Newspaper of The New York Herald, 28 Ocak 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 28 Ocak 1843 Page 1
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nRMnMRHMR! T ii; Vol. IX.?Ifo. SI.?lVhole Wo. 3??. rfS i0k fASHATihrVROM ORE A I IIKI TAIN AND IHM.AMD BV THK BLACK BAM, OH OLD LINK OF LIVERPOOL PA0KKT8. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and I9ili of every month ] Persons wishing to send to the Olil Country for their friend* em make thr necessary arriuifcements with the subscribers, and have them come ont in thia snnerior Line of Packets, sailing from L ivi-mnol mutually on Air 7th ?ud 19th of every month Tlr-v will also have a tint rale claasnf American trading shipe, aaihtig evrry ill days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the fiira ( nr. James D. Hoche) i> there, re ire lint they shall be for warded with care and des patch. Should I he parties agreed for not come out. the money will be returned to those who paid it heie, wi.kuut any rednc cion. Tee Black Ball, or Old Lino of Liverpool Packets, comprise the fot'owimr magnificent Ships, viz The OJCfOHU The NEW YOHK, rTusuirt/ie rm iitisn. KUWOPIfi. ' SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled anangemcats, the subscribers eontid, ally look forward for a continuance of that tupport w hich has bean extended to them to many years, for which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can atall times obtain Drafts at tight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Batik of Ireland, Duh tin, also oa Messrs. PRESCOTT, GROPE. AMES 8c CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Bi inches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply,or add.ess, (if by letter postpaid 1 ROCHE, BROTHERS A CO si Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The O'd Line of Liverpool Packets sail irons this pott for Liverpool mi the Ut and 19th of each mouth. Parlies r> ' >i ing to tlie old country will lind it to their comfort and adesutagit to select this favorite Luic for their conveyance, in preference to <nr other. d'7 r 4AU" OLD ESTABLISHED E.MIU.tANT PAs MrffW SAGE OKKI 'E,Si South street, New York?Rettinfl'fciTw i'si of Packets?The subscriber continues to bt.sK i ut pstsous Torn any twit of Great Britain and Ireland who may he i ngared oy their friends he r-, hy the regular Hue of packet shins, a-ilmg every six daya 'torn Livertsool. Persens sending lor their frieu la, may rely that just care will be taken *o hasethem despateli-d without delay in Liverpool.and will always endeavor to merit a contmua ire of the public patronage which has been so liber tllv bestowed for many years past; aud thu e remitting money can have drafts payable at all Ike Bancs and branches througnou' the United Kingdom. For further particulars,ap Tv [if by letter, po.t paid] to j?r JilHN HNROMAN, <1 Sou'h tt. Bibs'- FOB LIVKBPOOL?NEW LI NE-.Kegilai tfTtV Packet of till Kebrnaiv.?The Splendid Packet Ship JPAm(>GaKRICK, Captaia William Skiddy, of 1*00 tons, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor oi comfort, apply on boari. at Orleans wharf foot of Wall alreet, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO. 56 South street. Price of passage, $100. loe Packet Stun Roscius, Captain John Collins, ol 1 loo tons, will succeed the Uarrtck, and sail the 25th of March, her tegular day. L tiers for the thipe of this will only be received at Gilpin's and Hale's Newt Roem. Pasc-ugert may rely oa the s'sipe of this Hue veiling punetn ilIv a* advertised. j28 c B" ACK BALL OK OLD LINK OF LlVaRMHnF^PO'lL PA' KETS? 8'ils on Wednesday, ton 1st HMbboi Frb'unry?The np-ginficrutpacktt shipCOLUMBC>, Cqit Heorge A Cole, will sail positively on Wtdnesd ,y, 1 t Febiuaiy, her irgulai day. F r paasa,!-in cabin, second cabin, and stecrave, and those wi hiur t < secore the be?t berths, will pUa*e m ike early application oa board, foot 01 Be kman tt. or to 'he tub'cribert. ROCHE, BROTHER* A CO , 35 FmIiou tt iint door to Ful oa U ink N B?Persons tending to the O'd Country for iheir friends, rinhifp the in liriiuclit nnt in tup ahnv* favor it#* ixrkipt nr in soy of the pickets comprising tliw old establish" J m-unificcnt I<i>* which ?til from Liremcd on the 7th and J9lh of rvery mo?ih For pstssee apply as above. j27r PASSAUE FROM LIVERPOOL?Tre ve.y WfVsonerwr packet th p MEMPHIS. Capt KuLht, will from Liverpool early in March. Pcrou* wishing to Mad for their friends can have them brought out in her or any of the leanlar packets by applying personally, or if by letter, post laid t JOSEPH McMURRAY, ICO Pine street, corner ol Sooth. P 9? Drafts for any amount payable at sight in any i-ank, branch, or agency of a hank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, given by apply inn as above. j>23r "tflC- OLD BLAI K BALL LIME OK PACKETS MjfW KOH Li VElt POOL?Packet of the 1st FebruaryjpukllEaThe superior well known packet ship COLUMBUS, capt. Cole, will positively sail as above, her regn Inr day H virg unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cabin ami star-rage passengers. Pe>ous anout to emhba'k sh ...1<1 mabe early application on board the ihip foot of Seekman at, or to JOHN HERD MAN, CI Sonth street. N. R. Persona sending for their friends residing in Ureal Bruin and Ireland can hare thrtn brought out, as usual, by any of the ships cotn|N>aing tliis line; and drafts furnished for any aii.oaut, payable without discount throughout the united king* dom. ai.plv s? abyve. >24 ec ACAT PACKET FOR HAV RE,?<Second Line)?The E.mV Ship ST. NICOLAS, John B. Pell, master, will JBiuttm sail on the 1st of Febraarr. BOYD It HIN01CEN, jyll r No 9 Tontine Buildinr, "ift FACttT FOR MARSEILLES?Kebru.rv 1st. hennip TRESCOTT, C-i>i. Lawrence. Apply JkMHn? S BKUOM It CO. or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Aseuta, lylir 9 Tontine Building. JMSi. DRAFTS.ON 1KELA ?D, Ac.?The subscribers I n^2?tuuuuua iu |it? araili |?ynoic uu uciu?uu( wiuiuai jUtgMsB'iitroaer, <>r any charge whatsoever. IN 111 r. LAND?The National Bank of Ireland, the Prorincial Bank of Ir.laud, and their tranches in every comity. IN ENGLAND AND WALE8?Messrs. James Bait, Sen It Co.. bankers. Loodon, the Excnange and Discount Bonk, Liverpool,end their brmches throughout England and Wales IN SCOTLAND?The Ess'eru Bank 01 Scotland, the Ooenoek Banking Company, and branckes in the principal towns; Sir Win. Forbes. Hunter k Co. Persons ia ;he country wishing to remit money to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by enclosing ike amoniit they wish to remit 10 the subscribers witi, the i sine and address of the parties to whom it is to be rut. A draft for the amonnt will be forwarded the fi st packet after the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the sam< returned per f rst ixist. ,|s r W 4 1 T. TArSC.ftfT. 41 Perk.lin, New York. ggJP REMITTANCES FO IRELAND, kc? fcc.? hJHM^The sukscriber continues to transmit money, in snmi BMHklarge or small to persona residing in any pert of Irelaud, in the same manner is he, and his predecester in business bars done for the last hirtir years, end more; also, to soy port o( Engl md er Scotland. Money r?*iitted bv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or wrsoually d.rmsited with him, with the name of the person or persons u Ireland, England or Scotland, to whem it is to be sen'.aud nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted slid paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for warded to the sender. In like manner money with or claima on persons in any pertoi Irelind, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subecri per, for persons residiug in any part of the United States, or Cnnada. aod will be pain to them accordingly. fl?le?Wr OFOtWIk. MWHinv. Ir.. kt f' pdar at REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND njK^Sl'OTLAND AND WALES.?Person* proceed JMilflhs ur or irini'ting money Many pail o1'the old country ban ar all tines obtain torn the eubeeribers ,1 raits at sight, for snv ?m nut on the Royal Bank of Irr'and and on Merer* Tiesce'l, tjrntc, Ann k on, Banket, Loudon which are paid i'rer el lUscou'it or .nv ' har/e ? li'lsoctei, ie all the priucipa . toe neof ibe United R.ugdom. Kor terms, apply or address, i< by Is tier, host kud, la ROCHE BROTHERS k CO.. Ji Knlton ?t, nest doer re the Fulto, B ink P 8 ?The subscribers will ss hi relofore have a regular anc ceesioa of ftr.( c'ass Amen an ships, >sil>ng weekly from Liv pool, t aring the eonuv* yetr Illy. Kor oessage, apply a, above din r British and north American kuyal wm TEAM SHIPS, Of IHSi less sod 441 horse power each. Under eenlrect with the Lords of the Admiralty. ? BIT ANVIA, J Hewitt. Cwmmsnder. CALEDONIA. E. O. Lott, do ACADIA. A Ryne do COLUMBIA. B.C. Miller, RN do Will sail from Boston, via Halifax. raon sntToiv. rmoxi LrvgarooL. Sritanms, Hewiu, Jsn 1 Caledonia, Lott, Krb 1 Jan 4 Acadia, Ryne, Mar I Feb 4 Columbia. Miller, Ai?l I Mar 4 Passage Money?From Beaton to Liverpool, $13}?Bastoi to Halifax $ta. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No Berths secure' until paid for. Note.?Merchandise and Speeje (exsept for personal at recces) shinned under the nam# of luggage will be charged a> frelgnt, a?d liable to Custom House Regulations. Apply to nay r 1>. BKtUHAM JR.. No. 3 Will-at run L1TERPOOL FROM BOSTON. r r Hi r.JurTnli'l will Itar. Bo.fon for Lit ri???#l via Htlfst.oa Wrdursrtiy, V eb. i?r Her aroff E *re anterior, and fitted with erer* comfort. t*h* aleo earrtea an iiwrirnced turf. on. tor p?M?Kf or toy other n formuti n. apply*. . j?*r A, Hamde" ?. STATKN ISLAND FERRY, root of mit?h?iuti7?t On Hi.rt alter Dec. Id, the ateamer STATION lSLAVnffr will rim m lollowa, until further aotice :? Lh AVK STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK IS< A. M, ?A.M < itH d,e 2PMalWl I?^ ftfcotflMR opposT'I'IiJN Td LA'I's C" h ILL, and interircdiale laudiuca, wnhont toe mitt-hame* ?11. nuler d?v? fmm ( titthill. Mm. v"'lne?ila?a and Knflrya. f\om New Vorh. Tim adaya n"***",rday?.? h ore to or from LutUkill, JO cent* ?Berth* V> cent*?3ti|.nei M reuta, 1 Th-""X1 *? met WAVE, Captain Yanderhilt, will "J* at pi,r Thursday No*. 17tli, at tire nVlncfc. fir turfirr particular* injniri' of the ca tain on board. B\ ntni.niK AO the daya abort* named, there will hie daily rom ii.ioi.-e!,. ? bet writ. itakill .,,..1 Nr w York (and 1 termed, if pier,,) lorfrelfhtendi aaaare -r r..l?eeit nei,., -a. /.* " h AIL ttO.Ar |.| s K 111, . , aur * d fE^,' VOItK TO Btf'.UkOHl) ? w.-.'. ' _ T .11 and * ft. r T neadny, Jinuaiv Id III it the Wo?d H?r..| eort..-, of Bowery and Broome r, ' V O < I T"'"''y- w,.,||,e.,tay and Siturdai P. ' "V the 9 o clock ci n% p>is?ini/ ?rt>l?* Hill ftiiare'to BedforS'1' W'"t* r' 'iu* ^^in.1 Mill. ?nd'Mile The lied Biol Line of Stwar will oontinue toVnndtmu* the VM.e: iVhitr I'laiiM erery day at I n'cSoch iurlMw Yoikat jo'elooh, P. M . Bundaya cxoentetl *? ..... HIRAM DEFOREST. J i'roprieior, E NE" NEV\ Albany. I Correspondence of the Herald.] Albany, Jan- 22,1843. Highly important from Albany-Office-holder* alarmed? The Devil to pay there?Slumm, Bangv and CrotweU.? Senator Hunter, the Millionaire?Hit Paradise upon Eaith?Bouck't Potiiion?'Ifie end of the World. With all your character for astuteness and keen perception, Master Bennett, you have done at least one negative wrong to yourself and the public. As how 1 Why, you have no regular reporter at the capital of the State, at this moment one of the most interesting points of attraction in the universe.? Why, sir, the very " devil is to pay" here?(I write from Albany, you will perceive)?and, sooth to say, " there is no pitch hot." Not a soul here, among all the wise ones, can tell you any thing ahout the position of affairs, except myself. You shall hear. But, first of all, let ine dip a little into the fun of this dull, stupid place. You know John Van Buren 1 I mean Prince John, by way of excellence, (I hate French words, and that is the reaton I do not wri'e "par excellence ") Well, John is a great quiz in his way, and iu fact I do not know a man more prone to mischief, ti ijuici traj, lunu uiai same junii?uui <H llllll more anon. I mast begin with the Governor. Mr. Bnuck,you know, brands six feet in his stockings, and is otherwise well proportioned. The cast of his countenance is benevolent, and the office seekers say he is courteous in the extreme. Not a soul of that vast army say a word against him upon any point or etiquette ; but they go the entire animil in cursing him for not opening his mouth on the subject of appointments. He receives them all in the blandest manner; and as each new com-r presents himself from your city, (and their name is " legion,") he is received in a kind and fatherly manner, and made forthwith at home. If any candidate, however, begins to press his claims, you will see his Schoharie Excellency undergoing a change from the mavitor in modo to the reserved. He seems at a loss for words to meet the numerous demands upon his official favor, and not nnfreqruently waives the applicant ofl with the consoling observation, that he is delighted with the uncommon respectability of the | gentlemen from New York, and wishes he had an office for every one of tliem He then gives the ca*?te by a mystic signal, which all seem to under- ' stand, and room is made for a recurrence of the infliction. In good truth, old Lafayette never had his right arm nearer dislocation than the Governor's, from 11 A. M. till 2 P. M., when, as you know, the dinner bell rings in all the hotels, and committees rise and report progress, and ask leave to sit again ; and Senators and Assemblymen come to a dead halt in their speeches, and move for an adjournment. 1 remember the other day of being in the Senate chamber, when a debate sprung up on that portion of the Governor's message which recommends a repetition of the instructions given last year to our representatives in Congress to vote for refunding the fine of one thousand dollars to General Jackson?a fine you may remember imposed by Judge Hall upon the old war horse for disobedience to Ins official mandate. Mr. Senator Root opened in opposition. In fact, he does three-quarters of the talk in the Senate. The Slate is, and ought to be greatly indebted to him for talking against time. It is a m/iuf nffjnfllo I ot.tnnA* lo?iolo?i??? tk^. uvov \uwiuui oiuj'1'^i uj'wu ic?iainuuu j ?uu mc country at large- is bound to honor his nine**, if tor no other reason than his persevering cacatlii? upon every question that comes up. 1 love that old man eloquent. He reminds me of that truly poetical pas sage in the bible, which speaks of Moses dying in his one hundred and twentieth year, and yet possessing all tho faculties ot mind and body in their full vigor at tl?e time. 44 His eye was not dim, uor his natural iorce abated." He (1 mean Hoot, not Moses,) is the last of the 44 cock ed hats;" and, therefore, I love his antiquity, and look upon him withth? veneration of a child. But I am grieved and sad when I hear him speak upon questions like the foregoing, where every word he utters sounds like thf hated hissing of a traitor- Where was there a bolder or more consistent democrat than Senatarr lloot in his palmy day 1 Where was there an abler defender of the last war, or a warmer admirer of General Jackson for his most glorious defence ot New Orleans'? No where, by G d. And, yet, in his old age, while 44 his eye is not aim, nor his natural force abated,*' the sensation of depression and utter sadness came over me while I witnessed the melancholy prostitution of his fine talents and mature intellect in his uniform opposition to every measure emanating from the dominant partv. There would be greatjoy in heaven over the reformation oi such a man. Speaking of politics reminds me of the existence of the firm of Slamm, Bang dc Co., a combination that you have rendered immortal. It was in your own matchless Herald that I first saw that name, style and firm given to that extraordinary party which I opine is some time or other to give law to this land of ours. I think you yourself are more than halt a locofoco, and I'm sure that the clever writer of your money articles is an entire animal.? He voted the democratic ticket, I'll take my oath of it. Go you and do likewise, and train up4'/< jeun edittur" in the way he should go politically, as well as in the fear and admonition of tne Lord, and the admiration of the Virgin Mary. Go all this with unlimited looseness I Speaking of Slamm reminds me of Croswell and Bryant. There's a juxta-posirion for you ! Cros well, the conservative?Brvant tne cooling personification of ice-water and Van Burenism, including noetry without any soul in it. and the satunic Levi I) Slamm, the red hot locofoco, radical, out andouter, who lacks only a forked tail to entitle him to take rank of the very devil himself. And yet Levi is not a bad looking man, and I learn he has good parts withal. But more of him hereafter. Don't >U ICII JMUI iraurr-, especially ine IHIlies, ^Ciod films *em) that he has a Grecian profile, Rood leeth, a loveable mouth, and, like Prince Albert, iandy hair. The ladies, you know, love sandy haired men, and lor that reason lall in love with ju-t such men as Slamm and yoursell?the former having the requisite anent the hair, and the latter ha ving the true gimlet of the eyes, like (he celebrated John Wilkes, whose determined squint made him ihe favorite of all 'he women You know it was said of him that with all his ugliness and obliquity ol vision, he could awpplant any man in the affections ?sf any lady in an interview of half an hour's duration. His squint carried it all hollow. And ao of the red hair?vide the pole of Martin Van Buren, and Hume's History of England, title George the Third, item, the North Briton, number 46 There tore, long life to Bennett, with h's interes'ing iquinl long live Levi D. Slanim, and besides, vivent bagand tails ! The subject of the public printing is yet aII the rage. I'm sick of hearing it discussed. Several times have 1 been obliged to depart trom my otherwise uniform habit of total abstinence, and take an antiemetic in consequence. By the way, an article ol yours has almost ruined all the tavern keepers in Albany- Nobody drinks wine at the table any more; it least the office seekers do not All the rum facts have become diaphorou* All right, as long as ii lasts?but the moment Jim Conner is nominated for potash, Harry Riell for tobncco, Swackhammer for flour, Vache for health olficer, Montgomery Rank in tor inspector ol hides, Paul Groin for mens nrer general, aud some twenty others for beef and O'irk?I say when all thisisdoae, as surely it will he, T his Excellency knows beans, the devil take the hindmost of the disappoin'ed, and let all tavern keepers and steam boats between this and New York thereupon, lay in an extra quantity of stimulus (' randy will rise in the market 60 per cent , while flour and the solids will depreciate for lack of con -sumption As I said before, or meant,t<l*sy.r'he public print ing is the engrossing theme. Crosweli's election as State printer is the subject of much conversation. Mo set of ihe majori'y could be more calculated to disturb the unity of the locofoco party throughout ihe State. For many years past the recipient of the public patronage, and to an amount almost 4<jiiul to haff a million of dollars, regarded as the clnei in instrument ot the defeat of his parly in 1837, unpopular in his manners and intercourse with the |*-ople. grasping and aelfi-h in h is disposition?Croswi II, yon will of course infer, is the successful man after all obnoxious ns he is to the very men who appointed him. Well, yon will ask, how was it tint under such circumstances he distanced Bryant in the com petition 1 I know a thing or two about this affair, and will tell you the story. Bryant was not popular with the minority ot the caucus, and the strong vote he polled is only an evidence of the fuller Ittliny which existed and still exists against Croswell, the old enemy, ns you know, of the Uemii of Tennessee?1 mean General Jaoksen ? i Connected with this, the entire moral force of th? 1 Mew York delegation went in favor of the appoint- 1 rnent ofSlamm as printer to the House, which it was I well known could not be effected if Bryant had ? hern elected State printer- The neutraliaition of r this influence ensured from Crosweli's sucfeas, for t W TO T YORK, SATURDAY M( notwithstanding the hearty dislike of the city mem- i bersto him, their warm, and I must nay deserved feeling, for the editor of the Plebtian, (the man < with the sandy hair [ mean), dictated the course hey pursued. Slainrn, in fact, would have made a 1 ....... . f I..V...I.IVV n^ni IIOl ?>rUBWn:,yUUI]j|$ i I ^ II" (lie H only llnriy?quite an interesting ug(\ l>ui ??t<1 ' enough lor a oeard), than Bryant, had he Ml dts.N>aed to euter the course. Of the twenty-live in a ori i tv received by Crnswell in caucus ten came from the first Senate District T .is vote in opposition, with the influence which it would certainly have exercised, would have laid the "Prince ol the three wall palace" most efl' clually on the shelf. 1 am satisfied that the defection in "the party" is serious, i and will result 111 making this State, in 1814, at least debateable ground. There is great coldness between the heads ot the departments and the "Old White Horse;" and it will require more tact in Gov. Bouck to ride the storm than people give him credit for. In the Senate the division is palpable, and the factions nearlv balanced. Foster, the con servative, member of Congress in 1837, who made Thomas Allen, (printer, and who .opposed Van Buren's system of finance, a man, by the bv, of considerable talent, but wanting in personal popularity, is the leading man of the majority faction. Senators Varian and Scott have, until this present writing, acted with him. How long they will remain, being shrewd politicians, I w. II not undertake to say. Then are tmidtntly alarmed Their desertion to the more popular side, the minority, would change the whole aspect of things. Of the twenty-two loenfoeo Senators, twelve have thus far identified their fate with Croswell'a. Unenviable position! Senator Hunter, one of the most able and cautious of our legislators, is at the head of the opposition. I must digress from ihe politician to speak of the m in. Did you ever take a quiet drive on the Pelham road in Westchester county, say from Harlent or thereabouts to New Flochellel No! Well, my dear fellow, mount your tilbury and chuck Mrs. B. under ihe chin, and say, " Duckv, let's go and see Senator Hunter."? Thereupon Mrs. B. puts on her shawl and says, " my dear, I'm ready," and then in two hours, by Shrewsbury clock, von fin?f vn?r.?ir !.?. m.......... of Senator Hunter, on the in are in of the Soun?1, surrounded by shrubbery and accessiories worthy of a terrestrial paradise. Yet, surrounded as he is by all that weulth can command, including paintings of the old master* in his gallery thai a million cannot buy, 1 find him a pure, single minded democrat, a perfect locofoco, a triend ot the people, an honest man, and a glorious specimen of humanity. Associated with this distinguished gentleman are the talent, honesty and enthusiasm of the Senate,? the men, who, when they speak, awake the popu lar impulse,? I mean such men as Sherwood, and Denniston, and linger, and Scott, Htid Strong and the bke?the very soul of the democracy. It will be seen from this that with such material agiinst him, Governor Bouck could not remain over two years a stranger to the county oi Schoharie.? The secret of this early opposition to the n*w Executive, is the suspicion that he will place himself under the influence of that old, corrupt, bank speculating, demoralizing, contemptible clique of managers, who, if permiited to direct, would involve the State in ruinous debt, and revive and give vitality to that infamous system of legisla tion which for so many years disgraced the Democratic ascendancy, and caused the sacred name of Democracy to stink?ay, stink in the v^-ry nostrils of the honest portion of the people. Nothing has yet. however, fallen from ihe Governor to justify the suspicion, and it hasHrisen, probably, from the fact that the men composing the old regime, proverbial as they are fortht-ir impudence and inuu?trv, inirude themselves, atall times, in the Governor's presence His very bed room is not sacred, and "Sunday shines no Sabbaih day " to him. The most modem men here are members of the firm of Slamin, Bang and Co.?or the ultra locofocos. It would be unfortunate for the old farmer, should he throw himself into the embraces of improper men. 1 know that they will break down his administration in three months, snd make him the most unpopulai Governor New York ever had -always saving and excepting that first executive from the agricultural community, Goveinor Yates?him that used to refer all applicantrf'o the one Democratic representative from New York city, with the words?" Well, den, what does lorn Hyatt say 1** [Speaking of Tom Hyatt, did you ever know that he was a better man than his Vice President, in that old Lombard which was the cause ol Hyatt's persecution 1 Query, which of the two deserved the incarceration? More anon.] I have no more space remaining to advise you of the fashions, fee , but in my next you will please to look out lor luu. and no politics Ariel. P.S.?Tom Carr, the Consul, is here in white gloves. He is a devilish clever fellow. To have seen Tom, in his drab upper Benjamin, walking wing and wing with Col J. C Hart, and that sandy whiskered individual, Levi D. Sltimm, one would have supposed that aconseir-cy was on foot, or that the Millenium was on their shoulders. Aim la dainiyl Ariel. P S. No. 2.?I shall speak more at large about Prince John in my next. St Ijoala. rConvsnomleDcc of the Herald.] Saint Loots, January 14, 1843. IVintrr t'n St. Ismia?Horrible Street Fight and Death?Assassination?Faeh ion and Ball*?Prices of Pro luce?Exchange- Legislation. Ma. Bennett :? We are now in the middle of winter, the weather intensely cold. The thermometer for one 'or two da>s was from five to ten degrees below r.ero, which in unusual for this place. We have had beautiful sleighing for the past ten days, which is uncommon for our city?seldom is the earth covered with snow for more than two or three days at a time. Our young men have embraced the opportunity of givinc sleigh rides to their favorites, the ladies; some of them,I grieve to say, found it much more convenieni to pay the livery stable keeper for his sleigh and one horse, at the rate of one dollar per hour, than th-ir bills contracted for the necessaries of life, such as bo rd bills, tailor's bill, and washe.rwoinan'bill; all those must be deferred, postponed and put ofl to a more ' convenient season," to give young men an opportunity of appearing well and highly born to the fair creatures, who are duped and misled by these would like-to-be considered wealihy men, and honorable without tne stamp of merit. Many of the young ladies are taught to believe all is "gold that glitters," and if they can succeed in gaining the hand of a young man of this class, their voyage down the stream of life will be attended with all the pleasure their imagination portrays to them " Who chooscth from among that class shall get as much as she deserves." The young man. who acts n >bly and manly, and make known to them, whom their fancies choose, that " all ihe wealth hey possess runs in their veins," are hooted from the presence of their admirers by maiden aunts, who i set themselves up to choose for others, possessing i diff*rentfeeling and disposition i All was Itle and animation on New Year's day Weather beautiful. Here we have adopted your ( beautiful enntom of interchanging visits, and the i annual renewal of social communion. It Was truly 1 a festival day. The ladies bedecked lhemae|ve> with joyous countenance*, and received their vim lom in a becoming manner; misunderstanding and i ill-feeling were surtereil to nana min ,,ki:_:? .....u the old year. Nothing occurred to mar ibr s pleasures o| the day. One yung man, who min- I g'ed with the throng and acted hi" part in the first < scene of ihe first act ot the Nrw Year's drama, and was in the enjoyment of good health, scarce had the -cene changed, ere ha received a wound, which I has hurried him " to that bourne from whence no ; traveller returns." i The oristin of the affray was this. At a public ball i ;iven at Concert Hall, Mr B. 9. Farr, Attorney at, accompanied by a lady, to whom he * ?> I betrothed, was refused admission by Mr. I- B ' Walker, merchant, formerly Walker Rennet, I who acted as one otlhe manager* the following c day it was the topic of conversation among ihe ac- 1 plain'ances of the parties. About two o', lock, the p parties met opposite the post office, an explanation v wus asked for. which was returned by the latter tl tutting a ball through the former; he purvtved si* it days, upon hisdes h being made known to the Judges t hey adjourned the respective courts; the members v f the Bar met and passed resolutions expressive ol c their berievement, and that "they would wear < crape upon the lett arm for thirty da).-.." A vert ,irgeconcourse attended hisfuneral, as the affianced i lady followed the remains, bedecked in the weed- tl of mourning, teats triakling down her lovely face, n H murmur deep but not loud, ran through the multi- tr tide, expressive of their regret thai one so young I diould have met with an untimely end. Mr W :i was immediately arrested and held to hail in the gi nun of 920,01X1, which was given. Unon ihe de- c< nise of Mr. F. he was again arrested, and after pi wading through the testimony, the Justice brfort ct whom he waa examined, said " his case was not e reliable." He wasconunitted to priis-n. The sam N svemng he waa brought before their Honors, Man- te ling and Mullamphy, who reversed the decision ol th he Justice. Mr. w. is related to familief in our in w iiiit. JL -i i i Ji ill RK I \nxTT*r/^ x * -ivttt a ntr r*o jmxinit, j ainu an i xo, ;ity of much wraith, who exercise great influence. The members of the bnr, resolved, " That in the death of Mr Farr, we feel that the community has lost a man, who in the flower of youth (25 years old) and comparatively u stranger, had already hy ins -1 nti tble depor rnent and generous feeling,gained the frieudshri of all who knew him." Tuts m l nicholv affair lias cast a gloom ever our city, and caused the parties, which were well attended before this occurred, to be but poorly at tended At tbe next party in order of the e<-ries, but six ladies were p.eseut; it waspostponed to last evening when but twenty ladies attended, notwithstanding the additional attraction of Frank Jolin on ic Cn.'s band. The severity of the season has put a check to all kinds of business, except at retail to supply the city consumption. All the rtveis above are closed, with the exception of the Missouri, which is open some few miles above Sr. Charles. The ice is running so rapidly below onr city, as to forbid boats ascending. The sieamer " Vlary Tompkins," was sunk u few days ago near the mouth of the Missouri river?she was descending with the ice from St. Charles?she had on board 600 barrels flour The best price for flour offered is #2 75; wheat 45 cents a bushel; corn. 22 to 25 cents; Fork, on foot, $150 to 175: beei" C illle, best quality, $1 74 perewt.; Lard 5 cents; lead #2 75; tobacco, first quality, #1 75 to $5; second, $356 to 3 85 Our city warranto are selling tor 76cents on the dollar, county warrants 68 cts State Bank, Illinois, paper 42 on the dollar; Bank of Illinois 40; Virginia paper, 2& dis.; Indiana, 1.^; Kentucky, litis; Eastern Bank bills, 1 10 2 dis ; K.xchange on the Eastern cities 1 per cent premium. fV. Vf.. 11 .1. I I j i . . s .? V'U .'HJVHIUI l u.lllli. IIH.M urciHTfl] 11 111V I (lrri'l I >1 .1 percent on the capital stock paid in, for the six months proHt, ending 31st ulr. Its stock isnotverv desireab'e, it having been offered tor less than 60 cents, without finding purchasers. The following I noticed in the " Express" of your citv, of a late date:?" Thedilficulty of transmitting funds to distal t points is as great as ever. A gentleman a ew days since had occasion to pay five thousand dollars in Iowa; after making every enquiry, and re-orting to every expedient, lie was compelled to transmit the gold, and to pay a very considerable sum to an individual to lake it on. ThiH inconvenience was unknown when the United States Hank was in existence. Then it W48 only neccpaary to enclose a post note payable to order, and pay twenty-five cents postage, and in due course ot mail it would be placecl at any p unt without loss or inconvenience The difference between now and then can hardly he ca'cuNud.'* i Now Mr Bennett I have never read as stupid an article as the one I have just quoted, and to come from Mr. Brooks, who makes pretensions to financial knowledge, it is outrageous. If he is so tar frotn the truth in the above article, which 1 know is not so, what confidence, I ask, can I place in those articles which I am unacquainted with 1 A boy 15 years old would know better than to bring gold or eastern funds to the west. Now I will inform the editor of the " Express," thai he may no tall into a similar error, that had the said five thousand dollars been deposited in one of your banking institution*, a certificate of ifsiuuiic r.muuhto m or. tier,) for the same which had been seut to the person in leva by mail, it would have been received by him in due time without any inconvenience, and the said certificate would command a premium of one percent in specie over the amount deposited in the institution, which would have been a saving of the two bits, or twenty-five cents, and enough besides to have bought he or she a new suit of cloihes. I had always thought you had done h.m great injustice in giving him ihe name of "booby Brooks," but the article I have taken from his paper, confirms me in the justness of the appellation, and I might add with propriety " silly." Our Legi lature is in session, doing nothing but expending the public money?quarrelling among themselvesas to whe her the Fayette clique or the St. Louis, are the best democrats. The Illinois Legislature is still fighting with the banks. The Governor sent a to the (lift-rent houses that something must be done, as he is out of money, not having enough specie to p iy the postage on official letters We occasionally have offered to us some Beach leaves. We follow your advice?touch not, handle not We have seen other leaves, bearing ih>- name of a place in honor of a revolutionary battle having been (ought there. " Reason" not having been answered satisfactorily, we have determined to touch not, handle not. Roderick. Macon* [Corraipondence of the Herald.) Macon, Jam 21, 1843Slate of things in Georgia?Natural-born Financiers ? '//it Slate Currency? Trade? Business in Georgia ? Politics. My Dear Sik? This is a great State, and conspicuous amongst nil the rest for otir great financiers You talk of Wall street; why, sir, Wall street is not a begin ning to us. We can make und unmake banks taster, we can swindle by them, and still be noticed ill the community; we can build large houses, hold possession of them, and take the benefit of the bankrupt law, and live in them, perchance be the owner after we get through; we can move banks from one part of the State to the other, one day paying specie and 'he next refusing; all th's can we do in the way of banks, and be sustained by the community. We are natural born financiers; half a dozen ot our merchants are hankers. They have a large circulation of their own, what you call shinp'ast'r*.? J To be sure this is a penitiarv offence, but we are so fond of paper, if it has the least semblance of money, that it is tolerated ; besides, paper is so much .nore sightly than coin, a quarter printed like a bank note on a large piece of paper, signed by half a dozen of res|>ect ihle men, ol financial talents, is more respectable It has not a locofocoish look?nothing vulgar. Our legislature, thinking they could legislate to please Us, passed a law piohihiting the i-une of small notes, and made it a penal 'flence The law is a dead letter, and although "he circulating notea of all the banks that are doing business are redeemed in specie, si ill the State is over run with small hills and very little specie of course in circulation Specie is very troublesome. The head of financiers now is John O Winter, a very worthy, clever, talented man. He is at the head of the St. Mary's Hank, and has a large amount of small notes in circulation drawn in Florida us cheeks, from six cents to one dollar, payable in Columbus, Augusta und Charleston, less two per cent. He has sii agent in every town in the Stnte, and his business is to travel from one end of the State to the other with his bag full of notes, to keep every place supplied with the amall notes, as he finds it quite embarrassing when Hny considerable amount n returned upon nim T)r Collins is our next distinguished financier, and a good man he is in everv -ruse. He has been at the he d of several banks, ill of which apivared to thrive from his prescriplions, hut believing he has nad a good deal of experience, he will understand the systoms even better in future; at any rate he has confidence in himself snd purchased the Hawkrnsville Bank. The docors that had charge of it before he purchased, had hvsieked it to such an extent that it will require, vilh all ?? T? * ' - J .... ..... .n citin.. i" 111c i ">cmr s juogmeni, | ievere tonics in shspe of silver pills, In resuscitate it J ind make the community believe it is not in a hasty mnsumption. Gen. McDougsld. of Columbus, is also distintuished, more particularly in a late affair with Col i'lephurn. hv shooting linn in hisbank. We have tot the particulars here, but uuderstand he has heen irquitted. The General is at the head of the Inurance Hank,wh<ch he purchased from the Rank of Jnited Stales?but poor fellow ! I will not any any hing about htm; he iadown at heel and everybody s giving him a kick as he goes, and as he can not do my more mischief. I will pass to a distinguished inancier?Col Nathan McUee, a very amiable, tainted and accomplished man, who headed the 'henix Bank lie studied under vour grear Gamalel, and this Bank was raised on the ruins of an old inner rn, and received its alasstcal name thereby.? This financier figured for a year as banker and sniper of cot'on. anil received a credit from one of our French bouses to buy cotton, lie drew for hiriy-five thonsnnd dollars and shipi>ed tliem as lucb as he could?settling all up very honorably ml lairly. Tlie Bank is now owned by a house in 1 our city, and they promise they will import some i apital trom France to sustain it. Thia will be "art \ >asis ill the desert." 1 O r tatc owes to your i ajier a good deal for yotir t dmirahle strictures on banking, and sou e ot us i link thai we can sec daylight in managing our ' atika for the tutiire. Your merchants will have no ' ade from this State for two years to oome Those * lit have bought goods regret doing so, and all that , trnes from the :Si lie should be looked upon wnh a > tod deal of suspicion, it itiey nsk 'or credit. Our p ttoii in the interior (loes not net four cents to the an er; to be sure the croit is I rge, but so innrh is tnsimied in bagging, rope. Ate., that nothing is c arcelv left to pay debts with 1 see some of your II ew York merchants here, and they complain bit- p rly of the had faith of the merchants in not paying a em. It is not bad faith?it is inability; andif your tl erchants continue to loster the credit system by n [ERA 1843. selling goods under the present embarrassment of the South, tliey pK|, not expect any other result than ruin. The Southern States, Georgia ami AiHOtuna, including South Carolina, are badly oH, and on y ih>- severest economy can bring them oat. Hundreds ot our best citizens are relieving themselves by the Bankrupt Imw, and not one tnerCliaiil in leu meets bis engagements. We are much divided ia political sentiment?Clay, (Jalhouu and Van Bureu, all have their friends ? Tile late election tor member ?I Congress to fill a vacancy would justify the conclusion tnal the iStale was whig, but i doubt the conecine.s ol it.? McDougald, the democratic caduidale, was a member of the State Senate last winter, and advanced doctrines ot repudiation that were so obnoxious thai bis party would n->l vole lor him. Calhou.i has the strength of the democratic party, uud my impression is if he is not nominated the State will go lor Cl.iv. We are a strange people, and adversity, financiering and roguery has driven us from our nigh state. But sir, we will come out; there are some spirits in the - outh ouud and uncoutainiuaied, and they ure just moving to the front, and will correct the inon sirou* abuses that have been heaped upon us by the inosi infamous men that ever had an existence. We have l.iiely made an estimate that the State has lost about seven millions of dollars by Banks since the year 1S3<>. A Great Admirer of Your Paper. City Intelligence. Hoihislr Attimpt to Pouo* a Wirs.?Timothy Mount, boiler maker, of 71 Cannon street, wax arretted oil riiurNday evening by uthcer Ki lyeu,on a charge ol attempting to poitoii hit wile Mury Mount, to whom he ba. boon manit>d but about two mouth*. Mouut it u man worth tit teal ettdtu and other uroueilv. above SlA.Uup, and hi* wife, who wiui a widow when he married her, was also possessed ol several houses, in one of which they now reside. Previous to the marriage, Mount agreed to : settle her own property upon her, but has since rvluaed to perloim his promise >n any maimer whatever, 'i he consequence has been a continued disagreement between them, and on or rboutihe doth ol last month she was conlined to her bed from illness, arising from this dispute and other causes. The testimony a* presented beiore the police yesterday by Mary Curliu, who was a servant in the lamiiy, and Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Ca . y, neighbors, who were assisting Mrs. Mount during her illness, was to the loilowiug vtfect:?That about one o'clock oil the alternoon ol the -lOih ol December, Mount cume home, oringlng with lum tome biscuits, su?ur, Sic. and a small piper containing some powdered substance ol a dark yellow color, which he laid upon the table. The* ivant girl placed the powder on Hie mantel piece, and Mount, who had stepped out in the meaulime, letumed and put it in his pocket. Tu-t about seven o'clock in the eveniug, Mre. Mount desired some toast water, which was pre. pared ; but beiere given to her, Mount reiuuikud to the seivaut girl thai it wanted some sugai iu 11, and he Iheii took the cup containing the water, and put a laige tea spooulul ol white sugar and some milk iu it. lit- then naiided it to Mr*. Pr.ichard w ho w as in the room, wiio gave it to Mrs. Mount to drink. As soon us sue Uud lusted o! it, she NuJd " O la, I can't drink this, lasle it .VI is Casey, it is So bitter 1 Can't drink it?what haa Ueeii put in it I" The servant girl tasted of it, and it was then put on the table, when Mount immediately took the cup and removing the lire board threw its content* on the hearth. Mrs Mount heiseil testifies that when she charged her huthani with the attempt to poison iter, he did not deny it, but cried, and asked her lo loigive bun. There cir. cumstancuf, together with his lutuiecouducl, in Viced her to send lor Ur. Jamas R l mlton, to examine iliH naturu ol the contents ot tue cup, that still adhered to the bricks ol the hearth where Mount had throw u it The analization showed that it had contained a large quantity ol powdeieit opium, more than sutliclent to destioy the lite ot one person. He was theretore ai ra ted 011 the cuarge as beiore Hllcged, the punishment ol which is 1101 less than ten year* iu the state prison. On his examination last evening, he denied having purchased or biougut uny opium into i he house, and thui ttie paper that the Servant girl saw contained nnutl tuat he ha> purchased lor his own use. Alter a toil tuvestigaiiuu ol the case beiore Justice Merrill, he was held lo bail iu the sum ot $1000, w hich w as entered by bis brutlier, who resides on Long island mvui ? a iimn ui uooui lurty ytars ot age, and is rxtremely penurious in tiucuaractei, us well a* rough ami tiithy in uia person. Hi* wile ig a very lady like woman, of about thirty years, ind lot ms a striking contrast iu bei appearauce to the partner 01 ber Choice, who now stand" cuerged witb an inieiiipt to take ber lile with poisou. She states 111 at be said he would sootier awing tba. give ber a marriage srttleaieut of the |>ro|erty thai she owned Oelore iboy were united. He baa absented the premises since the discovery of the poison, and taken other quarters lor lodgings. A MnniTts't Diced.?On Thursday evening about du?k, while several small children were playing liear a woo l pile at the loot ol Oliver street, some inhuman mons ter, belonging to the schooner Wm. B Marsh, who had probably supposed that they were endeavoring to steal a lew sticks ol pine wood that hail been unloaded from the vessel,fired n gun loaded with durk shot, which took etfeet upon the persons of taur ol them, one ol whom lays dangerously ill. John Qiiin, aged li years, who resides at ISOiK street, was shot in the light side, above thehi,>, and also on lha knee. John Faile, aged lit year*, of !>"> Cherry street, was seven ly njuted in the breast. Tliey were taken to the City Hospital, but are not dangerously hurt. Another hoy notned Colgal, of H Jacob ttiei t, was most severely shot, but is considered out ol" danger of death Irom the injuries. A little girl, who resides iu O street, was also partially injured, fhe mate and hand' of the vessel have been nrrestid as witnesses, audit is sup posed that the captain of the vessel, who hHs not boen seen since the tr inaction, was the author of the crime. Capt Charlea S. Bostwick was arrested on suspicion on Thursday evening, hut upon examination yesterday was discharged. The vessel had recently brought a load ol pine wood from Absecum beach, and had landed part of it u|>on the wharf The children deny that they were attempting to steal the wood, but that they were play ing upon the wharf, and picking up the chips that luid scattered about. Died is* Paison?John O'Brien, a convict sent from this ! city, confined in the Sing Sing State Prison, was found dead in bis cell on Tuesday lust. A coroner's inquest was heiil upon the body by the coroner of Westche.ter coun. 'v, the jury of which returned a verdict of "Died in a At.'' He had been subject to them lor several years past. The Poor Ma* Rich?John B Carter, the ownerof 'he North American Hotel, corner ol Bowery sad B yard street, whose statue as " 'ho poor hoy " stands prominent on its north west cornor, appeared yesterday at the lower police ottice and entered complaint against a poor distressed negro named William Scott, who had stolen n pailful! of anthracite coal from his cellar, rained at 11^ cents Peor Scott was commi ted to prison, and will probably Arid quarters at Bluckwell's Island, if John B. Carter appears against him. Caa Dritr* Km.i ed bt a Kali..? Francis Cmnery, who has resi led in Reude street, was accidentally thrown from his cab a few weeks since while engaged in conveying some passengers up Broadway, and Olio of his legs re- I ceived n compound fracture. H- was taken to the hospital, where he lingered until Thursday night, when mortification ensued and caused his death. The Last Rsea. -The allrg. d rape on a Mrs. Johnson that took place on Thursday evening, appears to have been a-sort-of-shslf willing affair on her part to commence with, but terminated rather differently than she had anticipated. No complaint has been made at the police, uui nil an; inm idKfll place. Moat CouisTraFtira.?A new emission of counterfeit fs no'ed, purporting to be of the BI art-ton renal Bank, of Providence, K. I . have been put in circulation within n lew days. Yesterday a IVIlow named John Rhode* arrested lor pa-sing one on L C. Heath, of v(>7 Orand at , and Jarob O'Brien, who says he keeps a porter house in Madison street, near Grand, waa also committed tor at tempting to pass a itro-lar note upon B G. Kidder and Adolphua Andrews, of 4.19 Greenwich street. Kitstoaorvsar Rirnr Smjotivk.?Three matches, | with rifles, came otf at Hnhoken this week between Mr. Dunham, of Troy, and Mr. Fish, gunsmith, of this city. The piecea used were of newconatrnctinn.aiid the balls And of the sugar loaf formation. Dunham's gun weighed 10 pounds, and Arerl 65 bails totke pound. Fish 11| pounds, , and BJ balls to the pound. Tha Arst match was'or $100, i ten shots, at 360 yards, on the rest, and to he decided by j string measure. 'Dunham's tan shots measured 31) inches from the centreol the target, and Fish 37 the lormer win 1 ning hy A) inches. Tha second was for the sama amount, 13 shots at JMt pard?. Duni am's shots measured A3 tt t) ! inches; Fish Aujj the former wmmag by 0} inches The ( third was tor t he same amount, 1A shots at 400 y aids, and resulted at follows:?Fish 87) Inches; Dunham 01)? Fish ' winning hy 4) iohcet. In this match the must distent shot hy Dunham w as 14 inches from the centre of the target; j by Fiah 10inches. This shooting is su|>eriorto any thing ; on record. j Btinocsi Dictiir..-.Mr. Williai t'unningham, iron ! me'chant, who has been engaged in that hrsiness in this rity for twenty years, died suddenly ) esterday n.orni g ] irom apoplexy. lie had risen from hit bed hut n few momi nt before death overtook him while he was Asaaariiw ; to leave hi* house for his place of tuisitina*. ' ' ) llankrupt Gist. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK * Willsrd Ide, New York, grocer; Benliinm H O'Niel, t thandaken, Ulster Co , farm? r; Alexander, McC' tter, N n lurk, merchant; A If rid Livings'on, N. V., gentl'-man lYillinm B' vm, M tmnkatiii'r, Sullivan To., milln and nrmer; Willinm V. Millapattith, Mnmukating, Sullivan o.,tHV?rn keeper; Wtll;u:n p.iwrn, N?w York, rmith; Pheodore L Prermt, Ormnvillo.Ore no Count)-. H nry (airttlgton, New York; John H Dtiryea. N. York, h?.iIi 1 uakor; William Mollneiix. N. Y., printer; Gideon Peck, 1 Y , carman; Sim on P. Hide, N. Y., merchant: Charles J. Mllla, Brooklyn, N. Y , merchant; Thomas shtipherJ, li Y., blacksmith. Kiiopk Ist.axn.?Governor Kins ismed hia pro In Illation on Monday, declaring that the eoneiifuion Irttmetl by the convention assembled at New | 1 ort on the second Monday <>t September, haa bet I doptrd by a minority ol the .j talihed electors in i le 3tate ; and that on the Host Tuesday ol May I cxt it will become the ftipreme l?w of the hvxid. 4; f x;;OY :.a/. 1 . T"k PvlM Two Literary NotUea. Lifk and Advknti kks or Martin Cncuwrr. By Charles Dickenn, Ltq.?The first part of this new work by Boz, hasjus' been issued by Winchester, of the " New World." A? it costs about three cents, and will be in every body'* hand, we need not trouble ourselves by giving sny outlina of the character and plot of Martin's Adventures, so tar ** developed in these introductory chapter*. W? do not think, however, from the specimen before us, that this work will add much to Mr. Dickens' repu tdtion. There are occasional flaahes of that quaiat humor which so highly characterized some of hia former productions, but the style is generally laboured, and in often very pointless and very dull. Tom Hdrkr of " Orns " By Charlen Ijtvtr, Etq. ?This work will form the second volume of "Our Mew," and front the style and character of tha first part, which has been published in an extra " New World," we have no hesitation in forming the opinion that " Tom Bukkk " will prove himself entirely worthy of companionship with hm accomplished and agreeable predecessor " Jack Ihnton, who met such a fl t'UrinK reception from 'he public. Dr. Lever is, we consider, in many points I*r superior to Mr. Dickens. In humor, pathos, snd t-kill in the delineation of character, Lever ia fully equal to Boi, whilst lie far excels him in his descriptions of natural scenery, and vigorous developm*nt of incidents. "Tom Burke " will, of course, be universally read, L. S. D., or Accounts of Irish Hants. By Samuel Liner.?Mr. Lover is another Irieh wriierof great power. lie is, indeed, a man ol extraordinary genius and versatility of talent. He writea all sorts of humorous stories?sketches and etches all sorts of funny illustrations?and composes all sorts sf exquisite songs, which he seta to music, known and .ulmired all the world over. The new story which Mr. Lover has commenced under the rather singular title of "L S. D "promises to lie exceedingly interest ng, and though much of it will obviously be more instructive on the other aide of the water, yet, we will venture to say, that it will not be read uaprofitably here. Windsor Casti.r?By W. H. jlinswarth ? A very excellent and interesting hiatorical romance, lull ot love and murder, and atnilhng incidents. The Loitkrinos of Arthur O'Leary?By Cfuu. Isvtr.?This is another of Mr. Lever's admirable works, nnd is characterised by nil the well known senilis of the auihor [Mr Winchester has commenced the publication oi hII these works in a supplementary number ol th* " New World." and announces bis in'ention of issuing the succeeding parts, conjointly in that Inrm, as he receives them from England.] Select Library or Religious Literature, Part 2? D'Aubigne's History ol the Reformation?Saxton Mitea ?We have already expressed a favorable opinion ol this excellent work. Urande's Cyclopedia, Part 3 ?Harjur tr Brmhtrt ?This admirable book is meeting a most extensive sale, and deservedly so Address [delivered ?] before the New England SoCiKT Y? By Jitv. Uto B Chrtver.?'I his olla ' yadndu of sense and folly, pit ly and bigotry, has been published in pamphlet form. The New York Legal Observer No. 16.?Thin number contains a number ot use ml and important American and English decisions. The work is improving and becoming popular. The Ladies'Companion? for Feb.?This is rather nn interesting number, continuing a number of good original articles, and some very tine engravings ? particularly of Die Vernon oil horseback. A MJ&klCAN LA.Nl) ANU LOAN OH-'Cr. ?W,; i.? <a L. BlUirrm h tviuj above thirty year eiperi+nce 10 the management of Ke*l fCatate, and pou'Ming a large Indrl |>r >perty himself. al o feeling great truin the lib. ml .a ronage he has heretofore enjoyed, ir>|>rciiultv lieu, the mention ofthr pablie to the special *dv linages of he Atneric at Ltu I on J Loan Olfic , it No. 14 Wall arret, m th? city if New York, for ilit" purchase, 'ale or nchsng- of Hones rntl Lota, Farina and uucuitiva'rd Linda either it private or public avie, ind lor the hiring anil letting of ilonaea, Stinea, Kirmr, Ac.; for eol'rctiug the rent', and lor ttking Hie go rril tgrucy ind an,a rviaion of Ketl Estate, nlau lor the superintend u cr nl erecting utd rcpairiuK Uu.ld tut. PrnoD* li t?nig property to sell, eichange or let, will find it 'O the ir advantage to apply at Una other rather than to any rther in the city, troth in point of economy ant] deapatc... All property tegutered in thia office, will, if .t|uirf.1, he ad vertiaed in twoor moie of the int it*, widely circulated jouraala, tnd evrrv honorable exertion made to di*|iote of tie- same. Should the property hot be sold at private tale, it will, if dattired, be offered at public auction, thus giving to owner* of the property double -diaotagr. H> will alio attend to effecting I nan 'lire n property, obtaining and loaning ol inouev ouboud and mortgage, or "Uivr tecniitica, taking t|>ecial ceo to receive ample aecurity for money loaned; and to have title* to property raamined by (eu'lemi n of tha legal profusion of established character loraccuracy. Holder* of vacant ground that require* improving, will find it (truly to their advantage to apply to him as hia liuowledge of the kin I of builduyta which are moat productive for tke different localities, la ofithe greatest importance: aud his ling ae1'iaintanre witn tfle building of hmiara will amble him to get hern erected on the uiotl rrn-onable terms at a far leas ei|*-tur than is uinal. Hi'vill also take char*r r f real otata intended (or , ub'irsajce.aahis knowlr ige from exptiituee in ititiM u|i unit*, will be of greet rnlnv to th ar intending tooiipns* of their l*f>perty, In- will pr*| are the idvertlseinelils, awe u,.il tney arw |iro|H rly oWtrihnted en! au|>eriiitended, ami direct the sale-in ' it will be loaml to be s great from the f?et property t .rtlu lui lh'"e'if yev? inu beiti fiaquently sarrificrel from the want of proper attention ami skillful mmsgrn. IIL Individuals or c m,iaui? tint require an agent to take charge of th if real estate, may dinetidon hiving i' faithltiliy an.' economically man (nil?him) all miners ircviitl, promptly p'idover Persona wishing l? lure or purchuee property, <rr nvest money can most generally be acrnnimod tl-il tree of expellee?ami persons residing at a liiglnoce ib-airnua to an I or inirchaar real catntr by ssodiii a description of the pioperry, will leceive immediate attention. All lettrra for the purcbaae, sde or etchange of real state, or for'he loeuiux or pnrting out of moot y, uinrrt be dirertt'l 'O WILLIAM L. alVlKltS, American Land ami L ?i. office. No. it Wall alreet, New York;aml the ; aid N B. < ?uirari? and oth-v papr.a prepaied at th'? office Is I l? ?'r r AF1TTK BOAT ' LUB BALL will take piac. at thw La Aiaillo Sa" nn, on Monday erelong, Jan 90, IDA#. Ticketa to be procured at l.evi Heyef'a. 489 W?ahing an ?' e?t. or off the memh-ra of the Club, ami at the door on i tie ere mug ot ilea oall. Boat Cluba are inv.led to a'lend in tl sir respective Hiraaer COMMI 1'TEK Walter H-r?William Vharpr, 'Uwmae Valentin", Leyi Hep i, viicha?l Boharfa. U hXTOiN BKOWNKI.L. Prrs.deu' THEODORE NIcViLLK. Oiirrbrr, j"g3t*r RAoLfr'l r,^Hl*!,,ar2 8o<:i?^0.r fork will g ih*.r bTi. ?ri? ' tl ,1f i/k fc^ninir Jiu J.,ct JtlJt it Hall, rh- B II wilt he opetttj by the enrrnb* rs in mil HitbI nd cotiump. Th? ?>rocrr<Ji ofth? buil art apf>Jr?d for chant abit i or pose ?. Tie rts one dollar, to be hid at Tammany Halt and of Modem k Mel end 7 t.ouril.mdt atreei. Jos.'ih C'"ig, 941 Pearl street. Th"iiu> W, McLrav, 116 Rltrcker street. Andrew llrysdale, l}n < edar street. H-mn I Jicksou, l>?ih Avenue and 16th street. William Armstrong, Tr nth Avenue and mh stisoL Alexander ifoberUon, 174 Fulton street David Dunn, 4 Court land I street. John Forrest. 120 i rarer street. James Peacock. ( Clarkaoo atreat. William Wilson, 37 Molt sin et. Thomas Me Doug II, 77 D?y sir set. Hobart Dryadale, 18 K'lih armer. 11111v l' rr for,, HODKKICK McLKOD, Chisf JOHN F.. CLEMEN f, We. retsrv, _ i2i lw're OOURAUU'S POUDRE SUBTILE. ?OK coMtLr TiiLVi>a?irtK>ls.yl,aTLr SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. T ML nmvpra I tuumU'.tn wi* sk:- .? ?? . - .. w... ju. iy rienni-'i cnemical 1 preparation ( r the de.i rartioti ofthe atrnnrret *nd t<n?hr?t H tit. from the fit ilowu ou iptn It a J|n?-r lit' and trto t<> th itu^hora b-.ifJ nf m n, nerda ii'?t mraofterniMtln ita want. km .n'trirnt t . a y i' ai it > 'o b. (hand In rhi rity wily at ihr nld and iraamal cITh ? $7 Wi kn ?t, ou? doi-r fr ia BroaInay?41 perbnttl". Ptmrt IdeWtern.tu .init-iti m Wlw,ru nlau mi In had OOURAlTD*B E A U L> K H E A U T E . inrfralled for eiterBiu tin* Tan. Pnaplea. Blotehaa. ftafUw ?u Borra awl all en'aa-oM rai'lmna, and elicit of a healthy renile hlenm %' per bottle. (>< mrapd'a f eeeuhlr Lmoid nperh aaticle ami he Only otia iu as*. "win pel boule Goaraud'a Blanc D'tape^ne, an tacel'eal pret>*retion lot uvartiugn pare, life like whiteoean to tV roMpleiH.a. ft "fin the | niwttkca *?n?rally entrrtait into eombmatnn for thla pitrptaee Put up in el>*?ni hmpa at ?5 eenta rach, A?*i?Tl.?Neat York?Albany, Ouihrte, 4 Maiden Late; '.inglikrapeir, J 'fd 'ifiv; Utin, Wade, d'uiruial. Hamilton, it. Co. Urea* It (jMiitt; Loo'tviHe. Lout* Co.; w. A. C*h#?r; liiftHtn, Kiliott. t riu., Mvt rii, Ch>i(R;i ?t. Nca H ?trr?;W. !*k?'Wner, Norw ch; VV?.;|s|i PnmphrfyB, H rf -?l; Cn .-<? ? )V?r. J ., Vrovidenc#*; Tbo . r??. N?? v*i?ori; 'T >v#?, b*?r lr**BAf?r, Spnni<ti?l?l; UrnMt- at i W?r?B?rt, I.i tl* Vb?H'.; 4/OL.Kevitall, Soirn St roud tl, N>w Vti'U 'trvet, Bofttitii; I, ( irl? * >n It C ? , 5Ml?*rn, !v-y, N?*whury|x?rt. Hcxli(t ; I ?rt ;.rv?nth, f%r?-sr *?; lo fluid, J''*''* ^ xcllAl.A;,* it; 'f, OutM; ii li<?* ?ie ?u. >m Nr*t [llirV-NftVi'l M . P * Mf:, Pf J "V. i " ' f, ( |,f V, Qf H . ha . II w*'i ? H.?hio*mi ! > ' PM't I'icn. Tir* ;? ormn?ti, r??o.miA tt i,f %hinttnrt; Vh . Kir oi? *.i. Mr. ?-J ter; i.e. U aahiny I'll', Parke.-?AJe??. ?.. U ? Betty; ' d? Bnltiin.i >. H II ,<" . fcf.K it* .cat 'iua lor ay. oi Vmt hr rn,' , -id (none ottifi ueMk'.i fro* the po-tnafir?) 1>T, .w,.a"."ln,'.'a V V elf ^reiM*. ..ncamp ntiahla. W, h.n t <. f - '/ " 'T'"-1 " "-M cl r . ,1 n.rem "I. ' r i itnph el) ? <dic*U < (anrtflu'ina halt, ' ' " '1 , , , i f ci Irltiiiy awl fOwwq.ientiv ' . , cu ,, . "f banr etinutr fritrra, win I ' i( , viit'ir 'he jaat rrCoaMw-na- or' . P? i. 'd tli ft r ' a on theirgBaril and aee lat raetv h" He ' I*' ' "|0'f, ibJ K Yelit k ,11, a,| 11"id e eahf. . id V . r. at I" ."h hntllr, and the , ,",,ih ic ai"iile e . mi i e nn'.i-i" wraina r Oirro... i,incli ani Km;,.cuit"|elt'?aaeh holli*. i , .1 ' C r iu N V f r the .ihora celebrated , .a?T VY'.k-. ... ivor f. ? B I .'wa . id ' . I) nil". M?VK.'ia t?* BL.t k.WIOH CIA( K TMII. a .naV Jiliut,:.? IV ta rati.. 'v u. . ; *? aud Wraral ' '" ' ,< 'V < > 1? r ' Ij I M III r c,urti|n , Iil?t 111! J * rjlw **'*" 'f l^i '*??? ii l< . Cuftlf \ - i .1 n-ril ? (<? bliiliPlnt, l)i ( N?? Vmk- " hiKii ? ?*<* Frie. 'ilmiiMnild. jit ?r tWBBRVPOH r Bin* Sum *?r n itioi iTrnV? Drift. on Philadelphia too Button. |ci iaJr at 1U wVall K?*4iR BrM4wn.

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