Newspaper of The New York Herald, 31 Ocak 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 31 Ocak 1843 Page 3
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QQ- LADT BULWER'S NEW NOVEL.?Blance Csppelfa, an Hiatorical Romance, by Lady Lytton Bui wer, is now is press, and will he published in a trippl, extra number or the New World,on Wednesday morning ?. Feb. 1. Single copiaa 18}cents only. The great lengti of this intereitinar romance?making three numbers of th< New World, instead of two, as first advertised?compel* us slightly to Increase the price at which it was first de sign-d to be published, viz : to ISj cents per copy, or $12 a hundred to Agents and newsmen. It l? a most thrilling romance and will be read by thou sands, being written with very great ability, and in ? glowing style. J. WINCHESTER, Publisher, SO Aa.i street. foT- FIVE NOVELS FOR ONE 8HILLINO?Th. January number* of the following new Work* by the mo* popular author*, received by the Caledonia, have beer publiihed in a beautiful Extra New World, and are now for tale at the office, No. 30 Ann itreet. I Martin Chu/.7.1ewit, a Tale of Engliih Life and Manner*, by Charle* Dickent. II Tom Burke of "Our*," forming the tecond volume ol " Our Mesa," by the author of Charle* O'Malley. III L. S. D. or Account* of Iriih Heir*, by the author of" Handy Andy." IV. Loitering* or Arthur CLeary, by Charle* Lever, author of" Jack Hinton " V. Wi visor Cattle, n splendid Hiitorical Romance, by W. H. A in* worth, authorjofthe " Mi*er'* Daughter," The above work* are publithod together in a New World Supplement, at 12j'cent* single?or $9 per hundred, ind will be continued each month on the arrival of the steamer. Office, 30 Ann street. ntT- BLA' KWOUU'I HIIVilUllUH 1V1 AUA/.INEPrice$2 b year ? ISf cents single?TbeJanuary number of thin old and moat celebrated of the Foreign Magazines, received by the steamer Caledon ia, hna been (republished I in DOUBLE EXTRA NEW WORLD, a* 18} centa j>er copy, end is fer sale at the ollice, 30 Annstreet, and by all the Agents throughout tho country. To subscribers by mail, $2 a year ; thrpe copies for $3 ; t five copies for $8, or ten copies far $13. To Agents, $12 a hundred. ,1. WINCHESTER, Publisher. Of?- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, ' is (guaranteed to cure all forms of secondary syphilis Patjenta effected with pains in the bones, cutrneryis erup. tions, aore throat, and every other symptom indicative of the existence of venereal taint, should use this specific without delav. Sold in bottles at $1 each, in cases of half a dozen bottles, $3, (forwarded to any address.) W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office o( the College, 97 Nassau street. Of^THE EXTRA WHIP ?The Extra Whip/contain Ing a (nil and unapproachable account oftbe 14th Annual Ball, given by the Firemen, at the Park theatre, last night, j will be ready at seven o'clock this morning, and for sale at tmsks: cbmts per copy. We have engaged three reporters, who will dispatch their copy every half hour? We will have the names, with accurate descriptions of the dress of every person of any note, present. Those who wish to send a truthful, unequalled account of this nfiair to their countrv friends, or possess one themselves. cm eMail) it in no other sheet before Saturday. MOSEY MARKET, Monday, Jan SO?B P. M. j The sales'of State atocka were to a fair extent to-day, and the market generally waa buoyant at improving prices. New York State 6J per cents roaef; 6's of 188-2,1 ^percent ; T's improved J ; Ohio Slate 8's went up 3J per I cent; Stonington } per cent; Harlem declined J. la the commercial circles generally, those ia a growing ?enfdence and an improved Rtate of feeling. Th --great accumulation of specie in the banks, and the state of the enehnngea, are an evidence that prices and the activity of trade will soon improve. An increased demand for money for business purposes, will accelerate the decline of stooks and enhance the difficulties of the government, un- ? less the terig is reduced so as to yield a revenue. It is un. derstoodthat a large amount of the United States six per cent loan, 1S69, was subscribed for at the Bank ot Com. meroe and Bank of America, on Friday and Saturday, and that a gentleman of Wall street left here on Saturday af ternoon for Washington, to take the balance for sundry F persons. So we may say that the loan has all been taken | wunoui loreign intervention, ana use tne E.ngnsn wun r their consols, we shall own it ourselves. Quite a fair demand for foreign exchanges ; the supply only moderate. As money is abundant, many are purchasing exchange to import specie, as the transaction will pay very fairly.? We quote, London 105J a f ; Paris 5.4s a 46} ; Amsterdam 88} a 38} ; Hamburg 34} a 34} ; Bremen 76 a 75}. Treasury notes are held at { per cent premium. It is estimated that five to eight millions of dollars in specie will be received in this country within the next sixty days The winding up of the hanks of Alabama involved the necessity of a return to the taxes formerly levied to sup" port the State government, with some increase to pay the interest on the State bonds issued for the capital of the banks. These expenditures have hitherto been borne by the banks, and wore sufficient of themselves te ruin the . institutions, inasmuch as the money borrowed for banking purposes has not learned its interest. Consequently, tho banks and the State were gradually impoverished by the operation. A bill is now before the Legislature, to raise a revenue, and will probably become a law. It pro. vides for taxes upon real and personal property, and curiously illustrates the working of the credit system upon slavery, about which the English philanthropists busy themselves so much. Alabama borrowed, in London, $10,000,000, which was obtained mostly through Reid, Irving It Co. This money was loaned to planters, on cotton lands, and mostly applied to the purchase of negroes. The interest on the money thus borrowed amounts to $800,000, and it partly to be raised as follows :? The feurth section levies a tax of ten cents upon every slave not exceeding ten years ot age; for every slave over ten and under filty years, fifty cents; for all free male negro s and mulattoes over twenty years, and under sixty years, one dollar. From alt appearances now, and talcing into consideration the audacious political jugglery which has characterized the Erie Railroad Company, it would appear that that concern is destined to be the ruin of the State of New York. Its failure last year to pay the interest on the stocks of the State loaned, was a severe blow to the State credit, which was only saved by the stand taken by the Legislature, in levying a tax amounting to $600,000, of which $160,000 was necessary to psy the interest on the Erie Railroad. The determination to pay, and the implied pledge not to issue any more stock, restored the confidence of the capitalists, which was confirmed by the result of ths elections in favor ot the party adopting that course. The Southern tier of counties, through which the road runs, gave a majority of threo thousand against Fthe party inclined to lend the road mere stock. This was not because they weVe oppose! to the road, but were convinced that it never would he built as long as it is controlled by a eliqut of politicians, in whose hands the State money fritters away without promoting tho road. Notwithstanding this, the message of the new Governor was evidently favorable to the recent management of the road; and, in connection with the known correspondence whieh had taken place on the subject, produced a feeling which caused tho shrewdest capitalists to sell their New York stock. A. bill is now before the Legislature, virtually to release the road from the lien the State has upon it for the $3,000,000 lent to it, instead of selling it under the hammer. The true policy of the Southern tier is to have the road sold, because it will then come at cheap rates into the hsnds of capitalists who will prosecute It to completion with their own means. This ia the only chance for the road. It can never be built in present hands, because they r?llt?apltr w(?Knss? moons raw ern.lii The position of State credit throughout the Union hai been matter of much (peculation, both in relation to the mean* of reatoing it, and alao the effect which continued diacredit will hare upon the settlement of the Slates. It haa been argued that immigrants will shun fuch States as Illinois, where inability to pay taxes h"s been pleaded as a reason why creditors should take the property of the States and glee them a release. The official facts, howrear, show that the fertility of the soil, and the absence of taxation, are attractions sufficient to overcome the fancied moral objections of the influence of repudiation, raised by stockjobbers as a bugbear to frighten legislators. The official report of the land office shows that settlements in Illinois this last year were greater than in any other of the Western States, doubtless influenced by the prospect of n release from taxes, The following is a table of the number of acres sold in each State for several years, and the aggregate value Sales or Tcat-ie L*i?i?s in each State, with the An osioiTi Value. 3 ijvnrtm Statr. 1*33 1836 1810. 1*41 1*42. Ohio, 551,143 1,2*2,Ml 33,1)5* 43,*13 23,160 Indian*, 554.681 3,245,344 118.868 93,882 4 1,112b Illinois, 360.240 3,199.708 389, 75 335,553 3P6.4I4 Missouri, 226,284 1,60.4,687 572,198 269,471 109 058 Alabama, 451,119 1.90', 409 46,781 50 704 73,924 Mln'ppi, 1,111,494 2,023,709 19,174 21,635 17.149 I.euisinnA, 89.441 879,456 189 228 94,111 33,4*1 Miclnxan, 447,780 4,189.823 26,106 18,167 16,921 Arkansas, 41,859 961,535 110,610 31,86(1 18,442 Wiseomin. ? 6(6,133 127,798 101,731 88.929 lows, ? ? 567,88 1 73,673 37,274 Florida, 11,978 87,071 25,602 6,388 3.1*6 (fraud tot. acres, 3,846.227 20,074,870 3.236,889 1,161,7% 859,031 " total valor, $1,972,281 25,167,833 2,789,637 1,463,361 1,079,766 Krom this table it appears that in the State of Illinois the sales for three quarters of 1S4J weru more than the whole sales ol 1H4I, anil it istheonly State which presents such a result. The bulk of the sales have been in Dixrn ami Chicago. This is on undoubted proof that inability tc pay the State debt has not cauaed immigrants to shun tUr State. Itis ?l-o indicative that those who settle under such circumatnnces, will not easily be indnced to pay taxes for the discharge of old debts. The value of the public lands, as a beats for the issue ol a stock to relieve the State*, can easily he estimated from the table. The anm is thegroia amount received, the ex i nrn?o? of collecting, 1m. to be deducted. The Immenif , Iticluatlon in theaalee waecaBeed by the Rreat ipecu'jtlom of 1830-0, by-'which the landi were alienated from 'he government into the handi of (peculator* and land eompanle?, by whom they are now offering for aale in competition with the Kovernment and the land? of the -itntee. The actnal purchaee for lettlement in thoae yenr? W3I le?* than in nrdlnarv ??ih 1. Illl.nU tho uiui. hold* 600,000 acres, which she offer* for sale. Speculator* and land companies hold near 1,000,000 acres, and theU States government ha* now tinder proclamation 1,970,179 acrei. These may be summed up at followa Land* tor Sale i* Illinois. 1 Offering for sale hv the State, acres 600,000 " by speculators and land romp's, " 1,000,000 " by U. 8. government under proclamation, ? 1,970,179 Total acres, 3,970,179 The same state of things exists in all the States. It must be remembered that the State lands and those of the peculators are the best, being selected for location and quality. It will then be seen that the govemmsnt will, for years to come, have powerful competition for the sale ol lands, which must prevent its revenue* from that source from rising over the amount of last year, say $1,600,000 which is about equal to the interest duo on the present national debt, which i* nnr coo ftnn n/m aio non iw> if custom d tic* tosuprort $25,000,000 of expenditure? What baaii does this afford for the issue of $200,000,000 of national stock 7 Kales at the Ntork Kirltancr. $?"00 NY Wtaie 7'?, IBl'i 104M fS ^anton 16 :(inn do 6's, 1862 90 50 Mohawk 28 K >n?0 do 99*i 25 do h?0 23H 1 IfMtO do 5X's, 1861 <<2\ 25 do b60 2B?i ! moo do 98 185 Long Itland 48M 18000 Ohio ? ?, 1876 67^ 20 Irrsev RK 70 ' 1000 do 68 200 Hailrm 160 16M , 1000 Illiuois 20K 100 do 1AM 1 1000 do 20M 25 Stonington 17 25id?? Phenix Bk, 73 25 do JTV 7 D'l & Hnd,on 81M 50 do 17M 10 Farmers' Trust 13 Second Hoard $18000 Ohio 6's, I860 68 50 iliai Mohawk sIS 65V i 1000 do ?6ft 67M $5000 S'aU- 7's, 1849 104V 5000 do h3 68 50*Stare 5'?, 1861 ?2 9:<M , 100 Kentucky 5's 69 150 ?ha? Harlem lfll4 5000 do 6'a 82 M State of Traile. The following sales were made of Heal Estate at auclion to-day. Three story brick house and lot cnrnor of Avenue D and|Eighth street; lot 14 by 60 feet;house 30 ieet deep, $1,515 Three story house and lot adjoining on Avenue D, 16$ feet by 58, 1,336 Three story house and lot adjoining, same dimensions, 1,276 i Three story house and lot on Eighth to cor- I nerof Avenue D, lot 21$ feet by 47, house 32 feet deep, 1,136 Three story house and lot adjoining, same dimensions, 1,436 Leasehold property No. 13 and 16 Forsyth street, 12 years to run, at a ground rent of $100 per annum; no covenant for renewals. Lot 60 by 100 feet; buildine 30by 84, containing 16 tenements, .5,060 Naval Stores?2000 brls. smnll sized. North county Turpentine sold at $2 26 a 2 37; Tar at $1 37$; Spirits, Southern, at 34 a 33c gal. Oils?Crude Sperm at 62c gal.; Strained Sperms, dull; Linseed at 77 a 80c. Provisions?No change in Beef or Pork; Ohio Pork, $9 for mess is asked, and $6 60 for prime. Hams in pickle, 5J te 5|c; Smoked do. 7 to 8c. The demand for Butter and Cheese is very moderate, with no change in prices. ? Western Lard sold at 6$. Rice?Sales for exportation, at 2c for inferior to 2$ for good, and 3$c for prime. Cattle Market. There was a fair supply of cattle in market this morning ; at>out eight hund-ed beeves, twenty-five hundred shnep and lambs, and sixty cows and calves. These were of the usual good quality. Beeves are a little higher in price, but cows, calves, sheep and lambs remain unchanged Our quotations today stand $4,00 a $6,60 for beef cattle; $1,00 a $4,00 for sheep and lambs; and $20 a $35 for cows and calves.? These are the extreme rates. Died. On Sunday morning, 39th init. Lambert, son of Lambert and Charlotte A. Van Huen, aged one year and eight months. The Iriends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the residence of bis father, No. 366 Broome street. On Monday, 30th inst, at Hydestown, N.J , verjr suddenly, Mr. Hsnht Vtss, formerly of this city, in the 63d year of his age. Weekly He port of Interment* In the City and County of New York, from the 31st day of Jan. to the 28th day ot Jan.. 1843. 32 Men ; 17 Wutnen ; 44 Boys ; 42 Girls. Total, 133. DISEASES. ApoHexy, 2^ Asphyxy, I; Cancer; 1; Casual lies, 2 ; Consumption, 21; Congestion of lungs. I; Convulsions, 21; Croup or hires, 1; Disease of brain,, 1; Delirium tremens, 1: Dropsy.4; Dropsy in the head, 9; do iu the chest, I; D owned, I; k.rysipelas, I; Fever, I; do scarlet, 7; Whooping couvh, 3; Inflammation of brain, 2; do of bowels, 6; do of chtst, 1; do of heart, 1; do of lungs, 12; do of stomach, I; do of throat, 3; Insanity, 1; Intemperance, I; Intussusception I; Missies, 6 Old Age, 1; Or*-nie disease of the h'art, 2; Premature birth, I; Small Pox,7; Spinal disease, I; Tumor, 1; Worms, 1. AUK. Under 1 year, 36; I to 2 years, 11; 2 to 3. 23; 3 to 10, 6: 10 to 20, 3; 20 to 30 , 20 ; 30 to 40, 12;40 to 50, 7; 30 to 60, 7; 60 to 70, 5; 70 to 80, 1; 80 to 90, 2. FLACKS or IfATIVITT United States, 101; Ireland, 19; bngland, 6; Germany, 2; Franca, I: unknown, 6. Of the above, there were from the Almshouse, at Bellevnr. 1; Hospital at Bellerue, 9; Penitentiary Hospital, Blackwell's Island, 1; Cits Hospital, 3; New Jeraey, 1; Long Island Hospital, 2; Long Island Farms, 1. Colored Persons 10 JNO. H GRISCOM. M.D.City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, Jan. 30. IR43. Passengers Arrived. Mataoorda. Texas?Schr Charles Henry? Elizabeth Dean, Isabella Miune. Foreign Importation!. MiTinoiiDi, Texas?8<-hr Charles Henry?179 bales cotton 53 hides 2 bbl? nuts A Cavili. MAR I T1M E HERALD. Whip Nuten and A^rnti, lVe shall esteem it a favor, it captains of crenels will uive to Commndorr Korxrt Sii,ts.t, of our rem fleet. a report of the shipping left at the port whenee Ihey saileil, Ihe vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any :',rcigu newspaper! orurws they may have. He wiit "oard them immediately on their arrival. Agents and correspondents ai h juie or abroad, will also confer n favor by seudirig to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of sny kind will ho thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, JANUARY 31. sc!s risks 7 14 I mooiv skts 6 42 ius stti 5 14 I high watf.r Ill 2 Cleared, Ships Benjamin Morgan, Julius, Antwerp, D H Robertson; Hunlsvillr, Mumford, New Orleans, E K Collins & Co; Uncss, Latham. Apulachicjl*. I D Hurlbul it Co.?Baigs Sun, WathogtAn, Hamburg, Mots. 4t Tollitz; Hansa, ( Hamb) Martens, do, Wm Weiss-i; N O Bourne, Terry, Port Leon. J Norton, Jr; Lavinia, (Br) Jainiesoa, St Johns, N)'. (J It J Laurie; Oeorge, Hull, Chsr'eston, IJeo Bulklry ? Schri Betsey Richards. Biadley, H.Jifax, Thomas Winniett; Manchester, Worth, Richmond, Allen St Paxson. Arrlyed. Brig Grand Turk, Noiton, 4 days from Mount Desert, Me. in ballast, to N> smith, Leeds A Co. Schr Charles Henry, Smith, 22 days from Matagorda, T' xas, wnh cotton, to A. Csselli. Left brig Independence, of Philadelphia; schr Leland, going in. Schr Nassau, Dsaroorn, 4 days from Richmoud.with mdse, to Allen It Parson Schr Sophia, Furmau, 10 days from Norfolk, with wood, to m ster. Below. One brig, unknown. Herald Marine' Correspondenre, MrniCHAISTs' Kit-Manor. > BoiTon, Saturday evening, Jan. 28'k > Arr Eurnras, Crosby, Mobil-- 8th inn; Ella, Wnelden, Phils delphia; Marietta, Brown, NYork; Mirror, Chapman, Washington,NC. Cid r M Cairo, Child., New Orleans; Wm Pitt, lliker. Pluladt Ipni <; Marv Clnltou, Rogers, Apalachicola; Kmeline, Marshall, Calais; Mary, Treferhen, NYork. Sunday a M ?Arr Aradian, Jones, Halifax 2Jth inst. Left, Kdward, Jannev, for Baltimore, in 2 rlaya. Passenger, Rosioit Bnrns.of New York. Also arr, Allioth, Simpson. New Orleans 5th inst. Belize gih. Locv, Tow e, rrruamlnico via Vinevard; Mary Augusta, Farnbam, Savannah; Navarre, Damon, Washington, NC. Hencral Record. Brio Naror, ol Silem, Noble, from Cadia, with a cargo of salt, and tweniy pipes of wine, bound for Montevideo, grounda.I ...? tl?A. Is' ma I i?l? Rniilr <ut I lass Ifilk V/w / ? hufnr.i manl \ and became a total wreck. A few articles were saved by launches tent down from Montevideo, hut not sufficient to meet the et| ent'S, eoD<MIrgtl< the hrig end eargo may he considered a toul loss. Much tre 'il is due to Commander W'lson slid th? ('Hirers of the U 8 telir Km rprise. for thslrexeitmni to reach the wieck, having had a head wind to contend against. On their arrival at the w reclt they 'ound her without h ma nod full ot wati r. They took off thecapt in and tiv- men, who sre indebted to the extraordinary exertions made by the officers for the preservation uf their lives The C ief mate and a |>art ot 'he crew abandoned the wreck in the long boat, prior to the arriral of th- Enterprise,and arrived aafelv in tins harbor. Baitl Clarion ?A letter dated Tallahassee, IIIli lust. States thai the Clarion, P itengill, of Ellsworth, Me. had been 'Shore off Month Cape. The vess-l got to I'ott Leou on the IJth, and was not murh damaged. It is stated the vessel will be libel led The captain was on shore sick, Tnc Clarion Was from ,1am ilea hound to Florica, aud was the ves.el spoken on the lUth init. ff Florida. Sloop Hnvv.a, Jordan, of F re-port, arrived at Port Leon on the 10th inat. with loss of mast, Mho hid heea refitted and sailed for Mobile. Notice to Marlnera. The Light Ship was lowed down to her moorings off tin 1 HoeV Mutual Safety, yesterday alternoon at two A teller from Montevideo, dated NovU, ststes that a pilot boat of about I Ml loua, cirryiug a fore topsail, has been estabhahed !.,cruise for inward <1 vessels off St. Man'., and Maldonado. She may he easily known, being Baltimore built. In the event of a boat speaking any wsarls hound in t< the eaatward of the Island of Flores, and tne said vessels reins mg in rreeivr a pilot on hoard, ihey will he bound to pay h I l ilotngenn in port. Whaltmen, Spoken, Nov 24, l it 1 N, Ion 3J, linogetie, Russell, of Bpst u, 140 bills. 4 poteen. St a, Allen, from Norfolk for Jamaica, Dec 29, off Jamaica. Knieigu Porta. Sr Johiv, NB 14?Arr Teaxer, C4reenlaw, NYork; IJth, BoRdlaui, Dec It?la |wvrt, Arethnaa, Baiter, for NOrleana, unc; Btvis, Brings, lor do, Feb 1; Pacifie, Latonr, for lit Thomas.Bo; Megoun, Haven, for NYork, Jaa N. | Manilla, Sr-jit 17?In port, Forum, Murdock, for Bo?ton, I uncertain I !!? Por<?, I *?*i??rorr, J?n?-Hld Kaprrt, R-.kin, I . roiriAWD. 1 T O :im? (.,? 1M ton*, of Port- I land) Brazier, Porto itico; Sehago, Cotfiin, Mooile. ?_w.L. S.Lraf, Jan r-sid St Paul, O.bon., Manilla; Q?n Brooks. Ptko, Si Jwo. PuTMotrVH; JfllSl?Arr M inner, NYork. . j 1 PHiLanrLPHU, Jen 3??< Id Kmilv, Bernedou. J"*' nit I nl>?; Oak, Ryder, Huston; Venn., Price, Ba'badaea- , irt VVilmiiWITOW, NO. Jen 2<?Art Orchilla. Hording. St JI ron, Wallexr. Berry. \ \ ork; Kegulus, and W Burke, do; ? **?>? C mden, Me; Inert use, Warner, Bi Marline; Mmgaret, Moot- | rotuery, Naaaau: l.ainir. Tnruer, (JcoMfemwn; 1,1 vaj Jme, Corson, Beilice; J it W fcrrii kaon, Smith, Pioviueuce. jn) ('Id Unity, ( Br) Hacton Ba-hsilitei; Abhbarao, {||) 'it; Albeit, Staplet. St Jaa-i de Csha: KrliO, Meaarjr, Havana, ^ Belle, Mvera. NYork; H-llr?pont, Kandall, Cuba; Pmta, Uiveua.dn; Baltic Purnnirtoii, Martinique; Anawan, 8ws.e>\ Hai ana; K.I en Perkins, Oiliwtrick, Putin Rico: Biainerd.Niirmali, ilo; Independence. Snirdivant, St Domingo; Alanc, I alealiue, | Berirrn, and A F Thorn, NYork. ,, , an WaiHnvr.Totv, NC. Jan?l?Arr Myeri, Fowler, New York; ITd, Caroline, Norgr*ve, Tmka Islam! Cld 23d. Sites Crane, J.ilinson, N York: 14th. M M fowle, Nadal, Durham a Creek, lo load for Wear ludiea; IMh, Mary Ann, Harding. Vv ludiea; 26th, Smith, Wheeler, NYork; Jaa Olia, Ellui., Boalon. Georgetown, SC. Jan 3d?Cld Wsmpsnoag, Colaon, New York. waHmaaainHMaMmBmanaMBaBBm c> - ~ do OOUND PILOT?OWK.N PHK8COTT, Pilot for N'ew O Bedford, N tiitucket Shoula, Koalou Portsmouth, Portland, nil Kenneheck, and other ports- a.?(Hce at Frye Ik Shaw's Nauti al Store, 222 Water, corner Berk.nan street, N. Y.?Vice teraa Arisai.' Kipre.., B'aton, three days before wanted , Charge the nine a. from (Jay H?ad jt3 Irniar OYSTTcks-OYsTF:KS_<IV-Tu RS?For .ale low at Oliver Slip, neat Catharin" Market, 2crimes of first rate , York River Oya rra. ab >ar I >rho no -? It Walker and N oith- f t inpion. a good opporunity for f onilies in tha upper of the city. j3t U* h i QEOAR9, at the Spanish Magazine, 9i .Naaaau street, Hrrahl C Rui.oiugi?A few 1000 of v- ry superior la Norma, small |ize,m de ru 18>9, will I e sold fty the hunch of 23, it whoh.ale prices. 4? per bunch. A small lot of ejiri D ftabana, "La Heform Coinmnne.,('?billeroa - nil Trabncoa, it 2i, 21, anil $3(1 per IPSO, or 3 and 6 shilling* per bunch of 23 D' icgnra. They are warr.iuled to be the ' eat argara yet imported El io th'a or any other market. Hahanaa, No. 2, at $14 per 10OII, or tin ) shillines per bunch Verv Prin.l.-. I. v?...i ...i Mi Cruz, from $14 to $2fr|ier 1000. cm N. B. All the artirlta told in ihU home are untitled to tie- W| beoture. ?,A*1 2t*g j", HENRY JAMES will deliver a second lecture at ihe Stayvesni.t Institute, on Ttiursday Evening, 2ud Kehruary. J"" Subject of Lecture:?The mau of the first chapternf Genesis. l!? rod the man of the arcoud mauler; or the crcatcdman ami [heMADKinan. Lei lure will cowmen ? at hall-imsiT Admit- "" auce free. ill Jt?r .notice. ; lyHE Copartnership heretofore existing between the sttbscri CI I ber?, under 'he lirm of McAllister k Moure, la thia day thi lissolvtd by mutual conseut ?i DAVID MCALLISTER, IS JOHN NEVIN MOORE. am New York, Jan. 12, 1843. ty Thi Dry Goo's Buaineaa heretofore canied on by the firm, at 190 Hudson atreer, will he continued hy the subacribera aa p lormerly, uuder the firm of Moore k McKce It JOHN NEVIN MOORE, Zl. j3 3t*r P. MOORE McKEE. ?? trl'OTOR GARCIA EOLETaTformerly of Bngo'a?If ma V thia ahould meet hia eye or that of any perron who can give arl iufnrma'inn of hia reaidrnce, they will confer a great favor on wr iiis rother, by addressing ?l PERSSE It BROOKS, Be jv3l 31 ia r 61 Libeity atreet. TMTRlN'G THE LAST CENTURY it was a question in Lc the miuda of the grratest physicians, whether the venereal iliaeatc admitted of a cure; it was finally settled by Doctor 'ohn Hunter, a man who devoted the prime of hia life in order to arcoini hah the "effectual rure"of thia moat dreadful of nil maladiea. The rssnll of hia e(|ierimenta and experience, Ml shows what an eminent mind he must have had, for while all Le tlie faculty were study tng and vaacilating iu th- ir minds whrthei it could p aaibly be cuied he i reduced the baaia of a remedy C( that not only perfectly and thoroughly cures, but it do< a It ?o liarmleaaly and wi'h an little trouble that it aatoniahea he patient, aa well a- gratitiaa the practitioner: the remedy hrte spoken of, ia the fainoua Hunter's Red Drop, for it liaa never been Ci> known to f-il in curing the mo?t deplorable caaea of thia horiid Br disease. Requiring no regimen or hindrance from the purauila in life whatever, it ana almoat like n rharm on the ayatem. for Ri it curea the diaraae while the patient ia uot aware he'ia under the influence of medicine. To be obtained only at the Huntetian Diapenaary, No. 3 Diviaon?entrance to nation attached, that t' e moat difinent may call, conanlt, and depart in private. Di findinfdhe Doctor a friend aa well as a physician Price $' per vial. eccomp?nying which ia a comprehensive treatise, and a Ri pi ,in bill of directions, Thia mediciue cannot be obtained genuine in Albany, Boston, Maaa or Chatleston. 8 0, consequently all persons prrtendiiig to have this medicine on aale, 8< offer a counterfeit. jH lt*r (d PUBLIC HOUSE FOR SALE-One of the oldest and best ea'ahli ihed houses in the city .together with the J"|B[ nnexpired lease of the same, and the furniture, fixtures and liquors. Persona applying muat have $1500 ar disposal. Q Any wishing to purchase will pleaae address W W.Sun office, sitting where an interview can be had, and the same will be promptly attended to. j3l isSfr ay| (MKDKN PLANTS, Bouquet*, Fruit Trees and ^ jJ^qlShmns far ?>le?D. BOLL, Fl ri?t, corner nl 50fh at i it- - ?' Blonmigdale road. offers for sale a splendid selection of Camellias, Azalea and Hhododendrem Rosea, and other green-house plant*, at ?err reduced prices. His collection of _ Camellios is now in fine bloom. Lulira are particular!? re- *' quested to cell and see them, bonquetsdelivred in any part of the citv at v/ry moderate prices Bloomtngdale stages start from the Park at 10. 12. 2, i and 6 o'clock daily. j 31 6t*r fSOPPPER?120 cases axlraquality F.mrlith Copper, ftom 16 V to 32 oz, for sale in lots to suit purchasers by l? E. K. COLLINS k CO., ,<8lr fC South street. 8, BOOKS FOR THE PEOPLE T'HK. following Publications are for sale at the HERALD ^ A OFFICE, North West comet of Fulton and Nassau sts? a. where rll the Cheap Publications of the day can be hail as soon q as issued, at the _ PUBLISHING PRICES. 8, ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUR'tPE, in '6 Nnmbers. The I, II, III and S< IV Not are now ready, each 25 cts. R COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EOYPT.tobe Ci completed in 6 Nos. N? I now ready 25 R BRANDE'S ENCYCLOPAiDIA, No- '.2 and 3, J5 A GEORGE ST GEORGE JULIAN, The Prince A ? Nos 1. > 3 and 25 THIERS'* HI-TORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLTTIGN from No I to No 9, 25 S< SPARKS' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, 6 num- Q hers, each 25 is, JACK HINTON, 31V, 50 k SI 00 Q HANDY ANDY. ? 50, $1 k <1 25 R HECTOR O'HALlORAN, No. 9. j2v MONTHLY MAGAZINES. GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for February, 25 Ai GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 25 LADY'S COMPANION, 25 El THE ARTIST, 23 WAVERLY NOVELS. & 1VANHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one umber. S3 C GUY MANNF.RING?by Str alter Scott? n complete in ooe number, 25 ' THE ANTIQUARY?by Sir Walter Scott? Fcomplete in one number, 25 h? ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one P< number. _ 25' or OLD MORTALITY?bv Sir Walter Scott? ? romp'etr in "n* number. 25 "L HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?by Scott-com- U plete in one number, 25 H BRIDE OF I.AMMMlMOOR-by Scott-com- It piete in one number, 25 bl KF.N1LWORTH?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, 25 WAVERLY?by Si Walter Scott?complete in hi one number, 25 THE MONASTERY-by Walter Scott?complete in one number. 25 THF. ABBOT?by Walter Scott?complete in one number 25 NOVELISTS LIBRARY. Thii [.ihmry will be complete-! in ten weekly nnmben. VIVIAN GREY?by D'liraeli?complete in one Tolnme, .... . 85 VENE riA?byD'Urxeli?complete in one ro'tme, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by LEI mpirte in one volume, _ J5 THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'liraeli?w thapor- ,( trait of the author. 25 FRANCKSCA CARRARA?by L K London, 25 T HENRIETTA TEMPLE?by D'liraeli?complete X in one volume 25 di LIBRARY OF SETECT NOVELS. E Beautiful Uniform Edition of Bui wer'i Novell. Twenty-hive Centi euch. th PKLHAM. * DISOWNED. D EVE READ X. m PAUL CLIFFORD. et EUGENE ARAM.' LAST DAVS OF POMPEII. THE CZARINA. 1\ HIKNZI, The Last of the Tribune*. SELF DEVOTION, or Katharine Randolph. cl NABOB AT HOME, or the Return to England. ERNEST MALTRAVER8. 1,1 ALI1 E; or. The Myiteriei; Sequel to Ma'traveri. !* CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. ? All the woiki of the abore writer will be | ubluhed in regular r(| rota'iou. AMEHI< A, for general circu'ation, 12* < NICHOLAS NIcKLEBY?Pmlage 20 cent* uu- C der, an 'IlK cent* over lOOuiilei, 50 m OL1 v KR TWInT?Portage t| crnta under, and ,,, 18* e-fit? over '00 "'ilea, 25 pi PICKWICK PAPERS?Complete in one num- 4t ber, 50 rn PUBLISHED IN~QIJARTO FORM. BKNTLEY'S MISCELLANV. (a rrpublei- CJ tion ) just received, at the low price of 12* ee>.t? male cony ag BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE?a r.-pabheation " No. I 18* PAULINE?a Tale of Normandy, by Aleaandre Du- to nil, 12* THE NEIGHBORS?From the Mary H-nett. 18* ?* CHEMISTRY?applied to Agri ultnre and Phytiol- "[ - ? I?1 imp. unrii?L-ui me i imu 01 " Terumaih. 1R V I" LETTERS OK MARY QUEEN OK 8COT8by Ann Strickland. 24 tl MEMOIRS OK THE QUEENS OK KRANCK ? by Mr? K. B'lib, 24 THE NAUTILUS?? collection af Sen Ta'et- 111 AI.e an rrnunt of tin SOMEK8'MUTINY. UJ* co CIIUZZCKWIT. b. DirVena 4 T 'M cUKKEOKOURS " I..S 0 "r A -no m of IriahHfir. S Atl for th WI D*OR CASTLE I lif? en AHVhNTUKES OF ARIHI R o'I.EARY, J T A diao uni on all the ab ve wnrka to .g'tita Snhacripttnns for "II the above Magaxinen w ill bp received at 'R t naoHlep, aud pnnewitlly attended o. j'Drr \\T AN 1'EU?A ai'in oion a? Wet No if h\ a re?|<ee'al> e mar'* rird woman, with a freah hreant of milk?her child b? in< onlvfonr i. ontha old. Good city referencea given. Apply at ' ibe corner of Doaty and McKinoy ntrntn, Brooklyn. [, Jill 3ii?*r }? \AT ANTED?Aamait active lad, to a tend aa waiter in a pn- fn '? vate family. Good city reference rqnired. Apolv at fie odhcr ol tola paper. j,)0 3t*r of j ETTk.H BAG of Hoy a I Mail Steamer Caledonia for -T I.iaei|Kiol, via Halifax, will clone at Gilpin'a Foreign Let- }n let Office, in the Eichaiigo.Tiieaday, Jtnuary 3Isr. at half put " "'clock. j 30 2tcc " lfNOLlMH MAIL?Letter Bags lor the Koyal Mail Steam ? Ship ( nledonia for Liveepool vii Halifai, will clo?e at ilarinleii A Co.'a Eaprrnn office, No. 3 Wall alteel, on Tuea- or IIV, the Slat mat.,at % to t o'clock, P. M. V) 140 at. HARNPKN fc CO. N nil HEIK HTWAS'GKK'S advett.aemvnt of PTo^ Chemicala, Dvea, Copavla Capanlra, Kitraet of Log wood, Ea'.act of Quercitron Bark, Daguerreotype -nd Electro 'Vie ABtaa/at'ta and Chemic ala, Acida, Lunar Canatie German .. Ml'-, r.?W*h ny I'r'ttv, *to. Src 4r|i p g.-. nl7.r j P r'.LT ?r.ileu' d'h. ivr Evil tor aht athing iO' a o? houaei _ " ..ii I ahlpi bottoms, for a.'c iu I to III t pnrcbaaeia, by L ,! K :: COLLINS k CO, W snath r. ? PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. 5 PHK9K fir l imed and celebrated Pilla, fVoin Portugal. are, lo A we perceive, to be obtained in thii country. See advertised raent on the last column, fonrth page, DOOM TO L k;T?Oil the A rat floor?for aingle gentlemen, tv It laanitahle for two if required. Apply at M Park Place. jil lt*r B AUCTION SALES. f' '? ' A - >51 \ 'icnooffr BY BK.LL ? HOWARD. <'? ? all.l ||* FuVr* wkunksDay. At 10 w the t?l* room*, splendid ifork of C?hin,t Ku-vitnre. fog*th-r with the furur? of ? family leaving rcity, piano forte?, painting" o< and hooie turnithitiff irirmh. b\ catalogue. <"' ? ' l?ra I, At I0}{ o'clock. in the ??le? rooms. Lsrg "ale of .olas, mil nganv, parlor and rocking ch?iri, dins. o'tomans, Frrnch bedsteads. T7 fir<t rate plain and Jre?a[bureaus, and aoine other article*of choice cabinet furni "Valngues on Wednesday Also, 2 valuable piano fortes, by virtue of an ekeeuliou. FRIDAY, At lOV; o'clo> k, in the aalea room, Large aalc of clothing, varir 11 a dry fooda, fancy and pledged ieles, guns, cutlery, watches, Ac ro LET?'Two large rooms in the 2d a"d Sd atoriea of 175 oadwav, oiiroaitc Howard's Hotel. HENRY K. K1ELL, AuctT. RV HI ELL it ARruliARl'TH tttore 3d I Broadway, coiner of Donne atreets. R. A A. arc now ready to made advances to any amount on nsigtimrn's, Keiurna prompt. Sales of real estate and out or sites of household furniture attended to In person. Rrcul *r ?ale? of Liquor* Hryiiri. lie., ercrv T?e?day; For- I U'e, Piano*. Sir , rvrry W? ?lnr?div Saturdny. TUESDAY At 10H oV|n?k, at the sale rooms. Wirvs, liquors and lernr*. WEDNESDAY, A' IflK o'c nek in the sale rooms. A n**irable ?tnrV of n? w and second b ?nd cabinet waro and "iiislii- v f rom th* makers and families. A'so. Hue ricW rose wood pi?'io, 2 won* e'eyant secret draw nk?ca?e?, 3 sofa*, 200 ciwe *eat chair*, 00 office or bar room ro chairs, store at?<>!s various rizci. bedsteads, can>cs, tin ire ub|**(, couches, pointings, Sic. without resenre for cash, pav adva ice*. iRODUCTIVE REAL ESTATE -JAMES BLEEClfER A SON will ?ei| at tui tion, under the direction of irid Codwite, Eso. M i?ter in Cnmeery, at the Mercha1 ts' [change, on Tuesday, 31st of January, at It o'clock at noon, s following valuable property r?Two neat two-siory homes, is. 2V7 and 2m Madison street, with eight fire placet each; rner honse and store No. 291 Madison straet; two story house tha house In the rear, No. 21 Hcammel street. Also, the a' twos'ory house No. 22 Scaiumel street; large house and

: No. 219 Monroe, corner of Scammel street; No. 31 Scam>1, 3 story brick hous and store; No. 15 Marion street, th s 3 storv house in the rear, valuable lot of gruund and 12 uses 270 Walker street, lot 200 feet deep; houses and store s. 20 Roosevelt, near Chatham street, lot 138 feet deep: honse d lot Vo. 230 Mort street, opi>osite Catholic church; 2 houses il lot No 118 R'dije street; 5 houses and lota, Nos. 272, 276, I. 280 and 282 Kiringtnn street?each has six fire place., Ac. Also, under the direction of P. T. Ruggls", Esq. Master in lancvry, by Wilkln< A Rollins, at the same time and place, ; va'ushle house ami lot No, 17 Orsngc atreet, which costupirds of $13,000 to build, anil is leased to Mr. C. Donnahoe at 40 per annum, all taxes and repair*, and insured for $6,000, d $6,030 can remain on mortgage. Most of the above properis in good sitnations for business. )y28 3tis*r f'OMPLIMENT TO MIL HORN. HAND CONCERT hi compliment to Mr. 0. E. HORN, on TnesdaA January 31st. Ilt3,at Niblo's Saloon, on which sasiou the I,flowing professional talent have iu the kindest inn" vonniinere i tneir Yalnahle services, and in Addition to iiiy favorite Songs, Duettos, And Trios, they will apptarin ectinns from tlie la?t fonr uew compnsitior a of Mr Horn i"eo in thi? coiiutry, ?"The Remission o( Sio," "Alimeil K?mel," "The Vlaiil ol Saiony," "The Christmas lis." Madame Maronc lli, Mn K Lnder, Mm Firgnson, Miss Lewes, Mr A Phillips, Mr H Rnolu, Mr Miynard, Mr Masiett, An Amatenr b nend. Mr Kttienne, Mr If f Hill, Mr W A King Mr Timm. rand Mrs Horn will appear in the course of the performance adrrol the Orchettri, which will be full and effective, Mr UC Hill. indnctor, Mr Eticnne Mr Timm will preside at ine Piano. PROGRAMME. Taut I. and Overture?Prometlirii-, full Orchestra Beethoven ijjan'l Sons?Mr Mat or,"The Carbine,,'from the opera of Ahmed al Kernel, C E Horn citan-l Song?Mrs Horn, " The Setting Sun," from the OrVorio of the Remission of Sin, Obligation Violin accompanim lit, by Mr. H'll. C E Horn tetto?Messrs Timm and W A King, on the Pisno For e, Hertx rcit and Air?M'me Mnroncelli, "Ancor Don ginnae, Perche non ho del vento,"frem the Opera of Lnriadi Lainermoor. Douixetti mg?Mrs < Loder, "Giel pietoso," Rossini uintetto ?Mrs Horn, Mrs Ferguson. Mr A Phillips, Mr Horn, Mr Massett, "Treason " finale to the second at l of the Maid of Saxony, the word* by U P Morria, Esq, C E Horn Paut II. vertnre?Oberon, Full Orchestra. Weber ccitand Air?M'me Mar?ncelli,"Me'ce di'ette ancelle,?ah con lui mi fu Rapita," from the Opera of Saffo, Pacini sntata?Mr Horn, "Rosalie," by desire, accompanied on the Piano Forte, by Mr Timm, Beethoven mg?Miai Lewis, " The Suitor," first time, wrl ten expressly for her by a gentleman of this city. C E Horn nale?A s Tection from the. Christmas Bells, omit ing the Church service, but including the Songs,Carol and Last Movcmcut?Vocal parts hy Mrs Loder, Mr* Hon, Mrs Ferguson, Mr A Philli|is, an Amateur, Mr Brooks, M' Maynard and Mr Maaset, C E Horn I ro<li?c?i.^.,?Ty t v-hr-j?lr antt "Hn* lit.. r?nv at I '.I,n?t. ma* time " >lo Alio?Tne hells, the bells, the Chriatmai be.lli. >lo Soprano? Thev ring aa aunahine tipi th - hills, j nartettc?The bella, Ihe silvery Christmas bells, "How the bells che red the old man's heart." do Tenor?The Is-lis, the solemn Christmas bells, uartetto?Soft thro' the wintry air. (Distant bells.) O, well it is with heart of man. >lo and Quirtetto?When brighter gleamed the Christmas fire. intr Bass?What tho' he now must tread alone, eeit Tenore?Hark! voices in the wintry air. irol?How grand and how bright this wonderful night, eeit and Air Tenor?It is the sery Hymn he heard, ria Soprano?A merry Christmas, sir, to you. ria Ba?s?Bless thee, my child,may he who came withsinfal man. How the Christmas greeting cheered the eld man's heart do Tenore?Strong of heart and firm of limb, uaitetto?He (elt that Ood was wi'h him there, do Soprano?Then ring again,ye Christmas Dells, uartetto?Ancelie Voices, soft and low. eeit and Solo SopranoHow goldenly the noonday beams shine Tro'the ni< tit red panes, ria? The emblems of Christ's sacrifice. How the old tnaa fonnd solace in the ehnrch. male?The bells, the bells, the Christmas bells, How merrily they ring. Tickets Ooe Dollar each, to be had at the principal Mnsic tores and at the door on the evening of the concert. Doors open at hall-pest 6, the Concert to commence at halfsi 7 precisely. jjl)2t*r f H E fourth Bnnual Ball o( firrt company New York Cadets, will take place at the Apollo Sdoouon Wednrs ay. 1st rbruary, 1843 Dodwnrth'a b ,nd is engaged. Tickrtstobc id of Captain J. O. Vandenberg, 50 Clarkson st: at Colonel ?ers\ No. 9 Broadway; Captain Riley's, Fifth Ward Hotel, of members of the company. jv28 4t*r > ALL?The Highland Society of New York will g ye their ' Bdl o i Tuesday Evening, Jan 31st, 1843, at Tammany .ill The B II will be opened by the members in lull Highud costume. The proceeds of the bail are applied for charitaf purposes. Tic s ets one dollar, to be had at Tammany Hall and of The floor will be under the direction ?t Mr. Morton, who is in the kindest manner volunteered bis services. Roderick Mcl.eod 7 Courtlandt street Joseph 4'rsig, 544 Pearl afreet. Thomas W. McLeay, 116 Blaecker street. Andrew Drysdale, 139 f'edar street. Samuel Jackson, Tenth Avenue nod 18th street. William Armstrong, Tenth Avenue and 19th street. Alexander Kobertson. 174 Fulton street David Dunn, 4 Courtlandt street. John Forrest. 120 ' entre street. James Peacock. 8 Clarkson street. William Wilson, 37 Mott street. Thomas McDougill, 37 Dey street. Robert Drysdale, 18 Fifth srreet. RODERICK McLEOD, Chief. DHN E. CLEMENT, Secretary. l2l IWrc 3EREAN INSTITUTE LECTURE-WIMiam Wallace ' Esq., the distinguished orator Poet, late ot Keniucky will Hirer a Lector- hi fore the Institute, this, Tho sdav evening, at inst. in the Universaliat Church, comet of Walker and I'TJibeth sta, at hall-pasi 7 o'clock. Snbjecl?'1 he Som-rs Mutiny , with a Defensive Ktview of ie Question of McKenzie't Justification in the execution uf l>-ncer, Smsll and Cromwell. Tickets to admit a gentleman and two ladies, 25 cents, to adit a single person, I2X cents, may be had at the door on the ,'clung of tne Lecture. j3I It*r By order, C. 8. STEARNS, Sec. if ADAMK ADOLPH,removed from the Museum to No. '* piPailc Row, can be consulted in private parlors. She aims not to be a FORTUNE TELLER: it practices nothing but what is reconcilable to philosophy ; veiling the PAST TIMES, the PRESENT ami the FUUKE. r-he will inform t fiein if thev are mar ied or not, and hen or why huthand or wif' thev will get: describe their spgsi'ion and character, as if the knew them by birth Prce rinrd en -n cc.f. .an i*' l MKRICAN LAND AND LOAN OK KICK-Wiimm * L. Himer* having above thirty yrar*' rtperietice in the anageirirnt of Heal Gittlr, and |>o?*'-sing a large landed pro rty himself. al .<> feeling great confidence from the liberal iironage he has heretofore enjoyed. respectfully aidicita the tetitiou of the public to the special *dvaniage* ef the Amecan Land and Loan Office, at No. H Wall a'reef, in the city 'New York, for the purchase, aale <ir exchange of Houses id Lots, Karma and uncultivated Linda, either at private or italic aale, and lor the liirlug and letting of Houaea, Stores, arina, fcc ; for col'ecting the renta, and for taking the general ;?ncy and supervision of Real Kalate, alao for the anperiundii ce of erecting and repairing Binlditiga. IVraona having proi>erty to sell, eai hange or let, will find it their advantage to apply at Una office rather than to any tier in the city, both in p nut of economy and deapatc.i. All property rrgiatered in thia office, will, if required, be ad rtiaed in twoor more of the moat widely circulated journals, id every honorable exertion made to diapoae of the same hould the pro|ierty not be sold at Private aale, it will, if dered, be offered at public auction, tnna giving to owner* of the (Datty doable riliantage. He will alao atteud to effecting Inau'anee on property, otimng and loaning ol money on bond and mortgage, or other ruritiea, taking a|iecial Cure to receive ample aecurity for oney loaned; and to have title a to property eiamined bv gen inen of the legal profraaion of established character to aeiracy. Holder* of vacant gronrd that requirea improving, wilt fi , J it eatly to their advantage to apply to him. aa hit knowledge of e kin-l of buildings which are moat productive for the differit localities, is nfrhe yrrafest importance: and his long acitinl.ince witn the building of houaea will enable him to get em erected on the moat rea onable terina at a far leaa eipenar an la usual. He will alao take chirgccf real eatatr intended for pnh"ie lea. aa hi* knowledge Irnm ea(icrieiiee in getting up aalea, ill b< of great value to those intending to dispose of then operty he will prepare the advertisements, see that they are op* ilv iTWtrihute.i awl superintended, aud direct the salepuid will he lound to be a great aaving from the lact that property rthelait three or four yeara haa been frequently sacrificed )in the want of proper attention and skillful management. Individuals or c mpanies that require an agent to take charge their real eatite, may depend on having it faithfally aud onomically mamged?ami all inoneya received, promptly id over, Persona wishing to lure or purchase property, or vest money, can most generally he accommodated free of pense?and persons residing at a distance desirous to aell or irehaar real?state by aendin i a description of the property, ill receive immediate attention. All letters for (he purchase, sale or exchange of real estate, for i he loaning or nutting nut of money, must 'be directed U> 'ILLI AM L. SIMlCKS, American Land and Loan office, o. It Wall street. New York;and the postage invariably paid N. If. f 'entracta and other papers prepared at this office. js I Iroia*r _ vt enrr a i MnTirL' 1*1 m/ivmii nv/ i ivu. \R. HOMER BO!*TW|CK. rr..fet?or of Sartrary and Snr * neon to the New Vorli mdicul <nd Snnt'ral Institute, ys particular nt'etition to the ireatrn-iit of diittitiof the art end lnnst?, dyspepsia, pile* diaeases of the root urn and all male complaints. The gr> at new that h.u attended hit nde of trra'ina those |>ainlnl and ?o frequently fatal diseases, a brought patienU from the miat remote parts of the eooiitry plaes themselsrs under his ears, sad out of Ml patients that me from a distance, all bo' fire returned to their homes perX"?k'KJPJwrk. m d a .No. *)Chambers street, |y 11 lmia'tn Second house west of Broadway j * AMUSEMENTS ROWER Y AMPHTTHEATRE. (TT-rOR TWO NH1HTR ONLY!_4X A ORKAT AND ORAND EQUESTD TAN FETE AND 8UPRRB EXHIBITION BY THE TREBLE FAKR COMPANY. Kipiestrtan Directors- Mnart. II. Rn-kwell k i'Inwni fo the Circle 0MMB Well, Perform ir?e?? K>nt?mcn?f at 7 o'clock. THIS EVENING, The troupe will r< miwiitr with a M AaNI r ICE NT EQUHTRIAN MOVEMENT FMiIIMI LIBERTY OR HEATH. In which * lupcrior Company nl Rgieilriini will appear on their huh train, d Chtrgcrv and at their Chieftains S'gnal will Unfurl the Knmni of Ereadout in sight ofal' the world. An Art wlihnnt saddle or bridle, bv H F'anklin. U napproachable Oynmaatica on the ground by the famoni 20 ' olloweu by C J Knurrs in a highly interesting act entitled THE BRIOANIVB D^ATH. ? Miae Well, will dance LA SMOLEN8KA. . Mr vidwillMsr ?nd Mi? Howard in an act entitled . LOVE IN SWITZERLAND. Aaeriaa ofro 8<>nj?. Ilium ar., entitled COMIC, BUT NOT COMM6NPLA.CE, by Maater John Diamond, whoae >-elrbritv ia eyery where acknowledged. Aaaiated by Hoyt, the Negro Comedian, and W Cheatnnt th" great Banin Player, ft z4- At thli period of the Evening an mteriniasinn'of ten minatea will enene. ? THE HECOND PART will rnmmrnee with A ORA'fn ORIENT A BALLET, < With an immenae eorpaof iterformera iu tha ceh oratad PAS A BATONS, And aaton>ahingand complicated M irliematical and E'lueatiian Figures on Hormehaeh. La Cordc Volante. hv Hi'am Franklin Indian of the Koeky Mountain, bv O R Stone, Somersets in the air by McFarland and the fa aoni 20. Transformations by C J Rognrv La Cracorienne. by Miaa Weill. To couclnde with, Mr Nathan in hia auperb act on futir horirs. ftv"On Wednesday the 'ong expected and moat magnificent Spectacle Pantomime ever witnraied in thia city, for the particnlnra of which consult the bi'la of the Park Theatre. NOTICE. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. For the convenience of Juvenile Parties there will be ? Grand Day Perlorwanee every Saturday Afternoon, cot" mencicg at 2 o'clock precisely, embracing all the choice and moat aplendld EQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC ACTft Of the Seaao t. For particulars ace handbills at the Bov Ifiee, which o i Saturday will be ready for delivery Irom lu 'clock A. M. i ntil the time of o|tening. r"/-Boxes, id; Pit, 25: Gallery IT?" Seats can he aecured at the Box Office, froml( till 2 0'Cl neb . WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRCUS, ST THK PARK THEATRE. Conducted by Mr. Rufna Welch, who gratified and flattered in the highest degree by the pretence and approval of the beauty an I fashion of the city, anbmiu the following new OIL,P."V|ML? PP.KIKI. FIRST NIGHT or THr LONG KXPKCTF.D FIERIE FOLTE! With all the Great Display of New Scenery, anJ the debut of FOUR EXCELLENT ARTISTS ! Id the Principal Character*, and in all other rrapecta produced at an eipenir hitherto unknown in thu city. CARD OF INFOHMATICN. The pnh'ic are re?i>ecrfnllv adtitrd, that in order to Secnre SatD, an Early Application should Do mad.- in the MotMC, which will,prevent many incont niencet and disappnintmenta to the continual inflaa of Familtea who are pleased to honor and patronize WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRCUS ! PARK THEATRE. WEDNESDAY. Feb. Will he presented the following Magnificent tine of Acta, commencing with a Characteristic (vines t-ian' aatoral of the Olden Time, entitled the FLITCH OF BACON: Or, The Marriage (Jilt. In which Forty Katabliahed Artists will appear. A Grand Romantic Legeud and Fierie Folic, appointed with New Scenes, Dresses, Decoration*, Mechanical Effects, and Outric Circumatancea and Situation', entitled the DEVOURING OGRE; THE TERROR OF THE FROZEN REGIONS! on. HARLEQUIN AND THE THUMB FAMILY. The New Scenery by Meaera Smith, J Wiaer, B Grain, Wheatley and numeron* Aaaiatanta. The Machinery by - Mr Spears and hit Various Machinia'a TheDreaaea of all Nat'ona by Mr Lewia and Aaaiatanta The Superb Female Costumes, by Mr* Hemming* The Acce<aoriea and Decoration*, by Meaara Henry Palmer and George Hilaey. The Folia invented, written and produced under the direction of .'Mr J HAmhcat Among many aingular Scenic Effect* will be preaentrd in NORWAY. The Frozen Ocean. Terrific Iceberg* Floatii g. The rnde Crucifi* erected bv Shipwrecked Trarellers,oppn*he THE STEEL CASTLE. The Ogre after causing the destruction of the little Thumb* temporary abode, ride* acraaa in hia aledge, drawn hy a Polar Bear The Hialory of the Magic net. The suffering Traveller* entraped and borne to THE CASTLE OF SKELETONS. The Ogre, a Magician au<* a Cannibal, fa* fierce, hungry and crurl aa any admirer of Melo Drama could deairp) Mr Jennings Diavolo Del Fnego, Fire Demon of the Gold Head, a warm friend and burning light to the Ogre, who, at hi* Master's word, burnt people'* houaea about their eara, Master Perry Three Little Thumb*. i>oor thing* ! all Orphans, and hnmt oat forthe convenience of the Can oibd Ogre, who ia addicted to swallowing tit-bit* and aweet relishes,? Maat W Kincade, Miatea M A and A Well*. The Brave French Knight. Sir Triitam, and his high-horn Dame La Belle Margerite, both 'J Shipwrecked on the Norwegian Coast, Mr C J Roger* and Mm Howard being warning eiamplra [lit for a Pantomime I how far love may tempt inconaiderate people from home. Gni Ti, an Ogreaa. a moai hard-hearted lady, given to cat up and cut down, a lee lie fond of a large bottle aud given to kick, scratch and aay bad word*, a fit spouae tor an Ogre, Mr T C Paraloc who leads ihejirey to HUNGARY! The Cannibals Refectory. bull t ol red stone and adorned with Egyptian Figures and Devices. Ogres commit anachronisms with impunity. HORHID REPAST. magic nnnr ?nu cacnumru i ? i'"?" "i s w" neK? And the Delivers ce nnd Transformation of the surrounding eattives bv Zixtli * Merry and Mighty Monarch of Moonbeama, represented bv?Mast Frederick Wood, hia first appearance at thia theatre, who will introdnce to the city of New York Harlequin t MrCJ Roger* Columbine Mia Howard Pantaloon Mr T C Paraloe Ho Ho Haba, the Clown Mr John Wells Who all proceed immediatH^mj^niatter how) to the View of the Rijah's Palace and Water Estate. A Comical Operation on a Comical Beast (let the Zoologists classify it) for it has been espressly encased (or thia piece, and is of a moat n?*el figure and will perform INCREDIBLE FEATS, Which, a* most play billa aay, maat be seen to be believed. Mahout Mr Carrol ENGLAND. Shop* in Waterloo Road, Blackfriara '. Exemplification o( Wedding for Weight and Wedding fot Love 1 Tall and High Bred Oliver Orange. Mr ' J Nathans Belinda Bunchentown, Short and Sharp, hia Wife, . Maater B Stephens Madame La Mode, a Milliner, Mra Welle Sancy Saiah, a Help, (heaven help Iter Mistress.) Mra McFarlaud Kitty CutVm, a Dress Maker, Miss Bedford Qnenlin Quiz, (a Curiosity;) and Master of the Curiosity Shop, Mr O Stone Urimhald Greese, a Country Lad, Huntingdon Amiable Si'tsrs, Mesdames (Jossin and Needham L? Didone A handonatta, a Sensatire Lady, foud of White Garlands, Light Literature and lo?ely Lao Dogs, Mr Serjeant Augustus, the Accomplished, well known, in London, Paris and on the Btosdway, New York, as the Tip Top Regular Time O'Day, Mr H Needham IPt I P. n 1V7 n. up uuiuuni t ^nur . Crowd* of Caatlea and People,* Leap, wonderlul Red Coffer, Patent Pop Gun, Kettle** Chain*,a Challenge hat na Right The accomiilithed Augui'u* ?hot through the Ceiling?Fact not Fable. ITAI ^ View of the Like of Lngano?Black and while?A Child lo?t? Pantaloon in a packer and hong oat to dry. GERMANY! Market at Antpack, by Lamplight I Adventure* of Coffee Stand?Abstraction on a great icale. f Vnlgariter stealing J Ghoit of the celenmti d Mother Gooae, M i?fer Serjeant Three Dutch L die* in a M?*??A Pt-nt! Vegetable Man aiue* and in the contusion the Market Place i* transform- d to the HALLE OF THE STAADHAUS! Laid out for a Corporation Dinner ! Dead Geeie and Live one*, all ready d'e**ed?Animited Paltry? Row hy a body Corp->r ite?Vrg> table* and Whiskey Overtnrow?Roast howl* foully rr-ated? Aggravating and Solemn i ighl : APPARITION OK A FRENCH c7iOK. Viz-that nl ihe celrbrat-d UDE, 10 feet iu height and every w.iy proportionate ! Note?Mon*. Ude while living wa* 5 feet 8 inches, hut every b,dy know* (here'* great atretcliing allowed in *|iparili"n*. SWITZERLAND! Canton of Luzerne ! Two aorta of Fid I* Playing. A Great Swell ! Blea* m?, where'* my Shirt ! CENTR AL AMERICA. Romantic Ruin *urrounded by a Fnraat. Monkey*, Owl* and Wild Boar* exert the maelvea in thia acene. Mnrder committed and hronght to light fir...I . VCrhl. Month FRANCE! Oak House at Allonvillt*. Pays de Caux. The Homon of a Sporting Match?How to Snare a Kern One. SPAIN! The Moonlight Ruins of St. Jsjro ! Necromantic Vau'f an'l Enchanted N<>?-gay ! SUBTERRA!?Trial Arch *untainrd by Burning Stones! Red Hot Salamander* Measri Runnel*i, Hiram *nd Chesnut. Cei.rstiai.?The Silver City of THE MOON! Crossed by a Splendid Bridoe or Rdbibs ! Utiuamoahle hrighl com* t. emtic ol course, miss L, Wella. Shoot ins Sun in Axorv, Blue and ilver Master. Stephens, Olrnroy, W. Kiue vlr and Sergeant. Miairs Wells, Re. Fixed Star*, Satelli-es, Ooiuscationa and Lnnanana generally; *11 alired splendidly and correctly, that is to say. after the authorities of modern as'ronomria, "ir J. Newton. Locke (not him on the u' drraiaudiDS. hut the gentleman of Innar celebrity), Herseh. II, He. Ac. fcc. I'l.AUFTi BaiOHT. H ralraer. J Serjeant. H. Needham, B. Carrol, B. Hoy t, J|. Rnnnela. Planets Beautiful. Mradamea Oosain, Wells, Needham, McFarUnd La Fante, Miaa Bedford. UIHST PREMIUM HOBE PIPE-lndm Rubber Ho^tt^, * flexible and perfectly tiuht, suitable for the Crofon water. '1 his article is perhaps ihe best fot the purpose of irrigation, washing windows. conveying water to tl.e roof. Re. in case of fire _ of any thing of the It ind yet introduced It la quile clean and ha* received the preference of some ol the largest Ho:els, Printing estahliahmenta i.nd olhera since the lulrodueiinn of the Croton Wafer in the city, ft is made of a pre aration of Duck with tn.iia Rnhherhy the aid of powerful Koxburv machinery in a manner defying all OOtrngutmn and fntntahed in anv deaimblr leugih o calibre, with et pipes and Coupling! attached Our ea.ablialimeut has also the New Y<>ik Agency lor the nely invented Hemp Hose, and will esscotr orders with I 1 promptuess Plumbers and the trade are invited to liberal I terms. Warehouse of the Koxbary India Rubber Kai * bits,. I J ment, 45 Maiden Lane. HORACE H. DAY. dM I* r Ruiinst to Roxhairy India Rubber Co. AMUSEMENTS ' ?? . , ? ?-? m CHATHAM THKATRK, REDUCTION Or PRICE*. Dr?? Clrek, t? ?* !?; IV >i?^Up?*r TWt l?He?- 3 , "THIS EVENING, blind BOY. / APer which Negro Dancing. 4 , Ponded# with BLACK haven of the wood* nourtopei, ,t >u o'-ioeh and the redermau'e will c neqee at i p-enaely nIT.HKI.I.'H OI,VNPIC THEATKK . _ ?? Broadway, New York. THIS KV"Nino. w.ll Ik p*rfoiB?'' n . f.HA dFavolo. En Diayolo, I Beppo, Mitchell eania? * ""h n ka,vty k 'h|r beast. The Doora will he opene.l at hall mil ?, and rba we |rv?n*r>? *- fnmiPPiirf nf 7. hvitv t-vonjnj FRANKLIN THRATRL Drear Circle erntn Boaea P?n|Klt? ajJ Prini? Bntfi tl THIS E V K. NINYJ(' 10 tnn,m*nr.? w?j, Alio 1 hi following peranna appear :? .lentina, with hi* eccrntricitiri and comic aingine?Diion, with hit mrlndiei? Roaalie, with h?r enchanting warbling?Aurinl ?nd Peril*.with their exciting ACrid rtnthta?the inimitable Connorer, with hie lndia-rnhh?riam??OVhtnnell, the Tattooed Man, with hie aav<tr pranka?anil more thing! elae than can be crowded into a mall apace. To conclude with ELSSLKR SERENADE The hot office now open under the direction of p. C. Pal, mer. R. 0. DINNKEQRD. Manager. AMERICAN THRATRR-WALEUT-NT. PHILADRIiHHIA, I NDEH THE DIRECTION oe MISS C CURHMAN THIS EVENING Jan.JL will be perform^ LOVES sacrifice. Conclude with IRISH LION. A. MARSHALL. Laaae. AMKtUCAN NVSEVN, M?rhlc Bjil'hn*. Broadway, oppoaite St. Pan! la Charab T P BARNUM, Mamrr. Eirat week of the gnrge?ea a0<l magnificent apeetaeie ? NAPOLEON CROSSING THE ALPS, got up in aatyle of aplendnr, ^nd with an cipeine that ml* be appreciated without beholding it. IVnitivelv and aaaoradt the LAST WEEK of GENERAL TOM THUMB, JUNIOR! The amalleit Dw?-f in all creation. Thia perfect penmen of man, on the itnalje aeale ever betore heard of, can be aaen day and evening at d r Mnaenm, without ritra charge. Heiilt year a old, hut nthea high, and Weighs only eietken pounds; Tliat being preciacly hia weight when bnt ail montha old.? The General 11 of fine aymmetrical proportion, end decidedly the moat perfect Dwarf in the world, ann the moat anrprising living enrioaity that everaatnniahed thenohlie. Lett week of the nnirersally admired animated tableaux, consisting of many gorgeooa moving iccdm, including the splendid spectacle of THE BURNING Of MOSCOW, Lg Petite Celeste, the admired dant?use ; Mr. H. G. Sherman, the popnUr ballad ainiter ; and T. G. Booth, the Comic Singer, are engaged. Alio, Viraldi'i celebrated Mechanical Figures. I lactlrr preparation, the sublime and wonderfnl moting Di or ima of the DELUGE ! Performances commence at 7 o'eloek. Dav performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at IK o'clock. Admission to all 25 cents?Children half price. Satniday nrst (day and evening) Farewell Benefit of (Jen. Tom Thumb, and imattively his last appearance in this city for .omr time. jljmc PEALE'S NEW YORK nVSRBH national portrait and picture gallery. 18 now re-opened : C. H. devoe, Msnager. w , The establishment contains an almost endless number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS Of NATURE AND ART! Neatly and tastefully displayed in three epacions hails, and boasts of s ten COSTLY AND ELEGANT PICTURE GALLERY. Exceeding in extent and value any other tu America. r,.e. n... ....I I. ..ele. " TUEfSDA Y\ "j?no*TT S'?t.* iili* "" 8IGNOK MAELSKl'S GORGEOUS DIORAMAS Consisting of VISION OK THE SUN. THE INVASION OF RUSSIA. Including the CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW. MK BLANC, (he Kra?t Necromancer and Magician. MISS HOOD, the accomplished Vocalist?MR T GRA HA VI, the Comic Singer, are also engaged. Alan engaged, during the whole Day and E'ening, MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIP8V WOMAN. From England. She wiahea not to impose ni>on the public, by nuking them believe her a Witch r r FORTUNE TELLER! Poeaeaaed with aupernatural power?but on the contrary, confeaara publicly to be able to instruct other a Of gaeo intellect, and mention their leading tra aactione of PAST TIMES, THE PRESENT. AND THE FUTUhE. tir^Tiekeu to the Muaenm, 25 cents; Children hall pnee. j29ec ""ROCKWELLS PATENT DECK LIGHTS. NO. 9 A8TOR HOUSE, ENTRANCE IN BAHCLAV STREET. jyll lm*r MUSIC. OCHNEIDKH k REBHUN will attend private parties end kJaoireee with a band of from three to twenty artiste. Apply No. IT Delancy street near the Bowery, or No. 99 C roe by at. Jyff lm*r TO WHIP MAKERS HATTERS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MAKERS, ami others desirous of attending their business m a very profitable investment. The Subscriber hiving been in business in Condon, Birmingham, and Manchester, in England, for u; wards of twenty vears, and has been considered the first in the trade at nanufacturing whip gut, Hatters bowstrings, harp, violin, violincello, doable base and covered wire strings, sausage skins, steam engine and wt-eel bands, *ud gut strings of esery description, ell of which are new imported to the Ueired States, paying a doty of twenty-five per cent. The consumption of these goods in this country is very great, and as it has not hero discovered before, that gut strings could be manufactured in this country, the eerrieea ol the subscriber. to superintend the manufacturing of anch articles, would He invaluable, having travelled through several ol the States, knuws some ol the best customers to sell to. This business could be carried on to an uu'imited extent, even to supeisede ihe imp rtation >>1 English gut. The subscriber would enter into an encseemrni with any person desirous of embarking in this trade, at a reasonable remuneration?weald have noohjection to o west or south, if it was proposed to carry the business ou a eery large scale, as the materials are in greater abundance and much cheaper than in this city. Best of references given and required. Please address a note for A. Catgut, at the Herald office. Pork Store to Let, sod fixtures for tale cheap, down town, now deing a good business, blocks, tools, scales, Ac- complete. To any person wishing to go into the Pork, Sausage and Meat business, this is a rare opportunity. Apply as above, j29 lw*ec MEDICATED V.a I'OK BAl Hs, 25 Coartlaodt street, urn tablishrd IK6?Soarlrt (ever, colds, inflammatory and chronic rheumatism,he cored in a few days by the Qse of J. F. Carroll^s Medicated Vapor Baths. Open from 6 o clock in the morning till nine o'clock at night. Sulphur Baths icquire one hour's previous notice. Portable hnihs scut to any part of the city or Brooklyn. Bathing take and hip bathe for hire. jiSulwr .mm am vkoim.k'k line for auany. Intermediate Place*.?'The steamboat UTICA diefootol ( oortlaDdl ?t,, on Thia After nonu at 5 o'clock. Wvdnraday, February I. For imkiiic or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8HULTZ, at the office on the wnarl. Iy3l r ?w FOR HUDSON?And int?wmed'*te place*. ?Thr low preaaurc steamboat ROBERT L. !K M"#aTi viv6 Captain R. LTXabey will tear, the pier Toot of Murray at, thia aiternoon, at 5 o'clock, Taeadac, Jan. 31. Forficight or passage apply on board. jySI lt*m BRITISH AMI NORTH AMERICAN ROVAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of ISMLtona and 440 horae power each. Under nor,tract with the Lorda of the-Admiralty. HlBKRNIA, C. H. E. Judkine, Commander. MHI'TANNlA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott. do ACADIA. A. Kyrie do COLUMBIA. E. C. Miller, R N do Will anil from Lirerpool and Boaten, via Halifax. ae foilowa : moat liver pool,. moat aoayen. Acadia. Ry nt, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, Mar 4 Ap*l 1 Britannia, Hewitt, ApM 4 May 1 Hibernia, Jodkina, Ap'l 19 May If The accommodatioua lor pasaengen are anpener. The vessels are accampanied by experienced surgeon*, and amply aupplied with Francea' Patent Life Boata. Pissage le.luc-d to BI20. No Uerlha aecuied until paad fcr. For further information apply 'o D. BRKiHAM, JR., at HARNDEN h COM, No. 3 Wall-et. j 10c ALL REOULAH PACKETS and Steamer* aad other paaacurrr y. aaela earryintt, " Franc la' Patent mMMfeLile Boata" will in future have the word PATENT a lamped and plainly painted on ihc aid-. jyl3 Iwiar taO FOR LONDON.?Keguiar imcket ol the lar of f ehilar V I14T?The vin inier nr. fail tlilinv naakat JKaAfaship MEDIATOR, c apt Chadwick, w:lj positively tail <a above her regular day. Having Trry aupriior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark ihould make early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH. MaM U HMA r. lot) Pine at., cor. Sooth The above will be aucceeded by the |?cketahip Wellington , and aail on the 19th February. Peraona wi.hitg to aend for their (rteadi residing in the old country, can nave them brought out by the above shipa, or any of the regular packets, by applying aa above ; if by letter, post paid. m KOR LIVERPOOL?Regular Packet ol the 1th uV I^V K'hrua ' . lit ) The very superior packet ship JBmKgEOROE WASHINGTON, Capt Burrows, will sail aa a ve. JOSEPH McMURRAY, jlOr ___ IBO Pine, corner of South street. 'aJKP KOR LONDON?Packet of the 1st Kebruarv? ssMI^E. The anncrp'r well known packet ahip MEDIATOR, JjB6Bb''a|i< Ina-'wiek, will sail a above, her regulan day. H?r accommodations for cabin, second eabin and steelago pa'.'ii rrsa.-r nnaorpa?a*il for comfort and convenp-nce Early aiiplication ahonlu be made on boa d the ah p foor of Pim at, on. JOHN Hi- ROMAN. jatec SI "South at. EOH NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA ANl " i una ro?m oi win re wUkbunrv. ?' >< fist sailing packet ship OCMULGbK, Cant. Momford will positively sail v above, her icgular day. rot frughi or passage, having handsome iuruishi d accommodations, apply mi board, at (Moans wharf, foot of Wall at. or to K. K CU1.LIN8 It CO. M ?oojli st. Passengers will please he on board at Orleans wharf, root of Wall street, (hit day. 30th mat. at I o'clock, at which time, skippers may rely upon having their goods correctly me sou red.and that ne ships of this line will sail I'onctoally as aovortiaed. Any gunraiMee 10 that effect will he given and numlwa 1 Ag ni m N?()'leiii?. Hnllm * Woodruff, wno will pronapoIt forward all (rcx>?l? to tnrir The packet ?hin (>coeee, CanMin Jsck^ will *?e##d the OcDinlgee, and ?" feh he. reeisUr dse j|| r rsat WOK NK'V ' iltLKA.Nt? Kiral Packet Bhip? jfiUL The iwckef hip f AlKFlh.LD, Capt Wilaon, will he QKu?<lespatrhed I or the abovn port on the lat Yrb?Cabin ^hlHTTrage paau-ngera can he h>ndaomely accommodated ata Aridvo"boap' the ship at Murray's wharf, foot of Wall at, Applyonw JOHN HKKDMAN ,rrw HI Month styrct. owes. ?TashXuTT-KT.H Se.W OHLkiANi?f>?ly jBh (tegular l.itn?The Irndi I fast a<iling packet <hip JM0lL?UN I HVILLK,Cap! Mulloid, will tail positively on lai Keh, her r tular day Having splendid accommodatinoa Inr cabin.second cabin and ileeragr pottengrra, those wishing to aecuie ber'lis ahonld not ail to make early application onboard, n? psieOTT ,f7r 11 Pock Mlp cor Soutii st