Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1843 Page 3
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era, if he is not allowed to board at home, or rsnoot gei a i snip but from the Sailors' HomeT His * aces will not ad- , mit of paying two hoards. It is well know n ts you all, a sailor spends but little money in his o?rn hoarding house. 1 the best customer in the fro( shops is from Ihe Mail- i ors' Home. I may here lem.irk, ? grest many ol sailors' , landlords keep t<-tn|>erancc hon<<?. Now, gentlemen, to th<- second question'?" What do 1 they wantf < Why, we want the people to open th< ir eyes to this ?nCanatiillUonal monopoly, and HI I us iuan application to the Legislature, to oppose the gilt ol the gio.nov already loaned to the Home, and which they now toi as s gift, and assist th< m in compelling the return ot th< >ll? i*?> to its legitimate channel, and to be applied tithe general Htitution?to aid us in asserting the seamen's rights an ri tizfuiol a free country, an<l in putting itown a mono|*d) established to the injnry of tradesmen diffusing their ?u? torn throughout the whole community, wneieM th> Sudors'Home confine their patronage toonabutcher anil baker, keep their own clothiug anil shoe More, Jo their own washing, anil make a profit out of the sailor in avrrv way hut out ot grog; nor will the influence of the *<l ors'Home stop nere, if not auceeaslully checked, tint extend to all descriptions ol people working along shon connected with ahipping. To the third queation?"What ia their nurpoae?" To point out by resolutions to be adopted at tins meeting, to the public and the Legislature, the monopoly existing ia the Sailors'Homo, and compel, as far as may Iw in their power, a restriction of the money lent to the llome at the expense of thu other part ot the community, and to aaasrt their rights ax citizens ot a free Republic, and to ask all honest men, whether whigs or democrats, tojosn them in so doing. 1 ' GEORGE BANGLEV OVER. ;wFkb.3J, lf34, 31ti Wa i-r St., N. V. The meeting was also eloquently and efiectually ad dressed by the Chairman, W. Shaler, E?q , W. Palmer, John Blooilgood, Esq.?who in his good Matured tuiior-liki way, introduced the instance ot a young man, a native ot this city, w ho was that day rwfused shipping lierause he did not board at the Sailor's Home, this same young in an living with his mother ami assisting in sup|>orting tier. This same young man also served his apprenticeship out of this port. The meeting was also addressed to the purpose by Alexander Ming, and G. H. l'urscc, whose eloquence elicited great applause. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted :? Resolved, That all monopoly is odious, and contrary to thefumlamental principles of a free republic, and it is essi'Utial to the well being ot the public that the monopoly now held by the Sailors' Home should be fully represented to the people, a"J lai<l before the Legislature for redress. Resolved, That the Sailors Home enjoys privileges un. equalled in the annals of our country, being furnished with tha capital of $10,000, without interest, for lis years lent from the public purse to establish an institution, promising to be for the benefit of seamen in guneral, particularly the distressed, but now become an oppressive monopoly, injurious alike to tho sailors' interest and those connected with them. {{ solved,That the fact of the monopoly is fully develo|ied by the ship ow..ers and merchants controlling the funds and managing the institution to the injury of the sailors by ordering ttie otlicers of their ships not to employ any men for them who do not hoard at the Sailoi s' Home, being to the exclusion of married men and young men who are in duty hound to resido w ith their families and support them, as well as preventing seamen from boarding where they have been accnstamed to, or like?depriving them of that freedom of person that every honest citizen has a right to enioj. Resolved, That this meeting therefore consider the Sailors' llomc, as at present carried out, an infringement of our rights and privileges as citizens of a free republic, and particularly of the sailors and those connected with them, and of the shipping in general?in this the meeting is fully confirmed by the pust proceedings of the ship owners and managers of the Sailors' Home, by wielding this institution to the exclusion of all who do not patronize that institution. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the officers presiding, and published as they deem proper, also to he transmitted to the Governor, with the request that he will be pleased to lay the same before the Legislature tor their action thereon,and we pray redress at their hands, and to cause a due restoration of the funds lent from the State to the institution, that the same may be constitutionally employed. From the New York Protestant Vindicator, Nov. 3,1341. 1 (fij- BRISTOL'S EXTRACT OF SARSAPARILLA. We never notice the " all efficient" medicines, genuine or 1 quackery of the day. But we have witnessed a case of i one of our own Executive Committee, which we cannot pa<^8 over in silence. We allude to the remarkable cure of .Mr. Thomai llogan, who is well known in our city, and 1 to our city authorities, from his official duties in the CityHall. He was brought to the very gates of death by a mum |in1111ui uisoase in ine race aim neau. ll was pronounced a scrofulous affection His ph) siciaus ceased their visits, and he was despaired of l>y his little family; while his friends expected daily to hear that he was consigned to the tomb. But we are all the delighted witnesses ol his unexpected restoration to health, so that he c:u go about and attend to business. And all this, we know, was effected simply by his taking strictly according to rule, Bristol's Extract of Sar aparilla. This is no puff of quackery. Mr. Hogan is willing to explain and give all proper information on this matter to those who may wisn to see him. He is to be found at -JOS Btmton street, N. Y. CQf- READ ONE, READ ALL.?Dear Sirs: Though I bavo not the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with you, yet a sense of duty to yourselves and to the public generally, constrains me to bcarmy testimony,unsolicited by any one, in favor of your Compound Clarified Essence of Hourhound Candy. Having sometime ago been seriously nltlicte I with cold on my breast, the symptoms of which were becoraiug alarming, I accidentally came across your iuTalvahlc llqmhound . ami ?a?r Imt o 4ml irregular nSe of it for a few day*,found quite un>xpect ly, Ihe difficulty ofmy heirt and in my throat give way Thf fr4?*'_ BnJ i>nsv miifiia <1 ...uw - J ? ?"ft-i miuuiutr most dc-irable etiects which your candy produced, saved not? most probable from a consumption, which seemed to lay last hold u|>on my lungs,and enable me to purine my arduous duty without serious embarrassment, while at the same time I "recovered my health. With sincere respect, I am, gentlemen, yours, &c, JOHN E.LYON, Pastor of the Metho list E. Church, York, Pa. To Mi ssrs. J. Pease it Son, 45 Division street?January 4, IS1J. N. B.- Wr would here observe that the above gentleman i? now Pastor of the German Mission Church in Second street near avenue C, in this city, and all who are sceptical will please call and see him. and he will dispel theirdoubts. J. PEASE Si SON, 46 Division st. (K?- PRESERVATION OF HEALTH.-The extraordinary increase of patent medicines renders it necessary to direct the attention of families and invalids to a remedy to which they may have recourse with benefit ami safety.? Foremost among those which are recommended for efficacy and pleasantness, aro Sherman's Medicated Lozenges, which tor years have deservedly enjoyed extensive popularity. Furcoughs, colds, nsthma, u hooping cough,consumption, headache, palpitation, lowness ol spirits, sea ickne*s, worms, dyspepsia, 4ic,, these Lozenges are invaluable. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at |U0 Nassau street. Agents?S State street, Boston, 47 Westminster street, and 4 Stanwix Hall, Albany, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. "THE TONIC MIXTURE."? This celebrated remedy is composed of five ingredients, the active principles ol which are highly concentrated. It is now used very extensively and with great success by the medtca faculty, for the cure of debility, (from whatever cause,) dyspepsia, nervous complaints. Sold by the authority ol the Coil, ge of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city ol New York. Price ft per bottle. Half dozen (in cases) $5. W. S RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College 97 Nassau st THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC MIXTURE cures all casts of gonorrhoea, gleet, seminal weakness, and debility of the generative system. A cure is guarantee.) in all cases. Sold by authority of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city'of New Yoik. In liiriri1 l.ottbsa nnn. il in Bmoll ,tn .--o an ........ i'nAIID9ON.Agent,' **"' Principal office of the College, 97 Nassau street. Nr.w Pr.inv I'Arra.?The subscribers have the honor ot announcing to the public, that they have completed their arrangements lor tho establishment of a new penny paper in this city, under the title of THE EVENING SUN, the first number of which will bo published from the Office, south-east corner Nassau and Fulton streets, direetly opposite the old " Sun office,'' on Wednesday evening next, the 8th instant. 3' FOSTER 9t CO. MMV MARKET. Sunday, Feb. tt?'i l?. M. At Boston, yesterday, there were sales as follows 3 Bon !. Philadelphia and Reading Railroad 6'?, 1800, each *1 ,'WO, tO per cent; 3 Certificates Massachusetts A's, each I xmo or *9?0, N8] per Cent. The new Board of Brokers it now fairly in operation. It t as organised under Col. Hamilton as President, but wl o we understand has now resigned, and Walter Mead, K.-ij. late < aslderoi the North American Trust Company, i* to hi- President at a nominal salary. There arc from tw<nty-two to twenty-four sitting members, and for several days the public have attended and taken part in the traiisHi-iions. That is, w hen a broker offers a stock at a (certain price, a bystander d*sirous of purchasing, esrlsiuts 1 lake R," and nameg his broker, who perform* the hit.mess at a quarter per cent commission on the amount of the purchase, instead of on the ncminal capital, as st the old Ixinrd. This system seems to take with th* public, and will,undoubtedly, lead to throwing open tlig old toard. The new board, it is well known, was lorme.1 by those members of the oil hoard, who did not ?'i . . I in tin ir not.lie... . . . I....'I Tl?. 1 uaofiar I with them, many however, who never he. lo mi'.lto the other hoar.i. The folljwing is a list of the mrmtien ol the new 1>oard Hismuni iniNio Stock EicHAFKK. i i.i? N ithm, Vice Pres't.' VVm Stebblus, formerly V I). Robinson, Treasurer.' Cashier Dry Deck Br.nk. J Jo-ejvh, Meet') .* J. K. Hatterlee, formerly PreI, losr(ii,* sldent Oretmwich Bank. J K Mutton, My, Leeds, formerly firm H Hay ?, Amory, Leeds Ik Co. E. Mills, ?? Lamb, Mendem Nathan, tL-orge Henrique*, Fred. Cammann, J Henry, formerly Martin Stoddard, Mies Bank J. It M.John, wan Trust ? Day. were members of the old board, the i street brokers. It necessarily follows, soriation is firmed under such circum Mancei, that all art not responsible This is guarded Mtsmst by ths enforcement of the rule requiring ten per -ent of the amount to W-put up. The frequent short anil mphatir " ten up," which follows a call of stock, altiouch it .ljai|.etn the hopes ami eIonaatea the visage ot many an enterprising neophyte, ensures the safety of the 3?tract. The receiptsof specie at New Orleans for three da> s, *mling January Mlh, were as lollows : luroai s of gen it it Naur Obi.eans. t' r ship I Iimi, Ironi Lin t (>ool $70,000 I'er bark Richmond. Irom Havre HO,000 I r ship Kllen Brook-, Irom Liver|Ktol 241,000 IVr rteamhoet*. from the West 1,000 Total $392,284 1 he amount of capital employed in hanking, is undoubtedly too large .it all |ioints, more particularly in this ity, where the greatest deer ease has takeu place in that business, which creates the greatest demand for hanking fac ilities The imports into the I'nitad States, lor the larf sis months of Ih4j, as compared with the last six monthsol l*M, show a decline of $80,000,000, of which $33 OHO.OOO was in the port of New York. Tho import and distribution of this amount of goods, probably ^furnished husmess paper to the amount of $70,000,000, anil with other branches of trade the decline is near Hwi.Olili.Onn, ol an average of three months bills, making SX>,nti0,uiNi per annum lees business lor the bonks. The consequence is, that the institutions now are utterly unable to employ their funds in a sale manner. They are, therefore, drirrn to the purchase of bills at the present low rates lor the pur|>ose ol inqiortiiig specie, which yield about ser?n per cent at present rates. This gives n tem porary employment to their IuikU, aad in ordinary tlmi s thr im|)ort of specie would create by its interior opcration, a rem * iil Jem. nd lor im|H>rt o( goods, u hich Would agaiu place mercantile pa|*r at the dismiss! of the hanks. Thli remit cm.not now tw bruiiitht alniut tor several rcakiiii, the moat prominent of which are the hightaiitt and the prevailing discredit, which in a bar to the revival of trade upon banking credits. On a sjiecie basis price* cannot rite so high, as to admit of im|iorti under tue present tariff, and the transaction of business ti|ion a specie basis, a fiords but small picking* to the bank*. In this rase the nattirulo|>eration oi thr laws of trade will reduce the amount of capital employed in banking, becaiue it cannot be made profitable. Homeoftheinstitutions, us the Mechanics' Bank, are already applying lor a tc luctiou of their capitals to place them on a sound bams OI the 'J4 bank* in the city, pe'hap* one third *hould go liquidation to yield n fair future profit to the remainder. When speculative credit ran wild, Bank capital was multiplied becauae it was profitable and' made the meat it fed on." The re. verse being thu case it must now be reduced, in this process of reduction, stockholders of all the institutions require to use the utmost discrimination. Those banks which are in the worst cordition, 011 being forced into liquidation by the progress of events, will pay nothing.? On the other hand, those which are well managed and retain their business, will hereafter be valuable. This is now the turning point with them. There is not business anough lor them all; a few will retain it und make money ?thu others will be ruined. Some stocks which now sell very low are worth murh more. The multitude oi free banks which have been started, arc sifted down to three in this city?whose atlnirs, by hard knocks, prudence, and vigilance, are in good train. Tho American Exchange Bank long since cut adrift the host of Pearl ucci juuucm whu murira u 10 uorrow insieau 01 10 ivnu^ Those concerned of, soon purged it of the drones. The Bank of Commerce, by the force of circumstances, has been saved from the stockjobbers who wished to make a tool of it. The Mechanics' Banking Association, by a long course of prudence has got its affairs on a firm footing. Its returns are not yet made public, but the result shows a surplus of $33,6-20. Its productive real estate is about $102,000, specie ou hand $-216,000, and deposits $170,000. Oneofthe most extraordiuary features of the financial revolution now in progress is the fatality by which those who are the most strenuous advocates for the credit system, whose prosperity has hitherto depended upon it, and whose daily cry is for its extension by a "return of confidence," are by their deeds, doing their utmost to destroy the fabric which they profess to rear. All credit depends upon the hope and belief of the creditor, that he shall ultimately obtain payment. If the public give credit to hanks by taking their notes, it is because they are confi* dent that those notes will be paid. II an individual gives another credit for property, it is becaute,he believes that be will pay him, and if he will not, that the laws will compel him to restore the property. If a capitalist lends " SSV^ 0| it lioonisan Uo M ConilJ< rit thn Lo. gislature are possessed Of common sense and common honesty, that represent truly their constituents, and are not contracting larger debts than those constituents are able to pay, and consequently that the people ate both able and willing to pay. While confidence is thus unshaken, creditors are willing to extend their loans to almost any extent, and such was the case in 1836-7, and 1833-9; at the former period it first became evident that the (banks could not pay; the Legislature allowed them to suspend because only the public were the creditors. This was the first soriousblow to confidence?the creditors of the banks found that they could not get their pay, and the law would not protect them. The sophistry of bankers and financiers however, lulled suspicion, and States and individuals were still trusted. Soon the revolution rsachad the indi vidual speculators, and they, having suspended, as the hanks had done, wished to have their failure legalized in in the same way; and the bankrupt law of Congress and the stay laws of the State-, taught creditors that their trust in the protection ol the law was as fruitless as that in the means of their debtors. The next phase whic h the revolution presented,was the infection of the taxpayers in many of the States. The law had absolved banks nnd indi viduals from the payment of debts, and there formed an a'mirahleargument why taxes should be resisted, anil State bankruptcy has been the result; again the revolu tied rolled forward and assumed a new phase. The bankruptcy of the several States formed n capital argument for ruining tho Federal Government for their relief consequently profane hands seizpd the land revenues, ami attendant measures have hroiightjthe Federal Government to the verge of bankruptcy; to perfect which, nothing hut the issue of $200,000,000 of National stock is required. Each and all of these measures have been called " relief measures ;" they have been perfecled by those men who clamor for a restoration of confidenceyet theirohject has been to defraud those who give credit! What a singular infatuation?that men should imigine that the way to get credit is openly to cheat and defy those whom tKnv n-itlt in trucf tKi<m I Married. On Sunday, fith inst.. VV. E. A. Camp, to Miss Ay* Eli7.a Vaisduzer, both of this city. Died. On Sunday, 5th inst. at half past one P.M.,Thomas Qilmorf, a nativeof the county Oalwoy, Ireland, aged 32 years. His friends, and those of his father-in-law, Thomas Creswell, and likewise his brother Martin, anil his brother in law A. B. Carroll, are respectfully invited to attend his tuneral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from his late residence 15 Chestnut street. Domestic Importations. Apalachicola?Ship Mary I'hdlips?120 hales cotton Oro Collins?95 J H Talman?22 Smith, Mills Ik co?2# Oahoonr, Kinney It co?to Karl, Porter 81 Collins?an L M Wiley?50 rence 81 TrirnMt?60 A S lYiininptnri Ik co?:il Monehsn 8t Brothers?107 W Barnwell?It J Bnorman?15 Bogart St Kneelanil?46 Silas Bronsnn?30 Gibson Ik Case?41 Gray ik Crosby?10 K Richardson 8t co?28 Post It Phillips?45 hides R S Williams It co?2 chains J R Hitchcock. M A R I T I M E H E R A LI). Mhlp Rasters and Agents. H't shall esteem'it a favor, it captains of vessel! will itur o Commodore Kokkrt Sii.ti.v, of our news llrrt, a report of the shippitiR left ?t the port whence they sailed, the rssols spoken on their passaitc, a list of their cargo, and foreikpnews|iai?-rsnrsi-ws tin-, may hale, lie will board them . 1,1 m .. I, r. . . I . .... ih.,, ....v.l A ...... .,,.1 I...,. .? home or abroad, will aim confer n favor hy aendingto this office .ill the marine intelligence they van obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. I*?IIT OF 1VKYV YOUK, FKBROAHV 0. UN RISF.a 7 2 I MOON 0 UN S 28 | HIOH WATF.H 12 35 Arrive, <1. Hlnp Mary Phillip*. Pratt, II rtaya fiom Analachicola, with cotton, to Port St Phillip*. Nailed ill co. With tup Ambaasador, for Liverpool. Bsrnne Barring!.>n, Bantow, (of Providence) 20 ilay? from New Orlean*. wnh cotton, kc- to maatcr. Srhr John H. HoaRland, Dmtran. 2 >layi from York River, with oyatera, to the matter. On Friday, aaw a large ?chr with bright a'renka aahoreon Wnter (Quarter?took her to he one of the Richmond or Norfolk packet*. Schr American, Johnaon, 2 day* from York River, with oyatera.tomaaler. Below. One ahip, two brig*, unknown. llcralrl Marine Correnitoadciice. OvnuK OF THIi RIIOPF l*l,ANUFR, I , , , ,, ... Newport, Feb.4,18IJ { Arr J.I. Wcyhewet. Collin*, Pro.idenr* lor New Orleana; Sph wild, ( hamber*, from Nnjfo, Coa*i of AOica, for Providence; Caudace, Brown, r ail River lor Bailunore. Returned, Tlio* Keuner. Bid Mary Kimball, Boaton. (icnrral Itreiird. Sao Acuiofnt.?M'. Wm. K Allen, a pilot belonging to the New Jetsey pilot boat Ma'alinah, waa loat overboard yesterday, during the easterly gale. aouth of the ilighlamla. He waa at I he helm atrering the ho it for R inil'" Hook , wh?-u the vessel was truck by a heavy tea which wa?li< il t.irn overboard. F.very effort wa* made to tare him, hat unfortunately withont avail He wavtbout twenty-four wars of agr. of steady habit*, ami t*a* much esteemed by a large circle ?I friend* and acquainturei. He ha* left a wife and two children to mourn hi* untimely end. Ship Claitdiits.?At the laat account*, thia *hin had drove well up on the breaker*. ?nd her mast* had heell cut IWIV It was supposed from this circumstance *hc had not bilged. 1 wo fishing smacks were near I er Brig Oafvza, of Ronton, Capf. Houle, from Mobile lor the former port, put iuto Havana r?th u!t. the crew having refused duty, and plotted to murder the captain and mate, and take the biig 10?M the Isle of Pines," of course. Three of then* are in hour and will he sent home for tri*l?the brig will proceed on her vox age a* soon as the can procure men, which ;at preient are rather scarce. Schr Carolina. Smith, of and for St w York, in attempting to cross the bar of ilie liio (Grande, after having then been off for 20 days, was by a h-avy norther, blown ou the South Point, with loss ol anchors and chains, aud was lying on the 7th mini less than 2 feet of watf r. Schr /khvuh, Parks, frairi New York, went iuto the Bras*os on the 14th ult. She had been ashore, and was obliged to throw overboard her deck load of lumber. Unprrckdentko ?There are hut four ships remaining uncleared in this port; and such is the scarcity of seamen, that ship owners are compiled to send to the Cane to procure hand* to man iheir vessels.?[Boston Transcript, beb. 4. Whalemen, A letter from on hoard the YVm Wirt, of Fairhaven. reports her at the Cape de Verds on the loth of November, all well? no oil. spoKerii Baltic, Ort-iiory, 15days from New Orleans,'for Nantz, no date, lat 24 40, loll 76 50. lionir Porta. Wiscassft, Keb 2?Sid Atxliew, Chase, Havana; Fellowship, Sawyer, Trinidad de Cuba. Portland, eyb2?Arr Orb, Calef, Trinidad de Cuba Cld Napoleon, Robinion, Havana. Sid Sarah, (new) Hobitiaon, N Orfenni; Washington, Woodbury, M uauzas; Exchange, Leavitt, Havana Boston, Feb 4?Telegraphed, Alice, jColbv, from Cadiz.? Signal for a brig. ''Id Cnrinlauns, Elwell, Antwerp; Tioga, Rieker, Havana; Windsor, Linnell, do and Europe; Ida, Hallett, Charleston; Vatelalier, Berry,Havana; 8t Pierre. Bryant, St Thomas; Friend Howes. Mobile; Star, PrindW, NYork. Nr.w Bauvont), Feb 3?Cld Charlotte, (Bremen) Hohorst, Bremen. Hoi.Mrs Hole, Feb i?No arrival. Remain in port, Oaintei, Towne, for Salem; Alpine, Foster, for Boston, Susan, Pet tee, for do. Tarpailin Cove, Jan 27?Arr Chickasaw, Kendrick, from B dtiinore tor Boston, and sld 29lh. Ari 30th, January,(Gaboon, Ocracock lor Boston, having lost deck load on her passage?she also drum;, d her anchors nearly to the breakers in the Cove, duIIIlk' the kale of the 1st, where she held on till the wind chunked, when she got off without datnake. Also arr, Jaspei, Niefcersou, Bostoii for NYnrk, and remains Feb 2d, witii the January, for Boston. Providence. Feb3?Arr G.ilagr, Brightinan, Baltimore. Newport, Feb 3?Arr Jail 31, Maize, Pillshurv, Thomaston for NYork; Feb 2, Thos Fenner, Nickerson. Providence for Philadelphia; Rosillhe, Bakei, Wickford for Norfolk; Rieuzi, Dnrfee.N York for Providence. Sld Feb 3, previous to 9 am, Thos Fa liner, Philadelphia; Mary Ann, Maize, and Vantic, N York. ApaLachicola, Jan 21?Arr 17th, Ellen, HadclifT, New Orleans; I8ih, Patriot, Rich, Charleston; 19th, Emily, Smith, Havana; Mallory, Brown, New York; Caroline E Piatt. Rice,do. I'll 17th, Ambassador, Knight, Liverpool; Mary & Susan, Grace,do; Emblem, Talbot, do; Mary Phillii s, Pratt. NYork; 20th, Choctaw, Kntner, do; Harriet, Vinson, do;IGeorge, Kellogg, ChsrlejtM. In port? Ships Danntless, Rogers, Qnq{l| Courleoay, Turner, do; Illinois, Eveleigh, New York; Martha Washington,Ta ler, do; B Avmar, Carver, freight: Rose.Couklin, do; Solon, Buckuain, do; Liverpool, Fladley, disc; Marion, Weeks; baroues Mallory, Brown, NYork; Roualdson, Wlieden, do; Triton, Carr, Providence; Tiberius, Howes, Boston; Calisto, Blniicharil;_btiks Ellen, Kadclitf, NOrleans; Patriot, Ricli. nuit-BHiii; eonii>, oinun, navana; < K 1'latt, Kici, > York; M m hat'an, Do me, do: Horteuae, Jones, do; Pioneer, Smith,do; David Duff. I, Adams, 8t Thomts; Gazelle,Olo?cr, Providence; Hnknmnk, Johnson, Jo; Senator, Pepper, Jamaica; Alabama, Williams: Peruvian, Waisoo, freight: ( anion, Pettiugill, do; Vi Packet, Brazier do: North Pole, (B') Wilson . disg; schrs Wanderer, Lewis, for Norfolk; Oriole, Woodruff, I'ity Point, Va; Mary Ellen, Butler, Mobile; Seminole, Allen, Baltimore; Win Ozinan, Murphy, do; Julia, Shoemaker, NYork; Gorge, Kales, Thomaston; Melissa, Faninm, NOrleans; loon, ('lift, do; Star, Williams, Middletown. Ct; Peqt ot, Lew is, Mobile; brig Arncne, Mct'lmtoek, NYorlt. OOUND PILOT?OWEN Pit p. SCO I T, Pilot lor V. w 0 Bedford, Nantucket Simula, Host on. Portsmouth, Portland, Ketmebeck, and other porta, Office at Frye St Shaw's Nauti'-al Store, 222 Water, corner ttcekauui street, N. Y.?Vice versa Adams' Express, Boston, three days before wanted. Charge the saute as from Gay Head. j25 Itnisr PROSPECTUS OF THE MEDICAL NEWS AND LIBRARY. THK numerous applications for the Medical Intelligence a from Physicians in every part of the country, and the general approbation it lias received, hat iudtioed the publishers to be lieve hut its more frequent publication, with an enlargement 01 its plan, would render it still more acceptable to the profession. He has therefore determined to issue it in future monthly uoder ill- title of Medical News and Library, and that it shall contain, in addition to miscellaneous Metlh al Intelligence, reports of clinical lertnres.acconuts of the different Medical Schools slid Hospitals, with notices of cases and operalions iu those institutions, and various other tnattrrsof Interest to practitioners. The nnmerons medical delusions oftlie day, and the devices resorted to br charlatans to delude the public, will receive due atte..tion and he folly exposed Quackery never assumed a more audacious front, or appeared in more guises than at present; and witn the aid of the powerful auxiliaries it nas minted, seems likely to overshadow the whole country, ii less proper efforts are made to ar est it, and medical men are furnished wiih the means of refuting the numerous falsehuids tud absurdities daily pronay ted, ami which obtain cedcnce mainlv bt cause the tiutn in regard to them i? never made known. I he scope of this periodical, it will he perceived, is entirely different from tfiat of the American Journal of the Medical Sciences. The latter contains the matme retlectious and the carefully di.rsted results of the practical experience of the bevt minis hi the profession. The former will he devoted to lighter medi'al literature. It will record discoveries as they are made, tud pissing events as tl.ey occur, inrnishing thus the material which only after heme sift?d. enmiins.'il verified a...I .lh,--i?.l become fit for the dignified quarterly. The large unmber of journal* received by the editor will furnish smi le materials of -nr-h description, ami much that is ntrenlT interesting,but which wou|d noi find its way 10 the professionthrough existing sources nl intelligence, will lie subinivvd through tins. A Student's Library war some time since announced as in preparation, and tin- publisher will now issue it ill conjunction with ths Medical News. _ The Library will comprise a series of lectures on the priu-ipnl branches of medical science, and will constitute a complete library for the student, and a useful work for reference, to the practitioner. The very full and admir able Course of Lectures an the I'rin^n.l ,.f M-ai-ie., I - . el y .lei i hy Professor W tirrir, of Kings College, London, will be the first of the series These Lectures will have their seperale paging, and will, when complet*, form a volume that may be bound by the subscriber. T? conform ro this extension of its plan, the title of "Medical News and Library" has been adopted. January and February numbers now ready. TERMS. One Dollar per annum, inadrance. Address ISRAEL POST. f62t is*ee 88 Bower -. PARR'S LIFE PILLS. 'PHIS Fine Herbal Medicine has scarcely been introduced ' into the United States six months, yet in this short sin ce of time, without any extraordinary exertions on the part of the proprietors, it sale in the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Nrw Eire land States and Canada, has increased with such rapidity as to exceed their most sanguine expectations. The public are now beginning to understand and appreciate the superior efScacy of this mild medicine to the |>oweifnl purgative* that have been hitherto aold thein iu the snape of pills which inay give relief for a short time but always at the exiiem e of the system, by < niVebliug it and rendering II more liable to receive again other complaints. On th- comr rry, Parr's Life fills gently eradicate disease 1 y removing all obstructions in the intestinal canal, purify iug the Mood, strengthening tin system, andcri aiing a natural and healthy action of the body?they also ad powerfully as a tonic, ami restore to the l a'ien a long lost rppetileaiid a health craving for food. As a family ine Iicin it is nneotiallri!, and miy be taktn by every mi mber of a family torn tire youngest to the oldest, being perlec'ly free from all mineral preparations, giving ho |rain, and acting mi'dly as a purgative. Si any females who have taken this medicine speak in lite bight at terms of tin-great beurfit they h ive hud Irnin the useofit, rud to all female* ofa delinte habit of b rdv we would pa'ticularly lecoinmend this mdicme; ihey will ' id it agreeable In lake, soothing rn the system, ami certain iu its removing tin sour and bail humor iroin the Irotlr?in the spring torpid 11 mi Acrimonious fluids that have I ml Jormaut n lie bodf dvilif the wiu'er, hut are again broogtf llll# activity, wi|l be sptedily removed by taki.g Pan'* Lif* P?l s every night, before going to bed, for two or three weeks. The proprie'nrt have aire dy many eicellent testimonials of thy eflica?y o! Parr's Life Pill* in bilious and scorbutic complaints, (lirouic cases ofrohL, constipation of the bowels. tlvspepsia, liver complaints, dehilit" ana complaiuts incidental to female*. The following aie the exclusive agents for the sale of Parr'* Li?e Pill*, where may he had gratia the Life and Tim us of Thnm is Parr, with two tine engravings, and much other inter Mtilf matter : James /\ai-in wall. Druggist and Chemist, ft? William street ; Kushtoto It Co. I10 B NKlfi d \ H an Abraham Sauds fct Co. druggists and rle ini-i;*. granite buildings. No. 27 I 8rO way. corniT Chainhs r street ; David Sands &. Co. No. 77 Knit Broadwav ; P. Dickie, 4I3 Broulw.iy, corner Lisp.-nard C'Mt ; John H D Ktd, dmggiat, Broada ty, c< . i Bl< k< i reel ; N. W.Btdeau, Bowery Mtdinu** store, 260 Bowery ; John C. Hart, diuggrst, 3lfHJrand, eoriicr Norfolk street; ^vine's Medicine store, 63 Bowery, corner W-dker street; J"l?n Syme, comer Fulton and Water streets; Horace Kver ft, druggist, 67 (Ireenwich street, near the corner ! K rank I in; J. fit .1. oi'Ulli^tnii, i|?n(lif c ri* Hi- ' i i . tr< < t ; K L. Co ton, i hernial ; BIm i nor, corner Jones ?trrrt; J. We ?d< ver, druggist and ipoUiec.iry, N??. HI Kighth accrue Brooklyn?C. Wflli Bimooa, seed, driif, and ?.ai?*nl tnedi cine warehouse, 184)f Kaltoft street. and wholesale at the proprietor's bffice T HOBKKT S I O, Clarendon Honte, cor. Daan# si. and Broadway. Small boxes 2j cent* Large ?r family bote* '.0 relit*. Persons desirous ' fobtai: imr an agency for their tale m the country, will please direct their li tters, pott paid, to T. MoHi rfs \ ( n I. i hi v *17, V \\ \ rk. l?. ImT 'I'll I) l< I HOIS I - Wl) i t I'll Kit ^ VVtial?T. IIOBKHT8 Si CO of London, *ort of i!,. celebrated tnd popular medicine. "Parr's Lif< Pills M har* ing established i depot I thi I n Men \ ?t u. ml being now prepared to supply the marker t< ? it lit would retpectfully call the attetit ">ii of druggts's uid others <u the trot#- to their popular medicine, of which ther? sold in Kurepe more dun 30.000 b io weekly, and altVn ugh it hat been scarcely ail bomHs in th? tuned Ht it?-a, tl.? aalrs liivt rapidly eitrndedthrough the States of New V rk, IVni aylvaiiia. New Kngland States, mid Canada. A* a Imnil) medicine, it it uneqgalled, being perfectly free frmu <u\ imral preparation*; u ia also siMriuailv tlrcurt m th? rate of bilious complaiuts, dyt|Mpti?, roiisnini tn :it, and all disease* arising from impurities of tin* bio- d, b? mg ter\ rniM in its operations on the system, it may be ukeu b> tl.e in at delicate ft male and small children The above may be ha?l wholesale at the ?.|lire ? T II r?? 6c Co. No. 304 f'larrndou House, corner ol Du ' .v II' ?dw iy, first flo >f. l?n end r MKoH BALK?A >ouug, luil gtowu w touun laud d<g of fiueat bread and largest site. Hit owner ibout leaving t g tiva will (hspoee of him Upon reasonable terms, h r p rti ti'ait ply to 3? Kletcher tt. |l M OKI HKT HOLAf'h Th with the moat set . i) , ol >i > di?f ite, hi .!' its <111! which ha* never b*-en known to fail. We dlnd ? . th* lam us n wf... Mltlif.r*. II-.I I I r.?.. ? ... *-" - ? ... I. , celebrity in nearly r*. ry city ill Hie l/i.iied **tat. ?, <n .1 in thu city ilniir it has cured thousand* ..I i ??e? wl.- . <li nilnrr rem' diet hive ended in hopeless despon Jenry ; by e ill ma the .<1.1 11 .inter i in Pisp. near. No t l)i>i>i.iuai, i tltaolufe cure. Price $1 per ml. . . MADAMk aduli H >I - I < antra ot thi iKiiiirnnt. tint ihc pr^rrniion* of tnr brutal ? She tlialiliei a I nrioailv, na ural. and ih rr f re | r>. er She make* men and women are, what Ihev an antinnaly anmeglimpres o( their deatiny, rspeei a 11 t in affair* "I the heart. Her revelation*nr* made in ai rerity, a id h * aurprised the moat incrednlona. She will a-? l< iea and gentlemen *1 her private parlors. 10 Park How lr* P*r hui. rapettts I.AST COM KHI THIS sk.AHOV SIliK KAPKTTI haa the honor to inform hiafrni. a Had the pnhlir that his !aal liratid < onrert nl Vneal and Inatrmaie atal Music will lake place at ,Nihlo*a Saloon, on Wealtieadav. t v 1Mb ilisti < n which ocosion he will be assisted by Some .( the inmt dislinnuisheii talent la the city Particulars in fist tire- advert isemeata. t s is I I K this meets the eye of Mr IIKNKi KAKK1 1 I neer. he is earnestly napr, ated to write to hia aiaters, idrra at d to the care of messrs. J. k J. colman It CO, I'i Jfwv'rc _ I, D.iwgatc Hid. L don. VIi Tim \ K 1\ /I Id I A. formerly ot Bogoi i this rhonld inert Ins ey e or that of any person who an give i, formati n of hia residence, they will rotifer a graat favor on his brother, by addresiiUK I'EKSSE It IInot IKS. ft I mis rc t "a. tl LilsgyiiwH i'ORTi iin >i kkvi \i.k nu> cPHKSE far lamcd and celehraled Pilla, from Partogai. ara, a we perceive, to be obtained in this country. See .nlveilise meut on tlie last colnmu. fourth page, ml AUCTION SALES. = I'lM'MAS BM.L, Auctioneer. I3V HKLL & HOWAKD. '**< ??? V>? 12 v)?r. tttlii ili fci/'r?n? esei.l rUKHDAY \t I"o'clock in the hIvi room. Exleusivi tale tud domestic ilrv goods, in Into to ou t, clothing, Loudou an<l Freuch cloths, cunmfin, veslings in anv length*. wit| Alan, |>li artieli *, fancy goods, jewelry, iuni, cutlery, ?uie watches.t'inke >. Jk.--. In (| Alan, hunk* olid atationerv, groceries, 8(C. Also. .1 limit r,iio yards and Freneh superfine broad anil beaver cloths slid casannerrs in lots to suit, 12t? veat patterns, gloves, stockings, under shirts, fltrs, he. -pi Also isluilde w itrlieo, 3 Loudon guns, 2 trunks, secnud g hand clothing, ,2 do. merino, silk and ca?hmere shawls, scarfs and handkerchiefs, and nuiiaermia other choice goods. , ., WEDNESDAY. ,ua At IdW o'clock at the sales room. Large and splendid aale of lirat rate furniture of all descrije tiona, frotn families removing, Sic.; also, lirat rate city made ^ new do do. t omiTiauiki run*, carpets, matting, oil cloth*, beds, bed* ed?, beddiiur, aot'/oi. eh.ur?, table*, bureau*. looking Kla?se?. wardrobe*, aidrboard*, elegant *oraa, cnuchea, marble top dreaauig bureau* ditto pier and outre table*, auiicih pianoforte, all kiuda ol lird room furniture, kildieu utensils, he. thuiUdav. At 10V. o'clock, iu the sale* room, Extra and Positive rtale of Faulting*, Sofaa, he.?By rataloituc. 57 iniiika valuable |utiiitiiu(a, lay lie beat innatera, of the auciriit aud modern n hoots?immediately altar, aol'u, eipial to any iu thecity?French couchea, ottoinaua, divaua, a-wiuy and rocking chaira, IH dozt u mahogany aud maple parlor do, foot bcuchca, lampa, chaudeliera, he. TO LET?Two larue romna iu 2d and 3d atorieaof No. 175 Broadway, opposite H.iwaid'* Hotel. , HKNKY K KlfcLL. Auefr. BV well h ARCULARfUt*. Au Store 301 Broadway, corner of Duaue atrerta. jyIt. h A. are now read-; to made advance* to any amount on miu consignments, Keiiirus prompt. Sale* of real eatatc and out door a ilea of hon?ehii!il lurtilrii-e iltended to ill le-raoti. Regular aale* of Lii|Uora Hegat* he., e*erv Tueaday; Furniture, Pianos, In ,ever> Wedneajav tud Saturday. Pel MONDAY'; At 10-? o'clack, in the aale rootna. Later aale of cloth*, el..tinny, jewelry, he. Thia atnek of A ti cluthiug is lar?c and consists of line cloth I rock, drraa and over . P coata. Alao, a desirable lot of fine and plain colored caaaitrere p int* ailit, cloth, and velvet \eata, all made in faahiouahle atyle and worthy of rlie attention t.l deal, ra, fnnilie* ami ynunit men. Sile unlimited ayd withoutteaerve in large Iota or to auit buyera. Can be eiamiueit three hour* before the aale. The TUESDAY, 7th Feb. At half>p*at 10 o'clack, in the aalea room The Groceries, wines, liquors, seg' The AI*o, <50 m aesar* in bond. Will be aold at ?bort price,or to Thr stttt buyer*. Thr WEDNESDAY, lib Feb. A' 10)4 o'clock in ihe *ale roriia*. I Tin A lare-e lol ot hi.iioli ,i,?. ?w*,l. ... la I I 1 cottage, office and bed mom Aiai'e, think cases, wash stands, China ware, and an invoice of fancv imported and domestic goods Tin- Attention of buyers is rt i|nested. The goods are unlimited and Jeime more than ordinalv inspection. 'j'l,, CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD The rnPFJCHTTi No TT5 Broadway, bttoni tth md Mtk streets ? 'anu s M. Miller ii Co. will o il mi Tuesday, Froiua* ry 7th, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange, undi r the illrection of tiro. Catliu, E?q , Mister in Chancery, all the unci[ ired term of lease dated 21th March, IHIi. made by trustee* of . Sailors'Snug Harbor of the city of New York, to E- H. War- ' ran, together Willi allt he right and advantages of the renewals, 8tc. therein mentioned. ft;2t*rr p^ BOOKS'FOR THE PEOPLE cpHE following Pnblicatinus are for sale at the HERALD A OFFICE. North W, si cornel of Fultr n and Nassau sts? ?j-|t| where nil the Cheap Publications of the day can be bad as soon as issued, at the PUBLISHING PRICES. BIANOA CAFI'ELLO?an Historical Romance _ by Lady Lvtton Bui.wkh This is publish- 1 eil in a nipple extra number uf the New World. Single copies I8J? cts. $12 (ier hull,' dre<l to newsmen. ALLISON'S SPLENDID HISTORY OF EUROPE, iu Ifi Numbers. The I, II, III and IV Noa are now ready, each 23 cts. COOLKY'S AMERICAN IN EGYPT, to be 0,11 completed iu C Noa. No. 1 now ready in BRANDE'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA, Noa 1,1. and 1, 23 URE'S DICTIONARY of the Arts, Seieneei, he, to be completed iu 6 monthly nu in tiers. Price $1 each. GEORGE ST GEORGE JULIAN, The Prince Th. ?Nos 1, 2, 3 sud 23 THIKKS'S HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, No 10 now ready, 25 THE HISTORY OF THE REFORMATION M in Germany, i*c, in the Sixteenth Century, a,, by J U Merle D'Aubigne, No 1 and 2 now SPARKS'I.IFE OF WASHINGTON, 6 num- ' Zit hers, each 25 . JACK HINTON, 31M, 30 fc |1 00 H HANDY ANDY. 50. <1 ?t $1 25 ff'i HECTOR O'HALLORAN,No.9, 12* p" HUMPHREY CLINKe.R?By Smollett. Com- h" plete iu one number, 25 TOM JONES, or the History of a Foundling? complete, by Fielding, 50 JOSEPH ANDREWS, by, Fielding, complete in . ? one manlier, 25 A L. 8. D.?Or, AccouuU of Iriih Heirs, by 8 Loser, No 1 end 2 now ready, }? 1 NOVELIST'S LIBRARY. V Tliis Library will be completed in ten weekly cambers. Mai VIVIAN GREY?by D'lsraeli?complete in one volume, 25 VKNETIA?byD'Israeli?complete in one volume, Ei ROMANCE AND REALITY?by L E 1 mplete in one volume, 25 1* THE YOUNG DUKE?by D'lsraeli?w tiispor- Bel trait of the author. 25 5 FRANCESCA CARItARA?by L E Lamlon, 25 Ma HENRIETTA TEMPLE?by D'lstaelt?complete 8at in one volume 25 b PETER SIMPLE, by Marry&t, complete in one Kit number, _ 25 Qu MONTHLY MAGAZINES. ,'t OOUEY'S LADY'S BOOK, for February, ? Y" GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, " 25 Am LADY'S COMPANION, 25 THE A tST 1ST. 25 " SARGENT'S MAGAZINE, Feb number, iust published. 25 Aui MISS LESLIE'S MAGAZINE, February number, 'J! just published, 15 g WAVERLY NOVELS. IVANHOE?by SirWalter Scott?complete in one '.IP timber, 25 '" GUY MANNER1NG? by Sir alter Scott? complete in one number, 25 THE ANTIQUARY?by Sir Walter Scottcomplete iu one number, 25 V ROB ROY?by Sir Walter Scott?complete in one number, 251 OLD MORTALITY?by Sir Walter Scott? complete in one number, 25 . HEART OK MID LOTHIAN?by Scott?com- A plete in one number, 25 BRIDE OF LAMM ERMOOR?by Scott?comIilete iu oue number, 25 LWORTH?by Sir Walter Scott?complete iu one number, 25 WAVERLY?by Si.- Walter Scott?complete in one number. 25 n THE MONASTERY?by Walter Scott?coinplete in one number. 25 THE ABBOT?by Walter Scott?complete in one uumher 25 THE LEGEND OK MONTROSE, by Walter vScott, complete in one number, 25 LIHR AltY OF SELECT NOVELS. No Beautiful Uniform Edition of Bui wer's Novels. Twenty-Jive Cents each. PELHAM. DISOWNED. DEVERK.AUX. PAUL ClIKKORD EUGENE ARAM.' u/ini uai" up THe. TZXKINA. Mm HIlCNZl. The L.i-1 of the Tribune*. 8ELK UtVllTION, or Kethariue Randolph. NABOB \T HOMK, or the Return to EugUud. ERNEST MALTRAVERS. ALICE; or, The Myiteriet; Sequel to Ma'itraver*. Y|)e COOPER'TTNOVELS. RED ROVEK, in two number*, price 59 CHARLES DICKENS' (BOZ) WORKS. SU All the work* of the above.writer will be published ill regular >()T(.'s ON AMERICA, for general circulation, 12X Ke< NICHOLAS NlCKLEBY?Postage 20 cent* under. rtud JlX ceuis over 100 miles, 50 OLIVER TWlsT?Postage II cent* under, and lull c?nt? over 100 iniles, 25 PICKWICK PAPERS? Complete m one ntim- Uni ber, 50 she THE CURIOSITY SHOP, completeiuone number, 50 * rail PURLISHLD IN QUARTO FORM. 'h' BENTLEY'S MISCELLANY. (a republic*- J^, lion.) jnst received, at the low price of 12)4 rent* finale cony. H 1 BLACKWOOD'S MAOA5CINE?a republication No. I _ 18X P.YL'LIN E?a Talc of Normandy, by Alexandre Dumn, I2X ?LI.? THE NEIOHBORH?From the Oermau,by Mary H't* ett, , 1BX CH EM I8 TRY?applied to Agriculture and Phyiiolgy bv I. leheg, 25 THE WESTERN CAPTIVE-Or the Time* of T-'fumiph. 18X LET TKliS OF MAKY UUKKN OF SCOTS? In Atrnr* Strickl mil. 25 ijrn MKVOiRS OK THE QUEENS OK FRANCE hi Mrs K. Ilntli. 25 " THK NAUTILUS"?? collection af Sea Talcs? A ? mi < count of tin" HOMERS' MUTINY, 13* oft i III Z/I.KWIT. hy Dickens 1 fic, TOM BURKE OF OURS. I ei? I. S I) or Ai 'iuiiK of Irish Heirs > All for WINDSOR CAHTLE I 12* ABVENTURKS OK ARTHUR O'LEARY, J trA <ln< nut on nil the aboye mollis to agents 0 ^|, Hui i' ri| ti us for ill I lir shore Mait.i7.inrs m ill bo rtceiyed at ? this I'ftu r, ami |ui to illy alls tided to. j28rc FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. 'PK.RMR HV 1)1 ? ED TO ONLY I WO DOLLARS n I ANO A IIALK tor a Kali Course of Wsman Lnsaas * re' IIOLDHVIITH'H Nations! Cnirosrsnhie Institute and BookK-e|>i ? A- ti ivi,, N'w York,uphotkstha ? t i?i Hall; rnii mo ?t the door of Prale's Museum Mr Gold- -,IL ilk mysttftlli isfarai tha eitrtaat of .New York and its ['on in, that his iptcions at ailments for the interaction ol [iJ'' f\ 1'invnhi . ami B<>"k-Kerpiui(, will close about the 15thof 1 "r M ti . i Mr O. has ohi inrtl the firtt premium three con- J"' an (or the ho?t tpaamaM of Mti-Iin..l ptnttuahip, est tied it the treat Fairs of the American Institute. He also ' J'1 i leils' ? himself tn impart to a'l in ten lessons of one hour each, J"'* Ins math adirm seem f aH labia '" I e| i.t.iltrv penman- ,,M" ship or retain the money, at the espirition i| tlis lessons. I . . tenth nieitire tan.;ht a bold, free, Hashing style ol mi-rcan. ' tils writing, mourn with the greatest rapidity. I'he ladiesac. II re s hesntifol style of r| istolary writing?an inraluable . . itapltshment to the set. Bell V ma teiitlemru i|ualtlied as teachers of the art, in all its 1 .in i . . i'tn( I h H \1 ?Fotaroutst of Mere mtlle and F.pistnliry Writinit * ' |' <*.< |i..litre and < Mil H dtfrpiM, rrllM (torn fifteen to .... i t for <11 unlimited <t tldlRCv, piv*tilr in xdrxnee. 1 ? n.rii tixiini iht ciiv ru iMrite i tnam of writih let- ,V'M >f three ilavi. 'I'he ladiea meet daily from I I 10 I . ntlrmen Hi ? A >1. and Jii, 7 in<l 1 I' M Prirale in- *' *iv?n. t the Academy. a tuperior artirle orgDld nun motallir [*Mi Hiriti'iti-K b*rt H VI "11?. Vnyor nf the city of N Vw?- .. tie II I llXf let W lie Hull k< Mum nf Brooklyn. . J hii Dtait, II reri or of Maaaaenuiett*. 1 fl ? II i A!<? -.i? Utwre? ' Button MEDICAL NOTICE. Aye I \K HOMRR Bl?l?TW|l K. Prnfe?anr of Hnntery and Bnr I ' N w York Mrdiffll nii.l Snryral Imtitntr, i dueaa< ? "I the 1 heart *:oi I line *. <lv*l? < ' 'Mlir tyalum, xnil <11 ' . it III' <1 >1 "lorn that hu attended hi* tir I'l.-n'l, fatil illi. i*... VV I ,< h |M , ? ( m III- ntoat remote part* of the rounlry the. to . 1 re !< ?? el?e? nder hi* eve, and .mi of Ml |>*tlen(* that |,<,. nn'ii ', all hnt IWe returned to their home* per J.illi leetlv eeie.l, and th?*e|n?* were inrnrable ? m HDVItK BOH I WH K. >1 D. "hap No Tifhamhem <treet, jvll Inia'n Bet oud howee weet of lioadwayf JII AMUSEMENTS. I welch's 1 OLYMPIC CIHCPH, AT THi PARK THEATRE. tup: devoiFhTng ogre Will be repeated Ever> K'eniti.' until further notice. all the Oreaf DiapltV of New Seenerv, an.I the ilehni of (TOUR EXCELLENT ARTISTS' ie Principal Character., anil ill all other re?|>ecta prndnrad atari ripenae hitherto unknown in tint city. CARD OF INFORMATION. re pnhlir are reiiiectfnl Iv ailri?ed, that in order to Secure a, an Early Application ahould he made in ,he Mornnut, h will prevent manv inconvenience, and diaappointnif nta le continual niftiii ol Farnilirt who arc pleated to honor patronize WELCH'S OLYMPIC CIRCUS ! ettrian Director*? Menu II. Knekwell h Cadwallader ana to the Circle*. Dunn Ik Well* Perform.nice, locouiinence at 7 o'clock. THIS EVEN I NO, The troupe will commence with a MAGNIFICENT EQL'STRIAN MOVEMENT, k ntllled ClllUL'UL . liuo.o Pa* dr Dance,by Mil* Weill t Olenroy In a variety of Superb a??l Difficult Ftata on honeback. Etercisf s ou the B.utnute Board. Trauiforinaiioiifi livC J Hokum. An Act by the droll Pont Chronouoionihologos. Mast Itincarie ?* llir Veteran Sailor'* Son. Indian of the Itocky Mountain, bv () R Stone, La Corde Volatile, by Hi'mo Franklin Act eutiiled thu Three Gladi?"or*, by Cadwallader, B Carrol, and J. J N Htham. At this period of the Evening an lutermistiou of teu utes will ciihuc THE SECOND PAKT wi'I commence with The Four HmiKari ins* fectiou of Bodily Ovininstics bv Mr Nathan* and pupils. A series of Negro Songs. Dance*, entitled COMIC. BLI'I NOP COMMONPLACE, The whole to conclude with I rand Romantic Legend and Fiene Folic, appointed with 4ew Scene*, Dresses, Decorations, Mechanical Effects, andlOutrie < 'ircumsfancc* and Situation*, entitled the DEVOURING OORE; THE TERROK OK THE FROZEN REGIONS! HARLEQUIN AND THE THUMB KAMILY. t New Sceuery by Mfiwi Smith. J Wiarr, B Grain, Wheatley nnil inimeiaaa A.sai.taiiU. Machinery by- Mr Speara and hit Various M.iehinis's Dresses of ill Nation, by Mr l.ewis ami Assistants . Hu|*rb Costumes, by Mrs Hom.iiings Accnaories ami Decorations, by Mi ssrs Henry Palmer ami ' lenrgc Hilacy. I Kolie invented, written ami produced under thr ili eciiou ol 'Mr J If Amherst inopg many singular Serine Effect, will br presented in NORWAY. The Er17.n1 Oeean. Terrific Iceberg. Floali. g. rnilc Crucifix nreteil bv Shipwrecked Travellers,opposite THE STEEL CASTLE. i Ogre after e rasing the destruction of the little Tliutnha temporary ahoile, riilei arro.a in liia sledge, drawn bv a Polar Bear The History of the Magic net. The Buffering Traveller. entraiH-d ami borne to THE CASTLE OK SKELETONS. Ogre, a Migieian and a Cannibal, (as fierce, hungry and crnel as any admirer o( Melo Dram i could desire) Mr Jenniuga volo llcl Fiiego, Fire Demon of the Oolil H> ail, a warm friend aril bnrmng light to the tlgrej who, at hi. Master*, word, Imrna peo- _ pie s nome* snout tneir cars, Master Ferry re Little Thumbs, poor things t all Orphans, and burnt nnt for die convenience of the Can iiibal Ogre, who is addicted to swallowing tit-bits anil aweet relishes,? Mast W Kincade, Misses M A anil A Wrlla. Brave Frviich Knight. Sir Tristam, and hie high-born Dame La Belle M srgerite, both Shipwrrekt il on the NorWegiau Coast, Mr C J Rogers and Mrs Howard being warning rumples [fit for a I'antomime] how fir love may tempt inconsiderate people from hoine. Ti, au Ogreaa, a most hard-hearted lady, given to cut up aud cut down, a Iretle fond of a large bottle and give if to kick, scratch and say bad words, a tit s|Niuse tor an Ogre, Mr T C Paraloe who leads the prey to ffWOAKY ! i Cannibals Refectory, builtof red stone and adomedfwith Kgyptisn Figures and Devices. Ogres commit anachronisms with iinpnnity.1 HORRID RKPA9T. lie Knife and Kiichantrd Nosegay?Tie Loss of Two Legs id the Deliverance aud Transformation of the surronudiug cat tives bv ili a Merry and Mighty Monarch of Moonbeams, represented by?Mast Frederick Wood, bis first appearance at his theatre, who will introduce to the city of New York Iraain Mr C J Rogers iimnioe Mis Howard taloot Mr T C Farsloe Who all proceed immediately (no matter how) to the EAST INDIES. View uf the Kaiah'a I'alaee and Water Estate, omical Oi* ration <>u a Comical Beaat (let the Zoologist* classify it) for it ha? beeu eiprrsely engaged lor Ilia piece, ami ia of a mint novel figure and will |>erform INCREDIBLE EE ATS, yhich, aa moat play billa aay.muat be aeen to be believed. hoot Mr Carrol ENGLAND. Hhopa in Waterloo Head, BUckfriara ! emplilication of Wedding for Weight aud Wedding for Lore , II and High Bred Olieer Orange, Mr ' J Nathana iuda Bnuchentowu, Short and Sharp, bia Vifr, Master B tttdMI dame La Mode, a Milliner, Mrs Wells icy Saiah, a Help, (heaven help her Iiatreaa,) Mra McFarlaud tv Cut', m, a Dn ? Maker, Miaa Bedford rutin Quiz, (a Corioaily;) and .Master of ie Curiosity Shop, MrO Stone tnbald Graver, a Country' Lad, Huntingdon ii hie Hi?ters, Mrtdames Gosstn and Needhum Didone Ahandonatta. a Senaative Lady, uid of White Garlands, Light Literature id ln?ely Lap Dogs, Mr Serjeaut iiiatue, the Ai coinpliahed, ssell known London, Parts and on the Broad way, ew York, aa the Tip Top Kegular Time 'Day, Mr H Nerdham INTERIOR OK CURIOSITY SHOP! wda ofCaatlea and People, a Leap^ winderiul Red Coffer, itent Pop Gun, Restless Chains, ! I hallenge hut no Eight '1 lie accomplished Augustus shot through the leiiiug?r act udi r mil-. ITALY iew of the Lake of Lutano?Hlack anil white?A Child lo*t? Pantaloon in a nuckrr ami It una out to dry. MKKMANY! (Market at Auspack, by Latnidiitht ! (ventures of Uoffn- Stand?Abstrictiou on a great scale. (Vulgariter stealing J Ghost of the celrlirated Mother (to.-'. Muter S< rjeant Three Dutch Colon ill a Most?A I'lrit ' Vrgr table. Mau ansrj and hi th. mufti.uai the Market Dare is Iraii'form'il to the I HALLK OK THE 8TAADHAU8 ! Laid out for a C.irj'Oration Dinner! d Oeuse and Live ones, all re tdy dressed?Animated Psatrjr?Row hy a body ( t ri'or II?Vegelables and Whiskey Overthrow?Roast fowls foully treated?Aityiai aunt and Solemn iithi I APPARITION OK A KIIKM H COOK. that of lh? celebrated I'DE, 10 I'eet iu height and erery w ay |>ro|>ortionatr ! TK?Mons. Cile while living was '? feet I inches but every body knows there'. great stretching allowed iu at>i><ritinna. SWITZERLAND! ( aIIton ol Lucerne | Two sorts of Kidole Pla. u a. A On at Swell ! Bless me, wl ere's my Shirt ! CENTRAL AMERICA. Romantic Ruin igrrounilrd hy a Forest, ik'-ys, OwI/aii?I Wild it (hrmielv ?iuthii irftir. iVlurder funmntcJ mid ItroMtflir to lii()it Great D.unrrr m a M ?rl?lr Month. FRANCE! Oak House at Allouville, Pays de Cam. Humors of a Hi>oiliiig Match?How to Snare a Keen One. SPAIN! The Moonlight Huintt of St. J ago ! Necromantic Vaidt and Enchanted Nosrgay! BTERR.A!? Trial Arch auatained hy Miming BtiWll i I Hot Salamanih rs. Messrs. Hunuels, Hi rain ind I hi sunt. Celestial?Tlie Silver City of T 11 K M (i ?? \ ! Crossed py a Splendid Bridge of Ki pik- ' mineable bright count, iaratic i I course. Mm I. Wells o!ill|( Stais in Amrr, Blur ami ' ilver. Masters Stephens, Glenroy, W. Kiurade and So'.e on, Wells, it . i ved S'ais. Satellites, f'oiusc tir.os i..1 Lu .a111 us irene y; Ml atirrd splendidly in I .m .. ly, that May, imi tothorili'i of modern astronomers, Sir J. Newton, Locke t him on the understanding, but the gentleman of lunar ce ity), Her?chell, jtc. fcc. Str. Pluiti Briuht. Palmer, J.Serjcaut, H. Nredlmm, B. Carrol, B. ffnyt, H Huunels. Pi.aisets Beautiful. dames Oossin, Wells, Nerd ham, McFarlsnd La Faite, Miu Bedford. NOTICfc. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. ar the coneeinenre of Juvenile Partiri there will be a nJ Day IVrloraiance every Saturday Afternoon, cote ring at 2 o'clock precisely. embracing all the choice and t splendid KQUKSTRIAN AND GYMNASTIC ACTS he Seaaoi . For particular* Me himlhills at the Boi i Iwhieh 01 Saturilay will be ready for deliverr Irotn In ?' k A. M. lnti 1 the time of o|<eniiu. IT7~Boxes, 50; Pit, 25; Gallery 12X cents ?" Seats can be secured at the Bos Office, from I# till J ic'r. ,1. BOWERY A 1*1 I'll I TH K ATRE. 37 BOWKRY. ONF. WFKK LONGF.R! , rions to the Hepirture of the Company to fulfil their to- I KSircmrutat the Tremont Theatre, Boston. Boies 25 cents?Pit Oue Shilling. /"The Managers of the New Yoik Bowery Amphithestre i apatiy, have the honor efaiiuomiriog to the public that they p cone luded an engagement w ith the lesser of ihe Tie in out aaneea at that b?aaoti/ul and fashionable establishment on 20th mat* In couit^uvner of which, they ar? happy to B that they will be enabled to delay their departure from < oty for one week longer, during which tune the following liant attracrione will fw offered. i .MONDAY EVENING, beh. 6, t Night o( the novel, groti nine, original, ami atirpaasiugl y melodionaethioinatj band, entitled the VIRGINIA MINSTRELS, ' ng an riclnsively munral entertainment, c< mhunnit the o, violin, hone caatnuettf, and tambourine; aud entirely ei t from the vulgarities atnl other opjectinuable features, ph have hitherto chaiacterited ncaro ntravagauza*. MRS. CAMILLE OAKUMKK, Fint Lady Kiiuratrian tu the Uuited Sates, ta engaged, a ill appear in her unapproachable. In antifnl, and learlraa nan Equestrianism, in a atyle of elegance and boldnrts of ution, aaid to be equal in every lespect to the most cele il artistes nl Kranrmii'i, Paris engagement of the ce'rbrafed Down aud Bnffo Slug", , Mr. R. WILLIAM*, formerly of the calf bralect Cooki 'a Circua, England, ngaitrmeut of the great ( 'hunpion Vanlter of the world, NlfKARLAND, Late of H. Korkwell'a lamoua Tmu|ie, Park Theatre. I agagsment of llie two lot mule Wonders of the age, Miss Mi KAKLAND, d four vea a, aa the Kos' Bod, m Mr 8 B Howei' beaotilal allegorical scene of Cupid and Zephyr, and MAST KM WALTER AYMAR, it oaring, graceful, and thrilling Act of Horsemanship, UnIti e.piall i d ha my f Ins igi in the w. rid HO WANTS COAL ??$1 74?1 m determined ti i ?e inyiiiternt in the coai trade as toon at poasi' lr I will sfort s-ll my stock of Peach Orchard Coil of my ?i*c uere.I iii the b< at order from the yard, free of cartage, >1 ''iur am and seventy-five rents per t"n I will warisnr il as good I-in the city?and worth one dollar per t"h more than Lscawana o, Lehigh. JAVU8 |>()Wf,ltY, I Ini'ac Corner Greenwich aud Kiug sta. | amusements. CHATHAM TIIK.ATH.fc. RKDUrTlON or PHICKS. Drtn Cirri*. 2S Hi' nw, Hpi>ef Tier lIHrm MOMMY i-.Vk NINO, nOMKO Si JULIKT. After whi. h IUIM BAH I'ICS f\ IIIOHO I Ulirllllle With _ ? OUxfN LAMBKIN. I'OI r? f.prn ,t i,\ .iV|<M'k *II<1 th* ii?rl?rmnue<i will mm lUencr dt 7 prccuniT arrciiKu/H m.*ni*ic TIIK ATKK.~ ' B'ohiIwhy N*w Vorfc. ..... n, V .r.,v/'l?V"'"'IN Boncfit. /illlihti"; V.Vh1*' PwrPswrned OHANDI| A I IIV li WMTKHKAD. I O I.. M|,,V?.,| l,v ,l,_ AI TK.NV.KU \ Hit whirl, BKAUTY * I Hfc BK.AST Tn ronrlmlr with BOOTS AT THK SWAN. |; 'f Th? I)o<ir? will l>* o|.'-u?d u i.ili-!.,, ?, lN# tt.rimrv * ri>TTllii*lli:r At 7. ivrrv -"Triiiiuf A J?1 WillC A IY Til K A I KK-W A I.N llT-H'l . PIIII.ADKIjPU I A. UNDKR THK DIRKCTION OK MISS i HSU-HAN MONDAY KVKNINO, KVh It. will b?. i*rf.irin*<| alma matkr Aftrl whirl., IRISHMAN'S KORTUNK. Cone hide with HIS LAST L> OS. K. A. VIARSHALL. Lre.*.. -;AM Ml'HKjLim, .intuir nnmiiw.iy, opposite St. funl'i Church !' T BAH NUM. Mitnoffer. Attraction* never equalled. L.wl week of the gi>lemli<l CONFLAGRATION CF MOSCOW. Arrival of the re I r braced ami I >nir exp - cted INDIAN CHIEFS, Wi'li their Warrior* ami Squaws direct from their western wild*. The Vlan'iter h <t incieaaed an expense which is really mormon" in i ff. etmy iliii i nr. meat, which is fur one we-* only- The company consists n| li Indiana and Srjn.wa; Sana, Koa and Inwaa. They will lie a. en in the Museum throughout the whole dav, anil in the earning will appear In their Kickapoo War Dance, ami other <1 meet. ahowuiK their savage mode of life, war ceremonies, religious festivals, fcr. They will ap. pear dreaaed in their peculiar and anion.' Native tostnme. They are l?rge, well formed, full blooded, and aa uotle lookout company ol indium aa w.ia ever aei n Mr. H. t>._ Sherinnii, the popular hillml sinper ; T. O. Booth, the f'oinir Singer ; La Petite Celeste, the admired danaeuaei Miaa Hood,theexquiaite Voolist. Laat week ol the univeraally adiniretl ANIMATKD TABLEAUX, Alao, Signer Vivaldi" eelehrateil vlechamcal Kitrttrea. PHRENOLOGY. An Eminent Profeaaor will make Practical Examinations of riaitors, and Charts of devroopernenl* and character, at a trill itiK extra charge, united to the limra, viz: Simple Eminiuation 1 shi'ling. Wifn Cliait 2 shlllinifs. With pamphlet, chart and explanation*- 1 shilling*. 'r"?"The Kree List, with the exception of the pre**, ia ueces*arily suspended during the engagement of the Animated Tableaux, a* the proprietor thereof draw* a por'ion of the receipt* of the Museum, hut 'he Manager trusts that when the low price of ailmiaf on ia taken into consideration, this tern porary exclusion of the free Visitors, will not deter them from patronizing the establishment, and sic . ma; these spleud id and tun ijiialh il rermrmances commence at 7 o'clock. Dav performances Wednesday and Saturday afternoon at IK o'clock 1 i active prepnrntinn, the 10611100 and wondrrfnl moving Di ortmaof the DKLUOK ! Admission to ail Bteatu?t'hililtvn half prir*. fliet PRALE'S ivKW YIIKK VIVIiKUn NATIONAL PORTRAIT AND PICTURE GALLERY. IS NOW RK.-OPENKD ! C. H. DKVOE, Manager. The establishment contains an almost endless number of HARK AND CURIOUS WORKS OF NATURK AND ART". Neatly and tastefully displayed in three spacious halls, and boasts of a verv COSTLY AND ELEGANT PICTURE OALLERY, Exceeding in extent anJ value any other 'U America. The manager has engaged, for evrrv Day aid Evening, until further notice , from 9 A. M to 9 o'clock P. M.t the MYSTERIOUS AND ASTONISHING GIPSY WOMAN, Krom England. She wishes not to impose ?pou the public, by making them believe her a Witch < r FORTUNE TELLER! Possessed with supernatural power?but on the contrary, claims publicly to he ahle to instruct others efi good intellect, and mention their leading tra< suctions of PAST TIMES, THE PKESEN'i' AND THE FUTURE. She will tell jiersons whether they are married or net. and what kind of husband or wile they will get. desciibe their og a characters aud give a liosi of facts and correct conclusions founded on her knowledge of the immutable scieuces of phrenology, physiognomy,iicurolngy, philosophy ,?8tc. A? proof of the correctness of her assertions, she is at liberty to refer to hundreds of our first citiseus, including clergymen, judges, atlorueys, physicians, aud many of the most enlightened ladies in tins rilv IC?" Admiasion to the Museum, 2'iceuls; Children hall price. An extra charge of 12>4 cent* to those who consult the Gi|?y Woman. fl5r ROCKWELLS PATENT DECK LIGHTS. NO. 9 ASTOK HOUSE, KNTKANCB IN BARCLAY STREET. jyll lm?r MUSIC. SCHNEIDER St HEBHUN, Direclorxof the Otrmau Band, and late of Saratoga Springs, will sllend private parties ml soirees with a band of from three to twenty ariits. Appli a t No. 27 Delaucy street near the Bowery, or No. M Crosby si. Jyl7 Irn'r PACKET SHIP OCMt'LOEE, from New Orleans, is disA charing at Orleans whart, foot of Wall street. Consigurrs will please attend to the receipt of their go' da without delay. t*?r DIVIDEND?January ll. Hil t?The Board of Directors of the New Vork Equitable luturnucs Company, hate this day declared a dividend of three per cent on the capital stock of lh? company, it being out of the profits < fihe last six months ?payable to the storklmlders on demand at the office of the Company, No. 46 Wall stiver. JOSEPH STROVQ. Secretary. This company, with a capital of 300.000 dollars?now whole and securely invested?conto ur* to iiiMtts against loss or il in; ore by Are, warehouses dwelling houses, arid oilier luiildii g?, mcrchandir.! , household furniture, ship* iu port and being nunc, ana every description of property in and out of the CUV. All application lor insurance will he promptly attended to, and on terms as favorable as any other institution. DIRECTORS. Shepherd Knapp, A O Thompson Frederick Drilling, Hilas Holmes, Henry Y3ie?. John F Nesmith, Paul SpoflTora, Lambert Soydani, George It apt-lye, Robert L Smith, Gardner A Sage, John Q Jones, Christian H Sau l, Henry Rowland, James O Ward, James Gillespie, Peter A Hargous, Samuel Bell, Harvey Weed, Daniel Kbberts. Joseph W Duryee. .oThis Company also insures against loss or damage by burglary, or house breaking and robbery. Any loss or dannge will ,.r.?int tly adjusted and t>a?d. U 3tn*r LAMBEHT HVVPAK. President. A merican land and loan office-w,mam L. Sino rs havingabove thirty years'' experience in the management of Real Estate, and possessing a large landed properly himself, ai -o feeling great confidence from the liberal patronage he ha* heretofore enjoyed. respectfully solicits the atteutinn of the public to the special advantages #f the Amencan Land and Loan Office, at No. D Wall street, iu the city of New York, for the purchase, sale or exchange of Houses and LoU, Farms and uncultivated Lauds, either ai private or public sale, and for the hiring and letting of Houses, Stores. Fauns, 8ir.; for collecting the rents, and for taking the general agency and supervision of Heal Estate, also for the superint? ndance of erecting and repairing Buildings. r i otifl hmi || ro|irt t scfTi *< h&nge '?r let. will t ad it to their advauiavr to apply at this office rather than lo any other hi the city, both in point of economy and despatcn. All property registered m tin* office, will, if required, he ad vermed in two or more of the most widely circulated journals, and every honorable exertion made to dis|K)8e of the same. Should the property not be sold at nrivate sale, it will, if desired. be offered at public auctirn, thus giving to owners of tins property double adsauutg'-. lie will also attend to elfcctilig;auce on property, oht<111 inc on! io n iog , ; m n? , on! nd ud in ufgagc, or other seenrities, taking sperial care to receive ample security for money loaned. and to have titles to property examined by gentlrmeu of Hie legal profession of established character fo seen rac v. Holders of vacant ground that requires improving, will fiu J it Kir itly to their advantage to apply to him. as his knowledge of 0 kind of buildings which are moat productive for tke dilferttn localities. i% of tin* greatest importance, and his long acquaint nei Witn tlie building of houses will enable him to get tin m rected on the inosi reaiouable terms at a far less expense th*n it usual. lie will iLo t ike charge cf real estate intended for pub'ic alee, as his skuowtedge Imm eioerieuoe in getting up tales. Will Ih ol great value lo those intending to dispose of their pro|?*rU |h will prepare the ulvcrUneUMlta. ## that tbty ITS flstribuu 1 rod superintend! I, ind direct the saleyind it will tie found to be a great saving fjorn the fact that proj?erty for the last throe or four years has liven frequently sacrificed from the want of proper aitciition and skillful rn*uage?nmt. Ituiis iduals or C"in|Hiiiies that roquiro an agent to take charge of nit ir real estate, insv dc|?nd on having it faithfelly and ecoiiornn all v inau ig? d?and all iuou< ys received, promptly (Hsidover. Persons wishing to hire or purchase property, or invest money, can most generally he accommodated Ires of expense?and persons residing at a distance desirous to sell or |imrn?r rr?i i awir oy emuiii i <i?cnpuoo 01 mf (iropcrty, will Irteiea mill IUon All Irttcre for thr pnrehnar vtlr or etchaiute of real eitate, or forth* loamua or i-wrnuw "?t ol money. maat rbe dirrrtrd lo WILLIAM L. mIVIKKD, American Land and Loan oilier No. 14 Wall urrri, Nrw York.and the imetntfr invariably raid N B. tentraru and other paprre prepared at this ultra. t>< Inlwi _ in-1 mm PKOPLKTI LINE IM ALBANY, do A.~ Intri l-irili Hr Pleeee.?The etramhoat L TIC A 3EaBiJ^Ldflu> leal' thrftwli'l < ounl nidl ?U. on Thu Afternoon alJoViorli, Monday. frbnurj H K'tr of Irfigii'i ip; ly oo b?nf?, or to i.L. 8HULTZ, at the oltee on the verier!. Thr tnmlHMt I'll titer Oak "ill hare *a aboee to-morrow afternoon. at 1 o'clock^ Hr xMJf If OK LONDON ?lafllir packet <>l the IMtfo JIKtrtmr. 1(41 ?Tl * rerr interior feat aniline packet JKJULhii WELLINGTON, I opt. t.hmjwiek, will poaiti?. I. .ol aboer, l.rr irtftilar day Matin* eery lienor ercnininodeliooa for eabin.aeeoud cehin nit etrrreur |mu? niirre, peraoua wlaknta lo embark ehoald n ike e nly application on board, fool of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH VcML HKA 1, IM Pine el., cor. ."oath. The ahore will ba aacceaded by the packol ehip yorbre, ip?l tail on the 20th Erbiaary. "' rrulii wiihina lu nd for thru tneada rending in the >1 11* on n try * can nor thrm toa^ht oat by the above thi|?, or ic v i'T rnr rrgaiar purifii, n, tppiyiait fil *DO*e ; if DV if"", in( (mil. r kOh HAVRt?"Thel'aekrl Shir HI < HKSS t^Wj^bD'OKLEANS, will ?ail nn the Hih inetanr. *"e ha? Skfamm> i.' Patent Lile H 'ii, c^iriv <>? t loan. <>( imii mi* | nwr. iiiil w'uch will nriv Iimi , D?. li 15 We c PA< KETa k'OR HaVflK?Becoed Liiw I'h , T*^V"'i'l' ON EDI A. Jxiin kmih, aeter, will rati the "t M4reh- BOYD k HIM KEN, AjtenUI k| s i r I'lnr Mini,linn. a . kOlt NEW l HIrKANH-|,tlUI8IANA AND jlK NEW YORK LINK-Piertnlj riK bfihr Pm ?4iSakat. '< ?'! 'h' ",,h "tL.neau/ < u u I'll* {.Ml MiliUM ihip WARSAW, Cl|K. H ithaw iy , wnl poainrelr aa aboee, Her jtwttlar day. for freight or ,?u, harm* haedamne .1 aeroBtaodauona, ypply hoard at OHeaae wharf, loot of Wan at. of to K. K COI.LINS k CO. M Aonth at Piwitiralr >' tatlt' after Tharaday evening, he 9th , , * ohil'pera mayre'T Upon rwriog their gooda correctly ineaanrimiI thai rie ah or of una hue will nil inincteallv aa adtrr,.il. Any attai uwee u> that effect will be eireo waa.l fnlfil'eH it may he reitiiltiirU. Igeuta in N. Orlrana, liultui V Wondralf. who will promptI ir* trd all gcnda to their addreaa The | achat ihit Onnuliier, Captain Peel, will rneceed the 'araaw, and aail the 10th Feb. her regalat day ' f r PA*?AOE kOH NEW ?RLkAN^-Oaiy #V^WRegnlar Line- I h? 1 did faat aailmg packet iaKAbthili AHKAN - AS, t. at t Burgee, will Mil poaiCSTely iotnTeb, n-r regular day . Having ?|alwu'liil .?ccnmmt>?lati??n* for cabiu, itcoim r ^bio ami eeragr paeaenuera, for pwWMge early ai'i'ltfatioja. ahotild h ude ou board ,?r to V. k J. t. 1 A PHI, OTT, tsr 41 Peek Blip egr Bowtk

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