Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1843 Page 1
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TH Val. IX.?No. SI.?Whole Ho. MM "TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I beg leu veto give notice to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, pf all classes and condition!, that I un making preparation* to republish, in the cheapest style, and in the weekly quarU) form of newspapers, a diversified and valuable aelection from the RELIGIOUS LITERATURE of Chris tianity, produced by the men of genius belonging to very seAt during the last two hundred years. The reason for attempting such a prqject is plain. Ma terialism infidelity and Immorality, of all kinds, have of late been indusCriouuly circulated throughout the country m under such Imposing names, and to so great an extent, that something must be done to revive the ancient spi rit of Religion an 1 Morals. Lecturers of all kinds?sophists on every subject?the worst and wickedest literature <>f France and England, reproduced in the cheapest forms, have demoralised the age?and upset all the established land marks ol morality and religion throughout the land. It is therefore necessary that something should be done But who is to do it 7 If none other will, I shall. I propose to republish in the cheapest form, in quick succession, a selection from the works of the host and purest RELIGIOUS AU TIIORS, be they Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Catholio, Methodist, Baptist, or any other denomination. Theae selections will not be on religious controversy?but such as treat on practical piety?on good works?and on the ge neral principles of Christianity, witkout the bad spirit of sectarianism. To carry out this project well, I possess a large printing establishment, and the Herald, a daily newspaper, of thirty thomand circulation, now considered the principal * advertising organ in the country, capable of giving hroughout the Union intelligence of these works as they appear. This Printing Establishment comprises 10 presses, 60 printers, 10,000 rounds of type, and a consump tion of about 800 reams of paper, of all kinds, per week. We have eve;y means in our power to carry this project into operation?and we believa that the American public is ready to aid and assist any man, who will throw himself into the breach, and endeavor to revive the ancient piety, virtue, and principles of our forefathers, in opposition to modern scepticism and immorality, which are stealing stealthily over the present generation, under the masks of geology, mesmerism, fonrieriam, finance, neurolovy, transcendentalism, human perfectability, and the whole train of modern philosophy and light literature. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. To Business Advertisers. Advertisers and men of business, who want to make the selection ef a vehicle tor their notices in the ap pro aching spring business, are particularly called to the following authentic doe amenta, relative to the circulation of the two leading papers in the city New Yobb Herald I Sun Office, N. Y., ) Office, Nov. 1, 1844. J Aug.39, IMS. J Messrs. Pbrssbft Baooas : Mr. H. V Burus :? CiEKTLEMBFI :? klr .? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Ottice, New York Office, N. V., jire hundred i. Seven hundred and fifty reame of paper per week, for rrasts per week (the small six months Irom the 16th of sized pa pel 03X33? for the October, 1843, to be ot this Daily Herald. quality, size and weight, tha Also 60 reams per week of same to be paid for in cash the large sized 33 X46 for the every two weekly _ Weekly Herald,for on" year M. Y. BEACH, from this date, to b?of qutM- I accept the above order, tv equal to this speciuiev - and agree to furniih the paPey mei.ts to be made each per accordingly. wr'tk in caah, in full for that R V. (SUTLER, week. Aug. 31, IS43. 31AMKS O. SENNY.TT. Witness, M. S. Bkacm, We accept the above order and will deliver it as directed. I'EKS-E k BROOKS, No - 01 Liberty street. JlMIl Rows, ( Ssmuh. Biais, \ By these documents it will be seen that the Herald has much larger circulation than the Sun, and ia therefore decidedly the beat for advertising. Tet we would not ask any person to select either paper, contrary to tbeir own views and feelings. The paper maker for the 8un is a very respectable and very honorable man?and a capi al paper manufacturer. So also are our paper makers, Messrs. Peraae and Brooks, with whom we have dealt to the eitsnt of nearly $340,000 in paper. Advertisers will remember the* * facts. To the FmMle. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub. lished every day of the year eaaept New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or $7 30 per annun-postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6J cents per copy, or $3 13 per annum? postiges paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. It has the target! circulation of any paper in thio city, or the world, end t't therefore, the belt channel for husineei men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. NEW YORK LANCET, published weekly, price 13j cents per i.ngls copy?8 cents by the quantity. Ths pries of this valuable periodieal haa hitherto been toe cheap, in comparison to its utility, Intelligence, and workmanship. It has, therefore, been advanced to $0 per annum for ona year?$3 lor a half year?or 19f cents per ingle copy?cash in advance, and postages paid. REYOLUTIONARY RELICS, or Lamas addressed by distinguished men to Gaorge Clinton, formerly Governor of New York, during the revelution.and first pub. beautiful octavo edition in number*?price 13} ctnti each. THE ATHENEUM, a N?w Monthly Jousnal 01 American and Korsion Literature, Science, and thi Fine Art*?Each number adorned with a beautiful en graving?price only 13} cent* each. PRINTING of all kind*, executed at the moet moderati price*, and in the mo?t elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorniBTea or tub Herald Estahlmhment, Northwest oernet of Fulton and Nassau *tr*?t*. AOISTS, The following ii a liat of the agent* for the HeraU where nuliectiption* will be reoetveu, and (ingle number are lound lor*ale regularly at what rlace. aoent*. Boston, George W. Redding. Philudi'lphia G. B. Zieber. Baltimore w Tay lor. Washington, D. C O. B Zieber A Co. Buffalo, N. Y T 8. Hawk*. New llavuo, Conn T. H. Peaae. Hnnfonl, Conn J. W Judd, Albany, N. Y Q. Jone*. Troy, N Y H. Green. Luiivingli'ig A Waterlord.N Y. Thome* P.Richard*. Newerk,N.J D Smith. Catskill. N. Y H Rou e. New Orleans J C. Morgan. Cincinnati, O Robert Carnahan. Peterson, N. J Matthew Dougherty. Norwich, Con Morgan Satford. Rocheiter, N. Y L. Moore. Eiiidhetlitou n, N. J Sam el Crane. New Biunawick, N.J William Solomon, St. Louie, Mo Woodward A Mathews. Charleston Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clara. Augusta, Oa S. A^Holme*. Mohi'e, Ala Milton Bo Hornet. P ninhk^|i?ip Smith. Tiemon J. Kaun?l?-y. Putihui % , f*? J<>* P Uttifl. Lotilivill*, Kv w. A. Iltilili'mnn. Win" lii?n, * .....J, H. Thotit|Mion k. Co Nrw Loudon,Con L L Hp>rry. Newjort WHIIom A. fry. VtlC* J B. Look. (Uvkanah, O* Amo* Hud "' hrUlk, Twin ABJlllnfo. E NE' NEV FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW VORK LINE OF PACKETS. For thTT eturr nccommodatioti of shi|>i*i?, il ia iuUiidod ! I lrsiMi:ch a ship from this ?ort ou the 1st, tth, lOtli, I6cli. 20th, and ?u? ui each month, cow i,euciug the 10th October ana coktinuu?. until May, when regular days will be apixiiuted for the re- I nsiiuler of the year, wits re by great delay* and diaappoipUnroiS ill h? ) reveuted during the summer mouths. Tho following 'nipt wiii commence rhi* arrangi invnt : Snip YAZOO ( diiuin Cornell. Ship OCONEE. L ipuiu Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKsPEAHfc, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON. Captain Latham Ship HUNTSVIlLE. Captain Momfoid. Ship ptJMULGEE, LaiiUtn Learitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Kuntht. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Theac ahi|* were all built in the city of New York, express for packets, are of light draft of water, hare recently beet, wly ep,?pered and put in splendid order,with accommodaiiens tor paaaeilgerm 11 ueqaaileil lor oomforl. They are commanded by ex|*erienced inaaieta, who will maks every exertion to girt teueral aatisfactiou. They will at all timet be lowed up and Jowu the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owu.'n or captains of theae skips will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plsied ware, or for auy Utters, parcel or package, teat ty a rpat ou board of tiem, unless regular bills ji .ailing are taken for the same .and the value theieou etpressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS & CO ,5? South at.,or HULLIN tk WOODRUFF, Agent in New Jrlrsns. who wilj promptly forward all goods to tKeir address The ship* of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ?i) rertised, and great care will be taken to hare the goods correct T measured. BM NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r" nilfn-TO New York m, the 25th an?l| Liverpool ou the Mil of oar.h month. ?L 1'Ml M M. Krmu Nrw Your. Ship GAKRICK, Cnputiu Wm. Skliljy, 25th October. Shin ROSClUB, Captain John Collins, 25th November. Ship 8IDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th December. Ship SHE 1UDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 25tii January. From LiwRrosL. Ship SlDDONS.Captaiu E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain W. A. Depeyster, 13th Novem'r. Ship (JARltICK, Captain Wm. skiddy, 13th December. Ship ROSCIU9. Captain John Collins, 13th January Theses hips are all ol the lirit class, upwards ot 1904 t'ns, built lithe city of New York, with snch improvements & tcomhine treat speed with uuusual comfort for iwsseiigrrs. Every canvas been taken iu the arrangement of their accomuiodatioiu. The luice of passage hence is $100, for which ample stores w ill ie provided. These ships are commanded by eaoerienced .nasters, who will make every exertion to give general atisfacion Neither the captains or owDers of the shi|? will be response ole for si y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re tular b 1 If of lading are.signed therefor. For freight oi pair.tut, apply to E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South sc., New York, or to WM. hi JAS. BROWN Ik CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will bectarged 12K cent* per single iheet; 50 cents per ounce, and newspapers I ceul each. ol OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. t?A E of Pw^rt^^Lirerpo^^^^^eaftsr be I L despatched in the following order, oiaepting that when the Jay o fun ling falls on Sunday, the ahip* will sail ont'.e succeedng day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, ( June I July 19 ?16 ton*. '.Oct 1 Nov 19 D.G.Bailey, I Feb 1 Mar 19 TheENOLAND, i June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, ' Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waito. I Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 100 tons. Nor 1 Dec 19 J. Rath bone, | March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, ( July 19 Sept 7 610 ton*. 'Nov 10 Jan 7 E.G. Marshall I Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, ( Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tona. .Dee 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK. i Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, ' Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper. | April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, c Bept 1 Oct 17 850 tout, '.Jan 1 Fek 17 W. CBarstow. May 1 Jnne 19 The COLUMBL8, .Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tona, '.Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as Heretofore. The price of passage outward ia now fixed at Our Hundred Dollars, for whicn ample store* of everv description will be provided, with the exception ol wines and liquors, which will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE Ik CO., 6f South ?t., C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling-slin, N. Y. jc2f Irh DARING BROTHERS it CO.. lVoI. TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. m. m. The subscribers beg to call the attention of theii friends and the public generally, to their superior airangem^uta for bringing oit pasarugci* from, and remitting money to, any per* of England, Irr laiid, Scotland or Wales, iu tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the " NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.>Ship ROBClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS,Captain Cobb. Ship SH e, H ID AN, Captain Densyaler. Ship <1A II III' K,' nptaiu Sfcidly. New .bill HOTT1NGUER, Captain Bnrslcy. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Sliip ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. V. r? ,hi? I.IVPIIPO.II S'l,lr,.Po? Sailing twice every mouth; uad with the " UNITED LINE," composed of superior first clan American ships, tailing every ten u.ija, will in?ke five ship* in each monih throughout the year, (or one every si* days) thereby preventing the possi tnlity of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from Loudon, Bristol and Greenock to New Vo?k Alvof om Livi rp> ol to New Orleans, Mobile, Siva" n -h, Charleston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the vario s pur's in British Nurtli America, can at all tunea he engr.ced on liberal terniv. Persons wishing to tend for their friend*, will not fail to are he advantage* to he derived 'torn -electing this linr in prefersure to any other, and they may remt aaanred that unusual care will be taken to make .he i<aa*age agreeable, the ?hi|>* being fitted up with an eye solclv to the com'ortof passengers. In all MM where iht parlies sent lor decline Cuming, the money will be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free passage Item the > arsons seai>ort- of Ire laud and Scotland, can ilia be secured. The regular p.o kets for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, vi* To and Iroin London on the 1st, i#ih, and 20th of each mou't . To and from Liverpool oa the lit. 7ih, iJth, I9'h, and ISth nf each month New Orleans. Mobile, Savannah, an Charleston, weekly throughout the aeaaon. REMITTANCES. Persona in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum tliey wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, in. y rely on a draft foi the amount being forwarded per fir*t picket, after the receipt tnareof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amoniit, are payable on d?mand. without discount or any o h r charge, at the National and Provin cial Binka of Irela- d and branches, Kmtern Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bu'l, Son liCo,, Bankers, Loudon, Exchange and Discouul Bank, Liverpool, tut) in i very prit cipal town of Great Bri aiu and Ireland. Fnrther pnficulars made knt>wn <?b application, if by letter, postpaid, to day r W, It J. T. TAPWI'OTT, ?l Peek Slip. N. York. m*. m ML PACKETS FOR M ARSEILLES^The undermentioned ships will be legularly dispatched from hence and Iroin Marleillea on thu 1st of each month dnring the year, thus? From Ne>* York. Marseilhs. MINERVA, Capt Brown, N .v I. Jan I 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec I. Feb 1 t COURIER, ('apt Dugan, Jan 1. Marl TRttSCOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adam*, Marl. Mayl I COKIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jon 1 They nre all eopperea and copper fastened,and have excellent tecommodations for passengersThe price of cabin peaaage will be $109, excluaive o ?uu end liquors. Goods addressed to BOYD k H1NOKEN, the a gents, will be forwarded free of other harres than these actually paid. 1 For freight or passage apply to G. BROOM k CO., or to o?r BtiVn A HINl'KKN. Agents SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1813. 44* . AAA ?22& OD SML OLuTbTAnLiSiTFiT KA/Hukant FA33AOE r OFFICE. No. M SOUTH STHKIT, N. Y. PASSAGE to and froin Great Britain and Irrln.l by the re' Killer line of packet*, laiiitut on the let, 7th, 13th, Itth and iilh of e?ch month. The old Black Ball line of packet! err u follow*:? 0 Ship NEW YOKK. Captain Cropper, " CAMBKIUOE, Captain Baiatow, " COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, " EL HOPE, Caiitain ktirber, " SOUTH AMf.RiC t.Captnln Deiley, " NORTH AMk niCA. Captaie l-oa?hr-r, " K atiLANU,Captaiu Wait*, " OXkOKI), Captain Ra'hhwtii!. The Commercial Lo.e it rompoaed of lorty enperior. fkat railing ahipi, all comioan led by men of (real atperienee. Fir*l cl iaa ih>p* will *1 o be de.p?irttril from Liverpool to Bo.ten, . New Orieaua and Mobile, three timet per i..*ulh; to Ha|ii 'i more, Charleston alio Savannah, twice a inanth, to th- differ* rnt port* in Bntiah Noith America Wrrkljr. 1 h-inhaenorr, in maktna known hi* arrangement* far th* year lit), bega to -all th* attention of thoat iieraona reatoing iu the United Statea anil Canada, wno with to aend lor their friemla to Come Iro u Eiivh'tid,Ireland, Scotland and Walea, that they ran al waya be acoirm. dntml by tnr I in- nt packet ahipr railing a* abate; and in otdrr to gite more fnc.lity and qnick detpatrn to the emigrant, tint elan* well-known American ahtpa, confirming the Commercial Line will, in addition to the picket*. he deapatched by liia Lrtrrtiool atrnia, etrry three or Ibnr ilaya dnrinit the araaon, thereby avoiding any detention. Those rending lor their frienda may real aamr. d <har etery ihiug connected with Ina buaineaa will he eiecutrd win. hia nanal piomptnen With theae airang. menu I he anbacriber lio|<ea Pi command a preference for thia line, and a eonlinu non ol I lie .mblie iwtrouaae whiih h .* Been ao liVraily beatoweo lor many year* part; and iu ail caaea when partiea decline coming the money ta refunded, aa caatcmary: a free pa?*age can alio beaeemed by ateomhoata Iroin th* different |>oiti in Ireland and S inland to Liverpool. Hem inane, a and Ural, a?With regard to hia irriMi^'irpiiti I lor the | <iyment ?>f hi* drafts, thry art- anch m to warrant rvrry vMI?Iir Hon. mid art* lmiti at tail dip !:aiikiinff hnun i nu (I* m.unl. throoirl.oat (Jreai Bntain and Ireland. 'iTioae petaona, lhare* lora, thfonic'iout 'he United State, who wuh to r< "Ml avtir? 10 in. if liirudt rending many part of the United K inudum, a ill pit ae notice ou the receipt ol the amount here, With utmr .me audri aa ol the party to teccivo it, a drill for the amount a' hr rate ol U tier pnnud a.erlmg, will lie forwarded per atram akipe or bv prat picket ihlp. and a receipt or dnplirate of aatne re tttrned thronah the poainfHoe Vol farther pntticulira apply, (if by Inter post to ^'Ji. "f- I Sooth afreet, or J t* W R'-SlJ-Ofc Goree Piaiaa., mid Neptout at t??t. r|,,? i>,,c?, ttrerpodl. In Scotland?VI. eara Uat.iel Wtiaht k Co., (Jl <i(ow. to Ireland? Omnia Del nr. tM., Mublin; M. .?.i Joaeph Alb it k o , B- Ifaat; iVit. Wm (Jairoi, Londoudi try ; A. km ra L mi , Co > . dij?' Nr. vvUUKVI'OK' Sank N.,tea wanted lor a ahort lim.~ Drafnaa PWWlalnhia and Roaloii, loi aalr at II. J AYLVjCITICR'k. dflr M Wall it and IM Broadway, ' * ' . W YO V YORK, TUESDAY M Jiffy tfff? JfSPAS^WTTVROM GRH.^TWPI'AIN AND M^nTANI BY THE BLACK '(ALL UK (?I.D LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool na the Till and 19th of every month Pennm wishing to send to the Old Coti'itrv fertheir frieiidi c m make (he necessary amusements will) the suhsenbera, am have ihem come out in this auoerior Line of Packets, sailuii from L iyertmol mutually on (he 7lh and 19th of every month Tl ev will also have a first rate cl si of American trading sliijie sailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly commnuicn tiori from that iiort. One of the limn ( Mr. Jatnes 0. Roche) n there, la sue Inst they shall ha forwarded with cars and des patch. Should tile panics agreed for not cooie out, llie money wil he returned to those who paid it here, wi.koul any reduc tiou. Tne Black Ball , or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the foMowinv ra^mficviii Ships, vii:? The OXFORD, 'flie NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLL M BUs, EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NORTH AMERICA. With auch superior and unequalled anaugrmeats, the sub senbt rs confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup port w inch Ims been extended to them so many years, for whicl they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, cat at all times obtaiu Drafts at sight for any ainuuut, diawu direc on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. TRESCOTT, UROfE. A M KB It CO. Bankers, London. which will be paid on demand at any of the B.nki, or thei Bi niches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ire land, Hcotlun l aud Wales. Apply,or add.ess, (if by letter postpaid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS <k CO .a cr..ti?>. v.. v...w nnt door to ihr Kuhon B ink. N". B.?The OM Line of Liverpool Packets sail ?rom 'hi poit for Liverpool on the lit and ?9?h of each month. Par'it retor-'ing to the old country will ti-.d it to th ir comfort am tdvantaye to *cl?ct this favorite Liue for their conveyance, ii preference to ^nv other. d'*7 r AAir- OLD ESTABLISHED EMIUhAN 1 l'\M fjKjr^V^AOE OKFI ;K, 61 South street, New York?Rcy Klalfaa'i'iir Line or Packets?Tne sulwcnber continue i ti bn: . u( ,ier*oin Loin anv psrt of Orcst Britain and i.eland who may for rBlltrd Oy their friends her.', hy the regular liu of packet ships, silling every sis days ' r?,m Lit erpool. I'ei ions vending tor llieirTrien ti, mav rely thai juit care will bi taken 'o liaietheiu despaoJv d wstohout delay in Liverpool,am will nlwayi endeavor to vnnt a coutinua re of lh? pnhll patrouagc which ha* been ?o hherallv bellowed formally yean put: and thore remitting innney can nave drafts payable al al the Banks and branches throughout the United Kingdom. For lurther particulars, ap Iv [ if by lertr r, po?l |uid] to _j6r JilllV H" RDM AN. 61 Smith ?t. KOIt LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE? JUgu.a kJSJBfy Ticket ol Till Fekrnsiv.?Th, Splendid Packul Shi MpahosOAHKICK, Captain William Skiddy, of 1600 tons will positively sail as above, her rrgular dav. For freight o , assage, having aecorainodaiions une<iualled for splendor o comfort, apply on bear 1, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street or to E. k. COLLINS & CO. S6 South street Price of passage, f ion. 1 ,ie Packet Ship Rnscins, Captain John Co'lins, of 110 tons, will succeed the Oarrick, and sail the 2Jth of March,he regular day. L Iters for the ships of thia will only be received at Gilpin't and Hale'a News Room. Passenger* uiay rely on the ships of this liue sailing punctual Iv as advertised. j26 C JOSg- B..ACK BALL Oil OLD LINK OF LlVa.ll wWMFVPOOL PA< KETS.?S?ils ou Wednesday, the Is Febiuarj?The racguaficint packet shin OOLl'.V bl s, L r,.t Oeorge A Cole, will sail positively ou W, ductile) 1 t Frbiuaiy, her rtgnlai day. For t>assa e in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, and thus willing M secure the bc-i berths, will plta*? make early appli cation on lioaid, fool ol Be- kman st.or to ihe sub.crihrrs. ROCIIE, BROTHERS & CO , 36 Full on st. p, it door to Ful ou B ink N 8?Persons sending to the. O'd Country for their tiiendi ctnhave th> m brnngtt ont in t ie above lavnrit- Picket, or i any ol the pickets comprising this old established iniunificei line which sail from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of > ver inonih For twissa-e apply as shove. j27r PASSAlfE FRO vl LIV ERPO IC?Ti e vn superior |>arket sh p MEMPHIS. Capt Knight, wi XMWHbssil front Liverpool early in March Poisons wishing to send for their friends can have thei brought out in her or a?.y of the regular iiaekets by applyiu personally, or if by letter, post paid, to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 16U Pine street, corner ol Smith P 8?Drafts for any amount, payable at sight in any lank branch, or agency of a bank, in England, Ireland and Scotland giveu hy applying as above. iy23r OLD BLACK BAt.L LINE OK PACKET? FOR LiVEKPOOL?Packet of the 1st FehrnaryJHMMlMbsThc superior well kuowu packet slupCOLUM Bun, Uapt. Cole, will positively sail as above, her regn l.i day H.ving unsnniassed aceommodations for cabin, secotn calmi and s'oerage pusengen. Pc.ons anont to embha'l should make early application ou board the chip foot ol lleek st, or to JOHN HEUDMAN, 61 South street. N. B. Persons sending for their friends residing in Urea Britain and Ireland can have them brought out, as usual, by an ofthesht|? composing this line; and drafts fu/nislied for an amount, payable without discount throughout the united king dooi. appl, *? above. |2I ec a>ra~ PACKET FOR HAVttE,?iSecond Line)?Th, HNrV Ship ST. NICOLAS, John B. Pell, master, wil jsmbm sail on the 1st of February. BOYD 4i HINCKEN, jyllr No 9 Tontine Ftnildiug, of jacket for marseilles?h.tnu ry wMMfV-I'he *hip TKESCOT 1", C ii>". Lawrence. Appl MiSbZ-o S BROOM k CO. or to BOYD k HINCKEN, A.ei.ts, jylSr 9 Tonline Building DRAFTS ON IKELA -I). Uc -Th. subscriber continue to give dralts payable on demand, witnou MmMHBb?i>couiiI, or any charge whatsoever. IN IRr.LAND?Thi Nation il Bank of Ireland, the 1'rovic cial Bank of Ireland, and their "rauclies in every county. IN ENGLAND AND WALKS?Mriin. James bull. So (k Co., baukera, Loudon, the Eicoange and Uiacount Bank Liverpool, and their br ache* throughout England and Walei IS SCOT! AND?Tlie Eastern Bank 01 Scotland, ih 0 eetiock Banking Com,my, and brauches iu the priucipr town*; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter Si Co. Persons in 'he country wishing to remit money ro thei friend* in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wale*, b enclosing the ainouut they wt.h to remit to the su.iscrib-ri witti the name aud addre** of the panic* to whom il into b ent. A draft for the amount will be forwarded the fi'*t packr fter the receipt thereof, ami acknowledgement of the tame ri turned per lint post. ji2 tv Ik 1 T. TAPSrOTT. 41 r. elr.lio. New York. tfg- REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, lie., fcc.The *ub?criber continue* to transmit money, iu tom ttaaHfeirlante or *mall to person* residing in any part of Irt laud, iu the tame ir.anuer u he, and his predroesser in bn* oe?* have done for the last hirty years, and more; also, to an put ol Knghml or Scotland. Money ri nittcd by letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, o ersonally deposited witn him, with the name of the person o .wtsons in Irrlaud, England or Scotland, to wham it is to bi I'D', and nearest post town, will be immediately trsnsmittei and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for warded to the tender. In like manner money with or claims on persons in any p*rt o 'reland, Knglaud or Scotland, can ha collected by the subscri aer, for persons residing in any part of th> United States, o t'anxda. and will be i?id to them accordingly. ill Im'i 'ivriltliv VI Pltirtk' Ir cat'edar.i x*2- REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IKKI.AN] WWySCOTLAND AND WALES.?Person- procrei iUulw im or minuting money to any put" the old c ointry can ai all times obtain torn the ubtenber* dralls at sight, fc mr amount on lha Hoyal Bank of Ire'aod and on Matan Prescutt, lirote, Ames Ik i.o, Bankeia, London which are n*i free of discount or my rharge wh'lanes li , in all the principi towns of the United Kingdom. For terms, apply or address, by letter, host haid, to ROCHE BROTHERS ?t CO.. 35 Fulton * , next door ts the Fultou B ink. P. S ?The snbscribrrs will as h? retofore have a regular sui cession of first c'ass Amsricui ship*, sailing weekly from Li' pool, during tha torn in* year 1813. For passage, apply i above d30 r FOR LIVERPOOL FROM BOSTON. The Royal Mail SteamerCAI.EDON'lA, will leave Boato mi ui?'rimcM via no.lax,on w> nnrari ay, eee. ill rier a? cnmmodalioni for pasnenger are inperior. and fitted with aver comfort. She alto cirriei an eip. limeed lurgeon. For passage or any other rnformeti in. apply 10 D BKIUHaM, Jr Agent. j23 6'r At Harnde.. A fin.'. . .fli r. No I Wall it. STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall Itrtet On and after Dec. Id, the ateamer STATKN ISLANDK) wll run aa .'olluwa, no'il further notice LkAVK STATKN ISLAND. NKW YORK. 1*4 A. M, 9 A.M. 10 I3)< ?r. M, s-4 r. M, .13 r 4\ .Mn a? REOULAR OPPOSITION TO CAT( i ""J* KIEL, and triterrnndiale landings, without tot SEiiMjKjKLbnjces?Regular daya fiom at tali ill. Mm levi. Wedneadayi and Fridays. F\otn New York, Tuesday. Thiiradsya and Saturday!.?Fare to or from (iatukill, 50 centi ? Bertha 25 centi? Htlpner 15 rente. The newaptt fiat steamer W A V K, Captn'n Vnnderhilt. wi le"Tr Robinson at. pier Thursday Not. ITlh, at lire nVlncx. For f\?rlh? r particulars innnire of Sir ea tain on board. II runiittig on the daya'above named, there will b< a daily eon .nunirntion Drltrrro Catakill and New York (and n place) lor freight and ifflasage .it reduced oricri. _ n6r jm*-, ^ HAIL ROA') LINK OF SIAliE FKO *1 NKW YORK TO BKUFOKD.On and a<V r Tuesday, Jannaiy Id, 1*13, th u'.?i rikera wilt ran a line of itagei Irotn Bedford to New Yor rhree timre a wrek, a* foliow?:? Leaves Seel7t| vianaion, Bedford, erery Mondai Vvedneiday and Frldi* rnornlii* at *H o'rloc_. Leaves 'he Rail Road Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broom ?la, New York, every Tuesday, Wrdneiday and 8?turda morning, by the 9 o'clock ca.a, paaainir Marble Mail, Ka< Cheater, and through White Plains, Robbim' MtHa and Mil Square to lcdford. HIDAM DEFOREST, (J. C. LF.WIS, Proprietora. The Red Biril Line ofQ>age? will continue to rn? during th winter from White rl.. every day at I o'clock, mil Nc Voik at 2 o'clock, Suudava excepted ill RAM I)Kp OR EST, j; !in*t Prnorieior. ka NKW LINK LIVERPOOL PACKKT8.-P rl Hp V et I6tli kehuary ?Tim .pleudid wi ll known f.' MM' *'? tailiiik packet ahip ROCHESTER, ('apt. Phili Woot live, will rail positively aa above, hot recular da havin i liumeiiced her regnla tripa in Messrs. Woodhull Miinn sNew Line of Liverpool rackets. The i coiiim.ulationa oi ihia ahip lor cabin, aeeond rahin II .teeratte pe??ciiner?,caiin< t he tuipaaaed, having all the imprau rep* a of the new modelled packet ?hios. 1'era.ura desirousi ? *t. g beiihr rlioulil not fail to make early application c a I. >ut of BuiIiuk Slip, oi to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, (3 Pack Slip, cor. Soutli at. Ferso.ii eiir mi of lending for th. ir friend < in the old coo trv, hare th. m brought out on favorable teimi, by ti uovc lavorit* ihlp. whu h leaves Liverpool on ihu 5 h of A..ri her r> tiuUi day, uin" lh"ie wiahing to r< mit money an he an p.ied with dralti 'or any m nni payable . n dem-nd, wi hoi iiarounl, in all the principal towm of (treat Bri'am and Ir and. ... , , _ I he packet ship HottiiigTMtr will mcceed the Roehesti r ar ail on the >6ih March, her .eaulat day. j2* r rTTmBEKVI KINS' &VNK. Warren, Pi., Ir Baak. AHenlown Pa, Newhnryport, Maaa., bought ?. J. 8YL V KsTKR'S, *2 Will it, and IM Hroadwnr IRK I ORNING, JANUARY 31, NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. > NEW YORK AND NEWARK. I Krom lr?- loet ol GouriUnilt ttrwet, New York I Every day?Su iday ???r epted,) , Unci Ni-h roil Leave. Newark U 9 A. \1. A! i. V. M. At 7* A. M. At IK F. M 1 ?io. 4 Jo. ft do. 3H do do 0 d**- ? do. 7 do. II !? <">. I ON' SUNDAYS. K-orn the loot ut Court! judt .(reel. Leave New York, Leave Newark. ? At 9 A. M. and IS I' M- At IK P. M. ami M) P. M. NEtV YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Letve New York. Lev* Elizabeth Town , 9 A. M. 7 A. M. i P.M. 8KA.M. JM " 10* A. M. iM P. M. IS M. i P.M. 1 * " . The train* for We.ifield. Ptainh. ld. Boundbrook, Bomerville 1 he., connect with llo-9 A M, i u 4* P M u.nns Irom New 1 York, daily. Sunday, etcrpted. Kare between New York and Elizabeth Town 36 ceuti. Kare b?iw.t-n do and Somerville, 75 crots. NKV YORK ItAHWAY AND NE\$ BRUNSWICK ' Kare reduced. I ram the fool of Liberty itreet, daily. Lemc New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. i4. At 5S A. M. 2* t* M. 7* " ?* " us " 9 P. M. On Sunday. 'he 5* ami IS A.M. trip* from New Bruuiwic! * aid 2% P. M. train irum New 1 irk, are -milled. ' Kare between New Yo-'i cue New Brunswick, 76 cent, i Railway, 60 cent. The fuii hi the 6^ and 7s A. m. cratnfroni New Bruir. nek, anil 2V anil 1 54 ?. M. train from New York, lias been re diced. a New York and New Bruuawieh, to 50 cent*. " arid llaliway to J7S " e PassenKPi* wlio procure their tickets at the ticket office, r? eive a ferry (ickcl statu. Ticket, are received by the eon r 'actor only on the day when purchased. _ nil 3m* >1 ~f*EW YORK AND BOSTON"kXnrRoXtrLiNE. Via Norwich .no Woacy.aTKH Railroads 1 of the (oMowiiik .uperinr steainen running in con ' uectioii with the Norwickk Worceitri and Worceiter tk Boa ton Kail Rom's? WORCESTER, Capf.J. H. Vanderbilt. NItW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Dustat. CLEOPATRA, Capt . p On nnd aftei Monday, Nov.2lst,this lint will be ran Iri-week i, ly, tearing New York, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdayi r only, at 4 r. M. r Tlie new and splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captaii J. K. Duslan, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Sltur i day afternoon, al i o'clock. Passengers (or Boston will he forwarded immediately on thi I- arrival of tlia above boats at Norwich, and will proceed with ouichange of cars or baggage. 7 Cot further information, enquire at the office of L>. B. ALLEN, 39 Pcca slip, upstairs. I All persons are forbid trusting any one on accouut of th above bonis or ow ners. n25r J MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, ? img: ( New Arrmeeuieu!?This Road having In en n-lairl at grea ' expense wi h rlie mo?t approved and heaviest H ral, to secur a ?a( and eip-ditions conveyance between New York an Moristown, will roinmence ruuning two trips daily, Sunday * e*< epted, "ii and afn r M uday, J?u. H. _ First Tiain from Morristown wlljeave at Of A M. y Second Train from Moirisiown will leave at l>t P M. II First Tiain from New Yoik will leave at 9 A M?Newark a 9XAM. n Second Train from New York will leave at 2\ P M?New g ark at 3>4 P M. I asseugrrs by the Morning Traiu from Morristown will ai rive at N-wark in time for tnc 9 A M Train to New Yo>k. o tho morning Tram to Phi'apel/ihii; bv the Afternnou Trail I, lliey will arrive at Newark in time for the 3t< P M Train ti I, New York or the Evening Train to t'hi'adelp la. Passengers by the Morning Tiai from New York will airivi j nt Morristown in time to dine and take auy of the Stages rnu uing wear or north from that place. j<6 l?i*ec WINTER ARRANGEMENT. N K W^YO^^T1N > DIRECT. Via Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordea ? town and Burlington. y THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. ? Leave New York, from the foot of Liberty street, daily, al' !. A M ami 4\ P M. ' The morning ?,?ne proceeds to Rordentown, from thence hi steamboat to , Philadelphia, e The Evening Line proceeds direct to Cainden, (oppositi 1 Philadelphia) without cnaoge of cars. Passengers will procure tneir tickets at the office foot of Li herty street, where a commodious steamboat will be in rradi ursss. with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to citv y without being opened by the way. " EhcIi train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which afe apart mer.ta and dressing rooms expressly for tlig Ladies nse. Ketiiniing, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut street by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.anc ? 5 o'clock, PM. ' The Lilies for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, snd 4.1 M, being a continuation of the lines from Now York. i2fl 1m * r n DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS ' All FOR ALBANY i, TROY, AND BUFFALO. fifiga >r By the Honsatouic Kan llo-o, no.unit ihnaigh from tins Cltl 7 to Albany in Twelve H >ur?. > Loaves at T o'clock in the morning. * The subscribers have made arrangements with the Hnnsa I loui Rail Bold Company, to ran an Express Car (exclusively ! for ou' own purpose) daily, over their road with the mmscnge 'rain, running through >o Albany in twelve hoars, and are nov _ prepared to receive and forward at low rates, Specie, Baul ~ Notes, Packages, Bales and Casea of Goods, he., for any n the above unmed or intermediate places. Will attend pro^apliy to the collection and payment of bills i notes, diaftsaud acconnu, and soch other business as may h _ entrusted to tneir care. r _d?r POMEROY h CO 2 Walls-rect. New York. \ MULLEN Sc COPP'S -008l-589l63. j8ll6i^ * K W K AI ' Messrs. Harnden k Co, haviag disposed of their rouf >rum New York to Albany and Tioy, the snbscri btrs, the old conductors of Harnden k Co's Northen Einreis, from New York, will continue to run si Q heretofore, leaving New York, Albany and Tr?y, Daily , ant { connect al Pro) with Jacobs' Montreal Espress, and will for ward Specie, Bank Nolrs, Packages Bundles,Cases of Goods ,r he., to any place between New York and Montreal, ant , tbruugbout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany tc <j Bosrou, and West from Albany to Buffalo. (| All business entrusted to their cliarire will be promptly at,f tended to. Partirnlar attention will he prid to the collei tion <f n res. drafts, acceptances, he., and prompt returns made fo the same, PULLEN h COPP. t. Offices?Pulleti It Corp, tK Wall street. New York. , Ttios. (lough, 15 Eicliangr, Albany. u AO. Filkins, 222 Htver street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court, St Paul st, Montreal. REFERENCES. New Yon*. Albany. Trot. Prime, Ward h King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little, h Co.. Tbos. Gouglt. P. Weils, John T. Smith, fc Co., 8. K. Stow, Penoonh Hoffman, C. S.Douglass Carpenter k Vermilya, K.Leake n lloavtitoii U (>o. t- Drew, Robinson k Co. n!4 y OOURAUD'S POUDRE SUBTILE, FOR COMPLUTKLY Wl) f'KK.MANKNTLY KRADICATING SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. T^HK nmxrrsil |?>l'?l?'ily ofihu jnsily celebrated Chrtnica m Preparation for the distraction of the strongest and Imirhes " Hiir, from the soft. down on lemiles upper lip and arms to iIh J" stubborn heard of m n, needs nut a wotd of comment id it praise. It ii sufficient t" s-y that it is to be found in lhi? nr only at the old and ordinal office 67 Walker ?t, one door fror Broadway?$1 (ier bottle. Beware of dolrtrrions imitati on Where alto uiay he had GOURAtTD'S E A U 1) E B HAUTE, - enriealled for extermin linn Ton, Pimplra, Blotches, Hallow I tie??, Sorea, and all cutaneous eruptions, anu eliciting a health; " juvenile bloom. hi per bottle Goor.ind'i Vegetable Li pud Bonne,?a aoperb article, na< the only one in inc. SO rente |o-r bottle. Goo no d a Blauc P'Kspagnr, an excellent preliaration fo imi<arting a pore, life lik" whiteaeaa to the complexion, frei " from the inianoua properties generally entering into combine lion for tliia pnrpoae. Put no in elegant boxes at 25 centa each y AnrixTi ? New York?Albany, Guthrie, f Maiden La"e 1 I'ouglikmpair, Jaeil liny; L'ticn, Wide, dniKKiat; Hamilton * VI C o. Great A Grants; Louisville^ Lotm Co.; W. A. Cha?r _ Goahen, Kllioli. Gs nn., Vlvera, Cha|>el at. New Haven; W s Kau'kner, Norwich; Wells A Hnrophreye, Hartford; Cnorhi _ Dyer J ., Providence; Thomas, Newport; CI we?, hair dresaet, Mpriua'itld; Greene A Go., Worth ster; Burt, Lit tit e h'alla; Coggrsnall, Booth Bcrond at, New Bedford; Jordan, Mpk street, Boston. Lowell. Carleton A Co.; 8al< m, l*ea Nrwhavyport, Hodge; Portr,month, Treat n; Poitland, Parker ' Kxehange at; Bangor, Guild; Hallnwrll. IkcamtnoH. N?s Jersey?Newark, I rippe; Princeton, Dr. S'eabrook. Pa,, Pliila 76 I hcsnul atiWi. Lancaster, llehtiteah, drm giat; Harrisburgh Hobiuson pc nodical agent; Prtiahu'gh, Tu'tle; Cincinnati Thomas k U , Main street: Vn., Richmond, Mri K rayitr I). C. Washington, 8etby Parker, Alexandria. C. C. Berry Mil., Baltimore 8. 8 Hancc, ke. Itc Applications (or agon rirs mint h? post paid (hone other* ire taken from the post-01 lire) aud are rnpauied with a N. reference, iiiescep ie tionahle. Wjihin a f?W years this remarkable and useful che w rnieal inreniion lor completely eradicating ruiirrtlin u* hat' haa attaiipd the hi he.t pitch of celebrity and consequent!) excited the rapidity ol a neat of base counterfeiters, wh . hi tempt t? anal oh from the inventor the juat recompena for hi ? lahor. Purrhaaera should theref.rre 'e on their guard and * |. that erery ho tie of the Pottdre Subtile is square, and It" Kelt t than Mid, I'oudic Subtile, W Y ., i aat in eteh bottle, and <h ip Doctor"? far simile nMtM on the outside smppcf. Direc y, lions, K re tie 11 and (".ngli-h, accompany each bottle. & lit member the only office m N. V lor the shove celehratet Cosmet c, ia67 Walker street, one door fr no Broadway. ,d in "t ' 'I'D illr. L.OVKK8 Ok 8t'l'r.KIOK BLAt K TKA" ? Hnw iin'i Miitnrr?-Thi? <?itrt-rn*ly delict><ii? *wd uui imI ,n >Ird Tm, <> higWf Crlf hrntnl in Chiivi ami Knropr, jo?t im orttsf. ?? now for *%le hi the t'natoii T?** ''nmphfy't n?ra fm tafablithin* lit, 121 (rharhsmrt. New York?in Chi new tihckiiK'* I nu hr?H fi. ,t> 'rrY?f ? i ? (>NOM\ IN UK I ' mBRtllDWAV. Oi lO-ITK TMK, FOUNTAIN. I*" I would itMve .1 to the rumtiar it that 1 am tit.niaho g avert la itcle of clothing at propurtiouahly tnoiiente prices, fo r" nt.ich Mil a?ea snrtoura hate been eflorded. at d Wotiid sodci . a c tit f -out those enpeb ? of appreciating firs-rale work. I-a tnay may jttdge of the isduci in-ui? olTaiad to thine payin _ re toy mono .n .Strange:a in tire city rtqmring garments, will pleaaa lear at i nr prieea. WM. T. jr.NNlNOfi. IN lm*a Draper ana Tailor IER A 1843. Common Council. Board or Ai.dermvi, Jt-?. 30.? Alderman Woodhull in the chair,and nil th- Aldermen preeent, except Jones, Leonard and Bonnell. Pitilintu PitMtnltd and Rrferred.?From Petpr fi. Maginis, tor leave ol house corner of Chatham and Centre streets. Krom ea-daiua ol first diatiict watch, lor increaae of |>ofctsin thut district. From James Maguire, for release from tine and imprisonment for keeping more hors than the Corporation ordinance* allow. lie allegea that ho waa committed without any knowledge of either Judgment or execution against him. Alderman Lbk vaid that ifauch -v?s the rase, the assistant Justice should he brought before the Board, but ho could not heliava that such was the case The petition waa relerred to Committee on Police, but without power. Krom Walter Bowne, Junr., John W. Laurence, and others, for the appoiutment ol Inspectors of house niunuru ?referred to Committee on Ordinances. Krom receivet a of Ocean Insurance Company, for relief from tax. Krom Hose Company No. 3, for an additional story on their house. Krom licensed butchers of Washington Market, corn' plaining of the introduction of other persona than licensed butchers in that market?referred to Committee on Markets. Krom tax payers of the 17th Ward, adverse to the appointment ot a day officer of that ward. Hrpartt of Commiltie$.?Krom Committee of Finance, in favor ol paying William Beard (714 id, for a judgment recovered against the Corporation. The Joint Committee on Public Offices presented a re. port in tuvor of leasing the room now occupied by the 1 American Institute for ten years, provided tne reading rooms are thrown open for the transient public Alderman Lkk said that ho thought the Society should be satisfied with a leatw until thu Cor|Kiratiou desired the u'eoliL That there wus no knowing how soon the Corporation might desire the use of this room, and the Aldermen had ro right thus to give possession of thecjtv property without any remuneration. Alderman Pt'imv moved that tlie re|>ori nr prmieu. Alderman Litr. said that tho room asked tor in tho Alm? Home Building might be desired ai a court room tor the Sessions when the Tombs tumbled down, which was very probable from present appearances; anil if such an event should transpire, there would be no place for the utu of that court. Alderman Cahman said that the Society would be glad to take a lease until the Tombs tumbled down. The motion to lay on the table and print was adopted. 1 The Committee on Lamps and Oas reported in favor of lighting Kiremar 'h Hall with gas. Committee on Wharves, Piers, and Slips, reported in favorof w idening and repairing Pier No. tl on the southwest side of Coenties Slip. Aldermsn Cabman said ho thought the Corporation 1 ought to sell the pier, and not expend so much money in repairs. . Alderman Pusnv said that the public piers and slips of the city co t the Corporation over $100,000 more than their income for the past ten or lilteen years, lie hoped that in case ot an equalization ol the representation in the several wards this great expense, would be curtailed, sad ' more attention would be psul to up town improvements.? lie hoped that the public wharves and piers would bedlspoaedol, and the money appropiiated towards paying tho city debt. Alderm in B ilis said the pier required immediate repair nnd that there wrs more amount ot property landed upon . it than on nny other pier in the rity-thatit should be c widened, and the additional cost will not be over $M)0 <1 Al lermcti Cahman said there were a number o( gentles men ready to purchase the piers on the East nver, and that whenever they were placed in private hands they were profitable, but in no instance could they be found so lt when owned by the Corporation. He therefore hoped that they would be sold. ' Alderman Lxesaid he was favorof uptown improve, ments, but he was opposed to all sectional notions, and he therefore hoped that the pier would be repaired without a delay. I , Alderman said it was true that the expenses for the past several years of repairs for piers had been large, : but the city now owned J>3(M),utiO worth of piers. Alderman Cahman said that the most of his property laid in the first ward, and he should always record his vote in favorof the sale of any of the public piers wheneverthe Corporation had an ofler. Alderman Undf.rwood said that the piers in thr first ward yielded al rgerevenue, and even if the expenses . of these repairs, ike. had been more tbau their income, he tielieved the public were satisfied with the ex|ienditure. lie said th it the taxesof this city were heavy, it was true, but that the taxes ol the city of Troy and Baltimore were quite as heavy. He said that if the cor|ioration felt dis9 |Hised to charge the same amount of wharfage that was paid in Boston they would produce a largo revenue, but ' they had refused so to do, as it was considered a tax upon , commerceund upon trade, and therefore they would not adopt such a measure. A Iderman Balis said the whole expense would not exceed fcwoe. Alderman Hatfield said lie " as generally op|K>sed to ' all extensive repairs of wharves and piers, hut he bad examined this pier and felt satisfied that it should be repair ed at once. I The resolution to repair was then adopted, by a \ otc of 1 11 to 3. , The Board here took a recess for supper, whi'h ron?is. ted of rold huui. dry and strong, und corned letf, COBTSe and stringy. f his'reccss isa bore, and should be abulithe.l entirely. Alderman Lrr in reduced a resolution, calling upon the Police and Watch Committee to inquire into the con duct of the keeper of rotter's Field, in refusion to allow the body of James Dunn to be removed from the place where it wax tir t deposited m mast , to a separate grave, ' in order that he might lie able to find it as soon as he could raise lunds to place it in another burial ground. Referred 10 Committee on Police, &cf Alderman Pnanv presented the petitions of some 88 per. i sons, confined,in thejKMr idge street prison within the last ' year lor refusal to pay militia fines, anil asked that it bo '. referred to theCommittee on Lawn, which was granted Alderman Pusov offered a resolution, calling upon the Committee oh Laws to inquira into thu cupeliency ol r making an application to the L?gi lature to abolish imprisonment tor non-payment of militia fines. Adopted. The committee to whom watreleiicd the removal of Potter's Field to Randall's Idsnd, recited in lavor of the measure, and recommended thu appropriation ol $800 for the purpose of building a keeper's h use. Ai.ns.hmt8 Smith said he was in favor of using the south aide of Coney Island for that purpose. What will - Governor Davis say to this 1 p AldermBti Puanv advocated the removal to Randall's Island, and that it be called the city cemetery, i The resolution as amended w as adopted. J Committee on Fire and Water reported in favor of allow* ' Ing the Chief Engineer $323 for extra services perfoimed by him in superintending the repairs of engines, (sc., pre| vious to the increase of his salary to $1000. , Alderman Lac moved to lav tha resolution on the table. Alderman Puhdt hoped not. 1 Alderman Ot.nsrv explained, when ' Aldei man Lr>. withdrew his resolution to lie on the table. Alderman Smith opposed it/on the ground that the 'thief Kngineer had received $900 lor extra services per formed during the same time that the present sum is asked l0^rh e resolution was finally adopted. The Committee on Police, Watch and Prisons reported in favor of increasing the salary of Dr. Mc.Comh, physi cian of the City Prison Irom the sum of $4<H) to $6Wt. ' Alderman Lse opposed any increase ol salaries. Alderman Usor.awooD advocated it, on the ground that the services performed were well worth the amount of advance. Alderman Davis* offered a resolution as a substitute, calling lor the ap|>ointment of an additional phyaician to the City Prison, at a salary of $300 per annum, whose duty it shall be to attend tho watch bouses nnd prison above Grand street. I Alderman Caoi.ivs opposed the amendment and advo' ated the original resolution. , Alderman Smith opposed the increase. Alderman p Camms* ditto. Alderman Uenrawoon, who istechnicab s ly styled in the Board, the "Chancellor of the Excqe- I ' quer," said that il tho Uwers in the Board hail as keen an eye to the services of their professional biethren of the lancet as they had to theirown there would be no hesitation in passing the resolution for increase of salary. ' The substitute submitted by Alderman Davias was lost by a vote of !> to 4. J Al.lerman Pi-anr opposed tho Increase of salary, and after an hour and a half's talk on the subject, th" resolution to increase thu salary was lost by a vote of 4 to 9.? Aldermen Underwood, Woodhtill, '"rollus md Mte*v*rt In the affirmative. Thv Iiniiiiul renort of the t'omt '-oiler 'ras -ecrtved. snd double the number of copfe* o-dered to be printed i The report from the Board of Assistants relative to the saleof horsea, carte, kc, be onging't the city corj-oratr-n, 1 thnt have boen mail in cleaning th" streets w?s Introduced anil concurred in. There are onlv IS ho-fee for *ale 2 The committee to whom was referred the application of ; Olivet and f.raalti* Davison. for payment of money" for . work dane hy them on the Cro'on aqueduct, reporteil in ' fit or of allowing the sum of $)-J,6/>6 70, as awarded by I the referees, which waa adopted. t Alderman Pt anr introduced a resolution calling upon , the keeper of the county j >iI to report the number of per; "mis confined in thnt pri?on for the non payment of mill1 tia fines. Alderman introduced a resolution calling for | the appropriation of f .'O for the purchase of a clock for the lower police office. Laid on the table. 1 The Board then adjourned to Wednesday evening at* I o'clock, ? hen both Board* meet in joint ballot. J B.v*ai> or Ai sisrAvr At.DK*Mrts, Monday, Jan. 30th.? I President Adam" and a quorum being present, the minute" r of the last meeting were read and approved. Petition*- Of several persons for relief of tax. Of leverj al person* to remove dead. Reportt of Committer*?Of Committee on Cleaning Street* on the resolution to di<i>o?e ol horse*, cart", kc. It > as accompanied by a resolution to sell thetn Aider man Bro vn offered a resolution that they be sold at auction, I with public advertisement for one week -Adopted.? Ol Committee on Lamps and Ob*, on the lighting of Howard street with gas. The committee reported against itAdopted. Of aimnCommilter.onli/hting Went Bioadway with gas. lleport in isrur of the tama? Adopted Ol ominitteo on Lands, against ihe interference of the I.e ' giilsrttre w it Tt the charier of the city and the rights of out citm ns?Liiid on tlio table. Of same Committee, against l the propriety ol paying the expenses of the Police Magis K trates in their late trial hi-Torc the County Court? Accept ed Of the Low ' "mic.ittee.ii, favor of paying ? n pense* Incurred by the Water Commissioners iri ? "tit "gainst the ' orporation. kc kc for the sixth time this subject waa fully argued pen and ton Th* resolution w*? t liT PiIm Twi Cento. loft. Of Committee on Police, Watch and Priaon, in faiTor of refunding to Chriatian Hc.hic.h ten dollars paid for li. cense. ('.rant raow thf. Boaiui or Ai-nramrw?Report of tha l"Vrry Committee, in relation to the Grand strait and Williarasburgh Ferries? Ordered to be laid on tho table and printed. Communication Irom the Comtitrolier, in favor of leafing the lot of ground corner of Battery Place, to Chauncy St. John, for 10 yearf, nt $1060, together with' all trxes and assessments? Referred to Committee on Ft. nance. Communication!- Reportof the City Inapector. Ordered te be laid on the table and tour timer the uaual number he printed. Communication from Juftlce Taylor, on the subject of Poller Reform. Ordered to be laid on the table and printed. Tue following if the Report: To the Honorable, the Hoard oj Jhrietant Aldamtn of (Ae City of Ntvt York <Hnri.KMKN The reaolution adopted by your Board on tha 4th inatant, ih relation to the Police Department af our city, was probably intended to elicit a Joint reply from the District Attorney, and the undersigned, but although 1 have frequently converaed with that gentleman on the necessity ot a well regulated system of Pelics fbr the city, end have interrhanged opiniona with him a> te the means of accomplishing tha reform which all mod citizens ardently deaire and earnestly demand, we have not jointly committed our view a to writing ; and aa It hM been erroneously supposed that we had arranged a plan, und agreed on all the detaila necessary to put it In Operation?and for other reasons?we have concluded to rw ?l>ond to your reaolution individually. I have deferred submitting a communication on the subject, until the prevent time, with the hope of being nblu to present my views fully, lint as the short interval* if time I have been relieved from active official lutiee have been devoted, tinder tho direction of officers of the State and city governments, to the examination of the intricate accounts which extend through several year a, 1 nm under the necessity of giving a very brief and imperfect reply to your resolution. And as it is very generally admitted that our present Police system ia almost wholly ineffectual for the prevention of crime, and is destitute of the important < rinciples which should form the basis of Police lor a dense and heterogeneous population o( MO, 01)0. I shnll not re|?ent the statement! of other*, nor advance my own view* in relation to existing defect*, ex cept *o tar a* may be necessary in ceniidaring " what improvement in the Police Dapaitmcnt of the city i* required by the want* and interest* of the citizen* on which suhject I entertain the folio wing opinion* I at. The Police Department should be *o organized a* to be in operation without intermission, for the service* of it* member* may be required at any time. At present the night watchmen are the only peraon* who are required to partrole the atreeta, except a few Sunday officer*, and Day Police otticer*, in aome of tho warda, and it i* notorious that moat case* of ahop liu.iig, atealing from hall* of houaea. and the paaaing of countet leit money, occur in tho evening betore the watchmen go on duty, and many burglaries and robberies are committed near the time they leave their poat* in the raorning; and thi* itate of thing* will continue *o long aa the preient *y*tem i* permitted to eiiat, for whilo there are stated period* when neither watchmen nor* air on duty,opportunities are then afforded to avoid detection, and the commiaiion of offence* ia a natural cnnaequrnee. A case in pointoccured recently, and, aa it ia a atriking illuatration, I take the liberty to mention it. Early on the morning of the ittnd inat, two houses in Third atreet, between the Second Avenue and the Bowery,were burglariously entered and valuable article* atolen therefrom, and in one of the houae* aome clothe* in ucloavt were ret on (ire, hut a* the incendiaries fortunately rloaed the rloaet door, the Are (mouldered and expired; nil thi* wan done by the offender* unob served, and no trace ol them, or the atolen property, ha* been discovered, and yet in tlia- ?tr? et.nnd adjoining the row ol buildings where the burglaries and larcenies wera committed, and arson attempted, there ia a sub-watchhouae, and alao a police office. It may be well to atate, aa a proof of the utter want of proper organization of the watcn departmt nt.that the only ordinance which relate* to the time watchmen (ball baon | duty, require*, merely, that they ahali attend on "alternate nights," and the whole matter haa been left with the cap tain a ol the wntch, w ho may keep them en duty at auch limea, at night, as they may consider most neceaaary, or find to be most convi nient;and although they have generally directed their men to go on duty at the same hour, on the several districts, no regard haa been paid to uniform!tv in the time of the several companiea leaving their poata in the morning. '2d. Membei a of the Police department should be con s'antly stationed in nil parts of the cry, that their aervice* may be obtained wherever, aa well as whenever, required for the arrest ol offenders, or performance of other official duties. Many instances might he cited ot felon* being permitted to escape,liecause the police office wa* far di-tant, and private citizen* supposed they had no right to make an arrest, or were tin willing to spend their time or hazard their lives in arresting the offender! and conveying them to tho police office. Besides, the presence of a |>olice officer at the time and piece disorderly condoct commenced, would often prevent the commission of acta that would, but for his presence, lead to most seiioua results ; and police otticer* should, therefore, posse** tho mean* to make themselves known ? such, at anytime, but, with all due deference lor the opinion* of othere, there should lie nothing in their general appearance to in dlcate their employment, for transgressors would thereby have a decided advantage, and would assuredly exercise it ; they could ojiaerve an officer, and would embrace the npportnnitv atf>rded by a temporary absence trom a portion of bis district, to commit depredations. This branch of tun subject is important in anothav point o( view ; for the oertsinty of police officara being on duty throughout the city, without being designated** such, would have a tendency to deter peraon*, particularly the young, from deviating from the path of rectitude, and would prevent the fiist commission of a petty offence, which, if t?cri ctratcd, ami repented, would lead to a car ercalcuinted eventually to transform the timid delinfiuent into a hardened villain. According to the present arrangement, it iathe duty of Colin- officers to attend daily at the Police office*, tad, however great may hi- the emergency which requires their presence and services at Harlem or the Battery, at the Dry Dock or Oreenwich, or in any other part of the city, application mnat he made nt the "Ilalls of Justice," in Centre atreet, or the "Upper Police Office," on the cor. ol Third atreet and the Bowrry, and even then 'here is no certainty of procuring the assistance (ought for,? When the officer* have performed their dntiee for the day. hy waiting at the Police office, or otherwiae, they proceed 11 public exhibition", to public ball* or private partieeto fulfill their i ngngementa as officer*, or they ?pend their time in any way their interests require, or inclination* lead them; they will not devote thetnaelve* to the nervice of the public without compenaation, nor have wo any right to exptct them to do so. .Id. The members of the Police Department thou Id not be permitted to engage in any other hiuine** than that allotted to them In the department. There la no part of this whole antiject moreauaceptihle of demonstration than thia, hut want of time will not admit of elaborate argument, and thefollowing reason* mustauffice for the present:?The knowledge necesaary lor a Police officer to poaaess, of particular claaaea of place* and persona, and of the miiltlfarlotia achemea for committing offence*, and the stratagems resorted to for avoiding detection, can only bo ncquired by clo<* and constant application to the huaineaa of th<- Police department; mid th# character and usefulness of the deportment, as well as tha public good, riquire that Police officers should ho continually under the direction of their stiperior officers, and not be permitted to mingle and associate with all classes of persons, iodiscrinately, nor to resort, at will, to all kinds of places. It ia unnecessary^ and would be extremely disagreeable, to mention particular cases which show the propriety aa>d necessity of adopting the rule here recommended. Let it suffice that it i* our duty to guard against what men may do. A* long a* the watchmen for the night and the Polico officers for the day constitute separate deportments, both will be miserably deficient for all the purposes for which a Police is required. The pay received by watchman ia not sufficient lor the maintenance of their families, and those ofthem who labor hard during the day, and thereby become much fatigued, are not the moat suitable persona (or watchmen; while those who lounge about in the day time, are very improper person* for the duty. But bowi ver suitable the peraona may be who compose the watch, they must leave their posts at statpdtime* in the morning to pursue their ordinary business, whatever benefit might result from their remaining on their posts; and ail the inlormntion they may have received of threatened, or anticipated depredations, ia rendered useless by their not having immediate successor* to whom they may communicate'he information If the wholetime of the officers .IimuM Kb -niriivml in the nuhlic service, their entire ra numeration ought to be 'ferived Irom the public treasury. 4ih. Follce Officers should receive their appointment Irom persons not elected to olltce by the people, nor CUT 'irtutra for their suffrages- for rramoa ao universally l:nown 'hat there can bono berm in making the *tlggea don her , and hut little necessity for stating why It la i mde guard against the Police officers being all men of the M-nr political party, and aome of them not the beat men in that party, and that no Improper Influence growing ouf of the manner ofthelr appointmotit may be exercised uvrr them, they ahould be appointed by Commia ionara, to be Mleotra with special reference to thia obiect. an! ror their knowledge, Integrity, peraevering habits. and peculiar fitness for the performance of the | ''utiea v hich would devolve upon them and that the responsibility might not he too much dVTuted, the number ofi 'ommiaaionera ahould ba very limited. 5th. The. city ahould be divided into diatrlcte, near the centre of each of which tbMre ahould be a station-house, with a Magutra'e in continual Attendance. The men be longing on atationa ahould be able to repair to, and return from, their reapective poat* in a ahort apace of time, and the facility and promptneaa with which it would attimee be neceavary to aaaemhle the Police force in particular auctions of the city, would be imprartlcahle without a diviaion of the city into districts Indeed, without thia pro" viaion, the foregoing anggea'.iona could not be adoJNed; nor, If adopted, cariied into successful operation^ The diatrict ay stem waa introduced into the Watch Dm pnrtnient from sheer necessity, and the number of diaIricts husbeen increased with the incieaae of nopnlatian; ' ut this is the only consistent feature of th? department, uid an expose of the'long continued practice at the watcliliou?e* will not only Illustrate the part of tha subject r.ow under consideration, hut will confirm the general views herein contained. It ii the duty of watchmen to " receive into their custody, and datum until the next morning, and until diaehargd or cnmmittcd by thn proper authority, every person ipprehended and delivered to them for any offence whatever after th? watch ah <11 ba set " An ) it I the duty .if each captain of the watch, " ?a early at conveniently mi .y be after hia tour of dtity, to make a return into the [ office of the Justices of the Police of ail persona arrested," and convey the prisoners therein named to ene of the po | lice otticaa Under theee regulations, persona ere confined

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