Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Şubat 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Şubat 1843 Page 3
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V arletjr. ^aval. The tollowina'ia list of the officers at taehtsi to ihe U. S ship Erie, now nearly r^ndj t< sail for the Pacific i Commander, Lieut T. I banning ; Lieutenants, K M Meade, Georg< Hurst; Acting Master, Passed Midshipman Wm. L, Roy; P.t> ed Midshipmen, John Kutledge, J. P Decatur; Assistant Sargeon, Win Grier; Purser, '1 E ^orria; Midshipmen, Albert N. Snnth, Walte O'C,rain; Acting Midshipman, S. Ganesvoort. Tin fainbridge has been readv for sea a whole month excepting that her tnedical stores had not been sen on from Philadelphia by the head of the mediea bureau ai Washington. And we learn that evei now her list of medicines is incomplete, and hersur gioa! instruments ini|>erfect Yet it is understoot that there is at the navy yard at this slation, ahun dauce of medicine and instruments, which it seem are tabooed, for some reason known only to Docto ii&rtOQ. Owing to these new medical regulations the hospital at the navy yard is destitute of medi cine and some of the medical stores sent on bj 'and carriage all the way from Philadelphia, forth* Ohio, a short lime since, were rendered useless it; consequence of the breaking of bottles containing laudanum and other liquids, and the consequent amalgamation of the liquida and solids, without any due regard to proportion It is time that the medical bureau was broken up, or a person placed at its head, who has s nie practical know ledge of his duties, and is really anxious to promote the good ol the service. Dotion paper, Jan 28. Simons Rrvcontrr I regret 10 advise you thai for some time past a difference has existed betweer Henry K. Atkinson (of ihe forwarding house of At kinson fc Timpleman) and John Swan, both cm Zens ot this town, which last night led to the use ol deadly weapons to a recontre in which Mr. S wai seriously injured Without going into detail, it ap pears ihat vlr S. accompanied his younger brothei jo .->carigru's iiatel, where .vir A whs h boarder to request satisfaction tor some offence. After n shoti conversation, Mr S. got to blows with iht S , and then with John; and after a run ning fight ol four or five minutes, Vlr S. wastnunc tobe wounded in the region of the lungs. Pnysi Clan-' were called in, who pronounced his siiua'ioti a dangerous one, and of course Mr. A , who remained ou the spot and (leaceabty surrendered himself this morning, was taken before an examining court, and aller a silling 01 three or four hours, wm held to flail with two recognizances ol $1,500. Cumbtrland Patriot, Jan 28 Tub Earthquake. *1 fie* shock of the earthquake ofihe4ih in-taut was experienced over a very extensive range ot conn ry. On the Ohio river it was fellas high as Marietta: on the Mississippi as high upas 13 irliiiglon, Iowa Territory; througn the middle and south' rn parts ol Indiana and Illinois; also, throughout Kentucky and Tennessee, aud laoetd on the other side ol the Cumberland Mountains, at various places in Oeorgia and South Carolina quite to the seaboutd. Du u the Mississippi we hear of it to Vicksburg. The centre wt the greatest vtoieuce was probably n-ar New Madrid, somewhat noted lor beiug the seal of this sort ot action in the bowels ol the earth, more frequently tliau any other tract in North America beyond the volcanic regions ol Mexico. A hunter Irum the tit. Francis, Aikausas, reports at Memphis that a deep lake had been farmed by the earth's sinking on that river; he, with some companions, ha.l been hunting on the very ground; aud, as his companions tiad not been heard of since, it was believed they bad perished. ticEVEY of the Lakes. The Cleveland Herald says This exieusive aud highly important duty, under the charge of the Bureau of Topographical Eugiueers, is lining pressed forward with much zeal and ability. The length of American coast embraced in this survey is nearly equal to that of the Atlantic; and we are glad to see that the Government is at length becoming senstb e ot the impor lance attached to this survey, in affording facilities for harbor improvements, which are so much required for the protection of the commerce of trie northern fakes. Hokkiblk Murder. A shocking murder was committed in the vicinity ol Greenv.lfe, Tennessee, on the 5ih instant, on the body of John H ea, a respectable farmer, by one ot his servants. The deed was perpetrated with a spade, by a blow from which ttie deceased's head was literally spill open, aud he fell lileless The murderer then proceeded to lake the life of Mrs. Kea, but was preveuted by auother servant. He was arrested aud lodged in prison lor trial. r ire in iioston. The large Duilding heionging to Israel Ames, corner ot Blackslone and Ana streets, caught lire this morning, about 3 o'clock, in the second story occupied by H. F. Parker, lurntture dealer, whose block, amounting to about $3t)00, was almost entirely destroyed in ured lor $2lXkJ. Damage to the building about $3000 injured at the American Office lor $7000. Considerable injury was also done to the stocks of Deane Ac Pratt, grocers, nd J. H. Collamore, tailor. Total loss estimated at $8000. Button L)tin. Jan. 31. Supreme Court United States, Mondav, Jan80 No. 27. F. F. Vidal et al., appellants, vs. the executors of Stephen Girard. The argument ot this cause was continued by Mr. Stump, lor the appellants. Tuesday, Jan. 31. A. P. Bagby, Esq., ol Alabama, was admitted an attorney and counsellor ot tiia court. No. 27. F. F. Vidal, et al. appellants, vs Stephen Jirard's executors, et. al. The argument ot this cause was continued by Mr. Sergeant lor the appellees. Navigation The Utica forced her way again througu a strong body of ice yesterday, and arrived here about 1 o'clock. The river, al the present writing, is entirely free Irom ice. The little snow wf *rrc oift-Hf-a wnn utsi wren, aisa| | ;areu ra| miy yesterday before a warm sun in the forenoon, and a sho er in the afternoon. Albany Atlit, htb. 1 Ohio Rivkr.. At Wheeling, on Saturday, the nver was clear of ice, had nine feet water in the channel, and was falling. At Pittsburgh on the same day, the river had seveu feet of water 11 the channel, and w .<8 falling. At Cincinnati, on Friday, the navigation of the river continued uninterrupted. VKfH from rb. Bay St-te Thoae three very eitra Slerrt v that were eihibitrd Ou Thuraday la-1,the 2fi h imt.thioniih the principal itreeia of thiv ci'y. have hem l ni(htrred and a e now f. r m peetion ol the i ub'tc at the lau*htrr houae of the autocrine ra at No. <48 K'dridite at. Tlirae stem were Ited by Lake Ba-h, Eaq, of Max, ana have Seen proDu^i-ed by competent j i.dgea t be equal il ne t aaperio to aoy thine ul the kind ever ottered to the |>u rlic. At leaat they will h ve an oppoitunitv of judging for themarlva bv ea'l;ni< on Tlmm i vi leuaina of No J8. u<l Oi-r'ei f o per of No 29 Fnlton .Market on S.tu dav m it, on wi.ih occaaion they Solicit the patronage of the t ublic THOMAS M JENKIV8 f 4t*r i HSHI.H COOPER PUBLIC SALE of F at B<r Iron Will he aoM on Friday,the I7>h dty of F. b-uary n it, at the Ham.burg depot, at H irriahurg. Penna . about 268 tone flu bar railroad iroy Sale to continence at 10 oYI ck, A M. Trrma made known on day f a,le b UHEEN, MOORE it ROCKAFELLOW. _ The L SO ae re and Pablie Ledgi r, Phi lade Ipm: Cour'er It Enquirer and New Vork Herald, New V'nrk; A'laa k Pint. Bo,ton; American and Republican, Baltimore ; Gazette ana Manufacturer. Pituburg, will invert the above twice a weea, until the day of ule, an* e,*ud their bit la to the above firm. Harrubort. Jan 2i. H4|. 179 tolTFr _ TO WHIP MAKERS, HATTERS, MUSICAL IN I STHU.MENT VIAKERS. ud other, deairoua of uteud<ng thiu hunncaa ra a ftry profitable inveatment^ The Subacr ber h ivtng b en in bniinen in Lond >n, Birmingham, ai d Vlaoeheater. in England, for u warda of twenty veara, and haa i m foaiidtriil the fust in th trade hi armf ietu tilc whip gut. Hatters bow strings, harp, violiu, violiocello d ub'e bass aud coftrfd wi^e iCrion, sausage skins. *t-am co^oe and w rl bands, -nd tut strings of e* ery description, all of which arc new imported to the IT ited 8tatr . ps> ittg a duty of tweutj-fivep*r cent The c<>o umpti u of the%* good* in his c un* trv it very gr ar, and as it hvs not be#u discovered before, that put snugs could he manufactorrd iu (his country, the e vices )! '! - subscriber to ftuorriotend the manufacturing of fuch arti(J< s, would be invaluable, having trare led through several ol th* 8istes, knows some ol the best customers to sell to. This ootid' ts c^uld br carried on to an uu iini>d eaten', evem to sup'-r .ede ne importation of English gut. /lie subscriber would 1 i.ter into an engagement with any |*rson desirous of embark* ir ' in thi. trade, at a reasonable remuneration w old have no~t iwtion to w at or south, if it wai proposed to cvrry the be 00#*# on a very large scale, as the materials are iu greater i '1 m datice and much ch * i er than in this city. Best of referfii 'ts given and required. Please address a note for A. Catgut, at the Herald office. Pork 8tore to Let, and ftitureg for sale (hear. d(>wu town, r ow doing a good husincsa, blocks, tools, scales, lie* comi lele. 1 any (irrrou wishing to go into the Pork, Hauiage and Meat tuoness, this is a rare opportunity. Apply as above. lw*ec 1 FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE A commodious V sndeh ganl four story house aud lot, in the vicinage of I'- i# Ho e t and Petri, at % rent of about $ h j e r annum, at building is fui'shed in sufwnor stvle, suited to the ud ruuvemenee of a genteel familv. If <)isjx>sed of in hinge r. would be bartered tor vacant lota in the suburbs o" rity. or f irm property iu the neighbourhood of New York, not eiceediug thirty miles distance. Application at the Ai- rtcun L ud and L >au ngency Office, No. 14 Wall s reet^ ,' 1 receive due stlentif u. Persons desiious of selling, letting, hi ng, or etchsnnu g prop r:v and lusunng lo themselves the u >st satisfaction, are respectfully luvited to make direct ate p iMlon to this office, Where chime. be mide for series not ectuillr reudeied, snd when rendered si s moderate Cf ni| " let'on- M J m - - . " P" "*a ''^1~A 'akm cudUiuiuk *'< m ret situ* 7d L' U OB ,r Boston 1 uru|nke, IV inilr. uom N. w Vork -ml ,iJgh M > mile from lb. brsunlul illa*e of New Koch,Mr on wtuch there is bauds-nnr l*o ,tury house, with nieut. suiUble for s rummy residence, (mug eligibly luuHted, wilha line new uf L<iu| ltltud SueuiJ, In A in) fine km' den srtd I'Wit orchard. K<x>d h.rti soil outhonnn. Also, s null nsed ior marble msirulsrtiiriii* |>ur|-otes . dwelliu* nowss lot miliar, sod s nood Isim hou.e, Sit Ktir lurther psrtirulsii i>ply_ no the premises, or of Jsinet I' ioritiiifftou, Esq., or Jsines I' fc ll . Post Oftce, New Ho-belle, or ol JOHfiPH OATtVttL, Msrble Works, at iw*rc Sullivsn si New York. I')H RALE^'sim in the rilisse of Jsmsirs, L. I aSUTwo i, ndtomr Isrms, couLsiullie he one liftv-f,,.r >i - m. ..r lard, properly ditidnt into ar> , mur, .11 ! aoodl nii. Th V are IU a ROod natr of m ! ainu.arid > aitaated a abort dieuuice ouih from the te.> road,to loth ihe,r |, ut ettrodt parallel ui>od Hontli etrer On one lai n tl.e improverm u(e eon'ial ot a Rood two elm .oae*. lie n, and n,reaverv oatbotldiUR*. Ou tlrr oilier tht t I Rood Hi(r lor till 11 (III,, They will be Bold low if appln for iMitardialel>. Apply u, KltANCIM a BdOWN, jyMdt i No SJ Wall Ureal. ^FAMISH DOL'BLOONs-boraale by a, ,1,, w Vl >J\o U'bKIEN, 13 Well et KLOl 1 v 2ri, halt $'i| erttue lliitr, laaeino Iroin tlup Uui i at, I N. th mat lor it hy df k ' ' ' 1 ' * - r i . T>WII i< "i AN, v 'matted lor lb* l aee a o| fcllon > nt'ie 1Mb Nov laer. will pi , l r . h I ' " OTT, ill u H 01' .i | J|E TO LET The premises formerly occupied by the | I ffjjW James Dobbin, uo. between the 4th and Uh * MjLnurs. emending from 13 to did atreet, consisting of J "> j pario i and convenient dwrtlirw, with stable and autUlMt o'thousea attached, witn a lar^r vara en in perfect older, well tiled with every variety of frnjt. and an abundance of ahruntMb "V the hituario i the most rightly on the island., rommaudina i I m extensive view f the surrounding c< uutry,aiid the ooiy one ! vei looking the receiving reservoir being a ue i ruble rearI* nee for a private family ; or would he Jet o a cart fill tenant r a public house, being about 6 minutes' walk from the Kail | oad. A Iso, about five acres <<( pasture land a<tioiui"g the above ! 'remises, u> Ut with t r without he wmr r'JWJJSJIL J** tv roue, or of VVMJK. N hWTON, l i> 17 Im*r No. 20 Chambers street ^ ^ rSH SALE CHFAT Two fine buildings situated 8 II in a flourishing aid healthy Milage in N. Je; ev, suitr i jJlnble for m-rcantile htiaiui * or residence, will be sold L * for cash ami score goods. Also, a Farm of 170 . Ores, good 'and, J J ' w ith three dwelling n uses,barns. Ac. situated oear PlainfWId, ii N. J. for $36 i er acre, tud one of 16 acres good land, a* $3f per acre. AI o, 16 am ill, a i. 30 Urge fauna, cheap, to suit the s irues. Also, storr-hHises, tanneries, mills, public nou es, Ac. 1 Please call on S. VALtt, fl Cortlandt street, every Batediy from I0to2.orothri days at 174 Washington street, where fur* 2 rher particulars will he given i 15 lm*r HAVAVA Mrs. Waalb Boajding hnu e has beeu t utire.y rt lit'ed-nd pr par d for the recentm u of t ave'lers Tha location oil his home, N< I Calle San Pedro en/renat I de la Moihina isdrcidtdly superior to aay other previously iwbisfccdin this city. It is dirt ctlv U| ou tfie ihr terniiutiiou of he Commercial wharf aud adjoinm* the a earn boat landing, comma* ding an ettciuive and nenurifui view o| 'he entire hmbor. with the adjacent country, towtu and villages, mid possessing the advaipaee of a much fresher ind pmer air than'he mtri'orscree's of the city, al'hough i-is within the u uil business limi a. The in jority of the at a imeuts tie unu nully lofty,'parion< and air^, and it may^ be greater advantage. to the traveller or u.valid for n winter rot- I i deuce. I | [ The prop ietora g i camion atranger. de-fined to Havana, ' in Mm i h them a |>a. port. |i|Md or verified by a Spani.h ! i I'onaui, rah ch u(on arrival i laki n hy th> Boarding I Hirer, , and in I'diifnrini'y with wh ch i permit So di ' inbaik willi In*- ' 1 * ire, kc Ins in bf nroea ed biMNM reside nf f the pllCta . , I Th Clerk of thr Honse will sfimd to this foim-i'ity, which is >uidly ii.f need hi the Government, and pans* ttg< is dc-sirnus > f K- in* Mrs West's, by ren lug t eir uamvs up lo thr < H u*r ill Im? rt'lrved imran lately. M 'hey an *dvise hy a . 1 _ previous vest" ol t e.i iu euliou to rm>>iiR, n* mil* can he procured iu anticipation, whicn m the event ol their arriving f tale iu 'he day, Hill obvial a dtienuouof from 2 to 34 hours [ on board Travellers may leave direction# *r home to have their left* rs *dd/esM d to the c;ire el Mr. C. 8. West, ('akitig care to have hi* name distinctly written, a* ieiy fr quent rrUtakes are made | niih 'oieign name* at the Havana post otfice) hh ch will eusure their earliest d livery tii.ough his bo>, anil taeir safe keep ins tu ca*e of ab enc* I American atid Kuclish coin received in payment, and letters of c* di for moderate am< uuta negotiated or leceivcd Jy 17 Iaw4w* [ IMPORTANT TO MERCHANTS AND i CLERKS. nRlSTOW'S writing, book-keeping iand SHORT-HAND ACADEMY, No. M, Broadway, near Park Place. comiuur* 01*11 Da> and Evening, lor Ul.ntlb ra or all aoe> GREAT REDUCTION, EROM TWELVE I O SIX DOLLARS! Mr Bhl^Tl W, of London, guarantee. to reform ANY WRITING, lk> . vei bad, illegible,or cramped, into a beautiful, frre, rij* ditieu* and fno-hrd Mercantile Stvlr. a ada .ted t<> all thr liHituiu ol life and biumi-aa. In TWELVE EASY LESSONS for onli 9n Dollar*! Academy A'o. 235 Hroadway, near Park Place. Th- LADIES ,irr taught an elrgMit, graceful and la.hionaDlr Kiinnn g Hand ' thev aaarmblr dail> at II o'clock rr** VISITORS in Nrw York can takr aonracin Three | ' Diva! Mr. B. ia to be aeeu from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to P. M 1 1 ^ N J!A.5 ^ C i c i rijnn > n I. Or the amusing art of Short Hand W ding, taught by Mr. Brit- ] tow in twelve lersons, for taking down 9-.-ui..iis, Lectures, Tnal , Ur he. a. f.ut at anv prison can speak. V B A work of the author tt ptesnnied to every pai>il. QT7" FOR SALE, at the Acaileiny, up ttairt, a " Guide to r Short H nil." jv 13 lm*r < "NEW CHEAP CASH [ TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 62 JOHN STREET. NEAH WILLIAM. < THI1' rubtriiher respeeuully uDUuucrt to bi hi-mis and the I 1 public grneiallv. that he hat opened an establishment on ' the Cheap Oath Sy-tem. wh.ete gentlemen will always fiod a t new and fashonablr assortment of Cloths, Caaaiimrea aud ' Vestiogs, which will be made up to order lu a ttyle of fit aud woikmaiiO'in not tun atted by any other establishment to the city attlie followmg low priors: Kine Dreat ot h rock Coata, auy color, from $14 to $11 aU|ierfuie do do do II to 25 Tama of Wool BUck or Fancy l.aaairnrrea 5 to 9 I Veataofbalin. Silk, V-leotia, Velvet, lie. S to 6 I Gentlemen furnishing their ow n goods can have them made aud trimmed at the loweat poaaible prices for cash. jv24cc JAMES LACY. blNULIatt SUMOOL. HAVANA, ISLAND OF CUBA. CHARLES DUNNE WATERLAND, PRINCIPAL. 'T'HIS Academy waa established two years ago. under the pa- , L trouairr oi toe former Intendeoi (Jenersl otthe island, and other uiainu;ii taoeu individuals of the nobility and merrhauta of urns city. Hi oocrlocied on the plan of the Oeiman ''ffvaiuasia;" and the metnor ol tuition la the "ieterrogative." All the tcholars underataud tlx English language, and many of them r leak it habitually and nueotly * The Piincipal has the einenence of schools in France, Ger- ir many, England, and the United States. His chief aim is to give the youth eulrusted to his care a prnctica' knowledge of those branches of a point education. v\hich are required in all t active careers, and are applicable to any. ( The course of study, the. <rore, comprehends the English, French. German aud Spanish languages; History,Geogra .dues, V Nan ml Philosophy, the practical part of Mathematics, aud ' Drawingsof various kinds. '' Professors of divers nations aud acquirements reside in the establishment; aud all the classes receive, in rotation, instruction from the director. Such signal success has attended this plan of tuition, that several i f the pupils, under tv elve years of ages, write and speak . two foreign laotruagrs. in a perfectly intelligible manner, and ' those of riperyears, correctly and eaauv. The acquisition, not only of the Sjianish, but alto of othei languages, is thus placed wilhiu the reach of the youth of the United States, without its bring necessary foi them to relinquish the man, advantages winch sccrur from snEnglmh education. The object of the Principal in desiring to receive youths from the United Slates, is lo facilitate the acquirement ol ihe English arcrut for hit Spanish pupils, which service wonld tie doubly repaid them by nv the latter, and to introduce he-e the mau'y spirit of the English schools. The youns.citileus of the United States can have nothing tofear from the climate, the house being ifweious and airy, situated m a healthlul s| i. at a short ditance from the city; and corn lining within its limits, a tine bath aud complete gymnast in lot tne preservation Ol Ihe omuls' health Tan \ mitha. latvlv ,rri, H I r n\ f ny, have passed the summer iu the school in perfect health. Aa c llit |Tinci|*l i a married man, aud l>i> wilt aud sister have i h<' te of thr luuinrdrpeitmeut children ere received at any urinal of iiii'iary. h very |-u[ fl emiiya hit religious opiuiune audiatnrbrd. 1 hi terms arc (400 |>cr, payable Uirer months in ad aut e Therr are no extras except clothes lid hooka Reference* VI ESS RS. CHAS. DRAKE ht BROTHERS Al.: MORALES, ESQ.. nil Havana rT"0 THE LADIES M. LA HUE Ik SISTEH take leave 1 to inform >h u frirm'a and ihc pntdic, that their eontitine 'heir Curl E'lantishnieiit. 163 < snal street, corner of Varirk. Th> y also embrace ihia <>|i|a>riouity to rriurn their ainrere thaiilta for rhe liberal ani>por< they recrivxl during their tel. Vear'a residence in that s'reet ; alao the p'e iin e ihcy 'eel at thi satisfaction their fti'nd slid customers ha*r ani'eraal y elpreen d al the ijualltv and t *ate of i heir goods; at much I iDoi and ' great eljenae ihry have diacoveied a method of dreaaiag the a hair which iinpartalo it a beautiful rich Inatre and durability that will chiHeupe comoe'ili i , by which ineaus thr carl will iaat (or one ye sr. and are cut i ent that un paiuaaltall be rpared to deaeive their fmure patrot^t e. t Their atock u large aud splendid emulating of fine and other Curia, oraida, Kruettea, wire < urla, Ringlets, Head Dreaaea. aud net Caps, shell aim other Comha, with otlier arttclea api*rtaimuit to the buaiueaa. Old Curia dreaaed in the brat (trie for 35 centa, made to louk like new. M. LA HUE fc SISTER, d3t! Im*r 163 Canal street, corner of Variek V. 6. CITY I* EST A TCH TOST. r - Pt |ST OFFICE, New Fork, tbth July. 1142. '' LIOLKSof Delivery each day, f Sundays ricepted) at ihs . IT u oer and Lower Past Offices: ^ Letters utnoaited before Mali ' ait I o'clock, AM) " U " ^ J " P M Will be sent oat for do- J At all the Stations before livery at 9 AM, audi / To Uock. A M and 4 o'clock, P M. J1 II " " 1 I " P M i Letteri cob* tent Free, mint have "Free Stamp" affiled to I them, orherwitr three centa will he collected of the l *rty to C whom the letter n addresae J. ho mirnry mae be enclosed in : 1 elter ouleai te. istrreii at t at t rincipal office*. Liat* ol the stations (at all of "which "tisc stamps" may be purchased at ti.S# pet 100. and every information may be obtained en ap- 'J plication at the upper or lower post t rfice*. Stamja issued by ' the late CityDespatch Post will be received. It is indispensable 1 that the number of the residence ahoul I be stated in all lette rs ' sent through this Poet. The Poet Master solicits the earliest iniormatioD should any irregularities occur. JOHN LOKIMK.w GRAHAM auSS I* ee t i BEKK, POKK ANB mTTTON, at tiie store corner of 1 Weat and warren-streets. Families. Shopkeepers, and I (Jrocert, who wish to purchase ihc above articles by the quae l ler. are requested to cell et the above piece, where they will ' tiiid e fresh supplv every mornias of a superior quality, and at prices suited to the timet. A economy la the order of the day, purchasers will hud it to thtir interest to call asabove. December, IM2. d3l lm*r J BKOWrs, So7i02 ilatha ns street, hat lor tale I Scissors Cotton Slide On B-H Lace Ttiimhles Quality Binding r.qei Needles bodinus Ivory Combs Klastir Garters Shoe Kibbons Bone Kveli is Pearl Bu tons Galloons Park I ins Lamp Wicks Horn Combs Spool Cotten Boot Cord Kyelet Machines Wi limit Cord Knitting Cotton Fiench Working Black Sila Cord Coat Cords Cotton rakein Sewing SilkCoraet l.acers Shears Suspenders Boot Lacen Thread Bunds Bone Bnrtons S wing Silk I'ooud Pius _ Knitting Pius Bobbins Hooksaid Eyes Button Mnulda Cotton Balls r Stay Bindings Gas Wicks Whalebone , Black Side Combs Wonted Binding Kerrits Hair Pins fftillete* u JMitalic Cyeleta W'Kxirn Pocket b Bat ton Hi no Comoa j * 21 lm*gc ~ LOOK AI l HIS." ll ^^^(iKNTLKMKN'H Cork Sole Boots,the beat of " quality, $3 nc c Ho Water Proof Boota do 4 SO Ho Light French ( alfskiu Boon. Ho S3 to 4 HO 0 do ludia Rnboer trrei Shoes with leather sole., 1 Mi * do Piiin Itubbere, 30 * do Bucmi f'uinpe, 1 00 do DaliCWg (Jailer, 1 33 l do Worrell 8hi> >ers 1 00 J And all other kind. vl Boots and Rhnra in raeh-oa; ladira yener boou, buskins, elip| re, nee, quilted ehoee, prunella * elioee. wblte end blark eatin slippers, buitou alines; India rubber strap-luried. plain and all oth' i kunlaof over ihoea: clone. . mOceania and the greatest assortment ol boy a boole and shoes. J tniaaei and children's, ol all kioHa to be found in flic world, all it onr own manufacturing, end thebvatol French it' ode, ai d warranted t' be the beat, and aa cheap aa tin cha>|eil,e> K) T Bond w ay the turner of Franklin ai and at 9i C.ual atreet (JKICOOHY Ik CAHILL, j* lm*ic 3b? Broadway. ' < > AMI? vtAM-llhai bh IMLfiA Ul.M.- 1 BER GOODS I vyholk.KALK am) hktail, No. I Wall straet. Th ' subscriber baa received and offer* for tale a large assort ..lent ol itrowried li.dia It. w,t pr(K)f Goods, via: i. f.oauaud Capri, of ini<erioi Lama, Caahti.ete Lama, Persian, n vienno sua I /ottou, ol *1) colors sod sixes ( loth India Kiibher, Water Proof, sup^r Lama Lama fe !l uan and Cotton, i>r? prrrd for t ilort, V India Robber W'hbinffs for suspenders nirwi. kr * *m; CHAft aSkahamhon " I IVEHI'UOL COAL 170 Chsiumoi beat Oriel Coal 10 0 yard. |nr sale in lots to auit purchase by A v' ' j"i<m hkhdmln h W ALT /?WI aecba Aabtwii'a Sett, factory niTid iiow laudiila from ship Sheridan, and for aalr by ,. -Obr V K r ill,I l\i b I Q yi a.. rb 1 'I'wWKH 200 hale. ttndpnrt uianui r lory , com^iaiu. , * Coinplrte asa-olifirut ol Seine, Mining and tiill N 1 wine., trom 3J% to 3b lb Thr abov. twiuea are all ol r> em imporlatlt ir, and great care liaa been taken la the aelec .ion of the material and in the manufacture Kor sale in lou to etlit purchasers, by ILDWI) K t OLLIN8 It CO. , dfr r 3b South arreet ' I Wt UHAE.VT M/Wtt ol .11 aiuda, parchaeml at th. 1 west market rates by j. BYLvEBTKH'B j Wall M Ml and 1M Broad war , J ftOALICOAL'. COAL! The aobeonbcr mihu ukw ^ the yard aontnweal corner of King a4nd Greenwich atreet. now receiving a fall aopidy of Schuylkill andPoch Orchard "oal, (elected from thr heat reiaa, which he offers at the fol wing reduced prices, >a from the yard, hrstituality. broken and screened,per ion " *4tK woe. J.S0 " " " Store, J,2i " Not, i,M " Delirered free of eartige dl* : ni*ec JAMES DOWNEY IV) FA VIILI KH WOINU SOUTH, to the We t Inillrt in Europe A respectable female, 24 yenr* of .,ge, wishes ti, nteiu a (irrnianrnt situation as srawatrtisa, io a geutrel latnily She would rreler going to Europe, vet would accept ot i good >lfrr to go South or to the Wett Indies The beat ot refer iDceaetven. AddreaaA- A. A. bor">U, opper Po t office, *> Vork xi>r MARTIN'S ( ASH TAlLOUlNh ESTABLISHMENT. 1M le illiam Strut, Corner #/ Ann Street, IS decidedly thr cheaiwat in the city There ia ->lwaya ot. hauil a el I nock of seasonable goods, porchaaed for caah vhich will b i made up to order to the atyle of make, fit, trim . ining. he., eh i mi* en< n auch general aatiafactioa daring thr i l*jt foot yen r.atiu hi a 1*1*11 i*c anrinz ol JO oar cent. Uetillc' iea nrr i<ajoe*teo to cull end eraimne. Tltoa* wh , 'amiah th'eit wu giUMls, can hare tnein MADE AND TRIMMED. Urea* C ata. inade and trimmed, -$7 00 to $8 J* Erock Coats, do do I 00 to 9 5# I'auta and Veata,r r 1 75 to 200 Orer Cimu. 4 H la II N TV Ttrmr l".\sh ou delirery. pit am MICHAELLIC. MARTIN_ MAHTIN"* HrXI" rAYINU TUBA! CO KEI'OSITOKIE8 Bv itie a<!o|it,na of these>, putrlrr hou-e keepers arc mailed to make a saving of tltecost of all Ike tobacco heretofore given away with a p-ofilof marly 30 per rrut ' OjPtiu the quautity aulil, affording alike atme lime perfect <a- ' tiafacuou to the consumrr. The general approval ami demand for >hete articlea has induced the undersigned to make arrangements with Messrs l>ay, Newel it Day mvnn'aciurers, to supply public house keepers g< nerally throughout the Stares, and also wirh John Anderson St Co., tooacconists, to supply them immediately with his sii|Krior fine em honey dew tobacc , iu penuy papers They are highly ornamental, and are warranted to pay the rost in one month. Ordt rs left with Mr Jenuisou, the agent, will meet with piouipl attention JOHN L. MARTI V, III lm"r t ? Uro-dwav I \RI'0-\ DYES. CHEMICALS POISONS. OER nAN LJ SILVER Ac ate. Sic. D F- urhtwauger informs hia nuto r us friends Mm custoiners . I the neiahborh. od arid abroad, that h will f rnish Acids of every descripiion. Dye huffs, iisiiicularlv ih- Ext'acls f Logwood uJ Quercitron Bark, loin and Ked Liq una 8tc , Copaiva C r ..! , I unar CnUslic, { Labanaqur's Chloride of 8 >da. Aqua Ajtnina, Bweet Spirit. i sfN'it'e. Chloric and Sulphuric Kiheis. Pyroligneous Acid, Aqua Forlis, Pu e Nit ic A id, Prn<aic Acid, lodi es f I'nfsamm, hnlohur, Di-mnnd Cemcui, lion Mercury ami Lead likewise a>l the DagUereO'ype and Electrotype Apparatus, e ith its mipert iningih m<Ca a; with an assortment of Dings, lie alt offered oh the most n unable renns Foi sale by I.R, LEWIS FEUCHl WAMJKK. 1 Wall st. V. B. Calic > printers, dyers, h.iters, who - sale aud retail linguists, will notice n.c above advert semeul in par'iculir, Also Polishiug Puliy for marble ysrds, K uae fer Da uerre oy i* i la'es, comnouud Chrmieal Whale Oil Soap, Bedbug, [tat, Molh au<l M'i "heloe Poisons, 8,-ed Protector, prepars:tou for Hi es, Ely P,prr, kc Rc. ami all other polishing men-rials far cleaning br as m l silv-r.ou hand jy3l)2in*rc | HE KnlM TUO-MAO N E IC PLAINS prepared by Lainoiiionv nl Pa ia, >-nd told iu New York. 63 Franklin itrret, by Niunard. ai the m-aler ire price of SI 30. are m'Soiiwedged by many thysirians, and all otner i emits who have tied thrm, to he and are in fact, most cAc'Cnsus for curing ill nervous afferiiona >nd pains, -s iheuiiiatism . urnra'gy, he gont, tie douloureux, megrims, paralysis iu the b ginning I s- as*s of women, na'e Colors, anwnor-hrea, suppressions, Mpors, nervoa* n't-cav, Sic ; tney c m instants eouslv neirou> aiiildi'Mi whrn iu sd Ageut.- iu Boston, Me-trs R n n It 9 < v ns; in Buffalo, Mr. C. L. Bristol; in < harlistou, R'. l.ip'iuce. jv28 I n*i Bit \ IIUIS(4. The original Walton House, 32b I'ear streeI Franklin Square kept by Jas. bowler, from London. Eng and, psrinancul boartiet.i $2,30 per week, transient hoarders 3( rnlsptrday Families can be accommodated with private imms on reasonable terms. Wines and spirits, 3 cents pel ;lass home brew'd ale 4 cents iter pint tine Welsh rarebits a tents each cold cnu equally cheap. N. B, Hot c ffee J cents ier pint stakes and mutton chops con be had at all hours. J. F. particularly requests any oue wh is iu wau; of a corn o ruble home to call and inspect his establishment, and udge lor themselves. Persons travelling lor England won Id iudu to their advantage to call. The house being convenient o Loudon aud Liverpool ships, J R. being appointee ageut, he :au give passsrugers every information. New York sun Old Country papers iskeu iu. n3 Im'i DL. bARNAM, 249 Water street, New V ork, manulac turer of every species of Hydraulic apparatus. Fire Engines, ol every stxe, for cities, viilsges, factories, limitations. Garden Engines, Fire Hooks, Fire Backets and Fire Cape. Hemp Hose, Leather Hose,of any size reqaired. Snc'ion Hose, Cupling Screws, Rc. Lilt aud Force Pumps to lift and force water any distance, rom 10 to 3(H) gallons * minute. Wind Mills, Horse Powers, Water Wheels, Re., for workng pomps. ship and Steamboat Pumps for filling boilers, Re., to be used n case of fire. Air Pamiia for vacuum or condensation, of any required nse. Lead aud Iron Pipe, Brass Cocks, Rc. i/U' iron pqudu]IU,ui vvioai rigurrs sua bpticci. N. B. The pump* of my manufacture are doable actian, of rent strength, and eery simple in their construction, being parcnlarly well es calated for the Southern and West India isrkrrs. d3l 3m*re. CLOTHING, CLOTHING. '" HEAP for Cash at the Faahiuuable Tailoring EstablishJ ment 108 Beekmm street. Every garm ut iu tne line made > -oiler iu the most fashionable and substantial manner of the uesl materials, and at the eery lowest prices. The following rices are sli ictly adhered to : Overcoats of suiwrtine heaver, $30 style, $16 to 32 Dress coats of the best West of Ei eland cloths, 14 to 23 Pants, sup. fancy and black caasimeres, 5 to 8 Veals, cashmere stlk, satin, and cloth, 216 to 5)6 Coals made and trimmed $7)6 to 9 ; l'ants $1)6 to 3 ; Vests H to 3 Our h ok at the goods will gtre more satisfaction hau the best description. ivt? Im r JOHN MOF FAT IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC A LARUE assortment of Clotlnug, cloths cassiuieres, vestIs ings, with a variety of liuen goods, is now seeing off at really reduced price- wholesale a d mini', at 20b Canal street, orner ol Hurls in. Overcoats, also dreas and fro-k cats, blue. I ck, and invisihl e green cloth. c.usimere, sattiueu, molt si-in antaloons. A great variety of vests of all kinds. l.rineinber 05 Canal atrert. jv 10 Im* rrc JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY No. 47 Wall ' street, corner of Hanover street. This Company con innes to insure against loss or damage by tire on bmldiugs irods, warei, or merchandize generally; also, on yesarls and argoes against lost oi damage by inland navigation, on as avorablr terms as any o her office DIRECTORS. Thomas W Thome Ehsha Riggs Thomas T Woodruff Auson Baser Benjamin R Robson Mariiu Hoffman John R Davison Joseph Allen John H Lee Joseph Drake Francis P Sage Samuel Underbill Thomson Price, James R Whiliug Moses Tin ker Johu P Moore John C Merritt W m K Thorn Caleb C Tuuis James E Holmes THOMAS W THORNE, President OEO T. HOPE. Heerelarv. s2S 31 aw MfcK t RM All TIN It CO., 36 John Street, up stairs, importers and publishers The lotlowii g works, iu point ol publication, je seldom iqual'ed and never surpassed: Uartleti's Amrricau Scenery, iu parts or complete. Canadian Find n's Tab'eans of National Cbaractei, Beauty and CosUree Fmden's Oillerv of British Art. This work has no equal. Views iu Scotland, i- parts or complete. Ireland, ' B'irns' Poe'-s, illiutrsted, in parts or complete. Fletcher's O id m Family Devoiion, in parts or complete P'rilhp,'Pilgrims Progress, steel plates " Views on the D iriub -. in |wr s. And ill the Load in illnstr led works of snpeiior merit A aw eiquisite engravings on h ud, suitable for scraps, at ents i er d 7-ti \s ihe-e a-e loose f gravings from the above i d other works, those who are ciil'ectiug a scrap book will A cent, aupplird on liberM Tfm jytB Itn'r if L'SIC Partiea nd balla attended with muaic 8 8io>fr '1 aou otlera lo the eitizrna of New York and Ha vicinity, laiinmahlv qnadrillea. waltxea, fcc., played by good mnsiciana, mm three lo lit in nnmhrr, may be dcaired. Old- r Ivlt al I Keadr v'reei |iuneinally alt, ndrd to. jyli I2t* m ACr.8 LAC(-S Tor ehrai eat atid IH r t aacnrtinrnt ~a of edgmga and rap lace, at LKEPER'S, 231 Grand at. all <ud ee. jvlti lm*r LJAKNUEVS, ADAMS', at Po.MEROY'8 EXPitKSB t 1 Prr.ona in the habit of aenditig to thia city for my ivmeirk fur chrouic diaeaaea, with direction* lor their nae, are inormeil that thev will hereafter Be promptly forwarded bv eiher of three liuea, according to directiona, free of any other xpeuae than the quantity ordered H. H. SHERWOOD, M D New York' Jan. >0. 1X1 Jyll lm*r NOTICE. PROPOSALS will be rrc-ived at the Pnrchgaing Office, Q Mrtrr VIrater'1 Dr| artmro/in Philadelphia,to fnruiah the allowing material and ar,tclea for the United Statea Army or the year 1843 vif 8k y bine twilled ("I th, 8-4 wide. Bleach-d Cotton Shirting, ' ! wide. Unbleached do 7-8 wide. Unbleached Cot'on Drilling, 7-8 wide. Fl lUtir I . I Cot on aid Wool, 7 8 wide. t Canton Flannel, 3-1 wide. Uniform C pe lor Dragoona, Artillery and Infantry. PoiniHiona I r Artillery. Shoulder Strap,, baaa, for Dragoona. ill auktu 6 1-2 feel lung, 4 wide, weight 4 I ha. H ir,e Blankera, blue, S feet long, 4 1-2 wide, weight 4 Iba. Druma complete Artillery and Inlantry. Metal Cap Equipmenu lor Dr tgooua, Artillery and InfanTiatcoeta. Wnrated Binding ami Cordofall.kinda. The quauttty and number of theae articlea will be determiud herea'ter Caaka lot one year from April next. The whole are to lie of domeatic manufactured material*, 'atterna of all the required woollen and cotton elotlja and artilea are depoaited in the Purchaamg Office in thia city for rxminatioa 8 .mplea ol any of the oollea and otlon clotha rill be annt to auy inauolacturer, on application to thta office, y mail, and aneh inlormatton given aa may be deaired. On the aampleaanil palterua ahibited, the contrarta will be inn ed and luapertiona made, and tin article will he received net ia inferior in the inatcriala or workmanahtp to, or that doea t correa|Mind tn rvety rea|iect with the pattern on which a otilract ia founded. The ttippliea arc to be delivered atth United State# Arte nit I ear Plnla rlphia, lor inapt cnon, in equal monthly portioua, nd the coniracla arc to be tilled on or before the let day of Anna', 1843. The niopovala mnai be in writing, aealed. and endoraed "Prooaala, ' and mual reach the office of the Aiai tant Qiarter laater General on or before lh ft'h day ol Fe hi nary, 1813 kcu.iiy will be rt quired for the fulfilment of euutracu. 'urehaing Office, (Ji. Mr'a Dept. ) Pl.ilad ,2"th Jni 1843. J j24 rod Fr QKAUTIF'JL 1 t> TH AMD SWEET BHfcAl H -The G whole woild cannot produce a better preparation for cleanng the te th, kr, pn g them Iron aching and decay, harden ti e lima ai d aweetc nig the nrcalh, rliau SV rinan'a Orna Tooln 'aafe. 1 he oil ly jerlret and delici a- d- miliiCv ver offered II lite public. It la uaed and, rrr. minrnd, d by the firal famiira iu Ainriica, and haa rtcenlh bt en introduced into the 'arnica ol a- vend ol the not 1 tity 111 England and France Dr. Caalle n-r n'u>, #,1 i...t .I-..,,.,. - 11. a ii.,.*> #1.. ..~..i,.t . I'fia Hmi B B Henrda'ey, (j. n. iv incbrn'er of the New Vortd, nud nearly every i hy.ieii n and dtiillal id thie i ity.nara nd ncommiiidi Hherman'a O'r a Tooth I'aatr na the beat of II |ira|>aratloua fill thr U r li. |)r. Hi rimin'a warelionae ia at D6 Naaann ilrni. A<ei.i , 110, 273 ud 4j") Bloadw T 8 1M luwery: 227 Hudacu ilnH; 77 kaat Broadway: M William treat; in Aalor Houa ; 139 Kulton atreel, Urooklyi j btata t.eef, Boatua; 4 Sfanwii Hall Albaoy ; 42 Wr ioiiii't*r au 'invdeiire, 3 Ladder Builringa, Pin I Ade I |>hia; and 147 Main ra t. Cincinnati. j y 19r LEtcfifiS! LKECHKF! ! LEfeUHES ! !! IP nnn Large hralthy Hwidiali and tiermau Laecliea, KJjV'UU juai re.aeiTed per aMp Htaihaui, fiom Hanibm*, ud daily ripecied, 411, on Hwrdiali and German Lrachca ,. bark VvaaliiDRtoii, rum Hamburg, lor aalc atmooeinie i.ric a, by o A * H. WITTK. rn tii U'-ni.. . ,i t . . TA.L2.C I |t|\n lib all (unit ,1 tlx Utilled Ktaiea made or, ' 'hi moat tavoiable tertna by .. __ H. j. hvlvkhtkh, )? lwr r> Wall ...eel am' '<* Hr^a.'aay. ^OPPtt,! ^! aaaorrmcut Irom '9 to 32 o* of vary anra ~ qualita .manufactuiad from th# bait nra and with (r at cam -lor aale in Iota to aam pnrchaaerm by * K COLLINS fc CO.. I " M Saalk naraet MEDICAL. r\RRIS TOOTH WASH Prepared from th origiasi re "* dp* it No.r New Yroti The time Toot1 vTuh is purely a vegetable preparation, possessing (ha proper Imo iclnaiui thr INnua month tailoring the (ion to s ralthy state, and predentin* any nopfauant taite 01 odour it the month, whether apsiug ftretn deoayad (oath or from a da ringed state of the stomach. It i dcaoriied mho died with a tooth brash, and will ba lour to uperte<!e tha aecMiipe (i powder keai ing tbe teeth cleat mi! prevention the W< urir.g away of the guies It m the teeth Itis particularly useful in caiys of spuugy gums, restoring then to a healthy state, and causing thstn to contract around the t*eth In painful affections of the teeth and gams, wising f/on iposnre to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is par :ieularly serrieeable to use the Orris Tooth Wash at night just before retiring to rest. This mathod is recommended by emi lent dentists, ss by so doing all particles of food which seen initiate during the day are entirely removed, and the moat' turpi through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy stale. Bound teeth aud while teeth are the most vslnabte portion' of poor humnnily; but how many neglect the attention ur e'sssrv for their preservation, even when snarounded by all th' means needed Among these we know of none more ple&san and effectnal than tbe Orris Tooth Waal -it clsanaes and whi tens the teeth, strongthena tha gnma, on Gas tha month, anc sweetens the breath We recommend it use to all, young am 'd. [Boston Morning Poet. The Orris Tooth Wash is tha bast detergent we aval used or nr enamel. r Boston Transcript.

In' ' he 'he nrineil ' drnraists in t' ac.ire GUIl fc TCI SOUND TEnTH A DEBlDKBATl'M IN DENTISTRY. t P\K. A.(..' AS I Lr., 29" oroudwsv. hu Paste for filling da- I Lr caved hoi in* teeih. It can br put iuto the moil t> uder teeth f I without any phik or iticouvenieacr, and with whieti it becomes I impacted into ONK hard solid hody/ha* tritorinK an prrwrr* tun (hitherto nainlol ami useless teeth) artificially too ml, anil iierlect in all their respective aaea lor life preveuting IN ALL CASKS, the orreiaitv of extraction. Ladle* the most distin;u' he l iu society .offer their teaiimoniali in the most vivid Tim, a* to ii efficacy. The Editor of the Evening Poit, says " It i* admirably adapted for tender teeth and nervoui |ieraoni, and Dt. Castle operate* on the teeth wi'h great car; and ability." 1 he New Yorlt Aurora, aaya " It makei the teeth in till reaped* perfect fot life." The 8nn, aaya " Dr.Caatle haeobtained muck celebrity for his esrelleut mode of filling the teeth.'' The moat eminent gentlemeu of (he Medical Faculty, have |>eraoualIy tried and recommend Dr Caaile'a Paate for (riling the teeth. '8'onth-ache Pills, one al which pnt in the aching tooth, will effect a permanent care. [From the hoi roil of Commerce 1 DELICATE AND SUCCESSFUL OPERATION. Dr. A C. Cattle fiaa replaced by a moat initenioua piece of dental inechaniain, the lost iiortiona of the uppe-aud lower jaw bouea. hot away iu tne cmae of Lieut. 8 . of the U. a. N., who met with fhis terrible and severe casualty, while in pursuit of | the Indiaua in Florida. We have ieen letters fromLient. 8 i confirmatory of this eat inordinary care and iu entire aucceaa thai the losa of these important organs to skillfully replaced h> Dr. Castle is now no more asmice ol regret to the Lieutenant Dr. C. inserts arrificia' teeth on the principle of adhesioD by atmospheric pressure, which he first introduced to thv notice o( lie public in 18?8. Dr A C. Castle refers toth" Spanish.Freud' mil English AHihastadors, Mr. Stotighlon the Spanish Conanl Rear Admiral W.ilton, Lord Moriieth, Gen McOarty, Dr F U. Jnhuson, Preside tof the Medical Society, 8. N. V.; Mrs 'Jen Gaines, J. B. Deck, M. D. Dr. J. A. Smith, Dr. E. Dela field, Dr. Beadle, Dr. B -yd. Dr. Buger, Dr. J. Cheesman l>r A H. Stevens. Or J. Tiorey. Dr. Baylies, Dr W ,n. Is nv inn. Kie. Ike fce. Office 297 Broadway. j* 1rn*r THE OMPLKXION AN0 ERUPTIONS OF THE rACE, BODr. OB SKIN. ( HAPT OK TENDER KLEhrt, Ac A MIRACLE, a Wnudei and a Blearing To enre any Eruption or Disfiyuremeut of the Skm, and tender nr ehapt Flesh, is (he Italian Chemical Soap The effect of this oa the skin is almost auperhumau. It has received the highest enco miuint from the medical society of Paiis, and ia warranted a never failing remedy for pimplea, freckles, blotches, scurvy, rheum, tan, sue burn, motphew. chapt or tender fle h, Ac It will change the color of dark, yellow, or discolored skin, to s youthful, healthy clearness. This has often effected a cure ir. cares of erection when -very other ineaus failed. It maker the skin am w h sofi and white, in fact, it it one of the g-ealest discoveries in science, and is a never failing remedy, or which fact one trial will satisfy all. it is the luveulion of VI Vespriui, an I la ian phytici in, and it sold, wholesale and retail, by T Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 82 Clialham-strnet, New York. Price 50 cents a cake , ue cake it often enough to cure id most cases. Appointed agent* Zeiber, Third or Dockstreet Philadelphia; or uett to the Atne ican Hotel, Wasmug ton, D. C.; 8 State stieet, Boston; 57 State-street, Albany: XI King street, Charlestown, 8. C.; L. F. Bailey, Morristown, N. J.; E C. Ferre, Main street, Middlelowu, Ct.; oi Mrs. Hayes, 139 Fulton-street, Brooklyn. d3l Im*ec 45 DIVISION STREET. PEASE'S HOREHOUND CANDY. ALL those that are afflicted with coughs, colds aud consumption, will read the following testimonials : We have used J Pease ft Son's ,omi ound Extract of Horehonnd Candy, and from vxperience can recommend it lothe public as a valuable remedy tor Coughs, Colas, Hoarseness, Irritation of the Throat and Consumption. Ann Godwin, 418 Cherry tt. John P. Matthews, No. I Orchard stFr ncit Hyatt, No 9 Lewis it. i Ann Duvall, No. 233 B-oad si, Newark, N. J. Mr. Vandew ler. Five Mile House, 3d avenue. , A. Craft, 19Christie at. I Jane Meyers, No. 138 Elm it. J. Mortimer. 83 Mtii, it, Brooklyn. W. Priilham, 281 Divisiou.t. I Kemiuul n inn Cedar it. 8. Wrlch, 144 Gold st, Brooklyn. A. B. Blo'dgood, 147 York at, Brooklyn. J. Rigu, No. 220 Cherry at ' John Eichall, No. 84 D lancy at. 1 T. Fa'rington, No. 31 Pitt at. Beiyamin Whitehonse. No. 18 Orchard at Mrs. Komain, No. 55 kintal. J. Little. 215 Walker at. 1 If there is one skeptical of the virtues of Pease's Horehonnd after perusing the above testimonials,I'd them Call at ourdei>ot, 45 Division at. .-nd we will exhibit fall 3000 testimonials from Clergt men, Doctors, Lawyers, Merchants, Mechanic', and in fact all classes and professions, subscribe to the virtues of our Comtiouiid Extract ol Horehound Candy. J. PEASE 8c SON, 43 Division street THE UNDERSIGNED Have used J Pease it Sou's Coinponnd Extract of Horehonnd , Candy, tnanu'aetured at 45 Division street, ana freely recom in d it to those afflicted with Coughi, Colds, Hoaneness and t. i.jumptive complaints, as an excellent rrmedv in those is, and lor the use of the voice ptofesstonallv, notbiuc can , t'lual it. We recommend it to our brethren throughout the Un'ou. , Reverend 1. Lindsey, recent paator of M. E. Church, 2d stiret Reverend J. Crawford, pastor of the second M. E. Church, Hudson, N. V. Reverend Mr. Lncky, presiding elder. New York Conference Reverend Mar Whittaker, pastor of Presbyterian Chmch, corner of Madison and Catharine sts. Hevereed W . C. Hawley. chaplain of City Hospital. Reveieud Mr. tfiffln, |ias,or M. K Church, Bedford at. Krverend Mr. Hart, rrcen (wtsior ol Baptist Church, Gold st, residence 521 Pearl st. i Hevereud Mr. (titles, HI Third Avenue. Kevereud Mr. Lyon, | itor ol the German Methodist E. | Church. fcldei Knapp and Rev Mr. Mafflt. i Sold wholesale and retail at 45 Division at. Ai,eut.i Ku-liton Jk Atpnw ll, 10 Aator House, 110 Broadwav. ami 0t> William s'; Owen, 3 Sitth Avenue; I impson, cor Euliunand Wil ism sta; Chnrch, '8'! Bowery ; B ide.-u. 2f>0 to; E. L. Cotton, IP'S Bleeckrr at; M trtine, cor 2lsl st and 9th Ave, ue; Pastor. 165 Grernwich st; L count, juocti -n o; Gran- anc lb .i-ion st ; Sand .cor Spring st eud BoW>r : J W. Stout, cor Hudsi n aim M.intgo ery sts, Jersey ("it,; Buul-n. 19 Third Avenue; IfoHltey, 31 Carmine st; Rrghsm, cot H Oft u ri Av> r u- I); Keitltd 529 BrOedwa ; Kt rr, 7 6 Broadway; M'Kuni u, cor t hu-eh ami 441 ambers at; Saiiili, i 93 West Brnadw ly ; R.idgen, Iu7 West Broadway; Chilton, 8'H Carial st; I'h ye , 241 Spnug a'; H>-seumil'er, <11 B eera- , rr m. Green, 399 Broadway, cor Walker at; Akikw, 3u0 Hud- | SOU St. A'. B Each agent who sells the genuine Horehonnd Candy, i has a certificate signed J Pease 8t Son, Agents Biirvea* It Zieber, No 3 Ledger Buildings. Philadelpni-; K> ddiug It t o, No. 8 S'ate st, Boston; Robinson, No. 110 Baltimore sr. Baltimore, Md ; Dexter, 57 State it. Ah ' any; Weeds It Waters, Troy; Morgan, Exchange Place, Nc Or'eans jy 18 r DOCTOR BELL. ' ] IAOCTOH BKLLdpfolra his personal attention (daily, uuU u| 9 |\ M.) t# the rrrnotal of pntale disessas in every ita*e All saftaring under protracted cases, *gicf* ared 4 r un ticce*-**ullv treated by iueiperie need or ptetetuied practiti< i>em f.r.ce a. ? soaring nnder the destructive effects of m renry or ?uaca BNtiiimi SIM ill wkw suspect th? i- m.iioi of di < ase urkiuR in tlte system, may consah Dr. B. k> ways with a gu 'f* antee of a cure. Persona contemplating ma lage. w> o have been the subjects f delicate diseases. m "vcouaiii L r. Bell with limmrihic confide Ce. P at-p*id letlera.Uei "i nilifl the e Ku( peiaouaat a diatauce, have his prompiaiu.n(Htu <f. tt.'a' realment acvtr expoae* to auapieioo, anu it well known to It sale and permanent. Q^" Private office 4 Conrtlandt ilrert, two doora Iroin Broad way. ian lm*cc THE GERMAN SURGEON. OOLOMON HINK, M. D., No 57 Reade atreet, New York. |n icrofnla and chronie diraaea do charav made till the jatieut it aatiefied medicine delivered gratia. Alt peracna deformed, under twenty-one yeara, can liave their bonea a'raiglitcned. Rvfereneea given aa to nnmecona patieuta who have eencnred in thia city. n*7 Jm* COUGHS AND GOLDS DKMEMBKR, No 54 North Biith atreet, one doer below t Arch atreet, Philadelphia, the moat certain and beat Family Medicine, for Cough#, Celda. Slutting Blond, Throat and Lnug Biaeaae, a riainx aenaation like choking, tickling, nr aapleaaant nhatructiona. For the above. Dr. 9WA YNfe.'8 Coin pound Syrup of Wild Cherry will be fonnd the Kreat remedy. Peraona who have ahuaed themaelvea by the naeol ardent apirita will find both their afrrnath and revolution much improved by leaving off the apinla. and taking a draught oceaaionally of the ibove rratorative All prepa-atmua from thia valnahlc lrec,ea- , eept the above,any be mniiderrd awtfiwo or counterfeit The real article mat be had o' the following Afeota, or at No. 5 North Mixth atreet, Ihildelphia AOENT9 Dr. W. H MILNOH, Druggist, No. 193 Broadway. MRS. M. HAYES, No. IT) pulton at, Brooklyn. BENJ. OLDS. Newark. N.J. JOHN MASON. I'atte .on, N. J. d m*T j SEGARS SEGARS. < THK following choice Segars are always on hand at HEN- J RIOUES'H HAVANA AND PRINCIPE 8KUAK 1 STORE. wholeaaje and retail, basement 51 William at. Himidaa. in half and quarter boxes Do. No. \ half and quarter boxea Noriegaa, in qnartsr and eighth do ( Para Kegalos, in quarter do Hegaliaa, of a auiierinr quality, in M, X end l-10th boxea 1 Congreaaa, in quarter boxea ' Trabaeaa, do do ' La Norma, do do La Kaperanu, do do I Trea Amigoa. in eartona of 39 aach < toodon Regal iaa, iji carton* of M aach : a Pruela, in quarter boxea 1 .Mugan'a (potted, in quarter boxea Paueulla's, do. of superior quality < \ ngeneudad, do De-nnyaa, do Mateoa. do Principe*, of the Rendon, Cm* and Sana, all ant. to dab. Primaveraa, in quarter boxea Alraiira* do Cnnatiuirias, do I Busuunentai, do , Komero Regalias, do Imperial do, inqnarte oxes^ a superior article. 1 u. iiuirn nnu KrMncri pi if a on rruoninifl ienw. oM < TAKIi NOTICE. j EXTRACT OK AN OHUINANCK < K THK COMMON COUNCIL I ONCfcRMNO L>KAL> AMMALs The May or, Aldeirnen and ' ommnnalty of ihe rity of New I York, ia Cox inoti Council convened, do ordain ai followa i 8tc 4. It ahill be the duty ol every cititen owoikk anv am ma! which atiall de wiihm the limn* ol thia city, aonlh ol JOih atreet, or in the ncrapatinn of my lot of ground. dwelling houae or preimaea of any deacn|iiion, uixrii which the body of t any dean animal ahall he fnaiid, and of ihe aeeeral Street In* ' arcrtora ol the at vera I warda in thia city, immediately after i mchde-lh. or the diacoverv thereof, to five nonce thereoCand i I the place where the laxly of each animal may be found, at i oar ol the officea eaublialieu aa followa Onaaithe I try luapectm a Office, No. I City Hall. < One at No III Hudaoa at ieet. t One al Murphy'a Stave Honae, Tomphin Market. One at ihi office of the Snperiniendent of Street*, rear #f Kaara Market. < Or to transport or rn eauae to be tranaported the body of aneh lead animal to the Depot, at tlm ftxit of Hat atieet. North River. I See. t> The hnrial of ay dead animal within the linaira afore aaid. or the thrown,g of any de d auiinal info tlie waler bonud rig the city, or ill am public afreet, highway or place aa it hi i h< llllill-alnieaaid, la liati by prohibited, under tile penalty ol Ktvi U.illari for e # h offence. set 7 A I . nl noicit, or parte of ordinaida, eon raiy In the piovitiuin ol thia urdinauce, ar* hi re by repealed. Paaaad the Board of Aaaialanta, Not. Ilae, IM2. 1 Paaaed the B^aid of Alderman, Nor. Hat, MI. Approved by the Mayor. November tith, IMI. JNO. II (JRISCOM. I ity'inapeetnr. i N- B. Thoae papeia who are in lavov ol the above, will oblige by giving it a lew tneertioae. jyll lae*r TO THE LADIES. DK. HULL* UTKRO ABDOMINAL 8UTPOHTEB. . 'T'HIB new hiiiMum for the niietl cure of Prolapeus Uten or filline of the Womb, by estemai applieanpa, eupereed ng the aw of the obieettoaal Puivr, i> confidently recon neoned to the afflicted h the mean* of perfect reetormlion to leelth, it never having (Wiled of performing a oure, even under he raoet aggravated nrcumataneea. The 8ap|xirter haa attained a ery high character in Europe ' watt as in thia country, leu adopted eo the en'ire disuse ol |eaeariea,a:id all other painful surgical expedients,tu the Lvtug *HfaMgui of London and Paris, anil in unirermallv MM ende<l in Knrope hy mediral men of the highest rank In this ountryj iu atutaieed by the leading mtmben of the facultie r t oll. jer and Hospitals. and by alt the eminent private pane uti otters. Kooma have been famished excluaively for ladiea, at No. a v eaey street, having a separate entrance from the bnaineaa d artment, where a lady ia in constant attendance to apolt trusses and Bont orters to female patients It'I Imr* CURE I F CHRONIC DISEASES. P\R. K. PRUD'HOMME, from Pa;ts, disciple of the illns trions Hahnemann, whose science and doctrines have islomshed all Knrope, and gathered around him a crowd of minent phvaieians, eager to receive his instructions, and to rrofii ny his experience, announces to the public that he has elected New York as the place of his labors, and of hit per sianeut residence. Dr K. P. has been profesaianally and intimately connected m Kranee with men, whose names are honored sua revereuced n this country; and dunnr ten years'practice. he has visited many pans of (he United (states, and of the West Indies, with s view to rlncidaie several points in srienre. till then involved >i much dooht and ohtc.iriry. He inst arrives front Paris, where he haa been to eontmntir atahe result of his observations to the Gallic Society, of vhirh he is a tn<-u>ber, and now returns one to diffuse the "rails of hi - eiperience and the blessings of heslth. In the oonrsr of hi* travels and practtee.h* has he help of his method, founded in the laws of SpeeiAes, cores wlneh had resisted every other mode of treatment; moreover, o* wishes to he judged not front words hut Irorn works Suffice It to say, that besides ill maladies reputed incurable, there to disease so dreadful, so inveterate, such _ as Consumpiiuu. liseaset of the skin, ring wermi. Cancer, Fistula of all kinds 4ernnl,nl> hn. thsi he rsnunl entirely extirpate. By tile mme mrtnod.all disanseiiacidenl tofeinalesaud children ire promptly and radically cured. Dr. f may be consulted every day, from 10 A. M to 2 P M it hiaoffice TO Duane atreet, near Broadway. Consultations ,-iven in the English, French, Oerraan, Spanish and Italian 'anguagea. nl 1w*t TAR. SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. 57 tone told las; year, the greatest evidence that can be oltered of their K>eat |K>|>nlarity and n*elulnes . Mr. Leonard Rodgeri, aged 06, 205 Tenth atreeV waa supposed to be at the potut of death, Irom old age and a bad cough lint physician advised him to try tiliermau'a Cough Luzmges, he did an and they cured hm. Kiiorh E Camp, esq , -aur eicellen' reporter, waa cured of a very bid cough, by Sherman's Lozenges ao alio wai Mi. Kader, the fam iua c gar dealer, 46 ha'hain. The Catholic Orphan Avylum in llth street, hai used Sheiinan'a Lozengea for the laar year win great benefit. Capt < h dwelt, nl aliip W< lliugton, says ohermau's Lozengea are great thing- the Camphor Lnzeiigea are the oul> sure remedy for sea-sii kuess, head-ache and palpilattoii, evtr known Mr. John Ever, 184 12th atreet, cured h a child of worma by snly our dose of Bnermou's norm lotengea. Ne rly every piytier ui i.f re'eh ity in this city leeommcit 'a Sherman's wur " lozengea in their practice,aa they alio On Sherman's poor inni'a pUsier, which cu (a only 12cents, and it a certain cuie I n pain or weakness of the aid, , br,a,t, hack or any part of the bony. Alan, rhenmatis'm, lumbago and piles Be aure you get the genuine SHEtiMAN'8 Lozengea and i"Utters. Wan-house, 106 Nassau it. Agents 110 2'3 and 447 Broadway; 227 Hud-oua.; 188 B 'werv; 7' East Broadway; lu Aatoi Housi ; 86 Williams'; (39 kulton at, Brook I n 8 S'ate street B -ston; 4 Stinwu Ha'l\ Albany: 42 Westminster atPiorideuee; and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. JVl9r SCIENTIFIC ANl) NEVER FAILING HUMAN HAIR RKSTORA rive. READ THIS THilN JUDGE rJ,HE HUMAN HAIR can positively he reatuied its J growth caused t illing off stay d and dandruff cured by a scieulific remedy. Before s|>eaking of this article, let me refer the nuMic to the following ireraon-. wiio having used Jours' Coral Hair Restorative, certify tnat they believe it is all it is represented t .at by applying it with slight faction to the scalp, the nair is absolutely forced to grow, to etfeel which, ol course, we must strengthen and make healthy the roots ot bulb, uid the scalp ; this effected, all scutf or daudruff is destroyed These respectable petsona certify these are the pro|>etries ol Jones' i-oral Hair Reatorative : The Hon. Judge Edwards, olThiladelphia. Phillips, Est)., 498 Bioonie-street, comer of Wooster, Nsw York. Mr W. Hopkins, 92 Ring-street, New York. J. Pewer, grocery, Fulton-street, New York. J. Pearson, Esq., Navy Yard, Charlrstowu. Mr. James Giiber, Houston-street, New York, jeweller. We could give 3(10 ether names oi persons who use this, but these must satisfy all peojde ol'common sense. Give it one trial, and you will be perfectly satisfied. It g'Ves the hair a delicious, soft, dark, silky appearance and feeling. It is sold at the low price of 3, 4, or 8 shillings a bottl", by T Junes, sign ol the American Eagle, 82 Chatham-street, New York; and b> these agents : Zeiber, Thiid and Dock-street, Philadelphia; snd n xt *o the American Hotel. Wasiuuglou, D-C-; 8 State meet, Boston; 47 itate-sireat, Albany; 207 King-street,Chaileslowu, 8. C.; L. F. Bailey, Vorrisiown, N. J.; E. C. Ferre, Msin-atreet. Middlrtown. Ct.: or 129 k ulloti-slreet. Brooklyn. !! POSITIVE CURB FOR CORNS. *T is now positively certain thai Sir Astley Cooper's eele > orated Corn Salve will make a final cnre of coma, in proof )l which we iutrodace the following certificatei from highly mMWh gentlemen * This may certify, that one application of Dr Cooper's Corn Salve, has perfectly cured my eorna ; and from ita effects in iny cue, and that of ma oy othera which have come within my knowledge, 1 am disposed to rvgaid it aa a vpeeific. H. H. SHERWOOD, M. D , K25 Broadway, New York. 1 have need Dr. Cooper'a Corn Salve with perfect success. My Coma weie o' long atauding, and the worat I ever law to had that I considered them incurable ; but one or two applicaliona of the above named aalve entirely removed them without pain. WbMANB BRADBUttY, Fabltaher oftiie Boaten .Vliacellauy, tic, 327 Nassau street, N. Y. Office for wholesaling and retailing thia anicle. 133 Nuaaao treet, nnder Clinton Hall ; also for aale by the following gen tlenieu : Jamea K t.hiluin, M D, 261 Bo-adway ; \lrssrs Sands, 273 Brotdway ; Mrs Harper's, 57KBowery, aud 139 Ful ton street, Brooklyn ; Junes H Hart, M D. comer Chambers it and Broadway. every one who hat Coma make one trial ; it may b< done with certainty of producing the effect )\ 13 lni*r MEDICAL AID. 'T'HOSE in need of medical aid of a certain description aboold A rend a little trea ise called Toe Rubicon It is a book treating wholly on private maladies, writ. n by Dr Gregory, ol N . II Barclay tt, and was firat peblianed by niin in 1839; in 1841 be published a aecoud edition, with u any alt> latious, and likewise defiling improvements in the method of oiling di eases of thia nature Eugraviugs arr introduced wiUi a view (if giving a mor< correct kuowlnlge of the subject. The author is now in extensive cit practice; his having bet n extensively and constant), engaged in investigating and combating diseases o( this charicter for many years past, enable* hun to tieat the subject in a manner tint reudeia the book of practicable utility with iulividnala wishing to nudcrtake their own cure privately It it worthy of remark, that many persons, instead of being promptly and speedily cured, continue on from day today ta I lug medicines untfer circuinttuHees where, perflate, the heat rmdicine i the world aloue would not efTrCt a en for be u known, tlieie are cases requiring good treatment and gad management as wi II as good ineil due to cure succc afully and i* Vll Uiell Ir. It Is lhert;|. re important for the I atnut t Ulldelstaud a li tie ot a sibj. et which a of so much iuti la st thi in ilvrcanno be mnn par iciCrly explained in i lunli prii.l liosi iuter,->'ed will tind it IU detail on |>trUMiig Ihe hook I may be hid ,.f tf Doctor at his Mai< eufe, I'd >o of the Hessrs B.nils, 79 ami 100 Fin too st and rotnei oi Uroxdway ind Chambers at, md in the Bowery , No. <2 aud No. 188. '1 hie wktt is SO ecata. D- G is pr pared ro administer mediated yanor baths to inlands -lid ott era nquir ug them. Baths for aale oi hire. _ cy No. II Bjirclay attvet. Jy20 lm r FulVA i c. V1ED1GAL NUTlLbl TO A PARTICULAR CLASS Of INVALIDS. muvuv ..... .i._ in. i... ,i.. I pathy of nil who desire to alleviate the sufferings of the si dieted. That clan eousiats of those who ir. laboring nude, the effects of those vicious indulgences mto which erring mil thnnghlless youth are so oftrn 11ni>< 11.1 oy passion or the con tagion of evil esamplc. What more pitiable siglitcau there he ihan that for instaiice, of the father ot a family, woo on Ion lince repented of his yunthtal errors, hut who besis shout wit: him in nis system, and |>erhaps transmits to his iuuorent ntl spiiug, the consequences nl hit forme' indiscretions ! Delicti: prevents him from . pplying to a physician and he not unfn quenlly into the hands of uneducated preteuders. Main ynitug men, again, are deterred from entering into matrtmonis engagements from the fear or consciousness that disease it luri tug in their system. To all tnch sufferers the College of Medicine sad Pharmacy ot the city of New York, offer the means of security from secon dary^disease, and for trie removal of it when .i|r sreut, in thei new'aud celebrated "I'aritiaii Alterative Misture," so eitei. sivelv nsed by Mr. Kiroan is the Venereal Hospital of Paris This medicine it put ap iu eases conuiuibg halt a dOW u bottle, with co|ii<ius directions lor use, sad labels which canuot eicit' any unpleasant remarks These cases are guaranteed to con tain a sufficient quantity of this aew remedy, to care all typhiline impurities ol the blood, cutaneous eruptions, affectious nl the throat and nose, nodes, ulcers, pains in me bones, In'. Pur chasers can at all timet correspond with tne consulting I'hysi cian of the College. Price of the cases $3 each. Safely forwarded to all nans of the Union, Canada and the West luuies The cases and medicine are so put np that no concealment it ueeesaary. By order, to. 8. RICHAPDRON, Agent. Principal office of the CoLLtog, 97 Nassau street. New Yorl i<79 im w rr dr. morrison. NORTH RIVER DISPKN9ARY.M4k Jultonstreetnem (ireenwicn. Dr. Morrison, Member of the Royal f'olleg. of Surgeons, London, and formerly Hurreon in the British Net . y, continues to be consulted daily on til disease" r.| a delicatr isture, and all those distressing symptoms consequent on inju licinus treatment, and the imprudent use Iqnarli medicines Dr. M has had an einerisnce of twenty t wo yeai* i treatius lelicate diseases iu all their various anile implicated forms, sinises a mild, aafr and infallible substitute I nr meicury, g the venere.i! vims with certainty, without subjecting thMtirnt to any risk or restricting him in I isnsual diets or put nits while nis medicines are agreeable intastr and smell Pet nauent obstructions in the urethra, such as stricinres sad en vucmeotof the prostate gland, acermnnnied with much itti atton and dull pain about these parts, are some of the conse (itrnees ol mal-treatment. Dr. M. treats strictures in s acieu yfic manner, promoting absorption of the thickened circular aetntrrano without any pain. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY .-Thousands of yoau* nen are suttering Irom tile consequences of ludnlgrnce in a se irel destructive id whose nervH are farther injured from he use ol d pretended specifics, which stimulat' inly to induce greater depression. Dr. M. treats such cases or rarely pathological principles, and never fails in establishing* rare the strictest honor and confidence are observed. Letters post paid, and eontaimnga suitable fee, will eoau.s he correspondent fell advice, and medicine to any part of tiis Lfntoo, by his giving a history of his casein detail. *04)< h'ui in it rest uear Greenwich j\2l lm*r hull': r ussks. NOTICE TO tl ;f. i RED PERSONS. PERSONS nDieted with run i i i may rely upon the best L instrumental aid the world lit ids, on application at the iffiee, No. 4 Vesey street, or to a ilctof the agents in thi 'finei| il towns in the Uaitea States. I i earefnl to nainine the lack pad of Hull's trusses, to see i! t y are endorsed by Dr dull, in writing. None are genaine, or to be relied upon is mod, without his signature Many persons have undertaken to ven ' n-iuti ,t sof Hull's elebrsted trusses, and thousands are impoie -non in consr luenre These imitations cannot be relie ' Soe ; they air nade by unskilful mechanics, and are no heriet ih.m the ordi isry trusses. Rooms havs been fitted np at No. 4 Yesey street, eiclusitely or ladies, haviug a separate entrance Irom the business depart nett, where a fetra' is in constant attendanea m via >ipoi male nsrients jy 11 In y ~"wonderful discovery:~~ STRIKER'S a->1III II |M ihr I sir, whico will cbanve gtri hair to iu original color in * few iniuutss 'I Ins solution s diffrieut from any yet offered, and cauuot fail of supri'iling all others. It is higlilv sffiraciuus, and possesses the ureal luiaiifage of be Deifying the i.air, wthi nt i> inmi< if a growth Thole who don lit m vlttiio am rti)'ieaied to have their hair banned before paving iheir money If liamhniii would Lake loa math "I there would be no rea oil to complain. One lital will prove the fact wold wholeaale and retail and applied, at No. S Chatham at, ippoaite the H til ol Kecorda, New Vork, np uaira. JVSI Im're _______ nuH^OKATK)^ ~MJ r"FK"^Air pe .on. ailliTig hefi. m>aia in place a other than the pulil.c mviketa, are hen I!>/ li ec ed to preien' ilo ir ai plicate.n in wriiing to ih- Maiki' oitimit'ee oil or btfure t-ie lOio d y of K r rn ry util, tn t li y may h lie* lilt U thereto'. or tin y w I be iiibjerietl t a l ml |n ifru(ion f i'he p iMity o( t*I (y DolU t. h he Corporation Oidiuitio tor the tfeure ' ' tell nut f i f for nntf any train meat of any dtKttf'tio iu any atreet o lace in thn cilv, other than tn the f. '30r _ OiUoH ok' KXCHANtO:. pavaBle ai .ight onall paua ol O England, Ireland and Beoiland, in euma of *1. *10, *11 and in ta anv amount, for aala t T # j SILVESTER, jU M Wall auroal mmd IM Banodwaf ON o'iKlOTUtth ANL i'fb CURfc. THt fOL^OWINO RK MARKS WILL Ft AO* BE- > ti J"ORE the puklic a few met. deeply inlc n* nrrt, That the Aimk called Stmicti'IK. t /i frttyaad currant, and o/ttn uii'i in wyton* wA are > in the leait noare of tf; ner/ <Aii/ a eery (rrraiinu m(ikh pr gnosis re "*'Cjn5 S,r.M:,Uf' y d thatfmoramt advrrtittnt peorle ake l had advantage of tkurrr,mr-ius when; then, that tUrt art Si ervarturulai cxrc<im,la,irn hy which a Strieture fat) W i ituyk known and in the loot place, that the cure of Stric re i$ certain, frw from pain, <m.1 generally accompmked sn a very Itltu time. With regard to the tint of thuge remarks: .t u well known that Stricture is the result of a badly traatad ') morrhea If. for instance. that disease i. suffer./ to eoouune ou from month to mouth, itslulrsinto select. Now. her. is no raiu or inconvenience in elect, and therefore it is Men taifered to remain indefinitely. But ft should be known that gleet implies a chronic inflammation ofthe passage 'which -j itnrally terminates in thickening, and this ihickvnTug at on. art or other of the passage it stricture ; and. fanner that al thcugh stricture may thus re nain unnoticed ftir a length of time, it is far from laying dormant, but is the hidden cause ol many serious maladies, not only of a seiual, bat those else ol a uer: "ons and dyspeptic kind. But what especially leads then ration off from this disordrt ! it the idea that stricture c annnt exist so lone as no imp.iiim.i t t to the flow of urine is observed, which it <iuile a misuse. A It stricture often eiistt for years wirhont proline.a, any very ; Unking change in this respect; indeed a maiinisneu o.- inter rupted stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and 1 it is to prevent this very state that these remarks are published. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising people ttke of bis erroneous notion it very cruel. Kvery body knows iow men ol' this diseriplion w!*m about this city, and thai they will sell their nostrums at long as any ope win uuy them. Now, it is a fact, and one which every real physicuii will immediately acknowledge, that al) the medicine in the world, iloue, can ne vei cure a stridors. In proof of this, nothing is more common tka for the writer to be consulted bv persons who have been tal ng all manner of things as colored drops, * and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many moulna together, hat whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he I" -a cured in as many days. With a view of preventing these irupoeitions. therefore, it seems desirable to lay before thr public a few plain rircum tam-esby which a Stricture may he known, which can be easily donv : fbr although the tvmi tomsofthia disease are numerous, there are three ol especial import, ana tnese tnree inav ne la ted very briefly they are the foltowiag : '1 he tint relates to The manner of urinating. It hat been already said the stream need uot be much diminished or imiwded. But observe attentively, after it ii finished and the clothes are readinsted, whether adrop or two will ever steal awav,so at to wet a littlenothing is more indicative of stricture. The next is The time a Gonorrhoea has remained nneured. It is dilfi calt to say how long a Gonorrheas or Gleet may ran and not produce a stricture, for one is naturally more <?!s|>osed to striecure than another ; hut, as a general rule, if it should he suffered to go ou beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient .-round, at least, for the suspicion of a stricture The last is The effect a rtricture Hat upon the mind. The effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits, and 'olesseu both bodiW and mental activity. This also is one of its most common effects Not. however, that it it seen alike inevery individual, but it I* :o r.otnraon that tlir writer rarely sees a ease of stricture (and ne sees many every day) in which rhe patient does uot complain oore or less, that fie is not so capable ofhusinrss'as formerly. It ' gratifying alto to witness tin uniform return ol spirUs, and lie disae,-earing ol other maladies as the cure progresses. 1*71.1. .......-.4 sL. - -ft-. St." 1.1-- -w 'tcient 10 observe (and it li stated with confidenee and pleatore) that this is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very little time. SomuA as this con Id not have -teeu advanced mm- rears ago ; hut such has been the im .irovemeet in this art, and snch the practical experience of the writer, that he can now accomplish the cure of stricture to as many days as formerly It demanded mouths. The writer also beg* to state, that fhr those who wish to an dert&kr the cure thr.-nselves, he has published a little relume, called ' 7V Private TVeafise," iu which not only stricture, ant the cure of all those delicate diseases which require especial care and privacy, is directed in the plainest mauner. It is dvisable, howevei, that th se who snsuect a stricture, if possi ule, should cnnsnlt the author personally, and nothing willsuririse them more than the ease and certainty of his means of cure. Separate rooms, also, are arranged for those wh" may * 'iriTe to wait a little It only uow remains to say a word or two on Che ground on which the public, and especially strangers coming to tins eiry, may rely with confidence on what las been advanced. With his view Dr. Ralph begs te state that, beside his rank as grad tale < Edinburgh, (fee. lie. he has been engaged in the enre if tnsse diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more '-nan thirty years, and has pnblished two editions af a work ex eressly on them. Also that he has testimonial letters from the nost eminent physicians iu En rope to the most eminent in kmerice as Sir Astler Cooper to Dr. Mott, of New York, Jr. rhysick.of Philadelphia, and ether*, and that be it permit rd lo refdr to almost every Physician of eminence in ibis St. Ralph is consulted at hie private residence. No. M Greenwich street, towards the Battery, at any hoar. He may also be consulted by post The little volume neoye referred to it one "oiler. jl lm*c ADAMS k CO.'S NEW YORK Atit) VJWAM 15 ^ f> PRESS The public are respectfully informed that t t subecribrrs have etiablitned an Express between New Yo i and Newark, N. J., for the transmission and speedy deliv* r of packages, bandies, money, kc. he.; the collectioii of not s ana bills, and all other business appert lining to an Expte'ss Orders for articles to be returned by the Express will e delivered free of charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall stseet. and iu Newark, at SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 330 Broad at. Leave New York at A. M. and 4* P- M. Leave Newark at A. M. ami IX P. M. dltce ADAMS It CO. i h.iv Ale. lltr.A I'IbE. TIiu it a uuie volume on 1 certain diseases, in which the most convenient and private means of enre are stated in the plainest possible manner. Aud not only are directions given for the mors simple aud recent cases, but thoar which have fallen into improper bands, aud continue on from mouth to inouili, are particularly dwelt on. Such persons will see immediately the difficulties which impede their cnie, whatever they iray be, as well as the plan to ve pnrsned in each particular case. It is obtained only ol the minor, Dr. Ralph, 88 Greenwich at. Trice $1. Dr. Ralph also takes this opportnity of saying thai he may be consulted on the peculiar diseases above referred lo, at|hu private residence, ft any honr. Aware, however, of the deep and just solicitude which many feel to consult s person of lutegmy at well as experience in .bete peculiar complaints, the authoi deems, it prater to give the following short sketch of the opportunities he i as ad to fit 'liintelf for this trust. Aud this he is the more iuclineo to as -uany hare assured him that, for want of inforaxtian ol this Kind , they have selected from a list of advertising people the >ne who had boasie i moat of wonderful cares hat not without he bitterest re(*-ntance. Hi therefore begs to state that, be ide his rank as rrudnate f Edinburgh, he. he. lie. he has >eeu watching these diseases, both iu hospital and city practice, for more than thirty years, and has published two editions of a Work eipretaly on tliem Also that he has testimonial letters from the roost eminent physicians ol Europe, V, the most emi ueulin Ajenea as Sw AslJry Cuopei to Dr. Mott, of N. Y. -nd Ur. Physick of Philadelphia, and ethers; and farther, hat he has the privilege of referring to almost every physician of eminence in ihis city. Nothing can be stated, he eon ten in him. Consultations may be made by post, and for such he has a littlei iivata cheat, containing eveiy thing accessary for oTen? . .d private cure Ilia fo r wirded as may b directed. ! nre ti h jl lm c CAUTION TO FEMALES. MADAME HK8TKLL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would inform ladies who with a proper deiicacy, have a repsgi-utr u the treatment of their complaints except by one of their iwn an, thai in all caeca ahe attends ro them ; reonal!y,har ea ,* rieuce, psaetice ami know ledge enable! her to do ro She moras it nereaaaiv to stare thia. aa ah' iloea not with to be classed with the pretender! continually appearing and diaappeai j*. advertising aa "Female I hyiico-ns. sr'no too ignorant and oeompetent thcmaelvea are obiig-d to net aoine acareely leat i.^ornal quackto ei. .imeut male .0 Consult-iy pa,lore and roairlencr 14a Greenwich street, tecween Couri.andr and Li iiarty atrceta Hoon nl .iiteu lanee from ti V.. to t P. V. jlO 'm FEMALE MONTHLY PlLLs. /"kWlNO to the celebrity, erficaey, aud invariable aneenaa nl i' Madame Keatell'e Female Monthly Pills in all eaaaa ol ryegalarity. tnpi,session, or stoppage ol tboae function! of na .are apon which the health of every female depeuda, aiaee :r. ir oilroducticra into the United Statea, ww about lour yean mnuterieita and imitations art conatantly aueiupted to be .nlmed off for the genuine. Che. p common pi I La a r purchased it twelve eenta a boa, put or in different boxes. and called 'Female Monthly Pilli." with the obieei of roaaihle, at one or two dollar! a box. Females are therefore ..vntioued aeaitiii thesr attempt! to iok*> ui on tnem It n officient hare taatale thai all Female Monthly Pilla are cooc .crfeits, except thoae auld at Madnuie ReatelPa Principal 'jftci 41 Greenwich street, New York aud 7 Essex strerl, kostoi. 'hiee*SI. Madame Heateil'a signature ii written on the ceve >feachbnr. m N. B They can be need by married or ancle, by follown#'^* he directioni enclosed inaide of each box. Sold also by ay (v-intmeut at 3 Si Grand street, come.- of Allen. New Vnrk j'B 1m TO MAltaiELi LAIN V/IADAMfc KKSTKLL'9 PREVENTIVE POWOKHr " These inre.lnablt Powders hate been universally adopte n Europe, but France in parflruJai, for upwards of thirty year* is well ii oy thouaaudaiii tins country, as being the only mild -lie, and efficacious remedy (or rn'rried ladies, whose healt lorbida a too raiad increase <>f family. Madame Kestell.aa is well known, w a isr thirty years F* sale Physical, in die two principal Female Hospitals in En -ope thoae of Vienna aud Pane where fa tores by her grmp rpenence and opportunities, the aUsined that celebrity in 'hose great discovenea in medical science so specially idartv ra the female frame, for which bar medicine* sow stand onn vailed, aa well in this country aa in Enrone. Her acquaintance with the physiology and anatomy sf the female frame, enabled lev by tracing the decline and ill health of married tr ma lea, tcarce in inc menaiiui 01 iwe, and the consequent rapid and iftrn apparently inexplicable causes which corsiirn many fond mother to a prinwtnre frave to their trar source ire at a know .edire of the primary eanaea of female tnAisposi lous <especially of married females which, id I Ml, lad w the diseorery o her celebrated " Presennre Powders." Dioir adoption naa been the moans of preserving not only he l ealth, hut erto the life of mauy au affectionate wife an* "iuo'iio tiiet. The adrertiaer feeling the unporuuee ol this atueel, and e. matins thr rut Wvneuls reinumi t thouaanda by their adoi mn, won Id moat respectfully a/onsc .ne atteutioo of the mat ted, oy ail that they hold near and dear, to their cnmuderanoi la it not wiae and eirtnonato prcreat evila t > which we are tab eet, by ample and healthy means within nar couuol Krery lispassionate, rirtnoaa,and enlightened mind writ uoheaital naly anawer in the affirmative, t'ner tire dollaraa packaia scnompanied with fall and particular directions. Trier -an be forwarded by mail te any part ol the United fltatea Al letters tnnst be post paid, and addrraaed to MAUAMK MM* fKLL. Kemale Physician. Principal office, Ml tireeomel ureet, New York. Office hours from 9 A.M. to 9 o clock P.V a get on office No. 7 Wises t It |m iVi A 1' A ,Vi L II b a 1 |j L n , f/CMALK PHYSICIAN. Office and reaideaca. Ml car etc " wieh street, between Coartlandt nd Liberty streets, where he can be oonanlted with the atncteai confidence on eoa plainu incident to the female Irame. Madame Hostel reexperietieaand kaowledite is the treatment if ehitinete cases of female irregularity. stoppage, suppression. kc.t il inch aa to reqnire bat a lew days to effect e perfect core. Ladies desiring proper medical attendance donna con inement or other iniLst>osition, will he accommodated darina inch time, with private and reapeeubl* board. " Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whoas da icate or precanona nealth lorbida a too rapid inereaee of family, will be sent of mail to mv iwrt of the United Slates. Prior lb a package All Letters \lp ail paid) addressed to ' box Ml. few York. Boston Office. No i Kssct street.' N. B. Madame RWHTKLL wonld inform ladies residing ml of the city, whose health woold not admK of travelling,lliet ihe woold derate her personal altendance djam them id any arr of ihe United Sratea within rea innahle distxnee jlOlm PUttTUGUKSb KKMALh iNfiiT'D inDfRKrAHitn i*f V|. UK BUUDKLOQuV M. 0r, LISBON. r KTVC*Aj PIE Scient'fic combination of uigrvdieuts of which the* Pi lit are composed. have made ihem die wonder and admi auou of the world The? are known all over Europe to bir fitily preparation erer discovered that hag proved invariably *rt*m in producing the monthly turns Their certainty, m al - e being such that thee mm1 not he aacd during prrgnancy or though always nuld, safe. and healthy, they are certain tt rodnce miscarriage il oead during thai period. Thy direction* are translated into English .and are eutelope* ound with thr seal of the importer, stamped- Fach hoi tc.. in* the igntture of M. de Bondelouue, and the Kuglish di ectious have the ti^ianire of l)r. F. MRLVKAD, authorised tgeut fer the continent of America. They can be imniraitteo by mail to any part of the 1/mtee J... I .(fore Atr-rtmA tex 11, L' AA 1 Me N.1 torh, will ir-et with iimnrdi.ii* mention All letter* miui > t"o*t paid. B IH appmiitnieiii at 130 Cherry, uear Cathie meatreet Pnee 8*. Half here* fi No half boiea tent Vt m*il J in In* PUnLISHCn DAILY IIV .IAMK- (eORoON IIRvhKTT, N W.CORNKH. KUI.Tii.N AND NASSAU ATREKTR. Thi New V<>bi llraaLD A tin Iv P't> r, i u -.t erery iU"'limit "I lilt witk IC li 110 rents ,erc<>|>y. ( uu try inhciibrrit lorn liei1 *t t ** ' me tell, inr any ) aiAr period, uu i irmitioiio ii ailr nre Vt , a, i r teiil, Uine pinl i . de nee I HE Wl.tELT llmi.D-It lie *> ety -taiuid .y myiaiua At nine .'r4< . iMii-i i. undo quirrttr rente per copy f rnieliid hi country suoacribeia at f j .<i per am urn, ia ml ranee, or at the Aine rate for any specified period. CoBBEaportDENTS are requested to nddresa their latter* to Jamb* ttoaDoa Bbwoett, Proprietor and Editor and all or der* oe bwieeee * be pe*t paid i