Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1843 Page 1
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TH] Vol. IX.?Ho. ? .?Wbol? Ho. M?T. ~T0 THE AMERICAN PEOPLET I leave to give aotiee to the AMERICAN PEOPLE, f ell claaaee and eonditiona, that 1 aan making preparelinn. In nnnnkli.k In the rhueneat Btvle. and In the VTOCk ly quarto form of newtpapert, a divenided ond valuable * 1 action from tho RELIGIOUS LITERATURE of Chris tianity, producad by the man of gealua belonging to every tact dariag tha laat two handrad years. Tho roaton fcr attempting tuch a project U plain. Materialiam, infidelity and immorality, of all klndi, hare of lato been industriously circulated throughout the country under tuch imposing namat, and to to great an extent, that eomething mutt be done to revive the ancient api rit of Religion and Moral*. Lecturera of all kinds?sophiata on every aubject?the worat and wickedett literature of France and England, re-prodaced in the cheapeet forma, have demoralised the age?and upeet all the eatabliabed land mark* oi morality and religion throughout the lend. It i* therefore nectetary that eomething ahonld be done Bnt who ia to do it t If none other will, I ahall. I propose to republish in the cheapeet form, in quick aucceaaJon, a selection from the works of the best and purest RELIQIOUS AU THOR8, be they Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Catholic, Methodist, Baptiat, or any other denomination. These aeleeimna will haI h* An rftliffifllll flOlirOTArfT?bllt ItlCk II trot on practical piety?on good works?and on the ga neral principles of Christianity, without the had ipiritof eotarianiam. To carry oat thU project well, 1 poatcaa a large printing establishment, and the Herald, a daily newspaper, of tAirfy thousand cirtulation, now eonsidered the principal advertising organ in the country, capable of giving hroughout the Union intelligence of those works as they appear. This Printing Establishment cosnprises 10 presses, M printers, 10,000 ponnda of type, and a consumption of about 000 reams of paper, ef all kinds, per week. We have every means in our power to carry this project Into operation?and wa believe that the American publio is ready to aid and assist any man, who will threw himself into the breach, and endeavor to revive the ancient piety, virtue, and principles of our forefathers, in opposition to modern scepticism and immorality, which era stealing stealthily over the present generatien, under the matks of geology, mesmerism, fourierism, finance, neurology, transcendentalism, human perfectability, and the whole train of modern philosophy and light literature. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Advertisers and men of business, who want to make tha aelt-ction at a vehicle tor their notice* in tha ap preaching spring*, are particularly called to the folio w log authentic document*, relative to the circulation of the two leading papers in the city .? New Yob* HaaaiD > Sue Orrici, N. Y., > Orricc, Not.1, 1844. J Aug. 30, 1849. $ Masses. Peru* k Baooaa : Mr. H. V. Builm :? Ucstlkmii :? Sia .? Please to deliver at the Please deliver at the Sun Herald Office, Near York Office, N. Y., fit* hundred Stvtn hundrtd and fifty rtawu of paper per toerk, for ream* per week ef the small six months from the 16th o' sised paper 98 X89? for the October, 1843, to be of this Daily Herald. quality, siae and weight, the AUo 60 rean* per totek of same to be |>aid for in cash the large sized 3-2 *48 for the every two week*. Weakly Herald.for one year M. Y. BEACH, from this date, to he of qur'i- I accept the above order, ty >i|iial to this ?peci.nei_ - and agree to furnish the parajm-ntf to he made each per accordingly. week ia cash, in lull for that H. V. ilUTLEHweek. Aug. 81,1643. tj J AMES G. BENNETT. Witness, M. S. Birch, We aci-ept the above order ami will deliver it a* directed^ rEKS-fc k BROOKS, No. SI Liberty street Jams* Howe, / m,. Bemvel Bams*, \ WllDtme"By these documents it will be seen thst the Herald hes a much larger circulation then the Bun, and is therefore decidedly the best for advertising. Yet we would not ask any person to select either paper, contrary to their own viows and feelings. The peper maker for tho Bua Is a vary respectable and very honorable man?and a cap! al paper manufacturer. Bo also are our paper makers, Messrs. Persse and Brooks, with whom wo have dealt to the extent of naarly $3*0,000 in paper. Advertise will remember thee facts. To tho Pmblle. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub. lishod ovary day of the year exeept New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 3 oenta per copy?or $7 36 par annum?postages paid?cash in advanoe. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published ovary Saturday morning?price 6J cents par copy, or $S 13 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that tho circulation of the Herald U over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing fast. II has the largest circulation #/ any paper in tUi city, er (is world, and is there/ere, the boot channel for business men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at tho most moderate prions, and in tho most elegant stylo. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaeraiBTsa er van Hisils Erraat-isuisxaT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. AGBNTR. *1 no following is a list of the sgouts for the Herald, where subscriptions will bo received, and single numbers m-a lotiuS lor sals reaulsrl v :? At WHAT PVaCg. aatltTB. Boaton Geo^e W. 'Redding, Philadelphia Ziebor. Baltimore w. Taylor. Washington, D. C O. B. Ziebar It Co. Butfalo, N. T. B. Hawlu. New Havan, Conn T.H. Feaae. Hartford, Conn. J. W. Judd, Albany, N. Y O. Jonea. Troy, N. Y H. Oreen. LannngbTg A Watarford.N.Y. Thomaa P. Rlcharda. Newark, N. J D Smith. . Cataklll, N.Y H Row a. i Now Orleana J.C.Morgan. Cincinnati, O RobertCarnahan. I'ateraon, N.J Matthew Dougherty. Norwich, Con Morgan 8 afford. Rochoeter, N. Y L. Moore. F.lizubellitown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunawlch, N. J William Solomon, St. Louie, Mo Woodward It Mat he we. Cliarleaton Amoe Head. Hudeon, N. Y Oeorge Clara. Augunta, On 8. A^jlolmee. Mulii'a, Ala Milton Bollemet. Potighkaepaie. . Levi Smith. Trenton . ,J. Raunaley. Pittehurg, Pa Joa. P. lerael. Louieville, Ky W. A. llaldeman. Wheeling, Ya J. H. Thompaon It Co. New Lc n.Con L L. Sperry. No*" William A. fry. *' J. B. Loah. Savannah, Oa Amo? Head. Naehville, Tenn A. Billinge. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM. 121, Ititt 129 Chattuim ttrrrt, iVtw York. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. HM1E CANTON TEA COMPANY couiiuoe to offer for I tale new and fracraot Teai of every variety end atylr. Their eteoriiurot ?|>rciallr iocladee the moat drlicioue pow-rfnl ararlee ol tereeu aud Blirk Retry package beare llit i'an>|io< nestneee and elegance, and the Teaa therein are ao thoroughly aecnied fram light end air that th ir quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate Their aviteni of I'.'Ket nl.tu hcaineaa la |ierlia|.a acarcaly to be excelled. Il ia foil ..It il uyeon the atmoel regard to the nvlita of he enitnrn. r. ai* i lal > wi h IW|?(I to Wright hihT vjti*lity, ami nnn talUtl ?r??. All | urcli?arra nr? ra|li-d ?lKiU to rrtum ail) wtn-ira win rhlitil to gire thrm thr InlUat aatiaf>?lion, ?hnh ihr nmnry will br clirrrfnll* and ||>ily rrlondrd Co?u try iin itlia'Ut*. tuHlic ealabliahmauta, ba.ula of laimlira, aim ?hi ii - .m will find it a tlrtided advantage to aopply thrm aeiv. a )h"tti thia aa.abli.hinont. C if a ' laati-d r?iry day. tfr 'tan from all puta of tha Uoltad Bintaa auMMd wtti !>Ttr f h/oniy warationr* til Amrriow kn d? aal* ?T Ifcrtaffit MlrWawd Biawh Taa. lit laa't | E NE1 NE\ FOR NEW ORLEANSLOUISIANA AND NKW YORK LINE OR PACKETS. lllll' For thr better accommodsUoiior ship|>era, it i^utended te iespe:ch a ship from this oort on tlit> lit, ilh, lOll), IJth. Mth, aud ( !5tli ul each month, com eiictug (he 10th October ami coat in ng niuil May, when regular days will be appointed for the re- c alir of the year, whereby great delays and disappointment* h will he ; revetted during the summer icon'hi. Tlw lollowine f hip* wni commence lliii arrangement : 1 8lup YAZOO, Captain Cornell. ? Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. I Shy. MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. t Ship LOUISVILLE. Caigaiu Hunt. fi Ship SHAKSPEAUl!;, Captain Minor. hip GASTON, Cantain Latham t Bhip HUNTSVlLLE. Captain MumfowL t 8lup pCMULOEK, Cartaiu Lvavitt. Snip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. t Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. 1 Ship LOUISA, Captain Mo I ford. These ships were all built in tho city of New York, expressfor packets, are of light draft of water, hare receully been wlycb|>peredaml put ill splendid urder.with accommodations (or passengers unequalled lor comfort. They are commanded s by experienced masters, who will make every exertiou to girr p Jrneral satisfaction. 'Joey will at all timea be towed up and t own (he Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owuors or captains of those ships will be responai- a hie for jewelry, bullion, precious stoues, sneer or plated ware. a Or for any loiters, parcel or package, sent by ? rpttl on board ol mem, unless regular hills it lading are taken for the tame ,v>d the value theieon expressed. < Vor freight or passage, apply J E. KTCOLLINS A 00..4J South at., or li HUI.LIN A WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as adrertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correct j mewurto. in* NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETu. J r? lilfrom New Vork on the 25th *nd| Liverpool eu the Uth , of each mttnlh. _ jfe m tit ' n*wT?U!T i Ship OAKKICK, Captaiu Win. Skiddy, 25th Februaiy. b Ship ROSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 25th March * Ship 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th April. 0 Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyatar, 25tit May. 11 From Liter roan. Ship SIDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, ISth February. v Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeysler, 13th Maich. P Ship UARlllCK, Captain Win. akiiluy, 12th Apiil Ship ROSCI US. Ctjitaan John Coll inn, 13th May. 1 Their \ hip* are all ol the first class, upward* ol 1001 Una, built ,tth? city of New York, with such improvement* aacoinbine treat speed withi unusual comfort for iMuseugera. Every care ha* been taken iu the arrangement of their accommodation*. I rhe price of passage kancc is $100, for which ample stores ? ill J be provided. These ships are tmmmauded by experienced v nasters, whe will make every exertion to give general atialiie- p ion e Neither the captains or owners of the ship* will be response o ale for si y letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless retujar b< '.if of lading are signed therefor. For Iruight oi passsak, apply to t K. K. COLLINS A CO., 5C South at., New York, or to r WM. A JAS. BROWN A CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packet* will be charged 12>4 cents per single a sheet t 50 cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 ceut each. ft r OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. THeIH^e of Liverpo^^^^^eaAar be j , I despatched in the following order, excepting that when the ; iay of staling falls on Bunday, the shipa will tail on tke succeed- ^ iag day. For New York. Fox Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, (June 1 July 1$ h <16 tons, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. d. Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 1 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug T 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 j B. L.Waite. (Feb 19 April 7 2 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, {Nov 1 Dec 19 J.Rathbone, (March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 ? <10 tone, < Not It Jan 7 J E.G. Marshall/Mar 19 May 7 til.. Atnurril i litf tri r A ? a. ? a * ir iiic ^vnin '.AUg l oep? i? 618 ton*. .Dec 1 Jan If A. B. Lowber.l April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct T J 906 IOU1, I Dec 19 Zeb 7 d T. B. Cropper.! April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE. i.Sept 1 Oct 17 c iiO toni, .Jan 1 Veh 17 W. CBarstow.i May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUB, i.Sept 19 Nov 9 I 700 term, >, Jan 19 Mar 9 , G. A. Cole. May 19 Jo|y 7 ' Punctuality, aa legarda the day of tailing, will be observed as 1 Heretofore. The price of pan age outward is now fixed at Oue Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of everv description 1 will be provided, with the exception oi wines and liquors, e which will be fhniished by the stewards. * GOODHUE A CO., CI South St., ? C. H. MARSHALL, in Burlmg-slip, N. V |o84 lvh BARING BROTHERS k CO.. LVol. TAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 4S PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. , m Mh 4tf> I The subocrih?rsh.g to call.(he attention of their friend* r and the pnblic gener Uy, to their suiwrior airangemenl* for bringing out paaseut'e." l orn, and r. snuiug money to, any par* ot hngiand, Inland. Broil-., d o.' Walts, iu toe woiguineeiit f packet .ihip,. .nm .iaiav the - NEW LINE t^K LIVERPOOL RACKETa," VIZ .J- *> Ship ROSCi' '8, Capt. Collins. Ship SlDDO.v 8. '"aptain Cobb. Ship SHlOBT A",', Captain Deiwyster. ' Ship OA BRICK.' aptxis Skidly. * N?w ship HOT1 ' NGUER, Capuin Bnrsley.' ' Ship SOl'THEh VKR, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHE8T ?1R. Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain K.iJredre. Sailing twice sverjr mpnib; jnO with ihe" UNITED LINE," I composed of sopeixor fimt class American ships, sailing every ? ten days, will make five shipe IB each rnouih throughout the c year, (or one avery six dxv?) thereby preventiug ike possi omiy ui uuurixswuy uriciuivu. f Passages direct from London, Bristol and Qri-enck to New ' Yoik Also fioni Livrruool to New Otlmsr Mobile, Sav*? l' D ih, Charleston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the 6 fario s parts in British North America, can at all tiraas i t encaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see the adrinnirj to he derived I torn selecting this line in prefer- ' tare to sny other, sud they may rest aasared that unusual care ? will be taken to Blake -he pasaage agreeable, the ships ksing ' fitted sp with an eye solely to the comtoit of passengers. t Iu all cases where the parties sent for decline eoming, the money will be refund, d without sny deduction, as usual. A free passage (torn the venous seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can (It# be secured. The regular pw kets for which th- subscribers are agents, tail as follows, via >-'l'o aud from Londoaon the 1st, itlh, snd 20ih of each mnuir. To sud from Liverpool On the 1st, 7th. 13th, lfth, and Sfitkof each mouth New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, sn Charleston, weekly thiinghoni the aeaaon. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing theeum tney wish sent, with the name and addreas of the parties le receive it, m.y rely on a draft for ihe amount being forwarded per firvt packet, after the receipt tneraof, and an aeknowladgement for the tame returned per mail. t Drifts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, with- ( out discount or any o*h. r charge, at the National and Provia- 1 ctal Banks of Ireland and branches. Eastern Bank ef Scstlaod, 1 Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bait, Son A Co., Bankers, Londan, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in svery principal town of Great Britain and Ireland. a Further particulars made known na application, if ky letter, post paid, to dfiyi W, fc J. T. TAP8COTT, O Peck 81 ip. N. York. 1 Sb M I" I yfflnTI ^^^^M\RSEI^^S^?The undermentioned ( ships will be tsgularly dispatched from hence and from Marseilles on th# 1st of each month during the vaar, thus? Frem New York. Msrssillss. t MINERVA. CaDlJrowu. N-.v 1. Jan 1 I HTIYTHOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Dec 1. Fab 1 COURIER, Cant Dugaq, Jan 1. Marl TRESCOTT, Capt Lawrence, Feb 1. A pi 1 HELLESPONT, Capt Adaat, Mar 1. May 1 COKIOLANUS, Cap Haile, Apt 1. Jan 1 They era all copperea and copp?r fastened,and hava excellent accommodations for passengers- I The price of cabin passage will be SIM, exclnsive o wines ad liquors. J Goods addressed to BOYD A I11NCKEN, the s genu, will be forwarded free of other .haiges man these actually paid. For Height or passage apply to O. BROOM fc CO.. or to ! oMr BOYD fc HINCKE.V, Agents SPRING ARRANGEMENT FOR 1SI3. Bh 1^1 ; 0LrapABLt?TO E\<TGI?T?JT I*A33A&E 1 OFFICE. No. ?1 SOUTH STRUCT, N. T. ' PASSAGE to and from Ureal Briuiu and Ireland by tha re- , f tinier line of packets, sailing on the Ut, 7th, 13th, l?lh end *Sth of etch month. The old Black Bull line of packets are ea follows:? Ship NEW YORK. Captain Cropper, " CAMBRIDGE, Captain Baiapiw, " COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, " EUROPE. Captain Knrber, " SOUTH AVEttlC\, Captain Bailey, " NORTH AMERICA. Captain Lawber, " ENGLAND. Captain Wait*, , " OJHIHI), Captain Rathbona. The Comiueicial Lmc i< composed of lorty anperior. faat aailiai( ships, all comtnan'led by men of great tiperiencr. First cl iaa ah pa will ai o be de?pa rnrd Irom Liverpool to Bo?ton, New One ma and Mobile, three timea per inwuth; to Rain more, ChatlMH and Komn .b. twice a m?ath, to th? different porta in Biilish No'lh America weekly, t he anbariiber, i n making kuown hia a/rangemeuta far the year IM1, bega to I 'all tlie attention of thoae prraoua residing iu the Uuited | Htatea and Canada, who wiah (? lend lor their frienda to come ; ITO n England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea, that they can nl wavs be accommodated by In-line ol packet ahipa aailirig aa , aboae; aud in order to give more facility and quick dearaich to the emigrant, lirst claaa well-known American ahipa, compria- , iug the Commercial Lina will, iu addition to the pickets. be , despatched by bis Liverpool agents, evary three or foar naya daring ihe season, thereby avoiding any detenuou Thoae sending for their friends may real assured that every thing connected with hia business will be eaecuti d with hia usual | promptness With these atraugririenia the subscriber hopes to , command a preference for this line, aud a eoutiumnoo of the | eoblie patronage which hia been to liberally h.atoweu for , ( many yearsjNuti and in all caaea when parties decline eomiug | the money is refunded, aa cnaiomary : a free paaaagu can alio baaeenred by Heamhoata from the different i>oiU in Inland and s-otlao'l to Liverpool. Remittances and Drain? With rrgard to hia arrangements , lor tne payment nfhia drafts thee ?o mrh as to warrant evrrv I labefaction, and are paid at ?j| the ranking houses on demand. ' throughout Urea' Butain and Ireland. Tlioae persons, thereToia, throng ont the United State, who wi.h to r?o>it money to heirlriends residing id any part of the Uuited Kinvdoei, w ill | please tint ice on the receipt of the amount here, with Dime ami address ofttie party to receive ir, a dr It for the amount at lit rateol %i tier pound sterling, will be forwarded per steam ships t ur by fust picket ship and a rereipt or duplicate of aatne rip tarried through .lie p-?t nlftee Kor lurthrr particularsapply, i (it by Utter postpaid) to ! i' \tr"ii South etreet, or I J;* ' Ooiee Plants, lUid .Neptune ?, Waterloo Dock, Lirerpool. In Scotland? Meier* Daniel Wright It Co.. Glasgow. In Ireland? Dittnia Delay. Em., Huhim; Mecca. Joseph , kill I. It Co, Brll'aati Mr. itin. < airna, Londonderry; A. Mnr ay. Kn| , C<o ' <33 \T InWBUHV POM I Bank Notes wanted lor a abort time IN ^wfu.a WUlokw^ dflr n Wall It and 1M (roadway i w ro V YORK, FRIDAY MOI 'A?8AO?Hi"ROM ORF.^fflltPrAIN AND IUWAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sulin* from Li??t|m>oI <>u (lie 7ili hii.1 19th of e?*ry month J NnMl wishing U>?e.ud l0(h? Old CmoHV lor their flisBSB *o make die NCtMAiy Arr.iiujemeuU Willi the subscriber*, aud itve thrm coinr out in this tunerior L.ine of PackrU, sailing nim L i?ern*ol urutudly ou the 7th hd<1 l?th of vary mosth. Pf fv wilUl.0 hate a firmt rate class of American trading shii?, ailing m dcys^ih?r?by affording weekly communica ion irom uiai port. uiie or the firm ( vlr. James O. Koche) la here, la ?ei that thar ahall be forwarded with eare anil desauch. Should the parties agreed Tor uot tome ont, the money will ie returned to those who paid it hem, without any redne iou. Tne Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, oumpriso he follow lae uiagniAaeat Bhips.vix Hie OXFORD, '/"he NKW YORK, CAMBKIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With ?uch sujwrior unl unequalled anaugemeats, the suhcribrrt coufidnitly look forward lor a continuance oflhatsnport w hich lias been extended to thein so mauy years, for which hey are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatites, can tall limes obtain Drafts at sight for any amonut, drawn direct > (he liny el Bank of Ireland, Unbliu, alto on Maatrs. PKESCOTT, OKOfE, A.Y1E3 k CO. Bankers, London., rhioh will be paid an demand nt any of ihc Banks, or their tranches, in all the principal lowna throughout England, Ircmd, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or addtaaa, (if by letter postpaid.) ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO si Fulton street, New York, nest door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail Irom this ort for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Pariita etiimiog to the old conutry will ftud it to their comfort and dvauiage to select thia favome Line for their conveyance, in reference to anv other. d27 r !?? OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT fAa iJHWy 3AOK Off IOC, tl South street, New York?Ileg aMbaular Line of Packets?The subscriber continues to ring ?ul neisons from any part of Great Britain and Ireland, rho may be engaged oy their friends here, hy the regular line f packet ships, sailing^ every irx days 'rem Liverpool. Prrons sendiug lor their friends, nav rely that just care will be akea 'o hate them despaudied without delay in Liverpool.aud till always endeavor to merit a continue ice of the public vtronage which has been so liberally bestowed for many years aat; and thorn remiitiug money can have drafts payable at all be Blanks and br inches throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars, an ly [if by letter, post paid] to j?r JOHN I1V.RDMAN. HI S.oilli ?t ??FOR LI V KKl'OOL?NEW LINE?.Aeguiai Packet ol Jitl February.?The Splendid Packet Ship pMpGAKRICK, Captain William Skiddy, of 1000 tons, nil positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or .usage, having aacommodatisns unequalled for splendor or omfort, apply on boar 1, at OrUana wharf, foot of Wall street, r to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M South street. Price ol passage. 81(10. '1 lie Packat Ship Koseius, Captain John Collins, ol 1100 oris, will succeed the Oarnck, and sail the 26th of March,h?r egalar day. L- ttcrs for the ships of this will only be receired at Gilpin's ml Hale's News Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing ponctn< ! v as advertised. j26 c PASSAUE FROM LIVEKPUOI The very mMCTVsoperior packet slop MEMPHIS. Capt Knight, will RadiiKBsail. from Lirerpool early in March. tVisoui wishing to send for their friends can hare them ironght ont in her or any of the regular packets by applying wiraoually, or if by letter, post paid, to JOsfcPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street, comer ot South. P 3?Drafts for any amount, twyable at sight in any bank, iranah, or ageucy of a bank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, jveu by applying as abose. jyMr ddi? PACKET FOR HAV Kt,-4 Second Lmef-Tht WJxW Ship ST. NICOLAS. John B. Pell, master, will llUfii sail on the )at of February. BOYD It HINCKEN, jyll r No 9 Tontine Building, fig-" PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?K rbruiry 1st. nffl>-Tlu ship THESCOTT.^Cin'^LaivM Dcr^Apply or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Aieuta, jylSr 9 Tontine Building. SAsc DRAFTS ON IRELAND, 4tc.?The subscribers continue to give drafts payable on deinaud, without JBabidiscoant, or any charge whatsoever. IN IRr.LAND?'The National Bank of Ireland, the Provinial Bank of Ireland, and their nrnnches in every county. IN ENGLAND AND WALES?Messrs. James Bait, Son l Co., bankers, London, the Exchange and Discount Bank, .iverjMKii and their branches throughout England and Wales. IN SCOTIAND?The Eastern Bank ot Scotland, the Jreenock Banking Company, and branches in the priucipa! owus ; Sir Wm. Forbes, Hunter k Co. Persons in ihe country wishing to remit money to their rieuils in any part of Eugland, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by ncloaing the amount tliey wish to remit to the subscribers, vith the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be cut. A draff for the amount will be forwarded the first packet fter the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the sain reanied per first post. 12 W H T. Peck-lin. New York. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Ac., fcc"cjMfV The snbscriber continues to transmit money, iu soma UpSfe'large or small to persons residing in any part of Irexud, iu ihe same manlier u he, and his predecessor in bnsiless. have done for ihe last hirty years, and more;also, to any mrt of Engl aid or Send tad. Moocy remitted hv letter (postpaid) to the subscriber, or H'rsonafly deposited witn h in, with the name of the person or >ersons in Irelaml, England or Scotland, in whom it is to be en', and nearest post town, wi 11 he immediately transmitted od ; afil accordingly, and a receipt to (bat effect eiren or forrarded to the sender. In like manner money with or claims on persons in auy pert ol eland, Eugland or Scotland, can b? collected by the subieri er, for persons residing in any part of the United States, or ainua. and will he paid to thein accordingly. jl? lm?' HkOllllk V1-MMIOE. Ir.. SV I'eds4st. X*?- REMITTANCES TO KNOLAND, IRELAND rf|?y SCOTLAND AMD WAI.E8.?Persona proceed MmBb ng or retnitliug uiooev to any part o' the old country ttu at alt times obtain rum the nubscnbera draits at light, for ny unouul no the Royal Bunk of Ire 'and and on Messrs. 'reacmt, Urulr, Amo A < -o, Bankets, Loudon which are paid ree of dwroout or toy charge whatsoever, in all tlie principal owns of the United Kingdom. For terms, apply or address, if i; letter, hoat haid, to ROCHE BROTHERS A CO.. 35 Kultou it, seat doer to the Fultou Bank. P. 8 ?The snbacribers will a* heretofore have a regular snee-ision of first class Amerruiti ships, sailing weekly Trom Liv 100I, during the eomiw rear 1113. For passage, apply as hove dsn r IttliinH A.NU rsunirt A.wr.UJUAiN hUlAL MA-li 8TEA.M SHIPS, Of laoo tuns and 446 horse power each. Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. HlBEHNIA, C. H. E. Judkina, Commander, aril I A.\ MA, J.Hewitt, do CALEDONIA, E. 0. Lott, do ACADIA, A. Hyrie do COLUMBIA, E. C. Miller, H N do Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax aa follows: raou LixaapooL. pbom sostbis. keadia, Kyne, Feb 4 Mar 1 Columbia, Miller, M?r 4 Apt I Britannia, Hewitt, Ap'l 4 May 1 liberals. Jndkina, Ap'l It Mty 16 The aceommoilatioiia for passenger* are aniierier. The vessels ?re sccempanied by expenenoed anrgeoni, and imply supplied with Frances' Patent Life Boats. Pusage leilacd to Sl30- No Berths secured until paid for. For further information apply >o 3. BRIOHAM. JR., at HAR.nDEN A CO'S, No. 3 Wallet. jitc STATKN ISLAND FKKKY. Foot of Whitehall street On and after Dee. 3d, the steamer BTATET^^WL^mJ^T, will ran aa follows, nntil farther notiee LEAVE STATIN ISLAND. NEW YORK. 1)4 A. M, 9 A.M. It UX 3P. M. 3M P. M, <13 r 4* ja1 KEOUCAR OPPOSITION TO CATS KILL, and interinediale landings, without tow KmmAEjK,barges ? Regular days fiom Cattshill, Mon lays, wtanMrtiyi anil ? naays. nom ^ew.rori, ianai>i, Thursdays nod Ruturdaya.?Fare to or from Cattskill, SO cents. ?Berths 2S cents? Supper 26 cent*. The new and Put altanier WAVE, Captain Vanderhilt. will esse Robinson ?t. pier Thursday Nor. 17th, at fire o'clock. Ft* further particulars inquire of the ra lain on board. By -unions on the days'abore uamed. there will bt a daily com raumication between Catakill and New York (andintermediate ilse??) lor freight and pattage at redneed price*. ntr M HAIL ROAD LINK OF STAOES -4RKHOH NEW YOBK TO BEDFORD.? On and afb-r Tuesday, January 3d, 1143, the lubeenher* will ma* line of stance from Bedford to New York .href umea a week, as follow*:? I. ares Seel .'* Mansion House, Bedford, erery Monday, Wednesday and Fridav morning at o'cloc_. Leases the Kail Read Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broome its. New York, e.rery Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday noruinf, by the J o'clock ens, passing Marble Hall, East -heater, and through White Plains, Bobbins' Mills and Mile Square to Bedford. HIR4M DEFOREST, u. c. Lewis Proprietors. The Red Binl Line of "'ages will continue to run during the .vinter from White rl_.t* erery day at 8 o'clock, aud New Fork at 2 o'clock, ?' K., Sundays cicepted HIRAM DEFOREST, j: lm*r Proprietor, is -J NEW LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS.-Pachrf' V et 16th Fehuary ?Th? splendid well known fail aitsih* *?a sailiuu packet ship ROCHESTER, Cupt. Philip Wood u c, will sail positircly as shore, her icgnlar da), M>in xnuMMCed hrr n gnla trip* in Messrs. Woodh nil It Mlniu s New Line of Lit. rpnel rarhala. The i coii.inodaiioiis oi this ship tor cabin, second cabin and Iterrage |e*aeugrra.cannot be sui passed, having all the improveifn'sof I ha new modelled packet ships Persons desirous of i< n. c berth* should not fail to malt* early applies Lion on ira oj ef Burling Slip, oi to ? i. i. irtrai^yri i, 41 Peek Slip, cor. Sotiui at. IViKf.ia eair tot of fending for lh? ir friend* in the olrl connTV, can have th-m brought out oa favorable term*, by thr move UTOrite tliip, which leanr* Lit erpool on lh* 5'h of April, ler rrfnlur <I*T, and lho?* winding to remit inonry ran h* tapnied with dralla for any am-nnt payable on demand, wiihom li-coaot, in all the principal town* of Urett Britain anil Irenod. I hr parlcrt thin Hotlingtier will incceed the Ro?hr*trr. and ail on lb* IBth March, hrr rmalar day, jIB r niMST PREMIUM HOSE PIPE-Iodia Hnbber H-.e Pip*, " lli-i b'r and perfectly, sailthl* for rh* Oroion watrr. i hi* article it perhapa lh* beat I'm the parpen* of imitation, wanhw* windowt, ?> n">ing water to the toof, lie. id gnaa of Sr.- ol any tniug of the hind yrt introduced. I, la ipnte clean md ban rerrivcil the prrfereucr of aomr ol the largeat Ho.nW, Pnu'ina tat ibliihmenta >.nd other* amc* the ititioilor t|?n of hi-Cn ton^Vaier in th* city. It i* mad* ot a pro aratiou of Duch withiu ia Ruhber by the -wd ol powerful Moxbury maehiuerv n. a manner defying all cnrix?(rii? ard furnnl i d m my d'airabl* UmtUl o. calibre, with el ,) !>*** iJ coupling* attii hrd Onre* ablmhmeot ha* alao lh* Now \ > i? AgiDuy lor thr nolT invented Hemp Hoar, and will eivcurr orur n with uromp ?n P.umneri and the trade ar* i vited m tilreml I* re Ml. W irehottir of the Rotbnry India Uuboer Eat-bli*,, mailt, *j Maidiii Lan*. HORACE H. DAY, din t * R i.'cennor to Rotfrury India Rchb*r O >_ I iTSlllkH>lVN8r B4TW. ^nrreu, fa., Northampton I- lul Alu.t.wa, Pa. w^7Yy'ler^1 * U Wail at, aud IN Broadway. RK E INING, FEBRUARY 3, 18 Trial of Commudn McKtmlti Second Day, Thursday, Feb 2. All the members having arrived, the Court Martial appointed to try Captain McKenzie was formally organized this morning at 11 o'clock. Very few civilians were present. The precept authorising the organization of the Court was read by the Judge Advocate. It was addressed to Captain John Dowaes, appointing him President of the Court, and directing him to try Alexander Slidell McKenzie and such other individuals as may be legally brought before the Court. The Judge Advocate then asked Commander McKenzie if he was ready for trial, and it he had any objections to any of the members of the Court. Capt. McKenzie replied that he was ready, and that he had no objections against any of the members. The members of the Court were then nrern by I the Judge Advocate, and the latter by the President, according to the usaal form. The charges were then read by the Judge Advocate. They are as follows CHARGE I. Mubdeh on Board a United Statu Vessel on the High Skai. Specification lit. tn thit, that the laid Commander Alexander Sliftell McKenzie, of the Navy, commanding the U. S. brig Somen, being on the high aeai, to wit, in 17 dcg. 94 min. 48 aec. north latitude aud 67 deg. 67 min. 46 sec. weat longitude from Greenwich, or thereabout*, on the lit day ot December, A. D. 1844, did then and there, witiiout form of law, wil ally, deliberately and with malice alomthought, hang and came to be hanged by the neck at the main yard of the aforeaaid brig until howti dead, Philip Spencer, an acting midshipman, then in the service of the United States, thereby violating tho 31st article of the net of Congress entitled " An Act for tho better government ol the Navy of the United States," approved April 39d, 1800. Specifi- atiou3d. Exactly the some as the previous one, substituting '* Samuel Cromwell, Boatswain's Mate,"then in the service of the United States and borne on the muster roll ol said brig lor " Philip Spencer, Acting Midhipniao, then in the service of the United States." Specification 3d. The same as the 3d, substituting " Elisha Small,seamen," for Samuel Cromwell, boatswain's mate." CHARGE II. orraKSsiON. Specification 1st.?In this, that the said Commander Alexander Slidell McKenzie, of the Navy, commanding the U. S brig Somots, being on the high seas, to wit: in 17 deg. 34 min. 34 sec. north lat. and 67 d?r. 67 min as west long, from Greenwich,or thereabouts,on the first day of December, 1849, did then and there, without good and sufficient cause, and, without form of law, oppressively kill, by hanging and causing to be hanged by the neck at the main yard arm of the aforeaaid brig, Philip Spencer, uu actin; midshipman, then in the service of the United States : thereby violating the Sd article of the 1st section ot the article of Congress, entitled " An Act for the better government ot the Navy of the United States," approved April '13, 1840. Specification 'id?Same as tne above, with the same alterations as in the second specifications of the first charge. Specification Sd.?Same as the second, with the same alteration as the third specification of the first charge. CHARGE HI. Illeoai, Punishment. Specification 1st.?In this that the said Commander Alexander Slidell McKenzie, commanding the U. S. brig Somers, being on the high seas, to wit: in 17 deg. 34 min. 98 sec. north iat. and 67 deg. 67 min. 46 sec. west Ion. from Greenwich, or thereabouts, on the 1st day of December, A. I)., 1849, did than and there exceed the iimitsof his authority, and violate the 30th Article of the Act of Congress, entitled "An act lor the better government ot the Navy of the United States," approved April 33, 1800, by hanging and causing to be hanged by the neck, to the main yard arm oi the said brig until he was dead, Philip Spencer, an acting Midshipman then in the service of the United States. Sneciticalions 3d and 3d Same n? ahnvn m,!ih ?ln>. ration* a* in theiecond and third specifications of the htat charge. CHARGE IV. Conduct unbecoming an Offices. Specification?In this, that the said Commander Alexander Slidell McKenzie, commanding the U. S. brig 8sniers, whilst in lat 17 deg. 34 mi i. 38 sec. north, and loa. 67 d?*g. 67 min. 46 sec weft Irom Greenwich, or therea tmuu, did, contrary to the provisions oi Article 33d oi tha Act ol Congress entitled "An act tor the bettor government of the Navy ot the United States "approved April 33, 1600, on the 1st of December, 1843, behave in an unolticer like ana unfeeling manntr, by u ldressing taunting and unolttcerlike language to Philip,Bpt-ncer, an acting Midshipman on board said brig in the service ot the United States, the said Spencer theu and tl < re expecting the immediate execution of death upon him by the orders of said Commander McKentie. CHARGE V CSUELTT AND OrrSESSION. Specification.?Iii this, that the said Commander Alexander McK'-nzie, of the Nary, commanding the U. 5 hhg Somers, whilst on her last cruize, to wit, between (he With day of September, 1S43, and the 36th day of December, ot said year, did oppressively and cruelly use and maltreat the crew of the said hrig, and inflict upan them cruel and unnecessary punishment, in violation of the 3d article of the 1st section of the Act of Congress, entitled "An Act lor the better government ot the Navy ot the United States." Approved April 13, 1800. (Signed) A. P. UPSHUR, Secretary ol the Navy. Navy Department, Jan 23,1S43. I admit that Acting Midshipman Philip Spencer, Boatswain's Mate Samuel Cromwell, and Seaman Eliaha Small were put to death by ray order, as Commander of the United States brig Somers, at the time and place men. liont-d in the charges ; but as under existing circumstance, this act was demanded hy duty and justified by neoeasity, i plead Not Guilty, to all the charges. AlEX. SLIDELL McKENZlE, Commander U. S. N. Commander McKxnzik then pleaded not guilty, and asked permission to have the assistance of John Duer and Geo. Griffin, Ewis., as counsel. This request was granted. The Judge Advocate then stated, that in relation to charge fourth, "conduct unbecoming an officer," he should prepare a paper which he would probably submit to the court to-morrow, showing the reason why he would not offer any evidence respecting it until he should get the opinion of the Attorney General. The Judge Advocate next ^read a paper, in which he expressed his opinion respecting his position. He did not regard himself as occupying the position of a public prosecutor before a civil tribunal. President?What is your object 1 Your duties owm nlourltr /lufinpri Kir low Judos Advocati?If Commodore Downes will hear the paper read,he will perceive that very object in to avoid objections which have frequently been urged. Mr. Norristhen went on as follows:? The Junnr Apto??ti, before the examination of testimony begins, dasiresto state to the Court, that he does not regard himself as occupying the position of a prosecuting U? otticer in the civil tribunals. His duty he be. Iieves akiu to that which was devolved on the English Judges at that time when traversers were put on trial without the privilege of counsel. A prosecuting otticer in the American Court, where the benefit of assistance is always allowed the defendant, usually contents himself with presenting a prima facie cose, and if compelled to resort to witnesses believed to have a favorable feeling toward the defendant, studiously uses no more than ia absolutely indiapeosihle; because otherwise he would be prevented from sifting their testimony by cross examination, or attacking it by way of positive impeachment ot character, should they bear witness contrary to that he believes the rruth, the principle being that no one shall thus discredit hia own witnesi. But 1 must not be made to take a position at all disabling me from extracting the truth of the transaction I could by a high witness prove the hanging ef Midshipman Spencer, seamen Cromwell and Smallhy the order of Commander McKenxie, and close the case , the rule of law being, that alter the death is shown to have occurred, actnaliy or constructively by the defendant, it it presumed to be made, and it is his duty to prove a minor degree of criminality or hia entire justiflcation or exeuaahiiity in effecting it. Thia will be the general course in civil jndicstures, in order to retain the rights of cross examination and impeachment. The duty of a Judge Advocate it,'as I have stated, supposed to be that of the English Judge in cases without the privilege of counsel, hut the Judge's rights were, to ask any question that would he legal from either sl.Ie. 1 shall not expect, therefore to he restricted liv the teehnieel rule* In Ihau ?... ticaian, and be treated and restrained an an ordinary pro editor. 1 wtah to elicit the whole truth, whether favorable or edver-e to the defendant, and if I do not extract what legally ought to verve him equally with hii own counsel, it will ho only from inferior capacity, knowledge, and that sagacity which a partisan feelingdoea only give. But I moat be apprised in advance by the defendant and hi> counsel of their intended course. ' Do they doaign not to contract my privilege to ask any questions that would be legal Irom either side, oris it meant after the confusion of slovenly practice before Courts Martial, to insist upon my dutv as the English Judge, for the benefit of the defendant? but, a* the American prosecutor, for the disadvantage of the government. I therefore, most respectfully desire of the defendant and his counsel, to signi'y what position they would require the Judge Advocate to occupy. II lam not to have, without exception, thx liberty of an eiamination in the nature of a croes exnmii. tion of my own witnesses, in such cases as my judgment would imply it aa neceesati for the attainment of trut' . let the defendant say so, and I shall conduct their cause the manner of ? law officer in ordinary caaes before n civil tribunal. I ahall call only the witnesses who wiU make the case against the defendant. This is tli uight by the government to be a caae of great Impor lance, and it is not unlikely that an asaociate of maaterly ability, and whose capacity has b?an ennobled by age to command the respect of the whola country, may ha sent now as a eoad|utor. In consultation thereof of pnblic opinion, I shall not proceed in the trial till I am advised whether such is the design ol the government A delay [era: 43. very dtairable and expedient under any oourt, u I peroeive an important point at the outlet of thi? cauae, 1 have not had an opportunity, irom the recency o[ any appointment, and th? diHirnlty of commanding the uto ol hooka when away from onea own office, of thoroughly examining. Mr. Dtjkr said that he quite agreed with the Judge Advocate that his duties were of a judicial character, and that he did not stand in the character of a public prosecutor. Of coarse he was not to be confined by any technical rules in the examination of witnesses. The Judo* Advocate then remarked, that as he had foreseen a point wliich would in 'he outset of the case excite some discussion, and which he had not had sufficient time and facilities of access to hooka to examine, und that as the government regarded the present a very importent case,and would probably associate with him a law officer of great experience und distinguished character, he would not go on this day, but defer all further procedure until to-morrow. By that time he would have heard froin the Department,and would be fully prepared. The Court was then ordered to be cleared for private deliberation. After three quarters of on hour had elapsed, the Court was re-opened. The Juno* Advocate then read the official letter from the Navy Department, appointing him Judge Advocate. The Court then adjourned till to morrow, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Albany. [Correipoudeuc* of the Herald.] Albany, Feb. 1, 1843. Retrenchment?High Accusations against the]Governor?State Printing Excitement?Quarrel between the Hunkers and Subterraneans?Appointment), &c $c. My Dear Sir: ? Legislation begins now to assume a business-like appearance. The days of retrenchment and economy appear, ut last, to be approaching in earnest. The Hon. Mr. Ely, ol the Senate, chairman of the committee upon that all-engrossing subject, has rennrf(*fl hillu in that Iwwlv r*?riur?i air fh#? aalurioa *?f tKa principal officers of Government from ten to fifteen per cent When Flags seated himself in the Comptroller's chair last winter, he cut down everything under his control?his own clerks, and also every man on the canals, about twenty per cent. Even the clerks in the Bank Department were visited with his economical displeasure, to the tune of two hundred and fifty dollars. And new, Mr Ely, in his bill, reaches the high officers, who thought the embarrassment of the State demanded retrenchment only among the deputies and subordinate officers. The Hon. Mr. Dickinson,of the Senate,is engnged in bringing charges against the public transactions of Gov. Bouck, when canal commissioner. The Senatorialleges that he (Col. B.) has squandered hundredsot thousands of dollars in letting contracts for excavaiions, locks, See., on the enlargement of the Erie Canal. This assertion, the honorable Senator pledges himself to prove, if the Senate | will allow him to send for persons and papers Senator Dickinson is undoubtedly an honorable man, and will endeavor to substantiate his assertion. But it is somewhat remarkable that this serious charge should be made at tins late day 1 Col B has been out of office four or five years, and during that time been twice a candidate Tor the highest office in the gift of the people ol this State. Would it not have been noticed, nay more, would it not have been justifiable in his political opponents, to have laid these facts before the people during the canvass 1 We all know that candidates for office have their characters, both public and private, searchingly scanned during a political contest, especially where it rages with the ferocity of New York politics. I urn inclined to the opinion that if Col. Bouck have practiced the partiality now alleged against him, the vigilant eye of Thurlow Weed would have discovered it, long ere this. The great excitement that existed here a week uku, in rcimu'ii 10 ui'- oimic i inner, nan neany sudnided Croswell and VanDyck have made an amicable diasolution, Van taking two thousand dollars in cash. This is considered by those who appear familiar with the circumstancs, as being a good bargain, for it is rumored that he never paid h dollar in tho concern, but drew out five hundred a year. After my return from Saratoga yesterday, I was informed that unactuai declaration of war had taken place between the old Hunkers (Cromwell & Co.). and the young democracy (John Van Bureu Sc Co.), and that an Irishman had been imported from some of the western counties to draw the weapons in support of the ultra section. You may expect some sport during this engagement?all growing out of the wonderful difficulty in distributing the spoils. To-morrow we expect many of the New York appointments will be disposed of. Of this I am heartily thankful; for it will relieve my own mind from the great anxiety which I have felt for three or four weeks in relation to my own application, as well as relievo my pockets from the heavy expenses of remaining at Landon's. Although several a|>pointmenls will be confirmed to-morrow, yet I do not believe that any individual mat this moment aware of his fate. The Governor possesses the most singular faculty of managing applicants lor office, that ever was known. They are all treated with the greatest politeness, but not a word ot committalism ever passes his lips. An exciting debate has just sprung up inthelfouse, Mr. W. Hall laid on the table, yesterday, a joint resolution directing the Attorney General to institute and conduct in the name and on the complaint ot any citizen agrieved by the Virginia inspection laws, one or more suits, to test the constitutionality of those laws. Governor Bouck has ad vised the State of New York to take the "back track" in re lation to trying by jury, all runaway negroes w ho may be caught in this State, thereby repealing this law. which was passed by the Whigs to gratify the abolitionists. Mr. Hall's speech to-day, waa of the most rabid abolition nature?no rank and bitter against the south, that it would be well for the opposite party to circulate it throughout the whole southern country, in order to let the people there know what Mr. Clay's friends in New York are doing towardsfcontnbutinK to his defeat in 1844. t^The question, what is to be done with the Erie Itailraid,is undoubtedly the greatest business ot the session. There are hardly two men who harmonise upon the subject. Some are importuning the members to assume the entire control of it and make it a Slate work?others are in favor of re-nrganising its directorship, take the Slate in as a three million partner, and then issue stock to make up all the deficiency necessary to its completion. Another suggestion has been made, and that is, for the State to make a donation of the three millions loaned to the company, and have nothing more to do with the rotten concern. I am not sure but this would be the most judicious course to pursue. It is such a magnificent folly?such a splendid humbug?that the tax jiayers of the whole State ought to pay the Legislature ta get rid of it as soon as posuble. v?.,_ t -j ? uuir, ivv. j us omith Albany. [Correspondence of the Herald. 1 Ai.bany, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1843. The Weather and the River?Abofitionitm?State Printing ?Office Seektrt ami Religion. We had a rain storm yesterday, which completely swept away all the last fall of snow. The navigation is again uninterrupted. To-day the weather instill mild, with rain and snow. The legislature are still occupied in interminable discussions on that never failing topic, the Governnor's message; and the worst of it is, therr still re mains a dozen or more speeches on the subject yet to be made. The Senate have not yet got through with Mr. Dickinson's charges of fraud and corruption against Wm C. Bouck, while Canal Commissioner. He is ol opinion that a man cannot pay 8100 a rod for stone wall, without committing a fraud Mr. D. pushes this enquiry with a pertinacity worthy of a better cause. In the House.yegterday, Mr Willlis Hall made a very able and eloquent speech on his resolution directing the Attorney General of the State to commence suits,in order to test the con -?tutionniiiy 01 tne Virginia inspection law. Mr. Hall has certainly improved vastly since he was a member of the Mouse before, and his speech was listened to with marked attentior. Mr. Hathaway, of Chemung, intimated his intention to reply at an early day. The Atlas, which is now under the editorial charge of H. O'Reilley, still continues its attacks on the new SMate Printer. Mr. Croswell has not as yet replied either to the Atlas, or to the statement of Mr Van Dyck, but it is understood that he will do so in a day or so. The partnership in the Argus ha< been dissolved and it is now under the joint control ol Mesa's Edwin and Sherman Croswell. A number of the office seekers have left us, and the animals are not so numoruusas they have been It is found to be rather expensive living in Albany, and a great many of these gentry, like the fox and ID. Piles Tw? taih lhe grapes, have come to the conclusion that the " same is not worth the candle." No New York appointment* have been promulgated, ?nH the would be office bolder* irom that city are quite ferocious. They have been kept from th-ir anus of the spoils so Ion*, that th^y have grown perfectly ravenou.t Among the prominent new comers, iaour old friend, Major Joe Hopkins o! the Pewter Mu*. What he's alter baa not leaked out. To aid bis friends, is the ostensible object. Mr. James Carey, comes backed with a host of testimonials from New York, for the office of Flour Inspector. Don't he wish he may get ill It ia thouaht. that the Legislature will adiourn on ihs fourth of March. They can do thia easily ' notigh if they choose, without the slightest detriment to the public interests. But there muat be Ifwer speeches for Buncombe. The religious excitement null wages with increasing iuter.aeneaa. In every church almost, protracted meetings are being held. Verily, the Millennium approaches. Swot*. Peter Reiersen A Co. Sup? Although much has come to light through your valuable miscellany, in regard to this notorious individual, not a tithe oi his attempts on respectublo parties are known to the public generally?lor people are more or lees averse to finding their names associated with such a character in the columns of a daily journal. Peter's a clever fellow?a good looking one too, as your admirable lithograph delineates. In yaur second series, you might give him the advantage of the chaptau dt brat, small sword and tri-coiored cockade, when enacting the part of attachi to his Royal Highness, the Prince tie Joinville Peter's great lorte lies in the commercial routine, as there are very many who must recollect him, when established in sundry offices round about the Exchange?in all the plenitude ot business and bustle, clearing out (and I presume literally so) a vessel for the West Indies. " Peter Reierten h Co. request Messrs. Holgates to inform them their lowest price lor MO botes otsosp, suitable lor the Cuba market, on time, and if their terms suit, the necessary references will bo given." This polite note, and businessproe|ieet, soon brings Messrs Holgates, hat in hand, to wait upon Messrs. Peter Reiersen & Co. Qui of the many, some few victims were drawn into the snare. The captain who sailed in their employ, was a good looking, honeat kind of a sort of nneasturn chap, and talked well about the prices of coffee, beeswax, cocoa and raw hides. But all this was no doubt done legally?one of the company, it ia said, wbb a man skilled in law?his advise was always taken in intricate transactions? there is no robbery, you are legally swindled?it is nothing more than a ' commercial responsibility"? the parties become unfortunate?the excellent bankrupt law gives the finishing stroke?you lose your money lawfully, and ought to be satisfied?you gain experience, if nothing else. Job Smith Sc Co. More Dry Dock* aad Dry Facta. First?The friends of the Sectional Dock say that the Secretary of the Navy ia in favor of having such a dock built for Government. As his opinion is important, we quote as follows?"Conscious of my inability to decide the question, I have selected the most eminent talent in the country," and goea on to name the Committee, who, after examination, reported in favor of Cilbert's balance Dock, and against the Sectional. Second?They say Foster Rhodea, Esq. is a Naval Architect, and his certificate is decisive, and the Devil on two Sticks publishes a letter of Mr. Rhodes; but snce that letter was written, Mr. Rhodes hs? recanted, and says "The Balance Dock is the one on which a vessel can be rebuilt. I can construct on the balance Dock, and do away with the prejudices of its opponents. I have never decided against the Balance Dock." This in an important fact. Samuel Humphrey, E?q , successor of Henry Eckford, ia the chief Naval Architect, but Mr. Gilbert's opponents Bay, "He is aloof from all practical connection with the improvements of the age." i Tnir<'?They say the Sectional Dock, 2W) feet long, 140 broad, and 15 deep, would be but 800 tons short of 5200 ions Gilbert's Doc k does not require 15 feet of depth; eight feet is sufficient. Fourth?Tliey claim that ship owners and shipwrights are auihonty, and iliat they are in favor of a Sectional Doc*. Now the lact is that most of the same shipowners and shipwrights, whom they claim as in favor of the Sectional Dock, and others to a greater number, have eigued and petitioned for Gilbert's Balance Dock, and their signatures ware obtained subsequently. The Case of Parka. To the Editor or the Herald? Sir i have taken the "Herald" through " good report and ovil report," ever tines the tscoad number of its eiittence In thu city, snd occationsllv hare contributed articlee to it* rolumni, and I hare ueually regarded it as l?culiarly the vehicle of accurate imonnation of matt art ? ? ' * 1 a ?- A? ? r D..k. U Hna inin^i in goufru; uui in me cue ui i ?? * , uuum ?v thin morning, your informant haa certainly discovered a mare's nest. The Police magistrate! had fully examined into the particulars of the tw o charges brought against Parka, ana decided upon holding him to hail in the sum of $600 in each case, for want oi which ha was committed. All that their Honors Tallmadge or Lynch had to do with the case, waa to perform the mere ministerial act of taking bail for the amount already decided to be proper by 'he Poliee magistrate,and fur refusing to do which, when satisfactory bail waa offered, they would have been liahla to an action for falae imprisonment at the suit of Parka. All'.he discretion they could possibly exercise in the case was to decide, not whether the case was proper to be bailed at all or not, for that had been already decided in the affirmative by a competent judicial officer, to wit, thecommilting magistrate; but merely to decide whether the parties oltored were proper hail. Thoae gautlemen justified fully, and their affidavit! are upon record, and if falae, they are liable to a prosecution for perjury; but they now request me to reiterate that they are hereupon the spot, and that they are able and willing to abide by the responsibility they have undertaken; ami they further reqnec me to state, '.hat they will be prompt in noticing any libel that might be published against them, in reference to the course they have thought proper to adopt. This explanation show* that there waa neither any trick practised by the lawyer, nor any imposition practised upon either of the above named upright judges. It shows also, that the reference to a habeas corpus in theoaee.wae totally out of place, and perfectly inapplicable, for the eflwet of a habeas corpus would have been to enquire into the whole merits of the case, a proceeding wholly auperogatory, because it had been already enquired into, and adjudicated upon, and the giving bail waa merely carrying out that adjudication. With reference to Mrs. Case, the s ime remark t apply precisely, though with more force, for it happens that ahe is not the real Simon Pure at all, but a worthy and respectabln widow lady of fbty years of age; who, it I am aorrnetiy informed, waa never within the wallsoiTa prison before in her life ; but unfortunately happens to bear the same name with another person, whose reputation is somewhat notorious. The insertion of the above explanation will much obliga youf old subsbribcr. THE LAWYER ALLUDED TO. Hotels.?The rrcuscitation of the City Hotel in New York, by it* again reposing in the arm* of Messrs. Jennings & Willard, haa led to a discussion in the newspapers of the day, rs to the merits of the other hotels in your great city. Ths Courier and inquirer, with its accustomed fairness in noticing the City Hotel, referred to many of your prominent and well managed hotels, but said not a word about the well kept, and justly celebrated hotel of the Messrs. Howards. The writer of this is not interested a farthing in the success of any hotel in New York, but he deems it a duty, which he oweato the travelling public to say, that although the Courier and Enquiivr, may not rank Howanrs Hotel among the first in your city, one of their customers, who \ isitsthe house as often aa once a month during the year, knows it to be equal, if not superior to any other hotel in New York, or in the Union. The Messrs. Howards are always attentive to their guests, and all under them know what to do, and how to do it. If a young man gives them a call, John Dumphv, who is known as far as the house is known, will devote his time to him, and use every endeavor to make his stay agreeable. John is one of the boys. At Howanrs, you will find always two copies of your sprightlv Herald on file, which is more by two than ysu can find in some of the hotels, which are cracked up by the Courier and Knq urer. Mil-s Stis iTBostov, January f7th. Circuit Cssrt. Before Judge Kant. Fca Q ? Wtlk'f f ChnttnpStr vs. Bond a Mom ?The jury in thi*case brought in verdict in lavor of the defendant, Bond, and further And a verdict against in favor of the plaintiff : against i Mom in tha action of trover in the'umof >777 In r I O.St/LLtVAN. K 8Q, and REV UKO. B.CHEEJ. VER will close the debate on Capiul Puruahn ent, on Kmlav ???niuK, at the Bnadway Tabtrn e'e. The scriptural arsnmrat having bren fuhv ditensatd, toe peak#.a will coa liM iheBiaalfia principally to tbe argument of etptdiency. Aa thie ia the 1 eat evening of tho da bat a on this roa lation, Mrh will ovenpy one hour, n the fi-et arrsment, and fl/iaen mtniitee in reply. Ticksta 12*4 cenla. MAXWELL. Treodent . W. B. Waonwoon, Secretei\. BwwKat. #

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