Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1843 Page 1
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THI Vol. IX.?No. 37.?Whole No. 3??0. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubtished ?very day of the year except New Year's day and fourth of July. Price a cents per eopy?or fl 'Jd per annum? poatagea paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6$ cents per copy, or $3 li per annum? fr postages paid?oash in advonce. ^ ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasirg pe aet. It has the largeet circulation of any paper in thie city, ^ or the world, and ii therefore, the heet channel for hurineee U men in the city or country. Price* moderate?caih in ad- t|, vance. T PRINTING of all kiudi, executed at the moet moderate price*, and in the raoit elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, ? PaoraicToa or thk Herald Establishment, ^ Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nassau streets. at 01 AGENTS. '1 ne following is a list of the agents for the Herald, w where subscriptions will bo received, and single numbers ,B ur* found lor sale regularly :? AT WHAT PLACE. AGENTS. Boston George W. Redding. Philadelphia .d.B. Zieber. Baltimore W.Taylor. p, Washington, D. C G. B. Zieber A Co- rc Buffalo, N. Y T. 8. Hawks. a< New Haven, Conn T. H. Pease. pi Hartford, Conn J. W. Judd, Albany, N. Y G. Jones. Troy, N. Y.. . H. Green. j Lansingb'rg A Waterford,N.Y. Thomas P.Richards. A e work, IN. J v dujiiu. -Catskill, N. Y H Rowe. New Orleans J. C. Morgan. u Cincinnati, O Robert Camahan. ? ('alert on, N.J Matthew Dougherty. pi Norwich, Con Morgan Sailord. P Rochester, N. Y L- Moore. " Elizubethtowu, N. J Samuel Crane. New Bi una wick, N. J William Solomon, St. Louis, Mo Woodward St Mathews. Charleston, Amos Head. ? Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, Ga. . S. A.nHolmes. p Mobile, Ala Milton Bollemet. c< Poughkeepsie Levi Smith. o Trenton J. Raunsley. Pittsburg, Pa .... Jos. P. Israel. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldeman. ,j Wheeling, Va J. 11. Thompson ft Co. New London, Con L. L. Sperry. a Newport William A. Fry. Utica J.D.Loak. !] Savannah, Gn Amos Head. Nashville, Tenn A. Billings. f Syracuse James Robertson. susi&sjLyn) ,v OBZniRAZi FRINTZNa ESTABLISHMENT, } N. W. CORNER OK FULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. Is supplied with even' muterisl necessary for the prompt, neat, 1 and economical execution of every descript ton ol c ffasaiaasjs, s Pu^lir attention i> requested to this establishment, in the assnranre thit atunle saiistdcioti will he iziveii?as n-irartls tcno grai hy, press work, ami chaigcs?-to thoae who i< qnire fancy or bi common, Urge or small work cheaply mil expeditiously tl executed. [m LABELS, CHECKS. oi WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS, show bills. ball tickets. . STEAMBOAT RILLS, BILLS OF LADING, I RAILROAD PILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES. " PAMPHLETS, BILL HEADS, HANDBIL'S, NOTES, FuR I THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, 4 LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, c Or any oth?r places where the largest description of printing it a, nqui'ed. The fsciliiiet for tint work are uoi equalled by any i other in this city, for. betides the large assort meet of IPLAJW AW? ?BWASfflaWITAi WPS, t Tills rwtihlithmeut hat the ll LARGEST PltKSSES IN THE CITY. ft Great paint hare been taken to proride every material that ' can po.sibly br of terrier, and therefore persons having Deration I'm Showbills, will hud it greatly to iheir advantage to '! patronize thlt establishment. '' CT7*"Any tixe or form of Bill cm be famished at very ihort notice. f3 _ - -A afiffifftaff vH*e"f?Pt^fePWtf , r ert. '1'he t lock, futures, horse, wagon and harness, alto the J {;uod wilt i ijiow offered lor sale at a bargain, with two years 1? eur from "Vv? next. The (tore la now doing a food whole- n sale and retail business, and ran be eaaily increased. The P cheap grocer;- baxineai can be added with little expenae and to great ai'vanias e The xtorc is Urge with a good cellar, aitnated " ocpoj.te a goou market,sod the neighborhood thicklyiiopulaied. f The stock rtr. bt reduced to suit the purchaser Kent low. The a< proprietor's only reason frr aelling la on account of leaving the ai conutry. .. n N. B The above is an excel ent opportur11, for a^y person wist line to commence business. An "inly,urMication is re- h o-e?feu. Address VV. M. R Herald OfficeStrec* f3 3t*r it irHE NEW VOhK LiO^l. OB8EBl>\i? published C J bv Samuel Owen, Kditorand I'roprielor.v 42 Anu street, every saiurmy, price one shilling per copy, or (j per annum,in advance. Iu addition to the decisions in the Americas Courts, a all tin important rases in the following Courts will appear M from Michaelmas Term, Nov., 1812:? c, The I.nrd Chancellor's Court. a, Tlie Vice Chance'lor of Kuglands Court. p Vice Chancellor Kniaht, Brace's Court. fr Vice C'twoccllor, Wigiamh Conit. te Court of Queen's Beuch. b Cou t of t .ommon Pleas, aud Court of ILxch-qurr. fJ3t?r K THK UN0KR81ONKD, imuoiters and Wholesale Dealers, having used and sold L. Chapman's Metallic 1-1 11 lot Strop, do freely recommend it as being superior to any- I* thing which has hitherto come under our notice of a similar na- *1 tnre. Signed? u A k 8 Willets, importers of hardware. No 303 Pearl it. AW Spies It Co, do do 218 do Willis m Bnithers, uo do 213 do Oakley It Loomis, do do 42 do Sheldon & Phelps. do do 25 and 2? South William. Helsirdk Brother*, do do 51 Pearl at. Kimm, Brvre & Jones, do 228 do Si tlinvi k Frater. importers of Fancy Goods, 136 Pearl at. Pints k Mam, importer ol^drugt, <4 Cedsrst. Field, i liompsou k Co. importer* of Dry Goads. 55 Cedar at. Fellows, Van Andalv k Cooper, Watr.hra, II Maiden Lane, f) k eli It Co.. importer* of Stationery. 245 Pearl at. Wm R Uonlding, Surgical Instrument manufacturer, 35X Chatham st. To he had hy the doxru at the manufacturer's prices of the hove Anna, and at retail, at the priacipal fancy stores through- \ out ihe city. fj lm*m p UNITED STATES ' ? TEA EMPORIUM. H 121, latt 129 Chatham afreet, A'eto York. WHOLESALE AND HETAIL. at ' I'UK CANTON TEA COMPANY continue to offer for ? sale new and fragrant Teas of every variety anil style Thrtr assortment snecoillv includes the most delicious and D post crful grades of Green and Black Every package bears the rtanrpof nerttieaa and elegance, and the Teas therein are so ~ thoroughly recused front tight and air that th ir quality and power will remain unimpaired in am cliuiate Their system . U pi.mecniiug business is perhaps scarcely to he excelled. It fi is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights of he custom- 3 aneeially lit h teanci t? weight iud quality,and unrivalled cheapness. All purciiaaers are called u|hju to raturu any w articles which lail to give them the fullest aslisfaction, which LI the money will he cheerfully- and promptly refunded. Country tneichauta, public establishments, heads of families, and shipmasters will And it a decided advantage to tnpply themaelvi* from Lois establishment. 1 Co If. c roasted every day. . OriVts from all parta Of Ilia Cuitad Blutev executed with A promptitude and despatch. 3 (Tr* The only warehouse in America for rh? sale of Hon- da qua* relehrsi.-H Blses T??a it*1 1m*r -p atn* for ?ale oh exchange for property SQ&lN THE CITY OF NEW YORK?A va n>ble Farm . sfwi.i about 80 acres in Bearsdale, West Cheater County, 1,1 two uules below White Plains and twenty-five rom New York on the main road leading io and from said placet. On the rn premises is a spacious double two stoiv dwelling house, with a kitchen attached; a traru, carriage and out houses, all in fine N order; 2 bearing apple orchards, mostly gr ft?d fruit, peach, cha iy and pear trees, a good well of water and cistern holding J M 40 hogsheads of water; about twelve acres oP woorl tnn.i flw. - w whole Urni well fenced a"d motlly with alone wall mi I in ,,, good it pair. Tlir B.ois Hirer tnmn the r. ar, along whuh [j, tlir railro?d rntia, now n nrly rnmpleti <1, in White IMami. Prison* desirous ol airing the pre isri <'il> find it one of vv the most de? plac?a in W.?t Chester County. Enquire of J. J. TKAVIB, on the premises, or iti D. BRUSH. ESQ f2 lm*r No 92 Knlton at. i; ijahukn Plaints, b. nijnrts, Kruit Trees and I Sf nihs lor a*le-?D. BOLL, Kl- rial, corner ol SOth st a.Aseiiinl Bloninigdale road, offers for aale s splendid selection ol Camellias, Assies slid Hhododtndrein Hoses, and other green hi.nsr plants, at ?rrrvn#*?-.'d prices. His collection of I anirllios is now in 1'iW Mack*. Lsilies are iwrticolarlr re- w unrated to catlaadarr rtvsm. IMS*"*"delivered in any pert of Y. rtn i lly at yenr mttski ;a jwcee Hhwmingdale Stages start front the V'Tfc st If ~%. a <A|JV?rtfcck daily. j3l?fr j era HOHSES W \SHEItD?Wanted srrrral Hii|ienor , 3SVfB^^iuiNfitepoL. i r; a~ . 1 408 Bowery. \t fi|lAl'lv ANb TkSTjicTr^/wrOH ittrfMioNs, i... V-' and Disfi^urrtn-Iitsolthe ' fc, . "^Dar* or Y eUow skins cored hi the li.Viiu ChemlCel iotAV^haM rloumatlsm, freckles, s urvy, pimples, er rsrpdlig, wdwrhei., nu rphew an, ? favcr apo bu< s ol insects. ulotfieltHl, A-', ' anse me '< Color of dailt, siinliuus, yrl'?>e * disrSMeed skin. ITie Ita- < liau Chem'cal Soap is really the wonder of the "He. Well ? rmg'it ilir Medical Society of Pari. eall thi* aWerstug, and it. iiivriitor M Briphrine.a pliilUllsroptlt, It i? coring ihousanda all o?er t' e States and Mri'pli gsjssras'otu. i Slitirelv eradlcatrs i vi ry e.option or di.fiaur> wwsrt r f tii" akin. Imputing t? . the lace, hody, neck or arms, a NeSSrt fnl healthful rl? 'ruci" , Nu nnsri presentation ia offered.. Que trial will suffice t'? re- .j coinnwi.d it to all. . n faci there arc maf.y jh' aieiana who now pri scrme t. u in ras. stliat han IwMff HMsatUHs. I myself have seen it con ernptn ni aliar f*rsdAfcAih?# >r|*a inwad and outward rrine,1 , . , ol, srsdwHrfei tr i*wi*ra ditcr.h .. d skin . il.-lici"n? I" I , y>cVWf'afW- It iaSOld at M CMU? ? r ike In ll.epr, | nmmtmtn I-.HKIH, Hi I Imtliitm ttrrer, ' ' Unek ?t. I'lnUiMphia, or mt no M^gg* *"*? !ywntnton, p. C; H StMr U. Hoitoii; T L- .1 VMrt'oklyn; 207 Kirni airort. p-i JBHK.., '* C'f' MonWtown, N.J, K?rrr, o WBHWWI""'' " A.*"uU wautrd lu nil olhrr c:tir?. O iSH^HVAN.wl.o rniimfrd l?, , u??r , | K.llcn Mnl- '< il*Vi. K'iV*r' IMh Nov 1?|, ?,|| ,,|r?? tail ou tbc iubaanb?r? without delay. r.l w kJ T TAP8COTT, w ? P?ck Slip cor loath M. 1 3 NEl NEW m. M m" 55 A88AOK FROM OHK^UuTrAIN ANDIHSUND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE Of . LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool <>j ihe7lh nud 19th of every month.J Persons wishing tosend to the Old Country for their friend* in make the accessary arrangements with the subscribers, and ive them come out in this superior L.ine of Packets, sailing rim L iverpaol i unrtually on the 7lh and I9tli of every month. I ev wfll also have a first rate class of American trading ships, iling every six days, thereby affording weekly coninsunicaon from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is lere, ta see that they shall be forwarded with care and desitch. # Should the parties agreed for not come out, the monay wlU I returned to those wlio paid it hare, without any reduc on. Tne Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise ie following magnificent Ships, viz lie OXFORD, f he NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE. COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled airangeineats, the subribers confidently look forward for a coutiuuauce oi that su|>>rt which ha* beuu ealeuded to them so many years, for which ley are giateful. .... 1 Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can %( all times obtain Dtafts at. sight for any amount, drawn direct y i ilir Royal B ink 111 In land, Dub hn, alio on Meun. FREBCOTT, GROXE, AMES U CO. B.tukeri, London, ^ hieh will b? paid on deniaud at any of the Banks, or their rtuichai, in all the principal towns throughout England, hand, Scotland and Wales. Apply,or address, (if by letter, post paid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO 35 Fulton street, New York, neit door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail Iron this irt for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parlies ^ 'turning to the old country will find it to their comfort and Wantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in reference to any other. d27 r OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PAS * flHRjVSAGE OFFICE, 61 South street, New York?Keg- 1,11 jHauMfaaular Line of Packets?The subscriber continues to ring out persons from any part of Great Britain and Ireland, ho may be engaged try their friends here, hy the regular line f l>acket ships, s tiling every sis days 'rom Liverpool. Per- 5* >ii* sending lor theirfrien Is, may rely that just care will be _ ken <o hate them despalidied without delay m Liverpool,and ill always endeavor to merit a coutinua ice of the public itrouage w hich hits been so liberally lies lowed for many years isl; and lho<e remitting money can have drafts payable at all le B'anks and brinches throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars, ap. ly [if by letter, povl paid] to jfir JOHN HH.RDMAN. 61 Hmnh ?t. FOR LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular fflWyficket ol 25th February.?The Splendid Packet Ship Spi?.UARKICK. Captain William Skiddy of 1900 tons, 'ill positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or 0L assage, having accommodations unequalled for spleuuor or omfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, r to E. k. COLLINS & CO. 56 South street. Price of passage, 910". lue Packet Ship Kosciua, Captain John Collins, of 1100 >ns, will succeed the Garrick, and sail the 25th of March, her . L-ular day. JL-tters for the ships of this will only be received at Gilpin's "? nd Hale's News Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctual- ar r as advertised. j26 c 01 Passauv. Funvi i.ivy.upniu Th? (WMfWsuperior packet ship MEMPHIS. Capt Knight, will MBBsail from Liverpool early in March. at Perilous wishing to end for their friends call hare tham rough t out in her or any of the regular packets bv applying ersoually, or if by letter, pott paid, to JOsfcPH McMURRAY, I no Pine street, corner ol South. P 8?Oralu for any amount, payable at eight iu auy nank, ranch, or agency of a hank, in England, Ireland and Scotland, Iven by applying a? above. iy23r ,, ???- "UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS a ArjRYW?F'rat Paakel?The splendid fast sailing packet ahip M rialmE U T A W, Copt Thompson, is now loading and will ei net nun immediate despatch. For. passage early application ould be made on board, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip, corner South street. 93 Persous des-rous of sending lor their friends can have the in rouglit out iu this line, on the most reasonable terms, and ar lose wishing to remit money can hare drafts for any amount lyable au demand,without diacouut, mall the principal lowtu rn f Great Britain and Ireland. 13 r lh FOR LIVERPOOL,?Regular Packet ol me in I JMp3fV Fi bril t'V, IB 13 The very superior packet ship w fifiKaUEOROE WASHINGTON, Capt Burrows, will ill as above. JOSEPH McMURRAY, f! j30r 100 Pine, corner ol South street. DRAFTS ON IRELAND, kc.?The subscribers J^wy continue to give drain payable on demand, without XaBglbdiaconut, or auy charge whatsoever. IN IHeLAND?The National Bank of Ireland, the Provio- N ial Bank of Ireland, and their hranches in every county. N IN ENGLAND AND WALES?Messrs. James Bull, Son v . Co., bankers, Loudon, the Exchange and Discount Bank, ' .iverpooi, and their branches throughout England and Wales. IN SCOTLAND?The Eastern Bauk ol Scotland, the . Banking Company, aud branches in the principal ~ iwns; Sir Win. Forbes, Hunter k Co. A Persons in the couurry wishing to remit money to their sends in any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, by M nclosing the amount thry wish to remit to the subscribers, 'ith the name and address of the parties to whom it is to be nt. A draft for the amount will be forwarded the first packet . Iter the receipt thereof, and acknowledgement of the same re- lH i/ne d pe r first post. 111 ^2 W_. Ik J. T. TAI'SCOTT. 43 Peck?lip. New York ^ Ug- REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, kg., he.? XTTe A lit' 11,. . UiUUUUCIlv uwaiuli ... , , I.. ...I... ,n BHflfirlarge or small to persona residing in any part: of Ireind, in the same manner u he, and his predeceaser in buai- C eaa, have done for the laat hirty yean, and more; alao, to any i 1 art of Eugl'uid or Scotland. Money remitted bv letter (poet paid) to the subscriber, or M ersonally deposited witn him, with the nsme of the penon or ersoiis in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to be nt, and nearest poet towu, will be immediately transmitted Q nd paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or for arded to the aender. In like manner money with or claima ou peraona in any part ol eland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscrier, for persoua residing iu any part of the United States, or auada. hdH will br caul to them accordingly. r iH lm?. fjICOHGK M-BIUDF.. Jr.. ir? Cedar at REMITTANCES 'TO ENGLAND, IRELAND "JraV-SCOTLAND AND WALES.?reraons proceed .. gjj^fflfw?T or remitting money to any part of the old country ui ai all limes obtain rum the subscribers drafts at sight, for , ly amount on the Royal Bank of Ireland and on Messrs. ? icaisa, uiuic, oiim 01 i^u, nmiaeit, L.UUUOU. wiucn are paid W ee of discount or any charge whatsoever, iu all the principal ^ ivrm of the United Kingdom. Kor terms, apply or address, if J letter, host haid, to nn ROCHE . BROTHERS St CO.. 3i Knlton si, nest door to the Fultou Bank. , P. 8 ?The snbscribers will as heretofore have a regular sue ration of first c'.ass American ships, tailing weekly from L.iv no I, during tire eotnioe year 1813. Kor passage, apply at twve "30 r HITISH AMJ WORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of IJOd.tnnt and 140 horse power each. N Under contract with the Lords of the-Admiralty. HlBERNIA, C. H. e. Jndkias, Commanuer. ci UKI'J'ANNIA, J. Hewitt, do w CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, do tti ACADIA, A. Hyrie do tli COLUMBIA. E. C. Miller, H N do 8. Will sail from Liverjiool and Bottnu, via HaKfav. aslullows : >-noM biTaarnoi.. moM sostur. te end n, Ryne, Feb 4 Mar I of olmnbia, Miller, Mw 4 Ap'l 1 th ritannia, Hewiti, Ap'l 4 May I heroin, Jodkina, Ap'l 19 May 16 The accommodations lor passengers ere an|ienor. The vessels err accempnuied by evpenenned inrgeoot, and nply supplied wiih Fiances' Patent Life Boats. P usage .eiluci d to $l?0 Mo tienl.s >e< nni lutil pasd fcr. Kor furthi r ii formation apply ?n . brio ham JR., at HAR.nDEN It CO'S, No. 3 Wall-st. f, j30c Ja STATbN ISLAND KERRY. Jr? Foot of Whitehall street H< On and after Dec. 3d, the steamer 8TATEN ISLANDER, _! ill run as follows, nnril further notice :? K.AVfc 8TATEN ISLAND. NEW YORK, e Ls AM - ' *' ' -? ?. i"i )A.n. it i ax 2P.M. )? P. M, **r <v j VIQ) /tOA RK( ill LAIl OPPOSITION T(V CAT'S r^~u j'Ut KILL, and intermediate I and mat, without tow < E^asjEkaSLbaruet ? Regular day* fiorn Catukill, Moo I V?, Wrdnetdayt and Kriilaya. Kiom New York, Tnradaya, j hurtday* and Saturday*.?Kara to or from Cattakill, 60 eenta. t Bertht 25 centa?8'ipper 25 cent*. The new and fait iteanter WAVE, Captain Vanderbilt, will f irr Uohinron ?t. pier Thuraday Nov. 17th, at five o'clock. f E<? furtht r irarticulara inquire of the cai win on board. By f iiiilliK on the daya'abnve named, there will br a daily com f uniealiob between CaUkill and Sew York (and in lerroedinte 1 area) loi p,mage it reilneed prirei. nfil ,BI hail roai link of stages k e'ftljfc irBOH new yokk to BEDFORD.? On and after Tueiday, January Jd, 1343, the ' bscrinerr will run a line of rtaiter from Bedford to New York * ree timer .i week, a? lot10 WIS? )"* Leaver Seelv'a M action Houae, Bedford, every Monday, , 'edneaday an) Fridav morning at BH o'cloci- ^,* Leaver the Hail Hoad Hotel, corner of Bowery and Broome . i, New York. 'Very Tueraay, Wednesday and Saturday * omiug, bv the 9 o'clock ca t, panting Marble Hall, Katt tester, and through White Plaint, Kohhinr' Mills and Mile pure tO Bedford. , Hilt VJErUlUCST, " <J. C. LEWIS. ' rroprietora. x The Red Bit.I Lite of^-tan will continne to run during the tV inter from White ' .... every day at S o'clock, and New jg| trU at J o'clock, " Snndayi rxcei ted I' HIKAM DKkOUEST, ahii i hn*r Proprietor. .ail k? x NEW LINK t IVMU'OOL PACKETS.?PrkFV V el 16th Kelniary?'I'll, .pleiidid w.ll known l.t.t Ukrv-i MilIIIK packet ahip ROCHESTER. ( apt. Philip 1.' ooif use, will tail poaitively aa above, her "lay, itn rinmruccH her regula tripa in Metara. Wouilhiill St A. intit. 'a New Line of Liverpool P.tfktta. .... The a rommodatioui. ot fhia ship lor cabin, sccorel ctiuwi a;.,I S ertikfr pasaauffera,caiiriot be surpassed, havinicall the improve* ap'aof the ne w mode lied i<a< ket ships. Persona desirous of '? fail to matte early application on . a 1 '">t of Burling Blip, or to W. St J. T. TAPSroTT. , 1 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. 01J Prisons eair.ina of aeudiiu for he ir frienila in the Id conn, can hate th, in bie.gbl out oil favorable terms, by the ov.- favorite ahtp. w hie 11 leaves Lii t rpool on t'. e i It of April, r regular day,-..ud thorn wishing to remit money can he suit- I ed with drafts for any .on ntil pnyihle on <1 tnand, without ?.count, in all the principal towns . f Great Britain tn.l lrr* & I lie picket ahiit Holtiniiu, t will auccerd the RttaheaLr. and 11',\ il on the IGLh M reh, her tegular day. jjfl r 'O THE LOVKllh OK HUPk'.HIOK HI.A. R I'KA? tho tlowiyua a Misture?*1 hia ettrrrm ly tielict. ua awd unparai* P etl pes, ao highly'celebrated in Chin atul Europe, jnaf itn- by i rtc.l. ia now for Bale at the Canton Pea Company "a th ru ral and sa Kst thli.hmenf. III 'hathainat New York ? til < .Ittnear P rltsgrs Price SO cm.ia ami SI ii2 lm*r for ALAM ANDKR HAKK AGAIN TKTTTMf HA NT?The *'? bookt and i.apeu ol John Mel, K>q, were > eaekved iu * I itarnander Sale .\t the destitution hv nre of his laraa iin?. P 28 Broad .t, on the mailt of lb. Mth nit. " t0" ?(, Salamander Sales, of Wilder's make, which have never fail- it to picserve the confnis, can only be had at the Iron Hale 'PT are netue ol 8ILA8 C. HEKIUNO B' Jtwyr 1J? Water atreet. j, PV V o YORK, MONDAY MO EW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPOKTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. tsa&san ifflaMiflh jaBb* ZLlI jew-Bpg Fare rt iluvod to 515 vents, From trie loot of Conrtlatidt street, New York (livery day?Sunday >>b< epted.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark 9 A. JH. At i P. M. At 7M A. M. At 154 P. M. 11.W do. 4 do. g do. 3H do. 4% do 9 do. 6 do. 7 do. 11 10 do. ON SUNDAYS, l'tom tlie foot of Ceurtlandt ?trcet. Leave Now York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. arid f? P M. At 1?P. M, and 10 P. M NEW YORK, KLIZARETH TOWN, Leave New Votk. Leave Klixabcth Tow?. ? A. M. 7 A. M. 2 P. M. UK A. M. a? " ia}< A. M. 45? P.M. 1*M. J P.M. 654 " The train* for WealUrlj, Plainfitld. Boumlbrook, Bomerville, :., ei>nu, rt with tlie v A M, 2 r.nn 4X P M traiu* from New irlt, daily, Muoday* icepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Tnwu25 cents. Fare between do and Somerville. 75 cent*. KV YORK. RAHWAY ANU NEW BRUNSWICK. b are reduced. b rom the foot of Liberty street, duly. Lette New York. Leave New Brunswick At 9 A. M. At 5K A. M. 2V P. M. 7>J " 45? " 18* n " 9 P. M. On Sundays the 5K and 7>4 A.M. trips from New Brunswick J 1% P. M. traiu from New Y ilk, are omitted. Fare between New Vo'i and New Brunswick, T> cent*. Railway, 00 cents The far* in the 57k and 7>j6 A. M. tratnfrom Now Bruusick. and 2\ aud 4\ P. M. train from New York, ha* beuu re icsd. New York and New Brumwick, to 50 cents. " add Ilahway to 37>4 " Passenger* who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, re ive a ferry ticket grati*. Ticket* are received by the con ictur only on the day when purchased. nil 2m* NEW YORK AND BOSTON KAIL ROAD LINK. Via Norwich and Wohccitir Hailrhaui. Composed of the following superior steamers running in coniction with the Norwick lit Worrestei and Worcester Jt BosD Rail Roads? WORCESTER, Capt.J H. VauJerbilt. NEW HAVEN, Capt. J. K. Dustau. CLEOPATRA, Capt On and after Monday, Nov.21st,this line will be run tri-week, leasing New Yoik, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays dy> at 4 P. M. The now and aph-udiil steamboat NEW HAVEN, Captain K. Dustan, will leave erery Tuesday, Thursday and Satur;y afternoon, at 4 o'clock. rassemjers lor Boston will be forwarded immediately on the rival ol the above boats at Norwich, and will proceed withit change of cars or baggage. For further information, enouire at the office of D. B. ALLEN, 39 Peck slip, np stairs. All persons are forbid trusting any one oa account of the >ove boats or owners. n25r MORRIS AND ESSEX RAIL ROAD, New All^*?r..lesil ?Thi. Una'I liis.ut I-. .1-1 >1 gio*< ;pense wilh the most approved and heaviest H rail, to secure isle and espidilious convryauce between New York and loriistown,will commence running two trips daily, Sundays irepted, on aud after Monday, Jan, '/8. First Tiain from Moiristown will leave at 7^ A M. Second Train from Murrisiown will leave at IV P M. First Train fioin New York will [save at 9 A M?Newark at i A M. Second Traiii Irom New York will leave at 2% I* M?Newk at 3>6 PK I'naacngrra by the Morning Traiu from Morriatown will arre at Newark in time for the 9 A M Train to New York, or e mom in* Train to Philapelphia; by the Afternoon Train ey will arrive at Newark in time for the 3K P M Traiu to ew Yoik or the Eveniac Train to Pliiladelp' ia. Paaiengera by the Morning Tiai fioin New York will airive Morriatown in time to dine and take any of the Sragea runug wcat or north from that place. j2tt lm*ec WINTER ARRANGEMENT. EW YOKK^D PlT l" AD K L ?HI AllA IITAAC TIN E DIRECT. in Newark, New Brnnawick, Princeton, Trenton, Bordentown and Burfiuglou. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS, cave New York, from the fool of Liberty alreel daily, am M and 4\ T M. 'The uioruimr tone proceeda to Bordentown, Irom thence by cahiDoat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceed* direct to Camden, (oppoaite tiiladelphia) without change of cart. Paaaeugera will procure their ticketa at the office foot of Li?rty atreet. where a commodious ateamboat will be in readi-asa witii baggage era tea on board. Philadelphia baggage cratea are conveyed from city to citr, ithout being opened by the way. Erich train ia provided with a Ladica Car, tn which aae aparlmmf ?nO di ,ooma expreu),- for the Ladiev " ?. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of heatnut atreet by railroad from Camden, at 9 o'clock A M.aod o'clock, P M. The Linea for Baltimore, leave Philadelphia at T A M, and 4 P I, being a continuation of the linea from New York. *29Im*r AlIrY PACKAGE EXPRESS CAR FOR ALBANY, TROY, AND BUFFALO. AMI fisfif? fiFh iTliTil y the Hous&tonic~Rail Road, ruiiuTuR through from this C'tT to Albany in Twelve Hours. Leaves at 7 o'clock in the mormnft. The snbscribers have marie arrangement* with the Honiani. Kail Road Company, to ruu an Eipret* Car (exclusively r out owu purpose) daily, over their road with the rnsscnter sin, running through no Albany in twelve hours, and are now epnretl to receive and forward at low rates. Specie. Bank otes, Packages, Bales and Cases of Ooodt, Ac., for any of e above named or intermediate places. Will attend promptly to the collection and payment of bills, tes, drafts and accounts, and such other business as may be trusted to their care. d2r POMEROY k CO- 2 Wall street. New York. PULLEN <Sc COPP'S 'ffiSp |fcjjL|S EXPRESS. Messrs. Harudcn k Co. having disposed of their route am New York to Albany and Tiny, the subscript, the old conductors of Harnden k Go's Northern ip.-est, from New York, will coutnme to run as uetofore .leaving New York, Albany and Tray, Daily , and mnrctat Tniy with Jacobs' Montreal Eiprest, and will forard Specie, Bank Notes, Packages. Bundles.Caaet of (looda. :., to any place between N?w York and Montreal, and roughout the Canada's. Also East, from Troy and Albany to vston, and Wrst from Albany to Buffalo. All business entrusted to their charge will be promptly atnded to. Particular attention will be paid to the collection notes, arrno, acceptance*, lie . and prompt return* made for e wiine, PULLEN fc COFP. Office*?I'ullen It Copp, 2)4 Wall street, New York. Thos. Gone 11, 15 Eachange, Albany. A O. Eilkuis, 228 Hirer atreet, Troy. 8. Jacob'* Exchange Court, 8t Paul *t, Montreal HKFK RE NOES. Naw Yoa*. Albaixy. Taor. line, Ward St King, K. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, cob Little, fc Co., Tho*. (Jouirh. P. W rift, hn T. Smith, St Co., 8. K. Stow, noon Si Hoffman, C. 8. Douglas*, ixpeuter fc Vermilyc, F. Leake niehton & Co. ew, Robinson k Co. u2* NEW LINK OK LIVKRPOOL PACKETS, ailfroin New York on the 25th and| I.irerpool on the 12th iif each month. flfe m m. M Fbom Ngw Yum. Ship CAHKICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th February. Shin HOSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 25th March, ship BIDDONS. Captain E. Tl. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. De|wy*rer, 25tli May. Fbom Livv nroai.. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Colib, 13th February, ship SHERIDAN, Captaiu K. A. Dejwyster, 13lh Match. Ship GARIIICK, Captain Wm. nkiddy, 13th April Ship R08CIU8, Captain John Collins, 13t.'i May. rin ?eihip* are all ol the first clan, upwards ol DM ten*, built he city or New York, with *nch improvement* a *comhiiir at speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care been taken ta the iniiurmnii of their aceoaamowanoaa a prree of passage hence i* (100, for which amrle store* will provided. These ships are commanded by experienced sters, veil-* will make every exertion to give gv nerad atisfae) Gither the captains or oWDeri of the ships will he reipousifor vi y letter*, parcult or package* sent by them, unless rear bi II* of Indioy *re signed therefor. 'or freight oi pnsr.vgtr, apply to E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., 56 South St., New Vork.orlo WM. Ik JA8. BROWN k CO., Liverpool, .etters by the packets will he charged 12)4 cents per single et; 50 cent* per onnee, and newspaper* 1 cent waeii. far K 8 EI unden^^^^^ed (is ?ill lie legularly dispatched from hence and from M ir flea on the Istofeach month during the year, thus? From New York. Marseille*. NERVA.CspLBrowu, Nor I. Jan I IY THOMPSON, Cap Sylvester, Deri. Feb 1 lURIEH i apt Dugan, J*n I. 11 IK8COTT, C*rt Lawrence, F?h 1. Aid I .LUr-sruN l, " apt Adlime, Marl. Marl iIUOLANUM, Cap H<ile, Apt I. Jim 1 'hi arr all corpm-a iu.. OOppet faatrned.aiid h?T> . ? lent nmn>odationt tor paaacQRera'he ptiro of cabin poaeaee will be tlOfl, oicloeire o w lire liquor*. InoiW aiidrtMi'J !; BOYD t< HINCKK.N, thr ,, will forw i did fnt of other bargee man thoee .dually pain, or freieht or iiaanirc apply to O. BROOM * CO., or to POM) & HINCK V Ae-mta 1,1 MI? K'S 1 >AG IT ITRTTTaT N GALL lilt I MS, " I 1 _?) B KOA I) WA V . corin r of .Vlorr.iy \ . : * JJ. I "o (nllltiud t?S WaahiiiKtmi at. Boeton. lit) iilm t. (, ; mi?- I'n- Si." H i m ) I'll11 .1,1, 111.1, and ll. . dw ay, aloit I S;Tinea. rom.'Ur ilnl llw oldi i and m ileal . < bailment ol the kind m fie world, and coutaiuiuu nearly a nanml picture*. Admittance free. LUMBK'8 I'aluut Colored I'hotof raphe taken rverT day, a proecae confined rai'lrniTely l? the aboee ritahliabment, aernred hv lett'ra patent, dated Oct. K, 1041 Imnlie'a Patent Daguerreotype Ap|>aratae and iiiatrut. . the pr d .i ; i.i , I'culm I liki-io-v.-?. and Plnin.n ? I ni.-nl ctro (liliiin* Apparatus. and inatrnctinna for eliding and ting in tallic arm ? of rverv deaciiptmn, inpplii d to order, .item Oildme and Silteruw d uh to order hi <lrne\ei 5re aeeu in New York. "7~ Prompt attention to a I poat paid Irtlri. > 110*11 AN K OK KNU1. \ N 11 N O I i-.s n i, .ml , Id n 8. J. 8? L V K8 rRK'S. rOOlWl 31 Wall at, end 130 Broadway. RK H RNING, FEBRUARY 6, 18Curious Disclosure* In Bsmlr-ruptcjr. 1 Anthony Uty, a Bankrupt in the \J. S. Dittrict bil Court. An accurate Report of his Liuhititics ami. Assets, condensed, from 76 pages of foolscap in his | Petition. y Liabilities. ad 1. To Benjamin W. Bo-iney, N. York, lawyer, endorser on three promissory notes, discounted in the Bank of New ?^( York, and Merchants' Bank lor the accommodation ?f your petitioner, and paid by said Bonney, amounting, in re all, to $-2,1)00 00 5. Jacob C. Dey, Brooklyn, grocer, endorser ou promts- co sory note, to me and for my accommodation, for 600 00 3. Henry 8. Uichurds, 1'oughkeepsie, lawyer, the holder c(, of A. Hobbk' note for 030 00 protested fornon payment, on whioh 1 am endorser. He >4. is also the holder ot A. Day's note given to Andros, Barnett St Co. lor lumber, 304 00 cj, 4 Leftert Letlerts, Brooklyn, lawyer, as trustee of La- u vima A. Dey, moneys which came to my hands, amount, ingto 1,380 00 he 6. Catharine A. Williams, wife of 8. P. Williams, of >4-. New York, merchant, formerly C. A. Dey, the amount of A. Day's note or due bill, iriven to her for moneys receiv ed belore her marriage for her, interest due, 280 00 8. Samuel P. Williams, New York, merchant, my note about 11th September, 1H39, lor money lent, d,500 00 Joseph llowiand Bill, Newark, N. J., merchant, iny note 10th April, 1839, for . J,300 00 J. 11 Bill married my daughter. The above sum was her marriage portion. Not paid. 8. Maria Loidlie Axtell, widow of Rev- D. C. A., Geneva, balance due hsr on my bond for moneys borrowed fromher, 1,000 00 lu Also a claim of 1,400 00 being baluucc due on her marriage portion, to make her equal with her other married sisters. 9. Henry Chauning Beals, New York, merchant, his account for moneys lent, and goods sold, estimated at about 150 00 10. Anthony P. Halsey, New York, Cashier of the Bank of New York, for money lent, 120 00 Also the farther sum of loo oo 11. Youngs, Smith & Co., New York, merchants, for borrowed money, 450 00 u? Id. Rev. Jumes Richards Jr. Penn Yan, N. Y., balance due him for board of my grandson, A. R. Dey, and for mo- lo neys paid by him, estimated, 150 00 13. Duvid Seldun, New Haven, Ct., merchant, a balance ui on unsettled account, for moneys received and services rendered, estimuted at| 630 00 Many ol the foregoing have been paid in part,or secured to be paid by sundry assignments made by Mr. Dey, and attached to his schedules. To tho following numcd persons in New York, viz :? 14. Henry & Son, tailors. Hold my note (or 65 -IS Fl for professional services, iic. Also, on account for like services, estimated, 1,8 00 >? 15. Henrv Anstir.p- far mint'inno**- * aa It!. Chas. L. Booth, livery stable keeper, account for 'D carriage hire, 100 00 . 17. W. W. Cheater Si Co., merchant*, account for car- 10 peting, 102 38 18. Mercer street church, for rent on pewa No*. 138 and . 139, 173 -JO M 19. Cornell Althouae kCo , blacksmiths, for their work, 10 90 11 20. William Colgate & Co., soap and tallow chandler*, lor loap, 13 50 21. William Dodge Si Sons, coal merchant*, for coal, 142 43 22. Oracic Si Co., merchant*, for groceric*, 30 38 23. J. Si W. Geery,grocers, for tens, sugar, Sic., 101 77 24. William Bruce,Tor groceries, about 10 00 29. 8. Si L. Holmes, merchants, account for merchandize sold and delivered, about 23 00 . 20. Mrs. Martha L. Mitchell, school mistress, account lor teaching children, 311 77 27. I'hyle Si Brothers, upholsterers, lor their work, 11 about 10 90 23. llichards, Bussett Si Aborn, merohants, for merchan- ., dize, 123 00 t 29. M. C. St. John, hatter, for hats, Sic., 20 60 30. University Grammar School, for tuition, Sic. of my son, 30 32 ^ 31. George C. Thorburn, an account for seeds, Sic.?part of it in dispute?estimated 40 00 32. Campbell Si Moody, lumber merchants, for three notes given them lor lumber, say 450, .520 and 1000? in all 2,060 00 , 33. William Shotwnll, jr., on note given by me to Win Wagitatt, for rent, about 137 60 g 34. Michael S.mtord, merchant, note given lor wharfage, 250 00 j 39. Adam Hall, blacksmith, note given for repairs to j steamboat Providence, 219 02 ' Howell Si Cottee?the like, 27194 30. Abram G. Thompson, merchant. He holds my note for 1600 and for 1000? 2500 00 These were on usurious considerations. Mr. Thompson ha<l a mortgage given to him hv Jacob 8 C. Dey on the steamlioat Providence as collateral security j for tlie payment of the samo. Afterwards the vessel was libelled, or a!>out to be so, for waves, and a conveyance t| was made to Mr. Thompson, of the boat, &C. Ho sold the j, boat the first time at auction for $9000 ; afterward < for a t) smaller sum, and again, as I hare understood, for$a00<).? t| How the account rightfully stands, or should stand, I am uovblcil to my. ? 37. Maria Moeney, wi ow: there is due to her on bond for borrowed money, secured by mortgage, (on which is a decree for foreclosure.) $3,000 00 38 The Corporation of New York City hold by assign- j| meut, lrom the Olobc Insurance Company, my bond for 18,000 oo Secured by mortgago on the premises at the northeasterly ^ corner of Nassau and Cedrr streets. Afterwards A. Dey . borrowed from Robt. McKim, of Baltimore, $10,000, and r< $6,000 secured as above ; and afterwards he gave to Dr. F. b, Vanderberg, now of Hhineheck, another bond and mort gage for $3,000 on same premises. Afterwards the equity 1 of redemption was released to Dr. Vanderberg, on condi- R] tiou that he should pay the previous mortgages. 39. Robt. McKim, of Baltimore, merchant ; the debt on bond anil mortgage above mentioned. 1 do not admit his right to recover the same. _ 40. Quo. Webb, New York, carpenter, three notes for carpenter's work: 1st $418 41 ,, ad 417 18 " 3d 603 73 ^ The last was renewed when it became due on usurious j consideration. 41. Orsamus Buslrnell, lawyer, for borrowed money , 30 00 ' 43. David B. Ogden, lawyer, borrowed money, 30 00 43. Abel 8. Smith, meat merchant, 0 00 . 44. Merchants' Bank, N. Y.clty, for money had and re- , ceived, 13 39 46. Doct. B.B.Coit, family physician, for professional . services, 99 00 "j 4fi. Doct. Jas. F,. Washington, for like services, 50 00 p 47. Henry Andrews, carpet mvrchant, for a carpet sold . to me, , 49 17 ' 49. John Gardner, laborer, for services in taking care ofmyolUceS, 36 00 49. N. L.St O. Oriswold, merchants,for sundry moneys lent and advanced at different times, MM 95 AO. F.lias Fountain, merchant, lor goods, 2 50 Al. R. W. Nevius, merchant, lor goods, 17 00 , 52. P. Webber, butcher, for meat, Ml 10 AS. Mitchell & Tilford, grocers, for groceries, 23 SI 54. Bally Kearney, my family cook, balance of wages due her, nbout 13 00 w The proprietor* of the following newipaperr in N. Y. City, for printing, advertisement*, kc. kc.:? C 55. The N. Y7 Com. Advertiser, $13 69; annual sub- d' scription $10? 99 59 C 50. Tho N. Y. Evening Star?the like, 19 1-2 hi 57. The N. Y. American, for advertising, 1175 hi A3. The N. Y. Observer (S. E. Morse Ik Co.), lor sub- O scription. 9 00 th 59. Benj. M. Seixes, segar merchant, for borrowed money, 9 00 "i 00. Christopher Dick, scavenger, for work, 10 00 # 01. Jacob Zeider, the like, 14 00 m 62. Wm. M. Ay res, shoemaker, lor shoos, 0 07 oi 63. Pnul S. Brown, baker, for bread, cake, Sic., sold and delivered, 2 06 Sj 64. Oeo.W. McCready, balance due for camphine, 1 23 Y 6>. Joshua Maggs, cabinet maker, for wark, 2 03 at 66. Stephens k Beekman, carpenters, for the like, 2 00 67. T. R. Clark, merchant, for goods. 21 00 d< 63. Gideon Freeborn, merchant, lor the like, 73 44 69. Oilman k Conover, grocers, acct. for horse feed, etc. I*" 31 55 ed 70. Lyon k Stoae, tailors, for clothing, 36 50 71. Harvey Wilkins, blacksmith, lor horseshoeing, 14 13 8,1 72. Wm. S. Miller, merchant. New York, on my bond executed 3d May, 1340, to Humphrey Bissei, conditioned to pay 3(981 '3 lw It was accompanied by a mortgage on property in North ? t arolina to secure the payment; assigned, as I believe, by Bissellto Miller. Bissell reside! in N. C. 73. Joshua Coit, lawyer, lor professional lervire*, 8 33 74. H. B. Blair 3i Co. grocers, for sugar, 3 81 ' 7ft. rat Colpoya, shoemaker, lor repairing boots, he unknown J*" 78. T. Tompkins &. Co. painters, for work, labor, &<-, ?'j amount unknown w' 77. Henry Holdridge,my note in exchango for his,which C. he lent me, anil which he has paid for, A00 00 ju 78. Abraham Richards, merchant, for borrowed money, 100 no Jo 79. t'has. F. Orim, lawyer, profess'l services, unknown. '''* 80. f?eo. Seeley, my note for merchant tailor's bill, and Be for cash, 100 00 81. Loner, Oritfln It Co. fishmongers in Fulton Market, 19; for salt shad. 1ft 00 87. Iirrn 1 Tl'isaell,merchant, for borrowed money, 160 00 m< 93. Alfred Klmi JuVnrf, tailor, or Thos. Wilson, merchant ' tailor, account lor work, lilrr, and services See, for my Rl' son, Jas. Rirh'd Day, thu amount not known, being liqui- ' dated. P*' HI. Mi . Andrews (wife of Judge Andrews so called,) !'lf for butter, balance due, IJ 00 9ft. Jacob Acker, late Sheriff, for fees due liiin, al>out ' 0 to on 1 Ml. Monmouth B. Hurt, aherilt, for fees, 1174 rn*' 97. Hugh Cassidy, printer, tor work, .100 00 89. c. K IVifh r, rmiiiufkctnrer, for work, 0 no ll1^7V Veream out of the City. mm 8!i I sr. F. V in. lerbe: ;, late of this city, now n! Rhine j, berk, holds a note for physicians'bill, 900 (<0 Cot He ilso tin l further claim for like services, imount un- i in 1 o.t. Miss Sellirk, Ne ,eark, schoolmistress, for educating 1 _i if r ml ,loiHfhliir 1 " _ ? 10 in 34ti ill. K.J. Smith. Bei?ten, N. J., shoemaker, account for \ . *lv I ;uvl work, dime by "'der, estimated at 1(10 0(1 N. W. Israel Van Wagenen, luinbw mei chant, for lumber l sold and delivered, 7 3.1 in ( 93. Thr K.itate of Dr Samuel Hayes, deceased, late of 1 Newark, for medicine and professional service* in mv rlei family for 16 37 1 oi Christonher Van Kmberg, of Newark, hat a note 8th given by me for building a wharf at Lodi, 100 00 H ERA! 43. }o. Isaac N. Baldwin, Newark, carpenter, note given to N m lor work, Sic. 879 01 Alio an account lor like 97 SO 400 41 In W. Richard Liey, farmer, Fayette, Seneca county, N. . has u demand against me for sundry moneys loaned and ia vanced, 8i?. 800 00 07. Jan. R. Beach and Jos. N. Tuttle, administrators, m awark, for money borrowed, 100 00 te 9rt. The Second I'resbytvrian Church at Nowark, for lit VI iirvy , Itf W "? 99. Nehemiah Knapp, Jersey City, boat builder, on ac- (01 unt lor work, lee. suy u 00 100. Joseph Moser, Brooklyn, holds my check on Meriants' Bank, given in lieu of my check given to Lemuel & reen.for money he had received, und pnyabln 11th April loi t, 40 03 101. Drayton ik Durant, bakers, Jersey City, hold my m> leek oon Merchants'Bank, given for barrels, payable tb April, '41, 19 (10 vs. 101. J. W. 6i J. Morgan, Jersoy City, coal merchants, mi >ld my check on Merchants's Bank, payuble 11th April, 1,given to Nohemlah Knapp lor work and labor dune, tlr 28 14 103. Bam'l McLaughlin, livery stable keeper, Jersey Ju ity, account for horse and wagon lure, baluuce due n oo 104. W. H. Todd, boatman, Jersey City, for freght, 17 00 as 103. Jos. Babcock, boatman, Jersey City,tholike, about * 00 00 be To Pertain in Poughkee/isn. q 100. David Arnold, lumber merchant, note given for ]1(l mber, 90 00 107. Boone k Trowbridge, merchants, for merchandise, 18 00 103. Baker & Shry ver, grocers, for groceries, 0 09 .)8 109. Jas. W. Bogardtis, harness maker, for his work, 17 :I4 110. Chas.Bartlett, teacher, for board and tuition of son, 10 99 bc 111. Francis Denoe, laborer, for work and labor, unknown 119. Doland, Urogory ik Co., Iron Foundry, account for ;ricultural implements, 14 81 ? 111 f.wu... V l, fr. Inmtini. rrli unto oee, linn r lumber sold an<l delivered, 23 44 114. Solomon W. Frost, merchant, account lor merchunze, I 27 p| 118. Oregory 8t Hunt, freight merchants,Tor freight, Sic. unknown jj 118. Hnll 8c Dutton, iron mongers, for merchandize, .l(j dt> 11 117. John Hagadon, shoe dealer, for shoes, 10 26 118. Estate ol Jos. Han is, deceased, miller, for {duster of j( iris, sold and delivered, 33 26 119. Johnson, Vail He Co., freight merchants, account r freight and grain, 28 12J w 120. Jackson & Schrara, printers, account for advert!*ig, 8tc. 1 00 121. S. B. Johnson St Co. freight merchants, account r freight and merchandize, 120 01 w 122. Henry Palmer, blacksmith, for work, 19 60 123. Lewi's F. Strett, wugon maker, account lor repairs ?j i agricultural implements, 19 88 jj 124. Storm St Uhle, hardware merchants, account for lorchandize, 80 48 i 126. Thomas Sweet, farmer, for potatoes, Sic., 18 84 ? 126. Elia* Trivett, druggist, for paints, oils, Stc., 61 28 rl 127. Jas. Woeks, crockery merchant, lor goods, 16 26 w 128. Benjamin L. Wood, carpenetr, for work, labor, Stc., U( unknown. c 129. Caleb Morgan, grocer, for groceries, 100 00 S! To persons out of New York. " 130. Elizabeth McLean, Auburn, balance of wages due er as nurse and chambermaid in my lainiiy, about, 18 00 Proprietors of the following newspapers,lor publications ti i their several papers, viz :? 131. Newark Jaily Advertiser St Sentinel. 36 00 21 132. T. B.Crowell, Newark, proprietor of tho Newark K'o. "" 3 133. The Long Inland Star. Brooklyn, 27 00 134. Toughkeepsie Journal, 3 50 ci 133. Joseph Brook & Co. of Boston, proprietor of the ew England Farmer, for subscription to that paper, 8 00 pi 130. Albany Cultivator, subscription and advertise- w ientf, 0 00 h 137. Mathias Dodd, hurness maker, Newark, N. J., ac- e aunt for work, labor, and materials found, 6 01 v 138. H. B. Williams, merchant, of Charlotte, in tho ounty of Mecklenburg, N. C., surviving partner of the C rm of Smith Sc Williams, elm fas payment of adiafl for v l>out $3,163, drawn by J. II. Bissi-U, agent, and due 4th u une, 1834, and accepted by A. Dey, as Secretary of the a decklenberg Gold Mining Company, which 1 do not ad- tl nit myself liable for. n 139. Wm. It. Drayton, of Jersey City, butcher, for meat, a 100 79 ti 140. Nicholas Rycrson, drover, Vernon, N.J., for a note a ;iven him by ine for sheep, 80 no ft 141. James Knanp, Jersey City, boat builder, or W. B. c enkins, for my acceptance of a draft, 103 17 o On or about the last of February or 1st of March, 1840, v ne following notes drawn by me, and endorsed by Edmund c< ilmcndorf, Jr., were given to Wm. C. Holly, New York, w roker, to raise money for my accommodation on the best ei inns he could, viz :? sc 1st note, dated Feb. 1, 1840, payable sixty days after hi ate, for $1,01 M in 3d note, same date, payable ninety days alter dale, for ni 1,021 03 3d note, dated 2d March, 1840, payable ninety days alter ate, for 610 52 ta ?i ? y; ?? ? ii Findmgthnt animpro|>er use was being made with the a irre lait named notes, 1 recalled them, andnauirid them > be re delivered to me. Tho fourth note lor $410 61, was tc iturned and cancelled ; the others were not, and are held y the follow ing named persona, to whom there is an appa- dl arent liability, as follows :? w 14j. Daniel McLaren, New York, the first note as above, id now in suit for $001 02, but which I do not admit to be in istly due and owing by roe to the holder, 601 0J 143. Alison Tost, New York, druggist, the second note tli i above, but which I do not admit, as before, to be due, M c. 1.091 09 141 Tho Union White Lead Company, of Brooklyn, or ar r. B. Hart, New York, broker, or John R. Oakley, which rer of them may hold it, the third note for $510 54, but hich I do not admit to be justly due as aforesaid to any sH f the above named parties. in The only amount in money, and the only consideration $. ever received trom William ('. Holly, on nccount of the cond and third notes for $1,031 03 end $610 52, was the B im of $100. For the first note 1 received a draft on Phiidelphia, drawn by W. B. Jessup, and endorsed by D. W. p] res, for $600, which was protested far non-payment. ci In the month of April, 1640, the following notes drawn V me and endorsed by K.dmund Klmendorff, Jr-, were c] ven to Charles T. Catlin, then of New York, now ol $: itighkeepsie, broker, to raise money on for my accommo- B ition on the best terms he could, namely :? Ji 1st Note dated 17th January, '40, payable six $ jnlhs after date, for 1,110 00 ai J.I Note, same date, and time of payment, 560 00 pi 3d Note, date and time not remembered, 401 60 4th Note, the like, 401 60 N 5th Note, dated 13th April, '40, and payable ur months after date, for 3!>5 CO Theonly consideration I ever received from Charles T. 'n' mini rormini noip* was the aum ol 1 which he left ith K. Klmendortl, Jr. in the other during my absence. Sandford St Vass recovered a judgment on the tirst note; hnrlos Candert ol Elizabethtown, got the second note M counted in the bank at that plane, but paid nothing to atlin,andl do not admit that there is anything due to '? im thereon. The third note passed through various ands, but I do not admit anything due on it. tlonory lezzanski sued mc on the fourth note, and the verdict of lejury was in my favor. 114. The New York Chemical Manufacturing Company ^ i New Yoik. Charles T. Catlin had the fifth note for W5, discounted In the Chemical Bank, and never gave di e any part ol it; when the note became due I was sued a said note by said Company, nnd Judgment recovered. P' On the3d day ol May. 1140, the lollowing notes waro " ilivered by Anthony Dey to John W. Latson of New ork, broker, to raise money u[>on lor my accommodation, the rate ngreed upon of 3J per cent per month. The >tes were drawn by me, and made payable to and enirsed by Kdmund Klrnendorf, Jr., viz: ? 1st Noto, dated 1st March, 1140, payable aix months af ( [ rdate, for $1,110. This note was returned, and cancell- T I, and at Mr. L.itson's request was divided into two others *8 awn and endorsed as aforesaid, as follows :? 3d Note, dated 1st April, 1140, payable six mos. * trr date, for 330 90 3.1 Note, dated May 8,1140,00 days, for 600 60 The only money received by mo on these notes, was ro sums, one on 4lh May, 1840, for $300 or 1 :ir.r't nl thr first note on/1 nn ?Kn ?ik Vfo. 1840, a further sum of '' 400 sa Ci $aoo >elieve the three notes have been negotiated, and arc Id aa follows:?the first, lor $1,110, by Mctntyre and ev ailh, but which 1 do not admit to be justly due nndow- cn S by me to the holder*. The second by Hol>ert Luckcy, ho has recovered a judgment on it. The third by John ?n Devercux, Jr. and Lauren* Hull, Jr., who recovered a m, dgment on it. The claim against W. C. Holly, Charle* T. Tallin and hn W. I.atson, whatever may r>? jnntly duo from all or cis her of them, i* dun to my assignees, Henry (.'banning , ala, KdmnndC. Richard* and Jacob C. Dey, under the ignment to them made bv me, bearing date 20th June, In* 40. nit rhe following Judgment! have boen recovered against 1?1? l in the several court* named :? th< 146. In the Supreme Court, by B.W. Bonney, H. S. , chard* and Jacob C. Dey, 30th May, 1840, for $ JO,000 fo .""ondltluned to pay $I3,?00 and CO it?, $18 28. On tin acution issued in this cause, there was realized on v,> i sale of my Itirnituro, over and above the execution ve ued on a prior judgment got hy W. W. Chester and to ?.# 71. H, 17, By W. FI. Van Wagner, in Supremo (,'ourt, j'tdg nt entered 3d September, 1840, for Utl 15 48. Rv Them... **? i ...... lm - / *"*~ IUI?, J'.'UI .Iiicr, i-vw, vipenor Court, 1 .1 7* l?a 10. By Neh. B. Lane and \V. D. Mnuiruni N<-w York, mu rchanta, 47th July, 1840, in s,4ponor Court, lor 11?0 u; tht 40. By In*. P. Drummond, N. Y. merchant, in ftup< nor nui irt, 11th July, 1840, for 170 80 en) 51. By J. Snndtord .<nd A. II. Vaaa, increlianta, V V. 'upenor Court, .'3d Nov. IMO, 1,303 03 ^ W. By Oi-o. Webb, N. Y., carpenter, judgment entered h Auj(. 1*40, in the Superior Court, for 3*6* 03 t 43. By Win. Metier and J. Wcrtervelt, coal merchant*- r Y. In Court Common I'leaa, 33d June, 1840, for 3T3 73 I , 64. By Jan. B Nichol-ou, N. V. *rocer,30th July. !* <> ?'"< 'ourt Common Plena, lor 09 4tl ?i csl 46. By John A. Weeka, N. Y. cooper, in Court Common to?5j an, 3*1 June, 1*40, for <*? 07 gt ISO. By Dudley Seidell, lawyer, in Court Common Plena, 0 July, 1940, (now claimed by K. N. Y.) for 110 33 >7. By K. L.Crooke,John >'owke? and Horatio Jowkea, j |A LD. Price Two OwU. . Y. grocer*, In Court Common Plea*, 9th July, 1840, lor 166. By Wm. it John McLoan, N. Y. lumber merchant*. Court Common Plea*, U6th June, '.to, lor 1 714 * ISO. lly Robert F I ra*er, ot N. Y. picture frame maker, Court Common Plea*, Aug. 40, '40, lor 01 05 160 By Robt. Luckey, N. Y- merchant, In Court Cornon Plea*, v*. A. Dey It K. Elmendorf, Jr. Judgment enred 8th April, 1841, lor 30 101 By John C. Devereux, Jr, and Lawrence Hull, Jr N. Y- lawyer*, v*. A. Day St K. Clmondort, Jr, a* hero, in Court Common 1'leu*, MKh March, 1841, for *40 ot 161. By Wm. M. Lathrop, N. Y. merchant, v?. A. Dey J. W. Lat?on, in Court Common Plea*, 13th May, 1841, p *47 <M 163. ByFrancI* Bartlott, N. Y. broker, In Court Com >n Pleaa, 6th Not. 1841, 86 60 ni l n 1... w v r-u 1?1 o " u-tt ..J uiv a. VU^INIV.(il tTliiiUlltUlUIIIIg , A. Dey <k Ed. Elmendorf, Jr. as above, in Court Com in Pint, Hth October, 1840, lor 417 %i 16.V IIy italic Nash, of Potighkeepsiu, cabinet maker, in u Marine Court, June 1840, 4*1 00 100. Daniel A. Galloway and Francie McFarlin, before ittico kirtlund, Kultou it, 10th Mept. 1840, for 43 30 Coata, 3 74?40 8* 107. By Wm. R. Bunks, N. V. grooer, before one of the sociate Justices, about 14 00 168. By Wm. Stoutenho rough. N. Tork, manufacturer, fore Justice Shays, two year* ago, for about 30 00 100. A suit needing in the Court of Chancery, in which race T. Walton,by Wm. B. Walton, her next friend, ii obtained a decree against me of 30,806 07 The decree is appealed from. Debts due, Jfe. 170. Thomas Rogers, N. V., tailor, for washing, rearing drawers, Sic. unknown. 171. W- N.Dyckmon, solicitor, professional services. unknown. 173. Mary E. Bacot, N. Y., hoarding-house keeper, for iard. 10 40 173. Henry D. Holt, Jersey City, publisher of nnwspair, for pubiiention, about M 00 174. Lodi .Manutacturing Co., Harrison, Hudson Co., J.?1 was elected President of the Company. I beliovo e accounts nearly balanced. Assets. A residuary interest in real estate In the villages of Hyde irk and roughkecpeie. All my property of every 'description, was assigned to enry C. Beats, Edward C Richards, and Jacob C. Dey, lib June, 1910,excepting what tho law allows. There are now left me and my lamily as follows r? 0 feather beds, 3 high post bedsteads,. 3 small stained do. table, 1 dozen chairs, sundry crockery, books. Several copies ot Bibles ; do. of Hymns. Four copies ol' bibles arc at my residence? the othen ore itli my w fe and family. One vault in the New York Marble Cemetery. Onu pew in the Second Crosby terian Church at Newark. One new in Dr. Spring's Church where 1 and my family orshipped. (Bob! Juno, 1841.) Also two small pews in the Mercer street Church, (Dr. kitincr's,) Nos. 131 and 139, in which my children stated occupied, also 1 and me wife uftertho sulu aforesaid. Aft/ If'orrfroAe.?One good suit of wollen clothes which have had in use und occupation on Sundays or other tecial occasions for about two years last past; that the pst of my woollen or winter clothes are old and much wn-that in or about the month of May, 1H43,1 purchasil a new coat and pantaloons for summer wear, which ost me about $15, which uro much worn?and my other mnmer clothing are of long stall ling ; that I have nothig appertaining to my wardrobe thut is not necessary to ly comfort in a very moderate degrea, and lam of opinion 'sold at auction they would not bring $50. Alp ici/r.'t wardraba, and /our children'i.?Necessary steles, but unknown, as ihev are at Auburn. In Chancery a creditor's bill in was filed on or about the 3th May. Another creditor's bill in the Court of Chancery, 80th ept., 1843. N. B?No assignment has been made to either of tho rslivers named and appointed in the above causes. I was elected president of tho Lodi Manufacturing Co rainy , town of Harrison, county of Hudson, N. J.; and also, ith Jacob C. I)uy, chosen the executive committee. 1 ave acted as agent of the company?received and disbursil the moneys of the company ; and believe the accounts . lien made up will uearly balance. I further state in relation to the Lodi Manufacturing loot DOBJT. that I agreed with I'eter Barthelemv, that 1 vamid make all the necessary advances toestablish a man factory to make urate and poudrette, upon certain terms ndconditions, which tin y ware unable to comply with ; list Jacob C. Dey abandoned the concern and left it wills no ; ami thut 1 have, according to my original agreement, ssumed all the responsibility in relation thereto, previous j the act incor[Kiratiug the company, and has no claim gainst me; and although Peter liarthelemy, has never irmally relinquished any claim on tba concern, yet I was uinpelied from the necessity ot the cuse to dissolve hie annection with it, and to ussurao the ownership and goerument ot the whole, and over which I exercise the >ntml. I believe that on a settlement of tha account* ith Mr. Bonheh my he would he loand a debtor to the (tost ot 11,111, or He reuiMiuts ; but 1 know him to be indvent and utterly unable to pay any thing ; 1 therefore ivo considi red him a* absolved lrom any claim upon, or iterlereiicn w ith tL. courern, and have virtually,though at formally, relinquished him from all claims. fuitnis assets, Due ami owing as hereinafter stated. Here follow Corfu matters from Petitioner's Law Register?certain suit* I which A. Dey was employed us lawyer. Then follows short list of books. Cash on hand at the timo of making affidavit belonging i mo fOO28-100?say twenty eight cents. 14th Nov. 1842, purchased a candlestick and two canles ? are ut my lodgings in the city of New York, for hieh 1 paid twenty-nine cents. Here follows n description of certain property mentioned i the assignments referred to above:? 1. Estate in New Jersey, on tho Hackene.ick, where h Lodi Manufacturing Co. is, mortgaged to Maria ooney for fit,000. 2. Fifty shares of the East Newark Land Co. at par, nounts to $5,000, under certain incumbrances. >. vuw uiiuftn rioiin, ? uiuo uncrnun. 4. One house and lot at the northeasterly conn-rot' Nm u ami Cedar, New York, the legal title to which stands i the name of Samttel P. Williams, son-in-law, coat 13,000, valued at (40,000, incumbered by mortgage to >e (Jlobc Insurance Co., and also to Kobert McKim, of altimore, and Dr. Vanderberg. ft. House and lot No. 7 < ollonado row, in Lafayetta lace,in New York,mortgaged to Henry llankin for 19,000, >st of the house (.'9 000. 6. Lot and stable in 0th atreet, in Lafayette Court, In luded in the aforesaid mortgage of Maria Mooney, for 1 000. This property in N. York is mortgaged to B.W. onney, H. 8. Richards, son of Dr. Richards, Auburn, and icob C. Dey, in trust to pay certain debts, amounting to 13 900?on which also a judgment has been confessed, id the legal estate has since been conveyed to the same rrtiesin I'oughkeepsie. 7. Farm of 170 acres , purchased the greater part from at. P. Tallmadge, U. 8. Senator?cost and eapensea, 19,000, mortgaged for (8,1-44. 8. Two lots ot ground in I'oughkeepsie, cost (1440, not cumbered. 9. Four lots in Toughkeepsie, cost (4,700, not tncnm red. 10. Thirteen and a half lots in Poughkeepslo, oost ,974, not incumbered. 11. IJ lots as above, cost (3000, mortgaged to Johnston r (1,400. 14. One lot in Poughkevpsie, cost (500. 13. Stock of horses, cows, and other cattle, with sundry rming utensils, in Poughkeepsie. All this property from 7 to 13, has been convoyed to B. T. B , H S. R., and J. C B., in trust as before. i ?. 01W& in wi>; 'lei-numca ."lining c ompany, anil aeni le me, and surplus, if any. 16. Various parcel* of real entate, called Mining Pro rty, situate in Mechlenburg, N. C., conveyed to 8. P. rilliam'. It). An undivided interest In the Mechlenhnrg Oold iining Company?original investment 35,000. 17. 50,000 acre* of land in Ea?t Florida, title disputed by e United State*. IS. A. Pev ha* a claim for certain estate* In Texas, and *o has claim? for service* rendered the Oalveaton Bay and exa* Land Company; it* value very doubtful and uncerIn. Hern follow* certain debt* du? Mr. D*y, in connexion ith the assignments referreil to. Llterarv tlotlcc*. Tables of Interest and Exchange.?Constructed 1 a plan entirely new. Hy Gtargt Oatet. For le liy David Felt dc Co. 242 Pearl street, and by tirvill ?fe Co. This is one of the most valuable works which has er been presented to the notice of the mercantile rnmunity. The Tables are constructed on novel, d ingenious principles, and a great number of the >et intelligent men in the country have expressed ir opinion that lor convenience of reference, conenesejcomptehensiveness and ease of calculation, y are altogether unsurpassed. F.very kind of :rcantile anil banking calculation must be int mely facilitated by the use of these admirable ta s, and we cannot have the slightest doubt that * work will meet the most extensive sale. Titikrs' History o.v tux Frknctt Revolution, ). 10.?Tina excellent work continues to receive a ry large share of public patronage. It ingot up in ry superior style, nnd tin price has been reduced four dollars tor the whole work. For sale at the ?rald Literary Depot. J'uk Rainbow.?Thin in a nemi-monthly publicsn by Adtt A Entahrook, 160 Nassau street. We ve .dreadv e.xpreused our favorable opinion of its riin If is d< voted especially to the interests of respectable fraternity of "Odd Fellows." Ths nibersbefore us are embellished with handsome ^ravings, and the letter press is varied, entertainami instructive. KCONt >MV l\ 1 >|? KSS :.?<? BHOADWAV, OPPOSITE THK KOUNTAIN lUggettto the community that I un furnishing 'very I'ticle of clothing at pronortinnubly moderate price*. for -!i on each anrtoo'a have been afforded, and would *olicit I (mm ihoee capable of appreciating ftret-rate work, that may judge of the inducenicull offered to theee paying y money. rangers in the eity requiring garment*, will pleaae leant PIMM. _ WM. T. JENNINGS. I lm*c Draper ?M Taflor. y

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