusement, at: --< he Chatham to-niglil, and we'll be bound for it, they will never regret the act. The entertainments are for the benefit of that gen nine comedian, W. H. Williams, whose acting is so irresistibly comic, that it never fails in bringing tears to the eyes of the most stoical. The attractions are in a high degree powerful, and we anticipate forthis favorite sou of Comus, a house crammed from pit to dome. Secure your seats early in the day. Clear ok Iok ? The river St. Lawrence was clear of ice at Quebec, on the 11th inst., and sailboats were crossing. _ Bowery Amphitheatre.?Master Aymar's benefit last evening was brilliantly attended. Upon his entrance,the Arena was literally covered with wreaths, boquets and cliaplets, that were showered upon the juvenile hero Nothing like his act of horsemanship has ever been witnessed in this country. Master Aymaris a self taught rider, a native of this city, but 10 years of age, and in style and eltect is said to resemble very nearly the great DuA crow. The entertainments this evening are for the benefit of that funniest of Clowns, the never tiring Dan Gardner. There is to be a great parade for Mr. Merryman's benefit, which we doubt not will prove a bumper. (YJ- THE HOMERS TRAGEDY?The New World of this work (Saturday, Jan. 01,) will contain a full, clear, { and impartial, though a 8KVRRE AND SEARCHING REVIEW ol'the testimony before the Court o Inquiry, in relation to I the awful execution of Spencer, Cromwell, and Small, for a supposed intent to mutiny, by Commander A. S. M'Kenzie. The text of the article is? " THOU SHALT NOT KILL." The contents of this Review will present facts and inferences of a most startling nature, and worthy the consideration of a humane and Christian people. II. Oeneral Remarks on Germany?Letter 1, on the History, rolitics. Literature, and Manners of the Germans ?by F.J Grund, Esq. III. Prison Discipline in the United States?A capital original article?by I'rofesssor Telkamft, of Union College. IV. The Indian Necklace, a beautiful Legend from one of the Annuals. V. The Midland Ocean, by B. D'lsraeli, Esq. VI. The South Sea Chief, a Tale of the Sea, by Miss Jane Porter. VII. Born to Love Pigs and Chickens, by N. T. Willis. VIII. Sleeping and Waking Dreams,by Mrs. Abdy. York Historical Society?Very interesting prorA^igs of the January Monthly Meeting. X.^^Ber from Mr. Aldrich, description of London and its environs?capital. Also, a great variety of Original Poetry, Scrap Book articles, news, fcc. &c. Terms?Same as heretofore. $3 a year. Single copies 6\ cents. Published in a beautiful octavo form. Office,30 Ann street, where are published and for sale all the popular " Books for the People," at 1-JJ to a ft cents each. J WINCHESTER, Publisher. (K7-THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE has effected a cure even in cases where the bones of the nose were exfoliated from the secondary effects of syphilis. Hundreds have been saved from the most awful consequences ofthese loathsome maladies hy the use of this celebrated medicine, now so extensively used in the LonJon and Paris Venerial Hospital. In all cases where disease is suspected to be lurking in the system, this medicine should be used. Sold by the authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, of the city ol New York, in large bottles at $1 each. In cases of half a dozen bottles * W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office of the College 07 Nassau street. (KJ- 8ANDY WELCH, the great Temperance Champion, says Sherman's Lozenges are great things. Every body says so, and therefore it must be true. Seasickness was never cured before Dr. Sherman's Lozenges cured it. Cough* and colds have hung on for weeks, till Sherman s Couch Lozenges cured them in a few hours; and Sher- i man's Worm Lozenges are the only infallible worm destroying medicine !over discovered. But Sherman's Poor * fon'? Plaotfir far nnn *li illintr id crrPAteat nf oil for if ia so'J?" and curps pair or weakness in'any part of the holly; als"*> rheumatism and piles. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 106 Nassau street. Agents, 110, 273 and 459 Broadway; 227 H*i7(J?on stroet; 189 Bowery; 77 East Broadway; 96 William stf^rt; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 8 State street. Boston: 4 fftanwix Hall, Albany; and No. 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia f!T7- AUCTION NOTJCE.?London Books, Prints, Stationary, and B lank Book". This ilav will he sold by the subscribers in the large rooms. 22 Ann and 115 Fulton streets, two cases choice London hooks, which will recommend themselves to physicians and surgeons, as well ns other professional gentlemen; also stationary, blank hooks,!fancy boxes, London portable desks, &c BELL & HOWARD. THOS. BELL, Auctioneer. N. B.?Sale of English hosiery, dry goods, clothing, tie , on Friday at 10$ o'clock, and piano fortes at 12 o'clock in the Sales Rooms. BRIO 80MF.R8.?Bsrnum has a perfect model f this Brig now exhibiting at the American Museum. fU> PETERS' VKOETABI E SHILLING STRENGTHt ENING PLASTERS?The ne ;ifui ultra of modern disco veries. . Breast and hack are full of pain, I Sad disaster?sad disaster ! What will make ire well again ? Peters'Plaster ! Peters'Plaster ! refers' Plaster is the thing vTill cure you faster?cure you faster Than Jhepraise? I will sing Of Peters' Plaster! Peters' Plaster! And oh *. the price- (a shilling clear !)? All may master?all may master ; So *hat all their hearts may cheer With Peters' Plaster ! Paters' Plaster ! In cursing colds, or pain or ache, Jacob Astor?Jacob Astor, All your wealth I wouldn't take For Peters' Plaster 1 Peters' Plaster ! This inestimable Plaster, which is a certain and immediate remedy for rheumatism, lumbago, pain in the breast, back, limbs, &c., and for coughs, colds, teething in children, and stiffness in the neck or joints, is for sale at the Principle Office, 126 Fulton stree', corner of Nassau, v Price 12$ cents, or $1 per dozen. 0FRANKLIN THEATRE.?To night cornea oft anotV'er Benefit in favor of the Daniels. A match dance of $50 a sido between Daniels and Miles; eight talented volunteers, and a great night it will be. The place will be full as usual, go early to get a seat. This is the last night but one (Saturday) of Mr. Morris's company. N. B The whole number of the company goes to the National Hall, Brooklyn, tomorrow night (Friday), to give an entertainment. MONEY MARKET, Wednesday, Jan, 18?<1 P. HI, The StockMarket presented no very great variety to-day, with the exception of Ohio, in which a kind of panic ixisted and the stock fell 3$ per cent ; Stonington fell $ per cent; Auburn A Rochester rose I percent; Kentucky 6's improved 2 per cent. | We stated a current rumor yesterday to the effect that nome arrests had been made at the Lafayette Bask. It . grew out of the fact that a stockholder had commenced civil suits with the view of making the direction liable for the maladministration o( the officers of the bank. ( The Lewis county Bank has failed some half dozen times, and very recently professed to resume its payments. Large amounts of its notes, both principal and in tercet, are, however, still continued under protest. Why ii it not put in liquidation 7 The bills of the Union Bank of Dover are again getting thick as hops. Be cautious The Comptroller has refused to issue any more bills to the Karmers' Bank of Malone, on the ground that the owner docs not live in Franklin county. The market r-te for drawn sterling bills, for the packet which sails to-morrow, has been 5} a 8j, and a fair demand existed. The bill o( Mr. McCleicand, in the Illinois Legislature, to put the State Bank in liquidation, and diminish the State debt, has passed the House by a vote of 106 to 6. The bill to diminish the debt provides for the appraisemeut and sale of all the property belonging to the State, except canal property, the purchaser being at liberty to pay in State liabilities or gold and silverIt is stated that the Commissioners for liquidating the nttalrs of the Eichange Bank of New Orleans, intend applying to the Legislature for an act authorizing them to create a stock of the St. Charles Hotel, and to sell the t same at public auction, pay able in the circulation of the >, bank. Pending the late bill before the Illinois Senate, for the purpose of winding up the State B ink, Col. Mather, on liehalf of the Bank, made a statement, from which we make the following abstract As the owner ol State bonds to amount of $1,606,000 00 As the owner of State scrip to amount of 17,6.14 60 For am tint due the Bank for mnney advanced at various times, chiefly to defray tlie current expenses of the Slate, 203,371 17 For amount advanced at different times to aidthe Fund Commissioner in paying interest on Slate tionds, . . 166,496 43 Making, esclusiveof interest, an aggregate of ..... 3,162,404 09 And exceeding the amount of the stock owni d by the Btato in the sum of . 63,404 09 The Bank proposes to give up this indebtedness to the Stato?the State retaining only 60,000 in stock, ao that the Bank can remain a State Bank within the meaning ot the Constitution. The Bank asked, oi. her patt, that she should he given until August next to rusumn specie payments ; if she fails to resume at that period, or, resuming .again suspends, the Bunk to go into immediate liquidation. These propositions were received in the Senate, and immediately the bill, before referred to, was taken upon lit third reading, and passed by hat beiy. These modest proposals, Irom a Bank which h i foi years been insolvent, wera very properly rejected. If tht Bank wished to save its charter, why did it net conduct ! 4 itself honestly In the first instance 1 It dep? nd?l tU*on corruption to sustain it in it* misdeeds, and i? disappointed. The Sagamore Journal remark ' as follows :? " T!?e therefore will go into liquidation?the State bonds held by her will be cancelled. The result, accord log to our befiel, will be as follows The Bank will nay lb cents in specie on her paper when presented at her counter, and give certificates of the balance which may be due to the bill-holders, the certificates to be paid when she realizes the means from her assets. Our opinion is, that the paper of the Bank must depreciate, and that within a short time it will only be worth from 40 to 45 cents. That is, that the hills will command -lb cents spi cie at the Bank?and that the certificates will be only worth from 15 to JO cents on the dollar." The bills are now worth but 38 cents on the dollar. The day the concern ceases to exist will commence an era of better times in that hapless State. For five years the paper system of the United States has had a steady dowr. ward tendency. It has been temporally stayed at times, but without effect. The United States Bank, with its vast capital, backed by the cotton crop, first enter|)osed, and was crushed beneath the accumulating discredit. State alter State has since gone down, and the approach of every pay day in the revolving year discovers some new dcfalcat'on, giving weight and strength to the non-paying States. We yesterday gave a portion of the message of the Governor of Louisiana, wherein he states that the interest of the bonds issued to the citizens and consolidated banks for their capital, and amounting to $9,668,888, will not be paid during the coming year. The Banks of Alabama, to whom was issued $9,000,000 of tne bonds of that State have (ailed, and will be placed in liquidation. The interest on those bonds, if met, must be provided for by taxation. In a former article we gave a list of State debts, dividing them into three classes, those good, those doubtful, and those failed. These three classes have now resolved themselves into two by the failure of those doubtful. The following is a table ol the States without debts, those which continue to nav. and those whose honored. Dkhts op thf State* Dhtinoiishino those which Pay amd Those which have keen Dishonored. Slates which J>ay Dishonertd States States Debt. States. Deht Vermont, ? IVum/lvaiin, 39.120.128 New Hampshire, ? Georgia, 3,181.823 Connecticut, ? Indiana, 12,129,339 Khode Idand, ? Man land, 20,901,049 New Jersey, ? Louisiana, 21,213,000 Drlaw?re, ? Mississippi, 1.100 000 North Carolina, ? Illinois, 13.83G.379 Maine, 1,678,367 Alabama, 9 813,036 Massachusetts, 7/72,839 Arkansas, 3,900,000 New York, 27,416,112 Michigan, 1,611.000 Virginia, 10,281,686 Florida, 3,100,000 S.Carolina, 7,513,770 Kentucky, 3,902,783 Tennessee, 3,016,916 Ohio, 19,947.321 Missouri, 1,192.000 Dist. Columbia, 1,380 000 Debts of Cities, 32,180,000 Total, $116,221,818 Total dishonored, 138.739,258 U. 8 Gov't Debt, 20,130,000 " yetgcod, 136,351,818 Grand Total, $136,311,818 Total, $271,111,076 These debts are all corrected from the late official documents The debt of Michigan is down at $6,611,000, but the Governor in his late message states that only t hat will be acknowledged for which a consideration has been re. ceived.and that amounts to $3,$536,336. One is likely to be paid as soon as the other, however, and therelore we give the full8um. We have put down the whole debt of Louisiana as dishonored, whereas, as yet, but $9,000,000 is delinquent. It appears then that teu States owing $138,739,263 have stopped, and the position of Virginia in consequence of her tampering with her rickety hanks is very precarious, and Ohio for the same reason has nearly lost the confidence of the public. As yet, however, ten States pay, and their dobts amount to $84,041,318. Thislattei sum is more than the United States can pay out of the country, in cash or produce, and the debts of the delinquent States can never be paid at all unless the bond holdders choose to take what the States now offer, which are the lands, public works and other State property. These they arc willing to give up in exchange for their liabilites, and the wisest course is to take them and make the most of them. The London holders of the southern stocks hold cotton lands and slaves as seourity, and they are in fact the real slave owners. The Governor of Michigan statss in his message that the stocks of that State had been hypothecated by the United States Bank for its debts in Europe, on terms not fully transpired. As that transaction was a singular one, we will publish the Paris contract, as follows :? " Copy of the Deedoi Trust, signed at Paris on the 26th of December, 1839, between Samuel Jaudon, Esq., attorney for the Bank of the United States, and ilothchild Brothers, hankers, in Paris, acting ftr the holders of the debentures of the loan of 22,770,000f. or ?900,000 sterling, to the said Bank of the United States. " Whereas the President,Directors, and Company of the Bank of the United States, by a power of attorney, duly executed at Philadelphia, on the 23d of August, 1839, under the seal of the said bank, and the original of which is deposited with Rotchschild Brothers, in Paris, have appointed Samuel Jaudon, late of Philadelphia, at present in Paris, their lawful attornev. with lull ior the purposes hereinafter mentioned:?The said Samuel Jauiton hereby contracts, in the name and on behall of the Bank ol the United States, (or a loan of 22,770,0001. or ?900,000 starling, represented by 5,074 debentures, payable by the said bank, at the office of Messrs. de Rothschild Brothers, in Paris, one half on the 16th of October, 1841, and the ther half on the l&th of October, 1842,with interest from the 16th of October, 1839, to the day of their being paid off, at the rate of six per cent per annum, payable half yearly, at the office o( Messrs. de Rothschild Brothers, in Paris?viz.. Due Oct. 15, 1841. 2,0(0 Debentures ef 2,5'JOf or 100/ together f.5,060,000 250 do 6.325f" 250/ do 1,581 250 199 do 12,#50f" 500/ do 2,517,350 88 do 25.300f" 1,000/ do 2,226,110 Due Oct 15, 18(2. 2,000 do 2,530f " 100/ do 5.C60.000 250 do (i 325f" 250/ do 1,581.250 199 do 12,650f" 500/ do 2,517,350 88 do 25,300f" 1,000/ do 2,226.1(10 5.071 Debentures Total, 22,770,000 "And whereas, it has been further agreed between the abovenamed parties, that for securing the special and full payment of the said debentures, a deposit should be made of certain state stocks hereinafter mentioned, in the hands of Messrs. N, M. Rothschild St Sons, in London, agents and depositaries mutually nppointed by both parties; therefore the said Samuel Jaudon hereby pledges and assigns for securing the special and full payment of the said debentures of the said loan, the following state stocks, received by him from the Bank of the United States, and which the said Messrs. De Rothschild Brothers acknowledge to be deposited in London in the hands of the said Messrs. N.M. Rothschild k Sons, with whom the same are deposited, as such agents and depositaries as aforesaid, for the interest and account of the holders of debentures of the said loan?viz :? Principal Hollos6 per Cent. Pennsylvania (in dollars) 1,345,906 16 6 per Cent. Mississippi (in ? sterling) 1,670,000 6 percent Indiana (in ? sterling) 316,000 6 percent. Illinois (in ? sterling) 108,000 6 per Cent. Illinois (in dollars) 260,000 6 per Cent. Michigan (in dollars) 1,431,000 6,000,906 16 " In default of payment of the debentures of the said loan, or any ol them, it is understood and agreed between the said Samuel Jaudon, attorney lor the Bank of the Unitod States, and the said De Rothschild Brothers, acting in behalf of the holders of the debentures of the said loan that the house of N. M. Rothschild ti Sons, in London, with whom the abovementioned state stocks are deposited, as aforesaid, may sell or cause to be sold immediately, without any judicial formality, or may otherwise dispose of the whole, or any part, ol the said state stocks, and ap ply the proceeds to the payment of the said debentures, orsuchof themlasmay remain unpaid, the Bank of the Unite 1 States alone remaining liable to the holders for anv deficioncv that mav occur. ''The Bank of the United States may at anytime re quite Messrs. N. M. Rothschild & Sons to realize the whole or any part of the said state stocks assigned tor the gusranteeof the debentures, upon condition, however, that the proceeds thereof shall immediately and exclusively be applied either to the purchase of debentures ol the loan, if at or under par, or, if above par, to the payment at par, in anticipation ofjsuch of the debentures as shall then be drawn by lot out of the whola number of those next to maturity; provided that the amount thus employed in the payment of debentures drawn by lot shall not at one time be less than AOO.OOOf The list of the debentures thus designated by lot for reinbursement by anticipation shall be inserted in the principal newspapers of Puns an I of London, one month at least before the period fixed for such reimbursement, at which period this sai d debentures will cease to bear interest. "Signed and delivered in triplicate, in Paris, the v!6th day ol Decmber, 1839. ("A true copy ) "For the President, Directors, and Company ol the Bank ol the United States, "S. JAUDON, Attorney." "N. B.?The principal money of each debenture, when due, and the amount of each coupon, when due, may be received at theolticeof Messrs N. M. Rothschild and Sons agents in London, at tho fixed exchange of 3flf. 80c. per pound sterling, upon IS days' previous notice and delivery of the debenture or coupon, a? the case may be. "For the President, Directors, and Company of the Bank of the United States, "8. JAUDON, Attorney. "Bank of the United Slates. "Loan ot jj,770,000f. = ?900.000 sterling. "Additional coupon shett lor debenture. "No "Principal 13 >0f ^?A00 sterling. "Reimbursable Oct. Id, 1841. "These additional coupons are deli vered iu execution ol he declaration of the Bank of tho United States, made on ihellthof October, 1841, by Mr. S. Jaudon, attorney ol tho said bank, and in conformity wills the express enndi tion ot the supplementary guarantee, consisting of 1,138, MX)t , or X4.V000 sterling, principal, in debentures ol the aid loan, redeemed by the Bank, and deposited with Vlessrs. N M. Roth-child It Sons, London. " N. B ltisstrirtly requisite that the present sheet o onp >ni should be annexed to the original debet tnre, an resented for pat mrnt with the bond to which it belong Detached, it is of no value. " For the Preside d, Directors and Company ol the Bank of the United States. " S. JAUDON, Attorney." ' Parts, Oct. 13, 1841. "We hereby acknowlfilgptbat the deposit of the above mentioned supplementary guarantee has been made in tin hands of Messrs. N. M. Rothschild h. Sons, ol London who have received the same, as agents and depositaries, t< he applied to the guarantee of the debentures of the loai of the Hank of .the United States, duo, the 15th of Ooto her, 1841. Ir. testimony whereof, and to that end alone we subjoin our signature. DE ROTHSCHILD, BROTHERS. "Paris, Oct .la, 1811." [Here follows the sheet of coupons ] Males sit theNtoek Kxclsan||?s. $4 00(1 N V State 7's.l8 8 103^ 1,000 *>Y Stste 5's.t860 88k 3.'aw do 1849 103 k 1,000 do 88k 1,000 Ohio b's, 1860 tit ", 9,000 lllim it 17'? 2 000 do ?4>< 120 aim* Mechanics' Bk fclk I.OOII do 61 30 I'heuis Batik 7< 5,000 do ?3 63 25 Del St Hudson s!5 83S 5,000 do 62k 25 do s30 83 11000 do 62 SUlica tk Schenectadv 118 10,000 do 63 60 Aubuiu Ik Rochester 90 1,000 Kentucky 6'a,1871 81 5 Boston & Prot ideoce 87k 1,000 do 81k 25 Stouiiutlon 16 < 2,000 do 82 25 do 16k t.oon do sty? Second Hoard too shas Loot Island Ins 83 20Uti<-* s3 118 150 Harlem $2000 Ohio 6's, 1856 62k State of Trade. Ashee?Bales Pots 60 bbls inspection of 1843, at $5 50 Pea' Is are nominal nt $7. Beeswax? Prime Western .Northern and Southern Yeh low at 28Je. Coat?Sales of 173 tons coarse Newcastle at fti 25; anil 60 tons Livprmnl Hrr^ll a ? Coffe*?TheBale* ol Brazil at 7 a tt\ crnti; Laguayra 7J a Cuba, 8 a 8}, 4 months; and St. Domingo, 6j, cash. Cotton?The sales embrace 2300 bales Upland and Flori' da at ft J a 7 cents; 300 Mobile, ii a 7$ . 300 New Orleans, ftj a 8; and J9 Texas, last week, 0} short price?together *3900 bales. Married. At St. John's Chtich, on Sunday evening the 15th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Berrian, Mr. Wu. A. McKinnkv io Mary E. LrLBRiM.bothof this city. Died. In Brooklyn, on Tuesday evening,Jan'y. 17th, Fhapc.s Elizabeth, daughter of E?. and E. N. Winchester, aged 'J years and nine months. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fune ral this afternoon at three o'clock, at 43 Cranberry street, without farther invitation. On Thursday morning, Fninc?:s Louisa, daughter of Thomas and Margaret ConUlin, aged three years and ten months. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this (Thursday) afternoon, at half past 3 o'clock, from the residence of her father No. 49 Roosevelt street. Latest Advice* RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa Nov. II Macao Sept. 20 AuxCayes Dec. 28 Madras Oct. 22 Antigua Nov. 9 Manilla Aug. 15 Bombay Nov. 1 Montevideo .-Nov. 3 Balavia July 30 Maranham Nov. 26 Bermuda Dec. 17 Matanzas Dec. 26 Bonaire April 9 Mayaguez Dec. 8 Buenos Ayres Nov. 6 Maracaibo Dec. 7 Bahia Oct. 16 Matainoras Dec. 15 Belize, Hond. Nov. 19 NeuviLas Nov. 10 Barbauoes Nov. 30 Nassau, N. P. Jan. 2 Bosnia Nov. 10 Oahu.S. I. Oct. 1 Berbice---- Feb. 20 Paris Dec. 7 Cape Haytien Dec. 24 Port au Prince Dec. 28 Curacoa Dec. 19 Ponce, P. R. D?c 1 Oienfnegos -.Dec. II Para Dec. 13 Caitliagena Sept 15 Pernambuco Nor. 16 Caraccas May 17 Panama - Sept. 23 Chagres July 1 Hi > de Janeiro Nor. 23 Caliao SeoL 7 Singa|iore Sept. 20 Calcutta Oct. 21 Sydney, N. 8. W. June 14 Demerara Dec. 14 St. Helena Nor. Hi Fayal Dec. 23 St. Thomas Dec. 21 Gibraltar Dec. 14 St. Barts Jan. 3 Guayaquil Oct. 16 St. Jago de Cuba Dec. 20 Guayama, P. R.- Nor. 7 St. Johns, P. R. Dec. 25 Oonaives Aug. 1 Sl Croix Nov. 3 Galveston Dec. 24 St. Martha Dec. 8 Havre Dec. 8 St. John, N. B. Dec. 29 Havana Jan. 2 Surinam Nov. 30 Halifax Dec. 31 Tampico Dec. 6 Jeremie Nor, 20 Tobasco Deo. 23 lacmel Dec. 25 Turku Island Dec. 17 Kingston, Ja. Dec. 13 Triuidnd de Cuba-. Dec. 10 London Dec. 7 Vera Cruz Dec. 19 Liverpool Dec. S Valparaiso Sept. 16 La Onavra Dec. 27 Yucatan Dec. 21 Lima Aug. 6 Zanzibar Sept. 27 foreign Importations. Mansanilla?Brig Adna?79 tcs 10 hhds 24 bbls honey 127 bis 4 tcs sugar 130 sticks fustic 110 tons wood 593 bales tobacco SO bdls palm leaf 55 logs cedar D Curtis. Power.?Schr Susan?10 hlids sugar 8 do molasses 8 W Lewis ?31 do 50 lihus rugar J W Archibald. St Johns, NF?Brig Lady Harvey?9 tierces 5 bbls salmon Stokes 8c Anthony?ISO tcs 1 cisk cooper 35 bbls 10 lif do salmon 60 bbls herrings 6 loos old ro|? O 8t J Laurie. MAR I T I M EHER A LP. Sailing Days of the Steam Shlpst. from enflland. from america Caledonia, Lott Jan. 4 Feb. I Acadia, Hyrie Feb. 4 Mar. 1 O. Western, Hosken Feb. II Mar. 16 Columbia, Miller Mar. 4 April I Britannia, Hewitt April C May 1 G. Western, Hosken April 15 May II Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Oxford, Kathbo ie, Dec. 19 8 America, Bailey, Jan. 19 Patrick Hear , Delano, Dec. 25 Sheridan, De IVyster, J in. 10 FROM portsmouth. rOR PORTSMOUTH. Ouebec, Williams, Dec. II Gladiator, Brittnn, J?n 20 niiladelphia. Hovey, Dec 15 Medrator, Champlin, Feb. 1 from havre. por havre. Oneida, Fuuck, Dec. 16 Lonis Phtlipne,CatloH1, J n 24 Argo, Anthony, Dec. 24 St. Nicolas, Pell, Feb. I Ship Masters and Agents. vVe. shall esteem it a favor, il captains of vessels will give to Commodore Korkht Silvet, of our news fleet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their p.vrsage, a list of their cargo, end any foreign newspapers or news they may have. He wrii board them immediately on their amvai. Agents and correspondents at home or abroad, will aDis confer a favor by seudiirg to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thaukfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, JANUARY 19. itlr rises 7 23 I moor rises 9 26 |1*N 5 0 1 mow WATER 10 59 Cleared. Ship Souih America, B riley, Liverpool, Chas H Marshall.? Barque Weskeag, Spaulding. New Orleans, Nesmith Leeds 8t Co.?Brigs Fairfield. Smith, Portau Priuc , Skelding It Ferris; Cir line, (Venezuelan) Lubd. Angostura, Oelrichs 8c Kruger; Kmina. Wait, Msracaibo and Cilracoa. Bouchaud 8t Thebaud; Har ' oga. Bedell, Apalsrhicot ', John Ogrlcr; Sterling. Tay lor, Wilmington, NL. E 8 Powell.?Srnrs Char'otte, kuller, La Guayraand Poito Cabello, Geo Whitaker; Cohannei, B utler. Baracoa, Foster St Nickerson; Planet, Terry, Petersburg, A B Cooley&Co; Emma, Johnstone, Baltimore, Johnson St Low den. Brig Pedraza. Hutchinson, for Spanish Main, cleared on the 14th; brig Ann Eliz>, Mallorv , for Mobile, on the 16th; schis Two Pollies, Clark, (or Baltimore; Catharine Amanda, Teal, for Philadelphia, and Only Daughter, Tucker, for Portsmouth, NH. on the I7lli. Arrived. Bremen barque f'a'oline. Volckmau, from Bremeu, Nov. 22, with mdse, to Oeliichs8t Kruger. British brig Lsdy Harvey, McDonald, 17 days from St. Johns, NF. with salmon, G. 8t J. Laurie. 11th inst lat 70, Ion 19 19, spoke British brig Velocity, from Bermuda for Halifax. Brig Ailno, Slierinan, (of North Yarmouth) 17 day* from Mantanilla, Cuba, with sngar, to Nesmith, Leeds 8t Co. Left na American vessels. Brig Fidelia. Small, todays from F.astport, with,fish and lath, to P. I. Nevius St Sou. Brig Boston, Hamilton, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to master. Schr Susan, Manlin, (of Plymouth, Mass ) from Ponce. PR. Jan. 5, with sugar, to 8, W Lewis. Left barques Condor, Wise, of New York, disg: Whilon, Curtis, disg; brigs Maty Averill, Hatch, of New York, do; schr St Thomas. Brewster, of Bucksport.disg. Brig J. H. Cheney, Crabtree, of Hancock, sailed 29th Dec. for leeward. Schr Cambridge, Hall, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, to J. Stevens. __ _ . schr Ana Hyman, Johnson, from Newberu, NC. with nasal tores. Schr Calcutta, Steilmin, 3 days from Boston, with milse, to in .silt-r. Schr Neuvitaa, Francis, 5 d?ys from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores. SchrSamlA. Appleton, Eldridge, 4 days from Boston, with mdae, to K. T Herrick. Schr Victory, Allen, 3 days from Boston, with mdae, to Lewis h Co. Sailed. Barques Douglass, Bourne, Rio de Janeiro; Huntress, New Orleans; brigs Choctaw, do; Lady of the Lake. (Br) Onnerara, and others. Herald Marine Correspondence. OrrtcK or thk Khoiis: Ui.asora,) Newport, Jan. 16, 1813. 4 Hth?Arr Blark Hawk, Armstrong, Trtni lad, PS. for New Hisen; Hihernia. Thurston, Mobile for Providence; Hienr.i, Piirlee, New York fordo; Yantie, Slew irt, Kail Iliver for Nrw York; I5tli, Wankinco, Atkins, Kali Kiver for Baltimore. Sid 16th, Vaniic, N York. Genera! Kecord. Foreign Lfttf.r Office.?The South America, for Liverpool, will tail to-day. Her letter hags are at Gilpin's, in (he Kicltange, and will close at the usual I our this morning. Notice to Mariners. The Light Boai stationed off the Hook, has been towed up to the city by steamer Hercules, anil will nudergo repairs. Whalemen, Arr at Oreenport, LI. llih inst Caroline, Sanford, 67 days fin Faynt. The Caroline sailed from Sag Harbor on the 20tli Sept last; 13 il tv out. Iter carta.n, J lin Hose, was taken with the dvsent. r\ ?and growing worse, rhe chief mate. Mr II iliey, put back to Fay il, landed the captain, and mad>- .'tra gemenis to proceed on the voyage; five of the crew refudng to do duty under him. were by the Ainrriran consul impi'soned; when the chief ma'e was likewise taken with tint same disorder ami landed. The Carotins has returned ui der the charsr of MrSinf id. her'd ffirer, leaving f amain Hose, Mr H <lsey ami Tlsos Oshoru. ihe steward, tick on shore; the Conner quite low, but esiiec ed to recover. The C. likewise left the five men in prion Severd of the crew h ve li.ewi.e Is- en attscki .1 with the same disorder, hut now all are well. The Csroline has tiken no oil. Spoken. Ho?er. ?f Freepoit, from Portland for Apalarhicola, under jurymast, as before reported?Jau 7, Carysfort Keef N by K, 10 miles distant, Clio. Matwick, from Portland for Cuba, Jan 13th, lat 38 N, ten 73 30. thro, from Hivre for Galvestou, 50 days out, Dec 26th, eff Orange Keys. , from Demerars for Newbern, NC. Jan I, In the Motia Pasvi.'e * Nevis, 14 da>s from Thomaston for New Oileans, no date, lat 34 '3, Ion 67. Pr noess Koyal,(Br) from New York for Bermuda, DiCli, lat 31 17, Ion 65. Se?,of VVsrien, for Kingston, Ja. Dec 26, coming through Turka Island Passage. Korr Isgli Porta. tlFI.FasT, Dec 16? Shi Joseihine, Leitch, NOrleans. (Jravesv.nd. Dec 13?Arr Switzerland, Chad ick, New \ ?. Off PofttiMO! t Di i ? Hi .nnrh, White. \#-w Tofh ' Jr? ro* n < * f l'i v>i11t* i h. I) c ij? M ? ?t noiiwdi, j i m, Hi id' m.,< ihiMIi l'1 t?ArrHindoo,4m imt N York: Nov,30, J > hot tou, i jduwaH. do. Teiiite, Nov Air Pico. H*rru, k ' ..J m ?ti?at, Jan 1?Id p^u, Abjors, for Havana; Cntwjfnehy. (or NOr|es,,s. Dl Mr u?*a, no datl?-|n ;ort, An'attllie, and Judscn, just arr ' I loin New Haven ' Thiividad, PH. Dec 28?In port, . Kimball, of Middle town. Ct. Willi tlif* Olvini ir Circus oil bo ml, just irr from Denier ur... , CvRAOoa, Dec 19?No Ami ricau vessel in port. Home l*oria. WitCiiKT, Jan U?S'd (ysilda, Hall..Trinidad. Portlawii Jan Id?("Id rioiniilim, Kinsman, Havana. Sid Josephine, W o,mi, Catherine, Kuti rn Star, Financier, and a , fl-et of coasters Sai.i m, Jin 1'?Arr Clrnpaira'a Barge, Bak?r, Richmond Bid Caroline Annual*; I'.alrsrnit-, Brazil; and from h?|..w, i Kittle. i Boston. Jin 17?Arr John Cadmus, Blmchard , Mobile: AI; leu, Mauaou, Curacoa; Lorelto, H-udersnu, Mobile; Odenn, I Nickerson, Boiiiinili; Miry Cole. 'I bonrpson, Charleston; ( Hope Howi a, Shaw, Beverly: J.,s Francis, Paine, Richmond; 1 Jehu Murray. Detereua, Baltimore; Charles, Dodge. Philadelphia; Trio, Hording, NYork. Te'e graphed Nile, Kennedy, from Apalarhicola. Old Suffolk, Crosoy, NOrlenna: Ves|wCian, Colter, Charleston; (jrorius, (of iln* port. I teofSalrint i Sean, do; Acoru. Howes, do; F.ssei, Itavnes do; ' aim,Howes, Mobile; Ausrnst, Holmes, do. Arr Kith. Kentucky, Somes I (Capt Rngera remained, having had his leg broken by a hale of cotton tailing upon him) NOileans, IVrseserance, Leach, Mansani'la, Cy nosure, Mai loon, Apalachicol t; Planet, Tn.bey, and Pandora, Hnn^son, Baltimore; Sulla,B nuts, Philadelphia; Pare, Taylor, NYork. Holmks Hols. Jan 12 and 13? No arrivals. Mth?Arr James Hay, (Br) New York for St John. N B; Mary Cole, Thompson, Charleston for Boston, Bunker Hill, Marson, Allakapas for Portsmouth; Perseverance. Baltimore for do; Champion, New York for Nantucket. A snip supposed New Bedford whaler, took a pilot this morning, and went into Tarpaulin Cove.? Passed by, Maitlii, I),vis. Boston for Baltimore; Napoleon. N York for Portland; and several sclirs bound K. litii?No arrival. S'iled, all IhOSC before rerrorteil If.lll? No Vessi* Is in I rort. Tarpaulin Cove, Jan >?Arr Messenger, Ha7.elgroj?, B'>?ron for Fredericksburg mil remained lltli Arr 12th, Tr im, i Greenlaw, N York for K.astpnrt, aihI aid lltli. , Kali. Rtvrir, Jan 14?Air Henrv Gibis, NYork; ISth, Riclid Riuli, Nickersou, Philadelphia. Sid Wankinco, Aikirit, Baltimore. Providence, Jan 16?Arr Hibernia, Thurston, Mobil*; Patrick Henry. Shellv, Baltimore: Queen, Rowland, Ho; Chair, Potter, do; Volant, Witlislou, NYork. 8ld Argo, Snell, New York. i Philadelphia, Jan IB?Arr Enieline, Davidson, NYork.? CM Noma Stanley, Hue, Bailiadoea; Howent, Dill, La Ouayra. CHATHAM THEATRE. BENEFIT OK Mil. LENNOX?GREAT AND NOVEL ATTRACTION ? GALAXY OK TALENT. ? Mr Leiinoi respectfully annotineri to liia fn< nils and the Drain t'a p'trnna. Lia Benefit will take place on Siturdav, Jinuari 21st, 11413, when will be presented the adtnir d Scotch Operatic Draina of ROB ROY, or AULD LAND SYNE. Mill Roialie, tier lirit appearance, as Diana Vernon, with Mings. duetts, tkc ; Mia Duff as Helen McG-egor ; Mr lilakely as Douital ; Mrs L-no* as Vlallie her first appearance here ; Francis Oabaldistnne, w>th souks, M' Sherman : Bailie N col J \rvie, as send by liitn in Scotland and the United States 2IKI nights, Mr Lenox ; Ron Roy, Mr Clin* ; Vtaj-ir Gaibraith, W H Witli :ms ; Owen, Mr J - ulier. O.i this occasion, the Original Overture will be played, led by Mr Alei'r Jetnisoti, aa aisled by 10 vulunreeis?cotnprisiiiK in all 20 musicians. MUSIC, he. IN THE OPERA.

Openine Chorus?'" Soon the sun." by the company. Sony? No home like my ain," Miss Rosalie. Souk?" m v love is like the red red rose," Mr Sherman. Duett?" Tiro' you leave me now in sorrow," Miss Rosalie and Mr Sherman. Kinale to Act 1st?" Hark from St Munito's tower," Messrs Lennox, Sherman,and Kishtr, and Mrs Lennox. ACT 2. Song?" Highland Lad," Misa Rosalie Song?" Kamous Man," Mr Wrn Williams. Song and Chorus?'" Auld Lang Syne," Mesa-s Sherman, Lrrinox Stc. Chorus?" Rov'a Wife," by the company. Scorch Reel of Nine, accompanied by the Bagpipes. Song?" My tartan plaid anil bnnnrt blue," Mr Sherman. Song?" My father laud," Miss Rosa'ie. Song?" My own native land," Mr Sherman. Souk autl Chorus?" Rob Roy McGregor," by Miss Rosalia, Mr Sherman, and Chorus. Previous to avliicb, the laughable farce of IRlfH MAGNETISM, Or the Man of t leniqs on his Last Legs. O'Callahan. the ManofG-nius, Mr Moasop. After which, Scotch song, Mrs Lennox. ' Willie biew'd a peck o'maut,? by a Scotch Amateur. The whole to conc'uil- with THE SIAMESE TWINS. The Twi s, by Charles and Lewis Mestayer. Coma one? come all. GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE. OFFICE 88 BOWKRV. GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE OK LITERATURE AND ART?Contents of the February No., Vol.22, No. 2. orioinal papers The Enchanted Oun?A Tennessee Story, by Charles Kenno Hoffman. The Maiden?A Sonnet. The Spirit of Poetry, Canto II, by Henry Theodore Tuckerman. To A Friend, by W. W. Story. The Lord of the Manor, or the Times of the Last of the Stewarts, by H.W. Herbert. To a Garden Flower, sent to me by a lady, by Richard H. Dana. The Ideal Found?A Poem. A Demurer, by Frances Anne Withington and Clara Snuiner. I The Lament of Judah. by Park Benjamin _ I , An Elopement, by the author of A Marriage o( Conve- I iii, III r. I , TK? ITIoo..- ?m 1 " . ...... ?jcm? ui uemui, oy r rancu Sargent Us- | food. The Host's Tale, liy Charles I. Petrrinn. The Lght of tlie Vvoild, by Walter Cotton, | Lin<? written under h Ltdy'i Picture. ] Autobiography of a Pocket Handkerchief, part the second, bv James Frnmmore Cooper. Ttie lined George Campbell, by Henry W. Longfellow. The Moon, by Jaines Kussel Lowell. Resignation?A Sonnet. The Lovei'i Signal, illustrated, by Julia H. Mercviu. Night Reveries, by Otway Curry. A Praye for Light, oy W. H. Burleigh. A Few Hours iu Veuice, by Cieorge B. Cheevey. I The VisiO' atv?A Poem, by Mary L. Lauion. Stanzas, by Edw ird A. Stan-bury. The Kire-[)ooiued?A Tale of the OM Dominion, by Ray nell Coatts, M D. j Cliiluteti Taken by Surprise, illustrated. ! Born to Love, Pigs anil Chickens, by N. P. Willis. Nama.k.i, or The Captives, illustrated, by II. Hastings Weld. 1 Review of New Books. j Editors'Table. j KMHKI.LI9HMr.fSTS The Lover's Signal, a Irghlv finish, d engraving, on steel, s b., Wright, H itttb it Smilie, fioin a painting by W '. Promt.'. The Captiees, by Rawdon. Wright, Hatch it Smilie, from a *. pic urehy W. Prning. Children Taken by Su-prise, engraved by W. O. Jackman, from a picture by Gienier. _ a Terms?$1 per annum, in advance, r 2 copies $5 " " " " t I copy,two years. Si per annum, in advance, I 1 copy Graham's Magazine, | copy Godey's Lady's Book. I one year, ii advnee. Single nninbein of ither 25 cents. I I Published monthly. Relive,ed in nny part of this city and Bio ki n, and s> nt by mail to all |iarts if (he United States < and the Cauada?, hy ISRAEL POST, i jyl9 2Hawylt''r t8 Bowery BEREAN INSTITUTE LECTURE?Rev. K H. Chain n'a last lecture previons to leaving the city, will be given , in (lie Broadway TaDernacle, on Friday evening, 20.h iust., at I half past 1. I Subject?The Philosophy of Refoim. t Tickets, to admit a lailv and geiitleman, 25 cents, to be had t at Davton it Ntwui.u's, Broadwav; Puce's, 120 Fulton si; | Watkin's, 16 Catharine st; Pice's, 0 Bowerv; Conant's, 2?(i 1 Grand st; Brinck's 611 Hudson st; Martin's, corner 11th st and I Dili Hvrnue; Saxton it .\lilrs, 20i Urnulway; Frauds it Co,, 1 262 Broadway: Bisliy, 3 Park Row; Nreley's bookstore, i B'eecker near Carmine; Axford's News Ofl5c?, Bowery; Firth I It Ha l, Franklin Square; Ltngley's, Chatham at, and at the I door on the evening ol til lecture. By older, I jyl!>2t?e C. S STEARNS, Sec'y I INFORMATION WANTED?Of Mrs George Harris; her * maiden uaine isCathrrme Gardner,a native of Port Glasgow, Scotland. When last heard from, was living iu Hudson street, in this city. Any person who can give inhumation where she 1 inav tie found, will ninrh oblige her nephew, James Kintrea. at J 17 Front it. New York City. jyl93l*r ' I2HFTY DOLLARS-RihWARR.?Lost on the Friday be" (ore \ew Year's day, viz. 3thh Dec. 1812, on board thestracboat Water Witch, ou In r two o'elock trip from New York to a Elizabethtown Point, a black silk Glove, containing rig tv-five J dollars in lives and tens on the Fulton Bank of New York, s and about fitty dollars on other different banks, four or five so- a vereigns, anil a check for $1") 41 Kill on the Mechanics' Bauk of , New York, drawn by Samuel Slocum. The tinder is iyne led t to leave worrl at tins office, or direct a line to Jehu Kteiiau, , Scotch Plains, New Jersty, and receive the above reward aud the thanks of the owner. jy!9 r i plf V HOTEL, NEW YORK ?The snb'cribrr has ngain ' taken the above house, which has been refitted aiiH furmslied in suneiior sty le, aud will be opened ou the >st of Fehrnary ' next. The whole exterior and urerior have been painted throughout. The ladies'apaitmeuts are materially improved, hy widening the stairs and passages, inserting closets, having ilie halls warmed by furnaces, and the assemble room cmwertcd in'o several suits of rooms f< r families, anil a snacinus Is diee' dinitg room. The public dining room la greatly impro- . veil, by a dom,. design* d to iu< rcate light and ventilation, and , other bem ficial alterations. Many 01 the walla and ceilings , have been renewed, and the Cruton water if int'oduceil on every llo,r of the eatabluhment. The houae will be amplv provided with eveiy reiiu site. the business will be condueted ( in he moat librril manner, and the subscriber. and Mr. Wn- , lard, who will be aaaociated with him, respectfully aolicit the pa'ronaae of their old frieuda and the puhli-. . CHESTER JENINU8. New York. J?n. 1813. jy 19 Iwrrc I THOMAS PAINE'S BIRTHDAV-The frienda of politi' cal and religious freedom, deairoua of commemorating (lie i aervieea of the (real state-man and philanthropiat in "(lie J times that tried men's Simla," will meet Ihia evening, Jan. 19, ( at half past 7 'i'clock, at Peter Mijtit's, Harmony Hall, Centre c atreet, near Chamheti, to make milable arratiKenienta for the r orca<nan. jvIS It*r , DH 8HKRMA V.H LOZXN(JKl.^57 tona aold last year, til" greatest evidence that can be offered of their irteat popnlarity and u<efulnear. Mr. Leonard Rodgera, aged 96, 705 Tenth atree*,, waa suppo- 1 red to be at the point of d? ath, from old age and a bad rough. * Ilia pnyaician adviaed him to try ffherman'a Cough Lozenges, p he did ao and lliey cured hrm. Enoch E Camp, ear) , ?ur ezcellen' reporter, waa cured of a * very bid coogh, by Sherman's Lozenges?ao alao waa Mr. P Karier, ihe fain -ua c gar dealer, 46 Chatham. The Catholic Orphan Asylum, in 11th street, has used Slier- n man's Lozenges for the last year witn great benefit. Ca| t ('Indwelt, ol ship W? lliogton, aavt ahcrmau'a Lozenges ar? great thing? the Camphor Lozenges are the only sure . remedy f r sez-si knots, head ache, and palpitation, ever known ? Mr. John Keer , 1RJ I2'h street, cured h'S child of worms by J* only one dose of Sherman's worm lozenges, Ne >rly every phy y. sic I Ml if i elebrity in tl'is city lecooimenda Sherman's nor V lozeogi a in their prat tire,as ibey alao do Sherman's noor in in'a |d sier, which co-ts only liK cent*, and it a certain cure lor , pain or weakness of the aid , br< aat, hick or any |?'t of the a body. Alao, rheumatism, lumbago undpile*. Be mre yon get the genuine SHEliM AN'8 Lozenges and PlaMer*. W?rehou?e, IC6 Nasasn St. Agents?IIO ZI3 and 45S B.nadwiy; 227 Hud-ouat; IRS B werv; 77 K.aat Broadway; 10 A?t"i Houi' ; 86 William a': l:iy Kulton at, Brookl' n 8 State tree' B ?toti; 4 Stmwiz II?lI, Albany; 42 Westminster at. j PiO< iueneo; and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. Jtl9r ? I (?<)K A I' THIS. AM) M'DHK KdK YOt KSELb ' s I lie-under?ign, d, by occup inon a mariner, heving uofot- ' innately contract! d a ieit.un disease in New York oily.wa in const quenee of my destnu'e condition, und*r the nrc-saity of maaing application lor admission in the Marine Hospital at Norfolk, Va , in winch l*w is Nov. 2?, IS3R I was ? from the tim* of mv entrance initio hospital nnditi'te treat- w m?nt of si veral of the medical f icul:v who frequent' d 'he hospital, but my case h. came caily more au sealed. uol after re inaining something like four month* tinder their treatmeiit, I ' was at last *iven over t die. and conaid red by them hotieless 'h I was so much adenied by mercurial m'hiiincs that 4 I ' not turn over i" bed At 'hat rri' period, iiimt Inne ill t.'ie 1 m nth or March, a br ther sailor hearing ol ntt sail condrii n ca'l d itibeag ul'a offic* , and procure* a boftle ol Hnntai ? KhI Drop and brought It to me, which I took according to i irectiotia, and lo my great Jov I >* ?a bv the use of that medicine alone, rnab'ed to le ive the hnapit'I on tin 7th ol May ' 'aat, ind II.ingle again with my fall ? in i" 'he t m Krin g ?f life JOHN DONNELD Norfolk June 4 h, l*3P. .. " Witneaa, John A. Agnew, N >tmy Public I'. T he obr iu- d at the Hitnterian D spr aarv on'y, No. 3 Di 1 vi i n atrta '. established iu foe year l?3A, for Ul-sale o' h j neil cm jil9ii* W\ VI D?A a tu ition n i ho ei a* ha kr i e or wan a or III It'll I mil. ?W Iter Th I . li 4 I 'it 1.1 Paiia ill *ucli a bu n a??ia- ik- ihe ifarin u IH J Fr-nc i aiiku-ae? - !. rv uot mucli au nhject?mural wan t learn th' English language, and can Come Well it comm. u *" I (led Altuc addressed to L W, at this office, will meet with '? j attention. jyl 3l*r I i AUCTION SALEa! TJ'OM/ s BKI.I , \nctiourer BV BKLL fc HOWARD, j |f n '? Im iV9 Hiftldi f TH! HMDAY, j At 10^ oVIofk mthf t actio a store. I flili rftnilnn lodki, hiiu Fimtiifi, Blank Books ml St If OBOfJ * ? Jot IV- 'I ' r m I i ilnn rnrni'riamg ' choice book*, maps, iikl plates. 27 splendid painting* and en graving* ; a large lot I dgers ; day, invoice, letter, and other hooka ; paper, quills, rata books, |>ock?*t ledg* ra, aquan lityof jewellery, fancy bole*. no'tablr drika, 8cr. Ike. FRIDAY, At 10.^ o'clock at the aale room*. In i iptinaatioti i tMVMmoftBtiitol chouse dry good#, Iam i d pledged articles jswslry, 8 splendid watches, ola inond 111<I ?tti. i | ins iiul tings, 4 trunks \ iln.ibh* clothing, nid ( '?? : Vrtluihlen. A'">, hi , ntire f i k ol sapi rh English ho ierj. com| vising lambs wool, Angola, Vigonia silk and cotton bote foi men, bovs, children and ladj Alio, nssci undershirts. (incv cuvttvf* gloves, &c. At 12 o'clock, in th** Fulton atreet atore, Piano rorti* P nihtig* v<| Furniture? Without reserve, 10 splendid second hand mid new rosewood piano fortes, by tne heat maker* in the world. 1 Also, a number of \ 'lunhlc p.untings and beok*. Same time will hr continued and closed, the stock of softs, chans, French bedsteads, by order of the assignee! and a receiver. SATURDAY, At IflMi o'clock at the nalo rooms. Kitetiftire and valuable sale of e'egint furniture of ?ll de- , acrijitiona of new and second hind hoimkee; >ing arti lea, in all their vaiietiea. HKNHY K. ItlKLL, AucPt. BV riklL 5C AKrUf'AitnrM Store 301 Broadway, coiner of Dunne at-eeta K. 8t A. are now readv* to made advances to any amount on *] consignments. Returns prompt. 8ile?of real estate and oat door sales of household furniture attended to in person. Regular sales of Liquor* flegar*. flic., every Tuesday; Fur* I aitnre, Pianos, kc , every Wednesday and Saturday. SATURDAY. Jan.!'. | A ? ? ** * * * ' - x* ?i'icui!!<i a?i(irimniir 01 new dim stcouu riauu furniture, faucy goods and house furnislii ojj Articles A* Privata Hale?A l?rge invoice of various kinds of wares, ( useful, curious, and novel. Now ready and for sale cheap. i T. BOYLK. Auctioneer. . BY order of the executor!*, will sell on Thursday, 19th lust., J at store N<>. 12 Allen street, the entire stock of the juuk " shop bel >ugitig to the late deceased Bernard McNallv, compri- c sing hr.tss, lead, copper, wrought and pig iron, scran do, carpeii ter's tools of every description, guns, swords mid pistols, fre setts, fender's and hind irons, china, do If, and cruet stands, vices, beams, scales, weights aud measures, inihoirany tables, 1 chain, clock and Icokini gliiiea, one Dowi? biflfi vtiii large variety of other boohs and articles, too nuinercu- to men* I l>Mi Sale positive. j\ Id lt*ec [ \1. WAND Auctioneer, XfLT\H&Z,L\QVORB, UROCKKIKH. SKGAKS, Ac-A. g w C HUM BRUT h ' ...will ..-it moruiny. or II 1 oVIork, a; the store, c?ru?-r of Broadwav mid Liberty *lri*et, in con inustion, a line assortment of olard, comae .ml champagne branili ?; swan (tin; wcotch whiskey; .lurry, claret and l>ort wine, in bottle, and demitohns. I0 A in, 50 basket, anuiirtte cmdial; 25 caic, assorted French ? do. Also, assorred Bordeaux fruits, in brandy.; bunch raiaina, in quarter and whole b<ira. Alan, 20 hoxea prime Sicily lemons. Also, Havana, Priuciptt. and La Norma segars, with other article, in the line, well worth the attention of dealers. Bruabci?Alio, an invoice of clothes, crumb, hair, and horse , brushes. T pinks?Also, an invoice of iron hound and riveted travrliutt trunks. Kumitnrr?Also, for acrount of whom it may concern, 13 ,,, 3-4 French mahogany chairs, French bedstead, spring seat _ s< fi, 2 mahogany rockets, 2 pier tables, I astral lamp, and 1 pair Venitian blinds. Sale absolute. tr N. V?I'urcha,era of liquors will not be required to take the ci demijohns if not waited. Sale poaitive. Sample, at the aale. jvl9lt*rc et \V7~\~CAftTKR, Auctioneer. WINKS BWANDIKS, (JIN, WHISKEY Si SEOAR8? d' CARTER 8t Co. will aeM Friday 20th inat. at I0)f 2 o'clock, at their store No. 102 Broadway, a very fine assortmt til of choice wi>es and liquor, in bottli a anil demiiohna, a consisting of Bla< khtirn. Olivero, and auperior aoutbaiile Madeira, Duff Oo d in lit Co.'s pale g Id and bio?n aherrv. and ohl Loi don t<oit; auiierior old "cotcli whiskey, pure Holland gin, Henneaey and old Otard Dupuy brandy; aupetinr old coy- 1 line, Muscat wine, anchor champagne, Havana at.d P-ineipe aeyara; assorted cordi Is, anisette, Sic ; all worthy the attention of dealera and private families jyl9 2tius*r ? Bv T. P. DIETERICH. ON THURSDAY (thisday), January 19th, 1843? Large aale of Valuable Kurs, conaialiny of line lynx, Russia sable, martin, mini, squirrel, Qrrtnati sable, silvery fox, and tennote tnt.ffs Likewise, a choice asaoilment of sleiyli robes. B The whole lot will be sold wilnttr. reserve to the highest bidder at 449 Broadway. jyP 3t*rrc VALUABLE REAL KSTAT k , and Leasehold Property ? Y fas Canal >nd Greenwich streets, in the 5th Ward of the city of New Ycuk.^ Willbeenld at public auction without re- hi serve, by W. H. Franklin, at the Merchants' K.cltanye. on Thnrsdty, January 26th, at 12 o'clock, for cash, 10 per cent at ? the time of aale, balance at 30 days, when the deed, will bo delivered, that valuable ptorc of property in tee, Nos. *11 and 416 Greenwich strvet, neat St John's P.11K, 37J< l?et from tile cor- sr nor of I,an; lit street, being 38 feel 6 inches front and rear by lbnnt 80 feet dvrp as per ni ip a' the Auctioneer's, 15 Broad st . ?, Also, the b ase from Trinity church of 203. 205, and 207 Canal .tieet, corner of Hudson The lease has 20 years uneipired rrom the 25'h last Match, free ol ground rent. N.B. Tin Canal street property i? Jet at $725 |>er annum,and is occupied as a Liquor Store and Clothing Store. It is Well known that l> as>s Irotn Trinity church are reuew'ed at such li low ground rent a. to make thrm vary valuable. As this is a forced sale of property, no doubt it will sell at a price ihat will make it a very profitable and safe investment.? In It will lie sold clear of all itp nmhrances, and title good. n jy 17 lut'r s* BV \UriKUI, Tb> TH AND SWEET BRE ATH.?The J< whole world cauiiot produce a better preparation for clejn- m tng the ic* tli, kft pifcg thetn from aching and decay, harden the gums at <1 sweete iugthe ore at h,th an Sherman's Orris Too tn T. Paste. The only perfect and delici<m d'liufricv ever offered mi rptheiublic. It is used and recommended by the lir*f farni- ari lirs in Ameiica. and hu recently been introduced in'o the 'am- y* ilits of S'Vt-ral o' die nubility in Kiiglnnd am! Kr-ire ? Dr. Castle I KJ7 B'way, on- of our dentists ; Dr. Klliott the oculist ; J, riwJHoii B. B^Besrdsle^, O n. Winchcotor of Iks Now | Tl .. mi) imy^ic-imu nra u^umr ill irn? * ity.USflS J!" ind pcoinmt ud* Sherman's Orrii Tooth Piste a* the best ol" "v ill | reparations for the tech. l)r. S emim'* warehouw is at I Ofi Nassau s rr^ Agmt*, 110, 273 an*! I.',9 Bro-dw?v ; IHfl B )Wer> : 227 Hi.Ivii ?t? ( !; 77 Kit Broadway: Stj &? iticef; 10 Astor Hous ; 13!) Fulton street, Brookly- j 8 btafd ?,n ilet or, Boston; I S'.uiwix II til Alba n ; 12 Westminster at. 'a* Pinvdence, 3 Li dKtr Bnildit Philadelphia; ?sd U7 Main if ret-1, (/irit inoRti. j v IQr DK GHEGOriY, 11 B i cI v street, Professor of Modii ioi I ai <1 iYl dical %urgery,m?y be consulted at hi re?idiuce, tit* it ill hovre of the dsv ?l * v ning. 1).. t * coofio e b^msolf to fo srliat is term* d an office practice. Those wishing his assist- \\ nice CMD obtain it fortune ? in derate compensation, and will )c furnished with the r- medics ?s they < ay he requ'red. The * Doctor sftoom allows hnnalfto he engaged in a cane ill which co ir IS Ml Willi! LT tO Wl i)r Gregory is the oi her of a small pocket volume which he tails *' 1 lie Rubicon"? it is a verv useful publication to those | or whim it is intend* <1 ; the ;? n ? '>? cent . j>_]9 lt*i j aHOTttC TO LRT?The sp ciotts sad splendid Ho* oV U I kn wn *? the Shakspcre II ?tel, situated on the cor- ^ .??-r oi Willi iip. and Dusue streets, n- w doii.g an ricel- ? e t winter business, sucli as balls, concern. fcc., for which ihe lotel is so admirably adapted, 'ihe summer tu iuest has atsraysbcea good, and can n? increased to a much greater ei cut by a posoti who is acquainted with Eastern and Southern .. .ple.inth# . i-. not a location equal to tl ill the city, beiiiti will on the highest ground, and free from n ote, turmoil, and ieat of the city It is coutipuocs to the E isteru boats, and ? within a few steps from t e City Hsll, Post Office, ?ud fashionable places of ainuMiiiriii. To a eatable pen on the subscri- O Ocr would lease it on very favorable terms, that would enable O hiin in a lew years to in ike i very 1 audsome competency. For N< [erins apply to the proprietor, who, from ill health. is obliged to quit the ho el business !' ?* . *sion mvoi itnmedi itt ly. Ji 9 w rc ROBERT ANDERSON, Proprietor A Ci Ol Vl.w I - Phe inb :r . f o in any y.m ? . i \c I [ tical Book keeper iu this City, proposes to write up, adjust, >r ha.a ce, any sett of books of account, embraciu< the shipsi g, importing, foreign and domestic comm ssiou and m\nuactunog business, with despatch, and upon r isnnble teims. p.. NB. LUDLUM " jV16 lw#ee No 66 Ves-yst. j Cd I ? If the younc lad who left his homo on Wednes- *JV "A day, the IIthi iust, and whos absence c uis? s much unta .J mebs t ? his family, w ill communicate with tin in, he may be Sxiired that the past will he fotgiveu, and measures will at ?2 nice be tik? n to place him in that line of life which seems to it- tin beul of Ids iucliuatioa, but which has heretofore been >pnos?d. 'l In order that th s notice mav not be mijtnken, the youth to whom it is addressed will recollect th&' he had in his po*?esnon letters to N, and P, and J L ; ons of which he hatidtd tr> 10 the grntleman to whom it was directed, near the Astor house, ibout y% nasi 12 on the above day. He had also an open otic iddres? .1 to hifl pan Its jy 16 I wit^rrc run L1VKKPOOL?NK.W LlNt'.-.Keguiai WfwVV Park't nl 2'?tl January. The Splendid Packet Ship 1 BJmI^SIIKKIDAN. Captain K. A. Deneysler.of 1(00 tone, W will positively sail as above, her regular day. for freight <ir I sassage, having accommodations urn dualled for splendor or in lomfort, apply on boar J. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall (treat. ? irto K. k. COLLINS & CO. 46 South itreet. R Price ol passage, $IM. * 1 .ie Packet ShipOsrrick, Caplt. William Hkiddy, ol 1000 V nns, will succeed the Sheridan, and sail the 20th Keoruiry, her 01 egular day. L tters for the shi|isofthia will only be receired at Uilpin'a 0 ind Hair's News Room. " J Passengers may rely ou the ships ol ibis line sailing punctual- a y as advertised. il27 r f\ ???- FOR LIVERPOOL. (Old Black Ball Line of sqMMfy. Packets.)? Packet of the 19th J luuary ?The upe- L,. nor will known packet ship SOUTH AVIEHI'-A, ??' 'apt Bailey, will positively sail as above, her regular day, and nCj an handsomely accommodate cabin, 2d cabin, and steera; > < ' lassengers, having splendid accommnditions Apply on board hip, loot of Beekinan strai t, or to JOHN Hfc.HUMAN, jyiltc _ CI Booth st. jfj! Adft NKW LINK LIVfc:HPOOL PACKETS.?Pack- ?*' et 24th ja inary ?The nh ndid well known faat , ailiyib sailing packet ship SHERIDAN, Captain Deeistrr, will sail positively as aisove, her rrgulai day. The ihi|>a of this line are all 1000 tons hurthen, and upwards, H nil their acroniinodarions lor cabin, second cahiu and sterrage assengers, are well known to be superior to any other line of *rl aekets. Persons desirous of securing oerths should not fail to si" lake early application on board, foot of Wall street, or to W, It I T. TAP8COTT, 41 Peck 81m, cor. South St. ' J Persons desir his of sending for their friends can hive them ; taught ou' by the a.mve favorite shin, which lean s Liverpool , n IJ ill March, or any of the regulai line, and th'ise wishing to init money ran he supp led with drifts for any tin nut pay*. JP" le on dem md, wi'hout discount, in a'l the principal towns of ' l est Bri'ain and Irelend. 4ppfy as above. jiir j, PACKET FOR HAV UK.,?(Second Line)?The ?r' Mfi Ship S I'. NICOLAS John B. Pell, master, will QJUIta sail on the 1st of February. BOYD k HIV Kfc'.V, V" if II r No. 9 Tontine Building, Jj*j KOK VKW OHl.fc'.ANS?LOUISIANA AND H NEW YORK line?Positively fcirst Hrgular sale Packet-To sail th. 10th Mist. Wil l't.e i,iti tailing packet sin, ' INt INNATl, Benj Baralow, pro rill positively 'a'' ?? above, her regular day. fc'or freight or pro assayr ha7iny handsome furnishedI aeeonimodations, apply it w i board, at Orleans wharf, font of Walt at. or to |or K K CO I LINK s. t O. a. South st. frot Shipper" will please send in thri-hills of lading this day. ji Passengers will pleise he on board at Orleans whsrl. loot of oft Pall attest, to-morrow (Friday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at eco hi h time the ship will sail. pait .it, , i.s may re'y upo n ring their goods correctly mesanr- mvi I. and thai "ne sli ps of tin s hue will s ill punclnslly as a.lvrr . yp ie,i Any guai riiee io that effect will be given and fultillei' pun at may b? reqn led. wil Agents in N. Oileaus, Hollin k Woodruff, wnnwill |irompt- A forward ill goods to ineii iddrtss. >r f The packet s'hj Huntsville, f .'ptaiii O. H. Mumfnrd, will VV| creed (he Cincinnati, oi l sail thr 2' h Jan.. he' .egalsi dss No. jll r N ftlfe k*()H NEW OHLEANS?Packet Iiflh ?#'h inst = TjMtV-Th? supe rior t'nf s ii'iuk I i Urt S I' VI AKV, (' ipt TP* UliBvKo-.irr, will sul n ?l> v. , ft. , rt-gulir ihy, * <! Ims ' iipui>i accnmm Mhi i ns fur cabin, second cabin *11J lain s I.p rs wh % ill ?>? t iii' ii Ml li Mt*? T\ % II" ?.\rly Ippli- yrli 111 - m idf nn hi) nl #bip, ?' t l >f W-II *t, or to lOM VI4N, < - rl "'u ua \ha ii ' ?l, f*jfv : I. 1 rhe fH yL^Li 1-' . I hi . pf?c h 11 xuip (I.NriN Va\ i I, < .liW" M , will -o?,nvcly 1 vp, Ii r K"'" ' ? I 1 v iuk ipicu liil A Coaiin*??ia(iou? I ?, cihm, couU [POl y?aaa?ogt?r?% for pnmgr ?aHy 'rr 1 ???!* ou board or to jV# ^ * W. kJ I ,l7f * 43 p?cJi Slip cot South tt W9. \ MTtskmwt< WELCH'S O L T|M PIC CIRCUS, ?T THI PARK TliFATRE. Condneted hy Mr. Rufus Welch, wb?> (ratified and flattered in ilie highest degree by the presence and approval rf the beauty unit fashion r.f'be city submit* 'he following new SPLENDID SERIES. Kqnestrisn Director* - Mum. H. R<>- kwell k CadwsllaJer Clown* to th? t"ire! > Meaara (Joss in k Well*. Perform ...era to commence at 7 o'clock. THURSDAY EVENING. The trout i will ri trmrnfe with a MAONIftICK.NT t AVAl.CADE AND PAGEANT, F Milled I be ( HILDRFN (>ft" THK RUN. ...D*tiL,,.F'ln'",n Effort bv Franklin. Mm Wella will dance |.A CACHUCHA. All outri anl ritiavairaiit parody entitled. |. She A Min ' Fleva'ed Qyinnastiea, by tl > Troupe. Bqaeatr'an art by Vis Howard, eniitled l.a Hytphide. Followed by C J Htwera III a liiKbiy i,,terettiii?act entitled ! AH, r AH A I HKA [TT*" At tbia iw-rim! of the Evening an inteitniaalun'or tea minutea will ensue. THE SECOND PAHT will commence with THE UOUR'ER OK ST PETERSBURG. Immense LeapitiL*. by Franklin Followed by (', J. lingers, who will personify The Ancient Greek Warrior. After which, MISS LOUISA WELLS will hare the honor of dancing a Pas Ercnaania. Messrs Cadwalladrr and Nathans ea Equestrian (ilndiatora. Baceeeded hy A serie* of Mernt Stinri. Dmce*, llrr., entitled COMIC. BUT NOT COMMONPLACE, by Master John Diamond, whoae eelebrlty i* eyery where ackoowled(?d. The Equestrian Entertainment* >1 the evening will rloae with Anew Equestrian Pantomime, celled TRK FETE OF FO In which the whole Oom|iany will appear NOTICK. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. For the convenieure of Juvenile Partiee there will be a Land Day Performance every Saturday Afternoon, com nencirg at t o'clock precisely. t mhr.innr all the choice and nost splendid EQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC ACTS Jf the Season. For particulars see handbills at the Bos Ofice, which on Saturday will he ready for delivery Irom It o' lock A. M. until the lime of opening. IT*-Boies, 50; Pit, 25; Oatlcrv. 19V: r?t. *~n i; 7- Scats can !? secured at the ihn" Office,"?rom It tol rlor". j 15 tlHt'l'IMM THRitTHlc. HKOUCTION OK PRICKS. )rete Circle, Tl\( wnir, 0 m?; Upper Tier UVceutn. THIS kwv'lMo will h? icinrmrd, ACTRESS OB* MADRID, llrrwliich, SPITFIRE after which, TURNPIKE GATE. Cone'ii ie with STATE SECRETS. Doom open at 6V o'clock and the performance will com icncc nt 7 precisely MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC TIIKATRE. Mi Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING. will he --formed BOOTS AT THE SWAN. Alter which. FRA DIAVOLO. rra Diavolo, Mn Timm I Beppo, Mitche To conclude with CURIOSITIES OK L1TERATUHE. rrv- The Door* will be oiieued at half-put t, and the eer irinaoi e> rr.mmener at 7. every evening FRANKLIN THKAIRK. " WILL produce mure genteel Dancing, Singing, and Kccen icitieathia week than hereiofote. WilicheTl appeeri. The imbinationa are grent and effective. It being THE LAST WEEK, tpensea ahall be overlooked. Pit, 6V ccnta ; Bmee, I thilling ; Dreaa cirrle, incloding la t. 2.1 centa. Doora open at 6 o'clock ; perormance to eomence at 7 oVIoefc. dli lm*r CIRCUS. iMPIHTIIKATRE OF THE REPUBLIC. 37 Binrmt. N. A. HOWKB, MANAGER, luatituted in I8:tl, bv M ?ara Jnue, Tima AngevinekCo. DAN GARDNER'S I'KNEFIT. THIS EVENING, Ir. Hood, in hia Grand Aacinsion upon the Wire Volente, from the c tele to the upper boiei. Miaa Rosalie, the eligant Vocaliat. Meailamre Auriol and Cento, the celebrated Dancer*. Negro eitrava.'*! zas, tonga, dance*, and locomotive imitation!, by Whiilock, lit <m.nd, Daniel* and Gardner, (' nunuball feats, bv Mr. Hatch. iesidts several (liatiuguiahed pertormen wh t have kindly volunteered Pricee of Admiaaion?Boxea, First, or Dreas Circle, 2S cent!, hildren half price; Second Tier, i*V eruti; Pit, ItX cine ; *r<ju-t, or Kamily Bmr*. |l 50?seats for til persona. Places ive been set apart for colored persmu. Doora oi?n at half-paat 6?Overture by the Band at Id if 7? nrem?n?lii|i to commence at 7. jlfc AM I0HICA N 'I'll' . A I'IIK?VV ALUCT-STPHILADELPHIA. NDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C. CU8HMAN THIS EVENINO. Jan 10. will be performed 5SH PAUL PHY. Conel'idr with EQUESTRIAN PERFORMANCES. K. A. MAKSHALL. Leasee. AMERICAN MUSEUM, " darhle Building, Broadway, oppoeitc Ht. Panl'i Chereh. Concentration and combination cf novelties mmarallelled. (TT^In accordance with the request of many of the Arst fami ? in the city, and for the gratification of the public, the Ma liter, regardless of the truly enormous -speiise attending the reengaged for two weeks more, ending Saturday, .nnaiv 21st, that greatest of all cnriosiries, and smallest of ha an beings, GENERAL TOM THUMB, JUNIOR ! he smallest Dw?'f in all creation. This perfect specimen of in, on the simile ar.ilc ever bclnre heard of, cau be seen dey d evening at ? r Museum, without eitra charge. He is II a-? old, hu* mi he* high, and iVElGHH ONLY FIFTEEN POUNDS! am being preciar ly hie weight when but *ix months old.? te General is of fine a, ininetrical proportion, and decidedly > most perfect Dwarl m rise world, ami lh.- most surprising iug cariosity that tVcmstoni.hed the public. First week olihe Magn'flceiit Moving Diorama of THE DEPARTURE OF THE ISRAELITES I t up at immense crpen.e, with acruic > ffectv music.', proces ns. kr of surpriaiiu apleiidora* pro lured at Drury Lane, and e'\ at the Park in this ci v. PORTUGUESE LANDSCAPE NEAll LISBON. The SEA. introducing a sTOKVI and SHIPWRECK. SPLENDID FAIRY GROTTO. Mr. H. G. Shetmsu, the popular ballad singer | La Pe a Celeste, the adiniied dan .rum ; Mi.*s Hood, the charinioc enlist, and T. G. Booth, the Comic Singer, are engaged so, Siguor Vivaldi s decidedly unrivalled Mechanical Fires The MysteriousGioiey Girl is effaced, and can be privately usulted from A A. M till 5 o' lock P M. The whole to conclude with THE CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW. Perform mere commence at 7 o'clock. Day performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at IX lock. kdmissinn to ail 25cents?Children half pri-e. jl5 francis' patent life BOAT, OK KICK No J WALL STREET. uJ isr ROCKWELLS PATENT DECK LIOHTS. D. 0 AST OK HOUSE. KNTRANCH IN BARCLAY STREET jyll 1b*i ~MllSTO CHNKIDKR h RKBHUN will attend pnvatepsrties and soirees with a of from three to twenty ar'ista. Apply ?. 27 Delancy street urar ti.e bowery. or No. J9 C'oaby sr. , JyiT NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY.. 'HE Srrnid I'dnlir Performance for the Season will take place at (ho Tabernacle on Monday eveinug, 21d January, misting of rt I. "The ions of the Bell," by A. Romberg, firat tine in thia city. rt 2. The ' Seasons," by ilaydu, which will be repeated by particular rtgneit. Subscription pnc? for the year. $.'>. which will entitle t)t? bacriber to three tickets of admission in each public pevfor' inee. Subscriptions rcci- ircd by Firth it Hall, No. I ? rank square, and J. A. Sparks, Secretary, 111 Naaaau at. yll Iw m M1l.ITAky and civic ball. 'HE New York BriaaOand will aire their Annnal Ball at the Apollo Saloon on Monday evening, the '/Id inat., on ich occaaioo the Band wi'l perfnrrn.dnring the intermission, "nil uniform, the following piccea, six Cavatiua, Cornet Oblig to Mr. N. Lotbian Annaote, with a Polon liae, rnnaic by- -C. S. Oraffula Quick Step, eompoaerl and respectfully dedicated to ('apt. Liona, of the Third Company National Ouarda. by C. S. Oraffula rickets Si, 'o he had at Mr. Lothian'*, corner of Centre and alker strseta, and of the meinbvre of the band. SI. B. Meinbeia of Military Companies will please to appear uniform. jyl>totl*T OH SALE?The liilnret and good willol' the old established and w? II known Oyster House, No.611 Broadway, it intc in a desirable part of the city lot the above business, and tig a lair business in eonaideration of thr hard times. The rprietor withes to dispose of the above place in consequence ill health. For further particn'ars. eno'iire ol y12 9t r TUNIS HAUOWOUT, l? Bowery. M ERIC AN LAND AND LOAN OFFIOB.-William L. Simera having above thirty years' experience in the lagemriit of Real F.ttatr, and (Disseising a large landed pro ty himself, al o feeling great confidence from the liberal ronage he has heretofore enjoyed, respectfully solicits the entiou of the public to the special advantages of the Araein Land aud Loan Office, al No. 14 Wall street, in the city New York, for the purchase, sale or exchange of Houaes I Lots, Farms and nnculfiva'ed Lands, either at private or Sic sale, and for the hiring and letting of Houses, Stores, rms, tic.; for ( ol'eciing the rents, and lor taking the general ncy and supervision nf Kul Kslate, also for the superu)<I i M of IIMtiaf 11nl rcpiirinK Building*. 'ersons having property to sell. cs< It ance or let, will find ic their .uivsuisge to apply at this office rather than 'o any er in the city, both in point of economy and detputen. Ill property r< entered hi thu office. will, if required, be ed ti?-d in twoor more of the mo*: wnlrly circulated journals. I every honorable eiertioo made to ili<|ioae of Ute jiei. uuld tne property riot be sold at private vale, it will, if d^ nl, he ofTrc.I at public auction, thin giving to owners of the iierty double dtantagr. le will alio attend to effecting Insuanre ou property, obiing and loaning nl mouey on hond and mortgage, or other oiities, taking special cm to receive ample security for ncy lovnrd; ami to have titlo to property eiamtned bv gennen of the legal prof aaion of established character for acloldera of vacant grnnt-d that require* improving, will And it itly to their advantage to apply to htm is hi* knowledge of kind of bmldiinta whirl) are m. .at productive for the differlocalities, i* of the ereateat import mce, aud hi* long acint iiice wim Hie hnildnig ofhonte* will enable him to get i) erected on the moat reasonable term* at a far leu expense l la usual. e will aj?o take charoecf real estate intended for public a u his knowledge from espciienee in getting gp sale*. I he ol great value to th .se intending to dispose of their perty he will prepare the idvertiscmmia, see that they are |h rIv diatribnted and superintended, and direct the ulewid rill be found to b. a great saving from the faet that property the last three or four years has been frequently sacriAeed n the want of proper attention and skillful management, nil viduala or c mpanies th it require an agent to take charge h. tr real estitr, may depend on having it faithfully and nominally man ged?anil all moneys received, promptly I over Persons wishing to hire or purchase property, or rat money , can most g< nerally be acromrmxtaled free of rnir-wl persons residing at a distance desirous to eell at chaee real estate by sendin a descnptiou of the property, I receive immediate attention. II letters for the purchase, silc or eichange of real estate, i.rth. loaning or putting oat of money, must ha directed to LLI a M L. sJMKHS. American Land and Loan offfee. It Will street, N'e ? Vork .and the postage invariable paid It Ceutrscla and oth-.r pi|iera prepared at this oflce. t.tmis*' _________________ 5 THK LO VE If H Ok SUPERIOR RLACK TEA? Howqnak Mistnre?This eirtenielv delict, ns aad nripeeal i Tta. so highly celehratesi in Ch'D* and Europe, mat imr,| ? ,.)t for sale at I he I anion Tea Company's (lenrral K#l.iblishm< ut, 1JI t'h oh tin at. New York?in Chinese ages Priee SO cents arid ft. jl3lm*r PORT! fUTHSR FK vfALE PILLS EAE far I mo d and c lebrated Pills, from Portugal are, re perceive, o b?- obtained ,n thia county 8e* advertise on the I tat co'nrnn fourth iwre. ml i Hit. FKUCHTWl.'iUklil'l Pnce Current oiTCopyy ria, Capsules, Acids, Dvewooda, Lunar Caustic,Daguee pe Chemicals. Herman Silver, Ac Ac. Ac. Bey jrU) a /