Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1843 Page 3
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QtJ- THE GENUINE EXTRACT OF SARSAPArilla, prepared by tha New York College of Medicine and' Pharmacy,is now almost universally prescribed by the re pectable portion of the New York medical faculty,which fact alone establishes its character more than columns ol newspaper certificates made expressly (or the purp >se. The following are amongst some of the most remarks ble cures effected by this celebrnted preparation withir the last six months: secondary syphilis, chronic rheuma tism, nodes, debility from secret indulgence and othm causes, salt rheum, enlargements of the joints, cutaneous ulcerations, scrofula and erysipelas. This preparation is guaranteed not to contain a particle of mercury or anj mineral, being composed of nothing but the bast South American Sarsaparilla, Gentian and Sassafras, extracted by a process unknown to the American chymist. Sold in bottles at 70 oenta each. In cases of half do*en bottles, $3 00. Do do one dozen, 8 00. Principal olliccjand consulting rooms of the College 97 Nassau street, New York. W. S. RICHARDSON. Q&- IMPORTANT DISCOVERY.?Oil of Tannin or Leather Restorer will make boots or shoes perfectly wa ter proof, and render them soft and smooth : also prevent them cracking, a saving of 60 percent to all who use lea ther in any lorm. Coachmakers can, with a very little trouble and expense, make tkeir old gig tops appear like new leather, by a few applications ol this oil. Sold by the gallon or single bottle at 71 Maiden lane. fty- THE PRIVATE MEDICINE CHESTS PRERA reuby the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, are guaranteed to cure the worst cases of Gonorrhoea, Oleet, or any unpleasant discharge from the urethra,without tainting the breath, or disagreeing with the most delicate stomach. To purchasers of these chests, the College bind themselves to give medicine gratis, if not cured. Price S3 each. By authority of the College of Medicine ana Fharm cy 97 Nassau street, N. T. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA.-The letter publisheil two day's since, from Havana, bearing testimony to its efficiency,in curing scrofula, loss of appetite,&c., is only one of thousands in ttie hands of it inventor, Mr. C. C.Baittol, Buffalo, N. Y. We request all persons in doubt of receiving an entire cure of the following diseases, to call on William Burger, 60 Courtlandt street, and see such testimonials as cannot fail to convince the most incredulous, namely : such as headache, dizziness, sleepiness, nois<>s in the head, bad taste in the moth, nausea or sickness of the stomach, loss of appetite, indigestion, dyspepsia, fever and ague, pain after eating, sour stomach, heart-burn, jaundioe, costiveness, determination of the blood to the head, piles, coughs, colds, pain in tho side, back, limbs and joints, rhenumatism, and all chonic diseases, scrofulous humors, salt rheum, and all cutaneous eruptions of the skin, general debilisy, Ac. Sold wholesale and retail by Wm. Burger, 5!)Courtlandt at.; Rushton MCo. ; Asninwall; Milnau's Pharmacy ; Lyme, Bowery ; Trippe, Division St.; and ill Fulton St., and druggists genet ally. OQf- VELPEAU'S LECTURES?The follotving'is the manner in which the celebrated Velpeau, of the hospital of La Charitie, speaks of his unrivalled remedies for the cure ol gonorrhea.?" In this way I have used an immense number ot cases, in whom every other species of treatment had been tried without success." Velpean's Pills are now sold exclusively in this country, by authority si the College of Medicine and Pharmacyof the city of New York, at their principal office and consulting rooms, 97 Nassau street: Price One Dollar per box. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. i WE WERE RECENTLY CONVERSING WITH a professional gentleman about the great number of nosj trums advertised in the papers, when he remarked that i there was one article that would really perform all the ' proprietors alledged, which was the Balm of Columbia; and to prove it, exultingly exhibited his head, thickly coj vered with strong hair, which he informed us was proI duced by the use of that article from Comstock & Ross, 36 Magazine street, after trying many other remedies in J vain. We had previously been incredulous as to the vir: tuesof the Balm of Columbia, hut when we saw his luxu' riant bead of hair, we were obligad to be convinced, and ' would advise all who are losing their hair, or have alreaj dy lost it, and all who would keep their heads free from E dandruff and scurf, to use it?AT, O. liulletin. 5 The same may be had of Comstock A Co., 71 Maiden i lane, this city, and Comstock & Williams, 0 North Fifth J street, Philadelphia. ' ??????^ MONEY MARKET. Thursday, Feb. 2?u P. M. The new board of brokers commenced their sittings today at No. 18 Wall street. They assembled at 10} o'clock, and the proceedings were opened by the President, Col. Alexander Hamilton, with an appropriate speech, te the eftect that the association had grown out of the times?that it is a phase of the revolution going forward in the commercial world?that he had taken the Presidential elixir more as a matter of principle than from any other motive. He felt that the principles contained in the regulations of the Association were such as would merit the support oi the public?that by sitting with open doors, it would be manifest that their business would be conducted lairly and aboveboard?that what he considered a just standard of value would be formed for the securities upon the market?that they wouid be beyond the reach of an association with closed doors, to raise or depress at pleasure. The constitution and bye-laws were then read, and thoy pro ceeded to business, the results of which are annexed. There were twenty-two members, and about thirty spectators, who will hereafter be admitted entirely free. It will bo observed, in comparing the two lists of sales, that the prices vary a good deal. New York 6's were sold i per cent higher at tho new Board; Illinois G's <>f 1870, sol J 1 percent lower than at the old Board, and Irs* than they can be bought for out of doors. Ohio 0's offered at the new Board at 07, and sold at the old Board at 67 j. There was no change in the market prices, as com parol with yesterday, except that Illinois rose j per cent. Sales of Illinois Canal 6's of I960, were made privately at 2-2. The Bank of New York has posted up a notice, to the effect that all notes hereafter, will -be discounted at 6 per cent. This is an important move, and indicates the repletion of money with the banks. The better description < of paper can, however, be done at 6 per cent The bulk of the paper now offering for discount, are the notes of specie importers, given for*bills of exchange, at the present low rates. Another instance of legal robbery and "judicial repudia. tion has taken place in Missouri, where the relief party have triumphed in the Logislature. A law has passed,giving an indirect but effective stay upon all executions, for twelve months. The majority in its favor was large. It commanded nearly the full vote of the Locofoco party The only good feature in the U. S. bankrupt law is that which enables the creditor to compel bankruptcy and the rendition of the debtor's property. But even in this, the Injustice and unconstitntionality of the law becomes appaparent, because the creditor clause is operative only for claims over $3000, subjecting poor creditors,who are least able to lose their claims, to the ruthless action of the law in tavor of voluntary bankrupts, and gives them no rights to enforce against involuntary bankrupts, who shelter themselves under the disgraceful, demoralizing and de IIUVUTV i cuci wn*. n oiavv wuitu jfUWB I "Bliy," Or " relief" law, virtually legalizes repudiation. With what shadow of justice ean any Stnto government claim the payment of uniform taxes, when it has authorised those taxpayers to defraud their individual creditors T The same political weakness, which induces short sighted partizans to seek a fleeting popularity, by pandering to the knavery of speculators, and the wants of the embarrassed, at the e.?pensa,of the industrious and frugal, promts them to discourage taxation, and to seek in paper juggles, under the names of "assumption" and " distribution," the means of * avoiding the question of taxation, which theydare not meet. It is this which fills tho halls of legislation with scheming, speculating, shuffling lawyers, who amuse tho people with phantoms lor relief, as evanescent as the meretricious reputation which it produces. As these bubbles rise and esplode, the people learn to value those whose well grounded principles and tried integrity enable thi m to face difficulties, and apply the proper relief, fearless o' consequences. Books have been opened at the South Western Railroad Bank at Charleston, for the deposite ol money to the credit of the Treaurer of the United States, on subscription ? United States 8 per cent stock, redeemable in twenty yearaflrom the 1st instant, tranaferrable only on the Re ( gtster'a Books,with coupena for semi-annual intereat,payable as may be designated at Charlaaton, at the Treasury or at New York, on the 1st day of January and July, will be iatued in sums of >1,000,, and >10,000. Tho table below will exhibit a comparative view of the resources and liabilities of all the chartered and free banks, for the last two years, excluding the La Fayette Bank in the city of New York, the Watervliet Bank, the Clinton County Bank, the Bank ofLyona, also the North ItitfAr llonlf mlinio ohartor hfll ? ? , ?,i(1 which nil* since gone into operation under the general hanking law together with the James Bank, the Farmers' Bank of Malone, and tho Manufacturers Bank, Ulster, which last named association did not make any return Inst year. Bamks or thk Static ok New Yuan, Kar.r. ai*i> Char. TRRKD. Rr&oumi. It/./an. IS 12. 1st Jan 1813. I,nan and diacoant, X,Ml,07.1 'it.M7.7u Ileal, stale, :l,27it,i?l 3 568,7*5 Stocks and mortgages, 10.291.219 12,110.007 Specie, 5,349,857 0,180,MO Not-1 of other Baukt, 5,110.704 4,oeo 754 l ath Items, 1,505,107 2,272,659 Due from Banks, 8,512,517 4,279,9*1 . 08,002,248 08,322. tM L /.IlliiJi'lVl. I St Jan 1012. Is/,/.m 1011 Circulation, 12,949,584 11,880,900 1 Leant,. 117.01! 108,144 Dae Canal Fond, 1,111,117 1.I9\89? "remits. 17,tit; I 771 10,721,010 Pnc Banks, 9,395,646 12,051,093 41,927,091 14,119/65 Add capital and profit*, 46,923,155 44,001,40 88,862,240 *8,123,490 I From tbi* return It would appear that the reduction ol 4 ?h i _ the aafety fund circulation .during the year, hM been near $3,000,000. When the free bank ayatem waa started, it wae con Aden tly predicted iiul hoped by ita friends that the alls issued under it would noon deaUoy the safety fund , sues. The practical operation has been aa follows :? ir'axx isd 'HaaTcarn i'ltcvuTiiia or tiii Statk ok | *s.w Von*. < Saft'y fund. i i-Yrt. Total circ IS37, ?4 .99 "Hi none 24,198,OW 1838, P ? ,7g llol?, 13,412,17* ' 1839, 19173,149 3 MO.IHI0 21,87), 149 I 1840, 10.100,192 B5M 6,811.020 16,872.592 1841, 15,2.15.0V, 5,141,067 20,588.121 | 1842, 12.772,764 3,8'2,437 16,185,201 1842, 8 316,206 3,695,603 12,031,671 , This gives the (act that the gross circulation now i* equal to that of the year 1838, previous to the enactment of the Free Banking Law. The expansion ofiaj7 had been very great and the re-action in 1838 proportionablj severe, in involving aiymmense depression of all desciip Ions of property, particularly real estate, in which the "peculations had been greatest. In this state ol attairs.the New Banking Law wus projected by the holders of thai species of property, which was altogether inconvertible in order that they might realise upon it, at the expense of, the public; accordingly it becamo the basis of the New Banking operations. Holders of bubble property soon stuffed th" Banks with their mortgages, in exchange for the Bank stock, which they took care to sell, in most instances, while the delusion lasted. The North American [ Trust and Bank is a sample of tho whole. That concern ( was started witl. $3,690,000 of mortgages subscribed as capital. The stock issued for it was soon after sold to < others for money. The same credit which induced people to buy the stock, induced States to trust the Bank J with their stock to nogociate;' Arkansas is an instance Presently,the whole "card palace" fell into ruins, and the 1 stockholders were ruined. The practical operation was, I by a paper juggle,^to transfer the bubble mortgages from ' needy speculators to unsuspecting capitalists. In the year 1989 the Safety Banks, by extenJing themselves, gave fa- * cilitieeto the Free Bankers to press their operations. A < demand for State stocks thus created, assisted to ruin se- ' veral of the States. The decrease in the Safety Fund circulation af 1840,and the increase of that oi the.Free Banks, | was owing to this circumstance, and the exertions that j the agents of the New Banks made to retire the Safety Fund notes by supplanting them with their own. Subse- ' (juently the law compelling the banks to redeem in New York, crippled the Free Banks, and has reduced them to their present short circulation. The securities for its redemption are deficit according to the Comptroller, near 1 $600,000. Sales sit ttie Stock Bxchangs. $800 NY State 7*s 1849 101k 5000 City 5's, 1858 86k 1000 do 10?5i? 41) shas National Bk 88k 1 9000 do 5k\ 1861 93J? 40 Bit Coin, full 84 :<0fl0 do 6 s, 1861 100 25 do 85 5000 do 5's, 1858 92k 5 American Exc C5 5000 Illinois, 19k 10 Mohawk 28k . 11000 Ohio 6 S, 1860 67k 10 do 28 liiOO do 67j?i 100 Harlem 16'4 4000 Kentucky 5's 70 100 Long Island io'.i \ 2000 do 6't, 187 1 84 k 53 New Jersey 67>4 j Sales at tlie New Board. 1000 State S's, 1861, 100'4 50 Patterson, 41 | 3000 Illinois, iRk 25 Stouiogton, b60 17k 50 Del & Hudson, s30 82 'i 50 Manhattan Gas, 61k 150 llarlem, b30 16k Second Board. 61000 Ohio 6's, I860 67k 25 ahaa Mohawk b60 28k 5000 da 130 67 State of Trades Sales of Real Estate to a considerable extent were made to-day. Capitalists are evidently inclined to invest in this description of property. Dwelling house, store and lot of ground No. 139 Broad, way ; lot 23 feet by 110, sold fur cash at $17,800. Three story brick house and lot No. 91 Madison street. Lot 26 by 100 feet, $9,00O. Eighty-eight and a half acres land and buildings in North Brunswick, N. J., bought in for $1,760. Three story house No. 201 Ninth street, 126 leet cast of Broadway, modern finished, $9,600. Two story brick house and lot No. 88 Prince street. Lot 39 feet by 101. House 39 by 60 feet, modern finished, $16,000. Three story house No. 7 Carroll Place. House 25 by 54 i feet, with two story tea room in rear. Lot 125 feet deep, I $.0,600. Lot on south side of Ninth street, between 1st and 2d , avenue, 25feet front by half the block, $1,300. The lot of ground and building thereon, known as the Bhakspeare Hotel, S. E. corner of William and Duane atrcets, $25,000. South Dutch Church Property?The storo and lot No. 43 F.xchange place, 25 feet by 97, $28,800. The store and lot 63 Exchange place, 25 feet by 107, $27,000. The store and lot 63 Exchange place, 26 feet by 110, $27,300. [The sale of church in Washington Square postponed to Feb. 9.] Nine years lease of the premises corner of Houston street and Avenue A. 47 feet on Houston street, and 106 leat on Avenue A, $3,42'). Four years leese of pr. misvs adjoining on Houston street, 24 by IS'l fee*, *630. 75 shares Greenwich Bank stock, 40 per cent; 60 do do 404 do. In the regular m irke s ilisre was very little of inteiest. Eilghiuii Cuttle Market, Jar. 30.?At mnrket, 620 beef cattle, 1200 sheep, and 70 swina. 100 beef cattle unsold. Prices?lieef Catile?Last week's prices have not been sustained, and we reduce our quotations. A few extra at $4 60. Firs' quality $1 60 a 4 25; second quality $3 50 u 3 75; third quality $3 25 a 3 50. Sheep?Sales from $1 to $1,50; wethers frem $2,50 to $3 76. Swine?No lots were sold to peddle. A few were retailed from 3J to 6c. tiled. On Wednesday evening, 1st init. Isarkl, infant daughter of Hezekiah W. and Susan M. Bonnel, aged eleven months. tm relatives and frienda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from -Ja Sheriff street. Latest Advice* RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa Nov. II Macao Sept. 20 AuzCayes Dec. 30 Madras Oct. 22 Antigua Dec. 13 Manilla Sept. 20 Bombay Nov. I Montevideo Nov. 25 Batavia Oct. 7 Maranham Nov. 2fi Bermuda Jan. 10 Matanz.xs Jan. S Bonaire April 9 Mayairnea Dec. 8 Buenos Ayres Nov. 6 Maracaibo Dec. 7 Bahia Nov. 12 Matamnias Dec. 15 Belize, Hond. Dec. 25 Nenvitas Nov. 10 Barhadoea Jan. 5 Nassau.N. F. Jan. 2 Bogota Nov. 10 Oalin, 8. I. Oct. 1 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris Jan. 2 ("ape Haytien Dec. 24 Portanrrince Jan. 7 Cape Town, C. O.H-Dec. 3 Ponce, P. R. Dec I Caracoa Dec. 19 Para Dec. 21 Cienfuegos Dec. 14 Pernambnco Dec. 22 Carthagena Sept 13 tanama Sept. 23 Caraccas May 17 Hi i de Janeiro Dec. 13 Chagres Jnly 1 Singapore Oct. 4 Callao. Sent. 7 Sydney, N. 8. W.* June 14 Calcntta Oct. 21 St. Helena Dec. 14 Demerara Dec. 14 St. Thomas Jan. 13 Fayal Dec. 23 St. Barts Jan. 3 Gibraltar Dec. 14 St. Jago de Cnba* Dec. 20 Gnayaonil Oct. 1# St. Johns, P. Dec. 25 Gnayama, P. R.? Nov. 7 St. Croix Jan. 8 Uonaives Aug. I St. Martha Dec. 8 Galveston Jan. 8 St. John, N. B. Jan. 20 Havre Jan. 1 Surinam Dec. 22 Havana Jan. 17 Tampico Dec. 6 Halifax Jan. 25 Tohasro Jan. 6 Jeremie Nov. 20 Turks Island Jan. It Jacmel*>> Dec. 25 Trinidad de Cnba- Dec. 31 Kingston, Ja. Jan. 10 Vera Crnr Jin. 4 London Jan. 3 Valparaiso Oct. 10 iverpool Jan. 4 Yucatan Jan. 15 LalJnayra Jan. 4 Zanzibar Sept. 27 Lima Aug. < Panenfer* Sailed. Livkrpool?racket shin Columbus?Charles H Ki?her, of Philadelphia; Charles K Horn, John A Parker, Wm Christo liber. New York; John Chase, Springfield, Mass; Miss J Levy, Miss C Levy, Mr Levy, Msster Levy, Brnokl>n; John Kineaii, Montreal; John Coates aud servant, M.iry A n Coates, ^arali Ann Conies, Scotland n?M Borrow?IB the MMVIhip CkImI^sU, for Liverpool ? M-jor Campbell, ladyanri two servants, 7th Hussars, of Kngland; Miai ??, T Y Hall, of do; Henry Darn, Win MofTatr, of Boston: J n Mi'nra, Lowell. Man; Dr A Kama worth, Miss Jennrjs, Grotnn, Man; Mr Abbott<nn, New York; Win Chapman, 8 Marauley, Miss Chapman. Quebec; Charles Oeddrs, A Kwtmt, J Council, Mr Maillaud, .Montreal; Ft M Harrison, A Borrowman, Cinada;Uohn Cos, Jame* K Co*. Fredrnckton. Chaa Lutkr, Germany; Timotro Haalilio, Hi v Wm Richards, Sandwich lalanda?26. For Halifax?Miaa Mary IA Coolidge, of Boaton; Mrs Frran, Kcr Mr Bararr, Halifax?3. foreign Importation*. 8r Domisoo?Sehr falcon?1800 crotches mahogany 191 pes do 23 lbs gam gnaca S bbls honey I box se*ars 1 box mdte G Stagg. MARITIME H ? R A L 1). Sailing Day* of the Steam Ship*. raoxs xwolsixd. rain .Memo Acadia, Ryrie Krb. 4 Mar. I G. Western, Hosken Feb. II Mar. It Colnmhin, Miller Mar. 4 April 1 Britannia, Hewitt April 4 May I (}. Western, Hosken April li May II Packet* to Arrive. Packet* to Mall. ran* LiTRRrooL. ro* Livr?rooL. Oxford, Rathbone, Dee. 21 (}. Washington,Burrows. Keh.7 Patrick Henry, Delano, Dec. 27 United States, Hritton, Keb. II PROM PORTSMOUTH. TOR PnRTSMol'TH. Quebec, Williams, Dec. IJ Wellington,! had wick, Keb. I" i'tuladglphia, Hovey, Dec. 20 Quebec, Hebard, Krb. 20 PROM HaVRR. POR HSTRK. Ar*o, Anthony, Dee. 24 St. Nicolas, Poll, Keh. 3 Francois I, Ann worth, Jan- I I) d'Oi'? ana, Rich'dson, Feb.R Bnrxnndy, Written, Jan R Sully, Thomi son, Feb. 16 Mhlp Maatera and Agent*. We ?o*!| cxieem it a (Wtot, if captains of re are 11 * .litis. . '"J?"!?'1?to*RRT Hiltpt. of nor mar licet, a re ^.11.1. 'l. ,"'PP,nR 'eft the port wheuee tln v xailed, the oT . ? on their passage, a list of their < '.-so, -ml any O'R' WX they may hare He wili hoard their iam*4HM*<r m their nrnral. Agent, end cnnvsponileiits ai ?{. ',r,,ad. will also confer a fvrcr by sending to this .nformafion of any Wind will be tbnnVnllr rrceired. PtfltT (IK vir?v VdHK. FKSSVAHf 3. <l'S Rises 7 !t I t is *pts 9 T ItfS S l> I NIOH WATPR II 34 ? lesrsrt. Ship John F hr nsn Lone Liverpool, Hirks le Co ? Banine Caroline, (Brtnien) Volckmann, Bremen ria James Rirer, fc \olleuiu* k rtvenste sit.?Brig Moon, w Bulk ley .?Schr F.agle, Moore, Jacksonville, tF. Wood k \co?ta. A rrlrtil. . . Schr Falcon, Moore, 17 Java from St. Domingo, with inaho. fajL'Vi to o Slag*. Left no American vessels. . . 9cnr Eleanor, Jones, 12 J.iya from Malnliny*. with 200,000 ranges, to Cropttry k (Jilmaitiii. Left brigs Mary,e. anil llcurieita, for Portland. Biig Francis Ashny, for New ? oik, .a!led thr day before, Schr Alfred F. Thome, Sandford, 0 Java from Wilmington, NC. with naval ftorea, to E. S I'owell. SchrCUnas?, for New Vork, sailed 3 dny? before. 3Ut oil off the Chesapeake, *i>oke Jrig Ureal, for Biltiuiore .. , Schr Ilio, (Jritfiug, froui Nt-wbtru, NO. with naval stores, to kl. Platr. Schr Osceola, Burr, 2 days fiwui Virginia, with oysters, to master. Below, A Swedish barque supposed lobe L'luuocence, Engeloor, fm llio de Janeiro. Also, 3 brigs unknown. Mailed. j Shins Mediator, Chsdwick, London: Columbus, Cole, Liverpool t Agues, Cameron, Amsterdam; Alabamiau. Lane, Mobile; r Alt field, WiLon, NOrleans; htmiics Roitimi, Hopu?r? Rotterlam; brig* Courier, Bt tcher, Marseillfii; Danube. Clark, New Orleans; Kimia, Lanr, do; Si iling. H*in?lton. fla venue h: N Bourn**, P?rry, Port Leon; Alfred Hammond, West Indies; Wasp, (Br) Leavitt, SierM Leone; Aui.awau, llutchiui*. St Thomas; Moon. Haye*, Charleston. Also, ship Aldtbaron, Nichols, LiveriHH>l, and others. Wind NW. General Kecord. Packet ship St. Nicolas, for Havre, will sail to-day at 12 o'clock. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Eichangc, at 11 this morning. British ship Abioail.?The Gen. Clinch, at Savannah 25th jit. passrd the Abigail, Val|>ey, from Liverpool hound to that i>ort, ashore ou the Sooth end of G.t: kiii Bank, about niuc miles North of the bar. A pilot boat was alongside of her, and she had a kedge anchor our, aud was in want of auolher, but (-apt. Brooks unfortunately had none that would answer. She went in at ebb tide, aud it wus thought would be got ofT at high water. Br i<i Nabob, of Salem, from Cadiz for Montevideo, lost on lire English Bank, was insured at Salem with her cargo and freight monov, for $13,000. Brio WaRulla, at New Orleans, report* having touched at St. Crois to laud Capt. Ilattoone. who waaaick. Baio Skraoo, lor Mobile, ready (or aea, in Portland harbor, ;uok fire in the cabin, morning of 30ih nil. while no person was m board. Capt Coffin lost most of his effects. The damage ol ill would amount tnabout $100. Shifting at Boston.?Arrivals during the month of Ian. 1643 ? Ships. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops. Total. Coastwise, U 10 35 127 3 189 Foreign, 10 5 30 8 53 All the foreign arrivals were Ameriran. Clearances: Ships. Barques. Brigs. Schrs. Sloops, Total. Coastwise, 27 13 40 49 0 129 Foreign, 8 10 25 11 51 Of the foreign clearances, 1 brig and 1 schooner were Dritish. The Royal Mail steamer Britannia sailed on the 1st, having -leared the day previous. The Caledonia arrived on the 25lh. Spoken. Ambassador, from A|>alachicola for Liverpool, Dec 21, off he Little Isaac. Linn, of Bath, from Apalachicola for New York, 30th alt. 77 niles S of Cape Hatteres. Kspandola, from New dale, lat 31 >0, Ion 77 20. Henrv, of New York, 13 days from New Orleans for Liverpool, Jan ?. Charles Hammond, nf East Machias, from Belize, Hond. for NYork, no date, off Fenwick Island. Foreign Porta. Tonasco, Jan fi?In port, Colonist, (Br) from Antigaa for Cork; Pantheon, Kales, and Eugene. Drink water, for NYork, dg; Democrat, for NOrleans, do; Uniou, Harding, for NYork, tt the har.wtg wind; Saml L. Southard, Baker, for NYork, Idg; Columbus, of Key West, for New Orleans for Laguna, pat in n distress. Si'Rinam, Dec 22?In irort, Grampus, Foster, cf aud for Gloucester, 10 days; Salem, U,-um, from Cayenne, nrr 2 days before, ror Wilmiugtou, NC. rlisg. Passed going into the River, Grand Turk, Parsons, of Gloucester: Garnet, Hodge, from Boston.? Sid 'I .illinndge. Wait, for Niclterie, to loarl for Portland. Montrvidko, Nov 20?Iu |>OTt, Hohart,Collier, for Paraguay, Coast of Brazil; 2Cth, John N Gossler, Christopher, for Calcutta, soon?and others as before. Arr 11th, Lydia, Hirron, Riode J.iueiro, aud previous to 22d for Buenos Ayres; ICLli, King Philip. Willis, do, anil proceeded for Buenos Ayres. ttio Dr. Janeiro, previous to Dec 13?ArrHarriet Thompson, Harris,Philadelphia-. Kentucky, Willis. Richmond. Mauritius, Sept 28?In port, John Witt, (Br) forCowei, for orders, iu a few days, with the cargo of the Nepoiisct, condemned. Was afterwards spoken on the 18lh Nov. off Cape Agulhas. Cork, Dec 25?Put in, Birmingham, Rohinsou, from Liverpool for Boston, and remained iu tire Cove 31st. Home Porte. Wiscasset, Jan 28?Sid Ava,(new) Chase, Havana; Fellowship, Knruham, Matanzas. Porti.and, Jan 29? Sid Turner, Blanchard, Madeira; Washington. Woodbury, M.nanus; Exchauge, Leavitt, Havana. Owl's Head, Jan 26?Sid Larkin Snow, l'resscy, and Lucinda Snow, Truudy, NOrleans. Boston, Feb 1?Chi Caledonia, (s) Lott, Liverpool via Halifax. Holmes Hole, Jan 31?Arr Alpine, Foster, Snrinam for Boston; Ganges, Towne, Arsosty, Brazil, for Salem; 30th, Sulan, Pettee, Philadelphia for Boston. Passed hy Slst, Avenel, from Rappahannock, last from New Bedford, for Boston. Kdoartown. Jan 30?Sid Bolivar, Swain, NYork. Tarpaulin Cove, Jan 30?Arr January, Calioon, Washington, NO. for Boston, with loss of deck lord. Sid Namshoug, Young, Irom Provincetowu, lor Rappahannock. Bristol, Jan 31?Arr Eicel, Dunning, NYork. Philadelphia, Feb 2?Below, Maria, Stetson, from Port au Prince. Old A B Conley, Camp, NYork. Delaware Breakwater, Jan 31?There are now in this harbor, Geoigiaui, Irom Darien for NYork; Marion, Georgetown, DC. (or do; Lenity, and Constitution, of Great Egg Harbor. Norfolk, Jan 28?Arr Su-anna, Pollen, NYork; 30th, Foprrs', Jnyues, Newburvport; Exact, Farreu, New Haven; J H Hnsgland. Denman, York River for NYork. Edenton, NC. Jan 28?Arr High Priest, Ballance, fm Pitch Lauding for NYork. Apalachicola, Jan U?Arr Peruvian, Watson, St Thomas; Caiisto, Blanchard, St Jago de Cuba; Alabama, Williams, New York; Canton, Pettrngill, do; Manhattan, Doane, do; Julia, Shoemaker, do; David Duffel. Adams, St Thomas; Seminole, AUeu. Baltimore; George, Fales, Thomaston. Cld Swan, Blanchard, Boston; Tennessee, Sawyer, do: Bvron,; Hereford, (Br) Rraburn, Liverpool; Alfred, Myers.dc; Yeoman, Western. NYork. QOUND PILOT?OWEN PREBCOTT, Pilot for New Bedford, Nantucket Shouls, "oston. Portsmoiuh, Purtland, KennelH-ck, and other ports. Office at Frye It Shaw's Nautiral Store, 222 Water, corner Beekmau street, N. Y.?Vice versa Adams' Express, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the same as from Gay Head. jii Imisr AAEttRY'S MUSEUM for February, 1843?Einkelliah1VJ. tnenu,?Towrr of Bnhel. the-TliieL rnliunut, Wafer Ppout?, Boyi and Girls, the Horn, Rural Scenes, Conllagration of t^e Tower of London. lie. Contkntr?Sourcei of History. Something about Government, The Law it Everywhere, Equality, Artificial Ice for Skating, the Water Staiut, Smiles, Brautv, the Elephant and K?ii, Trie Vain Se<rch, Imagination, 9u'er, 3uruiig ?f (lie Tower <>f London, The Gleaner, Metals. Prussian Kierciie, A Gime for Chilnteu, Anecdotes of Bonaparte. Varieties, Power of Music, Anecdotes, Puxr.lcs, Love of Nature, True Stories of 'he Y''ttug, kc. The Vluscum is published on the first of each month at the exceeding low price of SI per annum in advance. The publishers have also the first ami second year of the work, containing 38' psges, n atlv bound, *rn?inentfd bv numerous engravings and music, for SI per year. The Museum has a ciiculatiou of 10,000. and is bv far the cheapest and uiost popular periodical f'r youth in the country. BKADBUKY, SODEN k CO., I 7 Nassau st.. N.Y. And No. II School street, Boston. Also for sale at this office. ft 2 in A GOOD CHANCE now offers to any person wulnng to commence the wholesale and retail Wine and Liquor business. The stock, futures, horse, wagon anil harness, also the goodwill is now offered lor sale at a bargain, with two yean lease from May next. The store is now doing a rood wholesale and retail business, and ran be easily increased. The cheap grocery bnsineaa can be added with little eapeuse atul to great advantage The atore is large with a good cellar, situated opposite a good markel.and the neighborhood tliicklypopiilated. The stock ran be reduced to suit the purchaser Kent low. The proprietor's only reason fir selling is on account of leaving the country. N. B The above is an excel ent opportunity for spy tcrson wishing to commence busiiiss-. An r/rly application is requested. Address W. M. 11 Herald Offics. ft3t*r 'I'HE NEW YOKK L.-JGAL OBsEHVEK ? published J bv Samuel Owrti, Editor and Proprietor, at SI Ann street, every Sa'urday, price one shilling per copy, or ti per a/I ?a nna Its aiirl 11 irth frt'f ho rUn.aiAna I ? lha A mneioou t ' Iinvli 11 ihe important caaca in the following Courts will appear from Michaelmas Term, Nor., 1812:? The Lord Chancellor's ?'ourt. The Vice Chancrllorof Euglanda Court. Vice Chancellor Knieht, Brace's Court. Vice Ch-ncellor, WigTsm'a Court. Court of (Quern's Bench Cou t of Common riea?,and Court of Etch ijui-r. fllt*r i qq mili"taryTiall, bowkrv.-kor bale J. UOy The good will ol the leaae, fixtures, furniture, crockery and glass, with the nock of wines, tkc , for tale, price $1500,seven hundred dollars ol which can remain on bond and mortgage for one year. The reul is $9"0 per annum. The front baxemeut ant the Use of one room iu llie third story now let for $300 a year. The purchaser can readily let the rooms |0r balls, drills, committee* tkc for $100 per month mi an avi rage. For fu ther purlieu aru apply at the bar. Si I positive, n 2t'ec WE THE UNDERSIGNED, Imnoiteia aE3~^Vhoies?le Dealers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic Razor Strop, do freely recommend it as being superior to antlliiug which has hitherto come under our nonce of a similar nature?Signed?A S Willi ts, importers of hurdwarr. No 3(11 Pearl at; A W Spies & Co, do, *11 do; Willis St Brothers, uo. 214 do; Oakley k. I.oomi>, do, (2 do; Sheldon It Phel;ni. do, 2J and 21 South William si; Hslsied St Brothers, do, 41 IV <rI si; Kissain, Bryce tk Jones, do, 2(8 Peril slj Sprlman tk Frarer, importers of Fancy Goods, 138 no; Posts at Main, itn|Mirler of drugs, (( Ced ir st; Field, Thompson It Co. importer* of Dry Quad* 44 Cedar sc; Fellows, Van Arsdals It Cooper. Witches, II Maiden Lane; D b eh It Co., unp. of Stationsiy. 244 Pearl st; Wm K doubling, Surgical Instrument manufactuier, 34)i Chatham st. To he had hy th don at the manufacturer's piicea of the above linns, and at retail, at the princi|ial fancy stores throughont the oily. f>J"> pAcKET SHIP ?T NICHOLAS. FOR HAVRE ?The a passt ngers will please be on board at 12 o'clock, precisely, his morning The Mails will rlose at the usual places st II o'clock |3r ISCaTiA/AJfci.'iift OS1TOB.AL PRZNZINa ESTABLISHMENTS N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. Is supplied with every mateiial necessary for the prompt, neat, and economical execution ofev. ty desenpoou ol 5Q3 ffiSySiOStSija Pa lie attention >s reuursled to this establishment, in the assurance ihit amp'e satistac lou will he given?as regirJ* typ'graphy, pre o-work, and cha'gi s?to ihosu who rrqnire fancy or common, largo or small work cheaply and eipediliuiisly executed. LABELS, CHECKS, WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS. show bills, ball pickets. STEAMBOAT BILLS. BILLS OF LADING, RAILROAD RILLS, BUSINESS CARDS. STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PAMPHLETS, BILLHEADS, HANDBIL'S, NOTES, ( SOUK *?? mw MKK KPU THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, le(;tuji*.?, i-uuliu meeti.nus, Or any other placet where I lie Uracil dracriplioti o' nrintiuif i? rvouired. The facili ira for tint work are not equalled by any ofllrr in tbii city, for bvtidea tbo Unte naaortmentof flaw ak)(0 i)lfli^j\!i!uaif!jsir^[l wms,, 'l'hia rttihliahmeiit In* the it august pdlcuri in tiik ity. Or. it p?|.'? hare bvrti tiben to protile tfity nvut'il Ullt c.ui po.tibly be of trmce, and therefore peraoua harm* occaaion lor Mhnwlnlla. will find it arrally to he<r adt ihU|r to paironue thia rat ahliahment. If>-Any alio or fo-m of Bill cin be famialted at very abort nolTce. f J j.i a kkwahd? kot a tariff icold anchor eaeapemmt O L V/ m [, || K,I , ti m>n?f%ctnrv, wold dial, tn . aiilf on the ventre. The am ?a aiolen from thaalo e of the aabaeriber by a peraou who pr. irvdod to pqrohaie. Penleta and pawnlook* r* err lie-eby < mil >ned uot lo boy it. The aboTf teward will be paid ,0 any one relnrniu* it fo^ JT3 Pearl atreet. AUCTION SALES. THOMAS BF.LL, Auctioneer. BV BKLL k HOWARD. Biers* IVi?i i? ll'S f>ilton itrset ) FRIDAY, At 10l{ o'clock, iu the sales room. Large iilr of clothing, various dry cuodi, fancy and [drilled " ' I'*j cutlery, watches, Ac 1 <> I.LT?Two I nge rooms iu the 2d a?d|3d stories of I7J Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel. A so, a fine assort mrti or broadcloths and caasimrrs, and the balance of the line stock of hosiery, and two eatra rich Catalonia shawls. Also an additional lot of choice dry goods and clotl-ing; 3 splendid watches, pearl and diamond pins, I case duelling pistols, 3 London gnus, Sic. Also, 30 X 00 fine Spanish aegars. SATURDAY. _ At 10NaT o'clock in the aalea room. Splendid stock of Cabinet Furniture, together with the mrniiure of a Chanties hiving the city, including almost erery article in the line of the he.t description. , Also, bvnrdar of the Marshal, by yirtue of eiecu ions and under the dirertion of a receiver, n very fine variety of first qntlifv cabinet furniture, 3 splendid second huid and new piano fortes, 1 parlor organ and I aeraphina. IlliNllY YTkIKLL. Auefr. nv HIBLL k ARCULARIHH. Store Mi Broadway, coiner of Dnane streets. K. k A. are now ready to made advances to any amount on constguinruts, Reiurns prompt. Hales of real estate and out door sales ofhnusehnld furniture attended to in person. Regular sales of Li<|Uora. Segars. fcc., every Tuesday; Furniture, Tiauos, ttc , erery Wednesday and Saturday. SATURDAY. Feb.5. At 10X o'clock in the tale rooms. A large lot ol housekeeping goods, via. dOO mahogany parlor, coltagi, office and lied room cliaira, desks, ho'>k cases, wash st lids, China ware, and an iuroire of fancy imported and domestic goods The attention of buyers ia requested. The goods are unlimited and deserve more than ordinary inspection. IMU^L/AI, j At in <4 oYUck, in the sale roomi. Large sale of cloths, cl? thine, jewelry, file. t # TUESDAY. At half-pist 10 o'clack, id the sale* room. Groceries, wines, liquors, seg^rs. kc. Alio, >S0 in segars in bund. Will be sold at shott price,or to suit buyers. K HI TTMPSON, Atiriioneer. fACOB S. PLATT'S First Spring Trade sale of hardware J will take place This Day, at 10 o'clock, at 21 Piatt street, and will consist of a general assortment o( goods. Also?Part of a stock of a furnishing and domestic hardware house, slightly damaged by a late fire and sold by order of the Insurance Companies. Also?At 12 o'clock, I elegant marble too dressing bureau; I do card table; 3 peir glasses; 1 set elegant Turkey red wiudow curtains for 3 windows, with gilt ornaments, silk (tinges and t.seals complete. Also?1 setJFrench Turkey red canopy, a rich article. Also?At same tune, several handsome parlor fire grates with Ootitic fronts, tenders, pans, blowers, sifters, kc., complete. Terms?All sums under $100, cash; over $100, G mouths for apnrovrd endorsed notes. For particulars see under auction head in Journal of Comin< rce, Courier StJCnquirer and Evening Post. <3 lt*r W. A CARTER. Auctioneer. UTINK8, BRANDY, GIN, WHHKEY k 8EGAR8? " Carter k Co will sell, Friday 3d instant, at I0X o'clock, et the storr No. 102 Broadway, a very large and choic- assortment of Wines and Liquors in bottles am. demijo its, viz? M'uiteirs, Blackburn and Old Snuthside Madeiri, pale, brown, aud gnM sherry, old London port, old eognac, Otard , Duprey aud Heunesev brandy, old swau gin, champagne brandy, very superior old Scotch whiskey, assorted liquors, anchor champagne in quarts aud pints, and superior Principe and Havana se gars. The sale will be found worthy the attention of dealers and connoissenrs- f2 2tr is Bad remedies are worse than the disease, They waste the constitution and the fees, Bui the Red Drop reaches the monster's core. Subdues the poisnn.nnd pure health restore. 'T'HE Proprietorof the Old Hunterian Dispensarv, No.3Divi A aion st, can be consulted at all hours, bv the afflicted. With a continued and successful practice of ten years in tn? Dispen sary, enables him to warrant a perfect and lasting care, by the use of the famous Doctor Hunter's Red a very days or no charge. This medicine stands alone on its own merits, as the only harmless cure in the known world. The Dispensary is arranged with rooms, so that the patient can call, consult and depart in private, finding the Doctor a friend as'well aa physician. (2 2iii*r X\TANTED?A partner in the Caspian Oyster Saloon, corW u'-r of Nassau and Fulton, with a capital of four or five hundred miliars, the present proprietors having businesa which require their attention. Apply at the Stained Olass Works of CAR8E k WEST, ft 3t*r Pearl at. near Chatham. WE. ROBINSON, of New Haven. Ct., will deliver his third aud last lecture, in Concert Hall, No 406 Broadway, on the Ancient History of Ireland,'.St Patrick, O.rsian, kc , on Fridar Evening, Feb 3d, at half-past 7 o'clock. Tickets to admit a gentleman and two ladies 60 cents, tingle tickets 2} cents. May he had of the Committee, or at the door on the evening of tlie lecture. JOHN MULLEN, Chairman. C. DEVKR, Sect. (2 2t*ec HPHE EMPIRE STATE IN THE FIELD?Edward FitzA geraid, No 1 Waahingson Market, will offer for sale, on Saturday next, the tth inslaut, the meat of two very superior steers, fattened in Orange County. Stale of New York. He does not pretend to call them the best ever offered to the public,but competenlin<iges have pronounced them of very superior quality! He solicits a call from his friends and the public, on Saturday neil, as above, to judgr for themselves. The price, he Hatter* himself, will give satisfaction, and h* will endeavor to merit their patronage. EDWARD FITZGERALD, (2 3t*rc No. I Washington Market. BOOKS FOR THE PKOHLE fPHF. following Publications are for sale at the HERALD A OFFICE, North West corner of Fulton and Nassau sts? where ell the Cheap Publications of the day can be had as soon as issued, at the PUBLISHING PRICES. BIANCA CAPPELLO?an Historical.Romance k,l..i?l.vmi?? This mhli.k. rain a nipple extra number of the New World, thi? morniug. Single topic* 18j? eta. S12 per hundred to nrwimeo. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUROPE, in 16 Number*. The I, II, III and IV No* are now ready, each 25 eta. COOLEY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be completed m 6 No*. No I now ready 25 RRANDE'S ENCYCLOPEDIA. No* >.2 and J, 25 URE'S DICTIONARY of thu Arts, Science*, Ike, to be completed in 6 mouthly number*. Price St each. GEORGE ST GEORGE JULIAN, The Prince ?No* I, J. 3 add >, 25 THIERS'* HISTORY OK THE FRENCH REVOLUTION.from No I to No 9, 25 SPARKS' LIFE OF WASHINGTON, 6 Dumber*, e?eh 25 JACK HINTOJL 31*. 50 It fl 00 HANDY ANDY? ????? 50, $1 * $1 25 HECTOR O'HALLORAN. No.#, 12X HUMPHREY CLINKER?By Smollett. Complete in one number, 25 TOM JONES, or the Hiatory of a Foundling? complete, hv Fielding, 50 JOSEPH ANDREWS, by, Fielding, complete in one number, 25 monthly magazines. OODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for February, 25 GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 25 LADY'S COMPANION, 25 THE ARTIST. 25 SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Feb number, juit published, 25 waverly novels. IVANHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one umber, 25 GUY MA NNERING?by Sir alter Heottcomplete inoue number, 25 THE ANTIQUARY?by Sir Walter Scott? complete in one nomber, 25 ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number. 251 OLD MORTALITY?by Sir Walter Scott? complete in ?ne number. 25 HEART OF MID LOTHIAN?by Scott-complete in one number, 25 BRIDE OF LAMM KKMOOR?by Scott-complete in one number, 25 KENILWORTH?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, 25 WAVKRLY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, 25 THE MONASTERY?by Walter Seett?complete in one number, 25 THE ABBOT?by Waller Scott?complete in one number 35 novelis'Fs~"library. Tbi* Library will be completed in ten weekly rnmbera. VIVIAN GREY?by D'Nraeli?complete in one Tolutne, 25 VENETlA?bvD'I*raeli?complete in one Tolnne, ROMANCE AND REALITY?by LET replete in "ne volume, 25 THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'laraeh?w tha portrait of the author. 25 FRANCESCA CAHrtARA-by L E Landon, 25 HENRIETTA TEMPLE?by D'l.raeli?complete in one volume 25 library of select novels. Beautiful Uniform Edition of Bulwer'a Novel*. Twenty-Fire Cent* each. PELHAM. UPU" DEVERRAUX. PAUL CI IFFORD. EUOENE ARAM.' . LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. THE CZARINA HIENZI, The List of thr Tribnnca. SELF DEVOTION. or Katharine Randolph. NAUOll AT HOME, or the Return to England. ERNEST MALTHA VERS. ALI'E; or. The Mvetcriea; Sequel to Ma tracera. COOPER'S NOVELS. RED ROVER, in two numbers, priee 50 CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. All the woika of thr above writer will be | ubliahed in regular rota-ion. NOTES ON AMERICA, forgeueral circulation, 12)% NICHOLAS NICKLEBY?Poauute 10 emu uuder. and JlK ceuta oyer 100 miles, 50 OLIVER TWIsT?Po?t*ge II cent* under, end I8)? cants orrr 100 roilea, 15 PICKWICK PAPERS?Complete hi one number, 50 THE CURIOSITY SHOP, complete in one number, 50 PUBLISHED IN QUARTO FORM. BENTLEY'H MISCELLANY, (a republication,) just received, at the low price of I2X rente aimjc corr BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE?a republication No. i UK PAULINE?a Tale of Normandy, by Alrintidre Dama*, I2X THE NEIGHBORS?From the Mary Hiartt. I?X CHEMISTRY?applied to Agn ulture and Priyaiolgy by l.irh.g 25 THE WESTERN CAPTIVFe-Or the Time* of T eumaeh. I*X LET TERS OF MARY QUEEN OF 8COTShv Avnva Strickland. 25 MKYOiRS OF THE QUEENS OF FRANCE hi Mm F. Buah. 25 THE NAUTILUtI?i collection ?f S,a TaleaAI?o an account of the SOMERS' MUTINY. 12H CHUZZLEWi r. hx Dirketu I TOM BURKE OF OURS. t I,. S. D or Account! of Iritli Htita ) All for \V|vP*OR CASTLE ( I2Q ABVF.NTUKF.S OF AR I HUH O'LEARY. I A duo nut on nil ihr above Work* to agenta Subacriptloua fur all the above Matpteiues w ill be received at tbisiiffire, ami puiictn illy atlemleil lo. j?rc O AL A MAN DIG R~?A K K AO A IN TKIUMPHA NT- T he U book* and paiiera of John Mel, K?<i, were p-e?eivrd in a Salamander Hale .it the "deal, net ion hr lire .if hia large atorehouie, 2? Bmad at, on the niahl of the Mill nit , Salamander Safea, of WiM?r'a make, which have never failed to mraerve the oontenta, can only be hart atthe Iron Sale Wareh.mreot SILAS C. HERRI NO, fl f>t 2twyr _ l t? Water atreet. SHIP ONEIDA. from HIVr- -UmiMttnec will pleaae lend their |>eriiiiu on houd at Rector atrert wharf, N.R All (In I'I limited by the 4th inrlant, will be rent to the pule lie atore. fl 3t*r POTjURI' I'lONH Made on all paru of the United Htatea and * Canada, by fl 3tin WM. ft J NO. O'BRIKN, 13 Wall at. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rPHK.SE far lamed anil celebrated filial, from Portugal. are, A we perceive, lo be ohuitied in thia country. See ad virtue mant ou the laat column, fourth page, ml AMUSEMENTS. WELCH'S OLYMPIC C I 11 c rf*, AT TNI PARK THEATRE. Conducted by Mr. Rufu* Welch, who gratified end tl I'tereil in the highest degree by the presence and approval of th. beauty And fashion of the city. submits 'ho following new I SPLENDID UK. HI EH. 1 LONG EXPECTED I FIER IfE F O L I E i With all the Great Display of New Sernetv, auJ the debot of FOUR EXCELLENT ARTISTS In the Principal Characters, and in all other reipecu produced at an eipcnae hitherto unknown iu thiicity. CARD OK INFORMATION. The public are respectfully adrited, that in order to Secure 8o.ui, an E.irlv Application should be made in ihc Morning, which will prrvent many incoovenienccs and disappointments to the rontinna! iiiHu* ol Families who are pleased to honur and patronize WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRCUS ! PARK THEATRK. Koiiettrian Directors,.. Mee-rs. H. Rockwell h Cadwallader Clowns to the Circle Meters. Gossin ft Wells. Performances to cooitneuee at 7 o'clock, THIS EVENING, Th* troupe w?|| cnrmn?*nre with I MAGNIFICENT EQimTUIAN MOVEMENT; V.Dtittfd Old*?n Time, ^ntthe FLITCH OF BACON; Or, The Marriage Gift. In which Forty Established Artists will apimar. PasdrDanee, by Mi.s Wells An Act without saddle or bridle, by II Franklin. Followed by C J Rogers in ahiirlily interesting aci entitled , Greek's La?t Stnivitle. Somersets in the a>r by MrFarland ami the famous 31. CUPID AND ZEPHYR. 1 By Mr Cadwallader and Miss McFarland. (T^ At this period of the Evening au intermission of te? minutes will ensne. THE SECOND PART will commence witb | i rrircima oi ncuuv uymn titles or i?ir mauians,ami pupils. | A series nf Vcmo Sunn. Dances, lfr? entitled COMIC. BUT NOT COMMONPLACE, by Muter John Diamond, whose celebrity ii every where acknowledged. Auiited by Hoyt, the Negro Comedian, and W Cheitnnt the great Banjo Player. The whole to conclude with A Grand Romantic Legend and Fierie Folic, appointed with New Scenes, Dresses, Decorations, Mechanical Effects, andlOutrie Circumstances and Situations, entitled the DEVOURING OGRE; THE TERROR OF THE FROZEN REGIONS' on, HARLEQUIN AND THE THUMB FAMILY. The New Scenery by Messrs Smith, J Wiser, U Grain, Whratley and numerous Assistants. The Machinery by Mr Spears and his Various Machinists TheDresses of all Nat'ons by Mr Lewis and Assistants The Superb Female Costumes, by Mrs Hemtnings The Acceisoties and Decorations, by Messrs Henry Pidnier and George Hilsey. 1 The Folie invented, written and produced under the direction of -*Mr J H Amherst Among many singular Scenic Effects will be presented iu NORWAY. The Fror.en Ocean. Terrific Icebergs Floating. The rude Crucifix erected by Shipwrecked Travellers,opposite THE STEEL CASTLE. The Ogre after causing the destruction of the little Thumbs temporary abode, rides across in his sledge, drawn hy a Polar Bear The History of the Magic net. t. The suffering Travellers entraned and horue to THE CASTLE OF SKELETONS. The Ogre, a Magician and .a Cannibal, (as fierce, hungry and cruel as Jiuy admirer of Melo Drama could desire) Mr Jennings Diavolo f>el Fucgo, Fire Demon of the Gold Head, a worm friend and burning light to the Ogre, who, at his Master's word, burns people's houses about their ears, Master Perry Three Little Thnmhs, poor things ! all Orphans, and burnt out for the convenience of the Cannibal Ogre, who is addicted to swallowing tit-bits and sweet relishes.? Mast W Kincade, Misses M A nnd A Wells. The Brave French Knight. Sir Tristam, and hit high-horn Dame La Belle Margerite, both Shipwrecked on the Norwegian Coast, Mr C J Rogers and Mrs Howard being warning examplrs [fit for a Pantomime | how fir love may tempt inconsiderate people from home. Oni Ti, an Ogress, a inosi hard-hearted lady, given to cut up and, cut down, a lee tie fond of a large bottle and given to kick, scratch and say bad words, a fit spouse tor an Ogre, Mr T C I'arsloe who leads the prey to HUNGARY The Cannibals Refectory, built ol red stone and adorned'with Egypt inn Figures and Devices. Ogres commit anachronisms with impunity. HORRID REPAST. Magic Knife and Enchanted Nosegay? Tse Lost of Two Legs And the Deliverance and Transformation nf the surrounding cat tives bv Zixili. a Merry and Mighty Monarch of Moonbeams, represented by?Mast Frederick Wood, his first appearance at this theatre, who will introduce to the city of New York Harie inin Mr C J Roger* Columbine Mis Howard Pantaloon Mr T C I'arsloe Ho Ho Haha, the Clown Mr John Wells Who all proceed immediately (no matter how) to the 1 VIST IMHIVH View of the Raj ah'a Palace anil Water Kstaie. A Comical Operation ou a Comical Beaat (let the Zoologists classify it) for it has been evpressly engaged for this inece, and is of a most uo?el future and will iicrform INCREDIBLE FEATS, Which, at most play bills say,most be tern to be believed. Mahout Mr Carrol ENGLAND. Shops in Waterloo Hond, Blnrkfriars ! Exemplification of Wedding for Weight and Wedding for Love . Tall and High Bred Oliver Orange, Mr ' J Nathans Belinda Bnnchentown, Short and sharp, his Wife, Master B Stephens Madame La Mode, a Milliner, Mrs Wells Saney Saiah, a Help, (heaven help her Mistress,) Mrs McFarlaud Kitty CutVm, a Dress Maker, Miss Bedford 1 Quentin Quiz, (a Cariosity;) and Master of : the Curiosity Shop, MrO Stone Grimbald Grcesr, a Country Lad, Huntingdon < Ami hie Sisters, Mesdamrs Gossin and ' La Didone A hamlonatta. a Sensative Lady, foud of White Garlands, Light Literature 1 and lo?ely Lap Dogs, Mr Seijeant ' Augustus, the Accomplished, well known in London, Paris anil on the Broadway, 1 New York, as the Tip Top Regular Time I O'Day, Mr H Needham INTERIOR OF CURIOSITY SHOP 1 I Crowd* of Castles and People, a Leap, wonderful Red ('offer, 1 Patent Pop Gun, Restless Chains,u Challenge hut no Fight 1 The accomplished Augustus shot through the Ceiling?Fact not Fable. i ITAl A View of the Lake of Lugano?Black and white?A Child lo*t?Pantaloon in a pucker and hung out to dry.9 GERMANY! I Market at Anspack, by Lamplight ! Adventures of Coffee Stand?Abstraction on n great scale, f Vnlgariter stealing.] Ghost of the celebrated Mother Goose, Master Serjeant Three Dutch Ladies in a M?s??A Pl?nt! Vegetable. Man aiises and in the confusion the Market Place is transformed to the HALLE OF THE STAADHAU8 ! Laid out for a Cnr|ioiaf ion Dinner! Dead Geese and Live ones, all ready dressed?Animited Pastry?Row by a body Cori?orate?Vegetables and Whiskey Overtnrow?Roast bowls foully treated?Aggravating nod Solemn , ight '. APPARITION OF A FRENCH COOK. Vif that of the celcbrat- d UDK, 10 feet iu height and reery way proportionate Note?Mons. Ude while living waa J feet t inches. bnt every b.dy knows there's girat stretching allowed in ai?isriti'<ni. SWITZERLAND! Canton of Luxerue ! Two aoita of Kidille I'lav ing. A Great Swell ! Bleaa me, where'a my Shirt ! CENTRAL AMERICA. Romantic Ruin surrounded by a Forest. Monkeys, Owls and Wild Boars exert themselves in this scene. Murder committed and brought to light Great Danger in a Marble Month. FRANCE! Oak Hougc at Allonvillr, Pays de Crux. The Hnmors of a Sporting Match?How to Snare a Keen One. SPAIN! The Moonlight Ruins o< St. J?go! Necromantic Vault and Knchantrd Nosegay ! SUBTERRA!? Trial Arch sustained by Burning Stones! Red Hot Salainanderi Messrs. Huunels, Hiram and Chesnnt . Cki.kstiai,?The Silver City of j THE MOON! Crossed bv a Spi.endid BninGK or Rtmigs ! Unusrneahle bright comet, erslic ol course. Miss L- Wells. I Shooting fltais in Ar.ure, Bine and i'ilver, Masters Stephens, Glenroy, W. Kiucarfe and Sergeant, Misses Wells, 4c. Kned Stars, Satellites, Comscslions and Lunarians generally: Ml atirrd splendidly and correctly, (hat is to aav, after the authorities of modem astronomers, Air J. Newton, Locke (not him on the understanding, bnt lh? gentleman of lunar celebrity), Herschrll, ir kc. kc. Planets Brioht. H. Palmer, J Serjeant. H. Needhnm, B. Carrol, B Hoyr, If- Raunels. Planets Beautiful. Mesdamrs Gossin, Wells. Neodham, Me Fail and La Faite, Miu Bedford. NOTICE. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. Kor the convenience of Jnventle Partes there will be s Grand Dev Performance every Satnrdiv Afternoon, cote mrticicg at 2 o'clock precisely, rmhracine all the choice and moataplmdid i EQUESTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC ACT'; l Of the Seaao I. Kor particular! ire hnulbitla it the Hot ? IAce, which 01 thlinliy will be ready for delirery Irom I* clock A. M. until the time or opening. IT?" Boiee, 50; Pit, IS; Gallery 1 IK cent* IL heati can be iccnred at the Boa Office, from II till I o'clock. ,i. PLUMBE'S DAGUEK.KIAN GALLERIES, 9P? 1 1 -9 BROADWAY, corner of Moray at., N Y 75 1 X A* Court 'iiii I'1 Warhington at. Boatou; 171 Chea- , nnt at. (eproaite the Si tie Houir) Philadelphia. and Broadway, Saratoga Spring!, con,ritmiug the oldra and in it eitrmive er- , l.ibliihmeut of the kind ia the world, and coutnuimg nearly a thomand picture!. Admittance free. PLUMBE'A Fntirut Colored ('holograph! taken eeerr day. bv a proreii eoulinru eacluiively to the aboye eitabliihmcpt, I] and lOcurrd by Iclien patent, dated Oct. It, lift 1 Pluinbe'a Patent Daguerreotype Apparniua and initrueoooa p for the production of coloted liVcntnei, and rim"'* Patent o Electro Qildiag Apparatm, and inatrurtiona for gilding and plating metallic articVaof ererydeacripcion. aupplied to order . Patent Gilding and Silrering done to order in a etyle ne?ar J efore aeen in New York. , , . _ a [pe' Prompt attention to all noat paid letter! ft Im ec <1 HOUSE* W A N TKD-Wanted ,e?? ral ?ii|?-nor Jj?J">Hor?ei, auitabl" for the ,addle. Apply at ' DISBHOW'H BIDING S< HOOL, "Tl3rr itl Bowery. J "i^ FoR SALK oil EXCHANGE KoK PROPERTY ' JMfN THE CITY Of NEW YORK?A ?a nahlr Ktrm 3CT"f about nil acre, lu Scaradale, We?t I heater County, two mile! below White Flatni and t wenty-Aee 'rom New York en the main road leading io and from laid placet. On the 1 premiaea la a apaelona doable two atcrv dwelling hoaae. with i a kitchen attached; a bar*, carriage and oat hornet, all in Ane order;! bearing apple orcharda. moatly gr ftrd frnit, |earh, l cherry and pear ireea, a good well of water and ciaieni holding r to hogaheadaof water; about twelre acrea of wood laud. The o whole farm well fenced acd moatly with atonr wall and in good repair. The Broil River croaaca the rear, along which the railroad rana, now nearly completed, to While PI liua. t Pf nona deairona ol leaaing the pre net rill And it one of t the moat del,rahle pjacea in Wcat t heater Conuty. Ku.|uire t of J. J. TRAVIS, m the premuea, or D. BRUSH. K9Q I f2 lm*r No IlKnlionat. waw> GAirrrEN PLANTS. Bin-iSet,' Krai' 'Pre" awd I pM|*hialM for a?le?D. BOLL. Kl riat, corner ol 50th at wdLe-aad Bloomtgdale road, offer, (or ,ale a 1 pie ml id selection I o( t amelliia, Alalet and Khododrndrem Rnwi, ind Ther i freen-houae plant,, at rery reduced price*. Hit collection of e amellioa it now in line bloom. Ladies are particularly reCated to call and aee them. boa<|neladelirrred in any part of ! r tty at yery moderate pnrea Bloomingdaie atagea atart I , from the Park at It, U, *, 4 and t o'clock daily. j Jl ? r AMUSEMENTS CHATHAM TIHCATKK*' REDUCTION QF PRICESDree* Circle, K canta: Pn iVrinu; UpprfTier ItHeoa Trim k HNINii,; .? DOUGLAS. A flu which J spoiled CHrLB. Onpelode with BLACK RAVEN OK THE tombs. IW.r? <>i>?,i at o'clock tud th# performance will eoa nanaa at 1 praaiaelv * rrCHKLL'^ OLYMPIC TMATlE; _ 444 Broadway, New York. THIS EVENING. will h- norformedl PAH RON'S NOSE, i EAUTY h THE BEAST. Altar which OtOVANNI IN OOTHAM. I'? rmirlodi. with ?? ? . CAST DAY. rr- 1 he Doom will ba opened at half-paat , gad the norformat., e rnnimrnre at 7. av.rv evening AM K HI CAN Til KATilK-W AleJI VT-ST. PIlIlaA ORLMlii A. * UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS C CUSHMAN THIS EVENING Keh 1. will b* performed ALMA MATER. """? After wluab IRISHMAN'S FORTUNE. Conclude Willi HIS LAST LEGS. K. A. MARSHALL. Leaaee. AJMHHICAN NlSKUa, Marble RuiMing, Rroadway, oppoaita St. Panl'a Chareh T P UARNUM. Mamrrr. Firit week of tha norgeotu and mveuificent peetacle o NAPOLEON CROSSING THE ALPS, tot up in a atvle of aplendor, awl with an expenae that eauuo v anpreriate-i without beholding it. Poaitively and aaaarvdl be LAST WEEK of GENERAL TOM THUMB, JUNIOR! The sinnlleat Dwa-f in *11 creation. Thia perfect aperimen of men, on the amalje t veal* ever before heard of, can bo Men day and evening at d a Muaenm, without extra charge. He la 11 yeara old. but im lie* high, and Weighs only Fifteen pounds That haiux prar.iaely hi> weight whan bnt fix month* old.? The Oanrral it of fine avmmetrtcal proportion, and decidadly the moat perfect Dwarf in the world, ana the moat anrpriaing living cnrioaitv that everaatnniahed the nubile. Laat Wi-ak of the u ni Tare ally admired . ANIMATED TABLEAUX, conaiating of tnany gorgaoua moving acenea, inelnding the atilendid apectarla n( THE BURNING OK MOSCOW. La Petite Oeleate. the admired danteuae ; Mr. h. g. Sherman. the popular ballad linear : and T n n-~,k .i? a mic Singer, are engaged. Alio, Vivaldi's celebrated Mechanical Figures. I i active preparation, the sublime and wonderful moving Di' Oram* of the DELUGE ! Performance! commence at 7 o'clock. I)av performance! Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at IK o'clock. Admission to all 29 cent*?Children halfpfiee. Saturday next (day and evening) Farewell Benefit of Gen. Tom Thumb, and poailirely his last appearance ia this city for some time. jnee PBALB'S MKW YORK flUIBUM NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY. IS NOW HE-OPENED ! C. II. DEVOE, Manager. The establishment contains an almost endless number of RAHE AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURE AND ART! Neatly and taatefully displayed in three specious halls, and boasts of a vers COSTLY AND ELEGANT PICTURE GALLERY. Exceeding in extent and value any other in America. Evcrv Day and Erming, commencing on TUESDAY, January 31st. 1143. 81GNOR MAELSKI'S GORGEOUS DIORAMAS Consisting of VISION OF THE HUN, THE INVASION OF RUSSIA, Including th* CONFLAGRATION OF MOSCOW. MR BLANC, the great Necromancer and Magician. MISS HOOD, the accomplished Vocalist?MR T ORA HAM, the Comic Singer, are also engaged. Also vngnged, during the whole Day and Evening, MYSTEUIOUH AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, From England. She wishes not to imrose upon the public, by mailing them believe tier a Witch. < r FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural power?but on the contrary, confesses publicly to lie able to instruct others ef good intellect, and mention their leading tra' suctions of I'AST TIMES, THE PRESENt. AND THE FUTURE. fTT"Tickets to the Museum, 2}cents; Children half price. j29ec ROCKWETXS~PaTENT DECK LIGHTS. NO. > A8TOR HOUSE, ENTRANCE IN BARCLAY STREET jyll lm*r MUSIC. QCHNKIDEH & REBIfUN, Directorsof the German Band. & and late of Saratoga Springs, will attend private parties sen soirees with a band of from three to twenty artists. Apply at No. 27 Delaney street near the Bowery, or No. M Crosby st. ivl7 lPSOf l\/f AD AME ADULPH, removed from the Museum to No. LVJ. 19 Park How, can be consulted in private parlors. She claims not to be a FORTUNE TELLER : but practises nothing hut wlmt ia reconcilable to philosophy ; revealing the PAST TIMES, the PRESENT and ths FUTURE. She will inform them if they are married or not, end whuu or what husband or wife they will get: describe their disposition and character, as if she knew them by birth. Price ludiiced in Ml cents. J30 lw* AMERICAN LAND AND LOAN~6FFRJE^-WiIIim L. Simers having above thirty years' experience in the managemcut of Heal Estate, and possessing a large landed property himself. al o feeling great confidence from Sic liberal patronage he has heretofore enjoyed, respectfully solicits the attention of the public to the special advantages of the American Land and Loau Office, at No. It Wall afreet, in the city of New York, for the purchase, sale or eschange of Houses ....I I L' 1 ...... Vv,. L.?n<u. ciini-r *1 private or Public sale, and lor (lie hiring and letting of Hoosea, Stores, Karma, lie.; for collecting flu* rents, and tor taking the general agency arid supervision of Real kitate, nlao for the aaperinteadance ol erecting and repairing Buildrnga. IVraona liaring property to sell, exchange or let, will And it to their advantage (o apply at thia office rather than U> any atlier in the city, both in ("lint of economy and deapatcn. All property regutered in thia office, will, if repaired, be ad* rrrttaed ill twoor more of tha moat widely circulated journals, mil erery honorable exertion made to diapoae of the aame. Should the property not be aold at private sale, it will, if deore il, be offered at public anclion, thua giving to owneta of lha [imperty double adiautage. He will alao attend to effecting Inaorauce on property, obtaining and loaning ol money ou bond and mortgage, or other lecuritiea, taking apecial care to roceive ampia aecurity for money loaned; and to have titlea to property examined by gentlemen of the legal (irofeaaion of established character to accuracy. Hidden of vacant ground that requires improving, will AaJ it Katly to their advantage to apply to him. ai his knowledge of kind of buildings which are moat prodactive for the different localities, u of the greatest importance: and his long acquaintance witn the boilding of homes will eatable him to get them erected on the moat reasonable terraa at a far leaa expanae than la nanal. He will alio take cliaqre of real estate intended for public ales, as his I nowledge fi.un experience in getting up aalea, will be ol great valne to thoae intending to diapnee of their [iroiwrty, he will prepare the adrertiaemeota. aet that they are properly dbtributed and luperinfrnded, and direct the aule^nd it will be found to be a great saving from the fact that property lor the laat three or four yean baa been frequently sacrificed from the want of proper attention and skillful management. Individuala or c-mpanirs th it require an agent to take charge if their reel estate, may depend on having it faithfully and economically man-geil?anil all moneys received, promptly naii! over Persona wishing to lure or purchase prniwrtv, or invest money, can moat generally be accommodated tree of expense?and persons residing at a distance desirous to aell or purchase real rslate by riidiu a description of the property, will receive immediate atteution. All letters for the purchase, sale or eichange of real estate, or for the loaning or putting nut of money, moat 'be directed to WILLI AM L. SIVlKliS. American Land and Lou office, No. It Wall atreet, New York, and the postage mvawably pais N. B. Centruets and other papers prepared at this offiea. (a ? i?;?*r MEDICAL NOTICE. TqR. HOMKR BOSTWICK. Professor of Surgery and Bur' 1J geon to the New York Medical and Surgical Institute, nays particular attention to the treatment of diaeasrs of the heart and lungs, dyspepsia, piles, diaraaea of the re eta at. and all it-male complaints. The great success that has attended hia mode of treating those painlnl and so frequently laul diseases, baa brought patients from the moat remote parts of the country to plaea themselves nnder hia care, tad out of >31 patients that a? m. .11 kn- Aw. ? I .1?i- I fee tly cured, and i hose.fir* were incurable. HOMER BOSTWICK, M. D. No. 75 Chamber* alreet, ivH imis*m Second home wear of Broadway PELT ? Patent adhenve Kelt for sheathing top* of houM 1 and ahipi bottom*, for *ale in lo'a to auit purchasers, by jmr E K COLLf.VS ITCO. M irfonihat. M* KOR ALBANY , or as for as th* lea will CL PHk^af permit, landing ar intermediate platan In IT iffff connection with the Albany stages.?Th* iteamtHiat KVIKRALD, Capt. John Krtcham, will lear* th* loot of Murray atraet. Thi* Afternoon, Fiiday, Feb. S, at 3 'clock. For passage or freight, apply on board. The R. L. SteTena will leare to-morrow afternoon, Saturday, for HudSna, at 5 'clock. f] li*r 7mQ wal PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALBANVGL . rM.TafrAnd the Intermediate Place*.?The iplesSELawJ^^^Ldnl ateamboat CHARTER OAK, Captain a I'St John, will Icaae the Steamboat Pier foot of Con-tandr atrect, thi* evening, at 5 o'clock, Friday, F*b. Id. for passage or f>ei(ht, apply on board, or to P. C. SHULTZ It ihe office on the wharf. The fine ateamboat Utica will leare aa ab??e, to-morrow afenioon at 5 o'clock. fl r__ DfijP- FOR LONDON.?Rrgolar |*cket ol the iath*n mFVoFW bebuary 1*43?The very tnperinr faat sailing packet KmUfphip WELLINGTON. Capt Chadwick. wtlfpoac tirely tail as aboee. her regular day. Hariug rery superior accommodation* for eabin.aceond cabin and steerage paaacngera, peraon* wiabing to embark should make early application on board, fool of Maiden lane, or to JOSKPHMnMUHKAF, lot Pine at., cor. South. The abor* will b* saccredeJ by the packet ship Quebec, and aail on th* 10th February. ..... ... . Peiaons wi.hiog to icud for their frieade "aiding in the old country, ean hare them broanbt oat by the abore Aipe, or any of th# renul*' by ?bo?? ; if by UjtUr, "a1, ,JS,*Kb~LTS?orLtyraro9L>XCKETB First Paa*el?The splendid faat sailing packet ship jmCaSlKCTAVV, Capt Thompson, is now loading and will bT^^Ttn Iinnieiliatc deapatch. Fori pa aa age early application ih.'iil.l be made on boaiil, or to W. fit J. T. TAP8C OTT. 41 Peck slip, corner Sooth street. Peraon* dea rona of sending lor their friends can hare them inuglit III ill thu lino, on the most irasonable teima. and hose wishing to remit money can hara drafts for my amount i a I 1 Kim nil iia- tuialial tniliirttil ! *??? a. a *>.!! ?L. ~ I i' 7 ? V Vlll IM (111 UN Inline Ifll IUWIU f <Jrr%r BriUiii mil Ireland. fj r tiS"..1, (111 trVKKPOOjL? Regalar Packet oi the Tth sb^koaov. si lil H ibuve. JoserH mcmurrat, jTOr 190 fins, corner of South street. PACKETS KOR HA VRE?^eondTVne?rS hJKK ihip O.N P.L)IA, James Bank, master, will >ul on tho Etba^Mfaslil March. BOYD fc HINCKKN, Awik. I??c No. 9 Tontine Buildings. IS KOM NICw ORLKANS-LOUISIAJIA AVT> if^fv N'KW YOHK LINK?Regular Paohstof 10th Pi iSflCt Miliua packet ship WARSAW, C apt. Hathaway, rill potititely anil a* aborc, her regular day. Kor freight or swage, having handsome tnrunlud accommodations, apply It) board, at Orlenna wharf, foot of Wall at. or to E. K COLLINB k CO. M Souths*. Shippers may re'y upon haying their goods correctly measurd. and that ne of this nne will sail punctually as sdreriaed. Any guarantee to that affect will be gieen ami faldlled hat may be reqnjr rt'l. Agcnta in .N. (mesne, llnllin St Woodruff, who will prorni ^ y lyrwartl all goods to their address The pact"! ihu Ocinulgee, Captain Peet. will succeed the Varsaw, ami sail thr znth K-'t> III rr.pil'i day. '3 ' Iffg- PASSAOK K"K NV.W ORLKANH-Only MfWR'ti'lir Loir?The splendid fast satinn* irtpLahip ARKANSAS,Capt Bitrget, will uil positively nlthFeb, n-r regular dav. ? . . j Hating aplendid accommodation* for cabin, second rastn ami tee rage passengers, for passage early "rh^JViirriTT ,jj.o.C3T? W*UK~SS??. I

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