Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1843 Page 3
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(KJ- BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. No. ST Bowery? February lit, 1843, Benefit of JACK TRVON?Last Circii? Performance prerloui to the Millennium ?Andrew J. t, Allen hai volunteered to appear on this occaiiun, and fvr this night only, for hisold Knickerbooker friend, in the character of a Negro Bailor, and ling the comic patriotic long of " Backside of Albany, on LakeChamplain." Mr. Brown, of the Chatham Theatre, in one ot hi* highly popular Comic Bongi. Ma*ter Walter Ay mar, in hi* iucomprehemible act of Horsemanship, without laddie or bri die. Dan Oardner and Mr. Thrift, as Clown*. Most Elegant Equitation! and Poi?cs, by Oardner ft Bon. McFarland, in hi* unapproachable Arabian Vaulting Feat* and Bomersetting. The superb Polish Entree, compoied ol fix beautiful Lady Equestrians, led by Mr*. Cole, and six Beaux Chevalier*, led by Mr. 8. B. Howe*. The elite ol the three beat Equestrian Companies in the Union have also generously tendered their gratuitous aid for the occasion. The whole to conclude with, for tbo first time, an original and graphic Ethiopian Burletta, entitled " Boz at the Five Points, or American Notes for English Circulation?Boz, (a ipoiled Cockney, in search of the sublime,) Mr. Whitlock; Spoons, (his faithful attendant,) Mestaver; General Moonshine, General Boots and Editor Squash, (principal toadies to Box.) Mestayer, Daniels, and Kelly; Black Bill, Pelham; Black Bet, (the "mulatto girl, with large, black, drooping eyes,") Dan Gardner;" That Club," Penny-a-liners, Literary Loafers, Toadies, Peter Funks, and other Vermin, by the Company. In the course of the Burletta, the greatest display of Negro science ever exhibited in the United States will be given. Prices of Admission?Boxes, first, or dress circle, fifty cents?children half price; do second tier, M cents; pit, I'H cents?no half price to pit or second tier; Parquet, or family boxes. $3?seats for six persons Places have been f set apart for colored persons. Doors open at I post 0?Overture by the Band at a J to 7 ?Horsemanship to commence at 7. Q&- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, is guaranteed to cure all forms of secondary syphilis. Patients effected with pains in the bones, cutrncous erup. tinnfl Iftrp throat anil pvorv Alitor uvmnlotn Itiilioativu of the existence of venereal taint, hould tiae this arecific without delay. -Sold in bottles at $1 each, in casus of half a dozen bottles, $6, (forwarded to any address.) W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office of the College, 07 Nassau street, &? VELPEAU'8 SPECIFIC Plf LS.?These celebrated Pills for the prompt and radical cure of gonorrhoea and gleet, hare been used in an immense number of cases since their introduction into this country by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, and with unfailing success. They will very soon become the only remedy for these hitherto intractable diseases. Several of the most distinguished pnysicians in the city, recsmmend and US'- them in their practice, and all the memb >rs of the College ore unanimous in the opinion that V dpeau's remedy is the safest, speediest, and most effectual peciffc for all puru lent discharges from the urethra. i single box is generally sufficient even for the worst o (cases. Why will sullerers from tUs disease allow it to run on, producing stricture with all its train of serious evils, when a box of these pills will effect a permanent cure, without the use of any of tho^e irritating injections or nauseous mixtures of copaviain common use7 Sold in l>oxesat $1 each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal olhceof theCollegeof Medicine and Phormncy,97 Nassau st MONEY MARKET! Tuesday, Jan. 31?6 P. III. The buoyancy of the stock market, apparent yeaterday, wan continued to-day, and sales of sound stocks were to a fair extent, at a further improvement in prices. New York Stale 6's, 1862, rose J per cent; do. ftj's, J; Ohio fl's, 1? per oent; Kentucky 6's, 1; Ohio Life fc Trust, 1J; Canton Co.} per cent. The New York Commercial Exchange Association will meet for the transaction of business at No. 13 Wall street, on Thursday next. The Exchange will be open to the public. Notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the attemlnnce on the Real Estate sales at the Exchange was large, and prices obtained good, showing an evident desire to invest in that description of property. Money has continued exceedingly plenty in the hands of capitalists, because there has been no demand for it for business purposes. The market presents the same features in this respect as do those of London and Paris. The accumulation of coin in the vaults of the banks is greater than ever before known, and is a necessary consequence of the reaction of the paper system. After prices have been carried very high by speculation, their fall to a specie level carries down every species of property, real estate, company and bank stocks, as well as produce and merchandise, destroying confidence in every description ol investment. Hence specie accumulates in the banks, and in the hands of capitalists, until prices ore believed to have reached their lowest points. Whereas had the markets never been disturbed by the fictitious action of the banks and their mischievous issues, the inflation and consequent destruction of confidence, causing capital to be Idle, would never have taken place, but funds would constantly and regularly have been employed increasing the wealth of the country. The fear that Congress would establish some borrowing paper machine, like the proposed Exchequer, has for a length of time paralyzed the market. The instant that project was destroyed by a vote so decisive as to preclude all chance of its being revived, a movement among capitalists took place, and the United States stock was taken up. The temper ot the House in opposition to a Government Bank, gave hopes that all other so-called " relief" measures . would lie rejected, such as the insane issue of $200,000,000 of stock, and that a return to seund sense would, by reducing the tariff, give the government not only the means of paying its debts, but of meeting the $3,073,976 of stock redeemable after Jan. ,1944. Hence the encouiagement given to capitalists to move. The low rate of foreign 1 ills also afford an opportunity for investment in them for the import of specie. The principal demand is for this purpose, with a moderate supply. The rates as follows:? Rates or Foreion Bills ii? New York. .W. 2R. Vm. 15. Dec. 31 Jan.31. i.nndon, 8 a 8$ 6 a 6$ 5$al 06 5$ a 5$ France, 5 30*5 II $ 5 42$a5 10 5 43 a5 45 5 46 af> 46'4 Atnstcrd ? *39$ 38$ a 38$ 3RHi38$ 38$ a 38$ Hamburg, 35* a 36$ 31$ a 34 V 34$a34$ 31$ a 34*4 Bremen, 76 a76$ 75 a 75$ ? a 75$ 75 a 75$ The rates of ipecie arc aa follows Mexican dollars, $ a $ pm Patiiot doubloons, $15,60 Spanish dollar*, 3$ a 5 Sovcre-gns. $4,84a$4,86 Five fr. pieces, 93 a94 American gold, par Spanish doubloons, SI6a$l6,15 The plenteousness ol money has latterly caused some improvement in stocks, notwithstanding the distrust created hy the movement of some of the State Legislatures, as Ohio and ether States, in relation to what are called relief measures, which are in fact unwarrantable and disgraceful attempts to deprive creditor* of their rights by stay law* and valuation laws, and like the Bankrupt law of the Federal Government, and the repudiation of some of the States serve only to increase the laxity of morals on the subject of indebtedness. The following is a comparative table of the prices of stocks in the New York market Trices or Leadiro Stocks iiv the New York Market RedeemRatr.ahle. Dtc. 31. Jan. 31. United S'stes, 5$ 1844 98 alOO 98$a 98$ 1844 ? a 100 a100$ 6 1863 ? a 160 alOl New York, 7 1818 103 a,03 104$al04$ New York State, 6 1860 94 a 96 99$al00 5$ ? 86 a 87 92$a 93 5 8451 92$a 93$ 94 a 97 " " " 5 1846 90 a ? 88 a 93 " " " 5 1847 87 a ? 88 a 93 5 I860 85 a 86 88$* 89 " " " 5 1 855 85 a ? 88$a 89 " " " 5 1 858 85 a ? 8R$* 89 ' " 4$ 1849 ? a ? 79 a 80 " " City 5 fire 85*86 ? a ? " " 5 water 84 a 85 85 $a 87 7 1857 I03$al04$ 104$alO? " " " b'ds6 I year ? a ? ? a ? Brooklyn City, 6 30 yrs 85 a 90 88 * 95 Pt-Riuylvania, 5 ? 40 a 42 12 a 43 Ohio, 6 18.50 70 a ? 70 a 71 6 1856 67 a 67$ 67$< 68 6 1858 67 a 67$ 67 a 68 " 6 I860 67 a 67$ 67 a 68 " 5 1856 ? a ? 60 a 6.5 Kentucky, 6 ? 79 a ? 82$t 83$ " 6 b'da 4's ? a ? ? a ? Alabama, dollar, 5 1865 65 a 70 50 a 60 Arkansas, 6 25 yr* 28 a 30 28 a 31 Indiana aterlinir, ? ? a ? 21 a 22 ' dollar, 5 ? 20 a ? 2l$a 22$ Illinois, sterling, 6 1860 ? a ? ? a ? " doll, h'k loan, 6 I 860 ? a ? ? a ? " sterling 6 1870 ? a ? ? a ? " <??>}*'. . . 6 1870 18 a - 20$* 20$ D'l St Hud. bonds 6 4 yrs. ? a ? ? a ? B/kofCom. N.Y. 82 a 13 84 a 85 N.Y.L. St Trust Co. ? al30 40 a 70 In our article of Oct. 9th, in relation to the indebtedness of the State of Illinois, we remarkod that the new legislature would probably take aome steps toward compromising the State debt, and to complete Ihe canal, for which a loan of $1,000,000 is requiaite. Two billa have now been ^traduced, one in each houae of the legislature, having those objects in view. The bill Wore (he Senate was introduced by Mr. Ryan, and that before the House by Mr. Gregg. These hills, which are alike, require the Governor to open a negotiation with the holders ef the canal bond*, for the purpoae of procuring from them a loan, sufficient in amount to complete the canal. The loan to be made upon the pledge of the canal and canal property. If the loan i* obtained, the rami bond holders, after subscribing the necessary amount, are to elect two trustees on their part, and the Governor is to appoint one on the part of the State. These three trustees, when thna selected, are to he vested with all the powers now possess ed hy the cansd commissioners, and te have the right of establishing the rate of tolU to to taken on the canal, when in operation. The Governor i? alio required to convey to theie truitoea all the property, real, personal and mixed, attached to, or belonging to the canal, a* alio the canal itself, to to held in truat for the benefit of the in dividual* making the loan. This conveyance to be made before the money ia advanced by thoae subscribing it. After the canal is completed under the direction of the trus. tees, they are to proceed to sell the canal lands and the cannl property, from time to time, as they may deem proper, and from the proceeds arising from such sale, the individuals making the loan for the completion of the canal, are first to to reimbursed; and the reaidne it any there should to, is to bo distributed pro rain among the v present holders of tha canal bonds, kc. The bill proposes to take from the State all control over he canal and the canal property, to that in future it canto! iuterferu in the matter. The power claimed by tbia '"gialature of repealing charter* ii ipecially guarded igainst by the gentlemen who presented tbia bill. Tliey vere well aware that no capitalist would touch the canal until the legiilature had placed it altogether beyond its outiol?hence the unusual provisions of the bill, and the '.irect cat at the avowed principles of their political brehren. It was ascertained previously that certain ol the leading moneyed men in New York would undertake to | idvunce the money, $1 600,00), if these bills were passed in fact subecriptions to the amount are already made on heso terms. The completion o! the canal will undoubtedly ;>lace in the handa of the State ample revenues to sustain the small remainder of the debt, when the proposed compromise shall have boen entered into. This is real relief 'o the State, and is a bright gleam through the hitherto dark cloud of insolvency. The following are the returns of the liauka of Oliie to the 1st Jan. 1843, per Auditor >s report Banks or Ohio, Jan. 1343. Loans. Specit. Cxrc. Dept. Franklin Rk of Colnmltus, 139,406 47,570 76,307 30 71* Clinton Bk of Coloinbns, 161,113 107,736 : 63,033 109>5 Bank of Xenia, I2t,896 26,191 86,193 55.297 IliA'ik of CircleVillr. 319 057 16,132 171,050 15,513 Belmont Bk of St. Claimville, 82,023 12 613 9.001 10 953 Com Bit Cincinnati 1,002,383 15,091 60,053 205 022 Bk or Mt Pleasant, 32,076 7,163 8,165 398 Bk of Dayton 27,774 10.242 14,463 ',116 Bk of Sandusky 186,680 49,714 176,029 37.830 Bk of Marietta, 178,360 16.162 41.691 7,408 Western Keserv* Bb. 138,689 34,614 19.706 16.202 Bk of Geauga. 136 361 10,466 16 863 16,980 Bk of Norwalk, 176 810 47.208 22,994 79 649 I.afayette Bk of Cincinnati 880,690 66,116 39,819 4 8 623 Bk of M <aai11<'it, 211.393 40.012 142,046 66,799 r?tal, Jan. 1, >4 099,746 667,309 1,146,166 740.666 " Oct. 1, 5,166,064 736,620 1,792,117 976.446 Decrease, 1,066,318 170.311 646,962 231.779 It is now pretty well settled that there will be ne renewal of bank charters in Ohio, and that the oppressions, impoverishment and losses iucident upon banking will be considerably lessened in that State. Sales at tlie Stock KxcbaiiK*. $1,000 NY State 7's,1848 104*4 5,000 Kentucky 6'a, 1871 81K 1,000 do 6'a. 1860 100 6 000 d> 81 2.000 <1? 1862 100 1.000 do short bd 85 10,000 d > 6*4. 186 1 934< 100 .lia? Fuboa Biuk 103>4 5,000 <!o 9325 Ohio Trust Co 18>2 500 do 5's, 1846 94 89 Franklin Bk Ohio 60 2,600 <lo 5'?, 1858 89 26 Manhattan Gas b"% 5,000 Illinois 20J4 70 Utics 8c Schenectady U3 1,000 Indi na 2"44 8 Boston tk Providence 885, 2.000 Ohio 6's, 1860 69 30 Canton Co I6K 6,000 do 70 50 Long Island 184, 1,000 do 6944 200 do h90 484. 5.000 do 69H Second Board $4000 State 6's. 1862 b3 100 $1000 Ohio 6's, I860 69 4000 Illinois 6'a, 1890 2044 25 shas Farm's Loan co 1344 2000 do 20^4 26 Del St Hn I. b20 8I'? 200 .has Harlem b60 1644 State of Trade. The following sales of real estate took place at auction to-day by J. Bleecker Sc. Sons : Two story brick house and tea room in rear, 21 Amity street; lot 26 by 76 feet, house 25 by 46 feet, $7,400 House and lot i7 Orange street, 26 feet 2 inches front, 28feet rear, 100 feet deep, 7,000 Two story brick house and lot 80 Franklin street; lot 23 feet 7 by 100. 9,900 House and lot 20 Roosevelt street; lot 126 feet deep, and 3 story houso on the rear, 6,000 Premises 270 Walker street; lot 28 feet front and rear, 200 feet deep, on which are eleven frame houses, 6,700 Jiihts? Small sales of pots at $6,60, and $6,60 asked lor nnnrls. Grain?Nothing doing in wheat; small sales af northern corn 93 a 93; rye, dull at 96; oats abundant. Hops?Small sales at 10 a 13$. Beeswax?Further sales or yellow at 38c. Seed?There is a demand for new clover at fl$c. Cotton Trade. The Cotton Market in this city has been quite active lor export lor the last few days. The late advices irom Europe seemed to be considered as settling the rates for the season, and in consequence to increase animation. The sa lea in this city have been near 30,000 bales since the 13th. The state of the crop is as follows Receipts, Exports and Stock op Cotton in the United States. 184'. 1843 Increase. Receipts, 698.401 1,039.800 340.299 Exiiort to G. Brit'n 816,791 414,481 197.730 ,r to France, 121.009 1 34,616 13,6 >7 " other ports, 34,476 47,080 10 654 Stocks, 388,773 367,588 38 755 The following is a table of the transactions at the leading ports of the south, for the week previous to date Stocks. Sales. Prices. Remarks. N. Orlcaps. Jsn 18 163.494 1 ,000 4^t9? de.liu'd Mobile, " 18 70.290 8,200 41**7* " MsX Savannah. " 2? 27,688 3,476 4HVU* . Charleston. " 82 20,554 13,782 5a8% firm. The following are the comparative quotations, Liver* pool classification : Prices Cotton, Liverpool Classification. N. Oris. Mobile. Savati'b. Augusta, jf. York. Inerior, 4*a4* 4?k*5 4**5 ?.43d 5*-51< Oiditiary, 5s5}a ?*5K 51*tbM ? s4v 6*6* Mitldl'UK, 5)6*5% ?a6>? 5S'?7?d 5 a "if* 6l??6>6 Middling fair, 634*6)2 6)6*7 6*6.2 , 534a? ?a? Fair, 734*7)2 7)4*734 634*6)4 5??a6 7*734 Good fair, 8\a834 ?a? 7*7)4 6)iiS>4 734*7\ Good and fine, 9)4*934 ?a? ?a? 6)4*7 ?a? Corn Trade. This market, and indeed all the markets throughout the country, are now in a very inactive state. No sales are made tor abroad, and transactions on home account were never smaller. The gustations of Flour are merely nominal, and range from $2 60 in Cincinnatti, to $4 90 in this market. We set the average in the Union at $3 87$ a barrel. We ^ive a statement of the movements of Flour and Grain in sixteen markets for two years in comparison Movements of Breadstuff*. 1842. 1141. Markets Bhls. Bushels Bbls. Rushtls Flour Grain. Flour Grain. Naw York, exported 385.869 ? 311,321 ? Buffalo, shipmeats, 640.277 1,623,8*8 64R 686 1,427,932 l I lev eland, arrivals, 492,711 1,563,445 411,125 1,814 808 | S'nduaky, exported, 15,472 527 347 22,457 492,785 Toledo, shipments, 37.880 116,730 45,781 187,898 B*l<iinore, ln.pected, 558,288 ? 688,974 ? Providence, imported, 88,683 678,000 87,R3o 681.757 Boston, imported. 6?9,460 8,359 482 574,733 8,437 806 Chicago, exported, 42,419 579,740 ? ? Milan, exported, 5,163 400,900 4,771 233,540 Pttlabnrg, shipped, 114,103 200,000 ? ? Menroe, shipped, 18.310 80.055 9,308 26,8(9 Calais, Me., received, 10,650 47,338 ? ? Portland, Me., imported, 53.376 160,687 68,871 251 183 Mas-ilion, cleared, 42 4'6 655,377 30,224 (94.306 Mauinre City, 5,856 23,743 ? ? It is hereseen, that although the increase in the movements this year over last is scarcely perceptible, the receipts and shipments are large enough to meet an increased consumption. Yet, it is apparent, that the home consumption is very little, if any more than it was a year or two ago. In consequence of the great decline in tho prices oi meat, more ol that description of food is eaten, and less brrad wanted. And as no foreign demand has stepped in, or is likely to step in,|to relieve the country of its immense production, it is fair to suppose that the prices of breadstuff's will decline to a still lower point, than is indicated in the second paragraph ol this report. Died. On Monday, 30th inst, Charles M. Jkssup, brush maker, aged29 years. 3 months and 12 days. His friends and those of the family, and also the Brushmaker's Society, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 3$ o'clock, from the residence of his brother-in law, John H. Sloan, 199 Allen street. New Orleans papers will please copy. On Friday, 27th nut. W(i.liam F., youngest son of H. N. and Lousia J. Davis, aged one year and lour months. Latest Advices received at thk new york herald office. Afriaa Nov. II Macao Sep;. 89 AnxCayes Dec. 30 Madra Oct. 22 Antigua Dec. 13 Manilla Sept. 20 Bombay Nut. 1 Montevideo Nov. 25 Batavia Oct. 7 Maranham Nov. 26 in Jin. 3 Bonaire April 9 Mayagnei Dec. 8 Buenos Ayres Nor. 6 Maracaiho Dec. 7 BaLia Nor. 12 Matamnraa Dec. 1J Befite, Hond. Dec. 23 Nenvita* Nor. in Barhadoes Jan. 5 Nassan, N. P. Jan. 2 Bogota Nor. 10 Oalm, 8. I. Ocl. 1 Berhice Feb. 20 Paris Jan. 2 Cape Haytien Dec. 24 Port an Prince Jan. 7 Cape Town, C. O. H Dec. 3 Ponce, P. II Dec I Curacoa Dec. 19 Para Dec. 21 CieiifuegM Dec. 14 Pernamhuco Dec. 22 Carthagena Sept 13 lanama Sept. 23 Caraeraa May 17 Ri > tie Janeiro Dec. 13 Chagrrt Jnly 1 Singapore Oct. 4 Callao Sect. 7 Sydney, N. S. W. Jane 14 Cnlcntla Oct. 21 St. Helena Dec. 14 llemerara Dec 14 St. Thomaa Jan. 13 Fayal Dee. 23 St. Barfs Jan. 3 Oilimltar Dec. 14 St. Jago de Cuba-* Dec. 20 (i.iayaonil Oct. 10 St. Johns, P. It. Dec. 23 (taayama, P. R.* Nor. 7 8l Croix Jan. 8 Oonaives Aug. I St. Martha Dec. 8 (Inhesion Jsn. 8 St. John, N. B. Jan. 20 Havre Jan. 1 Surinam Nov. 30 Havana Jan. 17 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Jan. 23 Tobaaco Dec. 23 leremie Nor. 20 Turks Island Jan. 6 Jacmet Dec. 25 Trmidad de Cuba Dec. 31 Kingston, Ja. Dec. 22 Vera Crur Jan. 4 London Jan. 3 Valparaiso Oct. Ifi Liverpool Jan. 4 Yucatan Jan. 15 Latluavra Jan. 4 Zaatihar Sept. 27 Lima Am. 8 Furalgn Imporiatloni. Tobt kv Pairvcx?Schr Ssgadahock?27 piers mahogany 39 bidet A C Hoasiere It co?100 bags coffee H W DelafielJ? I do 1 basket O Hoga th?10,263 Iba logwood and 109 bags coffee to ord* r. Ctmacoa?Brig Abrona?74 bdls iioat skins 764 hides 4937 pc? logwood 2 bids old copper Boonen Graves It co. Ctiaacoa?Brig Tam O'Shanter?106 hales goatski, >72 hides 104 PCS hgnamvitie 380 hbh salt J Fonlkr ?t ion. Uomaitlc lui|Mrtatloiii, N'fw Out rtwa Bks'. n a ... A.I o n * ?amp i nu\nra? I u niirn rollout r rich?3 Wood. Johnson k Bnrntt?268 do 186 Mill moln?ir* 29 hhda sngrar W Barnwell?74 do 948 t hin 340 b?le* Cotmi Rnlwrt 8i William*?10 do 53 h.iga wool Greenway. Henry 81 00?21 bale* oolton 80 hhd* sncnr Qoodhar k 00?177 do MailI uid.Gourie k OO?58bhdii ahnuldett Snnfford. Tilralon k co? 15 hhils ?n*?r H?'en k co?28 How I mil k Asinnw ill?I bole* W Nelson?50 bhl< innU<w> J Hrnry?97 bl? nrinp Saline & co ? t do cotton 8 Draper jr?6 Mi.imtu K W B*dr?ui?140 Mgs omit Ripley k (. ul?er?I cash wn Jotio* k Hmilh?3 pWoa I Winchcs'er?# lilark, Weyuwti k co?2 K Brainlull? I hiid 77 III* 117 kegs KS limes?2c* ( Moure?!bn K Marsh?13 |>km Ar at-AiHlcot.*? Barque Jiihu Odlin?30 bales cotton Ca11,11 me, K lull'y k 1 ii -18 rill ix Brnlmoii 140 II 4 -nit k Co?17 K 't eli <r l*on k n>?100 hal<* Lentllhon k Co?81 hide* 8 A Houghton .... _ Arai.aoMicni.e?Bog Thos ( uttir?81 hales cotton Bogart k Knn land?173 .) H T I'm in-170 < Kinney k eo?9 K Richard "?Po*T Liois-Brie H W Brown?1Mb*!** cotton Holbrook k I Nelson?44 Bryant Ik Mait'ftad?It ?!? 2? Hale* inom Mhi^M 4 rolls leather Spr&r It Paitro?4 bales otter skins Brown Brothers Si co?JbiaGLFrauk. _ I'oAI,L*o??? ?rl? Helen Maria?51 ln'ae cotton Bryant Si Mtnfauil?16 W C Maitlaml?106 H W ring It aoo?40 C??'rr Si co?4 9|h.u Si PiUou?U Hoi brook, N Won fli oo Si balea to irder. . Satahwah?Brig Madiaon?127 balea cottou Hy Colt a co? 16 Prrkina Si IT<>|>U,ua?71 <J ('.i 1 luia?25 M A Mill* r?5 Vnjriii'i? Si B.irtlioloiui H?16 D I e?ier?29 Lawrence It I "?? , 18 J S St. U. -70 H S liiKa?16 do 100 roki rice Smith Millx Si o?1 t'cri eiloD Pomeioy?2 hhda Taylor It Rich? 1 bo* H r Si Ketrhum?I J H Tilmoi. Da*iak?Brig Homer?213 balea cotton J 8 Stone?23 Karen & . ?21 Peikina Si Hopki la?27 8 M .-in VI A R I T I \1 K 11 I". 11 A L I > ' Stalling Days of the Steam Ship*. riOH KtfULANO. FROM iMrll. l Caledonia, Lott ......... Feb. 1 i 4c*dia, Ryrie Fib. 4 1 }. Weateru, Hoakrn Feb. 11 Mar. 16 1 t^olumbia, Miller Mar. 4 April 1 Britannia, Hewitt April 4 May 1 1 G. Weatern, Hoaken April 13 May 11 i Packets to Arrive. Packets to Ball. FROM LIVKRFOAL. FOIl I.ITKRrOOI.. Oxford, Kathbooe, Dec. 21 Columbia. Cole, Feb. 1 Patrick Henry,, Dec. 27 O Waabinstou.Biirrowa, Feb.7 FROM rORTaMOUTH. FOB rOHTIMOUTH. 1 Quebec, Williaina, Dec. 13 Mediator, Chainplln, Feb. I t I'liiltdelphin, Hovey, Dec. 211 Wellington,Chauwick, Feb. 10 FROM HATRK. FOR HAYRE. 1 Argo, Anthony, Dec. 24 St. Nicolaa, Pell, Feb. I Franenia I, Aimwortli, Jan. 1 D d'Orleana, Rich'dson, Feb.S Burgundy, Wotten, 8 I Sully, Tliomiaon, Feb. 16 " I* 1'iMieni HIMI Agenia, ( ^ ihull e?te?m it a ftror, if coptaiua of vt??cU will Kite j n ( ommydo^ Uobkrt Sii.vkt, of o,?r newi tfect, a rr- 1 irt nf thr thii'pimt left *f thr por' whciirr they sailed, lh# [ rf?ew spoken oti their czissage, a list of their cargo, i?n<l auy Oirifm uewipipf r> or aewi tli.-y may have. He wiii board them , immediately or their arrval. Agents and corvaspoodentA ar home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the marine intelligence they can obtain. j utormatiou oI any kiml will be thankfully received. J PORT OF NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 1. ' SCR KMC* 7 11 I MOON SETS 7 12 i Itllf SETS S 15 | HIGH WATER 10 S3 I llle u ' Shin. Mediator, Chmlwick, London, John Griswnld; Columhns, Cole, Liveri ool, C H Marshall; St Nicolas, Pell. Havre, Bowl & Hincken.?Barque Roman, Hopnrr, Rotterdam, r Balchen.?Brigs Carrier, Beecher, Marseilles, Fitch & Co; Danube. Clark, and Russia, Laur, New Orleans, Ncs- , Bilk, Leeds It Co. | Arrtvrrl. Ship Panthea, Dennis, 16 days from New Orleans, with cot- > ton, lie. to Wm. Nelson. Barque Joliu Odlin, Hanover, (of Pitlston, Me.) 16 days from Apalnclucola, with cotton, to master. 14th iusl. lat 24 10, Ion 82 30. spoke ship Rochester, 3 days fm New Orleans for Harre. The J O. has beeD 8 days north o( Cape Hatteras. Brig Abeona, Doane, 17 data from Curacoa, with loir wood, skins and hides, to Booneu Graves It Co. Left no American ve<iels. ( Brig Tarn O'Shanler, Thomas, 19 days from Curacoa. with salt, to J. Foulke It Son Left brig Abeona, lor New York, j 14th inst. and two British brigs wig cargo. Brig Elisa Burgess, \ for Cieufuegos, sailed 6lh lost. Brig K. W. Brown, Kelly, 15 days from Port Leon, with cotton, to Sturges It Clearmsn. , Brig Thos. Cutis, Perkins, 17 days from Apalachicola, with cotton, lo order. Sailed in co will, harm,.. tlran.l.. and br?K Franklin, for New York. U-ig Temperance, Qarnett, 22 days from Attakapas, La. with i 2000 IVct lire oak to J. H. Doughty. Brig Homer. Drinkwater, 12 days froin Darien, Oa. with cotton, to matter. ] Brig Madison, Bulkloy, 10 days from Savannah, with cotton, lo Sturges St Clearman. Brig Helen Maria, Swetzer, 20 daya from Port Leon, with cottou, to Neamith, Leeda Ik Co. i Bchr Sagad.ihock, Gould, 23 daya from Port au Prince, with coffee, to Brett St Vose. Left brigs Maria, Stetson, for Philadelphia, ft day i; Wni. Neilaon, Morria, of and for New York, disc; Nauvoo, Burnham, tlisg; achr Rochambeau, Kirwin, for ' Baltimore, t. 1 Schr Onligy, Brighton, from Baltimore, with flour, bound to Newport, put in on account ol head winds. Bchr Alabama, Kingsbury, from Salem, with corn, Ac. to P. I. Faruham. Below. Onebrig. Wind BE. blowing a gale. Two ahi|ia, outward bound, were at anchor at the SW. Spit yesterday. Herald Marine Correspondence. Office or the Rhode Islander,) Newport, Jan. SO, 1813. 1 Arr 27th, Alabama, Kingsbury, Salem for NYork; 28th, Susan Potter, Philadelphia for Boston. Sid 29th, Al ibama; 30th, Snsau. General Record. Foreion Letter Office.?The Columbus, Cole, for Liverponl; Mediator, Chainplin, for London, and St. Nicolas, Pell, for Here, will sail to-day. Their letter bags are at Oilpin's, i t the Kxchange. , Schr Ashore.?Capt. Bulkley, ol the Madison, reports a large topsail schr ashore on the Hook. Saw some persons on ' her deck. The sea was making a clear breach ovcrher. Revenue Service, Captain Divid Connor, of the Revenue Service, has been ordered to take command of the Revenue Cutter Jackson, ou the Newport, KI. station. Spoken, Michigan,from Alezandna for New York, Jan 17th, off Cape ] Henry. Foreign Ports. Halifax, Jan 22?Arr Clifford, Jones, New Orleans via Bermuda. St John, NB. Jan 7?Cld Margaret, Murch, Cork; I6lb, Odessa, Vaughan. Barbadoes: 18th, Eclipse, Curry, London; 2flth, Additigton, Kinney, Barbadoes; Sir John Harvey, Vonng, do; 23J, Manner, Hameon, Dublin; Lady Caroline, Lcdbetter. Cork. Matanzas, J in 12?AtrTecumsth, Beals, Boston; William Peun, Girand, L-guna; Eliza, Blake, Portland; Aid, Kelly, Ap'lachicola. Havre, Dec 31?In port, Argo, Anthony, for NYork, wiud bound; Nile, Johnson,for Apalacbicola, soor; Mary Kimball, Frreto, do do. Home Ports. Franefort, Jan 25?Sid Rupert, Rankin, Matanzas. Portland. Jan 27?Cld T O Brown, Brazier, Porto Rico; Sebago. Coffin, Monile. Boston, Jan 30?Arr Bethel, Eldridge, Fredericksburg. Cld Catharine, Gardner, Smyrna; Pearl, Harding, Philadelphia; ] Narrsgansett, Baker, Richmond. New Bedford, Jan ?8?Sid Atslanta, Swiff, St Maiy's, Georgia. Holmes Hole, Jan 29?Passed by, Fort Hill, Nantucket for Wilmingtou, Del Providence, Jan 29? No arrivals. Sid John, Young, Savaanan. Philadelfhia, Jan 30?Arr Ohio, Hatcn, NOrleans. Below, Baltimore. El-lridge, from Boston. QOUND PILOT?OWEN PRESCOTT, Pilot for New 17 Bedford, Nantucket Sliouls, Hoston. Portamoolh, Portland, Kcnneheck, and other ports. Office at Frye !t Shaw's Natitial Store, 222 Water, coruer Beekiuati street, N. Y ?Vice versa Adams' Express, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the s one as f rom Gay Head. j25 Imtsr AIT ANTED?A partner in the Caspian Oyster Saloon, cor?T n-i of Nassau and Fulton, with a capital of four or five hundrt d oollars. the present proprietors having other bnsiness which require their attention. Apply at the Stained Glass Works of PARSE k WF.8T, fl 3t*r <72 Peatl .t. near Chatham. \\T ANTED?A situation as Wet Nurse bv arespeciab'e mar?" tied 'Oman, with afresh breast of milk?her child being only four i unth? old. Good city references given. Apply at ' the corner of Douty ami McKinuy streets, Brooklyn. jlO 3lit*r J AirANTED?Asmait active latl, to a'tend as waiter in a pn- , ?? vate family. Good city reference r quired. Apply at theofficce of t?is paper. j30 3t*r ACAMD ?" THE KREMLIN," No. Ill nroadway, i>rin cipal entrance on Tham s street. The amusements at this establishment are n it equalled by any other such establishment Hi the cilv, having four beautilnl bowling Alleys on the ground floor. The charges for this amusement hare been reduced to accord with the tunes. There are also four elegant Billiard Tables on the second flooc, in one room, built expressly fcr such purpose. The Bar is supplied with choice Wines, Liquors, hegars, nod fine Ales, such as Scotch, Philadelphia, i London B'own Stoul, Ac The patronage of gentlemen is respectfully requested at this establishment. fl 2t*c. | N"EW~MOVEMENT. DEPEAL MEETING?A meeting o' The United Repeal " Association, and of the triends of Ireland generally. W'll be held at the Br> adwav Tabernacle, on Thu sday evening, Fi bruary 2d, at 7 o'clock. Beats will be reserved for ladies, and they are invited to attend. Per order of the Committee. I GREGORY DILLON, Chairman. JAM EH BERGER, Becreiarr. ft 2tr IQJQ-fcND OF THE WORLD ThIH YEAR.?Geo. IUw St' On, of Alniny, will lecture on the Seventh Canter of Daniel, this. Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at Niblo'a Saloon, fronting on Broadwuv. Bests free. The nnb- 1 lie arc invited to attend. His lectures on the 2brh of Malth-w anj the 8:h and 9lh of Daniel, are published in the last "Midnight Cr?'," 'ogvther with Mr Millet's < luonology,?t the office 76 i' irk Row. fl if m j NEWiH Irom tb,-Bay Btite?Those three verv egtra Steers that were einibited on Thursday ln?t,the 26 h toauh 'he priucipal streets of this city, have been slaughtered and aie now for inspection of the public at the slaughter house of the I subscribers, at No. H8 Eldridge st. have been proonnred by rampetent j udgea to he if not ' auperior to any thing ol the kind ever ottered to the public. At leaat they will hove an opportunity of judging for themaelvra | hy calling on Thorn vi M Jeiiauu of No 38, unit Charles Cooper , of No W rultnn Maiket.on Saturday next, on winch occasion they xolirit the iialronage of the public. , THOMAS M. JENKINS, fl 4t*r CHARLES COOrKH. OALAMANDKR SAKE AGAIN l'kiumt'HANT-1 he O book" and papers of John Mot, Klq. were p'eaervetl in a Salamander ualc at the .ileum,tion bv lire of hu large atvreli M, 28 Bioail It,OB the nuht of l lie 38tli lilt Salamander Hal'ea, of Wilder'." make, which hare never fail- I ed to piraerre the conteuti, cau only be hail at the Inn Sale 1 WareheUreo' SILAS C. HERRING, fl 61 2tw) r 1 ? Water atreet. New yohk commercial, exchange association ?Thia Association will meet for the tranaMtion of hniiiieaa in their room, No. 18 Wall atreet. on Thursday next, at. naif |ia?t 10 o'clock, a. M. The Exchange will be 0|>en to the public. i int'r S. J. JQSRHH, Secretary. s/TTlP ONElLlA, from Havre ?iliwuigrei will i'1' i?e send I their permit! on bond at Rector atreet wharf, N. R All Uooila ant permitted by the Uh instant, will be aeut to the put lie atnre. fl Jt*r f tOLLRO 1 IONS made on all parti of the United Siatra and Cv Canada, by II 'Jtiai WM. kJNO. O'BRIEN. l3Wall I rOR SALE OR EX' HAMUE-A commodtoua [TnB and elegant four story house nud lot. in tin- vicinage of Jjai^Roae at and Pearl, at a rent ol about SliO per anuum. I hit neat building fin'shed in auperior style, auited to the laate ami convenience uf a genteel fainilv. If disposed of in eachange. it would be bartered for vacant lota in tlir in bur In i film city, or farm properly ip the neighbourhood of New York, not exceeding thirty milea distanra. Application at the American Land and Loan Agency Office, No. II Wall a met, will receive due attentien. Persons ilcairoua of aelling, lettina, hiring, or eichanuuig propor.'y and inanring to themrelvei the utmost satisfaction, are reapeetfully invited to make direct application to thia oltice, where no chirgca ahull he made for aeryicea nor actually rendered, and when rendered, at a moderate coni|wri?ation. _____ tf 1 3t ra |ZT PI'itl It IIDI'ah. Kilt SII.UIs. ni "J mid br?t ca'abliahrd hmuea in the city,together Willi the AjJLimt ipired Icaae of the Mint, and the furniture. fittun ? '.ml ifii'i"" PeraotM applying mini have flioo at ilnpi.aal. Any wiahing to purch ae will pleaae addieu W W,Sun "Nice, valine where an interview can be hid, aud the taine will be promptly attended to. j3l i?2t*r ~TnWaK1) HKA80N Or OHHlSTIANITt. HKNKY JAMKH will deliver aaeennd lecture at the Stayveaant Initituie, on Thnnday Eeeninf, (ml Kthrnary. Atihject of Leeiure:?The man of the ftrit chapter of Ornraia, and the man of the iecond cnaptarj <>r the c.rcatcd man and the Mane man. l.ectnre will riiromen'i at half-paaiT. Admiti nee I'rew. jSISt'r PORTUlrUl.SK FEMALE F1LL?. THfcSI Tar lamed and celebrated Pilla, from Portugal, arc, * we poreeire, tu be obtained in thit country, Sec .nlrtrti*! mam on Urn lam column, louth pa*?, ml AUCTION SALES. THOMAS' BEL'. Vnetiotieer. BY BELL k HOWAHO. " ' t VX.Unn r-tnf 113 / !<;> ~WBI>NvK8DAY. At 1(1 * o'clock, in the ulc room*. Splendid stock of Cthin-I Furniture. togeth-r with the far ilturr of a family leaving the city, piano fnrtea, painting* nf utaud house furnishing good*, bv catalogue. THLTRUDAI. At o'clock, in the aalea rooma. I.ant- aale of aota>, m .inganv. |>arlor and rocking chain, ditana, ottnmana, French bedstead*. 17 Ant rate plain and dreaang bureau*, and some other articles of choice cabinet furni :ure. Catalogue* on Wedtif at'ay. Alao, 2 valuable piano fortra. by virtue of an eiecu'ion. FRIDAY, At !0*< o'clock, in the aalea room, I.a'ge aale of clothing, vaiinue dry good*, fancy and pledged irtielns gun*, cutlery, watchea, Ac. . ? TO LET?Two large rooma in the Sd and Id atone* of 173 Broadway, oppoaitr Howard'* Hotel. A'ao, a nor aaaortmeat of broadcloths and caaaimera, and the Mlancc of the fine itock of linaiery, and two egtm rich Cataloain shawls. HENRY E. HI ELL. Aucfr. "V H1KLL k ARCITLAR"'" Store Pit Broadway, coiner of Dunne streets II. k A. are uow ready to made advances tr any amount on cons'gnmen's, Hetnrni prompt. Males of real estate and out Jnor tales of household furniture attended to in person. Regular aalea of Liquors. Megan. Ik., uverv Tuesday; Furaiiure, Pianos, kc , every Wednesday aod Saturday. ~ WEDNESDAY, At I0>d o'clock iu 'he aale rooms. A desirable stock of new aud second hand cabinet wart and "iruishiig goods, from the maker* aud families. Also, one rich rose wood piano, 2 mote elegant secret draw ?rok-caaet, 3 aofaa, 2(in caue >rat chairs, U office ar bar room irin chairs, store ataols various sizes, bedsteads, carpets, tin ware tables, couches, printings, kc, without reserve tor cash, :o pay advances. FBv IOHEPH HEOEMAN, Auctioneer. URNITURK SALE, This Dtv. Wednesday, February I, Vr. inv; o'clock at 4t Nassau, near Washington street, Brookin, General Household Furniture, consisting *f one inahogaly sofa. 2 rockers, mahogany cane seat and other chairs, marble op, pirr and anfa tablet, set of mahogany dining tables, breakait, can) and toilet do, mahogany ana maple bediteads. washlands, 2 mahogany flower stands, hair mattresses and pillows, rather beds and bedding, looking glasses, 3 cots, Brussels ana Dgrsin carpet*, stair do and rods, 80 y rds matting, hall and nantel lamps, ciril vase, ail cloth, clock, crockery and kitchen iirniiure. The ahove u part of the furniture of a family dedining housekeeping. and it iu very good order. Brooklyn. F< b 1.1843 fl lt*r BOOKS FOR THE PEOPLE "PHI1, follnv iug Publications are for sale at the HERALD -* OFFIC"'. North West coroci o( Fu'ten and Nassau sts? vhoro oil the Cheap Publications of the day can be had as soon a issued, at t e PUBLISHING PRICES. JIANCA C A PPELLO?an Historicisl|Komance by Lady Ltttow Bulwbu This is published in a tipple estra number of the New World, this morning. Single copies I8\cts. $12 per huudrrd to newsmen. VLLISON'S HPLENDID HISTORY OF EUR')PE, iu '6 Numbers. The I, II, III and IV N? s are now ready, each 25 Ctf. JOOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be completed in t Nos. No I now ready 2a URANDE'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, Nos 1.2 and 3, 25 J HE'S DICTIONARY of the Arts, Sciences, be, to be completed in 5 monthly numbers. Price $1 each. JEOHOE ST GEORGE JULIAN, Ths Prince ?Nos 1.3 3 and 25 THIERS'* HISTORY OF THE FRENCH RK.VOI.UTfON.from No I to No9, 25 SPARKS' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, ? numbers, each 25 IACK HlNTON, 3IX, 50 It $1 00 HANDY ANDY. 50, $1 b $1 25 HECTOR O'HALLORAN, No.9, I2X HUMPHREY CLINKER?By Smollett. Complete in one number, 25 TOM JONES, or the History of a Foundling? compkie^NTHLY MAGAZINES. OOUEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for February, 25 QKAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 25 LADY'S COMPANION, 25 THE ARTIST, 25 WAVERLY NOVELS. IV ANHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one GUY*'MATTERING?by Sir alter complete in one number, 25 THE ANTIQUARY?by Sir Walter Scott? complete in one number, 25 ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, . 251 OLD MORTALITY?bv Sir Walter Scott? complete in one number. 25 HEART OK MID LOTHIAN?by Scott?complete in one number, _ 33 BRIDE OF LAMM KRMOOR?by Scott?complete in one Dumber, 25 KENII-WORTH?by Sir Welter Scott?complete in one number, 23 WAvERLY?by Si.- Welter Scott?complete in one number, _ 25 THE MONASTERY?by Welter Scott?complete in one number. 25 rHE ABBOT?by Walter Scott?complete in one number 25 NOVELIST'S LIBRARY. Th?? Library will be completed in ten weekly rumberi. VIVIAN GREY?by D'ltraeli?complete in one volume, .... , S VF.NETIA?bvD'Iirtieli?complete in one volume, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by LEI mpletc in one volume, 25 THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'laraeli?w tlia portrait of the author, 25 FRANCKSCA CAKIIARA?by L E Landon, 25 HENRIETTA TEMPLE?by D'lareeli?complete in one volume 25 LIBRARY OF SELECT NOVELS. Beautiful Uniform Edition of Bnlwer'a Novels. Twenty-Kive Cruti each. PKLHAM. DISOWNED. DKVEREAUX. PAUL Ct IFFORD. EUGENE AHAM.' LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. THE CZARINA. RIENZI, The Laat of the Tribune*. SELF DEVOTION, or Katharine Randoljih. NABOB AT HOME, or the Return to England. ERNEST MALTRAVERS. ALICE; or. The Myateriee; Sequel to Meltravera. CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. All the wotka of the above writer will be published in regular rota'ion. NOTES ON AMERICA, for general circulation, 12^ NICHOLAS NICKLEBY?Poauge 20 cent* under, and 31M eenta over 100 inilea, 50 OLIVER TWIST?Po?iage 11 cent* under, and I2X c-ntv over mo miles, 25 PICKWICK PAPERS?Complete in one num er, do PUBLISHED IN~QUARTO FORM. BENTLKY'S MISCELLANY, (a repnblicaIhi,) jual received, at the low price of I2M renti single copy BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE?a republication No. i ? I8X PAULINE?a Tale of Normandy, by Aleiaudre Dumu. I2S THE NEIGHBORS?From the German, by Mary Howett. ]|V CHEMISTRY?applied to Agri altnre and PhysiolthI^'westeRn CAPTIVE?Or Che Timea of * T cumaeh, iaV LET TKHS OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTSby Allnea Strickland. 25 MEMOIRS OF THE QUEENS OF FRANCE by Mra F. Bush, 25 THE NAUTILUS? t collection ef Sea Talet? Also an account of the HOMERS' MUTINY, ISM CHUZZLEWIT, hv Dickena S TOM BURKE OF OURS. L . 8. D or Account* of IriahHeira >A11 for WINDSOR CASTLE I 12M ABVENTURE8 OF ARTHUR O'LEARY, ) A discount on all the above worka to agents Hnbacriptrona for all the above Magazines w ill be received at thia office, and pgnctuilly attended lo. jl?rc OYSTERF?OYSTERS?OYSTERS?For aale low at v-r Oliver S'ip, neai Catharine Market, 2 cargoes of Aral rate York River < 'yatera. aboard achoonera n Walker and Noithimpton, aito wl opportunity for familiea in the npper part of the city. jSI 3t* VICTOR GARCIA ZULETA, lormerly of Bogota?If ' thia ahould meet hia eye or that of any peraon who can give information of hia reaidence, they will confer a great favor on Itia brother, by addreaaing PERSSE It BROOKS, jy31 3tia r 61 Libeity atreet. CEOAKS, at the Spanish Magazine, 95 Naaaan atreet, Herald k' Building*?A few inotl of v- r>- superior la Norma, amall lizc, m <de tit 1839, will, be *old by the bunch of 25 aegart, at wholraalc pricts. 4* per bunch. A amall loi of extra ffabnna, " La Htrnrma,r Commnpe?,Caballeroe ?nd Trabncoa, at 21, 24. and $30 |>er IPSO, or 5 and 6 shillings per bunch of 25 icgara. They arc wm ranted to be the ! eat acgara yet imported [o th'a or any other market. Habauaa, No. 2, at $14 per 1000, or J shillings |>er bunch Vcrv an|ierior Princi|?a, la Notval and Cruz, from $14 to $20 per 1000 N. B. All the articlia aold in thia honae are entitled to debenture. j3l 2t"c V/f Al)AME ADuLTH. removed from the Meaenm to No. .?! i9P,,,i( Row, ran be eonaulted in private perlora. She claima not to be a FORTUNE TELLER : but practises nothing but w hat ia reconcilable to philosophy ; revealing the PAST TIMES, the PRESENT and the FUTURE. She will inform t hem if they are mar ted or not, and wlo-ii Of what linihand or wife tbey will get: describe their liaiuaition and character, at if ahe anew them by birth Trice 'educed co 50 cepta. lit lw? A MERICAN LAND AND LOAN OFFICK-Wuiiam tV L, Simera having above thirty year*'' ezperience ia the management of Real Estate, and poaaeaaing a large leaded property nimaclf, at-o feeling great confidence from the liberal patronage He ban htttbaorv enjoyed. resi>ectful(v solicits the Ittentjoa of the tmblic to the sandal advantages ef ihe American Laud and Loan Office at No . 14 Wall atreet, ia the city uf New York, for the purchase, aale or axehange of Houses onl Lota. Karma and uncultivated Linda, either at private or oublic aale, uid for the hiring and letting of Houses, Stores. Parma, ke.; for col'ecting the rents, and lor taking the general agency and anpervinon of Real Estate, also for the ruperintcnit itjCc of erecting and repairing Buildings Peraoni having property Pi sell, exchauge or let, will find it lo their advantage to apply at thia office rather than ? any other in the city, holli in point of ecouomv and deapeteo. All properly registered in thia office, will, if required, be ad v> rtiaed in two or more of the most widely circulated journals, and evriv honorable exertion made to dispose of the aame. Should the property not be sold at prwale sale, it will, if deairrd, be offered at public auction, thus giving to owners of the property double sdiauUge. lie will also attend to effecting Inauiance on property, ol> taming and loaning of money on bond and mortgage, or other securities, taking apecial care to receive ample aecarity for money loaned; and lo have titles to property examined by gentlemen of the legal profession of established character ro accuracy. Holder* of vacant ground that requires improving, will 11., J it arc illy to their advantage to apply to him. as hia knowledge of the kind of buildings which are moat productive for tbe different localities, i* of the greatest importance: and hia long acltiaiulance *itn the building of honaea will enable him to get ihein erected on the moat reasonable terms at a far lest expense than ia uanal. He will also take chant* of real estate intended for public tales, aa hia knowledge from ea|wrienee in getting op tales, i WillM el great valna to thiwe intending to dis|<oe? of their I property, be will preparethe advertisements, see that they are I prnp? rly distributed and superintended, and direct the aale And i it will (>e lonnd to be a great aaving from the fact that properly I for the last three or four years has been frequently sacrificed i from the want of proper attrntion and akillfnl management. c Individuals or companies that require sd agent to Uke charge of their real eatare, may depend on haviug it faithfully and economically managed?ami all moncya received, promptly paid over. Persons wishing to hiie or pnrchaae property, or invest money, moat generally be accommodated free of i'S|ienae?and persons residing at a distance dealrons to sell or purchase real t slate by sendin . a description of the property, will recrive immediate attention. All letters for tbe purchase, aale or exchauge of real estate, or for the loaning or patting oat of money, moat I be directed to WILLIAM L. SIMBR8, American Land and Loan office, No. 14 Wall atrert, New Vork;andlhe postage invariably paid N. H ( eutracta and other paper a preiwradat this office ia f ignis* r I ? I I I 1 = AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S OLTBPIC CIRC1PI, AT TNI PARK THEATRE ConJucted by Mr. Rnfns Welch, who gratified and fluttered in the highest degree by the presence ?nd Appro**! . f the beauty snl fashion of the city, submits the followini new SPLENDID SERIES. FfRST NIGHT or THi LONG EXPECTED FIERItE FOLIE! With *11 the^Orest Disjoin^l'l^NT^a'rtFATS In th* Principal Characters, .indin ill other respects produced ?' an expense hitherto unknown in this city. wn. l^ARD OF INFORMATION. The pnhlic are rrsnectfullv adrised, that in order to Secure Seats, an Early Application should be made in iha Morning, which will prevent maov inconveniences sod disappoinlmeuts to the coeiinual influx ot Families who are pleased to honor and patronize WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRCUS I PARK THEATRE. Equestrian Directors Messrs. H. Kokwell k Cadwallader ( lowiu to the Circle Messrs. Uossin fc Wells Perform ince* to commence at 7 o'clock. THIS EVENING, The troupe will eommeucc with a MAGNIFICENT KQUBTRIAN MOVEMENT Entitled Olden Time, entitled the FLITCH dF BACON; Or, The Marriaae Gift. In which Forty Eitabliahed Artists will appear. Pas dc Dance. by Miss Wells An Act without saddle or bridle, by H Franklin. Followed by C J Rmrerx in a highly interesting act entitled Greek's Last Struggle. Somersets in the air hy McFarland and the famous 30. CUPID AND ZEPHYR. By Mr Cadwallader naJ Miss McFarland. (T7" At this period of the Rveniug an intermission of t?n minute* will ensue. THE SECOND PAHT will commence will Perfection of Bodily Gymnastic* by Mr Nathans, snd pupils. A series of Negro Hongs. Dances. Ike., entitled COMIC. BUT NOT COMMONPLACE, by Matter John Diamond, whose celebrity is every where acknowledged. Assisted by Hoyt, the Negro Comedian, and W Chestnut the great Banjo Player. I nr wli'ilf to conclude with A Grand Romantic Lrgend and Fierie Folic, appointed witli New Scenes, Dresses, Decorations, Mechanical Effects, and Outrie Cirrumilancea and Situation^, entitled the DEVOURING OGRE; THE TERROK OF THE FROZEN REGIONS! on, HARLEQUIN AND THE THUMB FAMILY. The. New Scenery hy Meieri Smiih, J Wiser, B Grain, Whratley and nnmerooa Aaaiatanta. The Machinery by Mr Sreara and hit Various Machinists TheDreaaea of all Naliona by Mr Lewia and Aaaiatanta Tho Superb Female Coatiimra, by Mra Hemming! The Acce>aoriea and Deeorationa, by Meaara Henry Palmer and George Hilaey. The Folia invented, written and produced under the direction of J*Mr J H Amherat Among many singular Scenic Effects will be preaented in NORWAY. The Frozen Ocean. Terrific Icebergs Floating. The rude Crucifix erected by Shipwrecked Trarellera.oppoaile THE STEEL CASTLE. The Ogre after cmaing the deatrnction of the little Thumba temporary abode, ridea arreta in hia fledge, drawn by a Polar Bear The Hiatory of the Mario net. Tha lufTering Travellera entraped and borne to THE CA8TLE OF SKELETONS. The Ogre, a Magician an'* a Cannibal, (as fierce, hungry and cruel as any admirer of Melo Drama could deaire) Mr Jennings Diavolo l>el Fuego, Fire Demon of the Gold Head, a warm friend and burning light to the Ogre, who, at his Master's word, burns people's liousea about their ears, Master Perry Three Little Thumbs, poor things ! all Orphans, and burnt out for the convenience of the Can nibal Ogre, who is addicted to swallowing tit-bila and sweet relishes,? Mast W Kincade, Miasea M A and A wells. The Brave French Knight. Sir Tristam, and hia high-born Dame La Belle Margerite, both Shipwrecked on the Norwegian Coast, Mr C J Rogers and Mra Howard being warning examples ?flt for a Pantomime) how far love may tempt inconsiderate people from home. Gni Ti, an Ogreaa, a moat hard-hearted lady, given to cut up and cut down, a leetle fond of a large bottle and given to kick, scratch and say bad words, a fit spouse tor an Ogre, Mr T C Parsloe who leads theprey to HUNGARY! The Cannibals Refectory, built ol red stone and adorned with Egyptian Figures and Devices. Ogres commit anachronisms with impunity. HORRID REPAST. Magic Knife and Enchanted Nosegay? Tae Loss of Two Lags And the Deliverance and Transformation of the surrounding cai tires bv Zizili a Merry and Mighty Monarch of Moonbeams, represented by?Mast Frederick Word, hia first appearance at this theatre, who will introduce to the city of New York Harlequin Mr C J Roger* Columbine .....Mis Howard Pantaloon MrTC Parsloe Ho Ho Haha. the Clown Mr John Wells Who all proceed immediately (no matter how) to the EAST INDIES. View of the Rajah's Palace and Water Estate. A Comical Operation on a Comical Beast (let the Zoologists classify it) for it has been eepressly engaged (or tliis piece, and is of s most nnsel figure aud will perform INCREDIBLE FEATS, Which, as most play bills say, must be seen to be believed. Mahout Mr Cairo! ENGLAND. Shops in Waterloo Road, Blackftiara ! Exemplification of Wedding for Weight and Wedding for Lovr '. Tall and High Bred Olirer Orange, Mr ' J Nathans Belinda Bunchentown, Short and Sharp, his Wife, Master B Stephens Madame La Mode, a Milliner, Mrs Wells Saucy Saiah, a Help, (heaven help her Mistress,) Mrs McFarlaud Kittv Cat'rm. a Dreas Maker, Miss Bedford Quenlin Quiz, (a Curiosity!) and Muter of the Curiosity Shop, Mr O Stone Grimbald Oreeie, a Country Lad, Huntingdon Amiable Bitten, Metdamet Goisin and Needham LaDidone Abandonatta. a Seuaatire Lady, fond of White Oarlauda, Litcht Literature and lovely LapDoga, Mr Serjeant Augustus, the Accomplished. well known in London, Paria ana on the Broadway, New York, at the Tip Top Kegular Time O'Day, Mr H Needham INTERIOR OF CURIOSITY SHOP ! Crowda of Caatlra and People, a Leap, wonderful Red Coffer, Patent Pop Gun, Realleai Chains, a Challenge but uo Fight The accompliahed Augut'ut thot through the Ceiling?Fact not Fable. ITA1 T View of the Lake of Lugano?Black and white?A Child lo*t?Pantaloon in a packer and hung out to dry.'1 GERMANY! Market at Anspack, by Lamplight ! Adrentnrea of Coffee Stand?Abatraction on a great acale. LVolgariter atealing.] Ghoat of the celeorated Mother Goose, Maater Serjeant Three Dutch Ladiet in a M nit?A Plant'. Vegetable. Man ariaet and in the ronfuiiun the Market Place it tramfnrmed to the HALLE OF THE 8TAADHAUS ! Laid out for a Corporation Dinner Dead Geeae and Live onet, all ready dretted?Animated Paatry?Row by a body Corporate?Vegetable! ami Whiskey Overtnrow?Roait fowls foully treated?Aggravating and Solemn ight ! APPARITION OF A FRENCH COOK. Viz* that of the celebrated UDE, 10 feet in height and every way proportionate I Notc?Mont. Dde while living waa 3 feet inches. but every body knows there't great itretching allowed in apparitions. SWITZERLAND! Canton of Luxerne ! Two sorts of Fiddle Playing. A Great Swell ! Bless me, where't my Shirt ! CENTRAL AMERICA. ? , Romantic Ruin surrounded by a Forest. Monkeys, Owls and Wild Boars exeit themselves in this scene. Morder committed end brought to light Oreat Danger in a Marble Month. FRANCE! Oak House at Allonville. Pays de Caux. The Homori of a Sporting Match?How to Snare a Keen One. SPAIN! The Moonlight Ruins of St. Jago! Necromantic Vault and Enchanted Nosegay! aiTDTcnn a a.?k k? uuniuibun ,? i i mi nivu ruoiaiucu uj uuiiIUBQ Stones! Red Hot Salamander* Meatr*. Runnel*. Hiram and Gheinut. Ckt.kstiai,?Th?* Silver City of THE MOON! Crossed by a Spi.kndid Bridge of Rubies ! Unnninfahle bright comet, aratic of conrie, Miu L. Well*. Shonliiik" Stan in Azure, Mtndifiiver. Master* Stephen*, Oleiiroy, W. Kiacade and Sergeant, Mi**?? Well*, lie. Fixed Stat*. Satelli e?, Coruxcation* and Lunarian* Renerally: "II atired nlenilidly and correctly, that i? to aay , after the authorise* of modern aatronnmn*. *ir J. Newton, Locke {not him on the nrdrnUnding. bat the gentleman of lunar ceebrity), Herachell, ac he. he. PuanrT* Buioht. H. Palmer, J Serjeaut. H Needbam, B. Carrol, B. Hoyt, H- Runnel*. Pl*sit* Beautiful. Meidame* Gouin. Well*, Need1,am, McFarland La Faate, Mia* Bedford. NOTICE. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. Kor the convenience of Juvenile Partie* there will be a Grand Day Perforwanee every Saturday Afternoon, cote meDciag at 2 o'clock precisely. rmbracinc all die choice awl iMM amend Id KQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC ACTM Of the Scaao i. k or particular* *ee han Jbill* at the Bo* h nee, which o i Saturday will he ready for delivery Irom I* . ' clock A. M. util the time of op. inn*. .r7"Bo*m, Mt Pit, 10; Galli ly IJHceuU ^, TT" S?au fan he aecured at the Bo* Office, mnIt till 2 O'clock t.. ?UA&DCN FLANTS, B< uquett. Fruit 'Free* and Shrub* for **le-?I). BOLL, Fl -rlat, corner nt JOth at and Bloomigdale oad, nlfrr* (or *ele a splendid selection ol Camellia*, A/ilea and Hhododendrem Ho?e?, an I "ther green-houae planta, ai verv reduced price*. Hi* collection of Camellioa la now in fine bloom. Ladie* *re narticolarlr requested to call aud ace thum. bouquet* delivered in any part of the city at very moderate price* Blnomingdale ?t?ge* itart from the Park at It, 12. a. 4 aud ? o'clock deify j 31 tt*r ~~ notice. ~ ~ " rPHE Copartnership heretofore eiKtinc between the aubicri? ber*. under rhe firm of MeAllifter A Moore, u thia day ditaolved by mnlu?l consent _ . itvw ion, ? ?" ?*e The Drr Ono-1. Baunn heretofore earned on by the Arm, at ,J^D? V^ 'will .ubecrthere a. formerly. order the firm ?f MOORE. .... P. MOORE McKE*. _ 1 MEDICAL NOTkJU. OR. HOMER B08TWICK. Prnfe..or of 8u*ery and B?r geon to the New York Medieel and Sorw'cal i)?y? particular attention to the treatment of diweoe 01 to( i. art end lun*., dy.pep.ia, pilee, dneaaea of the reetoin. and Teinale roniplaloU^f hr %v at .ne. ee. that me mode of Creatine thoee |?iinlnl and to frct'i-nlly fatal dieea.e . Me brought patienU from the moet remote patteof theicam rv lo place theaieelee. under hi. rare, aad out of Ml pott t U e m. from a di.tance, all but lire retu.ned to thetr home, inr fectly cored, and ih-wefiywerr omur.Me^^^ m d No. TJl hrnnbt-ri jylg f^fond hn.iac we>t of BroadWY 1YR hEUt.HTWANOKRH ^"'V'.'Vrua/t oP'ttl L/ Chfinictli, Dye*. Coini'i* C*i**ulr?. * . it'i-rtro wood, Eit.aet ..filnmeitren Bark, D ,?oewemrrr e* (^.rn,,? type Appntalu. end Chem.r ?K A< td.. Lnnar? -untie ^ 84W,r. PolwhrM Potty, Bo Bee 4'h P.p l? raOPPrER?1*0 caeee eitra duality Enniith t e? G to Jio*,(br Mle in lot. "V" k^^hT/n^* CV" * * gouthetreet, It AMFSEMKNTs ( thkath* reduction or ntioei. D|?M Clrcl*, tfi ?eU(,. V #? r#!ll^,/''* ? Tx" ?H"" (Hazy /ASK.0'1 After which * FIVE VOWBRAVS i BLACK RAVK$UoV*THE WOODS. ? perfermaj*. wt'l cm HT?:?r,M7? LVDIPICTHKItTKl> . F? Diarolo, Mr, T,mm [VB?p,S; "'is- r commence nr 7. ?*v??rv *?Tri?iufc ARKUICAS THKATIIK?W ALNUT-flT. PHILAURLHIIIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISH < < IJHHMAN THIS EVENING, Feb L will be perform,* LOVES SACRIFICE. Cone hide with IRISH LION. E. A. MARSHALL. Leuee. AMERICAN IHtMlin, M'rMe Building Broadway. Oppoaita St. Paal'a Church 1 r BARNVM, Manger. NAroLifNT^.K/'+^rffiSr' Cot tip in aalyle ofaplendnr. iud with an etpenae that aaano th%TA8TwIanFb0hO'dinf il" Poaiti rely and aaaarcJI * GENERAL TOM THUVB. JUNIOR I the amnlleit Dwarf in all creation. Thie perfect apecimen of nan, on the ainalie. i real* eeer before heard of, can be aeen day and eremna at if e Mnaeam, without extra charge. Ha ia II yeaia old-bpr ini hea hyrh, and " r.mnn uniLi rirrrsn ruunus: I{>*lbri'MI precisely hi* weight when bot lit months old.? The General is of hue symmetric*! proportion, and decided) y the most perfect Dwarf m the world, ana the moet surprising living curiosity that rrrr astonished tnr public. Lett week of the universally admired . . ANIMATED TABLEAU*, consisting of ineny gorgcout moving tcenee, including the splendid ipectacle of THE BURN I NO OF MOSCOW. La Petite Celeste, the admired danaenae i Mr. H. G. Sherman, the popular ballad singer ; and T. Q. Booth, the Comic Singer, are engaged. Also, Vivaldi's celebrated Mechanical Figures. 1 i seller preparation, the anblime and wonderfnl moving Di orama of the DELUGE ! , Performances commence at 7 o'clock. Dav performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at IK o'clock. Admissi on to all 25 cents?Children half price. Saturday neat (day and evening) Farewell Benefit of Geo. Tom Thumb, and positively hia last appearance in this city for some time. jttec PEALE'8 NEW YORK MUSEUM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY. IS NOW RK-OPENKD ! C. H. DEVOE, Manager. The establishment con'ams an almoat endless number of RARE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART! Neatly and tastefhlly displayed in three specious halls, and boasts of a verv COSTLY AND ELEGANT PICTURE GALLERY, Exceeding iu eatent and value any other m America. Everv Day and Evening, commencing on 8IGNOR !^AELsifi& <?OR3K O ite'*D!ORAMAS Consisting of VISION OF THE SUN. THE INVASION OF RUSSIA. Including the CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW. MR BLANC, the great Necromancer and Magician. MISS HOOD, the accomplished Vocalist?MR T ORA3 HAM, the Comic Singer, are alto engaged. Also engaged, during the whole Day and Evening, MYBTEttlOUB AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN. From England. She wiahes not to impose upon the pnblic, by making them believe her a Witch n FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with su|>ernatural power?but on the contrary, confesses publicly to he able ro instruct others ef good intellect, and mention their leading tra (actions of PAST TIMES. THE PRESENT, AVT1 VISIT S-llVITflir fTT"Ticket* to the Museum, 95 rents; Children half price. j99ec Rockwells patent deck lights. NO. 9 ASTOH HOUSE, ENTRANC'M IN BARCLAY STREET. jyll lm?r MUSIC. OCHNEIDEH It KEBHUN will atund private parties and Oioireer with a band of from three to tweuty artists. Apply No. 97 Oelaney afreet near the Bowery, or No. 59 C roe by it. jylT lm?r QINOINO PARTIES at the Rainbow, 99 Howard tercet* Cr near Bioadway?The proprietors of the above house beg lease to inform their friend* and the public that they hate commenced their Singing Parries u|>on the Old Shades system, and intend giving them every Tuesday evening during the winter season. To those who are fond of harmony and song, by call ing a' the above, will meet with a delightful treat. The chair will be taken at 9 P. M. jrr O. EVANS fc CO. q^O WHIP MAKERS, HATTERS, MUSICAL IffI STRUMENT MAKERS, and others desirous of encoding their business in a very profitable investment. The Subscriber having been in business in London, Birmingham, and Manchester, in England, for upwards of twenty Tears, and has been considered the first in the trade at manufacturing whip gut, Hatters bow strings, harp, violin, riolincello, double baas and covered wire strings, sansage skins, steam engine and wheel bands, ?nd gnt strings of every description, all of which are new imported to the United States, paying a duty of twenty-fire per cent The consumption of these goods in hin conntry is very great, and as it has not been discovered before, that gut airings could be manufactured in this country, the services of the subscriber ro superintend the manufacturing of such articles, would be invaluable, having travelled through several of the States, knows some of the best customers to sell to. This business could be carried en to an unlimitrd eitent, evcu to saliersede the importation of English gnt. The subscriber would e filer into an engagement with any pu I SUM desirous of embarking in this trade, at a reasonable remuneration?would hare ooobjectiou to o west or south, if it was proposed to carry the business ou a eery large scale, as the materials are in greater abundance and much cheaper than in this city. Best or referen tea given and required. Please address a note for A. Catgut, at the Herald offire. Pork Store to Let, and fixtures for sale cheap, down town, now doing a good business, blocks, tools, scales, Ac- complete. To any person wishing to go into the Pork, Sausage and Meat business, this is a rare opportunity. Apply as above. j? lw*ec pMRST PREMIUM HOME PlPK-!n3ia Robber Rom Pip, , r flexible and perfectly twht, suitable for ihe Croton water. 1 his article is perhaps the beat for the purpose of irrigation, washing window*, conveying water to the roof, Re. in ease of fire of any thiog of the kind yel introduced. It I* quite clean and ha* received the preference of mme oi the Iarrest Hotel*. Priming edablishment* and other* *ioce the introduction of the Croton Water in the city. It is made of a preparation of Duck with Inuia Rubber by the aid of powerful Rosbary aa chinerv in a manner defying all competition and famished in any dr?irabla length or calibre, with jet pipe* and couplings attached. Our esiabluhment ha* also the New York Arenay lor the nely invented Hemp Ho*e. and will enseals order* with promptness. Plumbers and the trade are invitad to liberal term*. Warehouse of the Roibary India Rnbber Estiblish meut, 4i Maiden Lane. HORACE H. DAY. dm Ire r Hurressortn Rnxhnry India Rubber Co Tj'ELT.?Patent adhesive Felt for sheathing (ops of hoaae r and shins bottoms, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by JJOc E. K. COLLINS It CO. M Boath at. .Mn ajl" FOR ALBANY, or asfar aathe Ice will permit, landing at intermediate placea.?The XmJBL steainbo't EMERALD, Capt John Ketch am, will leave the foot of Murray street This Afternoon , Wednesday. at J o'clock. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to CROOKE, FOWRt ft CO, corner of West and Liberty it. fl ll*r ~TnH MM PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANY, -ad ^mS3em3r Intermediate Places.?The steamboat UTICA 3Ka3NBK_ leaves fte footol Coajtlaadt lb, on This Afteruoon at I o'clock, Wednesday, February I. __ Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. BHULTZ, at the office on the wharf iyll r BRITISH AND N0ht?k^$MA,i' . Of 1 lam us and 44* horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of tho-Adaural>y. HIBERNIA, C. H. E. Jwdkins, Commander. BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. O. Lou. do ACADIA, A. Ryne do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, R N do Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Hahfai. aa follows : pbom yaarool. rnon ion**. Acadia. Ryne, M. 4 Mar 1 Colombia, Miller, lHfe Apl 1 Britannia. Hewiu, X^W May 1 Hihvmia. Jadkins, Apl 19 May It The accommodation! for passengers are superior. The vessel* are nccempatued by experienced sunt eon*, an d amply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boat*, r (Stage tedoced to $120. No Berths secured until paid for. Kor farther information apt ly'o D. BRIUHAM, JR., at HARNDEN k 00*8, No. S Wall-at. iMc FOR LONDON.?Regular packet of the latof JSVWl'ebuaiY 1(4].?The vers suienor, fas) tailing paekat JBQBfaship MEDIATOR, capt I badwick, will positively sail ss above, her regular day. Manna very aaperior accommodations for cabin,ascend cabin A ml itppnuip nkiMUkarora mmobi witkihif to ?mb$rk iboild mtke early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMl<MMA If, IM Pine at., cor Sooth. 'Die above will beaneeevded by (he packet ahip Wellington, and nil on tha 10th February- ,. Peraona wi.hiag to aend for their friend. renting in tha old country, can hare then brought oot by the above ehipa, or any of the regnlar packet., by applying aa above ; if by letter, poet paid. JM* rSK for liverpool?Regular Packet of the Ttk vMVW February, IM) The very aaoenor packet ahip JHKgkoroe Washington, rapt farrow., win **" * " JOSEPH McMURRAT, jlOr 10b Pine, corner of Sonth etreet. FOR LONDON?Packet of the |*t February ? rfffv The .auerior well known oacket ahip MEDIATOR. aWNMn* apt rki' wick, will tail aaabore, her regnlan day. Her accommodation. for cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage pa winter. are unanrpaased for comfort and convenience Early application ahonld be made on board the .hip foot of Pina at, or to JOHN HKRDMAN, .litre hi Sooth at. ~~?B> FOR NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND NEW YORJC LINK?Regular Packet of Itth Fe iMlbbrii<rv, , ? The fait eaiIing packet chip OCMULUKE, Cats. Mnnford* will poMtivelr nil a* above, her reader day. For freight or pr.singe, having liandaome fnrnislied accommodation#, apply on bonrd, a: Orleane wharf, foot of Wall ft. or to K. K COLLINS k CO. * , I'aaaencera will plraae be on board at Orleane wharf, foot of W ill .treet, thi. arty, )0th inet. at J o'clock, at which Uaae the ahip will aril, , Shipper, may rely upon having thetr go<?l? correctly aae.ilred. andUiai *ne Hop. of thin hoc will mil I Any gnunniee to that enact will be given and fe nil led 'hAfenJ i? JTSirTeane. HnlHn k Wood re If. who will promptIt forward ill fooda l<> their addreae. The Liackrt .hip Oconee. Cantaio Jaekaon, will aneeeed thOcanalgee, T" ...i" Wh Feb.. h*. t^fnt ?nw HI, FOR NEW ORLEANR?Fint Packet Ship? JUk7?|,r picket .hip FAIRFIELD, Cats Wilaon, will be B|kOy?dr?|iat''hrd lor the above port on the lit Feb?Cabin oi!Htcerag' paeaengera can be handsomely accommodated ata m ilcrstc rut*. \iii>|y on board the ahip at Murray'* wharf, foot of Wall at, or to JOHN HKRDMAN jfTr 61 Sonth .treeL fM* PARAAtiK Foil New ORLEANS?faly JRVliri inlar Line?The .plendid fast .ailing |>acket rhtp ,0|fl|LMUNTSVILLK,Capt Mulford, will Mil prwiriraly oo i.i Feb, her r tnlar day. Maying .plendid acromniodationa for cabin,aecond cabin and ifeerage |>aa?r ngrra, thoee wi.hing to .ecure berth, .honld not *! I to maka early application onboard, or to W it J T TAPSCOTT, tfPt it Peck Hip cor So rob ,,

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