Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1843 Page 1
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Til I Vol. IX. No. 33. Whole No. 3840. "tothe american people. I beg leave to give notice to the AMERICAN PEOI'LE, of all classes and conditiona, that I am making prepare- , lions to republish, in tha cheapest style, and In the week- ' ly quarto (orm of newspapers, a diversified and valuable selection from the RELIGIOUS LI TERATURE ol Chris tianity, produced by the men of geaiua belonging to very sect during the last two hundred years. The reason for attempting such a project is plain. Ma terialism, infidelity and immorality, of *11 kind*, have of late been induatriouuly circulated throughout the country under such imposing names, and to so great an extent, that something must be done to revive the ancient spi rit of Religion an 1 Morals. Lecturers of all kinds sophists on every subject the worst and wickedest literature <>f France and England, re-produced in the cheapest ( forms, have demoralized the age and upset all the esta- J blished land marks oi morality and religion throughout 1 the land. It is therefore necessary that something should be done But who is to do it ? 11 none other will, 1 shall. I propose to republish in the cheapest form, in quick succession, a selection from the works of the best and purest RELIG10U9 AU THOR8, be they Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, or any other denomination. These selections will not be on religious controversy but such as treat on practical piety on good works and on the ge ncral principles of Christianity, without the had spirit of sectarianism. To carry out this project well, I possess a large printing establishment, and the Herald, a daily newspaper, of thirty thousand circulation, now considered the principal advertising organ in the country, capable of giving hroughout the Union intelligence of these works as Tk;. Pi-iniiniv ITttBhliatimpnt rnmnriini 10 meyuppvui. iu>. , presses, 60 printers, 10,000 (ounds of type, andaconsump. tion of about 800 reams of paper, of all kinds, per week. We have evesy means in our power to carry this project into operation and we believe that the American public is ready to aid and assist any man, who will throw himself into the breach, and endeavor to revive the ancient piety, virtue, and principles of our forefathers, in opposition to modern scepticism and immorality, which are stealing stealthily over the present generation, under the masks of geology, mesmerism, fourierism, finance, neurology, transcendentalism, human perfectability, and tha whole train of modern philosophy and light literature. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. To Business Advertisers. Advertisers and men of business, who want to make the selection oi a vehicle lor their notices in the ap proaching spring business, are particularly called to the following authentic doouments, relative to the circulation of the two leading papers in the city Ntv Ynsi Hcsild ) Sun Office, N. Y., ) Office, Nov. I, 184)i. J Aug.'29, 1844. J Messrs. Peksse k Baooas : Mr. H-V. Burnra : Gentlemen : Sir . Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Office, New York Office, N. Y., five hundred Seven hundred and fifly ream* of paper per week, for - - ~f -* - -- ii -.if.T Trams /lerwreu vnc luiau oia uiw iu > / >! vuv iutu vi sized paper '23 X32 for the October, 184'2, to be of thli Daily Herald. quality, size and weight,the Also 00 ream per week of same to be paid for in cash the luige sired 32 K40 for the every two weeks. Weekly Herald,for one year M. Y. BEACH, (rum this date, to be of qusli- I accept the above order, tv equal to this ipectinet. - and agree to turnishthe pafu) ments to be made each per accordingly. week in cash, in full for that H. V. BUTLER, week. Aug. 31,1842. TJIAMEB p. BENNETT. Witness, M. 8. Beach We accept the above order and will deliver it as directed. TEHS^E A BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty streiet. James Rows, , WitnaaOOO. Samusl Bemais, s By base documents it will be seen that the Herald has a much larger circulation than the Sun, and is therefore decidedly the best for advertising. Yet we would not ask any person to select either paper, contrary to their own views and feelings. The paper maker for the Sun is a very respectable and very honorable man and a capi al paper manufacturer. So also are our paper makers, Messrs. Persse and Brooks, with whom we have dealt to the extent of nearly (260,000 in paper. Advertisers will rrmcmuer iter - iicii. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD daily newspaper published every day of the year except New Year's day and ' Fourthof July. Price 2 centa per copy or $7 M per annum postages paid cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD published every Saturday morning price 6} cents per copy, or $3 12 per annum post ages paid cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald i over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing last- it hat the large it circulation of any paper in (Ait city, or the world, and is therefore, the belt channel for hutinen men in the city or country. Price* moderate cash in advance. PRINTINO of all kinds, executed at the most moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PanrniETo* or the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau strsets. AGENTS. 1 ne following is a list of the agents for the Herald, where subscilptions will be received, and single numbers are lound lor sale regularly at what place. agents. Boston George W. Redding. Philadelphia G. B. Zieber. Baltimore . W. Tay lor. Waxhington, D. C O. B. Zieber k Co. Buffalo, N. Y T S. Hawks. New Havon, Conn T. H. Prase. Hartford, Conn J. W Judd, Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Troy, N Y H. Green. Lansingb'ig It Waterford.N.Y. Thomas P. Richards. Newark, N.J . .D Smith. Catskili, N. Y H Rows. New Orleans J. C. Morgan. Cincinnati, O Robert Camahan. l'aterson, N. J Matthew Dougherty. Norwich, Con Morgan Satford. Rochester, N. Y.... ...... L. Moore. EliT. ibetlitow n, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N.J William Solomon, St. Louia, Mo Woodward h Mathews. Charleston, Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clere. Augusta, Oa 3. Aridities. Mobile, Ala Milton Bollemet. P<>ughkee|>aie, Levi Smith. Trenton J. Raunsley. Pittsburg, Pa Jos. P. Israel. Louisville, Ky ...W, A. Haldeman. Wheeling, Va.. . , J. H. Thompson It Co. New London,Con L L. Sperry. Newport William A. Fry. Utica J. B. Loak. Savannah, Oa Amos Head. Nashville, Trnn A. Billings. UNITED STATES TEA emporium. 121, late 129 Chatham itreet, Nrw York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. r!E CANTOffTEA COMPANY couiinne to offer foi rale new and fragrant Tru of every variety and style Then assortment specially includes the m<*l delicious and powerful grades o( Gieen and Black Every package bears the st we| of iiratneSs slid rlegauce, and the Teas therein are so ihoionuMv seemed frnm lisht mid sir that lli ir nualilv slid power wifl rrtnniit unimpaired iu nny climate. Then intern of i-.r-iudiu boiuru laprrhnpn .carcely to be excelled. Il u found. d upou the atiniMt regard to the riilit* or he caatnmnr. < ipceinlly wih reaped 10 weight inn quality, ami unrivalled rhenpMai. All purehnaeri ore cn|led n| >u to return nut 1,111(1,1 which lull to *! them the ftilleet mluf-ctloll, who I, the money will br cheerfully ami |in,m|>tly refunded Conn try iiirichauts, public eatahliahmnnu, Urnd of tainiliee, mid lui.mait. r * ill Arid it a derided advantage to eupply them elvm Ironi tlii* eaiabliahnieul. Coffee nailed every dayOn'eu Irora nil parte ol th# United Ptntee executed with pntut titude nnd daepatrh. It . 'I h* only wnrehouM in Ametiee (or the sale of Honijna ve'ahratee Blaea Tea. Iltlm*r E NE NEW KOK N KW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. Kor like he Iter accommodation of shtpi>ers, it is intended to lespa:ch a ship from this nort oil the 1st, 5lh, 10th, 15th. 2Utli, and 5tli ol each month, com i ruciug the 10th October and continung until May, when regular days will bo appointed for the renaiinlet of die year, wliereby great delays and disappointments will he t revenled during the summer months. The followtui hips win coinineuce this arrangement r 8mp \ A ZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Slim MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Siup LOUISVILLfc, CaitUin Hunt. Shir SHAKSPKARfc, Captain Miner. Ship WASTON. Captain Latham , , Ship HUNT8VILLK. Captain MuinfordShip OCMlJI.tiEE, (-aiaaiu Lvavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinaon. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captaiu Mulftsrd. Theae ship, were all huilt in the city of New York, expressfor packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been wlycopfHired mill |iut m uilcntlid wder^with Mconnnudaiioui or passengers unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded iy experienced masters, who will make every eiertieu to givi tetieral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up am' lowti the Mississippi by sieainooats. Neither the owuers or captains of these ships will be response tie for jewelry, bullion, precious stoues, silver or plated ware >r for any l iters, parcel or tiaekage, seal ty 0 tpott on beard o' ;iem, unless regular hills of .adiug are taken for the tame \a* the value theieon ei|>reaasd. h'nr freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS A CO., 66 South St., or HULLIN A WOODRUFF, Agent in New Means, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad ertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correct V measured. m< NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. " aillriun New York on ihr iilh aud| Liverpool ou the lJt' c>f 'tick mailtk. &L M. M. M. From New York. Ship UAKRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 85th October. Ship ROSCIUB, Captain John Collius, 2Mb November. Ship 81DDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb. 25th December. Bhip SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depcystar, 25U. Jautinry. Khom LiVKRroai.. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain E. A. Depcyster, 13lli NovemY Ship OARRJCK, Captain Wm. akiddy, 13th December. Stiip UO.SCIUS, Captain John Collins, 13th January These i hips are all at the tirst class, upwards of IJN i: us, built aCthe city of New York, with each im|>rovemeiita a scombiur rreat speed wills unusual comfort for passengers. Every care ids been taken in the arratiKemeut of their accommodations The price of passage hence is Slot), for which ample stores w ill ic (irovided. These ships are commanded by experienced nasters, who will malie every exertion to give general atisfar on Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be respoust ile for at y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless re rular b< lis of lading are signed therefor. For trcight oi pas', vet . apply to E. K. COLLlNa Ik CO., 56 South St., New York, or to WM. tk JAS. BROWN it CO., Liverpool. Letters by ths packets will beclarged 12X cents per single iheet; 50 cents per ounce, and newspapers I cent each. ot OLD LIME LIVERPOOL PACKETS. E of Liverpo^^^^^eaftur be despatched in the following order, excepting that when the lny ol'sdilitu falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on Ike succeedug day. For New York. For Liverpool. The BOOTH AMERICA, i June 1 July 19 16 tons. < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. U. Bailey, r Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, {Oet 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waite. (Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, kJuly 1 Aug 19 g(H) tons. < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Hathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, t July 1* Sept 7 (10 tons, < Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall f Mai 10 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA. (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. (Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber.( April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, t Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons. <Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.(April 19 June "> The CAMBRIDGE, I Sept 1 Oct 17 450 toon, xjan 1 Kelt 17 \V. C Barstow.f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, i Sept 19 Nov 9 700 tons, t Jan 19 Mar 9 G. A. Cole. ( May 19 Jnly 7 Punctuality, as icgards the day of sailing, will be observed as Heretofore. The price of n.usage outward is now fixed at Ou< Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of everv description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, Inch will be furnished by the stewards. GOODHUE Ik CO., 61 South St., C. H. MARSHALL, J Burlmg-slip, N. Y. jc24 lvh BARING BKOTHFUS Ik CO.. L'pool. TAPSCOTT'S GRNER.AL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. jfk rfffv The subscribers beg to call the attention of their friends and the public generally, to their superior arrangements for bnuging not passenger* from, and remitting money to, any par' of ei us laud, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet i In,,a, comprising the " new Line Ok Liverpool packets," viz.:tahip tlOBClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS Captain Cobb. hltip HHiblUDAN, Captaiu Dcpeyster. Ship GARRI* 'K, Captain Skid ly. N-w shin HOTTIXOUER, Captain Bnr.ley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhonse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. .hit, I.IVERPOtlL. Cant-.m Eldredae. Sailing twice every month; ind with the " UNITED LINE,*" composed ofsnperin' lirot class American shi|ie. sailing every leu Java, will mike five ahi| ill eai li month throughout tin year, (or one every an days) thereby preventing the poaai uility of tuiutcessary detention. Passages direct from Loudon. Bristol and Greenock to New Votk Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sara" nth, Charleston. Philadelphia, Button and Baltimore, and the varto a par's in British North America, can at all times he enfared on 11 hen I terms. Tenons wishing to send Tor their friends, will not fall to see the admit, ges to he derivt d Mom selecting this line iu preference to auy other, aud liiey may rest assured tnsl unusual earr will be taken to make Jir passage agrreab'e, the shi|is being fined np with au eye solelv to the com'ort of passengers. In all cases where the parties sent for decline coming, the money will be refund'd without any deduction, as usual. A free passage Itom thvarious seaport- of Ireland anil Scotland can use be secured. The rrgular p.u kets for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, ril '. To aDd Iroin Londounn the 1st, lOlh, and ?0ih of eae'.. monn . To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th. '3th, >9'h,and IVh of each month New Orleans. Mobile, Savannah, an Chaileston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enrlosing the sum they v ish seut, wilil the name aud address of the parties to receive it, m.y rely ou a draft foi ihe amount being forwarded per first picket, after the receipt tnereof, aud au acknowledgement for the tame returned per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discoiiut ot any o h. r charge, at the National and ProriH cial B inks of Irrla d and brauches, Eastern Bank ( Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Mn rs. James BuM, Son A Co.. Bankets, Londau, Exchange and Disrouni Bank, Liverpool, aud in r very principal town of Great Briain and Ireland. Farther p irticulars made known -u application, if by letter, uost pa id, to d.Ay r W, A J. T TAPSCOTT. 41 Peck Slip. N. York. mm. mm. lAlAlETS FOR MARSEILLES The underim-momed shin* will be tegularly dispatched from hence and Irom Marseilles on the lit of each month during the year, thus From New York. Marseille*. MINERVA,Cant Brown, N . 1. Jan 1 H'RYTHOMPHON, Cap Sylvester, Dec!. Feb 1 COURIER, Cant Dngan, Jan 1. Marl TRE8COTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. Apl 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adams, Marl. Mayl CORIOLANU8, Cap Haile, Apl 1. Jun I They are all copperee and copper fasteued.and hare excellent accommodations tor passengersThe price of cabiD passage will be SIM, exclusive o mn and liquor*. Goods addressed to BOYD A H1NCKKN, the a gent*, will be forwarded free of other haiges Ciau these actually paid. For freight or passage apply to O. BROOM & CO.. or to o22r BOYD t H INC KEN. Agent* SPRING ARRANGEMENT PGR 1&43. m m. M M OLl^STi LISHEI) EM!GKANT PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to and from Ureal Britain and Irel nil by the reI ^ular line of packets, sailing on the lit, 7tb, 13th, IDlh and 25lh of each mnnlh. The old Black Ball line of |>ackets are as follows: Ship NEW YORK Captain Cropper, " CAMBRIDGE, Captain Bnstow, " COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, " EX-HOPE, Captain Enrber, " SOUTH AM ERIC t, Captain Bailey, " NORTH AMERICA. Captain Lowber, " ENGLAND.Captain Waits, " OXEORD, Captain Rathbone. The Cotnii.ercial L>nr is composed of lorty superior, fast sailing ships, all commanded by men of great experience. Kirs' cl IS* ah pa will al o he despn'rhed Iroin Liverpool to Bixtou, New Orleans and Mohilr, three times |>er mouth; to Bain more, Charleston ano Savannah, twice a in-nth, to th- different pert* iu Bntish Ninth America weekly. I he subscriber, in making known his arrangements for the year 180, begs to call the attention of those persons residing iu the Uuueil Stairs and Canada, wno w ish to tend lor their fneiula to come Iron End-ml, Ireland, Heotiand and Wales, that they can always be accoiumi,dated by tnr hue ol packet ships sailing as above; and in order to give more facility and quirk despatch to the emigrant, iirat class well-known American ships,comprising the Commercial Line will, in addition to the picket*, he despatched by Pis Liverpool agents, every three or four days during the season, thereby avoiding auy detention Those sending lor their frieuils may rest assnrrd ihat every thing connected with Ins business will be executed witn his usual promptness With these atratigemeuu the suhscriber hopes tu command a preference for this liue, and a contiini nou ot the imhhe patronage which In* hern so liberally bestowed for many years imst; and in all esse* when parlies decline coming ihe money is refunded, as customary; a (roe passage can also he secured by steamboats Irooi the different port* in Ireland and S oilsnd to Liverpool. Remittances and Drain With regard to his arrangements for the | aymrni of his drafts, they are such as to warrant every satisfaction, and are paid at all ihe hanking homes on drmauif. thmnvhout Great B, nam and Ireland. 'Ihoae persona, therefine, throughout ihe United Stale, who wish to remit money ti ilieii Inends residing in any part of the United Kingdom, will please nni'ce on the receipt of ihe smouul here. Willi nsme anc address of ihe party to it-ceivc it, a dr.ill for the amount at hi rale ol $5 per pound srerling, will he forwarded per steam ship or by fnal pagkel ship, and a receipt or duplicate of same re turned ihrr'0*.ii the post office E^or further particnlars apply, (if by Inter post "aid) to ,0! IN HERD MAN, 61 Smith street, or .1 X W. Ri'BIN.iO.y Ootee Piaax*., ami Neptune si, Wat. rlno Dock, Liverpool. In Hfotlwd M' (h Co*,Otnafow. In Ireland Dinuia l) l nv, I'.atj., Bnhlin; Mrsart. .Joacpi ,\ll r & Co , BvlUtt; Mr. Win. Curat, Loudondt rry; A. *l r iay. Kiq , Cotk NK wIij H W'il K I Bank Notrt wnnrod lor a shim Draft on Philadelphia and Boston, for ale ni H.J iYLYJCSTKR'8. dllr W Wail at aud ISO Broadway. W YO ' YORK, THURSDAY Ml Sfy SK iB PASSAHKIFROM OHK.^OlkPrAIN AND mMTAND BY THK BLACK MALL OH OLD LINK OK L1V* KPOOL PACKKT8. [Bailing from Liverpool <>j the 7th ami 19th of every month.] Persons wishing loae-tid to the Old Country for their friends can make lire necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come out in this superior Line of Packets, sailing from L ivernool mu tually on the 7th and 19th of every month. Ft ev will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailiny every six days, thereby ^itforiling weekly communication from that port. Que of the firm ( *lr. James l>. H che) is th re, t see lint lirey shall be forwarded with care aud der patch. Hhould the pa/ties agreed for not some out, tho money will be returned to those who |mid it here, without any reduction. Tnt Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packet!, comprit* file following miauifiCeut SIisli*, viz: The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With sncli superior and nneqnalied aiiaiigeineatB, ihe subscribers coufid-utly look forward lor a continuance of thattu|>port which liaa becu extended to them so inauy years, for which they are gBSMU. Those proceeding, or remittiuff money to their relatives, can stall limes obr.tin l>r.ifu Ulttbl lOf any MMMQl, diawu direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin. UO on Meun. PKESCOTT, GROPE AMES k CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any o( die Bunks, or their Bi inchea, in all the principal town* throughout EugUnd, Irelaud, Scotland and Wales. Apply,or add.esj, (if by letter postpaid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO Ji Fuhon street, New York, next door to ihe Yukon Bank. N. B. The OM Line of Liver|iool Packets sail irom'hii port for Liverpool on (he 1st aud 19th of each month. Par'irs returning to the old country will li ,d it 10 ill ir comfort and dv image to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to auv other. il'ff r OLD ESTABLISHED (iMIOhANI PAS afJfySAOE OKKl :E, 61 South street. New York-RegJweMKaiilar Line of Packets Tlie subscriber continue- to nriiig .ut peisoni f oni hiiv part of Gruil Britain and Ireland, who may lie < ngaged ny their friends here, hy the regul ir line of packet ships, (ailing every six days rom Liverpool. P> rsonr s. udiug lor theirfrieii Is, lasv rely thai jusi care wll In taken <o hare them despair ii-d wstliout delay in Liverpool.and will always endeavor to merit a couiinua re of the public patronage which has been to liberallv bestowed lor many years past; aud Iho-e remitting money can have drafts payable at all the Banks anil branches throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars, ap ly [if by letter, poal paid] to jOr J. Ill\ H- ROMAN, 61 S-nili t. iAAr KOK LIVERPOOL NEW LINE .Keguins eCxlfV Packet ol 2">t! Fibruarv. The Splendid Packet Ship jjKjSilKiOAKRICK, Capiaio William Skuldy, of 1000 Unit, will positively rail as above, Iter regular >l iv For freight or ,.usage, having avcoininodaiions unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on boar I. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, ir to E. k. COLLINS k CO. M South street Trice of passage, f 100. 1 oe Packet Shin Roscius, Captain John Collins, ol 1100 tons, will succeed the Uarrick, aud sail the 26th of March, her regular day. L tiers for the shipa of thil will only be received at Gilpin's and Hale's News Room. Passengeis may rely on the ships of this liue sailing punctn..l|v as advcrtiscil. j?6 c tfg- PASSAGE FROM LI VERPOHL The very superior packet slop MEMPHIS ( apt Kaight, will WBMKwsa11 from Liverpool early in March P. imiiu wishing to scud for their fnends can have them brought out iu her or a. v of the tegular packets bv applying pcrsonallv. or if bv letter, nost i.aid. 11 JOsEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, corner ol South. PS Draft! for any amount payable at aiuht iu any nank, branrh, or agency of a bank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, glveu by applving at above. i \ 21 r "aMaP:~~PA<:KET FOR HAV HE. (Second Line I The Ship ST. NICOLAS, John B. Pell, master, will tXUmm t" on the lit of February. BOYD t NINCKEN, jyll r _ No 9 Tontine Huildimr, PACKET-FOR MARSEILLES K-biu oy 1st. mSJWv Theahip TKESCOTT, Chi'. Lawrence. Apply jBliiaBfa.o S BROOM It CO, or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Aveuts, jylir 9 Tontine Building. liftf- DRAFTS ON IRELAND, lie. The subscriber* jqKjcaVcontinue to give drafts payable on demand, without jXJiMfadiscnum, or any charge whatsoever. IN I Rr.LAND Tin National Bank of Ireland, the Provincial Bank of Ireland, and their branches in every county. IN ENGLAND AND WALES Messrs. James Butt, Son It Co., bankers, London, the Kichauge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and their branches throughout England and Wales. I N SCOTk. AND The Eastern Bank ol Scotland, the (J-ecuoik Banking Company, aud branches iu the principal towns; Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter It Co. Persons in the couurry wishing to remit money to their friends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by enclosing the amount they wish to* remit to the suhsciiLers, with the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be sent. A draft for the amount will be forwarded the frst packet .fter the receipt thereof, aud acknowledgement of the saine returned per first post. <12 W fc I T. TAPSCOTT. 41 Peek slip. New York. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Sic., fccWcV^V.TI.e subscriber continues to transmit money, in sums JIHHb&MS* 01 small to persons residing in any part of lio..nid, iu the same maimer vs he, and ins predecessor in business have done for the last hirty yeais, and more; also, to any part of Eiiil ud or Scotland. Motley re nitted bv leiier (postpaid) to the subscriber, or ersonafly deposited witn him, with the name of the person or , er .')us in Irelaud, England or Scotland, to whom it ii to be ten*, u d nearest post uiwu, will be immediately liaiismittrd ami i >ii accordingly, and a receipt to that etfect given or for warded to the sender. In like manner money with or claims ou persons in any part ol Ireland, England c, Scotland, can b collected by the subscriber, fir persou* residing in any part of the Uuited Slates, or Canada, aud will he paid to them accordingly. ilji,., r UV'i.tiJV \1 BllloE lr 01 Cedar It. *** REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND SCOTLAND AND WALES. Persons pioceed JHmIm ng or reiniiling money to any pailoi the old country ran ai .hi times obtain mm the subscribers drafts at sight, for -nv amouut on the Royal Bank of lre'and and on Messrs. rrescott, tirole, Ames k up, Bankeis, London, which are paid free of discount or any charge whatsoever, in nil the principal lawns of the United Kingdom. For terms, apply or address, il by letter, host haul, to ROCHE BROTHERS k CO.. 9} Fultou st, neit door to the Fulton Bank. P. 8 The subscribers wili as ht relofore have a regular sue cession of first c'ass Ameri inn ships, tailing weekly From Lir imol, during the roiniw year 1813. For onstage, apply hi I shore rl3t> r tfttlf ieH AMJ ftUniM A.CEItlCAN ItlftAb MAif. STEAM SHIPS, Of 1200etoni and 440 horse power enrh. j naer contract wiui uie L,orus 01 riip-A<imirai[y. HlBERNIA, C.H K Judkins, Commander, cilti ) ANN I A, J. Hewitt, do CALKPONlA, K. G. Lou, do ACADIA, A. Ryrie do COLUMBIA, K. C. Miller. R N do Will tail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halsfas a* follows: prom nivaarooL. from sostois. Acadia, Rvrir, V* f) 4 Mar I Columbia, Miller, .Mn 4 Ap'l 1 triiawna, Hewiti, Ap'l 4 May 1 H'hmiia Judkins, A|i'l 19 May IS The accommodations lor passengers are aopeiior. The ve*a Is re "ccempatued by a*i rimmed surgeons, an( amply supplied with K, -nces' PaientLife Boats. P issaae leiluC"d to Sl?0. IV" Kenns secureo mtil paid fcr. Kor fuithi r li furmatl pi ly 'o D BIUtillAM, JR.,at IIAKnDEN it CO'8, No. 3 Wall-al j-'Qc SlA'J'hW ISLAND Koot of Whitehall street On and after Dee. 3d, the steamer 8TATEN 18LANDEI1 will run as follows, until further notice LEAVE STATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK. WA.M, 9 A.M. It 12S P. M. JK P. M, dj r _____ 4V .M*) 0M REGULAR OPPOSITION TO CATS fa, KILL,and intermediate landings, without low l>arues Regular days 1'iom Cattskill, Moil lavs, Wednesdays and H'ndays. Kiom New York, Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays. Kare to or from Cattafcill, 50 cents Berths aScents Siipiier 25 cenls. The new and fast steamer WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt, wil leave Robinson at pier Thursday Nov. 17th, at live o'clock. Kor furl lit r particulars inquire ol the ca tain on board. By running on the Uavs'above named, there will bi s daily coin tmihi'-aliou neiween Caukill and New York (and in teriDediair places) for freight and ivtssage at reduced prices. _ _ nRr w RAIL HOA'i LINE OK STAGES ,W H' *1 KKO V1 NEW YORK T > BEDKOKDwyyeudiMa 1)11 end al>. r Tnesdav. .1 innarv 3d, 1843, the subscrihefs will run a line of stages troii Bedford to New York three time* a week, as foliowr: Leaves Seelv's Mansion House, Bedford, every Monday, Wi'dtetday and Eridn moruina at8Ho'cloc_. Leaves the Rail Road Motel, corner of Bowery and Brooine sis, New York, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday morning, by ihe 9 o'clock ca s, passing Marble Hall, Easl Chester, and through White Plains, Rohbins' Mills and Mile Souare to Bedford. HIRAM DEKOREST. U. C. LEWIS. Proprietor. The Red Bin! Lire of "-ages will continue to ran during the winter from White '"l.rif every day at t o'clock, and New Yoik *1 2 o'clock, ' V.Sunday* decided HIRAM DEr OREST, jt Itn'r Pwwjww, * NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS.-I'.cktA'\ ^ et Hth Erhuary Th rplendid wi II known fad gM,' . sailing iwrket ship ROCHESTER, Capt. Philip VVoot* n e, will rail positively as above, her regular day, ba tii immenced her regula trip* in Messis. Woodholl k Mmtu ' New Line of Liverpool Packet*. The t coinmodationa ol this ship tor cabin, second cabin and steerage |vaa eii*crs,cannot be surpassed, having all the imprnvrsen's of the new modelled packet rhins. Persuns desirous ol !. g lieiihs should not fail to make early application on a a I, ">t of Burling Blip, 01 to W. it .1. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck Slip, cor. Sooth St. Persons rsirins of sending for thi ir friends in the old connIra-, can hare thi m brought out on favorable terms, by the move favorite ship, which Iravra Liverpool on the J li of April, her rrgulai day, and those wishing m remit money ran he supplied with drafts for any am-mil payable on demand, wiihoul Incount, in all the priucipal towns of Oreat Britain ami Inand. I he packet ship Hottingner will succeed the Rochester and

ail on the 16th March, her legnlar day. j2H r tflHST PREMIUM HOSE PIPE-India Rul.her II -se Pipe " tlei b'eand peifrctly liaht, suitable for ilie Croton water. I his article is perhaps the best for ihe purpose of irrigation, washing wiudows, conveying water to the roof, fcc. in case ol fire of any liiinff ol th kind yet introduced. K is quite clean nd ha. received the preference of some of the larcrsl Ho.els. Pnuiing vaiablisliintuU uid others since the introduction ol thi CrotoiLVVaier in the city. It is tnada ol a pre, aration of Unck within, ia Rubber by the ud ol powerful Roibury machinery in a manner defying all c irr-eir-uin ard (uniisl-ed m nil d. sirable length o calibre, wilh el ,np, a <i i J couplings attaclied Our es ahhsbmoiit has also the New \ - <a Agency (or ihe nely invcliled Hemp Hose, and will erectile -true s w-lh pi mp noss P.iunocis and the tiade are i viied :o lib-isl erins. W ireh-ui e of tile Hosbnry luilia Rub ier Est bin.. me,.Liu Miudcu Lane. HORACE H. DAV, dm Its y Bacce aor to llmknrv India Huhbcs fn r UMBEKMT.N8' BANK, W rr- II, Pa.. Northampton JLr Bank, Allrutown, Pa., NawWurvpurt, Mass., bought at S. J. SYLVESTER'S, 22 Wall it, and 110 Broadway, RK H [)RNING, FEBRUARY 2, SEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NLW YORK AND NEWARK. raga Kiire real ureal to 'JS Milt*. f'nm tut- loot ol Caurtlatnlt itreet, New York. (Kvery day ftunlay >,.>!.< opted.) Leave* Nev. Y ik Leave* Newark Vt 9 A. VI. A' i. V. M. At 7\j A. Nl. Ai IH P. M !IR do. a do. S Jo. 3> do IV! do 9 do. 6 do 7 (Jo. II 10 do. ON .ULNDAYs. Kioto the foot ot C.urtUiiiil meet. Leave New Yorh, Leave Newarfr. At A. M. ami i'A IV M. At IK I'. M. and !0 V. M. N'KVV YORK. KLIZABKTH TOWN. Leave New York. Leave Klixabeth Town. 9 A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P. M Btf A. M. ?V " tOHA. M. l) P. M. 1'.; M. S P. M. 9* " The tram* for Wcstfield. Plaiufield. Boundbrook, Somerville kc., connect with th.- 9 A M, 2 aua 4V P M trains Irom New Vork, daily, Sundays eicepted. Fare between New Vork and Elizabeth Town26 cents. Karr heiween do and Suliierville. TJ cents. YORK. HAIIWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. J rom the foot of J-iberty atreet, daily. Lca e New Vork. Leave Nivt Bruuawick At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. <x " ifS " 9 P. M. On Sundays the 'j\ and 1% A.M. trips from New BrttnswicL and 2X P. M. train Irem New V >rlt, are niittcd. Kaie between New Vo-' a:.o New I! runs wick. TJ cents Rihwa. 50 cents The idle III Ihe and 7/$ A. M. irainf rom New Hrut.s vick, and 2\ and l?a d. M. trtiu from New York, haa been r Imm. New York and New Brunswick, to 50 cents. " ar'1 Rah way to 3TX. " Passengers who procure rheir tickets at Lire ticket office, re oivc a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the col Inetor only on the day wlien purchased. nil lin* NEW YORK AND BUSTOTTKAIL HOAD LINK. Via Norwich * " Worcester KaiLnotDs. Composed of the following suiierior steamers running in connection with the Norwick St Worcester aud Worcester St Boston R-ril ll-ia 's WORCESTER, Capt. J 11. Vanderbilt. NEW H A YEN, Capt. J. K. Dustau. CLEOP VTRA. Capt . On and after Monday, Nov.21st,this line will be run tri-weeh1y,leasing New Vork, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only, at 4 r. M. _ The new aud splendid steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain J. K.j >tiatau, will leave every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Passengers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the arrival of the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed without chati|(e of cars or baggage. For further information, enquire at the office of II U At I I'M 'IO P....U at in nn.,,;.. All persons are forbid trusting auy one on account of tlir above boat* or owners. n25r mohris and essex rail road, expense wi h ihe mo t approved aod heaviest H ra l, to secure a taf and eip'diiious couvryauce bctwesu New York nud Morinown, w l! commence running two trips daily, Sundays excepted. ii ami after M uday, J.tu >1, First Tiam from Moiristown w II leave at A M. .Second Train from Morrisiown will leaYt at IJg P M. First Train (roin New Yoik will leave at 9 A M Newark at 9% A M. Second Train from New York will leave at 2\ P M Newark ar 3> P Mr. 1 I HKsrmri rs by the Morning Train from Morristown will arrire N* w t;U in tune for the 9 A M Trail) to N W Yodb dl the morning Train to i'hi'apelphii; by the Afternoon Train they will arrive at Newark in time lor rhe 3^ PM Train to New York or rhe Train fo Pfifltdalp la. Passengers by the Morning Trai from New York will airivc at Morristown in tune to dine and Lake auy of the Stage* ruuninf west or north from that place. j'26 lm*ec WINTER ARB A N'UEMKN'1. id NEW YORK AND I'lTiLAOKLmlA lfXTilTfiAD LINE DIRECT. Via Newark, .New Brunswick Princeton, Trenton, Borden town and Burlington. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leare New York, from tlie loot of Liberty street, daily, at 9 A M and i\ r M. 'l'he looming i.>ne proceeds to Hordentown, trnm thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. Tb-. EveniiiK Line proceeds direct to Camden, (opposite Philadelphia) without change ofenrs. Paaseugers will procure their lichees at the office foot ol Li berry street, where a comniodiona steainbott will be in readi nesss, with baggage < rate* on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to ciiv, without being opened by the way. Each train is provided with a Ladies Car, in which are apart menls and dressing rooms expressly for the Ladies use. Reluming, the lilies leave Philadelphia from the foot ol Chestnut street by railroad froin Camden, at 9 o'clock A M,ahd 1 o'clock, I' M. The Lines for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at 7 A M, snd 4 I M, being a continuation of the lin- a from New York. *28 3in*r DAILY PACKAGE EXPRESS 4".All FOR ALBANY. TROY. AND BUFFALO. By t lit-' I Ion s.< Pom '111.High fr 11 C'ty [ to Albany in Twelve Hours. Leaves at 7 o'clock its the morning. The subscribers have mace arrangements with the Hon ta'oni Hail Road Company, to run an Express Car (exclusively Inrou own iwrpose) daily, OTer thc r road with the nasst-m ei train, running through o Albany in twelve hours, ana are no* , prepared to receive and h rward at low rates, Specie, Bank Notes, Packages, Biles an<l Cases of Goods, Sic., for any of the above named or inl rinediatr. places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, notes, dialuaud accounts, and such other business as may be entrusted to their care. d?i POME.HOY It CO 3 Walls'reet. New York. pullen & copp's SB& *211 NEMT^fnlf ALbTv'F T^WA^B^^SllEAL EXPRESS. Messrs. Harnden St Co. having disposed of tlreir rourr Iron' New York to Albany and Tioy, the snhscrihers, the old conductors of Harnden St Co's Northern Express, from New York, will continue to run as heretofore .leaving New York, Albany and Tray, Daily, and connect at Troy with Jacobs' Montreal Etpress, and will forward S|iecie, Bank Notes,Packages Bundles,Cases of Goods. Sir., to any place hetweeu New York and Montreal, and . throughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to Bostou,aud West from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly attended to. Particular attention will be piid t'1 the collection of U' tes, drafts, acceptances, fcc . and prompt returns made for the same, PULLEN St COPP. Offices -Pulles k Coop, 2>< Wall street. New York. Thos. Uongn, 15 Exchange, Alnany. A G. Filkint, 221 River street, Troy. 8. Jacob's Exchange Court. 8l Paul st, Montreal. REFERENCES. ' Ntw York. Albaivt. Trot. Prime, Ward k King, E. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little,k Co.. Thos. Gougb. P. Wells, John T. Smith, k C ., 8. K. Stow, Peooon k Hoffman, C. S.Douglass, Caqienter k Vermilye, F. Leake Houghton k Co. Drew. Robinson fc fin. u24 __ gou baud's pouure subtile, ruu uuMfLP. rub* rKtoiAWKw ri-t KRAD1CATLNG 1 SUPERFLUOUS HAIR. r 'T'HK nniversil ponnla'ity of thia )tinly relehratr d Chemical * Preparation for the destruction of the strongest and tourhest Hair, from the aofi down ou lem ilea uppar lip ind arms to the tnlibotn b*ard <if in n, need** 1101 n word of comment in it praise. ft m'hcietit to *y that it ia 'o be found in thi- city I only at thr old and original office <7 Walker it, one door from Broalwav II per bottle. Bcwira of delrterioua imitation), i Where also may b# (fOUHAlTD'S E A U L) E BEAUTE. ' nnri>alled for eatermin ting Tan, Pimplea, Blotches, Hallow' neai, Storm, and all cutan* out i upturns, ana eliciting a healthy juvenile bloom. I> per bottle. (Jouraud's Vegetanle Liquid Rougea auperb article, aud the only one in true. "iO ceuta per bottle. Oonraud't Blanc D'K.spagne, an eicellcut preparation for imt-xrting a pure, life like whiteness to the complexion, free from thr injUrl ,na properties generally entering into combination for this piiri*oae. Pat no in elegant ho tea at 2J centa each. AoKsrTa New Vork Albany, Outline, I Maiden Lane; Pouxhkeepair, J^eed < frav; Utica, Wade, drugglal; Hamilton M. Co. Oreiri Ik Oranfi; Louisville, Louie Co.; W. A. Chase; Ooehen, Elliott. C< nil.. Vlyers, Chapel at. New Hareu; W K iu'kner, Norwich; Wells it Humphreyt, Hertford; Chart* a Dyer J ., Providence; Thoma v New|>ort; Cbwes, hairdre er, Spring held; Oreeoe 4t Co., Worc*ater; Burt, Liille , K* lls; Coggesnall, South Second at, New Bedford; .Jordan, 2 Milk street, Boaton; Lowell. Carleton 11 Co.; Salem, l e ; Newbaryiiort, Hodge; Portsmouth, Prest* n; Poitland, raiker, K.achaiige at; Bangor, Ouild; Mallow, II, Vcainmou. New Jersey Newark, t'rippe; Piiuceton, Dr. Peahrook. Pa., Ptula , I 76 Cheenut atrnei. Lauctater, Heiuitmh, drnpgiat; HarrishurghKohinson iwriodical agent; Pittalmrgh, Tu'tle; Cincinnati, r Thomas It Co., <Main atreet; Va., Richmond, Mrs Krayier; D. C. Washington, Selhy Parker; Alexandria. C. ('.Berry; Md., Baltimore 8. S Fiance, Ice. Sir Application) for agent cic mnet be post paid (none othei- arc taken from the poat-olficc) and arc'tnpanied with a N. reference, uticiccp unliable Wpliin a few year* thia remarkable and useful che mical invention for completely eradicating lunertluiiis hair, j hat attain'd the hi he-t pitch of celebrity and consequently cxrited the cupidity ol a neil of ba e connteifeitrra, wh * at trinpt to anatch from the lUTcntor ill# juat recompena- for hit [ I labor. Purehaaera should theiefore 1 e ou their guard and are that Cfety bo tie of tne Poudre Subtile ia square, and K Eeln II .1 I'oii,I,,. * >,,1,1.1.. ,J V ... ...I. K.,.,1. ...I ,k. Doctor'* fac airnile rtif ra ed on the nntaide wrapper. Direction, French ami F,ngli h, accompany each bottle. Knneinber the only office in N. Y. lor the aboee celebrated CoamrtiC, iaC7 Walker atrcet, one door from Broadway. lA Imr fl 0 THE LOVEHS Ok lUflMOl |LAUl TEA I flo v<|U*'a Muture Tina attreinrly au-l trnparnli leled Tta, ao highly celebrated in China and Europe, inat imported. i* now lor aale at the Cauton TeaCbmpai-y'a General Tea Katablinhmi nt, 121 t'harhamat. New York in < hitiene pacWagea. Price Ml centa and |1. jl> 8m r ECONOMY IN DRESS. 2MBK \UWAY, Otro-ITE rill- FOUNTAIN. I 1 Houhlatig eo t" the 'in-nuiotv thai I am lu.niahieg eeerv I * ncleof clnthiuc at pr -noilioiably mo. er.f pricea, for ' tfhtch i nr re anrtonia ha< e been eBOfded, ai d Wou d aollCit Iacil-Ithoae capab e o* at predating fi t-rale umk.tnal t ry may judge of -he induo< m n-.a offered to thua* payii g i, 1 "smog'-rS'Vfi the *l y rtthoiring garinrnla, will plea** learn ! *,p,Lc*' WM. T. JENNINGS, ! |29 lm#r Drai>ci aud Tailor 0 [ERA 1843. Washington. [('UtiM|M>nd K*ol tlx Herald.J Washington, Jan. 28, 1843. Tlie Mrcond Assembly. 1 here iiaa been quite a commotion through the boudoirs, and drawing rooms, m consequence ot the publication t our last letter grave matrons have put their venerable lo ads together veteran belles whose rouge is a sad retlection upon pretending youililului as, have discussed it young ladies, who are ratherin the world'seye, have digested it, and the mousiached gentry have bitten their hps over a second cup ot'coli'ee, because it reflected rather questionably upon their precious selves. J ii tine, there has been tele-a tetes innumerable, and caucuses most solemn, and knowing winks, and mysterious hers, all aspiring, and all desiring to give lorni and shape to your humble " Q, in a Corner." Cld brums have been ransacked, ingenuity lias been tortured, and imagination strained inosi considerably, to ideniily die inches and years ol tins unotteiiding limner. Well, here were again, after a fortnight's absence how time has blipped by in those two weeks, and yei, wtiat a volume is it in one's lite, us we go down the lull. The co lection lo-iiight is most brilliant ; even more so than at tlie last assembly. That picture ot yours in tne Herald has created a sensation to some purpose ; lor, t>y tue i'owcrs, there is more beamy rtiiu u.miano/ in.*** ini**< itu i**v ... led 111 ibe Hiiiiit* space. " '1 here ih philosophy mid poetry combined in all your speeches, and lite lust was die iiiohi reinarkaole ot all. Tlidi lier.tld dues manage some liuw or other to get up an excitement every wtiere ; liere it has been die rage, Uod knows how long, and when would-be moralists prate about its dangerous tendency, i would point tliein to such evidence as the present, aa (lie result oi its inliueuce. Yes, 1 insist, and can demonstrate that the Herald alone draws a great part ot ibis altiaciive collection together, Irom tlie tact (hat its last portrait was the promise ol a more extensive picture." " Admitted, my Iriend ; and as ihat is a point upon which both agree, what say you to a scrutuiy ol oil that is inviting or interesting !" " 1 am ever read/ lor the labors of love, and now let us dip the brush into the colors." " I'ray tell me, is there not an unusual number ol strangers present 1" " Y es diey seem to have (locked together by some uncommon magic. 1 lie foreign governments, however, ate not so well represented as ou the lirsi occasion the nice delicate young men, who Have been lumbered along with transatlantic missions, are a so a Utile scarce, thougti lite vacuum is perhaps belter tilled by die attt ndaiice ol our representatives and a sprinkling ol distinguished American visitors." "That sola upon the west rn side ot die hull, seems tilled Willi u party peculiarly their own. Who are they V " Un, Lord, deliver us from such a thick-headed companion; die heavens might tall, and llieCaiuiol crumble into dust, lor auglu ol your knowledge, d some kind-hearted fellow did not point out the catastrophe; that party came here a la locomotive Irom Ualumoie, and is composed of us mosi promising, valuable, and leading belles. The two tjlW 111 die extreme end, are die Misses S.'s, who are rich in means, tich in person, and above all ncli in intellect; the eider one, who Willi u queen-1 ike air, ueports hersell to die admiring host, is but a year at home Irom a continental lour ; next to ihem, are die esteemed and accomplished daughter ot n. .1., and smiling and captivating with innocent grace, and yet perleci art is she, lor whom more than one has paid the great d bt ol nature, in advocating Ilieir pretensions UgUlllBl cijuaiiy unuicuouusaiiam competitors, fthe is Miss JVl. Hint dignilieU couple, wlio saunter ho indeiieudeiitly itruunu, anil seem to sltare but the scenes ot Uietr native elements, are stra gc.s on a tirsi visit trom New York." " Come, let us relresli, unit drown all but present joy in the now I." _ ' ihujourt fii it is my motto, and the lempu* bcdindum, just whenever good wine mvites, or preity hps ure willing to pledge " " For once, 1 must bar the company of the lair ones in tins excursion, tor the women, war and wine, is the trinity ot man's ambition; yet I like best to enjoy tliein separately." " Have your own wuy, and now torn trial of these specimens ot hock und sheiry, upon wlitctt muocent liquids, it is said, Mr. C. J looses nothing iu nis management ot the assemblies." " It is bui lair to ssy, ttie sherry is capital ; and as you have bowed with a gracious air to the third glass, 1 would respecitully suggest an adjournment, betore your nerveH are uflecleti" " 1 he adjournment jg Clirrie(| nan f(W( an,i permit me to call your attention to the Godlike Daniel, who coines sweeping along with that lady." "They both look like seventy-fours under lull sail; who is the Madame?" " Mrs. P. of Boston, who is connected by marriage with the Webster family." " You aresharp tlusevening.Mr. Q. in a Corner." " Not more so than usual; but here approaches as good humored and vivacious us ever, the wile ol one prominent in Congress, who, aside from politics, is one ot the cleverest and most manly fellows in the world. She is Mrs. C., and they say is just as severe a whig, as her gallant other hall." " Confound your politics, what concern have they with women, beauty, or common sense. I came here to study nature in its various costumes, and to learn the hisiory ol all those things that live und move and have theirbeing. Continue on ahottt the lady, and let her husband and politics, be sent to the opposite extreme of Christianity." 'Ahem? Imprimu*, she is kind hearted, hat figured through many gay winters at the Capital, has much of the champagne of life about her, nnn hat added much to a Jong catalogue of estimable friends-" " You speak that last sentence, as if 'twere peculiarly complimentary." " And bo faith I intended it; for what with the ever rankling and ready-made jealou-y, which nine through this moat unexceptionable community, and the constant barkings of prejudice ' I say it withoui hesitation, and I say it boldly,' that any woman who adds to her store of' friends, must be possessed of rare virtues and singular merit." " Mr Adams must surrender; for truly you are getting to be the ' old man eloquent.' Hut can you imagine what that quartetto of rising young men are discussing so seriously in the corner 1" " Unquestionably I can, for wine is a magnetic power which drowns all mystery. You will observe that \V. and P. (that used to be the correspondent of the Herald,) are exceedingly animated : they are canvassing Hlackstone's construction of personal rights and liberty. It appears that some weeks ago, these rare spirits, with an half dozen others, took into their sagacious noddles to rendez vqusat Houlauger's, lor the purpose of making chemical experiments upon divers oysters; that then and there being assembled, and in virtue of their scientific commission, having examined, opened, and dissected these peculiar specimens of natural history, it was suggested that a decoction, composed of I'-moos, sugar, boiling water, and a liitlc Irish whiskey to remove the acid, would materially benefit their researches; that stimulated by ardent and patriotic emotions, and from one trial of the decoction, they were'persuaded to attempt a second dose, and so continued on in their experiments, till that hour when 'churchyards yawn,' when being reminded by the keeper of this repository of sciences that his time of oblivion had come, on thev started to enlighten the slumbering population ol Washington by various screechings, bawlings, songs, and sundry other musical accompaniments, which seemed not agreeable to the unclussical ears of several sturdy-looking customers, generally distin gmsnea r>y the neit rit til I touorv/im or * waimm , whi), with force and arms, marched off their bodies to the Lock-up-house." " That well accounts for their discussion of' |*rsonal rifthta '" " Hut know you that person who seems so languidly reclining on G. ?" " Why, surely, none other than Mrs. l ., who is just convalescent aftera severe illnesa the brighteyed girl, who looks so full of cheerfulness, and is now in earnest conversation with Mr* tf., is Miss W , h /nolfgi of hers, and a most amiable and interesting girl " " Well, here I'll swear is a duet of the best beauty in America. The one Mrs. V.jsee her with the unison ve|vet- aud the other your enchanting a id .w, who is dressed as usual in a style of grandeur which surpasses alt competition." " Whenever 1 look upon, or think of that woman, 1 ntn reminded how pistlv she might have sent hack the answer tlint the Queen ot Navarre did to the young Troubadour ' Let ine behold the oracle that can tell all nations I am beautiful.' ' " The power of such women is astonishing; they actually control'egislation more than most men in Oongress ami from what rumor snVs, 1 should ludge her influence wnsabove most of them " "How well Miss Ii. looks, tonight she seems to have takert extraordinary puns with herself, but probably appears better from the contrast with that restored captain, who would swell into some mi LD Pile* Two oortance if there was sensible wind enough in his body." "The S.'h are fiere, too, in all their glory and worthier nor better could not attend." "But look ! Hnd see our W. buds how fragrant and blooming are they ! Miaa Iv, tlie eldest, has done her share of conquests; and the youngest F is no tyro, for one of her yiars Indeed, they all, ttie Mama included, have contributed much to establish Washington aocietv. and deservedly are among its most conspicuous leaders." "Who are the two tastefully arranged ladies leaning on those who wear the husband's livery, and who apparently have this instant metl" "That neat figure, in the velvet costume, is Mrs. M.; and the eaay, becoming modealy, and gentility ot itie other, is represented by Mrs. B." "Hear you the rattling of the castanets, and remain stationary? Let us get to the centre of the room, or we eh.ill be considered out of all Christendom There's the exciting waits and how crowded it ia ! As a trainer brings up, with conscious pride ol superiority, the graceful courser, whose glossy coat and Arab'an limbs are but too proud for the unconscious earth, mi does each gallant bear airing the object ol hiH choice, anxious and ambitious (or success. There m General H z with the wife of a Minister, B. with Miss S, M. with Miss W., and Heaven knows how many more, for my eyes swim with delight, Hnd the body teels electrified, as the snarks dash from these tairy orbs." "Wfiat has become of the W. ladies, and Madame B., and ne or two more ot the exclusivesT' "Why, alter sounding the alarm bells they deemed it politic to be at home from this party, and that is the occasion of several ladies being in mourning this evening." "Why, here comes that most uncommon girl, Miss G., in care ot one of the best and brightest young men." "Mean you hint with that fine person, commanding and iniellectuul brow, and neglegS airl" "Aye, that is Mr. Robert Tyler, the President's eldest eon, than whom, maugre all the spite and spleen of faction, and the venom ol small jealousy, and the meanness of party spirit, there is not a better fellow living. He is frauk, bold and independent. His wisdom is remarkable for his years, und, like the young Ion, in council he both surprizes and vanquishes." ' It is getting late, and my nerves require rest; so let us hid adieu till this day fortnight." "fcf in a Corner." Baltimore. rCorreipoudence of tlie Herald. 1 Baltimore, Md., Jan. 28, 1843. Fracat in High Life Hoax on the MiUerittt Mqfit 'llttulres Dear Bennett: Your welcome weekly is again before me. Its truly independent course is praiseworthy,and its columns I perceive are open lor the correction ol the immorality and bad conduct ol those whose actions deserve to he mentioned to the public. Last week your correspondent had the chagrin to allude to a bloodless atiray in the hall ol ihe Uni* veraity of Maryland beiween boys this week there is something ol a graver character deserving notice it was "no school boy's play" but a fracas between the eldest rnenib rs ot the medical faculiy, Professors Hall and Smith. But to the particulars. At a meeting of the faculty last Tuesday, Messrs. Smith and llall came to loggerheads which induced some threats, but no withdrawal ol words, whereupou Professor Hall thought projie; to deal to Professor Simih a smart blow with his cane, the latter named caught tin; head ot it and to his welcome surprise drew ihe concealed dirk, and it is said was about to make use ot it when an Infirmary student wrested it trom him. Dr. Hall in the meantime made good use ol the longer and lower end, and adorned the eye ol his opponent with what the Professor would call a contused wound. Smith not lilung ihisgnve Hall a smart blow which caused the destruction of u window pane and the appearance of a head in the street, much to the aiarm ol an exiremeiy worthy aud religious member ol the (acuity, who slept back from the combatants and cried " For God sake, gentlemen, slop" ihe pruyer being heard, the storm was quelled, and there is once more a calm. Whether the matter will go any tarlher or not 1 am unable to say, but it is thought thai neith- r ol the gentlemen are as lend ot being principals in "affairs of honor" as ihey are of being Surgeons. In noticing this atlair it should be borne in mind that the above named geulleuien are the oldest members ot the faculty, and therefore the last from whom we should have expected so degrading an action. Truly " Hermond, Duvall, W ,.l, it.1.1 Hall have become not only notorious as examples, but a realization of a prophecy; comment is unnecessary. The mentioned facts are more forcible and expressive than all that could he said. Quite a hoax was played upon the credulous in this city during the last week, in the shape of a letter purporting to be from "Prophet Miller" to his brethren in Baltimore, exhorting them to turn from their evil ways, and drawing their attention to a star, which might be seen in the sky during the morning. The excitement among a peculiar class was considerably up, and appeared to be still rising, when some of" the " knowing ones" let the cat out of the bag Brother Maffit is once more in town, and hard at work looks somewhat undar the weather, having been confined t bed whilst in Frederick, which fact caused no little uneasiness among the ladies. If is his intention to repeat, by particular request 1 (to save trouble,) hir'admired lecture on "Woman 1 as she is. and as she should be" a fruitful ineme but I regret to say it is merely a string of flattery and nonsense, made interesting by the taste of his easily flattered admirers. More of him again. The Museum, under the auspices of its present active manager, seems to be revivisg. Signor Blitz, the most perfect simpleton of the age, is performing in conjunction with the eccentric and laughable Dr. Valentine. They close their engagements this evening, alter having drawn fine houses. FRjKND. Docks Docks, Mr. Brnnktt Perceiving that you take a great interest in the construction ofa dry dock in this vicinity,I will give you another plan, that I think wtll be new to you. I propose to elevate a ship upon dry land by Cioton water. My plan is this: let the government construct, in a suitable place, either upon the East or West side of the city, or nny distance ahove where the water can he obtained, a lock of the moat durable atone, of sufficient size for the largest ship; this lock to be sunk deep enough in the bed of the river to float in the largest vessel. Upon the dry land above the upper end of the lock, let a basin be made, large enough tor one or more ship* In th^ bed of this basin place the blocks tor the resting place of the vessel. Now, if we would elevate a ship ujion the blocks in the basin, all that will be necessary is to run the vessel into the lock, shut the lower gates, and let in the Croton water from the pi|ies, and till the lock and basin. The ship may then be floated out oi the lock into the basin and upon the blocks, the water drawn off, and all is now ready for repairing, and so on vire verstt This plan will save us from the eternal pumping of water, as proposed by the other plans. I presume I fie cor|)o ration of the city will have no objection to letlini 'he government have a sufficient qaantity of water, at all times, to answer the purpose of locking up and down, for a sufficient sain of money. In (net, die surplus waier that is running daily away from the reservoir at 42d street would be enough, if a large basin was prepared to save a sufficient quantity of it in; and incase the Croton water should tail, would it not fie as easy to pump this lock and basin full from the river, as to pump the proposed docks out dryf Now, while I nm writing about the Croton water, I will notice another subiect connected with it. Mr. Bennett, why does not some owner of properly at the foot of Rarclay, in West street, obtain the privilege from the corporation to lay down a large pipe, from the lountain in the park te the river, through Handsy strpet. along West, and use the water for motive power A large flouring mill sav, or a cotton tartory, or any manufactory requiring great power, may fie propelled hy it The water from Union Park may be uwil in a similar manner J. P. Court of Common Fiona. Before Judge Inglia. Fra. 1. William Cnrptnier v i Benjamin RarerThi it aii notion lor u ault and battery on the 9th July laaf' *Tho plaintiff is a City Marshal. and n attem|tting to levy an execution upon tome property belonging to defendant, it it alleged that he itrtirk plaintiff with the heat board ofa hedatead. The deletion wai that tho otHcnr dt4 not make the proper levy in the first place ; and,thru that he made u e ol itnprdper and IMnrting language, Justifying the axault The character of defendant ivoa provvd to he good Verdiot for plaintiff $h0 nnd costs. C. F. Buhler for plaintiff. Bnekland k Aitkin for dofiatv I ant.